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Poker Wife

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Synopsis: A young bride is tricked into having sex with her husbands friends. She falls deeper into degradtion as she is blackmailed into becoming a sex slave for the pleasures of others. She discovers this has all been done to her to get revenge on her older sister but it is already to late for poor Lisa.

Chapter 1: And so it begins

"What are you talking about?" I answered back at Ron. We all were playing cards at my house, like we try to do a few times a year, when he accused me of trying to show off my wife Lisa. It's true that I am proud of how she looks, and sure I might have told her to wear something flattering, because a few of my old buddies were coming over, but Ron was reading way too much into it. Really, if it was up to me, I would have rather her not be here at all. This was supposed to be just the guys tonight, but Lisa honestly didn't have anywhere to go, so I told her that she could hang out and make us some food.

"Come on! Admit it Brian. Does she always wears a skirt like that this late, just walking around the house?" Ron asked, after Lisa went back into the kitchen to get us more beer.

"Well, not usually no. Look, how many times do you, Mike, and Carl make it over here? When I have company I want everything to look good. I don't see you accusing me of showing off my clean carpets?"

"Who are you kidding Brian! I mean she's here every time we come over, and always wearing something like that!" Mike added. "I don't think she's even wearing a bra tonight. How can you say that's not showing off?"

They finally stopped busting my chops when Lisa came back in. She was about to go back into the kitchen to watch some TV, when Ron asked her to play with us. "You're here anyway, so why not?" he said. "But you have to use your own money, no teaming up with Brian!" Mike added.

She looked at me for approval and I just shrugged my shoulders. Lisa is great that way, checking to see what I say first. Sometimes she takes criticism for doing everything I say, but I really value that old fashioned loyalty. That's one of the reasons I married her.

She sat down and started playing with us. I didn't mind her playing, but I still wanted to get in some guy talk with my old friends. Ron was supposed to tell me what was up with his cousin Megan. She's the only girl I ever cheated on my wife with. I had a one night stand with her about a week ago when we were all out at a bar, where I drank too much. My marriage would be ruined if Lisa found out about the affair, so I haven't talked to Megan since.

We were playing for about an hour when Lisa went into the kitchen, after I asked her to go get me another beer. "Must be nice to have a robot to do everything you say!" Ron said.

"Wear this, get that, do this." added Mike.

Here was the familiar criticism Lisa and I get. "Come on guys, your just jealous! Who wouldn't want a girl like that?" I shot back.

"You're right, I would want a girl to do everything I said too." Ron replied.

"Me too! Where's her remote control? Can I control her next hand?" said Carl.

I was waiting for Lisa to come back in when Mike, who was almost completely hammered said "Hey look, lets just have the winner of the next round get to hold her remote and control her. I'll hit the mute button and she'll have to shut up... haha" He was obviously wasted.

"She's not a robot! She doesn't do everything I say!" I shouted, annoyed at the accusations.

Ron then said, "We'll see, how about it then?"

Were they crazy? "How about what then?" I said.

"Have the winner of the next round control her?"

"What are you guys nuts. She would never listen to you, and besides I wouldn't even ask her. So just forget it!"

"So, if you told her to let the winner of the round control her like you always do, she wouldn't do it? She has no mind of her own, and of course, she would do it." Ron proposed.

Now I was getting angry. "She does what I say because she loves me, not because she has no mind of her own! She wouldn't do anything like what your saying." This was getting out of hand, and I was about to call it a night.

Ron checked to see if Lisa was still in the kitchen then leaned over to us and said "Just tell her to do it and we'll see if she's a robot or not. You can prove it right there. How about it?"

"No way! You are crazy as Mike. Forget about it." I shouted

Carl then said "What are you worried about? That she'll do what we say? You know that she loves you, and wouldn't do that because she has her own mind. Lets see."

Lisa yelled from the kitchen that she was sorry for taking so long and would be back in a minute. "Brian, if you don't at least just ask her I'm going to bring up what you did with Megan."

Before I could reply to that Lisa came back in and sat down and gave me my beer. Ron looked at me, like he was waiting for an answer. I gave him a pissed off look in return, to show him that I wasn't going to do this. We started the next hand.

"So, Brian, I was talking to my cousin Megan yesterday." Ron came out with.

I couldn't believe this. He was serious. This could ruin my marriage! I had to do something, so I gave in and interjected "This game is getting boring, maybe we should do something stupid to make it fun."

"Like what?" mocked Carl.

"Lisa, your almost out of money anyway so how about you stop playing, and just wait on us." I said.

"Sure, I'm getting tired anyway" she agreed.

"But to make the betting fun you'll have to wait on whoever wins the round." I explained.

"Okay, whatever." Lisa said.

Ron silently mouthed the name Megan to me, so I continued reluctantly "So whoever wins the round, you have to do what they say, Lisa."

"So if you don't win, then I'm not getting you any more beer." she joked.

Ron asked "So, if I win she has to do what I say, just like she does what you say?"

"Yeah." I let out resignedly.

"Just for the round." added Carl. "Then whoever wins the next round gets the remote."

Mike thought that the remote talk was real funny, and grabbed a remote off of the table and said, "Whoever has this remote then, controls her."

Lisa, hearing all this now, was noticeably offended. She was mad, especially at me, but I could fix this later, but I couldn't fix her knowing about Megan, so I acted like I wanted her to do this. "What do you say, honey" I asked her.

She looked at waiting for approval. Ron leaned behind Lisa, so she couldn't see him, and mouthed the word Megan, again while shrugging his shoulders. He obviously wanted me to shrug my shoulders again, to show her that I approved, so I did it.

"Okay, I'll do it."

Mike put the remote where the chips were and we started playing. We played a few hands a round so it was about 15 minutes later, before someone won the round. It was Carl. He grabbed the remote. He told her to get him a beer, like I usually do. Then, as she was about to leave the room, he said, he was just joking, and he would rather just have her sit with him for good luck in the next hand. Lisa got up, walked over and stood next to him. After a minute or so, he said, "You can just sit down here." and he put his knee out.

Lisa would never do this. I know that she was about to tell him to go to hell and Ron would eat his words about Lisa having no mind of her own. This would be over right here. She kept looking at me waiting for approval. "Do you really want me to do what they say?"

Then I saw Ron hinting about Megan again and motioning for me to shrug my shoulders. I did and Lisa sat down on Carl's knee! Lisa then said, "Fine, but I don't want to make you mad, so just tell me if you want me to stop honey." Little did she know I couldn't tell her to stop, but I trusted her, and there was no way that she would stay on this guy's knee, just because I wasn't objecting.

I sat there watching my wife looking at me from across the table, sitting on another man's knee. After a few hands the round was finally over. Mike won this time and grabbed the remote from Carl.

"What a waste." He said to Carl. "Give me that remote!" He turned to my wife and said "Lisa?"

"What Mike?" she quipped.

"Hey, call me honey. I have the remote, come on." He joked.

She waited a few seconds then said "What Honey?"

"We were wondering earlier, are you wearing a bra under your t-shirt?"

She again waited a bit before answering "No."

"Well, since you don't seem to like underwear, I say take off your panties too then." Mike said as he pretended to press buttons on the remote.

Lisa looked over at me for a second then stood up. She let out a deep sigh and slipped her underwear down and off, while carefully making sure her skirt stayed down the entire time. After she was done, she sat down in her chair.

A few hands later and the round was about to end. "I'm about to lose the remote, shit. Lisa, sit over here like you did with Carl for this last hand. Maybe it will give me some luck." said Mike.

Lisa got up and went over. This was worse than before, and I'm sure she'll see the difference. Where as Carl had on pants, Mike is only wearing shorts, and now she was no longer wearing anything underneath her skirt.

Mike put out his bare knee for her to sit on, and she slowly sat down sideways on his leg. I couldn't believe it! Doesn't she realize that her bare privates were touching my friends knee and that this is out of line?

After the next hand, Mike won the round again. After a few hands he said "Lisa, your being rude why don't you face the table." She turned her head a bit more.

"No, I mean face your whole body to the table. Your legs, swing them around and face the table, so you can get into the game more." He ordered.

She knew what he wanted I was glad she wasn't going to give it to him. She moved her legs from sitting sideways across his leg to facing forward out over his knee, but kept her legs tightly together. He wanted her to straddle his bare leg, because she wasn't wearing underwear, but I was really proud that Lisa was keeping this as proper as she could, by not opening her legs.

During the next few hands I paid close attention to how she was sitting. It was hard to tell, because of her skirt, but it looked like Lisa was really struggling to keep her balance, while facing forward on his knee, with her legs pressed together. Her feet barely touched the ground, but at least that took some of the weight off of her, so that she could keep that position. Then he lifted his knee up about an inch, by stepping on his other foot.

Lisa could no longer keep her balance, and had to put her feet down. And the only way was to put one foot down on each side of his knee. Lisa had to straddle his knee! Her skirt still covered everything fine, but I knew that Mike was there feeling her bare vagina stretched around on his leg right there!!

By the end of the round, Mike was slowly bouncing his knee up and down, trying to get what he could in cheap thrills off of my wife! Ron won the round and slid the remote over to himself.

Lisa started to get up, but Ron said that she should stay there. Mike gave him a thumbs up in return, and continued to give Lisa her knee ride. After the next hand, Ron asked her, "Why are you wearing no bra tonight, to show off?"

"No Ron! I just don't wear a bra sometimes with t-shirts like this!" she snickered back at him.

"Yeah right Lisa. Well, since you like to show off, I was going to tell you to take your shirt off. Well, as long as Brian doesn't mind?" Then everyone looked at me. I couldn't say anything because of he would tell Lisa that I cheated on her with Megan. I reluctantly shrugged my shoulders and put my faith in her. My wife had to have a limit to how far she would go and this had to be it.

Ron continued "Well look, even though Brian obviously doesn't mind, I know this is hard for you, so I'll give you a choice. I like that t-shirt a lot, because its tight and sexy, but the point of having no bra is to see some nipples through the shirt and I don't see anything. So here's the deal. I'll give you through the next hand to fix that, or you'll just have to take off the shirt. It's up to you."

Carl dealt the hand and Lisa grabbed a beer bottle and held it up to her chest for a few seconds. She pulled it away, but her nipples still weren't really erect. This was the first good sign for me in awhile, at least she wasn't turned on by all of this.

The hand was almost over when Ron chirped "Almost time to take off that top."

Lisa then let out a sigh and started to pinch her nipples through her t-shirt right in front of everyone! It seemed like it was happening in slow motion. My wife, still straddling Mike's leg, grabbing at her own breasts, while she was slowly moving up and down from his bouncing knee. Why doesn't she just make up her mind that this is too far!

"Time's up." Ron said after the hand. Lisa pinched herself hard one last time and put down her arms. Ron looked at said "There you go, that's good enough for me." Now everyone could clearly see her nipples through her white t-shirt.

"Okay just keep them that way until the end of the round, and you can keep your shirt on." Ron concluded.

The round ended about 5 minutes later. 5 minutes of watching her ride Mike's knee while grabbing at her own breasts to keep her nipples hard. By the last minute I noticed she stopped touching her chest. They were staying hard!

Mike won the round and took the remote. He had a crazy look in his eyes. He didn't say anything until the first hand was over. He just kept riding her on his knee. Up real slow and then down. She still hasn't touched her breasts for awhile now, but her nipples were even more erect now.

Then he asked her "Lisa, are your nipples still hard?"

"Yeah, Mike!" She sneered back at him.

"But, you haven't touched them for a few minutes now. How are they staying hard?" he asked.

"I guess it's cold in here!" Lisa answered, with a mean tone in her voice. She wasn't giving Mike what he wanted to hear.

"Lisa, I'll make you a deal better than Ron's. I'll just ask you two questions and if you answer them truthfully, then I wont ask you to do anything for the rest of the round, you can just sit where you arer and watch the game."

"Fine, what?" She asked.

He was still slowly lifting her up and down on his knee. Then he held her up. Then a bit higher. Her legs straddled on each side looked tired from her sort of squat position.

"What???" She asked again.

He waited a bit, and pressed up a little bit more, and held it there. Lisa had to rest and let her body weight fall to onto his leg. "First, is my leg wet?"

Lisa waited and said "Yeah a little."

It got very quiet and then mike said "Second question, is it really just a little or very?"

"I guess it's a little more than a little, whatever!" she shot back. Lisa was really getting annoyed at Mike now.

Mike started to deal the next hand and said "If you just answer honestly I'll leave you alone for the rest of the round."

Lisa yelled back "I told you that I would! What do you want?" Mike then repeated his original question "Is my leg really just a little wet or very wet? It's either a little or very? Which is it, Lisa?"

I guess she realized that it was his knee, so he had to know the truth. Lisa quietly replied, "Very."

That was horrible to hear. Even though she didn't want to admit it, Lisa just told my friends that she was very wet from doing this in front of them! Well at least it was really late so this had to be over soon.

Ron won the next Round and told her to get back to her own chair. He grabbed the remote, and said to make it fair, he would go back to the idea of giving her a choice. Ron then explained that he was going to ask her to take off her skirt, or that she could spend the round tying me securely to the chair in my underwear, so that I couldn't move. He told her that she was going to put a sexy show for her husband and he wanted to make sure that I didn't touch her. Of course he asked me if that was okay, and what could I say with Ron just waiting for an excuse to talk about Megan. I had to just trust that my wife wouldn't do anything that would need me to interfere physically.

Lisa started to tie me to the chair, and it took the entire round before Ron agreed that it was secure enough. And it was, I couldn't move at all, except for my wrists and head. Carl then dragged the chair into the living room. This is when I really started to worry. These guys are not rapists, and my wife would never do anything with them in a real sexual way, so what was going on.

They started explaining something to Lisa in the other room, where we were playing cards, but I couldn't hear. Something about my camcorders. During the next ten minutes or so, they did get both of my camcorders. I still had no clue as to what they were doing, and surely she wouldn't agree to be video taped wearing that t-shirt!

Carl came back into the living room, and turned the tv on, which was now set to show the camcorder in the card room. The camcorder was positioned where I was sitting, so that I saw my wife, who was now riding Ron's knee.

Carl then reached through the ropes that Lisa used to tie me up, and pulled my underwear down around my knees!

"You fag! What the hell are you doing?" I yelled.

"Here." Carl said, and he put my other camcorder on my entertainment center, pointing it at my crotch! 'What the hell, is Carl gay?' I wondered. He then turned up my stereo until it was blasting, and left. I yelled back at him, but he couldn't here me over the loud music.

I watched the TV intensely to see what was going on. I could hear them on the TV too. They started telling her all this bull shit about how my fantasy was to watch her have sex with all of them. Ron told her that I set this all up, and that's why I hadn't objected to any of it, and also why I let myself be tied up! Then they put the small TV from the kitchen, on the table, which I couldn't see, but I knew what it was showing, me. Ron told her that I wanted it this way, so that I wouldn't lose control after it started, and that the TV on the table would be my signal to keep going, or to stop.

He turned on the TV. I looked down at my penis to see what she was seeing. "He's hard Lisa, so he wants you to continue. That was the instructions that he gave us." 'No way she is buying this!! No way!' I thought to myself.

She looked at the screen, showing my penis, then into the camera on my old chair. I saw her face staring at me from the TV. 'Come on Lisa! Don't fall for this bull shit!' I prayed. Then she asked Ron, "Okay, so if he goes soft, then that's his signal that we are to stop?"

Ron answered "Yeah, he said that if he loses his erection that would mean that he is no longer turned on by this, and for us to stop right away."

Lisa looked back at the monitor, showing my hard penis, and sort of shook her head, as she understood everything now. I started to think of everything but sex, but it was impossible to get my erection down. Carl then mentioned that I said that it would be most comfortable to everyone involved, if she just continued to listen to them, as if they had won a round in the game.

"Lisa, stand up." Mike said, as he moved behind her, taking off his pants and underwear. "Lean over the table and put your face close to the camera." ordered Ron. Lisa bent over the table and her face was filling the TV screen, as her head was near my old chair, where the camera was now positioned.

I saw her turn her head, to look at the monitor, to check my penis again. God why am I still hard! Mike was right behind her and lifted her skirt up a bit. Then he smacked her butt hard! Lisa jumped, but didn't protest! Ron and Carl then went behind her and started to take off their pants and underwear.

Lisa looked into the camera and mouthed, "I love you" to me! Christ how could she really believe that I wanted her to do this for me?

Ron said, "I guess you should take your t-shirt off now." Lisa lifted up slightly and pulled it off over her head. Her breasts were now pressed against the table.

Ron then asked, "Lisa, are you ready to put on a good show for your husband?"

Carl said that he had an idea, and went to grab something. He brought back a notepad and started writing something with the help of Ron and Mike. Then they gave it to her.

Ron again asked, "Are you ready to put on a good show for your husband's fantasy? Here, let's make this good. When we say a number you yell what it says by the number on the pad."

Lisa looked at the paper and stared into the monitory at my hard penis again. She wanted out, I could tell, but I couldn't get my erection to go away, as much as I tried, I was still rock hard.

Ron leaned over and wrote a few more things on the paper. Then he backed up behind her, with everyone else and said, "Okay, Lisa, #1"

She read the paper, but put no feeling into it, "Oh, I'm so horny. Will someone just fuck me."

Ron slapped her ass and said, "Remember, this is his fantasy. Did that sound like you really meant it? Say it again, this time make him think that you really meant it!"

"Oh, I'm so horny! Will someone just FUCK ME!" she said louder this time, and it sounded real enough to me. I couldn't believe that she was really going to do this.

Mike stepped up from behind, right up against her. I couldn't tell for sure if he was really inside of her, but she started rocking back and forth, towards the camera a bit. He must be pushing her with his penis. She looked up again at the monitor and Ron said, "He still wants us to continue, Lisa."

Then she started rocking back and forth, there was no longer a doubt in my mind that she was having sex with Mike, right there on the TV, I was sure of it now! I struggled against my ropes but it was hopeless.

"Two!" Mike said from behind her. "You feel so good inside me!" she said sexily.

"Who feels good inside you?" Ron asked.

She waited a second and looked back and said, "Mike."

"Six!" Mike yelled. Lisa looked back down at the paper and cringed up her face.

"Slap My ass!" Lisa said.

Mike slapped her butt hard and at the same time yelled, "Seven!"

"AGAIN!" Lisa yelled!

Another slap, and she was forced to ask again. Another slap. This went on for over a minute. "Again." Lisa whimpered, and one final big slap from Mike, before he stepped back. Did he cum? Inside of my wife?! I couldn't tell.

Mike moved over and Carl took his place behind Lisa.

"ONE!" Ron said.

"Oh, I'm so horny! Will someone just fuck me?" Lisa said.

Like before she was pushed closer to the camera. But something was different this time. She seemed surprised.

"EIGHT!" Carl said.

"I love this big dick in me." Lisa said.

Carl leaned over her, while he was fucking her from behind, and asked her right against her ear "You like fucking a big cock Lisa, don't you?"

She didn't answer, so Ron said from the side, "Eight!"

"I love having this big dick in me." Lisa replied.

She was still moving back and forth in front of the camera from his thrusts.

Carl leaned over her again, right against her ear and again asked her, loud enough so that everyone in the next room, and me in my chair could hear, "You like my big cock fucking you, don't you

No answer. He kept himself right there against her ear, while still pumping his cock into her. Her face was down, facing the table. Carl pulled her hair back, pulling her face up, so that her face was now looking right into the camera and asked her again, "You like my big cock fucking you, don't you Lisa?"

Again no answer. Her teeth were clenched and she was thrusting back and forth faster now, as he was really pumping into her. She opened her eyes and looked towards the ceiling, obviously trying to move her head, but Carl had her hair tight in his hand. His mouth was still right next to her ear, still talking to her. He was now pounding her as hard as he could, and asked once more, "You like my big cock fucking you, don't you Lisa?"

Lisa shrieked though her clenched teeth, "Yesssss!" There was no number asked this time! She had said it on her own! She must have been just trying to say what he wanted. I could only hoped that's what it was.

"I could tell." Carl said, as he moved back.

"#1" Ron said.

"Oh I'm so horny! Will someone just fuck me!" Lisa whimpered.

I could tell that she was now exhausted, but I knew that Ron had to get his turn. He told her to stand up, and then moved the table away, leaving just Mike's chair in plain view. Ron sat down in it, facing me and told Lisa to take off that skirt for the finale, and she did.

"Lisa sit on my lap, facing the camera, and fuck me then, since you're so horny." Ron commanded. She walked over, turned around, and started to sit on his lap. "No, I don't do sloppy seconds. #10, Lisa."

Lisa looked down on the ground, the looked back at my monitor. "I want to get fucked in the ass." she said. I had never done this with her, and now she was going to do it with Ron, first! she looked at the monitor yet again, and then slowly sat down on Ron's lap.

Ron guided his cock into her anus. I could see everything. She was so drenched with sweat, that her butt just slowly rode down onto his shaft, until she was fully seated on his lap, with his prick fully impaled in her ass! He spread her legs wide, so that we could all see and then ordered her, "Now, fuck me Lisa! Come on, put on a show!! Move that ass up and down as fast as you can!"

With his penis in her ass, She started moving her hips in circular motion, fucking him! He just sat there, while my wife fucked him! Mike grabbed the paper, put it in her hand and said, "#11"

She slowed down in order to read it and said, "I need another dick in me." With Ron already in her ass, Carl moved in front of her, standing still. I couldn't see anything now, except for her head, because of Carl's back, but he started pumping away. My wife now had two dicks inside of her, getting double fucked, and really stretched out, and there was nothing that I could do to stop it!

Mike walked up to her head, stuck his dick into her mouth and she just started sucking! No number, no command, no nothing, just took it in her mouth. With 1 dick in her pussy, 1 in her ass, and 1 in her mouth, she started moaning like crazy. It was so loud. Over and over. Mmmppphhhh mmmmmppphhhh. She was going to cum, harder than I had ever seen her do it, I could tell.

Then they all backed off real quick, leaving her panting and about to cum. She was crazed. She looked at them panting, and gained her balance to walk over to them, but Ron stopped her. "No, get on your knees and crawl over here." and she did! My wife dropped to her knees and slowly crept over to them, still looking totally out of it with lust.

Mike grabbed the camera, and pointed it down at her. Lisa was looking up into the lense. Carl slapped one of her breasts hard. "Mmmmmpppp" came out of her throat. She liked that? Another slap. "Mmmmpphhh", she groaned, and touched herself. Another slap and Ron ordered, "Don't cum yet!" I wished that they would just let her orgasm, so that she would stop acting like this!

Mike was still pointing the camera down at her, while Ron and Carl started slapping her in the face with their dicks. Lisa grabbed them both and started to jerk them off. I had never seen her this turned on before!

Carl and Ron stood there, with her jerking them both off, and it looked like they were about to cum. Lisa sensed this, and looked back and forth at each cock, trying to figure out which one to suck, so that she wouldn't miss either load. Back and forth she frantically sucked on one and then the other. Then they both started to twitch and she panicked. Not wanting to miss either, she grabbed both of them and shoved their tips into her mouth at the same time, while both dicks exploded together, giving her so much cum, that it filled her mouth to over flowing, even with her swallowing as fast as she could.

Mike then gave the camera to Carl, and stood there jerking off. She tried to stop him, because she never got to cum, and needed a hard dick so bad. But it was too late, he spurted his load all over her face. She started to touch herself again, to finish herself off, but again Ron stopped her. He said go in there, finish with your husband. Tell him how much you liked being a whore tonight.

Lisa ran in and jumped on me. My yelling at her was drowned out by the loud music, unable to move in my ropes, I just sat there getting the fuck of my life. Mike, Ron, and Carl all left while Lisa fucked my brains out. She was talking dirty to me, telling me how turned on she was and then she came hard! She got off of me, untied the ropes, and passed out right there on the floor.

Chapter 2

I sat there for a long time. What am I going to do now? It took me about a month, but I finally brought my life back together after that horrid night. I loved my wife, so I had to accept that it was sort of my fault, and that Lisa only did it because she loved me, and thought that it was what I had wanted. She never brought up the ordeal, and I knew as long as I never saw Ron, Mike, or Carl again, that this would be over. But then I got an e-mail from Ron.

The e-mail came with a picture of Mike having sex with my wife from behind. It was from that night! Not only did Mike use the video cameras to set me and my wife up, he also used them to record what happened! The e-mail went on to explain that they would send the complete video to everyone that we knew, if I didn't ask my wife for a favor. They would send it to her boss and fellow employees, my boss and fellow employees, both of our families, everyone else that we knew or did business with, including our preacher!

The favor they wanted me to ask was a simple one, it stated. They wanted me to tell my wife that I was so turned on by what happened last time, and that I wanted her to put on what she wore that night, take the video camera, go to Ron's house, and for a few hours do what they tell her to, just like she did the last time. The e-mail explained that as long as she did this, they wouldn't send the videos to anyone, and that they would even give her the videos back when she was done.

I had to do it. I had to get those videos back, so that this all would be over. It was humiliating, but I went to my wife and explained that I wanted her to do this just one time, because it excited me so much the last time, and also that I wanted her to make sure she brought the videotape back with her. The last thing she said before she left was "I'm only doing this for you, Brian. I love you."

After about 4 hours my wife came back in, and looked totally exhausted. Her hair was a mess and I went to go give her a hug, but she stopped me. She slammed a videotape into my hand and said "Here, this is what you wanted." Then she just walked up to bed. She was really upset, thinking that I had sent her to do this, but I was trying to save my marriage by getting past all of this. I went into the living room to make sure that this was the tape of that poker night.

I pulled my chair closer to the TV and hit play on the VCR. After a few seconds I saw a room, but it was not where we played cards! I saw a wide shot of what looked to be a living room with two couches and a coffee table between them. Carl was sitting on one couch and Ron on the other, so I guessed that Mike was the one holding the video camera. My wife was standing next to the coffee table and looked to be talking to Ron, but I couldn't hear anything clearly, because Mike had the camera across the room. This was obviously not the videotape of that original night! They still had it and they only gave my wife the videotape of what happened tonight!

I looked back at the TV. The view closed in on her, as Mike walked towards the group. I could now hear Ron talking. "Honestly I don't know who it is, Lisa. Brian said he would send someone over and we were only supposed to do foreplay, until they get here."

Lisa seemed really pissed off, and I could tell by the look on her face that she fell for Ron's story, again. How could she believe that I would send someone else over, when I had told her to just do what Ron, Mike, and Carl said!

"So until whoever your husband is sending over gets here, what would you like to do as foreplay, Lisa?" Carl asked. Mike zoomed the camera in on her and waited for an answer. She wasn't into this at all, and it showed on her face. "It doesn't really matter." she said.

Ron then leaned under the table and brought up a bag. He then explained "It looks like your bored by all of this so lets do something fun. Like a game of truth or dare." Lisa then asked what was in the bag. "Well that's to help us with the foreplay." Ron said, as he dumped the bag over. The contents fell quickly out of view of the camera, but I could tell that they were various types of sex toys. "We went out and bought these to help make the game of truth or dare more fun." explained Ron.

Ron continued "How we'll play is that we'll take turns asking you a question, then you'll have a chance to answer, and if we think you answered truthfully then you'll move on to the next person without having to do a dare. But if you refuse to answer, or we think you're lying then you'll have to do a dare from whoever's turn it is." He then put his hand down towards the toys, "and like I said, these are to make the dares more fun."

Lisa didn't say anything, and was just looking down at what Ron was showing her on the couch. Mike then must have sat on a chair or something, because the view dipped down to Lisa's level, but I still couldn't see exactly what toys were on the couch. "Before we start though, you'll have to take off your bra and underwear like before." ordered Mike.

My wife then put her hands under the back of her t-shirt, and undid her bra. She pulled it out from underneath her shirt without showing any skin, and then carefully slid off her panties, while keeping her skirt down, so as not to show her pussy. She was still trying to keep her dignity, even though Ron, Mike, and Carl obviously had other plans.

"You can sit on the table, then we'll start." suggested Ron. Lisa kind of sat cross legged on the table, and tugged her skirt down to ensure that Ron wasn't getting a free view of her privates.

"Okay, I'll go first!" Carl said, "Lisa, you had to expect to have sex with us tonight, so why did you even wear the bra and panties?" He asked.

I couldn't see my wife's face because Mike was sitting across the table from Carl. She answered "I don't go out not wearing underwear, Carl. I'm not a slut!" Ron then said "My turn. Well you said your not a slut, but you did come here tonight expecting to have sex with us. Sex with three guys at once, and your married on top of that. So my question is, wouldn't you call that a slut?"

Lisa turned towards Ron, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was really angry. "No *I* wouldn't call that being slutty! I'm doing this for my husband and that's the only reason!" She yelled at him.

Mike's voice interrupted "Whatever, it's my turn. Lisa. Who did you enjoy having sex with the most the last time, me, Carl, or Ron?"

My wife looked down for a second, then back at Mike, who was zooming the camera in on her face. She looked right into the lense, and it was like she was looking right at me. "You Mike, okay. Is that what you wanted to hear?" she said, the annoyance obvious in her voice.

"I think she's lying! She definitely liked me the best" Carl said firmly.

"I'd have to disagree too." Ron said.

Mike then said "Hey, even though I believe you, you're going to have to do a dare, because they think you lied." He looked at the couch near Ron and grabbed a toy. As he picked it up, I could make out that it was a rubber dildo. "I dare you to give this dildo a blow job for 2 minutes." He ordered.

Lisa rolled her eyes, and let out an exasperated "Fine." She then leaned towards the camera, to take the dildo from Mike's hands, but he said, "No, I'll hold onto this while you do it." He held it out with one hand right in front of the camera. My wife's face then started to fill the screen, as she bent towards the fake penis. She took the tip into her mouth, and started to slowly suck it in and out. After a few strokes, she was taking it about half of the dildo into her mouth.

"You can do better than that Lisa! Come on!" Carl exclaimed.

Lisa stopped for a second or two then slowly took it all the way in her mouth, right down to where Mike's hand was holding it. Slowly back up and then slowly all the way back down again, to where her lips touched Mike's hand. Then back up again.

"One minute left. Look at me while you finish." Mike advised her.

A bit of saliva started dripping off Mike's hand and for the next minute I had to watch an extreme close up of my wife's face, deep throating the fake cock that Mike was holding, while she stared into the camera.

Carl finally broke this up when he announced that it was his turn again. "Lisa, what size bra do you wear?" He asked. My wife answered this easy question quickly "A 34-C." Everyone agreed that she was telling the truth.

Ron's turn was next and he asked, "Being a 34-C, you can suck your own nipples then, right?"

Lisa turned to face him, and seemed to have a tough time with this question. After taking some time to decide what the best answer would be, she answered, "Yeah, I can."

Mike and Carl then objected, and said that they thought that she was lying, and should do a dare from Ron.

"Okay, to prove this, I dare you to take one of your nipples into your mouth and then suck on it for 1 minute after taking your hand away." Ron ordered.

Lisa let out an exasperated sigh, and then looked up in the air for a second. She then started to pull her t-shirt up around her neck. Both of her breasts were fully exposed to everyone in the room! She then lifted her right breast up to her mouth. It barely reached, so she bent her head down, and squeezed her breast up a bit higher, and took her nipple into her mouth!

"No hands!" Ron reminded her.

She slowly put her hands down, while trying to keep her breast in her mouth by just sucking hard on her nipple. Just a few seconds after putting her hands down, she let out a small "Mmmph!", realizing that she had to suck harder than she thought that she would. Her cheeks were now caved in, and I could hear her breathing through her nose, as she struggled to keep her nipple in her mouth. After a minute of being stuck in this embarrassing position, she was finally allowed to let her breast drop down, and quickly covered herself up with her t-shirt.

It was Mike's turn next, and he was about to ask his question, but the doorbell rang. Lisa started to get up off of the table, but Ron told her to stay there. She was noticeably nervous, and looked down at her clothing to make sure that everything was still covered. Everything was fine, except that there was nothing she could do to cover her now erect nipples, showing through her t-shirt.

Carl yelled "Come in! It's open!" Then I saw my wife's jaw drop, as she must have seen whoever it was coming through the door.

Lisa turned away from looking at the door, and faced Ron again. She looked totally embarrassed, and closed her eyes, as if she was trying to wish everything away. Ron looked past my wife, towards whoever had just came in, and asked them to come in. As the person came into view, I couldn't tell who it was, because all I could see was from the waist down, but then Mike tilted the camera up and I saw him!

It was our neighbor's 18 year old kid! This stupid, punk assed teenager, who my wife hates, was standing right there with a immature grin on his face! Now this had to be it. My wife knows that we both despise this punk, more than anyone else in the world. She has to know that I didn't send him over! Andy was one of those annoying teens, who plays his music too loud, curses all over the place, and shows nobody any respect. Ron knew we even had to call the cops on him a few times, when his parties would get out of control. So I watched the TV, fully confident that Lisa wouldn't fall for this.

Carl then acted like he didn't know who this kid was, and asked Andy to introduce himself to everyone. After Andy gave some bull shit story, about me sending him over, Ron told Lisa that she was being rude and ordered her to turn around to say hello to him. My wife turned around on the table, looked up at Andy, who was still standing, and said, "Hello." She was totally pissed off and I knew that she just had to have had enough of this!

"Hello Mrs. Brennan." he replied.

"You can call her Lisa." Ron interjected. "She's only 32 so I don't think Mrs. are needed. Besides, you know why you're here, don't you?"

"Well I think I have an idea of what this is about, from what Brian told me, before he sent me over." Andy replied.

My wife looked into the camera, and gave me a really upset look. Ron then asked "Well Lisa, why don't you tell Andy why he's here?"

My wife waited a few seconds, pulled herself together, and said "We're here playing truth or dare, that's all I know." She was trying to play dumb, and not humiliate herself by telling Andy the truth. That he was there to fuck her.

Ron then said "Oh, truth or dare, that's right. Andy, pull up a chair so we can continue. And grab us some beer too, It's in the kitchen."

Two minutes or so later Andy came back into view with a chair, and sat where he was standing before. Lisa was now surrounded by a guy on each side of the table. Ron in front of her, Carl on her right, Mike on her left, and now Andy behind her. After Andy handed out the beers, Mike quickly explained the rules because he wanted to get back to his turn. "Okay Lisa, you didn't really say why Andy is here. So my truth or dare question is, Why is Andy here?" Mike asked.

