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The New Marquis de Sade

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Synopsis: The Marquis was the chosen name and title that the owner the Mansion conferred upon himself, in honor of his favorite Libertine, the Marquis de Sade.

The New Marquis de Sade

By DolSade

©2005 by DolSade


The Marquis stood at the window of his mansion, surveying his domain. He could see the cornerstone of his modest empire, the Mansion complex that housed his gourmet dolcette dining room and the Pleasure Centre. Further out, the heart and soul of this realm could barely be seen. The buildings of the dolcette farm were located there. He reflected on what went on there, from his perspective. To all the staff, in his complex and the farming staff, it was merely a farm for fattening dolcettes to the strict standards of his restaurant kitchen. The Marquis prided himself on his cliental for that dining room. His exclusive club numbered 500 and as far as wealth and influence went, it rivaled the Forbes 500 for the area. The members paid handsome, outrageous membership fees for the privilege of dining in his restaurant and availing themselves of the services offered in the Pleasure Centre. What they demanded in return and paid handsomely, again, for, were the most beautiful, youthful dolcettes available. The Marquis marveled at how much one of his patrons would pay for a tough piece of flesh, provided it was freshly cut from the vaginal area of a beautiful young girl. The Marquis fully knew that the rich and powerful were fully cognizant that dolcettes were young nubile women at or just entering the peak of their sexual desirability and good looks. The dolcette conversion project, the "homo-primate" breeding project were shams to convince a gullible public that neo-cannibalism was not only acceptable but a God send at a time of huge human populations and crises in the traditional livestock markets. Like many, the Marquis suspected that mad cow; sheep scrappie, swine flu and chicken viral diseases were unleashed on the world as population controls and to induce fear.

From day one, the Marquis knew that it was a glorious opportunity, when the legislation allowing neo-cannibalism was passed. Unlike the farmers, who were reluctantly forced into the dolcette rearing market, the Marquis saw that the real money could be made by exploiting the dolcettes themselves. The dolcettes by design were slaves. And it became very apparent, quickly, that the dolcettes were female sex slaves. Mysteriously a market for young males never really caught on, although there must be a vast population that would jump at the chance to eat the penises and butts of hunky man-boys.

No, the plan had always been to target nubile young girls.

The intent was always to create a population of sex slaves to sate the lusts and passions of the predominantly lecherous old men that always found themselves in power. This was a slap in the face of the public, that they could literally eat their daughters and wives, with no repercussions and in most cases, the public's willing aid, in doing so.

The Marquis recognized that he had an endless supply of sex slaves available. In addition, there were additional bonuses. The sex slaves were disposable. Their conversion to dolcette status meant that the girls had to be killed within a reasonable time. Their meat must enter the meat market at some point.

And, since the normal laws against slavery and citizen rights were still in force, slavery was not legal outside the dolcette world. But within the dolcette world, all manner of deviant behavior was condoned. Excuses, like pleasuring a dolcette to enhance the flavor of the meat, could easily be used to sell the dolcettes' sexual services. The girls were not sex slaves or prostitutes, merely being pleasured by their eaters to enhance the dining experience. Pain was allowable because of the endorphin rush that tenderized the girl meat. That prostitution was illegal or frowned on, in most jurisdictions, made things all the sweeter. Yes, to an astute businessman the possibilities were endless and the Marquis expected to push the envelope as far as he could.

And through the usual graft bribery and influence peddling, the Marquis knew he could buy his way out of any trouble he ran into. Besides his members were already the crème de la crème of politics and business and he knew only to well that their perversions were worst than his and that they appreciated his efforts to sate their insatiable lusts and passions.

The girls in the dolcette farm were his play toys. He already found an excuse for keeping them alive longer than usual. A three to six month period was required to fatten his animals to meet the stringent requirement of his kitchen staff. He already had agents procuring the most attractive dolcettes available. He was always willing to pay top dollar for beauty and the willingness of his patrons to part with fortunes, to obtain their favorite sexual body part of girl meat, meant he could pay enormous prices to get any dolcette beauty, he wanted and still make a profit when the dolcette was put on the menu. Between the time the dolcette was acquired and the time she went into the oven, she was his compliant sex toy. Care had to be taken with the crème de la crème of the beauties to make sure that they were alive, healthy and attractive when presented to the patrons. But even if the girl was prematurely killed or the body mangled, the only repercussions would be loss of some income. Ultimately all the dolcettes ended up as scraps of girl meat anyway.

The Marquis had always been fascinated by the works of the Marquis de Sade and as soon as he could, he started acting out some of the scenarios written by de Sade. Now, with wealth enough to indulge in any activity and the ultimate disposable victims, the new Marquis could live out his fantasies in real life. He had his special playrooms constructed and recruited his Justine to arrange for his amusement.

His Justine was, of course, patterned on the Libertine, Justine, a young French woman who left the convent to seek fame and fortune. True to her nature, her journey was one of debauchery and murderous lust that only the Marquis de Sade could conceive.

The new Justine had been recruited from the Dungeon wardens. She had severely beaten dolcettes on many occasions and even injured patrons. Alexa had finally had enough when a beautiful dolcette was injured and required a lengthy recuperation period to restore her beauty to the point where the dolcette was acceptable to Chef Tyler.

When the Marquis saw the young woman, he was awe struck by her beauty. She had long blonde hair that fell to her shoulders in rich luxuriant curls that framed an aristocratic face, with full perfectly symmetrical lush lips. The blues eyes flashed intrigue and danger. The expression on her face was one of angelic beauty. She seemed bewildered that others had thought that she had done something wrong. But lurking just below the surface, one got the feeling that a pent up demon was on the brink of emerging.

Even under her warden's uniform, the Marquis could see that she had all the right curves in all the right places. It was the type of body that attracted eyes all over a room and begged to be examined in minute detail. As Alexa began to speak, it struck the Marquis that this woman was even more beautiful than Alexa.

The Marquis heard what Alexa had to say and he said that he would consider what to do, rather than his usual support for Alexa's opinion and wishes.

The Marquis questioned his new blonde beauty. She became aware of the attention she was getting and soon surmised that the Marquis was another foolish man she could wrap around her fingers and soon have licking her pussy. The Marquis gave her enough rope to hang herself and let the show proceed. The blonde resorted to the usual flirting and posing. Even finding reason to thrust her magnificent bosom into the Marquis' face.

As the interview went on, the woman got more exacerbated to the point where she could not control herself. The Marquis asked her what she liked most about the job. And, in rare moment of truth, she lashed out, "I can hurt people." And realizing her mistake, began to cry quietly, a finally ploy to entrap the Marquis.

The Marquis sympathetically asked what she would do to control herself and not harm any other patrons.

That was it. She replied with the response she had wanted to give all along, "You can take your fucking job and shove it. I don't need it or Alexa."

The Marquis subdued her, as she made for the door and asked, "Are you pissed off because you couldn't wrap me around your finger? Did you want me to kiss your ass or lick your cunt?"

He grabbed her pussy and began a slow massage, fingering her slit, saying, and "Don't go, just yet You do have a nice cunt and I'm sure licking it would be my pleasure.

You really are a beautiful woman and I would hate to see you leave.

But I don't lick cunt on the first date and I never kiss ass.

I will allow you to suck my cock and if you get it hard, I'll fuck you.

Are you surprised I'm not hard already? You were certainly doing your best to excite me."

The Marquis allowed the blonde beauty to pull down his pants and lick and suck his cock to erection. The blonde exposed her pussy. The cock was in, in an explosive thrust. Then all to soon, after four or five pounding thrusts, it was gone.

"Very nice Justine. You don't mind if I call you Justine. I have been looking for a Justine for a long time and you just might fit the bill.

Sorry about not finishing things, but I have big plans for tonight and I don't wanted an office quickie leaving me weak. But it was very nice. I hope you will give me cause to finish, next time.

Report here tomorrow, about noon, or go find another occupation.

If you wish, I have some dildos and vibrators you can use. I do love to watch a hot pussy in action"

Justine got up in a huff and straightened out her uniform, then she stopped and coyly put a finger to her lower lip in the familiar pose and flashed a mischievous grin.

She did a sensual exotic striptease with a great deal of rubbing of her big breasts culminating in her sucking on her own engorged pink nipples.

Her hands sensuously moved down her torso and found her mons veneris. Justine rubbed and licked her clitoris and labia until they were engorged and then fingered her vagina till it was nice and wet. She rubbed the pussy juice over her sex organs displaying them engorged and shiny with her cunt juices, to the Marquis. She fingered her clit and vagina in frenzy until she announced her orgasm with a shrill scream.

Justine stood tall, did a slow pirouette with her arms above her head, to show the Marquis her beautiful body in all its nude glory and left the office saying, "I don't need a man be fulfill my needs. See you tomorrow."

The Marquis enjoyed the show and was massaging his erect penis. He may have found his Justine. She is beautiful. Amoral and violent. But she can be controlled. She is a skilled seductress and skilled in the erotic arts. She is fun to be with and has a playful sense of humor. And maybe, she prefers women to men.

But is she smart enough to be Justine, to arrange all that has to be done? Is she ruthless when she has to be, and contained, when that was necessary. Can I trust her?

Only time would tell.

Justine arrived at noon, the next day, in a demure mini-dress looking like she was applying for a sexy secretarial position.

The Marquis observed her reaction as he kept her waiting for an hour. She was polite to the staff and unobtrusive, patiently bidding her time.

When admitted into the Marquis office, she made sure she was announced as Justine.

The Marquis complemented Justine on her appearance and the two make some small talk loaded with sexual innuendo.

The Marquis began his interview with Justine.

"I don't suppose you know who Justine was?"

"No I didn't think so. Have you ever heard of the Marquis de Sade?"

"Mais non." Was Justine's intriguing reply.

"I want you to take this book with you and read it. I know it's long. You can skim it and read the parts that interest you. I wish to be a patron of Justine, my new Justine. I will supply the resources and money to put on special entertainments for myself and my guests, but mostly for myself. I need a Justine to make all the necessary arrangements and sometimes join me, assist me, have fun with me. Ideally I am looking for a capable companion to share my lusts and passions but since I haven't found one yet, an acolyte or protégé will have to do.

Anyway see if you can see yourself as Justine. Take the weekend. Hell, take the week. You're still on the payroll. Contact me a week Monday and we can talk again. Maybe, at a bistro, like friends or even lovers.

One other thing, my Justine must be loyal to me while making absolutely no claims, what so ever, on me. I checked your employment file and it says you live alone and Alexa doesn't know if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter. I would prefer no boyfriends or lovers. I also prefer my Justine to prefer the gentler sex. In the matter of playmates as Justine puts it. "I like to abuse those of the fairer sex. My Justine will like to abuse those of her own sex." Read the book you'll understand.

One final thing. If you proceed and I choose to make you my Justine, you will have to sign a release form volunteering to undergo conversion to a dolcette and all that means.

That is my personal insurance that you won't betray me or disclose any confidential information I may give you.

If you choose not to go any further, your job is secure for as long as you can keep Alexa happy. You can keep the book and none of this interview will have ever happened. Understand!"

Justine replied, "I lied. I have read Justine by the Marquis de Sade. It was one of my favorite books but I lost it and I really appreciate your gift. I will treasure this book.

I don't have a boyfriend. But I do take on occasional lovers. I prefer girls as lovers.

In my darkest fantasies I do like doing injury to my own sex, that's probably why I like the dungeon so much. All those pretty dolcettes to hurt and abuse. Oh sorry, you didn't hear that.

I can be your companion and I am sure in time, your lover. I will do as you say and ask nothing in return. I will make your pleasure, my pleasure.

I will never betray you and I will sign a stack of volunteer forms right now.

I am your Justine. In fact I have been Justine since I read the book.

Let me be your Justine."

After that performance, the Marquis had to clear his head and evaluated all that had happened. He did have Justine fully read and sign the volunteer form, even asking her to initial each paragraph. An appropriate stalling tactic while he recovered.

He told Justine to read the book, taking the full week and call Monday.

The Marquis had lots to consider. He questioned Alexa at length and had his legal department do a search for any info about the girl. He sent people around to her neighborhood to ask about the girl. One evening he even drove over, himself, in a beat up farm car and watched her apartment till he noticed that people were becoming concerned with this stranger in the neighbourhood. The slate was clean. Aside from Alexa's problems no one had anything to say.

Justine had called the office, daily, only leaving a message that she was studying the book and looked forward to her meeting Monday.

The Marquis and his Justine did meet for lunch at a local bistro and Justine got her first assignment. "A Three Girl dinner". Justine knew immediately what that meant.

The Marquis invited her to dine with him that evening, in the dining room so that Justine could be provided with further instruction.

It was the first time Justine had dined during the evening in the Hilltop Restaurant. She had been to a party room for occasional Dungeon parties but, for her, this culinary experience would be a first.

What's a girl to wear? She had nothing and in the end, she rented a formal satin and lace gown. Of course, she spent the afternoon in the hair salon, getting the maximum treatment. When the limo dropped her off at the door, the Maitre D' had the Marquis come to the door to escort the beautiful woman to her seat. All the male heads in the restaurant studied Justine as she floated to her table. A murmur went through the crowd.

The Marquis was suitable impressed and showed his admiration for his new companion, "My dear you are my Justine and the Marquis de Sade would turn over in his grave, in envy, if he could see you tonight."

The Marquis lifted a couple of sheets of paper and showing them to Justine said, "These were my notes but lets forget about business tonight. I am sitting with the most beautiful woman I have ever had dinner with and I expect to enjoy myself, lost in your beauty."

Justine blushed, very embarrassed. She knew if any man could be her Prince Charming this was the one.

The dishes came at a leisurely pace and the spectacle of the butchering of the live meat girl, by Chef Anton, truly wet Justine's black lace panties. The Marquis told her to study the spectacle closely and try to incorporate some of Chef's ideas and techniques into her presentations. He told her to study everything and although he didn't want a gourmet dining room, the style and ambiance was what he was looking for. She shouldn't worry about the actual food; the restaurant would provide the real meals and her presentations were about entertainment not the culinary arts. He let slip that girl meat wasn't his favorite meat unless it was properly cooked without regard to appearance.

The Marquis had ordered "Filles Mignon" for the two of them, Commenting to Justine that he thought it only fitting that she begin her new career of eating pussy by literally eating a female's most valuable sex asset. Justine looked at the tag. The picture was of a childlike innocent face with blonde hair as long and lustrous as her own. She noticed that the Marquis also had blonde's girl meat.

Belying the Marquis earlier comment the girl meat was tender and moist, with the smoky taste of smoked girl meat adding a subtle saltiness. Delicious.

"See if the girl meat is aged, prepared and cooked well, not just torn bloody from a live dolcette and slammed on a grill, it can be a culinary treat but you may have noticed it's hard to tell that it's a female pussy."

The meal proceeded at a leisurely pace.

When coffee and liquors arrived, the Marquis took a pinch of white powder and sprinkled some into the alcohol saying it was a Chinese aphrodisiac and he would like Justine to try some. He had decided that if she was willing, she could start her new career that evening with some fun and games. He laughed saying that nothing major would be required and it would be less taxing then a session in the Dungeon, but if she was properly motivated, read that horny, they could enjoy themselves. He passed her the drink asking, "My lady, are you ready to surrender your virtue tonight?"

Justine gulped down the libation in one shallow saying, "Kind sir, show me to your boudoir." And the couple laughed.

During the final course, a small cup of dolcette breast milk ice cream, the Marquis laid out the plan of action.

Justine would go to the dolcette and Barbie viewing rooms and choose a girl to be a bed decoration. The Marquis explained that a bed decoration was, merely, a girl picked for her beautiful face and incredible nude body, to lie on the bed and look lovely. To decorate the bed. Later, she would probably be used for other entertainment. Justine should just pick the second most beautiful female in the room and that girl would be the decoration for their love nest.

The Marquis said, "I'll contact the farm and have them send over a sweet young thing, a virgin, to be deflowered." After a discussion the Marquis agreed, "OK, I agree you should be able to choose your pick, from two or three candidates. I'll tell them to pick the three prettiest dolcettes to clear quarantine and bring them to my house. When you make your choice, don't worry about the dolcette having an intact hymen, sometimes they do sometimes they don't. It's not important that the dolcette is a real virgin or not but I like to deflower the prettiest new dolcettes after quarantine, even if only symbolically, and give the first pleasuring of their stay here. A little hint, I pleasure like Justine's patrons and friends."

"I'll give you an hour to get things ready and join you.

At the house, you can get the servants to help you. I'll tell my manservant you're in charge and you have a free rein to do as you see fit. He'll show you to the master playroom.

Also, I'll have Juliet, my present bed maid, advised to assist you. If you think you need an Amazon, ask Juliet to make arrangements."

"Oh what are you wearing under that gown."

"Just panties. I couldn't were a bra with this plunging neckline." Justine blushed.

"Well if you want lingerie, see if Juliet will get you some. I don't keep any on hand, just in case.

Come to think of it, tell Juliet, I insisted that she give you her best frilly lingerie, preferably unwashed. If its OK with you, it turns me on to think of you in Juliet's soiled panties and milk-stained bra. And I know Juliet would be mortified. Better still, order Juliet to undress and give you the bra and panties she is wearing and put them on in front of her. If she refuses, get an Amazon to force her. Oh yea, Juliet lactates. I would like you to get your tits working too or have a milker available.

That's it, see you in an hour."

Justine scrambled to the viewing room and selected a pretty brunette with a fresh girlish face and a beautiful body, highlighted by incredible plump, full, soft breasts with big pink nipples; and yes, a jet of warm tasty milk squirted as Justine tweaked the dolcette's nipple.

Justine took the dolcette, dressed her in a white lacy baby doll nightie and white high heels.

The limo took them to the house where Robert, the Marquis' manservant, met her and took the two women to the master playroom. It was a large room with a huge bed. The furniture was Victorian oak and that was about all the time Justine had to enjoy looking around. The virgins had arrived.

There were three young dolcettes, all looking younger than eighteen. Two blondes and a cutie with a raven black pageboy. Justine looked them over. Really, all very cute with nice curvy bodies. Justine chose a blonde child. The girl was tiny and looked about sixteen.

Her long straight blonde hair was divided into two long ponytails. She looked like a cherub and, more to the point, someone's protected virgin daughter. Only the big breasts looked out of place but Justine thought most men were gaga over big tits anyway. She was completely nude

Justine and Robert took the dolcettes to the playroom and Justine instructed Robert to get Juliet. Juliet arrived, none to pleased with the turn of events. Juliet was an attractive brunette with thick brown hair, highlighted with blonde streaks, her face was elegant and classically beautiful, a Nordic princess. Her body was the classic hourglass shape with ample breasts, a narrow waist and wide hips. Justine stripped out her gown and panties and ordered Juliet to undress and clean the two dolcettes, reminding the brunette that she, Justine, was in charge. As Juliet headed for the bathroom, Justine order Juliet to strip nude, and in a casual manner, Justine explained that she needed to borrow some of Juliet's underwear. Juliet was mortified when Justine motioned for the bra to be passed over. But when Robert nodded, the puzzled Juliet did so. Juliet sniffed the white lacy bra and put it on. The bra was small and barely contained Justine's breasts. The panties followed without incident.

