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My Negro Slave Story

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Synopsis: This story show how some white people used there slaves for their personal use.

My Negro Slave story Slave Auction year 1650

MR & MRS Dow Rich White w Slave owners

My story begins in the Deep South Mississippi delta. In a Church on a big plantation a group of Wealthy White People all church members from 1 exclusive church all couples gather together for a special event. The selling of Black slaves is to take place today and this is an invitation only event. At this auction the buyer will be allowed to handle their slave anyway they want too. The best breed is brought here first before the General pubic can view them.

Just before the auction was to begin. The guest was mulling around greeting each other Ms Dow notice a few familiar faces in the crowd Deacon & Ms CULLPEPPER with a young Nigga girl with a dog caller around her neck and a chain link attach to it. A look of fright on her face as she was totally confuse as to what was about to happen. The girl was thin and dress in flimsily dress.

Than there was Rev Johnson and is Wife Maggie. Ms Dow know them well The Right Rev not only was a slave owner He ran the church on his plantation preaching to his slaves while Bugging all the Black male slave in his mansion. Also Held church for the rich white people in the Mississippi Delta. The Rev was a total cuckold As the Man on the make shift stage clap a signal for everyone to have a seat, that was assemble in front of the stage .The Dow sat down and MR CULLPEPPER was seating on MS Dow right side with is Black female slave sitting between his legs.

The man on the stage announces “ Ladies and gentlemen I like to thank ya for coming out to view this fine Nigga stock we have today.” Just than MRS DOW saw from the corner of her eyes MRS CULLPEPPER unzip her Husband pants and pull out his long stringy penis. The nigga wench took his penis into her mouth. MS Dow knew this was done without hesitation due to the many wiping she received. MR CULLPEPPER turn to MS Dow and said Hello darling

MS Dow smile back and stated “Hello MR CULLPEPPERS I see you got a new Niger wench how is she” See for your self darling MS Dow lean forward she than Lift the wench head up by the dog chain and told her to” open your mouth wench” MS Dow than put 2 fingers into the wench mouth and moving her fingers back and forth she gave the CULLPEPPERS A smile and said “ this wench mouth is wet makes for a good cock sucker”. MS Dow lowered the slave head back on to the CULLPEPPER penis. MRS CULLPEPPER wink and said “yes we are teaching her how to suck pussy now” while MS DOW wipe her fingers on her nappy hair. MS Dow was a mean bitch she enjoyed humiliating her slave when she got the chance….

There was approx 5 Rich white couples in attendance here to purchase 20 slaves all either

Young Men or Woman. They all will be used as breeders and possible used for the rich couple personal pleasure. The slaves were view and inspect earlier before the auction began so the Rich couples can view them they were identified by placing a number on each slave forehead.

As the auction began each slave was brought out separately totally naked for bidding they were all shackle and chained. Rev & MRS Johnson brought a 14 yr old slim black boy. After purchasing the slave the Rev & MRS Johnson approach the stage to closely inspect there new purchase. A look of terror came from the 14 yr old slave as Rev Johnson handled his penis and rubbing his butt. MRS Johnson said “I hope I get a chance to fuck him before you turn him into our house sissy” her comment brought a few chuckles from the couples.

MRS Dow looked to her right just in time to see Deacon CULLPEPPER jerking his stirringly Penis and spewing his cum into his wench's mouth.. The wench was rotating her soft puffy lips around the head of his penis just as she was taught. MRS CULLPEPPER while holding her chain tightly said in a southern drool “ Swallow every drop wench let that white cum purify you're your Niger soul” MS CULLPEPPERS wink at MRS Dow with a evil grin and from the way she was rotating her head around that cock head MRS Dow could tell the dumb wench really believe it.. MRS CULLPEPPER said we will buy the 15 yr old wench coming up next and when you buy your Big Buck we have an old fashion breeding party.

Slave # 7 A Big black buck of 25 yr old approx. captured in West Africa 6 month ago. Already wipe into his new reality as a slave. 6ft 4 in 225 lbs solid muscle Black as night

Without any facial or body hair on him. MRS Dow notice the still defiant look in his eyes as he stared straight ahead MS DOW will have so much fun breaking his will and turning him into a white woman loving NIGER. After the Dow's won the bid for slave #7

MR&MRS Dow strolled up to the stage to view their new purchase buck he was chain to a pole and his hands tied behind his back. MR Dow was a real voyeur at heart he admired how his wife handled booth male and female slaves on their plantation. MRS Dow was a statues 5ft 9 long curly blonde hair. She packs a whopping 42 FF Breast the 1 piece dress she wore showed ample cleavage. The garter belt under her dress allowed the dress to her huge waist the dress extended to cover her size 42 butt down to her ankle which allow the buttocks to jiggle when she walk.