Lisa looked down and closed her eyes, attempting to figure out what was the best way to say this. If she said that she didn't know, then everyone would make her do a dare, because they would say she was lying, and if she just told the truth, then she would be embarrassed, by saying that she was going to have sex with the punk kid from next door! It took her almost a minute to decide what to say, then she looked back up at Mike and said, "I thought to play truth or dare?" It was obvious that Lisa couldn't take the humiliation of saying that Andy was there to fuck her.

Of course everyone objected and said she was not telling the truth, because she knew the real reason why Andy was here. So Mike ordered his dare to her "You've been lying really bad to us, when we all know the truth about this. So this dare will be the punishment for being so bad. I dare you to lay face down on the table, and ask each of us to spank you on the ass."

Lisa closed her eyes, and looked devastated. Without saying anything she slowly turned around, and laid down on her stomach, while making sure that her skirt and t-shirt fully covered her.

Mike aimed the camera at her butt, and said, "Well, you're going to have to lift that skirt up for this, Lisa."

My wife put her hands down by her waist, and slowly lifted the back of her skirt, to the point where both of her ass cheeks were exposed.

"Okay, we're ready whenever you are. Ask away." ordered Mike.

"Can you spank me?" my wife asked.

Ron interjected "No, no! The dare was for you to ask each of us to spank you on the ass. So that's exactly what you have to do. Say, 'Can you please spank me on the ass?' Lisa."

She quickly yelled back at Ron, in a spiteful tone, "Fine! Ron, can you please spank me on the ass?"

"SMACK!!" He hit her hard on her left cheek, and she jumped a bit in shock.

A moment later she asked, "Carl, can you please spank me on the ass?"

"SMACK!!" He too hit her hard on her left cheek, and she let out an "mmph" from the pain.

She breathed deeply and then asked, "Mike, can you please spank me on the ass?"

The camera view lowered when Mike put the video camera down on his chair, so that he could get up to give her a swat. I couldn't see it, but I heard the loudest "SMACK!!" yet and my wife let out a "OUCH!!" in response to the pain. Mike then came back, picked up the camera, and zoomed in on her red butt. My wife's ass was beet red on one cheek, and totally white on the other.

Then she asked, "Andy, can you please spank me on the ass?"

Andy leaned in to put his hand over the same red cheek and said, "Say please a little nicer."

"Please Andy, can you spank me on the ass?" she muttered.

"SMACK!!!" He slapped her hard on the same left cheek that had been everyone else's target, but held his hand down, grasping her ass, after he had slapped her. He then started to squeeze harder, as he grasped most of her cheek tightly in his hand, and Lisa responded with a long "Mmmmmph!" until he finally let go.

Carl announced that it was his turn now, as my wife sat up and pulled her skirt back down to cover herself. "Lisa, my question is, you've lived next door to Andy for awhile now. Have you ever thought about doing him?"

I couldn't see her face, because she was facing away from Mike, but I could only imagine the look of disgust on her face right now. "No, Carl! I have NEVER thought about that, EVER!" She said authoritatively. Nobody disagreed, and they went on to Ron's turn.

"Well Lisa, maybe it's true that you have never really thought about it before, but now that you know why he's here, my question is, What do you think about it now? What do you think about the fact that you'll finally be having sex with your neighbor after all this time?" Ron asked, as Mike zoomed the camera in on her face.

My wife turned towards Ron, and angrily replied, "First of all, he's not my neighbor, but rather my neighbor's dumb kid! So I'm not thinking much about it at all!" She looked really upset now.

Ron then said that he thought she was lying, "You're not telling the truth! You must be thinking a lot more about it than what you said, Lisa. You would have to also be thinking about how awkward its going to be, seeing him next door and knowing that he's fucked you." Ron said meanly.

"Or thinking about your husband Brian being jealous that a kid you just fucked actually lives next door." Carl said.

They all agreed that she had lied, and Ron got to order a dare. "Here Lisa, I want you to read something to Andy." Ron said, as he grabbed a piece of paper, and started writing on it. After a minute he gave it to her and said, "Here it is, my dare is for you to read this to him. But you have to look at him, and say it right to his face. So read a line, and then say it to him. Then read another line and say that to him, and keep on doing it that way until you are done."

My wife looked down at the paper, and took a deep breath. She then turned her body towards Andy, raised her head and said, "Andy, even though I've acted like a bitch towards you for a long time, I always wanted to fuck you."

My wife actually said that, right to that punk, brat, kid's face! She looked down and then back up, and was about to continue, when Ron interrupted "Your going to have to tell him closer, face to face. Get right up to his face, and continue."

Lisa scooted up to the edge of the table nearest to Andy, and leaned forward, to where now her face was just inches from his, and said the next line, while looking right at him "I want you to fuck me so hard, that I will always think about you, while I'm across the street at my house." My wife looked down at the paper, waited a few seconds, and then looked back up into Andy's face to say the last line "I want you to fuck me right now, Andy."

Andy got up and pulled off his jeans, then his underwear, unveiling his hard cock to the view of the camera. He pulled my wife's legs out from under her and then pulled them up against the edge of the table, which dropped her onto her back. As he dragged her closer to him, her skirt was pushed up around her waist, and no longer hid anything! My wife was taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself down, and prepare herself to be fucked by our neighbor's punk assed teenaged kid! Andy put one of her legs up against each of his shoulders, spreading her thighs out really wide. He was about to fuck my wife!

Andy then let my wife's legs drop back down to the table and pulled her up into a sitting position. "I'll tell you what, Lisa. Even though you just told me that you wanted to fuck me right now, I'm going to give you a chance to avoid all of this, if you want, because it would make things awkward at home." he explained. My wife's eyes lit up with hope as he continued "I'll give you 5 minutes to give me a hand job, or blow job, or whatever you do best, and if you can get me to cum, then we'll just call it a day, and we won't go any further. How about that?"

Ron the commented, "Ah, this will be really interesting. Hold on. We'll start when she's ready. Are you ready, Lisa? You have 5 minutes to finish him off, or else your going to have to fuck him."

Mike zoomed the camera in on her, as Carl said, "Okay, starting now!"

My wife then grabbed Andy's already erect penis, and started jerking him off kind of slow. After a about 30 seconds she started jerking faster hoping to push him towards cuming.

"Four minutes to go." Ron advised, as she looked at Andy's penis, and started jerking even faster. Lisa then flipped her hair to the side, and licked her lips. She was going to suck him! My wife leaned down and took him into her mouth. Slowly down and then back up for almost a minute. Then she stopped blowing him, and started jerking him off real fast again, while looking up into his face, to see if he was about to cum.

"Two minutes left!" Ron announced.

My wife dove back down and took Andy's penis into her mouth again, deeper than before. She was now taking his entire dick into her mouth each time she went down on him. Faster and faster she went, up and down while saliva started dripping from her mouth.

"One minute to go Lisa!" Ron announced.

My wife then desperately pulled off her shirt, and quickly and pressed his penis between her breasts. She pressed her breasts together around his dick and started moving up and down quickly with them. She was trying everything that she could think of to make this stupid kid cum, so that she wouldn't have to fuck him!

"30 seconds left! This is it!" Ron said excitedly.

My wife stopped trying with her breasts and went back to jerking him off real fast again. She was pumping away and looking up into his face. She tried to beg him in desperation "Come on Andy! You know you want to cum. Do it! Cum right now on me! Look, I'm waiting" She begged, as she opened her mouth, taunting him to cum right into it. She tried everything, but Ron finally announced that her time was up. She let go of his penis in disappointment, and caught her breath.

Andy looked down at her and said "Don't worry I'll cum soon, Lisa." and pulled her legs back out from underneath her, dropping her back onto her back again. He then pulled a leg up on each of his shoulders, which spread her wide open for him. My wife was laying on her back, with her face looking up at the ceiling, waiting to be fucked by Andy, and nothing could stop it now!

He then told her, "You can put it in to your pussy now, Lisa!"

My wife moved her hand down, and pulled him into her cunt! She arched her back up off the table a bit, as he pressed it all the way into her with his first slow thrust. Andy, the stupid kid from next door, then started fucking my wife! Her eyes were open, but looking up at the ceiling, as she was rocked back and forth by his pounding, humping movements. I could hear the slaps from his body hitting hers. After about 5 minutes he leaned and laid on top of her, which pressed her legs well over her head. Now, face to face with her, he started to kiss her deeply, while slowly grinding his prick into her. My wife started to moan, but her noises were mainly muffled into his mouth.

"She's starting to get into it!" Ron exclaimed.

"Yeah! Just like last time, I can tell" added Carl.

Andy started pumping faster again, and stopped kissing her, so that he could look down into her face. My wife was all sweaty and breathing fast. Mike zoomed the camera in, until her face filled the entire TV screen.

"Say something to your husband who will be watching this at home, Lisa!" he ordered. My wife turned her head, and looked right into the camera, but she didn't say a thing.

"Come on, say something!" Andy said loudly, and I heard a slap! Lisa closed her eyes in pain, and then opened them again, to look right at me. My wife then said "I hope... your... your happy" between ragged breaths, and turned her head back away from the camera. She was totally upset with me, and who could blame her. I should have never sent her over to Ron's, and now I was paying the price.

Laying on top of my wife, Andy continued to pound away with her, and she was breathing hard beneath him. For five minutes this went on, him slamming into her, while she would occasionally moan between deep breaths. He then asked her, "Are you ready for me to cum now, Lisa?" and then he slowed down, taking harder, longer thrusts into her.

My wife answered, "Yes... do... it! Just finish... please!"

Finally, Andy looked as if he was going to cum. One long push into my wife, and he held himself tightly against her body. She started to moan, and then he said, "I'm not done yet!"

He pulled out of her, and flipped her over, to a doggie style position! My wife was now on her hands and knees, waiting to be taken from behind by this stupid teenager!

"Slap her ass! She likes that." Mike exclaimed.

Andy then asked her, "Is that right?" as he slapped her hard on her ass! "SMACK!!" "Lisa, do you really like this?" "SMACK!!" again.

My wife then spoke up, to put an end to this humiliation, "Just get to the sex, alright Andy?!"

"SMACK!!" His hand came down hard on her ass again, and he said, "Fine, put it back in then!"

I then had to watch my wife reach through her legs, down behind her, and pull his dick back into her pussy! He grabbed her hips and started pulling her by her waist, back onto his dick, over and over, making her fuck him.

Carl then said, "I just can't take just watching this anymore!" and pulled down his pants. He walked around her, and switched seats with Ron, so that he was now facing my wife's head. Lisa had her face down though, and didn't even see Ron standing above her, with his fully erect hard-on. Andy then grabbed her hair, and pulled back on it, forcing her head up, and making her look straight at Carl's rampant, huge cock. Carl took his dick in his hand, and slapped her in the face with it a few times, until she finally sucked it into her mouth and began sucking on it. Mike then zoomed the camera out, to show the full view of my wife on her hands and knees, being fucked from behind by Andy, while she was sucking on Carl's dick in front of her! She was impaled between the two cocks, and was now moaning loudly.

Each time Andy would thrust into my wife from behind, she was forced forwards into deep throating Carl. After about two minutes, I could hear her moans turning to gags, and saliva was beginning drip from her chin. She finally stopped blowing Carl, looked up in protest and said, "I can't take no more. I gotta breathe!"

Ron then leaned over, grabbed her face in his hands tightly and said, "Oh your wrong. I think your going to take two more actually, before this is over."

My wife dropped her head in defeat, as Ron and Mike started to take off their pants.

"Looks like you have some work to do." Mike said sarcastically, as she realized that there were now four hard dicks in the room waiting to get off on her. Andy then switched positions, and was now laying on the table with my wife fucking him from above. She was sitting on top of Andy, fucking him, when Ron took up a position behind her, and started to press his dick into her ass from behind. Not only had he been the very first man to fuck my beautiful wife in the ass, it now looked like he was also going to be the second man to ever take her that way.

Lisa let out a loud "Uhhmpphh!" as Ron's quick, vicious thrust knocked the air out of her lungs. She was now filled in both of her holes. Carl was still standing in front of her, and as my wife continued sucking his cock, but she still had her head down, and was moaning from the double pounding that she was receiving.

Carl got fed up with waiting for her to get him off, and pulled her right hand up to grab his hard on. Mike then put the camera carefully down on his chair, to capture the view, and walked up to the table. He pulled her left hand up to grab his hard on as Lisa started bucking around wildly. She was impaled on two cocks, while holding herself up by holding onto two other dicks. This must have been too much for her, as she started screaming out loud, while feverishly jerking off both Carl and Mike. Andy and Ron were no longer fucking her, she was doing all of the work fucking them! My wife was slamming back onto them while jerking off Carl and Mike. I could tell that she was going to cum herself any second now, and I had never seen her this crazed.

Mike's dick started spurting from my wife's jerks, and she dipped her head down to lick what cum she could off of his prick. She was still right on the brink of a huge orgasm, when Carl's huge cock finally let loose with a huge load of cum, which she caught most of it in her mouth. She was still holding her weight up, by grasping onto both dicks, with a mouthful of sperm, she started to cum, as she continued fucking Andy and Ron as fast as she could!

"Ohhhggggg... Goddddddd!!!" my wife screamed, as her whole body shook violently. Andy and Ron were giving her their final thrusts, as they popped their corks into her, when my wife said something I'll never be able to forget. "Ohhhgggggg... Godddd!... Its so fuckinggg goood!!!" She had said it quickly, but I heard it!

Everyone backed away from my wife, leaving her to collapse, unsupported now, onto the table, completely exhausted. Mike picked the camera up and moved it around the table, between her legs, where he showed a huge amount of cum, dripping from the unbelievably huge holes of her ass and pussy, which were still gaped wide open, so much so that I could actually see into her openings. He then moved around to my wife's face, and zoomed in on the cum, which was completely covering her cheeks and chin.

Lisa's mouth was wide open, panting for air, when Ron said to her, "Admit it, Lisa! You've never cum that hard before!"

She just let out small grunt, and kept trying to catch her breath, when Ron said like a drill Sergeant, "I didn't hear you! Admit it, Lisa!"

My wife then rolled over onto her back, her chest heaving from her big gasps for breath, and finally said between gasps, "No... okay... I... haven't..."

Then the tape was over! I couldn't believe my that wife told my neighbors stupid punk kid, that she had cum harder with him, then she ever had with me! I just sat there in my chair, my mind racing over all of this. I know Lisa did all of this because she thought I wanted her to, but did she really enjoy it? I fell asleep dreaming that this would all be over.

Chapter 3

My marriage was finally getting back to normal. It had been over a month, and there was no sign of Ron, Carl, or Mike, and other than the humiliating glances from Andy, everything was getting back to normal. I truly love my wife, and I had to accept that she only had sex with those men because she thought that I had wanted her to do it. I convinced myself that she really didn't want to do it, and surely she didn't actually enjoy it. I thought we were finally going to put everything behind us. Then I got home from work, and read what was on my computer screen.

Lisa must have been using the instant messenger, and left it on. I read the chat log and was confused for a bit. It was me talking to her, but I hardly ever talk to my wife over the computer. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! This wasn't me talking to her, it must have been Ron, or maybe even Andy, pretending to be me! Whoever it was, was trying to set my wife up.

After some sweet talking, by whom she thought was me, my wife agreed to babysit Andy's little sister Megan and her friend Amy. The chat went on until Megan and Amy arrived. My pretender explained that she was going to have cyber sex with him, in front of Megan and Amy! After much protest, my wife had agreed, in order to save our marriage. This bastard was telling her that she would have to do it, or we wouldn't be able to work things out! I continued to read the chat log.

BRIAN : Are they in the room with you now?

LISA : Yeah, they are reading this over my shoulder.

BRIAN : Lets start then Lisa. What are you wearing?

LISA : Brian, don't make me do this in front of them, please! They are only teenagers, and girls at that Brian. GIRLS! You know I'm not into lesbian stuff at all. Don't do this to me, BRIAN!

BRIAN : Look, don't ask me anymore questions, you did everything Ron and even that stupid kid Andy said, so you're going to do this for me! I'm your husband for Christ's sake! If you don't do this for me, after you did everything else for the other guys, then our marriage is not going to work!

LISA : Why are you saying this? Why would you do this to me?? I thought you loved me.

BRIAN : I do honey, just don't put me in the position of doing anything rash. Lets just start, okay Lisa? Megan and her friend know why they are there, they won't be shocked.

LISA : Fine! Whatever! I can't believe this.

BRIAN : What are you wearing now?

LISA : Sweat pants and a shirt. Nothing special. I thought I was going to be babysitting!

BRIAN : Well, that's not too sexy. Lets get you out of those clothes then. Take off your sweats and shirt. I hope you have a bra on!

LISA : Yeah I do. Hold on, and I'll take the pants and shirt off now.

LISA : Okay. They're off.

BRIAN : Well, ask the girls what they think of your bra and panties.

LISA : First of all, they are behind me! Second of all... Can we just leave them out of this! I'm doing this in front of them. Isn't that enough??

BRIAN : I told you no more questions! Now, ask them, what they think of the bra and panties that you are wearing?

LISA : Megan said that she likes thongs better. So I guess they don't like my underwear too much.

BRIAN : Hmm, since she likes thongs so much, do this. Stand up, wedge the back of your panties into the crack of your ass and then sit back down, so we can continue. Both cheeks must be completely exposed, just as if you were wearing a thong.

LISA : Fine. Just hold on and I'll do it.

LISA : Okay. I did what you said.

BRIAN : Wait, did you sit back down already?

LISA : Yes you told me I could!

BRIAN : Stand back up and ask them if its wedged in enough. I want your ass exposed just like a thong.

LISA : Alright. Hold on.

LISA : I pulled it tighter. Megan said it's good now. Can I sit back down now?

BRIAN : Sure, I guess your in a rush to get to our cyber, huh.

LISA : No its not that. I just don't like standing here like this in front of them!

BRIAN : Lisa, since you want to sit back down so much, I'll give you a choice then. You can take off your bra and sit back down. Or we can continue this with you standing up in front of them. Which will it be?

LISA : I guess I'll stand since I would like to keep my underwear and bra on.

BRIAN : Okay, then leave your bra and panties on. We're going to have to get some foreplay in, before our cyber, so I want you to slowly rub your clit through your panties.

LISA : Alright. I am now.

BRIAN : Describe what your doing.

LISA : I'm reaching down and rubbing myself slowly like you said.

BRIAN : What are Megan and Amy doing?

LISA : I don't know, they are behind me. I told you that before!

BRIAN : Oh, that's right. You are not putting on much of a show. Now, instead of reaching down in front of you and rubbing between your legs, I want you to reach behind you, between your legs, and rub yourself from behind, so that they can see what your doing better. Bend over some, and rub your clit from behind. You can type to me with the other hand.

LISA : Its hard to type this way, and its slow.

BRIAN : That's okay, I'm in no rush. Keep rubbing, and I want you to say whatever I put into quotes out loud!

LISA : Okay Brian, but please leave them out of this.

BRIAN : It seems like they are heavily on your mind, so lets see if I can help you out, Lisa. Are you still rubbing yourself from behind?

LISA : Yes.

BRIAN : Ask one of them to smack you on the ass, but don't look at who it is. Again, you must say what I put in quotes out loud, so here we go. "Can someone please slap me on my ass?" Tell me when you said it.

LISA : I said it, and one of them did it. Okay Brian enough now.

BRIAN : No, it's not enough! I saw how much you liked Mike slapping you on the ass, so don't tell me that you don't like it! Now, are you still rubbing yourself from behind?

LISA : Yes

BRIAN : "Slap me again"

LISA : They did it. Please Brian, its enough.

BRIAN : Who?

LISA : I don't know, u told me not to look back.

BRIAN : "Slap my ass harder" say it!

LISA : I did and its hard enough please.

BRIAN : "Slap me again, even harder this time"

LISA : Dammit Brian, they did it again! Please, you don't understand it hurts! They are doing it too hard already.

BRIAN : Well I guess you're going to have to cry then in front of these little girls, because I'm going to make you say even harder again. You ready?

LISA : Please Brian, it hurts! Don't make me say it again.

BRIAN : I want you to keep rubbing yourself from behind and don't stop. Now, "Please take turns spanking me on my ass until I tell you to stop." say it! And don't forget to keep rubbing yourself, while they are doing it.

LISA : God please let me tell them to stop! It hurts so bad I can't take it I'm going to vtj

BRIAN : Going to what? Cry or cum, Lisa? Which is it?

LISA : Please let me tell them to stop!

BRIAN : Or what??? Are you going to cry, or are you going to cum? Answer me!

LISA : Both, okay! Please, I can't take it anymore.

LISA : Say something! God they won't stop! Please let me tell them to stop! I can't take it anymore.

BRIAN : Okay, You can tell them to stop now. I don't want you to cum during our foreplay.

LISA : Oh my god it stings. Can I sit down now? I told you I don't like standing, exposed like this in front of them.

BRIAN : Lisa, sit back down, and get ready, because your going to be doing a lot more than just standing in front of them.

I couldn't believe that just a few hours before I got home, Lisa was sitting here, in just her bra and panties, having her butt spanked by two teenaged girls! And even worse, she thought that I was the one making her do it! My mind raced as I continued reading the chat log.

BRIAN : Well, are you sitting down now?

LISA : Yeah, I am.

BRIAN : I think it's time you took off that bra, Lisa. You sure like showing off your tits to everyone else!

LISA : I had to do that stuff, because of you! Why are you acting like it was my fault? Why are you doing this to me?

BRIAN : I said no more questions! Now take off your bra and hand it to one of girls behind you.

LISA : Alright. I'll take it off.

LISA : Okay they have it.

BRIAN : Who has it? Megan or Amy?

LISA : I don't know. I just handed it back over my shoulder. Megan says that she has it, okay?

BRIAN : Handed it back? What over your shoulder? Why are you acting so shy in front of your friends there?

LISA : These are young teenage girls Brian!! They don't even have much of a chest of their own. It's not right for them to see me. I'm a 34-C. Please don't make me do this.

BRIAN : Hey look, this will give them some hands on learning, about what they may have some day then. Are you ready to play doctor with the girls?

LISA : This is horrible! Please don't make me do it Brian!

BRIAN : Now if your going to play doctor, they are going to have to move up from behind you. Have each of them get a chair and sit in it, next to you. Megan on your left side and Amy on your right. Tell me when they are set.

LISA : They are sitting next to me now.

BRIAN : Great, now we can use them to play doctor with you, for some foreplay before our cyber sex. So, are your nipples hard already?

LISA : Sort of. A little bit.

BRIAN : Well, lets get them very hard. Tell them that they should each massage one of your tits. Megan can do your left breast and Amy can do your right breast. Tell them that they are to keep going, until your nipples are very hard. You can type to me, while they do this. Tell me when they start.

LISA : Alright.

LISA : They are doing it now.

BRIAN : I know you like your foreplay rough, Lisa. So tell them. Tell them to "squeeze harder". Don't forget to tell them out loud what I put in quotes. Did you say it?

LISA : I said it Brian. Okay, calm down. You don't understand that they are rough enough already, they are treating me like a piece of meat!

BRIAN : Take it Lisa, I know what you like. Now say "Squeeze my boobs even harder! I can't feel it enough!"

LISA : God Brian please, my nipples are hard, okay! It hurts! They are hard okay! Enough of this! Can I tell them to stop, please.

BRIAN : Lets make sure that they are hard enough, Lisa. Tell them that they can stop fondling your breasts, But then tell them to each take one of your nipples, into their hand, and pinch it hard. Tell me when Megan has your left nipple and Amy your right.

LISA : They both do now. Please! They are pinching too hard!!!!

BRIAN : Well, now we're going to play a little game. We're going to see who wins, Megan or Amy. Explain to them the following rules. We're going to see who can pull your nipple the furthest away from your body, without letting your nipple slip from their finger. So, tell them to get ready to start pulling. Megan on your left nipple and Amy on your right one. Whoever pulls your breast out the furthest, without letting it slip from her fingers wins. Oh, and tell them that they must do so slowly. Are they ready?

LISA : Yes, they are reading this too, but please Brian, my nipples are hard already. I've told you that!

BRIAN : This is just to make sure honey, so get ready. Now tell them to "Start!!" Say it!

LISA : It's a tie! Please! It's a tie. They are both same! Please it's over, they tied okay! God they are pulling so hard! Please it's a tie okay!

BRIAN : No, we need a winner. Tell them to "Keep pulling until we have a winner. Pull harder!" Say it Lisa!

LISA : God this hurts! Please I've got to tell them to stop! Please I... Amy won. Megan couldn't hold on any longer. Amy won. Alright?

BRIAN : There you go, that wasn't so bad, now was it? Now your nipples are even harder right?

LISA : Yes.

BRIAN : Okay, I want you to explain to the girls why your nipples are hard. Then tell me what you explained to them. And you're going to regret it, if you don't tell them the truth.

LISA : I told them the truth okay! I told them that I was becoming sexually turned on! Okay! Is that what you wanted Brian?

BRIAN : What I want, Lisa, is for you to now take off your panties. Tell me when you are completely naked.

LISA : Fine. Whatever! Hold on.

LISA : I took them off okay.

BRIAN : Now spread your legs wide. Put each leg over an arm of the chair. Let the girls see what you have down there.

LISA : Alright. I'm sitting that way now.

BRIAN : Lean back in the chair, and start masturbating with your right hand. You can type to me with your other hand. Move your hand up to your breasts and play with them every few seconds also! Show them how you like to play with yourself. You can start now.

LISA : I am doing it now. Can I stop Brian, why are you doing this to me?

BRIAN : No you can't stop! Just keep going. Faster now. Rub yourself faster.

LISA : I'm doing it now faster.

BRIAN : Okay, STOP! This is just foreplay for our cyber sex, you can't cum yet. Are you wet now?

LISA : Yes.

BRIAN : Now lets see how slutty that pussy of yours has become, since you started gang banging, Lisa. We're going to do a finger test.


BRIAN : Megan is still on your left side and Amy your right?

LISA : yeah

BRIAN : Great! Lean back in your chair and spread your legs wide as you can.

LISA : I am Brian. Do you want me to start masturbating again?

BRIAN : No. I said that we're going to do a finger test, to see how slutty that pussy of yours has become! Now, ask Megan to put one of her fingers inside of you. ASK HER! Then tell me when it's inside of you.

LISA : It's in, alright?

BRIAN : What finger is it, Lisa? What finger does that teenaged girl have inside of your pussy right now?

LISA : Her ring finger

BRIAN : Now ask to put two more fingers inside of you, because I know that one is not enough for you. Did she fit them in?

LISA : Yes they are in.

BRIAN : She has one finger left. Tell her to put that one in as well, and to leave all four of her fingers inside of you.

BRIAN : Any trouble fitting all four of them in?

LISA : She has them in me okay.

BRIAN : We're not stopping there, Lisa. It's Amy's turn now. Ask her to put two of her fingers in there, along with Megan's four fingers. Tell me when they are in there.

LISA : They are in! Please, no more! It's tight now, I can't fit anymore inside of me!

BRIAN : No, no, you're an eight finger slut Lisa. Tell them. Tell Amy that you now need her other two fingers inside of you right now, because you're an eight finger slut. Tell me when they are in, all eight fingers!

LISA : It wont fit! Brain please stop this! It hurts!

BRIAN : Do it! Tell her to push her last two fingers in to you and then tell me when you have all eight fingers in that slutty cunt of yours!

LISA : God! Okay they're all in now, okay? It's too much!

BRIAN : Megan and Amy each have four of their fingers inside of you right now?

LISA : Yes, it's really stretching me out, and hurts really badly, but they're in. Is that enough now? Please let me tell them to take their fingers out!

BRIAN : You really have a slutty pussy now, Lisa! I'm glad I told Megan to bring the two extra large vibrators for our cyber sex. Tell them that they can take their fingers out of you now, and for Megan to go get the two big vibrators. It's time for our cyber sex, Lisa. Are you ready?

LISA : What do you mean, am I ready for our cyber sex. I think we've been doing just that for the last half an hour?!

BRIAN : No, no. That was just foreplay, Lisa. Cyber sex is just what is says. Sex over the Internet. I'm going to fuck you right now, with Megan's and Amy's help of course. Did they show you the two vibrators yet?

LISA : Oh my god! They are too big! Brian there is no way that I'm letting them stick those monsters into me! Are you crazy! They'll tear me apart! I'm not a black girl. I've never taken anything near that large into me!

BRIAN : You didn't seem to mind taking Carl's big dick into your pussy! Did you?

LISA : Brian. Please. These things are way bigger than he is, and I only had sex with him, because you wanted me to!

BRIAN : You're going to have to change positions for this Lisa. Turn your chair sideways, so that the back of your chair is facing one of your sides. Then get on your knees on the chair. I want you in a doggie style position while you type this, with your ass facing out towards the girls behind you. Tell me when you are set.

LISA : Fine. I'll do it. Hold on.

LISA : I'm sitting that way now. Brian, please, these girls are way too young. They have no idea what they are doing, and this just isn't right! Don't make me let them use those horrible monstrous dildos on me.

BRIAN : What, don't let them fuck you?

LISA : Yes. That's exactly what I mean. Okay???

BRIAN : They aren't going to be the ones fucking you Lisa. I am, they are just going to be my dicks for me. I always wanted to have two dicks, with each being 14 inches long and 3 inches wide. They are just going to do to you, what I tell them to on this cyber chat. So don't worry, it's not them who will really be fucking you, it'll be me, giving you the pounding of your life. So get ready.

LISA : Alright, I'll do it, but please, these vibrators are just really too big, I won't be able to take them into me.

BRIAN: Oh, your going to take them, both of them. Or... maybe we can make a deal.

LISA : Umm... okay. What are my options?

BRIAN : Well, after we start, I want you to describe what's going on, in the dirtiest, most guttural sexual way that you can. I want you to sound like a slut.

LISA : Come on Brian. You know I feel embarrassed saying dirty words. Isn't there anything else I can do?

BRIAN : No, I don't care if you feel humiliated talking like a slut! You're going to do it, and if you do it good enough, I'll take it easy on you, and try to make sure that one of my big dicks doesn't wind up in your ass.

LISA : Umm... Okay! I'll talk that way, and tell you what's happening. Since that's what you want. And you'll take it easy on me, right?

BRIAN : That's right. Are you ready to be my cyber slut?

LISA : Yeah, I guess I have to be.

BRIAN : That's not the kind of slutty talk I had in mind! Let's see if I can help you out with this. Anything I say in quotes, I want you to say out loud to the girls there. Here's your first line, honey. "Can somebody please put a dick up to my face?" Now say it! Then tell me when you've said it, and you better start talking dirty, or this is going to be really rough on you.

LISA : I told them, and now Megan put her big fucking dildo right up next to my face... okay??!!! Is that what you want from me!

BRIAN : Yeah that's what I want! It's a start at least, but your going to have to get much more dirty, and more descriptive, if you want me to take it easy on you. Lets continue, Lisa. "Put that big dick up to my lips, so that I can spit on it." Say it! Your going to have to fuck one of those big dicks, so you better get some lubrication on it. And if you don't start talking nasty, you're going to have to fuck them both!

LISA : Alright. I spit on the big dildo twice honey. It's so fucking wet now. Okay?

BRIAN : There you go. See, you're getting better at this. Now, let's keep going. "Keep your dick up to my face, so I can suck on it, while I chat with my husband."

LISA : Megan is holding it up and I'm sucking it.

BRIAN : I want you to be more nasty, Lisa! Or your going to have it put up your ass in a second.

LISA : Okay! I'm licking it up and down now. God, it's so fucking big.

BRIAN : Keep blowing that big fake cock. Just keep your mouth open and tell Megan to "Push the dildo in and out of my mouth, until I tell you to stop. Be rough too. Fuck me in my mouth."

LISA : She's doing it. She's fucking it in and out of my mouth.

BRIAN : While she's pounding your mouth with the cock, I'm going to ask you some questions, and if you lie to me, your husband, when we both know the truth, then your really going to have a rough time today.

LISA : Okay, but please hurry she's gagging me with it.

BRIAN : Tell me which of my friends you liked fucking the most? And don't lie if you want to save our marriage!

I turned away from the computer screen for a moment. It was obvious where this was going, and I didn't want to have to face it. My wife was forced to have sex with those guys, and she couldn't have really enjoyed it, could she? But yet she was going to have to liked it enough to admitting to liking it best with one of them. I then continued reading the chat log.

LISA : Carl, I guess I liked Carl the best. Please honey I love you and you only. It didn't mean a thing. I did it for you, because it was what you said that you wanted. God PLEASE, Megan is choking me with this! Can I tell her to stop??

BRIAN : No! Not yet. I have a few more questions, and if you answer them all truthfully, then I'll have Megan stop fucking your face. Now tell me, why did you like Carl the best?

My wife was being tricked into telling me the truth! Even though I didn't want to read it, I needed to know the truth, so I had to continue reading. My heart was pounding fast and hard, as I read the next part.

LISA : I liked him the best, because he was the biggest, and it felt the best.

BRIAN : Don't forget to talk nasty, and in detail, if you want me to take it easy on you. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, honey, I know the truth, and am turned on by this. Now, if you love me, tell me again, but this time the way I want to hear it!

LISA : I liked getting fucked by Carl the best, because of his big fucking cock. It felt so good as he pumped that big prick in and out of me. I love you honey, I'm sorry

BRIAN : Don't be sorry, lets keep going. Since you're telling the truth, you can tell Megan to stop fucking your mouth. Just lick it up and down, while we continue. Now admit it then, since Carl is much bigger than I am, you like his cock better than mine? And don't tell me your sorry anymore! Just answer my questions, as slutty as you can, or your going to have that big dildo back in your mouth again.

LISA : Okay. Yes, his dick is bigger than yours and better too. And it feels better than yours when he's fucking me with it! You like to hear that? Is that what you wanted to hear?

BRIAN : I want to hear the truth, yes! Now let's keep going. I know the truth to this next question, so if you lie, your going to take that big fake prick up your ass right now. So tell me, in the month since you had sex with Andy, have you had sex with him behind my back, on your own?

