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Synopsis: Diane, a Danish Girl, "lightly" retarded and under her Fathers will are trained to perform at his beck and call. Story is verbally told to also submissive friends and documented. Publishing here permitted by Diane.

At Daddy's mercy, beck and call part 1

By: Cecilita

All rights owned by Cecilita

First: Hi I'm Cecilita and I'm a member in (SUBLIGAN = SUBGANG) a group of sub girls who meet the first Tuesday in every month in the Southern part of Sweden. At those meetings one of us is reporting a newly happened or and old event for the others to enjoy, be thrilled or warned by. We can't tell if the stories are true or hope-to-be, we love them all the same.
I have been voted to be recording clerk and keep something between protocols and notes (it has now reached close upon 100 whole stories).
One of the members told us that she had met a girl with and frightful and dark hiSTORY to tell and suggested that we invited her for a Tuesday meeting. We all felt sorry for the girl.
Take Note: We all take distance from children abuse however about incest there are different views in the group. We invited the girl she meant.

The event in this story is bad and strongly wrong but it is initially told anyway as a warning and a contribution to the children's right discussions.


Diane is Danish girl, 24 y o, 170 cm (5 feet 11 inch) long, rather thin, with a very nice long, curly and Viking blond hair. She has a nice elliptical face, blue eyes and full lips that got my envy. She is obviously not THAT mentally damaged as one should believe but she is very shy and has obvious lack self-confidence. Her shyness is so bad that we had difficulty to make her stand up in front of us to tell her story. In the beginning of it she sat on her place among us.

Now days she has a caring Master (Father is dead) and love the life of a slave girl but in a childish way.
She still reacts on a whistle signals in the same way she is taught. Good for her Master.
The differences between Swedish and Danish is thin so she spoke Danish but sometime she stopped for a small explanation.

In order to let you read it and as the recording clerk I had to do this poor translation to English. Though my try is perhaps good for you.

BTW: In the group we have decided to protect Diane, who is very verbal but a bit retarded, from external contacts. I'm the filter so if you feel a must you can reach ME by my address:


My background is as dark as my memories of my childhood. And I understand now that I was deprived a normally childhood. Well I did not know that during my raising. Instead I thought it was normal and I felt happy.

Several years later when I understood the society's normal code in this case it was then I also got the mental chock (in between those two worlds) and detected and blew up my damages. So please don't pity me, it make things worse. I felt much happier when I believed that everything was Okay.

You can't choose your father but you must obey him to the letter.
I must stress that during the most of the time all this happened I was in no pain. The suffering came later when I grow up and found out that all he did to me was strongly wrong.
And that I had been misdirected in my childish blamelessness and luck of experience.
As a child I must be able to trust in the values my Daddy is giving me.

You see my father was not a good human being, probably caused by his own childhood. The Hell he was raised through he transferred to me as if the original sin was true. It went to be a reality for me, any way.

It all began slowly and I grow into it. As all children are, I was at my Daddy's mercy from the very beginning to the end. He raised me, formed me and gave me my thoughts and references and codex and he reduced my will. Children have no ability to choose there parents and have only to accept the pair they got.

Though all the efforts I've always loved my Daddy. He was the only Daddy I knew. I felt some kind of mixture between respect and fear for him. As a little girl I was always completely disconsolate when he was angry or displeased with me. So I had always better to just obey him and don't think or value anything by myself. Then he was happy and I was happy with him.

My mother has been sick as long as I know and she was moving in and out of hospitals.

I had always to attend my daddy in alls his demands. His demands went sexually after my 15th birthday.

Before I must prepare and serve him breakfast, lunch and dinner. He had a dressmaker to made a Maid uniform for me on the pretext of that it was for a fancy dress ball.
Afterwards he shortened the skirt simply by simply using a scissors. You could easily see my underpants. In this very short dress I had to wait on him at his table when he ate. I had always to eat before or after. During my waiting on him I must stand in attention at the other side of the table so he could look at me. All this was a game for me even though I not always liked it. Children love games especially when the adults play with them. He steered my by giving me encourage and extol.

He called me his Assistant and that was something nice and fine. So I run to get things for him what ever he needed. I also quickly learned the name of all his tools in his repair shop.
I don't know if I mentioned it but running was a must and I could se how our dog running when we called him so it must be natural to run when you know you someone is waiting for you.

I was Daddy's good girl and I was so proud of it.


When I later went fifteen I had to be initiated to my coming adulthood, he said.
So he started training me in the art of fellatio. It was vital for me to learn that skill, he told me and that I was lucky to have a teacher in him.
Yes, I felt lucky and eager and I obediently learned all the details in this art as he guided me all the way.
I had to practice at a rubber tool at first but he promises me a real thing when he decided that I was ready for it. I remember that I longed as a lunatic for this to happen. I did not know what THE REAL THING was, but it must be something very good as it was promised as a reward.

One week ahead he told me that if I practiced very much at the rubber tool he thought I was ready and that I should get the real thing at next Saturday.

I counted the hours until Saturday.

I remember I was a bit surprised when I found out that he had had the real thing in his pants all the time. When he open up and let it out it was like Christmas day.

I was lean and warm and pulsating and hard. It was as a part of Daddy, in same way glued to him at his crotch.

In this time I was perhaps mentally blocked out by him but I don't think I was slow in my thoughts though. Later I sadly found out that I was a bit retarded and not just a bit, as you understand.
I was not allowed to mingle too much with the girls in my class. Not the boys either. He had ordered me to go directly home from school every day. As the obedient girl I was I did so.

He had during all my life implanted his thoughts in my head and I love my Daddy.

I was eager to learn every detail he taught me and made everything to make him happy and he said that I also had to learn how to make my future husband much happier with me.

He stressed that was a very hard thing to do called “Deep Throat” and that was the ultimate performance to learn.

So I was lying on my stomach sideways in the sofa with him sitting in it and had my mouth wide open over his manhood and I had learn to try to open up my throat as well.
I must take his tool all the way down my throat and he teaches me how to swallow it down.

To help me get it down there he hit my bottom with the birch rod and when I open up more to cry out he pressed my head down over it. And it went, all the way down.

The first time was worse. Next time I did the down press my self when he hit my buttocks. That was repeated four or five time until I asked of him to let me do it myself, without his help with the birch rod.

I desperate fear of the birch rods sting I pressed my mouth over his demanding tool and succeeded.

Next step for me to learn was to make swallowing movement with my throat to massage his tool head down there. I learned to do it first 5-6 times before drawing my breath and later more and more times.

I remember that I was disappointed when he let out my reward dose deep down there but I learn to taste it when I cleaned him with my lips and tongue afterwards. Still I long for my reward dose of sperm and beg him to let me release it in my mouth from time to time. My request was granted and I was happy again.

I quickly learn how to deep throat him when ever he wanted to and remembered to massage him with my throat every time, now up to 60 times. I can recall that he told me that my massaging throat sucked him down there. I nodded but I didn't understand what he meant with it.

When I, after three months, had passed his finely art-of-fellatio-test I got a new everyday duty to perform and carry out.

I must every morning sneak into his bedroom, get under his comforter from the foot side and wake him up by my mouth and strictly remember every detail he had taught me to do. I loved it when he praised me and I could not find any limit in my strain to make him happy with my performance.
He asked for more and more before he gave me he acknowledge and I strived more and more to get it.

In the early training with the real thing he had assumed that I swallowed his deposit and he told me so just before it gushed out from it.
In the beginning I didn't know what it was but he had prepared me that something was to be sprayed out and ensured me that it tasted so GOOD. My manipulated brain gives him right. It tasted good and I soon started to grow strong needs for it.

I remember him often sitting at my bed when I was going to sleep and he talked calm to me and corrected my thoughts and told me how to think and what to wish for and what was nice tasting or not. All with the result that I was very happy in my world and I felt very good when my thoughts were right (his way).

I longed for him to spray it in my mouth.
My brain told me so and I felt very proud that he would give it to me and I could understand that I must work hard for it and prove to deserve it.

I think he every other time alternately used my throat and my mouth cavity. Sometimes when he hit my skull I had to quickly raise it from my throat and up to my oral cavity and collect his deposit. That was Heaven.

After I had drained him I must keep up my good work by slowly suckle it and handle it with my tongue until he told me to stop and then I felt often disappointed as when you take the pacifier from a baby.

Here after (in the morning) I had to hurry to the kitchen and prepare his breakfast and stand ready to wait on him at the table. I had grown out of the small maid uniform and was to be naked instead and standing with my hands behind my neck and my feet apart. When he was within one arm length from me I must also stand tip toes and with my mouth open and inviting for him (as he said) and with my tongue sticking out of my mouth and resting on my lower lip.

He very often took hold of my pictorial offer and let me crawled under the table and gives him my morning mouth again. My manipulated brain took it as an honour and I did my very best to make it good for him in my brain twisted gratitude.

He increased the order of my tongue position out of my mouth pose to that I also had move my tongue forth and back invitingly for him. Reminding and suggesting him what it could do for him and at his manhood tool.

Very early in my life I had had to learn how to receive spanking without screaming. He started to teach me that when I was a very little girl. I had to just lie still over his knees with my bare bottom up and receive one blow after and other from his hand or birch twigs, that I myself had got from the trees outside. One of my standing tasks from 8 y o and forwards was to cut and prepare a bunch of birch twigs to be standing in a vase in the living room every day except when mother was home because she was too ill to stand my “Ouch!” and “Ow!”, he said. Though he quickly reduces my “Ouch!” and “Ow!” to a noiseless receiving the blows without any other sound than loudly keep counting and thank him for training me. I really wanted to be as he wanted me to.

He also very early trained my at his special whistle signal in his calling for me. When I heard it around the house I must run, really run, to him and stand in the order position (with my hands behind my neck, feet apart, stand tip toes and with an open and inviting mouth and tongue out).

With me in this position he then decides for me what to do for him. It was always the same order so to save time I could as well go down on my knees in front of him and start sucking him.

But that was not allowed. He was the one to decide so I must wait for him to give me the same order every time. I must also, during the sucking, with my right hand gently handle his scrotum.
When I had swallowed his deposit I must clean him with my tongue and lips and then keep stimulating him with my tongue and lips until he ordered me to stop and go on with my ordinary duties. I must confess that my confused mind liked this so much that I long for his next whistle signal. I could feel in my whole body that he was pleased with me during these occasions and that helped me go on.

From time to time I imagine I've heard his whistle signal so I come running for him without him giving the signal. Sometimes he than looked at my mouth and ordered me to service him.

Encouraged of this I started to try to steer the events by on my own initiative run to him and put my body in the order position and wait for he to give the order. This was my way to show him that I wanted to have my dose of sperm, even if I didn't know in the beginning that it was sperm (possible brothers and sisters) that was injected in my mouth.

I was in the beginning so amazed by this so good tasting liquid that men had to spray in a girl's mouth. My childish mind found it logical that a man had this reward to give to a girl when she had properly learned to be efficient in her stimulating of the man's thing, as my daddy said.

But the main thing for him was that when ever he wanted my now well trained mouth he just had to whistle for me and I come running. This running thing he had very sharply demanded and when ever he thought that I didn't run fast enough I had to run back to my starting point and wait for him to call me again. Very often, before this repetition, he had me to take of my panties and bend over his lap or bend forwards and hold the palms of my hand flat on the floor and he spanked me hard to encourage me to a faster run.

As I said before, I loved my Daddy and I gladly run faster and faster for him. I was overwhelmingly depressed when he was unpleased with me.

So my leading star in life was to do anything in my power to make him happy with me. To any cost for me.

When I pleased him with my mouth I felt it was much more exciting for me than for him. I simply loved to do it.

I will continue with next part if you find it interesting.
Other ways never mind me!


Author: Cecilita


First: Hi I'm Cecilita and I'm a member in (SUBLIGAN = SUBGANG) a group of sub girls who meet the first Tuesday in every month in the Southern part of Sweden. At those meetings one of us is reporting a newly happened or and old event for the others to enjoy, be thrilled or warned by. We can't tell if the stories are true or hope-to-be, we love them all the same.
I have been voted to be recording clerk and keep something between protocols and notes (it has now reached close upon 100 whole stories).
One of the members told us that she had met a girl with and frightful and dark hiSTORY to tell and suggested that we invited her for a Tuesday meeting. We all felt sorry for the girl.
Take Note: We all take distance from children abuse however about incest there are different views in the group. We invited the girl she meant.

The event in this story is bad and strongly wrong but it is initially told anyway as a warning and a contribution to the children's right discussions.


Diane is Danish girl, 24 y o, 170 cm (5 feet 11 inch) long, rather thin, with a very nice long, curly and Viking blond hair. She has a nice elliptical face, blue eyes and full lips that got my envy. She is obviously not THAT mentally damaged as one should believe but she is very shy and has obvious lack self-confidence. Her shyness is so bad that we had difficulty to make her stand up in front of us to tell her story. In the beginning of it she sat on her place among us.

Now days she has a caring Master (Father is dead) and love the life of a slave girl but in a childish way.
She still reacts on a whistle signals in the same way she is taught. Good for her Master.
The differences between Swedish and Danish is thin so she spoke Danish but sometime she stopped for a small explanation.

In order to let you read it and as the recording clerk I had to do this poor translation to English, though my try is perhaps good for you.

BTW: In the group we have decided to protect Diane, who is very verbal but a bit retarded, from external contacts. I'm the filter so if you feel a must you can reach ME by my address:

Now the story:
At Daddy's mercy and beck and call part 2

When mother was in hospital Father moved my bed in to their bedroom and put it up against the window. He told me that I was now in for night duty training. I didn't know what I meant but later in the night I got the idea.

Though he now had an every day order for me to wake him in the morning with my mouth he also wanted to wake me up at night. If he during the night woke up and felt a fancy for my mouth he could just wake me up by calling my name out into the darkness and order me to do him.

In the beginning it was just that and I was very eager to make him release himself as quick as possible so I could go back to sleep. As many other teenager I could sleep almost anytime and I was very tired when he woke me up in the night.

My fear and respect of my father made my eyes wide open in panic when I heard his voice calling my name.

He craved all the time more and more from me and I remember as adult as the saying goes: “Much need more!”

After a week or so he told me that when I heard his voice calling out my name in the night I should quickly rise from my bed and run up to the left side of his bed and put my body in “order position” and wait for his order of what to do. I knew what to do and after that I was clearly awake I look forward to it.
Probably because that I must obey him but also that I wanted to make him happy and I knew a way to do it and also I could go back to my bed. I always to had “clean” him with my tongue and lips afterwards and put his comforter over him before I left to my own waiting bed.

When I look back at my situation I remember that I wanted to please him in my mixture of love, respect and fear for Daddy. And I was just terrified by the thought of him being angry or unpleased with me.
He had during my up rearing spanked in his will in my bottom checks and it had gone so deep in my mind that he was the Master of my will. He said anything and I made it happen.
I had close to no relation to mother so I deepened my relation to my father. He was all I got.

When I was 15½ y o my mother died and then I started to really miss her more than I have had during her illness and hospital stays.

This was also the time when I moved in to my Daddy's bedroom permanently but had to sleep in my own bed at the window. He always slept in nude and so must I except the three days when I had my periods.

One night during the period of mourning he couldn't sleep so he woke me up and ordered me to massage and stroke his back when he was lying naked on his belly in the bed. I felt his sorrow (and mine) and I started to stroke him with my hand all over his broad backside and I enjoyed the feeling of his warm and soft skin.

“All my back”, he said, and I extended my working area to his whole backside from the neck and down to his feet and ankles. When I worked my way down to his bottom checks I could feel his bottom muscles and I felt them react to my searching hands. He put his feet wider so I had access to his whole bottom. I took his adjusting movements as a sign and wanted to please him so I put my hand in between his legs and felt his scrotum and started to very gentle massage it, knowing that he liked me to touch him there. He had months ago and in detail instructed me how to massage this sensitive part of his body. I remember that I felt very smart and proud to do this without of a direct order from him.

Soon I could feel his tool react to my touch and he turn to his side and I could see his erection waiting for my mouth. I open my lips and before he gave me the order I caught it in my mouth and start sucking on it.

He captured my head with his hands and pulled it down so I had my right ear to the bed sheet and then he start to move his hips. I keep my head steady and my mouth slack and as soft as I could and started to move my tongue as he had taught me for his pleasure. He also took my right hand and put it on his bottom check and I started obediently to massage and knead it. I got my reward deep in my throat and swallowed it gratefully.

In the morning he still wore his dressing gown at his breakfast. I was naked and standing in my order position and waited at his table until he finished his breakfast.

When he had finished it he stated that he was going to take a shower and needs me to rub his back. I had to run up to the second floor and into the bathroom and wait for him.

After a while he arrived and reminds me that I always must wait for him and his order in the order position and I adjust my body to his order immediately.
I felt stupid and shamed not thinking of it my self.
He called me into the shower and I hasten to him. He ordered me to take the soap and sponge and start sponge him.

His body was very passive and he directed me by words what to do. I started with his front and his tool was much erected but I got no order to use my mouth so I keep on with my cleaning assignment. When I was done with his feet he turned his back to me and I started at his neck and worked downwards over his bottom and to his heels.

He told me to hand shower him and I did.

So he took the soap and sponge and started to wash me all over. He told me how to stand and then he soaped my whole body fully. I could see and also feel his erected man-tool when ever it brushes against my body. I wanted so much to please him, but was bound to wait for his order.

My green and naïve mind felt its twisted power over his manhood. I was the one who could make it hard, to make it spray and go then to rest, be soft and small again. It was me it was waiting for when it was big and demanding and I was the only one to handle it with care and power.

In a servile and childish way I waited for his order to make it happy and be soft again.

When he had washed my body he told me to kneel and I did so quickly and open my mouth in expectation but he turn his back to me and told me that I must lick his buttock. I remember that I felt disappointed but I obeyed him and start licking him in long tongue touching licks.

Soon he bended over and directed my tongue deep in his bottom cleft and to lick all the way from his scrotum and up to his waist. All the time I had to pull his buttock cheeks apart. I followed his instructions and licked him all the way time after time until he stopped me just after I had started at his scrotum on my way up. A new order: “Very slow now!”

When my tongue now obediently flicked over his brown hole he twitched. I suddenly went afraid that I had hurt him, but he urged me to do it again and again.

After “for ever” he had me sharpen my tongue and to pull in and out of the hole again and again. I obeyed him as always, but couldn't understand way.

But hearing him moaning slowly made me worry, but when he understood anxiety he openly told me that this was his way to tell me I was doing VERY well and that he wanted MORE of it.

From that body hole I know something is expected to come out – not in.

He told me that my conclusion was correct and that I always had to redraw my tongue from the hole so it came OUT again. My tongue was to visit there only temporary. Daddy is always right! He got the brain and I must follow his directions. He had the brain and I got a body for him to use.

This was my first tongue – anus – massage and there were many more to come. He liked it and I could proudly hear that he was pleased with me and this was not so difficult to do except when I went very exhausted in my tongue so I had to keep my tongue immobile and move my head instead or touch him there with my lips.


The Visit

All the time Daddy clandestinely kept me, my naked body and my acting strictly for him self but one evening when I was 17 y o he had a friend with him when he came home. Daddy was a bit drunk. I could hear it in his voice and se at his movement that he was drunk, though it happens very seldom.

I was as usual naked in the kitchen and when I heard him I run to the outer door to meet and greet him.

I could clearly see that the man he brought with him reacted on my lack of clothes but I took it for natural. I was so used to go naked at home, but when I realize his reaction I felt some kind of shame.

My security in my mind was to obediently follow my routines and I stood in the order position at the door and looked at Daddy.

The visitor was a boy not more than two years older than me. I had seen him at the school and his name was
JENS. He was a rather good-looking man except for a bad scar from his left corner of the mouth and down his chin. It made him look evil. I had only vague references to men more than my father.

In the order position I hold my both hands behind my neck and I felt my breasts lifted and his eyes burning on them. But I didn't dare to move my body from that ordered pose. It went worse when I could se his eyes leaving my breast and lower down to my parted legs.


From the time of my first pubic hair I had been ordered to always shave clean down there. Father had threatened to pull away any straw with a pear of tweezers. He had made it happen once when he had me on my back on the kitchen table with my legs spread. He not only pulled it clean but he also punished me with the birch rod on my bottom, one hundred and fifty hits. My whole bottom was on fire. Such treatment makes you obey your father to the letter.

Since then I have always shaved myself before showering every morning.


I got such a twisted feeling when I felt Jens eyes on my bare pubic loaf. I both felt that nakedness was natural and that I should feel shame. So I blushed.

“This is my slave girl”

My father announced proudly.

“Slave girl?”

Jens repeated.

“Yes, she is my slave girl and at my beck and call. Her duty is to make me happy and she does. But I have also trained her to be an obedient wife for her future husband.”

“But she is your daughter, isn't she?”

“Yes, and remember what you have promised, to keep what you see in this house as a secret between the two of us!”

“OH, YES, my lips will be sealed. Not a word from me!”

“OK! Then you may observe her servitude.”

“Thank You! I will watch in silence, I promise!”

“You may watch as much as you like, but no touching.”

“Thank You. I promise!”

“Diane! Make us some coffee! “

“Yes Sir, right away, Sir!”

I run quickly in to the kitchen and started my assignment. I knew that this was a time for running and I let my legs move as quickly as possible. But I could feel Jens's eyes burning on my back.

