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My Brother's Slave

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Synopsis: The girl was forced into sex with brothers then ends up having sex with dad and mom too.
                          My Brother's Slave
                              by Allene

I am really afraid of my brothers. Not because of their size because I am
sixteen and they are only fifteen and fourteen. I am afraid of them because of
what they can do to me.

My folks have always spanked us for any wrongdoing although it seems my sister
who is twelve and I seem to get the majority of them.

When I was younger they were just simple spankings with Mom's hairbrush but when
I was thirteen I made a mistake.

Dad had us lean over the back of a kitchen chair and then would flip up my skirt
or pull down my jeans and panties to give us from ten to twenty spanks. It
really hurt and I did my best to avoid them.

I was getting my school grades spanking. Dad expects us to get all "A"s so I
would get ten spanks for every "B" and twenty for each "C" . Thirty for a "D"
and fifty for an "F" fortunately for me my worst grades were "C"s. Unfortunately
on that day I had two "C"s. It wasn't fair because my bothers were only getting
pass or fail grades and any idiot could pass in the lower grades.

The spankings are really embarrassing because he lets my brothers and sister
watch me get them and my brothers enjoy watching too much and my sister thinks
it is funny and giggles while my poor butt is burning.

Anyway at thirteen my boobs got bigger and I had a lot of hair on my pussy so I
thought I was too old to be displayed. When Dad started to pull my panties down
I cried, "No. Not on the bare buns. I am too old for that. I am getting boobs
and everything. It is too embarrasssing."

Rather than agree he said, "So after all these years of showing your buns you
are suddenly embarrassed. Well since being bare embarrasses you it seems like an
ideal way to add to your punishment with no physical harm. Take off all your

"No. No please? At least not in front of my brothers."

"Of course in front of them. It adds to your embarrassment and is an object
lesson to them."

My sister giggled and Dad said, "Don't laugh Betsy. You only have three years
before you are thirteen."

That shut her up and I said, "No I won't do it. It is too embarrassing. I will

"You won't die and just for arguing you will get ten more."

That meant fifty I had never had that many and certainly did not want more so I
reluctantly began taking off my clothes. I delayed it as long as possible by
first taking off my shoes and socks then my jeans. Since Mom had decided I
didn't need a bra yet since I was only an "A" cup taking off my shirt would leve
my breasts bare. I decided to remove my jeans next as my cotton panties hid me.
Then I had a real decision to make. I decided to take off the panties since I
had so much hair they really couldn't see anything. Actually I should have just
ripped everything off fast because my slow strip just made everyone stare at me

I turned my back to slide down my panties but Dad would not even allow that
saying, "No. Face us."

I did the next best thing by leaning way over to hide myself with my upper body
then holding my hand over my crotch when I stood back up.

I started to unbutton my shirt with my left hand but Dad said, "Use both hands."

I let out a little sob but slowly began unbuttoning it with both hands leaving
my crotch bare. I didn't realize the slow teasing strip would cause even more
intense stares.

When I had it off I immediately put my arm over my boobs and my hand back on my
crotch but Dad said, "Put your hands behind you."

I reluctantly put my hands behind my back realizing that made my boobs push out.
I was blushing to my toes as they stared and I saw my brothers sneakily putting
their hands on their crotches to move their penis's to hide the obvious bulge.

As I stood there totally mortified Dad said, "I don't know why you are so
embarrassed. Your boobs are still small and that bush of hair at your crotch
hides your sex. But I can fix that. Boys go out to the barn and get the calf
hobbles and some rope."

I did not know what he had in mind but was sure it would not be good. Then he
said, Go lie down on the dining room table. That was a relief I climbed up on it
and laid on my stomach grateful my boobs and pussy would be hidden for the

He left the room and came back about the same time the boys came running in. He
told me to roll over and when I did I saw he was holding his old fashioned
shaving mug with the brush buried in foam and a razor.

He said, "Hold her legs open boys. I am going to get rid of that hair so she can
be truly naked."

I whimpered, "Please. No." I was proud of that hair it seemed to prove I was no
longer a little girl.

The boys grabbed my knees and pulled me so open it hurt my hips. While I sobbed
Dad took some scizzors from Mom and began trimming my bush as close as he could
then began brushing the foam all over my crotch clear to my butthole. I was
ashamed I had played with my pussy at night because this felt good and I found
myself getting a little excited. It was even more exciting when I felt the razor
sliding over my crotch and I kind of forgot my embarrassment.

Finally he finished and I looked down to see I was as bare as I had been at six
years old.

The boys released my legs and I snapped them together to hide as much as
possible until Dad told me to get off the table.

He led me under our huge wrought iron chandelier then strapped the hobbles
around my wrists then tossed the rope over the chandelier. He tied the rope to
the chain betweeen the hobble then pulled down on the rope to pull up my arms
until I was on tiptoes.

I kept my legs as tight as possible and saw in the mirror on the wall that hid
almost everything.

Dad said, "We need something else. George go out to the barn and bring me a

A single tree is a round post with rings at the ends to put on horses harness at
back so they can pull a wagon. I had no idea why he would want it but I found

When it was in the house he tied one ring to my ankle then pulled my legs apart
to tie my other ankle to the other ring. Now there was no way to hide. The
device pulled my legs so far apart I felt my little slit open and a breeze on
the exposed inner part.

Dad said, "Okay. We are going to leave you here on display for awhile so you can
get used to it since you will always be like this for any future spankings.

To make matters worse Mom and Dad went into the kitchen. The boys jumped out of
their seats to come over for a closer look. A look was not all they wanted they
began fondling my boobs and even my pussy while I cried," No go away."

I kept crying, "No! No!" but they just ignored me and George began running his
finger up and down my slit. He said, "She likes this. My finger is getting wet."

I blushed to my toes and cried "No stop that." but to my shame it did feel

They heard the kitchen chairs slide back from the table and ran back to their
seats but I was not going to let them get away with it. As soon as Dad came back
I yelled, "Dad! The boys touched me in my private place."

Rather than get mad at them he just said, "Did that embarrass you?"

"Yes! It was terrible!"

"Good. We will make that part of the routine. I'll bet you make good grades next

I couldn't believe he would say that. He had given us all spanking when he
caught us wading naked in the pond but I guess that was because we were so much

Then he said, "Your Mom and I decided that since you are older now we will stop
using the childish hairbrush and go to the strap I use on your Mom."

Mom blushed and I could hardly believe he was telling us this. We all knew she
got spanked from the "Splatting" noises from the bedroom but he had never let us
see it and I assumed it was a secret.

I looked down at his hand and saw him holding a leather strap about two feet
long and two inches wide. I sobbed assuming it was even worse than the brush.

