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Little Cumbag Goes To The Doctor

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Synopsis: Little Cumbag Goes To The Doctor

Little Cumbag goes to the doctor

Steve Dema

(consensual, heavy, incest, humiliation, piss, body modification)

Chapter One

Lucy suddenly woke up. Her mother was dunking the little girls head into the toilet. The last thing Lucy remembered was Carl fucking his big, thick cock down her throat and her mother screaming at her and a man laughing.

“Wake up you stupid little whore! What is wrong with you, you fucking cunt. You can't be passing out every time some man fucks your throat you fucking bitch…DAMN!!! What kind of a cunt are you going to be if you keep passing out like that bitch?”

Lucy coughed and sputtered sending a stream of toilet water shooting from her mouth.

“I'm sorry Mommy! (cough) I didn't mean to go to sleep…I'll be a good whore Mommy….Did Carl (cough) get to cum, Mommy? He can fuck my throat some more!...(cough)…I'll be a good cocksucker Mommy!”

Amber, Lucy's mother, let go of her hair sending Lucy's young face into the toilet. As she stood she kicked her daughter in the cunt. She and Carl both laughed when they saw that made little Lucy cum. Lucy pulled her face from the water and smiled as she looked over her shoulder at her grinning mother. Lucy licked her lips as she wiggled her young ass.

“Ooohhhhh…..Mommy. That was good! Do it again!...Kick my fucking little cunt!....Make your little bitch cum again. Please Mommy!...Kick my little cunt HARD!!!....I like that! Oooo…”

Lucy came again when Carl slung his belt up into Lucy's cunt. Lucy pinched her nipples as she fell away from the toilet. Lucy's mother flashed a wicked grin at Carl as she grabbed his swinging cock.

“Do it again! Hit my little slut-daughter's cunt again. Did you see how the little bitch LOVED it…Hit her again. Whack her tiny cunt as hard as you can! Ooooo...YEAH! Spread you little legs wider Lucy-cunt! Spread them so he can really hit your fucking cunt hard this time!”

Lucy moaned as she obeyed her mother. Lucy's toilet-water soaked hair fell across her face. She closed her mouth around it, sucking the juicy hair as she kept twisting her little nipples. Carl chuckled as he hit Lucy's cunt four more times. Lucy's mother laughed as she watched Carl beat Lucy's cunt.

“Oooh baby. Watching you beat the little whore's cunt makes me so hot. I've just GOT to have me some cock!” she said lustfully as she fell to her knees and licked his cock. Carl laughed and shoved his cock deep into her throat. Her eyes watered as she watched her daughter cum. Carl dropped the belt and grabbed her head as he began to fuck her mouth.

Lucy shook and squirmed until her cum passed. She looked up at her mother and scooted beside her, watching Carl fuck her mouth. A strand of spit and precum escaped Lucy's mother's mouth in a long, spaghetti like strand. Lucy leaned down and slurped it into her mouth as she gazed up into Carl's laughing face. Lucy took Carl's hands and put them on her little nipples. She then grabbed the back of her mother's head as she pushed and pulled it up and down on his cock.

“Hurt my tit's Mr. Carl….Really twist them hard. I'll hold Mommy's head so that you can fuck her mouth really hard! Hmmmm….Ooo….That's Sooooo good Mr. Carl…Oh GOD!!! I Love that. Harder….Twist them harder!...Show this little slut what a cunt is for!...Hmmmm….Fuck her mouth…Fuck Mommy's mouth.”

Just then Carl groaned and yanked his cock from the woman's mouth. Lucy's mother's eyes went wide as she shouted.

“Put it back! PLEASE! Cum in my mouth. I want it soooo bad!...Feed me!...Feed this cunt!”

But Carl didn't listen to the frustrated woman. He cackled as a thick rope of lumpy cum spurted from his cock hitting Lucy right between the eyes. Lucy gasped in shock as let go of her mother's head and grabbed at her own cunt.

