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To Obey

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Synopsis: Naughty and spoiled girls were sent to the training school to be trained to obedient slaves.
This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book
are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely

Copyright (c) 2001 by Firebird, All rights reserved. Uploaded to by author. May not be reprinted in part or whole without the
expressed written consent of the author.
(Firebird is the author for Chapter 4 and beyond)

                            by Stevie Gee

               *** WARNING *** WARNING *** WARNING ***

The following story depicts very explicit acts of cruel discipline and
sexual abuse inflicted upon mature (16-19) teenage girls. It is
entirely fictional, and is intended solely for the personal amusement
of adults over the age of 21 who have expressed an interest in such
material. It is in no way to be considered an endorsement by the author
of the actual commitment of such acts as those described. If you are
offended by material of this sort, then by all means DON'T READ IT!

               *** WARNING *** WARNING *** WARNING ***
(Above is the original disclaimer from the author of the first 3 chapters)

To Obey
by Stevie Gee (author of the first 3 chapters)
(Reposted by Fire-Bird, the author of the rest of the story)

Chapter 1 "Hounded Into Submission"

"Ok Melissa, pull up your slip and show Paul your pussy."

The command, given to pretty sixteen year old Melissa Andrews by her father
Dave, was not one a girl her age would normally expect to hear. But then
Dave was not exactly a normal father. For him the most important trait in a
female, especially a young daughter, was obedience. Absolute.
Unquestioning. Immediate. Failure to give it earned punishment.

The punishments Melissa and her eighteen year old sister Sharon had
received while growing up had been bad enough. Neither could remember a
time when they weren't constantly being ordered to bend over and bare for
the cane, paddle, or strap. Then last summer he'd sent them away to the
notorious Hackmoore Girl's Disciplinary Academy for even harsher training.
It had been a three month nightmare of pain and sexual abuse, all requested
by, approved, and carefully photo-documented for their father's benefit.

And now here he was trying to talk his best friend Paul Winslow into
sending HIS daughter Cindy off to the very same school, supposedly to cure
her "stubborn willfulness". And to better make his point he intended to use
poor Melissa as an example.

The three of them were in the living-room of Dave's house. The two men were
seated on the couch. Melissa was standing in front of them. She'd been
ordered to dress in her "discipline slip" for the occasion. It was a plain
white satin slip, slit down the back and tied closed with ribbons.
Additional ribbons formed the straps over the shoulders. This allowed the
garment to be removed easily over bound hands and feet.

"Quickly now. Don't embarrass me in front of Paul." her father commanded.

Blushing deeply, Melissa raised the hem of her slip a scant couple of
inches. The way her lithe young thighs were pressed together all Paul could
see was the very top of her cleft, but even that was enough to make his
cock throb suddenly to life. Like Dave he was into harsh discipline and had
a thing for pretty teenage girls. He'd often admired Dave's two young
daughters, but until now he'd never imagined his friend would actually make
them show off their sexual charms to him. He hoped he wasn't dreaming.

Dave was not impressed by Melissa's efforts. "You can do better than that,"
he snapped in disgust. "Show it right!"

Melissa gulped. Her father's tone of voice was unmistakable. Behave or get
punished. She immediately jerked the him up to her waist and spread her
legs wide. Her blush this time was a bright scarlet. Dave was the first to
break the long, admiring silence that followed. He winked at Paul, a
message to play along. "Well, what do you think?"

Paul response was carefully casual. "Very pretty. I like the way the pink
inner lips peek out around the edges of her slit. Her clit also stands out
nicely. If I were you I'd make her keep it shaved off like it is now.

Dave nodded thoughtfully. "Thanks for the suggestion. I will."

They continued to look for another couple of minutes before Dave asked,
"Ready for the flip side?" Paul managed to tear his eyes away long enough
to reply, "Sure!"

"Ok Melissa. Turn slowly, and keep your legs spread this time! That's it.
All the way around. Ok, stop. Now pull that slip up under your arms and
bend over. No, all the way down. Hands on the floor. Feet a little wider.
Wider damnit! That's better. Now arch your spine, stick out your ass, and
hold it. That's fine."

This time Paul's dick wanted to rip right up out of his pants. Never had he
seen a girl so fully exposed. Her pert little round buns yawed wide open,
the cleft between them reduced to a shallow grove. Her bare sex gaped
helplessly, its every inner secret fully revealed to his lustful gaze. If
she opened her mouth he was sure he could see daylight. "Not bad, hunh,"
Dave asked with just a bit of fatherly pride. "Imagine having Cindy trained
to do this."

Paul cleared his throat, which for some reason had gone suddenly dry.
"Uh... yeah. Not bad at all." He leaned forward for a closer look. "That
sure is a tiny little cunthole. She must be real tight."

Dave grinned. "As a cat's ass. But that ain't nothing compared to her butt.
Virgin tight and tender as hell. After what happened to her at that school
she hates even having it touched."

Paul looked puzzled. "Oh? What was that?"

Dave's reply was a little embarrassed. "Well, actually it's kind of my
fault. The people at the school have this special treatment that's supposed
to tone up the ass muscles. You know, make 'em nice and firm so they don't
get stretched out of shape. It's a kind of chair with a little metal prong
about the size of your thumb sticking up from the seat. They run a current
through it to make the muscles clench. Kind'a painful, especially if it
goes on for very long. Anyway, when I filled out the forms I checked the
box for "maximum". I didn't know that meant they'd spend a whole day on
that prong, getting the shit shocked out of them."

"Oh." It was all Paul could think of to say.

Paul was so busy admiring the view that he hardly noticed when Dave got up
and walked out of the room. When he returned he was leading a very large
Great Dane on a leash. It was Butch, the family pet. "Okay," he said with a
flourish, "time to demonstrate sexual responsiveness." He turned to his
young daughter. "On your hands and knees kid, forehead to the floor, and
spread 'em wide."

Melissa took one look at the huge dog and panicked. She fell to her knees.
"Oh no Daddy! Please don't make me do it! Not the dog! Not in front of Mr.
Winslow! PLEASEEE!!!!"

Dave's face darkened. "You have just earned yourself one whipping for
disobedience, and one extra one for misbehaving in front of a guest. Both
will be QUITE severe. Now get it up here!"

With a sob of despair Melissa did as she was told. Head down and ass up,
her knees spread wide, her shaved sex gaped in open invitation. Dave
unhooked the dogs leash and said, "Go boy!"

The hound bounded over the girl in two steps. He apparently had done this
before because he went immediately to her plump cleft and started lapping.
Dave returned to the couch to watch the show.

"I think it's interesting to note that Melissa would rather die than show
sexual response to a dog," Dave commented casually. "Especially in front of
another man. She'll do everything in her power to resist the sensations.
She will of course be unable to, thanks to all those special female
hormones and stimulants the school treated her with. She has less control
now over her orgasm than she has over breathing. But she'll still try."

Dave was right. Poor little Melissa never had a chance. First her fists
clenched. Then her hips began to wriggle. She bit her lip to try to stifle
the moans. The dog was winning. Finally when she knew all was lost she
buried her face in her hands and let the spasms take her, her hips
thrusting helplessly against the probing tongue. It went on for a long

"Damn it Melissa! Back into position!" Dave snapped. "I didn't say you
could get up."

Melissa's tear streaked face turned toward her father. "B... but..."

"That makes three whippings you've got coming," Dave hissed. "Now get that
little ass of yours back in position!"

The second one was even worse. Her sex was already wet, swollen, and
excruciatingly sensitive from her previous orgasm. She writhed and moaned
and sobbed in helpless frustration at the brutally intense sensations
streaming up from between her widely parted thighs. The outcome was
inevitable. She wailed helplessly as the second set of spasms shook her.

Nor did it stop there. Melissa looked up at her father, her eyes pleading.
He just grinned. She was cumming for the forth time when her mother walked

Ann Andrews shook her head and just smiled at the sight of her daughter and
the dog on the floor. She walked over to her husband and kissed him hello.
"Hi sweetheart," she said cheerfully. "Why hello Paul."

"Uh... Hi Ann," he replied, his voice betraying his nervousness. He was
unsure of how the mother would react to the blatant sexual abuse of her
sixteen year old daughter. She just smiled. "I see you boys are having a
good time."

Paul colored slightly and looked uncomfortable. Dave nodded with boyish
enthusiasm. "You bet. I was just showing Paul the benefits of sending his
daughter off to that girl's training school. Melissa is helping. Oops!
There she goes again."

Three pairs of eyes turned to watch Melissa clutch the carpet and gurgle
into another long series of spasms. When they finally passed Ann said,
"Well, I hate to break up the show but we've got to be at the Henderson's
in half an hour for bridge club."

Dave looked thunderstruck. "Oh SHIT! I forgot all about it. And I didn't
even call the baby sitter." He glanced around wildly, his eyes falling on
his friend. "Paul! You've got to help me. Stay with the girls for a few
hours while we go out. How about it?"

Paul hesitated, unsure of how to handle this sudden turn of events. "Uh...
I don't know Dave. I'm not much of a baby sitter." Behind them Melissa
suddenly cried out in the throes of yet another orgasm. No one could
remember whether it was her fifth or sixth. Dave paused, thinking. He
caught his wife's eye. "Could you excuse us for a minute dear? Man talk."

When she was gone Dave pulled Paul aside and said, "Listen chum, I can see
by the bulge in your pants that you're just dying to get at that cute
little piece of teenage ass over there on the floor. Lord knows she's all
warmed up for it." Behind them Melissa moaned as if in confirmation. "And
believe me I don't mind. We'll be gone for hours. Fuck her all you want."

It was tempting. Damn tempting. The problem was that deep down inside Paul
still just couldn't believe Dave really meant what he was saying. Dave
squeezed his arm. "Even better, give her those three whippings I promised
her. There's all sorts of canes and ropes and things down in the basement.
Her sister Sharon's already down there, tied up over the trestle. I was
planning to demonstrate a good old fashioned ass whipping for you after we
finished with Melissa."

Paul wavered. "Well..."

Dave sighed. "Ok, if it makes you feel any better I'll tell you what we'll
do. We'll make a deal. A gentlemen's agreement so to speak. That way it'll
be fair for everybody."

"What kind of deal?" Paul asked suspiciously.

"You're going to send your daughter Cindy off to the same school my two
went to, right?"

There was no question about that one. Paul had seen more than enough to
convince him of the school's merits. He nodded.

"And when she gets back she'll be just as well trained as mine are."

"I suppose so," Paul replied cautiously.

"So here's the agreement. You can do anything you want to my two daughters
tonight. And I do mean ANYTHING! As long as I get to do the same things to
your daughter some night after she gets back. That way we both know it
won't get too far out of hand."

Paul thought about it. A smile played slowly over his lips. "You know,
Cindy has been a real pain in the ass lately. Protecting her precious hide
from you won't be much of a deterrent. In fact it'll probably have the
opposite effect."

Dave shrugged. "That's her problem. Deal?"

Paul nodded. "Deal?"


To Obey
by Stevie Gee (Reposted by Fire-Bird)

Chapter 2 "Getting A Buzz On"

The two of them hurriedly stripped off Melissa's slip and carried her
downstairs to the basement. As promised her eighteen year old sister Sharon
was already down there, bent naked over the trestle, her pert little ass
reared high. She was gagged, which prevented a lot of unnecessary
questions. She was obviously shocked to see to see the two men carrying her
naked, sobbing younger sister into the room.

They threw Melissa down on a large four poster bed, spread-eagled her face
up, and cuffed her wrists and ankles to posts in each corner. A thick
pillow shoved under her ass elevated her hips. Conveniently placed cranks
allowed them to draw her body bowstring taut. When they were done her red,
swollen cleft gaped helplessly skyward.

"You should find everything you need in one of those lockers," Dave said,
pointing to a row of four cabinets against the far wall. Don't hesitate to
use any of it." He looked pointedly over at his younger daughter's cruelly
elevated midsection and winked. "Also don't hesitate to use it where you
think it'll do the most good."

Dave hurried out to get ready for bridge club, closing the basement door
behind him. Before leaving he assured Paul that it was totally soundproof.
Just to be sure he wasn't disturbed Paul threw the heavy inside bolt.

That done he began to take stock. Inside one large cabinet was every kind
of whip, paddle, strap, cane, and taws imaginable. Another cabinet yielded
a treasure trove of dildos and vibrators, some impossibly huge and heavily
spiked for girls the age of Sharon and Melissa. A third was full of bondage
devices. A forth held what looked like medical instruments and supplies,
heavy on the lubricants. Paul gleefully rubbed his hands together. He was
in business.

The first thing he looked for was an appropriate vibrating dildo for
Sharon. He found one that was over ten inches long and about as thick as
the girl's wrist. It had a dozen spiraling rows of short, pointy spikes
along it's length, and even better it was equipped with a heavy duty AC
powered vibration unit. Perfect. He picked it up along with a harness and a
jar of Vaseline.

It took almost ten minutes of pushing and shoving and twisting to get the
dildo buried to the hilt up Sharon's tight little hole. To Paul's delight
the poor youngster kicked and screamed the whole time, especially when the
spikes started digging into the drum-taut inner walls of her cunt walls. He
could actually see the little bumps moving up the bulge the dildo was
making in her groin.

He didn't really need the harness. There was no way the dildo was going to
come out on it's own. But buy putting it on and cinching it tight between
the girl's legs he ensured that the head of the phallus would remain
pressed hard up into the very back of her womb, no matter how violently she

Sharon shook her head frantically when Paul held up the plug, her big brown
eyes pleading for mercy. The dildo already felt like it was splitting her
in two. Paul grinned, bent down, and shoved the prongs into a nearby wall
socket. Sharon tensed. Her eyes squeezed shut. She held her breath. Nothing

A minute later Paul was still scratching his head. He pulled the plug out
and tried the other socket. Still nothing. He walked around and looked at
the base of the dildo. Ah! There it was. A ring at the base of the dildo
with an arrow embossed on it. Above it, etched into the plastic shaft were
the words "OFF -- LOW -- MED -- HI -- MAX". Above that was the message:

CAUTION! Do NOT use maximum setting for more than 30 sec. at a time.
Intense discomfort may result.

The arrow pointed to "OFF". Paul twisted the ring until it pointed to
"LOW". The vibration unit kicked on and began to hum in a low, powerful way
that was entirely different from the usual battery operated unit. Sharon
squirmed and whimpered at the sudden new wave of sensation pouring up from
between her legs. She tugged at her bindings.

Paul had to admit that the sex hormones were wickedly effective. It took
less than a minute for Sharon's first orgasm to start. The moment it hit
her Paul twisted the ring to "MED" and the hum doubled in volume. So did
Sharon's strangled protests. She bucked and heaved and tugged uselessly at
her bindings as the blinding waves of pleasure/pain filled her young body.
It went on and on until she felt like she surely must faint. That's when
Paul twisted the ring to "HI".

The angry buzz cut through Sharon like a red hot poker. Her sex was already
sore and swollen from her just finished orgasm. The new assault was more
than she could take. She wailed helplessly, her hips bouncing in wild
abandon over the top of the trestle. Paul let her suffer for a good five
minutes before switching up one more notch to "MAX".

The dildo actually thrummed with power as its full potential was released
upon Sharon's helpless sex. If she hadn't been gagged her teeth would have
rattled. As it was it felt like a bare wire had been shoved up her cunt and
plugged in instead of a vibrator. She screamed. Again and again. Paul just
smiled, patted her on her wildly jerking ass, and walked off.


To Obey
by Stevie Gee (Reposted by Fire-Bird)

Chapter 3 "Punished Puss"

Paul found exactly what he was looking for in the whips cabinet. A martinet
with six knotted cords about eighteen inches in length. The dildo cabinet
produced a "billy-club", a slim twelve inch rectal invader with a heavily
spiked head attached to a grip fitting handle. The penis gag was in the
bindings locker. He still had the Vaseline.

Melissa watched him approach with wide-eyed fear. She'd seen what he'd done
to her sister. She knew she could expect the same. Her voice quavered.
"W...what are you going to do?"

Paul sat down on the bed even with Melissa's raised hips and grinned. "I'm
going to give you the whipping you earned tonight by disobeying your
father. Now be a good girl and open your mouth."

Knowing better than to disobey the pert youngster did as she was told. Paul
inserted the phallus into her mouth and buckled the strap behind her head.
She whimpered at the tightness of it.

Paul picked up the jar of Vaseline and scooped out a big glob onto his
fingers. He began to message it into the girl's gaping sex and between her
bottom cheeks. While he worked he talked. "Tell me Melissa, have you ever
been whipped between your legs? (Wide eyed shock. Frantic shake of the
head.) No? Well in that case you're in for a real experience. Every girl
I've ever done it to absolutely hates it. I'm sure you will too. But then
that's part of the price you pay for disobedience, isn't it." He bent over
to inspect his work, then scooped more Vaseline.

"Of course this will be a new experience for me as well, since I've never
pussy-whipped a girl your age before. I suspect that you're going to be
much more sensitive than the women I've tried. Especially after that little
bout with the dog." Paul grinned at Melissa's blush. "The spread of your
legs and your total lack of pubic hair should also add to the severity of
the pain." He dipped more Vaseline. "In case you're wondering the Vaseline
is to lubricate your tissues so that the thongs won't cut. They'll still
sting just as bad, maybe even worse, but I promise there won't be any
damage. I wouldn't want to injure a pretty girl like you."

By this time Melissa's hips were squirming helplessly. It had been less
that fifteen minutes since the dog's attentions and she was still wet and
fully aroused. Paul chuckled. "Good. I'm glad to see you've got some spark
left. It always hurts more when the tissues are swollen with lust."

Finally Paul set the Vaseline aside and picked up the dildo. "Do you know
what this is for?" Melissa shook her head. "Before each stroke I expect you
to lift your hips up off the pillow as high as you can. If you start to
forget I'll shove this up your ass to remind you. Is that clear?" Blinking
back tears, Melissa nodded.

Paul picked up the lash and turned to face Melissa's cruelly splayed sex.
The sight of her plump, hairless little pussy with its slit gaping wide and
its insides wet and swollen was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. He
touched the cords to her pubic mount. She obediently raised her hips.


Melissa's scream was one of pure, shrill, burning agony. Never in her young
life had she experienced anything like the white hot pain of the knotted
thongs biting into her tender inner tissues. She heaved against her
bindings, her legs kicking wildly as the terrible sensations between her
legs grew and grew. And just when it couldn't possibly get any worse, Paul
whipped her again. And again. And again.




Paul was having the time of his life. Never had he seen anything so
beautiful, so powerfully erotic as the way pretty little sixteen year old
Melissa reacted to having her cunt flogged. The look of shock and pain on
her sweet young face was priceless all by itself. Then there was the
helplessly lewd way her hips danced around on the bed. The beautiful red
welts that spread across the pale nether lips. And the sounds! The splat of
the lash. The strident shrieks of agony, reduced to soft mewings by the
gag. The creak of the bed under her bouncing ass. The muffled pleas for
mercy. The broken, shuddering sobs. It was unbelievable.

Poor Melissa foolishly failed to rise for the fifth stroke. This caused a
short but interesting pause while the dildo was rammed up her tight, tender
little asshole. Her father had been right about the effects of the
training. The poor kid tried to jump out of her skin the moment the spiked
tip touched the puckered bud of her rectum. She strained to the very limits
of her bindings trying to escape it, and Paul took full advantage of the
opportunity by cheerfully lashing the thongs straight down into her wide
open cleft. The dildo sank a little deeper with each stroke.

After that Paul had no trouble making the girl arch her pussy up. All he
had to do was reach around her hips and tap the handle of the dildo. She
would rise up like a breaching whale, her sex ripe and open for the lash.
The whipping progressed with a steady, cruel rhythm.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 4 "After School."

Paul rubbed his arm to relieve the soreness from the previous night's
entertainment. He reveled in his memory of the whipping he gave his
friend Dave's teenage girls. He was a little concerned as to how Dave
would react when he noticed the red welt on Melissa's stomach. She
had moved at the wrong time to try and dislodge the dildo up her arse
and he stopped her with a whip across her tummy.

He got up, put on his dressing robe and walked into the kitchen. He
was cooking some eggs when his daughter's radio turned on upstairs.
"Little shit!" he muttered while buttering some toast. "All she ever
does is sit around moaning about this and moaning about that."

A few minutes later he heard her turn on the shower. The thought of
her glistening body in the water started to turn him on. Soap running
all over her skin and through her pubic hair. Paul finished off his
breakfast and went upstairs to see if he could get into the bathroom.

Knock knock. "Are you finished in there yet Cindy?" ... "Soon." she
replied. Paul then remembered something. "Cindy, the school called
again to let me know that you were suppose to be there for summer
classes. Did you go?"

"... um ... I wasn't feeling very well. You know, girl stuff. So I
decided not to go."

"You're bored there huh? ... The teachers still dickheads?"

"Yeah, they are. I just want something that has a bit more excitment."

"Fair enough honey. Our neighbour Dave was telling me he 'allowed'
his two daughters to go to a school called Hackmoores. Apparently they
had a great time and loved every minute of it. I want you to do better
with your grades hon so I think it might be a good idea if you went 
there for a while. It'll mean you have to go and stay in a bording 
hostel for a while but I'm sure you're mature enough to look after

"Dad! That sounds great!"

"Great, I'll get it organised."

"Oh you'll have a great time honey." Paul thought to himself. "You'll
have the best time ever." smiling in the hallway mirror as he walked
to his room.

A little later Paul was mowing the lawns when he spied Dave over the 
fence waving to him. He shut off the mower and walked over. 

"Morning Dave, how are ya?"

"Great thanks. You? Oh, and thanks for looking after the girls. Sharon
is a little tender this morning and Melissa is walking funny but I'm
sure they'll be fine by this afternoon."

"Incidently, I wanted to say sorry for leaving a mark on Melissa's stomach."

"Don't worry, she told me what happened and I gave her another whipping
for moving when a guest was having fun."

"Well, I've got some lawns to do. Oh, Cindy has decided she wants to go
to Hackmoores."

"Excellent! You won't be disappointed. Ann, me and the girls are going
to have a special dinner tonight so we're tied up. But would you mind
coming over say around 10am tomorrow morning? I got a package today
from Hackmoores. It's all the photos and videos they took of the girls
having their lessons. Oh, and there are even a few suprises. I want to 
share it with the girls if you know what I mean."

"Sure, I'll be there. Oh, and thanks again for letting me babysit."

"No worries, you'll have to do it again soon."

"You bet!"

Dave watch Paul go back to his lawns. He turned around and went inside
and saw Ann looking through some recipe books. 

"Found anything for tonight sweetie?" as he sat down beside her.

"It's a choice between BBQ saugages and salad or chicken wings on
sticks. Any preferences?"

"Both sounds lovely. I'm sure the girls will love it."

"Oh they will. I think saugages will be good tonight."

Later that day Dave was watching the game on TV when Melissa and
Sharon got home from Summer school. They had always achieved top
marks but Dave insisted they do better. They immediately went up
stairs to do their homework. The one time they didn't they were
taken to the basement and given 5 whippings each. They knew not
to cross their parents.

About 4pm both the girls came down and sat beside their father.

"Hi girls, how was school?" ... "It was okay." replied Sharon.
"Good, your Mum and I have a special dinner so go upstairs and
get into your slips."

"Okay, we'll be back shortly."

When they returned Dave told Sharon to go and help her mother in
the kitchen. Melissa sat beside her Dad watching the tv. She then
caught a look from her father and knew she had to perform. She
stood up, pulled the slip over her head and stood naked in front
of her father. Dave stood up and let her take off his clothes.
Already his cock was starting to get bigger. She pushed her thighs
against it a few times. Dave loved it.

When he was fully naked he sat down looking at his pretty 16 year
old. "Lick me all over."

Melissa started on his arms kissing and licking. She moved to his
face, neck, chest and stomach. Dave's cock was rock hard. Melissa
moved passed it and licked his legs and feet. Then she returned to
his erection. She started at his balls and licked all the way up
his shaft and then swallowed it tenderly. 

Dave thought to himself, 'And to think it only took her three 
whipping to get her to learn this well. Sharon took longer of course
but she had always had a bit of a rebellious streak. Until Hackmoore's
School of course.' He groaned a bit while Melissa carried on sucking,
kissing and fucking her father with her mouth.

Sharon chopped up vegetables. She had noticed a lot of saugages tonight
but didn't say anything. She dearly loved her mother but knew that she 
had no hesitation in taking her down to the basement like her father. 
The saugages sizzled on the grill while Ann busied herself with setting
the table. Ann walked up behind her daughter and turned her around.
Ann then started inspecting Sharon's pussy. She roughly stuck a finger 
in and grabbed her clit. Sharon gasped.

"Go upstairs and shave yourself, I don't want you catching fire." she
told Sharon.

Sharon immediately went and did her mother's bidding. When she returned
the special chair had been set out by the table. It was bigger than the
others mainly due to the handcuffs and much stronger wood. It was designed 
to allow someone to put their knees into certain holes while leaning them
forward towards the back. This allowed complete access to the rear of
said user.

Sharon walked over to her Mum. "Ok honey, get into positon 33 by the

Sharon had learnt position 33 at Hackmoore's. She walked over to the
carpet on the floor and got into position. She had to do a handstand
against the wall and then allow her legs to fall to the side. Her Mum
walked over with a bottle of Ketchup, unscrewed the cap and pushed the
nozzle into Sharon's cunt. She then started hitting the top of it to
make more of the sauce come out. Sharon's face started going red from
all the blood rushing to her head but she knew she better not fall over
or there'd be hell to pay.

"Dinner ready yet honey?" yelled Dave from the lounge. "Nearly, but come
in and have a seat anyway." Ann replied.

Dave and Melissa entered the dining room and sat at the table. Ann was
the only one dressed but this didn't seem to bother any of the other
family members. Dave looked down at his cock and noticed a bit of pre-
cum still on his shaft. He turned to Melissa.

"Next time you'll do better, understand?" he said. Melissa simply nodded.

Ann walked over to Sharon and gave her a slap on the butt. "Okay, that's
fine. Into the chair." Ann extracted the sauce and Sharon got up. She
helded her vagina lips together while she waddled over to the chair.
She positioned herself into it while Dave handcuffed her in. Ann returned
from the kitchen with a large bowl of saugages. Dave took some of the
salad dressing and emptied half of it's contents onto the back of Sharon.
When Ann had seated herself at the table she announced, "Dinners ready."

Dave took the lid off the saugages and steam rose from the bowl. He took
a pair of tongs and located a suitable sauage.

"Melissa, open your sister for me."

Melissa leaned over and parted her sister's vagina lips. Sharon started
shaking her head. Sweat was already glistening on her back. Dave took
the burning hot saugage and rammed it in. Sharon screamed.

"Fuck!" said Ann. "I forgot the gag, hang on!"

Dave extracted the saugage and waited. Ann returned with a penis gag and
an butt plug. She stuffed the gag into Sharon's mouth which stopped Sharon's
whimperings and then jammed the butt plug into Sharon's twitching asshole.

"Don't want her shit all over my cooked food." said Ann as she sat down.

Dave nodded her Melissa and she again parted her sister's vagina lips. Dave
inserted the saugage. Sharon bucked and tried to move her rear away but it
was no use. After a few seconds Dave took the saugage and placed it on his
plate. It was covered in ketchup. He then took another steaming sauage and 
ran it along Sharon's slit before forcing it between her lips. Sharon 
continued to buck. Melissa helped by dabbing her salad into the dressing
on Sharon's back.

After all the sauages had been 'seasoned' he unhandcuffed Sharon. Sharon got
up and Dave took the chair away and replaced it with a normal one. 

Melissa asked, "When can I help with the seasoning Daddy?"

Dave looked at his sweet daughter, "When you turn 17 honey." and he resumed

After dinner Ann and Dave went into the lounge while their daughters cleaned
up. Sharon walked a little slowly but soon returned to her normal self when
they had finished the washing up. They then went into the lounge also to
wait for their parents next command.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 5 "Final Report"

The night's festivities were fairly quiet after dinner. The only highlight
was when Sharon spilt some chocolate cake on the carpet. As she was eating
it up Dave let the Great Dane in to the house. The dog immediately mounted 
Sharon and fucked the life out of her.

Dave and Ann woke up early the next morning. They had tied the girls to the
bed the night before. During the night they had snuck in and placed wires
onto their daughters breasts. The girls didn't even noticed.

Dave kissed his wife on the lips and smiled. Ann reached over for the remote
control. A special device made by the Hackmoore's school it had numerous
buttons on it. They selected number 2 and then the range of intensity from
1 to 5. 5 being very very painful. Ann did a small count down from three and
when she reached zero she pressed and held down the number four key.

The girls screamed. Their bodies shook with the pulses of the electricity
as it ravaged their bodies and awoke them from their peaceful slumber.
Ann then pressed the buttons at random and repeatedly. The girls continued
screaming and shaking. Dave then took the control and counted down from ten
very quietly. He wanted his daughters to feel that it was all over. He then
pressed four and held it down for a full 30 seconds.

Dave and Ann slowly got up and put on the robes. Ann played with Dave's cock
which was very erect. She knelt down and licked all around the shaft. Dave
was in ecstasy. They then went into the next room to check on the girls.
The smell of burnt flesh and sweat was very strong. Ann opened the window
to allow the plumes to leave. Melissa and Sharon just stared at their parents
while they made small talk about the burn marks. Ann then went off to have
a shower while Dave released his daughters. He told them to do the three S's
and then do their exercises downstairs. 
(Three S's being of course, Shit-Shower-Shave.)

After Dave had his shower he dressed and went down stairs. Ann had already
set the table for breakfast. Usually she gets one of the girls to do it but
she felt particularly domesticated this morning. The girls were in the lounge
doing their morning stretches. One of the reports from Hackmoore's was that
the girls were very flexible and it was recommended they retained this body
suppleness by morning stretches.

Ann smiled to her husband and said, "Don't forget about the dance lessons
tonight." Dave looked up and finished his mouthful. "Way ahead of you my
dear, I've asked Paul to come over and baby sit."

"Excellent idea, is he going to bring his daughter?"

"I hope so." Dave replied, "But I think Paul is probably going to let the
school introduce her to our way of life. I'd love to see Cindy's face once
she finds out."

Ann smiled and went into the lounge. The girls were just finishing up with
some splits. "Into the dining room girls, breakfast is waiting."

The girls immediately skipped through into the next room and sat down for
their breakfast.

The doorbell rang, Ann answered it. Dave upon hearing the door close turned
around in his chair to see his wife carrying a large parcel.

"Look dear, it's the final reports and equipment from Hackmoores."

Both Melissa and Sharon stopped eating. This was the day they dreaded.
If the report said they required extra curricular activities then they
knew their parents would have no hesitation in sending them back.

Ann grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and with Dave by her side she
cut open the parcel. Dave took the top file which said "Final Report."
He read the first page, and then the last one. He handed it to his wife.
His face gave no suggestion to the girls of what the result were.

Ann finished reading the last page, and very slowly put the file on the
bench. Dave grabbed Ann's hand and led her to her chair. Dave sat down
on the other side.

"Your reports are very good girls, very good indeed." Dave said.

Sharon breathed a sigh of relief. Melissa fell back in her chair.

Ann continued, "But it does say that you, Melissa, could have done better
with the Cock-sucking exam. You scored 87% which is just above average."

Melissa looked at both her father and mother. 

Dave carried on, "What this means my dear daughter is that we're going to
send you, AND your sister back for a refresher course."

Sharon's mouth dropped open. "But why me Daddy?"

Normally Dave was very strict about his daughters speaking to him without
him first asking a question, but he let this one slide. 
He answered, "Because you now have motivation to 'help' your sister to
do much better at school."

Ann went over to the report on the bench and picked up the phone. She
dialed the number for the school and awaited for the receptionist to

Dave heard someone knocking at the door. He knew it was Paul, Paul didn't
care for doorbells much. He left the girls at the table looking at each
other and opened the door.

"Hi Dave, how are you this morning?"

"Not too bad Paul, you?"

"Yeah, pretty good actually."

"Well, come in .. Ann's just getting the girls onto a refresher course
back at Hackmoores."

Dave and Paul heard two of the kitchen chairs scraping across the floor.

"She is, excellent. I called them this morning and Cindy is really 
excited to be going. She's packing now. Do you think I should have 
mentioned she isn't going to need any clothes?"

"Nah." Dave replied, "I think she'll work that one out on her own."

*Whack!* *Ouch!* Sharon cried. Dave and Paul looked at each other
and suppressed a smile.

"Anyway, I won't stay Dave as I know you're busy. Did you still want
me around tonight?"

"Most definitely. I really appreciate it. Around 6 ok?"

"Sure, and thanks. See ya then."

Dave closed the door and went back to the kitchen. He found both Melissa
and Sharon leaned over the table while Ann was whipping their pert little
bottoms with a long and very large wooden spoon.

Ann looked up, "Sorry dear, I didn't have the gag on Sharon tight enough.
I hope I didn't interrupt your conversation with Paul?"

"Course not darling, oh, and Paul will be in around six."

"Great stuff. The girls were just working out what they wanted to take
with them to Hackmoores and I thought they could use a whipping to help
them decide."

Dave smiled, "I love your parental control darling, got a spare spoon?"

The whipping continued for another 20 minutes.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 6 "Hackmoores. Refresher Course."

Melissa was lieing on her back while Sharon extracted the numerous needles
her Mum had placed in Melissa's tits. This was a result of not getting a
very good mark (excuse the pun) on her Cock-sucking exam at Hackmoores.

Melissa winced as the last pin was removed. Sharon had a bit of trouble
herself with her tummy still aching from the candle wax her father used
on her. Both girls lay beside each other and relaxed. Breaks from their
parents were not very common so they took full advantage of them.

"MELISSA!" Ann called from downstairs. Melissa looked over to Sharon and
got out of bed. She quickly moved to the top of the stairwell and came
into her mother's view.

"Ah, there you are sweetie. Your Dad and I are going out, but Paul will
be over in a few minutes. I expect you and your sister to be on your
best behavior and do exactly what he says, got it?"

"Yes Mummy, will you be long?"

"We should be back by midnight, and tell Paul I don't want you up later
than that because you've got the school tomorrow. Oh, I nearly forgot,
Cindy will be joining you guys."

"Sounds good. Have a good time Mummy."

"Thanks sweetie." as Dave escorted her outside and closed the door.

Melissa walked back to the bedroom. Spieing her sister lieing with the
pillow over her face. She leaned forward, grabbed both her sister's
knee and pushed them apart. Sharon threw off her pillow.

"No Melissa?! You can't. If Mum and Dad find out we've been screwing
they'll kill us!!"

Melissa looked up, "Don't sweat it sis, and just relax ok?"

"Well, it's your fault I'm going back to that school again."

"I know, sucks eh!"

"It sure does." said a voice from the doorway. Both girls spun around
to see Paul standing there. Sharon's hand immediately went to her mouth.
She knew they had been sprung.

"Mr Winslow .. um ... we were just ..." Sharon stammered.

"I *Know* what you were doing dear Sharon. And I recommend that you
both carry on. And Melissa if Sharon does cum in the next ten minutes
then I'll tell both your parents that you both are lesbians! Oh, and 
your time starts now."

Melissa shrugged her shoulders, turned around to Sharon and pushed her
back onto the bed. She then planted her face into Sharon's snatch and
started licking violently with her tongue. She licked around the clit
and probed deeply. Sharon was squirming as her body slowly started to
build the rush. Melissa was sure that it wouldn't take long for her
to cum with the hormones they had from Hackmoores.

Time was disappearing fast and Sharon just wouldn't come. Melissa was
getting cramps in her tongue. Paul had another idea. He leaned close
to Melissa. "Quick deal bitch, I fuck you up the ass and you get another
five minutes to make your sister cum."

Melissa put her forefinger and thumb together to give an OK signal.
Paul checked his watch all the while Sharon moaned. Paul took off his
pants and pushed his hand into Melissa's cunt. Just as he thought,
she was wet alright. He lubed his cock which was already hard and
aiming for Melissa's tight hole.

Sharon moaned and watched as Paul parted Melissa's ass cheeks and
without any thought except for his animal passion he plunge his
penis deep into Melissa's bowels. Melissa pulled back her head and
moaned loudly. Paul thrusted and fucked as hard as he could. Melissa
carried on his clit stimulation and Sharon screamed to her God as
she came. Paul came a few minutes afterwards.

All three sat on the bed catching their breath. Then Paul got up.
"Okay bitches, into the lounge. Your father was telling me of this new
exercise thing you do each morning. Show me."

They both went downstairs and while Paul sat in one of the sofas the
girls went through their routines. His cock was getting more and more
rigid as they night continued on.

After the routine Paul asked if they had any other 'toys' to play with
in the house. Sharon hesitated and Paul noticed it.
"Well, what is it? ....... ah, stuff it .. go and get it now."

Sharon toddled off to find "The Log". The Log was like a large pipe
cut in half. When placed on the floor it had a number of optional
devices which clipped in. Women straddled this. It could be used for
both pleasure and punishment.

Sharon arrived back dragging the device and put it in the middle of
the floor. She then took the power plug and pushed it into the wall
socket. The machine beeped and a red light appeared. Sharon then went
and got the bag of attachments. When she returned she gave the bag
to Paul.

After a bit of rummaging Paul had an idea. He pulled out two small
dildos and threw them to the side. 

"Okay girls, this is your lucky day .. it's lucky dip time. The first
device will be used on your cunts, the second up your ass. You first
Sharon ..."

Sharon thrust her hand into the bag and grabbed the first time. It
turned about to be an 5 inch Anal Intruder. She reached in again and
grabbed another item, it was a 7" black dildo with four spikes on
the top. She stared at the dildo. Paul grabbed it out of her hand
and went over to the machine. He connected both Penis shaped devices
to the Log and then looked up at Melissa.

"I expect you to make sure your sister takes this all the way in,
if she doesn't you will and I'll make sure you take it all."

Paul then went and sat in the sofa again. Melissa helped Sharon
straddle the devices, it took a bit of time and a lot of effort
on Sharon's part but she got 5" of the spiked dildo up her ass.
Paul was unimpressed. He stood up quickly, walked over to Sharon
and pushed heavily down on her shoulders. Sharon screamed. Paul
then kicked the switch which made the dildos vibrate and girate.
Sharon was impaled. She was feeling both a mixture of pain and
pleasure .... 10 minutes later she had come six times.

While Sharon was stuck there Paul motioned to Melissa to come
over. "Okay, your turn." and opened the bag. Melissa put her
hand in and brought out a "Hot Roger". It was a 9" beast that
very quickly got hot on it's steel sides. On it's sides it had
'beast' written. She reached into the bag again and pulled out 
a 3 inch steel rod. The rod when activated sent a small shock 
through the anus. Melissa wasn't looking forward to this.

Paul kicked the switch and helped Sharon off the log. He then
switched the attachments.

"Climb aboard."

Melissa got onto the device and lowered herself onto the 9"
beast. Sharon lay on the floor beside her breathing heavily.
Melissa went down very slowly. She looked to Sharon for help
but it was too late. She slipped the last few inches and the
beast went straight up. Melissa screamed! 

Paul jumped up from the sofa and yanked Melissa off the dildo.
He carried her to the table and put her on there. Melissa had
her legs very tightly together while she cried away. Paul
yanked her legs apart and inspected her cunt for blood. But
there was none there. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay you two, get to bed ... you've got a long day tomorrow."

Sharon helped her sister up the stairs and into the bedroom.
They both waited a few minutes. Melissa started giggling.

"I think he fell for it." she whispered quietly to Sharon.

Sharon looked over, "Yeah, it does ... good stuff. Now for
a good nights sleep."

"But I want to play sweetie, seeing you on the log got me all
excited." pouted Melissa.

"Okay okay, get in over here with me then."

Melissa quickly threw back the covers and got into her sister's
bed. They giggled and played with each other's bodies. 

The following morning Paul was with Dave and Ann outside at 
the car.

"Are you sure?" Paul asked, "I don't mind driving her there."

"Nah, we're going to the school so we'll drop Cindy off for
you. You just relax. We'll be back in a couple of hours."

Paul smiled, and gestured to Dave to come over for a quiet

"I hate to bring this up Dave, but I was getting Melissa onto
the log last night with a nine incher and she fell onto it.
She started screaming. I don't know if I hurt her."

Dave looked up and thought for a second. "Is this the one
with 'beast' written on the side?"

"Yeah, that's it."

"And Melissa wasn't bleeding right?"

"No, she wasn't. Thank goodness."

Dave signed. "Paul my old friend, you've been had. Melissa
played the same trick on me my first time. Fortunately Ann
stopped me from letting her go and we found that she can
easily take a nine incher 'beast' without any problems.
Don't feel too bad. Tell ya what, when we get back I'll leave
Melissa to stay with you overnight. We just won't tell her

Paul looked up to see Dave grinning. Paul started to smile

"Anyway buddy, we better get these girls to school. We'll
be back soon."

The shook hands. Dave got in the car and drove off.

A couple of hours later they arrived at a remote country
club. They drove passed the sign that said Hackmoore's
School. Cindy couldn't keep her excitement. She was talking
constantly that a couple of times Dave had to bite his 
tongue to keep from telling her to shutup.

They pulled up at the front door where a very tall well built
man was waiting for them. He had spotted them on the security
cameras and came down from his office to welcome them.

Dave got out of the car and met up with Ann. They both walked
over to the man and Dave shook his hand.

"The new headmaster I presume?" Dave enquired.

"Yes Mr Andrews, my name Mr Boggis. Welcome to Hackmoores School.
And welcome to you Mrs Andrews, it was a pleasure speaking to
you on the phone yesterday. These are the new students?"

"Melissa and Sharon are our daughters who are doing a refresher
course, and we're dropping Cindy off for her first term." Dave

"But of course." said Mr Boggis, "Ladies, if you'll come this
way the porter will show you to your rooms."

Cindy remarked to Sharon that she was surprised the school had
such a strong looking porter.

Sharon leaned over and whispered in Cindy's ear, "You ain't see
nothing yet."

At that moment a girl's scream could be heard all over the campus.
Cindy froze. "What the hell was that?" she asked?

Mr Boggis turned around and with the face of true sincerity replied,
"Why Cindy, that is your first lesson of course."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 7 "Cindy's First Lessons"

Cindy slowly came back to consciousness. She vaguely remembered turning
around after hear that awesome scream and running back to the door. Some
thing must have hit her from behind as everything blacked out. She tried
to raise her hand to her head only to find it was stuck. She slowly opened
her eyes and after some severe blinking realized she was in what seemed to
be an old medieval dungeon. But what frightened her most of all was that
she was naked and lieing spread eagle on what seemed to be a steel operating

She desperately looked around to see if anyone else was in the room. No,
no one at all. "Oh fuck!" she said quietly. All she could do was wait.

About 20 minutes later the sound of a door opened. She strained with her
head to see who it was, and then wished she didn't. Mr Boggis walked into
view with the porter, also beside them was Melissa. Just as naked as
Cindy. Melissa's head was bowed. She dared not look at the 'Administrators'
of the school.

"What the HELL is going on?" Cindy spat at the headmaster. The headmaster
looked over to the porter and nodded his head. Before Cindy could even try
some sort of pleading the porter had shoved a 3 inch penis gag into her
mouth. She grimaced as the porter tightened the strap.

"Well now Ms Cindy Winslow, it appears you're going to be hear for a while
so I think it's time you heard the rules. It's quite easy really, the first
is you do what we say. You'll do it immediately and without any fuss. If
you don't then you'll be punished. Maybe a demonstration is in order."

Cindy shook her head and tried to yell into the gag.

Mr Boggis continued, "I know you don't need a demo Cindy. You're a very
bright girl. But let's just say for the moment I don't quite believe you.
So let's just have a few minutes where John, that's the porter, can help
you understand how dedicated we are to helping young girls like yourself.
John, when you're ready."

The Porter was just returning from one of the dark corners of the room.
He carried with him a cat-o-nine tails. He pushed the whip into a bucket
of vinegar and waited a few seconds. The smell of vinegar was strong and
it dripped heavily off the tails when John pulled it out.

John looked over to the headmaster, "How many Sir?"

"Just ten for now John, we wouldn't want to over do it on her first day
of school now, would we?"

John layed into Cindy with the whip. Long red welts appeared on Cindy's
tortured tummy, thighs, and breasts. Cindy screamed into her gag and
shook her head violently. After the tenth the porter went and placed
the whip back into the bucket of vinegar.

Mr Boggis leaned over Cindy. "Well now my dear, you took that pretty
well I thought. Can I assume you've understood the strong dedication
of the school? Good."

A nurse and doctor appeared beside Melissa. Cindy hadn't heard them
enter the room. Mr Boggis looked over.

"Ah, Dr Every and Nurse Luxe." He turned back to Cindy. "Don't worry
my dear, they're here to make sure you're fit for our classes and that
you don't have any horrible disease. Doctor, she's yours for the

Mr Boggis turned to Melissa, "Shall we go and see how your sister is
doing with her hormone treatment Melissa?"

Melissa nodded, "Yes Sir." and followed the headmaster out.

Cindy had never been so violated in all her life. The doctor probed
her with an assortment of devices. After 45 minutes he motioned the
nurse to contact Mr Boggis.

A few minutes later the headmaster returned. "Yes Doctor, what is it?"

For the first time the doctor spoke, "She's a virgin Mr Boggis."

The headmaster moved beside Cindy and brushed her hair from her very
damp forehead. "Oh, well, that is a surprise. I shall have to contact
your father dear. It's up to him if he wants us to pop your cherry or
not. I might even persuade him to come to the school and pop it for us."

Cindy just stared at the headmaster. She wondered if this was all a
dream. She hoped she'd wake up soon.

The headmaster nodded to the doctor and nurse. All three left Cindy
alone on the table once more. Cindy breathed a sigh of relief. Then
she realized Melissa was still standing in the shadows. Cindy looked
over to her with pleading eyes.

Melissa walked over, "Sorry honey, I can't. The whipping you got before
was just a taste of what they do. if I break the rules then I'll be
flogged to death. All I can say is just let them do it, don't fight."

She returned back to the shadows. A few moments later the door opened
again. it was the porter. He came over and released Cindy. Cindy sat
up and rubbed her aching wrists and ankles. John then pulled a dog collar
from his pocket and clipped around Cindy's neck. He then took a leash
and attached it to her collar and started to walk off. Cindy, still gagged
hobbled after him. John motioned for Melissa to follow, which she did.

After John had put the girls into their rooms he went back to the 
headmaster's office. He knocked and then entered. Mr Boggis was reading
a spreadsheet with all the finance reports for the last year.

"How is business Sir?" John asked.

"Extremely good John, very good actually. We should be able to expand
the school with some more rooms. I was also giving thought to your idea
of a steam room for the girls."

"Thank you Sir. Did the Andrews find their temporary slave acceptable?"

"They did. Mr Andrews was most impressed, I'm sure he and his wife will
love Jenny for the next couple of weeks."

"She's a good slave, I'm sure she'll please them." replied John. "Anyway,
I better get back to Sharon Andrews. I've left her hanging upside down
with an enema for the last four hours. She'll be very uncomfortable I'm 

"Ah yes, Sharon. I thought she was going straight onto the hormone system?"

"Me too, but the doctor said this was the first time we've had to redo
a treatment so he wanted to check her out beforehand. You know how much
he prides himself on his work Sir."

Mr Boggis smiled as John left the room. It was so refreshing to see 
someone take a very close interest in the girls at the school.

Meanwhile Dave and Ann had just returned home. Dave was excited with the
school giving them a temporary slave. Jenny was the product of four years
at the school. She was the best that the school had to offer. Her parents
had died in a car crash. The only survivor was Jenny. The school spoke
with the authorities and since they were the closest thing she had to living
relatives the authorities gave the school all of the assets that Jenny's
parents owned, which of course included Jenny herself.

Ann showed Jenny where she would be sleeping and got her settled in. Dave
went over to see Paul who was relaxing in the swimming pool reading the
evening edition.

"Hi Paul!" ..... Paul looked up. "Dave, welcome back. How did it all go?"

"No problems at all. Cindy tried to make a break for it but the porter
stopped that very quickly."

"I thought as much. The school called before and informed me that Cindy
was still a virgin. I was really surprised. I thought she was screwing
the boys football team. Anyway, I've asked for them to leave her cunt
alone. I'm going to take a day off next week and go to the school. Is
it hard to find?"

Dave shrugged his shoulders, "Nah, quite easy actually." 

"Good." Paul continued, "They said something about MC ointment to keep
her amused for the time being till I for there."

Dave laughed, "Oh dear, poor Cindy. MC means Menstrual Cramps. The ointment
simulates the cramps they receive during their normal cycle .. only it
happens 24 hours a day. Mostly it's to keep the girl amused but it can
also prevent them from trying to take out their virginity beforehand."

"Fair enough. Are you doing anything next week, I wouldn't mind the

"Sorry bud, got plans with the temporary slave the school's loaned us.
Why don't you speak with Rodney four houses down. I've never had the
nerve but I think he could use a hand with his four daughters and I'm
sure his son would be interested too. His wife is just a bitch big time."

"You reckon? ... yeah, I might just do that."

Dave started to go, "Anyway, I've got a new girl to break in if my wife
hasn't already done it for it. Catch ya later."

"See ya Dave."

Paul thought for a while how could he convince his friend Rodney. He got
out of the pool and dialed Rodney's number on the telephone.

"Yeah!?" replied the phone. Paul knew it was Rodney's wife.

"Hi, it's Paul Winslow here, is Rodney around please?"

"Why? What is this about?" she replied.

Paul sighed. Dave was right, his wife was a bitch big time. "It's about
the garden in the back he wanted help with digging it up." 

"Fine, hang on." the phone was slammed down onto the kitchen counter.

Paul could hear Rodney's wife scream his name out the back. A few minutes
later Rodney answered.


"Rodney, Paul here from up the road. Just say yes if you're interested in
the following .... new lifestyle?"

"Yes." Rodney sounded a little uncertain.

"Cool. Different but better family life?"

"Most definitely yes." Paul noticed the more strengthened reply.

Paul breathed, this was going to be the tough one.

"Sex anytime, anyplace, anywhere?"

Rodney only hesitated a few second before replying, "Where do I sign up?"

Paul smiled, "No signing up mate, but we need to talk privately. I'll pick
you up in 30 minutes. Oh, and bring Matt too."

"We'll be waiting ... " and the phone went dead.

Paul put down the phone and punched a fist into the air. Dave was looking
out the window and smiled. Excellent he thought, excellent. He continued
fucking Jenny up the ass while Ann whipped Jenny's tits with a cane.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 8 "Sharon enjoys her hormones"

John walked noisily along the stone corridor. The Hackmoore's school was 
generally quiet by day. Most of the teachers were teaching the theory to
their female students. Every so often John would hear the crack of a
whip and normally the screech of the girl on the receiving end. He really
did like his job. John's title was porter which meant he moved items,
usually girls, from one area to another. He worked out every day to keep
his muscles strong and well toned. Most of the time the girls are very
easy to transport but occasionally he got one who thought she could make
it to the outside.

Mr Boggis was a very good headmaster John thought. He felt the old one
spent more time reading books than normal. Mr Boggis actually took a
very active interest in the school and his students. But John especially
liked it when Mr Boggis allowed him to carry out some of the punishments.

John smiled as he neared the room where Sharon was hung upside down. He
unlocked the door and walked in. Sharon looked over to the Porter.

"How are we doing Sharon?"

"Good Sir, but the cramps are very very painful now Sir."

"Okay Sharon, the doctor said all you needed was another 15 minutes.
Not long now."

Sharon nodded her head and wined as a number painful cramp shocked through
her body.

A few minutes later Sharon was straddling the toilet and rubbing her
ankles. She released the water and felt the pleasure as the pressure
subsided. She cleaned herself up and without even instructions from John
went and lay on the table. John walked over and was about to attach the
cuffs. But he figured, it's just a waste of time.

The door opened and the Nurse walked in. She carried a metal tray with
14 syringes on it. She noticed that Sharon didn't have restraints and
looked to John.

"Do you think she's ready?" asked the nurse

"Actually no, I don't think so. Sorry Sharon." John busied himself by
putting the cuffs on.

"That's okay Sir." Sharon said glumly.

Dr Every was a small man. He specialized in hormones from an early age
but felt there wasn't much of a market for his special research. The
school had found him and hired him on the spot. In less than four months
research Dr Every had perfected the female orgasms hormone. Once
injected into a female rat it had orgasms each time it moved. From
then on he had researched many other hormones, 13 in all. He had just
developed a 14th one two weeks back and was itching to try it on a
student. Sharon had been chosen only this morning.

The Nurse took Sharon's blood pressure and took a sample of blood
also. Dr Every stood beside the table and dabbed some muscle relaxant
onto Sharon's stomach. He reached over and took the first needle.
He positioned it just above her belly button and pushed the needle
in. Sharon felt the rush of liquid enter her body. She closed her eyes.
She knew the 13th was the worse.

Sharon felt her body tingling. Her muscles were relaxing. She knew she
had to have the 13th injection to stop her from getting pregnant. That
wasn't so bad in itself, it was just that she had to have it every
six months.

The Dr finished the 12th syringe. He picked up the 13th and looked at
Sharon. "You know this one girl, I don't want to hear a peep. Do you

Sharon nodded. She wondered if she could keep quiet. The needle went
in and Sharon could feel the burning sensation already. A minute past
and everything seemed to be okay. Then it hit.

Sharon arched her back off the table. John leaned forward and took her
hand. Sharon moaned and thrusted her belly to the ceiling. A minute
later it was all over. The nurse dried Sharon's forehead with a damp

Dr Every took the 14th syringe. "Well, that wasn't too bad was it
Sharon. And today I've got a special treat for you. This little baby
slows down your adrenaline gland thereby allowing you to experience
pain much much more. Isn't that wonderful?"

The Doctor didn't expect a reply. He quickly jabbed the needle in
and emptied it of it's contents. He dropped it back onto the tray
and walked off without a backwards glance.

John took Sharon back to her room to rest. Dinner came a little later and
Sharon ate heartily. She wondered how Melissa was doing with her Cock-
sucking course. She'd find out tomorrow. She then went to sleep. 

Rodney looked around the strip club. He knew if his wife every caught
him or his son in here she'd have his guts for garters. 

Paul noticed Rodney's agitation. "Relax Rod, she ain't going to find
you in here. She knows that you wouldn't come in here." He continued
to watch as a dancer a few week away shook her breasts towards Matt.

Matt was dieing. His erection was so huge now he was going burst. He
needed some relief. "Dad, I need to screw one of these bitches ... 
help me out, please?"

Rodney followed his son's stare towards the red head on the pole.
"Hhhmmm ... I don't know son. She's a bit of an animal."

Matt spun his head around. "Dad! ... come on!!"

Rodney smiled, "Okay okay, go and get her." handing him a $50 note.

Matt was off. He went over to the red head and after a few seconds
conversation she lead him to a small area out the back. 

Rodney leaned over to Paul, "That kid is going to be dangerous if
I can't get him to blow his load once a week." 

Paul smiled, "I know the feeling. So how is your wife Rod?"

Rod sighed, "Mate, she's driving me nuts. All she does is complain
and now the girls are doing it too. Matt doesn't even get a chance
at the bathrooms in the mornings now. He's resorted to washing himself
in the basement washing tub. Thing is, I don't know what to do about
it all. You said you might have something in mind?"

"Well, I do buddy .. and it's quite simple, but it'll cost you five
times as much because you've got five females in the house."

"Don't worry about that old buddy, my wife's Fathers just died leaving
all the money to us. There is a nice package there. But why would I
need a lot of money, and for the girls too?"

Paul explained, and the more he explained about Dave and his daughters
and also about how he sent Cindy away to the school ... Rodney's prick
was getting bigger and nastier by the second.

Before Matt had gotten back the deal was made. Sure it would be quiet
for a couple of months while the girls were trained but Rodney felt he
deserved a holiday.

All three of them were grinning like Cheshire Cats on the way home.
But Rodney and Paul were grinning for different reasons.

That night Paul was woken up at 2am. 

"Mr Winslow, it's Mr Boggis here from Hackmoores. It's your daughter Sir, 
She has tried to escaped. We'll punish her accordingly of course but are
there any instructions you'd like us to follow?"

Paul lay back in his pillow, Damn he thought. "Mr Boggis, make her wish
the football team had busted her cherry."

"Yes Sir, as always we'll document and videotape the whole process. Sorry
for disturbing you Sir."

"That's quite alright Mr Boggis, Good night."

Paul hung up the phone and rolled over. "Have a good night, my daughter." 


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 9 "The Flogging."

It was a rare occasion that a flogging was held in the main courtyard. And
even more rare that all the students and teachers were invited. Very few
people have tried to escape. Cindy herself didn't even get to the front door
before she was tackled from behind. She stood in the middle of the yard
glaring at Melissa. Melissa was the one who had tackled her.

Finally Mr Boggis arrived with John in tow. The headmaster took his seat
with the Doctor and nurse behind him. John walked over to Cindy and looked
at her in the eyes. He shook his head and took her over to the whipping
post. He tied Cindy's wrists to a rope connected to the top. He then tied
Cindy's feet onto a ring near the bottom on the other side of the pole.

He then clipped a mask over Cindy's face to stop her screaming and also
to cover her ears from any noises, say the whip untangling itself towards her.

John walked over and took the bull whip from Mr Boggis. With the whole school
watching Cindy was whipped 35 times. Her back was a cross-stitch of red welts.
She had welts along the sides of her breasts and even the inside of her
cheeks. John was very good. On the final stoke he flicked the end of the whip
and it had caught Cindy straight across the cunt.

A minute later John removed the mask from Cindy. She was crying so much her
eyes were extremely red. But it was over for her. Mr Boggis approached.

"Well now Cindy, you've certainly made a spectacle of yourself. I've spoken
to your father and he is tired of your behavior and as a punishment from him
he wants your virginity removed. John."

John took the handle of the whip and with his left hand parted Cindy's Vagina
lips. Cindy shook her head and pleaded for John to stop. John shoved the handle
in tearing the hymen. Cindy screamed and started sobbing. As a finishing touch
John twisted the handle. Cindy continued sobbing.

Mr Boggis ordered for Cindy to be left there till dusk. The sun baked Cindy's
skin and dried up the bloody welts. At 6pm John came out with a trolly. He
un cuffed Cindy and put her onto the trolly. He took her to the first aid ward
to get cleaned up.

He leaned over to Cindy while the nurse cleaned her wounds. "Not bad for your
first day bitch, not bad at all."

Dave's Great Dane was having a great time. Dave and Ann had let him into the
house while they went out for dinner and they left Jenny tied up over a chair
which allowed the dog full access to her holes. He was still fucking her even
when Dave and Ann walked back in.

"Good boy! Good boy!" Dave called to his dog. His dog quickly run over to his
owner and started his typical sniffing of the crotch. Jenny looked up. She had
dog cum all over her face and paw scratches all down her sides and back.

Ann came in with a box and set it down on the table. Dave released Jenny from
her bonds and motioned for her to go into the kitchen. The Great Dane just
flopped itself down on it's carpet in the corner and watched his owners.

Ann and Dave sat down and was talking excitedly about the box. Jenny went about
her business of making coffee. After she set down the two mugs she went and
stood to the side of Dave waiting for her next instruction.

A few minutes later after sipping the coffee Dave spat it out. He looked over
to Jenny, "What is this crap? I want two sugars, not one."

"But master ..." Jenny stammered. Ann reached up and slapped Jenny across
the face. Jenny fell to the floor.

"Right bitch, get over there and do position 33. NOW!" ordered Ann. She got up,
walked over to the kitchen bench and unplugged the kettle. It still had steam
rising from it. She opened a cupboard and after a bit of rummaging pulled out
a metal funnel. She walked back over to the slave who was doing a handstand
with her legs spread.

Ann inserted the funnel into Jenny's cunt. "Right, now repeat after me. Your
master gets Milk with two sugars and I get one sugar, no milk." Ann started
pouring the hot water into the funnel.

Jenny tried to repeat, "Master .. gets gets .. twwo sugars. Mistress ... gets
one sugarnomilk."

"Again slave, I didn't hear you the first time." Ann said. She carried on
pouring the water in. A bit of the spillage fell onto Jenny's thigh and left
a distinct red mark.

Jenny was crying but she wasn't going to give up on her schooling. "Master .. 
gets gets .. twwo sugars. Mistress ... gets one sugar and no milk." Jenny then
collapsed into a heap on the floor.

Dave looked at his wife, "Do you think that's good enough dear?"

Ann shrugged her shoulders, "Just barely if you ask me. Jenny, clean up this
mess and get to bed. We've got a surprise for you tomorrow."

She did, and very quickly.

A few days later Dave was outside trimming the hedges when he noticed a large
truck pull up outside Paul's house. It had Hackmoores written on the side of
it. He saw Paul pointing towards Rodney's house just down the street. The
driver nodded and drove on.

Dave walked over to Paul. "Hey buddy, what's happening?"

Paul turned to Dave, "Morning Dave, I'm just letting the school know where
there are five females in desperate need of some ... training." He winked.

"Ah," said Dave, "This should be good." He watched as five men walked up
the drive way and knocked on the door. Rodney's wife, Clarice, answered it
and even Dave and Paul could hear her demanding to know what was going on.
Rodney had asked Paul to give the school special instructions on where his
wife was concerned.

The driver of the truck looked to his colleagues and before Clarice could
even react he had punched her squarely in the nose. She fell back to the
ground. The rest of the helpers stormed into the house.

Paul and Dave listened intently to the screams and abuse hurled by the
girls as they were dragged from their beds. Rodney and Matt left the house
and were standing on the front lawn as the girls were herded and in one
case, dragged into the back of the truck. The truck driver got Rodney to
sign the delivery papers and a few minutes later it was disappearing around
the corner.

Dave and Paul walked to Rodney's front lawn. Dave noticed for the first
time that Rodney had the biggest smile he had ever seen. Matt turned to
his father, "What are they going to do with the girls Dad?"

"Son, they're going to make them decent so they can live in our community."

Dave and Paul smiled at each other ... this was turning into a good street.

Melissa however had other ideas. She never really dealt with the other girls
but should have guessed they might be angry that she caught Cindy trying to
escape. The headmaster had allowed her to have a two hour morning sleep
in which Melissa was certainly enjoying. She lay there oblivious to what was
happening outside her warm cocoon.

Suddenly the bed sheets were pulled back. Melissa looked up and saw John
with three girls.

"You made me looked bad Melissa, and I don't like that." John said calmly.
"She's all yours girls."

The girls started punching and kicking Melissa while she laid in bed.
John started handing small towels with large bricks of soap to the girls
to make the beating even worse. Melissa just covered her head, that's all
she could do.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 10 "Intro Room."

The truck containing Rodney's wife and four girls trundled slowly along
the main highway. For the first five minutes the truck driver put up with
the girls abuse and yelling. Then he couldn't be bothered with it anymore
and flicked the switch on the truck's dash. A small amount of sleeping gas
released into the back of the truck. Within seconds it was all quiet.

The truck pulled off onto a country road and headed towards the school.

Melissa awoke in the First Aid ward. She had a bandage around her head
from where one of the girls had kicked her. She grimaced to some of the
aches and bruises on her body. But if there is one thing remotely good
about the school she thought, it was the hormone injection that speeded
the body's ability to heal. She looked around to see Cindy in the bed
opposite, glaring at her.

Cindy had tried in vain to escape again. She had gotten about of bed,
fell and hit her head on the side of a desk. She hadn't even noticed that
John had tied her ankle to the bedpost. After Mr Boggis had discussions
with the Doctor they agreed that Cindy should rest for the rest of the

"You bitch, why did you stop me?" Cindy yelled.

Melissa looked around to see if the nurse was nearby. She replied,
"If you had tried to escape the whole school would have suffered. Did
you want all the girls to be whipped in the court yard. I'm only here
for two weeks, you're here for three months. Can you imagine what they
would do to you during that time?!"

Cindy was visibly shaking and crying. "I want to go home!" she wailed.
"I just want to go home."

"I know Cindy, I know. But for now, you need to just go with the flow ok?
Can you do that for now Cindy?"

*Sob!* "I guess so."

"Good, just get some sleep, you'll be fine later."

Melissa wasn't sure about that, and neither was Cindy.

John was waiting outside. He had seen the truck on the security monitors
and was eagerly awaiting the new arrivals. The truck pulled into the driveway
and slowly backed up towards to front door. As they were unloading their
new guests My Boggis arrived out.

"Mr Boggis, new slaves?"

"No John, but the family of a very enthusiastic chap by the name of Rodney
Basket. He was put onto us by Paul Winslow. He did want some special 
training on his wife I believe. It's not our policy to take women over
30 but Mr Basket was very persistent. Take the girls to the intro room,
and make sure Mrs Basket is quite uncomfortable."

The truck driver came over to Mr Boggis, "Sir, they are quite verbal so
I'd recommend gags before they wake up."

"No worries, John, see to that will you. Thanks."

An hour later all five women were in the intro room where Cindy had
received her first taste of punishment. The girls were all still dressed
in either their clothes or nighties. After they awoke with the help of
smelling salts from John. They started to stare around the room from
their wall racks. The hands were cuffed straight out to the sides and
their legs were spread also. All the girls had ball gags, but Rodney's
wife had a nice 5 inch penis gag. 

After a while when John was sure all the women were awake he took a razor
blade from the bench. He proceeded to up the clothing and nighties off the
girls. He left Mrs Basket till last. The girls stared has he shredded 
away their garments exposing their rarely seen tits and pubic hair.

Finally when all the clothes were tossed into a pile in front of the
group John proceeded to Mrs Basket. Clarice was shaking her head. John
walked right up close. "Welcome to the intro room."
He reared back and punched Clarice deep into her stomach. All the girls
jumped and watched as John punched four more times. Then he proceeded to
remove Clarice's clothes and toss them onto the pile.

He went over and brought back a hose. He twisted the end and sprayed the
girls with cold water for the next ten minutes. The girls squirmed and
shook their heads, their wet hair spreading out over the face and shoulders.

John then gave them all involuntary douches just to make sure they were
totally clean. As he was finishing the headmaster and Doctor walked in.

"Ah ladies, you do look splendid. I trust John is taking good care of
you. Welcome to Hackmoore's Disciplinary Academy. Great expense has been
paid to allow you to come here and enjoy our classes. And you Mrs Basket
or perhaps since you're a student I'll refer to you as Clarice. Your
time here has cost a little more but don't worry, we'll be giving each
and everyone of your the attention you require."

The doctor stepped forward. Mr Boggis continued, "Well, we do have a long
day ahead of us so I'll let Dr Every take charge from here. Do be helpful
to him, if not .. well, John, please demonstrate."

John walked over with a coil of wire with a plug on the end. He plugged
the plug into the electrical socket and walked over to Clarice. He touched
the wires to Clarice's tits. Sparks flew everywhere. Clarice screamed and
sobbed into her gag. John then rammed one of the wires into Clarices cunt
and the other into her anus. Clarice's body shook like crazy.

"Okay girls, please be co-operative. A girl's already had a flogging this
week, let's not make it two shall we?"

The doctor proceeded with the checks.

The headmaster walked over to the porter who was still standing in front
of Clarice, "John, when the good doctor has finished, can you please tell
the girls the rules ... and give them five lashes with the cat-o-nine tails."

"No problem Sir."

The headmaster nodded to John, turned to Clarice and smiled. "I have heard
of you Ms Basket. You tried to get this school shut down about six years
ago. I'm sure you and I will become the best of friends after a couple of

Clarice stared wide eyed at the headmaster as he left the room. She turned
to see her second eldest daughter, Jody, being given five lashes of the
cat's tails. 

A short while later John entered the headmaster's office. Mr Boggis was
on the phone to Rodney Basket. "Yes Mr Basket, .... when I left they were 
enjoying the introduction class. Yes, I'm sure they'll get use to the 
system. Again, thank you for your large contribution. We'll have your 
daughters sorted out in no time. Oh, and your wife sends her regards. 
Thank you Sir. Goodbye."

"Mr Boggis, none of the girls are virgins, shall we just continue with
the normal classes?"

"Please John, but I've got a list here of extra-curricular activities
that Mr Basket would like his wife to have. Can you attend to these
ones personally? ... oh, and Mr Basket said we had his full permission
to do whatever we liked with her. So don't be too easy going."

"No problems Mr Boggis. The girls are already under going hormone
treatment. I've placed Clarice on the butt-zapper. I'm sure a couple of
hours of this will fix her angry streak. Did you explain to Mr Basket
about the possibility that she might not conform?"

"Yes, I did. And he said do what ever needs doing."

"Excellent Sir. She's a tough nut but I'm sure we can fix her."

A few days later Melissa went for her Cock-sucking exam again. The teacher
was very impressed. Melissa had been hog-tied, had a seven inch dildo up
her cunt and ass, and was still able to make one of the porters cum.
She scored a 97% mark.

Melissa sat back in her bed with Sharon beside her. "Well sis, we can go
home now. You've had your hormones, I scored top marks on cocks. We're
nearly home free."

Sharon wasn't sharing Melissa's excitement. "Yeah."

"What's up Shaz? You're sick or something?"

"It's just these hormones kiddo, it takes a while for the body to settle
down, especially after two treatments."

"Yeah, I know. The first time really sucked, but it gets better."

"Yeah, I know it will."

"Besides," Melissa interrupted, "Did you hear about the new students.
They're the Baskets from down the road!"

"You mean Lisa, Jody and all them?"

"Yep," giggled Melissa, "And they've got Mrs Basket too!"

"Oh fuck! Clarice is going to be spitting. Do you think she'll survive?"

"Probably not, but aren't you more concerned with getting a load with

"Matt?" Sharon brightened up instantly. She had been trying to get the
attentions of Matt Basket since she was sixteen. "Do you think he'll

"Does a bear fuck in the woods? ... Of course he will. He's going to
take one look at your bod and want to screw you in seconds." Melissa
laughed rolling on the bed.

"Hhmmm, Matt Basket." Sharon said smiling. "This is going to be good."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 11 "Cindy's Cone."

Paul was already late for meeting Ann and Dave. They had told him last
night they were going to pick up the girls and if he wanted to he could
join them for a visit to the school. Not only that blasted cat next door 
kepted him awake until he scored a solid bulls-eye with a boot knocking
the mangy animal off the fence, but the alarm clock didn't sound either.

A quick stuffing of toast and luke warm coffee and Paul was already
moving quickly down the steps to the beeping of Dave's car. He jumped
into the front passenger's side and breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Morning neighbour, sleep ok?" asked Dave as the car moved off.

"Not too hot, remind me to buy a slug-gun on the way back will ya?
How are you guys today?"

"Yeah good thanks." replied Dave. A few minutes later they were on
the main road heading towards the school.


"Aaaah!" screamed Cindy. She was currently tied over a barrel with her
pert bottom in the air. John swung the strap again. "Aaagh!" Her rear
was a very strong pink. John was getting better at his spankings. Cindy
hadn't done anything wrong, John was just in a good mood.

"Come on Cindy, a few more and then you can suck my cock for a while."

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir." wailed Cindy. She heard the door creaking as
John swung his arm back for another spank.

*Whack!* "Aaaah!"

"Ah, there you are John." Cindy realized it was Mr Boggis.

"Yes Mr Boggis, just feeling in a good mood today so I thought I'd give
the teachers a hand."

"Excellent John, I trust Cindy isn't being too much of a bother." said
the headmaster as he light slapped Cindy's swollen buttocks.

"Not at all Sir. She's becoming quite a bright lass."

"Good, good. Anyway, I won't keep you. Oh, the Andrews are coming to
pick up their daughters. Can you make sure they're ready by 11?"

"No problems Sir."

"Oh, and I gather Mrs Basket and one of her daughters got a bit verbal
with her teacher. Could you see to a suitable punishment for them?"

"It'll be a pleasure Sir. I always fancied Mrs Basket would like a session
on the firewood."

"Yes, that will be splendid, and perhaps an ice-cock for the daughter."

"Excellent idea Sir, I'll arrange it for lunchtime."

Mr Boggis nodded and walked off. "A thought has occurred to me John, if
the Andrews are coming then I think they'll be bringing Cindy's father.
Just in case would you mind organizing a demonstration for Mr Winslow.
I'm sure Cindy would love that."

"The cone sir?"

"Yes, that will be good."

"Shall I lubricate it Sir?"

"Heavens no John, just make sure Cindy gets a chance to lick it before
it goes in."

John looked at Cindy's pert ass as the headmaster closed the door.
"It'll be a pleasure." He swung his arm up and brought the strap down
along Cindy's ass once more.


Mr Boggis walked into the class room which currently held the Basket
women. Clarice had given them a bit of a problem before turning into
bed and the headmaster promptly had them "Bed-reared." as he liked to
call it. Along the wall there were coat hangers (8 inch long pieces
of cylinder wood) and approximately 5 feet above them was a ring.

John had tied each of the girl's hands behind their back and loop it
through their individual ring and hoisted them up until their toes
were two feet off the floor. To make sure they didn't pull their arms
out of their sockets he had pushed them down onto the coat hooks.

The girls loved it. Well, they screamed a lot John thought, but that
was normal. For Clarice however John put some 'Deep Heat' ointment 
onto her hook. She moaned for near on six hours before fainting.
The burning heat in her bowels was terrible. John smiled wickedly at
the thought.

The headmaster picked up the cane hooked behind the door and gave each 
girl a whack across their shins to wake them up.

"Morning Ladies!" the headmaster said amongst the pained moans.

"I trust we all slepted well?" he asked.

Clarice continued her moaning. 

Lisa, the youngest of the girls asked, "When do we go to the toilet

"Soon my dear, soon. Please remember that you no longer can simply go
when you feel like it. You must ask permission. I'm sure one of the
teachers must have told you this. But then I know you've absorbed a
lot of information in the last couple of days."

"Please Sir, I need to go now!" stated Lisa.

Mr Boggis walked over in front of her and whipped the top of her toes.
"You will go when I say you can go. Do I make myself clear?"

"OW!! ... yes sir." mumbled Lisa.

"Good." said Mr Boggis, he raised his voice a bit so all the girls could
hear him. "Now I believe your older sister and your mother have been very
unhelpful to the teachers. I don't like unhelpful people Lisa so I've
asked John, you know John don't you Lisa .. the guy with the beard? ...
good, well ... where was I? ... ah yes, John is going to help your Mum
and your sister understand what we want. Won't that be fun?"

To emphasize his point the headmaster whipped Lisa's toes again. She
could feel them going numb.

"Ouch! .... yes sir."

"Good. Okay, I shall see you at lunchtime. Good morning." 


Dave, Ann and Paul were nearing the school driveway. Paul did a quick
head count and his brow furrowed for a second.

"Dave, where is Jenny?"

"In the boot .... hang on, she's been quiet for a while."

Dave swung the car around onto the gravel. The car slide for a second
and Dave pulled it back onto the road. 

"OW!" was the sound from the boot.

"Yep, she's awake. Ann had been extra busy last night with Jenny. What
was it you were doing daring? ... Something to do with a hammer I'm sure
as it kepted waking me up."

Ann smiled silently to herself, "Nothing major sweetie, I just wanted to
see if I could nail her tits to one of the support beams under the house."

"Ah yes, the one beside the hot water pipe." Dave leaned over to Paul,
"One of the beams is right beside the hot water cylinder and the only
way Jenny would get up there is to straddle the hot water pipe."

Ann continued, "And of course i tied her feet and legs together. Didn't
you hear her screaming when you had your 20 minute shower this morning?"

Dave smiled, "It was the only reason why I'd take a long shower dear."

The car pulled into the visitors car park. The trio got out and looked
around. Dave and Ann went towards the steps to the building with Paul
following trying to get as much of as scenery as possible.

Mr Boggis opened the door. "I'm so sorry Mr and Mrs Andrews, I wasn't
watching the security monitor. Your daughters are just finishing their
last class, if you'd like to come with me ... and you have brought a
friend I see?"

Dave turned to Paul, "Mr Boggis, please meet Paul Winslow, Paul, this
is the headmaster, Mr Boggis."

They shook hands. "A pleasure Mr Winslow, I believe Cindy is actually
getting ready for a demonstration. If you like I'll get John our head
porter to show you to her classroom."

John stepped forward nodding to Dave and Paul.

"Thanks Mr Boggis." Paul answered and followed John to see Cindy.

After they had left Mr Boggis turned to Dave, "Your daughters are great
students Mr Andrews, I'm very proud of their marks ... both academic and
the ones on their bodies. Let me show you to their room." as he lead
them down the corridor.


Cindy waited as she tried to make herself comfortable at the table
her knees and ankles were tied to the table legs. Her wrists her
tied and looped around one of the other legs on the other side.

The door opened and Cindy looked up. A naked young girl walked in.
Cindy recognized it as one of the Basket girls from down the road.
She never really bothered with them. What is she doing here?

Lisa walked over and stood by the table all the while watching Cindy.

After a few seconds pause Cindy asked, "What are you doing here?"

Lisa remained quiet. A minute later two men walked in, Cindy knew
John and suddenly her heart leaped. It was her father he thought,
and he's come to get me out of here!

"Daddy!!!" yelled Cindy. Paul looked over, "Oh, Hi sweetie."

Cindy's mind did a back flip. What?! ... You're suppose to demand
to get me out of here. Then she realized, you put me in here, you

"Daddy, get me the fuck out of here!!!" shrieked Cindy.

John offered a ball gag to Paul, "Do you wish to do the honors

"Don't mind if I do John, thanks." Paul took the gag and before
Cindy could even formulate something to say, had it strapped on
and in place. Cindy cursed through the gag.

"Don't worry Mr Winslow, by the time we're done with her she'll
never act like this again."

Paul looked deep into Cindy's shocked eyes, "Thanks John, I 'really'
appreciate you guys doing this."

John and Paul talked about Cindy's body and what some of the up-
coming classes were going to do, and fix. Cindy only heard brief
muttering of the conversation. She looked over to Lisa only to 
find her staring at John. 

"Okay, let's get this demo started." John said walking towards
a cabinet. He opened it and pulled out a dildo fully a foot long
with a ring of spikes on the tip. He walked back and presented it
to Lisa.

"Okay bitch, this is going up your new room-mate's ass. Now if you
want her to be nice to you I suggest you start licking it. You've
got 30 seconds from now."

Lisa took the dildo, she waited a few seconds and then handed it back
to him. "Done." 

John smirked. "You're a fast learner Lisa."

Cindy screamed into her gag at Lisa. John walked behind Cindy and stuck
his little finger into her puckered ass hole. He used his left hand and
pulled Cindy's cheeks apart as the neared the dildo to her hole. Before
he reached he stopped and looked over at Paul.

"Mr Winslow, would you like to do the honors?" John asked.

"Certainly, it'll be a pleasure. Do you have a mirror handy, I just want
to make sure that I see Cindy's face."

A few minutes later a large six foot standing mirror was place two feet
away from Cindy's face. The provided and excellent view. Paul also
removed the ball gag. Cindy remained quiet. John pulled apart Cindy's
cheeks and Paul positioned the dildo to Cindy's poop hole. With his
right hand he grabbed the table and pushed. Cindy's back arched and she
flung her head right back. John let go of cheeks and stood back.
Paul continued pushing.

"Aaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!" moaned Cindy. 

Paul's cock was huge, he wanted so badly to screw his bitch daughter right
then and there. But he had been warned not to as it might affect her study.
For now he was happy, he had half a foot in and the rest wasn't too far
away. He watched Cindy's expression in the mirror. This was a kodak moment.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 12 "Firewood."

Jenny turned to the door struggling to turn the handle. Her arms strained
with ropes for Clarice's firewood torture. She slowly reached out her
hand and tried the handle again, the rope started slipping. This wasn't
working and she was running out of time. She hoisted the rope further up
her forearm, pulled it back with the ropes in her other hand and again
reached for the door. Before she could even release a finger another coil
of rope plunged for the ground.

She growled at herself but felt it was better than being cooped up in Dave
Andrews's car. She leaned forward to pick it up. Exactly at the same time 
the door burst open and cannoned into her forehead. Jenny ended up in a 
tangled pile of ropes.

John looked down and glared, "Well? What is taking so fucking long?"

Jenny remained quiet and got to her feet. John grabbed two coils of rope
with one hand. 

"Get a basket for the stinging nettle, and you can pick it bitch!.

Jenny obeyed and followed John out towards the dorm rooms. She waited
outside while John went in to get Clarice. Jenny heard screams and yells
mostly coming from Clarice. Then she heard the *thump* and knew that 
Clarice had been picked up and dropped to the floor. John would have
little trouble binding Mrs Basket, no doubt she was dazed by the fall.

A few minutes later John emerged with Clarice in tow. He had tied her
elbows and forearms together and also made a hangman's noose out of
the remaining rope to leash her. 

The porter stopped and turned to Jenny, "Get the other bitches."

Jenny went and found the daughters all tied in a similar fashion and
a rope linking their together. The rope was first tied around the last
girl's neck, then looped tightly around her tits, then it linked to the
girl's neck in front and also tied around her tits. Their breasts were 
a deep red and no doubt will get worse as the day goes along. Jenny 
took the trailing end of the rope, gave it a couple of jerks to 
indicate to the women what she expected of them and all followed her 
out the door.

After a bit of jogging over the gravel, prickles and even some small
thorn bushes (the yelps and gasps delighted John) they arrived to join
the group by the area designated to chopping up firewood. Clarice looked
up and saw many faces in the crowds. Mr Boggis was in front as was his
normal place. Behind him she recognized the Andrews, Dave and Ann, and
wasn't that Paul, the guy she spoke to recently before her husband went

Before she had a chance to look at anyone else she was jerked forward
by John to the wood pile. He grabbed her by the shoulder and positioned
her with her back to the pile. When he received the nod from Mr Boggis
he cut Clarice ropes and her arms fell to her sides. She waited and
nothing happened ... a few seconds later she looked up into the Porters
eyes. They were black and as cold as ice. He reached down and picked
her up under her arms with ease. His muscles bulged and people quickly
realized how strong he really was.

Clarice's toes were about a foot off the group, she stared down into
John's eyes. With a quick intake of breath he pushed Clarice upwards
and backwards at the same time. She fell back onto the wood file. As her
body slammed into the logs the breath was knocked out of her. She vaguely
remembered her wrists and ankles being tied down and before she realized
she was spread eagle on the woodpile.

Mr Boggis walked over to the Basket Daughters. He looked them up and down
like he had only just seen their naked bodies for the first time. Some
of the girls tired to position their privates away from his view. 

"Right slaves, you will now be released for a short period of time."

The girls looked up, they looked around to see what was going to jump
out at them with a whip or dildo next.

"... and before you think you're free, let me say that you most definitely
are NOT! You have 10 minutes to collects bugs ... and I don't mean a nice
ladybug, I mean Hornets, Wasps, Bumblebees, Cockroaches, etc. Jenny, untie
them and give them two jars each. Oh, and no lids .. I'm sure they can
use their hands or whatever is available to cover the jars."

Jenny busied herself untie the girls bonds and quickly gave them two jars

Mr Boggis turned to address them again, "If you're not back in 10 minutes
with plenty of bugs not only will the rest of your sisters be punished
severely ... I'm afraid your Mum might lose a finger, or two. Do I make
myself fucking perfectly clear?"

The girls nodded their heads viscously. 

"You've got 10 minutes starting 30 seconds ago. Now GO!"

The girls scrambled. Automatically they paired off with the two eldest going
off towards bushes while the two youngest went in the opposite direction.

Dave tapped Paul on the shoulder. "Okay buddy, choose a girl." Paul looked
over to see a group of the students. They were milling around but most of
them kept their eyes down. 

Paul turned to Dave, "What do you mean buddy?"

"Just choose two, one for you and the other for me. Ann did you want one?"

Ann looked over, "No thanks dear, I'm happy for now."

Dave turned back to Paul who had a confused look on his face. "Okay buddy,
I'll show you." Dave walked over and selected two of the girls, both dark
brunettes. He pointed to them and called them over. They followed. He
pointed to one and then pointed to Paul. Both girls position themselves in
front of their temporary owners and dropped to their knees.

"Blowjobs, now!" Dave commanded.

Paul's slave unzipped his trousers, reached in and pulled out his cock.
She stroked it for a while and then suckled it with her mouth. Her tongue
probed all around the foreskin. She slid her hand up and down while
mouthing Paul's tool. Her tongue lapped up the pre-cum. Paul puts her hands
into her hair and started pushing her head up and down. He was in heaven.

Paul looked over to Dave, he was taking shallow breaths as his slave's
head was bobbing up and down. 

Jenny got to work at picking Stinging Nettle. John bent down next to the 
woodpile and picked up the jar he had left the previous night. He unscrewed
the cover and quickly turned his head away from the stench. It was a mixture
he created which was designed to entice bugs, and lots of them.

He took the brush which had been resting beside the jar, dipped it into the
foul-smelling mixture and lathered all over Clarice's body. Clarice watched
and then the smell hit her, she whipped her head around trying to breath
fresh air. John dabbed the mixture all over her breasts, under the neck and
armpits, all over her thighs and put generous quantities all down her slit.
He stood back to marvel at his hand work. He was about to put down the jar
when he realized he had missed his toes. He fixed that as the girls were
returning with their jars of bugs.

Jodie and Lisa had found a wasps hive. They had stings all over their hands
has they tried to keep the jars covered and run at the same time. Mr Boggis
looked around for the other pair who were just coming into view. He looked
at his watch as the two girls ran back to stand in front of him. They were
breathing heavily. He made a mental note to get their fitness up.

Jackie had blood dribbling from her knee where she had fallen over. Mr Boggis
didn't care, he looked intently at the jars and found a couple of hornets.
He was happy with that. He looked at the other jars but they didn't have the
quality of bugs he had expected. He realized Samantha only had one jar.

"Well, where is the other one?" he inquired to Samantha.

"Ummm ... Sir ... it broke sir." Samantha stammered.

The headmaster frowned, he reached out and touched her face. Samantha 
stiffened waiting for the outburst. But nothing came. She opened her eyes
and Mr Boggis was looking at her.

"Well, this isn't good, whatever shall we do?" he asked.

"I don't know Sir, whatever you feel is appropriate ... Sir."

"Fair enough, and you're very right, whatever I feel is appropriate." he
turned to look at John who had moved upwind away from Clarice.

"John, I believe Samantha was due for that punishment we had discussed 
earlier, the ice cock I think it was. Can you see it to when we return to
the building."

"No problem Mr Boggis." John turned to stared at Samantha. 

Mr Boggis turned to address the group. "Ladies, Gentlemen and sluts. Thank
you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to witness one of our
most exciting punishments. I know some of your know Mrs Basket personally,
and I also know that some of your think that this punishment is a little
too easy going for Mrs Basket. As I understand the words correctly she
is, and I quote, 'A fucking awesome bitch and is in great need of a huge
cock up her ass.'"

The trio of Dave, Ann and Paul smiled at this remark. Mr Boggis continued,
"Well, we've tried a big cock and it hasn't worked. So today and for the
next 24 hours we're going to try approximately a thousand cocks. John, when
you're ready please."

Mr Boggis retreated back the group while John took his place. His broad
shoulders flexed as he took center stage.

"Okay Basket Bitches, you will take those jars of yours and place them
upside down on the slut on the woodpile. Do you think you can handle that
or do I have to fucking beat you until you understand it?!"

The girls all nodded their heads. John looked over to Clarice and stood
right beside her head. "I love my stuff, and those jars your precious
little cunts are holding are *my* jars. If any of them break in the next
24 hours I'm going to fucking bust every orifice in your soon-to-be
fucked up body. Understand?"

Clarice stared up at the porter, too afraid to say anything. her back was
already aching after spending less than 15 minutes on the logs. She had no
idea how she was suppose to last 24 hours. And the stench was driving her

John stood back, "And you little fucking whore, if any of those jars are
not in the same spot when I come and check on your then I will fuck your
daughters little assholes for the next four weeks. Got it?!"

He turned to the basket daughters, "Well don't just look at those jars
like they're hurting you, giving them a shake and put them on her tits.
NOW!!! ... Move it!!!"

The girls hopped to it. They shook the jars which only aggravated the bugs
to new heights of pissed-off-ness. The hornets found themselves with no
escape routes surrounded by a smell that was driving them crazy. They
landed on the bare nipple of Clarice and sank their stingers in deep.
Clarice screamed, she tried to wiggle but she was tied down tight. The
wasps ate into her right tender breast.

The group watched her as she moaned and tried to wiggled her body. It was
no use. She screamed time and time again. After a few minutes of this
Mr Boggis turned to the group again. 

"If I can have everyone's attention. Very little happens in the first few
hours so I recommend we all go back to the building for lunch. Again I
thank you all for coming out. I do apologize for our day visitors, but
please be assured I'll send photos out on request. Thank you."

The headmaster approached the porter and engaged in conversation. Dave
turned to Ann, "A fitting punishment for the bitch don't you think

"It certainly might help her training, do you think we can come back

"Possible, I can always ask Mr Boggis if he could hold onto the girls for
one more day. Paul, interested in coming back tomorrow ... perhaps we 
may even be able to persuade Rodney to come with us."

Paul was staring at the out-stretched body on the wood, he turned to
Dave. "Dave, that's the second best idea I've heard. Let's do it."

With the trio in total agreement Dave approached the headmaster to
give him the news.

During the night Clarice screamed her head off. The stench had brought
the cocks the headmaster had promised ... thousands and thousands of
ants, cockroaches, praying mantis, and she even thought she saw some
hoo-hoo grubs. They all delighted in eating the paste John had created,
and a lot were more than interested in crawling into her cunt (which
John had very nicely propped open with a few sticks) ... she shook her
head. They felt like they were eating her from the inside out. Her
tits were red and very swollen. Her neck stung from all the stinging
needle Jenny had scrubbed into her body. She clenched her hands 
tightly but the ropes held fast.

She heard sobs but she couldn't turn her head to see her daughters.
They were tied to various trees and tree stumps. They had been given
a whipping for their slackness in the bug hunt. They watched and cried
for their Mother who was going through such pains. The only person
who wasn't there was Samantha.

All the while the bugs ate, stung and crawled on. What Clarice didn't
know ... was some of them had laid eggs too.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 13 "Ice-Cock."

Cindy was use to waiting. She had plenty of training for it over the last
couple of weeks. She didn't mind being tied up or gagged or whatever. She
may have done in the past but that was long over. She just didn't enjoy
her current position ... but that was probably the point. She did however
start to feel excited when John was 'working' on her. 

They had hung her up by her ankles and then forced her upper body between
her legs and tied her in that position. Her legs ached as they were stretched
to breaking point.

[Thanks to ThralLord for the picture (Cindy-flexible.jpg)]

Behind her a door burst open and from the sounds of it a girl was thrown
into the room. She landed with a solid thump. Cindy winced at the sound.
She heard muttering and moaning but she didn't want to look around in
case it drew attention to herself.

A few minutes later and all was quiet. Cindy risked a glance but could
only see a knee about 30 feet away. She swung a bit to turn herself around.
Her ankles screaming in pain but she was getting use to pain now. A minute
later she could vaguely see a figure on one of the other contraptions in
the room. She thought it looked like Samantha Basket. Wonder what she did

Thoughts were barrelling through Samantha's mind like steam trains. Here
she was tied to some sort of device which made her sit on her ankles,
which were already starting to hurt. Her ankles and thighs were bound
as well as her arms behind her back. Her dark brown hair was matted from
sweat and lack of a decent shower. Ahead of her was a large bucket of
ice cubes. She didn't like the sound of an 'ice-cock'.


Ann groaned in pain. She felt the swelling around her ankle as she tried
to sooth it. She had twisted while saying goodbye to the school. All
she could remember was a comment being made by John which she didn't catch
and bam, she was falling down the stairs and landed in a heap at the bottom.
Dave than carried her to the car and inspected the ankle. He then pronounced
it wasn't broken even though Ann believed it was.

He pulled the first aid kit with the headmaster watching and applied an
ice-pack to the swelling. A few minutes later they waved goodbye to the
headmaster, the porter and also Paul. He had asked if he could stay and the
Mr Boggis agreed.

After a final wave which felt stupid to Paul as he knew he'd be seeing 
them tomorrow morning anyway, he followed the School administrators in to
the building.

While Dave and Ann drove down the driveway Ann turned her back to look at
the girls. She was impressed. They had been given top marks. She turned to
Dave, "Honey, since Paul's at the school who will we get to look after the
girls tomorrow?"

Dave thought for a minute, "I know, let's see if Rodney or Matt from down
the road can. I think they'd love the practice."

Melissa looked over to Sharon ... they both smiled. Sharon did a punching
motion and muttered, "Yes!" ... Melissa just smiled.


John put on his glove and sank his hand deep into the bucket of ice cubes.
The headmaster and Cindy's father were standing to one side of Samantha.
Samantha was entranced. She had secretly hoped she'd never be the center
of attention of the porter. She looked up and over John's shoulder could
see Cindy in the background. A bit of blood had cascaded down her calf
muscle from her ankle. The girls' eyes met.

John found was he was groping for ... the nice cock. A cock made of ice
which they kepted a good supply of in the freezer. The cock was close
to 11 inches long. John took a good grip of it and approached Samantha.

Samantha leaned her head back trying to get away from the slender ice
dildo. John grabbed her around the neck with his left hand and pulled
her back ... he positioned the ice cock to her slit and pushed. 

Immediately Samantha's vagina lips squeezed together from the impending
cold but her splinter muscles were no match for John's determination.
Quickly the first spangs of cold and pain shot up through Samantha's
spine. She gasped loudly.

John sank the cock further and further into Samantha's cunt. With about
two inches remaining John let go and with a quickness that caught
Samantha totally off guard he jammed the base of his hand onto the
dildo. Samantha screamed. The cock had pushed itself right to the
entrance of Samantha's womb. 

John let go of Samantha's neck, "Right bitch, there are two ways that
cock is coming out ... either you work it out or you let it melt. If you
work it out then you go back to your room. But if you let it melt, then
I'll give you 20 lashes with the whip across you tits before I send you
back to your room. Got it?!"

Samantha nodded. The cold was burning the insides of her vagina. Her
belly felt cold yet it was on fire. Slowly in between the bursts of pain
she started work her muscles to get the ice-cock out. This was going to
be a long night.

Jackie watched as her body was covered in insects. Her own breasts hurt
from the whipping she had received earlier but she knew her Mum must be
going through hell. Clarice had stopped screaming and moaning nearly 20
minutes ago. A thought shot through Jackie's mind, maybe she's dead!!!

She could hear her heart thumping through her rib cage. She looked around
and her sisters were just staring at her. Jackie was the eldest of the
sisters but she relied on her mother for strength. If her mother didn't
make it, how was she going to make it.

Then she heard a moan, her mother again struggled at her ropes. Jackie
breathed a long sigh of relief.

She looked to the horizon and saw a slight glimmer of sunlight. Soon
it would be dawn. 


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 14 "Spider."

The spider stared at her. Clarice stared back. It was huge. About the
size of a cow. It's legs long and hairy. It's eyes were completely black
and devoid of emotion. Clarice tried to back away. She couldn't. She
saw her hands and ankles were tied. She was naked. The spider approached.

Clarice looked around. The room was covered with webbing. She stared at
the spider. It continued it's approach. It got bigger and bigger, and 
then it was on her chest. It licked it's fangs and with little hesitation
sank them deep into Clarice's breast.

Clarice screamed ... and then woke up.

The sun beat down on her and her skin was getting very pink. She hadn't
been given the hormones yet so her body wasn't able to repair itself as
with the other students in the school. She looked behind her and saw
her daughters. They were tied to trees and equipment. They were all

Her body ached and the swelling was very noticeable. Clarice let her
head lie back on the log. Her neck muscles relaxed in relief. She waited.


The doorbell rang right on 8am. Ann opened it and let Matt in. He looked
all around the entrance. Ann ushered him into the kitchen and they both
sat down for some tea. After a minute or so of small talk about Ann's 
bandaged ankle Dave walked in. Matt stood up and they shook hands.

"Morning Sir."

"Morning Matt, thanks for coming by. Has Ann explained about what we want
you to do today?"

"Not yet Sir."

"Okay." Dave looked over to his wife, she continued reading the paper.
"Both Melissa and Sharon are slaves. They can be used for any purpose.
Sex, torture, humiliation, whatever we desire."

Dave noticed the bulge in Matt's pants getting bigger. He grinned. Matt
noticed also and brushed his hand down past his groin to try and divert
Dave's attention.

"Don't worry Matt, I'm sure you'll be fine. The girls are just having
their shower and I've told them to get into their discipline slips.
They'll be down shortly to do their exercises. I must stress two things
though as you're new to this. One, don't kill them, and two, don't let
them push you around. Got it?"

Matt nodded, "Got it Mr Andrews."

Dave playfully slapped Matt on the shoulder and got himself some tea
also. Moments later Matt heard the footsteps of the girls come down
the stairs. A minute later he heard them stretching and breathing
heavily in the lounge. 

Ann looked over and saw Matt. She stood up and put her cup in the sink.
She walked over and took Matt by the hand, put her finger to her lips
signalling him to be quiet and lead him to the lounge entrance.

Matt was amazed. Both girls were doing the splits and playing with each
other's breasts. Their nipples were fully erect. Ann coughed and both
girls looked up. Quickly they got to their feet.

"You're suppose to be doing your exercises, not playing with each other."
admonished Ann.

Dave came over and looked passed Matt into the lounge. He pushed passed
Matt and signalled the girls to get down on their knees. They both did.

"Ann, bring me the whip. Matt, come in here."

Dave took the horse whip from Ann's hand. "Right girls, heads down,
ass up and pull those slips back."

The girls did as they were told. Dave turned to Matt. "Right Matt, I
want you to give them 5 strokes each. And make them count."

Matt took the horse whip, he approached Sharon's pert ass first. He took
another look at Dave. Dave nodded. Matt swung his hand.

*Smack!* ... "Ouch!" said Sharon.

"No no no." Dave said walking forward. You need a strong whipping action.
Try it again but much harder. Don't worry, they can take it."

Matt Swung again, *Whack!* leaving a large red mark across Sharon's expose

"Much better, okay five each. Ann honey, we better be going."

Ann walked out into the kitchen to get her bag. She heard the smacks across
the girls' butts as she did one final check in the mirror before her and
Dave went outside to the car.

Matt waved goodbye and closed the door. He looked into the lounge and saw
the girls in the same position. This is going to be fun.


*Clink!* went the ice-cock. Samantha had sweat all down her face and body
but after several hours the cock, or what was left of it, had slipped out.
Cindy nodded her head in agreement that Samantha had done a good job.

When John finally arrived he saw the ice-dildo on the floor. It had half
melted but that was normal. 

"Well done bitch, I didn't think you'd make it." he said.

"Thank you Sir." Samantha replied.

John took a knife and cut away Cindy's ropes. Cindy moaned as her body
managed to get a good supply of blood to body parts that had been missed
for a long time. John then let Samantha free.

"Okay you two, suck me off and then you can go and see Ms Basket out by
the firewood."

The girls got on their knees to John's proud cock and sucked it for all
it's worth.


Matt was in trouble. He was currently naked, tied to a chair and his butt
was getting very very sore from the horse whip that Melissa was using on

He made a very silly mistake by believing that Melissa had broken her toes.
Sharon then punched him in the solar plexus thus winding him. By the time
he could regain his composure he had lost his clothes and was tied up.

Sharon lubricated a 5 inch dildo with Vaseline.

"See how you like it, Slave!" Melissa said with glee.

"AAaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Matt yelled.

Sharon turned to Melissa, "Sounds like he likes it. What else shall we do?"

"I know, let's shave him ... all over." giggled Melissa. They did.


Clarice was again surrounded by a large group of people. Ann leaned against
her husband for support. Her ankle twinged every now and then but she wanted
to see the Bitch Clarice Basket get her just deserts.

John sat down the forth bucket of water beside the firewood. Clarice still
had a river of ants moving up and down her thigh. John took away the jars
on Clarice's tits and the hornets and wasps sped away towards the fields.

The buckets of water were dumped onto Clarice. Her body already ravaged by
insects and swollen severely lined up to protest to Clarice. After the last
bucket was dumped Clarice felt the ropes being cut but she couldn't bring
herself to stand up. John helped her but pulling her up and then pushing
her to the ground in front of Mr Boggis.

"Good afternoon Clarice. How are we feeling today?" inquired the headmaster.

Clarice said nothing, her tongue was also swollen. She spat the remaining
insects from her mouth.

"That's fine my dear, very few people like talking after spending a cosy
night on the firewood pile. John, please take her to the matron ... and

John took the spare belt from his waste and whipped Clarice across the ass.
Clarice yelped and stood up. He pointed towards one of the buildings and
whipped her again. He made her run and even if she slowed down a fraction
she felt the sting across the back of her legs.

Samantha walked over to her sisters. 

"Guys okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, just peachy. Where the fuck were you last night?" growled Jackie.

"Inside, with an 11 inch ice-cock up my cunt. Make you feel better?"

Jackie looked away. Her face was red with anger.

Mr Boggis stood beside Samantha. "Morning ladies, you will now go back
to your rooms. Then you'll be taken to be cleaned up. Today is going to
be a good day. It's hormone day."

The headmaster signalled one of the teachers and soon the girls were
lieing on their beds. Their bodies racked with exhaustion.


Dave and Ann were walking around exploring the school grounds. Ann looked 
up to Dave, "Sort of Anti-climatic wasn't it?"

Dave nodded, "Just a bit, but I found out that they were going to do the
hormone therapy on the girls today."

"Good. We must discuss with Paul and Rodney about getting a small
community going."

"Definitely." Dave acknowledged. "We better get back to the building to
watch the hormone injections."


All five of the Basket girls were strapped into chairs. The strapped held
their heads, hands, torsos, and legs in place. The headmaster didn't want
to have any problems today.

Nurse Luxe walked in followed by Dave and Ann. Mr Boggis stood up from
his seat. "Please Mr and Mrs Andrews, your seats are waiting."

"Thank you." acknowledge Ann. She slumped down as a whistle of pain shot
up her leg. Mr Boggis leaned over, "How is the ankle today?"

"Better, thank you."

A minute later the Doctor walked in. As was his character he proceeded
forward to the group and bowed. He walked over to the steel tray sitting
beside Mrs Basket, took the needle, and injected it into her belly.
Clarice was very tender and she yelled. The doctor was un phased.

He continued with the injections for all the girls. Dave particularly
loved the tenth one which was injected straight into the girl's nipple.
The doctor would wrapped his hand around the breast and squeeze until
it started going slightly pink. He then took the syringe (which just
happened to have the longest needle) and pushed into straight into the
nipple. Dave wasn't quite sure what the serum actually did, but the
faces on the girls showed that it was very uncomfortable, especially
Jody Basket.

Jody breathed heavily. Her chest was on fire. The doctor had jabbed both
her tits. Goodness knows why. Her breasts were quite developed but as
she looked down, they seemed to be getting bigger.

The doctor finished and the Nurse cleared away the needles. Mr Boggis
stood up and approached the doctor. They stood in front of Jody touching
and feeling her tits. To Jody her nipples were extra-sensative.

