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Little Hell House on the Prairie

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Synopsis: Little Hell House on the Prairie


Another story by Pagan

Little Hell House on the Prairie

“Its all over the school Mary, your sister, the perfect Laura Ingalls, is in detention.”

Mary recognized the friendly voice, it was Jenny Olson, “It wasn't her fault, that trouble maker Alice Lanetree is behind this.”

The pretty blind girl looked up, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her face, she may have been blind but she could hear the playground and the whispering around her, she smiled she knew her sister was innocent, people were just jealous of them because they were such a loving family.

Caroline Ingalls rung her hands as she lay her head against the little house door; her eyes scanned the field, the potatoes looked a good crop, she knew that by the smile of satisfaction on her husbands face, his eyes darting left and right as he checked each row.

Charles Ingalls stood, placed his hands behind him and pressed his back, a huge yawn covered his face, he stopped, took his hat off and ran his arm across his forehead, looking at his little house he shouted to his wife, “Caroline, its been a long morning, any root beer cold enough to give me strength for this afternoon?”

Caroline ran her hands down the front of her pinafore dress, her hands slid over her firm breasts and down to her slim waist, she may have had two girls but with all the work around the small holding there wasn't time to put on any weight.

Her hand went back behind her head patting at the pins holding her tussled fair hair up and away from her face; she smiled at her husband and shouted at him to be quicker, “Come on Charles, root beer or no root beer we have to finish the south field this afternoon before the girls get home from school and I will take none of your excuse's.”

He picked up his pace; then broke in to a trot. He caught her just inside the door, grabbing her around the waist before swinging her off her feet, “I love you Mrs. Ingalls,” he planted a kiss on her nose.

Caroline looked down at him, “And I love you Mr. Ingalls so lets go down the cellar and get that beer, remember the south field?”

Smiling at her he let her slip through his arms, down to the floor, “You drive a hard bargain Mrs. Ingalls so lead the way.”

Giggling like a couple of newly weds they descended the stairs to the cellar; he sat on a box while Caroline poured the condense of a jug in to two glass's. She sat, they both looked at each other as they took a long swig of beer.

They finished the drink; he got up and pulled her to him, he went to kiss her his hand roamed over her ass, she smile, “Remember the south field?” he let go and she went in front of him and slowly climbed the stairs back to the scullery. He playfully smacked her firm round ass, “Now you stop that Charles Ingalls,” as she came up from the cellar the first sight that greeted her was two pairs of boots; as they climbed further the rest of the men came in to view.

“Hope we wasn't disturbin nothin mam?”

A slightly flustered Caroline looked at the two men, “No, no nothing, eerrr what can we do for you?”

Charles was quickly up behind her, “Do you usually come busting in to people homes?”

The second man jumped in, “Hey no need to be unneighbourly, just had to water the horses, you weren't around so we came looking.”

Caroline tried to calm things, “Well I'm sure there's enough water in the trough, you just go right ahead and help yourself.”

As she spoke so a third man came in the door, scruffy, half Indian, a large scar ran down his cheek, he spat on the floor, “Hey was I hearing right,” his eyes stared at Caroline, “Did the pretty lady say we could help ourselves?”

Charles moved between the men and his wife, “Just how many horses want watering?”

The first man said, “Five, is that a problem?”

Caroline moved towards the door, “No, no please, you can go and use the trough, it's just that we are in a hurry, you know how it is, chores, planting and visitors, all this afternoon.”

Her eyes caught sight of two more men standing amongst the horses, both looked filthy and rough, she could see a trace of renegade in both of them. Charles pushed by her, “Hey you, I know that horse, that's Jake Flanders mare.”

The big scare faced Indian came up behind him, “It was the only one around that didn't have a bullet in it, so we took it, nice horse and I always like a good mare, especially ones who ride well, looking at yours don't suppose you'd mind if we borrowed her for a while.”

Before Charles could speak the butt of the Indians gun slapped across the side of his head, he dropped like a stone. Caroline moved, but didn't get far, the Indian spun and his hand flashed out, smacking hard across her face sending her spinning in to the scullery table; she crashed in to it and fell.

The Indian stood looking them, “Tie him to the chair, looks like this little house has got company for the afternoon after all,” he walked over to the prone woman, “Especially some time with this one.”