I spread a cloth over the table in the sitting-room and they went in the room. During my movement I could feel Jens's eyes following my body. But I had more fear for my father's anger so I let that steer my acting.

Now with two dressed men in the room I felt more naked.
Though my father's eyes were more important I could clearly feel Jens's presence in the room.

I must wait at the table and was standing in the order pose in the resting time. Father had pointed out were I should be standing.

Father was sitting in the easy chair and I stood in waiting position at his right side and turned against the sofa. Jens was sitting in the sofa (fathers left side) and opposite to me were I was standing and in his open view. He stared straight at my pubis and I could almost feel his eyes touching my private parts. To move my parted legs and block his view was unthinkable.
I felt something new – something indefinite.

I could do nothing, just stand immovable and wait for my father's order of what to do. I would like to lower my hands, but I knew it was badly forbidden.

Father ordered me to and fetches his Whisky bottle and I obeyed.

Later both men drank Whisky. After half an hour I could hear that father was hooked by the thought of letting Jens marry me when father was dead.

“You must not decide now and of course you have to try her out yourself some week before. She is very obedient and servile and as you will see she can make a man very happy. I have her now on night duty as well as in the day, so I can wake her in the night when I need her mouth or body. When I wake her she is standing in this order position beside of my bed and wait for me to decide how I want to be pleased by her body. Order position is the pose she is in now.
I can tell you that she now is trained to deep throat me when ever I want to. It's Heaven, I tell you! She is a 24/7 slave, so when ever I need her she is running to me. I have a special whistle signal for her to react on and come running to me, when I need her for something. Do you understand son?”

This was my normal life he was describing but I felt ashamed. But I could also detect my father's proud ness when he informed Jens of my day and night life and that felt good, so good.

“Oh, you mean a whistle signal as for a dog?”

“Yes, exactly as for a dog. But now is it for a slave girl. And I can assure you that she come running as quick as a dog, she is well trained you know.
I love that girl and my great sorrow is what's going to happen to her when I'm not here any longer to protect her. You can solve that problem for me son.
If you consider marrying her and taking care for her you couldn't find a better or more obedient wife.
I have trained her for her future husband and to make him happy in every aspect.
You could borrow her and test her out. And you will have service day and night and a service you couldn't dream of. You are setting all the standards.
She wakes you up in the morning with her mouth and cleans you up after she had swallowed your gift. Then she quickly run down to the kitchen and prepares your breakfast and stands in then order position and waits at your table when you eat it. You can have her in any position as you like. She is handling all the movement in the pace and intensity you decide on when she is service you with her body. You don't have to lift a finger in your house, just tell her what to do and consider it done. When you feel for it or when you want to punish her she'll wait in any pose you want until you're done. In the evening when you came from work she will meet you naked in any position you want. Your dinner is ready and she is ready to wait at your table. You don't need any remote control for the TV-set; she is at your command.
In bed she is trained to deep throat you as long as you want to or massage or tongue bath you and perhaps if you want her tongue in your behind before you go to sleep, you just tell her what to do. She is also trained to massage you within her cunt for as long as you want. Her vaginal and anal muscles are very well trained. Anything you want to experience she is the tool for it. Naturally you can train her to perform anything you want. Think about it boy!”


Sitting in his chair father suddenly open up his pants and let them fall to the floor. His hard manhood stood proudly at attention.


His order rang in the room and I dropped quickly to my knees before him, bend my head over it and within a second I had his tool in my mouth. I knew exactly what to do. When I put my body in position before him my back pushed the table away backwards and I felt the sharp edge in my lower back. No matter. Father's pleasure was the main thing in this room.

In a short distance (not more than ½ meter = 1½ inches)
I could somehow feel Jens's eyes observing my lip movement, but I had my focus on my father's enjoyment. And Jens could also see my tongue flick at the underside of my father's tool on my lower lip, as I was told to do. I felt in my spinal that it was vital that everything my father had told him was proved true. My obedience was one of the qualities my father had called attention to and I felt that I must in any way showed him right.

Suddenly my father hit me hard on my skull and I knew what to do. I sucked in air and pressed my mouth over his tool and it moved deep down in my open throat. My nose in his pubic hair and me swallowing and swallowing to make my throat muscles massage his manhood, as I had learned to do. His pleasure was number ONE in the room. I could tell by the contraction in his penis that he released himself in my sucking throat. In half a minute it went limp and was gliding up from my throat and out of my mouth. Nearly automatically and obediently my tongue went out on its cleaning mission and I heard Jens groan loudly beside me in his leaning forward position very close to me.

More to come in part 3. If you are interesting, that is.


At Daddy's mercy and beck and call part 3 of 7

First: I must correct my translation blunder. Diane is not retarded in the common meaning. Instead I will say that she is mentally under stimulated, naïve slow thinking and locked in her belief that father is always right. I beg first her and then the persons that kindly have pointed it out, to forgive me. Humbly Cecilita

Story Code: M/g, M/f, M+/f, Mc, incest, Mpover, sub, slave girl, training, oral and slow mind.

Author: Cecilita


At Daddy's mercy and beck and call part 3


When I had cleaned him and with my lips pulled back his foreskin I was done with my temporary mission and rose to my feet and stood at the same place as before, in the order position and waited for his next order. I have learned to love waiting for Daddy's order of what to do.

It's so easy and gives no worries about doing the wrong thing.

A thrilling feeling in my stomach told me that some part of my mind and body liked the naked and submissive situation in front of Jens.

But I have little room for my own feelings. Daddy was the one who directed what was going to happen in the room.

Father put in his now limp tool back in his pants and turned to Jens and asked of him what he thought of my performance.

“ She is perfect. The perfect slave girl, she is.”

“ Well, what do you think of her as a wife?”

“ I think she will be a very good wife.”

“ And very obedient and serving too”, my father added proudly.

Then he added:

“ I must stress that she is still a virgin, I have never used that part of her. She has to be a virgin for her future husband. But I have corrected and trained her behaviour strictly during the time I've been raising her. Including that I've taught her the special use of her tongue, lips and throat.”

“ I could see that for my self”

“ If you will be her husband you could easily turn her, as a clod of clay, to be what ever you want, you know. I have only done the preliminary work. She is a very talent and dexterous pupil.”

“ If you forgive me mention it, I don't mind trying her out myself before I could take a decision of marriage.”

“ That I can understand and you will not regret it. I can ensure You that.”

I locked at Jens and saw that his pants had a big wet smear on the inside of his pants. So I understood that he himself had made his tool spraying inside his pants.

During my care for my father I don't think he had had any wet smear on his pants. I had always caught that in my mouth, I thought proudly. That's my job and responsibility.

I looked at Jens and let my thoughts wondered.

Is he to be my husband and Master in the future?

Not a too bad choice of my father.

I had to make a great impression on him then.

But what about my father then, was he not to be my Master anymore?

Or was I going to have two Masters?

Daddy had told me that my only advantages in the eyes of men were my submissiveness and obedience and my deep throating and my willingness and eagerness to serve pleasure with my body. That's why he had trained me so carefully in those behaviours. I know in my heart that he had done it in love and care for me.

Father looked at my and said:

“ Diane, you must show Jens your very best side and even overdo your obedience and submissiveness and willingness and eagerness to give him pleasure in your acting!”

“ Yes Daddy! I will!”

“ You must later convince him that you are a good catch by obeying him to the letter. I don't no who else can take charge and care of you if anything happens to me. Do you understand, girl?”

“ Yes Daddy, I will! I promise, Sir. But Sir nothing is going to happen to you is there?”

“ No of course not girl, but I said if. Somebody has to take care of you. And you couldn't be left alone if the worst comes to the worst.”

“ No Sir!”

“ So you must do your very best to convince him that you will be a the most obedient and submissive wife he can ever be married to. That you will be, not only his wife, but also his slave girl and sex toy. And you will be responsible to collect all his wet spray, as you have done for me. Do you understand what I'm saying, girl?”

“ Yes father, Sir. I do. I have to be the same girl for him as I'm for you now!”

“ Yes, but I said slave girl!”

“ Sorry father, that's what I meant, Sir. Slave girl, Sir! I will be at his beck and call, Sir.”

Father nodded and turned to Jens and asked of him:

“ What if you borrow her for next weekend when I'm going to Bornholm? I expect of you to keep your mouth shut about this things. What do you say?”

“ Thank You. I love to and I have my own house now since my parent's death. It's an honour to borrow her from you to try her out. My mouth is sealed, you can be sure of that.”

“ Very well it's a settled then.”

“ I must ask of you. What are her limitations then, Yours I mean?”

“ If you seriously reflect upon marriage there's none. Except for her virgin hood, it must be intact for her future husband. But if you, with no return, decide for marriage, then that is also a free zone. But then she is yours for better for worse”.

“ Do you really mean that?”

“ I said that if you really decide for marriage, yes!”

“ And as long as I consider marriage there is only ONE thing out of bound, the rest is free?

“ I said that if you really consider marriage, yes!”

“ I do honestly as I can see heaven open up for me.”

“ OK, then. Can you collect her Friday at noon?”

“ I will!”

Father turned again to me, in my waiting position and said.

“ Diane, when Jens brings you back I don't want to hear him complaining about anything, not anything! During these days he borrows you he is your Master and temporary owner and caretaker. You have to do what ever he asks of You, No, not asks, ORDER you to do and perform. Is that clear girl?

I knew father. When he stressed something in that way I know he meant it and I would never make him disappointed in me.

“ OH, Yes Sir. I will do everything he orders me to do and I'll do my very, very best, Sir! I promise Sir.”

“ As a bonus for Jens. Diane, show him Your THREE ways!”

I understood what Daddy meant. He had trained me in those movements before. I had to show my three entrance; mouth, pussy and but hole in that order and count quietly to ten in each showing.

“ Yes Sir!”

I looked directly at Jens and opened my mouth and showed him that entrance. Daddy had taught me to put my tongue out and let it rest on my lower lip and so I did and got a quick feeling of being a puppy.

In my mind I felt a bit shame. My nakedness strengthens my feeling of vulnerability but my body was well trained and obedient to my Daddy's order and will.

I looked Jens directly in his eyes and felt at his disposal and in the same second I felt a tickling feeling in my stomach.

I counted to ten.

I turn around, bend over forwards, stretched my hands behind my bottom and open up my lower lips with my fingers.

I counted to ten again.

Put my hands and fingers higher up and opened up my but muscles to show him my anus. It was an unused entrance but a naturally used way out.

I counted to ten.

Turned and intended to started show all from the beginning when Daddy stopped me.

Father had trained me to keep going from the beginning until he stopped me, as he did now.

As I was trained to do, I put myself in the order position and waited for him to decide what was going to happened next. I must confess that almost every time I was in this waiting position with my hands raised to my neck I felt a thrilling feeling in my spine.

What will happen and what will he want me to do?

I loved my father and I felt so happy when he was pleased with me. And better when he was proud of me.

“ Jens, have you anything to ask me before you go?”

“ Yes, there is one question: How do I correct her in minor slips?”

“ It is included in no limits except ONE. It's up to you to correct her as you find best.”

“ So it's OK with you if I smack her?”

“ It is but I can't see that she will give you any reason for it.”

“ As long as it's OK with you.”

“ It is”

“ See you Friday afternoon”.

“ You are welcome, see you.”

Jens just looked at me and winked.


When he has gone father had me dishing and cooking him dinner.

I walked around naked in the kitchen and was thinking of my future and of what father had said. It was so easy to obey and do what I was told, so it would not be any problem. I felt security in that Daddy had trained me well.


I can't say that I was counting the days to Friday when Jens was going to bring me to his home. It was new for me. As long as I was under Daddy's supervision it was cool and nice but new things to do was scaring, alarming.

Still I was confident in the knowledge of that if only I did was father thought best for me everything was going to be alright.


Friday morning I snaked, as every morning, up under my fathers cover and found my way up to his groin and tool. He was on his back in the bed and that makes it much easier for me to reach my waking-him-up-area.

I opened up my mouth and took it in. My lips pushed back his foreskin and uncover the head and my tongue started immediately massages its underside in long and quick strokes, as he instructed me to do.

During my training time he had had a great patience with my inexperience, but lately he could only relax and let me handle everything exactly as I knew he wanted it.

This time I felt a very warmth feeling of doing it as good as I possible could.

Somewhere in my confused mind I felt it as I took my mothers place in his bed. I was my duty to give him pleasure and make his penis happy and spitting.

I had also been taught to let my lips follow the structure of his penis head and in to its neck during its movement in and out of my mouth. I could hear him sigh in (of) pleasure on the other side of the comforter and it makes me so happy and even more eager to make it more pleasurable for him.

Now Jens was, far away, in another world.

So in the middle of my obedient feelings he hit me hard on my skull outside the comforter. That was my signal to take him deep down in my throat and so I did quickly as in a bodily servile reflex. I started to swallow and swallow and massaging his penis with my gulping down muscles.

Soon he injected his dose down there and his tool quickly went limp and slipped out and up from my depth. I didn't need an order to clean it. That was a well trained procedure.

When I was ready I put his comforter back over him, it was mostly on the floor after my performance in the bed.

I turned to run to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast but he stopped me and said that he wanted to feel my tongue in his back hole for “a minute or two”.

He turned in the bed to his stomach and spread his legs to make room for me. Knowing his call for quick acting on my part I harried to kneel between his legs and bend over to put my nose at his behind and in the same time I spread his but muscles with my fingers, sharpen my tongue and put it in motion in his hole.

In and out, in and out, in and out, in endless motions.

“ The minute or two” was added by many more, but I worked my tongue in steady in-out movement until he told me to stop. More than 15 minutes had pasted so I knew he liked my pleasure giving.

So he suddenly ordered.

“ Now fetch your tail!”

A bit surprised I run away to a smaller case in the wardrobe just opposite to my bed in the bedroom. I opened it, took the tail thing and run over to produce it to him.

It was an animal tail attached to the end of a wooden handle 15 cm (6 inches) long.

After I had handed it over to him I turned my back to him and bended over at my waist holding my but muscles apart for him with my hands, without him saying so.

He didn't need to order that because I knew were he was going to put it. It had been there so often that I thought it could find its way by it self.

He put some saliva on the end and pressed it in my but hole. It gave me a twinge of pain when he pressed it in.

Then he pushed at button on the side of it and the top end expanded inside of me so it would stay in there even when I moved. But it hurt in the beginning.

From time to time I had to wear it in my but hole. I don't know why, but I obediently did so.

“ Now off you go!”

“ Yes Sir!”

I run out of the room and down to the kitchen and he stayed in the bed.

Twenty minutes later his breakfast was ready and I heard him in the bathroom and then entering the kitchen. As always I stood in the order position and waited for him to sit down.

I served him coffee and his slices of bread, cheese and butter.

Then I again put myself waiting in the order position.

When I parted my legs I could feel my “tail” hanging between my legs and tickling my thighs in my movements.

He had me turn around to inspect that the tail was steady in place as I could feel it was. But it was for Daddy to know that it was.

I served him more coffee and then I had to crawl under the table and offering him my mouth and tongue again.

But I didn't get any wet reward.

As I serviced him under the table I knew that this was The Day, Friday.

Jens was coming to collect me, to borrow me as you borrow a thing, a slave thing.

More to come in part 4. If you are interesting, that is Otherwise it will stay in my chest.

DIANE (In part Four 17 y o)

DIANE (In part Four 17 y o)

Looking shortly back from now as an adult I think
it was totally irresponsible of my father to hand over a 17 y o girl in the
hands of 19 y o boy and to give him absolute power over me.

A cruel and inexpedient country bumpkin like him living alone in a sparsely
populated area. He had little or none contact with other people, more than a
few fellow workers, as my father. He has too little experience from handling
other people, a young girl in particular. He had no stop signs in his head.

My fathers “carte blanche” gave him an unlimited playground. Bear in mind
that he had lived with only is imagination for many years and without out
contact with any real girl and his only standards came from dirty magazines.
It was absolute madness. But here is my statement of what he had demanded of


My home.

At 1300 hrs I was standing in the order position beside my father when we
heard the door bell rang.

“Go and answer the call!”

“Yes Sir!”

He had trained and taught me that my answer “Yes Sir” always should be sharp
and distinct, as in his Army, he said. And also that I never could say it
without of stretching my body further up, straight back, breast out and eyes
forward. It had been a second nature for me, so I didn’t need to think about
it now days. Daddy had loved the Army with its strict discipline and trained

I knew and feared that Jens had arrived and I run quickly to open the door.
As usual I was naked and I could see his bright smile as his eyes search
over my exposed body. He seems always be smiling. I didn’t know it then but
in a near future I was going too. Later I found out that his mother had been
rather depressed from time to time and that had made him hate a sad face.

I stepped aside and let him enter and I closed the door behind him. I was
unsure of what to do and would not for my life dare to annoy him, thinking
of what I had to face three days ahead.
So I flashed a quick “order position” for him. He was not my Master, but I
feared he would be in a minute or two.

After that I run quickly in to father in the living room and announce that
his guest had arrival. Daddy nodded and gave me a sign to show him in.

I run back to the hall and told Jens that Daddy was waiting for him in the
living room and run before him into Daddy.

I went over to father and stood in the order position, looking at Daddy. As
usual I stood diagonally in front of him, not blocking out his view, but
still in his reach, if he wanted anything from me or if he wanted to feel my

My father was the Master until he told me otherwise. For ever, I hoped. He
was my good Master and my good father. Close to him, I felt so secure. He
was a very firm and demanding Master, but I knew in every detail how to
serve him, how to obey him. He didn’t spank me that many times for fault
that I have done.

More often, as he told me, he did it for the reason that he loved to see my
bottom wriggle in it’s trying to escape his blows and that he also loved to
see the skin color up and the muscles in my bottom checks stretch in fear of
his next blow.

I had nothing to say more than if my bottom gives him a show, I must
willingly present it for him, whenever he wanted. He owned me and could do
with me what ever he likes.

“You’ve come to collect her?”

“Yes I have and I’m really looking forwards to it all week.”

“And you remember our agreement?”

“Oh yes I do. No limits at all with exception of that one connected to
marriage. I know! Otherwise everything is free for me? ”

“That’s right!”

I was half listening to them and half pondering over Jens as I observed him.

He was just some years older than me but a feared him. Not that I could put
a finger on a reason for my fear, it was more a strong feeling. He was given
the power over me for the weekend and there was nothing I could do about it,
more than obey my father and “do anything in my power to convince Jens that
I was going to be for him a good wife in the shape of a totally obedient and
submissive slave girl. Fulfilling his every command with eagerness and
willingness and putting a loving heart in everything I did for him.”

But still I felt that Jens had a bad and cruel vein in him.

I already knew that he had a great lust for power. What is the meaning of
power if you don’t use it and test it out?

In Jens case I feared he would overuse it.

My future should show that my fear was an understated feeling. I could never
visualize what a boy’s imagination could find out to make a girl do for him
and for him to do to her.

Daddy turned to me and said:

“You don’t need to bring anything with you more than the most important
thing, yourself. But I don’t want people to start talking. Therefore you
can’t walk over to his home naked. Put your white gown on, nothing more, and
go with him. As soon as you stand before his door you will remove the gown
and walk inside naked. If he doesn’t say anything else you will be naked in
his home all the time, until he brings you home.
And remember his is soon your Master, your temporary owner and caretaker, so
you will obey him to the letter. I can assure you that you don’t want him to
have any complains about anything when he brings you back to me.”

“No Sir. I will obey him as soon he is my Master and owner, Sir.”

I felt a bad shiver from my neck, running along my spine and then through my
whole body.

“By the way, run up to the bedroom and fetch all your “playthings”. Put them
in a bag and bring it with you. And bring your gown as well. Now!”

Yes Sir!”

I RUN up to the bedroom and took and put down the collar, fetters, whips and
the tail in the bag.
I hold three dildos in my hand and wondering if he needed them. I presumed
he had the “real thing”, as Daddy. But then I remember that father said “ALL
your playthings” and emptied the plaything-box in the bag. In the meantime I
was thinking why he always calls them “my” playthings. He was the one who
played with them in and on my body.
I would never have had bought them. But father knows best!

I took my gown and the bag and run down to the room. Put the things down to
the floor and order-position.

“NOW he is your Master, girl!”

“Yes Sir!”

I answered my daddy and turned my naked front directly to Jens and looked
him in his eyes and said in a confirming tone.

“Yes Master!”

Jens was now my Master even if it felt strangely when my father was sitting
beside me. But I had to agree and obey. Father’s always right!

The just two year older boy was now the one I must obey. I knew in my heart
that he could do anything he wanted with me, and I must and would do
absolutely anything he said and do it good with willingness and eagerness
and love.

Father turn to Jens again and they talked to each other, but I didn’t
listen. Instead I rest my eyes on my new Master, ready to do what ever he
told me.

My attention wandered ahead. I was so used to and felt so secured by that my
Father was thinking for me, telling me what to do. Everything he told me was
for my own good. And now it was Master Jens who was the one who was to be
the ruler of my actions.

How could I think that Master Jens always knows best?
I had to. He was my Master now. Perhaps he would marry me and be my Master,
Husband and Lord.
And I had to be his loving wife and obedient and submissive slave girl.
Perhaps, what I fear most but had to accept, I had to be his plaything or
his object or even furniture, as he had whispered in my ear once.

