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Initiation to Slavery

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Synopsis: Slave Training of a virgin male slave by his Cousin sister and arch lady rival in college to slavery

 slave is born in a poor family. In order to tie up the debts family had, slave was sold to a wealthy woman. She is very sexy, gorgeous and beautiful. She had three lady friends staying with her. They didn't know how to use a slave. So slave was made to wash dishes, scrub floor, clean clothes etc. One day they brought a slave trainer and slave was shocked to see the trainer. The trainer was my cousin sister whom slave secretly worshipped as a Mistress. slave felt so embarrassed. But she didn't show any signs of recognition. My Mistress's said that they are going abroad and will be coming back only after one month and by the time they come Mistress trainer should train slave fully.

Slave, Mistress Affina sneered. She barked at slave “Strip, slave, strip fast. I want you to strip to nothing with in 50 Seconds” .

Yes Sister, replied the slave

Suddenly Mistress struck slave on the face with the cane several times and hissed.

“How dare you call me sis? I am your trainer and you will address me as Mistress, is that clear slave?”

“Yes, Mistress” replied slave and hurried to strip down but fumbled out of fear and took more than 50 seconds.

Mistress whipped slave mercilessly calling slave “what a clumsy slave you are, good for nothing slut”

 Mistress made slave to display infornt of Her. She then made slave to stand steady and began to inspect. She took a turn and suddenly took a whip and whipped slave from behind. The pain was excruciating as slave was not prepared and didn't expected it. slave cried out in pain. “ What a cute little balls you has slave” saying that Mistress began to twist and squeeze the balls painfully. Slave cried out in pain “Please Mistress, please stop it is hurting too much”.

“Silence slave, did I give permission to you to speak. You will speak only when spoken to”“Quiet you slutty slave “and she ordered slave to be quite and whipped many times. Seeing this slave's owners got impressed and they left.

“You are only a slave and never expect the status of a younger brother”. Whenever you address me you will address as “Mistress” and will obey whatever I commands. “

 “ Now slave kneel nakedly in front of me with your legs spread. So I can see you properly. How do you feel now slave to kneel naked and being displayed infront of me”.

Mistress Affina then suddenly kicked slave's groin and told “Kiss my Feet and suck each of my toe till I command you” and made slave kiss her feet and thank her.

“ I will beat, kick, spit, whip and will do whatever I please with you and you have to bear everything”. Mistress then made slave to lick each of her toes for a long time. She then took a collar and dangled in front of slave and said. “ Now beg like a good doggy for your collar. Beg nicely on all fours” She made slave beg and cringe” Please Mistress, please collar me Mistress, slave is only fit to be collared and made a dog for Mistress. Please Mistress, please, slave will do whatever Mistress commands, please collar me”. Mistress collared slave with it and put a tag stating 'Property of Mistress Affina'

“Listen slave, you will have exactly four weeks before your Mistress's comes and you have to learn to serve Mistresses by that time. I will be very strict Mistress and I will teach you how to serve Women properly, you little slut”.

Mistress Affina claded in a sari, reclined on the couch. “Approach me slave, approach. And don't forget to wiggle your ass. Shake it well. I want to see it shaking” and laughed.

Slave approached Her on all fours shaking its ass and reached at Her feet.

“Now slave, start kissing my feet and suck my toes properly. If you miss any toe, you will suffer”. Trembling slave started to kiss Her shapely and sexy legs. The scent of her body and the new status of slave created a different sensation and started to ooze pre cum. Mistress was enjoying the plight of slave. Seeing the pre cum oozing she kicked slave on his face.

“How dare you get excited in front of me without my permission. Lick the cum slave, lick it.” Now crawl to my room and fetch my whip by your mouth”. Slave crawled to Mistress's room and fetched a black cat-o-nine whip. Mistress took the whip from slave's mouth and started to whip and whip till slave fell down from pain.

“That will teach you a lesson not to cum in front of Mistress, without permission.”

“Let me see how you can control yourself. I have seen you last year, when you came for vacation at my house, you lowly slave stealing my panty that was in the washing basket and running to store room to smell it. You thought I will not know it !. I was surprised to see you licking and kissing it and finally you masturbated. I then realized you had a good slave potential”

“Now you must be surprised to see me as your slave trainer. Don't you slave?” How do you feel now to live your fantasies? I wanted purposefully to be your Trainer. I schemed your parents to sell you to Your Mistress. So that I can have you”. Mistress had a big cruel laugh after that.

Slave was very much embarrassed to know Mistress had seen this before?

“I will give you an opportunity. Remove my Panty. Slave did not know how to proceed as Mistress was wearing a sari and was lying on the couch. Seeing slave's predicament Mistress laughed and said, “What are you looking at, you dumb ass. Didn't I tell you to obey on the spot when ordered? Give me the whip” and she whipped slave.

