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Synopsis: Three girls on a camping trip are kidnapped by a parmilitary group and tortured for information when suspected of spying.


by J Scourge

Paulina groaned out loud. The pain in her breasts and vagina was excruciating. She was still recovering from the last jolt, her breath coming in great gasps now. Her naked skin glistened under the bright light. Helpless, she again strained at her bonds but to no avail. She could not budge an inch. Looking at the commander with a combination of terror and bewilderment she could do nothing to stop the torture. A camping vacation with her two best friends was to be a dream come true. Now the dream had become a nightmare.

He loved the look--captured, immobile, fearful, and in pain. With wicked intent he smiled at her knowing the extreme agony he was causing. He so enjoyed watching her suffer. She was absolutely gorgeous like this. And each second of her torment excited him that much more. He questioned whether that was because of or despite her stubbornness. Walking right up to her he looked her over slowly.

"I will have the answers I seek," the commander said to her sternly. Paulina tried to respond but the commander shouted over her. "I'm sick to death of this! Do NOT lie to me again!" He quickly turned to his assistant. " Liza, shock her again!!!" And once again the electricity flowed into the helpless girl.


Paulina screamed at the top of her lungs as three circuits came alive as one. After a few seconds he nodded and the switch was flicked off, though the machine continued to hum, ready to torture her endlessly. The dials were still set relatively low and the evening was still young. It could get so much worse. The commander smiled at his beautiful assistant then turned back to the panting young woman tightly strapped to the chair before him. Under their control her agony would go on and on. They each had every intention of increasing her pain greatly. And they so loved their work.

Blood began to drip from Paulina's nipples, the sharp alligator clips having bitten savagely into the poor girl's swollen nubs. With each blast of the current she felt as if her breasts and pussy were on hit by a blowtorch. "P-p-lease...I beg you...make it stop," she pleaded trying to catch her breath, her chest heaving. "I've told you...over and over...we've done nothing wrong...we haven't seen anything." She looked into the commander's eyes desperately looking for a glimmer of sympathy. "Please...believe me...I'm telling you the truth!"

"Truth?" the commander questioned. "You speak of truth???" He felt his anger rising. "LIAR!" he shouted. He looked deeply into Paulina's eyes as if the real answer he sought could be found there. "You talk to me about truth and yet your answers don't even match those of your deceitful friends."

"What about Amanda and Meg? Where are they? What have you done to them?" she pleaded. "They've done nothing to you! None of us have!!!"

The commander backhanded Paulina across her right cheek. "I shall be the one to ask the questions here, you little tramp." Tears came down Paulina's bruised face, her lip split as the commander continued his tirade. "All three of you are liars!" he shouted. "And liars must be punished!" He reached over quickly with both hands and squeezed the clips hard twisting them unmercifully as she screamed. Blood flowed freely as the commander continued to assault Paulina's torn nipples twisting the horrible clips back and forth.


Liza's eyes were locked onto this scene of horror. She felt herself getting extremely wet. Suddenly the commander let go of the clips and turned to her to renew her part of Paulina's torture. "Liza! Again!!!" The commander's sadistic clone happily obliged. She quickly flicked the switch, the electricity again pouring into the poor girl. And as she heard Paulina scream again, Liza smiled broadly feeling her own juices flow.


The machine zapped loudly as Paulina's screams echoed off the walls. It's intensity was unbearable. She was sweating profusely now, her nude body gleaming in the bright lights that shone down on her. Her long reddish brown hair was matted against her head. Through pain-dulled eyes she tried focusing on the clock on the wall as the room began to spin. It had only been 30 minutes since they started her torment, yet she felt like they had been torturing her for hours.

"Why are you doing this???" Paulina screamed frantically, her entire body shaking as if doing so would break her bonds and release her from the terrible grip of her captors.

"Please...I can't stand this! Please STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!"

The commander laughed at Paulina's response. "I truly am enjoying myself, you know," he said to her with cruel glee as he casually lit a cigarette. "Part of me wants nothing more than to make you suffer all night long. And we do have so many ways of making this much worse." He eyed her with evil intent then took a puff as he approached. "Of course if you enjoy pain," he added, mocking her, "we would be only to happy to oblige you." He then ran the glowing tip of his cigarette slowly down Paulina's left side starting at her the top of her breast, lingering briefly on it's full curve.


Despite her screams, the commander continued to move his cigarette with deliberate slowness. There was no let-up. Never removing it from her skin he continued moving his cigarette downward until he reached her hip leaving a long angry red mark as he went along.


Liza laughed under her breath at Paulina's screams, her fingers more than eager to continue causing their captive extreme pain. She couldn't wait to have a free hand to torment her in whatever way she wanted. Nothing would make her happier that to put the girl upon the rack and personally pull her apart slowly tormenting her for hour upon hour. Her imagination ran wild. While racked she could use pincers and pliers to tear the girl's soft flesh. Perhaps she could burn Paulina with hot coals. That would really make the little bitch scream. Maybe she would hang her from the rafters, take a heavy bullwhip to her and savagely beat her from head to toe. Perhaps she would ram a studded metal dildo back and forth into her love canal. Maybe even her ass! Eventually she might even take a club and break all the bones in her legs. Mmmmmmmmm, how she would love that. She imagined hours turning into days, torment upon agonizing torment, with Paulina's torture neverending. Fantastic! She felt herself absolutely dripping now.