As they stood in front of Buck #7 .MS Dow smile and said “ Honey look at the size of that black dick must be 7 inches long just hanging there”. “I'm sure he'll make us a lot of little suckers before we are done with him”. You have a way of bring that out of them stated MR Dow. Which brought a wicked grin and a wink from MRS Dow. 3 steps forward place her in front of slave #7. Slave #7 immediately bow is head and close his eyes as the big tittie southern bell stood in front of him. #7 stood fist clinch. He knew he was not allowed to look an any white person directly in the eye. Ms Dow leaned forward and sniff #. 7. MRS Dow reach with booth hand and started to feel #. 7 thighs. She than squat down and started to fell booth calves. This put her eye level with his black dick which she blew her hot breathe on it as she notice it stir from her exploring hands

Suddenly slave #7 open his eyes and was looking at the cleavage that protruded from MRS Dow dress. She notice this a stood up and smack him across the face which startle #. 7 has he shook with fear.

MRS Dow said on a loud voice “Niger are you looking at my precious white tits” as she put booth her hands over her big tits and started to rub them together with a sexy smile. This brought laughter from the slaveholders seated and MR Dow #. 7 head bowed shacking is head franticly NO. She walk around his left side while her probing soft hand begin rubbing his arms back and butt. By the time she came around his right side she notice his Black dick extending out approx. 9 inches and still growing MRS smile and put her hand over her mouth and said in a southern drool “ looking darlin this Niger love the feel of my lily white hands on his body. She than grab his chin with her left hand and turn his face toward her and said “look at me Niger” With an evil smile she ran her for finger along the top of is black dick than back under. This brought his dick to a raging 12 inches

MRS Dow knew it was time to do a little mind fucking with her new purchase. Looking # 7 straight in the eyes she stated, “ would you like to this Big black Dick between my large white breast most Niger do you no” As the Buck look down at her spouting cleavage MR Dow was admiring the way she was tormenting the buck he was trembling partly from fear and excitement. MRS Dow was amaze at how thick around the buck dick was as she grips it softly. She continued “ those Niger wenches hands don't feel this soft, see how white they are see how nice my nail are done” as she scratch gently under is entire shaft. MRS Dow knew the Niger lust was taking over is body now. Her left hand went under his butt and grab his ball and rub them gently. This position aloud her to show more cleavage as the buck eyes dotted from her eye to her breast

MRS Dow turn to her Husband and said with a grin “Darlin can you pour some oil on this Big Niger dick I want to give him a taste of Niger heaven”. Mr DOW START LAUGHING as did the other slaveholders. For they all knew the slave #7 was tied down for a week and not allowed to masturbate for a week. As Mr Dow pour a line of oil from a small bottle MRS Dow stroke Slave #7 Black dick slowly making sure she smear it completely of all 12 inches. Ms Dow removes her left hand from Slave #7 balls and stood straight up and raps her left arm around slave #7. She smiled wickedly at the crowd that was clearly enjoying her lustful skills

MRS Dow returns her attention back to her mission. She notices the slave was getting a good wift of her perfume. She said you like how I smell “SAMBO ”. “You like how my soft white hand stroke this big black baby maker?” She moves her skillful right hand over the head of his dick knowing it was sensitive. Looking at him with an evil grin she watches is body become betrayed by the lust he was felling. She said, “Would you like to stick your big black dick between my big white tits “coon”? More laugher from the crowd and husband who stood in front and just admired his wife tormenting skill.

She watch has slave #7 eyes rolled back and a little drool slide from the side of his mouth

She smack him across the face “look at me NIGER when I'M TALKING TO YOU. You want to shoot that NIGER cum? Slave # 7 said yes imam MRS Dow stroke his dick faster

She turns to her husband and smiled “you hear that honey SAMBO want to cum”. By all means stated MR DOW with a big grind.

MRS DOW gave a stern look into slave 7 eyes as her right hand flew up & down his dick like a piston. “ You hear that NIGER MR DOW want to see you Shoot that NIGER cum. I want to see how far you can shoot” by NOW THE SLAVE WAS BUCKING LIKE A DOG IN HEAT MRS. Dow held his waist firmly with her left arm She said “move back honey this COON is going to blow. As MRS Dow looking deep into slave 7 pleading eyes slave #7 made a loud AHHH as he shot a huge glob of cum high into the air it landed just in front of MR DOW. 3 more globs of cum shoot out MS Dow than smile at him a said “very nice SAMBO but I know there more inside this Black monster. While displaying a wicked grin. She removed her left arm and with booth hands grabbed the base of his Dick with a firm grip slowly move forward as if she was ringing out a mop. When booth hand arrived to his cock head and with a final tug a big glob of cum drop out. SHE caught it with her right hand. By the way Slave #7 collapsed in his chains she knew he was completely drain. MS DOW laugh loudly and said to MR DOW “Honey this Black buck will make us a lot of money.” Sold to the lovely MS DOW is what she heard has she walked off the stage rotating the thick baby making seed in her hand.

My Negro Slave Story II

Slave # 7 was delivered 2 days later to with all the documentation done. His name was change to Buck Dow the property of MR &MRS DOW. As one of the hired overseer (white man) rode the wagon with the DOW'S new purchase property in front of the mansion Buck sat up at the sight of MR&MRS Dow. MR Dow said, “I could see the special penis harness is in place and the defiant look in Bucks eyes. Good that just the way I want him said MRS Dow in 4 weeks time he will be begging to fuck a White woman and lord knows we got a county full of NIGER LOVEING White Woman who would play dearly for a piece of BUCK. Bring him in the basement, CAGE and Wash him down came the order from the porch.

