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Pussy Whipped Wimp

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Synopsis: The humiliating misadventures of the perfect catch ever to have the misfortune to fall into the clutches of an avaricious woman and her mother. If it's bad and could possibly happen, it does to this pussy whipped wimp.
				Pussy Whipped Wimp

				       Chapter 1

	I am definitely a pussy whipped wimp; make no mistake about that. It all
started when I met Roxy, who was to become my wife after a whirlwind courtship
lasting all of three weeks. During that time she held me to very strict
standards, claiming that allowing the kind of activity normally reserved for the
privacy of the marriage bed went against her beliefs. This proved to be only one
of many lies that I accepted until we were married, and the truth was revealed.
The night I proposed, and she accepted, Roxy allowed me to fondle her big
breasts, but steadfastly refused to remove the heavy, stiff bra that protected
them from physical contact with my hands. In a fit of passion she also rubbed my
crotch, causing me to have a premature ejaculation. This was the first time in
my life that I ejaculated from any type of contact other than that which I
provided. We were wed the following weekend, and at the last moment her mother,
Lil, decided to accompany us on the honeymoon, which we celebrated at a local
adult motel.

	So there we were, the three of us in a room designed for two; my
blushing bride, all 155 pounds of her, her mom, weighing in at 175, and yours
truly tipping the scales at 120, soaking wet. I have been accurately described
as being petite for a man, being slim and standing only a few inches above five
feet in height. There was a big mirror above the king-sized bed, a jacuzzi in
the bathroom which could hold the three of us provided no one tried to take a
deep breath, and closed circuit television that had six channels of the
filthiest porn ever made. Roxy immediately disappeared into the bedroom and
quickly returned in a baby doll, a white see-through affair that left no doubt
that the only thing beneath it was Roxy. Lil produced a Polaroid camera and
started recording our honeymoon, such as it was.

	The first thing I did was make a mess in my pants, as the sight of
Roxy's big breasts and shaved pudendum triggered me off in nothing flat. Lil
couldn't stop laughing once she realized that I'd had a premature ejaculation.
Roxy didn't think it was that funny, and told me in no uncertain terms that I
better get hard and give it to her before she bashed in my head, and I knew she
was quite capable of doing just that. It was then that Lil remarked that Roxy
should never have left her old boyfriend. "At least he could get it up and keep
it up long enough to take care of the both of us." Roxy flared up at her comment
and replied  that this was one of the main reasons she left him. "I got tired of
watching you get dicked while I had to wait my turn. Who's boyfriend was he,
mine or yours?" She opened herself up for Lil's reply that she didn't really
want to know, did she.

	Roxy took out her anger and irritation on me, demanding that I get naked
and sexually satisfy her. I think her exact words were, "You better be able to
get that tiny pecker good and hard and keep it that way until I'm properly
satisfied." Lil couldn't resist laughing some more at my discomfort and her
daughter's furious response to what was happening on her weddingnight. I was
mortified. So I took off my clothes and revealed my now limp penis, which when
fully erect was nearly 6 inches long, but had a well below average diameter. In
its current state it brought gales of laughter from my new mother-in-law, and a
grimace from my bride.

	They made me lie on my back on that king sized bed, which proved to be
rather uncomfortable, and  begin to "play" with myself. Lil gave me instructions
on how to manipulate my penis to return it to its former erect state. I did as
she suggested while Roxy paid attention to what was being shown on one of the
porn channels. She muttered that she wished she was with the male lead who was
having intercourse with this dyed blonde with a huge set of breasts as she
groaned and pleaded for him to "Fuck me harder, faster and go deeper!" She was
on her hands and knees while he pumped away from the rear, I believe they were
in the doggy position. I'd never done sex in that position, and hoped to do it
with my wife during our honeymoon. Of course I'd never had sex with any woman in
my entire life, and was eager to begin learning all those positions that I'd
heard about and read about. I looked up at the screen and continued to "pull my
pud", which is how Lil described what I was doing.

	Suddenly my penis began to get bigger and Lil urged me to stroke it
faster and watch what was happening between those two on the television. I guess
I concentrated too much on what those two were doing and the next thing I knew I
was shooting off all over my belly. In fact some of it even got on my chest. Lil
started laughing even louder than before and my bride's face turned red and she
made an obscene gesture in my direction as she cursed me out for being "a
worthless piece of shit not worthy of so much as sniffing her cunt, let alone
fucking it".

	From there it went all down hill. To make matters worse the porn star
pulled out of the blonde's vagina and she turned around so he could ejaculate
this enormous load of sperm into her face. Then she proceeded to scoop it off
with her fingers and lick them clean as she smiled and blew kisses in his
direction. Then when she was done cleaning up all his sperm from her face,
swallowing every single drop, she closed her mouth around his hard penis and
began sucking all the goo off it as well. Then she popped it free so she could
stroke it, and begged him to do her again. Then the screen went blank.

	It was then that Roxy lost her temper completely and punched me in the
testicles as hard as she could. The pain was unbelievable and I thought I was
going to throw up. Lil joined in, landing a hard punch to my face, before using
her fingernails to rake my chest, leaving a set of red marks behind. I tried to
sit up and for my trouble I was punched in the face by my wife, causing my nose
to begin bleeding. Then she grabbed me by my ears and butted me in the face with
the top of her head and I saw stars and tasted blood from my split lip.

	I was taking what would prove to be the first of many, many severe
beatings from my wife, her mother, their various friends, both women and men, as
well as perfect strangers who were often invited to take their best shots when
everyone else had gotten tired of beating me up. Usually I'd be tied to a chair
when it was punch out time, spread eagled to the bed when they wanted to whip me
with their belts, or hung by my wrists when I was given the worst imaginable
thrashings, usually with sawed off broom handles, rubber hoses, lengths of
electrical cabling and even the cane, which soon proved to be the favorite of
both Lil and Roxy when it came time to make me beg and wish for death.

	Roxy declared that since I was incapable of satisfying her needs,she was
leaving to find someone  who would give her what she needed, a good lengthy
session of sexual intercourse involving all her orifices. Lil asked her daughter
to help her tie me up so she could begin to teach me at least how to properly
perform cunnilingus, only she described it as "eating pussy". Soon I was hogtied
using my wife's pantyhose. A few minutes later Roxy stormed from our love nest
and I was confronted by her beefy mother, who was now stark naked. If anything,
her breasts were even bigger than my bride's. She had a stomach that hung out
over her hairy pudendum, massive thighs and a broad bottom that was big and

	Lil got onto the bed and settled back with her thighs spread wide. My
head was held in a vise like grip between those heavy columns of flesh and my
face was jammed into her wet, musky vulva. For what seemed like hours she ground
her hairy pudendum up and down my face giving me very detailed commands about
where to lick her, where it kiss her, where to lick her, and most importantly
where to suck her. She oozed almost continuously, and I lapped up every drop of
whatever it was that dripped from between those fat labia majora. Often I feared
that she would suffocate me, especially when I would do something correctly and
make her produce a substantial spending of her internal juices all over my face.
I must confess that I got a feeling of accomplishment whenever I could bring her
to an orgasm.

	I got a few very brief rest periods when she had to get up to change the
channel on the television or relieve herself. Afterwards she would make me act
as her personal "cunt rag", as she called my services involving cleaning off and
swallowing any urine that might have been captured within the folds of her pubic
region as well as that thick hair that guarded her "love channel", that was her
pet name for her vagina. On one of her forays to find something to eat, she
discovered a bottle of cheap champagne and immediately had it open. She amused
herself by pouring some of it on to her stomach and making me lick it off her.
Then she put some over her pubic hair and I spent maybe twenty minutes straining
her hairy pubes to get every drop out of that forest of thick hair.

	Next she rolled me over onto my back and began to play with my penis
which became erect almost immediately. She gave me a big grin and commented that
I certainly had the ability to get it up, but keeping it up was my problem. She
rubbed the head aginst her big breasts and I splashed another big load of watery
seminal fluid all over them. Naturally she made me lick it off and while I did,
she warned me that unless I got control of myself really soon, my chances of
getting even close to any vagina, she called it "pussy", now or as long as I
stayed married to Roxy, were zero. Then she had me perform additional
cunnilingus until she had two good orgasms.By now my tongue was sore and
beginning to ache from all the licking I'd been giving her vulva and vagina. My
lips were swollen not only from Roxy's fists but all the wear and tear they were
taking as I plowed through her thick pubic air and sucked her pubic mound from
top to bottom and end to end, over and over as she urged me to keep working on
her dripping labia majora, only she called them "cunt lips".

	Once again I went on my back like a turtle, helpless to prevent her from
getting me erect and then once more ejaculating in world record time. This time
she decided to go for two in a row and to her amazment I delivered a second,
weak, watery outpouring in less than five minutes after the first one. This
despite the fact that after I ejaculated the first time, my penis went
completely limp and remained that way for perhaps two or three minutes while she
just rubbed it up and down the opening to her love channel, telling me that was
as close to the promised land I was ever going to get.

	More "pussy eating", her words, and clean up work after she again
urinated, was followed by another session of sperm withdrawing. This time she
made me produce three deposits, which took almost an hour to accomplish, and
left my poor penis all sore and swollen from the nearly continuous attention she
gave it during that long hard session. Each time it went the same. I'd get
erect, almost immediately ejaculate, and then become flaccid again. After a few
minutes of "pussy eating" she'd start getting me ready to do it all over again.
First she'd rub it all over her breasts and then up and down her vulva, which
would cause an erection to develop. Then in no time flat I'd be spurting
whatever my poor testicles had managed to produce since the last ejaculation.
Lil warned me that she'd have me emasculated  if I continued to be such a
challenge to her and Roxy. I knew she wasn't kidding, but I didn't have any idea
about how to prevent what happened from happening.

	It was late in the evening and Roxy was still not back from wherever
she'd gone. Lil untied my legs so I could join her in the jacuzzi. I spent
almost the entire time being dunked until I swallowed enough water to fill my
belly to the bursting point. Her favoritre trick was to push me under and put
her legs around my shoulders so I couldn't come up for air. Then she'd squeeze
me until I started to take on water. Only then would she release me and let me
find my way to the surface. As the fun and games went on, I got progressively
weaker and weaker and soon she could hold me down at the bottom with just her
hands and I nearly drowned twice when she did this. I was just coming around
from the latest dunking when Roxy and her new man friend, Salvitore, showed up.
Now my life really began to take a turn for the worse.

	To further humiliate me, Roxy made me kneel beside her as she settled
down on the bed and began to peform fellatio on his penis, which in its limp
state was bigger and thicker than mine when it was fully erect. She sucked for
perhaps five minutes and his penis grew larger, but still not fully erect. Then
she got another idea to kill two birds wiith one stone. She ordered me to begin
licking and sucking his testicles while she continued to suction his penis.

	Now I was not only being humiliated for allowing my wife to fellate him 
in my presence, I was actually helping him to become able to have sex with her
once more. He looked down at me and then at Roxy, before he said, "What kind of
fairy, fruity, fag did you marry? You deserve a whole  better than this little
scumbag. God, he's disgusting!" To emphasize his distaste for me, he cuffed me
soundly across the head as I continued to coat his scrotum with a thick layer of
my saliva, all the while listening to the vacuuming of his penis that was taking
place inches from where I tongued him.

	Lil thought the whole situation was hilarious. She even mentioned to her
daughter that while she'd been away, Lil had managed to make me shoot off or
"cum" as she said, no less than seven times. "No way!" my bride exclaimed,
interrupting the "blowjob", her words, that she was giving her male friend.

	"Yes he did. The little scum sucking scuzzbag just kept shooting off
like a little pop gun every time I rubbed his teeny, weeny weiner against my
tits or the mouth of my cunt." That was when Salvitore punched me in the head
and I saw stars and almost swallowed one of his big testicles. Roxy was getting
hotter by the minute to continue having sex with her new  man friend with the
large penis. It was she who stopped him from beating me to a pulp right there
and then. Later on he would get around to catching up on what he thought I
deserved, and that was not a good time at all for me.

	Sal and Roxy went at it like they'd been deprived of sex for ten
years.He started her out in the doggy position and slammed his large sex organ
into her vagina with forceful strokes that had her bottom bouncing and jiggling
every time he drove into her. She kept urging him to go deeper, even though most
of his organ was penetrating her on every stroke. Then he flipped her over on
her back and reconnected, this time driving his long, thick penis all the way
into her spasming maw. Now it was her large breasts that were bouncing to the
rhythm of the pounding he was delivering to her private parts.

	After a time he reached down and grabbed those two big, bouncy bags of
meat and used them for more leverage, increasing the speed and force that she
was getting from his penis. Roxy's eyes were wide and her mouth slack as he
continued to show her just who was in charge. I had a front row seat for all the
action, my head no more than perhaps a foot and a half from where the action was
happening. Then abruptly he pulled out and his twitching penis hosed a stream of
thick seminal fluid across her chest, and then fired some additional blasts of
white stuff into her face until Roxy looked like a glazed doughnut.

	Lil clapped her hands and shouted her appreciation for the performance
that Salvitore had just delivered. Roxy looked as if she was about to pass out.
Then quick as a wink, Lil climbed onto the bed and took his twitching sex organ
into her mouth and started sucking away, her cheeks hollowing as she developed a
tremendous suction that kept his penis from becoming flaccid. Oh, how I envied
this man and his massive appendage!

	Lil's efforts were rewarded a short while later, as Salvitore's thick
penis began tunneling into her wet vagina. In the meantime Roxy had recovered
sufficiently to put me to work cleaning out her foul smelling vagina that was
loaded with sperm from who knows how many ejaculations. She kept asking me how I
liked the taste of her male friend's "cum" as I scooped the dripping mess up
with my tongue and swallowed it down as fast as I was able to avoid becoming
sick from the taste and the realization of what this stuff was. All the while I
could hear the grunts and squishing sounds that issued from the locked loins of
the other two as they mated like animals.

	My bride and her mother swapped places, Roxy resuming her efforts to get
her male friend to regain his erection, while I vacuumed his "cum" from Lil's
fetid vagina, or as she called it, "cunt". I was slapped across the face a
number of times and told to use the words that "normal" people used for such
activities as sexual intercourse, "fucking", vagina, "cunt, pussy, hole, slot,
slit, clam..", penis, "cock, dick. fuckstick", fellatio, "cock sucking,
cunnilingus, "muff munching, eating pussy, etc", anal intercourse, "ass fucking,
cornholing", sperm or seminal fluid, was now "cum, fuck sauce, jizz", and on and
on and on. They all joined in on my education, making me learn the right words
for all the things that they and I became involved in doing during my honeymoon
in hell, which was privately what I called this session at the adult motel.
Things proceeded to get worse, if such were possible.

	By now it was almost 4AM, and so everyone went to sleep, leaving me
still bound and helpless. To make matters worse, I needed to urinate, I mean
piss. I dared not wake them, for that would just mean more pain and humiliation.
I managed to wiggle like a worm across the room and push open the door to the
bathroom with my head. Unfortunately I was hogtied securely; Roxy had trussed me
up just before she joined her mother and Salvitore on the bed. Those two were
still fucking up a storm, but after another few minutes it got quiet. I thanked
my lucky stars at the time that I didn't have to do a clean up of Lil's sodden
cunt, but I knew it would be one of my first chores once she awoke. I felt
totally humiliated, being unable to reach the toilet. I still retained some
shred of modesty, so I rolled and wiggled myself into the shower stall and by
lying on my side managed to relieve myself without getting too much of my piss
on my naked body. Once that matter was taken care of, I fell asleep, totally
exhausted and even too tired to worry about what lie in store for me when I

				Pussy Whipped Wimp

				         Chapter 2

	I was still sleeping the sleep of the exhausted when they discovered me
in the shower. The next thing I knew I was sputtering and trying to get air into
my lungs as I was nearly drown in an ocean of piss issuing from Roxy and Lil.
They had managed to get into the shower stall and squat over me, one at my
chest, the other above the top of my head, and simultaneously release the
contents of their filled bladders. My eyes stung, having taken a direct hit from
one of them when I made the mistake of trying to see what was happening. They
managed to get piss up my nose and in my ears as well. All the while I could
hear the booming laughter coming from Salvatore, who must have been standing
outside the shower stall watching my latest degradation taking place.

	Lil and Roxy finally could deliver no more pee and so they scrambled
from the shower once they had pulled me up so that I was in a precarious
kneeling position. "Open wide and swallow every drop. Salvatore is about to give
you a nice long drink of piss so you won't be thirsty while we're out buying
some fun things for you." Lil sniggered at Roxy's comment. All I could do was
resign myself to whatever fate was in store for me and hope that it wouldn't be
too painful. I knew it was foolish to hope that it wouldn't be humiliating or
worse. Salvatore took up a position in front of me and pulled his long thick
cock out and aimed it at my open mouth. I was hypnotized, like a mongoose
staring at a hissing cobra. He chuckled evilly and manipulated the bulbous head
of his cock. I could do nothing but wait for the first spurt to come from the
moistening slit in his massive fuckstick. At that point in time I would have
given anything to have a cock the size of the one that was about to drench me.

	His first squirt struck my face and splattered into my eyes, which I
shut in response to the stinging sensation it created. "Open those fucking eyes
or I'll rip your little dick off and feed it to you." His threat brought
laughter from the women, but made me shudder, since I realized he was quite
capable of doing exactly what he threatened. I opened my eyes and he got closer
so he could piss directly into them. The pain was intense and it took all my
will power to keep them open as the acrid liquid flowed from his cock. He moved
still closer and now began pissing into my mouth, and I started to swallow as if
my very life depended upon it;, perhaps it did. The flow stopped suddenly and he
spoke once more.

	"I want you to keep the next load in your faggy mouth and then gargle
with it until I tell you to swallow, and not before. You fuck up and I'll fuck
you up like you can't believe." His menacing voice told me that this was no idle
threat. Neither my bride nor her mother would so anything to stop him if he
decided to throttle me, or perhaps do something even worse. Perhaps he had a
knife with him that he'd used to cut off my cock and balls and leave me to bleed
to death. I took a deep breath and even tried to give him a smile. That was a
big mistake. He roared his anger at my overture, and his foot caught me in the
groin, doubling me up and then toppling me onto my side. I was unable to breathe
and began to panic as the combination of pain from the kick and fear that I
couldn't breathe took total control over me. I don't know exactly for how long I
struggled to regain some semblance of control over my fears. Then I was being
lifted up to my former kneeling position.

	This time Salvatore showed me no mercy. He grabbed my ears in his hands
and yanked them away from my head causing terrible pain and making me beg for
mercy. "Shut up and open that faggot mouth so I can finish my piss! You gargle
and no swallowing until I tell you. Fuck up this time and so help me, I will
drown you in the fucking jacuzzi!" At that point I heard a gasp from Roxy,
followed by some words from Lil to the effect that Salvatore should calm down
before he got everyone in trouble. He grumbled but loosened his grip somewhat on
my ears and muttered a few curses in Italian at me. I opened wide and kept my
eyes focused on the ceiling of the shower stall.

	It took a long time for him to empty his bladder, especially once the
main pressure on it was relieved. Then he enjoyed tormenting me by forcing me to
gargle for so long that my throat would burn. The word "swallow" would be
quickly followed by the words "Open until I tell you to gargle." The two women
started to amuse themselves by pulling my hair and insulting my appearance.
Meanwhile Salvatore made sure that my ears were stretched to their limit as he
flooded my open mouth  with his pungent piss. Finally he pronounced himself to
be empty, and then ordered Roxy to get her ass back onto the bed so he could
give her a good fucking. Lil declared her availability for sloppy seconds,
bringing a grunt of of distain from him.

	So while the two of them went at it, Lil took out her frustrations on
me. First she turned on the shower and kept me under the icy water until I was
shivering so hard that I thought my teeth would shatter. From there I went for a
swim in the jacuzzi, being held under until I swallowed loads of water and went
limp. She kneed me in the belly and I puked up what felt like a half gallon of
water. I could still hear the sound of Salvatore fucking my bride on that big,
king-sized bed. I went for still another swim and this time I truly thought she
had killed me as I began to black out and continued to feel her powerful grip
around my throat. I remember thinking that it was for the better that I die now,
rather than endure anymore suffering at their hands.

	My luck was bad, very bad. I awoke to blinding pain radiating from my
balls, which had just been kicked savagely. I screamed in agony and writhed to
escape, but was hampered by the fact that I still was being held fast by the
panty hose looped around my arms and legs and pulled tight to force me to arch
my back. I lay on my side and retched all over the floor. "There, I told you the
little fag was trying to fool us into thinking he was really hurt. Wait until I
get back tonight. I'll make it wish it had never been born." Salvatore's voice
was enough to make me shake, for I knew he was capable of doing terrible things
to my helpless body.

	Then I heard Roxy arguing that it wasn't my fault that her mother had
nearly killed me in the jacuzzi. Her efforts to defend me only got him more
angry and he began kicking me in the ribs. It was then that Roxy told him to get
his clothes and get out before he killed me with his stupidity. She also added
that if he so much as looked at her the wrong way she'd get the cops to put him
away for certain things he told her he did just last week. That seemed to calm
him down considerably and they decided to kiss and make up, meaning I was once
more left to the tender mercies of Lil while they fucked up a storm on the bed.
Lucky for me she decided to ignore my presence; instead pulling on her dress and
announcing in a loud voice that she was going out to see about getting something
to eat. That reminded me that I hadn't had anything to eat since we arrived
here, and I was beginning to feel hunger pangs myself, despite all the pain and
humiliation I'd been taking over the last day.