Juliet and Robert washed the dolcettes to Justine's satisfaction, making sure the decoration had an enema and douche. She wanted the virgin's ass and pussy untouched.

The virgin was dressed in the white baby doll and the decoration spread eagled across the bed. Then Justine had two more ideas. She told Juliet to get her best push up bra and matching high heels.

She asked Robert for a mild drug to knock out the dolcette for an hour or so. And he produced a pill. The decoration was given the pill and was soon out cold.

When Juliet returned, Justine told the brunette to put on the bra and shoes. Juliet was also to be a decoration and milker. Juliet was led to a display stand, that Justine had seen earlier, and an altar and then Juliet was asked which she preferred to be displayed on. The brunette chose the altar and arranged herself, spread-eagle across the platform. She closed her eyes and looked beautiful. The brunette had seen the show many times before and knew what her part was to be.

Justine took a very quick shower, put on Juliet's undies and returned to the bed. She tied the virgin's hands together with a white rope and tied a black ribbon around Juliet's neck.

And then she awaited her master.

The Marquis arrived on time dressed in a satin bathrobe.

Justine beckoned her master to her and kissed him passionately. The two drank a small glass of the alcohol and aphrodisiac. Justine had had Robert give larger drinks of the mixture to the virgin and Juliet.

The Marquis surveyed the scene and was very surprised to see Juliet sprawled across the display altar.

Justine whispered, "She is so beautiful, I knew you must like to see her all the time and she has been given something to increase her ardor."

"I am pleased to show you, the main entertainment for the evening.

This jewel is one of your finest treasures and I am sure you will enjoy examining all her feminine gifts. She will sleep for awhile so we can have free reign to do as we please."

"This treasure is virgin child. I hope you will allow me to help you blast her maidenhead and make her a woman."

"Show me how to please you and what my part in all this is meant to be, my master."

The Marquis smelled the dolcette decoration to verify that she had been washed. And then had Justine help him explore the beautiful body, "My beautiful Justine, I love women. I love the feel of their bodies, of their skin. I love to feel the curves and the fullness of the flesh. Just feeling the torso and the thighs, rubbing the ass. Then I love to just massage the breasts and finally examine the sexual core of the female body not with a tongue but merely opening a women for inspection of her finest treasures. I'd like a taste of the juices but prefer that the mistress of my bed prepare the decoration for my examination."

"Bring Juliet over here. She knows what I like and can teach you. We can compare all three beauties. Let the virgin watch and enjoy for a while."

Juliet was brought over and the Marquis ran his hands over the dolcette, Juliet and Justine, rubbing the curved waists and hugging the breasts and torso against his chest. Juliet began a quiet moaning and Justine picked up the cue and moaned as if the caresses were bringing her ecstasy. He did rub all three females everywhere and enjoyed their bodies. He complimented Juliet and Justine on their womanly assets, voraciously, and the women cooed and basked in his revelry.

Then he massaged the sleeping dolcette's big breasts and was delighted to see milk stream from the nipples. The Marquis attacked the nipple and sucked till his mouth was full. He beckoned Juliet over and she took the warm milk into her mouth and swallowed it. He motioned for Justine to join in drinking. Then, as he finished playing with the big breasts, he moved to the dolcette's cunt and spread the slit open. While Juliet and Justine spread the love crack, the Marquis rubbed all sex treasures till they were engorged and spread to their full glory. The dolcette began to stir and moan softly.

He praised what he saw, "Isn't this pussy beautiful. I love to open up a woman pussy like spreading the petals of a flower. Her clitoris is small but shapely. The labia don't compare with your Juliet but most don't."

"I haven't had the thrill of examining Justine properly yet so the comparison with Justine's pussy will have to wait."

"Justine, Why don't you and Juliet get to know each other? You're my two bed beauties and I would love it, if you will entertain me every night. Juliet knows how much I love watching women give pleasure to themselves and others."

Juliet spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy. "Wait Juliet I want Justine to unveil your womanly charms. You know, I love to do it, even though I have practically memorized the look and feel of your treasures. Let Justine peel open your petals and show me your charms."

Justine proceeded to spread the cunt open and while Juliet pulled her slit open, Justine rubbed the clit till it was engorged and the head of the clit was enormous. The labia were next, they opened to a butterfly.

Justine complimented her rival, "These are the biggest and showiest clit and labia I have seen. They make mine look like an immature preteen's. I would love to lick and suck them." Justine looked to the Marquis.

Wait a bit, "First let me fully examine the wonders of your body. Remember, I just got a glimpse last time." Justine stripped out of Juliet's underwear and stretched her body. Then she sensuously rubbed her torso. She cupped her breasts and massaged the two beautiful mounts exotically. She tweaked both her nipples as if trying to draw milk and then went to the dolcette and rubbed her nipples against the sleeping beauty until both sets of tits were covered in milk, then she went to Juliet and repeated the procedure. She offered her nipples to the Marquis and the Marquis suckled on the blonde beauty's tits.

Justine spread her legs and invited the Marquis to explore her sex. The Marquis spread Justine's womanhood and as Justine pulled her sex open, the Marquis rubbed and probed. The clit was smaller than Juliet's and the labia average size but Justine's clit seemed very sensitive. Rubbing produced moaning and a grimace while Justine urged harder and faster rubbing. The Marquis stuck a finger into Justine's wet pussy and tasted her womanly lubrication. He reinserted his finger and let Juliet taste Justine. Then Juliet was instructed to initiate Justine into the family.

Juliet need no further invitation and was a whirlwind of licking, sucking and fucking.

Justine came quickly but Juliet had sucked and nipped Justine's clit till it was raw and sore.

Justine went at Juliet with the same passion and intent and soon had Juliet screaming in pain but Justine continued till Juliet reached orgasm.

The two women lay back, rubbing away the pain in their crotches.

Focus now turned to the virgin. "Let's see how pure our little maiden really is."

The Marquis began his examination of the little dolcette. This dolcette is a little girl.

She couldn't be eighteen years old. She must still be a young offender, not eligible for conversion or I guess someone pulled some string. Good pick Justine. How did you know I like the virgins to at least look like virgins? And her face is so innocent, so unsullied."

He lifted the nightie and cupped a breast. "At least our little darling has a woman's breasts, nice weight and heft. The small ones are OK, on a virgin but I prefer ones I can sink my teeth into, so to speak."

He torn off the flimsy gown and examined his little nymph. He ran his hands over her torso and the curves. He rubbed and licked the ass cheeks and then beckoned Justine to join in the examination of the breasts. He put both hands over the mounds and kneaded them for a while, watching the blonde's face animated with pleasure. Then he asked Justine to give the girl a drink. And then give, all, drinks. He told Juliet to show Justine how to give the dolcette decoration a drink anally. His groping of the breasts grew in intensity as the Marquis watched the pleasure turn to pain. He held the cutie when she started thrashing about and crying. And then he released the poor girl. "The farmers don't like me to damage their dolcettes too much. We usually ignore them, but this little dolcette is here to enjoy her first pleasuring on this farm. I'm sure you and Juliet can make her feel real good, after I suck the girl's nipples. I want to see just how big and hard they can get." The nipples did get hard but no milk. The Marquis assuaged his disappointment by remembering that the lass was a virgin. Justine took the right nipple and Juliet the left mound and the Marquis noticed that the face brightened, once again acknowledging pleasure.

"Now on to the main course." The Marquis rubbed the pussy and licked the whole cunt area, savoring the taste. Then he parted the girl's vaginal slit and licked the inner pussy, tasting the girl's sex. With his two beauties spreading the cunt wide open, he rubbed the clit and labia and remarked, "OK lets see how impressive her jewels are in full flower. Join me ladies and enjoy.

"She has nice petals and a pretty little bud, that I'm sure it would be nice to suck on. But they're not as big or nice as Juliet's. I think mine are a touch bigger and better formed also," was Justine's assessment.

"No one has nicer jewels than mine. The Marquis said if I'm ever a disappointment, he would take great joy in making my pussy into a bracelet so that my jewels would always be a part of him. Kindda makes a girl want to do something nasty. But then he says, he would miss me so much. Don't you, master?

Justine the girl's still a virgin. She still maturing, her jewels will be fabulous." Juliet retorted.

The Marquis continued his examination, rubbing and pinching the jewels, one or twice eliciting a pained expression on the sweetie's face. The pain made the innocent face more beautiful. It was the type of beauty the Marquis liked to see on all his female victims.

When he tired of examining the cunt, he moved his attention to the vaginal opening. "Let's see what wonders we can find here. Nice pink coloration. Everything is normal." And pushing his finger gently into the vaginal opening till he met resistance he remarked, "Can't push my finger in too far, a good sign. She is wet and lubed." He rubbed the finger to his thumb and then tasted the female fluid. "Nice and slippery. And a nice salty taste. Justine good of you to leave the vagina unwashed so that I could taste this virgin before deflowering her." He kissed the little girl and whispered, "I am now going to make you a woman. Your hymen might have been broken before. But I'm going to break open your whole vagina. There will be blood and there will be pain but the pain will bring intense pleasure and a volcanic orgasmic spasm through your body. The drinks are an aphrodisiac to get your horny and make you come. You just have to lay back and focus on the pleasure. Remember the pain is fleeting and you will remember this orgasm as your first and your finest."

He had the virgin lick and suck his already erect penis. Juliet brought out a flesh coloured natural looking dildo and attached it to the Marquis' penis. As the Marquis moved to show the virgin his now enormous, realistic looking weapon, Juliet whispered to Justine, "Our master prefers to give his seed to his lovers, not dolcettes. But since he kindly deflowers virgins, he uses all his resources both natural and those made to his specifications to fulfill his pledge to the virgin.

The Marquis had Juliet raise the virgin's back a little to line up his entry. The Marquis entered the virgin with a powerful thrust and as deeply as he could push. The little virgin screamed in pain. Juliet motioned the Justine and the two women held the little girl down and the Marquis continued his powerful thrusts. Finally the Marquis sensed a spasm ripple through his victim's body and saw that a pool of blood had collected under the girl's vagina. She had had her maidenhead broken and the love tunnel was breached and she had had an orgasm. The girl was barely conscious, moaning in pain. He ceased his attack and bade the women to clean up the virgin and get her ready for the anal deflowering.

Juliet got some towels and cleaned the blood away, as Justine gently cleaned the dolcette's vagina. Then she kissed the wounded area and licked it as an animal licks a wound. Juliet joined in and the little girl relaxed and seemed to enjoy the sensations on her pussy. The little girl felt a warm soothing fluid enter her vaginal bring relief to the burning and pain.

Then a voice, from beyond, told the little sweetie to concentrate on the pleasures coming from her clit.

Justine and Juliet were kissing and licking the area and pleasuring her female jewels.

Gradually the girl's passion rose and she was moaning with pleasure. The expert attention of Justine and Juliet brought the girl to orgasm.

As the cutie, blissfully, lay back remembering the pleasure and still trying to dull the pain.

She felt a buzzing sensation in her pussy and forced herself to see what was happening. Juliet was gently rubbing her pussy with a small vibrator. When the vibrator touched her clit the girl grimaced in pain and Juliet with drew it. The clit was tender.

Juliet asked if she could push the small vibrator into the girl's pussy saying, "It will feel good, really good and help take away hurting." The girl agreed and Juliet slowly penetrated, watching the girl's face to gauge the amount the vibrator was pushed in and moved around. The girl was soon moaning in pleasure. Justine joined Juliet and the women took turns pleasuring the young girl to a volcanic orgasm. They both kissed the cutie and allowed her a moment's peace.

The moment's peace seemed only to last a moment as Justine and Juliet turned the girl over and pushed her ass to the Marquis who was wearing his monster dildo. The two women were holding the girl, tight, when the Marquis instructed, "Juliet take off your bra and give it to Justine. And while you're at it, give me a big swig of the momma's milk.

Justine wrapped the bra around the dolcette's neck and when I give the cue you know what to do. Juliet hold the pretty. It's going to be a rough ride."

The Marquis thrust hard and deep and the girl screamed in agony. A cut across the throat symbol was Justine's cue to act and she never hesitated. The Marquis pumped three or four times and stopped.

"Justine release the girl."

"I said, Justine release the girl."

"We've taken care of her."

"Justine come over here with Juliet's bra. I think it one of Juliet's favorites and I sure she'll want it back. Don't you my dear."

"No put it on Juliet."

"No not there. Around her neck."

Juliet complied with no hesitation.

"Juliet has always told me that her fondest wish is that her jewels would adorn my wrist. An eternal show of her love. And now that I have you, I can fulfill Juliet's wish. Strangle Juliet for me."

Justine hesitated and then began to strangle the brunette beauty. Juliet was still, to begin with, but as the cloth cut off her breathing, she struggled to break away. Justine fought to contain Juliet. Justine was bigger and stronger, so it should have been no problem.

Juliet broke away. The Marquis told Justine to complete the act as Juliet meekly returned to Justine's grasp. Justine looked hard at Juliet and a tear rose to her eye, "I'm sorry Master but I can't. I guess I'm not your Justine after all."

Angrily the Marquis turned to Juliet and yelled, "Pick up your bra and strangle Justine. She wanted your job and was almost ready to kill you."

Juliet walked over to Justine and wrapped her bra around the blonde beauty's throat and heard Justine quietly chanting, "Do it. Do it." Juliet applied pressure looking into the face of her adversary and then collapsed in tears, "You know I can't do it. And, that's why I'm not your Justine." The two women hugged, sobbing and crying.

"Sorry ladies. I got carried away again. Juliet you know I don't want your pussy wrapped around my wrist. And in my way, I love you, the way you are. And Justine, in our world, if you had strangled Juliet, you would be off to jail and I might be a big trouble also. We don't live in de Sade's world and we have to know that and not get carried way. De Sade's Justine was really a psychopath disguised as a Libertine.

My Justine is more of a sociopath with flare and style for the unconventional and the bizarre.

But I have made arrangements for you to spend a week in the kitchen butcher shop. I want you knee deep in dolcette blood and gore, so you know that dolcettes are nothing more than meat animals and nothing you, me or anyone else does to them, will revolt you. As Juliet said, she couldn't cross that bridge and I need my Justine to be willing and able to.

But enough of the morbid talk. If you ladies will accept my apology then the fun can resume." The ladies smiled and nodded in agreement.

"OK. I just had a weird thought ladies; put on your undies. No Juliet put on Justine's panties, the black lacy ones over there. Let's see Justine wasn't wearing a bra so I guess your can have your white one back. Your panties and that push up can go to Justine."

"It's nice to see beautiful women in lingerie. There should be some mystery or at least something frilly and lacy to show off your exquisite shapes. Dolcettes are nude all the time, as animals should be, but human women should be allowed to flaunt their feminine charms more subtlety. It's more erotic. I was glad to see you wearing Juliet's undies. I knew you would be bursting at the seams. But I was surprised to see Juliet and Juliet wearing a bra. Was it your idea or Juliet's?"

"My idea." Justine blushed. "I knew you liked underwear when you told me to dress in Juliet worn undies and I guessed you would like to see Juliet wearing her favorites."

"Well I knew you had good judgment, Justine, "replied the Marquis.

"Would you start with the undies on and entertain me. Juliet knows what I like and can lead the way to start. Come nice and close and show me everything."

Juliet curtsied and moved till she was almost atop the Marquis and spread her legs so that her cunt was almost in the Marquis face. He sniffed at the pussy and body. "I see or smell that you didn't wash before bed, my dear. I love the womanly odors of your body, so much more than the soapy perfumed smells." Juliet grinned and giggled at Justine.

Justine curtsied and joined Juliet and began slowly and sensuously licking Juliet's pussy.

One or two times the Marquis adjusted Justine's legs so he could get a better view. Justine noticed that Juliet always positioned herself to allow the Marquis the best-unobstructed view of the love games. She immediately followed suit. Juliet started to moan quietly showing her pleasure. Justice was moaning and whispering sweet words of encouragement, endearment and pleasure to her new lover. The Marquis offered occasional directions. "That's nice I can see Justine's clit. So shiny and wet. Put your finger in her cunt Juliet and rub the area with her juices.

See how many fingers will fit in. Four looked easy. Keep rubbing the walls of the vagina.

See if you can find Justine's G-spot.

Justine has Juliet found your love knob. Moan, let her know.

Did you have a good orgasm?"

"Juliet let Justine play with your pussy. I want to see if she's as good as you. But first I need a drink. You know what my favorite is. Justine join us. I know you'll love Juliet's milk."

"OK, Justine show me what you can do. I'll just sit back and watch as you to Juliet to Nirvana."

Justine methodically licked Juliet's pussy till it was wet. Then she attacked the vaginal slit, pulled it wide and had Juliet hold the slit wide open. Justine maneuvered Juliet's spread cunt almost directly under the Marquis face and rubbed all Juliet's jewels to their perfection. One or twice, Justine licked the brunette's jewels but hastened to remove her head, letting both the Marquis and Juliet know that she would have liked to lick Juliet into oblivion but was mindful that the real purpose of the fucking was to entertain the Marquis, in the manner he liked best. Justine kept rubbing until Juliet was moaning loudly in agony or pain, or both.

She kissed the tip of the hood of Juliet's clit, into which the glans had withdrawn.

Justine gently kissed the Marquis and fingered Juliet's vagina. Thrusting fingers in slowly and deeply until all the fingers were in. When Juliet showed no distress, Justine pushed her hand in until the progression was stopped by the thumb joint. Juliet yelped and rocked herself gently on the penetrating hand for a while cooing and moaning. As Justine searched for the G-spot, Juliet slowly dislodged Justine's hand. Juliet held her gaping vaginal tunnel open as long as she could and then went to work on the clit, rubbing vigorously till a squirt of female juice ejected from her vagina on to the Marquis.

Justine put some of the whitish viscous liquid and tasted it. Not piss.

"You're the best Juliet. No one can replace you. Nothing tops that trick.

Justine you'll have to convince Juliet to teach you how to do that and once we get your tits going you'll be a complete woman", enthused the Marquis.

The decoration awakened and all eyes focused on her. The pretty brunette glanced around and when she saw the others; she pulled herself into a ball.

The Marquis considered for a moment. "Ladies I know you're both tired and probably sore but if it's not too much to ask, maybe you can pleasure that little blonde. She took that deflowering of the anal maidenhead pretty hard and it would be nice, if she had some pleasant memories of her first anal sex. I'm sure she'll remember the other deflowering with joy. And the decoration over there is so cute and was so quiet while you were entertaining me.