For the next 3 weeks Buck was not allowed to see any other slave. His nights were spent chain in the mansion basement. Buck was work hard from sunrise to sun set training running, weight lifting, various exercise each day as if he was a champion prizefighter. Buck meals were that same as every other slave pork, grits, oats, all this was done with the special penis harness in place so he would not masturbate. After 2 weeks Buck look forward to the evening not only could he rest but he look forward to seeing MS DOW.

She had already begun to plant the idea that white woman were the sexiest ladies on earth

Each night she would visit buck in a lewd outfit

Bucks torment took several forms he would be chain to the wall with a dog collar around his neck, hands tied around his back he was place on his knees. MRS Dow and her Husband and 2 overseers with whips at their side would visit at night MRS Dow would perform a sexy strip tease for approx.1 hour. Having Buck smell the sweet perfume and looking at her Large White cleavage protruding from her outfits up close but not allowed to touch was taking his toll on Buck. Each time Buck thought he could put his lips on MRS Dow big teasing cleavage or breast he was severely slap. She taunted him with word like “ poor Buck you want to put those big coon lips on my big beautiful Tits” as she played with them causing them to almost pop out of her dress.

Once a week MRS DOW would allow Buck to CUM. She used this occasion to enforce the white woman dominance. Buck penis harness was removed although still chained to the wall MRS DOW would probe his mind with questions in her sweet southern drool “ Was you thinking about me while you were in the field today boy”. Buck franticly shock he head yes “ Was you thinking about my big white tits around your coon dick”. ” “Would you like me to jerk that coon dick off the way I did before? “Yes” came the word and tears ran down Buck face. MRS Dow continued with a evil grin she said to her overseers “ If I get a good report that Buck has work hard in the field I may let him fuck my Big white TITS” which brought laughter for the overseer and MR Dow

Buck saw the wooden stock being placed in the middle of the floor and know what it meant. He would have to walk over to it, bend down and put is head in the stock it would be fasten around his neck MRS DOW walk over to Buck pat him on the head and said to

MR Dow “Look at that Big horse Dick as she ran her hands over his entire body. Buck was shaking from sexual excitement. A blindfold was place of Bucks eyes. MRS Dow positions herself behind BUCK and lean her body on his butt She lube her hands with oil

And started stoking his raging 12 inch Dick. She torment Buck with word like “ tell me Buck do you think about me in the field ever think about my soft white pink lips around your dirty NIGER DICK”. Or maybe you want to fuck my Big White ASS. Buck was severely trembling as MRS Dow hands flew up& down Buck massive Penis. Knowing it would NOT be long before Buck was to shot is load.

MRS Dow look at MR DOW who had a big grin on his face and said Honey don't this look great I'm going drain this Big black baby maker. Just than BUCK tense up while MRS Dow right hand work faster. The overseers grab Buck to steady him MS Dow used booth hands in rapid session to extract 4 big loads of cum from Buck. As usual MS Dow used both hand to slowly extract a 5 th glob of cum from BUCK who lay limp in the overseers hands. MRS Dow got up and walks toward her Husband showing him her right hand that was full of Buck cum. MS Dow said in her southern drool “Next week I'll have that coon shooting his big load between my BIG old Tits

To be continued

My Negro Slave Story III

Tit Fuck week 3

The Dows plan to break Bucks will and turn him craving sex addict craving for the touch of a White Woman was on target. The rigorous daily workout kept his body in tiptop shape. The nightly teasing had Buck begging for sexual release. Saturday night the Dow received a visit from Deacon CULLPEPPER and his wife. She wanted to see how Bucks training was proceeding. She said, “ The ladies at the Church are dieing to see what your New Buck looks like

Buck was nude place on his back at the edge of a workbench. A chain was rap around him& the bench insuring he will not fall off. As Buck laid and doze the door burst open and THE Dows follow by MR& MRS CULLPEPPER walk in with 2 overseers. Buck awoke and immediately looked straight up at the ceiling but he could not hide his growing erection that was beginning.

MRS CULLPEPPER said, “ My He is magnificent “ as she study Buck 6ft 4 body ‘and look at that baby maker between his legs have you been working him hard? MS Dow said with a evil smile sure do from morning to night exercising he's as strong as a ox”. We keep that penis gage in place so he does not masturbate. But once a week I milk that BABYMAKER dry” .MRS Dow order Buck to look at her

Buck notice MRS Dow was wearing canvas top with a low V cut in the front, the top held together by 3 strings in front. They could hardly hold the massive breast. And a black long dress as she walked toward him her Large 42 FF breast jiggled as she walked toward him. She bent down in front of Bucks face showing her cleavage and said “ Looks like this NIGER has been thinking about me” as she ran her left hand over his raging hard on. Buck franticly shook his head yes. This brought laugher from the on lookers as they admired she tormenting skills

MS CULLPEPPER said in her southern drool “ You sure have a way of handling your NIGERS” Why thank you darling came the reply. As she look Buck sternly in the eyes. One must know how these COONS think or should I say what they think with.

More laugher from the on lookers. A Chair was place at the edge of the bench. MRS Dow sat down. MRS CULLPEPPER stated “my look how Big that COON Dick has gotten”.