Charles Ingalls shook his head; the pain throbbed from his left ear to his eyes, the tight rope gag felt like a vice around his head. He squinted, the blurred vision made his view swim in front of him, but his ears picked up on the squealing noises coming from the parlour.

Again he shook his head, trying to clear it, he could feel the blood on the back of his neck but all that was in his mind now was Caroline, he listened to her cries, “No. no, please no,mmmmmaaa, no for god sake stop, aahhh, no, no mmmmmm.”

He blinked again and again, he began to see; he could see figures in the parlour, men, the shirts off, pushing, shoving at each other, yelling and yelping, swigging from bottles, bottles of root beer taken from his cellar, in between all this he could see a half naked woman, his wife.

He could see her struggling, her pleas silenced as men grabbed her hair and turn her face to theirs, the mouth enveloping hers, stopping her cries. Her dress was torn open, her large breast's easy targets for the men's hands, Charles could only watch as her nipples were pulled or fingers mauled her pink flesh in to bulging shapes.

He saw the back of the filthy India as he bent and picked up the front of her dress, her little hands tried to beat him off but they were easily captured and held, leaving her helpless, she was defenceless and they knew they could do what ever they wanted to do.

One of the men noticed Charles had come round, he slapped the India, “Hey Blade you best be careful her husband watching.”

The India just turned his head, his face creased in a grin as he stared at Charles, “Oh he don't mind if we take a look see at what his woman got, ain't no need to make a fuss she's only gona get fucked, it ain't the end of the world and I've known white folk get off on watchin their women gettin a good fuckin.”

The one forcing his mouth over Caroline's pulled off, he yanked her head back, “Ya and she's definitely gona get off on the fuckin, ain't you lady?”

Charles knew it was futile but he still grunted and tried to make sounds past the gag, the realization of how helpless he was made his stomach churn, he could do nothing except watch the Indian as he pushed his hand up under his wife's skirt, grinning at the others as he found the slit in the base of her bodice.

Charles saw him, he fought the bonds but to no avail, Blade was pushing his hand further up, to add insult to Charles's, he called out, “Hay Mr. your wife's got a real nice feelin cunt, real soft, feels like it can make a man real happy, hope it will feel the same when you next get your cock up it, its gona be one busy hole this afternoon and maybe a bit longer if we get the urge to stay a while and try out the other two.”

Caroline suddenly threw her head back and squealed, the India laughed, “Ya lady that's a cosy tight hole you got there.”

Another voice shouted, “Lets have a look at her.” Other's joined the commotion, the room was full of yelling drunken men, “Ya come on lets get that cunt out where we can all see it.” Charles heard her dress tare, “I want to fuck her; let's get her clothes off and try her out.”

Someone dragged the parlour table between Caroline and the door, “Got to give Mr. a good view.”

More ripping sounds accompanied Caroline's cries. Charles could see as she was dragged left and right, bits of dress and bodice flew through the air.

Men cheered as more and more of his wife's beautiful body became visible to their leering eyes; she was soon naked. Charles gripped the arms of the chair as he saw a hand come from behind his wife; it slipped between her legs and cupped her cunt. Other hands held hers; she could do nothing to stop them as other hands continued their attack on her breast's and ass.

Charles seethed behind the hessian rope gag as he saw her wiggle her hips trying to escape, her mouth unable to protest as mouths sucked on to it, then he groaned as he saw the index finger slip up in to her cunt and a voice from behind shouted, “That's it woman squeal on that, you will be squealing on a lot fatter than this soon.”

The huge hand of the rough India grabbed at her hair and pulled her away from the others towards the table, “Ya, soon is now,” he threw her back on to the table, she lay cowering as he undid his buckle and let his trousers fall. Leaving his trousers around his boots he shuffled forward, his huge hands grabbed at Caroline's ankles and dragged them up and on to his shoulders, his hand went to his long johns and pulled out a cock fit for a man of his size, the others cheered as he turned his hips and waved it at Charles.

He didn't have to hold it, a good ten inches of thick male meat waved at Charles, it curved up, the bloated bulbous head hovered like a snake ready to strike, “How's that for doin some plantin this afternoon, you gona watch while I plant some seed up your woman?”

