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The Misadventures of Gwen

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Synopsis: A young newlywed named Gwen is kidnapped and taken to the estate of the Marquis. This story chronicles her trials and tribulations as she is transformed against her will by this diabolical villain.

The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 1

In the middle of my soap the phone rings and I absentmindedly answer it.

“Mrs. Donohue, please,” a man with a gruff voice says.

This is Mrs. Donohue,” I respond.

“Is your husband home?” he asks.

“No, he isn't,” I answer hesitantly.

“And he won't be, Mrs. Donohue, unless you do exactly as I tell you,” he says.

I panic.

"What do you mean? “ I ask as my heart beats at a maddening pace.

"Listen, Mrs. Donohue, I don't have time for small talk. If you care about your husband just do as I say. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I think so," I whimper. Oh, my God, what's happening?

"Here's what I want you to do. Put on a sexy black bra and a pair of sexy black panties. Over that wear a tight and short, very short, mini skirt with a revealing low cut blouse. Did you get that?"

This guy is out of his mind. Where does he get off?

"Listen, mister, there is absolutely no way I'm dressing like that for you or anyone else," I answer indignantly

"Lady, you're not listening to me. If you don't follow my instructions to the minute detail, you will never see your husband again. You might see him dead, but certainly not alive."

"How do I know you're telling the truth? Anyone can call and say they have my husband. It doesn't mean anything."

"Would you like to speak to your husband and hear it from him?"

"Yes, I would," I say hoping to call this prankster's bluff.

There is a shuffling in the background and then my husband is on the phone.

"Gwen, honey, this is Bill."

"Oh my God, Bill, are you alright?"

"For the moment, sweetheart, but I don't want you to listen to him. He …." Bill was cut off.

Oh my God!! This can't be happening. Why would any one do this to us? What kind of person is this? What should I do? It must be true. I can't let them hurt Bill.

"All right, Mrs. Donohue. Do you believe me now?"

"Yes," I say trembling. I am shaking all over. Things like this only happen in soap operas.

"Oh, and wear high heeled shoes – black with three of four inch heels. I'll pick you up in 45 minutes. I'll be in a black limo. Don't tell anyone about this if you value your husband's life, not to mention your own. Got it?"

"Yesss. I'll be ready. Oh wait! I don't have a black blouse. What should I do?"

"You're ticking me off, Mrs. Donohue. I don't have a whole lot of patience. Improvise! Wear red. OK?"

"Yes, I do have a red blouse," I reply.

I hang up the phone. There is no time to waste. I have only 45 minutes and this guy sounds like he means business. I should be scared out of my mind and I am, but I also feel a sense of excitement.

My name is Gwendolyn Donohue. My friends call me Gwen. My husband is a young executive working for a large corporation. I led a relatively peaceful and orderly life up until now. I am a housewife and proud of it. I am old-fashion and have no desire to have a profession like so many liberated women do today. I am perfectly content to provide a good home for my husband and be here for him.

I am 24 years old, 5” 10” tall, and am said to have legs that never stop. My most outstanding feature is my pair of 38 DD breasts that would melt as iceberg. I've always been self-conscious about them and never wear anything that will draw attention to them. My long blonde hair reaches down to my waist. I love long hair.

As I gaze at myself in the mirror, there is wetness in my crotch. My nipples are hard. I don't understand why I'm reacting this way. For a moment I consider calling the police but decide not to. This guy sounds like he might really hurt Bill. I couldn't have that. I love him so much. I would do anything to protect him.

I quickly shower and dress and wait for the mysterious caller to arrive.

At the appointed time a limousine pulls up in front of my house. I can't see in because the windows are tinted. A chauffeur escorts me to the limo where a large man who must weight well over 250 pounds waits for me.

I tremble as I get in.

"Nice to see you could make it, Mrs. Donohue,” the man says gruffly. "Nice blouse," he says as he gently squeezes my left tit. "We're going to have a lot of fun together."

"Hey, watch it! Don't you dare touch me! Where's my husband?"

"Don't ask questions, Mrs. Donohue. You're not getting any answers," he replies as he laughs in my face.

I am blindfolded before the limo pulls out and starts on an hour trip to who knows where.

"Well, Mrs. Donohue, we're going to have to amuse ourselves for an hour before we get to the Marquis's house. That's what I like about this job. I get babes like you all to myself for an hour. The Marquis says I can do anything I want to you as long as I don't leave any marks. This is going to be fun. I mean fun!"

I begin to tremble as tears well up in my eyes. What did I get myself into? I could have called the police. Why did I get in a car with a strange man? Why didn't I call the police?

It was too late now. He was going to have his way with me.

First he takes out two leather wrist cuffs and attaches them to my wrists. Then he attaches them to two fasteners in the roof of the car. My arms are spread up and out leaving my large breasts totally exposed and vulnerable. Who knows what he will do to me. My nipples are getting hard as I anticipate what he might do next.

"Are you comfortable, Mrs. Donohue?" he whispers in my ear.

All I can do is make unintelligible sounds.

"Here, let me make you more comfortable."

He slowly unbuttons my blouse exposing the sexy black bra that I wore just for him. I can tell he is excited by what he sees. My large breasts are literally busting out of my bra. He is definitely a breast man.

"Your tits are huge, Mrs. Donohue. I like large tits. The bigger the better," he says as he slowly undoes the clasp on the front of my bra. He then takes out a knife and slowly cuts the straps of my bra.

"We won't need this anymore, will we," he says as he throws the now ruined bra on the floor.

I tremble. I feel more vulnerable than ever. Not only is my chest fully exposed to this madman, but I am at a disadvantage being blindfolded and handcuffed. I can't tell what he is going to do next. My nipples are hard and erect and stick out an inch, waiting in anticipation. Bill is the only one who has ever seen or touched my breasts. I saved myself for him on our wedding night. This is not right. This is private. My breasts are meant for his eyes only. I cry.

He takes the point of his knife and touches it to my erect nipple. I'm startled and I jump. The steel blade sends a cold chill through my system. He laughs and pricks my other nipple with his knife.

"Do you like pain?" he asks as a he continues to whisper in my ear. I cry harder. I know I am in big trouble. He continues to taunt my nipples with his knife. He is careful not to draw blood. He slowly circles my areolas with the blade – first the left one and then the right.

"I have a little surprise for your nipples, my dear, after I get done playing with them."

He roughly grabs my huge breasts and squeezes them hard. I cry out in pain. He then begins to bite my nipples clamping his teeth down as hard as he can without breaking the skin, chewing on my hard nubs.

I scream and squirm but to no avail. I am being violated. The sanctimony of my marriage is being violated.

"My dear, this screaming will not do."

He takes out a ball gag and forces my mouth open and inserts it. I can only let out muffled sounds now.

"That's much better, don't you think, Mrs. Donohue? Here, I have another surprise for you. Let me take your blindfold off so you can see."

He removes my blindfold and I see him take two large clamps from his bag of tricks.

"Do you know what these are for, honey?"

I mumble through my gag. I know what they are for, and I panic.

I look on in horror as he squeezes my right nipple rolling it between his fingers and making it stand out even more. Then he opens the teeth of the clamp, positions it on my nipple, and lets it close.

My head is shaking violently back and forth. My eyeballs roll in their sockets. The pain is excruciating. I can't bear it. He then takes my left nipple and repeats the process.

I am a sight. Here I am handcuffed to the roof of this limo with my head thrashing back and forth. My magnificent breasts are bouncing back and forth slapping into each other with those large clamps firmly clasped on each nipple. It is an arousing scene for the reader but oh so painful for me.

"We're just getting started, Mrs. Donohue," says the man as he lowers my skirt to the floor. He then rips my panties off tearing them to shreds.

"No more Mr. Nice Guy. It's time to get down to business," he says.

"Mr. Nice Guy?" I say to myself as this is happening. If this is nice I wonder what he is like when he isn't nice. Of course, I know I'll soon find out.

The pain in my breasts is intense. I am very much aware of my nipples. I fear for my nipples. I would hate to lose them under the clamp. This thought brings wetness to my crotch. I hope he doesn't notice that I am dripping wet down there.

The man gets on his knees and does notices that I am wet.

“You like this, don't you, Mrs. Donohue? I don't believe how wet you are down here. Does pain turn you on? Are you a pain slut?” he taunts me as he licks my clit.

H e wasn't kidding when he said he was going to get down to business. I am feeling intense pain and pleasure at the same time. I don't know how to react. My breasts hurt beyond words but he is bringing great pleasure to my pussy as he sucks on my clitoris. The thought that keeps me going is that I am doing this for my husband. My husband is safe.

In spite of the great pain in my chest, the man brings me to a climax. A climax like I have never had before. My hips are thrashing and pushing into his face as my climax continues. My breasts are bouncing back and forth, slapping each other with loud smacking noises.

"You like this don't you, Mrs. Donohue? It didn't take much to get you to cum, did it? I think you enjoy pain," he says as he squeezes both clamps at the same time.

This causes me to literally jump off of the seat of the car. I thrash my head violently to the left and right unable to release the scream in my throat because of the gag in my mouth. My breasts smack together crushing each other from the abuse they are receiving.

"I have another surprise for you," he said as he reaches into his bag of tricks. He pulls out a black dildo that is only four inches long but two inches in diameter.

"This will fit nicely up your ass."

I try to scream but am unable to. My eyes bugle out of their dockets. I have never felt so helpless or vulnerable in my whole life. Does he really plan to put that thing up my ass? Will he honestly violate my anus?

He raises my cheeks and probes my anus with his finger that he dipped in K-jelly. After forcing one finger in up to the knuckle, he cruelly works a second finger into my anus. The pain is intense, but I have no choice but to bear it. After working my anus for a few minutes, he removes his fingers and begins to work the black dildo up my ass. He twists it violently. One inch disappears, then two inches, then three inches... The dildo disappears completely... up my ass.

"Sit back. Relax, Mrs. Donohue," the man says cruelly.

The pain in my ass is very real. I have a hard time focusing. My breasts hurt, my anus has been stretched to the limit, and my arms feel like they're going to fall off. What next.

I am soon to find out as the man again dips into his bag of tricks. This time he brings out a tube of Bengay and a plastic glove.

"This will get you really hot," he says as he puts on the rubber glove and squeezes Bengay on his fingers. He then proceeds to rub my clitoris, smearing it with the ointment. He again squeezes more Bengay on to his fingers and shoves them up my cunt working them in and out.

"Can you feel the heat, Mrs. Donohue? You soon will. You'll regret ever hearing from me before this is over. You'll wish you were never born."

He continues to apply Bengay to my pussy lips.

I can feel the heat beginning to rise and increase in my cunt. It turns into a burning. The burning becomes more intense. I thrash back and forth. My hips are gyrating obscenely. I need relief from this burning. I moan into the gag but can't release the scream that is building in my throat. Oh God, what did I do to reserve this? The heat is slowly becoming unbearable. I grind my hips which drives the dildo up my ass in further.

The man then directs his attention back to my tits.

"I've been ignoring these, haven't I, Mrs. Donohue? Shame on me. I'll have to do something about that."

The man then takes hold of both clamps and slowly pulls them off of my nipples opening the teeth only half way. I violently turn to the right. This only increases the pain.

The clamps are off. The blood rushes back into my nipples along with the excruciating pain. My nipples are red. The man licks my nipples which hurts my sensitive buds. My cunt is now on fire, and I can't keep still. I need relief. I need something. My hips are gyrating at a frantic pace; I maintain a frenzied pace trying to relieve the burning and itching in my pussy.

"The Marquis said I couldn't cut you or bruise you, but he didn't say I couldn't put holes in you," he says laughing sadistically.

I feel nothing but total hopelessness. There is nothing I can do to help myself. I am at his mercy and he shows no mercy.

He grabs my left tit and harshly squeezes the nipple. My nipples have recently been receiving a lot of attention, unfortunate for me. He then gets an ice cube from the refrigerator in the limo. It's amazing the modern conveniences the vehicles of today have in them. He rubs the ice cube on my left nipple continuously circling it for around three minutes. It becomes cold and numb. I don't know what's worse, the burning in my cunt or the coldness on my nipple.

He then reaches in his bag and pull out a strange looking pair of pliers that have a hole in it. What is he going to do with that? Oh my God, I think I'm in trouble. He next takes out a three inch needle that looks extremely sharp along with some alcohol. I'm confused. I have no idea what he's doing. He keeps smiling at me. I don't think this is funny. My cunt is on fire and my left nipple is suffering from frostbite. My asshole is stretched to the maximum.

Next he takes out two hoop earrings. I don't like hoops and never wear them. If he thinks I'm going to wear those things, he has another thing coming.

Now he's grabbing my left nipple with the pliers. He's careful to center it carefully toward the back of my nipple. Why? Now's he's dipping the needle in the alcohol and moving it… Oh no, he's going to pierce my nipple.

“Oh my God, no! Please don't do this!” I scream in my mind unable to say or do anything to help myself.

“If I were you, Mrs. Donohue, I would stay very very still. You wouldn't want me to miss the mark and ruin a perfectly good nipple, would you?”

I try is settle down and whimper pathetically as the needle touches the outside of my left nipple as pressure is applied. The man pushes applying more pressure and the needle breaks through my skin and comes out the other side. I groan in pain. Oh, how that hurts. Somebody help me. Why is this happening?

“Now that wasn't too bad, Mrs. Donohue, was it?” he snickers.

All I can do is stare at the obscene site of my nipple pierced by this needle. He takes one of the two inch hoops and threads it through the hole in my nipple as he removes the needle. He clamps it shut.

I stare in horror. The rings weren't for my ears, after all. My left breast is now adorned with this two inch hoop.

“Very pretty, Mrs. Donohue. Don't you love it? Here, let me remove that gag so we can talk. But remember, no screaming or you'll be sorry.”

I breathe deeply through my mouth, relieved that the gag is taken out.

“Don't you love it, Mrs. Donohue?” he asks again.

What does he expect me to say that I love it. He disfigures my body, and he wants me to respond!

“When I ask you a question, I expect you to answer, Mrs. Donohue,” he spits out as he smacks the side of my left tit. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He hits my left tit three more times.

“I love it,” I whimpered, willing to say anything to stop him from slapping my breast.

“That's better. You really need to learn to be obedient and answer when spoken to,” he whispers in my ear and then kisses my neck as his tongue slithers downward toward my right breast.

Then he says, “What would you like me to do to your right tit, Mrs. Donohue?”

Do to my right breast? Is he insane? I don't want him to do anything to my right breast, but I know that's not the right answer. I'm speechless. I can't say anything.

“You're not a very fast learner,” he says as he smacks my right tit. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He slaps my right tit three more times.

Oh God, that hurts, but I don't know what he wants me to say.

“I don't know what you want me to say,” I whimper. “Please don't hit me.”

He grabs my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger and begins to squeeze. He stares me right in the eye as he does this. He then moves closer to my face as he continues to squeeze my right nipple harder. The pain is excruciating. He then licks my lips and runs his tongue around my lips and sticks his tongue in my mouth. All this time he continues to apply pressure to my nipple and begins to twist it.

Still squeezing my nipple, he stops kissing me and stares at me.

“Mrs. Donohue, I don't want to hurt you. I'm going to give you a little hint before this gets out of hand. Think about what I'm squeezing, right now. Do you know what I'm squeezing right now?” he asks as he twists my nipple.

“Yes, you're squeezing my nipple.” I stammer.

Very good, Mrs. Donohue. Now let me ask you the question once again. What would you like me to do to your right tit?” as says smiling.

Oh no, I now know what he wants me to say. He wants to pierce my right nipple! He wants to do to my right nipple what he did to my left nipple. He wants me to suffer that pain all over again. I can't say that. I can't tell him I want him to pierce my right nipple. That's insane, but what choice do I have. If I don't tell him what he wants to hear, he's just going to abuse my breast until I do. Why did I have to have such large breasts that draw this kind of negative attention? I begin to whimper all over again. I have no choice.

“Would you pierce my right nipple and put a ring in it?”

He smiles amused.

“Did I hear please, Mrs. Donohue?” he snickers.

“Please,” I whimper.

“I don't think you really mean it. Say it like you mean it. Convince me that you really want me to pierce your right tit with this needle and make it beautiful like your left one,” he spits out as he smacks my right tit again.

Then he steps back a foot and smacks the outside of my left tit. Then he smacks the outside of my right tit. He alternates blows. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT. My breasts begin to bounce wildly slapping into each other.

I can't take any more. The burning down below from the Bengay is subsided but a new feeling is rising in my loins. His smacks are hurting my tits but my pussy juice is flowing. I'm getting aroused. I can't explain it. This shouldn't be happening. Oh my God, what is happening to me? I can't take this any more.

“Please stop. Please, don't hit me any more. I want you to pierce my right nipple. Please do it now. Please make it beautiful like my left nipple. Give me a shiny gold ring just like the other one. Please I need another ring in my nipple.” It just flowed out of me. I couldn't stop.

He smiles. He just looks at me and smiles. Then he gently rubs my right breast working his way down towards my nipple. He runs his index finger around my nipple, and I groan.

“Pierce me now,” I moan.

He reaches for an ice cube, and it starts all over again - the numbness, the pressure, the piercing of my nipple, the pain, and finally the two inch hoop. I now have a matched set as I pant after the second piercing. My hips are gyrating. What is happening to me? He flicks my clit and I cum. Oh, how I cum. I'm so ashamed of myself. To be abased and humiliated like this, and I cum!

"We don't have much time left, Mrs. Donohue. Time goes quickly where you're having fun."

He connects the rings with a six inch gold chain. He experiments with the rings in my nipples. He pulls them up, then down, then left, then right, constantly putting pressure on my tits and stretching my nipples. I groan. He then loops his finger under the chain and pulls straight out. This stretches my nipples forward and out of shape. I groan louder lost in my own little world. I have a terrible thought that they might rip open. At the same time the heat in my cunt is building once more. I don't care.

"James, stop the car," the man orders. "You must feel terribly uncomfortable, Mrs. Donohue. We'll stop so that you can stretch your legs.”

I wonder if this holds some hidden meaning. I am soon to find out. I am an emotional wreck. I don't know myself any more. He releases my arms from their shackles and pulls me out of the car. I sort of hop around; my cunt is sensitive from the Bengay and the butt plug is still in place making it difficult to walk.

"Get on your knees, Mrs. Donohue. You've been having all of the fun. I haven't."

I immediately drop to my knees as ordered. I start to cry again. This can't be happening. What did I do to deserve this? I was just watching TV minding my own business.

The man drops his pants and underwear and orders me to suck on his cock. I find this revolting and can't bring myself to do it. Enough is enough. You have to draw the line somewhere. And this is where I draw the line.

"Suck it," he orders.

I can't. I won't. He can't make me commit that disgusting act. Never! My husband never made me do it. Why should this man force me to do it?

The man doesn't like this. I've made him mad. He orders the chauffeur to hold my arms behind my back forcing my huge breasts to jut out. And by the way, they are huge. He then reaches into his bag of tricks and brings out a leather covered paddle that looks like a ping pong paddle.

"You still don't understand, do you, Mrs. Donohue? You don't have a choice. You'll learn to obey. Mark my words."

I think I made a mistake. Maybe I should have forced myself to suck his disgusting dick.

The man is furious. His temper has welled up to a fever pitch. He raises the paddle and brings it down on my left breast with a loud smack. He immediately repeats the action on my right breast. I scream but this only seems to excite him.

"I want to hear you scream, Mrs. Donohue. Scream louder.”

I know now that I'm in big trouble. My stubbornness is not paying off.

He again smacks my right breast with the paddle, then the left, then the right, then the left, making sure he covers new territory each time. And there is a lot of territory to cover. I am in extreme pain and agony. I scream out to no avail for there is no one to hear my screams on this lonely desolate road. I wonder how this nightmare began, and how it will end. And I'm getting wet again. What the fuck is the matter with me. This isn't normal. Beating my tits to a pulp is turning me on!

He continues to beat my breasts for another five minutes, only he slows down taking his time. He is measuring each blow and making me wait agonizingly in anticipation of the next blow.

My breasts are now red and sore and ache all over. My cunt is on fire. At the same time I am horny and excited like I have never been before. The butt plug even feels good. I am beginning to think that I am perverted. I am enjoying being abused by this stranger.

"Down on your knees, Mrs. Donohue," the man orders.

I immediately drop to my knees.

"Suck my dick," he again orders.

I hesitate for only a second remembering the pain in my breasts. I open my mouth to receive his tool. I purse my lips around the head and suck.

"That's not good enough. After what I've done for you, I would think you'd be a little more appreciative, Mrs. Donohue."

He then grabs me by the hair and slides his dick further into my mouth.

This guy is huge! He's at least two inches in diameter and at least eighth inches long. I can't say for sure since I'm not really in any position to give an exact measurement. I gag but he shows no mercy. My jaw feels like it is going to snap.

He pushes on relentlessly and is finally at the entrance to my throat. He then backs out a few inches and eases it back in. He's content to do this for awhile. The only problem is that four inches of his dick is still exposed to the air and hasn't experienced the warmness of my mouth. I have a bad feeling about that.

He takes his dick out of my mouth and kneels down to talk to me.

“Now the big test, Mrs. Donohue. You've done fine up until now. The only problem is that my entire dick wants to be in your mouth, and what my dick wants, my dick gets. Do you understand?” he says softly as he caresses my cheek.

I nod, unable to speak.

"Take it all, Mrs. Donohue. You need to take it all," he says as he stands and slips his dick into my mouth and to the back of my throat. My mouth is full. There's no room for any more of his dick.

“Pretend that you're swallowing a watermelon. I know that you can do it. I want your mouth to be my cunt,” he says as he grabs my hair again and pushes hard.

I gag, and he backs off allowing me to breathe. He then pushes in again to the back of my mouth but doesn't stop. He again pushes hard, and this time his dick slides into my throat. He continues to press on and only one inch of his dick is outside of my mouth. I can't breath. I can't get any air. Mercifully he retreats and allows me to catch my breath, but this is short lived as he again enters my mouth. He once more slides his dick to the back of my mouth, and then into my throat. I try to relax. It is all in! My nose is in his pubic hairs.

“Ah, that's nice. You're doing well, Mrs. Donohue, very well. I'm proud of you,” he chides as he saws his cock almost all the way out of my mouth and then back down my throat.

I can't believe this is happening to me. My husband Bill tried to get me to do this once. I put him in his place and let him know in no uncertain terms that it would never happen. I would never give him a blow job. Now here I am on a deserted road with a stranger's dick all the way down my throat.

His balls slap against my chin as he begins to take those long strokes thrusting in and out of my mouth. Tears well up in my eyes and follow each other down my cheeks. He continues to fuck my mouth. My cunt is dripping. I'm fully aroused again. All of this is having a strange effect on me. I don't know myself. I reach around and grab his buttocks and encourage him to ram his dick down my throat, to use my mouth.

“Use my mouth as a cunt. Make me your receptacle. Deposit your load.” I was having such wicked thoughts - thoughts that I had never had before.

He increases his pace, pounding his dick down my throat. I now gladly receive it.

"When I come, you make sure you don't lose one drop or you'll be in big trouble, Mrs. Donohue. Do you understand?"

I try to nod but can't since he is firmly gripping my hair and pounding his eight inch dick into my mouth and down my throat.

When he cums, I frantically swallow, drinking all of his cum. Actually I do an admirable job for a beginner. His cum keeps coming and coming, making a direct deposit into my belly.

However, one drop escapes my mouth and dribbles down my chin. The man sees it and is not happy.

"What's that on your chin, Mrs. Donohue? Didn't I tell you not to lose one drop."

I cringe in fear. He grabs the chain connecting my nipples and yanks me to my feet. It takes all of my strength to move fast enough so that my nipples aren't ripped open. I can see that he is not a happy camper. My cunt is dripping, and I need to cum.

The man motions to his chauffeur who is standing by the limo.

"Get your pants off. You're going to have some fun, Patrick."

He then drags me to the back of the car and throws me face down on the trunk lid.

"Spread your legs wide, Mrs. Donohue. How is your cunt? Still hot, I presume."

He reaches down and feels my wet, dripping cunt. He rubs my clit as I move my hips lost in lust.

"Oh," I moan.

“You're quite the little, slut, Mrs. Donohue. What would your husband think?” he taunts me as he flicks my clit.

At last I'll finally get the relief I've been waiting for. Maybe losing that one drop wasn't so bad after all.

"Well, you won't get off today, Mrs. Donohue," he says as he reaches for my anus pulling the four inch black dildo out.

"Plop." It comes out. But I get only momentary relief.

"She's all yours," the man says to the chauffeur. "But only the back door."

I'm not sure what he means. I've basically led a very sheltered life and have only had straight sex with Bill. The chauffeur stands behind me and begins to shove his penis up my ass. I can't believe it. I thought I was going to get fucked. Guess again. My anal ring resists and he pushes harder. It finally relents and he rams three inches of his cock up my ass. He then grabs my hair and pulls back. This forces me to arch my back. The way has been paved. He rams the rest of his dick home shoving all nine inches up my ass. I scream out in pain. The four inch dildo was bad enough, but it didn't prepare me for this. He continues to ram me unmercifully while pulling my hair the whole time. He takes long strokes in and out.

In the meantime the man stands beside my face taunting me. "Next time do as I say. When I say don't lose a drop, don't lose a drop. He reaches under me and pinches my nipples harshly. My tits have been the object of a great deal of negative attention. My cunt is still ablaze with no relief in sight.

The chauffeur continues to ream out my ass. He pulls back even harder on my hair forcing my back to arch and my tits to stick out under me.

“Remember, Mrs. Donohue, don't cum. You're not allowed to cum. If you cum, believe me, you'll regret it.”

I am so hot and so close to cumming. I panic. I can't cum. Oh God, I can't cum. What will he do to me if I cum. I don't want to know. I'm close. Oh, I'm so close. I want to cum! No, I can't cum.

The chauffeur is now pounding me for all he's worth and it's having an effect on me.

“Remember, Mrs. Donohue, don't cum,” the man says as he reaches down, grabs my clit, and digs his nail into that precious little organ. I scream as the chauffeur loses his load and fills my rectum with his cum.

After the chauffeur cums up my ass, he turns me around and has me clean up the mess I've made. I suck his dick dry and then lick his dick and balls until they are squeaky clean, making sure there's no shit left anywhere. I continue to sink to new levels of degradation. Will this ever end? I am ashamed.

"Nice job, Mrs. Donohue, but we've wasted too much time already. Let's hit the road," the man says as he throws me in the back seat of the limo. The chauffeur starts the limo with a pleased look on his face. I wonder why?

"We're only five minutes away from our destination. Certainly not enough time to do to you what I would like to do, Mrs. Donohue."

I sigh a sigh of relief. This ordeal will soon be over. Little do I know that this is only the beginning. This is child's play compared to what's in store for me.

The man contents himself by jabbing me with a three inch long needle in various parts of my tits. He is careful not to break the skin and cause any damage. I scream and squirm to his delight. He especially likes to taunt my nipples with the pin. At times he'll hold my tit up by the nipple and jab the underside. After all, we don't want to be partial.

I'm a mess. I'm worried about my husband. If they're doing this to me, what are they doing to him? Also, I'm hot. My cunt is ablaze. I still need to cum. I shouldn't feel this way, but I do. I really need to cum! I would do just about anything to cum. I won't tell him that.

We finally arrive at our destination.

What's in store for poor Gwen? Stay tuned - more to come………

The Misadventures of Gwen


Chapter 2

A mansion stands atop a hill in a desolate area. The grounds are well kept and surrounded by an eight foot high electrified iron fence. I am taken in through a back entrance and turned over to two women who are expecting me.

"You're late, Nick. We expected you over an hour ago," says one of the chambermaids.

"I know. Something came up and we were detained."

"My, my but she has big ones, and I see you've given them a lot of attention. Did you disinfect her nipples after piercing them?"

"No, I didn't have time. Just some alcohol."

"Well, at least this time you remembered to pierce them."

One of the chambermaids returns with a bottle of rubbing alcohol and swabs it all over my tits. My nipples sting and burn.

"Let's get her cleaned up. The Marquis's not going to appreciate what you've done to her nipples. How many times have you been told not to be so rough?"

I am taken to a large and luxurious bathroom where I am allowed to take a bath and soak.

"Rest well, my dear, you'll need it for what you're about to go through."

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"You have been chosen."

"What do I mean I have been chosen? I was told my husband's life was in danger."

"Your husband isn't in any danger. You are. You probably will never see your husband again. You have been chosen."

I grow hysterical. I don't understand. I am confused. What does she mean, I have been chosen. Chosen for what? Is this some kind of joke?

"What have I been chosen for?” I ask.

"I shouldn't be talking to you. I can get into a great deal of trouble. The Marquis would not approve."

"Who is the Marquis?" I ask.

"The Marquis is very rich and powerful and always has his own way. When he sees a woman he likes, he makes her his own and does with her whatever he wills. He has chosen you, unfortunately, and he will torture you and degrade you and do whatever he chooses with you. When he is done with you, you will be given to the dogs."

I panic. A feeling of hopelessness fills me. I begin to cry uncontrollably.

"Don't cry. Do everything you are told to do and things may be different for you. Maybe he will be merciful and let you go.

I am tired, weary, horny, and in dire need of rest. I am led to a large bed chamber. I am told to lie down on my back. Then I am shackled to the bed - one arm and one leg to each bedpost. I fall off into a restless sleep as more ointment is applied to my sore and battered breasts. As I drift off to sleep, I think about the events of that day and the abuse I've suffered. Only this morning I was just a housewife who led a normal life devoted to one man, my husband Bill. That has all changed so quickly. Today I've been sodomized and forced to deep-throat another cruel and vicious overweight pig of a man. My dreams are nightmares of torture and degradation.

The next morning I am woken up at 6:00 AM . The same two chambermaids attend to me. I am again bathed and given a rub down which I find soothing and relaxing. Next I am fitted with a leather collar that has a D-ring attached to it. I am also fitted with leather wrist cuffs and over the knee boots with four inch heels that have their own D-rings. I wonder what they are for. Next a full head mask made of the finest leather is fitted to my head. There are two slits in the front of the mask - one for my nose and one for my mouth. The mask laces up the back and there is a D-ring attached to the top.

I feel strange. I am in total darkness and this frightens me. Also everything sounds muffled since my ears are totally covered by this head mask. I feel an impending sense of doom.

A chain is attached to the ring at the top of the mask. My arms are drawn up in back and both rings on my wrist cuffs are attached to the other end of this chain. If I drop my hands at all, my head is pulled further back. As it is, my head is drawn back in an uncomfortable position and there is no slack in the chain. My breasts jut out and are more vulnerable than ever. I am still horny and would love to cum. What am I becoming, a slut?

One of the chamber maids says, "You are finally ready to meet the Marquis except for those rings in your nipples. They must be removed. The Marquis says you are special."

The rings are taken out of my nipples. I am then led down a series of corridors and brought into a room and seated on a stool. I find it difficult getting used to walking on four inch heels. My toes point down almost like a ballerina. My calves are taunt.

The Marquis approaches. I can sense his presence but, of course, I cannot see him. I can feel his breath on my neck.

He takes each of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and begins to apply pressure. The pressure increases as he speaks to me.

"Welcome to my humble abode, Mrs. Donohue. May I call you Gwen? Of course, I can. I hope you have been treated well. I find your breasts fascinating," he whispers in my ear as he squeezes harder and twists my hard erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger. “Your nipples are so long.”

Now we know why the rings were removed form my nipples. I was probably better off with them. My nipples are so sore, but I seem to be strangely aroused by the attention he is giving them.

"I hope you enjoy pain, my dear, because I enjoy inflicting it on young women like you." He then releases my hands. I move my neck trying to get some of the cramps out.

I hear everything in very muffled tones and the atmosphere is almost surreal. Is this really happening? The pain emanating from my tits tells me it is real.

"Well, enough talk. Let us begin your training and initiation into my little family."

He releases my nipples and then bends down and catches my right nipple between his teeth. He grates his teeth back and forth sending shooting pain throughout my tit. He releases my right nipple and performs the same act on my left nipple. I instinctively try to pull away, but this only adds to my agony. He releases my left nipple and laughs. My pussy is wet, and I'm really getting turned on. It's strange that such pain would get me horny. What's wrong with me?

"My dear, are you sensitive about your tits. Did you ever feel self-conscious because you have such gigantic mammaries? I think I'll make you my little cow. I'll make your tits even bigger than they are now. Oh, my dear, you're going to experience things you never thought were possible or imaginable. Mark my words."

He removes a leash from the side wall and attaches it to my collar. He then leads me across the room with me crawling on all fours like a dog to a low table and then makes me crawl up on it on my hands and knees.

An enema bag is then brought in and the tube is shoved up my ass and the valve is opened. Warm liquid flows and fills me. The bottle is emptied and a new one is attached. I feel as if I am going to burst. I begin to cramp. This is an outrage. I can't take any more. Finally the valve is closed, the tube is removed, and my ass is corked with a butt plug.

God, I feel full. My belly is distended and I look like I'm pregnant. Someone please help me. Where is my Prince Charming? Isn't there anyone who will come to my rescue? Bill, where are you? How much more of this can I bear! Oh, how I long for my soap operas. Oh, to go back to a simpler past.

"Get up on your knees and place your hands behind your head, Gwen, and don't lose a drop of that water. Do you understand? Also, spread your legs apart."

I scramble to get to my knees. Do I understand? Does he really expect me to answer with this hood covering my head? Suddenly my exposed breasts are smacked cruelly by a leather strap. Once, twice, three times across the nipples. Pain shoots through my tits.

"Do you understand? Acknowledge me!"

I quickly nod hoping to avert any further abuse.

"That's better. I demand total obedience. Now, put your hands behind your head and thrust out your tits"

Here I am sitting on my knees with a leather mask enveloping my whole head. My hands are behind my head, and my breasts are jutting out swaying pendulously on my chest fully exposed and begging to be abused. My stomach looks bloated and fat from the enema I am now holding in. My anus has a plug inserted to insure I lose none of the fluid. My stomach cramps are becoming worse. Just twenty-four hours ago I was minding my own business watching my favorite soap. What happened?

Well, enough reflecting. The Marquis approaches me with a rather large dildo that is two and a half inches in diameter, electrified, and covered with raised bumps. He inserts the end in to my cunt and begins to shove hard. I wriggle in pain as my cunt is being violated. After inserting four inches, he turns on the switch. It gyrates. He continues to shove it in my cunt - five inches, six, seven, eight inches. I took eight inches! I've never had eight inches in me. Bill is only five and a half inches long.

"My dear, you will be relieved of your enema when you come to a climax, and I will help you."

He walks to the wall and takes down a small whip that has many strands. He rears back and swings connecting with my left breast. I wince in pain. I instinctively pull back. The blows continue. First the left tit, then the right tit, then the left tit... I want to scream, but can't.

"My dear, when you cum, I will stop. Not until,” taunts the Marquis as he picks up a device and turns a knob on it. My cunt comes alive with searing pain as electricity courses through it.

My breasts are being beaten senseless. In the midst of all this bizarreness and pain, my juices start to flow from the electricity being administered to the walls of my vagina. Something snaps in my mind. I thrust my tits out to meet the blow of the whip. I would scream harder, harder, but I can't. The hood prevents me from speaking.

“Yes,” I think to myself, “Beat my tits. Hit those jugs. Show no mercy. Give me another jolt of electricity,” as I grind my hips to the flow. I feel as if I'm going to lose my mind. All of a sudden I can bear it no longer and I cum. Actually I have three orgasms in a row.

There is a puddle below me. I sit in it panting.

"Get her out of my sight," says the Marquis in disgust.

What's in store for poor Gwen? Stay tuned - more to come………

Chapter 3

The chambermaids lead me from the room with some difficulty because of the liquid which I have not yet released.

"Get her cleaned up, fed, and ready for the afternoon activities," orders the Marquis.

I am taken to the bathroom where I am allowed to relieve myself. Then my mask is removed and I am again bathed. Healing balm is applied to my battered and bruised breasts. It's amazing how fast it soothes and heals my huge mammaries. All of the restraints are put back on, but I win a reprieve from the mask.

"Get down on your hands and knees," says one of the chambermaids named Evelyn.

I immediately comply not wanting to provoke her. I don't know if I can stand much more punishment.

“Well, honey, I've been taking good care of you. Now it's time you took care of me,” she says.

I watch in dismay as she lifts her mini skirt and exposes her naked cunt. I now know why I'm not wearing a hood.

“Stick your tongue out and get busy, now” Evelyn taunts.

What can I do? What choice do I have? Can I refuse? I am now about to sink to a new level of depravity – eating another woman's cunt. A musky smell assaults my senses as I lick out at her pussy lips and reach for her clitoris. I take her clit between my lips and suck and nibble on it. I run my tongue up and down her slit teasing her.

“Let's see some enthusiasm,” she hisses as she grabs my head and grinds her cunt in to my face.

I suck and lick for all I'm worth. I stick my tongue up her hole as she continues to grind her cunt in my face. My nose is buried in her clit. I'm having a hard time breathing, but I feel a strange sense of arousal. I double my efforts driving her closer and closer to a climax. I can feel my own cunt twitching as I lick for all I'm worth. This is really turning me on. What a pervert I'm becoming.