LISA : Brian please!

BRIAN : I know the truth! Just tell me what the answer is honestly! And be as slutty and descriptive as you possibly can or your going to be eating that dildo again!

LISA : I had sex with him again. A week ago. He saw me outside and helped me bring in some packages, and... I fucked him in our bed. I fucked his brains out!! Do you really like that kind of talk??

BRIAN : Yes, keep going. You did this on your own? You weren't forced to, is that right?

LISA : Yes I did it on my own. He touched me and I didn't stop him. I started thinking about that night where I had sex with them all and I lost control... and fucked him!

BRIAN : There you go, you are turning out to be a true gutter mouth whore. Now I hope that you used that mouth of yours to really get that fat cock ready, because your about to fuck it, just like you did our neighbors teenage kid!

LISA : But I've been talking dirty like you said. Why are you doing this to me? It's too big! Please don't do this to me!

BRIAN : I guess you just weren't talking slutty enough! And besides, you said it yourself, you like big cocks! Now tell Megan to "Stick that big cock into my pussy and fuck me hard with it!" Do it now! Right now!

LISA : I told her. Please Brian, I'll do anything. Just don't make them do this to me! Oh God! She's behind me now, pushing it against my pussy. These girls don't know how much this is going to hurt me! They don't know what they are doing! Please Brian, it hurts! God it's too big! Please tell them to STOP!

BRIAN : Is it in you now?

LISA : Yes! Enough already, enough! I'll talk like a slut, just make her stop.

BRIAN : Well, I'm listening.

LISA : She's fucking my pussy... with that big dick add... I cant type while shessssssfuckinng me with it. Please tellhertostop!!!! It's too much oh please

BRIAN : "Pound It!" Say it out loud to her! Say it! "POUND IT!"

LISA : Oh my god! Please I said it. she is. shes pounding me with it. Oh god Brian, please! what do u want from me?

BRIAN : Amy must be bored watching all of this. Tell her to put the other vibrator, the one that she has, against your ass hole, and turn it on to it's highest setting. Tell me when she has done that.

LISA : its there now... plleeeeeasse Brian! ohgodno... its too big to fit in my ass. not with the other one already in me! god please don't!

BRIAN : Are you going to cum for me then, you slut?

LISA : yes please! I will! just don't have Amy put it into my ass! please!

BRIAN : Well don't cum yet, because you've got one more thing to say to Amy.

LISA : No please Brian, don't

BRIAN : "POUND IT!! AMY! POUND IT!!" Tell her, scream to her to "POUND MY ASS!!" Say it now!

LISA : I said it... Brian why dfinidfhn d

BRIAN : When you get done cuming, I want you take a shower. Leave this chat window open on the computer, and go to the address that Megan is going to give you. You'll be there for the entire weekend. I set something really nice up for you there. I expect you home on Sunday night. And take the video camera. Unless you want a divorce, you're going to do this for me.

That was the end of the chat log! I ran upstairs but my wife wasn't in the house! Where could she be, and with whom? I sat back down at the computer, and looked at the clock. I started counting the minutes until Sunday. I felt guilty as hell. It was all my fault in the first place, for having cheated on my wife. And now she was somewhere paying the price.

Chapter 4

Lisa drove to the address, that was on the paper that Megan had given her earlier that day. She didn't really get too nervous, until she was sitting in the car outside of her destination.

"This is it, time to go see who's in there and what they want with me." she thought to herself. After looking at the house number, to make sure that it was the correct address, she made her way to the door and rang the bell.

"Hi, I'm Lisa. Brian my husband said to come over here to spend the weekend with you." she said to the thin brunette woman who had answered the door. She was intimidated, even though the woman, at 5'4", was a few inches shorter than she was. The woman obviously held all of the cards after all, as she had no idea of what was going on.

"Relax. You look really stiff. There's no reason for you to be so nervous." The woman said. "Come on in, Lisa. I've heard so much about you."

She entered the house, and was led to an office room. The woman sat down behind a desk across from where she had Lisa sit. The brunette reached into a drawer, pulled out a videotape, and put it on the table.

She then explained "You're probably wondering why you are here. Well, this is it. This videotape. It shows you letting two girls, who are minors, pleasure you. I think you'll recognize it, if I play it, since it only happened a few hours ago."

Lisa exploded "How did you get that?! And who are you anyway, a friend of Ron's? Give me that tape now!"

"Oh, you could have this tape, hun" The woman explained. "I have a copy of my own tucked safely away."

"What is this? Give me the tapes, you have no right to them!" Lisa demanded.

The woman leaned across the desk, and lowered her voice to just a whisper. "If you don't cooperate with me, starting right now, not only will this tape make it's way to your nice little circle of family and friends, but also the police. You can be assured of that, hun."

Lisa realized that she really had no choice, that she was being blackmailed. She silently just nodded her head, and let out a nervous, "Okay, but what do you want with me?"

"Ah. What do I want with cute little Lisa? It's actually pretty simple, hun. I'm going to tell you to do things from time to time, and you're going to do them. In return, I'll keep your video here safe and sound and away from any law enforcement agencies." The woman explained.

"What! Who are you anyway?" Lisa asked.

The brunette sat back and smiled, "Oh, how thoughtless of me. My name's Danielle. I used to know your older sister, Terri. We were real close a few years ago." She explained, as she reached across the desk to shake Lisa's hand.

Lisa reached across the desk and shook hands lightly with Danielle. "But I still don't understand. How did you get this tape?" she asked.

Danielle pondered as to whether or not, she should tell this naive little blond everything, and decided against it. "Let's just say that I'm also a good friend of Ron's, and I've been keeping my eye on you for a long time now, Lisa. We'll just leave it at that."

Lisa's face started turning red with anger, as she realized that this could have been a setup, reaching all the way back to that first poker night!

"Oh, don't be so mad, hun. You're spending the weekend here with me. So we might as well try to get along." Danielle said sweetly. "We can start getting friendly by your climbing under this desk, and eating me. Your sister used to be an expert with her tongue, so let's see if it runs in the family."

Lisa's jaw dropped in shock at what she had just heard. She was disgusted by the thought of being with another woman, but what could she do now? Humiliated, she dropped to her knees, and slid under the desk.

Looking up between the brunette's thighs, she realized that the woman wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt. Danielle opened her legs a bit, more as she leaned closer, nervously.

"Go on, you're almost there hun. Lick it." Danielle ordered, as she put her hands on the back of Lisa's head.

"I can't! I just can't, I'm not a lesbian." Lisa protested, from under the desk.

Danielle fired back, "Oh you can hun. And you will. All I have to do is make one phone call, and..." Her voice trailed off, as she felt the soft flickering of Lisa's tongue on her thighs.

"Let me help you with that." Danielle said, as she pulled Lisa's hair towards her crotch. Lisa choked on the taste, as her open mouth was forced right onto Danielle's wet pussy. "The faster that you make me cum, the faster that you'll be done down there."

Lisa serviced the brunette as best she could, by moving her tongue relentlessly. Danielle started to buck her hips slightly, into Lisa's face and it seemed as if the woman would cum soon. "Oh you are a natural, Lisa. Now finger me at the same time."

Lisa put a finger into the brunette's pussy, as she continued to lick and suck on her clit.

"Tell me you how like to eat pussy, hun." Danielle ordered.

Swallowing her pride, and some of Danielle's juices, she squeaked out a muffled "I like to eat pussy." into the woman's crotch, between licks.

"You can stop now" Danielle ordered. "I don't want to cum yet, I have a lot planned for you, hun. You can go get back into your chair."

After climbing out from under the table, Lisa sat back in her chair, across from Danielle and started to wipe her face. "Oh, don't you look like the perfect little whore, with your face all wet from eating another woman's pussy. You are much more of a slut than your sister was, Lisa."

Lisa was speechless.

"Now, let's get you out of those clothes. I finally get to see how you look live and in person, instead of on those video tapes. Take off your clothes, NOW!" Danielle demanded.

Slowly Lisa peeled off her sweater and jeans. Then her bra and finally her panties. She was now completely naked, in front of this woman. She nervously sat back down, and tried to cover herself up, especially her breasts and pussy.

"Don't be shy, Lisa. Show me your nice tits. Play with them for me!" Danielle ordered, as Lisa obediently started playing with her breasts. "A little bit smaller than your sister's tits, but they will do just fine. Keep on going, show them off to me!"

Humiliated, she kept squeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples, as she sat across from Danielle. "Oh, those big breasts must be so sore from the abuse that they took earlier today, but here you are, playing with them again anyway. You really are a whore. You probably are already wet from all of this. Stop playing with those tits and reach down between your legs. Are you wet, Lisa?" Danielle asked.

Lisa's body had betrayed her again, and there was no denying it. "Yes. I am." she admitted, in total humiliation over what was happening, engulfed her completely.

Danielle reached over and pinched her left nipple really hard, as she said "Well, that's just really too bad now, isn't it... I said, Isn't it, Lisa?"

"Yes!" she replied through clenched teeth. The pain was building from Danielle's on going, twisting pinch.

Letting go of Lisa's nipple, she reached back into the desk, and pulled out a dildo. "I know that this isn't as big as the vibrators that you used earlier today, but this was one of your sister's favorites." she said, as she handed it to Lisa across the desk. "I think you know what to do with this."

Lisa did and she obediently opened her legs, and started to rub it against her clit.

"Oh, I know you're sore, hun, but you're going to fuck yourself with that dildo. You're already wet, so just slide it in."

Working the dildo in and out of her cunt, Lisa started thinking back to earlier today. She thought about the two teenaged girls fingering her, about them spanking her ass, and about... She was going to cum! With the dildo making obscene, slurping sounds, from her completely wet cunt, she started to pound away with the dildo, towards her orgasm.

"Look at me, Lisa! I want to see your face while you're cuming. Don't hide your eyes! Look right at me!" Danielle demanded.

Lisa, beat-red with humiliation, forced herself to stare into the brunette's eyes, as she fucked herself with the dildo. "Cum for me, Lisa."

Her body shook from the intensity of her orgasm, and her head dipped down.

"Keep looking at me while you cum Lisa! I want you to see who is making you cum!"

In the midst of her orgasm, she forced her head back up, and looked right into Danielle's eyes. "OOOHHHHHHH god... mmmmpphh... ! " she cried out, as wave after wave of her orgasm pulsed through her body.

"Well, I just gave you a huge orgasm, Lisa, and you have nothing to say to me?" Danielle said, in a sarcastic way, with a smirk on her face.

"Thank you." Lisa said between gasps for air, thinking that is what the woman wanted to hear.

"Hun, you'll have plenty of opportunity to thank me this weekend, but, you're going to have a very busy day tomorrow, so you had better head upstairs to bed. I've prepared a room for you, which I think you'll like." Danielle explained, as she led Lisa upstairs.

Lisa started getting nervous, as she wondered what Danielle could possibly have in store for her this weekend.

Lisa was dreaming that she was home with her husband, when she was startled back to reality, by a strange woman's voice. "Wake up, hun. You have a busy day ahead of you."

It was Danielle's voice. All of the horrible memories from the previous night came flooding back into her mind. She wasn't in the comfort of her own home with her husband. She was at Danielle's house, and at her mercy! She let out a hopeless sigh, then sat up in the bed.

"Umm... I'm... I'm not sure what to do?" Lisa asked nervously.

Danielle came into the room and put her hand on Lisa's head. "Oh, silly girl. You're going to get up and start your day, by taking a shower of course! Are all of you dumb blondes the same?" Danielle asked sarcastically, as she stroked Lisa's hair. "And take your time, while you're in there showering. I want you to make sure that you shave everything completely off, dear. I don't want any of those little blonde hairs down there, getting in the way of the view tonight."

Lisa dipped her head in embarrassment. She has always kept herself very well groomed, but saved a small strip of hair over her privates, as a layer of security, hiding the curves and shape of her pussy from view. She felt the humiliation already, as the thought of her privates being totally exposed went through her mind. Without any hair, for the first time since she was a young girl, there would be nothing to hide any part of her from being exposed!

"Okay, I'll be sure take my time." she mumbled in defeat.

"Oh, be sure that you do, hun, because we'll have a real fun time pulling out any hairs that you miss." Danielle said, with an evil grin on her face.

Lisa was thrown a towel, and ordered to head to the bathroom for her shower and shave. An overwhelming feeling of humiliation started to overcome her, as she reached the bathroom door. The blonde realized another part of her dignity was literally about to be shaved away. She went into the bathroom with her head hung down in shame.

After her shower, Lisa stood in front of the bathroom mirror. "Oh my god, I do look like a little girl down there!" she thought, after looking down to see what she done to herself. Humiliation overwhelmed her, as she felt even more naked than when she had been naked in front of Brian's poker friends, and she blushed all the way down to her breasts, in a deep, dark red color. She was truly naked, for the first time since she had hit puberty, there was no hair to prevent anyone from looking at her pussy and seeing it all, everything.

Her self-pity was interrupted by Danielle's opening the door, and walking into the room. "Don't be shy. Why are you covering yourself up? Put your hands up and behind your head." Lisa hesitantly raised her arms, revealing her shaven pussy to the brunette. "Now, there, that looks better. I can't wait to test out your new cunt. What do you say, hun? Why should we wait." Danielle said, with a smirk on her face. Lisa started to panic, as she tried to guess what the woman had in mind.

Danielle walked up and handed Lisa her cell phone. "Here, hun. I want you to dial home to your husband. Don't worry, he's not home. I already checked. Stop sweating, your going to leave your hubby a little message on the answering machine, that's all."

She took the cell phone, and was about to dial, when Danielle stopped her. "Just wait one second! We're going to test out that new bald pussy of yours, while your on the phone. Here, first get up on the sink counter, under the light, so that I can get a really good look at just how slutty that cunt really is now, without any hair to hide it."

Lisa slid up onto the counter, and was mortified, as she was exposed under the bright mirror lights. Danielle brought out a vibrator that was slightly bent at the tip.

"Oh I'm sorry, this isn't the large size that your used to, but I think that you'll be amazed at how this will get you off really easily, by hitting your g-spot. You're going to lose your mind when I fuck you with this, Lisa, but I'll give you something to concentrate on, to help you with that phone call."

Reaching into her back pocket, she pulled out a piece of paper. Danielle handed it to Lisa, then ordered her to call her house.

"You're going to say what's on that paper, into your hubby's answering machine, while I ream your pussy with this vibrator." Danielle was obviously proud of her plan, and was almost gloating over it.

Lisa glanced at what was written on the paper. This was too much for the blonde wife. "Please! You can't make me say this, it will ruin my marriage! Why are you doing this to me?!" as she broke down in tears.

"You'll find out in due time, hun, but right now you need to make that call. Or do I have to remind you again as to what will happen if you don't do exactly as I tell you to?" Danielle advised her.

Lisa knew that she had no choice, and was trembling as she read the entire paper to herself.

Danielle turned the vibrator on and admired it's design. "Now, I'm not going to lie to you. When I put this vibrator into your little bald pussy there, it's going to drive you really crazy, as this curved tip is pushed against your g-spot. So, you're going to have to really try hard and concentrate, in order to read all of your lines, out loud, while I'm fucking you with this."

Holding back her tears, Lisa dialed her home. While the phone was still ringing, she felt the vibrator start to slip into her pussy. The answering machine picked up, and she cleared her throat.

"Hi honnney... it's meee... I'm glad that you sent me away... for the weekend... mmmmmmpphhhh... so that I could... could... could fuck Andy... again..."

Lisa looked up from the paper, and gave a pleading look to Danielle, but the brunette showed her no mercy, as she turned up the speed on the vibrator, and started ramming it into her as fast and as hard as she could.

"He's... he's fucking mmmeeee... right now, honey... Just... mmmmmmppphhh... just like he does when... oh god!... when I call... him over... right after you... ooooohhhh... leave... oh shit!... to go to work. aaaaahmmpp... mmmmmpphh..."

Danielle was working the vibrator into Lisa's pussy like an expert now. Hitting her g-spot, while also using her fingers to rub the blonde's clit.

"That'sssss right,... honey... I... mmmmmphh... mmmmmmm... I fuck... him all of... the time. aaaaaaaaaaaaa... Because... just... mmmmmmpph ohhh... just like... right now... he's... he's... ooooooh gooood... better... than you are!... mmmmmmmmmmm... Right now... he's... ohhhh aaampphhh..."

Lisa had trouble reading, because she was fast approaching an orgasm and knew that it was going to be a really intense one. She decided to try and scream out the last few lines. It was the only way that she could continue, without falling into her orgasm.

"RIGHT NOW... aaggghhh... HE'S FUCKING ME... SO GOOD... mmmmpppphhhh... I CALLED YOU... ahhhhmmmm... SO YOU COULD HEAR ME CUM HONEY... ohhhh... CUM HARDER THAN I DO WITH YOU... mmmppphh..."

Danielle turned the vibrator up to it's highest setting, and started really pounding it deeply into her pussy, while also smacking her other hand down onto her clit as hard as she could. This was too much for Lisa, and she started to shake as her orgasm over took her.


As Lisa was lost in the after shocks from her huge orgasm, so Danielle grabbed the phone and hung it up.

"Thanks, hun. Now take another shower to clean yourself up, and meet me downstairs in about an hour. Make sure that you look your best." Danielle said, as she walked out the bathroom door.

About an hour later, Lisa hesitantly made her way downstairs to the living room, where Danielle was watching TV. The brunette stood up from her chair and walked over to her.

"Nice clothes you have on there. Now take them off. All of them." She ordered.

Although Lisa has been nude in front of Danielle a few times already, she was still humiliated every time she had to expose herself to this woman. With her face flushed red with embarrassment, she took off her clothes.

"Remember last night when I said that you can thank me later? Well, guess what? Later is now." Danielle said, as she took off her own clothes.

She started to get really nervous, and her stomach turned a bit. She was definitely not a lesbian, but this woman, who was stripping in front of her, was about to change that.

"Please, you don't have to do this." Lisa begged.

After stripping completely naked, Danielle put her finger up to Lisa's lips and said "Sshush. Don't waste your time begging. Your mouth has enough work cut out for it, hun."

Her heart was beating furiously now. She was desperate to stop this debauchery. "Please don't." she whined, as Danielle pushed her down to her knees.

Danielle sat down in a chair, and spread her legs. "Put your face next to my pussy, Lisa. I'll tell you when to start eating me."

The blonde scooted up, and put her face between Danielle's thighs. Her mouth was just inches from the woman's open pussy, and she could smell it strongly. It brought back the horrible memories from last night.

"Danielle, you don't understand. Please, I'm not a lesbian. Anything, but this, OK? Wasn't yesterday enough for you?" she pleaded.

She was startled when she felt Danielle's leg push up between her legs.

"Do you feel my leg against your bald pussy, dear?" Danielle asked.


"Well, I don't want to force you to do anything that you really don't want to do. So, you just keep your face there where it is, and I'm going to rub your pussy with my foot. If you don't get turned on, while I'm doing it, then you won't have to eat me. BUT, if you get wet from having your pussy rubbed by another woman, then you're going to eat pussy, like a true lesbian, hun."

Lisa gave a pleading glance back, but Danielle's foot started working into her pussy.

"Please stop." The blonde begged.

Danielle didn't answer, she just continued working her foot against, Lisa's clit.

"Stop, please! I'm... I'm not a lesbian."

Danielle spoke up. "Well, if your not, then you won't get turned on with your face next to another girl's pussy then, will you?"

The pressure and rhythm of the woman's foot against her clit was too much. She was getting wet, and even though she was trying her best, there was no way to stop it.

Danielle smiled down at her. "Oh dear, I am sorry. I think I feel some wetness against my foot. It shouldn't be too long now. Look at your face, what a whore. Your eyes are getting glassed over."

Lisa dipped her head in shame, and cursed herself for not being able to prevent this. Danielle's toe had now slipped into her pussy easily, as she was well lubricated.

"Aww, how did that happen, dearie? My toe falls right into that wet sloppy cunt of yours. I'm afraid you've lost. You're soaking wet, now, eat me." Danielle ordered.

Lisa was in a total panic now. "Please! Just wait... whwhhw..." Her voice was muffled, as her face was forced hard against the brunette's pussy.

Danielle was using her hair to move her head all around her pussy. Rubbing her juices all over the blonde's face. She then pulled her head up, to look at it.

"Oh, you look sooo good, with your face all wet from my pussy, hun. Just like last night. You seem to like this, huh? Now get back down there, and eat it!" Danielle ordered, as she pulled her face back down between her legs. Lisa, sick from the taste on her lips, hesitantly began licking the brunette's pussy.

"That's my girl, my little, lesbian, blonde slut." Danielle boasted.

Lisa was humiliated over having to perform like a pussy whore, but kept moving her tongue over and into the woman's cunt, hoping that she would orgasm soon, and put an end to this nightmare. Danielle started bucking her hips against her mouth, literally fucking Lisa's face.

"I have some good news... and bad news..." Danielle explained between ragged breaths. "The good news is... that I'm about to cum... so you'll be done in a minute. The bad news is... that I sometimes squirt when I cum... so you're going to have to capture it when I do... And you're... going to have to... hold my cum inside of your mouth when I'm done."

Lisa felt sick thinking about this, but just wanted it over, so she feverishly worked the brunette's pussy with her tongue, while trying to keep her mouth open, so that she could catch any cum that she squirted.

"Ohh gawdd... ohhhhhhh gaaawwwddd..." Danielle bellowed out loudly, as she went into a huge, convulsing orgasm. "Ohhhhhhhh..." she moaned, as she held the blonde's face against her totally drenched cunt, and smiled, knowing that she had squirted her cum, into Lisa's mouth.

"Aw, bring your face up here, honey buns." she ordered.

Lisa sat up, and looked at Danielle in total shame. Her mouth was full of the brunette's cum, and she desperately wanted to spit it out.

"You can taste it, cant you? My cum in your mouth. Another woman's cum, that you're about to swallow." Danielle said, as she looked right into Lisa's eyes.

Danielle leaned up, and put her face only inches from Lisa's. She then put her hands on the blonde's cheeks and started to squeeze them. "Just swallow it down, sweetie. Like a good little whore." she ordered, as her hands pressed even tighter against Lisa's cheeks.

Forced to either spit it out or swallow it down, she to chose to swallow it, in fear of what would happen if she didn't. After she swallowed it all, the taste wouldn't leave her mouth. Tears fell from her eyes, when she realized that she just had real, lesbian sex with another woman.

Danielle stood up and put her clothes back on. "Oh, don't cry, hun. This is nothing, compared to what we have planned for you for tonight."

Chapter 5: Gang Banged

Lisa went back upstairs and began to cleanup, feeling humiliated and ashamed by her earlier actions. As she showered, she wondered what her lesbian lover and her husband had in store for her that evening. In just the last few months she had tripled the number of lovers she had known and experienced, since her first lesbian experience.

After almost two hours of being left alone upstairs to contemplate her life and how things had turned out, Lisa had cried herself to sleep. Danielle entered the room, and placed a black teddy with a garter belt and stockings on the bed. She leaned over Lisa and gave her a large kiss on her lips, invading her mouth with her tongue. The invasion startled Lisa awake, as Danielle began rub Lisa's cunt with her hand. Lisa moved away from Danielle and the unwanted attention, rolling over to the other side of the bed. Danielle stood there looking rejected.

"Put the outfit on that your husband sent for you. He is sending someone over to see you slut." she ordered hatefully, obviously angered by Lisa's continued rejection to her advances.

"Oh, and he wanted you to put on this lipstick too." she said pulling out the tube from her pocket. "You've got five minutes before your friend arrives, make sure that you look the part for him." as she turned and left the room.

As Lisa began to dress, she noticed the crotch missing from the teddy, along with the small snaps, holding it together, along the side. 'Curious.' she thought. After putting on the teddy, the garter belt and the stockings, Lisa began to apply the lipstick that Danielle had left. It was a bright red color, and did help make her look like a total slut, or cheap prostitute. She applied the lipstick liberally, remembering Danielle's instructions.

Just as Lisa finished up, Danielle came back into the room carrying a leather collar, and four leather cuffs. Next, without saying a word, she began to put the collar and cuffs on her. Now Lisa began to have a terrible felling, as to what was to come next.

Danielle then told Lisa to follow her, and led her downstairs to a small room. Lisa noticed an elaborate blindfold on the table, with small, little lips that would cover the wearer's eyes, making it impossible to even see underneath it, and blocking out all of the light. As she stood looking at the blindfold, she barely noticed that Danielle had picked up one of the small padlocks off of the table, and had moved behind her. Her attention snapped back to Danielle, as the woman pulled her arms behind her, and clasped the two leather cuffs together. Then she snapped the padlock in place, ensuring that it would be impossible for Lisa to free her hands.

Danielle next pulled open a drawer from under the small table, and removed two wireless ear buds, and some type of radio transmitter. She then placed one in her own ear and began to tune the transmitter. Once she seemed pleased with the settings, she removed the bud from her ear, and placed it in Lisa's. Lisa then began to hear music coming, if you could call it that, from the device. Danielle inserted the second bud into Lisa's other ear. It was a heavy metal compilation, but not turned up load enough to prevent Lisa from hearing the other sounds in the room, like that of the thin metal chain clanking, as Danielle attached it to Lisa's collar.

Suddenly, Lisa heard her own voice through the ear buds, as she heard herself say over and over again, "Ooooohhh... Gooodddd... Its so fuckinggg goood!!!" followed by her pleading, "I'm so horny, will someone just FUCK ME?"

It continued playing more of Lisa's previously recorded rantings. Lisa was startled from her current state of shock when she heard the doorbell ring over the music coming from her ear buds. Danielle hastily put the blindfold on her, making sure that she was unable to see a thing. Then she attached the chain from Lisa's collar to a hook on the wall, limiting her movement.

Danielle then went to get the door. Lisa was still able to hear the door open and close, and the beginning of a conversation. However, she found herself unable to make out who, or what, was being said over the music coming through her ear buds. As the voices grew closer, she was able to make out the voices of Andy, her next door neighbor's punk kid, and Danielle speaking. As they entered the room, she heard Andy say, "Oh my God! What a heavenly sight. I have never seen anything so beautiful in all of my life!"

She was a lovely sight indeed, there, in a black teddy, with a matching garter belt and stockings was the exquisite body of the 32 year old Lisa Brennan, tanned, toned, and looking very sexy. Her breasts were pushed up from the teddy, her legs outlined by her stockings and the garter belt emphasizing her small waist, while framing out her crotch. She looked ever so helpless with her wrists cuffed behind her back, and her neck chained to the wall. A picture of every teenage boy's dream come true. The blindfold barely covered her eyes, not taking away from the beauty of her face, but its unique design insured that she could not see a thing of what was about to happen to her.

Andy walked over to her, and began to grope her breasts and exposed cunt. Lisa began to moan from his attentions. Andy then whispered in her ear, "I'm going to use you all night long. This is going to be a night, that I can promise you will never forget, my sweet."

Danielle then chimed in, "Don't forget what her husband said, Carl and the boys get her exclusively tomorrow. Apparently, they too, have something planned for our little plaything."

Andy just chuckled replying, "Don't worry, there's enough of our little Lisa for everyone."

Andy then turned and reached into the duffle bag that he had brought in with him. He removed two pills and a bottle of water. He turned to Lisa and told her that he had some aspirin for her to take now, before she got too sore. In reality, he was giving her a Viagra and an Ecstasy pill, to heighten her sexual arousal, to a new, all time high. As he placed the pills in her mouth, he brought the bottle to her lips, allowing her to sip in the water, and swallow the pills.

Next, he undid her chain from the wall, and opened up the door on the other side of the small room, which led into a large, well lit room. As he opened up the door, Danielle turned up the volume on her ear buds, which were still piping in the music combined with Lisa's trash mouth rantings, but now it was so loud, that she was unable to hear her own thoughts, and definitely unable to hear any sounds from around her.

Andy led her to a large table that stood at waist level. It was covered with red velvet pads, which hid the catches designed to attach to Lisa's cuffs. Surrounding the table were studio lights, three cameras, including cameramen, a director and a boom mic, which was suspended above the table. Andy had been planning this for the last two weeks. He had hired the film crew with the understanding that they would receive their payment from Lisa, when he had finished his little production.

Andy, still standing next to Lisa, holding the chain attached to her collar, turned to the director, Scott, and said, "Action".

Andy then spent the next five minutes securing Lisa to the table spread eagle. As Andy attached her cuffs to the table, in a spread eagle position, she began to tremble with fear, unsure as to what would happen to her next. As the fear continued to well up inside of her, so did another feeling. She was becoming more excited, her skin danced with anticipation, a result of the pills that she had unwittingly taken earlier.

As Lisa lay helpless, bound to the table spread eagle, with her head lying over the other end, Andy began to undress. He picked up a microphone from a chair, just out of the camera's eye, and pressing the button on the mic, he said, "Lisa do you hear me?"

Through the ear buds that she was wearing, Lisa had heard Andy's voice and replied to him in a hateful voice, "Yes Andy, I hear you!"

With an evil smile on his face, Andy said, "I have some more lines here that your husband wants you to say. Are you ready to please him Lisa?"

Lisa replied, even more annoyed with the young punk, "Yes Andy, just let's get this over with!"

Andy smugly gave the lines to Lisa, and told her that her husband had said that she only would get one chance to make it convincing, or their marriage was over. Andy grinned at Scott, and told Lisa that at the count of three, to repeat the lines like she really meant it. "One, Two, Three." Andy quickly put the mic back down and finished removing his clothes.

Lisa began to speak in the happiest voice that she could muster, "Oh Andy. Please fuck me. Fill every one of my holes. I want you to use me all night long. I need a good fucking. Please take my helpless body!"

Now naked Andy walked around to Lisa's head and placed the tip of his cock at Lisa's lips. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth to his intrusion, and began to give him the first of many blow jobs that she would provide this evening. Not knowing it was now only 6:30 p.m., and what was still to come this evening, she tried to give him the best blow job of his young life, in hopes of finishing the young man off early, and putting an end to her humiliation.

As he began to thrust his cock deep down her throat, Danielle took a position between Lisa's legs, and began tonguing her cunt expertly. While the action on the table picked up, Scott directed his people to capture it all on film and not to miss an angle, or a moment of the intense action. As Lisa drew closer to her first orgasm of the night, on the end of Danielle's expert tongue, he began to thrust so deep into her throat, that she choked. As Lisa began to shake and quiver from her orgasm, he took one last deep thrust into her mouth, and held it there, choking Lisa, as he sent his hot jism deep down her throat. The sensation, along with drugs given to her earlier, were enough to drive her to another orgasm. Andy, now having held his position in her mouth for over a minute and thirty seconds, let loose load after load of cum into her throat.

Deprived of oxygen, by Andy's dick, and her exhaustion, Lisa slipped into unconsciousness. Looking down at the unconscious beauty, he pulled his dick from her limp mouth, and let out a scream of absolute cheer, "Yaahooaaaa!!!!!"

He quickly rushed around the table, undoing her cuffs. Next he repositioned her, placing her face down, with her legs hanging over the table. In this position her ass made one beautiful target, and his cock was rock hard from the sight, and the knowledge of what he was about to do to her. As he positioned himself at her ass, Danielle reattached the wrist cuffs to the table top, spreading her arms far apart. Then she cuffed Lisa's legs to the table's legs, spreading them even wider apart.

Even the loud noise running through her ear buds, was not enough to bring Lisa back to consciousness. But Andy thought he knew what might. Using what little lubrication was left on his dick, he stepped up to her and unceremoniously rammed his rock hard dick all the way to the hilt in her tight ass, in just one powerful thrust.

The searing pain through her body, brought Lisa back to consciousness with a start. She lifted her head from the table, and for the first time began to pull at her bonds, but it was no use. She screamed from the invasion off her ass, but it was like music to Andy's ears. He just thrust longer and harder, as she struggled under him.

She began to beg him to pull out of her ass, but he only increased his pace. After undergoing the ordeal for over five minutes, her ass had finally stretched out wide enough to accommodate his cock. That, along with the drugs he had given her, began to make the ordeal almost enjoyable for the tortured beauty. After another five minutes of pounding her ass for all it was worth, he finally emptied his load inside of her, and as he climaxed, so did she.

In her weakened state, it was just too much for her, and she slipped back into the black hole of unconsciousness. Finally zapped of his lust for now, Andy dressed, as he looked at the clock. 6:50 p.m. only ten minutes until the real fun begins. Looking to Scott, he said, "Take a ten minute break and get ready for the main event." Looking down at Lisa, he knew it is just the beginning for her.

As Andy finished dressing Scott and his men had moved over and begun to check out the bound woman that they had been filming. Running their hands over her body, pinching and groping her tight flesh. Andy, seeing how rough they are getting with her said, "Wait until you see how much she likes it really rough! Spanking that ass just drives her wild."

Now fully clothed, and with the help of the crew, he released Lisa from the table, the turned her over, reattaching her cuffs back to the table. Once again leaving her in a vulnerable, spread eagle postion, with her head draped over one side and her womanhood and ass exposed at the other.

At seven o'clock, as planned, the doorbell rang, and Andy went to answer it. Danielle set about the task of getting Lisa ready for her guests by cleaning her up, and reapplying some make-up and lipstick to the evening's star. While the film crew was still pawing over her body, she stayed in a semi-conscious state of drug induced ecstasy.

Andy took the 23 visitors to the large dining room right next to the room Lisa was being filmed in. The men were able to see the film crew groping and pawing at Lisa in between shots. One of the camera men was using a high quality digital camera to take still shots of her from different angles. Already watering at their mouths, from the sight of the voluptuous beauty, bound to the table, the men sat down and listened, as Andy laid out the ground rules.

Andy started off by offering them all a drink. After they had all settled down again, Andy began, "Alright only those of you who have been cleared by Dr. Brown can touch our young lady. So Doctor, did everyone pass their physicals? We don't want to spread anything nasty, through our little fun tonight."

Dr. Brown, another neighbor of poor Lisa's, had known young Andy for over ten years, and was even more of a pervert than the young Andy. He had been dreaming of a way to get into Lisa's pants, ever since she and her husband had moved in three years ago. When Andy had invited him into his little party, it had been Dr. Brown who had suggested that every participant, including the film crew, be checked for sexually transmitted diseases, STDs, before the big event.