Raging isn't it came the reply from MRS Dow. My Black Bull wants his reward isn't that right COON” Buck shacking his head franticly yes. MRS Dow while displaying an evil smile lean forward while rubbing her huge tits together

MRS Dow began to stroke Buck massive dick while talking to her guest and looking Buck in his eyes “look how big his ball are poor Buck want to cum bad. She than pull her top over her head exposing her massive 42 FF. Buck eyes almost pop out of his head As she held her white luscious tits up caressing them with booth hands. MRS DOW turns to her quest and said “it time to take Buck to NIGER HAVEN. She lowered her head and ran her soft tongue from the base to the top of Buck dick. Than rotated her head around his penis head. This caught Buck by surprise as his body became stiff and with his broad nostrils flaring Buck tried to saver this new sensation. If this was NIGER Heaven Buck wanted to go there all the time.

While holding the base of Buck dick with her left hand MRS Dow rotated her pretty pick lip around the head of Buck massive dick head. Her right hand work it's way down to the rim of his anis causing Buck to stiffen even more. She lifted her head slowly leaving a long strand of saliva connecting her mouth to Buck dick. She than suck it up and spit it back onto Buck dick MR said look at my wife isn't she beautiful he mention to the Deacon. As they all move closer for a better look. MRS Dow took Buck Dick and placed it deep between her massive White Tits. Buck large 12 inch Dick was so big it protrude through her Tit with his dick head hitting her in her chin.

Buck look around at MR Dow and his guests has they laugh at the awesome sight. MRS Dow said “how does that look Buck watching your Big Niger Dick fucking my Big lovely white tits”. MR DOW pours oil over her tits onto Buck black dick. MRS DOW Use booth forearms to squeeze her big tits around Buck dick. Making it impossible for Buck dick to escape from between her tits. Than with a southern drool she says “ That it coon fuck these BIG WHITE TITS OF MINE Show MR DOW and our gust how good of a coon you are” As Buck strain his head to see the awesome sight MS Dow stated “you ready to shoot your load coon. Come on let me see you shoot a big load Buck as she kept a firm tit lock around Buck Big black dick. With a load grunt Buck dick release 4 big load of CUM in the air most landing on her huge tits but some cum landing on MS Dow lips

This did not disturb MRS Dow as she gave a sexy smile at Buck and continue to milk is Big dick with her huge White tits. When Buck body collapse for the force of his orgasm

MS DOW stood up and face her Husband and their quest holding her massive tits full with thick white come while licking the cum off her pink full lips. In her sweet southern voice she said “Think this big dick coon's ready for a breeding party with the Niger Wench you purchased at the auction”” Look at all the NIGER Cum on my Tits.” Ms CULLPEPPER Said yes there enough for 3 NIGER suckers on these tits of yours. THAT COMMENT BROUGH a loud laughter for everyone including the overseers as buck laid Chain Helpless and exhausted.

To be continued... The breeding party and Holy baptism coming next

Please send me some feed back on my story idea… Storyman

My Negro Slave Story 4

It has been approx 1 month since MRS Dow gave the CULLPEPPERS there little demonstration of Buck's sexual attribute. As expected MRS CULLPEPPER went back to the Mississippi church congregation whispering to the other Black slave owner wives about how magnificent the Dow's slave preformed and the size of his black dick. She stated to approx. 5 ladies in her southern drool “ Me and my Husband paid a visit to the Dows last month to see how her new Nigger they purchase was coming along. He called Buck 6ft 4 black as night with a big coon 12 INCH dick”. She continued I've paid the Dow's handsomely for a breeding party next week. Remember that 15 yr old Nigger wench I brought? My Husband and me want to start her pumping these “sucker” out ASAP”. We figure once every year for ten years and if she a good breeder we may have twins or triplets. She will be worth every penny we spent on that wench” The ladies chuckle at her remarks. Where do you keep her? Is she still a virgin?

Of course she is darling came the reply. “We keep her lock in the basement away from the field NIGGERS. Big Mama Bell our Nigger house servant has been preaching the gospel to our Coon breeder. She's told that her fate is the lord doing AND that we own her NIGGER ASS. And if she doesn't want to get whipped she better be the best Nigger breeder on this earth. We have her in a chastity hares ness to ensure she stay a virgin. Next week you are all invited to our breeder party at the DOWS”

As the Quest arrives to the Dow Mansion early evening 15 couples

(All were rich white church member/ slave owner) The Dows greeted them as they enter the front porch. Pleasantries were exchanged. MR &MRS CULLPEPPER arrived with 2 white overseers and the 15 yr old Nigger wench on a wagon As the CULLPEPPERS approach the porch MRS CULLPEPPER said I hope all is ready? Sure is, came the reply he been eaten oat, grits and plenty of fat back. Everything needed to ensure a large amount of Nigger cum. I have successfully broken is defiant sprit