Interrupting my thoughts my new Master rose from his chair and give me a
sign to follow him and went for the door.

I took the bag and the gown and run for the door.

Catching up with Master Jens in the hall and opened the door for him. He
went out and I did so as well, but naked.
Then he found his Master role and ordered me to put the gown on, which I

I took my bag and followed him in the direction of his home, not more than 3
km (1.8 miles) away.

It was a rather thinly populated area and we followed the road and passed
only one house (The Svensen family).

Halfway from my home we left the main road and took a small road up to his
house. It was located in the end of a big field and at the top of a hill and
with the forest behind it. Halfway up you couldn’t see the neighbor house
(Svensen family).

I was silence and my mind was in stand by for further orders. I felt a
thrilling feeling of the thought that I was his to do what he wanted with
and I must be on my alert to obey him as quick as I could. Opposite to
everything I felt a good tickling feeling in my belly at that thought.

But I couldn’t kill that fear in my chest.

When I turned my head I couldn’t see any house at all.
300 meters (1000 ft) from his house we pasted a lot of birch trees. He
stopped and gave me a pocket-knife and told me to cut 5 sprays of a birch
tree and hand over to him.

I run quickly in my white gown up to then trees, took hold of a branch and
cut five pieces of the birch.

There was no questions in my head why he wanted them and I almost could feel
them burning and hurting on my behind.
I also felt that there was nothing I could do to avoid it.

If he wanted to use it on me it was up to him and I wouldn’t even show him a
slightest sign of disapproval. On the contrary I must also incite him to use
it on me. I could hear my fathers order ringing in my ears: “You do anything
in your power to convince him….”

“Yes Daddy, I will obey your orders”, I said noiseless to my self and run up
to the house, were Jens was now.

As I running closed up to him I reflected on if I should just give him then
birch twigs or submissively do it on my knees before him.

I decided the later was the best way to fulfill my fathers order. And beside
of that I didn’t dare to annoy him in any way. In contrary of that I must in
any way show him that he is above me and stress his authority over me.

So a I kneel before the boy about my age and handed him obediently the birch

He took it and I rose to my feet and stood in the order position. In fear I
felt that I was his to do with what ever came into his mind. And what ever
he decides to do with me I must be obedient, willing and eager to please

Jens open the door to his house and remembering my fathers order I rose my
hands to my neckband and pulled my gown over my head and was naked before
him in a seconds.

He walked into the house and I entered his house, holding my gown over my
right arm.

It was dark in there for my eyes, but they quickly adjusted.

It was a new house with new smells for my nose. Here I had have to live for
the next days.

I felt frightened and miss my father. In his house I knew everything, but
here all was new to me and I had to start learning from the beginning, for
those three days or for the rest of my life. At home I was used to be
stirred and guided all the time and I hoped that Jens would do the same.

I putted my gown, my only protection, at a chair and was standing naked
before him in a perfect ORDER POSITION. Standing on my toes and with my
mouth opened and my tongue stretched out, as I had learned from Daddy.

I knew in my backbone that I had not only do anything he told me, but also
put my back in it and struggle to convince him that I should be the best and
the most obedient slave wife he ever could wish for.

In my striving to show him that he had my full attention I looked straight
ahead and said:

"Yes Sir!"

Jens was still holding the birch rod in his right hand and at intervals he
hit his own left open palm with it as to stress that he was a hard and
demanding man and that his left palm easily could be my naked skin. It was
easily for me to understand that meaning. He spoke:

“Put your collar on, girl”

"Yes Sir!"

I bent quickly to the bag and in seconds I wear the black leather collar
around my neck, as so many times before at my real Masters house. In some
sense I felt dressed with this leather collar around my neck, even if it was
the only thing I had.

My complete order position again.

With complete I mean what my Daddy had taught me.
If I was in the distance of ONE arm length from my Master I must stand up on
my toes and keep my mouth open, with my tongue invitingly out and slightly
resting at my under lip.

In further distance I stood in the ordinary order position and that was; my
feet 50 centimeters (20 inches) apart, (between my feet) hands behind my
neck with my fingers interlocked, my elbows pointing strictly side ways, my
breasts out, straight back and my eyes on my Master.
It was connected to the words: “Yes Master!” or “Yes Sir!” to indicate that
my Master had my complete and total attention.

I felt that my open mouth and outstretch tongue was meant to give him a
distinct direction of that my mouth was his to use when ever he wanted. It
was a clear invitation to fellatio, that it couldn’t be misunderstand.

“There are certain rules that you must obey in this house and outside.”

"Yes Sir!"

“You are here to convince me of what an obedient slave girl and slave wife
you could become to me.
I’m going to test you to the limit and I want to find that you have no
limits at all. What ever I say you will do immediately. You will act with so
much eagerness and willingness that I will not detect even the smallest
trace of reluctance.
In my tests of you I’m going to play with your body in any way I like and
you are going to give me so much pleasure that you couldn’t visualize it,
even in your darkest nightmare.
I must stress that I never want to see your face sad. That means that you
must smile on your face all the time, what ever I order you to do or what
ever happens to you. Your face will have a smile from now on and then you
will keep smiling.
If I wake you up in the night the first thing I will see is your smile and
when I send you to bed the last thing I will see is your smile and then you
will smile all the time in between. The only time you not had to smile is
when you’re sleeping. Do you understand me girl?”

"Yes Sir!"

I heard him and obeyed, putting up a smile for him and kept smiling as he

“And you have to obey me to the letter, as your father promised me.
Whatever I say you will make it happen, what ever I say. That is my dreams
come true. Is that clear to you?”

“Yes Sir!”

His hand touched my left breast and I knew that he now was the Master of it
and the owner of all of me.
I obediently and ingratiatingly turned my breast to him for his easier

He went over to a cupboard and produced a very thin cane. He showed it to me
and made me hold it and then he said.

“I will give you a promise! If I, at any time in this house, will see that
you’re are loosing the smiling and happy face I will give you 50 blows by
this, 2:nd time I will double it to 100 and 3:de to 150 and so on. Do you
understand me girl?”

“Yes Sir!”

I did understand that this was going to be a horrible weekend and I could do
absolutely nothing about it, but keep smiling, as if I had a good time.

And I promise my self to keep my face smiling no matter what. I would NEVER
give him the chance to punish me for not smiling. I was a happy and secure
girl and to be smiling was not a problem for me.

My obedience was my only tool here and I had to stick to it.

He looked a bit embarrassed when he open up his belt and let his trousers go
down to the floor, followed by his underpants.

His tool was standing erected and hard out from his body.

I knew it would come to this and I knew what to do with it to make it feel
good. That is absolutely nothing to me, no effort at all. Of course he
wanted my mouth and I was prepared for this assignment since my father first
told him to borrow me.
I must say I had expected it much earlier, almost outside the house. But it
was for him to decide and me to wait for his order.

Obedient I stood still in the order position and waited for his command.


It was my Daddies voice I heard and I obeyed so quickly that my knee-caps
hit the floor with a smash.

With my smiling mouth already open wide and my tongue outstretched and in
the absolutely same movement I bend my head forward to it and let his tool
enter my mouth.
Immediately my tongue started its trained movement at the underside of his
tool, just after I had pushed back his foreskin with firm lips, which went
soft again.

I bobbed me head forwards and back and really tried to make him feel as good
as possible.

I was so used to give my fathers’ tool a massage with my mouth, after
repeating it up to seven times a day since I turned fifteen. I did it
automatically and, may I say, perfectly and exactly as he had taught me.

Massaging a dick with my mouth was nothing to me, nothing more than washing
up, sweeping the floor or brushing my teeth. It was just movements and a
task, just a trivial task to do, except from that fact that those tasks were
expected from me many times a day and night, when ever my father scrotum was
full and his testicles were calling for my mouths actions.

I did it as I was taught to do and expected Jens to correct me if he wanted
it to be other ways. I would be obedient but he has to teach me how he
wanted to be handled.

It was not my own knowledge. My father had told me that every man wanted it
done in his own way. Therefore I must pay attention to how Jens wanted it.
Daddy had told me to do it as I was taught as a principle to act from.

By the way, it took only seconds for Jens to explode in my mouth and he had
a lot. His fluid gift rushes into my mouth and I started to swallow. It was
the only way I knew to handle it and my instinct to swallow had become
natural. My father had told me that the liquid tasted good and it was his
encouragement to me for doing a good job.

I kept Jens dick in my mouth and very slowly move my tongue over its head to
catch more droplets from it.

To my surprise his tool wasn’t slacken as I was used to. It was still hard
and strong. I was supposed to clean it with my tongue and lips and put it to
sleep, but this tool show no sign of being sleepy at all.

Not knowing what to do, I start to do it all over again.

Bobbing my head over it and stimulated it with my tongue and lips. I was
completely lost.

I remember one day when I had put plates on the table and my father found
some spot of dirt on his plate. I had done a bad washing-up job so I had to
do it all over AGAIN. Furthermore my bottom got a hard thrashing and I felt
so ashamed over my blunder. I didn’t felt sorry for my bottom, though.

Now I was worrying if I had done a bad job at Jens dick and therefore must
do it again. I was sure that my bottom had a thrashing waiting for it, as
soon as I was done.

I must learn to do it better! Do it much more pleasurable for him. I could
almost feel my bottom twisting and turning red. But I was confused because
I’d done exactly as many times before and my Daddy had been pleased. And
Jens had rewarded my by his liquid. What had I done wrong?

This time I took my task more seriously and started from the beginning. My
waiting punishment urges me to do it much more methodically.

Moving it quickly forth and back I let my tongue press up against the
underside of the glans, formed my lips much more closely around his tool and
let them wetly slide over its neck and started a much more intensive
suction. I carefully cup my hand from underneath of his scrotum and slowly
finger it as I felt his testicles inside.

My father had taught me that I could get very good information of the level
of his delight and excitement, if I felt the testicles moving up from my
hand and up in the direction of his body.
Then I knew that I was doing it right for him.

Now I could feel Jens testicles going up and coming back and go up again. As
I was taught I adjust my suction and lips and tongue movement after that.

What father said was always right.

During the time I gave him pleasure with my mouth he continued his
house-rule-speak. But at the same time as I felt his testicles moving up I
could hear his voice alter to a higher tone and sometime he stopped for a
second or more. My mouth was carefully following him in its pleasure giving
and that was when my mouth was most active.

“When ever I snap my fingers ONCE you will directly go down on your knees
before me, open up my fly, take my cock out and start sucking on it. If I
don’t say otherwise you will make me cum within 5 minutes and you will keep
that time. For every minute more I will give you 5 blows by the cane on the
inside of your thighs and 5 on your bottom, so you better make it quick and
good. Do you understand me girl?”

I felt coerced to answering him. He was the boss.

"Yes Sir!"

Then I immediately moved my mouth back to its action and suction.

“When ever I snap my fingers TWICE you will without of delay kneel behind my
back, opening up my bottom checks and I will feel your tongue in my anus.
You have only two seconds from my snapping fingers until I will feel your
sharpen tongue in and out of the hole. Then you will keep up the rate until
I tell you to stop.  Is that clear to you girl? “

"Yes Sir!"

I moved my mouth back to its mission.

“I have also learned from your father that you are used to wake up in the
night and stand in the order position and wait for an order of what to do
for your master. I will use that as a routine in this house as well. Do you
understand that? ”

"Yes Sir!"

“I like the order position, so we’ll keep it. But with your tongue you will
alter by keeping it out and still and every other time move your tongue
forth and back invitingly for me, as you stand in the order position. We
start with your tongue still, next first time and you will keep the
counting. Got it?

"Yes Sir!"

In a second my mouth was back in its suction.

“I will train your tongue to be used day and night either on my tool or in
my anus or at any part of my body I want. You understand girl? ”

"Yes Sir!"

“Your will be my living-alarm-clock by waking me in the morning at 700 hrs
precisely and by blowing me. You will put me to sleep when I tell you to, by
either your mouth on my tool or your tongue in my anus. Then you will keep
up a good pace until I’m sleeping.
You will sleep at a mattress on the floor beneath my bed, so I can wake you
up in the night when I need your services. Do you get that? “

"Yes Sir!"

My mouth went back to its task.

“I have always dreamt of letting a girl have my cock in her mouth all night.
And we will se what we can do about that dream. Probably it will mean no
sleeping for you that night, so perhaps I will wait to your last night here.
Think about it, a whole night with my tool in your mouth and you will only
move your head from it in the morning. You really long for that, don’t you

"Yes Sir!"

I move my mouth back. He continued, as I heard him more and more excited of
his fantasy dream. I felt his testicles disappear from my fingers and I
understood that this was a good for him, so I moved my tongue quicker and
more distinctly forward and back to massage the underside of his glans.

“If you at anytime in the night feel that my tool is calling for your
attention you will service it with tongue and lips. And you will take from
it whatever it will give you and you will swallow everything.
And if I hit you on the top of your head you will take it deep and stay deep
except for some rarely breathings interruptions that you must have. You
really want this tool in your mouth all night long, don’t you girl. “

"Yes Sir!"

And then he gushed in a new dose of his cock fluids in my waiting mouth. It
was less than last time but I swallowed it and it tasted good, as my father
had insured me. Father is always right!

“I have a feeling of that you are answering ´yes sir´ only to be polite and
obedient, are you girl? “

For a second or so I took my mouth of his dick and turned my smiling face up
against him.

"No Sir! I really want to please you in any way you want Sir. If it’s good
for you I really want to do it. My mind is yours and what ever you want me
to like or think I will. You own me for those days and perhaps for the rest
of my life and anything that you want from me I will do with eagerness and
willingness. You just tell me and I will make it happen. "


I had started to clean his now slacken dick.

Suddenly he snapped his fingers twice and I responded quickly on this new
order and rose to my feet and moved behind him as he stood, fall to my
knees, open up his but cheeks, sharpen my tongue and put it to action in his
hole immediately, in, out, in, out, in, out. I knew better than to slack of!

This pleasure giving to a man was not a big thing for me to do. My Daddy
used my tongue this way at least twice a day and he had me often doing it
for a LONG time.
I had learned that this pleasure giving could be “for ever” because there
was no concluding spaying from this hole. The only thing that makes him
order me to stop was when he lost his interest in my action or wanted
something else from me. When having my tongue in his back-hole father always
lose track of time.
I was experienced to do it for a long time at every occasion.
I had just to keep up with the movement in – out, in – out, in – out, in –
out, in – out.
But I was allowed to temporarily break the pace with my tongue stroking
gently up and down the cheek crack and for my lips to loudly kiss and touch
the near area.

Now Jens had got back his strength and started to give me more house rules,
with my tongue in and out of his anus hole.

“You will also wait at my table and wait in the order position in the
If you not are ordered under the table for sucking duties, that is.

"Yes Sir!"

My tongue went quickly back to its duty as soon as I had answered him.

“That is the house rules from now on. I will tell you if there will be more
for you.
OH, there is one more.
When you are blowing me and I hit you on the top of your head you will take
it deep down in your throat and the order word is simply DEEP! Do you
understand? “

He had told me that before but I answered:

"Yes Sir!"

“I have ten good obedience tests for you. I have those few days to decide if
I should marry you or not and I think we start with the first test after

"Yes Sir!"

“You can start making my dinner now. You will find what you need in the

"Yes Sir!"

I started with preparing dinner and after one hour I run in to the room
where he was sitting.
The order position diagonally in front of him and stretch up my body for him
and waited for him to let me speak, as I knew he had seen in my fathers’


“Sir, your dinner is served, Sir!”


He rose from his chair and I stood there until he had left the room. I some
childish way I felt it all like a game or a play. A roll play, he was the
upper-class and I was the servant.

I run after him and out in the kitchen. He sat down on a chair and I stood
in order position diagonally in front of him.

“Girl remind me to inspect your pussy to see if I find any hair there. You
may serve me now.”

"Yes Sir!"

He had a nice dinner and I stood in the order position most of the time and
waited on him at the table.

“Crawl under the table and suck me of!”

"Yes Sir!"

Quickly I fell to my knees and crawled under the table and as he had no
pants it was easy to take him my mouth directly and start sucking.

As my mouth and tongue performed there well trained work I was thinking.

Every morning in the shower I let my safety razor visit and work at my
private parts knowing that my father was very firm about “no hair” there. I
should look like a young girl down there, he said. I did it also this
morning but it is difficult to look down there in the mirror. Could I have
missed any hair? Well it would show. Now there was no time to correct it

My milking tongue and lips soon enticed his tool to spray in my mouth. He
didn’t provide that much this time.
I cleaned him with my mouth as I was taught to do and crawled out from under
the table, rose and stretch up my body in the order position for new orders.

Up to now I had done well, I thought, except for his first time in my mouth
when I had to do it all over again and have a spanking to collect. Had he
forgot it?
I had many duty hours left in this house.

“Clear the table, Girl!”

"Yes Sir!"

I obeyed as quickly I could. When I was done I put my body in order position
again and waited for his next order. My tongue was moving out and in to my
mouth and it felt kind of fanny. I smiled with open mouth and that made my
mouth more open.

I had to lie on my back on the table and pull up my legs so I had my knees
to my armpits and hands under my neck.

“This position I will call BACK! Did you understand that girl? “

"Yes Sir!"

“So when I say the order BACK you will throw yourself on your back in this
position, with your cunt in my direction and usually on the floor and or
were I point out for you to lie.”

"Yes Sir!"

He went over to a closet and produced a pair of tweezers and came over to

He looked at my pussy and started to inspect it.


I said and then again. I felt a sting and then another and he told me that
he had found some hairs close to my anus.

“Now you will count loudly, but don’t forget to keep smiling.”

"Yes Sir!"
“One Sir, Two Sir!”

I knew I smiled all the time. Sometimes I got cramp in my face, but keep

He continued and there was a sharp sting for every time he pulled a hair
with the tweezers. It hurt so much that it was very difficult for me to let
him have access to this sensitive part around my anus, but I didn’t move a

Obediently I count every sting and found that it was hard to smile, be
still, not to take down my hands to protect that sensitive area and to be
counting loudly, but I did.

“Three Sir!”
Ow! Four Sir!”

“Five Sir!”
“Six Sir!”
OH! Seven Sir!”
“Eight Sir!”
Ouch! Nine Sir!”
“Eleven Sir!”
Ow Twelve Sir!”
Ouch! Thirteen Sir!”
Ow Fourteen Sir!”

He now moved up and let the tweezers bite me on my left labia.

“Ouch! Fifteen Sir!

“Okay, the last was no hair, just for fun. So you can stop counting now!”

"Yes Sir!"

I could feel that he open up my private lips and put a finger into the hole
down there. This had always been a protected zoon in my fathers’ house but
now I had to just lay here and let him do what he wanted. And it didn’t felt
all that bad.

So his finger found my clitoris and started to stimulate it and he started
new feelings inside of me that I wasn’t aware of.

He stopped and ordered me to take my hands down there and open up myself
with my fingers. He was inspecting and scrutinizing and testing with his
fingers and the tweezers. He went over to refrigerator and found a gherkin
to put in my hole and then moving it in and out. Twisting and pulling on it
in my opening. He took his time.

I could just lay there and let him do what ever he wanted. But half of my
smile was now genuine.

My father had told me that I was still a virgin but I had no hymen left. He
didn’t know how it had happened but he was not to blame. It could be some
gymnastic movement from my behalf, he said.
Sometimes he had played with it and put things in my vagina, but my mouth
and tongue was his things.

Finally Jens had me down to the floor again and I rose to the order
position, with my tongue still.

He took me up to his bedroom on the 2: nd floor. I stood there smiling and
in the order position. This time I move my tongue forth and back, forth and
back for him. I could se he had arranged for me at the floor beside his bed.
There was a mattress, a blanket and pillow.

I looked down at his bed, a rather big bed. It was the place where I would
be called to in the night, to serve him at his whim. OK!

I was the best cock-sucker in the world, my Daddy said so that was surely to
be one of my duties in the bed. And when he didn’t use my mouth I had to
lick his bottom hole with my tongue. OK!
Perhaps there would be some hours for me to sleep as well.  I didn’t need so
many sleeping hours.

This weekend I was his to do with what ever he wanted and I had to encourage
him using me as much as possible. I had promised my Daddy that, on his
demand of course.

On a desk at the window-part of the room there was dozens of Dirty Magazines
all over. He took me over there and gave me one magazine.

I hold it as it was dirty.

“Now I will test how quick you are!!
"Yes Sir!"

“I will say a random number and you will open that page number in the
magazine and then you will put yourself in the same position as the topmost
girl of that page. Do you understand my game rules, girl? “

"Yes Sir!"

I hold the magazine with my both hands and waited for him to call out a
number so I could quickly open that page. I didn’t care about the girls in
there. The only thing interesting for me was to see the girls’ body position
so I could copy it.

“Number 4!”

Yes Sir!"

Quickly I opened the magazine page 4 and saw a girl   who lay on the floor
with both her leg parted and both hands open up her lower lips. In a wink I
did the same.
To make quick movement was my thing. My father had trained me to be quick
about everything. So I concentrate to my listening and then let my body

But I felt more naked than I was there on the floor.

“Number 2!”

Yes Sir!"

I jumped to my feet and run over to the magazine. Page 2 showed a girl
bending forward from her waist with her bottom in the direction to the
camera. Her finger tops touched the floor.
I returned quickly to the same place as before and took the position.