He turned and aimed it at Caroline's open cunt, then he slowly pushed the head in; Caroline struggle but the hands that were still mauling her tit's gripped her, holding her in position for him to carry on pushing, he grinned down at her, “Ain't gona ram it up you, don't want to spoil it for the rest, beside, we reckon your gona enjoy an afternoon of fuckin, one way or another.”

Charles watched as the thick length disappeared up inside his wife, his strong frame started to pump it in to her, then he'd pull it back until her hood filled with the huge head, he'd grin at Charles and then thump it back.

He could see heads covering his wife's tits, occasionally mouths lifting, sucking a nipple up, what he couldn't see was her head, all he could do was hear, little grunting sounds and muffled squeals, the vision of what he thought they were doing to her mouth, driving him mad.

He watched as the India started fucking her hard, he wanted to kill him as he saw his fingers pulling her cunt lips apart allowing his thumbs to rub at her clit, Charles knew she enjoyed that and worst still it made her uncontrollable and she would climax every time.

He watched her body squirm, usually she would stop him by holding his hand but now she couldn't and her hips started to rock, the squeals got more and more and he realized why she was unable to cry out, a gurgling sound was coming from her throat.

The India started shouting as he rammed himself in and out at a furious rate, then he stopped, Caroline continued wiggling and rocking until she forced him to cum, filling her to the point that his juice started leaking back out around his cock; then another man took his place.

The India stood beside the new man fucking Caroline, he whispered in his ear and another set of hands moved to Caroline's cunt, she immediately started moving again, but this time Charles heard her shout then choke as another voice shouted, “Swallow it bitch, anyone else want to fuck her mouth?”

The Indian grinned at Charles, “Hear that your wife sucks a mean cock, swallows too, glad to see you've trained her well, reckon we may stay a while, let the posey go chase around while we have us some fun pokin your wife, you don't mind feedin us, reckon we'll need it, we will be working up an appetite.”

He was interrupted as Charles heard, “Get your mouth on this, all the way bitch, I like it all the way.”

Blade looked to his right, “Hay Rock, don't choke the lady we all got a lot more to get rid of up her, you havin some of her cute mouth Billy?”

The one stood to his left grinned at Charles, “Nope, gona wait till Reds done poking her cunt then I'm gona take me some sweet tight ass.”

Blade slowly walked over to Charles, the arrogant look of Indian over white showed in his face, the look of hate showed in Charles was only heightened by the way Blade squatted down in front of him, his long thick cock dangled between his legs, he looked down at it then back up to Charles.

He spat on the floor, “Nice cunt your woman's got, real pleasure to make her cum, and it seemed to me the pleasure weren't all mine,” he gloated at Charles, then he spat on his hand and rubbed his cock head. Still smiling he slapped his hand over Charles's nose, “Smell cum and it ain't all mine, some of your wife's cunt juice on there.”

His head turned back to the parlour, both men could see Red fucking Caroline, her ass grinding, her hips rocking as Red played his fingers all over her fleshy hood and protruding clit, she came at the same time as Red, Charles heard the squeals, still audible from her well filled throat.

As Blade got up Caroline grunted and choked, Charles could hear her coughing, he knew she'd swallowed another load of cum and he could see there was little fight left in her, when it was Billy's turn to have her he had no trouble in turning her over and plugging his cock up her ass.

It was not long in to Billy's ass fucking that terror struck Charles, it must have been Red who shouted, “There's a pretty blond kid just been dropped off at the end of the lane, she walking real slow but she's comin this way and the closer she gets the prettier she looks.

Blade's words cut like a knife through Charles, “Well ain't that a prize, Toz likes em young and fresh.”

Red laughed, “Don't we all?”

A gag was stuffed in to Caroline's mouth but Billy wasn't finished with her ass, they kept the gag in place with rope, they pushed it across her mouth and gave Billy either end which he held like rains as he rode her like a horse as he just kept on fucking her. Red watched out the window as Mary trod the path she knew so well. Blade stood beside Charles while Toz and Lou waited by the door.

Just as the door opened so Blade thumped Charles knocking the wind out of him; Mary came in, Toz was about to grab her but stopped, it was obvious she was blind, they let her in.