She's close. I can sense it. All of a sudden she screams and my face is bathed in her juices as she shakes and twitches out of control. She pushes my head harder and harder into her cunt. I can't breathe. She finally lets up and moves her cunt back and forth bathing my face in her juices.

“Not bad, but not great,” she remarks as she leads be back to the bathroom to clean up. After cleaning up, she makes me lick her cunt clean.

A leash is then attached to my collar and I am led like a dog into the kitchen. On the floor is a bowl filled with some kind of food. I am instructed to eat my lunch like a dog without the benefit of my hands.

I protest, "I can't eat like that..."

A paddle cracks across my left cheek. It is immediately followed by a smack to my right cheek which raises me off the floor. Two more smacks follow in quick succession.

A man says, "You dare to question the ways of the Marquis."

He raises me up by the hair to a kneeling position and backhands me across my left cheek. He does the same to my right cheek. I scream out in pain and cry convulsively.”

"I hate big tits. Especially big, ugly jugs like yours. Eat your meal."

This guy means business. I scramble over to the dish and eat like a dog. I find it hard to get the food without the use of my hands, but I manage. I didn't realize how hungry I was. I lick the bowl clean.

I am then led back to my chamber where I am hung by a chain from the ceiling. Of course, the rings on my leather wrist cuffs are attached to this chain and then the chain is raised by means of a pulley until I are standing on my tiptoes. In this position I will rest.

After hanging there for an hour, every bone in my body aches. Especially acute is the pain in my lower back and my legs from trying to maintain my balance.

The Marquis walks in. I find him very attractive. He is tall, has dark hair, and piercing black eyes.

He walks over to me and I impulsively say, “Let me suck your cock."

I don't know why I said that. This is madness. This was not like me. I've always been devoted to my husband, Bill. It's just that I'm so aroused and have found no release. All I have on my mind is the fire in my cunt, and I need something to put it out.

He smacks me across the face with the back of his hand. This is unexpected and it twists my neck violently to the side. I cry out in pain.

"I will not tolerate filthy talk from my slaves. Only I and those I chose shall use vulgar language. Is that clear, you little whore?"

I feel humiliated and ashamed for speaking to him the way I did. He must think that I'm a tramp who offers herself to anyone. I don't think I made a good first impression.

"I'm sorry, Marquis. I'm sorry. It will never happen again. Forgive me."

He seems to calm down. He lifts my tits feeling their weight and admires them. He is mesmerized by the size and mass of my huge mammaries. My nipples are stiff and I'm aroused. He flicks out his tongue and licks my hard nubs sending waves of pleasure thoughout my body.

He stands back gazing at my tits. I am very self-conscious. This is one of those times that I wish I were a 32 BB instead of a 38 DD.

“You shall address me as sir. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I respond meekly.

"I came hear personally to your chambers to let you know what I have decided to do with you. Until I saw you this morning, I wasn't sure. Now I am. You will do nicely. Your tits are magnificent and were meant to produce milk. You will be the first of a long line of human cows. How does that sound to you?"

I look at him incredulously. Human cow? What is he talking about? I don't want to be a cow.

He raises his knee and rams it into my crotch. I would double over, but I can't because of my bonds. My eyes are bulging out of my head.

"Don't you ever learn, bitch. Answer when spoken to. Now, how does that sound to you?"

"Whatever pleases you, sir," I say painfully.

I see the fury in his eyes. What did I say wrong? I certainly didn't do anything wrong. I'm not in a position to.

"You really piss me off," he says as he removes two alligator clips from his pocket with heavy lead balls attached to them by way of a two inch chain. He squeezes my nipples until they are pert and releases a clamp around each of my nipples. The teeth bite into my tender tit flesh and send my eyeballs rolling in their sockets.

I think to myself, "I wish I were dead. Anything is better than this." I almost pass out.

"I also will not tolerate sarcasm. Answer appropriately."

"I am here to serve you, sir. Do with me what you will."

"That's better. Much, much better. Now, since I can do with you what I will, then you won't mind if I release these lead balls?"

"No, sir," I reply. Do I have a choice?

"They are very heavy, and will pull cruelly on your nipples probably giving you a great deal of pain. Are you sure it's all right."

"Anything you want, sir."

"Well, all right then," he says as he releases the balls.

My tits are pulled downward from the weight of the balls. They are actually quite heavy in spite of their size. Again, I am aware of acute pain centered in my now very sensitive one inch nipples. The balls hang below my breasts continually dragging my nipples down. The Marquis amuses himself with the balls. He pushes them making them sway back and forth. This only increases the pressure on my nipples. They feel as if they might fall off. What a dreadful thought to have. He continues to push them until they bang together.

"Look, I've created a set of knockers. Do you get it, Gwen. The balls are knocking together. They're knockers."

"Oh yes, I get it," I say.

"Then why aren't you laughing. If you think something is funny, laugh."

What choice do I have? I laugh. I feel unbearable pain, but I laugh. This is insane. It suddenly occurs to me. The Marquis is insane. I'm at the mercy of a madman. Oh my God, all is lost.

"That's better. I like it when you laugh. I want you to be happy."

He looks at my pubic hair and plucks a few strands. Obviously he finds this amusing.

Now, where was I before you distracted me? Oh yes, you will be the first human cow. Are you at all curious as to how this is possible?"

"Oh yes, sir, " I reply.

"Well, we have developed a new drug that will be injected through the nipple. This drug will create the body chemistry not unlike that of a pregnant woman. With the proper stimulation, your mammaries will respond and produce milk. How does that sound to you?"

"Whatever pleases you, sir."

"Oh, it pleases me," says the Marquis as he continues to play with the lead balls as at the expense of my nipples. "Your jugs are 38DD's now but when I'm through with you they will be immeasurable," he says while laughing insanely. "I've had my eyes on these tits for a long time. I've fantasized many a night what I would do to them once you were here."

I panic. What does he mean immeasurable. They're big enough. They're too big. I don't want them any bigger. This guy is nuts.

"Do you want larger tits, Gwen? You don't mind if I call your massive melons, tits, do you?"

"Oh no, sir."

"Do you want larger tits?"

Of course, I don't want larger tits. These are hard enough to carry on my slight frame. I'm lost in my own thoughts and can't focus. I can't believe he wants to do this to me.

Suddenly I'm jolted by a blow to my right tit. It smacks into my left tit which gets the large balls hanging from my tits swinging. They clank against each other as agonizing pain shoots through my nipples, but I feel a strange sensation below deep in my cunt.

“Are you being insolent,” he hisses as he smacks my left tit.

"Oh no, sir."

"You'll like having large tits, won't you, Gwen?” he again asks.

“Yes, sir,” I say trying to be as sincere as possible.

“That's good because soon they will hang down to your navel."

He again laughs insanely.

"I also have another surprise for you, Gwen. Do you want to know what it is?

"Oh yes, sir," I reply with terror in my voice.

"Soon you also will be fulfilling the sexual needs of our Dobermans."

"What!" I say shocked and appalled. I forget that this wacko is in complete control, and I am totally at his mercy.

"Don't use that tone of voice with me!" he screams as he slaps me cruelly across the face.

He then appears to gain control but there is a gleam in his eyes. I don't like this. He reaches for two chains from the ceiling and clamps them to the rings in my leather anklets. The pulley then draws the chains up lifting and separately my legs wide apart. At the same time the chain holding my arms is lowered.

I am spread wide open three feet off the ground supporting my own weight. The lead balls have fallen to my left and right sides pulling my nipples to the outside. The pain is acute.

"You have insulted my dogs and will have to atone for that. Carl, bring in one of the


A Doberman is brought in and positioned between my legs. He sniffs my cunt and begins to lap at it with his long tongue. His tongue is rough and stimulates me like nothing I have ever experienced before. I am getting excited and turned on. My juices begin to flow. Maybe I was too hasty. These Dobermans might be all right after all.

What am I saying? Oh my God, have I stooped to a new low? This is a dog! A dog is eating me out! I never let my husband Bill have oral sex with me. It just wasn't right. It was against all my Christian beliefs; all the beliefs that I valued and clung to since my youth. What have I become?

How could I take pleasure from a dog lapping my cunt? How could I take pleasure from that long tongue snaking up and down my wet hole? I grind my pelvis into his muzzle as best I could, considering my circumstances.

Meanwhile, the Marquis directs his attention back to my tits.

"My, my, but your nipples are stretched beyond belief."

He half opens the clips and drags the clips off of my very sensitive nipples. The blood rushes back into my nubs bringing with it excruciating pain. Somehow I know in my pain racked mind that this has all happened to me before. That this is not the first time and probably won't be the last time I feel agonizing pain. Mixed with this pain is the pleasure the Doberman is giving me. My mind is in turmoil.

The Marquis then drops his pants, grabs my hair, and rams his prick down my throat. I rock back and forth on the chains as he uses my mouth as a cunt. He continually rams it into my mouth penetrating my throat. To a casual observer the outline of his prick can be seen traveling down my throat. I suck with all of my might. I don't want to make any more mistakes.

I know I'm slowly becoming perverted. I'm really enjoying this. I like the way the Doberman is licking my cunt and burying his tongue deeper and deeper into me. I like having the Marquis's prick rammed down my throat with no mercy. What's the matter with me? I am really enjoying this. I shouldn't be! Why don't I have any control over my emotions?

I come to a climax, a series of climaxes. My body is convulsing out of control. The Marquis at the same time shoots his load down my throat. I am careful to swallow every drop. I won't make the same mistake twice. I suck hungrily on his prick, squeezing every last drop out of it. My tummy is full.

The Marquis is pleased, but doesn't want to show it. I am released from my chains.

"Make sure she has a good supper tonight. Tomorrow she begins her treatments. Oh, also, provide entertainment for her during supper," the Marquis says to one of the chambermaids as he departs.

What's in store for poor Gwen? Stay tuned - more to come………

The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 4

Note: I've made a number of changes to this chapter based on reader input especially things you liked and didn't like happening to Gwen. Please keep in mind that this is also a learning process for me since this is my first attempt at erotica, and constructive criticism and feedback is always welcome. I appreciate the comments and advice I have received on the first chapters. Also, this story is total fantasy. It does not reflect real-life situations involving real people. Furthermore, my own personal opinion is that all sexual interaction between individuals (in real life) should take place on an entirely consensual basis. And now with that said on with the story…..

I am cleaned up and taken to the kitchen for dinner in the same manner as I was before - on a leash. As I crouch over my bowl eating avariciously, a black man comes up behind me and smacks my ass. He then separates my cheeks and presses his large black prick up against my anus.

"This is your entertainment," the chambermaid says.

Some entertainment. A girl can't even eat in peace. My anal sphincter gives and the huge cock enters my anus. The black man continues to enter me as he smacks my ass cheeks - first the left one and then the right always alternating left and right. He soon picks up a rhythm like the tattoo of a beating drum. By now he has seven inches up my ass and into my rectum with three to go. That's right, a total of ten inches believe it or not. I can't believe it. I feel like I'm being ripped apart. The blows continue to fall on my ass. My cheeks are now a bright red and very sore.

He's all the way in. Oh, fuck he's at the entrance of my colon. He pauses and then rears back and starts ramming me in earnest, showing no mercy. I find myself responding to his brutal treatment. My clit once more is hard and throbbing. The pain recedes as he continues to ram his giant cock up my ass, and I rear back meeting him thrust for thrust. He withdraws seven to eight inches and then buries it to the hilt up my ass. He continues to do this until he cums. By this time my cheeks are red and my asshole has been stretched and battered and rammed unmercilessly, but I have not been allowed to cum.

I are taken back to my bed chambers and prepared for bed. The preparations are extensive.

I am laid out on the bed on my back. My ankles are anchored to the bed posts by chains connected to the rings in my leather anklets. My arms are attached to the bedposts. Only enough slack remains to allow me a minimum amount of movement

I think that the chambermaids are done, but they are not. Next they take from a cabinet a leather strap with two dildos attached. One is inserted up my cunt and the other is inserted up my ass. A tiny switch is set. I am told that they are computerized. Another strap which is attached to the first goes around my waist and is padlocked in front. Preparations appear to be complete.

"Don't be alarmed if you feel the dildos moving. They are programmed to perform throughout the night at predetermined intervals. Enjoy and sleep well," says one of the chambermaids sweetly as she exits.

I am very uncomfortable. I realize my movement will be limited tonight. All of a sudden I feel a sensation in my cunt. The dildo is twisting back and forth, up and down. This continues for several minutes and then stops. All is quiet for some time. Then the dildo up my ass begins to move. I am aroused. This continues for several minutes and stops.

In spite of my awkward position, I am exhausted and ready for sleep. I begin to drift off. I realize that rest is what I need now especially since I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I think back over the last twenty-four hours and realize how much further I have sunk into a life of depravity. It was bad enough being sodomized and then forced to deep-throat that man, but now add to that the assault by the Doberman and the pleasure I received from him. I wanted him to lick my cunt. He made me climax. I loved it and wanted more. And my poor cunt has been filled with all manner of large objects – my ass, too. Will they ever be the same? These are my thoughts as I drift off to sleep.

I am suddenly rudely awakened by a churning in my belly. The dildo up my cunt has gone berserk, twisting and turning inside of me. In spite of myself I am aroused. I begin to churn my hips. All of a sudden the dildo in my anus is activated. It too churns and vibrates as if it has a life of its own. I'm rapidly building towards a climax. I'm almost there ready to shoot. Then they stop.

Oh God, no! I'm so frustrated! I again have this great need to cum. I lay there utterly defeated and begin to cry. After quite some time I begin to settle down and drift off to sleep once more.

Suddenly I'm awakened by the dildo in my pussy. It again churns and takes on a life of its own. Soon the dildo in my anus comes to life. No, not this again, please not again. I'm exhausted but can't help myself. I churn my hips in time with the dildos building up once again to that glorious point of no return. My hips gyrate in rhythm with the dildos that are violating my cunt and anus. I'm almost there! I'm so close! And again they stop.

“No, don't stop. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt and my ass. Let me cum,” I cry in frustration.

The process repeats itself throughout the night and by 6:00 AM I am exhausted and completely discouraged. My cunt and my asshole are sore from use. The dildos were relentless throughout the night. How they knew when I was about to cum, I don't know. If only my hands were free so I could play with my clit and bring myself to a climax. I cry in disappointment and frustration.

I lay back and fall to sleep. Twenty minutes later at 6:30 AM the chambermaids enter and awaken me for the day's festivities. I protest and beg for rest. They laugh.

"You had all night to rest, my dear," they say mockingly as one of them brushes a fingertip over my clit.

The dildos are removed and my leash is attached to take me to the bathroom to relieve myself. They stand and watch me as I pee. I reach down and try to rub my clit. As I do one of the chambermaids slaps me across the face.

“Leave your pussy alone, you little slut. Never touch yourself unless you're given permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I stammer.

She slaps my left tit.

“Yes, madam. You are to address me as madam.”

“Yes, madam.”

I am then showered. I am not allowed to give myself a shower. My hands are attached to two manacles hanging from the ceiling in the shower. The chambermaids quickly undress and enter the shower with me – one in front and one behind. They each take a bar of soap and a cloth and begin to wash me. The one behind me concentrates on my ass tormenting my ass by pushing her soapy finger up my anus. The one in front lathers my breasts while lightly squeezing and kissing my nipples. She then runs the soapy cloth up and down my slit giving my clit a lot of attention. My clit stands at attention and gets hard. It looks like a little cock pulsating under her touch. I rotate my hips as the heat builds in my loins. Oh God, don't torture me like this. I moan pathetically.

I scream inwardly, “Let me cum!”

My cunt is becoming the center of my universe. I am becoming a total slut looking for nothing more then sexual gratification. I'm disgusted with myself. It's as if the only thing that matters in life is cuming. Am I turning into a nymphomaniac? No, I can't be, can I? They're doing this to me. I don't know anymore. I don't know anything.

Suddenly they stop. “Your shower's over,” whispers the chambermaid standing behind me.

“Let her cool down for a few minutes,” says the other as they get out of the shower.

“Please don't leave me like this,” I beg.

They ignore me as they talk to each other.

“God, Evelyn, I'm so horny.”

“Me too, Monique,” Evelyn says as she caresses Monique's breasts.

The chambermaids kiss each other passionately burying their tongues in each others mouth. Their hands roam all over each others bodies as they become more aroused with each passing moment.

“What about me,” I cry unable to satisfy the itch in my cunt.

Now they drop to the floor and Monique straddles Evelyn's head and drops her cunt over her face. She then lowers her own head and begins to lick and suck Evelyn's pussy. They begin to eat each other out. They are lost in each others lust building toward a climax.

“What about me,” I again cry out.

They snicker and continue pleasuring each other with loud groans escaping from their lips. And then they both cum at the same time with their bodies bucking and convulsing all over the floor. Then all is quiet. They get up and release me from the manacles. I am dressed in what is becoming my only attire – over the knee boots with four inch heels, leather wrist cuffs, and a collar.

I am then taken to the kitchen for breakfast. I crawl on my hands and knees to my bowl and eat. I didn't realize how hungry I was. I lick the bowl wanting more.

Again the black man provides the morning entertainment by violating my ass. I welcome his anal assault – at least I'm getting some attention. But this only further frustrates me, for like the others, he will not let me cum. He continually pounds into my ass with the steady beat of his large hands coming down on my cheeks. Hopelessness again engulfs me. I yearn to be sitting in front of the TV watching my favorite soap. Instead I sit in front of this black bastard wishing I could cum.

After breakfast I am taken to the lab where I meet Dr. Sharkiro. A series of tests are done on me and several blood samples are taken. I overhear the doctor talking to the Marquis.

"She is perfect for our experiment. She is certainly well endowed. She has the right equipment. Those melons can hold a great deal of milk and will probably grow much larger. I have started injecting the serum into her system. It will take approximately one week for her body to duplicate the conditions necessary for the mammaries to produce milk. Once production begins, it is imperative that you keep her on a regular milking schedule. In the meantime, use her any way you see fit, but don't harm her tits."

"This sounds good, doctor. I'm glad to hear that things will progress so quickly. I'm also glad to hear that I can continue with her training."

I feel alone and forsaken. Where is my husband? Why hasn't he come to find me? I begin to cry? It's because of him that I'm here now. I have changed so much in the last couple of days, and this is only the beginning. Feelings have been awoken in me that I didn't even know existed. What have I become? Do what depths will I sink? Can I sink any lower? Can I become any more depraved?

The Marquis sees me crying and smiles. He walks over to me.

"Why are you crying, my dear. There is no need to cry. You are in good hands," he says as he kneads my breasts and squeezes my nipples. "Soon your huge breasts will be producing a gallon of milk a day. My first human cow," he continues as he laughs mockingly.

"Would you like to have some fun, Gwen?"

"Oh yes, sir. Whatever you desire," I say as I feel horror unspeakable.

"Good," he says as he takes my leash and leads me out the door.

I crawl on all fours down the hall next to the Marquis. I am led into a room and told to kneel on a mat. The Marquis stands back and admires me. My breasts are large and still hang proudly on my chest. They beg for attention.

"You look tired. Didn't you sleep well?"

"No, sir."

"That's too bad because some dear friends of mine are very horny and in need of relief. Remember, Gwen," he says as he grabs my hair turning my face up so that my eyes meet his. "Not only will you provide milk, but you are also a whore to be made available to anyone of my choosing. A position of honor, isn't it?"

I don't respond. I feel anxious knowing what is going to happen to me in this room. I am filled with dread. Does he really expect me to service all his friends? The thought strangely arouses me. My cunt begins to twitch. The idea is oddly appealing. I must be going mad!

The Marquis while still holding my hair slaps me across the cheek with the back of his hand. He then hits the other cheek.

"Why do you not respond when spoken to, bitch?"

"Forgive me, sir."

"Are you ready, wench?"

"Oh yes, sir," and I really was.

"Then let the fun begin. Get down on your hands and knees and spread you legs wide. Now beg!"

I don't understand. What does he want me to beg for? I know I must respond. "Fuck me, sir!"

"No! No, bitch. I'm not going to fuck you. Now beg," he says as he squeezes my left nipple.

This is so humiliating. It's bad enough that his friends are going to fuck the shit out of me, but I have to beg for it? Why am I swearing so much? I never used those words before. They're so crude and vulgar. I have no choice but to debase myself and comply with the Marquis' wishes.

"I want to be fucked. Oh please, sir," I moan.

"That's better. More," he taunts as he continues to abuse my tits.

"Please, let me be fucked. Let them eat me. Let me suck their dicks." I am really getting into it. I am getting carried away.

A spreader bar is brought in and is placed on the mat between my feet. It is attached to my ankles by leather straps. My legs are held fast spread wide open. Suddenly seven little men enter the room wearing nothing more then masks. They all have huge cocks hanging between their legs which begin to grow as they see me kneeling, spread wide open. They surround me. I hear something behind me. One of them is licking my cunt and asshole with his rough tongue. God, that feels good. I look behind me and see the dwarf standing there with his huge ten inch cock resting on my ass. His cock which is now hard enters my cunt. His eyes glaze over in lust as he pistons into me violently. His movements are quick and steady and relentless. The other dwarves stand next to me stroking their huge cocks as there friend pounds into me relentlessly.

I think of my circumstances with revulsion. But in spite of myself I am responding to this little man with the huge cock. The one in my pussy feels so good. I have been deprived of sexual gratification all night and all morning. I'm ready. He planned it this way. He knew I would be willing to do anything to cum. He could make me do it, but the sick bastard wanted me to crave it, and I do.

The Marquis grabs me by the hair and forces me to look in the mirror. I see the dwarf with the glazed eyes pounding away at my cunt. I also see the pleasure written on my own face. I am appalled and disgusted by my own image, but I am aroused and on fire. My mind and my emotions are in conflict.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you, Gwen. You like being fucked, don't you."

"No! NO! I'm not” I sob hysterically, but I know deep down that I am.

"Oh yes you are, and I'll prove it. You're going to cum."

How could I not cum? I have been deprived all night. I have been taken to that glorious peak for hours and hours on end. Of course, I am going to cum. I can't help myself. Plus his dick feels so good. My hips move in rhythm with the little man with the big dick. I'm cumming. The dwarf continues to pound my cunt.

"Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhaggggggggggg" I scream out as I cum. The dwarf cums and deposits a huge load up my battered cunt. He withdraws his now flaccid prick drenched in my pussy juice. I am exhausted.

"One down, six to go," says the Marquis as another dwarf enters my cunt. The pounding begins immediately and I respond. I want it. I want to be fucked. I want to cum again and again and again.

The Marquis gets on his knees by my face and taunts me. There is no reprieve. He squeezes my nipples and kneads my breasts allowing them no rest. This fuels my fire.

“I told you. You are depraved. Is there anything you won't do?” he continues to chide me.

"Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaggggggggggggggg," I cum again and so does the dwarf.

Two more dwarves walk up to me. One stands before me with his nine inch dick looking me in the eye. I am overcome with lust as it grows before my eyes. I stick out my tongue and run it across the huge head of his cock. He grabs my hair and rams his dick to the back of my throat. I gag. He holds his dick there as I gasp for air and then backs off several inches before pushing forward and entering my throat. I feel searing pain in my throat a as he continues ramming his cock forward not content until all nine inches are buried in my throat with my nose buried in his pubic hair. He holds my head fast and gyrates his hips in small circles. I can't breathe.

At the same time the other dwarf enters my cunt and rams his ten inch cock up my fuck hole in one quick thrust. He then rams me unmercifully in long and rapid thrusts as he slaps my ass alternating first the left cheek and then the right, never missing a beat.

I can't breathe. The dwarf with his cock buried in my throat continues to hold my head firm, and I can't get air. I begin to foam at the mouth as I try to dislodge his giant prick. My movements spur on the dwarf fucking my cunt as he increases the thrust and rapidity of his cock battering my poor pussy. He finally relents and withdraws his cock from my throat allowing me to gulp in as much air as I possibly can before he rams his cock back down my throat. His pace increases as he batters my poor mouth using it as a cunt.

They both explode filling my mouth and pussy with cum. I'm drowning in a river of cum as they continue to explode in my poor battered cunt and mouth.

I'm exhausted and need rest as the two dwarves withdraw from my cunt and mouth and are immediately replaced by two more. These two have equally long cocks but are much thicker then the other dwarves. How can I possible fit that thing in my mouth? As the one dwarf stretches my poor pussy to new limits, the other one attempts to force the head of his cock into my mouth. I am unable to get my mouth open wide enough to take in his head. I snake my tongue out at the giant head trying to appease the dwarf. He roughly pries my mouth open with his fingers and forces the head of his cock in. The pain I feel is unbelievable. My jaw is stretched open to its limit and feels like it's going to lock.

"Watch those teeth, lady," sneers the dwarf as he continues to push his fat cock into my mouth.

All I can do is pray that my jaw doesn't crack. He grabs a handful of my hair and continues to push his cock towards the back of my mouth. I gag and my throat starts to heave trying to expel his monstrous cock. I can feel the head of his cock touching my esophagus. With one mighty push his cock rips into my throat. The pain I feel is unbelievable. I feel like a stuffed pig. Getting a better grip on my hair, he relentlessly pushes and pushes and pushes his monstrous cock down my poor stretched throat. My throat is aching and sore massaging his cock as it descends further and further in to my throat.

Meanwhile the other dwarf is pounding my cunt mercilessly. I feel so full. Both ends are stuffed to the limit. Suddenly the dwarf whose cock is lodged in my throat can hold back no longer and explodes in my mouth depositing a huge amount of cum into my belly. He painfully withdraws his cock from my mouth as the other dwarf continues to pound my pussy. I'm totally exhausted and ready to collapse as the dwarf continues to pound my pussy with renewed vigor. Finally he can hold back no more and deposits his load in me.

As he withdraws, I collapse on the floor and pass out. I can't go on even if only five of the seven dwarves are appeased.

My whirlpool that evening is well deserved. I did more than a day's work.

At dinner that night I eat ravenously. I have worked up an appetite after the day's activities. They are giving me two bowls of food instead of one. I finish the first bowl in peace glad that the black man is not there. All of a sudden there is a resounding slap to my left cheek which drives my face into the bowl.

"Did you think I forgot about you, wench? Have no fear, I am here!"

He slaps my other cheek and probes my cunt with his dick.

I panic. Oh no, not my pussy. Not after what those dwarves did to it today. Fuck my ass, please fuck my ass.

He wants nothing to do with my ass and rams his prick in to my poor abused pussy.

"How does that feel, bitch. Better than any old dwarf, I bet?”

He rams me unmercifully. He pulls ten inches out and rams it in up to the hilt. He continues doing this spurred on by my tears and crying. Finally he cums and withdraws his weapon.

"I'm not done with you yet. Have you ever been fist fucked?”

Fist fucked! What on earth is he talking about?

Well, you're going to be now."

I begin to cry uncontrollably.

"Why are you doing this to me? I've done nothing to hurt you.”

"It's nothing personal, lady. I really do hate big tits. I was told to leave those huge ugly melons alone so I'm taking it out on your cunt. Sit up on your knees and spread your legs wide.

I obey. I have no choice. What else can I do?

He looks both ways and then grabs my nipples and squeezes them and twists them between his thumb and forefinger. Then he starts to work his fingers in to my cunt. He starts with two, then three, four, the thumb. I'm being stretched unmercifully. He's ruining my cunt. When his fingers are entirely in my cunt, he forms a fist. I feel so full. I grunt and groan in pain. He shows no mercy as he continues to drive his fist up my cunt. The walls of my pussy give and reluctantly receive his fist. My cunt will never be the same.

I am in tears and beside myself. The pain is excruciating.

The black man smiles as he rams his fist up my cunt. I grunt. He punches his fist deeper and deeper into my cunt reaching my cervix. He's battering my cervix with his punches.

"Do you like being fist fucked, Gwen?"

I grunt. I am unable to speak. The pain is too great. My breasts sway back and forth. Every once in a while he slaps one, looking to make sure no one is watching. He continues to pound his fist up my cunt. I feel strangely aroused. My pussy juice is flowing down his hand. I can hear swishing noises as he punches his fist up my love canal. My tits bounce on my chest flapping up and down and back and forth.

"I really hate those jugs," he says as he takes a pin out of his pocket.

“Put your hands behind your head and push out those tits.”

He jabs the pin into the side of my left breast. I jump in pain. He stabs my right breast. I again jump. He continues to ram his right fist up my cunt. Every time I jump I ram my cunt down on his fist.

"Here you try it,” he says as he hands me the pin still not missing a beat with his fist ramming my cunt. He grabs my hair in his left hand.

"I was told not to mess with your tits, but there's nothing to say you can't. Jab your tits with the pin until I tell you to stop. If you don't, I'll rip all of your long beautiful hair out a handful at a time. Do you understand?" he says in a menacing voice.

I realize he's not kidding as he continues to fist fuck me. I'm petrified but at the same time I feel a wonderful sensation in my cunt and am beginning to enjoy what he is doing in spite of myself. I'm reaching a new high. I'm close, oh so close. I know I'm going to cum.

"Start jabbing, Miss Melons," he orders.

I begin to jab my tits with the pin - very light at first.

"Harder, lady, harder!"

I obey jabbing myself harder with the pin. Something happens to me inside. I snap. I become crazed. The juices are flowing faster. I start to ride his fist meeting his shoves. Waves of pleasure course up and down my spine from my pussy to my tits. I beg him to push harder. I jab myself unmercifully with the pin. I even prick my nipples and draw blood. This seems to excite me even more. I ride his fist. I have a demented idea and place the needle on the tip of my left nipple and push. A half inch of needle disappears straight into my nipple. The pain is excruciating but at the same time it sends electric shocks to my pussy. I don't believe I'm doing this to myself.

"You are one crazy bitch. Here's another needle. Do your right nipple”

I take the needle with no hesitation and place the tip against my right nipple with a demented desire to again push a half inch of the needle directly into my nipple. I push. The pain is glorious and sends another jolt to my cunt that sends me over the edge.

I can't take it any more. I explode.


I cum like I have never cum before. I gush all over his fist which is still pounding my cunt unmercifully. I am spent. Totally drained but I still ride the fist.

After a while he removes his fist from my cunt with a plop and stands back and laughs at me. I sit pathetically on the ground feeling the shame at the realization of what I have done and what I have become. I enjoyed myself. I am learning things about myself that I never knew. I am depraved. I enjoy pain. I enjoy being humiliated. I enjoy being abused and used. I loved jabbing my own tits. I got off on it. Jesus Christ, I drove two needles into my own nipples! What am I? I know I will never be the same.

I weep in shame.

He puts his hand up to my mouth and commands me to clean his hand. I lick all of my juices off of his hand and between his fingers. Every once in a while he'll slap me across the face and then command me to keep licking. After a while he tires of this and takes out a lighter.

The pins are still sticking out obscenely from the ends of my inch long nipples. As I continue to lick his hand, he applies heat to the pin in my left nipple. I can feel the heat rising, turning into a burning inside my nipple.

“You like that, don't you? You really get off on this,” he sneers as he moves the flame over to the other pin. Again, the heat builds sending a painful jolt to the core of my tortured nipple.

He alternates from my left nipple to my right nipple heating the pins just enough to bring me discomfort but not enough to do any real damage, and it is having an effect on me. The heat once again is building in my loins. My hips are moving, my cunt is dripping, looking for something to occupy it. I am again building to a climax. I again need to cum. Every time he heats a pin, it sends a jolt of electricity directly to my pussy. It's as if he has a direct line to my cunt. I push my tits out to him as an offering willing him to heat the pins.

What kind of a sicko am I becoming? I have sunk to a level where I need pain and humiliation to get off. Before this I use to be content to make love to Bill once a week. That was enough to satisfy me. Sometimes we went two weeks without making love. Now look at me. I'm a pain slut.

My breathing becomes heavy and labored. I'm sweating profusely. I'm so close, and he continues to apply heat to the pins in my nipples. I love it. I'm reaching a new high. I don't care how perverted this is. It feels good. No, it feels great.

“Yes,” I groan. “Heat those pins. Make them hotter.”

And then he suddenly stops. He pulls both pins out of my nipples and calls for the chambermaids.

“No, you can't stop now. I'm so close,” I scream as I reach down to finger my cunt and rub my clit. All I need is a minute.

Before my hand reaches my pussy, he slaps me across the face bringing me back to reality.

“Get your hands on your head. Spread your legs wide and arch that back,” he spits out as he directs me.

I obey immediately fearing the consequences.

“You'll not cum again tonight,” he whispers in my ear.

I'm broken and defeated. Something is happening to me. I'm not the person I use to be. I'm now nothing but a crazed slut. I cry pathetically.

I am taken back to my chambers where I am attended to and prepared for bed. Special attention is paid to my breasts with soothing antiseptic and healing ointment being liberally applied.

“Tonight we have a slight variation in your accommodations for the night thanks to that disobedient black slave,” explained Evelyn.

I soon find out what that variation is to be. No dildo is put in my cunt. My cunt will not be violated in order to give me time to heal. However one computerized dildo is slid up my ass. I regretfully realize that this will again be a sleepless night. Monique attaches a device to my pussy.

“This device is called a butterfly. It can do wonderful things to your clit. It is also computerized,” she says as she makes final adjustments and positions it.

She attaches my wrist cuffs to the corners of the bed.

“You sleep well, little slut,” says Monique as she leans over and passionately kisses me on the lips while stabbing her tongue into my mouth.

I feel a churning in my loins. All of a sudden the butterfly device attached to my clit comes alive, pulsating and stimulating it.

While Monique continues to explore my mouth with her tongue, Evelyn leans over and swirls her tongue around my left nipple. She looks up at me and says, “Tastes good,” and then takes my nipple in her mouth and sucks.

Oh god, it's happening again. I am so aroused. My hips are churning looking for release. Unexpectedly the dildo in my ass begins to gyrate – twisting and turning in my rectum. I'm approaching a climax. I close my eyes and let it build.

Suddenly Monique and Evelyn are gone. I open my eyes. They are standing by the door.

“Sleep well.”

They mock me. They take delight in my plight. The anal invader and the butterfly stop. All is quiet except my cunt is raging and on fire. It looks as if this is going to be a nightly routine. How long can I last? Sleep deprivation will soon take a toll on me. This constant state of horniness and always being on the edge of a climax will drive me insane. It's already driven me to willingly do unthinkable deeds.

What's in store for poor Gwen? Stay tuned - more to come………

The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 5

In the morning the Marquis comes to my chambers. He is obviously upset at the previous night's activities. The black man had overstepped his boundaries and gone against the will of the Marquis. He was disposed of swiftly and replaced by a new black stud that would attend to me and others like me during dinner.

"Dear, dear. Gwen. Your cunt must be given time to heal. It has gone through a great deal during the last twenty-four hours. Therefore, it will not be violated again except by direct orders from me. Have no fear, my dear, you are in good hands. However, this does mean that your other natural openings will be receiving more attention. Don't you agree, my dear?"

Quickly I respond. "Oh yes, sir."

The Marquis strokes my breasts. "Soon your mammaries will be producing milk - a great deal of milk. You will be the first - the first of many."

He slaps my breasts and calls for the chambermaids.

"Prepare her for the day's activities. I want her in the great hall by 9:00 AM sharp.”

The Marquis looks at me and says, “Last night's activities were unfortunate, but they won't earn you a reprieve."

I am bathed and then dressed. Today I am wearing a black leather garter belt with black stockings, and black leather over the knee boots with four inch heels. He really has a thing for these over the knee boots. My wrist cuffs and collar are also put on. Anklets are no longer necessary since all my boots now have D-rings attached to them at the heel. This is becoming my standard attire. My long blonde hair is braided and hangs down to my waist.

I look in the mirror not recognizing the reflection staring back. Is that me? Is that sexy slut in the mirror really me? I look so fuckable. Those four inch heels make my long legs look even better. I look like I was made for sex. I'm almost standing on the balls of my feet like a ballerina thanks to the four inch heels I'm forced to wear.

I am led to the great hall and arrive there at 9:00 AM sharp. I mustn't keep the Marquis waiting.

"Well, my dear, your activities will be limited today."

I am led to a long table that sits only about a foot off of the ground and directed to lie down on my back. My legs are pulled over the sides of the table and my boots are attached to two of the table legs. My arms are raised over my head and stretched up and out to the sides. They are also attached to the other two table legs by the rings in my leather wrist cuffs. The table is hard and cold. I am uncomfortable. My breasts are again fully exposed and vulnerable.

"You're probably wondering about those shots you receive every morning and evening. They are what will make it possible for you to produce milk. It won't be long now."

Two dwarves enter and positioned themselves on either side of me. At the Marquis's command they begin to lick my breasts with their unusually long tongues. This drives me crazy. My breasts are sensitive and their tongues are very coarse. It arouses me and I begin to feel wetness in my pussy. Chills travel up and down my spine. I try to push up to give them easier access.

"We need to take care of your tits. They will be producing a lot of milk," says the Marquis as he stares at me with a twisted smile on his face. He gets a great deal of pleasure out of taunting me.

He grabs a handful of my hair. I knew the niceness had to end soon. These dwarves are driving me crazy with their unrelenting licking. I moan out loud. Especially sensitive are my nipples when they drag their tongues across them.

"My dwarves are taking good care of you, aren't they?"

"Oh yes, sir," I moan.

"And you want to take good care of them, don't you?"

"Whatever you command, sir."

He slaps me across the face with the back of his hand.