Slave was about to pull it down using hands, when Mistress kicked slave and hissed.

“Pull it down using your mouth, slave”. Slave crawled between Her legs and underskirt and started to pull the panty that was wet with her juices using mouth. Slave finally managed to get the panty out.

“Inhale it slave. How is it to smell the fragrance of your Mistress? Is it the same as that of last year? Eh? Eh? Slave became red with embarrassment. I want you to lick the panty clean. I shouldn't see any stains of my ass on it. Is that clear slave?

“Now lick it clean”. Slave started to lick it clean but it was very difficult, as the stains were not going that easily.

After that Mistress pulled slave by its collar and took to the washing area and ordered “slave crawl to my room and fetch all the worn clothes and Panties in the bag and carry it by your mouth”.

Mistress then made slave to take out all the panties using mouth and ordered to lick clean all the 12 panties with in 20 minutes and it should be clean without any stains and for each stain slave will be whipped 10 times.

 slave frantically started to lick the entire panty set and wasn't able to clean it fully. Mistress was dissatisfied with slave's work and was thoroughly caned by Mistress.

“I don't know how you are going to survive under your Mistress's!. They are stricter and harsher than me if you don't know. If you are such a clumsy slave, you will be beaten to death or will be sold to some whores on the street”. Saying this Mistress put a cock leash and attached one end of the sting to Her ankle, so that slave had to follow Her wherever Mistress goes and Mistress can choose a position which becomes awkward for slave.

Mistress then proceeded for Her lunch. She ordered slave to kneel naked at Her feet and to lick Her feet and suck Her toe properly. Slave started to kiss and suck her feet. Occasionally Mistress spit some food and orders slave to eat by mouth without using hands. Then Mistress ordered

“Slave open your mouth and rise to a half kneeling position and if any droplet of water falls on the floor, you will be thoroughly punished” saying this Mistress washed Her mouth and spat the waste water in to slave's mouth and ordered to swallow it.

After having lunch, Mistress reclined on the couch and put a nipple clamp onto slave's nipple and tied it to the cock leash and asked to stand up. Mistress put the nipple clamp and cock leash in such a manner that when stands up the cock leash pulls the nipple clamps downwards thereby extending the nipple causing much pain. Mistress then slapped slave's face and giggled.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Mistress ordered slave to look who it was. Slave was embarrassed and hesitated to open the door, since slave was naked. Mistress cracked the whip and gave a lash at the same time pulling the cock leash trembling slave crawled to the door and opened the door. Slave was shocked to see the beautiful neighbour Ms Aleena standing at the door. She was also shocked in seeing slave kneeling naked at the door. Mistress Affina called out-

“Its Okay, Aleena. Come in. I am having a training session for the slave. You can also join in” salve was much embarrassed on seeing Aleena just staring at slave from head to toe. Aleena is a beautiful, sexy girl of 25 living next door and she and slave was always fighting against each other and used to debate who was superior man or woman. Base don this lot of fights used to happen between us. Slave has insulted Her before infront of slave's friends. She had a vengeance against me.

Mistress Affina knew this beforehand and She arranged for this session. Mistress Affina ordered slave- “slave go and beg at Mistress Aleena's feet for cleaning Aleena's shoes”. Slave again hesitated to obey the order, when Mistress pulled the cock leash and nipple clamp hard and pulled slave closer to Her and slapped face very hard and ordered to crawl at Aleena's feet and to beg Her to get whipped by her. Without any choice, slave crawled to Her feet and begged

“ Mistress Aleena, please whip me Mistress, please, slave was disobedient. Slave will never be disobedient. Please Mistress, please slave begs you Mistress, please can slave clean Mistress's sandles? “ Mistress Aleena was amused and said

“Is this the way to beg at a Mistress? Beg properly slave” and slapped slave's face.

Slave was humiliated and begged more earnestly, kissing Her lovely feet in between. At last Mistress Aleena Whipped slave thrice and permitted to clean her sandals by tongue. Salve crawled fast to her shoes and while starting to clean, Mistress ordered to bring it inside ad Both Mistresses wanted to see slave cleaning the sandals.

Slave carried the sandals by mouth and started to lick it clan at Aleena's feet. After cleaning the sandals. Mistress Affina ordered slave to stand naked infront of them

Mistress Aleena reviewed slave, first briefly from the front, before settling down on the arm of the chair to go over the details with Mistress Affina. slave knew better than to look her in the eye and instead focused on the wall behind her head. With his body immobile, except to respond to Mistress Affina's tugs on his cock leash, slave stood as Her property to be inspected and evaluated by another.

Conversation swirled around his head as they paid little attention to slave's nakedness. The shame slave wore, to be naked in front of another woman, his arch rival.

