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The Slave Girl

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Synopsis: A Girl is captured Auctioned used and punished.

The Slave Girl

My name is Elisa I am a twenty-year-old blonde and we had been warned that local bandits were attacking villages to capture women and girls for sale to men a long way away. One night when a group of armed men attacked our village I knew there was no way for me to escape so when I had the chance hoping I would not be found out I cut my blonde hair strapped my chest and dressed as a boy. After the fight they rounded up the men and boys but before taking them away and looking young I was put with the women. We were taken to their camp compound where they sorted us into two groups and I counted thirteen of we younger ones and about nine older women. As we were kept waiting I heard the men arguing and knew why when a bunch of them started shouting and hitting the older women to make them take their clothes off. When they were all naked the men selected the ones they wanted forced them to the ground and started raping them. A girl next to me shouted out please stop it that's my mother but the girl next to her said shut up or they might do it to us. After they finished with them the women dressed and were taken away. When they came for us it was late afternoon and one at a time one of we younger ones were taken away. When it was my turn two men took me to a room where one of them said to a third man we kept this one because these Arabs also like pretty boys. I heard one of them say lets have a look at him but as soon as my trousers and pants were off and they saw I was a woman the same voice said this one will be worth more than any pretty boy. The binding around my chest was removed and my breasts although not big were firm without any droop and sprung forward for the men to see they were fully formed. After all three men had weighed them and fondled my nipples until they were quite enlarged I was put on the table and two of them held my ankles and pulled my legs over each shoulder. I knew all my genitals were now fully exposed and felt the third man put his hands between my legs part my outer labia and roll his fingers around my vulva. No one had touched me there before and being numb from the shock it didn't hurt as it moved around but there was one spot he touched that made me feel funny. After telling me to sit-up I was given my clothes taken to a small side room and put with three other girls where a few minutes' later two men brought in another girl and told us we were going to be taken on a long journey. The five of us were tied together put in a cart and after travelling overnight arrived at a house. Still tied together the driver led us into a large room and after speaking to three new men untied us then made us stand in a line in front of the men. All three looked closely at each of us and seeing the oldest of the three men talking to the driver I guessed he was the man who was going to buy us. I couldn't understand what they were saying but it was obvious they were negotiating a price and when I saw him giving money to the driver I knew all five of us had just been sold. The three men sat at a table and we all understood the older one when he said one at a time each of us was to stand in front of the table and take our clothes off. We were all too afraid to disobey and as each of us stood naked we were told to raise our arms over our heads then open our legs before turning and bending over still with our legs apart. After looking at us he said he was glad we were suitable for a private sale because we would earn him more money than being auctioned for brothel use. But before I offer any of you for sale I have to be sure none of you are not infected in any way so all five will have to be properly prepared and examined. After the things the other men had done to me I could guess what he meant when he said I don't want any of you to resist the things I will do between your legs.

I was the nearest so when he pointed to me I knew I was to be the first and walked to him After he measured and weighed my breasts his two helpers laid me on the table and parting my legs I was too frightened to move as he shaved my pubic hair and the hair around my labia. When he finished he opened the flesh and I wondered how many more times I was to feel men's fingers stroking touching and moving inside me. Because the other men had not done this to me I was afraid of what he was going to do when he pulled my inner lips apart. I could feel his finger circling the rim of my vagina then it being opened before I felt him start to enter me but pleased he did not go any deeper. After he rubbed that sensitive spot at the start of my vulva I had the same funny sensation as before but this time I also felt wetness running from me. He called the other two men over and while he held my labia apart both of them fingered the same spot until I couldn't stop wriggling and making funny sounds in my throat all three men started laughing. At last it stopped and I was told to dress then placed so I could watch the next girl being examined. After her breasts had been felt she was put on the table and after being shaved and her legs pulled back I saw what we women had between our legs. When he parted her labia then the two pieces of inner flesh I could see the opening of her vagina and the tube at the start of her outer bulges. I watched the man use two fingers to open the mouth of the girl's vagina just like he did to me before he rubbed the white tube at the start of her vulva. When I saw mucous running from her and watched her wriggling I knew that was what they had done to me and how we women reacted when men done it. After all five of us had been examined and stimulated we were given some food then locked in the back of a caravan which travelled over rough ground for many days. We were quite well looked after, the food was eatable and we slept on mattresses on the floor but were watched all the time. Arriving at a house a man took us to a fancy room where I saw five more young girls and he said I am Raja the man who will train you in ways to please your master and teach you how to display your bodies for inspection when presenting your bodies for intercourse or when being sold or auctioned. When he left all ten of us talked among ourselves about the things the men had done to us and several of them said the thing the men rubbed between our legs that made us feel funny and got us wet was called the clitoris. It was the way men aroused women to get us wet enough to make the penetration of our vagina less painful and to make it more enjoyable for them. This then had us talking about the way we thought we would be treated and what we would have to do as slave girls. It wasn't hard to realise that as a twenty-year-old girl the man who bought me would do so for my body and like the other men would want to see if I was worth what he would have to pay for me. For him to do this I would have to be naked so he could examine my breasts and nipples and feel how much fat was on my body. Then he would make me part my legs in order to open the two pieces of flesh and put his fingers inside to feel if I was a virgin. I would have to sexually please the man that bought me which meant he would penetrate me but never having been with a man or seen one naked I tried to imagine how I would be trained to do it and how I would prepare myself. As a slave it was obvious I would receive punishment if I resisted the things I would have to do and therefore had to accept everything that was done to me. The next day Raja returned told us to form a line and took us to the bathroom where he told all ten of us to strip and lie in the large communal bath. It was wonderful to soak away the grime on our bodies after our journey then relax in the warm scented water. It was some time before Raja returned and told us to dry ourselves then lie on the warm stone slabs that surrounded the pool.

Raja said as you can see that was quite good but at the same time you must also hold your inner lips apart so the buyer can easily put his fingers into your vagina. As his hand went between her legs she quickly started taking deep breaths and wriggling and when he told her to stand on one leg and lift the other out to her side I saw how difficult it was to do. When she did find her balance Raja called us all forward to see how wide it had opened her vulva and to watch his fingers moving inside her. When it was my turn I stood in the block parted my outer labia and opened my inner flesh waiting to feel what it would be like with his fingers moving inside me. Raja looked into my eyes as I felt his fingers start to enter my vagina but instead of them going further inside he said because all of you are virgins none of you will have deep insertions until after the master has penetrated you. Telling me to release my inner lips he pinched and pulled them making me cringe and draw back and for this he gave me two cuts of the cane across the top of my thighs. As I screamed with the pain and with tears running down my face he said out loud we were not to make any movement at all regardless of what the man done inside us. I leaned back again legs apart and holding my inner flesh open accepted his fingers gentle circling my vagina again before he rubbed my clitoris tube which excited me so much I made the same throaty grunts the other girls had done. Then I had to stand on one leg and after several goes I managed it and to test me I tried not to cringe or move when he hurt me by pinching and pulling my inner lips apart. Satisfied I had learnt my lesson I was told to get down but quite a few of the remaining girls had to have several cuts of the cane on their thighs before they accepted what he was doing to them. Raja spent the rest of the day feeling our breasts and nipples preparing us for the way men would inspect us and each time the way he touched my vulva and clitoris made me so wet I was so aroused I couldn't resist thrusting myself onto his fingers. Raja knew then I had accepted that as a slave girl this is how I would be examined and that I would show the man I was ready and wanted him to enter me. As part of the training Raja took all ten of us to the Dancing girl's quarters to show us how we would present ourselves for penetration. A guard entered and pointed to one of the girls who stripped and prepared for intercourse by lying with her legs apart and holding her labia open. It was the first erect member I had seen and watched fascinated as it entered and moved in and out of her body. To show us how we would be punished if we disobeyed we were taken to watch as two attractive girls with light skins were tied upside down with their legs apart. Their inner thighs were caned before it was done to each side of the labia and from the way they screamed it was obviously very painful. Raja took us to the next room where we saw three coloured girls undressing before laying on the floor. This seemed strange until three eunuchs entered and Raja said when a girl is to be whipped she offers herself to the man hoping he will find her attractive enough to penetrate and if she can satisfy him he will not hurt her to much. When the men had finished with them the girls stood up and the man that had just fucked her lowered a rope from the ceiling tied her wrists together and hoisted his girl in the air until her toes just touched the floor. Raja continued saying with a girl hanging like this if she has given us a good fuck it is for us to decide which whip we will use and where we will apply it then showing us several whips told us which would be used on a girls shoulders and buttocks and the ones used on her breasts and pubes. The master decides how may lashes but it is usually five on the back from the shoulders to the thighs and five on the front one on top of the breasts and one underneath. The third curls around the waist the next across the stomach the last over her pubes.

