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Short Stories by WolfenDom

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Synopsis: Collection of short stories by WolfenDom

...Surprises... coming home after a very long day of the usual
frustration and feelings of normalcy...the house is
darkened and you just drop off your purse and take those
annoying ear rings out of your ears...slipping out of those
uncomfortable shoes... hear a quiet movement behind you...and my words,
"shhhh...don't move" know it's me, and comply...

...I come up behind you, telling you in a whisper to be
don't move one muscle...and I softly touch the nape of your
neck with my breath...warm...and my lips...ever so soft...

...and you instinctively flinch, but I tell you again to
stay still...

...and then I begin, slowly, with the gentlest of

...soft kisses along the back of your neck, under your hair
as I lift it away from your skin...nuzzling your ear...with
a nibble, from only my tongue lightly touches
your earlobes...

...your nipples harden...and your breathing begins to tell
me that you're feeling very aroused...rather quickly...

...I tell you to put your arms over your head...and when
you do I gently attach leather wrist cuffs to
them...holding them in my one hand while I let my other
hand trace your lips, your chin...your eyelashes...

...gently I lead you to a wooden post in the far end of the
room, an eye-hook with a climber's carabiner attached up
about seven feet where I leave your wrists, secure and
fixing you at a place where you're now mine to enjoy more
to my satisfaction...I always enjoy seeing you like this;
your arms so slender yet toned; your legs, athletic and
well-muscled at the calves; your waist slender, inviting
anyone to admire that firm tight ass you have; and those
breasts of yours...ahhh, so well proportioned with the
nipples now so hard I can see them jutting from your

..."shall I just slice these clothes off of you, so you'll
know how much I need to touch your soft warm skin?"
shake your head, but don't say a know how I love
to have you like this...silent yet compliant and willing to
enjoy whatever I want to have of you...

...I open the curtains to the large window in front of you,
knowing how you're always self-concious in moments like
these, but in time, you forget all about the chance of
someone seeing you like're totally engaged in
what's happening at the moment and have no regard or care
for anyone or anything else...the soft flickering glow of
the candles around you illuminate you so sensuously to me,
and give you that look of being captive, incapable of
anything but what is waiting for you inside my

...I move to your dress, unbuttoning all the buttons down
to the very bottom, and soon you're in your thong panties
and wonder bra, the way I like to imagine you when you're
away from me...the bra unsnaps and your ample mounds of
incredible pleasure are free now so the dark nipples can be
touched, wound inside my thumb and forefinger as I increase
the pressure until you moan...making you let me hear your
sounds as you know I love to...

...the thong, so luminescent in its satin purple with the
candles giving it a surreal look of shimmering teasing, I
have to cut with my sharpest hunting knife I slip
the blade out of its scabbard, drawing it down under your
heaving breasts, across your nipples now screaming to be
sucked so hard, and over your tight stomach..."Is it sharp
enough for my precious girl tonight?"...I smile as you nod
your pretty luxurious hair approvingly...and with a turn of
my wrist the razor sharpness is inside your spaghetti strap
and with another quick snap I render the garment useless to
covering your mound of pure hedonistic pleasure...the thong
falls to the side, still clamped by your tight little
ass...with a grabbing of the fabric in one hand, I drag the
dull edge of the knife blade up the small of your back as
you gasp, thinking I may have incised your ribs with a
careless your wide gorgeous eyes gape in
questions to me, I smile and cover your succulent lips with
my own and deeply kiss you back into a state of utter and
relaxed pleasure, again awaiting whatever it is I may have
in mind for you... properly naked in my presence I walk away, leaving
you to open your eyes and strain to see if someone may have
stopped outside and peered inside to see just how much of a
slut you are, posing for them as you're doing
now...goosebumps roam over your fine body...and from a
distance I just watch you, sitting in a favorite chair and
admiring your absolute gorgeousness, letting my entire
being absorb you...

...I catch you looking over your shoulder, trying to find
out where I must be, and my smile completely covers my face
as I know you're ready for more and insisting I do
something about it...

..."Now, now precious know you're not to do
anything without me telling you," as I bring a flat hand
rather sharply across her ass making her yelp and jump all
at once...taking her hair in my hand I bend her face back
towards me...her breathing is quickened now, and with the
other hand I smooth across her stomach to the wonderful
juncture of her groin, feeling the pouting wet lips of her
expressive pussy, so warm and immediately responding to my
nearness with a small eager thrusting for me to enter

..."You are such an absolute slut, you horrible little
creature"...and with another smack of my hand I pull her
hair harder, whispering into her ear, "It's not your pussy
I want this fine least not for now...I want to
enjoy how tight your ass is for me first."...and with a
final smacking that has to really hurt, I tell her to move
her legs so wide, for I want to put the spreader bar in
place, after she slips on her 6" heels that I've brought in
for her...I place the shoes, nice and shiny black, in front
of her and she maneuvers well enough so that with the least
effort on my part, she's donned the sexiest shoes I've ever
enjoyed on any woman...

...the spreader bar in place, she's now at just the right
height for my concrete-hard cock to finally get its dessert
for the moment..."I bought you a new toy today,'s a wonderfully shaped black vibrator that
you may find to be a bit too big for your small pussy, but
I think you're wet enough now for a barge to jam its way in
if needed."...Loosening my pants, and taking my cock from
inside my boxers I slide back and forth under her soaking
wet cunt, getting so much of her lubricating juices on me,
it seems a shame I just don't jack off in front of her so
she can see how aroused she makes me, just by being here...

..."you are wanting something very hard and rough tonight,
aren't you my baby girl?"...she nods and with a rough
jamming into her tight pussy I shove the long appendage of
this black-looking cock well up into her, again bringing a
rush of shock and excitement from her mouth..."shhhh you
little she-wolf", as I smack her hard again on the
tightness of her ass, loving the smoothness of her skin,
the warmth of her being so aroused, and the pleasure of
knowing...she's all mine...

...without wanting to be troubled with making the vibrator
move, I switch it on, attaching straps around her, much
like a jock strap so it's held in place...driving her
absolutely crazy with carnal excitement..."Don't you dare
cum, you whore, for if you do before I say you can, you'll
be wishing you never ever gave me permission by your birth
to have you here tonight." She was totally taken by the
strength of the vibrator sending her up on her toes as she
tried to shake it loose before she failed to keep my was totally pleasing to me to see her so
frantic in trying to get that schlong out of her before it
was too late...

...grabbing her by the hips, I told her to be still, and to
make sure she was further impeded with this maniacal
bucking I place nipple clamps on her hardened rocks and let
the chain attached to them go around the wooden post so
that further excitement on her part would be rewarded with
some rather painful biting into her luscious nipples...I
wanted her to let me see I started telling her
what I had in store for I wanted to bring her out
like this in public, so others could see how much of a
sex-slut she was, offering anyone who had to desire to use
her young whoreflesh for their own decadent pleasure...this
only condemned her further into giving away with an orgasm
that had been building since I first touched her right
after she came home...she came...and she came with an
orgasm that completely took me by surprise by the
animalistic strength it gave her as she tore herself off of
the clamps, slamming her body into the post as time and
time again she stifled screams with moans of such
degenerate pleasure...whoa...that was some potent stuff for
my slavegirl...good things the clamps didn't have alligator
teeth in them to hold fast...

...keeping with my mystique, you know...I had to render
some appropriate punishment...and just as she was finally
coming down to earth again from her incredible display of
decadence, I moved behind her and with the vibrator still
going strong, I slushed my steeled shaft under her dripping
cunt, wiping her flowing juices all over and around my
meat, and with one disgusting shove I impaled her ass to
the hilt while she finally could no longer hold her screams
inside her and wailed to the four winds as I pounded inside
and out of her precious tight ass, holding her tits in my
hands now as I dragged her down while I went up with my
cock, now devouring her for its own needs of conquest...

...the vibrator did its intended work for me the
distance from her cunt to her ass, inside of her is so
thin...I felt the sensations of it equally as powerful as
she did...fucking her like this would have to become a way
of was so damn good I hated not thinking of this
before...just like her giving me a well-oiled hand-job with
a vibrator, except this was way better in every sense of
the word...

...I pounded her harder and harder..."Tell me how you like
this baby...tell me how you want this big cock of mine to
ravage your tight ass and make you beg me for it from now
on"...she was lost now in her complete abandonment of any
sense of morality..."Yes, yes...ohhhhh...yes...fuck me,
fuck me fuck hard...yesssss...ahhhhh!!!"...she goes
again into fits of orgasmic explosions as I squeeze her
tits so tightly against her chest and with a growl that had
to instill fear in cavemen I spewed my huge load of cum all
up into her ass...filling her full of my seed...and as I
jacked off again and again up inside her, I said..."My
precious little slut...oh, are my finest little
whoregirl ever"...I left my thick meat inside
her...smoothing my hands over her wet body, covered with
sexy sweat-sheen...the smell of our fucking all over the
place...the red light of the camcorder still promising to
give me many memories of the first time I put this two-way
fuck to use for my pleasure alone...and found out she
didn't mind it one bit at all either...

...her face was covered with sweat...I turned her head back
towards me and with tenderness mixed with a desire for more
in just a little while I kissed her deeply again, mingling
my tongue into hers...telling her with just that movement
that I adored her completely, and she was mine... limpness did its duty for my sprocket I let it slowly
slip out of her along with a small glob of spunk that hit
the floor...leaving her again to attend to my own needs, I
took the robo-vibrator out of her spent pussy and let her
lick off her own juices from it before I put it back into
its case, locked away so that only I could decide when and
if she'd get to enjoy it again...

...normally she'd be doing all the maintenance here, giving
me such a nice blow job, expertly learning from me how to
give me the ultimate pleasuring from her mouth and throat,
and eyes...but seeing the time, I had to get going...

...finally taking her wrists down off the post, I told her
to clean up all the clothes she'd littered the floor with,
and take the toys back to the locked closet where I kept
all of her paraphenalia of pleasure...quickly she sanitized
the place, and coming to me on her knees she waited for my
next instructions...

..."Hurry up and get a good shower in...your brothers will
be coming home soon and they think you're to be their
exclusive fuck-fest this weekend."...with a smile in her
eyes and a sweet kiss on my cock, she looks up into my eyes
and says simply..."Yes, Daddy"...

...copywright 2001...




The instructions came by are to meet me at a certain location, you've never been before...Knowing my way of enjoying your surprises, while you learn more of my way as a Dominant Male...leading you selectively into the pleasures of immediately feel the arousal of your lips, engorging with sweet blood, as the nectar of your juices seep into your sexy new panties...ordered by me to be worn today. Your nipples harden responsively, pushing against the soft silken lace, just low enough to expose the lovely darkness surrounding them, and their erotic power if that sheer blouse were removed.

Taking only the directions with you, finding the chauffeured car, just where it should open the door to see an enormous black man at the wheel, resplendent in his immaculate uniform; just as the huge limousine is as well, elegantly appointed with every convenience. Assuring you that it would be him, I have included not only his picture, but one of the car with license plates verifying as well, to remove any anxiety you may be far...

You slide in, along the soft leather seats, soothing your body as the car moves away...the windows becoming a soundproof partition glides to isolate you from the driver. Just as you feel the need to ask, a tape comes on, soft music as a prelude to my familiar voice, deep, calm, and absolutely sensual. "Hello my Precious Girl...I want you to know of my pleasure that you have willingly allowed me to relish these past weeks, and how I adore your submission, your willingness to become even more immersed into this way of being." The smile crossing your lips is earned, as the plans for this evening are further exposed.

"The car will bring you to an older, stately mansion...along the bluffs of a river, overlooking the canyon and beautiful forests beyond. The chauffeur will escort you to the inside of the grand hallway, on into the enormous rooms where he will then leave you to yourself, just within a suite of rooms resplendent in comfort, lacking nothing for your most exclusive desires."You settle back into your secluded chariot, enjoying the delicious fruits provided for your hunger, light and you are. What seemed like a few moments, actually was a span of two hours, as the immense car swiftly covered more ground than you imagined. The immense size of this place awes you as the windows lose their darkened tint, and reveal night has come, incredibly beautiful on this warm summer night. Finding everything exactly as it was indicated, you roam the suite...finding all you ever imagined for your comfort...and pleasure... "I see you've found the toys...I selected for you. Will you be a nice girl...take off those clothes for seductively like you do...and let me watch you...?" Startled, you look to see a camera has been following you since you entered. "He probably hasn't had his 'eye' off of me, since I entered the car!!" Knowing his pleasure in watching, she moves so sensuously as music fills her senses, enveloping her to an arousal she never knew front of this camera, recording her every turn...she senses a primal urge to be viewed as the prey she'd become...welcoming the instincts of this man, she craves. Taking the post of the large, canopied bed...she slid her legs around it, bending back to let its knobs...rub against her wet clit...the panties soaked...she takes them off along with the bra, revealing a body hard, toned...and exquisitely gifted...On top of the bed...she reaches luxuriously stretching her long legs...opening herself for a wonderful close- up of her swollen, wet she returns with a large, purple vibrator...wide at the base, with balls that look more like melons...her hands free to entertain her firm breasts, licking her nipples as she slowly, seductively slides onto the thick barrel of the shaft...again...up...and down...deeper... deeper... each time. Finally, she quivers in long, hard shudders, grasping the shaft as the orgasm rips through her...shrieking with pleasure, the erotic sensations of this entire experience. "My god, girl...I had to do myself, just watching you!!!...I can't wait to have you!...get into the bath!...wash yourself completely, and in 30 minutes...come to the outside of your door with only the robe you'll find inside the bath. This night is going to be especially, a 'hard' one for you now!" Smiling that inward glow, as all women know they are blessed with the immediate ability to arouse the men of their species, she slips off the rumpled satin spread and pads quickly into the bath, as instructed ...her firm ass bouncing just so, as she knows the camera is still on her...and wll be when she closes the door too. "What does he have in mind...he's mentioned a dungeon...and me knowing what ower and command he would have over me, but now...what did he mean...'especially a hard time now'? He does have that gorgeously, thick and oh, so long cock...the veins so prominent...and he uses it like a maestro...playing my body like no one has ever before." Indulging herself amidst the warm bubbles of the immense tub, large enough for four at least, she remembers the sound of his voice, earnestly demanding her attention to serving his needs, and without teasing the cameras "too much", she towels dry, smoothing herself entirely with the fragrances abounding there, and with a last look in the floor-length mirror, she fluffs her luxuriant hair above the collar of the terry-cloth robe, and quickly moves to open the door.

Standing outside the door is an enormous man, completely covered in black leather, except where his eyes indicated he could have been the chauffeur...not knowing for sure since she didn't get a real good look at him before...and certainly not now. Saying not one word, this goliath turns and heads down the long corridor, with her scurrying to keep up with these massive strides he's taking. Into an elevator...they descend...down...down...down...and when it stops...he speaks, "Leave the robe here, turn around, while I apply this blindfold to cover your eyes." Shocked by this almost cold, uncaring tone, which absolutely invaded her sense of decency, knowing this would be part of the night made her tense, just what was ahead. In the briefest of mental exercises, she concludes her "Master" was completely in charge of everything so far, and judging on his thoroughness, she should do as instructed. The robe gathers at her feet in a soft, warm she turns away from her escort, not allowing him to see her body. With exercised precision, a blindfold is draped securely over her head, removing her eyesight, and she knew her nipples immediately jumped to alertness.