"I denote a tone of sarcasm in your voice."

"Forgive me, sir."

"Do you want to take good care of my dwarves?"

"Oh yes, sir. I would do anything for them," I say as the dwarves continue to lick and nibble on my breasts. I am getting very hot in spite of myself. My hips are gyrating. My cunt is dripping. They are driving me insane.


Another dwarf enters the room and stands next to my face. His large prick which is already aroused is staring me in the face. Now I know why the table is only a foot high.

"Now, bitch, make this dwarf happy!" shouts the Marquis.

I quickly take the dwarf's prick between my lips and begin to suck. The dwarf's cock gets harder as he begins to fuck my mouth. I swirl my tongue around his shaft.

The Marquis holds my head. "Suck harder, wench!" He holds my head still so that the dwarf can better ram his large prick in my mouth and down my throat.

"He will soon cum. He has been primed. You see, he was fucking one of the other slave girls before he was brought out for you to finish off. Make sure you swallow every drop."

This dwarf is now deep-throating me. Oh my God, his long lean prick is all the way down my throat, and I love it. I suck like there is no tomorrow.

The Marquis brings a mirror over. “Look at yourself, Gwen. Look good. A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I look in the mirror and see the lust in my eyes. I see myself sucking furiously on the dwarf's prick as he fucks my mouth like a cunt. I see the bulge in my throat as it saws in out and out of my mouth and throat. And it turns me on. I cum looking at myself in the mirror. No one touches my cunt and I cum. My cunt takes on a life of its own.

At that moment the large prick in my mouth begins to spasm and shoots load after load of cum down my throat. I almost gag on it, but am able to recover and continue to swallow. When the dwarf is finished, he pulls out of my mouth. I feel full. Another dwarf enters the room, and I again begin sucking in earnest. He has also been primed and cums in my mouth in a relatively short amount of time. I swallow quickly making sure not to lose a drop.

The two other dwarves continue to lick my breasts driving me wild. They are relentless. There tongues seem to be everywhere at once. They lick the underside of my huge tits, and snake their tongues over the sides of my tits before returning to licking and nibbling on my nipples. My nipples are so tender. They take turns licking up and down my cleavage sending spasms of pleasure up and down my spine. The dwarves are being fulfilled and the fire in my cunt builds once again. My clit is hard and throbbing and in need of attention.

By the time I have deep-throated three of the dwarves, I begin to fantasize about one of them fucking my cunt. I am sooooooo hot. I can't stand it. The Marquis seems to read my mind.

"You're a horny little bitch, aren't you? Too bad we can't use your cunt for awhile. Would you like one of the dwarves to fuck you in the ass?"

"Oh yes, sir. That would be wonderful. I am so hot," and I really mean it. I'm getting more excited thinking of the prospect of one of those long dicks pistoning my anal passage. I want to be fucked up the ass. I don't believe I said that! I need relief - any kind of relief.

"Is that what you really want?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Then beg for it, bitch. Convince me."

I was again being humiliated. He was forcing me to beg to be fucked up the ass. He wanted to strip away any last remnants of self-respect, any feeling of decency. And it was working because more than anything else, at that moment in time, I wanted to be sodomized by one of the little dwarves.

"Oh, sir, please let one of the seven dwarves fuck my ass. I am so hot. I need it. I'll go crazy if I don't."

"You really do want it, don't you? You are depraved, but I'll grant you your wish."

I am released from the low table and ordered to stand with my legs spread wide. Then my hands are shackled behind my back with a small chain connecting the D-rings on my wrist cuffs. A long chain is lowered from the ceiling and connected to the chain connecting my wrists. The chain is then raised forcing my arms up and bending me at the waist. This position is very uncomfortable and puts a tremendous strain on my arms.

By this time my cunt although extremely sore is dripping. My clit is hard and throbbing and driving me to distraction.

The last two dwarves enter the room. They do not look at all happy. These are the two that never got to use me last night. The chambermaids bring in two small stools and places one in front and one behind me. The two dwarves go to each side of me and begin to chew and suck on my tits. Then they take great delight in smacking my huge tits and watching them bounce back and forth on my chest.

I am quite a sight. Here I am suspended by my hands and bending at the waist with my huge 38 DD tits being smacked by two little men. I am wearing nothing but black leather over the knee boots, stockings, and of course my leather restraints. My cunt is dripping wet. My anus is ready and willing to be fucked.

"I think it's time to begin,” says the Marquis.

"Oh, yes,” I hiss.

The Marquis is amused and feeds on my subservience. I already know he has a mean streak in him. My cunt is a raw piece of meat. He means to see that my ass becomes the same.

With that he takes a whip and administers several blows to my naked and exposed ass. This stings me and arouses me at the same time. The blows continue to fall on my ass. My ass gyrates, waiting for the next blow - the heat building in my loins. The two dwarves continue to suckle and feed on my breasts.

I am hot, very hot. I need relief. Someone needs to put out this fire raging within me, or I will go mad.

The Marquis laughs as the blows continue to reign down upon my naked ass.

"She is all yours, gentlemen," announces the Marquis.

The dwarves immediately abandon my breasts and hop up on the stools.

The dwarf standing in front of me is sporting a cock larger than the one that violated my throat last night. I drool as I gaze upon it, filled with lust. My neglected pussy gets wetter.

The dwarf behind me is having his cock lubricated with K-Y jelly by one of the chambermaids. He is super-agitated as he pushes his large member against by anal sphincter. I grunt as he tries to gain entrance to my ass. He pushes again and my sphincter gives somewhat but doesn't allow him entrance to my ass. He growls as he once again lunges forward and shoves with all his might ripping into my poor ass. Five inches are buried up my ass entering my rectum. There are still six inches to go.

Meanwhile the dwarf in front of me places his huge dick on my tongue. He is as thick around as the other monster dick that violated my throat last night but an inch longer. I don't know if I can do this again as drool escapes from my mouth. He stretches my mouth open and wedges his cock head in to my mouth. Once again my mouth is stretched to an obscene degree. He pushes forward driving three inches of his fat cock toward the back of my mouth and at the same time driving me back and further impaling his buddy's cock up my ass.

I feel so stuffed as both fat fucking cocks ram me from each end stuffing inch after inch of meat up my ass and down my throat. I am tossed to and fro with the violent thrusts of each dwarf. Finally they both bottom out and there is no more cock for me to ingest. They both set a rhythm and take turns ramming their monster cocks up my poor ass and down my bruised throat. There stamina is amazing as they pound me for over 10 minutes. The pain in my arms is now tremendous, and even though I am highly aroused I am unable to come to a climax because of this extreme pain.

The dwarf up my ass is the first to lose his load. His giant cock throbs and then deposits a tremendous amount of come into my rectum. It seems to be endless as he spurts load after load. The dwarf down my throat grabs me by both of my ears and rams my mouth with short quick thrusts. My head shakes violently as my tits smack against my chest, and then his cum fills my belly. When both little men are fully spent, they withdraw their huge weapons from my mouth and ass and leave the room.

"Well done," chuckles the Marquis.

I am unshackled and returned to my quarters. I try to reach down and finger fuck my pussy for I am very hot. I am stopped and my hands are bound behind my back while I am fed, bathed, and prepared for bed.

I am forced to sleep on my back. My legs are spread wide apart and shackled to the bedposts. The same is done with my arms. I am immobile.

My body needs rest and time to recover from all the abuse it has received in only a few short days. I find that I am weary, but fortunately I am granted a reprieve.

For the next five days my body is allowed to heal. I am bathed, fed, receive my daily injections from the doctor, and am restrained most of the time. Other than that I am left alone with my own thoughts.

I at times yearn for my old life, but more often than not, my thoughts are preoccupied by the raging fire burning in my loins – a fire that cannot be put out, a fire that is fanned by the neglect that I now receive. My clit is constantly hard and quakes with a life of its own begging to be touched. I haven't seen the Marquis during this period of time; however, I am constantly under the watchful eyes of either Monique or Evelyn, my chambermaids.

On the fifth night of solitude (my ninth day of captivity), after I am prepared for bed, the Marquis enters my chambers. He lightly brushes his hand against my cunt.

Ripples of pleasure run up and down my spine.

"Are you hot, my dear?"

"Oh yes, sir, very hot. Please fuck me."

He slaps me across the face. "Don't be so bold and forward."

A machine is rolled up to the bed and clamps are applied to my nipples and to my clitoris. A penis shaped phallus with a wire attached is shoved up my anus.

A switch is thrown and the machine comes to life with brightly lit dials.

"Tonight might be a shocking experience, dear Gwen," says the Marquis. He adjusts some dials and I feel electricity flowing through my breasts. It's not a single jolt but a constant trickle that is not totally unpleasant. The Marquis adjusts the dial again and the intensity increases. My breasts begin to quiver. I feel pain but pleasure at the same time. I am confused. I don't know what to feel. I begin to cry.

"Are you distressed, my dear? “

He again adjusts some dials and I feel a vibration in my ass. The electricity is flowing. Another dial is adjusted and I feel the electricity flowing in my clitoris.

"How does that feel? Let's increase the juice to your tits a little."

He adjusts a dial and my breasts jiggle and shake even more - again a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Tomorrow is the big day. This is the final step - the final preparation. Tomorrow you produce milk."

The Marquis laughs as he leaves the room spitting out orders to the chambermaids. I am to be left like that all night with the low level electrical current flowing throughout my body.

I am unable to sleep. The electricity coursing through my body keeps me awake. I am very much aware of my breasts. The flow of electricity is concentrated in my nipples and they are very sensitive.

In spite of all of this abuse, I am hotter than hell. I would do anything if only I could cum.

What's in store for poor Gwen? Stay tuned - more to come………

The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 6

In the morning of my tenth day of captivity the equipment is removed and I am bathed, fed and prepared for the day's activities.


The Marquis enters my chamber.

"Today is the big day.  Today you produce your first milk.  Prepare her ladies.  The doctor and I will be waiting in the other room."

Evelyn and Monique quickly go to work.  My hands and arms are bound behind my back.  I am instructed to clasp my hands together behind my back. Then a leather sleeve is placed over my hands and slid up my arms.  The leather laces on the sleeve are then drawn tight forcing my arms together from my wrists to my elbows.  As my arms are bound together, my breasts are forced to jut out prominently in front of me.

The leather mask is again fitted to my head, and I am left in total darkness as it is laced up. Monique puts my boots on, and then I am led by a leash attached to my collar to another room where the doctor awaits me.  I walk tentatively on the four inch heels, my huge breasts swaying and bouncing lightly on my chest as I walk down the hall and enter the room.  

“Ah, there she is.  My dear, this final injection will bring on the flow of milk.  This is a momentous occasion.  It is a moment I have long waited for," says the Marquis with a wild look in his eyes. 


The doctor approaches me with a needle and injects the serum through my left nipple.  He then takes another syringe and does the same to my right nipple.  My nipples tingle as a warmth emanates and spreads throughout my breasts. 

I am led to a table and forced to kneel.  My ankles are tied together and my knees are forced apart by a spreader.  A thick six inch dildo is forced up my ass.  My cunt receives no attention.  I want to be fucked in the worst way.  My pussy is on fire and yearns for attention.


The Marquis pinches my nipples cruelly as he speaks to me.


"It won't be long now, Gwen.  Aren't you glad you came to your husband's rescue?  Your husband who is probably enjoying the $100,000 I paid him for you."


I shake my head.  Am I hearing right?  My husband was paid $100,000?  For what?  Was I sold by my husband?


"Yes, my dear, I can read your mind.  You were paid for.  Actually I would have paid him $200,000 for you, but he accepted my first offer."


I cry but my tears have no where to go.  I stare ahead in darkness with no hope.  My husband sold me.  My husband put a price on my head.  And here I am thinking I am sacrificing myself for his well-being - the bastard! 

The anguish that fills my soul is unbearable.  Why?  Why did he betray me?   Our courtship was a storybook romance.  It was love at first sight for both of us. I thought we were so happy the ideal couple.  Oh God, how could I have been so wrong.  I am filled with such emptiness to think that I meant so little to him.


I am very uncomfortable.  Something is happening to me.  I feel my breasts enlarging and getting heavier.  I try to drive the thought out of my mind.  I'm a human milkmaid for this madman.  

I am left alone in this position in the dark for the next six hours alone in sorrow.  My mind is plagued with thoughts of my betrayal.  What a fool I was.  I didnt have to get in that limousine.  I could have called the police, and none of this would have happened.  My husbands little plan would have been foiled.  Why did he do this to me?  I loved him.  I cared for him.  We had plans.  We were going to have children. 

Along with this I am beset with what is happening to be physically.  My breasts are super sensitive and warmth is emanating from them sending jolts of pleasure directly to my pussy.  I am so aroused. 

My mind is in turmoil.  I am having conflicting emotions. I am tormented by my husbands betrayal, yet at the same time, I am being driven to insanity by the fire in my cunt.  My clit is throbbing and aching and begging for attention. 


And then the Marquis returns.  The Marquis removes my head mask.  I squint as my eyes try to adjust to the light.  By this time my breasts weigh heavily on my chest.  Every bone in my body aches from the position I am forced to assume for so many hours.


As I look around, I see that there are five men in the room besides the Marquis.  They all wear black hoods, leather straps across their chests, and black boots.


The Marquis squeezes my left tit.  He continues to squeeze it.  All of a sudden a drop of white milky liquid oozes from my nipple.  This excites the Marquis beyond belief.  He continues to cruelly squeeze my tit and clamps his mouth on my nipple.


The milk begins to flow.  I can feel it flowing from my breast. It sprays out of the many ducts on my nipple.


"Oh God, this is delicious.  This milk is absolutely delicious.  It is beyond my wildest expectations."


The Marquis continues to greedily suck the milk from my left tit and then starts to work on my right tit.


"Untie her.  Let the games begin."


My arms are released.  One of the men lies on the floor.  The dildo is removed from my ass and replaced by the man's dick, the only difference being that his dick is much larger then the dildo.


"Fuck that dick, bitch, or you'll pay dearly," says the Marquis as he stands over me.


Two men walk up on either side of me with their dicks fully extended.


"Take those dicks in your hands and suck them for all youre worth.  I want to see them cum down your throat, Gwen."


The other two men kneel in front of me.


"Suck those tits.  Drain every drop of milk out of them, and then chew on them until my comrades cum.  Really chew on them to give this bitch an incentive to suck for all she's worth.


Again I present a bizarre sight.  I am riding a bucking bronco that is relentless in pounding his Goliath prick up my ass causing my breasts to jump up and down on my chest.  I hold on to the two huge dicks to either side of me not knowing which one to suck first, stroking and sucking in succession trying not to be partial; trying not to invoke the wrath of either one of these beasts.  The other two men suck unmercifully on my breasts draining this new found milk from my tits while they bite and pinch and squeeze my poor abused breasts.  But yet my cunt is neglected, and it is there that the fire rages growing stronger and stronger.  No one will put that fire out.  And it rages on and on gathering strength and consuming me.


As if on cue, the men begin to cum.  The beast sodomizing me cums first spewing his jism up my ass, gallon after gallon.  Next the man on my right starts to cum in my mouth as I stroke the others phallus.  I make sure to swallow every drop and then turn my attention to the other man bringing him to a climax.  They are all satisfied.  Everyone is satisfied except me. The burning fire rages in my cunt.

"That's quite enough," snaps the Marquis.


The five men immediately get up and leave the room.  I am left sitting on my knees worn out and unsatisfied.  My breasts are sore, my ass is sore, and my cunt is raging.  I reach down and rub my clitoris.  Immediately the sound of whiplash as the whip descends on my hand leaving a red welt.


"Don't you dare touch yourself, bitch.  You do only as you are commanded.  Do you understand?"


I reach a breaking point and begin to cry uncontrollably.


"Answer me!"


"Forgive me, sir.  Forgive my disobedience."


"You think you deserve forgiveness.  Never.  Put your hands behind your head"


I instantly obey locking my fingers behind my head.  The Marquis walks up to me and stands between my knees.  I dread the menacing look in his eyes.  He's thinking.  He's devising some kind of bizarre punishment for me.


"Take her away.  Make sure she is fed and provided with no stimulation whatsoever in her genital area.  I mean none. I also want her groomed tonight.  Its time to remove all bodily hair.  Ill be in to decide what is to happen to her long golden tresses.  Go, now!"


The chambermaids attach a leash to my collar and lead me from the room.  I am fed in the usual degrading manner and bathed.  I am then prepared for bed.


The activities of the day have exhausted me.  I yearn for peace and quiet and a good nights sleep.  I lay on my back.  My arms are stretched out and attached to the posts.   The same is done to my ankles.  A leather strap is placed across my waist and is drawn tight under the mattress.  Obviously, the Marquis wants to prevent any movement on my part especially since my pussy is still on fire.

“We will now proceed to remove any unwanted bodily hair.  The Marquis said this needs to be done tonight,” said Monique as she tightens up the leather strap.

“The process is very simple.  First we will shave all areas where hair is to eliminated including your legs, your underarms, and your genital area.  We will then apply a debilitating cream that will saturate the base of your hair follicles and stop hair growth.  This cream is made up of an amazing mixture of exotic plant enzymes,” said Evelyn as she sharpens a straight razor.

“The Marquis has not decided yet what is to be done with your head.  He may very well decide to permanent remove that hair also.  Understand that this process is irreversible,” added Monique as she carries in a basin of water and towels.

Theyre not kidding.  Theyre really going to do this.  I dont mind so much my arms and legs.  Im not too sure about my genitals.  I like hair down there.  Why am I debating this? I dont have any say in the matter, do I?  If I protest that will mean only more punishment for me, and theyll still do it.  I am worried about my beautiful blonde hair, though.  Oh my God, he cant cut my hair.  I love my hair.  Ill worry about that later.  Oh no, my pussy is still on fire.

Evelyn takes a cloth and dampens my underarms.  She then coats them with shaving cream.  Monique appears to be the expert with the straight razor, I hope.  She proceeds to shave my underarms being sure to get every hair.  Evelyn wipes my underarms with a warm compress.  Then she applies a thin layer of this special cream and rubs it in.

“Thats it.  Youll never be bothered by underarm hair again,” states Evelyn.

They then proceed to repeat this process on my legs.  Fifteen minutes later, and I never have to worry about shaving my legs again.

“Now, the fun part, little slut.  Its time to rid your cunt and rectum of all that nasty hair, teases Monique as she once again sharpens the straight razor.

When all the hair is removed from my genitals, Evelyn does a closer inspection.  Shes purposely teasing me constantly brushing against my clit to keep me aroused.  Whenever she finds a stray hair, she plucks it out with tweezers forcing me to wince in pain.  There are many stray hairs especially near my rectum.  She certainly has my attention as she plucks away.

Finally Evelyn pronounces, “Shes as smooth as a newborn baby.  Theres not a hair in sight.”

“Good!  Lets get this over with.  Ive got a hot date tonight,” says Monique.

They apply the cream to my genitals even rubbing some up in my rectum.  My clit and my labia are given a thorough coating.

“Done!  Lets finish her up and get out of here.  I dont actually believe theyre going to let her sleep tonight,” Evelyn says to Monique.

Monique shrugs her shoulders.

A gag is placed in my mouth.  This one is different than the ball gag I have grown accustomed to.  It is shaped like a penis and is approximately four inches long and two inches in diameter.  It feels very uncomfortable as it is shoved in my mouth.  I gag.  How am I expected to rest with a phallus in my mouth?  The strap is tightened securing the gag in my mouth. 


I am forced to breathe through my nose.  The lights are extinguished and the chambermaids leave the room.


In the dark I lay immobile contemplating my situation.  Tears flow as I remember what the Marquis said this afternoon about my husband.   Why did my husband betray me?  I love him.  Bill meant the world to me.  How it hurts to know that he purposely placed me in this situation.  And I, the fool, thought I was saving him from danger.  If he wanted a divorce, all he had to do was ask for it.

I hear footsteps approaching.  The door opens and the lights are turned on.  I can make out a shadow near the door.  My eyes are trying to adjust to the bright light.

“Does the light bother your eyes, my dear,” says the Marquis as he stands in the doorway.  “Let me turn them out.”


He lights a candle and turns off the lights.  He then slowly walks over to my bed with a sadistic grin on his face.  I thought I was going to be allowed to rest tonight.


“Are you comfortable, dear Gwen?”


Obviously I cant respond thanks to the gag in my mouth.


“I must speak to your chambermaids.  They know better than to leave your breasts unattended.  What if your tits started to leak during the night.  Now, we wouldnt want to lose any of that precious milk, would we?”


With that, he takes a pair of clamps out of his pocket.  He seems to be really enjoying himself.  Why does he take such joy in my pain and misfortune?  He squeezes my left nipple bringing it to attention.  He then places the cushioned clamp on my nipple and begins to tighten it.  The pain is excruciating.

“How does that feel, Gwen?  We want it nice and tight so you dont leak.”  He continues to tighten the clamp.  I thrash my head back and forth.  It is all I can do.  I cant move any other part of my body.  I cant scream.  I have no other means of release.  The juices in my pussy start to flow.


He repeats the process on my right nipple causing me much discomfort.


“There.  Thats better.”  His right hand roams down to my cunt, and he gently squeezes my clitoris.  It feels so good.  I feel chills running up my spine.  But I also feel a great deal of pain in my tits.  I am getting hotter by the minute.  He continues to play with my pussy.  I try to shove my cunt up to meet his hand, but the leather strap around my waist keeps me immobile.


His mood suddenly changes.

“Youre a hot little bitch, arent you,” he spits out as he removes his hand from my pussy.   “Do you think for one minute Im going to let you cum?”  He laughs.


I cry.  I am frustrated.  Sexually frustrated. Why wont he let me cum?  I did everything he wanted me to do.  I became his milk cow.  I let him debase me in every way imaginable.  Why wont he let me cum?  I sob.  The tears roll down my cheeks and on to my pillow.


He enjoys this.  It pets his ego.  It drives him on


“Poor, poor, Gwen,” he says as he tips the candle and pours hot candle wax in my navel.  I inwardly flinch from the burn of the wax.  He continues to amuse himself by dripping hot wax all over my stomach.  He soon tires of this and then puts the flame to my right nipple.  My eyes almost bulge out of their sockets.  Oh my God, is he crazy.  The pain is exquisite, and the worst part is that I want him to do these perverted things to me.  Im afraid but also excited at the same time.  If only he would let me come.


He moves the flame to my left nipple.  More pain, more pleasure, perverted pleasure for him and for me.  He then alternates moving the flame first to my right nipple and then to my left.  All this time wax continues to drip on my body.


I am in a frenzy.  I need to be fucked.  I am so hot.  I love what he is doing to me. My nipples rage with heat but he doesnt burn me.  I want him to torture me, but I also want him to fuck me.  Why wont he fuck me?  Bring in the dogs.  I dont care just let something satisfy the burning in my pussy.


He blows out the candle.  “Now, Gwen, it is time for you to rest.  I have another surprise for you in the morning - the biggest surprise of your life.”


With that, he walks to the door and leaves.


I am a mess.  How can I sleep?  Im as horny as a toad and at the same time in great pain.  Sleep is slow in coming, and that sleep is a restless one filled with nightmares of beasts eating and devouring my cunt so that it is no more.

Whats in store for poor Gwen?  Stay tuned - more to come………     Also, e-mail me with any ideas you may have for Gwens further transformation.


The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 7

I am awakened hourly throughout the night to be milked. At 6:00 AM. I get up to start my day not really getting much rest throughout the night due to the hourly milkings. I am told by the doctor that hourly milkings are necessary to increase milk production, and its working.  My milk production is increasing.  I have also been put on a prenatal vitamin.   

All of my shackles are removed, and I am bathed by my chambermaids. 


After my bath, I feel somewhat refreshed after the events of the night.  The flame in my pussy has subsided for the time being, but I have the feeling that it wont take much to set me afire.


My wrist and collar restraints are replaced.  I put on a pair of over the knee boots with four inch heels. They have become my standard attire.  The leash is attached to my collar and I am ordered to crawl like a dog to the kitchen to be fed.

My breasts sway back and forth.  They have quickly filled since my last milking.  They are full and uncomfortable. 


I finally reach the kitchen and am famished.  A large bowl of food is placed before me on the floor.  I dive in eating ravenously.


Suddenly I feel a whack across my left cheek that is totally unexpected and catches me by surprise.


“Good morning, bitch,” says the black man standing behind me with a paddle.  This is the new man that took the place of the man that the Marquis was displeased with.  He looked meaner than the other man.  He certainly was bigger and not just in height.


“Assume the position,” he spits out.  I quickly sit up and place my hands behind my head and spread my knees as far as they will go.  This exposes and makes me vulnerable to him.  He walks in front of me and looks me up and down.


“You certainly are a big mother,” he says as he squeezes my tits.  I wince in pain.  “Oh, I see that these are milkers and they are full.”


He continues to squeeze my tits amusing himself at my expense. I try not to show the pain that I am in.


“Suck on this, motherfucker,” he commands as he stands and grabs my hair forcing my mouth over the tip of his large cock.  His cock has to be 2 1/2 inches in diameter.  It looks like a piece of summer sausage.  He continues to force his cock into my mouth and down my throat.  He is all business and shows no mercy.  My mouth is being stretched to the limit.  Im afraid my lips will rip at the edges.  How far can they be parted?  They never had to accommodate a cock this large.


His cock is halfway into my mouth.  He moves his hips while holding my head and begins ramming in earnest.  He is turning my mouth into his private cunt.  I gag.  He withdraws and rams it in again.  I gag.  He seems to enjoy the discomfort he is causing me.  I begin to drool and foam at the mouth. My eyes are bulging out as he continues to ram his cock down my throat forcing me to take in more with each thrust.


At the same time he moves his bare left foot forward between my legs and works his toes between my pussy lips.  He wiggles his toes and moves them forward separating my lips.  Now, this I like.  My pussy has been ignored lately.


I amaze myself.  With his continued ramming, I have taken in almost his entire length with my drool coating his massive shaft.  I didnt think my mouth would stretch open that far.  But hes not done.  He continues to ram my mouth pushing further down my throat.  His foot has also been active working its way forward and pressing further into my pussy.  I try to spread my legs further apart to allow him better access to my cunt.  He needs no encouragement.  This is his intent.  He is unrelenting and continues to move his foot in and out of my pussy gaining further ground each time.  


Hes driving me wild.  Im stuffed.  If I stopped to think about my situation, I might panic.  After all, his foot is a size 11 and is halfway in my love canal already.  Thats worst then fist fucking, and hes not done yet.  My breasts sway back and forth and ache as the milk continues to build in my mammaries.


All of a sudden, all hell breaks loose.  He becomes a madman.  He quickens his pace and is violently shoving his prick down my throat at a rapid pace.  His only concern is getting off.  At the same time his foot is going crazy.   He is continually ramming his foot up my dilating cunt with great force lifting me off the floor with each thrust.  He has almost buried his foot up my cunt.


Then he cums and load after load of cum shoots from his massive cock down my throat into my belly.  It has no where to go but down.  There is no fear of losing any of his cum.  My mouth is stuffed to the hilt with his dick, and he wont withdraw even an inch.  If I dont swallow faster, Im going to choke to death or drown in his cum.  What an epitaph!  The flow recedes and finally stops.  He is sated.


He withdraws his prick from my mouth and lets go of my hair.  He leans back with his hands on his hips and continues to work his foot in to my cunt.


“You like that, bitch, dont you?”


My cunt is on fire and I dont respond right away.  He bends down and slaps my left tit on the side.  Pain mixes with pleasure.


“Answer me when I speak to you, whore.”


He rears back and slaps my right tit.  More pain.  He continues to slap my tits with resounding slaps shooting pain through my bloated tits, but I dont care.  My cunt is on fire and Im ready to cum.


He senses that I am close to an orgasm.


“You like pain, dont you, you pervert,” he says as he withdraws his foot from my cunt and retreats several steps.  He stands there and looks down on me with disdain.


“Oh God, please dont stop,” I beg and cry.  “Please, please, make me cum.  I need to cum.  Shove your foot up my cunt, please.”


“Shut up and stop begging.”


I reach down and shove my fingers up my cunt trying to bring myself to a climax.  The black man kicks my hand from my cunt.  I moan and groan and grovel on the floor.  I am a pathetic sight.


“Dont you dare touch yourself unless youre told to.”  He looks at the chambermaids and says, “Take her away.  Shes pathetic.  A man cant even eat in peace around here.”


I am led away by my leash, a pathetic sight, whimpering and moaning in pain and humiliation.  I am taken back to my chambers.   There my wrist restraints are attached to the chain overhead.  By means of a pulley the chain is raised until my arms are fully extended upward, and I am standing on my tiptoes.  The chambermaids leave.


This day is not getting off to a good start.  My body aches all over.  My cunt is still on fire.  My breasts hang heavily on my chest in desperate need of milking.  The sacks are full and must be emptied.  As my body produces more milk there is no place for it to go.  The Marquis must realize this.  He must know.  Of course, he does.  He knows I am in pain.  This pleases him, the sadistic bastard.  I cry.


At that moment one of the chambermaids enters.  She picks up some towels and before she leaves walks over to me.


“You were very fortunate this morning.”


“What do you mean?” I ask between sobs.


“One of the girls that the black man entertained yesterday didnt fair as well as you did.


“What happened to her?”


“Shes dead.”


“Oh my God, no!”  I exclaim in horror.  “How?”


“Her cunt couldnt accommodate his foot.  He ripped her apart and she bled to death.”


“Oh no.”


“Remember there are always those that have it worse than you do, no matter how bleak your circumstances might seem,” she says as she leaves the room.


I feel so sorry for that girl.  What a senseless way to lose your life. 


The Marquis enters and walks over to me with a smile on his face.


“Well, how are we feeling this morning, my dear Gwen?”


He feels my breasts and seems to approve of their tautness.  His hand wanders down to my cunt.  He rubs my clit and then inserts two fingers into my vagina as he continues to talk to me.


“Today should be very enlightening for you.”

Im curious as to what he might mean, but I dare not ask.

I find out soon enough when I am taken to a room I havent been in before.  One wall is all glass which looks into another spacious room with a settee and a king size bed.  I am seated in a leather chair facing this glassed wall.  The back of the chair is arched. My arms are pulled behind the chair, and my leather wrist cuffs are attached to a short chain at the back of the chair.  My legs are drawn back and each ring on my boots is attached to the back leg of the chair spreading my legs wide and exposing my already battered cunt.  My leather collar is removed and replaced by a collar that is attached to the back of the chair. 


This is what I look like.  My back is arched to conform to the shape of the chair causing my tits to jut out and be prominently displayed.  They are full of milk and very sensitive.  My head is immobile because of the leather collar which holds it back against the chair.   My legs are spread wide and back in a painful position.  I am very uncomfortable.

One of the chambermaids then reaches under the chair and slides out the center portion of the seat.  This exposes my underside and takes away some of the support since I have only the edges of the chair supporting me.  Finally a ball gag is placed in my mouth and secured behind my head with the leather strap.  I am uncomfortable and this discomfort increases with each passing moment.  The human body was not meant to be contorted into all of these weird positions.

“Well, well, well, arent you a sight for sore eyes.  Comfortable, my dear?”




The Marquis squeezes my breasts and milk begins to ooze from my nipples.


“You are producing milk at a phenomenal rate.  This is excellent.  You were born to be a milkmaid.  We will have to milk you immediately.”

The chambermaids wheel in the portable milking machine and attach the cups to my areolas.  The machine springs to life with the flick of a switch and milk is drawn from my bloated tits.  The cups continue to suck on my nipples drawing out the sweet nectar.

“We also have other business we need to attend to.  Our guests are arriving.  Direct your attention to the scene that unfolds before your eyes,” says the Marquis.


I look straight forward as directed and see a beautiful young woman dressed in a smart business suit seated on the settee.  What happens next shocks me.  My husband walks into the room and over to this woman.  Why is my husband here?  Maybe he had a change of heart and is coming to rescue me.  I can hear every word they say as if I am in the room with them.


“Well, Maxine, do you have my money?” says my husband.


“Its all there, Bill.  $100,000 I believe, is the agreed upon amount,” says Maxine as she rises.


“Why, here, though?  Couldnt we have arranged this meeting closer to home?” Bill asks.


“I only follow orders, Bill.  The Marquis said that business transactions are to take place here at the mansion under his supervision.  If you have a problem with that, talk to him. “


“No, no, it really doesnt matter.  I just thought it would have been simpler elsewhere.”


“Well, you received quite a handsome amount for your wife,” Maxine says as she wraps her arms around Bills neck and kisses him.


I break down in tears.  He did this to me.  I was suffering now because of his greed.  And now the Marquis is ready to give me an enema after hooking up the milking machine to my breasts.  I feel betrayed and used as this woman kisses my husband.


“Yeah, $100,000 was too tempting. I hope I made the right decision.” 


Bill gently squeezes Maxines breast as they embrace.


“Do you know what theyre going to do with her?”  Maxine asks.


“Burrows didnt go into a lot of detail, but he talked about training her and possible selling her on the white slave market.  I didnt pay too much attention.  I was too busy thinking about what I was going to do with the money.”


“Oh, theyve been training her all right.  As a matter of fact she has become completely subservient thanks to some hard discipline. “


“Hard discipline?”


I cry as the bulb is inflated in my rectum, and the warm solution begins to fill me.  How could he do this to me?


“Actually your wife is here.”


“Youre crazy?  How could she be?”


“This is where the Marquis trains all of his slaves.”




“Yes, she has become his slave.  As a matter of fact, the Marquis is administering an enema to your wife right at this moment.”


“How do you know that?”


“Because he told me.  Actually, your wife is observing this whole scene.”


“Wait a minute.  I was told she would never know what happened?”  Bill says in dismay.


“Does it really make a difference, Bill?  Can she do anything about it?” Maxine asks as she grabs Bills cock.  “Let me suck on this for you.”


Maxine drops down on her knees in front of Bill and unbuckles his belt, undoes his zipper, and lets his pants fall to the floor.  She is going to blow him with me watching.  As she sucks on his dick, the enema continues to fill be.  My stomach is bloated.  My tits are also drained as the last of the white milk drains from the tubes into the stainless steel container.  The Marquis removes the cups from my breasts.


“Dont they make a nice couple?  Look how delicately she sucks on his cock.”


The Marquis reaches down and squeezes and pinches my nipples.  The enema is still filling me.  I am very uncomfortable.  I wish I was dead.  Bill screams out as he comes in Maxines mouth.  She swallows hungrily.  Maxine then licks his dick clean and rises.


“Mmmm.  That tastes good.  You can come in my mouth anytime.”


“Honey, you know how to suck cock.”


“Did your wife suck cock as good as I do?”  Maxine asks.


“My wife didnt suck cock,” says Bill.


“Oh, I think she does.  Shes sucked a lot of cock since shes been here.”


“Youre kidding.  I could never get her to do anything like that,” Bill said sadly.


“I guess it takes a little friendly persuasion.”


I dont believe theyre talking about me like this. 


“Would you like to see her?”  Maxine asks.


“Im not sure thats a good idea,” Bill says as he kisses Maxine.


“No, really, I can arrange it, a final goodbye.”


“Would Burrows allow that?”


“Thats what the Marquis wants.  Its part of her training.  He wants to teach her humility under all circumstances.”


I dont believe this.  I dont want to see the bastard, and I certainly dont want him to see me like this.  Its humiliating.  Its degrading.


“I guess so,” Bill says. 


“Go push the button next to the mirror,” Maxine says in a soft, sexy voice.


Bill walks over to the mirror and pushes the button.  I could no longer see them.  The window has turned into a mirror.   I see myself bound to the chair with an enema sticking up my ass.  My stomach is bloated from the amount of fluid that had been forced in to my rectum.


Then it dawns on me what is happening.  Their mirror has turned into a window.  Bill is watching me being degraded and abused.  He sees me tied to this chair.  He sees the enema up my ass.  He sees my arms bound forcing my tits to jut out.  He sees my legs spread wide and bound to the legs of the chair.  I am humiliated.  I feel shame.


Suddenly the mirror returns and I see Bill and Maxine once again.


“That was Gwen?  Oh my God, what happened to her?”


“Shes in training.”


“Is she always bound up like that?”


“Oh she is bound in many positions.  She has also been fucked in every hole.  She has experienced just about every sex act imaginable.”


“This is incredible!  I really didnt have any ideas she would be treated like that.”


“Like what?”


“You know, so cruelly.  After all, she is my wife.  I guess I only thought of the money and not what might happen to her.”


“Why dont you see her one last time, Bill?”  Maxine asks.


“I dont know if thats a good idea.  Im not sure I could face her, “Bill responds.


“Well, let me see if something can be arranged,” Maxine says with a thoughtful look on her face.


The Marquis laughs as I look on in disbelief.


“Yes, I knew he would want to see you again, Gwen.  This is perfect.”


I am uncomfortable.  The pressure in my stomach is unbelievable. Cramps are setting in. I have to go to the bathroom so bad.   There is no release.  The inflated bulb prevents even a drop of liquid from escaping.  I am again at the Marquiss mercy.


“You will see your husband one more time, and it wont be a pleasant meeting.  Not for you anyway, Gwen.  He will have his way with you as a final goodbye.  You will see exactly how little he cares for you.”


