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Synopsis: A young black girl dominates two white housewives in the neighborhood.
Teen Black Domme

Danielle went over to see Jan her neighbor.  They normally had coffee together
when both were off and their daughters both in their teens along with a bad girl
down the neighbor liked to play together on occasions.  Danielle didn't know the
black girl family but she got along very well with the girls so she guess it
didn't matter much. 

When she got to the door it was cracked open so she went in.  She started to
yell for her Jan when she heard crying going on in the kitchen and the sound of
someone hitting something.  She walked to the kitchen and peer in to see Jan her
neighbor totally naked and bent over the lap of the little black girl from down
the road.  The girl was slapping her ass, which was bright red, and Jan was
crying beneath her.  Her legs were thrashing around and a carrot was protruding
in her ass where her asshole was.  The girl (Sandy) was striking her ass with
her open palm making her large ass orbs shake with each hit.  She was telling
her next time she better behave or it would be much worst.

Danielle knew she should walk in and say something but couldn't find the courage
to proceed.  Strangely she found herself getting turn-on watching her friend
suffering and being dominated by the small girl.  She felt wetness in her own
pussy as her hand moved down and started rubbing it through her dress.

The girl finally quit spanking Jan and told her to get on her knees in front of
her.  She raised her dress exposing her upper thighs to Danielle view and
grabbing Jan hair pulled her head down in her crotch.  Danielle was watching her
friend eating the girl pussy as Jan ass was wiggling in back like a dog being
fed a bone.  The sight was turning her own as she lifted her dress and started
rubbing her clit through her panties.

The girl spoke to Jan.

The next time I come over here and you open the door in a housecoat, I am going
to spank your ass outside for everyone can see what a slut you are.  Maybe I'll
ride you like the pig you are.

Yes mistress, said Jan, lifting her head slightly and returning to the girl's

Danielle was close to cumming and knew she had to leave quickly before anything
happen.  She lowered her dress and walked quietly out the house and back to her
own.  Running upstairs, she removed all her clothes and got on the bed and
started rubbing her pussy in haste.  She had the best orgasm she had every had
at that moment as the sight of Jan being dominated was still fresh in her mind. 
She took a bath and hurried to clean house before her daughter Lee came home.

When Lee arrived, dinner was ready and they spoke about the normal school day
events.  Finally Danielle got the nerve to ask about Sandy and asked what kind
of girl she was.  Lee just ignored the question and told her mother she was
really nice and that her and Jean, Jan daughter, and Sandy was all going to meet
over there tonight to study together.

Danielle knew she should tell her what she saw but decided not to for fear of
what she may have to tell her afterwards.  Instead, she told her that she should
be careful who her friends were and not to stay too late.

Don't worry mother, replied Lee.  Jan and Sandy mother will be there tonight so
we can't get in any trouble anyway.

Danielle didn't say anything, but started cleaning up the dishes, as her
daughter got ready to go.  She yelled goodbye to her as she left and then
retired to the living room to rest up.  The sight earlier in the day was still
vivid in her mind as she tried to avoid them without success.  Her pussy was
damp again with the thought and she imagined it was she instead of Jan beneath
the girl.  She knew she shouldn't but decided anyway that she would go over and
meet Sandy mom.  Perhaps, she should tell her what she saw.

Danielle got up and got dressed.  Walking over she had several thoughts of going
back but just couldn't do it.  She knocked on the door.  An elderly black lady
in a black leather outfit opened it and stared at her.  Danielle was taken back
at the apparel at first but then introduce herself and told her daughter was
there and she wanted to talk to her a minute.  The lady said she would go get
her and bring her to the door before slamming it on her face.  Danielle was very
pissed.  Who the hell did she think she was shutting the door on her like that? 
She immediately opened the door and walked in to tell her off.

The sight immediately stunned her.  Her daughter was on the floor naked except
for the pants she was trying to put back on.  She was having trouble due to a
carrot in her ass was preventing it.  Jan was totally naked in the center with
her head to the floor and ass high pointing up at her with Sandy slapping it
with a house slipper.  Jean was on all fours with a tail shoved up her ass and a
carrot in her mouth.  The older black lady held a leash that was attached around
her neck.  Danielle froze at the sight along with everyone else.  She lost her
voice.  Finally she turned and walked out the door hurrying back to her house. 
She practically ran there opening the door and then sitting on the chair. At
first she starting crying then found herself getting excited again from what she
had witness earlier.  She was totally ashamed of herself as she lifted her skirt
and started stroking her pussy again.  Damn her daughter she thought.  She
desired to be whipped.  She started stroking harder when the door opened and
there was her daughter Lee dressed and Sandy at her side.