“Oh thank you Mr. Carl…I really like cum in my eyes, sir. I love the way it stings.”

But he didn't listen to her either. He aimed his cock at Lucy's mother's face and the second strand of hot cum squirted into the woman's open mouth. Lucy leaned close to her mother as he spurted the rest of his cum over mother and daughter. He laughed at how each of them tried to catch the flying cum. It was no use. But he did strip their faces with it.

“Yeah….Take that cum you fucking whores! CUNTS!!!...SLUTS!!! Lap it up you bitch's. You fucking cumsluts!”

He chuckled as the mother and daughter fought over it. Lucy's lapped cum from her mother's face. She then opened her mouth, showing her mother all of the cum. Lucy's mother quickly closed her mouth around the brimming pool of silvery cum. Carl laughed even harder as they swapped the cum between them. Mother and daughter each savored the pungent salty cum. But neither swallowed. Instead they just scooped up more cum from each other's faces into their mouth. Then they swapped the cum back and forth in thick, gooey strands. Lucy began to finger fuck her mother. Mommy returned the favor. The woman and girl were lost in passion. Suddenly Carl began to piss in their faces. Mother and daughter both broke their kiss and faced Carl with their mouths open.

“Take that piss you stupid cunts…Swallow it down like a couple of good little piss-whores. Hehehe….That's my cunts!”

Amber and Lucy fought over the hot, yellow spray of piss. Amber would lean in front of Lucy, catching the full stream and guzzled it down. Lucy would grab her mother's hair and jerk her head out of the way so that she could get taste. Amber would then do the same to Lucy.

Too soon it was over. The piss stopped and mother and daughter went back to lapping each other's faces.

“OK you fucking cunts…Playtime is over for now. Get ready. We have some place to go…Remember Pig-Cunt?” Carl said as he placed his boot on Lucy's head, pushing her back into the toilet as her mother laughed at her.

Amber laughed and took over. Grabbing a handful of Lucy's hair she dunked her daughter's head into the toilet.

“Ha ha ha…Let's get you cleaned up, you little cocksucking whore!...Let's clean the bitch!” she sang.

Carl watched his football game as Pig-Cunt and her daughter cleaned up. Pig-Cunt helped Lucy dress in the clothes she had altered for her daughter. Lucy slipped on the school uniform dress and giggled.

“Look Mommy…My dress barely covers my cunt. I like it. If men see me they will want to fuck me…right Mommy? Does my little ass stick out good now?”

Pig-Cunt smiled as her daughter spun around. She shoved a finger into her daughter's ass.

“Yes my little whore. The bottom of your little ass is sticking out really nice. Everyone is going to want to fuck you, you little bitch! And I'm going to make sure they all know that your are just a horny little slutwhore! Ha, ha, ha!” she said as she shoved the finger into Lucy's mouth. Lucy winked at her mother as she sucked it clean. When there were no traces of cunt cream on it, Lucy let the finger slip from her mouth and spoke to her mother.

“Why do we have to go anywhere, Mommy. I don't want to go. I want to stay home and get fucked…Don't you want to fist-fuck me again?....Want me to eat your cunt for a while? If Mr. Carl doesn't want to fuck me, can you get Damian to come over and fuck me some more?....Mr. Carl hasn't seen how good of a bitch I am Mommy….Let's show him…OK?”

Pig-Cunt pinched her daughter's nipple with a smile and went back to brushing her hair into two pigtails. Lucy kept staring at her mother in the mirror, licking her lips. Lucy slid her hand back and began to finger-fuck her mother's cunt as she finished her hair.

“You horny little cunt! If you keep that up I am never going to finish your hair. If we don't get dressed….my little slut-daughter won't get her surprise!”

Lucy's eyes lit up!

“A surprise Mommy!...What is it?...Are you going to take me somewhere to get raped?....Ooohhhh…I hope so Mommy. Your little slut-daughter wants to get fucked some more!...Oh goody goody!...Tell me Mommy!....Am I going to get some more cocks and cum…Am I?” the excited child asked.