Justine rouse that girl. You weren't chocking her long enough to do any damage.

I told you the farm doesn't like us abusing their livestock too much."

The two dolcettes were roused and given drinks. Justine and Juliet decided that they would let the dolcettes fuck each other for awhile, to see what the little darlings could do and then the women would do the girls with dildos, to show the cuties how mature women did things.

Juliet rubbed some salve into the aching anus of the blonde and kissed the tears away. The dolcettes were told to pleasure each other. The girls did know what to do. They spread their legs and began to masturbate. Justine and Juliet had each taken charge of a dolcette and made sure that the little girl was always placed in the Marquis' best viewing area. The dolcettes fell upon one another in a frenzy of licking and fingering of each other's genitalia. Both women had trouble keeping their dolcette's vaginas on display, for the Marquis. Justine and Juliet let the girls go at it, until the brunette grunted. At least one girl had had as orgasm.

Justine paired with the brunette and Juliet with the little blonde and the women methodically used their dildos to bring the girls to satisfying orgasms.

The women changed places to do each other's previous partner. The women had their asses up in the air so that they could pleasure the pussies of the girls.

Justine felt a touch on her ass and glanced back to see the Marquis lubricating his cock to fuck her. She felt wet oils being applied to her vagina and then a strong thrust into her.

After about five minutes, The Marquis turned Justine over and fucked her mom and pop style. He came in a gush without a sound. Justine moaned deeply, at the feeling of the warm sperm flooding her womanhood and shook lightly. She contracted her vagina around the penis, as the Marquis withdrew saying. "That was wonderful. The best orgasm I've ever had."

The Marquis smiled and kissed his Justine.

Justine finished bringing the blonde cutie to her orgasm and the four spent females lay on the bed. The Marquis enjoyed the sight and wished it would last forever.

After a short rest, the Marquis announced he was off to bed. "I'm turning in now. Justine you might as well stay overnight. You can sleep here or Juliet will show you a guest room. Leave the dolcettes; Robert will take care of them. Probably tomorrow, they look so peaceful and innocent. It would be a shame to wake them.

About tonight, our little fuck. I owed you one or maybe you owed me one."

Justine decided the bed was big enough for her and the dolcettes and she was too pooped to move.

"Juliet, my dear, this is the biggest bed I have ever slept on and there is lots of room for you. It can be a sleepover with kid sisters. Besides, after the way you made me feel, I hope we can become friends or more. Hey, we still have on each others bras, well your bras but….. And, I like the feel of my bra, even though it's cutting off my breathing."

In the end Juliet stayed and the foursome had their sleepover.

Early the next morning Robert awoke the sleeping beauties and got the dolcettes on their way. The two women embraced kiss lightly and went back to sleep.

Juliet awoke Justine and the pair showered together. Girl fun, they both said. Besides the shower was huge. Juliet led Justine to the atrium pool where they would be served a simple breakfast of fruit and toast with cappuccinos.

"I ordered breakfast for the two of us, out here. It so nice, this time of the day. The Marquis lets special dolcettes and the dolcettes, on their way to the Mansion, spend some time here and lie in the sun. They often have their massages here too. The Marquis and, I guess the others like to watch them. The poor little things are so pretty."

"I didn't know what to order for you, so I just ordered double what I usually have. You can get what you want when the servers come, if you want something else."

"What no girl meat bacon and eggs or girl meat sausages and home fries. No egg Mc Muffins." Justine laughed.

"I'm kind of a vegetarian. I eat meat if I have to but I really try to avoid dolcette meat.

Funny isn't it. I work on a dolcette fattening farm with a restaurant that serves gourmet dolcette meals." Juliet blushed.

"The fruit is great. I need to eat more fruit and veg anyway. And what working girl can afford too much meat, especially dolcette meat," was Justine reply.

Juliet showed Justine around and they chatted.

"Working here is OK. It's quiet and scenic. Not the hustle and bustle of the city. The people are good, not the monsters some TV shows make dolcette farmers out to be.

The perks are great. No better sex. Good food, even for a vegetarian. I've had lots of time to think and I really can't think what else I'd do.

I started in the kitchen out of Chef College. I was a garde-manger, the cook that prepares the vegetables. I wasn't a vegetarian then, but even then I had my own cubbyhole, away from the main kitchen. I was away from the dolcette preparation and after the first party, I didn't go into the restaurant dining room."

I don't know what I was thinking when I applied to be Justine. The Marquis had seen me around and he was dazzled by my beauty." Juliet chuckled. "Anyways he gave me the book, you know "Justine" by de Sade and what I saw was an independent free willed, abused girl making her way in a cruel world; getting the better of a host of miscreants that were bent on doing her harm.

But I'm glad I'm not the Justine. My biggest project is arranging the deflowering of the dolcette newcomers. They usually aren't really hurt and I justify it, by thinking if I weren't there, someone worse would be. Oh I don't mean you. If you were that evil, you would have strangled me and the dolcette.

I have grown to love the Marquis and I guess that's what keeps me here. I would willingly give him my jewels to wear on his wrist, if he ever wants them.

He really not that bad. I shouldn't be telling you this. If he finds out, he may be wearing my jewels on his wrist.

His bark is a lot worse than his bite. He is in a cruel business and making cruel choices.

Make no mistake, to him dolcettes are nothing more than dumb animals and he would have no more qualms about killing one than a dog. But we don't kill every dog we come across. The Marquis sees dolcettes as valuable livestock that he raises for profit. If it is profitable, he has no hesitation in using his asset in the way that will bring him the most money. He doesn't like to personally kill any living thing. That's what he wants a Justine for. If that's you, so be it. I know you have a kind heart and thousands of dolcettes are slaughter every day. If you can make it even a bit easier, try.

Oh a couple of other things and I'm done.

The Marquis loves beautiful women and will do almost anything to make them happy or keep them contented, but he has his limits. The women he chooses to serve him, if they are loyal and faithful are never discarded. He will find a suitable position in his empire for them. If someone wants to leave, he's not the vengeful husband. He wants to be loved.

But if he is betrayed, he can go berserk. Remember the volunteer forms, there are stories of a Julia or June, that thought she would be Justine and when she washed out, the stupid cunt threatened to go public with the Justine – De Sade story. The rumor is, that the bitch was sent to a conversion farm with her volunteer form and underwent full conversion. The Marquis bought the dolcette and had her served at a gala feast.

The Marquis is a jealous lover. He wants his women, the women he makes love to, exclusively. If you are sullied by another man he will drop you and relocate you to one of his Siberias or leave you to find your own way. He doesn't mind women. In fact as you, no doubt, noticed, he loves to see females fucking and especially his women. If you want to be Justine, loose all your male friends. If you can learn to love him, great. Otherwise find some women lovers.

You know my bedroom door will always be open to you. And I might even teach you how to squirt."

Justine was in a quandary, what was the score. What exactly were her duties to be? Justine in the book was a psychopath and left a path of murder and betrayal in her wake.

Would the new Justine have to be as brutal? Was she as brutal and tough as she thought? Did she really intend to strangle the dolcette? Was killing a real woman was breaking a taboo?

And could the Marquis be trusted or was Justine simply another woman exploited by a wealthy amoral man. Only the future would tell.

The Three Girl Dinner

Justine did her tour of duty in the kitchen and returned to the Marquis house each night, a bloody mess. She had moved into the Marquis' home as a requirement for her role as Justine.

Justine was now ready for her first assignment. A three girl diner. The book had a chapter devoted to the three girl diner. And it wasn't a dinner with three dolcettes as the entrées, rather it was a dinner that revolved around three young lovelies obtained by Justine, through abduction and kidnapping, that were tortured, fucked and murdered to sate the lust of Justine and her lover.

The Marquis had simply told Justine that she was to obtain three dolcettes having a royal demeanor, and those dolcettes were to be the basis of an evening of lust, torture and other mayhem. If one or two or three of the dolcettes were to expire during that evening, "c'est la vie". The Marquis was to be entertained in the same manner as the de Sade character but Justine could use her own ingenuity and creativity to put on the spectacle. Justine had one week to arrange things. The Marquis would join her for dinner and entertainments, a week Saturday.

Justine poured over the De Sade book for inspiration and was tempted to ask everyone she knew for advise but, in the end, she decided that the Marquis probably had gone through many of the scenes in the book, a number of times and would be more impressed by a fresh new approach. Moreover, the fewer the people who knew what was happening, the better. She would only consult with Juliet and the Amazon captain and try as much as possible to limit outsiders.

Justine chose to return to her area of familiarity. The first three girl dinner would revolve around the dungeon and thrills would be provided by torture.

Justine selected three dolcettes. A blonde, a brunette and a Hispanic were chosen as her victims. All looked younger than eighteen. All looked innocent. All had faces that pain would distort into beautiful, pitiful expressions. All had big shapely breasts. All had some measure of self-awareness and native smarts to take direction and obey orders.

The dolcettes were coached to moan, as if in orgasm, constantly, and scream in agony when pain was administered. Xena the Amazon captain was instructed to mildly sedate the dolcettes, wrap them nude, in soft blankets and bring them to the house.

Justine conferred with Xena. The Marquis had all ready identified Xena as the person in charge of security and Xena was the guard on hand for the entertainments. Moreover Xena vetted all outsiders to the entertainments, except those that the Marquis had invited. Xena supplied a pool of dolcettes that could perform secondary roles.

Finally Xena saw to it that everything was cleaned up and the dolcettes were appropriately disposed of, whether to the kitchen or to the farm.

When Justine explained her basic plan to Xena and hinted that she was going to enlist a Pleasure Centre Amazon, with a great deal of expertise and experience in bondage torture, to help out; Xena would hear none of it. She said it was verboten to use Mansion staff.

Xena volunteered to assist Justine. Xena explained that she was an expert in all the common bondage arts; rope and hog tying; pins and needles; breast abuse; whipping and so on. The two women agreed to work together: get the props, set up the room and plan out the tortures to look authentic and gory while being easy and fast to do.

Xena tied ropes so that it would appear that hours were spent hogtying a victim, when in fact a simple slipknot would secure the victim. Both knew the Marquis would get very bored, if they spent a long time hog-tying their dolcettes by the book. The goal was entertainment not lessons in torture techniques.

Xena took Justine to a specialty shop where they could purchase a wide assortment of pin, needled, clamps, pegs and other paraphernalia, and the Amazon included some stuff from her own collection. Xena had a passion for bondage and dungeon games and took for every opportunity to practice her art.

A room was set up, the instruments of torture readied, the dolcettes delivered and the two women awaited the arrival of their master.

The Marquis arrived dressed in monk-like caftan and the show began. Justine rang a bell and three Amazons carried in the victims. The girls were placed on a long sofa.

"Master I have acquired these three beautiful maidens for your first three girl dinner with me. These are not common street whores or runaways from abroad but are all girls from well to do families. Two are local girls. Both are newly pregnant and their shamed parents sent them to a home, for the duration of the pregnancy. The home will tell the parents that their daughters were killed in an unfortunate accident. The parents will be relived and pursue the matter no further. The third was obtained from a wealthy Mexican family. They believe their daughter to be in college, here, and when they check, they will discover that she has disappeared into the night.

Come and examine them and see that they meet with your approval.

They have been mildly sedated for easier transport here.

They are road weary and stained.

If they meet with your approval I will have them cleaned so that you may examine their beauty as you wish."

Justine opened the blanket revealing the exquisite blonde. Her long lustrous hair framing an innocent angelic face. Justine opened the blanket wider revealing full round breasts tipped by bright pink nipples.

Justine moved to the second girl. This one was the Mexican girl. Petite with delicate features. The breasts were large for the body and she exuded a floral bouquet.

Justine revealed the third beauty. A brunette with bright pink lips and a mischievous happy face. The breasts dominated her body. Big and shapely tipped by big brown nipples.

The Marquis stoked all three of the pretty faces and weighed each breast. He rubbed each pussy making sure to run this finger in each girl's vaginal slit. "You have done well, Justine. Please have the maidens cleaned."

The maidens were roused and led to an open area covered by mats and towels. Justine clapped her hands and three women appeared. A beautiful blonde led, followed by two brunettes with blonde streaks. The blonde wore a short toga that left a plump full breast revealed. It was Juliet. The two girls were nude, dolcettes.

Juliet curtsied and lifted her skirt to reveal white lace panties, split crotch panties that showed Juliet's jewels engorged with a gold ring attached to one of the lips

Juliet directed the dolcettes to towel off the maidens with wet cloths, as the Amazons held the still groggy girls up. The washing was slow and sensuous with particular care being directed at the breasts and genitalia. Juliet personally toweled each maiden's breasts and spread each maidens cunt open, to wash the cunts and anus.

The job complete Juliet directed her girls to clean up the mess and the trio departed. The Amazons carried the maidens back to the sofa and deposited them onto the blankets.

"I beg you master, please examine the maidens." Justine said.

The master rose, politely kissed Justine and began his intense examination of the maidens.

He started with the Mexican girl and looked deeply into her face. He grabbed a handful of hair and smelt it. He rubbed his hands up and down the torso and enjoyed the curves and silky skin.

The breasts were his next targets. He massaged them forcefully and then went to the nipples. When he tweaked them and when milk squirted out, he sucked in a mouth full. He motioned Justine over and had Justine relieve him of the milk. Justine swallowed the milk

On to the cunt he rubbed everything, till all the sex organs were engorged but he lingered for only a moment.

On to the brunette. The Marquis looked over the whole body and rubbed his hands over the torso lingering at the waist and rubbing the ass cheeks. He cupped the breasts and massaged them. Then sucked a nipple but found no milk this time.

He did a quick examination of the cunt, making sure to check out the engorged clit and lips. He checked to see the pink vagina.

The Marquis went back to the Mexican miss and spread her slit to check the vagina. Darker brown.

He moved to the blonde and studied the blonde pixie. He smelled the lustrous hair and kissed the lush lips. He explored the torso in detail. First rubbing all over. Even lifting the body so that her could feel her back and then lifted the girl to his chest. He rubbed his chest against the beauty's breasts. He massaged the big round mounds of flesh and then licked them. He attacked nipples, biting hard but not breaking the skin and then sucked milk out. Justine moved to take the milk but he drank the warm sweet fluid. He enjoyed milking both breasts dry.

Then he bade Justine to join him and did a close examination of the cunt. "Not as impressive jewels as yours or even the brunette, disappointing. But her tits are magnificent."

He kissed Justine and asked her to proceed.

Justine asked the Amazons to awaken the maidens with smelling salts.

Justine passed around drinks for everyone except the Marquis. Justine drank her potion.

When the maidens were fully aroused, she went to each maiden and kissed each hard.

Justine invited the Amazons to pleasure the maidens.

Xena stripped off her uniform and the other Amazons followed suit.

Xena did a slow pirouette in front of the Marquis showing him her impressive figure.

As the warrior women went to work with tongues, fingers and dildos, Justine directed the frenzy. The Amazons used the opportunity to savage the maidens. After fifteen minutes Justine clapped and Xena pulled the other two Amazons off the Mexican and brunette maidens. All three young girls were sobbing and rubbing their sore cunts. Three mobile torture racks were pulled to centre stage, by the three nude Amazons, who locked the mechanisms into place and then moved to their chosen victims.

Justine moved to sit by the Marquis and in a loud voice said; "Tonight's entertainment will be, the torture to death, of these beautiful maidens for your enjoyment. They have just had their pleasure and now they must give you pleasure. Xena and I have assembled a large assortment of instrument designed to inflict pain. With your permission we will proceed.

The Marquis nodded.

Xena got the ropes while the other two Amazons controlled and abused the three crying maidens. One girl, the blonde pled pitifully for mercy and was cuffed by Justine.

"Amazon Captain, gag that one and hogtie her securely. Make sure she feels the rope burning into her skin. But take care, she is the favorite of the master and we should keep her beautiful till her death."

The three Amazons hogtied their victims as Justine gave a grossly exaggerated explanation of the knots and tying techniques. The Marquis acted as if he was impressed.

The maidens were quickly hogtied and carried to the horizontal racks. The three were secured in place; face up with their legs spread. Blondie was in the centre directly in front of the Marquis, flanked by the brunette and the Latin.

The Marquis was invited to examine the rope work and played along, checking the knots and ropes but saying nothing. He did grab a tit or cunt as he pleased. The maidens were screaming, partly because of Justine's coaching and partly because the Amazons were abusing them at every opportunity, pinching, slapping and punching. One Amazon rubbed her fist against the brunette roughly and when no one objected, the Latin was similarly abused. Justine went to the blonde and gently pleasured the maiden. The girl responded by moaning softly.

After fifteen minutes, Justine told the Amazons to untie the ropes and secure the maidens.

"Secure their hands an feet so they a spread–eagle face up and tilt the platforms up at a forty-five degree angle.

Master, Xena and I will now engage in a contest. We will use our favorite toys to torture our maidens for your enjoyment. You may pick a winner by whatever criteria you choose. The amount of pain administered, the creativity of our technique, the effect upon our victims, the loudness of the screams we cause, what ever you think worthy of reward. The victor can extinguish your chosen favorite for you."

The little blonde screamed. The Mexican girl and the brunette continued crying.

Xena chose a wooden vice and attached it to the brunette's breast and tightened the wooden boards until the maiden was screaming in pain and her breasts were turning blue.

Justine chose clamps and applied then to the blonde. They were tightened till the girl screamed in agony. Xena came over and groped the clamped nipples brutally, causing even louder screams of pain.

Both Justine and Xena tweaked the Mexican girl's tits hard and then attached clothespins in circular patterns around the nipples. Next the labia were rubbed till they were engorged and clamps attached to the lips. Weights were hung onto the clamps and set swinging. The two women grabbed a breast each and groped the Latin hard. The cloth pegs that fell off were replaced and the women changed sides.

Xena had the blonde and eyed the pink slit. The Amazon got special ring with small clamps designed to pull the pussy wide open. When she had finished the cunt was fully displayed. The Amazon fingered the blonde's jewels till they were engorged and then shoved a large vibrator into the maiden's vagina.

Justine had done the same with the brunette and the two women admired each other's work and traded compliments.

Justine bowed, acknowledging that Xena's presentation was more artistic and invited the Amazon to prepare the Latin the same way, for the enjoyment of their master. Justine torn the weights and clamps off the cunt of the screaming maiden and then Xena attached the cunt-spreading ring and inserted a large vibrator.

Xena invited her Amazons to take over for a time, while she and Justine rested. The two Amazons gleefully joined in, lighting candles and dripping hot wax over the most sensitive parts of the screaming girls. The little Latin swooned and the blonde freaked out, thrashing and screaming. The brunette maiden drifted off silently.