MRS DOW said and what about your wench? Still a virgin I assume and I'm told she gained 25 lb in all the right places, which brought a loud laughter from all 4 people. After Dinner MRS DOW directed everyone to the basement where the main event was to take place. The Breeding wench was given special brews that cause her to get sexually aroused and dazed. The wench was brought out naked directly to MRS CULLPEPPER supported by 2 overseers. MRS CULLPEPPER asks everyone to gather around, as the wench was force to her knees. She announced, “ This is the Nigger wench we brought last month. Wench, tell the good white Christian people here what your purpose on the earth? “I am chosen by the lord to be a Nigger breeding wench. I am a 15yr old virgin and you MRS CULLPEPPER own my Dumb Black ASS; You have fatten my big ass hoping I squeeze out twin suckers a year. I will never know the father of my suckers”. She said this as a few tears ran down her face

Then the wench asked MRS CULLPEPPER Mistress would it hurt much? Just a little came the reply as MRS CULLPEPPER wink and gave a sly smile at the crowd. Her hand moved over the wench big fat ass, which course the wench to tremble with excitement

Just than all head turn to the right and MRS DOW strolled out with Buck They booth was a sight to see. MRS DOW was walking one step in front of Buck she was wearing a Black corset, which showed of a large amount of Cleavage almost exposing her nipples black stocking and knee high black boots. In her right hand she was leading Buck by is fully erect, well-oiled 12 inches of Black dick. MRS Dow and BUCK stood directly behind the kneeing NIGGER wench. As she slowly stroke Buck's Big Black Cock. Who sported a big grin on he face knowing that all the WHITE PEOPLE WAS PLEASE with his big black dick While some men was stroking there dicks She listens to all the comment from her guest. Booth man and woman Like “ WOW he's going to fuck her with that?” or “He will rip her apart”. Rev Johnson walk up and in a preaching fashion asking the wench are you ready to serve the lord wench? Yes master, came the word with more tears running down her face.

MRS DOW move Buck Black dick closer and place it on the Wench's shoulder. MRS CULLPEPPER turns the wench head to the right and said kiss the Black dick of your first-born sucker wench. Tell everyone here what you want from his big baby maker. As her puffy lips kiss the side of Buck dick she word were barely audible. “Please fuck my virgin Cunt with this Nigger Dick Shoot a lot of cum up my cunt and I try my best to fuck out a twins set of suckers”. MRS CULLPEPPER with her left hand she reach over the wench's head place her for and middle finger into the wench nostrils and pull back hard while placing her knee against the wench neck. Rev Johnson announced, “It's time to baptize your Nigger wench As MR DOW move Buck away to prepare him for his task

Approx 15 white men booth Guest and overseers approach the wench and received a hand job from one of the female guest or they jerk off a load onto the wench face. MRS CULLPEPPERS hands was full of Cum as she direct the wench head in the direction of the cum shooting dicks. Rev Johnson preached words like “let that white cum purify your soul wench”. As MRS CULLPEPPER push all the cum that landed on her hand and the wench face into her open mouth. After all 15 men delivered there blessing MRS CULLPEPPER said in a southern drool “ Why Reverend you did not ad your blessing yet”. As Rev Johnson contribute is load of blessing, MRS DOW was getting buck into Breeding MODE.

Hope you enjoy the story please send me your thoughts Next chapter. Breeding the wench

My Negro Slave Story 5

As MRS CULLPEPPER was directing the” cum” baptism of her Nigger breeding wench MRS DOW was skillfully prepping Buck for his task at hand. MRS DOW continued to apply a slow right hand stoke to the full length of Buck 12 inch Dick as she stroke his naked muscular buttocks with her left hand. She looked Buck deep in his eyes and with a wicked smile she said, “ that the 15 year old NIGGER Virgin wench I told you about. Isn't she a young pretty wench?” It was hard for Buck to glance over to view the action as his eyes was fixated on MRS Dow's eyes and Massive cleavage that was being rub up against his Black muscular right arm. MRS Dow knew she had Buck she had BUCK mind body and soul.

She continued to tease Buck by saying “ look at all the white cum on the Black coon face of hers” Knowing Buck was struggling to decide where his eyes should look. Buck lust for MRS Dow gave in and he bent down to kiss her bulging white cleavage MRS Dow SMACK him hard across the face stating “ NOT yet Nigger SHE STATED with a firm wicked grin you first must make me proud. I want you to fuck that a big load into the wench's virgin cunt do you understand me? Buck reply was a frantic yes Ma-am. MRS Dow said, “ I want you to fuck set of twins suckers into her belly can you do that BUCK? She said this while leaning forward letting buck get a good view of her cleavage

If you do a good job I'LL HAVE A BIG SURPRISE for you when we get home.

MRS CULLPEPPER made announcement in her southern drool, “now that MY wench has been baptize properly let get down to business”. A pun her hearing that statement the wench began to panic and franticly shaking her head NO as tears rolled down her face. She begin to beg saying “please Mistress please don't make him fuck me” One of the overseers step up with a black Leather belt and began to whip her hard on her back and legs WHACK WHACK WHACK The wench tried to avoid the blows while still begging for Mercy has she grab the MR CULLPEPPER ankle MRS CULLPEPPER pulled her up by her nappy dreadlocks and SLAP her hard across the face and with a cold look in her eyes she said “ Look you Black savage ME AND MY Husband brought you for 1 reason TO BREED YOUR BLACK ASS. She motions to the overseer to continue his Assault on the breeding wench. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK the sound of leather hitting skin vibrated around the room.