I sob uncontrollably.  What a cruel and inhumane thing to do.  I have done all that he commands and he still degrades me.

Whats in store for poor Gwen?  Stay tuned - more to come………

The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 8

I am untied and allowed to relieve myself.  The chambermaids are summoned and given directions about my preparation for the evening activities.  I am then taken to the kitchen to eat.  My only reprieve is that the black man is not present to torment me during my meal.  I am allowed to eat in peace.


Back in my chambers I am prepared for the evening activities.  I am first fitted with a black leather garter belt.  Next, black mesh stockings are given to me to put on.  I am then given black leather over-the-knee boots to wear with five inch heels.  The extra inch forces me higher on the balls of my feet making it more difficult to walk and maintain my balance.   I am then ordered to stand up.  The customary leather wrist cuffs and collar are fitted to me.  I am also fitted with elbow cuffs.  This is something new.  I wonder why?  What is their purpose?


I soon find out.  My hands are drawn behind my back and a D ring fastens my wrist cuffs together.  Then a leather strap is attached to the D rings in my elbow cuffs and drawn tight leaving only several inches between my elbows.  As this strap is drawn tighter, it forces my back to arch pushing my tits out in a most prominent position.  Again my tits are the focal point and the center of attention and abuse.

Finally my hair is combed and flows down my back to my waist. 

“God she looks good,” says one of the chambermaids.

With that comment, she walks in front of me, grabs my left breast, and sucks hard on the nipple drawing milk.  It runs down the side of her mouth.  She then nibbles on my super sensitive nipple and stands back with a smirk on her face.

“That is mighty fine tasting milk, lady,”  she says.


I am then led to a dining hall where a number of people are gathered, all dressed in formal attire.  I am placed in the center of the table on my knees.  My ankles are strapped together and then my wrist cuffs are strapped to my ankle cuffs, all in all, a very uncomfortable position.

The Marquis calls for attention.


“I would like to welcome all of you here tonight.  I hope you enjoy your meal.  The milk you are drinking is special.  It is human milk produced by my newest slave, Gwen.  If you like it and desire more help yourself to the real thing.  Gwen is our centerpiece tonight and at your disposal.  I would also like you to meet her husband, Bill Donohue, who is our honored guest tonight and the one who made Gwens presence here possible.”


There is applause as Bill stands self-consciously.  I feel shame and tears well up in my eyes.  As these strangers eat, I am the center of attention and conversation.  My milk seems to be a big hit with everyone, and I have the feeling that they all will soon be coming for more.  My breasts ache with the load of milk they are carrying, and in a perverted way, I cant wait for the attention I soon will be receiving.  I only hope Bill stays away.


As if someone is reading my thoughts, the Marquis and Bill walk up to me.


“Those are magnificent tits, Bill.  Those huge tits produce a gallon of milk every eight hours.  I dont know how she does it.  She produces more milk then a cow does.”  They both laugh as they enjoy their little joke at my expense.


“They are large.  No doubt about it.”  With that Bill reaches over and squeezes my nipple.  He then lowers his head to my ear and whispers, “Im sorry.”


I start to cry. “Why did you do this to me?  After all we meant to each other.”


The Marquis backhands me across my face.  “Dont you dare talk to my guest in that manner.  Dont you dare.  Now apologize to your husband, now.”

“Marquis, thats not really necessary.  Its understandable that shes upset,” Bill says.


I cry hysterically which only fuels the Marquiss anger.  A hush falls over the room as everyone watches intently to see what the Marquis will do.


“You need to learn a lesson,” the Marquis says as he again slaps me across the face.  I continue to whimper and cry feeling humiliated.


He takes two large clamps and applies them to my nipples.  I scream out in pain.


“Scream, bitch.  I like it.  No milk will escape those bloated tits until you have apologized to your husband.  Now apologize.”


“Im sorry,” I whimper dejectedly.


“Say it louder and be sincere.”


“Im sorry.  Please forgive me, Bill.  I didnt mean it.  It was wrong of me.”


“Thats better.  Now tell him youll do anything to make it up to him,” the Marquis whispers in my ear as he squeezes my right breast.


“Bill, Ill do anything for you.  Please forgive me.”


“You heard her, Bill.  What would you like her to do?”


“Thats quite all right, Marquis.  Shes suffered enough.  She didnt mean any harm.  Naturally shes upset.  Theres nothing she has to do for me,” Bill says looking down at me with concern in his eyes.


“Nonsense,” says the Marquis as he slaps me across the face.  “Youve never sucked off your own husband, but you think nothing of sucking off dwarves.  What the fuck is wrong with you.  You are to suck your husbands cock and drink every drop of his cum.  Do you understand?”


“Yes, sir,” I reply feeling deep humiliation as these things are disclosed to all who are present.


Bills face turns red as two chambermaids help him out of his pants.


“Im really sorry, Gwen.  I never thought things would turn out like this,” Bill says with remorse in his voice.


I take his cock in my mouth and look up at him with tears streaming down my face.  I can tell he feels awkward, and really doesnt know what to do.  I suck more of him into my mouth.  While this is going on, the Marquis removes my nipple clamps and invites the guests to drink.  Two greedy mouths immediately attach their mouths to my tits and suck hard.  They are soon replaced by two more mouths.  This continues until my breasts are drained of milk.  My nipples are now extremely sensitive.  I think just about everyone present had their mouth on my breasts.  I feel used.  I continue to suck Bills cock and now force the head of his cock into my throat.  He gasps as his cock travels down my throat towards my stomach.  He is overcome with emotion and rams his meat deep down my throat while I have visions of us meeting at the altar on our wedding day reciting our vows to honor and cherish until death do us part.  Tears well up in my eyes.  I feel such despair. 

He is exerting a great deal of self-control to make this moment last.  Finally he reaches his climax and spurts a load of cum down my throat.  I make sure to swallow every drop. 


“God, that was wonderful, Gwen,” he says as he climbs down from the table.


“Certainly not the woman you once knew,” says the Marquis.


“No, not the woman I once knew,” says Bill with regret in his voice. 


“Watch, my friend,” the Marquis says as he places his hand on my cunt.  He rubs my clitoris which starts the fire in my cunt burning out of control.


“Do you want to come, Gwen?”


“Oh yes, sir,” I say as he continues to rub my clitoris.  The fire builds.


“Do you care how you cum,” he asks.


“No, sir,” I say as lust takes over.  “Please allow me to cum.  Its been so long.”


“Would you like to show your husband and all these fine people how you perform with the dwarves?” the Marquis says with a snicker on his face.


“Yes sir, the dwarves.  Oh please, the dwarves,” I reply.  “The dwarves will make me cum.”


“Ladies and gentlemen, if you will be seated, Gwen will be providing the evenings entertainment.”


My restraints are removed and I am placed on all fours.  My ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs are attached to eyelets in the table by means of leather straps.   There is certainly no getting away.  One of the dwarves enters and rudely feels my pussy.


I groan in lust.  “Fuck me.”

Immediately a whip lashes out across my back followed by another blow.


“Dont you dare speak,” says the Marquis.

I cry out in pain.


“Gag her, now,” says the Marquis.

“Is all this really necessary?” Bill asks the Marquis.

“Sit and watch.  Remember, you are a guest in my house.  Gwen is now my property.  She has been bought and paid for,” responds the Marquis.


One of the chambermaids brings in a six inch phallus gag and shoves it in my mouth and down my throat.  I gag as it is fastened behind my head.  


The dwarf strokes his huge member and directs it toward my ass. 

“Your pussy is too tender to be penetrated.  Your ass will have to do,” whispers the Marquis in my ear.

The dwarf pushes against my anal sphincter and meets resistance.  With short quick jabs he breaks through into my anus and begins to ram me up into my rectum. Saliva drips on my back as the dwarf gets excited and heated.  He begins to ram me in earnest with fast, steady jabs.  I rotate my hips and push backwards to meet his forward thrusts.  God does this little guy feel good.  I go crazy.  I cant get enough of him. His long stiff dick is pressing against my colon.  He comes much too soon to suit me, but another dwarf is right there to immediately take his place and fuck me up the ass.


I dont care.  These dwarves satisfy my lust and I know I will soon cum.  I push back to meet his thrusts and I finally explode.  This drives me wild.  I want more.  I want to keep coming.  This dwarf comes and a third dwarf takes his place.  I look up and see my husband viewing this spectacle with disbelief.  Yes, you bastard, Im depraved and I love it.  I love being sodomized by these little dwarves who in reality are really big where it counts.


The Marquis comes up and removes my gag.  He whispers in my ear.  “Youre putting on quite a show, Gwen.  Youre quite a woman.  Youve increased your value about half a million with this little display.  Keep it up.”


Another dwarf stands in front of me.  His huge penis is already hard and he is obviously excited.  My mouth hungrily seeks out his dick.  I suck the dwarfs dick into my mouth.  He thrusts his dick in and out of my mouth using it as a cunt.  The other dwarf cums in my ass and is replaced by yet another dwarf.  The Marquiss guests look on in disbelief.


“Free her hands and give her some room to work.”


The chambermaids walk up and untie my wrist cuffs, freeing my hands to work.  I grab the dwarfs dick and rub its shaft as I suck on it.  The lust rages within me as I once again cum.




The Marquis lets me cum twice.  The dwarf Im sucking comes and squirts his load down my throat.  I drink greedily.


“Would you like another up your ass, Gwen?”


“Oh, yes. Please sir.  Let another fuck my ass.  Please,” I beg.


The Marquiss guests whisper among themselves.  This excites me even more.  I like having them watch especially the one who betrayed me.


Another dwarf enters. Ive lost count.  I dont know if this is number six or seven.  The dwarfs cock takes aim for my anal sphincter and rams home in one swift stroke.  The rectum is so stretched that hes buried to the hilt in one stroke. I dont care.  Right now I just want to be fucked.  Another dwarf wants a blow job.  I greedily feed his cock down my throat and let him ram me for all hes worth.


“That makes seven dwarfs shes serviced.  This woman is amazing,” says one of the guests.


Soon the dwarf I am sucking cums and again I get a tummy full of cum.  I come for a third time and the other dwarf continues ramming my ass without mercy. 


One of the guests yells out, “How about some milk?”


“Help yourself,” says the Marquis.


All hell breaks loose as my arms are lifted up by two of the guests. The dwarf is still lodged in my rectum pumping away.  As I am held up, greedy mouths cruelly suck and pinch my tits drinking the sweet milk that I am producing.  One horny bastard drops his pants and rams his cock down my throat.  I dont care.  Let them use me.  I suck greedily on his shaft giving him a night to remember.  He soon cums overcome with excitement.  He needs to learn self-control.


The dwarf finally cums.   He is replaced by one of the guests who pulls me back on top of his dick driving it up my ass.  My cunt which is fully exposed is violated by another guest.  A third guest grabs my hair and rams his dick down my throat.  Every opening is filled.  Im a sex machine meeting the needs of these perverts.  My breasts continue to be sucked dry, and then they are abused by sharp teeth which grate and gnaw on my nipples pulling and twisting and contorting them.  This only drives me to new heights and I come for a forth time.


While the three men violate me, the Marquis takes a cat-of-nine.  He walks up to me and orders the man and woman who are abusing my tits to step back.  They do, and he immediately begins to whip my tits.  The pain is great.  Pleasure and pain intermingle.  It drives me wild, and I begin to ride the two cocks that are ramming my cunt and anus.  I can feel both of them deep inside me, even touching.  I explode in a series of orgasms that drain me but the men are relentless.  When one comes, he is immediately replaced by another.  No matter how spent I am, I must continue to perform.  The Marquis  continues to whip my tits.

“Take that you big titted bitch.  I love the way you degrade yourself in public,” he taunts me as he inflicts more pain upon my body.


Im tired of coming yet I keep coming as prick after prick is rammed up my cunt and anus. 

Finally there are no more.  All have been satisfied by me.  I lay there totally exhausted. 


The Marquis approaches me with two eight inch dildos that not only vibrate but rotate in several directions.  He puts one up my cunt and the other up my rectum.  Then a leather chastity belt is put on me and locked.


“Stand up,” he orders.


I immediately stand, and he activates the dildos.  In spite of myself, I respond and begin to churn my hips.        


“Do a little dance for us.  Squeeze your jugs.  Give everyone a mouthful.”


A chain is attached to my collar and I am led around to each guest who has his mouth open ready to receive my milk as I squeeze my tits and shoot milk into their mouths.  I look extremely hot in my five inch heels with my hips gyrating and my breasts swaying back and forth..  After I have delivered milk to all of the Marquiss guests, I am taken over to a woman dressed in a business suit.  It is Maxine -   the one Bill was with earlier.


She slaps me across the face.


“You are pathetic!  Why do you degrade yourself like this?” she asks.


I stand there not knowing what to do.  Do I have a choice?  Can I simple choose not to do what I am told?  Is this woman serious?


She slaps me across the face again only harder.


“Dont you speak when spoken to?  Clasp your hands behind your head.”


I immediately obey her orders.  The vibrators continue to grind away in my cunt and anus.  She slaps me again almost throwing me off-balance. 

Maxine begins to nibble on my ear and whispers, “Did you enjoy watching me give Bill a blowjob?” as she strokes my breasts .

Tears once again well up in my eyes as I remember the events of yesterday. 

Then she slaps my left breast.  She then slaps my right breast.  My breasts are already sore from the excessive amount of sucking and biting and whipping they have received tonight. 

Her demeanor changes once again as she softly strokes my breasts and traces her lips and tongue over the tops of my large abused breasts.

“Did Bill ever stroke your tits like this,” she taunts as she continues to softly squeeze and need my breasts.

Then she suddenly changes once again as she again slaps my breasts as she stares at me.


I am growing weary.  I am exhausted from the nights activities and I dont know how much of this I can take.  She continues to slap my breasts increasing the force with each blow.  I can barely stand up.  Several times I almost lose my balance. 

“Poor baby.  Do those big fat tits hurt from all of the attention Im giving them,” she chides me as she grabs my nipples and squeezes them hard.  She kisses my neck and shoulder as she cruelly twists my nubs without mercy filling me with mixed feelings of pain and desire.


Finally the Marquis comes over and says,   “Take her to her chamber.  Strap her in bed and leave the dildos running all night. ”


Maxine protests, “But Im not done with her.”


“Youre done for now, but, if you can persuade me, I might allow you to have another session with her,” says the Marquis in an even tone.

“I would do anything for the chance to get her alone for one night,” she hisses as she looks at me with hatred in her eyes.

The night is an exhausting one.  I get very little sleep.  Actually I get no sleep.  My cunt and anus are two raw pieces of meat.  The dildos continue to grind away throughout the night.  They just keep going and going and going.  They must use Eveready batteries.  Before he wouldnt let me cum.  Now, he wont let me stop cuming.

I dont know what I have become.  I am totally perverted, and I dont think there is anything I wouldnt do.  This scares me.  If I could leave here now and could return to my former life, I dont think I could.  I have gone through too much.  My body has been transformed.  I could never live a normal life and enjoy normal sex with a man. My cunt and my anus have been stretched beyond imaginable limits.  It now takes the warped and perverted mind of the Marquis to fulfill me.  I am pathetic.  I am ashamed. 


The following morning I am allowed to take a long bath in warm water which helps revive me and soothes my sore organs.  I reflect on the previous night and what my husband must be thinking right now.  I hate him so much to think that he would put a price on my head.


After soaking for an hour my wounds are attended to, and I am dressed.  My customary leather wrist cuffs and collar are put on.  New leather over the knee boots with four inch heels are then given to me.  Then the milking machine is brought in to drain the milk that has been produced during the night.  I myself am amazed at the amount of milk I produce.  The cups just fit over my areolas and suck on my nipples drawing out the precious milk.


I am fed a good breakfast except this time a tray is brought to my room, and I am allowed to use eating utensils.  It feels strange eating with a knife and fork.  I almost forgot what it was like.  Its funny how we can take such commonplace things for granted.   I dont know what this means.  Im suspicious.  I dont know why Im being allowed to use silverware all of a sudden. 

Then the Marquis enters.


“Gwen, your performance last night was superb.  You acted like a wanton bitch in heat.  I have never seen a slut take on so much cock as you did, not to mention your outstanding performance with the seven dwarves.  You were amazing and have proven to be a very valuable asset.   My guests were intrigued and awed by your performance. 

“I had originally intended to sell you to an English gentleman for a handsome profit.  He had made me an offer I originally couldnt refuse a vast amount of money.  He wanted to take you back to England for further training.  He had marvelously devious plans for you.

“But I have reconsidered and now will not sell you to him.   We have reached a crossroads, Gwen.  You have a decision to make so listen carefully.  Right now, if you want, I will release you to go back to your former life. My chauffeur will drive you back to your home today.  You can forget this ever happened. You can put this all behind you.   Your other choice is to stay her in my mansion in servitude to me.  If you decide to stay, everything will continue as it has.  I will continue to degrade you, modify you, do anything I chose to you that is to my liking. You will never be allowed to leave.  Also, if you choose to stay, you will never be given an opportunity like this again.  The decision is yours.”

He stands there silently waiting for me to respond.  This is my chance.  I can be free of the Marquis forever.  I can go back to my old life which was much simpler although I wouldnt go back to Bill, that bastard.  To think he sold me into this life of slavery. 

But look at me; look at what I have become.  My thoughts are constantly plagued with lustful and depraved desires.  I have lost all innocence. My body is not the same.  My cunt and rectum have been stretched beyond belief.  I can never enjoy normal sex again with any man.  I have been fucked and sodomized by dwarves.  Ive deep-throated black men, white men, and dwarves.  My breasts which were huge before the Marquis kidnapped me are now even larger producing vast amounts of milk.

I cant go back.  There is nothing back there for me.  I dont know what I will become or how I will be transformed if I stay here with the Marquis, but I know I really have no choice.  I have tasted of the fruit of evil and crave more.  I am destined to lead a life of debauchery and depravity under the evil hand of the Marquis.  I may soon regret this decision, but my course is clear.

I simply say, “I choose to stay, Sir.”

The Marquis smiles that evil smile and says, “It might have been better for you if you had decided to leave, for under my continued tutelage you may not survive.  I will do things to you that have never been done to any human before.  You will suffer as no man, woman, or beast has suffered before you.  Your body will be transformed.”

There is a long moment of silence as if he was giving me an opportunity to reconsider.

“Very well.  Then it is settled,” he finally says.  “For the next week you will rest.  “Your body will be allowed to fully recover from the ordeals of the past week.  Understand that I want you healthy not because I am compassionate but because I need you at your best for what I have in store for you.  Make no mistake; you exist to serve me and bring me pleasure.  For one week you will not engage in intercourse.  You need to heal. 

“You will continue to be milked on schedule and will exercise by walking two miles daily in specially designed sneakers that have a four inch arch much like walking in high heels but not harmful to your feet. I have also taken the liberty of assigning another chambermaid to you whose sole responsibility is to milk you on schedule and tend to your breasts.  Be warned, Claire, your new chambermaid, has a mean streak in her, but thats what makes life interesting, isnt it?” he chuckles. 

“Enjoy this week of rest.  Youll need it for whats in store for you.”

Whats in store for poor Gwen?  Stay tuned - more to come………     Also, e-mail me with any ideas you may have for Gwens further transformation.

The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 9

Note: This story is total fantasy. It does not reflect real-life situations involving real people.  Furthermore, my own personal opinion is that all sexual interaction between individuals (in real life) should take place on an entirely consensual basis.  And now with that said on with the story…..

A week has passed and I am almost fully recovered.  During the past week I am closely supervised by my chambermaids, and often teased and taunted by them.  My pussy and anus are off limits so that they might fully heal.  The only attention they receive are the healing ointments that are applied.  

The negative affect of all this is that I am highly aroused.  My clit is very sensitive and constantly throbs it is so hard.  It has been a whole week since I have been allowed to cum.

In the evening particular attention is paid to how I am dressed since the Marquis will soon be here.  Tonight I am dressed in black leather.  The leather of my over the knee boots feels so good against my thighs. 

When the Marquis enters, I stand and assume the proper standing position feet apart, hands locked behind my head, and my breasts thrust forward.

He walks over to me and looks me up and down.  “Well, Gwen, I hope this past week has been a relaxing one for you.”

“Yes, sir,” I reply.

He squeezes my left nipple while whispering in my ear, “This morning your car went over a ravine and down an embankment on Route 374 just outside of your hometown.  The car was destroyed by fire. The drivers body was burned beyond recognition, however, dental records show conclusively that the driver of that vehicle was you, Gwendolyn Donohue.”

What is he saying?  My car went over a ravine.

“You see, Gwen, in the eyes of the world you are dead.  There truly is no turning back, now.”   

I listen to the Marquis in disbelief.  Anyone I ever loved or knew now thinks that I am dead.  This truly gives him free reign to do to me what he pleases with no repercussions of any kind.  Oh my God, what have I done?  I know that I will revel in any bizarre thing he does to me no matter how much it may initially disgust me, but to do it knowing there are no consequences to him at all!   Panic invades my thoughts.  Will I be able to survive?  What new and bizarre adventures are in store for me?  How much more can my poor body take?

He then sucks on my nipple drinking the sweet nectar.  I feel a twinge in my private parts.  My clit is tingling as I get aroused.

“One thing that I need to take care of immediately is the issue of body hair.”

“All my body hair has been removed, sir,” I say.

“Not all, dear Gwen,” he replies.

I look at him confused.  I have no more body hair.  His depilating cream took care of that.  Its all gone.

“I dont understand,” I say questioningly.

He becomes irritated as he says, “You dont need to understand.”  He viciously twists my left nipple.  I cry out in pain.

“Get on your knees.  Spread you legs.  I want your cunt fully exposed, and lock your hands behind your head. 

“Monique, bring me my riding crop.”

I do as commanded totally vulnerable to the Marquis.  My tits jut out begging for attention as they sway on my chest now filled with sweet nectar.  He smacks the side of my right tit with his crop.  He then smacks the side of my left tit. I wince in pain. They sway to and fro with milk seeping out of my aroused nipples. He gets great satisfaction out of my discomfort.

“Monique, bring that floor length mirror here so that the slut can see,” he commands.

Monique rolls the mirror over and places it in front of me.

The Marquis stands behind me, bends down, and places his mouth close to my ear.

“Look in the mirror, Gwen.”

I look in the mirror at myself with fear in my eyes.

“Do you see any hair?”



“My head.”

“Yes, very good.  Theres hair on your head. He taps my head with his riding crop. What do you think we should do about that hair?” He runs his fingers through my hair.

I dont want to do anything with my hair.  I love my hair.  I have hair to die for. My long golden tresses have always been a source of pride for me.

“I dont know,” I stammer.

“You dont know?”  He reaches around and smacks the side of my right tit with his crop and then does the same to the side of my left tit in quick succession.  “Wrong answer!”

Oh my God, he cant seriously be thinking of cutting my hair off.  I would look like a freak a large - titted bald bimbo.  My heart is racing.  Removing my pubic hair is one thing, but to remove my beautiful golden tresses would be devastating.  I would look so bizarre.  I would look like something on the Sci Fi channel.

“Gwen, do I like hair?” he whispers in my ear as he reaches around and strokes my clit with the crop. 

No, sir, you dont,” I reply.

“Right,” he says as he continues to stroke my clit.  Im getting aroused.  “What do we do with hair I dont like?” he taunts.  He moves the crop down separating my pussy lips and probing my hole.

I know what he wants me to say.  Why doesnt he just do it?  Why must I say it?  I know I have no choice.  Im going to lose my beautiful hair forever.  He wants to turn me into a freak.  He wants to humiliate and debase me in every way possible, and theres nothing I can do about it. 

Im aroused.  My cunt is on fire.  I cant think straight.  Hes waiting for an answer as he strokes my fire.  I must answer, and there is only one answer.

“We get rid of it.”

“Right!  So, is there something you want to ask me to do for you?” he whispers in my ear as he continues to stroke my clit and tongue my ear.

No! No!  Hes going to make me ask him to do the one thing I would never think of doing to myself - the cruelty of it all.  I have no choice.  I made the decision to stay.  I had my chance to leave this madness, and I didnt.  I have only myself to blame. 

“Sir, please cut my hair,” I force myself to say.

“Are you sure, Gwen?  Is this what you really want?” he chides me.

Of course, I dont want this.  I love my golden tresses.  You and your games; you are forcing me to beg for that which I dont want.

“Yes, sir,” I whimper.

“Very well.  Monique, bring over the cart!” he says as he rises, standing behind me.

“Youve made a very wise decision, my dear,” he chuckles as he combs my hair together as if to make a pony tail.

Emotionally Im a wreck.  Im very highly aroused, and at the same time so scared at what hes about to do.

Holding my hair gathered together at the top of my head, he picks up the scissors and places it at the base of the gathered hair.  One snip and my long tresses are gone.

“Watch, Gwen, as I rid you of your hair.  Watch me transform you into a new woman,” he says as he cuts off my golden tresses.

Theyre gone!  He holds my hair in his left hand which he now deposits in a wastebasket.  All that remains are short pieces of hair all over my head.  He now picks up electric clippers and proceeds to shear off the remaining hair.

Next my head is dampened with a warm wet cloth and shaving cream is applied.  The Marquis stands in front of me, making sure not to block the mirror. 

“Watch, Gwen,” he says as he turns my head back towards the mirror with the riding crop. “I want you to watch.” 

Monique takes the straight razor and proceeds to shave my head bald.  Tears escape down my cheek as I stare in the mirror looking at the bizarre proceedings.  Oh my God, what is happening to me. 

The count removes his slacks and underwear. He stands before me.  “Dont you think you should express your gratitude to me for fulfilling your wishes?”

I take his huge dick in my mouth, and he rams it down my throat in one thrust.  He holds it deep in my throat while Monique finishes shaving my head.  I continue to cry silently.  I cant breathe.  Hes cutting off my air supply.  I try to push off to get some air, but I cant. His grip is too strong. 

“Ah, Gwen, what a commotion you are going to cause at our next gathering,  You know, if you had not asked me to rid you of your hair, I wouldnt have done it,” he chuckles as he releases my head and allows me to get some air.

He then applies the debilitating cream to my head.

I cry for it is too late.  The cream is already destroying my hair follicles. Hair will never grow on my head again.  I have reached another point of no return.  The Marquis satisfied with himself continues to fuck my mouth with abandon. 

“Claire, bring over the milking machine.  Our little slut is way past due.”

There is a flurry of activity around me as Monique cleans up from my hair debauchery, and Claire brings over the milking machine.  Claire reaches down and squeezes and kneads my nipples making them hard. The fire in my cunt is burning out of control.  Once more I feel a need to cum.  The cups are placed over my areolas and the machine springs to life sucking the sweet nectar from my tits.

God that feels good.  Theres something arousing about having your tits milked.  My pussy is overheating.  If only I could reach down there and satisfy my craving.  No one seems to be watching.  The Marquis has left the room, and Claire is busy adjusting the pressure on the milking machine.  I slowly take my right hand off my head and slide it down toward my clit.  God that feels good.  I rub and pinch my clit sending chills up my spine.

SMACK!  Claire slaps me across the face.

“What the fuck do you think youre doing?  Havent you been told to never touch yourself?  Answer me,” she demands as she slaps me again.

“Im sorry,” I sob.

Claire slaps me again.  “Im sorry, what?”

“Im sorry, madam,” I quickly respond in frustration.

“Thats better, you big-titted bimbo.”  She then removes the suction cups from my tits and takes the machine away.

“Ill be back to deal with you in a minute.  Dont you dare even think about moving your hands from your head, you pathetic piece of shit.”

Claires a monster.  What did I do that was so wrong?   Life is not going to be easy with her around.  Life isnt going to be easy anyway.  It really doesnt matter.

Claire returns and orders me to stand up.

“Spread your legs wide,” she says as she kicks me feet wider apart.  She then takes a four inch leather belt and puts it on me.  She secures my wrists to the two cuffs located on the side of the belt. 

“That should keep your hands out of trouble,” she says as she rubs my cunt.  She nuzzles up close to be and runs her hands all over my body feeling my tits, caressing my ass, and penetrating my vagina with two fingers.  Im overheating and begin to rotate my hips.

“Is that better, baby,” she whispers in my ear as she probes my pussy looking for my G-Spot.  “Do you need to cum?”

Im on fire. God, this is wonderful.  Shes found my G-Spot, and Im going crazy.  Im so close.

“Are you close?” she asks whispering in my ear.

“Oh, yes” I say as she probes my ear with her tongue.

“How close, love?” she asks as her left hand leaves my pussy and travels slowly up to my breast.

“Real close, madam,” I coo.

She backs off and punches me in the stomach.  She then grabs me by the nipples and twists them viciously.

I scream out in pain.

“Thats too bad.  The Marquis says you cant cum,” she sneers as I break down and cry in frustration.

At that point the Marquis enters the room.

“Is something the matter here?”

“No, sir, Im just finishing up with her milking,” says Claire respectfully to the count.

He looks at me and then at Claire who busies herself cleaning up.

What can I say?  If I tell him what Claire did, shell just take it out on me later.  I sob and say nothing.

“I want her prepared for bed.  Call Monique and Evelyn and tell them to be quick about it.”

Monique and Evelyn prepare me for bed.  Im allowed to take a bath and soak.  While Im bathing I can overhear them talking about my bald head.  I cant make out exactly what theyre saying, but every once in a while they look over at me while theyre talking.  I feel so self-conscious.  The reality of the whole situation is just beginning to sink in.  I will never have long beautiful hair again.  Never!  I am filled with sorrow.

After my bath, I am strapped down in bed and made immobile.  By this time I probably dont have to tell you that I am restrained and have very limited movement.  Debilitating cream is again applied to my head for extra measure, although I dont know why they bother.  No hair has grown back on any other area of my body, and Ive only had one treatment everywhere else.

The marquis returns to the room and approaches me.  This is unusual for him to be here this late in the evening.

“Ive noticed that your nipples are fairly long, Gwen, but not long enough.  They are approximately an inch in length, and I want then to be at least one and a quarter inches long - actually the longer the better.  A longer nipple is much easier to suck on, and a few of my guests complained the other night.  So I have come up with a solution to the problem an ingenious little invention.”

With that he produces two small wire mesh cones.  They are circular at the bottom with a circumference the size of my areolas.  They taper up to the size of my nipple.  Their height is a little over an inch and a quarter. They look kind of like a small ice cream cone.  The Marquis places one over my left nipple and pushes down into the meat of my tit which forces the nipple up into the tapered end.  When it is fully inserted, he takes a metal pin and inserts it through the mesh, and then through the piercing in my nipple, and out the other side. Clips similar to those found on pierced earrings hold the pin in place.  When the Marquis releases the cone, my nipple is stretched out a full inch and a quarter. He repeats the procedure on my other nipple.

“There, after a few weeks of wearing those at night, youre nipples should be stretched out nicely.”

I am very much aware of my nipples.  They are extremely sensitive and these cones raise my awareness acutely.  The effect isnt unpleasant, but adds to my sexual frustration which is becoming the norm except for those rare occasions when it serves the Marquiss purposes to have me cum.

With that, I am left alone for the night.  I am left with my own disturbing thoughts, trying to make sense out of all that has happened to me this day.

The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 10

Note: This story is total fantasy. It does not reflect real-life situations involving real people.  Furthermore, my own personal opinion is that all sexual interaction between individuals (in real life) should take place on an entirely consensual basis.  And now with that said on with the story…..

Today (day 20 of my captivity) I am placed on a supervised training program. Every morning I am to walk two miles on an indoor quarter mile track.  I also am put on a cardiovascular training program including crunches, push-ups, and an aerobics workout.  This will take place after my walk.  Obviously the Marquis wants me in prime physical condition. 

On the first day of training after I am milked, Monique brings in my workout outfit.  First of all I wear light blue over the knee socks.  The Marquis obviously has a thing for over the knee apparel.  My sneakers are four inch high platforms which at best are uncomfortable.  I wear nothing in my genital area but I am allowed to wear a push-up bra to relieve some of the strain on my huge milk bloated tits.  Now when fully loaded my tits expand from a DD to a G cup.

After I am dressed, the Marquis comes in to inspect me before I walk. 

“Well, with a few modifications, I think youll be ready to walk,” he says.  “Evelyn, bring the Duotone balls.”

Evelyn picks up a square box and brings it over to the Marquis.  The Marquis opens the box and takes out two balls that are joined together with a piece of cord.  They are actually two ball bearings that are encased in a slightly larger plastic sphere. These plastic spheres are then covered with silicone. He taps the inside of my legs with his riding crop.

“Spread your legs,” he says impatiently to me.  Evelyn gives him a pair of latex gloves which he puts on.  She then squeezes a liberal amount of K jelly in his hand and he covers the balls with it.  Then he reaches down and spreads my labia inserting two fingers into my pussy.  After loosening me up, he inserts one of the balls into my vagina and lets one hang out.

“There, you are ready. These, dear Gwen, are called Duotone balls.  Some of the most exquisite stimulation from duotone balls can be had by just placing one in the vagina while letting another hang out like I did with you. This will ensure that the most sensitive area of the vagina is stimulated while allowing the duotone balls to rock to their maximum effect, and they certainly will do that as you walk two miles.  These will be inserted into your vagina every morning before your walk,” he snickers as he sees my distress.

I thought I would have a reprieve from all this sexual stimulation.  I was looking forward to these morning walks.  But once again the Marquis has managed to find a way to focus my thoughts.  Already as I am walking to the track, the stimulation to my cunt is exquisite.  My clit is itching and on fire.  My clit is again the center of my universe.

When we arrive at the track, Evelyn puts a two inch belt around my waist.  My wrists are secured to the belt at my spine with D Rings.  This forces my boobs to jut out as I am forced to lean backwards.

“Enjoy your walk.  This first day lets try for a 16 minute mile, and then well reduce the time as you get into the program.  GO!”

I start walking around the track with my boobs bouncing up and down.  My stride is awkward since it is difficult to walk in four inch platforms that force me to walk on the balls of my feet. The balls of my feet become sore and it becomes more difficult to walk. The one ball hanging outside of my vagina swings to and fro forcing the ball within to rock in the opposite direction.  I am so aroused. My cunt is dripping with my secretions before I complete one lap seven more to go. 

Youre falling behind.  Quicken up your pace, slut,” commands the Marquis.

I quicken my pace to maintain a 16 minute mile.  It is difficult because the pain in the balls of my feet is getting increasingly worse.  I feel like a ballerina running a race.  The walls around the track are lined with mirrors, and I notice myself for the first time.  Oh my God, is that really me?  What a bizarre sight I present.  I look like a slut with my huge breasts bouncing on my chest and swaying like jello even with the support of the pushup bra.  My pussy is dripping constantly while my clitoris is enlarged and prominently on display.  There is a sway to my hips caused by the platform sneakers that becomes more prominent as I pick up my pace.  My bizarre looking bald head fills me with sadness. 

I have fallen behind and there is only one lap left.  My tits are gleaming with sweat as I press on.  There is a crack of a whip and suddenly my ass is on fire.  I stumble forward caught off guard by the unexpected blow.

“Faster, slut.  You have 45 seconds to make up,” Monique shouts as the whip cracks once again.   I move as fast as I can in fear of the whip.  Oh, how my feet ache.

I finish the two mile walk thirteen seconds off pace.  The Marquis is furious.

“What is your problem?  I purposely give you a slow pace, and you cant even maintain that.  What do you have to say for yourself?” scolds the Marquis.

“Im so sorry, sir,” I cry as I try to catch my breath. 

“Release her hands and get that bra off her.”  Monique moves quickly to release my hands from the belt and remove my bra.

“Get your hands locked behind your head, you incompetent,” spits the Marquis.

I move quickly to obey for he has fire in his eyes.  My breasts jut out as I lock my hands behind my head.  Emotionally Im a mess.  My cunt is on fire, yet I am filled with fear of what he will do to me.  I stand wobbling on my four inch high platform sneakers.

“You owe me thirteen seconds, and I plan to collect them - every one of them.  You are to count out each second as it is paid back.  Do you understand?” he hisses.

“Yes, sir,” I whimper.

“He produces a leather covered paddle that is about the size of a pin pong paddle but with a much longer handle.  He rears back and smacks the side of my left tit. SMACK!

I groan in pain.  Several seconds pass.  As the sting subsides, the Marquis screams and then assaults my tits with a barrage of blows. SMACK!  SMACK!  SMACK! SMACK!  I drop to my knees in pain crying hysterically.

The Marquis drops the paddle and walks away in disgust.

“Take her to her room and finish her exercises there,” he says.  As an afterthought he turns and says, “Call me when shes done.  Be sure shes bathed and milked first.”

I feel like an utter failure.  The chambermaids pull me to my feet and return me to my room.  There I go through 45 minutes of high impact aerobics, and finish with 75 crunches which will be increased daily.  For the rest of my life, this is how my day will begin.  I now realize there is a price to pay for not performing to the Marquiss expectations.  He has an extremely low boiling point that is not easily appeased.

When I am done exercising, Claire arrives with the milking machine.  I stand with my hands locked behind my head and my legs spread.  This seems to be Claires favorite position when I am milked.  She caresses my nipples and they quickly stiffen under her expert manipulation. She moves behind me, still caressing my breasts while kissing the nape of my neck, running her tongue up and down.

“I heard you were a bad girl today,” she whispers in my ear as she squeezes my bloating overfilled tits.  “These puppies are really full.  Do you want them milked?”