The maidens were allowed a rest as the Amazons and Justine took a break.

The Marquis went over and examined the maidens. He took special interest in the cunts, studying the display rings intently. He moved the dildos up and down; finally pushing them into the maidens' vaginas as deeply as he could. He checked to see what damage had been done by the molten wax and was disappointed that the hurt was so slight.

The dark blue bulging breasts intrigued him. He rubbed them, pinched them, and tweaked the tits, half expecting the swollen breasts to burst like an overfilled balloon.

An examination of the other two sets of breasts was disappointing to him. What turned him on the most was the pitiful expressions on the three faces, pain etched into such innocence. It gave him a hard on.

Justine and Xena continued. The clamps and vice were removed and the breasts were gently massaged back into shape.

Justine had one of the Amazons pass around another tray of drinks.

Xena got the pins and needles. The maidens were given dose of smelling salt to jolt them back to reality and the maidens got their drinks.

Justine asked the Amazons to comfort the maidens, gently, for their next trial. Xena showed the way and the three tenderly massaged the big breasts and caressed the torsos of the girls.

Justine went to the Marquis and held up a small pin. "Xena and I will now stick a hundred of these pins into the breasts of our guests of honour. Xena will take the left side; the Mexican girl and I will do the brunette cutie. If a girl screams, an Amazon will administer a hard slap to the girl's ass or thigh." The Amazons moved into position and repeated Justine's words to their victims.

Justine and Xena pushed in the pins slowly moving them around to cause the most motion and pain. Their victims lasted about twenty pins until Xena groped a breast covered with pins and grabbed hard. The Mexican girl shrieked and was slapped hard across her thighs. Justine imitated and her victim was screaming. After that, the two girls screamed as each pin was pushed in and Justice had to have the slapping stopped.

After all one hundred pins were inserted, the little blood that had flowed was wiped away and Justine asked if the master would like to examine what had been done, in detail. The Marquis examined closely fingering a pin or two in each breast. He was disappointed with the lack of real response or look of pain so he grabbed the little brunette cutie's breast hard and pushed the pins in as hard as her could. He held the girl in that position as she writhed in pain, screaming. The writhing, of course, caused the girl more pain.

As he finally let go, the cutie slumped back, crying.

The Mexican girl was next and the results were the same.

The Marquis bade the four women to follow his lead. The two Amazon bystanders joined in and were, immediately and brutally, using the pins to brutalize the girls' breasts. When Justine and Xena had their turn with the breasts, the mounds were left a bloody mess.

Xena had her Amazons cleanup the mess, warning the Amazons not to cause more damage to the dolcettes.

Then Justine and Xena turned their attention to the blonde beauty. Justine went to her master and held a hand full of long needles in front of his face. "Xena and I will insert these needles into the little blonde sweetheart, fifty needles."

The Marquis moved closer to watch. The needles were pushed all the way through various parts of the breasts by the two women. The little girl screamed and writhed in agony. She swooned after about thirty needles were poked through her breasts.

The girls were left for a half hour to recover a bit.

The three were revived again with smelling salts and the next atrocity was announced to the Marquis. "The Amazons will take break, for a cigarette, but since we have no ash trays we will have to turn the maidens over and use their ass holes and of course they will have to butt them out, in the new ash trays. Justice took a cigarette from an Amazon and sent the disappointed woman to the sidelines.

The remaining two Amazons and Justine turned the girls over. The girls screamed in agony as their wounded breasts suffered more abuse. They were secured and the three women lite up. The Marquis went to Justine and took her cigarette and moved to the blonde maiden. Justine got a cigarette from the Amazon underling and took her spot beside the Mexican maiden. The trio puffed away. Then Justine spread her victim's ass and poked the cigarette gently into the Mexican's asshole, so as to not break the red embers. The little girl screamed in pain and trashed about, mashing the cigarette. The red-hot embers died out slowly.

Xena was next and the brunette was screaming.

The two women looked to the master. He spread the ass and was about to push the cigarette into the red ass hole but instead he raised the blonde cutie's ass a bit and snuffed out his cigarette in the cutie's vagina. She screamed in agony and fainted.

The maidens were loosened from the racks and the women had their hands bound with a short rope. The Amazons, minus Xena, led the girls to a platform and Justine and the Marquis joined the females there. The maidens were forced a top the platform and made to stand on stools. Xena had noosed ropes fall from the ceiling and put a noose around each maidens' throat. Justine curtsied to the Marquis and asked, "May I present the finale? I hope my efforts pleased you." The Marquis nodded and Justine moved along the platform and kicked away each stool. Justine stood back and watched the beautiful bodies dance in the air. The kicking stopped, after a while, and the bodies were still.

The Marquis turned and left without a word.

Justice waited for the Marquis to leave completely and ordered Xena and the other Amazons to cut the girls down quickly and try to revive the dolcettes. "They are very valuable dolcettes worth tens of thousands of dollars alive. The hanging shouldn't have killed them. I want them all alive."

All three dolcettes were alive. Justine had the Amazons remove the pins, needle, vibrators and other torture toys and take the dolcettes to the farm for treatment.

Justine thanked Xena for her help saying, "We put on a great show. I'm sure that the Marquis enjoyed the evening. And that was the whole idea. Dolcettes are valuable meat animals. If they are alive for roasting or cooking, they are worth a lot more than meat parts and carcasses. The Marquis has let me know that live dolcettes are a business asset that we should strive to keep in good conditions. The dolcettes we used tonight are still alive. Their hurts seemed grievous but they might recover fully and if they do, we retain a valuable asset. If they have to be put down, at least the kitchen can do it at their leisure, not in a rush to salvage girl meat.

I will provide entertainments for the Marquis, that he will enjoy, and I will protect his business interests. And I look to you to assist me.

I am the Justine now!

A Formal Banquet

Justine expected to hear from the Marquis immediately. Did he like the three-girl dinner?

What would be the next assignment? How were the dolcettes? The questions going through her mind were endless. But no message was sent or communication of any sort received. After wondering what she had done wrong, Justine just waited.

On Friday evening there was a knock at the door of her suite. Justine jumped up and hurried to the door. A message a last.

Juliet was standing there with a white rose. Juliet was dressed in a white short toga, with both her breasts covered this time. Her long hair was auburn and shiny. The only other clothing she wore were white spiked high heels and a black leather collar around her throat. Juliet entered and announced, "The master has sent his compliments and thanks for an entertaining evening." And handed the white rose to Justine. "He wishes me to be your slave for the evening and night. I am to do your every bidding and grant your every wish." Juliet handed Justine a leash that was attached to her collar. Justice tried to question Juliet a number of times but Juliet only said, "Tonight I am your sex slave."

Justine shrugged and put the vase holding the rose beside her bed and kissed Juliet.

Juliet came alive and passionately kissed Justine. Tongues darted in and out of each others mouths and moaning began. "May I undress you mistress?" Juliet whispered.

And when Justine consented, Juliet undressed Justine slowly and erotically, removing clothing and then kissing the area that had been on covered. Justine wasn't wearing much, only a mini-dress and some underwear. Juliet was disappointed that Justine was not wearing a bra, so she lifted her toga off and undid her bra and dressed Justine in the white lacy bra, the movements were sensual and sexy. Juliet cupped one of Justine's large breasts in her hand and kissed it. Then she sucked the nipple till it was engorged and beautiful and finally, she placed the breast into one of the bra cups. The other breast was similarly cupped kissed and the nipple sucked till it was engorged. The left breast went into the bra cup. Juliet then moved behind Justine and cupped both breasts in her hand and massaged Justine's breasts. As she was doing so, Juliet rubbed her breasts into Justine's back and kissed the nape of the blonde beauty's neck. The massage caused Justine to moan quietly, in pleasure. After a while Juliet attached the clasps that secured the bra. She moved to face Justine and said, "My mistress was depriving me of my pleasures. I can now enjoy the sight of your magnificent breasts being revealed to me and I can pay homage them in a manner befitting my mistress." Juliet kissed Justine and then moved her arms around Justine to undo the bra. She used the opportunity to hug Justine and the two beautiful women rubbed their breasts together passionately. When the two separated, Juliet made sure the bra would stay on Justine's breasts. Juliet kissed the top of Justine's right breast and then uncapped the mound. Juliet licked the entire breast. Juliet kissed the entire breast. She sucked the nipple and gently nipped at the areola. Then on to the left breast. Juliet removed the bra and threw it other shoulder. Juliet licked the whole breast; she kissed the breast and paid due homage to the nipple.

Juliet licked and kissed her way down to the panties, and drew them down Justine's legs slowly kissing the areas of skin that the panties had gone over. She tossed the panties over her shoulder. Juliet then attacked Justine's pussy, licking and kissing the entire area but not invading the vaginal slit. She had Justine turn over and lick the whole ass but not the anus. She got up and surveyed Justine and asked, "Has the mistress now been properly cleaned? Did I miss anywhere?"

Justine playfully pointed to her vagina, spread her legs and ran a finger up and down the slit. Juliet nodded her finger back and forth saying, "Mais non, mon amie but that jewel requires special treatment.

I will return."

Juliet went to the bathroom and returned with a small porcelain basin, wash cloths and some containers. She poured some soap and rose water from the containers and she used the towels, her finger and her tongue to clean all of Justine's jewels and Justine's vagina. The cleaning was slow and erotic. Juliet gently turned Justine over and wiped the anal area. She kissed the area around the anus and the tongued the ass hole as deeply as she could. Then she inserted a wet finger and pushed it in as far as she could. Justine felt a warm flow of liquid entering her ass and then a towel drying the area. Juliet took her cleaning supplies back to the bathroom and returned smiling. "Now mistress is clean?"

Justine nodded and Juliet went on, "I will now undress for my mistress. If you wish."

Justine asked that she be allowed to undress Juliet and Juliet replied, "If that is your wish I must obey but I am here to please you. You should not concern yourself with pleasing me tonight."

Justine laughed and dragged Juliet to the bed, "OK enough of this slave, mistress bullshit, you're her to fuck and I want to fuck. We both want to fuck each other, so lets do it."

Juliet broke into laughter and paused, grinned mischievously at Justine and said, "OK but do I strip, you'll love my strip or do you tear my clothes off. On second thought I better strip. After all these are my best undies and you like to borrow them all the time."

Justine giggled, "OK but your stripping better be good or I'll make you dress again and shred you favorite lingerie."

Juliet got up and waved a finger at Justine and laughed, "No peeking. I have to correct a wardrobe problem first." She pulled her toga over her head and retrieved her bra saying to Justine, "I hope your big boobs didn't stretch to so much that I look like a flat chested school girl in it. Then she pulled down her white matching panties and threw them to Justine. Juliet retrieved Justine's black panties and put those on saying, "Trade ya".

She put the toga back on and began her strip. She danced sensuously to the music in her mind, rubbing her arms and legs, feeling her breasts and then broken into a raunchy bump and grind. Then she pulled the straps of her gown over her shoulders and pulled the gown down her body sensuously undulating and twisting, to pull the tight garment down her body. When the neck got stuck on her breasts, Juliet pulled harder and undulated more. She moved right in front of Justine face so that Justine could see her breast straining at the dress and being pushed flat and then bouncing back as the dress passed over. To Justine's delight a nipple popped out of the bra and Justine bounced up to suck it.

"Hey no fair. I'm not finished yet", said Juliet, as she sent Justine back to her seat.

The toga was around Juliet's legs when Justine sat down and Juliet kicked at Justine. It hit her right over the face. Justine rose, "That did it. Show's over." Justine laughed and tackled Juliet, tearing off her bra and black panties.

The two beauties rolled around on the floor for a while, kissing and as Justine moved in on Juliet's nipples to suck her rich milk out. Juliet stopped laughing and said, "Stop for a minute. Let's get up. Rolling around on the floor is for kids. We have a nice comfortable bed." The couple got up and moved to the bed. Juliet paused and said, "I almost forgot Justine I didn't shower before coming over. I cleaned you nice and clean and I wouldn't want you to think I was making you dirty."

"OK, I have a little confession I don't shower if I'm planning to have sex with a lover.

My body smells divine, if I do say so myself. I like knowing that my female essence, my pheromones, even my sweat is totally enveloping my lover. By the way, licking you clean was my pleasure. I love the tastes and textures my tongue finds on its trip: salty, sweet, sometimes bitter, all the tastes. I'm enjoying the total animal not just a face or set of sex organs."

Justine answered, "OK no shower but only if I can clean you the way you cleaned me."

"Right, but you won't do half as good a job. I'm an expert. If you show potential, I'll teach you my expert techniques, maybe while I teach you to squirt. And we can add stripping. You missed my finale. If you had seen that, you would want lessons of that too." Juliet laughed.

"Well back to the grind. Oh yea, you were milking me. Please, please continue. When the Marquis told me to be your sex slave to night, I didn't milk my breasts and let them be.

They're swollen full and kindda sore. Check out my bra. It got soaked when I pulled my dress down over my boobs. So mistress, if you will allow your slave a favour, suck my tits dry. Justine I know you like my milk but there's probably too much, you can suck it out and put it in my mouth. I love the taste of my milk. It's me, giving back to the baby in me."

Justine and Juliet kissed and then Justine attacked Juliet's breast licking the whole surface from tit to base, often stopping to lick clean dribbles that had oozed out from the nipples. When both breasts were cleaned, Justine began sucking hard and biting softly. Juliet arched her back a moaned in ecstasy. Part of the process, used to induce lactation, was a Pavlovian conditioning technique that caused orgasm when the nipples were stimulated

Justine greedily feed on Juliet and as she moved to the other breast she remembered that Juliet wanted some milk to, so Justine filled her mouth and passed the warm sweet milk to Juliet mouth. Juliet savored her own milk and swallowed it down. Justine took another mouthful for herself and let Juliet enjoy a second mouthful. Juliet nudged Justine from her breast and lay Justine on her back. Juliet gently massaged one of Justine's breasts and then dribbled some milk on to Justine's breast. Juliet then sucked on Justine's nipple as if she was milking Justine. Justine lay back in total pleasure. The couple repeated the process with Justine's other tit and then Juliet ordered Justine to milk her until her breasts were sore with pleasure.

As Justine licked down Juliet's torso, Juliet once again pulled away and made a request.

"I know I'm the slave and you're the mistress but could I make another request? My boobs are really sore and, to be honest, I'm kindda poop out. Your lovemaking was great. I orgasmed, three times. When they got me to lactate, I got some kind of conditioning to make my body orgasm when my tits are milked. Could I just get you off and then we can rest a bit? I have been instructed to spend the night, unless you send me away, so we have all night."

"Well if that's what you think of my licking and sucking, I guess you better stay all night to teach me how to do that to. No doubt you're an expert in that too, girl.

But slave hear me, you must make me cum and allow me to make you squirt before we rest.

Now get down here and start licking my pussy. For this round, only lips, tongues and fingers are allowed."

Juliet licked Justine's pussy till her vagina was sopping wet and then attacked Justine's clit. Juliet nipped at the labia and then fingered Justine's vagina till Justine's moans told the auburn haired beauty that she had found Justine's G-spot. Juliet fingered the G-spot, while her thumb worried the clit and Justine's vagina contracted in a deep orgasm.

Juliet coached Justine on how to induce a vaginal squirt but Justine just wasn't doing it right. If Juliet had been able to, she would have faked it but you can't fake a obvious physical manifestation like the squirting, she had done for the Marquis. So in the end, Juliet rubbed her clit just the way she liked it and Justine rubbed Juliet's G-spot and the squirt jetted across the room.

The two beauties rested and made love countless times during the night. Justine would have to wait another day to learn to squirt and Juliet would enjoy her new lover's female essences one more night.

The next morning the two showered together and breakfasted in the pool atrium. They chatted about nothing in particular. During the conversation, Justine complimented Juliet on her hair. Juliet gushed back, "Yea I like it. The blonde made me look too much like you, not that anyone would confuse us. Just compare the bodies. Girl your gonna have to teach me how to develop boobs like yours. Hell even my milkers are no match.

And speaking of boobs, mistress owes me some new undies. Make them white, lacy and sexy."

When Justine returned to her suite, there was a note saying that she should meet the Marquis for lunch, in the atrium.

At lunch, Justine and the Marquis talked while the dolcettes splashed in the shallow pool and lounged on the deck chairs. The Marquis was all business. "My dear you did a fine job last week. Everything was entertaining and enjoyable and I hear there were no complications or left over messes to deal with.

Your next party will be for more than me. I will co-host a small gathering on next Saturday. There will four couples, myself accompanied by you, and three friends and their spouses. You are to make all the dinner arrangements, in consultation with my friend's butler. Actually you will handle everything except the actual meal.

You are to use up to ten dolcettes as decoration and serving platters for the dinner. A whole dolcette will not be the main entrée so you may want to use one as a platter for the main entrée, that sort of thing. As always, my resources are at your command.

One other thing. You will need a formal gown. That one you wore to dinner, last time, was nice but get something better, more expensive, nicer. Don't be afraid to show off your body. That's why you're my date. I want to show off my trophy. My friends will, no doubt, bring their trophy wives or husband. I want you to be the most beautiful woman in the room. Don't dress like a whore but get a gown that leaves nothing to the imagination."

Justine met with James, the butler, and got a copy of the tentative menu. The food was to be prepared in the Hilltop Restaurant kitchen and served at the Marquis' home.

Justine racked her brains for ideas. Dolcettes as decorations? The Marquis mentioned the serving platter for the main entrée. Just get a beautiful dolcette with big boobs and a flat stomach and, viola, a platter and there were the de Sade candleholders - ass holes and vaginas. She had to do something with the breasts and milk. Most of the dolcettes did lactate and milk was definitely food. Coffee creamer definitely and maybe drinks but the presentation of dolcette and manner of milking would be paramount. Justine could imagine full breasts squirting milk all over formal gowns and outraged faces. Four down and six to go.

Justine switched her thoughts to shopping, of course. She had to buy a gown but the only real gown she had ever worn was for the dinner with the Marquis and that one was rented.

Where to start? Finally Justine called Juliet, This was more a girl matter, than a Justine matter, she rationalized. Juliet was free, so she came by.

"Hi Justine. I thought you called for a squirting lesson.

But a formal gown? I have a few from my days as Justine that we can take a look at, to get an idea what may suit your occasion and there is a room full of Justine stuff from the other Justines. We can look at those."

Juliet took Justine to her room and brought the gowns out. When Justine asked Juliet why she had so many expensive gowns the beauty replied, "To make me look beautiful, of course, when Prince Charming comes calling.

No actually, rich people always buy a gown for an occasion and never wear it again, so each of these gowns represents one gala event. They're useless really, can't wear them anywhere, not that I go anywhere these days.

But their nice and they cost a fortune, so I keep them.

First rule of gown buying: Don't even look at the price tag. You'll probably faint. Besides you're not paying, anyways.