Dr. Brown had also provided Andy with the drugs for the night, to keep Lisa cooperative. The Doctor had checked Lisa herself out, by inviting Lisa's own gynecologist to join in. Fortunately he welcomed the idea, as Lisa had just had herself checked out, out of fear, after her first encounter with Carl and the boys. Dr. Brown stood up and said, "I'm happy to report, that except for Brad Johnson, who never made it by to see me, that everyone else is clean as a whistle. I am also happy to tell you that Dr. Rosenbloom, Lisa's Gynecologist, pointing to the man sitting to his left, tells me our little slut is more than healthy and clean. She too, is in perfect condition."

Andy looked at Brad and said, "I'm sorry Brad, but you'll have to sit this one out. If you would like to pay your money, I'll let you watch the festivities, and you can jerk off over her tits after the rest of us are done with her, if you would like. What do you say?"

Brad, being a teenager himself, and having visited Andy's house before, had lusted after his neighbor Lisa, could not pass up an opportunity like this. "I wouldn't miss this for the world count me in!" Brad replied.

"OK. Everybody else, the price is $300.00 dollars. For that, you get to FUCK little Lisa Brennan once, in each of her holes. Remember you can drop your loads in her snatch or her ass at anytime that you want, but you've got to save your facial shot until the end. No one wants it messy, do they? It is 7:15 now, and we have our little slut until 2:00 A.M. tomorrow morning. Then the film crew gets their payment from our little Lisa until 7:00 a.m. I understand that we are all welcome to stay and watch the real professionals at work. So remember, take your time, we have all night. I'll need the money from those I haven't already worked something out with. Remember no photographs or cameras. If you want a copy of the tape, I'll sell you one for $100.00 dollars. Also, anyone not wanting to be seen on the film, please use one of the masks provided. Any questions?" Andy asked.

Tommy, one of his other teenaged friends spoke up, "Now Mr. Brennan is okay with this? I mean were not going to get in trouble with the law or anything, are we?"

Andy quickly replied, "No, both Mr. and Mrs. Brennan are willing participants. They believe they are doing this for the good of their marriage you could say. Trust me, we'll have her on film begging you to fuck her. Anyone else have any questions? Okay let's get started. Those needing to pay up still need to see me now."

Andy had worked out a deal with the two doctors and a veterinarian, who had provided the services and the drugs needed for the evening. He also worked out a deal with two of his teachers, whose help with his grades he really needed. Everyone else coughed up the $300.00 for the fuck, and the hundred for the video, except for a couple of other teenaged friends, who couldn't really afford the price now, but couldn't pass up this chance.

Andy had played it smart, he only approached the people he was sure would take him up on his offer. He didn't want word of this to get out, so he also picked the people he knew would keep their mouths shut. He also offered it to those who could help him, like Officer Williams, who everyone knew couldn't turn down a piece of ass. He also offered it to two of Lisa's other neighbors. Now Lisa Brennan was about to fuck and get fucked by eight adults close to her and fourteen of Andy's friends. Now he would show his neighbor just what a "Stupid Punk kid" he was. Now she would pay for her bitchy attitude towards him.

The men followed Andy into the room Lisa was being held in. The film crew checked their equipment, and Andy began to explain to the now eager men, that Lisa would say, or do, anything that he told her to. He also explained to them that she was wearing the ear buds, with loud music piped through them and wouldn't be able to hear anything that they said to her. He reminded them to leave no marks on his kind neighbor, who was after all nice enough to do this for all them. As the men began to disrobe, Andy picked up the mike to speak to Lisa. Scott, the director, yelled "Quite on the set!" All the men grew quiet.

Lisa had been getting groped, pinched and moved around, as she was forced to pose for the film crew's photo session for over thirty minutes. Now she was fully conscious, although still in a drug induced state of fevered ecstasy. She had orgasmed three times, just from being groped by the film crew. She now lay bound to the table, right on the edge of another orgasm, and was totally exhausted. Suddenly, she heard Andy's voice break into her own, just as she was saying "I'm so horny, will someone just FUCK ME?" in the middle of the sick rock ballad, that she had now been forced to listen to, over and over again, for the last hour.

"Lisa you've had enough of a rest now. Brian wants us to work your little snatch over good. God that guy is brutal! Okay this is what he wants you say, are you ready?"

In her drug induced state, Lisa cheerfully replied "Yeah Andy, my snatch does need a good work over! What does that little prick Brian want me to say anyway?"

So crazed was Lisa at this point, that she honestly didn't know what she was saying. She just knew that she needed to have more sex.

"Same old same old, my sweet little Lisa. Just say 'I'm so horny will someone just FUCK ME?' every time you stop getting fucked. OH! And don't forget to ask for swats on that sweet ass of yours, or else we'll have to remind you."

As the men were getting prepared, Drs. Brown and Rosenbloom checked Lisa, to make sure that she was okay. They gave the thumbs up and Andy said. "Action!" "OK Lisa, on the count of three. One, two three."

Lisa, picking up on the enthusiasm in Andy's voice, screamed "I'm so horny! Will someone just FUCK ME?" At which point Dr. Rosenbloom shoved his cock into her lovely, tight cunt, deciding that he needed to give her a more thorough examination and Dr. Brown proceeded to give her an oral examination with his prick, trying to check her tonsils out with it. At the same time, one of Andy's teenaged friends climbed onto her chest, ripped the teddy from her body and began to rub his cock between her breasts.

Knowing that she couldn't hear him, the young man asked, "Mind if I cum along for the ride, Mrs. Brennan?"

And so it began, as the men pumped their cum into her body, fucking her every way in which they could imagine, or get to, in the manner in which she was tied up at, at the moment. Then, as one man pulled out, after having left his deposit of sperm, in her sperm bank, another would take his place, as the fuckathon was under way. Occasionally Andy would have to remind Lisa of her lines, or give her encouragement, to show more enthusiasm, but basically, the entire project was running pretty much by itself.

Andy, while the others were having their fun with Lisa, moved from one camera to another, making sure that each one was getting the best shots possible. He also was giving suggestions to the director, on positions and angles and such, much to Scott's annoyance. Oh well Scott thought, Let the kid have his fun, then we'll show him how its really done.

Her friends, neighbors and the two doctors, while fucking her enthusiastically, as they had always dreamed of getting her into bed, still had the limitations of any older man, hence it took them longer to recover and they were only able to their cocks up just so many times. The teens, on the other hand, were able to get their cocks hard again quicker, as well as go more times, but were not really able to hold off cuming so quickly, as the older men had learned to do over the years.

After about an hour with Lisa in the same position, it had become boring, especially since she no longer even pulled on her bindings while they were fucking and abusing her, even when the men choose to take her anally. Andy decided that it was time to reposition her. She was released from her restraints altogether, and forced to sit on one of the men's cocks, as he shoved it up her ass, while he sat on the edge of the table. This position allowed another man to thrust his prick into her well used cunt and also allowed the cameramen to get some great double penetration shots.

Andy saw a problem arising, only an hour into what was to have been a seven hour filming session. Already the men were a third of the way done, each having cum in one of her holes. To his surprise, Lisa hadn't complained, or given him any trouble.

By three hours, she had passed out seven times from exhaustion or too powerful of an orgasm. The doctors had always brought her back to consciousness with some smelling salts. Even including several breaks, to let Lisa get a drink and use the restroom, there were still four hours to go at this point. Each of the men had already dumped two loads into poor Lisa's cunt and ass hole making her a very sloppy fuck, but no one was complaining. Andy had even given her another two loads of his own seed. He was now disappointed that everyone had finished this stage off so quickly, so he said that anyone who was interested, and thought that they had another load in them, to go for it, just as long as they saved a load for Lisa's big cum facial finale.

Andy then invited the film crew to give Lisa a go at this point, and they did. Each man taking the once innocent young house wife in each of her holes, but even then, just four and a half hours in all, and all of the men were worn out and would at best be able to get their cocks up just one more time for the finale.

Andy called Danielle in, to clean up Lisa. She did so by licking the oozing cum from Lisa's thighs and crotch, then licking it out of her snatch, and finally from her ass. By this point, Lisa had passed out again, but no one bothered to revive her. The men watched as Danielle took to servicing Lisa, and were fascinated as Danielle licked up what seemed to be gallons of cum from the now passed out Lisa.

Lisa was next given a sponge bath by Danielle and her garter belt and stockings were replaced with a new pair. Six hours in and Lisa had been passed for the last two, but all in all, Andy was happy with the filming. No one had fucked Lisa in over an hour, but the show Danielle had put on was incredible.

Lisa awoke as the cold water splashed across her face. The potent stench of the smelling salts invading her nostrils drawing her back to consciousness. Her body aching, her ass burning from the constant reaming she had received. Her breasts and ass wore sore to the touch, even the air burned her reddened ass. Lisa had gotten her ass spanked raw. Every man there had spanked her hard and long, during her ordeal. Her nipples were still hard after many hours of abuse. Lisa's pussy felt empty, as if it were no longer complete, without a cock inside of it.

The effects of the drugs that had been given to her earlier had now worn off. She lay there in the darkness, still blindfolded, with that terrible mix of music blasting through her head, via the ear buds. She tried to recall the events from earlier in the evening. How many men had she had sex with? She felt like there must have been at least a hundred of them. Could Andy, Carl and the rest of them really have been this rough? What had Brian told them to do to her?

She suddenly felt the presence of someone near her, and tried to move away. But then someone grabbed her hair, and held her steady, while the ear buds were removed. She was now able to hear what was going on around her, for the first time in hours. She heard the voices of many men, and began to wonder to herself, just how many people where there in the room with her. Next she felt herself being lifted up, and the now familiar feeling of a man sliding in underneath her. She then was put down on his lap, and impaled on his cock. She heard the rustle of movement, and felt surrounded, imprisoned. It was just a feeling, one that she couldn't explain, but as she rode the cock inside of her in total blindness, the feeling of impending doom closed in around her. Now back to her normal self, she just had to know who was in there with her.


"Yes Lisa, are you feeling better?" he replied.

"Who else is here Andy? What's going on?" she asked in a confused voice.

"Well as far as to what is going on, you would have to ask your husband. After all, he set this whole thing up. I've just been going along for the ride. As far as to who is here, let me show you." he said.

After having told her this lie, to further his scheme, Andy reached behind her and undid her blindfold. Her eyes blinked several times, while she tried to adjust to the bright lights. She looked down to see who had his cock inside of her cunt and was shocked to find that it was Mr. Jenkins, her next door neighbor, as he continued to bounce her up and down on his cock.

Her mind began to race. "No! No! Not Kevin Jenkins!" He was in his late forties, and had always seemed like the sweetest man. She and Brian had had him and his wife over for dinner many times in the last three years. He was their closest and friendliest neighbor. They had him feed their cat, when they were out of town. "Why, would he do this to her?"

Brian, what the hell could he be thinking about? She, no they, still had to live here. She would do anything for her husband, because she truly loved him, but why this? Did he actually want her to be the neighborhood slut? Was there no end to the humiliation and abuse that he would put her through?

As she looked up, glancing around the room, her question was answered. There, standing in a circle around her, were over twenty men. As she looked at their faces, she began to cry. Standing before her, jerking their cocks off in front of her, were her neighbors, and her friends, plus many of Andy's teenaged friends, along with other people that she didn't even recognize, because they were wearing masks. The humiliation was more than she could bear, as she saw Dr. Brown and Dr. Rosenbloom, Lyle her neighbor from down the street, and the faces of some of the kids whom she recognized.

Lisa cried out "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Just as she began to cry, the first man shot his load into her beautiful face. The first jet hit her square in the eye. The youngster took better aim, as his next shot hit her in her open mouth. The sight prompted more of the men to cut loose with their loads onto her face. This continued on until all of the men had shot their loads onto her. Each one thanking her for the evening by saying, "Thanks for the great time Lisa! You're a real slut."

As they covered her with their jism, she continued riding Mr. Jenkins cock, while the men unloaded volley after volley upon her body. Her left eye still stung from the first unexpected shot.

How had it come to this? Her husband had her servicing every man in the neighborhood. She didn't know how she could ever go out in public again, knowing that everywhere she looked, there would be another man, that she would have to face, knowing that she had begged him to fuck her.

Lisa, in total despair, dropped her head down, and wished that she could just die. As the last of the men finished, Mr. Jenkins pushed her off of his lap, then stood right over her face, and with a single jerk, shot his load onto her face, to join the jism of all of the others. As Mr. Jenkins walked away to get dressed, Brad Johnson came over and forced her back down onto the table, as he began to vigorously use her chest, to jerk himself off to an orgasm.

As Brad walked away, finished with her, She finally noticed the lights and cameras. She bolted upright. She was finally fed up with all of this, and ready to take a stand. "WHAT THE HELL!!! I WANT THOSE GOD DAMN TAPES RIGHT NOW." She screamed, as she moved towards the first camera. "Brian knows I would never allow this. What if the wrong people saw this, it could destroy our lives and someday our children's."

"Hey look lady all I know is your husband Brian told me you would be no trouble. But he did say that if you did have a problem with it, that I was to give this tape to Officer Williams over there." Scott said, holding up the video cassette labeled with yesterdays date and time.

Lisa knew that it must be the tape of her having cyber sex, with the two under aged girls. Knowing what would happen if the police got a hold of that tape she stopped in her tracks.

"Well bitch, do you still want these tapes?" Scott asked her.

Not knowing that he had never actually spoken with Brian, but was rather one of Andy's older friends, who would be paid well for his help in this deception later. "No, no I don't. Just please put that away. Okay I give up. It's no use." she mumbled, as she again began to cry out of despair, now fully resigned to her fate.

"Fine, but your hubby also told me that you would pay for me and my crews time, by starring in a video for me that I could market, to offset my production costs here. His only stipulation was that you had to where this hood, through the entire movie, so that no one could tell that it's you, once it gets on the store shelves. Are you going to cooperate or not?" he asked.

"Fine! Whatever! Nothing matters anymore." She spoke softly and defeatedly at this point.

"Good! Then get upstairs and get cleaned up. You've got some work to do."

Slowly Lisa headed upstairs to shower and clean herself up again. Following her up the stairs was one of the film crew, holding a large brown paper bag and a duffle bag over his shoulder.

Chapter 6: Lisa Becomes A Porn Star

While Lisa was upstairs showering, Scott had already begun the task of editing a master of her first performance of the evening. Being a low budget porn director, he could have the master ready in half an hour, not feeling the need to be to meticulous in the process. After all he couldn't sell this tape. Yeah right! He'd fake some releases and put it on E-bay tomorrow. With any luck he could make a few extra dollars off of it in no time.

While Scott continued his work, and Lisa was cleaning herself up, the men who stayed behind drank and laughed, as they talked about the evenings festivities. Andy retrieving his duffle bag pulled out his laptop computer, and plugged it into the network jack. He began the task of downloading the still photographs that he and the film crew had taken. Blurring out the faces of the men involved. Next he zipped up the photos, so that he could E-mail them to Brian. "Wow this guy must be going out of his mind, wondering what was happening to his wife. Well Andy thought this should add to his concern, as he sent the E-mail from an anonymous e-mail account he had set up.

While Brian had never agreed to any of this, Andy did have an agreement with Carl and the guys, that Lisa was to be his tonight, and that they would get her tomorrow. Although Andy had no intentions of leaving her alone after tonight, he was now more convinced than ever, that his older next door neighbor could be just the right business opportunity, for the young businessman.

Meanwhile Lisa had just finished her shower. As she stepped out of the shower stall, the cameraman named Jodie, opened the bathroom door and stepped into the room carrying the brown bag. She didn't even look up at him, as he invaded her moment of privacy. He sat the bag on the counter, and pulled out two boxes.

He looked over at her and said, "First you need an enema, then a douche."

Without any resistance, or even a word of protest, she allowed him to carry out his task, as he began to cleanse the young wife. Still dumfounded by the events of the last month, she just kept going over them again and again in her mind. How had her relationship with Brian, which, just a month ago seemed so perfect, led to this.

After he had her all cleaned up, he had her brush her long, beautiful hair out and place it in a single ponytail. He then led her out of the bedroom, where he emptied the contents of the duffle bag out onto the bed. Therre were four identical leather dresses, of varying sizes, and a pair of thigh high leather boots. Looking over her nude body, he chose the dress that provided the tightest fit, and instructed her to put it on. Once she had the dress on, he told her to put on the boots. Now dressed, he began to lead her downstairs to began her next film.

Scott had just finished the final editing, when he handed it over to one of his men to begin making copies. He looked up to see Lisa descending the stair case. Now early in the morning, many of the men and almost all of Andy's teenaged friends had already left.

Lisa took special note, that both Dr. Brown and Dr. Rosenbloom where there adding to her sense of betrayal. Knowing that her own doctor, a man whom she had trusted, had taken part in her defilement. Even without any make-up on, she was still a beauty, Scott noted. It was a shame that he had to use a hood on her face.

Once down the stairs, Scott began to explain to her how it was going to start. First they would just interview her, then they would strip her down to her boots and oil her up. Next she would be joined by her three male co-stars then they would hose her down and take some bondage footage of her, before the finished it up with an added scene of special filming.

Lisa breathed a sigh of relief for the first time. Just three men, after the ordeal that she had already been through tonight, that would be very easy. Then thank god only a little bondage, and the worst is over, or so she thought.

Scott then asked Jodie to put the hood on Lisa. He did so, pulling her ponytail through the hole in the back of the hood. He then tied the hood in place. At least she was able to see this time around, and she didn't have to listen to that god awful music and her own rantings in the throes of orgams. Even with the hood on, she was still a very sexy sight.

Jodie led her over to the padded table, and had her take a seat. After the lights had been adjusted and everything was just right, Scott hollered out, "READY... and Action!"

Brian awoke with the tortured images of his wife still in his mind. The E-mail had arrived just before he had drank himself to sleep. There, on his monitor, were photos of his wife, in various poses, with various men. How many men had she been forced to be with he wondered? He saw at least a dozen. What had he done? Now Lisa was being forced to really pay for his infidelity. As he sat up in his bed, he looked at her side, where she should have been laying next to him, but there on her pillow, instead of her sleeping head, was a video tape.

Where had that come from? He knew it wasn't there when he had finally passed out last night. He snatched the tape up and looked for a label, or any sign of what might be on it, but he feared that he already knew. He looked over at the clock to see that it was almost noon. He had slept longer than he had thought. Rushing over to place the tape in the VCR, he stopped and hesitated a moment, almost fearful of what he would see. No he had to know. It was his fault that she was being put through this.

As the tape began, a banner ran across the screen saying "Cuming soon to your local Porn Shop!!!" As the banner faded, the picture was replaced by that of a beautiful young woman, in a black leather hood, and dressed in an incredibly tight, red leather dress and wearing thigh high, red leather boots, that were equally tight. He had taken immediate notice that the beauty on the screen was his wife Lisa. A voice from off screen then began to ask her questions.

Voice: "What's your name?"

Lisa: "Lisa."

Voice: "How old are you?"

Lisa: "32."

Voice: "Lisa, how much do you weigh?"

Lisa: "106 pounds."

Voice: "What's your bra size honey?"

Lisa: "34-C."

Voice: "Are you nervous?"

Lisa: "Yes."

Voice: "Lisa before tonight how many men had you had sex with?"

Lisa: "Six."

Voice: "Shit, only six! Then you've definitely broadened your horizons here tonight. Damn, that's hard to believe. Well have you ever been with a black man before?"

Lisa: (Disgusted) "No. Never! Why?"

Voice: "Just trying to get a little history from you. So why don't you tell me is this your first adult film?"

Lisa: "Yes."

Voice: "So what has prompted you to decide to get into the porn industry?"

Lisa: "What? I didn't decide to do anything. You know why I'm here! I don't..."

Voice: (Cutting off Lisa before she could finish.) "Well Lisa, why don't you tell us who did decide you should get in the porn industry? You know, for our home audience, who aren't as enlightened as I am."

There was an obvious cut in the tape, as Lisa had shifted positions on the table, and tears could be seen running down the outside of her hood.

Lisa: "Uh, my husband thought that I would make a good porn star, and set up all this up for me as an anniversary gift."

Voice: "When's your anniversary anyhow?"

Lisa: "Tomorrow."

Voice: "Hell I would like to see what you get from him for Christmas! So what's the biggest cock you've ever screwed Lisa?"

Lisa: "I don't know anymore."

Voice: "Come on give us a guess."

Lisa: "I don't know, maybe ten inches, maybe it was a little longer. I don't know as I didn't measure it."

Voice: "And was that also the best sex you'd ever had.

Lisa: "Yes."

Voice: "Was that cock your husband's?"

Lisa: "No, it was his friend's."

Voice: "What was his name?"

Lisa: "Carl."

Voice: "Does your husband know that you're screwing his friends."

Lisa: (Now beginning to cry again.) "YES! He set the damn thing up. It was all his idea. It's not like I had wanted to do it either."

Voice: "Great, I wish that I was a friend of his. (wolf whistle) So why did he want you fucking his friends?"

Lisa: (Sobbing) "Apparently it helps him get his rocks off. I don't know why would anyone want that. He's a damn sadist."

Voice: "Well it sounds like there's more to talk about here, but times is money, so just one more question. Have you ever been with another woman?"

Lisa: "No."

Voice: "Really?"

Lisa: "Really."

Voice: "Funny, I think I have heard differently Lisa."

Lisa: "Okay, okay I've been with another woman."

Voice: "See now that wasn't so bad, now lets move onto what we've got planned next."

Brian sat on the edge of his bed now, crying along with his wife on the tape. He was feeling guilty and disgusted by what he had done to his wife.

Next the tape faded to a scene of Lisa still wearing the hood, dress and boots, standing next to another hooded women, wearing a dominatrix outfit and holding a crop.

Striking Lisa on the ass, the dominatrix ordered her to strip. Jumping from the blow, she quickly began to take off her dress. Next she sat down on the table behind her and removed her boots. Once she was undressed, she was ordered to lay back on the table and she complied without hesitation. The dominatrix then began to gently strike each of her nipple's with the crop. Lisa jumped each time, but made no effort to move or deflect the blows. Then her torturer directed her blows at her bald cunt, drawing Brian's attention to her newly shaved pussy. Brian had to admit that his wife's now bald pussy did make her look even sexier. He began to wonder what other changes she had been put through.

Next Lisa's arms and legs were spread to the corners of the table, and tied in place with a nylon rope. Once again she did nothing to resist, but merely lay there passively. Tied spread eagle to the table, the dominatrix began to rub oil all over her body. As she spread the oil, she paid particular attention to Lisa's breasts and her bald cunt. As the oil was squirted over her body, the dominatrix worked the oil into Lisa's pussy, and eventually sunk three fingers into her cunt. As the oil ran further down her crotch, she even managed to sink an oil coated finger into Lisa's ass hole.

Even this violation did not elicit a response from Lisa, other than a long, low moan. With her skin glistening from the heavily applied oil, the camera panned across her body. As the dominatrix stepped back to admire her handiwork, Lisa continued her low moans, still reacting to the other women's earlier touch.

"Well slut, are you ready for the fun to begin?" the dominatrix asked.

"Yes mistress." Lisa replied.

As three, large, nude and well endowed, black men walked up to the table, Lisa lifted her head, and began to look them over, paying particular attention to the snakes between their legs. She saw that each man sported at least a 14 inch monster between his legs, that had to easily be 2 « inches thick at it's base. The most shocking thing to Lisa was the fact that they were not even fully erect. As the men drew closer, she laid her head back down on the table, and remained silent.

The three studs began to move their hands all over her slick, bond body. Lisa again began to moan under their attention. They explored every inch of her young, sexy, lucious body.

As the men untied her, and lifted her from the table, the dominatrix asked her, "So slave, why don't you say something to your husband."

Lisa looked right into camera and said, "Well, I hope you're finally happy."

The three men carried her over to a leather couch, and immediately began went work on her. As one man sat down on the couch, her head was laid right into his crotch. He grabbed her ponytail, and forced his long, thick monster into her mouth. Lifting her hips into the air, and placing her feet on the ground, the second man effortlessly, and in a single stroke, drove his cock all of the way into her pussy. The third man took her left hand and wrapped it around his tool, and began to stroke his member with her hand, her wedding ring was quite noticeable as her hand pumped his dark, thick prick.

Once Lisa was in the groove, he let go of her wrist, allowing her to stoke his cock at will. He then began to pinch and kneed her breasts. Still she cooperated with her attackers, without a single word of resistance.

Soon the men began changed the scene. One man would lie on his back and Lisa would on his lap, taking his cock fully into her cunt. Then another man would slide his cock into her ass from above and behind, while pushing her forward, so that she had to swallow the cock of the man standing in front of her. They triple teamed her like this for more than an hour and a half, their stamina was incredible. Lisa never complained, or showed any signs of discomfort, even though the men were being brutally rough with her. She actually began to act, and sound, as though she was beginning to enjoy her abuse, and she moaned loudly in pleasure, as she was triple fucked repeatedly.

Brian could tell she that had orgasmed many times, and her pussy was visibly foaming and dripping from the action. Finally they began to experiment with her, in every other conceivable position, no matter how painful it looked. Brian watched the action on the screen and found himself more aroused than he had ever been. He reached down and pulled his cock from his underwear, and began to slowly stroke it, as he enjoyed the images on the screen.

Finally, they held her standing upside down on her head, as each man pounded away at her ass, until they had each finally dumped a load into her ass. Next she was forced to lick them all clean, as the dominatrix bound her arms behind her back, in a black leather sleeve that came up to her elbows.

Finally, with the job of cleaning up her black lovers over, she was brought over to a matt on the floor. Three rings had been anchored to the floor, one in front of the mat, and two behind and to the sides of the mat, in a triangular arrangement. They stuffed a dildo gag into her mouth, and secured it behind her head. A collar was placed around her neck securely. Next her head was forced down to the mat, and a short chain was attached to the ring in floor, and to her collar, so as to not allow her to raise her head.

Her three most recent lovers walked by, telling her thanks for the good time that she had given them and goodbye. The dominatrix lifted Lisa's sleeved arms up and attached them to a ring hanging down from the ceiling. Finally cuffs were place on her ankles, and attached by the D-rings on their sides to the remaining rings in the floor. This placed Lisa in the classic bondage position. Her head was forced down on the mat, both by the short chain attached to the collar on her neck, as well as by the fact that her arms were high in the air above her, leveraging her head downwards. It also left her ass high up in the air, and with her legs spread so widely apart, she was also quite vulnerable.

The hooded dominatrix then began to spank Lisa's upturned ass with her crop. Her already reddened ass began to turn an even angrier shad of red. As she was spanked, the semen from the three studs who had fucked her over the last two hours continued to ooze out.

"Well, we've got to clean this mess up slave!" the dominatrix said.

Suddenly, from off camera three large dogs appeared, they looked like Chows, walked over to her and began to sniff and lick at Lisa's cum filled pussy and ass hole. As she looked back to see who her new tormentors were, her eyes grew very large, and she began to thrash and buck in her bonds. The dogs who were licking her crotch clean, smelled her sexual odors, began to get aroused. The camera would change focus from Lisa, to the dogs growing pricks, and then back to Lisa again. The dog with the largest erection was allowed to continue to lick her clean, while the other two dogs were dragged away by an unidentified man.

Lisa continued to buck and thrash around, knowing what would happen next. Now emptied of the previous deposits of cum, the Chow was ready to leave one of his own. He would breed this bitch! Next the unidentified man returned, and placed a muzzle on the dog, and tied socks around his front paws.

The dominatrix then helped the dog up onto Lisa's back, and before she was able to help guide his cock into place, he began to madly hump at Lisa's rear quarters. In it's blind lust to fuck the bitch below him, he would slip from her ass, to her pussy, and back again.

Now exhausted and defiled, Lisa could no longer see the sense in her struggles, and lowered her head again in shame and defeat. After a short while, the dog finally worked himself into the right spot and immediately began fucking her with faster and more powerful strokes than any man that she had ever had sex with. He sawed back and forth inside of her cunt, as his knot grew bigger and bigger. It began to push against her cunt lips. Already worked over more tonight than ever before in her life, her pussy lips offered no resistance to the growing knot. Once inside of her, it continued to swell, as the rabid animal drew closer to his own climax.

To her disgust, once the dog had hit his rapid, staccato pace, she had been kept in a constant state of never ending orgasms. She hadn't even felt the knot enter her, but the film crew had made sure to capture that moment from all angles. As her eyes rolled back in her head, in ecstasy, the dog stopped his constant rapid sawing, and made about a dozen hard, deliberate strokes into her, obviously shooting his runny, watery seed deep into her womb. The dog left two more deposits inside of her, before his knot finally slipped out and he was led away, spent.

Hoping her ordeal was finally over, Lisa began to compose herself. Looking around her, to see who was going to release her. Something obviously caught her attention, and her eyes once again grew very wide in terror, as she began to buck and thrash again. Brian could now hear some of the off camera talk of the film crew.

"Well that's it for the public stuff. But go get Stanley, I got this private collector who will pay thousands for this."

"Yeah, but do you think she can handle it?"

"Sure, the doc's going to give her a muscle relaxer, that well help loosen her up even more. The great thing is, that it won't dull her senses, so we'll be able get to see her true reactions."

As the conversation continued, Brian watched on screen, as Dr. Brown, his neighbor came over, and using an alcohol swab, rubbed a small area on Lisa's ass with it. He then pulled a syringe from his pocket, removing the plastic protective cover from it, then pressed down on the plunger, forcing the liquid to shoot from its needle. Making sure that Lisa saw him, he then jabbed it into her ass saying, "Bet you didn't think I would be poking you in the ass again tonight, did you?"

Lisa screamed into her gag, obviously not amused by the good doctor's humor. Even as the activity on the screen continued, so did the off screen conversation.

"So you're not worried about her catching some animal disease of something?"

"No, the kid had both a doctor and a vet check everything out. They each gave all the animals a clean bill of health. Okay guys bring in the shelf."

A large wooden shelf was slid in behind Lisa, it was shaped like an 'L' at the base of the shelf, and secured to the same rings as Lisa's legs.

The film cut then, and immediately went back to a picture of Lisa, still restrained, now with the shelf over her legs. Someone at her hooded face forced her to look behind her, as a Shetland pony was led up behind her. Still thrashing in her bonds, Lisa thought that she was going to die. Brian noticed, as the horse's front hooves were placed on the shelf, that a pink anal plug had been placed into his wife's ass, to prevent any mistakes. The pony's dick was already two foot long and six inches in width, and had obviously been prepped with lubricant ahead of time.

Someone helped guide it into Lisa's stretched out cunt, and then helped to slip the head just in past her cunt lips. Once the animal felt the warm feeling of her cunt, he knew exactly what to do. As he began to thrust his long, very thick, cock into her as hard and as deep into the innocent wife's cunt, the crew began to cheer him on.

Lisa felt pain like she had never known, as the horse impaled himself fully into her. The pain being too much for her, she finally passed out, into the relief of unconsciousness. The crew not worried, let the horse continue to fuck her for another ten minutes. Finally, Dr. Brown came over and placed his hand on her neck, to check her vitals. He then began to run the smelling salts under her nose, to wake her up.

As she started to come out of the haze, Scott, the director of the film came over and undid her gag, and then began to undo her hood. Lisa sensing that her gag was loosening, spit the gag from her mouth, and began to scream. "AWG OUGH NOOO YOU SAID I AOUU WOULD BE WEARING AAHHH THE HOOOOOAAD NOOOAA PLEAAAAASEE STOAAAOP YOU SAID AWG"

Yanking the hood from her face, he bent down next to her screaming face, and simply said "So I lied you stupid bitch. This is Lisa, LISA BRANNEN. This is the Lisa that the whole world will see. Ha ha haa. Want me to send a copy to Mom and Dad?"

At that moment, Brian still obsessed with the action on the screen, while yanking himself off for the fifth time. He looked up in shock, as Lisa burst into the room, looked down at Brian, and then over to the TV screen. With a look of anger on her face, like Brian had never seen, she struck him right in his cock, with all the force that she could muster, in her weakened state. Brian doubled over in pain from her blow, and was unable to say anything to her, as she turned and stomped out of the room screaming, "YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

As Lisa slammed the door shut, someone from the video screamed "Yahoo!!!! GETTY UP PONY!!!!" as Lisa continued to just scream "NO NO NO" over and over again in the background.

Chapter 7: Permanently Trapped as a Sexual Slave

It had been four weeks since that horrible weekend. Lisa still hadn't left the house. In fact, she hadn't even left the guest room, while Brian was at home for the first four days after her ordeal. He knew she had left the room when he was at work, he could see the dirty dishes piled up in the sink each day when he came home. He also noticed that the phone in the kitchen had been ripped off the wall.

For those first four days, she hadn't spoken to him, or even acknowledged his existence, she just stayed in the guest room with the door shut and locked. Each night when he returned home from work, he would sit outside the door talking to her, begging her for her forgiveness. By Tuesday, he had confessed to everything, including his infidelity with Megan. Lisa didn't respond at all she just sat in there silently in the room. On Wednesday he cooked a large dinner and tried to tempt her out with it, but she still resisted. Finally on Thursday he broke down, and began to cry, telling her that she could divorce him and keep the house as well as their savings, he would give her everything. He told her of his thoughts about killing himself, so that she would feel better.

Some time after he had cried himself to sleep, outside of her door, Lisa opened the door, crept out to her sleeping husband, and kicked him in his groin, with all of her might. Brian stunned and crippled by the blow, lay there, doubled over and unable to talk. Standing over him, she looked down at him with some small sense of satisfaction, and just glared at him. Finally able to speak, Brian said, "Please forgive me. I love you so much!"

Lisa still emotionally drained from the events of the past weekend, collapsed to her knees in front of him, sobbing, with her face in her hands. They sat there together and cried for hours, Brian apologizing over and over again for their situation. He called in sick the next day, so that he and Lisa could discuss their situation. Lisa was still unsure if she could go on being Mrs. Brian Brennan, but she was sure of one thing, she couldn't continue to live here in this house, this neighborhood. She wanted to move away, far away, to a different city, a different state, her parents had moved to Arizona a year ago and she was thinking about joining them there.