Jens sat down in a chair and watched his show. It wasn’t mine I was just an
object and a tool for him.

“Number 12!”

Yes Sir!"

Up and open the magazine page 12. I run over to the spot and stretched my
hands to the ceiling and up to my toes to imitate a girl hanging from the
ceiling in a rope barely touching the floor. I stood tiptoes.

“Good. Number 16!”

Yes Sir!"

The magazine, page 16 was all text, many words but no pictures.

“Sir, there is no pictures!”

“OK. Number 11!”

Over to page 11 in the magazine, and than to the floor again. I went down on
my all four and open my mouth, tongue out. Jens could se my bottom and my
back turned smiling face.

“Crawl over here!”

"Yes Sir!"

I crawled quickly on my hands and knees up to him. He had still no pants on
and his dick was standing in attention and waiting for me, I thought.


Yes Sir!"

I let my open mouth start the old procedure and licked first with my tongue
at the top, move his foreskin back with firm lips and then started my well
trained motions.

“Hang on! Don’t lose it!”

He commanded and rose slowly. I suck myself to his dick so I could follow
him as he moved over to a stool and sat down on its edge.

When he raised and moved I was on my knees, but now back on hands and knees
A rather hard slap at the top of my head indicated for me to take him deep
down my throat and I obeyed.

He directed me to swing forward and back on my all four. When a hurl my body
forward I pressed his dick down my throat and in the back-movement I had to
catch his dick with my lips hard around the glans neck to not loose it and
then forwards again.

He was sitting there still and I was moving.
Perhaps he was missing his correction tool, so suddenly, in the middle of my
striving to make it really nice for him he ordered:

“Fetch the birch twigs, but quickly!”

I sprang to my feet and run down to the kitchen to fetch the birch and run
back to him, throwing me before his feet and handed him the birch.

“Turn around girl!”

I did as quickly as I could and presented my behind for him.

Three very hard blows on the same bottom check and I counted loudly as my
father taught me:

“ONE! Thank you Sir!

“Ouch! TWO! Thank you Sir!

“THREE! Thank you Sir!

“Did I say the word quickly?”

"Yes Sir! I’m sorry Sir"

“Now run to the kitchen and put it back!”

Yes Sir!"

I rose and run the quickies I could and returned to him in the order
position. My lungs were grasping air.

I could se his dick nod at his pulse beat.

“Fetch the birch rod for me!”

"Yes Sir!"

I was running, as for my life, down to the kitchen grabbed the birch again
and then up to his room. I can promise that I really RUN.

In the room I throw myself on my knees at his feet and handed him the birch
twigs, with a submissive:

"Yes Sir!"

“Now! Continue your mission!”

"Yes Sir!"

On my knees hand hands at took up the on-my-all-four-swing and took his dick
(cock) deep in my throat and catches the glans neck with my lips in out

I could guess that he wanted to stir my speed, and he did. He hit my back
with the birch time after time, when he decided that I wasn’t doing it
quickly or deep enough or keeping that pace he wanted. I was all the time on
my top and giving him my outmost effort to pleasure him.

It seems he didn’t care for me at all. I was his sexually working horse. And
I was there for his pleasure. The skin of my back was hurting and burning as
in fire.
My father had never punished my back although all his hitting had my bottom
as its target.

Three times, when my nose was in his pubic hairs, he bended over my and give
me a blow with the birch twigs between my parted leg and hit my private
parts. As a body instinct it drew my head closer to him and his dick (cock)
deeper in my throat.
My labia went on absolute fire and I increased my pace to the top. I cried
out my unbearable pain on his dick, but it cut my screams and made it to an

Finally he sprayed his liquid gift in my throat and my mouth and I swallowed
but didn’t dare to stop the pace, so he stopped me. I tasted it. Yes, it
tasted good as my father said it would.
Father is always right, you know.

I could se that his dick was still hard and hadn’t slackened off a bit. It
was standing out from his body and nodding. I was worried. Must I do it
again all over? He hadn’t punished me for my luck of effort last time.
I could still taste his liquid in my mouth and now his cock had more to give

I remember my fathers cock; it was always pleased with my handling of it and
went to sleep as soon as I had made it spray - always. And my father told me
he was pleased with me and that I had to wait for his next time.

Could it be that Jens had his next time immediately after his first?

I cleaned him with me tongue and lips and rose to the order position and
waited for orders.

“Who told you to stop sucking?”

“No one Sir! I’m sorry Sir!”

Quickly I fell till my hands and knees again and took him in my mouth and
started to rock my body forth and back.

“You can stop now!”

I stopped and rose to my feet again and the order position.

He rose from the stool and went over to his bed. There he lay down on his
stomach and I already knew that he wanted my tongue in his back hole, so I
wetted it and prepared my self for a long-time tongue fucking.

But I was wrong again.

As I stood in the order position I saw him bending his hard cock back and in
between his legs. He caught it with his thighs and the top of his cock and
his scrotum was sticking out just behind his bottom. I saw him starting to
squeeze his dick between his thighs rhythmically. I could understand that he
was having a good time there, but I was, on my fathers’ order, here to make
him feel good.

“I don’t masturbate by my hands as many. I do it like this and it is much
better for me. During all the years I had wondered how it would feel to have
a girl’s mouth on the top of it, sucking me as well. Now girl you are going
to let me have that experience. Come over here and put your mouth around the
top and start sucking. NOW!”

Yes Sir!"

I harried up to the bed, kneeled on it and caught the top of his dick in my
mouth and had my chins close to his still moving and squeezing thighs. His
muscles pressed his dick further out and then in, but I have only the tip to

But I sucked my mouth hard to the top for not loosing it
I let my tongue massage the underside of his glans.  He began to breathe
harder and harder and after a minute or two he sprayed his liquid in my
mouth again and it flowed and flowed as he squeezed his muscles and my
tongue and mouth was working.

At last it disappeared in between his legs so I couldn’t fulfill my duty to
clean it. Instead I licked at his scrotum which also was squeezed between
his thighs together with his now gone dick.

“Well done girl. I come to think of something. Have you been eaten

“No Sir. You haven’t told me to.”

“So I forgot. Well you must eat during preparing my food and before your
call for me.”

"Yes Sir!"

“Is there anything else I’ve forgotten? I’m not used to have a girl, slave
girl around the house.”

"May I ask a question, Sir?"


“Sir, if you decide to marry me and we will be husband and slave wife, will
you allow some little kissing, hugging, cuddle and petting? I mean now and
then, Sir?”

“Girl, if I marry you, it is for I want a slave girl who is only for my
needs. You are to me a fuck toy, an object, a thing, sperm-sucker, a
sperm-releasing-doll and sperm-receptacle nothing more. You are only a
living-release-automat that I can call when I need it. You are here to
provoke and arouse me and then stimulate and release me at my whim. As soon
as you have done you mission you will go back to your ordinary tasks in the
I also want to show for my friends what a perfectly trained slave girl I
have. I want them to see that you have absolutely no limits in your

"Yes Sir!"

I gave him my correct slave girl answer. But inside I was confused. Sucking
out his liquid gift when ever he wanted me to that was no effort for me. I
did it gladly.

With my father it was something much more, a love giving. I love my father
and I wanted so much to be near and close to him. I love to touch him in a
tactile way. When I found out that my mouth around his tool and my tongue in
his bottom hole was enjoyable for him then a new way was opened for me to
show how much I loved him.

I had been trained to think that my fathers’ liquid gift and that I wanted
and needed was much worth more than my mouth sucking or my tongue massaging

I was his little girl. He loved me and took care of me and I wanted to be as
he wanted me. To make it nice for him in any way I could was only an
assuming way for me to pay back for all those thousands of hours he sat on
my bedside and stroke my back with his soft and warm hands, during he was
talking calmly to me.

It was then he taught me how to think and what I would like or dislike and
what tasted good for me and what doesn’t.

If he then wanted his little pleasure in the garden, bed, living room or in
the middle of the night was the same to me once I had been used to and
trained to wake up in the night for him. He wanted it and I gave him. It was
as simple as that. I remembered how I loved to hear his whistle signal when
he needed me.

What now was the most scaring and terrifying thing with Jens was his view of
me, being just an automatic-sperm-sucking-machine. It felt that I was so
un-personified. There was to be no Love between us.  I was just a thing for
his needs.

I couldn’t help starting to cry uncontrollably. I have read in girls
magazines about marriage and that entire thing. My father had prepared me to
be a slave wife fulfilling my husband’s every need. I felt that that was my
loving duty and gift for my future husband.
But I had a secret wish for a little more if I had to leave a cuddling,
touching, hugging and loving father.

I don’t know if he felt sorry for me, perhaps he had a heart in his body
after all.

“But okay. If I marry you and you are really good and obedient I think that
one day every second month we can play the role of every day married people
with hugging and so. Yes, that would be an alteration for me. I love
role-play. If you are very good and obedient to me so Yes, I think so. But
in the in the meantime you will be a good sperm-releasing-doll. Okay?

"Yes Sir!"

I was in absolutely no bargaining position so I had to take the little that
he was giving me and be happy for it. Perhaps I could make him change his
mind. Well one day in two month was much better than nothing.

“Now you can lick my ass!”

"Yes Sir!"

He moved his legs apart and I grabbed his bottom checks and pull them aside
so I could put my sharpen tongue to its work in the know-how-assignment.

But I didn’t know for how long time.

I could hear him moan in his pillow and after a while he was sleeping hard
and loudly.

My father had told me to stop and go to sleep myself when I was really sure
he was sleeping, but now I was under Jens command and he hadn’t said
anything about it. So I let my tongue keep going.

When my tongue went cramping or was too tired I moved in my lips and let
them kiss and massaging touching the opening. As soon as I could I let my
tongue start working again at its in-out-movements.

When I had my lips in kissing movements suddenly his hole let of in my
mouth. I managed to hold my breath and remembered myself that I was there
for his pleasure and satisfaction and I couldn’t allow myself to have any
opinion on that fart fact.

I looked at his radio clock and saw that it was only 19.58.

I had to prepare myself on the fact that I had to do this massage the whole
night and I would.
But I was lucky. He turned himself in the bed to his back instead so I must
stop. I could see his cock, it was sleeping and wondered if I should start
to suck him instead, but I had got no order to do it, so I didn’t.

It was too early for me to sleep now but I crawled down to the floor and
lied huddled up on the mattress and pull the blanket over my naked body and
the pillow under my head.

I was so used to wake up at my fathers’ voice, now I must listen to Jens
voice instead and I must be on my alert.


I could here my name shouted out in the half darkness and suddenly I realize
that Jens was calling for me.

I quickly rose to my feet and order position and waited up on my toes.

I could see him on his back in the bed with no pants but his shirt on and
his dick standing diagonally up in the air and waiting for me.

“Suck me!”

"Yes Sir!"

I throw my body over the bed and my head over his dick and started to suck
it. My body had performed this motion so many night times that it went

It was as many times before: “Suck for sleep!” as soon as I was done with my
mission I could, after cleaning it, go back to sleep.

My head bobbed up and down over it and when he hit my skull I let the
motions be larger and took the dick down my throat and up. Down and up, down
and up…

My father had taught me two different ways to do DEEP.

ONE way: As I pressed my mouth over it and forced it down my throat. Then I
started to swallow and swallow so my gulping reflexes were massaging his
glans down there. But I needed air in my lungs so I must be breathing after
3 to 5 minutes. My father had trained me well. And when I was getting air I
had to lick and massage it with my tongue and lips. His excitement must not
go down.

The SECOND way was. I make his dick very wet with my saliva. Stretched out
my tongue, as far out as at the doctors visit, and then I put his dick as
far back I could and exhale and pressed the dick down there and then out and
caught it firmly with my lips around his glans. I was learned to do ten
quick crossings and keeping my breathing all the time, then breathing in on
the tenth out motion, exhale again and then another trip and so on.
I was also able to lick at his scrotum when he was deep.

That last trick had cost me many lashes on my bottom to learn, but father
was a very persistent man and I was submissive. In the end I’ve learned it
and the tip of my tongue touched and tickles his scrotum every time it was
close enough.

For Jens I used the in-out-movement because it was better for me. And also
for him I presumed.

I could feel him spray his good tasting liquid from the deep of my throat
and up in my mouth cavity and down again. But this time he took hold of my
head in a steady grip, holding on my ears and he stayed deep until he had
empty out himself. By then I was groggy in lack of air.

There was no more sleeping for me and him. The time was 03.31 and he decided
that we stayed up for a while.

Jens sat down on the stool again and he had me, on my all four, to lick his
half awaked dick and scrotum and even in the groin on both sides, in that
order and then over and over again.

He started to instruct me of one of the ten obedience test for me.
Letting me still licking him he asked of me:

“Show me between your thumb and forefinger how much you think 5 centimeters
(2 inches) are.”

I looked up to his eyes and showed him my guess with my fingers, but my
tongue was still working. He accepted it as roughly 5 centimeters.

Under his instruction speech I had to lick him and only stop for my
confirmations and then continued with my tongue.

The first test of obedience.

“When I’m trying out how obedient you are you have to keep that measurement
in your head. You are going to spread your legs by moving one foot 5
centimeters further apart from the other for each blow by the CANE I give
you on the back of your thigh. Then you will move your other foot likewise
and so on for every blow. The thigh of the leg that I give a blow is the one
you move. Do you understand so far girl? “

"Yes Sir!"

“As soon as I can I will let the blows hit the inside of your thighs and
that’s when the difficulties start for you. But you will keep moving 5
centimeters for every time I hit the inside of your thigh. Do you understand
me, girl? ”

"Yes Sir!"

“The most natural way to behave for a girl, who is taking blows at her
inside thigh, is to try to protect her sensitive inside by putting her legs
But that reflex actions is not a privilege for you.
You must do the opposite to convince me of your totally obedience to me.
That obedience your father so proudly had announced. Now you have to live up
to it. Do I make myself clear, girl? ”

“Yes Sir”, I answered the almost same age boy.

And then I put my tongue to work again at his pleasure.

There was nothing else I could do. He owned I and he could do almost
anything to me and I must obey him to the letter, whatever comes up in his
cruel head.

I understood that this test would be difficult, but I had to take the test
and pass it with distinction. I must! He had also told me that there were
more tests to come.

“If you pass this test I have nine more for you and now in the morning we
will enjoy a little game of mine I call ‘Pig hunt’.

It is very exciting for the hunter; I and very frustrating for the naked
pig, you.
But now this first test. Do you follow me girl? “

"Yes Sir!"

End for now


There are more parts of this story, even if I myself find them too execrable
and revolting. I say it is completely madness of her father to let Jens
cruel mind be the absolute Master of the innocent seventeen y o girl. She
had absolutely no were to escape so she must obey him what ever comes up in
his twisted and sex starving head.

I must know if you are interesting in it as well, as a feedback for my
reading, correcting and rereading again and again, all in my translating

At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call part 5 of 12

At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call part 5 of 12

Diane’s own reflections.

I felt it as if my life, against my will, is forced to take a change. During
all my life I had lived with my Daddy and he had protected me from the “bad”
world out there.
In all, I have had a rather good life and I have had absolutely no worries
about anything.
In the beginning of his training of me I remember I had some small problems
to adjust, but quickly I learned how to please him.
When he was happy with me – I was happy.

It was an uncomplicated life, he simply told me what to do and I did it. I
didn’t need to think, plan or have any responsibility, just do as I was
told. In most ways it was a simple and easy life, to just obey.
I remember that when I had some small conflict with my own feeling of shame,
as when the young boy Jens saw me naked the first time, I asked myself,
“What is the right thing to do in my fathers’ eyes”.  Just to do what my
Daddy asked of me, as simple as that.

Now as an adult I can see that he lifted off all initiative from me and made
me be like an obedient robot, but it was a much secured life for me.

Many times a day he wanted to enjoy me tongue and my mouth and that was just
a little thing I could do to pay him back for all he had sacrificed for me.
I longed for it as much as I was taught that I was enjoying it and wanted
his liquid gift. It tasted so good, he told me. Father’s always right, you
know. I don’t know if it was a “placebo-effect” or not, but it really tasted
salty,  soft, spicy and good and I longed for it so much that I could barely
wait for next time.

Being his servant at home was just childish game for me, even when he
perhaps overdid it; it was still a game, a role-play.

I played my role as trustworthy as possible and he did his. I felt so proud
when he told me that I was a very well trained slave girl. I licked in to my
mind his praise and credit as if it was honey.

All that was my life and I was used to and wanted it that way, but now he
had turned it to a change. An innovation has a way to make me fear it.
The present is good but changes tomorrow are scaring. So I guess you can use
the adult words “development resistant” on me.

Since I was a little girl Daddy had said that he was going to train me to be
the super perfect wife for my future husband and it felt so far away in

Now Daddy had decided that it was time for my examination days in Jens´
home. I had to do my very best and go thru with it with the highest mark
(grade). Even if Daddy hadn’t said it I knew that my father expected only
superlative from my young examiner Jens. I loved my Daddy so he must be
happy even if I had to be in pain.

But why pain? I was going to obey and do my very best. To obey was so very
easy for me.

But Jens´ words had outraged my heart, when he said that I was only going to
be his fuck-toy, an object, a sperm-sucker, a sperm-releasing-doll and
nothing more.

I had to be his living releasing-automat, which he could call when ever he
needed it.  Well, I was prepared to run to him at his call and do what ever
he ordered me to, but I felt so humiliated to be a reduced to a thing.

To be obedient had always made my life easy and it was the only way I knew.
To refuse to obey an order had never been an option for me. I could say I
didn’t know how to do it, so it is much easier to just do what one is told.
I had never in my life disobeyed an order.

When I got an order my body started to respond to it immediately. I knew
that was why my Daddy had trained me to comply at “lightning speed”, as he
calls it. No room for my own thoughts. Well, I had none, except for the
point where my nose was directed to.

Back at Jens house.

He said:
“When I try out how obedient you are, you have to keep the FIVE centimeters
measurement in your head. You are going to spread your legs by moving your
left foot 5 centimeters further apart for each blow by the cane I give you
on the back of your thigh. Then you will move your right foot likewise and
then the left foot again for next blow. You move that leg that gets the
blow. Do you understand so far girl? “

"Yes Sir!"

“As soon as I get space enough I will let the blows hit the inside of your
thighs and that’s when the difficulties start for you. Every time I hit the
inside of your thigh you will move that leg 5 centimeters away. Do you
understand me, girl? ”

"Yes Sir!"

“The most natural way to behave for a girl who is taking blows on her thigh,
is to try to protect the inside of her thigh by putting her legs together.
But that reflex action is not a privilege for you.
You must do the opposite to convince me of your totally obedience to me.
That obedience your father so proudly had announced. Now you have to live up
to it. Do I make myself clear, girl? ”

“Yes Sir”, I answered the almost same age boy.

I didn’t like it but there was nothing else I could do. He owned I and he
could do almost anything to me and I must obey him to the letter, whatever
comes up in his sex occupied boy head.

I understood that this test should be difficult, but I had to take the test
and pass it with distinction. I just had to do it.

“If you pass this test I have some more tests for you and now in the morning
we will enjoy a little game of mine I call ‘Pig hunt’.

It is very exciting for the hunter, I and very frustrating for the naked
pig, you.
Now we have first to do this test. Do you follow me girl? “

"Yes Sir!"

“You wait here and contemplate your near future fate. I’m going in to the
toilet and you should be happy that I have toilet paper in there. I’ll be

"Yes Sir!"

I wasn’t sure of what he meant by that, but I humbly confirmed it anyway. If
he meant that I had to run and fetch toilet paper for him, it was no effort
for me. So why should I be happy about that?

I was standing in the order position and I put my tongue out – in and out –
in, as he had instructed me. He went away and left me alone, but I had no
guarantee that he   couldn’t observe me so I let my tongue move all the
time, even when he was out of my sight.

I must say that had no initiative impulse in my mind that could make me stop
moving my tongue, when I was ordered to move it.
Daddy had crushed any tiny attempt to take an initiative.

Though it felt strange to be standing here naked and alone and do it. It
felt like I was licking the air. I must be the absolute obedient girl Jens
wanted, to convince him to choose me as his future wife and slave girl.
Anyway it is always easier to just obey and having no worries in my mind
instead of disobeying and get caught. So I told my self that instead of
pondering over if he could see me or not, I had just do as he said.

With my tongue flicking out and in I started to think about my situation.

I felt as a un-person in his present after he told me his view of me as a
sperm-sucker, sperm-receptacle and sperm-releasing-doll - just as an object!
I knew now that it was sperm that a man sprayed into the mouth from his tool
(dick/cock). I hadn’t connected it to babies yet, but as a liquid gift from
the man to me for doing a good massage job.
It sounds childish, I know, but that was what I interpreted it to be in my
early Seventeenth.

Submission test one:

Master Jens told me to fetch the cane in the kitchen and I harried a way to
get it for him. During my run I almost felt him hitting my moving thighs
with it. I must obey him and handed it over to him, when he wanted it or
what else he wanted.

I hurled myself before him and handed obediently and respectfully over the
cane to him, even knowing how he wanted to use it. Master Jens took it and
held it in his hand. He was looking in to my eyes in my kneeling position
and I felt his overwhelming power over me. I felt that I could read in his
eyes that he was searching for my response for his power over me, in my
eyes. I have seen it before.

