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A Month

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Synopsis: A submissive young wife learns she'll have to accept punishment not only from her husband, but also her in-laws! This is Chapter 1 of a longer story. Let me know if you'd like more of it.

A Month

By K. C. Richardson

“A month?!”

“That's what they said.”

“Oh, Frank, I don't know if I can take a whole month. A week is bad enough!”

He chuckled at his wife's obvious distress. He supposed he couldn't blame her for her reaction. Having to put up with his parents visiting for a month was going to be tough for her - although he'd certainly enjoy it.

“Well, they've retired now so they said they were going to come for a month this time. In fact,” he grinned, “Dad said they're thinking of coming out twice a year from now on – a month each time.”

“Twice a year?!! Oh, God, Frank! Please, that's too long! Please, can't we change the rules if they're going to be here for so long?”

“Now, you know better than that. Besides, you agreed to the rules from the start,” he reminded her. “And Dad says they look forward to their trips out here so much. I couldn't stand to disappoint them now that they've finally retired. They both sounded so excited on the phone. Dad's apparently engineered a few surprises for you this time. He sounded like a kid waiting for Christmas.”

Cara groaned and slumped down on the couch. She thought about what this coming month was going to be like. “When do they arrive?” she asked with a moan of resignation.

“A week from tomorrow. I wonder what Dad's got in store for you? I gotta tell you, I'm getting hard just thinking about it!” he laughed.

Frank and Cara lived a life of privilege and plenty in a spacious suburban house outside a large metropolitan area. Frank's successful law practice allowed them to live very well indeed. Neither of them had ever had much desire for children. They both preferred their indulgent lifestyle. Cara had worked for a while after their marriage, but, not being really committed to a career of any kind, had eventually allowed Frank to assure her that she needn't bother.

She loved her gorgeous husband passionately. Tall and well-built, she always thought he had a typical swimmer's body, which was his exercise of choice. At least outside the bedroom, she silently chuckled. His dark hair waved back from his forehead in a way that always made her want to run her fingers through it and watch his brown eyes darken even more with passion.

She spent much of her time these days taking care of herself – the gym, the spa, the tennis court all helped her keep her enviable figure. At 5' 4” and about 125 lbs., Cara wasn't one of those stick-thin women. She had a rather lush body that her husband adored. Short red hair, startling green eyes and a sweet face completed a package that many women would envy. She wondered how many would envy her lifestyle. Probably a lot more than most people would think, truth be told!

Cara contemplated her in-laws impending visit with a combination of dread and fearful arousal as she lay in bed that night. A month! Her hand slid down between her legs as she thought of what she'd have to endure. But Frank was right, she'd agreed to this from the start. She needed this, craved it. But when it was actually happening, oh, God! She just wanted it to stop! Until the next time.

She'd always been submissive. With her full approval, Frank began spanking her on their wedding night. Other sorts of punishments had been added within months, again with not only her approval, but also sometimes her active suggestion. She hated being punished while it was happening, loved and dreaded it in advance, loved the memories of it. Cara knew she needed it, had needed it all her life, and knew she could no longer live without it.

She and Frank certainly didn't have a master/slave relationship. She wouldn't call it a Domestic Discipline relationship either, at least not in the way she usually thought of those types of marriages. Of course, what did she know? No one really knows how someone else's relationship worked from the inside. She only knew that theirs did – work, that is. They were perfectly suited and incredibly happy after 4 years of marriage. They didn't play games. She didn't intentionally “misbehave” to earn the punishments that she dreaded and craved. He didn't make up reasons to make her suffer, although sometimes one presented itself, and he generally took advantage of it. But mostly he just did it. When, where and how he liked.

“I think you need a good dose of the strap,” he might say to her, perhaps as they were driving home from somewhere. Her breath would catch, mouth go dry, her heart begin to jump. And always that quick tightening, wetting sensation that made her legs pull together.

“Will it be hard? Will I need to be tied?” she'd whisper, unable to stop a small whimper of fear from escaping.

“Oh, yeah. I'm afraid so,” he'd smile. “I think maybe over the sawhorse, with your legs spread nice and wide.”

