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Little Miss Muffin

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Synopsis: Woman decides to fully commit as a slave to a black mistress. Is it what she hoped for?
Little Miss Muffin

Kate had been corresponding with her black mistress for over a year now and
finally decided to committed to full time slavery.   Her plane had just landed
as she descended down the aisle.  She anxiously awaiting her fate now that she
had sold everything she owned and sent it to her mistress.    She had her
sexiest black shirt and blue blouse on and she recognized her mistress as soon
as she came out of the gateway.  She walked up expecting a hug but her mistress
only told her to follow her.  She walked behind noticing for the first time how
fully developed her mistress was.  In the photos, they exchanged she had known
she was huge but in person she looked like an Amazon compare to herself.  She
watched her large rear swayed as they walked into the women toilet room down the
hallway.  Her mistress ushered her into a stall.

"Bend over the john and lift your skirt and pull your panties down," her
mistress Tanya demanded.

Kate bent over and lifted her dress.  She pulled her panties down to her knees
exposing her white ass to whatever her mistress demanded.

"Is my little bitch ass sore from having to sit in the airplane seat so long,"
Mistress Tanya asked?

"Yes mistress," Kate replied.  The plane was really crowded.

"Spread your ass slut," Tanya demanded.

Kate spread her ass cheeks wide and felt something cold at the entrance to her

"This should loosen your tight ass up cunt," Mistress Tanya said.

She started working a butt plug up Kate asshole as she tried to relax her ass
muscles to accept it.  The intruder was big and it hurt till it was firmly
inserted.  Finally it was in.

"Put the lid down and sit on the toilet," Mistress Tanya demanded.  We have
plenty of time to get your stuff.

Kate lowered the lid and turned around to sit back on the toilet cover.  She
slowly lowered her butt down as the plug pushed its way deeper in her asshole. 
She felt totally stuffed.  She watched Mistress Tanya turn around and then lift
her dress up to her waist.  Her hand slid down in the waistband of her panties
as she lowered them down her thighs.

"My ass is tired from having to wait on you slut," she commanded.  "Worship it
to make it better."

Kate leaned forward and started smacking her lips on the huge mounds.  She
kissed her butt all over and then started kissing inside the globes.

"Use your tongue slut," Mistress Tanya demanded.

Kate was glad her asshole smelled clean as she started licking between the ass
cheeks and then the rim of her anus.  She was already excited dreaming about
what was going to happen throughout the plane ride and now she was soaking wet
as she started working her tongue in and out her mistress asshole.  She kept
tonguing till her mistress told her she could quit, promising her more later on.

"Pull my panties up slut and then fix yourself," Mistress commanded.

Kate lifted her mistress panties back up gently admiring the view of her ass she
had just tongued.  Mistress walked out the stall immediately leaving the door
wide open as she had to jump up quickly to get her own panties up before anyone
noticed.  The plug in her ass was firmly inserted she noticed and didn't seem to
slip in the least.  She walked funny at first trying to get used to the feel of
it as she hastened to catch up with Mistress.  Tanya was waiting outside and
told her to follow as they continued on to the baggage claim area.

When her baggage was delivered, Tanya demanded she carried it herself instead of
using the luggage wheel rack she had brought along.  The bags were heavy and the
plug in her ass made it difficult as she struggled to keep up with Tanya out the

Kate followed Mistress out the building into the parking lot as they continued
walking for near a 1/4 mile.  Her arms were killing her and she no longer tried
to walk normal as the plug was taking its toll in her asshole.  When they
finally arrived at the car and Mistress opened the trunk, Kate felt a sign of
relief to be able to get rid of the bags, putting them in.

"Drop your skirt and put it in too," Mistress demanded.

Kate was stunned by her words as people were walking by but at a distance.  She
knew she had to obey.  She lowered he skirt and then stepped out of it.  She
pitched it in the trunk with the bags.  She had on see through panties and knew
anyone watching could see the plug in her ass.

Mistress made her stand there for a moment before telling her she could get in
the passenger side.  She hurried to get in but mistress had the door locked and
took her time getting in before unlocking it for her.  She crawled in
immediately totally red in the face from the embarrassment of people in the
parking lot who had stopped and was watching her.  As they pulled out, Mistress
demanded she pull her blouse off and throw it out the window at the people who
was still watching.  Kate obeyed trying to avoid their stares of her large tits
in her cupped bra.