While we were watching and listening to the screams of all three Raja said after the master had taken our virginity we would entertain his guests during the meal and if one of them beckoned we had go to him and in front of everyone strip and present ourselves for inspection. If he liked what he saw we would be taken to his room and if we failed to satisfy we would be punished like any other girl by having our breast and buttocks whipped or being caned between our legs. On our return to the harem we were all very subdued and spent the rest of the day preparing for the ordeals to come. The following days were spent learning how to dance remove various garments and when naked how to reveal every part of our bodies as we twirled about. Raja told us that to ensure we were ready to be penetrated at any time we would now learn how to position for our vulva to be washed and have the contraception syringe inserted. We had to start by parting our labia then having pulled our inner lips apart to fully expose our vagina and clitoris Raja would dip a swab in a solution then wash the whole area. This made our entire vulva and the walls of our vagina very sensitive. This was followed by having a small nozzle inserted into the start of our vagina and the contraceptive forcible injected deeper into our uterus but Raja told us after the master had taken our virginity a bigger nozzle would be inserted deep inside and until we were accustomed to this it would be painful and we found both of these to be a dreadful daily experience. We were also told how to do our hair enlarge our nipples and labia before applying make-up to them and how to hold our inner flesh in such a way that the entrance to our vagina and clitoris tube would be fully revealed for the man who was going to penetrate us. One morning Raja told us that since two of us had already been sent to the master and two were bleeding he thought we six were ready for our master and his friend and we spent the day practising with him acting as the master. He inspected us just as they would by feeling our breasts parting our labia then having us hold apart the two pieces of inner flesh for him to feel around our vagina and clitoris tube. After the evening meal and the dancing girls had finished Raja told us that every time a slave girl was sent to her master she would stand naked before him waiting for his approval but that was rarely refused because we were always desirable then we were told to run into the room and stand in front of the two men facing us. Standing in line the men were looking at six beauties with firm breasts enlarged red nipples slim waists pubes shaved to reveal large red painted labia long slender thighs and legs. I could see one man in particular looking at me with my blond hair cut short and my body so slender that if it weren't for my well-formed breasts and the split flesh between my long legs I knew I would be taken for a boy. I listened to the older man say there were ten virgins with this delivery but I've sampled two of them and with two bleeding you are looking at the other six. Raja has quick ways of making girls accept they are here to please us and tells me these are ready for our inspection. Raja cracked his whip then one at a time we displayed in front of the men waiting for their approval of our hairless bodies and when it was my turn I lifted my arms but my firm breasts hardly moved. I saw him looking how my small waist tapered to rounded hips and flat stomach then down to the two painted bulges between my spread thighs. I was conscious of the two pieces of glistening pink flesh hanging out of them then leaning back I opened my legs parted my labia and held apart the two pieces of mucous covered flesh. After he had felt my breasts and nipples I knew when his fingers entered my vagina he would find I am a virgin then he would excite my clitoris to see if I could be aroused enough to give him a good fuck. I shuddered as I felt his fingers on my inner flesh before they circled my vagina then entered it to feel my hymen.

When the men had seen all six we continued the entertainment by bending and twirling in ways that revealed every part of our naked bodies. One by one we dropped from our exertions then lying on our backs with our legs apart we provided both men with an erotic sight. I lay there my body covered in sweat and with my vulva partly opened I could see him looking at me as if to say since your cunt is as untouched as any of the other girls I am going to fuck you. The older man noticed him looking at me and I heard him say you haven't had a virgin yet and having just had her vulva washed and contraception sprayed into her vagina she will be very sensitive and ready for intercourse so take her virginity in that room over there. The room was intended for this purpose and fully equipped for any taste with restraints, various whips, and a large bed with shackles at the four corners together with a frame that could hold a woman in any position for any intended purpose. Looking at him I said you won't need any of these because I know my only use as a woman is what I have between my legs and after you have taking my virginity other men will penetrate me before I am sold at auction. You know I have had my vulva washed with a liquid that makes my inner lips so sensitive it arouses me enough to want satisfaction. You also know we slave girls are given a daily contraception that makes our vagina very responsive so when we are being fucked it's hard to resist having orgasms and our responses should give the man satisfaction. I am fully prepared for the loss of my virginity and I accept the shame of having to hold myself open to show you I am wet enough for penetration because I know it will make the entry less painful. He looked surprised that I spoke English and was prepared to let him enter me without any fuss so I thought it would be nice to tell him my name was Elisa. Since I had only watched Dancing girls being entered it surprised me that I could I lay with my legs apart shyly open my labia and pull my inner lips apart to show him my vulva was covered with mucous and I was ready for penetration. Holding it open for him was a humiliating experience and anticipating the unknown I was trembling all over which made my upright breasts pulsate so he kept me in this embarrassing position until tears came to my eyes. I had seen women being fucked but not the man's erect member and seeing his when he was undressed I took several deep breaths and gritted my teeth. He stood closer and holding his penis inserted it between my fingers then through the two pieces of flesh held open in front of me. As soon as I felt it enter I took my hands away and tried to push him off but it slid in and as my flesh closed over it I had a throbbing feeling in my lower half. When it started to enter my vagina I felt a slight resistance and knew he was touching my hymen and being my first time was anxious that as it went inside would I do what was expected of a slave girl but with one deep thrust he was through and I cried out. Feeling my vagina being expanded was a new experience and hurting me so I pleaded for him to stop but he ignored it and went further in until his testicles touched my buttocks. My legs were wide open now and with the feeling of him moving in and out of my vagina I didn't want him to leave. Feeling my wetness I knew I would soon respond and as his penis went in my vagina muscles gripped his penis to stop him coning out then I started thrusting my pelvis with him until I felt his gushing discharge. Pulling out and stepping back I felt my vulva closing slowly over and saw the red tinged mucous running from it. Having had my legs so wide apart I had to slide off the bed in order to stand naked in front of him and in abject humility said thank you master for not hurting me too much when you took my virginity. He was so absorbed he hadn't realised my embarrassment at the way I had given in and said now you have been broken in show me how slave girls please their master.

When he said if you fail I will have you whipped it frightened me so I lay back on the bed with my legs apart exposed my vulva again and he entered without giving me any stimulation. Although tight I was still wet which made it easy for him to go deep and as he fucked me I feared the thought of a whip across my breasts or a cane between my legs. This made me perform and I was surprised how quickly I had learned to work my vagina muscles and by moving my body to achieve clitoral stimulation how it gave me multiple orgasms. It took him a long time to ejaculate again but I knew if I was to avoid a whipping I had to continue working on him until he was ready for release. Telling me to go I stopped at the door turned and although exhausted said I know it was my first time but I did try and hope you are satisfied with me. He said for your first time you were quite good then returning to the hall I saw the older man sitting with a girl kneeling between his legs. As I got closer I was surprised to see the girl had his member in her mouth and with four girls still naked standing either side he said to my young master she must have been good for the time you took. If she is that good I will have her later, but now she must practise this. I hoped they didn't see my look of disgust as the older man cruelly clasped my breasts and pulled my mouth onto his erect penis. He pulled and pushed my head making it go in and out as it would if he were fucking me until he pushed me off him. With his hands between my legs I winced as his finger went deep into my sore vagina as he said I can feel you are no longer a virgin so if tonight you don't perform better than the other two I have had I will cane your cunt lips myself. I listened to him say to the younger man I like taking a woman's virginity but the blonde I had yesterday stayed as dry as a bone and was no fun at all. I will have her prepared and sent for you to use tonight and looking at we girls said if any of you fail to give us a good time I will cane your fannies myself then he told us to go back to our quarters. Since this was the first time we had stood naked in front of the men who owned us all we could talk about was how difficult it was to accept without moving the way they felt our breasts and fingered inside our body. I was asked what it was like to lose my virginity and while I was relating what I had to do and what he done to a girl called Katrina interrupted and said when she was sent to the older man and felt his thing going inside her she froze. He said she would regret it and threw her out and I am the girl who will now have to go to the man who used you so I hope he will treat me as well as he seemed to do to you. Another girl named Petra said she also had been sent to the older man and when he entered her it was awful and very painful. That night as Raja prepared me he said the older man was master of them all and was called Franca the younger man who had taken my virginity his friend and named Daniel but he could also do anything he wanted to any slave man or woman on the estate. I then had to stand with my legs wide apart for him to syringe my vulva vagina and uterus. He washed me with the arousing solution and said I told you that after you had been penetrated the contraception would be given by having a larger nozzle inserted. It is always done this way so layback holding your legs over your shoulder and for the next few times expect it to hurt. I felt the cold steel enter and with Raja doing it slow to not hurt too much it went so deep I wondered when it would stop and when it did I saw him push the plunger and cried out in fright as I felt the liquid being forced past my cervix. Now you know how the insertion feels when it is pulled out you will feel as if your internals are being sucked out with it and if it is done fast it will hurt. Some men do this because they like to see and hear you women in pain then when you stand up the liquid will run down your vagina and you will feel as if it is shrinking and closing up.