Second: Buy a gown only for that occasion. You'll probably never wear it again.

Third: Buy it for the Marquis and the people attending the occasion, not for you.

Think of the image the Marquis wants to project. Justine is his trophy and statement.

He'll usually tell you what he wants. Listen hard for the cues.

Well three rules are enough to start with. Don't want to tax the little gray cells too much.

Let's go to the Justine storage room."

The room was a big closet with all sorts of things. Juliet told Justine that this was only clothes and more personal items. If a girl was replaced, she was allowed to take any clothes and personal belongings, she had acquired while she was Justine. This closet held what wasn't taken and still might be of use in the future. This room, and all in it, was the property of the Justine to do with as she saw fit.

The girls examined the gowns and Justine even tried on a few, but she thought none were even as nice as Juliet's.

Juliet agreed to go shopping with Justine. "OK Justine I'll go if you beg me."

"Ple…", was all Justine got out.

"OK, Justine, don't grovel. I'll go but only if you promise to replace my lingerie. I know just the shops. Shops only Justine and her no limit credit card can afford. This may be my last chance to get the finest, read most expensive, underwear on the planet. Thank you."

The two beautiful women dressed the next day in cut offs and jerseys in the Justine's Jaguar ready to plunder the stores.

Juliet made Justine stop for lunch at vegetarian restaurant and while they were eating, Juliet had Justine go over as much a she could remember about his instructions concerning the gown she was to buy.

Juliet summarized what she thought the Marquis said, "This is my perspective. I could be totally wrong and in the end you're the Justine and you'll pay the consequences or get the glory. He wants to show you off. You're his prize trophy. His friends go through spouses like Hollywood movie stars, always showing of their latest trophies. The women, there are one or two women friends but we won't worry about them unless you're into impressing the fairer sex with style and grace. They're old bats whose concept of haut couture is what's most expensive in Paris. The wives usually dress like high fashion models with lots of makeup and the runway strut or like high-class call girls entertaining the fabulously wealthy with everything on display or hanging out.

The Marquis did say to show off your body and use you ass, oh, I mean assets to good advantage. But I found a little naughty but demure is very sexy. Just let them know you got the goods but they're not for sale or on open display. Maybe, something with a plunging neckline that shows the tiniest bit of nipple when you bend and you can bend a lot. Keep that in mind but if you find something that you think makes you look fabulous that's your gown."

Juliet took Justine to the most exclusive shops in town and when Juliet introduced Justine the sales staff they knew exactly what was meant and gave Justine the royal treatment.

After many gowns, Justine did find the gown that she felt fabulous in and looked fabulous on her. Juliet's agreement was the clincher and it was off to buy panties.

Juliet took Justine to her favorite lingerie shop and this time there was no need for introductions. The owner greeted Juliet-Justine and the new Justine.

"Justine what bra size do those monsters of yours take, 40 triple D." Joked Juliet.

"Only 38 D", Justine meekly replied.

"I was just kidding, you know me. Come on. Lets check things out."

The girls shopped for an hour and Juliet met Justine at the cash register with four packages. "Don't you love these silk, soft and satiny? I love the way it feels on my body and it makes me so horny. And white lace to replace the one you tore."

Didn't you get anything? Hell you need something to wear under that gown and you haven't been shopping in a while."

Juliet motioned and a sales girl deposited a stack of garments on to the counter. "I picked these out for you. See if they're right size."

"Don't you remember the comment the Marquis made about the importance of lingerie? "

"He practically told you to get some sexy lingerie. You had to wear my undies the first night. Throw out all your old underwear and start dressing like the Justine, the Marquis wants. I would."

Justine giggled and checked over the lingerie and aside from changes in color, accepted all of Juliet's picks. "Thanks for your help, but I'll only buy these clothes if you go pick out some more goodies for yourself. Some split crotch panties that will show off your jewels maybe. No silk. Get some of the most expensive silks in the store. Things you've always wanted but thought were too expensive. Lets go check them out."

Justine picked some eye popping silk garments for Juliet, "I'm buying these for you unless you choose something else. Girl, this is the last chance. Pick what you want or you'll be stuck with these. The Marquis can pay and if he fires me when he sees the bill, you can help me find a new job. Now Pick!"

Juliet did pick a silk camisole she loved, a demure white silk baby doll nightie and silk bra and panties outfit with an astronomical price tag.

On the way back Justine talked a little more about her assignment and Juliet came up with the idea of using dolcettes' vaginas as wine coolers.
"Get a couple of dolcettes with big wide vaginas and you can push wine bottles up them and when someone wants, a drink the waiter can pull the bottle out and maybe wrap in one of the cold cloths to chill white wine or just a plain towel for red wine and then the waiter can push the bottle back in. The Marquis will love to see the gaping pussies and the pained expression on the dolcettes' faces when the wine bottle is reinserted and the dolcettes will just have sore cunts for a day or two."

"You should get the farm medic to help you lactate. They use bio feed back and conditioning on the dolcettes and usually can get a girl lactating. If that fails, a course of hormones usually does the trick. Me, I'm the no additives in my food, girl so I insisted no pills or drugs and my milkers are government approved, 100% pure. And as I told you, they can condition your body to orgasm with nipple stimulation. Go over today and see if they can do anything to get you ready for the dinner. A stain of milk from your tits, during dessert and brandies, will probably outrage the women but I guarantee it will turn on the men and the Marquis will love it."

"And while you're at the med centre, see if you can get your pussy pierced. I saw you admiring my pussy ring, the other night. The Marquis has a standing policy that he will pay for any and all piercing jewelry, for the cunt or nipples. He hates the face stuff and doesn't allow it. I was thinking maybe two or three rings that will tinkle as you walk. Everyone will know it's from pussy rings. Demonstrating that you have an asset without blatantly displaying it. The procedure only takes an hour or so and baring complications, you'll just have a sore pussy for a day or two. Think about that too."

The two women returned home and hurried to Justine's suite where Justine modeled her new gown and accessories. She was stunning.

The two agreed to meet after dinner, for their exclusive lingerie party. Two guests: the sexy and beautiful Juliet and the beautiful and sexy Justine.

Justine did visit the med centre and asked about getting her breasts to lactate. She was informed, "Our current procedure is a two fold process.

We use a bio-feedback machine hooked up to your nipples so that you can monitor subconscious activities of your body and the idea is that you concentrate on lactating, if your body does something that makes lactation possible, we will let you know and over time, you should be able to control this body activity, a bit. Hopefully, enough to get your mammary glands producing milk. At the same time and in other sessions, we can hypnotize you into thinking you are cradling a baby in your arms. The baby is crying for food and sucking at your nipples. Subconsciously, your body will think you're a nursing mother and should be lactating to feed your baby.

None of this is sure and times for inducing lactation can be as short as a week or as long as months and we have about a twenty per cent failure rate. In your case we can step up the treatments to two bio-feedback – hypno sessions at day and one extra hypnosis session a day.

We can also try hormone therapy by itself or in combination. The hormone that induces lactation is injected into your arm and hopefully that induces lactation. But at least for a while, there be a high level of hormones in your milk and it should not be ingested, drunk, until those levels go down. Also medical science is not really sure if there are side effects or long-term effects.

The conditioning linking orgasms to nipple stimulation can be done any time. After you start lactating.

The piercing of your pussy can be scheduled tomorrow if you wish and the recovery time is one to two days. Your genitals will be sore and we have to monitor for infection. We have some samples of rings, 18 carat gold for a Justine, if you want to see them."

Justine agreed to start bio-feedback and hypnosis immediately and to try hormone therapy as a last ditch effort at mid week to see if she could at least get the trickle Juliet had suggested. The treatments would continue until she was lactating or that nothing more could be done.

Justine picked a series of rings that required eight piercings but would definitely made music as she walked and she would have a week to learn to play songs as she strutted.

The day of the party, approached quickly and Justine was making some progress. She had some brainstorms but nothing involving the dolcette decorations.

She consulted with the James, the butler and Head Chef Tyler. Justine broached the idea of a dolcette platter. Justine said they would get an attractive dolcette and use the stomach area as a platter. The chef and butler argued about the actual food and compromised on a Dolcette Bourguignon and Filles Mignon as the main entrées. The chef wanted to live roast a dolcette centerpiece but the butler insisted that his employer did not want a lot of dolcette girl meat nor did he want to incur the cost of a prime dolcette roaster. The chef also didn't like the idea of a dolcette leaving his kitchen live and completely uncooked.

After much arguing, a compromise was reached. The dolcette would be gutted alive and kept alive as long as possible. The meats from the body cavity, the loins and chops would form the basis of the Dolcette Bourguignon and the finished entrée would be served in the open body cavity, a bowl or container would be inserted to hold the girl meat stew.

The Filles Mignon would be placed around the Dolcette Bourguignon. At the completion of the party, the dolcette would be returned to the kitchen and processed. The kitchen would still have the all the choicest cuts of girl meat and they could sell them, as having been harvested from a live dolcette or even use the whole dolcette as spit roaster, the next day.

In any event, the kitchen would retain an almost whole, more or less live Grade A-one roaster. James could report that the entrée, requested by his employee, would be served and the main entrée would be made from the fresh girl meat of the dolcette platter without incurring the cost of a Premium Gourmet Grade A-one live roaster. Justine would have her dolcette platter. And the three parties would split the cost of the dolcette.

Justine's next idea was for a dolcette centerpiece to decorate the table before the entrées were set out. The centerpiece would be removed when the entrée was served. It would be a living replica of the famous Venus de Milo statue. Neither Chef Tyler or James were interested in commenting on her idea and they went back to making finalizing the menu.

The day before the big dinner. James chose a tall brunette with a classic Nordic face and big round breasts as the centerpiece – platter. The long toned legs would be spread in a simple open crotch style and the dolcette's sex sculptured with extreme care to display the dolcette's genitalia in their fully engorged glory. Gold vibrators would be inserted into the vagina and anus. The dolcettes face was to be accorded the best make up treatment possible, presenting an innocent, natural look that emphasized the dolcette's youth and classic beauty. Justine approved of James's choice and agreed upon the manner of presentation. Justine selected the tray that the dolcette would be displayed on and made sure the container for the Dolcette Bourguignon would integrate well into the dolcette's body cavity without being evident. For good luck she tweaked the dolcette's nipple.

Chef Tyler also agreed to have his cosmetician work on the dolcette Venus, and have his butchers cut away the limbs in accordance with the Justine's instructions. Justine conferred with the butcher. He would use a bone saw to cut the limbs at precisely the measurements Justine had given him. Justine had surfed the web and gotten the exact measurements of the Venus de Milo statue and scaled the measurement to her dolcette height to come up with the size of the limbs. The butcher would perform his operation tomorrow afternoon.

Justine checked to see if the dolcette she had chosen had been transported from the farm to the kitchen. The dolcette was waiting in a holding pen. Justine checked to make sure the dolcette had been washed and cleaned.

A dolcette was picked to match the torso of Venus and to a lesser degree the face. The cosmetician had assured her that as long as the face of the dolcette resembled the Venus, make up and prosthetics could be used to create an almost identical face. The make up and prosthetics could be applied so that only the closest, most discerning eye could pick them out and the effects would last for hours.

Justine was counting on the cosmetician's professionalism and expertise. The cosmetician would start work immediately to make sure that her other kitchen duties were not overlooked and complete the job after the butcher had lobbed off the limbs, so any problems created by the trauma of the operation could be mitigated. She assured Justine that the Venus would be ready on time.

Justine called the farm and arranged for the eight dolcettes, to be used as furniture, to be sent to the workshop. She had picked eight lovely dolcettes. All had big shapely lactating breasts and innocent faces. They would be used as parts of furniture that the workshop had built for her.

Justine met the dolcettes. They were being guarded, on leashes, by Xena and two other Amazons. At Justine's orders the workmen assemble the pieces for Justine.

First was the coffee cart. Justine picked a blonde with a short pageboy and an angelic innocent face. The dolcette had enormous round breasts and bright pink nipples. Justine tweaked both nipples and watched big jets of milk squirt out. She tasted the milk. She put a plain white bra on the girl, with the writing "Do Not Milk". The dolcette was secured into a box in a cart. Her legs were crouching as low as possible and her torso slanted at a 45 degree angle and her head went to the front of the cart where it was held in place by a thick padded leather belt covered by a wide silk ribbon, to give the effect that the dolcette had a black silk collar around her throat. The hands were tied behind the back so that the big breasts hanging down were clearly visible. Justine reached down and cupped the breasts. Then she ordered a workman to bring over a special breast pump and secure it to the bottom of the cart. She pulled away the cups of the bra and checked to make sure the two breasts could be easily milked by the pump. She pumped some milk out and tasted it.

Then she hand milked a breast so that the milk was all caught in a transparent container. She turned and asked if everyone could see the pump drawing out milk and whether there were any errant squirts. When the replies were favorable, Justine called over Xena and told her to secure the shoulders and thighs of the dolcette and when Xena thought everything was secure, to pinch the dolcette and cause the girl to thrash around violently.

Xena pinched the dolcette's cunt hard and got the desired effect. The dolcette was secure and the cart didn't tip over. Justine told Xena to release the dolcette. Justine pulled the bra back into position. She reminded Xena that she was responsible for making sure that the cart arrived two hours before diner time with that dolcette secured in place, in the same manner as the demonstration. The cart would have a coffee machine or urn and condiments placed on top. A waiter, who had practiced using the breast pump and hand milking, would wheel the cart in, serve coffee or tea and, if required, flavor the beverage with fresh dolcette breast milk.

The coffee cart was good to go.

Justine yelled candleholders and two workmen brought over oak frames that Justine had designed, aided by the shop foreman. At the same time, Xena and another Amazon brought over the two dolcettes, Justine had chosen for this role. The stands had been designed to hold the dolcettes' cunts high in the air, so that a candles could be inserted and stand vertically to the floor. The candle would be shoved deeply in to the vagina and held in place by nearly invisible plastic straps. The burning candles had been designed to drip molten wax on the vaginas. One stand had been built to allow one dolcette to be secured front side up and one stand presented the dolcette backside up. The girls were secured into the stands and candles inserted. As a plus, one of the workman had come up with a system of mirrors to show the faces, behind the candles, so that all the dinners could watch the anguished, gagged faces as they dined. The dolcettes would be left in their holders with the candles in them, for a while, to make one final test of the setup. If all was well, the candle stands would be good to go.

Next Justine yelled for the wine holders and the workmen wheeled out two carts as the Amazons led two pretty dolcettes over to Justine. One dolcette was a pretty blonde with long platinum blonde hair and the other dolcette and dark red hair. The girls were of medium build. Justine had chosen these two dolcettes for their deep wide vaginas. The big love tunnels were needed to hold wine bottles in them. The dolcettes were secured into the rosewood carts; face up, on their backs in a simple spread leg position. The legs were spread as wide as possible and the knees bent so that the feet and lower legs hung down out of the way. Pillows were placed under the dolcettes' asses to raise the cunts.

Wine bottles no matter how wide would be pushed into the vaginas and the wine servers would wheel the carts to refill glasses of wine, red and white. Justine had had the dolcette's hair dyed platinum blonde and reddish to denote the wine their vaginas would hold. Justine had worked out a method using a funnel and dry ice to pour the white wine through to cool the wine as it was poured.

Justine had wanted the wine bottles held vertical as with a usual wine cooler.

But she decided that the Marquis and his guests would rather see the face of the dolcette especially when wide bottles were reinserted into the dolcette's vagina. So instead, she simply used a stopper to keep the wine from spilling. The cunts and faces would be on display. Transparent straps were used to limit the movements of the dolcettes and keep the bottles in place in the vaginas. Justine had the Amazons act as wine stewards and gave them the widest bottles to insert. The bottles did go in, without too much trouble.

Earlier, practice insertions of the bottles had made it easier for the dolcettes to handle their task. Moreover, when Justine had requested that the wine stewards practice, the two servers had been more than eager to do a great deal of practice, so Justine could foresee no problems from them. Justine had also suggested that the wine stewards should constantly rub and finger the dolcettes' cunts to keep the sex organs in an excited state. The wine stewards were only too happy to comply with that request.

The wine coolers were both good to go.

Justine issued final orders to Xena and the Amazons. "Make sure all the dolcettes are fully cleaned, including enemas and douches. If the farm staff doesn't do the cleaning to your satisfaction, rewash them yourself. Allow time to rewash all the dolcettes, just in case."

"Get the dolcettes assembled into the furniture according to my specifications and to the dining room, the Marquis' house dining room, on time. At least two hours before dinnertime. If there is even a slight problem call me immediately. If in doubt, call me."

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the beauty salon. And yes, there was an exclusive salon for the Justine. Much to her surprise, Xena was invited to come along and get the glamour treatment. And, Juliet was invited to come along, as consultant to the Justine; and as it would happen, Justine would ask Juliet to be on hand, to help out at the dinner, necessitating that Juliet also receive the full treatment, just in case she was required to help out, at the actual dinner. The Amazon softened and enjoyed the perks of being a girl and the three had a wonderful afternoon.

At the spa, Justine presented a necklace to Xena, for her to wear at the dinner. Justine spread her legs revealing her naked pussy. Prominently displayed was a series of interlocking gold rings that were held in place by eight piercing. The rings matched the rings that dangled from the necklace, "Xena practice walking around and moving so the rings tinkle and tomorrow make sure that every time you're near a guest, you tinkle the rings. I want everyone to know that the rings hanging between your breasts are making the same sound as rings on my pussy."

Justine and Juliet spent the evening on final details of the gown. The two women debated underwear or panties, to be precise. The plunging V front and back precluded wearing a bra. Justine finally decided to wear panties. They would be obvious in the clinging silk but Justine felt her statement would be, "I'm a lady not a dolcette or a whore, in fact the panties would be white. They would also be split crotch to allow the rings to tinkle.

Justine's legs would be naked and she would only wear the matching spiked high heels that had been picked to go with the gown. She would carry no purse, to indicate that the venue was her turf. Juliet asked about jewelry and Justine was floored. The only jewelry she had worried about was the jewelry hanging from her sexual jewels. She didn't have anything to wear. The costume jewelry and schoolgirl necklaces would not be appropriate. Could they get to jeweler tonight or could Juliet rush over tomorrow? Justine knew she would have no time. Juliet quelled Justine's concerns. "The Marquis will probably present you with an out of sight necklace tomorrow just before the dinner, that's his style. For the other baubles and beads there is the, tah dah, Justine's Jewelry vault."

Justine examined every piece of jewelry and would have spent the whole night inspecting her treasure trove but Juliet jolted her from her revelry, "Girl you can study the treasure later, it ain't going anywhere. But you have to pick some pieces for tomorrow."

Pressed by Juliet, Justine settled on two necklaces, a diamond pendant and string of pearl.