“Yes, madam, please.  They are very uncomfortable.”

“Too bad,” she says as her hand snakes down towards my clit. My clit is extremely sensitive and hard as a rock.  It sticks out begging for attention. I moan as she brushes her finger against it as she continues to kiss her way down my back.  Im on fire.  Shes everywhere.  Her lips roam across my ass, and then she leaves a trail of kisses on my inner thigh as she works her way up towards my pussy.  She lightly grazes my clit with her tongue.  It is as if a bolt of electricity is coursing through my body.  She continues to tease me by blowing on my clit.

“My, what a big clit you have.  It is so hard and so sensitive, isnt it?  It sticks out from your hood just like a little prick,” she taunts me as she blows on my clit. 

Shes driving me insane.  I feel like Im losing my mind.  My whole being is focused on that little hard nub between my legs begging to be kissed, sucked, licked, bitten…  That is my universe.

She continues to blow on my clit and every so often snakes out her tongue and lightly touches it.  My hips gyrate begging her to devour my pussy.  She only continues to taunt me neglecting her duties that the Marquis has assigned her to perform.  My neglected mammaries continue to fill with milk.  They are getting harder and ache from not being milked. 

I am an emotional wreck.  I need to cum or I will go insane.  There is nothing more important to me then to cum and cum now.  I live to cum.  I am a perverted nympho that wants release.  I reach down for Claires head hoping to pull it into my begging cunt.

“Get those hands back behind your head, bitch,” she hisses as she rises and smacks my left tit.  “Dont you ever try that again!  You do only as you are told.”

“Its not your job to…” she slaps be across the face before I can finish.

“As long as the Marquis doesnt find out, I can do anything I want to you.  I dont think youre going to say anything to him, are you?” she sneers as she viciously twists my aching nipples. 

Get on your knees, now!  Get your hands back behind your head.  Stick out that chest. Spread your legs wide,” she snaps out commands as she kicks my legs apart.

This cant be happening.  Its bad enough that Im abused by the Marquis, but not by this chambermaid.  Shes taking advantage of me and my situation.

She leans over and softly kisses my bald head.  “Thats better.  I understand your frustration.  I see how hard your big clit is.  I know you ache for release.  I really do,” she soothingly whispers as she continues to kiss and tongue my bald head.   She kisses me on the lips as her left hand trails down to my genitals and grazes my clit.  I shiver. 

“I love your bald head.  It turns me on so much especially with those fucking huge tits you have.  By the way, do your tits ache?  They feel so hard and full.”

I know shes playing with my emotions, but theres nothing I can do.  Im helpless.  Im at her mercy until the Marquis finds out what shes up to, but I dont dare tell.  If he doesnt believe me, my life will become more of a living hell then it already is. 

She stands as she continues to rub my head.  She moves closer and raises her short skirt only to reveal her naked cunt.  Shes dripping wet.  Shes getting off seeing me suffer.

“I know how you feel, Gwen,” she whispers as she grinds her cunt into my face.  “Eat me.  Stick your tongue in my pussy and eat me. Suck on my clit and make it hard.  Make love to my pussy. Pretend that this is me eating your cunt.” 

She continues to grind her cunt into my face as I lick and suck on her clit.  My tongue travels up and down her labia driving her closer to her climax.  I find her hole and stab my tongue in as she grinds my face further into her cunt.  I cant breath. Shes suffocating me with her pussy and wont let me have any air.  I try to pull my head back when all of a sudden she quivers exploding into a climax.  Her moans fill the air.  She backs off slightly so I can now breathe.

“Lick my pussy, baby.  Dont stop.  That feels so good.  I love the way you lick me,” she taunts me as she comes down from her massive climax.  “Thats it, lick me clean.  Pretend that its your pussy being licked”

I lick all of her juices cleaning her thoroughly wishing that it was my cunt being licked.  My pussy aches with desire.  My neglected clit is throbbing.

Claire stands and straightens her skirt.  At that moment Monique walks in from the other room.

“Why isnt she milked yet?  The Marquis is impatiently waiting and she still needs to be bathed and fed,” Monique says accusingly.

“I had problems with the machine.  I think its Ok now. I was just about to test it,” Claire convincingly lies to Monique.

“Well, you better hurry up.  Hes in a foul mood.”

Claire attaches the suction cups to my over engorged mammaries and starts the machine.  She has a smug look on her face.  The pump comes to life and starts to suck the milk from my overfull tits.  I can feel the relief as the sacs begin to empty.  My pussy is still on fire.  My clit is more sensitive then ever. Theres an itch down there that I cant make go away.

Claire moves behind me, snaking one hand slowly towards my naked cunt and the other rubbing my lower tummy. 

“You were wonderful,” she coos in my ear.  “I love what your tongue does to my cunny.  Dont you wish I had time to do that to you?”

Her index finger lightly touches my clit sending bolts of electricity through my pussy.  She tongues my ear further driving me to frustration.  I want to cum so bad. 

She adjusts the pump and increases the flow of milk.  I can see my tit flesh being sucked and contracted in the clear plastic cups. 

Monique and Evelyn return to prepare my bath and lay out my clothes for the remainder of the day.  Claire is on her best behavior for the remainder of the milking. 

After a well deserved lunch, I bathe and dress.  More debilitating cream is rubbed into my scalp.  I still dont understand why so many applications are necessary.  Maybe the Marquis is afraid a stray hair might grow on my head.  Its ironic that I had long beautiful hair all of my life, and now I will be bald until the day I die.  Something inside of be died the day my head was shaved, and there is now an emptiness inside.

Monique inspects me.  I am wearing red today.  My over the knee boots with four inch heels are made of the finest leather and match my wrists cuffs and neck bracelet.  My makeup is conservative except for the slut red lipstick.

I am still at a high state of arousal.  My clitoris is throbbing and aching and still standing out like a little prick.  I dont think its lost its rigidity in days.  How long can that continue?  Its been eight days since my last orgasm, and since that time Ive been kept in a constant state of arousal. 

Monique is acting strange.  She stands in front of me looking me up and down licking her lips.

“You look so fucking hot,” she says as she runs her hands up and down my body, cupping my breasts and teasing my nipples. “I saw what Claire did to you earlier.  I also saw what you did to Claire.” 

She then runs her tongue around my areolas.  She kisses her way down my abdomen pausing at my navel while she tongues it.  She continues lower snaking her tongue around my huge clit which sticks out prominently from its hood, but she never touches it with her tongue.  I am so hot.  I am ready to burst.  My clit is quivering taking on a life of its own.  Pussy juice is dripping from my cunt.

“Spread your legs wider,” she hisses. 

I obey spreading my legs further apart as she kisses the inside of my thigh first the left one and then the right.  Im so close.   Just a little longer.  She grazes my clit with her tongue as she rises.  I shiver.  My legs are shaking.  Im so aroused.  Her hands are all over me. She runs her hands over my bald head as she stabs her tongue down my throat. She then quickly backs off.  She stands there staring at me, looking me in the eyes. 

My body is on fire.  Im so close.  I need to cum.  Why are you standing there doing nothing?  Are you fucking with my mind?  

“Make me cum, madam.  Pease make me cum,” I beg.

“You cant cum, slut.  The Marquis would have my head.  But theres nothing to say I cant make you feel good and you can make me feel good too,” she says as she squeezes my breasts and tweaks my nipples.

Youre close.  I can tell,” she whispers in my ear as she suddenly twists my nipples hard sending bolts of searing pain through my body.

“NO! NO! NO! Dont do that!”  I cry.

SMACK!  She slaps me across the face.  “Dont you dare raise your voice to me. Sit in that chair.  Spread your legs.”

I obey.

There is an awkward moment of silence.  She slowly walks up to me while unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her naked tits.  She squeezes her nipples making them rock hard.

She caresses my head and draws me toward her left nipple.

“There, lets be nice to each other.  Kiss my breast,” she calmly directs me.  She continues to rub my head as I suck on her nipples and kiss the meat of her tit. Tears flood my eyes and roll down my cheeks on to her breasts.  She learned the game.  Shes going to take advantage of me as Claire did.  I lightly bite her nipples finding it strangely arousing to me.  She takes my right hand and places it on her naked cunt under her skirt.

“Make love to me with your fingers, Gwen.  Squeeze my clit, penetrate my pussy with your fingers,” she coos and urges me on as she caresses my head with her lips.

Shes being so nice to me and driving me crazy by kissing my naked head.  I run my fingers over her pussy separating the labia and seeking out her entrance.  Shes wet, and the flow increases as I probe her fuck hole with first one finger and then two.  She encourages me with her kisses and lightly grazes my pussy with her knee which makes me shiver.

Shes now grinding her cunt on my fingers encouraging me to penetrate her deeper and deeper and harder and harder.  She holds my head in her hands as she fucks herself on my hand bearing down harder and harder demanding deeper and deeper penetration.  I bury three fingers up her cunt and saw them in and out.  The attention her cunt is receiving my poor pussy is begging for but does not receive.

“Oh God, Im cuming,” she screams as she quickens her pace.  Shes out of control grinding down on my hand encourage me to fuck her cunt faster and harder.  Finally she backs away.

“God, that was good.  Get down on your knees,” Monique commands as her tone of voice changes.  “Lick my pussy clean.  Be sure to get every drop.”

I clean her messy cunt with my tongue savoring the sweet nectar she has discharged.  She moans in satisfaction as her body shivers.

“Now, suck your fingers clean,” she demands.

She then commands me to rise.  She buttons her blouse and straightens her skirt.  “What happened here must never leave this room?”

I am silent.

She rears back and backhands me across the face landing a stinging blow.

“You do understand, dont you, Gwen?” she again asks.

“Yes, madam,” I respond trembling, feeling used and abused.

“Good,” she coos as she kisses my cheek.  “The Marquis wishes to see you.  Remember not a word. Nothing happened here.”

She reapplies my make-up in preparation for me to see the Marquis.  She inspects my attire to make sure all is in order.  The Marquis is a fanatic about detail.  I sit and wait with my legs spread wide and my hands locked behind my head.  My clit is throbbing and aching for release.  I need to cum!  I need to cum!  This one thought plagues my mind.  He makes me a sex object but doesnt let me enjoy the benefits of it.

I wait sitting in that position for two hours, but the Marquis never makes an appearance.  How I wish I could put my legs together and rub my clit, but I dont dare even try.


Each day blends into the next. At one time I knew how long I had been held captive here by the Marquis, now I dont really know.  I think its been almost a month but Im not sure. All I know is I have not cum since that night my husband was here.  It seems like such a long time ago. 

The Marquis has not made another appearance all week since the incident at the track.  I have been cared for, if you can call it that, by my chambermaids and milked on schedule.  They seem to take delight in my suffering and use me for their own gratification.  I watch them constantly cum while my poor neglected pussy drools and begs for attention. 

My clit constantly aches now.  It is always hard and a constant source of irritation to me.  My nipples are also extremely sensitive, and now stand out a full inch and a quarter on their own thanks to the stretching cones that are attached to them every night.  I continue to exercise every day. My daily walks are especially difficult because of the duotone balls which constantly keep me on the edge but dont provide the release that I so desperately need.  Also, the four inch heels are starting to transform my feet.  My arch is changing.  I dont think I could walk in a normal shoe anymore even if I wanted to.  My dreams are filled with all manner of creatures bringing me to glorious orgasm after orgasm until I wake up and am faced with the true state of affairs.  The stark reality is that I havent cum in over two weeks and would probably do just about anything for release.

I fall off to sleep now thinking tomorrow will be better.

The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 11

Note: This story is total fantasy. It does not reflect real-life situations involving real people.  Furthermore, my own personal opinion is that all sexual interaction between individuals (in real life) should take place on an entirely consensual basis.  And now with that said on with the story…..

Another week passes, and I have an audience with the Marquis today.  Its mid morning and Im on my way to his drawing room.  My daily routine has not changed as I am still on a rigorous training program.  My calves have become very hard I think due to a combination of the daily walks and the four inch heels I am required to wear.  An odd curiosity is that I find it hard to walk flat footed since my feet have been forced to arch as a result of having to wear such high heels for as long as 16 hours a day.  It looks as if the hair removal has worked since no hair has grown anywhere on my body. 

My nipples are acutely sensitive due to the constant stimulation and regular milking.  I am now milked in two hour intervals twenty-four hours a day.  There is usually very little variation in this routine up until now anyway.

I have not been allowed to cum.  My clit is hard and very sensitive.  I cant allow anything to touch it without my pussy going into convulsions.  My pussy constantly drips.  I am routinely abused and used by the chambermaids whenever they get the opportunity.  My thoughts are always plagued by visions of enormous pricks, the Dobermans, and massive dildos stuffing my ass and cunt and driving me to multiple orgasms.  I think of little else.  For one fleeting moment last week I thought of my family, but my throbbing clit soon brought my thoughts back to depraved and lurid visions.  Sometimes I think Im going mad. 

Ive finally resigned myself to the fact that I will be bald for the rest of my life.  I look in the mirror, and I like the erotic sexy image that reflects back at me.  I look erotic and sexy in a different sort of way.  The only problem is no one is fucking me.

Ive arrived.  Monique escorts me in, curtseys, and leaves the room.  The Marquis rises, looking me over while he taps his riding crop on his hand.  He circles me, looking me up and down.

“I must say I like what I see, however, keep in mind that my tastes are bizarre, and most people dont like what I like,” he says as he stands in front of me taping the side of my left tit with his riding crop.

“However, dear Gwen, there are several modifications that will be made to your body this week that will greatly enhance your appearance and please me.  You do want to please me, dont you?” he asks staring at me intently.

“Oh yes, sir,” I respond, and in a strange way I do.  Theres something about the Marquis that I am drawn to.  This attraction grows every time I see him.  He is at the center of many of my perverted dreams.  However, there is also something ominous and foreboding about him.  I have the strange feeling he might be a descent of another Marquis.

“Very good.  First of all, theres the matter of your clit,” he says pointing to it with his riding crop.

My clit?  Whats the matter with my clit?  Maybe he wants to do something about its sensitivity which is so bothersome. Im encouraged.  

“Although it is rather large, Dr. Sharkiro says that he can increase the size of your clit with artificial enzymes that replicate the enzymes produced by the pituitary gland.  An enzyme injection directly to the clit and it will increase the size in a matter of days, and might I add sensitivity.  Sensitivity is the key, Gwen.  Anything we can do to increase your sensitivity must be done.  Remember the clitoris is exactly equivalent to the penis.  It is the focal point of your sexuality,” he says with a satisfied smile on his face.

I try not to respond knowing it will be to no avail, but my disappointment must be apparent.

“You look troubled, Gwen.  What is the matter?” he asks as he lifts my chin with his crop.

“My, my .” I stammer unable to say that which I know he doesnt want to hear.

“Speak.  I need to know what you are thinking,” he demands.

“My, my clit is ah ah too large already,” I blurt out.

He whacks me with his crop forcing me to my knees a scream is caught in my throat.  The pain I feel is indescribable.  I feel like Im going to pass out.

“Get up, slut.  Hurry up.  Spread those legs.  Put your hands behind your back.”

I quickly scramble to my feet trying to abate his anger.  I know I should not have voiced my true feelings.  He is so volatile.  His mood swings like a pendulum.   Im destined to be a freak of nature his Frankenstein.

“Let me explain the purpose for enlarging your clit.  A larger clit is more prominent,” he says as he paces back and forth in front of me.  “A larger clit is more sensitive.  A larger clit helps you to focus your thoughts on the right things sexual thoughts.  A larger clit excites you more and therefore you perform better as a sex partner.”

He was silent, looking at me the whole time.

He ran his crop over my clit as he spoke.  “Do you now understand the reason for enlarging your clit?  Can you see the logic?”

“Yes, sir,” I whisper.

“Good!  Now tell me what you want.”

I didnt dare hesitate.  He was still irritated. I know what he wants me to say. “I want a larger clit.”

“Do you really want a larger clit, Gwen?  Really,” he whispers as his lips brush my neck.

“Oh yes, sir,” I force myself to say as I feel horror unspeakable.  Oh my God, a clit twice the size of my present clit.  Ill go insane.  This little hard shaft already causes me enough trouble.

“Very nice.  Ill make arrangements with Dr. Sharkiro for tomorrow morning after your exercises if youre sure.” 

“Oh, Im sure, sir,” I again force myself to say. Why this charade?  Why does he insist I agree to the bizarre transformations hes making to my body?  He mocks me.

“Wonderful, my pet,” he says as he squeezes my nipples between his thumb and forefinger.  He sends shivers up and down my spine.  My nipples are so sensitive.

“Lets discuss some of the other modifications to your body that that will take place tomorrow. First of all open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” he commands.  “Ah, very nice.  You have a long tongue, my pet - big enough for two studs one, I think, about a half inch from the tip of your tongue and the other about an inch behind that.  Yes, that will do nicely.  When a nice fat cock is sliding down your throat, imagine what pleasure those studs will give it.”

More piercings!  Oh God, no.  Hes turning me into a freak.  I cant do anything about it.  If I protest or complain, his wrath will come down upon me.

He then points once again to my clit.  “I also want your clitoral hood pierced.  With your enlarged clit, this piercing will provide greater stimulation to your clit.  Im told that can also be done after your injection tomorrow. Lets move on.”

He points to my labia.  “Three rings on both outer cunt lips.  Imagine the wonderful things we can do with those rings,” he says as he pats my labia with his crop.

I cant hide my disappointment, although I try.  Thats seven more piercings.  Hes totally transforming me and making changes that will only add to my sexual frustration.  Im extremely irritable because I havent cum in over two weeks, but I have to keep it in. There is no one to vent my frustration upon. Im expected to be totally obedient and subservient to everyone I come in contact with including the dogs.  I have to keep it in and let it build.  Its driving me crazy.  At night even when something bizarre isnt being done to my body, I lay awake and fantasize about cumming in all manner of erotic and sometimes perverted ways.  How much more can I take? 

“Whats wrong now,” he demands.

“Nothing, sir,” I quickly say.

“I know better, Gwen.  You look upset, and I dont understand why?”  His mood once again has changed.  He begins to pace.

“You must realize that when you made the decision to stay, you gave me free reign to transform you into anything I chose to.  You gave up all rights as an individual.  You are no longer a free thinking individual.  You are my property to do with as I wish. Your entire life is in my hands. I tell you what to eat, what to wear, what to say, and where to go. I tell you when you can talk, eat, drink, sleep, shit, and piss. You will learn humiliation, and above all obedience to me.”

I cant help myself. I cry.

“Spread your legs wider,” he commands.  How can I spread my legs any wider in these four inch heels. 

“I want you to become the ultimate sex machine,” he whispers in my ear.  “I want you to crave sex in any form twenty-four hours a day - to have sex with anyone or anything at my command and love and revel in it.  I want your thoughts to be lewd and lascivious.  You are a cunt a receptacle for cock.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” I stammer. 

“Repeat after me I am a cunt.”

“I am a cunt.”


“I am a cunt.”



He squeezes my engorged breasts harshly, and milk begins to spray out of my nipples.  “I know you dont understand now, but some day you will.”

He goes to his desk and takes out the leather paddle that he used on me at the track. 

“Its payback time.  You do remember that you still owe me thirteen seconds from your poor performance on the track?  Make sure you count this time.  Lock your hands behind your head and offer me your tits.”

I quickly comply pushing my bloated boobs out as an offering for his wrath. 

“What are you?”

“I am a cunt!”



“What is your purpose in life?”

“To please you, sir.”

Yes, precisely, to please me!  It would please me to hit those fat bloated tits.  Ask me to hit those fat ugly tits”

“Hit me, sir.”

“Hit what?”

“Hit my fat ugly tits, sir.”

“Say please!”

“Please hit me fat ugly tits.”



He rears back and smacks my left tit with the leather paddle. SMACK!


He rears back again this time landing a blow to my right tit.  SMACK! Milk splatters out of my engorged tit as it swings to and fro.

“Two,” I moan feeling the stinging blow.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Please hit my fat ugly tits.”

SMACK! SMACK SMACK!  Three more blows land on my tits knocking me senseless.

“Three, four, five,” I force myself to say through the pain and tears.

“Thank me.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Say it like you mean it!”

“Thank you, sir!”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK SMACK!  Oh God, the pain!

“Six, seven, eight, nine,” I scream in pain as my clit responds to this abuse. 

“Thank you, sir”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!  Oh my God. This time the blows are even harder and I reel back, my head spinning, but still I push my breasts out further as an offering.

“Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen.  BEAT ME MORE, SIR.  I DESERVE IT.  PLEASE HIT MY FAT UBLY TITS,” I scream as the exquisite feeling in my groin increases.   My cunt juices are flowing.   Im getting off on the beating the Marquis gives me.

“No, youve had enough for tonight.  I think you are learning to derive pleasure from your pain.  This is good.  You may honor me now.  Down on your knees.”

I quickly drop to my knees frustrated.  I am so close.  Why doesnt he let me cum.  A few more whacks of the paddle and I know I can cum.  He takes out his fat cock and rams it down my throat in one swift thrust.  He grabs my head, and I move my head back and forth allowing his stiff cock to slip in and out of my throat.

“Faster now bitch, suck harder.”

My jaw is aching.  He is thrusting his hips against my face now, still holding my head and pulling it back and forth as he thrusts his cock deep into my throat.  Saliva is dribbling down my chin and dripping on to my engorged abused breasts, yet still he presses on.

His cock twitches and my mouth is filled with cum.  I swallow gulping down his sperm like a wanton bitch.  I lick his cock clean.  I want more.  I kiss and worship his cock.


He is finished.  He calls for a chambermaid.  I am taken back to my room, then bathed and milked.  A good portion of healing balm is rubbed in to my abused tits.   I am put to bed and once again immobilized as I am every night with no chance to satisfy that growing itch in my pussy.  I am more frustrated then ever.  My clit still pulses from the nights activities.  I anticipate what will happen to me tomorrow as I drift off into a disturbed sleep. 

The following day after morning activities, I go to see Dr. Sharkiro.  He looks like a dog in heat the way his tongue is lolling out of his mouth as he looks me up and down.  He makes me feel very self-conscious.

“Well, you look quite different then the last time I saw you.”

Should I take that as a compliment?  I never did relate well to older men, and Dr. Sharkiro is really old.  He has thinning grey hair and a nervous twitch in his right eye.

He must be at least 60 years old.

Im directed to lie on the examination table.  I am then strapped down on the table by his nurse.  My legs are placed in stirrups which leave my pussy completely exposed.  My clitoris is prominent, standing at attention like a little prick, throbbing and proud. 

Dr. Sharkiro starts by examining my breasts.  “I take it you have no pain during the milking process,” he asks as he feels my breasts for lumps and spends an inordinate amount of time rubbing and stimulating my oversensitive nipples.

“No, sir,” I respond feeling myself getting aroused by the stimulation.


He then works his way down my abdomen, poking and prodding, as he works his way further down to my genitals. 

My, your clitoris is quite large and prominent already.  I hope this enlargement doesnt make you too sensitive down there.  Can you feel this?”  he asks as he flicks my hard clit with his thumb and forefinger

“Oh, yes,” I moan as he continues to manipulate my clit.  He increases the pressure and snakes his fingers down the folds of my vagina and feels around for my fuck hole.  Im so wet.

“Youre a horny little bitch, arent you?  Well, everything seems to be in order.  I think we can begin.  Actually this will only take one minute.  Nurse!”

The nurse approaches carrying a tray with a hypodermic needle on it. 

“This is the enzyme injection.  Its important that this is injected in the fatty tissue of the clitoris and not in the nerve, so remain very still.”

The needle is rather large.  He pierces my clit, and I could feel the enzyme being injected.  The pressure is tremendous.

“Were done.  The only thing left to do is provide some stimulation to the clitoris to allow the enzyme to take effect.  I will personally provide that stimulation.”

He dismisses the nurse and goes to the end of the examination table.  He begins to kiss my inner thighs working his way up to my pussy.  I never had an examination like this before.  He separates my labia with his tongue and fucks his tongue into my hole.  God that feels good.  Eat me, yes doctor eat me.

Then he works his way up to my throbbing clit and sucks and licks it unmercifully.  He is driving me insane, and I am quickly approaching that point of no return.  I am almost there.  Oh yes!  Yes!   Suddenly he stops.  He stops!  God, no!

“Please dont stop, doctor,” I beg.

“I have to.  Youre not allowed to cum,” he says matter of factly.

I cry.  Im so frustrated and horny.

“However, it is now time for your internal.  I need to get some tissue samples.”

He goes to a cabinet and comes back with a tube of K-Y jelly and a black six inch long dildo that is two inches in diameter. He squeezes some K-Y jelly on his finger and begins to work it into my rectum.  Oh my God, what is he doing to me?  As I loosen up, he adds another finger and then a third.  He saws his three fingers into my rectum spreading it wider with each twist and turn.

“I think youre ready now,” he says as he removes his fingers from my rectum with a plop and greases up the dildo.

Oh my God, hes not really going to shove that monster up my ass, is he?  Oh, Christ, Ill die.

He presses the head of the dildo at my rear entrance and shoves.  The dildo meets some resistance but finally with more pressure and determination the doctor stretches my sphincter muscle and enters my anal channel.  Oh God, I feel so full. My insides feel like they are being ripped apart.  He continues to saw the dildo in and out of my rectum driving further with each thrust until all six inches is buried to the hilt.  He gives one last shove for good measure, and the dildo disappears from view up my shitter.

“There, I think youre full,” he laughs sadistically.  “Go on, tell me you dont love it.”

He flicks my clit causing me to shudder.

He then takes out a vaginal speculum.  I watch in horror as he rotates the speculum so that the blades are horizontal to one another. He smiles at me.  This is all a joke to him.

He then begins to lubricate it with K-Y jelly.  I flinch as his fingers open my cunt lips and place the smooth end of the vaginal speculum between them. It feels as if it had been sitting in a bucket of ice it is so cold. I shudder and cringe as he begins to ease it in. Im acutely aware that he is watching my face enjoying every moment of my disgust and discomfort.

He slowly presses it full in.  I can feel it slide over the thick pressure of the dildo rammed up my ass. My cunt feels strangely excited as the cold hard device fills me. He touches my extremely sensitive clit making me jolt.

“See how much youre enjoying this,” he continues to taunt me. 

After full insertion, he slowly squeezes the handle, opening the blades spreading my aching cunt muscles wide.  Once he can see my cervix, he locks the speculum in the open position. My cervix is a glistening pink.

He reaches over to his tray and retrieves a cotton swab and a small wooden spatula to obtain samples of cells from the endocervical area. I grimace.  He places the samples on a slide.

“There were done.  I have the samples I need.  That wasnt too bad, was it?” he asks with a cruel lecherous grin on his face.

I feel relieved that this at least is over. He places his fingers on the thumbscrew and slowly begins to spread the speculum blades further, slowly opening it up.  Why is he opening it wider?  Hell rip me in two.

“Now, lets have some fun, shall we,” he laughs as he licks his lips eyeing my monstrous tits.

I gasp in pain as the cold steel slowly begins to force my insides wider, the cruel bastard.  He has his samples.  The internal exam is over.  Why is he doing this? 

I realize that it is far from over as he smiles and keeps on turning the thumb screw, stretching my cunt open wider and wider until Im at the point of screaming in pain. He then stops the expansion as the pain courses through my obscenely stretched out cunt.  I thrash my head back and forth finding the pain unbearable and wishing I were dead.

He takes his dick out of his pants and begins to masturbate himself.

He leans over and licks my clit running his tongue up and down its length.

“I hope you appreciate my bedside manner, you little cunt , or should I say big cunt,” he taunts.

Another turn and he watches carefully the wince of pain on my face.  I groan in misery.  Oh God, help me.  He inspects my opening seeing how extra wet I am becoming. He brushes his thumb across my clit making it twitch and my whole body flexes. He presses on it and rubs hard on it.  With his other hand he continues to stroke his cock.

Oh God, the pain is mixing with pleasure.  This is turning me on.  Whats the matter with me?  My hips flex with the excruciating mix of pain and pleasure I am experiencing.

“Please, please dont do that; it …”  My husky voice takes on that edge of pleading arousal.  Im not convincing at all.

“You like this slut. You like having your cunt spread open wider then any cock can spread it, dont you?” he chided me. 

He starts to turn the thumbscrew again!  Bolts of pain lance up from my cruelly spread cunt. My legs strain against the straps on the stirrups. My bladder is full, being slowly crushed, and I need to piss.

“Please I need to piss! Oh God, STOP IT!!”

“Two more twists, there! Now its at its widest point. I can see deep inside of you, inside your cunt. I can see how horny you are, you little whore. You cant get enough, can you? Even now amid all the pain Im inflicting on you, youre aroused. You want to cum, you pathetic pervert.”

“No its not true.  Please stop it! Stop it!” I plead, but I know hes right.  I dont want him to stop. I am getting off on this.  Im a sick perverted whore. 

“Ill prove it!” he says as he continues to stroke his dick.

He begins to lick and lap around my very hard erect clit.  It is sticking way out of its hood asking to be bitten and licked. I yelp and in the midst of my pain, pleasure ripples up the length of my widespread cunt.  I am so fucking hot and turned on.  Oh, yes!

He continues to lap at my cunt and clit sending thrills up and down my spine.  I tremble in pleasure.  I feel a massive climax building.

He looks up at me.

“Tell me to stop.  Go ahead tell me to stop, you sick slut,” he screams.

I cant tell him to stop.  Im so close.  Oh God, that feels so good.

He comes around the table and rubs his cock across my lips.  My hands are shackled but I stab my tongue at the head of his cock.   He moves closer and I devour him.  I swallow his cock and he then rams it down my throat.  I cant get enough.  He continues to violate my throat and then shoots massage loads of cum down my throat and into my stomach.  He withdraws his dick from my mouth as I continue to lick and suck it clean.  

He backs up and watches me as I quiver on the table, pleasure mixed with pain coursing through my body. 

I plead, “Let me cum.  Please, let me cum.”

Quickly he loosens the thumb screw to unlock the opened blades. He releases the speculum. In one swift movement he withdraws the speculum from my pussy.

“What are you doing?  Dont stop now.  Not now, Im so close,” I whimper defeated knowing the release is not to come.  I babble and mumble incoherently.

He next removes the dildo from my rectum and cleans up the mess.

Im in shock.  I am so close.  One more minute and my release will be complete. I know I am on the verge of a massive climax.

“Im so close.  Please let me cum,” I beg.

“You cant cum.  The Marquis says you are not to cum.”

He acts as if nothing has happened.  He appears before me calm, cool, and collected.  I once again cry in frustration.

“The Marquiss piercer will be here momentarily.  Ill leave you for a moment to collect yourself.”

Collect myself!  Is he out of his fucking mind?  How could he leave me like this?  What cruelty!  All I want to do is cum.  Im not asking for much. 

My heart is racing.  I cant breathe.  I need to settle down.  I need to gather my thoughts.  Im so confused.  I dont know, maybe its me.

A man enters the room and introduces himself as Jake, the body piercer.  I try to calm myself.  I have this absolutely insane thought and begin to laugh body by Jake!

“Wow, far out!  You are one fucking sexy woman. Too bad I cant pierce those huge titties. Id love to get my hands on them.”

He busies himself arranging various instruments on a tray which he brings over to the examination table.  He then puts on a pair of latex gloves.

“Stick out your tongue.”  His bedside manner isnt that great. 

I stick out my tongue and he grabs it with an instrument much like tweezers with holes in the end.  He carefully positions it on my tongue, clamps it down, and then takes a 14 gauge hollow needle that he pushes through my tongue. A stainless steel barbell follows the needle through.  He then unclamps the tweezers and screws the ball on the other end of the barbell.  He quickly repeats the procedure for the second barbell before my tongue swells up. This guy is very efficient and obviously knows what hes doing, but I dont know how much more I can take.

My mouth feels weird.  My tongue is already beginning to swell.  It seems as if every part of my body is being violated.  He swabs my tongue with an antiseptic.

“Now that wasnt too bad, was it?” he asks as his hand rests on my left breast.  This sends a chill through my body.  I want him to touch my tit, to bite my nipple…

He gives me an ice cube. 

“Here, suck on this ice.”

He then moves down between my legs to examine my pussy.

“Holy shit, this clit is huge.  Ive never seen one this big before.  It looks like a little dick sticking out of your hood.” he exclaims as he probes and touches my clit sending shockwaves through my system.  “With a ring through your clitoral hood, youre going to get a hell of a lot of stimulation.  That ring is going to sit right on top of that big old clit. Look at that fucker pulse.  Christ, its got a life of its own.”

This piercing is simple, and before I know it I can feel the ring resting on my clit.  He quickly adds the six small rings to my outer labia being sure to use antiseptic before and after each piercing.  Three rings on each outer lip are now in place. 

He cleans up the instrument tray and then comes back over to the table. 

“Youre one fucking far out looking bitch.  Those fucking tits are huge.  That bald head is weird shit, but a real turn-on. And that look on your face is just reeking of lust.  Are you on something?”

Am I that transparent?

He releases me from the table and orders me to stand.   I obey not really sure what to do. Im disoriented, and my legs are numb from being in those stirrups for so long.  He circles around me looking me up and down.  He stands behind me and feels my ass. 

At this point the Marquis enters the office.

“Well, I can see you are done, Jake. Let me examine your handiwork.”

I was totally ignored, being treated like a piece of meat.

“Open your mouth,” the Marquis orders.

I open my mouth and try to stick out my swollen tongue.

“Very nice.  I see there is quite a bit of swelling already, but the position of the barbells is perfect.”

“Spread your legs wide,” he commands as he taps me with his riding crop.

My genital area is extremely sore after all the piercings to that area, not to mention the brutal stretching from that perverted doctor.

“My, her clit is already growing, and that ring sits perfectly on top of it.  Wonderful!  The labia rings are exactly as I imagined.  Jake, again you have done a superb job.”

“Thank you, Marquis.  I am flattered,” he says.

“Your check, of course, is already made out.  Is there anything else I can do to thank you for doing this on such short notice?”

Well, sir, she is really something else.  I get fucking wet just looking at her.  She has a look about her that says fuck me. Excuse my language, sir,” he says.

“Nonsense, I bet you would like to see her perform and maybe get in on the action yourself.”

“Wow that would be awesome!”

“It is so!”

The Marquis calls for two of his dwarves. Once again I feel shame and humiliation as I am being forced to perform.  What does he plan on doing?  I cant suck dick; my mouth is so swollen.  I certainly cant be fucked; my pussy is sore and swollen.  I dont want to think about the debauchery that is going to take place.

“Slut, get on your knees and spread wide. Get your hands locked behind your head,” the Marquis directs.

I quickly comply although I feel drained from the days activities and am in need of rest.  My body needs to adjust and recuperate from so many piercings.  My pussy aches from the brutal stretching it suffered at the hands of the doctor.  He doesnt care.  I am simply a sex machine here to do his perverse bidding, existing only to bring pleasure to him and his friends.

The dwarves arrive.  They are licking their lips as they approach me on the left and right. 

“Thrust out your tits, Gwen.  Offer them to the dwarves,” the Marquis commands.

I arch my back further as my bloated tits shimmy on my chest, an offering to these little men.  The Marquis gives the command, and the dwarves greedily lick my tits all over.  Waves of pleasure course through my body.  My battered cunt which not too long ago was abused and stretched to its limit is now quivering and begging for attention.  My clit is hard, longing to be rubbed and touched.  The dwarves continue to unrelentingly lap and lick my tit flesh and my nipples.  My one and a quarter inch nipples are an easy target for their long, coarse tongues.

“Man, this is too much.  This bitch is really hot,” exclaims Jake, totally turned on by the whole scene. 

He stands close observing the dwarves sucking and biting my tits with abandon.  My nipples begin to leak milk which only encourages them to lick more fervently.  Low moans escape from my throat as I become more and more aroused by the dwarves.  Subconsciously, I undulate my hips trying to abate the fire burning in my loins but this only seems to fan the flame that is burning in my crotch.  Oh God, Im so hot.  I shove my tits out further encouraging the dwarves to lick and devour my breasts.  Im on fire.  I need release.  I need to cum.  My eyes begin to glaze over. 

The Marquis watches with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.  Im becoming the perverted slut he wants me to be, willing to sink to any level of depravity to satisfy his demented desires and the itch in my own groin.  He chuckles as he rubs my head encouraging me to offer my tits to the dwarves.

“Feed my fine friends.  Feed well on the milk of this slut,” he says.

“Wow, look at that milk flow, dude,” says Jake as he looks on in wonder.  “Ive seen a lot of kinky shit, but this takes the cake.  This is way far out, and, man, she loves it.”

Im lost in my own world.  My tits are the center of my universe being milked by the dwarves.  All of a sudden I am shocked back to reality.

“Gwen, get down on your hands and knees,” the Marquis commands. 

I obey immediately.  This doesnt discourage the dwarves as they continue to suck away feeding on my tits as they hang and sway below me.

The Marquis raises my chin and orders me to keep my head high in order to give the dwarves easier access to my treasures.  They now also start to lick my sides and under arms as they continue to taunt my tits.

“Jake, would you like to join in?” asks the Marquis.

“Oh, man, would I!” he exclaims.