It is this that allows the inner muscles to clasp the penis that gives both you and the man maximum stimulation. Although he withdrew the nozzle slowly to break the vacuum Raja was quite right it did hurt and I did have the tight feeling in my vagina so I wasn't looking forward to having contraception every day. After my nipples and labia had been repainted bright red Raja pulled both my inner lips through my labia and painted them a darker pink than they already were. He said Master Franca likes to see them hanging but Master Daniel prefers a clean split. Now you are ready I will take you to his room where you will crawl to him kiss his feet and wait for the master to tell you to display for inspection. You have practised this enough times and after doing it before Master Daniel entered I will tell you this Master expects a perfect display of your body and if you cringe when he feels the walls of your vagina you can at the least expect a caning between your legs. As a slave girl my master was not cruel to me but the things he done to my body and the different ways I was entered made it a night I will never forget. We new slaves were left alone for several days then one morning after assembling all ten of us Raja told us he was to prepare us for sale and but instead of being auctioned in a public sale he was to make us ready for a private examination. Having had Raja train us for this we all knew what the buyer would do in order to examine in detail all the intimate parts of our bodies and it would be a most unpleasant experience. We ten girls showed anxiety and Raja tried to console us saying nothing would be done to us that he had not trained us for. I didn't mind having my breasts and nipples felt although not now a virgin I was never at ease when Rajas' fingers opened my inner lips and fingered the muscles of my vagina. I spent a restless night wondering how I would respond with a strange man fingers inside my vagina and exciting my clitoris. Raja had us soak in the baths then after shaving what little body hair he could feel he had us lay on our backs for the insertion of the contraceptive. Katrina Petra and myself not being virgins had the deep penetration and with all three of us crying with the pain the other seven girls looked very frightened. Raja told them while they were virgins deep insertions were not done so it wouldn't be any different from the others they had been given. One at a time we then stood in front of him spread our legs wide and lowered to allow easy access to our vulvas for him to wash all ten with the liquid that would start our arousal when we felt fingers entering our vulvas. Raja had us practise how to stand for our breasts to be felt and weighed how to bend back and how far apart our legs must be to allow the buyer to open us enough for him to inspect our vulva and vagina. When satisfied he took us to the hall and stood us in a row in front of the dais where our two masters were sitting with another man who must be the buyer. After looking at us the third man said they are attractive but to be tested they must be naked and I heard Raja say with pleasure Huanda I hope none of them disappoint you. I guessed he would start with we three non-virgins and bringing forward a nervous Katrina wearing the bolero and skirt we had all been given stood her on a block in front of Huanda. Knowing this was a real inspection she was anxious because like me she didn't mind the man feeling her breasts and nipples but when her panties were removed he would put his fingers into her vagina. Part of Rajas' training was to prepare us for this but we all disliked having our inner lips pinched and pulled apart. Finding she was not a virgin his fingers would go deeper and she would be finger fucked before he manipulated her clit to see how quick she achieved orgasms. I knew that every time Rajas fingers parted Katrina's labia even before he touched her vagina she resisted and we had all been told that if we cringed or pulled back when we were having this done we would be whipped.

I watched as Huanda felt her breasts and enlarged her nipples and when Raja slid her panties down she opened her legs and lowered her body to reveal her open pouting lips. Waiting for the mans fingers between the two bulges of her pubes she was breathing hard knowing that after he pulled her inner flesh apart she would feel his fingers enter her vagina. Feeling she was not a virgin he would rub the walls and Katrina hoped it would not hurt too much and she would be aroused and wet before he excited the hard bud of her clitoris. As soon as she felt Huanda's fingers on her inner flesh and her vagina was spread open she tensed herself but as he finger fucked her she squirmed so much he pushed her away and as Raja took her back I was next. Raja removed my bolero and Huanda weighed my breasts enlarged my nipples and standing naked if front of this man as a slave girl who was now going to have her vagina inspected I realised I was aroused just thinking of the sexual things he would do to my body. When my panties were removed I lowered with my legs wide apart and felt the dampness of my swelling labia and the pulsing of my clit even before Huanda fingers touched them. Huanda squeezed my buttocks and thighs and as his fingers parted my sex lips and pulled out my inner flesh I drew a deep breath as his fingers entered my vagina. Knowing I was no longer a virgin and wet I tensed myself as Huanda put several fingers inside my vagina and it hurt as he stretched me wide enough apart to rub the walls. I was afraid to move a muscle as his fingers went deeper to feel how tight my muscles gripped them before finger fucking me to see how quickly I could achieve an orgasm. With each thrust I could feel my juices running long before he excited my clitoris but I cringed and recoiled as he squeezed my outer labia together in such a way my throbbing bud was pushed out of my flesh tube. As Huanda teased it with his fingers the bud grew bigger and I repeatedly clenched my buttocks to thrust my dripping wet pubes onto his hand and with his fingers also moving inside me it was obvious from my sounds I was having orgasms and near a climax. When I did he was satisfied and taking his fingers out he went back to my breasts to feel how hard and how large my nipples had become then it was over and with Petra next I was told to watch. Standing naked having her breasts and nipples felt she didn't show any emotion but after she opened her legs I watched the buyers fingers enter her vulva and seeing her bite her lips and take a deep breath and I knew his fingers were in her vagina and he was hurting her. Her arousal was slower than mine when she was having her clitoris excited although her orgasms were just as intense. When Huanda had seen and tested the remaining seven virgins and all ten of us were lined up naked for his final comparisons he said to Franca they are the best women I have ever seen and touched, if you can get a continuous supply like that we will both be rich men. I listened but couldn't hear what the two men were saying as they negotiated a price. But I did hear Huanda say for that money its only the virgins that will earn enough to repay me Franca said I can appreciate what you say so here is my hand the deal is done. He said to Raja you will now prepare seven for the journey and the three used girls are to be trained and treated like any other slave girls. As an example the girl that failed her inspection today is to be whipped in front of the others then you are to prepare all three for intercourse after the evening meal. Raja made us run back to the harem where he took the seven girls away leaving Katrina Petra and me waiting. It was quite a while before he returned then looking at Katrina said for your disobedience while being inspected you will be whipped. Our master is not a cruel man but his punishment of slave girls who disobey is severe but you have been kept here to pleasure him so he would not want your body scarred.

