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Saturday Night

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Synopsis: A sadist sets out for a 'fun' date night
This is another story from my imagination. If you do not
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         Saturday Night .... FUN NIGHT!!

Saturday night, had finally rolled around, again ..

After a loooong week of boring drudgery and now it was here!

Date night USA, and after my work, I was ready for some FUN!


The dull, boring, drudge work, of the week is over and done with.

The menial tasks reserved for Saturday mornings, are all done.

It's getting on toward evening so it was time for some FUN ...



(If you like this sort of thing. Well you will see. Just tag along.)

A couple of weeks ago I saw my latest 'infatuation' Naa! It was just LUST!.

They were two roommates, easy on the eyes, and .. well .. just so down right ..
fuckable .. To me! I could tell they would both, with a little
Training' make the kind of fuck bunnies! I want.

With that in my mind, I went into research mode. Over the past few weeks, I 
observed my two 'dates' and thoroughly gathered all the information I needed on
them. My planing took into account every possible problem and ran over every
possible scenario.

(So they didn't even know I was alive .. but I now knew them .. inside and out.)

(My kind of fun requires research! LOTS of RESERCH!)

When the pair caught my eye, I knew at first sight, I had to have um. They
looked like .. tall .. slim .. big tits and nice firm rounded asses. I was sure 
they would make perfect fuck bunnies .. and really fun dates .. for me .. and
with a little of my training .. they will be downright perfect!

Tonight .. right now .. Saturday! all my research and planing had come together.

And so TONIGHT! I'd 'INTRODUCE' myself to the pair .. MY WAY!

Oh the FUN! we'll have tonight. Or maybe I should say .. the FUN I'll have!

You can't have my kind of fun without preparations, lot's of preparations and
'tools'. So to that end, all the tools painstakingly acquired, assembled,
thoroughly tested secure, in my large black bag, inside my van I started on my

All of the tools were ready for TONIGHT'S FUN! 

At this very minute, I knew both Grace and Lora (their names) would be primping
and preparing for their regularly expected boring normal dates.

(Little did they know then, tonight would be different .. Tonight they would
meet .. ME! instead.)

(Oh the fun we'll have .. but let's not get ahead of ourselves ... I still had a
little work to do before I 'introduce myself'. Now if you are real quiet, I'll
take you along with me, and you can watch .. uh .. listen .. well read all about 

The two losers, the girls were expecting, would not be coming tonight.

(I'd see to that. Boy how I'd see to that!)

Loser number one, Philip Boyle, Grace's boss, was first thing I had on my list.

Phil, although he was married man, the bastard, had Grace as his 'peace on the
side'. He used the old, "She doesn't understand me." and "I'll marry you as soon
as I get rid of her." lines, and stupid bitch Grace, fell for it. Or did she?

Saturdays he'd go to her apartment, directly from the 'happy hour' at 'The
Dragon's Tail' Bar. After many drinks, and of course, the viewing of this
Saturdays' 'big game' with his buds.

Then sated with visual stimuli, and drink, Phil's libido, wanted his strange
piece, on the side.

(This was his is usual routine! For a Saturday day.)

He all ways parked in the second floor garage across the street from the bar,
and his office. Every Saturday afternoon Phil and his gang were there, in the
bar. Little wiffie knew to expect him home late, and drunk. Ostensibly after a
hard day, working overtime, while he was really spending a day/night of drinking
with the boys, and fucking little Grace's oh so soft little, tight little pussy
hole. (On the side!)

Today though, he'd be home .. really, really late .. If at all!

As he swayed to his car, fumbling with his keys, I approached him from the rear
and zapped him, along the spine, with my trusty little cattle prod. Their was no
resistance. He fell to the concrete and lay there twitching. Then as I felt, it
was appropriate, while he lay there, on the cold concrete, I gave him another 
jolt. This time, though I applied the device, right in between his spayed open
legs. He quickly coiled into a fetal like posture.

(No fusing with physical stuff for me tonight. See .. I'm saving myself for
tonight's FUN.)

Like all ways my prod's first application, made him lose it, right away. Didn't
even muss my hair. Today I tried the effect, of a second jolt to his open
waiting crotch, just to give him his last experience there .. ever.

He had raised his knees, peed in his pants, and groaned in the pain, but
otherwise he just lay there totally out of it.

After the second 'zap', it was into his own trunk, with him, being careful to
keep his yuck away from me. Once I had him in there, I secured his inert form
with cable ties face down, ass up. Each wrist I attached to the opposite ankle,
and then I stuffed a large hollow red rubber ball in his unresisting mouth.

Now using his own keys, I drove us all over to Ron's place, in the big luxury
company owned sedan. 

Ronnie, was Loria's prick for the night .. or so she thought .. till now.

It took me no time at all to stun him too, as he tried to get into his own
little sport car. Then I placing his worthless carcass in Phil's trunk beside
Phil. It went easily except that when I opened the trunk.

It seemed that Phil had some objection to sharing his trunk with Ron.

My trusty cattle prod quieted, this dissonant out burst easily .. with another
jolt to Phil's privates.

Now, with the two losers safely secured and subdued in the trunk, I drove to a
nice quiet spot I had all picked out, under a heavily traveled bridge.

There I popped open the trunk, and went around to take permanent care of the
pathetic losers.

This time I had to 'quieted' both of them before I got on with my program, but
this was no real trouble at all for my trusty prod.

Now unhindered by the losers objections, I cut away their trouser crotches,
exposing their flaccid 'equipment'.

While they were quiet, I securing a double nylon stocking 'bag', (Actually two
white nylon stocking really.) by tying a length of 50 pound test, fishing line
around the top of each losers' ball sacks. I was almost ready.

To be doubly sure everything went the way I planned it, I used two tight nooses
for each losers sack.

(One of each of their business cards, I had previously placed into each sack,
for later identification. Use of these stocking bags, makes retrieval and the
business cards makes identifications of the 'parts' easier for me .. later.)

Now I used smelling salts, to revive both losers.

I wanted them to see and experience it all, for their education.