"Lower your panties to your knees slut.  "I want any truckers passing by to see
what a slut you are and whom you belong to," Mistress commanded.

Kate slowly lowered her panties down to her knees as they drove.  Mistress made
sure to try to pass as many trucks as she could slowly down slightly as they
came by the side.  Kate sat numb in her seat, her cunt exposed for anyone
looking in could see and her breasts barely hanging in her bra.  She didn't
noticed if any looked or not as she kept her head straight ahead to avoid seeing
them.  They finally drove off the main roads and more into a country resident
area till the houses got fewer and fewer and finally disappeared.  Mistress
slowed the car down and came to a stop.

"We are just a mile from my home.  Pull your bra off and walk the rest of the
way," she demanded.

Kate removed her bra and got out the car.  She started walking up the road as
the car followed behind slowly.  She knew her mistress must have been enjoying
her humiliation as several times she almost got bumped on the ass, as she would
blow her horn demanding she hurry up.  She had never guess it would be like this
but she was committed now and couldn't turn back.  She continued struggling up
the road and despite herself was getting wet between the legs with the
humiliation.  Finally, she saw a two-story house up ahead and increased her
pace.  Her asshole was sore and her ass was swinging wildly in back trying to
make it.  She walked up to the garage, which was closed as Mistress demanded she
stop and remain still.

Mistress got out the car and walked over.

"See my doorstep there," she demanded pointing to the front door.  "Before you
ever enter my house, you will get on your knees and kiss it till I let you in. 
Now do it slut!"

Kate walked over to the front door and got down on her knees kissing the stone
doorstep in front.  Mistress took her time opening the garage and driving the
car in leaving her there kissing it.  She kept kissing the cold stone till the
front door opened and Mistress stood there looking at her from above.  She
pushed her foot out the door beside Kate head.

"Lick my shoes clean slut and then you may enter."  She demanded.

Kate starting wagging her tongue all over her mistress boots trying to clean any
dirt on them.  Tanya must have been please because she opened the door wider
telling her to crawl on in.  As she passed, Tanya gave a kick to the ass telling
her to hurry up before bugs get in.

The living area was a large room as Kate looked up from her position on all
fours.  There were paddles and other stuff hung up everywhere and strange
looking furniture.

"Head to the floor bitch," Tanya called from above as Kate quickly complied. 
She felt Mistress shoe on the side of her face as she lay there with her butt
high in the air.

"In my house, you are nothing but a worm and cunt to be used and toyed with.  Is
that understood cunt?  Wiggle your ass if you understand."  She directed her.

"Yes mistress," Kate replied wiggle her ass already high above her head.  The
weight on the side of her face was hurting her ear.

"Good.  Don't move unless I give you permission," Mistress Tanya continued.

Kate watched her mistress walk over to the large sofa on the side of the room. 
She removed all her clothing as Kate watched on with excitement.   Cupping her
large breasts, she started tweaking her nipples looking down at her slave still
frozen in the middle of the room.  Finally, she sat down on the sofa and laid on
her back.  Her hand went down to her hairy cunt and she started rubbing her
clit.  She was starting to moan in excitement when she looked over at Kate.

"Crawl to me bitch.  Wag your tongue and ass and come lick your mistress pussy." 
Tanya commanded.

Kate didn't need another command as she started wagging her butt as she crawled
and stuck her tongue out like she was hungry.  She crawled till she was at her
mistress side by the sofa and then felt mistress hand quip her hair forcing her
mouth into her hairy bush area.  It was wet in excitement as Kate started
lapping on her cunt lips like a dog working the whole area in one lick and then
back up again.  Finally, she began inserted her tongue into her cunt lapping the
juices within.  Her own cunt was soaking wet in excitement.  She heard mistress
telling her good little puppy, bad puppy, and so one as she continued lapping
till mistress finally climaxed

"Return to your position and stay till I command you," Mistress Tanya demanded
pushing her face away and rubbing her cunt some more as Kate crawled back to the
center of the room and reposition herself as before.  Her cunt was dripping on
the floor as she tried desperately to remain still.  The throbbing between her
own legs were getting stronger and stronger.