She knew the pearls were a perfect accessory for her black gown, but the pendant kept entrancing her. It was the biggest gem she had ever seen but it was the way the gem sparkled in a rainbow of ever moving, ever changing colors that worked magic. "Juliet, I guess is should pick this string of pearls, they will really compliment the gown but I love this pendant."

"Justine take them both. Wear the pendant tonight and if you like, every day, it's the property of the Justine. Just don't get to attached to it. If, heaven forbid, you should fall from grace, you can't take it with you. The pearls are right for your gown.

Now a couple nice ring and bracelets. And maybe an anklet. Some men think it's really sexy."

Justine and Juliet picked two rings, one sapphire and one emerald and gold bracelet. There was no anklet, the rustling sound of the gold links might obscure the sound of Justine's pussy rings.

The two beauties gently fucked each other with dildos and vibrator, just to calm themselves, careful not to mess up their new hairdos. Justine asked Juliet to spend the night explaining, "Well, I need you to fuck me in the morning. I read somewhere that some people can tell if you have had sex that day by looking in your eye, the blood vessels are smaller and the eye clearer or something. And since then, I try to get laid or masturbate before a big date.

It would be so much better if you would do me. I can't do you and it'll have to be a quickie."

"That's my Justine, any excuse to get fucked. Yes my mistress, your wish is my command. I'll help you dress tomorrow. Every princess needs a handmaiden to help her on the way to the ball. I'll give you a quickie just before you dress and you can give off those female pheromones that drive men wild." Juliet joked.

The big day had arrived. So much to do and so little time. Things went as planned and things went askew. But Juliet was on hand to help and all went pretty much to plan.

Two hours before the guests were to arrive, a great deal had been done. The Amazons had brought over the dolcette furniture and Xena assured Justine that all the furniture had been triple checked, not just double checked as specified. The dolcettes were all good to go. The furniture was moved into position for the show to begin. Justine did a quick check, the furniture tested out OK and the dolcettes were tranquilized. Xena knew to rouse them with smelling salts and give them a drink of the potion, at Justine's command or a half hour before 8:00 o'clock, dinnertime, should Justine forget.

The first shipment from the kitchen arrived and the table was set. At 6:30 the hubbub really started but Justine only focused on her concerns, the centerpiece arrived and was positioned in the center of the table. Justine had checked on both centerpieces, earlier that afternoon, when both she and Juliet had had their final makeup touch ups by the cosmetician. Venus was Venus, the face was not as animated as Justine would have liked but the dolcette was alive and her condition stabilized so that she would not expire soon, unless something drastic happened. Perhaps smelling salts, just as the first guests arrived, would help. Justine would tell Xena to take care of it. Justine was glad she had decided to pick a dolcette with a more lush body and bigger more maternal breasts than the statue.

Xena was reminded to insert the candles and light them, at her command, once all the guests had arrived or dinner was announced.

The wine stewards arrived. Justine made sure that they knew their responsibilities and she was off to be dressed.

The Marquis met Justine as she returned in her gown and presented his Justine with a diamond pendant; even more beautiful than the one she had taken from the jewelry vault.

The Marquis went to put the pendant on and paused, "I was going to put this on you but the pearls are right for your gown. Keep this for another time. This is my gift to you, not a gift to the Justine. Treasure it always."

Justine made a final check and briefly talked to Juliet. Juliet looked stunning in her dazzling white gown with her hair elegantly piled atop her head and a big smile. Juliet assured Justine that the centerpiece dolcette serving platter was perfect and only, the last minute, plating of the main entrées was left to be done. She would check to make sure that Xena didn't screw up. And Justine made a mental note that she would be charming and friendly when she met the guests.

Justine had Juliet give her one last look over and left the room so that she could make a grand appearance on the arm of the Marquis, once all the guests had arrived.

The Marquis arrived to escort his Justine to his dinner and Justine made her grand entrance into the room. Justine was wearing a jet-black silk gown with deep V cuts front and back. The gown was full length just ending above her black high heel shoes with two long V slits back and front from the floor to mid thigh. The dress clung to her feminine curves as if the dress had been painted on. Juliet had recommended that Justine pick a dress one size to small, so it looked like the dress could barely contain her lush figure and her breasts and hips would pop out at any moment. The men would love it and the women would hate her.

The plunging V did reveal an abundance of cleavage and Justine had had the seamstresses adjust the V so that the barest line of pink areola showed. Justine had stimulated her nipples so that they were engorged and erect. A matching small silk jacket, that covered her arms and stopped at the peak of her nipples, completed the outfit.

Justine hair was piled atop her head in soft waves, topped by a small platinum tiara, a last minute idea of Juliet's. Justine face was perfectly made up and reflected classical, elegant beauty. The pearls and other jewelry complimented the gown and Justine looked perfect.

Justine floated beside the Marquis to meet his guests. The only thing she could really remember about the guests was that everyone had such nice clothes on. The women were elegant and beautiful, but she expected them to be. They were no more beautiful than Alexa or Linda or Lena or even Juliet. Justine decided to leave them to their games and only respond if she found a friend, like Juliet had been, since their first meeting. And the men, they were just like her clients in the Dungeon, in fancy dress. She would look for cues from the Marquis as to how to react to them. If there were friends here, they would be discovered at a later date. She would play it calm and sophisticated and play to all their vanities, both male and female.

After formal introductions, Juliet step forward and made it obvious that she was reporting to Justine and gave her report. No hassles or problems. Justine took the opportunity to glance around the room. She made it clear that the room was hers and she was in charge.

Just to emphasize the point she excused herself, to her guests, and did a tour with Juliet.

Juliet did a quick recap of what she knew about the guests. The night before Juliet had coached Justine on what to expect and who was likely to attend. Juliet's final advice was to remember all the names, no matter what and get the names right. If she was unsure of a name during the introductions, it was polite to ask that the name be repeated. Under no circumstances should she ask the Marquis to remind her of a name.

Justine made sure to lead Juliet back to the guests where she thanked Juliet for making sure everything was in order and wished Juliet a pleasant evening. Juliet bowed and departed the room. Justine was solely in charge now.

Juliet didn't leave, of course, but stayed out of sight and watched proceedings, ready to intervene if she had to.

Justine rang a small bell indicating that the guests could be seated for dinner.

Xena and another Amazon inserted the candle and lite them.

Justine allowed the Marquis to seat her and began quiet chitchat with the man next to her.

When all were seated, the wine stewards brought out their wine trays and served the first drinks. A request for white wine was made and the bottle was produced, the cork sniffed and the wine poured. Justine noticed that all the men and most of the women watched intently as the bottle was capped and pushed into the dolcette's cunt. The bottle was freezing and the dolcette winced at the burning sensation in her womanly core and a muted scream could be heard. A man ordered red wine and Justine knew it was so the red wine bottle could be inserted into the red haired dolcette's vagina. The red wine was chosen because the bottle was the widest and, this time, all eyes in the room were trained on the cunt of the redheaded dolcette. The wine steward had a great deal of difficulty inserting the bottle or at least put on a grand show. Justine had told the stewards to ham it up but not in obvious ways, and even she couldn't tell how much was real and how much was an act. For the next little while, wine was very popular.

When the steward reached Justine, she ordered a brown cow with extra milk. The steward took the cue and the coffee cart became a drinks serving cart. The coffee server became a part-time bartender and served Justine's brown cow. The server moved the cart around the table so that all the guests could get a good look at the dolcette with the enormous boobs and parked near Justine. Then he went into to his well-rehearsed procedure.

He wiped both breasts with a damp towel.

He tweaked each nipple so that a stream of milk squirted into his transparent container.

He tasted the milk.

He asked Justine if she cared to choose a breast for her milk.

Justine chose the left one because it was the closest to the table.

The server expertly milked the left nipple so that the dolcettes milk filled Justine's glass.

He stirred the drink and served it to Justine.

He toweled away any drips of milk and toweled the two breasts clean and dry.

And then moved the cart back to the bar area.

Everyone at the table casually ordered milk based drinks or asked that crème be added to their drinks.

Justine noticed that quite a few hands were rubbing crotches and one or two of the wives were rubbing their thighs together, so Justine took the opportunity to rub her thighs together and tinkle. It was barely audible but the two men sitting beside her heard something.

Justine beckoned Xena over and had Xena bend over. "Tinkle the rings", was all she whispered and Xena tinkled her rings.

Appetizers, soup, salad all were served without incident but the wine and milk drinks were the most popular orders. After a while, the waiters removed the used wine glass and old drinks. Wine glasses were replaced and the drinks kept coming

But every one was getting happy and raunchy drunk. Justine watched the women. Occasionally one would accidentally do something that showed a nipple or open her legs wide enough to see her underwear or a vaginal slit. Of course, almost all the women gave their pussies a furtive rub.

Justine motioned to Xena and the Amazon left the room, quickly returning with two dolcettes on lease. One dolcette was a medium sized brunette with a nice trim body and plump breasts. The other was a little blonde with long hair and shapely breasts.

Justine whispered to the Marquis and the Marquis announced, "Our Justine has arranged for specially trained dolcette to assist any of you who may require relief. The dolcettes will do so, discretely, at the table. You have merely to motion the Amazon Captain or ask one of the waiters to let Xena know. If you prefer one of the dolcettes please make that known also. The main entrée will soon be served. Bon Appetite.

The Marquis motioned to Xena and she brought over the brunette dolcette. The dolcette placed a long purple towel over the lap of the Marquis and then spread his legs and crawled under the towel. Unseen, she unzipped the trousers and licked the head of the Marquis' cock and then put the penis in her mouth allowing the Marquis to urinate. This was swallowed. The dolcette sucked and licked the cock and then dried the cock with her hair, replaced the penis in the trousers and zipped them up. She crawled from under the towel, removed the towel from the Marquis and got up, to return to Xena.

Justine motioned and Xena brought the blonde dolcette over. The procedure was repeated. The dolcette covered Justine with a towel, crawled under the towel, pulled up Justine's gown, pulled down her panties and placed a large funnel over the vagina. The end of the vagina went into the dolcettes mouth and Justine peed. Special precautions had been taken with the funnel so that there would be no dripping and the flow of urine into the mouth was controlled by a valve, in case the woman, urinating, started before the funnel end was in the dolcettes mouth. Absorbent towels were used to clean and wipe the pussy and the end was signaled by a kiss to the clit. The dolcettes had been trained for days and threatened with dire consequences, by Xena, so no accidents occurred throughout the evening. The dolcettes had also been told that if the penis was erect they should blow it unless the man withdrew it from their mouth. If the woman seemed to welcome the stimulation of the kiss to her clit, the dolcettes were to continue licking and sucking the pussy for a while.

All the guests availed themselves of the service and Justine could tell from the expressions on the faces of many that they were only to happy to receive sexual relief along with the other kind of relief. Also many of the guests used the opportunity to flash their genitals.

When it seemed that there was a lull in the action the Marquis rang a bell and the main entrées arrived. Venus was supplanted by the beautiful dolcette platter. The dolcette was a vision of beauty. A painted porcelain doll face over large round fleshy breasts that were stained with milk. The mid section was a steamy creamy brown that seemed to be a natural part of body surrounded by unmistakable vaginas, engorged in full sexual splendor. The brunette dolcette's pussy had exaggerated features surrounding gold vibrators in the vagina and anus, which added to the dolcettes eroticism. Long legs spread impossible wide, ending in black patent leather spiked pumps, completed Justine's platter. 'Chef Tyler must be congratulated personally after the dinner.' Justine thought. All guests' eyes were transfixed on the beautiful, still obviously alive, brown-haired vision of beauty.

The waiters allowed the guests time to enjoy the masterpiece while they served the accompanying side dishes and wine. When the table was set and the side dishes in place, the co-host picked up a ladle and served the first helping of Dolcette Bourguignon to Justine. The Maitre D' took over serving the Dolcette Bourguignon to all the guests and the party enjoyed their dinner.

The dinner was alive with excitement and fun. Every one was in good spirits and enjoying themselves. There was a flood of compliments to the Marquis, to the co-host and especially to Justine. Justine let her guard down and got into it. She had a few more sips of wine and was merrily chatting to every one about, who knows what. But what ever it was, it was funny. The party was getting raunchy also. Two of the trophy wives were debating who had the best boobs and flaunting their breasts for all to see. One man took off his dinner jacket and in public sight, had a dolcette relive him of his piss and his sperm.

Justine got out of her seat and sensuously, teasingly took off her silk jacket and announced she needed to freshen her make up, thrusting her breasts at the Marquis in a happy alcohol induced lurch. Justine went to each guest and chatted with them for a while, allowing all the men and women to examine her close up. For some of the raunchier men, she bent over in good-natured fun, to flash some nipple. The second time, her breast plopped out and she hastily pushed it back under her dress. When she got to the feuding trophy wives, she coyly whispered to them. "Girls your boobs are really nice, but they really don't match mine", and burst into laughter. They accompanied her, to redo their make up, complimenting her on all her preparations.

When Justine got back, the dining room was bedlam. The table had been cleared and the beautiful dolcette rushed back to the kitchen. She had been ordered by a restaurant diner, that seen the platter being delivered to the Marquis' house and had negotiated a quick purchase after being apprised of the platter's use and availability after the Marquis' party.

Venus had been restore. Justine looked at the sad face. Venus was still alive but visible suffering. Justine would get Xena to drug the dolcette up, again.

All the men had removed their dinner jackets and everyone was milling around checking out the dolcettes as they wished. One guest was milking the milk-maiden, aided by the coffee server and was soon sucking a breast. Of course the other breast was soon put to use.

Justine was happy she had another milk-maiden in reserve, for coffee.

There were a group of men and women around the wine girls watching the stewards show how they got the bottles in and a drunken woman picked up the widest bottle around and gave her go, at pushing the bottle in, to the encouragement of her friends. The dolcette was invisible distress but that was solved when a guest got a bottle of brandy and gave dolcette a great big swig.

One of the trophy wives was dripping wax on the ass of a candle girl and then pulled down her own gown and dripped wax on her own big breasts.

Justine mingled and made sure everyone was enjoying himself or herself.

Justine was concerned when a man groped Xena. The Amazon look pissed. Then Justine noticed the Marquis shaking his finger at Xena and Xena, meekly, allowed the drunk full reign over her body. Justine lip-read Xena telling the man, "I am your slave." And watched as the man's passion mounted and he mounted Xena. The sex was intense and over quickly.

An older woman came over and congratulated Justine and gave Justine a big hug. As the Marquis' friend drew away, she noticed distinct white marks on Justine's black silk gown. She considered and tweaked a nipple, yielding milk. "Justine breasts are full of milk." The men that had been on the milk-maiden and others came over. The crowd urged Justine to show them her milk breasts and when the Marquis came over and urged Justine to have some fun and show them her hidden talent, Justine popped out a breast and squirted her milk. After more good-humored cajoling, Justine agreed to let everyone have a suck on her tits.

Everyone lined up and had their taste of Justine's woman juice.

After all the guests had enjoyed Justine's milk, the Marquis' lady friend whispered, "My dear that's not your only secret is it? You have been tinkling all night, down there. What's down there? Give me a little peak. Justine moved to cover and facing the lady and the wall, she lifted her gown to show the lady her pussy and the pussy rings. The lady lifted her hand to her mouth and went away laughing. Justine saw her tell her husband. It was obvious that the word went around, as people pointed to Xena's necklace and giggled with glee. When one raunchy man come over and asked to see the rings, Justine pointed to Xena's necklace and shrugged her shoulders, as if not knowing what he was taking about.

The Marquis rang his bell and announced coffee and brandy. As the coffee cart arrived with a new dolcette milk-maid. Justine was asked to let the milk-maid loose so that they could all serve her milk to themselves. Justine explained that she would, but they might ruin their clothes with milk squirting everywhere. A vote was quickly called, "Who wants the milk-maid loosed so we can milk her ourselves or who wants to protect our clothes from milk."

The vote was unanimous and the dolcette was released. One of the waiters was overheard asking a fellow waiter, "Don't most dolcettes lactate? Aren't they taught to lactate on the farms?"

A man tweaked a dolcette's nipple and got a jet of milk. All the dolcettes had their tits tweaked and all were found to be wet. All who wanted milk were in heaven.

The party continued apace and turned into an orgy, a polite orgy. No sex or unwanted attention was forced on anyone except the dolcettes. And, the dolcettes were not abused.

Justine and the Marquis both kept all their clothes on and did not indulge in sex, but they both had a good time. The party was allowed to peter out, as guest left for their limos or went to a guest room.

Justine was going to end the evening in spectacular fashion, in a de Sade climax, by having the dolcettes lined up in a row. And then one by one raped and strangled by Xena or the other Amazon. The dolcettes would be reminded to slump quickly and look dead and the Amazons were to push a knockout pills into the dolcettes' vaginas as they penetrated the girls with strap-ons, ensuring that the dolcettes did lapse into unconsciousness. But the Marquis' guests showed by their behavior, that they were not devotees of de Sade, so that idea was dropped in favour of good fun.

The party was over and The Marquis came over and thanked Justine for putting on the diamond pendant he had given her. That was the main reason for Justine's visit to the lady's room, not to adjust her make up. The Marquis told Justine to leave the mess for his staff to clean up and wished her a good night.

Justine thanked Xena and all the support staff, individually, and made sure that all the dolcettes were taken back to the farm. Except Venus, she would be taken to the kitchen to appear on tomorrow's menu in some fashion. But, the other dolcettes were fine, some aches and pains that would heal in a day or two.

Juliet rushed in to hug Justine and the two headed to Justine's bedroom to unwind.

Execution of a Political Prisoner

Juliet spent the night in Justine's arms. They were too pooped to make love that night but made up for it the next morning. They showered and went downstairs for a leisurely breakfast in their favorite location, the atrium. Both had fruit and scones and strong coffee.

Juliet said she had to catch up on the things she had let slide, the past week and bid adieu.

When Justine returned to her suite she found bouquet of white roses beside her bed.

Justine spent the morning relaxing and spent the afternoon tying up loose ends and checking on outcome of the evening activities.

The next morning Juliet called Justine and asked her if she was free for lunch. Justine acted surprised and said, "I guess I did something wrong on Saturday. I expected you would turn up at my door today, saying, "I am your slave. Do with me as you wish."

Juliet quipped, "Ya you must have screwed up. This time I'm phoning you asking you to be my slave. But I'll fill you in, at lunch. Atrium OK. We get employee rates there and a poor working girl like me has to watch her pennies."

The two beauties had a light vegetarian lunch and Juliet explained, "Justine I need a favour from you. The Marquis wants me to set up a virgin deflowering on Friday night.

He asked me, to ask you if you will decorate the bed."

A puzzled Justine eager agreed.