Now, I let them watch, while I threw the two sinkers, on the end of each line,
up and over a sturdy bridge's support truss.

Next I secured both lines under Phil's rear bumper.

Now both of them seemed to be getting kind of nervous, but I went on with my
'work'. To be fair I removed their gags, but payed their comments and pleadings,
no mind.

Their attempts at small talk didn't really interest me, so I just kept on with
my 'work'.

Their cries went unheeded by the car's whizzing by, up on the bridge level.

My smile was wasted on them, as I was wearing a black ski mask.

(It adds to the menace, and kept my identity from the losers or any nosey
passers by who might want to comment in the future.)

When I was satisfied with my preparation, I walked around the car, got in,
started it up, and squealed forward about ten feet.

A lot of noises erupted from inside the open trunk, when I started the car, and
the tumultuous noises only ended when I stopped the car and waited. I stopped
the engine, sat there waiting a while for the noise from the trunk to abate.
Then I went back to the rear of the car to retrieve the nylon bags of 'PARTS' in
two clear plastic bags.

Approaching the back of the car, as I had figured, the two blood dripping sacks
were now swinging form the fishing line at about eye level.

Using the two plastic baggies, to avoid getting that goo on me, I carefully
separated each of the marked bag of 'PART's' for future use, and detached them
from the line still attached to the bumper. Into the bags I carefully retrieved
'PARTS" bags and then I cut down all the lines and sinkers.

(You never know when you might need um again.)

Looking back into the trunk I could see their had been a serious 'accident'?

Their was a whole lot of blood, groaning, twiching .. etc, in the metal

That wasn't really interesting to me, so I slammed the trunk lid, placed the
bagged 'PARTS' into a larger baggie, and threw this in along with my fun tools.
Now I drove the sedan back to the parking garage where I had started the night's
'FUN' caper.

Wiping down the car, after I retrieved my tool bag, I locked it, and ambled over
to my own van.

Now I drove over to meet my two new 'FUN' dates.

Using the keys from Graces's loser, Phil, I let myself into the quiet apartment,
and took out my new canister of tear gas.

Placing my bag down, I went over, turned the stero on full blast, and waited.

Grace ambled out of her bedroom in her skimpy white undies and started to object
to the loud 'music'.

When she perceived me, she did the 'hide the goodies' bit.

(All bitches try to do that when they see someone unexpected, especially in
their home when they are half dressed!) 

Using the large tear gas canister, I brought along, I stifled her in mid scream.

(It is supposed to be able to deter a charging Bear! from eating you. I don't
know about that, but charging bitches? I can attest that it works wonders on
charging, screaming bitches. Try it some time.)

While Grace was rolling around, choking on the living room rug, from the
bathroom, came the sound of shower running, so I knew I had time.

Leisurely I took out the plastic cable ties. It took me no time, really, to
secure a coughing choking Grace, face down in the living room, with the cable
ties. I hobbled her by joining her right wrist to her left ankle and vice versa.
The large yellow soft rubber ball, I brought, was not easy to force into her
mouth, behind her teeth, but I was as all ways persistent.

By the time the shower stopped, I was standing right there, outside the stall,
ready to deal with little Laura.

As she opened the door into the steamy bathroom, a NAKED Laura's first sight was
of a smiling fully clothed ME!

(As it was to be a fun date for me, I hadn't showered or shaved. My comfort was
paramount tonight. They'd learn to accommodate ME!)

As she emerged from the stall, she was diddling her freshly washed, bushy little
cunt. My presence was a complete surprise.


It was so nice of her to 'freshen up' for our big night. 

A look of pure terror sprouted out of her beautiful face.

As she opened her mouth to scream the house down, I gave her a long stream of
tear gas, right into her cute little eyes, and then into her open mouth coating
her tonsils.

While she choked and sputtered, I grabbing her long wet hair, and dragged my
choking, wet, naked, second date out into the living room.

Grace, had now coming around, and stared up at Laura and I, as we emerged form
the bathroom.

She tried to object to something? Maybe my handling of her naked rommie, so I
kicked my right steal toe shoe into her half exposed left tit.

(You have to establish who is boss right away! With this type of fun date!)


Was all she could manage.

Then she turned away, clamed up and started moaning.

Little Laura was no problem. I twist tied her same wrist to same ankle, and
gagged her easily with another soft rubber ball.

Face it, after all of my labors, I needed some R&R, and Laura was there. She was
fresh .. naked .. even bent over .. with her big soft white ass stuck right up
there .. all open and just waiting for me.

Laura must have realized, what I was about, when I dropped trou and knelt behind
her dripping wet, open pink crack.

Frantically she tried to keep her holes moving safely away form my, oh so hard,

Knowing she'd be dry inside, I took out my bottle of lub-a-cunt from the bag.
While she tried to evade me, I made a game of giving both her cunt and ass holes
a liberal coating, with first one and then two fingers. Then using my now
slippery fingers, I penetrated and really lubed the inside of all her 'works'.

Now she really started to try evading me.

Little did she know, a moving target was no problem to my old friendly guided

In matter of fact, it just made my first fuck of her, more ... interesting.

With my fist holding, old snakie, I commenced to stabbing between the now
glistening pink labia, playfully. Whenever he found a hole, Laura commenced to
bucking like a mechanical bull thing in some bars.

As I was in a playful mode, I let her give it her all. In fact after some time,
to 'help' her focus, I took a long slender 10" but plug out of my bag and
playfully plugged it into her tight little ass hole just a little.

Feeling this, she really did her bucking cow imitation. But I sunk the bright
red thing into her most private hole in short stabs alternated with slight

The 10 incher easily slipped in for about 4 inchs, but then the going got hard.

Grabbing her pubic hair with my right hand, I used left hand to screw the thing
in to the 6 inch mark. Now I handle it's large end and rotate it around and
around. She calmed down some, and then a steady hard push into that big
beautiful snow white ass of hers, to get it past the indentation at 8+ inches
mark I had the thing secured.