"If you need to cum, you may crawl outside to the nearest tree and hump your
cunt on it," Tanya said.  "Just crawl to the door and bark."

Kate was extremely disappointed but her cunt was throbbing.  She got up and
crawled to the door, barking as she arrived.  Mistress finally came over after
several barks and opened the door back up so she could crawl out.  She found the
nearest tree in the yard and crawl over to it.  Positioning her ass against the
bark, she lowered her head so the tree bark was against her cunt and started
rubbing up and down on it.  She needed to cum so bad; she didn't care how
embarrassing she look as mistress watched from the open doorway.  She quickly
came against the rough bark, and crawl back to the door disappointed that it was
over.  As soon as she arrived she lowered her head kissing the step as mistress
let her back in.  She crawled till she was back in the middle and waited.

"Good little slut," Mistress Tanya teased her.  "Lick my feet for letting you
play with your cunt."

Kate started lapping her mistress feet running her tongue up and down on her
toes and upper foot.

"You're learning my little bitch."  Tanya said approvingly.  "Now the kitchen
floor needs cleaning.  Crawl over there and lap my floor clean.  Don't you dare
stop till I tell you?"

Kate groaned at the thought of having to lap the kitchen tile floor with her
tongue.  It hadn't turned out the way she planned.  Hesitating for a moment, she
felt a kick to her ass getting her moving towards her embarrassing target.  Her
mistress walked behind her probing her ass with her foot as she crawled.

Kate started running her tongue on the tile floor before her.  The humiliation
was becoming too much as she finally quit and begged her mistress to let her get

"Bitch, did I tell you to stop," Mistress Tanya yelled.

She watched her leave the room and sat on her knees in anticipation that
something bad was about to happen.  As she watched her reappeared with a belt in
her hand, she knew she was in trouble.  Kate immediately tried to get up and run
but Mistress caught her hand and easily twisted it behind her forcing her to
bend over slightly.  She was a lot stronger than Kate expected and she felt her
hand pulled high in back and screamed in pain.

"Disobey me will you bitch."  Mistress Tanya yelled.

The belt landed hard on Kate ass as she screamed and tried to reach back with
her free hand to protect her flank but another hit landed on her hand and ass
together.  Screaming in pain, she started trying to move away only to have
mistress keeping up with her and maintaining her hand pin and slapping her ass
with the belt.  She finally gave up and stood still crying and begging for

"Get you ass on the floor bitch and start licking," Mistress demanded.

Kate fell on the floor still crying and started licking again not daring to
irritate her mistress.  Her ass was on fire and both arms hurt bad as she tried
desperately to lap the floor with her tongue while kneeling forward.  Her
mistress stood beside her with the belt still in hand and she wanted no more of
that.  Mistress ran the belt over her back to keep her constantly aware it was
still there.  He knees felt like they were swollen and sore.  After what seem to
be an hour, mistress returned to her sofa in the living room and called her

"Stand in the center and spread your cunt," mistress demanded.

Kate stood up in and reached down spreading her cunt wide.

"Your cunt is mine," Mistress said, "take your fingers and pinch your lips wide
and hold it till I say you can release them."

Kate reached down pinching each side of her cunt lips and pulling them wide. 
Mistress lay on the sofa and started slowly working her fingers in and out her
pussy as Kate maintained her posture in total discomfort.  Her own cunt was
getting wet again watching mistress play with her hairy brown bush as she
pinched her lips harder trying to get some relief herself.  Mistress finally
turned around on the couch on her stomach and putting her wet finger back till
it was between her mounds.  She started rubbing her asshole.

"Turn around bitch and bend over."  Tanya said looking her.  "Spread that big
white ass of yours."

Kate turned around and bent over.  Reaching back she grabbed her ass cheeks and
spread her ass as wide as she could.  The plug was still in tight as she tried
to adjust to her asshole stretching.  She held that position for a good ten
minutes while mistress continued to toy with herself on the sofa.  She was going
batty just standing there.  Finally she heard mistress cumming on the sofa as it
started shaking from her orgasm.  She heard her get up from the couch and walked
towards her as she maintained her position trying not to shake in fear.  She
felt a light pat on her ass cheek.