“Oh, God, Frank! That leaves me so exposed! Will I have to get whipped on my pussy as well? Please, not on my pussy!” Her hand would slide protectively between her legs.

He'd laugh at the quiver of fear in her voice. “We'll see. I haven't quite decided yet. But it has been quite a while since that little slit of yours has had to suffer, hasn't it?”

“Y-yes, I guess. Oh, but please! It hurts so bad there! Couldn't I just have my bottom strapped?”

Cara gasped as her hands were grabbed and pulled together over her head, snapping her back to full wakefulness. She felt the cuffs being buckled on her wrists.

“Well, looks like those two orgasms earlier weren't quite enough for you tonight,” Frank chuckled. “Guess I'll just have to see what else I can do for you.”

Before she could say a word a large ballgag was being pushed into her mouth and buckled firmly behind her head. She realized that in her reverie her hand had begun to work harder between her legs. Thinking about her punishments always made her incredibly hot, but in that half asleep, half awake state, she'd begun to act on her arousal, and Frank wasn't quite as far gone in sleep as she'd thought.

He quickly flipped her over on to her stomach and pulled a thick bolster cushion under her stomach, positioning it at the bend of her hips so that her bottom was stuck high in the air. He spread her legs wide, fastening each ankle to the cuff that lived at the bottom corners of their king-size bed. His bedside lamp came on and she could hear him getting something from the cabinet there, but tied as she was, she couldn't lift her head enough to see over the big pillow that lay to her left to see what was in store for her. Soon enough she felt something cold and wet being pressed against her exposed anus. The pressure increased and she groaned as the plug began to enter her, stretching her uncomfortably. He pushed it home and she sighed, thinking the worst of it was over, until she heard the sound of the bulb being squeezed and felt the intruder balloon inside her rectum.

“Ugh!” Her muscles stiffened and her head came up in protest. The bulb was squeezed a second time and she shook her head frantically. “Uggghhh!” She hated the inflatable plug because he could stretch her as painfully as he chose while she lay there helplessly. But thankfully after those two hard squeezes, he dropped the bulb between her splayed legs.


“Hmph!” It felt like the leather paddle. She jerked as it landed again, harder. He struck randomly, all over her bottom, eliciting even stronger responses from her when the paddle landed directly on top of the plug, causing it to move painfully inside her sensitive rectum.

“Oh, yeah – you're getting nice and red.” He stopped the paddling to reach down and wiggle the plug roughly, smiling when his wife squealed in protest. “Want that pumped up a little more, Sweetie?” he asked as he gave the bulb another good hard squeeze.

“Uggggghhhhhh!!!” she howled into the gag and struggled against her bindings at the sudden pain from the increased pressure in her rectum.

Frank began the paddling again, harder and faster, as his wife jumped and writhed under the punishment. He only stopped when he was panting from exertion and arousal, and her bottom was a deep, hot red. He tossed the paddle aside and knelt between his wife's widely spread knees, pushing his thick erection into her wet opening. The bulging plug in her ass caused her to be tighter than usual and made his entry painful for her. Frank knew that he could make her cum explosively if he did it right and he began to pump himself roughly in and out of her wet channel, slamming against her red hot ass and the plug buried inside. She screamed into the gag and struggled against the rough treatment.

“I think you need that plug pumped up some more,” he panted and picked up the bulb.

Cara frantically shook her head, begging him not to squeeze the bulb again. She couldn't take any more! It was huge already! Please, please no more! Her desperate pleas were muffled by the thick ball.

“Oh, yeah, you definitely need more,” he growled, giving the rubber bulb a hard squeeze and ramming his cock home simultaneously. Cara screamed and her whole body stiffened as a huge orgasm ripped through her. The gripping and spasming of her muscles pushed him over the edge and he exploded right after her.

“That was Dad. They're making good time. Should be here later this afternoon.” Frank hung up the phone and chuckled as his wife groaned. “I've got a feeling you've got a rough month coming up, Sweetie,” he grinned.

“Do you think – do you think they'll punish me every day for the whole month?” she moaned. “I mean, I know when it was a week they pretty much did, but surely not for the whole month! Do you think?” Cara squirmed and twisted her hands.