He got beside me and began the spanking. It turned out it was not as bad as the
brush. It stung as bad but there was not the impact that made the brush bruise

He hit each buttcheek ten times slowly so just as the sting began to subside he
would cause another. The sting made me lunge forward. I saw the boys loved the
way it made my pussy go forward and open so I tried to be still but I just

Then he gave me five on the back of each thigh. The ones just at the juncture of
my legs and butt stung so bad it made me squeal.

I thought that must be the worse but it wasn't. He began hitting the tender
inner sides of my thighs which kept me squealing and worse made me dance in pain
much to the delight of the boys.

He stopped and looked at me panting and glowing with perspiration. I thought he
was going to end it since I was sobbing hysterically but he just moved to the
other side of me and said, "This will be a new experience for you."

He began spanking my tummy from my pubic bone to just above my belly button. To
my surprise this did not hurt as much as the inner thighs.

He let me get my breath while the boys enjoyed watching me squirm in my bondage
then he began hitting my boobs. This was not terrible until he finished with two
across each nipple that made me scream.

He said, "That is fifty then joined Mom and the boys on the couch to watch me
pant and squirm until I just hung limp from the ropes softly sobbing.

He came over to me and said, "You are going to be real good now and also get all
'A's next time aren't you."

I moaned, "Yes. I never want this again."

"Good. I will release you now and you can go up for a cool bath to stop the
stinging and burning."

That sounded good to me and as soon as I was released I ran upstairs not
bothering to dress.

He was right the cool water stopped the stings right away and I was lying there
tracing the welts on my boobs and tummy with my fingers when the boys came in.

I yelled at them to get out but George said, "Aw come on sis we will never see
you more naked than we did downstairs. We just brought you your clothes and will
wash your back for you."

of course he was right so I got up on my knees so they could wash me. It really
felt good for their soapy hands to caress me so I didn't object when they moved
to my front to gently wash the welts on my tummy and boobs.

George said, "You got some dandy welts but I don't think you will be bruised
like the brush does."

I agreed and practically purred at the wonderful bath until Pat started washing
my pussy. That was too much and I said, "Don't. I'll tell Mom." Evidentally they
didn't think Mom would have the same attitude as Dad because they lost interest
and left.

I was so tired I went to bed but then as I was caressing the welts my fingers
got to my pussy and I masturbated until I had this wonderful release and went to

The next morning I got up and looked in the mirror and was delighted to see only
a few minor bruises and the red gone completely. This was much better than the
brush which made me dread going to school to sit on those hard seats and make
excuses to stay out of the shower so the other girls would not see my bruised
butt. That did not mean I wanted to repeat the punishment though and I was
careful not to do anything that would make them mad even offering to do chores
and even got All "A's in my homework.

Dad was pleased and said, "I guess we found the secret to good discipline. Your
hairbrush spankings never brought about this much change."

I said, "I'll be good. I don't want another strapping especially on my inner
thighs and boobies."

It suddenly occurred to me that may have been a mistake. Now he knew where I was
most sensitive.

"Good for you but don't worry you need fifty spanks to get to your boobs and I
doubt you will earn that many again."

I was sure of that.

The boys were not happy though. I saw their disappointment when Dad proudly told
them my grades.

A few days later Dad told me to go check on the cattle in the hills to see if
any were sick or injured. I ran to get my horse even though I was wearing a
skirt rather than the usual jeans. Dad always has us kids ride bareback so if we
should fall off we will just hit the ground rather than being dragged by the

I found out that just having my panties between me and the horse made a totally
different experience than wearing thick jeans. I could feel it's stiff hair on
my pussy and found the bone at the base of it's neck rubbed me provoctively. I
decided to take off the panties to see if it would be even better. It was! Much
better. In a short time I became so excited I got off to hide in some bushes to
masturbate. I think maybe that is why girls love horses so much.

After a nice relief I put the panties back on so I could concentrate on the
cattle. I was glad I did because soon after that my brothers came galloping up
to me. I noticed they had ropes on their saddles but assumed they were in case
we had to lead a cow back to the barn.

George said, "Pat and I really liked the little dance you did when your inner
thighs were being strapped. We would like to see it again."

"No way. I have been good and plan to stay that way."

"Oh we didn't mean by Dad. We thought we would hang you up and give you a little
switching between your legs to make you dance for us."

"That is ridiculous. I am not going yhrough that pain and embarrassment just to
please you."

"Oh come on it will just be a little switch. We just want to hurt you enough to

"No Dammit."

"Are you sure? We can make it bad for you. You know Dad will believe us if we
tell him you did something bad."

That was true they had told on me before but there was always other evidence. I
said "No" again and they rode off saying I would be sorry.

I was afraid though and tried to stay in sight of Dad or Mom all the time I was
home so they knew I was innocent and was extra helpful. Each night I would grin
triumphantly at the boys when I was complimented by Dad or Mom for doing
something nice. This was returned by a look of hate.

I thought I had it made and didn't think much of it when I was studying in my
room in my robe after a bath and they walked in on me only to leave again right

I heard them yelling for Dad and shortly afterward Dad yelled, "Julie. Come down
here. Right now!"

I didn't like the tone of his voice and jumped up to run down there wondering
what he could be mad about.

When I got there Pat said, "See Dad. She didn't have time to put her clothes
back on."

I was puzzled and said,"What is wrong?"

Dad said, "What is wrong? I'll tell you what is wrong. The boys tell me they
caught you naked in your bed playing with yourself. You know how we feel about

I knew alright. Mom had caught me touching myself when I was little and gave me
a really hard spanking. She read me something in the Bible about spilling seed
but I still don't know how that applied to me. The boys also got spanked when
they were caught but I could more understand the seed story with them since I
had spied on them and saw some white stuff shoot out of their penises when they
got release.

I was really scared and said, "Dad they are lying! I am naked because I took a

He said, "Lying is just going to get you into more trouble. I know you only
shower before going to bed."

"Dad I was going to bed after studying."

"Stop your lies. The boys agree on what you were doing. Boys go out and get the
things we need."

I began to cry at the terrible injustice but it did me no good.

The boys rushed in with the hobbles, rope and singletree and dropped threm on
the floor under the chandelier.

I tried one more time saying "Mom. You believe me don't you. The boys are lying
because they like seeing me punished."

She said, "I would like to Honey but you have lied to us before."

I hung my head in defeat knowing she was right. When I was smaller I lied my ass
off in the effort to avoid a spanking but it never worked.

Dad led me under the chandelier and took off my robe. I was too frightened to be
concerned about my nudity. I only hoped this offence would not earn me the fifty
that would involve my poor boobs."

Dad said, "George tell us what she was doing."