However your body must show marks that prove to the master it has been well done and to make this possible with agonising pain a whip master will do the flogging. Our master has also told me that after you have seen Katrina whipped and until the next sale all three are to be treated like any other slave girls. When the evening meal has finished you will be selected for intercourse and since this will be the first time you have offered your bodies when standing in front of your masters remove your clothing. When you are selected you will display like this morning, which will allow Katrina to show them that her labia has tasted the lash and as he left the room he said I will not keep you waiting long but I have to arrange for you to attend the whip master session. Petra and I understood how the sobbing Katrina must have been feeling and tried to console her with the thought of not having her body marked for life but when she said Raja has just told us I will be whipped between my legs all three hugged each other. Raja wasn't long and called all three girls to follow him and taking them to the dancing girls quarters entered a room where three of them waited. One of them asked if all three were to be whipped but when Katrina said only me she said then we three will be first and being sentenced to ten lashes you will hear us screaming when we have the two between our legs. The door was opened by a tall white man who beckoned one of the girls forward and we soon heard her pleading but when we heard her screams one of the girls said that was the whip between her legs and it hurts then when she and third girl were called we heard the same sounds but none of them returned to tell us about it. The door opened, who is next the tall man asked and Katrina walked forward with us following into a room where we saw a bar across the ceiling with chains hanging down and underneath rings in the floor wide apart. I am told only one of you is to be whipped she is to strip and the others stand against the sidewall and watch. Katrina undressed and standing naked the man felt her shoulders and buttocks her breasts stomach and thighs before telling her to open her legs to feel between them. He took her wrists and putting cuffs on them fastened them to the hanging chains then cuffed her ankles and fixed them to the floor rings so her leg's were spread so wide apart we knew her labia would be parted. Slave girls here are not whipped in a frame or against a post because this way ensures both her front back and between her legs is available to the lash. Raja tells me you are to be given the standard punishment but because you are to display tonight there must be no blood. Since this is your first whipping you will find the pain agonising especially the two between your legs so try not to tense yourself but relax after each lash. We watched him stand to her left and the whip struck high across her shoulder the tip curling around to the side of her right breast then we heard her first scream. He waited for her to recover before doing the same from the right. The next curled around her waist and across her stomach two more went across her buttocks the tip cutting into the crease of her cheeks all done slow because he waited for her screams to stop between each lash. Petra and I squeezed each other's hands' knowing that now it was to be done to her breasts and between her legs Katrina was about to face the worse pain. We could see the agonised look on her face as the next cut went just above her nipples and after the second went below she fainted. The man revived her by putting something against her nose before striking her pubes followed by one curling around each of her thighs. The man had us face Katrina saying Raja wanted us to see everything that is done to slave girls when they disobey. He waited again for her to recover and knowing what would follow would give her the ultimate in pain he had us stand close enough to Katrina for us to see him push her inner lips back inside her vulva saying we don't want those hurt do we.

He stood between us and we had to watch as the tip of the lash cut into each of her labia. The man released her and telling us to take her away we carried her back to Raja who examined her red weal's anointed her with a cream saying it is well done and she will be fit for display tonight. After resting a while he had us strip and starting with our feet he turned and twisted all three looking at every inch of our bodies in such detail we felt more humiliated than at any other time. Taking us to the bathhouse we soaked until told to lie on marble slabs where he positioned Katrina Petra and me with our knees drawn back to our shoulders telling us to hold that position. With a sticky paste he removed any body stubble he could find under our armpits and around our Genitals then after massaging us with oil told us our nipples and labia were to be coloured red and our hair must always be raised above our heads. Showing us how to do it was so arousing we felt shamed with him seeing how wet we had become as he washed inside our vulva before giving us contraception. After the meal Raja placed the three of us before Daniel and Franca and said the girl that resisted when her vagina was inspected became fully aroused while preparing her on the slab and I believe that pain and the thought of receiving another whipping stimulates her. Franca said I like seeing a girl whipped and glad we have some who are stimulated with a little pain but now they have been fully prepared have them show for selection. When Franca nodded we removed our boleros skirts and panties then spreading our arms to the side raised them in the air to show our breasts to full effect. Franca indicated we were to lower with our legs wide apart and show the two men if our inner flesh was hidden or hung outside our open labia before we opened our vulva to show them we were wet and ready for penetration. I knew by now Franca was the real master and it was he who pointed to me and said she is for me then pointing to Katrina said she goes to my friend. The other girl will not be used tonight so take the two away see they are prepared and made ready to please us. We all stood and followed Raja to our quarters where he had me and Katrina lie down and hold our legs over our shoulders in readiness for the preparation. Raja said this time we had to be cleansed before the wash and contraception and he started with Katrina. Positioned as I was I couldn't see what he was doing but heard the noise of water being sprayed followed by her sobbing and knew that after having her labia whipped Katrina would be in considerable pain when her vulva was washed and the contraception nozzle inserted. She was still crying when Raja came to me to say now you are no longer a virgin and with this being your first real preparation you must learn to accept that from now on it will not be as gentle as before and it is going to hurt so cry out as loud as you like. He parted my labia and inner lips them seeing him with a spray in his other hand I felt him force it into my vagina painfully twisting and pushing until it was deep inside. I gritted my teeth with the pain of being so stretched apart but I had to scream out when he opened a tap and I felt this terrible pressure in my uterus and womb. I was in agony as the spray was slowly pulled out and the pressure released only to have my vulva washed with the sensitising solution and a full size nozzle forced back into my very sore vagina. You are now both ready to go to your masters as slave girls and until you have had a few more preparations and penetrations a member moving inside you will hurt but you must show it. You must use your pelvis and inner muscles to provide you master with maximum satisfaction and continue until he pulls out or achieves his climax but you must avoid achieving any satisfaction orgasm or climax with him still inside you. Since this will be your first test as slave girls Elisa will find our Master rather more demanding than his friend but you Katrina will come out of this best and may even find you will like it.

Raja was right Franca took me from the front the back and in several uncomfortable position but I knew I had to suffer in silence and perform as Raja had told me or I would be stripped hung and whipped like Katrina. In spite of the stimulating solution making me wet enough for easy entry I was too frightened of the consequences to achieve any sort of orgasm let alone a climax but at last he finished inside me. He then amused himself by seeing how I responded to him teasing my breasts and at times hurting my nipples and clitoris before I was told to go. Katrina Petra and me were shared between the two men and in spite of how he treated me on my first night I preferred being sent to Franca rather than his friend. This continued for what seemed ages but in fact it was only a few weeks before Raja told us that within a few days a new consignment of girls was expected and he had been told to prepare us for sale. This would mean we were to be given an enema to clear our bowels and bladder in case we soiled ourselves on the slave block when we were being inspected. This worked throughout the day and we were not fed so next morning Raja said before you are put on the block you will be examined and it will be a new experience. It will be done by two boys who will measure and record every intimate part of your bodies both inside and out. He then put collars on our necks joined us together and took us in a cart to the sale hall where a row of men were seated just inside the entrance. Raja walked us past them until he stopped us in front of a man he seemed to know and after talking to him the man stood up. He looked at us felt our breasts then lifted our shifts above our waist before giving Raja a package. I took this to be some sort of payment then without saying anything to us Raja left and the man led us into a narrow corridor. He said before you are sold you will be examined and your bodily details recorded I will instruct the boys then when I return you will go in one at a time. He went through the door at the end and soon returned to remove our collars leaving me standing between Katrina and Petra in front of the door. Waiting for it to open and the inspection of our bodies to begin I was surprised when a teenaged boy opened the door and Katrina being the first was taken through leaving Petra and I waiting uncomfortably for our turn. I had stood naked in front of men and accepted the things they had done when feeling my body but I waited anxiously wondering how I would react while a boy was examining me. I went in next only to see him and yet another young boy standing beside a narrow platform with arms and straps at one end. I knew that when I lay on this table my legs would be put in the straps and with the arms extended outward my genitals would be fully revealed to allow the boys to do anything they wanted inside my vulva. The boys then sat on a sofa to my left reading some papers and talking a language I couldn't understand then one of them moved his hands in a way that indicated I was to remove my shift and spread my legs. Realising I wore no underclothes I hesitated but since I had no options I dropped the shift stood with my legs apart and watched as the boys pointed to parts of my body. I realised they were making notes about the way my body looked and as an attractive girl standing naked before them the thought of them feeling my breasts parting my labia to finger inside my vagina then rubbing my clitoris soon had me wet with anticipation. They looked pointed and talked about my firm thrusting breasts large erect nipples and with my legs apart the sight of my inner flesh dropping from my partly opened labia. One of them indicated I was to turn and bend over and I wondered how many other women and girls they had seen as naked and exposed as I was then. Feeling my labia being opened and my inner lips being parted I wondered if doing this to attractive girls and women ever stimulated these boys or having done it to so many it was no longer a novelty.