"How will I know where to go?", she asks...genuinely. "With this", she hears the deep resonating voice of her giant...and he slips a choke chain over her head, causing her to react in a jerk...feeling the immediate tightness around her neck. Moving her hands to free herself, she is caught in a massive vise, as he says..."Be still, you are to have these straps wrapped around your wrists, and your arms are to be in front of you...NOW!!" Absolute silence, not wanting to even breathe, she offers her wrists to him, just as she feels the jerk of the leather as it circles her arms...tying her wrists into an almost uncomfortable knot. The door is opened and she smells the dankness of the place..."The Dungeon!!!"...she only dares scream...inside her head. "Where is he??!!...doesn't he know how terrible I feel now?? this the idea he had for be treated like a tramp by this monster of man??" Nothing would soothe her dread, as she stumbles to keep up with him...pulling at times to keep the tautness of the chain from squeezing her neck so tight...only to be met by a tug, that would almost send her tumbling ahead...she began to cry...not wanting any more of this idea of pleasure. Finally...they stop...she almost running into the back of Godzilla..."Lay back on this table"...she moves as he leads the chain..."Put your arms over your head"...quickly they are she feels a latch snapping shut, securing her arms tightly...allowing no movement as they squeeze against her face. She feels the chain loosen around her her once again, the freedom of breathing normally...except for her breasts heaving, as she fights this demon of panic rising inside her...each minute worse than the last... "Spread your legs"...oh my gosh...the tears come freely...wetting the blindfold, but not being seen outside this restraint...she moves her legs she feels a spreader rod attached quickly with a likewise snap of a latch...absolutely insuring her that resistance is impossible...and whatevertheheck he had in mind...she was not going to enjoy it...not one bit...and he'd damn well know about it soon as she got any chance of making any decision at all about her welfare. For now...she just lay there on that cold slab...and as her giant left, she could only be grateful he does not allow himself any small freedoms with her ever-so vulnerable body...aware just now of her nipples, still as hard as rocks, and more than anything she would have imagined...she knew the juices between her legs have already run onto this table!!! How humiliating to know you felt so miserable and all your body could say was "Fuck me!!" An hour passes, maybe two...the table once frigid has at least absorbed your warmth...making some things better than they were. Almost without any warning...her head jerks to attention, hearing something, as the remaining senses quickly accommodate the lack of vision, in what was an obviously threatening environment...except those nipples and that pussy couldn't be more ready to have some action..."Stupid cunt"...she never knew they had a mind of their own."There was someone coming...more than one!!"... and as they rounded a corner she could tell that another woman was crying desperately for something...absolutely hysterical with panic...and from the sounds of it...being dragged along the stones more than she could get up and stumble...The panic was immediately they enter the room...heavy wooden door...shuts the entire world away...from this crazily tortured soul, and whoever had her. "Please...please...oh, please...I'll do anything you want--anything you matter what!!!...Please do whatever you want to me...just don't let it happen...don't let it be done...I'm not trash!!!...I'll never refuse Him again...never act as if I don't crave and love for Him to be my Lord and Master...please, please, me...don't let them do this to me!!!" Straining to avoid what she couldn't anyway, her reflexes naturally tried to allow her to escape this terror, just a foot or so away..."Heh, heh, heh"...."HIM...the Giant!!!..."Oh, Lil' Miss High and Mighty...ain't forgettin' how you acted towards John and the res' of my boys...ever sinceyou came, you always too proud to even notice us...just lik' we was somethin' you couldn't associate with...Now look atcha...telling me you'll do whatever I want...just so I don't let my boys all fuck ya, spoiling you from ever again bein' good enough for Him...Ya see...ever time you gave us the cold shoulder, not even decent enough to look our way...we been awaitin' for this very get that blonde hair of your's all over our thick, hard cocks...and let you swallow all three of the SAME TIME!!!" Hearing him slap her, it wasn't clear where he hit her...but it was more apparent whenhe slung her over the table, across her own she wasn't even there...and told her to keep quiet, while he'checked her out'. Hair cascading to cover her pussy, she felt the tears drop onto her stomach, asshe also felt the shudders of pain, as this poor wretch was prodded, poked, and slapped...feeling ahuge paw reach under and move the dangling, full breasts off of her, as she could almost "see" the pain twist this one's face into a mask of misery, while her nipples were practically stretched and pulled to tearing off of her heavy breasts... "Hmmm...for an uppity bitch...I may just think of a way you can help ole Johnhere get rid of some of his own' if you good enough...maybe...and I ain'tpromising one thing...but maybe...if you reallygood at what I needs...then I could see fit to give you a slip out the backgate and letcha have a start afore my boys find out you gone." Yes, oh god yes, thank you, John...whatever ...whatever I can do for you...whatever you want me to do... anything...let me know...I'll do it...please...please..." Tears fell again, as she was yanked by the hair, back off of her...standinga foot away...facing John. "Tell you what, my cock...and do it for all ya's worth...cause if you ain't gagging on my cum in ...hmmm....30 seconds after I say's off...and you...get more than one cock to worry 'bout then." "Yes, please...oh, yes...thank you, John...thank you"... she shudders, being pulled off of her waist and legs and being led to the end of the table where her legs were spread wide...Tying this one's wrists to her own ankles, she feels the giant at the edge of the table, making this one's task more difficult as he stands to the side...her head to twist awkwardly and just as he pushed her onto the stones, her knees taking a bruising by his roughness..."Look at this bitch ...take my cock out and take a good look at yo next meal..." Hearing the leather pants could almost feel her eagerness at servicing this huge man..."Ha, ha, that ain't whatyou been used to having slide up yo tight is it??"...With nothing but, "No Sir"...escaping her lips...John says, "NOW!!" and lets her hair loose as rams her head down onto his huge a piston...again and again...harder, the sounds of her sucking so loud as she slurps and groans, ignoring all but getting this massive cock to hurl its wad deep down her throat...eager like she's never known...this black monster spearing her each time she dives on it again... "15 seconds" wet...frightened...feeling undeniable waves of pleasure building between her own aroused...beginning to move her hips...hoping for something...anything to make this same incredible animal passion release you...squirming hear... "20 seconds"...this one sucks...her blonde hair swirls as she pumps this cock again and again....barely able to breathe as it fills her throat... breasts,full and bouncing against your she is frantic...swallowing his juices...madly ramming herself, punishing herself...incredibly eroticized she has lost the ability to mask this welling inside her own loins...twisting with her own strains of pleasure, knowing the crescendo builds to a molten pitch soon, so very soon, inside her own stoked inferno...she ceases to care of whoever knows...she's about to cum....straining against her own bonds, incited with the sounds, smells, and feeling of bodies earnestly in heat, she pulls the moans, the wildness of this sucking, slobbering...mouth straining, tongue lashing...up and down this huge, enormous thepower of this instant collects... "5............ 4.....ohhhhhh......geeeezzzzgirl............... 3............... ah...ah...ohhhh .....ohhhhhh............2....................ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh.......... 1.............unnnnnnhhhhhhhhh...............ahhhhhh....................god ... god.....ahhhhhhhh............0............................................. ... ................ ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........taking his huge, massive, wet stiff cock out of her tortured mouth, as he shoves her head away.......he grabs onto this monster...and with huge jags of creamy, white cum...bursting all over her face, hair and breasts.........."Din't do it , bitch....ya din't do time" he pulls again to make sure the last bit of his load hits her in the eyes. Oblivious to all around her, she came with an incredible shudder of an orgasm that tore her inside out, with her body contorted as much as it ever as...twisting to have something, anything give her that firmness between her legs, that would topple this wave entirely..... Nothing there...except when his hand dropped onto the table... precisely between her legs...."Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......Ohhhhhhhhhh........ Unnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh....Ohhhh.....Ohhhhh.....Ahhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhh...." "Damn...done forgot 'bout yo lil white ass...while this bitch here was sucking her heart away...making ole John smile like a catfish!!!....But, din't do it...din't do again what you needed to do to keep yo fine self in all yo glory....Now...I gotta keep my word...and get the boys in here to take care of business... like they been wantin' to do for a very....long time..." Not hardly a sound is she is forced up...bending at the waist...still strapped...her wrists to your the table, extended reminds you of a doctor's examination table...but it is almost to her thighs...not quite...a ball gag...slipped over a sore mouth...hardly caring anymore...and the door opens again..."Come on in boys...just like I told ya she'd be...ready and willing...".....She senses one positioning himself under this worn-out misery, between her legs, roughly shoving her wide apart...his back actually across the spreader bar attaching your ankles so open and vulnerable... Feeling the strength...anxious and brutal...she knows the blonde is drug down onto another hard, greedy cock...and just like her own reaction, this one's pussy is wet with the instinctual link between the bodies erogenous zones...helping the process, that much more, as he quickly begins to thrust up into her....lifting her, as the wrists pull against these ankles...until another is a loud crack of a huge hand against soft words...only the cry of surprise from the another passing hand slaps a tight, ass with a little lubricant to let one more hardened cock push into her with no concern but its own pleasure....with moans, grunts...and the fullness of the smell of unbridled fucking, the poor girl's breasts bounce as the two cocks get into unison...pumping inside her as if she's to be split wide open...this slave...fastened to this table, incapable of resisting... finding her own misery in the fate which is her's...and still her body gives away to these animalistic beasts the natural pleasure her pussy and nipples can not she a deep, guttural feeling that rises up from within...her head lifting...back arching to let the angles of access be pleasurable...and within moments of this assault, she is responding to each thrust with a groan of pleasure, that again makes our blinded witness feel her own... ...John...sees the juices streaming from her fresh hot and alive it is...squirming as the hips again ask for some attention...moans accompany the tight nipples...breasts moving with each shock of the fuckfest at her feet... "Ummm....lil need John to help you get that lil cunt of your's off right now, too??"... "mmmmm mmmmm" ,she can only allow as she knows in her head the scene layed before her how nasty and humiliating it is for this the same time...her body is screaming for some release which is so cruelly denied...with the bonds so tight and restrictive...the bar so denying her legs...and all she can do is keep hovering in her orgasmic misery of release..." fine lil can be good...and let your hot, wet cunt rub up against my long, snake of a it laps yo pussy up and surrounds that hardbead of yo clit like a python....would you like a lil tongue action...fine lil cunt? You want to be a lil nasty with John...maybe even find out what this feels like up inside you too?" he drops his huge cock on top of her breast, she can't help but be more excited and hungry for sex...anyway, anyhow ....Unable to say a word...he continues to she knows he can bring her to anything he wants...misery, ecstasy, humiliation, degredation...and as she keeps building this explosion between her legs...she iswilling...anything...anything...."mmmmm .....mmmmmm....... yessssss ..... please...... yesssssss" "Alright...fine lil thing...hold onjust a minute...let me drag this huge monster off yo tight hard nipple...and see what you look like up close...down at yo hot, squirming pussy." ....The blonde has cum...over... and over again...not at all caring how she's fucked...just that she needs more and more of what these two will give her...slaps on her face, being pulled down with huge grips in her hair, as she's sucking their cock...twisted nipples as they ram up into her pussy or ass from behind; great smacks of pain she's loving as they slap her ass to a bright red...cum draining down her legs, dripping from her face...her breasts ...she is absolutely lost in this world of being used like an animal, a whore, fucked like a machine...degraded like the bitch she is...and ...loving it...cumming like never before...asking, begging for another whatever hole was last left vacant...milking each thick root of all it has each time, sure to finish it all....her mind...lost...maybe forever, in an orgasmic fog of pure sensual excitement and delight...addicted to this feeling of humiliation, degradation, exposure and most of all...these stiff, cocks...commanding her nasty body to cum...on they unload their balls over and over again, deep inside her hot, slick, tight body. Having used absolutely all of their cum for one bitch...the two who have had her for over an hour, laugh to themselves...and kicking her off of them...knocking her back to the stone floor...with direction from John...untie her from the spreader bar...her wrists once again free...and taking the choke chain lying nearby, they put it over this one's blonde, cum-soaked hair...and lead her, as quiet as a fawn...out the door...laughing as to how they "really fucked this one up."....taking her to their own use for pleasure, for money...whatever she's good for...awkwardly swaying and stumbling behind them...the naked blonde...cares little for anything, anymore...she knows her place and is glad of it...never again thinking of what is no longer of any relevance to her...she is a bitch...a filthy, cum-sucking cum-fucking whore... deserving only cum for her meals...if she's good enough to get that. Alone...once more...just as she was brought in...escorted by John...the room is he left apparently with hot for so long...and now needing, egging, pleading for him to give her whatever he chooses for her own cunt to explode...rushing over her body like a swollen river...plunging her in and out of a frenzy long overdue to be satisfied. sound...nothing... She must have dozed asleep...not realizing the stupor of sleep which slips in...for in an instance, she bolts rigid, forgetting the straps andbar holding she feels a deliciously talented tongue... languishing alongher clit...stroking in muscled contortions along her lips...pushing her legsfurther apart...she so soon retains that hover she had thought gone before...hips moving that pussy to meet him...letting John have all of her...not wanting anything more than to feel his huge deep inside her...."ohhhhh"....she moans....."ahhhhhh.....yessss.....please me.....lick me.......fuck me......please...yesssssss." Her joy returns asshe wiggles her ass to let him have full access to her cunt...wanting all that he'll give her....ready to ask for his her mouth...her ass...her she feels this huge orgasm bursting inside her with almost no warning....erupting like a she loud and so powerfully inside that stone tomb of this tongue keeps coaxing more and more of her to unleash all that pent-up passion so needing to be freed...and she rips the tides of pleasure...again...again...over...and...over.....every 30 seconds...a new one crashes on her shores...arching....screaming....contracting against the spreader bar....pulling against her wrists so tight....arching her back as her ass comes up off of the table....crashing...back again...this tongue....riding inside her lips like a cowboy on a bucking bronco.... nothing she's ever known is anything close to this....and as she's able to catch her breath...the shudders still coursing through her body....she is thinking to thank this huge monster of a man, John.... " that.....oh... ....J---"...."Well darling...I told you it was going to be a very, very ard night" "Oh, my god!!!!! HIM!!!!"....she is shot with a jolt of realizing thatit wasn't John...licking her her this huge orgasm and now...almost without knowing...she was about to worship John....when it was Him!!!!...."Oh, baby....oh....oh....oh....I can't even begin to tell you what this entire night has meant to me...Please...let me loose so I can sit up and be with you again...I have no idea how long I've been down here." "Relax, Precious Girl...the cameras have recorded it all...and it was overnight...for sure...the sun is just coming up...but now...shhhh...don't get ready too soon to get loose...this cock of mine has been denied all night long...and certainly deserves to ride that hot pussy of your's while I hold those hips, lick those breasts...and kiss that sultry, salty mouth of your's....but, I will take the blindfold off, so you can enjoy for once, seeing this room." with the blindfold removed, it was actually a huge room, indicated earlier by the echoes as the screams of passion had caromed off the ancient stone walls. And as she smiled at her Dom...this wickedly perverse man who had taken her naivete and exploited every sensual passion of her mind, and body...shegave herself his cock thrusts deep...and long inside her still- starved pussy. Her eyes closed...she let both of them enjoy their individual postures....her's the slave...his the master....and as she began to cum again, arching herself to open up to her Master in all that she is...she opens her eyes, turns toward the ceilings, and behind a two-way mirror whose usefulness is compromised with the sun rising and shining brightly through windows behind...she sees John...above, inside what must be the camera room...and as her master slams into her...again, and again...she smiles, and mouths...."thank you..." to this huge black she willingly wants him watch her being fucked by this master who she willingly serves, however he chooses.

copywright '98...

The following is as close to the truth as I have ever written. I did the obvious, to allow the confidentiality of the participants, but be assured this is more of a factual account than it is one to generate any tantalizing imagery. Do enjoy it as you read along and know this is happening today, in the US of A.


My early evening stroll carried me further among the wings of the compound, away from my comfortably appointed office area. I enjoyed this time of the day, when things were winding down peacefully, and the real persona of the girls could be more enjoyed, as the instruction phase was over. This time, prior to the evening meal, was personal time, just as they preferred to spend it. the sanctuary now housed several young girls with that rare opportunity of enjoying their sexuality and its enormous potential. Because of the intent here for pure sexual freedom as submissives, all of the cultural mores had been stripped from their thoughts and consciousness. As sexual creatures of immense needs, they relished this particular time of the day when the scheduled regimen allowed them to explore their own bodies with the approval of their mentor, me.

This walk led me to the cloistered confines of the cells where the girls lived. As my boots made their familiar clicking sound of metal, leather, and stone connecting from my ascension of the spiral stairwell, I heard the gorgeous utterances of moans coming from one of the newer novitiates. I stepped further towards her open door, as nothing is kept from me here, and I witnessed her in the throes of utter pleasure as she was obviously enthralled with pleasuring herself by means of her own hands. Only 19, blonde, brown-eyed, firm and tanned, she had only a wisp of material over her shoulders, as her knees were supported softly by a pillow, and she was intentionally in full view of the courtyard outside. A sheen of glistening sweat covered her firm breasts, resting so high on her chests, nipples hard and upturned. Her eyes were closed as her mouth was opened, drawing her breaths in between the shudders of her orgasm. Fingers of both hands were attending to her shaven lips, clit, and pussy, with her arms squeezing her tits together that made me instantly aroused. She let her hands work along with her hips as she simulated being atop a man's cock, forcing her wet pussy to engulf her hands again and again. I could tell she had delighted in her g-spot being rubbed as she almost toppled over in her amazingly powerful rapture. Almost parallel to the floor, her nipples actually grazing the cold stone in front of her, she jerked again, then again, moaning with absolute abandon. When she only then opened her eyes, saw me standing there, her Master, with my cock hovering above her, so erect and dripping my own juices, almost pointing to the ceiling, she smiled a soft self-conscious grin. Then, just my eyes were telling her what her pleasure was next to be, not a word needed to be uttered.