For the next three weeks, while she was at home, and Brian was at work, she would clean and pack up their belongings, in preparation of their move. After two weeks of Brian's begging and pleading, she had agreed to give their marriage another chance, although she still slept in the guest room, not letting Brian touch her. It seemed like the only real choice, considering what she had already been through for her marriage. She slept with her clothes on, and refused to answer the phone or door at anytime, fearful of whom she may come in contact with, still unable to trust anyone. Brian brought home boxes from work every night, and Lisa would pack them up the following day, throwing anything away that might remind her of her ordeal.

At this point, she was still unable to tell her husband of the things that she had done, or that had been done to her, that weekend. On the third week after they had decided to move to Arizona, to be closer to Lisa's parents, Brian contacted the local real-estate office. Unaware that Mr. Jenkins had been a part of Lisa's ordeal. Lisa hadn't considered that it was Mr. Jenkins's office that would be handling the sale of their home.

The day looked promising, one of the janitors at Brian's office had come and told him that they had three dozen large, sturdy boxes on the dock in the back of the building. The only catch was, that if he didn't get the boxes off the dock by noon, then he said he would have to tear them up and throw them away because they where getting a delivery, and would need the space. Brian took a break, and loaded all of the boxes that would fit into the back of his car. Unfortunately that was less than a third of what was on the dock. Anyone who's ever moved, knows that you can never get enough boxes.

Knowing this and hating to see the rest go to waste, Brian called Lisa on her new cell phone. He had just gotten it for her, since she refused to answer their published home phone. In fact he had only convinced her to answer the cell phone, by telling her that way he could contact her about the house, and when people may come over to look at it. It was only because of her desire to leave this god awful place, that she had agreed to come and get the boxes from Brian's place of work. She still had an enormous amount of packing to do.

Brian had convinced her that it would be safe. Last week he had moved her car into the garage, since she hadn't used it in a month. All she had to do was go to the dock in the back, where he would be waiting, help him load the boxes and then go home. The only person that she would come into contact with, would be himself. She showed up, they loaded the boxes, and she returned home to unload the boxes and then went back for more. The operation went off without a hitch, the only person that she had even seen, was Andy across the street washing his new car.

Lisa returned home, and resumed packing, happy that all had gone well, and without an incident. It gave her the hope that someday her life might return to normal. Brian had gone back to work, happy to see his wife finally leave the house.

Just after twelve, he got an e-mail asking him to meet Mr. Kelly in his office in fifteen minutes. Happy, thinking that it would be the news that his transfer request, to move to the company's Phoenix office had been approved, he headed to Mr. Kelly's office. As he approached his boss's office door Mr. Kelly came walking out, looking at Brian, as he angrily muttered "Walk with me Brian."

Oh no! Mr. Kelly was in one of his moods! What have I done now? Brian fell in behind him, following his boss as he walked out to the employee parking lot and directly to Brian's car, where they were met by Officer Johnson. Mr. Kelly turned, and glaring at Brian, and spat "Would you care to explain yourself Mr. Brennan?" Pointing to the computer boxes stacked in Brian's car.

Relieved Brain said "Sure, there just some empty boxes I was taking home, the wife and I are moving to Arizona."

"Really then you won't mind unlocking the door and letting us have a look at them then will you?" Mr. Kelly was screaming now, enraged with his employee. Not sure what the problem was Brian quickly complied unlocking the door, allowing Officer Johnson to pull one of the computer boxes out. He placed it on the ground, pulled his knife out, cut the box open, and lifted the flaps revealing a brand new computer inside of the box.

"What the fuck!" Brain said as he stared inside the box. "No this is wrong! All of the boxes that I took were empty!"

As he said it Brian began to think back to when he had loaded the boxes, it was strange that they were all empty, yet had been re-taped shut.

"Don't you mean the boxes that you and your WIFE stole! You've tried to steal over a hundred thousand dollars from this company. Well I am not going to let you get away with it. Officer arrest this man." Mr. Kelly ordered.

As Brian's hands where handcuffed behind his back, by Officer Johnson, Mr. Kelly told him to bring him back up to his office, so that he could give the officer the surveillance tape of Brain and his wife loading the computers into their cars.

Brian had tried to explain himself, even as the officer read him his rights. He was then told to shut up, as he was taken back through the building to Mr. Kelly's Office. Once there, Mr. Kelly played the tape for the officer. Pausing it at point's, to show him the faces of the people loading the boxes. It was very clear that both Brian and his wife were the culprits. Mr. Kelly then gave the officer the invoice for the newly received computer servers, showing that they had a value of over a hundred thousand dollars.

The officer then turned to Brian, and still without giving him an opportunity to explain the situation asked him. "So Mr. Brennan, was that you and your wife on the tape loading the boxes into your cars?"

"Yes, but the boxes..." he started to say, but was cut off by the officer.

Officer Johnson then turned to Mr. Kelly and said, "Well with the video and his confession here, I would say that this is an open and shut case. Both him and his wife will be going to jail for a long time."

"No, you don't understand, the boxes that we loaded didn't have..." But once again he was cut off, as Mr. Kelly said to the officer, "Could I speak to him privately, before you take him downtown and book him and his wife?"

"Sure, I'll be right outside, filling out my report. I will need a copy of that tape as evidence sir." He replied.

"Sure officer, I'll get you one. Now if you'll give us just a few minutes."

The officer, after insuring that Brian's cuffs were secure, stepped out of the office and closed the door.

"You know Brian, I always thought that you had a promising future here, and then a couple of months ago, your work began to suffer. Then I got your request for a transfer. I was surprised, I thought you and your wife were happy here. But nothing could have prepared me for what I saw on that screen today." Mr. Kelly said.

"Sir, I swear we didn't steal anything. Those boxes were empty. We've been set up!" Brian pleaded with him.

"Oh Brian, between the tape from the dock, and the one from the camera in the parking lot. Not to mention your confession to the officer, I don't see how anyone is going to believe you. Even though it is the truth." Brian's jaw dropped at his employer's confession.

"If you knew we were setup then why am I under arrest?"

"Oh it's not the Surveillance tape I found shocking, it's this one that I found more to my liking." Mr. Kelly said, as he ejected the surveillance tape and inserted an unmarked tape into the VCR.

Mr. Kelly started to explain, as the tape began to play on the screen, "You see, I have what you would call eccentric tastes. A director friend of mine sometimes makes special videos for me. But imagine my surprise when he brought me a video of your wife and a pony." he said, as the scene was being played out on the television screen. "Brian she's exquisite! Why haven't you brought her in here and introduced us? Let her meet your boss, you know, just to be polite. Well needless to say, after watching this tape, there is no way I could approve that transfer of your's to Phoenix." Mr. Kelly finished.

"Okay, what do you want?" Brian asked.

"Simple I want your wife. She will be my slave, when ever I want, and fulfill all my sickest desires, until I'm tired of her. Or I'll let the police take you both to jail for the next thirty years. Between the grand theft, and the embezzlement I've pinned on you and your wife. Hey, but look, I don't want you and your wife to feel like you're getting screwed over here." Unable to resist, he began to laugh at his own joke. "No I'm serious, I'll arrange to allow you to keep the money that I used to frame you two kids with embezzlement. Before you tell me no, let me just tell you that it's over a hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. That's $125,000 tax free. Just think about it. What choices do you have. A.) You can both spend the rest of your life, or at least the next thirty years, in a jail. Or B.) Your wife does me a few favors whenever the mood hits me, at least until I get tired of her, which shouldn't take too long, maybe six months to two years, who knows. But you kids get a nice big pay off in the end, and I'll see to it that you career here blossoms, so that when I'm done with her, you two can go anywhere you want."

Brian just sat there shaking his head, not even realizing that Mr. Kelly was waiting for his answer.

"Well what do you say?" Mr. Kelly asked again.

"What? Oh, I don't know. I mean what would Lisa have to do exactly?" Brian asked

"Well I thought I made myself quite clear. Anything that I want her to do. Now, what's your answer?"

"I would have to ask Lisa, I mean she has been through so much already." Brian responded.

"Fine, but I thought that you wore the pants in your family. Well, I'm sorry things turned out this way. Officer, officer! You can take away the prisoner now." Mr. Kelly said, as he hit his intercom.

Brian jumped up. "No, No! I mean yes! We'll do it, okay! We'll do it, she'll do what ever you say alright."

"Just give us another minute officer, please. Thank you." Mr. Kelly said, as the policeman had begun to open the door.

Closing the door Mr. Kelly said "Excellent I had hoped that we could come to some kind of agreement. Have her come to my house tonight at 7:00. Make sure she's not late. I'll have some clothes sent to your house this afternoon. Make sure that she's wearing them." Mr. Kelly said, handing him a piece of paper with the address on it.

"Yes sir." Brian said softly, wondering how he would break the news to Lisa.

"Just think, tomorrow you'll move into your new office. I see big things in your future Brian. Of course, that'll mean more business trips, and the like, to go along with your added responsibilities." Mr. Kelly said, as he walked over and patted Brian on the back. "Okay, I tell you what, why don't you take the afternoon off, and go home and tell Lisa about your big promotion, and our little arrangement. Oh Officer Johnson, please come in." he said, as he opened the door.

"I've spoken to my superiors, and we've decided that this is far to embarrassing for us to become public knowledge. Since Brian, here has agreed to return all of the items taken, we don't wish to press charges at this time. Is that a problem, I mean, if there are any further incidents, we may wish to press the charges later?" Mr. Kelly asked the Officer.

"No sir. I will keep this report that I've made up, and I would ask that you keep the tapes, just in case you do wish to press charges down the road. The statute of limitations is 7 years in this state." Officer Williams replied, as he undid Brian's hand cuffs.

As Brian started to leave, Mr. Kelly said, "Brian, this might help." Tossing the surveillance tape to him. "Don't worry I've got plenty of copies."

Feeling good about having finally left the house, and not having anything go wrong, Lisa had stopped packing, and taken a hot bath, shaving both her legs and her pussy. After Danielle had made her shave herself bald, it just itched too much, not to keep it fullly shaven.

However wanting to change everything about herself, since that weekend, she had Brian get her a permanent kit, and some hair coloring. After changing her hair color, and giving herself the perm, she stood back to see how she looked. Standing there in her white t-shirt, and blue jeans, with her new hair-do, she thought that she looked like Kerri Russell, from the show Felicity, before she had cut her hair. As she stood looking at herself in the mirror, she heard the front door open, and looked down at her watch. It was only 2:00, and Brian shouldn't be home for hours, so she walked to the top of the staircase, and looked down, to see who it was.

Brian walked in, tears were rolling down his face and sobbing. Lisa fearing that he had just been informed that someone had died, or something equally devastating rushed down the stairs to comfort him. As she put her arm around his shoulder, and asked him what was wrong, all he could do was sob through his tears, saying how sorry he was.

Lisa continued to ask him what was wrong for twenty minutes. Finally, he composed himself, and began to explain to her what had happened at the office, after she had left. Lisa also began to cry, before he even got to the terms of their arrangement, already knowing what the dreaded consequences must be. Brian continued with his tale, confirming what Lisa had already expected.

When he got to the part of him agreeing to his boss's demands, he immediately told her that it was still her decision, as to whether to go through with it, or not. That he had only agreed to it in the boss's office, in order to have the opportunity to let her decide for herself. Hearing all of the terms, the money that they would receive, what she would have to do, and the consequences of her not doing it, she walked away without answering him at all, to think over her decision. Brian, knowing how difficult this was going to be for her, let her go without saying a word either, choosing not to pressure her any more than she already was.

Lisa came back downstairs, after she seeing the surveillance tape for herself. She told Brian that he was right to have agreed to his boss's demands, as they really had no other choice. Brian kept saying that he was sorry for getting them into this mess, but Lisa reminded him that they had been setup, that his boss had manufactured the evidence, and that no jury or prosecutor would ever believe that a man, such as Mr. Kelly, had lied to them or had framed the two of them. No, it wasn't his fault this time.

While she had been out of the room, Brian had answered the door, and had accepted the package that Mr. Kelly had sent over, but he hadn't bothered to open the box. After giving Lisa a big hug and kiss, while trying to comfort her, he realized that this could destroy her, in her already fragile state of mind. She picked up the box of clothes, and walked upstairs to change.

She came back down, half an hour later. Brian looked up as he heard her coming down, and was surprised to see that the outfit that Mr. Kelly had sent her, was an elegant, floor length, evening gown. It was extravagant enough for a nominee at the Oscars. It was a dark, olive green, strapless, silk gown, with a plunging neck line that left the tops of her breasts fully exposed. It was also backless, and dipped so deeply down her back, that he could see the top part of her ass crack, almost like a cleavage, but in the back.

He could see that she was wearing heels, as he could see her toes and the heels of her shoes, but most of the shoe was hidden by the skirt of her dress. By her height, as she stood next to him, he guessed that she must have been wearing five or six inch heels, as she was almost as tall as he was, in them. She also had some jewelry on that he didn't recognize as hers. She wore a gaudy diamond necklace, that the main part of it, like an arrow, pointed right between her large white breasts. She also wore matching earrings and a matching bracelet on her left wrist.

She had done her make-up, as instructed, tastefully, but with slutty colors. She had also done her hair up, as if she were going out some place special. In other words, she looked damned good!

Shocked to see that his boss had chosen such a tasteful outfit, he felt a bit comforted, thinking that it could have been much worse. He gave her a big kiss, apologized again, and then he handed her the paper with the address for where she was supposed to go. As she looked down at the piece of paper, she choked back her tears, as she recognized it as Danielle's address. As she walked to the car, Brian told her again, how much he loved her.

Chapter 8: Lisa is Becoming a "Real" Whore

As Lisa pulled up in front of Danielle's house, she noticed a well dressed, older man standing in front of a Lincoln Town Car, parked in front of the house. Reluctantly, and sure that she was not ready to under go an ordeal like she had been through, just a month ago, Lisa slowly got out of her car.

The man approached her, extending his arm, for a friendly hand shake. She cautiously extended her arm, and the man shook her hand then introduced himself, "My name is James Kelly, and I assume that you are Lisa?"

"Yes." she replied.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you. I have heard so many wonderful things about you. I see that you have changed your hair style, and I must say that I like it."

Not knowing how to take his compliment, she merely replied, "Good to meet you too."

Still holding her hand, he walked her over to his car, and opened the door for her. She sat down in the car, he closed her door, and then got in on the driver's side. He asked her, "Are you hungry?"

She replied, "I don't think so. At least not now."

He said, "That's too bad. We'll perhaps just go and get drinks then."

He proceeded to go to the finest restaurant in town. As they walked into the restaurant, the valet parking their car, was noticeably admiring Mr. Kelly's date. Everyone knew Mr. Kelly, and the Madre 'd walked up to them and said, "We have your normal table ready for you Mr. Kelly."

Lisa looked around the restaurant, it was the fanciest establishment that she had ever been in, and she could only imagine what a dinner would cost here. The two were escorted to a private dining room, that overlooked the main dining room. It was set about three feet above the main floor, and behind a one way mirror, allowing them to see the others dining below. When the waiter came over, Mr. Kelly ordered a fine bottle of champagne, and some appetizers.

Lisa observed the other people dining in the main room. She took notice of several local celebrities and politicians dining below them. Mr. Kelly began the conversation by asking her about her childhood, her upbringing, her dreams, and what she her hopes for a family were. She found it difficult to discuss her future plans and dreams, as Mr. Kelly had put a halt to the immediate plans for her future. Mr. Kelly had been charming and kind, he seemed genuinely interested in her, and what she had to say. To her surprise he had never mentioned what she had done on the tape, nor his plans for her, even for tonight itself. It was a genuinely lovely evening, the first one that she had in a long time. The champagne had helped to take the edge off her.

She had become so relaxed, that she had decided to have dinner after all, and they sat and talked for hours, while they ate their food. Mr. Kelly had asked her all kinds of things, but never mentioned anything about himself. She was beginning to feel more comfortable, as the minutes passed, in his presence. He had a such a great sense of humor, and had made her laugh many times. She noticed, as they got up to leave, that he was never given a check for their meal. They left, and everyone thanked them for visiting, and encouraged them to come back soon.

The ride back to the house, was equally enjoyable, as their conversation continued. Mr. Kelly pulled into Danielle's driveway, and opened the door for her to get out. They walked up to the front door, Mr. Kelly just opened it, and motioned for her to go in. She walked in, with him right behind her. They walked into the large room, where she had been abused so badly before. To her surprise, she was barely able to recognize it. It looked like a totally different room, as it was now decorated with antique furniture, and the walls covered with fine tapestries. The decor was not what one would expect for a house in this neighborhood.

She was led over to one of three antique armchairs, and he motioned for her to take a seat. Once she had taken her seat, Mr. Kelly sat down in the chair opposite her.

He then began to speak in a low, and controlled tone of voice, "Lisa, from this point on, you will address me as master. As I'm sure that you are aware, I expect you to obey all of my orders. I expect these orders to be carried out immediately, exactly as I have given them to you, and without any questions. Do you understand?"

She shook her head, and answered, "Yes."

"Yes what?" he asked.

"Yes master." she replied.

He turned his head, and snapped his fingers. Danielle entered the room carrying a tray, and setting it down on the table, in between Mr. Kelly and Lisa, then she sat down in the third chair. Mr. Kelly reached out, and picked up a diamond studded choker, that was sitting on the tray.

He held it up, and said, "Lisa you will wear this at all times. For as long as you are mine, this will never leave your neck. You will take the cell phone from the tray, and carry it with you at any time that you're not with me, or doing as I have instructed you. When you are called on it, you will follow the orders of whoever is on the other end, no matter what the person on the other end tells you. In the envelope on the tray, you will find a credit card, and you will be instructed to use it to purchase things, that I desire you to have or wear. You will also find a key to an apartment that I have rented for you, and will ask you to meet me there from time to time. Do you understand?"

"Yes master." She replied.

"You will come to find out that I have very specific tastes and desires, that you will fulfill. Tomorrow when Brian leaves for work, I want you to go to the address on the paper in the envelope. Now once you have given your mistress an orgasm with your tongue you may return home." He said, as he looked over to Danielle.

Lisa knowing that there was no way out of this situation stood up, while taking the choker from his hand, and put it on. It was a thin, yet sturdy silver choker, with small diamonds all over it. She then kneeled on the ground in front of Danielle, placing her head in Danielle's lap, she slowly began to lick the woman's panty less crotch, under her short skirt.

Lisa, after having tried for over an hour, to bring Danielle to orgasm with her tongue, began to get frustrated by her failure to complete the request, and began to drive her tongue into the other women forcefully. These efforts didn't prove fruitful either. Another fifteen minutes went by, and she still hadn't climaxed yet. Getting tired of her efforts, Danielle leaned forward, and lifted Lisa's gown, pulling her panties down as well, she began to sink her fingers into Lisa's cunt.

Having fully healed from the last time that she was in the room, and not having allowed Brian to have sex with her, her cunt was tight, and easily aroused at this point. After less than ten minutes of this, she began to feel an orgasm of her own building. Knowing that she was getting the little bitch off, excited Danielle to the point where she too neared her own orgasm. As Lisa drove her tongue recklessly into Danielle's cunt, as she herself climaxed, and it drove Danielle over the edge and into her own orgasm. She began squirting her juices onto Lisa's face. Lisa sat there panting, her head still in Danielle's crotch.

Mr. Kelly stood and said, "Goodbye slave."

Taking the hint, she stood up, collected the items on the tray, and left.

When she returned home, she went straight into the bathroom and began to shower, ashamed by the fact that once again, she had allowed herself to be brought to an orgasm by another woman. Brian stood outside of the door and asked her if she was alright, and what had happened.

She said, "I'm fine. Nothing really happened tonight. Mr. Kelly had just taken me out to dinner, and talked with me about what he wanted me to do." not wanting to confess about her encounter with Danielle.

When she got out of the shower, she went to the guest room, and fell asleep trying to make sense out of what had happened tonight, and what Mr. Kelly was really up to, wondering what he had in mind for her for tomorrow at the apartment.

She awoke, and waited until Brian had left. Not having been given instructions as to what to wear, she put on an old baggy pair of sweat pants and an over sized sweatshirt. She jumped into the garage, got into her car, and headed to the address on the paper.

As she backed out of her driveway, she noticed that Andy was standing next to his new car, staring at her. Trying to not look at him, she looked the other way, as she drove off. She arrived at the address, to discover it was a high priced hair salon. Danielle was standing at the front counter, waiting for her as she walked in.

"Follow me slut!" Danielle said, as loud as she could, without yelling, wanting to humiliate Lisa, as the other women all turned to look at her.

She then took her back to where she was given every treatment imaginable. Other than Danielle's humiliating her, by referring to her as slut, in front of everybody, she had found most of it to be quite enjoyable, with the exception of the hot wax hair removal. Danielle had instructed the technicians to remove all of the hair from her legs and her underarms. Next she told them to give her a bikini wax, which puzzled the women, as they had already noticed that she was clean shaven in that department.

Through the morning Lisa was manicured, pedicured, had her eyebrows plucked, pores sucked, and much more. The hair stylist criticizing her for her attempt at styling her own hair. He insisted that he be allowed to correct, what he called a massacre. Four hours later, Lisa stood in front of the mirror, wearing only a towel. Finally free of Danielle, and her humiliating comments for a few minutes, she took in the sight of herself in the mirror. She was very pleased with what she saw. Her skin looked and felt softer. She had been tanned to a lovely golden brown. Her loosely curled wavy hair, flowed across her shoulders and she felt like a woman again.

Danielle returned a few minutes later, and watched her admiring herself, as she stood and twirled in front of the mirror. Deciding that someone needed to burst her bubble, she said "Come on, there's one more thing that we need to do slut."

She directed her to a room where she was told to lay on a table, as a man rolled in a tray full of needles. Lisa began to sit up when she saw them, not knowing what they would be used for.

"Okay slut take off the towel, and lay back down." Danielle instructed her.

Lisa did as she was told, but asked, "What are the needles for?"

"Piercing." the man answered.

"Piercing what?" she asked.

"Just your navel for now, but that will change, if you don't shut up and lay there like a good Slut!" Danielle angrily shot back at her.

The young man looked excitedly down at Lisa, as she lay naked before him, having just heard her being scolded by the other women. The piercing was not very painful and after opening the hole in her navel, he placed a diamond stud in the hole. He then made a comment on how sexy he found it, on her flat little tummy. Danielle then handed her a pass, to the local tanning salon, instructing her to tan in the nude, for the next three days in a row, in order to get rid of her tan lines. Then she handed her a piece of paper and instructed her to be at the address on the paper Friday night, at 6:00. She told her that she would have the clothes that she was to wear, delivered to her house on Friday afternoon.

Lisa returned to her home at almost 3:30, once again pleasantly surprised that things were going the way the where, knowing how much worse it could have been. She had come in through the garage, after parking her car. She came in feeling like a new women, thinking things might actually be turning around. Mr. Kelly hadn't turned a pack of men or dog's loose on her yet. If the worst thing that happened, was that she would be made to go down on Danielle, Lisa thought that she could survive this.

As she walked in, she started to walk up the stairs, when she heard the living room television. Knowing that she hadn't left it on when she had left, she walked back down the stairs and looked into the living room. She saw Andy laying there on the couch. As she entered, he pressed the play button, on the remote control, and the tape of Lisa fucking a lot of men from the neighborhood began.

Although her memories of that night were groggy, she definitely didn't remember being that enthusiastic that night. The Lisa on the screen was screaming, and begging for "someone to just fuck me!" as well as begging the men to spank her. Watching herself on the screen, she saw herself begging and pleading, with her neighbors, friends and even her own doctor, to please fuck her. She was insatiable.

Disgusted by watching herself act this way on the tape, she turned to Andy and said, "Look Andy the jig is up! Brian told me everything. I know that he never gave you permission to do those things to me. I also know all about him and Megan. You'd better get out of here before I call the police and have you arrested for what you did to me, you piece of shit!" trying to put up a brave front, hoping to scare the teenager away with the threat of the police, and his arrest. She stood there pointing her finger towards the door.

"Lisa, just look at that screen. You were begging us to fuck you! I got it all on tape. There's no way you're going to make anyone believe you were raped." He said, still cocky, and still laying down on the couch. unaffected by her threat.

"The only reason I said those things, was because you made me do it." she shot back at him.

"Funny, I don't hear anyone telling you anything on this tape. In fact you seem more than willing, not to mention being quite self-motivated to me. But hey, if you say so, I'll leave. I'll just go home and start a couple of auctions on E-bay, I wonder how many copies of this tape I can sell anyway."

Little did either one of them know, that they had been for sale on E-bay for the past month.

"Then I'll drop by the Post Office and drop this, along with some others, into the mail." He said tossing Lisa a next day air box, containing the tape that she had just seen, she saw that it was addressed to her parents in Arizona. "A copy for Mom & Dad, one for both of your brothers, and one to your old high school sweetheart, the only man that you ever had sex with, before you met Brian." He said holding up her diary.

Lisa reduced to tears asked "Why are you doing this to me. What do you want?"

"Why, because you're a slut who treated me like shit. Now what I want is for you to write this note, in your own hand writing, so your husband won't come looking for you, for the next few days. Second grab that bag, and come over here." He said throwing a notepad at her.

She looked down at the note pad and began to explain to Andy that she could not do what he wanted, because she had to obey the orders of Brian's boss, or she would go to jail. Explaining to him how she and Brian had been framed, and were now also being blackmailed by him.

Andy, caught off guard by this turn of events, told her to grab the bag and bring it to him. As she drew closer to him, he began to modify his scheme, to work with this new development. He took the bag from her, and ordered her to strip. As she began to take off her clothes, he pulled a pair of hand cuffs from the bag. Then he instructed her to turn around, as he handcuffed her arms behind her back. He then spun around, as he admired her naked body. He commented on how soft her skin was, and how much he liked her new hair style. He then noticed her still sore navel piercing and commented on how sexy it looked.

He told to get down on her knees. He dropped his pants, and sat back down on the couch, telling her to suck his dick. Without the use of her hands, she took his cock into her mouth, and began to give him a first class blow job, as he made modifications to his original note. Once he was happy with the changes that he had made to his note, he tossed it aside, and grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her head back, while streams of saliva dripped from her jaw. He lifted her to a standing position by her hair, as he also stood up. Still holding a handful of her hair, he forced her head down over the back of the couch, bending her over.

Already familiar with this position, she spread her legs, allowing him easier access to her sex. He forcefully pulled her hair back, while forcing her head further down, and sank his cock deep into her pussy. Moaning from the now familiar feeling of being fucked, she almost immediately got into it herself. Actually enjoying the feeling of a cock inside of her cunt, welcoming it back like a lost friend, she began to slam her pussy back onto his prick.

Realizing that her body had betrayed her yet again, she began to cry at the slutty way in which she was reacting, to his raping of her once more. He was glad to see her body respond to his invasion, even while hearing his prey begin to weep, as he began to thrust into her, with a renewed vigor.

"I don't think we'll have any trouble, keeping you out of trouble, with Mr. Kelly, and still getting some other things squared away at the same time. You know, I have said it before, but I really mean it, I think there's enough Lisa for everyone." he exclaimed, as he exploded inside of her.

Pulling out, he got dressed, and then undid her cuffs. He instructed her to write a copy of the revised note that he hade made, in her own handwriting. She complied without saying a word, knowing that she had been defeated once more, and again, had no choice in the matter. He then threw some clothes at her from his bag, and told her to get dressed, while he placed the note on the table next to the front door.

She got dressed, putting on a pleated plaid skirt and a white, button-up shirt, that was at least three sizes too small, not to mention it the thin silk was virtually transparent, leaving her breasts clearly visible through the material of the shirt. The shirt was so small, that it left three inches of her belly exposed, showing off her new navel piercing. Next, she pulled on the knee high socks and white tennis shoes, making her look like she was one hot little catholic school girl.

Having her follow him out to his car, he threw his bag into the back, while he had her walk around the front, to the passenger's side of the car. They both climbed into the car, and he started the car up. Lisa was unaware of the hand with the white cloth, that snaked up behind her head. As the chloroform soaked rag was placed over her mouth and nose, she struggled with her unseen assailant for only a few minutes, before the fumes overtook her, and she slipped into unconsciousness. Knowing he couldn't let Lisa know where she was being taken, he had arranged for the sleeping aid.

She came to and looked around, she was at home, laying naked in her living room, covered in dried semen, and who knows what else. Her body was tired and sore. She had that same, now familiar ache, of her ass having been grossly stretched out, her pussy sore, and her nipples tender from abuse permeated her body. Looking down, she could see that she had gotten some sun, as her tan was now several shades darker than she remembered it being.

She pulled herself up and turned on the TV, hitting the info button, which displayed the date and time. It was 4:36 P.M. Friday. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "It must be her clothes for this evening." she thought to herself, "Shit I'm supposed to be somewhere in less than an hour and a half."

As she walked over to get the door, she tried to remember what had happened during the last three days, but drew a complete blank. The last thing that she could remember, was getting into her car with ANDY. What had he done to her? What had happened in the last three days? she wondered. So deeply troubled by the thought, that she answered the door, still naked and covered in the filth, having forgotten her own nakedness.

Finding herself in the doorway, naked, and covered in cum, she just stood there, blushing with shame, as the delivery man handed her the clipboard, trying to act as though he hadn't noticed her nudity. Finding herself humiliated again, she grabbed the box and hurried him out the door.

She went upstairs, stopping to look at herself in the mirror. The sight of herself, in her present state, disgusted her. Her hair was tangled and matted with dried cum, dirt, and straw. Her face covered with the same mixture, and streaks of her slutty red lipstick was running across her cheeks. Devastated by her appearance, and the fact that she had no memory of how she gotten to look the way that she did, or what had happened to her over the past three days. She wanted to sit down and cry herself to sleep, but she knew that she had to be at the address, that Danielle had given her, in just over an hour, she knew that she had to get herself cleaned up, and changed into the clothes that had just arrived.

As she began to turn to get into the shower, she noticed something on her back. Turning her head around to look in the mirror, she noticed something written on her back in lipstick. "Monday 9:00 am 1210 6th Street Be there or else!" had been written across her back. After writing down the information on a piece of paper, she jumped into the shower to clean herself off. Once she scrubbed herself raw she finally began to feel clean. She paid particular attention to her pussy and ass, as they where caked in the filth.

Finishing in the shower, she quickly began to dry herself off, and style her hair, as best as she could. Next she opened the box and found another wonderful evening gown. Just as elegant as the last one that he had sent her. She also found a corset in the box, made of smooth satin.

She put the corset on, and began to pull the strings as tight as she could, considering the strings were behind her back. She found that she had to exhale, in order to get them really tight. Repeating the same procedure, all the way to the top of the corset, she found that she had greatly restricted her breathing ability, having wrapped it so tightly around herself. Looking in the mirror, she could see just how thin it had constricted her waist.

She felt that her body now resembled that of a Barbie doll. Her already large breasts, and womanly hips, seemed even bigger now, as both flared way out from her now tiny waist. She then put on her evening gown, and applied a modest amount of make-up. Grabbing the scrap of paper with the address on it, she slipped into her shoes, ran down the stairs to grab her purse and leave, never noticing the note that Brian had left for her, sitting underneath it. She reached into her purse, just thankful that someone had put her keys back into it. She noticed that another videotape was sitting in the driver's seat. Too horrified to even think about what might be on the tape, she tossed it into the back seat and left.

Arriving at the address on the paper that Danielle had given her, she glanced down at it, checking it out again, to make sure that she was in the right place. It was an empty lot in the middle of the seedy part of town, feeling uncomfortable here, she locked her doors. Ten minutes past six, a black limo pulled up, Mr. Kelly got out of the back and walked over to her car door. She got out of the car, followed him back to the limousine and got in, as he held the door open for her. They returned to the same restaurant, as they gone to on Monday night, and were seated in the same private room as before.

She had time to become relaxed and calmed down, by the wine, the meal and the pleasant conversation. As he folded his fingers together, above the table, he said, "I enjoy watching you perform, do you understand?"

"Yes master." she said, although she wasn't really sure what he wanted her to do.

The waiter had just finished clearing their table, leaving only the two glasses of wine on it. While he cleared off the table, Lisa sat there, watching the other people, on the other side of the mirror. She watched as a handsome older man got up from a table, saying something to the woman he was sitting with, obviously his wife. He then walked off to the restroom. Thinking nothing of it, as she was distracted by the waiter, returning with a new bottle of wine, chilled in ice. As he was leaving, the man that she had seen getting up, walked in and over to their table.

"Stand Up." Mr. Kelly told her, a hint of a smile crossing his face.

As she stood up, her chair was pulled back from the table, by the returning waiter. Looking Mr. Kelly in the eyes, Lisa felt the man stand directly behind her. Then she felt the presence of his hands on her shoulders. He squeezed her shoulder a couple of times and it felt good. But she was totally taken by surprise, when he quickly reached down, and ripped her gown completely off of her body.

Lisa gasped, but said nothing, as she stood there in just her high heels, stocking, and the satin corset. The man reached around, and pulled one her tits free, from under the fabric of the corset, causing it to be pushed up even further. Hearing his pants drop behind her, she just stood there, looking at Mr. Kelly. Next, with one hand groping her breast, he placed his other in her hair, and forced her head down onto the table, while turning her face towards the crowded dining room. She saw the man's wife gingerly sipping her drink, while her husband drove his cock into her cunt for the first time.

Lisa, felt deep shame, knowing that she was being fucked by this women's husband, literally right in front of her unseeing eyes. Grunting from the penetration, she tried to hold back her tears, not wanting to upset Mr. Kelly, as she had been instructed to put on a good show. As he watched the first tear escape her eyes, his dick twitched in his pants, as he began to enjoy his control over her.

Looking back over her shoulder, she saw another man, that she recognized from the dining room, walk in, just as the first man filled her womb with his seed. As he stepped back, and began to pull his pants back up, the second man had her flip around on the table, so that she was now lying on her back, face up.

The man reached out and freed her other breast from the corset, and then dropped his own pants. Now with both of her tits being pushed up, from the force of her corset's cups, she looked quite slutty and her breasts looked even bigger. The second man thrust himself into her now sperm filled cunt. He reached up with one hand, grabbed her newly released tit, and squeezed it cruelly. Taking his other hand up, he placed it on her face, and forced her to look out of the mirror, into the dining room, just in time to see the first man lean over and kiss his wife on the cheek, before taking his seat.