The breeding wench grabbing MS CULLPEPPER leg begging “please mistress no more please. MRS CULLPEPPER halted the assault and pointed to the dirty mattress and said in her southern drool “NIGGER crawl of to that mattress As the sobbing wench crawl to her fate MRS CULLPEPPER delivered a swift kick to her rear end As MRS CULLPERRPER Followed behind along with the invite guest The wench was told to lay flat on her back MRS CULLPEPPER straddle her face reach down and grab her angles and pull back till booth was straight in the air. Oil was purred on her virgin cunt MRS CULLPEPPER look down at the wench and said,” say goodbye to your virgin cunt coon when I am done with your black ass those suckers will drop out like flies.

MRS DOW and Buck approach the Mattress with her well oil hand stroking Buck 12 inches Dick. MRS DOW took the opportunity to show BUCK off while Stoking BUCK Big Black freshly oil dick she said in her sweet southern drool “I have train this BIG DICK NIGGER myself and turn him into a big White tits loving coon” As she smiles wickedly and the crowed “See how he can't keep is eyes of my Big ole Tits” “He loves when I stroke is BIG COON DICK with my soft white hands” isn't that right Buck? Yes

Ma-am came a faint comment as MRS DOW look directly into Buckeyes with an evil grin. She than pointed to the breeding wench who legs was held up by MRS CULLPEPPER MRS DOW stated “My good friends want to see you stick your big coon dick up that NIGGER CUNT she will cry but you pay that no mine “yaw hear” You keep fucking her long and hard, and don't cum till I tell you. These comments brought a loud laughter from the quest.

As Buck laid down over the Wench with each leg drape over his shoulder bending her body almost in half. This position allowed all the White guest to get a full view of Buck hammering his 12 inch Baby maker MRS Dow guided Buck 12 inch dick to the Wench virgin cunt rotating the head of his massive Dick past the wall of her cunt. MRS Dow stood up gave her guest a wicked grind and Slap Buck ass hard and said “FUCK THAT COON LONG AND HARD”. Every inch of Buck muscles was used to hammer His BIG BLACK baby maker in the BREEDING WENCH. The Wench made a Howl that could be heard through out the Mansion when the First stoke roared into her virgin cunt taking her virginity. Buck BIG BLACK BABY MAKER hammered home 4 big load of Cum. MRS Dow instructed Buck to lift himself up, as Buck removed his Dick from the half conscious Wench MRS Dow grab firmly Buck's massive Dick and began to stroke a 5 th glob of cum that fell into the BREEDING WENCH OPEN CUNT

The Breeding wench was than hoisted upside down by 2 overseers to ensure that all of Buck cum past toward it intend target. MRS CULLPEPPER crape all the loose cum that did not make it in the wench's cunt back inside. In 1-week time this event was repeated to ensure a successful insemination …A overseer rushes over to MR &MRS DOW.

And announce that the 2 run away slaves Betty LOU and BEN have been captured and are being return back to the mansion. An evil grin came over MRS Dow she stated to MR DOW “when I'm dome with those two Niggers they will wish they were never born

In the South Black Runaway slaves was dealt with very harshly. And MRS Dow with her creamy White Whopping 42 FF Tits was very good at delivering the punishment

End of Chapter 5 Please send me your though about my story…..Storyman

WHITE My Negro Slave Story #6

Before there was an underground railroad was establish Black slaves always dream of being free. The year 1650 the Slave trade was in full swing. Where would 2 runaway slaves 1 young female 20 yr old, 6 month pregnant name Betty Lou The other A black male 23 yrs old name BEN run to escape from the cruelty of Slavery. Booth was the Property of the MR &MRS DOW for 20years. The DOWS had allowed them to be married in a Negro church that was set up on the plantation. The DOW knew that the Church life along with SLAVES marriage will keep the Slave docile and working hard “MR Dow always said, “A happy slave is Good slave which equal more profit for the DOWS”. For Betty LOU & Ben there fail attempt for freedom would change there lives forever under the hands of a angry statutes 5ft 9 curly blonde hair with a 42 FF Brest White woman name MRS DOW.

Back at the Manson the Dows have been successfully using BUCK as a Breeder in 6 month Buck used his Big Baby maker to impregnate 12 breeding wench throughout the SOUTH. The owner of these wenches's paid the DOWS handsomely. Keeping Buck away from the Field Slaves and keeping Him ON THE mansion and under the control booth his Mind body & soul. Ms Dow deliberately used this maneuver of divide & control. Over dinner the MR & MRS Dow is discussing tomorrow afternoon events for the punishment of the 2 runaway slaves. MR Dow ask his wife “so what do you have plan for the runaways”. A WICKED SMILE CAME OVER MRS Dow. I have already sold Betty LOU Nigger ass to MADAM SILVIA whorehouse. But first I will have BUCK whip her Coon Ass in front of our entire slaves tomorrow. Will he do it? asks MR DOW. “Ooh yea laugh MRS DOW 3 Days ago I had a few overseers tie BUCK DOWN I've been visiting him nightly but not allowing him cum I been telling him I have a special job for him and if he's good I might let him fuck me?”