They turned away had me stand up then approached with metal instruments and putting them on my breasts and nipples I had to accept they could do anything to any part of my body. I was told to lift my arms and taking a breast each lifted squeezed and bounced it before measuring and weighing them then they tightened the clamp on my nipples until it hurt. One measured my chest waist and hips the other my thighs calf and length of leg from crutch to heel then indicated I was to lie on the platform. I was right the straps were fastened to my ankles and the arms swung out until I felt my labia being pulled open then as a handle was turned I felt my buttocks being lifted raising my genital area almost upright. Going to a tray holding an assortment of plastic things that looked like men's members they took turns inserting different ones into my vagina and from the way they pushed it in it was to cause me maximum pain and humiliation. Although I was quite wet the various sizes forced into my vagina hurt me but the one that fitted tightest hurt the most and was reinserted. From their chatter they took pleasure doing this because the way they moved it in and out stimulated the clitoris so much it was very arousing and they liked seeing the mucous running out of me. After the plug was removed I thought that would end my humiliation but I was wrong. They done the same things to my anus then soaped down my inner thighs everything between my legs and over my pubes to prepare me for shaving. I knew what this would mean and that it wasn't really necessary but as each boy held one lip of my labia and stretched it up I nearly sobbed with the shame. They shaved the outer sides through the crease of my buttocks then down the thighs and finished with my pubic mound. The ultimate humiliation was the clasping of my inner flesh stretching it out as far as they could then after measuring its length they done the same to my clitoris tube. I was released and started to pick up my shift but it was indicated that I should leave it making me wonder if I was to be put back on the table and positioned for them to fuck me. They were both busy talking and writing on a board so I assumed all my details were now being confirmed and recorded ready for when I was displayed for sale. I hadn't appealed to them because one of them opened the other door and gave the board to the man behind it who then grabbed me by the hair pulled me to line of cages and in broken English said drink this. It was awful but I had to swallow it then my legs were forced apart my labia squeezed together and the number nine stamped on my pubic mound just touching my split flesh then I was locked in the cage next to Katrina. She looked distressed so asking her if she was all right she started to cry and said when those rubber things were put in my vagina one was too big. It was forced in and tore me so when they found a fit and one for my arse they shaved me and still on the table having finished between my legs one of the boys stood between my legs and started to fuck me but it hurt so I pushed him off. Nothing was said as they released me but I expect I will be punished. I guessed now why they had not fucked me and stayed comforting Katrina until Petra was put next to us. I could see from the way she stood she had been hurt from the things the boys had done inside our vagina but she told me it had been made worse for her because both of them had fucked her. The potion did its work and it was humiliating to have to drop our waste into a gutter that run through all the cages. We had no sleep that night and it was light when our cages were opened and twelve naked women lined up in front of two well-dressed men. We were told to stand behind each other and clasp the breasts of the woman in front excite her nipples until they were hard and enlarged and to keep thrusting our pubes against her buttocks until it aroused us. It was the first time I had felt another woman's breasts and was surprised how soft and pliable they could be and how hard nipples could become.

With Petra in front and Katrina behind I was surprised how cupping Petra's full firm breasts and rolling her nipples while feeling the flesh of her buttocks rubbing the top of my labia was so very arousing for me. With Katrina cupping my breasts and squeezing my nipples and the feel of her pubes pressing into my buttocks I needed relief and squeezed my labia together until the mucous run down my legs. The cage attendants walked down the line to see we had obeyed before telling us that we had to keep thrusting our pubes into the buttocks of the woman in front until we were aroused because the man who was about to inspect us would expect to feel wetness inside our vulva. The next instruction to the first woman in the line was to step forward and hold herself open then with Petra before me and seeing her part her legs I knew we were going to have our vaginas spread open. When it was my turn I stood in front of the men in suits and as one of them weighed my breasts and excited my nipples and knowing the other would finger inside me I parted my labia. I was totally shamed knowing how wet and aroused I was as some of his fingers parted my vagina and entered me while the others stroked my clitoris. When they finished with the last woman one of the men pointed at we three white women and in English said turn bend over spread your legs and clasp your ankles. I heard Petra gasp and looking between my legs saw one of the men behind me then my labia was parted again but this time my inner lips were pulled and I took a deep breath when he forced his other hand into my vagina. Katrina was the next to cry out and I heard one of the men say I think all three will be tight enough for most men and I also like the way their breasts are hanging. He turned to us saying we think you women are too good to be auctioned here and decided you will be taken to your new masters estate to be inspected and sold to private buyers. I couldn't count how many other women there were in the wagons and the journey was much longer this time so I was glad the potion had worked last night because we didn't stop and when we did we were all lined up and two eunuchs reading our reports told us to strip. After looking carefully at each of us they called out our numbers sorted us into groups of girl's young married women and older but still attractive and desirable women. Still naked we three were left standing as all the others were taken away and when the eunuchs returned we were taken to the baths and examined in the usual intimate way then after soaking there was no need for me to be shaved the boys had been so thorough. After the bath and inspection the eunuchs said that we were to be given contraception and the nozzle would be inserted deep into our vagina and to reduce the pain as we were enlarged we were to bend over spread our legs and clasp our and ankles and I found it arousing as it went in. We were given a shift each but still naked a eunuch took us to a group of small sheds at the rear of the big house. Inside were four mattresses and before he left the eunuch told us that before we went for our food our bodily waste was to be done in the trough and when we finished we were to stand in front of the hose to be washed down. It was several days before I was taken to our new master and told when I entered I was to approach him naked. I expected this because watching me walk towards him naked he would see how my breasts and buttocks swayed. With my legs apart he could see if I had flesh hanging outside my labia and I would have to turn for him to see the back of my body. He was middle-aged and said I was to show him if I was capable and anxious to sexually satisfy any man I would be sent to. When I was close I expected him to see if my stomach and pubes were firm and smooth, feel my breasts put his fingers into my vulva and pull out the two pieces of my inner flesh to see how big they were but instead he said I was to fully expose my genitals.

I knew that to do this I had to open my legs and hesitatingly lowering myself and I was kept like this as he walked around me several times. After looking at my partly opened labia and the natural hang of my breasts he told me I had a fine arse to bend over spread my buttocks put my fingers in and pull my fanny open because I will have to show it all. I knew he was preparing me for the things I would have to do so I bent and with my legs wide open held my inner labia apart and with my head low I could see him looking at my open vulva and the way my breasts hung down between my legs. From the cold way he felt my breasts and nipples and the painful way he inserted fingers into my vagina pinched my clit then fucked me he had done this to many women and knew how to hurt us. When he finished he told me that I had performed well and after the evening meal we were to be inspected by his friends then after we had pleasured them we would be taken with other women to the sales. That evening I was taken to a room and saw Katrina and Petra but we had no chance to talk as the two men and our master were waiting to see our naked bodies. This would be our first inspection as slave girls and we knew we would have to see each other being examined and then penetrated. We watched each other having our breasts weighed and nipples enlarged our buttocks and thighs felt then our sex lips were parted and the inner flesh pulled down. We drew deep breaths as fingers entered our vagina and cringed as our outer labia was squeezed together in such a way the little bud at the top of the flesh tube was pushed out. As it was teased the bud grew bigger and with fingers moving inside our vaginas at the same time we had orgasms and being ready we knew what was expected of us. We lay on cushions with our legs apart and looking at each other being fucked was a sight we never ever expected to see. Next morning Katrina Petra and me were taken to Kalani and put in cages until the next morning when we had our number marked low on our pubes. We were then taken to the sale hall where we were separated with Katrina and Petra almost opposite me each of us standing on a wooden stand that held our number and record. Raja had told us early in our training that when we were on the sale block and a man stopped in front of us he would first feel our breasts then we would bend at the knees with our legs wide apart and prepare for his fingers to enter our vagina feeling for our virginity before exciting our clitoris. Down the first aisle on both sides I had never seen so many naked young girls and older women white black coloured or half-caste all at the same time.. I was a surprised how very different a women's breasts and nipples could be and with their pubic hair shaved I was astonished at the different sizes and shapes of their labia and the inner flesh that hung from some of them. Nearly opposite me was an attractive white blonde and when a man stopped in front of her she immediately bent at the knees so her breasts would be easy to feel and her genitals level with his eyes. After he weighed her breasts and enlarged her nipples she opened her legs to reveal her labia. Knowing he would now feel inside her vagina then stroke her clitoris until she was wet I could see her face and shoulders going red with shame before he passed on to the next woman. She was a woman who must have been in her thirties but had a wonderful body and I could read her board, which said because she resisted every man who touched her naked body she had been caned between the legs to convince her any man or boy could do whatever he wanted with her body. The man started by weighing her breasts and rubbing her nipples then had her crouch with her knees wide apart and I heard her cry out as parted the red and swollen flesh between her legs. He put his fingers inside her and spent some time moving them about which must have caused her considerable pain before he moved on to Petra.