As he sat down she noticed another, older, and fatter gentlemen get up, and begin to walk towards the restroom, leaving his wife, just like the first man had. The fat man walked in, just as the second one had finished dumping his load into her womb. He followed suit, as did the next four men who followed him. After having told her to stand up, Mr. Kelly never said another word, he just sat their watching his slave get taken by the selected restaurant customers.

Seven different men had walked in and fucked her, just mere feet from their wives. She had said nothing, as they pounded their cocks into her, while making her look at their wives, as they used her for their own personal gratification. She had been turned into such a whore, that she no longer knew what to think of herself. She had, after all, agreed to all of this.

Like Brian had told her, he thought that it would be okay, since when he had agreed that first night, at the poker game, he never thought that she would have done those things. The guys had said that they would stop, when she told them to. Brian had thought that she would have told them to fuck off, having too much self-respect to allow anyone, including himself, to use her in such a way.

Now for the first time, she came to the conclusion that these had all been her fault. That she had always been a slut. This realization too much for her, causing her to forget where she was, and what her Master had said, she began to cry uncontrollably. Sitting there smiling, pleased by the results of his little game, he decided to move onto the next phase.

As he looked up at the wall, two beautiful Asian women came into the room, and began removing her corset. They applied some liquid substance to her body, as she lay there crying. The liquid was incredibly cold on her skin, and evaporated almost as soon as it was applied. Another Asian woman came in, followed by two hooded men.

Lisa was turned over, so as to apply the liquid to the other side of her body. The men held her arms out, and the women began to apply liquid latex to her body. It dried quickly under the breeze of the ceiling fan above the table. They continued to paint it onto her for the next thirty minutes. Finally, as she was allowed to sit up, one of the ladies placed a latex cowl over her head, as the men helped her off the table. Another one placed a cape around her, and tied it in place.

As she stood before her Master, he simply looked her over, before he stood up, and walked away, never saying a word. As he walked out of the door, Danielle walked in, wearing a long black leather trench coat, and carrying a large mirror. As she stood facing Lisa, she simply held the mirror up, so Lisa could see herself.

Standing there in the cape and cowl, looking at her reflection in the mirror, she saw that she had been made-up to look like Batgirl, from the 60's television show Batman, with one noticeable difference, her costume had been painted on over her naked body, instead of being a costume. With all of her hair removed, even from her pubic mound, it was hard to tell that the costume had been painted on, but if you looked closely enough, you could see her exposed pussy mound, because of the slit bisecting it, and her breasts, even with the liquid latex coating, which caused her nipples to stick out even more, made it pretty obvious.

She was then led out through the back of the restaurant, to the waiting limo. As they neared the lot, where she had left her car, Danielle began to speak.

"Lisa we're going to play a game. If you win, you get to go home and relax for the rest of the weekend, but if you lose, well, then you get to be used for the rest of the weekend!" As they pulled up next to her car, Danielle explained the game to her.

As Lisa crept through the shadows, as stealthily as she could, in her high heels, she went over it in her head again. The game was simple, all she had to do, was get to the other side of the lot, where Danielle had hidden her purse, under a box, below the street light, and then back to her car, without getting caught. Simple enough, right? WRONG! There was a group of nine or ten, young black boys, playing hoops in the vacant lot. They ranged in age from twelve to fifteen, and should have been home in bed by this time, she thought to herself.

Standing in the shadows, just outside of the lighted area, she was within fifteen feet of her purse, all she had to do was grab it, and make it back to her car. She waited to make her move, as the boys, playing ball in the lot, all turned away at once, chasing a loose ball. She made a run for it. She dashed out, grabbed her purse, and dashed back into the shadows, watching the boys.

Once back inside the safety of the shadows, she stopped to catch her breath, while keeping her eyes on the boys. She started to get concerned, as one of the older boys just stood there, staring in her direction. Frozen, too scared to move, afraid that the boy would see her, she just stayed there watching him.

He looked in her direction for several minutes, before rejoining the group of kids playing. He talked for a few seconds with the others, before they resumed their game. Lisa waited cautiously for several more minutes, until the game returned to normal, before she began to make her way back to her car.

She closed in on it, now only forty feet from her car, but also only ten feet from the nearest goal post and she stood behind it, in the darkest of the shadows. She waited until the boys headed back towards the other goal, before she made her move to the next shadow. Half way to the next patch of dark concealment, all of the boys turned back in her direction, and ran directly at her, letting the ball bounce away in the opposite direction, as one of the older boys screamed "Grab her."

Knowing now that they had seen her, Lisa made an all out run to her car, with the boy's right behind her. As she put her foot down, running from the boys, one of her heels broke, causing her to fall down in the grass, just five feet away from her car. The boys quickly circled her, and began making comments about her costume. Lisa saw her mistake, as the eleventh boy stepped out from the shadows.

He looked to be about 10 years old. Lisa hadn't seen him, nor had she noticed the black panel van, parked on the corner of the nearby alley. Inside of the van, sat Mr. Kelly, Scott and two camera men, filming the whole thing. The circle of boys closed in around her, and pulled her to her feet, she was pushed back into the alley, as they grabbed and probed her body, with their young hands. The boys pushed her down onto a mattress, strategically placed under the street lamp in the alley.

It was not organized and there was no clear leader. Some of the older boys would pull the younger ones out of her, if they felt the urge to take another turn, but for the next forty five minutes, she was raped by the black kids, who found it most thrilling to enjoy the costumed white bitch that they had found in their hood.

Lisa had screamed "RAPE!", but one of the younger kids had pulled out a knife, and held it her to her neck. As the kids started to disperse, a police car suddenly pulled up, lights and sirens blaring, followed by an ambulance. As the police officer began to chase the young rapists on foot, the two male paramedics came over to her, as they looked her over and checked her vitals.

She lay there sobbing from the violent assault that she had just suffered. Getting a stretcher from the ambulance, she was placed on it, and straps where used to secure her to it. As one paramedic wheeled her back to the ambulance, the other injected her with a shot in her arm and she slipped into unconsciousness, as the ambulance pulled away.

As Lisa woke up, she realized that she was in a hospital room, a private room, she noted. She looked over at the clock on the table next to her bed, it was Sunday at 11:15 am. Had she been here since Friday night? How bad had it been? Looking around her hospital room, she noticed that her breasts stuck out more and seemed to be firmer than she remembered. As she put her hand to her left breast, she felt the soreness from the operation. Looking under her gown, she thought, "Oh my god! They gave me a boob job!"

She got out of bed and tried to stand, but was still a little unsteady. She walked over to the mirror, next to the sink. At first, paying attention only to her breasts, and the modifications that had been made to them. They hadn't been made much larger, only having been increased from her natural 34-C's to her new 36-D's, but the surgery had also made them firmer, and perkier, than they had naturally been before.

Surprised that she didn't feel more discomfort from that operation, she then realized that other things had been changed too. She noticed that her lips had been modified, and that they were larger and puffier than before. "Why had this been done?" she wondered. She stood there staring at the mirror, and her new look, knowing that they were not only turning her into the world's biggest whore, but also into the biggest, sluttiest looking whore. She walked back over to her hospital bed, got back in, and cried herself to sleep, as she had now done so many times before.

Chapter 9: Lisa's Three Day Ordeal with Andy & Scott

It was Saturday morning, Lisa had been admitted to the hospital and was undergoing some minor cosmetic surgery at this time.

As Danielle walked up to James Kelly, she said "You should take a look at this." handing him the tape and the scrap of paper from Lisa's purse.

Danielle then bent over, and began to unzip his trousers.

"Put this in the machine first, my dear." he said, handing her the video.

She stood up, took the tape, turned around, and while shaking her ass in his face, put the tape into the VCR, and pressed rewind. As the tape rewound, he looked over the note and asked her.

"So those little Niger's really worked our little slut over last night. I thought they were going to slit her neck there for a minute."

"Yeah, but that little slut would have deserved it though. I'm just sorry her sister Terri wasn't laying there next to her." she replied, taking his dick into her mouth.

"Damn honey, when you hold a grudge, you really hold a grudge. I'm just glad you where able to forgive me." He said, and he meant it.

His wife was truly evil. When she first learned of his affair with Lisa's older sister Terri, she came after him with a knife, and tried to cut off his dick. She had come home to find Terri giving him a blow job, right in their bed. As time went by, her anger shifted from her husband James, over to Terri, as she learned how Terri had seduced him, just has she had so many others, as she slept her way up the cooperate ladder.

She was now almost equal in position to him, in the company, and he had been with the company since it was founded. Before Danielle could come up with a scheme to get back at the little hussy, she had gotten herself transferred to the company's main offices in New York. It had been a year or so since that happened, when her brother Ron had told her about Terri's younger sister Lisa, complaining about how she would tease him and his friends, when they went to see their friend Brian. Telling her how she waited on him hand and foot, while flaunting her body in front of his friends, always wearing short skirts and tight shirts, with no bra on underneath.

As she sat there listening to her little brother Ron, bitching about Terri's little sister the cock tease, Danielle began to devise her plan. Then it took no time at all for Ron to convince Carl and Mike to help him. Danielle had thought about bringing Andy into it, having remembered hearing Ron tell her just how much Brian and Lisa despised the young punk. In fact, Danielle had a harder time convincing her husband to go along with her plan, than she did with anyone else. He was a timid man, afraid of almost everyone. His wife wore the pants in their family. She had to threatened to expose his embezzlement, and incompetence, to his superiors, in order to force his cooperation.

As the tape finally finished rewinding, her husband pressed play, just as she milked the last of his cum, from his quickly shrinking dick. Andy appeared on the screen, hammering Lisa's unconscious body, right in the ass, for all he was worth. Another older male was at her face, shoving his member down her limp throat. As James fast forwarded through this part of the tape, Danielle sat next to him and placed his head into her lap, and began to pat him on top of his head, like she would a good pet.

Watching Andy and the other man on the film, use their slut's unconscious body in every way imaginable. The tape then cut to a shot of her being given a shot of rum. She then handed the glass back to Andy, who was turning away from her, and towards the camera. He dropped a packet of some white powder into the glass, before handing it back to her, and told her to chug it down. After she did, her took the glass from her, and placed it on a shelf under the camera, sporting a grin from ear to ear, knowing that they could now do anything that they wanted to her and she'd have now memory of it when she awoke the next day.

As someone else picked up the camera Andy took her by the hand, and walked her into the next room. Danielle recognizing the arrangements, realized this was filmed in a local motel, that had connecting rooms. Lisa was wearing the far too small Catholic School Girl costume that Andy had made her wear, with her hair in two pig tails. Andy, and two other boys, directed her into a variety of poses, and eventually photographing her stripping off her clothes for them.

During the photograph session, the person filming with the camcorder continued to walk back into the first room, which was quickly beginning to fill up with many of the same men, from that night at Danielle's play house, along with a few other new faces. It was starting to get dark outside in the video, as the boys finished up their photo shoot.

Having now been forced to strip totally naked, she was tied to the bed, with four lengths of Nylon rope. One of the boys who had been photographing her, began to strip. As he took of his briefs off, he began to jerk himself off, standing next to her face, after just a few seconds, he exploded his cum all over her face. After finishing, he took his briefs, still in his hand, and wiped her face clean with them, before stuffing the cum soaked underwear into her mouth. Andy then went to place duct tape over her mouth. After forcing her mouth closed, he taped her mouth shut, trapping the disgusting, dirty, cum soaked briefs inside of her mouth, gagging her.

Next Andy began to strip, then walked around to the dresser, where a glass jar sat. He pulled out a one hundred dollar bill from his pocket, holding it up to show her, he dropped it into the jar saying, "I'm paying, just like everyone else, as he turned the glass jar around to show her the label on it "Andy's Collage Fund" He then put the jar back down on the table, and started to climb onto the bed with her. She already had tears running down her face.

Lisa tried to mumble her objections, but Andy laughed, as he grabbed a pig tail in each hand, and pulled her head up, as he drove his cock into her wide spread bald pussy. She began thrashing about, as he plunged into her with reckless abandon, after pretending to buy sex from her, like she was a common street hooker.

Never having had her fight with him before, he really began to enjoy himself, sawing in and out of her pussy, before ramming his cock into her tightly closed anal sphincter. She had only been given a small dose of the Rohypnol, just enough to make sure that she wouldn't remember anything about the time that she was going to spend with him. Dr. Brown had given him several small doses, of the drug instructing him to give her the drug, with a shot of alcohol, every six hours, until he gave her the full dosage of the drug, eight hours before he returned her to her house. He assured the boy that by doing so would guarantee him, that she would have no memories of the time that they spent together.

Andy, grateful to the doctor for all his help, had promised him the second shot at her, as payment for the drugs that he had provided him. The good doctor had also provided him with syringes filled with muscle relaxants, the chloroform, and the Rohypnol that he would use on their prey. He had even set up the exact dosages for Andy, based on her weight and his desired effects on his sexy neighbor. As he held her head up, by her pig tails, and slammed away in her ass, he mocked her, while sticking his own face just inches from hers.

"Oh look at me, I'm missy goody two-shoes, and oh so what if I fucked every man in this shit hole town! God I am just a bad little slut." He continued mocking her, until he finally let his load loose, deep in her bowels.

As Lisa lay there, listening to Andy humiliate her, she felt used in a way that she had never been used before, not even that night with the animals. She now felt that her life was ranked lower than that of the dogs and the pony. She felt treated even lower than common street whores, as they at least got paid for the use of their bodies. Whereas Andy had just made a joke out of her ordeal. She had to get out of there and away from himm but the ropes were tied tight, and she had no hope of breaking free, but that had little effect on her struggling, as she pulled at them anyway, praying for a miracle.

As Andy climbed off of her, and began to dress, the door opened, and in came Dr. Brown whom she remembered from her previous ordeal. But now she lay there all bound up, with him on top of her, looking down at her. As she looked up at him, and he down at her, his eyes seemed to penetrate her as much as his cock was. She felt as if he were looking deep into her soul, and seeing her depravity, while laughing at her, as he loomed over her, kneading her breasts and pounding into her womanhood. She had only talked with her neighbor, Dr. Brown a few times, and had always had an uneasy feeling around him, but now those feelings and his gaze cut right through her psyche.

As he thrust himself to orgasm, inside of her cunt, he would occasionally chew on her nipples. Has he added his juice to the collection, that was now inside of her body? She prayed to the Lord for some sort of release from this abuse. As if her prayers had been answered, Father Jacobs, the Reverend from her own church entered the room. He was a broad man, wide but not really fat. He looked down at her, as if she were a lost sheep.

With caring in his eyes, that she had seen on so many other occasions, he forcefully walked over to Andy, and in his most fatherly voice said, "Young man, I am ashamed of you, and what you have done! And you should be ashamed too, all of you!"

His voice boomed, as he waved his arms around the room. Lisa's heart jumped, finally she would be rescued, saved from this humiliation and degradation that Andy had seemed destined to place on her. Then she heard the Reverend continue and her heart stopped, shocked at what she heard.

"How dare you not invite me to the first one of these! It sounds like it was a real hoot!"

Lisa's hope, and faith, died at that moment, as the Reverend spoke, she only hoped that things wouldn't get any worse.

"Well Andy, I believe that we agreed to the some of one hundred dollars!" he said, pulling the bill from his pocket, and placing it into the jar.

Lisa was still thrashing, and screaming into her gag, as the Reverend dropped his pants, not bothering to remove the rest of his clothes, as he jumped on the bed, and did the devilish deed with the bound beauty, while she thrashed under him, disgusted by him. As he sank into her, he began regaling her with the stories of all of the times that he had dreamed of taking her, in just this very manner. After more than ten minutes of his pussy pounding, and his breast mauling assault, he finally pulled his dick from her pussy, and let loose with a savage jet of cum, laying down a stream of the liquid from her belly to her forehead, leaving her covered with his seed. Andy taking a wet towel wiped the jism from her body, as he explained to her that it was bad for business to let the merchandise get dirty.

The Reverend was replaced by one of her former attackers, commenting on how much sexier he thought she looked, with her new hair color and navel piercing. He made a point to make sure that she saw him deposit his money, like all the other men, had adding to her defilement. He finished quickly, and was replaced by another man, who also went through the process of paying for her services, in front of her, adding to her humiliation.

It went on like this for the next two hours of the tape as she serviced a total of thirty-eight men, according to Danielle's count. When she had brought the kid into this, it was only for the two gigs, once with Ron, the first time that they made her fuck him, and again that seven hour night, where he had also charged a per head fee, and taped the whole thing. He had approached her about that weekend a month ago, having already set everything else up, and just needed her to provide a nice quite place. She had compromised with him, making sure that Ron and the guys got their "dicks" into it, so to speak.

Thinking that would be the end of it, Danielle was quite impressed to see the kid taking such initiative. But she had to stop him, he was beginning to interfere with her plans for the little slut. As she began to think of a way to get rid of the little pest, never having really liked him much herself, the taped switched to yet another scene.

Damn, what did the little jerk use an eight hour tape? The next segment seemed to be of professional quality, as it switched from one angle to another and the picture was sharp and clear. It started off by showing Lisa standing in the middle of a horse stall. She looked outstanding, obviously cleaned up and her hair had been styled, making her look quit believable, as a young cheer- leader.

Unfortunately her reading of her lines where anything but professional. As she explained to the five large farm hands, who had begun to move in, and encircle her, that she was a cheerleader at the local high school, and her car had broken down just up the road, and she asked the men for their help. She sounded exhausted, and you could tell that she didn't want to speak the lines given to her.

After suffering through her attempt at acting, the men started doing what they were paid for, and ran Lisa through her paces, as each man took turns with her. Eventually they got to the double and triple penetrations, as she was taken in all of her holes at the same time. After she had drained all of the men of their fluids, she was left laying nude on the straw and the dirt of the corral.

Next a familiar voice told her it was almost over. They where going to play a game with her. As he explained it to her, that they where going to release three animals into the corral with her, if she could make all three cum in her mouth, in the next forty-five minutes, she would be taken home, and that would be the end of it. However, if she failed, she would have to fuck Stanley's stable mate, Bull, a full grown stallion.

Lisa stood there yelling at him, that there was no way on earth that she would do anything of the sort. He could kill her, but she wasn't playing his game. He counted to three, and then released the animals. As the animals were placed into the corral, the camera zoomed out, showing a large Great Dane, a billy goat and a potbellied pig, being put into the corral with her.

Still yelling out her refusal, she ran to the other side of corral, and tried to climb out. Before she could get out, she was pushed back in, by one of the men. Realizing that she couldn't escape, she merely sat down, still screaming that she wouldn't do it. Deciding that his star needed a little more motivation, he had Bull brought over.

Lisa saw the huge animal walk up to the side of the corral, his member already being prepared for her, was over two and half feet long.

Scott then explained to Lisa, that if she wouldn't play the game, then they would just move on along to the part where she would fuck Bull, reminding her that she had already been forced to do it once, and he could surely make her do it again, if she failed.

Finally the reality of her situation began to sink in, she stood up and walked over to examine the three animals in the coral with her. Looking at their pricks, she tried to decide where to began. Scott then advised her that she was wasting time, and that she only had thirty minutes left. Now with a sense of urgency, she grabbed the goat and began to pump his prick, as he was the most erect of the pets.

Scott yelled at her, telling her she had to suck them off, not beat them off. She reluctantly leaned under the goat, took his prick into her mouth, and began to suck and lick it's engorged cock, until finally it erupted in her mouth. Lisa not ready for it to cum, pulled back from the surprise of it's juices squirting into her mouth. The animal then deposited his fluids across her face and hair, adding to that of it's human co-stars.

Utterly disgusted with herself, she crawled over to the dog, and grabbed his cock. Shocked by the sudden attention, the dog growled, and jumped away from her, then ran to the other side of the corral. Deciding that it my be safer to do the pig next, she crawled over to him, and began to suckle it's member in and out of her mouth.

Having to start from scratch on the foul animal, it seemed to take forever just to get it's cock finally erect and even longer to bring it to orgasm, which like the goat, sprayed all over her body. Knowing that she was running out of time, she approached the dog cautiously, talking to him, and trying to calm him down, as she leaned under him, and began to suck on his member. Just as she got his prick erect, Scott yelled, "Your time is up!" Exhausted, she fell over, laying on the ground. Her eyes closed, as she tried to catch her breath. She didn't hear the corral gate open, as a special table was wheeled into the center of the corral.

What did get her attention, however, as it did one of the cameramen's, was when the dog, who had been standing there getting a blow job by the human bitch, just moments ago, smelled the salty remains, coated around her pussy, was drawn to the smell. It placed its snout between her legs, and with its long rough tongue began to lick her bald beaver. Shocked back to the present, Lisa screamed and pushed the dog's snout away form her snatch.

Not to be denied, it returned, and shoved its snout into her crotch, and took another lick. Now upset and disturbed by the animal, she reached up and struck it on its nose, yelling for it to go away. Not taking her angry reaction well, the dog growled at her again, this time showing its teeth, as he shoved his snout back into her cunt, to reclaim his treasure. Not wanting to get bitten by the animal, she let him lick her.

One of the crew pointed out that it wasn't nice for her to have gone and gotten him all excited, and then just left him there hanging. Scott agreed, but told them to strap her to the table anyway. Someone blew a dog whistle causing the dog to stop while three men lifted her up, and then literally dragged her over to the table, as she protested weakly, no longer having the strength to put up much of a fight.

The men placed her in the middle of the table, laying her down on her back. Her arms were pulled up over her head, and cuffed to the head of the table, above her head. Next her ankles were cuffed and a belt was secured over her waist. Once she was secured to the table, someone came over and offered her a shot of Brandy, telling her that it would help her get through her ordeal. She gladly accepted it and gulped it down, when the put the glass to her lips. He then offered her another shot, and she said sure. Before pouring the Brandy into the glass, he emptied a bag of white powder into her glass, then poured the Brandy into the glass.

Lisa was really out of it, to have not realized what she had just seen, or just didn't care anymore, and swallowed the drink in a single gulp. Next she was offered water, which she accepted, holding her mouth open, as it was poured into her mouth. Next a man came over with two syringes. He took the time to explain to her what the contents of each syring would do. The first was a muscle relaxer, which would allow her take more the horse's massive cock into her cunt, since she wouldn't be clamping down on it. The second syring contained a drug that would help to keep her from passing out, as the pain got to be too much for her. Her eyes betrayed her fear, when he explained to her that the director wanted to see all of her expressions and emotions while she was being screwed by the huge animal.

Once she had been drugged and made ready, the table was secured in place by metal spikes, which were driven into the ground over a foot, insuring that the stallion wouldn't be able to move it. Next her legs, which were spread wide and pulled back over her head, then a very short chain attached the cuffs on her ankles to the table top. This left her in a very uncomfortable position, and very vulnerable as well as it exposed both her anus and pussy, both of which were gaped wide open. Having her body spread out and stretched out in this away, made her moan and she thought that she was going to pass out.

The dog who was now muzzled, was helped up onto the table and into position at her now gaping cunt hole. Since his cock was being held right up against her cunt, with a single thrust he hilted her, and since the table was on springs, it gently rocked back and forth, with his rapid, jack hammer thrusts. It also helped to force her pussy to come back up onto the animal's rutting cock, as the table bounced back up. She began to yell and scream as the dog increased his tempo, humping ever faster into her.

She begged to be released, and set free, but the men just laughed and joked, as the unnatural coupling went on in front of their, and the cameras' eyes. Her constant screaming began to upset the dog, who continued growling at the screaming young wife. Finally fifty minutes later, after the dog had cum inside of her five times, the still growling dog and screaming woman's uncoupled, as the dog's knot finally shrank and slipped out of her now cum drenched pussy.

As the dog was led away, Bull was immediately brought over. Two other women made sure that his monstrous prick lined up perfectly with Lisa's cunt, before the men allowed him to begin thrusting into her. As Bull was finally given some slack and feeling its cock at the hot, wet entrance of the woman's cunt, he slowly pushed forward, forcing his huge cock into her tight cunt. He wasn't bothered by the human's screams of pain and her revulsion over being sexed by such a large animal. He simply pushed forward into her, slowly, five or six times, aided by the dog's cum, which was forced out of her pussy as his cock took up every square inch of her cunt.

He finally entered her on his seventh attempt. Impossibly Lisa arched her back up off of the table, even though her waist had been belted down to the table, as he finally entered her womanhood. She said things that no woman ever should, but she was being impaled on the horse's cock, and although there was only about an inch and a half of his thirty inch monster inside of her, it was over six inches in diameter and was stretching the hell out of her tight pussy. She just hoped that she would simply pass out from the pain. But the drugs that she had been given were doing their job, as she lay there in excruciating pain, while some ass hole with a camera stood there above her, capturing her suffering on film.

The table that she had been strapped to was barely a foot tall, so as the horse moved around, back and forth, working himself into her cunt, he was kicking up dirt, which mixed with the dog's cum as it dripped out of her pussy and over her puckered anus, and formed a brown, mud-like looking substance, making it look like as though Lisa was shitting herself. After pushing and pulling his monstrous cock in short strokes, in and out of her cunt, for over twenty minutes, the huge horse cock eventually was sunk into her pussy six inches. There was nothing that she could do, bound as she was, to prevent it, in her helpless position.

The crew was careful to not let Bull thrust any further into her, not wanting to cause any real physical damage anyway. Once the animal was inside of her at the depth that they wanted, and fucking her with his huge cock, two other hired actresses came over and began to stroke the exposed part of the horse's gigantic cock, as he stood over his victim, slowly thrusting into her and pulling out of her.

Lisa begged the two women for help, but they just giggled at her, looking at her in her ridiculous position. "What was that girl thinking when she accepted this job?" one of the women said to the other.

"Not even a couple of pros like us, would try to stuff a horse's cock into our already over stretched hole." the other replied.

Lisa pleaded with them, in between screams of excruciating pain, but the two washed up porn stars paid no attention to her cries for help. Finally over come with pain, she blissfully passed out from the pounding her body was receiving, of course it had no affect on the horse, who continued to stroke his enormous prick in and out of her.

Seeing that the horse was about to cum, the cameras zoomed in, as Bull took a quick and powerful thrust into her, as he got away from handlers and was able to sink another four inches into her, driving his cock a full ten inches into the helpless, unconscious woman. His first jet of cum blasting into her so powerfully, that it literally shot her off the end of his dick, his cum causing such a back pressure, that it had to have some way to escape the force of his thrust into her. The feeling in her womb, as the powerful jet of horse jism shot through her with enough to force to bring her back to consciousness.

The stallion, no longer buried in her pussy, shot a second load out all over her nude body. He dumped a gallon of his liquid seed across her body, as his now free member began moving over her belly and chest. Grossed out by the sight of the long hose, spraying the grayish liquid all over the place like a loose fire hose under full pressure, all over her prone body, she began screaming for someone to get it off of her.

After Bull had spent his reserves on her, she was left tied to the table with horse sperm covering and dripping off her body, and onto the dirt. The Rohypnol had added to her exhaustion, causing her to fall into a deep sleep. The video showed, by fast forwarding the tape, how they had put her legs down, but left her there in the sun for the rest of the day, allowing the various barn yard animals to come over and lick the fluids from her body. Then as night fell, someone came out and flipped her over, retying her to the table, now with her ass sticking up in the air. Then, as night fell, one of the dogs approached her, and, having gotten worked up from the smell of sex on her body, he mounted her ass three times, but not once did she even stir.

Left tied to the table in the middle of the corral most of the next day, she was finally untied, and thrown in the back of her own car, still completely naked. The film ended showing her car driving away from the farm.

Shocked by the cruelty that she had just seen, she smiled. That Andy was a really sick young man. Danielle devised a plan that night as to how to get Andy out of the picture, permanently. She went to sleep, dreaming of the tortured young slut that she had under her control and dreaming of more ways to exact her revenge upon the older sister.

Chapter 10: Lisa Gets Enhanced

The next day Danielle and James went to get Lisa from the hospital, stopping first at the Fed Ex deposit box to mail a parcel to New York, before bringing their slave home from the hospital.

Lisa was taken back to Kelly's house. Once there, she was made to bathe herself, massaging her newly enlarged breasts, as she lathered herself up. As Mr. Kelly sat there quietly watching, Danielle instructed her on how to bathe herself. She told her to play with her sex. Then she handed her an 18" long black rubber dildo and instructed her to slide it into her pussy slowly. She inserted the large black toy into her sex, slowly sliding it into her pussy while looking into James's closely watching eyes.

Having never masturbated herself with a dildo before, she tried to find the right tempo, as she slid her rubber lover in and out. Seeing that she had worked several inches into her cunt, Danielle ordered her to get up on her hands and knees in the tub. Wanting to follow her instructions, she started to pull the rubber phallic free from her cunt, in order, to comply with her orders. Danielle told her to "Stop! Leave it in there and get up on your hands and knees slave!"

Doing as she was ordered, she awkwardly sat up, then got onto her hands and knees, moving carefully, as the remaining twelve inches of the dildo flailed about from side to side, slapping her thighs as she moved. After lifting her ass out of the warm water, she felt the cold air on her sphincter, as Danielle grabbed her ass, and pulled her checks apart. She then ordered her to resume stroking the dildo in and out of herself.

As Lisa began fucking herself with the dildo again, Danielle began to insert her middle finger into her exposed, winking ass hole. Feeling the other woman fingering her, while she pleasured herself, Lisa began to pant and moan, as she was forced to masturbate herself in front of her tormentors. The more that she got into it, the more rapidly Danielle thrust her finger into her ass. After sensing the that Lisa's sphincter was loosening up, she inserted another finger into her, now working two fingers in and out of her slave. Splashing some water over Lisa's ass with her other hand, she continued to thrust her fingers into her slave's ass. Finally she worked a third finger into Lisa's ass, and then began to spread her fingers apart, while still stroking them in and out of her anus.

Lisa was now shivering from the chill, as most of her body was out of the warm water. Forced to stroke the huge phallus in and out of her pussy for over twenty minutes now, she began to feel a warm felling beginning to build in her pussy. Throwing her head up, as her orgasm snuck up on her, she opened her eyes to see the disturbing sight in the mirror.

As she stared into the mirror her thoughts began to roam. Her mind racing with her thoughts, jumping from the life she used to know, to that of her new life. Seeing how much had changed, as she saw her reflection in the mirror, and the slut looking back at her. The image was still strange to her. She saw her face a familiar sight to her for sure, but now augmented by the large, pouting, fuck me lips, which had been enlarged without her consent, or even having been asked her opinion. The hair falling across her shoulders was not her natural color, having only changed it, in hopes of escaping the memories of her first ordeal. As she watched her newly enlarged breasts swaying under her body, she noticed that her nipples were now larger and harder too, and her breasts were now firmer, standing straight out from her body.

Seeing how she was stroking the large dildo in and out of her own pussy, she felt sick, knowing that this was not the life she had chosen for herself. Finally she looked up slightly higher and saw the evil Danielle leaning over her, thrusting her finger into her ass. She knew that she would never get her old life back, as long as these people found enjoyment in her defilement. She bowed her head back down, and choked back the tears, knowing that this was her new life and this was the new her.

Enjoying the feeling of power that she got from thrusting her fingers into her slave's ass hole, she added her pinkie and now had all four of her fingers in Lisa's stretched out sphincter. She began to thrust her fingers harder into her ass, trying to loosen her up even more. As she inserted her thumb into her ass, she began to spank her butt with her free hand. Feeling that she had loosened her up enough, Danielle began to try to push her entire hand into her abused ass hole.

Between the pressure from Danielle trying to shove her whole hand into her ass and the desire to escape the slaps on her butt, Lisa fell forward, falling onto her right elbow, while still using her left hand to fuck the dildo into her cunt. Forcing her hand in, past the knuckles, Danielle forced a scream of pain from Lisa, as the pain shot through her entire lower body. Driving in and out of her ass several times, Danielle squeezed her hand into a fist, inside Lisa's ass, and began to thrust her entire arm, half way up to her elbow, in and out of her tortured slave's ass, as roughly as she could, driving her arm in almost to her elbow.

Impaled on Danielle's arm, Lisa screamed in pain, feeling her bowels being ripped apart. As she thrust her arm into the poor girl, Danielle, wanting her to be quite and take her pain in silence, told her to "Shut up!"

Lisa however continued screaming in pain. Fed up with the noise coming from her, Danielle used her other hand to reach up and force Lisa's head down, dunking her face into the now cool water. Still thrusting her arm in and out, she let the struggling woman up for air every few minutes, as she continued her viscous fisting of Lisa's ass.

Having pulled her hand away from the dildo in her pussy, in an attempt to try and grab at the hand holding her head under the water, Lisa now used both hands to grab at the hand holding her head underwater. She began to thrash back and forth, hoping to break free of Danielle's hold on her. Angered by her slave, and her refusal to be quite, and now her efforts to break free from her, Danielle thrust her head into the now cold water again, and held it there.

Having her head forced under the water again, Lisa felt sure that she was going to die, as her lungs began to burn, having been denied oxygen for several minutes now. Terrified, she continued to try to pull Danielle's hand out of her hair. Unable to break the hold on her head, her struggles weakened, as she was deprived of air.

Sickened and troubled by his wife's treatment of the helpless young woman James quietly stood up, and walked out of the bathroom, not being able to watch his wife's actions, afraid that she was going to kill the poor young girl. He was relieved that she had forgiven him, but was afraid to anger her again, and he had agreed to his wife's evil plan.

Not one for revenge himself, he never understood his jealous wife's continued lust for revenge, against his former lover. He had tried to talk her out of this scheme from the beginning, trying to convince her that Lisa had done nothing to either of them, and that it was just wrong to use her, to get back at her older sister. Not wanting to hear his whining anymore, she had told him to just do it or else. Knowing that she had the goods on him, to put him away for many years, he reluctantly agreed to do her bidding.

Back in the bathroom, Danielle was still holding Lisa's head under the water, while still having her arm shoved up the girl's ass, felt her go limp. Knowing that Lisa would die, if she didn't let her up soon, Danielle hesitated a few more seconds, before pulling the unconscious woman's head out of the water. Finally able to breath, Lisa sucked the air into her lungs in a giant gasp. As she started to come to, her head held up, suspend by her hair, Danielle took several more thrust into her ass, laughing as she began to cough and spit the water out of her mouth.