Betty LOU was tied, naked; with her arm stretch out on a strong tree limp her feet barely touching the ground. Her 6month pregnant protruding out. Her puffy eyes are filled with tears as she begs for mercy. The entire flock of Slave is standing in front of Betty LOU approx. 20 yard back some of the wenches are openly crying and all the men and boys look angry. All are guarded by shotgun toting Overseers. In a horse drawn wagon MR & MRS DOW along with Buck lying in the back arrive. As MR DOW address the Slaves of his disappointment of the 2 runaways. He announced that She should now be whipped properly and than sold to a new master. As MRS Dow and buck walk toward Betty LOU MRS DOW while wearing a low cut which displayed a great deal of cleavage said “Buck I want you to whip this Nigger wench good and hard ya-hear.

MRS Dow than deliberately rub her Lilly white hands over Buck muscular arm and over the crotch of his pants. This was done to in rage the slaves. With a evil smile MRS DOW told buck to look at my Big white tits. Would you like to kiss them? Go ahead show all these Niggers who you worship. By now Buck 12 inch Hard on was protruding within his pants from MRS DOW skillful hand. Bucks eyes strained to look around at all the slaves that were angrily looking at Buck. MRS DOW grab Buck chin and looked deep into his eyes and said in a southern drool “ Buck my Big ole WHITE TITS are waiting Put those big coon lips right here” pointing to the middle of her protruding cleavage. Buck could not resist

He bent down and put his head into MRS DOWN Bulging CLEAVAGE. MRS DOW held his head there throw her Lovely head back and roared a load sexy laugh saying, “That's right, that's right Buck you know you can't resists my Big White Tits” “NOW WHO OWNS YOUR BIG Dump NIGGER Ass” “You do MRS DOW” came a muffle statement as Buck face was deep into MRS DOWS Cleavage “Now go whip that Nigger WENCH and when you are finish we'll bring her to the Mansion to meet her new Master. She may let you fuck HER Knock up Nigger ASS tonight”. . A pun hearing the good news Buck smile grab the whip handed to him by MRS DOW and begin to lay many heavy blows on the back, legs, and shoulders of the Pregnant Wench

The Wench pass out several time but was revived by MRS DOW applying smelling sauce

Under the nose of the Runaway slave. MRS DOW wanted the run away slave to feel every blow. When the whipping was over an elderly female slave walk over to MRS DOW and beg her to let the slaves take her back to the slave quarters. NO CAME the reply I have sold her dumb ass to Madam Sylvia whorehouse. What about BEN ask the old slave MRS DOW smiled and said I have a special plan for Ben.

End of Pt 6.

Part 7 will deal with Betty Lou FATE. And the Run away Ben would not be sold but after MS DOW finish with him he wish he was sold

My Negro Slave Story # 7

The penalty for a runaway slave was severe. Becoming a permanent cripple or castration was the rule. The Owner of the runaway slave has the finale say

The Dow invited a few Rich white couples (local slaves owners) over to the mansion to witness the discipline of the 2 runaways slave. In the basement of the Dow's Mansion while runaway slave Ben was being prepared, Slave Betty LOU who is 6 month pregnant was being work over by her new owner Madam Silvia and big heavy set White woman who ran the biggest whorehouse in Mississippi, and her overseer, MRS DOW and her slave Buck. MRS Dow guests were standing around sipping drinks enjoying the misery of the runaway slave. Betty Lou was on her hands & knees with a rope tied around her neck Madam Silvia sitting in front of the nigger slave as she held a tight grip on the rope, snot and salvia drooling from her nose and mouth as she struggle to breath.

Madam Silvia overseer delivered a stinging “whack” from a thick leather belt on Betty Lou's shoulder coursing the Nigger slave to scream a gutter howl as her arm gave way coursing her body to crash to the floor. Madam Silvia was introducing herself to the Nigger slave as she yank hard on the rope around Betty LOU neck bringing her back to her hand and knees. Madam Silvia gave a stern look into the pleading eyes of the Nigger slave said in a southern drool “ You are now my property and I own your pregnant Nigger ass now. You will spend the rest of you miserable life as a gutter whore in my Whorehouse”. Betty LOU pleaded as best she could “ Please Mistress Is Be a Christian NIGGER “. WHACK WHACK came the blow on BETTY LOU back from the white overseer coursing more howling. Madam Silvia gave an evil smile as she tug hard on the rope “NO more church for you COON. You'll be worshiping White dick for now on. And when you drop that Pinckney in your belly I'M giving it back to MRS DOW

MRS DOW smiled as she stood behind the Nigger slave. Along side of her was BUCK totally nude and displaying a massive well oil 12 inch Black Hard being stroke by the lovely white hands of MRS DOW. MRS Dow said let start the Nigger savage in her new life right now. I'm looking at her nice tight virgin Nigger Ass hole I'm sure my guest would like to see Buck in action. MRS DOW pure oil on Betty LOU ASS hole and push her finger inside to lube her ass. With Betty LOU FACE force to the ground MADAM Silvia foot planted on her neck forcing her Big BLACK ASS up in the air. MRS DOW guided Buck black dick down into Betty LOU ASS HOLE as she collapse for the weight of Buck body. Under MRS DOW Direction BUCK movement with long steady strokes invading the Nigger Slave ass hole. MR DOW Guest move around as to get the got a good look at the hold scene.