Mistress Affina had secured slave's hands behind him, knowing he made a better appearance that way because it pushed his chest forward. His chest, matted in thick hair and looked so appealing in rope and chain, now stuck out prominently from his hips, as if the protrusion were offered as supplication to his Owner. She knew that the chain leash that gripped his balls needed a mere tug and he would scurry to twist, turn or hop to her side when She beckoned.

The Mistresses talked while slave simply stood there not daring to shift his weight or look anywhere but the single focal point he claimed on the far wall. Slave shifted on his leg. In an instant, a muzzle was slapped against slave's face, straps fastened around ears, and locked behind head. slave was tugged downward by a single, firm, harsh, unyielding, merciless yank on chain leash. Unable to scream through the muzzle from the ravaging slave was enduring, slave simply fell to the floor and landed on his knees. Slave's eyes looked up at Mistress Affina briefly before he dutifully turned them toward the ground in a mixture of shame and obedience.

Mistresses talked a while longer when slave felt a sudden twist of left nipple by long sexy fingers. Then the other suffered a similar torture and slave's throat tried to utter noises that were blocked by the lip-sealing muzzle in which slave was secured. slave heard laughing, a gentle titter that was, he knew, directed at him. Voiceless, slave suffered. Mistress Affina asked Mistress Aleena- Don't you want to inspect slave your rival, the one who is superior to women?” in a mocking tone

“Of course I will Inspect, definitely” replied Mistress Aleena

Mistress Aleena's fingers started to wander above slave's closely shaved genitals as Msitress felt slave'smuscles and skin to see if it appealed to her. Mistress Affina kept slave trimmed neat and clean, so She could display him whenever She chose. That was one of slave's first, and most severe lessons: learning that he was Her property -- to be shown or hidden away at Her whim.

Mistress Aleean felt slave's arms, prodded shoulders, pressed against slave's thighs and ran along hips until they rested on his lower back and pressed into him with a sense of demanding and command. Obediently, slave leaned forward and hoped his forehead would touch the floor gently.

Mistress Affina kicked slave's feet apart and slave was made to spread his legs wide in autonomic response to the demand. Mistress Affina wanted slave to be open and accessible to any woman who came to inspect slave.

It was the giggling that struck slave the hardest and slave squirmed under their amused looks. With slave's face pressed into the floor, slave couldn't see their grins or watch their eyes dance as they explored slave's boy as a mere object.

After inspection, Mistress Aleena asked slave ”Tell me slave, who is more superior, worthless wormy men or Women” slave was forced to tell “Women” Mistress., men are worthless and are fit only to be at feet of women”. Hearing this both Mistress's laughed.

At this time Mistress Aleena told Mistress Affina that she wanted to piss. Mistress Affina had devilish grin on her face and called slave to crawl to Msitress's Aleena's feet and to the cock leash was given to Mistress Aleena. Mistress Affina told Aleena to take slave to the toilet and to sue him as the toilet. Slave couldn't believe what Mistress was saying. To be a human toilet! Slave cringed to Msitress Affina “ please Mistress, please slave will lick and kiss Mistress's feet and will clean panties orally, but please don't make me toilet”

Mistress Affina said” slave look, you are a mere slave and you will do whatever we command, How dare you question my Commands, You will suffer for this” saying this Mistress Affina kicked slave on its face and whipped the balls. slave fell on the floor and writher in pain. Mistress Aleena laughed and pulled slave by the cock leash along the floor to the toilet an slave couldn't resist and the cock leash was also attached to the balls, was like tearing apart. Slave crawled to toilet behind Mistress Aleena. Msitress Aleena pulled up Her skirt and asked slave to come between Her legs and to open slave's mouth. She said” If any drop of my piss falls on the floor, I will make you lick it from the floor” Saying this Mistress started to piss in to slave's mouth. It felt very hot and salty. After a few pissing Mistress Aleena suddenly changed position and pissed on slave's face drenching slave's face with Her golden shower. Salve was thoroughly humiliated. Slave as then ordered to lick her pussy clean. Slave had no option, slave started to eagerly want to please Mistress started to lick Mistress's pussy making Mistress excited and finally made Mistress come all over slave's face. Whenever mistress was becoming excited, Mistress pulled slave's balls and nipple causing pain and slave was never made to excite.

After the toilet training was over, Mistress Aleena handed slave over to Mistress Affina. Mistress Affina ordered slave again to go to toilet and to wait for Her. After half an hour Mistress Affina came to the toilet and removed Her skirt and told slave to lie down on the floor and squatted over slave's mouth. Slave was shocked to know shortly that Mistress was shitting on slave and salve was asked to eat the shit by chewing it properly.

Thus slave was taught a lesson in not undermine Mistresses. Mistress Affina then tied slave on the toilet and said” From now onwards this will be your place. Your food will be our excreta. How do you like your new life slave”?

Saying this Mistress left the toilet and switched off the lights. Slave has started his new life from that day onwards

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