Other women had told us that at every sale to test how tight a woman was a man would see how many fingers he could get inside her vagina and it would be stretched apart until it hurt. Then to see how aroused she could become her clitoris tube would be pinched until the bud was exposed which he would rub until it was sore. I didn't mind my breasts and nipples being squeezed but it was the discomfort of having my inner flesh pulled apart and fingers pushed inside my vagina that I disliked and I was soon to learn how sensitive my clitoris was. This was the first time I had stood on the block at a public slave sale and watching both Katrina and Petra being inspected and how they clenched their buttocks and faces I knew when it was my turn the vaginal inspection would be no different from any of the others I had been given. The first man to come to me was the young and good looking one I had watched inspecting Katrina and Petra. He started by feeling my breasts and nipples and knowing he would now finger my vagina and clitoris I opened my legs and lowered. He parted my labia and inner flesh and feeling I wasn't a virgin kept putting fingers into my vagina to see how wide he could make it. The women had also told us that as used woman we should show how tight we were by getting the fingers as deep inside as possible and having pushed down on them I moved up and down while squeezing them with my vagina muscles. Doing this his hand rubbed my clitoris and I became aroused then when the mucous run over his hand I felt so ashamed and more humiliated than usual. Before I could do anymore he took his fingers out and going to the next row I was afraid I had not been good enough. Two more men mauled me before two young boys run down our isle one collecting the boards of we three the other herding us outside into a line of girls and young women all naked like us. As the boys read our boards and pointed to the numbers on our pubes it was obvious from the bulge in their trousers the naked breasts and pubes of attractive young women was a big temptation. We were sorted into two lines and in ours there were eight girls' four young women and we three. Two men quickly arrived and after talking to the boys collected the boards and took the other women away leaving we three with the boys. Still in a line the boys walked past shyly touching my breast and pubic bulge but realising as slave girls we had to allow them to do whatever they wanted one boy stood in front of me the other in front of Katrina and after weighing and squeezing my breasts and nipples I felt his fingers parting my flesh moving around my vulva then going inside my vagina. I think they would have done more but the men returned and putting us in a cart took us on a fairly long journey. On arrival we were put in a hut along with many other women and girls given food water and mattresses and early next morning taken to a larger shed. Seeing the instruments I knew it was where we would have our vulva and vagina washed before being given deep contraception and having had it done before I knew the men would not be gentle when they opened our vulva and pushed the nozzles into our vagina. For obvious reasons the young girls had smaller nozzles and it wasn't inserted deep into their vaginas but when larger ones were fitted I knew they were to be used on we women and with these nozzles being metal and harder than a mans member it was going to hurt. When they were inserted into the bodies of the young women their screams did not surprise us. When it was Katrina's turn I could see she was suffering as her vulva and vagina was washed but screamed as the contraception was injected. I found out why when I bent over clasped my ankles and waited for the hands to pull my labia apart wash the walls of my vulva then push the nozzle into the start of my vagina and spray the walls with the cleaning fluid. Then the nozzle was pushed deep into my vagina and the contraception injected.

It was so agonising I felt as if my inside was ablaze and I had to scream like all the others then when it was withdrawn we were all suffering and it was some time before we were given a shift and taken to a large shed with rows of cages. When we entered I counted three rows ten cages to a row meaning thirty women could be held but as we were led down the first row I counted only six caged girls. We were each given a cage and thankfully the pain had eased before we heard men talking. The first cages held girls in their late teens to early twenties and I recognised the attractive brunette who had been in front of me on the slave block. Then three men appeared one of them being the man who had inspected the three of us and passing us I heard him say I recognise these three women from the sale so I don't think there is any need to examine them here but I haven't properly tested them and if you will agree I would like to have a closer inspection. The older man turned to the third man saying I have no objection I will have them prepared. It was a little while before Katrina Petra and myself were taken to the estate house where we were handed over to another man who took us to a room, which he said was used for private sales. He said his name was Alamba and we were to wait here then on his return it would be him who would present us to the buyer before he took us in for the full examination. Very soon he entered with the young man told us to stand in a row and said to the man they are certainly the most attractive I have had for some time but here you will be able to study them in more detail than on a slave block. When he told Katrina to step forward and drop her shift I knew this inspection was going to be much more intimate than any before. She was sideways on toward me when he told her to lift her arms then he held her nipples and lifted her breasts to show how elastic their were. He told her to spread her legs apart and when she hesitated he slapped both of her breasts quite hard then stepped back for the young man to look at a perfect female body. Alamba pulled her hair back over her shoulders saying not many have breasts so firm and well formed with such an hour glass figure and soon you will be able to part the flesh between her legs to see and feel what is hidden behind them. The young man said there were only seven women in the sale that interested me and these three were worth a closer look so lets begin by doing this one first. Although we were left alone and with Alamba having locked the door there was no way for us to leave the room so we waited for our turn. It was quite a while before Alamba brought Katrina out and as he took her out of the room I could see she was quite flushed and agitated making me wonder just what the man had done to her. The man came out looked at us both then told Petra to remove her shift stand like the other girl with her arms raised and legs apart. He had just started to lift Petra's nipples in order to bounce her breasts when Alamba returned so he done nothing more than look at her then both of them took her into the other room. On her return she also looked very shy and flushed as she was taken away which made me even more concerned about the things the men would be doing to me. I couldn't think why because there was nothing else men could do to me that they had not already done. While I waited I thought being blonde white and twenty none of the earlier men had thought I would still be a virgin and never bothered to give me a deep examination but this man would. The only man to fully examine the inside of my vagina was Huanda and that was after I had been penetrated. This time it would start like before with me standing in front of him so he could see the hang of my breasts my shaved pubes and the painted swellings between my legs. I had lain in front of Franca and Daniel with my legs apart before they entered me but this was different and I started to get excited remembering the feel of his fingers inside my vagina when I was being sold.