“I don't really know, but you know the rules, Hon. You have to take whatever they decide to give you,” he laughed as his words caused Cara to squeeze her legs together protectively. “Whew! I don't mind telling you I'm going to be hard for the whole month!

“I know!” she chuckled ironically. “And I know what I agreed to. I won't go back on our agreement, but … oh, shit! Frank, they love making me suffer!” she whimpered.

Cara was remembering what had got her into this in the first place. It was in the first year they were married, the first time his folks came to visit. Don and Marge had come back from an afternoon out earlier than expected and walked in on Frank spanking her. Frank refused to be embarrassed. He'd simply explained things to his folks. Well, that was one long conversation! But in the end both of Frank's parents admitted to having a strong interest in discipline and punishment themselves. They had never acted much on those desires within their own marriage because both of them were very dominant people. With the advent of the internet both Don and Marge had been able to explore their interests more, in at least a fantasy way. But finding out that their son shared this interest and was in fact living it in his own life excited them.

She and Frank had had a long conversation that night as well. He wanted to allow his folks to punish her, that was clear from the beginning. He made it clear how the thought of watching her having to submit to them excited him. In truth, they had even discussed this a number of times. Oh, not his parents being the ones, but just that he'd love to watch her endure the humiliation of being punished by someone else. Cara had also admitted to being excited at the prospect of this sort of humiliating scenario. But the opportunity had never presented itself for them to explore it further.

Well, here was opportunity – knocking loud and clear! Cara was hesitant, reluctant, but perhaps also wanted to be “forced” to endure such humiliation. In the end she allowed herself to be persuaded. Frank was excited by the possibilities and forged ahead to bring their fantasies to life.

By the next morning, Frank had drafted an agreement, in writing, which Cara signed in front of Frank, Don and Marge. In it she agreed that she would submit to any and all punishments demanded of her by either of her in-laws, just as she did with her husband. Frank felt the act of seeing it in writing and having her sign such an agreement added a nice level of embarrassment for her.

Within minutes of that agreement being concluded, Don told her to remove all her clothes and prepare to be spanked. Cara's breath caught and she became instantly wet at hearing those words! On unsteady legs she stood up from the table and brought shaking hands to the hem of her shirt.

“Oh, dear,” she breathed. “Oh, this is really going to be humiliating.”

She lifted the shirt up over her head and off, and felt herself blushing hotly right to the roots of her hair. Down came her little shorts exposing much tinier panties of pale silk. Her trembling fingers went back to work the catch on her dainty wisp of a bra, then let it slide down her arms, freeing pale, grapefruit-sized breasts to unaccustomed view. She felt herself grow even wetter at having to expose herself like this, at the thought of taking a humiliating spanking from her father-in-law.

“Come on, Sweetie,” Frank smiled at his wife's obvious embarrassment. “Get those panties down so Dad can give you a good spanking.” He felt himself getting hard as he watched his wife squirm.

Both Don and Marge sat perfectly still, almost mesmerized. A slight flush on Marge's cheeks indicated how aroused she was at watching her daughter-in-law being made to strip like this. Don cleared his throat and shifted in his chair, readjusting himself to accommodate his growing erection.

With a groan of mortification, Cara slipped the little panties down her legs and off. Frank preferred that she keep her pubic hair shaved completely, so she was now without any covering at all.

“Move your hands away and stand up straight, Girl. Uncross your legs,” her father-in-law commanded. “In fact, put your hands right on top of your head so we can see you properly.”

Lifting her arms raised her lovely breasts and showed them off to perfection. Her large coral-colored nipples were hard with fear and arousal. Cara's slim waist was nipped in even more with the lifting of her rib cage. Just beneath her delicate navel, her belly rounded out ever so slightly above the soft shaven mound at the juncture of her stunning legs. In days gone by, Cara's bottom would probably have been called “impudent.” It rounded perfectly out and up from above perfect white thighs, the ideal spankable ass.

She had to stand there naked and blushing while her in-laws looked her over. Cara's eyes darted from one place to another, anywhere but at the eyes looking at her.

“All right, Girl. Come over here and get over my knee so I can warm up that fanny of yours.”