Lee was totally surprise at the sight.  She had come back with Sandy to explain
and now caught her mother masturbating wide open in the living room.  She saw
Danielle immediately lower her skirt and try to cover her head in embarrassment.

Sandy was laughing.  Looks like your mother has a pussy problem.  Did you enjoy
what you saw slut.

Danielle didn't say anything as Sandy walked over and slapped her hard across
the face.

I ask you something slut.  Speak up.

Yes mistress, Danielle replied tears in her eyes from the shame she felt.

Stand up and undress in front of us, Sandy demanded with a loud tone of voice
that even Danielle was afraid of.

She couldn't help herself as she got up and started slowly removing her clothes. 
She tried to ignore her own daughter looking at her.  As she finally removed her
panties and was totally naked, she felt Sandy hand on her pussy as she started
stroking it.

Tell your daughter you are a slut and need to be punished for peeking in on her.

The hand on her pussy was driving her insane with lust as she told Lee looking
down that she was a slut and needed punishment.

Sandy demanded she bend over.  Pulling the belt from her own skirt she called
Lee over and told her to slap her mother ass twenty times with it and they
better be good enough for her to yell or she would get the same.

Danielle remained still hoping her daughter would not do it till the first slap
hit her large ass and she yelled out in pain.  Another hit and she tired to
shift slightly only to find another on the other cheek.  She started moving
forward as the hits kept coming and begged her daughter not to hit so hard.  The
pain was incredible as she forgot about her shame and tried to protect her butt
with her hand only to have it hit at the same time.  She was pleading for mercy
as the last slap came and she remained bent over crying like a baby with her
bare exposed in back.

Lee get me some rope.  I think your mother is a slut like you and the neighbors. 
She likes it don't you slut.

Danielle was still rubbing her sore ass.  Yes mistress she replied softy.  I am
a slut to be used.  She couldn't believe her own words as she said them but her
pussy was dripping wet despite the pain in her ass.  She remained in position as
Lee returned with rope and watched as Sandy tied it around her neck and told her
to get on all fours.  Lee was laughing at the sight of her own mother getting
down on all fours as a dog.

Time to go back to Jan house, Sandy said.  Come on puppy.  Well take care of
your need there.

Danielle crawled behind her mistress out into the damp dark night.  She didn't
have any resistance left.  She knew her daughter would never look at her the
same after this and her life would be changed forever but her pussy was in
control at the moment and she needed to cum.  Lee followed behind her to add to
her shame.  It was a long crawl and she had to crawl on the grass to prevent her
knees from being scratched by the concrete.  Getting up the porch was tougher as
she tried to rise up only to have her own daughter kick her in the ass and
telling her to crawl up.

Sandy opened the door and led her inside.

Sandy mother Lou was now totally naked in the center of the room.  Jean was on
knees in front licking her pussy and her mother Jan was behind her servicing her
ass.  Danielle tried to avoid their eyes as she was led inside.

Found the slut playing with her pussy in the living room, she told her mom.  Had
Lee spank her ass real good before bringing her back.  She's just as horny as
her daughter always is.

I'm busy right now hun, said Lou, but in a minute I'm sure I can find something
to keep her busy.

Sandy made Danielle crawl with her to couch and then started removing her
clothes in front of her while demanding Lee do the same.  She told Lee to get
the carrot that was in her ass and bring it back to her.

When Lee came back she got behind Danielle and pushed in all the way up her
asshole as Danielle moaned as the excitement in her pussy was mounting.  She had
never had anything in her ass before and found out it was just as exciting as
having her pussy stuffed.

Sandy sat down on the couch and demanded Lee come over and lick her pussy.  She
told Danielle to get behind her daughter and lick her asshole since she had
interrupted their event earlier and made her carrot fall out.  Danielle was
ashamed at the thought but then the sight of her daughter ass stuck out in front
of her face was turning her on.  The second command was a lot louder and the
threat of having her ass beaten again got her started as she started working her
tongue in her young bum.  The taste wasn't as bad as she thought it would be as
she started roaming her tongue around the rim and then working it in and out. 
She was glad Lee had taken a bath earlier or it could have been a lot worst.  By
the time Sandy came, Lee was cumming also from the tonguing in her butt.