Now I was here for a young and handsome man to decide if my body was attractive enough for him to buy as a pleasure slave and I felt myself becoming aroused at the thought of being positioned for him to open my vulva do it all again. I was imagining how it would feel with this mans fingers inside my vagina and stroking my clitoris until the bud came out when Alamba opened the door. Pointing to me I knew it was my turn and followed him to the viewing room where he said when you are naked spread you legs and raise your arms. Entering the room and seeing the frame I was to be put in frightened me because when Alamba operated the movements I could see it was designed to rotate a girl from top to bottom backward or forward so the buyer could compare her body from every angle. Removing my shift I stood naked in front of a young man with my legs wide open and in these surroundings it was surprisingly embarrassing knowing without pubic hair the fold in my labia was very obvious and would soon be opened and looked at in detail. Alamba gripped my reddened nipples and rolling them in his fingers until they were enlarged lifted my breasts then let them fall. Because they were solid and quite big I guessed doing it a second time was to show the man how firm they were. The young man only nodded and Alamba secured me in the frame then left. I guessed this was for him to see my front first then by turning the frame forward until I faced the floor it allowed him to see how my breasts hung down. Another half turn to the rear and he was looking straight between my legs, which would show him the full extent of my Genitals. With the way my breasts could be felt and how easy it was to fully open my fanny to look inside I could see how these were two of the frames most favoured uses. I guessed he had seen the vulva of many women but stretched apart and opened as I was he had not seen many in such detail. He stood between my legs parted my labia and separated the inner folds to see the start of my vagina and the tube of my clitoris. I felt fingers in my hair over my face and neck and when I was turned upside down massaging my hanging breasts and nipples. When he turned me on my back it was arousing as his hands moved over my stomach and thighs and into my groin. His fingers parted my labia slipped inside then moved forward to touch the place that gave me tingles when the other men had done it but wasn't prepared for him clasping the two inner pieces of flesh and holding them apart. No one had done it like this before but feeling his fingers move I guessed they were circling the entrance to my vagina before spreading it open and feeling the walls inside. Now he was satisfied he started stroking my clitoris and with moisture running through my buttock fold and with me wriggling my hips and gasping he was making sure I could give him satisfaction before he bought me. I was making throaty noises before he finished and never heard him call Alamba to release and return me to the other girls. They saw how frustrated I was and told me the young man had done the same to them and they were left unsatisfied but Alamba hearing this said we would have to wait for the sale to be completed before we were presented for intercourse. He took us back to the slave cages but instead of putting us in led us to the rear of the hall into a large shed where I saw some of the women who had been in the cages with us. I was shown a mattress on the floor and told I would stay here until my new master sent for me. Food would be brought twice a day and I would be allowed the toilet each morning and evening. I counted ten or twelve women in there twenties very pretty and from what I could see under the loose smock we all wore they had good figures. It was obvious from our looks figures and ages all twelve of us had been carefully picked and on our first morning it came as a surprise when four men entered and told us all to stand in a line.

One at a time each of us had to stand in front of them drop our shifts and part our legs. We then had to completely open our vulvas for them to finger inside our vagina and I thought how lucky I was my bleeding finished only days ago but sorry for those women who had or would be just starting. The men then watched as we stood to wash under the water running from the ceiling pipe then use the gutter for our body fluids and waste. What was more worrying was seeing the number of women who had the marks of a whipping on their front and backs. When we finished the men lined us up again and after looking at each of us they selected four women who were told to put on their shifts then taken away. Later they returned with our food the men watched as they shared it out. When we had all eaten the women went away and being new I asked what would happen to them. There was only one woman who could speak our language and what she said had the three of us quite concerned. She told us she had not been selected and was only able to tell what she had heard. The selected women had to prepare the food then bring the trays and share it out to the women in the room. After they had cleaned the trays they are taken to the fields and the work there is very hard and made worse with the whippings they are given. In the evenings they again make the food and after sharing it out and eating with us they spend the night with the men then return the next morning to stand in the line for the selection process to be repeated. The longer we were kept waiting the more anxious we three became so when a guard entered we were all glad when we were told to follow him. He took us to the back of the house where we entered a room with no windows but was brightly lit and against one wall was a queer looking long frame with a drop down curtain half way over. He said my name is Celini and since I have the power of life and death over all you female slaves it is I you must obey without hesitation. Telling us to strip and stand with our backs to the frame he walked up to each of us lifting and weighing our breasts then after squeezing and enlarging our nipples said you are about to be tested and if found satisfactory you will become pleasure girls but if you fail you will be whipped then sent to the field brothels. Lay across the bar was his next command and with the bar wide and angled backward there was plenty of support for our backs as we lay with our feet just off the ground. This made our stomach and pubic area stick in the air and laying back so far I couldn't see what he was doing but I heard Sandi sobbing as he told her to stop wriggling before I felt his fingers enter me and rub my clitoris until I had a throbbing in my lower half. When he finished with us he said we were all to put our hands behind our knees pull our legs back to our shoulders then spread them open. Make sure your legs are very wide apart because that is how you must position every time you get the protection. I heard a cry, then another but in this position I could see nothing until he came to me and run his hands over by lower half checking everything had been shaved. But there was more to come; I felt something cold on my labia then it went inside me. It wasn't the first time anything had touched my vagina but I was frightened when I felt something squirting inside me. As the thing came out I realised we had been injected with a contraceptive when my vagina and vulva started burning. You can relax now but stay on the bar because when I return it will be time for you to be entered and when I tell you to position you will do what you have just done. When he had gone I thought in that position they will be able to enter us with no trouble at all, they will be able to go all the way in with one push and we won't see who is doing it. We were not kept waiting long before the guard returned and walked to see if we were in the correct position to allow an easy deep entry for the men I knew would soon arrive to fuck us.

I heard Katrina breathing heavy Petra sobbing and men talking but not seeing them I counted six who fingered my vagina then rubbed my clitoris until I had that throbbing feeling in my lower half and felt my juices running. Then I felt something bigger than a finger passing my inner lips and stopping against the entrance to my vagina I knew it was a penis. Not yet having had many men enter me as it went deeper inside it stretched me apart and I screamed out. Positioned as I was it went up to my cervix then kept moving inside me, in and out each movement making me shudder and squeeze him then thrust to meet him and not knowing whom it was I felt disgusted with the way I was starting to respond. Waves of pleasure run through my body and I groaned and wriggled with each orgasm? I yelled out as I climaxed at the same time as the man. Feeling his hot juice over my stomach I knew that as a slave girl I was expected to give satisfaction to any man. As women we had not experienced and didn't know yet what it meant to be real slaves but we would soon be taught in painful and humiliating ways how we were to give sexual pleasure but not receive it. Another man entered me and when I felt the third one pulling my labia apart I knew I would have to take all six of them and perform well enough to give each of them full satisfaction. At last it was over and listening to the men leaving I sat up and looked at Katrina and Petra who were also sitting up and asking how they were both said they felt as if their insides had been rubbed raw. Before I could say any more Celini returned and telling us to stand gave us a tube of cloth told us to drop it over our heads and fasten it on the shoulders. He said he was glad we had accepted all the men without resisting and since they were satisfied we would join the other pleasure girls. He took us back into the house then to a room that seemed to be full of lovely looking girls wearing smocks like ours who on his entry immediately jumped up and stood in a line. He told us to face them and walking down he line he slipped the straps of each girls shoulders so it fell to the floor leaving them naked. Celini stood by the side of the last girl and said to us look at them and you will see their bodies are every bit as good as yours and in some cases better so remember it is easy to replace you if you don't obey and perform to satisfaction. He then told them to dress and said we three were to replace the ones they had just watched being whipped then left. None of the girls talked to us or among their selves perhaps because they were frightened or didn't speak our language but that was the way it remained for the next few days. The room we were in had a pool for bathing with open toilets and showers at the lower end a separate room for sleeping another for eating and other than Petra Katrina and me talking to each other the silence was bizarre. Each day Celini would watch twenty odd naked girls bathing before forming a line for him to inspect our breasts. We would then lay on our backs holding ourselves open for him to see if we were having our periods before he washed our vulvas and gave us the injection of contraceptive. The only other daily event was the women bringing our food and several days past like this then one morning after the bath and inspection Celini said girls having their periods were told to stand to one side. This left twelve of us to be told that our master was entertaining this evening and we were to decorate the dinner table before servicing the needs of his guests. We all watched as one at a time each of us lay on the punishment frame that served as the centrepiece of every harem although I had not seen it used since I had been here. This frame forced the woman to have her legs hanging over the side in a way that exposed the whole of her genital area. Celini started by painting the nipples red then rubbing a cream over the pubes then both inside and out of the labia and right back to the anus.