The headmaster walked to Dave and Ann. "It appears Jody has had an
allergic reaction to the breast serum. It won't kill her but her tits
will be quite large. Tell me Mr Andrews, have you ever tit fucked?"

Dave thought for a second, "Yes Mr Boggis, I have."

"Good, but I know this will be a very different situation. In about ten
minutes would you be so kind as to get undressed. A reaction like this
only happens once and it's a very good opportunity to get some photos."

"Ten minutes then Mr Boggis." Dave agreed.

"Good. I know John will find this particularly exciting as he's only ever had
one reaction like this before at the school. I best go and summon him."

Already Jody's breasts were the size of basketballs. Tears streamed down
her face. The doctor had the sense to put in a ball gag to muffle her


Matt winced as he took another whipping across his belly. He was currently
in the basement and the girls had tied him to the bed. He was totally
spread eagle with Sharon whipping him from the side. Melissa had run off and
was rummaging through the cupboards. She returned with a small plastic bag
with the tube in it.

Sharon moved to Melissa. "Did ya find it?"

"Yep!" Melissa cooed. "And with instructions too!!"

They quickly read the small piece of paper. Then both girls sat either 
side of Matt's raging hard-on. They had teased him to death with their
stroking, suckling and licking. This is what they wanted. They put the
piece of paper on Matt's chest so he could read it.

"Right Matty, there are seven lines of instructions there. You will read
them in order else we might just end up making a mistake and you wouldn't
want that would you?"

Matt quickly read the top line. 'Instructions for Male Urethral use.'
The blood drained from his face.

Melissa looked over, "Read! ... Now!" as she pulled back Matt's foreskin.


Jody's tits were nearly the size of beach balls. Ann stared in amazement.
John had finally arrived and was undressed like Dave. The doctor returned
from grabbing another needle, he walked immediately over to Jody and
plunged the need into the size of her left breast. Jody moaned. He also
did the other one.

The headmaster looked over to Dave, "Get ready Mr Andrews."


Matt's eyes swelled up making it hard to read the instructions. The girls
proceeded anyway. The urethra tube was slowly inserted into Matt's penis
and was being pushed down. Melissa took her time. Shortly the tube reached
it's destination.

Matt groaned with a mixture of ecstasy and pain.


The injection into Jody's tit was to induce lactation. Slowly Dave could
see the girl's nipples expand with the pressure. John walked up to Jody's
right tit and took the end. Dave took the left.

John looked over to Dave, "When you see the milk, jam your cock in fast
and start pumping." 

Dave nodded. Jody looked at both men with mournful eyes. She wasn't going
to get any sympathy here. The other girls had all lost consciousness. That
was normal for the first hormone session.

Milk started dripping from Jody's tortured right nipple. John squeezed
the nipple. The flow stopped. He released it again and the milk dribbled
out again. 

John shouted over to the nurse, "I don't think the openings will be big
enough. Please hand us the prongs."

The nurse took two prongs from the steel tray. They were usually used to
open the vagina but could also be used just as well here. John took his
front and plunged it deep into Jody's huge nipple. Jody's body jerked.
Dave did the same thing. They were showered in a spray of milk as they
twisted the prongs. John then pushed his cock in and pulled out the
prong. Dave was having a bit of trouble but eventually got his large
member into Jody's tit.

The pressure around Dave's cock was immense. He saw John pumping slowly
and he in turn did the same. Liquid flushed around his cock and he
pumped. Take it slowly he thought, no need to rush. Jody closed her
eyes, hard.


Matt felt the pressure in his loins. He was going to explode but the
tube was still in him. Melissa and Sharon continued to caress and lick
his incredibly erect cock. 

"Please!" groaned Matt, "I need to cum!"

"Patience my dear," said Sharon softly. Just then Melissa yanked the
tube out of his penis. Matt's body jerked up in the air and he came.
Spunk spurted out over three feet. His body shook and more cum came
flying out. Melissa and Sharon laughed as they were covered in cum.

Matt slowed his gyration and Sharon relaxed him by giving him a very
tender blow job.


John and Dave had come. But they continued pumping anyway. Suddenly
they both pulled out and milk spray over them. They rubbed it all over
their bodies.

"First time I've seen a girl come with her tits." Dave said.

John didn't say anything, he walked over to Jody and with both hands
helped to compress her tit. More milk slowed out. Dave did the same.
Soon a large puddle was building in the middle of the room.

Slowly the milk stopped coming out. Jody's breathing returned to normal
and with the new hormones she could already feel her breasts start to
tighten back to their normal size ... albeit a tad bigger than normal.

"Bravo!" Ann yelled from the chairs. "Bravo!"

Both Dave and John turned to Ann, and gave her a bow.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 15 "Busted."

Dave helped his wife to the door of the house. They were glad to be
home. Paul had thanked them for the ride and was already on his way back
to his house. He had liked the many devices he saw at the school and was
going to start building the necessary items for his daughter's return.

Dave closed the door and helped Ann to the kitchen table. The girls were
no where to be seen. Dave yelled for them and immediately heard running
as the girls appeared up from the basement. They moved to the table and
sat down.

Dave looked the girls up and down, "Girls, where is Matt?"

They hesitated. Dave continued, "And why do you have cum in your hair
Melissa." Melissa silently cursed and made a play of checking her hair.

Dave walked to the basement door, "Matt, are you down there?"
A lightly coughing sound came from down below. Dave turned back to the
girls. "Where is Matt? Sharon?"

"Matt is a little tied up Daddy."

Dave's face suddenly became very hardened. "What have you two done?"

Sharon got a strong sinking feeling in her stomach. Melissa swallowed

"NOW!!" Dave yelled causing both girls to jump.

He stormed off down the stairs. A few moments later there was a quiet
chuckling. Ann stood up despite the pain in her ankle and limped over
to the door. She listened. "Everything alright darling?" called Ann.

"Ann, come down here dear." Dave called back.

A minute later Ann made it to the bottom of the stairs. Matt was tied
over the barrel. He had a thorny rose sticking out from his ass. He had
a full face gag on with numerous welts across his ass cheeks. Ann's eyes
were wide with suprise. She tried to suppress her giggling but failed 

Dave walked back to Ann by the stairs and called to Sharon and Melissa.
Both girls quickly but quietly came down their stairs and stood by Dave.
Both their heads were bowed.

Ann spoke next, "Melissa, get the camera. I think it's got about 10
frames left. Use them all. Go now, quickly."

Melissa did her mother's bidding. Dave crossed his arms and put his right
hand to his mouth to try to stop him from giggling. After the pictures
were taken he unclipped Matt from the barrel. His face was a bright red
from both humiliation and being stuck in the position for so long. Ann
helped him with the urethra tube which had been reinserted.

Dave leaned against the post and motioned for his daughters to stand in
front of him.

"Why?" he asked.

The girls looked at each other. Sharon spoke up, "Sorry Daddy, he just
isn't a master."

"A master? What is a master Sharon?"

Sharon swallowed. "The school said a master is someone who you take orders
from and both Melissa and I can't take orders from Matt. He's too nice."

"Hhhmmm." Dave walked over to Matt. Matt looked him in the eyes.

"They say you're too nice Matthew. Is this correct?" Dave asked.

Matt's eyes narrowed, "I'm learning Mr Andrews, real fast." He glared at

Dave followed Matt's stare. "Okay Matthew, what do you want to do to my
bitch daughters now?"

Matt took a deep breath. He blew it out and then took another one. He
screwed up all his anger and frustration from the last few hours and then
exploded. He reached down and picked up the rose, looked over to the girls
and stormed towards them. Before he got to them he yelled, 

He slashed the rose stem towards Sharon's face cutting her with the thorns.
With an upward movement he slashed towards Melissa just nicking her forearm
as the girls eached jumped backwards out of the way. Suddenly the rose
dropped to the floor. Melissa looked back and saw her father had grabbed
Matt around the back of the neck and had hoisted him nearly a foot into
the air. Matt's feet swung trying to find something to support him.

Dave changed his stance and threw Matt backwards. He landed flat on his
back at the feet of Ann. Quickly Matt got to his elbows but dared not to
stand up any further.

Dave turned to the girls. "Melissa, go and get Sharon cleaned up. Then I
want to see both of you in the kitchen. Go."

Dave turned back to Matt. He walked over and picked up the rose stem. He
inspected the thorns. Their sharpness, their strength, their pain. He 
dropped the stem onto the bed and slowly walked back to Matt. Matt stared.

When Dave spoke it was quiet, not the loud outburst Matt was expecting.
"I said there were two things you had to remember. One, don't kill them
and two, don't let them push you around. Am I to understand you might have
misheard or misunderstood me?"

Matt's mouth opened and closed. He couldn't think of anything to say.

Dave nodded his head, "Okay, I assume you must have misheard me so this
is what we're going to do. My lovely wife now have photos of you in your
latest position, do you understand that?"

Matt looked to Ann and then back at Dave. He nodded his head.

"Good. You tried to 'kill' my property. Do you understand this?"

Matt shook his head, "No Mr An..."

Dave interrupted, "You will FUCKING listen when I'm speaking to you!!"

Matt closed his mouth with a snap. Dave moved his face closer to Matt's.

"I sent my two daughters to a very expensive school. Their training took
over six months and nearly in one day you've managed to totally change 
their attitudes. Do you think I'm fucking interested in what you have 
to say right now? ... I'll answer that for you. NO!"

Dave walked over to Ann and took the camera. "Matthew. You will now go
back home and you will not breath a word of this to anyone. Do you 
understand?" ... Matt nodded ... "Good. I expect you here the day after 
tomorrow where my wife will give you lessons in being a 'master'. 
Do you understand this?" ..... Matt nodded but more slowly this time 
... "Good. Now get the fuck out of here."

Matt got to his feet, he went upstairs, found his clothes and left.

Ann limped over to her husband and soothed his back by rubbing with her
hands. Dave looked down at her, "How the hell is he going to be my
son-in-law if he can't even control our daughter?"

Ann smiled, "I think he'll be okay. He's just had a rough day with a
tube down his dick." she chuckled. Dave smirked. "Poor bugger."

They went upstairs to think of a suitable punishment for the girls.
Ann thought something with stinging nettle would be appropriate.

The view was temporarily out of focus as Matt quickly but gently walked
home. The camera lens jutted and jirred as it zeroed in on it's target.
Smoke rose from the cigarette of the figure holding the camera. it 
filled the van and it was getting quite stuffy. She knew she'd have
to quit smoking ... one day. It wasn't a good look for an ex-supermodel
anyway to be seen with a fag hanging out of her mouth. Her blonde hair
flattened against the side of the van as she leaned back and stretched
her arms and legs.

Janice Winterbottom was a professional photographer. She thought she had
seen it all. Cults, wars, famine, S&M parties, everything. But her sources
on what was happening in this street were strange at best. They had said
it was a white-slave ring. Janice detested while slavery. She hated
all known forms of torture and bondage. She put her camera down and rested
her other hand in her jacket pocket. She touched the book gently and
caressed the hard cover. She felt more at ease. She stared out through
the van window into the night. 'I'm going to bust this ring wide open.'
she thought.

Matt pushed opened the door to his house. It was getting close to dusk
outside. He went to the kitchen and drank from some milk in the fridge.
He waited for his heart to stop pounding in his ears.
It was stupid. He knew it was stupid to let his anger go. He cursed 
himself for being an idiot. He went into the lounge and flicked on the
Television to distract him from what had happened that day. Very stupid.

"How long do we have to hang here Daddy?" Melissa asked.

"About five minutes. What you did to Matt wasn't nice." Dave replied as
he looped the rope around Melissa's neck. Sharon already had the hangman's
noose around her neck. She jerked to the stings from the stinging nettle.
Ann continued to rub it all over Sharon's ass and thighs.

Both girls stood on apple crates in the basement. Two ropes had been
strung up and tied to one of the rafters overhead. Ann proceeded to rub
the nettle on Melissa.

Dave tightened the noose and stood in front of the girls.
"Right, we were away five hours so you guys will hang for five minutes.
These are the rules. Any spillage of piss or crap will be eaten up. 
You will both have dildos in your cunts and ass. These dildos are not big 
so you'll have to keep them in. If one of these dildos should fall out
then you'll both hang for another five minutes. Understand?"

The girls nodded. Dave went to the cabinet and took out four very slim
steel dildos. He inserted them into his daughters. Melissa shivered at 
the cold steel intruder. The stings from the nettles were making things
quite uncomfortable. Dave looked up at Ann. "When you're ready dear."
Ann pressed the button on her stop watch. Dave kicked the crates out
from under the girls. The ropes went taut. The girl's faces strained.
Quickly their faces started going red.

One minute: Both girls swung slightly at the end of the ropes. They
breathed noisily through their nostrils and clenched their vagina and
ass muscles to keep the dildos in.

Two minutes: Melissa felt her ass losing it's grip on the steel intruder.
Her neck was aching so badly from the strain. Sweat dripped from her

Three minutes: Sharon gulped in air. She closed her eyes and willed time
to go faster. She wrapped her left ankle around her right to keep the
dildos in place. Her neck felt like it was on fire.

Four minutes: Dave and Ann watched the girls. Neither of them had kept
an eye on the stop watch. Suddenly there was a clang as Melissa's ass
dildo bounced on the floor. "Oh dear." Dave remarked, "Looks like we're
on for another five minutes." ... Melissa overheard her father and felt
her bowels release.

Dave whispered in his wife's ear. "Oh crap." Ann giggled.

Eight minutes: Sharon's head was pounding. She had heard the clang of
the dropped dildo and silently cursed her younger sister. She gulped
more air.

Eleven minutes: Dave watched the girls as their faces were bright red.
He looked down at the watch and saw the time. Oh well he signed. A few
minutes more or less won't matter. Besides, both girls have got some
shit to clean up off the floor ... with their tongues.

Rodney Basket came in the internal garage door into the house. He saw
his son splayed out on the couch watching TV.

'Bloody kids' he thought. "Hi son, what's happening?"

Matt looked over, "Hey Dad, nothing happening. All quiet. How was ya

"Yeah, pretty good." Rodney strolled past the television and went to
close the curtains. He stared for a few seconds and then shut them.

"Matt, how long that green van down the street been there?"

"Not sure, it was there when I went to babysit the Andrews girls."

"Hhmm. I wonder. I might just make a quick call."

Janice didn't hear the second blue van park behind her van. She finished
eating her apple and read more pages from her book. She heard faint
footsteps and looked out the window. Suddenly the side door of the van
burst open and hands grabbed her. She was pulled out of the van and a
bag was placed over her head. She screamed once, then a solid punch to
her mid-section stopped her from screaming again. She was dragged and
tossed into another van. It sped off down the street. Before she knew
what was going on she was hog-tied and left in the back of the van.

What seemed like hours the van finally jerked to the left and then
slowed to a stop. Janice felt hands on her ropes as she was pulled out
of the van and dumped onto the gravel. Her hood was removed, and she
was looking into the face of a man, a British man.

Mr Boggis smiled. "Welcome to Hackmoore's."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 16 "Supergirl"

Ann stretched her arms and watched the morning sun stream in through the
curtains. She enjoyed mornings like this. Her muscles tensed as she 
released a yawn that had been building up for what seemed like hours.
She tip-toed her fingers back to see if her hubby was still in bed.


She could vaguely hear the sounds of metallic items being put down on
the kitchen bench. He must be going through some of the stuff we ordered
from Hackmoores she pondered. She rolled over on to her back and dose
as the sun streamed washed over her.

Dave found what he was looking for. He took the video and tore off the
plastic covering. It had a picture of Supergirl on the front. Dave loved
his DC Comics as a kid. Supergirl was the ultimate fantasy for him. 

He went down to the basement and the girls stirred gently and moaned behind
their ball gags. Switching off the vibrators the girl's sore bodies
finally relaxed. They had been cuming all night and desperately needed
a drink of water. Dave unlocked their handcuffs and pulled them back from 
leaning over the barrel. 

"Morning girls, remove you gags and buttplugs. I want you get to a cup
of tea for me and your Mother. Then shower and wait for me in the lounge."

The girl's splinter muscles ached as they stretched to release the butt
plugs. The girls went off to do their father's bidding while Dave tided
up in the basement.

A little while later Melissa and Sharon walked into the lounge. They looked
at the television and saw cartoons. It appeared that Supergirl was getting
the upper-hand once again against the bad guys.

Dave looked up, "Sit down on either side of me." When his daughters were
comfortable he increased the sound. The tape was nearing the end. Supergirl
had battled and beaten the demons. Melissa guessed they were all the small
demons and that the last was going to be tough as it always was in comics.

Supergirl's hair streamed behind her has she dove towards the demon. Her
muscles flexed ready to continue the battle. Her adversary was two tons
of bright red muscle. But he had an extra feature, bony spurs which were
nearly taller than the girl-of-steel herself. 

Huh, what was she worried about. The Earth's nearest star practically made
her invulnerable, she wasn't the least bit afraid.

Supergirl suddenly felt a painful sensation in her stomach. She quickly
became very weak and plummeted towards the ground, which she landed very
heavily. She could barely raise her head but she did to look at the creature.
She felt so tired, so weak. The pain was overwhelming.

"Hello Supergirl," said a voice from the shadows. Lex Luthor stepped out
into the light. "Scriv, have you meet Supergirl. No? Scriv, please meet
Supergirl, Supergirl, this is my new business partner, Scriv."

"A pleasure." said the demon.

Supergirl didn't look towards the demon. She was more interested in the
ring Lex was holding. Kryptionite?! ... 

Lex held up his hand and waved his fingers. "Yes Supergirl, it's made of
Kryptionite." Lex's face changed into an evil grin. He walked very slowly
towards the girl-of-steel. As he did Kara moaned, the pain got stronger.

"Scriv and I are going to take over the world but first I think I'd like you
to die." Lex informed her. "Scriv, do you think this super-bitch would love
one of your bone spur up her cunt?"

Scriv walked forward. Supergirl rolled over onto her stomach and attempted
to get to her knees. She looked over to Lex. "Lex, please ... must stop ..
Scriv ..." she promptly fell forward again.

Lex laughed, "Dear sweet Kara, you're not exactly in any sort of position
to ask for anything .. but perhaps a quick death. And I won't even give
you that luxury. Scriv, when you're ready."

Scriv rolled Kara onto her back and lifted her red skirt. He took hold of
her blue panties with his large hands and torn them off. Kara protested
quietly. Her pussy had very blond hair. So blond that it barely covered
her slit. Lex marvelled at her long muscular legs. Scriv also removed
Kara's skirt.

Lex stepped forward causing more pain for the Kryptionian. "Scriv, let's
not waste too much time. Impale her on one of your spurs and let's get 
down to business."

"You human males do seem to have a fascination for impaling your females,"
Scriv stated. "Perhaps it's why you humans have so many shortcomings as
a race."

"If you like, I'll leave you for a few minutes. I'm sure Supergirl would
change you mind after she's beating the living crap out of you."

"Point taken. Okay Kryptionian. Let's see if I can get a claw all the way
through you without damaging anything vital huh?!"

Scriv picked up Kara around the waist. "Please .. don't .." she whimpered.
She swung an arm at the demon. It barely touched him. He tucked both her
hands behind her back and secured them by tightening his grip.

Scriv's right hand came up in front of Kara's face. He made a fist and
suddenly a four foot bone spur protruded from his knuckle. It was barbed
but they were all facing backwards. Kara's head rolled to one side. She
was barely conscious.

"Lex, do you mind standing back a bit. I want her awake for this."

"Certainly partner." Lex moved back and Kara's pain reduced. She became a
little more conscious of her surroundings.

Scriv pushed the tip of his spur to Supergirl's pussy lips. They parted
easily. Kara wimpered awaiting the inevitable assault. Scriv continued pushing
the claw in and raping his victim. Her vagina muscles stretched easily and
sucked the claw in deeper. Kara had never been so thoroughly filled before.

Quickly the tip was at her cervix but Scriv wasn't about to slow down for
her. He pushed harder and Kara moaned loudly as the spur plunged deep into
her abdominal cavity. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Lex watched in awe and
savored every moment of Kara's pain. She could feel the claw moving against
her stomach and intestines. She tried to scream but the pain was too great.
She was powerless.

"I'm impressed Lex Luthor, she still struggles and the claw in nearly fully

Lex walked around Scriv to get a better look. This only serve to make Kara's
condition all the more uncomfortable. "How long will she last I wonder if
all those internal wounds if I took the Kryptionite away?"

"Let's find out but first let me complete the impaling. It wouldn't do us
any good to have her with her powers back to normal at this point in time."

Kara continued her vain struggle. The grip Scriv had on her was intense.
She looked over to him and he smiled showing all his pointed teeth. Then
with a surge in strength he pushed the claw further in. The pain racked her
already exhausted body and suddenly the claw penetrated her esophagus. She
could just feel the tip of the claw in her throat. She couldn't breath.
Kara threw everything she had but Scriv didn't even register the punches
or kicks.

Her big blue breasts bounced as Kara panicked. Scriv pushed the claw further
and finally the tip of it appears out through the girl-of-steel's mouth.
The demon could go no further.

"Now Luther." commanded the demon. Lex walked a few metres away and took
off the ring. 

Kara felt her powers rushing back to her. She quickly put her feet on the
demon's chest and pushed only just then realizing that the claw was barbed.
Her own invulnerable flesh held firm, trapping her on the bone protrusion.

She kicked her feet at the claw but Scriv laughed. Kara's quick mind
wondered how she could get the Kryptionite ring back but she realized even
if she could get off, the damage inside would kill her in due time. She
was already dead, she only needed to realize it. She forced herself to
stop struggling.

"I do love watching a beautiful women struggle Scriv, I'm sure you'll 
come to enjoy it also."

The demon snorted through his large nostrils. "I think I will Luther."

The bone remained at Kara's mouth. Her lips were stretched tightly over
the girth. Soon her body would require air. She figured she would have
about 5 minutes.

She was wrong. Kara lasted nearly 20 before expiring.

"Lex, could you go and get the ring please." Scriv asked politely.
"Otherwise I might never be able to get this invulnerable bitch off my


Dave leaned back as the credits rolled past on the TV screen. He hadn't 
realize he was leaning so far forward. He was totally focused on the 
cartoon. His weary neck and shoulders welcomed the rush of blood. 
He reached over and caressed his daughters breasts.

"Okay girls .... Sharon, you suck me off. Melissa, go and get the dog.
He needs a good fuck."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 17 "Cherry Popping Party."

Mr Boggis inspected Clarice's flesh. He pulled her skin in all directions.
Secretly he wanted her to hurt. No student, even of her maturity, should
have lasted so long. He let go of her breast. John stood to the side of
Clarice. There wasn't much need as her arms were pulled behind her back
in to an arm sleeve. This naturally pushed her tits right out in front.
Also her ankles were cuffed just in case she tried to run.

"Healing very nicely John. How is she responding to her classes?"

"Very average I'm afraid headmaster. I thought she'd respond better 

Mr Boggis nodded his head, "Yes, I quite agree. Clarice?"

Clarice continued to stare down at her feet.

"Clarice, if you don't look at me right this very second I'm afraid 
John will have to give you another of his special punishments."

Clarice stiffened at the thought of the punishment she had received last
night. It involved nothing more than her being tied spread eagle to a table
and a 10 inch long needle. Her body shook from the memory. However she 
continued to look down at the ground. The headmaster suspected she didn't 
care for herself or her body, but maybe the maternal instinct might be 
stronger than fear.

"Okay Clarice, enough is enough. John, I want you to take Jody and Lisa
and give them your extra special attention. And you make this bitch watch."

Clarice's head came up in the snap. She stared with large eyes at the
headmaster. "Ahhh.' thought Mr Boggis. I think we've struck a nerve.

"Do you disapprove of this Clarice?", Mr Boggis asked.

Clarice's eye narrowed. They can't be serious she wondered. She answered
the headmaster's question very clearly. "Fuck you!"

Mr Boggis turned to John. "Okay, I've had enough. Please get Ivy to give 
you a hand with removing Lisa Basket's prized possession, her virginity." 
and with a turn on his heel the headmaster walked off.

John watched him go then turned to Clarice. He rubbed her along her 
shoulders and arms. "Silly thing to say girlie. Mr Boggis isn't too fond
of foul language. But then again, I must thank you for giving me the 
chance to fuck your youngest."

Clarice didn't look up, her head swayed too much. 'What have I done.'

Jody and Lisa waited in their room. After the lactation event Jody's tits
had shrunk back to two size bigger than what she had before. There were
no signs that they had grown to 9 times their original size. However they
were extremely sensitive.

The locks on the door clicked open and John stepped through. He checked
the room as was his habit in case one of them tried to escape. His eyes
set upon Lisa and before Jody could get out of bed he had taken Lisa by
the wrist and pushed her out into the corridor. Jody kicked on the door
to vent her anger but the door had taken worse beatings than that before.

John relocked the doors then turned to see which way Lisa had run. He was
moderately surprise to see her standing behind him. Her dark brown eyes
looked up into his. John smiled and looked her over. Lisa was 14 and 
growing up very nicely. Her slim body and small but developing breasts
made her look much older. The small wispy triangle of dark hair which 
tried it's best to cover her cunt wasn't even close succeeding. John 
wondered if she kept the hair sparse herself.

'Oh well.' he thought. He held out his hand and Lisa put her wrist in
it. His large fingers closed over and he walked off down the hallway.
Lisa had no choice but to follow. As they were getting close to their
destination John quickly stopped at one of the doors. He could hear faint
moaning on the other side. He knocked on it twice and waited for it to

The door whipped open to reveal a stunning women. She wore a leather
G-String and leather stockings. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail
and there were very small beads of sweat on her brow. She looked into 
John's eyes. "Yes?"

"Hey Ivy, got a pop party happening, interested?"

"Hmm," she smiled quickly changing into a seductive pose. "Her?"


"What do you want me to do?" Ivy asked.

"Hold her, or at least make sure someone close by doesn't interfere."

Ivy bared her teeth in a largish grin. "Cool. Back in a mo." and she
disappeared. There were faint sounds of a victim having a whip handle
shove up their rectum. A few seconds later Ivy returned and they both 
walked off down the hallway.

"Who were you working on?" John inquired.

"Some bitch that they brought in. Boggis said I was to take very special
care of her ... I've been up since 5am with her. She didn't take to the
cold showers or electric anal probes .. but she'll love them soon enough."

"Cool." was all John said.

Ivy's past was a mystery to everyone, especially her. John had found her
at a bar in a town on the other side of the state. She was being worked
over by the head-whore there until John stepped in. Still to this day he
didn't know why ... maybe he liked her. John brushed the thought away as
the trio stepped into the 'popping' room.

John pointed to corner, "Over there." Lisa stood where he indicated.
"And don't move until I say."

Chained with her hands above her head in the middle of the room was
Clarice. Ivy walked around her. Clarice stared at the ground. With a
sudden quickness that even John didn't anticipate Ivy slugged Clarice
one in the stomach. Ivy walked back over to the head-porter with Clarice
gasping for breath behind her.

John looked over Ivy's shoulder and then back to Ivy. "You're bad kiddo."

Ivy smiled. 

John continued. "Okay, I want this bitch's mother watching while I pop 
this kid's cherry."

There was a subtle 'fuck you!' behind Ivy.

John continued, "Well, that's not very nice is it?"

"Certainly not Head-porter. What shall we do with her?" Ivy chimed in
playing the game.

"I'm not too sure, perhaps she is hard of hearing. Let's fix that problem
shall we?"

"Why yes Head-porter, let's"

A few minutes later Clarice was bald. Her hair cut away by Ivy while John
held her head still. John stood in front of Clarice and raised her chin
with his knuckle. "Still prepared to disobey?"

Clarice's eyes streamed with tears. "Please don't hurt my baby ..."

"I'm not going to hurt her, I'm just going to turn her into a woman for
you." John sneered. He reached up and released Clarice's chain. Her arms
fell to her sides. He pointed over to a wooden 'V' horse to the side of
the room. "Stand on the other side of that."

John followed her. Ivy turned her head to Lisa, "Ok you, over here now."
Lisa hesitated then moved and soon all four of them were surrounding
the wooden horse.

John adjusted his groin shield. It had numerous small spikes on it. This
is what drives the girls wild he thought. He took Lisa's upper arm and
moved her in front of him. Her butt towards the side of the horse. Ivy
moved to the other side. John took a step forward while Lisa took a 
step back. Her butt came into contact with the horse.

"Raise your arms above your head." Lisa did. As she raised her arms
they were grabbed by Ivy and pulled backwards. Lisa's legs went up to
help her catch her balance. John caught them. He then pulled them apart.
The top of the horse dug into the small of Lisa's back. She grimaced.

John stood forward. His cock rock solid. He turned his head to Clarice.
Clarice looked pleadingly at her daughter.

"Clarice, rub my cock. Make it hard." John ordered.

Clarice didn't move. "CLARICE!" John yelled. Clarice's body jerked.
She continued to stare at Lisa while her hand located John's cock. She
rubbed the shaft a few times. Pre-cum appeared at the tip.

Clarice turned to John, "Can I suck it? Please. My daughter can't take
it dry. Not something this big. Please I beg you, let me suck it."

John looked over to Ivy. Ivy was smiling broadly. He nodded.
Clarice dropped to her knee and took the shaft into her mouth. She
coated it with as much salvia as she could muster.

Mr Boggis stood at the doorway. He wasn't going to miss this for anything.

After a few minutes Lisa thought her back was going to break in half.
"Mum, hurry, please." she mumbled though the pain.

John quickly brought up his knee and knocked Clarice over. 
"Enough bitch. Get up." Clarice did his bidding.

"Now take your daughter's hands." nodding towards Ivy.

Clarice stared in horror. "I can't do that."

"You WILL and you will do it NOW!" yelled John. Clarice's eyes switched
between the porter and her daughter. She moved around to Ivy and took
Lisa's wrists. Ivy smirked at Clarice and moved to the side.

Lisa looked up to her mum. "Mum?" ... "Shush sweetie, this won't take

"Shut up whore!" John yelled. He took a couple deep breaths. Then without
any word of warning rammed his cock deep into Lisa's virgin pussy. Lisa
screamed and fainted immediately. Clarice had tears running down her face.
John continued to pump away. Blood and mucus stained his cock. Lisa's ass
was ripped raw by the groin shield.

He never stopped pumping for 15 minutes.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 18 "Nurse Luxe's special break."

Ivy closed the door on Lisa's room. Lisa's sister Jody was comforting her
after her having her virginity removed. Ivy had left John to give Clarice
a good 50 lashes with the cane. She strolled along the hallway back to her
room to continue her class with the blonde they had brought in.

Janice Winterbottom wasn't in a good way. Fresh welts and bruises mapped
out what Ivy had been so busy doing all morning. She heard the door open
and looked up to see Ivy closing the door behind her. Ivy walked over and
took a handful of Janice's hair. She pulled her head right back.

"Shall we continue?" she mocked. Ivy reached down and roughly pulled out
her whip from Janice's asshole. She pulled at an angle which in turned
caused the rough leather handle to tear along Janice's rectum. Janice
moaned slightly and with a loud popping sound the whip handle was free.

Ivy disgusted with the shit covered whip tossed it into the corner. 
"You'll be licking that crap off my whip before tonight bitch!"

When Janice didn't reply Ivy kicked her in the shins. "Ow!" screamed
her victim. "Answer me when I ask you a question Bitch!"

"But you didn't ask a question. You said it as a statement. Are you really
that dumb?"

Ivy stared at Janice's slump body. Fury rose in her and Ivy exploded.
Janice was quickly gagged and blind folded. Ivy took a small bar from her
cupboard and tied the ends to Janice's knees which pushed them apart.
Janice initially tried to squirm to stop her but a quick kick to her
sternum put a stop to that.

Ivy grabbed a claw from the cupboard. It was simply a claw more commonly
used for gardening. She had filed down the tips to make then sharp but
not sharp enough to cut. Walking behind Janice she pulled back on her
hair again. Janice was breathing heavily through her nose. Ivy reached
over with the claw and whacked it into Janice's pubic hair. She then 
pushed it into Janice's skin and racked her all the way from her lower
tummy to her neck. Janice moaned strongly behind her mask.

Ivy reached over and racked her again. A trickle of blood appeared at
Janice's belly button. Ivy didn't care. She was still angry at being talked
back too. She reached over again but kept her eye's on Janice's face.
She push and yank upstairs again but the claw had moved. Janice in turned
was pulling her head from left to right. Ivy had stuck one of the three
claws into Janice's vagina. Ivy smiled like a Cheshire Cat and continued
yanking. Janice screamed into her gag. 

After a few more attempts Ivy removed the claw and pushed Janice's head
forward. She then worked on Janice's back by racking her from her shoulders
down to her ass crack. Janice lay there limply, not moving.

Ivy quickly pulled off the gag and vomit splash down the middle of Janice's
breasts. She coughed up some more bile while Ivy watched on. After a few
moments when Ivy judges that Janice had finished choking and vomiting she
took a bucket of water and splashed it over Janice's body. This had the
affect of shocking Janice back into consciousness and also washing away the
bile. Ivy checked the clock on the wall and saw it was nearly lunch time.

Before she had left Ivy had taken a nice 9 inch dildo and covered it with
PMS cream. She jammed it into Janice's cunt with little regard for the
pain. She quickly snapped on a waist belt and clipped it onto the dildo.
It only served to push the dildo in deeper and keep it there. Before Ivy
had closed the door she could hear Janice moaning loudly as the creamed
caused vicious cramps to assault her body.


Clarice screamed and electricity rippled through her butt muscles and tits.
John was following instructions from Clarice's husband, Rodney. Rodney had
requested that Clarice's ass be extremely tight. Clarice was currently 
flat on her back with her legs pushed into her chest. Her ankles had been
bound to her thighs and John had put the spreader bar on her knees and big 
toes. Her hands were cuffed at the wrists which were connected to her
collar. A large metal dildo was deep in her ass with two wires extending
out from it. John pushed the button and zap Clarice again.

John turned to a knocking at the door as Ivy came in.

"Lunch?" she asked. John quickly looked at the wall clock. "Yep. Hang on."

He set the timer to zap Clarice's ass once every two minutes for the next
hour. Then he followed Ivy out of the room. Clarice struggled against her
bonds. The next bolt of electricity caught her totally by surprise.


After lunch John went and extended Clarice's treatment for another two
hours. He also put the zapper onto random. Just to make sure she was having
a good time she attached two alligator clips to her nipples. This didn't
give her the same dosage of electricity but it was just as random as the
rest of the shocks. Then he left to see the headmaster. He knocked on the 
door but there wasn't a reply. He opened it and went in. It was their habit 
to have a daily meeting after lunch. He walked over to the window and could
see the headmaster waving goodbye to a Limo driving off down the driveway.

A few minutes later Mr Boggis walked into his office.
"Afternoon John, how are things?"

"Good Sir. Clarice Basket is having her rectal treatment as we speak."

"Excellent." Mr Boggis sat down with a number of pages. He quickly went
through them and found the one he wanted. "Here it is, Janice Winterbottom.
She's now officially dead."

John smiled, "Cool. Is she ours or are we selling her?"

"Already sold I'm afraid. She's got a lovely body but the gentleman I just
spoke to wants her even more. I'm not suppose to tell but apparently she
did a little article on his business and he lost a lot of money over it.
As you can imagine he's happy to pay a very nice sum to have her for a

John focused his eyes on the name at the bottom of the letter. 
"Gabriel Sir? ... hhmm, she will be dead within a week if he has his way.
You know what a bad temper he has."

"Too true I know. But he's paying double for her so I'm not incline to
disagree. Besides, she may be a looker but business is business."

"Fair enough sir, any special requirements for her?"

"Yep, make sure she stays alive. That's why I've got Ivy working on her.
Mr Gabriel is coming back in two weeks time. Can you make sure Janice is
run through the system before then."

John got up from his chair, "No problem." and left. He had a date with
Cindy Winslow.


Cindy yelped to the sting across her backside. She nearly let the cock of
her teacher fall out of her mouth. She quickly took hold of it again with
her lips. She hadn't let it slip since she got to the school and she wasn't
about to start. Her forearms were tied together behind her back. Her knees
hurt from kneeling on the concrete for nearly 20 minutes. She had to make
this cock cum or else she'd be up shits creek.

Her teacher looked at his stop-watch. Today's lesson was more on making
the man last and Cindy was doing a good job. He struck her across the ass
again with the horsewhip. Cindy jerked but continued suckling. Soon he came.

John walked in through the doorway and saw Cindy licking the cum off her

The teacher turned to John, "She didn't spill a drop. She's learning well."

John looked down at Cindy, "Good. Mind if I take her away. She's got the
last of her hormone boosters to go."

After the teacher had nodded Cindy got to her feet and followed John out.
They walked down the corridor in silence until they got to the doctor's
office. Cindy's arms were release and she climbed onto the table. John
strapped her in, then left to check on Clarice.

A few minutes later the nurse came in. She took a syringe from the tray
and tapped it a couple of times with her finger. "Doctor ain't hear doll,
so I'll be doing your jabs today." announced the nurse.

Nurse Luxe stroked Cindy's left tit making it erect. She then positioned
the needle over top and push it in. The burning pain spread through Cindy's
breast. Tears trickled down her face as the nurse did her other breast.

"Come come now, no tears. This is the last one and tell ya what, I won't
inject it into your tummy this time. Let's try somewhere different."

Cindy blinked to remove the water from her eyes. The nurse had unstrapped
Cindy's feet and pushed her outwards making her spread eagle. She tied
them to straps on the sides of the table exposing Cindy's cunt and ass.
She then took the final syringe and leaned over Cindy's thigh. She located
the small area of flesh between Cindy's slit and ass and pushed the needle
home. Cindy screamed. The nurse jumped at the scream and the needle broke

"Silly bitch!" yelled the nurse. She quickly grabbed some tissues and was
mopping up the blood as John walked in. He quickly took stock of the
situation before walking over to the nurse.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Silly bitch screamed and I broke a needle in her." growled the nurse.
John knew the anger was directed at Cindy. For Cindy the pain was thumping
away. Cindy continued to howl.

John went around the other side and inspected the wound. He saw a small 
glint of metal.

"Give me the pliers." he said.

"Pliers? ... why?" she asked already knowing the answer.

John went to one of the drawers and pulled it out. He pulled out a tooth
extractor. 'Close enough.' he thought. He returned to Cindy and after 
getting hold of the needle whipped it out. The pain subsided for Cindy

"You silly FUCK!" yelled the nurse. John looked into Cindy's eyes to see
if she was okay. He then turned and picked up the broken syringe from the
floor and inspected it. He looked over the nurse.

"This was suppose to go into her stomach .... what were you doing?"

"Nu .. nu .. nothing. That's how we always do it." she stammered.

"BULLSHIT!! ... This slave is my responsibility and here you are fucking
around pulling stunts like this." he yelled as he moved to stand in front
of the nurse.

"Don't you ..." but before the nurse could finish her retort she fell to
the floor. John's hand stun from the slap her gave her. He stood over her
and took a handful of her hair. He pulled her up so she was at eye level.

"Listen here. Don't fuck with me Luxe. I'll be your worst enemy."
He lowered her to the floor and took her trembling hand in his. 

"Besides, you wouldn't want this to happen would you."

Cindy heard a loud cracking found as John broken the Nurse's little finger.
The Nurse screamed. John then twisted the broken limb so it wouldn't heal
properly. He dropped the woman to the floor. Unstrapped Cindy and then took
her back to her cock-sucking class. The nurse sobbed hugging her hand.


The doctor sat back and smiled. "Poor Nurse Luxe. But I guess she won't be
doing that again."

"Indeed not." replied Mr Boggis. "Do you intend to do anything Doctor?"

"I think I shall have to amputate her finger ... as a reminder of course."

"Of course. More tea?"


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 19 "Matt's BJ."

Melissa pulled some more washing from the washing machine and dropped it
into the basket that Sharon was holding. They both went outside and pegged
it out. Dave came out a few minutes later and sat down beside his wife.
He offered her the drink and she took it with a smile. They watched their

Ann leaned her head towards her hubby. "They've turned out very well."

"Mmm, they have haven't they?. When do you want to do it?"

"Tonight. I think tonight is a good night to have a child."

"Okay." Dave drunk some more of his ice tea. He looked over towards the
fence. "How long has Matt Basket been watching the girls?"

"For a little while now. I think he's wanking. Bit of a waste don't ya

"Mmm ... hang on." Dave stood up and walked over to the fence. Matt 
hadn't seen him until he was only a few metres away. 

"Don't move." Dave said. Melissa and Sharon stopped what they were doing
and turned to watch. Matt blushed.

Dave looked over the fence and Ann was right, Matt had been wanking.
"Bit of a waste don't you think Matt? .... Get over here."

Matt hesitated but then climbed over the fence. He dropped lightly onto
the other side. Dave looked him up and down. Then he leaned forward and
whispered into Matt's ear. "Which one do you want?"

"Want Sir?" Matt whispered back.

Dave sighed. He often wondered about the mentality of the Basket Family.
He rubbed the bridge of his nose with his fingers. "Which one of my daughters
do you want to blow you?"

Matt answered within seconds, "Sharon ... please Sir."

Dave turned to the girls, "Sharon get over here, Melissa .. get back to

Sharon arrived beside her father. She was just wearing normal jeans and
a dark red T-shirt. Matt noticed she didn't have a bra on as her nipples
were standing erect through the material. Sharon looked down towards
Matt's pants. Only then did Matt realize he still had his cock hanging
out. Once again his face started blushing.

Dave rolled his eyes and turned to walk away. "Sharon, give him a blow job.
Honestly, I don't know what you see in him." Dave went to sit beside Ann.

Sharon dropped her to knees and helped Matt's member out. She had difficulty
so she unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to his knees. He wasn't
wearing any underwear. Matt's cock wasn't long but it thickened quickly
to Sharon's touch. She licked the tip with her tongue and looked up into
Matt's eyes. He stared down at her as though he was puzzled.

She took his cock into her mouth and began to work it. She heard Dave
yell out '15 minutes' and realize that she had to make Matt wait for
quarter of an hour. He didn't even last 15 seconds before he came all
over her mouth and face.

Sharon got to her feet wiping cum off her lips and walked over to her
father. "Daddy please, that wasn't my doing."

"I know sweetie, but I wanted 15 minutes. I'll met you and your sister
down in the basement in 5 minutes. Go."

Dave watched his daughters go into the house. He stood up, "Ann, would
you mind going into the house? Thanks dear."

Dave walked over to Matt. He was still standing there watching what had
been going on. Dave stood before him then before Matt could stop him he
reached down and grabbed Matt's cock and pulled it upwards. Matt tried
to keep his balance and threw his hands onto Dave's shoulders.

"Hands off! Now!" Dave ordered. Matt did as he was told.

"You spend all fucking day in front of your TV, don't you? If you want to
play with my daughters you will start exercising and doing weights. I
want you to be running and skipping everyday. This will help you take
control of your cuming. Now get out of here and don't even think of 
returning until you can last for 15 god-damn minutes without cuming."

He gave Matt's penis another yank and then released it. Matt quickly
scampered over the fence. Dave watched him go and then absence mindedly
wiped his hand on his trousers. 'Bugger' he thought, 'the girls will
have to wash these too.'


Ivy enjoyed her showers. She loved them so much she had about three a
day. She soaped her body down and then rinsed before turning off the
water. She toweled up and then put her work clothes back on. John had
informed her that they wanted Janice alive even though she was officially
dead. 'Oh well.' Ivy thought. She decided she was going to give Janice
such a hard time until the end of next week. She looked at the clock
and saw it was 10 minutes before school ended. She walked off to give
Janice her final treatment for the day.

Janice's back was killing her. She was in one of the old medieval stocks
which they use to throw cabbages and rotten vegetables at in the old
days. The only problem was that her feet were in a five foot spreader
bar and 70kg weight was lumped on her back. Ivy had told her if it fell
off she'd pay dearly. Janice had tried to dislodge it on several
occasions but it held fast.

Suddenly the weight fell off and landed with a thud on the floor.
Janice tried to look and who released the weight but couldn't see 
around the stocks. She felt three stings across the back of her thighs.
Ivy walked around in front of her holding a horse whip.

"Afternoon slut, I'm here to get you ready for bed." Ivy remarked while
she undid the locks to the stocks. Janice stood up and soothed her
aching back. She turned to see two porters behind her. They picked her
up and carried her to a sloping beam. The spreader bar was removed
and Ivy attached a waist belt. She then put cuffs on Janice's elbows.
They had little ringlets on them which tied them to her waist belt.

One of the porters nodded to the other and they picked her up. With
a bang that sent stars to Janice's head they dropped her onto the
sloping beam. They then stood back and let Ivy do her work.

Janice looked up at the ceiling and once the stars disappeared she
could make out a ring in the ceiling with three ropes. She followed
the ropes down and saw two rings and a hook. Ivy clipped the elbow
locks to Janice's waist belt and made sure they were secure. Ivy took 
a small piece of rope and tied Janice's ankles together. She then
took one of the rings with the rope on the end and measured the
distance. It was only then that Janice realized there was oil on
the bench.

"About two feet forward gentlemen." she said.

The two porters pushed the beam about two feet downwards. 

"Good. Now hold her." ordered the torturer. The porters stood on either
side of Janice and held her arms. Ivy went to the cupboards and returned
with a pair of pliers. She took the ring with the rope attached and
inserted the pliers. She pulled the rings apart.

"You, grab her tit and you, make sure she stays down." said Ivy.

One of the porters grabbed Janice's tit and pulled it upstairs. Before
Janice realized what they were doing Ivy had clamped the ring on
her tit. Janice yelled. The pain raced through her breast. It took a
bit longer to get the other ring onto her other tit. But after Ivy
bounced Janice's head again dazing her it was over quickly.

Janice shook her head. The pressure from the rings on her sensitive 
nipples were driving her nuts. Ivy went over and took the rope with
the hook on it. She stood to Janice's side, "Thanks guys, I don't
need you anymore." With that the porters left.

"Well Miss Winterbottom. This is the game. This beam is covered in oil
which will naturally make you slip. If you use your back and ass
muscles you might be able to get back to your current position.
Of course if you slip off the beam you'll be hanging by your tits and
also .." Ivy slipped the hook into Janice's cunt. "... your cunt."

Ivy walked to the top of Janice and put her hands Janice's shoulders.
Then with a smirked she pushed and Janice's dry grip on the beam
disappeared. She jerked back by the ropes. The pain shot through her.
She tried to use her hands to grip the side of the beam but that too
had been oiled.

"Don't worry about slipping off. Mind you, the last girl who did it
we found hanging just by her cunt. Both her tits have been ripped off.
We tried to save her but she just bleed to death. Poor thing. Night."

Ivy turned on her heel and walked off. The room being void of any
windows she flicked off the light-switch before closing the door.

Janice cursed and screamed at her but to no avail. She clamped her
hands down on the side to try and reduce the pain on her tits and
cunt. It was going to be a long night.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 20 "Rain-woman."

Jody Basket. 17 years of age. Blonde hair, pretty and still retained her
virginity. She had hoped to wait till she was married before she gave it
up, but after hearing what her younger sister Lisa went through the
previous day she knew that this would never be the case. 

She lay their on the cold ground with her hands behind her head and 
her ankles tied to a ring in the floor. A rather large fat women
stood over her. The woman was grunting trying to shift her bowels.
A sickening smell emanated from the large woman as a dribble of urine
leaked from her urethra. Finally to the large woman's credit she dropped
a steaming pile of shit into Jody's lap. 

She stepped to the side. "Now smear it all over your body slut."

This was the watersports class, most students hated it. The headmaster
even avoided it. Jody took the turd as it squeezed through her fingers
and spread it over her tummy. 

"In your face and hair too ... come on now, I haven't got all day."

Jody tried to stifle the smell but it was very strong. After she
spread the dung through her hair the teacher ordered her to put her
hands behind her head once again. Jody did. The teacher straddled her
face and crouched down. "Open wide bitch."

Jody's eyes were full of terror. The teacher looked again. "OPEN!"
and Jody's mouth opened wide. A quick moment later and a gentle stream
of piss caught Jody in the eye. The teacher moved her fat lard ass
around trying to get a better position. She quickly found it and carried
on releasing her piss into the 17 year old's mouth. 

The teacher saw a small stream going down the young girl's face.
"Swallow!" she barked. Urine poured down Jody's chin and some even
made it down her nose. She coughed trying to dislodge the foul tasting
liquid from her nostrils. By that time the teacher had finished. She
stood up.

"Up!" Jody got to her feet. "Don't fuck about girl. You do what you're
told and even if you don't know, use your fucking common sense. If you
mouth is fill you swallow. That even includes cock-sucking. Now wash
off that crap and wait by the door."

Jody washed her face and body. She drained the cold water from her 
hair. Shortly afterwards she was taken by one of the porters to another
room. When she entered she gasped.

Clarice Basket's body was covered with sweat. John had left her to the
butt zapping machine all night. Jody ran over to her Mum and touched
her face. Her mother's eyes opened. "Jod .. jody."

Suddenly Clarice's body jerked and Jody pulled her hand away. She was
jolted by the zapper machine. The porter switched the machine off just
as John entered the room.

Without a word they uncuffed Clarice from the table and dropped her onto
the floor. Clarice hit the ground but didn't even stir. Her ass felt like
it was on fire but she was too exhausted to even care. The porter quickly
put Jody into the same position her mother had been. He inserted the butt 
zapper and readjusted the controls on the machine. They both waited a few 
minutes watching Jody jerk and bounce on the table before picking up 
Clarice. They left while Jody watched them walking out the door with her 
mother between them. She closed her eyes as her ass twitched again.


The barbells clanged as Ivy completed another rep of her exercise routine.
That's when she heard the shuffling footsteps of Mr Boggis behind her.
She put the barbells down, picked up her towel and wiped the sweat from
her face.

"Afternoon Ivy." said the headmaster.

"Afternoon Mr Boggis. How are things up top?"

"Very good thanks. I wanted to get an update on Janice Winterbottom?"

"She's currently in room 4d on the oil board. She's been there all
night and since she was rather short with me yesterday I thought I'd
see her later on this afternoon."

"Change of plans I'm afraid. Mr Gabriel, Janice's new owner, wants her
tomorrow afternoon. We haven't even started the hormone routine yet so
the doctor needs her now. Would you go and take Janice to see him. After
your exercises of course."

"Pity sir, I would have like a few more days. She's still a little 

"I know, I know. But we're here to give the customers what they want."

Ivy blew out a deep breath. "Okay Mr Boggis. Consider it done."

"Thanks Ivy." and walked on out.

After Ivy completed her ab workout, she showered and dressed. She burst
in through the door of 4d. She surveyed the scene. Janice had lost her
grip on the board and was currently hanging by just one tit and her
cunt hook. The other ring had a small piece of flesh in it. Janice was

Ivy called for two porters and they soon had Janice on the floor. They
took her to the doctor's office and laid her on his table. The doctor
inspected the tit. "Nothing dangerous. A couple of stitches and she'll
be fine."

Ivy silently cursed. The doctor turned to her, "Are you busy Miss Ivy,
I could use a hand with the injections. My nurse seems to have hurt

Ivy turned noticing for the first time the nurse. She immediately saw
the nurse's hand and it was bandaged. But it's telltale sign showed
that she had only four digits left. The nurse saw Ivy's eyes and
then looked away.

"Sure Doctor, what do you want me to do?" replied Ivy.

"Well, we'll strap her in and then I'll give her some smelling salts
to wake her. This is unfortunately a rush job on the hormones so the
patient is going to get very very sore tonight. She definitely won't
be able to sleep that's for sure."

'Excellent' thought Ivy. She pulled the strap tight, very tight.

John wiped the sweat from his cane. He dropped the rag and brought
his arm up. Jody closed her eyes waiting for the next strike. John
was trying to time it so that when her butt was zapped that he'd
whip her across the back of her legs. He steered clear of her cunt.
Mr Boggis wanted to leave it whole until Rodney Basket arrived
tomorrow. It was going to be Jody's popping party day.

"Ow!" squeaked Jody. John raised his arm again.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 21 "Rodney and Matt's Visit."

Jackie's ropes were very tight. She had been tied to a post with her
ankles tied behind it. Mr Boggis had also asked for both her breasts
to be painted with rings as targets. After the painting was done Jackie
was left all by herself. All she could do was wait.

The radio buzzed loudly with the music of Guns and Roses. Rodney hated
the music but he allowed it for Matt. He shifted the gears his new Mustang
as they pulled off the highway. Matt followed the directions given to them
by Dave Andrews. Soon they found themselves nearing the end of a driveway
and a well dressed man waiting on the doorstep.

As they got out of their car Mr Boggis welcomed them to the school. Matt
looked around to take in all their surroundings. His shoulder still hurt
from his morning exercise. He didn't quite understand what was going on
but if it meant he had to exercise to be a part of it, then so be it.

Matt followed his father and the headmaster into the school. There they
met John. Mr Boggis introduced the men. Matt shook John's hand and was
very surprised with his grip. He rubbed the circulation back into it as
they carried on down the hallway. Mr Boggis explained all the events since
the Basket girls had arrived at the school. He also apologized for the
fact Jody wasn't ready for her 'party' but will be in about 15 minutes.
He sent Ivy to make sure of it.

Rodney and Matt were herded into a room. Rodney smiled at what he saw.
Matt just stood their with his mouth open. His sister, Jackie, was tied
to a post and her tits had red rings on them. John handed them some darts
and explained the rules.

"When we torture a slave at the school you must be either semi or fully 
naked. Your daughter has been treated with special hormones to help her
heal and also orgasm quickly. I'll leave you to your game and will return
to collect you when your other daughter is ready."

Rodney nodded at the head-porter and headmaster as they left closing the
door behind them.

"Rodney!!! ... Untie me NOW!" yelled Jackie as soon as the door was closed.

Instantly Rodney took a step to do his daughter's bidding but then stopped
himself. 'What am I doing?' he wondered. He walked quickly over to his
daughter and stroked her face. Her eyes were full of fury and she bared
her teeth. "What are you FUCKING waiting for? Until me NOW!"

Rodney turned around. "Matt, how many feet for a darts game?"

"About ten I think Dad." replied Matt. His eyes still locked on his sister.

Rodney walked forward counting each step. He turned.

"My lovely daughter .... you are mine!!" and with that he threw his first

Mr Boggis and John smiled at each other. They had been standing by the
door listening. John turned to walk off. 'Excellent, all our work isn't 
going to waste.' thought Mr Boggis as he followed John.

Matt's turn came as he stood at the spot where his father had been. He
raised the dart and chucked it. It impaled itself into the post above
Jackie's head.

"No no son, you need more wrist action. Try again" said her father.

The next throw hit Jackie just above her right breast. She howled as
the dart sunk in. "Matt, don't!!"

Rodney put his hand up to Matt to stop him throwing again. He walked
over to his daughter. "Dear sweet Jackie ... I didn't waste all our
savings just to send you and your sisters to this school so I could
simply free you again." He then pulled one of the darts that Matt had
thrown into the post. He held it up in front of Jackie's eyes.

"This will hurt you more than it hurts me darling." He grabbed her right
nipple and push the point of the dart all the way through. 

Jackie screamed.

"Mr Gabriel. Welcome back. Your present is all ready." said Mr Boggis.

A hand held out a large envelope from the Limo's back window. The 
headmaster took it and inspected the contents. He smiled and turned
around. "John, when you're ready."

John walked out with Janice over his shoulder. Mr Boggis turned to the
car windows. "In the boot I assume Mr Gabriel?"

"Please Mr Boggis." said a voice.

The boot door clicked open and Mr Boggis pushed it upwards. He looked
in to see if there were any devices that Janice could use to gain
freedom. There were none available. He looked at the surface of the 
floor and touched it gently with his finger. Very fine grounded class. 
John arrived and dropped Janice into the boot. Mr Boggis slammed the 
door shut and the car drove off.

"He's a mean one John. He's put itching powder into the boot. Poor girl
is going to go mad with itching for the next 17 hours as they drive
home. What a pity. Let's get back to Rodney Basket shall we?"

Jackie pushed her head away from the darts being tossed at her body by
her Father and brother. She yelped as another one stuck into her belly.

"How is it going gentlemen?" Mr Boggis asked as he opened the door.
He saw both Rodney and Matt in the nude. Their cocks were slightly hard.

Rodney turned, "Going well Mr Boggis. Is it time?"

"Yes Mr Basket, it is time. Your daughter is waiting." 

As they were leaving Matt walked over to Jackie. "Poor Jackie. Here,
have another one on me." Matt said as he rammed a dart upwards into
Jackie's left breast. She winced but dared not to say a thing.

As they walked the corridor Rodney turned to the headmaster. "Where
is my oh-so-loving wife Mr Boggis?"

"In the cock-sucking class I believe today Rodney. It's on the way
so we'll stop if you're happy to."

"Sure, my daughter has waited this long. A bit more won't matter."

After about 40 feet the headmaster led them into a room. Rodney saw
Clarice's head bouncing up and down as she sucked away. Large welts
were on her back. Clarice had her back to her husband.

"Hello there sweetheart." called Rodney.

Clarice stopped in mid suck. She spun her head around. This caused
the teacher to whip her again but she barely noticed it.

"Darling, you've come to rescue me?" she cried.

Rodney walked to her, "Perhaps sweetie. First show me how good you

Mr Boggis turned to Rodney, "Are you sure that's wise Mr Basket?"
Rodney ignored the question.

Clarice got on all fours and went to her husband. She took his dick
into her mouth and quickly her head was bobbing up and down. Rodney
turned to the headmaster. "Way to go Mr Boggis."

Then Rodney screamed. He threw a punch down at his wife who fell
backwards. She had blood dripping down the sides of her mouth. Rodney
grabbed his penis. It had deep teeth marks. A few minutes later the
doctor was there attending to Rodney's injury. Clarice was gagged and
hogtied. She lay on the floor watching the whole situation.

After about 30 minutes Mr Boggis was standing beside the doctor in
the doctor's office. Matt was there also. John had left to 'take care'
of Clarice.

"I'm so sorry Mr Basket. I should have seen it coming. Clarice has been
very difficult since we got her. Again, I am so sorry."

Rodney was angry, but not with the school. "It's not your fault Mr Boggis.
I guess I was being stupid. Tell me Mr Boggis, what are my options with 
Clarice? I don't think she is going to be any better once I get her back 

Mr Boggis thought for a few second. "I agree Rodney. She will be most
dangerous. Even as bad as that Bobbit woman. And I can imagine your
daughters will feed off her strenth. As I see it, you essentially have 
three options available. We can continue to try and quell her rebellious 
attitude but I can't see that happening in the remainder of the school
year. We can simply sell her on your behalf to a buyer and she's gone 
forever. Or, we the school can buy her from you. What we do after she's 
sold to us is our affair."

Rodney thought for a few seconds. "Matt, any objections?" asked Rodney.

"Hhmm. Mr Boggis, are all my sisters like Jackie?" Matt asked.

The headmaster turned to him, "Yes, Lisa and Jody have taken to the
treatment very well."

"Dad, I'm behind you one hundred percent on whatever decision you want
to make." Matt stated.

"Good. Mr Boggis, can you give me a fair price for my wife?"

"I'll go and do some calculations. In the meantime I suggest you go
and see Jody. I'll understand if performing will be difficult so I offer
you the services of our head porter John."

"Thank you Mr Boggis. However I think it's time my son got a chance."

"Excellent Sir. I'll ask for John to come and collect you. Would you 
mind waiting for me before going ahead?"

"No problem Mr Boggis, no problem whatsoever."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 22 "Jody's Popping Party"

Ivy turned the wheel another twist. This caused a cry from Jody. Her tits
were attached to rings just like Janice had. Except the rings were looped
through a ring in a post. The post had the added advantage of being able
to move up or down depending on a wheel a few feet away from it. 

Ivy turned the wheel some more. Jody's long hair flared out behind her.
Her wrists were cuffed to ropes which were attached to a belt. The ropes
were also attached to the floor making her stance all the more painful.
She was right on the tips of her toes when her Father and Brother came in.

"Ivy, please meet Jody's Father Mr Basket and his son, Matt." said Mr

Ivy shook Rodney's hand and turned to Matt. Matt held out his hand but
she ignored it. She instead reached down and took Matt's stiffening cock
and felt it's girth. "Not bad." she remarked. She tugged on the foreskin
a couple of times. This caused it to stick straight up.

"How is Jody doing?" asked Rodney.

"Doing well actually." replied Ivy. She had noticed the bandage on 
Rodney's cock. "Mr Basket, will you be doing the actual popping?"

Rodney followed her gaze down to his semi-erect member. Before he could
answer Mr Boggis interrupted. "I'm afraid not. He had an accident before.
That's why we were late."

"Late my butt. Sorry Mr Boggis. Ivy, may I call you Ivy?. Thanks. My dear
sweet adorable wife thought it would be amusing to try and bite my dick
off. But Mr Boggis will take care of her, won't you Mr Boggis?"

"Indeed we will Sir." replied the headmaster. He gave Ivy a face that
suggested she should drop the subject quickly.

"What are you going to do to my Mum?" called out Jody.

Ivy turned. She could see John was closest to the wheel. "John, another
half turn please. Let's see if another two inches will keep her quiet."

Jody's tits were brutally extended upwards. She screamed as her feet left
the floor. She was hanging by her breasts. Her nipples were going a very
dark purple.

Ivy turned back to the men. "That's better. Sorry about that. So who will
be doing the performance?"

"I believe Mr Basket feels his son is the best candidate." replied the

"Will he?" cooed Ivy. She walked past the headmaster and took hold of
Matt's cock again. She stared into his eyes. "Let's make sure it's ready
shall we?" 

Matt's body trembled. Ivy got onto her knees and slipped his erect penis
into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she slurped away.

Mr Boggis rolled his eyes. "Ivy, put your hormones in check please. If
we need Matt to be stiffened I'm sure Jody can do it."

Ivy pulled the cock out. "Yes Mr Boggis." Before she got up she ran her
tongue all the way down Matt's shaft and then quickly kissed the tip.
Matt's eyes rolled in his head. He was in heaven.

Ivy walked over to Jody. "Ready bitch?" She reached over and tested the
tautness of Jody's tits. Jody thought they were going to tear off.
John released the lock and the pole dropped. Jody fell to the ground.
Both John and Ivy released Jody from her bonds and stood her up.

Mr Boggis turned to Matt, "How do you want to take her?" he asked.

Matt looked at some of the equipment in the room. "How about that thing?"

Rodney smiled. "Good choice son."

Jody was taken over to a horse similar to the one Lisa had been 'popped'
on. They cuffed her ankles about three feet apart. Jody was then forced
over onto the horse itself. Ivy put a collar on Jody's neck and clipped
it to a small ring holding her head. Jody's arms were stretched out to 
the sides and also cuffed and locked into place.

Rodney, Mr Boggis, Ivy and John took their stations in front of Jody.
John especially loved watching the girl's faces when they lose their

Matt rubbed his sister's ass cheeks. "Ready sis?"

"Matt, you don't have to do this ..... please?" replied Jody.

"Are you kidding sis? ... This is a dream come true."

"Matt." Rodney called out. "Don't take her dry as you might hurt yourself.
Get your sister to suck you first. Oh, and Jody. Matt may feel big but
if you hurt him in any way then I'll get John here to fuck you. As you can
see by his cock. You wouldn't be very happy afterwards."

Jody stared at John's cock. There was no way she could take that monster.
When Matt presented to her his cock she opened her mouth and suckled it.
Matt slightly thrusted in and out. A couple of times Jody gagged but kept

Soon Matt was prying open Jody's vagina slips. His cock was rock solid and
pointing straight out. He guided the tip to the slit and pushed. Jody
coughed and gasp for air. Her face screwed up in pain. Matt pushed in
deeper. He grunted and thrusted again. Jody's body pushed forward. Matt
started a rhythmic pumping.

Rodney whispered into the headmaster's ear. "Isn't she suppose to be
crying or something? She's not doing anything."

"I quite agree Mr Basket. John?" replied the headmaster.

John walked around to Matt's side. "... um ... Matt, you're screwing her
up the ass."

"Wha?" replied Matt. His face blushed red. He pulled out and indeed there
was shit and cum on his cock. "Oh fucking hell!!!" he shouted. "I can't 
even fuck my sister right and I've already come."

Rodney came to Matt's aid. "Don't worry buddy ... tell ya what, we're not
too good in this area of sex. Let's go over there and watch John pop Jody's
cherry. Good idea? ... We're going to be fucking these girls for many 
years to come so don't worry about it. Ok?"

"Okay Dad." but you could tell his voice wasn't in it.

Rodney looked over to John, "If you would be so kind .. and make it brutal."

John nodded, walked over to Jody and presented his cock. She had no choice
but to take it in her mouth and suckle it. After a minute or two John was
standing behind Jody. He smacked her across the ass a few times to get her
all warmed up. Then with little warning to anyone, especially Jody he pried
open her slit and rammed his cock home. 

Jody squealed loudly. John pulled back and pushed again. Jody moaned deeply.
John then started the rhythmic thrusting. Jody's face was a map of pain and
torment. After a few minutes John came. To add insult to injury he then 
shoved his cock deep into Jody's ass and thrusted for another few minutes.
Ivy, the headmaster and Rodney all clapped and cheered him on. Matt remained
quiet but he watched his sister's face. 

A little while later after Jody had a freezing cold enema, Ivy was showing
Matt around the school. She showed him the girls rooms, the other various
classrooms and even the spot where his mother Clarice had been bitten for
over night by bugs. Matt took some of it in, he was mostly distracted by
Ivy. Her breasts were tight in her small clothing but he could tell they 
were quite well developed if they were let out. Ivy noticed his gaze more
than a few times.

She took him over to the shed away from the view of the school. She draped
her arms over his shoulders. "We're not suppose to seduce the clients but
I say, to hell with the rules today." and she kissed him on the lips.

Matt accepted the embrace. She stood back and released her costume. It
dropped easily to the ground. Matt's cock was stiff once again. Ivy kneeled
down and starting dragging her tongue along his shaft. Matt groaned with
pleasure. She pulled back the foreskin and sucked all around the armored

Matt held onto her hair. After a few minutes he decided he had to have her.
He pulled back on her hair and pushed her to the ground. He fell onto her
and slipped his cock into her already hot and moist cunt. He thrusted and
thrusted. Ivy's legs were up in the air. She wrapped them around Matt's waist.

Matt pumped away for over 10 minutes before he made Ivy come three times.
Then he came himself. He rolled over onto his back and nestled into the
cool lush green grass.

He thought to himself, "Sharon Andrews, you're next."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 23 "Rat's tail."

Mr Boggis tasted his tea with his tongue. It was luke warm but he drank
it anyway. He was looking over his financial figures. His eyes scanned
the sheet as he had many times that morning. The midday sun poured in
through the window. Occasionally he would write a question mark beside
certain expenses. All in all the school was doing well and with the
contribution from Mr Gabriel their profit figures looked pretty good.

He leaned back in his chair and stretched his hands towards the ceiling.
He stood up and walked out of his office. He was on a mission to find the
head porter. John had mentioned in passing a new business idea. Now with
the extra money, Mr Boggis thought they should talk more about it.

After searching a couple of the rooms he stopped Ivy as she was leaving
the co-ed shower room. "Morning Ivy, do you know where John is?"

Ivy thought for a second, "Not really. He isn't in the showers or the
exercise room. Maybe try 7A where Samantha Basket is.

The headmaster smiled and continued on down the corridor.

Samantha Basket was the second eldest of the Basket family. At 19 years
old she was the most attractive of all the girls. Before she came to the
school she had no interest apart from studying boys. Now she wished she
could study anything else apart from boys. Her body jerked involuntarily
as John reinserted his cock up her ass once again. 

"See Priest, she likes it." stated John. A figure stood a few metres
away. The man was in a full length robe with a hood. When Samantha first
saw him she thought it was a character from 'Star Wars.' She had never
seen the hooded man do anything apart from watch. This suited John fine.

Samantha's splinter muscle was already raw and the pumping John was
giving her now only empathized the fact. Samantha had gone through most
of the classes without any problem. Even she had to admit she loved the
orgasms that the hormones gave her. She gritted her teeth as John 
redoubled his efforts. A few minutes later he came. His sperm coated the
inside of her rectum. She groaned as John withdrew his cock and replaced
it's previous position with a large butt plug.

John then walked to the front of Samantha and presented her his cum and
shit stained member. She held her breath, closed her eyes and opened her
mouth. John pushed it in and she began cleaning it up.

The hooded man walked forward and stroked Samantha's back. He felt the
sweat in his hand and after wiping it on his cloak he walked back to his

The door rumbled to a knocking and the headmaster walked in.
"Ah John, I've been looking for you. We really must get some sort of
intercom or at least a pager system set up. Can we talk outside?"

John grunted and pulled out of Samantha's mouth. "Priest, look after her
for a while." and John walked out with the headmaster.

Samantha wasn't tied down. At this stage of her training she didn't need
to be. She looked over to the hooded man and realized he had disappeared.
She turned her head to the other side and looked straight into the
cloak material. 'Shit!' she thought. 'He moves like a fucking cat.'

Then for the first time ever Samantha heard the man speak. "Up."
Sam stood up. "Face that way." Sam turned facing away. Her arms were
pulled behind her and tied. Next she felt fingers around her neck as
she was pushed forward. His large breasts bounced slightly as she
bobbed along. They left the room. The hooded man closed the door and
then opened the door on the other side of the hallway. He flicked on
the lightswitch. As Sam entered she heard a small squeak. She looked
into the corners but saw nothing.

She was directed over to a small bench. The top was sitting at an
angle. She was positioned with her butt at the higher end.
"Lean back." said the man. She pushed the back of her thighs into
the wood and lay back. Her breasts fell upwards and rested against her
chin. Her cunt was exposed. Once every two days she was ordered to
have it shaved. The hooded man inspected the slit by sticking a finger
in. He pulled open the vagina lips. Sam sighed as the hormones kick
started her pleasure center.

"Open your legs wider." Sam did what she was told. For the first time
she got to see part of his face. He had a strong a small beard which
linked up to what must be his mustache. The hooded man stood up and
walked over to a cabinet. He returned with a funnel. Sam lay her head
on the board and waited for the intrusion. The man used his fingers
to open her up and slid the funnel into her vagina. Sam's cunt lips
closed around the tube and held it firm.

The man they called Priest spoke again, "If this falls out, I kill you."
Samantha decided it was in her best interests to do what she was told.
Priest then went to a small room that Sam hadn't noticed when she first
walked in. The sound of squeaking got louder.

"Do you think it will work headmaster?" asked John. "I mean, the idea
is sound and I think we've covered all our bases."

"I've looked at the figures a number of times John. The school is
doing exceptionally well and I think to get more students we need to go
an extra step."

John sat back, "Let's do it. We will definitely need more staff and
since we've got enough dirt on the government over there that they will
do anything for us, let's just do it."

"Okay. I'll make some phone calls. We have a place to put it after all."
Mr Boggis reached for his phone. He dialed a number and waited for a
voice to answer. "Oh yes, Mr Boggis here. I wish to speak with Mr Gabriel
please .. yes, I'll hold."

"Ah, Mr Gabriel. Mr Boggis from Hackmoores here ... doing well thanks 
and yourself? .... Good. How is the new girl working out? ... oh dear.
Never mind. I'm sure she won't escape now that her ankles have been
broken ..... do you have time to talk? ... Good. I wanted to see if
you wanted to be co-partner in a little enterprise we were setting up."
Interested? ... excellent. It's to do with a combination theme park,
school and tourist attraction."

John closed the door quietly. As he walked along the corridor he felt
like a giggling school boy. 'Our very own castle, at last.'

Samantha next heard the clang of a cage door as it shut. A few moments 
later the hooded man appeared, and in his hand was the biggest rat Sam
had ever seen. Her eyes were wide open.

"No, please no .. " he grovelled. The man said nothing. Sam quickly
remembered the message he gave her before. She gritted her teeth, closed
her eyes and lay her head back. The suspense became too much and when
she opened her eyes again the man was just about to drop the rat into
the tube. She took a deep breath and held it. The rat easily climbed
into the hole. The tip of it's tail disappeared from the tube's opening.

Sam heard a small scrabbling from the tube and then yelped as a set
of fangs sank deep into her vagina wall. She could feel the rat's claws
as it scrabbled forward trying to find an exit. The rat quickly got
more and more frustrated. It sank it's teeth into Sam flesh time and
time again. Sam heard a gurgle from her stomach. 'Oh no, not now!'
she thought.

Suddenly everything happened at once. She tried to hold back the 
sneeze but her vagina was having different ideas. The gas erupted 
outwards. The rat went berserk and Sam could feel it trying to turn
around. It used it's claws on it's hind legs and pushed. Samantha
screamed. Her body shook as she tried to dislodge the angry rodent.

The hooded man look at her and for the first time she saw his face.
"Relax my dear, let the rat out slowly if you want to have a cunt
left." He mocked her with his stale smile.

Against all Sam's instincts she forced her body to relaxed. The rat
managed to finally turn around and scrabble it's way out of the tube.
The hooded man picked it up like it was a kitten. He stroked the rodent
and even gave it a kiss. The rat had a small amount of blood on it's
whiskers. Sam let her head fall to the board. She heard the man take
the rat back to it's cage.

Mr Boggis was smiling. "Thank you Mr Gabriel. You'll take care of the 
money side? ... excellent. After all I believe that is your area of 
expertise. Ha ha. Thank you Sir. My best to your wife. Goodbye Sir."

Mr Boggis put the phone down and spun around in his chair. He stood
up and went to the door. Just as he was about to grab it John pulled
it open. "Well?"

Mr Boggis jumped back from being startled but recovered quickly.
"He's in and even better, he's making the arrangements for the move.
All we need to do is clear the site."

John stood to the side as the headmaster walked out the door. Shortly
after they were down the back of the school surveying the land. The
school owned a lot of it. There was a few trees and a slight hill but
Mr Boggis was happy that they could be easily removed.

"Just imagine it John, Neuschwanstein here!" yelled Mr Boggis over the


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 24 "The case of the missing Nipple."

Dave held the bottle to Melissa's lips. Her throat tried to gag but her
father was determined to make her drink the whole bottle. Melissa's eyes
were weeping. Reflectively she put her hands up.

"Down." ordered Dave. Melissa tried to put her hands down. Every now and
then Dave saw then jump up again. "Come Melissa, just a bit more to go."

The bottle was finally empty. Melissa coughed and spluttered as she 
rolled on the floor. Sharon was already in the bathroom throwing up. She
had already drank the first half of the bottle.

Ann walked into the room and found Melissa on the ground rolling.
"What's up with her?" she asked. Dave looked up and handed her the bottle.

"Ah, vinegar huh? ... What did she have? the whole lot or half?"

"Just half. Sharon had the first half." Dave said as she continued to
watch his daughter clutching her belly.

"Lost the football match again did we?" Ann smirked as she stroked the
back of Dave's head.

Dave rolled his head into Ann's arm. "Yep. I was just taking my 
frustrations out on the girls."

Ann knelt down. "At least you express your anger in a useful way." She
gave him a peck on his forehead and returned to the kitchen. Melissa
slowly got up and went to join her sister in the bathroom.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY WON'T RELEASE IT?!" yelled Mr Boggis. His face
was already red and getting worse by the second. He slammed the phone
down. "Damn bloody government. They won't sell us the fucking castle
because they're making money from it. The pricks!"

Mr Boggis was generally opposed to swearing, except when he did it of
course. He picked up the phone again dialed Mr Gabriel. After a few
minutes he wrote some figures on his scratch pad. "Well, I guess we
can do that. I really wanted the castle but a replica will do. Mind you
we can always build more rooms in the basement. Thanks Mr Gabriel. Bye."

John waited patiently in his chair for the headmaster to come forth with
the news. Mr Boggis sat there collecting his thoughts.

"The German government don't own the castle. It belongs to a family.
One who isn't interested in selling. Mr Gabriel is going to organize to
get the plans so we can build our own castle. Also the name is apparently
in copyright so we have to think up something else."

John shrugged his shoulders. "Better than nothing I guess."

Mr Boggis agreed. There was a knock at the door. Both men turned their
heads to see who it was. Jenny, the personal school slave, opened the
door some more. Rodney and Matt Basket walked in.

Mr Boggis brightened immediately. "Mr Basket, welcome. I am sorry for
not meeting you out the front. Important phone call I'm afraid. You're
here to sign the contract for your wife's release?"

Rodney walked closer to the desk, "Yes Mr Boggis. Morning John."

"Mr Basket."

Mr Boggis offered Rodney a seat and took out some files from his drawer.
Rodney turned to the head porter, "John, Matt was asking me if he could
see Ivy. Is that possible?"

John turned to Matt. Matt stared at his feet. John noticed Matt was
getting bigger across the shoulders since the last time he was there.
But John still didn't like anyone who had no guts.

He turned back to Rodney, "Sure. I'll take him to see her." 

As the door closed Rodney was handed a piece of paper. "This is the
terms of the agreement and also the price is at the bottom." explained
the headmaster.

Rodney quickly read the price, "That's very reasonable Mr Boggis. Thank

"No no no, thank YOU Mr Basket." Mr Boggis implored. Rodney quickly
read the agreement and signed it. He handed it back and Mr Boggis 
offered him a copy. "No thanks. If anyone comes looking for her I don't
want to have any evidence that I sold her."

"Don't worry about that Rodney, this is yours also."

Rodney took the certificate. "A death certificate? Mr Boggis, you
think of everything."

Matt was following John down the corridor. "In here." as John opened
the door. Matt saw him flick on the light switch but didn't take any
notice. As John closed the door behind him he wondered why Ivy would
be working in the dark. Matt turned to the head porter.

Suddenly Matt was lifted off his feet by a hand around his neck. He
was slammed into the opposite wall. The air was knocked out of him.
Then John let him drop to the ground. Matt gasped for air.

John went over and picked up a chair. He brought it back and sat it
in front of Matt. "Right kid, you and I have got to have a little talk."

Matt stared up and said nothing.

"Sorry about the knock but I needed your full attention. Kid, I come from
a long line of hard asses. My father was a hard ass, his father was a 
hard ass and so on. Your father isn't and that's our problem. In about a
month's time your sisters will be returning back to the house and I
think all our training here at the school will be for nothing because 
they'll walk over your pink flabby ass as soon as they set foot in the 

Matt rubbed his neck.

John continued, "Your pop's going to have it hard enough without having
to protect you all the time. And what's this bullshit about you wanting
to see Ivy? ... Cut that crap for a start. She's a fucking professional
in torture mate .. you don't want to get too close to her. She's 
already wasted two students here because they bullshitted with her."

John talked. Matt listened. Matt also learned. 

Melissa and Sharon both walked into the lounge. Melissa nudged Sharon.
Sharon walked over to her father, "Daddy, can I ask a question?"

"What is it honey?" Dave replied.

"Well." Sharon looked back at Melissa. Melissa just nodded her head
prompting her to go on. "Well ... since it's my birthday tomorrow can
I get a birthday wish?"

Dave took his eyes off the television set. He looked up at Sharon.
The shapely breasts quivered.

"What would you like honey?" Dave asked.

"Well ... " Sharon leaned down and whispered into her father's ear.
Ann watched Dave's face. His smile grew bigger and bigger. And so did
the bulge in his pants.

Mr Boggis took Rodney to say goodbye to Clarice for the last time. 
Clarice was hanging on the wall. Her arms stretched above her. She glared
at Rodney when he entered the room.

"Hi darling." he said. Clarice continued to glare. "Don't worry sweetie,
this is the last time you and I will ever talk. You are now owned by
Mr Boggis here. But before I ..."

"FUCK YOU, YOU MISERABLE WANKER!" Clarice barked cutting Rodney off in
mid-sentance. Clarice started hurling abuse at her husband. Rodney just
stood there with a smile and soaked up the resentment. This only fueled
Clarice's rage.

Clarice was still yelling and scream when the door flew open. Matt stood
in the doorway. He walked on over to Clarice to was still yelling and
punched her deep into her stomach. The room suddenly became deathly

"Sorry for being late Dad. Was this bitch being rude?"

Rodney was a little surprised at his son's new found confidence. So was
Mr Boggis. He saw John enter the room and approach the trio. Mr Boggis
leaned over to whisper into John's ear.

"Did I miss something?"

"Nothing much, had a little man to man chat with the kid. He's found
his new drive in life."

Mr Boggis face was fill of questions but for now he felt it was best
to keep quiet. Matt walked over to John. "Got a blade?"

John pulled the blade from his back pocket and the blade flicked up.
He handed it to Matt.

"Mr Boggis. I know you now own my bitch mother but do you mind if I take
something to remember her by?"

"As long as she lives, go for it son."

Matt turned to his father, "Any objections pop?"

"None whatsoever my boy."

Matt then walked over to Clarice, "I don't give a fuck about your opinion
slut." He then grabbed her right nipple and pulled it outwards. Clarice
yelped ... then screamed. Matt held her right nipple in his hand even
after he had walked back to his father.

John and Mr Boggis smiled.

"Way to go son, let's go and say hi to the girls." Rodney said slapping
his son on the back.

Clarice yelled at the trio of men as they closed the door behind them.

On the way Mr Boggis stuck his head into the doctor's office.
"Doctor Every, can you please attend to Clarice in room 5D. She seems to 
have lost her nipple. Thanks"


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 25 "Thirty please."


Dave was jolted awake from his slumber. His eyes were bleary from the 
night's sleep. He rubbed his eyes and then tried to focus on the noise
that had woken him up. He looked Ann's side of the bed and the sheets 
had been thrown back in what must have been a mad panic for the bathroom.

"Are you alright honey?" Dave called. He heard more noises of his wife
throwing up. Shortly afterwards the toilet was flushed, then the sounds of
running water. Ann came into the room looking like death warmed up. She
fell forward onto the bed. 

"Oh gawd." she moaned.

Dave patted her on the head. "All part of being pregnant I'm afraid."
Ann lifted her head and glared at her husband. Dave smiled.

"What would make you feel better?" he asked.

Ann thought for a moment. "How about the girls suffering the same as
what I am?"

Dave straightened the bed covers a little, "Not possible with their new and
improved hormones dear. You know that already. But maybe ... hang on a sec."
Ann watched as Dave got out of bed. He was completely naked and his morning
glory was already looking for a cunt to fill. He disappeared down the hallway.

Ann could vaguely hear voices and then a shriek sounded. Ann smiled into the 
bed sheets. A minute later the girls and Dave came bounding into the room. 
They stood just inside the doorway.

Ann rolled over onto her side and looked up at Dave. She raised her eyebrows
to her husband. He had a carton of milk. Ann knew that it was at least four
days old. "Well?" she said.

"Choose." Dave flourished his hand towards Melissa and Sharon. The girls
were a little confused but didn't like the idea of the carton of milk.

Ann made of show of thinking really hard, "... um ... Melissa I think."

Dave turned and smiled at Melissa. "Okay you, come here." Melissa moved to
stand in front of her father. Dave stared down at her nipples. Already they
were erect. His cock reached out to his daughter's belly button.

"Okay, here is the choice. You can either drink this whole carton of milk."
Melissa's face when pale. "... or you can suck my cock because I need to
piss real bad."

Melissa swallowed hard. "Come on girl, quickly." Dave ordered.

Melissa stared into her father's eyes. "Cock."

Dave smiled baring all his teeth. "Good girl! Sharon .. drink the milk."

Sharon took the carton of milk as Melissa dropped to her knees. Sharon
opened the lid and the foul stench of old-milk flooded her senses. Melissa
had taken Dave's cock into her mouth and was waiting for the inevitable
rush of liquid.

Sharon took a long deep breath, put the carton to her mouth and up-ended
it. Melissa also felt the first trickle of urine and started swallowing.
Ann watched .... and strangely enough, felt much better.

Problem was. Dave changed his mind.

"Jenny ... Jenny! .... JENNY!" yelled Mr Boggis. A few seconds later the
door to the headmaster's office flew open and Mr Boggis stomped through
it. He looked around and his mood was getting worse as Jenny was no where
to be seen. He went to the hallway and yelled for the school's slave.

Immediately afterwards he heard noises from the corridor. Jenny's breasts
were bouncing all over to the place as she skidded to a halt in front of
the headmaster. She was puffing slightly.

"Well?!" he said. Jenny looked down at her feet. "Sorry Mr Boggis. I was
in the toilet."

The headmaster smoothed his tie down. "That's it?"

"Yes Sir." Jenny said meekly.

"Well, what I've got for you can wait. Go and see John. Tell him you need
30 on the whipping stand."

Jenny's eyes looked at her feet. She then nodded her head, "Yes Sir."

After a bit of searching Jenny found John. She explained to him what the
headmaster had ordered. John was a little unhappy that he was interrupted
but Clarice welcomed the break. Currently Clarice's tits were tied to ropes
in the ceiling. Her feet were still on the ground but she couldn't go very
far. Her hands were tied behind her back and her feet were locked in a four
foot spreader bar. John had only five 8 inch steel rods to go. He made
sure they were blunt just to make Clarice suffer more as he shoved them
through her already deep purpled coloured breasts.

John did a quick search on Clarice's tits and saw there wasn't a big enough
area to plug the rest of the rods into. He piled the remaining needles into
his hand, leaned over and grabbed the back of Clarice's thigh. Immediately
her leg muscle went taut. He swung his arm and rammed the needles home.
Clarice screamed as small trickles of blood rolled down her outside leg.

"Okay. Let's go." John took Jenny over to the whipping rings. "Get in."

Jenny pushed the top of her torso through the first ring. It was slightly
lower than the second ring which she put her head into. John got a little
impatient and pulled her hair. Jenny lost her balance and the ring hit her
hard in the kidneys. John ignored her grunting and pulled her hands down.
He tied them to a much smaller ring half way down the shaft.

"How many was it?" John asked as he went looking through the cupboards for
the cane.

"Thirty please." Jenny said. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

A few seconds past and Jenny felt the first sting of the cane across the
back of her thighs. She jumped forward which only strained her neck and
bruised her shoulders. John swung again. 

John swung for the seventh time. As Jenny jerked her buttocks away he
asked, "What number is that slut?"

".. um .. I don't know Sir." Jenny admitted.

John whipped her vertically up her slit. Jenny gritted her teeth.

"That's for not knowing. Let's start again and you better keep track."

"Yes .. " **Whack!** "Ahhh! .. one, may I have another please?"


30 minutes later Jenny carefully walked back into the headmaster's office.
"Mr Boggis, I've been to see the head porter. Do you wish to examine my
welts? ... Sir."

"No thanks, just get me the file containing our land deeds." replied the
headmaster without looking up. He did however catch a peek as Jenny limped
out of the office.

He sucked on his pen for a second as heard the door open again as Jenny
place the file on his desk. She turned and was just about to close the
door when the headmaster called to her.

"Jenny, did I say thirty lashes?"

"Yes Sir."

"Make it sixty ... you've got another thirty to go. Get to it."


Melissa fell back. She rubbed her breast where her father had kneed her to
push her away. He watched as Sharon finished off the milk. He reveled in
how her neck muscles tried to gag but her training from the school was
excellent. She would drink almost anything, well ... almost.

Sharon put the carton into the rubbish bin. She didn't question why her
sister didn't have to drink her father's piss. She wouldn't dare.

"Okay Sharon, I want to fuck you up the ass so get over here."

Ann looked at the whole situation. She was as confused as her daughters
to the change in Dave's orders. Sharon moved over and stood in front of 
her father's raging erection. She spread her legs a little and felt the 
tip of his cock just touching at her anus. She then bent over and put her
hands on the bed for support.

Dave spat in his hand and rubbed it on his cock. He then inserted it
quickly into Sharon. Sharon groaned, swallowed hard and then groaned again
as Dad pushed further in. He shoved his cock all the way up to the hilt.
He then put his hands on Sharon tits and mauled them.

Sharon felt stuck. She was impaled and couldn't even move properly. Then
she felt a warm feeling inside her bowels. "Dad, you're using me as a 

Ann coughed and then started laughing. "That's my boy!"

Dave emptied his bladder and before he withdrew. "Right Shaz. I want you
to keep the piss in there. Got it?"

Sharon nodded meekly, "Yes Dad." Dave pulled out and Sharon clenched her
ass muscles. Melissa looked on and smiled.

"Okay Sharon, I want you to dance." Dave ordered.


"Yes, dance, jiggle, whatever .. and don't you spill a single drop."

Sharon started swinging her hips to some sort of music inside her head.
She held tight onto her ass muscles. She was so preoccupied with not 
spilling the urine and dancing she hiccuped and burped at the same time.
Sharon was the only one to get the smell of near rotten milk but it felt 
aweful. Her stomach groaned for relief. The milk was starting to react 

After a few more minutes Dave caught Melissa smirking. "Don't worry honey,
I haven't forgotten about you." Melissa's face again went pale.

"Okay Shaz. Enough. Melissa. Lie down on the ground. Good. Hands under
your bum. Good girl. Sharon, squat over Melissa. She needs to have a good

Melissa looked over to Dave. "Daddy!! Please no!"

Ann jumped off the bed. "You will do what you are fucking well told to do
bitch. Now head down and open your gob. NOW!"

Melissa did, and screwed her eyes up tight for good measure. Sharon's ass
got closer to Melissa's mouth. Then they met. Melissa could smell Sharon's
anus very clearly. Sharon looked down, "Sorry Mel." and then released her
splinter muscle. 

Melissa's face was covered in urine and small dags of Sharon's bowels. As
soon as Sharon had finished she immediately stood up and ran for the bath-
room. Ann, Dave and Sharon could hear her throwing up. With the noises 
that Melissa was making Sharon too started getting worked up. Suddenly she
threw her hand over her mouth and tore off after Melissa.

Dave went and sat beside Ann. "Feel better darling?"

Ann lay her head of his shoulder, "Much. Thank you my lover."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 26 "The Contract"

"Just sign here, here and here." indicated Mr Gabriel's assistant to the 
headmaster. Mr Boggis quickly read the fine print and then scribbled his 
signature. He put the pen down and took his copy of the contract.

"Thank you Mr Boggis." said the assistant. The headmaster looked the
young man over while he placed the contracts into a folder. 

"The landscaping will commence the day after tomorrow and the building of
the castle will be set to start in about two weeks time."

Mr Boggis raised his eyebrows. "You guys are very quick?"

The assistant beamed, "Well Sir, when Mr Gabriel knows of a very good 
business deal, he doesn't hesitate in the slightest." The assistant stood
up, shook hands with the headmaster and let himself out.

'End of the year' thought the headmaster. And then we can set up the town.

Jenny escorted the assistant to the front door. She wore a very light 
T-shirt with shorts. She also was aware that her figure hadn't escaped the
assistant's notice. "What is your name girl?" he asked.

"Jenny Sir."

"And what is it that you do here?" 

"I'm a school slave Sir." she stated. With that she stopped and so did the
assistant. She reached down and stroked the bulge in his trousers. The
assistant breathed deeply as his member stiffened. She rubbed her body up
against his.

"Is there something I can 'do' for you Sir?" Jenny said seductively.

"Aaaahhhh ..." the assistant replied obviously not being in this situation

Jenny undid his belt and then helped the trousers drop to the floor. She
then pulled down his underpants and his cock sprang out into the cool
hallway air. She took hold of it and licked the tip. She looked upwards
and met the assistant's eyes coming down. She circled the tip with her
tongue and then greedily sunk her mouth over it.

The assistant groaned. A wave of pleasure sweeped over his body. Suddenly
he heard footsteps and opened his eyes. He didn't recognize who it was but
he figured it was one of the school teachers who just walked straight past
without even giving either himself or Jenny a glance.

The assistant fell backwards into pleasure as Jenny continued to suck his
cock. The assistant bucked forward pushing his member further down Jenny's
throat. He waited for what Jenny would do but was surprised to see she hadn't
stopped her suckling.

"Damn this is a great school" he whispered to himself.

John stormed into the Doctor's office. He looked around but only the doctor
was present. Doctor Every stood up. "John, everything okay?"

"Where is that bitch Nurse?" he demanded.

"Luxe went on an errand. What has she done now?" asked the Doctor.

"This!" and he handed the doctor two tablets. They looked like the normal
tablets which the doctor gave to all male teachers to make their cocks
hard all day long. But the normal tablets were soft and easily broke down
in water. These ones were hard but they had the numbers smoothed off.
The doctor went over to his bench and took out a small vial of blue liquid.
He dropped one of the tablets in and instantly the blue turned into a 
murky black.

"Oh dear." he muttered. "You're right John. These would have been very 

The tablets were designed to quell the sexual urges. They were used mostly
for murderers in prison. Some of the stronger tablets had been known to
cause the male organs to wither and fall off.

"Where is the Nurse now?" John asked.

The doctor put the pills into a small container, "She's off to town to
get some Xmas presents."

"Good. Do we still have our contact there?"

The doctor nodded.

The two men sat down at the table, and they planned.

Mr Boggis jumped when the door to his office burst open. The assistant
stood there. He walked quickly over to the headmaster's desk.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion Mr Boggis. I won't take up much of your
time. May I ask one question though."

The headmaster nodded although a little peeved. "Sure."

"Since yourself and Mr Gabriel are business partners, does the employees
of Mr Gabriel get special 'benefits' if we work here?"

"Possible. It's something I haven't given much thought. But obviously I
have to discuss this with Mr Gabriel."

"Of course. Sorry for the intrusion Sir. Have a nice day."

Mr Boggis watched as the assistant walked out, then Jenny came into view.
She had cum on the front of her shirt. She tried to rub it off when she
realized the headmaster had noticed it.

"Jenny, go and see Ivy. Tell her you need sixty please."

Nurse Luxe's arms strained under the presents she had brought. None of
them were for anyone but herself. She didn't believe in having a good
spirit this time of year, but she did believe in good shopping bargains.

She dashed across the street to avoid a car and then walked down the path
into the park. It was just on dusk now. She thought ahead to having a nice
warm chocolate milk with a side order of brandy when she got home. She
nearly dropped her bag as a Santa walked out in front of her.

"Ho Ho Ho my lady, care to make a donation?" as he rattled his little can.

"Fuck off!" she spat as she walked straight past. "What a weirdo!" she
muttered to herself. She was nearing half way to her car when again, the
Santa or perhaps it was another one walked in front of her. She didn't
even realize that there was no one else in the park.

"Oh God. Will you two fuckheads just fuck off." she snarled. But before
she could say another thing she was backhanded. Her presents fell to the
ground as she landed in a heap in the snow. Slightly dazed she realized
she was being dragged by her feet. Her skirt had ridden up and her ass
was being rubbed raw as her attacker dragged her along the footpath.

She was then lift up and pushed over onto a park bench. Her skirt was then
torn off. The nurse shook her head to try and clear her mind.

"Look, if you want to fuck me then just do it!" she said.
She was rewarded with another backhand across the face. All she had on
now was just her stockings, high heels and her bra strap.

She heard a 'thump'. Then she screamed. Pain shot up her leg as a nail was
driven into her foot. She tried to reached down to stop her attacker but
he hammered the nail in further. Before she could react again he had 
already started on the other foot. She gasped for breath then took a
swing at the man behind her. She managed to catch him on the cheek.

"Right Bitch, that does it." he snarled.

He punched her in the kidneys, then her hand was grabbed and pulled down
beside the park bench. He slammed the hammer home nailing her hand. He
walked around in front of her and then pulled down his beard.

"John and the Doctor sent me to give you your present." and he punched
her across her face. The nurse blacked out.

A few minutes later she awoke. Pain was screaming at her from all sides.
She looked down and saw her beautiful tits had been nailed to the back
of the park bench. Then she felt the first slash. She turned to see her
attacker had taken a pile of strong steel wires and was whipping her 
across her ass. Deep welts appeared and blood started to trickle down
even quicker. He slashed and slashed. Her ass was covered in blood.
The nurse gritted her teeth and tried to bare it. But then she couldn't
hold back any longer and screamed. She sobbed for her tortured tits and
raw ass.

Then she heard the sound of the wires being dropped to the ground. She
waited wondering what was going to happen next. The cock torn into her
asshole without any lube. Her attacker raped her asshole dry.

The Nurse jerked forward trying to get away but in the end had to just
settle for sobbing into her tits. After the evil Santa had blown his
load he zipped up and walked off.

Nurse Luxe looked around. It was getting darker and darker. Before
morning came along she had been fucked numerous times. Someone had spray-
painted her body by writing "Slut" on her back. Her hair had urine, snow
and tree leaves in it.

The ambulance crew took over 45 minutes to free her and get her to 
hospital. When the nurse recovered she was given a message from Mr Boggis.

'You're fired!'


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 27 "Matt's bet."

Cindy stretched out in her bed. She was feeling great. Today was her final
day at the school. She checked the clock on the wall and realized she was
a good ten minutes early before John came to collect her. She got up, 
washed her face and brushed her hair. She made her bed for the last time
and threw all her belongings into her bag. Most of the clothes she never
wore so she was ready with about a minute to spare before the door opened.

"Good morning John." said Cindy.

John looked down at the young girl. "Stand up!"

Cindy's face changed from her happy smile to shock. She stood up. John
walked to Cindy and grasped both her upper arms. His hands easily held her.
He stared down at her angrily and then kissed her fully on the lips. When
he pulled back his face had returned to it's normal non-emotive state.

"This maybe your last day Cindy but you've still got 3 hours to go. In that
time you will assist me. Understand?"

Cindy nodded and followed the head porter out.

Sharon Andrews answered the knock at the door. It revealed Matt. Quickly
she sensed something had changed.

"Hi Shaz, your Dad in?" he asked.

"Yeah, hang on ..... DAD!!" called Sharon. A few moments later Dave stuck
his head out from the kitchen.

"Yeah honey? ... Oh, Hi Matt. Come in." Matt entered and Sharon closed the
door behind her.

Matt followed Dave back into the kitchen. "So what can I do you for Matt?"
Dave asked.

"Well Mr Andrews. It's been a month since you've told me to clean up my
act. Today I want to prove it."

Dave drank some of his tea, "Really ... and how do you propose to do that?"

Matt looked over to Sharon, "May I borrow your daughter for 30 minutes?"

Sharon blushed. She had on a fluffy white tank top with a pink mini skirt.

Dave followed Matt's gaze. "Sure. What do you intend to do?"

Matt walked over to Sharon and lifted her head with the knuckle of his 
finger. "Well Mr Andrews. I want to fuck your daughter. I'm going to do it
on the front lawn and I'll last for at least 20 minutes. If I do then I
want to become your 'preferred' baby sitter .. if I don't, then you can set
a suitable punishment for me."

Dave smiled. "Fair enough. But I want Sharon to give you a blow job for at
least two minutes before you fuck her. Deal?"

Matt turned back to Dave. "You're on Mr Andrews."

"Cane her." John ordered. He handed Cindy a four foot cane. Clarice waited
for the swishing sound of the whip. She was blind-folded, gagged and her 
wrists were tied to ropes in the ceiling. Her feet dangled to the floor. 
Already her ass and thighs ached from the caning she got from Ivy earlier.

*Whack!* *Whack!* *Whack!* ... Cindy's arm started to hurt.

"Come on girl, you can do better than that." John admonished. Cindy carried
on caning another 13 times before she had to stop again.

John stepped forward, "Okay, I guess that will have to do. Put these into
her feet and let's go." He handed her four four inch needles. Cindy took
them and bent down to grab Clarice's feet. Clarice threw her foot back and
caught Cindy a solid heel to her nose. Cindy fell backwards and groaned in
pain. John smirked.

He stepped forward and picked up two of the needles. Meanwhile Cindy rubbed
her nose checking to see if there was any blood.

"Like this bitch." John took one of the needles and sunk it deep into 
Clarice's buttock. Clarice screamed into her gag. As her foot came up to
kick John he caught it and drove the second needle home. Clarice shook.
The tendons in her arms and shoulders were screaming for rest. John then
took the other two needles and walked in front of Clarice. He then jabbed
a needle into her tit. Clarice responded and kicked out in front. John 
again grabbed her foot in a vice like grip.

Looking over to Cindy he said "Okay slut, get over here." Cindy moved to
stand by John. He handed her the remaining needle.

"Okay, your choice. In between the big toes or under her toe nail."

Cindy looked over to Clarice who was obviously awaiting the last needle.
"Between Sir." and Cindy pushed the point in. Clarice screamed and shook
her leg but John's strength was legendary at the school and he held her
leg fast.

Matt watched on with Dave, Ann and Melissa while Sharon did a strip tease
in the middle of the front lawn. She was so good even Dave considered
fucking her but he wanted to see if Matt could do what he claimed. After
Sharon had pulled her tank top over her head her breasts wobbled back into
place. She dropped her mini skirt and stroked her body all over.

She stepped forward and began to undress Matt. 'Good.' Dave thought. Matt
didn't move a muscle. He let Sharon do all the work. After Matt was naked
Sharon rubbed her legs along his. She kneeled to one knee and licked his
raging cock. She blew briefly on it and then stuck it deep into her mouth.

Matt closed his eyes but before hand took note of the time. His balls
were aching for release but he refused to give in just yet. He heard noises
in the background and opened his eyes. A small group of kids across the
street stood their watching. The little girls giggled at the display.

"Time." Dave said. Matt checked his watch. Sharon gave him a final long
suck before she released his penis. She then got on all fours and spread
her knees wide. Matt dropped to his knees and sunk his cock deep into
Sharon's hot wet cunt. He slowly pumped away. His body just wanted to rock
her like a jack-hammer but if he was to win the bet then he had to take
his time.

Sharon made it to her third orgasm within four minutes. Dave walked forward
and dropped his pants. Sharon reached up and took his extremely swollen
member into her mouth. She face-fucked his cock while Matt reamed her

The kids across the road were in awe and calling out funny names to what
they saw. "That's rude!" said one. "Look at his pecker!" called another

Ten minutes had past. Matt and Dave were still going. Sharon's body shook
once again as another wave of hormones washed over her. 

Twenty-five minutes after the clock was started both Dave and Matt came.
Sharon licked the cum off his face and fingers as the group went back to
the house.

Dave clapped Matt on the shoulder, "Way to go Matt. I'm impressed. We're
going to the Hendersons tonight so be here at 6pm to baby sit ok?"

Matt smiled, "Yes Sir." and went home. He remembered well what Sharon and 
Melissa had done on his first night of baby sitting. This time the worm
had turned.

John escorted Cindy back to her room. She put on a very tight T-shirt and
knee length skirt. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail and walked 
with John to the front door. She smiled when she saw her father waiting 
there with the headmaster. She caught part of the conversation as she 
rounded the corner.

"... a great asset Mr Winslow." as the headmaster finished off.

Cindy dropped her bag and run over to her father. She threw her arms
around him and kissed him on the face. "Daddy! I missed you!"

"You too sweetie. Mr Boggis was saying he's very impressed with you. I'm
very proud of you. Shall we go home?"

"Let's." Cindy said. She then gave Mr Boggis and John a kiss before she
walked out the door. Paul picked up her bag and followed her.

John turned to the headmaster as the car disappeared down the driveway.
"Another satisfied customer."