Motioning that her hands were to continue this touching she had enjoyed, she raised herself up on her pillow to bring her gorgeous face within inches of my throbbing, full, hard cock. Velvety smooth, the head of my cock glistened in the sunlight as if it were of satin. The skin, so tight around its shaft, was laced with bluish veins, still pumping more blood into this member of pleasure. This anticipation of her pleasing me was making it even more rock-hard as the anticipation of what was to come caused a drop of my clear, pure juices to dribble over onto her chin. She tried to catch it with her sweet, pointed red tongue, but it passed on down to where it also dropped over onto her chest, between her soft, globes of warmth and intrigue. With a nod, she enclosed onto the softness of my cock's head, instantly moaning, feeling its excitement inside her warm, wet mouth as her tongue softly traced and caressed the neck of my cock giving me that immediate gasping of air, as I put my hands softly into her golden tresses.

She knew how much I loved this from my girls, and she was also much better than most at knowing just how to please a man with her skills. Her eyes looked up at me, as she slowly, deliberately positioned her head to take inches of me inside her swirling heat. Never taking those wondrous big brown eyes off of mine, she took me soon into the back of her mouth. Relaxing her gag reflexes until she had to break eye contact to allow my cock to impale the very back of her throat, she began to even work those muscles around my thick cock, squeezing and releasing me by those very talented muscles alone. My hands gripped her hair now with an even more urgent strength, as my hips began to slowly pull my cock from the depths of her throat to the edge of her lips, enjoying every inch of this girl's mouth. Her breathing was deep once more, as she knew I would push again, and she would likewise, till this spear of mine impaled her once again, to its limit. Controlling the tempo, as I preferred, I could gauge from her insistent tongue and breathing that her fingers had again aroused a rushing of the waves that were building without pause inside her body. Catching the urgency of this creature's needs, my cock though, began a venture all its own inside her slickened mouth. Feeling the cum inside my balls begin to make their journey from the now tight leathery pouch of my balls, I took her hair into knots my needs overtook this concern for her timing. With shudders again causing her to moan and throw her head deeper toward my hips, my own situation caused me to likewise use her head as a cunt and face-fuck her with a vengeance now. Hot and steamy, the glistening sweat drained from her body, as her wet hair now remained in my clutches as I shoved my cock once again down into her open throat, the spunk slamming with an animal's lust deep into her body. Over and over again she moaned as the thrashing of my legs, hips, and arms totally took on their own expression of this lust-fuck. Her own hands thrust inside her hot cunt so deeply, as she stretched her lips to the limit, roughly her knuckles running over her clit in this same desire for this hard, cold fucking that I knew she wanted.

My hips and grip continued to pump her mouth with the jags of cum that jerked from my cock's head. She swallowed so greedily, knowing not to lose anything I offered her of me. Just as I felt the ending of the contractions of my balls, she began to swallow the last, but as my cock moved once more, a bit of sperm escaped as the seal she had made around my thick shaft was broken. I smiled down at her opened eyes, pulling her head back to look fully into my face...and with a touch of my fingers, I wiped the drop of cum onto the swollen head, and let her smile coincide with the cutest lil lick of the remainder of my gift for her.

She is marvelous, more than any novitiate to date has shown of absolute servitude with a passion that is expressed in her essence every hour of every day. Her personal story was one I think you'll like to know. Her mom married her step-dad when she was 5 and he had always told her he married her mom so he could get to her. She became his slut. At first she just showered with him, but when she was 8 he started coming to her room at night. She used to pretend to be asleep when he came in. At first he would spread her legs and lick and finger her tiny pussy only, and it actually kind of frightened her only a little, but yes... she did begin to enjoy the attention and eventually began to crave the sex and the attention even more.

Her mother didn't find out until she was 12, and by then they were having sex everywhere on the ranch. Inevitably, she got pregnant...her mom found out when she was 6 months along, as her pants didn't fit anymore. Her mom called her "his whore" and left, but she always thought, however that it was her mother's excuse and her way of escaping. She never felt her mother wanted her, anyway, that she was basically a burden, and like so many children, any attention was far better than none.

She still lived with him, still had sex and a daughter was born. Her step-dad was partial to her breast milk which is why he wanted her pregnant to begin with, he says. He bedded her in his bed at night to relieve himself of his own sexual needs and to suckle himself from her breast. Then, she returned to her own room when he was done. Another particular favor she loved to give him was knowing that he was filming every time she submitted to the other men on the ranch, and that he could see it for himself on the cameras that were always monitoring the stalls in the barn. She would pose, stretching so sexily, tied in chains while the ranch hands would find time in their day to have her among the animals, and straw of the barn floor. Sometimes with her collar, buckled to a horse lead, she'd be tied to a swivel, her legs spread, cunt so wet, as a flogger or crop would have her begging to be fucked, screaming to be fucked so she could cum like the breeding slut she knew she was. She loved having him watch her either alone or with others through cameras in their barn. He taught her to masturbate when she was 10 and she hasn't stopped since. Having him see her so aroused with another or just masturbating for him kept her pleased as she lived to serve him.

Usually, she was fucked mostly by the guys that worked around the ranch, but she has been used as barter with their butcher for some choice cuts of meat. On a few occasions she was the main course for the ranch hands and their need for group sex. The first time was when she was 7 months pregnant with her first child, and her step-dad had her bring some beer down to a card game they were enjoying. Drunk already, when she came in with the beer, he lifted her shirt to show them her tummy, being so big for such a little girl. Eventually her shirt came off and she ended up giving them all blowjobs while her step-dad looked on approvingly.

Most of the time she had more than one find her in the barn or somewhere on the ranch and they'd stop her from her chores to have sex with her. She learned a long time ago never to say 'no' to them when they wanted to be with her, so it was easy for them. Once she denied her step-dad, was dragged out of the house, tied naked in the barn for two days, and brutally fucked whenever he chose to use her. From then on, she understood her priorities. It was from those two days though, that she found her passion, submissiveness, BDSM style.

Only the ones who were full-time ranch hands could enjoy her charms, not the day labor or weekend help, and there were 6 of them not including her step-dad. Usually, during any week, she is taken three or four times by the hired help. As a result of years of this environment, she masturbates thinking of being tied in the bunk house for days, used by all the guys... more than one at a time...swimming in their cum...drinking it...letting it ooze out of her pussy and ass...oh yes...she wanted that so much, but she was too shy to ask them to do it to her. She loved it so much when they just come up to her and start to unzip their pants or feel under her shirt, and she just let them completely control her. But she could never ask, that was not her choice, in anything. Her purpose was to be available for breeding. She has had 3 children and loved making him happy and proud of her. She knows this may sound hard to believe, but she only knows for sure who her first child's daddy is. She is not sure about the other children since she had sex with others and her step-dad loved the thought of them possibly making her pregnant. He didn't care, for it excited him even more that she was a breeder for him just like one of their mares. She nursed her children and loves them, and it doesn't matter who the daddys really are. Her step-dad called a nurse he knew from Vietnam, when she was first pregnant because she was only 12, and he didn't want her to go into a hospital. So she had her first child at home. When she was not pregnant and when the nurse said it was all right to have another baby, her step-dad wanted her to do every man under the sun. However, she always had to come back to him immediately so he can feel their cum inside of her and inspect her, just as he would a horse.

This blonde creature loved the idea of this ritualized offering, which made her feel special, in getting pregnant again. When she had been seeded and he knew she was pregnant his face would light up, beaming, knowing his use of her was again fulfilled.

Sadly though, she ached to sleep a full night in his bed, having him hold her, adore her, but she always returned to her bed when he finished with her. She couldn't bring herself to ask him to let her spend the night, afraid of his anger towards her. He would tell her to leave his room, yet she enjoyed that he suckled her full breasts, often falling off to sleep as her own babies would. This sexy, blonde girl ached to be tied at night at the end of her step-dad's bed, and have her ass high in the air. Sleeping with her shoulders on a pillow and her arms inside her legs, wrists cuffed to ankles to make sure she was spread wide to be taken whenever the desire hit him, for once she would want him to have her tight ass, just to let her feel that need he had for her to serve him as his bitch, his slutslave.

She lived this existence from the time she was 5, and now at 19, her step-dad suddenly was taken by a massive heart attack; the ranch dissolved, and none of the ranch hands would take her as their own, still in homage to the man who had created that world for them all. Word finally reached the town nearby, and when that happened her world was vaporized in the stroke of simple fate, and his death. She was alone, and soon the social services took the children into "temporary" care at various foster homes in the area. That is how she came to me. Broken, totally alone and in despair, she had no place to go until she stumbled across my web page, and found that indeed, my provisions were far more than she could have enjoyed anywhere else, and my understanding of her needs for slavery were the precise security she had always known. She was brought to the sanctuary a month ago, and is progressing well. When she's ready to depart this place the placement will certainly have that priority that she'll have her children back with her, as she finds a Master to replace the one she lost so suddenly, the only man she'd ever known as a father/lover/master.

My precious morsel rapidly has adapted to the environment here, and if there isn't a suitable Master to be found by the time her training is over, then she'll remain with me for another three months. At the conclusion of a full six months at the sanctuary there will be a mutual agreement as to her servitude here, to me, with her children kept nearby, in a secure home, so that she can at least have some semblance of the only life she's known.

copyright '99

It was time to show my exquisite creature off...and what better way than at a BDSM club...her totally unaware of what was to actual story, as my slave relates it in her own perspective

Public Viewing

...My Master informed me of an outing he had once considered with me, yet until now, he thought i wasn't deserving of such pleasure...Mystified, i wonder...i have served him totally now for 3 months, and he had not shown any certain degree of disapproval...just what i considered his methods preferred in allowing me to understand him and his desires for me...i was willing to do and be anything he mentioned...any fantasy, any demand, any desire he cared to experience with me...anything...

...Three nights later, he instructed me to adorn myself with a certain favorite hair sexily up on top of my my neck could be tickled by those few dangling curls he loved to taste, tug on with his teeth, when he kissed me softly and ran his hands over my more than willing nipples...hard stomach...and that special "triangle of light", as he calls it, that occurs when i am standing, keeping my legs together, just below my always available pussy...

...Collar and wrist cuffs in usual attire...he blindfolded me with a soft silky scarf...i love the feel of the blindfold being placed...i am otherwise completely naked, firm and toned from my daily desire to keep my body as pleasing for him as possible, in every respect...With my wrists cuffed behind me, i follow him appropriately from behind as he leads me with a short leash attached to my neck my surprise, he is taking me outside...into his car...and we drive for some time...stopping in the city...for the sounds have kept me somewhat aware as to at least what the surrounding may be...he leads me into a building, then a room...there are others there, the sound of a bar possibly, a gathering place...not loud and boisterous, but public just the same...he undoes my hands and places me facing an apparatus where my hands and fastened out to each side, above legs are fastened open also, spreading my legs wide, almost to the point of pain...

...i feel my body, my alert nipples, firm stomach and moistening cunt pressed tightly against this rough wooden apparatus while he moves his body against me from behind...i feel the coolness...and his warmth at the same time...and i feel his hands touching me all over...his breath on my neck...he knows i instantly respond...i hear muffled voices then too...close...but i am unable to discern words...i hear *click*!..the sound of a camera shutter!...all of a sudden i feel something brush along my nipples...i feel fingers touching them now...i hear the voices closer now but i am still unable to discern them, how many, how close...i am feeling different touches to both my nipples now...pinching... sucking... licking... touching...i feel Master pressing behind me still...still another *click*!..."oh, my god"...there are thick fingers now touching my pussy...rubbing my wet, so slick and so hard clit...thin fingers sticking inside me...several at a time, pulling my lips apart, pinching them nipples still being played with and touched...he moved back away from me and then i felt his flogger upon my back!...*whack* *whack* *whack*...over, over and over again...he began somewhat harshly, more than he usually does at the beginning...and then continued to cover every inch of my shuddering ass...*click*! straining my nipples and pussy were occupied i found myself awash in sensation...some intense...some gentle...and arousing...i could feel someone's finger touch my asshole i was being touched by others this finger delves into my asshole making me squirm though i could not move...he now...thank god... whispers into my ear how helpless i am...what a slutty lil slave i am to enjoy what is happening to me with so many witnesses seeing my depravity and he presses up close...closer...and i feel his hard cock now pressing against then into my tight asshole...*click*! soft yet so firm...into me...into me...soooooo deep...fucking me now slowly...then with a complete abandon like an animal...this huge beast seared with primal lust...holding my spread hips in his strong hands so roughly...until i screamed, bucked out of control against the bonds and against those others who continued their pleasure with me...and came so hard and fast...*click*!...*click*!...their fingers never stopping their manipulations....i could also, with complete joy, begin to feel his passion build inside his gorgeous cock until i felt that inevitable certainty of his hot creamy cum shooting deeply up into me...his body pushed into me... surging into me...loving my body in its own special way, slick, thick and oh, so hard...he kisses me now gently... touching me softly all over...telling me what a good girl i beautiful and so deliciously sexy in my submission to him...and for my pleasing him so, whispering again...he's going to honor me with a ring to be pierced throught the outer lip of my slick wet pussy when we return to our home...he unties me soon... massaging me all the time from the stiffness of my body...and we then leave this very special room, this building somewhere in the city, as quickly as we blindfold never allowing me to really know all there was about this wicked place of pleasure...

As i'm writing this now...i can't help but tug slightly at the small bell attached to my new ring of servitude, down there at my tight and enslaved pussy, my reminder of ensuring that his pleasure is my reason for existence...and also thinking, "God how i love that room!...i wanna go back!" My wonderful Master knows this too...

...copywright '99...

Author's Pen Name: WolfenDom

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Title of Story: The 9th Hour

Suggested Category: BDSM/Spanking

Abbreviated Keywords: M/f; Master; slave; sadism; branding; splitting; imprisonment

The 9th Hour

It was one gorgeous, sunny afternoon; the air so crisp as the first clean hints of the autumn approached. Just the sort of day that makes you want to enjoy the outdoors and soak in all the warm rays from a brilliant, blue sky. She just had to get outside and enjoy a drive with the top down on her new red convertible.

The last few months had been a studied focus on her making sure her health was primo, her body gorgeously tanned and firm. With her natural beauty and looks, she so wanted to just be outdoors to stretch her long sleek legs that seemed to never end and wear some of the sexy lil shorts and a top she just loved to tease men with. She decided..."Enough work for today, I owe it to myself to enjoy this one for what it's worth." And with that, she turned slightly in the mirror, admiring herself, and headed out the door.

Greeted with that wonderful feeling of nature, as she closed her front door and headed for the car, she squinted slightly in the bright sunlight. Taking her sunglasses down now and over her beautiful blue eyes, her gaze wandered along the tree-lined avenue, glad she chose to take the day off so much now. Her long blonde hair, now below her breasts, seemed caught up in the breeze as if nature itself was wow'd with her sexiness. She slid behind the wheel, knowing how potent she was for the looks from men, and backed out of the driveway and started down her quiet neighborhood street.

Arriving at a stop sign out toward the more bustling side of traffic, she turned right to make her way towards the beach. Slipping a favorite CD in by the Indigo Girls, it couldn't have been a better day, as she picked up the tune and began to sing along. All too soon, her mind was shaken into another world, an entirely new experience.

She was aware immediately of the motorcycle policeman behind her, having the automatic cringe to check her speed and make sure her seat belt was fastened. As quickly as she knew she was all right, the blue light on back of the bike came on with the siren, and her mouth opened as she knew he meant her. Pulling slowly over, and just down an empty side street, her mouth was dry as she was totally clueless as to what she might have done. He parked his motorcycle directly behind her, and in the rear view mirror she watched the crisp navy blue uniform, white helmet, ray-ban sunglasses, and black leather boots approach.

"Ma'am, may I see your insurance and driver's license?" She fumbled in her purse, heart racing, palms sweaty, and meekly held her identification out as she leaned over to get the insurance papers out of the glove compartment.

"Step out of the car, Ma'am and move towards the back." Breaths of shock ran into her lungs, unable to speak, lightheaded...all she could do was wrestle with the seat belt, and have cold fingers pull the handle of the door up, as she slid her legs over onto the pavement, her nipples jutting through her cotton top from absolute panic.

Glancing only briefly at this helmeted, hidden man who towered over her at least 6 inches, shoulders broad and tight under his starched uniform, she didn't feel her feet even move as she took two paces, he touched her elbow and had her face the trunk. The image of that gorgeous afternoon immediately crumbled into the darkness of that supercharged, terrified moment...nothing was noticed, except suffocating blind fear.

Facing him, he motioned with his head and black-gloved hand to turn around, face the car. He tapped her white sandals with his right boot, indicating for her to spread her legs. Touching her in the middle of her bra strap, he ordered, "Bend over; put your hands up wide on your trunk, Ma'am." Tears dropped off her cheeks and she bit her bottom lip to keep the trembling from showing. A deep sob shook her body, but she froze immediately when his large, gloved hand covered her left shoulder as his right patted just under her right arm, fingers stiffly violating the soft flesh of her right breast.