I rose to my feet and put myself in the perfect order positions with my
tongue out, but not moving. To really submit my body to him I felt I must
confirm it vocally as well and said:

"Yes Sir! The body of your slave-girl is at your disposal and command, Sir!"

It was so obvious that he search for my total submission to him. That was
also the fact. My naked body was there for him, to do with what he wanted.
Mostly I didn’t even think of it as MY body, more as something that belonged
to my father and now to him.

My Daddy had trained me to think that my body only was for his use. But I
felt strongly that my father loved me and “his” body. He very often showed
me that he did, by having me waiting in an arm length from him so he could
reach out his hand an feel me when ever he felt for it. That was very often.
He loved to feel and caress my body sometime in an absent-minded way, when
he watch TV or read a book. In the way I now (as adult) know you could do
with a pet. I was often sitting naked in the sofa beside him so he could
have my obedient body near himself. To feel, stroke and touch. I often
adjust my body-position for it to be within easy reach for him.

Sometime my father had me lying so he could very lightly tap my bottom with
his hand when he watches TV. I didn’t hurt at all, only felt nice and I knew
I cared for me.


Now I heard Jens approaching me.  In spite of all my shivering fear of him
and what his cruel boy-mind could come up with, I also felt a nice tickling
feeling in my belly. I tried to reject that feeling because it shouldn’t be
there, but it was. In a twisted way I felt more comfortable in my fear for
what he could do to me, than I like the thought of it. It felt like my fear
was living its own life and tickling me in a fanny way.

“You now know how much 5 centimeters (2 inches) are. I want you to bend
forwards by your waist with you legs together in the start position and put
your palms on the desk before you and for every blow I give your thigh you
should move that leg 5 centimeters away from the other leg!”

"Yes Sir!"

Of cause he wasn’t asking me if I like to do it, just ordered me to do it.
Even if he had asked me if I wanted to do it as a test for my obedience I
would felt my arms twisted to reply a YES SIR. That was the answer that was
expected from me and I knew my father also wanted to hear.

I positioned my body in the instructed pose and waited in fear for his first

He held the cane in his right hand and tried it in the air and I felt a bad
shivering in my body. My naked body was so vulnerable and exposed.

So he hit my right thigh, I think, just 15 centimeters (6 inches) below my

“Ouch! One, Sir!”

I couldn’t stop my mouth but I obediently move that leg.

He moved behind me to my other side and gave me his next blow, but now on my
left thigh.

“Ow! Two, Sir!”

It hurt a lot but I fear more for the coming blows on the inside of my
thighs. I moved my leg.

Sadistically slowly, as in slow motion, he moved over to my left side again
and I looked back at him. I could see a ruthless sneer in his face and that
his eyes were fixed to my thighs.

Cruelly he let me wait for next blow and I felt the waiting was making my
brain convulse.

Jens aimed with the cane in the air over my right thigh, first without of
hitting it. I didn’t know that so I tensed my muscles and so he hit me.

“Ouch! Three Sir!”

It hurt so much but I move my foot 5 centimeters further out as ordered.

He moved behind me over to the other side and soon I felt his fourth blow on
my left thigh and I moved my leg.
I think he missed because it didn’t hurt that much.

“Four, Sir!”


After eight blows I had my feet 40 centimeters apart and then he began to
hit the inside of my left thigh from underneath slantingly upwards and I
felt a stinging pain at the place.

“Nine, Sir!”

I had to procure all my willpower to move my leg apart and not together. I
felt so vulnerable, so exposed but I did as he had instructed me and waited
for his next blow on my other thigh.

It came almost immediately and I manage to move even that leg apart with a:

“Ouch! Ten, Sir!”


“Now girl remember exactly where you have your two feet. You are going to
move in a minute and when you came back I want your feet at the same
positions. I know where they are. Do you understand girl?”

"Yes Sir!"

“Kneel in front of me and suck me. You have caused a large tension in my
loins and so it is up to you to release what you have caused.”

"Yes Sir!"

I looked down to see where my feet were and moved and throw myself on my
knees in front of him and caught his cock in my mouth and started to
stimulate him with my tongue and lips.

He held the cane in his right hand all the time and tapped me lightly on my
back with it. I let my tongue and lips work for him to make it as enjoyable
as possible for him. But not for the tapping, it was much more for my pride
of doing this and keeping my position as “The best cocksucker in the world”,
as my father called me.

It took me just a minute to entice him to spray his liquid into my open
mouth and I swallow it obediently.
And this kind of liquid tasted good, as my father had ensured me.
If I allow myself to compare it Jens semen tasted stronger than my fathers
did, but was also good-tasting.


“Go back to your position, girl!”

"Yes Sir!"

I quickly rose to my feet, turned and bend over the desk again. I knew
exactly were to put my feet.
And with my feet 50 centimeters apart it must be easier for him to hit the
inside of my thighs. The muscles in my legs wanted to protect my thighs by
pull my legs together but I had to stop every reflex in that direction.

I took blow after blow and all the time I put my feet more apart. The skin
on the insides of my thighs burned in a smarting pain but I overcome its
demands to disobey my temporary Master.

The hurt from the muscles on the inside of my thighs was worse then anything
and increased for every two inches I moved my leg apart from the other.
Sometime it was even worse than the blows themselves.
I have to harden my mind to voluntarily take a new blow on the already
burning skin.

When I had 120 centimeters (47, 2 inches) space between my feet and the
muscles on the insides of my thighs been hurting from stretching as well as
from the blows, he decided that it was enough and he stopped his hurting

“You did very well! I’m sure that you wouldn’t break it even if I continue.
Good girl!”

He put his hand between my bottom cheeks and I could fell his finger poke on
my anus.
I stood still and so it left my anus and started to tamper with my lower
lips. They gave him no resistance and let the finger slip inside my vagina.
It was his now, to do with as he please.

“Stand up!”

I rose to order position and my tongue was still as I obediently watch him
for next order.

“I’m a bit tired so I will go to bed and sleep for an hour or two.”

Jens went over to his bed and took of his skirt and socks. Naked he lay down
on his back. I could see his cock standing hard and waiting for me, but I
had to wait for his order. It was often hard, more often then I was used to.

“Suck me off!”

"Yes Sir!"

Quickly I moved over to him from the foot side of the bed and bended over
and took his tool (cock) in my mouth and started to suck him. First I moved
his foreskin back with my lips as I was taught to do and then I U-formed my
tongue and let it press up against the underside of his glans.
I moved my tongue forward and back and forced it out between my under lip
and his tool (cock). The pressure of my lower lips helped me to press my
tongue up against his glans as I moved it. My lips embrace his cock as well
and I started the suction. I knew that a lot of saliva makes the friction
and the massage soft, warm and wet.

I could hear him moan and suddenly he sprayed his liquid in my mouth and I
collected it and swallowed. But I didn’t let my tongue and suction rest.

Daddy had told me that I must slow down my movement when the cock stopped
spraying and so I did. I swallowed the rest he left in my mouth.

But it didn’t slacken so I held it in my mouth and started moves my tongue
again. I knew I had to do it all over again, but slowly I started to
understand that this was the natural way for Jens, to spray twice.

Now he hit the top of my head and I let out the air in my lungs and forced
his cock all the way down my throat, and then up and down. I had already
learned his pace so I keep that. Up and down I bobbed my head over his dick
and I went down as far as I could with my nose and lips flat to his pubic
hairs and twisted my head to get it further down.

So he sprayed the second time and I swallowed as the only way for me to
handle his liquid gift. Never in my life I had done anything else than
swallowed the liquid gift.
Very carefully I moved my tongue over his glans, as if I wanted to ask it if
he wanted me to do it again. But I felt that it had lost its interest of me
and was slackening and going to sleep.

“Keep it in your mouth and follow me. I’m going to turn to my side.”

There was no way to both obey him and also give him my "Yes Sir!" so I just
followed him as he turned.

He turned against me and lay on his side. Move his pillow and shut his eyes
and then said:

“OK. Keep it in your mouth until I ´m sleeping. Then you remove your mouth
and put the comforter (cover) over me and go to sleep.  I will wake you up
if I will have a wet dream.”

Again I couldn’t confirm with a "Yes Sir!" so I just kept it in my mouth and
to confirm him I nodded my head.
With his tool (cock) all the time in my mouth I moved my body to the floor
beside of his bed and kneel there.

Then, from time to time, I let my tongue stroke gently over his glans in my
silent question: “Shall I do it again?” I really wanted to do it as often as
I could because I knew he liked it and it was no effort at all for me. My
mouth did it almost automatically, as soon as I started the movements.

I was kneeling beside of his bed, with my chin resting on his sheet and with
his cock (dick) in my mouth and I started to think. I came to think of a
comforter (pacifier) and liked to handle it like that. It was nice to slowly
suckle on it as it was soft, small and sleeping.

I thought that I had done well so far. He was not as bad as a Master after
all. I was used to a demanding and strict Master and Jens was easy to
follow. He gave me clear and straight orders to follow. The only bad thing
for me was his view of me as a thing, an object, but I had to live with
that. Being without of love was the most difficult thing for me.
So I must try to find love in his using of my body. He must like me if he
used me for his pleasure. Perhaps he even could let love crow in him if I
only gave him as much pleasure as I possible could.
In a naïve thought I believed that if a girl’s body gives you maximal of
pleasure in 24/7-life you are bound to first like it and then to love it.

He was sleeping and I tested it by touching his glans with my tongue in soft
and wet movement, but didn’t get any respond so I assumed he was sleeping. I
let it out of my mouth and crawled over to my mattress and huddle up.



I heard his voice calling me and sprang up and order position with my tongue
moving out and in.

"Yes Sir!"

He rose from his bed and ordered:


"Yes Sir!"

I run out to the corridor and open the door to the bathroom and went in and
order position with my tongue out and still.

He came naked in to the room and looked all over at my naked body, but I
didn’t dare to do the same.

“Adjust the warm water for my shower, girl!”

"Yes Sir!"

I run over to the shower and open the taps (faucets) to prepare his shower.

“Now you take the sponge and rub me over with soap. I like to feel how you
feel standing in this position.”

He raised his arms and put his hand behind his neck to imitate the “order
position” and I did as he ordered me.

I let the sponge in my hand slide over his naked body, knowing were his
interesting part were. He took hold of the hand-shower and let the warm and
nice water sprinkle over his backside when I worked at his front and vice

In a loving way I let both the sponge and my free hand slide over his soft
skin, feeling his breast, stomach, tights, knees, shin-bone and feet. As in
shyness I hurried past his member, (dick/cock) that stood in attention. I
washed it, but quickly in my way past.
I wanted to touch it, even with my lips but I needed an order to do anything
more to it. He was my Master now. Still I felt in a different way now when I
didn’t work my mouth on it.

So he turned his backside to me and I felt my tights burn, sting and hurt
when the hot water touches them.
No wonder after the treatment they had got with the cane.

I took the soap and started to sponge his back, shoulders and waist. Then I
kneel and sponge his behind, thighs, calves and heels. The warm water
splashed at my body as well, but I was too occupied to notice.

Then he let the hot water wash away the soap soap-lather. Jens snapped his
finger TWICE and I, in almost one movement, parted his buttock muscles with
my hands, sharpen my tongue let it bore into his anus in the way he had
accepted before. He bended forwards at his waist to give me better access to
his delicate body-place, but for his own pleasure.

After I had kneeled behind him and worked at his bottom with my tongue in
close to 15 minutes he ordered me to touch his member (dick/cock) with my
hands and massage it.

Suddenly he snapped his fingers ONCE and I rose to my feet and hurried
around him to take his tool (dick/cock) in my mouth and finish him of.  As
soon as I had my lips around his member he let it spray in my mouth and I
swallowed it eagerly. His tool (dick/cock) went soft directly and I clean it
dutiful with my tongue and lips.

He signed for me to stand up and I took the order position immediately. I
didn’t remember what I did last time, so I moved my tongue out and in for
him, but I tasted his liquid left in my mouth when I did it.

He let me move closer to the wall in the shower and open the water for the
hand-shower. I felt that it was freezing cold when he directed the jet to
hit my body. I understood that hot water was for Masters and cold for slave
I shivered in whole my body as the cold water hit my skin and shivered with
cold, but I smiled as he wanted me to. My teeth chattered, but I smiled.

I stood obediently in order position all the time he sponged me all over my
body. In contrary to me, who must wait for order, he could give my private
part all the time he needed.
It smarted badly in my genitals when he brought the soap there. I was very
careful to stand still and let him do what he wanted. He was the Master over
me and my body now and that was it. I’m sure he didn’t know the soap made my
genitals smarted; he got no react on it. Instead he saw my naked, smiling
and obedient body standing at his disposal, free to do what he wanted with.

He had me down on all four and let his soaped hand follow the trace on my
thighs after his cane. It hurt so much but to show him my obedience I
spontaneously move my legs further apart.

So he finished by washing me all over with cold water and he didn’t care
that I was freezing. That he could see and I got a feeling that he enjoyed

I had to dry him with a towel and then, when he was done, me with the used
and wet towel.


As a promise to Diane I will translate the rest in my own pace. But only it
I find that there is interest for her story out there in the cyberspace,
else I will use my eyes, fingers and mind for better.

Your opinion is always valuable, but if you keep it to yourself it will be a
sleeping knowledge – dead for the World.
So you had to disseminate it, to keep it living and useful to other minds.

If you are nice to others they will be nice to you!

At Daddy’s mercy and beck and call part 6 of 12

At Daddy’s mercy and beck and call part 6 of 12

Small forewords:
Diane’s is story continuing.
Every time I have met Diane she begs me to put more effort in translating
the story of her childhood.
I don’t really like the story, but a promise is a promise.
I find that Diane is indoctrinated from childhood and a lot of her thoughts
are a result of that. She had been led to believe that semen taste good and
that she require it and needs it. That believe had sunk deep in to her mind
and I don’t know what she truly think. Well it’s not my business to know,
I’m just a poor translator.

At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call part 6 of 12


Jens stood in front of me and had a white T-shirt on, but nothing beneath
that. So I could see his sleeping penis hanging down.

“Now we are going to try another obedient test.”

"Yes Sir!"

In the order-position I stretched up my body further as I did in front of
Daddy when he gave me an order.

“On your hands and feet and keep your bottom in the air.”

"Yes Sir!"

Immediately I bended over and put my hands on the floor.  I could feel that
my bottom in this position was my highest body part. And I waited for his
next order and thought: “What kind of test is this going to be?”

“From now on you will do all your moving in this position with your bottom
(butt) high and when you stop you will kneel instead. You move on your hands
and feet and you do your watch-duty kneeling with your legs spread, hands
behind your neck and open mouth. Do you understand girl?”

"Yes Sir!"

I did understand so far. When I move it had to be on my hands and feet and
when I stopped I had to be on my knees, the ordinary order-position but on
my knees.

“Now your watch-duty, from now on your eyes will also be glued to my cock.
If you see the slightest twist you will run forwards at it and start licking
on it and the scrotum. And I expect a very soft and quick moving tongue both
all over my cock and my scrotum. If then my cock is showing you its interest
you will obey it and take it in your mouth and start to stimulate it. My
cock is your God now and you will do anything to please it and make it be
pleased with you. If you not all the time makes your new little Master happy
I will cane your bottom. Do you understand the rules of this game, girl?”

"Yes Sir!"

“Repeat it and use the right words!”

I knew what he meant. I tried to avoid the bad words and now wanted me to
pronounce them.

"Yes Sir! I will always move on my hands and feet, with my butt up in the
air. When you stop I will fell to my knees. My eyes and my whole attention
will all the time be on my little Master, your cock, Sir. When he is
sleeping I just watching him and when I see the slightest sign of that he
will wake up I must quickly start to lick on him and your balls. I must make
him feel good and if he wakes up I’ll take him in my mouth and make him
happy with my tongue, lips and oral cavity. And I must do everything in my
power to make him spray into my mouth. When he is sleeping again I go back
to my cock-watch!  I do all my moving on my all four and all watching and
servicing on my knees, with my hands behind my neck, legs apart and my mouth
open. Sir!”

That is correct and you start now and you don’t stop your observing,
licking and sucking duty until I tell you to. Is that clear? Remember this
is also an obedience test, but this is an easy one.”

"Yes Sir!"

I felt that this was a nice game and it was not so difficult for me. It also
trigged my competition efforts.
I wanted to win this game, in the meaning, I wouldn’t want to be criticized
and be punished. It felt like he and I was playing. I love to play.

It was a bit of a cute challenge. He wouldn’t see me fail, I promised

So I started to look at his sleeping member, as it hanged between his legs
and looked sad and snotty.

Jens went to the kitchen and I followed him on my all four. It is not easy
to go in that position down stairs but I managed but was almost to tip
forwards. I had to run beside him and look laterally with my head a bit
further than him. It was still sleeping.

He sat on a chair and had his legs spread wide as men do. His dick was
hanging down as he sat on the edge of the chair.

“Give me a glass of milk!”

"Yes Sir!"

I started to run on all four up to the fridge and wonder how I should obey
him. He saw my dilemma and said.

“When you serve me on a special order you may raise to your feet! But when
you fulfill the order you will go back as before.”

"Yes Sir!"

It was much easier so I rose to my feet and serve him his glass of milk and
then immediately down in my observing position. I didn’t forget to smile.

His cock was still resting and I wondered when I was allowed to show my oral
skills. “You are the best cock-sucker in the world”, my father said. Father
is always right you know.

“Just give a sign and I will show you”, I thought as I watched his cock.

Jens rose and went away in the direction of the bathroom and I fell forward
and followed him on my all four and with my bottom in the air. I must bend
my head upward to see and it hurtled my neck when I did.

Now I found out that my arms are so much shorter than my legs and that’s why
my bottom was so high up.

He went in to the bathroom followed by me and when I saw he was going to do
a wee-wee I manage to squeeze up myself between the wall and the toilet. And
as I did I had my eyes at his cock and very close.

I have never seen a man pee before and never had any wish to, but now I was
forced to look at his show.
So I had to see his yellow liquid make a curve from his member and splash
down at the toilet. I couldn’t help thinking of that I use to have this
small slit in my mouth and licking at it with my tongue.

My tongue remembers the structure of it and now I could in a close-up view
see how he also could use it.

Suddenly I felt the fear of his power over me and I hope that there wasn’t
any thought in his mind that I should clean it with me mouth. It was bad
enough that I had to force this zoomed image out of my memory until next
time I had to take that thing into my mouth. I must block it out other ways.
I had to be strong and do as I’m told anyway.

He didn’t order me to clean him with my mouth as I fear somewhere deep in my
mind. Instead he took a bit of paper and dried himself with. When he let it
go it fell down in its sleeping position.

Then he left the bathroom and I followed him on my hands and feet with my
bottom high. It is difficult to run like that, but I had no choice but to do
as he had ordered me.

I had to run beside of him and at the same time look at his tool (dick/cock)
to see if it showed me any interest.
It didn’t.

He went to the kitchen, then opened the door and went outside. I must wait
for him to pass the door. The door was not wide enough for the both of us.

Then I catch up with him on my all four. I didn’t think much of the fact
that I was naked outside the house. I had only to obey him. But I felt the
chilly air on my naked body and also the sun on my back comforting me and
that remind me of my nakedness.

I couldn’t afford to wonder if anyone could see me in my humiliating
position. I had used the road outside of the house and knew it was there.
The risk of anyone to use the road was minimal.

He went to the backside of the house and there I saw a garden hammock, a
round table, four chairs and one sun chair.

Jens made the sun chair flat and sat down on it and then lie down. The sun
was shining and he took of his T-shirt and was naked, as I.
He parted his leg so he had one foot on each side of the chair.

I kneeled slantingly before him and watched smilingly his sleeping tool

So I saw it twisted a bit and I moved forwards and started to lick at it.

He steered my head to his left side groin and said nothing, but I understood
that I should lick him there and I did.

I sharpen my tongue to reach deep into his groin and felt that he reacted at
my tongue. He was ticklish, but ordered me to keep it up.

He stretched lacily out his naked body in the sun and I let my tongue make
him feel comfortable, as I was kneeling beside his body and bent at my waist
over him. I still had my hand behind my neck. He didn’t say otherwise.

He put his arms up and his hands under his head and I could hear that he
enjoy my tongue massaging him.
He tapped my head once with a finger and I understood that I should take it
in my mouth and did.

His penis started to wake up and I could feel it filling up my mouth when it
grows. It was a very nice and a special feeling, to feel it forcing its
space in my oral cavity. I helped it with my tongue during the time I moved
my body so I had my head over his tool and I was still kneeling at the

He took my right hand from my neck and directed it to his anus. I understood
his silence order and let my forefinger gently touch it and felt that it
reacted on my finger by contracting. It was a little difficult to reach in
between his pressed muscles but I manage.

I move my head up and down over his tool and didn’t forget to massage it
with my tongue. Simultaneous I stretched my finger in between his big
muscles and felt the anus-muscle close around my finger.

He let me do it for twenty minutes or so and I felt stiff in my neck but
continue obediently for his pleasure.

I felt his two meat-balls move and understood that I was doing it right for
him. Then I felt his anus-muscle contract around my finger and in the next
second he squirted in my mouth, that welcome his gift and my tongue
encourage it for more. I knew it tasted good but as long as I had my lips
around his cock I had to wait for tasting it.