And Juliet went on, "I think he wants to milk those tits of yours. For that matter, I want to milk those tits of yours. You could have told your old pal and let her have first dibs."

Justine explained that in all the hustle and bustle, she just forgot and she still wasn't used to the idea of her breasts give milk.

They discussed the evening and Justine showed Juliet the pendant the Marquis had given her.

"See I told you he would give you something for the dinner. It beautiful and it's yours, not the Justine's. He must have told you that."

When Justine asked what Juliet meant, Juliet replied, "When the Marquis gives you something personal and tells you it's yours. It's a gift. If you leave, it's yours to take with you. I have never known him to ask for a gift back. I have some pieces from my days, expensive pieces, they're my nest egg."

Justine was the bed decoration at the deflowering. The dolcette was a Eurasian girl with oriental grace and charm with big breasts on a slender body. Her tight cunt was torn to a bloody mess but Juliet and Justine were able to give her an intense orgasm.

The Marquis did drain Justine's breasts dry although it took three tries.

Juliet had her hunger sated the next morning and Justine had her first breast orgasm but her boobs and tits were sore.

That afternoon, Justine received a note to join the Marquis for lunch the next day.

Justine kept the appointment in the atrium and the Marquis met her. This time he hugged her. Justine winced her boobs were still sore. Congratulations were offered and Justine thought the Marquis was genuinely sincere.

He said her next project would be a trial for her. A government agency had asked him to participate in the show execution of a convicted traitor. Since public executions were not possible, the officials wanted a show execution of torture and terror. The traitor, a woman, was to be terrorized and tortured before her final execution. The actual execution would be carried out by a government executioner. And, the event would be filmed by a film crew and the video of the execution would turn up on the underground market.

Justine would have to plan a series of five or six executions that would be survived but inflict horrible pain and suffering. She would have to assemble or have built the props necessary for the project, and everything had to be ready in two weeks.

The Marquis finished by telling Justine that the woman would die regardless of what happened, in pain and suffering and; he could curry influence in high places, by a successful completion of the project.

Justine didn't finish her lunch; she had lost her appetite. She considered. She would have no Juliet to help her this time. Juliet would freak, if Justine told her.

But ultimately, the Marquis wanted it and she was the Justine. For this project she was also de Sade's Justine.

Justine met with the film crew manager and determined the following. The film crew was to keep as low a profile as possible. They had been instructed to use telephoto lenses for close ups, mounted on automatic and machine controlled cameras to minimize the number of crew involved.

The filming was to be shot "cinema verity" style so obstructions, hazy shots and the like were OK. This was no high definition production but was to look like an undercover, clandestine operation.

There was lots of room for special effects and stunts. There would no revealing close-ups.

The manager looked upon the project as a fantasy with a tragic outcome and was receptive to minimizing the suffering of the victim, providing everything looked realistic and met his clients' expectations.

The mutilated body was, really, all the government needed to verify that the video was real and that the execution atrocities had occurred. There were many rumors that horrible mutilated bodies of executed women had been sent to grieving family and colleagues.

Justine and Clint agreed to meet in a week to discuss how they would proceed.

After a great deal of research and a lot of thought, Justine came up with a list of execution scenarios and the apparatuses she would need to carry out the tortures and executions. Surprisingly not much equipment was really required. Justine thought that she could create some seemingly horrific scenes that would spare the victim a considerable amount of pain and suffering. She used methods of execution that historically evoked horror and revulsion.

Justine contacted Clint early and the two met to discuss Justine's ideas.

Clint was suitably impressed with the list of torture – executions. He agreed that they historically were seen as some of the most horrific deaths one could contemplate, but they were also events that allowed a lot of room for fakery and special effects. Moreover Clint was sure that he could justify using pre-shot close-ups and special effects to accentuate the horror and terror.

Clint and Justine agreed that they would ask for permission to have the victim available for one or two days, to do test shots and special effects. As a clincher, Clint would tell the officials that he wanted to terrorize the woman and get close up shots of her reaction, as the unfortunate victim was told her fate. Clint would say that the shots could be edited into the final video to look like zoomed in shots taken at the actual execution but in the tradition of Hollywood, the film crew could keep shooting till they got exactly the horror and terror they wanted on the victim's face. Clint would also reassure the officials that they would be allowed to attend all the pre-tapings and provide their own direction. Justine would approach the Marquis for his support.

The combined presentation from Clint and the Marquis convinced the officials that they should allow the film crew to pre-tape scenes. But the thing that impressed everyone the most was Justine's list and descriptions of the torture – executions.

Justine and Clint met with Hillary. She was a strikingly beautiful woman about thirty-five years old with long brown hair. She had soft features and full lush lips. Green eyes, a prominent chin with a little cleft.

She had been brought in nude and Justine could see that Hillary had a beautiful body to match her beautiful face. She was full figured with big breasts that sagged a little. Her nipples were dark pink and prominent. Her stomach was plump with small rolls of fat. Her ass was wide and her legs toned and supple. She was defiant and angry.

Clint had the cameras rolling as Justine chatted with Hillary.

Then it was lights – camera - action.

Hillary was hung by her hands, so that her toes were off the ground. She was read the convictions against her and then with two cameras, close-up, on her face, as Justine told her of the trials in store for her. Her defiance turned to tears and horror and then pitiful horror as Justine described her ordeals in minute detail. At the end Hillary was in terror and crying uncontrollable. Justine asked for time to comfort the woman and the officials reluctantly agreed.

Justine seemed to be berating Hillary and ridiculing her, while whispering, "I'm not your enemy and your tormentor. You have nothing to loose by listening to me. Keep crying and sobbing. We have to do what I outlined. Your fate was sealed a long time ago, but we will try to make it more tolerable. When we torture you, scream and yell as if you're in mortal pain. If you don't perform well enough, we will have to make you satisfy the bastards, who sent you here. When your supposed to die, die, Hollywood style, and you're going to have to die, as I said, at the end of each torture. When we revive you, act like you're just coming around, totally terrified, or we'll have to terrify you in real ways. Just scream and suffer and cry. If you can do that, we might be able to make your death a little less horrible."

"That's it, you stupid whore. You're getting what you deserve. Suffer in hell!" Justine said as she gently squeezed Hillary's hand. Then, with a full-handed noisy slap to Hillary's ass, Justine turned away. A pained shrill scream told Justine that Hillary had gotten the message.

Everyone rested as the next shot was set up. Justine had convinced the officials that she should be allowed to fuck Hillary. Justine's original script had called for Hillary to be abused by an Amazon in a manner akin to the pleasuring of dolcettes and Justine volunteered to strip and don a mask to fuck Hillary, for close up shots. Of course that was a scene no red-blooded man could turn down, two beautiful women engaged in hard sex.

Justine tied Hillary's bound hands to the top of a small padded bench so that the beauty was draped over the surface, face up, with her ass resting at the lower end. Hillary's feet were tied so the legs were spread apart, leaving her cunt spread open.

Justine got a towel and wiped the shapely body. "OK whore I don't want to get any diseases from you.

I had better scrub your breasts really hard well. I bet they really hurt.

What does it feel like to have your tits twisted completely around? That's right scream. I like a good screamer."

Justine punched Hillary in her stomach and the woman screamed again and began wailing. A second punch drew more screams and pleas for mercy.

Justine gave Hillary's pussy a very hard massage that drew pained moans and crying.

Next Justine got a whip and flailed at her victim, to screams and more pleas of mercy.

Justine tried to whip Hillary's ass but ended up hitting the side of the table. She continued for about five minutes while Hillary wailed and jerked with each stroke.

Time to attack the pussy. "Bitch I'm going lick the skin off your pussy now. It'll be so sore you won't be able to sit for a week. Oh yea, you'll be dead before a week is up.

Now I'm going to bite off your clit. You won't be needing it." Justine gently licked Hillary's genitalia while the beauty writhed in pain and ecstasy, moaning loudly.

"Has a proper lady like you ever had a Real Woman fuck you with a dildo?

This one will tear you wide open." Justine said as she found Hillary's G-spot and fucked the brunette with the dildo. Hillary came with a loud explosive scream and Justine pulled out the dildo and had Hillary lick off her own pussy juice.

Justine whispered, "Good keep it up and you're a wounded animal tonight. I'll try to get them to stop for the day but tomorrow will be tough, hang in there."

Justine kissed Hillary passionately. "Didn't you just love a real woman pleasuring you?" she said in a loud voice.

"Let's knock off for the day and let the cunt recover a bit. We want her pretty for her big scenes tomorrow. I'd better apply some meds to keep her from bruising and looking too bad from my ordeal."

The next day, Justine had an even easier time. She arrived with two very pretty dolcettes: a petite blonde with long straight hair and large breasts dominated by pink puffy nipples, and a vivacious tall brunette with her hair in two pony tails and a slim athletic body featuring shapely large breasts.

She told the two officials that the dolcettes were to clean up Hillary between scenes and to pleasure the victim, for certain scenes. Hillary was brought in and Justine let the dolcettes do their sexy thing. Justine had given the two girls strong doses of the potion and on the way over, she told the girls to throw themselves at the two officials and suck them off, at every opportunity. So after pleasuring Hillary, the dolcettes slinked over to the officials and began rubbing their bodies over the two delighted men. The officials were not part of a dolcette world where nude females were normal and all the female nudity and lesbian sex was definitely making them very horny. The officials were more concerned with the dolcettes than their prisoner. Justine apologized for the behavior of the dolcettes by saying, "Dolcettes are horny by nature and they had to be given something to get them in the mood for the scenes. If they become a problem let me know and I'll get someone to control them."

The men assured Justine that the dolcettes would be no problem and urged Justine to get on with her job.

Justine had free reign, to fill Hillary on what was happening, "I sorry Hillary but today will seem like a day of horror. Tomorrow I'll insist that you be given drugs so that you can survive the ordeals, so hopefully you will be too out of it to suffer, to badly. Make your peace tonight."

"Today the pain should be less. But today is supposed to be the day of real torture so that we can get the close ups of you suffering in torment. Just go with the flow and scream and cry like your in hell or we will have no choice but to put you into hell. I'll tell you before hand what we're going to do, so be an actress and suffer the way those assholes think you should."

The scenes had been carefully scripted by Clint and Justine and cleared by the preoccupied officials. Clint had convinced the men that today would be acting, not real torture, if they wanted Hillary to survive and be in minimal shape for her execution tomorrow, "Do you just want an unconscious lump of meat tomorrow or a woman that can at least walk and talk? You can let us know if an effect doesn't look authentic enough or isn't achieving the desired effect. Make no mistake the woman will be tortured and tortured severely but she will not be seriously injured or visibly damaged, so that she will look good for her starring role tomorrow"

Clint was given free reign to do as he saw fit.

Hillary came through the trial with more pleasure than pain.

Justine cleaned Hillary and massaged the sore body with pain reliving salve. She gave the brunette a pill to sedate her and advised Hillary to act as if she was semiconscious because of the horrible pain that was supposed to have been inflicted on her beautiful body.

The two officials were mellow after a day of blowjobs and cuddling with two beautiful girls. Then Justine told them that Hillary was in extreme pain, barely able to move, but that Clint's special effects had left her body unscarred and looking great. She extolled the talents of Clint and his special effects artist. Justine advised the men to take Hillary back to her cell and let the woman recover as best she could, overnight.

The day of horror had arrived; Justine was in a large barren room. She was seated on a platform with five men in dark hooded robes. Justine was dressed in white flowing robes, with a cloth mask over her eyes. She could see through mask but to all else it seemed she was blinded. For this spectacle, Justine was Lady Justice.

The platform was surrounded on three sides by smaller platforms. And through the dim light Justine could make out structures on the platforms. In the corner was a cell cage with a nude woman hanging by her hands upright but slumped over, with her head down.

A man in leather straps and a black leather mask was strolling between the platforms.

A spot light shone upon the woman and the man in the mask, the executioner, went to the cell, opened a door the grabbed the woman's face so that it faced the central platform. The woman was beautiful with long dark brown hair and a shapely full figure. Her breasts were large and plump with some sag, dominated by bright pink nipples. The body was hourglass shaped with a slim waist and wide hips. As Justine studied the face she could make that the woman was in early mid to late thirties with classic, elegant beauty. The woman was semiconscious.

The executioner roused the woman by shaking her and pinching her breasts.

A robed man rose, his deafening voice could to heard saying, "Hillary Rose you can been convicted of many crimes against the state and you are here to be executed as proscribed by law. Several of your crimes were capitol crimes punishable by death. We will execute you six times today. The cheating of the grim reaper, in the first five executions, will be made up for by the severity of your torment while you undergo the execution processes.

The first execution will be a relentless assault on your sex until you are dead.

The second execution is by liquid. Your own filth will cleanse filth from our society.

The third execution will be by the time-honoured method of hanging.

The fourth execution will be by your own weapon. You sought to poison the mind of our youth and we will do the same to your body.

The fifth execution will be by cleansing fire. We will burn the evil out of you and prepare you for the fires of hell, that you, so, deserve.

The final execution will be by crucifixion.

May our creator have mercy on your soul."

Justine watched the face of the condemned woman go from defiance to consternation and, finally, horror as the executions were announced, ending in a wail of anguish and crying interspersed with pleas for mercy.

The spotlight shone on one middle small platform where a mechanical device could be seen. The judge pronounced sentence again. "Your first execution will attack your female essence. We have obtained a machine, commonly known as a "stallion" that will relentlessly thrust in and out of your womanhood, until you are dead. Your great lust and perverted passions for love and family will be your end."

Hillary was crying and sobbing as the executioner pulled her to the fucking machine and strapped her in place. The head of an enormous dildo was placed into her vagina, and the machine was set in motion. The thrusts looked violent and, of course, were merciless. The beauty screamed in pain for a long time then slumped unconscious. Justine could see a pool of blood between the spread thighs. The assault continued for one hour. The lights dimmed.

After about fifteen minutes Hillary was back in the cage, hanging nude by her hands. Justine could see blood trickling from the victim's vagina.

The judge rose again and announced, "Your second execution will be by drowning. We have collected the filth from your bladder while you were in jail and you will be drowned in it."

Justine watched Hillary. She screamed in horror as she was dragged, limping noticeable, to one of the side platforms. This one had a transparent tub half filled with liquid. The smell was distinctive and all in attendance knew what the liquid was. A grate was over the top of the tub, with a wheel, to rotate the grate, clearly visible. Hillary was clamped to the grate. The executioner moved a clear pail over the mouth of the poor woman and at a signal from the judge, he pulled Hillary's mouth wide open with one hand, while the other hand tipped the pail, so that the liquid ran out into the beauty's mouth. Once the pail was empty, the executioner used the wheel to rotate Hillary's head under the liquid in the tub. Hillary's shapely body thrashed wildly for what seemed an eternity and then stilled. The lights dimmed.

Hillary was once again hanging nude from the top of the cell, when the lights came on. The next execution was announced. "The third execution will be by hanging. But to insure that you suffer enough, the executioner will whip your swinging body till your journey to hell is complete."

Hillary look mortified and begged for the mercy of a swift death, as she was dragged to the gallows and the nose put around her neck. She was now sobbing and crying woefully.

At the nod of the judge, the hangman tripped the trapdoor and Hillary was dancing in mid air. The hangman got a whip, as he walked to the floor, and flailed at the beautiful female form. Hillary was dancing and thrashing wildly. Her motion stilled and she hung motionless. The hangman continued his assault as the light once again dimmed.

Hillary was hanging in her cell, now with bloody red stripes across her body.

The next sentence was read, "The fourth execution will be poison. A poison, not as vile as the poison you sought to corrupt our society with, but nonetheless effective, will be administer to you and we shall be able to see your venomous tongue silenced."

Hillary blanched but seemed numb and reacted little as she was carried to the middle platform and attached to a pole, by her hands. She offered no resistance, as a glass of liquid was pour down her throat. Almost immediately the poor woman began to cough violently and then a green foam spewed from her mouth. A few seconds later, the beautiful body was convulsing wildly, arching and gyrating about. After what seemed an eternity, the body slumped and hung motionless. The lights dimmed.

When the light focused on the cell, Hillary was in a pile, on the floor of the cell. A messy green goo could be seen, with drips of green falling from the side of her mouth. Hillary showed no sigh of being alive.

The next execution was announced, "As was the case in earlier times, witches were burned alive at the stake. So it will be today, a modern malefactor will be purified by fire.

A fire proof mask will be put over your face, so that we will not be cheated by the smoke suffocating you, before the fire has purified your soul."

Justine noticed that as the hangman lifted Hillary, the woman, in a daze, looked around briefly and slumped. She was taken to one of the side platform where a wooden pole stood amid a pile of wood and brush. The executioner tied the woman to the pole and then grabbed a breast until the poor woman screamed in pain. Hillary was still alive.

A transparent mask was placed over Hillary's head and the bottom tightened.

A liquid was poured over Hillary's nude body. At a signal, the executioner grabbed at nearby lighted torch and set the wood and brush aflame. All watched in wonder as the red flame danced all around. Finally Hillary's body was aflame and she was thrashing in pain till her body slumped and was obscured by flames, dancing all around her. The light went out, leaving red angry flames.

This time the spotlight focused on the centre platform and Justine could see Hillary hanging on a cross for crucifixion. Her body was a badly charred mess but her beautiful face still shone through. Pain was etched into the features. Justine looked for signs of life and saw Hillary's blackened mounts rising and falling.

The judge announced the final and last execution, "Though you have suffered. Your pain does not match the pain you have tried to inflict upon our society. He have allowed you to cheat death five times, but now the grime reaper must have his due and your crimes paid for. You will be crucified as the Romans did and your life shall be terminated with a red-hot stake burning its way into your being. God have mercy on your soul."

Justine chose not to watch, as the executioner scourged Hillary with thorns and beat her.

Justine thought Hillary must be dead and hoped that was the case. The judge allowed the attack to continue for half an hour, then gave a thumbs down cue. The executioner got a burning white-hot stake from a nearby forge and drove the metal rod into Hillary's anus, pushing hard till the pole emerged from Hillary's breast. As a final gesture, the hangman thrust a knife blade into the woman's heart and the light went out completely.

Justine looked away from the TV set, "That was more horrible than I could imagine. If Hillary's death had been that graphic, in real live, I doubt I could have gotten through it.

You did some job."

"Yea those bastards loved the final video but, looking back, we did some good, for Hillary, anyway. The executions were a lot less severe and she was able to die with her own peace of mind, not broken like in the vid. I'm glad we were able to convince those guys that your way was better. That we weren't being easy on Hillary, but putting on a show for the masses. Your Marquis really came through, convincing them to look at the early stuff we shot and letting us explain how we could edit those shots with the actual execution to show that Hillary was alive through all but the last execution and suffering in extreme torment. I remember him finally asking whether they wanted a private show or to make a statement to the public, about the fate awaiting those who crossed their paths. That was the clincher. The public will eat it up and the authenticity of the video won't be in dispute, when pictures of Hillary's body are released.