The bulldozer dumped another load of dirt on the pile. It's engine roared
as it backed up and began scraping the ground again. John and the headmaster
watched from the shadow of the nearby tree.

"They say it will be completed by Christmas. That's only seven months away.
Do you think they can do it?" asked John.

Mr Boggis studied the yellow machines a bit before answering.
"I think they will John, I think they will."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 28 "Girls night!"

"Be back soon darling!" Ann Andrews called out as her husband Dave left
for a business dinner. She watched as he got into the taxi and waited at 
the door until the red tail lights of the cab disappeared around the corner.
She breath a sigh of relief. Ann didn't particularly care for business 
meetings. Neither did Dave actually but every once in a while he had to 
make an appearance.

She closed the door and walked into the kitchen. Her daughters, Sharon and
Melissa were sitting at the table playing strip poker. The girls had put
a number of outfits on to try and cheat the system. They giggled each time
one of them lost and the loser did a quick strip tease act to the music on
the radio. Ann picked up an apple and took a bite while watching her girls

Sharon looked over Melissa's shoulder and caught the glint in her Mother's
eye. "Mum? Do you want us to do something?" she asked.

Ann swallowed her mouthful, "In a few minutes darling."

Sharon smiled and nodded her head.

Ann dropped the apple core into the waste disposal and flushed the sink
with water. The disposal unit screamed into life and was quickly switched
off again.

She then turned back to the girls. Melissa had stood up and pulled her dress
over milky white shoulders. Her pony tails dropped back onto her shoulders
as she jiggled her breasts to Sharon who carried on laughing. 

Sharon being a little more experienced with the game still retained her 
skirt, blouse, belt, stockings and shoes. Melissa was simply left with her
shoes and stockings. Melissa shuffled the deck.

Ann opened the door to the basement, she needed some toys.

Paul Winslow flexed his thigh and ass muscles, and then relaxed. His
daughter Cindy who had just returned back from Hackmoore's swallowed his
cum. Paul groaned as the sensation washed over his body and looked down. 
He smiled at how Cindy didn't miss a single drop. He pulled her hair 
upwards and Cindy stood up to his shoulder height.

"That was excellent honey. How did you learn that?" as he stroked her
hair back into place.

Cindy purred to her father's petting. "Well, the cock-sucking class at the
school was a bit more than sucking. We had to get our mouths and tongues
exercised for the first month. I remember after the first lesson I could
barely talk cos my jaw hurt so much."

Cindy took Paul's hand and led him to the sofa. Paul sat down and Cindy
lay with her bottom up across his knee. He rubbed it with his left hand
and played with her tits with the other.
"Go on." he prompted.

"Well. We sat in these chairs. We had to lean out heads back and the 
teacher would strap our foreheads down. Then these steel cocks would sink
down about three inches into our mouths. The first exercise we had to push
it out with our tongues. This normally went for an hour. If we were good
we got a 5 minute break. Then we had to suck the cocks and keep them down
for as long as possible. This went for another hour. After that we had to
suck them again while the teacher put whatever kind of cream or juice in
the top to simulate cum."

Paul stuck his middle finger up Cindy's ass. Cindy squirmed a bit. He 
loved how tight her asshole was. He reached over and picked up a cigar.

"Pull your cheeks apart." he said. Cindy immediately did.

Paul lit his cigar and puffed on it a bit. "What juices did they put in
the cocks?"

"Well. Initially it was just milk. Sometimes the milk was off though and
that made it yukky. Then they put in pineapple and orange juice. One time
they did put in some cream which burnt the girl's throats. Not a dry eye
in the room that day." she sniggered at the thought.

Cindy caught her breath as Paul put the lit end to one of her ass cheeks.
'No noise.' he thought. He ground the cigar into her other cheek and was
rewarded with a small cry.

Cindy felt the cigar end entering her rectum. "Leave it there. " Paul
ordered. Cindy could already feel the heat from the cigar end. It wouldn't
be long.

Melissa's shook her head. Already the blood rushed to it and was giving
her a slight headache. Her body involuntarily jerked as to Mother sunk
another pin into her raw pussy. She was lieing upside down on one of their
sofa chairs. Her legs were shackled at the top and her hands her cuffed
at the chair's feet. Melissa turned her head to watch Ann turn around to
her sister Sharon.

Sharon's knees were hurting but that was nothing to her tits. They had
large alligator clips attached to them with a chain link. Her hands had
been tied to rope connected to a ring in the ceiling. The rope also held
two cuffs which were holding her ankles together. They had been pulled up
so all of her weight was on her knees. She looked up at Ann. Ann took the
chain and jerked on it a few times. Sharon's breasts wobbled back into

"What should I do to Melissa? The whip or more needles?" Ann asked.

Sharon looked over to her sister. "Both of course, Mother dear."

Ann smiled and picked up the whip. "You're getting good at reading my
mind." She turned and snapped the whip across Melissa's cunt driving the
needles deeper into her tender flesh. Melissa cried out. Again Ann snapped
the whip. Melissa cried out again and pulled at her ropes.

Ann walked back to give herself some more room to swing her whip. She
lashed Melissa another 20 times. Some across her chest and breasts, other
times across her thighs and vagina. She threw the last whipping across
Sharon's breasts just to keep her awake. Sharon threw her head back and
screamed. The unexpected lash caught her totally by surprise.

Cindy had been given the order to try and get the cigar out but only with
her ass muscles and boy was she ever trying. The cigar had been burning
her inside for nearly two minutes. She stood up and tried squatting. She
clenched her ass but it was no good. Unfortunately with all the activity
it was also keeping the cigar smouldering. Cindy eventually fell forward
onto her knees. She looked up at her father, pleadingly.

Paul drunk some more of his beer. "Yes honey?" as though he had just seen
her predicament for the first time.

"I can't Daddy." She moaned.

"Can't what darling?"

"I can't get it out."

"Shall I get it out darling?"

"Please." and Cindy turned around. She bent over at the waist with her
hands on the floor. Paul opened her ass hole and couldn't even see the
cigar anymore. He took another slug of beer and then insert the bottle
neck into his daughter's ass. The bottle drained the remaining liquid
into her rectum. Cindy groaned at the cold intrusion of glass and liquid.
But at least it took away the burning from the cigar.

"Better honey?"

Cindy turned around. "Yes. Thank you."

Paul cupped her chin in his hand. "Good, now suck me again."

Melissa continued to suck Ann's cunt. The juices flowed more and more as
she tried to suck and breath at the same time. Again her body jerked as
Ann pulled pins out of her vagina and reinserted them.

Sharon looked over to the doorway and saw that her father was home. He put
his finger to his mouth to warn her to be quiet. He dropped his coat and
hat onto a chair and walked quietly over to his wife who hadn't noticed
him. Dave slowly and quietly undid his belt and trousers. His cock was
getting stronger with the moanings from Ann.

Without any warning he pushed Ann forward and lifted up her skirt.

"What the fuck?!" Ann cried out but it was too late. Dave shoved his cock
deep into Ann's vagina. She groaned in pleasure into Melissa's cunt as 
Dave pumped away. Ann opened her mouth and sucked at Melissa's vagina.
Melissa watched her father's cock sink deeper and deeper into her Mother's

Sharon watched on and wished they'd hurry up. Her knees were really sore.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 29 "Donkey Trouble"

Mr Boggis grew angry. Normally he took news and requests very easily but
what he was being subjected to at the moment was like someone using a nail
file on his nerves.

"You want what?" he asked again calmly. The woman sitting in the chair
across from his desk lowered her eyes once again. She reacted by rubbing
the covered wound on her hand where a nail had been driven through. The 
headmaster looked her over during the silent pause. Her long hair 
cascaded down over the shoulder pads of her white blouse. The woman 
looked up and caught the headmaster's glare.

She reached forward and put her right hand on his desk. The headmaster
followed the hand watching as the four fingers spread to help the woman
balance herself as she stood up.

"I made a mistake Mr Boggis and I'm sorry for that. What do I need to do
to get my old job back?"

The headmaster made a show of leaning back in his chair. He took a deep
breath and blew it out slowly as he organized his thoughts.

"Sit down please Miss Luxe. Thank you. Candy?" He reached over to his 
candy jar and removed a lolly. He offered to the ex-nurse but she shook 
her head.

"You pissed off two very important people here at the school. And frankly
I don't blame them for setting you up. What you could have done to John
with the male hormone tablet would have wreaked his career. Apart from the
two incidents over the last month your work record here is spotless. Even
Doctor Every was happy with you."

The door rattled to a knocking and John stuck his head in. Mr Boggis 
looked up. "Ah John, please come in?"

The head porter immediately took the situation in. He went over and stood
by the headmaster with his arms folded. He glared at the ex-nurse.

"Miss Luxe and I were discussing her return back to her old job. Care to
share any thoughts?"

John continued to glare at the ex-nurse. "Only one, she stays the fuck
away from my tablets or next time it won't be just a nice Santa playing 
with her in the park."

Miss Luxe's body ached with the memory of the Park incident. She stood up
and walked over to stand in front of John. John continued to glare. She
slowly stuck out her hand and ran it up the front of John's chest. Her
fingers lightly tickled his chin.
"I am sorry for that John. How can I make it up to you?"

John leaned in close to Miss Luxe's ear and whispered "How about losing 
another finger?"

The ex-nurse caught his eyes as he leaned back. She brought her right hand
up and studied her fingers. She looked back to John, "Which one?"

The door knocked again and Doctor Every walked in. He was a little
surprised to see Miss Luxe there. He stood by the door waiting to see 
what was going to happen next.

John reached over and took her left hand. He pushed it down onto the 
headmaster's desk and spread her fingers. "Keep your hand there."
Miss Luxe did as she was told. John then reached behind him and took out
his knife. He showed the ex-nurse the blade and then up ended it so the
point was aimed straight at her hand.

"Take it." John said. Miss Luxe took the knife in her right hand.

John stood back a bit and leaned against the filing cabinet. 
"Now cut off your finger."

The woman looked at the headmaster and the doctor. Their faces were all
blank. She took a breath and put the knife on her small finger. Then she
pressed home. Her eyes welled up with tears. She bit her lip to try and
hold back from crying out. The headmaster gave her a handkerchief to bind 
the wound. She looked over to John and handed to him the severed digit.

John inspected it and threw it into the rubbish bin.

"Welcome back." he said with a smirk.

Ivy munched on another piece of Orange while watching the donkey's
expression. Lisa Basket stroked his foreskin to reveal it's long penis. 

"Come on girl, you're sister's waiting." commanded Ivy.

Lisa reached in a licked the length of the animal's rod. Her sister Jody
was tied to a box in the middle of the room. Her ass had been lubricated
and was all ready to go. She had her forearms tied to the side of the box
and her legs were spread as each ankle was tied to each corner.

Lisa continued her suckling while Ivy watched on. Before Ivy even realized
something had happened Lisa yelped and rolled across the floor clutching 
her head. Ivy sniggered. The donkey had given her a knee in the head. 
Lisa looked over to her teacher.

"Back to it kid." she said as she downed another piece of Orange.

"I really am sorry Doctor Every. I will truly be on my best behavior
from now on." pleaded the reinstated Nurse. The Doctor simply nodded his
head as they walked down the corridor.

"You know child. About 20 years ago I would have had you killed for what
you did. John was very fair in what he did. I don't approve of losing a 
finger though. It makes our work that much harder."

"Yes Doctor."

As he opened the door to the lab and let the Nurse through.
"No, no more fingers from now on. Perhaps your ears but definitely no more

The Donkey was led over to his entertainment for the evening. It had done
this many times and knew the drill. But like most Donkeys, it was stubborn.
Ivy had trained it well though.

"Come on boy. Get up there and fuck this blonde bitch."

The donkey leaned back a bit and stayed put. Ivy looked over to Lisa who
was standing near the wall. Lisa had a couple more bruises to her head
and her eye was starting to swell up fairly quickly.

"Okay slut, help me with this donkey." Ivy motioned her forward.

Lisa took her pointed position and pushed on the Donkey's rear. Jody
waited for the enormous prick her enter her ass.

The donkey stepped forward and lashed a kick behind it catching Lisa
fully in the stomach. Lisa landed in a pile a few metres back. Ivy looked
over and rolled her eyes. She grabbed the Donkey's ear and pulled it 
forward. The Donkey climbed upwards and pushed it hoofs into Jody's back.
Jody howled with pain as the rough hoofs scratched and slipped down the
side of her body catching her skin between the box and her. Ivy quickly 
reached down and positioned the Ass's large penis and with the forward 
momentum it sunk deep into Jody's rectum.

Jody groaned loudly. The Donkey started fucking away. Lisa rolled over and
watched the whole situation. The Donkey pushed deeper and deeper. Jody
rolled her eyes and groaned even more loudly. Ivy urged the beast on. She
then turned back to Lisa and winked.

"Don't worry slut, your turn next."

The new castle's foundations had already been laid. The headmaster walked
around the large area of concrete trying to visualize the new building.
He walked over to the large area where they had dug out a basement. The
rooms need to be bigger he thought.

He was strolling back to the old building when he realized something, they
hadn't named it yet. What would be a good name for the building he 
wondered. Hackmoore's was already taken as they would be keeping the 
building for other purposes. What he needed was something that was 
recognizable. Easily remembered and innocent at the same time.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 30 "Cindy's Turn"

Paul Winslow leaned against the shower wall and let the hot water coat his
body. He turned his head slightly and the shower spray hit off the top of
his forehead and the water ran through his hair down the back of his neck.

Paul enjoyed showers. Cindy sometimes complained that his showers use to
take far too long. But not anymore. Paul smiled at the thought. She's
certainly a lot better now that she's back from the school. He wondered if
she lived in fear of being sent back or if the hormones the school gave 
her were making her more agreeable. Whatever. She's much better now.

Paul turned off the shower and wiped the water from his face. The shower
door opened and a towel was dangling from a feminine hand.

"Here you go Daddy." said Cindy. She was in her bathrobe. Paul took the
towel and stepped out of the shower. He looked at his daughter and the
towel. He let the towel fall out of his hand. Cindy watched as it piled
up on the floor. Slightly confused she wondered what her father was going
to do if he was dripping wet all day.

"Lick me dry. All over." Paul commanded. Cindy immediately set to work.
She took a step forward and sunk her face into Paul's chest. She worked
her probing tongue around his nipples and his breasts. She moved her head
down to his waist and licked upwards catching small beads of water as they
slowly made their way down his abs. While Cindy was away at the school 
Paul decided to get into a fitness routine. He enjoyed the extra energy 
he had and having a good set of muscles helped too. Most of all he
just wanted to be able to sustain his lust with his daughter upon her
return. He did note that the headmaster, what was his name .. ah yes,
Mr Boggis said something about male hormone tablets. He must look into
that later.

Cindy was behind her father now running her tongue up his spine. She then
licked around his buttocks and a few times Paul groaned quietly as she
probed her tongue into his ass crack. She then proceed to the back of
his legs. 

Soon Cindy was at her father's groin. She liked this part. She didn't 
know why as previously she hated the sight of a penis. But now she felt
that's all she lived for. A raging cock. She pulled the foreskin back
and wrapped her lips around Paul's member. Paul swayed with her pumping
action and shivered as she licked along his shaft.

Cindy coughed at the first squirt of cum but quickly controlled her
gagging. She swallowed with passion. 

After Paul had finished Cindy finished wiping him down with the towel.

"Daddy, what did you want for breakfast?"

"Hhmmm ... some English muffins would be nice."

"Okay." Cindy put the towel onto the towel rail. She then took her father
his bathrobe and followed him downstairs.

Paul was finishing a mouthful of muffin when the phone rang. Cindy picked
it up and then handed it to Paul.

"Hello? ... Hi Dave. Good thanks and yourself. Cool. Yes, Cindy is back
and doing well. When did you want to arrange it for? .. Tonight. Okay.
I need to do some stuff in town so she's all yours. Great. See ya."

Cindy took the phone and hung it back on the hook. She was hoping her
father would volunteer the information but he just carried on eating his
muffins. Paul looked up and caught Cindy's gaze.

"Just keeping my end of a promise dear. Tonight you'll see."

Dave was rummaging through the cabinets in his basement. On the table
beside him he had a small bamboo cane, a string of steel spiked balls,
a 7" anal probe and some Vaseline.

Ann called from downstairs, "What are you doing darling?"

Dave unzipped a small bag and started putting the contents in.
"Just getting ready for a date with Paul's daughter tonight."

"Okay darling. Don't forget the camera."

Dave shook his head. That woman remembers everything. He reached into the
drawer and pulled out a small Kodak camera. He checked the film and took a
spare roll just in case. They too went into the bag.

Dave walked over to Melissa. She was tied spread eagle on the bed. She had
a few red welts on the front of her thighs. Her vagina muscles were
stretched tight by what appeared to be a slipper. Dave guess Ann had been
fisting her with the slipper last night and then went to bed leaving
Melissa in her current predicament.

Dave reached down and pulled the slipper out. Melissa sighed into her
gag. She opened her eyes again to watch her father. He tossed the slipper
to the side of the bed and knelt down between her legs. He pulled back the
vagina lips to reveal her clit. He stoked it with his finger and then
pinched it. Melissa's body jerked in response.

Dave smiled. Said "See ya honey." as he got up and exited the room.

Mr Boggis adjusted the focus on his camera. He looked up again to make
sure he had the view he wanted. He checked his sight again and then 
pressed the button. The camera made a winding noise and clicked to a
halt. Then as quickly as it took the last shot it started to rewind
the film back into the cartridge.

Mr Boggis left it on it's stand and surveyed the area. The inner wall
frames were already up. This is going faster than I thought. He turned to
a noise behind him. About 50 metres away Ivy was taking Clarice for a
walk. A whack of the whip got louder as Ivy got less patient with her

Clarice had a two foot spreader bar on her ankles. It was connected in
the middle to a chain which was in turn connected to her belt. 
Her forearms had been shackled in front of her and clipped to a collar 
on her neck. She was sporting a very dark black eye and numerous cuts 
on her legs.

"How is the slave going Ivy?" called out Mr Boggis.

Ivy turned to the headmaster. Ivy was obviously breathing heavily. 
"Well Sir, if this fuckmeat doesn't start moving properly I'm going to 
drag her back through the Blackberry thorn bushes on her stomach."

Mr Boggis walked over to ivy who had stopped. Clarice welcomed the break.
The headmaster looked Clarice over quickly.

"Hhmmm ... do it anyway. I can't find a buyer for her so if you want her,
she's yours."

Ivy grinned like a Cheshire Cat. "Yes Sir." and pulled of a wanky salute.
She leaned down to Clarice's ear, "Hear that fuckmeat. You're mine!"

Dave looked down the road and watched as the moving truck pulled into a
house that had been on the market for a long time. The truck got into the 
driveway backwards first time. A few minutes later while some men were 
milling around waiting for the new owners a Jaguar pulled up. A man 
dressed in a dark grey suit got out. After a bit of chatting with the 
truck driver he opened the door and the delivery men set to work.

Dave walked on over and greeted his new neighbor. "Afternoon. My name is
Dave Andrews. I live across the street. Just wanted to say welcome to our

The man smiled and shook his hand. "Thank you. Name is Henderson, Donald
Henderson. My friends call me Don."

"Don it is then. So you're taking the old Scott's place huh? Do you work
out here Don?"

"I've got my own business in the city. It was a battle but I finially got
a house in a nice quiet suburb away from the traffic and pollution."

Dave watched as more and more boxes were carted off the truck.

"Are you by yourself Don or is the family coming up later?"

Don took a deep breath and blew it out. Dave recognized this sort of
exasperation before. "Family is waiting until the move is done before they
get here. My wife is Kim. I've got two daughters. Twins. Both pretty 
and the biggest stuck up bitches ever."

Dave looked over and quickly wondered if he committed a cardinal sin by
speaking about his family that way. "I'm sorry Dave. Here I've just met
you and I'm already laying my problems on you."

Dave smiled. "Don. I think you and I better have a talk. Tell me, how
open minded are you?"

Cindy took another deep breath and held it. Dave tugged on the string to
give her a small warning that the next ball was about to come out.

"Ready?" he said mockingly. Cindy's eyes were fill of tears. She could
feel the tickle of blood as it leaked out of her asshole. Dave Andrew was
enjoying the promise Paul made to him when they first talked about the
school. Cindy's ass had strong red marks. These were given after Dave had
inserted the anal balls. Cindy automatically clenched her ass muscles
when she felt the whip and to have the ball spikes dig into her made 
things very difficult indeed.

Dave watched as another ball came into view. It's spikes were covered in
shit and blood. Cindy whimpered. She was tied onto a wooden horse. Her
arms were stretched out to the side and her knees tied to a cross beam.

Dave pulled down on her panties some more and slowly tugged for the next
ball to come out. Cindy groaned.

Dave turned to the man behind him.

"Well Don. What do you think? Are you interested in this lifestyle?"

Don walked forward and pulled Cindy's ponytail back. Her neck ached. Don
reached down and kissed her fully on the lips. When she didn't try to pull
away and instead kissed him deeply he released her. He turned back to Dave
and said, "Where do I sign up?"

"Later buddy. First Cindy wants to suck you off. Don't you Cindy?"


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 31 "Police Business"

"Ah, Mr Gabriel. How are you doing Sir?" said Mr Boggis. He waved Jenny,
the school slave and part time secretary to the headmaster, away from the
door after she had informed him that the millionaire and his business 
partner was on the phone. Jenny closed the door quietly and returned to
her desk. She could hear faint whispers of the conversation.

"Really? ... When did she escape? ... The Police? ... Oh dear. Yes I shall
see to it right away. I'll call you after they have been. Goodbye."

Jenny heard the click as the phone returned to it's cradle. A few seconds

"JENNY!" The slave jumped out of her seat and was already opening the door
before the headmaster stood up. This is bad she thought. He only stands up
and paces when something's wrong.

"Get John and Ivy here now. Urgently." Mr Boggis commanded.

"Yes Mr Boggis." Jenny closed the door and ran off to find the teacher and
head porter.

Ivy gritted and strained to turned her wrist. As she did Samantha Basket
groaned loudly. Ivy pushed forward with her whole body to sink her arm
deeper into Samantha's ass. The splinter muscle was stretched to the limit
and extremely raw. Ivy continued to push and grind away.

"Feel good now bitch?" Ivy questioned as she opened her fingers and using
her nails scratched Sam's large intestine. Samantha screamed loudly and
sobbed into her hands. She wasn't tied down on the table at all. A fitting
tribute to the good work of the teachers at Hackmoores.

Jenny stuck her head in through the door. She quickly walked over to Ivy
and whispered into her ear.

"Okay fine. I'll be there in a couple of minutes." Jenny nodded and left
to find the head porter.

Ivy scanned the room and her gaze fell onto Jody. "Over here slut!"

Jody moved quickly and stood beside the teacher. Ivy yanked her arm out
of Samantha's ass with a loud 'pop'. The she wiped off the feces by 
rubbing it all over Jody's breasts and stomach.

"Okay slut, in you go." Ivy nodded her head towards Samantha's ass.
Jody hesitated. Ivy grabbed her around the throat. "When you're given an
order you do it immediately. Immediately means right this fucking second.
Do you understand?"

Jody nodded her head and Ivy let go of Jody's throat. Jody moved to stand
behind her sister. She used her left hand to open the hole and slipped her
hand in. Samantha moaned at the new intrusion.

Ivy grabbed a towel and wiped the remains off her forearm. As she was
leaving she turned back to Jody.

"You are to fist her until I get back. And don't try to bullshit me. I'll
know if you haven't done it properly. Now PUMP!"

Ivy left and Jody set to work.

Mr Boggis watched Ivy enter his office. She took a chair offered to her by
the head porter. Jenny was kneeling behind John licking his ass. Ivy 
looked up at John for an explanation.

"She caught me in the bog. I didn't even bother to wipe so she's doing the
job for me."

Ivy nodded and gave the headmaster a shy smile.

Mr Boggis cleared his throat. Always a signal when he had some important
news to share.

"Okay. I've learnt from Mr Gabriel that Janice Winterbottom has escaped.
Details are sketchy but apparently she's made it across country and to
our local law enforcement. She has told them all about us and what we did
to her. Apparently the cops are on their way here right now."

John was the first to comment, "Bitch!"

Ivy shook her head, "Fucking bitch!" she spat. "Guys, I don't have time to
deal with her right now. I'm up to my eye balls with the Basket girls."

Mr Boggis turned to John, "Well John, how about you?"

Janice Winterbottom felt good. She didn't smile else it might give away
the fact she wasn't hurt as much as what she made herself out to be.
She wrapped the blanket more around her to keep herself warm not that she 
required heat but the comfort of it made her feel better.

The Police officers in the car stared straight ahead. The rookie drove the
car, the Sheriff in the front passenger seat and his deputy rode in the
back with Janice. They all had grim looks on their faces. The Sheriff in
particular had a strong set jaw. Good she thought, he won't take any crap.

The car pulled into the school's driveway and Janice's heart skipped a
beat when they arrived at the front door. Mr Boggis and the head porter
were there to greet them.

The trio of men got out while Janice stayed in the car. She watched them
as the moved slowly but surely towards to headmaster. Before they got 
close enough to talk the Sheriff turned back and asked the rookie to get
Janice out of the car. Janice got out and wrapped the towel more tightly
around her shoulders. She walked with the rookie closer to the group.

"Morning Sheriff. How may we be of service?"

"Morning Mr Boggis. This little lady here tells me that you and your
school kidnapped her, tortured her and then sold her to a gentleman by the
name of Mr Gabriel. Is this true Sir?"

The headmaster looked over to Janice. He stared right through her.
"Yes Sheriff. That is the truth."

Janice balked at the straight out confession. Her eyes were wide and her 
mouth just hung open with disbelief.

"Well Mr Boggis. Do you realize the laws in this state?" the Sheriff

"Yes Sheriff I do." the headmaster admitted.

Janice's mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour. She couldn't believe
it would be so easy to catch the school. She would be famous in years to
come. People will know her name and realized she busted the biggest slave
ring ever. Janice however didn't even noticed that now both the rookie and
the deputy were standing on either side of her.

"And Mr Boggis, do you realize the penalty for littering?"

Janice's mind snapped back to the present. "Littering?" she asked.

The Sheriff turned around to Janice and smiled. "Yes Miss. Littering. You 
are a slave and thus are property. If you escape you are classed as litter."

Janice froze. The instant she realized she was in trouble she tried to
turn to run but the rookie and deputy grabbed her arms and held her fast.

Mr Boggis stepped forward, "My dear Janice. Do you think that this school
could operate if we weren't good friends with our good law enforcement? I
don't think so. John, can you please take Janice into the school. And can
you make sure she'll never run away again."

Janice was picked up like a tissue and slung over John's shoulder. She
tried to fight him but knew it was hopeless.

The Policemen and headmaster watched as Janice disappeared screaming and
kicking her feet through the doorway. A few seconds later they heard a
thump and Janice was quiet.

Mr Boggis turned back to the Sheriff. "Thank you Sheriff. I was a bit 
worried there for a second. I thought she might have tried to contact the
police where she escaped."

"Doesn't matter if they did Mr Boggis. They're in on it too. Good day."

Mr Boggis watched the police car disappear back down the driveway.

He shook his head. "Silly woman." he muttered, turned and went back into 
the building.

The pain in Janice Winterbottom's ankles first woke her up. She shook her
head to try and clear the cobwebs from her mind. She still couldn't 
believe the police just gave her nothing more than a ride back to where
she first started. Her ankles ached. She tried to look back and that's
when she noticed the collar was on her neck. The collar was tied down to
the table. She rolled her eyes to try and work out where she was. No luck.
She looked down and sighed. Once again she was naked. The pain in her 
ankles were really annoying her now.

A few minutes later a head popped into her vision.

"Hi there. My name is Nurse Luxe. I believe I should be saying welcome
back." Nurse Luxe giggled at her little joke.

"Why do my ankles hurt!" demanded Janice.

"Simple honey, we cut your Achilles tendons in your ankles. You ain't 
going no where now. You know, you really shouldn't have tried to run away.
That's so silly."

"Go to hell bitch!" spat the ex-model.

Nurse Luxe disappeared from view and came back with a small syringe. She
swabbed Janice's arm, inserted the needle and pushed the contents in.
The pain shot up through Janice's arm and she immediately screamed.

"You first ... bitch." said the Nurse as she say the syringe on the tray.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 32 "Fireants"

"Oh God!! What now?!" yelled Jackie Basket. She heard the footsteps as the
people were coming. They grabbed her by the shoulders and picked her up.
Next her blindfold was removed. She blinked a few times from the glare of
the light. The faces quickly came into focus. She was turned around and
pushed forward. Her hands still tied behind her back.

The head porter and Ivy ignored Jackie's protests and were talking about 
the latest events with Janice Winterbottom. Ivy seemed to be more ticked 
off than anything but the head porter brought her mind around to the extra 
possibilities of what Ivy could torture Janice with. They made an agreement 
to meet later on in the morning to get started.

Jackie stumbled a bit as they pushed/walked along the corridor. As they came
to a door a hand fell upon her shoulder and she slowed to a stop. Ivy unlocked
the door and John pushed Jackie in first. Jackie didn't even see the steps
and fell ass over tit. She landed with a solid thud on the concrete floor
with the laughter of John and Ivy around her. She stood up and glared at 
the porter. He caught her glare and Jackie was rewarded with a strong slap
across the face. Again she fell to the floor.

Ivy moved over to the cupboards to get some rope. John kneeled down to
Jackie. "Listen up bitch. Your sisters have been very co-operative. If you
don't then you might end up like your whore mother. Do you want that?"

Jackie's face burned with anger and resentment. She again glared at John.
She shrieked as he back handed her across her cheek. Ivy came over with
the rope. "What's the course for today?" she asked.

John took a deep breath and tried to remember the curriculum. His mind
raced through progress sheets filled out by the teachers and finally he
remembered what was today's treat.

"Fireants, that was it." he said proudly. "You tie her up and I'll get our

Ivy helped Jackie up and moved her over to the wall. A large ring was
embedded into the strong thick wood panels. Ivy looped the rope through
the ring and then untied Jackie. Jackie rubbed her wrists only to have the
rope tied back on again. 

"Lie down." Ivy ordered. Jackie lay down on her stomach. Ivy secured 
Jackie's feet to a ring in the floor. She was just finishing as John came
back with a jar of honey, a honey stick and a small steel container.

"Finished?" he asked putting the items on the ground. "Yep." replied his
partner. "Hold her cheeks for me will ya."

Ivy kneeled down and renched Jackie's butt cheeks apart. John uncapped the
jar of honey, took the honey stick and swirled it in the jar. He lifted it
up and placed it at the top of Jackie's ass crack. He dragged it down the
crack coating her cheeks with the substance. He coated the stick once more
and then jammed it deep into Jackie's butt hole.

Jackie cried out, and groaned slightly as John first twisted the stick and
then pumped it in and out. He then yanked it out with a loud pop and 
inspected it. He handed it over to Ivy who released Jackie's cheeks. Ivy
took the stick and then presented it to Jackie.

"Lick." ordered Ivy. Ivy smelt the stick and tentatively touched the tip 
with her tongue. The smell revolted her. Ivy rolled her eyes and quickly 
became frustrated. She took a handful of Jackie's hair and pulled back hard.
Jackie's mouth flew open and Ivy pushed the honey stick in. Jackie had no
choice now but to clean it.

Ivy pumped the stick deep into Jackie's throat. "You WILL learn bitch!"

Dave Andrews watched out his front window as a car pulled up across the
street. His wife Ann walked over and seeing his smile asked him what was
going on.

"We've got new neighbors dear." he replied.

"I can see that darling. But why are 'you' smiling?"

"Well, I've already met the new owner. A Don Henderson. A very nice man if
I do say so myself. You'll like him for sure. But He has a problem."

"A problem?"

"Yes, see his wife. Apparently she's lovely but the two girls there, both
twins I might add, are somewhat lacking in their proper manner for our new

Ann looked up at Dave, "What DID you do?"

Dave giggled. "All I did was just show Don what we have available. He's
had a bit of a demo with Cindy Winslow and he's already making plans to
send his daughters to our favorite school."

"I am impressed husband. They haven't even settled in and you've already
shown them the light."

Dave leaned over and kissed Ann on the cheek. "I know. Don's already in
but I'm going to need your help with his wife. I believe her name is Kim."

Jackie felt a rope being tied around her thighs. John pulled them tight
while Ivy completed the knot. "There we go John, do you want to do the

John smiled and picked up the container. He walked on his knees to kneel
in front of Jackie. He held the container in front of her face and removed
the lid. Jackie's head reared back. The container was filled completely
with red ants. As soon as the lid was removed they swarmed all over John's

"These are a special breed of Fireants Miss Basket. We matched them up
with a nice garden variety of Ant and we came up with an insect that will
eat honey and will do anything to get to it."

He leaned over Jackie and upended the container. A small clump of Ants
dropped out and landed on her right butt cheek. John continued to shake
his hand until most of the ants had fallen off.

The Ants immediately went to work gorging themselves on the honey. 
Initially Jackie just felt a mild itching on her skin but as time grew on
the ants would either bite or spray acid from their heads to gain access
to more honey. They would smell it deep within her bowels. And they were
determined to get it.

John and Ivy closed the door shutting out the screamed from Jackie.

"Whose next?" asked Ivy. "Let's go and say hello to Janice. I'm sure she
is just dieing to meet us."

Kim Henderson opened the door. She smiled at Ann as she introduced herself.
"Please come in ... Ann."

Ann walked with Kim into the lounge. "Girls, this is our new neighbor.
Ann Andrews."

Ann beamed a smile over to the girls who were draped over the sofas.

"Yeah, so what?" snorted Jane. Sue hadn't even acknowledge the new visitor.
She just continued reading her magazine. Ann turned back to Kim who just
shook her head. Both the ladies went into the kitchen.

"I am sorry Ann. There is just no pleasing them. I've tried everything."
Kim started the kettle to boil.

Ann took a seat by the table. She could see a man out in the backyard
scouring the lawn for weeds. Occasionally he'd bend down and spray it with
what seemed to be weed killer.

"Don't worry Kim. Is that your husband out there?"

"Yes. That is Donald. People usually call him Don."

"Very fit for his age."

"Oh yes, very fit indeed. Especially upstairs." Kim said winking.

Ann grinned. "Has he talked about sending the girls to a school yet?"

Kim poured the boiling water into a kettle. "He has actually. But the girls
are too old are they not to go to 'school'?"

"Nah, this is a special school ... tell me, how broad minded are you?"

Janice tried to stand up and walk forward. Pain shot through her leg and
with a yelp she fell back into her chair. Nurse Luxe looked up from her
desk. "Don't try to walk just yet, you'll need a few more hours to heal."

Janice rubbed her upper arm. The doctor had been very rough when he 
injected the booster hormones into her. Every now and then Janice became
dizzy but recovered quickly.

The door knocked behind Janice and opened. Suddenly Janice saw little 
sparkling flecks at the bottom of her vision. She braced herself and 
fainted. A few seconds later she came around and tried to shake her head 
of the dizzy feeling. When her eyes focused again she looked straight 
into someone's belly button. She allowed her eyes to flow up towards the 

John smiled, "Morning Janice. Guess who else is here." he nodded over to
Janice's left. As Janice turned her head to see it was knocked back with 
a right cross courtesy of Ivy. Janice flopped to the ground holding her 
jaw and rolled against John's shins.

Ivy flexed her hand. "I do like saying hello again."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 33 "The Doctor is IN."

Mr Boggis looked up from his paper work as the door opened.
"Good morning Doctor Every. How are you today?"

The Doctor closed the door, "Doing fine Headmaster. Yourself?"

"Can't complain. Can't complain. So what do I owe the honor?"

The Doctor sat down in the indicated seat. "Well Headmaster. I just wanted
to say thank you for bringing Nurse Luxe back."

"Not a problem. How is she working out?"

"So far so good. Naturally we're keeping a close eye on her but she's been
a great help so far. By the way, do we have a result from Mr Gabriel yet?"

"I spoke to him this morning and he still wants Janice alive. But he did
say he would like us to hold on to her for a couple of weeks while he is
out of the country on business. Anything you wish to do to her?"

The Doctor smiled evilly. "Yes actually but I thought I'd better check
with you and Mr Gabriel first. I want to try out a new experiment and
Janice seems perfect. I would use Clarice but John is working her over at
the moment and I suspect the slave I'm testing the serum on will need all
their energy,"

"Well, Janice is free and I'm sure Mr Gabriel won't mind. Please go right

"Well, what the serum does is removes the remaining eggs from the girl's
uterus. Do you think Janice will need to become pregnant in her lifetime?"

"Oh I most doubt if she'll be alive for more than a couple of weeks when
she goes back to Mr Gabriel. Besides, I'm sure he'll understand. Just make
sure you video tape it. Is it painful?"

"Oh yes, very much. initially it wasn't but I managed to get around that."

"Excellent. Good luck Doctor."

"Dammit Melissa, spread them wide!" ordered Dave. Melissa was leaning 
forward once again and having her genitals inspected. This time it wasn't
by Paul Winslow but both Donald and Kim Henderson.

Kim stuck a finger into Melissa's ass and wriggled it about.
"Interesting. And your women will do this at anytime?" she asked.

Ann smiled, "Anytime you want."

Dave stood up and walked over to the door. "You'll love this." As the
door opened the Great Dane Butch walked in. One look from Dave and Melissa
immediately fell to the floor and lifted her ass. Butch went to work.

On Melissa's fourth orgasm Dave pulled Butch off and held onto his collar.
The dog desperately wanted to get back to his licking.

Kim reached over and took Don's hand. Don got the answer he wanted from
her eyes. He looked over to Ann and Dave. 

"What do we do now?"

Dave stood up. "First, let's play. Sharon! Come here!"

Dr Every walked back with Ivy and Jackie to his lab. 

"So Doc. When will Janice be up for some more fun?" Ivy asked.

"Not for a bit I'm afraid my dear child. I've got some experiments I want
to test on her first."

"Oh. Anything painful? Anything I can help with?"

The Doctor thought for a moment. "Sorry Ivy, not really. But if something
does pop up then I'll get hold of you."

"Thanks Doc."

They had arrived at the lab. Janice was siting on the table in the middle
of the room. She turned her head away when Ivy walked in.

"Gloves." Doctor Every called out to the nurse.

Nurse Luxe took a box from on her desk and walked over to the doctor. He
took out a pair and flopped them onto the table.

"On the floor Janice, and face the wall." he said as he pulled out his
small pocket flashlight. Janice dropped to the floor and winced. Her ankles
were still tender. She turned around and leaned forward.

Ivy turned and left the room with Jackie following. Jackie caught one last
glimpse of the situation while the doctor put on his gloves. He kneeled
down and stuck a finger into Janice's vagina. Janice breathed deeply from
the intrusion but remained still.

"Get me the X29 Nurse."

Nurse Luxe took a plastic box and walked over to the doctor. She opened
it to reveal a small white egg shaped object. The doctor picked up the
object and slipped it into Janice's cunt. He pushed the egg in as far as
he could with his fingers. Then he twisted his hand and Janice groaned as
her vagina lips gave way to the pressure. His hand entered and once again
the doctor pushed the egg deeper.

A minute later the egg was at the cervix wall.

"Okay Janice, onto the table. Nurse, strap her down."

Janice turned around and lay down. The Nurse strapped Janice's wrists, 
ankles and mid-section to the table.

Janice turned her head to the doctor. "Doc, what did you just do?"

"Shut up bitch. You'll find out."

Janice groaned as a wave of heat pushed up into her stomach. Again she
turned back to the Doctor. "It's getting warm and I can't shift it out
so you might as well tell me what it does."

The doctor finished scribbling on his note pad. He looked up and over to
the slave. "Fair enough." He raised his voice, "Out of all the girls in
this room, who of you are going to have children? Raise your hand."

Nurse Luxe raised her hand. Janice tried but couldn't because of the strap.

The Doctor smiled, "Yep, that's about right."

Dave, Ann, Don, Kim and Sharon were in the basement. Sharon lay on a small
table with her hands tied above her head. Her feet her at the base of her
buttocks and spread outwards to reveal with slit.

Dave rummaged through the cabinets and took out a four foot steel tube. 
It had a width of just under an inch. Ann took a roasting dish and poured
coals in. She doused it with petrol and set it half a foot away from the 
table by Sharon's feet.

Dave twirled the steel pipe in his hand. "Okay, the bets are on. How long
will Sharon go before she shouts the magic word. I'm on for 10-15 minutes."

"No fair." chuckled Kim. "You've played this before."

"Yeah!" piped up Ann. "Okay okay." Dave said. "Let's pull times out of a
hat. Don, can you do the honors?"

Don set to work writing times on a piece of paper and ripping them up.
They all took a piece from a hat. Kim smiled, "I've got the 10-15."

"Okay Sharon, open your pussy." Dave ordered. Sharon obeyed. Dave took 
the pipe and inserted it. He pushed it in deep. "Relax those muscles
Shaz or I'll get ticked off!"

Sharon relaxed and Dave continued to push the pipe in deeper. It was now
in so far that Sharon had no hope of pushing it out. Ann then lit a match 
and dropped it onto the coals. The pipe quickly became hot. Sharon moaned 
and wriggled. Smoke started seeping out of the end by the fire and soon 
the pipe was red hot. Sharon groaned more loudly.

"Don't wriggle Shaz or it's a whip." Dave admonished. Sharon's breathing
became deeper and deeper. Then she called out a word thinking it was the
signal she had enough.

Dave smiled. "That's not it Shaz."

Sharon's eyes popped open. She called out a number of words she thought
were the signal but Dave shot them all down.

Dave turned to Don. "What's the time old buddy?"

Don looked back at Dave. "Time? I thought you were keeping the time?"

"Oops. Oh well ... let's go up and get a cup of coffee. Melissa should be
on her 40th orgasm by now."

The group agreed and went upstairs. Sharon continued to shout words ...
but none of them were correct.

Sharon tried to use her feet to move the pipe but it was way too hot to
touch. All she could do was lay there and just groaned.

An hour later Don asked Dave. "Won't Sharon be badly burnt by now?"

Dave nodded, "Yup, but she'll heal. She always does."

Urine mixed with blood as it dribbled out of Janice's cunt. Janice's 
throat was raw from screaming but she carried on relentlessly. The doctor
took a sample of the mixture and inspected it under the microscope.

He looked over to the Nurse. "Put a gag on her please. I can't concentrate."
Before Nurse Luxe had a chance Janice fainted once again.

"Ah good. Much better." The doctor carried on with his microscope as the
Nurse cleaned up the mess. Doctor Every was smiling.

"All going to plan Nurse Luxe." He looked over to see the blonde Nurse
tidying up the mess. "Good thing we put in a butt plug. When you've 
finished Nurse I need a blowjob. Hurry up please."

The Nurse washed her tools and hands. She then gave the doctor a blowjob
while he carried on looking into the microscope.

"Excellent." he repeated.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 34 "Cramps"

"In here Mr Boggis."

The headmaster followed the Head-foreman through the wireframe part of the
building. John watched from a distance as he studied the plans. He watched
as the foreman pointed to various areas and the headmaster nodding his
head in agreement. Then they disappeared behind one of the cement trucks.
A few minutes later they appeared on the other side. The headmaster nodded
his head once more then walked back over to John.

"All going to plan Mr Boggis?" John asked.

"Yes yes, all going to plan. The foreman wasn't sure about a couple of the
special modifications we wanted added but after our little chat he's happy
to go ahead."

"Does this mean he'll be requiring the services of Jenny this arvo?" 
The headmaster smiled. "Yes, it does. But it's for a good cause."

"I'm sure it is Sir. Did he give an date when the castle will be finished?"

"In about two months. Mr Gabriel is a very influential man John. Especially
since he owns this building company I think we are definitely on a winner

"Yes Sir."

Ivy leaned forward in her chair and gripped her stomach. She moaned and
tried to change positions to make herself more comfortable. She got up
and entered her bathroom. She splashed some water onto her face to try and
cool her down. She barely noticed Nurse Luxe entering the room.

"Ivy? .. You here girl?" the Nurse called out.

"In here." came the reply from the bathroom.

Nurse Luxe stood in the doorway. "Period time again?"

Ivy nodded her head viscously. The Nurse walked over and took a washcloth.
She rinsed cold water over it and wiped Ivy's cheeks.

"Come on Ivy, just take the pill the Doc gave you. You'll feel better in
no time."


"It 'will' help Ivy." the Nurse persisted.

"I don't want any of those weird ass chemicals in my body thank you."

The Nurse looked at Ivy's face. All she could see was pain and a strong
determination to be a hard ass.

"Okay darl. I just wanted to check on you anyway. Thought you might like
to know that Janice Winterbottom is having it easy. John's too busy with
preparing the Basket girls to be taken home and the other teachers are
nearly getting swamped with their work. They need you sweetie."

"What if this pill doesn't work huh!? .. I've got a strange body as it is."

"Stranger than mine?" said the Nurse waving both her hands in front of Ivy.
Ivy had noticed the missing fingers from the Nurse's hands but they never
talked about it.

"Point taken. Can you guarantee me that these pills will work?"

"With my next finger." said the nurse handing Ivy a glass a water.

John pushed the last of the Basket girls into the waiting room. He closed
the door behind him. All the girls stood in a line where he had indicated
to them earlier. Yes he thought. These girls are well trained.

The door opened and Mr Boggis walked in followed by Rodney and Matt. The
girls didn't make a noise when their father walked in. John's glare was
keeping them very quiet.

The headmaster walked to stand beside John.

"Right. Today ladies you are going home. I've checked the progress of your
work here and I can say I am not totally dissatisfied with your results. You
all have perform well. Taken instructions and obeyed orders with a minimum
of hassle. Before I release you back to your father are there any questions?"

The girls continued to stare at their feet. The headmaster turned to Rodney
but stopped as he heard a faint noise behind him.

"I'm sorry, I missed that." Mr Boggis said.

Lisa, the youngest of the girls, raised her hand.

"Yes Lisa?"

"Mr Boggis Sir. Where is our Mum?"

"She is no longer part of your family my dear. She has decided to remain 
here at the school indefinitely. You father has allowed this."

Lisa looked confused but nodded her head to signal that the answer was

Rodney stepped forward. "Mr Boggis. Thank you for your services. I really
do appreciate the help of you and your staff."

The headmaster made a slight bow. "You are very welcome Mr Basket. As soon
as the exam results have been collated I'll mail them over."

Rodney shook the headmaster's and John's hands. "Thank you both gentlemen.
Girls, follow Matt out to the car and wait for me."

The girls followed Matt out the door. Rodney judged that they were out of
hearing distance and turned back to the headmaster.

"Mr Boggis, what should I do if any of my girls try to be ... um .....

The headmaster smiled. "They won't be Mr Basket. The hormones in their
system will keep them in line. Perhaps they may need a booster shot in 
about six months time but we'll keep in touch.

"That's great. Again gentlemen, thank you for your help."

As the three men walked out the front door Matt already had Jackie on her
knees giving him a blowjob. At the same time he was pinching Jody's tits.

Rodney turned back to the headmaster and headporter. "That's my boy."

The headmaster nodded. John had a smile from ear to ear.

Clarice's eyes stung as light flooded the room from the light bulb. John
stepped into view and walked right over to Clarice. Her arms were stretched
to the limit as she hung from the ceiling. She had been their for most of
the morning.

"Well bitch. You are now all alone. Your slut daughters have all gone back
home. Isn't that a pity?"

When Clarice didn't reply John reached out and ran his fingers up her
inner thigh. He then located her pussy and inserted one of his fingers.

"Oh dear, you are all dried up. Perhaps another course of fireants will
help you, no? I don't know what we're going to do with you slut. Perhaps
we will just kill you. Maybe we'll just make a slave out of you. Who knows?!
But I'll just get these Ants to help you ponder your future."

Clarice sighed and rolled her head over to the side. She heard John 
laughing evilly as he closed the door.

Ivy felt great. She bounced out of bed and quickly put on her knee high
boots and gloves. She ran a brush through her hair and as a last minute
thought put on a blindfold. It didn't mean much but she felt it was her 
good luck charm. Then she walked out into the corridor. A couple of 
minutes later she was in the Doctor's office. She looked over to the 
holding cage and Janice Winterbottom lay on her bed sleeping. 
No one else was in the room.

Ivy tip toed over and found the red switch by the cage. She turned it on
and Janice's body started shuddering. She loved waking slaves up with a
nice bolt of electricity. She flicked it off and Janice rolled onto the
floor gasping for air.

"Morning sweetie." cooed Ivy. She looked in through the bars and Janice
was massaging her legs and arms. "Didn't we wake up too well?"

"Fuck off." spat Janice.

Ivy walked back over to the switch and flick it again. Janice realized too
late that not only was the bed electrified but also the floor. A minute
later Ivy flicked the switch back again.

Janice was on the floor, unconcious. Ivy called for a porter. He arrived 
a few seconds later. Ivy quickly entered and pulled Janice out. They 
carried Janice down the corridor into a room. Ivy locked the door when 
the porter left and quickly set to work.

When Janice woke up as her body was screaming for oxygen. She felt some-
thing on her neck pushing on her throat. She stood up to balance herself.
That was just enough time for Ivy to click the collar ring onto the post 

Janice had a ball gag in her mouth and her hair had been tied into a pony
tail. She felt some sort of leather harness on her body. Ivy came into 
view pushing a small horse whip into the top of her boot.

"Hi sugar ... did you miss me?"

Ivy took careful aim and kicked forward with the front of her shoe pushing
into Janice's groin. Janice slumped forward and coughed behind her gag.

"I didn't miss you." Ivy giggled at her own little joke.

"Nice harness design huh? ... It's got a special feature which I just know
you'll be interested in."

Ivy took a strap on the side of the harness and yanked it down. Immediately
it tightened around Janice's breast making it stand out. Quickly the colour
was fading to a dark red. Ivy yanked some more and then put all of her
weight into it. Janice's chest was being stretched to it's limits. Ivy did
the same to the other side.

Janice breathed heavily through her nose. Spit edged out around the gag.
Suddenly a shooting pain arced from her breast all the way to her brain.
Janice looked down and saw a large needle hanging out from her tit. Ivy
held up a number of them and jabbed them all in one by one. Tears ran down
Janice's cheeks.

When Ivy had finished putting the needles in. She then wiped away the tears.

"Don't worry sweetie. That wasn't too bad was it?" Ivy reached down and
picked up the strap again. "This 'will' be." and yanked it with all of her 
weight. Janice tried to scream but couldn't. She rolled her head back and 
winced as Ivy whipped her across the breasts, thighs, shins and the rest 
of her body.

Ivy didn't finish for the next six hours. She released the collar and 
Janice fell to the floor.

"Don't worry sugar. Tomorrow we'll have more fun."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 35 "Drill Bits"

Janice Winterbottom didn't have a very good night. She had been chained
to a post by her neck. Her thighs and lower legs had been tied together.
In place of the harness a rope had been done into a figure eight and 
looped around her breasts. The tail of the rope had a hook on the end
which was tightly and deeply anchored into Janice's cunt. Her arms had
been placed into an arm-sleeve.

"Good morning Sugar." Ivy announced as she closed the door. She walked
right over to Janice and grabbed a handful of hair.

"How do you feel this morning?" and before Janice could answer Ivy pushed
her head into the post.

"Aaggh!" cried Janice. Her body was already tired and sore. Her legs
screamed for release. Ivy let go of the hair and noticed a few strains of
it stuck to her hand. 

"I don't like your hair honey ... let's remove it ok?" Ivy stood up and
walked over to the cabinet. She pulled out a pair of scissors and a small
black case. She dropped the case over to the side. Scissors in hand she
started cutting away at Janice's hair. Strains of it fell across Janice's
tortured breasts and legs. Even the weight of the hair seemed too much
for Janice as she continued to moan.

"There we go pet. All finished." Ivy took some of the cut hair and wiped
it across Janice's nose. Janice barely registered.

"Well, we are in a sour mood this morning. What will cheer you up? .. I
know, you can help me with my woodwork."

Ivy took the case and opened it. She pulled out a battery powered drill.
She took a drill bit from the case and placed in a clamp bit. She screwed
it all together and waved it in front of Janice.

"Don't worry dear. This will hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me."

Ivy used her left hand and grabbed Janice's left tit. Janice groaned more
loudly and then howled as Ivy pushed it in between the clamp heads on the
drill. Janice gasped for air when Ivy had finished. Her tit felt like it
was on fire.

Then Ivy hit the button. The drill was designed to go slowly. Ivy pushed
into the breast first and then slowly backwards. The tit turned 180 degrees
and Janice screamed at the top of her lungs. Ivy continued to drill away.

Rodney Basket relaxed in bed. He turned another page of his book. He had
a bit of trouble concentrating. Halfway down the bed a small section of
the sheet bobbed away. Rodney grabbed his bookmark and placed it into his
book. He dropped the book over to the side and then reached both his hands
underneath the sheets. He took handfuls of hair and assisted in Jody's
blowjob. He forced her head to go down faster and faster ... a few seconds
later came he. He shivered as his daughter drank down the last of his
cum and then she surfaced above the bed sheets.

"All done Daddy. Shall I go and see to Matt?"

"No need dear. Samantha is doing that. Go down and help Jackie and Lisa
with breakfast."

"Okay Daddy." as she slid out of bed. She got to the door-way and Rodney
was admiring her small white nightie. It clung onto her body very lightly.
Her breasts were becoming full and her nipples were very erect.

"Daddy. It's nice to be home again." and before Rodney could answer she
disappeared through the doorway.

Rodney got up and walk into Matt's room. Samantha was straddling Matt with
his cock deep in her pussy. She bobbed up and down while Matt held onto
her tits from behind. Rod watched for a while and then smiled as Matt came.
He pushed her sister off and pointed to his cock. He knelt down and licked
it cleaned.

"Feel good Son?" Rodney asked.

Matt smiled. "Oh yeah." He grabbed a handful of Sam's hair and, like his
father, helped her to give him a decent blowjob.

Janice's throat was horse. She couldn't scream anymore and that was a 
problem as she needed to very badly. Ivy finished drilling Janice's right
tit and then yanked the drill away. Janice's tits was covered in blood.
Ivy stood up and went over to the cabinet. She came back with a small bag
of white powder.

Janice roller her head back. She was nearly out of it.

"Don't give up on me yet honey." Ivy took a handful of the powder and
rubbed it into Janice's torn nipples.

Janice found new energy to scream. It was salt.

Mr Boggis waiting just inside the front door. Rain very rarely happened
where they were but today it was pouring quite heavily. He chatted with
John about some of the new developments with the Castle when the headmaster
heard the car pull up the drive.

The driver got out and popped open an umbrella. He opened the back door
and a man of solid build got out. Both the driver and the man walked up
the stairs and through the doorway.

"Mr Gabriel. An unexpected pleasure. You know our head-porter John?"

The two men shook hands.

"I was just passing Mr Boggis. I don't mean to seem like I'm checking up
on you. I was wondering how the building of the castle was going?"

"It has been going excellent Sir. Naturally today is a bit of a let down
with the rain but I believe the concrete had been laid a week ago so I'm
sure this minor downpour won't do anything special."

"Good. And how is my runaway slave doing?"

Both the headmaster and John looked at each other. "Well Sir," John said.
"We've left Janice in the care of Ivy. If you would like to follow me I
can take you to them."

"Thank you John."

As the trio got closer to the room where Ivy was working they could vaguely
hear the screaming. John reached for the door handle but before he opened
it he turned back to Mr Gabriel.

"Sir, it might be wise to cover your ears. Ivy has a tendency to bring out
the best in our girls."

John turned the handle and walked in. Ivy looked up and Janice whimpered
as the stinging in her breasts slightly subsided.

"Morning Ivy. Excuse the interruption. Mr Gabriel is here to see Janice."
said the headmaster.

Janice barely heard the headmaster speaking but she did hear the name
'Gabriel'. With that she started to groan louder.

"Miss Ivy. Please don't stop on my account. And if it's possible, make 
this bitch suffer some more." said the Millionaire.

Ivy smiled. Her smiles had been known to make slaves tremble but it had no
affect on Mr Gabriel apart from lengthening his cock. Ivy took her horse
whip and whip Janice across her thighs. She struck hard enough to draw
blood. As soon as she felt it was enough she took some more of the salt
and rubbed it in.

Janice screamed, cried and then fainted.

"Bravo! Bravo!" said Mr Gabriel and Mr Boggis.

Lisa presented her father the mail that had arrived. He took a pile and
read the address. He toss a few bills onto the table but held onto the 
one which was addressed from Hackmoores. He studied the envelope for a 
few seconds wondering what it could be and then opened it.

A minute later he picked up the phone and dialed Dave Andrews number.

"Hello, Dave speaking."

"Dave, Rod Basket. How are you?"

"I'm good Rod, and yourself?"

"Doing great. The girls are back and are excellent. I was just wondering
if you might have anymore info on this new 'community' that Hackmoores are
trying to set up?"

"Only a little I'm afraid Rod. All I have so far is the name of the Castle
that they're building. 'Tu Ubbidire.' ... it's Italian for 'To Obey.'"


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 36 "Builders Present"

The office door opened. Mr Boggis walked in, put his hat on the hat stand
followed by his coat. He checked his tie in the mirror and carefully 
flicked some lint from his shoulders. He took the pitcher of water and
poured himself a drink. He sat down at his desk and carefully placed his
glass down amongst the paper work. A few minutes later he heard a noise
outside the office. Must be Jenny he thought.

"Jenny?!" called the headmaster. The door opened and the School slave
walked in. She had on a black T-shirt which showed off her curves in all
the right places. Her jeans were a little big for her but it made them
easier to take off quickly. She stood just inside the doorway awaiting the
headmaster's orders.

"Appointments today?" asked the headmaster.

"None today Mr Boggis. But the head porter has gone to pick up the two
Henderson girls a few minutes back."

"Good. He'll be back in a few hours. I want you to go over to the building
site and find the head foreman. Tell him I sent you and remember, you are
to do exactly what he says. Got it?"

"Yes Sir. Should I change Sir?"

"No. Off you go."

The headmaster watched as Jenny closed the door to his office. He counted
a few seconds then looked out the window. Sure enough Jenny walked out the
door and around the corner making a beeline towards the building site.

He picked up a pen and crossed off an entry on his to do list. He then took
some more papers and carried on cross-referencing.

Jenny felt the morning sun as it warmed up her body. She took her time
walking across the lawn as it was soaked through with the rain over the
last couple of days. She could hear sounds of the digging machines at the
site as they rumbled away. She came across a man who was looking through a
telescope at the building.

"Excuse me Sir, where is the Head foreman?"

The man took a quick glance at her and then returned back to his scope.

"That's me doll. Who are you?"

"Jenny Sir. Mr Boggis sent me over. He also gave me instructions to do
whatever you say."

The man looked down at his clipboard and wrote some numbers. He stood up
and stretched his back. Only then did he turn to look at Jenny. He started
at her shoes and worked his way up her body.

"The entertainment huh? ... Mr Boggis has good taste. Come with me."

Jenny followed the foreman towards a tent. He dropped his clipboard on a
table then looked around. He seemed to sight the person he wanted. Putting
his fingers to his mouth he made a loud whistle. When the man turned 
around the head foreman waved his hand for him to come over. 

"Okay .. Jenny wasn't it? ... My name is Jim. This is Joe and over there
is Jack. Do you understand?"

Jenny nodded her head. It wasn't uncommon for married men to want to 
remain anonymous. The man called Joe arrived. "Ya wanted me boss?"

Jim winked over to Joe, "Entertainment for us courtesy of Mr Boggis."

Joe looked Jenny over. He liked what he saw. Joe had a thick dark beard
where Jim was clean shaven. Another man joined the tent.

"Ah Jack." Another wink. "This is Jenny. The entertainment."

Jenny looked at each of the men. They were big. Their arms are nearly as
large as what she was. She reached into her jeans and pulled out a rubber
band. Quickly she pulled her hair into a pony tail while Jack returned 
with a chair. The men were all sitting waiting for her.

Jenny looked over to Jim. "Sir?"

"Strip darling. And do it nicely." Jack sniggered.

Jenny turned her back to the men and started to him a tune. She ran her
hands along her body across her breasts all the way down to her thighs.
Already her excitement was building. If she didn't hurry she'll cum before
she had a chance to take her jeans off.

Jenny pulled off her shoes and socks. Her feet squelched into the mud but
she ignored it. Then came off her black T-shirt which she flung over to
Joe. Jack rubbed his mustache. Jenny saw the bulge in his pants. She walked
over to him and sat on his knees and allowed him to un-clip her bra. Then
she stood up and kissed him on fully on the lips before walking back into 
the center of the tent. She pulled off her jeans leaving only her panties.

"Who wants the honor?" she asked.

Jim looked over to the other guys, "Jack does."

Jack smiled. Jenny walked over seductively and presented herself to Jack.
He looped his fingers inside her panties and pulled them down revealing
her pussy. Jack then leaned forward and ran his tongue up her tummy. Jenny
cooed and pushed his face into her breasts.

A few minutes later Jim stood up. "Okay guys, now for some real fun."
He put the chair in the middle of the tent and then undid his belt.

"Spanking time Jenny. Do the position."

Jenny immediately stood up and leaned against the chair. She spread her
legs a little to keep her balance. Jim raised his hand and swung his belt
smacking her across the butt.

"Aaah!" cried Jenny. Again the head foreman swung. Then the other guys took
their belts too and whipped Jenny. A few minutes later Jenny's ass and legs
were a nice tone of red.

Jim dropped his belt onto the table. "What now guys?"

"I want a blowjob." said Joe. "Me too." replied Jack.

"Well Jenny, you've got some work to do. Get to it."

John knocked on the door. A few minutes later a woman answered it.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Hi. I'm after a Mr Henderson. Does he live here?"

"What is it concerning?"

"Sorry Miss. The delivery is for a Mr Henderson." said John.

The girls rolled her eyes and slammed the door. John could hear her as
she stomped back up the stairs. "Daddy, some fuckwit's at the door for 
you." A few seconds later a man opened the door in his dressing gown.

"Morning. I am sorry for my daughters behavior. I am Don Henderson."

"Good morning Mr Henderson. My name is John. I work for Hackmoore's school.
I'm here to take a delivery."

Don smiled. "John, you may not believe this but you've just made my day."
as he stood to one side and beckoned the head porter in.

Jenny was getting a headache. Joe was holding her upside down as he licked
at her pussy. Jack had his large cock up Jenny's throat and was pumping
away for all he was worth. All Jenny could do was suck and try not to gag.

Jenny's pussy was incredibly tender now after all the cuming she had done
earlier. Suddenly the cock was pulled out from her mouth and she was 
slammed onto the table scattering clothes, paperwork and belts. Her legs
were lifted up into the air and Jack's cock penetrated her cunt. Jenny was
incredibly wet but had trouble taking Jack's cock all the way in. Jack
wasn't worried though ... he grunted, pushed and didn't stop until Jenny
was screaming her head off. Only then did he start fucking her.

Jim smiled at the sight of this young girl impaled on suck a large cock.
Jack lifted Jenny up and Jenny groaned as her entire weight helped her to
slide further down on Jack's cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist
to try and stop herself from sliding further down.

Jim stood up, spat in his hand and rubbed his cock. He then entered 
Jenny's ass. Jenny fainted but the big men carried on regardless.

John closed the van doors. Small mumbles of threats came from the van as
John got into the driver's seat. He waved at Don and Kim Henderson and
drove off.

Don noticed a small tear running down Kim's cheek. "What's this?" he asked.

"Nothing dear. I just hope the school can help our girls ... those little
fucking sluts."

Don sniggered and took his wife back into their house. Peace at last.

Jenny entered the headmaster's office. She had mud all over her face and
chest. She slumped into a seat and just stared at the headmaster.

"Where are your clothes Jenny?" he asked.

Jenny only just realized she was still naked.

The headmaster shook his head. "Go back this afternoon and get them."

"But Sir. I don't think I can handle another go with those builders.
Can I go back now while they need some rest?"

"Tough titties Jenny. You've got work to do."

It was another four hours before Jenny got back to the building site. 
The builders were delighted to see her again.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 37 "Hot-Cock"

Mr Boggis address the new students. Jane and Sue Henderson.

"Afternoon girls. My name is Mr Boggis. I run this facility here. I believe
you have already met John. To my right is Ivy and behind me is Jenny. You
will treat us with the upmost respect and do what we say when we say it,
without question. Do you understand?"

Sue mumbled something behind her gag. Mr Boggis shook his head and turned
to John. "Put them on the hot-cock for an hour. Then we'll talk further."
The headmaster left the room with Jenny behind him. Ivy walked over to

"Apparently these girls are tough-nuts. Need a hand?" She asked.

John looked over the girls. They had been stripped naked and were each
tied to a post. The girls glared at him with total hatred in their eyes.

"I might let the Doc check them over first and then take them to the 
Hot-cock. Can you get him for me. I need to have a wee chat with these two
young ladies beforehand.

"Sure." Ivy closed the door behind her. She listened for a bit and then
heard the thumping as John punched one of the girls in the stomach.

He's got a way with women she thought as she walked off down the corridor.

Cindy Winslow gulped down another load of cum. Protein she thought. That's
what they said, cum is full of protein. Then why does it taste funny.

Paul Winslow carefully read the letter he got from the school. He liked 
the idea Mr Boggis proposed. He took a pen, ticked a box and then scribbled
his signature. Sliding the letter carefully back into the envelope he licked
the flap and sealed it ready for posting.

"What's that Daddy?" asked Cindy.

"Just another business deal honey. Go and get me a glass of Brandy."

"Okay Daddy." Cindy went off to do her father's bidding. On her way back
the doorbell went. Cindy opened it and let Dave Andrews. Dave walked into
the living room.

"Hey buddy. How it's hanging. No need to answer, I can tell from here."

Paul smiled. "Hey bud. Drink?"

"Thanks but no. Did ya get the letter?"

"Sure did. I'm going for it, you?"

"For sure. I spoke with Rodney and he's on board too. Even the new guy
Henderson is interested."

"Cool. Thanks Cindy." Paul took the drink she offered to him.

"Anyway. Barbecue my place. 6pm. See ya there?"

"Sure Dave. I'll bring the booze."

Jane's eyes watered as John released the clamp onto her tongue. It was
well and truly secured. Immediately her tongue started going dry. Her
twin sister, Sue, was stuck on the other end of the four inch chain with
her tongue clamped also.

John flicked a cigarette lighter and ignited the coals in the bowels of the
small furnace. The top part was penis shaped with a hole at the tip. The
chain was in the hole. Jane knew immediately that the chain would heat up
and that the girls were going to fight to keep their tongues away from the
searing heat of the small furnace.

John took off his jeans and stood behind Sue. Another porter standing by
the door came over and also took off his jeans. He stood behind Jane. They
reached forward and grabbed the girls' hips. John's penis was already
large and he aimed it at Sue's pussy. He pushed and entered to the sound
of Sue groaning away. The porter did the same. Both men fucked their
whores while they waited for the furnace to heat up.

"Not .. virgins ... John." grunted the porter.

"I know ... but ... they ... will ... be ... again soon." grunted John.

Paul gave Ann a kiss on the cheek and handed Dave a six pack. He ordered
Cindy and Sharon to go and get the keg of beer he left by the door.

Over in the corner the BBQ was cooking the sausages and occasionally a
small flame reared above the grill. He saw the Basket family. Rod and Matt
were chatting with the Hendersons. The new addition to the neighborhood.
Paul took a beer and introduced himself. The Basket girls were sitting
over to the side of the pool enjoying the sun. Matt detached himself from
the group and walked over to Jody.

He reached down inside her bikini and stroked her nipple. Jody cooed but
kept her eyes shut. Amazing he thought. Half a year ago he wouldn't have
dared to even think this let alone try it. He took his cold beer and ran
it from her neck down to her navel.

"That feels SO good." Jody murmured.

"Good, now make me feel good." said Matt.

Jody got onto her knees and was just unzipping Matt's fly when Rodney
came over.

"Not now buddy. We've got something special planned for tonight so save
your strength."

"Oh. No worries." said Matt. Jody zipped the fly back up and fell back
to the ground. She was still horny.

"Matt, I could use some sunscreen ... all over please." She dropped her
bikini top to the side. Matt smiled. Took the sun lotion and rubbed it
all over his sister's body.

Sharon came running back calling for her father. "Dad! Dad!" 

"Yeah honey?"

"Cindy dropped the keg on her foot."

Paul overheard the commotion and raced inside with Dave. They found Cindy
leaning against the sofa chair holding onto her foot.

"What happened sweetie?" her father asked. Dave went off to get an ice

"Keg was a bit slippery and heavy Dad. Sorry."

"That's okay honey." He picked her up and carried her out the back. He
lay her down in the shade. Cindy covered her foot with the ice pack 
offered by Dave. 

Dave whispered into Paul's ear. "Don't worry bud. She'll be healed in
time for tonight's fun."

Jane's tongue was screaming for relief but she couldn't stop or Sue would
start winning. Sue moaned loudly as her tongued blistered against the
metal penis. 

"Forty-five minutes girls. Fifteen more to go." said John checking the
wall clock. He swung his horse whip again against Jane's ass. Jane faltered
and Sue took the advantage. Jane screamed as her tongue touched the penis.
Again they jiggled back and forwards.

John watched the whole thing. He knew they will hate each other before ten
minutes is out. A good base to start their training from. 

"Okay girls. Gather around please." Dave called out.

Once the girls had assembled he ordered them to remove any clothing they
might have on. Bikinis, T-shirts and panties were quickly thrown into a

"Good. We're going to play a game of hide and seek but with a twist. You
will be partnered up in twos. One of you will put your left hand up the 
other girl's ass. I've got straps to ensure they stay there also. Ann's 
got some special ointment to make things more exciting. The idea is that 
you have to evade capture from the guys. The order in which you are 
captured and brought back to the pool will signal the severity of your 
punishment. You've got five minutes to hide. You must stay within the 
boundaries of my house."

The girls partnered up and slight groans could be heard as hands and
ointments were shoved up rectal passages. The clock was then started and
the girls ran off awkwardly to find their hiding places.

Paul leaned over to Ann. "What's the ointment?"

"Just deep heat. But extra strength. Another beer?"



To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 38 "Hide and Seek"

Dave looked at his watch. "Another two minutes guys." he called out to no 
one in particular. His wife Ann put her glass of water to her lips and
drunk deeply. The pregnancy was going along very well. Only a couple more
months and they'd have a new addition to the family.

Ann looked over to Cindy by the pool. Her foot had swelled up to one third
it's normal size. Cindy didn't seem to worried though. She just watched
what was happening and occasionally sipped her coke.

"What's wrong dear?" Ann called out.

"Nothing Mrs Andrews. Just a little sad I couldn't join in the fun."

Ann nodded her head. She leaned over to Dave. "Dave." she said quietly.
"Could we do something to keep Cindy amused?"

Dave thought for a moment. "Yeah, I've got an idea."

He picked up the deep heat ointment, got out of his chair and went over 
to the beer cooler which was full of ice cubes. He took a paper plate and
put ten cubes onto it and then squeezed some of the deep heat over them. 
He carefully took the plate over to Cindy.

"Right Cindy. I want you to put these into your ass and cunt. I don't care
how many ice cubes so in which hole but the whole lot must go before we
set off to find the girls."

Cindy hesitated but took the plate. Dave reached down and pulled off her
shorts and panties. Matt and Rodney looked over. Cindy heard sounds of
laughter. No help there she thought. She opened her legs wide and took one
of the cube. She tried to rub off the ointment but a shout from Dave soon
stopped her.

She pried open her pussy lips and inserted the cube. Immediately she felt
cold, and then the burning sensation came but not from the ointment. This
was from the ice on her tender flesh. She took another cube and pushed that
in also.

"30 seconds Cindy. You better hurry!" called Dave.

Cindy grabbed a handful of cubes and pushed them in one by one. The heat
was getting intense. She realize the ointment was working it's magic. Her
cunt was already full and she had two cubes left. She lifted her legs to
give her access to her asshole when Dave started the countdown. She quickly
pushed the remaining ice-cubes in just as Dave got to one.

"Good girl Cindy. Hold that position until we come back." said Dave.

"Right guys, let's go and find these bitches!"

Back at Hackmoore's the man they called the Priest watched as the whip
struck Jane Henderson across the small of her back. She winced and cried
out. The porter raised his arm again and brought it across the slave's

Jane was tied over a special grill. The fire had been lit earlier in the
day and the metal top was already blistering hot. Her wrists had been
cuffed down and small leather belts surrounded her breasts to make them
stand out. Her ankles were also cuffed to the back of the oven making it
nearly impossible to escape the heat.

Jane cried out again as the whip lashed her along the back of her legs.
Two spikes held Jane's nipples in place. Priest had pushed them down over
a period of five minutes. He reveled in her misery.

The undersides of her breasts were boiling hot and blistering against the
hot metal cover. After the twentieth lash the porter stood back and turned
his head to the Priest's hood. It nodded. The porter raised his whip for
another twenty lashes.

Sharon Andrews and Jackie Basket tried to make themselves comfortable in
the back seat of Sharon's father's car. It was nearly impossible to lie on
the seat with one of their hands up the other girl's ass. They heard foot-
steps coming down the drive. They tried to keep quiet.

Samantha Basket and her sister Jody were hiding in the basement. They had
chosen a dark corner which they moved a whipping horse to cover their
hiding place. The could hear the footsteps upstairs. So far no one had
bothered to check the basement.

"How long do you think it'll be before they find us?" asked Jody.

"Soon I hope, my hand is killing me." replied her sister.

Melissa and Lisa hid in the shower. It didn't take long before they were
found. Matt grabbed Lisa's hair and pulled her out followed by Melissa.

"Sad hiding place sis. Found you easy." he said as he took them downstairs
back to the pool. They already knew they were going to be punished most

"Caught ya!" yelled Dave as he popped open the car door. Sharon's head hit
the base of the door frame. She lifted her head up as Dave pulled both the
girls from the car. He pushed them forward as they limped back hand-in-ass
to the pool.

"Well done dear." said Ann as the trio came into view. "Where is Paul?"

"Not sure, he said something about the basement."

Ann smirked, "Surely they wouldn't dare go down there."

Samantha was the first to hear the growl. Her eyes popped open and she was
looking deep into the eyes of Butch, the Andrews's Great Dane. Jody froze.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Samantha. "What the hell are they doing with a horse
in the basement?"

"It's not a horse silly. It's their Dog." whispered Jody.

"I HATE dogs!" spat Samantha.

Then the dog lunged at the girls. The girls screamed.

Paul was the first to hear the screams. He rushed to the basement door and
pulled it open. Don Henderson appeared behind him as both men took two 
steps at a time to get to the basement floor.

A few seconds later Dave, Kim and Matt joined them. 

Samantha kept screaming and she had cause to. Butch was crushing her hand 
as he was fucking Samantha up the cunt. Ann quickly joined the group at the
bottom of the stairs. Kim was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.

Dave and Paul pulled the dog off the two girls. Samantha stopped screaming
after Paul slapped her across the face. He informed them that they were
the last to be found.

All the girls were assembled out by the pool. Their hands had been removed
from their partner's ass. Melissa and Lisa floated in the water. They
welcomed the opportunity to let the luke warm water cool their insides.
Cindy lay over to the side with both her legs still in the air. 
Occasionally her left leg jittered with nerves but soon settled down again.

All heads turned as a group of people filed out of the house with Dave in
front. Melissa and Lisa climbed out of the pool and stood by the others

"Right ladies. I must say that was a poor game tonight. I thought you could
have done better. Never mind. We did have some laughs anyway. Now first
prize goes to the girls who were caught last. Sam and Jody if you could
step forward. Good. now both of you on all fours. I was going to let you
two eat each other out but I think it'll be more enjoyable if I just let
Butch fuck you both. BUTCH!"

Sam and Jody dropped to all fours. They lowered their heads. Butch came
bounding into the backyard like a puppy who had just found it's first
hedgehog. It bounced over Samantha and then did a quick U turn. Before 
Dave could even utter the command it mounted Samantha fucking her.

While the dog pumped away Dave turned to the other girls.
"Our second place winners please?"

Sharon and Jackie took a step forward. Ann and Kim clapped. Dave picked
up a large two litre bottle. "This is your prize. You both have to drink
a litre of vinegar in two minutes. Starting NOW!"

Jackie grabbed the bottle and handed it to Sharon. Sharon took it and
unscrewed the lid. She up-ended the bottle and quickly chugged her portion
of the vinegar down. She gave it to Jackie who did the same. Sharon hic 
cupped and ran for the closest bush. She drove in head first ignoring the
thorns and threw up. The men laughed and clapped.

Dave put his hands up for quiet. "Okay. We have our first caught couple
to play with. Melissa and Lisa, if you could step forward. Thank you."

Ann handed Dave two roses on stalks. Melissa noticed the stalks were
complete with thorns.

"This is your prize." handing both girls their respective rose. "Your job
is to give yourself forty lashes with the stalks. And if we don't think
your lashes were good enough then you'll get another forty. I'd recommend
paying particularly attention to your tits, ass, and cunt. Off you go."

Dave turned and sat down with the rest of the group. Shrieks came from
Melissa and Lisa. Their thighs and breasts were already covered in small

The group all broke out into a campfire song.

Jane lay on her bed in her room in the fetal position. When she awoke the
next morning all the burns and lashes had nearly disappeared. She cringed
as she heard the door being unlocked.

The Priest walked in. He looked down at her. "Hot wax today."

Only then did she scream.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 39 "Talking Lips."

Jenny felt like a million bucks. She skipped along the corridor to the
headmaster's office. She dropped her sweater on the back of the chair and
tried to look through the foggy window. Nope, he's not here yet she grinned
to herself. She sat down in her chair, pulled out her nail file and started
to hum a tune. A few minutes later she put the nail file back into the 
drawer and checked the contents of her inbox. She had a number of things
to write up in the ledger but right now just couldn't be bothered.

"It's not like old fuddy duddy wants them now anyway." she smirked.

A small cough behind her made Jenny's stomach do a double flip. She very
slowly turned her head around and cringed at what she saw. Mr Boggis was
angry, very angry. He walked into his office and dropped his coat and hat
onto the coat-stand. He then came back and walked past Jenny.


Jenny immediately stood up and followed the headmaster. Time seemed to 
slow down to Jenny. She started noticing cracks in the walls and ceiling.
She was scared. Mr Boggis opened a door to the porters room and stood in 
the doorway.

"Morning Mr Boggis." said one of the porters.

"You'll do Ralph. Come with me."

The headmaster walked off and a few seconds later Jenny was joined by the
porter known as Ralph. Ralph was a very different individual. Even John
had said he had no imagination. But the one thing Ralph was good at was
following orders, and he did those to the letter.

The headmaster entered one of the teaching rooms. It was still in the
process of being renovated but with the Castle being built next door the
project was shelved. Mr Boggis turned around and nodded for Jenny to close
the door.

"Ralph. I've got a job for you to do for the next hour. The school slave
here was very silly this morning and she will be punished. Any suggestions
on what we should do?"

Ralph shook his head almost immediately. "Sorry Sir, no idea. Brains are
yours and Johns department."

"Fair enough. How about you Jenny?" glared the headmaster.

Jenny remained quiet. She knew full well it was a trick.

"Fine. Have it your way slut. Ralph. Give her 50 horse whips across the
ass, cunt and another 20 on the soles of her feet. She'll need to have her
mouth washed out with soap and make sure you use the old soap. I think a
nice two litre enema will help also. And .." the headmaster beckoned the
porter over so he could whisper in his ear.

The porter's smile grew bigger.

"Got that?" asked the headmaster. "Yes Sir. Will do Sir."

John pulled his coat tighter around his body. He marvelled at Ivy. She
stood in the cold wind with just her work-clothes on. She never seemed 
to feel the weather at all. The were looking over the new building.

"Stone-masons will be here tomorrow says Boggis."

"Yeah?" replied Ivy.

"Less than two months to go. I'm actually feeling excited for once."

Ivy looked over and put her hand on John's shoulder. She leaned in and 
kissed him on the cheek. John barely noticed it. Ivy smirked and reached
her hand inside his trousers. Yep she thought, he's hard. He likes me.

"We're suppose to be pros Ivy."

"We are John. But I haven't had a decent fuck since I started at this
school. And when a girl's got a guy beside her with a prick as long as
her arm then she's going to want to have a piece on the side."

John didn't say a thing. Ivy started to pull her arm out of his pants when
he grabbed her forearm."

He turned his head to her. "I'll break you in two."

Ivy smiled. "Yeah, I know."

"Ouch! ... 48 .... Oww! ... 49 .... Aaggh! .... 50!"

Jenny took a deep breath. She had near on twenty lashes before Ralph lost
count. Apparently it was accidental but she wasn't so sure. She decided to
keep track herself. She tried to stand up but her feet were throbbing.

"Now what?" she asked rubbing her toes.

"Mouth washing time. Wait here. I'll get the bucket." Ralph said as he
left the room. He appeared a few minutes later and dumped the bucket in
front of the slave. She opened her mouth and Ralph started putting handfuls
of water in. He then took a nail scrubbing brush. Jenny could smell the
brush. It was full of pubic hair. Before she could protest Ralph got to work.

Ivy and John walked over to the small woodshed. It was mid way between the
school and the new castle but well hidden in the bushes and trees. As they
approached they both could hear voices. Without a word the porter and
teacher dropped into stealth mode. They got to the shed and put their ear
to the wall to hear what the conversation was about.

" ... fuck them. I say just redo the whole thing again."

"Fuckin A! They're both wankers. Especially that old prick."

Ivy looked up to John. She could tell he was getting angry. Before she
could stop him he walked around to the front door and kicked it in. She
appeared at the doorway as John laid the first guy out with a sold right
cross. The other two backed up with their hands in the air but John grabbed
one and tossed him into a wall. He landed heavily on some old cans and

"Whoa! Whoa! What are you doing?" screamed the last guy.

John walked forward, grabbed the guy by the scruff of the jacket and lifted
him upwards. "What were you talking about?" demanded John.

The guy paled as he rose off the ground. "The Elections man! Just the
fucking elections over in the US!"

The man's feet touched the ground again. "Get out of here and don't come
back." The man grabbed his two buddies who were just getting back to their
feet. Ivy stepped in and held the door open while the trio ran for it.

John counted a few seconds and cooled his temper down. He turned to Ivy. 

Ivy closed the door. Then burst out laughing.

John leaned forward and grabbed her arm pulling her towards him. 

"Come here bitch!"

Jenny sat astride a beam that was lieing on the floor. Her back was against
the support beam on the wall and her hands were tied to the top. Her ankles
were secure underneath. Her bum clenched the butt plug Ralph had put in to
keep the enema in. Apparently this was the headmaster's orders. Jenny's
stomach muscles groaned.

Jenny tried to form some spit in her mouth but it was as dry as a bone.
"N.. ow .. w..hat." she asked.


Jenny coughed. "Now .. what?"

"Oh. Just this and I'll come back for you in an hour's time." he held up
two nails and a mallet. He sat on the beam and grabbed one of Jenny's
pussy lips. He pulled it out wide and while Jenny screamed he positioned
the nail over it and pushed it in while he picked up the mallet. He then
whacked the nail home. Then he did the second one.

"All done. Mr Boggis asked me to take care of your lips. Lucky aren't ya?.
See ya later." as the porter walked off.

Jenny sobbed and ached.

A Bucket, four bottles of some unidentified liquid and numerous rags went
sailing through the air has John cleared a space on the small table. He
turned to Ivy and with a lot of muscle and a very swift movement he nearly
had her totally naked. Ivy quickly threw the rest of her clothes onto the
floor. She then pulled off John's jacket and his clothing.

She took his balls in her hand and measured his huge erection with her
forearm. Yep, he's nearly as long. Before she could finish the thought John
picked her up by the shoulders and dropped her onto the table. It groaned
with the weight. Ivy fell back and lifted her legs for John. He took them
and put them over his shoulders.

"Ready?" he asked. Ivy smiled. "Ready big boy!"

John sunk in his cock. Ivy didn't stop screaming for over 20 minutes.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 40 "Movie Making."

Cindy looked over the shop's glass cabinet. She could hear her father in
the background chatting about features and accessories to the salesman.
Cindy wasn't too happy about the idea of buying a video camera. She already
knew what it was going to be used for but again it was her's father's
decision and she simply accepted it.

She heard her father saying he'd take the Sony. Good she thought. Even
though she wasn't happy about the idea at least he choose a good brand.
Some of his other purchases hadn't been too hot. She stood by her father
as the Salesman swiped the credit card and then handed over the box with
the camera. Cindy took the tripod and extra bag of video tapes and they
both left the store.


"Yes honey."

"What are we going to be using the camera for?"

Paul smirked. "What do you think, honey."

"Well, in that case I could use some clothes ... " Cindy left the sentence
hanging in mid-air.

"I figured you would. Let's put this stuff in the car and get you a new

"Yippee!" Cindy called out. 

John and Ivy walked in through the front door. Ivy had to hold onto John's
arm as her thighs were very sore. 


Ivy jumped at the sound. They turned and saw Mr Boggis. He didn't seem happy.

"Sir?" asked John. Ivy admired how he was always cool under scrutiny.

"I had to have Jenny punished and I had to get one of the other porters to 
do it because I couldn't find my head porter. What does that tell me?"

John quickly thought before replying. "It means your head porter is in 
need of a holiday Sir. He hasn't had one for nearly four years."

"Fair enough. Choose a replacement but be back here before the opening in
ten weeks."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."

"And take Ivy with you. She seems to like it when you fuck her. I could
hear her from my office."

Ivy blushed and tried to hide a smile.

"Yes Sir. I'll take the vocal bitch with me."

Jane Henderson pulled on her cuffs. No way were they going to break she
thought. Her long hair flowed behind her shoulders. Some sort of wood
screw was pushing into the small of her back forcing her tits way forward.
Over to the side the Priest stirred a pot. The stench was foul. Jane tried
to hold her breath occasionally to keep the smell away from her senses but
it was a losing battle.

Jane watched as the Priest leaned down and picked up what seemed to be an
over-large spoon. So large it required two handles. The Priest put the 
spoon in and scooped out a helping of hot melted wax.

Jane tried to pull back as the Priest got closer to her. He smiled as he
stood beside her and tipped the spoon. A river of hot wax spilled over the
edge and covered Jane's right tit. Initially it was cool but half a second
later Jane cried out. The Priest went back for a refill while the first lot
of wax started cooling down slowly. 

Jane's eyes flew wide open as she felt another load of wax being poured on
to her tortured tits. She screamed. The Priest didn't even seem to notice.
After he finished the second pouring he put the spoon into the pot and
waited. A few minutes past. He then touched the wax and found it had cooled
down somewhat. He reached into his robes and pulled out a pair of small white

Jane watched as the Priest put the gloves on. She noticed they had small
5mm plastic spikes. Priest then took hold of Jane's breasts and rubbed at
them with his gloves. They tore through the wax quickly and then the 
spikes came into contact with bare skin. The Priest didn't stop, in fact
he rubbed harder. Jane groaned and occasionally shirked as he ran his
hands over her sore sensitive nipples.

After a few minutes the Priest took off the gloves.

"Don't worry dear Jane. We're not finished yet. We've got the whole pot to
go. And when we've finished, you're going to watch as I do the same to 
your sister."

The door buzzer sounded when Paul and Cindy entered the Sporting Goods 
shop. Paul went over to the fishing equipment and studied the hooks. Cindy
was weighed down with her clothing purchases. She put the bags on the
ground and rubbed her sore forearms and wrists.

"Can I help you?" came a squealed voice from behind the counter.

Cindy looked over. The guy couldn't have been more than 16. His pimples
were so bad that they were casting shadows over his other blemishes. It
was obvious he had been staring at Cindy's figure since she walked in.

Cindy decided to have some fun. She walked seductively over to the kid
and pulled off his hat. He watched it as it sailed behind her landing on
some golf clubs. She reached forward and grabbed his shirt making sure he
got a good look at her exposed cleavage.

"I'm horny little man. Got something you can fuck me with?" She then ran
her tongue all around her lips.

" ... um .. ahh .. " stuttered the store clerk.

Cindy leaned further in beside his ear. "I need your cock deep in my cunt
right now. I need you sssooo bad!"

She leaned her head back to look into his eyes, then she winked. With a 
remarkable demonstration of gravity's persuasion the store clerk went from 
standing straight up to flat on the floor with a dull thud. A few seconds 
later Paul stood beside Cindy.

"Okay, what did you do?" he asked.

"Nothing Daddy. I was just talking to him." giggled his daughter.

Paul rolled his eyes. He tapped the customer bell a couple of times but
after waiting a minute he left. A small packet of fishing hooks and a roll
of nylon inside his jacket pocket.

Ivy wrapped her arms around John's neck. "Where are we going to go?"

"Not sure. I've got a bit of savings. Where do you want to go?"

Ivy hummed for a second, "Hong Kong?"

"Hong Kong?" asked John.

"Yeah, Hong Kong. I've got friends there and they are part of Submissive
Community over there. When it comes to torture the Chinese are way ahead
of us. It'll be fun."

"Hong Kong it is then .... we leave tomorrow."

Cindy lay forward on the wooden horse in the basement. Her arms were 
stretched out to the side and were cuffed down. She had on her discipline 
slip and watched while her father setup the video camera. Over to the side 
was a tangle of fishing nylon and small glints of metal. Cindy assumed they 
were hooks.

"Okay honey. All ready?" asked her father.

"As ready as I'll ever be. What do I need to do?"

"Just act natural."

Paul went over and picked up some of the nylon. He dropped them down beside
the horse and untie her slip. A rush of cool air raised goose bumps on her
skin as he pulled the slip off and tossed it into the corner. Cindy could
feel her ass cheeks being spread and then suddenly a sharp pain. 

She jerked forward but the cuffs and rope held her firm. Another shot of
pain caused Cindy to cry out. A minute later it felt like the skin on her
ass was being pulled in all directions ... which in fact it was.

Paul took another fish hook and pushed it through Cindy's vagina lip. He
had four in there now. He pulled Cindy's lips wide and tied off the nylon
to the horse's posts.

Tears welled up in Cindy's eyes. She looked over as her right hand middle
finger was being straightened out. Before she could protest a fish hook
went in through the tip. Cindy screamed. She could feel the metal just
missing the bone. Her index and ring fingers were next. Paul tied them off
to a ring in the wall. He made sure there was very little slack. Then while
his daughter continued to weep he did the same to her left hand.

Cindy knew better to say that the hooks hurt. That's what her father
wanted. She watched as he put some hooks into her breast and pulled them
out to the side. 

"Nearly finished sweetie. Four more to go." he said. Cindy felt two of the
hooks enter her ass cheeks. Cindy focused on the red light of the video 
camera. Then her father stood in between her and the light. He pulled
back on her hair and Cindy screamed as a hook was inserted up her nostril
and then pushed out through the side. Her eyes were full of water and the
desire to rub her nose was very strong. The second hook made it even more 
unbearable. Paul then tied off the nylon to a ring in the wall.

"All done. Now we can begin." said her father.

Begin?!? Cindy's thoughts raced through her mind. She saw her father's
shadow disappear behind her. He rummaged in a drawer and returned back
with sinkers. They had been carved so they'd have small hooks on their
tops. Paul hang them strategically on the nylon. The extra weight made
Cindy cry out even more.

"Smile for the camera Honey." said Paul.

Cindy then felt the first lash of a whip. Many more came that night.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 41 "Squatters"

Jackie Basket sat up in bed. Sweat beaded down in between her breasts. She
turned and looked at the clock. 4:16 am. Oh gawd she thought. Another damn
dream about "Jaws" chasing her through the water. She brushed some of the
sweat from her chest and winced when her hand was pricked. She checked her
nipples and found four needles.

She looked over to father. He seemed so peaceful and quiet. But she 
wouldn't put it past him to insert needles while she was asleep. She took
the needles out and jabbed them into the mattress. Jackie lay back in her
bed and tried to think of anything but sharks.

When Jackie woke up a few hours later she noticed her father had gone. She
got out of bed and checked her sisters. They were all sleeping soundly.
Matt was missing from his bed though. Must be down stairs in the basement
she thought. She walked into the kitchen and sure enough could hear the
sounds of hammering from below.

She boiled some hot water and made some tea. She put two cups on a serving
tray and took it downstairs to the boys.

"Morning Dad. Morning Matt."

"Hi Honey." "Hi Sis."

"What are you working on?"

"Matt had a good idea last night. We're building something for Jody."

"Oh good." Jackie felt relieved it wasn't for her. "Tea?"

"Morning Headmaster." said Jenny.

"Morning Jenny." replied the headmaster.

"Sir. It's sure been quiet since Ivy and John left for their holidays."

"Yes. It has. Get Mr Gabriel on the line for me will you."

"Yes Sir." Jenny picked up the phone and dialed the number.

The headmaster entered his office. He looked out the window at the trees
swaying slightly in the wind. Birds flitted back and forth collecting worms
and building material for their nests. Mr Boggis was jolted out of his
thoughts when the phone rang.

"Mr Gabriel? Ah good. Things are good Sir and yourself. Good. I'm afraid
we have a slight problem. Well, it seems that our new castle already has 
some occupants. Squatters Sir. I know Sir. Well, from what the foreman
has describe to me they appear to be, what he called Rednecks Sir. Yes Sir.
I believe our foreman is from America so Redneck would be the best label
for them Sir. The Police have tried getting them out but they just simply
keep coming back. Tried that Sir. May I suggest an alternative idea Sir."

Jody and Lisa scrubbed each other's backs while they were in the shower.
Jody loved her showers, especially with Lisa. They giggled as they came
into contact with each other's bodies. Jody realized that when Lisa is in
the shower she can orgasm very quickly. Jody rubbed Lisa's nipples while
the water cascaded off her sister's chest. Lisa moaned in ecstasy and then
came. She leaned against her sister waiting for the tension in her body to

Jody towelled herself off and went downstairs. She had thrown on her
dressing robe. She said hello to Jackie who was busy doing the dishes.

"Hi Kiddo." replied Jackie. "Matt wants you downstairs. But give me a hand
with these dishes first will ya?"

"Sure Sis."

"Excellent Mr Gabriel. I'll see to it today. Same to you. Bye."

Jenny opened the door as she heard the phone settle on it's cradle.

"Good news Sir?" she asked.

Mr Boggis looked over at Jenny and smiled. "Yes dear girl. I'm off to the
castle in a few minutes. Run down and put some outdoor clothes on. You're
coming with me."

"Yes Sir." smiled Jenny.

"What is it?" asked Jody. She studied the contraption from the bottom of
the stairs but didn't walk any closer. Matt was still screwing in some
bolts. The device was about the length of a park bench. It had handcuffs
at one end, a mid-section strap halfway and two knee straps. Near the knee 
straps there seemed to be some sort of mound with small 5mm spikes. At the
end there was a base for a lever but Jody couldn't tell how that was going
to fit.

Matt looked up at his sister. "Take off your robe and lie down on your

Jody dropped her robe to the side and straddled the bench. Matt helped her
lie down and then cuffed her wrists. He wrapped the tummy strap around her
and pulled that tight also. Jody's knee were then locked into place. Jody
tried pulling on her wrist cuffs but she was totally stuck in her position.

"Ready Dad." called out Matt. A minute later Rodney walked out of an
adjoining room with a lever in his hand. He was pulling down on the handle.
Both Matt and Rodney worked together to bolt the lever into it's base. Rod
then leaned the lever against Jody's ass and drew a mark on the lever with
a piece of chalk.

Jody tried to turn her head to see what was going on but couldn't quite
make it.

"Jackie, what are they doing?"

"Well sis, they are putting a dildo on the lever. It's about eight inches
and it has all these cute spikes down the sides. Matt's just rubbing it
with some deep heat. Wow, you're in for some fun now sweetie."

"Oh shit!" replied Jody.

"Okay Son, fire away." said Rodney.

Matt pushed the lever and positioned the dildo to aim straight into Jody's
anus. Jackie stepped forward and helped by pulling Jody's butt cheeks
apart. Jody felt the dildo touch her splinter muscle and then it slowly
burst through. The spikes dug into the sides of her anal cavity and the
deep heat went to work immediately. The dildo was big. It filled Jody's
ass completely in width but Matt wanted the whole thing in there.

Jody cried out as Matt pushed harder and harder.

"Come on Son, use that good old Basket muscle."

Matt pushed harder putting all of his weight into the lever. Jody screamed
as the dildo inched it's away past her incredibly strong butt muscles. Jody
clenched her hands as sweat beaded on her forehead and back. Her cunt came
into contact with the spikes on the mound which forced her to push upwards
into the dildo. 

"Oh my God!" called out Jody. "It's too big!"

Then quickly the pressure was off. Matt took a breather. The dildo was all
the way in. Jody flopped her head onto the bench and tried to control her
stomach muscles as they queued up to complain.

"Way to go Son." Rodney encouraged. He stood behind the lever and then
pulled back slowly. Jody groaned as she was pulled backwards too. Splinters
embedded themselves into the undersides of her breasts. Her wrists ached as
they took the strain. With a loud popping the dildo came clear. Rodney
inspected the dildo and found small blood stains.

"Hhhmm .. give her five more will ya Son. Then you can do Jackie."

Matt smiled to his father as he heard the gasp from the corner of the

Jenny walked beside Mr Boggis as he got closer to the Castle. Usually slaves
were resigned to walking behind their masters but Mr Boggis had other things
on his mind. Jenny was in white pumps, jeans and a white T-shirt. At the
office she had on some earrings but took them off at the headmaster's

The builders sat beside the tent eating their morning tea. They waved as
they saw the headmaster and from what Jenny could see they were getting
excited when they saw her. Unfortunately this visit wasn't for them.

Mr Boggis entered the nearly complete Castle. He walked to the rear where
the main construction was finished. A number of eyes turned to look at him
when he entered the largest room.

"Who's in charge here?" he demanded.

A man from the group stood up and presented himself in front of the

"I am. Name's Todd." he said. Mr Boggis looked him up and down. The man 
had mud covered jeans on as well as a grubby singlet. The stench that
came from the man was quite over-powering.

"Well Mr .. Todd. You are trespassing on private property."

"We was here first. And it's just Todd." spat the squatter.

Mr Boggis rolled his eyes. Not only was Todd in need of a bath but a few
gallons of breath freshener could be beneficial.

"Fine Todd. Here's the deal. Work for me .. or get out."

Todd blinked. "Heard the 'Get out!' speech already. What ya mean .. work
for you?"

Mr Boggis took Todd's shoulder "Todd. Let's go outside and talk shop."

An hour later Todd returned back to the group with Mr Boggis by his side.
They were both smiling. The group wasn't looking at Todd or the headmaster.
They were looking at Jenny. She was naked. Red welts gleamed under all
her sweat. Also and had cum dribbling down the side of her leg.

"Okay guys, listen up. We've made a deal." announced Todd.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 42 "Hong Kong"

Mr Boggis looked through the open doorway. He tilted his head this way and
that trying to work out the new torture technique. From his advantage point
he could see Sue Henderson hogtied in mid-air. Her jaws were clenched and 
straining onto a rope that she was holding in her mouth. Beads of sweat ran 
down the side of her face.

Mr Boggis moved inside the door way. Sue's eyes watched him as he came in
and looked around. She dared not to speak. Mr Boggis realized why she didn't
say a word. Behind her was a post of razor sharp spikes. If Sue let go she
would be dead or if she was lucky, very sore for a very long time.

"Morning Mr Boggis."

The headmaster turned around and saw Ralph coming down the hallway. To his
side was Priest. His face was mostly covered by a hood.

"Ralph. Priest. How long as she been like that?"

"Since ten last night." replied the porter.

"She's been like that for over eleven hours?"

Ralph smiled from ear to ear. "Yes Sir. She swore at Priest so we gave her
something to think about."

Mr Boggis always believed it was a good idea to take a deep breath and
count to ten. He had already reached fourteen by the time he stuck Ralph
across the head. Ralph stumbled back but quickly regained his composure.

"You let a very expensive student be an inch away from being killed 
because she 'swore' at you?!"

"But .. but .. but .." stumbled Ralph. Priest hadn't moved or said a word.

"Don't fucking start with me Ralph. Untie her and get her to her next
class. That goes for you too Priest!"

Mr Boggis turned on his heel and stormed off. The porter and Priest watched
as the headmaster turned a corner.

"It was 'your' idea!!!" hissed Ralph. Before the porter knew what happened
he found himself on the floor clutching his head. The Priest rubbed the
knuckles on his hand and walked into the room to release Sue.

Ralph tried to shake the cobwebs out of his brain. "Fuck in hell?!!"

Hong Kong was hot, very hot. Ivy brought two hand fans at the airport and
both John and her waved them furiously as they walked the streets. John 
refused to buy any food from the street vendors. Ivy didn't care and 
welcomed the chance to experiment with the local tucker.

"Come on John, try some." asked Ivy.

John stared at the funny shaped lizard in her hand. It was covered with a
green jelly. He shook his head.

"Nah. There's a McDonalds over there. Thank goodness for plastic."

Ivy quickly scooped the lizard into her mouth and crunched down hard on
the delicacy. She followed John down the street. John reached the door of 
the family restaurant and enjoyed the rush of cool air as he walked into 
the air conditioning. He studied the menu for a few moments and decided 
on his choice. He turned his head back to see what Ivy wanted.

She wasn't there.

John looked around the restaurant and then quickly went outside. No sign
of Ivy at all. He reached out and grabbed the nearest person but was held
off by a barrage of Chinese swear words.

John quickly realized Ivy had been kidnapped.

Priest pulled the loose end of the knot and Sue fell to the ground. The
rope was still wedged in her teeth. The Priest pulled her hair back and
found that the rope had hooked onto one of her incisors. Sue couldn't have
let go if she tried. A trickle of blood proved the fact. He unhooked the 
rope and untied the remaining knots. Sue was just standing up as Ralph 
walked into the room.

"Well Slut, you won't do that again will ya!" sneered the porter.

Sue rubbed her wrists and jaw. Fury rose up within her. Ralph continued to
scorn her then all was quiet. The Priest heard the faint gurgle and the sound
of a body falling to the ground. He turned to see Ralph on his knees 
clutching his groin. 

Sue took a fighting posture. She had learnt some kick boxing from one of 
her previous boyfriends. The Priest walked over while Sue glared at him. 
He bent down and pushed Ralph over. The porter continued to groan. Priest
turned back to Sue.

"Come on! I'll take you on too, you fucking prick!" Sue yelled.

The Priest smiled and walked over to the slave. Sue lashed out with a
round house kick but the Priest easily blocked it. Before Sue could regain
her balance he pushed her backwards onto the floor. Sue rolled back and
took another stance. The Priest continued to walked forward towards her. 

Sue started bouncing on the balls of her feet. She threw a punch which 
connected with the Priest's hood but made no impact on his head. Sue then
dropped down to do a sweep with her leg but again didn't connect. As she
turned and stood up the Priest was there in front of her. He stuck her in 
the stomach. As Sue bent forward he grabbed her head and brought he knee up.