	The two love birds were still going at it, I think for the second time
this session, when Lil returned with some take-out food. She sat down beside the
bed and watched Salvatore put it to her daughter, driving his big cock deep into
her cunt as she grunted and wheezed. As she gnawed away on a chicken leg I
salivated, hoping she'd give me a few scraps to take away the hunger that was
now consuming me. Lil caught my eye and she gave me this evil grin as she held
up another piece of chicken and began stripping the meat from it. She beckoned
for me to come over to where she sat, and I wiggled like some worm across the
filthy carpet, urged on by the smell of the greasy meat. She held out her
fingers that were coated with grease and drippings from the food and I lunged to
lick them. She pulled her hand out of reach and smiled as I lost my balance and
toppled over on my side. I lay there on the carpet staring up at her finishing
off the chicken, carefully placing all the bones in the bag before wrapping it
closed and placing it on the bedstand, well out of my reach. Again she teased me
by holding out her greasy hand. I lunged forward and almost made contact, but at
the last moment she pulled her hand out of reach once more and watched me
writhing helplessly before her.

	The noise associated with what was happening on the bed ceased. Then I
heard Roxy's voice. "Where is that little faggot who fooled me into marrying
him. I want him on his knees with his faggy mouth open and ready to clean out my
cunt. Salvatore blew a couple of huge loads up my twat and it needs cleaning
real bad before we go out." Lil grabbed me by my hair and jerked me to my knees.
Seconds later my bride's cum loaded cunt was presented for cleaning and so I
began my duties, suctioning the remains of Salvatore's ejaculations from her
dripping, foul smelling slit. I must have spent fifteen minutes sucking out
everything that remained inside her fetid fuck channel. Finally Roxy pushed me
away, grumbling that she and her stud needed to be somewhere shortly.

	"Sal and I are going to try to get you some work to pay for all the
stuff we're planning to buy for you. That'll kill two birds with one stone.
You'll be making us some money and we can have some privacy to suck and fuck all
we want. My mom can keep an eye on you while you work; I'll bet she'll get a
kick out of watching you do your thing. In fact maybe mom can use her camera and
get some pictures of you having fun." Her words were dripping with sarcasm and
malice. I knew whatever she had planned would be something to further humiliate
and degrade me. I just hoped it did not involve too much pain.

	Just before they left, Salvatore could not resist kicking me in the
belly. As I lay on the floor, my guts roiling and nothing of consequence coming
up from my sour stomach, Roxy playfully slapped her man friend on his arm as she
giggled. "After he gets through earning his keep, I'll let you give him that
beating you've promised him. The little prick deserves it for lying to me about
how big his cock was and how much fucking he was going to give me on the
honeymoon. I want him to pay through the nose for those lies." I knew that I was
doomed, and began to wonder how long it might take them to finally kill me.

	Once the door closed behind them, Lil turned to me with a big grin on
her face and said, "It's just you and me for the rest of the day. Let's start
things off by you eating my cunt out good and making me have a nice big cum.
Then you can lick me all over, and I do mean all over until I'm ready for some
more tongue in my pussy. How does that sound little boy?" All I could do was
give her a little smile and hope she didn't get mad like Salvatore did. It
worked and Lil untied my feet which allowed my back to recover somewhat from the
strain being hogtied caused. The big, graying woman stretched out on the rumpled
bedcovers and beckoned me to get between her thighs. Soon my tongue was worming
its way deep inside her wet, stinking cunt. I could also taste the piss that was
captured within the folds of flesh. Her hand pushed my face first in one
direction, and then another, pausing once she had reached one of her sweet spots
so I could lick and suck it properly and bring her a bit closer to a nice big
spending. To Lil, when she came, it was "hitting the big O". She hit her first
"big O" about half hour after I started licking her twat and sucking as much
juice from that dripping snatch as I could vacuum out.

	When she came back down to earth, she rolled over and held her ass
cheeks apart. "Now little boy, I want you to give me a nice long rimming, and
pay lots of attention to my chocolate starfish." I grimaced, knowing that her
personal hygiene was not the best. I'd been sucking that puckered asshole for
maybe a few minutes when there came a knock at the door and a voice announcing
it was room service come to change the sheets. Lil cursed and hollered for the
person to come back later. The voice replied that it was now or wait until
tomorrow, since she was going to leave for the day. Lil hushed me and pointed
toward the bathroom, indicating that I should hide myself there. I quickly slid
off the bed and did as she ordered.

	Lil and the maid started to talk loudly, making it easy to hear what was
going on. They seemed to be hitting it off quite well, which did not bode well
for me. Lil explained that her daughter and male friend were away shopping, and
she was guarding the fort, so to speak. The maid started giving her the lowdown
on some of the other people staying here. "It takes all kinds, but why do so
many of the weird ones come here?" Her remark made Lil laugh and inquire about
what some of these folks were up to.

	"Just two doors down from you there are a middle-aged couple and a
transsexual going at it. They wouldn't even stop long enough for me to change
the sheets. What a mess they had made of the place! They had the tranny tied
spreadeagle to the bed and the woman was doing sixty-nine with it, letting the
tranny suck her pussy, while she jacked its cock, which was at least 8 inches
and thick, into the man's mouth, as he juggled the tranny's balls while
hoovering that meat monster as hard as he could. By the time I get done in the
bathroom, which had a big red rubber enema bag hanging from the shower curtain,
and it's bulging, the man is now feeding tranny cock into the woman's mouth, and
she looks like a chipmunk. Just as I'm leaving, the guy tells his wife to get
off the tranny so he can start throat fucking it. I sure hope they don't hurt
that poor thing too much with the huge, ridged strapon and the vibrator covered
with studs that were on the nightstand. The stapon obviously had already been
used on the tranny because about half of it was covered with dried blood."

	I shuddered at what I heard, but the maid continued, and her voice got
louder as she neared the bathroom where I was hiding, naked and still with my
hands tightly bound behind my back by the panty hose. "Have you been down to the
mini-meatmarket yet? It's out back of the motel in a little sheltered spot away
from prying eyes. It's just a little wading pool with a bunch of chairs and
chaise lounges scattered around. That's where the resident freaks come to show
off themselves and who they are with; it's a kick to see so many of them in one
place. Most of the women have tattoos, a few even have rings in various parts of
their bodies. There's no way this old girl would let anyone put a hole in my
tits or worse still, my cunt."

	" Now don't tell anyone that I told you, but some of the folks look
awfully young to me, but the clerk says they only allow adults into this place.
Who knows, maybe they get smuggled in with the luggage?  Right now the hottest
thing at the market is this little emaciated thing wearing just a thong that
splits her cunt in half, with a chest you could iron on and a girlish giggle.
She's got whip marks all over that skinny frame and I do mean all over, since
the thong doesn't even cover her cunt lips properly. She's with this pair of
ladies who obviously have a thing for each other and don't mind showing off
their rather big tits. The submissive one has nipple rings as well as a bigger
set dangling from her tit meat. I sure wouldn't mind getting her alone for a few
hours." The two women burst into laughter after that remark.

	Suddenly the door to the bathroom was flung open and I found myself in
the presence of a large, full figured woman in a maid's uniform. Her face lit up
and then she broke into a laugh as she pointed at me. "Look what I found in your
bathroom; I wonder how this little worm found his way into your bathroom." The
words were hardly out of her mouth when Lil appeared with a knowing grin on her
face. She feigned surprise, walking past the maid and approaching me with her
head cocked to one side as if I was some kind of intruder, obviously not the
type to frighten her however. Then she spoke and I knew my life was about to get
even more complicated.

	"Can you get someone over to get rid of this little bug before it hides
away somewhere else in my room. I can't stand bugs, especially ones with limp
dicks who can't stay hard for more than five seconds at a time." I was mortified
to be humiliated in front of this stranger. What made it worse was that she had
the kind of body that was far more attractive than that of my bride, let alone
her mother! Then that maid grabbed my genitals in her surprisingly strong hand
and pulled my body toward her. I stumbled closer to her and now she used both
hands to squeeze my testicles until tears came to my eyes.

	"This one wouldn't last ten minutes at the market. I know of at least
three freaks that would snap him up in a second. You probably wouldn't like what
he looked like once they returned what was left of him to you. Hell, I'll bet
even the tranny being ruined by that couple would love to see how far up this
bug's asshole he could jam his cock. I know my boyfriend, who I'm seeing tonight
for a good fucking, would just love to have this bug suck his cock so he could
get it up one more time for this pussy of mine. Naturally I'd also want this bug
to be sucking every drop of cum from my cunt after my boyfriend fucked me. Hey,
is there a chance that we can stop by your room later on tonight after I wear
him out?" I could not believe my ears. Here I was naked and helpless, my fate
being decided by a couple of women who considered me to be nothing more than
something to be used and abused to satisfy their whims. One glance at Lil and I
knew my fate was sealed. She was grinning and nodding her head in response to
the maid's request.

				Pussy Whipped Wimp

				       Chapter 3

	The maid, her name was Rosalita, hung around to talk to Lil about ways
to start my training. I did not like what I heard from her.

	"Look I can't help but notice that he's still not marked up; that's a
big mistake if you're gonna take him to the meat market. You have to show people
that you are in command of this wimp and the way to do that is to show them his
marks. Between now and when me and my boyfriend show up later on tonight, you
ought to get him out here and start marking him up with at least a strap. That
will show him you are not to be fucked with, and at the same time he can start
understanding his lot in life, which is to be nothing but your boy toy, and
slave. Why don't we drag his sorry ass out here and tie him down properly and
maybe gag him as well. No sense in calling attention to what's happening here.
Usually it's real quiet in the afternoons, so it's best to make sure he stays
quiet too."

	I offered no resistance as they marched me out to the bedroom and had me
lie face down on the bed. The panty hose bonds were removed just long enough for
them to tie my wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed using a coil of rope
that Rosalita just happened to have in her cart. I really began to wonder about
her, but decided it might be wiser not to dwell on things that I had no control
over. Lil gagged me with her smelly panty hose, filling my mouth with the
stinking garment, and wrapping the excess around my head to keep the gag in
place. Then to add insult to my pending pain, she used my own leather belt to
whip me. I could hear the maid's voice in the background urging Lil to lay the
leather to my candy ass and give it to me as hard as she could.

	The first couple of blows sounded worse than they felt, but after some
pointers from the maid from hell, Lil really began to put some muscle into it
and my botton began to feel as if it was catching fire. Rosalita bid me farewell
until the evening, promising that I'd have a cunt filled with cum to take care
of and a limp dick that needed stiffening, maybe more than once. I heard her
laughing as she exited the room and then the whipping resumed and I started to
feel the pain in a big way as Lil concentrated her attack on my bare buttocks,
making them feel like they were being cut to ribbons and then set aflame.
Fortunately for me Lil was not in the best of physical condition and after a few
minutes her efforts began to flag. She took a break and had some water to drink
before resuming the beating, this time across my shoulder blades and then moving
down to my poor ass.

	Lil turned on the television and cranked up the volume to cover the
sounds of my beating and the whimpering that was coming through the panty hose
stuffed inside my dry mouth. She must have whipped me on and off for the better
part of an hour before she leaned over and told me she wanted to turn me over so
she could do my front side as well. She warned me that if I gave her any
trouble, she would drown me in the jacuzzi like an unwanted kitten. I was
hurting too badly to offer any resistance when she untied me and made me roll
over onto my badly beaten hindquarters. Even as I was allowing her to retie my
wrists to the bed posts, part of me wanted to make a break for freedom, but the
fear of being overcome and then dragged into the bathroom to be submerged in the
jacuzzi until I passed out, kept me from trying to make my escape.

	While she finished making sure I was securely tied down, I finally
noticed that she was only wearing a pair of white cotton panties that were being
stretched to their limit by her big belly that actually was hanging over the
elastic waistband. For reasons that I could not understand, my cock began to
harden. Since I wasn't even looking in the direction of the porn tape running on
the television, there could only be one cause for my embarrassing erection, Lil.
She discovered my condition as soon as she stepped back to make sure I was
properly spread out for more of the beating she had planned for me. The grin she
produced made me quiver with terror.

	"You miserable worm! You ugly, limp dicked bug! You have the nerve to
get hard in my presence after all the chances I've given you to act like a man.
Well little boy, you better start thinking about what you're going to do with
that little thing poking up in the air. I'm gonna give you one last chance to
make your brand new mother-in-law a happy camper, but if you fuck it up, I'm
gonna whip that dick until it's just a tiny lump of swollen meat and then maybe
I'll trot you out to the meat market and see who wants to take you off my hands
for the rest of the afternoon. One thing is for sure, I'll make certain that
whoever gets to use you, knows what a faggot you are and will do that candy ass
until it bleeds." As she threatened me, Lil rolled the panties off to reveal her
thick pubic bush and approached the bed. I could only look over to where the
porn tape was playing, hoping that whatever activity was going on there would be
sufficient to allow me to keep my dick hard long enough to properly satisfy Lil.

	The heavy set woman straddled my body and looked down at me with a look
that spoke volumes. She reached down and grasped my stiff dick. I willed myself
to think of anything except her hand wrapped around my throbbing dick. Then
despite all my resolve I felt my hard cock pressing against her hairy pubes. I
began to shoot off all over her bush, bringing a roar of anger from her. An
infuriated Lil began to beat me with her clenched fists, landing blow after blow
to my face as I tried my best to avoid being struck, but was effectively pinned
to the bed by her thick thighs that had captured my head between them.

	I felt my lips being split as she landed a couple of vicious blows to my
mouth. Then she smashed her fist into one of my eyes, momentarily blinding me.
My fear gave me sufficient strength to actually move her big body off my chest
and give me more room in which to try to avoid the rain of blows that she
delivered to my head and face. Soon she ran out of steam and had to pause to
catch her breath. She looked down at me and I guess began to realize that if she
continued to punch me in the face I might become too damaged to be of any use to
her outside.

	That didn't mean I was off the hook. She reached down and grabbed my
hair in her hands and tried to tear it out in clumps, but was too tired to do
much damage,although the process did prove to be quite painful. Now she changed
her tactics, removing the panty hose gag and scooting up so she could cram my
face into her sodden, cum-flecked cunt mouth. She used my face like it was a
cunt rag, scrubbing it against her hairy maw to remove all traces of my latest
failure as a man. She began to chuckle as she realized just how humiliating to
me her actions were. Then she kicked things up a notch, pressing my mouth to her
fetid opening and announcing that she was going to take a piss and I better not
allow as much as one drop of her piss to get on the sheets.

	"You fuck this up and I will take you into the bathroom and drown you
like the miserable rat creature that you are." I shivered at the tone of her
threat. Ths time she was angry enough to actually drown me once she got me into
that infernal jacuzzi. I was so terrified, I almost pissed on the sheets.

	Lil started her flow and I devoted myself to making sure that I
swallowed every drop she delivered. She pissed, and I drank for what seemed like
an eternity, but probably only lasted half a minute or so. Then she stopped
pissing, but continued to keep her cunt glued to my mouth. Then she grunted and
started pissing once more, nearly catching me off guard,which was probably her
plan. I managed to gulp down this new torrent of acrid liquid and again she
paused, this time announcing  that she wanted me to gargle with the next
mouthful she delivered, and keep gargling until she told me to swallow. I did as
she commanded and thought she'd keep me at it until I failed, so she could have
another reason to further torment me. Unfortunately I was right, but not
immediately. She did allow me to swallow that big slug of piss after at least a
minute or more of steady garglig. Then once more she filled my mouth with more
of that nasty tasting stuff and once again I began to make the yellow fluid
dance around in my throat as she grinned and looked on. This time I finally had
to grimace and gulp the stuff down, disobeying her.

	Lil used my behavior as an excuse to give me a thorough going over with
the belt. She started by whipping my face and neck as I frantically moved my
head from side to side in a vain attempt to avoid the blows she delivered.
Fortunately for me, the marks left on my face didn't last more than a few hours,
and were almost completely gone by the time she marched me, wearing only an
improvised pair of panties, with my body covered with marks left by the belt
buckle. She whipped me on and off for the better part of two hours, and as I
said, she finally realized that the belt buckle end of the leather strap could
really do some damage with not much of an effort on her part. A woman in better
shape might have beaten me to death or at least put me in the hospital. When she
started working on my limp cock and shrunken balls, I made so much noise that
she once more gagged me with the panty hose.

	I was in agony as she landed one vicious blow after another, taking dead
aim on my shriveled cock. It appeared that she was making good on her threat to
turn my dick into a lump of swollen flesh. It was difficult to describe the pain
that radiated from my wounded cock. Everytime the buckle bit into the head of my
dick I almost swallowed my tongue from the pain that was produced. Now she was
shortening up on the belt, wrapping most of it around her fat hand and using
short, quick blows to ruin my genitals. When my reactions to the blows landing
on my super small cock tailed off, she switched to my balls after taking a break
for some water and another chicken leg to give her more strength.

	I knew I must be in hell, long past dead and now suffering the torments
of the damned, probably for all of eternity. I began to sob and that only
increased the fury of her attack. Then just after she had torn open the
sensitive flesh of my navel with a lucky hit from the belt buckle, she stepped
back and announced that we were going to take a walk to meet some of the other
guests. I mentally winced at the realization that this meant more humiliation
and likely additional pain and suffering for me.

	Lil set about preparing me for my debut at the meat market. She pulled
out her makeup case and within five minutes had applied a thick coating of
bright red lipstick, mascara and rouge to my face. She held up a mirror so I
could see what she had created. I looked like a clown ready to appear at the
circus to make people laugh. Still not satisfied, she proceeded to apply more
rouge to my nipples, laughing as she did so. Finally she created a cache' sex of
sorts using another pair of her panty hose that pushed my genitals into one
solid ball of sore, swollen flesh and confined them securely. She used the legs
to create a poor imitation of a jock strap, running up between the crack of my
ass and wound tightly around my midriff.

	I was freed from my bonds and made to stand by the bed while she
carefully inspected my costume as well as my makeup. Then she made me pose
before the full length mirror on the bathroom door. I was mortified and on the
verge of tears at what I looked like. Lil then wiggled into a muumuu, looped one
of the ropes around my neck and used it to lead me from the hotel room for the
first time since we had arrived yesterday. That seemed like an eternity to me
considering all that had happened .

	She paraded me right through the lobby, which was thankfully empty
except for the clerk who gave me the once over before calling out to Lil.  "How
come I never saw you with the rest of the moppet masters? That's sure some piece
of business you have in tow. Looks like he or she 's been a bad whatever it is."
He laughed at his own joke and Lil merely smiled and kept on walking towards the
door that led to the back portion of the motel grounds. The concrete was very
hot and forced me to take mincing steps to avoid burning the soles of my feet.
In the distance I could see two figures, but it was still too far to make out
who they were. Lil waved in their direction and urged me to move faster.

	From the looks of the young girl who was nearly naked and covered with
bruises and cuts, all appearing quite fresh, it must have been the one that
Rosalita referred to when she told Lil about the meat market. Her tits were just
beginning to form, but their nipples already had rings hanging from them. All
she was wearing was a sheer pair of bikini briefs and upon closer inspection,
they were crotchless. It was obvious that she had just recently been whipped
rather severely with something even more destructive than the belt Lil had used
on me. The marks were quite narrow and very deep, from many of them the blood
was just beginning to congeal.

	Lil went up to the heavy set woman who was holding the end of a chain
that ran from the metal collar the girl wore. She pointed at the girl and said,
"Looks like the little minx has been misbehaving, just like my little pussy
whipped wimp here. I like the whip marks, they look like they were done by a
professional. This little piece of garbage here is getting away with murder
since I don't have my tools with me or else this pussy would be looking like raw
hamburger on the hoof."

	The woman laughed at Lil's remark and told her to pull up a chair so
they could do some talking. Then she pointed toward the half naked girl and told
her to get down on her back and spread her legs to give everyone a better view
of her cunt. I winced when I saw how swollen and raw looking that little gash
was. Lil told me to kneel down by her chair and look straight ahead. The hot
concrete brought tears to my eyes, but I knew better than to disobey her. I
might wind up face down in the shallow water that passed for a swimming pool.

	"Looking for a little action for the wimp? Here we are, having a chapter
meeting of the Moppet Masters, and this one's the only cunt available. There are
three of the horniest teen studs I've ever seen plus a dog, all ready, eager and
able to handle a lot more pussy than this little cunt is capable of delivering.
We've been shooting videos since yesterday afternoon, and except for a couple of
breaks to shoot this little prick teaser up with speed and sex stimulants, she's
been at it almost nonstop. That little pussy is so swollen that only the dog can
get its cock inside her, and this morning her asshole started to bleed pretty
bad so we had to curtail any anal action in hopes that the bleeding would stop,
but so far it hasn't."

	I found it hard to believe what I was hearing. That girl looked to be no
more than twelve, or perhaps thirteen. How could these people be so callous
towards this child? I was appalled. I was also very frightned at the prospect of
having to sexually service this trio of teenaged males and a dog. The animal was
even more repugnant than the boys to me. My blood ran cold when I heard Lil ask
the woman what was in it for her. Her companion laughed heartily before

	"If you're like me, you want some action, don't you? My guess is that
this pussy whipped wimp isn't capable of delivering the goods to a real woman
like yourself; am I right? From the way I see it, that's why you've been beating
on the little fairy. Wouldn't it be a lot more fun to watch his candy ass try to
swallow the dog's hard dick while at the same time he's taking turns sucking on
a couple of hard cocks? Meanwhile you'll be on a nice comfortable bed with one
of the hot young studs doing his best to drill his cock right through your cunt
and out the back. Besides that, there will be one or two ladies really
interested in getting to know your pussy close up and very personal when the
stud's done flooding your fuckhole with a huge load of boiling cum. What do you
say? You can send some time getting your itches scratched and watching the wuss
being ruined. What other options do you have for the next three or four hours?"