Cara moaned softly but obeyed.

“Hands behind your back, legs spread,” he commanded as his big hands pulled her down over his lap. His left hand grasped both of her small wrists and held them together behind her, adjusting her body further forward until only her toes touched the floor. “Spread those legs a bit more.”

Don may not have had much practice in the art of spanking, but he was a quick study. Within minutes his big, strong right hand had Cara jumping and squirming. And then, very soon, she began to whimper and beg.

“Oh, please – please. No more. Oh, please, Don, not so hard! It hurts! It's really hurting! No – please! I've had enough. Oh, please, no more – please!!”

When his father's hand began to slow down at these entreaties and the older man raised a questioning eyebrow, Frank chimed in.

“Don't pay too much attention to her noise, Dad. Believe me, she can take a real blistering. In fact, I recommend it!” he chuckled.

A huge grin broke out on Don's face and his hand began to land with more vigor on the wiggling pink cheeks.

“So, Girl, it sounds like you're gonna have to stay right here and take what's coming to you for a while!” he laughed as she squealed and writhed under the renewed onslaught.

“No – no, please!! It hurts! Ow! OWWWW! IT HURTS!!!”

Cara pleas increased in urgency as Don began to lay it on hard and fast.

“Tell you what,” Don paused his rhythm a few minutes later. “How ‘bout you and Marge each grab an ankle and really spread those legs out for me so I can get some of the areas I've missed.”

“No, no please, don't – please!!” Cara pleaded when Frank and Marge happily obliged and split her legs widely.

Now poor Cara really began to feel the punishment! His hard hand smacked cruelly against the tender and still pale inner curves of her bottom cheeks and high on the insides of her thighs. She howled!

“Oh, yeah, you don't like having to get it right in there, do you, Girl! But you're gonnna have to take it – you're gonna have to take it nice and hard right inside there where you're good and tender!”

Cara struggled frantically! But the spanking continued unabated until her whole bottom was a deep, fiery red.

“Well, now, how's that, Girl!” Don asked when he finally decided she'd had enough. “I don't think you're gonna want to sit on that bottom for a little while, do you?”

“No,” she moaned, her hands rubbing her hot posterior while she squirmed in misery. “I probably won't be able to sit down for days! God, you really spank hard, Don! I hope you don't decide to give it to me too often.”

From that moment on he and Marge had taken great delight in their new “hobby” and Don, particularly, was clever and inventive at thinking up torments for her. Having had so many years to think and dream with no real outlet to try any of his ideas, he was now like that proverbial “kid in a candy store.” Marge took great delight in tormenting her daughter-in-law's sensitive breasts and in making Cara take punishing enemas. Don took particular interest in torturing her genitals. Of course there was never any sex involved in any of these activities, but Cara presumed that her in-laws' sex life had taken a strong up-swing as a result of their new diversion.

Frank loved watching his wife being punished by his parents. This shared interest had brought them closer than they'd been in years. And, truth be told, Cara found herself continually aroused by the fear of what was coming next and the memories of past torments.

But it had been for only one week out of every year. Now, that was all about to change, Cara thought, as Frank announced that his parents were pulling into the driveway!

“Well – don't you think it's time you gave us a little entertainment, Girl?” Don asked good-naturedly later that evening.

They'd all spent the afternoon getting the folks settled comfortably in the spacious guest suite. A month's stay necessitated a great deal more luggage than their usual week. Then there had been all the catching up to do – family, friends, local gossip from the old home town. Cara had prepared a simple dinner for everyone, and then had begun to get nervous as the after dinner conversation wound down. She was sure of what was coming next, at least in a general way.

“Y-yes, certainly, Don. Whatever you want, of course,” she tried to swallow though her mouth had gone dry. Her father-in-law's words had her squirming. She could see a big grin split her husband's face.

“What I want, Darlin', is for you to get out of those clothes so I can see how you enjoy a little present I made for you,” he guffawed. Don was a big, strong man with a big, robust personality.

“Oh, dear! Of course, yes, of course.”