Sue's brain went fuzzy for a few seconds but it was enough time for the
Priest. He punched her twice in the kidneys and then dropped an elbow onto
the back of her neck. Sue yelped and fell to the ground. She didn't get up. 
She lay on the floor sobbing. After a few moments the Priest helped her up. 
He wiped some of the tears and blood away from her face.

"Come, slave." Both teacher and slave left the room.

Ralph continued to groan on the floor. A dark patch appeared in his pants.

John retraced his steps from when Ivy had been kidnapped. He scanned the
ground looking for any signs. So far nothing. He wondered how many people
would have even noticed her been taken away let along had done anything to
help her. He stopped and bent down. He saw a scratch on the ground from the
back of a white shoe. Ivy had been wearing white shoes. He followed the
angle of the scratch and looked over to an alley way.

He ran down the narrow alley. A few of the more illegal shop vendors watched
him carefully as he scanned above and in the dark corners. Soon he came to
the end of the alleyway. To his left he saw one of the locals looking at him,
but unlike the others this one was smiling.

"Where is the girl?" John asked. The local continued to smile. John looked
over the local's shoulder and saw a door. He worked out that the man must
have put his chair in the way to hide the escape.

The door shook with the knock. John could hear someone scrabbling on the
other side of the door. He continued to bang but much harder. After a few
more knocks the door opened a crack. John looked into the face of a very
young girl. He estimated she wasn't more than thirteen.

The girl stared hard at John and gasped when she realized that he was
using the local's head to knock on the door. The man had blood dripping
out of his forehead and his eyes had rolled back into his scull.

John kicked forward pushing the girl back into the room.

"Where is the girl?"

No answer. He dropped the front-door man and ventured in. He had succeeded
in getting eight metres into the building before he was hit over the head
by the butt of a gun. Everything went dark.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 43 "Relatives"

Ralph stood up wearily. He walked slowly out of the room. He leaned his
shoulder against the wall to steady himself. Jenny came around the corner
and dropped her pieces of paper on the floor. She ran to the porter and
tried to support him.

"What happened?" asked the school slave.

"Not sure. Need Doctor." replied Ralph.

Jenny helped him to the Doctor's office. Nurse Luxe came running over and
also helped the porter onto the table.

"What happened?" asked the Nurse.

"No idea. Found him in the hallway with blood running down his leg." said
Jenny. The Nurse quickly unzipped Ralph's pants and pulled them down. She
wiped away some of the blood. After a few seconds she let out a small
breath. She turned to Jenny.

"It's okay. It's not major. It seems his pocket knife cut into the top of
his thigh. It won't need stitches and the blood is already clotting."

Jenny forced a smile and secretly thought, 'Damn!'

John's eyes popped open. It was very dark except for a small light in the
corner of the room. He rubbed the back of his head. He checked his hand.
A small amount of dried blood was on his fingers. He tried to study his
surroundings but could only make out the bench he was lieing on. It was
in the corner of the room.

He stood up and winced as the blood rushed from his head causing more pain.
He resolved that whoever had hit him was going to have a very bad day. 
He crepted over to the light. Hiding in the shadows he looked at his guard.
It was the young girl who had let him into the building. After working out
his options he stepped into the light. She looked up at him, and smiled.

"Feeling okay?" she asked. Her voice was squeaky but assured.

"Fine." said John in a gruff voice. He located a suitable box and sat down.

"Who are you?"

"Her name is not important." said a voice from the shadows. John didn't
turn his head as the voice was right behind him. He didn't want to make
any sudden moves until he knew the situation.

"Fine. What is your name then?" John replied to the mystery voice.

"Does it matter?" came the voice again.

"Does to me."

The figure stepped into view. John looked up and then slowly stood up.
He smiled, turned to his left and swung his arm out in a backhand. The
figure caught it easily but didn't respond with a punch of his own.

John looked at the man's hand. "Where is Ivy?"

The man removed his hand. "She's ... busy."

John turned and squared his shoulders to the man. "She's a teacher, not
a slave."

The man nodded and smiled. "I know. Brother."

Doctor Every watched as the Nurse put a new dressing onto Ralph's thigh.

"You're lucky Ralph, it could have been a lot worse." he said.

Ralph winced as the Nurse pulled off some sticky plaster. She inspected
how much body hair it caught, rolled it up into a ball and tossed it into
the bin.

"Ya telling me Doc. I need a knife like what John's got." replied Ralph.

The doctor shook his head. "John's knife will slice your leg right off.
Just stick to what you've got. Okay?"

Ralph shrugged his shoulders and put his head back on the pillow. 

"Okay Doc."

Mr Boggis continued to hold onto the phone receiver even after the other
end had gone dead. Jenny walked into his office and could hear the buzzing
noise from the phone. She looked at the headmaster who seemed to be in a
state of shock. She took the phone and helped him sit down.

"Everything alright Sir?"

"Naaaa .... naaaa ... " replied the headmaster.

"Excuse me Sir?"

Mr Boggis snapped back to the present. He took a deep breath and blew it
out slowly.

"No child. Everything is not alright. Mr Gabriel, my business partner, has
just got married."

Jenny quickly tried to work out the problem with the news but failed to
understand. "Sir?"

Mr Boggis shook his head. "His wife is called Janice Gabriel. Her maiden
name was Winterbottom."

Jenny said what was on Mr Boggis's mind. "Oh. Fuck!"

"Yes Slave. That is exactly the case. Leave me as I need to think."

Jenny walked out and closed the door. Mr Boggis sat down in his chair and
put his hands on over his face. 

Ever so quietly he said, "Oh Fuck!"

John's shoulders stiffened. He glared at the man. "I told you never to 
call me brother." he said sternly.

The man shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever. Come with me."

John followed the man out of the room. His guard followed behind him he
noticed. He wasn't impressed as slaves shouldn't move until they were told.
His mind raced through his memories of the man ahead of him. He was in fact
his brother. But he knew there was something he had to do first before he'd
admit to that fact.

After turning a few corners they came into a room. John saw Ivy in the
corner. Tears were running down her cheeks. Her wrists were tied together
above her head. She hung about ten centimeters from a pad of nails on the 
top and sides of a wooden horse. She looked up and saw John. Relief swept 
across her face.

John growled to his brother. "I told you, she's a teacher!"

His brother didn't say anything. John heard clicking. He looked up at the
device holding the rope as it dropped Ivy onto the nails. Ivy tried to
scream but nothing came out. The nails dug deep and left bloody marks along
her thighs and cunt. Her tits were also full of large red spots.

"What have you done?" John growled again.

His brother stepped forward. "Just the usual when dealing with Ivy. We
gave her some drugs to numb her mouth and tongue. We've injected small
amounts of wasp venom into her tits and as you can see, she's nailed."

John turned to see his brother smiling at his silly attempt at a joke. 
His brother caught John's eyes.

"Okay okay, we'll let her go. But please know that this was her request, 
not our punishment."

The man made a chopping motion across his neck. A second later four young
Chinese men came out from behind a doorway and started to release Ivy.

John watched on. His brother moved back beside him.

"She's a good one bro. She loves giving it and taking it. Good picking."

"I told you again. Do not call me brother." replied John.

"Can I help it if we're ... aaggh!"

John punched his brother in the back of the kidneys. Then with a quickness
that didn't seem possible in such a big man John was in front of his brother
and quickly brought his knee up to connect with the man's chin. The man
grunted and fell backwards to the floor. He didn't move.

John turned back. The four Chinese men were advancing, their fists raised
into a fighting stance.

Against John's instincts he turned his back to the advancing foe. He checked
the room for a weapon. The little girl who was his guard had disappeared.
His eyes focused onto a steel pipe embedded deep in the wall. He grabbed
the end and pulled. It budged slightly.

John heard a yell behind him and moved to the side to escape a foot as it
slammed into the wall. John grabbed the heel and pushed it upwards. The
foe fell onto his back. John was still holding onto his heel. He looked at
the pipe and before the man could make a move to stop him he jammed the
heel onto the pipe's end. The man screamed as the pipe exited the other
side of his heel.

One down. John blocked a roundhouse kick but took a punch in the chest. 
He leaned to the side as he man took another kick and caught his leg.
He pushed the calf of leg into his side and dropped an elbow onto the man's
knee. A popping sound echoed through the room. The man fainted and fell to
the floor.

John turned back to the last two men. "Want some?"

John smiled as the two men fled. "They're clever after all."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 44 "Drills"

The headmaster watched the security monitors as the Rolls Royce drove up
the driveway. He got out of his chair, adjusted his tie and went downstairs
to great the visitor.

The stones crackled under the car tires as it slowly came to a halt beside
the steps. Mr Boggis quickly checked his hair in the window and opened
the back car door.

"Welcome to Hackmoores."

His hand gripped the car door tightly as the woman appeared into his view.

"Mr Boggis."

The headmaster watched as the woman walked slowly up the stairs on step at
a time. With each step  her ankles flapped together. Her Achilles tendons 
had been cut.

Ivy wrapped her arms around John's neck. She winced as her tortured tits
pressed against him but she didn't care.

"Thank you." she said.

John leaned into the hug. He watched his brother over Ivy's shoulder as
he stirred back into consciousness. He pushed Ivy back.

"Hang on a sec." 

He walked over to his brother. The man was just getting onto his hands
and knees.

"Bro, you alright?" asked John.

His brother turned his head to look up. John slugged him with a hard
right across his brother's face. The man crumpled to the floor.

"Okay." said John as he returned back to Ivy. "What's going on?"

Ivy stopped rubbing her breasts. "Just another slave community. Nothing
like what we have back home."

"So I see." John said as he looked around the room. "So who is the boss?"

Ivy pointed to the man on the ground.

"Oh. I think I better talk to him this time." 

A few minutes later the man got to his knees before John kicked him in
the guts. The man groaned and fell to the ground again.

He turned to face Ivy's puzzled expression. "Next time, I swear."

Jenny watched on as the Priest started the machine. Clarice groaned loudly
into the water drill as it rattled her teeth. She had also a hose plugged
into her rectum pumping in cold water and a plastic water drill reaming 
her cunt. Wires alternated with each other as they yanked her breasts and 
then slowly released them. And to add an extra the Priest tied a wire onto 
Clarice's collar which put great pressure onto the back of her legs.

Jenny looked up at the Priest. "How long?"

"Three hours. Come, I need a blowjob."

Jenny got a black eye from giving a bad blowjob, Clarice lost four from the 

Mr Boggis handed Janice Gabriel a cup of tea. She sniffed it and then 
neatly dropped it towards the floor. The cup broke into three pieces but
the saucer remained intact. The tea swam around the desk leg and started
to sink into the carpeting.

"Oops." she said without sympathy.

"No matter." said Mr Boggis. He put his cup of tea down and slapped Janice
across the face. A red palm print showed up immediately.

Janice snorted. "Is that the best you can do?"

"When I have Professionals like my teachers, I don't need to dirty my hands
on slave trash like you."

"Well, you're going to have to deal with slave trash like me Boggis. 
Mr Gabriel died a few days ago on our wedding night. It was 'so' sad."

The headmaster didn't answer.

"Okay. I guess you're not such a bright boy after all. I now own 
Mr Gabriel's entire fortune and company. And I don't think this venture
with your pathetic little castle should go ahead."

Mr Boggis walked back around to his desk. Anger rose in his body like 
steam from a boiling kettle. He dropped into his chair and glared at 
Janice. He blew out a deep breath and considered his options. He needed
to stall for time.

"What sort of deal can we make?"

Janice smiled. "Giving up so soon?"

Jenny heard the voices from the office. 'Shit!' she thought. 'I'm late!'
and ran off down the corridor.

Ivy, John and the man sat around a table. Each had a cold beer in their

"Cheers." said the man.

"To our new business." replied John.

"To heaps of fucking white slaves" commented Ivy.

All three bottles clinked as the trio toasted each other.

Mr Boggis slammed his fist onto the desk. "No chance. I can not sacking
my entire staff at your whim!"

"Come come Mr Boggis. Be reasonable. They're only the paid help after all."

"These people have made this school what it is today. Who are you to
dictate their futures?"

"Their new boss, of course." smirked Janice.

"Not a chance. There is no way they'll take orders from a slave."

"I am not a slave Mr Boggis. Please do remember that." said Janice dryly.

Mr Boggis smiled. He was the first to see the shadows on the door as it
burst open. Jenny walked in followed by Janice's Driver.

"Johnson! What is the meaning of this?" demanded Janice. Only then did she
see the pile of cash in his hands.

The driver walked over to Mr Boggis and shook his hand. "All yours Sir.
My regards to Mr Gabriel." and then left the room. Ralph appeared in the 
door way.

"What the hell is going on here?!" yelled Janice.

Mr Boggis grinned. "You're a slave Janice, and always will be. Ralph. Take
her down to the Doctor's office. Get him to remove her feet please."

A few minutes later Mr Boggis could only hear the faint screaming of 
Janice's voice from behind the office door. He picked up the chair that
Janice had pushed over and tidied up some of his papers.

"What happened Sir?" said Jenny.

"Not much Jen. Janice didn't think to check Mr Gabriel's will. Obviously
she didn't realize who our head porter was."

"John Sir?"

"Yes slave. John Andrew Gabriel. Son and heir to Richard Gabriel. I'm sure 
John won't mind me cutting off his Mum's feet. By the way, did I instruct 
Ralph to use pain killers?"

Jenny shook her head. "No Sir."

"Oh. Oh well. Never mind. Clean up that tea mess and let's get back to work."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 45 "Chop Chop."

Janice thrashed and screamed. She momentarily lost her breath as Ralph
slammed her onto the Doctor's operating table. Nurse Luxe and the porter 
strapped her in tight. Janice groaned and tried to struggle some more but 
Ralph brought his fist down into the middle of her solar-plexus which 
winded her even more.

Janice heard the sound of plastic snapping and looked over to see the
Doctor putting on his operating gloves. The evil glare in his eyes was 

"Gag her."

Ralph tried to hold Janice's mouth open but Janice kept it shut tight.
Again Ralph punched her in the chest and Janice had no choice but to
exhale. Nurse Luxe quickly put the gag in. She patted Janice on the side
of her cheek. "There's a good girl."

The doctor walked over to the cupboard and took out a meat cleaver. He
stood beside Janice's side flashing the room lights off the cleaver into 
her eyes.


John read the telegram. He smirked and handed it to Ivy. She looked up
with a confused look on her face.


John nodded. "Yeah, my old man is Mr Gabriel. He's got a number of enemies
so we tired to take a few of them out. Unfortunately there is always an
ass hole behind every prick and a lot of people wanted me dead. I changed my
name and took some time out working at the school."

"So with your Dad gone you are in charge of his business?"

"Yep. I'm now a multi-millionaire. Me and my brother of course."

"Oh yes. That's true." said Ivy. John looked at her face. He could tell she
was thinking about the future. Whether it was John with or without his
brother she couldn't decide.

"Ease up Ivy. My bro cut his connections to us a long time back. He's got
no interest in the money."

"Anyone say money?"

Ivy and John looked up from their table at the cafe. John's brother arrived.
He grabbed himself a nearby seat and made himself comfortable.

"Yeah bro. Dad's dead." announced John.

"Really? .. Poor bastard. What was it? Bullet to the head?"

"What do you care?" returned John.

"Very little. But if he suffered. I'm happy."

Ivy waved to the waitress for some more coffee. After the waitress left
John took a sip. Ivy could tell he was working out the question.

"Bro. Do you want any of Dad's money?"

"Now that you mention it yeah. I want a nice mansion here in HK."

"Anything else?"

"Nope, just the mansion and this slave ring. You?"

"I want to have a look around your organization. Maybe we'll take some
notes and some of them herbs back with us."


Mr Boggis looked over the scene at the Doctor's office. Blood was all over
the floor as Nurse Luxe mopped it up. Doctor Every came into view. He was
covered from head to toe in blood.

"Ah. Mr Boggis. Afraid we have bad news. Janice didn't quite make it."

"Oh pity. I didn't think removing her feet would cause such a problem?"

"No no. The feet were fine." said the doctor as he wiped some of the blood
from his face. "She just simply died of shock."

"Shock? I thought she had the hormones?"

"She did. I think someone gave her something to weaken her immunity. I'll
check it out with an autopsy."

"Very good Doctor. Carry on."

As Mr Boggis was about to close the door he heard the Doctor call for him.

"Mr Boggis. Do you want the feet?"

"Yes please Doctor. I need some more paperweights."

Ivy watched the brothers as they worked together on a slave. John busied
himself with the whip while his brother occasionally dunked the slave's
head into the bucket of water. The slave was a long legged European.
Both her feet were tied to ropes in the ceiling. Ivy watched as John's 
brother would pull on the girl's vagina lips. She's scream into her gag and 
when he felt she had expelled all the air from her lungs he'd push her into 
the bucket.

Both men had a very similar physique. Sometimes it seemed the only way
she could tell them apart was that John had a beard. But she had to admit
his brother did seem to laugh a lot more.

Ivy stopped biteing the end of her pencil and wrote down some more notes
in her notepad.

Mr Boggis pushed his hair back after the wind blew it out of position. He
was checking out the castle as the workmen were packing up their gear. All
that was needed to do now was get some gardeners in.

The head foreman saw the headmaster and walked over.

"Nearly finished Mr Boggis. It's looking pretty good."

"I'd say. Thank you very much for your help."

"No Sir. Thank YOU for giving us Jenny. Her visits every couple of days
have made the guys very happy. If you need any minor repairs please let 
us know."

"Thank you."

"Oh, Mr Boggis. One last thought. About the squatters."


"Just give us the word and we'll get rid of them for you."

"Thank you. But I assure you there is no need. We made a deal."

"Fair enough. See ya round."

Mr Boggis watched as the foreman threw his tools into the back of the Ute
and drove off. He stood there for a while admiring the castle. He didn't
even notice the black man standing beside him until he spoke.

"Afternoon Mr Boggis."

"Oh. Good Afternoon Mr Dante. I didn't see you there. I wasn't expecting
you till tomorrow."

"I thought I'd pop in and check out the school beforehand. Just anxious
to get started I guess."

"I'm sure you'll come to love the place. It'll be nice having another
experienced teacher around."

The Henderson twins, Sue and Jane, struggled with their ropes. They were
both tied over a barrel which exposed their asses. Priest walked back and
forth occasionally whipping them. The shrieks from the girls was getting
softer and softer. Priest knew they were getting use to the punishment.
Time to make things more interesting.

The twins heard the clinking of two beer bottles. They looked at each
other and their bodies stiffened as the Priest emptied the cold liquid over 
their backs. It ran down gathering up sweat and then dribbled down the
sides of their necks.

The Priest presented the bottles to the girls.

"Lick this for it will be going up your ass. Thirty seconds."

The girls ran their tongues trying to put as much salvia onto the bottle
necks as possible. The Priest pulled the bottles ever so slightly out of
reach so the girls had to really extend their tongues. Sue resorted to
spitting onto her bottle.

"Enough." The Priest grabbed the bottle necks. "But you should have licked
the big end. Sorry."

The girls tried to struggle again but to no avail. Sue could feel the 
Priest prying open her rectum and forcing the big end of the bottle in.
She forced her muscles to relax but the cold from the glass soon made it
nearly impossible. Dry glass pulled on semi-dry skin as the Priest forced
the bottle in deeper.

With a final shriek the bottle was in with only the neck protruding from
Sue's ass. Jane had more of a struggle. It was nearly eight minutes with
the Priest pushing and forcing the bottle in before it was seated properly.

"What now?" asked Sue. The Priest ignored her. Her stomach muscles ached 
and occasionally she had to try and stop her ass from trying to push to 
bottle out.

The Priest finished and stood in front of the girls. Their eyes pleaded
with him to take the bottles out.

"Okay bitches. You both get an option. A or B?"

"A or B?" asked Sue. The girls looked at each other.

"A." said Sue.

"Okay. Jane, you get B." said the Priest and he walked off. He came back
with a kettle. Steam poured slightly from the spout.

"Option A is that I pour this whole bottle of hot water into the bottle."

Sue felt the liquid's heat as it filled the bottle. Soon the bottle was
full but the Priest didn't stop. Hot water scolded Sue's cunt and inner
thighs as it cascaded down to the ground. Sweat poured of Sue's face as
she screamed her throat raw. The Priest forced some play dough into the
bottle opening to keep the water in.

The Priest returned. "Now for option B. You get Motor oil in the bottle."
Jane felt the coolness of the oil as it filled the bottle. The oil caused
small cramps but nothing as had as Sue's hot water. Again the play dough
was administered.

The Priest stood in front of the girls again. "You both get Option C."
He pulled out a small wooden mallet.

The Priest stood to one side of Sue and raised the hammer it brought it
down hard onto the bottle neck. With the hot water inside the bottle just
simply shattered. Sue screamed once and fainted. Hot water poured out mixed 
in blood.

It took three blows before Jane's bottle broke. The jagged pieces cut deep
into her rectum. Oil mixed with blood and slowly seeped out. Priest pulled
some of the glass out which shredded Jane's ass hole to bits.

Jane was conscious until the Priest stopped the bleeding with a red hot


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 46 "Temper Temper."

Jenny's fingers were getting sore. She angled the scissors to cut the toe
nail back. When she was satisfied with the results she filed the edges
down and then painted them a dark red. She blew onto the toes to help them
to dry and put Janice's amputated foot back into her In-tray.

Jenny looked over at the clock. It was only a few more minutes before the
day was offically over and she could go back to her room. She stood up, 
stretched and began the daily routine of tidying up her desk. Jenny was 
reading some of her accounts when she felt the presence of someone standing 
behind her. She turned her head slowly and took the full brunt of Ralph's 
hateful glare.

"BITCH!" yelled Ralph and backhanded Jenny. Jenny's feet were lifted off
the ground. She fell onto the desk. Her chin felt like it was broken. She
felt her legs being pulled apart and groaned loudly as Ralph punched her
hard into her groin. She rolled forward and fell to the ground. Ralph
swung his leg back and kicked her hard in the ribs. He repeatedly kicked
her until Mr Boggis came out of his office.

"Ralph! What is the meaning of this?!" yelled the headmaster.

Jenny gurgled slightly and then fell to the ground. Blood appeared at her
lips and began to seep out. Mr Boggis walked past Ralph who was breathing
heavily. The headmaster checked Jenny's pulse and then called the Doctor
on the phone.

"Nurse Luxe. Get your ass and Doctor Every up here now. Jenny's hurt."

Mr Boggis turned back to Ralph. The porter's eyes were closed waiting for
the headmaster to hit him. The headmaster grabbed an object from Jenny's
desk and swung. Ralph bounced off a nearby wall to the floor. He looked up 
and saw the headmaster holding Janice's right foot. Two of the toe nails 
had gone. The Ralph realized the toe nails were embedded deep in his cheek.

A few seconds later Nurse Luxe arrived carrying a First Aid kit. Doctor
Every dropped to his knees and checked Jenny over. He mumbled something
about a broken jaw, a possible concussion and at least three broken ribs. 
Another porter was called and he carried Jenny back to the Doctor's office. 
This left the headmaster and Ralph alone.

Cindy Winslow floated in her dream. She could feel the cool air around
her. The slight drone of some noise in the background assured her that she
was awake but yet she felt totally at peace.

She looked down at her chest. Her breasts were perky and strong. Nipples
were sensitive and erect in the slightly cool breeze. She could see both
of her hands but there was something about the thumb that she couldn't
work out. She tired to focus on the problem. Then she felt like she was
falling forward and everything went flying past her in a rush.

Then she felt the cold stones on the bottom of her feet.

"Wha..?" and then she was fully awake. She was in the dungeon. She looked
over to who was supporting her. It was her father. She realised her arm
had been around her father's neck and what she thought was her other hand
was in fact her father's. She smiled as she thought she had two left hands.
The distant droning noise in the background was the air conditioner.


"You're awake. Good. I've got a surprise for you." he said.

"Surprise? Dad, it must be two in the morning."

"Well, it's a little past three. So?"

Cindy's training kicked in. "No reason. Just curious."

"Good, turn around and put on this blindfold."

Cindy looked over at the stone wall. She took the blindfold her father
handed to her and put it on.

"Ready." she said. She could hear noises of something being moved in the

A few seconds later she was ordered to raise her arms. She did so. Then
she was picked up. Her tummy fell onto her father's shoulder. He gripped
her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Cindy tried her best not to cry out.

She felt her father walking forwards. "Ready?" he said. And before Cindy
could answer he dropped her. He held onto her spread ass cheeks to make
sure she landed onto the 12 inch steel dildo. It sank right in to the
hilt. Cindy screamed. She had never felt so impaled all her life. Her toes
barely touched the floor. She gripped the small table that the dildo was
screwed to with her knees to stop herself from being impaled any further.

After Cindy's sobbing had eased she heard her father command to put her
hands behind her back. She realized that he hadn't tied her wrists together.
Whatever punishment he was going to do he was expecting her not to react.

Cindy's head turned as she heard some paper being torn and then folded.

"Okay Cindy. Hold still and don't move." commanded her father.

Cindy nodded. And then bared her teeth as her father rubbed her very erect
and very sensitive nipples with sandpaper. Over the next hour he tried 
different grades of sandpaper. Some thin and others extremely rough.
Cindy made him proud. She groaned a lot but didn't move her hands once.

Her nipples and breasts had been rubbed raw. Small flecks of blood seeped
out from the scratches. She heard her father come back from upstairs.

"Sorry dear. I left the salt upstairs. Silly of me really."

As the salt touched Cindy's breasts she screamed.

Ralph held his face in his hands. He pushed his hands up through his hair
and looked over at the headmaster. It was obvious he was not happy.

"Well?" asked Mr Boggis.


"Don't play silly buggers with me Ralph. Why?" demanded Mr Boggis.

"Ahhh ... Temporary insanity Sir?"

Mr Boggis rolled his eyes. He looked hard at Ralph and then opened the top
of his desk draw. He checked some numbers in a book and put it back in the
draw. Then he took out his cheque book and began writing. Ralph watched
his pen and it swung back and forth in the headmaster's hand.

Ralph blinked. He must have blacked out. The headmaster was standing in
front of him. He took the piece of paper the headmaster was handing to him
and read it.

"Severance pay. Don't come back." The headmaster shut the book and dropped
it into the desk drawer.

"Sir?" asked Ralph. But the headmaster simply walked out the door without
even looking back. He headed towards the Doctor's office.

Ralph went back to his room, put all his processions into a bag and left.
He was never seen again.

Ivy stretched her legs out. She loved roomy airplanes. John had made a phone
call and the next day they had a Lear jet standing by to take them back home.
She smiled as John sat down in the seat beside her.

"Another hour and we'll be there. I've got a hire car standing by." said

"Cool. Anything nice?"

"Just a BMW I'm afraid. That's the best they had."

"Well, that will just have to do." 

John returned her smile. "We've got a lot of work ahead of us when we get
back home. We've got the castle opening. The new teacher. I'm sure Ralph
would have been able to show him around."

"Oh, we've got that visiting doctor coming too. I also want another few 
hours with that bitch Janice. Cool?"

John sipped his rum and coke. "Shouldn't be a problem."

"Thanks darling. I'm itching to try some of the techniques I learnt from 
your brother."


Ivy turned around. John said her name so quietly she barely heard it.


"Don't mention my brother again."

Ivy's smile faded. "As you wish."

"Thank you. There is something else I wanted to ask you though."

"Yeah? What's that?"

"How do you like the sound of Mrs Ivy Gabriel?"


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 47 "Spider & Fly."

Mr Boggis read the autopsy report again. Small frown lines etched into his
forehead as he put the paper onto the desk and leaned back into his chair.
After a moment's thought he called Jenny and instructed her to ask the 
Doctor to come up and see him.

A few minutes later the Doctor arrived. He closed the door and waited for
the headmaster to ask him to sit down.

"Just reading your report doctor. Cancer?" asked Mr Boggis.

The doctor nodded. "Yes, I found four tumors. Two in the head, one in the
right lung and the forth in the liver. She would have been dead within a 
few weeks."

"Do you have any idea what it may have been caused by?"

"Not really Mr Boggis. I assume smoking. Janice Winterbottom, I'm sorry,
Janice Gabriel was a regular smoker in her teens. She used it to keep thin
for her modeling career. Then of course it became unfashionable so she quit.
It appears she didn't do it in time."

Mr Boggis heard a squeal of excitement from outside the room. After a few
moments there was knocking at the door. John and Ivy walked in. Jenny closely

"John! Ivy! Welcome back. I trust you had a good vacation?" ask the

The couple smiled. "Yes we did. Thank you. Afternoon Doctor."

"John. Ivy. Good to see you're back."

"Oh John. I got this report on Janice Winterbottom's autopsy." said the
headmaster as he handed the piece of paper to the head porter.

"Janice is dead?" asked Ivy.

"Yes Ivy. She died from swollen ankles. We tried to save her naturally but
we were too late."

"Oh." said Ivy reading over John's shoulder. "Did she die in pain?"

The doctor nodded. "Oh yes, very much."

Ivy smiled. "Good. Permission to have the body Sir."

"Body? To what cause Ivy?" asked Mr Boggis.

"Dinner Sir."

"You might want to pass on this one. The good doctor has found a number
of cancerous tumors in her body."

"Oh. Never mind about dinner then." said Ivy, smiling.

Sharon Andrews watched the fly as it buzzed along the window sill. She also
watched the spider as it moved closer and closer to it's prey. Remarkable
thought Sharon. The fly could see the spider anytime now so the spider only
moves when the fly does. She marvelled at the reactions of the spider. She
only wished her reactions were as good as the spider's. Then she wouldn't
be tied up in the basement.

She struggled against the ropes but they were held tight. Her wrists were
secured behind her back with her upper-arms also tied to her torso. As an
added twist her father wrapped the excess rope around her breasts and knotted
them to the stick that was wedged in behind her knees. She figured she
could roll over. However her father was only a few feet away. Better to
take the punishment than suffer his wrath for not following orders.

She watched muted by the ball gag in her mouth as the fly flew over the
spider and landed a few feet down the window sill. The spider simply 
changed tactics and crept up on the fly once more. Sharon wondered how
the spider was going to catch it's dinner as the fly was easily three 
to four times bigger than it.

She heard something hard land on a tray behind her breaking her out of
her trance with the spider and the fly. She tied to look around but the
ropes held tight onto her breasts. She heard the snapping of gloves. She
knew her father has something messy in mind.

"Okay Shaz. This won't take long." said Dave as he slipped on the second

"First let's warm up your ass shall we." Dave took some menstrual cramp
ointment and rubbed it all over a wooden dildo. He pulled Sharon's vagina
lips apart and without mercy shoved the dildo in. Sharon moaned into her
gag. Her cunt muscles almost immediately started to cramp and shake as 
the ointment went to work.

Dave watched the clock and occasionally would twist the dildo while it was
still deep within Sharon's cunt. After three minutes he pulled it out. A
small popping sound occurred as Sharon's cunt slowly shrunk back to it's
normal size. 

He then rubbed some extra strength deep heat onto a slimmer dildo. He 
pulled Sharon's ass cheeks apart and again without any mercy shoved it in
to the hilt. Sharon fell forward onto her face. Her breasts started turning
a dark red. Dave leaned forward, grabbed Sharon's hair and pulled her back
onto her knees.

"Don't that again." admonished her father. Sharon's breasts ached and also
had small wood splinters embedded in the skin.

Sharon ass started to burn. She tried to push the dildo out but the cramps
in her belly were making it extremely difficult. After a couple of minutes
Dave removed the dildo. He pulled down on the dildo as to angle it making
the dildo's head pushed hard against Sharon's ass canal before it came
popping out. Sharon's forehead started to bead with sweat. She tried to
breath deeply around her ball-gag.

She looked up and was just in time to see the house-fly fly over the spider
once more. The spider jumped and caught the fly around the head with it's
fangs. After a few seconds struggle the spider carried the fly off to it's

The corner's of Sharon's lips curved up into a smile. 'Way to go Spider.'
she thought to herself.

She grunted into her gag as Dave pushed the butt plug in.

John and Ivy looked over the new castle. It was massive thought Ivy. There
are rooms everywhere and new torture devices I hadn't even heard of. She
skipped through the hallway peering into each room while John and Mr Boggis
discussed business ideas behind her. John occasionally looked into a room 
just to get an idea of what had been setup. So far he was impressed.

Jenny followed closely behind. She watched Ivy as she bounced from room to
room. Then Ivy squealed startling Jenny and the two men.

"John! They've got a bed of nails. Wow! A bed of fucking nails. Jenny! 
Come here!" shouted Ivy as she ducked into the room.

Jenny looked over to the headmaster. "Do as she says Jenny."

Jenny hesitantly followed. Mr Boggis looked over to John and smiled.

"John, any ideas on what to do with the squatters?"

"I gave it some thought in Hong Kong. We really don't need anymore porters
but I have to admit. Some of the girls are nice. I think we should bargain 
for them and sell them off as slaves."

"Interesting idea. What if the leader .. what's his name, .. Todd doesn't

"Then he disappears."

Both men carried on down the hallway as Jenny's screams made it very 
difficult to talk.

Todd had spent days trying to convinced the squatters that the deal he
made with Mr Boggis was good. Almost none of them believed him. It appeared
his leadership of the group was in serious doubt.

"Come on Maggie." begged Todd. "It's all for the best."

"Fuck off Todd! You sold us out. You Prick!" hissed the girl as she pushed
Todd away. Todd stood up and shook his head. He mumbled 'assholes' and
walked out the doorway. He saw Mr Boggis in the distance and ran to catch
up with him.

"Mr Boggis, we need to talk." puffed Todd. He looked at John who was 
glaring at the squatter but Todd had a very thick skin for people who
thought they were better than him.

"What is it Todd? I thought we had a deal?" replied the headmaster.

"Deal's crap and you know it! We're not leaving here."

Mr Boggis turned to John and slightly rolled his eyes.

"Okay Todd. What do you want?"

"Oh gee. Where do I start?" mocked Todd. "Let's see. How about better
living accommodation. Proper food. Money. Drive-in movie. How about the
fucking Nile river while you're at it!?!"

Mr Boggis remained calm. "Todd. Remember John? He will help you with your
new requests. John, see to Todd will you."

Todd and John walked out of the castle with John's arm over Todd's
shoulders. A few minutes later Todd's corpse was thrown down beside the
firewood. It's distant lifeless eyes stared across the lawn to another 
corpse, Janice Gabriel's.

Sharon grunted as her father yanked out the last of the dildos. Small
flecks of blood could be seen on the spirals and also the jagged tips.

"There we go honey. All finished with the dildos."

Sharon breath a sign of relief.

"Now for thirty lashes." Dave snapped a small hand whip.

Sharon shrieked as the first lash caught her across the ass.

'Fucking lucky fly.' she thought to herself and braced for the next one.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 48 "Medical Demonstration"

The squatters never had a chance. John stormed into the castle with the
rest of the porters. After ten minutes of fighting all the squatters had
been knocked out. Only one of the porters had suffered in injury. A nose

The girls were rounded up and taken to Doctor Every for inspection. The
men were chained in one of the torture rooms. John and Mr Boggis had made
arrangements for their immediate sale over in Hong Kong. The following
morning the men were herded onto a truck and were never seen again.

Mr Boggis watched as removal men and the porters helped move items of
furniture from one building to another. With the progress of the men the
move would be over before the end of the week. Ivy and the new teacher, 
TC Dante, attended to the students. Most of the girls had been staked out 
spread eagle and naked on the ground and were enjoying the sunshine. 
TC and Ivy would occasionally whip the girls to wake them up and whip 
them again for causing noise. 

John's muscles bulged as he carried Mr Boggis's desk with another porter.
John was obviously taking most of the weight but he didn't seem to worried
over it. He maneuvered to stand beside the headmaster. As John discussed
issues with the headmaster the porter helping John was having serious 
problems just standing there. A minute later he collapsed. John lost his 
grip on the desk and it fell to the ground. The corner dug deep into the 
headmaster's foot.

Mr Boggis began to yell. John punched straight at the headmaster's chin and
laid him out cold. He didn't want the staff seeing what happened to the
headmaster or the way he was about to scream like a girl. John lifted up
the corner of the desk as Ivy came running over. They quickly checked the
wound. It wasn't deep but a bone was surely broken. John slung the 
headmaster over his shoulder and took him off to the Doctor's office.

John lay the headmaster onto the medical bed. The doctor wasn't here nor
was the Nurse. John took some bandages and held it over the wound to control
the bleeding. A few minutes later the door opened and Doctor Every walked 
in followed by a second doctor. Nurse Luxe appeared at the door followed 
by a second nurse.

Doctor Every saw the headmaster on the bed and immediately went over to
check what happened. Nurse Luxe appeared beside him with a tray of needles
and bandages. A few minutes later the Doctor finished taping up Mr Boggis's

"I'm sorry Doctor Hotd. I didn't expect you to meet the headmaster of the
school in such a state. I'm afraid he'll be out for a while." said Doctor

"No worries." his accent was very strong. John considered it to be African.
Possibly South African.

"John. Please help me move Mr Boggis to one of the recovery beds. He will
need his rest."

A minute later the headmaster was sleeping peacefully. The bruise on his
chin already starting to disappear. John nodded to the Doctor and left to
supervise the furniture move.

"Sorry about that Doctor Hotd. When you're ready we can still do the
demonstration. Nurse Luxe, please go and get the student."

Nurse Luxe disappeared into the back room. There was a bit of talking but
the voices were muffled. Soon the Nurse came back with Sue Henderson. The
Nurses helped the student onto the bed and then tied her down. Chains were
wrapped around her ankles and wrists pulling them downwards.

Doctor Holt opened his case and put on his gloves. He turned back to Doctor
Every. "As you know from my report Doctor that occasionally if a bone 
doesn't heal properly that we sometimes re-break it to induce the body to
heal again. Unfortunately the fertility of females is hard to judge in
their normal state. What I've developed is a device that will speed up the
process of fertilization at anytime in a female's cycle. I know that your
student here has been given special hormones to stop pregnancy occurring.
I want to find out if my device and over-ride those hormones. Essentially
I'm going to break her tubes and quickly induce them to repair themselves
with electric shocks and stimulants."

"Interesting hypothesis Doctor Hotd. Is it painful?"

"Only to the patient." Both Doctors smiled. Sue didn't.

Doctor Hotd's Nurse pushed the wires of the device into the appropriate

"All ready here Doctor Hotd." she announced.

Ivy swung her arm and lashed a student's breasts. The student howled.

"How ya doing TC?" she called out. She heard another squeal from a student
as TC whipped her across the cunt.

"Good. But I'm getting tired of keeping these girls awake. Perhaps we
shouldn't have put that mild sedative in their soup this morning."

He walked over to Ivy. "Any suggestions to what we can do?"

Ivy whipped another student. His whip just missing TC as he ducked from
behind her to the side. 

"Just one. Do we still have any clear tape?"

TC smiled. Against his black lips his teeth were pure white.

Sue screamed loudly as the machine was turned on. It probed deeply into
her vagina and Doctor Hotd forced it past her cervix. The Doctor had to
twist the probe to get it in. Sharp pains tore up Sue's spine. She groaned
loudly with each intrusion.

The Doctor pushed a small button on the side of the device and the probe
went deeper and deeper. Sue was nearly out of it.

"Give her 10cc of adrenaline please Nurse." ordered the Doctor.

As soon as the dosage was administered Sue was fully conscious again. Now
she was even more aware of the pain. 

With one last shove the Doctor was happy with the device and it's position.

"Ready? .... Nurse, Stage one please."

The machine hummed into life. Sue felt her body as it swam into a pool of
pleasure. She groaned slightly as the warmth tingled with her skin and
caused goose-pimples to appear. She smiled and enjoyed the sensations.

"Okay good. Now stage 2."

Sue was jolted out of her pleasurable sensations and immediately screamed.

Ivy whipped the girl again. "Open your damn eyes slut!"

The student held her eye-lids shut tight. In the end TC had to pull the
lids back to expose the eyeball. As soon as it was exposed Ivy put a
piece of tape across both the lids and the eye ball. The result was the
lids could no longer close. The hot bright sun shone in through the pupil 
and caused immense pain to the students.

After spending an hour putting tape on the girl's eyes both TC and Ivy
went for some lunch, in the shade of course.

Mr Boggis woke up to the sounds of Sue screaming. He quickly did a check
of his body and found his foot was numb. He pulled the blanket back and
checked the bandage. He tried to remember what happened but all he could
recall was intense pain and then John's face. Then everything went black.

Nurse Luxe appeared by his side.

"How are you doing headmaster?" she asked.

"Just a little sore and confused I'm afraid."

More screaming could be heard from the main room. Mr Boggis looked up at
the Nurse expecting an answer.

"That's perfectly normal. Sorry about the screaming. Another doctor is
doing an experiment on one of the students."

Quickly and abruptly the screaming stop. Nurse Luxe made a frown and went
to see what happened.

Sue had lost consciousness.

"Incredible." remarked Doctor Hotd. "I didn't think she'd hang out so
long. But the results are what count. She's now temporarily fertile for the
next three hours."

"Impressive Doctor Hotd." replied Doctor Every.

"Thank you Doctor. And thank you for allowing me to test this on one of
the school's students."

"Do you want to try it again? ... Nurse, bring in Jane Henderson please."

TC and Ivy leaned against the school building in the shadow. It was simply
getting too hot for them in the sun. Whipping can take a lot out of the
teachers. John appeared around the corner and walked past TC. John took
Ivy's neck in his hand and pulled her towards him. He kissed her deeply
and roughly. Ivy leaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around John's

TC rolled his eyes, "Get a room will ya."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 49 "Temp Test"

Rodney Basket sat at the kitchen table. He sipped some tea and ran his
eyes over his daughters. He was bored. His son, Matt, sat opposite him
also drinking tea.

In a line about a meter away was Jackie, Jody, Samantha and Lisa. They
looked down at the ground and were silent. Jackie and Samantha still had
their nighties on. Lisa and Jody wore only briefs. Their pert tits stood
out in the warm air.

Rod took another sip and then came to some decisions.

"Jody, I want you to make some cookies. Matt and Lisa, you help her. Jackie
and Sam, I want you to go to the basement. Get the Vaseline ready. Go."

The girls rushed down to the basement. Jody found a cook book and read
the instructions for baking cookies. She called out ingredients while Lisa
found them. Matt and Rodney finished off their tea.

"Have fun son." said Rodney as he opened the door to the basement.

Mr Boggis tested his foot by placing it on the floor. He put some weight
on it. Only slight stinging sensations ran up his leg. He put more weight
on and grimaced as the pain got stronger.

"Mr Boggis." said Nurse Luxe. "Please rest. It's too early for you to try
and walk yet."

The headmaster turned his head to the Nurse. "I'm not a fucking invalid!"

"No you're not headmaster. But these are Doctors orders. Tell me what you
need and I'll get them for you."

The headmaster sighed and sat back on the bed. "I need my book by my bed,
today's newspaper and some food."

After a few seconds thought, "Oh, and also a blowjob."

The Nurse smiled. "I'll take care of that right now."

The Nurse pushed the headmaster onto his back and exposed his raging cock
to her. She took in the aroma and slowly pulled the foreskin back. The
helmeted penis stood up and Mr Boggis moaned slightly has the Nurse 
twirled her tongue around the tip. She started to bob her head up and down.

A few minutes later the headmaster came. The Nurse licked up the rest of
the cum. "I'll get your books Sir. Just you relax."

Rodney had a thing for girls in their nighties. They always looked so
innocent. He helped Jackie and Samantha take theirs off. He ran his hands
down in between their breasts towards their belly-buttons.

"Lie down on the bed. Legs apart." he ordered.

The girls obeyed.

"What are you going to do Daddy?" asked Sam.

"Take your temperature dear." replied her father. She saw he had found what
he was looking for in the drawer. He held up two rectal thermometers.

He took the Vaseline and rubbed it all over the thermometers paying special
attention to the bulb at the end. He walked over and kneeled in between
Jackie's legs.

"Pull your lips apart and keep them there." he ordered.

Jackie complied. He found her urethra hole and pushed the thermometer in.
Jackie moaned. Rodney twisted the thermometer. Jackie was nearly already 
cuming. Rodney pushed it in deeper and deeper until it seemed it could 
go no further. Then he fucked his daughter with the thermometer. He 
pulled out and slowly pushed it back in. Sensations ran along Jackie's 
spine and she came. 

"Careful darling. I don't want you breaking the thermometer. Your turn
Samantha. Same rules apply."

The cookies smelt great. They were just in the final stages of cooking.
Lisa put on some oven mitts and took the tray out. They scooped the cookies
into a bowl and allowed to cool.

"Put the tray back in the oven Lisa and turn up to 400C." ordered Matt.

Lisa followed his instructions. After she was finished Matt ordered her to
stand chest to chest with her sister. Matt then put the girl's hands behind
each other's back and handcuffed them there. He got some rope and securely
tied the girls waist and knees together. He looked over at the light on
the oven. It had gone out.

He took the oven mitts and opened the oven door. 

"You two. Close your eyes and lean back." 

The girls obeyed.

Rodney appeared around the corner. He nodded to Matt to carry on. Rod took
a piece of rope and looped it ready.

Matt held the hot oven tray in his mitts. The heat was painful even through
the gloves. He sprayed it lightly with apple-cider vinegar and then held it

Jody and Lisa could feel the heated tray as it passed by their faces. The
heat seemed to get stronger down towards their chests. Suddenly the tray
was touching both Jody's and Lisa's tummys. The shock drove them both back
to their normal standing position with eyes wide open. This only made matters
worse as it wedged the hot burning oven tray in between the girls tits.

Rodney was waiting and as soon as the girls heads were close enough he 
looped the rope over both their necks and pulled them tight. The girls
screamed as their nipples and breasts sizzled on the tray. The smell of 
burning skin and flesh flooded the girls nostrils. Rodney and Matt laughed 
their heads off.

The girls lost their balance and Lisa fell forwards onto Jody. Jody knocked
her head on the floor and was rendered unconscious. Lisa wasn't so lucky.
The burning tray slipped upwards and was stuck against Lisa's chin. The
tray now covered a larger area of Lisa's upper chest. She screamed.

John and Ivy checked out their new bedroom. They opted for having a larger
room with each other rather than two smaller rooms be themselves. John was 
checking out the ceiling as Ivy straddle him in their queen size bed. 
She fucked him continuously as he made remarks about the castle's design.

Ivy finished her orgasm and after a quick blowjob for John he too came. She
rolled over onto the bed and waited for her heart beat to slow.

"John. What's going to happen with you and Mr Boggis?"

John's eyes were closed but she knew he was listening.

"Why?" he grunted.

"Just wondering where our future lies. I have said I'll marry you. Are ya
going to give me any idea when?"

"Soon. Very soon. Mr Boggis is important at the moment and he's better than
I am at running this school."

Ivy frowned. "I've never heard you say someone was better than you before."

John snorted some air out of his nostrils. "Listen here whore. I'm going to
be your hubby soon. Don't condescend me."

"Okay. Deal. Just keep me in the know ok?"

John sat up in bed. He grabbed Ivy and pushed her onto her stomach. He
straddle her ass and sank his cock deep into her rectum. Ivy groaned loudly.
He fucked her for five minutes and came. He rolled onto the bed beside her.
His cock was covered in cum and shit.

"Lick me up." he said. Ivy leaned down and took his massive cock into her
mouth. She cleaned him up paying special attention to his cock slit.

"Good whore. And yes, I'll keep you in the know." said John.

Matt turned the cold water on to both Lisa and Jody in the shower. He left
them in there and came back down the stairs to join his father in the

Samantha was screaming. Rodney held a rag to her cunt. It was bloodied.

"Quiet dear. It's okay." he said to his daughter.

"What happened Dad?" asked Matt.

"Silly bitch had another orgasm while I was upstairs. She broke the
thermometer in her piss hole. I've removed the glass but she's still going
on about it."

Matt rolled his eyes. "Silly slut."

Rodney nodded. "Yep."

Matt handed his father a bag. "Here are the peppers you wanted."

Rodney smiled. "Good. Stick half of them up Jackie's ass. When Sam has
finished with her fucking bleeding then the rest can go up hers."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 50 "Knighted"

"How do I look?"

Jenny looked up from her book. She was lying on the couch in the social
room. The query was from TC Dante. The new teacher. He seemed to be fitting
in very well. Even Jenny was not sure what he would do next.

"Very ... um ... Knightish. What's the occasion Sir?" said Jenny. 

TC was in an old Knight's armour costume. The only things that he didn't
have on was his helmet and his cod-piece. In it's place was his cock
surrounded by small spikes on a groin pad.

"Sue Henderson is finishing up in a few weeks. I'm going to enjoy some
quality time with her before she goes."

Jenny nodded. "Cool." She watched TC walk out of the room with the armour
clinking. She could still hear it as he strolled down the hallway.

It was quickly known that TC had a thing for blondes and his interest 
immediately fell onto Sue Henderson. TC loved tormenting the student.

"Poor Sue." said Jenny to herself, unsympathetically of course.

Nurse Luxe wiped the cum off her lips. Mr Boggis sighed in relief. She was
good at her blowjobs he had to give her that. He turned another page in his
book while the Nurse cleaned up.

As the Nurse turned to leave she looked up at the visitor.

"John." she said in mock surprise.

"Nurse." said John as he watched her leave the room.

Mr Boggis book marked his page and put the book over to the side.

"How are things John?" he asked.

"Good Sir. The move is nearly complete. We just need to move Doctor Every's
stuff and we'll be set. Also the preparations for tomorrows opening day are
nearly finished."

"Excellent. I hope I can join you there."

John smiled. "Correction Sir. You will be there. We need the headmaster to
open, how do you pronounce it? ... 'Tu Ubbidire.'"

The headmaster smiled. "Yes, that's it. Perhaps we should just call it TU?"

"It would be easier Sir."

The headmaster picked up his book. "Nothing else to discuss?" he asked as
he turned back to his page.

"Actually there is Sir." John left the sentence hanging in mid-air.

Mr Boggis looked up from his page. "Yes?"

"You know Ivy and I are going to get married."

"Yes. Next month I believe."

"Yeah. Well, two things. I want you to MC the wedding."

"No problems. And the other?" asked the headmaster.

"I want to give Ivy a special present."

"Fair enough. What did you have in mind?

"Not what, who." replied John.

Sue Henderson's arms hurt. She had been hanging by her wrists all morning.
Apparently this was to help strengthen her upper body muscles. All she felt
it doing is trying to pull her arms out of shoulder sockets.

She watched as the door opened and TC clink his way in. He closed the door
and walked to stand in front of Sue.

"Hi Sue. How are you?" he asked. Sue didn't respond. TC shook his head and
walked over to the rope tied to a ring in the wall. He pulled the knot and
it fell apart. Sue crashed to the ground with a grunt.

He grabbed Sue's hair and intertwined his fingers. He lifted her up off the
ground to his head height. Sue grabbed at his arm and tried to keep her
weight off her hair. TC held her for a few seconds then set her back on her
feet. Still holding her hair he lead her towards one of his most favorite

He had used it many times in the privacy of his own home. He was so happy
that they also had one at the castle.

The device was a barrel covered with studded spikes. Behind the barrel on
the other side were two cuffs for either wrists or ankles. Once the girl
was strapped in she could move due to the spikes. Gravity played hell on
the girls muscles as they tried to keep themselves off the spikes for 
hours at a time.

"Tomorrow is the big opening for the Castle. I'm sure you'll be healed by
then. If not, too bad."

He turned Sue around and pushed her backwards to the device. Sharp studded
spikes dug into Sue's buttocks. She yelped and bounced forward. TC grabbed
her around the throat and drove her backwards once more. She fell backwards
onto the spike studded barrel. TC cuffed her hands to the board behind Sue.
She was now stuck and lying on the spikes.

Sue moaned loudly. TC pushed her legs apart. He knew that any movement he
forced the girl to do would only dig the spikes further into her back. His
cock was really hard now. He held Sue's legs apart but she was stronger 
than she looked. His hand slipped from hold her leg and she took the 
advantage to swing her knee around connecting with TC's chin. A small trickle
of blood appeared at the teacher's lips.

"That's it!" spat TC. He forced her right leg back down onto the spikes.
While Sue was moaned with the spikes he pulled out his knife. He rammed
it home into the top of Sue's leg. Sue screamed.

TC pushed Sue's other leg down to open her pussy lips. He put the tip of
his cock at her cunt entrance and pushed it in. He continuously fucked Sue
for ages. Blood seeped out of the knife wound in her leg. The spikes
continued to tear and rip into her back. His cock drove her back into the
spikes more and more.

At one stage TC put strong metal clips onto Sue's nipples. He pulled her
upwards and continued to fuck her hard.
Mr Boggis listened to John's question. He thought it over carefully.

"Well John, you own the school and everything in it. What you decide 
is what will happen. Are you sure you want her though?"

"I think Ivy will like her." John replied.

"Fair enough just as long as you understand. We've put a lot of money into
her. I just don't want to see her killed on a whim."

"Me too. I'll instruct Ivy that it's not to happen."

"Good. And congratulations. You'll soon be a Daddy."

Sue fell to the ground. She breathed heavily and rubbed her wrists.
Unfortunately for her TC wasn't even close to finishing. He took one of
ankles and dragged her back to the barrel. He closed the second cuff over
her ankle. Sue was now back on the barrel but upside down. Her legs and
ass were being gored by the spikes.

TC disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a piece of wood. It
was thin and about the length of his forearm. The most noticeable feature
on the strip of wood was the hook at the end. It looked like a hook a
fisherman would use to snare a fish only it was much much smaller.

TC kicked Sue's hands apart and stood on them. This caused Sue to moan
but also prevented her from trying to punch him in the groin.

He raised his hooked piece of wood and slammed it onto Sue's belly. The
hook dug in. He pulled back slowly hooking an amount of skin and very
slowly raised it upwards. Sue screamed. Her skin was slowly being pulled
up into a tent shape on her belly. TC released the skin. He then sunk it
down deep into the top of Sue's upper leg. And ever so slowly pulled

TC leaned forward and grind Sue's ass into the spikes. A couple of times
he hooked Sue's nipples and yanked them upwards. He enjoyed making strange
and interesting shapes out of her body.

This went on for almost an hour.

Jenny entered the Doctor's office. She had been instructed to come by
Nurse Luxe to see Mr Boggis. She entered the recovery room.

"Sir?" she asked as she walked in.

"Ah Jenny. We've got some good news for you." smiled the headmaster.

"Good news Sir?" Jenny asked. She had a right to be suspicious. Good news
was usually very bad news for Jenny.

"Yes." said John. He handed her a piece of paper. Jenny read it quickly
and the blood rushed from her face. She noticed the signatures were still
wet. She read the top again. They were adoption papers.

"That's right Jenny. Say hello to your new Daddy." smiled Mr Boggis.

John held out his arms for a hug. "Daughter."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 51 "Bedridden"

Paul Winslow watched while his daughter Cindy did the splits. Taut muscles 
shoved their way to the surface of the skin. Occasionally a spasm occurred
but Cindy didn't seem too worried. She lifted her torso off the ground and
brought her knees together. She counted for a few seconds and then re-did
the splits.

Paul returned to watching the football on TV. He chugged another beer as
the winning team ran around with their fists in the air signalling that
they had scored another goal. He waited patiently while the teams 
reorganized themselves for another battle.

"SHIT!" yelled Paul.

Cindy in the midst of one of her stretches was startled.

"We were suppose to be at the Andrews fifteen minutes ago!"

Cindy stood up and allowed her muscles to relax. She pulled the T-shirt
over her head and checked her hair in the mirror. A second later she was
walking out into the warm evening air behind her father. Cindy knew Paul
didn't like to be late for anything.

Jenny hesitantly hugged her new father. His embrace was very light compared
to what she thought he would do. She didn't kid herself that he could 
easily squash her like a grape with just one hand.

"Until the wedding you are to keep this quiet. Nothing really changes at
all. You are still Mr Boggis's secretary. Also your duty to the school is
still a slave. Of course there will be extra duties and benefits but you'll
come to learn those in time."

Jenny nodded and stood back.

"Return back to work." commanded Jenny's new father.

Jenny obeyed and left the recovery room. John turned back to the headmaster.

"Congratulations Dad. I'm sure Ivy will love her." said Mr Boggis as he shook
hands with John.

As soon as Jenny got to her office she burst into tears. She tried to wipe
away the water as she pulled open the bottom draw at her desk. She rummaged
around until she found the knife she was after. She had kept it hidden in
readiness for when times were desperate.

She started tapping her wrist to bring an artery to the surface.

Paul and Dave talked about the football. From what Cindy could make out
they had both lost money on their bets. Cindy looked over to Sharon. Cindy
smiled and Sharon did also. The girls had grown up together but they didn't
see much of each other these days. Cindy hoped to change that soon.

"Well Paul. We better get the girls setup. Cindy. Please lie on the bed in
a spread eagle fashion."

Dave looked over to Paul. "Shall we leave the panties on?"

Paul nodded. "Yeah. It'll make it more of a challenge."

Cindy lay down and pointed her arms and legs at the posts on the corners
of the bed. Paul cuffed her wrists and ankles. Dave appeared from another
room with a belt. Cindy lifted her waist so he could slid it underneath
and tightened it. At the top was a ring. Cindy looked upwards and heard
the sound of a chain being lowered. Dave clipped it onto the belt and went
to help Paul pull the chain up.

Cindy could feel her body stretch as they pulled the chain. Very quickly
she was totally off the bed. Only the chains held her in position. The
strain on her lower back was aching but not as bad as she thought it would

Dave and Paul stood on either side of the bed. Sharon at the end.

"Okay Shaz. It's Cindy's birthday tomorrow. Make her feel real good. 
You've got an hour."

Dave and Paul walked up the stairs and closed the door. Sharon knelt down
beside Cindy.

"How ya doing babe?" she asked.

"Not .. too .. bad." replied Cindy between small breaths.

"Well. I better get to work." said Sharon. She leaned down and took Cindy's
right nipple into her mouth and began to suckle it. Cindy could already
feel the surge of hormones driving her to orgasm.

Jenny put the knife back into the drawer. She knew she couldn't kill 
herself. It wasn't possible. Also the hormones the Doctor had injected
into her made it hard for her to make her own decisions. She covered her 
face with her hands.

"What's up lass?"

Jenny turned and look up into the dark eyes of a man, in womens clothing.
He was easily 400 pounds. His girth seemed to take up most of the room in
Jenny's small office. How she didn't see him coming was a mystery.

"Nothing Sir." she replied trying to back away.

"Bullshit girl. I saw the knife. What gives?"

Jenny knew better than to lie but also she had been given orders not to
tell anyone.

"Just girl trouble sir. Can I help you with anything?"

The man shook his head. "Girl trouble huh? Well, whatever. Where is Boggis?
I've got a date with him."

"Mr Boggis is busy at the moment. Can I get John for you? He is the owner
of the school."

"Yeah, whatever. Get him. Now."

Jenny nodded and ran off down the hallway towards the Doctor's office. She
rounded a corner and nearly ran into John.

"... um ... Dad?"

"Not until next month Jenny. Remember." said John.

"Sorry Sir. There is a man .. a woman .. um .. a guy in girl clothes 
looking for the owner of the school. He is in my office Sir."

John's features hardened.

"Was he really fat?" asked John.

"Yes Sir. Very Sir." replied Jenny.

John nodded. "Go and see to his needs. I will speak with Mr Boggis. I'll
only be a few minutes. He is not to leave your office. Understand?"

Jenny nodded and ran off back to the office. John watched as his daughter
disappeared around the corner.

"Fuck in Hell!" John spat and went to talk to the headmaster.

Cindy felt the blood rush back into her hips as she was lowered back to
the bed. The cuffs came off and she rubbed them. Her clit was incredibly
sensitive. She had had multiple orgasms from Sharon's caresses. 
She smiled at her father and gave him a small peck on the cheek.

"Thanks Dad." 

"Your welcome honey. Happy Birthday. Now for your real present."

Dave brought around a box that he had been hiding behind him. Cindy
squealed and took it. She tore of the wrapping and pulled back the lids.
She hesitated when she saw the contents.

"Go on Cindy. Show them to everyone." urged her father.

Cindy reached in and pulled out a bra. It was made from barb wire. The
barbs looked like they had been recently sharpened. She half smiled in
a mixture of shock and wonderment at her father. She reached in again
and pulled out the matching panties. Also made from barb wire.

"Go on, last one." urged Paul.

Cindy pulled out a leather object. It was a corset. 'This is a present
worth having' she thought to herself. She smiled genuinely to her father
this time. Then she opened the corset up. On the inside it was lined with
thorns. Cindy's eyes were wide as the group sang happy birthday.

Paul kissed Cindy on the forehead. "Hope you like your present darling.
Now, try them on."

Cindy looked up into her father's eyes to see if he was kidding. He 
certainly wasn't.

John walked into Jenny's office. She was naked and on the desk on all
fours. The fat man was ramming his cock into her cunt. Small squeals of
pain could be heard from Jenny even around the ball gag in her mouth.
The fat=man held onto Jenny's hair to make sure she didn't move.

"Enough fun Fatso. What do you want?"

The fat man stopped his fucking and pulled out. Jenny slipped back into
her seat.

"Where's Boggis?" demanded the fat man.

"Busy. You have me!" replied John. Jenny watched John's forearms. The
muscles were flexing. She knew there was going to be trouble.

"I don't want no fucking two bit porter. Get me Boggis."

"Get fucked Fatso!" snarled John.

Jenny heard a noise behind her. Ivy was there. She was holding a small
baton. Ivy put her finger to her mouth to keep Jenny quiet. Jenny nodded
and turned to watch John.

It was all over a few seconds later. Ivy jumped the fat man and slammed the
baton over the man's head. It wasn't until John punched the man in the
jaw that the man finally lost consciousness.

"Who is he?" asked Jenny.

"Boggis's brother." said John.

Ivy threw her hands up into the air. "It's like a fucking family reunion."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 52 "Fat-man"

"Fuck he's heavy!" moaned another porter. They had been trying to carry
Mr Boggis's brother to a guest room. They had a bit of trouble at the
stairs but John ordered them to let go. After the fat-man rolled to a 
stop the crew of six porters dragged the man down the hallway.

Ivy followed watching the commotion. Jenny was beside her.

"Excuse me Miss."

Ivy turned her head to look at Jenny. "What?"

"Mr Boggis's brother? ... but Mr Boggis is normal size. This guy is huge."

Ivy nodded her head. "Yep."

Jenny realized she wasn't going to get many more details. But she had one
last question.

"What is his name?"

Ivy had been trying to remember ever since she saw him. John had told her
once but it was a while back.

"Just call him Fat-man for now. He's use to it I believe."

Jenny nodded. She ran ahead to open the door to the guest room. It was a
useless task as the man was simply too large to get through.

"We'll have to wait for him to wake up." stated John. He turned to Jenny.

"Wait here and let me know when he wakes up."

Jenny nodded and sat across the hallway from the man. The fat-man was
snoring loudly. 'This could be a long night' thought Jenny.

Mr Boggis opened his eyes as he heard John's footsteps.

"How did it go?" he asked.

"Not too bad. Had to knock him out in the end. Took most of the porters to
carry his lard ass down to the guest room. Jenny's watching him as we 

Mr Boggis shook his head. "I'd rather he was dead."

"Yeah, I know. But just think. If we killed him in your office then we'd
never get him out of the building. We'd have to bulldoze it down. And I
don't know about you but this building is still useful."

Mr Boggis nodded. He knew John was right.

"You know that he's going to want some girls." commented Mr Boggis.

"Yeah. Ivy's getting Jane and Sue Henderson ready."

"Good. Is he still wearing women's clothes?"


"Oh God. What is wrong with him?!" sighed Mr Boggis.

"Don't fret Sir. He'll be dead soon. As soon as he's had his last fuck
then I'll get the good Doctor to give him a nice shot of drugs."

Mr Boggis nodded. "Thanks John. I knew I could count on you."

Jenny first noticed the rumbling sound. She had looked down the hallway in
both directions before realizing it was coming from the Fat-man's stomach.
Jenny hadn't noticed it originally but the stench from the man was fowl.
It was like he hadn't washed in days. His hair was full of oil. His teeth
were either black or yellow. Jenny shook her head and tried to close her
mouth from the scent.

"Okay Jenny. Get back to the office."

She stood up and obeyed Ivy's orders. Ivy watched the fat-man's stomach as
it rose up down with his breathing. She positioned herself and then leaped.
She brought her right foot down in a hammer kick squarely on the fat-man's

The kick only caused the Fat-man to fart. Ivy thought for a second and then
went into the guest room. She returned with a bucket of cold water. She
up-ended over the man. He sputted into life.

"Wha .. what ... what the FUCK!!!?" yelled the man.

"Hey there Fat-man."

The man looked over to the voice. "I know you. What your name?"

"Ivy. Come with me. I've got some girls for you to fuck."

The Fat-man stood up. The process seemed to take forever for Ivy. When the
man had finally got to his feet he followed the teacher down the hallway.

"Where Boggis?" he asked.

"He's sick. You will not see him. The girls are this way."

The Fat-man seemed satisfied with this answer and remained quiet. Ivy took
a quick look behind her. It seemed like she was being followed by Jabba
the Hutt with an erection. She rolled her eyes and stopped at the door.

After the Fat-man had gone through sideways Ivy followed. Sue Henderson
was tied to the bed-headboard via chains. Jane was free and she huddled
beside Sue for comfort.

Ivy turned back to see the Fat-man licking his lips.

"Rules Fat-man. No killing. No smothering. No broken bones. These girls
are expensive and even if we sold all your fat you couldn't pay for even
one of them. Comprehendo?"

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Comprehendo." said the man as he stumbled forward.

Ivy left the room and closed the door. The girls screamed.

Doctor Every read his notes. He took some pills from a small red box and
crushed them with a spoon. He emptied the contents into a beaker. The
liquid went a dark purple.

"Just a few minutes more and we'll be set." as he heated the beaker.

John nodded and left the room. He caught up with Ivy beside the door to
where she left the Fat-man.

"How goes it?" he asked.

"Sickening. I walked in before and he was sitting on one of them smothering
her. He wouldn't move no matter what I did. In the end I had to shove my
knife into his butt. Fuck he gross."

John nodded. He opened the door and looked in. Fat-man was kissing Sue
and rubbing his tongue all over her face. Jane was underneath the man
licking his anus. John watched as the tattooed rose on the Fat-man's butt
seemed to move by itself. His fat wobbled with any movement. John watched 
as the man took an extremely large dildo from the shelf.

Jane began to squirm like crazy. John couldn't see but he knew the Fat-man
was forcing the dildo into Jane's cunt. Jane didn't even have the luxury
to scream.

John closed the door. "Won't be long. Doc's nearly finished."

"How are you going to do it?" asked Ivy.

"Once he's finished I'll take him outside to the woodshed. One jab with
the shot and he'll be out."

"Cool. Want any help?"

"Oh. As much as I can get." smiled John.

Nurse Luxe came down the hallway. She was holding onto a towel in one hand.
She handed it to Ivy.

"This is it. Good luck." she said and walked off.

Ivy inspected the syringe. The needle was very short. She knew it was better
this way as they didn't need it breaking off inside Fat-man.

"Ready?" asked Ivy.

Before John could answer he heard a scream. He pulled open the door and
stepped inside. The Fat-man had his hand down Sue's throat. He had managed
to get his whole forearm down there. Her face was already going blue. Jane
had managed to get her mouth free from the Fat-man's butt to scream.

"Fuck! He's going to kill her. Give me the towel!"

Ivy handed John the shot. He jumped onto the bed and kneed the Fat-man in
the face. 

No response.

John tried again. Still nothing. He jumped backwards and aimed his steel
capped boot at the Fat-man's chin. That did it. The Fat-man grunted and
fell backwards. Blood poured from his nose. Ivy managed to get his forearm
out of Sue's throat. Ivy immediately started blow air into Sue's lungs.

John gripped the fat-man's throat and tried to push him against the wall.
The man grabbed John's throat and cut off his supply of air. John
raised the syringe and brought it down on the man's chest. He pushed the 
contents of the syringe in. Very slowly the man's struggles subsided.

A minute later the man was dead. John pushed off the man's arm and sat on
the bed. Sue had regain consciousness and was holding onto Ivy for dear life.

John stood up. He had only managed to get half the contents into the 
Fat-man's body. He slipped the syringe into his shirt pocket.

"This is wrong. Take the girls back to their rooms. I need to speak with 
Mr Boggis."

Mr Boggis put the bookmark back onto his page.

"What are you talking about John?" he asked.

"You heard me. Last we knew your brother was in KL. Why did he comes here?"

"I assume he wanted a fuck or something. How would I know?"

"Maybe this will help." John tossed an airline ticket onto the bed. He
had taken a few minutes to check the Fat-man's pockets. The receipt 
indicated that the school had paid for the flight.

"Your brother said he had an appointment with you. Why?" asked John.

Mr Boggis sighed. "John. He had to die. Don't you see?"

"No. Not really. Why did you bring him here? Just so I could kill him?"

Mr Boggis smiled. "Yes. It's as easy as that."

Ivy walked into the Doctor's office. Nurse Luxe stood up from her desk.

"John?" asked Ivy.

Nurse Luxe shook her head. "Not here Ivy. He left a few minutes ago."

Ivy nodded. She walked into the recovery room.

"Oh fuck! Nurse Luxe. Get in here!" yelled Ivy.

Nurse Luxe walked in. "Oh fuck!"

Mr Boggis was sitting up in bed. His book open in his lap. A deadpan look
of horror on his face. The syringe was sticking out of his forehead.

The rest of the liquid was gone. Mr Boggis was dead.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 53 "Interviews"

She found him. He had gone outside and was hiding in the shade of the
building. He turned his back to her as she approached.

"John. You alright?" asked Ivy.


"What happened?"

"I knew Boggis's brother was annoying him for ages. I didn't think he 
would fly him over at my expense and then get me to kill him. I don't
know what got into Boggis."

"I'd say half a syringe of poison." giggled Ivy.

John smiled. "Yeah. That wouldn't have helped."

"Don't worry my lover. You own the school. You can do whatever the fuck
you want." commented Ivy. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders.

"We'll need a new headmaster." said John.

"Yep. I'll put an ad in tomorrow's paper if you like."

"Thanks. Can you get Jenny for me. I need to chat with her."

"Sure honey. One Jenny doll coming right up."

"You wanted me Sir?" asked Jenny.

"Yeah kiddo. You heard about Mr Boggis?" replied John.

"No. What?"

"He's dead."

"Oh. That's good. Who killed him?" asked Jenny.

John stared down at the teenage girl in a mixture of shock and wonderment.

"Dad." said Jenny. "Mr Boggis had been scamming the school for months. He
ordered me not to say anything."

"I see." said John.

"So who killed him?"

"Does it matter?"

Jenny shrugged her shoulders. "No, but I'd like to give the person a hug."

"Would you now."

"Yep." Jenny stepped forward and hugged John's side. "Thanks Dad."

John watched as Jenny skipped back to the school's entrance.

"Well I be damned." he smiled.

John, Ivy, Jenny and Doctor Every sat around in a semi-circle. The young
man in the middle was the center of their attention. The man was probably
a real teacher thought Ivy. His palms were sweating. He fidgeted. When 
John asked him to spank Jenny he said he would do no such thing. 
Ivy showed the man out.

John crossed the name off his list.

"We're running out of candidates. Only two left. Jenny. Get some water for
us please. When you come back bring in the next applicant."

Jenny closed the door behind her. When she returned she asked a man to
come in for his interview. The man was tall. He was also very English. 
His clothes were very clean and well cut. He nodded to each person on 
the panel in turn before he took his seat.

"Good morning Mr Thornton." said John.

"Thank you. Please feel free to call me John."

John smiled. "Perhaps for the time being Mr Thornton is appropriate."

"As you wish Sir."

The man answered the panel's questions with the minimum of fuss. To John's
delight he also asked questions about the school. It's staff and it's

Finally John asked the big question.

"Mr Thornton. Do you know the reputation of this school?"

"No Sir. Not really."

"Of course you realize you're under oath never to speak of what we say
in this interview to other people. It can result in legal action."

Mr Thornton nodded.

"It's a school for the attitude adjustment of women. We torture them. We
fuck them. We make them do things which sometimes even we don't like to do.
Our curriculum is based on what the client orders."

Mr Thornton nodded. "May I ask a question Sir?"


"If I was to become headmaster. What benefits would I get. Me being a
sadist and all?"

Ivy smiled. "The benefits far out weigh the negatives Mr Thornton. 
Especially if you're a sadist."

"Good. And would I have permission to bring my family to live at the 

John turned to Ivy and Doctor Every. "I think that can be arranged. It's
not common for the headmaster to live on the school grounds though."

"Fair enough Sir. If I was to accept this position I'd like the girls
in my family to go through the system. At my own expense of course."

John smiled. "We'll consider a discount. Now if you would please demonstrate
your ability with young Jenny here."

Jenny stood up and walked to stand beside Mr Thornton.

"You'll find cuffs and a whip on the table behind you. You have five 
minutes to make Jenny cum."

Mr Thornton stood up. He removed his jacket and walked over to the table.
He instructed Jenny to stand beside her. Jenny had on a one piece dress.
Mr Thornton took a shoulder strap in each hand and pulled side ways. The
dress ripped easily under his hands. Jenny stood naked in front of the
group. The man picked her up underneath her armpits and dropped her onto
the table. He pushed her onto her back and then forced her legs to her

He took the cuffs and put them on her wrists behind her knees. He took the
whip and for the next four minutes struck her hard across the ass and cunt.
Jenny yelped at each lash. John watched on with interest.

"Time." said John. Mr Thornton put down the whip and left Jenny on the

John stood up and walked to Jenny. "Did you cum?"

Jenny sniffed. "No Sir."

"Mr Thornton?"

"If you'll allow me to explain Sir. I notice you have a Doctor in the room
thus I can assume that your students are probably pumped to the eyeballs
full of hormones and drugs. I thought the best approach was not to make
Jenny cum as the hormones can do that. The idea is to stimulate and torture
while not allowing the student to achieve even a orgasm."

"Normally, Mr Thornton, I don't like assumptions. I would have happily
have told you that the girls had special hormones. But in this case you
are correct."

"Thank you. And if I might add. I don't think you want a simply headmaster
who needs to constantly ask questions. You want someone who can actually
think as well."

John nodded and returned to Ivy and Doctor Every. They chatted for a few
seconds and finally came to a decision.

"Welcome to Hackmoores Mr Thornton."

"Thank you Sir. Please call me JT."

Moths encircled the fiery touch in John's hand. Mr Boggis and his brother
Fat-man were lying on a pile of wood. Faggots were soaked in petrol and
placed all around the bodies. The air was warm. Jenny said a small pray to
her God and then stood back.

John stepped forward and set the faggots alight. The petrol burnt quickly.
Burning flesh forced some of the porters to move up-wind. 

Ivy and John watched the bodies burn. After a few minutes the group broke
up and slowly walked back to the school.

Not a word was spoken.

"Morning JT." said John as he closed the headmaster's office door.

"Ah. Morning John. Nice day outside what?"

"Yes." John smiled. "We've delayed the opening of the TU Castle for long
enough I'm afraid. Today we'll let the public in to have a look. Are you
ready for it?"

"Nothing like jumping into the deep end. And thank you for delaying the
opening. I really do appreciate it."

"Family settled in yet?" asked John.

"They haven't arrived I'm afraid. They're still trying to sell the
house in New York."

"Fair enough. Anyway, we better go."

JT stood up, put on his jacket and followed John out.

"I've got to ask Jenny something, wait for me down stairs."

The new headmaster nodded and walked off. John judged when JT was out
of hearing range.

"Jenny. Find that house and order my company to buy it. Make sure JT
doesn't know it's us ok?"

"Sure thing Dad."

Jenny looked into the hard stare that John was giving her.

"I know, I know. Not until next month. Sorry."

"Good girl. Once you've finished that come down for the party."

"YES!" squealed Jenny as she picked up the phone.

JT and John headed towards the castle entrance. A number of tables had
been set out. Ivy watched the students as they set the tables.

"Ivy. How's it going?" called John.

"Good John. If these brats would ever hurry up then we might actually be
finished on time." she said as she whipped a girl carrying some cutlery.

"John. Who is looking after the entertainment?" asked JT.

"TC Dante. He's the black guy you met yesterday."

"Ah yes. TC. Can you point me in his direction. I want to get a preview
of the festivities."

"Sure. Go inside, take the first set of stairs to the left and it's the
fourth door on the right."

"First left, Fourth right. Thanks."

Ivy and John watched him enter the building.

"How do you think he'll go here?" asked Ivy.

"Should be okay. His references check out. I've got Jenny to buy his
house so we can check that out too."

"You don't trust him do you?" asked Ivy.

"Fuck no."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 54 "The Pack"

Cindy Winslow erupted from her peaceful slumber screaming. A large red
mark across her belly sizzled. Cindy looked over and saw her father, Paul
Winslow, hold onto his belt strap.

"Morning Darling. Out of bed. I think you need a good spanking."

"Wha .. why?"

"For asking a question without permission. Now OUT!"

Cindy untangled the covers around her feet and stood up quickly. She put
her hand on the side of the bed to steady herself from getting up too
quickly. She walked past her father to the end of the bed, spread her
feet and leaned forward onto the bed.

"Ready Dad." she said.

Paul raised the belt once more but didn't strike.

"Put your sneakers and socks on." he ordered.

Cindy nearly asked why again but common sense kicked in. She located her 
socks and put them on. While she tied her shoe laces her father answered 
her unasked question.

"I had a dream last night I spanked you really hard. But you had your shoes

Cindy finished the lacing the second shoe and resume the position.

"Ready Dad." she said closing her eyes.

She yelped as her father lashed her across the ass cheeks. Thirty lashes
later Cindy had tears in her eyes. Her butt was a bright red. Cindy braced
herself for the next lash but it never came. She looked behind her and
saw that Paul had dropped the belt onto a chair and was undoing his
bedroom robe. He exposed his huge morning glory.

Cindy gasped as Paul rammed his cock into her slippery wet cunt.

"That spanking made you so hot and wet darling. We might have to make this
a daily event."

Cindy moaned into the bed sheets as her first orgasm of the day rushed 
through her body.

Meanwhile at the Basket household it was quiet. Rodney looked at the clock
on his bedside table. He sighed and rolled onto his back looking at the
ceiling. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his youngest daughter Lisa
lying beside him. She was snoozing quietly. Rodney pulled back the covers
to reveal her young fourteen year old body. He watched as her breasts
slowly rose into the air. Her nipples were still erect even after last
night's activities.

His eyes followed her along her muscular tummy to her small hairy mound. 
Her legs were just perfect. Hardly any fat. Rodney brought his eyes back 
up to Lisa's face to find she was watching him.

"Morning Daddy." she said stretching.

"Hi honey. Sleep well?"

"Ah hmm." Lisa reached underneath the covers and located Rodney's penis.
It was solid. Without any orders she pulled the covers back and proceeded
to give her father a blow job. She sucked hard and then bounced her head
up and down along the shaft. Within minutes Rodney had cum.

"Feel good Daddy?"

"Oh yeah." smiled Rodney as he floated in pleasure.

Dave Andrews was already awake and so was his wife Ann. He listen intently
at her belly button to hear any noises the baby made. So far nothing this
morning. He didn't quite understand it. The baby had been practically
playing football all yesterday. Today it was zip.

He leaned back onto the pillow as Ann playfully pulled on his hair and
curled it around her fingers.

"Nothing?" she asked.

"Not today. Maybe later."

"Time to get the girls up darling." said Ann.

Dave smiled. He reached over to his bedside table and took the remote.

"Ready. Three. Two. One."

Half a second later there were screams from the next room. They only 
stopped when Dave released the button half a minute later.

Ann giggled against Dave's shoulder.

"I'm glad I'm not a slave." she said.

Dave returned Ann's smile. 'Not yet darling. Not yet.' he thought.

Cindy put some apples and pears into a plastic bag. She filled up some
drink bottles with water and took them out to the car.

Paul watched as she took items from the shelf, check the use by date and
either discarded them or put them into a bag.

"Darling. We're only going for the day." he said.

Cindy smiled. "I know Daddy. Bad timing to do Spring Cleaning I guess."

Paul nodded his head and continued to read the newspaper.

"Oh Cindy. Before I forget, take your barb-wire bra and panties."

Cindy looked up from putting music tapes into her bag.

"Sure Daddy. Can I ask why?"

"No. It's a surprise." said Paul.

"Oh. That's good. I love surprises." Cindy cringed.

Rodney Basket climbed into the Land-Rover. He had already gotten the girls
to organize the food and refreshments the night before. After the girls
climbed into the Rover he started the engine and drove off down the street.

He slipped a Sixties music CD into the CD Player. Immediately the girls
started to moan. He pulled up at a set of lights and wind down the window.

Matt rolled up beside him on his motorbike. He revved the engine a few

"Race ya Dad!" called out Matt.

Rodney smiled and shook his head. "No way son. No contest. Anyway, check
that out!"

Matt followed his father's eyes and looked over to see a teenage girl 
walking her dog. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra as she bounced
along with the dog. Her golden blonde hair swam through the breeze and
she smiled as she saw Matt. He lifted his visor, smiled and even gave
her a small wave. He turned back to his father but no one was there.

Rodney had floored the Land-Rover and was speeding down the street.

"Shit!" said Matt. He slapped his visor down and took off after him.

Rodney and the girls laughed out loud as they zoomed far ahead.

Cindy joined Paul in the BMW. He popped in the key and turned the engine.


Paul tried again. The motor didn't even click. He did a quick check of
the dash and found that the head-lights been left on.

"Shit!" he said. "Cindy, run over next door and see if they can give us
a lift."

"Will do." Cindy jumped out and disappeared out of the garage. She came
back a minute later.

"No problems." she said. She grabbed some of the refreshments.

Dave smiled as Paul shook his hand.

"Thanks buddy."

"No problems Paul. I'm just thinking though that we maybe a little

"Really? Hhhmmm ... Perhaps I can fix that." said Paul.

Jenny looked over the invitations for the twentieth time. Nothing had
changed but she secretly hoped it would. Another car pulled up the drive
way and she flagged them down. Dust flew up around her as the car slowed
to a stop on the gravel.

"Morning Sir. Welcome to Hackmoore's Castle opening. My name is Jenny.
Here is a map of the castle and school and also a raffle ticket for a
draw later on. The prize is me. You can park about 200 metres on your

The driver smiled, took the ticket and drove on.

Jenny went back to her spot in the shade. Nineteen more to go. Great.

"How ya doing back there Paul?" asked Dave.

"Great thanks. Heaps of leg room." replied Paul.

In fact Paul had most of the back seat to himself. Part of it was taken
up with a card-board box full of fruit, drink and chocolate.

Cindy knocked her head as the car bounced over a bump.

"Ow!" she said. Sharon and Melissa who were also with her in the trunk of
the car tried to hold onto the sides.

"Why are we in here." asked Cindy for the third time.

"For the third time Cindy, we're slaves. Remember." said Melissa.

"Oh yeah. That's right." said Cindy rolling her eyes.

The car bounced over another bump. Paul laughed as all three girls hit the
roof. Literally.

"Don't worry girls." Paul yelled behind him. "Only another three hours or
so to go."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 55 "Castle Opening"

Ann lashed out for her husband Dave. She was held back by two porters. She
tried to claw them but her wrists were grabbed and tied behind her back.
She yelled, scream and tried to spit as Dave walked away laughing.

"You're dead!! I will fucking kill you you fucking son of a bitch!" cursed
Ann as she was lead away. A porter had to put a small wire around her neck
to stop her from screaming. He twisted it to cut off her breathing. She settled 
down long enough to be taken into a cell in the Castle.

Dave took a beer from Rodney's hand. "Thanks buddy." said Dave.

"She didn't take the news very well huh?" asked Rodney watching Ann being
taken into the castle.

Dave smiled. "An understatement mate. Well, I guess I could have mentioned 
it to her earlier, like before she got pregnant."

Rodney and Dave laughed. 

"Man Dave. That was harsh. She didn't know if she had a third kid that she
was automatically a slave under TU rules?"


Again Rodney laughed. Considering he too sold his wife to the school made
things easier. 

"What will happen to her?" asked Matt as he took another slug of his beer.

Dave looked over to the entrance of the Castle. 

"From what John tells me he's got me a good price with his brother in HK."

"HK?" asked Matt.

"Hong Kong." advised Rod. Matt nodded in understanding.

"Well Dave." said Rodney. "All I can say is, well done." as he slapped
Dave on the shoulder. They clinked their beer bottles together and drunk
them in celebration.

Priest walked into his room and closed the door. He sat on the end of his
bed and breath a long sigh of relief. 'What a day.' he thought. He stood
up, stretched his arms and then pulled his robe over his head. He placed it
over the back of a chair. 

A few minutes later he was lying in bed looking at the ceiling. He ran
through the day's events in his mind. His first task of the day was to
get Jane and Sue Henderson setup. The memories were so vivid in his mind.

The girls screamed. A rope had been tied to both the girls' breasts through 
the hole of a board. The board was covered with sharp spikes. Their arms 
had been tied behind their backs and also a small spreader bar was on the 
girls ankles making it extremely difficult for them to walk. They didn't 
dare fall over.

Before Priest had tied the girls breasts he walked up to them and inserted
a needle into their tender flesh. Sue didn't scream as much as Jane. So to
make Sue's breasts more sensitive Priest pushed a ring through her nipple.

The girls vagina lips were connected to a wire linked to a pole behind them.
At the moment things were just bearable as only the girls tits were being

Then Sue saw the weights. Priest and Ivy stood beside each of the girls
lifting the weight. Ivy made a bit of a show at how heavy it was. Then
both teachers nodded to each other and dropped the weights onto the wires.

The girls pleaded for mercy and quickly their pleas turned to screams.
Sue started pulling back to release the strain on her cunt lips but this 
only forced extra problems with her twin sister on the other side.

The guests watched on and took bets as to which girls tits would be pulled
into the sharp spikes first. The breasts were red to begin with and were
heading to a dark purple very quickly.

For nearly six minutes the twins tugged back and forth. Sweat poured from
their foreheads and faces. Sue was tugging away while Jane had managed to
brace herself in the ground. Sue screamed and screamed trying to dislodge
her sister but with little success. It looked like her breasts were going
to be pulled off her chest.

"Hi honey?"

Both girls looked up. There father and mother were at the front of the
crowd. The girls had been so distracted with the game they didn't even see
them arrive. Sue was much quicker on the reaction and looked over to her 
sister. She had eased her brace.

Sue bent her knees and jumped backwards. Jane yelped as she was yanked
forward. Jane's tender breasts impaled themselves onto the spikes. 

Jane screamed. Both her tits were skewered. Also her cunt lips had ripped 
from the wire being yanked out from her twin sister's jump. Jane looked
over to her parents for help but they were clapping and cheering along
with the rest of the crowd. Jane fainted.

Nurse Luxe appeared with two porters. They took Jane to the Doctor's new
office in the castle. She smiled at Priest and then followed the porters.

Priest released Sue from the rope and let her go off with her parents. As
the crowd spread out a bit Priest heard some feedback from the speakers on
the stage. He watched as the new headmaster tapped the mike and call out
some instructions to the porter looking after the sound gear.

"Testing testing. One two three." came the booming voice. Most of the crowd
had stopped to watch the man on the stage.

JT got the thumbs up from the sound-man and he turned to the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very much for coming to the opening of
the Tu Ubbidire Castle. My name is John Thornton. As you all know Mr Boggis
is no longer with us after his dreadful accident. I am his replacement and
I hope I can be every bit as good as my predecessor. Firstly I must apologies 
for us pushing back the deadline of the opening day. I do hope it didn't cause 
too much inconvenience. I shall now pass you over to John Gabriel. Owner of 

John took the mike and waited for the applause to die down.

"Thank you JT. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Finially we've made the
dream that we all share possible. The school couldn't have succeeded without
your support. I thank you for this. Now without any further boring speeches
let me ask one question? Tell me, who enjoyed the little contest we had 
before with the two students?"

The crowd clapped and whistled their response.

"Do you want more?" asked John.

The crowd roared their approval.

"Good. On your maps which Jenny gave you earlier you'll find locations
throughout the castle with your student's initials on there. I know there
are a couple of double-ups so we're going to bring out some of the new TU
slaves to guide you."

John looked over to the castle entrance and a line of girls walked out. Ages
ran from 14 to 30. All the girls had on white T-shirts with 'Slave - Please
fuck me!' written on them. 

"The slaves will do whatever you wish, without hesitation. If you have any
questions. Please just ask one of the teachers who will be floating around
the area. Thank you."

The crowd clapped and moved slowly to choose a slave. Priest looked around.
Everyone seemed to be working things out fine. His eyes came to rest on
the Hendersons, Don and Kim. They were studying the map like tourists.
There daughter Sue stood behind them keeping quiet. He walked over.

"Mr and Mrs Henderson. How may I serve you?" said the Priest as he bowed

"We're a little unsure as to what to do Vicar." said Kim smiling.

Priest returned her smile. "I can help you Mrs Henderson. May I call you Kim?"

Kim nodded. "Please do. This is my husband Don."

Priest shook Don's hand. "Pleasure Sir. People just call me Priest."

"And what do your friends call you?" asked Don.

"What friends? Sir?"

Don grinned his understand.

Priest looked around and found a slave that no one had taken. "First lets
get a slave for your enjoyment." 

He clicked his fingers and the slave looked up. She ran over to stand by
the Priest's side. She was about 16 years old with light brown hair and a
classic hour-glass figure. Her breasts were small for her body size.

"Name." asked Priest.

"Gemma Sir."

"Ah yes Gemma." Priest turned to the Hendersons. "Gemma was a squatter here
at the Castle. We took control of their group about three weeks ago. What
has happened to you since then Gemma?"

"Sir. I have been injected with the hormones. Fucked up the cunt, my back
passage and also made to suck cock. I use to be fat before I became a slave
and one of the teachers has made me run five miles a day to lose weight."

Priest looked at Gemma. He knew she was on the verge of crying.

"Gemma. If you start crying then I'll increase the distance to ten miles
a day. Do you understand."

Gemma looked up with shock into Priest's face. She nodded.

"Good. Lead us to location JH."

The group followed Gemma into the Castle.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 56 "Castle Games - Part Two"

The outside of the school was stone and hard looking while inside was pure
paradise. There were marble pillars and the floor was also made of marble.
Swords and other various weapons decorated the walls. Don got the impression
he was in King Arthur's castle. He and Kim chatted continuously pointing out
items the other may have missed.

They walked through an arch and came to the large room.

"This is the main room. All of our activities with the students happen
under-ground. Up here is mostly for display purposes. To our left is the
administration area. Down the back is the kitchens and to our right is
the ballroom and presentation areas. Carry on Gemma." said Priest.

Gemma lead the group down stairs and through the hallways. After a couple
of turns and some stops to see what the other groups were doing to their
slaves they came to a door. Gemma opened it and walked in.

It was empty except for a bottle of baby oil. Don and Kim looked at each 
other and then at Priest.

"Priest?" asked Kim. "What are we suppose to do here?"

Priest smiled. It wasn't uncommon for couples to expect machines and whips
for torture. 

"Well Kim. We have a challenge for you and your husband. I know you and 
your husband are new to the idea of TU so the school has asked me to find
out what you can do with practically nothing and still punish your 

Kim tried to read Priest's expression for any clues on what they were 
suppose to do. She got nothing. Don simply nodded and walked over to pick
up the bottle of baby oil. He made a show of study it carefully.

"Sue. Gemma. Strip and come here." he said. Priest stood back by the door
and watched. The girls removed their clothing and walked over to their master.

"On all fours." ordered Don. The girls obeyed. Don looked at his wife and
watched her expression as he tossed the bottle into the corner of the room.

"Darling?" she asked expecting an answer.

"Trust me wife. Now you fist our daughter's ass and make sure you keep your
rings on. The more pain, the better. Isn't that right Priest?"

He looked over to the Priest. Both men nodded in agreement. Don slapped
Gemma's ass and commanded her to part her legs. She did so. He pushed a
finger into her anal passage. 

"Man she's tight. Hold still slut!" said Don. He forced more of his fingers
in. Gemma started to moan and sob. She dropped to her elbows and tried to
relax as Don forced more of his hand into her ass. With a final grunt Don
pushed in hard. Gemma slid along the floor half a foot and tried to brace

As Don's hand pushed in she screamed. Her ass muscle wrapped itself around
his wrist. He pushed, pulled and started to pump. Gemma moaned with each
movement. Don looked up at his wife. 

"Get to work darling." he said.

Kim knelt down beside her daughter and pried open her ass cheeks. Like her
husband she pushed her hand in to her daughter's loud moans. Kim made full
use of her long strong finger nails and dug them into Sue's passage. Sue
cried out loud and sobbed as her mother ass fucked her with her fist.

Don pried open Gemma's vagina lips and pushed his hand into her cunt. He
ignored Gemma's pleas to stop. He had never felt so powerful. He was going
to make this bitch scream. He was going to make his daughters scream.
Occasionally he got tired of her begging and twisted his hand inside her anus.
Gemma screamed and sobbed into the floor.

Priest watched as Kim pushed her hand into Sue's cunt. He knew her hands
were quite small but with the large diamond rings and long nails Sue wasn't
having much of a picnic. 

Priest noticed a small crowd of people at the doorway and nodded for them
to come in. Don and Kim ignored the crowd and continued punishing the bitches.

Don and Kim finally pulled their hands out. Shit covered their fingers
and wrists. Kim had a few small spots of blood on her fingers. Don walked
over to his daughter.

"On your knees and clean me off." Sue could smell the feces on his hand
and leaned back shaking her head.

"Now!" ordered Don. Sue shook her head again.

Priest looked down. 'Just great.' he thought. He pulled out a four inch
long needle. He walked over to behind Sue and showed her the needle.

"This will be inserted five times into your ass, cunt and tits. If you
want more then you just say no to your father one more fucking time!"

Sue looked at the needle and made a very quick decision. She reached out 
with her hand and took her father's shit pained arm and stuck out her 
tongue. She began to lick. Priest took her neck in one hand and stabbed 
the needle into the side of her breast. Sue cried out. Blood oozed from 
the hole as Priest pulled it out.

"One." he said. He let go of her neck and swung his hand jabbing the 
needle into Sue's ass cheek. Sue again cried out but continued to lick
her father's hand.


Priest looked over to Gemma. Their eyes met and Gemma immediately took
Kim's hand and licked it like her life depended on it. Priest gave the
needle to Don.

"Three more if you please." said Priest.

Sue screamed as the needle entered her left upper thigh. Don didn't pull
it out. He left it there. It twitched under Sue's leg muscle as she 
continued to lick his hand.

After a few minutes Gemma was sent to get two hand towels. Don and Kim
wiped their hands on the towels chatting excitedly about what punishments
they had lined up for their daughters at home.

Sue cringed with each description but slowly a wave of submission rolled
over her from the special hormones and even she became interested in the 

"Dad! Please!" cried Cindy.

Paul Winslow slapped his daughter across the cheek. She looked up at his

"Don't you forget your place young lady." hissed her father.

Cindy was taken by a porter and her hands were cuffed to some chains in
the ceiling. She was forced to straddle a long sloping beam that had curved
spikes coming out of the top. A belt was tied to her waist which had two 
chains hanging from it. Her ankles were cuffed to the chains forcing all of 
Cindy's weight onto her cunt and ass.

At the top of the beam was a rope connected to a pulley. The porter tied
the rope to Cindy's belt.

"Before you pull her up the spikes please give her a few whippings." asked

Another porter watched from the side. "I'll do that Tom." He picked up a
studded horse whip and lashed Cindy's breasts, back and thighs. After a
few minutes Paul asked him to stop.

"Ready darling?" he asked. Cindy couldn't respond. She had been gagged.

Paul nodded to the porter and he started to crank the pulley. Cindy's felt
the first spike and then sighed her relief as she realised it wasn't a blade.
Slowly her cunt dragged over the spike and she tried to scream. The tip of 
the spike pushed into her cunt lip and cut in.

Whoever had designed the torture device was clever. It would cut the girl's
cunt and ass but not deeply. Small light cuts would cause a lot more pain.
The tip of the spike dragged itself along Cindy's left ass cheek and then
popped into her ass-hole. 

Paul watched the expression of her face. "Don't worry honey. One down, 
fourteen to go."

Cindy was slowly dragged over each spike. A couple of times the porter
judged where she was being hurt by a spike the most and stopped pulling
leaving her there to squirm in pain. Occasionally the other porter would
whip the bottom of Cindy's feet to keep things interesting. Blood trailed
over the spikes and coloured the beam.

Finally Cindy got to the top. Her cunt was screaming in agony. Her ankles
were bloodied and sore. Paul reached over and remove her gag. Cindy gasped
for air and sobbed into her arms.

"Well done Cindy. I'm very impressed." said her father.

"Dad. I want to go home." sobbed Cindy.

"Will do shortly honey. But what goes up, must come down."

Paul managed to get the gag back in before Cindy realized what he meant 
and scream the castle down. She felt the tip of the first spike puncture 
her ass cheek and she was slowly let back down the beam.

Paul ordered another slave to take pictures. He wanted to cherish the
moment, forever.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 57 "Castle Games - Part Three"

Samantha Basket held very very still. She knew if she moved she would more
than likely have a new asshole within a few seconds. Her arms were tied
behind her back and pulled upwards so she could barely move. She heard the
power drill scream into life and winced as the drill bit nicked off some
more skin and flesh from her anus.

Blood flicked everywhere. All over Sam. All over her legs and back. All
over the guy who pushed the drill in further and further. Sam breathed out
as the drill whined down again. She listened as the man swapped drill bits
cursing each time as he nicked some skin off his knuckles. Sam had to hide 
a smile each time he swore.

Her butt was grabbed again and ass cheeks separated. The drill screamed
into life once again and Sam cried out as more and more skin was torn
away. A few seconds later the drill was silent again. Sam felt the man
undoing her ropes. She took the cloth he offered her and pushed it into
her rectum. The blood was already clotting she noticed.

"Not bad girlie, not bad at all." said the man as he was walking away.

A minute later another man came in. He was much taller than the last

"Blowjob." he commanded.

Samantha sighed and eased onto her knees taking care to make sure the
cloth didn't fall out. She unzip his pants and started blowing the man.

'Thank God it's Friday.' she thought.

Ivy and John drunk some more of the wine. With the hot sun outside and the
wine Ivy felt a little dizzy. She moved over to the shade and dropped into
one of the vacant chairs. John finished pouring himself a refill and joined



"You said two weeks back you were going to tell me the date of our wedding.
It's now two weeks." said Ivy. John looked over to her and she fluttered
her eyelids.

He groaned and rolled his eyes. Truth was he had forgotten all about it.

"How about the Summer solstice?" he asked.

"Three weeks from now. Do you think we have time?"

"I wouldn't have said it if I didn't think we couldn't make it."

It must be the wine thought Ivy. She had never really seen John drink
before. Also he had been under stress with the opening.

"Sounds great darling." she said soothingly.

"Good. Where do you want it?"

"Out here in the sun would be nice. We can have the reception in the
Castle ballroom."

"No worries. I'll make arrangements."

"Tell ya what honey. Let me do the organizing. You just have your bucks
party and make sure you show up for the I Do part. Deal?"

John smiled. "Deal. I guess I need a best man."

John looked around until his saw who he wanted. A few minutes later Priest
happily agreed to be his best man.

The motorcycle roared as Matt Baskett took the corner. He leaned in real
close like those guys on the racetrack so. A couple of times he skinned
his knees real bad but not today. He finished the corner, righted himself
and pushed forward on the throttle.

The trees turned into a blur as he sped back to his home town. Once there
he refueled the bike and spent the next hour looking for the girl he saw
earlier in the day. He had nearly given up all hope when he pulled into
one of the petrol stations to get some snacks before going back to home.

And there she was. She walked out from behind the fly-screen. Matt pulled
off his helmet and smiled. She recognized who he was.

"Hi." she said.

"Hi." replied Matt.

"Nice bike."

"Thanks. Nice dog." replied Matt. The girl looked over to her dog who
was sitting there panting in the hot sun.

"Thank you." she smiled.

"What is your name?" asked Matt.

"Natasha. My friends call me Nat."

"Nice name. I'm Matt. Would you like to go for a ride?"

Natasha had been dieing for Matt to ask. Without even replying she put her
hand on his shoulder and climbed on behind him. Matt put his helmet down
by Nat's dog. "Look after it boy. We'll be back soon."

Matt revved the engine and Nat held on tight as they zoomed off down the

"Come on girls. You can do better than that!" said John.

The contest was between Jackie and Lisa Basket. Both girls were on a 
platform. A piece of wood was tied to their elbows keeping their arms
behind their backs. Their cunt lips were ringed and tied to a small rope
that went into a hole in the floor. 

John explained to them that the winner will not be punished for the rest
of the day. The loser would be staked out in the middle of the grounds and
whipped by all the guests. Then she would be fucked by all the animals and
then be lifted by her boobs in a tree for at least three hours.

'That's good motivation.' thought Jackie.

Jackie had at least six years on her little sister but Lisa was very
athletic where Jackie wasn't. Jackie pulled upwards pulling Lisa down to
within a few inches of the floor. Lisa howled. Her cunt lips were being
pulled right off her body. 

The girls jostled back and forth. After two minutes John called a time
out where Ivy and John used a horse whip on both the girls shins. This made
it nearly impossible for the girls to even stand up properly.

The girls fought again. There cry of pain echoed through the castle. Blood
dripped from their over stretched vagina lips. In the end Jackie had to
give in. She dropped to her bottom and cried.

John clapped and helped both girls to their feet.

"Well done girls. That was an excellent competition. Ivy, take Lisa to be
staked please."

Lisa looked up. "What?!? But I won?"

John smiled. "No you didn't. I didn't say how you win this game. You
assumed the object was to get the opponent's butt onto the ground. Very
wrong I'm afraid. I have to admit I wondered if you girls knew that. 
Oh well."

Lisa was stunned. Her vagina lips ached and were bloodied when in fact
both of the girls could have sat down and not be punished at all. When 
Lisa was taken to the staking area she noticed that a group of guests 
had already arrived. 

A guy was already practicing his whipping on some nearby grass.

Nat's dog whined as he heard the noise of the motorcycle. Matt and Nat soon
came into view and pulled up at the petrol station. Nat jumped off.

"Thanks Matt. That was great fun." giggle Nat as she played with her hair.

"My pleasure. Can I see you again?" asked Matt.

Nat smiled. "Sure. Got a piece of paper?"

Matt checked his pockets. He already knew he didn't. Natasha sensed his
concern and took his hand. She pushed his fingers back and pulled a pen
out from her pocket. She wrote her phone number down on his palm.

"Call me." she said. She handed the helmet back to Matt and walked off
with her dog close behind her.

Matt gave her a little wave. 'You bet.' he thought.