	I couldn't see Lil's face, but the tone of her answer told me I was
doomed. "You make some really good points. Give me a minute to think about it.
In the meantime my little wussy wimp can go down on your little slave girl's
pussy and maybe tongue it enough so she can resume making those videos you were
talking about. That way they'll be more cock for me"

	Her reply brought a roar of laughter from the other woman. Lil cuffed me
across the side of the head and ordered me to go down on the girl and make sure
that I made her cum, or I'd be going into the water for a nice long drink before
being marched to were the action was taking place. I steeled myself for the
worst, knowing that my imagination was not really capable of forecasting the
type of pain and humiliation to which I was about to be exposed.

				Pussy Whipped Wimp

	                         Chapter 4

	The deal was struck, and I found myself being walked towards room 212,
being led by the rope knotted round my neck. Lil had a change of mind and was
already well on her way back to her room, eager to get the thin girl properly
unwrapped and busy seeing how far up Lil's cunt she could get her tongue. Lil
promised to join us later once the girl properly scratched her itches. Between
the two of us slaves, the girl was by far getting the better of the arrangement
that had been struck. My new owner pounded on the door, announcing her presence
as well as the fresh meat she had just discovered down at the market. Moments
later I was inside, and what I saw was very difficult to believe.

	The room was sweltering from the bank of bright lights that were being
used to illuminate what was taking place on the bed. A large woman of
indeterminate age was on her back, her heavy legs spread wide to expose her
thick, hairy bush and the angry red slit peeking out from the forest of curly,
pepper and salt colored pubic hair. A shadowy figure stood out of the ring of
light with a camera, recording the action as one of the teen studs approached
the woman, fisting his erect cock as he prepared to penetrate her. A second stud
was kneeling beside, gagging her with his long, thick dick, plunging it in and
out of her mouth. On the floor beside the bed sat a third stud, holding a rather
large, mixed breed dog. I wasn't quite sure what, if any role, these two had in
the scene that was being filmed.

	Except for the animal, they were masked as a precaution against being
identified by the authorities. I was not to receive this courtesy, to the
contrary they went out of their way to provide all manner of information about
me, including my age, just married status, inability to adequately perform or
satisfy my new bride, and my first name and the first initial of my last name.
All the information was forthcoming during my interview which was filmed from
start to finish. Prior to the interview, which was the idea of the one with the
camera, they put me to work interacting with the woman, one of the studs and the
dog, easily the most humiliating thing that occurred up to this time.

	My new owner for the moment, her name was Margo, got busy removing the
improvised belly band I was wearing. She burst into laughter when my compressed
genitals came into view. She guffawed so loudly that the person with the camera
had to order her to calm down. I watched in fascination as the two studs
switched places and continued their enthusiastic coupling with the woman. She
moaned and groaned to indicate her enjoyment of the pleasure that the two teen
studs were providing. My eyes kept wandering over to that dog sitting on its
haunches, seemingly focussed on the action talking place only a few feet from
its lolling tongue. My concentration was broken by the sounds issuing from the
trio on the bed as one of the studs began coating the woman's face with a
massive outpouring of his sperm, while his partner grunted and thrust deeper
still into her juicing cunt as he flooded her birth canal with his offering. It
was then I heard the camera person shout for me to get into the scene and start
licking the cum from her face. Margo gave me a vicious pinch and pushed me
towards the bed, as the stud who had shot off on her face scrambled out of the
bright light to allow me to make my debut.

	She grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face down so I could begin
licking the coating of sperm from her face. The woman threatened to castrate me
on the spot if I didn't do a good job of it. I complied as if it were Lil
delivering that threat. The taste was salty and the texture reminded me of snot,
but I went about my duties as best I could considering the glare from the
floodlamps. Suddenly midway through my task I heard a loud growl and then felt
the dog's furry snout pressing against my bare ass. I panicked and rolled off
the bed, landing with a loud thump on the carpet. All I could hear once the
ringing in my ears stopped was the laughter of those in the room.

	It was then I felt Margo's foot as she kicked me squarely in the ribs
causing me to double up. She screamed for me to get on my feet and I dragged
myself up until I was erect in a sense, my body bobbing and weaving as if I was
being buffetted by a strong wind. It was then that she landed another vicious
kick, this time striking me in the genitals, flattening my testicles and making
me gag and vomit, but alas, all I could bring up was some bitter tasting bile
that drooled down my chin and dripped onto my heaving chest. They managed to get
the animal off the bed and I was returned to my task.

	I licked the woman's face until it shone with my saliva. At last she
pushed me away and pointed toward her hairy crotch which was flecked with cum
that had migrated from her cunt. "Suck it all out of me or I'll sic the dog on
your candy ass." I knew she wasn't kidding, and so I glued my mouth to that
rancid gash and began suctioning everything there was from that stinking hole.
The smell was worse than what I'd experienced to date, but I was terrified that
they'd let that animal loose on me if I didn't do exactly what they told me.

	Between the smell, the heat, her sweat and the relentless flow of cum
that issued from her, I grew nauseous. I had to fight to avoid vomiting. The
woman continued to squeeze her cunt muscles, forcing still more of that slime
into my waiting mouth. I became aware of the camera, now only a foot or so from
my face. The operator was chuckling evilly as he captured my total degradation
for all to see and laugh at my utter humiliation. Finally he stopped shooting
and declared a break, announcing that he wanted to interview me and pointing
toward one of the studs who he wanted to tape it.

	"Hello, what's your name? If I were you I'd give my stage name, that is
if you have a name of any kind. Personally I'm calling you Pamela. That's the
name of one of my favorite fags. Now that's a dude who knows who it is and acts
accordingly. You on the other hand strike me as a whinny, weepy, wimpy, wuss who
has been pussy whipped and turned into a cunt rag. Tell me, what's it like to be
a cunt rag, in your own words of course?"

	I was too upset and stunned at his broadside to say anything. I can only
surmise that my lack of response got him angry, which would explain the slap
across the face he gave me. I started to blubber and that just made him more
angry. He socked me in the eye, and that hurt like fury. My mascara started to
run and it got in my eyes and things really got out of hand.

	"Listen you piece of caca, I'm not wasting any tape on the likes of
something like you. Now answer my damned questions or so help me I'll have that
dog fuck your ass until it bleeds!"

	I whimpered and put my hands up to protect my face from another blow.
Then he began to rant and rave. I could do nothing but sit there and take it as
the tears flowed like a fountain from my eyes. The director looked over towards
Margo and beckoned for her to join me on the bed. As soon as she was settledhe
started asking her questions about me.

	"Now Margo honey, where in the name of all that is unholy, did you find
this freak?"

	"I made a trade with his mother-in-law for some young skank that we wore
out making these tapes for the fans."

	"Did you say "his mother-in-law"? You've got to be kidding! Who in their
right mind would marry a piece of caca like this?" Margo shrugged before

	"From what she told me, he turned out to be a fairy once it came time
for him to deliver the meat to his blushing bride. Worse yet, his dick was so
small most of the time that he looked more like a little girl than a man. In
fact she said that he was so worthless, the best he could do for her was eat her
pussy, and he didn't even do that correctly. She says his dick works sort of; it
gets hard, but the minute it makes contact with pussy it shoots off and almost
disappears. He's a real freak since he can shoot off again and again, but no
matter how many times that little cock dribbles its load, it can still get hard
again. Unfortunately it still goes off like a pop-gun as soon as it makes
contact with pussy. She thinks he's really a queer."

	I was totally humiliated and had to sit there with my makeup running
down my face as my little imperfections were revealed to the world, at least
those in the world who would look at these tapes. I began to wonder what new
indignities the director was already thinking up for me to do for his camera. I
didn't have too long to wait.

	"Thanks for the terrific insight you've provided for me and the audience
about this freak of nature. I  guess I'm going to have to change its name to
Pindick, that makes a hell of a lot more sense than insulting my dear queer
friend, Pamela. Now let's get down to brass tacks. Tell me Pindick, when was the
first time someone popped your anal cherry and don't be coy? We want to hear
every detail of the first time you gave up your candy ass to one of your

	I cringed at his question, for I was still a vigin, but after what has
been promised by Rosalita and perhaps my dear bride, tonight I would be
sacrificed. Likely this would be the first of what would become steady assaults
on my rectum by men, women and god forbid, even animals. The director must have
read in my pained expression reluctance on my part to yield any information on
such a sensitive subject. I decided to make a clean breast of everything that
had happened to me since my arrival in hopes that it might convince my
interrogator that I was speaking the truth.

	"Since my arrival here a little more than a day and a half ago, I have
been forced to do many demeaning things and I am terribly ashamed of my
behavior. To date I have swallowed the piss of my wife and her mother, Lil. I've
eaten Lil's pussy for hours on end and swallowed everything she has given me, no
matter how foul the smell or taste. Worse still I've allowed my wife to take a
lover that she met on our wedding night. I've gargled and then drunk his piss
until my stomach bulged, and even suctioned his cum from my wife's overloaded
cunt. I've been beaten and  kicked by Lil and my wife's lover, and nearly drown
on at least two occasions. I've given my mother-in-law a tongue bath and even
rimmed her for a very long time at her command. Despite these humiliations I
have retained my anal virginity, but I do fear that later on tonight, even that
will have been taken from me by still another man who is the lover of the maid
who cleans our room."

	"Far, fucking out! You are indeed the prince of the pansies, the master
muff diver, the paragon of piss drinkers, but evidently your anal cherry
remains. Well my little fairy friend, we're going to take care of that little
matter just as soon as this interview is over. By the way Margo tells me you're
25 and your real name is Richard. That's pretty funny, your name is Dick, and
you really don't have one to speak of. So Dick T, that is your last name isn't
it, Tas in turd; let me tell you I've got three hard cocked teen studs who are
ready, willing and quite able to ream out your shitter until you can accommodate
a redwood trunk without blinking. With a little luck we might even get Waldo the
Wonder Dog to do the honors as well. What do you say to that my little wussy,
weepy, wimp with the pindick? Dick with the pindick, I love it. Your new stage
name is Dick Pindick. That is so far fucking out, I love it!"

	I panicked and tried to make a dash for the door, terrified at what was
about to befall me. Naturally like everything else that I tried in recent times,
this move failed miserably. The heavy set woman blocked my way and I came to an
abrupt stop. Then I was tackled by a couple of the studs and dragged to the
floor. I then played the part of a soccer ball for what seemed like an eternity
as kicks rained down on me from every imaginable angle, many landing with
terrific force. I was flipped over on my stomach and some one managed to place
my wrists in handcuffs, effectively ending any possible chance I had to fend
these people off. I was now totally at their mercy and from the looks I got,
mercy was not in their vocabulary. "Let's get the little cocksucker into the
bathroom and introduce him to dunking for turds!" I didn't recognize the voice
in my current state of terror, but what did it matter, I was now doomed.

	To better control me, the rope that had been looped around my neck to
bring me over here was resurrected and this time it was knotted tightly, with
the ends hanging so that it could be made even tighter if I struggled too much.
They dragged me into the bathroom and the smell was overwhelming. The closer I
came to the nearly overflowing toilet, the worse the sink. "Who wants to do the
honors?" I heard just before strong hands pushed me face down into the stinking
mess that had been sitting for who knows how long, unflushed, seething and
bubbling as the piss and turds reacted and formed new compounds even worse than
the original components.

	It was into this murky mess that I was plunged. I made the mistake of
trying to take in extra air, but only managed to gag myself instead. I took a
mouthful of the horrid mixture and began to panic. Then I felt the rope being
tightened around my throat and I struggled madly to regain the surface,fearing
for my very life. I failed miserably and took in even more of this putrid mess.
I realized I could no longer hear as the offal filled my eardrums. It was then
that I lost total control and began breathing in the foul mixture as my body
twitched and jerked. I was dying, there could be no doubt of it. For one brief,
blissful moment I was a happy man, then it became black.

		          Pussy Whipped Wimp

				Chapter 5

	I don't know how long I was unconscious, but it was time enough to have
a series of disjointed nightmares that revealed portions of my youth that I
thought I had long suppressed to the point that they had disappeared from even
my subconscious. I was in my early teens, perhaps 13 or 14, and still very small
for my age. I had been spying on my big sister taking a bath when my mother
caught me peeking through a crack in the door. My big sister, Cora, had huge
breasts with dark, almost black nipples and the thickest patch of pubic hair
I've ever seen. She was lying back in the tub masturbating with a back scrubber,
jamming the length of wood in and out of that jungle between her legs while she
sighed deeply on every stroke. I was jacking off furiously and in my
concentration did not hear mom approaching until she shrieked my name. I felt as
if the floor had opened and I was falling.

	Next I was bent over the edge of the very tub that my sister was
occupying when I was discovered. This time I was naked and my hands were tied
behind my back. I heard my sister say " Mom, make it hurt when you put in the
nozzle; jam it in real fast and move it from side to side!" Then I felt the
terrible pain beginning to radiate from my rectum as the fat nozzle bored deep
into me. Now I was still naked and spread eagled on the bed, hands and feet tied
to the corners. Cora was playing with my dick, which was still very stiff and
extremely sore from being handled so much. There was cum drying on my belly and
thighs and a big wet spot between my spread legs. Mom was standing by the bed
and she was wearing only her bra. I couldn't believe that she was playing with
herself as she watched Cora jack me off with quick hard strokes and complain
that it was taking forever to get anything out of me by now.

	Mom's hairy crotch was descending onto my face, blotting out everything
but that enormous forest of thick curly black hair and the terrible smell coming
from it. I tried to take a deep breath before she smothered me, but there was no
air to breathe. Then I felt this terrible bolt of pain coming from my testicles,
and my eyes popped open. I was alive! Worse still, there were the grinning faces
of those fiends that had dunked me into that filthy toilet.

	"Nothing like a good kick to the nuts to bring sleeping beauty back to
earth for another dunking. Get the little fairy on his knees and let's see how
much shit he can swallow this time." I recognized the voice of Margo and
shuddered at the prospect of going back under that sea of filth and reliving
even more nightmares. I truly began to pray for death, not wanting to endure the
torments of the present as well as those from my sorry past.

	"Wait! I want to get this on tape. This could be a classic if he doesn't
wimp out on us." It was the director and now I knew I had died and was in hell.
The heavy set woman, whose name was Mabel, or so she said, squatted over the
reeking toilet and let loose a powerful stream of urine that failed to dislodge
the carpet of feces that covered the bubbling surface I'd just come up through.
The director shouted at her to hold off until they could get my head under her
crotch and she could then piss in my face. The bright lights were blinding as
hands pushed and pulled in order to get me properly positioned for my latest
humiliation. My head was pulled back and down until I thought my back would
break from the nearly impossible position I assumed.

	The director shouted at Mabel to start pissing, which she did with a
vengeance. He shouted at Margo to make me open my mouth so Mabel could piss down
my throat. She got a death grip on my scrotum and began squeezing as she cursed
at me to open my "god damned mouth". I had no choice and soon I was gagging and
spewing up a portion of the acrid urine that was being sprayed into my mouth.

	"Dunk the little mother fucker and hold him under until he passes out."
I tried to scream that they'd break my back, but somehow they managed to push my
head down under the surface and I immediately inhaled and simultaneously
swallowed a potpourri of the filth that sat in that stinking sewer-like bowl.
This time there were no nightmares, just complete darkness.

	My throat and sinuses felt as if they had been bathed in acid. The pain
was almost too much to bear. My eyes were also smarting from being in contact
with the filth they were trying to drown me in. I vomited into the toilet and
they laughed at my misery and total degradation as the camera mercilessly
captured every moment of my despair. I was wondering if I'd survive this
treatment much longer. Each time I went under it was easier to accept that my
lungs were going to be filled with feces,urine and now my own vomit. Sooner,
rather than later, this would eventually cause my death, which I would welcome
with open arms. I was not to receive my fondest wish, there was much more
degradation in store for me. I nearly broke into tears when the director told
them to let me rest so he could reload his camera. That news sounded like a
death sentence to me, one which I looked forward to meeting.

	"This time I want him on his knees with Margo and Mabel standing on
either side so they can hold him under. Then I want big Tommy to give that
asshole of his a good reaming while he swallows as much shit, piss and vomit as
he can hold. Maybe Al can hold the fairy's cheeks apart so Tommy can get a clean
shot of the fag's asshole. I know it's a tough angle, but it's worth trying. The
worse that can happen is he gets a big lungful of filth and I can shoot him
strangling on it. Whatever you do, don't come in his asshole. I want you to nail
him good and hard later on after we get him cleaned up and ready to go with
Margo and Mabel helping out as you and the other studs do a round robin on the
fairy's asshole."

	Margo and Mabel took a good grip on the rope wrapped around my throat
and pulled it taut, cutting off my air. I went into a panic and the next thing I
knew, I was submerged and swallowing. I struggled furiously and only managed to
exhaust the limited air in my lungs. The rest, as they say, was history. I
quickly passed out and my efforts to free myself from the grip of the two women
stopped abruptly. I was unconscious when big Tommy's hard cock penetrated my
tight asshole and began to fill my back hole to its limit. I do remember
dreaming or having some kind of a vision.

	I was on the bed in my mom's house and sis was making sure that my face
was buried into the fat cunt of her best friend, an overweight girl by the name
of Lana. I heard her tell the girl to make sure she got a good grip on my ears
because when she started to wedge her dildo up my asshole I'd start struggling.
Then I felt the terible pain begin at the entry to my butthole. I tried to move
my head away and arch my back to escape the agony that was radiating from my
stretched sphincter. It was then that I awoke to the real agony and began
spewing the contents of the filthy toilet from my mouth and out my nostrils as
well. My throat and nostrils felt like they were on fire. I had a terrible time
trying to draw enough air into my lungs to clear them and regain my composure.

	Then Tommy began to thrust deeper into my sore backdoor passage and I
cried out, only making the rawness of my throat increase. I could sort of hear
the stud grunting as he sodomized me. Then I was pushed under for another swim
in the sewer. Tommy continued to pound my asshole until I thought it had turned
to pulp. I remembered how it felt when my sister used to do me until I bled.
This pain was every bit as bad, perhaps worse since the stud was pounding me way
harder than my sister ever could.

	"He's getting pretty loose for a guy who has a virgin asshole." Tommy
observed as he punched an extra inch of hard dick into my spasming colon. Up
from the toilet I came so the camera could capture the fear and agony etched
upon my ashen face. They showed me the tape later on and I looked like something
that had been dead for many days, just brought up from the grave. Now the two
women got into a rhythm, dunking me for about half a minute and then bringing me
up for perhaps the same amount of time as Tommy made mincemeat of my loose
sphincter and well stretched colon. Finally the director was satisfied that he
could wring no more agony or humiliation from me, so he had me turned around and
then bent backward until my head was positioned in the center of the toilet
bowl, mere inches from the sickening, bubbling, hissing mess it contained.

	"Listen up folks, I want each one of you to mostly piss straight down
the fag's throat and do your best to make it painful as well as degrading. See
if you can squirt some piss up the fairy's nose or maybe blind the little queer.
I want someone ready to start pissing as soon as the first person is
finished.Once we go competely around, then I want each of you to make sure that
the fag sucks your dick or licks your pussy until it's squeaky clean. Then I
want the ladies to take turns kicking the fruit in the belly until he upchucks
all that piss. Later, after we shoot some scenes starring our new leading fag,
we'll have the faggot suck up all the piss he can from the floor, and then we'll
make him lick up the rest if there's time left. How does that sound?"

	There was the sound of clapping and a few cheers as well. All I could do
was wonder what new and terrible things this fiend had dreamed up to happen to
me when they put me under those hot bright lights once more. To keep me in
proper position the two women held the ends of the rope around my neck and made
sure it was good and tight so it would be easy to control me if I got out of
hand. I don't know how long I swallowed and choked and tried to avoid being
blinded by the powerful streams of piss that poured down on my face. On occasion
one of them would manage to shoot some of their rancid liquid waste directly up
my nose and I would lose control until the ladies choked me out to regain their
hold over me.

	The worst was when Margo placed her hairy cunt inches from my face and
ordered me to keep my eyes wide open while she sprayed me with her piss. Over
and over she aimed that stream of acidic waste into my staring eyes and so
powerful was my fear of them, I managed to keep my eyes open throughout most of
the drenching I took. My belly was distended and aching by the time I took the
last stinging drop of piss down my sore, raw throat. Mabel got in a good kick to
my belly and up the piss came like a fountain. Even while I was still heaving my
guts out, Margo landed still another kick even lower and I started to choke from
the lack of air. They continued their assault until I was weak from vomiting up
all the liquid waste I'd been forced to swallow.