I let it come out from my mouth and cleaned it with my tongue and lips. I
leaved it limp and sleeping in his crotch and backed up to my knees and put
my hand behind my neck to start my observing-duty again.
I manage to keep smiling with my mouth open.

Then I heard a noise as from a cart and I also saw the Jens had his eyes at
my.  He didn’t need to say it but I saw in his eyes: “Don’t you dare to look
up! Your eyes on my cock!”

My eyes was glued to his crotch but all my other senses tried to figure out
what was happening. I didn’t for a moment forgot to smile.

My other senses told me that a wagon of some kind passed by on the road just
20 meters (60 ft) or so from the place where I stood on my knees with my
back in direction of the road. My ears told me that it was a bike and even a
cart of some kind. There were more wheels than a bike’s.

I didn’t dare to look. My duty was to watch his dick (cock) nothing else and
I did. But I was curious as any female and I felt in my back that someone
saw my naked back and also saw my up stretched position with my hand behind
my neck and my legs apart. It must be a fool to not understand my submissive
posture in front of the naked Jens as he lay lazily on his sun-chair and had
a naked girl in front of him.

I wan this game, I didn’t look as I didn’t want the person see my face, but
also I wanted to obey Jens and overcome my curiosity. I felt real proud as
well to obey my Master to the letter.

“Hallo Pelle!”

Jens called out to the person. Now I knew who it was. Pelle was one of the
boys in my class at school. He was a disorderly boy according to our

“Hej buddy! Are you having a nice time?”

“Yes, I have a nice time, better then you can imagine.”

“I can see that. Is it someone I know?”

“I call you later!”

“Okay! You do that.”

I heard the bike and its cart squeak further down the road.

“Good girl! You didn’t fail. Now you can turn and look!”

"Yes Sir!"

I turned my head and saw the back of Pelle on a bike and with a cart
connected to it. He didn’t turn his head and I thanked my God. So he
disappeared down the hill and I turned back to my duty and felt myself

Then I saw that my humiliating situation had affected Jens cock, it was
semi-hard again. I hurried to lean forwards to take it my mouth again. My
neck felt okay again and I started to nod over his cock. I open up my jaws
to give it room.

“Girl, remind me that I shall whip you with a nettle-spray to see if you can
move faster with your tongue!”

I lifted my lips for a second and answer:

"Yes Sir!"

Then I let my lips embrace it again and as an obedient signal to him I
started to move my tongue the fastest I could. I thanked my father who had
trained my tongue for many years. “Your tongue is only a muscle and can be
trained to works for hours”, my Daddy had said. I remember how he wanted
better pace on my tongue and there was always another gear for him. Now I
think that I excel even that level.

This was evil! I had to remind him of using a nettle-spray on my naked body
to have me moving my tongue for his pleasure at better pace. I had no choice
in the matter more then do as he ordered me. Probably that was also one test
for me.

He didn’t say when I should do it, only that I should remind him. I
understood it as if I should remind him at different times until he did it
or order me to stop.

Of course he knew that I hated it and that’s way he made me do it. It was to
test my obedience.

When I reminded him it would really standout as if I loved it when he knew I
hated it.

I knew what he was talking about and how it felt. My Daddy had twice swapped
the generally birch-twigs for nettle-spays and used it on my bottom, just to
se me wriggle my bottom more. And I can ensure I did. But the worst was the
smarting pain and the burn afterwards. It burned like hell. I remember that
I told him I would do anything, but that was an overstatement I would do
anything he said anyway.

This was my thoughts during my tongue worked at high pressure at his cock.
To increase his pleasure I nodded my head as well and moved my lips wetly
along his tool.

Wondering about the road that passed by his house I thought it just ended up
in the wood in the north direction, further down the hill was Svensen’s
house where Pelle lived with his father and mother and two brothers and one

“Stop it and start licking again!”

I lifted my mouth and felt my tongue stiff by overexertion and slur the

"Yes Sir!"

I felt it like a defeat that I had not made him spray into my mouth. That
was my fault.

“I’m not in the mood of cuming for the moment!”

He said as an explanation.

He didn’t want to spray! So it was not my fault then. He didn’t want to. My
Daddy had sometimes stopped my sucking to “save for later”.

I rose to my knees again and kept observing him as he put his legs together
and put them up on the chair.

He stretched out in the chair and told me that life was enjoyable and nice.

Of course it was for him if he planned to have an obedient slave girl as his
wife beside him in his future.
A slave girl that stood to his attention day and night and it was just for
him to decide how he wanted to enjoy her efforts for his pleasure.

My father had order me to make anything to make it happen that I was that
slave girl.

A wife and slave girl should do anything in her power to spoil her Master.

That would not be that hard life for me and nothing more than I was used to
do and could handle.

Jens turn in the chair to his stomach and I knew immediately what he was
going to order me to do, but I stayed at my knees with my hand behind my
neck, with my legs apart and with my constant smile on my face. It was
easily for an outstanding person to believe that I thought that all before
me was amusing and funny.

“Girl, lick my behind as you know I like!”

"Yes Sir!"

I moved closer to him, bended over his behind, opened up his butt-cheeks
with both hands, stretched out my tongue and started to stimulate his anus.

We were both naked out in the sun and I hope that nobody else should pass us
on the road. Or that Pelle should return and see me licking Jen’s bottom.

The bottom-side on a man was humiliating to serve but the front was nothing
to me. I did it gladly and was rewarded by the liquid gift.

Now was the most important thing that Jens was satisfied with me and my used
of my tongue at his anus. In and out, in and out I forced my sharpen tongue.

The wetness from the saliva made it easier to put it in and anus-muscle made
room for my tongue.

I could hear him moan and I keep working my tongue in and out as it felt for

The sun went into clouds and he finally decided that was he had enough for
my tongue for this time. I was order to stop and I obeyed thankfully.

He rose from the sun-chair and started to walk indoors again and I followed
him obediently on my all four.
A quick glimpse made sure that there was no one on the road.

Inside the house he sat in his easy chair with his legs parted and I kneeled
and looked dutifully at his dick/cock. It was still sleeping and there was a
long string of some sticky liquid down to the floor.

I felt itching on my left elbow that pointed out sideways as I had my hands
behind my neck but I tried to ignore it.

Inside his house I felt the risk of meeting Pelle again close to zero.

I was ordered to fetch him the phone and I hand it over to him as the long
cable was connected to the jack in the hall.

During his waiting for someone on the other side of the phone would pick up
he order me to start licking him in his crotch and I moved over to him dive
into it and let my tongue start working up and down. It had rested and was
fit for fight.

“Good afternoon Mr Svensen. May I speak to Pelle?”


“Hallo Pelle!”


“Yes I had a nice time!”


“A slave girl, yes.”


“If you promise and swear by your God to not say anything to anyone what you
see in my house you can come over here!”


“Yes OK. I believe you!  Yes, do that. “


“See You!”

He hanged up the phone and hand it over to me with nod to the hall. I
understood and tock the phone and run over to the hall an sat it on the
table there.

I returned and fell to my knees and continued my tongue-task.

He said nothing about the call and I was to busy and to obedient to ask. But
I understood that Pelle would come over here and see me naked and humiliated
and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I hated, hated that Pelle would come! Perhaps Jens trusted him, but I didn’t
for a moment.

The fact was that I had no voice in this house, no more than Jens allowed me
to have and he hadn’t asked me.


As a promise to Diane I will translate the rest in my own pace. But only it
I find that there is interest for her story out there in the cyberspace,
else I will use my eyes, fingers and mind for better.

Your opinion is always valuable, but if you keep it to yourself it will be a
sleeping knowledge – dead for the World.
So you had to disseminate it, to keep it living and useful to other minds.



At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call part 7 of 12


At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call part 7 of 12



Here is another part of Diane’s lived story. I had promise her to translate it, but I don’t like it.

A young girl is treated by an adolescent as if she was a plaything only for his pleasure and his sexual experiment. 



Proof read: Stiga



At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call part 7 of 12


After the phone call he sat silent for a long time and who was I to disturb him. I could suspect that he had invited Pelle to see me in my nakedness and service and also that that would be more humiliating than anything. In my heart I know that I had just to let it happen if he decided so.


It was out of my hands to influence. I was here as a slave-girl and had my orders clear from Daddy, to convince Jens that I was his best choice for a wife and a slave-girl that he could ever dream of.






He was sitting at the table and had me standing, as usual in order position obliquely in front of him, with my encouraging smile, as I though everything was funny.


“I want to play the pig-hunt-game with you” he told me.


It was not that he asked of my opinion. I knew that I had no opinion in his eye. I didn’t know what he meant by it anyhow, so I had only to follow his lead and do my very best in any of his games. 


I got the feeling of that he had many fantasies that he wanted to play out with me during this short period I was here.


He took an Air-gun and loaded it with some red plastic ammunition. He took the bullet from a can and I could see that they were sharp red. The whole bottom of the can was filled by them and there must be more than 30.


I was ordered to move over to the opposite part of the kitchen and I did so with the fake smile on my face. I was scared but I didn’t dare to let it show and my smile camouflage it, even when we both knew that I was ordered to smile and I was afraid that my smile spurred him.


“Turn around” he ordered and I did and in a second I had my nude back to him. But I could see him clearly in a mirror on the wall.


I was almost paralyzed when I saw him raised the gun and pointing it in my direction. He aimed at me and fired the gun. I felt immediately a sting on my left bottom check and my left hand left my neck and flew down to the hurting spot. I couldn’t help it. It was a reflex.


“Who told you to move your hand?”


“No body, Sir! I’m sorry Sir!”


”Put your hand back and stand still!”


"Yes Sir!"


“I’m not going to kill you!”


“No Sir!”


I’m instinctively afraid of guns and firearms of all kind and this gun looked like a real gun to me. Later he told me that it was an air gun and he put plastic bullets in it. The bullet would hit me in high speed and splash and cause pain. Perhaps it would make me cry out, but there were no danger. 


I saw him in the mirror taking aim again and a felt the sting. I stretch the muscles in my bottom. It hurt a lot like a bee-sting in the spring with paralyzing and stinging pain.




Then he took me out in the garden and up to a very big field with about 50 centimetres (19 in) high grass.


He was dressed in a shirt, pants and long rubber boots but he had his pants open in the front so I could se he cock in semi hard condition pointing out of the open fly.


He explained his rules to me. I had to crawl in the high grass and try to hide. He was going to hunt me and shoot me with his airgun and every hit would paint my skin red on the spot. 

For every time he hit my naked skin I was going to get ten times more blows by the birch-rod on my bottom.



The field he pointed out was rather big and I should have a fair chance, he said. He didn’t tell me then that his intention was to use 30 or more plastic bullets on my naked body when ever he could spot me. He warned me to run too far over the hill because the Svensen family could see me. “But that is up to you!” he added.

He told me that he had decided the game last for 30 minutes in all and I was given 2 minutes leading before he started his chase of me.


I didn’t even think of running away because I had no way to go. Running to my father was even more unthinkable. No, I had to stay and suffer the pain. Or perhaps try to do my part as good as possible and hide from him.


Before he started his game he had me put on leather kneepads and leather gloves with a leather cushion. It all seemed to be made by hand. The left leather glove didn’t fit me that good.


He looked at my smiling face.


“Do you have any questions before you go?”


He asked of me. It was difficult for me to understand why he was playing this game with me; it could hardly be a test of my obedience to him more of my skill to hide. Why should he shoot at my naked body and make my skin hurt and after that punish me for every hurting bullet he hit me with? As if the hits wasn’t enough.


There couldn’t possibly be any fun with this game. But I had no question to ask of him. I had only to hide away from him as long as possible.


I liked all the games my Daddy played with me and I had to like this one as well. I had to think of like a game of hide-and-seek to make it easier for myself.


"No Sir!"


“OK. Off You go!”


I was on my hands and knees and started to crawl out in the high grass. Behind me I heard him counting loudly; twenty-five, twenty-six …


The soft-locking grass was whipping my naked skin at my arms and calves and it was hurting badly, but I had to ignore it and run. Stinging pain that I must restrain.


I felt the sun burning my naked back.


 In the beginning I was running on my hands and feet straight forward and at his “Fifty” I lowered my bottom and started to crawl, but now straight to left. He had told me he was going to count to one hundred and twenty. The blades of grass hit my face badly and my arms and breasts as well.


When I looked backwards I saw that the grass was showing where I went. So in panic I raised my rump again and started to run as quick as I could.  I didn’t know if I was allowed to run with my bottom high but it was a much faster way to travel. The fact that he easy could see me made me be careful with this showing.


I felt like and wild animal and now it was easy for me to understand how an animal felt trying to escape the hunter.


I looked back and couldn’t see or hear him so I decided to go straight right and then to crawl slow and keep my naked body as low as possible.


So I heard his voice calling out: “I’m coming after you little pig!”


I felt a sting in my heart. He saw me as a little pig, not a human, or it was the game.

I fought myself to see his games as a play and I decided that I would do my best in his game, not only for avoiding his bullets but also for my Daddy’s order of me “doing anything to convince him….”


I could hear him coming through the grass from my left backside and lower my nude body to the ground having the grass stabbing into my belly and my breasts.


I listen carefully but couldn’t hear him. He had stopped and was searching for my, his little pig.


In my nakedness I felt so vulnerable but in the same time it felt natural to be naked in the out in the nature. Daddy had had me naked outdoors in the summer very much so that I had adjusted to and learned to feel natural.


Hiding here I suddenly felt a longing for Jens semen and the taste of it and that I rather sucked at him then crawled here. I love semen, it taste so soft, smooth and salty and I like the feeling of swallow it down my throat. I also love to hold it in my mouth and show it for my Daddy and then was allowed to swallow it down.


It felt really funny to unexpectedly start to think of the taste of semen out here in the field. It was my job to make him spray into my mouth when ever he wanted so I had only to wait for next time to come.




I felt a real bad sting at my right bottom cheek and understood that Jens was behind me and that his bullet had hit me.


Instinctively I started to crawl away from him forwards but only to get another sting on my left bottom cheek.


I kept crawling and turn left only to get another hit in between my cheeks and to my anus, that I didn’t knew was so visible for him. I was really suffering from that hit and I felt my anus cramp and spasm in pain.




“That was a bull eye!”  I heard him shout, but I didn’t know what he meant by that as I felt the pain.


In the same time as I felt pain from my body parts I also felt something leaking  and I hoped that it wasn’t blood.




Another sting at my left thigh, but now I had found speed in my crawling and heard that he was a bit behind me. I directly turned right and the right again. I knew that I now was crawling back to him in my escaping but thought it was a good idea. It was!


I kept my body low to the ground and was still. I heard him running in the grass as I stopped and he was hopefully following another trace in the grass, from a real animal or something. He was running fast and I heard him disappear.


I kept low and hope that he wouldn’t return in the first moments.


I had received four hits and that earned me forty hits by the birch-twigs on my bottom. As long as I could keep it that low I was happy but I knew that that was impossible. In moment I felt the pain from the whipping blades of grass on my unprotected body but fought to not think of it.


It felt so comical when I crawled naked here. But I also felt it like a game that I must win. He must not see me again until he had decided that the game was over. He could not lose a game that he set the rules for and I wouldn’t dare to challenge him.

 30 minutes he said. I wondered how many minutes there was left or if he wanted to prolong it to an hour or two if he found it enjoyable. He was in the end titled to fix any time for his game as he wanted. I hope for not, it was much better if I had to act in his direct presence. I felt my body captivate his mind better then. It pleased me to see him react with lust at his view of my naked body, some little touch of power as I was allowed to   feel. It thrilled me in a funny and unknown way.


Grass straws tickled on my belly. And I could even feel them at my private part where it had found its way in my cowered altitude. Some insects had been enticed by the sweat on my nude body and were annoying me, but I couldn’t fight them. I had to let them crawl in their ticklish way over my body.


Now I could hear him returning over the field but in the wrong direction. He was calling and I dare to not obey him and show myself, but had I bad feeling of it.


How much time left?


When I heard him turn again and walk further away from me I dared to peek at him and quickly lower my head again. Now I could hear in his voice that he wasn’t amused any more.


He stopped at the middle of the field and shouted:


“Stand up!”


I must obey and before my mind had decided it my body was on its way up. I took the only position that I knew was right in all situations, the order-position.

It felt nice for my body to stretch out my limbs and I felt a nice and light breeze nicely cooling of my warm skin, but I also felt smarting pain all over.


I also felt like a puppet. He called and I jumped!

That was the reason I was here, I reminded myself.


I could see his member (cock) standing straight out and I could in a second throw myself in front of him to work for his liquid gift, it he only give me the order. It had not reduced my thirst but it had broken the crawling stress over the field. I was so thirsty that I had gladly taken even his urine down my throat.


“OK! Crawl and hide again!”


He shouted and started to walk in my direction. I quickly crouched and started to crawl on my hands and feet to my left and made it as quickly as I could without of raising my bottom for him to see and trace. As soon I felt it safe I fell down at my hands and knees.


The grass straws whipped my legs and arm and also my face. I kept my mouth closed to protect it from the whipping straws but I felt them hitting my face.


I had only one thought in my head, to escape him, more to win the game then to avoid his bullets, they where easier to handle and only harmed the skin. My ambition to win, when it was allowed, trigged something deeper in my mind. I believe that I have a winning spirit in my soul.

Though there was no conflict with my submission to obey and to subordinate myself to a man, Daddy or as now a Master. 

Then I felt it wasn’t allowed to try to win and I adjust quickly to that situation.


By having me standing up and reveal my hiding point he sheeted in his game, but I didn’t even allowed my self that thought until years after. It was his game and his rules. He could change his rules during the game and it still was up to him.


As a reward for my obedience I felt the blows from two bullets. One hit my left shoulder and the other my behind when I quickly tried to escape him again. He was on his feet and I was on my all four and he was quicker and hit me twice more, as I raised my bottom to run faster on my hands and feet, now with my head downwards running blindly as the straws whipped my naked skin.


As I run blindly in one direction I manage to run away from him and turned right and then right again after some metres. Then I stopped and throw myself flat to the ground and felt the grass hurting my naked skin. Daddy had taught me to stand pain in small amounts.

I wasn’t sure if he allowed me to raise my body in my all four (hands-feet) position again, but he hadn’t correct me, when I did. I was afraid that my heavy breathing would reveal my position.


There couldn’t be that much time left now.


I lay still and tried to pant in a controlled way.

I have so far “earned” 80 blows from the punish instrument he selected and thought that was enough, but who was I to say?


As my heartbeat went down I felt the stinging and burning pain from the blade of grass on my naked skin on my arms, breasts, thighs and face. 


I hope that he didn’t decide to repeat this game when Pelle arrived. Two hunters in the field were too much.


Suddenly he called the game off and had my stand again.


Quickly I rose to my feet and took the order-position and felt again the sun burning at my naked skin but also the cooling breeze. I stood 50 meter (160 ft) from him an in direction to the house.




I run with my long legs towards him over the grass and tried to block of the pain and smarting.


I stopped before him and took the up stretched order-position, naked in the sun and waited for what to do.




I had felt it in my backbone when I run up to him and saw his stiff member waiting for me.

In a second I had thrown myself on my knees in front of him and had my mouth open and waiting for it. I took it in my dry mouth and started to suck him and massage him with my tongue and lips. As I started to massage him I felt liquid in my mouth.


My head nodded up and down at his cock. I waited for his liquid gift to spray down my throat as valuable drops, which I knew tasted so good. Soon he rewarded me and I tasted the salty drops.


Now my painful skin took over my brain.


“Run up to the house and drink and have a shower!”


"Yes Sir!"


  As ordered I run up to the house and into the kitchen and drank from the water tap in the washing up sink. 


Then I run to the bathroom and prepared for the shower. I also watch myself in the mirror and saw that I was red whip all over my body. Then I was forced to percept the pain from it.


But that pain was none compared to the pain when I in the shower let the water hit my naked body. My first reaction was to run out from the shower, but then I thought of that he had ordered me to shower and a stayed there and put up with the pain.


My mind was also occupied by the worrying thought of Pelle as a visitor and I wondered if Daddy had allowed that. I was Jen’s slave girl and couldn’t even protest, but I decided that I would tell Daddy later. I longed for my Daddy. He was so predictable, so easy to obey.


I had two days and one night to be tested by Jens and I had not only to endure what he decides to happen to me, but also to do my very best to convince him that I was his best choice for a wife and a slave-girl. The only asset I had was my trained skills, my naked body and my obedience.





If there are still interests out there in the cyberspace I will continue.

Translating is a hard work and as a woman I’m driven by encouragement.

I thank all those nice people who had taken their time to feed me.



At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call part 8 of 14


At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call part 8 of 14



Foreword: In this part Diane listen in when Jens speaks frankly to Pelle and she found out that he has NO intendancy to marry her, after all she had suffered under his command. He was only using her for his own pleasure. He was just taking his chance to play with a young super-obedient girl and have all his funs and pleasures.


When Diane told us about this part of her story, her tears fall in humiliation and unfairness of his utilize of her and her own locked situation to continue to try to convince him though she now knew that he wasn’t going to marry her.


She was so upset the she had to make several intermissions in her story-telling.


I know it is tedious but I haven't the heart for skipping it, sorry.