She was to worked up about the happening at school to realize anything was wrong, “Ma, Pa, Laura's been kept behind, she in detention it was that Alice, she-” it was then she stopped; now she knew something was wrong.

Toz gripped her shoulder, “Don't tell me there's another one coming home?” he bent at her side, “And is she as pretty as you?”

Her hand went to her mouth, she could only stand there, her heart pounded, then Lou gripped her left arm, “Bet you wanna know what's goin on, let me explain.”

He tugged her by the arm, she stumbled a little as he drew her towards her helpless father, “Well Pa here is a little busy trying to breath and he ain't no use to you as he's, well only a spectator, he won't be doin no talking so you best forget about him, now what about Ma?”

He pulled her towards the parlour. As they approached Billy looked over at the pretty young girl being dragged towards him, he smiled and panted, “Oh ya more candy,” the thought of being able to have a young girl quickly had him pumping himself in to Caroline's ass, and there was plenty of juice to pump, it was still spurting out of his cock and over her ass as he pulled out, he grinned as he watched it dribbling over her ass, cunt and thighs.

Caroline lay exhausted over the table, her stuffed, full mouth had red rope burn marks either side from Billy's pulling, Lou smiled at the sight.

The others gathered round as Lou dragged Mary further in to the parlour, “What's your name?” a little quivering voice broke in to the expectant silence, “Mary.”

Still holding her with his right hand Lou slapped his left hand down on Caroline's back, pinning her to the table, “You must be hungry, what with all that school work, I bet you need something to eat?”

Mary, trying not to cry whispered, “Yes sir, thank you sir.”

With one swift move his hand let go of her arm and grabbed the back of her blond hair, then he drove her face in between her mothers legs, “Here you are then, lick that, you'll find its full of good natural juice.”

She squealed and tried to move away but he held her tight, “You better do some eating little girl, your Pa's life depends on your licking out your Ma's cunt, so get your tongue up there.”

The little blond head stayed in the position, her tongue working as best it could up between her mothers legs. Charles slowly came round only to stare at his daughter with her head between his wife's legs, she was now being used as entertainment by the scum that had invaded his house.

He groaned as he watched Toz bend down behind her and lift the back of her blue dress, Toz grinned at him as he revealed more and more of her white bloomers.

Mary tried to pull away but Lou held her tight. He pulled first one hand then the other on to her mothers naked buttocks, “And leave them there, just you keep licking while we have some fun with you.”

As Lou held the exhausted Caroline down with one hand so he made sure Mary couldn't move her head away, it left the other three to watch the unveiling of the cute girls young ass.

Mary blubbered in to her mothers cunt, she couldn't move as they flipped her dress over her back and pulled at the ribbon ties around her waist.

Loosening them they slowly started to peel the white bloomers down over the white creamy moons of her ass, they more the centre cress revealed its self the more whistles and yells filled the room.

Charles grunted and fought but the men had to many years of knot tying to have left anything loose, all he could do was look on unable to save his family from what ever these men had in mind and at the moment it was his daughter Mary who was the centre of their attention.

A little last tug from Toz had her bloomers around her knees, big dirty hands squeezed and groped at the young mounds, it was all to much for Blade.

He smacked Lou's hand away from her head and pulled her round, his fat cock hard and long, “You like tasting your mother cunt well little lady lets see you taste some more.”

Mary's sightless eyes looked upward as he held her hair and slapped the side of her face with his male meat, “Know what that is little lady?”

Her trembling mouth spluttered, “No sir, no.”

He ran the tip over her lips, “Open them pretty lips and find out what a woman's mouth is for.”

The grip on her hair made it imposable for her to break free, she squealed as fingers played over her naked ass, she tried to squirm away as she felt her young cunt get fingered for the first time but the second her mouth opened the waiting meat pushed in, “Now use your tongue on the end of that, taste some more of your Ma.”

As Blade held her head the others started playing with themselves. Lou told him to get down on his knees so he could bend her; he just had to have her virgin ass.

Billy, Toz and Red grabbed Caroline and pulled her in to the scullery, right in front of Charles. Toz being the biggest thrust his arm behind her elbows and all most picked her up, bowing her body out, pointing it at Charles.