	To make sure I was empty, they made me lie on my back and spread my legs
apart. Then Margo stomped my belly flat and Mabel tried to kick my testicles up
into my belly. I passed out from the pain. Once revived, I was ordered to crawl
into the shower stall and given a lengthy ice cold shower that left me shivering
with my teeth chattering so hard that I feared they'd crack. Then it was show
time and once again they marched me into the bedroom for another round of

	Even though I was facing another bout of utter degradation and abuse, my
mind was recalling more suppressed details of what I had experienced under the
discipline of Cora and my mom. I winced as I remembered a time when I was bound
to that same filthy mattress a few months later and this time my body was put
into a fiendishly painful position with my legs pulled up and back until my
ankles were level with my ears. Sturdy ropes held me in this most vulnerable
position and Cora had made the most of it, using a whip made of metal coat
hangers twisted together to rake my cheeks until the blood soaked the mattress
beneath my twitching mounds that felt as if the skin had been flayed from them.

	It was then, when I thought that nothing more could be done to hurt and
degrade me, that Cora showed me just how wrong I was. She called for my mother
to come in and see what she was going to do to me next. My mom, wearing an old
bathrobe, came in and took a seat by the bed. She opened the robe to reveal her
sagging breasts with those long red nipples jutting up from the brownish
areolas. Then she opened it further, with a smile, to show me her hairy vulva.
Even though mom had a forest of thick curly pubic hair, I still could make out
her swollen lips and that dripping maw that I'd spent the better part of the
past six months licking, kissing, smooching and sucking as she oozed all sorts
of strange tasting fluids into my mouth.

	Almost against my will, my penis hardened. Cora cursed me soundly and
threatened for the million and first time to have me castrated by one of her
"medical" friends, none of whom had ever successfully gone through medical
school. Mom just clucked sympathetically at my situation and waited for the
surprise to upfold. I was horrified to see my older sister stepping into a
harness containing the replica of a large and quite thick penis.

	"If you want to be a sissy boy, then I'm going to treat you that way.
Knowing you the way I do, you'll probably shoot off the moment I get this tool
embedded in your tight asshole. I hope you do, beause then I'm going to tear up
that shitter of yours so badly that you'll wish you had died." As she tightened
the straps holding the monster-sized hunk of hard ridged rubber to her groin she
smiled evilly and spoke to mom.

	"What do you think of your little faggot son now? Look at how hard that
little dick of his is. He's just dying to feel this hard tool pushing its way up
his shit chute until I've got every inch inside. Then I'm going to go postal on
his sorry ass. It should be a moment for us all to remember." I watched in
horror as mom began to masturbate, her face breaking into a broad smile. Her
reply to Cora's announcement broke my heart.

	"I want a turn with that nice toy too. There's no sense fooling myself
that I gave birth to a normal child. This one is a freak and it deserves to be
treated like the freak that it is. I want to see him beg for mercy and watch his
asshole bleed like a stuck pig. Then I want to be the one that finishes him off;
too bad it won't be forever." Her venomous response to what was about to happen
to me made my blood freeze.

	Cora climbed up on the bed and placed the massive head of the rubber
penis aginst the entrance to my colon. Then she began to push and shove herself
forward, driving the rubber penis into my anal passageway. I felt as if I was
taking an enormous enema all at once. The pain was terrific and yet my penis was
still rigid. I watched in horror as another inch of it disappeared inside. Cora
stopped and tried to catch her breath. "The little pansy is tighter than I
thought; this is going to take some doing if I want him to swallow every inch of
this big bad boy." Mom just grinned and continued to strum her fingers across
her fat lipped vulva, yielding an odor that I'd smelled quite frequently in the
past. She was as excited as I was, perhaps even more so.

	The next thing I knew, mom was standing beside the bed extending her
stinking fingers out to me so I could suck the juices from them. Before I could
start this new task Cora gave a grunt and drove at least two more inches of hard
rubber into my rectum. The pain was terrific, so bad in fact that my penis began
to soften. I watched Cora glance down and smile. That's when I knew something
very bad was about to happen to me. At the moment that mom's fingers were jammed
into my mouth, Cora's hands grabbed my testicles and began squeezing
immercifully on those poor lumps of sensitive flesh and nerve endings. I tried
to scream, but mom's fingers and the high level of pain prevented me. It was
then that the outside world once more intruded onto my dream world. Mabel
punched me squarely in the face, bloodying my nose, splitting my lips and making
me see stars.

	"Pay attention you little maggot or I swear I'll dunk you in the toilet
until you either drown or suck up every drop of god knows what is fermenting

                               Pussy Whipped Wimp

                                     Chapter 6

       The director decided that I'd look better in a pair of panties, so he had his crew scout around the place until they came up with a pair of crotchless bikinis similar to the ones the skinny teen wore when we first met Margo. Before putting them on he decided to make it appear that I had no sex organs of any type. So while Mabel applied my makeup, smearing it on thick and even applying rogue to my nipples, Margo with the help of one of the studs went about hiding my manhood, such as it was. My limp cock was pulled back and attached to the skin between my scrotum and anus using spirit gum. Margo went out of her way to make sure that I knew that removing it was going to really hurt me badly, and probably would take some skin with it. They packed ice cubes around my swollen testicles, causing them to shrink and actually rise into my abdominal cavity, something that amazed me. Then they taped my shrunken scrotum almost flat against the skin on my inner thighs after using more of the spirit gum to make sure everything would stay in place. Wiggling into the rather tight fitting bikinis was quite an experience, but at last the director was satisfied with my costume.

       I was stretched out on my stomach and my cuffed wrists pulled up to attach to the metal collar that was placed around my neck. Then the director checked the light level and made sure his camera could capture all the action that was planned. One of the studs would position himself so he could face fuck me while his companion used my anus, or asshole, as the crew called it. The director instructed the pair to give me a good going over, but refrain from ejaculating, since he wanted them to switch places so I had the unpleasant task of cleaning off anything that the first rapist's cock had picked up while he was ass fucking me. I shuddered when he told the two of them to treat me like dirt; those were his exact words.

       The one sodomizing me didn't bother using any lubricant at all, and his entry was brutal and quite painful. Unfortunately I had no way of letting him know how much he was hurting me because the other one's cock was punching against the back of my throat as he tried to find the proper angle to begin gagging me. The light from the camera recording my utter degradation moved from my ass to my face, trying to capture my pain and humiliation as I was skewered fore and aft by the two studs. They seemed to be having a contest to see who could hurt me the most. The one ass fucking me kept shifting his body to find the best method for penetrating me to the maximum depth. I screamed into the cock gagging me and was rewarded by a cruel laugh from the one choke-fucking me as the sensation of my silent screams added more stimulation to his saliva coated weapon that was slowly asphixiating me. The director continued to give instructions to the pair of rapists in a calm, almost matter of fact tone of voice. Just seconds before I would have become unconscious from the lack of air, he called a halt to the proceedings so his stars could rest from their labors.

       I lay on my stomach trying to recover my composure, a difficult endeavor given my surroundings and what lay in store for me once the bright lights were switched back on. My two costars sucked up plenty of water in preparation for the next portion of the shoot. The lights went back on and now my mouth was filled with the rank taste of my anal passage as the one originally in my asshole began to worm his thickening tool into my throat. Then I felt a lancing pain, announcing the arrival of the other's hard cock into my sore, well stretched anus. He went about his business with a fury that made his partner's efforts seem almost gentle. I was in for it, but good! I remember the director rasing his voice as he urged the one sodomizing me to see if he could make me bleed. The teenaged stud redoubled his efforts and it felt as if a red hot poker was lacerating my insides. I heard the director clap his hands and declare that he had seen some blood. I was not surprised. In the meantime the other one had managed to effectively plug my throat with his stiff cock and I was beginning to lose consciousness as he laughed and kept forcing his cock deeper and deeper down my gullet.

       As bad as things were, they only got worse. The one sodomizing me had penetrated to the point that his hard length of meat was contacting my prostate on nearly every vicious stroke he delivered. This steady stimulation had a consequence that was terrifying; I began to develop an erection. I realized this situation when a pain developed where my penis, or cock, had been glued to my skin to hold it out of the way and give my frontal area a smooth, almost feminine look to it.  The pain intensified as my cock grew harder and thicker as well, filling with blood against my will. I began to frantically move in hopes of easing the insistent friction that my assailant's hard cock was creating. He only laughed and put more weight upon my body to pin me like a butterfly to the bed. I became hysterical and my agonies translated to a new and even more exciting stimulation of the other's cock as it pistoned in and out of my mouth and erased any protection that the lining of my throat may have provided.

       For one of the few times since I'd entered this chamber of horrors something happened to save me from further serious pain and suffering. The director decided that he wanted the two studs to ejaculate into my face, preferably my eyes and into my open mouth. The one raping my anus pulled out and then stuck his middle finger deep into my bleeding passageway and moved it around until he was satisfied that he had collected enough blood and fecal matter to feed me while he prepared himself to ejaculate. His companion followed his lead, and while I was sucking both my rapist's cock and his filthy finger clean of whatever he had collected, the other was applying his fingers diligently to my rectum, scooping up more of the same material I was currently being forced to ingest.

       Now that it was clean, I was suctioning the first cock, being urged to put my mind to making sure that the teen got sufficiently excited to produce another ejaculation. God knows how many times he had already performed during this day. His partner was sitting beside us, grinning and showing me his filth stained fingers and making funny noises with his mouth. I concentrated on getting the first cock ready to empty itself into my face. The teenager finally pulled it free, slapped me soundly across the face a number of times and began to stroke his cock vigorously. Suddenly I was inundated by a series of spurts that poured from the head of his sex organ and splattered into my eyes and cheeks, much of it rolling down my face. The teen leaned over and actually placed his spewing cock into my mouth and urged me to keep whatever he had contributed inside until I was ordered to swish it around and then swallow it. He then proceeded to capture most of what remained on my face and added it to what was already within my mouth, cautioning me once more not to swallow any of it. The director was quite pleased with what had transpired and urged the other stud to get busy and give me another "cum bath".

       I had to go through the same humiliating process of sucking the stud's fingers clean of my blood and other material. To make matters worse he insisted that I perform fellatio on him, despite the fact that my mouth was filled to almost overflowing with whatever I'd suctioned from him and his partner, plus the cum the first one had blasted all over my face. It would have been bad enough if that was all he wanted to do, but he also insisted on face fucking and throat gagging me while I tried to bring him to an ejaculation. It was beginning to get very hard to breathe from all the battering my throat was taking, plus the dehydration that was taking control of my body due to the hot lights that seemed to have been on for hours. In spite of the threats from the first teen, I started to choke down a small amount of whatever was floating around inside my mouth. This did not make the director very pleased and he said so in no uncertain terms. The second teen was now holding my head in his hands and doing what they called skull-fucking to me. Finally thanks to the urging of the director the teen finally summoned up enough energy to deliver an impressive amount of cum into my face and then scoop it from there into my mouth. Then the director had the idea of forcing me to gargle with the mess in my mouth and then swallowing it after what seemed like an hour of swishing it around.

       The director called a halt to the taping and everyone but me took a break. Margo and Mabel got on the bed and took turns feeding me their rank smelling and acrid tasting cunts to swab and smooch as they instructed me on every move, threatening castration if I failed to follow their directions perfectly. I was on the verge of panicking and calling their bluff, not particularly caring any longer what the penalty for disobedience might be. After all, Lil would have a great deal to say about my fate once she returned the little teenager to this band of perverts.

       Break was over and once more I was prepared to star in still another disgusting spectacle. My make-up was reapplied, more lipstick piled on the previous smear covering my lips, a thick coating of blush to disguise the whiteness of my cheeks, and mascara that gave my face and eyes a haunted look in keeping with what I was enduring. My nipples were twisted and yanked viciously to make them harden and swell so the rogue that was rubbed into them would accentuate their appearance and improve the illusion that I was a teenaged girl romping in this bed of filth. Then my worst fears came true; I was to do a scene with the other boy and the mongrel that was also making its debut in this type of entertainment. I blanched and did my best to get off the bed and make it to the door. Margo and Mabel laughed uproariously and wrestled me to the bed and kept me pinned down until I ceased struggling. To prevent another outburst from me, my ankles were tied together tightly, making it impossible for me to escape what was about to take place.

       Just before the camera was set to roll, there came a loud rapping at the door. The sound froze the camera crew and the director, while the others got up  and prepared  to make their escape in case it turned out to be the authorities, as if that was even a possibility. The director called out to whoever it was that they were very busy and to come back in another hour or so. The rapping continued and I recognized the voice of Lil stating that she was returning the girl. My heart leaped with joy, perhaps I was about to be freed from this terrible nightmare I was living.

       Margo got up and went to the door, recognizing Lil's voice. She asked if she was alone and seemed satisfied when Lil told her she had the girl with her. Margo opened the door just enough for the girl and Lil to enter. Lil blinked to get her eyes accustomed to the bright lights that illuminated me and my co-stars. As soon as she spied the dog, she began to cackle like the witch from hell that she was. When she finished, she looked around and said she had to have me back in the room in an hour or so since Roxy and Salvatore had called to let her know they were coming back and wanted to get me ready for something they had arranged for later on this evening. Then she paused and grinned at me before adding the death knell for my hopes of surviving without being raped by the dog.

       "Is he gonna be screwed by the pooch? If so , I'll just hang around and wait until you get the scene done before I drag his sorry ass back to the room. I'm sure his bride and her boyfriend will get a big kick out of seeing all the doggy cum dribbling out of his torn up asshole." I thought I was going to faint, but unfortunately I didn't. The director shouted for quiet and the cameras started taping my ultimate degradation for all to see and enjoy.

       I think I went into some kind of a trance, because I remember very little of the details of my fall into hell. I have some recollectionof the initial activities; the difficulty Margo and then Mabel had in controlling the animal, who seemed as disinclined to be a participant in this as I was. I remember it barking and even snarling as the women tried to feed its long, red,dripping cock into my mouth. I remember the terrible smell of its fur, obviously unwashed for some time. Then there was the pain that radiated from my anus as the teenage boy slammed his hard dick into my sore back channel and started to jackhammer it deeper and deeper as I screamed in pain. The director's voice got louder and more emotional as the animal still resisted the women's best efforts to couple with me in any manner.

       The next thing I knew the dog was mounting me from the rear, its paws scratching my skin as it tried to gain a purchase so it could begin pounding away in the directionof my puckered and raw asshole, which evidently had been nearly destroyed by the lengthy assault of the teen's weapon. I was sucking the stud's cock, grimacing at the foul taste of whatever was coating it. Then the dog got lucky and punched its way into my stretched anal opening. The pain made me feel as if the top of my head was lifting off in sympathy. I was sobbing and begging for some kind of relief from the terrible beating I was now taking from the dog's hammer-like blows, each one delivered with a ferocity and degree of energy that could not be duplicated by a human being. The last thing I remember was gagging violently as the teen's cock forced its way down my raw throat, and the director screaming at the top of his voice to my assailant to stop his efforts to choke fuck me just as I vomited all over him and the bed.

       When I awoke, I was lying on the tile floor of the bathroom, thoroughly soaked. Evidently they had dragged me into the shower stall and rinsed me off, then pulled me out to recover on the cold floor while they continued to do whatever madness the director was now creating in the other room. I got to my feet, trembling from the effort and the chill from being showered in ice cold water. I sat down on the edge of the tub and tried to collect myself before something more happened to me. I was still woozy and shaky when Lil poked her head into the bathroom and sighed in relief to see that I was conscious.

       "Let's get out of here before that crazy bastard finds something else for you to do. Roxy and Salvatore must be furious to find out that no one's in the room. I hope for your sake that Roxy can keep him under control or he's liable to kill you before the night's done."

                               Pussy Whipped Wimp


                                    Rolf Palsy

                                                                             Chapter 7

       Unfortunately as soon as Lil ushered me into the room, Salvatore was up off the bed like a wounded animal, interrupting the blowjob that Roxy was administering. They had been waiting impatiently for my arrival and he had built up a good head of steam despite the oral attention his cock was receiving from my plump bride of less than a week. Lil stepped aside quickly to avoid being trampled by this crazy man. I stood there like a deer in the headlights, awaiting my fate. I could see the muscles in his face clenching in fury as he zeroed in on me. I closed my eyes expecting the worse.

       Suddenly there was a yell from the wild man and then Roxy's scream. I opened my eyes just in time to see Salvatore's head making contact with the hard surface beneath the threadbare carpeting that covered it. This was no dull thud; it was more like the cracking of a limb breaking off a tree. The fates had spared me for the moment. Salvatore was unconscious, his head bleeding. Roxy lost her composure and fell to the floor beside her senseless boyfriend, trying to shake him back to consciousness. It appeared that he had lost his balance as he was in the act of kicking me and gravity took over from there. My musing was rudely ended by Roxy, her fist delivering a vicious blow to my groin, causing me to join Salvatore on the floor.

       Lil got into the act and began cuffing me as I tried to dodge her flailing fists. The only thing that saved me was the partial recovery of Roxy's boyfriend who groaned and twitched. After a time, the two women got him to his feet and assisted him to the bed where he immediately collapsed. Efforts to rouse him failed and so Roxy and Lil decided to take it out on me for not being in the right place when Salvatore launched his assault on my person. Once more I went swimming in the jacuzzi as they took turns holding me under water until I went limp. I have no idea just how much water I swallowed, but my belly was quite rounded by the time they took a break to check on the wounded Sal.

       The bleeding from his scalp had subsided which relieved them somewhat, but he remained unconscious. Roxy was upset over this turn of events since she and her boyfriend had already promised the operator of the porn store an appearance from yours truly promptly at midnight. I would become a booth queen for the rest of the morning, servicing any and everyone who occupied the booth in which I was located. The absence of Salvatore might interfere with the payment that had been promised for my services. This and only this was Roxy's chief concern. I believe that her infatuation with this crazy man was wearing thin, which was not good for my cause. I had no desire to attempt to cope with both her and my new mother-in-law in very close quarters such as these.

       Shortly thereafter the maid who cleaned our room, Rosalita, knocked on the door. She was with her boyfriend, a big Latino guy with a mean face and plenty of muscles. It was odd to see her wearing a tight skirt that ended six inches or so above her knees, a tube top that fought a losing battle to contain her braless breasts which were as big or bigger than even Lil's monster mammaries, and carrying a large plastic purse, the kind that prostitutes usually used to keep all their makeup, fresh underwear and condoms. Roxy and Lil filled her in on what happened to Sal and their concern that they might get screwed out of the money the porn store operator had promised them for my services this morning.

       Rosalita just chomped on her gum and grinned at the women. She then described what she and her boyfriend, Ricardo, had been doing since she left the hotel. First they had sex. Then they had some drinks and more sex. Then Rosalita picked up a couple of customers and while Ricardo played look out she gave them blowjobs in an alley for ten bucks each. That got them dinner and afterward she got him up for another round of heavy duty fucking that left him drained tothe point that even a twenty minute blowjob did little to get his dick hard enough to do her again. So she suggested that I take a crack at getting her boyfriend up, threatening me with some serious ball breaking if I was unsuccessful.

       To give an idea about the current status of Roxy's boyfriend, Sal, he was unceremoniously rolled off the bed and onto the floor in order that Ricardo could lie down and let me go to work on his flaccid sex organ. I was made to kneel by the side of the bed, and after Rosalita opened his trousers and let an enormous slab of manmeat flop out, I was urged to start licking it. Bad enough to be behaving like a homosexual, worse still to be doing it with three sharp-eyed harpies watching me like hawks. It was almost comical to watch the three women giving instructions and assisting Ricardo by kissing and stroking his monster and the twin lumps that hung beneath it. It was most difficult to open my mouth wide enough to allow the bulbous head to enter. Roxy grabbed my shrunken testicles and squeezed them cruelly to make me work even harder at this most challenging task.

       It seemed like an eternity as I licked and sucked on that limber length of gristle. Rosalita grew anxious and took more direct action. In a flash she whipped off her miniskirt, pulled down her full cut panties that were covered with a garish looking floral pattern, and planted her hairy pudenda onto Ricardo's face, urging him to eat her pussy, to use her exact words. This in turn caused Roxy to take some independent action as well. Her pudgy hand wrapped around his stiffening penis and began stroking it with great fervor as Rosalita ground her pubes up and down his face. Not to be left out of things, Lil grasped me by the hair and ordered me to open wide and keep my mouth that way. She began shoving my head back and forth over that growing piece of meat, turning me into the equivalent of a human blowup doll to all extent and purposes. Somehow the combination of all these activities revived Ricardo's meat monster and it grew to an amazing size that brought awe struck sounds from the ladies.

       Rosalita claimed first rights to her boyfriend's erection and swiftly mounted his swollen shaft and slid her meaty vulva down its length until all but the last fraction of an inch was swallowed by her hairy hole. Then she proceeded to bounce up and down on it as if she was riding some kind of pogo stick. Lil and Roxy oohed and aahed as she rode him to the point of total exhaustion. Finally she was unable to launch her body upwards, and the maid just put her head down and panted like a dog. Roxy pleaded with her to be allowed to take a turn on that super stiff sword, and Rosalita granted her wish.

       My bride let out a yelp as Ricardo's shaft began to rearrange her insides. Her cries got louder as more and more of her vaginal tunnel was stretched to its limit by the mammoth piece of hard flesh as it drove deeper and deeper into her hot, wet channel. At last his tool was seated properly and then the fun began. He started to buck like a horse, nearly throwing Roxy off his body with each thrust. In just a few minutes my new wife was begging for mercy , but received none as Ricardo began to warm to the task of skewering her like she had never been skewered in her entire life. It was a total mismatch between her vagina and his huge penis. He rapidly wore Roxy down to the nub and she managed somehow to dismount without tearing anything within her sore flesh tube.