Proceeding down to her small waist, he stayed with his meaty hand over her hip, fingers curling, flexing as if he was motioning her to move back towards him. Frozen...the tears ran off her high cheekbones onto the gleaming finish of her car. His left hand now began to fondle her body, not at all businesslike as the right side of her felt; taking its time, assured she would not move. The long legs trembled as he slid his strong fingers deliberately over her nipple...lingering, making sure she felt an unmistakable pinch. She heard him grunt some approval, as if he were inspecting a side of beef. He came to her waist, and with a cupped hand firmly slaps her hip, as if he'd known her for years. Knees crackled as he began to squat; his left hand around, towards the front of her thigh, right hand juts up under her crotch like a hatchet, gloved finger smacking her pussy. The sound of well-treaded tires and a powerful engine suddenly fills her ears, and comes up behind both of them. The hot engine smell reaches her mind as the ignition is turned off, and both doors almost in unison open and close. Heavy duty police cruiser.

Energized all over again with adrenaline, shivers run up her spine as her arms begin to tremble from the drawn-out search tactics. The bike cop, pops his knees again, as he throws out a breath of frustration, and stands up. Heels click on the hot black asphalt as she's flanked now, just out of her peripheral vision with two more brooding monsters. Sensing them, her breathing stops once more. Blonde tresses cover her face from the sides.

"We have a warrant for her arrest; 'afraid she'll have to come with us down to the precinct." Breaking, the first guttural sounds escape her throat. Sobs...deep, jerking sobs.

That right, gloved hand pulls her roughly to a standing position, instep of a right boot pops her leg above the ankle to close towards the other. "Put your hands behind you, Ma'am." Breasts firm; the sweat that's formed between them is cooled as a breeze again caresses her face. Vise-like grip of a hand over left wrist draws her arm behind her...*click*...cold steel squeezes into her thin arms....*click"...right wrist quickly seized and snapped too.

Pulling her back into him, she gasped as she felt the pressure of a straining crotch touch her fingers thrusting up into her manacled hands... imperceptible, except to her...and him. Spinning her around, she's within inches of the sunglasses, still unaware of whose eyes bear into her. Such an evil grin spreads as his white teeth show the carnivore, leering at its prey. He comfortably looks down at her breasts, firm and high, and perky, and with a slow grin rotating up again, his low growl keeps her motionless and pliable.

An impersonal push of his muscled right arm moves her over to the side of the cruiser and in a few seconds, head covered with a heavy glove, she's into the back of the gleaming white police car. The smell of cigarette smoke, old and new, leather, equipment, radios...sight of the wire cage...hood of the car gleaming through the bug-spattered windshield as the three officers briefly discuss the matter. Chuckles rudely insisting her predicament is grave. She repositions herself onto the seats, away from the door. Soon tilted by the swaying of the heavy car as two giant officers again mount their positions up front, the slamming of their doors denies that the outside world exists.

Tears dropping again over the dried ones from what seems like weeks ago, she sees the brute on the right look back into her eyes and just smile, that same evil sort of grin she'd seen the predator reveal. Before she managed to find her voice and ask what this was all about the massive machine pulled out and heads down the side street with amazing acceleration. Her head lowers as she hoped she'll have some idea soon to make this all a very, very bad dream.

Blocks away, within perhaps five minutes of meandering streets off of the main drag, she recognizes the local precinct building with it's governmental cold construction. A small alleyway delivers them into a concrete courtyard surrounded by more harsh brick, and the car quickly is heeled to a stop, as the two almost immediately are out. One at her door reaches in and manhandles her to stand on the ground, the other ascends four steps to ring a doorbell/buzzer outside a stern steel-grey door. In no time flat, she is swallowed inside the maw of the precinct hive.

People, civilians, policemen, all sorts explode upon her solitude. Hardly noticing her, all within their own needs at the moment, she only glimpses ashamedly into the eyes of a few uniformed officers, as it's too apparent that her nipples are still erect and teasing under her small top. And even more provocative are those shorts barely covering her cheeks now from her sitting in the cruiser. Passing into her, as tightly as the aisle of a movie theater, her breasts are brushed, hips bumped as one strong direction continues to march her forward into the maze of hallways, doors, and offices.

A huge, black, steel-enameled door with a barred opening at face level, funnels the sounds of captives, prisoners, criminals from the other side. Looking in terror to her escort, the keys jingle, slide in and turn the large bolt. Swinging its heft wide...she looks down a hallway where arms minus bodies are moving with no apparent meaning outside of caged cells, cigarette smoke puffed into the common walk from unseen sources, and that immediate clamor and smell of too many people using a facility that's been far too neglected for cleanliness. Down the slick, glaring hall she stumbles, assured of no tripping from the giant of an officer that half-pushes, half-lifts her along with abruptness and apathy. It has been over two hours now, and she's yet to make one word understood or even said.

At the very end of the hall, as catcalls spewed putrid words of shame and humiliation at her, embarrassing her even more than she had been before. Stopping in front of a door less than three feet wide, she again is left as the keys are found that once more find rusty hinges yielding to male strength. Thrust inside, she almost slips on the condensation of the floor. "Turn around, and when I have your cuffs off, remove your clothes and give them to me through the bars." "Why???", the first word she's managed since she looked into her convertible's rear view mirror. "Do you want me to remove them far you, Ma'am?", as he reaches again to find the key to place her with him again. "'ll do it." Turning away from him, into the seemingly protective shadows in the corner, as no light enters except for what comes from the hallway. She slips her quivering fingers to the shorts, sandals, top, bra, and panties...and miserably hands them to him through the painted, chipped bars. His face still is hidden from her, as the light is behind him and only on her body and terror-filled face. "Come closer." He reaches and envelopes her right breast, squeezing cruelly, as she gasps and immediately pulls away, not even realizing her hands are now free.

The 9th Hour...Part 2

"Where do you think you're going??," leering at her predicament. A piteous mournful expression covers her face as the shock of the afternoon is now revealing its ugliness, and her complete helplessness to avoid it. "Come back here bitch, or I'll come in there and get these cuffs back on you for keeps." As if the tears shed already were not plenty, they erupted all anew as her body trembled . Gut-wrenching knots compelled her to submit to this man whom she knew had no intention of providing her safety and protection. Eyes wide, she moved toward him, her arms but a weakened appendage offering no defenses against his steely gaze, piercing her torn soul.

"Get on your fuckin' knees bitch and let me find out if you're good," as he reaches in the cell and pushes her to the cold floor. Crying without a breath being taken, she's swirled into a dreamlike place where blurs and images seem real or not...nothing appears to make sense. Until she feels the warm head of his cock pressed to her lips, as her hair is mangled into his urgent grip...and she opens her mouth slightly. Then she passes out.

Hours, days, weeks...her mind swims to the surface of the gloomy darkness from the depths where she was completely alone. Hyperventilation, shock, dread, fear...all the negatives crashing into her mind finally gave way to easing her trauma, and now she looked down on her body being covered by this man twice her size, suffocating her all over again. Her face was tossed sideways as his hand covered her mouth, and his hips unmistakably pummeled her depths with a cock thicker than she'd ever know, thrusting in and out like a beast-fucking animal. She felt nothing...seemed and literally was only a spectator watching this surreal movie of herself being raped in some dank jail-cell by a sadistic guard. Her eyes were blank, non-registering, face presented as of one who's mind was not present.

After some weeks, days, hours later she feels a huge weight being lifted off of her torso. Witnessing this brute of a beast raising off of her, panting heavily, cheap aftershave mixing with her own cold sweat, she falls back from her perch overhead in the corner of the ceiling. Into herself again, she feels the pain from his savage violation, the sickness of the ordeal. Before he's to the cell door, convulsions of bile retches out of her stomach as she lunges towards the drain in the middle of the floor. "For a pretty bitch like you, I'll have to make damn sure you know how to fuck a man proper, before I let you out of here, you dumb cunt." Matted hair, chills coursing through her, the sick taste of vomit on her lips, as her hand brushes along a torn lip, she only looks with bruised eyes in his direction to make sure the door is locked. Feeling, realizing now the enormous extent of his assault, she rolls over onto her back, looking blankly up to a distant ceiling, black and hollow. Shaking, her arms cross her breasts, as she curls into a fetal position, and wishes this horror could have some answers to ending. Sometime, much later, her eyes shut.

Hours past, she noticed the hallway lights remained on all the time, and there must have been night sometime, for sleep happened, she realized. Actually, despite being completely nude in a cold, damp jail-cell, she would have continued her restorative slumber, except for the clamor of another day where people are caged against their will. The noise outside indicated breakfast was being "served."

He came again to darken her cell door. She retreated impulsively to the back of the small enclosure. "Girl, getchur damn ass up here to getchur damn breakfast....NOW!!!" The mind strain immediately jumped into her again, as she barely realized she was edging forward once more, despite all of her senses telling her to run. But in a jail, no one runs, no one hides ... you just learn to their rules.

"I see you ain't too stupid, now," as she timidly reached for the metal tray. Just as she was touching the edge, he pulls it back. "Now, you fine piece of pussyjuice, I want what you forgot to give me yesterday. I want you to guzzle my cum down that pretty throat of your's." She lurched backwards. "Now one piece of prison garb you might like is this wool blanket I brought with me, and if you suck this long, thick cock real good, I'm gonna let you sleep tonight in comfort. You be real good to me, and I may even get you some clothes...sometime. Either way, you get on your pretty little knees right now, and suck me off nice and hard through these bars, or I'm gonna make you think yesterday was just a picnic, slutbitch." She had enough of this hell being far too real, and she held the bars as she softly put her knees down on the cold, hard floor.

Moving her hands to his pants, she pulled his zipper to its length, and gently prodded his massive cock from inside his boxer shorts. Leaping out at her like a moray eel, she felt his hand grab again into her blonde hair and roughly pull her towards him as he thrust his hips to the limits of the steel bars separating them. Without a word spoken, she began to lick the soft warm head, already evoking the clear juices from his balls. He grunted approvingly and pulled her head further down his shaft and with tongue flicking all over, she felt the massive head reach the back of her throat. The stiff rod gave her cause to gag and she almost panicked, until her mind again came to her rescue and she concentrated on relaxing her reflexes, her muscles and just breathe. Until he kept pushing down, down, down her throat even more. Squealing in protest, around this monster, she pushed against the bars, as she realized her forehead was now against the cold steel bars, and his grip was much more powerful than she could fight.

Without relief or concern, he poked his huge member into her face, more and more savage thrusting, grunting with delight. She felt her lack of oxygen quickly coming to an end, trying to snort air into her nostrils, to no avail. Practically trembling, the shaft quickly began to expand; she felt the head of his cock thicken, his balls tighten into a leathery pouch, and within seconds thick goo was spewing into her stomach. He was growling with pain, it seemed, as jolt after jolt of slick, creamy cum slickened up her insides even more as it threw itself to its limit. She managed, knowing it was almost over, to keep her throat open, take this degradation, and get air back into her tortured lungs, soon.

With a final growl of pleasure, he pulled her head back, lifting her painfully to her feet as she stumbled to keep her balance while also reaching to hold her hair, breathing once again, finally. His ego stroked, lifting her onto her tiptoes, he brings her face to the front of the bars. Mashing her cum-slickened lips and cheeks against the cold steel, the barbarian heaves a load of spit and phlegm into her eyes. Laughing he dropped her along with her breakfast, onto the floor, shoving the blanket behind them. "Fucking good're gonna need your strength when I come back reloaded full of fresh cum this afternoon before I get off." Picking the putrid bits of food off the nasty floor gingerly, she puts the first morsels of food into her mouth in over a day, as she wishes she could wash the taste of his sperm juices away forever.

Finding some warmth in the nasty, tattered wool blanket she kept reliving how she could have had this happen to her. Gratefully, for some hours, she was alone, and relatively safe. Flashbacks suddenly blinked into her mind, as she glimpsed only token moments of something like this having happened before. A surreal movie, in scattered form, soon dissolved away.

Back into a corner of her cell, she only had the drain available to relieve her bladder, not daring to empty her bowels there. The stench from the cesspool assaulted her sense of smell, as it consumed every breath of air, almost as much as this beast who was her source for life. Thinking of his brutality, and shuddering, she suddenly froze, aware now of the sound of his shoes on the prison floor. Alerted now, she heard him coming back.

Contorting her knees up to her chin, pulling the blanket to cover her nakedness, she felt his sneering as he said, "Well, pretty fuckface, ready for your afternoon exercise?" She refused to answer him, and he opened the door, without hesitation.

"Seems like you just don't learn," as she slapped her across the face, reaching and jerking her to her feet. "But now, I got to 'do my duty,'" he laughed, "and bring you to the judge." Again, she was off-balance in her mind and body as her clothes from yesterday were thrown on the floor for her to get dressed in. "We want to make sure you look pretty, for his Honor, you know, cuntslut. Get dressed, we got places to go, people to see...and then...ha ha ha...things to do," as he gave her such an evil sideways glance.

Slipping her tired, bruised body into the skimpy outfit she meant to enjoy herself, she thought how utterly stupid she felt for ever wanting to entice any man ever. Within a minute, she was once again quickly moving down the long cold hallway of prisoners on each side, lowering her head as the catcalls of the community now had special meaning to her, as she realized their taunts knew what she'd endured at the far end, in her cell.

Through doors, the maze renewed as she traveled with her jailer/rapist along places less populated as the precinct buzz of the day before. Feeling so exposed and violated, she knew to only do as she was told, and was already conforming to the role of a sexslave, without cause or reason, except what others wanted of her. His voice hisses, "GirlFuck, you don't know this yet, but you were committed no offense. We have cops on the street who look for girls like you...fresh, gorgeous, and single. Your car was reported 'stolen,' but now it's an itty bitty crumbled lump of mashed metal, sold as scrap. No one has any idea what has become of you, and an official "missing persons bulletin" is already prepared and waiting for another two days before it can be issued...if anyone files it, that is. You, fuckflesh, have been taken into a world where we make the laws, we make the rules, and we enjoy all the power and privilege that comes with it. Now, you're going before the head man, the judge, and he's going to decide if your sorry whorepussy is worth having or not. Anyway if he wants you or not, till the day you're taken from my hall, I'll still make sure your ass and cunt are full of my cock, unless he thinks you look a little too beat up, and that you're just some cheap crack-addict off the street. Then we'll dispose of you, like we do every week, with our "animal shelter girls"...those needing to be put to sleep." Nothing could have been more accurate to finally answer her tormented mind.

Soon, the area got more "official looking" and she realized she had come up through the labyrinth of the back halls to a court, a judge's world. Entering the paneled double doors, the room was full of people, the gallery, the jury, the lawyers, the bailiff, the recorder, etc. She was ushered down to the very front, as if all these were waiting on her. Again, her mind reeled as to this impossible dream that seemed to be without end.

Left directly in front of His Honor, she dared not look except to her feet, so embarrassed and humiliated to be in such a state of disarray and shame. "Look up at me, young lady." She raised her bruised face slowly, and when she realized he was squinting at her now from understanding some of what had happened to her in the last 24 hours, she immediately felt the first sense of compassion, yet dropped her head once again, instinctively.

"No, don't do that again, young lady...I want to see beyond the surface of your wounds and see if your soul bears anything worth redeeming." She raised her swollen lips, strained eyes, and held his gaze as directed. For some minutes, nothing seemed to move, as his facade indicated nothing, his eyes absorbing all of her, barely able to tell if he moved them at all. What seemed again an indeterminate amount of time passing, she heard, "Bring her to the platform the ninth hour of this day," as his gavel smacked down resounding a silence unprotested among all the multitudes witnessing. The beast sizzled as he reached seemingly with a gentle grasp. Yet she felt as if he were trying to break her upper left arm in an ever-tightening vise that had no limit to its pressure.

Pushed toward the front doors of the courtroom, she found again what seemed to be a honeycomb of further passages. Almost pushing her ahead so fast that she stumbled, he grated, "It seems the judge thinks you're worth saving...and damn if I didn't do my best to fuck you up so bad he'd let me hide you on my hall for a few weeks, or if you were really a good fucking cuntwhore...a few months, before I'd broken you into nothing but a crazy pile of fuckflesh, a babbling idiotwhore." And with that, he shoved her into a small conference room where he pushed her over a gleaming wooden table, ringed with plush executive chairs. Without a word, she felt her shorts pulled off, panties ripped...and his massive erection shoved deliberately up her dry, tight ass. She screamed as he slapped her repeatedly, screaming at her to shut up and take he pulled back out, ran it up inside her battered cunt a few deep strokes, then reinserted it to its depth back into her virgin ass. The pain was unimaginable as she passed out again, falling into a blackness of nothingness.