Danielle's fist was still balled up inside of her ass, was finally pulled free from her tortured bowels. The pain too much for the still recovering girl, and she shrieked in pain, then passed out. As she went limp again, her head still held up, suspended by her hair, as Danielle prevented her from falling face first back into the water. Now freed of the obstruction in her ass, began to shit as she was being held there unconscious. It was a sickening sight, with her limp body being held up by her hair, and an 18" dildo was still sticking out of her pussy, while her shit oozed out of her ass.

Danielle admiring her handy work, stood up, holding the unconscious girl up even higher, and began to giggle. As she looked back to her husband, she noticed that the wimp had left. Yelling for him to come back, Danielle had him help carry Lisa to the shower and clean her up.

Lisa awoke felling the cool air on her naked body and looked around to find herself tied spread eagle to the bed. She began to wonder what time it was and how long she had been out. Danielle awoke Monday morning, and realizing that her husband had already left for work, got up and cooked herself a nice breakfast. She sat and ate, while reading the paper and awaiting for word from Ron and Carl. Deciding that it was time for her pet to eat, she grabbed a bag of uncooked hotdogs, poured a large glass of milk, and went upstairs to feed Lisa.

Danielle opened the door and said, "Good morning slut. Did you sleep well?"

Lisa, worried about what Andy would do to her, if she were late asked, "What time is it?" ignoring Danielle's question.

"Its 10:15 Monday morning slave. Why, do you have some place to be bitch?" Danielle asked, already knowing why Lisa had asked.

"Yes. I'M LATE! SHIT I SHOULD'VE BEEN THERE OVER AN HOUR AGO, LET ME UP!!" Lisa screamed, while struggling with her bonds, trying to get free from her restraints. She was terrified by the thought of making Andy mad at her, and was desperate to get free.

"Oh I don't think so Lisa. Did you think that we wouldn't find about Andy?"

"What? No. I mean yes. Look I had to, or else he was going to... I had to do what he said, now please let me go." Lisa pleaded with her.

"Or he was going to do what?" Danielle asked, sitting down on the bed next to her, while setting the glass of milk on the table.

"He's got the tape of me from that night, the night with the pony. He told me that if I didn't do what he said, he'd send it to everyone that I know. I can't let my parents see that tape, it would kill my father to see me like that." she explained in a panic and began to cry. "Don't you see, I have to do what he says. I have to!"

"Don't cry Lisa, we'll talk with Andy. It seems that there just isn't enough of you to go around." Danielle told her, taking one of the hotdogs from the bag, and slowly working it into her pussy. The cold hot dog sliding between her legs, while she sobbed. "I brought you breakfast. Aren't you hungry?"

Lisa not realizing what Danielle had in mind, and having not eaten since Friday night, answered "Yes."

Danielle smiled at her response, and pulled the hot dog from her pussy, after having stroked it in and out a dozen times. She brought it up to the bound girls lips. Lisa looked at it with disgust and tightly sealed her lips, closing her mouth as she suddenly changed her mind.

"Now look here Lisa, you're not going to refuse your breakfast, after I went through all the trouble to fix it for you." but Lisa not wanting the raw hot dog, that had been fucked into her cunt, shook her head no, keeping her lips closed tightly. "Fine then, you'll have to be punished." Danielle said, starting to get up.

Thinking better of her hasty decision, she said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll eat it! Please! I want to eat it! Give me another chance, please!!!" she begged, not wanting to face whatever cruel punishment that Danielle had in mind.

Looking back down at her she said "Okay. I'll give you one more chance. Don't mess this one up."

As she held the hot dog to Lisa's lips, telling her not to bite it until she pulled it out. Slipping it in past Lisa's new puffy lips, and into her mouth, Danielle then yanked on the hot dog pulling it from her mouth. Closing her teeth, just as the hot dog was leaving her mouth, she bit off about a half inch of the wiener. Danielle kept repeating this, until the hot dog only had an inch left, and then she shoved the last inch into the bound woman's mouth, letting her finish it.

Asking her if she was thirsty, and Lisa saw the tall glass of milk on the night stand, she said, "Yes. Very."

Danielle lifted the glass to her lips, and began to let her drink. Tilting the glass more and more, until she caused it to spill out, as Lisa tried to drink it all down. With milk now running down her cheeks, Danielle picked up the bag of hot dogs, took the glass of milk, and left Lisa tied to the bed to rest, but mostly, leaving her there to give her some time to think, knowing that might be the worst torture of all at this point. Lisa was fed twice more during the day, in the same manner, and Danielle allowed her to use the bathroom several times throughout the day. Finding the discomfort Lisa felt in doing, so humorous.

By eleven o'clock Monday morning, Andy was steamed over the fact that the bitch had disobeyed him. As the time went by, he thought that maybe she hadn't seen his note. But knowing that wasn't very damn likely, he decided that he would punish her when she did show up. At eleven-thirty Andy gave up and headed home, deciding to give his neighbor a visit. Thinking that she might still be busy with this Mr. Kelly.

Andy got home at noon, walked over to her house, looked into the garage and saw her car. As he approached the front door, he heard the TV. "That whore! How dare she." he thought. Opening the door with the key he had copied from her that first night, he burst in. Storming into the living room, he was shocked to find Carl sitting on the couch, drinking a beer, and watching the television. Carl laid it out to the young man that things where going to change. Mr. Kelly wasn't going to share his slave with Andy, but being a fair man, he would give him a fair chance. Giving him an address, he told the youngster to be there tomorrow morning at 10:00.

Ron had called and told Danielle that Terri Daniels, Lisa's older sister had just booked an early flight into town, and would be arriving at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Working at the airport, Ron had his friends checking, and was called, just as soon as she had booked the flight.

Brian, who had been sent out of town by Mr. Kelly on Friday morning, was surprised when he had received the phone call, telling him some urgent business had come up, and that he had to come back immediately. He booked a seat out on the first flight the next morning right away. Worried that something terrible had happened to Lisa, he had trouble sleeping.

Terri Daniels sat on the plane, hoping that her little sister was alright. Having received the Fed Ex box yesterday afternoon, containing a note, a sealed envelope and a video tape. The note simply said, watch the video first, in private, before opening the envelope. Finding it strange, but not knowing what was going on, Terri closed her office door, put the tape into her VCR, and pressed play. She was horrified at what she saw on the screen, as scene after scene of her baby sister being screwed in different positions, and by different men flashed by. In some of the short clips, she seemed willingly while in others, it was obviously against her will.

Unable to finish watching the tape, Terri stopped it, and opened the envelope, her stomach still churning from the contents of the video. Reading the note, Terri had to sit, feeling weak after reading it. The letter told her how her younger sister was being blackmailed into being a sex slave, by two different men, but it didn't name either. It told her that she had the chance to free her little sister, and put an end to her suffering, warning her of what cruel things might happen to Lisa next. Of course it also warned her of the consequences of telling anyone about this, telling her that if she wanted to save her sister, she had to be there tomorrow morning.

Without giving it another thought, she called the airline, and booked her flight, taking the rest of this week off as well as all of the next week. She headed home, to pack, as she felt that she needed to go to help her little sister, though wondering why any one would do this to Lisa. She packed and went to the airport that night, sleeping in the terminal while waiting for her flight the next morning, not wanting to be late and missing it.

Having not spoken to Lisa in months, Terri was now worried about her sister. Although she was only two years older than Lisa, she still considered her the baby of the family. Knowing that Lisa would never do those things on the tape without good reason, she wondered what in the world had happened. Having tried to call Lisa at home, and getting no answer, she had even tried to call her husband Brian at work. The person on the other end told her that he was out of town on a business trip. Her concerns deepened, as she anxiously awaited for her flight.

Chapter 11: Lisa's Sister Gets Dragged into It

Brian arrived Tuesday morning, and was surprised to have been met at the airport by Mike. Mike began to explain to him, that he was there because he was being given an opportunity to "win" Lisa back, as he explained it. Brian tried to get more information from Mike, as they headed to the meeting, but Mike remained silent, not telling his friend anything more.

Carl stood at the airport terminal, dressed in a fine suit and tie. Holding up a sign saying, "Terri Daniels", having never seen Lisa's older sister, except in one of Brian and Lisa's marriage photos, so he didn't really know what she looked like now. When he saw the beautiful redhead approaching him, his jaw dropped open. She stood over six feet tall, with long, wavy, fiery red hair, but had a paler complexion than Lisa. She had a killer body, with her measurement's being 38-28-36. Her large, firm, well-rounded breasts had to be 'D's' for sure, and she had really long, shapely legs. Dressed in a stylish business jacket and a short skirt, she was a knock out. Carl's prick started to get hard, as he thought to himself, "Damn, she'd go for his long, thick cock, for sure!"

Terri approached the driver, who stood staring at her, as she walked up to him, knowing that he liked what he saw. She was proud of her body, especially her tits. She had joked with her girlfriends back in New York many times, that God had given her long legs and a tight little ass, but she had to buy her own boobs. Proud of her 38-D chest, having had a boob job when she was just twenty- one, and just out of college. They had been an important part of her career, as she had found out early on, that most men went gaga over them. She had used her body to get her the things that she had wanted, while charming her way into more than one promotion at work, just by getting a little friendly with her bosses.

She wasn't troubled by using this tactic, as she saw it as way to better herself. After all, the men used the good ol' boy system, whereby they went out drinking and carousing, and using their old school and/or fraternity associations. She didn't have those connections, and the men didn't want her as their drinking buddy, so she had to use what she had at her disposal, her phenomenal body, and sleep her way to the top. In her mind, there was no difference and she always felt that she deserved her promotions, no matter how she had gotten them.

Telling the driver that she was Terri Daniels, he took her bags, and began to lead her to the limousine. As she slipped into the back of limo, she didn't have time to say anything, as Ron slipped in behind her, sitting on the rear facing seat, that faced her. The door closed behind him, and Ron introduced himself to her. Carl put the bags into the trunk, got in, and began to drive away.

As they were being driven to the meeting, Ron told Terri everything. How his sister, Danielle, had been so enraged by Terri's infidelity, with her husband, that she had concocted this whole scheme to get back at Terri. Listening to him Terri found it difficult to believe that anyone would have put another innocent human being through so much, simply to get back at someone else close to them. Listening to the details of what Lisa and Brian would suffer, if either failed to comply with his sister's demands. He then told her how Andy had taken advantage of his good fortune, and independently blackmailed Lisa into becoming his slave as well. Shocked and appalled by the cruelty that her sister had been exposed to, Terri asked what she had to do to free her innocent sister. Ron told her that she would be given a chance to win her sister's freedom. Terri then asked him what he meant by that, and he said you'll see, pointing out the window, as they pulled into the long drive of a home out in the middle of nowhere.

As Terri, Ron, and Carl walked into the house, she followed him into a large room off the entry way, while Carl carried her bags upstairs. Entering the room, she noticed the poker table, with four chairs placed around it, and then looking over to the other side of the room, she saw three men and a women standing there, silently awaiting her arrival.

Not recognizing Mrs. Danielle Kelly, she stood and listened, while Danielle spoke. "Hello Terri. Welcome to my personal hell." Danielle said. "You are the reason this has all happened. After I caught you with my husband, my life has never been the same again. I've been unable to trust him, and be intimate with him again, because of you. Because you seduced him, and ruined my marriage. James has never been able to make love to me, since that night I caught the two of you together. He is a shell of the man that he once was, because of you."

"Look, I'm sorry for everything that I did..." Terri began to apologize, when she was cut off.

"Don't tell me your sorry! I've seen what you've done! You whore! You have slept with anyone who could help you out, and not given a second thought to the consequences of what you've done. Well now, you know the consequences. Lisa has lived the consequences." She said, as Lisa was brought in, her hands bound behind her back, a ball gag in her mouth, and a collar around her neck.

She was being pulled along on a leash, connected to her collar, and was totally naked, exposed for all to see. Brian stepped up immediately, noticing the physical changes that they had done to his wife and loudly demanded, "What the hell have you done to her!!!"

"Shut up!" Danielle snapped back at him, "You don't have a say in anything anymore. I'll have your ass thrown in prison, where you'll be gang raped by every man there, you wimp."

Brian started to remove Lisa's gag, as Danielle ordered, "Leave it in, she no longer has a say either."

"What do you want?" Terri asked Danielle.

"I want to play a game with you BITCH!" Danielle spat at her.

"What kind of game?" Terri shot back

"A game for your sister's freedom, which has been taken away from her because of you." Danielle replied angrily.

"Okay. What did you have in mind Mrs. Kelly?"

Danielle grinned, and said, "I propose a single hand of poker, five card draw, jokers' wild, winner take all. You, Ron, Andy, and, I'll give you Brian over there, to give you a 50/50 shot at winning. If either you or Brian wins, then Lisa and he are free, and Andy and I will give you everything that we've got on them. However, if Andy wins, I give him what I've got on them, and he can do with them, and you, how he pleases, and to do with as he pleases, for as long as he wants. The same thing goes if Ron wins, then Andy gives me what he's got on her, and walks away with nothing, and you become my slave."

As Terri thought over Danielle's offer, looking at her helpless little sister, and knowing that they would do even worse to her, if she lost.

Danielle turned to Andy and said, "Well what do you say Andy, go for it, and you could get it all, both sisters to do with as you please, but if you lose you lose it all."

Looking Terri over again, just for fun, Andy replied, "Hell yes! Count me in! I want some of that!"

Looking right at Terri again, Danielle said, "Well, what do you say Terri?"

"Why would I agree to this?" Terri asked, out loud.

"Because if you don't, I'll turn your little sister over there into the biggest cum bucket slut in the country. I'll see to it that tapes of her are the biggest sellers on the Internet. Hell, I'll give them away, just to make sure. In short, you're the only chance your little sister's got." Danielle told her.

Looking into her sister's eyes, Terri knew she that had no choice, she just had to try to save her. "Okay, I'll do it, but no matter what, you let Lisa go, I mean I'm the one you're after, right?" Terri said forcefully.

"I don't think so! This is a one time offer! Take it, or leave it, and if you leave, you leave your sister with me!" Danielle told her.

Having tried to secure Lisa's freedom and failed, she saw no other alternative than to play along. She took a deep sigh, and said. "Alright, it's a deal."

"Good!" Danielle said, delighted at having entrapped her nemesis, motioning them over to the table and warning Terri, "If you try to get out of this, I'll..."

Cutting her off, Terri said, "I understand." Fully aware of what would happen to her sister, if she didn't do as she had agreed to, if she lost the game.

As they sat down at the table, Danielle handed Terri a new, unopened pack of cards and said, "I'll let you shuffle and deal, just so that you don't complain that it wasn't fair."

As Danielle walked behind Ron followed by Carl and Mike, Lisa stood behind Terri, as she began to shuffle the deck. As Terri began to deal the cards, the room was totally silent. After all of the cards were dealt, Terri placed the deck in the middle of the table, and reluctantly looked at her cards and realized that she didn't have much. Deciding to keep her highest two cards, the jack and queen of hearts.

Terri looked to Brian, and asked, "How many cards do you want?"

He replied, "Two."

Then she asked Ron, who also took two, and finally Andy, who took two as well.

Terri told them, "Dealer takes three."

She picked up her cards, and was relieved to see she that she had gotten a 3, 6, and 8 of hearts, giving her a flush. Looking around the table, as everyone else looked over their cards, it was tough to read what they had, not giving away anything with their faces.

Lisa looked over her sister's shoulder, saw her cards, and become hopeful that it was enough to win. Thinking that she might be set free, she felt a great relief, as her heart began to beat faster, waiting for the outcome of the hand.

Taking note that everyone had finished arranging their hands, Ron looked at Terri and said, "Ladies first."

Dropping her cards to the table, face up to show them, she proclaimed confidently, "I've got a flush!" The next to speak was Andy, throwing his cards on the table, cursing "God Damn It! I just have two pair!" Knowing that he'd been beaten, Brian said, "Sorry I've only got a pair." Terri then turned to look at Ron, and held her breath as he laid down his cards down.

Lisa's heart stopped upon seeing the cards that Ron laid down on the table. Terri lowered her head, unable to look at the others in the room. Brian seeing Ron's winning hand, began to weep, knowing that his wife had lost this one, and probably only chance at freedom, was now doomed to do any and all of Danielle's sick perverted demands.

Mike and Carl complimented Ron on his winning hand, as they stood admiring his Royal Flush. While the three men laughed and joked about the hand, Danielle told Andy, "I expect everything that you've got on my slave, will be at Ron's house, by 7:00 tonight. Oh, and if you try anything Andy, I'll see to it that the girls aren't the only ones walking bow legged."

Knowing that she meant every word of her threat, he assured her that he would give her everything that he had ever collected on poor Lisa. Being told that he was excused, he left, knowing that he had just lost a once in a lifetime opportunity. Brian was given the keys to Lisa's car, and was told that he was late for work.

Now having seen Andy and Brian out, Danielle returned to the room, carrying a piece of paper, an envelope and a pen. Placing the paper in front of Terri, she ordered her to "Sign the paper, slave."

Terri who had been sitting there sobbing with her head down ever since she saw Ron's hand, was still unsure how it could have happened, not wanting to believe what this meant. Oblivious to what was going on around her, she was brought back to the here and now, when Danielle began tapping the paper on the table. Looking down, she saw that the devilish women had just placed her letter of resignation in front of her. Terri finally looked up at Danielle, and started to say something, when Danielle hissed, "Don't! Just sign the paper! Do it for your sister's sake or..." She said looking over to the fireplace.

Terri found that she was unable to do as she had been ordered, and just sat there crying. Angered by Terri's refusal to comply with her demands, Danielle turned and told Carl to light the fireplace. She then asked Ron to get a wire hanger from the closet. Danielle walked over, grabbed Lisa's leash and pulled her over to the table. Forcing Lisa to bend, face first, over the table and told Mike to hold her down. Danielle took the hanger from Ron, and began to bend it and shape it. Finished having made the make-shift branding iron she walked over to the fire place, and placing the wire into the flame.

Terri was aware of what was going on in front her, but was unable to speak or move. She watched as her sister was bent over the table, in front of her, with her head facing her and her eyes pleading with her to put an end to this. Danielle removed the wire branding iron, holding it up to show them the red hot metal. As she held it just inches from Lisa's ass, and only a foot and a half from Terri's face, she offered Terri another chance, to prevent her sister's from getting branded.

"Well Terri, are you ready to sign yet?" Danielle asked her.

Hearing no response from Terri she moved the hanger closer to Lisa's ass. Feeling the heat coming closer to her back side, Lisa began to struggle under Mike's tight hold. Seeing the fear and pain in her sister's eyes, she realized that she had to sign the paper. Danielle watched triumphantly, as Terri lifted her hand and signed the paper, as Carl and Ron moved around behind the defeated girl. As Terri dropped the pen onto the table, having reluctantly signed the paper, she saw the evil grin form on Danielle's face. Having gotten what she wanted, Danielle then lowered the burning medal wire onto Lisa's ass anyway. As the pain shot through her body, Lisa flailed wildly on the table, making it difficult for Mike, who had his hand on her back while pushing her into the table, and using his legs, to hold her in place.

Watching her sister being branded in front of her, Terri began to stand up ready to stop Danielle's assault on Lisa. As she stood, her arms were grabbed on either side by Carl and Ron, and she was pulled away from the table. Hearing her sister's gagged screams of pain Terri began to scream "Stop! Stop It! I signed the paper. Leave her alone!" she yelled as Danielle held the scorching hot wire to Lisa's tortured ass, burning a 'D' into her flesh.

Finally removing the now cooling wire from Lisa's ass, she said "Bring her over here."

Looking at Terri as she turned and walked to the fireplace, and again placed the wire into the flames, she said, "Get her ready!"

Mike pushed the sobbing Lisa from the table onto the floor. Terri found herself bent over the table, as Ron and Carl held her arms apart, and down on the table, Mike put his leg across hers, as they hung over the table, and lifted her short skirt up, revealing her G-sting and her garter belt, holding up her stockings.

Pulling the wire from the flame, Danielle brought it into Terri's view. Seeing the red hot metal, Terri began to plead with her, as she vainly struggled to get away. Lying on the ground in pain from her own branding, Lisa just lay there crying into her gag, arms bound behind her. Hearing her older sister pleading with the men to release her, as Danielle began to push the wire brand into her pale skin. Lisa wanting to help her sister, began to get up, but was shoved away by Carl. As she fell down, she saw Terri's head jerk up, and heard her loud, agonizing scream escape. She looked at the faces of the men and Danielle, as they laughed at Terri's cries.

Tossing the hanger branding iron into the fire place, Danielle reached down to the table, picking up the signed piece of paper, folding it, and placing it into the envelope, then said to the men "Now you boys have fun with her. And remember you "can't" possibly be too rough on these cunts." As Danielle walked into the foyer, and then out the front door, the two sisters saw Scott and his men walk into the house, carrying their equipment.

The girls where left there crying in pain, as the film crew set up and Ron, Carl and Mike went to the kitchen to get some beer. The guys returned in twenty minutes or so, laughing and joking amongst themselves. The two sisters had huddled next to each other crying, as Terri held Lisa's nude body in her arms, trying to comfort her little sister. Having finished setting up the cameras, lights and microphones, the three men were told to start anytime they wanted. Mike walked over and grabbed Lisa's leash, dragging her over to the couch. He bent her over the side, her ass up in the air, facing the poker table. Terri was pulled to her feet, and as Carl and Ron stepped away, she was told to strip down to her bra and panty's. Terri looked around the room, and saw that there was no way out, being shown what was to come, as she watched Mike, who was standing behind Lisa, drop his pants, and step up to her rear end.

Lisa felt Mike move in behind her, and expected him to invade her at any moment, but she was struck by an excruciating pain, as Mike slapped her directly on her newly branded ass, loving the sight of her gyrating body, as he tortured the lovely bound girl. Unable to resist any longer, he drove his cock into her cunt.

As Lisa laid there, bent over and sobbing from Mike's cruelty, she watched helplessly, as Terri was forced to strip down to her underwear. Having taken off her jacket and blouse, she noticed that Carl was removing his clothes in front of her, as Terri slid her short skirt over her hips, and let it fall to the ground. Now standing there wearing only her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and high heeled shoes, she looked back at her little sister, as she started to undo her hose from her garter belt.

"Hey leave that on!" Ron commanded her.

Carl stepped up in front of Terri, and forced her to her knees in front of him.

"Suck it honey!" he ordered her, slapping her face with his dick.

Being an old pro at this, Terri took him into her mouth, almost without giving it a second thought, and began to suck his prick. Lisa, still being pounded from behind by Mike, watched as Terri began to suck off Carl, while Ron, standing behind her, began to undress. Lisa watched the action in front of her, when she noticed Ron pull five poker cards out of his shirt sleeve, and threw them on the table. Lisa now realized that her sister had been cheated, and began to flail around under Mike's pounding, trying to yell that they had been cheated, to her sister through her ball gag.

Terri saw Lisa bucking and fighting the man who was fucking her, but thought that the man must have had a very large dick, and was hurting her as he pounded it home. She didn't know that her sister had been trying to tell her, of the men's deception. Terri continued sucking on Carl's cock, hoping that Lisa would be alright.

His dick was hard and ready for more, so Carl grabbed a handful of Terri's hair, pulling her up and placing her on her back, on the table. He reached between the redhead's thighs, grabbed a handful of her panties and pussy hair, and yanked both free, causing Terri to cry out in pain. Carl, holding up his prize announced, "Look, she's a natural red head!" laughing, as he tossed her panties to the side. Lining his cock up with her cunt, he rammed it into her in a brutal thrust. As she threw her head back and screamed, Ron shoved his cock into her open mouth, muffling her screams. As she lay there on the table, being thrust into by both men, she tried to hold herself steady, feeling like she was about to fall off of the side of the table, as the two men pleasured themselves inside of her.

Having exhausted herself trying to tell Terri of the deception, Lisa hardly bucked, as Mike, having already cum in her pussy once, was working himself stiff again inside of her. He pulled his dick free of her sloppy cunt, and spread the cheeks of her ass apart, as he viciously drove into her butt.

Carl after finishing up shooting his spunk into her snatch, stepped away from Terri to admire the incredible body, of the women that he had just enjoyed. He then walked over and had a seat on the couch, next to Lisa's head, while Mike was pounding away in her ass.

Ron pulled his dick from the Terri's gagging mouth, flipped her over, and pushed her further up on the table. He grabbed her bra from behind, and ripped it off of her. She was laying her face down on the poker table, her cheek pressing against the cards, which were now scattered all over the table, totally unaware that the hand Ron had been originally dealt, was the one that she was pressing her face against. Having no idea that Ron had opened the pack of cards, and picked his winning hand before resealing it.

As he sat on the couch, Carl began to pat Lisa on her head, while Mike continued fucking her in the ass. As she lay there, bent over the table, Ron kicked Terri's legs apart, spread her ass cheeks apart, shoved his prick into her ass, and began to pump in and out feverishly. After establishing a rhythm, in her virgin ass, he reached forward, grabbed a hand full of her red hair, and pulled her head back up off of the table.

A cameraman man repositioned himself, to get a shot of Terri's face, screwed up in pain, as it was pulled off of the table, by his yanking on her hair. Contorted in pain, from the hair pulling, plus having a man's cock in her ass for the first time, she was grunting and moaning in pain. Zooming in to capture her face, he zoomed in on the poker card stuck to her cheek, it was a joker.

Scott sat there admiring the sights as he watched the two sisters taking it in their asses at the same time. The action continued for over ten minutes before each man had dumped their loads into the sisters' rectums. Pushing Lisa to the floor after finishing with her, Mike then pulled his pants back on and took a seat on the couch next to Carl.

Ron, after pumping a load into Terri, stepped away from her, walked over to Lisa, picked up her leash, led her over to the table, and bent her over it, right next to Terri. Now with both women's asses hanging off of the table, he motioned one of the cameramen over, making sure that he filmed the two sisters bent over the table, and pointed out the 'D', branded onto each of their asses. He then sat down on the couch with his friends.

After catching his breath, he spoke up, after telling Scott to shut off the cameras for a minute. "Terri. Get up. I need to talk to you."

Terri began to pull herself off of the table. She had been with many men, and had tried all kinds of things to keep those men happy, but she had never allowed anyone to use her ass before now. As she started to stand up, she was shocked at just how sore her anus was now. She pulled the card off of her cheek, as she turned to face Ron. She looked exhausted. Lisa still hadn't moved from the table, since Ron had laid her down on it.

"Okay I got a couple of choices for you to make here. Scott has an order for another bestiality tape. But there is a couple of ways we can do it." he paused, looking around the room, as the film crew began to pack up their stuff, to move on to the next location. "We know that your sister here, is used to the pleasures of the Animal Kingdom, thanks to Andy." pausing again as the men in the room laughed, "But Scott's been looking for a red head for the film. So, I could either let him use your sister Lisa, and let her old friend "Bull" see if he can work his tool into her ass. Or..." pausing again for effects, as one of the film crew opened the curtains. Looking outside, she saw the full grown stallion standing out in the coral. "That's Bull by the way. Or you can fuck him, as eagerly as you would with your favorite lover..." He stopped again, and shook his head, "No, never mind. I'll just tell Scott to let "Bull" rip Lisa a new one. I hope she won't be too injured." He said.

The statement was enough to draw new protests from Lisa, as she lifted herself off of the table, and began to grunt out her objections, though muffled by her gag.

Terri knowing that it would cause permanent damage to her little sister, and she didn't want that to happen, asked, "Or what? What do you want me to do?" not really wanting to hear his answer.

"Well, in order to spare her ass from "Bull's" piece of timber, this is what you'll have to do." Ron said, motioning to the door, as a large Irish Terrier was brought into the room, "You'll have to get it on this red head."

"You can't be serious, I would never have sex with that thing!" she exclaimed, disgusted by the very thought, but having forgotten the alternative.

"That's fine, I'll bet that Lisa will be out of the hospital in a couple of months." he replied, as he nodded his head.

A member of the film crew took Lisa's leash, and began to pull on it. She was terrified by the thought of what they wanted to do to her, began to pull wildly the other way, fighting for her freedom.

Terri watched her baby sister's struggles, and was again faced with the knowledge that she had to save her. "Alright, I'll do it all. Just leave her alone." she said defeated.

"Okay Terri, but you better go in there and make me believe that you want that dog's dick in your cunt. If you don't do a convincing job, then Bull will. You do understand, don't you?" Ron advised.

Taking a deep breath, she replied "Yes, I got it."

Lisa was escorted into the other room, while a woman came into the room, and began to do Terri's make-up and hair. As she was being prepared for her starring roll, Scott went through exactly what was expected from her. Finally ready, and acknowledging that she understood what to do, she was taken into the other room. As a final check was done on the lighting, she looked around and saw the many people in the room with her. There must have been a dozen men, not counting Ron, his buddies and the film crew. Lisa was sitting on the couch between Mike and Carl. Carl had his finger in her cum filled cunt, while Mike played with her tits, but Terri was having a hard time seeing them, as they were sitting behind the lights.

Terri began the most degrading night of her life, at least up to that point. She started out by standing in the middle of the well lit room, only wearing her garter belt, stockings and high heeled shoes. She called to her co-star, as Scott had instructed. "Buddy, Buddy come here boy." When he got to her, she got down on her knees, and gave him an open mouthed kiss on his snout.

As Mike watched the scene in front of him, he leaned over in front of Lisa and whispered to Carl "Shit, after watching this, I may not want to fuck her."

Carl leaned back over and whispered, "Well you just screwed Lisa, and she's been with worse, and I didn't hear you complaining any."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, but damn, at least Lisa didn't beg for it, like her sister is." Mike responded.

"Yeah, but once we get this on tape, we'll have as much leverage over Terri, as we do now on Lisa."

Lisa having heard the exchange between the men, understood their plan, and knew that she had to stop Terri. Lisa lounged forward, and diving out to get to her sister, knocked over a light, and bumped into one of the cameramen, before tripping on a cable and falling to the floor.

Watching the commotion off camera, and then seeing the light get knocked over, angered Scott and he yelled, "CUT! What the fuck is her problem?"

"I don't know, maybe she's jealous her sister getting all of the attention." Ron replied, pulling Lisa to her feet.

"Well get her the fuck out of here, will you." Scott told him. The light was picked up and put back into its place, as Lisa was drug, kicking and grunting, out of the room.

The last thing that she heard, as she was pulled away, was Scott saying "Okay Terri, start over from the beginning, and make me believe. Ready... Action!"

Chapter 12: Lisa Gets Anxious Over Terri's Disappearance

Ron led Lisa from the room, out to the limo and threw her into the back, still gagged, bound and naked. He left, but returned just minutes later with a hood, and placed the hood over her head, so that she couldn't see where he was taking her. He then got in, and drove her back to her house. He took her into the house, pulling on her leash, as he led her across the yard. Once inside of the house, he pushed her down onto the couch, still bound and gagged. He reached down, grabbing her legs, and spread them wide apart, before thrusting his swelling prick into her. After dumping a load of cum into her, he got up, dressed and left, leaving her still bound and gagged, and with the hood still blinding her, so that she didn't even know where she was.

As the day drug on, she had slipped off of the couch, and was now lying on the floor. Unable to hold her bladder off any longer, she wet herself. Brian returned home late, having been forced to work until after seven o'clock. As he walked into the dark house, he heard a muffled cry. Turning on the living room lights, he found her curled up, hooded, bound, and gagged, lying on the floor, not far from her own excrement.

As Brian pulled his wife to her feet, he pulled the hood off of her face, and removed her gag. He stood behind her, and began to untie her hands, when he noticed the 'D' that had been burnt deep into her ass by the sizzling branding iron. As he began to question his wife about what had happened to her, she just stood there silently, her eyes trying to adjust to the lights, while she tried to get her mouth to move, after having been gagged for over twelve hours. Seeing his wife's enlarged, puffy lips, now cracked and bleeding, having gotten overly dry and brittle, he rushed into the kitchen, and returned with a glass of water. Parched and close to dehydrated, Lisa slowly began to sip the water, not able to take too much at a time.

Finally able to speak, she told told him of what she had seen and heard after the poker game this morning. Ron's cheating, their plan to ensnare and blackmail Terri, as they had Lisa. Determined to make sure that neither sister could live a normal life again.

Lisa and Brian sat there for the rest of the evening, trying to figure out how to help Terri and themselves, but were unable to find a solution. So Ron cheated, so that they would have a tape of Terri begging for, and having sex with a dog. Even with this knowledge, it was already too late. They had their tape against Terri now, and already had plenty against both Brian and Lisa.

Lisa spent the next two weeks thinking of Terri. Not hearing from her sister, Danielle or anyone else of that group, for that matter. Lisa spent each day afraid that the phone that she had been given would ring, or that Brian would return with some piece of bad news, like before. Relieved, as each day passed without anyone calling on her, to further her degradation. Yet deeply troubled not having heard from her sister, and still not knowing of Terri's fate.

As the end of the second week passed, Brian was sent out of town on business again. They had changed all of their locks, on all the doors, before he left, unsure anymore, who now had a key to their house. She began to finally feel comfortable at home again, but still didn't allow Brian to touch her.

Then, just two days after Brian had left on his business trip, she received a call on her cell phone. She answered the phone saying, "Hello." There was no response, and after waiting for a little bit, she said, "Hello." again. As there was still no reply, she was ready to hang up, when she heard a cry, a long, muffled cry. The cry of a woman gagged. She had heard the muffled cry, it had a rhythm to it.

"It must be Terri." she thought, and from the rhythm of her cries, she must be getting raped by someone, or something, but she was unsure of which. She then asked, "Terri is that you?" Still there was no answer, just the continued muffled crying. "Terri, are you alright?" she asked, but still no response, just the continued crying of someone coming over the phone, in a rhythm that she recognized as that of a woman being fucked against her will, something she herself had become very familiar with herself, unfortunately. The crying then increased, both in intensity as well as volume, just before the phone went dead.