Cara's hands shook as she slowly stood up and began to unbutton her blouse. Nerves made her hands clumsy as she worked the buttons and then slipped off the pale pink silk to expose an even paler pink wisp of a bra. Her hands went to the waistband of her linen trousers and opened them, sliding the cream fabric slowly down over her hips. All the eyes in the room focused on her as she bared herself for their amusement.

When her trousers had been folded neatly on top of her blouse, Cara's hands moved behind her to unhook the dainty bra. All too soon, for her at least, her tiny silk panties followed. She stood before the group completely naked, wondering what was coming.

“Excellent! You're looking as lovely as ever, my Dear. Now just turn around for us so we can get a good look at you,” he grinned. “And I'm just going to pop into the other room and get that present I talked about.”

While he was gone, Marge grinned at her delightedly. “I've found a new and very interesting sounding enema recipe on the internet, Cara Dear. I think it's going to make you squirm like crazy! Perhaps we'll try it out tomorrow. Would you like that?”

“Oh, dear – probably not, but I guess I'm going to get it anyway,” she groaned, and elicited laughter from Frank and his mother.

“All righty, then! Here we go. Just for you,” Don beamed as he returned holding out a small whip. “Or more accurately, just for your little pussy. I think this is just gonna sting the hell out of you down there between your legs!”

His words made Cara gasp in dismay and started her legs trembling, but the fear also caused a tightening low in her belly and a gush of moisture between her legs.

The whip he'd created was made of 8 rawhide strands, each between 10 and 12 inches long. He'd tied small, hard knots randomly along the last 3 inches of each strand. They were attached to a nicely finished wooden handle about 6 inches in length.

“I'm going to wet the rawhide down to give it a little weight,” Don explained, “and then I think it might just make you jump, Girl!”

“Oh!! Oh, dear!” Cara's eyes were riveted on the little whip. “Oh, please, Don, do I have to have it between my legs? C-couldn't you just use it on my bottom?”

Everyone laughed delightedly at Cara's reaction to her “present.”

“Sorry, Darlin', but this is specially made to do it's magic right inside that sensitive little slit of yours and I've really been looking forward to watching you bucking and squealing when I put it to work on you!” he laughed. “I've never seen a woman actually get her pussy whipped, but I figure it's gotta be just absolute hell, being so sensitive in there. Figure getting it right in there for real would make a girl howl like a banshee! I been getting hard as a rock every time I think about you being tied with your legs open and not being able to get away from this little whip I made for you!”

“Well, then, I think we should all head down to the punishment room and get down to business!” Frank laughed, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. “I'm as anxious as you to see your little creation in action, Dad.” He kissed Cara's forehead affectionately and lead the way to the basement.

Frank and Cara had outfitted their large basement as a ‘Punishment Room' for Cara. Over the years they had gradually added items that caught their attention in stores or on the internet. There were various benches and a saw horse that was just the right height. Straps and paddles hung from the walls on hooks. A tall stool with a large dildo sticking up from the center of the seat made Cara shudder whenever she looked at it. The concrete floor had been covered with a utilitarian carpet in deference to Cara's bare feet. The whole room made her belly tighten and her pussy wet just looking at!

“OK – how do you want her positioned, Dad?”

“I was thinking I'd like her on her back on this little bench, legs pulled up and wide open – REAL wide open,” he beamed. “I want these little strands and knots to be able to get right down inside where she'll feel them.”

“Perfect! OK, Honey, you heard the man - on the bench. Let's get you all trussed up nice and tight. I've got a feeling you're going to be trying real hard to jump around once Dad starts working on you!” he laughed.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Cara wailed in trepidation. Listening to her father-in-law's enthusiastic description of what was coming had turned her knees to jelly. “Oh, please! I don't want my pussy whipped! Please! Or – or, at least, couldn't I just be bent over with my legs spread, Don? You could whip my pussy that way!”

Don laughed. “No, Darlin,' your pussy will open up much better with you on your back and your legs pulled up. And I'm sure you want that little slit of yours to open up as wide as possible so you can really appreciate this little gift I made for you, don't you?”

“Oh, no – please! I won't be able to stand it like that!” she moaned. Fear was paramount now as she contemplated what was in store for her. As always when she was about to be punished, Cara begged to be let off, even as her arousal intensified.