Looking down again, with a chandelier almost blocking the view, she saw her body being thrust into over and over. Sliding on the shiny oak table, as this monster cock, red with her bloody ass, continued to assault her, nothing but blank awareness confirmed that she was watching herself being raped again, by this animal. Nature itself protected her from feeling this torture, splitting once again to keep from going insane. Her consciousness to him would only give him reason to perpetuate the brutality, and he didn't care for her welfare in the least, just getting his evil load of snakejuice again to violate her sense of who she was as a person, before this ordeal began, only a day before.

Nothing registered...nothing. Finally, she saw him raise his ugly, skewed face up to the ceiling, not noticing her watching this depravity from her perch. Screaming his lust-filled victory roar, his cum ran up from his enormous balls along and into the serpent-like beastial shaft of his cock. He shuddered and convulsed over her back as his ass jerked spasmodically while his essence assaulted her, the one thing that seemed to have power even over his own Herculean strength. He slowed, panting again...and slid that six inch wide, ten inch long phallus out of her torn ass, streaked with a combination of white, creamy cum and fresh bright red blood. The ugly, smeared cockhead fell out, along with a discharge of mixed fluid. Pushing her back into the table, he moved off of her...still unconscious.

The vortex of nature brought her instinctively again back into her body, whirling down from the ceiling, into her body once more. She drew a deep breath as if coming out of a trancelike slumber. Hearing the sounds of the room, almost silently now, the senses returned to her immediately. Too quickly she bit her lips while screaming inside from that searing pain of her torn rectum. Eyes opening to see the far wall, she dared not look to see, for she felt him still there, knowing he was waiting for her to acknowledge his sadism. With only a growling chuckle, he grabbed her shorts and wedged them up her bottom, stemming the flow of blood and cum that now ran down the inside of her left leg. "Let's go you worthless, piece of shitmeat."

Almost feeling the darkness sweep over her eyes again, she was jerked up again to standing on her feet. She reeled as the door rushed towards her, somehow opened and she was again propelled down the hall, the direction she was in before her sidetrip to the table. Sore and in genuine pain from this depravity, she stumbled again, not given the consideration of even walking at a normally fast clip to get where they were going. Rounding a corner, she heard before she saw...the holding cell for whatever it was they kept people in there for...women...women's voices. For some reason, her soul washed in the comfort of her gender.

"Step back, ya damn fuckbitches!!," he roared. The keys did their deed, door opened and she was pushed in before the tide of cramped women swept forward again to fill the void. He was known by them, and she knew how.

Comfort, safety, sympathy, community...??? No. Death still living, for when she looked up...she immediately realized who they were. The "kennel women," the "animal shelter girls," destined to be terminated when and, even more horribly, as invasive and as deliberately cruel as such beasts who reigned here preferred. Their eyes were blank, listless. Whatever life they had before they came to be here, it had long ago been ruined forever, and instead only the unmistakable look of living death perpetuated these zombies from one minute to the next. Her next thoughts were..."Was she one of THEM??? Had the judge cruelly fooled her??? Had the creature who raped her so horribly been fucking her mind as much as he had been her destroyed body???

No one said anything as they saw themselves in her. The torn clothing, blood stained shorts, bruised and cut face, mauled arms and legs, scratched with ragged nails of animals' paws...all knew the signs. Vacant acceptance of another member of this secret world in their midst.

The 9th Hour...Part 3

The horror of her stay in the prison broke into the depths of her mind. The flashbacks of something similar having occurred seemed to be as unreal as her splitting. She realized, the more she thought of what had happened, the more it seemed real for her, in her early years. There inside that overcrowded cell full of demoralized and broken women, the past rushed back to haunt her.

She was conceived and birthed as the result of a brutal rape, and never had she known what true love was. Her mother cared nothing for her, allowing the stepfather to abuse her in any way he saw fit. But, as far as she was concerned, what she did know was real, it was true. She had no other way of gauging anything else, other than her own experience. She was extremely intelligent, far above what most "smart" people would ever know, and that one trait alone kept her surviving from a living hell where she was brutalized continuously. From even before her preteen years until she finally escaped the torturous horror at age fifteen, her life was one unspeakable assault after another, never knowing what each sick day would bring. She had been treated by several psychotherapists and without realizing until now what had occurred during those therapy sessions, she'd been hypnotized to such a degree that her real life experiences were mostly blocked out and forgotten. She was conditioned to take life in small sequences, a week, perhaps a month. But to look back and remember, was more than difficult; it was impossible, thanks to the benefits of skilled hypnotists. It took a nightmare just like she'd known as a child to wreck all the years of therapy, and bring her back to the hellacious horror she knew all too well. Totally overcome as she fell to this bleak, nasty jail-cell, she cried uncontrollably. More pitiful than this alone, she was hardly noticed by the others present.

Crumpled into a soiled, broken heap on the ever-cold chipped concrete floor, she barely looked up to see the door swing open. When she did, her heart froze, as she looked into the menacing eyes of a hooded brute. His arms were wrapped with leather cuffs, reaching to his elbows. His chest was bare, and his pants of black leather ended in shined, black boots. He was without challenge from the other women in the cell, as he reached down and lifted her to a standing position, wobbly now from so much time spent in her reclusive pose.

Slamming the door behind them, again she was ushered down endless hallways, impossible to remember. When he spoke, she recognized the voice as one of the two in the heavy police cruiser, glancing again at his eyes to confirm. He shook her, and without pause now, she lowered her eyes obediently. Just before a heavy door that seemed to be one that would lead outside, she was turned around and put roughly up against the wall. A strong hand was dipped deep into her shorts, unzipping them to allow him to cup her mound. As he leaned closer into her, enjoying her discomfort, he felt her warm juices automatically begin to flow. He smiled and continued stroking her with his fingers, two of them deep inside her, curled to rub her g-spot.

"We know of your background; of your childhood." She cringed with open mouth and began to slink down the wall. "You were selected months ago by the Judge, and now he's going to make you one of his own. We are about to enter the courtyard where you will be ultimately marked with the Judge's "official seal," and from this day forward you are to be of service to him in his harem of slaves. There is no choice of your's to make; everything is decided for you. That's why the jailer had his fun with you, for within an hour, you will be totally untouched by anyone, other than what the Judge allows. By the interesting bit of trivia...the Judge purchased you from your stepfather, instructing him how to raise you...and until now, you've had no idea how your life unfolded as it has."

A sweeping wave of incredible awareness crashed over her, more intense now than anything she'd ever known. She realized that what was imprinted in her from the time she could possibly remember, was for a purpose. This be a slave, bought and paid for long ago. Now it all, for once...made horrible sense to her, as memory upon memory of sadistic sexual torture once again became alive. She saw herself, as if she was viewing it all over again, from being split. The faceless men buying her for a few dollars or a stuffed animal, the intense sessions of bondage, pictures and videos being made, the images of her own mother masturbating while watching, the beatings... many of them on her cunt, the scars...physical and emotional...left from an overzealous fanatical idiot of what she thought was her "daddy."

All the terrible reality seemed to explode upon her now, more desperately real than any imaginations had ever led her to believe. Incredibly, a wave of orgasmic energy suddenly surged upwards from her troubled loins as she remembered all of this. Totally complicated images flashed over her, as she shook upon the shoulders of this masked assailant, clicking her memories back to times when she was so out of control and so used for others' pleasures. The brute realized her turmoiled mind, and with desperation, grabbed his thick shaft from his pants and thrust his bulging cock up into her, catching the last jolts of energy coursing through her. With only a few strokes, impaling her into the wall, his bursting load of steamy cum shot into her, as she almost immediately came again. This time, her body surrendered to what she'd always been, as far as she knew. With a negligence from years of protective therapy, once again this gorgeous fuck-toy responded as the slaveslut she was. Her moans were not of agony now, but of complete and ultimate pleasure of being used as a toy.

Just as suddenly as she was about to drop to her knees from blissful weakness, the steel door swung open and a huge glare of bright sunlight bathed the two. Her captor picked her up roughly now, by the elbow, and pushed her into the back of a cart, being hitched to a mule. Hands once again cuffed, she was linked to an O-ring at the front of the cart, as this huge, disguised man continued to rip her clothes off, using a sharp dagger for any of the soiled garments that hesitated. Totally naked again, the two began their medieval journey to a long, broad platform in the midst of dozens of howling men, on the far side of this huge area surrounded by high walls. She looked up, blinking against the harsh sunlight and spied a gallows in the middle with the unmistakable 'X' of a St. Andrews Cross in front of it. The arm of the gallows extended in front of the cross, and a long link of shiny, thick chain dangled from the rotating snap above. Despite the jeering crowd, who pressed against the cart to run rough hands along her firm legs, she saw at one end of the platform a burning cauldron with handles of iron pointing into the middle. She recognized the Judge in white flowing robes just then, as he looked up and held her in his gaze.

Her eyes never left his, as she felt some sense of closure in the awful wandering years of her youth. She drank him in, knowing that for once, she understood some of the questions that never were allowed to be asked. And her eyes were still on him, when she heard his voice reverberate over the mob. "This one has been chosen by me from the time she was born. I have waited until now to claim her, and she is surely mine to have from this moment on, as the ninth hour is about to strike. Until that exact moment of time, I will have her prepared for my personal touch, by using this chain. Much like a Japanese style of Wooden Pony, this chain will stay attached to the strong arm of the gallows above. It will pass under her invitingly firm ass and gorgeous pussy to be linked in a very tight enclosure, as it circles her tiny waist in a most sadistically pleasing "thong." She will then be lifted off of her straining legs and toes so that her entire weight will be focused on her most tender of feminine charms. Her balance will be maintained by her handcuffs passing around the chain, and over her head. We have thirty minutes until three p.m., the ninth hour, and until that time comes...our delightful young slave will entertain us with her pelvic gyrations as the steel links will assault her like no hardened knuckles could ever achieve. Gather 'round and wager your bets as to when she will first scream in agony, and when she will indeed pass out. The winners of each are allowed a full forty-eight hours with her, as my guests, in my personal dungeon."

With that, she was taken off of the cart, turned to face the crowd, as her arms were held aloft, chain sent down and in between her cuffs and her back. A twinge of pleasure almost creased her mind, as she not only looked fully into the eyes of her new Master, but also knowing that she was finally about to be the person she was intended to be for so many years. Yes, she was indeed reacting to this with a degree of pleasure.

The cold links were pulled tightly by her hooded escort, under her ass and spreading her pussy lips. He held it at her navel, then circled it around her tiny waist, fully to come around in front of her again. Looping it on the links he originally held, he pulled it tightly again, back on itself, to form an exquisitely tight knot of chain that bit into her warm flesh from every direction. The chain was ratcheted up slightly, bringing her to the tips of her toes, then off the platform, so that her weight naturally went forward. She felt the intenseness of the pressure totally on that one point of her wet pussy. Her arms kept her aligned vertically, but the incredible pain shot through her like electricity, as her eyes quickly shut out all sight as the searing pain almost choked the very breath from her lungs.

Squirming immediately, she found there was no comfort from this insidiously sadistic torture device. The only intention was for her to entertain these men with her gorgeous body being used for such cruel pleasures. Soon, she was "riding the pony," as her reflexive attempts to find some comfort eluded her. The thick links of chain only rolled over a bit perhaps, to reveal the same terrible force as her body weight made its own demands on her softened, tenderized cunt. So cruelly passive in nature, it was perhaps the most sadistic pain she'd ever imagined. Before dozens of men, now, she was enduring it...hurting so badly that tears began to dampen the hot wooden beams below her. Finally, she could bear it no longer and screams of absolute hysteria broke over the usual, heaving hum of these gathered sadists.

Again, and again, she screamed...begging for some relief...for some attitude of comfort. Crying uncontrollably now, between the shrieks of maddening torture, she felt the roughness of her head pulled back, as her white-blonde hair was jerked upward and back by the Judge. Into his eyes she saw her life possessed, as his smiling face indicated his pleasure at sadistic tortures.

"You have done only ten minutes, my dear, and you have another twenty to go. Have you given up on my wishes so soon?" She could only nod slightly, and through parched lips, croak, "Please, sir." "Very well then, for I am a considerate Master of my slaves; I will let you decide now whether you will want to endure another twenty minutes of this entertainment for my guests or enjoy a very special gesture of my 'ownership' of you."

"All of my personal slaves have one special identifying mark that is permanently sealed into their bodies at the moment of my taking them into my harem. You saw the cauldron with the irons inside them, I believe, when you were headed this way in your cart. Those irons have my special seal of approval fashioned onto emblem that many would call a "brand," and I prefer to call a "Monogram." You have another twenty minutes to endure "The Thong," as I like to refer to my little chain ordeal. If you can last, and not make one sound, then you are spared from the branding for a month. At that time, another test of your resolve will be offered you, unless you choose to have the brand placed on you, which it inevitably will anyway."

He turned her tear-streaked chin upward, while she was still squirming uncontrollably now. The judge slowly licked her salty cheek, and asked her, "More of this torture, my sweet, or do you want to go ahead and take advantage of the numbness your cunt already has long since passed?" She could only squeeze a piteous, "Please, Sir," out of her enflamed soul. He countered, "The Thong?" "No, Sir"...she clenched her teeth..."the Monogram...please, Sir."

"Ah," as he drug her head up for all to see the intensity of pain on her gorgeous face, "she has chosen to have the branding done, instead of more fun with The Thong. Let's take her down from this nasty contraption and make ready for some sizzling entertainment, shall we?"

The hooded escort dropped her quickly to her feet, and as wobbly as ever, made sure she didn't fall to the boards below. Hastily rearranging her arms to be opened onto the cross behind her, she was soon spread into an "X" with all of her charms visible to these men below. The cauldron was rolled over, heavily creaking the weathered wooden platform, as carefully, the irons were kept from jostling loose from the white hot core. A choke chain was passed over her head, and down upon her soft, white neck as a leather strap was wrapped around her forehead and snugly tightened to keep her head absolutely still. The hooded monster was behind her, making sure the choke collar was so effective. She felt her blood vessels swell in her neck as she found her air strangled. Gasping with panic all over again, she looked down to see the judge choosing one of the irons.

Another hooded guard placed thick leather gloves on the handle and raised it up for her to see. In an oval shape, she could make out the letters "PW" backwards. The man then turned to show the throng how incredibly hot it was by spitting on it to reveal an instant curling of steam skyward. With a grin under his mask, and the Judge beside him, he turned towards the girl, now moving to get away as her last gasps of ragged breath warn of her impending blackout. She slumped as again the murky darkness covered her eyes. As her waist is caught up in the wide leather belt that will insure she can't move, the branding iron is positioned, its heat radiating already into her.

The Judge, knowing all is set, and his slave won't object physically now, gives the nod. Just above her pubic bone, amongst the softness of her downy hair, a red-hot piece of steel is placed at a depth of a quarter of an inch...sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssizzling into her virginal skin. Left there for 15 seconds, it burned a permanent fixture into what was a totally unblemished part of her beautiful skin.

Forever now, she'll be labeled as a "Police Whore," a "PW" kept in the buildings there, or the Judge's estate, as he chooses. However, now her life does make sense, and she knows what she was groomed for...knowing all along that this is her fate, she embraces each day with a peace she's never known before. In time, the wound heals into a symmetrical diagram of her status.