Priest caught up with Don and Kim Henderson in one of the classrooms. They
were testing out a new toy on their personal slave Gemma. Gemma seemed to
be enjoying herself as Priest simply followed her screams from the hallway.

Gemma was lying on a table with her hands, head and torso strapped down.
Straps also held her legs down just below the knees but her feet were 
hanging over the edge. Don was holding onto a can with a steel nozzle.
It was a gas can that would flame if lit.

Don and Kim laughed hysterically as they past the flame back and forth
across Gemma's tortured soles. Priest watched from the doorway. Don put
the flame directly onto Gemma's toes and held it there. It was nearly
seven seconds before Priest managed to pull the can away.

"Idiot!" yelled Priest. He grabbed the can and switched it off. He moved
over to a phone by the door. It was an intercom system. He pressed the
button for the Doctor's office and ordered medical attention. He then 
took a bucket and filled it with water. 

During all this Gemma was screaming her head off as her toes sizzled from
the flame. Don and Kim had taken off. Priest poured the water onto Gemma's 
feet and slowly Gemma calmed down. The doctor arrived and started treatment 
on the slave.

Priest threw the bucket into the corner of the room and it landed with
a loud clang. He stormed off out of the room to find the Hendersons.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 58 "The Prize"

The dogs howled. They wanted to get on with the chase. They pulled 
desperately at their leashes. John held the biggest dog. Foam appeared
at it's lips. Sharp teeth appeared from behind it's lips as it snarled.

"Steady boy! Steady!" he called to the dog. The dog looked around at the
other dogs. It growled at them and a couple of them put their heads down
in submission.

"Three more minutes people." yelled out John. Ivy stood beside John. She
looked out over to the forest. She saw some of the slaves dash between
the trees. She smiled. They were not going to get far if they don't run
further than that. She always loved the chase.

"Fucking Screw-Fiddles!" screamed Jody Basket. She had fallen into a
blackberry patch. She couldn't even reach down to pick the thorns out of
her legs and thighs. The bottom of her feet were raw and tender from
stepping on stones, rocks and in one case, a wasp.

The Screw Fiddle is a head and hand cuff. Two pieces of wood were joined
at the end by a hinge. Both halves of the wood were put side by side where 
three holes were made. One for the neck and two for the hands. The two
halves were joined together with a lock at the other end of the fiddle
making it impossible for the captive to do anything but run or walk.

Right now, all the girls were running. Cindy Winslow came back to provide
moral support for Jody as she got up. Both girls ran on through the trees.

Jody slowed to a halt breathing heavily. "I can't run any further. I need
to rest."

Then she heard the horn blowing to signal the release of the hounds.

She swallowed. "Rest's over. Let's fucking move!"

Cindy could barely keep up with Jody as she sprinted along the tree line.
The barking got louder as the girls came to a fence. Cindy turned as she
heard a scream from one of the other slaves. The screams got stronger.

"What is happening to those other girls?"

"Fuck knows. But I ain't waiting to find out." said Jody. She took off
further along the tree-line. Cindy ran too. She looked over her shoulder
and caught the white eyes of John's dog as it leaped a fallen. 
It growled in it's hot pursuit.

'Only way to beat this one is to out run Jody.' thought Cindy. She knew it
was a cowardly thing to do but she wasn't about to be attacked by a dog.
Especially this one. 

Cindy ran close to Jody and kicked at her ankle. Jody went ass over tit.
She landed flat on her back. "What the fuck!" she screamed as Cindy ran
past. She got to her knees when she heard the growling behind her. 

The dog was three metres away when leaped. Jody stared up into it's big
red eyes as it closed in on her. The last she saw was it's large paws as
it crashed into her.

Cindy turned back to see a tangled mess of dog and Jody on the ground.
The dog recovered instantly and ran behind Jody. As she rolled onto her
knees the dog mounted her. Jody screamed as it's large hot throbbing
penis pushed past her cunt lips and started rutting her. It's paws dug
into her back leaving long trails of scratches.

Cindy turned and ran on. She knew she was the winner but she had to evade
capture for a while yet.

"Thank you everyone. I have the pleasure of announcing the winner of the
raffle. First prize is the services of our best slave. She is in prime
condition and has been with the school since we accepted her as a student
over three years ago. She is a master in cock-sucking, cunt-licking, anal
fucking and in many other skills. So without further a due please can I 
have the holder of ticket number ..."

JT made a bit of a show of trying to locate the piece of paper in his
pockets. From his view he could see various people in the crowd secretly
urging him to hurry up.

With a smile he pulled out the piece of paper and showed it to the crowd.

"Number thirteen! Does anyone have number thirteen please?"

A murmur rolled through the crowd as everyone looked at each other for the
raffle winner. JT scanned the crowd but no one seemed to have the winning 
number. Then suddenly a voice called out from the back of the crowd.

"Yahoo! Found it!"

JT focused in on the voice. Paul Winslow moved his way through a small
applause to the stage. Paul shook hands with JT and told him his name.

"Congratulations to Paul Winslow!" he called out to the crowd.

Ivy was standing beside the odd shaped tent. Occasionally something under
it moved. A number of people had wondered what sort of condition the slave
was in when the cover was removed.

Ivy beamed a smile to the crowd and in one move pulled off the cover. All
eyes fell onto Jenny. She was tied kneeling down on a small table. Her
arms tied behind her back and also had a gag in her mouth. A rope was tied
around her neck with a large concrete block pulling her backwards. From
Jenny's position she could look at the crowd upside down.

Paul Winslow gave Ivy a small kiss on the cheek and looked over his prize.
He reached over and pinched her nipples hard. Jenny gave a slight moan
into her gag but Paul wanted more. He wanted to please the crowd.

He pulled off Jenny's gag then gripped the rope holding her neck and the 
block and slowly pulled down. Muscles tensed in Jenny's legs as she tried 
to keep her back from snapping in half. Her breasts stuck straight up in 
the warm afternoon air.

Jenny quickly screamed. The crowd whistled and urged Paul on. They loved it.
Tears filled up in her eyes from the strain. Paul held her there for a few 
more seconds and then let go of the rope.

"So what will you do with her?" asked JT to Paul and the crowd.

Paul smiled. "She will pay for being a fucking slave!"

The crowd whistled and clapped. They thought that was an okay response.

Paul thanked JT while Ivy released Jenny from the table. She made sure she
untied the rope around her neck last.

Jenny lay on top of Melissa and Cindy lay on top of Sharon in the trunk
of Dave Andrews's car. Both Paul and Dave were in the front seats. The 
back seat was empty but if you're a slave owner, you've got to set a 
good example.

Dave quickly ran over some cattle stops. The echoes of pained shrieks and 
yells from the girls made the perfect ending to a great day.

A few days later a very pregnant Ann Winslow arrived in Hong Kong. She woke
up and realized she was in a large shipping crate. They had starved her
before they shipped her out and at the last minute gave her food. Obviously
the food was drugged. 

The crate was totally dark. She could feel hay beneath her feet. Cuffs
held her ankles and hands together. Her head pounded from a headache. She
lay her head back in the hay and waited. It was only then she realised her
ass hole felt really tender. She tried to shift into a more comfortable
position in the hay. The hay was very dry and broke easily as she moved.

Something touched her leg. Ann didn't move. She lay perfectly still. She
felt fingers probe and searched their surroundings. The fingers then 
pinched her skin. Ann gritted her teeth but a small sound emitted from 
her throat.

"Hey! She's awake!" yelled the voice. Ann startled. The voice was right
by her feet. She tried to get up but hands grabbed her arms and legs. 
She was flipped over onto her back.

"Remember." came the voice. "She's got a kid so only the ass hole."

Ann felt fingers check the location of her rectum and they were quickly
replaced by a sizeable cocks. She screamed into the hay as the cocks rode
her like a horse.

A few hours later the door opened. Ann blinked at the flash light as it
sweeped across the crate. She was still lying on her front. She caught
her first glimpse of her unseen rapists. They were all boys, none of them
older than fourteen.

She was roughly pulled by her hair to her feet. The torch was directed at
her face and pain shoot through her eyes to her brain. Ann tried to look
away but the hand holding her hair gripped tighter. She could hear the 
sounds of the boys as they were pulled out of the crate into the darkness
of the night.

"Ah. You're the slut who got preggos three times. Bad luck bitch. Now
you're mine and so will be your new born bitch!"

The torch was lowered. Ann looked through slit eyes at her captive. 

"John? Is that you?" she asked.

The punch to her face answered her question.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 59 "Milking Time."

Clarice Basket. Age 42. Wife to Rodney Basket. Mother to four daughters
and one son. Sold to Hackmoore's School. Current occupation: Slave.

She shivers as another bucket of ice cold water was toss onto her body. 
As was his habit with buckets Priest tossed it into the corner and
it clanged against the stones before settling down.

Priest had taken a very personal interest in Clarice's well being. He had
decided long ago that she wasn't going to have an easy life and he got up
an hour earlier in the mornings to make her run five miles. Clarice's had
lost most of her fat turning her into the classic hour glass figure. The
hormones tightened her skin and her boobs making them very appealing. Her 
muscles were stronger than ever. Endurance was especially high due to all 
the long term tortures Priest put her on during the day.

But there was one thing he hadn't been able to break with Clarice.

Her attitude. Every chance she got she fought, spat, screamed, clawed,
yelled, kicked and cursed. She was cuffed with her arms above her head and
her back to the wall. Her pure hated glares at Priest were getting annoying.

"Good morning Clarice. How are we today?"

Priest waited till she finished her cursing. Mostly this meant waiting for
her to take a breath before he forced the gag into her mouth. But today was
different. Today was special, but then Priest decided it wasn't so special 
she would go without her gag. 

After forcing the cock-gag into her mouth he asked "Today is your wedding 
anniversary Clarice. Isn't that nice?"

Clarice didn't answer. Even if she wasn't gagged she still wouldn't have
answered such a ridiculous question. Priest shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh well. No talkies today then. Let's just go for our run shall we."

He pulled the five foot whip from the cupboard. He added vinegar to the
end to make it much more special.

Doctor Every was already up. In fact he had been up an hour earlier working
on a new experiment. He squeezed some solution from a syringe into a jar.
The liquids combined turning purple. Doctor Every took some breast milk 
from a container and allowed a drop to fall from the vial.

He was rewarded with a small mushroom cloud of smoke. The liquid went pure

"Excellent!" he said excitedly.

He scribbled some notes onto a pad and then repeated the experiment.

Jenny was also up early. Her restful slumber had been rudely awakened by
Dave Andrews and his over-powered vacuum cleaner. On the info-merical it
stated it could lift a bowling ball just from the suction alone.

Jenny bet the manufacturers of the vacuum didn't think it would suck onto
a woman's breast, pull her out of bed and was currently being dragged down
the very long flight of stairs. Somehow she couldn't see any of the house
wives on the commercial raising their hands to demonstrate that.

Jenny's hip bounced off the last stair and she came to a halt. Dark blue 
veins stood out from her well over stretched breast. She held onto it to
try and protect it.

"Hands away." said Dave. Jenny caught sight of the horse whip, sobbed for
a second and then let her arms drop to her side.

Pain erupted through her body as the first lash struck her tender boob.

After Forty nine more lashes she was then pulled upstairs with her other 
boob stuck to the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

Clarice sat down and raised to arms to allowed Priest to cuff her back to 
the wall. Her breathing was strong and her heart rate high but in a few 
minutes she'd be back to normal. 

Priest stood in the middle of the room. Clarice waited.

"Come in gentlemen." he said.

Clarice watched as three porters entered the room. They grouped around
her and tied her wrists behind her back. It dawned on Clarice that if
Priest needed this much muscle power then she was in for a very bad day.

She was right.

The porters dragged Clarice to the middle of the room. Only then did she
noticed the two lengths of wire handing from the ceiling. Priest took out
two large fishing hooks.

"What's today Priest? A boob job?" snorted Clarice.

"Look at me Clarice." said Priest. 

He brought his face in close to hers.

"Don't blink. You don't want to miss me." 

Clarice tried to struggle but was still recovering from her run. A porter
held her head as Priest inserted the hooks under her bottom eyelids. The
hooks pierced her eyeballs. She was lifted by the porters so the hooks
could be linked to the wire.

For the next seven hours she stood there on her tip toes.

Priest was true to his word. He was the last thing she ever saw.

John laughed. He laughed so hard his ribs hurt.

"That's fucking excellent doctor! Fucking A excellent!"

Doctor Every beamed. He always did like approval and praise for his work.
The current headmaster wasn't quite so sure of the whole idea.

"I'm sorry Doctor Every. I don't quite understand. What does this new
formula of yours do?"

The Doctor sat quietly for a few seconds trying to reorganize his thoughts.

"Headmaster. What this formula allows us to do is mass produce breast milk.
As you may or may not know breast milk is extremely high in vitamins,
minerals, whatever. We can get a few redundant slaves and set them up as
cows and we can sell off the milk to health clinics, gyms, etc."

JT smiled. Doctor Every realized he managed to get the message through.
John patted the Doctor on the back.

"When can we start Doc?" he asked.

"Give me five slaves to run a couple of tests and if they're successful
then we can be operational within a month."

"Done. Grab four of the squatter girls and also Clarice Basket."

"Thank you John. JT." said Doctor Every as he stood up and shook both 
their hands. The Doctor paused before he got to the door.

"John. A question. Isn't Priest looking after Clarice these days?"

"Yeah I think so. But just let him know play time is over. Slaves are here
to work and to serve. Not play."

The Doctor nodded and left the room.

Priest watched as Clarice tip toed around. He sat in the corner not making
a sound. Clarice wimpered a lot as small streams of blood and vitreous 
fluid dribbled out and down her cheeks from the puncture wounds in her eyes.

Priest smiled. He pulled back his long sleeve and inspected the ring that
John will give to Ivy next week. It was a simple gold band but it had an
inscription on it. John had asked for it especially. Priest read the Latin
phrase and nearly laughed out loud.

He looked up as Doctor Every and a porter entered the room.

"Sorry Priest. I have need of Clarice." said the Doctor.

The Priest shrugged. "Not if she needs to find a needle in a haystack
I'm afraid my good Doctor."

Doctor Every frowned and then walked over to Clarice. He saw the hooks
and just shook his head. He waved his hand to the porter to remove the
hooks and take her to his office.

"She doesn't need to see. Good day Priest."

The door closed. Priest waited a few seconds while the rage within him
started to boil over.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he yelled. He stormed off to find John in the 
headmaster's office.

"Hi Priest. What's up?" asked John.

"Lost my play toy John. Hoping you have something else to keep me busy."
replied Priest.

"Did you damage her Priest?"

"What's a little blindness between a slave and me."

"That's the problem Priest. You do unacceptable damage to my goods."

Priest shrugged his shoulders like a school boy. "I just gotta be me."

John nodded. "I know. That's why I wanted you here at the school. There
is a squatter downstairs called Gemma. Take her. One condition. No
damage else she's the last."

Priest nodded. "Thanks Gov."

Doctor Every pushed the six inch needle into Clarice's nipple. Clarice
screamed into her gag as the Doctor pushed and pulled the needle in and
out. When the half litre of solution was pumped in he sat back and watched.
Nurse Luxe stood at his side.

"What should happen Doctor?" she asked.

"Ssshh .. you'll see in about ten seconds."

Nurse Luxe giggled as Clarice's tits began to swell. They got bigger and
bigger. After two minutes her breasts were the size of basketballs and
were still going.

Clarice continued to scream into her gag. Small white bandages covered
her eyes.

Nurse Luxe went and got the Doctor a cup of tea. She held the cup for him
while he watched the slave's tits. They were now the size of medium sized
beach balls. Stretch marks appeared along Clarice's breasts. Her nipples
had lengthened also.

The Doctor took the nipple and squeezed it like one would milk a cow. He
was rewarded with a spray of milk. He pumped a couple of times to put it
into his cup of tea. Then he drank it.

"Lovely. Just lovely."

Clarice didn't stop screaming once.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 60 "Get a room."

The motel was cheap. Not that Matt couldn't afford a decent motel but his
father was a very important person in business and the less attention that
was drawn to him the better. The motel manager was a seedy man. He looked
like he had been wearing his grey shirt for two weeks straight. Dry patches
of sweat showed through from around his arm pits that nearly made Natasha
push to go elsewhere.

Matt shook his head. He took the key and the love birds went over to the
room. The door swung inwards quietly. Matt ignored the damage to the top
corner of it and once Natasha was inside he closed the door and locked it.

The rooms were about as appealing as sucking on the motel managers shirt.
The carpet was bare in most places and if it wasn't bare, it was stained.
Mostly in cum Matt decided later. The bed was something even a Nun would 
turn her nose up at and Natasha quickly closed the door to the bathroom.
It remained shut until they left.

"I know you're eager Nat but are you sure you want to do it here?" asked
Matt. He secretly hope to take her back to his house.

Natasha closed in on Matt and hugged his tightly. She grew up in places
like this but that didn't mean she enjoyed them. She stared up deep into
his eyes and flicked her tongue out. It touch his nose leaving a small wet
patch. Matt automatically wiped it away.

"Okay, I grant you it's not posh but it'll do, won't it?" she asked.

Matt wasn't so certain. He had been looking forward to bedding down with
Nat ever since he met her. What she did to him physically just by how he
thought of her was enough for Matt to wake up his sister Jody last night
and screw her till dawn.

Matt unhooked his arms from Nat and pulled back the bed sheets. Nothing
jumped out at them. That's a pretty good start he thought. He looked over
at Nat and smiled.

"Come here ... woman."

Ivy felt like Santa. She wrote a list and was now checking it twice. She
scribbled names, then crossed them out and then re-wrote them. All her life
she had wondered what her wedding would be like. She didn't think it would
be so hard to plan. So hard to please everyone.

She sighed and dropped the pen onto the pad. She rolled her head to the
side to relieve the tension in her shoulders. Then she felt a pair of hands
as they massaged her neck. She kept her eyes closed. It felt so good. She
could be massaged by John all day.

"How does that feel?" said a voice.

Ivy's eyes shot open.


The hands disappeared. Ivy turned to see who it was but the person had
already gone. She already knew it was the Priest. The dead smell of moth-
balls filled the air behind her. 'I wonder what he's up to?' wondered Ivy.

Jenny knelt down to the device. She already knew what it did and how it
did it. They had one at the school and once every so often Ivy or John
would put her into it. What was strange was that she was being shackled
to the device. Normally John or Ivy just made her do it without bonds.

Both her ankles were cuffed. Her wrists also cuffed and chained to the
foot board behind her. A section of the bench was hollowed out for her
upper belly area. This allowed her boobs to lie on the bench better.

She watched as Dave pushed down on the handle. Slowly her boobs flattened
out and then very quickly came the pain. Jenny never had to worry about
breast cancer. Her diet, exercise and the hormones saw to that. She also
never had to wonder what breast screening felt like. It was probably much
easier than what she endured on this device.

Dave raised the handle a bit and then pushed it back down by putting his 
whole weight onto it. Jenny kicked her feet and shook her head in agony. 
Her nipples looked like they were ready to pop. Dave raised the handle 
and looked at her boobs. Small lines from the wood had etched themselves 
into her skin.

Jenny welcomed the small break but it was over too quickly. Dave pushed
down once again and Jenny cried out in pain. Dave hit the handle to make
her boobs throb. After a few seconds he then flicked the locking switch.
This allowed the handle to be locked in it's current position.

"How does that feel?" asked Dave. Jenny looked into Dave's eyes. Funny,
he was genuinely interested.

"Very sore, very painful Sir." gasped Jenny between throbs of pain.

"Good. Unfortunately it's going to get a little worse."

Dave rummaged in his pocket and pulled out four seven inch nails. Only
then did Jenny noticed the four holes in the top of the board. She
originally thought they were for sweating purposes. Silly girl.

Dave took a hammer from it's hook on the wall. He did a playful flip
with it and smiled at Jenny. He took one of the nails and placed the
pointed end into a hole.

"Scream well." and hammered the nailed in hard. Jenny did scream, she
didn't stop even after the forth nail was inserted through the wood
deep into her pressed breasts. Dave enjoyed the entertainment for a 
while and then left to get some food.

Jenny watched as he ascended the stairs and closed the door behind him.
She could feel the steel in her breasts. But she had to admit that this
was something new. They hadn't done this at the school. She'd have to
tell John when she got back. But on second thoughts she decided to let
it go unless asked directly about it. She figured the first person they
would try it on would be her.

Jenny was released some two hours later.

"And this is the social room for the teachers."

The headmaster walked into the social room followed by his wife Claire and
two daughters, Karen and Rebecca. Steve, JT's son and elder of the kids
followed behind. 

Steve was the classic geek. He preferred computers and electronics over
girls and socializing. He hardly played any sports or did any exercise 
and it shows. His arms look more like cheese-straws. Since he was so tall
he always walked with his head down. He was sixteen.

Karen was fifteen and was definitely the rebel in the family. She was
always the one to be caught smoking, trying to get her eyebrows pierced,
and JT seriously didn't know if she was still a virgin or not.

Rebecca was the quiet one. She had only two close friends that JT knew of.
She seemed more interested in fantasies and dreams about dragons, knights,
monsters and the classic story of being saved by a tall dark handsome hero.
At thirteen JT felt she was the brightest even above Steve. If only she was
more self-confident.

But soon that would change. The tour of the castle was nearly finished.
JT had shown his family all the rooms on the top level. Now they were going
to see the lower levels, up real close.

"Everyone, this is John. John, this is my wife Claire, daughters Karen and
Rebecca and Steve behind."

John looked the girls up and down. Claire felt very uncomfortable.

"Wife too?" asked John.

JT wasn't too sure but nodded his head anyway. John snapped his fingers.
Porters appeared from doorways and shadows.

"Grab 'em boys!"

Matt watched as Natasha quickly gathered her things. She was fuming. Matt
tried to cover the bite mark on his thigh left by Jody the night before 
but Natasha wouldn't accept any explanations.

"Please Nat. Let's talk." he begged.

"No!" as she pulled her shirt over her face.

"Come on. This was suppose to be a special night for us."

"Fuck you ass hole!" The door slammed as she walked off into the night.

Matt fell back into the bed. He waited a minute and then pulled the
cell phone from his pocket. The glow of the keypad and screen allowed him
to select a number from the phone's memory.

"Dad? Yeah it's me. Looks like I've been busted. Can we do what we talked
about yesterday? Excellent. Thanks Dad. You're the best."

Matt got dressed and left the motel. 

Jenny felt the blood rush back into her breasts. Dark red marks covered
them as she rubbed the tissue back to health. Dave helped her to her feet
and watched as she continued to rub. Jenny saw his gaze and stopped.

"Sorry Sir." she said.

"That's okay Jenny. You're off at to the school tomorrow. So I'll make
this perfectly clear. I want you to make me feel SO good before tomorrow
morning. Do you understand?"

Jenny swallowed hard. "Yes Sir."

"Good girl. Now show me what you're going to do."

Jenny thought for a few seconds and then opened the cupboard to the dildos.
She removed a six inch pink dildo with menacing spikes on the end. She
then took some Vaseline and some thumb tacks. Dave watched on as she spread
the Vaseline all over the dildo and then inserted it into the box of tacks.

When she pulled it out it looked deadly. Jenny walked over to Dave and
handed him the dildo. He took it.

"Up my cunt or up my ass? Sir." she turned away from Dave and leaned 
forward onto the table. Her pert ass high in the air. She spread her legs
to allow easy access.

Dave pried open her cunt lips and pushed the dildo in hard. Jenny screamed.
Dave twisted and pumped the dildo in. Jenny continued to cry out and begged
for mercy. After a few minutes he pulled the dildo out. Most of the tacks
had gone. He took the box of tacks and pushed the dildo in rattling it
around. Jenny sobbed quietly into her hands.

He then inserted it into her ass hole. Jenny screamed like she had never
screamed before. Dave pumped the dildo in hard. When he finally pulled
it out it was covered with shit and blood. He presented it to Jenny to
lick clean. She wrapped her mouth around the dildo and sucked away.

"Fuck me! The school does train their slaves well."

Matt watched TV while Jody sucked on his cock. He heard the music 
signaling the news report and watched keenly. Twenty minutes later he
wondered if they were going to have the news article at all.

Then there it was. The kidnapping of a young woman only three blocks away
from where she lived. Apparently she was going home from a friend's place
and disappeared. Police had no idea where she was and were asking for
anyone who knew of her whereabouts.

Matt knew. And in a few days time he was going to visit me.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 61 "Butch"

"A woman should be treated with respect, decency and understanding. Her
many roles in life are considered paramount for human survival. She is a
mother, a lover, a partner, a soul mate, a friend, a conversationalist,
a person and above all, a gift to everyone that knows her."

Ivy rolled her eyes and looked over to John. He was giggling slightly.

"Who writes this crap! Fuck some of these fiction writers have no idea of
the real world. This guy believes that women shouldn't be slaves. Idiot!"

She tossed the book towards the rubbish bin. It bounced off the side and 
flopped to the ground. She rolled over to John and put her head on his
arm. She watched as he scribbled some more notes in his journal.

"Darling. Did you forget that you are a woman yourself?" asked John.

Ivy ran her hands along John's thighs and with a sudden thrust she grabbed
hold of his penis. Quickly it started to get hard. John barely noticed.

"Yeah. I am a woman but I think like a man." replied Ivy as she stroked
John's erection.

'Anyway," Ivy continued. "Tomorrow is our wedding day. Why are you here?"

John paused his writing and looked over to Ivy. Then realization dawned on

"I see. I'm not suppose to see the bride before we say 'I do'. Darling,
aren't you a little old for Old Wives tales?"

Ivy pouted. She rolled onto her back.

"I just want it to be perfect." she said.

"Ivy. Believe me. Tomorrow will be perfect. You'll see."

"This is about my present, isn't it?" Ivy eyes lit up. 

John had made sure his surprise present was to be a secret. Only he knew.
Well, the late Mr Boggis did also but dead men don't talk much.

"Perhaps." said John putting his book on the floor by the bed.

"Good night darling."

A few minutes later John opened his eyes. He peered around the room and
saw a shape by the desk.

"Ivy. What are you doing?"

Ivy sighed. "John. I'm bored. I can't sleep."

John switched on the light. He saw the anguish in her face.

"Okay okay. Come here." he said.

Ivy smiled and did a standing leap onto the bed. She fell into John's
lap and wrapped her arms around him.

"Yes?" she said while fluttering her eyelids.

"I'll give you a riddle. If you can solve it then I will tell you what
the present is. Deal?"

Ivy wasn't certain but it was the best offer she had.


"Okay. Who is he that runs without a leg and his house on his back?"

Ivy just stared at John in disbelief.

"That's it?! Where is the clue?"

John smiled. "No clues. You must solve this one on your own. Night."

He switch off the light. Ivy sat there, fuming.

Melissa Andrews closed the fridge door. She carried the cold carton of
milk to the bench and poured some of it's contents into a glass. She drank 
slowly. The dream still had her a little shaken.


Melissa spun around to find her father at the doorway.

"Hi Dad. Couldn't sleep huh?"

"Well. I heard a noise and us males have to investigate. What's up?"

"Bad dream. Hot night. Cold milk. The norm."

Dave nodded and also poured himself some milk. He finished it off in a
couple of gulps and then started to leave. He stopped when Melissa called
his name.

"Yeah honey?"

"Dad. Can you punish me please? I don't know why but it makes me feel ...

Dave was bemused. Even Melissa couldn't work out why she said that.

"Sure honey. Get out of your nightie and go down to the basement."

"Thanks Dad." said Melissa as she ran over and gave her father a hug.

"You're the best."

Priest knew she was there. He had heard the door open with a small squeal.
He had hammered the door bolts to make a noise just in case a student tried
to seek revenge.

He lay very still. Listening. Sensing the hidden movements. He felt the person
sit at the end of the bed. Very foolish. From the weight it was a woman.

With snake like speed Priest lunged forward and grabbed the woman around
the throat. She gagged while Priest swung his arm to hit the light switch.

When he saw who it was he let go.

"What are you doing here Ivy?"

Ivy rubbed her throat. "I wanted to ask you a question."

"So ask." said Priest as he lay back on the bed. Priest slept naked and
Ivy watched as his large cock bounced against his belly as he got


Ivy shook her head realizing she had lost concentration.

"Oh right. Question. Yeah, it's a riddle. I know it's silly but ..."

"Ivy, what is the fucking riddle?"

"Okay. it's who is he that runs without a leg and his house on his back?"

"That's it?" asked Priest.

"Yeah. Pretty much."

"So what will you give me for the answer?" asked Priest.

Ivy stared at the teacher. "You know it?"

"Yep. It's not that hard really. How much is it worth to you?"

Ivy thought for a while. "Blowjob?"

"Please." said Priest throwing his hands up in disgust. "I can get that
from a student."

"Okay. What do you want Priest?"

Priest rolled his head to one side. "Nothing too much but something more
than a blowjob."

Ivy shook her head. "Okay okay. Move over."

She turned off the light and got into bed with the Priest.

Butch came bouncing inside. Dave directed him to the basement. Melissa was
standing by the bed as the Great Dane jumped from the last four steps of
the stairs and checked out his surroundings.

"Butch!" yelled Dave. The dog finished his sniffing and ran over to his

"Okay Mel. Over to the post and put the chain around your neck."

Melissa did as she was told. She leaned towards the post as the chain was
quite short. 

"Go for it boy!" called Dave to the dog. 

The dog ran over to Melissa and sniffed her crotch. He licked it a couple
of times and then moved in behind her. With a strong push he climbed onto
Melissa's back and attempted to stick his cock into her pussy.

It missed entirely but did managed to enter Mel's ass. Melissa groaned
from both the weight of the dog and it's penetration. The dog pumped and
Melissa's body jerked back and forth from it's movements.

Dave watched on. Smiling.

Ivy rocked back and forth on Priest's cock. It wasn't as thick as John's
but it had a good length. Ivy clawed Priest's chest with her nails. The
teacher loved it. When he had cum she rolled over and stood up.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well what?"

"What is the answer?" 

"What answer?"

Ivy shook her head. "You mean you didn't know the answer to the riddle.
I just fucked you and you didn't know the fucking answer."

Priest pulled a sheet up and rolled over facing the wall. 

"Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out."

Ivy snarled and walked over to the door. She yanked it open.

"Oh Ivy." said Priest.

"What!!" spat Ivy.

"It's a snail. See you tomorrow at the wedding."

Dave lit a torch. The flames sizzled on the straw and oil. Small flakes of
ashes floated to the ground as Dave waved the flames underneath Melissa's
hanging boobs.

Melissa was still being jolted around by Butch. She screeched and gasp as
the flames licked away at her tender nipples and flesh.

"Feel good baby?" asked Dave.

"Oh yeah ... Daddy. This is ... so good."

"Darling? Darling?" Ivy whispered as she rocked John.

"Ivy. What?" he growled slightly.

"I know the answer."

"Answer? Answer to what? The riddle? What is it?"

"A snail." said Ivy proudly.

"Well done kiddo. Tell ya what though. How about I don't tell you what
is in the present, huh?"

Ivy was tired, fucked and getting frustrated. "Why not?!"

John reached out and grabbed her neck pulling her nose to nose.

"Tomorrow we'll be married. This is your last chance to go back and fuck 
Priest again. He is the one who told me the riddle two days back. Night."

John released Ivy's neck and lay back in the bed. Ivy sat there in shock.

Dave and Melissa lay side by side with their arms around each other. Dave
spent the last hour fucking her in as many positions as he could remember
from his sex books. Melissa snugged into his chest.

Melissa slept peacefully, and no bad dreams.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 62 "The Wedding"

Ivy clenched her teeth. The safety pin was pushed deep into the tender
flesh of her upper thigh. She hissed at the slave doing up her stockings
but the slave paid her no attention. The pin was pushed in deeper and then
twisted. Ivy tried not to scream but she was nearly at her limit.

Priest watched on. Ivy was tied between two posts so she could be prepared
for her wedding. The school hardly ever had weddings. This was the second
that Priest had been to at the school. The wedding before resulted in the
bride dieing during the ceremony. He wondered if Ivy would last longer.
Somehow he doubted it.

Ivy didn't know what was happening. She had been dragged out of bed by some 
of the porters at first light. John only turned over in his bed and carried 
on sleeping. Priest had chosen three of the students that Ivy was in charge 
of. They were only too delighted to be able to inflict the same amount of 
agony on Ivy like she had in their classes.

Priest looked Ivy over. The three slaves were currently playing with safety
pins. Ivy's cunt had been sewed together as was the wedding tradition. Next
the slaves put on the wreath and stuck pins in to secure it. That's when Ivy
broke. She screamed, she screamed long and loud.

Jenny got out of the bus and watched as the driver closed the door and
drove off into town. She was standing at the road entrance to the school's
driveway. She flicked the hair out of her face and started walking.

After a minute she broke into a jog. She was suppose to be the Bride's
maid and if she was late then Ivy will simply kill her. Jenny slowed down
to a walk. She wondered if Ivy would really kill her. She couldn't. She 
needed Jenny right now.

Best not to risk it thought Jenny and broke into a run.

John was in the main hall. He watched as slaves moved quickly setting up
the room for the reception. He noticed a couple of them stopped to talk.
Can't have this he said to himself. He called one of the slaves over.

As soon as she was in range he back handed her across the face. The slave
fell backwards with a shriek and knock over a couple of the chairs.

"Anyone else?!" yelled John. 

From that moment on the slaves moved double time. Priest watched all this
from the entrance. He walked over to John.

"You're a natural." said Priest.

"A natural what?" asked John.


John sniggered. "How is Ivy?"

"She's good. Beautiful and currently in a lot of pain."

"Good. Good."

"You know she fucked me last night?" said Priest.

"Yeah. If she survives the wedding I'll have to think of some suitable
punishment for that."

"When the time comes, can I help?"

"Sure buddy. The more the better. Where is Jenny?"

As if on cue Jenny came running into the room. She was flushed and
breathing very hard.

"Nice of you to join us Jenny. Go and help Ivy get ready."

Jenny nodded and walked off.

"She's going to make a good daughter."

This time it was John who was surprised.

"You know?"

"Yep. John, I know everything. She's fucking good looking, she stands to
inherit a huge fortune unless of course she's adopted. Of course Mr Boggis
was planning to adopt her. Bit of a pity he's dead huh?"

"Yeah. Real pity."

"So what are you going to do with Jenny when you've got the money."

"Don't know. Haven't given it much thought."

"Bullshit John."

John smiled. He could never lie well to Priest.

"I'll give her the fucking of her life."

Ivy cried. She tried to push back the slave holding her leg down but 
froze from the pain. Another syringe needle went into her vagina lips. 
The slave pumped in the wasp venom. Instantly Ivy yelled. The pain 
ripped through her at neck breaking speed.

Jenny watched from the doorway. Even she felt a little sympathy. But she
quickly shook it off. She closed the door behind her and went to help the
slaves as they were now injecting the venom into Ivy's ass ring.

John looked around the hall. He was satisfied. Both John and Priest walked
out to the spot where the party was going to be held. It was setup ready
to go. Three tables. One for the porters and staff. The other for friends
and family. The third for John and his new wife. To the side of the table
was a large steel pot holding charcoal. 

Hanging off the side was the branding iron for Ivy. It was John's honor to
brand Ivy with his official seal. He picked it up and felt the weight. In
his hands it was quite light. Priest leaned over and lit the charcoal. The
petrol covering the coal immediately erupted into flames.

"Might as well get it ready."

John nodded and jammed the iron deep into the coals.

Music filled the hall. All the porters, slaves and friends were seated.
John walked down the aisle nodding to people who he knew. Occasionally he
would shake hands. A minute later Priest appeared beside him at the altar.

"Ready buddy?" whispered Priest.


The music stopped and then burst into the traditional wedding theme. Jenny
appeared from around the corner and slowly made her way down the aisle.
She wore a long light blue dress. Her hair had been braided and flowers 
tied in with the ribbons. Priest could tell she had mostly jasmine, snow-
drop and amaryllis flowers.

John considered for a second to keeping Jenny as his daughter. She looked
so beautiful. She was very confident in herself. Priest heard John mumble
the word 'maybe' but nudged him as Ivy came into view.

Ivy was naked except for her head-dress and stockings. She had on a small
veil which helped cover her red eyes. She winced with each movement from 
the safety pins and wasp venom. Her body was a temple to pain. She hoped 
it was the last she'd feel this way for a while. But secretly knew that 
it wasn't.

Ivy handed her flowers to Jenny and took John's hand to step up onto the
platform. Ivy took a deep breath and looked up to the Priest.

A few minutes later Ivy and John said I do and kissed. Everyone in the
hall clapped. John walked out with Ivy on his arm. Jenny behind with
Priest. Out of habit Jenny waited for Priest to walk past her but Priest
took her hand and walked out with her.

Slaves ran from table to table pouring drink and serving food. Everyone
seemed to be right into the celebration except Ivy. She was extremely sore
from the wasp venom.

After Priest made his speech followed by John, Ivy was asked to stand up
and say a few words. She simply burst into tears. Everyone clapped 
mistaking it for tears of happiness.

John stood up once more.

"I forgot to add something my friends. As a special present to my lovely
wife I have decided to adopt a child."

Everyone looked at each other. This was something totally unexpected.
Even Ivy was caught flat-footed.

"Child? Who?" asked Ivy.

John turned to Jenny. "Come here, daughter. Come to your new father
and mother."

Jenny's eyes were huge. She glance around at everyone and she could tell
they were wondering what she was going to do. She stood up, gave John the
biggest smile and leaped into his arms. Both father and daughter hugged
each other tight.

Jenny released John and wrapped her arms around Ivy. Ivy cried out more
from the pain than from happiness. But Jenny didn't care. She finally had
a family again.

After everyone quiet down Priest stood up. He pointed out that there was
one more tradition that the Bride and Groom had to do. Ivy's heart stopped
in mid-beat. She saw two of the porters stand up and walk to her side.

She had had enough.

"Gentlemen. I am now the wife of John Gabriel hence your boss. I do not
fucking need you to hold me, thank you."

Ivy stood up and took John's hand. She lead him over to the small pot.
John reached in and pulled out the branding iron. Ivy was a meter away
and could feel it's heat.

"Where does it go my husband?"

"Lie down. Open your legs and close your eyes." instructed John.

Ivy lay down in the warm grass and lifted her legs up. She let them fall 
to the side revealing her vagina for all to see. John leaned forward taking
aim. He saw the small pin-pricks of where the wasp venom had been injected.

He pushed the burning iron right onto Ivy's cunt lips. Her skin sizzled
and after three seconds John pulled the iron off. Only then did Ivy scream.

The crowd clapped and cheered. John helped Ivy up and carried her back to
her table. With one swing of his arm he pushed all the cups and food onto
the ground. He lifted Ivy onto the table. He opened his fly and pulled out
his cock. He pushed it into Ivy's cunt. Ivy moaned loudly as he fucked
away. He mauled her tits and pulled on her nipples.

Ivy was nearly out of it. A minute later John came. He pulled out and held
her legs open while Priest lifted his robe. He fucked her also. After he
came John called out to the guys.

"Come guys. Get hard and fuck my wife."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 63 "Rich Bitch"

The legal associate was a pretty young woman. She had short brown hair
which was pulled into a pony tail. She wore the typical professional legal
clothes one would expect from a rep from a legal firm. She hardly smiled
and was always staring at the opposite wall when John asked her questions.

"That is correct Mr Gabriel." she replied to John's question.

John nodded and re-read the section on the adoption agreement. He took 
a pen and scribbled his signature. He blew on the ink and handed it to 
the legal associate. Jenny watched quietly from the corner of the room.

The woman took the agreement and checked the signature. Satisfied she
shook John's hand and walked out. John waited until she got into her car
and disappeared down the driveway.

"Fucking whore!" he spat startling Jenny.

Jenny hesitated but then asked, "Dad?"

"I don't shake womens hands Jenny. Never had. This was an exception and
I fully understand that. If she was from my own legal section than I'd have
her in my special classroom within the hour."

Jenny nodded and kept quiet. John took his copy of the agreement. He looked
at it for a second and then handed it to Jenny. Jenny took it with a look
of confusion.

"Read the 3rd page, 3rd paragraph. Then leave it on the desk."

Jenny watched her new father walk out of the office. She quickly turned to
the designated page ... and gasped.

Don Henderson rubbed his hands in glee. He was immensely happy. The large
wooden container sat just inside their doorway. His wife Kim watched out
the window as the truck drivers drove off down the street.

"They're gone." said Kim. 

Don took the small delivery docket and read the contents section. It only
said, 'Stock.' He took the crow-bar from Kim and proceeded to lift up the
wooden lid. After a few squeaks from the nails, Don put the lid on the
ground. Both he and his wife peered in.

Their two daughters were wrapped in plastic. Their eyes looked up at their
parents. Don estimated they had been stuck in the box for three days. He
reached in and removed the gag from his daughter Sue.

She immediately took some deep breaths. 

"Hello Father, how may we serve you?"

Don smiled to his wife. A few minutes later both girls were out of the
box and unwrapped. They stood together. Sue wearing a stunning black bikini
outfits and Jane in a see-though pink dress with a pink bow tie in her hair.
Kim was reading the letter sent by John Thornton, the school's headmaster.

  Dear Mr and Mrs Henderson,
  Please find enclosed your two daughters. I am very proud 
  of their success and training at the school as they have
  both learn very high marks and good reports from their

  Your daughters are very capable at accepting any punishments
  you feel they deserve. If you require advice on what form
  of punishments then please feel free to contact our office.

  As a new policy just brought in we require the girls to
  be brought back to the school approximately one year from
  now for booster hormone shots. We will contact you closer
  to this date.

  Again, congratulations on your daughters. I hope you will
  enjoy them as much as we have.

  Yours sincerely,

  John S. Thornton (Headmaster)

Kim handed the letter to Don who read it quickly. He folded it and placed
it onto the table.

"Sue. Come here." said Don.

Sue immediately went and stood in front of her father.

"Take off your clothes."

Sue's bikini top and briefs were dropped on the floor beside her.

"Now masturbate for me."

Don watched as Sue rubbed her belly and breasts. She pulled her tits up
and licked the nipples. She fingered her clit and within a minute her
breathing had quickened, then she came giggling slightly. Her skin flushed
with blood making her body tingle.

Don smiled. He reached down and rubbed his finger on her cunt. He inserted
his finger and lightly pushed it in and out. He pulled it out and sniffed 
it. The smell was musky and strong.

"Jane. Strip and give me a blow job. Sue, give your mother a good finger

The girls obeyed.

Jenny sat down in the chair usually occupied by the headmaster. She looked
at the agreement trying to fathom in her own mind the huge figure written
on the third page. She barely heard the headmaster as he came into the room.

"Jenny?! What are you doing in here?" asked JT.

"Huh? Oh sorry Mr Thornton." as she quickly got to her feet and dusted some
imaginary dust off his chair.

The headmaster sat down keeping his eyes on her.

"What's up Jen?"

Jenny knew she had to say something and also knew she mustn't lie.

"Well Sir ..."

"Read the agreement huh? ... Found out how much you're worth?"

Jenny blinked in mild surprise. "Um. Yes Sir."

"A very expensive young slave aye? ... Gives you an idea why the late
Mr Boggis or even John didn't want to sell you."

"It does Sir. It really does."

"But of course until you are twenty-one you're not entitled to the money
or the estate. But I'll let you in on a secret which you cannot tell 
anyone ok."

"Yes Sir." Jenny liked these sorts of orders.

"Not even John can touch your money. And considering your company, shares
and whatever else you now own will just keep getting bigger. You'll be a 
very wealthy woman when you turn twenty one."

"John can't touch it Sir?"

"Not a bean. Bit of a fuck up don't ya think? He can't kill you cos he
doesn't want the money going to the government. He can't touch the money
until you turn twenty one and then you have to sign it all over to him.
And I can't see you signing over just the money let alone the stocks, bonds,
gold, or real estate. Hell, just the money alone is nearly more than what
his company is worth on the stock market."

"What do I do Sir?"

"Do? Nothing kiddo. Just enjoy your teens. Hey, you are still a slave here
and will be worked on a few times but take heart that they won't kill you.
And if I was you I'd doctor your records just a tad to say you're fourteen
or something so you can get out of this place sooner."

"But if I'm fourteen how do I get out sooner?"

"Jenny. I know full well you're eighteen. You better start reading up on
some of the business books in that pathetic library they now have. You've
only got to survive three more years and then you can simply buy this
place out from under John's nose."

Jenny liked that idea. Then a thought occurred to her.

"Mr Thornton? Sir. Why are you telling me all this? Normally someone who
works for the school doesn't tell a slave anything?"

JT looked uncomfortable for a second. He then shrugged his shoulders and
motioned for her to come closer so he could whisper.

"Off the record kid?"

Jenny nodded.

"I ain't no headmaster. I'm working undercover. I'm going to bring this
place down. And I need your help."

Don watched as his daughter Sue and his wife Kim were in the sixty nine
position. This allowed both women easy access to the other's cunts. Sue
had easily come five or six times in the last ten minutes.

Jane had brought Don to near cuming point when he pushed her back. She
turned onto all fours and lifted her butt so Don could get easy access
figuring he wanted to give her cunt a good reaming. But he didn't 
inserted his rigid cock in. Jane waited and watched as Sue shook her 
shoulders slightly. Another orgasm pulsed through her body.

Jane gasped as she felt the intrusion into her vagina. She turned and saw
her father holding onto a black handle. The other end was of course deep
in her cunt.

"Dad? What is that?"

Don ignored her. He flicked the switch and rotated the knob to maximum.
Instantly Jane felt a hot burning sensation in her vagina. Don held the
curling iron and made small circular motions to make sure all the metal
touched her tender cunt flesh. The heat was being to get intense. Jane's 
breathing became labored as the burning piece of metal was getting past 

Sue continued her licking but Kim watched the expression on Jane's face.
It went from pleasure to shock to discomfort and now it was a deep red as
Jane defied the impossible by screwing up her face even further. She
started to moan louder and louder and within a minute she was screaming
for mercy.

Don yanked the hot curling iron out. Jane gasped into her hands but hadn't

"Better dear?" he asked. Jane nodded her head slightly. Relief flooded
her body.

"Good. Now the top hole." said Don as he pushed the iron deep into Jane's

"That's it!" laughed Kim. "Scream my fucking daughter, Scream!"


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 64 "Trapped"

Jenny listened to John Thornton, headmaster and nark. His words dazzled her
as he talked of what a better world it would be without the school and
other's like it. He talked about the child slave rings in Hong Kong, the
slave school in America that made the one here look archaic by comparison.
He talked about the slave rings they broke in France, Australia and two in

Jenny just nodded her head and smiled. It was enough encouragement for JT
to go on.

In another room John smiled also, and he planned.

Doctor Every pulled on the elongated nipple and watched in fascination as
a small squirt of milk dribbled onto the hay. He reached into a bucket
beside him and wet his hands. He cleaned the nipple and then took hold of
some milking cups. He flicked a switch and felt the suction as it dragged
at his fingers. Very carefully he slipped it over the teat.

Clarice moaned into her gag. She could feel the cups drawing the milk
from her well prodded and poked breasts. After a few days the special
injections Doctor Every had been giving her and some of the other slaves
had caused their breasts to produce large quantities of milk over night.

Every morning she'd wake up to these beach size breasts. The bonus was she
got extra rations to help with milk production. She knew she was no longer
a slave, no longer a woman, no longer even human. 

She was now simply a cow.

Karen Thornton was pissed off. She had been beaten, jabbed with needles from
some old Doctor, and now some guy in a silly monk's robe was tieing her
ankles together. She let her head fall over the back of the board and
winced at the sharp spring-loaded hooks held her shoulders down. Her hands
were tied behind her back which elevated her ass and cunt for anyone to

Karen felt her feet rise up into the air. She looked over and could see
Priest pulling on the rope and then with a quick wrist action looped it
over a wooden hook in the wall. He reached into his pocket and after a bit
of rummaging around pulled out three needles.

Karen gasped as two were inserted into a nipples. They stung like a hornet
sting. She figured they been coated in something. Her breathing became 
shallow as her body tried to work around the pain. She wondered what the
robed man was going to do with the last needle. She yelped as the needle
was inserted into her ass. Immediately the area stung like fire and Karen

The day before she had demanded that she be released. The next hour after
that demand the robed man made her life a living hell. She wasn't about
to tempt him to do that again.

She waited for the pain to abate all the while listening to the noises
the robed man was making. What annoyed Karen the most was that he hardly
ever spoke. And when he did it was nothing short of a bark. Thoughts raced
from her mind as she heard the man walk over to her once again.

Instantly her cunt and ass became cold and then Karen screamed in agony as
Priest pushed the hot probes further into her genitals. He held them there
for nearly a minute. Karen bucked her torso trying to get away from the
pain. The hooks in her shoulder dug deeper and drew blood.

She tried to use her hands to grab the burning device but only succeeded
in burning her fingers. Then the pain was gone. Only the throbbing of her
cunt and ass hole remaining. Karen's body was covered in sweat which cooled
quickly in the air.

Priest wasn't finished however. He put the hot pokers back into the fire 
and looked at his watch. He sighed. Another hour of playing with this bitch
then he would call it a night.

He took out the second pair of hot probes.

Jenny watched as the two men struggled. She knew her father was going to
win but JT was tricky as hell. She grimaced as JT pushed John into the wall.
It seemed the whole hall shook.

John, although slightly winded, brought his arm up in an upper cut braking
JT's nose. JT fell back and clutched at his face. Big mistake thought John
and went to town.

He kicked JT in the stomach and rabbit punched on the back of his head 
until the headmaster was on his knees. John held JT's hair so he wouldn't
fall any further.

"Dear oh dear JT. I've got you, your family and soon your son. And I'm
going to fuck all of you."

John snarled as JT lashed at his groin. John staggered back with the wind
knocked out of him. JT stood up and caught John three punches to the gut.
Then JT went for the final blow. He reared his body back and threw his punch
at John's head. John dodged and JT cracked two knuckles on the stone wall.

John took the advantage and dropped a side kick at JT's knee. JT yelled
and fell to the floor. JT grabbed his knee and protected it while John
kicked him in the gut and back. Finally John stood back taking a breather.

Jenny didn't see JT's son, Steve, come running from the other side of
the hallway. Neither did John. Steve dived wrapping his arms around John's

John looked down at the computer geek. He was clenching his teeth trying
to use the small amount of strength he had to lift John up. Easily 
outweighing Steve by three times John waited for Steve to put two and two 

Finally Steve opened his eyes to look at his progress. John smiled and
shook his head slight to indicate that he was out of luck. John grab the 
Geek's arms and easily lifted them away from his body.

Holding Steve in one hand John took hold of JT in his other and lifted
both men to their feet.

"Night fellas." as he brought the two men's heads together.

Jenny thought it sounded like someone knocking two coconuts together. As
the two bodies fell to the ground she ran over to her father and wrapped 
her arms around him. John stroked the back of her head. Jenny purred.

"Way to go Daddy. Are they dead?" asked Jenny.

"Nah. But they'll wish they were."

"How did you know about JT?"

"Male intuition, and the fact I got Priest to wire up a secret microphone
in the office. Go and get a couple of the porters. These two are about to
become the first male students of TU."

Before Jenny could move she heard a noise. John also heard it. JT had
stirred from his knock out.

"Stand back." said John. Jenny allowed John room to move.

She yelped as John brought his foot down on the back of JT's knee breaking
the knee cap and ligaments. JT screamed for a second before the pain forced
him back into unconsciousness. John slapped his hands together like he was
knocking dust of them.

"Okay honey. NOW go and get the porters."

Rebecca Thornton didn't know of her father's extra-circular activities.
She was having too much fun with Ivy. Both girls had been busy all day.

"Go fish!" giggled Rebecca.

Ivy shook her head and took another card from the deck. She stared at 
it thoughtfully and waited.

"... um ... do you have a three?" asked Ivy.

"Nope. Do you have an Ace?" replied Rebecca.

Ivy pulled back her lips to give Rebecca a slight snarl before handing
over her prize. 

"You know I should really be torturing you right now?" said Ivy.

Rebecca looked up from her cards. "Yeah, I know. But not much point until
your body has had time to heal. Got a six?"

"Hey, no fair. My turn." claimed Ivy.

Rebecca simply giggled.

"Do you have a Queen?" asked Ivy.

Rebecca shook her head trying to hide her smile behind her cards. Before
Rebecca could react Ivy reached out and grabbed her cards from her.

"Hey, you've got all the cards I've been asking for the last four hands!"

Ivy looked up. Rebecca had fallen off her apple box and was rolling on the
floor in hysterics. She really wanted Rebecca to lick her twat until she
cum but her cunt was still one big blister from the branding and large 
fucking she got on her wedding day. Even John declined to screw her. Ivy 
knew he didn't want to burst the blister. She figured it would be a bit
of a mood killer if it did burst.

She watched the young teenager as she continued to roll around on the
floor laughing.

"So cheating huh?!" said Ivy.

This only spurred Rebecca into more fits of laughter.

Ivy threw her hands up at Rebecca in resignation. Rebecca didn't even see
Ivy leave the room. After a minute Rebecca managed to stop crying long
enough to notice that Ivy had gone.

Then the door burst open. Ivy and a man in robes walked in.

"Rebecca, meet Priest. Priest, meet Rebecca."

Rebecca had lost all traces of laughter. She sat there eyes and mouth wide 
open. Priest gave her a small nod.

"Shall we begin?" asked Ivy with glee and turning to Priest.

The man had three needles in his hand. 

Rebecca wondered what they were for, and soon found out.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 65 "Mozart"

The lively strings of Mozart's 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' softly issued from
the gleaming silver speakers of the small entertainment center in Priest's
bedroom. The music did wonders for him, soothing his tensions as he forced
himself to meditate. But for reasons only known to Priest, he just couldn't
seem to concentrate at the moment.

A knock on the door harshly shook him from his reverie.

"Enter!" barked Priest.

The door opened. Priest placed his gaze to where Ivy's face normally 
appeared but he was surprised to see Jenny's grinning features as she
rounded the door. She placed her finger to her mouth to let Priest know to
be quiet and she closed the door. She walked over and sat across from the
robed man on his bed.

"Well? Did you come for something in particular?" asked Priest.

Jenny nodded. Priest noticed Jenny's clothing. She was decked out in what
she called her lucky T-shirt. It was pink and clung to her upper body very
well. She wore a tight white mini-skirt with a matching white hair tie in
her pony tail.

Priest raise a questioning eyebrow. "Have you done something wrong?"

Jenny shook her head. "Not yet."

Priest nodded. He closed his eyes and tried to resume his meditation but
he knew full well that it was going to be a hopeless attempt tonight.

"Priest, I need your help." asked Jenny.

Priest barely heard her speak. This must be very important indeed. He took
in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He relaxed even further and then
helped his legs out of the lotus position favoured by most Yoga artists.

"Jenny. I'm tired. I've been whipping the ass's of the two new students most
of the day. Just say what's on your mind will you."

Jenny watched as Priest stood up and moved over to the stereo system. He
turned down the music and then came over to sit beside Jenny. Jenny noticed
he put himself between her and the door. Too late now she thought.

Jenny explained to Priest what she wanted. When Priest finished laughing
he agreed to her request.

Doctor Every watched as the porter gripped the girl's tits tightly. The
slave was not about to move but Doctor Every had never gotten to where he
was today by taking risks. 

The girl was one of the squatters who stayed in the Castle before it was
completed. Her name was Gail. No one knew her last name, especially Gail.

The Doctor took hold of Gail's chin.

"There there child. No harm will come to you as long as you do what we say."

Gail seemed to accept this and nodded. The Doctor took out a small plastic
tube. He unscrewed the top and then flipped the lid over. On the other side
of the lid was a long four inch needle.

"Now I just need a small blood sample child." he said screwing the lid back

Gail watched the needle as if her life depended on it. The Doctor raised
his hand and the porter gripped Gail's breasts even tighter. The needle was
first pushed into Gail's left tit. The needle sank all the way in to the
hilt. Gail's hand came up ready to stop the doctor pushing any further but
he pulled the needle out before it was necessary.

He then push the needle into Gail's other breast. A small trickle of blood
leaked out. Gail was moaning quite loudly at this point. The Doctor slowly
pulled the needle out and the ex-squater finally relaxed.

"Four more child, then we'll be finished." said the Doctor.


Doctor Every ignored her as he pushed the same needle in again.

"Aaahhh ... but it's the same needle!!" cried Gail.

"Yeah? So what?" replied the Doctor.

John Thornton was now fully awake. As John had guessed a small flame to
his erect cock made that very possible.

"Welcome back JT. Who are you working for?" asked John.

JT didn't respond. Ivy brushed the flame across JT's cock once more. JT
winced but didn't say a thing. The ex-headmaster was currently being held
in mid-air by two chains around his wrists above his head. His legs were 
pulled out to the sides nearly at 90 degrees to his body. Lengths of muscle 
along his arms and legs stood out strong to support his weight.

"JT. I don't have a lot of patience with traitors. Who are you working for?"

Again JT didn't respond. He did however scream as Ivy held the flame to
the entrance of his ass for more than ten seconds. The smell of burnt flesh
and pubic hair slowly filled the room.

"Let me guess. FBI? CIA? Interpol? Secret Intelligence?"

JT still didn't respond. John shook his head.

"Ivy. Turn on the light in the corner."

As the light illuminated the corner of the room JT saw his son in pretty
much the same position as he was. Totally naked but the difference was his
son had duck tape over his mouth and a large weight hanging from his drawn
down penis. It was already a very dark shade of purple and red.

"You bastards! Let him go!" cursed JT. 

"No." replied John. "Ivy, the other light please."

JT gasped. His wife was strung up in the corner in exactly the same pose.
She too had duck tape and had some red welts around her upper thighs and

"What are you going to do?!" demanded JT.

"Do? To you? Nothing JT. For the next few days we're going to work over
both your son and wife at the same time. A sort of two for one deal. I
know that your son was the one communicating with your department. What I
want to know is what the department was."

JT shook his head and smile. "You know nothing. You're filth!"

John broke into a smile. "I love a challenge. Ivy, get Priest."

Clarice moaned as more and more milk was sucked out of her tits. She had
heard screaming before by the girl known as Gail. But without her eyes she
couldn't tell anything anymore. Gail was now sobbing quietly in the corner.

The machine hummed loudly as it continued to suck. Clarice felt tired and
wanted desperately to sleep. She tried to blink but this only served to 
cause pain in her eyes. She lay her head down on the hay. The chain 
connecting her neck collar to the wall clinked as she slowly dozed off to
sleep. She felt so very very tired. Finally she allowed the blackness to
covered her.

A few minutes later.

"Doctor Every!"

The Doctor same into the room. "Yes porter, what is it?"

"Looks like another one of your cows has died."

The Doctor leaned down and checked Clarice's pulse. He frowned and then
picked up the container of milk. It was a milky red colour.

"Damn! The pressure must be too high again and it sucked out most of her
blood as well. What a waste of milk. Oh well, never mind. Dispose of the 
body and get me another squatter will you."

Ivy stood beside Mrs Clare Thornton. Priest, although grudgingly, stood
beside JT's son Steve. John nodded to both teachers and turned to JT.

"Your choice. Talk or watch them suffer."

JT spat. "Don't you dare touch them!" but not with much feeling.

"Fair enough. I won't. Ivy, Priest. Let's start with a nice cat o' nine
tails to the belly and groin."

JT winced as Clare and Steve yelped into their gags. Small lines of blood
appeared along both their bellies. JT watched on helplessly. John smiled
as JT's large cock started to rise. He wondered if JT would be turned on
by all this. He was right.

"Okay guys. That isn't working. Get the needles." called out John.

JT watched on as Clare had needles inserted through her boobs and cunt 
lips. Ivy made pull use of the dull pieces of metal. She's drag them along
Clare's tender skin and then twist them as they pushed through her flesh.

Tears streamed out of Steve's eyes as needles were inserted up and through
his swollen cock. John laughed on as Priest seemed to be having such a 
hard time with a small penis, even though it was erect.

"Want any help Priest?" asked John.

"Nope." was the response.

"Come on JT. You can put their suffering to an end right now. Just talk."

JT looked over to his wife. Her eyes pleaded with him. JT shook his head.

John rolled his eyes. Then it dawned on him why JT was allowing the torture
to carry on. He called Ivy and Priest over and whispered quietly to them.

"Shit! I should have realized it. They aren't family. They are all agents."

Ivy looked stunned. Priest just shook his head.

"What do we do now?" asked Ivy.

John smiled. "We're going to keep these two as slaves. We'll have to work
on JT to get the info."

"Is the info really necessary?" asked Priest.

John shook his head. "No. Not really. I already know JT works for Interpol.
I just wanted to see if I could break one of their agents."

Priest nodded and rubbed his eyes. "John, it's late. Continue this tomorrow?"

"Yeah, you're right. Let's call it a night. Before you go though can you
give Steve and Clare something to amuse them through the night?"

"Sure. Night all." replied Priest.

John and Ivy didn't even look at JT as they left the room. Priest busied
himself with setting up some candles underneath the three prisoners's
groins. He lit the wicks and left without even looking back.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 66 "Jenny"

Jenny sat in the chair opposite John with a proud smile. She felt as if a
huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders after telling John her secret.
Now all she had to do was survive the aftermath.

John raised his eyebrows. "You're HOW old?"

"I'm eighteen father." confirmed his daughter.

John smiled and rolled his eyes over to the side to focus on something else
while he thought.

"Your birth certificate says differently." he commented.

Jenny smiled. "I know, I faked it. Come on John, sorry, father. Don't you
think after living with you, Ivy and Priest for the last few years I haven't
learnt how to be as good as you guys at getting me the best deal?!"

John put his hands together and rested his chin on his fingers.

"Okay. Now that you're of age and the fact we've missed two birthdays. What
would my daughter like?"

Jenny grinned like a Cheshire cat. This was too easy she thought.

"Nothing too big Dad. I just don't want to be a slave anymore."

John nodded. "And what would you like to be?"

This is where Jenny was hesitant. In fact she didn't even think she'd get
this far.

"Well ... I was hoping to become a teacher?"

Now it was John's turn to smile like a Cheshire cat.

"Sure. I was just looking for another one. Okay Jenny. Done deal. But you 
first have to find me a secretary to replace you. Just grab one of them 
squatter girls. Give her a good going over in one of the classrooms and 
make sure she's subservient."

"I'm all over it. Thanks Dad." said Jenny as she got up to go.

"Oh Jen."

"Yeah Dad?"

"Teachers also dress like teachers." said John indicating her clothes.

Jenny nodded, and left.

John Thornton looked at his wife. She turned her head to avoid his face.
So too did his son Steve. He sighed and just looked at his feet. The ache
in his shoulders and arms made it very hard to relax. He tried pulling his
body upwards just so he could get some blood flowing but his arms felt like
rubber. He looked up when Priest entered the room.

"Priest. Please. Get us out of here." begged JT.

Priest put down the bowl he was carrying next to JT, but just far enough
from the ex-headmaster so he couldn't knock it over.

"Priest! Please! Come on. I've helped you out."

Priest sniggered at the remark. He knew it was totally untrue. He had never
liked JT from the start and when he suggested to John JT's next torture
John was very pleased. He put on some surgeons gloves and took out a small
syringe. JT watched his every movement.

"Wha .. what's that!" demanded JT.

"Just something to relax you JT." said Priest.

He pushed the needle into JT's cock. A few seconds later JT could feel the
muscle in his penis and groin totally relax. He couldn't spur the muscles
to clench or anything.  

Priest then removed the lid to the bowl and pulled out a very long worm. 
It was white and it had a tendency to wind itself into a circle. Priest took 
hold of one end which he worked out to be the head and held it in between 
his fingers. The worm was about forty centimeters long. It's most noticeable
feature was the last centimeter of it's body it had a number of hooks
running along it's tail.

"This is retribution JT. It's something that the boys from Hong Kong sent
over to me as a present. Actually I've got about a dozen in my room but I'm
willing to spare two just to see what it does to you and your son."

Priest took hold of JT's cock and pulled back on the foreskin exposing the
tip. He grabbed the head, squeezed it and placed the worm's head at the
entrance. For a few seconds the worm just wriggled but then sensed a warm
place and it moved into JT's urethra tube. JT yelled and cursed as the
ring worm slithered it's way down his cock. In less than two minutes the
whole worm had entered JT's body. The hooks plunged into the tip of JT's
cock and embedded themselves about half an inch below the entrance.

"What the fuck! What will it do?" yelled JT.

Priest smiled.

"From what I've been told it will first latch onto your blood stream and 
become a very useful parasite. It will release hormones into your body to 
slowly kill off your white blood cells and this is the part I think is
cute, it will make your penis muscles slowly die off. You've had your
last erection forever JT. And of course it will then begin to multiple."

Priest grabbed the bowl and started to walk over to Steve.

"And then what!" yelled JT.

Priest turned around. "Then it and it's offspring will eat you, alive."

Jenny pulled out clothes and dumped them onto her bed. She immediately
tossed the sweaters over her shoulder as well as jeans and skirts. She 
muttered to herself continuously.

"What to wear. What to wear."

She stood in front of the mirror and held up a skimpy bikini to her chest.
With a shake of her head it too landed in the pile behind her.

"Hey kiddo."

Jenny looked up.

"Hi Ivy, sorry. Mum."

Ivy smiled. "What ya doing?"

"Trying to work out what to wear." replied Jenny scooping up another outfit.

"Why? Got a hot date?"

"Sort of, I'm going to torture one of the squatters but I want to have the
right clothes."

It took Jenny a few seconds to release Ivy hadn't spoken. She turned to
her new mother. Ivy was trying to hide a chuckle but wasn't succeeding.

"What? Why are you laughing?" said Jenny who also started giggling.

Ivy wiped a small tear from her cheek. "Don't worry about what you're
wearing when you torture a slave honey. Anything is fine. Tell ya what,
just grab some stockings an high heels. I've got some sleeve gloves and a
cute number in my room. Who is the slave?"

"Phoebe. The squatter girl near my age."

"Cool. I've been wanting to do her. Can I watch and give tips?"

"Sure. Actually I was going to ask if you could."

Ivy smiled. "No problems honey. That's what Mums are for."

Phoebe never did have a good start to life. Her mother and her got connected 
with the squatter group when Phoebe was only two years old. Less than three
years later Phoebe's mother went off to get some water from a nearby creek
and never returned.

Phoebe missed her a lot. She missed her now especially since she was naked
and tied to a torture device. The device was T shaped with two large leg
cradles connected on the side. A small foot plunger was behind it which
connected to a pedal and a ring on the other end.

Phoebe had been taken by two porters by the direction of Ivy. Her chest
was tied down with a strap and when she complained Ivy forced a cock gag
into her mouth. Her legs were put into the leg cradles exposing her cunt
and ass. Jenny forced a soft rubber ball into Phoebe's cunt.

Ivy took a selection of dildos from a cupboard.

"Which one sweetie?" she asked.

Jenny checked the dildos over and then took a small 3 inch model.

"Are you sure? We want to torture her, not tickle." commented Ivy.

Jenny handed back the dildo and took a nine inch.

"Much better. Hook it on and let's not worry about any lube." said Ivy.

Jenny nodded and clipped the dildo onto the ring. She stood behind Phoebe
and put her foot onto the pedal. Slowly she pushed down and slowly the
dildo rose to Phoebe puckered asshole. The tip of the dildo touch the
opening. Ivy waved for Jenny to stop so she could positioned it better.

With another wave Jenny pushed the dildo in slowly. Jenny's eyes were
focused on Phoebe's eyes. Phoebe pleaded for her not to do it from behind
her gag. Ivy saw what was happening and walked over to Jenny.

"Honey. Don't forget what these girls are. They're slaves. It's your right
and duty to torture them."

"But Mum. She looks so helpless." pleaded Jenny.

"Honey. You looked so helpless too when I fucked you on this machine. Did
I stop?"


Ivy put both her hands on Jenny's raised knee.

"And neither should you."

And pushed down hard. The dildo forced it's way deep into Phoebe rectum.
Phoebe tried to scream as she was jolted upwards. Jenny let the dildo
slowly come back out. It was totally covered it shit and at the end was
a small amount of blood. Ivy turned to Jenny.

"Again darling."

Jenny stomped down hard on the pedal. Again Phoebe screamed with more
tears running from her eyes.

"Good work. Now just pump it in and out. That's a girl." said Ivy.

Jenny did as she was told. Ivy also got Jenny to burn Phoebe's tits with
matches. Stick thick needles into Phoebe's cunt lips and also whip her
stomach while the ass dildo was impaled in the slave's rectum.

Jenny had a great time.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 67 "Isolation."

Rodney Basket sat on the sofa munching some Pringles watching the game on 
the TV. He particularly enjoyed watching the cheerleaders as the jumped
and bounced all over the field entertaining the crowd. He cocked his head
to one side as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. By the heavy
thumping he could tell it was his son Matt with his large leather boots.

"Going out for a ride are ya son?" Rodney called out.

"Yeah Dad. I'm going to shoot over to the school and see Nat."

"Oh yeah Nat. Forgot all about her. How long she been out there?"

"Just on two weeks. She was a bit rude when they got her there so they put
her into isolation. No light, no sound, nothing."

"Poor kid. Have fun."

"Will do Dad. See ya."

Natasha stood up and with her arms out-stretched walked over to the other
wall. She listened intently for some sounds but nothing was forthcoming.
Sometimes she heard the plumbing but it seemed like miles away. She felt
her foot as it stood on something and jumped backwards as the something
squeaked. She threw her arms behind her as she toppled backwards onto the
dirt floor.

She turned her head to listen for the movements of the rat. She heard it
scuttle off into the far corner. She breath a sigh of relief and sweeped
her arms around to see if she could touch the wall. Her finger knocked an

Quickly she wrapped her other hand around her finger until the numbness
in her knuckle disappeared. She reached out again and located the object. 
She felt it and gingerly picked it up. She shook her head and dropped it 
again. It was nothing more than her shoe. She curled up into the fetal 
position and desperately wished the nightmare would end.

"My brother sent you?" asked John.

The man before him just nodded. John shook his head and read the letter
again. Apparently his brother had learnt from Ann Andrews that the school
could benefit from some Chinese lessons.

"And what would you be doing Mr ... um .. Hang, is it?"

"Sir. My master. Commanded me. Come over. Teach lessons." replied Hang.

Although his english was broken it was very clear and understandable. John
figured the Chinese teacher had been learning english for some time and
this was his first chance to really try it out.

"Okay Mr Hang. Welcome to TU. First things first. My brother and I don't
see eye to eye. I don't believe he would just send you over here as a
favor. Any indication as to why?"

Hang shook his head. "Sir. No. Best you speak with Master."

John nodded. He figured the teacher wouldn't betray his master's confidence.

"Okay Mr Hang. What is it you will teach?"

At that moment the door opened and Ivy walked in. She caught sight of Hang
and looked over to John.

"Hi Honey, who is the cutie?" she asked.

"Mr Hang. On loan from my dear brother in Hong Kong." replied John.

Hang bowed to Ivy. "Please. Just Hang. Not Mr."

Ivy smiled and bowed in return. "Nice to meet you Hang."

"Okay, enough with the bowing. Ivy, please take .. Hang .. to one of the
guest rooms. Hang, if you'd like to relax after your long journey then you
can get to work tomorrow."

"Thank you, Master John." replied.

John nodded to Hang's bow as he left the room with Ivy. He waited a few
seconds until the voices disappeared.

"What is my brother up to." said John.

Matt's motorbike slows to a halt outside the castle. The strong breeze 
flowed over his bike and forced the dust clouds to disperse quickly. 
Matt unclipped his helmet and draped it over the handlebar. Taking a 
minute to breath some fresh air and then drops the bike stand and leans
the bike onto it.

Pushing the door open Matt heads straight for the Admin office and
knocks on the door.

"Enter!" called John.

"Hey John. How is it?" asked Matt.

"Matt. Good to see you again. You?"

"Not bad."

"The old man?"

"Still alive and kicking. Where is JT?"

"Down in the dungeon. Turns out he was a fucking nark."

"Oh. No harm done?"

"Well, not to me anyway." smiled John.

Matt returned his smile. "I'm after Natasha. I hear she's in iso."

"Yeah, Natasha. That's right. Forgot all about her. Let's shoot down."


Soon both men arrived in the lower part of the castle. John flicked on the 
light switch beside the door and smiled as a yelp was heard within. A door 
was unlocked and pushed inwards. He then entered with Matt trailing.

Natasha had her arms over her eyes trying to protect them from the light.
She was completely naked. The room itself was warm but bare. 

"Hey Nat." said Matt.

"Wha .. who's that?" said the girl. She tried to open one eye but quickly
shut it again.

"It's me, Matt."

"Matt? .. Matt Basket?! ... Why was I brought here!"

"Because babe. You're going to be my wife. But first you need to learn how
to be a proper lady. And that's where John comes in. John."

John stepped forward and kneeled down in front of Nat.

"Afternoon Natasha. You are now in a school called TU. From this moment
on you will obey every command given to you. If you do not you will be
punished. Do you understand?"

By now Nat had gotten use to the light. She bearly had time to blink as 
John lashed out and grabbed her ankle. He stood up pulling Nat towards 
her. He placed his other foot on her other ankle and then delivered a 
swift kick to her cunt.

Natasha choked and screamed in pain. She reached forward and tried to
protect her groin.

"Do you understand?" asked John.

Natasha nodded and then rolled onto her side. She coughed a couple of
times. John looked over to Matt.

"I think she's ready to start her training."

"Excellent!" said Matt.

JT could feel the ring worm. It was nibbling away at his bladder wall. 
Yesterday he cried, screamed, yelled and tried to force the worm out to 
no success. Today he was simply to tired. He winced as another piece of 
flesh was slowly worked on.

Steve didn't fair any better. He was coughing and his head was rolling back
and forth over his shoulders. He didn't have the training that JT had. JT 
knew it would only be a matter of hours before his son cracked. Not that
it would do any good.

His wife had been taken away earlier. Apparently she had agreed to sign
over her life and her daughters as slaves. JT had screamed at her not to
but she simply ignored him as she was helped out of the room. 

JT looked to the door as it opened. Jenny had walked in. He sensed 
something different about her. She looked more confident, stronger and 
took more pride in herself. She walked in like she was afraid of no one.

"Jenny. Help me." called JT.

Jenny smiled and walked in front of him. She placed her hands on her hips.

"Why would I want to do s silly thing like that?" she asked.

JT was confused. He shook his head. He had hoped she would be his salvation.

"JT. Are you really that dumb? Who do you think told John 'about' you?"

Angry rose up through JT like a volanco. His muscles clenched and strained.
The chains jangled as he tried to pull his arms down.

"You fucking BITCH!"

Jenny mocked him with a shock look. "Who? Moi?"

"Daughter. What are you doing?"

Jenny turned to see John standing in the doorway. She smiled.

"Father. I was hoping to find you here. Do you mind awfully if I watched
and learned from you?"

"Yes. I do."

Jenny was now genuinely shocked. "Dad?"

John smiled. "If you help and be quiet, you can stay."

Jenny bounced over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Deal. What would you like me to do first?"

"Take this." said John. He handed her a black studded glove. Some of the
studs were both dull, others sharp, the rest with small hooks.

"I want you to forced this up his ass and don't stop until you got at
least half your forearm up there."

"And then what?" asked Jenny trying the glove on.

"Then it'll be my turn."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 68 "Enema Time."

Ivy lightly tapped on the door to Hang's room. There was no reply. She
slowly pulled the handle down and eased the door inwards. The light from
three candles on the Tall-boy lit up the room in their gentle glow. Ivy
spotted Hang. He was sitting naked and cross legged in the corner, 

She waited a few seconds and then sat down on the bed. She noticed the
room was spotless. Hang must have been busy during the night. Probably
the jet lag. She heard Hang take a deep breath and then watched as he
opened his eyes.

"Hello. Ivy." he said nodding his head.

Ivy returned his nod. "Morning Hang. Feel like some breakfast?"


Ivy waited outside while Hang got dressed. He soon reappeared. As they
walked along the hallway Hang asked who his first case was. Ivy told him
that this morning he was to help John work on a adult male, and possibly
his son.

Hang nodded. "Sounds good."

Priest pushed the keys into the ignition and the Jag roared into life. He
pressed the accelator a few times to warm up the engine. The sun was just
edging over the horizon. Long shadows were just starting to appear.

Priest dropped the hand-brake and let the car move slowly from it's resting
place. He didn't want to wake anyone, not that he cared but there would be
too many questions. He left a note for John on his desk so that his absence
could be explained.

"Come on babe." said Priest to the car. "Let's go home."

TC Dante was up and about early in the morning. He had done his fitness
training and decided to get to work on Natasha as per John's request from
the night before. TC ran through the mental notes of what he had to do.
Give Natasha a clean out and take her to the Doctor for hormone treatment.
Then work on Phoebe while Jenny watched on. The rest of the day was pretty
much up to him.

'Might be a good time to talk to John about my idea.' he thought.

The cool air of the corridor chilled TC's chest as he neared Nat's room.
He unlocked the door and walked in. Nat sat on the bed and looked up at
him when he walked in.

"Come on kid, it's time." said TC.

Nat nodded and stood up. TC was ready for anything. She walked towards him
and in a Karate style move punched at his chin. The end result was Nat had
a sore wrist while TC laughed. 'At least she tried.' he thought.

"Don't worry kid. Today is just clean out day. Come on."

He grabbed her arm with a vice-like grip and walked off down the hallway.
Nat had no choice but to follow. A few meters down the hallway they got to
another room. Nat was pushed in first and TC closed the door behind them.

She turned around and seemingly for the first time noticed TC's large cock.
It dangled majestically between his legs. He saw her looking at his groin
and shook his hips a little.

"You won't be fucked today kid. If you're nice to me and give me a good
cock suck then I'll go easy on your this morning. Deal?"

Nat's eyes were as huge as saucers. TC laughed.

"You didn't think you wouldn't get out of this place without fucking and
sucking did you? Well I be hanged. Kids these days."

TC continued to giggle. He walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a
large enema bag. He took a long tube and proceeded to push the bag and
tube in the sink. While the bag was filling up with water he took some
dish-washing liquid and squirted it into the bag's opening.

Nat watched on entranced. When TC then closed the bag without emptying the
soapy water she started to back away. TC picked up a chair and carried it
over to the wall. He hooked the bag up high onto wall-hook and sat down.
He squirted some soapy water onto his hand and rubbed it all long the tube.
Then he looked over to Nat.

"Come here." he said. Nat shook her head.

"Natasha. You've got to the count of five. One. Two. Three ..."

Nat moved to stand in front of the teacher. Arms crossed over her chest 
hiding her nipples.

"Please don't hurt me." she begged.

"Can't promise you that kid. Now face the desk and lean on it. I want your
ass up near me."

Nat didn't move. TC breathed out a long breath.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Well. You said if I sucked your cock first you'd go .. easy on me?"

"Yep. Want to suck my cock?"

Nat hesitantly nodded.

"Say it then. Say it like you mean it. I need some stimulation so get to

Nat closed her eyes. She couldn't believe she was saying this.

"Please Sir. I want to suck your cock. I must suck your cock."

"Good. Now do it." said TC.

Nat kneeled down and took hold of his member. It was getting solid. She
looked it up and down. She leant down and sniffed it. Before she could
pull her head away TC grabbed her neck and forced her downwards. Nat tried
to scream but didn't get a word out as TC's prick entered her mouth. Her
lips were tight around the cock and was gagging. TC let go but Nat kept
her mouth on his penis.

She bobbed her head up and down while sucking with her tongue and mouth.
TC moaned slightly and Nat increased her movements. A few minutes later
she gagged on his cum as it coated her mouth. Forced to swallow it she 
sat back on her heels and looked up at TC.

"Not bad slut. You need more practice though. Come on, lean on the desk
and straddle my leg."

Nat stood up and obeyed the teacher. TC roughly pushed the tube into Nat's
ass. He feed more and more tube and Nat was concerned it was going to pop
out of her mouth. After a few moments he twisted the bag opening and the
water started to pour in. 

Nat felt the pressure building up inside. Her first instinct was to try and
expel it but TC slapped her ass and ordered her not to. She tried to relax 
as her stomach muscles groaned. TC held Nat's tummy to see how she was 
filling up. After a few minutes he started to pull the tube back.

Nat tried to suppress her body's desire to evacuate her bowels. The tube
moving at her ass opening wasn't helping. Finally the tube was out and
before Nat had a chance, TC forced in a black butt plug. He stood up and
took the bag and tube back to the sink. He rummaged in the cupboard and
took out a horse riding crop.

"But you said you weren't going to hurt me." said Nat.

"I'm not. Now you're going to dance and get that water going. If I don't
think you're dancing enough then I'll hit you with this crop. The rest is
up to you."

Nat stood up as TC returned to his seat. She tried to imagine a song in her
head to dance to. A stinging pain across her breast made her jump backwards.

"Dance!" shouted TC.

Nat danced. She shook her body and hips. She flung her arms in the air.
Within a few seconds she was sweating. Her stomach muscles felt like they
were cramping. She twirled and shook her breasts to TC. He smiled.

After ten minutes TC signaled for her to stop. He walked her over to the
sink and removed the butt-plug. Nat held the water while TC lifted her onto
the sink. She held his large solid shoulders as the water gushed out. TC
leant in and kiss her on the lips. She embraced him.

"Take me now Sir. Please take me now." moaned Natasha.

"No." replied TC.

Nat opened her eyes. "What?"

"You're not mine to take. You belong to Matt Basket."

"What?! That fuck wit! He put me here!"

"Yep. And we're getting paid to turn you into a slave. Come on, we're
off to the Doctors."

Hang stood in the doorway while John beat JT with a cat-o-nine tails. Deep
red welts appeared across JT's back and front. John didn't slow down. He
just kept the pace as he had been for the last twenty minutes. JT screamed
into his gag.

Hang also noticed Steve in the corner. He was a skinny lad. His arms were
very stretched. It appeared he had been there for days. Hang noticed his 
belly was large.

"Master." said Hang.

John stopped his punishment of JT. "What Hang."

"Boy belly large?"

"Yeah. The ring-worm in his cock makes it impossible for them to piss. So
their urine just builds up. They've been like that for a last few days."

"Oh. Master. Can I have boy?" said Hang nodding towards Steve.

John looked at the geek. "What for?"

"Experiment. Need male."

"Sure. He's no good to me."

Hang bowed to John. "Thank you Master, thank you."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 69 "Grass Snake."

The grass snake sniffed the air with it's tongue. Sensing the vibrations
in the ground it made a decision and moved across the barren part of the
road towards it's eating ground. It's small body left an S mark in the
dirt. The vibrations were getting stronger. The snake stopped and tested
the air once more. Unfortunately it was the last time.

The warning of the car's shadow wasn't enough. The black dunlop tires 
cracked the snake's spine in four places. In less than a second the back
tire crushed the snake's skull. 

A little while later the dead snake made a tasty snack for a lucky magpie.

Priest turned down the stereo in his car. His ears tingled a little as the
bombardment of noise stopped pounding his hearing. He shook his head
slightly to see if the ringing noise would stop. It didn't. In his youth
he had lit a fire-cracker and the wick burnt a lot faster than it should
have. It was less than a foot away from his head when it exploded. Since 
then he always had a ringing in his ear.

The building came into view. It was nothing special. It looked more like
a broken down house. But Priest had been here before and it's image was
quite deceptive. In a tunnel behind the house was the monastery where he
grew up. He parked the car in front of the house and turned off the engine.

He was about to fulfill his promise.

Steve watched on as Hang checked his restraints. The room was doctor's 
office. Very neat and sterile. Steve moaned with the pain in his belly. 
Hang put on some surgical gloves and pressed in certain areas on Steve's 
abdomen. Steve started crying. Even the merest touch to his belly was 

"Silent boy! Painful yes. But do not move. I make better."

Steve nodded and lay his head onto the table. He winced as Hang carried on
his check up. After a few minutes rummaging around the surgery Hang found
what he was after.

"Boy. This will hurt. Be strong. Over soon." said Hang.

Before Steve would even blink Hang pushed a thick needle into Steve's belly.
It pierced the skin, flesh, muscle all the way through to the bladder.
Steve screamed.

A minute later the pain had disappeared as the urine exited the boy's body 
via the tube. After a while the only pain was the needle. Hang extracted 
this and covered the hole with a small piece of cloth.

Steve thanked Hang. Hang smiled.

"Boy. Not over yet. Got to remove worm." said Hang.

Steve felt the Chinese's hands feel for certain points on his neck. Then
everything went black.

Cindy Winslow took a deep breath and held it. She shrieked slightly as her
father inserted another staple into her tender nipple. The sharp metal tore
into his flesh cutting through nerves sending screaming messages to Cindy's
brain. Cindy opened her eyes and allowed a tear to find it's path down her

SNAP! Another staple was inserted into her nipple. Cindy winced.

"Ouch! How many more are there Daddy?" asked Cindy.

Paul Winslow picked up a box and gave it a shake.

"About 100 darling. Now close you mouth and pucker your lips. Good girl."

Paul pulled Cindy's lips out a little and placed the stapler over them.


Priest made his way through the house. He remembered the various booby
traps and easily made his way past. Finally he got to the back door. He
located the rope to the side and pulled it twice, then three times. He sat
down to wait.

Steve blinked his eyes. He felt very groggy like he had stayed up all night
to work on his computer. He pulled on his cuffs again and found he was
still tied down. 

"Welcome back." said Hang.

Steve turned his head over and blinked his eyes to try and focus. 

"What happened?"

"Me put you sleep. Remove worm. Sore for while. Rest." said Hang.

Steve smiled and fell back into a restful sleep.

Priest's bum was numb. He awoke to find himself totally in the dark. He
reached over and touch the wall. From the feel of the wallpaper he knew he
was still outside the door. He stood up and tried to get the numbness out 
of his ass cheeks. Then he heard a creak. He turned and saw the door was 
slightly ajar.

He pushed it open, walked in and promptly closed it again. When he did 
there was a note on the other side of the door. He squinted to read it.

It read:  Torture room.

Priest shook his head. The message was to keep the slaves in. Funny
enough, so far it had worked. He turned and nearly walked into a hooded man.

"Welcome brother. We have been expecting you. The High Priest is waiting
to receive you. Please follow me."

Priest bowed to the hooded man and followed. Small light-bulbs in the 
ceiling lit their way through the passage. Good, thought Priest. The last
time he was here they didn't know what electricity was.

Priest heard whimpering ahead. He knew there would be slaves who had been 
punished. Sometimes for being lazy, other times just for amusement. Priest
first noticed the girls feet tied to a bar. The girls were hanging upside
down with their hands tied together. Blood glistened from the whip marks
on their bodies. They had been whipped from neck to thigh on their fronts
and backs. The girls moaned slightly as the two men walked past disturbing
the air around them.

Soon they came to a large chamber. It was nearly totally bare except for a 
man sitting on a large chair at one end. To his sides were two monks. One 
tall and skinny, the other squat and rotund.

Priest walked forward and kneeled to the High Priest.

"Welcome back Brother." said the High Priest.

"Thank you Brother. I have returned to fulfill the promise I made many years

"Good. Let's have it then."

Priest stood up and put his hand into his robe. After a couple of seconds
worth of searching he pulled out his prize. He handed it to the hooded man
who then gave it to the High Priest.

"You have done well brother. Will you stay a while?"

"I am sorry brother. I am required back at the school."

"The school huh. So be it. But I ask you to take Brother Will and Brother
Peter back with you for a while. I wish them to learn of your school and
report to me."

The tall skinny man called Brother Will stepped forward bowed to the High
Priest. Then did the rotund Brother Peter. 

Priest bowed. "As you wish Brother."

Steve stretched out his sore and tired body in the recovery room of the
Doctor's office. He could hear noises from the next room and assumed Hang
was cleaning up. Then he heard the door open and a woman's gasp.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!" came a voice. Steve rolled over to see if
he could see what was happening.

"So sorry. Needed to save boy. Would have asked permission but Doctor was
not in room. Many apologies."

"Oh! So he fucking apologies does he?! Fucking Chinese, I hate you all!"

"Please. Have apologies and also cleaned up mess. No need insults."


Steve pulled himself out of bed and walked over to the door. He saw Hang
being strangled by Doctor Every. Hang placed his hands on Every's wrists
and broke the hold.

"Please. Don't want to hurt you." said Hang.

"FUCK YOU! FUCK YOOOOU!" screamed the doctor.

Steve could hear footsteps outside. Nurse Luxe and John burst into the room.

"What the hell is going on here! Doctor Every release Hang!" shouted John.

Hang again broke the Doctor's hold and pushed him backwards. Hang turned
to John.

"Sorry. Had to save boy. Doctor was not here to ask permission. Have said
sorry but Doctor no listen."

John nodded. "Doctor Every. He has said sorry. Let it go."

The Doctor's face was red with anger. Steve saw him pull a five inch knife
out from behind his back.

"NEVER!" screamed the doctor and lunged at Hang.

Hang stepped to the side as the Doctor's wild swing missed him. The doctor
turned around expecting to face a terrified Hang. Hang was in a martial 
arts fighting stance rolling up his fingers preparing to punch. The Doctor 
roared and lunged again only to have Hang punch him quick and hard on the nose.

The Doctor fell back a step with his eyes wide open. Blood and white discharge 
quickly appeared and rolled down over the Doctor's lips and onto his shirt.

"Doc?" said John.

The Doctor turned slowly around to John and with a weak smile fell backwards
to the ground. Nurse Luxe checked his pulse. The Doctor was dead.

"Why Doctor so angry?" asked Hang.

"No reason, he just hates people messing with his stuff, that's all." said 
John as he walked out the door.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 70 "Monk Punishment"

Before Priest could leave the Monastery he was witness to the Monk's
punishment of a 'lazy' slave. The young girl begged for her life in front
of the High Priest all the while the Executor stood behind her with his 
large axe.

The hooded man who showed Priest into the chamber read the accusations
from a parchment.

"High Priest. This .. slave has been found to be lazy. It is the advice
from Brother Mort, the Monk to whom she serves that she be beheaded."

The young girl shook her head in wide eyed terror. 

"Please Sir. Brother Mort is an unfair master." she pleaded.

"How so slave." questioned the High Priest.

"I clean for him Sir and when he returns from prays he pushes all his
belongings onto the floor and then accuses me of being lazy."

"I see. Where is Brother Mort?" called the High Priest.

An old wrinkled man approached. "Here High Priest."

"What say you in the accusation from this slave?"

"Nonsense High Priest. She babbles on to save her own hide."

"I concur Brother Mort. She does seem to contradict her own words. Slave,
I don't agree with the beheading."

The sound of an axe head hitting the stone floor caused a halt to the
High Priest's speech. The High Priest glared at the executioner until he
waved his apologies and left the room.

"As I was saying. Slave, you have been found lazy and I believe two weeks
in isolation with four whippings per day will knock that laziness right
out of you. Do you agree?"

The slave nodded. This was better than she ever hoped possible.

"Take her away. Oh, one last thought, remove all her teeth too."

John Thornton (AKA JT) hung by his right arm from the chain. His left 
shoulder had dislocated the night before and torn his arm off as John 
continued to beat him with the whip. Flies buzzed around the rotting piece
of flesh and laid the eggs deep within the meat. Before the end of the day
maggots would be feasting on the flesh.

"Good morning JT. How are you feeling?"

JT opened one eye and looked down on Ivy. She was decked out in her normal
teacher clothes. Her thigh high boots had been recently polished and she
had inserted a nice riding crop into her right boot.

"No talkies JT? I'm so sad. Don't you worry though. John is now tired of
you and today you will die. Won't that be fun?"

JT's only answer was to close his eye. Ivy looked JT over. His body was
more scar tissue now than skin. Dry blood covered most of his torso and
what parts of his body which weren't going purple were not far behind.

The door opened and John entered. He walked right to Ivy and gave her a 
deep kiss on the lips. JT glared at John.

"Morning JT. Did Ivy give you a good news? Great. Now all you have to do
is live till 6pm tonight and then I'll happily hand you your heart. Deal?"

Dave Andrews walked down stairs. Both Sharon and Melissa were sitting at
the table giggling away.

"Morning girls." he said.

"Morning Dad." they replied in unison.

Dave poured himself some coffee and took a sip. "What ya doing?"

"Checking over some of the new toys that TU are offering in the catalogue."

"Really. Anything you girls want?" asked Dave.

".. um .. no, not really." replied Melissa.

"Figures. Go down stairs and wait for me. Sharon, do the housework."

Both girls nodded and went off. Dave scanned some of the pictures in the
catalogue. He closed it up and put it on the pile of magazines at the end
of the table. After finishing his coffee he rinsed out the mug in the sink
and headed down to the basement. Melissa was waiting for him.

"What are we doing today Daddy?" she asked.

"Nothing too much. Get me the three foot whip in the corner and strip."

Melissa grabbed the whip and handed it to her Dad. She then slipped off
her nightie and stood before him as naked as the day she was born.

"Okay. Suck." ordered Dave.

Melissa knelt down and opened his robe. His cock popped out and she took
it into her mouth. After a few minutes of suckling and teasing she swallowed
his cum. She licked off the rest and was about to tie his robe back up when
he stopped her.

"Not yet. Take my cock into your mouth and keep it there." ordered Dave.

Melissa did as she was told. Dave relaxed his muscles and slowly his piss
squirted into his daughter's mouth. Melissa gulped down the fowl tasting
liquid and lick her father's cock dry.

"Good girl. Now stand up and put your hands out. Palms up. Keep them there."

Melissa yelped as Dave whipped her fingers. He struck again and again. 
Sometimes he would do it in rapid succession, other times slow and painful.
Very shortly his daughter's hands were bright red with welts all over them.

"Okay darling, now turn them over."

Phoebe sat down in Jenny's old chair. Jenny stood to one side and slowly
explained Phoebe's new role. Phoebe learnt about how to balance the accounts,
keep track of the inventory and food supplies, and also how to take calls
from new clients.

Jenny was impressed. She had only needed to beat Phoebe five times before
she agreed to become John's secretary. Mind you, Jenny didn't actually ask
the question until the fifth session anyway.

Phoebe put the phone down and wrote a message for John. Jenny sat in the
chair beside her and read the message. 

"Good. Now let's go and give it to John." said Jenny.

Both girls stood up and Phoebe opened the door to John's office and walked
straight in. Jenny smiled. For the next fifteen minutes John fucked the
life out of Phoebe. He ravaged her cunt and ass hole. He put his burning
cigar end to her nipples and labia. He forced Phoebe to do the splits while
he bit her breasts leaving large deep bite marks.

Jenny listened to all the howling and screaming. Then the door was opened
and Phoebe was tossed onto the floor. Tears streamed out of her two black
eyes. She had a cut along her forehead and her right ear was swelling up.

"Sorry honey. Forgot to tell you. You always knock before entering John's

Priest bowed to the High Priest and with Brother Peter and Brother Will 
behind him left the room. All three men climbed into Priest's car and 
drove off for the school. Priest wasn't happy about the arrangement but 
orders were orders.

He pretty much knew that John would understand, hopefully.

Nurse Luxe re-dressed Steve's belly wound. Steve liked her gentle touch.

"Feeling better Steve?" she asked.

"Much. Thank you."

Nurse Luxe smiled. "Good. Save your strength. You'll need it."

"Really? What for?"

"Well. From what I hear Hang has been made the new doctor around here.
About time too. Every was such a loser. There is talk of making you a
big man to be John's bodyguard. But we'll see."

"Bodyguard? I can't be anyone's bodyguard." replied Steve.

At that moment Hang walked in. In his hand he was carrying a large syringe.
Hang took an alcohol cloth and wiped a small section on Steve's arm. Steve
winced as the needle was inserted and the contents were pushed into his
blood stream.

"What's that?" asked Steve. His whole arm was becoming numb.

"Steroids." replied Hang.

"What?! You've got to be kidding me!" said Steve.

Hang smiled. "Nope. Kidding not. You need steroids to get big body. I am
now new doctor. You slave. You do as me say. Ok?"

"No. It isn't okay. I don't want to be some fucking huge bloody monster!"

Hang leaned in close to Steve nearly touching his nose.

"Choice you not have. Boy!"

Before Steve could respond Hang grabbed his neck. For the second time in
his life, everything went black.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 71 "Sewing Lesson"

Paul Winslow walked into the kitchen. His daughter Cindy was already there
buttering toast. She put it onto a plate and put it on the table for her 
father. Paul ate the toast and then washed it down with a cup of tea. 
Cindy sat on the other side of the table reading the For Sale section of 
the newspaper.

"Find anything of interest?" asked her father.

Cindy looked up and smiled. "Nah, just reading. I've finished reading my 
books ..."

Paul knew she had left the sentence hanging in mid-air. He smiled. 

"Okay, we'll shoot to the book shop later on today. Now clean away this 
stuff and meet me up in my bedroom."

"Okay." said Cindy as she stood up and started clearing away the plates.

Not before long Cindy walked into the bedroom and stood waiting. On the 
bed were a blind fold and a slap stick with studs embedded into the leather. 

"Put on the blind fold and lie down on the carpet." ordered her father 
from the bathroom.

Cindy did as she was told. After a few minutes she felt her father walk 
into the room. Then she felt him straddle her chest. He was naked as she 
could feel his balls and cock on her belly. Paul ordered her to open her
legs wide which she did. Then she yelped as Paul whipped her cunt with 
the slap stick. True to it's name it made a loud "Slap!"

Paul whipped her another twenty times. Cindy tried to keep her hands behind
her head but the temptation to grab at her father was strong. Then she felt
him lift his body off her chest and move his ass over her mouth.

"I've just had a big shit darling. Clean me up." He ordered.

Paul continued to whip Cindy across her cunt while her tongue cleaned his
ass hole. He lowered himself down even further so his hole was completely
on her nose and mouth. All Cindy could do was dart her tongue in and out. 
He then started slapping Cindy's inner thighs and belly with the stick.

He turned the slap stick over and used the sharp edges of the screws that
held the studs in to rub on her lower belly and cunt. He pushed the stick 
in hard and rubbed her raw. Cindy squealed into his ass hole but couldn't 

The stick pulled away strips of skin, pubic hair and blood from Cindy's 
vagina lips and inner thighs.. Cindy heard her father mutter something 
about having pubic hair but couldn't quite make it out. He finally stood
up and Cindy sat up to check herself. She removed her blind fold and saw
that most of her pubes had been pulled out but some remained. 

"Get cleaned up and shave your cunt. I don't want to see hair on it again.
You've got five minutes."

Cindy nodded and made her way to the bathroom. After washing her mouth and
face and a little light shaving she returned to her father's bedroom. The 
blind fold and slap stick had been removed. Now on the bed was a spindle 
of black cotton and a needle.

"Dad, I'm back." said Cindy. 

Paul didn't even looked up from lying on the bed reading his book.

"Take the needle and cotton. I want you to sew up your cunt lips and also
join your tits together. You've got 15 minutes."

Cindy closed her eyes. She secretly wished she hadn't heard what she was 
ordered to do but her body acted for her. She took the cotton and easily
threaded the needle. It was a good solid one about two inches long. Cindy
sat on the ground with her back to the bed. She pulled out her vagina lip
and put the needle to it. 

"Hold on!" said her father.

Cindy stopped before inserting the needle. She looked around hoping that
something had distracted him so she wouldn't have to continue. She watched
as her father tossed her two round rubber balls. She caught one but had to 
locate the other by the wall.

"Put one of these into your cunt before sewing please. You've got 14 minutes."

Cindy sat down again. This was going to make things more difficult and 
definitely more painful. The ball would no doubt push her cunt lips 
outwards but also wider apart. Cindy lay down and spread her knees wide.
She opened her cunt lips and pushed the inch wide rubber ball in. 
It gripped her flesh well and made things harder to push it in. After a 
couple of minutes it was finally inside.

Cindy sat up again and took the needle. She had no trouble pulling her 
cunt lip out and moaned slightly as the needle entered her flesh. Cindy
gritted her teeth as she pushed it all the way through. She breathed 
deeply as she threaded the cotton through. Taking the other vagina lip
and pulled it outwards and pushed it into the flesh. Her hands started 
to sweat making it harder to push the needle through. 

After she had finished she called out to her father. Paul placed a 
bookmark in his book and walked around. He leaned down and saw some nice
stitching. Five holes in either cunt lip.

"Good, now do another five and do those tits as well. I'm going down for
some tea. Have it done by the time I get back."

Cindy watched her father as he walked out of the room and listened as his
footsteps echoed down the stair way. She took the needle and threaded it 
again. She gritted her teeth once more as she pushed the needle in. She 
had only got to the forth hole when she heard her father's footsteps. 
She pushed the needle through but it slipped and Cindy yelped as the 
needle entered her thumb under the nail. She sucked on it as Paul entered.

"Fuck in hell Cindy, what's taking you so long. Get up on the bed!"

Cindy climbed onto the bed and lay on her back. Paul put his cup on the 
cupboard and knelt down in front of his daughter. He took the needle and 
jabbed it into her other lip. Cindy yelped quietly as her father sewed 
her cunt up. He was much quicker than she was. He then finished off the 
thread and tied it down. 

He then threaded the needle again and grabbed Cindy's left tit. He jabbed
it in to the side of her areola and drew the thread near to it's end. 
He pushed it through the nipple itself, drew it and then reached it over
to Cindy's right tit and pushed it through the nipple and then into the 
areola. He did this a number of times while Cindy watched him and 
whimpered with each needle prick. 

Soon Paul took hold of the two end threads and Cindy whimpered on as he
drew both her tits together. Now she was finally nipple to nipple. 
Blood oozed out of some of the pin holes but nothing serious. Cindy knew
they were going to be more painful coming out then going in.

"Okay, this one I have to do myself. On the floor and all fours bitch.
Ass up high." ordered Paul.

Cindy's fears were confirmed. Paul took the rubber ball and pushed it deep
into her anus. Cindy had to spread her legs wide to accommodate the inch 
wide rubber ball. Then her father threaded the needle once more and 
proceeded to sew her ass hole closed. Cindy yelped again and again as the
needle entered her body and was connected to the other side of her ass. 

When Paul had finished he pulled the threads together and Cindy screamed 
out loud as her ass hole was closed over. Paul jabbed the needle into the
bed and ordered Cindy to stand up.

"Dad, it hurts so much!" she wailed.

Paul grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up onto her feet.

"Cindy, if you don't stop that pathetic moaning then I'll fucking sew your
lips together too. Want that?" growled her father.

Cindy shook her head and stood before Paul. He ordered her to bend over 
and touch her toes. Then to do the splits, which really hurt. Cindy was 
doing a hand-stand when Paul finally ordered her to lie down on the ground.
She spread her legs and put her hands behind her feet as she was told.

Paul then stood beside her and flexed his fingers. He reached down and 
pushed her fingers under the cunt threads and his other hand in between 
her breasts to take hold of the threads there. Then he slowly lifted her
into the air. Cindy gritted her teeth and tried not to scream. Paul had 
managed to lift her right up to his waist.