“Well, obviously, her mouth and cunt are of no use considering the condition they are in, however her ass is available.  Do as you wish,” the Marquis gestures as Jake takes his pants off before he can finish speaking.

His finger which is now coated with K-Y jelly probes my anus.  This inflames me and I push back on his finger.  My sphincter muscle yields and he fucks my rectum with his finger.  He then adds two and then three fingers.  The large black dildo has already paved the way.  The feeling is exquisite.  I feel like every nerve in my body is alive and I want more.  The dwarves continue their relentless assault to my tits drawing milk and sending me to new levels of ecstasy. 

He then withdraws his fingers and positions his huge dick at my opening.  Yes, yes, fuck your huge dick up my ass.  Give it to me.  My body is alive and tingling all over as he drives his dick into my well-lubricated ass.  Hes fucking huge, and I love it.

“Holy shit, shes something else.  She really digs this shit.  Shes acting like a crazed animal.  Look at that ass go,” Jake exclaims as I drive my ass back against his huge dick. 

Yes, fuck the shit out of me.  Make me cum.  Im so close.  Theres no stopping me now.  Theres no way Jake can cum before I have a roaring climax.  Yes!  I continue to drive back meeting his thrusts.

My clit is growing.  I can feel it.  Its hard and throbbing.  Im ready to explode.  Oh, yes!

Jake smacks my ass.  With every thrust his hand comes down on my ass with a loud resounding blow.  This enflames me even more as low moans escape from my throat, and the dwarves are relentless as they feverishly lick and suck and bite at my wildly swaying breasts that are now leaking milk continuously.

Oh, yes!  This is glorious.  This makes up for it all.  I soon forget about the doctors harsh treatment of my poor pussy and the many piercings that I received today, for I am right on the verge of the most massive climax.  I am reaching higher than I have ever been before.

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Im, Im…

Then all of a sudden there is a shock to my system.   It is as if a bolt of lightening is striking me right on my huge, throbbing clitoris.   Pain courses through my body and reaches to my head extending across my forehead.  What is happening?  I was right on the verge of a massive climax and now my body is riddled in pain.  Theres another shock to my system.

I cry and whimper in frustration as I turn my head and see the Marquis kneeling by my side with this instrument aimed at my clit.

“Its a tazer gun, my dear.  Quite a shocking experience isnt it.  Now, you didnt really think I was going to let you cum, did you?” he laughs his evil laugh.

I continue to cry in frustration as Jake continues to pound my ass with his massive dick.

“This is really far out, man, the way she jumped.  I could feel that there charge right up here in her rectum,” Jake says in disbelief. 

This spurs him on and he pounds into me harder and harder and then explodes up my rectum.  I feel his hot cum shooting into me as he groans and continues to pound my ass.

He withdraws his dick with a plop, and the dwarves continue to squeeze and suck the milk from my breasts.  I remain on all fours crying in frustration.  I am not allowed to cum, and my need now is even greater.

The chambermaids are summoned, and I am taken away.  I feel totally defeated.  I feel totally used and abused.  The activities of this day have drained me, and I can see no way that my lot in life will get any better.  As I walk down the hall toward my chambers, I can see already how the clit and labia rings are going to be a constant source of torment to me.  I am already getting aroused from them rubbing against me.  The ring in my clitoral hood rests on my clit teasing it and driving me mad.  What will happen when I have to walk two miles every day with these rings inserted?  They will drive me mad! 

Whats in store for poor Gwen?  Stay tuned - more to come…

The Misadventures of Gwen

Chapter 12

Note: This story is total fantasy. It does not reflect real-life situations involving real people.  Furthermore, my own personal opinion is that all sexual interaction between individuals (in real life) should take place on an entirely consensual basis.  And now with that said on with the story…..


One Week Later

I am in a highly agitated state.  It has now been 22 days since I was last allowed to cum.  My clitoris throbs constantly.  It is an ongoing source of torment to me.  It sticks out like a little prick.  It is engorged and constantly stimulated by the ring in my clitoral hood. 

I am so frustrated and horny.  My thoughts are always sexual in nature.  It seems to be the only thing on my mind these days.   I never used to be like this.  Sometimes when I think about what I've become, I feel a sense of loss.  I know that I can never return to my old life again.  The old Gwen is dead forever.  How ironic that everyone I know and hold near and dear to my heart now thinks that I am dead, and at the same time I am becoming dead to myself.  I dont want to think about it.  Sometimes this bothers me for I don't know what extremes I will go to just to cum.  I dont know myself anymore.

I have been allowed to recuperate from my piercings.  All swelling in my tongue is totally gone, and Im getting use to the barbells through my tongue now that Jake has returned to insert shorter rods.  My vaginal piercings are also almost completely healed.  They now keep me highly aroused at all times. 

I have been excused from my morning two mile walks until I have healed.  However, I still have to complete my aerobic exercises on a daily basis.

My regular milking schedule is maintained, and my milk production has increased slightly which incidentally brings great pleasure to the Marquis.  Claire is a constant source of torment to me. During my milkings she often taunts me taking great pleasure in getting me aroused and then forcing me to make her cum. 

Today I am preparing to meet the Marquis. I wear what has become my usual attire -wrist cuffs, collar, and, of course, my over the knee boots with 4 inch heels. I'm really starting to love these boots.  The soft, imported Italian leather feels so good against my thighs.  I'm also getting used to these 4 inch heels.  Walking on the balls of my feet almost feels natural now.

New jewelry has been added to my attire.  Three small chains connect the rings in my labia.  Now whenever I walk, the chains brush against my pussy further exciting me.

After being carefully inspected by Monique and Evelyn, I am taken to the Marquis's drawing room.  He awaits my arrival.  When I arrive, I assume the position I have learned so well feet spread wide and my hands locked behind my head so that my breasts are thrust forward. 

"My dear Gwen, how are you today?"  He asks as he fondles my breasts.  "The chambermaids tell me that you are often irritable.  You know this is not proper behavior for a slave."

Proper behavior?  What do they know about proper behavior?  My tongue has satisfied all of them more than once while they have left me aroused and frustrated.

"I'm sorry, sir," I reply contritely.

"I would hope so," he says as he twists my nipple.  "Now, let's check out your new piercings. Open your mouth."

I open my mouth and stick out my tongue so the Marquis can inspect my pierced tongue.  He smiles as he checks out the location of each barbell.

"Ah, I must test those out later," he says.

His hand then travels down to my pussy and fondles the chains connecting the rings to my labia.  He tugs on each chain lightly. My labia are swollen and sensitive as is my clit. My pussy is already dripping as he sends shivers up and down my spine.  It doesn't take much for me to become overcome with lust.  As you can imagine, I am very highly aroused these days.

He then slowly traces his finger up from my labia to my clitoris, which is throbbing and rock hard.  He circles my clit with his index finger, driving me absolutely out of my mind.  Unconsciously my hips move trying to make more contact with his finger.

He smacks the side of my left tit and then does the same to my right.  My tits smack in to each other bloated with new milk. 

“Dont move!  Do only what you are told to do and nothing more.  Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I quickly respond.

I am being conditioned to be a mindless idiot that only does what Im told to do.  Dont dare have an original thought.  Dont dare move any part of your body unless youre told to do so.  Just do the Marquis bidding no matter how disgusting or perverted it may be.  Thats what he demands of me.  If he knew I was having these thoughts, I would be severely punished for it.

“I know why youre so irritable. Its because you havent been allowed to cum in so long.  Isnt that right, Gwen?” asks the Marquis tauntingly.

“Yes, sir,” I humbly reply.

"Well, I think we can do something about that," says the Marquis as he caresses my breasts and squeezes my nipples.

Oh my God, is he serious.  He's up to something.  The Marquis is not one to be trusted.

"How would you like to cum while your pussy is wrapped around a large cock? Imagine the pleasure a large cock could give you," whispers the Marquis as he continues to fondle my breasts and run his hands up and down my body.

"I would, sir," I stammer knowing I'm showing too much emotion.

"I thought you would, Gwen," the Marquis replied smugly.  "It just so happens that a good friend of mine, Count Darius, has a slight problem.  You might be the answer to that problem.  Do you think you might be interested?"

"I ah ah...”

"Why do you hesitate?  Answer me," the Marquis shrieks as he slaps my tits.

"Yes sir," I reply regretting my hesitation which brought on his wrath. He is so volatile.

"That's better.  Now, where was I?  Oh yes, Count Dariuss father is 90 years old and on his deathbed. He doesn't have very long to live since suffering a stroke just a few months ago. Actually he has become very weak and doesnt get around at all anymore these days. However, his father also has this magnificent 14 inch cock which has never fully been inserted in any woman's orifice.  It is his desire before he dies to experience this once in his lifetime,” explains the Marquis.

I listen intently as the Marquis tells this bizarre tale.  He has to be crazy a 14 inch cock!   What is he thinking?  This lust which is consuming me is preventing me from thinking clearly.  My God, what can I do with a 14 inch cock?  He doesn't really expect me to take a 14 inch cock up my pussy, does he? That would ruin me.  A 14 inch cock could do some serious damage.  Ive had 11 inches but never 14. 

"Are you willing to do this, Gwen?"  Asks the Marquis.

Do I really have a choice?  There is only one answer, and he knows it.  Why does he toy with me like that?

"Yes, sir," I reply with tears in my eyes.

"Very good, Gwen, you've made a wise choice."

"Thank you, sir" I reply.

"The Count's father will be arriving this afternoon.  I will take you to him this evening and personally supervise the festivities."

The Count now directs me to get on my knees, spread my legs apart, and lock my hands behind my head.  Once more my huge jugs are thrust out and my pussy is exposed.

"Now that were done with business, let's test out that new studded tongue of yours," chuckles the Marquis.

He quickly undresses and stands before me with his large prick looking me in the face.  I become excited and lick my lips in anticipation.  Its been so long since Ive had a cock.  My clit is throbbing and my pussy is leaking on to the floor, Im so aroused.  None of this is lost on the Marquis. 

“You look very hungry, slut.  Stick out your tongue and run it over the head of my cock,” demands the Marquis.

I quickly comply.  You dont have to tell me twice.  Just licking his dick is really turning me on.  My pussy is aching and my clit is throbbing and so needful.  I run my tongue all over the head of his cock making sure that the barbells in my tongue tease his sensitive head.  As I look into his eyes, I can see the pleasure written all over his face.  This heats me up, and I redouble my efforts.

"Yes, that's it, suck my cock you little slut," he chides.

I start to take the length of his cock into my mouth making sure to rub its length with my studded tongue as it moves to the back of my mouth.  My tongue is darting all over his cock as it moves in and out of my mouth. He then grabs my bald head and shoves his cock to the back of my mouth driving it into my throat.  I continue to caress his cock with my studded tongue as it travels downward deeper into my throat.

“Oh God, this feels glorious.  Ah, those barbells in your tongue, what a fine idea.  I may have to add more,” he chuckles as he relentlessly pounds his cock into my throat. 

Im getting dizzy.  His huge cock is relentlessly pounding my mouth.  His balls are banging up against my chin as he drives his rod deep into my throat.  Im foaming at the mouth, and its smeared all over his shaft as he continues to fuck my throat.  My hands are still behind my head, and I find it hard to maintain my balance.  My tits are flopping wildly on my chest oozing sweet nectar from my nipples.  My clit burns and itches with desire a desire to be touched, to be licked, to be kissed, but it remains neglected driving me out of my mind.  The Marquis will soon cum in my mouth but I will not cum.  I will remain fucking hot and on the verge of distraction until he allows me the privilege of cuming in some debasing and humiliating manner.

And now his pace picks up, and he is ramming deep into my throat for all he is worth.  I can feel his shaft getting larger.  Hes about to cum.  Oh God, my throat is flooded with his glorious cum.  He keeps cuming and cuming down my throat and into my stomach. Hmmmm.

Hes done.  He has a contented look on his face as he withdraws his dick from my mouth. I snake out my tongue licking him clean not wanting to waste a precious drop of his cum.  He looks down at me with a smug look on his face as I lap and clean off his cock.

“Ah, very nice, Gwen.  Those barbells are definitely an improvement.  Well, its time for you to get ready for this evenings festivities.”

I am taken back to my chambers to be prepared.  I am now hornier than hell.  All the time that I was sucking that huge cock, I was wishing it was stuffed up my pussy.

Claire meets me upon my arrival.  I stand with my legs spread and my hands clasped behind my head.  My tits stick out prominently ready to be milked.  Claire runs her hands over my breasts tweaking my nipples and making them harder than they already are.  My pussy is on fire.

"I hear youve got a hot date tonight.  My, my a 90-year-old man.  Are you sure you can handle that?"  taunts Claire as she continues to squeeze my nipples.  I'm overheating.

She then leans down and takes my left nipple in her mouth and sucks greedily on it.  She does the same to my right nipple.  I cant take much more of this.  I'm so fucking hot.

Her hand snakes down and flicks my clit.  A soft moan escapes my lips as my clit quivers and begs for more attention.

"Get down on your knees, you little slut," orders Claire.

I drop to my knees with my hands still clasped behind my head.  Claire takes the suction cups and places them over my nipples.  The machine comes to life as it sucks the sweet nectar from my engorged breasts.  Claire then stands in front of me and raises her skirt revealing her naked cunt.

"You know what to do.  Get busy," she orders.

I run my tongue up and down the length of her pussy paying special attention to her clit.  She grinds her cunt into my face as I lap and probe deeper with my tongue.

"God, I love what your tongue is doing to me. Those barbells are absolutely awesome. That's it! Flick my clit with that barbell.  I love it.  Ooowww, that feels so good.  You're driving me crazy," she coos as she continues to grind her cunt into my face while rubbing my bald head.

I am so aroused.  My body is one giant nerve begging for attention.  I continue to eat her pussy driving my tongue deep into her fuck hole.  My own pussy is quivering and leaking pussy juice on to the floor.

Suddenly she grabs my head and grinds her cunt into my face. My tongue continues to snake in and out of her hole as my nose is being ground into her clit.  I can't breathe with my face pressed so tightly against her pussy.  She then tenses up and releases a loud groan as she cums, drenching my face in her juices.

She steps back with a satisfied smirk on her face. 

“I love what you do to me.  You are such a nasty little slut,” she whispers in my ear as her tongue snakes in and out of it.  This further arouses me.  I feel like Im going to burst.  Maybe a 90 year old man wont be so bad after all.

I am then bathed, and have a fine dinner of filet mignon with a baked potato with sour cream.  This is one of my favorite meals, and I find it very satisfying.  Monique and Evelyn are very watchful making sure my hands dont wander where theyre not suppose to be and ready to punish me if they do.

After dinner I am dressed.  Tonight I am dressed in black. I look in the mirror and see a sex-starved nympho standing before me in black four inch high over the knee boots, collar, and wrist cuffs.  The gold chains once again adorn my pussy tugging on my labia as a constant reminder that I have a cunt that yearns to be fucked.

As I wait for the Marquis to arrive, I fantasize about that old man's 14 inch cock.  Is it really 14 inches long?  Can an old man really have a dick that long?  Can he get it up?  I get wetter and wetter as I think about that cock ravishing my cunt. 

What's happening to me?  I never used to have thoughts like this before.  My thoughts were always clean and wholesome.  How can I sit here and fantasize about a 90-year-old man?  Have I stooped so low that I will do anything to satisfy my cravings?  Is there nothing I won't do?  Sometimes I scare myself for I know not to what extremes I will go to put out this fire that burns in my loins.

The Marquis arrives and is dressed splendidly in a fine tuxedo.  He looks me up and down examining me closely.  He pats my left tit with his riding crop and then does the same to my pussy.  I love the attention he's giving me.

"It looks as if you're ready for tonight's activities, Gwen.  You look very desirous, and I love that look in your eyes-that look that says fuck me.  You do want to be fucked, don't you?"  taunts the Marquis as he pats my butt with his riding crop.

As the Marquis leads me down the hall by my leash, he chats. "Count Darius's father is in a very fragile condition.  Remember, he is 90 years old and not use to a great deal of physical activity at his age.  Let's face it, how often does a 90-year-old have the opportunity to be serviced by a half naked voluptuous young woman with gigantic tits and a cunt that's begging to be fucked.”

We arrive at his room and the Marquis opens the door.  Nothing could have prepared me for the sight that my eyes behold.  For there lying on the divan is a little old man whos skin looks like old leather, all wrinkled and shriveled up.  He looks just like a refugee from a concentration camp all skin and bones except for one outstanding feature.  Standing tall and at attention is a huge cock which certainly looked 14 inches long and must have measured at least two inches in diameter.  Something is wrong with this picture.  That healthy cock looks so out of place on that emaciated body of the old man.

I stand there with my mouth agape trying to take everything in.  The Marquis taps me on the ass with his riding crop and urges me forward into the room.  The old man ogles me, looking me up and down.  A smile covers his wrinkled face as he begins to drool.  He tries to say something but it is unintelligible.  His huge cock begins to quiver.

“This is Gwen, and shes here to please you, Count,” says the Marquis to the old man.

The old man nods never taking his eyes off of me.  His cock continues to quiver.

“It's time to begin, slut.  I think first of all you should service his cock with your mouth," whispers the Marquis in my ear as he cups my left breast.

I look at the old man with revulsion.  After all, he's old enough to be my great-grandfather, but as I look at his giant cock, I'm strangely drawn to it like a magnet.  I get down on my knees and grasp the huge phallus.  I drool as I begin to lick the fat head of his cock.

The old man moans, and still has that smile on his face.

At that moment a man with a camcorder enters the room.  I turn with a surprised look on my face.

“Dont worry about him, Gwen. Hes my videographer and here to capture this event for posterity.  Just go about your business.”

I open my mouth and take in the first three or four inches of his hard cock.  I swirl my tongue, teasing his phallus with the studs in my tongue.  I chew my way down his shaft-four, five, six inches enter my mouth.  Inside my mouth, the head of his cock pushes aside the tender membranes of my upper throat and tongue. His huge cock pushes my tongue flat as it nears the curve downward into my throat.

The old man sighs.

The vidoetographer zooms in for a close-up.

I gag slightly and swallow. The old man sighs again.  Inside my mouth the head of his cock slides down into the opening at the top of my throat.  It worms its way into the very top of my esophagus.  I push down on his shaft allowing it to enter my throat - nine, then ten, then eleven inches of cock disappear from view.

Now the head of his cock is well down into my throat pointing downwards.  I am so fucking hot!  My fucking cunt is dripping.  This old man has me so turned on.  I can feel a bulge in my upper neck and chest as his giant cock works its way down my throat.

He moans and sighs as his cock disappears from sight.  He stares at me with that crooked smile on his face breathing heavily.  I can imagine that my throat is very tight and giving him a great deal of pleasure.

My face is red.  Im sweating profusely from the exertion.  I begin to foam at the mouth as I see the remainder of his cock disappear from site twelve, thirteen, fourteen inches of cock enter my throat headed for my belly.  As I look down, I see a fingers width of penis still exposed.  I push forward and my lips mash flat against the old mans pubic hair. 

The old man is moaning continuously now.

His entire fourteen inches is buried within my mouth and throat.  The head of his cock is just inches above my stomach.  I stay like that for several moments, and then I slowly begin to rise up off the shaft, allowing several inches at a time to emerge from between my lips.  As it slides up and over the back of my tongue, I swallow and gulp down a lungful of air.

The old man is in heaven.  It's written all over his face.

Im breathing heavy and am highly excited.  I start the downward descent again, taking his gigantic cock into my mouth and down my throat.  I once again bottom out and slowly rise up once more caressing his cock as it leaves my throat. 

The old man is breathing heavy and foaming at the mouth.  Small moans escape from his lips. 

I lick and suck on his cockhead before once again beginning the descent into my throat.  I quicken my pace, impaling my mouth and throat on his cock and then retreating only to impale myself once again.  My pace becomes faster and faster as his huge cock violates my throat time and time again.  Im like a crazed animal out of control. I cant get enough of his monster cock.  I want it all the way in me.  I want more.  Im like a machine now maintaining a faster and faster pace, forcing his huge cock to its limit down my throat.

Oh God, Im out of control.   My body is overheating.  My cunt is on fire.  My clit is huge and throbbing so much it aches.  My labia are swollen and stretched.

The old man lets out a cry and tenses.  His cock, once again embedded in my throat, begins to pulse and I know hes about to cum.  Then all hell breaks loose.  He lets out a shriek, only one, and then his cock starts to pump a huge load of sperm into my belly. I quickly swallow fearing that I might choke on the massive amount of sperm spurting out of his cock.  My tummy is filling up, and then all is quiet.

I slowly rise off his mammoth cock until the head rests on my tongue.  He is still rock hard.  I dont believe the stamina this old man has.  I look up and see that contented smile on his face.  His eyes are closed.

I stand up and look down at his gorgeous cock. I lick my lips.   He has been satisfied, but I havent.  Im on fire.  All those weeks of not cumming have taken their toll on me.

I look pleadingly at the Marquis.  He comes over and removes the chains connecting the rings on my labia.  Chills run up and down my spine at his touch. He eyes the Counts cock.

The videographer continues to capture everything on tape.

I straddle the Count and lower my cunt on to the head of his cock.  Oh my God, Im in heaven.  This monster cock might rip me apart, but Ill go out in bliss.

The Marquis comes around in front of the Count. He takes the old mans wrist in his hand much as you would do when checking someones pulse.  That's exactly what he's doing.  He's checking the old man's pulse.  I continue to ease the head of his cock into my pussy.  Oh God, that feels good.

"He's dead," says the Count as he places his hand on his chest.  "That massive orgasm must have been too much for him with his heart condition."

"Oh my God," I scream as I dismount him and retreat into the corner. "This can't be happening.  Oh God, this can't be happening."

I babble senselessly, shocked by the reality of the situation. 

“This old man is dead because of me,” I whimper.

"The doctors had given him only a few days to live.  His time had come.  His son wanted him to die fulfilling a lifetime desire, to have his cock devoured by a voluptuous woman.  When he saw you at the party last month and the way you serviced anyone and anything in sight, he knew you were the one. You are not to blame. You simply fulfilled an old mans dying wish.”

I begin to settle down now that I know the true state of affairs.  My breathing levels out, but the fire in my cunt rages on.  My clit is throbbing, standing out like a little prick, and in desperate need of attention.

"Why don't you continue what you started, Gwen?  You know you want to, and the Count wants it that way," whispers the Marquis in my ear as he caresses my breasts further inflaming me.

I begin to cry.  Is he out of his mind?  Fuck a dead man.  What does he think I am -  some kind of pervert?  I'm so torn.  The old man is dead.  You just can't have sex with a dead man.  But still the fire in my loins rages on and on.

"Go on, Gwen, you know you want to," taunts the Marquis as he swats my ass with his riding crop.

Hes making me do this.  He knows Im so aroused that Ill do just about anything to cum.  He takes his pleasure in abasing me, but he wants to make it look like its my decision.  He holds the solution.  He could fuck me, and then they would be no decision to make.  I wouldnt have to fuck a dead man with a gorgeous 14 inch cock.

But that wasnt to be.  If I walk away now, the fire in my pussy will rage on and on for who knows how long. 

I slowly walk over to the dead old man mesmerized by his gigantic cock standing up so straight and stiff.  My pussy is drooling.  I'm so torn.  And then I am overcome by lust.  I straddle the old man and lower my pussy down on the head of his cock.  Oh my God, that feels so good.  I lower myself further allowing two, three, four inches of his gigantic cock to enter my cunt.  Chills run up and down my spine.  I'm like a she bitch in heat.

I push down hard and five more inches of cock enter my love canal.  God, this feels so good.  I look up and the old man still has a smile on his face.  I move up and down on his phallus gyrating my hips, and then I suddenly impale myself on his gigantic cock burying all 14 inches into my cunt. Yes!  I feel so full.  His huge dick has pressed into my cervix.

The videographer catches all of it on film.

I raise myself off his cock and slowly descend once more.  God that feels good.  I reach for my nipples, but the Marquis smacks my hand with his riding crop and orders me to put my hands behind my head.

“Thats better, slut.  I dont want you to take too much initiative.  You were told only to ride that cock.  I want to see you ride faster.  Start moving that slutty cunt of yours up and down on that dick like theres no tomorrow,” he screams as he smacks my tits with his crop.

He takes measured blows.  He bends the tip of the crop back, takes careful aim, and then lets go.  SMACK.  Oh God, the pain.  I ride the old dead mans cock faster and faster with my tits bouncing up and down receiving blows from the Marquiss crop.  Hes enjoying himself watching me debase myself like this.

Theres a volcano building in me as I ride faster and harder.  Im out of control as I ram my cunt down on the giant cock.  Rivulets of pleasure course through my body.  Im on fire and alive.  Every nerve in my body is awake and sensitive.  Yes!  Yes!  My thrusts are fast and furious as I rise and fall on the old dead mans fantastic cock.  God, Im fucking a dead man, and I love it.

And then…..

“Eeyeyeyeeeeeeeeeeeee, Im cuming!”  I scream.  Oh my God, Ive never come like this before, wave upon wave upon wave sweeping throughout my body.  Its glorious.  It just continues wave upon wave upon wave…

Its over.  I raise myself off the dead mans cock and stand there staring at it.  The bizarreness of the situation hits me like a ton of bricks.  I just fucked a dead man.  Too what depths of depravity will I sink?  Im filled with remorse and begin to cry.

“Spread your legs.  Get those hands locked back behind your neck.  Dont forget your manners,” he hisses as he circles me.

“Yes, sir,” I reply.

“Well, that was quite a show you put on.  I hope youre feeling better - two down and one to go.”

“I dont understand, sir” I question not knowing what he means.

“What dont you understand, Gwen?  I explained it all to you earlier.  You were to please him three ways.  Youve done two so far with one yet to go.  What is there to understand?” he said angrily.

He cant be serious.  He cant really expect me to take him anally.  I only fucked him because I was so worked up and not thinking straight.  I cant do this.

“You hesitate!” he says as he looks at me hitting his hand with the riding crop.

“Maybe Im asking too much of you,” he says.

I breathe a sigh of relief.

“All right, you dont have to be taken anally, however we cant leave him like this.  Youll at least have to clean up the mess you made.  You can at least clean off his dick with your mouth.”

I knew it was too good to be true.  It isn't over after all.

"Let's make haste.  Down on your knees, now," commands the Marquis.

I sink to my knees and stare at the gigantic prick in front of me.  It is so big and so thick and so hard.  Im mesmerized.  I lick the head of the dead man's dick, taking my juices into my mouth.

The videographer again comes in for a close-up.

Meanwhile the Marquis is busy spreading K-Y jelly on my anus as he inserts his finger up my ass.

I'm getting aroused again as I continue to lick up and down the length of this giant prick.  It's so big.  My clit is throbbing and I once again feel the heat building in my loins.  I feverishly lick the giant prick as the Marquis works two fingers up my ass.  The fire builds within me.  God that feels good. 

I work feverishly on the huge prick taking time to lick the balls which are now growing cold.  The Marquis now has three fingers up my ass and is sawing in and out.  He knows what he's doing.  He knows he'll get his way.  All he has to do is get me hot enough, and he knows Ill impale myself on that fucking dick. 

"That's enough, Gwen.  It's time to end this little party," says the Marquis as he pulls me to my feet.

I hesitate as I look longingly at the huge 14 inch cock.  The Marquis rubs my ass and then trails his finger up and down the crack of my ass.

"Are you having second thoughts, my dear," whispers the Marquis in my ear.

He's done this to me.  He's built me up once more to fever pitch.  He knows I need a cock badly.  He'll have his way.

"Would you like me to grease that giant cock for you?"  Asks the Marquis.

"Yes," I reply meekly.

He laughs an evil laugh as he goes over to the old dead man and spreads K-Y jelly all over his giant 14 inch cock.

What is wrong with me.  My mind is in such a turmoil.  This is so wrong.  I cant do this. Its not right.  It goes against everything Ive ever been brought up to believe. Oh God help me.

"He's ready for you, Gwen," he says.

The videographer gets in to position.

I've reached the point of no return.  I am again once more on fire as I hesitantly walk over to the dead corpse not able to look at the old mans face. I cant help myself. I lower my ass onto the head of his huge 14 inch cock trying to gain entrance but not meeting with any success.  I push harder and my anal sphincter begins to give under the pressure.  I push even harder, and finally the head of his cock breaks through into my anus.  I feel so full. I also feel so ashamed of myself.  I find myself totally disgusting.

I push harder and work his fucking cock further into my rectum - five inches, six inches, seven inches, eight inches.  I feel so full.  I ride the eight inches of cock up and down trying to loosen up my passage for further violation.  How can I ever look myself in the mirror again?

I remember to lock my hands behind my head to avoid being chastised by the Marquis.  As I ride the giant cock, my tits bounce up and down on my chest out of control.  The Marquis again uses my chest for target practice, taking measured blows at first my right tit and then my left one.  He then sucks my nipples into his mouth drawing milk.  He offers some to the videographer who takes a short break to feast on the milk flowing from my tits.

As my rectum opens, more and more of his fucking prick is invading me.  12 inches of prick is now buried up my ass and threatening to enter my colon.  I feel so full, but I have a demented desire to go on.  I want all 14 inches buried up my ass.  I want that cock to go where no other cock has gone before.  Im totally out of control.  My lustful mind is filled with so much desire.

I raise myself up so that only a couple inches of this monster cock is penetrating my anus, and then I drop myself down driving all fourteen inches of cock into my bowels.  Oh my God, I think something ripped, but I don't care.  I think his cock is in my colon.   It feels so fucking good.  I begin to slowly ride his cock up and down sending chills up and down the length of my spine.  My pace increases driving that 14 inch monster faster and harder up my shitter.  I'm out of control, and the Marquis continues to smack my defenseless breasts with his riding crop.


Yes, hit me harder.  Beat my fucking tits.  I want it.  I love it! I deserve it.  I deserve to be whipped unmercifully for what Im doing now.

The videographer captures all on tape.

Then the Marquis drops his crop and rips open his pants removing his cock.  His cock is hard and pulsing as he approaches, forcing me to lean back so that he can drive his cock up and into my pussy. Yes, fuck my cunt. 

For the last three weeks or so I couldnt get anyone to pay any attention to my poor pussy.  Now my pussy and my ass are filled with cock.  I am so full.  I can feel both cocks rubbing against each other.  It feels so good.  I dont ever want it to end.  The Marquis takes long strokes driving his massive tool into me up to the hilt.  Fuck me harder! Fuck me faster!  Really give it to me.  I need to be punished for what Im doing.

Oh God, its happening; like a volcano all hell breaks loose.  I have a massive orgasm and my body shakes uncontrollably.  The Marquis cums in my pussy at the same time.  My pussy is being filled with his cum for the first time since I was taken captive.  I continue to ride both cocks.  Finally the Marquis withdraws his cock from my cunt. I continue fucking the 14 inch cock with abandon.  Im a crazed lust-driven slut.  The Marquis finally stops me and lifts me off of the huge phallus.

"That's enough, Gwen.  That's quite enough," says the Marquis.

The chambermaids are summoned, and I am taken back to my quarters totally exhausted and spent.  I am physically and emotionally drained. But more than that, I have crossed a line from which I can never return.  I am so ashamed.  God forgive me for what I have done.

I take a long shower and then relax in the whirlpool trying to gather my thoughts. I dont really want to think right now for my thoughts are becoming suicidal.  The fire in my cunt has been abated for now, but theres no telling when it will flare up once again into a roaring inferno.

Im disturbed and dismayed by my behavior this evening actually by my behavior in general.  I know I was manipulated by the Marquis and really didnt have too many options, but it disturbs me that I consciously chose to ride that old mans 14 inch cock.  Even though Im not allowed many choices, that choice was mine and thats what bothers me the most.  I could have walked away without putting his 14 inch cock up my ass, but I didnt.  I chose sexual gratification over salvaging any sense of dignity or self-worth. 

The other thing that bothers me is my language.  Since Ive been held captive by the Marquis, my language has become much more vulgar.  I think nothing of using words like cunt, pussy, cock, and tits now.  I would never utter such profanity as little as two months ago.  But now these words are becoming an intricate part of my vocabulary, and I like using them.  I want to use them.  They seem to define my sexuality and what I am becoming and that bothers me. 

What does tomorrow hold for me?  I fear that the Marquis will come up with some new diabolical plan to further debase and transform me to his liking - to dehumanize me and turn me into a creature of lust.  Im no longer the person I used to be.

Whats in store for poor Gwen?  Stay tuned - more to come………

Chapter 13

The Misadventures of Gwen


Chapter 13


Note: This story is total fantasy. It does not reflect real-life situations involving real people.  Furthermore, my own personal opinion is that all sexual interaction between individuals (in real life) should take place on an entirely consensual basis.  And now with that said on with the story…..




I can’t stop thinking about last night and the bizarre events with Count Darius’s father. It should bother me more, but it doesn’t.  All I can visualize is that huge 14 inch cock penetrating my throat and threatening to enter my belly. 


Maybe they’re all right; maybe I am nothing but a slut.  A slut is defined as “a woman considered sexually promiscuous.” Well, I suppose you could consider me promiscuous, but certainly it wasn’t by choice. Promiscuous is defined as one who is “indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.”  Well, I’ve had a wide range of sexual partners from the dwarves, to women, to black men, to dead men, and who knows what else awaits me in the future.  I’m a slut but not by choice. 


The Marquis summons me at 10:00 AM.  After my usual morning routine and morning milking, I am prepared to meet him.  Royal blue is the color of the day.  This one I’ve never seen before.  My boots are a shiny royal blue with my customary four inch heels.  Again matching collar and wrist cuffs set off my attire.  I look in the mirror as Monique makes final adjustments to my collar.  I get wet just looking at my own reflection.  It seems odd that since my capture I haven’t worn any clothes at all, only this attire.


I find this morning that once again the heat is building in my loins.  My clit is hard and throbbing and begging for attention. My pussy quivers with the chains draped across my labia. It was my hope that the fire would be quenched for a few days rather than only a few hours.  I suspect I might be a nympho or that somehow in this short period of time I have evolved into a nympho.  Maybe the Marquis’s bizarre treatment of me has triggered something latent or deep-seated in my psyche. 


I arrive in the Marquis’s sitting room at the appointed time.  He seems pleased to see me.  There is another man here with him.  This guy looks like a geek.  He wears thick rimmed glasses and has a pen holder in his pocket.  He also has a laptop computer and some other equipment with him.  His jaw drops open when I enter the room.


“Good morning, Gwen,” the Marquis greets me.  It’s strange.  At times he almost seems glad to see me and treats me like an old friend rather than a slave and a low life.


“Good morning, sir,” I respond avoiding eye contact with him.


I assume the position with my legs spread, and my hands locked behind my head thrusting my huge breasts out.  I seem to be having an affect on the new person.  There’s a bulge in his pants.  I wonder how big he is.  Oh God, stop thinking like that.  I like the fact that I'm having this affect on him.


“I hope you have recovered sufficiently from last night,” whispers the Marquis in my ear.


“Yes, sir,” I respond as he fondles my breasts.


“This is good.   Count Darius was very pleased with the outcome of last night’s activities and indicated to me this morning that he enjoyed the tapes very much.  His father passed away a happy man,” the Marquis added as his hand slips down to feel my pussy.


He saw the tapes.  Oh my God, he saw what I did to his father!


“Well, anyway, we’ll discuss that at further length later.”


The Marquis calls the other man over who stands in from of me with his mouth agape.  I run my tongue over my lips when the Marquis isn’t looking.


“Ray, this is Gwen.  Is she not everything I said she was?” the Marquis says to Ray.


“She certainly is, sir,” he says as he gawks at me unable to take his eyes off my tits.  I move my arms slightly causing my tits to shimmer.  I though Ray’s eyes were going to bug out of his head.


“Gwen, Ray Dawson is my chief engineer in charge of research and development.  He and his team have developed some technology, more specifically nanotechnology, that will have a great impact on you. He has done some groundbreaking research in this area,” explains the Marquis.


What on earth is nanotechnology?  I have a puzzled look on my face.


“Is something bothering you, Gwen?” the Marquis enquires.


I’m not sure whether to respond or not.


“Well, is something bothering you,” he again asks with a hint of irritation in his voice.


Does it really matter?  Does he really care what I think?  I better say something before he really gets mad.


“It’s just that I don’t know what nanotechnology is,” I stammer.


“Is that all,” the Marquis responds.  “Explain it to her Ray so she will better understand what we’re going to do to her.”


“Well, Miss Gwen, nanotechnology is a relatively new technology for creating devices up to 1000 times smaller than the current generation of MEMS devices.  Devices as small as one millionth of a meter,” explains Ray.  “Now, the devices we developed for you aren’t quite that small, at least not in a perfected form yet, but still fairly small based on today’s standards.”


I have no idea what he is talking about!  Devices?  For me?


He opens a small box that contains three rings made out of what look like a very fine or thin filament.  They are the thickness of fine thread, actually thinner.


“These were developed for you, Miss Gwen.  The smaller one is for your clitoris, and the two larger ones are for your nipples.” he explains.


Oh great, more jewelry, but these are so small you can hardly see them.


“Explain to her what they do, Ray,” said the Marquis.


‘Certainly, sir.  All three rings do basically the same thing,” Ray explains as he stares at my huge breasts.  “They first of all have a monitoring function. They monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and can even tell us when you peak and are about to have a climax. 