Trying not to look at Charles she hung there, Red played with her cunt while Billy twisted her nipples until she cried out in pain. Toz whispered in her ear, “Gona put on a show for your man or do we hurt the both of you then help ourselves to the little girl?” she nodded, a faint, “Yes, do anything you want to me but don't hurt them,” slipped from her lips.

Charles stared at his lovely home and the horrible things happening in it. In front of him, on the floor was his lovely wife; she was straddled across Toz bouncing on his cock, another length of meat was fucking her ass from behind while she bent forward, struggling to suck off Billy.

Looking past her his eyes fell on his little blond darling, her face contorted; she was trying to swallow as much of the huge cock as she could, Blade had hold of her head as he jerked his cock in to her mouth, he could see her eyes, empty and full of tears as the body of the man behind her pushed and humped at her ass.

The ropes rubbed his neck and arms raw as he struggled, only for the men to laugh at him and taught him, calling to each other, “How's the youngin's ass?” “Nearly rippin my boner off but worth it,” “Can't wait to blast her cherry,” “Fuckin fight you fer that sweet hole,” and to add to Charles's misery, “Don't forget there's another one comin soon, another set of sweet cherry holes to fuck with.”

Caroline choked on the cock in her mouth, “Don't you worry none Ma. You won't be forgotten, you got a good sucking mouth,” “Ya one that takes it all the way, hay Pa you ever get it all the way down?” “If not you just watch Billy choke her on that boner of his.”

Mary's squeals and cough made him look back to her, her face covered in Blades filthy cum, sticky globs of cum splattered her pretty features as she cried out to the fucking her ass was getting.

Her torment didn't last much longer as Lou grabbed her around the waist and pumped his hot cum in to her bowels then, like a rag doll he dropped her on to the table. Blade turned her over and finished ripping the rest of her dress off, the top of her bodice soon followed it to the floor as he pulled her arms up and pinned her wrists to the table then he bent and started sucking at her small breasts.

Lou moved to her, “mmmmm fresh meat,” his mouth descended to the other breast as his fingers tickled at the virgin slit between her legs.

Caroline was grunting, Charles could only watch as Billy pulled her hair towards him and buried his cock completely in to her mouth; she tried to stop him but Red had her arms twisted behind her, pulling them like rains as he pumped hard up her ass. Toz just lay there, his fingers flicking, pulling and twisting the sore nipples that jutted out from the swinging breast's, he didn't have to move her the others were doing that for him.

Charles looked at the old brown clock on the wall, five twenty, an hour's detention and a twenty-minute walk home, and Laura would be home soon.

It was Blade who heard the sound, he looked up from Mary's breast, he could see through the parlour window as the little girl came running down the lane, her braids flying out either side of her excited face.

Lou, his fingers still playing with the tight slit stopped sucking at the small firm nipple and planted his mouth over Mary's cutting off any chance to warn her sister. Caroline could do nothing as she was impaled on the three cocks, the one in her mouth drove deep making sure no sound could escape.

Charles tried to make sounds but, even before Blade could make it to the door, Laura was through it.

Charles could see she was excited and about to say something, her mouth opened but stayed open, it was as open as her eyes, she just stood there staring at her mother; in turn her mother tried to escape the strangers cock stuck in each of her holes and stop a huge Indian passing her, bearing down on her daughter.

As she turned to run Blade grabbed the braid on the right hand side of her head and jerked her back, she fell backwards squealing as his arms encircled her, his left arm crushing the wind out of her, his right hand ploughed between her legs as he lifted her off the ground.

He turned showing the winded girl off to the others, the room exploded with cheers and cat calls, the three men fucked Caroline harder than ever, Billy looked down at the cock filled mouth and then the tearful eyes, “Nice of you to breed a couple of little beauties for us to play with they both look good enough for a ram-prodding.”

Red suddenly filled her ass, “Ya both of them got mouths to suck me hard again and this time I get a cherry hole.”

Laura started to struggle, Blade squeezed her between the legs until she froze in pain, “As I got this one already, I get her cherry first, you lot can do what you like to her ass and mouth later.”

Laura struggled but all Blade did was squeeze her more, “Now you just relax little lady, you seen what fun your Ma's havin lets go see big sister, she's havin a great time too and your next.”

The three men continued their fucking of Caroline, all Charles could see was the back of Blade as he carried the young Laura in to the parlour.