Once that was secured, I set back on my knees and let her try to frantically
shit it out, and wiggle to her hearts content. Soon she realized it was futile. 
Maybe she was tiring? Whatever! She stopped waving her plugged ass and open cunt
at me .. 

Again I commenced the game of stab 'old snakie' at the now remaining opened,
tightened, lubed vagina.

The flurry of evasive movement, this time, was feeble, and I then too was tiring
of the game, so I steadied her hips with both my hands, and sunk 'ole snakie'
right into her tightened lubed cunt hole.

Their is nothing like the feel of a nice, young, tight, lubed, cunt, when I sink
'ole snakie' into um for the first time!

(Especially if she is tightened by a large ass plug, and unwilling!)

To make her do the work, I just grabbed on to her hips, sunk snakie all the way
into her and held on for dear life. It was soo tight and secure, I could just
relaxed and let her do the work. Her shaking, shimming and moving did, it all 
wonderfully for me.

The more she fought, the better I liked it.

When she slowed, I encouraged her by slapping her ass plug as hard as I could
with my right palm.

But 'Dam it'!, I was all worked up, and she had such a twichie cunt. I came too
easily. 'Dam it!'

As my cum flowed into her cunt, I knelt there, deep inside. Just holding onto
her hips, and plump ass for support, sweating my ass off.

Looking over, I noticed at the other side of the room, Grace was again back at
her post, starring daggers at me, but at that moment, I felt soo good, I wasn't
even pissed at her.

(When I get a nut, I get all peaceful and happy. .. After all the night was
young and we weren't going to be interrupted. I'd made sure of that!)

Withdrawing from Laurie's now cum filled hole, I crawled over and wiped my
fowled dick in a glaring Grace's so soft blond hair.

To say she was not happy and sought to kick out at me, would be an
understatement, but fixed as she was, it was only a pathetic gesture.

Tiring of Grace's bad attitude, I decided to get started with her training.
After all I was drained .. for the moment. Her training would recharge me. 

Backing away form the messy hair, I got up and decided to shuck off all my

(To get comfortable!)

Then I went into the kitchen, made myself a drink, and set the filled kettle on
the stove on high. While it came to a boil, with my drink in my hand, I set off
to explore the rest of the bitches place.

In Graces room, I found her undie draw and emptied it into a pillow case. (She'd
have no further need of that shit.) In her jewelry box I found just the danglie
ear rings I would need later.

Before I could get to Laurie's room to explore, I was interrupted by the sound
of the kettle whistling.

Taking my drink with me, I went to retrieve the kettle, and brought it into the
living room with the pillow case of Grace's undies.

My two 'dates' were much as I had left um. Grace laying there and Laura bent
over oozing cum from her freshly used cunt. I pushed Laura over so she too was
on the floor.

Laura on her side, dribbling my old cum out of her hairy cunt, with the 10" butt
plug still firmly stuck inside her stuffed ass hole. She'd given up trying to
shit it out and resigned herself to living with the thing inside her till I
wanted it out.

You've got to hand it to Grace though. She was still trying to get somewhere
even in her balled up condition.

Sitting down on their couch, I informed them,

"Listen to me! Let's get some things straight. Your previous meaningless lives
are over! I'm here and I now OWN YOU'SE!"

"After tonight you will all ways answer ... RESPECTIFULLY .. ANSWER .. to me for
everything you do."

"The losers you think are coming, and going to save you, are .. um .. other wise
occupied. They will no longer interest you!"

"You don't believe me yet .. BUT YOU WILL!"

To punctuate these statements, I got up and casually pored a small dollop of the
scalding water onto Graces half exposed right tit.

"UUU!! HHH!" was all she could manage.

Defensively she rolled over, trying to cover the sensitive, now reddening milk
bag. With no real effort I doled out some more of the liquid toward her other
side in the direction of the left boob.

Now she turned again trying to keep her chest facing the floor, with her naked
back now toward me. She scrunched, up so that her panty covered ass was sticking
right up there.

Smiling, I saw an opening, and pored about a half a cup full of HOT! water, down
on to her panty covered ass cheeks and partially open crack.

Then she really lost it!

As she could not scream, she rose up on her knees, like a flopping fish and
tried to mumbled something. Suddenly she flopped right down and began hitting
her head on the floor. She even managed an inhuman howl.

My point made with Grace, I shifted my focus to Laura's defenseless white ass.

Moving along over to there, I made motions with the kettle, causing a sloshing
sound, as if to pore some of it's biting contents onto her tender defenseless
naked skin.

Being naked, she could not even count on the protection of a panty covered

Wide eyed, shaking her head "NO!", she tried to turn away form me. Grabbing her
hair, I looked into her eyes and tilted the kettle.

The just below boiling liquid sloshed, a dollop, onto the living room carpet.

Laura closed her eyes waiting for the pain ... but it never came. After a
minute, she opened her eyes, slightly and looked at me through narrow slits.

"I'll bet you could be a good little pussy slave for me .. Couldn't you?" I
inquired of the tight little slits.

(What did she have to lose .. She figured .. I'd had her, all ready, using her
'holy of holys'. It hadn't really that bad, compared to the potential of the
boiling liquid I held over her spread out, naked skin. You could see the little
wheels in there going round and round, figuring. She could just go along now,
and then, in the future, she would get away .. some how!)

Emphatically she shook her head up and down, indicating though she might not
know what 'a pussy slave' would be, she would be a good pussy slave for me right
here and now.

A wave of the kettle over her, and another sloshing out of the steaming liquid
caused the potential smile to change. Quick as it had come, the expression on
her face turned again to fear and anxiety.

"We'll just see if you are sincere." I informed her picking up the large shinny
butcher knife I'd taken from their well stocked kitchen.

(Appearances are important. So when threatening pussies with a knife make it the
biggest baddest you can find.)

With exaggerated flourishes, I cut loose all her appendages.

As she lay there, rubbing her wrists, quaking starring up at me, I joined her
unresisting ankles together, to keep her under control.

Handing the large kitchen knife to her, I ordered.