WolfenDom Copyright '99

WolfenDom's Toy

.......she was rewarded with a wonderful hot fragrant bath......enjoying feeling the heat of the water on her body....then the coolness of the air....and the soft sweetness of the water.....she languished.......she came out to the bedroom afterward....drying herself with a soft plush towel.....and on the bed were laid out silk thigh high stockings......a garter belt....and 3 inch heels......and the black restraints.....and blindfold.....she smiled.....then trembled....knowing already her Master had some plans for her usual he loved to let her imagination run wild...the better for him to get at the animal in her......he knew her so well......she dressed carefully for her Master, always wanting to please him...looking for that wonderful look he gives her when he is.....she is done...and she stands in the middle of the room, waiting.......and then he is here.....he is looking right at her...a vision in her submissive pose, and garb......"come here baby"....she walks to him and he takes her hand.....pulls her close, his hand at the back of her neck, fingers entwined in her hair, pulling her head back to look deeply in her eyes.......and kiss her deeply.....she feels weak....and wet.....and devoured by him already......

lie down now sweetheart........on your back......yes .......ok, now put your arms up.....good girl....he ties them together above her head......she feels the familiar feeling of in to his will totally as she is tied......and she feels her clit your legs baby...yes thats up...he knows how she loves to open up so wide for him.......good girl....he ties one leg to one end, and the same to the other...and he stands and looks at his handiwork...and into her eyes...and he can see her helplessness...and he is he places the blindfold.......she is excited....she can feel her nipples harden, the soft sensitive skin around the nipple wrinkling...her clit throbbing...and she listens........and tries to feel where he is.....she hears him go over to the drawer where his toys are kept......and her excitement mounts......he knows this....he moves slowly...methodically.....even seeming to move into and out of the room at times...she couldn't always tell...her senses were not clear at all...her sense of excitement high.....her desire and passion overwhelming now......and then she feels him on the to her.....and he is touching her body...her face...her neck....her breasts....then her very hard nipples...where he stopped and touched and pinched..making her squeal a little.....and sucked and nibbled...making her squirm...then beg him to not love me to play little one dont you? want more?........ please yes Master please...i love your touch Master.....and with that he pinches her left nipple and she feels a tighter pinch! then the same with her left nipple pinch! he has placed clothes pins on her nipples...driving her wild now!!!!! She was moaning lightly squirming pulling at her restraint...he watched her for a bit...then he took his fingers and flicked! first one clothes pin flick! then the other....sending her into a frenzy of movement and sound! Oh was he enjoying her so......!

he felt between her legs now......rubbing her clit as he slid a finger into her pussy....she was so wet! he took the finger and put it up to her mouth....suck it! she does greedily...she loves the sweetness of her own pussy....he takes 2 fingers...then 3.....finger fucking her hard...her body moving wildly her tits boucning...she was feeling the clothes pins so much...the intensity of feeling was overwhelming...she had a wild orgasm against his hand....screaming out as she deep so soulful......he acted surprised and told her she came without him saying so! now she would have to punished!!!! ...she wasn't even down yet from that orgasm and now she was being untied her legs first then her arms....he placed a couple of pillows and told her to lie on her tummy....over the pillows......he tied her hands above her head again, together...the clothes pins still pinching her nipples.....please Master may I have the clothes pins off?....NO! you may have them off when I want them off...with that he places a gag in her mouth.....he opens her legs wide now....tied at the knee to the bedsides......he loves the site of her like this...her ass up in the air..ready to be spanked...her pussy wide open...her clit swollen...and her asshole! all there for his enjoyment! .......first she needed to be punished for her impertinence...he started out by spanking her ass with his hand.....not slowly building as she loves but quickly..hard slaps! lecturing her on her place...and pulling her head back a bit talking into her face.......but he is aroused by her position and her helplessness ...and the possibilities of his play is overwhelming to he tells her next time she will cum when he says!!!!.....and he begins to rub her bottom..already hot and pink......he takes a vibrator and puts it in her pussy.....then he takes a butt plug and puts it in her ass.....she is squirming.......already feeling so open and hot and tingly...she knows she should not have felt aroused by his spanking...but she did......and now that he has filled her....and taking away senses...and she was so full and so helpless.......and then she felt his flogger.......first on her back....he knows how she loves the he gets to her ass he gets more intense...she is again beside herself....he moves down to her legs...and feet......sometimes stinging...mostly just caressing her with it......he was so masterful.....she is just moaning now....he can tell she is going into sub space.......he takes his small flogger...he starts to flog her between her legs...catching her swollen clit...and pushing her closer closer.......touching her ass now enjoying the feeling of heat........and he puts his finger on her clit.......and he slaps expertly...her he feels her climax rise...and he whispers into her ear......cum for me baby...just for me...give me my orgasm.....NOW!!!!!!!!.....and she explodes!!!! and he makes her ride out her orgasm spasming over and over his finger never leaving her clit......until she comes down.......and collapses limply......he takes off her by one...and rubs and massages her limp body.......taking the clothes pins off ouch ouch!! and he touches and caresses her for the longest time.......

because it is his turn now....

The Bowl

What first attracts me to all women is the vibrancy of life I see in their eyes. There is where a woman tells you so very much without ever saying one word, and for those men who are aware of the enormously varied ways women communicate, there is an abundance to be discovered from eye contact.

Usually I won't hold the gaze of most women. I see all I want in the slightest glance, and immediately know there is nothing worth pursuing. My predator nature instinctively tells me who is and who isn't devourable, and I have a developed taste for those who have more than just the average going for them. There is an aura about the woman I want, call it a hormonal influence or whatever, but I sense her, and am drawn into her immediately when I notice her presence. When that is present...that aura...I indulge myself, look into her soul, and make an impression that causes a catch to come to her throat...all in my eyes alone.

For many whom I notice, she is not thinking of submission at all, to me or to any other man. Her situation usually has her in some psuedo-dominating role in the workplace, at home or whatever. That in particular, is of no concern to me, for it's my choice, not her's, that she will immerse herself into my world as I choose to bring her to me. That seems odd, doesn't it, to most people...that I can do these things I propose? I admit, that it's not always productive, but from experience, I can take my time, much as a wolf would select his prey. I wait them out, feeding them morsels of curiosity and desire for sometimes months before I know they are pliable and ready to be taken. It was just such a woman that I want to tell you about now.

She was an aspiring executive on the junior level with her ambitions matching her presentation as a determined, sexy, intelligent strong woman capable of handling much more responsibility and power than she currently enjoyed. To her, the potential for the good life was only limited to her ambition to make the most of her opportunity, regardless of the personal cost to herself and others...a real corporate personality of the '90's. She used her sexuality as an asset, to propel her along the ranks of the others who didn't have as much to offer the fantasies of the older, more senior male executives. True to her nature, this was just another skill she'd developed along her path of broken hearts and misplaced affections which pointed her to the Goddess of Acquisitions and Mergers for her own personal glory. She had yet to be noticed by me.

I thoroughly enjoy the hunt, which is why, in a large degree, I write these stories of my experiences. Letting women, such as the ones I write about, know that I am very real, and very intent on finding "her," the one who'll embody all the characters I write about. I go about the actual pursuit in ways that seem, as I choose, nonthreatening and elusive, such as broadcasting stories to the world of online readers. Sometimes I choose to pursue my pleasures with my "Corporate America" power look, and at others I enjoy being the independent blue-collar worker who makes his living with his hands and wit. In any and all of these, I find those women who are lonely, deprived, neglected, in need of release, and able to be so much more sexually than they've ever allowed themselves to enjoy.

I approached this company as an Independent Informational Technology Recruiter, a position I had with Oracle a few years back, where I learned the world of both high tech and recruiting...totally boring, stifling, yet monetarily lucrative and with intelligent, sharp young women bursting to be noticed. Precisely dressed in my Hart, Schaffner, and Marx suit, a 1/4 inch of heavily starched white linen shirt showing below the navy pinstriped sleeves, with crew neck T-shirt underneath, one of the current prestige pens in my pocket, the outer first impression was resplendently and masculinely sexy. Most of all though, the attitude I exuded, an air of enthusiastic confidence, properly restrained, that said with my mere presence, I owned the place. I surveyed my territory. With one last weapon, a specific cologne immediately arouses the sensory desires of women, and has been on the shelves for years, working so much better than anything else since. I saw her underneath the drab office flourescent lights, her head, luxuriously shampooed and prepared, just above the gray cubicle. Without averting my gaze a degree, I walked towards her as surely as a predator moves to his next meal.

No word was spoken as I entered her personal space, closer than is politely allowed in western culture without an uncomfortable sense of impropriety. Her initial look told me to back away, but I ignored it and she realized I did, making myself doubly a nuisance. My handshake, offered first to command a reply, another impropriety when dealing with a "lady," was returned with a grasp meant to be firm, yet already yielding to a disturbance in "the force" she wielded as one of her weapons. Her handshake was cold, halfhearted and opposed to mine that was warm, firm and lasting longer than again is proper in a business situation. My smile, the tilting of my head, and open eyes went into her body as she felt an involuntary response meant to disrupt her balance of her space, unnerving her in my psychological domination that ignored her as an equal in any way whatsoever. With introductions fumbled on her part, I drove my point home further when I made sure she heard me inhale her essence, as if I were smelling the muskiness of her crotch mingled with the expensive perfume she'd dabbled between her satin-lined breasts. My eyes slowly and achingly went from her eyes, wide open and decidedly bothered to those orbs of pleasure within inches of my suit lapels, until I saw the responsive hardening of her nipples, despairing her completely. With a soft smile both on my lips and my eyes, I let her hand drop limply to her side and walked off as if she were nothing more than a momentary distraction from my otherwise far more important agenda of the day. I was imprinted in her soul.

The following days found us in some sort of contact with one another, and with each occurence I waited for her to make a flushed gaze in my direction before I even gave her the courtesy of noticing her presence. She now vacillated from emotions of anger, frustration, and tenseness to wonder, self-consciousness, and extreme uncomfortableness as if I were watching her from a position of vantage rather than how she was accustomed to from other males in this office. The difference was, they were drones, and I was the alpha male of the pack. She knew her situation was now different from before I arrived, and I so enjoyed the tension I created with her almost daily.

The time came for the holiday office parties, an excuse when there was a bit more alcohol consumed than is usually allowed during Happy Hour at the local watering hole. I used it for my benefit, even though I knew she'd be on her most defensive posture with me. With her second glass of champagne inside her now, I made my way from my totally boring group of bovines to her sharply attired body, ripe for my attentions, primed for the kill. Backed against a column, in the protection of knowing I couldn't come from behind, I again strode confidently over to her. Proceeding in a hushed tone, as if whispering sweet nothings in her ear, "There are those women who use their sexuality as a weapon, and those who use it as bait, and then even some who use it as a begging to be taken and used as the slut that they really are. You, my dear, are a slut, and I intend to show you that beginning tonight." With my fingers demanding her upper arm to follow me, my eyes and voice in no uncertain terms, I directed her into a side room, "Come with me for a moment. There is something I want to show you." Unable to protest such an overt assault, she opened her mouth for only the briefest moment and complied.

Quieter now, with only the buzzing noise of the outside to let us know we weren't completely alone, I told her, in the briefest terms, that I found her attractive and intended for her to serve me as my chosen submissive. Confusion covered her face as she wandered from shock to hilarity to awareness that I was dead serious, and it was only then that she began to understand what had been going on with my psychological complexities from the beginning. "Take off your blouse, I want to see those ripe breasts ready now for my attentions." She looked at me as if I were delusional, gasping at my assuredness that she would comply. I took the belt immediately from around my waist, hearing the popping sound as it slapped between loops. *Whack*, *whack* *whack*, I brought it around her hips to end with lashes on her firm, tight ass, backwards and forwards. She instinctively let out the beginnings of a cry until my hand covered her mouth and nose, pushing her back over a couch, pinning her under my weight. "Do not think to disobey me, again." She cowered now, exposing that vulnerability I knew was there all along, probably as a result of some sexual mispropriety from years before when she was threatened if she ever told.

"Good, now I'm going to release my hand, precious girl, and I want you to know that you will not be harmed in any way if you obey me, and with no you understand?", as my eyes drilled into her brain a focus she'd never forget. A meek nodding followed, eyes full of tears and fear, with my removal of my hand and repositioning myself to kneel above her. Looking down in carnal admiration on the heaving perspiration between her breasts, along the bottom of her neck, I could see her resistance evaporate before me eyes. Her look to me showed that lost little girl who had been used sometime previously, somewhere before and had no where to turn, as again she was entrapped into a web of deception of what showed on the outside and what was true on the inside. She was mine, but it would take some discipline before she truly believed I was to her what I intended to be.

"Take your blouse off now," and she hesitated with another look to see if I truly meant to be so serious at this moment. My hands immediately reached again for my belt, and she even more quickly began to unbutton her blouse from the top down. The bra boosting her firm breasts into a most delicious bundle made my cock harden just as instinctively as her nipples did from this humiliation. "Squeeze those tits together for me, slut, as I want my cock sliding in and out, between them, dripping juices onto your talented tongue." She hesitated, and with my grip vising her brown luxurious hair between my entangled fingers, I pushed her again back down onto the couch, straddling her with one leg as the other came over to complete the process of pinning her under me. Unfolding my pocket knife to expose its razor sharpness, I lifted the juncture of this expensive bra and with one twist of the blade, split it open to expose those heaving delicious tits, now inches from my constrained cock.

"Unbutton my fly, bitch...and take my cock in your hands." Pulling her arms now from underneath me, she awkwardly fumbled with my zipper as I gripped her hair again sadistically and hissed, "Now you sleazy piece of white trash, I want you to put that cock between your fucking tits and squeeze them together like your ass depends on it...cause *hahaha* does!!" She knew the routine now, and willingly did as I told, me looking down into those shimmering pools of her brown, luscious eyes with tears forming at the corners and running over her perfectly smooth face. Sliding my hips forward and back now, I commanded, grabbing her head with my grip and pulling her neck roughly to a 90 degree angle, "Get your fuckin' whoreslut mouth up here, you slutmachine, and get ready to suck the head of my cock as I ram it harder between these hot slick tits of yours." She was beginning to know her worth to me, and I was enjoying it even more, evidenced by the blue veins along my slickened shaft as it was warmed with her insulating, wet breasts. "Reach out and lick it; kiss it as it comes out from this titmeat, and get that juice down on your lips and taste me good, bitchfuck." I was really beginning to enjoy this sight of her humiliation, being degraded so intensely with so many of her coworkers so close by. "Yeah, that's it; you do know how to do this for me, don't you?"

When I was as hot as I wanted to get from such a talented titfuck, I pushed further past her firm tits and lodged my cock into her open mouth, riding her as if she were a hot cunt open and ready for some rough fucking. My soft cock's head sliding past her lips, her teeth, then plunging deliberately and cruelly into her throat, causing her to buck underneath me as she gagged from this enormous and uncaring assault on her. She no longer could feel the head particularly, although she knew it was firmly restricting her breathing, as it pushed past her reflexes and the hardness of my shaft now replaced any guise of care she may have thought I'd have for her.

Leaving my cock deep now in her spasming throat, I said, "Until you stop fighting this, I'm going to have your breath cut off completely with this wonderfully happy cock of mine, bitch." She was beside herself now with panic, and it she lurched back and forth to disrupt this penetration of her airway, gargling some sounds of terror, as she got closer to her limits of endurance. I rode her like a bucking filly, enjoying everything about it. She was beyond control, and soon eased into a stupor of unconsciousness, as I felt her rigid body calm then grow completely limp. I pulled out of her throat, not having once had her teeth graze me. I finished this moment by holding my glistening pole and sending tremors of delight up and down its length, until my balls formed their leathery sack and I felt that wonderful urging of my cum as it flowed through my thick shaft and spurt in jags of cum all over her face and hardened tits. With a sadistic twisting of her nipples, pulling them roughly up towards me and letting them snap back to their previous spot, I aroused her painfully to the point of gasping again and bringing that much needed lungful of air back into her spent body. Had her nipples not done the job of reviving her breathing, my belt slapping repeatedly across her clit would have.

When she groggily came up from the black emptiness of her vacuum, she awoke to a feeling of my stickiness covering her mouth, eyes, chin, neck and tits. She looked at me with a newfound fear, and awareness that I was deadly serious, but I also knew she had the resolve to bolt from me and even report this assault to any and everyone who could make my life miserable.

"I have noticed how you treat young Porter, the intern. He is not to be run like a dog because you have control over him, my pet. In fact, you are about to show him how much you appreciate him being a part of your team. When I leave here in a minute or two, I am going to have him come back in alone. You are to apologize to him for disrespecting him as a man, and show your sincerity by kneeling before him and sucking his cock till he comes in your whorish, tramp mouth. When I know the deed has been adequately performed, I am going to return here for more of what you need in order to become aware of your newly gained status in regard to me." Of course she looked at me again with wide-eyed denial, beginning to voice some verbal regrets, when she only gargled some barely audible words.

"If I discover that you have fallen short of this order, then I have no choice but to accelerate your discipline to the point whereby you'll never again deny me anything, anytime, anywhere." Deferring to my dominance over her at this moment, she could do little but nod her head in agreement, get on your knees on the couch, and wait for Porter. "Take those clothes completely off too; I don't want you to look like you've just been forced into doing anything."

"When I mentioned to Porter that she wanted to speak to him in the side room, he gave me a quizzical look and proceeded to go into the room. Finding our newly christened slutslave in her gorgeous finery, he about left without a second look, except I was right there when he did turn around to leave. "Go in, she's been needing to apologize to you for a very long time." With a sweeping awareness illuminating his face, the door closed behind him. I could barely make out the sounds coming from within, but it did seem appropriately short enough that I didn't have to figure she was recruiting Porter to be a one-man task force sent to rescue her from anything perverse or desirable on my part. When it grew quieter, I was able to imagine how she greedily went about her mission, knowing that the faster she got him off, the sooner this nightmare might end. Like with me and her gorgeously talented mouth, Porter soon came with a groaning eruption of semen that I had to cover up with a resounding cough, so that others wouldn't be able to hear our intern getting his Christmas Bonus so intimately from his boss.