More squeals and cries as Laura saw her sister, naked, her empty eyes stared at the ceiling. She was thinking that just a few hours ago she had raised them to the warm sun now she was naked, on her back, her small wrist's pinned to the table as a strange man sucked and bite at her nipples while his fingers played with her between her legs.

Laura was slammed down on her stomach beside her, the wind again forced out of her body, she felt the bottom of her little checked dress pulled up and over her back than with out warning her ass was slapped, her body shook, the pain was vicious, she cried out only to receive another.

Blades voice yelled in her ear, “What's your name?”

Blubbering through the pain she forced out, “Laura, Laura Ingalls.”

He grabbed the back of her dress and yanked her up, “O K Laura Ingalls, question, do you want your family put through a great deal of pain and then shot?”

Her head turned her eyes stared at him and she shook her head, “No sir, please sir I don't.”

She couldn't take her eyes of this ugly India as his tobacco stained teeth showed through his grin, “Then you do what I say and you do it fast, or bang your father goes first.”

She nodded, he stood straight, “Then take your clothes off, lets have you looking like your Ma and sister.”

Trying not to cry, little fingers went to the top button of the dress and slowly moved down, unbuttoning all the buttons until she stood there, the two halves gapping open. Blade looked at her, the scoop of her bodice showing her white slim neck. At the other end his eyes followed her slender legs and knees up until her thighs tantalizingly disappeared in to the white material.

Her eyes were on his cock, the huge length of meat growing by the second, he could see she was mesmerized by it, “Get the rest of your clothes off then you can step forward and get your little hands around it, its time for band practise.”

Her little dress slipped from her shoulders, then she pulled the pink ribbon around the neck line and pulled the bodice over her shoulders and down her arms, the little pink buds on her mound like breast's stood cold and proud.

Then she slid the material over her hips, her hairless cunt came in to view, Blade took a deep breath, “Turn around,” with one knee up she turned, as she bent to pull the bodice off her ankles her young small perfect bottom pointed at Blade.

Blade let the breath out in a low long whistle, “Get over here.”

As she moved towards him she heard her mother cry out, she heard men laugh, “Bitch you're a good fuck, and you suck like you should, all the way.” She heard a slap and her mother cry out again, another voice, “Reckon you'd take a good whippin if I've a mind.”

Her little voice trembled, “You said you wouldn't hurt them if I, if I,” Blade grabbed her braids and ran his hand down her back and over her naked ass, “If you got naked, the boys are just funning with Ma, they will be back fuckin her soon or maybe they will give her a rest, seems she's been fucked for most of the afternoon and I got an idea that maybe you and big sis will be taking her place?”

Laura saw her mother as she was dragged in by Billy and Red, “You getting them youngins ready, Ma here's about fucked out fer a while,” Toz came round and squeezed one of Caroline's tits, “But she's goin keep me company later, she'll be something nice to cuddle up too.”

Blade still had hold of Laura, “Get your hands on it, lets see you play, hope your as good as your sister.”

As Laura's little hands reluctantly wrapped around the fat meat Red moved over to Mary, “Good little player are you, come on little girl lets try you out.”

Lou pulled the blind girl up, her terrified face said it all, Red took her, pulling her in to Charles's view. Caroline struggled against Toz but he held her firm, pulling her nipples until she submitted to his will and stood still, watching like the others while being forced to let him play with her body.

Red pushed Mary down, Laura watched the scene unfold all the time unable to move as Blade held her braid with one hand and caressed her ass with his other.

Red had Mary kneeling, “Spread your knees,” terrified of the men she shuffled her legs apart, he grinned at her obedience then sat in front of her pushing his legs between hers, opening her thighs. Then he grabbed her blond her and dragged her head down to his rigid cock, “Play the tune little lady, open up and blow me.”

Mary had to open her mouth, her gripped her hair until she did, then he dragged her down and inserted the long cock in to her little mouth, “Mmmmmmm go girl, suck and lick, and do it good if you want to live to do it again.”

Blade shook Laura, “Play with mine, stroke it nice, I'll tell you what to do next,” he laughed, “And where you're going to put it.”