“Their second function is to emit electrical impulses.  These rings can induce an

orgasm of varying intensity and depth by varying the degree and intensity of those impulses.  On the other hand we can also apply a painful shock to your system by increasing and intensifying electrical impulses. 


“Of course, these devices are wireless and can be programmed to implement a number of complicated programs and routines.  This makes them dynamic and adaptable to the Marquis’s wishes and desires.  If he needs to illicit an immediate response, he can use this remote,” Ray explains as he holds up a small silver remote control.


I find this confusing.  Could technology have advanced this far so quickly?  It almost sounds like something out of a science fiction movie.


“That’s it, my dear in a nutshell,” says the Marquis.  “We no longer will have to closely monitor your actions.  The rings will do that for us. If for example you stimulate yourself and a change is noted in your vital signs, a shock will be sent through your system that is quite painful.  It’s all programmed into the rings, that and many more programming routines."


This has to be the most diabolical plan yet to take control of me.  If all that he says is true, he can mold be into anything he desires.


“I’m going to leave you with Ray for awhile so that he can install the rings. I will be back shortly to discuss further modifications,” says the Marquis as he heads for the door.


Ray is still staring at my tits.  Once the Marquis leaves, he places his hands on my tits and begins to squeeze them


“I’ve never seen breasts this large.  They are so big,” he says as he continues to squeeze and kneed my breasts.  His fingers travel down to my nipples, and he proceeds to squeeze them between his thumb and forefinger. 


“Your nipples are huge, but just the right size for your new rings.  The rings will be placed at the back of your nipple so as not to interfere with your milk ducts.  You’ll feel a slight burning sensation as they contract slightly and imbed themselves in your nipples.  You won’t even see them after that.  It will be as if they’re not even there,” he explains as he continues to squeeze my nipples.  He seems to be mesmerized by my tits.


He then takes the rings and places them on each nipple pushing them all the way to the back of the nipple.  He spends a great deal of time making sure they are placed correctly. He then pushes a button on the remote, and I feel a slight burning sensation around the ring.   When I look down, they’re not even visible.  Oh my God, this is unbelievable.


“Now, we’ll do the same thing to your clitoris,” he says as he drops to his knees and takes my clit in his hand. 


My clit is already hard and throbbing.  It really doesn’t need much stimulation at this point, but he continues to rub it anyway, and then he boldly sticks out his tongue and licks it. A shiver travels up my spine, and I push my clit into his face.  He backs off.


“The Marquis said you were a hot slut,” he states as he places the remaining smaller ring over my clit.  He then pushes a button on the remote, and again I feel a slight burning sensation around the ring.  I can’t look down but I’m sure it has disappeared just like the others.


He stands up and places his hands on the sides of my massive boobs.  He pushes them in forming a deep cleavage.  As he continues to do this, he says, “I now need to demonstrate for you how the rings work.  They are already monitoring your vital signs so let’s concentrate on the electrical impulses they emit.  Would you like to see first how they can bring you to a climax or how they can shock you?” he asks.


“Oh, I don’t like shocks, but I love to come to a climax,” I say flirtingly to him.  I love toying with this computer nerd.


“OK, a climax it is, Miss Gwen. Now remember, this climax is manually induced.  It can also be programmed into the rings to occur automatically,” he explains.


He pushes a button on the remote, and I feel a slight tingle in my nipples and my clit.  This sensation builds and emanates out encompassing first my pussy and then my breasts.  I am shaken with an extremely intense orgasm.  It seems to blossom out from my belly and groin.  I have a hard time standing, the sensations are so overwhelming.  It stops as quickly as it began.


I tremble as I try to maintain my position. 


Ray walks up to me and grabs my nipples.  He applies pressure as he says, “Was that good for you?”


“Oh God, yes, Ray,” I say still trembling.


“I’m glad you enjoyed that, Miss Gwen.  Unfortunately, the electrical shock treatment isn’t as pleasant.  But don’t worry; I’ll give you only a moderate shock just to show you what the rings are capable of doing,”  he says as he reluctantly removes his hands from my breasts.


I find it hard to believe that three little rings can produce any kind of electrical shock.  It just doesn’t make any sense.


He pushes another button on the remote.  Suddenly, I’m doubled over in pain as a sharp electrical shock courses through my body.  My head feels like its going to explode, the pain is so intense. I fall to my knees unable to stand.  My cunt and belly feel like they are on fire. I scream in pain. I'm doubled up on my side. Then suddenly the pain stops. 


I’m in shock.  I’m breathing heavy trying to get air in to my lungs.  My breasts heave up and down.  I lay on my back trying to gain my composure.


Ray walks over to me with a smirk on his face. 


“That was just the moderate level.  If you want, I can show you a higher setting,” he says as he continues to smirk at me.


“Oh God, no Ray.  I think I get the picture.  No more demonstrations are necessary,” I say looking up at him with pleading eyes. He has a strange sense of humor.


“I sure do like your tits.  They are so large.  I’ve never seen tits that big before.  I always wondered how it would feel to have my dick nestled between a big pair of hooters like yours,” he says as he fumbles with the remote.


He then has his pants down and off in a flash.


He straddles my chest and puts his cock between my breasts. He then squeezes them together.  I stick out my chest to give him better access.  His cock is average size maybe six or six and a half inches.  It’s lost in my huge fucking tits.  As he squeezes my tits together gripping them by the nipples milk squirts out of my nipples coating my breasts and making a slippery path for his dick.  He moans as he thrusts his dick between my tits.


“Wow, this is unbelievable.  These puppies are so large and soft and look at that milk.  He leans down and catches my right nipple in his mouth and sucks for all he’s worth drawing milk out of my breast and down his throat.  He then continues to thrust his dick in my valley.


In spite of myself, I’m getting aroused.  My clit is hard and throbbing.  I’m starting to get wet. 


Suddenly his cock jerks and sprays cum all over my tits.  I grab his dick and begin to stroke it directing his shots of cum all over my tits. God, he didn’t last long.  I then sit up and lick the head of his cock and take his meager six and a half inches into my mouth in one gulp.  I rotate my tongue around his shaft exciting him with my studs as his dick shrinks almost down to nothing.


At that moment the Marquis walks into the room.


"Well, Ray, it looks like you’re finished. Excellent.  Are you having fun with our little slut?"  asks the Marquis.


Ray quickly rises and puts on his pants.  I stand and assume the position, my tits still covered with Ray's cum.


"You're a mess.  Your tits are all covered with cum," he says in disgust.


"I’ll take care of it, sir," says Ray.


Ray immediately begins cleaning my breasts with his tongue licking every inch of my mammoth tits.  My clit throbs and the heat builds in my loins.  The Marquis goes to his cabinet and comes back with a paddle.  This leather paddle is about 15 inches long and 2 inches wide.  It appears to be very flexible.


The Marquis stands behind me, rears back, and smacks me on my left cheek.  This unexpected blow pushes me forward further burying Ray's face in my tits.  He continues to lick and suck my tits.


The Marquis continues to rein blows upon my defenseless ass.  My cheeks begin to turn red and heat up more and more with the sting of each blow.  At the same time my pussy heats up in a different way and begins to get wet.  The fucking pain is turning me on.


"Mr. de Sade, now might be a good time to try out one of our program routines," says Ray with a gleam in his eye.


Mr. de Sade!  He addressed the Marquis as Mr. de Sade.  Could the Marquis be related to that libertine that lived so many years ago, the Marquis de Sade!


"Ah, Gwen, you look perplexed.  I think I know what you might be thinking, and the answer is yes.  The Marquis de Sade was my great, great, great grandfather, but we'll discuss that at length later.  For now let's continue with the fun and games.  Ray, that's an excellent idea.  Let's run the routine," says the Marquis.


Ray goes over to his laptop and types in some commands on the keyboard.


“We’re all set.  It should kick in momentarily,” he says to the Marquis.


Ray comes over and continues to work on my tits.  He sucks my nipples drinking the sweet nectar that flows from them.  The Marquis continues to rein blows down upon my already reddened ass.  I am experiencing pleasure and pain at the same time. 


Now suddenly there is a pulsating in my breasts. It’s as if two vibrators are massaging my tits.  The feeling is exquisite.   And now I feel a similar feeling in my clit.  It’s almost as if a clit vibrator is being applied to my sensitive nub.  I’m in heaven.  The Marquis continues to land blows upon my ass driving me forward into Ray’s face.  I move my fucking huge tits back and forth in Ray’s face encouraging him to devour them.  He needs no encouragement.  His mouth and tongue are everywhere sucking and biting my massive mounds.


I can’t take any more.  I explode into an all-consuming climax.  My back arches and my legs quiver as wave upon wave of pleasure course through my body.  Ray begins to smack my breasts laying stinging blows upon them with his bare hands.  My tits dance on my chest as he beats them, and the pulsating continues to encompass my tits at the same time sending waves of pleasure though my mammaries. 


The Marquis has deserted my ass and is now kneeling in front of me with his riding crop.  He is laying stinging blows upon my clit, but the wonderful pulsating in my clit continues.  I don’t know whether to laugh or scream.  The mixture of pleasure and pain drives me over the edge and I climax again.  My body is shaking uncontrollably as pleasure courses through my entire being. I collapse against Ray, and he lowers me to my knees. He goes to his laptop and types in some commands.  The waves of pleasure cease. 


I’m breathing heavily, trying to catch my breath.  I’m drained.  I’ve never experienced anything like this before. 


“Well, it looks as if the rings are functioning properly," says the Marquis.  "Stand up, slut, and assume the proper position."


I rise, spread my legs, and lock my hands behind my head.  I'm still shaking from the experiences of the past hour.


"One thing I've noticed, Gwen, is that you are now carrying around a great deal of additional weight now that your breasts are producing milk.  This puts a strain on the muscle tissue in your breasts which will eventually result in your breasts sagging.  One thing I don't want, and I'm sure you don't either, are sagging breasts.  There is nothing that turns me off more than a pair of drooping tits.  Ray and his team have developed a special bra to remedy this situation," says the Marquis.


“This is only a prototype.  We need to fit this to Miss Gwen and make any final adjustments.  Then this prototype can be used to produce the actual bras she will be wearing,” Ray says to the Marquis.


They act as if I’m not even here.  They discuss me like I’m a piece of meat.


Ray fits the bra to me. He seems to enjoy this, taking time to squeeze my nipples at every opportunity.  Each cup consists of three panels with the clasp located in front.  The bra straps are very thin, no more than a quarter inch wide.


"It appears to be a good fit," says Ray as he squeezes my tits.


"Excellent," says the Marquis.  "Explained to the little slut why this bra is so special."


"Well, first of all, the panels adjust the amount of support based on the weight of your breasts.  Right now you are receiving ideal support based on the weight of each breast.  As the weight of your breasts increase due to lactation, the panels will adjust support accordingly, providing perfectly balanced support.  The panels also have built in vibrators that can massage your breasts,” Ray says as he presses a button on the small silver remote.  The panels come to life kneading and massaging my tits.  It’s almost like having another pair of hands. He presses the button again and it stops.


“In addition, the panels can also deliver an electrical charge to your breasts, “Ray says as he looks at the Marquis.


The Marquis nods his head, and Ray presses another button on the remote.


My tits explode in excruciating pain as electricity courses through my mounds.  I fall to my knees grasping my tits trying to rip the damn contraption off.  Oh my God, how that hurts.  It immediately ceases when Ray presses the button again.


He continues as if nothing has happens. I’ve just been shot full of electricity!


“You’ probably noticed that the electrical charge you received from your bra is quite different then the one your nipple rings deliver.  This charge is more concentrated in your breasts where the nipple charge is designed to encompass your whole nervous system,” explains Ray.


No shit, Sherlock!  I think I know?  It’s my tits that were dancing with over 200 volts of electricity.


“Of course, all of these functions, as with your clitoral and nipple rings, are controlled from our server as well as manually from this remote.  We can go mobile and use the laptop for more complicated routines when we’re away from the mansion,” Ray continues while I still clutch my breasts in pain.


The Count brings over a mirror.


“Well, slut, what do you think of your new attire?”  He asks.


I look in the mirror and notice that the bra has a very low scoop to it. My nipples and areolas are completely exposed – a very nice effect, especially if you want to look like a slut.  I’m displaying a massive amount of cleavage for my tits now sit high on my chest with the side panels compressing and supporting them.


“Do you like it, Gwen?” the Marquis asks.


“Yes, sir, very much so,” I reply.


“Good, we’ll have them made up in the correct fabric and colors to match your wardrobe. For now, you can wear this prototype.  You’ve turned out to be quite an expensive investment.  Soon you’ll need to start paying your way,” he laughs as he chides me.


I don’t like the way he said that for somehow I believe he means it when he says I’m going to have to pay my way.


I return to my chambers for I am well overdue for milking.  Claire awaits me with the milking machine set up ready to go.  I assume the position ready for milking grateful that the pressure that I feel building in my bloated tits will soon be relieved.


Claire walks around me eyeing my new bra.  She stands behind me and cups my large tits as she whispers in my ear.


“I love your new bra, Gwen.  It has a way of showing off your boobs that gets me oh so hot,” she whispers as she tongues my ear.  “I love the way it caresses your huge puppies showing a line of cleavage that just seems to go on forever.” 


She was now kissing my neck and getting me so hot.  Her hands roam up and down my body always coming back to caress my bra encased breasts and to tweak my aching nipples. 


She moves around in front of me and cups my pussy.


“I’ve heard you’ve been a very busy girl.  This pussy of yours has been getting a lot of use lately,” she whispers in my ear as she continues to finger my pussy and then squeeze my already hard clit.  I was getting so fucking hot and turned on.  Claire has a way of doing that to me. 


"I heard last night that you just kept cuming and cuming and cuming.  This little pussy got quite a workout," she taunts me as she sticks her tongue in my ear and nibbles on my ear lobe.  I'm getting hotter and hotter as she works three fingers up my cunt.


"I'm getting jealous, Gwen.  I think it's time I made you cum, too," says Claire.


Oh God, no, not with these new rings on.  They won't let me come to a climax, but they will shock the hell out of me.


"I don't think you should do that, madam.  I really need to be milked," I said contritely.


"Are you telling me what to do, slut?"  Claire spits out as she removes her fingers from my pussy and grabs my nipples and squeezes them hard.


"Oh no, madam," I responded quickly.


"I didn't think so.  I'll let it go this time, little slut, but next time watch what you say and watch your tone of voice.  If I want you to cum, you'll cum.  And I do want you to cum, right now," she spit out as she reinserted her fingers in my pussy.


“Doesn’t that feel good, baby,” she coos in my ear.


“Oh, yes, madam,” I reply.  What else can I say although it does feel good. 


She then slowly kisses her way down my neck, over the curves of my breasts, further down past my belly button until her tongue finds my clit.  She then teases my clit with her tongue while she squeezes a fourth finger up my tight cunt.  My body is on fire, and I am racing towards a massive climax.


My mind is in turmoil because I know that a climax will never come. I will reach that point of no return and just before going over the edge I will be jolted back to reality with an electrical shock that will course throughout my body.  Claire knows this and that's why she continues to work my poor pussy at a feverish pace.  In her own demented way she wants to hurt me and use me for her own amusement.


Claire's tongue is everywhere sucking on my clit, running her tongue up and down the lips of my labia, and then back to sucking on my clit driving me to new heights.  I grind my pussy into her mouth urging her on, motivated by my own lust.


I don't care anymore.  This is glorious.  My whole body is on fire, and I want to cum.  Maybe those rings don't really work.  Maybe a shock won't course throughout my body.  Maybe they only work at close range.  I just don't care.  I want to cum.  I want to cum so badly.  Push your fucking fingers up my cunt, Claire.  Push harder.


"Oooooww, you are so hot, baby.  I can tell you are close.  You really want to cum, don't you?"  Taunts Claire.


"”Oh yes, madam.  I need to cum so badly," I moan.


"I hope what they say about those rings isn't true.  I would hate to see your poor little body jolted with all that electricity," snickers Claire as she redoubles her efforts flicking my clit with her tongue and ramming her four fingers up my cunt.


Oh God, I'm so close.  The pressure is building in my pussy and I am ready to explode.  Oh yes!  Oh yes!  I'm going to cum!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!


Then suddenly there is a shock to my system as excruciating pain courses through my nipples and my sensitive clit forcing me to my knees.  I have a hard time breathing, the pain is so numbing.  I begin to cry praying for relief.  The pain stops as quickly as it began, and I sit there on the floor sobbing, trying to catch my breath as my body tries to recover.


Claire stands there watching me with a smirk on her face.  She's obviously taking great pleasure in seeing me suffer.


"Well, I guess those rings really do work.  That was quite a jolt you took," she said in a low taunting tone as she kisses my bald head. “I’m sorry, baby.  If I had only known,” she says not very convincingly.


 "But we need to get down to business.  Stand up, put your hands behind your neck, and get ready to be milked," she says in her businesslike tone. 


I get up with great difficulty with my body still aching and trying to recover from the jolt of electricity.  I place my hands behind my neck and thrust out my bra encased tits.  Claire attaches the suction cups, pushes the button, and the machine comes to life.  Milk begins to flow from my nipples.  At the same time the side panels of my new bra begin to compress and contract aiding in the milking process.  My tits look as if they have a life of their own with my nipples being sucked by the cups and my tit meat being squeezed by my living bra.  The feeling is not unpleasant, and I begin to recover from my shocking experience.


This evening no devices are attached to be as I am secured to my bed for the night.  My wrists and ankles are as usual secured, but the new rings that are implanted on my body, never to be removed, will do the work as I will soon. find out.


I am left alone for the night as I think about the implications of all that has happened to me today.  The Marquis is methodically changing me physically, mentally, and emotionally through every means and device he has at his disposal.  I am becoming his vision of a woman, no matter how bizarre or demented that vision may be.  He will go to any extreme to mold me to that vision.  His use of those rings that are implanted in my nipples and clitoris, what he calls nanotechnology, is proof of that.


I fear what tomorrow will bring.  What new devious plans are in the making?  How will he further debase and humiliate me?  How much more abuse can my poor body stand?  These questions torment me as my clit suddenly comes alive and begins to vibrate.  A pulsating sensation is now spreading throughout my naked breasts. I am once more beginning that climb towards the peak.  I'm not even allowed to rest at night. A tear escapes my eye and  travels down my cheek as my clit throbs and my pussy begs to be filled.

What’s in store for poor Gwen?  Stay tuned - more to come………     Also, e-mail me with any ideas you may have for Gwen’s further transformation.





Chapter 14

The Misadventures of Gwen


Chapter 14


It is now 11:30 AM, and I am waiting to see the Marquis. 


This morning I woke up fully aroused.  I had been kept on the edge most of the night.  Somewhere around 4:00 AM I was finally allowed to drift off to sleep.  That’s probably why I’m so tired now.


My morning routine has also returned to normal.  I am now back on my full fitness program including my two mile walk.  The duotone balls are no longer inserted in my pussy before my morning walk.  My clit ring does a very good job of stimulating my clit, keeping me on the edge during my walk.  My clit is constantly hard and throbbing thanks to that ring.  To say that I'm in a constant state of horniness would be an understatement.  The Marquis should be proud of the torment he continues to heap upon me.


Also a package arrived today with the first shipment of my new bras.  I now have at least one to match every outfit.  Today's outfit is red.  I am wearing red over the knee boots with five inch heels, red wrist cuffs, a red collar, and of course a red bra which supports my huge tits, leaving my nipples on display for all to see.  Chains also connect the rings in my outer labia.  I don't think I’ll ever know what it's like to dress like a normal person again.  I've resigned myself to this life where my private parts will be constantly on display for all to see.


Monique returns to my quarters.  "The Marquis is ready to see you," she says as she attaches a leash to my collar.


I am led down the hall by the leash to the Marquis's drawing room.  I stand in the middle of the room and assume the position, a position I know oh so well.  I spread my legs wide and lock my hands behind my head thrusting my breasts out.


The Marquis walks around inspecting me very carefully.


"I see that your new bras are in.  Very good," says the Marquis.  "Your tits look well supported."


He holds in his hand the small silver remote.  He presses a button and my nipples begin to tingle.


"Did you sleep well last night, Gwen?"  He asks with a smile on his face.


"Not very well, sir," I reply. 


"I'm sorry to hear that," he says.


If you're so sorry to hear I didn't sleep well, then why did you keep those fucking rings buzzing all night, keeping me on the edge and wide awake?


He then pushes another button and my clit begins pulsating.  He's doing it to me again.  He gets off watching me in distress.


“How does that feel, Gwen?” he asks.


“Oh, wonderful, sir,” I reply.


He then pushes another button and the clasp on the front of my bra opens.  He removes my bra and begins to squeeze my tits.  With the push of a button the exquisite feeling in my nipples and clit increases dramatically.  My hips begin to slowly rotate as he kisses my nipples and grates then between his teeth.  Already my tits are filling with milk and they feel bloated.


I am so hot.  My pussy is on fire, and once again I feel the need to cum.  Lick my tits.  Bite my nipples.  Ram your hand up my pussy.  Make me cum.  I’ll do anything if you’ll just let me cum.


He continues to worry my nipples with his nibbling and biting, and then he reaches down to cup my pussy.  I grind my crotch into his hand.


“You’re a hot little bitch, aren’t you,” he chides.


"Oh yes sir, very hot," I moan.  "Your hand feels so good.  Stick your fingers up my pussy."


His mood changes dramatically as he grabs my nipples and squeezes them viciously.


"How many times have I told you not to talk like that?  You are to conduct yourself as a lady at all times.  A lady does not use vulgar language or talk back as you have just done," says the Marquis as he continues to cruelly squeeze my nipples.


I begin to cry.  Emotionally I'm a mess.  If he wants me to be a lady, why does he dress and treat me like a slut.  I don't know how to please him.


My crying is irritating him even more as he begins to slap my breasts – first the right one and then the left.


“You are infuriating me.  Stick those tits out even more.” he commands.


I thrust my tits out to him as he pushes another button on the remote sending waves of pleasure through-out my tit mounds.  He then goes over to his desk and retrieves his riding crop.  He starts to smack my tits with his crop.  SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!


Oh my God, the pleasure and pain are extreme.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I am experiencing sensual overload, and I find it difficult to remain standing on these five inch heels with my legs spread so far apart.


My cunt is quivering, and it doesn’t go unnoticed as he abandons my tits and begins to smack my pussy.  SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!


Oh no, it’s too much.  I’m going to cum. Yes!  I want to cum so badly. Yes!  Yes!  Yes!   No, wait, I don’t want to cum.  The rings won’t let me cum.  I need to fight this off.  All I’m doing is working myself up to the point where I’m going to get the shock of a lifetime.


“You like this, you slut, don’t you?” taunts the Marquis as he increases the stimulation to my poor clit and at the same time he smacks my pussy harder and harder. SMACK!  SMACK!


I am on overload.  The pain and pleasurable sensations are blending together.  I welcome them both. 


“Beat my cunt.  Harder! Harder!  Harder!  Beat me!” I scream to myself unable to vocalize my true feelings for fear of retribution from the Marquis. 


Now he begins to alternate blows – first smacking my pussy and then smacking my bloated milk-filled tits. 


I’m so close.  I can’t hold off no matter how I try.  I need to scream, and why not?  What will he do, beat me?  He’s already doing that!


“Yes, smack my tits!  Smack my pussy!  Harder!  Harder!“ I scream as I reach the point of no return.


Suddenly my tits and pussy are jolted with a charge of electricity that brings me to my knees.  My nipples and clit are on fire – a fire which spreads throughout my body numbing me and bringing me down from that sexual high very quickly.  I sit there on my knees panting, trying to catch my breath, crying in frustration.  Those rings are diabolical. I hate those fucking rings.  I hate that fucking Marquis, too – the sadistic bastard. 


I leer at him as he walks around me patting his hand with his riding crop.  The look on his face tells me he isn’t happy with me, and I don’t give a fuck.  I’m tired of trying to please the sick bastard. 


“Get up, Gwen, and assume the position,” he says calmly as he continues to circle me.


I immediately rise although I find this difficult because I feel so weak from the jolt of electricity I have received.  I spread my legs, but they’re shaking uncontrollably; and the five inch heels don’t make it any easier. My legs are like jelly.  I lock my hands behind my neck thrusting my aching, bloated tits out for the bastard to abuse some more.


He calls for the chambermaids.


“Monique and Evelyn, the little slut’s tits are full.  I want you to suck them dry.  There’s no time to get the milking machine in here,” says the Marquis to the two women.


They smile as they approach me from either side and grab a tit.


“And by the way, ladies, I know the liberties you’ve taken with our little slave in the past.   I expect to see you get her aroused just the way you do when I’m not around. If you don’t, I swear I’ll have both of you flogged within an inch of your lives.  Is that clear?” asks the Marquis with fire in his eyes.


“Yes, sir,” both girls answer meekly, looking like two rats caught in the act.   They now know they better perform and not only milk me but make sure I really enjoy it or it’s their hide. 


Monique and Evelyn begin to sensually lick and suck my nipples.  They each knead one of my bloated tits drawing my sweet milk through the nipple.  At the same time their free hands roam up and down my body rekindling the flame that is beginning to rebuild in my loins.  Evelyn rubs my ass and trails her index finger up and down the crack of my ass pausing to tease my anus.  She continues to do this for some time and then begins to push her index finger against my anal sphincter seeking access to my rectum.


At the same time Monique’s free hand trails down my stomach lingering to squeeze and flick my clit before moving lower to separate my labia and seek out my love canal. She yanks on the chains connecting the rings in my labia together further arousing me. My juices are now flowing, and Monique works some pussy juice back to my anus for Evelyn to use to give her easier access to my rectum.


I’m having a difficult time standing with my legs spread so wide as I’m being assaulted by these two vixens.  The last thing I want right now is to get aroused.  I also know that if they don’t succeed in arousing me, they’ll pay the price.  I have to fight back these feelings.  I can’t let them win.  I don’t think I can take another jolt of electricity.


Oh, but it feels so good.  They’re finished draining the milk from my tits which gives them the advantage.  Their mouths are now everywhere.  Monique jabs her tongue in my mouth and French’s me deeply taking my breath away.  I can’t help but respond intertwining my tongue with hers becoming overcome with lust.  At the same time Evelyn now is kneeling behind me kissing my ass checks and licking up and down the crack of my ass.  She then moves around in front of me and sucks on my clit, and then snakes her tongue up and down my slit driving me to new heights.


I’m overheating.  Their hands and mouths are no match for me.  I can’t resist them as I am consumed with lust.  I know it’s going to happen again, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  My body has no built in defense mechanism to protect me from what is about to happen.


“Oh baby, you’re so fucking hot.  Cum for me,” Monique whispers in my ear as she presses her body up to mine.


Her hands cup my breasts and then she kisses her way down my cleavage drawing my tits by the nipples closer to her head as she licks and kisses the inside of my breasts.  Her head is surrounded by tit, and she is driving me crazy with her tongue.


In the meantime, Evelyn is kissing her way up my spine to my shoulders, and she is now tonguing my ear as her hands roam all over my body teasing and pinching me.


“Oh, Gwen, I love your fucking body.  You were made to be fucked and sucked.  Cum, baby,” she whispers in my ear as she continues to tongue my ear and suck on my ear lobe.


My knees are weak and my legs begin to shake as the ache in my loins and the throbbing in my clit become unbearable.  I’m ready to explode, and then Monique bites down on my left nipple and pushes me over the edge.  I’m ready to…


Oh God, I’m again hit with searing pain in my clit and my nipples which spreads like wildfire throughout my body. I can no longer stand. I drop to my knees and then collapse to the floor unable to breathe.  This time the shock isn’t as great and it soon dissipates, but the damage is done.  I’m reduced to a blubbering fool.  The muscles in my arms and legs are spasming.  I lay there trying to catch my breath.


The Marquis rises from his chair and tells me to get up.  I try to rise but collapse to the floor.  My legs are too weak and won’t support my weight.


“Rise, now and assume the position,” he demands as he smacks me on the ass with his riding crop.


I again try to get up and an able to get one leg up, but when I put pressure on it, I once more collapse on the floor laid out on my back.


“Up this instant, Gwen.  I expect total obedience from you,” he shrieks as he smacks my poor tits with his riding crop.  This is the first time I have failed him, and he is infuriated.


“I’m trying to get up, sir, but my legs won’t hold my weight,” I cry in despair as I once more attempt to get up to avoid the blows from his crop.


This time I am able to stand on very wobbly feet and have all I can do to maintain my balance on these five inch heels. My legs are shaking but I’m beginning to regain my composure.  If you’re going to shock the shit out of me, at least let me wear flats or sneakers not these god dam ridiculous heels.


“Spread your legs and get your hands locked behind your head.  You know what to do.  Why do I have to tell you every time, Gwen?” he derides me as he directs me with his crop.


I assume the position with tears streaming down my face.


You’re a mess,” he says as he looks me up and down.


Of course, I’m a mess! Let me put 100 volts through your body and see if you come out anything but a mess.  What the fuck did you expect?


“What do you have to say for yourself?” he asks deridingly.


What do you want me to say?  Thanks for the charge.


“Nothing. sir,” I reply as meekly as I can muster although I don’t feel meek right now. I feel used, abused, and purposely set up.


“You have nothing to say for yourself?” he asks incredulously.


No, I have nothing to say.


“With all due respect, sir, what would you like me to say?” I ask.


This infuriates the Marquis, and he turns to Monique and Evelyn. 


“Take her to her chambers.  Clean her up and feed her.  Then have her back here in an hour. Now, go!” he commands.


Evelyn puts my bra back on me while Monique attaches the leash.  They lead me from the room and back to my chambers.  I am so frustrated.  I don’t know what he wants of me.  He purposely sets me up to receive an electrical shock and then wants to know what I have to say for myself.  What does he have to say for himself?  I need to be careful.  My belligerence can get me into more trouble than I’m already in.


The chambermaids lead me into the bath and strip off my attire.  I now stand there naked except for the gold chains adorning my labia.


“Well, I never expected that today.  I’m so hot.  I really need some relief,” Monique protests.


“This is frustrating.  Does he think we’re machines,” chimes in Evelyn


“Get on your knees, Gwen,” Monique says as she rubs my bald head and moves her pussy close to me.  “Stick out your tongue, baby.  We’ve all had a hard day.”


I stick out my tongue, and she moves her clit close to it and encourages me to lick and suck on her clit.


“Oh, honey, that feels so good.  Run your tongue up and down my slit.  I love those studs.  They are doing such wonderful things to my little cunny,” she coos as she moves her pussy up and down encouraging me to lick and suck.


She then rubs my head and pushes her cunt harder into my face.


“Stick your tongue up my hole, Gwen.  Make it hard like a little cock and stuff it up my cunt.  Let me feel those studs caressing my love canal,” she encourages me as she grinds her cunt harder and harder into my face.  My nose is buried in her slit pressing against her clit as she continues to grind her pussy into my face.  My tongue is buried up her fuck hole licking and caressing her interior walls with my studded tongue.


She begins to spasm and then has a massive climax drenching my face in her juices as I frantically try to lap up as much as I can.  A tear forms in my eye as I give to her what I have been denied.


She backs off totally satisfied as I breathe heavily trying to catch my breath, but there is no reprieve as Evelyn sidles up to me and caresses my head.


“That was so hot.  It’s unbelievable what you can do with that tongue, Gwen. I feel like creaming just looking at you,” she says as she draws my head to her pussy.


I don’t have to be told what to do as I flick out my studded tongue and lick and suck on her clit.  I then trail my tongue up and down her slit and enter her hole.  I just want to get this over with as quickly as possible.  I need to rest.  I attack the inside of her cunt with my tongue burying it as deep as I can up her hole.  It’s having the desired effect as she holds my naked head and grinds her cunt into my face.


“Oh, yes, baby, eat my pussy.  Make Evi cum,” she coos as I continue to lick and suck at a frantic pace.  “You are fucking amazing.  I don’t believe your stamina.”


She redoubles her efforts and is now grinding her wet, sloppy pussy all over my face and tongue.  I can tell she’s close.  This is having an effect on me too, and I once again start to heat up at a feverish pace. 


Evelyn lets out a little shriek as she begins to cum once again bathing my face in pussy juice.  I lap up the fruits of my labor as she directs me not to miss a drop.


I’m exhausted, emotionally drained, and still on the edge as they turn on the shower and secure my hands to the shackles overhead.  I’m to be bathed, but I’ll pay the price.


They can’t do to me what they would like to for I have to be returned to the Marquis shortly, however, they do manage to get me further aroused while they bathe me.


After my shower, I am again dressed and delivered to the Marquis in the great hall.  I stand in the center of the room, and assume the position. He picks up where he left off.


“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” asks the Marquis.


“Nothing,” I whisper, too tired and distraught to care.


“You have nothing to say for yourself, you slut?” he taunts me as he smacks my left breast with his crop.


“No, sir,” I say dejectedly while I am looking down.


“Did you cum?” he asks.


“No, sir, I almost came,” I whisper.


“Were you shocked?” he asks.


“You know I was shocked,” I respond.


“Don’t be insolent with me!” he screams as he backhands me across the face wrenching my head to the left.


“I’m sorry, sir,” I cry.


“You’re not sorry.  You’re pathetic!” he spits out.


“Why were you shocked?” he continues to question me.


“Because I came too close to having a climax,” I say.


“Correct.  Then you know you’re not to have a climax unless given permission?” he asks.


“Yes, sir, I know,” I reply.


“Then why did you almost come to a climax?” he demands as he continues to pace and circle me.


“Because you were stimulating me with the nipple rings, and the second time you had Monique and Evelyn get me aroused,” I say as contritely as I can under the circumstances.


“Are you insinuating that it was my fault that you gave in to your lust and almost came?” he spits out as he smacks my ass with his riding crop.


“No, sir,” I say. 


What else could I say?  Of course, it was your fault.  If I suck on your dick and deep throat you, you will cum.  What makes you think I’m any different?  I’d love to say that to him.


“Then what are you saying?” he asks as he grabs my nipples and applies pressure to them.


“It was my fault, sir,” I say meekly.


“Do you really mean that, Gwen?  Do you really understand that you lost control and must learn to control your emotions,” he asks as he twists my nipples.


“Oh, yes, sir,” I whisper as I wince in pain.


Not on your life.  How the fuck could it be my fault?  You bait me, you set me up, and then you say it’s my fault!


He softens his grip on my nipples and begins to stroke the tops of my breasts exposed above my bra.  He kisses my neck and works his way up to my ear.


“You’re mine, Gwen.  I don’t want you to do anything unless you’re told to do so – that includes cumming.  You must learn self-control.  I expect you to cum on demand.  If I say cum, you cum.  If I say don’t cum, you don’t.   Is that understood?” he whispers in my ear as he kisses and licks my ear lobe.


“Yes, sir,” I say.


He’s absolutely nuts.  I can’t do that.


“Then you understand these little tests I put you through are for your own good - that they will help you to grow into the sexual being I want you to be?” he asks tauntingly.


“Yes, sir,” I say hesitantly.


I’d like to say no, but somehow I feel no isn’t an option.


“Good, then I assume you’re ready for another little test?” he asks.


“If you wish, sir,” I say with a hint of disappointment in my voice.


Another test is the last thing I need right now.  I would love a soak in the tub and then a good night’s sleep.


“Yes, I do wish, Gwen,” he says as he calls for one of the dwarves.


“I think you’ll find Dopey very intriguing.  You didn’t meet Dopey the other night. He’s my eighth dwarf.  I was saving him for just this occasion.  By the way, I’ve named all my dwarves in honor of Walt Disney.  I had at one time hoped to grow up to be like him making those wonderful movies, but alas, my great great great grandfather had a more profound influence on me,” explains the Marquis.


This is bizarre.  He named his dwarves after the dwarves in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”?  This has to be a bad dream.  This guy is really sick.


At that moment Dopey comes in to the great hall and stands next to the Marquis. 


“Dopey, show Gwen one reason why you’re so special,” says the Marquis.


Dopey opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue and continues to stick out his tongue.  How long is that thing?


Dopey’s tongue is seven inches long, and he can do marvelous things with it,” explains the Marquis.


Oh my God, no!  I know who he’s going to do those marvelous things to.  I can’t take this.  How much does he expect me to suffer and endure in one day?  Why does he do this?  Hasn’t he done enough to me today?  


Dopey walks up and stands in front of me.  As he stands there, he's looking directly at my pussy.  He licks his lips with his long tongue.  The Marquis who is standing behind me taps my inner thigh and orders me to spread my legs further apart. I force my legs further apart which proves to be difficult with these five inch heels.  My pussy is now even more exposed and vulnerable to the attack of this dwarf.


Dopey removes the three chains connected to my labia.  He then extends his tongue and pushes my labia apart with the tip of his tongue.  He then draws his tongue back into his mouth dragging it up my slit and across my clitoris as it retreats.  A shiver travels up and down my spine as the rough tongue excites me.  He continues to do this, extending his tongue and dragging it up and down the length of my pussy.  With each lick he sends a new chill throughout my body.


The Marquis stands to my side and whispers in my ear.  "This is where you must learn self-control, Gwen.  You are not to cum unless I give you permission to do so.  If you get too close to an orgasm, you will receive a short electrical shock rather than the longer one you have received in the past.  You see, Gwen, I can be a compassionate man."