"She was lying on her bed with her legs apart and was running her finger up and
down her slit while she squeezed her boobies with her other hand. We were
shocked to see it."

It occurred to me that they must have spied on me at some other time because
that was exactly the way I did it."

Dad said, "And well you should have. Julie are you willing to admit what you did
now or suffer more for lying?"

I had no choice. I sobbed, "Yes I did it. I'm sorry."

"Good. Show us what you did."

"Oh please! That is too embarrassing. Isn't a spanking enough?"

"Just do it!"

Tears fell from my eyes as I ran my finger in my slit over my clitoris and
squeezed my boobs and rubbed my nipples for what seemed like forever. I was so
scared I didn't even get wet."

Dad said, "That confirms it. That is exactly how the boys described it."

I sobbed knowing now The boys would always be believed."

To make things worse Dad made me tie my ankles to the singletree and buckle the
hobbles on my wrist then hold my hands up. It seemed I was helping them hurt me.

When I was pulled up tight enough to make my ribs show Dad said, " For this
offence you will get forty lashes."

I was relieved thinking my boobs would be saved but then he said, "Due to the
nature of the offence all forty will be placed on the areas that gave you
pleasure. I think that will be an unforgettable experience."

That was the understatement of all time. I can't even describe the pain as he
made the strap "Slap!" against me. Every stroke was put on my poor nipples and
up my slit to set my nipples and clit on fire. I screamed until I was so hoarse
just grunts came from my mouth.

When he stopped I just hung there panting and sweating. The sweat seemed to burn
my welts.

He said, "No cooling bath this time. You can hang there and think about what you

Then he did something incredibly cruel. He said, "Boys her boobs and crotch
should be really senstive now. Go out and get some clothespins off the line to
put on them to keep the sting alive."

They ran out the door and came back in carrying all the pins they could. They
put them all over my welted boobs even the nipples and lined them up as close as
they could on my poor battered cunt lips. They just ignored my hoarse cries and
put the last one on my clit which made me strain at the ropes.

I sobbed and begged them to take them off but they just stood there watching me
stuggle and Pat said, "Wow she looks like a porcupine with all those pins."

Dad came back to look at me then jerked on the pins on my nipples. My cry made
him say, "This seems to work she is real sensitive. Leave them on for awhile
then take them off"

That inspired them and they began flipping the pins with their fingers while I
could only cry hoarsly "Please. Please."

Finally George said, "Are you going to do anything we ask now? I can hardly wait
to tell Dad you are such a slut you could not resist jerking off again. That
should get you eighty."

By then the skin under the pins was getting a little numb but I still wanted
them off and whined, "I'll do anything you want. Please take off the pins."

"Are you sure? Anything?"

"Yes anything. Nothing can be worse than this."

They started taking off the pins but as the blood returned the pain came back
with a vengence. They left the ones on my nipples and clit for last which
brought new cries.

I don't know how long I hung there it seemed like foreverat least long enough
for the sting and burn to subside. At least the boys helped on that caressing my
boobs and pussy. They realized how hart I was when Pat said, "Wow she is
hurting. Even all this play on her pussy is not making her wet."

Finally Dad came in and took me down. I was so weak he carried me up to my bed
and I immediately went to sleep.

The next morning I got up to look in the mirror and saw it was not like the
first time. My boobs were a maroon purple color and my crotch was the same.

Dad walked in while I was inspecting myself and said, "Still sore?"

"Yes but not as bad as it was."

"Well I had Mom make something for you to remind you of your spanking.

He pulled a burlap bag out of a sack and unfolded it to show neck and arm holes.
He slipped it over my head and pulled my arms through their holes. The hemp the
bag was made from had hundred of tiny fibres that felt like needles on my
sensitive boobs. I stood quietly since the slightest movement seemed to make new

Then he came up with something even worse. He took out a piece of hemp rope to
tie tightly around my waist then took another piece to put between my legs tying
it to the other rope at my back. He moved to my front and tightened the rope to
slip into my butt crack against my senitive anus then pulled it up in front to
tie it tightly to the waist rope. Finally he pulled open my pussy lips to let
the rope slide inside causing a gasp as the fibres came into contact with my

Walking down the stairs was pure torture. The shirt rubbed on my poor nipples
and the rope in my pussy moved with each step.

When I got downstairs I sat on the couch trying not to move a muscle but I
couldn't help breathing which was enough to keep it sawing on my nipples. I sat
there with my legs apart not caring how I looked since it hurt much worse with
them together and besides I was long past any sense of modesty.

They let me sit there until almost noon. Dad came in and said, "Is that costume
pretty uncomfortable."

"Much more than that. I hurt constantly."

"I am sure it is not all that bad when you are sitting quietly but one more
thing and then you can take it off."

"Oh good. That will help a lot."

"Okay but first I want you to move a bit so I want you to follow this video.
Stand up."

Just standing brought new pain but then he turned on the tape and I saw it was
the excercise video I bought to get me in shape for junior cheerleading.

I groaned knowing those moves would be killers. For the next half hour while I
did jumping jacks, splits and other moves the pain never stopped and I was sure
I would be rubbed raw. When it was finally over My boobs and pussy felt like a
major floor burn.

It was almost worth it to get that costume off and I stood there naked with my
legs open not caring at all about the boys stares.

I was afraid of what the boys may want but was sure nothing could surpass the
punishment I had suffered the night before and the next day. Dad had me stay
naked for the next few days so he could inspect me and check on the healing. He
reminded me I was to keep my pussy bare and said he did not want the hair to get
coarse so I should check everyday and pluck out any hairs I found.

I found out that was not too bad if you did it fast except the ones right at the
edge of the lips which would not jerk out since the lips were flexible enough to
pull out unlike the others I could jerk.

The next day he inspected me and found a few I had missed around my anus. He
pulled them very slowly to cause maximum pain so I resolved to do a better
inspection. The problem is the damn hair grows so fast. I wish I could afford

Fortunately the boys left nme alone while I was healing but I knew that would
not last.

End part one.

                             Mr Brother's Slave 2

That night my brothers came into my room and George had the nerve to ask,"How
are you doin, Sis."

I said angrily, "You know how I am doing. I am in terrible pain and it is your

"Yeah, I know. We didn't know Dad would get so carried away. You know we would
not have hurt you that much."

"I guess not. A switch couldn't hurt as much as what Dad did to me."

"Well we are going to do something nice for you. I got Mom's body lotion and if
you get up on your hands and knees we will rub it on you."

"You guys just want to see me naked again."

"Naw. You couldn't get any more naked than we have already seen. Get up. You
will see that this feels good."

"Oh I guess that will be allright."