Pig-cunt twisted her daughter's nipples again and said.

“I plan on getting you raped every day…but today is special. You ask Mr. Carl where we are going…My little whore is going to LOVE it…I promise you bitch!...Now. Let's go show Carl your sexy little whore outfit.”

With that they went into the living room where Carl was watching TV. Pig-Cunt beamed with pride as she showed off her daughter…and her obscene out fit.

“We are ready Carl…Well????...What do you think of the little whore now?...Show him, Lucy-cunt.”

Lucy was smiling as she walked from behind her mother. Carl smiled as he saw the bottom of the little girl's cunt peeking from under the short red plaid school dress. Lucy's mother had put rouge on her nipples. The reddened nipples showed clearly through the thin white top. Across the front of the top ‘Fuckpig in training' was embroidered in green thread. Lucy's angelic face was framed by her long, blonde pigtails. Her sparkling blue eyes twinkled as she turned around quickly causing the skirt to spin up. Carl applauded when he saw Lucy's tight, young little ass hanging out of the dress.

“Do I look like a good little whore Mr. Carl? Do you think men will want to stick their pretty cocks in me?...I sure hope they do. I hope that everyman I see will stick a cock in at least one of my holes….I wanted mommy to write Fuckslut on my ass but she won't do it…Will you make her please? I want everyone to know they can fuck me…OK Mr. Carl…PLEASE???” Lucy said right before her mother swatted her ass. Lucy bent over showing her ass to her mother, hoping for another swat and ran her tongue around her open mouth hoping Mr. Carl would stick his cock in it. Little Lucy got angry and pouted when neither thing happened. She was still pouting as her mother sat at the grinning Carl's feet.

“You behave my little fuck-bitch. We will get you some cocks later, but now… Carl and I have a great surprise for you cunt. What is something the little pig wants? What is something that every good slut needs and you don't have?.....I'll give you a hint, cunt. I should have said what two things does a slut need that you don't have…besides cocks, you little slut.” Lucy's mother said with a laugh.

Lucy thought about it as she got closer to her mother and Carl.

“Will it help me get fucked, Mommy? Is it something to make men want to rape me?” she asked.

Carl and her mother looked at each other and smiled. Carl spoke.

“Well of course, cunt. What good is anything to a piece of fuckmeat if it doesn't help you get fucked…stupid cunt!”

A thought suddenly came to the little girl, but it didn't make sense to her.

“Well…Mommy. I'd really wish I had some big tits like you! That's two things a slut needs and I don't have yet. I see how much men like to play and hurt your tits Mommy. But I'm a little girl. It will be a while before I start to grow any tits.” Lucy pondered.

Carl laughed and spit in Lucy's face.

“You may not be so stupid after all cunt! That's it. I know a doctor…A very special doctor. He loves to help cunts like us get all of the cocks we can. He is going to put some tits on you, slut. Some real BIG ones! Won't that be great?”

Lucy's face was beaming as she hugged Cart and her mother!

“Oh THANK YOU Mommy! THANK YOU Mr. Carl. Let's go! This little slut wants some big tits…really big tits.”

Chapter Two

A short time later they were in the Doctor's office. Carl and Lucy sat as her mother approached the receptionist. The receptionist winked at Carl and licked her lips when she looked at Lucy. Lucy had sat with her legs spread and was sticking a finger into her cunt then sucking it, the putting it back into her hairless cunt again. She licked her lips as she stared back at the receptionist. The receptionist stopped staring when Lucy's mother spoke to her.

“HI….I'm Amber Jackson. We are here to get some tits put on that little whore there. The little slut is my daughter, Lucy. Well…we call her Lucy-cunt…among other things!”

“I'm pleased to meet you, Ms. Jackson, I'm Lois. I'm here to help you in any I can. Yes, she does look like quite the little slut. It's always our pleasure to help little cunts become the sluts they have always wanted to be. My…The little slut can't keep her hand out of her cunt…Can she? Ha, ha, ha…” Lois snickered.