Cindy's eyes welled up with tears. She wanted so much to yell and let the
pain out but she dared not. Then her father started bouncing her up and 
down while holding on the threads. She felt two snap on her cunt. Then 
two on her tits and then "Snap!" The threads holding her cunt closed broke
away. Cindy fell to the floor but was held up by Paul hold her tits.

"Damn! On your knees bitch and lift that ass into the air." he ordered.

Cindy whimpered while turning over. She was rewarded with a slap on the 
ass. Then she felt a finger enter under the cotton threads. Paul took a 
breath and lifted her up by her ass hole. Cindy didn't hold back this 
time, she screamed. Paul ignored her and bounced her a few times. This 
time the threads held.

He dropped her back to the ground. Cindy rolled onto her side and sobbed.

She heard a noise and opened her eyes. Lying on the carpet behind her 
head was a small pen knife.

"Get rid of that cotton Cindy. Next time we'll use a thicker thread." 
said her father.

Cindy closed her eyes but reached out for the pen knife. She rolled 
herself over to a sitting position and proceeded to cut away the threads
from her aching breasts.

"You've got five minutes to do that and get dressed. We've got to get 
those books remember. Hurry now."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 72 "Pin-Cushion"

Sharon Andrews is breathing heavily. Her right leg is supporting her weight 
while her left leg is hoisted directly above making her do the perfect splits. 
Her arms are tied behind her back and are also tied to the ceiling to help
support her. But it is minor support.

Her father Dave walks over with a small dildo. He forces the dildo into 
Sharon's mouth and makes her lube it. He then pulls it out and inspects it. 
A drop of spittle hangs from the end. He watches her face as he pushes the 
dildo deep into her cunt. His daughter moans as her father pushes the dildo 
in and out. He makes her cum twice before he forces the dildo back into his 
daughter's mouth. 

"You've been slack with your exercises Sharon. I'll teach you how important
they are." says Dave.

Sharon looks at him with begging eyes. She knows if she drops the dildo then
there'd be hell to pay. Dave walks to the cupboard and returns with a 
pin-cushion filled with needles. He removes one and locates Sharon's clit.
It is quite large from the cumming she had before and Sharon moans loudly
as he pushes it through.

"Felt that didn't you, you little bitch."

Dave then took some needles and pushed them through her nipples. He jabbed
some into her ass hole, butt cheeks and even in the small area of skin 
between her cunt and ass hole. Sharon moaned to them all. Then the real 
terror appeared.

"Hey Dave, you down here mate?" called out Paul Winslow.

"Yeah Paul. Come on down. I could use your help."

Paul walked past and shook hands with Dave. "Hey, she's tied up real good."

"Thanks. She didn't do her exercises properly so I'm giving her some extra

"Heh heh. Nice one. Mind you buddy, I don't even think we should wait for 
our slut daughters to do anything wrong before we give them what they 

"Amen buddy."

Both men chuckled and went over to the cupboard. They talked silently for 
a while and Sharon could do nothing but watch them as they tossed ideas 
around on how to punish her. They pulled out various sizes of dildos and 
whips but they were all placed back into their respected spots. Finally the 
two  men return back to Sharon.

"Well Sharon," said Dave, "It seems we're not sure what we want to do with
you. Perhaps you can give us some suggestions?"

Dave removed the dildo from Sharon's mouth. Sharon licked her lips to wet 

".. um .. I dunno Dad." replied Sharon hesitantly.

"Not good enough. You've got ten seconds to tell me what really hurts."

Dave took hold of the pin in Sharon's left nipple and started twisting it.

"Okay okay! I really hate it when you set fire to my tits." sobbed Sharon.

"Tit burning? Haven't done that in a while. Tell ya what Paul, do you want
to get Cindy and bring her over?"

"Sure buddy. Can do." replied Paul and raced off to get his daughter.

A little while later Dave looked up to see Paul and Cindy walking down stairs. 
Cindy wasn't smiling. She knew she was about to be tortured.

"Hi Cindy." said Dave.

"Hi Mr Andrews. Hi Sharon." replied Cindy.

"Cindy. What don't you like to have done to you?"

Before Cindy could answer Paul slapped her on the behind.

"Go on Cin. Tell them how you hate having your tits and cunt sewed."

Cindy half-smiled. "Yeah, what Dad said and what we did yesterday."

Dave smiled. "Okay Cindy. We are going to have a little competition. You 
have to take the candle over there and burn Sharon's tits. I want them 
black as, okay. If you succeed then you'll be given a reward. If you don't,
then we're going to tie you up like Sharon here and she or we will do the 
same to you. Deal?"

".. um .. can I say pass, next question?" asked Cindy. She turned and 
looked into Paul's eyes. There was her answer. Cindy walked over and took 
the lit candle. She walked back to Sharon.

"Sorry Sharon. I really am." 

"I know Cin. Just do what you have to do okay." replied Sharon.

Sharon screamed as the flame burned into her skin leaving traces of black 
soot. Cindy pulled Sharon's nipples upwards to blacken as much of the skin 
as she could. After half an hour Sharon's breasts were covered in burn 
marks, soot and wax. Paul called out time and Dave took the candle off Cindy.

"Okay, let's judge Sharon's tits." said Paul.

Both men walked over and took hold of a nipple. They pulled Sharon's tits 
in all directions. Sharon sobbed and screamed as the two men mauled her 
tits. After they came to an agreement they turned to Cindy. Cindy just
stood there shaking.

"Not bad Cindy. I think we'll let you go on this one. Do you want your 
reward?" asked Dave.

Cindy nodded slightly.

Dave smiled baring all his teeth. "Good. Your reward is to be strung up 
like Sharon and have your tits burnt too."

Cindy's eyes were wide with shock and terror. Dave and Paul turned to 
Sharon and removed her from her ropes. Sharon fell to the ground and 
clutched at her tits and cunt. She rubbed them to get feeling back into
her tortured genitals. Paul snapped his fingers and Cindy walked over
to him and Dave. She got into position and removed her jeans and T-shirt.
She put her arms behind her back and soon afterwards she was in the same 
position as Sharon just before.

To make it totally fair Paul also inserted the same amount of needles 
into Cindy's cunt, ass hole and tits. Sharon was barely steady on her
feet by now and was handed the candle. Cindy screamed loud and long as 
Sharon burned her tits.

Soon Cindy's tits were as black and covered in wax and burn marks just 
like Sharon's. Dave and Paul cut Cindy down and to reward themselves for
a wonderful show, they allowed both girls to suck them off. Both men also
made a small bet they could put their massive cocks further down their 
daughters throats. Both girls gagged on the cum and coughed while both
Paul and Dave proclaimed themselves both winners.

Matt Basket was indulging in a bit of ass fucking with his younger sister.
Lisa was sobbing and yelling into the carpet as Matt continued to fuck her
hard. Her wrists were tied behind her back. After a few minute he felt he 
needed more stimulation to cum and reached into his top bed side drawer. 
Lisa looked back and saw her brother pulled out a razor blade and a small 
packet of white powder. She recognized it as salt. 

Matt pushed himself deep into Lisa's ass and then raised the razor to her
ass cheeks. Lisa begged him to stop and said she would do anything he wanted.
Matt already knew this but once he had an idea there wasn't much that was 
going to stop him. He pushed the blade into her tender ass flesh and made a
long incision from her waist to her ass hole. Then he made another three. 
Lisa screamed into the carpet. Her quivering made the muscles in her ass 
tight. Matt loved it.

Now for the best part. He took the bag of salt and poured some on Lisa's 
ass. He dropped the bag to the side and proceeded to spread the salt all
over Lisa's cheeks. As soon as it touch the cuts Lisa screamed and begged
him to wipe it off. Matt ignored her and continued to rub it in deeper. 
He alternated between her ass fucking and spreading the salt into the 
wounds. Lisa sobbed into her hands as pain raked her body. Matt reached
under the bed and pulled out a riding crop. He lashed Lisa again and again
on her cuts. Blood and salt sprayed onto the carpet.

Matt felt the urge to cum and pumped harder and harder. Lisa was being 
jolted back and forward. The ass reaming was nothing to the salt or the
whipping but she moaned from the sensations anyway. Matt continued his 
fucking and then finally came. He groaned loudly and slapped his sister's 
behind sinking his finger nails deep into her cuts. After he had pumped 
her full of cum he withdrew. He walked over to Lisa and took a handful 
of hair. He pulled her head upwards and presented his cum and shit 
stained cock. 

"Clean it." he ordered.

Lisa held her breath and put her mouth over it. She licked off all the 
shit and cum. Soon it was clean. He then stood up and left to go for a 
shower. Lisa waited until he left the room and then stood up. She checked
the cuts on her ass in the mirror. They stung but would heal soon. She 
then heard her name being called by her father and left to go to his room.

Rodney Basket had Lisa's older sister, Jody, on all fours in his room. She 
was licking his hand putting as much salvia on it as possible. 

"Yes Dad?"

"Hi Lisa. Hold your sister for me will you. I want to see how far I can 
put my hand up her ass. Last week we got half way up my forearm. I want 
my elbow this time." said her father.

Lisa knelt down in front of Jody and Jody untied Lisa from her rope. 
Lisa then held onto her sister's shoulders. Rodney moved behind Jody and 
pried open her ass cheeks. Without hesitation he pushed his fingers in.
Jody screamed and started to fall forward but Lisa caught her shoulders 
and pushed her back. Jody's screams got louder as her father soon forced
his entire hand up her backside and flexed his fingers into a fist. 
He pushed in harder and harder all the while twisting his arm with each

After forty minutes he finally made it to his elbow.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 73 "Pissed off!"

Melissa Andrews was tied with her arms and legs spread to resemble a letter
X facing the brick wall. She listened as her father Dave walked back and 
forth across the room. He had woken up particularly pissed off that morning
and Melissa came to realize that she would now be the brunt of his bad mood.

Dave swung his arm in a circle to loosen up his shoulder. He then took hold
of a seven foot bull whip and drew back him arm. He yanked the whip forward
and slashed Melissa across her butt cheeks. Melissa howled in both shock and
pain. Again Dave whip her and Melissa screamed and pulled on her ropes.

Soon her ass and back were a road map of welts and cuts. Dave also made sure
he nicked at the sides of her breasts. Melissa practically hung from her 
ropes sobbing. Spit and sweat covered the wall where her body and face touched
it. The hormones made sure she stayed awake through the ordeal. 

Dave whipped Melissa across her ass once more and then toss the whip to the 
floor. He pulled off his robe and threw it over a chair. He walked up behind 
Melissa and grabbed her hips pulling her upwards. Using his large hands he 
gripped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. His cock was solid and ready.
He put the tip of his penis at the small ass hole of his daughter. The cock 
looked massive compared to her little hole but Melissa had done this many 
times before and she knew she could take it, but not without a lot of pain.

Dave didn't bother with lubrication. He was so pissed off he felt someone 
else should be too. He pushed upwards and ignored the shrieks and moans of 
his daughter. He pulled her back onto his swollen member. After a few 
minutes Melissa was fully impaled on her father's cock. The pain was so 
strong she had a hard time breathing. 

Dave mauled at her tits and pinched her nipples. Melissa hardly felt 
anything above the pain. Dave then started pumping into her. Melissa moaned
for all she was worth as her body was fucked backwards and forwards. She
felt like a rag doll inside the mouth of a huge dog. Dave continued to fuck 
her up the ass with hard long strokes. 

Melissa felt her father stop and relax slightly. His rock solid cock was 
still deep inside her but the break was welcomed. Then she started to feel
something hot and warm inside her bowels and realized Dave was pissing 
inside her. Melissa waited until she felt her father start to withdraw and
then clenched her ass hole tight to hold the urine inside. Once before she 
had expelled it and her father went nuts. She never wanted to repeat that 
incident again.

Soon her ropes were removed and Melissa waddled over to stand by her sister
Sharon who had watched the whole event. Dave pointed for her to move to the
same position that Melissa was in. Sharon took a deep breath and walked over.

Melissa's bowels screamed for her to expelled the liquid but orders were 
orders. She was to stay and watch as Sharon would have 50 lashes of the 
whip and then be ass fucked until her father cummed in her. Melissa knew 
she got the better deal. Her father was very good at controlling his 
ejaculations for ages.

Sharon grimaced as the whip struck for the first time on Sharon's ass. 
Melissa counted out the number of whips like her sister did before her. 
Hopefully for Sharon's sake she hoped she wouldn't forget the number of 
lashes like Sharon did to her.

Don's wife rushed over to greet her husband as he walked in the door. She 
saw the package in his hand. She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello darling, is that it?" asked Kim.

Don smiled. "Yep. Shall we test it now or later?"

"Let's do it now. The girls will be so thrilled."

Both husband and wife walked down the stairs to the cellars. He saw that 
his wife had been busy. Both girls were lying on the bed in the sixty nine
position. They had been ordered to make each other cum for the last hour.

Don gave the package to Kim and untied the rope connecting the girls
together. He rolled Sue over onto her back. They were already tied up so 
Don decided to leave them that way.

"Hi girls. Got a present for you."

Both Don's daughters stared at him. They smiled when he said Hi but they 
didn't want to angry him like they had last night. Don took the package 
from his wife and remove the brown wrapping. The box was completely white 
void of any writing. Don put it onto the bed and opened the lid. 
The girls couldn't see what was in it so they waited.

Don reached in and pulled out what seemed to be a large black glove with 
metal studs all over it. On the end was a cord that went for about a meter
connected to a small black box. Then that was connected to a longer cord, 
which had an electrical plug on the end. Don pulled off his sports jacket
and put the glove on. He looked over to his wife who ran over and plugged
the cable into the wall. Nothing seem to happen.

Don lifted up the black box and saw there was a small switch with three 
settings. Off - Low - High.
He flicked it to low and immediately the air around the glove crackled 
with electricity. The metal studs sparked as he touched them together. 
He looked over to Sue and grabbed her leg. Immediately she screamed and 
started to shake. The area where her father was touching her leg went 
bright red.

Don let go and inspected the area. Dark red marks signalled where the studs
had touched her skin. Sue continued to breath heavily and she watched the 
glove like it was a dangerous animal. Don obviously didn't feel any of the
effects of the electricity. He switched off the glove and handed it to his

He picked up Sue and put her onto the table. He untied her and then cuffed
her so she was spread eagle. He pulled the straps to make sure she was good 
and tight. He then lifted up Jane and placed her head and hands in some old 
fashioned stocks. He untied her ankles and tied them to two ropes hanging 
from the ceiling. He lifted her so she was horizontal in the air with her 
legs spread. As a final thought he also tied a rope around her waist to 
support her body.

Don stripped off as did Kim. He ordered her to gentle whip Jane while he 
played with Sue. He put on the glove and set the switch to low. He walked
around her and touched each of her limbs. She yelped and shrieked as each 
touched caused her body to shake and shudder. After a few minutes teasing 
he reached over and grabbed her breast. Sue screamed. Don mauled her tender
breast flesh and pinched it with the glove. Sue screamed and sobbed. Then 
he did the other breast.

Jane watched all this as she was whipped. Don then moved into between Sue's
legs and stuck his finger into her cunt. Her pussy juices sizzled from the 
electricity and Sue continued to scream. Don pushed his finger in and out 
slowly making sure the studs touched Sue's clit. Then he pulled out and 
walked over to Jane.

Jane's ass was high in the air. It was slightly pink from the whipping. 
Don walked in between her spread legs. He turned to his wife and asked 
her to get a three foot spread bar. Soon the spreader bar was locked onto
Jane's knees. Her ass cheeks were pulled wide apart exposing her hole to 
the world. Don flicked the switch up to high and stuck his finger in.

The assault on Jane's body was intense. The current ripped through her 
tender ass and shook her body. She had never felt anything like it since
the ass muscle exercises at the school. Don pushed two fingers in and Jane
screamed for all she was worth. Then suddenly he stopped. He pulled his 
wife over and whispered into her ear. She grinned evilly.

She returned with a large syringe of water. She pushed the nozzle into 
Jane's ass and squeezed the contents in. Jane could feel the water flush 
deep into her bowels. Then it was quickly replaced with a large butt plug.
Don switched the glove on once again but this time placed his hand on 
Jane's ass cheeks. He left red hand prints all over her back side and 
thighs. He tickled her cunt by rubbing his finger along the slit. This 
only made Jane scream out more.

After a few minutes of this Don wanted to go for the big one. He flicked
the glove to high and pulled out the butt plug. A trickle of water escaped
but not in time before Don jammed his middle finger deep into Jane's anus.
Jane screamed and pulled at her stocks. Her ass shook but Don kept his 
finger deep inside her ass. 

Jane felt like a fire was in her belly. The current screamed along the 
water zapping all her tender flesh. Her stomach muscles retracted and 
groaned as the current ripped over them. Don turned to his wife to see 
her expression. She was laughing at the sight of her daughter's ass 
bouncing all over the place with her husbands finger in it.

Just then Don's finger slipped out. Boiling water exploded from Jane's ass
outwards covering Don. But more importantly splashing onto the black box.
The glove sizzled a little and then died. 

Don was furious. He threw the glove into the corner of the room and untied
his daughters. He forced them together facing each other and handcuffed
them to chains hanging from the ceiling. Kim tied a belt around both their
waists and pulled them close. Sue was fitted with a rope around her neck
to keep her standing up straight.

For the next two hours he and his wife whipped Sue and Jane relentlessly 
without pause. without mercy.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 74 "Monks"

Priest stood rock still in John's office. John glared at the teacher and
shook his head.

"How long?" asked John.

"A couple of months." replied Priest.

John nodded in understanding. He didn't like the idea of having the two
monks around but if it meant keeping Priest on as a teacher, then he'll
just simply have to accept them.

"Fine. Just keep them out of my fucking way."

Priest nodded, began to walk out but stopped before opening the door.

"Shall I give them an entree?" asked Priest.

John waved his hand. "Yeah sure, give them Phoebe for tonight. We'll
figure out what to do with them tomorrow."

Jenny watched on as the porters took JT's body away. John had made the
ex-headmaster and nark's final hours pure misery. She listened as the
porters grumbled about carrying a huge body to the pit and slowly their
voices disappeared as they walked down the hallway. The room felt very
empty now. Soon it would be used for JT's daughters. Jenny looked forward
to that.

Jenny walked around the chains that previously held JT in the air. The
dried blood was thick and the smell of sweat and flesh lingered in the air.
Jenny licked her finger and brushed it along the hanging chain making it
sway. She studied the dried blood on her finger and promptly put it into
her mouth. It tasted foul but she sucked her finger until all the blood
was gone.

She smiled and then burst out laughing. 

Phoebe heard the office door close to her side. She didn't look up. Her
brain was hard at work storing numbers in her short term memory for later
retrieval. In fact she barely even noticed as fingers were gathering up
her hair.

Suddenly her head was yanked backwards and her back smacked into the chair.
She yelped from the pain and looked up into a pair of black eyes.

"Come Phoebe. I have need of you." ordered Priest.

Phoebe felt her head being released. She leaned forward, took a breather
and then pushed her chair back to stand up. She followed Priest out of the

Steve Henderson tried to read his book. His arms and body were being jolted
around by small burst of electricity. From what Dr. Hang said it was suppose 
to speed up muscle growth. All Steve knew was that he was constantly tired, 
felt like he was swelling up and that it was damn hard to read while being
strapped down in bed and his arms spasming.

His only real appreciation was Nurse Luxe. As far as he was concerned he'd
put up with the huge steroid injections and shocks all night if he could
spend time with her. He smiled as the nurse took his pulse. She scribbled
down the result on a pad and then proceeded to move the points to other 
locations on his body.

The points were simple suction caps with a wire connected. She moved them 
around his body six times a day. Steve especially loved it when she played 
with his cock and then put four of the points on his swollen member. 
He had cum each time. Nurse Luxe didn't seem to mind cleaning him up.

The nurse repositioned the points and gave Steve a kiss on the forehead.

"Ready hon?" she asked. Steve nodded.

Nurse Luxe flicked the switch and Steve felt the first tiny jolt in his
AB muscles. He flexed his arm and for the first time Steve had a definable
bicep muscle. He flexed it a few times and then let his head fall back
onto the pillow as a wave of exhaustion sweeped his body.

He sighed and looked over to the nurse. "Why do I feel tired?"

"Because your body is trying to keep up with the program. Don't worry
honey, when it's over you'll feel great. Oh, and very very horny."

Blood rushed to Phoebe's head. She didn't mind Priest pulling her hair
while she was working. She didn't mind getting her clothes torn off by a
two fat and skinny guys wearing crucifixes. She didn't even mind when they
felt her up and shoved their fingers in her cunt, ass hole and mouth.

But being hung upside down by her big toes was very painful. Phoebe could
feel her inner thighs being stretched to the limit to hold her body in
place. Then the fat monk who was referred to as 'Brother Peter' tied a
weight to her wrists. Whether this was to stop her from swinging or to
simply increase the pain, Phoebe didn't know.

Phoebe watched as the Monks walked around her all the while holding their
penises in their hands. She noticed they were jerking off slightly but
not hard or quick enough to simply cum. They were taking their time.

The skinny monk, Brother Will, disappeared from Phoebe's sight for a second
and then came back into view. In his hand he held a bucket. Brother Peter
took hold of Phoebe's's vagina lips and pulled them wide apart. Phoebe
stifled a groan but watched as Brother Will reached into the bucket and
pulled something out. He dropped them into her open cunt.

As soon as the cubes hit Phoebe's cunt wall she shivered. He was dropping
in ice cubes. After a minute her cunt was filled to the top with ice. Her
muscles squeezed the ice and it continued to send shivers all over Phoebe's
body. Her groin muscles tensed.

Clare, Karen and Rebecca Thornton huddle together in the locked room. They
had their wrists locked in chains but with a bit of effort they managed to
lean against one another while sitting on the hay covered floor of their
cell. Clare, Karen and Rebecca's mother, was the first to hear the footsteps.
They got closer and closer. Both girls were jolted awake by the turning of 
the key in the lock. In stepped Ivy and two porters.

"Morning. I've got some good news and some bad news. Which would you like
first?" asked Ivy.

The trio stared at her but it was Karen who spoke up.


Ivy smiled and cocked her head to one side.

"Well, it seems that your father died last night. Isn't that a shame?"
said Ivy in a mocking voice.

The trio stared at Ivy in horror.

"And also your brother Steve is now in the medical ward getting steroid
injections. Trust me, when Doctor Hang is through with him, he'll be big
and strong and fucking you until you bleed like the pigs you are."

Rebecca fainted. Karen burst into tears and Clare snarled. She tried to
lash out at Ivy but the chains held her down.

"And I suppose you want the good news? ... yes? ... well, it's just a
beautiful day outside and I'm going to torture you all very soon."

Ivy spun around on her foot and walked out. The two porters closed in.

It had been two minutes since the ice was shoveled into Phoebe's vagina.
Her toes ached and the cold seemed to be numbing her groin. But she did
feel the tip of the shaft entered her cunt. Brother Will turned the knob
of the shaft. After a few seconds the sharp points on the tip of the shaft
ripped through Phoebe's tender flesh.

She groaned but as the blood warmed her cunt the nerve endings reacted with
violent fury and queued up to screamed at Phoebe's brain. Phoebe in turn
screamed herself. Brother Will continued to turn the screw both tearing
Phoebe's cunt to shreds and pushing the remaining ice cubes deeper and
deeper into her vagina cavity.

Brother Peter started forcing ice cubes into Phoebe's anus.

The porter gripped Clare's hair and pulled her upwards. Her nose was 
bleeding and she cursed and spat at Ivy.

"Where do you want these slaves to go?" asked the porter.

"Take Karen and Rebecca to Class-room 11. Take this bitch outside and 
stake her to the ground. Make sure she's well stretched. We'll come back
for her in a few days." replied Ivy.

Clare got one more curse off before the porter punched her in the stomach
winding her. Both Karen and Rebecca watched their mother being dragged off
down the hallway.

A few minutes later Karen was chained to a wall with her hands tied above
her and a spreader bar holding her feet apart. Ivy was using a cigarette
lighter to burn away Karen's pubic hair. Karen yelped and begged as Ivy
made more of an attempt to burn her cunt lips than hair.

Rebecca was lying on a table spread eagle. She watched as Jenny came in
and with only a glance from Ivy took a large cat-o-nine tails from beside
the table. Rebecca squealed and Jenny threw her arm back and lashed 
Rebecca's tits and belly. 

Karen could do nothing but watch on as her sister was being whipped.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 75 "Grated"

Clare Thornton could feel her skin burning in the hot sun. This was her
second day and she knew she was severely sunburnt. Occasionally a slave
would come out and give her a few sips of water. She could barely speak
as her mouth was so dry.

The sun continued to burn her body. All Clare could do was wait.

Natasha startled as the door to her cell was thrown back which gave a
loud bang after hitting the wall. She looked over to the light pouring 
in through the entrance and saw the figure of a woman and a man. Jenny 
stepped in and surveyed the scene. Her eyes came to lay on Natasha.

"Up!" barked Jenny. She was obviously in a bad mood.

When Natasha didn't respond Jenny snapped her fingers. Nothing happened.
Jenny turned back to the porter and nodded her head towards Natasha. A
light seemed to dawn inside the porter's head and he walked in.

A few minutes later both Natasha, Jenny and the porter were walking down
the hallway. Natasha was hand-cuffed.

"Where are we going? Where is TC?" asked Natasha.

Jenny remained quiet. The trio came to their destination and the porter
opened the door. As Natasha walked in she gasped. She saw two young girls
chained to the wall. Jenny pushed Nat in further and chained her also to
the wall beside the girls. Then Jenny turned on her heel and left with the
porter following.

Nat waited for a while and then asked the other girls their names.

"I'm Karen, she's Rebecca."

"Natasha. What are we here for?"

Karen shook her head. "Don't know. But if anything in this room is going
to be used on us then it won't be fun."

Natasha looked around the room and saw various pieces of equipment for
torture. The strong sinking feeling swelled up inside her.

Clare coughed and spluttered loudly as a third bucket of water was tipped
over her. The cold water stun away at her sunburn as it dribble down her
sides onto the grass. Ivy then moved over to stand in the sun so Clare 
could see her.

"Hey there hot stuff. We're going to have a bit of a girl talk." said Ivy.

She held up a cheese grater.

"Well, more I talk and you scream." smiled Ivy.

She straddled Clare's belly and wiped some of the excess water away.
Clare hissed a little from Ivy touching her sunburn.

"Do you expect me to talk?" asked Clare.

Ivy giggled. "No sweet cheeks. We already know you're a spy. John has 
killed your hubby and he is giving you to me as a present. Isn't that 
just the sweetest?"

Clare let her head drop back onto the ground. "Yeah, real nice."

Ivy placed the cheese grater on Clare's shoulder. The cool metal made
Clare shiver slightly.

"Suppose there isn't anyway I can talk you out of this?" asked Clare.

Ivy didn't respond. She dragged the grater along Clare's shoulder down
along side her breast. Peels of skin and blood filled and coated the
grater. Clare screamed as the pain sent shock waves through her body.

"Nope, sorry." said Ivy. She then did the other side.

"TC! TC!" yelled Natasha as the black teacher entered the room. He didn't
have any shirt on and his muscles bulged out in all the right places. His
abs were well defined all the way down to his jeans. His hair was cut short
and he wore a grim look on his face.

"Shut up Natasha!" growled TC.

She watched as he entered the room and lit some of the flaming torches.
John had always liked the idea of using fire instead of light bulbs to
illuminate a room. TC thought it was silly but if John was paying his wages
then tradition is what John got.

TC then went over to the cupboard and unlocked it. He pulled out several
coils of rope, some seven and four inch nails and also a knife. As a final
thought he also pulled out a large hammer and a metal cylinder with spikes
all over it. He took all the equipment over to a table and dumped it.

He walked over to Karen and unlocked her from her chains.

"Strip!" he ordered and Karen hastened to obey. She watched as TC uncoiled
the rope. He measured lengths and then cut the rope with the knife. He
pulled Karen over to the table and put her forearms together and proceeded
to tie them. After looping the rope around her elbows he then led her 
over to a doorway into a smaller room. For the first time Karen noticed
there was a large nail in the beam. TC pushed her elbows above her head
and lifted her up with ease. The nail caught the rope and TC let Karen

Karen shrieked. It felt like her elbows had popped out. TC returned back
to the table and retrieve a second piece of rope. He ran it in between
Karen's thighs and pulled her ankles up to tie them off.

"Please Sir. It hurts!" sobbed Karen. 

TC ignored her, took another piece of rope and went over to Natasha. He 
unchained her and lead her over to where Karen was hanging. He pushed her
body into the column and Nat lifted her arms forward. TC tied them to a
ring on the other side of the column so she wouldn't slide down. Then he
tied her feet to another ring on the other side as well.

TC went back to Rebecca and unchained her. He took her back to the table
only to find he had used up all the rope. TC swore and walked over to the
cupboard. He rummaged around until he found what he was looking for. He
turned around and saw that Rebecca was no longer there. He looked over to
the door and it was half open.

"Fuck!" he yelled and ran off after her.

Clare's arms and thighs were both bloodied. Streams of tears were mixing
with the blood and spit on Clare's cheeks. Ivy continued to rub the grater
harder into Clare's belly. Ivy had intentionally left Clare's tits and
cunt alone. They were dessert.

Ivy stopped rubbing and fell back onto her bottom. She breathed out a long
breath. She also rolled her head around to relieve the strain on her neck

"How ya doing sweetheart? Having a good time?" asked Ivy.

Clare just sobbed and wished that all the pain would go away. Ivy looked
intently at Clare's belly for a second. She reached her finger in and 
swirled it around in the blood. She took hold of something and pulled.
Clare didn't even notice.

Ivy held up the piece of flesh and inspected it. She smiled when she 
realized what it was. She got to her knees and walked over to Clare. Ivy
grabbed Clare's nose and Clare was forced to open her mouth. Ivy pushed
the piece of flesh into Clare's mouth and then forced her jaws closed.

Clare had no choice but to swallow. Ivy laughed.

"Well done girl. Not many people can say they've eaten their belly button."

TC found Rebecca in the hallway. Jenny was dragging her back to the room
by her hair. Rebecca's hands had been handcuffed behind her back.

"Lose something TC?" asked Jenny.

"Yeah. Thanks Jenny. Forgot about the door." he replied.

"Cool. I'm bored. Can I watch?"

"Sure babe. I do my best work with an audience."

TC bent down and grabbed Rebecca's tit. Jenny did like wise and Rebecca 
let out a howl as he was dragged back to the room by her nipples.

Clare's throat was so sore from screaming she couldn't make a noise. Ivy
had shredded Clare's breasts and after moving the stakes securing Clare's
legs to the ground, she was now working on Ivy's cunt. Sweat poured down
Ivy's face as she continued to grate.

"By the time I'm finished here bitch, you won't have a cunt left!"

Clare continued to try and scream.

Jenny smiled. TC had rammed numerous nails into all three girls. It was
so obvious he was pissed off with Rebecca with her running away that he
jammed nailed into the soles of her feet as well.

Rebecca was stuck in some small stocks. TC had just finished pushing
some nailed through Rebecca's vagina lips. He then unzipped his pants
and gave his cock a couple of rubs to make it harder. He pulled Rebecca
towards him and pushed his enormous member deep into her anus.

Rebecca's face purpled and she screamed. Karen also screamed as Jenny
started to push a nail through her cunt as well. TC smiled and continued
to fuck Rebecca silly. Then he pulled out. He had blood and shit all over
his cock. He picked up the hammer and spiked dildo.

"No! Please TC. Don't do it!" yelled Natasha.

But TC was beyond hearing. He put the tip at Rebecca's asshole and swung
his arm back. He smacked the dildo hard with the hammer and it sank halfway
into Rebecca's ass. Rebecca screamed once, then fainted.

It took seven more hits with the hammer to sink it all the way in.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 76 "Hot Coals"

The sun peeked over the horizon to signal the start of a new day. 
The light flooded the TU grounds and eventually it's warmth rushed over 
the dew-covered grass. Clare awoke with her face in the cold dirt. 
She moaned slightly as the subtle heat from the sun sent painful shock-
waves through her body. 

The day before Ivy had stripped off most of Clare's skin. And to make 
matters worse Ivy had turned her over so the sun could now burn and bake 
Clare's back and legs. Clare's whole body ached and shivered. All Clare 
knew now was pain. Long gone was her interest in her daughters or even 
the sadness for the death of her husband, JT.

She lay there not blinking as the sun's lights made her eyes water. 
She wished death would come for her soon. Unfortunately for her, Ivy had 
other plans.

Clare wasn't the only one up early. Cindy Winslow was up also. She had 
been busy in the kitchen for the last hour cooking and baking. Her face 
was slightly covered in flour and she had egg stains on her apron. She 
turned as the oven signalled that it had finished it's cooking. Keeping 
her head back from the rising heat she pulled the hot cake tray out and 
with a flourish flopped it onto a cooling rack.

She continued to whipped the chocolate whip cream. Occasionally she looked 
at the clock which seemed to make her redouble her efforts. After she 
checked the consistency of the cream she rummaged around in a drawer 
looking for candles.

There weren't enough for her father's birthday cake, but it'll have to do.

Clare didn't even respond to Ivy when she kicked her in the rib cage. Nor 
did she respond when Priest smacked her ankle with a large wooden baton. 
Ivy looked to Priest for an answer.

"Trance. She's put her mind into a safe place so she won't feel any-more 
pain. How inconsiderate." replied Priest.

Ivy nodded. It was very rare she ever questioned what Priest said.

"So what do we do?" asked Ivy.

"Plan stays the same. Clean her up and get her ready for Hang."

Cindy spread the tablecloth and quickly put out the cutlery. She sat down, 
put on her party hat and waited. After a few minutes she heard a noise. 
Cindy jumped slightly as her father walked in through the doorway. 
He stopped just inside the room and looked at his daughter and then the 
table. Cindy was watching him as he swung a large iron bar with a metal
head on the end.

"... um .. Hi Daddy. Happy Birthday!" said Cindy as she watched the iron

Paul looked around the room and then smiled. "Morning honey. This for me?"

Cindy pulled her eyes away from the chain. "Yeah, sure is."

Paul kissed Cindy on her forehead. He took the extra party hat, put it on 
and sat down at the table. Cindy continued to stare at the iron bar on the 
table. Paul took it and dropped it to the floor. Cindy smiled and stood up. 
She reached behind her back to a knot holding her nightie together. She 
pulled on the knot and her nightie dropped to the floor.

She then laid herself onto the table and while her father watched on, she 
took small bowls of food and tipped the contents onto herself. She reached 
over and took a knife and fort and handed them to Paul. He checked the tips 
of the fork and they had been sharpened. The knife blade had also been 
sharpened. Cindy held her breath and her father jabbed the fork at a 
strawberry. The fork points went through it easily and embed into Cindy's 
left upper breast.

Cindy hissed quietly but kept her position on the table. Paul swallowed the 
fruit and then raised the knife.

Clare didn't even blink involuntarily when Hang shone a light into her eyes.
He flashed it back and forth to see if she would react, nothing.

"What do you think Hang?" asked Ivy.

"Woman gone. No good to me. You take her." replied Hang.

"How is your experiment?" said Ivy as she tried to see behind a white

"Good. He ready."

Ivy watched as Hang went behind the white curtain. Ivy heard a small 
muffled conversation and then straps being untied. Nurse Luxe pulled
back the curtain and Ivy simply stared at Steve. He was huge. Easily
as big as John muscle wise. Also his cock was massive. It was the size of
a large horse. It hung between his legs and rocked from side to side as
Steve tried to walk. Hang was on one side and Nurse Luxe on the other.

Within a couple of minutes Steve was walking unaided. Hang started telling
Steve about his new strength, endurance and power. Ivy continued to 
watch his large cock. Steve stroked it a couple of times and it bobbed
slightly. Hang looked over to Ivy.

"Why you here?" he asked.

Ivy blinked and realized she should be working. She got the porter to take
Clare down to Priest's work room.

"You sure Mam?" asked the porter.

"Yeah, Priest will know how to wake her. If not, he'll kill her for me."

By the time Cindy's Dad had finished his breakfast she had cuts all over
her body. Most of them were scabbing already. She pushed off the rest of
the food onto the table and then stood up.

"That's was nice Cindy. Now what do you have for my birthday present?"

Cindy hesitated while carrying the dishes to the sink.

"Present?" she asked meekly and giving a small smile.

"Yeah, don't say you didn't get your old Dad anything? I mean the breakfast
was nice and eating off my naked daughter was yummy. But I think I could
do better on the present side of things."

"Okay Daddy. What did you want for your present?"

"Glad you asked honey. It's down in the basement all ready to go. You just
do the dishes first and then come on down. Okay?"

Cindy gave her father a worried smile and nodded.

"Good. See ya soon honey."

Clare was still in her trance. She knew she'd have to come out of it sooner
or later. From the distance in her mind she felt the porter washing her
down and also scraping off her hair. Every now and then a robed man would 
flash across her vision. Last thing she remembered was the sensation of
being lifted up off the ground.

Then heat and pain lashed at her body. Clare could no longer contain her
meditation. She screamed. She looked down and saw hot coals burning her
tender flesh and searing her breasts. She was hanging by her elbows on
an iron bar. Her feet had been tied and lifted upwards.

She begged for mercy but the porter continued to stir the coals. She 
turned to the robed man but he didn't respond to her pleas except to smile.

Cindy finished wiping the last dish and put it into the cupboard. She did
a quick check on her cuts but they had pretty much healed up. She took a
deep breath and blew it out slowly. She opened the basement door and
descended the steps.

She saw her father sitting on the table kicking his feet back and forth.
He was obvious excited about his chosen present. He jumped off the table
and flourished his arm towards the table. He even helped Cindy up and she
raised her arms so Paul could strap her down. Cindy lifted her body as 
Paul threaded a belt around her waist. He tied this down to the table as 
well making it very tight. Then he tied rope around her knees and pulled 
them so her legs pressed tightly into her chest. This left Cindy's cunt
completely exposed.

Satisfied with this Paul took a cloth and some water and wiped down his
daughter's crotch. Cindy kept her cunt lips shaved at her father's orders.
Cindy watched the sparks fly and burn out as her father stoked the hot
coals. Paul pulled out the branding iron. It glowed a menacing hot red.
The iron head had a round flat head with the initials PW on the inside.

Cindy watched as her father walked over to her and put his hand on her

"Ready honey?" he asked.

Cindy simply nodded and closed her eyes. A few seconds later there was an
explosion of pain tearing through her body. Cindy couldn't even gasp in
enough air to scream. She looked down and saw that the branding iron was
pressed hard against her vagina lips. Heat and steam floated in the air
around her father. The loud sizzle of burning flesh slowly subsided.

Cindy felt her body go totally cold. Then the pain hit her. She kicked her
legs back and forth but couldn't move. Then she threw her head back onto 
the table again and again until she had knocked herself unconscious.

Cindy had a headache for the next two days. The branding she had received
on her pussy had disappeared before the week was out thanks to the special
healing hormones.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 77 "Bees!"

Dave Andrews slammed his hand down on the table. The drinks rocked slightly
and spilled some of the apple juice within. Sharon quickly cleaned up the
spills while her father glared at her Sharon's sister, Melissa. Melissa
looked down at her feet. She didn't think it was an unreasonable request
but since her father's reaction to it she was definitely having second thoughts.

"No!" said Dave. And grabbed his drink spilling more apple juice. Melissa's
first response was to argue but she caught a look from her sister. She
realized the situation could easily get worse. She nodded her head to her
father's decision and stood up to go inside.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going!" hissed Dave.

Melissa picked up a near empty bowl of potato chips.

"I'm getting more chips." and walked off. Melissa didn't get more than a
meter before her arm was grabbed. She was spun around and she realized she
had pushed too far. Dave was furious. He dragged her off to the back fence.
He unlocked the gate and threw it back. The gate swung on it's hinges and
thudded loudly into the fence-post.

Dave called out for Sharon to grab a metre long cord with clamps and a rope. 
He watched as she ran into the house. Both of them remained quiet until 
Sharon returned back a minute later. Dave grabbed Melissa's arm once again 
and with Sharon in tow walked out into the forest behind the house.

They walked and walked. Dave seemed to know exactly where he was going. 
After about ten minutes they came to a barbed wire fence line. As soon as 
Melissa saw the beehive she knew what she was in for. She tried to pull 
back but her father's grip was very strong. They got to five metres 
of the beehive when Dave let go.

"Take off your clothes!" he said.

Melissa quickly removed her jeans and over sized T-shirt. Next came the
panties and the bra. Sharon stood beside her father and watched as the bees
buzzed around them. Dave seemed oblivious to them. He again took Melissa
over to the hive and made her straddled the barb wire fence. Melissa yelped
as barbs scratched at her inner thighs.

Dave tied her hands to the tree branch and gave it a couple of shakes to 
make sure it wasn't going to break. Some of the bees buzzed noisily around 
the trio.

"Cord!" barbed Dave. Sharon ran over to give it to him. She watched on as
Dave uncoiled the cord and then threw it around the tree. On the third
attempt he managed to grabbed the other end. He measured the distance and
even Melissa knew it was going to be tight. Dave held both the clamps in
one hand and put his arm around Melissa's back. He pulled her towards the
tree forcing the barbs on the fence to embed and tear at Melissa's skin.

Melissa shrieked as the clamps were attached. The clamps were really tight
and it cut into Melissa's nipples causing blood. Bees danced around Melissa's
head with their loud humming. She leaned her head back and saw the hive
was immediately above her. She whimpered slightly as her father walked off.

"Sharon?!" she called.

"Yeah Mel?"

"Want to swap? ... I'll do the housework for the next two months."

"Get real kiddo. You fucked up, you pay. Quiet! Dad's coming back."

Dave returned with what he needed. He carried a long branch. Melissa
considered moving closer to the tree but realized the barbed wire would
only cut her up more. Her only defense was to keep totally still.

"Ready daughter?!" said Dave.

Melissa turned to her Dad. "Dad, I'm so sorry. Please, don't do this."

"Tough shit Mel. You don't do what I say, then you will get punished. I
thought you would have learnt this by now."

Dave smacked the beehive with the branch four times. On the forth time he
managed to crack it. Using the tip of the branch he pulled out some of the
honey and bees and smeared it on Melissa's tummy and breasts.

The bees went berserk. Dave threw the stick to the ground and walked back
a few yards while Melissa screamed and shook her head. Bees attacked her
body stinging everywhere. Melissa's vagina was being cut up badly by the
barb wire and her tits were being yanked in all directions.

Dave and Sharon watched for a few minutes while Melissa struggled and 
screamed. Then Dave turned and went back home. He needed a beer.

Steve Thornton checked himself out in the mirror. He flexed his chest
muscles and then his abs. He was impressed, not to mention well cut. He
rubbed his cock a few times and marvelled at how sensitive it was.

"Looking good Stevo."

Steve turned to see Nurse Luxe in the doorway. She was leaning against the
door-frame. Steve smiled and turned back to the mirror.

"So Nurse Luxe. Now that I have the body. What do I do with it?"

"Who knows Steve. I'm sure Hang has something planned. He doesn't seem the
type to do something for the hell of it."

The ruffling of sheets behind Steve made him realize that the Nurse was
making his bed. He turned around and Luxe was pulling the sheets up and
smoothing out the material. Steve's cock suddenly filled with blood. It
became hard and erect very quickly. But Steve didn't even think about that,
in fact he wasn't thinking at all. Strong powerful sexual hormones flooded
his body and he watched as Nurse Luxe's ass jiggled back and forth.

Nurse Luxe was pushed forward onto the bed. She tried to rise but a large
hand pushed her forwards again. She felt her skirt being lifted and her
panties torn off with a slight 'snap' sound.

"Steve! No! You're too big for me!" demanded the Nurse. But Steve wasn't
listening. He only knew that he had to fuck and he wanted the closet cunt
he could find. Again the Nurse tried to rise but this time Steve encircled
his fingers around her neck. He lifted her upwards and then turned her
around. He let go and Nurse Luxe feel backwards onto the bed. Steve grabbed
her ankles and pulled her legs apart. 

Nurse Luxe's shaven vagina beckoned him onwards. He didn't even need to
hold his cock as he put it at her opening.

"No! Steve! No!" yelled the Nurse, next she screamed as Steve thrusted 
forward impaling her on his erect member. Steve thrust again and again. 
He continued to tear off the Nurse's uniform to expose her tummy and 
breasts. He mauled them with his hands all the while pushing deeper and 
deeper into her cunt.

After a few minutes he reached forward and took a firm hold of the Nurse's
breasts. He pulled her up towards him and then stood back. Nurse Luxe nearly
fainted as her entire body weight forced her to sink completed down on 
Steve's cock. She felt his cock smack into her cervix.

He fucked her like a rag doll being mauled by a dog. After ten minutes he
came. His cum poured out of Luxe's cunt as Steve grunted away. He then lifted
her body off him and dropped her to the floor. He climbed into bed and
quickly fell into a deep sleep. He was happy and satisfied.

An hour later Sharon returned back to see Melissa. She had in her hand a
knife, a bottle of water and some tweezers in her pocket. After a few 
minutes she wondered if she had gone in the wrong direction but then 
finally she found the fence and followed it back to the tree with the hive.

Melissa hung from the tree. Her breathing was shallow but steady. The bees
had already begun to repair the damage to their hive. They hummed loudly
in response to Sharon's approach to warn her off. Melissa's body was covered
in stings. Large red rashes and even a couple of boils had appeared.

"Mel! Mel! ... You there girl?" asked Sharon.

All Sharon got was a 'Huh.' Sharon unclipped Melissa's nipple clamps and 
wound the cord up. She then cut Mel's ropes and helped her baby sister over
the fence onto the ground.

"Water?" asked Sharon. Melissa nodded and drank some of the liquid. Sharon
then poured the water on Melissa's stings and boils. Over the next two
hours Sharon picked out bee stings with her tweezers. Melissa hardly noticed
at all.

Sharon shook her head. "All this for a pair of ear-rings."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 78 "Cactus."

Karen Thornton heard someone walking down the hallway. The lock on her 
door clicked and it was pushed inwards. Jenny stood in the doorway and
surveyed the room. Karen had had a tantrum the night before and her room
was in complete disarray.

"Get this cleaned up, you've got two minutes." said Jenny.

Karen's reply was whisper quiet but to Jenny, any reply at all apart from
following her orders was grounds for punishment.

"WHAT!" barked Jenny. Karen startled but returned Jenny's glare.

"Clean your own fucking room!" spat Karen.

Jenny shook her head. It wasn't the first time she had a student talk back
to her. She turned to the porter beside her.

"Fuck her up, use whatever means. I'll be back in an hour."

The porter watched as Jenny walked off. Then he smiled and walked into
Karen's room.

Rodney Basket emerged from his shower. He took a towel that was handed to
him by his eldest daughter Jackie. Jackie was nearing twenty-one. She had
long dark hair and a fabulous figure. She waited until Rodney had finished
with the towel and then put it back on the towel-warmer.

She stood beside the vanity unit while Rodney brushed his hair back. She
nodded approvingly when he questioned her about his side-burns. Rodney
walked out into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. He spread his legs
a little and Jackie knew the signal that he wanted a blow-job.

She knelt down on the ground in front of him and stimulated his member.
It was already quite hard. Jackie leant down and swirled her tongue around
the tip. She ignored the slight movement of her Dad but startled as she
heard a swishing sound and then a loud snap across her ass. Her ass stung
but Jackie quickly returned to her head-job.

Again and again Rodney smacked Jackie across her ass with the ruler. He
wasn't getting the effect he wanted and could only assume that Jackie was
simply getting use to the beatings. He pushed her off and ordered her to
stay where she was. He went down to the kitchen. His other daughters Jody,
Lisa and Samantha were there. They watched him as he walked in, took a
large thumb-tack and some super-glue. Then with his rigid cock pointing
the way he went back upstairs.

Jenny could hear Karen's screams from the hallway. She slowed her step to
allow the porter more time. TC Dante appeared from the other direction and
smiled at Jenny as he walked passed oblivious to the screams. Ivy made a
big show of studying her finger nails. After a minute she knocked on the
door and walked in.

The porter nodded to Jenny and again swung a whip across Karen's buttocks.
Karen had her arms tied down to the bed end. Her breasts were also securely 
tied to the bed end with large bulldog clips on the end of her nipples.
Large red welts dribbled blood from the whip lashes. Karen sobbed and begged
for mercy.

"Have you fucked her yet?" asked Jenny.

The porter shook his head. He had lost all track of time when he started
whipping the student. 

"Well, go ahead. Fuck her up the ass!" replied Jenny.

The porter dropped his whip to the ground and proceeded to remove his belt.
Jenny walked over and sat on the bed so she was facing Karen. She didn't
want to miss this. Karen glared at Jenny with a total look of disgust.

"Porter wait, don't rush into this just yet. Play first." said Jenny.

The porter nodded and removed his pants. He picked up a spreader bar from
the floor and connected it to Karen's ankles. Karen sobbed quietly. The
porter then positioned himself a meter or so behind Karen and threw his
leg back in a soccer style kick. He kicked hard upwards right into Karen's
cunt lifting her right off the floor.

Karen gasped as she landed back on the ground. Her breasts still tied to
the bed end went dark purple also immediately. The porter kicked again and
connected with Karen's vagina. Karen again fell to the floor and pleaded
with him to stop between heavy gasps.

The porter looked to Jenny to see if he should continue. Jenny nodded.

Jackie watched her father as he super-glued the tack onto the end of the
ruler. He blew on it a couple of times to make the glue harden and then
turned back to Jackie.

"Removed your nightie and put your hands on your head."

Jackie did as she was told. She leaned back a little and shuddered slightly
as Rodney smacked the top of her breasts again and again. The tack made
small holes but the blood filled them up quickly. Rodney motioned for his
daughter to lie back and spread her legs.

He proceeded to smack small holes into her inner thighs and on her vagina
lips. Jackie whimpered with each stroke. After a few minutes she was 
allowed back to her knees. She carried on sucking her father off while he
relentlessly whipped her across the ass with a ruler.

Jackie felt Rodney's cock pump a little and she knew he was coming. She
ignored the ruler and doubled her efforts to make her father cum. After
a minute he finally climaxed. Cum spewed into Jackie's mouth and she 
quickly gulped it down. Rodney pushed her off again and used her hair to
wipe his cock clean.

Karen yelped as the porter spread her ass cheeks and forced himself in.
Jenny watched on as Karen's head was shaken back and forth from the porter
thrusting in her ass hole. Jenny pulled back some of Karen's hair so as
not to cover her face. Karen's eyes were closed as she prayed for her
fucking to be over with soon.

Jenny smiled. She was going to have fun with this one, and her sister.

Sharon Andrews checked in on her sister. Melissa lay in bed snuggled up to
her teddy bear. The beehive incident had taken more out of her than even
her father had thought.


Sharon quickly closed the door and raced downstairs. Dave was sitting at
the table. he looked up as she walked in.

"Yeah Dad?" she asked.

"How's Mel?"

Sharon nodded. "She's okay, needs some time out is all."

"Cool. Get undressed."

Sharon removed her jeans and armless turtle-neck sweater. She folded them
up and placed them on the kitchen bench. Next she removed her bra and

"Fondle yourself." ordered Dave.

Sharon touched her hands over her breasts and belly. She rubbed her clit
slightly and not before long the hormones started to build her up to an

"Stop." said Dave.

Sharon opened her eyes. She let her arms drop to her sides. Now more than
ever she wanted to carry on and cum. 

"Follow me." he ordered.

Sharon followed her father down to the basement. He motioned for her to
stand by a chair. Sharon watched as Dave went over to the table and took
a large gardening bag. He pulled out three different forms of Cactus. The
first one was about four inches long and about two inches wide with mean 
looking spikes. The second was six inches long and an inch wide with 
flowers all over it. The third was about ten inches and slim but it had a 
lot of little dust-like spikes.

"On the table slut and spread them wide." said Dave.

Sharon climbed on the table and let her legs fall to the sides.

"Play with yourself again, and I want you to cum at least twice."

Sharon followed her father's orders. After a few minutes she moaned loudly
as she cum for the second time. Her body was slightly washed in sweat and
she felt really sensitive.

Dave ordered Sharon to hold her lips wide as he went to insert the first
cactus. The spikes immediately jammed into Sharon's pussy walls as Dave
continued to force the plant in. He then let go of the plant, took Sharon's
ankles and brought them together forcing more of the cactus into his
daughter. Sharon was bucking slightly. Dave pulled her legs back over 
Sharon's head and took hold of the cactus base. He gave it a cruel twist
and Sharon screamed loudly.

After a couple of minutes Sharon was allowed to remove the cactus. Dave
held up the next one and forced it in. The nectar from the flowers mixed
with Sharon's pussy juices and caused a stinging reaction. Sharon moaned
loudly as her cunt felt like it was on fire. Dave twisted the plant again
and then removed it.

Sharon lay on the table panting. She looked up to see her father holding
the last cactus. She let her legs fall to the sides and again opened her
cunt to her father. He forced the third cactus in. Sharon didn't notice
anything at first but then she whimpered loudly. The spikes from this 
cactus weren't big but they stung. Dave pulled the plant out again and
then proceeded to rub it all over Sharon's inner thighs and ass.

Sharon sobbed as Dave put the cactus on the table. Then he reached into
his pocket and pulled out some tweezers.

"Get to it girl."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 79 "Blue-Bottle"

Priest ran along the hallway as fast as his legs could carry him. A couple
of students had to jump back to the wall as he dashed past. Finally his
destination was in site. He ran up some steps and into a doorway. Priest
ran head-long right into Phoebe and both teacher and office-girl fell into
a heap on the floor. The papers Phoebe was carrying flew in all directions.

Priest pulled himself up and dusted himself off. He the reached down and
took Phoebe's pony-tail and yanked her upwards. Phoebe let out a squeal as
she was nearly lifted off the ground.

"Where is it?" said Priest.

Phoebe pointed over beside the door. A large steel box sat there with 
Priest's name on the address label. Priest let go of Phoebe who again fell
to the floor. He knelt down by the box and gently pulled back the tape. 
Pulling the box lid off inside he a large plastic container. Phoebe had
finished re-piling her papers and looked over to see what was in the box.

It was hard to tell through the plastic but it looked like four or five
little blue shapes. Priest picked up the container and with a big smile
left the room. He was itching to test out his new pets.

Steve Thornton was in the gym. Hang watched on as Steve easily lifted his
own body weight on the bench press. Nurse Luxe walked very slowly to stand
behind Hang.

"Steve fucked me yesterday Hang." whispered the Nurse.

Hang turned his head to look at her. "What?"

"He fucked me. Forced me down on the bed and ripped ten shades of shit out
of my cunt."

Hang's eyes narrowed. "What feel like?" he asked.

"Fucking painful. What do you think? His cock's huge."

"Hhhmm. Understand. Steve need more work on cock. Don't fuck him anymore
if hurt too much." smiled Hang.

Priest carried his new pets carefully back to his classroom. His latest
student, Natasha, watched him as he stored the container in the back room.
Natasha's arms were tied behind her back. Both of her elbows had been 
secured together which caused her to jut out her perky breasts. The cold
room made her nipples erect. A noose hung around her neck to keep her in 

Priest emerged from his room and saw Nat. He removed the noose from around
her neck and lead her to the bathroom. The bathrooms had the normal 
standard toilets but a couple on the end had small tanks which the students
sometimes used if the teachers wanted to keep their crap. Nat was lead to
one of these toilets and made to squat. Unfortunately for Priest Nat didn't
need to go to the toilet.

Priest untied Nat's arms and then retied them above her head to a ring in
the wall. He left the room. After a few minutes he returned with a enema
bag. He poured some warm water into in and then put some red liquid in from
an unlabeled bottle.

He untied Nat and made her go on all fours while he inserted the nozzle of
the enema bag into her rear. Nat shivered as Priest forced the contents of
the bag into her rear passage. He then removed the nozzle and replaced with
a butt plug.

He checked the clock on the wall and waited. Nat felt a rumbling in her

Jenny entered the room with Karen and Rebecca Thornton behind her. Both
the girls were breathing heavily after their long two mile run. This was the
typical exercise program the girls had been on since they joined the school.

Jenny and a porter put spreader bars on the girl's ankles. Then ropes were
tied to the bars. They were hoisted upwards and both Karen and Rebecca were 
hanging a feet off the ground. Jenny whipped them lightly with a small cane 
to keep them warm while the porter moved two large tubs under the girl's 
heads and proceeded to full them with water. Once he had finished Jenny 
threw the cane into the corner of the room and stood near the tubs.

"Okay girls, listen up. Your breathing is getting better from the running
in the mornings but now you've got to learn how to hold your breath for
long periods. This becomes important if you giving blow-jobs. Your heads
will be dunked into the tubs for ten seconds, then twenty, then thirty and
then a whole minute. This is now to become part of the daily routine. The
advanced class do it for three minutes while being whipped. Ready?"

Jenny nodded to the porter who lowered the girls into the tubs. The water
came up to their armpits. Jenny flicked her stopwatch on.

Priest removed the butt-plug and allowed Natasha to expel the water and
crap from her bowels into a tank. When she had finished Priest put the cap
on the tank and carried it back to his class room where outside there was
a porter waiting.

Both men nodded to each other and entered the room. Nat followed. Once in
Priest put a small bench in the middle of the room and pointed at it for
Nat to sit at one end. She did so. She lay back and allowed the porter to
tie her arms together underneath the bench. Priest tied a rope around her
each knee and forced it outwards spreading Natasha's legs wide. Next he 
tied a small rope around Natasha's neck and waist to keep her down. 
The porter forced open her jaws and placed in a large funnel and strapped
it behind her head.

Natasha watched as Priest went into the back room and returned with the
plastic container, a pair of tongs and two short thick dildos. 

"Okay Nat. We're going to have a bit of fun with a new pet I just got 
today. And before you ask, yes, it will be painful." said Priest.

Priest pulled off the container lid and peered inside. He reached into his
robes and pulled out two thick rubber gloves. He looked up at the porter.

"Believe me when I say you don't want to touch these things K? Open her 
for me."

The porter nodded and knelt down beside Nat. He too had on some rubber
gloves. He forced his finger in between Nat's lips and openned them wide.
Priest took the tongs and reached into the container. Nat's breathing 
echoed through the funnel as fear gripped her. Priest closed the tongs 
over one of the blue shapes and lifted it out. He brought it close to 
Nat's face.

"This my dear is a Blue-bottle jelly fish. It's not lethal but it's sting
can be very painful. Tell me what you think?"

The blue bottle was covered in mucus and simply looked like a blue bag.
It had tendrils hanging underneath. Priest moved the tongs over to Nat's 
vagina and the bluebottle slipped in easily. The effect was stunning and

Nat screamed and started to buck her hips. The ropes cut into her knees 
but held. Priest grabbed one of the dildos and forced it into Nat's cunt.
This pushed the blue-bottle deeper into Natasha's vagina passage. The 
jelly-fish released it's venom onto the flesh. Natasha's screams echoed 
through the funnel.

Priest took another jelly-fish and with a bit of prodding forced it into
Nat's anus. Nat's constant bucking only forced the jelly-fish deeper into
her rectum where it immediately released it's stings. Priest forced the
second dildo in.

Priest and the porter watched on as Natasha screamed and pleaded for them
to take the jelly-fish out. Sweat poured off Nat's body as she shook trying
to dislodge her sea-creatures.

Jenny watched on as Karen and Rebecca were lifted for a forth time from
their tubs. Both girls coughed and splutted loudly and the water excited
their mouths and nostrils.

"How are we doing kids?" mocked Jenny.

Jenny picked up the whip and lashed Rebecca's behind leaving a long red
welt. Rebecca yelped and continued coughing.

"That was only a minute. But now we'll do it again but this time I'm
going to give you each ten strokes. It's good practice."

Before both girls could plead they dropped back into the tub. Jenny threw
her arm back and whipped Karen across her belly. Bubbles floated to the
surface from Karen as the whip struck. Jenny turned and struck Rebecca
across her breasts. More bubbles floated to the surface.

Natasha continued to buck and moan at the stings from the blue-bottles.
But Priest wasn't finished yet. He told the porter to get the tank of shit
and urine. Following Priest's instructions the porter uncapped the tank
and allowed the sewage to pour into Natasha's funnel. Nat had no choice.
She had to swallow or drown on the foul smelling crap. A couple of large
turds fell into Natasha's mouth and she had to chew them before she could
swallow. It became obvious that it wasn't all Natasha's feces.

The blue-bottles continued to sting away.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 80 "Slave letter."

Brother Peter gorged himself on cakes and sweets during his morning tea.
His mother had insisted he was big boned as a child when the other kids
teased him of his weight. However not many children were as wide as they
were tall from the small fishing village that Peter grew up in.

Priest and Brother Will ignored him as they talked about the direction of
the castle. They were debating the pros and cons when Brother Peter rose
quickly from his seat and left the room. His form of walking made him 
stomped loudly on the ground. Whether this was from being too heavy or
too lazy, it was hard to tell.

Eating had always made Brother Peter feel horny and he went looking for 
a student to help him out, and he knew just the girl.

Phoebe chewed on the end of her pencil as John worked out the 
postscript sentence for the letter he was sending to the White 
Slave Traders in Hong Kong.

"What have I got already?" asked John.

Phoebe cleared her throat and started to read back the letter.

"Dear Sir or Madam, I have in my possession a number of slaves for
sale. They have been made homeless, are clean and willing to serve 
new masters. Ages range from thirteen to thirty. Special training can 
be completed before they are shipped out if required. Standard 
international rates apply. Your's faithfully, John Gabriel."

John nodded his head. "Sounds good. Type it up and I'll sign it."

"Yes Sir. Excuse me Sir? What happens to those slaves that don't sell?"

John smiled. "We eat well for a week."

Phoebe's jaw dropped. John looked up to see the horror on her face.
Then it dawned on him why she was worried.

"Oh I forgot, you still think you're a slave?"

Phoebe nodded.

"Good, because you are. And don't you ever fucking forget it!"

Rebecca Thornton was glad to be free from hanging upside down in the tub
of water. She felt sorry for her older sister Karen but before she could
say anything she was led away to a room across the hall. 

In the corner there were two wooden stands stuck in the ground. Above the
stands hanging from the ceiling was a rope which in turn was connected to
the end of a wooden pole. Leather straps hung from the ends. Brother Peter
moved Rebecca in between the stands and lowered the rope. He tied both her
wrists to each end of the pole and then lifted her so she was standing on
her toes.

Brother Peter indicated to her to position her feet on the outside of the
stand. Rebecca did as she was told and quickly found her ankles had been
tied down. She felt totally exposed. Her ass and vagina were freely 
accessible from front, back and underneath. The back of her knees were
starting to hurt from resting on the stands.

Brother Peter returned a minute later carrying a steel container about the 
size of a shoe box and also a small stand. He put them over beside the wall
and disappeared into the small back room again. Rebecca tried to look behind
her and could just make out small lumps of coal in the box. She resumed
her position when the sound of Brother Peter's sandals indicated he was
coming back.

The stand was dragged underneath her and the coal rattled within the box.
Rebecca looked down and saw some sort of liquid being squirted onto the
coals. Then the scratching of a match. Rebecca gritted her teeth and 
watched as the coals exploded into flames. The rush of heat and hot air 
swallowed up Rebecca. A few seconds later Rebecca felt very uncomfortable 
as the direct heat from the coals started to burn into her nether regions.

Karen Thornton was still hanging by her feet with her head and shoulders
in the tub of water. Jenny looked on and occasionally whipped Karen's legs. 
Fortunately for Karen Jenny's mind just wasn't on the job so her lashes 
weren't as painful as usual. 

After two minutes Karen was pulled upwards so her head just cleared the
water. She cough and tried to expel the remaining water from her nostrils
and mouth. Her minute time-out was nearly at an end when she felt herself
being lowered downwards again.

"Wait! Wait! Please Mistress." screamed Karen.

Jenny raised her hand to stop the porter.

"What is it slave?"

"... um ... Mistress. You don't seem to be your usual self today. Is there
something wrong?" asked Karen.

Jenny smiled but from Karen's upside down position it looked like she was
frowning badly.

"Hang on. Porter! Get me a stapler and one of Priest's pets. Right. Now 
why should there be anything wrong slave?" said Jenny.

".. um ... I dunno Mistress. Maybe I'm just mistaken." stammered Karen.
She watched as the porter quickly left the room.

"Oh, I see. You think I'm not hitting you hard enough. Well .. that's a
clever idea. But you're right. I'm not hitting very hard today simply cos
I hurt my wrist last night on your bitch sister. But don't worry slave,
you won't be let off so easily."

"Mistress, I don't mean to offend." said Karen shakily.

"Too fucking late whore!" growled Jenny.

The porter reappeared and handed the stapler to Jenny. Karen watched on
helplessly as the porter pulled out a small piece steel tube about an inch
long and an inch wide. Jenny felt her pussy lips being pulled apart until
the tube was inserted roughly.

Then the porter pulled a small rat from his pouch. He grabbed it by the
tail and dropped it into the tube. Immediately Jenny pulled the tube out
and the rat was scrabbling to get out backwards. Jenny brought her stapler
up and with the porter helping they put four staples into Jenny's vagina
lips. Each staple caused Karen to cry. The rat was biting and clawing it's
way to get out. Karen yelped and screamed. Tears rolled down her forehead
and dripped into the water.

Jenny grabbed Karen's hair. "Shall we continue?"

Karen shook her head in a resounding negative motion. Jenny smiled baring
all her teeth. She brought her finger up to her neck line and motioned
for the porter to cut away.

Rebecca squirmed from the heat below. She looked behind her and Brother 
Peter had removed his robe. He was very ugly and also preoccupied with his 
task. She looked down at what he was doing and saw he was fanning the coal 
to keep it very warm. Rebecca noticed his cock for the first time. It was 
long and could easily do her damage.

Rebecca heard more noises behind her and then something long and wet 
falling to the ground. She closed her eyes as she had an idea of what was 
coming next. As the first lash of the cat-o-nine tails hit Rebecca shrieked
out. The small cuts stung with fury and Rebecca could smell vinegar.

Again and again Brother Peter lashed Rebecca's back and ass cheeks. He was
relentless in whipping her back for over fifteen minutes. Then he changed
sides was lashed as her front. Deep biting cuts burned into Rebecca's 
breasts and belly. Her legs and arms were also lashed. Rebecca rolled her 
head around as she felt dizzy from the heat and energy sapping whipping.

Half an hour later the coal stand was pulled away. Finally a cool air 
spread over Rebecca and her body. Her cuts burned and stung away but she 
knew they would heal.

Two hands gripped her ass cheeks from behind. Rebecca took in a deep breath. 
She felt the hands mauled her cheeks and then spread them. She waited and 
finally the tip of Brother Peter's cock pushed against her ass opening. 
The hands moved up to her shoulders and Rebecca tried to rise as the 
pressure on her ass by Brother Peter's cock increased.

She knew she couldn't win this battle and tried to force herself to relax.
Brother Peter pulled Rebecca's shoulders down and thrust upwards at the 
same time. Rebecca howled as she was impaled onto Peter's cock. She moaned 
loudly as Peter pulled back slightly and then rammed it in deeper. She 
bounced around as Brother Peter continued to sodomize her. His fingers 
dug into her breasts around her nipples and pinched them drawing blood. 
Rebecca continued to scream out for mercy.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 81 "Rape."

She had struggled madly against the muscular stranger, but he had ripped 
off her nightie anyway, and tossed her petite nude body back onto her bed,
where he quickly tied her squirming arms behind her back. A gag was forced
into her mouth and taped over. After a few minutes he had succeeded in
putting a rope around her breasts and upper arms. He again pulled her arms
tight behind her which forced her breasts out further.

He spread her buttocks cruelly far apart and began to work his huge member 
into her anus! Her body was completely helpless against the perverted 
assault, and all she could do is sob, her body wracked with alternating 
waves of agony and humiliation. 

She squirmed as much as the bonds would allow, but could not prevent his 
cock from sinking deeper and deeper between her buns. With a final shove, 
he was all the way inside her. The smooth pink ring of her anus was now 
stretched wire tight around the very base of his shaft. She let her body 
go limp, praying that he would finish soon; that he would not beat her 
when he finished.

After nearly a half-hour of the terrible thrusting, he planted his cock 
deep and came inside the violated ass, semen gushing from his throbbing 
swollen head, spurting deep into her bowels. 

His squeezing hands now relaxing on her throbbing boobs, he lay flattening
the lovely curves of her voluptuous young body. She lay there, dry sobs 
convulsing her as his pulsating penis stopped moving inside her wet, 
sperm-flooded anus, feeling soiled, dirtied forever by the rapist's vengeful
attack on her small asshole. Her bowels gurgled slightly from the heated 
pool of cum he had hosed up into her. Suddenly, more warm liquid was 
rushing into her large intestine. HE WAS PISSING! PISSING UP HER BUTT! 

The additional humiliation caused her mind to reel and her vision to blur, 
as her stomach bloated from the gushing urine. The room began to spin, 
and suddenly, went black. When she awoke several minutes later, she 
realized that he had placed his disgusting limp penis in her mouth. She 
immediately tried to spit it out, but her resistance only excited him. 
She felt the cock began to stiffen as she struggled, the huge head 
reaching for her throat. 

Her widely stretched lips were pressed firmly into his groin, and as the 
penis grew, it became obvious that he wasn't going to pull back, but was 
instead going to let her gag on it. Her gag reflex caused her throat 
muscles to milk his huge pecker while her body writhed in convulsions of 

Without ever sliding his cock in and out he began to ejaculate into the 
warm tightness of her suffering mouth. Only after she had swallowed every 
drop of his hot come did he pull back and let her breath freely. 

"Let's make a deal, cunt. I'm gonna play with your ass some more, and if 
you promise not to scream 1 won't gag you again." She nodded, defeated. 
Maybe she could reason with the insane rapist, talk him out of hurting 
her any more. "I'm gonna stretch that tight little ass out a little more."

"No. Please. I'm too sore. If you have to put your penis in me again, put 
it in my pussy." she pleaded.

"I'm afraid my 'penis' needs a rest. I'm going to fuck you with my fist! 
Right up your ass!" With that he pressed his clenched fist between her 
buttocks and began pushing hard. 

OH GOD! THIS IS GONNA HURT!" She cried as she felt her sore, swollen 
sphincter muscle being pushed into her body. 

"Keep your voice down or I'll gag you again. Of course it's gonna hurt. 
That's the whole idea. It's gonna hurt plenty! And that's just too fuckin' 
bad!" teased the rapist.

Even though he was pushing with all his strength, her still tight asshole 
was yielding to his clenched fist only a fraction of an inch at a time. 
But her agony at this perverted and sadistic act doubled with each 
millimeter until finally he was up to his knuckles in her inhumanly 
stretched rectal ring. Then with a suddenness that took them both by 
surprise, his hand went half a foot into her bowels, and her ass-ring 
closed onto his hairy forearm. She gasped in horror and shock, arching 
her back and snapping her head up. Then she went limp, falling into a 
state of delirious semi-consciousness as he began punching his fist in 
and out of her ruined sphincter. 

After several minutes of this obscene torture, he yanked his arm out of 
her body, watching with twisted amusement as the gaping hole slowly sealed 
itself. He remembered how tiny that hole had looked when he had first laid 
eyes on it an hour before. It would never again squeeze anyone's dick as 
tightly as it had his, he thought as he squirmed his body under her limp 
form. Her big breasts felt nice mashed against his chest as he inserted 
his worn-out hard-on into the pussy of the unconscious beauty. He settled 
in for a nice long comfortable screw. 

His rage and violent lust had been sated for now, and his movements were 
gentle almost to the point of tenderness. He worked his cock in and out of 
her wetly clasping snatch, his hands roaming from her buttocks to her 
breasts and back. As soon as she began to come too, he kissed her 
passionately thrusting his tongue into her hot mouth, and was surprised to 
feel her return the kiss. Her body began to move with his thrusts, her 
pussy gushing so much juice that it began trickling over his balls and 
down the crack of his ass. She moaned into his mouth as she began humping 
wildly, impaling herself on his upright organ, frustrated that the bonds 
prevented her from taking longer strokes. Sweat began to pour from her body 
making it harder for him to grip her voluptuous boobs. Suddenly, she tensed, 
squealed and came. 

The clenching of her wet pussy around his deeply buried cock sending him 
over the edge. He spurted what come he had left into her hot pulsating 
vagina as she collapsed over him, a look of satisfaction on her pretty face.

He loosened her bonds so that she would be able to free herself after he 
left. He smacked her hard on the ass as he turned to walk out of her room.

"Sleep tight little sister." yelled Matt.

Lisa Basket turned over in her bed and hoped her ass would stop throbbing
soon, she just wanted to sleep.

Hang watched on as his latest experiment lifted dumb-bells in the exercise
room. Steve was doing great. His muscles needed less drugs to keep them
going. Hang was waiting for John's approval of Steve before allowing him
to let Steve torture and fuck some of the slaves. Hang knew time was on his 

He spent most of his working hours on new punishment devices. He had seen
some of the slaves getting use to being whipped, beaten and fucked. His
personal mission now was to develop some system which will reintroduce the 
word pain to the students vocabulary.

He watched Steve for a few more minutes and then left Nurse Luxe in his
charge. Returning to his office he immediately sat down and continued his

Not even a minute had gone by before there was a knock at the door. Hang
looked up expecting to see John. But it was only Phoebe, his assistant.

"What you want!?" he barked. Angry at having been interrupted.

"Sorry Hang. John wants you." said Phoebe meekly.

Hang threw his soldering iron onto the desk. It knocked a few screws and
pieces of wire to the ground. His rage pulsed through his body.

"Fuck off!" he yelled.

Phoebe yelped slightly and took off. Hang's angry subsided as he watched 
the perfect person for him to try his new device on run off. He rubbed his
hands together.

"Tomorrow." and sat back down to continue his work.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 82 "Sting 2001"

Pretty little Phoebe was terror stricken. She was naked and chained on top
of a table in Hang's office. She was lying on her tummy with her ankles
chained behind her bottom to a steel bar. Her wrists her cuffed to a chain
from the ceiling which the ankle bar was also connected to.

A large red ball gag was stuffed into her mouth. She peered behind her to
see what Hang was doing. Nurse Luxe was assisting him and Steve lay on his
bed in the corner of the room watching intently. All the while he stroked
his enormous penis which was sticking straight up. Large blue veins stuck
on the sides pulsed. Steve continued to wank.

Hang pulled out a two foot long piece of steel pipe. It looked like a steel
dildo with a butt probe on the side. At the tip of the dildo was a ring of
small spikes obviously not intending to be used for comfort. A couple of
small alligator clips hung from red wires.

Phoebe tried to move but knew it was totally useless. She gasped around her
gag when she felt unseen hands rubbing her clit and vagina. She looked back
and Nurse Luxe was lathering her up for the device. Hang waited and then
finally impatient took over and he pushed her aside. The tip of the device
pushed between Phoebe cunt lips and it slowly moved inside. After a few
seconds Phoebe felt the butt probe touch her anus and there Hang stopped.
The small spikes dug into her vagina passage, but Phoebe knew this wasn't
the most uncomfortable she was going to get.

Hang waited while Nurse Luxe connected an alligator clip to Phoebe's clit
and also one to her vagina lip. Steve pumped harder on his cock as Hang
continued to pushed the device further in. After a minute the butt probe
was completely in and the tip of the dildo was pressing up on Phoebe's
cervix. Small waves of cramps caused Phoebe to moan around her gag. 

"Ready Nurse?" said Hang.

Nurse Luxe connected a belt to Phoebe's mid-section and tied it to the
metal dildo to keep it in place. She did a quick check of the connections.

"Ready Doctor." replied the nurse.

"Good. Turn it on."

Karen and Rebecca Thornton heard Phoebe's muffled screams as they past
Hang's office. They didn't stop as they were being herded along by Jenny
and a porter. After a minute they were outside in the fresh air. Jenny
led the way and both the students followed. She headed towards a small
barn out the back and entered in through a side door.

Once in the porter closed the door and walked the girls into the middle
of the barn. They both looked around and tried to hold their breath from
the strong smells. Various animals were in their stalls. Pigs, sheep, 
cows, goats and even a bull continued to munch on their hay.

Karen and Rebecca shivered. It had been getting colder the last few days
and even now they were naked. Jenny stood in front of them.

"Okay girls. Over the next week or so you'll be here. Each of these
animals will need to be washed, cleaned, fucked, sucked and cared for.
You will sleep out here, chained of course and you will provide every
service to these animals. And even to some of the more unpopular species

The porter went over to a stall and unlocked it. He took hold of a goat's
collar and led it to the girls. He tied the collar to a large ring in the
floor via a rope. And then stepped back.

The goat wasn't use to being the center of attention and eyed the humans.
Jenny waited a few seconds and as predictable as when she had to do this
for her training, the goat excavated it's bowels. Long slender lumps of
green smelly turd fell to the floor.

Jenny smiled and looked at the girls.

"What are you waiting for? Clean it up." she ordered.

The clang of a bucket being put down made both girls turn to see the
porter standing about twenty yards away. The bucket was by his feet.

Karen bent down to pick it up the turd and stop by an 'ahem' from Jenny.

"I didn't say use your hands, did I? ... " she said.

Karen was confused for a second and then it dawned on her what was 

"Yuk! That's gross. I won't!" she screeched.

Jenny smiled. She remember saying the same thing. 

"That's okay. If you don't then not only will your sweet sister have to
pick up the shit in her mouth, she'll have to swallow it."

Karen's mouth dropped. "You can't be serious?!"

Jenny walked over and leaned forward so that her nose was about an inch
away from Karen's. 

"Try me. Now pick up that shit in your mouth and put it in the bucket."

Dave Andrews allowed Sharon to suck on his cock during lunchtime. He
continued doing the crossword and after feeling a little tense for a few
seconds he cum. Sharon licked up all of his sperm before standing up.
Dave wrote another word down on the crossword.

".. um .. Dad?"


"Tomorrow's my birthday."

"Is it? ... What are we doing?"

"Well. You said I wouldn't be tortured the whole day. I can be fucked
but no pain."

"Did I said that?" said Dave putting down his paper.

Sharon nodded.

"Oh well. If I said it then that's the deal."

"Thanks Daddy."

"No worries sweetie. What do you want for your birthday?"

"Don't know." replied Sharon.

"I'll find something. And you can give me a hand with punishing your

Sharon looked up at her father. Dave was smiling.

"That's the deal Sharon. I've got a studded dildo in the basement which
you will strap on. It's a nasty one. And tomorrow at lunchtime you, Mel
and I will go down there and you can fuck her on all fours until she
bleeds like a pig. Like the sound of that?"

Sharon shook her head.

"Tough. Cos then I'm going to stick my cock up her ass and you're going
to whip her tits with the horse whip until she lactates."

"But .. but .. but .. she won't lactate!" stammered Sharon.

"We'll find out tomorrow. Happy Birthday!"

Phoebe felt like her rib-cage was going to explode. She bit hard and deep
into her gag and tried to shake the dildo out while her body shuddered from
the agony of electricity screaming through her muscles and flesh. The dildo
felt like a red hot knife cutting right through her cunt. The butt probe 
sizzled and burned her tender anus sphincter. Blood filled the anal cavity
and it began to boil within Phoebe's body.

Phoebe's vagina muscles were nearly tearing themselves apart. Even her
pubic hair had frazzled and burnt off. Phoebe continued to shake. She tried 
pulling her hands out from her cuffs but they held fast. She dug her
fingernails deep into the palms of her hands drawing more blood.

Then as abruptly as it started it stopped. Phoebe's head hung over the edge
of the table as she fought to breath. Phlegm oozed out through her nostril
and Phoebe started to go dizzy. She felt her gag being removed and Nurse
Luxe pulling her eye lips back.

"She's nearly out. Think we better leave her for the rest of today."

Hang unclipped the Sting 2001 from Phoebe's body and yanked it out of her
vagina. Phoebe moaned and then fell into unconsciousness. Nurse Luxe cleaned
up Phoebe's passages and allowed them to heal.

"Nurse! Pencil her in for tomorrow. Another two minute test." said Hang.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 83 "Art-work."

Karen jolted upright to the Rooster's crowing. She stared blearily eyed
around the room until reality set in. She was still in the barn after
having spent her first night there. She wiped away the hay that had stuck
to her cheek. Her body ached slightly from the concrete she had to sleep
on. Rolling onto her back she looked to her side and her sister Rebecca
was lying still with her eyes wide open.

"Sleep ok?" asked Karen. Rebecca blinked a couple of times and then tears
started to roll down her face. Karen put her arm around her and wondered
what they would be forced to do today.

"How are you doing Tony?"

The gurgle and muffled noises made the Dentist smile. He nodded to the Nurse
to continue suction and scrapped off some more plaque from Tony's molars.

Tony Dew preferred to avoid going to the Dentist. Like most sane people he
avoided pain where possible. But this Dentist was a friend and after Tony
started getting shooting pains in a back molar he decided to bite the bullet,
metaphorically speaking.

After what seemed like hours the Dentist put away his tools and adjusted the
chair so Tony sat up.

"Everything looks good. No cavities." said the Dentist.

Tony did some jaw movements to release the strain on his mouth. He got up
and turned in the Dentist's chair. 

"Ya sure Doc? It hurt like a son of a bitch yesterday. Oh!"

Tony watched as the nurse excited the room in a huff.

"Forgive her Tony. She just doesn't like the word bitch. Even though she
can be one."

"She's a cute one Doc, nice tits though."

"Yeah, I noticed." smiled Dentist, "You still single Tony?"

Tony nodded. "Yeah, but you know what they say, girls are more trouble than
they're worth. If they're not whining or nagging, they're moaning. I mean,
I like a good woman Doc but I can't be bothered with the hassle."

Tony looked up at the Dentist who was sporting a large grin.

"Maybe you haven't met the right kind." said the Dentist who walked over
and closed the door.

"Tony, can I ask you something personal and you'd give me an honest to
goodness straight answer? It won't leave this room."

Tony nodded wearily. "Sure Doc, what's on your mind?"

"You have any fetishes? You know, like bondage, etc?"

Tony smiled. Deep down he had many fantasies but always felt it was
taboo wrong to even think such thoughts.

"Yeah Doc, I do. Why?"

The Dentist scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to Tony.

"It's an address. Knock on the door and asked for a lollypop. Tell them
I sent ya. They'll help you out."

"Okay. Can do ... um ... whose Don Henderson?"

Jenny walked in and found her two students still lying on the hay with
their ankles chained together.

"Morning sluts. Stand up."

Rebecca and Karen did as they were told. Jenny unchained the girls.

"Okay. Today we're going to do some art work for the castle. Stand in
the middle of the barn."

The girls saw a couple of chains being lowered from the ceiling. A couple
of minutes later their wrists were cuffed to the chain and they were 
stretched upwards about a foot off the ground. Jenny swung her arm around
to limber it up.

The porter who frequently helps Jenny came in carrying a very large canvas.
He dropped it over by the door and it made a loud 'clunk' on the ground.
This startled some of the barn animals who expressed their disapproval by
urinating on the ground.

The porter picked up the bucket and walked over to the hanging girls. They
allowed him to push their legs apart for the bucket. Taking the hint Karen
urinated into the bucket then too Rebecca. 

As the porter walked away Jenny came over with two large rubber butt-plugs.
Rebecca recognized the smell of the ointment covering the plugs. It was
designed to force the girls to shit.

"Open! ... Wider!" barked Jenny. Karen spread her legs wide and groaned as
the plug was forced into her anus. Rebecca yelped slightly as her's was

"Okay sluts." said Jenny taking the five foot bull-whip from the porter.

"Let's dance!"

Everything was going great. Tony found the house easily. He rang the 
doorbell and a lovely lady with long flowing brown hair opened the door,
acknowledged the password and let him in. Currently Tony was enjoying a
nice cup of tea and a well buttered scone.

After ten minutes Don arrived. Tony greeted Don with a hearty handshake
and after an exchange of $50 to see what was available, they both entered
the basement and walked down the stairs.

Tony was totally unprepared for what he saw. A girl in her early twenties
was hog-tied and hanging from a large chain in the ceiling. A very large
hook was in her ass and two lengths of chain were wrapped around her neck
and her middle to keep her suspended. Also two long leather straps were
keeping her legs slightly apart.

"This is my daughter Sue. You can put your clothes over there." said Don.

Tony quickly removed his clothes. Don simply removed his robe as he was
naked underneath.

"The girls and I were busy when you arrived. And since you've paid for
a freebie I suggest we get started. I'll continued my blowjob, you have
her cunt."

Tony was too stunned to say anything. After a little more urging from Don
he positioned himself behind Sue and took hold of her legs. His cock was
already large and ready to go. He pulled her thighs apart and positioned
the tip of his member at Sue's opening.

"Go as hard and for as long as you like son. She can take it."

Tony watched as Don pushed his cock into Sue's mouth. Sue immediately
began suckling away. 

"Ready when you are." said Don.

Tony took hold of the leather straps and thrust in hard. A large squeal
made it's way around Don's cock. Again Tony thrusted and the squeal was
slightly louder. Then he fucked deep into her for all she was worth.

Karen and Rebecca screamed as the bullwhip dug into their flesh. It wasn't
designed to go deep but it was getting the most skin off to make the blood
run. Jenny had whipped them for a good ten minutes before both girls were
lowered to the ground.

Karen watched as Rebecca was picked up and dragged over to the canvas. She
was then forced to roll back and forth over the white sheet while Jenny 
continued to strike her with a horse whip. Then it was Karen's turn. 
The porter took her wrist and walked her over to the bucket and made her
bend over.

The pain from Karen's whipping made her forget all about the butt-plug.
The porter tore it from Karen's anus and Karen wondered if he had taken 
her ass hole with it. The build up of shit started to dribble outwards as 
Karen immediately sat down on the bucket to expel her bowels.

Jenny continued to whip Rebecca forcing her to roll on the canvas. Long 
red patterns were showing up quite clearly against the white. Karen stood 
up to signal she had finished. 

"Tie this one up by her feet and make her give you a blow job. She's not 
to swallow or spit. Got it."

Jenny looked into the bucket and then at Karen.

"Wipe it all over your body."

"WHAT?! My body?" squealed Karen.

"Yes Bitch! Your body. That means hair, cunt, ass, face, everything!"

It took a slap across Karen's face before she did what she was told. Karen 
kneeled down and scooped out some of the contents. She rubbed it in between 
her breasts and belly.

The porter put chains on Rebecca's ankles and lifted her into the air just
so her mouth was at groin level. He undid his belt and before forcing his
cock into her mouth, he took some of the shit from the bucket and smeared
it all over his member. 

He still had the bullwhip in his hand so he forced it deep into Rebecca's 
vagina. That left his hands free to pinched her nipples.

After Karen had smeared the dung all over her she was forced to roll on
the canvas like her sister. The porter eventually came and Rebecca dribbled
the semen while Karen rolled underneath her smearing the patterns, blood 
and shit into the sheet.

The picture was put up just outside John's office later that day.

Tony watched Sue as she hung in mid-air. Her cunt and mouth oozed out cum 
from both the men. Don had given her a good ass spanking too. Tony loved
the sounds Sue made from each strike.

The both left her hanging there and went upstairs for a drink.

"Okay Tony. This is the deal. I've got two daughters. it's $20 per thirty
minutes, anything goes. Only you can't kill them or give them permanent
injuries. If in doubt, check with me or Kim. No appointment necessary but
we will schedule times if it gets too busy. Whadda say?"

"Fuck'n A! Where do I sign up!"


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 83 "Rear ended."

"Stand to attention!"

Cindy Winslow dropped the magazine she was reading and stood up from the 
sofa on command. Paul Winslow was standing in the doorway. Her father 
walked in and picked up the magazine. He looked at the cover and tossed it
on the sofa.

"Did you forget something today?" barked Paul.

Cindy's mind raced furiously trying to remember any special occasions but
nothing was forth coming. Paul took her silence as a sign she did not know.
He shook his head. Cindy for the first time noticed he was holding a piece
of wood. It had straps at both ends and one in the middle.

"Well, it seems we have forgotten what today is. Shall I remind you?"

Cindy nodded. She felt that old sinking feeling that she'll be punished for

"It's your anniversary since you started at the school." sneered Paul.

Cindy blinked. She never realized it had already been a year. But she
refocused her concentration on the opposite wall as her father was 
definitely not finished yet.

"Strip!" he commanded.

Cindy remove her yellow short and short white singlet. She folded them up
neatly on the sofa and then removed her knickers. She stood with her feet
slightly apart and at her father's urging put her hands behind her neck 
and elbows out to the side.

Paul fondled and pinched Cindy's nipples until they became hard and then
proceeded to tie the stick in between Cindy's knees with the straps. Cindy
felt the sting as the leather straps caught some of her skin and gave them
a slight burn. But she didn't move.

Cindy was then turned around so her wrists and elbows could be tied behind
her back. Paul then led her into the middle of the lounge.

"Okay slut, bend over." he ordered.

Cindy did and for once she was glad of her morning exercises to keep her
body supple and flexible. Paul forced her all the way over until her neck
was touching the stick in between her legs, and then he tied the straps
around her neck to stop her from standing up straight.

Cindy's hamstrings were nearly stretched to breaking point. They stood out
like rods of steel beneath the skin. Cindy could feel sweat appearing on
her forehead but it was nothing compared to the rush of blood to her head.

For the next two hours Paul made her walk. Cindy couldn't see where she
was going and each time she fell over her father whipped her ass, inner
thighs and cunt with the horse riding crop. Her cunt was dark red from 
all the smacking. Cindy was even forced to walk up the stairs. She had 
nearly made it to the top when she lost her balance. When Cindy bounced 
down to the bottom of the stairs Paul spent the next ten minutes really 
whipping her across her asshole.

Jenny looked over her students, Rebecca and Karen. She pointed her finger
over to the door.

"That way." she said.

Karen and Rebecca were pleased to get out of the barn. They had overheard
Jenny talking with the school's nurse and although their freedom from the 
barn was only temporary, but it was better than nothing. Rebecca smiled to 
herself as she walked through the lush green grass back to the school. How 
she had missed something as glorious as the feel of grass beneath her feet.

As quickly as it came her treasured moment had gone. They entered in through
the front doors of the school and out the back to the enclosed courtyard.
Ahead of them was a talk blonde naked woman. Jenny introduced her as Nurse
Luxe. Apparently Hang didn't feel he needed Nurse Luxe's presence around
while Steve was trying to fuck her at every opportunity.

To Jenny's surprise Nurse Luxe was very skilled in torture. She had chosen
a location with an over hanging beam. With Jenny's help Nurse Luxe had the
two girls tied together with a double mouth gag. This forced both the girls 
faces together. Their wrists were cuffed in to the beam over ahead and with 
some fancy rope work Jenny had both the girls breasts pressed against each 
other. As an extra she took a couple of safety pins and connected the girls 
nipples together. 

Nurse Luxe busied herself with a square wooden frame which she tied to the
girls ankles. The porter arrived a few minutes later with the requested poles
and after Jenny and Nurse Luxe had tied the poles together. They made sure
the longest poles were in the girls vaginas forcing them to stand on the
tips of their toes.

Nurse Luxe tied her long blonde hair into a tight bun behind her head. She
took a long cat-o-nine tails and gave it a few experimental whips. Jenny
waved goodbye to the girls saying she'd see them tomorrow. Before the Nurse
started she took a bottle of some clear liquid and wiped it onto the girls
skin. It stung immediately and then went cold.

Nurse Luxe went to town with whipping Karen and Rebecca. Their skin felt 
like it was being torn from their body. The liquid heightened the nerve
endings under the skin and made it feel seven times worse. 

During the whipping Karen lost consciousness. She slumped forward forcing
her weight onto Rebecca. The pole in Rebecca's cunt slid in deep and was
pressing very hard against her cervix. She moaned and shook her head at
Karen to try and wake her but to no avail. Nurse Luxe continued to whip 
at the girls breasts and back. 

Ten minutes later Nurse Luxe stopped. She was breathing fairly heavily.
She decided she had had enough. She walked over behind Rebecca and forced
the handle of the whip up her ass. Rebecca screams was muffled by the
mouth gag but despite the blood and Rebecca shaking her ass like crazy,
Nurse Luxe managed to force most of it in.

The Nurse wondered if it was the steel spikes on the handle which made it 
painful. She didn't care. She left to have dinner and watch some television.

Finally Cindy made it to the bedroom where Paul picked up her daughter and
threw her onto the bed. He disappeared for a few minutes and returned with
some ice-cubes which he forced into both Cindy's cunt and ass. The ice
burned and stung Cindy's most tender spots until finally the ice had melted.
Then she was freed from the stick.

Paul undressed and Cindy spent a few minutes sucking his cock. She massaged
his balls and ass cheeks. Paul could feel the urges so he started pumping
into Cindy's mouth. Cindy gagged each time as Paul's cock hit the back of 
her throat. She could feel her father putting his fingers into her hair so
he could get a better grip. 

Finally he came. White semen gushed out and flooded Cindy's mouth and
throat. She tried to gulp down as much as she could in between each thrust
and then immediately set to work cleaning her father up.

Nurse Luxe returned the next morning and saw what the cold night had done 
to the bitches. The girls were still hanging there shivering. Their skin 
glistened in the morning sun. The plants in the Courtyard were covered in 
white frost.

She touched the skin of Karen who was now just awake and it was icy cold.
Luxe took hold of the whip and pulled it out of Rebecca's ass. As it was
removed she heard loud popping noise. She inspected the handle. It was
covered in shit and blood. The Nurse removed the girls double mouth gag 
and presented them the whip's handle. 

"Clean it real good ... or I'll use it on you this morning."

Rebecca and Karen couldn't hide their revulsion as they licked the handle
clean. After a few minutes the Nurse pulled the whip away and inspected
it again.

"Not bad. Not bad at all." she commented.

She looked up and saw Jenny walking into the courtyard. She handed her the
whip. Jenny started to limber up her arm for a good morning's thrashing.
The girls stared in horror at Nurse Luxe.

"I kept my promise, I wasn't going to whip you this morning. Enjoy!"

Nurse Luxe giggled to herself as she listened to the splat noises of the
whip and the screams from the girls.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 85 "Double-Ended"

Rebecca Thornton enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Currently it covered her 
entire naked body. The blades of grass beneath her tickled her sides and
her buttocks. She felt her arms being stretched outwards above her head.
A minute later some heavy thuds from the hammer as it pounded wooden stakes 
into the ground. Next she felt her legs being separated and the noise from 
the hammer repeated.

She lay there watching little butterflies dancing over flowers in the breeze.
She missed her freedom and was very jealous of the flying insects. A shadow
from Jenny's head rested on Rebecca's face. She blinked a couple of times
but continued to watch the butterflies.

Jenny sat down beside her student who was stretched spread-eagle. She tossed
the hammer to the ground and closed her eyes to the warmth of the sun.

"Why do you do this?" asked Rebecca.

Jenny opened her eyes and looked down. Rebecca wasn't looking at her but
she also wasn't looking at the butterflies. 

"Because if I don't, I become a slave again, or worse, I will die." replied

Rebecca nodded then asked "How much longer have I got here?"

"Long enough for you and your sister to be trained as slaves. Then you will
be sold. After that, I don't know."

Both women remained silent. A while later Jenny threw cold water onto 
Rebecca, shoved ten ice-cubes into her cunt and whipped her until she was

Phoebe ignored the porter as he walked past her to John's office. She had
come to learn that because she was John's secretary she received special
benefits. One of them was that she couldn't be punished or tortured because
John may have need of her office skills.

That still didn't mean the male teachers and porters didn't want to fuck
her at any given opportunity. Phoebe heard the knock on the door and the
porter going in. There was some soft muttering and then the door opened
again. John walked out with the porter close behind.

"Phoebe, come with me." said John.

Phoebe turned her confidential documents over and then followed her boss
out of the room. The porter walked behind. She wanted to ask where they
were going but John had made it very clear on her first day that she was
to do what he said, not ask questions. So she kept quiet and watched John's
back as they entered one of the classrooms.

John stopped and turned to Phoebe. He took hold of her shoulder and moved
her aside so he could talk to the porter.

"Where is it?"

The porter walked past Phoebe and proudly displayed a length of chain 
hanging from the ceiling. At it's end was a long metal pole.

John nodded. "Okay, we'll see how good it is. You get Phoebe ready and 
I'll find a second student to help."

Phoebe watched as John left the room.


Phoebe turned and the porter was standing there with some leather straps
and chains in his hands. He looked up.

"I said Strip."

Phoebe removed her shirt, bra and cutoff jeans and let them fall to the 
ground. She walked over to the porter where he proceeded to connect a 
leather strap around her knees. She was made to bend over and her wrists 
were tied to the same strap. Also a leather belt was wrapped around her 
waist with a length of chain hanging.

"What does this do?" asked Phoebe.

The porter smiled. Phoebe realized most of his teeth were missing. She
didn't care for him to smile again.

"What does it do? ... You'll see. It's a surprise."

The porter then took the metal rod and slid it up between Phoebe's inner
thighs. The end pushed again her vagina. Noises from the door made the
porter look up and he saw John returning with Karen Thornton. A few minutes
later Karen was also strapped up in the same way as Phoebe. Both girls
were bent over looking away from each other. Their long flowing hair slightly
covered their faces. The porter pinched Karen's nipples a couple of times.

"When you're ready." said John.

It became obvious that John wanted to get back to his office. The porter
lowered the chain in the ceiling and connected the to chains from the girls'
belts to a hook. He then forced the girls backwards until the rod ends were
in the girls vaginas.

Rebecca felt a sharp slap on her face. She tried to open her eyes and moaned
as she was slapped again. She shook her head and look around. She was in a 
classroom. Her arms and feet had been tied behind a post which was anchored
deep into the ground. The post was leaning forwards at an angle. Rebecca felt
like she was nearly hanging in midair. The smell of sweat lingered in the room 
and the pole was smooth from having many bodies rubbing against it.

Rebecca saw Jenny working away in the corner of the room. After a minute she
walked over and placed a small three legged stool in front of Rebecca. She
left again and returned with three candles. They were thin and about ten inches 
long. In her other hand was a very strong looking metal alligator clip with a 
length of small rope on the end and a gas lighter.

"You're awake I see. Good. You wouldn't want to miss this bit of fun."
said Jenny as she straddled the stool. She put down the items and just
held up the clip.

"Your task which you will accept is to have these three candles burn your
most intimate spots until they're all gone. The candles that is, not your
precious spots. Shall we begin?"

Jenny stood up holding the alligator clip. She kicked upwards into Rebecca
vagina. Rebecca screamed and coughed loudly. Jenny took the opportunity to
attach the alligator clip to Rebecca's tongue. Rebecca moaned loudly around
the clip as it dug into her tongue. But she watched in horror as Jenny lit
the first candle. Jenny then pulled on the clip's rope forcing Rebecca's
tongue outwards, and then waved the candle underneath. Tears streamed from
Rebecca's eyes as her tongue sizzled and burned from the candle's flame.
Jenny then held the flame beneath Rebecca's tongue until she started to
see smoke spiraling upwards. Rebecca screamed and begged but it was to 
no avail.

After twenty minutes Jenny released the clip from Rebecca's tongue and 
Rebecca closed her mouth. Her tongue had swelled to over three times it's 
size. Next Jenny clipped Rebecca nipples and stretched them outwards. 
She twisted the clip so she could burn as much area of the areola as 
possible. Rebecca howls was like a mad dog baying at the Moon.

Jenny continued onwards to burn Rebecca's clit, cunt lips, ass cheeks,
ear lobes, eye lids and even in between Rebecca's fingers.

It took three attempts to make sure the rod stayed put while the porter ran
over to lift the chain up. Phoebe's heart was thumping so hard she could
barely hear. She didn't know quite what was suppose to happen but it didn't
look good.

On the third attempt John pulled the chain while the porter made sure the 
rod stayed in place. John easily yanked the chain and the girls were lifted
straight up. The rod sank deep. The girls own body weight forced the rod 
in even deeper. It pushed and grind against the girls cervixes. The girls
screamed and shook to try and dislodge the rod. So violent was Phoebe's
shaking that the leather strap tieing her wrists to her knees was broken.

John inspected the girls as they hung in midair begging. Blood dribbled
slightly from both girls vaginas.

"Not bad. Not bad at all. Tell ya what, let me think on it." said John.

The porter said his thanks and both men left the room. Phoebe screamed for
them not to go but they didn't even look back. Karen was use to this sort
of pain and she tried hard not to scream. She hissed at Phoebe to stop
shaking because that would only make it worse.

Unfortunately Phoebe didn't stop shaking, not for a long time.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 86 "Carpe Diem"

It was a warm spring night when the they heard the first knock on the
door. It shook violently. Kim Henderson open the door and peered out
into the darkness. She could see shapes in the distance but her focus
was on the man standing in front of her.

"Yes?" she asked.

"You Henderson?" came the reply.

"Whose asking?!" said Kim getting a little peeved and slightly cold.

The man was easily six and a half feet tall. His shoulders were broad and
he seemed to fill the doorway. It took very little effort for him to reach
forward and pick up Kim by her neck. She squirmed and tried hitting him. His
coat sleeve rolled back and she noticed a number of tattoos along his forearm.
She was starting to choke by the time her husband Don arrived.

"What is the meaning of this?" Don demanded.

The man let go of Kim and she had enough presence of mind to land squarely
on her rump. She rubbed her neck while slowly moving backwards behind Don.

"Are you Henderson?" the man asked.

"Yes, I am. And you are?"

"Smith, Mr Smith. I believe you allow men to fuck your daughters for a price?"

Don was unsure about answering the visitor's question but business was
business. He was independently wealthy but always felt he could use some
more cash.

"I do. Please come in Mr Smith. What would you like to drink?"

John looked at his watch. He did a quick calculation in his head.

"They'll be there by now."

Phoebe nodded quietly. Her eyes clued to the clock on the wall.

Mr Smith took the chair that Don offered him and sat down. Kim was ushered
off to the kitchen to make some tea. Don sat on the other side of the table.

"How did you come to hear about us Mr Smith?"

"A friend." replied the visitor.

"Fair enough. You do know the rates?"

"I do. But I'm not here to rent, I'm here to buy."

Both men looked up towards the kitchen as the sound of a gasp and a cup
clanging around the tiled floor. Don shook his head.

"My daughters are not for sale Mr Smith."

For the first time the visitor smiled.

"I'm not offering Henderson, I'm taking."

This time a second cup didn't clang, it smashed on the tiles.

Don smiled slightly and stood up. He moved swiftly into the kitchen and for a
few seconds there was a loud whisper between husband and wife.
Mr Smith let his head fall to the side and rolled it gently across his
shoulders to relieve the ache in his neck.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a black Beretta with a silencer on the
end. He buffed the side of it a little and peered down the sight. For a couple
of seconds the argument got a little heated in the kitchen. He shook his hand to
relax it slightly. He repeated his client's orders
in his mind and decided that the mother was too old and too stupid to deal with
what his client wanted. He put the gun on his lap and folded the coat
over it just as the couple entered the room.