I rolled over and got on my knees and Pat slowly pulled off my blanket. Pat
began carressing the lotion on my back and butt while George rubbed it on my
boobs. It felt wonderful and I didn't object when they told me to open my legs
so they could get those sore spots.

Pat began running his hand down the crack of my butt over my sensitive anus and
on to my pussy then George would rub up from my pubic bone to my anus.That felt
more than wonderful even though I realized they were doing what they had accused
me of doing to my Dad. I just didn't care. All I knew was this was making me
forget the pain. It went past that and I began feeling the excitement leading to
orgasm. I couldn't help pumping my hips to help them rub.

George said, "You really like this don't you Sis?"

"Oh yes. It is making me forget my pain." Actually I was past that and nearly to

"Good. Now that you know how nice we can be you will do anything we want won't

I moaned, "I have to. If I don't you will tell Dad."  Actually I was glad to
have the excuse to let them continue to fondle me even though the massage had
changed. Now their fingers were going deep into my anus and pussy and twisting
to make me let out little grunts of excitement."

"Now that you know how good we can make you feel, you want to do anything we ask
don't you?"

I just moaned,"Uh huh." knowing my voice would crack if I tried a sentence."

"Good we heard a couple of high school guys talking about a two-way. We want to
do it. Do you know what it is?"

"No. Rub faster please."

"Well you just stay in this position and Pat will put his peter in your pussy
from behind while you take my peter into your mouth."

"Oh no. That sounds awful."

"Well then I guess we will have to ask Dad up here to see how wet your pussy

"No God no. I'll do it."

It was really degrading. I was sure only the lowest whore would do it but
actually it wasn't bad. George's dick was clean so it was kind of like sucking
on my thumb and Pat's dick in my pussy and then my anus felt wonderful.

Then it got really degrading some snot-like stuff began pumping out of Georges
dick and he held my head so I had to swallow it then he took out his dick and
ran sticky stuff all over my face ignoring my whimpers. In a few moments they
were hard again and traded places. It was really gross tasting my shit on Pat's
dick but my saliva washed it fairly quickly and Georges bigger dick in my pussy
felt so good I didn't mind.

After that they were spent and started walking out my door. You would have
thought they would be grateful but George said, "You are a real slut, Sis. A
nice girl would have let herself be beaten until she fainted before she would
allow that to be done to her."

I began to cry knowing he was right. I had agreed to it even though I was sure
they would not have gotten Dad out of bed to tell him.

I was such a slut I even succumbed to masturbation to finish what the boys had
started. I decided that I was just a worthless slut and it didn't matter what
happened to me anymore.

The next morning I put on my cotton nightie which was the only clothes I could
wear without hurting my hundreds of welts. Dad was sitting at the table and
said, "I didn't say you could cover yourself. Take that off."

I whimpered but slipped it off then he said, "You are not to do anything unless
you have my permission. Come over here I am going to give you a little hand
spanking to remind you."

I whimpered and went over to him and started to lie over his legs for the
spanking but he said, "No. I want to use both hands. Just straddle my leg."

I did and he pushed me down causing me to gasp as my welted pusssy pressed
against his rough wool pants.

He began spanking me with his right hand hitting my left cheek and his left
exploding against my right cheek. His callused hands really hurt but my pussy
sliding back and forth on his pants caused instant excitement. I started sobbing
at about twenty but not from the pain. I was sobbing in shame that this
treatment could excite me confirming I was the slut of all time.

I guess Mom felt sorry for me hearing my sobs and seeing tears because she said,
"I think that is enough Tom."

Dad looked at me and said, "Do you think that is enough Julie?"

I was right at the edge of an explosive orgasm and moaned, "No. I deserve more."

At thirty I was in orgasm and they just kept increasing in intensity to make me
gasp, amd yelp."

At forty he said that was enough and pushed me off his leg to fall to the floor
sobbing and rubbing my thighs together. I guess he thought my cries were from
the pain and I was glad about that since I would have died of mortification if
he had known I could enjoy the punishment.

He noticed the wet spot on his leg and said, "That was really effective. She was
hurting so bad she peed on my leg."

I was glad he believed that and as told went to stand in the corner to display
my red ass. I kept my thighs together tightly to keep any more juices from
running  out."

Dad went to work and Mom went back in the kitchen to finish our breakfast.

George came over to me and said, "We know you didn't pee on him. We saw how wet
you get when you are excited. Now that we all know spamkings excite you I guess
you won't mind at all when we do it."

I was so ahamed he knew, I just moaned, "No. I am a terrible slut and deserve
all the pain I get."

"Good girl. We are going to let you cum as much as you want."

The next day Dad let me wear clothes again. I had mixed feelings about that. It
was good to be back to normal but actually I had begun to enjoy the feel of cool
breezes on my naked body and also enjoyed the look of hunger the boys had on
their faces when I brushed against them. Somehow that gave me a feeling of

The boys knew that although the clothes would hide the marks from their spanking
they still could not do it since my folks would hear the splatting noises of a
spanking. They were not going to be denied giving ne pain though. They used our
scarves to tie my arms and legs to the pipes of my old iron bed spread wide and
then wrapped duct tape around my mouth to silence me. They brought up a bpx of
paper clamps that had even stronger springs than clothespins to put on my
nipples breasts and pussy then tied strings to them to pull my boobs up close to
my chin and pull my pussy lips wide open. They stood there and watched me
struggle from the pain. It really hurt but then I began to get numb and the
whole thing excited me. George said, "Thats good. She is wet."

George slid his dick into my pussy and began pumping to make the clamps tighten
and loosen and Pat jerked my boobs together and fucked the crevice causing those
clamps to jerk on me until he exploded in my face.

To my shame I had multiple orgasms which they had learned to recognize.

While they removed the clamps to reawaken the pain and released my bondage,
George said, "Well now we know it isn't just spankings that turn you on. That
opens up a whole new world."

He jerked the tape from my mouth and said, "Isn't that right, Sis?"

I moaned, "I don't care anymore. I am no good. I hope you kill me."

"Oh no way are we going to kill you. You are too much fun but sometimes you may
wish you were dead. We are going to find out how far you will go. Mom and Dad
are going to a cattle auction tomorrow. They will be gone from eight in the
morning till eight at night.

I moaned with terrible mixed feelings I was afraid of what they may do to me but
at the same time the prospect excited me.

I was awake at six AM but I stayed in bed putting off the inevitable until I
heard Dad's car leave the yard and their feet pounding up the stairs to my room.

George came bounding in and said, "Grab your jeans and a T-shirt.  We are going
into the woods."

I was surprised thinking they would keep me naked but when I started to put on
the shirt George said, "Don't put them on. They are just for you to wear home in
case the folks get back before we do."