Both women laughed and Carl snickered as Lucy nodded her head enthusiastically.

“I'm pleased to meet you too, but call me Pig-Cunt…Everyone else does.” She said with a wink.

“As you can see, the little bitch doesn't have any yet and we feel men would love to rape a young little whore like her, especially if she had some really big tits.”

The receptionist nodded in agreement and spoke.

“Oh I agree absolutely. Men do prefer big tits on their whores… She will love the way men will treat her when she gets a nice set of slutbags on her…Your little slut of a daughter will grow some tits on her own in time, but why wait? The Doctor has put tits on quite a few little cunts and they have been thrilled with the changes. And the men just LOVE them! Not only do little whores look SOOooo much nastier with really huge tits but many men think it is so perverse to see a little slut with giant tits; they can't help but fuck them. Here…have a look at some testimonials from some of our other ‘special' clients.” She said as she handed Amber a folder.

Amber turned with a wink and took the folder back to Carl and Lucy. Carl and Lucy leaned close as she sat between them.

When she opened the folder, there was a picture of a little brown haired girl that seemed of Latino decent. The girl was smiling broadly as man, presumably her father, stood behind her. He had reached around the girl and was gripping the two huge tits. The tits would have been big on a woman. But on the little girl they looked absolutely obscene.

“Oh WOW Mommy!!!!...Look at them!...FUCK!!!!...Those tits are HUGE!! I want some just like them!...Can I?...Huh?...Please Mommy!...Can I?..” Lucy begged in amazement as she fingered her wet, little cunt.

“They do look good!...What does the letter say, cunt?” Carl asked.

“What does it say, Mommy?...What does it say?...Wouldn't I look like a walking fuck doll with some big tits like that?...Boy!...I bet everyone would want to fuck me if I had tits like that…Don't you think so, Mommy? Lucy asked excitedly as she peered over her mother's shoulder.

“Ha, ha, ha…you little cunt! Let's see!” she answered.

Amber nodded in agreement as she began to read the letter that was attached to the picture.

‘Doctor Wilson,

We want to thank you for the superb job you did on Conchita. She loves her new tits, as we all do. When ever we take the whore to fuck parties she is always the most popular slut there. The men just go wild when they see the little bitch. She always gets fucked more than her mother or sisters now. We will be bringing Maria in soon. She is so jealous of her sister, she can't stand it.

Thank you again Doctor,


“That sure sounds nice, doesn't it Lucy?...Ooohhh…Look at this one!” she said as she saw the next photo.

In this one, a little oriental girl was suspended. Her tits hung down well over a foot from her young body. Three men were rubbing their cocks over her face while a huge, black and white Great Dane fucked the bound girl. The letter was in Japanese but someone had thoughtfully done a translation.

‘Most respected Doctor Wilson,

We can not thank you enough for the wonderful huge breasts you put on our little Neosho . It was the best investment we could have made. Neosho has stayed whored out almost the entire time since the operation. As you can see, she is a very happy little whore and is in very high demand from everyone…including their dogs.

Our best regards sir'

As Amber turned to the next page. They all three smiled at the picture of a little black girl with basketball size tits surrounded by pissing, white cocks.

“Impressive work….Isn't it? Your little whore is quite the little cutie. That is no doubt. I'm sure you have no problem keeping her fucked but you have no idea what a difference a pair of big, bouncing tits will make. You won't be able to keep cocks out of her. Ha, ha, ha…She has the look of a real cocksucking slut about her… She is going to make a wonderful slut....Hmmmmm…..I have to say, my sons would LOVE to take her to a Boy Scout meeting sometime….She is going to make an outstanding fuckpig some day…I can tell. Mmmmmm. Well. The Doctor knows you are here. It will be a few minutes.” the receptionist said as she looked at Lucy.

Amber handed Carl the folder, and led Lucy to the receptionist's desk.