As he exited, and our eyes met, Porter smiled a most welcomed expression to me, face flushed, and I likewise indicated to him that he well deserved it. Entering again to the room where our gorgeous slutslave waited, I told her to get her clothes back on and come with me. Those long, supple legs that reached so very far into her 4 inch heels, was framed with a garter belt, and panties to match. "Let me have those panties,'re not going to need to have anything to deny me for some time to come, this evening." She was a most incredible specimen of a "handsome" female. She did exude her ability to manage, but it also created for her a crust that she found hard to leave behind when she went home from work. "Forget the bra; you can stuff it into this trash bag. I want you to be ready to leave this little passion pit in one minute, with hair fixed, cum off, and a smile that is going to turn every man's pole into the most uncomfortable tight squeeze their pants have ever given them."

With the party becoming more comfortable now anyway, no one but Porter noticed us leaving, and as soon as I got her outside of the door, she turned to me, "Why are you doing this to me?", she whined. "Because I want to; now shut up and do exactly as I say, or you'll really regret how nice I've been to you so far." She sniffled back more tears, wiping her eyes and nose, and became my "date," my companion, as we seemed like any two other coworkers just going somewhere for some fresh air, or drink.

As we headed to my car, leaving the building behind and entering a more private zone, I quickened the pace. Finding the SUV in a remote corner of the garage, out of camera surveillance, I brought her around to the driver's side and pushed her with an elbow over the front hood, taking her hands behind her with one hand clasping, and the other hand winding in her shimmering tresses. Pushing her face down on the metal, I snarled, "Take my cock out of my pants, bitch, I want you to make sure it's nice and warm on this chilly evening." She cried now, "Please, please don't hurt me...please." Hissing, "I told you to shut up," and with that I pulled her head back till she groaned in misery, I released her arms, and pulled her skirt up over her hips myself, loosening my fly to let my bulging rod of pleasure free from it's bondage. "You just don't figure it out, do you?", and with no warning held my cock to burst inside her pussy, already wet and swollen from her episode of the last hour. Plunging it in with a single ramming, I caused her to grunt, and arch, giving me ample opportunity to reach around and rip her blouse off, exposing her firm, taut breasts to the chill night air, not that the cold was needed to make her nipples as hard as sweet pebbles of pleasure. Pushing her back down onto the cold metal once again, I pulled my cock out, held it with my hand, and found her tight ass completely shut off to me. With one more maniacal plunge, violating her ass with disgusting and cruel brute force, I smiled in sadistic splendor as my entire cock was, in the blink of an eye, surrounded by her shuddering pain-racked ass. "I will give you one more chance, you fucking piece of do exactly what I say, and you do it immediately, with no hesitation, nor regard for anything but that you do it to the best of your ability for my pleasure...YOU GOT THAT???", as I pulled away maybe an inch or two and rammed it to the hilt once again for good measure, grinning in perverse joy as she writhed painfully underneath me, giving my cock the pleasure it deserved. "Now get inside this vehicle, and lick my cock completely clean, and before we stop, you better have swallowed your third dose of creamy cum for the evening." Taking her torn blouse off completely as she raised up, I held my hand out, looking into eyes that admitted defeat, and she also proceeded to give me her skirt, leaving her with only her garter, hose and heels on in a very worthy slut outfit for my evening's pleasure. "Good can understand me so much more now from a perspective as my chosen sexslave, than you ever could before," as I smiled and locked her and her loose attire in the back of my SUV.

Getting into the front, I lowered the passenger seat to horizontal, and told her to make her way up to where she could properly fuck my cock with her talented face. I really fantasized about seeing her beautiful brown hair bobbing up and down on my cock, here in the vehicle, as I heard her slurping my juices and moaning in pleasure. Slapping a nice hand on a tight ass cheek, I told her to get started as I headed out of the place, toward my home, far from where she could know. She was really beginning to accept this moment, from all appearances, but what she didn't know was that I planned on making this a very long standing long as I wanted, no matter if I worked alongside her or not. And what I was going to make sure of, was that this experience so far was less than a wisp of vapor of a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Within a few miles of stop and go traffic, her being visible to those who had vehicles of similar height, I began to really enjoy her techniques of oral sex. Lolling around the neck of my cock's head with a swirling tongue that sucked me loudly, she would make sure the shaft stayed wet and warm by every now and then plunging her head to where I felt the back of her throat. She would stay there every time, until I tapped her head, whereby she could again raise up and breathe into her nostrils. I liked her intelligence, as a good lil cocksucking bitch and I told her that with a nice slap on her smooth ass every now and then, just to get a grunt out of her.

I held her off from drinking my cum, as I pulled her head up, to signal her to stop. She knew not to protest anything by now, and continued to wait until I again let her lower her mouth onto my quivering shaft. I had her hands massaging my balls, with one of her little fingers twirling inside my ass, when I knew it was not going to be too long before I again spewed up in her. As the moment drew closer, and she knew I was beginning to stiffen, I once more pulled her head up by her hair, then began to plunge it up and down on my swollen rod by my tempo, injecting pain for her with pleasure for me, a very nice combination of erotic sexuality. When I knew I was cumming, I held her halfway down so that my spunk could squirt into her mouth and she could easily swallow it, and as I rammed my cock up into her warm mouth, I growled as an animal as she snorted and bucked when she felt the bitter sweetness splash against the back of her throat. Nice cocksucking bitch, as she devoured every last morsel of my seed and juices.

Arriving at my home, I directed her to stay in the vehicle as I turned off the lights and closed the garage door behind me. Within less than two hours, she was compliant. Placing a leather hood over her head, I fastened her arms behind her with leather padded cuffs, and again directed her into the home, then down to my dungeon. I meant to mold her in a way that would make her totally serve me, and that meant to break her will as it was, giving her back what I interpreted to be desirable in terms of how she and I related, and that was...she was my slave, I was her Master.

As she descended the cold, cavernous steps of the basement dungeon, I said nothing, guiding her again with my hand on her upper arm. As we entered a smaller room, I ordered, "Kneel," which she did with no hesitation. I removed her hood, although the room remained totally blackened. I twisted small yellow ear plugs between my fingers so that they would expand inside her outer ears, depriving her of her sense of hearing. I placed a dog's choke chain over her neck and attached the free end to a nearby hook on the wall, about waist high for me. There was a sanitary sort of antiseptic smell to the entire dungeon, because I used that sort of room deodorizer to prevent any mustiness from pervading the pleasantries I enjoyed there. I chose not to deny her that sense, this time.

I gave her my instructions, "You will remain here until I have decided you are properly conditioned to knowing that I am all that matters to you." With nothing more, I kissed her forehead, warmly squeezed her right breast, nipple hard as usual, and turned on the light.

In front of her was a halogen work light, much like those used at construction sites for brilliant illumination...blindingly so. She had just been in darkness for nearly thirty minutes, so her eyes were completely dialeted and when the shock of the light hit her, she recoiled in pain, finding one very important thing out. She could not stand up nor lay down with the positioning of the choke chain. She had to kneel, and even if she turned her eyes down, closed them, or otherwise avoided the onslaught of this intense brilliance, it mattered very little in robbing her of her peace and solitude and comfort.

She quickly lost all sense of time, and from being on her knees, she began to hurt from my passive discipline like she'd never known before. Pulling down she choked herself, her knees were aflame from bending for so long. She could only bend over if she did manage to get to her knees, and as she grew more weary, her balance became so unsteady she threatened to severely choke herself if she did happen to sway at all. Her need to relieve herself became an issue, and the blinding light began to really give her delusions and a sense of numbness to reality. Within two hours she was crying, and within four hours she was broken.

Having seen all of this from my remote camera, the illumination was positively superb. She behaved as I thought she would, no longer than others who have endured similar attention. I reentered the room, to find her as passive and meek as a newborn fawn. Lifting her up by her chin, she opened her eyes, worthless in seeing me from the blinding, and found as her first sort of attention, a soft brushing of her parched lips with my finger and another kiss on her forehead. "My sweet, I am here to give you what you need; are you wanting some water and a chance to relieve your bladder?" She nodded 'yes', and I smiled at this change of attitude from the robowoman of this earlier evening. I then unchained her neck from the wall and allowed her to roll over off of her knees to recline on her side, which she did with painful appreciation in a moment of immense relief. She lay there for several minutes, breathing, her breasts calming in time to show the stress that this night had demanded of her, for now it was early morning of the next day, some hours before dawn.

Finally, legs stretched, knees somewhat satisfied, I asked again..."Should you like to relieve yourself, first, or have some cool water for your parched throat?" "Please...may I pee?" "Why, of course you can, my sweet pet, there is a coffee can over in the corner, and it should fit your needs splendidly." By this time, only a small sense of revulsion or shocked dismay spread over her. She knew she was mine to do with, and she hesitated no longer at anything. Within seconds she had crawled over to the can, squatted over it, and splashed into the sides of it, filling it up in a warm swirl of amber liquid. "Very good, my sweet girl, now come over here and let me give you some water." With the least amount of suspicion darkening her eyes, now adjusted to the dimmed lights of the room, she crawled over again, and with goblet in hand I proceeded to turn the purest, clearest, coolest water up into her upturned mouth so that she got her first taste of sustenance from me, as I chose. As the first sip emptied into her stomach, I then reached for a silver bowl, and filled that with the remaining water I had with me, about a quart in amount. Placing it on the floor in front of me, I directed, "Now this is how you begin, knowing that you are mine, to enjoy as I please, and that everything you are and will be is determined by me. I desire you as my slave, but tonight has been a severe test of you and who you really are. I will not condemn you nor fault you to walk away from here, and prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law. But I do not think you want to do that, and I am willing to now take that chance. If you choose to remain with me, you will be my slave, my submissive. To the outside world you may subtly change, but to me there is only one Master and one slave, and when you are with me, anytime or anywhere, you will serve me as my slave in any and all things. I will proceed with your training until you have earned the right to wear my collar, signifying my absolute ownership of you. In time you will be elevated from sleeping nude in a cage, to finally sleeping in my bed when I choose. You will understand the world of discipline, in all of the pleasures I desire, and from tonight you may understand that I thrive on passive discipline, such as what you've endured, the wooden pony, and other devices I have invented for the specific purpose of sexual torture. In this I commit to you that there will be no other slave to compete for my attentions, and from you, I expect to hone your spirit, and your heart until you are completely mine, in all that you are and do. That bowl of water in front of you signifies the bond you accept to become my slave, as I have laid out in these past few minutes. Accept this offer by lapping up the water without the use of your hands, using only your mouth and tongue. Deny this offer and I will escort you back to your vehicle, with a freshly purchased outfit similar to what you wore earlier this evening. You have my word of honor. It is yours now to decide."

Eyes now focused on me, full and wide, boring into me with a look I'll never forget...ever...she slowly bent forward, eyes looking at mine the entire time...hesitated, breasts hovering, ass tipped upwards...then lapped the water with her tongue, giving small ripples to bounce off the far end of the bowl.

...WolfenDom...copyright '99...

Unexpected Guests/Unwelcome Too

tired and alone, the end of a miserable week of work come home to an empty house you turn the the door...and sense....something...senses alerted you enter..with one step inside...and then your're pulled roughly by some strong vise-like monster of a hand...inside... totally scream... but immediately his hand is over your mouth, smothering not just your screams, but your entire face... kicking, you come off of the floor but you don't hurt him at all as he grabs you by your slim waist...and keeps your mouth covered..almost smothering you to delirium feel two more hands...grab your ankles.. crazed with are completely...helpless your swing your arms...unable to do feel the ankles being bound quickly with rope your arms...caught behind you...hand cuffed your coat...torn off of you your blouse....ripped open and your mouth...tightly gagged to where no sound...can be heard... blindfolded tightly, hurting your eyes, it's so tight... you are thrust up on a shoulder...and brought out the back of your house quickly, quietly, and without a witness...and in the space of 3 are gone kicking...screaming into your soundproof hear only laughter

and then you hear a van door slide open.. tossed roughly like a sack of potatoes, you feel your body sail thru the air...anticipating a hard fall but you hit foam mattresses bouncing you are aware...of another the van....3 MEN!!!

you are crying..with fright...knowing you are helpless..and no one expects you to be anywhere....tomorrow...a Saturday no one will miss you until Monday you cry...and are met with a slap across the face... "Shut the fuck up, BITCH!!!" you whimper..and draw up into a fetal position the have no idea long you hear traffic... are fitted with ear are beyond sensing anything, tears saturating your gag, along with your own saliva, crazed like a mad dog...but the dread in your heart...the panic in you mind...and the hardness of your nipples...are exposed to them, excited and pleading for attention...and what they will do in their own way of dealing with you seemingly hours later..those same rough, calloused hands...push your pussy wide open and plunge inside your warm wetness to degrade and abuse your wet cunt...they laugh while hurting you sadistically until you almost pass out and your breasts being squeezed, bitten and roughly without any concern to you your nipples pulled almost off of you a slap in the cheek again.. they ask you ...close to your spread your don't...and they hit you hard in the stomach..knocking the breath out of you... and then the van stops gasping for any air...almost crazy with this fear the worst...after they rape you, what will they finish you with...they drag you holding your shoulders..the other your ankles...into the cold dark air you sense the inside of a building... and feel your body again flying thru the air this time landing on a huge bed...totally are told...with the ear plugs removed to stand they undo the ropes that have reddened and chafed your smooth skin so savagely...and take your remaining tattered clothes music...keeping the blindfold begin to take off..what is still not shredded and long gone they have a whip that lashes your legs, the cadence not measured, so it brings a sharp cry of pain each time it strikes your porcelain flesh, creating bright red welps all over your tender flesh

...someone tells you to dance while they watch...strip for them... make them hard...they want to fuck you so bad or let their dog...have you...if you don't fuck them well enough... if you fuck them as the best cuntfuck they've had...they may let you live...but if any one of the three say you're not the finest whore they've ever abused...the huge dog...with a cock like a going to split you wide open and then...they are going to let sold to a white take you somewhere to be sold on the market...perhaps in the orient or deep into some isolated spot in Africa...

or just kill you...and be done with you if you don't appreciate them enough you hear the dog... it is huge..pacing...around the same room the dog he's leashed and kept away for now without clothes...without hand cuffs..or ankles even tied they tell you to lay on the bed... spread eagle...arms to the corners too...and don't move if they have to tie you..they will beat you senseless... and then fuck you the same..nothing now from you but obeying... you are nothing but warm fuckflesh...waiting to be fucked as they choose...your pussy is wet, swollen, and eager...but your mind is crazed to almost unconcious fear...

a hand drags your head up to slam a 6" thick, 12" long cock down your never imagined such blue veins, pink flesh, and this enormous cock head ever being possible to push inside your waiting orifice of a mouth...your tongue gets out of the way then pulls it in...the back of your throat gags, breathing stops...and his hands pull and push your head up and down on this massive rod, uncaring that you can't you feel another hard, sadistic slap on your pussy...just before your eyes grow wild with pain when a huge cock shoves to the hilt in one uncaring thrust of mean sadistic pain...another hand grips your nipples and tearing them away from your breasts so that you turn instinctively to that harsh pull to keep those nipples attached...and you flip immediately over... when the huge cock pulls you over on top of him and the facefuck grabs your hair and turns his cock in you 180 degrees when you flip to expose your wet, tight ass to the one who began to rip those hardened nipples... breathing again, you accept this torture, knowing you mean nothing but wet hot flesh to these sadists... knowing this other's cock is about to fill your tight ass with more or the same cruelty, you try to relax as the head rams past your rim... shuddering with pain you feel both these cocks against one another fucking back and forth on their own measured cadences... as you gargle the spit and juices of this cock so deep in and down your throat...your face pushing into his pubic hair each time he thrusts your head down again...faster and faster... tits bitten, ass slapped, face know you're about to taste and feel hot loads of vicious cum spewing up into your body and down your throat...and you fuck them all with intensity bordering crazed insanity...your body alive as if fuck like this animal they want you to be... laughing at this bitch you are...they begin to gasp and shudder as the hot spunk rises inside balls covered by their leathery sack... moaning now, facefuck grabs your head and violently slams deep in your throat...erupting in huge wads of cum his cockhead swells and burst his load down deep past your throat...slapping your face he fucks relentlessly, bucking his hips into the cum continues to gag you even more than your swallowing allows... and before he's done... cuntfuck and assfuck begin their own fevered clutchings of your tits and hips...cursing loudly, slapping you so hard your ass and tits sting long after each are lost in this dance of degradation...your mind separates from your body...and you look down to see this person so ravaged...not realizing you see yourself...and you become aroused to the highest degree...zapped back into your body by your own instincts to orgasm...your pussy expands inside and your ass tilts to fuck them both senseless, as you are... explosion of cumpower devastates your sense of rightness, morals... and you scream around the thick cock in your you meet the eruptions of sadists with your own spewing of cunt juices when your pussy explodes in resonating crashes of animal lust... you shake, scream, and tremble as you fuck deeply back and forth, breasts jiggling while bitten... brutally realizing that finding your own depraved needs of evil erotic punishment to be what you've needed for so very long to fill that vastness of sadistic passion you've never known... the cocks pump loads of cum, squeezing out of your ass and pussy... draining and dripping from the holes, mouth become a canvas for their cum to be smeared in your face, hair, on your back, tits, and ass... regaining their breath...they laugh and mock you, stupidfuck... pull your hands together, tying them to a bar in the middle of the headboard... loosening the dog, and tying his collar around you while your head is jerked up and tied back... so you can watch this dog fucking you in a mirror angled in front of you...the beast approaches...already his massive cock exposed... (more later about the dog and his needs met) ...copywright '98...WolfenDom

Unexpected Guests - Part Deuce

...when we last witnessed our pretty victim, she was so gorgeous, a sheen of lustsweat covering her entire toned body, cum spewed in and all over her, tied so uncomfortably to a bed...her head in a position to watch the large male beast approach her, and with his long red cock glistening with need...she, unfortunately...passed out from all the evening's events...tsk tsk tsk...and there was so much more of her to be enjoyed...oh, well...the wolf is really being upset that he didn't have his promised meal of her open flesh... she was delivered back from whence she came...she was delicately placed back into her own bed, in her own home...washed, perfumed, and dressed in a very provocative lace teddy...she could have awakened during this entire time, but didn' her heart rate was monitored by my specialists, whom to her were marauding predators...but actually doing their jobs as my trained and very well rewarded assistants...