They led me downstairs then George put our dog's collar and leash around my neck
so they could play doggy. I was put on all fours and told to heel. He would
speed up or slow down or stop suddenly and start suddenly. Anytime his legk went
ahead of our behind my neck Pat would hit down my ass crack with a riding quirt.
It was hell because the pain was not constant enough to bring me to orgasm. It
just hurt.

The George said, "It is hot. My balls are sweating. Let's have our doggy lick
our balls. This was really humiliating. It wasn't sex because they had no
intention of cumming or letting me cum.It was just so they could laugh at me
lapping at their balls.

They tired of that game and went to the corral. I saw my horse was wearing a
pack saddle. A pack saddle is just an "X" shaped wooden thing but when I got
closer I saw they had changed it. There was a thick hemp rope running from the
front "X" to the back "X" just where the wood crossed. I saw that if I got in
the saddle that prickly rope would be pressing all through my crotch from the
tailbone to my pubic bone.

I looked at it in fear and cried, "No. Please! That will cut me in two. I'll be

"No you won't, a little raw maybe. We'll keep an eye on you."

At that they each grabbed a leg and slid me over the horses rump to plop me down
on their sadistic device. I felt the rope tear into me and put my hands down and
gripped my thighs to keep me off the rope.

They wouldn't have that. They tied my wrists behind my back and then added
weights from their barbells to my ankles to pull me down so hard a wrinkle
formed at the top of my cunny slit.

We started walking down the trail and the pain was unreal. I shifted to try to
keep the rope from my clit but there was no use. Then from out of nowhere the
pain became pleasure. I began rocking back and forth near to orgasm when George
noticed and stopped to get me off saying, "She is about to cum and it is too
early for that."

I begged them to let me cum but they wouldn't and I followed their horses down
the trail with my hands still tied behind me so I couldn't touch my pussy. I
tried rubbing my thighs together but that trick that had once worked when I was
little was no longer effective even as sensitive as the rope had made my pussy.

In a little while they stopped and George said, "Do you still want to cum?"

"Oh yes. Please. I need it."

"All right. Pat and I will fuck you. Him in your ass me in your pussy."

We hadn't done that and it sounded more exciting than having one fuck me while I
sucked the other. I said, "Oh thank you."

"Not so fast. You have to earn our fuck. Wait here."

He went over to a wild rose bush and cut off a branch about an inch thisk and
about eighteen inches long.

I looked at it fearfully and said,"Are you going to whip me with that?"

"No. We aren't going to whip you. You will. I want you to whip each tit five
times and each pussy lip five times."

"I don't think I can do that. Won't you please do it for me?"

"No this is a test of your obedience."

That was a terrible thing to do to me. As long as they did things I could blame
them but now I would be causing my own pain and I didn't think that would excite

I whimpered, "Do I have to?"

"Yes and asking that way means you will do it."

I took the branch from him and took a deep breath and hit my right tit. I let
out a little shriek at the sensation. The impact was nothing it was the thorns
driving in that caused a pain unlike anything I had felt before.

George was not impressed saying, "That one doesn't count. It was too easy."

I hit harder, then another then he said, "Hit the nipple."

I did and the pain was unreal. I stopped to rub my poor nipple with my other

George said, "You stopped before five. Now you have to start over."

I sobbed, "I can't!"

"Sure you can. If you don't I will give you fifty. All on the nipples and fifty
more down the center of your cunt."

That really scared me. There were a few drops of blood on my breast. Fifty would
make me a bloody mess.

I decided to get it over with as soon as possible and began hitting them as fast
as I could. When the ten was over I brought it down on my pussy and the miracle
happened again. The pain brought me to a fantastic level of excitement. I kept
hitting my pussy after ten and he had to grab my arm.

Then he made good on his promise and they fucked me standing there with blood
dripping off me. Having two dicks in me at once filled me cpmpletely and gave me
more orgasms.

After that we were all so hot and sweaty we jumped into the pond. When the water
washed off the blood I saw that in spite of the terrible pain I just had a bunch
of tiny punctures no worse than mosquito bites.

I was so grateful for the orgasms I laid between them on the beach alternately
licking their dicks until wonderfully they became hard and fucked me again.

The heat and our exertions made us tired and we went to sleep.

When we woke up George said, "It is getting late and since you have been so good
we will just have a fun whipping until you have a good orgasm. Go over to that
willow bush and cut two switches with my knife."

"How long should they be?"

"That is up to you. It is your fun whipping. Get whatever you think you need to

I took the knife from him and went to the bush. I knew I was choosing my own
punishment. I was sure that if I just cut a couple of tiny switches he would not
complain but I wanted him to be proud of my courage and cut two about as tall as
me. As I walked back to them stripping off the leaves and small branches I saw
how closely they resembled buggy whips and remembered the horses whinny of pain
when he was hit with it.

When I returned to hand them the switches George said, "Alright. Reach up and
grab hold of that branch. All you have to do to stop us is let go of it."

I had to jump up and when I caught it my toes barely touched the ground to give
me a wonderful stretch. They liked it with George saying, "God you are beautiful
Sis" and Pat just sighing, "Yeah."

"Pat said, "If we hit too hard. Tell us."

They started at the top with Pat hitting just below the shoulders and George at
the top of my boobs. Only the one across bpth nipples made me shriek and Pat
said, "Too hard?"

I yelled, "No! Harder, Faster!"

They did and by the time they had hit across my ass and my pussy and was
starting to hit into the cracks I had the granddaddy of all orgasms and let go
of the branch to crumple in a heap on the ground.

I dreamily heard someone say, "God. She is unreal. Did you see how she opened
her legs at the end so we could get to her asshole and pussy."

They let me rest awhile then helped me dress to ride home. The fabric felt like
sandpaper on my sensitive skin as my boobs jiggled against my shirt and the
jeans were pressed into me with the rope.

I was so tired when I got home I went directly to bed and to sleep.

End Part two

                          My Brother's Slave 3

The next day my young healthy skin had returned to normal with only small
bruises where the tip of the switch had dug in. I stood in front of my mirror
and pushed on the little bruises while remembering how they got there. That was
all I needed to become excited enough to rub my clit and pinch my nipples for a
nice orgasm.

I went downstairs to pour myself a glass of orange juice and noticed Mom was
sniffling. I went to her and said, "Mom. What is wrong?"

She let out a little sob and whined, "Oh Julie. I really screwed up. Your Dad is
going to be so mad. I was backing out of the garage and backed into his tractor.
The bumper on our car is really dented."

"God Mom. The tractor is huge. How could you not see it?"

"When I back out of the garage I look to the sides so I won't hit the door. I
know if I can go straight out of the garage I will be on the driveway. It never
occurred to me that something would be behind me."