“Thank you. We are trying. I really hope my daughter is going to be a terrific fuckpig. We are just starting her training but Lucy here is one eager little whore. The men and boys so far have just LOVED fucking her cumholes…isn't that right, my little bitch?” she said as she ruffled Lucy's hair.

Lucy smiled up at her mother and turned slightly so the receptionist could see her little ass. Lucy stared into the woman's eyes are she bent slightly, showing her entire ass. Lucy slid her hand along her ass and slipped a finger into her tiny, young asshole and began to finger-fuck it.

“And dogs too, Mommy…You forgot to tell the lady that I'm Damien's new bitch too. Mrs. Hammer,…that's the lady who owns Damian…that's the doggie that fucked me the other day…well…She says she is going to turn me into the neighborhood fuckbitch! Isn't that right Mommy?...Didn't Mrs. Hammer promise me that all of the dogs can come over anytime that they want to?…Everyone likes my ass….Do you like my ass too, ma'am? I'm a good little whore…ain't I Mommy….Mommy…can I go to the Boy Scout meeting sometime. I bet they will fuck me good, Mommy. I bet they can really fuck little whores like me…Can I, huh? Can I please?”

The receptionist smiled up at Pig Cunt as Lucy continued to wiggle her ass while finger-fucking it toward the lady.

“I'm sure you are proud of the little whore. Your little slut-daughter looks like so much fun to be nasty with! I know my sons and their friends would love to fuck the shit out of the fucking little slut…not to mention their dogs. You know how boys are about their dogs! Ha, ha, ha,…you little pig. Finger that fuckhole you cocksucking slut! The little cunt is going to look so fuckable when the doctor gets through with her. Just imagine how slutty the little fucking bitch will look with tits the size of basketballs. Everyone is going to want to fuck the little bitchwhore. Ha, ha ha.” she laughed.

Lucy's mother hugged the little girl proudly.

“Here…Catch, you little bitch. See if you can find a use for these, you fucking whore!” the receptionist said as she threw a huge dildo, hitting Lucy in the face.

Lucy giggled as she picked up the dildo. Both women smiled as Lucy shoved the dildo in her mouth and crawled on top of the receptionist's desk. Lois leaned back in her chair with a smile as Lucy spread he legs, exposing her wet, little hairless cunt. With a wink, Lucy took the dildo from her mouth and slid it into her little cunt and groaned.

“Mmmm…That feels SOoooo good!...Mmmm…”

“In that case, two would feel twice as good…Wouldn't it bitch?....Here…See if you can find some place for this one, whore!” Lois said as she stuck another huge dildo in Lucy's mouth.

Lucy pulled the wet dildo from her mouth and crammed it up her little ass with a squeal.

“You heard the lady, bitch! Fuck those holes! Show the nice lady how slutty you are, cunt!....I would be glad to bring Lucy-cunt to you for a weekend. Your sons, their friends and dogs, are welcome to fuck this little whore anyway that you like. Of course, your husband, you and your friends are welcome to rape her too. The more she is fucked, the better. I have to tell you. Lucy-cunt is more than just a cocksucking slut….isn't that right my little slut of a daughter?”

Both women laughed at the frantic way Lucy nodded her head while shoving the dildo in her ass.

“Would you like to whore the little slut out for us sometime?...We don't mind. In fact, there is a black street gang that we loan her to occasionally. When they get bored with raping her, they put her on the street…They get to keep all of the money the whore earns. We don't care about the money…All we want is for the bitch to get fucked as much as possible. You know what they say…‘Practice makes perfect'! Besides…I get to suck all of the cum out of her cunt and ass!” Lucy's mother giggled.

The receptionist pushed her chair further back from the desk, spread her legs wide and began to finger her cunt.

“Is the little bitch a good cunt-sucker?” she asked.