Sandy mother had walked over and sat on the couch beside her.  She told her
daughter that since she was the new slave she should have to lick all the other
slave asses also.  Sandy agreed as they made Jan and Jean get on the floor with
asses high for their tonguing.  Their carrots were removed and shoved in their

Danielle looked at them and hesitated at the thought.  She felt a paddle land on
her ass in back and Lou demanded she get busy.  She had to lick till they came. 
She crawled forward and started on Jean asshole while she could hear Lou and
Sandy laughing at her and telling her what a good brown noser she was.  It
didn't take long to get Jean off as she moved over and started on Jan large ass. 
Lee was told to go over and pushed the carrot in and out her ass to keep her
motivated to do a good job.  She was humiliated enough without her daughter
fucking her ass yelling at her to lick ass at the same time.  Finally Jan came
to her relief as she remained in position with her face in her ass.

Sandy and Lou demanded that Jan and Danielle crawled over and lick their pussies
while their own daughters would spanked their butts.  They were truly enjoying
humiliating the older women as they crawl forth and buried their faces in their
cunts and then started licking.  The daughters got behind each of their mother
and started slapping their ass with pleasure.  It was payback time for when they
had been spanked in the past.  Both women were moaning as they licked from the
whacking of their backsides.  When Sandy and her mother finally came, Sandy
mother said she had to go home before her husband arrived and got up and started
putting her clothes on.  Sandy said she was going to stay tonight with Jean and
her mother.  She demanded Lee stay also and told Danielle to go home for the
night.  In the morning, she would come over and she better be naked at the door
when she knocked.  Danielle didn't want to leave but the look in Sandy eyes told
her she was not welcomed tonight and got up to leave.

On all fours slut, Sandy demanded and be sure to kiss your daughter ass goodbye
before you leave. 

Danielle got on all fours and crawl to Lee who bent over and presented her ass
for a kiss.  She kissed it several times before she crawled out the house back
to her home.  She wondered what they were going to do tonight over there but at
present she wanted to get back as fast as she could to play with her own cunt. 
She felt the carrot still shoved in her ass and decided to leave it there as she
crawled thought the door and placed her head on the carpet and started
masturbating her cunt.  Oh it felt so good.  She stroked it till she came twice
and then got up to take a bath.  She pulled the carrot out of her ass and
started to throw it in the garbage but then had a wild idea and shoved it in her
mouth as she ran the bath water.  She lay in the tub and masturbated till she
came again.  Finally she got up and fell out on the bed to sleep.

She heard the knock on the door and jumped out of bed immediately.  She had
forgot to set the alarm clock.  Picking up her gown she threw it on and ran down
the stairs as fast as she could.  Opening the door she saw Sandy standing there
with her hands on her hips.

Sandy stepped in and slapped her hard on the face.

Didn't I tell you to be naked when I arrive?  And I waited here for 5 minutes
for you to get your fat ass up and open the door.  Strip bitch.

Danielle immediately dropped her gown to the floor, as a dog would heel before a
master.  Sandy grabbed her arm and led out the door to the porch and bent her
over the guardrail.  Her hand started slapping her ass in back as she yelled
from the pain and hope no one would pass by and see her naked on the porch with
a young black girl spanking her.  The slaps were ferociously as her ass was
burning and she started crying again.  Her mistress took no mercy slapping her
ass harder and harder as she wiggled it in back to avoid the attack.  Finally
she stopped.

Get your ass in the kitchen and prepare me a cup of coffee.  Your punishment is
not over yet slut.  Slapping her ass, Danielle starting running in.  She didn't
even ask about her daughter and last night.  Fear of more punishment of her ass
was the only thing on her mind for now.  She made the coffee as fast as she
could while her mistress took a seat at the table watching her.  She laid the
cup on the table beside her and stood by her side awaiting the next command.

In case your wondering, said Sandy, the girls have been my slaves for almost a
year now and after school will go to mother to clean here house.  Jan is my new
slave about a month ago when she caught us in Jean bedroom.  I'm still training
her and she will be over here later after the house is clean up.  Your ass now
belongs to me too and I expect you to do anything I tell you and when I tell
you.  Is that understood, slut?