"God. Mom I don't even have a license but I know you should look behind you
before backing up."

"I don't know. It always worked before." Then she said defiantly, "It is his
fault! He shouldn't have parked behind me."

"Yeah. Right. He will be sure to agree with you on that."

"Oh Julie. I am so scared. I know he will really punish me."

"Oh come on Mom. I know he has punished you before. I heard the slapping noises
in your bedroom and you didn't even yell."

She blushed and said, "I didn't know you knew. I tried to be quiet but this
won't be a little spanking for overcooking his food or not getting his clothes
clean enough, This is serious and worse it is the second time I have damaged a
car. The first time I was switched with a willow switch until I was a mass of
pain. God knows what he may do this time."

I knew that feeling and my clit twitched and I felt myself getting
wet.Shamefully instead of feeling sorry for her I just hoped he would let us

Dad came in at noon for lunch and as soon as Mom saw him she began to cry.

He seemed to know she had done something because he asked, "Okay. What did you
do? It must be bad."

She tried to answer but she was blubbering so bad she could not be understood so
I said, "She backed the car into your tractor and dented the bumper."

His face turned red and he yelled, "Jesus H. Christ! How in hell could you back
into the tractor? The son of a bitch is ten feet tall and eight feet wide. How
careless can you be. I punished you the first time you damaged it. I am going to
have to think about how I can punish you for this. Put the lunch on the table
while I take a look at it."

He went out the door but she was shaking so bad from fear I helped her pour the
soup and set out the sandwiches. Then I yelled at the boys to leave the conputer
and come eat.

They came down just as Dad came back in redder than ever he yelled, "Shit. You
didn't just dent the bumper. You totaled it. That is going to cost us a minimum
of the five hundred deductible and since it is your second accident we could
have our insurance cancelled."

As soon as he sat down she knelt beside him and blubbered. "I am sorry. I'll
never do that again. I promise!"

He was not moved saying as he picked up his sandwich, "That was what you said
last time. While I eat go out and get the punishment bench."

She moaned, "Oh no," but went outside.

I expected something exotic and wondered where it was hidden but she came in
lugging a saw horse. It was Dad's invention. There were two boards at each leg
with a slot in the middle and bolt in the slot with a handle welded to a nut.
You could loosen the nut then slide the boards up and down to raise or lower the
board connecting the legs so he could have the saw horse at the right height for
his saw or drill press.

She kept going toward the bedroom and Dad said sharply, "Where are you going?"

She said puzzled, "To the bedroom."

"No. Set it up in the center of the room."

She began to whimper saying,"Oh please. You aren't going to let the children

I let out a silent cheer as she loosened the bolts then lifted the two inch wide
board up to her waist then retightened them. I knew she was going to have to
straddle that board but I thought it couldn't be as bad as the rope I had driven
into my slit.

She stood there beside it until he looked at her and said, "Yeah that is a good
height. Get the rest of it."

She whimpered and went to the back door to get our straw welcome mat. It had
sharp bristles we could use to scrape the dirt off our feet before coming in.

She draped it over the board and it stuck me how clever Dad was. He had taken
two innocent looking items and turned it into a torture worthy of the Spanish
Inquisition. Anyone seeing them separately would never guess the painful
punishment they could cause.

Dad said "Since your carelessness has caused hardship to the entire family. The
family will be included in your punishment. Take off all your clothes and get on
the bench."

"Oh please. Not in front of the children."

"Arguing will just make it worse on you."

She whimpered and began taking off her clothes. It was a big production. She
started by sliding her hands under her skirt to pull off her panty hose and kick
off her shoes then she slowly unbuttoned her housedress to let it fall to the
floor. Then she pulled her full slip over her head. I looked at the boys and saw
them smiling at her slow strip. She stood there a moment in her panties and bra
then at a nod from Dad she took off the bra. She had really nice big round
breasts. I was glad because I was sure mine would look that good someday.
Finally with a sob she pulled down her panties and stood up. I saw I was not the
only one in the famiy hairless. Her pussy was of course bigger than mine but
still had the puffy pussy lips that made a tight slit.

He nodded again and she leaned over the horse then lifted her leg up to roll
over onto the mat. When she sat up her face made a grimace and a tear came to
her eye.

Dad said, "Hands on your head."

She reluctantly took her hands away from the top board and put her hands on her
head making her boobs push forward.

She winced as the needles pushed into her pussy and I saw some were actually
going into her slit.

Dad said, "You will get ten spanks. Julie. get the strap."

Mom whimpered, "Only ten? Thank you sir."

Dad said, "That is ten for each of us."

Mom just groaned, "OHHH."

Then he said, "Kids, you may make a game of it. Get the cards and each of you
draw one. Highest card is first spanker and on down. I will go last."

Pat got a king, George got a jack and I got a five but I ddn't mind being last I
was mainly interested in watching her reaction to the spanking.

Dad said, "Come here Pat. This is how I want you to do it. Hit the nipples." He
pinched her nipples so hard it made her squirm on the needles, "Then into the
crack of her butt." He pulled her cheek open and pinched her anus. "Then here on
this mound." He pinched the top of her pussy lips together to make her squirm.
"Then start over. The tenth you can put anywhere you want."

He followed instructions perfectly hitting the nipples so hard the strap buried
itself in her breasts. Then he hit into the buttcrack again making the strap
disappear and finally her pussy. Each spank made her squeal and squirm and when
he finished I saw a few drops of blood on her pussy. I had not realized the
straws were stiff and sharp enough to actually puncture the skin.

George took his turn and if anything hit harder making her howl and slide on the

On my turn I hit her as I would have wanted to be hit. Hard! She practically
danced on that mat with her legs swinging and her slit digging into it."

Dad's had to be the worst though. He just backhanded her ass crack and
forehanded her pussy to keep her in constant motion and I saw the needles
becoming red from her blood.

He just watched her sobbing convulsively on the horse for a few moments then
picked her up by her waist as if she weighed nothing and sat her on the floor.

He said, "Juie. Clean her up."

I got a kettle and filled it with cool water and began dabbing at her pussy with
it. She sighed and said weakly, "Thank you Julie. That feels good."

"Was it really awful Mom?"

"Yes, but thank God it is over."

I got her clean and the tiny punctures stopped bleeding although her pussy and
ass crack was flaming red.

Dad got a cup of coffee and when he finished it he said, "Now we will get on to
the main punishment. Boys. Lead her out to the barn."

She wailed, "Please not the barn!"

She struggled a little but the boys were strong from farm work and pulled her
along fairly easily.

When we got to the barn she looked at the rope hanging from a pulley in the
ceiling and wailed. I was really anxious to see what would scare her so much.