“Oh hell yeah! The little slut loves cunt as much as she loves cock. I can't tell you the times I wake up in the night only to find this little whore munching away on my cunt. Lucy-cunt! Stop fucking your cock-holes and get your ass down there! Can't you tell this nice lady wants you to eat her cunt?...What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid selfish little bitch. Haven't I taught you not to keep ANYONE waiting when they want to use you?...Stupid cunt!...Stop fucking yourself you little whore and start sucking some cunt!” she shouted at Lucy.

Lucy grunted as her mother grabbed her by her hair and slung her to the floor. When Lucy landed in front of Lois, both dildoes shot out of her little fuck holes. Lucy looked up at the grinning receptionist. The little girl's eyes fixed on her wide-open, dripping cunt and licked her lips. Lois reached down and grabbed little Lucy by her ears. She chuckled as she pulled her to her wet cunt.

“You heard your mother, you little cunt sucking whore!” Lois giggled.

Amber pushed Lucy's face tight against the receptionist's cunt. Lucy inhaled the musky fragrance of the woman then started to feed. Lucy slurped at the woman's leaking cunt, driving her tongue deep inside. Then she would withdraw her tongue only to lock her lips tightly around the woman's hard clit, sucking it like a little cock.

Lucy's mother picked up the dildos and shoved them deep into Lucy's cunt and ass. Lois gurgled with lust as Lucy screamed around her clit.

“Oh YES!!!...Suck it you little whore!...Suck my clit, bitch!...Mmmm….Oh YEAH!...This little bitch IS a good cunt licker!” Lois groaned.

“I told you she was!...Suck her cunt bitch!...Make Mommy proud you little cunt juice slurping whore!” Amber snickered.

“Oh Mommy!...Fuck me!...Please!...Fuck my whore-holes!...Mmmm” Lucy moaned.

Lois grabbed Lucy's head even harder, pulling her tighter.

“Eat it bitch!...Eat it!...Oh DAMN! I'm coming!...SHIT!...I…I…I'm….GOD!!!”

With that Lois came hard.

“That's Mommy's little cunt-whore…That's her bitch.” Amber cooed as she slowly fucked the dildos in and out.

Lois giggled. Then Lucy sputtered.

“He, he, he…Drink it, cunt. Drink my piss, you cunt sucking little whore…Drink it all.” Lois chuckled as she emptied her bladder.

Amber looked up at Lois and grinned as she heard Lucy struggling to keep up with the piss flow.

Finally the piss stopped. Lucy gasped for air but still licked at the woman's cunt.

“Thank you, ma'am fir letting me suck your cunt. I loved it when you pissed in my mouth. That was great!...Was I good little bitch for you?' Lucy asked between licks.

“You were OK, bitch. I expect you to be better next time though. Practice!”

Just then a buzzer went off on the desk. The receptionist smiled at Pig-Cunt and pushed Lucy away.

“The Doctor will see you now. Go through those doors, first office on the right. Good luck with the little cunt….Remember….men like really big tits on their fuckmeat!” The receptionist smiled as Carl, Lucy and her mother went through the doors.

“Please…Have a seat. This must be your little whore. How are you little cunt? Is the bitch ready to get some nice big tits?...What is the little fucking cumslut's name?” the Doctor smiled at Lucy.

Lucy's mother looked over and smiled at her daughter. Lucy knew she should answer.

“Well my name is…or was…LUCY. But Mommy calls me Lucy-Cunt, but I'll answer to anything. Slut, bitch, cunt, whore, cumpig, fuckmeat….anything like that. You are right sir….I can't wait to get some really big tits…I want the biggest ones I can get!”

The Doctor laughed.

“Well bitch, let me talk it over with your mother and Carl. While I am, come over here…I want to see how good of a cocksucker you are, slut….you don't mind if I dump a load in your slut-daughter's mouth, do you?” he asked Lucy's mother as Lucy was crawling over to him.

“Of course not…Feel free to fuck any of the little bitch's holes. In fact, if during the operation if you or your staff wants to fuck one of my daughter's fuckholes…Please…Go right ahead. I Insist. After all, Lucy-Cunt is just a walking cumdump and piss pot. Might as well use the little cunt. Ha, ha ha…” the mother said with a chuckle.