Yes mistress, replied Danielle.

Your daughter said you have a dildo.  Run upstairs and get it slut.

Danielle ran upstairs as fast as she could and returned with the dildo in her

Get on your knees slut.  I want you to shove that cock up your ass while I drink
my coffee and tell me what a slut you are while your doing it.  Better make it
convincing or it's back to the porch for you.

Danielle reached behind and started pushing the rubber cock up her ass.  I am a
whore mistress.  I am a slut.  I lick your ass and pussy.  Please mistresses use
this slut.  Let me lick your ass.  Fuck my ass mistress.  She kept going using
every dirty word she had every heard as she pumped the rubber cock in and out
her ass.  Sandy was looking at her amused as she continued hoping she would
finish the coffee soon.  She noticed Jan had entered the kitchen and was looking
at her and she continued to beg to serve.  Sandy called Jan over and had her
lean over and tongue her pussy while Danielle remained kneeling begging.  The
humiliation was too much as her own pussy was dripping on the floor below.  She
wanted her face in Sandy pussy as she begged harder to be allowed to lick it. 
Instead, Sandy smiled down at her and told her to tongue Jan ass.

You haven't earn the right to lick my ass yet, she said as Danielle buried her
face in her frient ass and started licking.

Danielle had her face planted in Jan ass licking her asshole when she heard the
knock at the door.

Jan go make our guests comfortable, said Sandy giving her a slap on the ass. 
Danielle was in panic beneath worried about who was knocking on her door.

Don't worry slut.  These are paying customers coming to see you older white
chicks perform.  They are just a couple of boys from school who agreed to do
favors for me to watch ya.  If you don't perform for them, I'm going to let them
fuck that daughter of yours.  Do you understand?

Yes mistress, Danielle replied with head down.

Come on slave.  Crawl behind me.

They entered Danielle living room as she saw two black teen boys sitting on her
sofa.  Jan had removed their pants and both had a throbbing hard on looking at
Jan and Danielle who was crawling behind.

Time for the show sluts, said Sandy.  Both of you stand in front of the boys.  I
want to see you rub those white boobies of your and your pussies at the same
time.  She picked up a riding crop she brought over earlier as the women got up
and stood naked in front of the boys.  A quick strike on each ass and the women
started rubbing their boobs and fingering their pussies.  The boys were in
heaven watching them as their faces were turning bright red in humiliation. 
Several swaps on their asses and they were getting more into it.  The tried too
look up and avoid the kids' stare but each time the riding crop would hit their
ass and they had to stare back at the smiling boy faces.

Don't come sluts.  The boys have paid for a good show.  If you come, you will
get 20 hits with this crop on your asshole.

Both women were desperately trying to avoid cumming as they continued to
masturbate and pull and pinch their tities for the boys' enjoyment.

Turn around sluts and bend over and show the boys those big asses of yours. 
Start wiggling those tails and slap those butts for them.  Be sure to spread
them every once in a while so they can your dirty assholes.

Both Jan and Danielle turned around and bent forward.  They started rotating
their asses, slapping them on occasions, and spreading them for the boys.  They
felt like cheap whores putting on the show as the boys were stroking their cocks
with much delight.  The boys finally came watching them.

It was worth every minute said one of the boys.

It's not over yet, said Sandy.  To thank you for watching them they are going to
lick your ass before you leave.  Aren't you sluts?

Both Danielle and Jan both replied yes and got down on their knees in front of
the boys.  Each boy turned around and presented his ass to which they shoved
their faces in and started lapping.  The boys were in heaven as they stoked
their cocks again with the lapping and came a second time on the carpet. 

Good pets, said Sandy.  Put the boys pants back on and go clean up.  I expect
both of you to be back down in 5 minutes.

Both women ran upstairs to wash off in humiliation.  The boys were laughing at
them as their fannies wiggled up the stairs.  They were offering much more to
Sandy if they could come back.

Maybe later, said Sandy when I have them more trained.

The boys left leaving Sandy alone in the living room so she sat down to await
the slaves return.  Ideas were forming in her mind on how she could use the
sluts for the rest of the semester.  It was going to be easy money.  She saw the
slaves returning from the shower coming down the stairs.   She told Danielle to
go get her pincushion and bring it to her.