"That bitch's under ware offends me ... CUT it all off her! OH! and try not to
cut up her skin .. too much. She is my other fucking cunt .. after all ..
Understand me! Little Cunt?"

Quaking in fear, Laura quit rubbing her sore wrists, and took the knife with two
fingers, like she would handle a spider or some other nasty thing. She
hesitated, but seeing my frown, quickly crawled over, and began to slash the
under-ware off her former friend.

The recovering Grace was beside herself with rage! Her own friend was now
denuding her .. before .. before .. me, with a butcher knife!

Smiling at her expressions, I playfully kicked out at the now exposed shaking
left tit.

A low bellow was followed by a cessation of all movement. Laura had nicked
Graces flank because of her movement. Working industriously Laura soon had all
the mysteries of Grace laid bare for us to see. Her roomie lingered over her
with the knife, but surrendered it to me when I held out my hand!

"Would you look at that! She trims that nasty patch for her loser boy-friend?
You know, Laura, all the true whores do that. They do it to tease their
customers, but then too it make clean up, after quickies, quicker. After all
time is money .. when you're a whore. You know .. Well now as I want my slut's
cleaner, why don't you just dry shave that nasty little pelt, all off her? Here
just use this knife. I'll go get some soap and water to freshen up the crack
when it is all nice and smooth. OK?"

Turning away, I got up to go to the bathroom.

Grace tried to show her 'former friend' her disapproval, by shaking her head,
and whole body, and grunting, LOUD! But when Laura moved, the gleaming knife
down between her thighs .. a fearful Grace quieted down, lay back, spread her
knees opened as wide as she could and again stopped all movements.

Satisfied that Laura was going about her assigned task, I went to their
bathroom, found an old razor, some toilet soap and returned to the front room
with a bowl from the kitchen. Then taking the knife from her, I forced the
little plastic razor into her right hand.

Then with some hot water from the kettle, the soap, and the little pink razor,
Laura needed no new instructions. She went over the now crimson labia, clean
shaving her friends irritated lower belly and all ready smooth cunt lips. Then
at a nod from me, she worked the razor all around inside the slit she held open
with the fingers of her left hand. Sliding her fingers down the slit further,
she even did the area around the tight little ass grommet .. denuding the
remaining pesky hairs surrounding the ass hole.

As Laura worked, I provided Grace with a running commentary,

"You're doing a good job on that. Oh you missed some up here. Make it all shinny
and pink for me! Be sure to get all those pesky little shits around her asshole

Leaning in close, I whispered into Laura's ear,

"You better do a good job of that. Because, if you fail me, when I have her do
you, I won't use a sharp knife or razor, I'll have her use that old potato
peeler I found in the kitchen, on yours pubes next."

At that comment, Laura went about the unfamiliar task of shaving another
female's pubes, with an eye to great detail. It seemed like no time at all when
she looked, up hopefully from her roomie's freshly denuded cunt.

It looked fine .. The belly was a little irritated and red but the effect of the
denuding was as all ways 'dick hardening' for me!

Giving her some hand cream I'd found in their bathroom, I motioned to the naked

Reluctantly, after looking up at me to show her distaste, Laura reluctantly took
a hand full of cream, and began rubbing the white, sweet smelling goop into and
all around her friend's freshly shaved privates.

As it amused me to see her embarrassment, I kept Laura, coating and massaging
Grace's naked cunt for a long, long time.

"Don't forget to get in inside. I'll be using that soon and I want it slippery
when I do it." I demanded.

Kneeling there, overseeing Laura's work I felt the gentle stirring of my fuck

(We had all night .. OK, so I could of done it myself, but making Laura's use
her inexperienced hands on her friends cunt, and fingers inside, amused me.)

"Looks good enough to eat .. Doesn't it?" I asked the shaking girl.

Laura looked up at me with those soulful eyes, and though, she was gagged, she
tried to let me know, by shaking her head, she wasn't that kind of girl. I mean
a cunt licker, NAAA! and she didn't want to be.

Well that's just too bad, but that would come, later.

 I thought but I said,

"Right now why don't you go ahead .. and .. masturbate her! By hand!"

When she hesitated, I demanded,

"And don't try, to tell me, you don't know how. Now you had your cum. I had mine
But you selfish bitch she didn't. So you better give her. Or else!"

Laura dropped her eyes, turned a nice shade of red and tried to crawl away.

Leisurely I extended my arm and pored some of the still really hot liquid from
the kettle on to her naked back.

She twisted her body up, stuck out her belly and tried to hide her reddening
back from any more of the liquid.

"NOW! NOW! I will not tolerate such behavior. Get back to the task I assigned 
to you! Or I'll burn the skin off your back and if that doesn't convince you ..
there are other places .. "

Holding her hair so that she was looking right into the kettle's still steaming
spout, I sloshed the kettle back and fourth in front of her eyes.

"I heard somewhere, boiled eye balls are considered a delicacy .. in some
circles. Should we try it now? Or are you going to get on with it?"

She knew she was defeated. Reluctantly Laura crawled back to Grace's side and 
reached into her friend's now closely closed crotch. She sought out the little
love button at the top of the now dancing thighs, seeking to evade her fingers.
The delicate pink vaginal labia were under there, somewhere, and Grace's actions
weren't going to deter me, so I demanded,

"Quit messing around! Get to it and masturbate this bitch's clit for me?" 

Grace was trying her best deter to Laura, moving her legs and body about, so I
again had to pore some of the now luke warm water on Grace's vulnerable tits.

A startled Grace looked up, and moaned, but seeing resistance was futile, she
quickly stopped all movement and let Laura 'do her'.

Acquiescence, she would soon find, was the only way.

Using a straight back chair from the kitchen I sat, bent over and watched
intently as Laura's soft fingers brought about three hard felt cums from a her
very reluctant roomie, Grace.

"You do good work, bitch. In future, I think I will make you my official
masturbator of bitches. Wouldn't you like that?"

Laura only stared at the floor.