The Doctor smiled as he crammed his cock into little Lucy's throat causing her to gurgle. All three of the adults laughed at Lucy as her mother continued.

“Doctor…Don't worry about hurting the little cunt. She loves to be throat fucked so please…Don't hold back…She can take it. Choke the little bitch all that you want. Lucy-Cunt sounds so cute gurgling…Suck that cock, whore…Show the nice Doctor how good of a cocksucker you are bitch!” Pig-Cunt laughed.

Carl then spoke up.

“Doctor…Just how big can you make the bitch's tits?….I want some really big ones on the fucking whore. I want to hang her from them and I love to whip a cunt's tits. In fact…neither me or her mother care if the slut can even walk with them. So if you can make them so big that she can't carry them we don't care. After all…the little whore is just some fuckmeat, right?” Carl asked.

Lucy's mother nodded her agreement to the Doctor and smiled when she heard Lucy gagging on his cock again. That reminded her.

“Also Doctor…Besides giving my little daughter-whore big tits, can you do something about that gagging…A lot of men find that sound and her gasping for air distracting when they are fucking some little slut's throat. I want my daughter's mouth to become another cunt…and urinal. Ha, ha, ha…Fuck your mouth all of the way down, bitch….That's my little cocksucker-daughter.” she laughed.

The Doctor crammed Lucy's mouth all of the way down on his cock and held her head there. He gently fucked his cock into the little girl's throat.

“OK bitch…Now. Slid your tongue out and lap my balls as I enjoy your throat, cocksucker…That's better, cunt…..Now. Yes. I can kill the gag reflex nerve in the little bitch's throat with no problem. The cocksucker's throat will be able to be fucked as hard and as deep as anyone wants to and the cunt won't gag. As far as her tits go, I can't go wider than her chest. She is a very tiny, little girl. That's the problem. I understand that you don't care if the bitch can walk with them now or not…Frankly neither do I. The slut will grow and be able to handle them someday. For now, all the cunt needs to do just be able to crawl from one cock to the next. But with this slut's frame, I am sorry to say a 42 D…possibly DD is the largest I can put on the whore…Excuse me….Suck it cunt….Suck it, you fucking whore….uh…..uh……..Ggggaaaaa……uhhhh…..Keep sucking, pig. Where was I..OH! yes. I wish I could put bigger tits on your little whore, but I'm afraid it's impossible. Now when she gets older and larger, I can increase them. Also, when the bitch grows tits on her own, they will get bigger. But with this slut's size chest even 42D will be extremely large. I may be able to go up to a 44DD. I doubt it, but Ill try. I'm sorry. I know how disappointing this is….Clean it up slut…Don't waste any of my cum cunt…fucking cocksucking pig….Pardon me ma'am…you don't mid if I piss do you?” the doctor asked.

“This cunt here is no Ma'am sir. It is a fuckpig too. Please…Feel free to piss down her daughter's throat. After all…the little fuckpig is a urinal to! Ha, ha, ha… Just like her fucking slut-mother here.” Carl laughed. Cum-pig nodded her agreement with a smile as the Doctor started to piss.

“Yes…Carl is absolutely right. My little cunt-daughter is always available for piss. Also, if during the operation, if any of you need to piss, please piss down my whore-daughter's throat. Also, my mouth is available too.” She said with a wink.

The Doctor finally finished pissing down little Lucy's throat. With her throat full of cock, cum and piss, the little girl had passed out from lack of oxygen.

“Looks like the whore passed out.” Dr. Wilson said.

“Oh no….Not again. I am so sorry doctor. We're trying to teach the cunt some manners but she keeps doing that. I don't think it's her fault though. Is there something you can do?” Amber asked.

“I believe I can help with that…I guess we should wake the cunt.”

They all took turns slapping the little sleeping cunt until she woke up.

“Come on little fuck-pig. Let's make you more rape-able.” Dr. Wilson said.