She sat there shocked, looking at the now silent phone. What were they doing to Terri? Why had they called her? She just had to know, and called to speak to Brian, but she could never catch him in his hotel room. She waited until the next day and tried again, but still no luck. Where could he be, and why wasn't he returning her calls. Worried about her sister, and not knowing where else to turn, she called to speak to Mr. Kelly. Having gotten no answer from Ron or Carl's house, and Mike's number had been disconnected.

She was put on hold, and left there holding on, until the line was dropped on four tries. She saw no other alternative, so she decided to go see him in person. She had to know what was happening to Terri.


James Kelly had gone for over a year without being able to get an erection. He had been impotent ever since the night his wife had caught him with Terri. Danielle had chased him around the house with a knife that night. When she finally got him cornered, she had placed the blade of the knife right on his prick. She rubbed the blade across his cock, and told him what she was going to do to him for cheating on her. She told him that she would cut off his cock and stuff it down his throat, explaining how much she would enjoy it, and that she'd do nothing to help him, as she left him to bleed to death, once removing his cheating prick. He was crying, scared that she would really do it.

She had always been the dominate partner in their relationship. He could take charge of a project, manage an office of over 300 people, and wrap up a ten million dollar business deal, but when it came to Danielle, he had always been a push over, and she had dominated him. He couldn't stand up to her, always having done as she asked.

She had cut his dick that evening, but it wasn't really serious, just nicking the skin to prove a point, but it had been enough to make him lose his sex drive. They hadn't made love since, as his dick hadn't even twitched until that night with Lisa.

That night, as he watched the young wife, bent over the table, being taken against her will, by stranger after stranger, he felt something that he hadn't felt in a long time. Knowing that she was there, and allowing these strangers to fuck her in front of him, just because she believed that's what he wanted, gave him a sense of power over her, which made him hard. Knowing that he could control her, the way he was being controlled by Danielle, his prick had gotten erect that night, as he watched her taken by the men at the restaurant and his cock stayed that way, as he watched her ravaged by the black teens in the alley. He stayed erect right up until Danielle had touched it the next morning. The minute that she touched it, he felt it begin to go limp, and was barely able to orgasm in her mouth, before shriveling up from her touch.

As his attention was drawn to the knock on his door, he snapped out of his day dream, and looked up. His secretary, an elderly woman in her sixties, was standing in the door way.

"Yes Alice" he said in his commanding voice.

"There's a young women here to see you. It's Brian Brennan's wife sir."

As he sat there shocked, Alice came into his office. He knew he couldn't see her and said, "Tell her I'm in a meeting."

"I did sir. She says it's an emergency, and she has to see you."

Knowing that he couldn't stop his desires, if he saw her again, and not wanting to tempt fate, he said, "I don't care, and I don't have time for this. Get her out of here Alice."

As the older women turned, and began to close the door, Lisa tried to bolt past her into Mr. Kelly's office. Alice grabbed her and tried to hold her back as she closed her boss's door.

"Oh Please Master. I have to talk to you! Just give me a minute." Lisa cried, struggling to get past his secretary. Hearing her hopeless voice calling him Master, and seeing the pleading in her eyes, he knew that he had to see her.


"I'm sorry sir, I told her to have a seat. I..."

"That's okay Alice let her in and close the door please. Hold all of my calls." He calmly said, having made up his mind.

As Lisa sat down on the couch in his office, James' dick twitched. Here she was, and he had total control over her. His feeling of power and manliness welled up inside of him. His dominance over the young lady unquestioned.

As the door closed, Lisa began, "Master, I have to know what happened to Terri. I got a call and no one was there, but in the background, I could here a muffled cry. I just have to know if she's OK and what Danielle has done to her." and then she began to cry.

James sat back in his chair, unsure of how to answer her question. Deciding that no answer would sound better than the truth, he told her, "Danielle chartered a jet, and flew down to Mexico with Terri, Ron, Mike and Carl. The next day she called, and had me send Brian there on a business trip, to join them. I haven't seen or heard from any of them since they left."

Lisa sat there stunned, not sure what else to say, or ask. Looking at the girl, and the blank stare on her face he prodded her on. "Any other questions slave?"

Now having some time to ponder his answer, she asked, "What are they doing in Mexico?"

James smiled broadly and said, "Well I am afraid that my wife doesn't keep me in the loop on the specifics, but I do know that Brian insisted on joining them, and had wanted to go all along. It took Danielle an extra day, before she agreed to let him join their little party."

Lisa was stunned by this news. Why would Brian have insisted on going with them? Did he feel the need to protect Terri? Did he know something he hadn't told her?

Mr. Kelly could no longer resist. He stood up from his desk, a tent in his pants and walked over to the door, turning the knob and locking the door. Lisa, hearing the click of the lock, suddenly began to think that this might not have been such a good idea. As he approached his prey, he saw the fear in her eyes, and knew that it was well placed.

He stood over her and said, "Slave, I want to see you naked." Lisa sat there looking up at him, not making a move. "Now Slave! Take your clothes off."

She knew that she had to obey him, and began to undress. He was relieved that she had done as he had told her, not knowing what he would have actually done if she had refused. He stood there watching her remove her clothes. As she slid her panties down her legs, he held his hand out, gesturing for her to put them in his hand. As she placed her panties in her master's hands, she noticed the small wet spot forming in his pants. Seeing her gaze on his cock, he ordered her to, "Take it out slave."

Lisa began to unbutton his trousers. As she unzipped his pants, he reached out and touched her face, running his finger over her enlarged lips and across her cheeks. As she lowered his pants, and pulled his underwear down, she saw his cock for the first time. After all her experiences with men, she found his cock rather small and lacking thickness. There was also a funny scar across the top of his shaft. As she examined her master's pitiful tool, a smirk came across her face. Seeing her expression, as she looked at his prick, James got angry and yelled, "Slut!" as he slapped her across her face. The blow knocking her off of the couch and onto the floor.

Furious by her reaction, he grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her to her feet. He slapped her again, harder than the first time. As she fell to the floor again, he grabbed the phone from the table next to the couch, and pulled the cord out of the wall. Taking the phone cord, he wrapped it around her neck twice, and then began to pull her to her feet.

As he placed the cord around her neck, Lisa feared for her life, and began to scream, afraid that he would kill her right there, right then. As he tightened his grip on the cord, she tried to get away from him, for which she received a knee to the stomach, knocking the air out of her for her trouble. Falling to the floor from the blow, she felt her life being squeezed out of her body.

James stood over his slave, content to choke the bitch to death. He had never struck a woman before today, however, he had felt humiliated and ashamed when this little slut smirked at him, after seeing his prick. Who the hell did she think she was? He had seen her with... well anyway, who was she to look at him like that?

As he watched her eyes flutter, and her screams weakened, he realized that he had no choice but to release her. Not troubled by her screams, he had gotten his office sound proofed years ago. That allowed him to scold his employees in total privacy, but he had never dreamed of doing anything like this to anyone, except maybe Danielle, his bitch of a wife, who had treated him so badly for so many years.

As he loosened his grip on the cord, she began to suck in the air, trying to refill her deprived lungs. His cock was stiffer now than he could ever remember it being his whole life. He dragged her onto the couch and pulled her ass over the arm. He gazed down to see the 'D' branded into her burnt flesh. After over two weeks, it still looked fresh. She had refused to seek medical attention, even though it may have been infected, because she was so ashamed of it.

Deciding the better of it, he flipped his slave over still holding onto the phone cord. Looking down at her panties, that he still held in his other hand he shoved them into her gasping mouth. Taking his now free hand, he threw one of her legs away from her body, and glared down at her still hairless cunt.

Feeling his power over her again, he stepped up to her and drove his cock deep into her pussy. Basking in his feeling of power, he lifted his head up in victory. As his gaze rose, he saw the picture of his wife Danielle on the wall staring at him. Her eyes piercing through him from the photograph, and he froze. His erection fell, as he stared back at the photo of his evil wife.

Lisa's eyes opened, looking at her attacker, as his now limp cock slipped from her pussy. Unsure of what had happened, but knowing that he had only thrust into her once, and didn't leave his seed.

She looked at her master, unsure as to what to do. He stepped away from her yelling, "Get out! Get out of here!"

Lisa was shocked by this turn of events, as she quickly pulled her blouse and pants back on, not even bothering to take her panties out of her mouth, or untangling the phone cord from her neck. As she hurriedly put on her clothes, he said, "Meet me at Danielle's play house tonight at six, you've got the address bitch."

She grabbed her bra from the floor and pulled the panties out of her mouth, as she unlocked the door, and left his office. The phone cord still dangling from her neck, with red welts now forming where he had choked her with it. She hurried out of the office, trying to stuff her bra and panties into her pocket, not looking up at any of the men or women, as she scurried from the building.

James Kelly sat behind his desk, humiliated and ashamed. Even when she was a thousand miles away, somehow his wife still was able to control him. Thinking back on what had just happened, he vowed to have Lisa, no matter what.

Knowing that he would need help, he called the restaurant that Danielle had made him take Lisa to before. He tried as best as he could to make a special arrangement, like he had gotten before. The man on the other end seemed clueless, and Mr. Kelly was unable to come out and say exactly what he was looking for, to get his date gang raped by the patrons like before. He hung up the phone, never having made a reservation.

James sat there contemplating his options for twenty minutes, when it hit him. He pulled out his wallet, and took Scott's business card from it. Scott had given him the card that night in the alley, while Lisa was being raped by the street punks. he dialed the number and waited. When the phone was picked up, it was a machine. "Hello, this is Scott's Custom Productions. Currently we're out doing a shoot out of town, but should be back in 6 to 8 weeks. Leave your message at the beep.

"Damned!" he thought. He now didn't know who to turn to. Danielle had set up everything before now, he had tried to stay totally uninvolved. He popped in the tape from that first night at the play house. As he watched Andy tying Lisa to the table, he saw his opportunity.

It was 4:05 when he asked his secretary to find Andy's parents phone number. He was able to give her the boy's last name, and the street that he should be on. She seemed confused by his request, but knowing better than to question her boss, she quickly found the number for him.

He dialed Andy's parent's house and waited for it to be picked up. Questioning his own decision to bring the boy back into it, but not knowing where to else to turn. Andy answered the phone on the fourth ring sounding winded, "Yea, hello."

James waiting a few seconds replied "Hello Andy. This is James Kelly, perhaps you remember me."

"Look dude, if this is about the videos on e-bay, I stopped selling them when your wife told me to stop. I don't know who's selling the custom videos. I thought that it must have been you guys." Andy stammered out, obviously worried about what Danielle would do to him.

"What? No this is not about the videos. I would like to make you an offer. You showed great promise in how you used Lisa. I would like to see what you could throw together for her again." he told the boy.

"Really dude? That's awesome! I've really missed,... well you know." he replied.

"Yes, I know. How about you be at my wife's place at 6:30 tonight? Could you keep it simple. I know this is a last minute thing." James said to the kid.

"Sure, I got a great idea." Andy replied.

As Lisa walked into her house, cursing herself. Why had she gone to the office? She know new only a little more than she did when she had left. Except now, she had attracted Mr. Kelly's attention again, and had to submit to more abuse. She looked at the time, and knew that she had to get ready. After showering and putting on her make-up she went to the closet to find something to wear. She no longer had the gowns Mr. Kelly had sent her in the past, and had thrown out must of her own more revealing clothing. Not sure what he expected from her, she flipped through the clothes on the hangers.

She then saw it, as she glanced down while looking through her remaining clothes. On the floor, in the back of the closet, she found a dry cleaning bag hanging over a hanger. Curious, she picked it up and took it to the bed. Removing the bag from the hanger, she saw that it was her skirt and top from the first poker game. She knew that Brian must have had it cleaned, and hid it from her. In a fit of rage, she picked up the clothes and threw them in the trash can, thinking that she never wanted to wear that outfit ever again.

She returned to the closet, and spent thirty minutes trying to find something that she thought would satisfy Mr. Kelly, not wanting to anger him. She gave up, as she had thrown away everything that was the least bit sexy. She walked back into the bedroom, and glanced at the time. "Shit! I'm going to be late!" she thought, and knew that she had to hurry up. Not seeing anything else, she grabbed the clothes that she had just thrown away, from the trash, and put them on. Looking at herself in the mirror, before she left, and she was horrified. Her once tight t-shirt was now too small for her enlarged breasts, and were busting out of the low cut top. Even with her pouty lips, and her hair a different color and style, she saw herself as the slut that they had made her into.

She got there three minutes late, and was fearful of what punishment she would face for her tardiness. As she walked to the house, she saw the for sale sign in the front yard of the home.

She knocked on the door, and heard Mr. Kelly tell her to come in. As she entered, she noticed that the house looked empty, as all the furniture was gone. Mr. Kelly was on his cell phone in the kitchen and he hung up the phone just as she walked in.

They spent the next twenty minutes standing in the kitchen, neither one of them speaking. Lisa stood in the center of the kitchen, while Mr. Kelly leaned against the counter, occasionally walking around her, silently looking over her body. He noted that she had lost several pounds since the first video that he had seen of her, but even as thin as she was now, she still looked incredible. Finally, a knock on the front door broke the awkward silence.

"Get the door slave." He finally said.

She was shocked as she opened the door, and saw Andy standing in front of her. She had felt confident, that after that day with Terri and the poker game, that she would never have to be face to face with him again.

Smiling, Andy said "Hello Lisa. It's so good to see you again."

Lisa stood there speechless, not knowing what to say to the punk.

"What's a matter babe, not happy to see me?" he asked, as her walked by her, carrying a large duffle bag, and a couple of folding chairs. Following Andy into the house, was his father and a couple of Andy's cousins. All of the men carried in chairs, and then a large, folding, round, wooden table was rolled in by none other than their neighbor, Dr. Rosenbloom.

"Well, hello Lisa! My you look like you've lost some weight. I think that maybe we should give you a physical tonight." the good doctor said.

Humiliated again by her young neighbor, she closed the door, as the last of the five men entered the house and following them into the main room, where the men began to set up the tables and chairs. While the others were setting up, Andy and Mr. James had walked over to the corner, and were talking. No one was paying any attention to Lisa.

Laughing, as they walked over to her, Andy said, "Lisa honey, how ironic you wore that outfit. I brought one over just like it, but since yours looks its a little smaller than the one that I brought, we'll go with yours. Now honey, we're going to play some poker, just like that night when you did it with Ron, your husband and their buddies. And just like that night, whoever wins gets the remote, and you have to do whatever they say. You got it honey?"

Looking at her master for approval, she said, "Yes." as she saw him nod his head.

The game began, and Mr. Kelly told Lisa to go get the beer, from the back of the truck out front. She had to make three trips, to bring in all of the beer that the men had brought with them, and placed them in the refrigerator, before returning to the game.

"You silly little bitch, you didn't bring us any! Get everyone a beer, including yourself." her master told her.

She did as she was told, going back into the kitchen and bringing back a beer for everyone. Just as she got back into the room, Andy's cousin Heath had won the round.

"OK, so I guess you have to do what I say, huh?" Heath asked her.

"Yes, that's how it works." Lisa responded sarcastically.

"Damn you got a sharp tongue, hope it don't hurt my dick." he replied, getting a laugh from the others at the table. "First let me ask you, do you remember anything from the night Andy had you dress up like a catholic high school girl? Don't forget you have to tell the truth."

"No, not really. The last thing that I remember was getting into the car." she told him honestly.

"Fuck! I wanted to make sure that you'd remember me. Oh well, I guess I'll have to leave a more lasting impression on you tonight. Now suck my dick."

As the game continued, she kneeled down under the table to suck his cock. He wasn't erect when she had pulled his prick out of his pants, so she tried to jerk him off a little first, to get him hard. Not getting what he had asked for he said "Bitch, I didn't ask for a hand job. Now suck my dick."

She was forced to do as he asked, so she placed his limp dick into her mouth, and began to suck on it, now like an old pro. She had her nose in his thick patch of pubic hair, and it smelled terrible. She began to wonder when was the last time that he had bathed. She had sucked pig's dicks that smelled better than this.

As her whole mind was thinking about the horrible smell, she hadn't noticed how Andy's father had reached under her skirt, and had worked his fingers under her panties. She first noticed the intrusion when he slipped his finger into her bald cunt. She didn't stop giving Heath a blow job, even though she was being fingered from behind, and was unaware that Doug had won the next round.

As she continued sucking Heath's cock, she felt something cold near her ass, and as she looked back, she saw Doug with a beer bottle, as he pulled her panties off. He then placed the mouth of the bottle right up to the opening of her hot, wet pussy. As he slid the bottle into her, she moaned from around the smelly dick in her mouth. The bottle neck filled her with its cold sensations as it was worked in and out of her sex.

Heath finally shot his load into her mouth, just as the round ended. Andy's Father had won the hand. He ordered Lisa, who was now wiping her cum covered face, to get them all more beer. The cold bottle of beer was pulled from her cunt and she went to get the men another beer. When she returned, she handed out the beer to the men. Ted, Andy's father, ordered her to chug a bottle of beer. He told her that if she chugged it in just ten seconds, that he would let her rest the remainder of the round. So she picked up her new bottle of beer, and started to open it.

"No not that one dummy, use the one that was in your cunt." he said, handing her the bottle that they had used in her cunt.

Reluctantly, she took the bottle. When Ted told her go, she began to chug the beer down as fast as she could. As the men counted, while she guzzled the beer. She knew at seven, that she was in trouble, having well over half of the beer still in the bottle. She opened her mouth, and let the beer literally pour into her throat, barely gulping as it went straight down into her stomach. Some splashed onto her face, and dripped down her chin, as the men said ten. She had lost. Ted then ordered her to finish it in one swig and she complied. Ted then told her she could try again handing her the new bottle. She tried again this time letting the beer spill out, down her cheeks and onto her chest.

The cold liquid made her nipples harden instantly, as she chugged it down, but it took her twelve seconds. She had probably swallowed two thirds of it, while spilling the rest. She had gotten so close, but...

"Hey, dad, why don't we give her one more shot at it?" Andy said, pulling out a half pint of Jack Daniels.

"Here, give this a try." Ted said, handing her the bottle, "I'll tell you what if you chug this bottle, you can have the next two rounds off, what do you guys say?"

All the men around the table chimed in that they would agree to those terms. Lisa looked at the bottle, other than an occasional beer, the most she had ever drunk, was a few glasses of wine.

"Okay." she said, opening the bottle.

As Ted said go, she took her first swig, thinking that she might be able to win this time. The hot liquid burned her throat, as it went down. She almost puked, gagging on the liquid, she pulled the bottle away from her mouth. Having sucked down about half the bottle, she tried to calm herself, preparing for her next swig. "Six, Seven, Eight." She brought the bottle to her lips and chugged. The last Drop empting from the bottle as the men said eleven.

"I'm sorry Lisa honey, you lose again. Now take off that wet top." Ted told her.

Lisa began to cry, having worked so hard, only to lose again. She pulled the clinging T-shirt free from her body, while Ted stood and dropped his pants, before sitting back down.

"Come over here sweetie, and sit on ol' Ted's lap, Honey." he ordered her.

As she walked over to him, the men could tell that the alcohol was already having an effect on the small women. As she began to sit down on his lap, he helped her down the rest of the way, guiding her wet cunt over his semi-erect cock. As his dick slipped past her cunt sphincter, the men heard a moan slip from her mouth. He then began to bounce her up and down on his cock, as she continued moaning, as she got more and more aroused from the ride.

It took two more hands for Ted to shoot his load into her. The winner of each hand made her chug another beer, while she continued to ride Ted's cock.

As Ted finished with her, she was thrown up onto the table. The men began to drop their pants, so that they were ready to use her. Lisa, now too drunk to be coherent of her situation, serviced each man as he presented her his cock. For the first round of let's fuck Lisa over, most of them came in her mouth, and for the rest of the night, they mainly thrust their pricks into her ass or cunt. The men, including the doctor, had quickly helped her out of all of her clothes.

As the doctor finished using her, Andy said, "Try this dad." as he lay down on the table, and placed Lisa on top of him, pulling her cunt onto his dick. He then bent her over him and said, "Come on dad, work it into her ass!"

Not needing much encouragement Ted thrust his dick into her butt. Lisa, in a state of drunken awareness, looked down to see Andy fucking her from below. Then, looking over her shoulder, she saw the boy's father plugging her ass from behind. The sick prevision of the situation caused her to begin sobbing again. As the father and son duo finished up, leaving their spunk inside of the helpless woman, they were quickly replaced by Andy's cousins.

As Doug pulled her over, onto his cock, he reached up and placed a clothes pin on her right nipple. The pain seared through her abused, sensitive nipple, and throughout her entire breast, she cried out in pain. As she began to scream in pain, Heath reached up, grabbed a handful of her hair, as he thrust his dick into her ass. While she was being penetrated in both her lower fuck holes by the cousins, Ted and Andy began to apply more clothes pins to her body. The small pinching from each one, was more than she could handle. As the two men continued to place the clothes pins onto her body, Lisa tried to remove some of them, needing to ease the pain. As she reached for the second one, Ted grabbed her arm, and placed a metal handcuff on it. Then grabbing her other arm, he pulled them both behind her back, cuffing them together.

She was now unable to remove any of the clothes pins, and was soon covered with them. They had made circles around her breasts, using the pins. Then they began applying them to her belly, and even on her arms. As she begged for them to stop, the men laughed and mocked her. At one point, Andy even placed a clothes pin on her lips, pinning them closed for a moment, at least.

As the night dragged on for Lisa, all of the men had enjoyed using her body for there pleasure, many times each. All the men that is, except for Mr. Kelly, who sat there content to just watch, while his pet was used by the entire group. He watched her get fucked in every conceivable manner by the men. They used her any way that they felt like, not showing any concern for her comfort or enjoyment.

As the men finished with her, they left her lying on the floor, doubled over in pain, and she eventually passed out from a combination of the pain, exhaustion, and alcohol. The five men then gathered their things, and began to leave. Andy stopping to talk with Mr. Kelly before he left.

As James walked back into the room that Lisa was in, he saw her on the floor covered with semen. The evening of seeing her defiled and used had left him hard and horny. He walked over to her, dropped his pants, and gently pushed her over onto her back, her hands still cuffed behind her.

Feeling her cuffed wrists being pushed into her back, Lisa began to awaken. Looking up, she saw Mr. Kelly, nude from the waist down, standing over her. As he dropped to his knees over her, she could see his erection. Grabbing her hair, he pulled her face up and into his crouch. Knowing what she had to do, she began to suck his dick.

She was lying in a very uncomfortable position, the handcuffs cutting into her wrists and back. She coughed, unable to clear her throat, with his dick inside of her mouth and James felt her teeth scrap his dick. Angry, and fearing that she might bite him, he pulled back, and away from her. As he pulled away, he slapped her hard across her face. Blood began to trickle down her busted open lip and he began to feel his power returning.

Looking at the bleeding girl in front of him, he grabbed her ankles, pushing them back towards her head, and over it. He saw her still puckered anus winking at him, and lined his cock up with it. He took one hand, and slapped her across her tits. The effect was two fold, first it knocked some of the clothes pins off of her breasts, and then it made her scream in pain, as an added bonus.

With his prick now lined up with her nether eye, he thrust into her, once again grabbing her ankles and forcing them both as far apart, and back over her head as he could. Her crying was an immense turn on to him, as he hammered into her butt. He developed a rapid tempo, as he quickly thrust his cock into her ass, and just as quickly yanked it out, but he was unable to keep it up for long, and emptied his jism into her, after only a minute.

As he got up, he looked down at her and smiled. He had done it. There she lay before him, used, abused and tortured, all for his amusement. He felt great, as if he were truly a man again, and he was happy.

As he dressed and prepared to leave, she had slipped back into unconsciousness again. He reached down, and undid the cuffs on her hands before leaving. Taking one last look at his pet, covered in cum, and still with the clothes pins scattered all over her body. He knew he would have her again.

Lisa awoke the next morning a killer head ache. Her body aching, and especially the parts still being pinched by the clothes pins. As she started to pull herself up, she noticed the man sitting in the folding chair in front of her.

She looked at the man wearing the golden blazer, and saw the grin on his face. It was Kevin Jenkins, and she knew that the latest chapter, in her nightmare of a life, was not yet over.

As she began to pull herself up Lisa heard Mr. Jenkins begin to giggle. "Don't get up on my behalf you can service me from down there." She looked up defiantly "I don't think so you old pervert!" she said. "I think you should reconsider if you want your clothes and car keys back bitch."

Lisa looked around not seeing her clothes or purse anywhere in the room. "You son of a bitch! You wore our friend I go shopping with your wife, why would you throw that all away?" Snickering at her he replied "I am not throwing anything away. As I see it we'll just be adding to our friendship. Now, take my dick out and blow me."

Lisa once again resigned, crawled over to him and pulled his member from his trousers and began to blow him. "Good job neighbor." He said as his erection grew under her attentions. Taking both hands he grabbed her head by the hair and began to force her mouth deeper down on his cock gagging her on it roughly.

Now fully erect he pushed her back down on the ground and kicked her legs far apart. He dropped his trousers and then he too dropped to his knees. As he slid his dick deep into her cunt he leaned over her body and began kissing her passionately. As he invaded her mouth with his tongue Lisa put forth no resistance feeling him pounding his cock into her while his hands moved across here sensitive breast.

He made love to her as he would his own wife. Lisa laid thankful for the change in attitude from her assailant. As she felt him gently bite her lower lip she felt his seed empty into her.

As he lifted up he pulled his pants back up and refastened his trousers. Next extending his hand he helped Lisa up from the floor he then guided her over to a small closet under the steps. "Get in," he ordered. "What? No I did as you said let me go." I will but I am showing the house in two minutes so hide in there and be quiet until I'm done."

Doing as she was told she stepped into the small dark closet and waited. While standing in the closet she began quietly removing the clothes pins from her body. She could hear the foot steps moving up and down the stairs and the creeks in the floor as the people walked through the house.

She heard the footsteps stop out side the door and she listened. "I'll see you later Baby." "I think you'll love the house Mrs. Williams I'll get the paper work over to you this afternoon."

After a few moments she heard the rattle as the knob on the door was turned. Grateful she would finally be free to go home she stood smiling as the door was opened. There in front of her was Mr. Jenkins and a short wiry black man presumably Mr. Williams.

"Well thanks for your business I am sure you and the Misses will be most happy with the house. Now here's the bitch I told you about before your wife got here. Remember to have her back by Two." Mr. Jenkins said as he grabbed her by her hair and stuffed a rag in her mouth before applying a layer of duct tape to hold it in.

Not even given a chance to protest Lisa stood there gagged as Mr. Jenkins grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back. Holding her wrist together in on hand he began to wrap the duct tape around her wrist with the other.

Now gagged and bound Lisa was led out to the garage still nude she was forced to climb in the trunk of the old Ford as the trunk was closed on her. She then heard the car start and begin to move. It traveled for over twenty minutes her guess was most of it had been on the highway the old car to noisy for her to hear anything from outside. The car finally stopped she heard a door open and then silence.

She laid in the back of the old Ford for what seemed like hours but was actually only about ten minutes. As she heard the key hit the trunk and turn she looked up wondering what would come next.

The light hit her eyes just as she saw the large black man throw the blanket over her nude body. She felt him lift her up and toss her over his shoulder as he began to carry her up several steps and open a door. As he carried her into a building of some sort she heard the familiar Ding of an elevator and then the sound of the closing doors. The sensation of the elevator climbing the building was exaggerated lying on the mans shoulder as she was. Lisa felt sick and was afraid she would vomit into the rag stuffed in her mouth.

As the ding indicated she was carried from the elevator and into another doorway the thug carrying her accidentally banging her head into the side of the doorway. She was thrown down onto a mattress but still wrapped in the blanket. Her fear now at its worst she began to try to get up from the bed. Seeing the women struggle someone pushed her back down forcefully.

Lisa began to hear the voices and laughter of many men just before she felt the blanket being pulled from her body. Looking up she saw she was surrounded by a dozen or more large and naked black men. She tried to protest and fight them off as they began to grope and grab at her still cum stained body. Her struggles proved fruitless as the men outnumbered her restrained as she was.

Finally as she looked at her attackers helplessly bound at the hands of her black assailants she knew her fate was sealed. As the skinny Blackman she had seen back at the house climbed on the mattress and between her legs she gritted her teeth not willing to accept what she was about to happen to her yet again.

As Jerome prepared to mount the white bitch he told the men gathered around him. "Now this is how you throw a party I hope you other mother fuckers are paying attention to how this shit is done!" with that he drove his cock into her spread legs as she closed her eyes. She felt him enter her and the hands still running over her body.

He was smaller than most of the men she had been forced to fuck, but it didn't make her feel any better. He hadn't taken long maybe three minutes before he shot his stream into her, but he was quickly replaced by another then another.

The experience lasted for hours she was fucked in her ass and cunt, sometimes in tandem when they could manage it. It was a disorganized little party not planned at all she knew it was not meant to have happened. Mr. Kelly would not have allowed this. Would he?

When the men had finished with her they sat around still pinching and groping her exposed body as they drank and smoked their weed. She heard them talk about how much money they could make with a little whore like her on the street and the possibilities of just how to use her. Lisa trembled as they discussed what they would make her do if they "owned her".

Finally the Time had come and she was once again covered and returned to the trunk of the car before being returned to the house. Once she was carried inside she felt her hands freed while she was still wrapped in the blanket. By the time she had worked her way out from under the blanket she found herself laying nude on the kitchen floor in Danielle's play house.

She found her clothes on the kitchen counter along with her purse and keys. She removed the rag from her mouth and began to dress she thankfully drank water from the kitchen faucet thankful to be free again. As she left the house to go out to her car she noticed the sold sign now on the for sale sign in the yard.

She returned home and showered and cleaned herself douching herself twice hoping to clean herself from the events of the last twenty-four hours. As she lay in her bed trying to forget what she had been put through not wanting to think of what horrible disease she might have been exposed to from her black assailants she drifted off into a light sleep.

She was startled as she heard the ringing she quickly woke and began looking for the source of the noise. She found it in her purse it was the cell phone Mr. Kelly had given her. She answered it, Mr. Kelly then instructed her to go to the local sex shop and pick up a list of items he gave her, and he told her to use the credit card he had given her. He then told her to go to a tattoo parlor at 3 p.m. tomorrow an tell them she was there for Danielle's appointment she was next told to go to the apartment he had already given her a key to and wait for him there.

After repeating his instructions back to him she hung up the phone. Lisa was terrified at what laid ahead for her the items he wanted her to pick up. The clothing he ask her to buy. She had to wonder what he would do to her, what he had planned and just how bad it could get.

Chapter 13

Lisa had picked up the items at the sex shop the list included four 18" dildo's a rabbit vibrator, two latex cat suits, a 10" butt plug and she had to blow the clerk before she could leave. She next went to the tattoo parlor as ordered she told the large burly artist she was there for Danielle's appointment. She was drug to the back room and gang raped by over a half dozen biker types for the next hour and a half. When she had serviced the men to there satisfaction she was strapped to the parlors chair and gagged, there her cunt was triple pierced with the rings soldered closed. Her breast where then pierced twice each the studs running through her nipples forming small crosses. Her tongue was given two more studs, and a second ring was placed in the top of her navel to match the one in the bottom of her belly button.

The artist then placed an inking over the crack of her ass never bothering to tell her what it was he had tattooed there. Just when Lisa was sure she couldn't possibly be more disfigured in her experience at the parlor she felt the pinch over her eye. He silently slipped the needle through her brow and followed it immediately by the golden loop.

Lisa hurt in every way possible, she felt more changed physically than she had when her body had been surgically altered. At least then the changes looked more natural they weren't the medal hoops and studs now protruding from every inch of her body. She felt so mutilated and transformed feeling the devilish steel now ordaining her body. She again found herself at the mercy of a strange man as she allowed him to humiliate and mutilate her.

She felt sure she would be released to move onto the apartment and let Mr. Kelly use her even more having now spent three hours in the shop. Finally she heard the massive man tell one his friend "they had to let the bitch get going." As he put it. Relaxing just a little Lisa waited to be freed of her bounds when she heard the razor turn on next to her skull.

They pain caused by the razor was minor compared to the piercing's she had been given, but having the inch long stripe of hair shaved off the side of her head was as humiliating as anything else they had done to her that day.

Finally she was released from her restraints and forced to dress in the latex cat suit before she was sent on her way. She had caught the sight of herself in her mirror as she drove to the next horror awaiting her. She looked like some sort of punk rock groupie slut. With the shaved stripe running down the side of her head, and at some point someone had sprayed a bright pink paint to her hair. She hadn't even noticed it during the torturous three plus hour ordeal.

She arrived at the apartment complex and noticed the police cars and news vans around the front of the building. She slowly drove to the back of the building and tried to enter from the rear. Lisa road the freight elevator to the 5th floor apartment she had been ordered to meet Mr. Kelly at.

Immediately upon exiting the elevator a uniformed police officer recognized her.

"Lisa? Lisa Brennan?" he asked her in a kind voice.

"Yes" she said timidly fearful of what would happen next.

Her nightmare was over, at least the part she had lived to this point. Her sister had escaped from a small farm on the Mexican border where she had been left tied to a pole as a group of dogs had mounted her repeatedly.

The rope that had been used to bind her arms to the pole had been made of hemp and after hours of being left in the pen with her the dogs had chewed through the rope. Terri had finished freeing herself and ran for freedom having been told she would be fucked to death by wild animals. She had used the cover of the desert night to make her escape. She spent the next three days alluding her pursuers before she was finally picked up by a US border patrol.

She had told the patrol her ordeal and what her assailants had done to her sister. The border patrol had brought in the FBI who quickly apprehended Danielle and the boys still wandering the desert searching for Terri. The they turned their investigation to Mr. Kelly by the time Lisa had made it to the apartment the FBI had Mr. Kelly and Andy in custody and had began the long and grueling task of gathering evidence against the gang of blackmailers.

The ordeal went on for over two years, Lisa had left Brian and her life behind but the nightmare she had lived would haunt her for the rest of her years.

Her name now changed and mind now permanently scarred she relived the ordeal in her head every waking moment. Just two years after her attackers had all been sentenced Lisa committed herself unable to move on with her life after her ungodly ordeal

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