       Now it was Lil's turn and she showed the wisdom that comes with age. I was dragooned into another encounter with that giant rod of flesh. This time Lil stroked Ricardo's tool into my mouth and  soon developed a good rhythm. It took time, but at last I took a mouthful of watery fluid that tasted only mildly salty, evidence that his testicles were rather depleted after his exertions of the last few hours.

       While Ricardo took a well deserved nap, the women concentrated on preparing me for my debut as a booth queen. They ladled on the makeup, smearing a thick coating of lipstick, mascara and blush onto my features. My close cut hair was spiked as much as it would allow, giving me a truly bizarre appearance. My shriveled sex organs were once more carefully glued to the region between my scrotum and anus. A pair of ready panties followed along with a training bra stuffed with cotton to give me the appearance of having breasts, and then a see-through babydoll with hose and garters to complete my ensemble. I nearly cried when they made me look in the mirror; I was staring at a freak, a clown, something that made no connection to my own persona.

       At ten to midnight I was marched into the porn store via the backdoor. I immediately drew a crowd of onlookers, many enjoying my humiliation, and some anxiously waiting for their chance to further degrade and harm me. The operator took one look at Ricardo and decided to be polite to Roxy who demanded her money before I entered the first booth to begin my servicing duties. He negotiated with Roxy so that she would get half now, and the rest at the end of my shift, provided there were no serious complaints about my services. I was told that during the morning I would be moved from booth to booth just in case there was any hassling from the local police, who rarely bothered him in return for a lot of free rentals and the like.

       This matter completed, I was ushered to the first booth by Lil who agreed to hang around to make sure nothing serious happened to me. My blood chilled when she mentioned to the store operator that she and her daughter wanted me in one piece so they could squeeze me for the location of my money and other valuables. Once that was accomplished they had no use for me and perhaps might sell what was left of my body to a crib that specialized in rough trade.

       The clerk commented that he had some good ideas about how they could make me talk, and fast. I nearly vomited when he casually suggested that they hook my testicles up to a car battery and crank it on. From there he went to the idea of forcing a water hose down my throat and turning it on full for maybe a minute or so; longer might cause my stomach to rupture which would probably kill me. At that point I was pushed into the unlit cubicle and once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw the screen which had not been activated by the next person to join me here. Moments later the door opened, revealing my first "date" for the morning.

                               ( To be continued )    

                       Pussy Whipped Wimp - Chapter 8

       My booth mate was a huge black man with a scar on his cheek and a murderous look on his face. When he sat down, I was squeezed against the wall of the small booth. He dropped in a number of coins and the screen flickered into life. Soon a nondescript white woman with big sagging tits and wearing only a garter belt was being brutalized by half a dozen blacks with huge cocks. First she sucked each one to hardness while the others pawed her tits and stuck fingers into every hole she had. They picked her up and sank her onto the cock of one of them as he lay beneath her. It dawned on me that it had just split her asshole wide open, but she seemed to hardly notice it. That brought a curse from my companion who urged his brothers to stick it into that bitch until she bled to death. I knew at that point that I was in dire straits.

       Soon the white woman was buried under an avalanche of black cocks and fists as they took out their rage on her helpless body. The camera zoomed in to show her face as first one big fist and then another smashed into it, flattening her nose and splitting her thick lips. Then hands began twisting and yanking on her tits as if they were trying to rip  them from her chest. Her voice was drowned out by the screams and angry shouts of the ones who couldn't get to her. Now the camera panned back as they threw her onto her belly and took turns sodomizing her, while others jammed their cocks into her mouth and even her ears. Someone else started punching her in the back, each blow making her body bounce up from the floor as if she was trying to escape into the air.

       It was then that my companion grabbed for my crotch and found nothing, my testicles and penis being taped up to the region between my anus and where my genitals would normally be located. He mumbled something that I could not make out and then the screen went dark, infuriating him. He fed the meter more coins and once the movie continued he settled back and was relatively quiet as the white woman was raped over and over in all her holes.

       She vomited all over the cock lodged in her throat and then passed out. Someone kicked her squarely in the crotch, splitting her swollen cunt lips apart. Another black man closed his hands around her throat and began squeezing the life out of her. Her eyes bulged and her tongue lolled from the side of her mouth like a dog. Another fist blackened one eye and another blow made her spit out a broken tooth. Now two of them were fighting for the opportunity to permanently ruin her rectum. Try as they did, they could not get both of those thick cocks into her asshole at the same time. One finally pulled away and his rival shouted and plunged his dick deep into her spasming asshole in one quick lunge.

       Suddenly my "date" threw me to the floor and ordered me to suck his cock, which he pulled from his trousers. The light from the screen was sufficient to show me that it wasn't hard yet. I began to wonder just how large it might grow,and whether I could handle something of the size that those men in the movie were  displaying. My only consolation was not having to watch the brutal business taking place on that screen. I concentrated on getting his cock hard; I'd had plenty of practice during my honeymoon of sorts. I could feel his organ growing in my mouth and that encouraged me to more aggressive behavior, sucking and smooching the length of meat that was hardening rapidly.

       It took me some time to realize that his penis was average in both length and girth, which terrified me. What would he do to me if he thought I was insulting the size of his penis? I redoubled my efforts, slobbering and moaning over his cock, constantly licking and kissing it up and down the shaft, pausing at the bulbous head  to give it one tongue swirl after another. Now he began thrusting his groin and that cock of his began to move into my gullet. I welcomed it, hoping that he would make me gag. I cheated a bit and managed to make myself choke as his cock poked deeper into my throat.

       He was now holding me by my ears and twisting them cruelly as he shouted at the screen for his fellow blacks to finish the job of destroying that helpless white trash who deserved every bit of pain and suffering they could dish out. I became so confident that my blowjob was going to be successful that I was caught off guard. He jammed my head against his groin and I vomited all over the length of his penis. The next thing I knew he was cursing and then I caught a glancing blow to the side of the head. I tried to roll away from him, but there was no room in the small  booth for me to maneuver. You talk about being saved by the bell. The buzzer in the booth went off and the screen died. Seconds later a heavy hand began pounding on the door, alerting the customer that he had ten seconds to leave the booth or face arrest.

       My next customer was a slim youth probably just turned twenty-one and taking a little joy ride with me at my expense. As soon as the screen showed the gang of naked men taking turns sodomizing a youth who was roped securely over a barrel, I knew enough to guess what was in store for me from my new booth partner. My only question was whether he planned to have me perform fellatio on him or vice-versa. In the vice-versa case he was in for a rude shock. Between the light from the screen and my dilated pupils, I was able to glance over and observe that he had unzipped his trousers and pulled out a fairly long, but not very thick penis. He began stroking it, his eyes focused on the activity taking place. Another large cock was being forced deep into the youth's asshole while a second assailant had taken a position on the other side of the barrel that allowed him to feed his long, thick meat down the helpless boy's throat. As the sound of the youth gagging and drooling from the cock sawing away inside his throat grew louder, mycompanion's stroking increased as well.

       For the first time he spoke, ordering me to kneel before him and suck his cock as he jacked it in and out of my mouth. He gave me specific instructions on how to suck and lick his member, and I obeyed his every wish. I was taken by surprise when he leaned forward and had me tilt my head back. He kissed me with a passion that I'd never felt from any woman and his tongue prowled the insides of my mouth. We broke for air and I resumed licking the length of his stiff cock and giving it little kisses on the head along with my tongue swirl trick that I had grown quite proud of these days.

       The screen went dark, but he was too occupied with getting off to feed the meter. Then he erupted and showered my face with his salty, sticky sperm. Still not finished, he leaned forward and began licking it from my cheeks and the corners of my eyes. Then he had me open my mouth so he could transfer it. I was instructed to swish it around and not to swallow until he told me. Then he added some coins to the meter and the movie continued, now with the youth retied so his penis, which was massive, could be sucked and jacked by the men involved in this gangbang. This section of the movie seemed to excite him and he began stroking his penis once more. It was an amazing sight to watch how rapidly it hardened.

       Then I was on my knees again and it was deep down my throat as I gagged on the residue from the first ejaculation that he still had refused to allow me to swallow. He came quickly and it was an enormous amount considering it was only a few minutes since he had previously discharged. I disposed of it with measured swallows as he laughed and slapped his limber length of gristle across my face over and over as the movie came to a climax with the youth delivering a shower of cum into the air as his captors warned him that they were just getting started and he had a long way to go before they finished with him. My companion groaned and stuffed his flaccid sex organ into his trousers just as the buzzer sounded.

       As soon as he walked in and dumped a handful of coins into the slot, I knew I was in for a wild ride. He had taken a good look at me before entering our little love nest, and his eyes lit up, not a good sign for me. Another gay film began to unroll on the flickering screen. This time there were two men stark naked and lying on their sides, mouths fixed to sex organs, cheeks hollowing as they applied pressure to their partners' organs trying to extract the churning sperm from their bloated testicles. He quickly unzipped and out flopped his flaccid prong. He grabbed me by the nape and forced me to go down on it as he began thrusting his groin upward to  enhance the effect of my suctioning mouth and flickering tongue. My automatic response troubled me somewhat. Was this some kind of admission that I was not what I thought myself to be? I dismissed this idea as the product of the stressful existence I had been living since the start of my nightmarish honeymoon.

       He hardened quickly and I thought that I had perhaps misjudged him. Then he pulled out and bade me sit on his lap so he could check me out. That was when I knew that times were going to become very challenging and very quickly at that. I settled down onto his lap and felt his stiff member probing at my bottom, seeking entry. His hands closed round my pseudo breasts and began squeezing those nubbins until I gasped in pain. Then he laughed and put my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and twisted them cruelly until I screamed. "That will never do" he said, obviously talking to himself. Quickly he pulled out a handkerchief and stuffed it into my mouth and warned me not to try to spit it out. To emphasize his warning he made me scream into the gag by once more twisting my sensitive, swollen, throbbing nipples.

       He shifted his body so his hands could get beneath my cheeks and cup them securely. When he began raising them, I knew what was to come next, and he did not disappoint me. His penis made contact with my panties and he chuckled. With one quick motion he tore the fragile underwear away from my buttocks and now established his beachhead on my bare flesh, more accurately that winking eye hidden between my goose-fleshed cheeks. The head of his penis wormed between my quivering hams and found the entryway he sought. "No noise or it will go hard on you!" he whispered, just prior to sodomizing me. Without any form of lubricant it was a tough battle to breach my tight sphincter and a painful one when it finally gave way.

       Inch by agonizing inch he penetrated me as the movie rolled on, the two lovers hardly moving from their tasks. My experience with the group making videos at the motel had prepared me well for what was taking place now. In comparison to the two studs that had brutalized me previously, my current assailant was positively gentle as he worked his prong to the max inside me and then began raising and lowering my body at a gradually increasing pace. I did not expect the type of strength moves he performed as he sodomized me; my body seemed almost weightless as he maneuvered it to exactly the proper angle for maximum penetration. I began obsessing about his lack of any form of protection, but I was too weak to fight him off. Suddenly without warning he began pounding upwards into me with great force and made grunting sounds as he reamed me out thoroughly. The pain was rather intense and when he withdrew I felt an even sharper stab radiating from my well stretched rectal area. I had no idea how the movie he selected concluded; I was too busy wimpering and taking inventory of my raped colon and the surrounding area.

       I lost track of how many times the door to the booth opened, bringing someone new to torment me. I do remember that the movie selections were skewed towards gay films, especially ones featuring lots of violence as the victim was usually bound securely and when he wasn't being sodomized, jacked off or forced to deep throat their cocks, they would beat  him mercilessly with their fists, rubber hoses and in one particularly brutal scene electricity was passed through his genitals repeatedly as he screamed and begged for mercy and was denied. My anus bled fairly steadily as one after another they took turns wedging their cocks into my bowels and enjoying my struggles and pleadings. Many took advantage of the situation to withdraw from my bleeding anus just before they ejaculated. Then I would have the disgusting task of taking their befouled organs into my mouth and suctioning them until they flooded me with their salty semen. I seemed to have a perpetual salty taste in my mouth, thanks to all the cum I handled and the lack of any liquid  during this entire ordeal.

       At some point I was moved to another booth. I recall the crowd of hard-looking men staring at my half naked body, my makeup smeared all over my face, blood running down the backs of my legs from my bleeding anus and what was left of my baby doll hanging in tatters from my poorly feminized body. The new booth catered strictly to the distaff side, and they were even worse than the other crowd. These were your hardened prostitutes getting off their shifts and taking out their anger at the male race by tormenting me. They too leaned toward gay films featuring terrific violence, not too surprising considering the brutality they endured every day and night as they tried to stay alive in ths jungle. Their favorite treat was to have me kneel between their legs and suck perhaps half a dozen loads of cum from their stinking, well used vaginas. I lost count of the number of times I gagged on the foul tasting loads that might have been aging as long as a few hours in their over-used channels or fuckholes, as some called their moneymakers, another slang expression for their sex organs.

       At long last I tottered from the booth and blinked into the garish light that illuminated the bookstore. Dawn had come and Lil was waiting to take me back to the motel. I wondered what awaited me there. Little did I know that this very day my new bride and her mother would be taking me back to my home and the next phase of my life would begin. Had I been psychic, I might have slashed my wrists rather than endure what happened to me over the many months when I teetered on the brink of death, always to be brought back for more torture and humiliation.

                                                                   (To be continued-rolf palsy)

                               Pussy Whipped Wimp - Chapter 9 revised

       Rosalita and Ricardo were still occupying the room, but Salvatore was not to be found. Later I was to discover that when Roxy's boyfriend awoke from his stupor he became belligerent and picked a fight with Ricardo. Rosita's boyfriend proceeded to beat him to a pulp, nearly killing him. Rosalita and Roxy had to shield the battered Salvatore from Ricardo's fury with their own bodies. Roxy's former boyfriend had lost numerous teeth that were strewn all over the floor, his jaw looked as if it was broken, his nose wa definitely broken and both eyes were swollen shut. Once they calmed Ricardo down, he dragged his opponent into the rear of the motel and tossed him into the dumpster while his girlfriend watched to make sure he did not resume beating up the man.

       Rosalita was trying to revive her boyfriend for one last good screwing before she had to go to work. Her lips were puckered from the nearly continuous suction she had been applying to Ricardo's cock for who knew how long. Since he'd been doing Roxy, a most demanding sex partner in her own right, as well as the maid for most of the night and early morning, his cock was sore and at best semi-hard. Even the repeated promises from his girlfriend that he could have as much of her asshole as he wanted was not incentive enough to get him sufficiently stiff to fuck her in any hole, no matter how accommodating her position. My arrival on the scene changed the situation considerably. Although I looked a mess, my genitals were still hidden from sight and my small-boned body plus what was left of my sexy ensemble seemed to have an affect on him. It appeared that he was too weary from his exertions to even recognize me for who I was.

       Rosalita immediately put me to work, shoving me onto the bed so I could begin sucking his big cock. Despite all the cock sucking I'd done so far this evening and morning, my improved technique must have overcome my exhaustion because I was feeling that tube of man-meat growing as my mouth coated it with saliva and sucked it clean in what seemed to be an endless cycle. Rosalita joined in and worked her middle finger up into my rectum, probing to find my prostate. My penis jumped involuntarily when her fingernail grazed it and then returned to do even more. She moved over to her boyfriend and managed to get her digit inserted in his tight asshole; he was too tired to object. Once she got it deep enough to begin stimulating his overworked prostate, his response to my efforts began to definitely improve.

       The maid began to croon and speak in her native tongue, which I did not understand, but it seemed to relax Ricardo to the point that I was able to make his penis become fully erect. Rosalita clapped her hands with delight and shoved me out of the way. The dark haired woman inhaled his sex organ while she cupped his testicles in the palms of her hands. She looked back towards me and pushed the palms of her hand upwards, her mouth stuffed with his hard length.

       I assumed correctly that she wished me to stimulate his testicles and so I began licking, and then sucking those pigeon eggs hanging low, indicating that he was still some time from a substantial ejaculation. Strangely, once I engulfed one and then the other, using my tongue to stimulate them, they tightened significantly and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor and Rosalita had mounted him and was busily engaged in stuffing as much of that thick piece of gristle as her vagina could contain. She rode him like a madwoman, her nails scratching his nipples until they were as stiff as his cock.

       It seemed as if she bounced her plump, buxom body on his hard length of cock for an hour, but that was not the case. She shuddered through an orgasm and rolled free of his cock, still hard but unfulfilled. Rosalita beckoned me to join her and in no time at all she was jacking off his cock into my mouth as I sucked and tried not to think about what I was doing. Surprisingly he rather quickly delivered a watery load of depleted sperm from his tired and still churning testicles, and I dutifully swallowed every drop. 

       To kill some time before leaving, Roxy and her mom dragged me into the bathroom and we all went swimming in the jacuzzi. As usual they became frisky and yours truly found himself swallowing inordinate amounts of less than pristine water as they forced me to the bottom of the jacuzzi so I could have my fill. They worked as a team, one dunking and the other choking me while I ingested large quantities of water to the point that my belly began to pooch outwards.

       Roxy, my bride of less than a week, settled her big body on the edge of the bubbling bath of water and had me perform cunnilingus on her, announcing that this would be one of my main assignments once they got me back to my place, which she told me was now her place. She made sure that I understood that the portion of her cunt, a she called it, deeper than a tongue length, was reserved only for the cocks of real men. For some odd reason I developed a minor erection as I listened to her, straining her pubic hair and lapping at those fleshy lips that had been penetrated over and over by Salvatore's cock. She giggled like a school girl as my tongue tickled her privates, declaring to Lil that her wimp husband was doing something right for a change.

       Her demeanor quickly changed as she grabbed my hair and warned me that any effort on my part to balk at signing over the house to her would go very badly for me. To illustrate her threat she put me in a choke hold and held me under the churning water until I passed out and went limp. She revived me and put my tongue, lips and mouth back to work pleasuring her hairy vulva and beyond, exactly a tongue length beyond I might add.

       Finally she grew bored with my efforts and submerged me until darkness covered my mind the way the water did my body. This time I must have consumed a considerable quantity of unfiltered water seasoned by whatever sloughed from the bodies of the two fleshy but powerful women who occupied the jacuzzi. They brought me back to consciousness with knee drops to my swollen belly causing me to spew water all over the place and gag repeatedly before finally regaining my mental as well as physical equilibrium.

       My utter humiliation and degradation were not yet complete. I had one more disgusting task to perform before my honeymoon was officially over. We returned to the bedroom to discover that Ricardo had given up trying to get any sleep, but Rosalita was still up for some additional fun. She announced to the ladies and her worn-out boyfriend that as my going away present, Rosalita wanted me to suck out every drop of his sperm that he had been pumping into her for most of the night, along with anything else he might have stirred up inside her hot, wet sex tube.

       It was apparent that the maid did not believe in personal hygiene, especially when it came to any clean-up after sex. They put me on my back with my arms at my sides, warning me that any effort to move would be punished severely. To a round of mock applause Rosalita climbed onto the bed and situated herself so that hairy, fetid sewer she called her "cunto-boxo" was glued to my mouth, nearly suffocating me with the thick pubic hair that covered her entire crotch. I licked it, I lapped it, I sucked it, I kissed it, I slobbered over it, and I tongued it for what seemed like hours.

       Rosalita kept moving around and making funny noises as I worked to suck every bit of stale cum from her vagina. She kept maneuvering her crotch by inches in one direction and then another, all the time urging me to get my tongue deeper so I could scoop out every last drop of  Ricardo's delicious cum. I was given another round of mock applause when the maid declared my task had been concluded successfully. Her boyfriend, not to be outdone, waited until I got down from the bed before giving me a kick to the groin that made me bring up a mixture of bile and mucous as I writhed in total agony, thinking I might die from being unable to catch my breath.

       On the drive back to my, or should I say my wife's house, I was given a prevue of my life to come as their slave. After checking out of the motel we went a short distance and then turned off onto a narrow road. I was ordered from the car and told to strip. Roxy produced a pair of cuffs and secured my hands behind my back, and gagged me with a pair of her foul tasting panties, held in place by some adhesive tape. I was made to climb into the trunk, where my ankles were tightly tied as well.

       Lil warned me about making any noise, especially when we were stopped at toll booths and the like. I complied and for the better part of the day I was buffeted and bounced around inside the trunk as they drove home to what was now to be their home, not mine. I was totally exhausted, terribly dehydrated, as well as bruised in a variety of areas thanks to various collisions with the trunk interior and its contents.

       When the trunk was popped, allowing some cool, fresh air to replace the heated stench I had endured for those many long hours, I felt renewed. That lasted only until my ankles were untied and they ordered me out of the trunk. The circulation to my legs was slowly returning, bringing with it cramps and a tingling sensation. My first step was a disaster; I fell forward and landed on my shoulder to avoid my face striking the pebbles that formed the driveway. Roxy kicked me hard in the ribs and I grunted and rolled over onto my back. Lil moved in and sank the heel of her shoe into my groin, causing me to have the dry heaves. Roxy took another turn and kicked me squarely in the testicles and I passed out from the pain.

       Somehow they must have dragged my naked body over the pebbles and into the side of the house, leaving me in the entry area while they freshened up. I was scratched, bruised and bleeding in more places than I knew existed on my body. Finally they returned and stood over me, their faces almost feral looking. They discussed where to store my body, as if I was no longer a person, for the night.