Charles could see it all; the blond head of his daughter being thrust up and down the shaft of the scruffy renegade. His youngest daughter holding the sack between the Indian's legs as she pulled the foreskin back and forth, the grinning Indians hand playing with her buttocks and then his eyes went to his wife, she was being forced to stand and watch while her tits were mauled, her nipples pinched, enduring all around her while her right hand moved, wrapped around and jerking at her molesters hard cock.

Charles snapped back as Blade told Billy to get his cock and stick it in Laura's mouth, he shuddered as he heard, “Keep her bent, there's a cherried cunt that I'm having.”

Laura squealed as her head was dragged down on to the waiting meat; Billy had no trouble, by applying a little pain to her jaw he forced her mouth to except his cock; Blade went behind her and knelt, his thumbs immediately pulled at the slit, opening it for his invading tongue, he deliberately made loud slurping noise's making sure Charles could hear everything, as he defiled his daughter.

Lou took a side-wards look at Charles then he moved behind Mary, her lovely young body being held, bent over, allowed him easy access to her ass and cunt, her mouth wrapped around Reds meat stopped any protest as he bent and copied Blade, licking at the sweet lips of her cunt, his wet tongue slavering up and over the light covering of blond hair.

It was only a matter of minutes, those minutes that seem like hours but in that time Charles Ingalls had witnessed the deflowering of his two precious daughters. Their muffled cries would haunt him the rest of his time on earth. The vision of the two men, first reaming them out with one then two fingers, laughing at the blood on their fingers, then the slow, agonizing sight, as the pushed their long hard cocks in to the tight holes.

He shook his head, he hated looking as he saw their mouths filled with cocks unable to relieve the pain with a scream while they endured the fucking they got from both ends; a cock driving in to a cunt forcing them forward, the cock in front not moving forcing the length down their throats until they shoved back, burying the cock back up them, exciting the rapist behind them just so they could breath.

Caroline wasn't left out, again she was on her knees, the full length of Toz's cock driving in to her throat, Charles's view filled with cocks thrusting in to one hole or another until all they females lay in a heap on the floor as the men sat around swigging more root beer, laughing at each other as to what they were going to do to them next.

It was dark outside when Blade stuck a knife at Charles; Charles had fallen asleep he had watched as Billy took Caroline to their bed and Lou and Red had dragged the girls to theirs then exhaustion had taken its toll and sleep had over come him.

Blade drew blood from Charles's neck, “You rested now, you know we got the fuck holes so don't do nothin to get them hurt, just do as your told and you may all live to remember this night, if you want to play the hero, there's plenty of them in the town cemetery.”

He undid one of Charles's arms and stood and watched as Charles painfully undid the rest of his limbs, nothing was said the hate in his eyes was enough.

Blade prodded him out of the house, “Pick up the shovel and make for the south field,” the two men walked in silence until they reached the middle of the field, Charles thought of making a move but he could see Toz watching and thought better of it.

The silence was broken by the word, “Dig,” the knife glinted in the moonlight as Charles dug what he thought was his grave.

Blade bent before and watched the broken man dig down, “Got yourself a fucking nice family Ingells, fucking being the word, good body that wife of yours, kids are going to be great cock suckers, specially the blond one, how come you got a blonde, you ain't blond neithers your lady, can see the pigtailed ones your'n but, hay you got a blond neighbour?” Charles seethed as he dug.

Blade could see the look on Charles face but he carried on his torment, “Ever seen your wife bent over the kitchen sink waving through the window at you in the field, ever thought your blond neighbour may be behind her fucking her, giving her a good time, workin up a sweat up your wife's hole while you're workin up your own sweat, in your own?”

Charles had dug down two feet but his hell wasn't over yet, “Maybe you got a good woman, maybe you done had visitors like us before, ever thought while you was in town a few like us done come by, one of them blond, just think of you in town, shoppin or drinking while your pretty lady is all alone at home,” he flashed the knife close to Charles.

“Oh man yes, I can see it now, you in the saloon drinking and womanising, your poor lady tied tight being fucked, on her knees taking it in the mouth over and over again, men looking at that lovely body all nice and naked, them big tits being given a real going over, that firm ass of hers filled by thick cocks just like it was today, then maybe tied to the bed and fucked more times than you can count.”