Liza's eyes followed the path of the wires from her machine across the floor and up to the angry clips that bit so deeply into Paulina's tender nipples and the oversize probe shoved deep inside her vagina. Torturing this girl was making her incredibly hot! And the thought of what they could still do to her made her hotter still. She so wanted to touch herself, but instead she had to settle on squeezing her thighs together and clenching her vaginal muscles tightly. She licked her lips seductively making sure Paulina would see her. As their eyes met, the helpless girl's face showed an increase in despair and fear while Liza grinned at her subtle success of this additional little torture. Even that excited the sadistic bitch. She loved it!

"It's a pity you've been so uncooperative, my dear," the commander said in mock sympathy to Paulina as she moaned again. "All I want is a little information and your ordeal would be over. Why are you making this so difficult on yourself? Tell me what I want to know and make the pain stop...unless of course you want this to go on. I am sure Liza would like nothing more than making you suffer without end, wouldn't you, Liza dear?"

"Just say the word, sir," Liza said sweetly to the commander. "I would make you proud of me. I would do a wondrous job at torturing this little cunt!"

"Please," Paulina said panting, her eyes moving back and forth between the commander and his cruel assistant. "I have done nothing...neither have Amanda or Meg."

The commander stared at his prisoner silently, relishing her fear and pain. As she looked back at him he spoke again. "Ah yes, your friends," he said thoughtfully, an evil smile on his face. "I will tell you...they have been dealt with quite well...for now," he said with a menacing firmness to his voice.

Paulina moaned. "Please...where are they? Are they okay???" she beseeched him.

You will see them soon enough!" he shouted. "But first you will answer my questions! What were the three of you doing spying on our grounds," he persisted. "And do not tell me again it was an accident. I am losing my patience with you."

"But,"she began with trepidation, "I AM telling you the truth." She saw his brows furrow but the truth was all she knew. "Please, believe me. We had no idea we were trespassing."

"Don't take me for a fool! No one comes here by accident." He shook his head and barked another command to Liza. "Turn the setting up 2 notches and let us hear this foolish girl sing for us again! This time louder...and longer!" He looked back to Paulina for a moment, a sneer crossing his face. "You WILL tell me the truth...whether you want to or not. You ALL will!" His eyes bore directly into hers as he shouted out his command. "LIZA, AGAIN!!!"

"Noooooooooooooooooo, please, God," Paulina cried out. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Liza felt her own pussy twitch at the commander's forceful words and Paulina's pitiful response. She grinned wickedly as she threw the switch on once more. Now Paulina's cries of pain were ripped out of her, but this time it was worse than before. And Liza's grin broadened.



"MMMMMMMMM......OOOOOOOOO, YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" she said breathily.

Samantha's head went back with eyes closed as her fingers pressed more firmly now sliding ever more quickly between her legs. She moaned out loud picturing it all. She was no longer Samantha. Now she was Paulina It was she who was being tortured so cruelly. It was her breasts and pussy that was on fire.


She felt the zap of the electricity as it coursed into her, the bonds holding her so tight she could barely breathe. She felt the clips like needles piercing her nipples as that monster crushed them flat. Her fingers moving faster now as her legs spread wider.


She felt the sweat pouring down her body, the cigarette blistering her skin. Her left hand began to play with her right breast, thumb and forefinger twisting and tightening their grip upon her nipple as her right hand began probing between her labial lips.


Now she was that cruel bitch she wanted to hurt Paulina....... it to her again..........stronger now.......morrrrrrrrrre........harder.....turn it up......make her suffer....make her screammmmmmmm......oooooooooo, it again...

"OOOOOOOOOOOOO, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" she moaned. Samantha's fingers whipped up and down over her glistening slit as her heart pounded in her chest. Her entire body began to rock in rhythm with her hand ever faster...up and down...up and down...

"AGAIN!" Samantha called out loud, now both tormentor and victim. 'YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!" She felt the current pour into her again as she drove two fingers into her swollen pussy. "GODDDDDDD, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She saw Amanda spread out wide, her body gleaming with the sweat of her agony, criss-crossed with angry lash marks front and back.


She saw Meg turned upside down, her legs spread wide and beaten savagely hard again and again with a wide razor strap upon her naked twat. "OOOOOOOO, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS..."

She saw Liza turn the dial all the way up as the current went full force into Paulina, her screams going on and on!!! She fucked herself with abandon now as she saw Amanda and Beth scream like madwomen as whips and straps flailed incessantly. She saw it all--she heard it all--the crackle of electricity, the snap of leather against soft flesh, scream after agonizing scream--and all the while 2 evil sadists laughed maniacally in the background. Samantha's fingers moved ever faster and and out!



Minutes later, still dazed but catching her breath, her body slowing down, Samantha smiled a lazy smile as she eased back into her towel-covered chair about to curl up. "Mmmmmmmmmm, that was so good," she thought. "I really should just save the rest of it to read tomorrow." Then looking up to see the screen still on she chuckled softly and turned off the monitor.

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