       When I croaked that I desperately needed water to slake the burning thirst that being in that overheated car trunk all day had caused, they grinned and snickered. Roxy asked me what it was worth to have some water. I begged and promised anything that she wanted. She leaned over,  grabbed my limp penis and replied that a nice big hard-on would be good for starters. I was distraught that she would be so nasty as to throw in my face the fact that I was less than a man when it came to sexually satisfying her.

       Fortunately for me Lil interceded, reminding her daughter that I was of no use to them if I died from dehydration. So I crawled down the hall into my bathroom, soon to be dedicated to tormenting and shaming  me, and drank my fill from the toilet bowl as the women laughed and made disparaging remarks about my size and my child-like genitals. I overdid it, and vomited up most of the water almost immediately after straightening up.

       Roxy grabbed me by the neck and plunged my face into the mess screaming for me to start drinking. I did my best and shortly thereafter I was released and dragged into one of the small rooms located in the back of the house. I slept on the floor without the benefit of any covering, shivering so hard that my teeth chattered. Twice I was roused from my fitful slumbers by cramps which caused me to rise slowly and carefully to avoid toppling over, and pace the floor until they subsided.

       I was so dehydrated that by morning I still didn't have the urge to urinate. However when I did finally awaken, I discovered that my penis was stiff as it has ever been. Immediately I thought of what my new wife might say if she saw me in this state. Would that soften her attitude toward me, or merely cause her to laugh until tears ran down her plump cheeks? Later, much later, the door was unlocked and I faced my two tormentors. By then my erection had subsided, just as well. It was Roxy who broke the news to me as her mother nodded in agreement.

       "Well Mr. Limp Dick, it's time for you to pay your way. Mother and I have talked it over and decided that you should start turning over your worldly possessions to us so we can make the proper use of them. How much is left in your checking account? We don't need your signature, just your bank card, which we have, to get at it. Now tell us how much is left or I'll beat you bloody for starters and then call one of my old boyfriends to come over to really give you the kind of beating you truly deserve."

       "Today after we take out as much as the card will allow, we're having a woman friend of mom's coming over to check out the legal aspects of what we want to do. You are going to talk directly to her and you better not lie about anything. Now to show you that we are interested in keeping you alive and well, you'll be getting breakfast as soon as you take a piss. By now I'll bet your little bladder is bursting at the seams."

       Try as I might, my urine refused to flow. Lil got worried and made sure that Roxy knew how serious my inability to urinate was. My bride of a week snorted and said she'd make me drink water until it came out of my ears. They took me into the kitchen, made me sit on one of my nice wooden chairs and then Roxy began forcing me to drink one glass of water after another until my belly bulged and I could drink no more. Lil rubbed my bloated midriff and made a joke about me being about six months pregnant.

       With all that water filling my stomach, it was nearly impossible to get any food down and hold it. Roxy pushed one big spoonful of tasteless oatmeal after another into my mouth and became rather vexed at my lack of appetite. Lil just watched and grinned. I realized she understood my problem, but out of spite she wasn't going to give me any relief until it was absolutely necessary. Finally Roxy got so frustrated and angry that she shoved the half empty bowl into my face and screamed at me to eat. Only then did Lil enter the fray and call her daughter off with a few choice words. I could tell from the way her face clouded up that I was in for some payback from my bride and very soon.

       They marched me back into the bathroom and made me squat over the toilet, but not actually sit on it. Roxy warned me that I'd hold that position until she heard my piss hitting the water in the bowl. Having two women watching me carefully as I tried to urinate was a stressful experience. I strained and strained, but nothing happened. Then Roxy lost her temper and began slapping me across the face, using one hand to hold my head steady so there was no way I could avoid the stinging blows she delivered. When she tired, Lil took over and hit me even harder, using her fist which split my lip, drawing blood.

       That seemed to calm them both down, and then at long last, I released the first stream of urine from my bladder. This was the highlight of my day so far, to show how badly things were going. I must have urinated for over a minute before stopping to rest the muscles controlling my bladder. Then I went for what seemed like forever as it seemed that all the water I'd been forced to consume by Roxy drained into the toilet bowl. Roxy commented that brute force seemed to be the only way to make me do anything properly. Lil did not disagree, which made my blood run cold.

       I made a round trip between the bathroom and kitchen, my belly bulging  from the oatmeal that Roxy forced me to eat. My bladder was once more full to bursting, but this time they put me on my back in the tub and watched as I urinated all over myself. Roxy, naked from the waist down, held my penis and directed the stream up onto my chest, but failed in her efforts to make the stream reach my mouth. So she moved forward and released a deluge of hot, acrid pee into my face while her mother laughed and clapped at my humiliation.

       Once finished she squatted lower and had me lick her urine-flecked pubic hair until it glistened and then worm my tongue up into her vagina to get any residual pee that might have deflected into that sex tube that I would never enjoy as her sex partner.The thought of that nearly brought tears to my eyes; the misery of it all had so overwhelmed me. Afterwards they forced me into the shower stall and gave my foul-smelling body an ice cold shower that left me shivering. The cuffs prevented me from toweling myself dry, and neither woman offered to assist me in this activity. I was left to fend for myself as they exited the bathroom and closed the door behind them. I tried to generate some additional body heat to assist in the drying process by jumping up and down in place until I grew tired.

       Some time later they came back and put me into the room I had occupied the previous night. They tied my ankles together and used another length of rope looped round my neck and anchored to a wall fixture to make sure that I could not reach the window in an effort to seek help. Small chance of that occurring; my place had been carefully chosen for its privacy and isolation, now a perilous situation instead of an island of tranquility as I first imagined it to be.

       Once more I was gagged with a pair of Roxy's ripe panties and warned that any attempt to escape would be cause for some very serious punishment. They would be gone for just as long as it took to get the maximum from my checking account using my bank card, and purchasing a few things to make the place seem more "homey". I shuddered at the thought of what that meant. Roxy then stepped up and kicked me in the testicles, grinning as I rolled over and tried to vomit. I writhed in agony as the pain radiated to every part of my body and it felt as if someone had cut open the top of my head.

                                                                  (To be continued-rolf palsy)

                       Pussy Whipped Wimp - Chapter 10

       I had plenty of time to lie there in near darkness sweltering from the heat that announced that summer was just beginning to reach its peak, where it would remain for perhaps six more weeks. It was problematic that I would see or enjoy the change of seasons. Then I had to laugh at my use of the word "enjoy". Under the circumstances there was nothing I could think of that would warrant using that word. By the time Roxy and Lil returned from their shopping spree with my money, the mattress upon which I laid was soaked with my sweat.

       I picked up the sound of a new voice, then remembered that someone was coming to query me concerning my finances. She turned out to be a tall, rather thin woman somewhere in her forties with dark eyes and black hair pulled back into a bun. I suddenly realized that I was naked and displaying my genitals for her to see. Her response to this gaffe was a smirk. She pointed to my limp member and asked if it worked. Roxy and Lil laughed and made fun of my inability to gain a decent erection capable of satisfying my new bride. The dark-haired woman heaved a sigh and said that was too bad. She then proceeded to describe how one of her clients managed to rid herself of an unwanted husband who had been foolish enough to name her as his beneficiary for his life insurance policy.

       It seemed that her new husband was oversexed in the extreme. This characteristic was used to induce a heart attack that he managed to survive for a number of days before passing away. Fortunately he never regained consciousness, because had he been able to talk, the wife would never have collected on the policy. In all likelihood she would have been tried for murder, and win or lose, the money would have gone for attorney fees. Instead the autopsy concluded that the cause of his death was a heart attack without any extenuating circumstances, the insurance company reluctantly concurring since the autopsy gave no other possible reason for the sudden seizure.

       What the wive had done was retain the services of a professional terminator who specialized in turning unwanted husbands into large sums of money minus her considerable fee. In this case she employed two young crack addicts who would do anything for a fix. These two less than attractive druggies forced the oversexed husband, who had been drugged and chained to his bed, to have frequent bouts of sexual intercourse with them. For nearly a month they drained him dry on a daily basis. When his ardor flagged, the agent supplied sex stimulants, as well as drugs that produced erections that lasted for many hours. The two addicts had no clue that they were part of a plot to kill their customer, having been told that he was a masochist as well as a sex maniac which was the reason for having him restrained at all times while they were with him.

       The cell-like room in which he was held was kept near ninety degrees around the clock thanks to space heaters that supplemented the forced air heating of this windowless prison. Now the wife and her mother joined the activity, not satisfied with the progress made to date by the addicts. After they would drain him dry and take their leave, he would be given more drugs to harden his penis so that his wife and mother-in-law could force him to continue to ejaculate despite the lack of seminal fluid.

       The dry ejaculations, and they were frequent, were very painful and quite stressing on his heart, which was the objective of this effort. In the second month he lost nearly fifteen pounds from dehydration and the limited food he was given. Had he lasted much longer, they would have been forced to terminate this approach since he was becoming almost emaciated and this would cause trouble once the insurance company became aware of his condition.

       As luck would have it, the wife and her mother were working on him when the heart attack occurred. The mother-in-law had just spent nearly thirty minutes slowly bouncing up and down on his stiff penis that was buried in her tight asshole. This was his favorite way of having sex, no matter what the circumstances. She also actually enjoyed being sodomized for reasons that no one seemed to know or  care about. The mother  had excused herself for a bathroom break, so she was out of the room when the heart attack struck. His wife was so busy skinning his sore penis, hoping to make him have one more dry ejacuation before she called it a night, that she failed to notice the obvious symptoms that indicated he was having a coronary.

       It was only when when her mother came back and connected his shallow breathing, the bluish cast to his lean face, the thready pulse and the overall clammy look and feel of his flesh to the conclusion that he was in the middle of a severe heart attack, that his wife realized her ship was about to come in. They quickly removed the padded cuffs so as to leave no evidence behind that he was being restrained. After removing the space heaters from the area, they locked him in his room and went off to bed. By the next morning he had gone into a coma and was on the verge of death. It was only then that they called for assistance. Less than two days later he passed away, making his wife a wealthy woman.

       Then the black haired woman began to interrogate me concerning my assets. I refused to cooperate and she gave me a taste of what to expect if I continued to behave this way. While Roxy and Lil looked on with malicious grins this woman opened the attache case she had been carrying and let me see its contents. I grew faint at the sight of dental tools, hypodermic needles, vials of mysterious fluids, hose clamps and binder clips, plus pliers,scalpels, hat pins and what looked like small electrical cables with clips attached to one end. She let it sink into me that these were the tools of a torturer who knew her business. What I had endured up until now was child's play. I steeled myself for what was to follow.

       She joked that since my penis didn't seem to work properly, that would be a good place to start. Roxy and Lil laughed heartily at my latest humiliation and leaned  forward to watch the action. I was terrified at the prospect of having my limp penis further harmed, but that was her intention. She observed that getting me to the point where I would no longer be of any use to my dear bride and mother-in-law would take many weeks, pehaps even months. What she'd do his time was just a sample of what she had planned for me while I was being softened up. She carried on a running conversation as she tortured my limp penis.

       "Since he doesn't seem to want to be social, there will be no need for us to hear him beg and cry like the little wimp that he is. God, I hate this type! Give me a real man anytime. They're so much more fun to break. Let's give him a treat and gag him with the ripest panties you have in the hamper. I've got some duct tape in my case that will make sure it stays in place"

       While that was going on, she held my limp penis between her thumb and forefinger and wrinkled her nose in a sign of distaste. She released it and wiped her fingers on my lips and then stuck them into my mouth and had me suck them.

       "I'll bet you would have made a nice little girl that all the boys wanted to play doctor with so they could see and touch that nice fat cunnie of yours. Then later on when you started to grow tits they'd all want to feel you up and goose you in hopes of getting you so hot and bothered that you'd let them put their nasty dicks into that nice, tight fuckbox you had between your chubby legs. I just know you'd be popular with the older men who started to come around sniffing the air for your scent so they could track you down and fuck you bowlegged."

       As she spoke she was was loading up one of the hypodermic needles. I noticed the annoyed look on her face as she waited for Roxy and Lil to return. She toyed with the syringe and kept glancing toward the door, which finally opened to admit the grinning pair, bearing a pair of sodden panties in a plastic bag. It didn't take me long to understand the delay and why the underwear was being transported in a bag. One or both of them had urinated into the panties that were now going to be used to gag me so this devilish woman holding the hypodermic needle in readiness could begin to give me a taste of what she had in store for me. I couldn't help but shudder at the prospect of never-ending pain and suffering as these harpies from hell did their worst to make my life a hell on earth.

       Roxy and her mother giggled like a couple of school girls as they withdrew the soaked underwear from the bag and tried to force it into my mouth. I attempted to resist, but Roxy grabbed my testicles and squeezed until I cooperated. They might be damaged and small for an adult, but unfortunately they still retained some degree of sensitivity, making me terribly vulnerable. The taste of the urine saturated underwear was indescribable, but soon that was the least of my concerns. The duct tape went across my mouth, making it impossible for me to spit out the foul tasting garment. Then their companion smiled coldly and gestured towards the case, telling them to find some small wads of tightly packed cotton so they could shove them into my nostrils.

       I panicked the moment they were pressed into place. It felt as if I was suffocating. It took all my strength to suck enough air through the cotton to allow me a shallow breath. Roxy tormented me further by pinching my nostrils shut and watching my futile struggles to breathe. Their visitor would have none of that and said so in no uncertain terms.

       "If you want to act like a dunce or worse, I'll take my leave. However you will have to pay my initial fee and woe to you if you don't.You'll look rather strange with one of those big tits missing. Try me and see how quickly it happens."

       Her tone of voice and the way her body grew stiff accentuated the anger that she was trying to control. Lil, who was much more intelligent than my bride, slapped Roxy across the side of her head and cautioned her about acting foolish or worse before her betters. That and the glare from the dark haired woman brought my bride of less than two weeks back to earth and a sobering reality. She looked away and tried to get a grip on her emotions. It was obvious that she was scared to death at this point. The realization of what they were about to embark on had finally sunk into her immature, almost childish mind. This was no game; how well I could appreciate that!

                                                                     (To be continued - rolf palsy)   

                               Pussy Whipped Wimp - Chapter 11

       The woman leaned forward and her eyes glittering, she thumbed whatever was in the hypodermic needle directly into my penis. At first there was localized burning, not strong enough to cause me great pain, but nonetheless a harbinger of things to come. She looked over to where Lil and Roxy were standing and told them to watch what happened to my cock. The feeling of heat had now spread to my entire sex organ and was causing a prickly sensation that rapidly grew in intensity. I was astonished to notice that my penis was now increasing in size, its girth growing visibly larger as I stared at it.

       Lil let out a whistle as my organ increased somewhat in length as well as girth. However counter-balancing that was the increase in pain I was experiencing. It must have showed in my face, for the woman called it to the attention of my wife and mother-in-law. She then mentioned that as my cock swelled, my urethra would become effectively blocked, too narrow to pass urine, being squeezed from all sides by the swelling flesh. According to what she said, this condition would last for anywhere from eight to twelve hours.

       To add to my discomfort she instructed them to wait for an hour or two and then boil a pot of coffee for at least ten minutes, and after it cooled so as not to burn the inside of my mouth, force feed it to me, making sure that I downed the entire pot. That would prove to be no problem since by then my swollen sex organ would be so tender that even touching it would cause excruciating pain. Once again the dark-haired woman stared at Roxy and warned her that any deviation from her instructions would cause some serious pain and suffering to come down on her empty head.

       By tomorrow morning I would be begging for relief from my blocked urethra and my backed up bladder. They were ordered not to do anything to allow me to relieve myself, that would only occur when she visited and checked on how I was taking this first of many injections. I steeled myself for a miserable evening and was not disappointed. Roxy went out of her way to avoid even being in my room, so frightened of that woman was she. Perhaps that was the only good thing that had occurred in my miserable life since my return to what was once my house.

       I wasn't sure that the urine soaked panties were worse than the boiled coffee Lil poured down my throat. Her hand hovered over my swollen penis as a threat if I did not drink all my coffee like a "good little wimp". She gagged me with a new pair of ripe panties in which she had personally urinated on a number of occasions. I nearly gagged at the foul tasting wad of soaked cotton she stuffed into my mouth. I thought my eyes would pop from their sockets when she pressed her hand down on my bulging bladder. Then I was left in darkness with the heaters operating at maximum. This might have eased my pain somewhat by forcing me to perspire heavily, thus preventing much of the liquid I had been force fed from getting into my system. Still in all I was in agony by the time their paid killer arrived to check on my progress.

       She grudgingly had to admit that further use of this approach might cause catastrophic damage to my body, enough to let a skilled coroner come to the conclusion that foul play was an issue in my death. She explained that in certain cases this technique had worked, but evidently I was a little stronger than she estimated. Lil sighed realizing that it might take months before they could afford the luxury of allowing me to die of "natural" causes. In the meantime she wanted them to put steady pressure on my body to enhance the probability of some organ failing and causing my death. I was to be put on a starvation diet for one month and then allowed to gain weight by being force fed with food laden with salt and fats until my weight was recovered. Then the process would be reversed once more.

       In parallel I would be forced to drink upwards of two gallons of water laced with a powerful diuretic  daily, and only be allowed to urinate every six hours. My urine would be collected until two gallons were available. Then this would be substituted for the water and the same diuretic added to it. I did some mental arithmetic and came to the conclusion that unless I was going to sweat off at least seventy-five percent of the water they would make me ingest, my bladder would not be able to sustain such a liquid loading. Then I relaxed a bit realizing that the murderess would not be ordering such a procedure unless I was capable of enduring it without any immediate damage to my kidneys and bladder.

       She would be sending a trained nurse to check on my  progress weekly, and woe to them if I was found to be in difficulty, since this "recipe" had been specifically developed for me based on my age, body weight and general health. That did not exacty comfort me considering I would be dealing with Roxy at times and she was not only cruel but incredibly ignorant.

       Despite my damaged penis, Lil and Roxy were encouraged to make me have as many ejaculations as possible daily. She left measured doses of Viagra coupled with meth to increase my metabolism rate, elevate my blood pressure and make it easier for them to give me erections. They were given a list of my erogenous zones and instructed in how to stimuate my prostate.  As a going away present the brunette injected me in both testicles with a drug that made them double in size and become so sensitive that merely blowing one's breath on them made me feel as if they were being immersed in scalding water.

       Then for the frosting on the cake, she pulled back the foreskin on my withered penis and threaded about six inches of flexible, solid plastic into my urethra. At the tip of the plastic was a stud, which blocked any flow of urine from my bladder. The process hurt like fury and I was blinking back tears by the time she was done. The thought of having this procedure done four times daily absolutely terrified me. I just knew that Roxy would make this process as agonizing as it could possibly be. I could just imagine her pushing it in and then taking it out over and over until my body was quivering like a struck tuning fork.   

       Roxy snuck into my room just as soon as the woman left the house. It was obvious that my swollen testicles were what fascinated her tiny brain. I closed my eyes and willed her to disappear, foolish though it might sound. Unfortunately when I opened them she had come even closer and the look on her pudgy face made me shudder. She gingerly took my penis and moved it back to fully expose those twin bowling balls that were still growing in size, although much reduced in rate.

       When she ran that long nail attached to her index finger down my scrotum, I thought I was going to swallow the urine soaked gag stifling any screams that might be drawn from me. The pain was indescribable, a cross between liquid fire and ground glass being rubbed into the flesh. She tittered and blew me a kiss, warning that she'd be back with a friend and then I would truly wish for death. I could do nothing but strain against my bonds in the slim hope that perhaps my struggles might loosen them enough for me to escape.

       It was Roxy, my faithful and loving wife who came up with the idea of using her house cat to torture me by the hour while she looked on enjoying the show as I writhed in agony, tears steaming down my cheeks and my body moving spastically in a vain attempt to escape the terrible, unending pain that her devil cat was creating. When she first appeared holding this purring demon in her arms I wondered what was going to happen. She dumped the cat onto my body and it scrambled around to find a comfortable place on me to curl up upon. It wasn't until she reached into her pocket and withdrew a small basting brush and a jar containing some mysterious contents that I began to put two and two together.

       She painted my swollen testicles with a thick layer of the material, and then sat back and watched the actions of the cat. The creature homed in on the scent of the stuff and began applying its rough tongue to my super sensitive testicles. There was enough leeway in my bonds to allow me to move my body somewhat, which frightened the animal away for a time, but it returned and so we played a little cat and mouse game, with me taking the part of the prey. I became too tired to effectively fight off the cat and so it settled down and began to lick my gonads clean of whatever it was, while Roxy looked on and grinned stupidly. I was begining to intensely hate this pudgy, crass woman who I had foolishly married.

       To save my sanity I dreamed of ways that I could retaliate if I had Roxy under my power. It might be fun to see just how much water could be forced into her belly until it ruptured. Then again it might be more fun to pump air into her rectum and keep increasing the pressure until it blew her lower intestines apart and she screamed in agony as she bled to death. Maybe rubbing her vulva and labia with acid jelly might be a better way to create a hell on earth for this ugly monster of a woman. This little mind game worked well and after a time the cat's tongue became some type of background activity that I acknowledged, but did not obsess about.

       Roxy trumped my little game by plunging the head of my penis into the jar and keeping it there for a minute or so before releasing it to the cat's raspy tongue. Now it was impossible to ignore the sensations that were created by the mouser. I screamed silently into the urine soaked panties gagging me securely, as it felt as if there was a blowtorch eating away at my defenseless sex organ. I don't know what would have happened ultimately, but the entrance of Lil ended this little game. She sent the cat and its mistress running from the room.