"Come slave" Mistress Tanya demanded.

Kate stood back up and walked behind her mistress with her eyes glued to her
lovely mounds that rocked from side to side.  They entered the bathroom of the
house which was quite beautiful.  It was very large with a walk-in bathtub,
circular sink and a black painted toilet.

"Sit in the tub with your back to me," Mistress Tanya demanded.

Kate was wondering what was going to happen next but complied immediately.  She
felt the pain of the plug still in her ass as she sat on the cold bathtub floor. 
She felt the presence of her mistress standing behind her but nothing happened. 
Then she felt something wet on the top of her head and then a total stream.  She
realized her mistress was pissing on the back of her head.  She felt her piss
roll down her back as she sat there in humiliation in her mistress piss.

"I always wanted to piss on some white bitch hair."  She heard mistress say from
behind her.  "It don't look so pretty now."

"You have 10 minutes to shower and fix yourself up whore."  Mistress Tanya told
her from above.  "I suggest you make yourself look very attractive when you come
back or else.  That includes cleaning my tub."

Kate wanted to cry but knew she didn't have much time.  Tears rolled down her
face as she took a quick shower thoroughly washing her hair.  She dried off and
found the hairdryer.  Her hair was damaged she noticed as she hastened to take a
quick pee herself before she nearly ran back to the living area.

Mistress Tanya was standing looking around at her toys on the wall.  She turned
as she entered.

"Not too bad for a quick job," She remarked barely noticing her.  "Is my bitch
asshole still sore?"

"Yes mistress", Kate replied meekly.  "Please mistress may I take it out.  It
really hurts bad."

"Maybe later sugar.  I want it stretch so I can shove my big strap-on in your
ass whenever I want."  Tanya replied much to Kate dismiss.  "On your knees slut. 
Ass I the air."

Kate immediately got down on her knees putting her face to the floor and lifting
her ass high in the air.  She could hear Mistress Tanya moving things around on
the wall. She heard her pick something up and then walk over behind her.

"Has anyone ever told you that you have a big white ass that just begs to be
spanked?" Mistress Tanya asked.

"No mistress" Kate replied. "Please mistress not to hard it's really sore."

She felt something cold rub against her side and then mistress hands on her tit. 
She yelped in pain as she felt the cold object be clamp on her tit and then
mistress doing the same to the other.  She knew she was clamping them as pain
shot up her large nipples.

"You will be punished for telling me how to discipline you," Tanya warned her. 
"Never tell me what to do."

Kate clinched her ass around the plug expecting the worst which didn't have long
to wait as a big paddle came down across both her ass cheeks driving the plug
deep inside.  She screamed out.

"That's for being a white woman," Tanya said.  "The rest will be for being a
slut and a bitch."

Kate moaned in pain as the paddle started coming down on one ass cheek and then
the other.  Her ass felt raw in back as she squirmed on the carpet with each
hit.  It hurt like hell and she didn't dare reach back to try to cover it for
fear of getting another one between her butt cheeks.  She wagged her ass to try
to get the paddle to hit a different spot with no result.

"That's the way I like my white bitches," Tanya told her finally stopping her
pounding on her ass.  "Their big white asses' red all over and worming on the
floor like the little white pigs they are.  Are you tired slut from your
airplane ride?"

Kate ass was sore all over.

"Yes mistress," she whined.

"Crawl behind me and I'll take you to your quarters," Tonya demanded.

Kate got up on all fours and crawled behind her mistress.  Her tits and ass
stung like hell.  They walked down the hall till they came to a room which Tonya
opened up and told her to follow.

The room was a small room that looked like a dungeon.  In the end was a small
doghouse which Tonya was walking towards.

"Crawl in your new house bitch," Tonya demanded.  "You have one hour to sleep
before I come back and get you for your chores.  Now move it."

Kate didn't need any encouragement.  She ached all over and crawled forward. 
Tonya removed her nipple clamps as she pass as she yelp in pain as blood started
flowing back in them.  As she made her way through the entrance, she found she
would barely fit in there and hesitated only to have her ass slapped in back. 
She squirmed forward in the tight area and laid down.  She started to think how
she had gotten herself in this mess and past out in sleep.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?


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