I was about the tenth to have it done and before he finished the earlier girls were all wriggling grunting and rubbing between their legs and as the last two were being done I also felt the stinging between my legs and had to rub my labia. We then had to lay back on the frame for Celini to tear the paste from our body which by now had hardened over any stubble we had grown since our last shaving. None of us could avoid it we had to scream as the hairs were pulled out especially those on the inside of our labia and the way the paste had stuck to the start of our clit tube. The next part didn't hurt but having my labia painted red my inner lips pulled out and painted a bright pink was to me most demeaning. This preparation took most of the day and we were not given anything to eat or drink then when it was finished Celini led us deeper into the house then into a very large room and told to remove our smocks leaving us naked. In the middle was the largest round table I had ever seen with another circular one in the centre that supported a round display of narrow chrome tubes? Three bars lay on the table and raising up from them three more tubes angled outwards and up to form a centre supporting a platform. The first girl in our line was told to stand on the table then climb to the platform on top of the display. The next girl in our line was told to climb on the table lay between two of the tubes and put her legs against the upright ones making her into a V shape. I was fifth Petra next then Katrina then all 12 of us were told to lie in this exposed position and with our legs spread so wide apart our genitals were fully exposed to view. Celini done something to make our display turn within the table then after several turns it stopped and two men came in with a sack. Taking some metal pieces they clamped our arms to the side rods and our legs to the uprights leaving us unable to move. I heard cries and sobbing but couldn't see what else they were doing until one of then came to me holding an oval piece of metal curved at the sides with a projection at the bottom. He put his hand to my labia and opening them put the projection into my vagina leaving my pink inner lips outside as my labia lips closed over the oval sides. He went on to the next girl as the second man put a large long candle into the metal device between my legs. As he pushed it in the projection went further into my vagina making me cry out with pain. The cries of pain went on as each girl had her candle inserted. We lay in this most uncomfortable position while the waiters laid the table for the meal. The thing inside hurt and the pushing of my muscles trying to eject it aroused me and my juices started to flow. The guests finally arrived and the one behind me leaned over and started to fondle my breasts. This and the feeling in my lower body from the thing inside me started an orgasm but as soon as I wriggled my buttocks he stopped and leaving me unsatisfied I heard him laugh at my predicament. When the main course was over the man behind me lent over and I braced myself for another session of touching, but with a match he lit the candle between my legs. The lights were lowered and the table now provided a most erotic spectacle, 12 naked girls each with a candle burning between her legs. After the desert and the fruit the wine was passed and I heard a scream very quickly followed by several more. Then it was my turn to scream out as I felt the burning heat of the melting candle grease run over my labia and down to the brown bud of my anus. We were all screaming now and continued to do so until the port was served. These must have been quick burning candles because by then sufficient wax formed a barrier over our love lips and our cries of anguish, which had provided some sick entertainment for these perverted men stopped. What I didn't know was that 7 of we girls had been given numbers and although I had been missed both Petra and Katrina had been given numbers.

The inner table supporting us started to turn and when the candle of a girl with a number went out it stopped and the man in front of her called a waiter to release her then took her away. The table continued to turn and when Katrina's candle went out it stopped and I listened to her sobbing as the candleholder was pulled out of her. The table turned a few more times before I heard Petra cry out then when seven lucky man had a girl for the night and the last pair left the room the waiters cleared the table. Celini then climbed on it and started to take the wax and holder from the first of we remaining girls before releasing our arms and legs. There were cries of pain and not until he came to me did I realise it was the removal of the wax from our genitals that caused the anguish some of it having gone into our vulva. Having been kept in the bent position for so long it was very difficult and painful to drop to the floor and stand up and Celini helped down the girl who had been standing for so long on the platform then giving us our smocks said how much worse taking the wax off would have been if he had not removed hair around our pubic parts. Having provided the centrepiece we were excused further duties and returned to our room. Through the night the girls returning from servicing the men were all crying or sobbing so when Katrina came in weeping I asked why. As soon as the man took me to a room I was told to position for contraception and after having that candle thing pushed into us you must know how raw it left our vagina. It was bad when he pushed the nozzle into me but the sprayed liquid was agonising so every thrust he made inside me was excruciating making me squirm so much he must have thought I was responding with pleasure. It was some time before Petra returned and asking if she was hurting she said her man was most considerate and she had enjoyed everything he done to her. At the morning inspection Celini spent more time than usual looking and feeling inside our vulva and vagina then took five girls away. From the way my vulva and vagina felt it was reasonable to suspect theirs had been damaged and required attention. On his return he said we three had to learn how to do erotic dancing and pointed to three of the older girls saying they had two more days to teach us and if he wasn't satisfied with our performance he would whip all six of us. The girls didn't talk our language so we could only watch and copy all they done hoping that by the end of the third day we would prove satisfactory. Petra seemed to enjoy the things we had to do especially the way we had to masturbate not only ourselves but also each other. At the end of the third day Celini watched all six of us go through the whole routine and told us he was satisfied because he needed twenty girls to perform that evening. We had no meal that evening but when we had to present for the contraception I knew more than dancing was expected. Because most of the display required we would be nude in order to expose all of our body we were dressed in flimsy costumes we knew we would have to remove as we danced. we entered a room full of men and because the routine was very energetic and we were all soaked with sweat before the music stepped. When it did we formed a line in front of the audience hands behind our heads and legs wide a part. It was like being on sale again as men walked past us feeling our breasts and between our legs then when he found a suitable girl the man led her away. I thought I was lucky when the one that chose me was young and good looking because I was aroused with the things I had to do during the dance and was looking forward to being penetrated by this man. Back in his quarters he pointed to the bed and having walked to it I lay down put my hands behind my knees and pulling my legs back to open them wide expected him to penetrate me straight away. He started by parting my labia with one set of fingers then holding the mucous covered inner lips apart his other hand touched my clitoris.

He squeezed and rubbed it until the little head slide out and I was so aroused his hand was wet with my mucous. I lifted and sitting on top of him gentle eased his hard member between my love lips. I remembered I was not to give myself any satisfaction, I was only to please the man so easing it in a little further but not enough for him to go deep inside I waited for him to thrust in. Instead he rolled me over thrust deep into me then moving in and out my muscles griped him until he couldn't hold it any more and shot his juice into me. He entered me several more times before he sent me away and back in the harem Katrina was already there shivering and crying her eyes out so cuddling her I asked what happened. I am very frightened because the man fucked me several times and I don't know what I did wrong because he said I gave him no satisfaction so a good whipping should convince me to do better next time. When Petra returned I told her what had happened but we both knew there was nothing we could do and all the sympathy we could offer would not prevent the pain she would soon suffer. It was midmorning when Celini went to the harem and called the women together saying Katrina has failed to pleasure a man as a slave woman should and for this offence she is to be whipped in the rope frame. This is designed to remind women and girls that what they have between their legs is there for the pleasure of men. She must be whipped and feel pain but so her body won't be scarred a silk whip will be used. She will be secured in the rope frame and with the rope running through her labia it will cut into her clit tube and give her additional pain. I know how to do this and will administer the punishment so all you women are to watch her suffer. Neither Petra or me could believe what we were hearing but when two male house slaves brought in an odd shaped frame and placed it in front of Katrina we knew there was no escape. Celini ordered the rest of us to stand in a line and putting a collar around Katrina's neck told her to strip. The two male slaves put their hands towards the back of her breasts and squeezed them forward then tied a thin rope around them and pulled so tight they looked like balls then she was bent over a bar. The men pulled her arms wide apart and fastened them to the side supports then done the same to her legs making sure her labia and anus were exposed. It must have been painful in itself being spread so much but when Celini turned a wheel at the side of the frame we watched the bar across her stomach raise and stretch her even further hurting her until she was crying with the pain. The ropes around her breasts were now passed under her body through her labia inner flesh and buttocks then fastened to the back of her collar. Any movement of her head would now tighten the rope, which would rub her clitoris and the walls of her labia while pulling on her breasts. Celini whispered it will be difficult but try to keep your head and shoulders as still as possible because every time you move the rope will drag through your flesh rubbing them and your clit raw and your breasts will ache for weeks. I was sickened when Celini stood between her legs telling each of we girls to go and shake Elaine's' head so he could watch and listen to her screams each time the rope pulled on her breasts and slide between her labia. He looked at we girls saying after ten cuts her clit will be so raw she won't be any use to a man for weeks but anxious to please the next man that enters her then he applied the first lash. I watched in horror as the strands spread across her taught buttocks, thighs and back. Katrina screamed with each strike and as her head thrashed about the rope done its work well. Her breasts were blue and blood run down her legs then after the tenth cut she fainted and Celini threw down the whip and turning to we horror-stricken girls said, that is what you woman must expect if you fail to please the man to whom you are sent and I wondered how long it would be before it was my turn .

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