       This did not mean any relief, it was just time for me to drink the first installment of my daily two gallons of water or urine. It would be three days before I'd be given any solid food. She jammed a funnel into my mouth and ordered me to bite down hard to keep it in place while she poured the first quart or so of tepid water into it. I gulped it down as best I could, and for my reward I received a second dose. I felt sick from the load that stretched my stomach. It looked as if I had swallowed a football. Lil ran her hand over my stretched belly skin and smiled.

       "I hope you like water and more water, because that's all you'll be getting until the day after tomorrow."

       I groaned inwardly at my fate, but resolved not to let them break me. Little did I know what was in store for me over the next few months as they ground me down to the nub with one fiendish torture after another.

                               ( To be continued - rolf palsy ) 

                               Pussy Whipped Wimp - Chapter 12

       The first few sessions were absolutely terrifying since I had no experience in dealing with such a situation as having my belly bloated and no way to relieve myself as my bladder filled to its limit. Naturally Roxy continued to make suggestions as to ways to improve the torment I was enduring. The idea of the cat was bad, very bad, and she'd sneak the animal into my room anytime that she knew her mother was out of the house. If it were not for Lil, I doubt if I'd have survived a week under Roxy's control.  I found myself gravitating more and more to my mother-in-law for my safety and security, such as it was. Lil was a stickler for following instructions, but that only meant I would stay alive, perhaps in a great deal of discomfort, but alive.

       The first time I was allowed to urinate, it took a few very scary minutes for me to be able to start the flow so the contents of my bulging bladder could be eliminated into the large bedpan. However by the end of the first day I was able to void much easier, and this did a great deal to increase my confidence that I'd be able to survive this particular discipline. After the second day Roxy came up with another of her bright ideas. Rather than have me hold the funnel with my teeth and risk spilling the contents, she suggested, no demanded, that a piece of rubber tubing be forced down my throat and into my stomach, thus eliminating any concern about losing any of the water or urine that I would be forced to swallow.

       Lil finally got tired of Roxy whining that she wasn't getting a fair shake when it came to her ideas, and she relented. It turned out to be a frightening time for me and effectively eliminated any influence that Roxy had over what happened to my regimen. Getting me to swallow the fat tubing was an extremely painful process since they hadn't bothered to lubricate it. It felt as if I had a terrible sore throat by the time they were finished pushing it into my belly.

       Again and again Roxy had jammed the tubing into my throat, but she didn't take into consideration that there was some curvature to my gullet. The more she got frustrated, the harder the blows to my throat until Lil finally realized what the problem was and managed to thread the tube down into my belly. Things got much worse when they began transferring the urine into my belly. By now they had collected enough so that I was processing urine nearly all the time. Later this would prove to be a deadly mistake on the part of the woman who had prescribed this treatment, but that at present was not the issue.

       The tubing expanded slightly as the urine flowed through it. Although only a small increase in girth, it was enough to make a huge difference in my ability to get air into my lungs. Unable to speak, I began to slowly suffocate as the urine poured into my stomach. It took plenty of time for the two quarts of golden, salty fluid to make its way into my ever expanding stomach. By then my face had turned a pale blue and my eyes felt as if they were about to pop from their sockets. The room started to grow dark and I was certain that this was it, I was going to die with a belly full of urine and my two antagonists hovering over me, totally oblivious to my dilemma. Just before I passed out I had this overwhelming urge to vomit, which may have saved my life.

       The salty, acrid liquid caused my stomach to go into mild convulsions and this resulted in my vomiting. The amount and force was such that the tubing was dislodged sufficiently to allow me to gain some air, which was my salvation. Lil was furious over this accident, but it gave Roxy an opportunity to torment me still further under the guise of discipling me for this terrible "breach of manners". She must have been planning this for some time.

       She got a good grip on the stud blocking me from urinating, and yanked it almost completely out, sending a burst of pain that was a cross between fire and being flayed. I screamed so hard that I saw stars and managed to nearly swallow the panties that gagged me. Then my pudgy bride, the monster, rammed it back inside, creating some new pain to overlay the original agony I was still experiencing. Then she repeated this terrible torment all over and I nearly went insane from the pain. I was straining so hard against my bonds that the pallet creaked. Lil ordered her daughter to stop hurting me or she'd have to inform the woman of her behavior. That sobered my new wife up very quickly, for she knew her mother was not making an idle threat.

       The days dragged by with little change except for my feeding every third day. They outdid themselves in coming up with nauseating combinations that left me with terrible tastes in my mouth and upset my shrinking stomach for as long as a day afterward. My first feeding consisted of  heavily salted, cold oatmeal with chunks of rancid, raw, fatty pork added. Lil spoon fed me and Roxy thought it was outrageously funny the grimaces I made as I tried to swallow the mess quickly without even chewing. It was Roxy who came up with dessert and she made sure I chewed every piece she gave me. The first time I ate half a cake of  perfumed soap. Afterward I had a steady diet of old fashioned laundry soap maufactured using a high concentration of lye. It was so pungent that I often vomited up my "meal' while having dessert.

       Roxy also developed some other nasty characteristics, that with time ate at me. She had initially worked out a deal with Lil that gave her freedom to torture my already damaged penis. This terrified me to discover that Lil had given in on this matter. Actually I would like to believe that she was just trying to give her daughter enough rope to hang herself. Whatever the reason, I was now at Roxy's mercy, and she took full advantage of the situation. She started off with binder clamps that bit like fury, but left little evidence behind an hour or so after being removed. I always knew when I was going to be tortured for she'd come in with a pair of urine soaked panties and stuff them into my mouth. I knew better than to struggle. The first time I did, she pinched my nostrils shut and then stuffed them into my mouth. Then she pinched my nostrils shut again and held them that way until I passed out. It was an agonizing and extremely stressful time for me, and one I did not wish to relive.

       Another one of her favorites was to rub cayenne, a pungent fiery pepper, into the head of my penis. Then she'd sit there and watch the tears flow and my body thrash against the bonds holding me down. Worse still she discovered that the backyard of the house had a stand of nettles, and she harvested them almost daily to rub over my groin, onto my limp penis and especially my scrotum. I was driven to near madness by the stinging agony those tiny hollow needles could create in my skin. There were patches of blisters all over my body after about a week.

       The nurse paid us a surprise visit and I thought for sure that I'd be saved from the fiendish treatments Roxy was giving me. Just my luck, the nurse was a sadist and enjoyed seeing the results of Roxy's handiwork, since none of it was permanent, and I was a long way from reaching the point that an autopsy was imminent. She even suggested that Roxy use the nettles to torture my anus, and for the next week I was sure I'd entered hell itself as my anal region turned into one gigantic throbbing lump of flesh and I was unable to move my bowels due to the blockage the swelling created.

       Pamela the nurse was a sharp faced woman in her late forties with big breasts that seemed to be out of place on her slim, almost skinny body. She had been working for the organization for three years or so and enjoyed the work and the money they paid her. She bragged that she had nursed eleven patients to a better life beyond this world and never had been challenged by the authorities. Currently she was assisting on three cases besides mine. Two were men and the other a woman in her early sixties who had two sons in need of her house and life savings, which was estimated to be nearly three million dollars. She was now in the critical phase of her treatment  and required the nurse's attention almost every day.

       For the last few months they been trying to induce heart failure, but to date she had proven quite resistant to their efforts. For reasons they could not understand, using electricity to cause her heart to go into ventricular fibrillation had proven unsuccessful. Her heart seemed to have a knack of restarting itself so matter how many times they used the paddles to momentarily stop it. Since they had also been feeding her a diet rich in fats and salts to aid in damaging her heart, the head of the "relocation" team decreed a change in direction, and now they were attempting to bring on kidney failure, another malady very difficult to evaluate under even the best of circumstances.

       Every other day they pumped gallons of heavily salted water through her body that were loaded with powerful diuretics, forcing her kidneys to operate continuously at an extreme level of activity. On alternate days they flushed her system with chemicals that leeched out the salt from her body and prepared her for another loading of salted water and diuretics the following day. All the while they were monitoring her blood pressure which rose steadily into the danger zone.

       Just to increase her chances of checking out, every night they poured cold water over her naked body and used a pair of powerful floor fans to evaporate the evidence by morning. Usually her body temperature would have dropped by at least ten degrees by then. They used a strait jacket to restrain her and padded cuffs to keep her legs chained to the bed, this leaving no signs that she was being held against her will.

       As soon as she was checked over, they forced her to walk from the room in which they held her and the bathroom where she was given a lengthy cold shower and then put back into bed without being dried off. For hours she would shiver uncontrollably, but still she refused to roll over and die. This was frustrating everyone on the project according to the nurse. Roxy went out of her way to assure the nurse that my life expectancy was much less than that of the woman who would not die. Then the two of them would discuss techniques for doing me in faster without leaving any trace behind of foul play. I began to dread the arrival of this angel of death disguised as a human being.

                       ( To be continued - rolf palsy )

                                              Pussy Whipped Wimp - Chapter 13

       It was an idle comment made by the nurse that got Lil and Roxy busy with a new approach to making my death appear the result of natural causes. She was describing how one of her male patients crossed the divide with her assistance. They'd been starving him slowly for weeks, making sure that his weight loss was fairly constant. Like the old woman that was on the verge of departing this mortal coil, his bed was soaked every evening and fans were run all night in hopes of inducing pneumonia. He was hanging by a thread, but hung on grimly to what was left of his mind and body. One morning while she was changing his catheter, he managed to get some urine on her skirt. Without thinking she removed her uniform and hung it up so she could clean the area. Upon preparing to dress, she noticed that her patient had a rather impressive erection. The sight of her wearing only panties and bra had been enough to excite him. To verify this fact, she removed her bra and let him see her large tits, hefting them in the palms of her hand and watching his cock twitch in response to this teasing.

       Unfortunately for him he was still in his strait jacket and secured to the bed by manacles around his ankles. She had him right where she wanted him and the fun began. It was a case of too much of a good thing for the poor bastard. That afternoon she nearly killed him, draining his crankcase three times. The last one required a strenuous session that featured a thirty minute hand job that left him gasping for breath, followed by sucking his limber cock until it got hard enough for her to mount him and give him a send-off that almost made him cash in his chips. Irritated that he was still sucking air, she nearly drowned him in cold water, and left the fans on high for the entire night.

       The next day she discussed the situation with the patient's heirs, his niece and her loser husband. The idea of having anything to do with his cock was vetoed by the niece. The nurse shrugged and said under those circumstances she would be leaving the patient. The next day she was rehired with a bonus if she did in the uncle. The money was in the hands of a third party, which guaranteed no monkey business. For the next week and a few days he got the kind of sex that most men would never realize in their entire lives. He got the opportunity to lick every square inch of that nurse's skinny body and spend hours eating her pussy. He turned out to be quite good at it, which made the nurse's life more bearable as well. He screwed her in almost every position a man of his advanced age could become involved.

       It wasn't all fun and games for the patient. The nurse was focused on offing him as quickly as she could. Between blowjobs to keep him in a readiness state most of the time, she also gave him jumbo enemas and forced him to hold them for as long as an hour. The enemas were mostly warm or cold water and a little bit of alcohol to keep him in a mellow mood. She started to backfill his bladder to its limit with salty solutions and then close off his catheter for three or four hours at a time. This led to kidney damage that added to his body's deterioration. What finally did him in were the vibrators. There was one for massaging his cock and balls toward the end of an exhausting session that left him totally limp. She could tell that he was only a few days away from departing this earth, but still he was hanging on like a bulldog.

       Finally she started using another vibrator to work on his prostate. She managed to tape it in place so it could stimulate his oversized prostate while she got him off with her hand or mouth. His last ejaculation was quite impressive considering what she had been doing to him that day. He had delivered three loads and each one was fairly substantial even if the cum was so watery it had no taste. She kept track of his pulse and blood pressure and knew he was in the red zone for both. He took a gigantic enema of salt water that he held for over an hour. During that time he managed another ejaculation, his last on this earth. The nurse collected the enema and fed it to him intravenously, which took the better part of three hours. He still clung to life but by only a thread.

       She could not resist sitting on his face and smothering him for a time, which could ultimately finish him off. That night she remained, carefully monitoring the amount of salt still circulating within his body. She gave him massive amounts of diuretics to flush his system of the salt. By morning his blood pressure and pulse were elevated to levels she had rarely seen. For the last time she lowered her hairy cunt onto his face and suffocated him without much difficulty. Two hours later the physician signed the death certificate showing that he had died of natural causes including high blood pressure and kidney failure, one of the favorites this organization used to certify death. A week later the nurse received her reward from the patient's relatives.

       Roxy and Lil were totally frustrated since it was not yet possible for my damaged sex organ to gain a full erection. Worse still, after a consultation with her superiors the nurse was instructed to reduce my daily water intake to one gallon and the diuretics were to be discontinued. They had a number of long discussions with the nurse and agreed to let her see what she could do to get my dick hard. Despite showing off her naked body, which under normal circumstances might have excited me, she was thwarted by my lack of reaction. Not to be daunted, she tried to interest me in her body by other means. There was some degree of sensitivity in my penis, but the lack of a decent blood supply made a firm erection difficult to impossible. The nurse was much smarter than Roxy and her mother; she didn't give up very easily. It took some time to realize that she was probing me for any avenue that might lead to some sexual reaction. I was given the opportunity to lick her tits and suck the hard nipples that my tongue created. She served up her pussy on a platter and I dined like a king, scooping out dollops of salty mucous and god knows what else with my tongue. She had me nibble her clit, which was so successful that she had an unexpected orgasm and flooded my face with a shower of amber fluid. That was one of the few times that she lost her temper and struck me.

       That evening before she left to torment some other poor wretch the nurse had let me drink nearly two quarts and my belly was nice and rounded by the time she was satisfied. I foolishly thought she was just being kind. Little did I realize the water was spiked with a diuretic-amphetamine combination. It wasn't until she clipped the catheter shut and grinned at me that I began to worry. My bladder filled quickly and the urge to urinate grew strong. Then the uppers kicked in and turned my brain into a lump of random, stimulated instructions to my body that were in many cases impossible to perform. How I survived the night was a miracle. By morning my bladder was so stressed, that touching the area would make me scream myself hoarse. I have no idea how much of my urine backed up into my overworked kidneys and got into my bloodstream.

       The nurse arrived just about the time I was trying unsuccessfully to swallow my tongue and end it all. She tortured me for at least an hour, poking my swollen bladder until I was convinced that one more touch and my bladder would burst and kill me. My genitals were also a target for her wrath. My nuts were squeezed until I was sure my eyes had fallen from their sockets. My limp penis was taped to my belly and then beaten with a length of rubber hose until I passed out from the pain. Finally she opened the clip on my catheter and I filled a specimen bottle to its limit as she watched and smirked. She gave me a choice, either drink what I had just produced or take it intravenously. I remembered that putting urine into my bloodstream would poison it and cause me plenty of misery, but wouldn't kill me immediately. However, I took a chance and chose to drink it, making her smirk since she already knew what was in store for me shortly. By the time I finished the bottle, my bladder had collected more urine for me to drink. It took nearly an hour of drinking and pissing before she was satisfied. My belly was almost as big and round as it had been after I took on all the water originally. This time however, my catheter was open and attached to the large specimen bottle under my bed. By the time my kidneys had filtered everything, my next surprise would be sprung.

       Once more the nurse let Roxy loose on me and plunged me into hell. She had a new boyfriend, just like all the others, a brute that got his jollies tormenting me. However there was another side to him that was even darker. All the others were macho types who wanted to humiliate or use me as a punching bag to show off to Roxy. This one, Phil, went one step further in the humiliation game. I'll never forget that first time the pair used me for their amusement; I nearly died from the shame it brought down on me. It was in the middle of the afternoon and I was lying in a pool of my sweat. I hadn't had any pure water since last night just before the nurse poured cold water over my body and turned on the fans.

       Phil was wearing a jockstrap with a bulging pouch that looked as if it hadn't been washed in months. He was big and beefy, well over six feet tall and perhaps two hundred and fifty pounds, most of it muscle. Roxy was naked except for a thong that was buried between her fat cunt lips. Her pubic area was freshly shaven, probably at her companion's request. I looked more carefully at her cunt lips and noticed a few drops of creamy fluid oozing from her cunt. Evidently she and her new boyfriend had been doing the honeymoon routine, no surprise here. My blood grew cold as Roxy outlined my new, temporary role as her boyfriend's blowup doll. I had flashbacks of what I had endured in that hellish room where they made heavy-duty porn and used me in much the same way as Roxy was describing.

       Once she finished, Roxy yanked the thong from her cunt mouth and settled down on my face. I knew the drill from working on her mother, so I began lapping and sucking up all the cum and other mysterious fluids that could be reached in that cavernous maw she called her twat. Phil got into the act, cupping my sore nuts in his massive hands and slowly squeezing them as I frantically increased the speed and pressure of my tongue on Roxy's wet cunt. Then I felt his warm breath and fat tongue trying to arouse my limp noodle. I was so distracted that Roxy had to reach down and grab my ears, using them like reins to make me cover the right spots that got her juicing.

       He must have become annoyed, because the next thing that happened was my balls exploding into mush and my effort to swallow my tongue as the pain rolled over my entire body. My body was so weakened that it was impossible to even escape Roxy's dripping cunt that remained glued to my face. I was dazed and couldn't make out the meaning of the two voices yelling at me simultaneously. Then the great weight that was my bride lifted from my face and I gulped in air as fast as I could despite the terrible pain that still radiated from my ruined balls. Now I could make out what the voices were saying and my blood froze. Phil wanted to make me pay for my insult to him by breaking my face into pieces with his fists. Roxy was screaming that if he did, she'd call the cops and have him arrested. She kept yelling that she knew where he lived and she'd swear out a warrant against him. Phil lost his temper and as I watched in horror he landed a vicious blow to her head and she went flying across the little room until she hit the wall and slid down until she was seated, her legs spread and head lolling. Phil had knocked her cold. I feared for my life. What would he do next?

       For the first time since I laid eyes on Roxy, something good happened to save me from whatever Phil was preparing to do to me. As luck would have it, the nurse and her superior, the dark-haired woman, entered and confronted Phil. He made the mistake of threatening them and the next thing Phil knew he was staring at the pistol that the woman had withdrawn from her purse. It was a fairly large weapon and Phil froze in his tracks as he heard the safety click off. She ordered him to lie on the floor, face down and make no attempt to move or she'd blow his head off. Meanwhile the nurse tended to Roxy who came around after a whiff of smelling salts and started crying about Phil trying to kill her as well as me, her meal ticket. I could not help smiling when the pistol barrel touched the back of his skull and the woman warned him that if he ever tried to harm her client again, she would have him killed in a very horrible way by people from her organization. Phil started to blubber at that point and for his trouble she cracked him across the skull with the barrel of her pistol and told him to get out and never show his face again. I had been saved by a person dedicated to my death, but not under these cruel conditions. You talk about the Stockholm syndrome; I was a perfect case.

                       (To be continued - rolf palsy)

                                       Pussy Whipped Wimp - Chapter 14

       I had rejoiced too soon at the intervention of my nurse and her supervisor. They had not come here to rescue me, but rather to make final arrangements for my transfer to a special facility they used for stubborn cases such as myself. My dear wife and her mother had agreed to pay them a rather large sum of money if my stay at the "spa" resulted in me revealing where I had hid my money and other valuables. I was too weak to resist as they put me in a strait jacket. Just before they buckled it up good and tight for my long journey, Lil and Roxy were asked if there was anything they wished to say to me. My mother-in-law just grinned and gave me the finger. To my amazement Roxy put her arms around me and gave me a french kiss. I was so stunned it was easy pickings for her to knee me in the testicles. She stepped back in time to avoid being touched by the vomit it produced. Even the nurse and her supervisor couldn't conceal their smiles at what my dear wife managed to achieve.

       Meanwhile I had fallen to my knees, badly skinning them, and only making me a better target for my mother-in-law who stepped forward and landed a couple of hard punches to the side of my head. My ears rang for many hours afterward. That portion of my send off now history, they buckled me up good and tight, hobbled my legs and dragged me out to the minivan parked beside the house. Two women jumped from the van and helped the nurse get me into the back of the vehicle. One of them stayed with me while her partner took the wheel. My companion reminded me of my dear wife physically except for her facial features, which   were sharper with skin that was tanned and freckled. I couldn't help but pray that her disposition would be better than Roxy's. We had been moving for perhaps fifteen minutes before the woman watching me said anything.

       "Hope you can get it up and keep it up for me. I haven't had any cock since we left the hospital, and that's a long time between hard dicks. The least I can do for you is give you some pussy before we get to the hospital, even though you're a hard case. They just love to turn hard cases into little pussies in more ways than one. So let's see what happens when I get naked."

       I was doomed. There was no way I'd be able to have any kind of an erection, let alone keep myself in that state. She'd probably lose her temper and beat me senseless if I was that lucky. Still I watched her strip off her top and wiggle from her slacks. She had a much better figure than my wife. Under that loose fitting top was a well-muscled body indicating she exercised and even might have gotten into bodybuilding. Her breasts were big and when she unhooked her bra they barely moved. When she rolled her panties down only a foot or so from my wide eyes, I was drawn to the mass of pubic hair guarding the entrance to her vagina. Without warning she grabbed me by my ears and pulled me so that my face melted into that jungle of thick, curly hair. Her scent was typical, a mixture of musk, dried urine and an odor that always reminded me of peroxide mixed with chlorine.