He looked up and smiled. Don smiled back but Kim crossed her arms and glared.

"Where are the girls?" asked Mr Smith.

"What? .. They're up in their room. Tied of course." responded Don.

"Good. What have you decided?" asked Mr Smith.

"Decided? ... Oh, um ... well. The wife and I don't want to sell." said Don.

Mr Smith smiled. It was a really big smile. The gun tapped the side of the table
as it appeared upwards. Don's eyes grew wide as he saw the muzzle and with a
quick movement had managed to grab Kim and put her in front of him just in time
for the first two shots to enter her body.

Kim slumped to her knees and fell forwards onto the floor. Blood appeared slowly
around her and began it's new life as a stain on the carpet.

Don pulled himself up of the ground and looked directly into the barrel of the

"Nice move." said Smith. "If it helps, I would have done the same."

Mr Smith gave one last smile before squeezing the trigger.

Paul Winslow peered out through the curtains. He was completely naked and in the
lounge's soft light his body glistened with sweat making him look more like a
male model than the father of a teenage slave.

"Looks like Don has some more guys over to fuck his daughters." he said to no
one in particular. There was one other person in the room and that was his
daughter Cindy. She reframed from making idle chitchat. Fear from
speaking without permission saw to that.

Cindy's shins ached from kneeling too long and she lifted one of her knees
slightly to relieve the soreness. Unfortunately this didn't go unnoticed
by her father.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked politely.

Cindy looked from her father to her knees. She lowered it back onto the
triangled ruler and sighed quietly as the pain in her upper shin returned.

"That's better. In fact, you might need some help."

Cindy remained quiet but watchful as her father walked passed her and picked up
a couple of 2 kg barbells. He handed them to her and she held them above her
head. This extra weight forced the ruler deeper into her shins.

Cindy's eyes watered and she blinked furiously. The pain in her legs was
unbearable but it would be nothing compared to what her father would do if she
moved. She watched as Paul sat on the sofa reading a magazine.

Mr Smith opened the door and shouted out instructions to four men who were
waiting by the van. They carried the two girls into the van and dumped them
on the floor.

After the crew had a pick though the Henderson's processions Mr Smith took the
keys and locked the door. The van drove off and it's red lights
disappeared around a corner.

Twenty minutes had passed and Cindy was on the verge of crying out. She
meditated as she was trained to do at Hackmoore's school. She tried to ignore
the pain but her concentration was slipping. Thankfully before she lost her
focus she was roughly pushed over onto the floor. She laughed with relief as the
blood returned to her shins. It even tickled slightly.

"Good to see you're in a laughing mood. You'll need it. Down to the cellar."

Cindy slowly stood up and stretched her leg muscles. After a minute of
rubbing her shins she walked very slowly down the cellar stairs where Paul
was grabbing items from the cupboard.

"Strip and kneel." he commanded.

Cindy removed her light pink cami and boy-short pyjama shorts. She tossed them
into the corner of the room and knelt down where her father had pointed.

"Turn around!" he barked.

Cindy saw she was facing the wrong way and quickly did a one eighty turn.
Sitting back on her knees Cindy reached down and tied her ankles to straps which
were in the ground. Then she reached forward towards a leather strap
on a post and tied it around her neck. There she waited.

Behind her mounted on a swivel in the ground was another post. It had a
metal connection about halfway for an assortment of dildos and devices. Paul
dropped some candles and a gas lighter beside her and tied the remaining straps
to Cindy's wrists. He checked the tightness of the neck and ankle straps and was
satisfied. Even though he didn't communicate this to Cindy.

Next he connected a rigid dildo to the post behind her. It had a number of metal
spikes along it's sides. Then he placed the candles about two inches ahead of
Cindy's breasts.

"Okay Cin. This is an easy game. I'm going to pulled on this lever and if
you're stronger than me then your tits won't get burnt. Easy eh?"

Cindy braced herself and gasped as the post behind her was pulled forward enough
for the dildo to enter into her anus. She had no choice but to force herself
back onto it or suffer burns to her breasts. The spiked dildo was cruel but not
so rigid that it didn't bend slightly. Paul reached down and
lit both the candles. He stood up, rubbed his hands and then pulled on the
post. Cindy groaned inwardly as the dildo forced itself into her asshole.

It was only about two inches in but it felt like it filled her ass up entirely.
Paul put more pressure on the post and it slowly inched it's way up Cindy's
tight ass. The flames on the candles got closer and closer and Cindy forced
herself back but she knew she couldn't hold out for long.

Paul then did something that Cindy didn't expect. He yanked the post forward and
Cindy fell forward knocking her head on the post in front of her. The dildo tore
through her asshole and Cindy screamed. The flames from the candles licked away
at her very sensitive nipples.

Paul locked the post in that position and sat back. Cindy screamed in torment
all the while Paul took photographs. Her nipples sizzled from the flames.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 87 "Oops, won't do that again."

Upon reflection Phoebe felt she should have known better. Even though it was
half past three in the morning and even though she should always be respectful
to her masters. Phoebe couldn't help but be silly.

Mind you, she thought. Being silly can sometimes get you into trouble just like
it has now. Phoebe tugged slightly at her ropes but knew it wasn't going to
change things now. She rocked back and forth slightly waiting for the noises of
footsteps in the corridor.

She remembered everything so well and not for the second time this morning did
she curse her photographic memory. She had been sitting there at her desk
rubbing her eyes and occasionally drinking some water. She was going to ask John
about the water pipes as the water had a very funny after-taste. She leaned back
in her chair stretching her arms  above her head and pointing her toes out as
far as she could go. The muscles in her neck click and pulled painfully but the
feeling of  relief made it all better.

Cocking her head over towards the manager's office she saw John with his feet up
on the desk and looking out the window. For the first time since she was made a
slave Phoebe had a slight feeling normality. So why  the hell did she poke her
tongue out and roll her eyes only to realize  John was looking at her reflection
in the window. It was totally beyond her.

The door opened and Phoebe's mind raced back to reality. John walked in holding
two large clamps in his hand. Phoebe's eyebrows rose in a mixed look of
puzzlement and fear. Her curiosity wasn't to be left wanting for long. John
stood before Phoebe. She looked up into his eyes and nothing but cruel
intentions looked back. Phoebe looked away.

She felt her T-shirt being pulled and ripped off her body. Her boobs bounced
forward over the small lace-up bra. She tried to stifle a cry of  pain as rough
fingers pulled and twisted at the nipples making them hard.  The female hormones
courtesy of the late Doctor Every rushed through her  circulatory system. She
quickly became docile and very agreeable. She knew  she had done wrong and she
knew she should be punished.

John reached behind Phoebe and released her from the ropes. Phoebe continued to
stare downwards.

"Hold your tits out." John's rough voice washed over Phoebe like an Anteater's
tongue over an unsuspecting Ant.

Phoebe massaged her nipples slightly and then pulled them outwards.


Phoebe startled slightly and pulled her breasts out to their maximum. She  heard
the clamps being separated. The clamps ends were cold as they pressed in against
her flesh. She heard John wind it in quickly and then let it drop. Phoebe sobbed
but dutifully held out her other breast. This too was clamped.

John retied her hands behind the and lifted her chin to stare into her eyes as
she twisted the clamp knobs. Phoebe's eyes quickly welled up with tears but she
forced herself not to cry out. By the fifth turn Phoebe was screaming for mercy.

John twisted the other clamp until the blood vessels went dark red. Then he
twisted it once more just for good measure. John stood back and looked at 
Phoebe for a few seconds. Then he turned on his heel and walked off.  He didn't
say anything to Phoebe. He didn't have to.

As Phoebe listened to the sound of the retreating footsteps she wondered. Why in
the world did I get off so lightly? ___________________________

By the time John got back to his office the van had pulled up and the girls were
being unloaded. John went down to the entrance and met Mr Smith in the hallway.

"Any trouble?"

Mr Smith smiled. "None whatsoever boss. No loose ends, as you wanted."

The girls were brought before John. They whimpered slightly as their blind-
folds were removed. They let their eyes become use to the light and then
screamed into their gags as soon as they recognized John.

"Morning sluts. It appears your parents had breached a copyright clause in  the
contract when they enrolled you at the school. Basically your parents  have been
very bad and now no longer exist. You are now the school's property."

John waited a few seconds for this to sink in. He turned to Mr Smith.

"Take them to the welcome room and make them comfortable."

"VERY comfortable boss?"

"Yes, I think so." ___________________________

Dave Andrews woke up to a good spot of cock-sucking courtesy of his  daughter
Melissa. Mel knew if she did a good job then the less chance  of herself or her
sister would be punished. However no matter how good  a bit of fellatio Dave
got, he always had something else in mind.

Sharon was already downstairs cooking breakfast which everyone enjoyed. Dave sat
in the lounge reading the newspaper while the girls washed up. At precisely nine
o'clock they stood before him wearing only their  discipline slips.

"Shaz, go and get the big package in the hallway."

A few seconds later a large box was placed on the coffee table beside him. He
ordered Sharon to open it and after some trouble with staples and glue the box
was now in tatters on the floor. What appeared to be  a hydraulic hammer lay in
Sharon's hands.

Dave smiled and picked up the instruction manual. Sharon looked at Mel. They
knew this wasn't for their personal enjoyment. Perhaps it was the logo of a
screaming girl on the side that gave them a clue. The machine was called a 'Fuk
em 3000.'

After a few minutes Dave put down the manual. He reached into his pocket and
pulled out a coin. Pointing to Sharon he said "Call it."

The instant response was "Heads!"

Both girls watched the coin as it tumbled over in the air. Dave caught it on his
hand and looked at the result. He smiled and look up at Sharon.

"You lose kiddo. Up to your bedroom."

Dave pushed Sharon in the direction of the stairwell and walked behind her. Mel
followed. The slip barely covered Sharon's pert buttocks and he loved the way
her butt muscles moved. He reached down gingerly and  rubbed them. Sharon slowed
down slightly as she neared the top of the  stairs but was pushed forwards.

Dave ordered Sharon to remove her slip and lie spreadeagle on her bed. Melissa
tied her sister's arms and legs to their corresponding bed posts while Dave ran
his eye over their new toy. Next he proceeded to attach a knee board to Sharon.
The board had two grooves which the knees went into then the straps holding the
board in place were secured.

Dave hefted the toy up and locked it into position on the board. He took the AC
lead from Melissa and plugged it in. He rubbed his hands in  excitement and
looked over to Sharon.


He didn't expect an answer. He pressed the button with an arrow that was
pointing up towards Sharon's crotch. The tip of the shaft extended outwards. It
was stainless steel. Dave stopped it halfway and attached the hard black plastic
dildo. Then with a whirl the machine continued upwards and came to rest on
Sharon's vagina lips. She slightly rubbed the dildo with her sex but stopped
when she saw Dave frowning at her.

"Well, it looks like you're ready for this Shaz. Let's go."

With that he pressed the extend button again and the dildo forced it's way into
Sharon's love passage. Sharon gasped as the rough intruder forced her sensitive
folds apart and lodge itself in deep.

"Now, the book says this should go all the way to your womb entrance."

Again the shaft pushed upwards and Sharon felt it touch her cervix.

"That's it Dad, it's there." she gasped.

Dave however wasn't convinced. He pressed the button a couple more times and
apart from Sharon yelping the shaft didn't go any further. Satisfied he look at
the control panel. Buttons with various different symbols lit  up ready for
action. Dave decided to take the easy way and press 'ramdom'.

"Tell me what happens Shaz." he ordered.

For a second nothing happened and then Sharon felt it. A sharp hot burning pain
against her cervix. She gripped the bed posts and dug her nails into the deep
groves. The heat got steadily worse. She gritted her teeth.

"How does it feel sweetie?" asked Dave.

"Bleaaugh!" she answered, eloquently.

Then the shaft began to turn and drop back slightly. Sharon screamed. It was
methodically burning all her insides. Mel smelt singed flesh while Sharon
screamed for mercy. Then quickly as it started it stopped.

Sharon gasped for air and shivered as her body tried to relax. Sweat  coated her
body. Exactly twenty seconds later the next phase came in. The machine thrust
the shaft in and out of her vagina at 200 revs per minute. It rammed the dildo
against Sharon's cervix. Sharon bounced  around the bed yelping. Dave loved it.
He ordered Mel to get the video camera. He wanted to keep a copy of this.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 88 "Waiting"

Sue and Jane Henderson. Both twenty-years old and like most girls their age
weren't happy with their current situation. They were naked and tied together in
the 'waiting' room. Being naked wasn't a problem as they were use to that as was
being tied together and made to perform some indecent sexual act for their
masters. However having a ten inch studded dildo forced into their butt-holes
and having to give oral sex while their ponytails were tied made life tricky.

Once again Jane was slapped.

"Do better slut!" yelled the man she was trying to felate. She opened her mouth
and his cock slid into her warm passage. The man's cock head rammed against the
back of her throat causing Jane to slightly gag and breath heavily through her
nose. Sue, sensing her sister's difficulties started a rhythm where both girls
timed their head-bobbing to stimulate the men's cocks as quickly as possible.

A few minutes later Sue's ill timed cock-suck forced her to swallow what felt
like half a litre of semen. Jane licked her cock while Sue quickly tried to
clean up her mess. A few seconds later Sue lifted her head and breathed in
deeply. Jane continued her cock sucking and a minute later she was rewarded with
a mouthfull of cum. She swallowed greedily and cleaned up her cock.

The men laughed and walked out of the room leaving both sisters there to relax.

"Sis, what do you think has happened to Mum and Dad?" asked Sue.

"Bet ya they dead. I fucking hope so." spat Jane.

Before Sue could answer the door opened quickly and John walked in. He closed
the door, picked up a nearby chair and sat down by the girls. After a few
seconds silence John spoke.

"Not a good situation cunts. I haven't decided what to do with you. I could
re-add you back into the school but I don't need anymore slaves. I could sell
you but chances are you'll be killed within a month and I think that's a waste
of good resources. As far as I'm concerned your surplus stock. Maybe I should
send you to the monks."

"NOOO!" yelled Jane. Both John and Sue started from the outburst.

John reached out, grabbed Jane's neck and pulled it back.

"What the fuck do you mean No?!" he snarled.

"Because Sir, the monks are .... are ... evil, SIR!"

John released Jane's neck and smiled. "Not as evil as me cunt!"

Cindy dug her nails into the bedcovers. She so desperately wanted to scratch her
backside but didn't dare. She was in a position that her Dad found ideal for
reading in bed. He would lie back while Cindy leaned between his legs on her
back with her legs in the air. Paul told her how to adjust her buttocks and
thighs until the book could sit there comfortable. To make the session more
interesting Paul would slap or jab pins into his daughter's thighs when he found
something he read amusing.

This was great for Paul, but murder on Cindy's stomach and leg muscles. Most
nights she couldn't even walk away and resigned herself to sleeping on the floor
beside the bed. This in itself wasn't a bad thing because she was generally the
first awake and could greet her Dad with his morning blowjob. The punishment for
missing the morning BJ was very painful as she found out on one occasion.

Her father had definitely got up on the wrong side of bed. He ordered Cindy to
get on all fours with her forehead touching the ground and her ass up high.
Cindy obeyed. She heard the drawer on Paul's side table being opened and closed.
Then a couple of clicks.

She moaned as she felt her vagina lips on fire. Her father had a cigarette
lighter and he was running the flames all around her nether regions. He burnt
Cindy for half an hour until he got bored. To Cindy's credit she didn't move but
the resulting blisters around her cunt and butt-hole stung for days.

She vowed to never again miss a blowjob.

John reached down and untied the girls from each other. He left their wrists
tied but he knew they wouldn't run away anyhow. They followed him down a
corridor to a door. John banged on the door and the girls heard moaning from the
inside. Thinking it was a student being worked on they were surprised to see a
naked man open the door. His cock stood out rigidly and looked fearsome.

"Priest. Are you up for some mid-morning fun?" asked John.

Priest breathed in deeply and although he looked like he could use more sleep he
nodded. Despite being completely bare he walked out closing the door behind him.
John did get a quick peek inside and was amused to see a female foot in Priest's

"What did you have in mind for the bitches?" asked Priest.

"Something unique, something .... evil."

John walked off with Priest beside him. The girls followed obediently.

After they had walked past a few more doors John found the one he was searching
for. He opened the door and walked in. Priest held back to let the girls in
first. Sue thought he was just being chivalrous. He wasn't. He was just making
sure the girls couldn't run away.

The room was completely bare except for three items. A rope tied to a steel loop
in the wall ran up towards a second steel loop in the ceiling. It hung down from
the ceiling towards the floor. Tied to the end of the rope was three nasty
looking meat hooks. One was a little more lower and bigger than the other two.

Jane started backing up but only got as far as Priest who had just locked the
door. John reached the hooks and gave them a slight tug to make sure they were
secure. Seeing there were three sets of hooks he motioned Priest over to him.

"Get another slave, someone whose a screamer. Ah I know, get Phoebe."

Priest left quickly locking the door behind him. A few minutes later he returned
dragging Phoebe into the room by her nipple. Her wrists were tied just like Sue
and Jane's. Sue noticed that Phoebe's eyes were full of tears from her futile
struggle with the monk.

Working together Priest and John looped the Sue's and Jane's ropes over the
girls' respectively hooks. At the same time the hooks were lifted and the girls
were left standing on tip-toes. Phoebe cowered into a corner of the room as John
approached. She pleaded with him for mercy but John wasn't listening. He grabbed
her foot and dragged her across the concrete floor on her belly. After only a
few meters Phoebe's breasts were bruised and bleeding. John smiled and made a
mental note about dragging some more slaves later on. Maybe he could turn it
into a sporting event.

Priest held Phoebe's arms and neck while John inspected the hooks.

"They're a little blunt cunt but you won't mind aye?!"

Phoebe's eyes were wide as John pulled her beneath the hooks. Priest lifted
Phoebe off the ground and John inserted the largest of the hooks into Phoebe's
anus. Phoebe's feet didn't even touch the ground. She wailed in agony but more
was yet to come. John took Phoebe's breast and rolled it in his hands. Phoebe
again pleaded for mercy.

"Enjoy this cunt, tonight you're going to learn how to fly." sniggered Priest.

John forced the second hook into the under-side of Phoebe's breast. The hook's
point wasn't sharp at all and John's muscles bulged as he forced the hook in
deep and deep until it finally protruded from the top of Phoebe's tit. Blood
flowed freely but it stopped as quickly as it started due to the special female

Phoebe weeped as John rolled her other breast. Again he forced the hook upwards.

Jane and Sue cried for Phoebe as Phoebe blacked out. Then very slowly the men
released Phoebe and she hung in mid-air. The breasts were pulled grotesquely
upwards as the ropes ran over her shoulders. John checked Phoebe's breathing. He
turned to Priest.

"Looking good. Let's do these other two and get some sleep"

Priest yawned loudly in agreement and they proceeded over to Sue. Soon all three
girls were hanging in mid-air. That was until John and Priest returned later in
the morning to give them their daily whippings.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 89 "Ripped."

TC wiped his brow of sweat. His breathing subsided slightly as he sat on a
bench. He picked up a towel and wiped away excess moisture from his arms and
hands. He didn't worry about his back and front, he'd have a shower later to
clean all that up. His breathing slowed down to normal and he stretched his
right hand. Parts of his palm and fingers were red from holding the whip handle

Natasha moaned slightly but didn't move. She lay on a mattress onto her belly.
Her arms stretched before her with her wrists handcuffed. A steel loop in the
floor secured her hands to the ground. Her legs were in a V formation behind
her. They too were secured to the ground but with rope which allowed her a
little movement. Beneath her mid-section and groin was a small bed of
thumbtacks. A small pooling of blood and sweat was drying up near her upper
thighs. Her ass was a sight. There were the cris-crosses of cane strikes, red
burning welts from a hot poker and a large assortment of black, red and blue

TC looked at the clock on the wall. It was sunken into the wall itself so the
students couldn't see the time. Another one of the late Mr Boggis's clever
ideas. TC couldn't care less but since it was nearly dinner time he decided to
take things easy. Nat moaned as TC untied her ankles from the ropes. She stirred
slightly as she heard the noises of chains above her and then she found herself
looking at the room upside down. Her hands were stilled hand-cuffed to the

TC loved his students in this position. The blood which accumulated around their
head allowed him to perform the meanest of tortures and the students generally
stayed awake. This one was fairly simple enough. He took a small box of tissues
and pulled out a baker's dozen. He rolled two into a tight little ball.
Separating Nat's vagina lips with his fingers he forced the tissue ball deep
into her vagina. He proceeded with the rest of the tissues until he got to the
13th one. He pushed the end of the tissue in but let the other end hang out.

"Okay girl, time for you to have a clean out okay? Once I get back from lunch I
think I'll find the biggest dildo I've got and we'll rip your cunt open again."

TC flicked his cigarette lighter and lit the end of the tissue. The tissues
burst into a large flame. Nat barely had time to scream before the flame was
gone however her tender love passage stung from minute blisters. TC inspected
Nat's hole and stuck his finger in. Nat groaned but TC wasn't done yet. He
pulled some yellow ointment from his bag. He again opened Natasha's vagina lips
and pour a large amount of the yellow ointment in.

Natasha felt relief from the ointment's cool effects but TC knew it wouldn't
last long. Within a few seconds Nat started having muscle spasms in her belly.
TC tired to explain to her that the ointment would make her hole smaller and
tighter just like she was when she was a virgin. However Nat was howling and
crying so much she barely heard her teacher speak.

TC grabbed a large dildo from his bag and sat it a few feet away. He decided to
go to lunch. In a couple of hours her cunt would be so tight he'd barely get his
little finger down it. He looked forward to ripping her open with the dildo.

Jackie Basket howled with pain. She danced around the living room while her
father Rodney and little brother Matt watched and laughed. The focus of her
discomfort was a bunch of leaves wrapped around her groin, ass, breasts and
tummy. And what was worse was that Matt had heaps more poison ivy and stinging
nettle to spare. Her only outlet was a carpenters wood horse in the middle of
the room. It had been modified by her father to have two rows of sharp  inch
long steel bristles.

However there was a catch. If she so much as touched the horse she'd be tied
down on it and whipped with a riding crop until one of her sisters' volunteered
to take her place.

Her body ached for relief but with her elbows tied together she could do little
more than rub her thighs together. The alternative of being tied to the horse
didn't appeal to her. The only other person in the room was Jody. She was on all
fours being used as a footstool by both Rodney and Matt. Occasionally Matt would
lash her with some stinging nettle but Jody willed herself not to move.

Jackie continued to dance around the room. Her eyes welled up with tears but she
wasn't about to give in just yet. Finally Rodney got bored and ordered Jackie
onto the wooden horse. Disobeying would only serve to bring her more punishment
so she straddled the horse while Matt tied her down.

Jackie looked around for her sisters. Little did she know they were in the next
room, hiding. No way did they want to be whipped and have nettle on their
privates. They whimpered as Matt laid in with the riding crop.

Karen and Rebecca Thornton hugged each other. They enjoyed each other's comfort
for a few seconds before being separated by Ivy's porters. They were led to
their separate tables. Both girls watched each other as they climbed onto their
tables and were tied down. Ivy noted that it wasn't simply sisterly love ... it
was more.

She ordered for Rebecca to be untied. Rebecca stood before Ivy. Her eyes looking
at the ground.

"Take this and I want to see good clean strokes." ordered Ivy.

Rebecca stared at the whip in her hand. The handle was about a foot long with
the tendrils three feet. One the ends of the tendrils were a mixture of hooks,
steel spiked balls, and powdered bags. The powder in the bags was sea salt. It
burned like crazy when sprinkled across a cut or wound.

Rebecca shook her head but a slap from Ivy made her fall to her knees.

"Don't even dare think about disobeying me. I want your bitch sister to have
thirty strokes. And if they're not good strokes then she will have another
thirty. When she's finished then she'll do the same to you later. NOW DO IT!"

Rebecca dropped the whip and sobbed. She felt Ivy grabbing her hair and pulling
her up onto her feet. The whip was thrust into her hand. Rebecca continued to
sob. Through her tears she could see Karen. Karen just nodded her head and lay

Rebecca gripped the handle and drew her arm behind her. She whipped around and
before Ivy could react struck Ivy across the face with the full force of the
tendrils. Ivy screamed as the hooks raked her face and scalp. The steel balls
wrapped around her hair and tore out patches of skin. However Rebecca knew this
wasn't an accident and relentlessly she drew her arm back again. This time she
aimed for Ivy's mid-section. Ivy howled like a wounded animal as the hooks
buried into her belly. Deep cuts dribbled blood with the salt causing even more
agony. Rebecca managed to get two more whippings in before she was over-powered
by the porters.

Rebecca thrashed about as the porters tried in vain to hold her down. It wasn't
until Ivy regained her composure and knocked Rebecca out that things were back
to normal. Tears streamed from Karen's eyes for her friend.

Ivy left to go to the doctor and get stitches. The porters tied Rebecca up and
took her away. Karen listened to their disappearing footsteps as they walked
down the corridor.

After a few hours Karen awoke to the door opening with Ivy and John arguing.

"I can't believe you were so stupid to let a slave get the better of you."

Ivy's face was red and purple with rage.

"It was an accident! I will never let it happen again!"

"Make sure you do."

John looked over at Karen. He shook his head and left the room. Ivy rolled her
hands into fists and pounded on the table where Karen lay. She looked at Karen's
eyes and growled.

"Don't expect to see your 'friend' anytime soon Cunt!"

Ivy couldn't punish Karen for fear she may re-open her cuts. She got three
porters to help her. They all took turns at fucking her cunt while the other two
whipped her tits.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 90 "Green with Ivy"

Ivy curbed her impatience as John looked over Rebecca's bruising. Ivy longed to
get revenge on Rebecca for her violent outburst the previous day. Hang stood
nearby waiting to field questions from his employer. He knew what John was going
to ask.

"What happened to the hormones? The ones that make girls docile?"

Hang was ready for this one and responded in his typical broken English.

"Nurse mix hor-mone wrong. Was dil-lited."

"Diluted?" asked John.

Hang nodded and watched as John continued to inspect the red welts along
Rebecca's belly, tits and thighs.

"Okay. Hang, give her another dose of the hormones and also one to her sister.
Make sure it works this time."

Hang bowled and left the room.

"Well?" Ivy asked John.

"Well what?"

"John! Don't you dare!"

John stood in front of Ivy.

"I'm taking over this slut's training. You will continue with the other."

"NO!" yelled Ivy.

Ivy knew she should have accepted the decision even before John's hand lashed
out and knocked her to the floor. Ivy looked up and wiped the blood from the
corner of her mouth. Her cheek stung.


John watched Ivy close the door behind her. He placed his hand on Rebecca's
head, gripping her skull he turned her face to his. Then he smiled.

"You hurt my wife slave. Let's play."

Ivy closed her eyes. She purred slightly as TC rubbed her arms. Next to being
one of the nastiest torturers at the school, Ivy had found that TC was the best
masseuse in a 100 mile radius. Knotted muscles just seem to melt away under TC's
expert touch. Fingers danced across Ivy's skin and she startled slightly as TC
rubbed his fingers along her inner thighs. Even after all these years as being a
slave Ivy still cringed when people touched her.


Ivy smiled. "Yeah, that is SO good. Don't stop."

With a stronger resolve Ivy blocked out the intrusive thoughts and tried to
relax. She felt TC working on her calf muscles. He kneaded her flesh and skin.
Slowly but surely, Ivy drifted off to sleep.

TC knew he had succeeded once again. Ivy was certainly cute but man, she could
snore. TC place a couple of towels over the naked teacher, deposited the small
bottle of sleeping lotion into his pocket and left the room quietly.

Rebecca felt her body slide upwards so her head was hanging over the edge of the
table. She didn't move until John had fully secured her down on her back
spread-eagle. She waited while he removed his clothes. Rebecca closed her eyes.
She was scared of what John was going to do, but knew it wouldn't be nearly as
bad if he had let Ivy have her way.

Rebecca's thoughts were interrupted by a loud click followed by sounds of water.
She rolled her head over and saw John pouring hot water into a steel bowl. He
then took what looked to be a pasty brush and walked over to Rebecca. Setting
the bowl down he took a chair and sat at the end of the table towards Rebecca's

"Choice is yours. You scream three times, and I will whip your tits."

Rebecca's eyes welled up as John stirred the brush in the hot water. Just like a
painter he dragged it along the bowl's edge to remove any excess and then
'painted' her crotch. The sudden searing pain was too much for Rebecca and she

John made a mental note of the scream and proceeded with brushing her most
intimate areas with hot water. It wasn't like he was going to torture her cunt
today anyway.

Sweat drenched Rebecca's body. The rough surface of the table had rubbed her ass
and shoulders raws. To Rebecca's credit she only screamed a second time during
the hot water brushing phase. John knew he'd get a strong reaction if he pour
the bowl's blistering contents onto the slut's belly whip marks.

John placed the bowl onto the chair and walked around to Rebecca's head. He
grabbed her hair and pulled her head downwards placing a huge amount of strain
on her neck. Rebecca gasped.

"Okay slut. I'm going to shove my cock down your throat so I suggest you better
lick it all over or it'll simply hurt more. Comprehende?"

Rebecca blinked her eyes and rolled her head over to John's cock. He let her run
her tongue over as much of it as possible. To John this part was boring but he
needed to break what spirit there was left in the girl. It would make things
easier later on.

There was a knock at the door and Hang walked in. After John slapped Rebecca for
having stoped her licking Hang informed John he had made a new hormone mixture
for both the slaves.

"Where can it be injected?" asked John.

"Any where, but it take two minute to go in or body no like."

"Good. Do the other one and later on I'll see you about a suitable punishment
for the nurse."

Hang nodded, gave the syringe to John and left.

"Okay girl. Now open wide."

Rebecca opened her mouth to allow John access. She cringed as she knew he was
huge. No matter what happened she was going to be in serious pain. All John had
to do was thrust once and he'd dislocate her jaw.

John rubbed his cock a bit and placed it into Rebecca's mouth. He slowly pushed
in but only got as far as the back of her throat when Rebecca started to gag. He
pulled out and tried again. He pushed against her epiglottis but the gagging
made Rebecca brush her teeth against his member. John pulled out. Normally it
wouldn't annoy him as his cock was so tough but a slave was never to let her
teeth touch her master's cock. ________________________

Ivy felt her arms being stretched forward. Then she felt her legs being
separated and cold surrounding her ankles. She forced herself out of her
blissful sleep and tried to opened her eyes. She heard a distinct clink of chain
and after a few minutes of head shaking and blinking was fully conscious.

Priest stood before her. "You've been a very naughty girl."

After whipping her tits for a couple of minutes John knelt down beside Rebecca.
Her tears streamed down her face. He brushed them off her face. Already her jaw
ached terribly.

"Let's try it another way. I'm going to do this again but when I say so, I want
you to swallow, hard. It'll help you later on. I can guarantee it. Understand?"

More tears rolled down Rebecca's cheeks but she nodded in understanding. John
stood up and after a strong sniff to remove water from her nose, Rebecca opened
her mouth waiting for John's member. He didn't disappoint her and pushed it to
the back of her mouth.

"Ready, one, two, now ..."

Rebecca took a deep breath and swallowed as John pushed in. Rebecca felt John's
cock completely full her mouth and throat. She opened her eyes and to her horror
saw that John leaning in on her to force more of his cock in. John loved it. The
muscles in Rebecca's neck was massaging his cock and if he didn't control
himself he was going to cum. No way he thought. It's too early for that just

He waited another ten seconds and slowly pulled out. Rebecca breathed deeply.
Warm air combined with the smell of her sweat grossed out her nostrils but it
seemed to be the mostly fantastic experience in the world. John was happy.
Rebecca's gag reflex was nearly gone, for good.

John throat fucked Rebecca a couple more times. Each time he increased the
length of time he left his cock in her mouth. After she achieved thirty seconds
John decided to go for the main prize.

"Right, this time we're going for two minutes and while I'm doing this I'll give
you your new shot of hormones. I expect you to massage my cock until I cum.

Rebecca shook her head. She couldn't speak as her throat was in agony but two
minutes was too long. John leaned in close to her face.

"You DARE to disobey me?!"

Rebecca closed her eyes. She could feel the heat from his breath on her eyes and
face. She shook her head, let her head fall back and opened her mouth.

"Good. Ready, settle .... go"

John pushed in and Rebecca felt his cock go in as deep as it could. She could
feel his balls resting either side of her nose and on her eyes. John waited a
full ten seconds before jabbing the needle into Rebecca's right breast. Rebecca
squirmed. John felt her muscle teasing the heck out of his cock. He slowly
pushed the hormones into Rebecca's body.

Rebecca felt the pressure on her breast and then the searing intense pain as her
tired body accepted the hormones into the blood stream. Her breast felt like it
was on fire. After a minute Rebecca had to breath but there was no way. She
couldn't even expel the air inside her lungs already.

Fighting for breath her esophagus rubbed and pushed at John's cock from all
sides. John could feel the build up inside his balls as his semen prepared to
unload. John continued pushing the contents of the syringe into Rebecca's body
until it was finished.

Rebecca's face was going blue. John smiled and put the syringe onto the table.
Grabbing her ears he did a few thrusts into her mouth and moaned as what felt
like a ton of sperm shot out into Rebecca's esophagus.

He withdrew and Rebecca coughed and spluttered.

"Well done bitch, well done."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 91 "Suck it bitch!"

"Thank you everyone for coming."

John heard faint muttering and murmurs from the staff of the school. The only
one there who wasn't a staff member was Phoebe but she was taking notes. No one
acknowledged her. It's not worth acknowledging a slave unless you're about to
punish them.

As always John got to the point.

"This meeting is just an FYI for everyone. I've made changes to the school
policy and we'll no longer just take wayward girls as students. I've generally
dismissed offers for rich bitches to have their sons or their husbands come to
the school but now I think we should expand the policy to accept anyone."

John paused to see if anyone would say anything. Not a word.

"Okay, situation's still stays the same. Hang is working on some new hormones
for the boys students. Once that's ready .. say, where is Ivy?"

As normal everyone looked at everyone else.

"She was in the middle of a whipping session last time I looked." replied

John raised an eyebrow. "A students?"

Priest smiled. "No Sir, I found some documents in her room which might interest

"Tell me later, and Priest ..."


"Whip her hard this time."

"Yes Sir."

John stood for a few seconds trying to remember where he was up to. Phoebe
prompted him about the male students.

"Ah, right. Okay, that's it basically. Male students starting here soon. They're
not to fuck or torture the female students at all unless written permission by
their owners. That's it. Dismissed."

John watched the staff go. He spotted Priest and called him over.

"What documents?"

"Something about Jenny and a shit-load of money."

"Damn! Okay, that's it."

Priest watched as John removed his wedding ring and handed it to him.

"We're no longer married, Ivy can return to being a slave."

Priest smiled. "Yes Sir!"

Tension between the Basket girls were tense. Jackie being the eldest was trying
to smooth tempers but wasn't having much success. Samantha was the second oldest
but she had done the graveyard shift for the last two nights. She felt it was
someone else's turn.

"Come on Sam, we all agreed we'd do the coin toss." said Jody.

"It's alright for you, but I need sleep. I can't keep doing this." cried Sam.

"Knock it off the lot of you!"

All voices stopped and everyone turned to look at Jackie.

"Coin toss it is. Lisa and I will go first."

All eyes watched as the coin was tossed into the air. Jackie called heads and
won. Lisa felt her stomach churn. Next Jody called heads while Sam took the
default of tails. Sam lost.

The toss was now between Sam and Lisa. Jackie flipped the coin and neatly caught
it in her palm. She quickly slapped it onto the bench counter and waited for the

"Sam calls what?" asked Jackie.

"... um ... heads!"

"Heads it is. Lisa, you're on graveyard tonight."

Lisa nodded defeat and sat down at the table. Samantha stayed there for a while
to comfort her. Jackie and Jody ran up the stairs to their room. They quickly
closed the door before they burst into a state of giggles.

Jackie made sure the double headed coin was hidden away. It would be blue-bloody
murder if their sisters found out.

After a while Sam went to bed. Lisa sat outside in the hallway. Her job was to
stay up all night and respond immediately in case her father or brother needed a
fuck or blowjob. Loud snores filled the hallway. It was going to be a long
night. ____________________________

Priest closed the door very quietly so as not to wake up Ivy. As quiet as a cat
he tip-toed over to the cat-o-nine tails. He could hear Ivy snoring gently. He
drew his arm back and whipped down hard over Ivy's naked belly. The tendrils of
the cat dug in to Ivy's skin and flesh leaving behind red welts. Ivy's eye shot
opened and she screamed.

Priest waited for her breathing and shock to settle down.

"Priest, honey, what is going on? Why are you doing this?"

Priest dropped the whip to the floor and removed John's ring from his pocket.
Ivy's eyes were wide as saucers.

"Take a guess as to what you are now .... honey."

Ivy screamed.

A little after 3am Lisa Basket was called upon. Her younger brother Matt had a
huge hard on and he needed some help. Lisa entered the room and quickly removed
her nightie and dropped it to the floor. She pulled back the bed covers to find
Matt's legs spread wide and his raging cock sticking right up.

She knelt between his legs and ran her tongue up and down his shaft. After a few
minutes Matt told his sister he wanted to butt-fuck. She obediently turned
around and waited. She felt Matt grab her hips but no sign of penetration.

After a few seconds Lisa was startled when Matt yelled for his father. Rodney
Basket walked into the room.

"What? What's going on?"

"Lisa's ass is too tight, I can't fuck it!" Matt wailed.

"What??! ... Let's have a look."

Lisa felt her father's finger probing into her.

"They said this might happen at the school. Okay boy, take her down to the
whipping table. And put some clothes on, it's cold down there."

Matt walked out of the room dragging Lisa behind him. She followed him
downstairs to the basement. Matt pushed her to the whipping table. Normally this
type of table was only used for butt spankings and whippings but Rodney had a
very different idea in mind. He too got dressed and after some thorough
searching he located what he wanted, then went downstairs.

Upon his arrival he found Matt tightening the last strap on Lisa's ankles.

"Chain her neck and wrists too lad."

Matt busied himself with putting a collar on his sister while Rodney got some
lubricant from the cupboard. Rodney rubbed the lube all over a very large and
very thick rubber dildo. He smeared some on Lisa's ass hole and waited until
Matt was finished with the chains.

"What's the point of the chains Dad? She ain't going to go anywhere."

"Yeah I know, but I don't want her moving too much. She ain't going to like

Lisa felt like saying, 'I'm right here, you can talk to me.' But she knew she
was only a sex slave and had no rights apart from giving pleasure to her

"Okay Matt, hold her ass cheeks open for me."

Lisa groaned as Matt pulled her cheeks apart. Rodney forced the dildo into her
anus and proceeded to pump away. With each movement Lisa moaned slightly.
Rodney's arm became sore after a few minutes and he had to stop occasionally.
Tears rolled down Lisa's face but no one was paying her any attention.

"So what's the deal Dad? Why is she as tight as a cat's bum?"

"Hormones son. They're designed to squeeze any orifice. It makes for more
pleasure for us guys. Problem is if we forget to butt fuck these bitches for
more than a couple of weeks then their holes get too small."

"Bit of a fuck-up Dad."

"Yeah, it is. But we can always send them to bed with butt plugs. Might do that

"Cool. Want me to continue?"


Matt rammed the dildo deep into Lisa's rectum. Lisa cried out. For a good twenty
minutes she endured having her ass ripped open. After that she had her ass
whipped for ten minutes so she wouldn't forget to ask for a regular ass fuck.
Matt whipped his sister's tits in time to her ass whips.

And to reward her two masters for their work they made her give them a blowjob
each before they returned to bed.

Unfortunately Matt spilt most of his cum on the floor. They left her in the
basement to lick up the semen before she could return to the hallway.

Ivy groaned. Her body was a road map of cuts, bruises and red welts. Priest
breathed heavily with exertion. His arm hurt. He had blisters on his hands. He
was very much surprised to see that Ivy had not only survived her punishment but
also was conscious.

While both teacher and student were resting the door opened. John entered
flanked by two large porters.

"Priest, I want to ask you about a certain key."

Priest's face paled. He had forgotten that a while back he had given a key to
his chapter in the hills. But there was no way John could have known.

Playing dumb Priest asked, "What key?"

John nodded to the porters and they moved to apprehend Priest. When they had him
secure they nodded back. This wasn't for John's protection but more for
Priest's. John wanted to ripped his head off.

"The master key to the building and my private safe." growled John.

" ..but .. but .. but .." stammered Priest.

"Shut the fuck up Choir boy! Looks like we've found our first male student."


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 92 "Steve"

Rebecca and Karen huddled together in a corner of their room. Their ankles were
chained together and linked to an eye-loop in the wall. Normally they'd be
sleeping about now but they were wide awake watching the other couple on the
other side of the room.

Priest looked up and snarled at the two girls. Then he turned his head away from
them and his companion. Rebecca waited silently until the she could see the face
of Priest's friend. She gasped when she saw who it was.

"Ivy?" asked Rebecca, "Is that you?"

Ivy didn't respond. She was still in shock. Less than a day before she was on
top of the world. She ruled the school with her husband. She had such great
plans, and before she knew it she was reduced to a student. Why oh why didn't
she just leave Jenny's inheritance alone.

The night slowly wore on. Karen, Rebecca and Ivy slept. Only Priest remained
awake. All he knew was he had to get a message to his Monastery.

John entered into Hang's office. As usual Nurse Luxe was doing paperwork. She
looked up as John entered.

"He's in there Sir." she indicated to Steve's room.

John opened the door and walked in. Steve was standing beside the bed while Hang
injected more hormones and steroids into his body. Steve was a sight to behold.
He was huge. Easily bigger than John in height and girth but John knew he could
take him if he wanted to.

"I hope he's worth all this money Hang."

Hang turned around and gave John one of his small but quick smiles.

"He good subject Sir. Will make good teacher."

"I don't want him as a teacher. His heart's not in the job. I want him as a
slave. I've already got a woman who will happily purchase him for half a mil."

"Understand Sir but no sell. He good."

"Let's get this straight Hang. Steve is a slave, no more."

"No Sir, not sell."

Hang walked passed John to the doorway. He noticed John turning to follow him.
Hang managed to walk over to his desk before he heard the crash. He spun around
and saw Steve's large hands strangling John. Steve was easily lifting John off
the floor.

Hang ran over and grabbed some neuron-relaxant and began filling the syringe.
John's lungs were straining for oxygen. They felt on fire. However John had been
in worse situations before. He gripped Steve's thumbs and pulled them back. The
pressure was gone as soon as he heard the bones snap. John spun around and
grabbed Steve's shoulders. He drew his head back and gave Steve a Liverpool kiss
right on the chin. John's forehead smashed Steve's lips and slip them. Blood

Steve stumbled back a bit which gave John the advantage. He punched straight
towards Steve's chest and instead of his fist rebounding off he found his hand
went deep into Steve's chest cavity. Steve howled. John could feel Steve's heart
beating against the back of his hand. He pulled his hand out slowly but before
Hang could help Steve he had collapsed to the floor.

John wiped his hand down on the bed sheets while Hang checked Steve's wounds.

"So what happened?" asked John.

Hang sighed. "Bones no good. Steroids decayed bone."

"I see. Okay, feed this bag of meat to the dogs and Hang ..."


"No more stupid experiments. This has just cost us half a mil."

Cindy Winslow wiped away some of the tears running down her cheeks. She took a
deep breath and tried to ignore the pain.

"What now Cindy?"

Cindy tried to think. She didn't want anymore pain but rather choose what she
had done to her next. She looked up at her father waiting for her response.

" ... um ... more cactus spikes?"

Her father shook her head. "No, we've put enough into your ass and tits. I want
to do something else. Being your birthday it's your choice. If you don't have
something in sixty seconds then I'll choose."

Try as Cindy might she could only think of some really hard tortures. But she
wanted to at least remain conscious though her birthday, not like last year.

" .. Dildo?" Cindy ventured.

"Okay, a dildo and what else?"

"A butt plug?"

"Fine Cindy. If you don't want to have fun today that's fine. I'll choose what
to do."

Before Cindy could protest she was gagged, blindfolded and the ropes
binding her
to the table were tightened. She felt the cactus spikes being removed from her
tits and then there was silence. She waited. Occasionally the sting from the
cactus holes irritated her but it's was only temporary.

After what seemed like twenty minutes Cindy heard her father return. She smelt
the smell of cooking potatoes.

"Ready honey?"

Cindy couldn't respond but she could scream, and that she did. She felt burning
hot chips and wedges being placed all over her body. The oil singed her skin and
burnt away at her over sensitive nerve endings. The ropes strained trying to
hold her down. She felt wedges being jammed in between her toes. Chips were
shoved up her cunt and they scolded her tender vagina lips. Froth appeared
around Cindy's gag as she screamed in vain. As soon as one chip fell off or was
thrown off, it was replaced by another one.

After ten minutes she felt the chips and wedges being removed from her body. 
From the sounds of it the chips were being put onto a dish. Finally after the
last one was remove Cindy relaxed. Oil stained her skin and many small blisters
were appearing. Her gag and blindfold were removed.

"Feel better honey? Ready for some lunch? Guess what we're having."

Cindy didn't respond. But she did yell when her Dad dumped a large bucket of
freezing cold water onto her body to clean her off.

Brother Will and Brother Peter stood inside John's office. They were in kneeling
positions meditating. They didn't even startle when John burst into the room. He
sat beside the desk and waited. After a few seconds the monks' eyes opened and
they stood up.

"Priest has stolen something from me. A key. Did he give it to the Monastery? If
he has then I want it back."

The monks looked at each other and then nodded.

"Yes, we are aware he gave something to the head-monk. We will take Brother
Priest back to the Monastery with us for punishment." replied Brother Will.

"And the key?" asked John.

"Will be returned." said Brother Peter.

"What will be his punishment? He's a good teacher to me."

"Death. Stealing isn't a sin with our order, getting caught is."

John pulled out a small key from his pocket and laid it on the desk. The key
belonged to Priest's shackles. Brother Will took the key and departed. Brother
Peter remained.

"John, please don't judge us on the failings of one individual. We find our work
here stimulating."

John nodded. "Fair enough. Take Priest back to the Monks. Do what you damn well
like with him. Give me back the key when you and Brother Will return. Priest is
not to return. Understood?"

The monk nodded and left.

Cindy looked at the clock on the wall. Nearly 9pm. She had finished the dishes
and was just tidying up when her father called for her. She took off her apron
and went into the living room.

"Yeah Dad."

"I got a letter from Hackmoore's saying they've got a slave for sale. Do you
think I should buy her?"

"Entirely up to you Dad. You've got heaps of money and you're the boss."

Cindy watched her Dad re-read the letter. He looked up and ordered her to remove
her clothing. Cindy nodded. She removed her dress. Fully naked underneath she
often wondered why she wore any clothes at all. She waited until her father
stood up and then helped him remove his clothes.

"They've got a girl there called Theresa. Sounds ... tasty. But two girls would
be too much for one cock so I'm going to adopt a son."

Cindy smiled. "You mean I'd get a brother?"

"Yeah, he'll be a little younger than you but I'm sure you kids will be fine."

"Sounds great Dad."

Cindy waited. After a few minutes she heard her command.

"Blow job."

She immediately set to work. She parted her father's knees and leaned in for a
good thirty minute tongue workout.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 93 "The requests"

John sat back in his chair and took a fax from his in-tray. He looked at it for
a few moments and then put his feet up on the desk. He continued to read the fax
and slowly but surely, he smiled.


After a moment's hesitation the door opened and Phoebe walked in. John loved the
way Phoebe dressed. She had on a cute little rectangular-neck top which hugged
her firm breasts very nicely. John loved the way Phoebe showed off her cleavage.
Her ass was covered nicely in some cut off jeans.

John wished that Phoebe could suck cock just as well as she wore clothes.

"Did you read this fax?" asked John.

"No boss."

John smiled. "Then read it and make the necessary arrangements."

Phoebe took the fax and read it. John silently waited for the gasp and was
rewarded it when he saw her get to the second paragraph. She looked at John with
a mixture of shock and terror. He knew full well that Phoebe and Theresa were
best of friends.

"John please, not Theresa."

"And why not Theresa?" queried John.

"But .. but .. she's ... " stammered Phoebe.

"Nothing more than a slave and right now someone wants her and is willing to pay
a very nice price. Get Ivy ... Damn! Get TC to whip Theresa a few times and ship
her out to the Winslows. Also see if you can get teenage boy sent over from

Phoebe nodded and walked off. She sat in her chair and cried for a few minutes.
Then made the necessary phone calls. _______________________________

TC's cell phone rang. He quickly rammed the end of the cat whip into the ass of
his current student which was accompanied by a loud groan. He ran his hand over
his towel and quickly pressed the 'Send' key.

"Yeah ... what ... ah ... girl called Theresa. No worries. Will get onto it this

He put the phone down and returned to his student. Patting her on the ass he
twisted the whip handle in her anus. She groaned loudly through her gag.

"Sorry honey, I have to go in a few minutes so let's really make this one

TC pulled out the whip and wiped off the blood and shit on the student's hair.
He lashed her buttocks and back until they were deep red, then he thrashed her
some more.

The girl was unconscious when he left. A few minutes later TC got to his
destination, the holding cells. He walked in and pulled the clipboard off the
back of the door. He ignored the jumbled pleas for help and mercy. Locating
Theresa's cell, number 23, he marked down that she was no longer there and was
assigned to himself. On one wall there was a metal cabinet. It was as far away
from the slaves as it could be placed and it had a strong metal covering on it.

TC took a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He then flicked a switch
corresponding to Theresa's cell. He also removed a key with with number 23 on
it. He strolled along the wide corridor to the cell. The door's magnetic lock
was released but TC still had to unlock the door itself. Inside were three girls
who stood up immediately as soon as he walked to the door. TC could tell they
were planning to escape. He unlocked the door and opened it.

"Theresa?" he asked.

One of the girls look up and then quickly away. Unfortunately not quick enough
for TC. He walked in and beckoned her over. TC was big enough to handle three
girls but he also wasn't stupid. He walked over to the nearest one and punched
her in the face. Blood spilled from her nose as she crumpled to the floor
screaming. The other girl lunged at his back but TC grabbed her and threw her at
the bars. There was a light bell sound like someone hitting a gong and TC
watched as the girl fell to the ground, unconscious.

Now there wasn't any threat. He took Theresa by the hair and dragged her outside
of the cell. After he locked the door he placed cuffs on her wrists and ankles.
Then he connected her wrist cuffs together behind her back and led her out to
the courtyard. The sun blinded Theresa. She had been locked in the cells for
weeks. She blinked often but tears streamed down her cheeks.

TC led her to a whipping post. He un-cuffed her wrists and then cuffed them
again to some chains at the top of the post. He connected an ankle cuff to a
much smaller post in the ground behind her. Theresa heard a rip and felt her
clothing being cut from her body. She mumbled a rejection to this but couldn't
say the words properly. There he left her to warm up in the sun.

Phoebe knocked on John's office and entered. John was reading some accounts and
didn't bother to look up. Phoebe waited.

"What is it?" John mumbled.

"China is sending over a teenage male slave and he should be here day after
tomorrow. Theresa is being looked after by TC. I've asked him not to do anything
to her vagina or anus as she's being sold."


Phoebe waited for a few seconds in case there were any orders. She turned around
and started to walk back to her desk when John called out to her.

"Yeah boss?"

John pushed his chair back and stood up. He beckoned Phoebe to come to him and
stand between him and the desk. Phoebe moved into position. After a moment's
hesitation she started to unbutton John's shirt. A minute later John was naked.
Phoebe removed her top and jeans. She didn't wear any underwear, there wasn't
much point as it only got in the way.

"Turn around and lean forward. Open your legs. When was the last time you were
ass-fucked?" asked John.

"Not for a few weeks Sir." Phoebe confessed.

"Is that good?"

"No Sir, a slave should have her ass fucked at every opportunity."

"Good. Now this will hurt ... a lot."

Phoebe reached behind her and parted her ass cheeks for John. She felt John
place the tip of his huge cock at the entrance of her ass hole. Then John leaned
forwards putting all of his weight into the slow thrust. Tears from Phoebe's
eyes streamed down her cheeks as she gasped with each movement. John grabbed
Phoebe's shoulders and lifted her upwards. Phoebe could feel herself being
completely impaled on his member. Phoebe groaned loudly.

Using her tits John started to fuck her. Hard and fast. She felt like he was
ripping out her insides. John piston his hard cock into her ass hole. Her
screams and bucking made him harder. Her insides tore from the insertion and
blood became the Phoebe's only lube. Shit leaked out around his cock. Phoebe
couldn't even breath she was in so much pain.

After a few minutes John came. He panted and finally withdrew from Phoebe's
tortured backside. Phoebe lay there panting but felt a hand around her neck. She
was stood up and turned around.


Phoebe obeyed. Right in front of her was a shit and blood covered cock. She knew
what she had to do.


Phoebe startled from the order and still with tears streaming down her cheeks
she opened her tiny mouth and John forced his cock into her throat. She did what
she was trained to do ... ignore the smell and clean up her master.

Phoebe did a good job too.

An hour later TC returned. Theresa wasn't as pale as she was when he first went
to get her. He dropped the cat's tail whip onto the ground beside him and
rummaged in his pocket. He pulled out some string and tied up Theresa's long
hair. It could get tangled in her hair and his orders were not to damage her too

Theresa watched TC pick up the whip and swing it a few times. Then he lashed her
and Theresa was so shocked she couldn't even scream. She did have some movement
though and jumped around as much as possible. After five or so lashes TC wasn't
getting the kind of results he wanted.

He rummaged in his pocket again and found what he was looking for. He dropped
the whip and walked to the post. As he walked past he grabbed Theresa's tit and
dragged it with him. He ignored Theresa's protests and clamped a very strong and
nasty clamp onto her tortured nipple.

But TC wasn't done yet. He reached around and grabbed Theresa's other tit and
pulled the end of the rope and tit together. Theresa nearly fainted when he
clamped the second clamp onto her tit. She leaned against the post trying to get
her breath back and her body under control. Both her nipples were cruelly
stretched either side of the post. She couldn't move or she'd lose her tits.

TC picked up the whip again and lashed at Theresa's back. Theresa groaned.

"Much better. Let's try again."


Chapter 94 "Stand and Deliver"

Sue Henderson gritted her teeth as the boiling hot liquid for her daily enema
entered her rectum. Immediately her stomach muscles began to cramp and she
resisted the involuntary urge to expel. Sue's sister Jane looked on helplessly
and could only listen to the whimpering. She was in the same position. Bent over
a wooden horse and her arms and legs were securely tied down to each wooden leg.
A large metal tube had been pushed into her ass hole and the funnel on top.

Their torturer Jenny pushed away some of the wet hair from Sue's tortured face.
She remembered only too well of enemas and the pain from when she was a slave.
But there was no way in hell she was going back. In fact she was looking forward
to her afternoon session with Ivy. Her ex-step mother.

Jenny took a wooden spoon and stirred the contents in a pot. Normally for an
enema they'd use hot water with perhaps some soap. But John had given orders
that flour was to be added to the water. Once warmed up and mixed it had the
consistency of glue. This was to make it tougher for the students to expel the
water and really give their stomach and ass muscles a better workout.

Jenny took a bottle of vinegar. She grasped Sue's nose and pulled it upwards
forcing her mouth open. She squeezed the bottle's contents into the back of the
girl's throat. Sue coughed and spluttered. After a few moments she lost it all
and despite the pain started crying loudly. Jenny took the pot from the stove
and poured the liquid glue all over Sue's back. Sue screamed as steam engulfed
her body. Her back was covered in red blisters. Jenny leaned in close to Sue's
face. Sweat poured off her cheeks and chin.

"It's better that we clean you both inside and out."

Jenny turned to Jane. It was her turn.

Karen and Rebecca Thornton stood in John's office facing the wall. He watched
them as they looked at their feet. Both girls were naked and red welts all along
the back of their legs. Not once did they move or even make an audible sound
when he whipped them. John liked good quality slaves.

There was a knock at the door.

"Well?" John asked.

Phoebe gulped. The bearer of bad news could certainly cause bodily harm around
this place. She opened the door and poked her head in.

"The male for the Winslows hasn't arrived yet Sir. He missed his flight but will
be here later in the week."

"I see. Get back on the phone and get him to go straight to the Winslows place.
We'll ship out the slave today."

Phoebe nodded and quickly closed the door.

John looked back at the girls. They hadn't moved. Good.

"Right you two. Turn and face me."

Karen and Rebecca turned still looking at the floor.

"Karen, you will lie down on the floor. Rebecca, you will lie on top of her.
Then I want you both to suck each other off until I say stop."

The girls nodded and set about obeying their orders.

Excellent thought John. They'll make a fine sale at the slave auction.

"Hello Mother."

Ivy lifted her head up from the table to look at Jenny. She knew it wasn't much
point in begging Jenny for mercy as she had worked Jenny over too many times in
the past. Might as well go with the direct approach.

"Cunt!" spat Ivy.

"Now now ex-Mother dearest. I won't be putting up with any of that. Do you want
to know what is scheduled for you today?"

"Jenny. Shut the fuck up. Just do it and don't fucking talk to me."

Jenny smiled and petted Ivy's hair.

"Poor ex-mummy. I remember it wasn't so much the physical pain you gave me but
the mental pain that you enjoyed the most. But even after all your sessions you
never broke my spirit. Let's see if I can do any better, okay?"

Jenny turned away and made sure Ivy's wrists and ankles were well secured.
Sometimes the porters did a half-arse job but John always claimed it was the
responsibility of the teacher to make sure everything was perfect. Ivy snarled
as Jenny tightened the straps.

"Okay. Let's see. First I'm to pour hot wax all over your body and then wash it
off with the hose. Then I'm to feed you a bucket of John's shit."

Jenny lifted up a bucket for Ivy's benefit.

"Man, I hope you're hungry Ivy cos there is a lot of crap here for you to eat.
And it's the same rules you gave me. You will eat the whole thing. And if you
puke you will eat that too. If you shit or piss you will also eat that. And last
but certainly not least, a good thorough whipping with a thorn covered
bull-whip. Man, that's so going to hurt. Isn't this fun?"

Jody Basket lay on her bed. Her arms ached from giving her brother a hand-job.
Funny she thought. He always liked blowjobs but this time he only wanted his
cock rubbed. Maybe he's getting sore. She smiled at the thought.

All Jody wanted to do right now is rest and relax. She had been ass-fucked by
her Dad at lunchtime and as quick as he had cum he had disappeared down into the
basement. Before Jody could clear away the lunch table she got the strange
hand-job request from her brother.

Jody managed to get a few minute nap before she heard her father calling for

"Be right there." she called out. She slipped on a nice cashmere sweater and
some a levi's skirt. She didn't bother wearing panties or a bra anymore. It only
wasted time. Funny how she got use to things so quickly.

Jody entered the basement and waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark.

"Over here dear." she heard her father say. She moved to stand behind him.

"What's up Dad?"

"I've got something I want you to try. Remove your clothes."

Jody did her father's bidding. She stood there quietly as he rigged up a rope
around her breasts and tied her hands behind her back. Jody often wondered why
as it wasn't like she'd run away or anything. Next a rope was put over a beam in
the ceiling. He got her to lift her leg while he tied it up exposing her cunt.

"Much better. Now keep your balance okay. This shouldn't take long."

Jody gasped when she saw the funny shaped dildo. It was about two and a half
inches thick with nasty rose thorns along the sides.

"This will probably hurt a lot so don't struggle or scream too much okay."

Without realizing it Jody nodded. Jody braced herself and her father opened up
her vagina lips. He put the tip into the hole and shoved in deep. Jody started
to scream but her father covered her mouth before she could say anything. Tears
streamed down her cheeks as her Dad fucked her with the dildo. Blood leaked out
from the sides of the thorn covered cock.

After a minute or so he pulled out and inspected the dildo.

"Not bad, not bad at all. I guess you liked it."

Jody breathed deeply to get her breath back and try to ignore the pain in her
belly. Then she heard the words which made her cringe.

"Okay, now the other hole." said her Dad, and he pushed the dildo in.

Jenny scooped up another spoonful of shit from the bucket. It took some time but
with a porter's help Jenny managed to get hold of Ivy's tongue and secure it
with a chain. It was now being pulled out from her mouth for the feeding. Ivy
couldn't close her mouth but she could taste the shit as Jenny forced each
spoonful down into the back of her throat. Then it was Ivy's choice. Either
swallow or suffocate.

The thought of revenge made her swallow. She would see John and Jenny pay.

"Well done Ivy. Only a quarter of the bucket to go."

With that Jenny brought her hand down hard on Ivy's lower belly. Ivy gurgled a
yelp and a growl but it wasn't enough to stop her from pissing.

"Oh dear oh dear oh dear." said Jenny in a very polite voice. She looked over to
the porter.

"Steve, would you be a dear and mop that up for Ivy. She will simply have to
drink all of that now. What a shame."

An hour later Jenny had fed everything to Ivy. She even got the porter to shit
in the bucket just so Ivy could have desert. Jenny stood up and stretched her

"Okay Ivy, just the whipping to go. Would you like some pins in your tits and
cunt? ... No?! ... Well, we can't be giving a fuck about what you want right now
can we. Pins please Steve."

Jenny jabbed the needles any old where. It didn't matter really as she was
intending only to whip them in deeper or whip them out. Jenny took the whip from
the porter and uncoiled it.

"Ivy my girl. These thorn are really sharp. And Steve did such a great job of
rubbing salt all over them too. Isn't he precious. It would be so nice if you
could scream out his name. He'd really like that."

Jenny lashed Ivy across her belly. Ivy screamed and screamed. Each lash sent
salt into her blood which burned like fire. Half an hour later Ivy was

She never even called out the porter's name.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 95 "Brother's Keeper"

"Ooooh, that's stuff is cold Daddy."

Paul flexed his fingers and took hold of the horse whip. He swished it a couple
of times. His daughter Cindy was lying on the floor-boards. Her only claim to
fashion at that particularly moment was the gold pair of high heels she was
wearing. Otherwise she was as nude as the day she was born. She was busy
smearing the contents from a small jar onto her nether regions.

"Bring your knees up and spread them. Grab your heels and don't move."

Cindy did as she was instructed. Her eyes followed the whip as her father swung
it back and forth. She wondered if she'd ever get use to the pain that her
father and his friends inflicted on her. Sure the special hormones given to her
by the school healed her virtually over night but the side effect was a
heightened sensitivity to pain. This however didn't slow or ease her punishments
any less.


Cindy nodded. "All on and ready to go Daddy."

Paul bent down and had a look. Sure enough his daughter's cunt and inner thighs
were thickly covered. He rolled his wrist one more time and knelt down in front
of Cindy. He loved watching her face when he whipped her. He put the leather tip
of the whip on Cindy's lips. She obliging licked it to make the sting from the
leather more painful.

Paul raised his hand and Cindy held her breath.


Cindy heard her Dad stand up grumbling from the intrusion. He walked over to the
door and opened it. Standing on the front step was a teenage boy. Paul looked
him up and down. The young man was very well built. His arms were strong and
thick. Otherwise he was like any other normal teenage boy in the street. Except
for a small scar running from his eyebrow along his temple.

Cindy heard her father talking. She didn't move. Fortunately her father was
between her and the visitor. Then it happened. Her father stepped aside and
allowed the stranger in. The boy walked in and looked straight into the naked
areas of her body. She couldn't have been more exposed if she had tried.

Cindy reflected later on though, the boy didn't looked at all embarrassed.

Ivy knelt in her cell staring at the wall. Numerous cuts and welts stung along
her body but she didn't seem to notice them. All her thoughts were directed at
revenge. Her only pleasure was seeing what torture they were doing to Priest.
She knew John was overseeing his punishments as he tended to arrive back at his
cell unconscious and stayed that way until the the following morning when he was
dragged away unconscious.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard footsteps. Three sets of them. One
female, two males. They stopped outside her door and a key inserted into the
lock. Jenny walked in flanked by two porters.

"Morning Mother." said Jenny in her most happy voice.

Ivy glared at her. There was nothing but hatred behind her eyes. Jenny smiled
and walked over to stand in front of her ex-stepmother. Ivy had both her hands,
feet and knees tied. She was kneeling in the middle of the floor with a chain
connected to the ceiling to make sure she couldn't go anywhere.

Jenny knew this and with a well planted boot she kick Ivy in her left breast.
Ivy yelped and fell backwards only for the chain to spin her around. Jenny
kicked her again in the chest and once in the face. Ivy shook her head to clear
the shock and spat out blood.

"Let's try this again shall we Mother ... Morning Mother."

Ivy looked up again and through gritted teeth, "'orning."

Jenny smiled. "Good. Now I've got two of the many porters who have been given
special permission by Daddy to torture you and fuck you. They chose to have
their day off today just so they could spend as much time as possible with you.
Isn't that sweet?"

Ivy continued to glare. "Fucking marvelous."

Jenny beamed. "Great stuff. Boys, you have till sundown. No killing or
permanently damaging the goods. She's going to the Slave Auction."

Ivy's eye opened wide. "WHAT?!"

"Yes Mummy dearest. Daddy wants to sell your little body to some nasty mean
people. Or failing that, he'll sell you to the Clubs. I do hope it's to one of
the clubs, don't they eat their slaves?"

Ivy was shocked and confused. She didn't even watch as Jenny walked out. She did
however feel the porter kick her in the gut. She spent the next few hours being
raped in all three holes and then tortured. _______________________________

Cindy was still lying on the floor as the males talk over top of her. She knew
her father would be happy that she didn't move but she felt so uncomfortable. Or
did she? ... The initial embarrassment had worn off very quickly and now she was
just doing what she had been told to do.


Cindy broke away from her thoughts and looked upwards. "Yes Dad."

"This is Bob. He's your new brother."

Cindy looked over and stared into the eyes of the stranger. The boy didn't
smile. Cindy didn't either. She had a very bad feeling about this.

"Hello Bob." said Cindy. This earned her a kick in the shoulder.

To Cindy's credit she didn't move to rub her shoulder. She had only yelped and
then looked back at Bob. "I'm sorry. Hello Master."

Paul smiled, "Good. She's a little shit at times but I'm sure with both of us
looking out for her she'll behave properly. Here, you have a go."

Cindy watched as Bob took the whip and for the first time, smiled. He removed
his jacket and just like her father, flexed his fingers. Bob tore into Cindy's
body with a vengeance. Cindy knew he had to prove himself to his new father and
wasn't above punishing Cindy hard to do it. He whipped her ass, cunt, and
inner-thighs. Cindy screamed and cried for mercy. Bob kept on going until he
drew blood.

Then he stopped. He caught his breath and looked at Paul. Paul was looking at
Cindy. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and he knew he should give her a

"Don't stop on my account Bob."

Cindy screamed a lot more after that. _______________________________

Phoebe punched in the fax number for the suppliers. A few seconds later the
pages began to slide through the fax process. After the confirmation printed out
she stapled and dutifully filed the fax away. She noticed a piece of paper in
the rubbish bin and after doing a quick look around to see if anyone would catch
her she took it.

She quickly scanned through the page which had turned out to be a fax. It was a
confirmation of the slaves to be auctioned at the slave market. Phoebe ran
through the names of some of her friends and fellow slaves. She smiled when she
saw Ivy's name there ..... and nearly died when she saw hers.

Cindy had a long hot shower. Her legs and pussy still hurt like crazy. She knew
that the Vaseline had saved her from any scaring but the frenzy attack that Bob
had unleashed on her was nearly too much for her. She swallowed copious amounts
of water which slightly eased her sore throat.

Quarter of an hour later she felt much better. She had on a nice green blouse
and her brown hair was only slightly wet. She put on a skirt but without any
knickers. Her pussy was still too tender to have anything against it. She went
down to the kitchen for something to eat. Both her father and Bob looked up when
she walked in.

"Hey honey, how about some lunch?" asked Paul.

Cindy smiled. This was what it should be like. Just normal stuff. She nodded and
got out some bread. She made some vegemite sandwiches and put them on the table.
After the men had eaten their fill she cleared away the dishes and tidied up.

"Cindy, can you help out Bob for a second." asked Paul.

Cindy looked over and Bob stood up and unzipped his fly. After a bit of tugging
he managed to pull out a very sizeable cock. Without even a thought she
immediately knelt down in front of Bob. She raised her hand to hold the member
she was halted by her Dad.

"I want to get a photo of this momentous occasion. Bob's first cock-suck."

He disappeared for a few seconds and returned with his camera. Cindy tried to
ignore the flashes of light and sound of winding film. She pumped Bob's cock for
all she was worth and when Bob started tensing up she gulped down all of his
semen. After she cleaned him up she put his cock back into his pants and stood

"Thank you Cindy." said Bob.

Cindy smiled and was pleasantly surprised when he kissed her on the cheek.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 96 "Brush-off"

For the first time in ages Cindy found herself sitting in front of her mirror
putting on makeup. Cindy felt as giddy as a normal teenage girl with a crush on
the boy next door. She brushed her hair and tied it up in various styles. She
settled on a pony-tail then quickly put on her favorite floral halter dress. One
thing she loved about her Dad, he didn't spare any expense on buying her
clothes. She checked her figure out in the mirror and with a playful grin
skipped out of the room in search of Bob. _______________________________

Sharon and Melissa Andrews were fighting. Normally they worked well as a team in
anything but this time it was personal. After a large amount of words and
tugging of hair Dave, their father, had to intervene.

"What the hell is going on here?" he demanded.

Both girls went quiet and looked at their feet. Neither wanted to explain to
their father. When it came to punishments, he was pretty tough.

"Well? Answer me Melissa!" he asked once more.

Melissa's red face shot up. She was angry. "Nothing's wrong, just some fucking
stupid crap between Shaz and I."

Dave stared hard at his daughter. "Really." he said unconvinced. "You know I'm
not happy when you girls swear."

Both girls looked at each other. This wasn't going to be good.

"Sharon, go and get the toilet brush." _______________________________

"Typical boys!" said Cindy.

Both Bob and her Dad looked up from playing poker. Bob's mouth dropped open
while Paul grinned from ear to ear.

"Darling, you look fantastic." he cooed.

Cindy smiled and did a quick spin to show off some more. Bob smiled and gestured
with a thumb-up.

"I agree with your Dad Cin, you look beautiful."

Cindy bounced over to her Dad and kissed him on the cheek. He hugged her back
and then she went into the kitchen to make breakfast. She overheard Bob and Paul
talking about her in the next room. Cindy felt on top of the world. She set out
to make the best breakfast ever. _______________________________

Sharon returned with the brush. She handed it to her father and then stood
beside him waiting to see what will happen next. She felt a hand on her shoulder
as Dave pushed her to stand beside Melissa.

"You too Sharon. You are an accessory to Melissa's swearing."

Sharon didn't respond. She knew better. Both girls undressed and tossed their
clothes onto the chair. Dave handed the toilet brush to Sharon.

"Here's your chance Shaz. Clean her out. I want to hear screaming and a lot of
pleading. If not, then I'll let Mel work you over for a full hour. I'll be back
in five minutes."

Sharon cringed. Melissa was much better at pain than she was. Quickly she pushed
Melissa to the floor on all fours and made her spread her legs. Mel obliged
knowing she'll have the final laugh. However she didn't know the determination
that Sharon had.

Spreading Melissa's cunt lips apart Sharon inserted the toilet brush hard and
deep. Mel jumped forward from the sharp stabbing pain and screamed into her
hands. Immediately Sharon rubbed the bristles of the brush against Melissa's
vaginal wall. Tears rolled down Mel's cheeks as she tried her damndest not to

Sharon twisted the brush around and pushed in at the same time. Melissa let out
an long groan but still she didn't scream. She did gasp when Shaz ripped out the
brush and then proceeded to shove it up Mel's tight little ass. It was difficult
at first and despite the brush's edge tearing into the skin around Mel's asshole
Melissa didn't say a thing. She knew she could hold on for another couple of

Then to Sharon's horror ... she broke the brush right at the base. There was no
way she could continue now. A few seconds later Dave walked back in.

Cindy no longer felt on top of the world. More likely under it. She had followed
her orders and stood naked in her bedroom. Bob had decided he liked her so much
that he felt they both could skip breakfast and proceed right to the point of
'playing' with Cindy. Cindy was starving.

Paul was too busy munching on some toast to even look up from the newspaper.
Cindy waited for Bob's next order. Instead he seemed content to stare at her
near-perfect body. She looked at him when he spoke.

"Okay, what can I punish you with?"

Cindy was slightly confused. However her training at Hackmoore's quickly kicked
in and before she even thought she pulled open one of her drawers. Inside was
rope, a knife, whips, etc. Bob ordered her to remove the rope and after a few
false-starts he managed to hog-tie her boobs and secure her wrists behind her.

Next he pushed Cindy onto the bed and proceeded to sodomize her. Cindy gritted
her teeth and moaned slightly as her dry passage was jammed full of even dryer
cock. Bob was heaving and huffing as he pushed deeper and deeper into her.

Then he withdrew. Cindy was caught surprised. Normally they came in her ass but
she carried on regardless by turning and sucking his dry cock. She hated the
smell of being ass raped as it released numerous gases from inside her. That and
having to suck a shit-stained cock as well.

After a few minutes Bob pushed Cindy away from his cock. Still he hadn't came
and Cindy desperately wanted to ask why. He patted the bed and Cindy stood up
and sat on it. She waited while Bob searched through her drawer and located what
he wanted. A surgical clamp.

Cindy signed inwardly and scooted up the bed a bit. She lay down and spread her
legs giving Bob full access to her vagina. Bob didn't need an invitation and he
lay down between her legs. It took a couple of minutes or so before he managed
to bring her clit to full erection. And without any warning he clamped it, hard.

Cindy yelped and instinctively her legs went together. They were blocked by
Bob's head and inadvertently Cindy kneed him in the temple. Bob groaned and
waited for the stars to disappear. He quickly elbowed Cindy's knees aside and
grabbed the clamp. He delighted in Cindy's screams as he pulled the clamp up,
down and to the sides. He found she'd go for long moans and pleads of mercy if
he made circular motions with her clit.

Cindy strained against her ropes. Even if she broke through them she'd still
have to let Bob torture her, but the pain was too great. Then Bob did the
unthinkable ... he yanked the clamp back hard.

Cindy screamed a blood-curdling scream and fainted. Paul was at the bedroom door
in seconds. He busted in and saw Bob sitting there smiling evilly. Paul laid him
out with one punch.

After inspecting Cindy and satisfied she was okay Paul tied up Bob and dragged
him down to the basement. He knew he'd need Dave's help to deal with the little
fuck but he could do that later.

Dave went and checked Cindy again. She had regained consciousness. She hugged
her father back and only then did she realize the semen stain on the carpet. Bob
had finally cum.

"What will happen to Bob Daddy?"

Paul stroked her hair and through gritted teeth.

"Nothing that will be traced darling." _______________________________

Sharon lay on her back in the living room. Her knees were tied and the rope was
looped around the back of her neck. Her wrists were tied to her knees. She was
essentially stuck and completely open to anything Melissa wanted to do to her.

Melissa returned from outside. Sharon envied her all dressed up in jeans and a
poplin shirt. Mel had disappeared next door to rummage through their garden.
Thankfully no one was home.

"Well my dear sister. Do I have a treat for you or what?"

Dave rolled his eyes. He could never see the point in wasting time.

"Get on with it Mel, I'm starting the clock now."

Mel smiled. She opened the sack she was holding and very carefully pulled out a
plant leaf. A cactus to be precise.

"This is what is known as the Beaver tail. Nice name eh? And just perfect for
what I have planned for you Shaz."

Dave looked at the plant and smile. He turned up the TV just so Sharon's
screaming wouldn't drown out the noise.

He had to turn it up twice more as the hour progressed.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 97 "Everybody HATES Bob"

Bob waited for the dull throb in his head to subside. He opened his eyes
a little and realised that the room was in total darkness. He took a quick
account of where he was and why. He remembered hurting Cindy and then
someone hit him from behind. Bob then noticed the ropes on his wrists and
ankles. He tried to move a little and was rewarded with a sharp pain in his
side. Possibly a bruised rib.

He waited there for what seemed like an hour. He resisted in calling out
as he didn't want his captives to accelerate their plans with him. Then
he wondered if they were coming back for him and he was simply being left
here to die from starvation.

Bob didn't like that idea. He ignored the pain in his side and rolled over
to his right. So far so good. The floor was certainly colder on this side
of his body. He wondered how long he had been there. He propped himself up
on one elbow and quickly lifted his head.

*Whack!* Bob's head bounced off the bottom of something metallic and he
resumed his unconscious state. A small bruise on the side of his temple
began to colour. Bob's last thought was, 'Idiot!'

In the kitchen Cindy lay on the table. Her father Paul had called over his
friend Dave and they were inspecting her privates. Cindy winced a couple
of times as they stroked and rubbed her sore clit.

"Doesn't look too bad Paul, probably needs a couple of days rest. Can you
hang out that long? ... I can always send Melissa over if you want?"

"Thanks Dave, I'd like that. Cindy! Get up and have a shower. You smell
like shit. Dave and I are going to have a chat with Bob."

Cindy sat up, nodded to her father and went upstairs. Only when she was out
of sight did she smile. Bob had really hurt her and she was glad to be
getting some revenge.

Paul unlocked and opened the basement door. Both men went down and Paul
turned on all the lights in the room from the main switch. The yelp of
pain alerted the men to where Bob lay. Paul went over to the cabinet and
pulled out a syringe and was rummaging through a drawer while Dave ventured
over to their captive.

"Evening .. Bob is it? Okay Bob. This is what happened. You've been invited
into Paul's home and it's not even your second day and you've really hurt
his daughter. Now Bob, I think you can imagine we're none too happy about
this. I'll ease your mind at the fact we haven't decided whether to kill you
or not. So instead we're just going to do some stuff to you. If you survive,
good. If not, no big loss from what I hear."

Bob wasn't listening. He was too busy blinking his eyes furiously to adjust
them to the bright light. He tried to focus on Dave but his eyes were just
too watery. He felt someone grab his shoulders and helped him to sit up.

"Water." mumbled Bob.

Paul held up the syringe. Dave smiled.

"Sure Bob, open your mouth and keep it open. It might hurt a bit."

Bob opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. It was dry as a bone. Dave
held Bob's tongue while Paul inserted the needle into the back of Bob's
tongue. Bob was too out of it to even notice. Paul injected all of the
contents of the syringe into Bob's tongue. Dave released the tongue and
a few seconds later Bob started gagging and thrashing about in pain.

Dave looked to Paul. "Was that all of the Bee-Sting poison?"

Paul shook his head, "Not yet, if he survives this I'm going to let Cindy
inject this fuckers cock with the last of it."

Both men watched as Bob continued to thrash about on the floor.

Ivy seethed at her step-daughter. Jenny just smiled. She twisted the whip
handle inside Ivy's mangled and bloody cunt again. Ivy yelped and sobbed.
Jenny had Ivy's blood on her hands so she wiped it across Ivy's face.

"How are we doing Mummy?" asked Jenny.

Ivy glared at her. She knew she only had a couple of days before she was
shipped off to the slave auctions and that Jenny was going to do her best
to break her spirit before then. The voice in the back of Ivy's head said
Jenny wasn't far off either.

Ivy was tied to the wall in an X formation. Her hands were bound up above
her head and she could no longer feel her fingers. Her skin felt brittle
and dry. Ivy had hoped her ex-husband John would come in and see her in her
condition. Yesterday he had, and the fucker hadn't said a bloody word.
In fact, he smiled.

Jenny motioned for the porters to put a spreader bar on Ivy's ankles. It
was then connected to a rope in the ceiling and lifted to Ivy's chest
height. The weight on Ivy's wrists was enormous. Jenny preferred Ivy this
way. The whip handle was still embedded in Ivy's cunt. The whip's tendrils
hung down between Ivy's legs.

Taking a serrated edged blade Jenny ran the tip teasingly over Ivy's bare
soles. Ivy grimaced. Jenny knew she was ticklish there. But her aim today
wasn't to tickle.

"Ready Mummy?"

Jenny didn't bother waiting. She placed the blade edge at the top of Ivy's
right foot and yanked downwards. Ivy screamed in pain. The deep gash in her
foot immediately bloodied. Jenny sliced again and again. Ivy's wrists were
bloodied from her frenzy to get away. Time and time again Jenny sliced and
dug deep into her step-mother's feet. A porter got to close to the action
and was knocked in the mouth by the spreader bar. Jenny responded to the
action by removing both Ivy's little toes.

Jenny moved to Ivy's side and jabbed upwards into Ivy's buttocks with the
knife. Ivy yelled in pain. Jenny kept up her stabbing for a good five
minutes. Jenny was intent on breaking her, before the slave auction.

John was busy himself with Priest, one of his oldest staff members. Priest
had betrayed John's trust and was unfortunately caught. John had been
torturing the old monk for over a month. Even John had to admit Priest was
a tough old bugger however a few days earlier John had made a decision and
that was Priest wouldn't see the end of the week.

Priest had to agree with him, anymore of this boredom and he would happily
'off' himself.

"Come on Johnny-boy." hissed Priest. "Give me your best. I haven't felt a
thing for weeks."

John ignored him and stoked the fire in which the branding irons were
heating up. John knew full well that Priest would close his mind to ignore
the pain. A fact that didn't irritate John in the least. He never had an
opponent who lasted so long. It was intriguing.

Hot flecks of coal swarm around the air over the fire. The branding irons
wouldn't be too far away. He walked over to Priest.

"Last time Priest. What did you tell your Order when you gave them the key
to the building?"

Priest rolled his head over to look at John, and smiled. John looked at the
Monk's toothy grin. Last week John had pulled out every second tooth. Priest
didn't even whimper. Not even when he extracted both eye-teeth.

John took hold of some fishing nylon which was dangling from the ceiling.
He stretched it's end to where Priest's cock was. On the end was a nasty barbed
looking fish-hook. John signaled a porter to come over. The porter took Priest's
cock and pulled it up to the fish-hook. Priest groaned as his body was stretched
upwards. John forced the hook under the cock-head.

John looked at Priest and thought, 'Yeah, that hurt didn't it.' Dribble rolled
down Priest's lips and onto his chest. It intermingled with the dried blood on
a cut on Priest's chest. John removed one of the branding irons from the fire.
It glowed menacingly.

"Last chance?" he offered.

Priest stared right through him with hatred in his eyes. John sighed and
placed the iron on top of Priest's cock. Immediately the skin sizzled and
burnt the pubic hair. Priest closed his eyes and hissed. The iron was already
burning away at his flesh. John didn't force it downwards, he just let the
iron do it's work. The smell of cooked meat filled the area and to Priest's
credit, he didn't scream.

John watched and waited. The iron was half-way through. The cock would no
longer be of any use now. The heat burnt the blood vessels and ripped through
the nerves. Yet Priest hadn't said a word. His whole body was taunt with
pain as he was stretched forward at a gross angle.

John knew Priest was in agony and was probably insane by now. Finally the
iron tore through the last of the cock-meat and Priest's penis swung away
dangling from the fishing wire. John lifted the branding iron and touched
it to one of Priest's nipples. There wasn't any response.

John knew Priest was now dead.

He turned to the porter, "Remove the heart and cut off the head. Send it
to his order. I'm sure the head-monk would like it for dinner. John threw
the iron onto the ground where it made a large clanging noise.

He was very angry.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 98 "Ivy and Priest's reunion"

"On the bed, spread your legs and lift your ass." commanded her father.

Cindy lay on her back and lifted her butt off the bed. Her legs were
spread wide ready to show off her cunt and ass for inspection. She placed
her hands underneath her ass to hold herself in position. Her forearms
shook slightly from the weight. Her muscles stood out from her arms as
they held her ass up for her father and their neighbor. Cindy was good
at being a slave and having sore muscles was only part of the deal.

Dave looked over to Paul, "Her cunt is probably still tender, but you
can use her ass."

Paul's brow wrinkled, "I suppose. Tell ya what. Can I borrow Melissa
and your fucking machine and we'll setup the biggest ass fucking that
Cindy's ever had."

Dave smiled, "Yeah okay."

Cindy kept her eyes closed, and hoped it wasn't as bad as it sounded.

Ivy went rigid with shock as sparks crackled up from the wires and
earthed themselves all over her body. She had been subjected to this
for hours. She no longer had the energy to scream. All she could hope
for was the pain to push her into unconsciousness. However Jenny wasn't
going to let that happen, not by a long shot.

A crackling current coursed up her arms and earthed itself on her burnt
breasts. Ivy's face was pure pain and anguish. She mouthed wordlessly
for the pain to stop. A few seconds later it did. But only for Jenny
to remove the wired alligator clips.

"Well Mummy. Tomorrow you go to the auction. I hope you don't mind me
playing with you till then. John have given me permission to do anything
I like with you."

Ivy tried to ignore her daughter's words but they just seemed to echo
ever louder inside her head.

"Daddy also said he's got a surprise for you later. Won't that be nice?"

Ivy didn't respond. Jenny didn't care. She took the pain-rod handed to
her by the porter and pointed the tip half an inch from Ivy's tit, then
pressed the button. Ivy's body shook in violent throws. Her teeth clattered
together and blood dribbled from her mouth. Jenny stopped. She didn't
want Ivy unconscious or dead. Not yet anyway.

Cindy, Dave and Paul entered into the lounge. Melissa had just plugged
in Dave's fucking machine. It looked like a half barrel with metal prongs
on top. The attachment of dildos ranged from small to extra extra large.
They also had different uses. Some could spin and jut out spikes at random
intervals. Others could heat up to extreme heat or blistering cold. Some
extended over a period of time to force more and more dildo into which
ever orifice was in use. Dave was very proud of this machine.

Melissa waited holding the bag of dildo attachments. She opened it up and
presented it to Dave. He looked in and picked out the one he liked. It's
name was Eric the mighty. It was a large blue silvery dildo about 10 inches
that sent out electric shocks at random. Melissa totally hated it. Dave
mounted it onto the barrel and then selected another smaller dildo. It
was 5 inches and made of thick hard rubber. Dave mounted that on the fucking
machine also. He flicked the switch and the prongs on the machine gyrated.
Cindy watched and heard the sparks of electricity on the silver dildo.
She knew this wasn't going to be good.

Dave ordered both the girls to remove their clothing. Paul cuffed their
arms and elbows together then put their arms into a black sheath so they
couldn't hold onto anything. The sheath was tied tightly and secured the
girls arms. There was some rope on the end so it could be tied to the ring
in the fucking machine. This ensured the girls couldn't simply get off
whenever they felt like it.

"What?" said Cindy. She had been staring at the machine and didn't hear
anything her father had said.

"I said, do you want to try it first or watch Melissa?" asked Paul.

"um .. can I watch?"

Dave smiled and moved Melissa to stand over the barrel. She lowered herself
down and Dave position the dildos at her entrances. He put his hands on her
shoulders and pushed her down. Melissa's face was pure pain. Dave forced
Melissa down more and more until he was satisfied and tied her arm-sheath
to the ring on the barrel. Tears rolled down Melissa's face. Dave quickly
tied the straps on the barrel around Melissa's ankles and upper-calfs.
She wasn't going anywhere.

Paul sat down while Cindy knelt on the floor beside him. Dave flicked the
switch and took a seat beside Paul. The machine kicked in and the forward
dildo pushed itself upwards deep into Melissa's cunt. Melissa gave out a
long low groan. The dildo then retracted and pushed the one at the entrance
to her anus. Again she groaned in a mixture of pleasurable penetration
and forced entry.

Cindy watched on fascinated and slightly scared. Melissa was on the machine
for a couple of minutes before Dave turned a knob to speed up the processes.
Melissa made new noises as the machine's speed increased. She had cum at
least five times that Cindy was aware of. Mel's body shook from the overload
of emotions and hormones surging through her body. Ten minutes later Melissa
was quietly mumbling and not responding to the shocks. Dave turned off the
machine and helped her off. She was led to an area of the lounge where she
lay down and fell into a deep sleep. She was exhausted.

Cindy stood up. It was her turn. Dave took off the rear thick black dildo
and replaced it with the forward silver one. Cindy watched him and doubt
entered her mind. Melissa had been rendered unconscious from the dildo in
her cunt, let alone it in her ass.

Dave switched off the forward prong and pushed it into the machine's case.
He held out his hand and Cindy stepped forward. He positioned her over the
barrel and she lowered herself onto the dildo. It was very thick. Thankfully
Melissa's cunt juices were all over it so it slipped the first inch in easily.
She felt Dave's hands on her shoulders and tried to relax as he pushed her

The dildo was huge. The monster felt like it was splitting her in two. Dave
continued to push down as Cindy cried for mercy and relief. Paul watched on
excitedly. His cock was a raging hard on. Cindy finally felt her knees
touch the floor. Dave quickly strapped her lower legs onto the barrel and
tied her arm-sheath to the ring.

"Buddy, I'm going to set the dildo to not shock Cindy for at least two
minutes. It'll give her time to get use to the fucker."

Paul nodded. He was unzipping his pants and stroking his cock. Cindy felt
ready to give anything to be off this damn machine and sucking cock. Already
the dildo felt like it was fully inside her. Cindy stared in horror as Dave
flicked the on switch. The dildo pushed in deeper and Cindy let out a loud
long moan. The tip of the dildo went deep into her. Deeper than anything
she'd ever had before. Thankfully it didn't go any further and retracted.
Cindy rode the dildo for a while and simply contented herself to moan when
it entered. Unfortunately Melissa's lubrication of the dildo was starting
to dry up. Dry silver rubbed against Cindy's flesh. It was getting warm.

Then the first shock came. It caught Cindy totally by surprise. She yelped
and gyrated on the fucking machine. When she thought it had stopped it zapped
her with another one. Dave and Paul laughed. Cindy shook as her body tried
to forced the dildo out without success.

Cindy then felt a hand on her chin and opened her eyes to see her father
presenting his cock. She opened her mouth and allowed him to slide in it.
She gave him head in rhythm to the fucking machine. Paul loved it. He was
almost near orgasm when the fucking machine sent another shock.

Paul cumed all over Cindy and her chest. He loved it.

Ivy was jolted to consciousness by a sharp slap across her face. In the few
seconds she woke up she wondered what her daily schedule as teacher would
be today. Then she remembered. She was being tortured before going to the
slave auction.

She opened her eyes and saw John. All the pain and agony came flooding
back to her. She looked at her body. It was bruised and battered. Stinging
red welts burned away on most of her body. She also noticed that her body
have been moved into a new position while she was unconscious.

There was a spreader bar across her knees and her ankles had been cuffed
and roped to the ceiling. Her wrists were cuffed together and her arms had
been looped in under the spreader bar. Her wrist-cuffs were also connected
to ropes in the ceiling. She was about four feet off the ground and worse,
her genitals were completely exposed for all to see, and do.

Her eyes pleaded with John. And to her horror he smiled and held something
up to her face.

It was a severed penis.

"You like Ivy? ... I hope so as this is all that's left of your lover, the
great Priest. And since we all know that you couldn't bear to be away from
your lover, I'm going to put this deep into your cunt and leave it there
to stay. Forever."

Ivy watched as John inserted a small vibrating dildo into the Priest's
severed cock. He pressed the button on a remote and it vibrated away. It
was a strong vibration and it certainly could bring even the most frigid
woman to orgasm.

John grabbed Ivy's hair and pulled her head back sharply. She gasped and
John proceeded to force the severed cock in between her teeth. Ivy yelped
at the pain and tried to spit the cock out. It tasted cold and fowl. John
held it there while Ivy pushed it out with her tongue. Both John and Jenny
laughed. John then extracted the cock and dropped it into a bucket of
what appeared to be sand. Ivy knew that this wasn't sand but ground up
glass. It was itching powder.

Jenny parted Ivy's vagina lips and John inserted the lifeless cock into
her crack. It took a good ten minutes of forcing it deep into her vagina
passage. The sand rubbed and burned against Ivy's vaginal walls. She
hissed and moaned with each movement and push. Finally both John and
Jenny were satisfied that the cock's tip was touching the entrance to
Ivy's womb. Jenny laughed and pointed out the big bulge it made in Ivy's
belly. Ivy stared in absolute hatred of her step-daughter.

John then nodded to Jenny and Jenny went over to the cupboard. She took
out a long thin wire, needle and small stool. Placing the stool in front
of Ivy's pussy, Jenny proceeded to sew Ivy's cunt lips together. John
coated Ivy's inner vaginal walls and lips with superglue and then forced
a small tube into Ivy's urethra so she could piss. After a few minutes
Ivy's cunt was sewn completely shut never to be opened again.

"Don't worry Mommy, it's stainless steel so it won't rust." teased Jenny.

John told Ivy what he had planned. The vibrator in her lover's penis had
a special battery. He had paid a lot of money for it because it would
last for over sixty years at least. John then proceeded to show Ivy the
remote control. He pointed out that the frequency of the remote was in a
range that normal devices couldn't reach. With that he pressed the button
on the remote and the vibrator activated.

A strong mixture of pain and agony coupled with the build up of an orgasm
forced Ivy to shake her body about. She couldn't laugh or cry. Her body
was now under control of the vibe. Ivy knew she would have orgasm after
orgasm until the remote was turned off.

She screamed when John smashed the remote into pieces.

Jenny got her wish. Ivy's spirit was finally broken.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 99 "Slave Auction - Part I"

A beautiful white limo pulled into the driveway of a large building. There
weren't any signs out on display to inform the general public what was happening
at the show. John watched the scenery pass by while Phoebe's head bobbed up and
down sucking his cock.

Following closely behind was a large white truck. Slowly it pulled into the
driveway and came up behind the limo. The powerful engine idled for a few
minutes and then once the driver had his instructions to go around the back it
took off with a roar. John watched it go past from the comfort of the limo.

A few minutes later he was walking into the showrooms. He walked around a fake
wall that covered the front of the entrance way and saw the big sign above him.
It read, "Depravity Expo." He looked around for the show's

There it was. The sign's pole had a large dildo attachment on the end which
appeared to be deep inside a male slave. The slave was bent over forwards with
his legs straight chained to a metal ring in the wall. He was also gagged.
Beside him was a small riding crop. Presumably this was for the clients use.
John ignored it and scanned the directory for the location of his stall. He had
sent Jenny on ahead a few hours earlier to setup the display.

He walked passed the stalls towards his one. Phoebe followed closely behind.
There were a number of female slaves serving as waitresses. Their arms were tied
behind there backs but a serving tray was connected to their belts and the ends
were wired to the girls' nipples. Hanging from the waitresses belts were more
riding crops. Again for the use of the public.

Phoebe noticed a couple of male slaves as well. They were used more for carrying
champagne bottles, most connected to their cocks. Some had the bottles rammed up
their anus. It was sensible to have a spare.

John spotted Jenny and walked up behind her. Jenny was cursing a waitress for
not bringing her what she wanted. Jenny was so mad she reached over and picked
up the riding crop. She swung her arm upwards and felt something snag around her
wrist. Looking over her shoulder Jenny relaxed her arm.

"Hello Father."

John nodded, "Jenny. What are you doing?"

"You know how it is father. Some slaves just don't fucking get it."

"One strike only, we haven't got time to play." ... and John released his grip.

Jenny swing downwards hard and true. The waitress yelped as the crop dug deep
into her breast. Jenny put the crop back onto the waitress's belt and told her
to get lost. Then she turned to her father. John was eyeing over the display. He
had to admit, Jenny had done well.

The rules for displays were:

1. Only two slaves on display at any one time.
2. No blood or fluid to be thrown or leaked into the passage-way. 3. An
attendant was to be present and to follow any request (apart from death or
permanent mutilation) on the display unless agreed by the slave-owner.

One of the slaves was hanging from the ceiling with her legs separated over a
string of barbed wire. It was cruelly rubbing against her cunt and asshole. To
force her onto the barbed wire her feet were tied back to the stand holding the
wire. Beside her a brazier full of hot coals was heating up various torture
equipment. One of the school's porters was standing their bare-chested and ready
to do the publics' bidding.

"Whip her a few times just to get her warmed up." ordered John.

John and Jenny ignored the yelps from the slave and walked over to the second
slave. She was inside a plastic box. On both sides of the box were urinals in
which the outlets were piped deep into the slave's mouth and ass. A foot-pedal
beneath both urinals were connected to the slave's tits and cunt-lips. John
stomped on the pedal and the slave screamed into the pipe.

"Not bad but it's a little static." said John.

"Well, we haven't released the insects and spiders yet."

"She doesn't like bugs?"

"Scared to death. With a few spiders running all over here body I'm sure she'll
put on a good display. We've coated her body with honey and poisons. The poisons
won't kill the insects but it will make the them fucking pissed off, and they'll
want to sting or bite anything within reach. We've got four more candidates if
this girl chokes or dies."

"Good. I'm going to do a wander. Make sure the slaves are okay for the auction."

Jenny watched John walk off down the aisle with Phoebe close behind.


Jenny walked out through the side-door and banged on the side of the truck. It
was a signal to the truck-driver to flick the door release switch. But nothing

"HEY!" yelled Jenny, "OPEN THE DOOR!"

A few seconds later the driver's door opened and the driver got out. A fat
balding man who tended to breath heavily with any form of exertion.

"Sorry miss. I've been hearing banging all the way from the school. But I
remember the boss's orders, don't stop for nothing."

He was about to release the door handle when Jenny stopped him. She pulled him a
few feet away from the truck and whispered.

"How can there be any banging if they've been hog-tied?"

The both stared at the truck.

"I think we have an escapee. I'll get John. Wait here."

The driver watched Jenny run into the building and after a few minutes she
returned with John. He didn't look happy.

"Was there anything inside the truck that could be used as a weapon?"

Both Jenny and the driver shook their heads. John didn't like this, not one bit.

"I'll be back in a minute. Don't open those doors!"

Jenny crept over to the truck and tried to listen. She could here muffled
talking but couldn't make out any words. A few minutes later John arrived back
and was carrying a small cylinder in his hand. He climbed up onto the truck and
opened the access panel. He flicked the cylinder release and dropped it into the
truck and closed the panel.

He jumped down and the banging to the side of the truck increased. After a
minute it had died off. John continued waiting about three minutes. He then
motioned the driver over and he released the door handle. Jenny rose an
inquiring eyebrow at him and motioned at the truck with her head.

"Laughing gas. Try not to breath it in."

The doors were pulled open and three of the slaves were lying on the floor in a
daze. John climbed into the truck and grabbed two of them. He quickly chained
them down and locked the padlocks. The third had managed to get to her feet and
seeing John, rushed at him. John turned around and back-handed her across the
face. She fell hard and didn't move. John looked over at Jenny.

"Take care of them."

Jenny watched John jump off the truck and leave. She turned and looked over the
slaves. The ones still tied up had neck locks around their necks. Their wrists
were cuffed to their neck collars. Each collar was connected to the one beside
them to make transportation easier. The slaves (girls and boys) had an anal
dildo up their ass which would give them small electric shocks. For no other
reason than to be uncomfortable.

With the help of the driver she re-tied the three girls and re-connected their
lock-collars. Half an hour later the slaves were marched out of the truck
towards the holding arena. Jenny had scouted the area beforehand and knew where
their holding pen was. She led the slaves into the pen and clipped each of their
neck-collars to a chain in the wall.

By the time Jenny returned to her stall the building was getting crowded.


John continued to look at the displays. He smiled and even laughed at some of
them. There was one stall that was about twenty meters long. The girl was tied
to a large bull-eyes. The public were welcomed to shoot arrows at the helpless
slave. Already there were three arrows piercing her arm and legs. The winner who
shot her in the tits or cunt received a prize. On the ground to the right of the
bulls-eye was a dead slave with an arrow sticking out of his chest.

Another display had every type of known whip for spanking slaves. Two slaves
were tied over a barrel and their asses were already very red. John picked up a
nice thorn covered crop and swish it a few times.

"That's a very popular model Sir. Would you like to try it out?"

John looked over at who had engaged him in conversation and it was one of the
slaves on the barrel. Disgusted, John dropped the crop onto the floor and walked
away. Letting a slave sell products. He took a mental note of the manufacturer
so he could boycott them later.

He looked at his watch. Another couple of hours before the auction. He breathed
out heavily and looked around for ways to pass the time.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 100 "Slave Auction - Part II"

John and Jenny sat down at a small cafe. They both watched and listened to small
comments made by the passing customers. Some even had fun bags full of small
whips, ointments and spiky objects. They ignored the screams of pain and shouts
of mercy from the displays and continued to drink their coffees.

"Expect a good deal at the auction?"

John nodded.

"Even for Ivy?"

John stared and growled at her, "You know I should have you whipped for second
guessing me."

Jenny however stared back and returned the growl, "I'm no fucking slave anymore
father. I'm a teacher."

"Don't get your knickers in a knot girl. I don't expect to get a lot for your
step-mother. She's not much use as a slave with a blocked cunt hole and no one
is going to fuck-face her. Not with those teeth. If some art lover doesn't buy
her for their display then I'll dropped her off for the meat-lovers."

Jenny cringed. She always hated the idea of cannibalism but it was a secret
market that was doing very well. They were always on the look out for human
cattle as long as it wasn't diseased.

John looked at his watch again and stood up.

"Auction's on in an hour. Might check out the Bitchez room. Coming?"

The Bitchez Company was only three years old but with the backing of a
billionaire in Japan, it was certainly flourishing. Initially they brought
slaves from the school but as they got bigger they developed their own school
for slaves. John felt the company was moving too fast too quickly. Their slaves
weren't very well trained and it was more of a production line. The market
enjoyed the cheap slaves but were realizing that the training wasn't near as
good as the school. However this didn't stop John was enjoying their free

John walked into the Bitchez room like he owned it. Jenny followed to his side
and behind them Phoebe was staring wide-eyed at the displays. Bitchez paid extra
to have a room to themselves and as many displays as they desired. In the middle
of the room was a large table covered in whips, knifes and other equipment.
Along the walls were a number of pillars spaced about three meters apart. The
mid-section of each pillar rotated slowly showing all three slaves. A kill
switch was available to stop the rotation.

John and Jenny walked over to the desk and view the selection. Jenny picked up
an electric hot poker while John took a stiff strand of razor barbed wire. They
selected a free pillar and checked out the slaves. Two females and a male. Jenny
took the hair of the male slave and pulled his head back. Like the rest of the
slaves, he was gagged. She saw the pleading in his eyes. Then she proceeded to
score her name into his chest with the hot poker.

John checked out the girls. There was a blonde and a brunette. The blonde looked
like she had been whipped previously. John took the barbed wire and rubbed it
down the front of the brunette's body. The pain was obvious on her face as he
rubbed the spikes along her breasts and nipples. John unwound the wire and
slipped it in behind the girl's back. He pulled it towards him pulling from left
to right and back again. This tore into the girl's fleshy back and ass. She
tried to buck forward but she was tied down well.