2 overseers brought slave BEN into the basement naked. A chain around his neck and hand chain behind his back. Ben stood a stocky 5 ft 7inch. The DOWS purchased him because of his strong back to work the fields. The Dow allowed Ben and Betty Lou to wed and procreate. They were allowed to care of the Negro Church on the plantation. The sight of his lovely Negro wife being used in that manner was too much to bear, pleading with MR DOW to make them stop hurting Betty. MRS Dow walked slowly over toward BEN who was being chain to a pole MRS Dow was sporting a 3 inch black boots which made her standing 6 ft tall a black silk on piece dress which hung from her shoulders with a very low cut in the front showing a ample amount of her 42FF breast. Following behind her was her Guest

MR DOW appear with a big sword in his hand Ben begin to shack nervously in his chains and plead with MS DOW “Please mistress please don't cut me Is be a good nigger” Is be the best Nigger you ever had please don't cut me” His pleading eyes tearing up at MRS DOW. MRS Dow displayed an evil smile to her guest, as she knew this is what they came to see. With 1 step forward MRS DOW massive Cleavage was directly in the face of Slave BEN. MRS Dow look into Slave BEN eyes and said “IVE sold your pregnant Nigger wife to a WHORE HOUSE she'll be sucking the Cum from lots of White Dick, Betty LOU will be A Glory Hole whore. Do you know what a glory hole is? Ben shook is head no and more tears fell down is face. MRS DOW smiled as she looks at her smiling guest. She continue her verbal abuse “ It a hole in the wall a White man will stick is Dick thru the hole and Betty LOU will suck and sallow all the cum from his balls.

And she as you Ben to thank for that!”

MRS DOW still looking at her smiling guest and MR DOW who displayed a broad grin love manipulating her Niggers slave. At this time MRS DOW knew Slave BEN was a nerves wreck. MRS DOW use the good and bad master concept She told Ben that MR DOW want to Cut your MANHOOD OFF. Slave Ben began to shack violently. But MRS DOW calm him quickly by stroking his nappy head and pushing her massive cleavage in his face telling him “But I have convince him not to cut you if you can grow your Nigger Dick to 12 inches like my Buck over there fucking your Betty LOU UP THE ass.

Nigger Slave Ben look at MRS DOW with pleading tearing eyes Ben said “Please mistress Is can't do that Is not that big” MR DOW displaying a very concern look said

“ Sure you can I know all my niggers have Big dicks let me help you MRS Dow held her Big white Tits out from her Dress and rub them together as Ben big Lips suck booth of MRS DOW TITS

MRS Dow than grab Ben dick with her left hand while hoisting her massive tits with her right arm Rubbing slave BEN COCK gently she ask MR DOW to pour some oil over Ben dick please Displaying a evil smile to her guest and a wink to her Husband. MRS DOW begin to stroke Ben dick to life. She use her skillful words of encouragement as she look at her guest whom were clearly enjoying the obscene display

MRS DOW looking at the guest sated “ That it Ben pump my hand. I fell it getting bigger” The quest and MR DOW were all laughing out loud now at the sight of MRS DOW jerking off a Nigger, chain to a pole with no hope of his DICK GROWING TO 12 Inches .Ben was bucking like a dog in heat suddenly he stiffen up trying not to cum but MRS DOW Purposely jerk him harder forcing him to shoot a huge load into her left hand. MRS DOW Step back and look Slave BEN in his pleading eyes with a very sorry expression stated ” Oh MY You Dump NIGGER your Dick is no way near 12 inches.” “Sorry” she than turn to her husband and with a smile and a wink Switch came the blade severing Ben Manhood from the Base

A HOWL that can be heard thru out the plantation was sounded from Slave BEN. EVERYONE knew at the moment just what happen to Slave BEN

MRS Dow walk over to Betty LOU and smear her face with Slave BEN cum and said in her southern drool “Here you are Betty LOU something to remember Ben by” MR DOW and I will be in town to see you in your new quarters at that Glory Hole.

Ben was patch up and sent back to the Plantation for all to see as an example. He was work hard in the cotton field under the lash of the overseers. Betty LOU new lifestyle as a glory Hole whore was in full swing after a week of whipping for MADAM Silvia overseer. The Dow visit the House to check on Betty LOU pregnancy the following month. A newborn NIGGER was worth a lot of money.

Madam Silvia escorted the DOWS to the Glory Hole as they enter the room there were 5 large hole in the wall The Dow watch as Betty LOU head protruded out. Each hole had a Nigger female head sticking out each face was painted with heavy makeup bright red lips, Blue eye liner, the White men would walk around listening to Betty LOU entice the men with word like “ Hello sir Is like to rap my Coon lip around your Big white dick and suck the cum right from your balls” Is sol low every drop”

MADAM Silvia explain to the MR MRS DOW the Wenches were work 12 Hour a day 7 day a week Betty LOU as turn into a real gutter mouth Whore

End of Pt 7..let me know how you feel about my story

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