Pig-Cunt smiled and waved to her daughter as the Doctor dragged her to the operating room.

Carl and Pig-Cunt waited in the reception room while the procedures were done. They did keep themselves entertained while they waited.

Carl ass-fucked Pig-Cunt as her face was crammed into the receptionist's pussy. After the receptionist pissed down her throat, Carl fed her his cock to clean the shit off it. Carl made arrangements to take Amber and Lucy-Cunt over to Lois's house for a weekend.

The lady thought it would be fun to have Lucy be the cumdump and her mother be the dog's bitch and piss pot. Carl had just finished pissing down Pig-Cunt's throat when Dr. Wilson entered.

“I see you have been keeping entertained. Lois is the horniest receptionists I have ever had. The slut spends more time fucking my patients than she does filing.” He said jokingly.

“Doctor, if I remember right, you get your share too.” Lois said with a laugh. “You really must give this whore a try. This bitch is our kind of slut.” Lois said as she slapped Amber across her face.

“First things first…Would you like to see the little slut? I think I outdid myself, if I do say so….Follow me.”

Carl and Amber followed the doctor down a narrow hall. As they went into a recovery room, the doctor winked.

“Here she is!” he said proudly.

Lucy was lying on her back while a young Hispanic man was busy ass fucking the sleeping girl. A sheet was across her new tits and even thought they couldn't see them, her tits looked HUGE!

“This is my assistant, Roberto. Roberto …this is the little bitch's mother and her mother's friend.”

“Pleased to meet you. You don't mind if I fuck the whore, do you?” Roberto said without missing a stroke.

“Oh no. of course we don't mind. That is what the cunt is for. Please…fuck her as hard and as much as you like…We insist.” Amber replied.

Carl strode over to the passed out girl and pulled the sheet from her. Carl and Amber were amazed. Lucy had tits the size of basketballs. The nipples were the size of silver dollars and were light brown. Two huge rings went through each nipple.

“I took the liberty of piercing the slut's nipples. I hope you don't mind. They just seemed to beg for the rings” he laughed. “I also killed the gag reflex nerve in her throat so everyone can enjoy throat fucking the slut more. The tits will be sore for a few days but if you want to bind them,, or hang her from them, feel free to. It will hurt the bitch a little more but you won't do any damage to the tits. There's no reason to wait on having your fun. As little as Lucy is, you will be able to hang her from the rings…Something I know you'll enjoy.”

“Each of her tits weighs about 10 pounds. So it's going to be hard on the cunt to walk at first. Until she grows stronger we would like to loan you a special cart for hauling the cunt around. Roberto will bring you one after he cums.”

Just then Roberto groaned as he filled Lucy's ass with his hot jizz. When he pulled his cock out he wiggled his finger at Lucy's mother.

“Come here slut…Clean your whore-daughter's ass off my cock.”

“I'd be glad to.” Amber smiled as she dropped to her knees…slurping at his cock.

Carl decided to try the new tits out. He crushed them brutally between his hands. He punched them as hard as he could. Then he yanked on the nipple rings, lifting Lucy from the bed. He was impressed.

Lucy just moaned softly.

Now that Roberto's cock was clean, Amber finally got the chance to have a good look at her daughter's new tits.

Lucy's tits were stupendous. The doctor was right. Even 40DD tits were HUGE on such a little girl.

“Oh Doctor…They are great! Look at my little slut now Carl…Oh…this fucking bitch will be a cock magnet…Did you keep he nipples sensitive? I want then to hurt when they are hit….Wow!...Did you see how well they bounced Carl. Go ahead…really smack her fucking tits. Ha, ha, ha, that's GREAT! Let's get the bitch home Carl…We need to get this little whore fucked!”

“I'm way ahead of you cunt.” Carl said as Roberto brought out the cart the doctor had mentioned.

Carl and Amber couldn't wait to show Lucy off as they rolled the little girl with the huge tits to the van.

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