...sleeping the sleep of the dead practically, she slept for 21 straight hours...totally worn and exhausted by her encounter with me...her future master...with her intentionally and totally unaware as to what really happened inside her mind and her emotional core...

...beside her bed a bountiful bouquet of flowers were soothing the room with their fragrant scents wafting across her mind...the select wine and basket of fruit, breads, and cheese was only to allow her to know that much more was indeed in her future with me...and the cassette recording, beside my card, directed her to listen to what I needed of her now...

...three days is the usual amount of time a woman can stand not to know...

...she listened...and without one shred of doubt...I knew I had captured my next slave, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally...she was mine...

...within a month, because I do such extensive covert research ahead of time, as I prepare for my choice of submissives, she was a novitiate in the sanctuary, my training resort where willing females learn the art and life of being a well-trained and proficient slave... takes a great deal of time and effort to insure that the selection of a slave is correctly executed and handled with the utmost consideration of her needs; discretion and anonymity being entirely the utmost of many women will defy that awareness and even more will deny it pertains to them personally...but, inside every that desire to be possessed by a man who cares nothing for her comfort...only wants to use her for his own pleasure...a simple slave to her master...every woman, everywhere...

...the following weeks allowed her to become aware of who she was always afraid to be and who I was in particular...finding me totally open to discuss with her all that I am, and all that I intended her to be...a sexslave totally devoted to my pleasures...or to my short list of clients...whichever I preferred...

...she resented and resisted, as they all do...citing her need for independence, self-direction, respect/honor, all the imaginations she had ever used to vindicate herself from becoming totally immersed into any man...and of course...none of these held any signifigance to me...I had seen the puppies playfully go round and round before...trying to nip but not be caught...this winsome game of tag...she knew I knew her...and she just had to be given some time before she had no more excuses to fool herself with...

...she came to me...exactly 32 days after the abduction and sadistic pleasure of her first night with me and my men...hmmm...I have to analyze why she resisted as long as she did...the usual time was 30 days...

...join in now; view if you will, as you so willingly did before, as I relate precisely how I allowed her to encounter me, when she returned to my abode, here at the lavishly ornate in dungeon al...

..."welcome my dear; it's been far too long to be without your attentions. I have yet to enjoy your body personally, and my wolf, that you may have only briefly remembered, is long overdue for you as well"...

..."yes master...i am here to fulfill your desires in whatever way you may choose to enjoy this slave of yours."...

..."you are my prettiest lil bitch...ever...and I need to have this energy inside me satiated...I'd so love having you....near me to play with...expose and any and all ways possible"..."yes"

..."chains...leather...nylon...anything...that is what I need...tying you for long periods of delight your senses...feeling you responding to me...knowing that all your defenses are melting before me, as you have no other choices left, but my choices for you, and you willingly give all you are to me..."

..."Yes Master...I need to serve you; it has been too long"...

..."take your clothes off then, woman"..."Yes sir"...::stripping quickly::

..."taste your wet cunt to enjoy your nectar, my young sexvixen"...

..."pinch your small breasts...and then your nipples...twist and pull them...for me"..."Yes Master"..."ache...for me those windows so that you can look out, and be seen"...::pulling and tugging each nipple::.."Yes sir"...

..."rim your ass with lubricant...and slide the butt plug in...all the way to the hilt"..."Yes sir"...::pushing it in::"mmmmmm"...

..."clamp your pussy lips...spread them...clamp them"..."yes master"... ::doing as told::..."slide this thick black vibrator...inside your wet, dripping cunt...and turn it on"..."Yes sir...Mmm"..."now with these nipple clamps...put them on your hardened buds, and let me see your face when you release their bite"..."Yes Master..sssssssssssss......ooooooooooooooo".... "good kiss me...and tell me you love me"..."i do sir...mmmmmmm... i do love you, master...ohhhhh, this hurts so much on my breasts, sir"... "you'll get to where you feel naked without them my sweet slavepet"...

..."stand closer to the window now and show anyone who might be able to...that you're enjoying being so nasty for your master...that you will do anything to please him" wolf, chained to his wall is licking his chops by this time...

..."take this flesh-toned dildo"..."Yes sir"..."and push it down your throat"...the wolf's red cock is now getting so red and so wet...and so very long..."turn now, my hot little slut, and see the wolf whom you have met earlier...see his enormous with it...with your feet"..."mmm mmmmm mmmm"..."push his hard cock with your feet"...::rubbing his cock with her feet::..."take your dildo further into your mouth"...::forcing the dildo down her throat, deeper, deeper::..."now take that out of your mouth, I have other plans for that warm talented tongue of yours"..."yes, Master"...

..."lick your hands,and grab hold of his shaft", red, wet, and oh, so swollen and alive..."pump his cock...a few times......for he's going to fuck you...soon"...::licking her hand::..."want to taste him, do you?"... "I...yes Master, I do"..."lick him baby....just one small lick"... "Master... no...I shouldn't would be so bad of me"..." know you want to do that, you want to taste his cock in your mouth"..."Yes sir"..."you are so delightfully bad for me"...::licking his cock once::

..."I adore you slavegirl"..."Yes master"..."is that turgid cock pulsing?"... " is, sir"..."do you want to be my slave?"..."Yes sir, I do...more than anything, sir"..."do you want to lick my cock...feel it inside this wolf does?"..."Yes sir...i want to please you in any way...i need you sir"...

..."do you want to let my wolf fuck you'll cum"..."it will please me if it will please my master too"..."first though, cum for me...before he gets to have you...cum for me, my sexy slavevixen"..."Yes cum for you, sir"..."let your vibrator and the pleasures"...::leaning into all her toys::..."loudly"...::feeling hot everywhere:: she is moaning...the wolf begins to bark...he wants her...his cock...out, extending...throbbing...

..."let him lick your cunt"..."Oh yes sir"...::rubbing her clit::..."spread your legs...and let him eat you"...::spreading legs wider::..."fuck his face slave"..."Oh yes...mmmmmmmm"..."pinch your tits, butt plug in deep bitch"..."Umm"..."let him make you cum with his rough salty tongue"..."Oh yes sir"...the wolf begins to nip at her wet nether lips in this excitement he thoroughly enjoys..."he wants you for his bitch, and I've let him have one or two, just for himself alone, to keep him satisfied over the years"..."sir, he is biting me!!!"..."He's taking you for his bitch...but you're mine; pull your lips wide apart now for him...and let him have more of you...take the vibrator out, so he can lick your nasty lil cunt so very deep now"..."please sir"...she looks at me with that mournful look of resignation, knowing she's to be whatever I choose for her to be...and now realizing it's also what she wants, but still has to show some signs of restraining decency...if that at all could matter to me, her, or my highly excited and enjoying his feast of her magnificent flesh...she is so aroused despite her shame and humiliation...I smile knowing her future already is made from this moment on...

...I harshly remove the attached, tight clamps now from her hardened nipples, causing her to wince in pain...sucking in the air so swiftly between her teeth...calming barely as the wolf keeps up his lapping of her juiced cunt...shamelessly searching for his snout, as if it had a will of its own now..."You love this, don't sweet pretty lil bitch?"..."I love making you happy, Master; I do it all for you"..."Maybe I'll let him lick you..while I fucked you're lonely ass from behind"..."Ummmmmm"..."you sitting down on my cock, facing away from me, as he likes to continue licking your cunt and my balls at the same time, me thick and full all the way impaling your tight rim, slavefuck"..."ohhhhh, yesssss"..."as your tits bounced"...

..."may I cum now, Master???...please sir"..."noooooo"..."please master"..."no, don't cum...push the wolf away for now"..."ooooohhhhhhh, yes sir"...she was so close to a deliciously wicked orgasm...I love to keep my slaves hovering at that edge...of total surrender to their needs for release...taunting and sadistically teasing them for my own wicked pleasure..."bring him back now...let him lick you again"..."i will cum sir"...grabbing a fist full of her hair, jerking her eyes to look deep into mine...menacing...sadistically cruel..."when I tell you to...and only then will you cum for me, my pretty lil whorefuck"... the wolf is on her again, devouring her quivering snatch, licking all her juices, as her clit is shamelessly rubbed deep into his snout... "Mmmmm...Master please!!!!".... "finger your clit slave..and now...CUM!!!!!!"....::moaning::..."Yes master"...::screaming::...convulsions take over her as if she's a rag doll, tossed in the wind...totally out of control as her arms flail...her hips jerk as if juiced with electricity...mouth wide open as her screams curdle the hairs on the back of my neck...I have never yet seen such a hideous display of raw animal pleasure sweep over any woman...ever before...she truly is his bitch... and she wants nothing more than to be just that...

...with tears streaming down her cheeks...sighing deep gulps of fresh air into her labored lungs...I reach up to pull her head back down to my face...cruelly twisting her hair in my grasp..."whose bitch are you now, my whorefuck?"..."i am your bitch, sir...your whorefuck...your slave...forever"

..."next pretty lil'll have both of our cocks devouring your tight sexy body, if you earn that out of here, dogswhore...and back to your cell, where you'll find a cage has been made for you to learn all there is to being a bitch...I see that your secret dark desires are now in the light"...

...copywright '99...

She had evolved her desires into a flavor and need beyond a man's attention...still devoted entirely to me, though...she could not deny her urges for my wolf...and I allowed her to develop her personal need to satisfy she loved to do for me...

"Wolf Lust"

The evening ushered in the cool nocturnal breezes amidst the last yawns of summer. I was inside my comfortable dungeon, windows so open to enjoy these breaths of nature, when I summoned my prettiest slave to attend to me for that evening...

"Girl, I have had nothing this day to quench my need for pleasure...and for that matter, neither has my wolf"...

"Nor I, Master"...

"You mean to say, since I have been gone on business for an entire two weeks he hasn't had his slickness up in you again?"...and with a small grin creasing the corners of my mouth..."or do you not really care for that so much?"

::grin::"No Master..."He hasn't, Sir."

"Hmmm...why not?"

"Master, I don't know how I feel actually..."

"Vixen, I told you that he could..."

"Yes, Sir...but..."

"But also...I much would rather have you for just me...and let this beast find another for his are that special to me...yet I understand and give you your personal desires for such pleasure as you find in serving him too..."

"Yes, Master"

"But what"?

"In the heat of the moment I enjoy it, Sir, I like to be the dog's bitch...but not if the moment isn't right."

"I see...and you are my prettiest lil do know that, slave?"

::grin::"Yes, Sir."

"Now, girl, I need to have this energy inside me satiated...I so love having play with...expose and any and all ways chains...leather....nylon....anything...that is what I need tonight...precious bitch...tying you for long periods of delight your senses...feeling your responding to me as my body empties into you...all that I am..."

"Yes, Master...I need to cum's been far too long for me too, as you've been away, I am feeling so needy, Sir..."

"Begin pleasuring me; take your clothes off then, cutest slut...

"Yes, Sir."::stripping quickly::

"While I sit here watching you...dip your finger inside yourself; taste your wet cunt and let me watch as you enjoy your nectar."

"Mmmm, yummy too..."

"Now my pretty young whore...pinch your small breasts...and then your nipples...twist and pull them...for me"...

"Yes, Master."

"I want you to ache....for me these windows more so that you can look out and be be enjoyed..."

"Yes, Sir"::pulling and tugging each nipple::

"Sexy rim your ass with the lubricant there...and slide the butt plug in...all the way to the hilt"...

"Yes, Master"...::pushing it in::"Mmmmmm...ohhhhhhh...Sir"...

"Now, my hot lil whorefuck...clamp your pussy lips...spread them...clamp them...TIGHT..."

"Yes, Master"...::doing as told::

"Good, my pretty take this huge thing...slide this thick vibrator...way deep inside your wet cunt...and turn it anyone who might be able to pass by...that you're enjoying being so nasty for your Master, and will do anything to please Him..."

"Yes, Sir"..."ohhhhh...ohhhhhhh...ahhhhh...ohhhhhhh...mmmm...ahhh...Thank you, Master"...

The wolf is pacing now...licking his chops...

"Such a sweet sexy girl you are, Slave...Now...take the other dildo and push it down your throat"...

"Yes. Sir"...::inch by inch disappearing down her upturned throat...

"Ah...I see the wolf's cock is getting wet...and with it, slut...with your pretty fuck...push his hard cock with your feet......since you're so busy with all the rest of your charms now"...

::rubbing his cock with her feet::

"Take your dildo down your throat even deep as you have ever had pretty fucktoy"...

::forcing the dildo down her throat deeper, deeper, until it is almost entirely inside her throat and mouth...such exquisite servitude I enjoy with this gorgeous creature::

"Pretty bitch...slide that dildo out of your throat now...and lick your hands...and hold his exposed now, and red...pump his cock...a few times...soothe him to be still...for he's going to fuck you....soon...soothe him with your hands for now"...

"Yes, Master"...::Licking her hand::

"Want to taste him, do you"?

"I...Yes, Master...I do"...

"Lick one small lick"...

", please, Sir...I shouldn' would be so bad of me."

" is okay for want to and you are so delightfully bad for me, my nasty lil slaveslut"...

::licking his cock once::

"Ah...I adore you serving me, as I watch my wolf's cock pulse in your sweet mouth"...

"Yes, Master, I want to please you in any way...I need you, Sir."

"Do you want to be my personal slave, to serve me as long as I care to have you?"

"Yes. Sir...I do...more than anything, Sir"...

" hot lil slut...As I see your body so tuned now for you want to let this wolf fuck you'll my precious fuckslave?"...

"It will please me, Sir...if it will please my Master too."...

"I want your first wave of orgasmic energy to sweep over you as you cum for me...before he gets to have you...let the vibrator and the you lean into the toys...with you moaning and squirming so loudly...anyone can hear your release"...

::feeling hot everywhere::...moaning, as her body is lost in the pleasure of this moment enraptured with me watching her orgasm helplessly in her attitude of service to me...the wolf paces nervously...chained to the wall...back and forth...yipping...barking she knows his need for her...wanting her...needing her...his long...wet and red...slick from his rough pouch...distended to the floor...

"Pretty bitch...let him lick your cunt...spread your legs...and let him eat you"...

"Oh, yes sir."...::spreading legs wider::

"Fuck his face slave...give him all of your wet pussy to smear all over his snout."

"Oh Yes Sir!!!...oh...he's so hot for me, Sir...he's licking me so deep...up inside my cunt, Sir...His deep...salty tongue...rough...not stopping Sir...oh...oh....ohhhhhh" she began that inevitable tumble into her own bestial urges of the shuddering spasms she ached for...constantly...

Nipping at her with his teeth...into her soft slaveslut...came with an energy only my wolf could give her...making her his bitch once more...and knowing the night would have her attending him inside her she presented herself to him on all long as he cared to use her...

...This night I enjoyed two other younger slavegirls in my just outside the view of my bed...on the portico...the bars of the cage rattled throughout this summer's pretty slave insuring her wolf had his fill of her body...till the morning's dawn...

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