As instructed the boys buckled the calf hobbles on her wrists and then two
others to her ankles. Dad tied the rope to the wrist hobbles and lifted her into
the air. Then he tied two ropes to the ankle hobbles and told the boys to pull
as hard as they could and then tie the rope to the post at the side of the barn.
While they did that Dad pulled his rope while she shrieked until she looked like
an upside down "T"

I am pretty flexible but even I had never tried splits that wide.

Dad got the buggy whip and gave instructions to Pat. "One to the right nipple,
one to the left nipple,one across her navel, two to the left inner thigh, two to
the right inner thigh, One to the left vaginal lip, one to the right vaginal lip
and a final one into the open slit."

The slit was open all right. She was pulled so far apart you could see the pink
of the inner parts of her pussy. I realized from my experience that he had
chosen the most sensitive parts of her body. I also realized again that no-one
would guess That the items could be used to cause intense exquisite pain.

Pat did as instructed with her struggling and screaming at each one. When George
finished with her she was hoarse and just made gurgling noises. Then I noticed
that she had this strange look on her face and her tummy was pulsing in and out.
Looking lower I saw juice actually dripping from her red swollen pussy and I
knew she either was in or near orgasm. This made me feel better. I had inherited
the need for pain and it was not my fault. It was hers.

I showed her no mercy and neither did Dad since I think we both knew she was
beyond pain.

Dad had me go get the kettle while they let her down and I bathed all the welts
even having her open her legs to get to her inner lips. The boys watched avidly
and when her breathing got back to normal he said that was enough and carried
her back to the house to put her in bed.

Then he went back to work as if nothing had happened. The boys and I ran to my
room shedding clothes as we went. They were so horny they didn't bother to
torture me they just fucked me in every hole I had until we were exhausted.

We rested a bit then went down to be innocently watching TV when Dad returned. I
looked in on Mom and saw her with open legs carressing her pussy. I am not sure
if she was just trying to comfort it or was masturbating.

end part three

                                BROTHER'S SLAVE 4

I thought Mom must have really been hurting because Dad told me Mom was sleeping
in and I would have to make lunch.

I went into their bedroom to check on her. She was awake and looking dreamily at
the ceiling. I asked her if she was allright and she said, "I guess so. Just
very very tired."

"Was the whipping really awful?"

"Oh yes. I am still hurting."

"Would it help if I put lotion on you. It really helps me."

"Oh yes would you?"

I got the lotion and pulled down the covers to see a bunch of reddish blue to
purple lines on her breasts tummy and pussy.

I began carressing the lines with the lotion as she began to breathe deeply and
smiled. I spent a lot of time on her breasts then went to her tummy and finally
her pussy. Her breathing got a little ragged and I noticed she was clenching her
butt cheeks. I finished the lips then let my fingers slide into her pussy
noticing her clit was hard like mine got in excitement.

Suddenly she said, "That is enough. I don't think we should be doing this."

I said, "I know why you want me to stop. You are close to orgasm and feel

"Oh God am I so obvious?"

"Yes and I also know you had orgasms during your whipping."

"Oh God. Does your Dad and the boys know?"

"No I don't think so. It is hard to tell the difference between great pain and
orgasms but I can tell because I have been there."

"Please don't tell them. Dad may do something that doesn't excite me. If you
will be quiet I will show you something so we can share a secret."

"Okay. What?"

"Take off your panties."

I did and she had me crawl up on the bed and put my legs on each side of her
face. She grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me into her mouth and her tongue
began swirling around and fluttering against my clit. I had never felt anything
so wonderful. I began pumping against her mouth as she licked and sucked on my
clit until I thought I was going crazy. In a short time I climaxed in an orgasm
that shook me to my toes.

I pulled back and said,"Oh that was wonderful."  Yes well now we both have a
secret. If you tell them I am excited by the whip I will tell them you are a
lesbian who climaxes from a woman's lips."

I knew that was a bluff but I wanted to cement our relationship and told her
that I also was excited by pain.

She said," I guess we will have to keep our little secret. Won't we. If I told
Dad he would take you past the pain that excites you."

I heard someone coming in so I left. Dad saw me coming out of Mom's room and
said,"Why are you bothering your Mom. She is resting."

"I just wanted to see if she was okay. She feels better now."

"Good. I have something for her."

He went in and a minute later I heard the bedsprings squeaking and her moans. I
knew he was fucking her brains out.

At lunch Dad gave us news that caused both me and the boys to moan. He said, "My
brother is having trouble hiring help for his pea harvest so I agreed to send
you boys over to stay with him for two weeks."

I couldn't imagine being without them for two weks and offered to go along but
he said that would not be necessary and with the boys gone he would need me to
help him out."

It seemed so unfair. Just as I had discovered the greatest thrills of my life it
was being taken away from me.

I didn't realize how much work the boys did. To replace them I spent all every
day shovelling shit in the barn, Mending fences, and feeding the cattle.

The next day Dad came into the barn and asked how I was doing. I said, "Okay
except it is awfully hot."

He said, "Of course you are hot. Those heavy jeans and your flannel shirt are
way too much to be wearing on a hot day."

"I know but I have outgrown my shorts and Mom has not gotten around to buying me
new ones."

"I can fix that."

He went to a drawer and came back with some scissors. He cut across the shirt at
the top of my boobs so the upper curves showed then cut up over my shoulders and
cut off the sleeves. Finally he cut across the shirt so just the bottom curves
of my boobs showed. I ended up with just straps over my shoulders and one button
holding the shirt together at my cleavage.

He said, "Is that better?"

"Oh yes. Much better now I can feel the breeze drying my sweat. Could you make
me some shorts?"

"Sure. Those jeans are worn out anyway."

He cut the legs off right at the bottom of my crotch then unzipped them a little
and cut off the waistband low enough to show the cleavage of my buttcheeks. then
cut the front down to a vee barely above my mound.

He looked at me then slid the scissors up the leg by my crotch then around to
cut them off to make like half moons at my butt. I no longer wore panties and
the cool steel of the scissors sliding up my crotch and around my buttcheeks had
me breathing hard from excitement.

He said, "That should be cooler."

"Oh yes. I am practically naked."

"Actually I think that makes you look sexier than naked. You look like a pinup

I was flattered and said, "Thank you."

"Okay get back to work."

He watched me for awhile and I knew every time I bent over the shirt fell away
to show my nipples. the other surprise was that without the legs to hold them
down the crotch seam would tighten against my pussy when I moved.

He watched awhile then went to the house. I was so excited as soon as he went
out the door I pulled down the "Shorts" to rub my pussy until I got a nice

I finished shovelling shit into the bin and went into the house to get a cold
drink. When Mom saw me she said, "God. What did you do to your clothes. You are
nearly naked."