"OK. Now get up. Go sit on the coffee table. Good, now spread those whore knees
and let's see how you do that to your own dripping cunt. Don't try to tell me
you're cunt's not ringing wet too!"

A red faced Laura managed to rise up, and sit on their coffee table. Reluctantly
she spread her knees, and after a furtive glance, first at me, and then at
Grace, she start to manipulate her own tiny bud. She could not keep her eyes on
either of us, and so settled for a view of the area rug pattern between her

As further persuasion might be needed, I left her to her perversion, and went
into the kitchen. There I filled and started heating up some more water. You can
never have enough boiling water.

When I returned, Laura was straining through another cum. She looked up at me,
but by my smile, she knew I didn't want her to stop, so she continued to
pleasure herself, before an audience for the first time.

She looked almost relieved when I slapped her right hand from her crotch and
told her,

"OK! OK! It's plain to see if you are really and experienced pervert at that.
Give that nasty bud a rest, for now!"

"Not bad for this time, but I will expect improvements in future sessions. OK!
Now! Turn over there! Belly down .. on your hands and knees, but stay up there
on the coffee table. .." I demanded of the reluctant, just debauched Laura.

As she did that. Now her big beautiful white ass was sticking up there, all
naked, and available. It seemed just waiting for me, calling for my stiffening
organ, again.

As I don't like to repeat my fucks, on the same date, with a swift yank, I
ripped the tightening dummy, from it's perch in Laura's tightly puckered ass
hole, and threw it on to the table.

"Yea like that. Now STAY!"

She expected the WORST!

The formally tight pucker little brown rose, had been replaced. It now lay there
between the so smooth white skin cheeks, gaping open available as my 'fuck
hole'. True I had plans .. for that .. fuck hole in future, but not right now.

Right now I wanted to spread the wealth .. Grace hadn't had a taste of my fuck
stick .. yet .. and I wanted to remedy that.

After securing Laura's hands under the table, with more of my twist ties, and
spreading her knees to each side of the wooden top, I ordered!


Going across the room, I cut the waiting, now denuded Grace, free of the twist
ties that had held her captive since we first 'met'.

While she rubbed her wrists, and twisted around trying to play 'hide the
goodies' from me. I informed her,

"I'm going to take that ball out of your cake hole, but if you say 'ONE WORD! 
ONE FUCKING WORD!' I'm gonna cut out your fucking tongue. Even though I may have
a later use for it. Do you .. UNDERSTAND ME!?"

With terror in her eyes, she gazed up at me, and reluctantly nodded ..
hesitantly at first, but at a frown from me, she began emphatically bobbing her
sweating head. 

Then I released the large spit soaked rubber ball, by tearing the tape holding
it in, off her jaw, and yanking it out of her oral cavity.


She yelped.

Frowning, I quickly placed the butcher knife up to her lips.

Terrified, she just sat there, very still, scared shitless, looking at me, but
she didn't attempt to speak again.

"Kneel up here." I demanded, slapping Laura spread open, naked ass. "Close up to
the little whore's works .. Yea like that, now, get your face in there real
close to that ass hole. Study it and don't be looking around."

"Careful! Bitch." I demanded. "You value that tongue, you'd better hold it
still! REMEMBER!"

Stepping up over Laura's soft white back, I positioned my still soft gooey
flaccid fuck stick above Laura's crack and demanded,

"Now your gonna show me how good you can use that tongue! Your going to clean me
off and get me hard again and wet. Really WET! And your going to do it QUICK!"

Looking at my watch as I went on,

"In exactly one minute, I'm going to be fucking your big fat ASS! If you want to
save a lot of wear and tear on it, then, your gonna slobber and lube me up, the
best you can. But it's your ass. But maybe you like to be fucked up there ...

The look of horror in her eyes said it all.

"Well? Get to work! And remember, if I find it too tough going, I'll use my nice
big sand paper covered dildo, first and then go back at it with my dick. Aw and
10 seconds are gone, you now have 50 seconds."

Frantically Grace, inhaled my fucking member and commenced to licking off the
goo around it. She totally disregarding the taste of the mixture of her rommie's
and my fuck juices coating my tool from it's former use. All the while her
roomie's ass was setting right there beside her laboring tongue.

At exactly one minute, I withdrew my organ from her frantic oral servicing. 
Forced her face down further into little Laura's bent over ass. Again
positioning her face looking right at the cute little spread open ass grommet ..

From my bag, I now withdrew the back rubber two headed dummy, and inserted one
of the bulbous helmet shaped heads of it into Grace's unresisting cake hole.
Securing it to her head by the strap, I stepped over them, knelt behind Grace,
and placing my now stiff dripping man snake at the entrance of her oh so tight
virgin ass pucker.

Then I ordered Grace,

"Now I'm going to fuck your ass, and so as Laura doesn't feel left out, while I
fuck you, you're going to fuck her ass for her ... and your gonna do it HARD!
for her! OK?"

On hearing my order, little Laura started to try scrunch up, to avoid the
dummies plastic point, by moving and jerking the intended target away form it.

"Aww she is shy .. Probably a virgin back there. You aren't are you? Well too
bad! Now don't let her do that! Hold on to her! .. Grab a hold of her hips! Hold
them tight while you fuck her .. Or else! OK! Now enough stalling around here,
I'm ready, so here I come! Ready not!"

Once I gained that purchase, and was happily fucking into her tight ass, I
looked down and observed, she was just moving with me and not really trying to
ram the end of her mouth dummy into Laura's tight little ass hole.

Without stopping my fucking rhythm, I leaning over her sweat soaked back, and
whispered in her ear,

"God your ass is tight, right now, but we'll fix that with a whole lot more of
this. OK? Oh! Yea I'm getting close to my cum. Now if I cum before you get her
to .. I gonna have to have her do your ass with my BIG sand paper dummie, we
talked about before. You remember? And she'll do you till you cum again. So if I
was you, I'd hurry it up down there with your fucking of her ass hole .. OK?"