But, to those who knew Hillary, her family and comrades, she left a legacy. I noticed that she kept pulling her earlobe. Figure skaters on TV, during the marks display, used to do that as a way to say hello to their friends and family back home. I only noticed after viewing the rushes, a number of times. At first, I thought it was just a nervous habit but then I remembered the figure skaters. I think she was signaling to them, that in spite of the horrors, she was OK. If her friends and family know the sign, they'll spot it easily.

Also I noticed, on the rushes, that she mouthed, "Carry on the Fight" a number of times.

I left one or two in and covered them with screams and swearing. But I'm sure her friends, if they can stomach watching the video, will pick it up. Hillary went out a fighter to the end and a courageous woman."

"Justine your ideas were awesome. There's no way I could have come up with them and I would have just done my job and regretted my part. But I can be proud of my video and the little part I had in helping a brave woman meet her death with dignity and some peace of mind. For that, I thank you."

Justine blushed bright red and returned the compliments.

The two parted, content that they had made the most of a horrible deal and came away feeling OK.

The Ten Girl Massacre

This time the Marquis personally met with Justine the next afternoon. They had lunch in the atrium. Justine watched the dolcettes lounging and splashing about, having fun like young girls, without a care in the world and wished it could last forever, for them.

The Marquis thanked Justine for her great job, adding that he had been obligated to carry out the execution and couldn't have done it without Justine, "Justine I was obligated to do the execution, otherwise there is no way I would have participated in so immoral an undertaking. The woman was a citizen not a dolcette. Her only crime was fighting against injustice. She did not deserve to die in such a horrible manner. I'm glad you and Clint could ease her death a little."

The Marquis handed Justine a jewelry box. Justine found an emerald bracelet in the box, "The government paid a bonus for the video, they liked it so much. I knew you didn't want the money, so I asked Juliet to pick up something you might like. I know you don't want it, but keep it as a memento of a brave woman."

"Just a word of advice, don't try to find out about Hillary or her group and don't even think about cashing in the bracelet and donating the money to them. There are watchers everywhere and you'll be in more trouble than I can get you out of."

When Justine got back to the room, she put the jewel box in a back corner of her drawer.

When Juliet asked if she liked the bracelet, Justine asked her lover never to mention the bracelet again.

Two weeks went by. The only excitement was in Juliet's bed. Justine was recharged and raring to go. She wished the Marquis would call and then he left a note asking Justine to meet him for lunch at the atrium. Another project, Justine enthused.

The Marquis asked how Justine was. When she assured him that she was fine, he breathed as sigh of relief and then began his discourse. "I have another tough assignment. I left it as long as I could, so that you could fully recover. As the "Mission Impossible" instruction goes, "You may choose not to undertake this assignment and it will not hurt your standing with us. But you are the Justine so you have right of first refusal. Shall I go on?"

Justine nodded yes.

"Do you remember the incident with the mad Russian Minski, I think was the name, who Justine convinced to kill fifteen girls all at once, while Minski sodomized and killed Justine's acolyte."

Justine nodded.

"A film company has commissioned the Mansion to make a video of that scene with ten dolcette victims. We have done some videos in the past and the scene was always one of my favorites, so I agreed. Only dolcettes would be hurt anyway.

But after the last project, my blood lust has abated, quite a bit. The video backers won't let me out of the contract, so I have to go through with it. I have hired Clint and his crew for the project with conditions, on his part. I normally don't agree to conditions but I thought I owed him. He will participate, if you are involved and the minimum number of dolcettes are killed and, or injured. If you participate I'm willing to let this Marquis be less, de Sade.

Hell its good business, anyway. If I can keep some dolcettes alive, they're worth more in the kitchen. They want at least half the dolcettes to be gourmet prime A-one grade and will pay what the market demands. I got them to agree that we get the meat. They said all the dolcettes have to be killed and that it has to be clear and evident. They want to be on hand, to make sure. So if you and Clint are to save any of the dolcettes, you'll have to convince them while they're looking over your shoulders. I'm not sure you can but you, both, performed miracles last time, so maybe there's a chance.

By the way I'm not playing Minski and there won't be an eleventh victim."

Justine reluctantly agreed and then regretted her decision. This time there was no bravado about being the Justine, instead there were doubts: not that she would be able to pull the project off but whether she wanted to be the Justine. Maybe the Marquis could find a role for her, like that of Juliet.

Justine immediately called Clint and they arranged to meet the next day. Clint had some ideas, since he had been working on the project for a week already.

Justine listened to his ideas and the two agreed to meet in three days.

Justine racked her head to come up with ideas. Two or three ideas came to mind.

First according to the book, all the killings were to done simultaneously so it would be easy to justify pre-filming events. There was no way the video could be shot live. They would sell it as a well-produced film, utilizing editing to put together a realistic film

Also, they could insist that the dolcettes, that were still alive, had to be sent to the kitchen immediately, for use as live roasters, spit roaster or live parts girls. That may save some dolcettes for a few more days. As an incentive, Justine could offer to kick back some of the cost of the dolcettes.

Justine contemplated. The project would require a great deal of planning and consideration over the little time she had to carry out the task. If she could pull off this project to the Marquis' satisfaction and her own standards, she had no doubt that she would truly be Justine.

The day of the ten girl massacre had come. The ten dolcettes were led to a cage by two Amazons, scantily dressed in meat girl leather corsets that strained to hold their big breasts. They wore short meat girl leather skirts and long spiked black boots that came up to their lower thighs. One was the blonde Xena and the other was a black-haired vixen named Morgana.

The girls were given a drink of the potion and told to pleasure each other. Soon, the cell was a nude body pile of limbs and torsos.

Justine entered with a man dressed in a hooded robe. She was a vision, with shiny blonde hair flowing freely in luscious curves. She wore a simple Greek style toga with her right breast bare and matching white high heels. On her ankle was a golden anklet and at her waist was a gold chain link belt.

The man said, "My precious Justine, I have arranged a special spectacle for you. I have assembled some of my toys for your entertainment. These ten young maidens that have trespassed on my lands will be punished for their transgressions. I have machines with which I can cause grievous injury to their bodies. I hope that you will find it entertaining."

"My lord I am grateful that you would go to so much trouble to please me. But my blood only boils with passion at the sight of my gender having their sexes injured. My lust rises to moans of pain and screams of anguish. And the death cries of those of my gender, sends me to the brink of orgasm where only the most virile man can bring me to a volcanic climax.

You are such a man and you have the means to put me into an ecstasy of pleasure and delight. I beg you to let me hear the cries that will set my libido free." Justine retorted.

"Of course my dear, you have but to tell me how to proceed." Answered Minski.

"Let's watched the maidens pleasuring each other for a while and choose what fate will befall each beauty." Justine replied.

The couple watched the writhing mass of female flesh becoming aroused. Legs were rubbing crotches, crotches grinded into cunts and tongues and fingers probed everywhere. Justine motioned for Xena to come over and she ordered the Amazon to bring over two dolcettes. One was a petite raven-haired girl with shapely breasts and a plump ass. She was wide-eyed and innocent. The blue eyes sparked in mischievousness. The other was a brunette beauty with soft curved hair that fell to below her shoulders. Her body was slim but dominated by big breasts. Morgana was motioned to bring over a lounger and the dolcettes were placed on top and told to fuck each other. Justine watched for a while and then directed the action. She had the dolcettes spread their legs wide and masturbate themselves to orgasms. Then, she examined each dolcette with her hands and her tongue. She weighed the breasts and mentally compared them with hers. She tweaked each nipple hard for milk and was rewarded. She tasted the warm sweet fluid with glee.

Justine had the blonde spread her legs and then her cunt, so that Justine could examine her female treasures. She ribbed the clit till the girl was moaning in lust. Then Justine had the other girl sit on the blonde dolcette's face. The brunette rubbed her pussy over the blonde's mouth, till she, too, was moaning. Justine allowed the girls to cum.

She looked at the machines and whispered to Minski, "I want this one's pussy mangled and this ones breasts destroyed."

Minski instructed the Amazons to place the girls in two of the machines.

Justine commented to Minski, "All this tender young meat has caused my stomach to growl. I think it is time to choose my entrée for this evening's dinner. That last girl had such nice breasts. But, I am sure there must be tastier ones, ones that would rival my own." Justine dropped her gown and rubbed her big milk breasts. She motioned Xena over and ordered the Amazon to bare her breasts and Justine weighted each of Xena's breasts in her hand. "Amazon captain go over and find me the plumpest, tenderest breasts. I want ones that are both big and esthetically pleasing. If you fail to find breasts more appetizing then your own, you must surrender your tasty treats for me to dine on.

Bring me three choices."

The Amazons led three pretty girls with big shapely breasts to Justine. Justine scanned the frightened faces and her eyes went to a shapely brunette with innocent blue eyes and a classic Irish face. The colleen's breasts were medium sized but had a nice heft and were full on the bottom, sagging a half inch or so. Justine weighted the breast and massaged them gently but firmly; then she licked the nipples till the pink buds were full engorged.

A long hard suck filled Justine's mouth with milk. Justine had found her girl meat.

Justine ordered the other two girls, both cute blondes; one a little pixie that had a slim body and breasts that dominated her bosom with brown puffy nipples. The other blonde had a shapely medium sized body with plump breasts that seemed to beg to be licked and sucked. Justine went and weighted each breast in her hand and kissed each one. She sucked each nipple until she got milk, which was returned to the girls' mouths. In jest Justine paid the same homage to Xena's mammaries. "Ugg. No milk. Xena, my dear, I guess your breasts won't do. I like my girl meat flavoured with milk.

Take this girl to the middle machine and strap her in.

My lord Minski, I apologize. It was your place to select an entrée first. These two remaining girls have girl meat I could savor and enjoy, if you wish the colleen."

Minski replied, "My beauty, keep your breast meat. I crave only the choicest part of a female. Where all the female sexual treasures lay buried for me to enjoy. I will have a cunt steak. But Xena did well. I choose the blonde girl. Xena secure her to my chair."

"Amazon captain we would be remiss, if we did not offer a slice of girl meat, our master has such an abundance." Justine went on.

"I thank my lady and lord but it would be more fitting for a warrior to be awarded a prize for an extraordinary feat. May I earn a prize with a feat of strength? Let me crush the beautiful breasts of this maiden, let me crush the breath and life from her, let me break each and every one of her ribs and then let me claim her cunt, as a prize cunt bracelet that I will cut from the still warm body."

Both Justine and Minski nodded assent. The blonde girl screamed and fainted. Xena picked the little thing up and carried her to one of the side platforms and hung the inert body to a post.

"Is there a maiden with a face too fair for her body?" Justine asked. Xena led a beautiful raven-haired girl will a slim body. The girl had very small breasts that were almost taken up by puffy pink nipples. Justine examined the girl and rubbed the girl roughly. The blonde beauty finger fucked the small slit till the poor girl was crying in pain.

"An excellent choice. This little maiden shouldn't mind being rid of such a disappointing body. I am sure her beauty will be enhanced without this encumbrance."

"Our next subject should have a good set of milk breasts. See if there is one, who breasts swell with her female nourishment."

The second Amazon brought out a brunette with heavy sagging breasts. She was pretty with long brown hair that had an auburn tint. Her face was round and plump.

Justine grabbed the breast hard and jets of milk squirted out. "You chose well, Amazon and as a reward you may pleasure this one in any way you wish, providing the breasts are untouched."

The Amazon got out a thick dildo and went to town, torturing the maiden's love tunnel with the cudgel. When some blood started dripping, the torture ended with the Amazon pushing her fist into the cunt of the screaming girl. Justine pointed to the station for the victim.

"We have but three more maidens to install on their machines. Bring the three before us."

When the three girls were brought out, Justine had a mat put on the floor. The girls were told. "Masturbate, pleasure yourselves, entertain us. We have three fates remaining.

Some are more cruel than others. Your performances will help us decide which fate shall befall each of you. There is a chance that a less severe fate can be survived, that is what you are entertaining us for. But first let me examine each of you."

Justine raked her hands over the beautiful pink bodies inflicting pain where it pleased her to do so. The cunts were all violated with huge dildos and the clit rubbed raw. The girls were passed to Xena. The Amazon took full advantaged of the situation to inflict as much pain and torment on the girls' breasts as she could. Xena ended by grizzle bear hugging each girl in prelude to her big performance.

The girls were thrown on the mat and order to pleasure their sore female body parts.

"Rub your cunts."

"Pinch those tits and twist them."

"Put a dildo up your ass. It'll go deeper. Push it harder.

"Spread your legs and lets see those pussies. Spread your vaginas. I want them all gaping. Show us your insides or we'll pull them out and get a really good look."

"Keep rubbing."

The show went on for about fifteen minutes, when a girl collapsed in tears. A couple of minutes later a second girl stopped and slumped. The third girl was in tears but continued bravely. Justine called an end to the proceedings.

Justine had the crying brunette brought to her and said, "You are the bravest and your reward is that you will be hung by the neck for one hour, if you have not died you shall be returned to your room."

"The red head will be impaled through her ass."

"The blonde will die from poison."

"Have them secured to their machines."

"The Master and I will prepare ourselves for the finale."

Justine and Minski returned a half hour later. Justine surveyed the room. It was large. In the centre of the room, three platforms were arranged like sides of a square with a lounging chair along the remaining open side. On each platform were maidens, secured in the device that would end the beauties' lives in pain and torment.

Justine led Minski followed by the two Amazons on a tour.

She went to the platform opposite the lounging chair. This platform was center stage.

Justine went to the middle girl and lifted her face. "This is my entrée. I will harvest her delicious breasts and then a shoot-gun will blast way her useless bosom.

She moved to the right, "This device will send a spear into the vagina of this maiden."

She moved to the left of her meat girl, "A similar device will end this wretch's life with a shaft in the anus.'

The group moved to the right side platform and Justine proceeded.

"On the outer devices we will hang our victims. One trapdoor has been rigged so that the force of the fall will tear the body from the head.

The other will strangle the maiden. If the maiden is still alive after all the others have died, our Amazon will pull on the legs to snap the neck.

The middle is reserved for our noble Xena to perform her feat of strength."

Justine led the group to the last platform and pointed to the maidens. "The first maiden will have a gun blast her anus and guts apart sending her into eternity."

"In the middle, the milker will be drowned in her milk. First the milk will pour from a pail into her mouth and then her body will be turned on that wheel to immerse the whole head into the filled tub."

"The last little thing will have a dildo of frozen acid and poison thrust in and out of her anus by a fucking machine. The friction of the ass fucking will melt the acid and poison which will dissolve the maiden's insides. The poison should send the little beauty to paradise in waves of painful convulsions."

"Our Master will take his pleasure of his entrée and as he climaxes he will plunge a knife through the heart of his sweetheart and then slit her throat. This will be the sign for all the machines to be set in motion." Justine explained and nodded to the second Amazon. The warrior woman nodded her understanding. She would set the devices to work, at Minski's signals.

Justine walked to the colleen at centre stage middle and cut off the two big breasts. She bowed to Minski and said, "At your pleasure, the show may begin."

Minski had his blonde sitting over his pelvis facing outward so that the Amazon could see the victim's breasts and throat. The Russian maneuvered the girl over his cock and thrust into the blonde cutie's ass. He thrust violently for about twenty minutes. The little blonde was screaming, crying and thrashing about. Suddenly the point of the knife appeared in the bosom of the girl. Minski climaxed with a loud grunt and in an instant tore open his victim's throat. He threw the girl off his body and rose, as a shot went off and a chorus of death screams filled the air.

Minski saw that there was a bloody opening in the slumped body of the brunette colleen.

Then he looked to the left and right. Both victims were gyrating and screaming as the shafts cut threw their bodies. The shafts had been tipped by broad razor sharp spearheads and those spearheads created a mess of blood and gore.

Justine had focused on the beautiful face of the black-haired girl and watched in awe, as the trap door was sprung and the body fell to the floor. She searched for a few seconds and then saw the head coming to rest a few feet from the body. Justine studied the eyes and saw them blinking, as if I panic.

Xena was crushing the breasts of her victim. And as Justine watched, the girl slumped. The Amazon continued applying pressure to her victim's torso until Justine could clearly see that the chest had been crushed in and a flow of blood was pouring from the dead girls mouth, but the Amazon kept up her relentless attack, sometimes changing the position of her hands and muscular arms. Xena would not release the girl until all the other victims were declared dead. Then Justine handed Xena a knife so the Amazon could claim her prize.

The third victim on the stage danced in the air, gasping for air. Justine watched as the girl's mouth dripped saliva and her tongue stuck out. Soon the other Amazon would be called upon to snap the girl's neck

Justine looked to the third stage. A maiden lay almost split in two with a gaping mid torso of blood and guts. Justine could see that the girl was still alive, in shock.

The anal fucking machine was thrusting violently and forcefully; Justine watched the girl's mouth and soon saw a murky vile looking green foam start to come out.

Justine took a quick glance at the transparent tub and saw that the big boobed girl had her head in the milky liquid and was thrashing about

The thrashing and convulsions of the poisoned cuties drew Justine's attention once again and Justine watched intently as the body went still for the last time.

She checked on the tub and saw that the big breasts had also been stilled.

Justine glanced around the room. The spears had broken skin and the two victims were still. Justine guessed, from the amount of blood that had pooled that the pretties had died of hemorrhaging.

She caught the second Amazon applying force to the hanging girl's head She heard the neck snap, as the girl died.

Justine went to Minski and saw that he held his cunt steak. The two kissed.

As the lights went out the Marquis came up to Justine and said, "You are truly my Justine." He kissed her hand and turned and left.

Months later, Justine viewed the video and let her mind drift back to the earlier events. She remembered how she was trying to think up methods of sparing the dolcettes, when it finally hit her. The victims were dolcettes. Dolcettes were meat girls. They were all going to die in a few weeks anyway. She was the Justine and Justine would have no problem staging an event like the "Ten Girl Massacre". In the book, it was Justine who begged for a fifteen girl massacre that also cost Justine her pretty young acolyte. The dungeon sociopath emerged from Juliet's thrall and took reign again.

Justine had Clint fired and the film crew was happy to take direction from Justine.

Justine had no trouble convincing the Marquis to put on real "Ten Girl Massacre" that left no question that all the girls had been murdered, in the very fashions depicted. She had used culled farm dolcettes and some imported European free-range dolcettes that had been rejected by the kitchen. The dolcettes had been tarted up to look like premium grade livestock and sold to the movie backers as such.

When the final movie was complete, there were no complaints.

Justine and Juliet grew apart. Justine never regretted not seeing Juliet again.

Justine was truly the Justine and her reign of terror for the dolcettes had begun.

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