"I didn't. I told Dad I was hot so he made me this half shirt and shorts."

She grinned and said, " No wonder he came into the house horny and took me to

I said, "What does that feel like." I was not about to admit the boys were
fucking me since I was sure she would not approve."

She said, "It is wonderful Honey. Your Dad is big down there and it feels great
to have him inside me. When you are older you will find out."

I pouted, "I am old enough now. Would you ask him if he would fuck me."

"Oh I don't know. That is incest and you are so young."

"Please ask him."

"Okay. But don't get your hopes up."

The next morning She said, "Sorry Honey. Your Dad thinks fucking you is a bad
idea although he admits you make him horny."

"Oh Damn. I really wanted to know what it would be like."

"You may be better off. His penis is big and it may hurt you."

"Oh Mom. I had sex ed. I know the vagina stretches. If I could have a baby I can
surely stretch enough for his penis."

"Well. No use arguing. He was definetely against it."

I went out to do chores feelong frustrated. Masturbation didn't seem enough
anymore even when I spanked my pussy with a belt. I hoped I could tease him
enough to change his mind.

end part four

                      My Brother's Slave 5

The next day Mom went in to town for her weekly shopping for groceries and other

I only had a few chores that day. I made them enjoyable by jerking my shorts up
into my asscrack so the seam at the crotch could rub in my slit at every move. I
finished about ten AM and came into the house for a drink.

Dad was at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. It was real hot and he was
just wearing some cut-off jeans. I still had the shorts pulled as far as I could
in the asscrack and he saw how the crotch seam had pulled into my slit enough to
expose the outer sides of my pussy lips.

I went over to the sink and leaned over to get a drink knowing almost all my
buttcheeeks were showing. I was glad to see in the reflection of the window that
he had put down the paper and turned his chair to watch me.

When I turned around his legs were apart so I straddled one leg and sat down. I
could feel his hairy leg on my inner thighs and the edges of my pussy. He put
his big hands on my butt cheeks and gave them a little squeeze.

I said, "Daddy?"

He gave me another squeeze and said, "Yes pumpkin."

"I got real excited when we whipped Mommy. Do you think I am weird?"

"No pumpkin. It excited me too. Did you imagine yourself being whipped?"

"Yes but I don't really know how it would feel. Could you whip me so I will

"But you haven't done anything wrong and it would really hurt."

"I know but maybe you could whip me kind of easy just to give me an idea."

"Well okay. Remember this is your idea. Let's go to the barn."

I could feel myself getting wet as we walked to it and as soon as we were in the
door I ran to get the hobbles and whip and ran back to hand them to him.

I stood in front of him nervously holding my hands out for the hobbles until he
said, "Have you forgotten that you need to be naked for this?"

I said breathlessly, "Oh yes." I unbuttoned the one button holding my shirt
together to shuck it off and unzipped the rest of the zipper to jerk down the
shorts and kick them away.

I stood there with my legs open a bit and held out my arms for the hobbles but
he just stood there a moment looking at me then said, "You are a beautiful
little girl."

"Thank you but I am not so little anymore. My boobs seem to be growing every

"I think you are right. they are big enough now to let the whip sink deep into

I gasped at that and I swear my pussy dripped.

He put on the hobbles then and I walked over to the rope. Just hearing the
pulley squeak as he lifted me got me wetter than ever.

When my toes left the ground I sighed at the delicious stretch and he stepped
back to look at me again.

He said, "The stretch really makes you look beautiful. Your tummy has sunk in so
far your ribs show."

"Yes. I feel beautiful."

"Okay I am going to open your legs now. Remember you aren't being punished so
tell me when it begins to hurt too much."

I just murmured "Uh huh" so excited I could barely breathe.

He got the ankle ropes and stood in front of me then began backing up holding
the ropes watching my legs open. I wanted it to hurt a little so I just moaned
until I was really stretched in the splits and then sighed, "Enough."

He kept the ropes tight as he came back to me then tied them together.

I was already beginning to sweat from the excitement when he said, "Remember.
You are not being punished. I will just hit easy and if you think you can stand
more just say "Harder."

He hit my right boob then my left but it was just a little exciting sting. I
moaned, "You are missing the nipples."

He hit my nipples then and although it was not much harder the sting was a lot
greater and more exciting.

Then he hit across my belly button and excitement rose since I knew where he
would be hitting next.

He hit my right inner thigh then my left and another two higher. The grater
sting with the last two so close to my pussy brought me much closer to orgasm.

Then he hit my left pussy lip and then the right which made me give a little
"Yip" at the sharp sting.

I began thrusting my hips out waiting for the one up my slit but he just stood
there a moment then said, "How are you doing? do you want more?"

I gasped, "Yes! More! Harder!"

Then it was more like Mom's whipping I looked down fascinated by the way the
whip dug in to my boobs and soft belly as each lash seemed to make pain go deep
into my body. When he hit into my open slit I screamed from the terrible pain
but incredibly it brought orgasm. I was so out of it by then I am not sure how
many times he made the tour of my body. Maybe three then I had an orgasm so
powerful I screamed at the top of my lungs and he quit.

It seemed to take forever to get me released and when he did I jumped on him
with my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist so hard he fell back
to the floor on his back.

I unzipped his shorts and pulled out his massive dick. I was not sure it would
go in me but I was sure going to try. It hurt a little as it ripped the last
remaining part of my hymen but then it continued to sink in me so deep I could
feel my guts moving to make room for it. As soon as my pussy touched his balls I
began pumping up and down on it all the way from the head back down to his

My orgasms were so great I got spacey feeling  then I felt him gush inside me
and even though I kept pumping his dick softened and finally slid out of me.

I wanted him to lnow how grateful I was so I slid down uncaring my body was
sliding in cowshit to lick his dick and balls saying over and over "Thank you."

To my delight he bagan getting hard again and rolled me over to fuck me again.
This time it was not the fast triphammer action I had done. He just slid it
slowly in and out all the way from just the head and down till I could feel his
pubic hair against my lips. At the same time he made a circular motion and his
dick was so big it pressed against my clit all the time unlike the boys who only
hit it when they pushed toward my head. I swear it almost hit my stomach on the
downward thrusts.

Again my orgasms began before his. I was watching his face when he came and he
had this agonized look as if I was killing him.

We rested a minute then realized we were really stinking from lying in the
cowshit so we went in to the house to shower. My folks have a big showere with
four sparayheads so we could shower together. We were in there a long time
lovingly washing each other but I guess I wore him out because he stayed soft.
Even soft his dick was twice as big as George's hard.

We went to his bed for a nap and was still there when Mom came home.

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