Cara continued to beg, hopelessly, as Frank guided her onto the bench and pulled her hands behind her and under the bench to be fastened in cuffs there. Next he pulled up a large strap and buckled it firmly around her waist, holding her securely to the bench.

“Oh, Frank – please, I don't want to have my pussy whipped! He whips so hard, Frank – please, not between my legs!!”

“Sorry, Sweetie,” he chuckled. “I'm afraid you'll just have to take what's coming to you, you know that. I've got a feeling you're going to have a very sore pussy for a few days!”

Don had already attached soft cuffs to her ankles and was hooking up lines to them that lead to eyebolts in the walls. Within minutes, Cara's legs were pulled up high and wide and slightly back toward her head, fully exposing the most intimate parts of her anatomy. He and Frank continued tightening the lines until she was stretched as wide as they could get her. Cara continued to wail.

“No, no, please! Not like this! Oh, God, it opens me up so wide! Please, I won't be able to stand it like this!”

“Well, I hear all the protests, but you sure are pretty wet and excited here,” Don observed with a big grin. “Bet you're not gonna be quite so wet when you find out what this little whip feels like in there!”

Frank and Marge both laughed as Cara wailed in protest.

“I think I want to add some cuffs right above her knees and tie her out there as well,” Don said. “I don't want her to be able to squeeze her thighs together even a tiny bit. I want to make sure she has to stay wide, WIDE open, even when she starts to feel the bite.”

“Good idea. Got more cuffs right here, Dad,” Frank tossed one of them to his father. “If that little bugger stings her the way I think it's going to, she's definitely going to be trying to pull her legs together!” he laughed. “Mom, you want to get a gag out of that chest over there?” he pointed with his chin toward a tall chest of drawers as he fastened the other cuff snugly around Cara's thigh. “Top drawer, should be. Get the large penis gag. I'm guessing Cara's going to be trying to break our eardrums once the festivities start!” he laughed. “That big penis gag holds her tongue down and keeps her about the quietest of any of them.”

“Yessiree,” Don agreed with a smile. “I got a feeling our little Cara's gonna be dancing and singing real nice for us in just a bit. Probably hit some real high notes!”

Marge brought the gag over with a smile. “Open up, Sweetheart. You're going to want something in your mouth to bite on in a minute anyway,” she laughed. “And I'm afraid you're right, Sweetie. I think that nasty little whip is going to hurt like absolute hell on your pussy.” She cut off Cara's pleas by pushing the short, thick penis gag into her mouth and buckling it securely behind her head. “He's really been looking forward to this for a while so I'm afraid you're likely to be getting quite a little workout here. I'll bet you're going to walking funny for a few days after this!” She patted her daughter-in-law on the cheek affectionately and stepped back for a better view.

With his daughter-in-law tightly secured just the way he wanted her, Don went over to wet down the strands of rawhide in the bar sink at the other end of the big room. His heart was nearly pounding and he was already sporting a monster erection. As his wife said, he had really been looking forward to this.

The captive girl's pussy was spread so wide open from the way they'd stretched and tied her that even her vagina had been pulled open. He smiled thinking that the little knotted tips might even bite her right down inside there. ‘That should make her jump a bit!' he chuckled to himself. He also noted that her labia had been pulled back to expose her little clit. Oh, boy! That was his favorite target and he planned to aim plenty of shots right at that sensitive little nub! She was squirming and whimpering in fear as he approached, her eyes fixed on the whip in his hand.

“You're about to get a REAL good crotch whippin,' Girl,” he grinned and raised the whip.

“Ngggghhhh!!” Poor Cara's eyes flew wide and she jumped against her restraints at the explosion of pain between her legs. Oh, shit!! It stung like fire!!

The second shot was aimed at her exposed and slightly open anus. The little orifice twitched and jumped sensitively at the intense sting and Cara once again shrieked in pain. Don snapped the next lash a little higher and was rewarded to see that the little knotted strands would, indeed, bite right down inside the girl's open vagina. Her screams and struggles told him how true the shot had been! With a grin of pure pleasure, the big man flicked the little whip out for the fourth time, adding a good snap of his wrist, and watched the knotted rawhide dance across the very front of Cara's widely spread slit where her vulnerable clitoris peeked from beneath it's protective hood. Her reaction was electric! Even the thick gag couldn't fully muffle her howls of agony as her body bucked wildly making the ropes creak and the bench jump.