Blade could see he was getting to Charles, “She's a hot ass'd bitch though, gets going real easy, bet they didn't have to tie her for long, bet they got her to do anything, women are like that, once you're riding them they will go on themselves and maybe the blond one done leave a little something for her to remember him by and maybe one of us will?”

Charles was stood in the hole, did he care, was this his grave? Blade stood over him, “You ever remember coming home and not getting some cunt, red marks on her wrist's and ankles, bite marks on her titties, or maybe you licked her out and got a mouthful of something different, you thinking?”

Blade had made him dig a round hole about three feet deep before he stopped his torment and told him to kneel; he tied his ankles then his wrists to them before lowering him in to the hole; it took him a matter of minutes to fill the hole to Charles's neck; he stamped the soil down around him before spitting on the ground close to Charles's left ear, then, smiling down at him he said, “You been fine till the sun comes up, you can do some thinking on what I been saying and I'll be fine to.”

Charles saw his teeth as the moon broke through, they were laughing at him, “I'm goin back to the little house, now as I said, you got yourself a fine looking wife, nice big firm tits and a hansom body so I'm gona bend me that wife of yours over and fuck her cunt and ass plenty of times, you still thinking, you imagining me sticking it in her mouth and letting her give it some tongue that will keep me hard and I'm gona have some real fun with them big juicy tits all that in between fucking your two cute little daughters and I'm gona do that many times before sunrise, just thought you'd like to know that,” he spat again and walked back to the house.

All night Charles stared at the house, the sounds drifted across the field, the yelps of the men the occasional cries of Caroline or the girls accompanied by smacking sounds.

Inside the house the men took full advantage of the situation. Mary was treated to her first three-way fuck as he cunt and ass were stretched to ripping point, her mouth filled with Reds fat cock left her helpless to cry out against their cruelty.

There was nothing her mother or sister could do, as they were both on their backs, their cunts receiving a hammering from Lou and Blade, both of them had been spanked in to submission. Blade was especially enjoying Caroline, making her beg him to fuck her, he had already enjoyed making her kiss him all over, he revelled in having this attractive, hansom woman crawling around naked on her hand and knees kissing and sucking his cock while he remembered the things he had said to Charles as he fingered and played with her ass and cunt, he made sure she was paying particular attention to his balls and ass before licking and sucking on him.

She had been forced to suck his nipples before feeding him her own long hard buds. She had been sitting on his face as he tongued her cunt and he had got her aroused enough to do his bidding by sucking and licking at her youngest daughters mouth, he knew she would, the spanking had her fully under his control.

Laura was the same. Allowing Lou to molester her any way he wanted, kissing and licking his cock allowing him to play with her freshly violated cunt and ass, sitting on his face while receiving her mothers attentions before straddling him and bouncing up and down while he pinched her little nipples; she was now on her back, her legs wide open while he fucked her again, the tears in her eyes didn't bother him, all he had to do was threaten her with his belt and she would be wiggling her hips or up, her head bobbing up and down, her mouth sucking his cock and all for his pleasure again.

This continued all night as the men swapped and fucked their helpless captives, humiliating Caroline as she lay on her back licking out the juice that Lou had pumped up Laura's cunt, the men yelped and shouted as they saw her tongue covered in strings of cum.

Mary knelt between her mothers legs keeping her aroused with her tongue helpless to stop anyone kneeling down and fucking her from behind, then they swapped the girls around and started the process all over again, the men's perversion new no bounds as they forced the two sisters to tongue and pleasure each other while they got mother crawling around on all fours sucking them hard making them ready to use the females again, it wasn't until the light of dawn saw them all in an exhausted sleep.

Charles could feel the heat of the noon day sun on his head but that was not all he had to worry about, he could see the porch, Caroline, Mary and Laura were still naked and hanging from the cross beam by their arms, their backs to him.

Charles had watched as each man had once again raped one of his wife's or daughters defenceless holes before getting on their horses, they told the females to turn around, Blade looked at Caroline, “Look above your head,” she looked up, a knife was sticking out from the beam, “Look in front of you,” a barrel was just within range of her foot, “If you stand on that you can get at the knife, oh and while your up there you may like to look at the south field, we done your planting for you.”

Deranged laughter rang across the field as the rode away from the little house.


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