Laughing, I reared back, and drove 'snakie', full length into her bowels. It
felt just like soft butter .. soo good! As I went back to my rhythm, fucking her
tight ass hole with fast and deep .. to the balls .. strokes, Grace, it seemed,
had gotten my message, because suddenly she started to imitate my fucking deep
stroke actions in her friends little ass hole, with her mouth toy, like I knew
she could. And she steadied her roomie's ass with both her hands.

Laura tried to snake her suffering ass hole away, but Grace now motivated, held
here hips and started to fuck away like the motivated bitch I wanted her to be!

Satisfied I knew Laura's ass hole was getting the horrendous fucking, I wanted
for it, by the solid rubber dummy, wielded by her rommie's head.

Yea I was having a really great fucking experience, physically and visually,
with the both my reluctant fuck dates.

Truly my kind of FUN!

This really amused me. Watching, Grace fucking her rommie tight asshole. But I
was losing concentration, so I went back to my own goal, mainly getting my nut,
for the second time tonight.

The second time, for me takes longer ..

It requires me laboring, and sweating like a pig, and it hurts .. but when you
get that nut .. it hurts, soo good! You all know what I mean!

Yes! It was shaping up to be a real 'FUN NIGHT' for ME! anyway so far.

Shortly then, with sweating balls, I drained my nut .. again.

Suddenly I was soo tired, and satisfied!

Leaning forward, I just lay there relaxing, for a while, over Grace's sweating,
heaving back, as 'snakie' went all gooey again and soft.

Grace didn't pause, she went on with her assigned task but, despite her best
efforts, Laura's ass hole, though penetrated, had held out. She just couldn't
make Laura cum.

When I was rested, I slipped 'snakie' out of her, and grabbed Grace's sweat
soaked hair, dragged her face, dildo and all, back out of Laura's crack. Back
away from the now distended ass hole. 

Delighted, I saw Laura's most private hole was red and staying open, wider than

(Grace's efforts, I hopped, has taken the starch out of it for my next useage.)

Exploring my new fuck date, I guided my right hand, down below the ass hole,
along the crack, and started fingering Laura's unused cunt hole. It did not feel
the least bit wet .. In matter of fact it was bone dry.

Grace had failed me ... in the task I had assigned her.

Aw well, I kind of expected that .. and I had warned her. So she had taken a
little of the starch out of Laura's ass hole, I don't give partial credit to my
bitches. I did get a second cum out of her ass, though, so it wasn't a total

Removing the dummy from Grace's mouth, and curtly I ordered her,

"Be a good bitch! Clean my fuck stick! Since you are not a good fucker maybe
you'll make a good cock sucker and it is from your ass, so it's your mess. And
remember not one WORD!"

Grace looked distressed so I retrieved, and buzzing the cattle prod. With it's
crackling blue flame like bolt, I quelled any objection.

Reluctantly Grace again approached my messy man spear, but at another buzz from
the prod, she was convinced to 'clean up her mess' on my dick.

Reluctantly she worked slowly, which suited me just fine. I had sat back in a
chair rested my now weary bod, and let her clean me up.  

Both ass holes were now 'opened' and ready, but I wanted to relax and have a
little frantic 'loving' done to me. After all, I was tired, so I lay down .. on
my back, and ordered, gesturing to 'old snakie',

"Bitch your gonna sit on 'er and ride me like the old whore you are. You're
going to give me the best ride you ever gave anyone!"

When Grace looked down, disgusted, I again buzzed the prod.

This convinced her!

Grace swung her leg over and saddled up. Then she started to ride me,

All I had to do was lay there, hands behind my head, watching her efforts.

Reaching up I grabbed hold of her nipples. As they were sweaty I pinched ..

Then using 'um like reins on a team of prancing horses, I shook the mammorys,
and drove her to greater and greater efforts.

Encouraged by this Grace began to really put her whole body and cunt to my dick!

"Bitch! I want that cunt .. uh .. squeezing and you riding .. Now get to it!"

Grace took to her work like a good whore. Every time she showed signs of tiring,
I twisted or snapped the double nipple grip, I had on her precious mammarys ..

Thus motivated, she brought me closer and closer to that awfully hard .. third

When I felt it cumming on, I tit manipulated her to rise up, got my fuck stick
out of her now juice filled cunt, and forced her forward to her still tighter
ass hole.

This time .. though it wasn't new .. wasn't as tight .. as it had been before I
opened it. So now it was sized to it's familiar 'fucker'.

Trying to get it over with, I guess, Grace sat down and commenced, some really
nice, side to side, hip action .. OH MAN!  How that bitch could 'rotate' that
thing. And squeeze that anus ...

All too soon for me, old 'snakie' puked out his oh so thin third juice into her
bowels, again.

Soo that was it, for now .. for me.

Using my tit hold I guided her head down and she again started to 'clean up'.

After doing her clean up chore, again, Grace gratefully let me lay her on her
back in the center of the living room rug.

Laura obediently lay down, face to cunt with her, after I released her from over
the coffee table.

When I removed the sponge from Laura's mouth, drove her right face right into
Grace's crotch, at the command, 

"Get to it! Lick that cunt! Do it till I get tired watching."

Grace just lay there on the bottom, thinking she was going to rest, so I nudged
her with my toe and demanded,

"YOU TOO! Whore. Lick the bitches nasty hole there. You're not on vacation

Wearily I sat down, again, in their recliner, watching, what was probably their
first lezzie experience. The reluctance on their faces was amusing.

<'Every body has to start some time.' I all ways say.>

A tingling in my balls told me, I wanted to, again, but old 'snakie' just
wouldn't get it up there ..

Well he had done his duty .. three times soo far, so I decided to just be a
voyeur for a while. Just rest and let the bitches have at it..

Occasionally I had to nudge, one of my tyro lezzies but nothing hard was
required. They were broken but not really into it .. yet!

Finally, after about an hour of soo, the girls slowed down again, and I was
bored, so I got up. Removed the ringing pliers from my bag, and knelt by Graces
head. There I reached down and snagged Loria's cunt lip. Flared it out, got the
hood to reveal it's now little wet little nest.