Danielle got the pincushion and was told to join her friend Jan over the coffee
table.   Sandy took the cushion and taking a pin at a time started pushing them
lightly in their asses.  Just deep enough where they wouldn't fall out.  Both
women yelp with each pin and then readjusted in position for the next.  When she
had at least ten in their butts she told them to get up.  She led them to the
door and told them they were to run around the house 10 times each and each pin
that fell out would be ten spanks.  She tweaked their nipples and told them to
get moving as she sat on the porch swing.  It was delightful to watch their
asses shaking knowing the pins were sticking in them as they ran yelling.  At
first they tried to reach back to hold the pins only to find it hurt more before
they gave up and kept running.  She wished she had a video camera to catch their
facial expressions as they came around the first time and started the next lap.

By the ten laps both women was totally exhausted and she let them lay at her
feet for a moment.  Jan still have 4 pins in her ass but Danielle had only three
left in hers.  Both women cried in disappointment for losing the pins knowing
what was going to happen to them next.  She let them worried about it while they
rested and then told them their punishment would be tonight when the girls got
back.  In the meantime, she had things for them to do.

She made them get on all fours and lick her feet clean before letting them crawl
back into the safety of the house.  Inside they were assigned tasks to do before
the girls returned while Sandy sat and watched TV.  They had to occasionally
bring her knacks and drinks and bow properly when serving.  By mid day, the
girls returned and entered the house.  Both removed their clothing immediately
and got on their heads and knees for their mistress.

Sandy told them her mother had called and said they had been good slaves for
today and she thought they should be rewarded.  She made Jan and Danielle enter
the room and stand before them and tell them that they were bad little sluts who
need to be punished.  Sandy told them their reward would be to spank their
mother the number she told them in whatever position they wanted and then their
mother would have to service them till they came.

Both older ladies looked at their daughters with fear as they got up with gleam
in their eyes.  Lee grabbed Danielle by the hair and dragged her over to the
coffee table where she tied her hair around the leg of it while Jean took Jan to
the corner of the room and made her put her nose at the lowest point.  Both
girls chose a paddle from Sandy collection and took aim before they started
swatting the large asses in front of them.  Both ladies were crying and trying
to protect their backsides with little result, as the paddle would only hit
their hand, which hurt more.  Their pleading was also futile as the girls were
process with what they were doing.  Totally red in back both women were a
sobbing mass of flesh by the time the girls were through with them.

Danielle hair was untied and she was led to the middle of the floor where Lee
got on her back and grabbing her hair pushed her face into her pussy.  Only
inches away Jan was receiving the same treatment.  Sandy watched amused at the
sight of how easy the girls had put their mothers in their proper place.  She
got up and went to the kitchen only to return with two carrots, which she pushed
in each mother ass as she licked.

Sandy mother knocked on the door and entered looking at the scene before her.

Giving the sluts a break, I see.

Just for a moment, replied Sandy, did you bring the sauce.

Yes, replied Lou opening the jar of hot sauce and giving it to her.

Sandy and Lou slowly pulled the carrot out of the mothers asses and dipped it in
the sauce before putting it back in their butts.  They waited for a minute while
the sluts were still eating their daughter snatches and then watch in amusement
as they tried to grab their asses as the sauce was doing it stuff.  They wail
out as their daughters kept a grip on their hands fanning their tails with their
hands.  Finally the daughters release their heads as they starting jumping
around the room from the pain in their assholes.

Sandy made them both stand before her and her mom and promise to be good sluts
if they wanted to go to the bathroom.  They had to hold their tits out while
they jump and plead with their mistress to pinch their whore tits till the
mistresses were pleased and let them go running up the stairs.  The girls were
still on their back laughing at the sight they had witness as Sandy and her
mother thought it was time to shut them up so both straddled each girl and
slowly lowered their asses on their faces so they could clean them.  The
laughing had stopped and the only sound that could be heard was the lapping
beneath their butts and running water upstairs.

Their asses are going to be pretty sore when they get down, Lou said, laughing
to Sandy.

I know, but I couldn't resist the urge to do it.  Quite a sight wasn't it.

Lou didn't reply as she started rocking on the girl face below and came shortly

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