I made lunch in the kitchen for Jens. I was ordered to eat while I prepared his lunch. When he eats I had to wait at his table and to standby in order-position.


My mind was occupied by the thought of Pelle as a visitor and I wondered if Daddy had allowed that. He had allowed me to be Jen’s slave-girl and to that I had no say. Was Jens really allowed to show off me to Pelle?


I could do nothing about it, I knew, but I decided that I would tell Daddy later. I longed for my Daddy. He was so predictable, so easy to obey.


I had never had this difficult situation with my Daddy and I never needed to think if or if not. It was so easy just to obey Daddy and anything he told me to do was always the best for me.


When he told me to run, I run and when he told me to suck on his man’s thing and instructed me I knew it was for my own good. He educated me to do it right for my future husband and Master, as he told me. He hoped that Jens was to be my husband and take care of me when he wasn’t around. The thought of my fathers dead was too frightening for me to handle.


Jens was a straw for me to catch at. I was bound to obey Jens and to trust his judgment for my welfare, but this Pelle!




In a childish way I had always loved when Daddy had played his games with me, when I was his servant and he my Master. Whatever he told his servant to do I did gladly and with happiness and I was so honored that he wanted to play with me. I heard a girl in school who said that it never happen that adult played with children but I knew she was wrong. I had no persons of my own age to play with as I must run home to Daddy after school every day.

As soon as I came home I undress in the scullery and run into my father. I knew I was lucky; I had a father who plays with me.


I couldn’t really understand what was so interesting for boys in a girlish naked body, it was so plain and nothing but her breasts protrudes from the body. Jens seems to be so fascinated and aroused when he looked at me.

In my eyes a boy’s body where more interesting, especially their dicks and the testicles that was so sensitive and fun to play with.

My father’s was almost the same though it was bigger and thicker, that I had to open my mouth much more to take it in. I remember when he taught me to take it into my gullet, how sore I was after he had brought it down there, but after much training my throat got used to it and let it easily slide all the way down.


The firstly times I had to do the movement my self, my father didn’t push; he used the birch rod at my bottom to make me force my mouth over it. And further more he used encouragement and praise to make me do it. I was young then, now it is nothing for my, as I have learned to handle the gagging, even if I feel it from time to time.



I had three days and two night to be tested by Jens and I had not only to endure what he decide to happen to me, but also to do my very best to convince him that I was his best choice for a wife and a slave-girl. As my Daddy had told me my only asset was my, by him, trained skills, my naked body and my obedience.

I was very proud when Daddy praised my skills and my obedience, but my naked body had no value to me.




I stood smiling in the order-position slantingly before Jens, who sat in his chair with only his black t-shirt on. It leaved his genitals free in view. I couldn’t help to notice that it was awaked and I just waited for his order to service it in some way.




My father had told me that men constantly needed to be serviced by their females as soon as their genitals were awake. To service a man, in any way he wanted, was the first reason for a female to live. That was as important for her as her breathing. When a female serviced a man she kept him happy and that is the reason for her to be happy and pleased with her self. When a man wasn’t happy I female must strive in any way she could to make him happy. “Men need constantly to be released from their tensions and that is the reason that I train you so hard in this, for you to know how to make your future husband happy with you. Your life and happiness depends on that as it is the main reason for you to live!”


I knew that my father was right and that he only had my welfare and happiness for his eyes. He had said this very often and it was some kind of repeated guidance for me. I thought of it often when I serviced him with my mouth and I struggled a little extra for him, especially when I worked with my tongue in his bottom-hole, that I knew I liked. A man must be kept happy and then I could be happy for him.


When I was younger I felt sometimes sorry for Daddy and for his sacrifice, when he let me be trained on his body, for the sake of my future husband.




I looked down at Jens’s strong dick and wet my lips in preparation.



Jens took the telephone again and called, as I understood, Pelle, but he spoke first with another person and then Pelle.


- Hi, do you want to come over for a bier?


- ?


- But you have to promise to not tell anybody what you will see in my house. Do you?


- ?


- You can be here in one hour and a half and I’ll have my slave-girl preparing some food for us. Yes. No. Okay!


He hanged up the phone, but now he didn’t sat quiet.


Then he looked at me in my smiling order-position and ordered what he wanted, some hamburgers from the freeze-box and French fried potatoes, ketchup and biers, many biers.


I took down my hands from my neck and run

to the freezer in the garage and fetched hamburgers and French potatoes and carried them into the kitchen.


After I started to prepare the food I must come back to Jens, who sat in his easy-chair and watched TV.


As I was taught to do, I stood slantingly before Jens in the order-position, smiling and waited for him to see me.


I stood there in ten minutes. It started to ache in my left calf-muscle, as I was so near him that I must be on my tiptoes, but I tried to ignore it and stood still and waited for him to notice me.


I knew that this ignoring me was a test for me, so I must passed it.


With a scornful smile he put his eyes on my naked and up-stretched body as if he didn’t remember that he had order me to stand there an wait.

I could see that he looked at my up raised breasts.

As the elbows in this position must be in level with the upper part of my head I also felt that my breast was lifted higher.


My body was his to play with. My father had been very firm on that point when he told me about his decision to let Jens lend me. Your body is your only asset together with your trained skills and obedience, “so you must use it smartly”. I didn’t really comprehended what he meant, to use it smartly as I had only to obey what ever Jens told me, but I was also surprised.

I never thought that he ever had seen me as smart, but I smiled and answered him politely with “Yes Daddy!”


- Run into the bathroom and have a shower and than back to me!


- Yes Master!


I run away and into the bathroom, adjust the water and stepped into the shower. I did a rather quick, but thorough washing. During me dry myself I watch my body in the big mirror. I saw the thousands of red strips from the blade of grass on my arms, breast and thighs but they had started to melt together into gig red areas. When I turned around I saw many read stripes on the inside of my thighs after the canning.   My Master was waiting for me and I had to run back to him. But he let me wait for him in several minutes as I smilingly stood there in the order-position.


- Now, fetch me your little play-box!


- Yes Master!


He knew that the entire “playthings” were in my suit-case and I run away to fetch it for him.


I never took a step without of hurriedly running at Jens place, as I always did in my father’s home. Jens had stressed that he wanted me to run for him and so I must do that and also that he liked to see my legs running. For me this was simple, he wanted me to run so I run and harried in every move I did for him.


He took the suit-case and after open it up he throw out all the “playthings” on the floor before him.

There were the three dildos, in different sizes, whips, three kinds of collars, leather cuffs for my wrists and ankles. There were also a lot of other things that Daddy, let me play with. They were all Daddies’ playthings and not mine, but Daddy had said that they all belonged to me and that I was going to bring them to my future husband, when I was married as a dowry. Daddy is always right.


When I saw that Jens looked at them I felt a wave of shame over me. It felt funny because he had seen my in any position and I had done many of the sexual activities with him and not felt this kind of shame as when there was a risk that he could believe that it was my toys.


Jens gave me the black leather cuffs and ordered me to put them on my ankles and wrists.


Then he gave me a 2 cm (1 in) wide also black leather collar with four metal rings. When he saw that I had difficultness to fasten it back at my neck with the clasp and a small padlock, he rose, ordered me to kneel, locked the lock and put the key on the table.


I started to count silently and rose to the order-position as I was taught to. I didn’t forget to smile and stood waiting for further orders.


I started slow to comprehend that he wanted me to behave in this way and I liked that he steered me in small and easy steps.


- Put things straight!


He nodded at the floor and all the things he had thrown out.


- Yes Master!


I quickly put everything back in the suitcase and put it away, but returned to him running.


- Go and prepare the food!


- Yes Master!


I run to the kitchen and started to fry hamburgers and put the French fried potatoes at a baking-tray and put into the oven.


When I fried the hamburgers the fat from the fry pan splashed on my naked skin, it hurts. I tried to hide but didn’t dare to take one of the aprons that hanged on a hook at the wall. 


When 10 hamburgers were ready I put them on a plate and into the microwave oven, at “keeping warm”.


I run out to the garage again and took as many bottles of bier that I could carry and they felt cold to my chest when I carefully run into the kitchen with them and return for more. I put about thirty bottles into the refrigerator and filled the bottom shelf and half of next.

Then I had done my ordered tasks and run back into him and stood smilingly in order-position and waited.


He was now watching TV and had me waiting for surely ten long minutes, but I didn’t mind, he was the boss and as long as he was pleased with me it was fine with me.


I saw that he looked at the clock behind me and I didn’t know the time. I knew that Pelle was supposed to be there one and a half hours after Jens phoned him, but I must only wait for orders.


Again I started to ponder over the fact that Jens had decided to let Pelle see me like this. I was very sure that Jens wasn’t allowed to show me off before other peoples, but there was nothing I could do. Daddy had ordered me to obey Jens in his every order and so I would. Beside of that Daddy was fair and took responsibility for the wrong consequence of his own orders. He had never punished me if anything went wrong, as long as I obeyed him, and I did always, even now when he had ordered me to obey Jens.


Now I felt calm, but just for a second.

Pelle, I was bound to be naked in my slave-girl dress in front of him and he was going to see me obey Jens as his slave. I had already heard that Jens had talked about me as his slave-girl.


So I started to fear what Jens was going to order me to do when Pelle was here to see.


A next worry was that Pelle was going to see all the red weal on my body, at my arms, breasts and thighs that I saw in the mirror when I showered. Jens’s game with me at the grass field had put thousands of marks on my naked body. I felt ashamed of the thought that Pelle could believed that Jens had whipped me as if whipping a person is more of ownership, well I don’t know for sure. Jens had canned my thighs and there were red strips to proof it.


I think that I had had a thing for Pelle. Though he was a kind of bad boy there was something in his behavior or appearance that attracts me in some way, which I didn’t know. Perhaps it was the contrast in that he was a kind of bad boy and I was Daddy’s obedient and good girl.

I had had any contact with him, but I had seen him often as he was in my class at school.


He had twice put a note in my desk telling me that he wanted to meet me after school. I had never replayed as I had to run home to Daddy and wouldn’t dare to be late. I was the “running-girl” at the school. Everyone had seen me running from and to my home and I had no contact with anyone except for during school time.


I wonder if I was instinctively in love with Pelle and that was the reason that made me so upset and worried at the risk that he was going to see me naked in some minutes.


Jens rose from his chair and stood up on the floor with his face in direction of the outer door and with his legs manly apart. There couldn’t be much time left for Pelle to arrive now.


Jens’s dick was ready for my service, but to my surprise he ordered me to kneel behind him. I didn’t think, I just let him steer me. Quickly I obeyed him and as soon as my knee-caps hit the floor I was ready for his next order, looking into his bottom cheeks.




- Yes Master!


I was ready for that order but still surprised that he wanted me to service his bottom when his dick was ready to receive it. I throw that thought away. He was the boss and I should only do as I was told, but I was a little worry, Pelle should be here any time now.


Before all this thoughts my hands had parted his cheeks and my tongue had started its well trained movements at his tiny little exit. As usually I just started my tongue movements and then it knews how to handle its task and almost kept going until I stopped it. It was a technique that I had learned at my father’s hole and that make it easy for me to let my thoughts think on other things.


Now I was worried for Pelle to enter the door and se me behind Jens and understand what I did to him. The side window at that wall made it easy to look into the living room. I was ashamed now. I had done this many times for Jens but now there was another peril, Pelle.


It was really enough for me to try to handle the thought Pelle in a minute would see me naked, except to my slave-girl dress, which was even more humiliating.


I felt my tongue move in its trained pace, around the muscle, lapping over it and sharpen intruding the muscles in-out ten times and then out and around, again and again and again, while I could think of other things. And worried, as now for Pelle to see me.




When I let my tongue move for my father’s enjoyment I had never this worries. With him everything was so calm and predictable, no worries at all. I longed for my Daddy. I loved to do this to my father’s hole, even if he from time to time let off in my nose. I had got used to that and sometimes when I had my lips around his hole his fart disappeared into my mouth and didn’t even smell. Father had the right to do whatever he wants with me so that was nothing. I loved him!


Jens had never farted into my face when I serviced him, but he was so young. Was he going to be my husband and Master? It was a kind of a nice and romantic thing to service ones husband’s hole and tool.


I had heard Daddy’s agreement with Jens and I knew that in the minute that he entered my slit with his dick, he had decided to marry me and my life was saved and my Daddy happy for me. It was Saturday evening now but Jens had not decided to enter me yet.


I heard from the girls in my school that it hurt badly when a boy enter a girls slit, but I don’t think it could be worse than being canned on the inside of ones thighs.


I thought of trying to seduce him to enter me, but what could I do? I must obey his every command and it was not up to me to initiate anything at all, no I have to wait for his decision, if he wanted me as his wife and slave-girl for the rest of our life. At this thought I felt that my tongue move in a little deeper in his muscle as to secretly mark my willingness to be his wife.  I didn’t see it as being a slave-girl but I agreed that a wife must be obedient as a slave-girl, so what was the different. A husband could do anything he liked to his wife as well and she must obey him as she had promised in church. Wife an slave-girl was the same to me.


Steadily and in a pace for longtime service my tongue moved in its trained motions. If Jens ordered me IN, I had to start the in-out movements without of any interruption, but up to now he hadn’t, so the other licking routine was on. It was not that fatiguing either as it was different tongue-movements.


I didn’t know for sure if Daddy had informed Jens of all the command-words he used when he trained me for my future husband, but I guessed so.


More time had passed and Pelle could be here any minute now and I was still kneeling behind Jens.


In the same instant as Pelle enter the door he would understand what I did, naked and kneeling behind Jens’s bottom. My collar and leather cuffs would tell him of my role as a slave-girl.


I could do nothing else than continue until Jens gave me an order to stop. A new wave of shame rinse over me, but I could only do what Jens had told me. He had invited Pelle and he knew when he would arrive and he could se the clock. I could see nothing but a very close-up view of Jens’s bottom cheeks.


Now I heard sounds outside the door and Jens ordered me to go to the kitchen and wait for his order.


I rose in a hurry and run the fastest that I have run in this house, I think. I couldn’t see Pelle, so he couldn’t see me, if he didn’t have a glimpse of my naked back. I felt that this was only a delay. When Pelle stood in the living room Jens would call my name and I had to run into the room and stand smilingly in the order-position, as if it was the most amusing thing in the world for me to do.


I mustn’t not forget that my orders from Daddy were to at any price entice Jens, to choose me as his wife. My orders were to convince him that I was the most perfect choice for a wife and slave-girl for him. And that I must learn to love him, honoring and obey him.


My Daddy was my priority ONE and Jens my priority TWO.

Pelle had no priority in my father’s eyes; therefore he must have none in my mind either.


I heard the Jens opened the outer door and I heard Pelle’s voice. When I recognized it I got goose pimples all over and a new wave of shame rinse over me.

I felt so naked. Funny I have lived my whole life more naked than dressed, but now my nakedness was so distinguished and shameful.


I almost never thought of my breast but now the just were there for anyone to look at. And I knew that I in a minute, when I was call upon, I must run into Jens and stand before him and Pelle in order-position, that I knew lifted my breasts and they were on vulnerable display for the boys. I knew that my elbows in level with the top of my head, as I was taught by Daddy, would raise them a bit more. Make my breast more vulnerable. I felt a shiver through my whole body.




My God! In Daddy’s house everything was so easy, simple and calm, but here my feelings were thrown from pleasant to fears in a split second.


I want to go home to Daddy! I felt that I pouted my lips as I was a little girl.




I couldn’t stop listening as it was the only way for me to know what was happening at the other side of the walls.


- Good that you could come!


- How about your slave-girl?


- You will see her in a minute.


- Is it really the shy and demure Diane? The running-girl?


- Yes it is, but you remember that you have promised to not reveal for a living soul what you will see in this house.


- I promise! You have a bird (broad) here so what? I will forget it when I exit your door.


- This is not any skirt. I have borrowed her from her father on approval (on appro). He wanted me to married the girl, but I don’t think so. No way! Anyway he let my have her for this the weekend as my slave-girl. She has his order to convince me that she is my best choice of a wife and a perfect slave-girl in the same package. She has to do anything I say and as you know I say a lot. I heard her father told her that he didn’t want to hear any complain from me when I return her tomorrow evening.


- You are kidding me! 


- No, I’m telling the true. He told me that I could do anything I want with her, anything, you hear! I have absolutely no restriction of what I can do to her or let her do, but if I fuck her I MUST marry her. I don’t want to marry her and I have never wanted to. I’m free to play with her in any way I want. She is really obedient, so obedient that you have never in your life seen it before. Just before you came I had her licking my ass hole and she licks it GOOD!


- You ARE kidding me!


- No, you will se for your self in a minute.


- You mean when she licks your ass? Ha! Ha!


- Yes, that too, but anything I like her to do. You know she has learned to do deep throating, it’s heavenly. I had never felt it before. To feel her swallowing-muscles deep in her gullet massaging your cock is unbelievable. You know for these days I own this girl and she is even happy about it. I can use her as sperm-receiver and I wake her up in the night when I feel for a blow job or a licking tongue in my ass hole. Can you understand that?


- Well, buddy. I don’t believe you. I have tried to meet this girl just for just a Coke after school, but she didn’t even bother to answer me. I felt humiliated and for that I could gladly have spanked her, but I had Suzie as girlfriend then and she didn’t allowed it as she felt sorry for the girl. Nobody of the boys at school had been successful with her. No, sorry buddy!




When they talked frankly about me I felt more humiliated than I have felt in my whole life. And I had to harden myself to be ready when Jens called me in to him, for me to be even more degraded and stand before Pelle. I felt bad that I had humiliated Pelle, I didn’t mean to, but what could I do? I knew he had Suzie then and he couldn’t be interested in me.


Now I knew that Jens wasn’t going to marry me and that had me those days here just for his fun, just for his pleasure. He just wanted to have someone obedient to play with for a whole weekend.


I had my clear orders from Daddy and I had to put my back into convincing him that I would be a good wife. I had to try to make him change his mind and that would be hard on me. My common sense told me that he was never interested in me as a wife, but for a slave-girl that he could use in anyway he wanted. A slave-girl that, how bad he treated her, must bring him love, eagerness, willingness and pleasure in any way he wanted. All my fantasy about marriage and romance falls into thousand pieces.


I felt tears falling down my cheeks. I wanted to run home to Daddy, even if he would punished me, but I knew that Daddy wasn’t home.




I heard them talked and listen as my tears fall.


- You know how we had fantasies about sexy girls that we could do anything to and you had read about pony-girls and sex-slaves and slave-girls in a magazine. We adjust our fantasies to one slave-girl each.


- Yes I remember. We took turns in telling each other what we should do with our slave-girls. That was nice, but we were 13-14 then and now we have seen reality. Good girls are hard to get and bad girls you can pay to fuck.


- Nix buddy, I have that fantasy here and now but in real life. She is waiting in the kitchen for me to call her out here and she is far better than our fantasies could imagine.

She is bound to do anything I want her to. Listen! You remember the fantasy about the “Pig-hunt” I have played that with her in the fields this morning. I had her crawling naked in the grass and shoot at her with the paint-gun. I had her “watching my cock” for hours and she crawled around her to perform as her best. I had her sucking my cock when you passed by the house earlier.

To night, the last night, I will sleep nicely with my cock in her mouth all night and she will suck at it when it’s alive.

I can tell you that she sucks well, more than well. She is the best and had been well trained.


- You can't put that over on me! That little shy virgin, being well trained to suck a cock, no way! It is not rather likely she is able to open her tiny little mouth over a cock. I think she will get a locking-cramp in her jaws if she saw a real cock in front of her mouth.


- That tiny little mouth can swallow a whole cock in one bite and deep throating it and massage it so good that you faint. I said that she is well trained. I challenge you that you can’t suggest anything that I can’t make her do or go through as long as she thinks I’m going to marry her, the little virgin. But except for one thing. No cock in her cunt, but that is the only exception. If I fuck her I must marry her. You know that her father can make you do things you don’t wants to.

No, I have her here and enjoy her strains to convince me to marry her and in the main time I have her giving me pleasure that I didn’t know existed.  I tell you she is a living pleasure-machine and she had no stop until I tell her to stop. Imagine you tell her to do something nice for you and she keep doing it until you tell her to stop.

I should whip her if she didn’t continue even if I fell to sleep. My order to stop is the only thing that could make her stop, nothing else. I’m going to have her lips around my cock all night to night. Imagine having the cock in a sucking girl’s mouth a fucking whole night! If you turn in your sleep she follows but she never loose it. And she is suckling at her comforter (pacifier) the whole bloody night, if you not tell her to stop and then she wait for it to grow in her mouth so she can start sucking at it again. All fucking night.


- She must sleep; sleep depravation is a serious business.


- A slave-girl needs only sleep when her Master permit  it, she is here for my pleasure and she can sleep in her bed when I have returned her home to her father and after I have told him that I don’t want to marry her and that her hymen is intact. I just changed my mind. Or I can say that she wasn’t that obedient that I want my slave-girl to be. He will give her a hell if I complain on her obedience, so what. She is just a girl.


- Well I still don’t believe you! If this little Diane is in the kitchen, call her in then.


- I will, but I want to tell you about her first, so you have more to “not believe in” before I prove that I’m telling the true.


- Okay, but I really think you are kidding me.


- You will se in a minute. I have told her that I will test her obedience in 10 special tests. I have canned her inner-thighs and she was order to move her legs apart still more for every blow. She passed that test. She is obedient as a real slave-girl and has a great stamina.