The pliers closed over the slip of pink girlie flesh ... and ..



Now Laura's clitoral hood sprouted a shinny little chrome ring! Which I quickly
snapped closed.

Laura outburst reminded me what I forgot. I stuffed the sloppy sponge back into
her cake hole.

From an envelope I withdrew the length of piano wire with two little loops in
the ends.

It took some doing, but I managed to affix the wire, through the ring with the
loops finally secured over Graces eye teeth, thus joining the new 'lezzies' head
to crotch ... at that one end.

After stuffing another sponge into Graces cake hole, I went around to Laura's
all ready plugged gob and fished around Graces crotch for her clitoral hood.
Found it, spread it out, and ringed it with my trusty pliers.

Grace was unhappy and moved her ass around to show her displeasure, but a
similar length or wire secured that hood ring to Laura's eye teeth easily.

Next I duck tapped the two bodies belly to belly, arms at their sides and
ordered my fun dates to keep quiet. Their master was tired, and was going to be
sleeping for a while.

Into the small plastic container, I brought with me, I placed the keys and
filled the rest of the space with water. Then the container went into the
freezer section of their refrigerator.

Wearily I made my way into Laura's bedroom. Flopped down naked in the clean silk
sheets and caught a few winks.

About midnight I awoke.

Feeling again refreshed I climbed out of the now nasty soaked sheets, and went
to their living room to resume my 'fun date'.

The girls were right where I left um, on top of the coffee table, joined head to
crotch ... just waiting for me to play with them .. again!

Taking a gob of my lub-a-cunt I slicked up Grace's now well used ass hole and
sunk old 'snakie' again into the slightly looser hole.

Laura really got a real good view as my balls kept bouncing off her forehead.

It felt like my dick was going in and out of a container of soft warm wet

Too quickly I came!  But it couldn't be helped.

Leaving them there with my cum dripping down over Laura's face I went into their

After refreshing myself from their stock of cold drinks, I went back to attend
to my 'fun dates'.

Seeking new vistas to fuck, I turned them over.

Old 'snakie' was up to it, again, and raring to get at Loria's long unused
neither hole.

Over her hood ring right before Grace's eyes, I commenced to fucking the smaller
neither hole on the littler woman vigorously.

So she didn't feel left out I removed the sponge from Grace's mouth and ordered,

"Grace whyn't you lick my balls to keep me entertained. While I fuck Laura's ass
hole for her .. again. OK?"

Grace seemed to be trying to hold out, but then I asked,

"Would you rather I cut out that tongue? You know you didn't get Laura to cum
last time when I ordered you to. Now get that tongue licking my balls!"

Remembrance of the former promise must have dawned on her, for soon I felt her
soft wet tongue bathing my hairy ball sack as I fucked on.

Grace seemed to really try to do her duty. Her efforts drove me to cum again,
all the sooner in Laura's little ass hole.

Again I stuffed their cake holes with the nasty dripping sponge balls.

Satisfied they were quiet I left them on their coffee table again while I
prepared their supper.

Back in the kitchen I used one of their big coated skillets to prepare their
late night special 'supper'.

It would be just a simple repast. No side dishes just the main course. 

The meat I had obtained earlier in the evening cooked up quickly.

When the four things were cooked, medium rare, I took them, in the skillet into
the living room. There I removed the sponges from my bitches mouths.

As they were sort of out of it, their was no screaming or resistance.

From their own pan, I served them, the rare delicacy, I had prepared.

Carefully I saw to it that each bitch, got her own former lovers meat.

As the girls did not know what it was, they chew it all up. Like good girls!

Then too the presence of the sharp knife in their faces convinced then.

Once they finished the pan's contents, I again used my ringing pliers and
secured a small hole in each bitches septum.

Using a small lock I, secured them this time nose to clit hood.

Removing the tape from their bodies, I informed them that this was the first of
many visits I would make on them.

Placing the now frozen cube of ice in the ash tray, I informed them that when
the ice melted they would find the keys that would free them from their current

While we sat there, waited for the ice to melt, I informed them of the new rules
of their lives.

1. NO UNDERWARE!! EVER!! This very evening you are to bundle up any of the nasty
things that I missed and toss them down the incinerator shoot.

2. You're pussies are to be denuded every day and waxed every other weeks.

3. No CLOTHES ever in the apartment. They are to be open available to me
whenever I chose to arrived .. NO QUESTIONS! They are to just drop and spread
whenever I appeared.

4. Whenever I sent a messanger .. They were to treat him / her / it as if it was
me and submit to what ever I / or / they ordered.

5. From now on they were to NEVER EVER touch their own bodies again! They were
to wash each other, dry each other, wipe each other after bodily functions, make
up each other, and in general do all the grooming for the other. Thus if I found
that Laura wasn't clean and properly groomed .. Grace will get beaten.

Failure to obey would bring about swift punishment! Maybe even ... well let's
not think about that.

As I was tired and 'snakie' was done for the night, I rose and went to the door
to leave.

"Remember OBEY ME! Or when I visit again, and I will visit again, tonight will
seem like a church social." I informed the naked pair still affixed nose to
clitoral hood.

Then I exited the apartment, leaving them secured 'nose to tail', to wait for
the ice cube to melt.

At my place, in my own warm little bed, I waited till morning before I called
them with the cloned phone.

A rather subdued Laura answered,

"H - H - hello!" she began.

"Shut up and kneel down on the floor!" I demanded.

"Get the other whore over there beside you. Now hold the phone beside both of
your ears and you both listen to me. NOW!"

"That snack I fed you last night was your boy friends balls."

A wrenching sound occurred on the other end of the phone but I went on,

"So if you've even thought of going to the police, FOR GET IT! You have the DNA
of their organs in you, and all over your place, for a few days and I'll fix it
so that you get the blame for their current predicament."

"Right now! I want you both to take a shower. Remember! You are not to touch
yourselves. You are to wash each other, like I told you. Then you are to go
outside, and await further instructions, out on your balcony. Stand there arms
behind your heads .. Legs spread! NAKED! and wait for my call."