       She gasped in surprise and then groaned as I started licking and sucking as if my life depended upon it. Her hands grabbed my ears and used them as reins to direct my tongue to her sweet spots as if I didn't know where a woman's sweet spots were after my training by Lil and Roxy. I grunted and swallowed her juices as they oozed from her vulva. She moved so she was in a more comfortable position and I waited patiently for her to situate her body to suit her needs. That accomplished I went back to work and my tongue moved up her dripping tunnel of lust with her moans as background. I lost track of time, now there was nothing but her wet, seeping slit and those low moans indicating that I was meeting her needs for the moment. She kept moving her body from one position to the other, always presenting more space for me to seed with my saliva and eager tongue.

       I was unprepared for her next move, but should not have been. She swiveled around on my face and presented me with her anus. It was now pressing against my nose leaving me little room in which to work. She started to press harder against my nose and soon it was extremely difficult to breathe. I could hear her low laugh as she moved her anal opening from side to side and then up and down, giving me brief opportunities to get a breath of air. It was as if her anus was dancing on my face, and I waited for the next movement on her part. It did not take long in coming. I heard her command to start licking and I complied, twisting and twirling the tip of my tongue into that mysterious region. I couldn't help noticing that the air around her entryway was not as fetid as I imagined it might be. Thus encouraged, my tongue was joined by my lips in servicing this area of her muscular body. She moaned and then chuckled as my tongue corkscrewed its way past her tough sphincter muscle. Then to my amazement I felt my penis beginning to harden. How could that be?

       My servicing stopped for a few moments, causing her to react by spinning around so she could grab my hair and begin pounding my head against the metal floor of the van. I saw stars from the impacts that came thick and fast. I was on the verge of passing out when she stopped, leaned down and warned me that another episode like that and she'd make sure I went straight to the torture chamber just as soon as the van arrived at the facility. I begged and pleaded for mercy and she gave me a second chance. I eagerly returned to worshipping her anal passageway and doing exactly what she wanted from me. My penis was now limp as usual and I almost cried.

       Evidently I was pleasing her based on the lack of threats and physical violence. If only I was larger and more assertive, then nothing like this would have ever happened, or so I thought. My tongue was getting sore and swollen from licking her anus, but that was what she wanted and that was what I provided. At last she told me to switch to kissing that puckered button of flesh and I naturally complied. I developed a nice rhythm, each kiss at least ten seconds in duration, a brief pause of perhaps one or two seconds and then a repeat of the cycle. My mistress made small corrections that gave me virgin territory, so to speak, to worship. Time passed slowly, how much was beyond my ability to assess. Then she muttered something and moved away from me. For a moment I cringed, fearing that I had angered her by some action I'd done unconsciously.

       Her voice commanded me to start working on her feet and not to miss anything. The next thing I knew the bottom of her foot was blocking out my field of vision as she used my upper body as a platform while I licked and kissed every square inch of that less than pristine extremity. It took a lengthy period to make the trip from the heel to the tip of her longest toe. Then she moved her leg so that I was now working on the side of her foot, barely able to generate enough saliva to coat it properly. She amused herself by moving her leg one way and then another to frustrate my efforts to get every portion of that foot. All this was nothing compared to doing her toes.

       Each toe was sucked until it glistened, and my mistress was to be the judge. My first attempts were unsuccessful and she was most unhappy with me. She punished me by rising up and then kicking me squarely in the testicles with her bare foot. I nearly vomited, but refused to add more anger to what my mistress had already displayed. That did not save me from another kick to the same general area. This one went awry and I was spared a terrible fate. The next thing I knew she had thrust the front portion of her bare foot into my mouth and played with me as if I was some small animal. After what seemed like an eternity she calmed down and gave me a second chance to redeem myself. I became the best toe washer that ever lived. I sucked every digit until the stretched skin was soft and pliant. I even sucked each toenail to get the filth that had accumulated beneath it. For the first time I heard her sigh with pleasure.

       A few minutes later the van slowed down and then got off the pavement. The only light came from the small window separating the cab from the main portion of the van. Now the light came and went, indicating we were in a stand of relatively tall trees. My mistress moved away from me and started dressing. I wondered if that meant we were nearing our destination or were they going to exchange places for the next leg of the journey. It proved to be the latter, which once more put me in jeopardy.

       This one was tall, lean and very demanding. She was less than enchanted over the condition of my sex organ. Her attempts to harden it were fruitless and I paid a price for my inadequacy. My sore, swollen testicles were kicked and kicked again. This time I brought up a considerable amount of what I had eaten over the past two days. She stomped me as I rolled from side to side to escape her booted feet, screaming at the driver to stop the van so she could beat the snot out of me. Before the van came to a halt well after her order, she got me by the throat and was choking me. I was certain I was about to die, but the other mistress interrupted her attempt at murdering me. The tall one dragged me from the van and started once more kicking and stomping me as her companion looked on with a bemused look on her face. I truly feared for my life. Here we were out in the woods away from civilization and I was at the mercy of two persons who had little concern if any, about my well-being.

       When they removed my strait jacket I was thrilled. At least they weren't going to kill me. I was correct, but what followed still was terrible. The tall one immediately slapped the cuffs on me and kneed me in the privates. She stepped away and I fell to the ground as the hobble betrayed me. The other one sank the tip of her boot into my ribs a number of times. They took turns insulting my limp penis and started calling me a pussy whipped slut disguised as a man. Then the tall one grabbed me by the ear and forced me back into the van so I could clean up the mess I'd made. She and her partner watched me as I licked up every bit of vomit that I'd brought up from my belly. Still not satisfied they made me use saliva to cover the areas that were contaminated. To top it off a rag was produced and stuffed into my mouth. They made me kneel and use the rag to buff up all the areas touched by vomit. If I thought everything was over and done with, I was doomed to disappointment.

       My first mistress removed her slacks and panties and put me to work tonguing her vulva and the entrance to her vagina. The tall one had disappeared, but shortly returned and announced it was time for me to be corn holed. I groaned inwardly at the sight of the mammoth dildo strapped to her hips, the entire length bouncing up and down as she shook her hips. My first mistress seated herself on the edge of the van's cargo section and spread her thighs so I could give her more tongue and as she put it, "get her off". Meanwhile I could feel the head of that huge piece of plastic nudging against my anal passageway in preparation for its entry. When I felt her hands on my hips, signaling it was time, I steeled myself for the first swift burst of pain. It was not long in coming.

       The first surge pushed my face into the crotch of the one I was servicing. I screamed into that dripping maw as my sphincter muscle gave way and the head of that monster dildo made its entry. The pressure was intense, but for the moment there was no effort to move further. I heard the tall one's cackling just before she rammed about six inches of her weapon into my anal passageway. Now she used her hips to move the dildo from side to side, forcing the narrow channel to widen. My screaming grew louder and higher in pitch as the pain became more intense. I tried to concentrate my attention only on the vulva I was servicing, but failed miserably. The dildo was backed out until just the head was stretching my anus. I knew what was to follow and she did not disappoint me. It was like a freight train had been switched from the main tracks to a spur that led to my rectum through which it was now rolling. Then she started to do me good and proper, plumbing the depths of my rectal area with every stroke. I felt wetness on the lower portion of my buttocks and then it extended to the backs of my thighs. I naively thought it at first it was sweat from me and the woman corn holing me. Then I heard her say I was bleeding like a stuck pig and I became nauseous, my naked body shaking as I realized what she was doing to my insides. That was the last thing I remembered until they revived me some time later.

       They looked concerned, as well they might be. If I arrived dead on delivery there would be hell to pay and they would likely pay it. Their little games had pushed me to the brink and we all knew it. While I was unconscious they had returned me to the strait jacket. Then it dawned on me that my reluctant penis had once more chosen the erect state. They got me back into the van and the tall one decided to take advantage of my erection. Although fully erect, my penis was still well below average in both length and girth. That proved to be no problem with my sex partner to-be. She squatted over my groin and guided my hard sex organ into her very wet vagina. Perhaps sodomizing me previously with that terrible weapon had excited her sexually and now she sought relief.

       It was a wonderful feeling and I made the most of it. I found myself thrusting up into her as she bounced her body up and down on my penis. Soon we were matching our movements and she actually sighed with pleasure anticipating her rapidly approaching orgasm. Her scream of joy made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. She slumped over my body, my hard sex organ still buried to the hilt in her soaking wet channel. The other one whistled and told her to get off me so she could take a turn if there was anything left for her. My erect penis slipped out, coated with my sex partner's juices. She touched it and whistled again. I was hard and throbbing, and it looked as if my penis had gained another inch and gotten much thicker.

       My first mistress wasted no time getting naked and mounting my hard length of sex meat or "cock" as she called it. What hidden portion of my body harbored the energy required to properly satisfy this woman was a mystery, but satisfy her I did, in spades as she said later. By then the other was ready for more of the same and so I continued my efforts to make everyone happy and hopefully satiated. I had not had any form of relief since this mini-orgy began and wondered just how long I could continue my efforts. When she was done I was still hard and yet to ejaculate. Her partner was waiting for her turn once more and so I did as she ordered.

       My penis had grown substantially by now. I was huge in comparison to what I was prior to losing my ability to develop an erection. My two captors had gotten their fill in more ways than one, but were still fascinated at the size of my new sex organ. They also soon realized that I didn't have an ejaculation in all that time, and set out to do something about that. They took turns stroking my stiff penis, but were unable to get me off, which frustrated and angered them. That scared me so much that when the tall one stroked my penis while the other sucked it, I lost my erection from fear of what might happen to me if I did ejaculate. It was far wiser to become my normal wimp self, unable to do what real men did.  Returning to my normal state seemed to mollify them and so they closed up the van with me securely restrained and my belly filled with their urine. Just before we left they had taken turns making me swallow the contents of their bladders. I was certain this had been done more to reestablish their authority over me, than any attempt to further degrade me.

                                         (To be continued - rolf palsy)

                     Pussy Whipped Wimp - Chapter 15

       I distinctly remembered the words of the driver as she announced, "Last stop". For me there was a very high probability that she was correct. The one watching me delivered a kick to my ribs and ordered me to get out of the van. Evidently my efforts to prevent falling irritated her and so she shoved me head first out of the van. I landed awkwardly, half on my knees, my face kissing the ground, which was almost as hard a concrete. Another kick made me roll over onto my back that proved to be a very bad mistake. She stomped down with her booted foot, grinding the heel into my groin and bringing a strangled scream from me. My ankles were released from the chain around my ankles and they ordered me to begin crawling toward the nondescript house some twenty yards away. It was agony and she didn't help matters by walking behind and kicking me in the bottom or the ribs whenever my pace slackened. Every few feet I would nose over and plant my face into the hard dirt much to their amusement. Even with my escort's reluctant assistance, getting up the wooden steps that left splinters in my knees took the last bit of energy I possessed. The other one pounded on the door and moments later it opened and a disembodied hand reached out, grabbed my hair and pulled me forward across the threshold.

       The body that was attached to the hand proved to be large and rather muscular for a woman. It was astonishing but true, that the sight of this caramel-colored amazon had caused me to begin developing an erection. My escorts laughed and told the woman of their adventures while they transported me to my final resting place, as one so bluntly put it. She was not amused and demonstrated her unhappiness by grabbing me by the hair and kicking me squarely in the testicles not once but twice. I vomited up some bile and a little of the piss my escorts had made me swallow. That was too much for my captors to tolerate. One of them dragged me to my feet so the others could exercise their irritation by punching me in the face and occasionally dipping low to land a brutal blow to my swollen testicles. All the while they threatened to really hurt me once my strait jacket was removed and they could get some clean shots at my body. The amazon landed a punch that split my lips, drawing blood. Her companions urged her to knock out some of my teeth, but she was mollified by the sight of the bloody foam bubbling from my split lips.

       The two that brought me here took their leave once I was out of the straitjacket and hobble, with my hands cuffed behind my back. The amazon took over and marched me down the corridor toward a door at the far end. Inside there was an examining table, a chair, a metal stand from which hung a red enema bag, a crude shower including a floor drain, a small desk and a number of file cabinets. The woman seated behind the desk looked up with an irritated look on her face. I evidently had broken her concentration, for which I was later punished. She looked to be in her early fifties with graying hair and wore glasses. She had a round, nearly plump face with no outstanding characteristics. When she got to her feet, she could look down on me. The woman was a few pounds over weight, but not fat by any stretch of the imagination. What caught my eye immediately when her smock parted was a set of breasts that were impressively large, but not sagging.

       Then it happened once more, another erection, almost as if my penis had a life of its own. The amazon laughed out loud, not caring about the woman that had created my embarrassing condition. She gave me a cold smile and came around the desk to begin my evaluation as she described the next ten minutes of humiliating poking, prodding, squeezing and invading my naked body. All that time my penis stayed erect and even twitched when she placed her gloved hand around it and squeezed while with the other hand she hefted my swollen testicles in the palm of her hand without any expression on her face. The amazon was not even watching my examination; instead she was staring at the "doctor" and occasionally licking her lips as if she was sexually interested in the woman. Perhaps they were already lovers, how could I tell?

       Her last act of humiliation was to insert her lubricated middle finger into my rectum to assess the condition of my prostate. That brought on another chuckle from my guard, which was ignored by the woman evaluating me. She made me sit down so she could draw blood, then handed me a small cup for a urine sample. My erection was still throbbing, which prevented me from cooperating, much to my dismay. She looked over to where my guard stood and frowned. I turned my head just in time to catch her fist as it landed between my eyes and caused me to sink to my knees as if I had been hit with a tree limb, a large tree limb. By the time I was pulled back to my feet the doctor was waiting with a catheter that she jammed into the head of my penis and threaded into my bladder to draw urine. The pain made me shiver and brought tears to my eyes. My urine poured out and filled the jar nearly full, compliments of all I had been forced to drink by my captors on the last leg of this journey.

       The woman took a small sample from the jar and told the amazon to make sure I drank everything that remained in the jar, even the sediment that made the contents look so murky. It took a few minutes of threats and prodding to make me finish drinking every acrid drop of my own waste product. During that time the gray-haired woman gave me a treat by keeping her coat open and adjusting her bra almost continuously, making sure I was focused on what she was doing. With that done she dismissed us both, telling the guard to take me to room seven for an introduction to the rest of my life. The caramel-colored woman who was probably no more than in her mid-twenties escorted me to room seven and my first taste of hell, letting me know that most of the folks here lasted no longer than six weeks. Currently there were two women, one only in her early twenties, the other pushing sixty, who had survived longer. I was likely to get a look at them and what they were going through to make their exit to a happier place, sooner than later. Then she added that the men usually rolled over and died in much less time, probably since most were pussies like me in disguise.

       Room seven was large, almost cavernous, made entirely of concrete without the benefit of any type of covering such as rugs or paneling. The lighting came from two huge spotlights located at each end of the prison cell. The glare from the lights made it difficult to make out the sex of the figure that was hanging by its wrists from a steel rod that jutted from the concrete wall, legs stretched by the weights attached to the prisoner's ankles. Two women wearing uniforms and carrying weapons took charge of me, while my escort gave them a mock salute and sauntered from room seven, leaving me to their tender mercies. One was amused by my determined erection; the other ignored it for the moment. Soon I was suspended spread eagle fashion in a steel frame, wrists and ankles manacled securely into the corners. Then my introduction to this new world began and seemed to last for hours.

       My erection took a brutal beating from their rubber hoses. Every sickening stroke made me wish I were somewhere else, even rejoining my wanton wife and her mother, despite Roxy's inherent cruelty and Lil's general indifference.  Amazingly my penis resisted their best efforts for a time, if anything it was growing bigger, perhaps from the bruising and swelling the hoses were causing. My captors became irritated and switched their tactics. My penis was pulled up and back until it touched my belly. Tape was used to keep it in place. Now my testicles were totally exposed and became a fresh target. The first blow landed on target and I brought up some bile mixed with urine that I'd just swallowed. The two of them hammered away on my defenseless testicles until they were so swollen that they now seemed to be one throbbing mass of pulsating flesh that sent wave after wave of high-octane pain through my bare shivering body. By now my penis was no longer taunting their efforts, having shriveled to the size of a walnut.

       One of the guards observed that after that long trip I was probably thirsty. The other laughed and quickly produced a length of plastic tubing that was jammed into my mouth and forced down into my empty belly, nearly suffocating me in the process. My throat ached; feeling as if I'd just swallowed a razor blade. I couldn't see it, but there must have been a tap nearby, for my stomach began filling with water at a rapid rate. It was possible for me to watch my stomach grow larger as the minutes elapsed. At first there was only the discomfort created by the tubing which made drawing breath a challenge, but with time my belly felt full as if I had just finished a large meal. One of the women rubbed her hand over my protruding belly and told her partner to slow down the flow before I exploded. I heard a giggle and soon I was able to handle somewhat better the feelings attached to my greatly expanded stomach.

       One of them measured my girth and announced I could take more if the pressure was reduced by half a turn. I failed to notice the change, my belly felt as if it was ready to explode. To keep my mind off my swollen stomach I listened to the guards discussing the other unfortunate undergoing some form of punishment. It turned out to be the old woman, who was still alive despite the best efforts of the organization to snuff out her life and collect their fee. She had been in the hot box, sweating off a few more ounces from her emaciated figure, still conscious and now being prepared for the same treatment I was undergoing, except she'd be getting a very special solution that would shrink many of her internal organs, including her lungs. She would be forced to expend most of her energy trying to breathe, putting a strain on her heart. In an hour or so her doctor would inject her with a drug that would raise her blood pressure to a level that would cause certain organs to fail, leading to a rather slow and painful death.

       It was at that moment I realized this was likely going to be my fate as well. The thought of being killed, no matter how, made me sick. How could I prevent such a fate, surrounded by armed guards and people who were only interested in making me give up my fiscal secrets? For a few brief moments I forgot about my present, precarious position and concentrated on developing some kind of a plan to thwart their efforts. Naturally the first step was to stonewall them about the whereabouts of my money. Sooner or later they would break my will and then step two would come into play. I'd send them on a wild goose chase. What did it matter if they discovered my lies? What would they do, kill me? It was then that my grand plan fell to pieces and I lost control of my senses. The guards were amused and shortly afterward the tap was opened just enough to cause my bulging belly to push up against my lungs. I panicked and ruined the guards' enjoyment of the situation. Even as I drifted off into darkness, it was apparent I'd pay dearly for my bad behavior.

       I was in the middle of a nightmare; the caramel-colored guard was sucking my hard cock while the plump, gray-haired lady with the giant tits was donning a strap-on that held the biggest dildo I'd ever seen. I was still hanging from the frame and sweating like a pig for no good reason. The older woman disappeared behind me and I felt the nose of that monster dildo nudging against my tight asshole.

       "I hope he screams real loud when I corn hole him with my monster fuck stick. If that doesn't help him remember where he hid his money, we can always hook his balls up to the generator and see if a thousand volts will jolt his memory.... Is that naughty boy still stiff as stone? We're going to have to take the starch out of that little tool with my loaded rubber hose. No cock can stand up to that bad boy for long. Take it from me, I know that for a fact."

       My screams were so loud they woke me up, as well as made the two guards step back and reach for their weapons. I was still stretched out on the rack and to my amazement my penis was once more very hard, perhaps from my nightmare. What else could create this swelling? My belly was still big, but not bulging as before I passed out. Then I felt the wetness covering my torso and trailing down to drip from my testicles. In one smooth motion one of the guards stepped forward and drove the baton she carried into my groin, making me bring up another torrent of water that passed through both my nostrils and mouth. I gasped and choked, but stayed conscious.

       The other guard walked down to where the older woman hung, her head against her flat chest. Her belly was distended to its limit and she looked as if she was on the verge of death. She sank her baton into the woman's vagina bringing a low moan from the scarecrow. She moved to the rear and began drubbing the woman's kidneys, moving from side to side and laughing at the strange sounds that came from the bony skeleton. I could hear the taunts and then perhaps her death sentence.


       "You sure put up a struggle, I'll give you that. Too bad you couldn't somehow watch from a distance to see how they planned your going away party. In case you don't know, first you'll be soaked in gasoline and locked in the trunk of the car with a couple of full gas cans to keep you company. I hear they want to make sure you're awake so you can think about what you're facing. By then you'll have been beaten to a pulp and your arms and legs will be broken, so there's no chance of you getting out of the trunk before the car blows up. You'll go off a cliff and as soon as you and the car are airborne, the fuse will ignite the gas in the tank causing a really big explosion. You'll probably not even know it happened since you'll be auditioning for the role of the human torch about then, ably assisted by the gas cans that also exploded making a real mess of you and the interior of the car. Now that's the way to go if you ask me, quick and spectacular."

       My guards were paged to bring me to the laboratory for more testing, thus ending my brief stay in room seven. I would return quite often and after a time be the one that the guards talked about to the other unfortunates trapped in this charnel house. For the moment it was good to be away from that awful sight of the old woman, broken at last and now on the verge of being murdered by these uncaring fiends. I closed my eyes for a brief time and replaced that poor wretch with a shattered and emaciated Roxy, nothing but skin and bones, her big breasts cleaved from her chest, her face twisted from the unending pain she had experienced and an open wound replacing her vulva. I am almost ashamed to reveal my true feelings towards that monster disguised as a woman. I began to wonder what lay in store for me in the laboratory.

                       (To be continued - rolf palsy) 

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