She also passed the “Pig-hunt” and she is all red over her arms and legs and breasts from where the blade of grass hit her, when she crawled, and the “Cock-watching” as we fantasy about.

When I ordered a new water-pump they delivery one with four times too big capacity but I kept it because I needed it quickly. Now I have found out a special use for it. If I start it when showering the sprays become as hundred of evil needles, pricking at the skin. I’m going to have her stand in many positions and let that sharp jets hit her skin, or worse her ass hole and cunt. Can you imagine if I point it to her cunt and clitoris and she must stand still? That is a real test of obedience for her. I couldn’t do it myself.


- But that is torture!


- Yes you could say that, but it is still a test for her that she could pass or fail. I have other tests for her as well. The main thing is that how hard she tries I’m not going to marry the slut and she doesn’t know that.

You know her ass is not her cunt, so that must be free from marriage. Do you, unlike me, still have fantasies about fucking a girl in her ass? Maybe I can let you do that with her. I have an evil plan for that. You will see me play with her and you will see how obedient she is. I know that you like girls for what they has common with boys.

You go to the toilet and when you come back I have ordered her to BEG you to fuck her virgin ass hole, even when we both know that she hate it.

She wills not only beg you; she will convince you that she will squeeze you and move her ass in your pace. She will present her ass hole for you on her all fours before you and open it up for you to look into her. She will lubricate her ass hole and fuck herself with her fingers to be prepared for you, everything on all four before you. She will even offer you to with the birch-rod in your hand see to that she will keep any pace that you want. If you want give her a birching while you ass-fuck her you just order her for a pace she can’t produce. You can ride her as a horse and let that horse move when you see your cock disappears into her ass hole and out and she will be moving until you tell her to stop.


- Well buddy, it is up to proof now, isn’t it?








I will continue if you are interested, otherwise I rest my case.

Translating is a hard work and as a woman I’m driven by encouragement.

I thank all those nice people who had taken their time to feed me with that.


You must know that I’m stealing time from other task I have to do.



At Daddy’s mercy and beck and call part 9 of 14


Author: Cecilita 



Story Code: M/f, m/f, m+/f, Mc, inc, Mpover, sub, slave girl, training, oral, hum, rom.



Diane is a Danish girl, (in part 9) 17 y o, 170 cm (5 feet 11 inch) long, rather thin, with a very nice long, curly and Viking blond hair. She has a nice elliptical face, blue eyes and full lips that got my envy. 


As the recording clerk in the girl group and in order to let you read it I have done this poor translation to

G M L English. My try is perhaps good for you; otherwise you couldn’t read it at all, assuming that you don’t speak Swedish or Danish.

Please remember that this story is translated to a new form of English: The Global Meeting Language, not Oxford English. It doesn’t always follow the grammatical laws as long it is understandable for millions of people over the World.









I waited naked in the kitchen and was eavesdropping when I heard Jens brag about my obedience to him in front of Pelle in the living room.


I heard Pelle ask:


- Well buddy, it is up to proof now, isn’t it?


- In a minute pal, I just want to give you more to be skeptical about before I bring her in here as my living proof. You know the pony-cart in the barn. I could easily have her pull it naked at the upper fields where nobody goes this time of year. In the same manners as those pony-girls we read about in the magazines, when we were younger.


- Stop it buddy. She is a little tiny one and you can’t expect her to pull that cart with you in it, do you? Or are you just fantasying?


- No, not at all. The wheel is well greased and she can easily pull it, but there is only room for one in the seat, so either I do it alone tomorrow or we can bring her up there in the morning and take turns with her pulling the cart. She is so obedient that if I say pull, she pulls. A good whip and she will pull very hard. Just think of it, she can’t escape the whip and you sit there just behind her and have her hard working legs and butt muscles at your command. Whenever you want more speed or more work from her muscles just hit her naked skin and she will delivery. I remember that you thought of that when we fantasized about it times ago. How you imagine yourself having a naked girlish body pulling you around at your whim and how you was going to urge her to pull in your pace, having the whip in your hand as an imperative argument. I also remember that you fantasized about having her came to a halt when the sight of her naked body has caused your erection, so she could work at it with her mouth.


- Yes, I did like that unfair thought, but it is many years ago and I were only 12 and we were both young and inexperienced.




I listen in the kitchen and my tears streamed down my cheeks. But most of everything I felt outraged because he was cheating my Daddy. He had told my Daddy that he was seriously about marrying me and I know how important that was to my father. It was so important that he let go of his secret of having me as his slave-girl and permitted Jens to try me out. One doesn’t tell lies to Daddy. It was completely impossible. 


Jens had during the whole time decided that he shouldn’t marry me. He was just having me as a plaything, for his pleasure and fun for all those hours. I couldn’t warn my father about the plot before it was too late, but I know that Daddy was going to be raging mad against Jens, when he found out. I fear that Jens was going to explain his refusal to Daddy by telling him that I had not been obedient enough and that must be a whopper.


All my obedient efforts and all I have had to go through were for nothing. I felt cheated as well. He had used me and worse he was going to use me until tomorrow evening and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, that I could do about it, more than telling Daddy tomorrow, and letting Jens have it his way during my stay here.


All my strain and suffered pain was for nothing. Still I must blindly follow Daddy’s orders until he changed them. I knew that if I only obeyed Daddy he wouldn’t blame me in any way. It had always been a clearing argument: “Daddy I just did as you told me!”

Therefore I still must try to convince Jens that I was his best choice for an obedient wife and slave-girl, no matter what. There was perhaps still a hope to make him change his mind or perhaps I could make Pelle consider being my husband if I really exert myself in my obedience. In that case I had to obey the “wrong” person in the main time. Still I had no other options than to obey and be as good slave-girl as possible to Jens. And in the main time knowing that he had never considering to marry me, just to play with me and get all his pleasure from me. How could I think of that when I was force to have his dick in my mouth the whole night and sucking and pleasing him for all I’m worth?

I felt that I was forced to give him the ultimate nice night. I just had to!



I didn’t know if Jens understood that I had overheard their conversation or he had said all this to make me exert myself to the utmost more for him. He had understood how blindly obedient I was to my father. The door to the kitchen wasn’t closed. In that case he would rather play hard to get, than a definitely NO WAY.


- DIANE, here!


My order trained body had started run into him before I could think and I realize that when I passed the kitchen door.


I tried to ignore Pelle’s eyes as I run into the room and stood naked in order-position slantingly before Jens, to not stand between them. This quick adjustment of my body was now automatically ever since my father in my early teenage had corrected me. I felt it very right that a slave-girl must stand close to her Master if he wanted to touch her, but at the same time never blocking his view of anything, so slantingly felt just fine and was the right way to act.


Suddenly I felt those slave-girl signs burning. I haven’t thought much of the black leather collar around my neck and the black leather fetters around my ankles and wrists, but now it felt like they stood out in their whole importance. I was a slave girl. I was owned by Jens for the moment. I knew it but I felt ignominious over the fact that Pelle could see it now and in the same time I felt ready to faint by the thought of what Jens could made me do before Pelle’s eyes. I also felt the leather fetters glared in the room and that they together with my naked body took marked attention to itself.


When I felt Pelle’s eyes on my body I felt really naked though I had been naked in weeks now except for the short walk up to Jens’s house. Mostly I didn’t think much of my nudeness as it was a natural state for me, but now I did. I didn’t know why.  Pelle must have seen a naked girl before and we look all the same when we are in nude.



I had remembered to smile and that could make Pelle believe that I enjoyed all this as a game, but I must obey Jens order. I must not give him a reason to use the cane on my unprotected skin unnecessarily. It was enough that I knew that he could do it if he wanted to, but to give him a reason for it, no way!


I saw that Jens had put a blue thin dressing gown on, and I could still see the contour of his dick through the material in the front.


My try to ignore Pelle’s eyes was in vain, in spite I had him to my right side and a little behind. My breasts were lifted higher when my elbows must be in level with the top of my head, as I’ve been taught. He stood so close that he could just put his hand forwards and touch my right breast, if he wanted and if it was allowed. I felt a little ashamed when I felt my nipples harden, they shouldn’t and I hoped that it didn’t reveal my thoughts.


I had never been so aware of my naked and uncovered body before, not even when Daddy showed my naked body for Jens at his first visit in the house. No, this was different. There was a special thing between Pelle and me, though he was a bad boy and I was a good girl, or perhaps because of that thrilling thought.


Now I had to concentrate on my mission. I still had to convince Jens that….


- Yes Master!


I heard my voice rasping and the thought of Pelle’s eyes on my naked body were more and more capturing my mind. I felt that my cheeks were color up in my shame.


- Here she is your little innocent virgin and “running girl” and she is now converted to an obedient slave-girl, who obeys my every command. Don’t you?


He turned his question to me.


- Yes Master!


- “Yes Master, what?”


- Yes Master! I’ll obey your every command, Sir!


- Good answer and good girl. Is there any order that I can give you that you would refuse to obey, girl?

The question seemed unfeasible as I always did what I was told and knew that it wasn’t up to me to value an command. I just execute them with no other thought than to do it as acceptable as possible.


- No Master, absolutely none. I’ll do whatever you tell me to, Sir!


- And how good will you do it?


I could feel in the air that Master Jens really enjoyed the situation were he could boast of about his power over me and that he loved to point it out in all its details. I was at his mercy for those days and now he had my classmate to show it to. I had nothing else to do than to obey his every command and I must not forget my mission, to convince Jens that I would be his obedient wife, even if the situation had changed for me and my odds were low, I must obey my Daddy and give it my very best try.


- Master, I will do it as good as I can, to make you satisfied with me, Sir!


- And if I’m not satisfied with you, girl?


-  Master, you have my fathers guarantee. You can force me do it better for you by birching me and then let me do it again until you are satisfied with my doing. I have only your standards and satisfaction before my eyes. I have to convince you that I’ll be the best slave-girl for you, Sir!


It comes naturally to me to be humble and adaptable so

I tried to fill in everything that I knew he wanted to hear and I could see in his smile that he was pleased with my answers. I deliberately excluded “wife” as I knew that he wasn’t interesting in me as his wife, but perhaps as his slave-girl. I also knew that my father had marriage as an absolute demand. That meant for me to be his wife yes, but also is slave-girl. Perhaps that could be a short cut for him to have me as his slave-girl. A wife is promising in the church to obey and honor her husband, so what is the different.




In all my life my Daddy had trained me to be a good wife for my future and unknown husband and he had also let me know how much of a wife’s nursing attention that a husband needed – day and night.

In his training of me during the years we played often that he had the role of my future husband that needed nursing and attention day and night. He just had to pronounce a short command word to cause promptly reaction from me to fulfill his wishes. Sometimes he wanted me to address him Husband and not Master, Daddy or Sir.

One of his stage directions was having me greeting him on my knees in the hall when he comes home from work. I was naked of course - as always - and had my mouth invitingly open for him. I remember how I longed for him to spray his liquid into my mouth. It tasted so good.


He had prepared me for its relish long before I tasted it the first time and my mind was prepared for its nice flavor as like a prophecy that come true.




- What if I fuck you?


- Yes Master! Yes, please Master! It is your decision and your agreement with Daddy. Please Master!


- Are you willing to be fucked?


- Yes Master! I have no will, Sir, you own me now and I’m willing to do anything you say, but yes Sir I’m very willing! My father has ordered me to obey any order from you, Sir.


Those boy-language-words: “To be fucked” was rather new to me. Though I’ve heard from the girls at school, that it was a very hurting business it was also the way to catch Master Jens and to comply with my Daddy’s wish. I had to take that pain.


During my upbringing I had learn to handle pain. When Daddy wanted to birch my bottom, to see my bottom-checks turn red and my bottom muscles twitch in fear of next blow I had learned to handle pain, or worse when I must have my legs apart and keep them there and wasn’t able to protect my private parts and my inner tights from the tops of the birch-twigs. I know what pain is, but I also know how to force my thoughts out of the situation, as I in a mystery way observed the scene beside my body – outside myself.




- Turn to Pelle. You will address him by Master Pelle from now on.


- Yes Master!


I felt my nakedness and vulnerability so strongly when I quickly turned to face Pelle, still with my hands interlocked behind my neck. I couldn’t endure his eyes so I lower my gaze to his chest, but I felt that his eyes searched all over my nude and displayed body.


Immediately after I had turned my body to face him I put my feet apart to show my private parts. Not that I wished him to see it, but I’ve been taught to do so. That was the order-position, hands behind my neck, elbows in level with the top of my head, breasts out and my legs apart. Daddy had trained all that into my backbone.


Pelle smiled to me and I feared that it was my smile that he returned. How could he know that I was ordered to smile all the time? I was unsure of what to say to him, but I thought that a confirmation of his Master-ship over me was the right thing to do. His eyes were at my breasts and I again felt my nipples reacted as I felt them grow and be red. I was trained to confirm a Masters authority.


- Yes Master Pelle!


In the same time as my body behaved in its trained way I could feel shame in waves all over me. Pelle was my classmate, sitting just behind me in school.


Behind my back Jens continued to ask me.


- Would you like to fuck Pelle?


- Yes Master! Would you be so kind, Master Pelle? Yes PLEASE!


Pelle watch me and asked, with a wrinkle up his forehead:


- Would you really want me to fuck you, knowing that it would mean that I must marry you and you would be my wife and…. and my slave-girl?


- OH, Yes Master Pelle! Please, I would be a very good wife for you, Sir!


- And slave-girl too?


- OH, Yes Master, I would be the best slave-girl you have ever wished for, Sir! But marriage is not for me to decide, but my father, Master Pelle. And now I’m here to convince my Master Jens that I will be a good and obedient wife for him and slave-girl naturally.


I felt a peculiar twist in my tummy when I heard my own voice pronounce the word “Master Pelle” to him, my classmate. Whenever I had seen him in school I had been properly dressed, as he was now and now I stood before him totally naked, with my arms raised and feet apart and felt completely vulnerable. For a second I wished that I was allowed to take down my arms, but……

I could feel almost painful stretches in the muscles that lifted my breasts, as my elbows must be raised so high.


In the same time I felt in my backbone that I wasn’t allowed to answer Pelle so, knowing my fathers direct order that Jens was my owner, keeper and Master those days. But after I had eavesdropped Jens intentions I took the risk of giving Pelle a clear signal that I wanted him as my husband and Master, if Jens didn’t want to have me. I hoped that Pelle took my insinuation seriously. All the time I knew that I wasn’t in the position of offer him anything, but if Jens didn’t wanted me….


Beside of that, jealousy was not a strange feeling for me as I had felt it myself and I had also seen it action in school when the girls used it to attract and trick boys. If I had been allowed to turn to Jens I would apologies to him for being frank, but I thought is was too late for that. He was given the power over me and I know by now that he could be really cruel, and I also felt in my backbone that Pelle was less cruel, perhaps even a kind person inside. I was sure that he would be a good and loving husband for his future bride.


When Pelle had those cruel and wild imaginings about “pony-girls” he was a young boy. Who knows what’s going on in the brains of young boys before they settle down, I thought to myself, in a forgiving state of mind. Daddy had told me that a husband and Master always had the right to set his own standards in his home and nobody could interfere. Whatever he fancies, his wife had to accept and play along with him in it.



- Now, tell Pelle how good you are at fucking!


I didn’t dare to annoy him by using my words so I gave him what he wanted, knowing that I had still to apologize to him for being so frank to Pelle and offering him myself as his wife, knowing that Master Jens had me here on approval.  


- Master Pelle, I’m very good to fuck and I will do my very best for your pleasure. I will do anything for your pleasure, Sir!


How could I smilingly say that I was “good to fuck”, when I was a virgin and they both knew that too?

It was a string of words that my mouth was ordered to pronounce, that’s all.


- Tell Pelle how nice you suck a cock and lick an ass-hole?


- Master Pelle, when I’m ordered to suck a penis or to lick an anus I do my very best, Sir!


- Tell him again and use the right words, you fuck’n slut!


- Yes Master! Master Pelle, when I’m ordered to suck a cock or to lick an .. an ass hole I do my very best, and never stop until I’m ordered to, Sir!


I felt very uncomfortable saying those words, but I didn’t want to give Jens an extra reason to punish me.


-  Ask Pelle if he want you to lick his ass-hole.


- Master Pelle, would you like me to lick your, your….  ass-hole?


- Do you want to do it?


- Yes Master Pelle, if I’m ordered to do it, I would like to do that very much for your pleasure, Sir.


Inside of me I felt that I would do anything I was ordered to do. It was not a big deal and doing it for Pelle, yes. All the time I knew that Jens could order me to do whatever he liked me to do and I must perform at his will anyway.


I had no limitations and there was no room in my mind, at that time, to disobey any given order, it was just to act and do it as good as possible. As soon as I understood the order, that is.


- Now tell Pelle in details how you would do it for him. If he not hears all the details I let you fetch the cane and you will have a meeting with it. Let’s say your inner thighs will have a meeting with it. Well!


Both my Daddy and Jens wanted me to lick their back-holes so my experience was that all men like me to lick them there for their pleasures. So of course Pelle liked the same. I feared the cane; it was a cutting and evil thing.  Quickly I try to remember my actions at a man’s anus and I knew that I must let the words flew. Details… I must give it in all the shaming details, I must. I remember that sometimes it was harder to keep the bottom muscles apart than to give the tongue massage.


Fearing the cane I stood before Pelle, with my hands interlocked behind my neck and smilingly perform my assignment. It was so evident that my forced smile would give Pelle interpretation that I love to do this and that I love to lick an anus, but what could I do?

I wouldn’t dare to lose my smile for anything. I had put that clear and deep into my mind.


“Not the cane please”, I heard a silent voice inside of me. I must give him all the details and the “right” and most ugly words. This was terrible, but I had to do it.


As in a nightmare I heard my own voice articulate the words as my brain worked at high pressure to produce and translate them to the boy-language. I remember all my trained actions in details.


- Master Pelle, I will part your..  ass-cheeks with my hands and sharpen my tongue and lick over your … ass-hole and around it. I will tickle it and put a lot of saliva to make it soft and nice for you. Then I will press my tongue into it and push it up and into your body, and then I’ll press it in and pull out repeatedly.


I start to panic. Have I been given all the details that Jens asked for, that he liked to hear?

The threat of the cane on my unprotected inner thighs made me give up the little pride I had and give him what he wanted.


- Master Pelle, then I take out my tongue for a moment and lick all along and between your, your.. ass-cheeks, slowly and ticklish and return to your ass-hole. I start by kissing it with my lips and stick out my tongue and continue to lick around it, over it and then sharpen my tongue to press it into your ass-hole and move it in and out in a rapid speed. Then I ..


- That is enough for now!


Thanks Heaven! Jens broke off and continued:


- Well, would you like Pelle to use your ass-hole?


- Yes Master!


I answered automatically and obediently as the question was asked, but I didn’t know what he meant. I was all prepared to use my tongue in Pelle’s hole if I was ordered to, but would he like to use his tongue at my anus. That was the only way I could think of for him to use my exit-hole.


Did Jens really refer to that Pelle would lick me bottom-hole? Jens was my Master and could order me to do anything he liked, but could he also order Pelle?


- Ask Pelle if he would like to fuck your ass-hole!


-Yes Master! Master Pelle, would you like to fuck my ass-hole?


I carefully used the “right words” for Jens, but I didn’t know exactly what I asked for. I was so confused.


- Would you like me to do that?


- Yes Master Pelle, if I’m ordered to, Yes Sir!


Now they were talking a language that I only could guess the meaning of. My father had twice told me to “fuck” his anus with my tongue and by that he meant the in-out-movement with my tongue until I was told to stop.


The word “fuck” meant that a boy put his penis into a girl’s vagina and moved it in-out, in-out, in-out as if he couldn’t decide if he liked to stay or not.  I had understood that in school, after Laura had explained it to me. She had told me that it felt nice as Heaven, but two other girls had said that it was Hell of pain.

Was it Heaven or Hell?


“Ass-hole” was anus, in boy-language. Did Jens being serious about that Pelle would like to put his tool into my anus? Why? It is an exit not a way in, except for my tongue because men felt pleasure by its caressing movements. Beside of that, there was no room for a penis to enter that tiny little hole.


I would definitely not feel any pleasure from that odd place. Well, a slave-girl had no pleasure to expect, more than when Daddy had ordered me to please myself in front of him. I lived for those times and I hope for that my future husband allow me to stimulate myself in that manner.




- No promises, but I’ll see if I can arrange it so that you can fuck her ass-hole while she pulls you in the cart tomorrow. Perhaps she could be bound so close to the cart seat that you have her ass in your lap and she still pulls the cart for you. She will have no way to escape more than the road you direct for her to run. Then you will see how fast those skinny legs can move for you.


Wouldn’t you like that girl?


-Yes Master.


It was the only answer I could give.


- Be warned to not pick the wrong holes at her rear end.

With a birch twig in your hand she will perform any pace for you. Would you like that?


- Well… We’ll see tomorrow.


I could hear in Pelle’s tone of voice that he didn’t like the idea to much.


- Now, do you want to see your little shy “running girl” in action? 


- Yes I will.


Jens looked at me and ordered:




It came suddenly though I’d expected it or something to perform.




As a female I’m driven by encouragement in my translating work.



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