Jenny had finished her artwork. Tears streamed down the slave's face but she
wasn't finished yet. Jenny went back to the table and discarded the poker. She
picked up a spiky anal intruder, a small nail, a couple of nipple rings and some
chain. Returning to her slave she slapped him a few times to make sure he was
awake. Then she took his right nipple and pushed the nail through it. The slave
groaned in protest. Jenny slipped the nipple ring through the hole and did the
same to his other nipple.

She then link the chain through the rings to the dildo and with the help of the
Bitchez attendant who lifted the slave's legs up above the slave's head, she
inserted the dildo. It took a minute or two of pushing but the blood was a good

Jenny again stood back to look at her work. She inhaled the aroma of burnt flesh
and was happy. Her slave had a huge erection. Jenny took hold of the slave's
cock and cruelly pulled and twisted it. The slave groaned in agony as his
torturer jammed the nail into the side of his cock and after a number of
twisting motions, managed to push it through to the other side.

Jenny looked around to see if her father was looking but he was busying
ass-fucking the brunette. Each time John fucked into the Brunette she would
knock her head into the pillar. After John unloaded with a wad of cum he used
the girl's hair to clean himself off.

A quick look at John's watch and the trio left for the auction.

As John and Jenny wandered towards the auction area they were distracted by a
small crowd surrounding a display. John elbowed his way to the front and was
rewarded with an impressive display of pure sadism. The main part of it was a
large collection of personalized branding irons. It seemed to Jenny they had
every imaginable iron available. Beside a brazier of very hot coals was a slave
who was covered in a number of brandings. Customers could see first hand how the
brand would turn out. On the right swinging like bats in a cave were five other
slaves who had previously been branded. Only one was awake while the rest were
still unconscious.

John turned to Phoebe and caught her arm. He dragged her with him into the
display area. The attendant walked over to John and asked where the brand was to
go. John indicated Phoebe's cunt and with a nod from the attendant John held
Phoebe down as the she was tied her down.

After a minute or so of struggling Phoebe decided to accept her fate. John
looked over the iron attachments and chose one. The attendant showed the
branding that would appear on the demonstration slave. John was happy with his
choice so the attendant quickly attached it to an iron rod and shoved it into
the coals.

"This will only take a couple of minutes Sir, would you like me to beat your
slave until it's ready?"

To Phoebe's horror John nodded. The attendant pulled out a long wide length of
leather, dipped it into a bucket that had a mixture of salt-water and vinegar,
then folded it in two. He spent the better part of two minutes whacking every
single available spot on Phoebe's tortured body. Broken blood vessels showed up
all over Phoebe's torso. She would be sporting a large amount of bruises over
the next day to two. Phoebe screamed for mercy and help but the crowd just
shouted and cheered the attendant on.

The attendant then took a few seconds to catch his breath and stoked the coals.
Small flecks of burning coal floated around him. He pulled out the rod that
glowed a bright red and asked John to indicate where exactly he wanted the
impression. John touched the top of Phoebe's mound. The attendant aimed and
pushed the branding iron directly onto the spot.

For a sweet moment Phoebe didn't feel anything, then all of a sudden her nerves
kicked into gear and lined up to complain to her brain. Phoebe screamed and even
though the iron was only touching her for a couple of seconds the after-pain
made her faint dead away. The smell of singed pubic hair and burnt skin wafted
through the air. Both John and Jenny inhaled it in and enjoyed the aroma.

The attendant informed John that he'd hang Phoebe up with the rest of the slaves
and she should be awake by the time he returned from the auction. John and Jenny
watched Phoebe being hoisted towards the ceiling. She seemed so calm and
peaceful, especially with "Fuck-Toy!" branded on her pelvis.

The watched her for a few seconds then left for the auction.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 101 "Slave Auction - Part III"

The vibrator inside Ivy's cunt continued to hum. She felt totally drained. She
no longer tried to fight it. It would eventually over power her and she'd cum
long and hard. Like an insatiable itch that she couldn't scratch, she could feel
her body hormones and fluids mounting another attack on her body.

Her arms ached too. She had been inside the pen with a dozen more slaves ready
for selling or the meat farm. She didn't like the idea of being eaten but if it
would cease her forced orgasms, then she'd happily submit. None of the other
slaves spoke, not with the gags in their mouths.

They watched, waited, and silently prayed. _______________________________

John and Jenny walked out into the fresh air. They looked around for a brief
moment and then proceeded to John's box. The auction area consisted of a large
stage with the spectators, camera men and bidders on the ground. John had one of
the special boxes to the side which was covered although the sun wasn't
especially hot today.

Jenny had heard stories about the auctions, it was her first time to one. She
noted that there were two stairways on either side. In the middle was a large
hole and what appeared to be a metal bin. Behind the hole was a metal box with
cuffs and chains. On top was a dildo. Probably to keep the slave upright.

Jenny and John sat down and watched for a bit.

"Father, how does this all work?"

"Easy, the slave is brought up onto the stage and paraded around. The slave sits
on the box. Then the bidding starts. Right before the bid the Flesh Farm rep
calls out the base price. This price is what the farm will pay for the slave if
it's not sold."

Jenny nodded, "Okay, whats with the hole."

"If no one wants the slave then the auctioneer presses the foot pedal. The dildo
opens somehow trapping the slave and a steel spike shoots up through the slave's
body. It kills them instantly cos the spike is long and generally passes through
their brain. But if you're lucky enough the slave will move and it will exit
through their chest or back. The spike is then released while it's inside the
slave and the auctioneer will push them into the bin in the hole. Another spike
is loaded and the next slave comes out."

Jenny, along with many other people, started to get excited.

Like before most events the stage was generally quiet, but out the back things
were crazy. People running back and forth. Slaves being lined up and in some
cases beaten. The computer had randomly selected the order for the slaves to
come out and after half an hour of pure drama, the slaves were all lined up
ready to go. Attendants busied themselves checking the slaves' wrists to make
sure they were still handcuffed.

The auction organizer walked up and down telling them that they will get more
money if they smile and put on a good show. No one told them what happened if
you weren't sold but it wouldn't take long for news like that to spread around.
Ivy knew but was still gagged.

Finally the moment was at hand, the auctioneer spread his arms.

"Ladies and gentlemen, and all you sadistic sons of bitches. Welcome to the
slave auctions. Unlike my predecessors I'm not into long speeches and as we've
got over 113 slaves to get through this afternoon, I say lets all get started."

He then shouted out, "Lot 74." The first slave was taken up to the stage. John
read through his inventory sheet to the slave's particulars. Jenny preferred to
watch the action on stage.

The slave was about 23. She was a petite red-head. Small tits but had a great
looking ass. She was nervous as hell and needed to be walked around by an
attendant. After thirty seconds of parading the redhead was presented the box.
The slave backed away. A second attendant came over and took her other arm.
Together they forced her onto the dildo. The redhead screamed for mercy as the
dildo entered her but was totally ignored. Her thighs were cuffed to the side of
the box.

A few seconds later a young man walked up the stairs. He had a clipboard and a
pen. All eyes were on him as he took a chair in the shade. Jenny figured he was
from the flesh farm.


Jenny looked over. John had a strange grin on his face.

"Do you know him father?" inquired Jenny.

"Ssshhh, bidding is about to start."

The man John recognized as Roberts looked at his clipboard and found the
appropriate lot number. He looked over to the auctioneer.

"$80!" he shouted.

There was a mumble through the crowd.

"Figures." said John, "The flesh farms are bidding low this year."

The auctioneer nodded and called out the bid.

"I have eighty dollars as the reserve, any bidders?"

"$81" came a shout. Most people laughed. The red-head didn't, she was staring
into the bin in front of her. She had just worked out what all the dried red
stains on the side of the bin were.

"225!" ... "230" ... "45" ... "250" ... "251" ... "255" ... "260" ... "261" ...

Then the bidding stopped. The auctioneer asked for anymore bids and got none.
"Sold to number 12 for $275. Next item please."

The red-head released from the box and taken down the other stairway. The
attendant marked a number 12 on her stomach with a black pen and put her into a
cage waiting for pick-up.

Over the next twenty minutes eight more slaves came and went. Then a woman in
her late 30s walked out. She had big tits but they hung down past her waist. Her
vagina lips were already sticking out from overuse. She was paraded briefly then
sat down on the dildo. It wasn't hard for the woman to sit on the dildo, it slid
in very easily. Too easily.

John leaned over to Jenny. "She's got a cunt the size of my fist. No one will
want her. You'll see the spike in action now."

Roberts called out a reserve price of $30 dollars. Some of the audience in the
crowd laughed. To everyone's expectations no one offered any bids. The woman sat
there in silence.

"No bids ladies and gentlemen?! Okay." said the auctioneer. He then pressed the
foot pedal. The woman moaned as the dildo opened up inside her. Then without any
warning a long metal spike appeared out the top of the woman's forehead. Jenny
jumped at the sound of metal shooting out. Even some of the crowd had jumped,
but joined in with the clapping and cheered afterwards.

The auctioneer pressed the foot pedal again and a loud click could be heard. The
woman fell forwards into the bin without any assistance. As she fell in Jenny
could see about thirty centimeters of the spike sticking out from the woman's
cunt. Around the dildo was a small puddle of urine.

Over the next couple of hours more and more slaves were spiked. The crowd
cheered harder than ever.

"Lot number 9." called out the auctioneer and a male slave came out. Generally
at auctions males were rare and ignore. Especially this one as he was very fat.
He was paraded for a few seconds and then went to the box. The auctioneer
pressed a button and the dildo split in two and opened up. Everyone could just
see the tip of the spike. The male slave was told to squat down. When it was
judged that the male's cock and testicles were low enough the auctioneer pressed
the button again. The dildo slammed shut catching most of the slave's cock and

The fat slave grunted and nearly fell over. He was totally immobile on the box.
With great effort he was told to move his thighs into position and finally he
was strapped in and the auction started. Tears streamed down the slave's face.

Roberts bid only $10. No one even considered it. The auctioneer pressed the
foot-pedal and dildo released the slave. As the slave gave a sigh of reliet he
tried to stand up. But the spike beat him to it. It shot out and entered his
body. It happened so fast that it took a couple of seconds before the slave
realized he was stuck. The tip exited through the slave's neck. The slave fell
forward into the bin.

As more and more slaves came the dildo became covered in shit and crap. The
auctioneer looked at the dildo in disgust and waved to one of his attendants to
get the next slave. A few seconds later Ivy appeared.

She was paraded for over two minutes. The crowd couldn't believe her cunt was
sewn up. Jenny turned to speak with John but he wasn't there. He had left her in
the box by herself. As she looked around for him she heard his voice. Not nearby
but from the stage.

John stood beside the auctioneer. The crowd cheered as everyone knew about John
and his school.

"My fellow sadists. Before you stands my ex-wife. I caught her and her lover
plotting against the school. Whomever is unlucky enough to bid for this creature
should know that inside her cunt is a nuclear vibrator. It'll last for about
sixty years. Whether it stays inside her and drives her mad is your choice. But
first something that has been annoying all of us."

John walked over and grabbed Ivy. He unclipped her gag and then back-handed her.
She fell to the stage. He dragged her over to the shit and urine stained dildo
and forced her face onto it. John had to break two of her fingers before she
would clean the dildo with her tongue. John watched her and the crowd cheered
him on. After the dildo was cleaned John re-gagged her and forced her to sit on
the box. He grind the dildo into her ass-hole. Tears rolled down Ivy's face.

Roberts called out the reserve, "$20!"


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 102 "Slave Auction - Part IV"

The crowd was silent. The only noise that could be heard were from some of the
slaves in the main hall. John looked around but no one caught his eye.

"Well?" asked John. "Doesn't anyone want her?"

Again silence, until someone from the back yelled out.

"Who'd want her, she's broken!"

John looked over at Ivy. Her face was screwed up in obvious pain as the dildo
sank deeper into her ass cruelly stretching her anus ring. She knew any second
now the spike would shoot up through her body and she'd be dead. She was hoping
it'll hurry up.

But John was having a change of heart, or at the very least, an idea.

He turned to the attendant and said "Release her."

The crowd remained quiet as Ivy stood up and John walked her down the stairs.
The Auction Manager broke the silence by calling the next slave.

Ivy was led by John until they got out to the car-park. When he judged there was
no one else around he removed her gag.

"What am I to do with you?"

Ivy remained quiet, mostly because her jaw hurt like hell. When John looked at
her in the eyes she knew she better say something.

"I dunno. But I don't want to be tortured anymore or to be served up on
someone's dinner plate. I'll do whatever it takes to go back to the school."

John thought for a while. "You really fucked me off with Priest. I don't give a
flying wank if you fucked him or not, but back-stabbing me by giving him the

Ivy sighed. "I know I screwed up bad, what can I do to make it up to you?"

John smiled, he had been hoping for this opportunity. It was just unfortunate it
took the auction to get there.

"Easy Ivy, I know Priest gave the Monks the plans for the School. I want to know
their location, entire setup and security system."

Ivy shook her head sadly, "I don't have that information."

John smiled, "I know, but you can get it." _______________________________

Cindy Winslow sat on the bottom step of her father's basement. She watched him
as he prepared for another session with her. Cindy looked over her body. The
skin was creamy, light and tight. Whatever hormones were pumped into her at the
school certainly did there work.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her father's whistling. Cindy watched him for a
bit and then continued rubbing moisturizer on her breasts and belly. The school
recommended the girls kept their skin moisturized. It helped with the healing
process. But Cindy felt it just made it more painful for the girl. But her
father's orders were orders and she continued to spread the cream on her body.

Cindy looked at Paul setting up the electricity generator. She sighed. It looked
like it was going to be one of those sessions involving a lot of pain. In credit
to her training Cindy didn't move or even think about running. She finished
rubbing herself with the cream and sat waiting for her session.

A few minutes later Cindy was tied face down onto a table. Her legs were tied to
the table legs exposing her cunt and ass. Her arms were stretched forward
tightly. She could barely move. Paul threw a sheet over her. Cindy thought it
was to keep her warm, or so she thought.

The doorbell rang and Paul went upstairs and answered the front door. Cindy
heard a lot of talking and laughing. It sounded like a large group of people had
entered the house. For a few minutes she waited, then her worse fears were
confirmed, they were coming down the stairs.

She heard cat calls and whistled as a large number of men surrounded her. She
couldn't see them through the sheet but she felt extremely humiliated as they
made lewd suggestions and tried to out-do one another.

"Okay Guys!," Cindy heard her father say. "In the cabinets over there are a
number of dildos and whatever, take whatever you want and get ready."

Cindy heard the men shuffle over to the wall and the cabinets being opened. A
lot of them laughed and yelled, "Oh yeah baby!" They got out of their clothes
and stood around Cindy massaging their cocks making them hard. Paul got their
attention again.

"Okay, beneath this sheet is my lovely daughter. Your manager has paid for six
hours. You can do anything you want to her, except kill her of course.
Gentlemen, this is Cindy!"

... and with a flourish Paul grabbed the sheet and whipped it off Cindy. Cindy's
eyes quickly adjusted to the lights. She looked up as the men looked down. She
was completely under their control. Their cocks were huge and dripping with
pre-cum. Cindy saw football jackets on the benches. They were professional
athletes, and built like brick shit-houses.

"Me first!" yelled one and stepped forward. He had a whip with a lot of leather
lashes. He reared his arm back and brought it hard down on Cindy's stretched
ass. She screamed, the men loved it. _______________________________

The white limo pulled up at the school. Jenny and John got out. The limo
continued on as the driver had his instructions. A couple of hours later it
arrived at the entrance to the monastery. Ivy got out and watched as the limo
drove off down the road.

Seeing as she had no alternative and with her vibrator still pulsing inside her
cunt, Ivy went up to the monastery door. She rang the bell and waited.

A couple of hours passed and the door opened. Ivy was ushered in. She looked
around at the two monks and asked for the head monk. They nodded, closed the
door behind her and led her to the main chamber. _______________________________

Paul sat in his lounge room reading a book and watching his satellite TV.
Occasionally he could hear faint screams and laughter from the basement but that
was easily solved by turning up the TV volume. He looked at the clock and saw
Cindy had less than five minutes to go. Paul watched some more of the cricket
and quickly recounted his money. He made a nice $6000 for six hours work.

Paul waited a couple of extra minutes then he went down into the basement. The
football team were fucked, literally. Most of them were lying on the ground
having a sleep. The two that were left standing were still playing with Cindy.
One was fucking her up the ass while the second one was giving her some forced
deep throat.

Paul waited until they both cum. They dropped Cindy to the ground where she lay
there. Her body was a shrine to gang rape and torture. As Paul walked out the
players and in one case, had to help carry him out he wondered if Cindy had
bitten off more than she could chew.

He picked the unconscious Cindy up and took her over to the table. He lay her
down gently and tied her arms and legs down. Ropes were tied around her boobs to
make them stick out. Cindy regained consciousness. Her face was bruised and
cum-stained. Her breasts and belly were covered in red welts and her cunt was
probably as raw as it had ever been. Her ass and thighs had dark blue bruising
all over it.

Paul gave Cindy a long drink of water. He knew that all she wanted to do was
sleep for the next 24 hours but he was committed to giving Cindy her daily
session, no matter how much it hurt. Even though she had been brutally gang
raped, that was only a bit of fun for the day.

He took a tit crusher and placed Cindy's breasts in it. After a bit of screwing
he had her tits in nice and tight. Cindy moaned in protest but was powerless to
do anything. He then attached electrodes to Cindy's nipples and powered up the
generator. He set it for 12 volts and checked the wiring. Then he released
Cindy's right arm from the table.

"Okay Cin, I want you to screw down your tit crusher while I play with the

Cindy screamed as the electricity ripped through her tortured breasts and spread
out across her body. After a few seconds Paul turned off the generator and went
looking for a metal dildo. He came back to see Cindy shaking on the table.

"Cindy, I won't ask you again to tighten those screws."

Cindy reached over and twisted the wing-nuts on top of her tit crusher. Her
boobs darkened to a deep red. She felt the 9 inch metal dildo being pushed deep
into her vagina. Paul watched her as she continued to twist the wing-nuts as
tears swelled up in her eyes.

Paul flicked on the generator and again Cindy twisted about and screamed. Cindy
fell back in exhaustion and sweat. She gasped for air.

They did this five more times, each time Cindy had to crushed her breasts some


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 103 "Eggs"

Ivy stood in the waiting area. She admired the statues of the monks. Most of
them depicted some cruel or sickening torture on slaves. The room was cool and
Ivy's skin was goose-bumping. After waiting about ten minutes Ivy heard
footsteps. The two monks who let her in beckoned her to follow them. Ivy did.

Even though Ivy tried she couldn't engage the Monks in conversation. They either
just smiled or simply ignored her. As they walked along passageways Ivy could
hear faint shouts of pain and mercy. The walls kept the sound to a minimum.

They finally arrived at a larger chamber. There were three Monks waiting there,
one of them was sitting on a large chair. Ivy assumed this was the leader. The
other two Monks Ivy recognized as Brother Will and Brother Peter. They stood
there with their eyes closed as if praying. She approached the leader and stood
before him.

"Honorable Leader, I have come to give you information about a Monk named

The leader looked down at Ivy. "Continue?"

"Priest is dead. He was caught trying to steal from the school. The owner deemed
him a threat and eliminated him."

Ivy waited but there was little to no reaction regarding Priest's demise.

"Guards!" ... Ivy watched as two large men came over and stood beside her.

"We'll see if you're telling the truth or not. Take her to chamber seven."

The Andrews sisters, Sharon and Melissa both squealed their mixture of agony and
pain. Both girls upper bodies were tied to two wooden poles about three meters
apart. There feet were tied together which allowed their father Dave to access
their legs, ass, thighs and backs with a meter and half long whip. Both girls
were blindfolded and had ear-plugs. A small rope was threaded between the girls'
legs to pull their asses up as high as possible.

Dave whipped them for a count of forty and then dropped the whip. He waited for
the girls to stop gasping and moaning, then removed their earplugs and

"Well girls, what do you have to say?" asked Dave.

"Thank you father." said the girls in near unison.

Dave untied the girls and ordered them into the kitchen to make breakfast. The
girls moved quickly and were in the process of making omelettes. Dave went over
to the sink and washed his hands. He dried them on a towel and dropped it to the
floor. Sharon immediately picked it up and tossed it into the laundry hamper.

Half an hour later Dave was replete. He went and sat in the lounge room while
the girls cleaned up. After ten minutes Sharon entered the lounge and knelt
before her father. She placed her hands behind her head. A minute later Melissa
arrived and assumed the same posture.

Dave continued to read the newspaper and ignored the girls.

Ivy stood naked with her back against the wall. Her arms were shacked at right
angles to her body and her ankles were also shacked at her wrists. This exposed
her cunt and ass to everyone. Gagged as she was she only started moaning when
Brother Will and Brother Peter entered the room. Will listened to the hum from
her cunt, then removed her gag.

"Okay Ivy, what happened to Priest?"

Ivy licked her dry lips. "Dead. He fucked with John. End of story."

"Where is the body?" asked Brother Peter.

"As far as I know he's been cremated. But John did leave a little present of
Priest's for you." Ivy indicated her cunt.

Brother Peter leaned down and listened to the hum. He smiled.

"That's very cute, but you do know that we'll have to have a look ourselves?"

Ivy started to get worried. "Ah boys, you don't need to do that. It's definitely
in there and .... "

Brother Peter interjected. "Shut up Ivy, this evidence is important."

Ivy's gagged was replaced and a good thing too, her screams would have burst the
eardrums of the Monks in the room. Will and Peter snipped the steel wire on
Ivy's cunt lips but the glue gave them some trouble. In the end they found that
it was best to burn it off with a small blow-torch. Ivy shrieked and moaned for
mercy but the Monks ignored her.

After twenty minutes of sheer torture and when the stench of burning flesh
finally disappeared, the Monks extracted Priest's penis. Inside still humming
was the vibrator. But the Monks weren't interested in the vibe, they checked
under the foreskin of the penis. Sure enough the tattooed markings of the Monks
Order was there.

Ivy felt a peace when the penis was removed, then she remembered that it would
explode if exposed to oxygen. She tried to warn the monks but was still gagged.
However the Monks knew of the device and quickly dumped it down a large hole. A
few seconds later there was a soft boom but neither of the Monks seemed worried.

Ivy's gag was removed. Sweat poured down her face. She looked at Will then at

"Thank you for bringing us the message that Priest is dead. However for now we
have to do some investigating and the Leader has given us orders that you are to
be treated just like a slave until those investigations are complete."

Ivy tried to say something but was gagged again. Brother Peter and Brother Will
set to work with a couple of riding crops. They whipped every part of Ivy's
body, especially her tortured and bleeding cunt hole.

"How many eggs do we have left?" asked Dave.

Sharon turned to Melissa, "Not sure Dad, about eight I guess."

Dave thought for a bit and then picked up the phone. The girls watched him dial.

"Paul! It's Dave here. How ya doing? ... Cindy? ... Ouch, poor bitch. Say, you
don't have some eggs over there do ya? ... About half a dozen? ... yeah bring
Cindy over too, see ya shortly."

A few minutes later the door bell rang and Dave walked in with Cindy in tow.
Paul handed an egg carton to Dave.

"Cool buddy. I've got me an idea. Sharon, put these to boil and return."

Sharon took the offered package and went into the kitchen. Paul told Cindy to
strip and join Melissa. Within a minute Cindy was as naked as Melissa and was
kneeling down with her hands up behind her head. A minute later Sharon returned
from the kitchen and joined them.

Paul and Dave chatted for a while about sports and swapped ideas about
punishments on their daughters. After about ten minutes Dave went into the
kitchen to check on the eggs.

"Paul! They're about ready, bring the girls in here will ya."

Paul led the girls into the kitchen. Dave went to the cupboard and got some rope
and hand-cuffs.

"Which one first?" Dave asked the girls.

The girls weren't quite ready to volunteer so Dave chose Sharon first. Dave
clicked hand-cuffs on Sharon's ankles and wrists. He made her lie back on the
table. Paul was impressed to see that there were specially made holes in the
table's metal legs for both girls. Sharon being slightly taller needed holes
closer to the floor. This stretched her body out well and exposed her genitals
for all. To cap things off Dave tied a rope around Sharon's belly and the table
to keep her secured down. Paul was even more impressed when Dave showed him that
the table ends could split in two. This allowed complete access to Sharon's

"Okay girls, this is the game. You've got six eggs each. Two will definitely go
in your cunt hole, where the other four go is up to you."

Paul walked forward and opened Sharon's cunt lips. He pulled them as far apart
as possible. Dave took a pair of tongs and fished out a hot boiling egg. He
rubbed it against Sharon's cunt lips before pushing it into her hole. Sharon's
body exploded in pain and the scream was incredible. They quickly gagged her.

"Melissa, you push the egg in."

Melissa burnt her fingers pushing the egg deeper into Sharon's passage. Sharon's
body sweated profusely. Then came the second egg. It was a few
before Sharon was able to speak properly.

"I said where do you want the next four eggs?" yelled Dave.

Sharon didn't want to respond. So Dave did, "Okay, fine. Cindy can choose."

Cindy didn't want to but she indicated Sharon's tits and asshole. Sharon's
torment only increased when a half boiled egg cracked inside her asshole. The
burning yoke flowed downwards into her rectum scolding Sharon's very sensitive
flesh as it went deeper and deeper.

Then it was Cindy's turn.


To Obey
by Fire-Bird.

Chapter 104 "Oubliette"

Ivy twisted her wrists to relieve some of the pressure on them by the cuffs. She
had been chained to the wall. Although the Monks believed her about Priest they
didn't entirely trust her. The Head Monk commanded for her to be 'restricted'
until they had a chance to discuss the situation. Ivy didn't care at that
moment. She was just glad to have the vibrator out of her cunt. She stood with
her back against the cold hard wall, and waited.

In a chamber a few rooms away the discussion was heated. The Head Monk listened
to the advice and opinions of his brothers. Many of them were against the idea
that Priest could have been killed, but when they were shown the severed penis
they quickly changed their tunes.

After half an hour of arguing, threats and broken promises the Head Monk stood
up and commanded for silence. All the brothers stopped their finger pointing and
looked to their leader.

"Brothers, we have a difficult decision here. Normally we would avenge a
brother's death by purging the murderer and his family. Unfortunately we have
two problems, one that the murder in question is an ally of ours. Two, the woman
claims that Priest's conduct was unbefitting of him as a brother. We can't in
all good consciousness agree with his behavior if what she says is true."

He paused for effect then continued.

"At this stage unless someone has any extra information I'm going to pray for
Priest's immortal soul and simply forget the matter."

There was a slight muttering amongst the brethren but everyone seemed to be in
agreement. Until one of the younger Monk's spoke up.

"Sir, if I may. There is one train of thought which we might not have
considered. Perhaps this woman has been sent here to distract us while our ally
attacks the monastery."

The Head Monk wasn't happy.

"Nonsense! I've known John for years and he wouldn't do such a thing. No, I
think this matter has gone too far already. No more shall be said. And brother,"
The Head Monk indicated the last speaker. "Since you're so fond of the woman,
you can have her placed into one of the oubliettes."

The brethren all agreed and then left for some dinner.

Five of the girls selected lined up. John looked at the girls. Their athletic
bodies would make most models green with envy. He recognized Karen and Rebecca
Thornton with Natasha in the middle. The other two were the Henderson girls, Sue
and Jane.

"Right slaves, over to the table and line up facing it. NOW!"

The girls moved quickly as John walked over to them. With the help of two of the
porters the girls were bent over the low table with their arms tied down and
pulled out in front of them. Each of their ankles was tied to their neighbor's
ankle and secured down with steel pegs. The position fully exposed their cunts
and assholes to anyone behind them. The girls looked up as John stood in front
of them.

"Morning Sluts. Today we're going to have some fun. I want to practice my
shooting and also get some good old ass caning in. In a few moments the porters
will grease your cunts and holes. But I've got something special for you all."

John removed five dildo gags. Each gag had a three inch plastic cock. However
each penis had a whistle in the cock. John lifted each girl's head and jammed
the cock into the mouths. He tied off the gag and went to the next girl.

"Right, that's that. Listen up. You are to breath through your nose and not
through the gag. When I make a shot on your body I want you to blow into the gag
making it whistle as loud as possible. If I don't hear anything then it's ten
lashes with the cane. Got that? Good."

The girls looked at each other and as one put their heads on the table. Who knew
what John would be shooting at them. A few seconds later the porters came past
and wiped the girls' asses and cunts with lube. They weren't gentle about it and
were literally pushing their fists into the girls assholes.

A few minutes went by. The girls enjoyed the sun on their backs. They were
worried about what was about to happen but until it did, were content to just
rest. Fifty meters away John was checking his air-rifle. He loaded a BB pellet
into the barrel, took aim towards the girls and fired.

The girls didn't hear or see anything. The pellet flew overhead and into the
field. John reloaded and took aim. He aimed at Natasha and fired. A second later
Natasha's whistle sounded although John thought it was more of a scream then any
actual attempt at whistling. With his aim perfect John fired close to fifty
pellets at the girls' bottoms, thighs and cunts. Each time a pellet hit the girl
responded. From the girls end it was hell. Their asses were burning up big time
and they wished for someone to rub their bottoms.

John was cocking his crossbow when TC Dante, one of John's best teachers, came
out. They joked around for a while and then had a small competition to see who
could make the girl whistle the loudest. Time after time the girls screamed into
their gags and tried to whistle but the pain was becoming too unbearable.

John shot a pellet right into Sue Henderson's asshole. Sue nearly fainted from
the pain. John sent one of the porter's down to give Sue ten lashes with the
cane for not whistling. Both TC and John counted out loud as the cane struck
Sue's ass again and again. With the competition over TC watched as John tested
his crossbow.

John and TC moved in closer as accuracy with a flying dildo isn't good over
fifteen meters. John took aim with the crossbow and shot a flying dildo at
Natasha. It bounced painfully of her right buttock. John compensated and fired
again. The dildo flew through the air like a dream and rammed itself deep into
Natasha's cunt. Natasha nearly died from the shock penetration. She didn't
whistle so John and TC counted off ten more lashes to Nat's ass.

John got considerable better at shooting the dildo and sunk then into the girl's
asses and cunts. After an hour John got tired of the game and ordered that each
girl be rewarded with ten lashes on both their backs and tits for their
partipation. _______________________________

Ivy was relieved when the Monk came over and removed her cuffs. She rubbed her
aching wrists and followed the small monk. After a few minutes Ivy couldn't bare
the silence.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

The Monk muttered, "To the kitchens."

'Thank God.' thought Ivy. 'Finally some food.'

True to his word the Monk delivered Ivy to the kitchen. Some of the female staff
busied themselves by giving Ivy dinner. Ivy didn't say no and ate and drunk
heartily. Every now and then she looked over to the Monk and beckoned him over
to share her food. But he didn't move or even react to her actions. Ivy
continued eating. She watched as the cloaked women went quickly about their
duties of preparing food.

There were a couple of slave girls there too. They were completely naked and had
all their hair from their heads and crotch shaved off. The girls followed their
orders immediately and quickly. Ivy thought she recognized some of them that she
trained at the school.

Forty minutes later Ivy was stuffed and replete. She felt like she had eaten her
own weight in food. She stood up and thanked the staff. The brother turned to
the women and said a couple of words in a language Ivy hadn't heard before. Two
of the women stopped what they were doing and walked over to Ivy. Ivy was
blindfolded, they took her hands and led her into a corridor behind the kitchen.
After a fifty meter walk they entered into a smaller chamber.

Ivy stopped as the women stopped. They released her hands but quickly told her
to leave the blindfold on. After a minute Ivy felt a rope being tied expertly
around her wrists and ankles. She heard something clicking in the background and
slowly felt her arms being raised above her head. Within a few seconds she was
lifted off the ground but it felt like there was a huge weight on her ankles to
stop her swinging.

Her blindfold was removed. Ivy waited for her eyes to adjust to the light and
looked around. The only light source was from a lantern that one of the women
had. The women put the lantern down and helped swing Ivy above a hole. It was
totally black inside. The weight on her legs was heavy and Ivy strained to move.

She yelled at the women. "What are you doing?!"

One looked up and silently said, "You're being place into an oubliette. Quiet

Despite the screaming and yelling the women carried on lowering Ivy into the
dark hole. They lowered her for about thirty meters but to Ivy it seemed like
miles. The women locked the crank into place and left. Ivy was now totally in
the dark. No sound, no light, nothing.


To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 105 "Extreme BJ" 

Ivy's wrists and arms felt numb. She had fallen unconscious a couple of 
times but had lost track of time. She wondered if she had been left in her 
Oubliette prison to rot. How long did it take a person to die from 
starvation she wondered. Then she remembered the large meal she had before 
she was put in here. She didn't think she was going to die in a hole. 
They obviously had other plans for her. 

But that little voice in Ivy's head kept repeating over and over again. 
'You're going to die.' 

Sharon and Melissa Andrews stood there petrified. Their father opened the 
large box sitting on the table. It contained a variety of toys for the 
family to play with. The sisters had been ordered into their discipline 
uniforms and waited beside the kitchen bench. Dave made a big show of 
unwrapping the box and slowly taking each item out. He studied it for a 
few seconds and then put it aside. 

Sharon looked on as he pulled out a small steel crop. He flicked it a 
few times and felt it's weight. It was designed to be light and flexible 
but rigid when swung. Dave smiled and put it down beside the other 
assortment of goodies. 

Next he pulled out a small black box about the size of a man's hand. He 
pulled the cover off it and took out a smaller black box. It's body was 
the handle and on the end was two steel flat pins. He flicked the thumb 
switch on the side and an electric light flashed between the two points. 
Dave looked over to Sharon and nodded his head for her to come over. 

Sharon stood beside her father. He put the zapper on her upper arm and 
flicked the switch. Sharon immediately flopped to the ground and yelped 
to get away. Dave smiled at the zapper and put it on the bench all the 
while ignoring Sharon vigorously rubbing her arm. 

Ivy held on for another few minutes but her stomach muscles were winning. 
Finally her body took over and emptied the contents of her bladder and 
large colon. She tried to get her weary legs out of the way of the shit 
and urine but she could barely lift them. The smell was revolting. Ivy 
felt like throwing up but suppressed the urge. If she tried to do that 
now she'd choke on her own vomit. 

Hours drifted by. Ivy tried to hum a tune as she swung slightly. The 
pins and needles feeling returned to her legs once again. She tried to 
stifle a smile and started to giggle. 

Ivy was jolted upwards. She felt like her arms were going to break. Her body 
involuntarily clenched her arm muscles to keep them from severing. She felt 
herself being lifted upwards. After a few minutes she was finally above 
the oubliette opening and was moved over to the side. She had to lie on the 
ground because her legs couldn't support her. The Monks removed her ropes 
and carried her to a room. They placed her on a bed and gave her some water 
to drink. They then closed the door and locked it. Ivy was already asleep 
when the Monk removed the key from the door lock. 

Dave looked over the sisters. He produced the zapper in one hand. Both girls 
watched it like Hawks. In his other hand he produced two eggs. 

"Okay girls. With these toys I only need one of you tonight but I'm not sure 
which girl deserves to play with these toys. So I've devised a small game. 
You're both going to lean backwards against the table top. These eggs will 
be placed between your knees. I'm going to blindfold you and zap your cute 
little bodies. If an egg is broken or it drops to the floor. Then you'll be 
attending the fun tonight, and probably will be punished severely." 

Without even ordering them to the girls walked over to the table top and 
leaned back against it with their hands. Dave placed the egg in between 
their knees and quickly blindfolded them. He looked at them for a few seconds 
and then activated the zapper. Both sisters cringed but their eggs remained 

Sharon could feel the heat of her father hovering over her. She had already 
tasted the zapper and didn't like the idea of having it on her again. She 
steeled her nerves against the impending pain but it was a shriek from her 
younger sister that nearly made her drop her egg. 

Sure enough the crunch sound of an egg onto the floor signaled the end of 
the game. It also signaled the end of Melissa's pain-free evening. Sharon 
removed her blindfold and saw Melissa with a red mark across her right boob. 
She was sobbing into her father's shoulder and he consoled her. 

Sharon cleaned up the kitchen while Melissa and her father went down to the 
basement for an interesting night. Sharon relaxed in front of the TV. 

Ivy awoke to a hand shaking her shoulder. She looked up and saw a young 
Monk's face. He smiled when he saw she was awake and stood back to reveal 
two other Monks at the door way. 

"Get up!" commanded the bigger of the two Monks. 

Ivy swung her legs over the side of the bed and slowly stood up. She felt 
like she had slept for hours. Her legs were much stronger. They motioned 
for her to follow them. The younger Monk fell in behind the group. They 
walked till they got to a large room. It was full of torture equipment. 
Two girls were already strapped face down on an incline rack and were about 
to be whipped across the back and thighs. Ivy noticed they weren't gagged 
yet and the girls didn't make a sound. 

One of the Monks Ivy was following turned to her and took her by the arm. 
She followed him to the other side of the room and knelt down as he pushed 
on her shoulders. She watched as the younger Monk picked up some leg irons 
and placed them on her ankles. He then pulled her arms behind her and tied 
her elbows together, then her wrists. He used the rope slack from her wrists 
to tie her arms to the leg irons. Next the young Monk brought in a stool. 
Standing up on the stool were two dildos. One about five inches, the other 
seven. There were straps on either side to secure the female on top. Each 
leg had a hook so it could be secured to the ground. 

"Suck the dildos. You will be impaled on them. You have two minutes." said 
the young Monk. 

Ivy leaned forward and tried to put as much salvia on it as she could. Two 
minutes was quickly up and without even a warning the two larger Monks picked 
Ivy up and straddled her onto the stool. The dildos slipped in with a bit 
of help. Ivy felt renewed penetration. Strangely enough, it was a feeling 
she missed. 

The young Monk secured her down with the straps and then asked the larger 
Monks to move her onto a quarter inch steel platform. Once there she was 
moved into a position where her stool could be anchored onto the platform. 
Ivy thought the young Monk was too kind to work in a place like this. He 
simply was too considerate of his slaves. He should be more brutal. 

The young Monk then removed her cloak. Ivy's eyes widen. His cock was huge. 
Probably about the same size as John's. She licked her lips in anticipation. 
If all she had to do was make this young Monk cum, then she'd have no 
problems at all. 

He rubbed his cock a few times and it stiffened. He then presented it to 
Ivy to suck. She opened her mouth and struggled slightly to get it in. 
Ivy's teeth dug into the young man's cock. He frowned and pulled his penis 
out of her mouth. 

That's when it all started going wrong. The young Monk signaled the larger 
Monks to hold Ivy's head. Soon Ivy had a steel brace on her jaws to keep 
her mouth open. Her jaws were stretched to the limit. The young Monk then 
pulled out a pair of pliers. He took her top front teeth and removed them. 
Ivy tried to wiggle but was held down tightly by the stool and two Monks. 

Ivy's eyes streamed with tears. She tried to scream but could barely get 
a gurgle out. The young Monk removed her eyeteeth and the teeth beside 
them. Blood coated Ivy's mouth. She wanted to vomit but the pain was just 
too much. She nearly died as the Monk removed her six lower teeth. Her 
jaws felt like they were going to snap. 

Finally it was all over. Ivy watched through tears as the pliers were put 
back into the Monk's pocket with her teeth. Then he put his cock into her 
mouth and face fucked her for over twenty minutes. His cock rubbed against 
her gums, nerves and bone cartilage. Then the two larger Monks fucked her 
in the mouth for the next hour. 

And Ivy thought the younger Monk was a too nice. 

John looked up to see a man in a green uniform in his office doorway. 

"Time?" asked the man. 

"Yeah," said John, "It's time." 


To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 106 "It ain't half hot Mum." 

John followed the Captain down the stairs and out the front door. After a 
short walk across the grounds the Captain stopped and John slowed to stand 
beside him. In front of them were about forty soldiers. All looking mean, 
tough and green from their face paint. John could feel the discipline just 
oozing from the soldiers. 

"Very impressive Captain, very impressive." commented John. 

The Captain nodded to his employer and turned to his men. 


As one the group responded, "YES SIR!" 

"LET'S BUG OUT!" ... John and the Captain watched the men race for their 
vehicles ready for action. 

"Are you coming with us Sir?" asked the Captain giving John a handgun. 

"Wouldn't miss this for the world Captain." said John as he cocked the gun. 

Ivy regain consciousness. Her face and mouth were nearly swollen shut. Ivy 
groped around for something to drink. Finally she touched a cup and felt 
a cool liquid inside. She brought the cup to her mouth and tried to drink. 
The first sip nearly caused her to throw the cup to the ground. The nerves 
from her teeth were still bare and sore. She tried again only to be held 

"Need a hand?" said a voice. Ivy looked over and saw it was a young girl. 

She offered Ivy a plastic straw. Ivy mumbled thanks and put it between her 
tortured lips. She then realised she couldn't get suction. Ivy was starting 
to get very frustrated. The girl offered her help again. Ivy gave her the 
straw and cup. Ivy watch as she dunked the straw into the water, covered 
the top with her thumb and released it's contents into the back of Ivy's 

After a while Ivy couldn't drink anymore and she lay back on the bed again. 
She mumbled thanks and sank into a deep sleep. 

John and the Captain were in the first military vehicle. Six trucks were 
behind them full of troops and ammo. The sunset was beginning and John 
checked his watch. 

"We'll be there at 2200 hours. I'll give my men some time to rest and get 
ready. Then we'll attack around 0200 and wipe the fuckers out." said the 
Captain. John nodded to the Officer. 

"They won't have much in the way of weapons, but I don't want any POWs 
either. Kill all of them except for the girls." 

Ivy was shaken awake. She looked up groggily and saw the young Monk 
standing before her. The girl who gave her water earlier was shaking her. 
When the Monk saw she was awake he addressed her. 

"Evening. You and I have some more things to discuss. Come!" 

Ivy didn't even think about it. She pushed off the doona, climbed off the 
bed and followed the hooded man. The Monastery had chilled considerable since 
the last time she was awake. Her feet were feeling the cold from the cool 
stone bricks in the corridor. She looked over at the Monk but his hood kept 
her from seeing anything. After a minute they entered into a very warm 
chamber. In the middle of the room was a large steel box with the door open. 
It could easily hold ten people standing up inside. 

Ivy approached the box with the Monk. She could feel it's warm heat getting 
stronger and stronger. She was sure she wasn't going to like what was ahead 
but it was better then freezing. She entered the box behind the Monk and 
saw a large oil radiator. To the side was a temperature gauge. Around the 
radiator were hooks and steel loops in the wall. 

Ivy felt a little faint from the heat and nearly fell to the floor. The 
Monk caught her as she went down and smiled. This was way too easy. 

Apart from a numb bum the trip for John was very uneventful and boring. 
He watched on as the Captain ordered some of his men to check out the 
target. Twenty minutes later the men returned and said all was quiet. 
The Captain then called everyone together. 'Finally' thought John. 

The men all circled around him and the Captain while they received their 
orders. Then they were off. John followed their leader towards the main 
front doors of the Monastery. 

All John could think was, 'Got you fuckers now!" 

Ivy was woken by a slap across the face. She blinked her eyes and immediately 
found her bottom was on fire. She tried to lift herself off but realised 
she had been secured down by ropes. She took stock of her situation. She 
was still naked. Nothing new there. Someone, more likely the young Monk, had 
created some very intricate rope work to keep her down. Her ankles, belly, 
breasts, neck, shoulders, elbows and arms were all tied down. The radiator 
burned against Ivy's ass, legs, thighs and feet. 

Her arms were pulled up above her head and roped to two metal loops in the 
ceiling. The Monk had placed a plastic cock ball gag in her mouth. The 
radiator was extremely warm and Ivy watched in horror as the Monk reached 
down and turned up the heat. Ivy could feel the heat surging into her body. 
She felt like she was cooking in her own skin. 

"It's now set at eight and that's very very warm, I can assure you. But 
don't worry my little sweetheart. I'll keep you cool." 

The Monk went outside and after a minute returned with a pitcher full of 
ice and cold water. Immediately the sides of the pitcher condensated from 
the heat. Ivy moaned as the Monk drained the pitcher's contents over Ivy's 
head, boobs and legs. The cold shock made her feel very nauseous. The water 
stun her body and skin as it rolled down her torso. 

As the cold shock rushed through her body, Ivy watched blearily eyed as 
the Monk took some viscous steel clothes pegs from under his tunic. He 
warmed them against the steam from the valve and clipped them to Ivy's 
cunt lips and nipples. 

Ivy's body screamed for peace as another pitcher of cold water was dumped 
onto her hot tortured body. 

Getting through the main doors didn't take long. The soldiers were very 
quietly as the scuffled along the corridor. They checked out each room 
and then gave hand signals for their next move. Like a trail of predatory 
Red Army Ants, the soldiers destroyed and killed everyone in their path. 

After they reached the main chamber John decided that his presence wasn't 
required with the remainder of the attack and he waited. In less than half 
an hour the Monastery had been taken over. All the slaves were rounded up 
and forced into a room for evac later on. Only three of the Monks remained. 

The Leader, Brother Will and Brother Peter. John spared Brother Will and 
Peter as long as they came to work for him at the school. The men agreed. 
John then took his handgun and fired point blank at the Monk Leader's head. 

Ivy's skin was bubbling where it touched the radiator. Her arms felt like 
they were going to break and she swore she didn't have an ass anymore. 
But even she wasn't as startled as the young Monk when there was a loud 
banging on the door. 

The Monk went over and unlocked the hinge. The door swung open to reveal 
a soldier's rifle aimed right at the Monk's face. Then the soldier fired. 
Despite being hot, cold and now covered in brain matter, Ivy was glad to 
see the soldiers. John's plan had worked. 

She was released and given something to wear. She was then helped to where 
John and the Captain were talking in the main chamber. When John saw her 
enter he nodded to the Captain and walked over to Ivy. She literally fell 
into his arms. 

Ivy was so overcome she started to cry. Despite her sobs she managed to 
convey her love for John. John just nodded. Then she asked the question. 

"Will you take me back?" 

John smiled, "Of course I will. I've got plans for you yet, wife." 


To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 107 "Deals & Enlargements" 

Rodney Basket and his son were relaxing playing a game of Pool. Matt dusted 
his cue with chalk and took aim. His shot skirted to the left of his target. 
He swore under his breath and stood back to let his father work out his next 
move. Even though Rodney was quite happy to engage in incest and torture of 
his daughters, he got quite angry if any of his kids swore. 

Rodney took careful aim and just like his son, missed his target. They were 
both as bad as each other so the games tended to last longer. But Matt wasn't 
in it to win the game, he liked the jokes his father said while he played. 

Rodney looked over at Matt just as he was aiming. 

"Stop me if you've heard this one, how do you know you're in a feminist 

Matt shook his head. 

"There's no humour section." finished off Rodney. 

Matt sniggered and aimed for the cue ball. By a million to one shot, he 
missed his target and hit the black. "Plunk!" was the sound of the black 
ball being expertly sunk into a corner pocket. Matt saw his Dad laughing 
and motioning for him to setup another game. 

"Want a beer son?" 

Matt nodded, "... wouldn't mind a blowjob too Dad." 

"No worries, two beers and two whores coming right up." 

Brother Will and Brother Peter stood in front of John's desk. They waited 
quietly with their eyes closed. They looked up as John walked in and sat 
down. John placed his handgun onto the desktop and unhitched the safety. 
Both Monks looked at him, but neither of them were afraid. 

"Okay guys, you know the Monastery is now closed for good. Any business that 
you had with them is now transferred to me. You are both on probation. Any 
screw-ups like killing or permanently maiming or stealing confidential 
documents, will get you killed." 

The last comment was a direct attack on Priest and his thieving. John opened 
his drawer and pulled out two pieces of paper. He presented them to the 
Monks. They quickly scanned the documents and signed them. 

"Welcome aboard gentlemen." as he shook each of their hands. 

"PHOEBE!" yelled John. A second later Phoebe opened the door and walked in. 

"Yes Boss?" 

"Remove your clothes." said John, Phoebe didn't hesitate and removed her 
jeans and blouse. She laid them on the seat nearest her and stood in all 
her naked glory towards the men. Their eyes ate her up. 

"Gentlemen," both Monks turned to John who felt like being playful. 
"What is the definition of a Greek?" 

The Monks didn't answer. John continued. 

"It's a guy who believes in enlarging the circle of his friends. You may 
have Phoebe for the night to share. I know for a fact Phoebe doesn't like 
and hasn't had a good butt-fuck for ages. Make sure she never forgets what 
it feels like." 

Phoebe was escorted out of the room with the Monks. A few minutes later 
John could hear Phoebe's tortured screams and yells as the Monks set about 
enlarging their friend's hole as much as they could. 

Rodney and Matt stood side by side laughing and moaning as Samantha and 
Jackie sucked them both off. Rodney relaxed taking in the pleasures while 
Matt being more younger and spirited took Jackie's head in his hands and 
was fucking deep into her throat. 

Jackie's gagging was putting Samantha off but she continued anyway. Rodney 
then pulled out and told Samantha to get on all fours. She did as she was 
told. Soon she felt the fat end of the pool cue burrowing into her cunt. 
She squealed as it hit the back of her vagina. Rodney then stepped up to 
her and with a bit of effort and a lot of moaning, buried his cock deep 
into his daughter's ass. Sweat dripped off Samantha as she was fucked 
hard and deep. 

Matt pulled Jackie off his cock and pushed her onto her back. He spread 
her legs and shoved his cock deep into her. Jackie moaned and pleaded with 
him to be more gentle. Matt held her arms above her head and bit into her 
tender breasts. 

"This is the life eh Dad?" 

Rodney cummed into Samantha's ass and was drying his cock off by rubbing 
it on his daughter's long hair. "Sure is son, it sure is." 

John's mind was wandering as he walked down the hallway. He wondered if he 
was getting soft in his old age. Normally he'd simply had killed the two 
Monks but now he's employing them. His thoughts for his other project was 
interrupted by some whimpering on the other side of a door. Curiously he 
entered the room and found Phoebe. 

The Monks had done a good job on her. Both her cunt hole and ass hole were 
huge. Phoebe's face still had tears running down her cheeks. She was braced 
to a wooden structure. Her neck was secured to the pole and her chest and 
breasts were tied off by rope. Two cloth loops pulled her legs upwards which 
allowed for the Monks to sink her tortured fucked butt hole onto a very wide 
thick glass dildo. It was generally known as a butt-stretcher. 

Phoebe continued to whimper as John walked in. Any movement on her part made 
her sink further down onto the butt-stretcher. Phoebe tried to gasp for air 
but the pain was nearly unbearable. John watched her for a bit then he took 
a gag from the cupboard and secured it around Phoebe's mouth. Phoebe moaned 
for help. 

"Not a chance kid, I made a deal and the Monks aren't finished with you yet. 
They'll be wanting to butt-fuck you in the morning as well. See you then." 

Phoebe whimpered some more as her boss left. 

John carried on a bit further until he reached the doctor's office. Hang 
wasn't around at this late hour and neither was the nurse. John went in and 
saw Ivy sleeping peacefully on the bed. Her arms had been secured to the 
side of the bed as was the normal procedure for patients. 

John tapped her on the side of the face until Ivy woke up. 

"Hey Stud." mumbled Ivy as she woke from her slumber. 

"Hey wife." replied John. "So, what am I to do with you?" 

Ivy looked at John. She could tell he was deadly serious. One wrong word and 
she'd be back on the auction chopping block. That's if Jenny didn't finish 
her off first. 

"John. I want to put this behind us. I want to come back to work here. I 
don't deny you're pissed off with me but even you have to admit, I've suffered. 
The question is, have I suffered enough for you?" 

John noticed when Ivy smiled that all her teeth were back. It seems the good 
doctor wasn't bad at dentistry either. John tapped her teeth. 

"Did he use any pain-killers?" he asked. 

Ivy nodded her head. "He's a good dentist, but his bedside manner sucks." 

John smiled. That's when Ivy knew there was something more. 

"What is going on John. You got problems?" 

"Hang found out something a couple of days ago. I've notified the owners of 
their kids but it's certainly going to put a damper on things. Apparently the 
hormone mixture that old doc Every put into the girls has reduced their life 
expectancy to 30 years." 

"Oh shit. What are you going to do?" 

"Not sure yet. A couple of the owners aren't happy. Last thing they want is to 
be fucking one of their sluts and then find out they've been a necrophilic for 
the last five minutes. Hang's solved the problem but any girl who has been 
treated is royally screwed now. The thing is we do have an abundance of clean 
slaves from the auction and Monastery. I'm thinking we get some pregnant bitches 
from my brother in Hong Kong and re-stock our shelves. We'll sell the ones we've 
screwed up with the Every crap for cheap and get ourselves back in business" 

Ivy nodded. "Sounds like a good plan. Want any help?" 

John thought about it for a while. "Yeah, I think we can use your skills." 

John patted Ivy on the head and bid her good night. He closed the door 
behind him. What he didn't tell Ivy was that she too had been injected with 
Dr Every's old medicine She'd be dead within a year. 

Paul took the envelope from Cindy's hand. He went into the far area of the 
lounge to read it. Cindy came forward and he indicated to her to stay away. 
It was a letter from the school. Normally Paul didn't hear from them so this 
was something special, or very bad. 

Cindy watched as her Dad read the letter. He then slipped it into his back 
pocket and went over to the phone. He told Cindy to go upstairs and not to 
listen in. Cindy heard mutterings but couldn't make out the phone conversation. 

After a few minutes Paul walked into Cindy's room and told her to get on 
all fours. He slipped down her panties and entered her from behind. While 
he was fucking her he asked Cindy how old she was. 

"Going on 17 Dad." she said through clenched teeth and muffled moans. 

"Good baby, real good." as her father fucked harder into her. 


To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 108 "Basket Balls" 

Rodney hung up the phone. With a cheeky grin he rung the kitchen bell. 
This meant all girls had to come to the kitchen immediately. Within a few 
seconds all four of the girls were standing in their designated spots. All 
eyes turned to their father. 

"Okay sluts. We've got a big night ahead of us. Matt is bringing in his 
High School basketball team for his birthday. I'll devise up some games for 
us all to play. I expect you all to be on your best obedient behavior. 
Now go and get into your discipline uniforms. Then move the furniture in 
the rumpus room so we've got room to play." 

The girls immediately set off to do their father's bidding. Rodney sat at 
the kitchen table and wrote down some game ideas. While he was writing 
Rodney could hear the girls giggling as they got changed and moved the 
furniture. He shook his head. They'll learn tonight. 

Matt arrived home in his Mercedes 4x4. The basketball team jumped out and 
surveyed the house. Matt wasn't exactly friends with the team, he didn't 
even know their names. Luckily for him they had just finished practice so 
they still had on their basketball uniforms. Truth be known, the team didn't 
know Matt that well either. All they were aware of was a party and that 
there would be girls there. 

"Nice pad man." said number 16. Matt smiled and nodded. 

The group went inside. Rodney was in the lounge and he welcomed the team 
in. He gave them all beers which the team drunk readily. They were even 
more impressed when Rodney offered them spirits. 

Twenty minutes later Rodney announced for them all to go into the rumpus 
room. All the boys filed into the room and found padded mattresses on the 
floor. Rodney caught a few of the players giving funny looks. He decided 
he should explain what the party really was about. He ushered them to all 
sit on the floor and face him. 

"Okay guys. Matt tells me you're all on the up and up so I'm trusting you 
with this okay. We're going to have what is known as an S&M party." 

All the boys stopped and gave Rodney their full attention. 

"S&M?!" asked number 16. 

"Yeah, S&M. You guys supply the sperm, I supply the girls. The rules are 
very simple. One, you don't tell anyone. If you do, as you can see I have 
enough money to make life very difficult for you. Two, you don't permanently 
hurt or kill the girls. They're my property and I'm letting you have some 
fun with them. Sometimes we get carried away and there maybe a broken finger 
or nose. That's fine. But no deep permanent cuts and nothing hard and sharp 
at the eyes. Agreed?" 

"Agreed!" said the team in unison. 

"Good. Let's bring on the chicks. GIRLS!" 

Jackie, Samantha, Jody and Lisa all filed out from the side room. They were 
only dressed in their discipline slips which barely covered the girl's 
bodies. The players cocks throbbed in anticipation. The players stared at the 
girls for nearly a minute before Rodney snapped them back to attention. He 
walked over and unlocked a large cupboard. He swung the doors back to reveal 
every known piece of equipment involved torture and punishment. 

The silence was broken by the players screaming, "Yeah! Awesome! Cool!" 
The players were over at the cupboard within seconds pulling out dildos, 
butt-plugs and whips. Matt high-fived his Dad and went to help himself to 
some equipment. When the boys had chosen their tools they went back and 
stood in the center of the room. 

"Okay. We've got eight guys and four girls. Easy maths really. Two guys to 
a slut. Since I don't know your names and probably will forget them even if 
you told me, let's use your numbers. 16 and 12, take my eldest daughter 
Jackie. 22 and 4, take Jody. 7 and Matt, take Samantha and that leaves me 
with Lisa and number 29. Enjoy boys!" 

Rodney took timeout while Lisa sucked on his cock. Her nose was buried deep 
into his pubic hair. She snorted occasionally as she bobbed her head up 
and down on his shaft. Number 29 was giving her an almighty butt-fuck. 

16 and 12 were forcing Jackie onto all fours. Jackie knelt down for them. 
Both boy's decided to have a dual fisting session. 16 drove his fingers deep 
into Jackie's cunt passage while 12 went deep into her ass. Both boy's pushed 
hard and deep. Jackie was shrieking and slowly moving backwards. Then she 
saw Rodney looking at her. Just a look was enough for her to know if she kept 
going backwards she'd suffer more later. She dug her heels into the floor 
and let the boys force more and more of their fists deep into her cavities. 

Jody had her mouth full with both 22 and 4's cocks. They were alternating 
their thrusting and Jody didn't know which way to turn. Finally one pulled 
out and before Jody could take a deep breath he rammed his cock deep into the 
back of her throat. She gagged but continued to suck the guy off. The other 
guy made her lift her ass so he could ram in a buttplug then rape her pussy. 

The most noise was coming from Sam with the Captain of the team and Matt. The 
Captain was on his back while Sam straddled him. She was bucking up and down 
with her arms behind her back. Matt was whipping her tits in time to her 
movements. The fucking and tit whipping her creating a fantastic experience 
for the Captain as he sported a huge grin and looked like he was about to 
cum any minute. 

Rodney was happy with what he saw. He felt his daughter's sudden movements 
stop and looked over to his parter, number 29. He had cummed into Lisa's 
asshole and was using her butt cheeks to wipe off the excess cum. Then 
Rodney got an idea. He pulled Lisa's face off his cock. 

"Bring her with us." 

Rodney walked over to a brace in the wall. He pointed to it and Lisa sat 
down on the seat. With a bit of fiddling he and 29 secured Lisa's wrists 
to the wall and put iron cuffs on her ankles. The wall brace also secured 
Lisa's neck to the wall as well. 29 watched as Lisa's father disappeared 
over to the wall cupboard and brought out a thin line of wire with a large 
sharp needle on the end. He handed it to 29. 

"Okay kid, this is what I want you to do. This whore and this needle go 
well together. I want you to thread this wire through anything that sticks 
out from the bitch's body. Make her hurt." 

"Yes Sir!" 

Lisa screamed her head off as the needle penetrated her right nipple. The 
wire being dragged through her very sensitive flesh nearly drove her to 
faint. Unfortunately for her she was getting use to pain. She sobbed and 
begged for mercy as 29 drove the needle into her right cunt lip. He yanked 
it through bit by bit just to make it hurt more. He then went through the 
other cunt lip and back up to Lisa's left nipple. 

Afterwards 29 tied off the wire and pulled on it hard to test it's tautness. 
Lisa moaned as her tits were pulled outwards. Then 29 did the worse thing 
possible. He gripped the line and pulled as hard as he could away. Lisa 
screamed as her tits and pussy lips were pulled out and away from her 
body. She had to leaned forward and stretch her body out as much as possible 
or else her tits and cunt lips would have been torn off. The other players 
stopped to see what the noise was all about. They weren't distracted for 
long. They had their own girls to fuck over. 

Dave Andrews wriggled his hand out of the fisting glove. It was covered in 
shit and blood. Sharon lay on her tummy on the floor. Her hands still had 
a death grip on the table leg. Her boobs spread out beneath her with burn 
marks from the cigarettes. Dave detested smoking but didn't mind putting 
up with a bit of smoke for some entertainment. 

Sharon's ass was still in the air. Dave gave it a pat and very achingly 
Sharon got up. He directed her to go to the shower and get cleaned up. 
When she was finished she was to see him in the lounge. Sharon disappeared 
upstairs and Dave wandered into the lounge. Kneeling in the middle was his 
other daughter Melissa. She was naked and had her hands up behind her head. 
Dave glanced at her asshole and she had indeed inserted the buttplug he had 
ordered her to. She was leaning against the buttplug watching TV. 

"Mel. Over here please." 

Melissa switched off the TV and walked on all fours over to her Dad. Dave 
reached down and pulled out the buttplug. Melissa moaned slightly but kept 
her position. 

"Okay girl. Spank time." 

Melissa immediately stood up, bent over and placed her hands on the ground. 
This lifted her ass high up so her Dad could get in some really good smacks. 
Just as Dave was about to give her the first strike, the doorbell rang. Dave 
took the metal clip that hung from the end of the cane and clipped onto Mel's 
vagina lip. It stung when Dave dropped the heavy cane and it swung down in 
between Mel's legs. Dave went to answer the door. 

Melissa remained in her position, even when the newcomer walked into the 
room. Melissa knew this person could see that her father was about to spank 
his naked daughter and hanging in between her legs was a cane which was 
obviously attached to his daughter's sex. Melissa heard a familiar voice. 

"Good to see you've kept up the punishments." 

Melissa risked looking up. 



To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 109 "Butt-race" 

Melissa and Sharon couldn't believe it. Their Mum was home. This both 
excited them, and made them felt rather nervous. Their Mother wasn't 
exactly the best Mum around. She had always been cruel to her daughters 
and delighted in punishing them. Being a woman she knew exactly how to 
cause the most amount of pain with the smallest amount of effort. 

Ann sat on the sofa conversing with her husband. Dave explained what had 
happened over the last couple of years while she was away. Ann listened 
quietly and hardly ever interrupted. Dave explained how their daughters 
had been given extra training by the school and he also had help from 
their next door neighbors. 

For over an hour they talked before Melissa slipped from her 'bum-up' 
position. Her legs and arms had gone numb. She looked up to see two very 
crossed parents. 

"Explain yourself young lady?!" demanded her Mother. 

When Ann received no reply she indicated to Melissa to get back into her 
original position. Sharon did and Ann kept a close eye on her to make sure. 
Dave carried on talking ignoring Melissa's plight. Less than twenty minutes 
later Melissa slipped to the floor again. Her arms were completely numb. 
Ann jumped off the sofa. She walked over and grabbed Melissa by her hair 
and pulled her painfully to her knees, and slapped her across the face. 

"I've just the thing to sort you out you little fuck." hissed Ann. 

Melissa watched as her Mum went over to her bag and rummage through the 
side pocket. She pulled out a small bag and emptied out the contents. 
Inside were thick leather bracelets with metal strips on them. She took 
four and unlocked the cuffs. She tossed two to Dave and they both slipped 
them onto Melissa's wrists and ankles. 

Dave was intrigued by the bracelets. He ignored Melissa's questioning look 
and sat back on the sofa. Ann removed a small device about the size of 
the car-door remote. She pressed the "ON" button and Melissa felt a tingle 
from the bracelets. 

"Okay Mel. Let's see how you like this." 

Melissa watched as her Mother pressed a second button. Her wrists slapped 
together along with her ankles. The result was a loud clunk as her ankles 
knocked together. Melissa shrieked and rolled on the floor trying to rub 
her ankles. 

Dave raised his eyebrows. "Impressive, do they repel?" 

Ann nodded and pressed another button. Melissa's arms and legs immediately 
shot into a spread-eagle position fully exposing every part of her body. 
Ann showed Dave the dial on the remote. It had a range of 0 to 10. The 
higher the number the more the magnetic bracelets forced themselves apart. 
Ann slowly turned the dial to four and Melissa was screaming for mercy 
as she felt like she was being pulled apart. 

Dave went over to the trunk and pulled put a very menacing red dildo. It 
was closer to the butt-plug design than penis shaped. He told Mel to stick 
out her tongue so he could lube it. Ann watched on as Dave forced the 'red 
menace' deep into her daughter's asshole. Mel screamed for mercy but none 
was forthcoming. Dave pushed the dildo in deep and twisted it to the chorus 
of moans and pleas from his youngest. 

To cap things off, Dave and Ann left Melissa stretching at level five all 
night while they went to bed. To make things more interesting, Dave let 
their dog, Butch, in. First the dog whined and sniffed around Melissa, 
then he proceeded to lick her cunt. Melissa ordered the dog to stop but 
Dave silenced her with a mouth-gag. Melissa spent the next seven hours 
with her body stretched to the limit, unable to sleep and having her cunt 
licked out big-time. She creamed nearly forty times before Butch got tired 
and went to sleep. 

The butt-plug hurt, a lot. But Cindy Winslow didn't complain. To complain 
meant pain and she wanted to avoid that. She felt another stomach cramp 
washed over her body. She bit down on her lip and prayed for it to go. 
She had had her asshole plugged up by a butt-plug for near on three days 
now. She was allowed to piss but not shit. Despite all the butt-fucking 
she had received she'd always been regular. Not so now. 

Cindy moaned as another stomach cramped forced her to stop washing the 
morning's dishes. She carried on once it passed. How long would she be 
forced to retain her shit. She so wanted to relieve herself but if the 
butt-plug was removed, her Dad would know. Hell have no fury like a pissed 
off Dad. 

Cindy washed down the sink and waddled into the lounge. She knelt slowly 
in front of her Dad and put her hands behind her head. A few minutes went 
past and then Cindy got another cramp. This one was bad. She couldn't stop 
from hunching forward. The pain continued and she had to put her hands on 
her belly. She breathed deeply and wished the pain away. It seemed like 
ages but it did go. Cindy got back up into position and looked deep into 
the eyes of her very angry Dad. 

"You moved." said Paul. 

Cindy didn't say anything. She followed him down to the basement and she 
bent over and put her hands on a small stool. Paul swished a small cane 
and gave her ten of the best. Cindy certainly forgot about her stomach 
cramps as they both went back up to the lounge. She could barely walk let 
alone kneel. Paul dropped the thin white cane on the ground and told Cindy 
to kneel on it. 

After an hour kneeling on the thin cane Paul allowed Cindy to stand up. 
She could barely move. Her knees were bruised from the cane. 

"How is the plug going?" asked Paul. 

"It's so painful Daddy. I need to poo ... real bad." 

"You want it out?" 

Cindy nodded. "Well, I was going to leave it in for another couple of days 
but if you want it out now, you'll have to pay the penalty." 

"What penalty?" 

"I want you to get the eight inch dildo from the basement. I'll then shove 
it into your ass before you poo for the next thirty minutes. If you can do 
that without making a noise, then you're free. If not, then the butt plug 
goes back in. Naturally you'll have to lick the dildo clean afterwards." 

Cindy quickly made her decision. "I'll pay the penalty." and before Paul 
could say anything she was on her way down to the basement to get the dildo. 
She returned and gave it to her Dad. Paul took it and Cindy turned around, 
dropped to her knees with her forehead touching the floor and waited. 

Paul turned off the TV. He removed the butt-plug and the desire to shit 
for Cindy was overwhelming. Her cramps doubled and her asshole was very 
sensitive as Paul slowly pushed the dildo in. 

"What's the time honey?" 

Cindy looked at the clock, "Five past Nine Daddy." 

Paul nodded and pushed the dildo deep into Cindy's bowels. Cindy gasped 
and held back a terrible scream. She bit her forearm to stop from moaning 
and screaming as her Dad forced the dildo in and out of her tortured anus. 
Over the next thirty minutes he twisted and pummelled the dildo in and 
around her tortured insides all the while sliding her shit. Paul giggled 
each time as it made funny sounds. Nearing the end of the thirty minutes 
he seriously went to town thrusting and jerking the dildo in all directions. 
But at 9:35am he conceded defeat as his daughter didn't make a sound. 
He removed the dildo and told her to turn around. 

Cindy's face was very red. She still had tears streaming down her hot 
cheeks. Her forearms had nasty red teeth marks on them. Cindy took the 
offered dildo and proceeded to lick off all her shit as per the agreement. 

The Basket S&M party was still in full swing. Rodney didn't know where the 
boys got their energy from but he was having the time of his life watching 
them fuck his daughters over. It was only a year or so ago that they ruled 
his life and took away his dignity. Now the tables had turned and Rodney 
was very happy indeed. He pointed the starting gun into the air and pressed 
the trigger. 

The fifty meter butt-fuck run was on. Each girl was tied up with their 
hands and legs tied behind their chosen athlete's back while they were 
impaled on their cocks. The athletes were to hold their girl's boobs for 

Jackie was sitting on player 16's cock. She was holding her breath for 
dear life as he stomped down the lawn. Her ass felt like it was on fire 
and was going to rip apart. Jody simply screamed her head off as player 
number 4 fucked her ass big time. Sam was enjoying a good butt stretching 
by the basketball team's Captain. He was holding onto her tits so tight 
she fully believed she wouldn't have any breasts by the end of the race. 
The spare player, number 29, was riding Lisa's ass. He certainly wasn't 
as strong as the other players and had fallen over about six times before 
making it to the finish line. Lisa's face, breasts and stomach were all 
black and blue bruises from taking the full impact of the falls. She also 
had welts on her ass and thighs from numerous whippings. When they 
crossed the finished line, Rodney cut Lisa loose and she fell unconscious 
to the ground. 

The beer and cheer was flowing freely. Rodney gave the winner, number 4, 
a huge vibrator with studs all over it. Number 4 looked over at the 
inviting ass of Jody and without any ceremony he slammed it deep between 
her buttocks and switched it to full. All the team players laughed their 
heads off as Jody rolled around on the lawn screaming in a mixture of 
agony and tortured pleasure. 

A few hours later when all the girls were unconscious, Matt said goodbye 
to his friends. It was a great night. 


To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 110 "Betrayal." 

"Are you deaf? I want you to cook your udders over the gas!" 

Lisa really wanted to ask her brother if he was serious, but his tone of 
voice was very clear. She stood up from the kitchen table, walked over to 
the stove and turned on the gas. A low sounding hiss was interrupted when 
Lisa ignited it and the flame was a bright blue. 

"Turn it up to max." said Matt watching with glee and munching down his 
breakfast cereal. "Do what your brother says Lisa." said their Dad. 

Lisa swallowed and did as her brother bided. The gas flame triple in size 
and was three inches above the safety grill. Lisa looked at her brother 
again for confirmation, or insanity. 

"Oh for the love of ... do you want me to come over there and do it?!" 
he growled. 

Lisa shook her head. She leaned over the stove giving her brother and 
father a perfect view of her breast edging closer and closer to the flame. 
The heat was tremendous and Lisa closed her eyes and turned her face away 
from it. As soon as the flame licked her tender flesh she yelped and pulled 
back. Matt wasn't impressed. 

"Do it again, and this time blacken both udders." said Matt taking another 
spoonful of his breakfast. "DO IT!" he yelled. 

Lisa leaned forward again and her left breast got closer and closer. The 
heat was incredible but she didn't pull back. The gas flame seemed to know 
Lisa was nearby and it leaned towards her. Lisa sobbed as the flame tickle 
her skin. She took a breath and leaned in further. This time Lisa really 
sobbed. The flame danced all around her breast darkening it and lightly 
scorching the skin. Lisa managed to hold it there for nearly seven seconds 
before she pulled back and clutched her breast in her hand. She pleaded 
with her brother. 

"Show me." said Matt. Lisa walked over to her and slowly opened her hands. 
The breast was indeed blackened with a few red streaks. Mat could only 
imagine the pain his sister just went through for him. Tears were streaming 
down her cheeks and she was breathing fast. She again held her breast to 
comfort it. 

"Not bad. Not bad at all." he said. 

Lisa breathed a huge sigh of relief. 

"Now do the other one." commanded Matt. 

Sharon woke up on the cold concrete slab in the basement. She was stretched 
spread-eagle. Her body was cold and her joints were sore. Hearing breathing 
to her right she looked over and saw her sister Melissa sitting on the ground. 
She was wearing nothing but a mouth gag. Melissa was looking at something. 
Sharon looked around and saw her Dad sitting in the chair, naked, watching 
them both. A bright red light lit up from his mouth. He was smoking. Sharon 
could hearing yelling upstairs. 

"Dad? What is going on?" asked Sharon quietly. 

Dave never smoked unless he was really worried about something, or he wanted 
to burn his daughter's pink bits. He puffed on the cigarette and blew out 
a cloud of smoke. 

More yelling could be heard upstairs, and things were being smashed. 

"Your Mum's gone nuts. She tried to poison us. I've called for the school to 
send someone round to pick her up, but she's a real fighter. She's held the 
collectors at bay for nearly an hour now." 

"Oh." replied Sharon. "What am I doing here on the slab then?" 

"Like I said, your Mum tried to poison us. You got a taste of whatever it was 
and it sent you into convulsions. I grabbed you two and got you down here to 
safety but you were flopping about like a fish out of water. Had to tie you 
down. Your sister started screaming so she's gagged. It's a real mess up there." 

Sharon stretched her arms. "Poor Mum. When can we go back up there Daddy?" 

"Not until the Collectors say we can. Until then, we just have to amuse 
ourselves." said Dave standing up with a huge hard-on. Melissa stood up too 
and picked up a large pink dildo with studs along it's sides. She handed 
it to Dave. Melissa braced herself for some good hard penetrating. 

Lisa quickly walked into the bathroom and straight into the shower. She 
didn't need to remove her clothes as she hadn't worn any for days. She 
twisted the control for the cold water and nearly fainted as the frigid 
water splashed against her body, but more importantly her breasts. She 
satisfied her brother by burning black her other boob, then giving him a 
blowjob before he decided to let her go to the bathroom. She recalled the 
memory of both her brother and father just sitting there as she cried and 
screamed while leaning over the top of the stove. It wasn't a good one. 
But then since they had been to Hackmoore's, nothing had ever been good. 

Lisa got out of the shower and towelled her body clean. She wiped the steam 
from the mirror and check her breasts, they were already healing fast. Lisa 
was startled by a voice. 

"Lisa! Did you look after Matt and Dad this morning?" demanded Jackie. 

Lisa wasn't in the mood for stupid any chest beating this morning. Out of 
all the girls only she managed to get up to attend to her father and 
brother's needs. Her sisters refused to wake up. For a while Lisa even 
agreed with them that the savage beatings and rapings they all got from the 
party the night before was enough to let them sleep in. But she also knew 
her father, and her brother. They would not accept that as an excuse. 

So Lisa got up, and she had to help her Dad with his morning glory with a 
good hard ass fuck, then she helped Matt with his early morning hard-boner 
with a cunt whipping and fucking. Once Matt had cummed Lisa cleaned him up 
and he went off to have a shower. Lisa's next stop was the kitchen to setup 
the table for breakfast. 

Lisa didn't want to respond to Jackie, but Jackie was the eldest and she 
ruled the girls. 

"Yes I did. Where the hell were you guys?! I could have used some help." 
Lisa replied. 

Jackie stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. "Listen up little 
sister. We all took a beating last night but for some fucked up reason 
you seemed to get away from most of it. Maybe it's your cute face, or your 
fuckable body ... we don't care, and from now on, you can do mornings." 

"What?! That's not fair!" yelled Lisa. 

"Tough, deal with it." said Jackie before she stormed out. 

Lisa watched her sister slam the door behind her. Lisa felt like crying. 
She was always picked on but this was the worse yet. After a few minutes 
she made up her mind, like Hell was she going to let Jackie have her way. 

"All done? ... excellent. Thanks guys." said Dave. 

Sharon was breathing heavy as Melissa kept fucking her ass with the dildo. 
Sweat glistened on both the girls' bodies as they knew not to stop until 
told otherwise. 

"Okay girls. Stop and stand up." said Dave. 

Melissa untied her sister from the concrete slab. In the hour or so since 
Sharon had woken up, she had been turned over on the cold slab about four 
times. Her breasts, belly and ass were numb from laying on the concrete. 
Earlier Dave had found a candle and ordered Sharon to hold it in her mouth 
while her sister squatted over it. The flame licked at Melissa's labia. 
Dave counted down from 120. The lower the number was how many whippings 
both girls got later. Dave got to 76 before Melissa had to bail out. 
Sharon wasn't impressed. 

They both stood up and waited for their father to make the first move. He 
ascended the stairs and stopped dead in the doorway. Sharon and Melissa 
tried to get around him but couldn't. Sharon squeezed her head around her 
father's side. The whole place was a mess. Books and ornaments were scattered 
all over the floor. In the corner were three large strong men in dark clothing 
kneeling down with their hands on their heads. Surrounding them were different 
men in dark military gear. They must have been the collectors thought Sharon. 

Sharon looked upwards and saw why her father had stopped. He was currently 
looking down the barrel of a gun. Holding the gun was a man in a military 
uniform, behind him, was Ann. 

"Oh shit." gasped Sharon. 


To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 111 "Hidden Agendas." 

He was quiet, careful and alone. But Stu Lowe had always been alone. Too 
busy gathering intelligence or subverting drug-lords for this government. 
He liked his work, his colleagues, meeting new people and killing most of 
them. He liked the women he seduced but they eventually ended up dead or 
worse, wanting to be his wife. Stu was the most useful secret service agent 
that the government had, and that was saying something. 

He checked the map again and continued his run towards the target. It would 
be coming up to dawn soon and by his calculations, he still had a mile to 
go. "Come on Agent Stu," he said to himself blowing warm air into the cold 
wind, "time to suck it up." 

... and Stu Lowe ran harder towards Hackmoores. 

Dave felt a little uneasy. He and his daughters were kneeling in the middle 
of the lounge room with a bunch of military guys holding automatic weapons 
pointed at their heads, and they weren't the ones naked. 

"Ann, what is going on?" asked Dave. 

Ann ignored him as she did the last couple of times. She was engrossed in 
a conversation with the group's leader. Once they had finished the leader 
took out his walkie talkie. 

"Rabbit's nest, we have secured target A. Move in when ready." 

An electronic voice responded, "Roger Hawk-one. On our way." 

Dave had enough. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!" 

This got their attention. Ann told the leader that she'd take care of it, 
and walked over and knelt down in front of her family. 

"Okay everyone, time for a little history. When I was shipped off to China 
I managed to escape. I was found by the military and put in prison. They 
thought I was some international spy. After three months there I was given 
back to our government through a prisoner exchange." 

Ann paused to make sure everyone had kept up. 

"Once the government had me I told them everything. Us, Hackmoore's, etc. 
As you probably don't know since you spend most of your time abusing our 
kids, this country's gone to the dogs. Crime is up, police are being killed, 
politicians are corrupt. It's not a good place." 

"And that's why we're here." said a voice nearby. All four heads turned 
to look at the group leader as he dropped a chair beside Ann and sat down. 

"Listen up, and listen good. I'm only saying this once." 

Paul Winslow thought he heard voices. He pushed his daughter Cindy off his 
shoulder and she rolled onto her side. Paul got up and looked out the window. 
There were a couple of guys walking down the street. Paul returned to bed. 
He didn't feel like sleeping, and in fact was looking for something to help 
tire him out. 

Next thing Cindy knew she was down in the basement leaning over a chair. Her 
ankles were tied to the chair legs. In her hands were a large steel ball 
weighing about 20 pounds. The ball had two short lengths of chain which were 
currently connected tightly to Cindy's nipple. She really didn't want to drop 
the ball. However Paul was having fun whipping the hell out of her ass cheeks 
with his riding crop. 

Cindy just yelped, screamed and cried. The sound proof walls were having 
their usual effect. After a good twenty minutes of ass thrashing Cindy felt 
the heavy ball lifted away from her. Unfortunately, it was still attached 
to her tits and Cindy nearly fell over the falling chair to keep up with 
her Dad. 

Paul carried the ball to the table and put it in the centre. This caused 
Cindy to follow closely but Paul made sure her feet stayed on the ground. 
Cindy was bent over at the waist. Cindy watched as her father walked around 
the table and took some rope. He leaned over and tied her wrists to holes 
on either side of the table. He came back around and tied her ankles to two 
posts  spreading them about a metre apart. Cindy was relived when Paul 
unclipped the chains to her nipples. 

However, Paul wasn't finished. He went over to the cupboard and after a bit 
of rummaging around, found what he was looking for. He showed it to Cindy. 
Her eyes went wide. It was a fist size ball of barbed wire. 

"Dad, please. We tried this a while ago and it just won't fit." pleaded 

"I know I know ... but you know I love a challenge." said Paul putting on 
a glove to protect his hand. 

Paul leaned over and pulled Cindy's labia lips apart. He took the bundle 
of wire and started to force it into his daughter's vagina. Cindy wasn't 
about to hold still though, she shook and screamed and her body did everything 
it could to expel the foreign intruder. 

However Paul wasn't about to let little things like pain and anguish spoil 
his fun, and he ground more and more of the wire into Cindy's cunt. 

Dave shook his head. "No, that can't be the answer. We may have problems 
but the government simply cannot do that?!" 

The group leader shrugged his shoulders. "Yes they can, and they are." 

Cindy was right. She couldn't take the bundle of barbed wire. Paul wasn't 
happy about it though. He sat there holding the blood stained wire in his 
gloved hand wondering how else he could get the wire into his daughter's 
pleasure orifice. 

"Please Dad. No more wire. Please." pleaded Cindy. 

Paul had to admit this time, they both weren't ready for the challenge. 

"Okay honey, no more wire tonight. Want coffee?" 

Cindy nodded as Paul got up and turned on the kettle. He came back over 
and untied her legs. Cindy was helped to sit up on the table. Paul leaned 
her backwards and pushed her legs over her head. Cindy knew they weren't 
finished. She allowed her Dad to tie her ankles to a rope in a beam above 
the table. In this position her cunt and ass were fully exposed. 

Paul took the boiling water and poured it into a container, he added in 
a few spoonfuls of coffee and gave it a stir. He returned to Cindy and 
laid a hand on her thigh. Cindy shook her head but Paul poured the hot 
boiling coffee onto her pink bits. The coffee scolded her labia and 
ass as it ran off her body onto the table. Cindy screamed and tried to 
move but her strength was disappearing fast. 

Some of the coffee made it into her vagina and it too was well scolded. 
Paul stopped short of pouring the whole container and left some for himself. 
He filled up a cup and smelt the aroma. Cindy was still sobbing and moving 
on the table. After a few minutes Cindy was quiet. She had fainted and 
was whimpering blissfully in dreamland. 

Paul was still awake though. He went upstairs into the kitchen and saw 
the lights were still on in Dave's house. He thought why not and went 
over. He could hear voices as he walked up to the door and knocked. 

After a few seconds a naked Dave opened the door, Paul smiled ... then 
his smiled disappeared at the sight of the gun against Dave's head. 

The Hackmore's school was very strong on security. They had guard dogs, 
trip wires and cameras positioned everywhere. However it didn't stop Stu Lowe 
from entering the grounds. Always vigilant for signs of the enemy he was 
very surprised to find some of the slaves he had heard about staked out 
in the middle of the grounds, naked and shivering from the cold. He avoided 
contact in case they raised the alarm. 

Stu found a way into Hackmoore's through an open window into a classroom. 
Once inside he turned on his torch and checked the cupboards. They were full 
of sharp nasty objects purely designed and created for inflicting the most 
amount of pain with the least amount of harm. 

He exited the room and looked around. The situation wasn't much better. 
Stu found a quiet room and turned on his radio. 

"Rabbit's nest come in." 

"Rabbit's nest, go ahead." 

"Confirm entry to target Hack. Everything that the source told us about is 
true. Everything. Recommend we go in now while everything is quiet." 

"Roger that Stu ... the military is incoming." 


To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 112 "Lowe, Stu Lowe." 

John had always been an early riser. He was up before dawn doing some 
exercises and eating breakfast before any of the teachers woke, except for 
the Monks. They seemed to be early starters too but mostly involved in 
their meditation. 

John felt particularly good this morning. He had a great night's sleep and 
a good breakfast. He was ready to seize on the day by her hips and give it 
a good hard fucking. He was looking forward to seeing how his special 
students were doing this morning. 

Sue and Jane Henderson hadn't slept a wink or night. They didn't dare. 
They were both on their backs with their legs up between them. Balanced 
on top of feet was a large jar of hornets. The twins had to work together 
to keep the jar from falling and releasing the hornets. So far they had 
completed their task for over eight hours. Just to make things more 
interesting John left a number of candles on the girls' bodies. It was 
certainly interesting when the hot wax rolled along their skin but the 
girls didn't waver from their task. 

John burst in through the doorway and slammed the door behind him. But the 
girls ignored his intrusion keeping their eye on the jar. 

"Not bad sluts! Not fucking bad at all." said John. He leaned over and ran 
his finger up Jane's leg. She quivered but not enough to shake the jar. 

"Okay, you've had your fun." said John and took the jar off their feet. 

Jane and Sue gasped their relief. Their legs were so tired and achy. John 
shook the jar a few times and tried to spin it like a basketball. This 
really aggravated the hornets. Then John dropped the jar. 

Sue and Jane watched as the jar fell from his hand and tumbled in slow 
motion to the floor ... and then bounced. It bounced a few more times 
then skittled into the corner of the room. The hornets were furious! 

The twins were shocked. They didn't have to hold the jar up at all. They 
had wasted the whole night trying to be careful and putting up with painful 
hot wax, aching muscles and sleep deprivation. They looked over at John 
who was laughing his head off. 

He helped the girls up but they could barely stand on their feet. He tied 
their arms up above their heads to a rope in a roof beam and put them back 
to back. He tied a rope around their waist to keep them together. He still 
continued his laughing. 

"Oh man that was good." he said. "The looks on your faces. Priceless!" 
roared John. He slowed to a chuckle and picked up the jar and walked over 
to the door. 

"Okay girls, you hang tight I'll be back in a few minutes. Oh, you'll need 

Sue and Jane screamed when John untwisted the lid off the jar. Holding the 
two together in his hands he tossed it to the girls, and quickly left the 
room. The jar bounced and the already furious hornets flew out ... looking 
for victims. 

John watched through the glass window in the door as Sue and Jane screamed 
and yelled for help. The twins kicked and shook like they were possessed. 
The hornets didn't hold back and went for every part of their bodies. 

John laughed again and again, then stopped. The cold barrel of a gun at 
your head can be a bit of a killjoy. 

Jackie Basket was well and truly tied to the table in the basement. Her 
wrists were tied to her ankles which meant she had to use her legs and 
back to lift her ass off the three sharp spike below her. This allowed 
full access to her cunt which is exactly what Lisa, Matt and Rodney 
wanted. Matt was stoking the hot fire trying to get the irons red hot. 
Jackie was not happy. Lisa told Matt and Rodney how she had caught Jackie 
smoking weed in her room. 

Matt stoked the fire a bit more then pulled out an iron poker. It was 
bright red. He came over towards Jackie on the table. 

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Dad, Matt, believe me. I didn't smoke anything. 
Lisa is making this all up." stammered Jackie. 

Rodney leaned in close. "It's alright Jackie. It's okay. We know Lisa is 
lieing." Rodney turned to Lisa. "Up against the whipping post now!" 

Lisa paled. Her arm was grabbed by her Dad and she was quickly tied to 
the whipping post. Rodney took a good long whip and swung it a few times. 

"Okay girls, this is the deal. Matt is going to try and make you scream. 
If you do, I start whipping you until your sister starts screaming or 
until you stop. Time starts now!" 

Lisa gasped as the whip struck her tender buttocks again and again. Matt 
was getting closer and closer to Jackie's body with his hot poker and 
with a flourish, he stabbed it into his sister's cunt. Jackie gritted 
her teeth as spit escaped from her mouth ... finally she couldn't hold 
back the pain any longer and started screaming. Her foot slipped and 
she fell onto the spikes. Immediately she pulled her arm back to stop 

Matt removed the poker and returned it to the fire just as Rodney turned 
and started whipping Jackie's belly. Jackie shook and screamed which 
only spurred Rodney on further. Matt stoked the fire some more and pulled 
an iron out. He saw Jackie was busy so he went over to Lisa and swung the 
iron like a golf club up between her legs. It landed solidly in between 
her ass cheeks and labia lips. Lisa immediately started howling and 
pleading for Matt to stop. Rodney turned to the new noise and took over 
Matt's place to begin whipping Lisa. 

The change over went on for over forty-five minutes. In the end both 
girls fainted. Unfortunately for Jackie, this meant she had three big 
holes in her ass cheeks. 

"Who the FUCK are you!" growled John as he was led back to his office. 

Once the door was closed behind him and the gunman, John was told to sit 
down. John wasn't anyone's fool and he did as he was told. The man tied 
John to his chair securely. 

"Good morning Mr Thornton. My name is Lowe, Stu Lowe." 

"Is that suppose to mean something to me punk!" growled John. 

"No Mr Thornton, if it did, then I'd actually suspect you were a clever 
man." grinned Stu. 

Stu took out his radio. "Rabbit's nest, package secured, you have a green 

"Roger that, we are go." 

For the next twenty minutes John watched from his office window as close 
to sixty military vehicles entered the school grounds. Most were full of 
soldiers who went about their business of capturing teachers and students. 

"May I say something about your security Mr Thornton?" asked Stu. 

"Name's John. No one calls me Thornton unless it lawyers. Since I can see 
that my school has been over run and I'm helpless to stop it, I think we 
can talk freely." 

Stu nodded at John's professionalism. 

"Thank you .. John. Please call me Stu. I'm secret service, and the 
government has decided to take control of your operation." 

"I see. Why am I being shut down? The government's never had a problem 

"No John, quite the opposite. But I'll let our superior explain more." 

John was impressed by Stu's timing ... the door opened and an elderly man 
in his late 60s walked in. 

"Hi there John." said the man. 

"Fuck me?! ... Uncle Charlie?!" 


To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 113 "The End." 

"Whatever you're selling Uncle Chuck, I'm not interested." said John. 

However John's Uncle wasn't about to let a simple no stop him. He stood 
before John and smacked him as hard as he could with the back of his hand. 
John's face didn't move an inch, he just looked at his Uncle while he 
rubbed his bruised knuckles. 

"Okay okay, maybe that was a bad idea. I had forgotten how you had grown 
so big." said Charlie. 

"Last I heard Chuck, you were dead in Africa somewhere." 

Charlie nodded. "Yes I was John. Shall I tell you the story?" 

"What do I look like? Fucking interested?!" growled John. "You fuckers 
have taken over my school, tied me up and you want to fucking tell me 
about the last eight years?!" 

Uncle Charlie faced his palms towards John. "Hear me out John." 

John rolled his eyes but that was about the best his Uncle was going to 

"Okay, I was attacked by a tribe in Africa. So much for trying to find 
gold there eh? Well, I was pretty shot up but I managed to crawl away. 
I made it to a river about three miles away and I floated downstream 
until I got to a town. The people there cared for me and when I was better, 
I called in the army and destroyed the tribe that tried to kill me. 
The army was impressed and I worked for them for a while. After a couple 
of years I went to work for our government and things have been pretty 
sweet, until about four years ago." 

John could feel his eyes glaze over. This was noticed by Charlie. 

"Okay John, I'll hurry it up. Anyway, the country has gone to shit. Crime, 
rape, murder, etc ... its all skyrocketed. But after three years of trying 
to fight crime all over the place, we finally got in a decent leader. 
And he has a solution to our problem." 

"Oh this better be good cos you're fucking boring me." yawned John. 

"It is. A republic doesn't work anymore, we're going communism!" 

"FUCK OFF!" laughed John. 

"It's true John, and we think your school is the best way to get started." 

Rodney flicked off the TV with his remote and dropped it on the seat 
beside him. He looked over and saw his son Matt spread out naked on the 
floor while Jody gave him an all over tongue massage. Rodney watched as 
his daughter bobbed her head up and down on Matt's cock. The large buttplug 
in her ass caused her no small amount of discomfort. 

"Time to check on Sam." announced Rodney getting up from his chair. 

Samantha had been setup on a plaything about an hour earlier. Rodney slid 
open the sliding door and watched as Sam shook and tried to move. Her body 
glistened with sweat from the hot red coals below her. Rodney filled up a 
bucket of water before making his way over to his daughter. He smiled at her 
and tipped some of the water onto the coals. Stream rose and engulfed both 
Sam and her Dad. Sam just sobbed. Her sweat soaked hair was stuck to her 
face and neck. 

Sam was hanging by her wrists from a tripod contraption. Her ankles were 
tied to two of the tripod's posts. Below her was a large steel dish full 
of red hot coals. In the middle of the dish poking upwards was a steel 
pipe with a studded metal dildo on the end. The dildo had been inserted in 
to Sam's cunt. Over the last hour the dildo had heated up tremendously 
from the coals and Samantha's vagina walls were well and truly burning. 

Rodney reached into his pocket and took out a pair of metal pliers. He 
took a nugget of hot coal and waved it in front of Sam's face. No response. 
He then touched it to her erect nipple. Sam freaked, howled and shook to 
try and avoid the coal. Rodney just laughed and did the same to her other 
nipple. Again Sam shook to avoid the pain. 

Rodney dropped the coal back into the dish and moved to stand behind Sam. 
He took another nugget and inspected it. The white red hot glow was very 
intense. He reached forward and using his fingers to separated Sam's ass 
cheeks. Then he pushed the nugget against her ass hole, quickly dropped 
the pliers and pushed both Sam's ass cheeks together to hold the nugget 
in place. 

Sam freaked out. She screamed and tried to buck and sway to avoid the pain 
but Rodney held her ass cheeks tightly together. For a good thirty seconds 
he held the nugget there burning against her tender soft flesh. He finally 
let go but the nugget didn't move. He had to use the pliers to knock it 
away from Sam's ass crack. The nugget fell into the dish with a clang. 

Rodney patted his daughter on the ass. "Only another two hours to go honey." 
he said, but before he went, he had fun inserting a large buttplug into 
Sam's tortured asshole. Once that was done and he went back to see what Matt 
was doing. 

Apparently he was doing well. Jody was now on her back with her legs spread 
apart while Matt rammed the large butt plug into her cunt. Jody grunted and 
groan from each penetration. 

"Not big enough for you Jody?" said Rodney. 

Jody looked up. Before she could answer Rodney ordered her to stand up and 
follow him and Matt to his bedroom. Once there Rodney ordered Jody to 'take' 
one of the bed posts. The bed post had a large five inch ball on top. Jody 
shook her head. 

"No way Dad. That ain't possible." she exclaimed. 

"Really?! ... Matt, get the lube." 

Matt returned with the lube and smeared it all over the ball. Rodney told 
Jody to 'take it all' or suffer the consequences. She didn't like her chances. 

Jody backed up to the post and sat on it. It easily dwarfed her cunt hole. 
She tried jostling a bit and even spreading her legs wide. There was just 
no way it would fit. 

Rodney whispered something into Matt's ear, and in a flash he was gone. 
He returned two minutes later holding a strange device. Jody lay on the bed 
as ordered and spread her legs. The device was pushed roughly into her sex. 

"This Jody is what they call a pineapple. Observe, we can twist the knob 
until it reaches the size of the post ball." said her Dad as he started 
twisting the knob. 

Jody choked on the strange sensations coming from her cunt. The pineapple 
immediately filled her vaginal cavity and was pushing outwards. After a 
few seconds it became very tight and her muscles started to cramp. 

"Dad, this is really hurting." advised Jody. 

"Good darling, only another two inches to go and you'll be ready." 

Rodney carried on twisting. Matt had to hold Jody down as she started 
squealing like a slaughtered pig. Her legs were trying to kick Rodney away 
but Rodney and Matt held her down. After much twisting, tearing, crying 
and anguish, Rodney did one final twist and the pineapple had spread Jody's 
cunt to five inches wide. 

Jody lay on the bed gasping and pleading for the boys to take the object 
out. Rodney assured her he would. They lifted her off the bed onto the 
floor, he tied her arms around the base of the bed post. Rodney was the 
stronger so he sat in between Jody's legs and placed his feet on her ass. 
He reached forward and took the exposed handle of the pineapple. What 
happened next was pure agony. 

Rodney pulled and pulled. He wanted to remove the pineapple from Jody's 
tortured cunt without reducing it's size. Jody screamed and tried to twist 
but Matt held her down. After a good minute of pulling Rodney fell backwards 
and the pineapple was in his hands. Jody sobbed and cried into the carpet. 
She felt like her entire lower body had been ripped to shreds. 

Rodney and Matt caught their breath and gave Jody a few minutes to get 
over the pain. Once they felt they were ready they untied her from the bed 
post and stood her up. Jody couldn't stand, however Rodney wasn't going to 
stop now. He lifted her up and with Matt's help, positioned her over the 
bed post. 

Slowly they lowered her down and despite Jody begging and trying to avoid 
the post she landed on her target, then Matt pushed down hard on her 
shoulders. With a terrible crunching sound like someone's pelvis being 
snapped in two, Jody sunk down onto the bed post ball. She wailed her 
misery and pain to everyone nearby. Jody didn't have the strength to lift 
herself off the post. 

Neither Matt nor Rodney could be bothered either, so they left her there 
until the morning. However by that time the healing hormones had done their 
work and Jody's cunt walls squeezed the bed post ball tightly. Jody had 
to relive the pain again of having a large five inch monster being forcible 
removed from her cunt. 

"So the government is going to fund me?" asked John for the third time. 

"John, stop being tedious and let me explain." said his Uncle Charlie. 

"Okay Chuck, it's your dime." 

The old man nodded and closed his eyes for a few seconds trying to 
reorganise his thoughts. 

"The population is about 60 percent female and 40 percent male. For us to 
do our job properly we need slaves. The government figures that we follow 
history a little. In our past we've always had slaves, and generally it's 
the larger part of the population. African-Americans, Black Africans, etc." 

John nodded not sure where Charlie was going. 

"So we've tried equality for a couple of decades but it just ain't working. 
That now leaves us with ...." 

John realised he was being prompted ".. um ... the Australians?!" 

Charlie rolled his eyes. "Brains were never in your family John. No, it 
leaves us with women. They're the larger group in the population." 

Finally it dawned. John smiled. 

"So if we setup a few more schools, make it so that all girls and women 
have to go to the school ..." prompted John. 

"... we make it compulsory, it'll be legislation that they have to serve 
at least one term of Hackmoore's School ..." 

"... then we'll have slaves, men getting back to where they belong and 
society will simply change to accommodate." 

"Exactly!" smiled Charlie. "We run communism for a couple of decades, 
then change it all again. Your female hormone drugs will keep the females 
in check and everything turns out nicely." 

"You're fucking serious!" exclaimed John. 

"Yep! What do you say ... Deal?" asked Charlie sticking out his hand. 

John took it, gripped it hard and they shook. "Deal." 


To Obey 
by Fire-Bird. 

Chapter 114 "Prologue." 

First came the new laws, then came the outrage from women's groups. There 
were the normal marches in the streets, campaigns, burning effigies, 
tossing of bras, etc. 

However women quickly came to realise the most important change, the laws 
that had protected them for decades were now gone. The same laws that 
told men that they had to protect and serve women no longer existed. Women 
no longer had men to fight their battles and wars for them. A man could 
sexually abuse and punish the women in his family without fear of the 
Police, prison or retribution. Naturally premediated murder was still a 
crime, but only against other men. 

A few pockets of women freedom fighters emerged but were quickly located 
and publicly punished by the local authorities. 

All females from early puberty to fifty-five years of age were compulsorily 
enrolled into their local Hackmoore's Disciplinary School. It was a tough 
couple of years but finally the country accepted communism, and the women 
accepted slavery. 

The Andrews, Winslows, and Baskets were all hailed as pioneers in the 
field of slavery and their knowledge and experience were sought by groups 
around the country. They were classed as living legends to the people. 

As Uncle Charlie predicted, crime dropped to less than three percent. 
People were happier, living longer and erection pills were the hottest 
medicines on the market. The government saw to everything. Wages, food, 
entertainment, medicines, etc. There was no hunger, no homeless, no wars, 
no corruption and best of all, no feminism. 

Dave and Ann Andrews: 

Melissa and Sharon groaned again and again as they were demonstrated to 
a large classroom of girls how to be ass fucked. It wasn't hard, just 
kneel on all four and grunt with each stroke. Dave and Ann (with the 
proper attachment) was really reaming their daughters asses. After a few 
minutes they pulled out and both Melissa and Sharon slumped to the floor. 
They were exchusted. This was their seventh demonstraton this morning. 

Ann however wasn't impressed. Ann turned to the class. "Can anyone tell 
me what my daughters have just done wrong?" 

Many hands went up. Ann chose the closest. "They didn't remain in their 
proper position." 

"Damn right they didn't. Mel and Shaz, on your backs and mouths wide open 
... it's time for the class to have a toilet break." 

Paul Winslow: 

Ding dong! 

"Come on Cindy, they're here." said Paul as he opened the front door. 

"Hi Jane, Hi Sue. Come on in." said Paul. The Henderson twins stepped into 
their new home. Paul had adopted them from the school. As soon as they got 
into the lounge the girls removed their clothing and stood proudly at 

Paul wasn't impressed. Their pubic hair has grown. 

"Who wants to play a game? ... I call it Set-fire-to-the-pubic-hair. Cindy 
will show you where the basement is, I'm sure you'll get to know it well 
since you'll be spending a lot of time down there." 

The twins turned to see an evil grinning Cindy in the doorway. She was 
holding a big bottle of laxative, and two large black buttplugs. 

It wasn't going to be a nice evening for the newcomers. 

Rodney and Matt Basket: 

"Remove all chairs expect for the end two." commanded Rodney. 

The girls did their Dad's bidding. "Where are we going to sit Daddy?" 
asked Lisa. 

"You'll see." 

The truck horn distracted Rodney's attention. "Hey Matt! The truck's 
arrived." yelled Rodney. 

The two men went out and brought in four large cactus plants. Two with 
large long spikes, two with small very fine spikes. 

"Here you go girls, these are your new seats." said Rodney. 

Matt grabbed Lisa and made her sit on a long spiked cactus. Lisa yelped 
trying to get away but Matt forced her down harder onto it. 

"Get use to it girls, these are the only things you'll sit on from now 
on." said Rodney rubbing his hands with glee. 

Hackmoore's Disciplinary School: 

John toasted the school's and the staff's good fortune. All the teachers 
at the school were made headmasters of their own schools in their various 
locales. Within twenty-four hours of the new laws being passed, a large 
number of females were now being taught how to be slaves, injected with 
Han's special hormones and being sexually abused. Business was good. 

John actually considered the idea of going on holiday to Hawaii. 

The end. 

Nature intended women to be slaves. They are our property. 
What a mad idea to demand equality for women! 
Women are nothing but machines for producing children. 
- Napoleon Bonaparte 


This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this 
book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is 
purely coincidental. 

Copyright (c) 2001 by Firebird, All rights reserved. Uploaded to by author. May not be reprinted in part or whole 
without the expressed written consent of the author. 


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