“WOO!! I think you're starting to make her feel it, Dad!!” Frank applauded. His eyes shone and a huge grin split his face.

“Oh, my!!” Marge breathed. “Oh – oh, my!” Her face was flushed and her thighs pressed firmly together.

Don laughed out loud. “Oh, yeah! I think this little whip's gonna be good for her! What do guys think?”

“Oh, yeah! Definitely good for her!!” Frank's voice came out rough and throaty. “But I think she's going to need a good dose of it so we can evaluate it properly, Dad. A good BIG dose.”

“Yes, absolutely,” Marge licked her lips as she watched the panic in her daughter-in-law's eyes. “I think her pussy needs to have a VERY thorough treatment with that lovely little whip of yours, Don. And I think you need to pay extra special attention to her clit – I'm sure that's where it will do her the most good.”

“Yeah, I think so, too,” he smiled. “Like I said, you're gonna get a REAL good crotch whippin,' Girl.”

Cara's eyes grew huge and she shook her head frantically as Don grinned and raised the little whip again. Poor Cara shrieked into the thick gag as one of the tiny, hard knots bit directly on her exposed clit! Her struggles caused the bench to thud noisily on the hard floor of the basement, and brought renewed chuckles of appreciation from her rapt audience. Three more times Don aimed the stinging strands directly to the front of her spread open slit eliciting more frantic howls with each lash.

“Oh, yeah! This is great, Dad! Cara's never had her slit punished like this before. Look at the way that little whip is making her buck and jump!! I've never really whipped her right IN her pussy before!” Frank's eyes shone with excitement as he watched his wife endure the dreadful whipping. Her pussy was becoming red and swollen from the punishment.

After several more agonizing lashes, Don paused to examine the girl's abused slit.

“What do you think, Frank? I'm inclined to work on her some more, but I don't want to overdo it, of course.”

Frank leaned in closer to examine his wife's pussy. Although the flesh was quite red and a bit swollen, there were no breaks in the skin. He could see a number of dark red dots and realized that was where the little knots had bitten. He felt his hard cock twitch when he noticed that Cara's clitoris had endured several direct hits from those cruel little knots! No wonder she was jumping and howling like a banshee!!

His wife's muffled pleas gained his attention and Frank raised his eyes to her face. She shook her head and moaned plaintively, clearly begging him to put an end to her punishment.

He chuckled and patted her cheek affectionately, “Sorry, Sweetie. Your pussy can take plenty more whipping!”

“She can definitely take more, Dad!” Frank assured his father as he straightened up. “I think she needs a good long workout with that little toy of yours. And I agree with Mom – I think you should give her a real good clit whipping. She just about jumps out of her skin when you give it to her there!” He turned back to grin at his horrified wife. “You need that little clit whipped some more, don't you, Sweetie!”

Cara's eyes flew wide and she began to frantically shake her head at her husband's words. No, no! Please! Not on my clit! Please don't whip my clit – it's AGONY!!! But her wordless pleas fell on deaf ears.

“I think our poor Cara's going to be walking a bit funny for a few days,” Marge chuckled. “But her pussy will heal just fine. I agree with Frankie - that little slit of hers needs a lot more punishment!”

“Oh, yeah – that's what I wanted to hear!” laughed Don as he prepared to resume the cruel whipping. “Looks like you're just gonna have to stay right there and take what's coming to you for a while, Girl! I notice your little pussy isn't quite so wet now – guess you're not enjoying this little stinging you're getting! That's OK – we sure are!” He had perfected his aim now so that he could bring the little knotted strands sweeping up to strike the delicate underside of the captive girl's swollen clit with ease. He swung the little whip and watched the knots bite her clit cruelly. The bench thudded and shook from Cara's frantic struggles as her punishment continued. “And just think – we're gonna be here for a whole month this time!”

© K. C. Richardson 2004

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