Their first order was to test my control.

Later in the day, on a roof about a mile away, I sat with my video camera with
the huge zoom lens. With this I could see and record if they had been obedient.

If they disobeyed me .. well I'd just have to visit them again with a little
more 'fun stuff'.

But there they were, naked, stretched out .. waiting! And despite the chilly fog
shrouded air, they stood there, naked on their balcony waiting for my

Their was a cool breeze that day, but I sat there with a nice warm coat on. 
Sitting there I began sipping my warm coffee, listened to a classical cd and
observing them as they stood, naked on their balcony, and froze.

If they had someone over there waiting for me to show up, I felt I could
comfortably wait um out.

After about two hours or so I figured, the police would be come anxious, and the
nudies would be taken in or joined by their 'help'. But I would be here, safe
and warm.

When I was satisfied, I went inside and called them, again.

(As I said, it was cold out on the roof.)

At the connection was made, I ordered Laura, who answered the phone,

"Reach down between the bitches legs and masturbate her! Give her the phone!"

Then to a startled Grace, as she was being masturbated, I demanded,

"Lean over and play kissie face with that lezzie bitch roomie of your's while
she pleasures your nasty sex, there."

The video signal from the camera still out on roof, showed me that the girls
were being 'real good'. Any voyeurs up at that hour got an eye full, but I had
it all on tape. Later I'd make a DVD record for future use.


When I tired of the viewing the enforced masturbation, and was satisfied with
their performance, I phoned them again. This time I ordered them inside their
apartment and to bed.

After waiting and watching from inside my place, all safe and warm, till it got
really dark, I went out and retrieved my video camera.

Then I again waited, watching their building entrances for the emergence of any
police or suspicious looking people.

About 4 am, when I was satisfied, they had been good .. I cautiously returned to
their apartment door.

Using the keys, I had 'acquired' during my 'FUN DATE', I let myself into the
premises. Again I turned on the stereo, and went exploring. To my great
displeasure I found my fun fuck mates were each sleeping in their separate
little rooms and beds.. wearing nighties with panties! No less!

Not giving them time to awake, using their hair handles, I unceremoniously
dragged them both out of bed, to the center of the living room rug.

With the butcher knife from their kitchen, I denuded each of them, as they lay
there shivering with fright.

Once that was done, I positioned then, in the learning position, (face to cunt,
up on the coffee table) to receive further 'instruction'.

As the camera still had lot's of tape, I knew could I'd get it all down .. Every
nasty, deviant lick and slurp, so I set up the video camera on a tripod bside
the coffee table and locked it ON!

"When we're done today you will remove everything from the smaller bed room ..
EVERYTHING! In future that will be your sleeping room. The two of you will sleep
like this! Each of you will be freshly bathed, freshly shaved, perfumed and
ready for me .. or rather my dick's use. Now show me, if you've learned how to
pleasure each other .. till I tire of your exhibition YOU BITCHES."


The loud blue discharge, from my industrial cattle prod, in the air above them,
convinced them to get to their task, industriously. After seeing they were
getting with it, I went to their kitchen, set about making myself a cup of

When I returned to the living room, my naked pair of reluctant lezzies were
really going at it. Maybe they were really into it.(I didn't really care as long
as they did as I ordered.)

The two soft white bodies, looked great laying there, entwined, covered with
flowing perspiration, licking the other's flowing cunt.

Seeing their actions, and reactions, I was glad I had this record of their
current doings on a tape, for my collection. The first of many I felt.

When I witnessed two or maybe it was, three more orgasms.. I needed relief, so
after checking holes .. I unlimbered old 'snakie' from his trousers home, and in
my mind played, 'pick a fuck hole' on my two naked female slaves.

They'd feel soo honored if and when I selected their hole.

As Laura happened to be below Grace at the time, I fitted old 'snakie' over her
nose and laboring tongue. There I plugged into Grace's recently opened ass hole.

The reaction was immediate, Grace's head reared up, at insertion. Soon I
manually pushed the head down. As it descended I began rabbit fucking her most
private hole to my hearts content.

As my cum was coming on I demanded,

"You down there .. Laura. Don't just lay there .. watching my dick .. lick my
balls and when I come, nip at her clit .. till I pull out and then clean my
dick. To be one of my sluts, you're got to learn to make yourself useful ..."

Slowly at first I felt the feeble stabbing of Laura's warm wet reluctant tongue
swipe at my hairy swinging balls.

(My first fuck of the day, at DAWN! I all ways feels soo GOOD! to start out like

I know .. I know .. I couldn't help it. Old 'snakie' got carried away, and came
too quick .. but you try it! A tight sucking ass hole, a tongue licking your
balls, there is nothing like it!

Fucking a nice newly opened, softened, ass hole, while being licked by your
other bitch .. from below. AH! AH! AH!

I'm only human! you know.

As old 'snakie' slipped out all shriveled, nasty and disgusting, and Laura went
right to work. Then I pulled out and went to Grace's resting head. I lifted up
on her hair, and presented old 'snakie' to her sweat soaked eyes.

Wide eyed, she didn't want to. but my training prevailed. She ovaled her lips
and accepted him, at I command,

"Clean him up! NOW!" 

She licked slowly, at first, but after a bitch slap to the back of her head, she
got on with the clean up.

Standing there with two naked females at my beck and call, I let her go on and
go on till 'old snakie' started to stiffen.

Suddenly I was tired so I withdrew and sat down in their 'comfee chair' to rest.

Fucking these bitches was proving to be soo satisfying!

Their mouths, cunts and ass holes ..

I was even considering settling down here, with these bitches, but then I
remembered, their are so many other cunts out there, and soo little time ...

Seated there I instructing them to,

"Lick each other to five more cums and then sleep right there till noon!"

While they were on cum number two, I packed up my shits, and withdrew from their
place, leaving them to their task / pleasure.

Maybe I'd come back to um .. someday .. but that would be another story! Now
wouldn't it.

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