I try to concentrate on what the Marquis is saying to me, but I'm distracted by the dwarf's insistent tongue that keeps darting out and dragging its seven inch length across my poor pussy.  My pussy is once again on fire pulsating with a life of its own.  Does the Marquis really think I can hold back and prevent myself from reaching that point of orgasmic bliss?  He can't be serious!


The little guy continues to bait my pussy with his tongue.  He now concentrates on my clit flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth across it rapidly.  I'm overheating.  My cunt is on fire, and I know I won't last much longer.


Dopey now changes his tactic as he moves his head closer to my pussy and separates my labia with the tip of his tongue.  The tip of his tongue seeks out the entrance to my pussy.  When his long snakelike tongue finds it, it drives foreword entering me.


My legs begin to shake uncontrollably due to the exquisite sensations that are coursing throughout my body.  My hips rotate seeking out that devilish tongue which promises such delight. My mind and my emotions are in conflict as I race towards that climax that I know I should not and will not have.


Dopey’s tongue takes its time traveling up my fuck hole, lingering as it goes to seek out and lick every inch of my tunnel.  Its progress is painfully slow, and five minutes pass before four inches of that tongue is on its way.


My hips undulate, trying to encourage the tongue to move faster up my tunnel.  My cunt has become the center of my universe.  I am on fire.  I want to cum so badly.


Dopey continues his slow relentless journey up my love canal and finally reaches my cervix.  He swirls his tongue around in a circular motion setting my whole body on fire.


"Oh God, what are you doing to me?"  I hiss as I rotate my hips.


"Remember, you are not to cum," orders the Marquis in a low threatening tone.


I continue to undulate my hips enjoying the exquisite sensations coursing through my body.  My nipples begin to tingle, and I wish Dopey’s arms were long enough to reach up and touch them.  They are begging for attention, but are left alone.


Dopey then changes his tactic.  He begins to dart his tongue all the way out and then all the way in my cunt at a rapid pace.  His tongue is moving at lightening speed thrilling me like I’ve never been thrilled before.  Oh, yes, good things come in small packages.


“Yes, fuck me with your tongue, Dopey,” I hiss as I urge him on.


I feel like grabbing his head and shoving it further into my cunt, but I don’t dare.  The Marquis would not approve.


I can’t hold out any longer.  He’s driving me insane.  I’m going to…


I feel excruciating pain in my clit but only for a second.  Then my nipples feel like they’re being ripped off me.  This is enough to bring me down.  I cry in frustration. He won’t let me cum.


“You disappoint me, Gwen.  I thought you were learning self-control,” he says as he whacks the top of my breasts with his riding crop.  My bra encased tits jiggle as he continues to smack them.


“When are you allowed to cum, slut,” he hisses in my ear.


“When you tell me too, sir,” I say through my heavy breathing.


Meanwhile, Dopey is relentless.  He hasn’t missed a beat as he continues to drive his tongue in and out of my cunt.  He has a way of making it hard and stiff as he drives it in and out.  This is again sending me over the edge as my pussy, with a mind of its own, refuses to be bullied by the Marquis and heats up at a feverish pace.  I’m on fire, again.


The Marquis moves behind me and begins to smack my ass with his riding crop.


“There, maybe this will help you,” he says as he continues to redden my ass cheeks with his crop.


Dopey again changes gears as he removes his tongue form my pussy and licks my labia and my clit relentlessly.  His tongue is everywhere, thrilling and exciting me.  I grind my hips as he then buries his face in my snatch and eats me.


“Oh, yes, munch on my cunt, Dopey,” I hiss through clenched teeth.


“That talk is not appropriate,” yells the Marquis as the blows continue to fall on my naked ass.


That pushes me over the edge.  My legs are trembling, my pussy is pulsating, my nipples are on fire, and I’m ready to…




A tremendous jolt hits my clit and nipples at the same time lasting for only several seconds.  At the same time my head feels like it is busting as my forehead breaks out in pain.


I collapse to the floor unable to catch my breath. 


“You continue to disappoint me.  I thought you would be a fast learner, slut.  Obviously you’re not,” shrieks the Marquis as he paces back and forth.


“I’m sorry, sir,” I gasp trying to appease him. 


Can he really expect me to hold off from cumming when he’s using every means at his disposal to make me cum?  What kind of mad game is this?   How many girls can resist a seven inch tongue as talented as Dopey’s.


“Get up on your knees and get your hands locked behind your head,” he commands.  “I want your bra off and those tits exposed.”


He pushes a button on the small silver remote and the clasp on my bra releases.  He then directs Dopey to remove my bra.  Dopey licks his lips as he removes the cups from my huge bloated milk-filled breasts.  Oh my God, he can’t be thinking what I think he’s thinking, can he?  He really wouldn’t let him loose on my tits, would he?  My pussy quivers as I entertain this thought.


“Spread your knees apart.  I want to see that nasty pussy of yours, Gwen,” orders the Marquis. 


As I sit back on my calves, I move my knees further apart exposing my naked cunt. 


The Marquis directs Dopey to stand in front of me.  His face is level with my tits.  He seems to be captivated by my huge boobs as he licks his lips and runs his long tongue over his lips.


“You’re doing very well today, Dopey.  The expertise you show with that tongue is exemplary.  I am reconsidering and may very well have you star in our new feature film 'Snow White Gets Gangbanged.'"


A broad grin breaks out on Dopey’s face as he continues to lick his lips.


"Well, Dopey, I imagine you're thirsty and would like a drink.  Well, Gwen just happens to have what you need.  Those puppies are brimming full with milk.  Help yourself," offers the Marquis as he snickers at me.


He wouldn't!  That tongue will drive me absolutely insane if he starts lapping at my tits.  Under any other circumstances it would be an absolutely wonderful opportunity, but not like this.  Like this it can end in only one thing - shock!


Dopey’s large hands embrace my tits as his tongue lolls out of his mouth hanging down six inches like a puppy dog.  He first squeezes my left tit several times and a drop of sweet nectar flows out of my nipple.  He quickly laps it up with his seven inch long tongue.  He then squeezes my right tit until a drop of nectar appears.  This he also laps up with his huge tongue sending shivers up and down my spine.


He becomes more aggressive squeezing both of my tits at the same time with milk shooting out from the ducts on my nipples.  Milk dribbles down the underside of my breasts, and Dopey quickly snakes out his tongue and laps it up.  The sensation his tongue causes as it drags across my breast meat is indescribable.


He continues to lap and squeeze as milk flows from my breasts.  His tongue is everywhere covering every inch of my tits.  I thrust my tits out more trying to give him easier access.  My pussy is dripping as my hard clit throbs and lets me know that it is there and craves attention.  Attention that I cannot give it.


Dopey now focuses on my nipples running his long seven inch tongue first over the right one and then over the left one, alternating back and forth.  After several minutes of this, I feel like I’m going to explode.  My tits are now the center of my universe.


“Bite them, Dopey.  Come on, bite my nipples,” I encourage him as he continues to lap away driving me fucking crazy.


The Marquis kneels down and whispers in my ear, “Are you close, Gwen?"


"Oh yes, sir, his tongue is driving me crazy," I say.


"Step back, Dopey," orders the Marquis.


Dopey retreats, and the Marquis aims his riding crop at my left nipple, pulls back, and lets ago.  Smack!  He catches my left nipple, and I howl in pain.  He then does the same thing to my right nipple, again inflicting pain on me.


“Continue, Dopey,” orders the Marquis.


Dopey doesn’t have to be told twice.  He grabs my tits and squeezes.  Milk continues to flow and his tongue springs into action, lapping my huge tits.  I forget what the Marquis just did to me as Dopey lights my fire.  He attacks my cleavage dragging his tongue up and down the valley of my tits. He licks the sides of my tits waking up new feelings in my body.  He then licks the undersides of my tits driving me crazy.


The Marquis observes from a distance, and then once again orders Dopey to step back.  He takes careful aim and once again smacks my nipples filling my breasts with pain.




Then Dopey moves back in to position.  He changes his tactic this time.  Now he squeezes my breasts and smears the milk all over my breasts until they are soaked and dripping with my sweet nectar.  His hands feel so good.  My pussy is throbbing from a lack of attention.  I have an itch down there that I can’t satisfy.  It’s driving me crazy.  I need to cum.


Dopey then licks his hands being sure to get every drop and even licking in between his fingers.  I look on in frustration wishing he was licking me, wishing that his long seven inch tongue was licking every inch of my body.  I run my tongue over my lips as I slightly turn back and forth causing my huge fucking tits to sway to and fro, trying to entice the little man to continue lapping my aching tits. 


He stands there staring at me.  I need him to touch me, to lick me.  My body is on fire.  He did this.  He can’t stop now.  Why doesn’t he do something?


He continues to lick his fingers, teasing me with his tongue.  I want him to lick me.


“Aren’t you going to clean up the mess you made on my tits, Dopey?” I ask pleadingly.


He continues to lick his fingers, first looking at me and then looking at the Marquis.


“I think I know what the problem is, Gwen.  You see, Dopey has been doing all the work, and his tongue is getting tired. Isn’t that right, Dopey?” asks the Marquis.


Dopey nods his head vigorously up and down.


My breasts are tingling and wet with my own nectar, yearning to be licked and sucked by the dwarf.  The fire in my pussy rages on, fanned by my own growing lust and the need to feel that long coarse tongue once more. 


“So maybe if you sucked his cocks, he would be more willing to continue to please you, Gwen.  Is that right, Dopey,” asked the Marquis.


Dopey again nods his head vigorously up and down.


My lust hazed mind is confused.  I thought he said cocks.  I know I must have heard wrong.  All men have one cock.


“Would you like to suck Dopey’s cocks, Gwen?” asks the Marquis in a taunting tone as he squeezes my nipple.


There he goes again.  Why doesn’t he say it right?


“Yes, sir,” I say as I lick my lips.


Dopey can’t stand still, he’s so excited.  He walks over to the chair and takes off his little pants and underwear.  He then turns around and walks back towards me.


Nothing in the world could prepare me for what I see.  Dopey is biphallic.  Hanging down between the little dwarf’s legs are two huge cocks.  They have to be at least nine inches long, and they’re not even hard yet.  My mind is in turmoil.  I never expected anything like this.  I can understand the long tongue, but two dicks!


The Marquis kisses my bald head.  Go ahead, Gwen, suck Dopey’s cocks and make them hard.  Do for him what he’s done for you.  It’s not so bad, is it?  Two is better than one,” he whispers in my ear as he continues to rub and kiss my head.


His huge cocks hang before me.  I look at them mesmerized and then flick out my tongue and lick the head of the upper one.  It comes to life bobbing slightly.  I lick it again.  It begins to grow.


"Maybe you should use your hands, Gwen," whispers the Marquis.


I unclasp my hands from behind my head.  Where do I begin?  I grasp one cock in each hand and they come to life.  I circle the head of the top one with my tongue, and it continues to grow in my hand.  I then force the large head of the cock into my mouth and suck on it.  It grows even larger.  It has to be 10 or 11 inches long, but who's counting.  As I suck the upper cock, I stroke the lower cock with my right hand.  I then start licking the head of the lower cock, and finally encircle it with my lips as it grows to its full-length.


I am now holding in each hand a huge cock.  Where do I go from here?  I am filled with lust.  My clit is hard and throbbing.  My pussy is quivering.  My nipples are tingling.  I need cock.


Overcome with lust, I take the top cock into my mouth and suck in four inches.  I waste no time and push the head of his huge cock into my throat.  I then continue to push until all ten inches are buried in my throat.  I then use my mouth as a cunt, fucking his large cock.  His pubic hair tickles my nose.  The fire consuming my body rages on.  I am driven on by sexual need.


Not wanting to be partial, I then work on cock number two.  I take the head into my mouth and suck greedily.  I then inch cock number two towards the back of my mouth.  As it rests at the entrance of my throat, I work my tongue around the shaft.  I then push forward, ramming cock number two all the way down my throat.  I back off five or six inches, and then impale my throat on cock number two once again.  I continue to do this stoking the fires in my loins and in the little man’s huge cocks. 


Finally I can take no more.  I hold one cock in each hand and with a glazed look in my eyes, I say, “Fuck me!  Fuck my pussy!”


What am I saying, he has two cocks.


The Marquis comes around to face me and says, “As you wish.  Get down on your hands and knees.”


I immediately comply overcome with lust.  Dopey moves around behind me and coats his top cock with K-Y Jelly.  He then lines the top cock up with my anus ready to lunge forward at the Marquis’s command.


“Are you ready, little slut?” he asks as he fondles my breast.


“Just let him fuck me,” I hiss.


He slaps me across the face.


“Watch your tone of voice.  You may request, but certainly not command, and don’t forget your manners and address me as sir.  Do I make myself clear?” he asks with venom in his voice.


“Forgive me, sir,” I meekly reply.


“Now let the little guy fuck me, will you,” I say to myself as I gyrate my hips trying to make contact with the dwarf’s cock.


The Marquis nods his head and the dwarf places the head of his cock at my anal sphincter and pushes.  He meets resistance and doesn’t gain entrance.  He pushes harder and breaks through into my rectum.  At the same time his second cock enters my pussy.  I forget he has two cocks.  Both my holes are being stuffed at the same time.  I feel so full.


Dopey begins to smack my ass cheeks as he seeks to gain further entrance into my ass and my pussy.  Progress is slow because of the double penetration.  He continues to smack my cheeks with a steady rhythm – first my left cheek and then my right.


I gyrate my hips and push back trying to help the little man impale his two huge cocks in my ass and pussy.  I feel so full and on fire.  I want him to fill me.  I want him to shove those two huge cocks up my shitter and my nasty pussy.


The Marquis amuses himself by pulling on my nipples and drawing milk.  He leans over and takes a nipple in his mouth and sucks, filling his belly with my sweet nectar.  At the same time he reaches under me and agitates my hard clit further stirring and feeding the fire burning in my loins. 


Dopey is relentless as he continues to pound his two cocks up my ass and my pussy slowly gaining entrance to each.  He has around six inches buried in me and continues to pound away driving me closer and closer to a massive climax.


The Marquis senses that I am close and warns me of the consequences.  I am too far gone to be concerned.  I continue to push back against the little man as he drives his huge cocks into me.  Every nerve in my body is alive.  I swoop down and rub my nipples against the carpet and feel a chill run through my body.  The Marquis watches me amused, knowing soon I will pay for what I now do.


“Oh yes, fuck me, little man.  Drive those big dicks up my ass and pussy,” I say in lust.


I look up at the Marquis and lick my lips.  “Would you like me to suck your cock, sir,” I say half in jest.


The Marquis being the sensitive creature that he is picks up the little silver remote and pushes a button.  My nipples are immediately on fire as intense pain courses through my breasts.  I look up at him in shock as Dopey continues to pound his cocks into me gaining further ground.  He now has nine inches of cock buried in my ass and my pussy.  His large cock is threatening to enter my colon.  With one more mighty shove, he’s buried to the hilt.  He continues to smack my ass as he smiles with satisfaction. 


Dopey now withdraws eight inches of cock form my ass and pussy and then rams it up me in one swift motion.  Both my holes are stretched and filled simultaneously.  I’ve never felt anything like this before.  I begin to recover from the jolt administered by the Marquis.  Dopey withdraws once again and rams both cocks in to my holes reaching new territory.  He picks up a rhythm and continues to pound my entrances.  I rear back and get into the rhythm, working with the little man like a well oiled machine to batter and ram my cunt and asshole.


The Marquis lifts my head and shoves his cock down my throat.  He pounds my face showing no mercy.  I’m about to overload when the jolt hits my clit sending a numbing shock through my system.  I feel like collapsing as my legs turn to jelly, but I can’t as I’m held up by the cock in my mouth and the two cocks of the dwarf in my pussy and asshole.  I blindly go on as my nipples suddenly explode in pain.  The shock to my system brings me down somewhat but all too soon my lust takes over as I continue to be pounded from both ends. 


I once more rear back meeting the thrusts from the little man with the two cocks.  He drives in to me with such force that he forces my mouth further down on the Marquis’s cock.  I’m so close when a bolt of lightening strikes my clit and my nipples at the same time lasting only for two seconds but lasting long enough to register great pain in my pussy and tits.  I want to stop for I feel dizzy and disorientated but the Marquis and the dwarf are relentless as they pound all of my openings.  Another jolt hits me sending searing pain through my system.  I scream in pain around the Marquis’s cock.


I’m like a rag doll being tossed back and forth held up only by the cocks violating me.  Again a short burst of electricity courses through my tits and clit as I shake uncontrollable from the shock to my system.  My teeth rattle in my mouth which causes the Marquis to explode unloading spurt upon spurt of cum down my throat and into my belly.  Moments later Dopey’s cock that is up my ass gushes out load upon load of cum which seeps out of my asshole and runs down my leg.  It then goes limp, and the dwarf picks up a faster pace with the cock in my pussy as the cock up my ass springs free of my rectum and flops against my crack.  He is like a little jack rabbit pounding my cunt for all he’s worth.


I almost pass out from the shock that has been administered to my system.  My head now rests on the carpet as my ass sticks up in the air with the little man pistoning my battered pussy at lightening speed.  Suddenly he tenses, and I can feel him grow inside me as he releases a vast amount of cum in my pussy.  His giant prick just keeps cuming and cuming as my pussy is filled to overflowing. 


He then withdraws his weapon from my pussy, walks around in front of me, raises my head, and makes me lick every last drop of cum and my juices off of his two cocks.  I’m not allowed to rest until he is thoroughly cleaned.


I collapse on the ground, frustrated and exhausted.  I cry uncontrollably.  They are sated, but the fire in my loins is still blazing and will not be appeased.


The Marquis calls for my chambermaids, and I am taken away to be bathed and made ready for bed.  After I am cleaned and bathed, I lay shackled to my bed in the dark.


As I lay there thinking about the strange little dwarf, the door quietly opens.  I can’t see anyone enter the room.  It’s probably the Marquis making one of his night visits to see how he can further torment me. 


All of a sudden Dopey hops up on the bed sitting next to me.


“I just came to see if you were alright,” Dopey whispers.


As I gaze at him through the darkness, he looks totally different.  It’s the look on his face.  He actually now looks quite handsome and intelligent.


“I didn’t know you could talk,” I say incredulously.


“Oh, yes, we can all talk; however, the Marquis doesn’t allow it.  Also, we must act the part.  I’m Dopey, so I must look and act dopey,” explains Dopey.


“Is that your real name?” I ask.


He laughs. 


“Of course, not.  That’s the name the Marquis gave me after buying me from the Count.  My real name is Shawn,” he explains.


“So you’re also a captive here?  This is unbelievable,” I say.


“I really can’t stay long.  If the Marquis knew I was here, I would be punished severely.  I was really concerned about you and wanted to make sure you were alright.  You have to understand, I really don’t have any choice in what I do.  I know you were suffering in there tonight, but there was nothing I could do about it.  My heart was aching for you,” he says.


A tear came to my eye as he spoke.  I didn’t know there was anyone that really cared about me or my feelings.


“Why are you crying, Gwen.  Did I do something wrong?” Shawn asks.


“Oh, no, it’s just that what you said was so sweet,” I said as I was overcome with emotion.


“May I kiss you good night before I leave?” he asks.


“Oh, yes Shawn,” I said wanting him to kiss me more than anything.


He leans over and places a sweet peck on my lips as if this was a first kiss on a first date.  I want more as I press my lips against his and stick my tongue in his mouth.  The feeling is intoxicating as chills run though my body.  I then suck his tongue into my mouth and encourage him to use that long tongue like no one else can. He is hesitant.


“What’s the matter, Shawn?” I ask.


“I don’t want to take advantage of you.  I don’t want you to think worse of me than you already do,” he says.


That was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me.  He could easily take advantage of me since I am tied to my bed completely naked and vulnerable.


“I want you to really kiss me,” I say.


Our lips press together and he slides his tongue in my mouth.  I suck on it encouraging him to probe my mouth deeper.  The tip of his tongue is sliding back and forth against my esophagus.  He is phenomenal, but I want his tongue all the way down my throat.  This time it’s different then before.  His tongue slips further down my throat caressing me every inch of the way.  I am getting so aroused.  I want more than anything else to make love to Shawn. 


Our lips finally part, and he has a look of urgency on his face.


“I really have to go.  If I’m caught, there’s no telling what he will do to me,” Shawn says.


I reluctantly agree not wanting to get him in trouble.


I am now alone trying to internalize what has just happen.  For the first time since being kidnapped, I have found someone who actually puts me first, someone who cares about me.  I can hardly help but have deep feelings for this little man who I barely know. 


Suddenly my nipples come alive as they vibrate and pulse.  Once again, there is to be no rest tonight.  Moments later my clit starts pulsating once again sending shivers up and down my spine.  And so it begins as I spend another sleepless night on the edge fully aroused and yearning for that climax which I have been denied.  I fantasize about Shawn as I am stimulated by the rings – imagining what it would be like to be penetrated by his two huge cocks and being allowed to cum.  I get carried away and am shocked twice during the night as I approach an orgasm.  By 4:00 AM I am exhausted and am granted a short reprieve as the rings are silenced, and I am allowed to sleep for several hours.



Chapter 15

Chapter 15


The next morning it is difficult for me to get through my exercise routine because of the sheer exhaustion I am feeling and also because I am acutely sensitive, especially my nipples, my clit, and now even my labia which is puffy and swollen.  It is even difficult to walk without being aroused.  Who would think such a simple task as walking would become a burden.  The only thing that gets me through the morning is the thoughts I have of Shawn and how nice he was to me last night.


I am granted a reprieve from the Marquis who will not be seeing me today.  I am to spend the day with Count Darius, the Marquis’s close acquaintance.


I am summoned by the Count after lunch but before my afternoon milking.  He tells Claire that he will take care of it.  My breasts are bloated, full of milk, and in need of milking.  He likes pink so my attire for the day is pink.  My pink over the knee boots have five inch heels, the new standard for my outfits.  I am forced to walk even higher on the balls of my feet which is more painful.  Standing for long periods of time is also more difficult.


When I enter the room, the Count approaches and immediately takes charge dismissing the chambermaids.  I assume the position, and the first thing he does is remove my bra.


“We won’t need that today.  Why hide such beautiful treasures?” he snickers as he casts my bra aside.  “My, my you are quite full, my dear.”


He then circles me assessing what he sees before him.  For some reason I feel uneasy in his presence.


“Forgive me.  I’m being rude.  We really haven’t been introduced, have we?  My name is Count Darius.  You may address me as you would the Marquis,” he instructs.


“Yes, sir,” I say.


“I saw the tape of you with my father before he died.  It was quite impressive.  I often go back to view it and have looked forward to this day for quite some time,” he says.


I don’t like the way he looks at me.  He’s making me feel very uncomfortable. 


“You have an absolutely amazing body, such large tits and such a narrow waist.  Dance for me,” he says as he licks his lips with lust in his eyes.  He goes over to the wall and turns on music that blares from speakers mounted on the walls.


I begin to move my hips not really sure what to do.  I move to the beat.


“Move your tits.  Get them swaying to the beat,” he encourages me on.


I swing my tits so they undulate and jiggle on my chest.


“That’s good.  Keep your hips moving, slut.  Pretend you’re sitting on a fat cock as you move,” he taunts.


I move my hips faster.  The chains pulling on my cunt lips are arousing me more and more.  My pussy is so sensitive and easily aroused.  Chills travel up and down my spine.  The ring in my clitoral hood hits my large clit which always protrudes from the hood and is very sensitive to any kind of stimulation.  Just walking keeps my clit in a constant state of arousal.  I’m lost in my own little world as I continue to dance to the music filling my ears.


The Count takes some K-Y jelly and lubricates a large thick ten inch dildo which sits on a pole two and a half feet off the ground. The pole is threaded and screws into a floor plate that is located directly behind me.  He screws the pole into the plate.


“Very nice, indeed.  Move back, cunt, and ride that pole,” he directs.


I’m highly aroused as I continue to dance and back up while the Count directs the tip of the huge dildo at my anus.  I rotate my hips back and forth as the dildo rests on my anal sphincter, poised to enter.


“Yes, that’s it.  Work your ass down that pole, you little slut.  I want all ten inches buried up your ass. Keep gyrating those hips and move that ass and those tits,” he says.


I’m getting myself all worked up as I move my ass.  I feel like such a slut. I know this is wrong, but I’m so aroused.  My anal sphincter gives as the black head of the dildo enters my anus, and I continue to dance with my tits swaying back and forth.  I no longer care. That cock feels so good entering my ass, and my pussy is on fire.


At that moment another person enters the room.  I hear a female voice over the music.  I’ve heard that voice before. 


“Count Darius, how good to see you.  The Marquis told me you were entertaining the slut today. I was discussing the possibilities of tattoos for her with the Marquis.  I thought I would join you and maybe get a better look at what I have to work with when the time comes,” Maxine explains to the Count.


“You are a woman of many talents.  I’ve seen some of your work.  Your designs are very impressive,” says the Count.


“Why, thank you, kind sir,” she says as she walks towards me.


I know her.  She’s that woman that was here with my husband, John.  I hate that bitch. What is she doing here?


“Keep moving, Gwen.  Dance.  Move that big dildo up your ass.  I want all of it to disappear,” snickers the Count.


Maxine approaches me on my left side as I undulate and move my hips seductively driving the big fucking black dildo up my ass.  I’m so hot.  I need to be careful.  I don’t want to get too turned on.  I don’t want to get shocked again.


“How nice to see you again, slut,” Maxine whispers in my ear as she squeezes my breast and then trails her hand down to my pussy and flicks my clit. 


I move my pussy into her hand trying to make better contact.  Chills travel up and down my spine at her touch.  I hate the bitch, but her touch is driving me crazy.


“You are a hot little slut, aren’t you?” she taunts me.


I continue to dance to the music driving another inch of dildo up my ass.  Four inches of the huge black dildo are now stuffed up my rectum.


“Answer me, slut,” she says as she smacks my tit.


“Yes, madam,” I say as I feel nothing but contempt for this woman.


“That’s better,” she says as she stabs her tongue into my ear.  “I love your fucking bald head.  It’s so kinky.  It really turns me on,” she says as she rubs my head and continues to tongue my ear.


“Thank you, madam,” I say as I continue to dance under the watchful eye of the Count.


“Let’s have some fun with her, Count,” Maxine says as she goes over and gets the small silver remote from the Marquis’s desk. 


She walks back over and stands in front of me.


“That’s it, dance, baby.  Drive that dildo up your fucking ass,” she says as she rubs my tits and then takes my left nipple in her mouth and sucks.  She puts her hands on my hips and pushes down driving another inch of dildo up my ass. 


Meanwhile the Count has retrieved a leather paddle that is around eighteen inches long, four inches wide, and very flexible.  He rears back and delivers a stinging blow to my left cheek.


Move those hips faster.  Dance on that dildo.  Make it disappear,” he says as he rears back and delivers another blow to my right cheek.


I move faster driving another inch of dildo up my ass.  I feel so full, and I still have three inches to go.


Meanwhile, Maxine presses a button on the remote and my nipples begin to pulsate.  She continues to suckle on my breasts now drawing milk from my nipples.


Another blow lands on my ass as the Count continues to assault my ass. 


“Oooowwww, I love your tits, slut.   Your milk tastes so good, and they’re so fucking big,” Maxine taunts me as she continues to suckle on my nipples, running her hands up and down my body as I dance to the music. 


The Count continues to land blows on my ass, and now is branching out and delivering blows to my thighs.  I’m finding it hard to maintain my balance in my five inch heels. My legs are spread out and each blow of the paddle threatens to throw me off balance.  The dildo continues its upward ascent into my rectum now threatening to enter my colon. 


My emotions are in turmoil.  My nipples tingle, sending waves of pleasure out to all of my tit meat while Maxine kisses and squeezes my tits drawing milk from my nipples.  But the Count’s stinging blows are turning my ass and thighs red as the cruel blows continue to land on my poor abused flesh.  My ass hurts from the Count’s assault on my ass, but at the same time my breasts and pussy are alive and pulsating giving me intense pleasure. 


And now Maxine gets on her knees and takes my hard sensitive clit in her mouth and nibbles on it.  Waves of pleasure run through my body as another stinging blow lands on my ass negating the pleasure I feel.  My emotions and feelings are in such turmoil.  I feel intense pain and pleasure at the same time – intermingled.  It’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish one from the other.


“Keep moving, bitch, dance,” orders the Count.


I move my hips faster as my tits sway back and forth.  Maxine is driving me crazy with her mouth all over my cunt, but the Count negates all the pleasure I feel with the incessant blows he continues to deliver on my poor flesh.  The dildo is buried up my ass and now begins to disappear from site.  I feel so full.


In a moment of lust I take my hands from behind my head and reach down and push Maxine’s head into my pussy. 


She springs up and punches me in the stomach.  The dildo in my ass prevents me from going down. I double over in pain.


“You dare touch me, bitch.  Did anyone tell you to move your hands from your head?” she screams as she pushes me upright.


“No, madam,” I cry as she grabs my nipples.


“Get your hands back behind your head where they belong,” she hisses. “I want to see you grind that dildo up your ass, you slut,” she continues as she pulls downward on my nipples.


I continue to cry as I push down on the dildo driving it further into my colon.  The pain now is excruciating. 


“Poor, Gwen,” she says as she releases my nipples and rubs my breasts.  “Does that dildo hurt, baby?” she asks as she whispers in my ear sucking on my ear lobe.


Oh God, why is she taunting me like this?  I can’t take it.


“Push down harder, baby.  Do it for me.  I want that fucking dildo as far up your ass as it can go.  Come on, push, baby,” she whispers in my ear.


I have no choice but to push down impaling myself further on the thick fat dildo as the Count once again delivers a stinging blow.


“That’s good, baby. Now as you dance raise up off the dildo and then dance your way down again.  Do it for me,” she taunts as she nibbles on my ear still caressing and teasing my body.


My legs are cramping as I raise myself up off the dildo and then work my ass back down impaling myself once more.  I break out in a sweat.  I don’t know how much longer I can continue.


“Nice! Now up again, baby, and drop yourself down on it again.  Let’s make it a game.  Let’s see how far you can drive that nasty dildo up your ass. Make me proud, baby,” she coos in my ear.  “Oh, I bet John would love to see you now.”


The thought of John fills me with anguish as his betrayal comes flooding back to my consciousness as if it was yesterday.  How could she do that? How could she be so cruel as to mention him while debasing me in such a perverse way?   And even more perverse is the fact that I’m enjoying it.  I’m getting more and more aroused as they mistreat me and treat me like a slut.


This continues for another twenty minutes. I am lightheaded and feel like I’m going to pass out.  Each descent down brings unbearable pain to my rectum as Maxine pleasures me by kissing my tits and once again licking and sucking on my clit and labia.  


“That’s enough,” says the Count.  “OK slut, lift yourself off that dildo.”


I slowly raise myself up and the dildo exits my rectum with a plop.  My asshole is a gaping hole that won’t close as it continues to dilate, sucking with a life of its own.


“Look at that fucking asshole,” says Maxine as she laughs and points at me.


“Yes, she’s quite the sight, isn’t she,” says the Count.


“Is there anything she won’t do?” asks Maxine.


“That remains to be seen,” says the Count.


I stand there embarrassed and humiliated.  I am overwhelmed with shame.  What have I become?


“Oh by the way, John says hi,” Maxine taunts me with a grin on her face.  “If you had kept him happy, Gwen, you wouldn’t be here now.”


I cry.  She has no right to talk to me like this.


“Get on your knees, slut,” orders Maxine.


I drop to my knees keeping my hands locked behind my head and spreading my knees wide.


“No, on second thought I want you over here,” she says as she grabs my ear and drags me to my feet and pulls me over to the desk.


She sits on the desk spreading her legs wide.  Her skirt hikes up exposing her naked pussy all wet and aroused.


Bend over and start eating, slut.  This is your lunch,” she commands as she grabs my head and shoves my face into her cunt.


The count, who has undressed, removes the 10 inch black dildo off the pole and attaches it to a black leather belt.  He puts it on his waist just above his own huge twelve inch cock.  He approaches me and smacks me on the ass with his hand.  I’m bent at the waist with my face buried in Maxine’s pussy.


The Count smacks my inner thighs ordering me to spread my legs wider.  He then lines up his huge phallus with my cunt and lines up the dildo once again with my anus.  He pushes forward driving both of them home at the same time.  My cunt and rectum are violated simultaneously by the Count who begins to drive both in up to the hilt.


I feel so full and am now so aroused as I drive back against his cock.  I continue to lick Maxine’s hot pussy.


“Oh, that’s nice, baby.  You are good for something.  Suck on my clit,” she directs me as she caresses my naked head.


The Count has picked up a rhythm and is driving into me with long strokes.  At the same time he continues to smack my ass with his hand.


My tits flop under me as my nipples hit against the front of the desk and brush up against Maxine’s thighs.  I’m so fucking turned on as my pussy is overheating with that huge cock pounding me mercilessly while the fake dildo is being driven up my ass.  My cheeks are heating up as the Count continues to slap my ass. 


“Oh, baby, stick your tongue in my cunt.  You’re making me so fucking hot,” Maxine says as she directs my mouth to her fuck hole urging me to stab my tongue up her canal.  She presses on my head urging me on.


I’m out of control.  I’m overwhelmed by the cock and dildo invading me, the constant slapping of my ass, the smell of Maxine’s cunt …  I can’t get enough of her as I drive my tongue into her hole wanting to go deeper and deeper.


“Oh yes, baby, that’s it.  Eat me, baby.  Yes, yes,” she encourages me as she pushes on my head driving me further into her cunt.  My nose is buried, rubbing up and down against her sensitive clit.


I’m a bundle of nerves as I approach a massive climax.  I’ve been denied too long.  I need to cum so badly.  I drive back meeting the Count’s thrusts blow for blow, further impaling myself on the twin phalluses.


“Be careful, baby.  Remember, you need to control yourself.  You can’t cum,” she laughs bringing me back to reality.


Oh my God, I can’t cum.  I’m going to get the living shit shocked out of me if I approach a climax, but I can’t stop.  How do I stop when I’m being double fucked?  It’s impossible. My mind is screaming, “No,” but my body says “Yes” as I reach that point of no return as pleasurable sensations course throughout my body.


I feel the Count’s cock swell just before he begins depositing load upon load of hot cum in my pussy.  He grunts and continues to pound my cunt at a fever pitch.  At the same time Maxine grinds her cunt on my face as she approaches her own climax.


“Oh yes, baby, yes, eat my pussy.  That feels so good,” she says as she grinds her pussy all over my face.


This is too much for me and I


“Eeeeeeeggggggghhhh,” my clit and my nipples are jolted by 100 volts as pain courses throughout my body.  My breasts shimmy and vibrate as they are filled with painful electrifying jolts.  The Count removes his cock from my pussy and at the same time removes the dildo buried up my ass.  I fall to the floor and spasm as electricity continues to course throughout my body.  My eyes roll up into my head, and I pass out. 




When I wake up, I am shackled in my bed.  My body aches all over. 


I hear someone at the door.  God, just leave me alone.  I feel so weak and tired. 


“How do you feel, Gwen?  I was so worried about you,” whispers Maxine as she walks over to my bed.


Oh no, why doesn’t she leave me alone.  Will this ever come to an end?


Maxine stands there with a grin on her face and then with her index finger traces circles around my left areola.  She then repeats the action on my right areola.  Her index finger traces down the slope of my right tit and then travels down to my clitoris.


I shiver as my body immediately responds to her touch.  I am aroused and lustful thoughts flood my mind as I lay there.  Not being allowed to cum is taking its toll on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.


“You know, Gwen, you never got a chance to finish what you started.  It wasn’t nice of you to pass out before I had a chance to cum,” whispers Maxine as she removes her skirt and top and stands there in the nude.  “I really think you ought to finish what you started.”


Maxine quietly gets up on the bed and straddles my head.  She lowers her pussy towards my mouth and rubs her clit up against my nose.  She is wet and her pussy lips are swollen.


“You know what to do, slut.  Get that tongue moving now,” orders Maxine.


I start to cry as I pry her labia apart with my tongue.  I feel so used by this woman whom I detest for taking my husband away.  She moves her pussy on my tongue urging me to bring her to the climax that I am denied.


Maxine then leans down and begins sucking on my clit.  She’s like a woman possessed as she sucks, nibbles, and bites my hard sensitive clit.  She snakes her tongue downward and enters my fuck hole burying it deep within me.  She reaches up and squeezes my nipples further arousing me.


This spurs me on to dive in and devour her cunt as my tongue and lips are everywhere kissing, licking, and sucking her pussy, driving my tongue deeply in to her.


I hate the bitch.  She knows as well as I do what she is doing.  She will attain a glorious climax, and I will have electricity coursing through my body that will be agonizingly painful.  It’s not fair.  She’s so cruel.


Maxine raises her head. “Yes, bitch, eat my pussy.  I’m so close.  Yes! Yes!  Eat me!” she screams as she dives back into my pussy driving me to distraction. 


I redouble my efforts hoping to get her off before I reach that point of no return.  Maybe if she cums, she’ll just go and leave me alone.


I can tell she’s close.  She sits up grinding her pussy into my face suffocating me.  She grabs me by the nipples and pulls them up and away from my chest as she continues to grind her pussy all over my face stimulating her clitoris with my nose.


“Oh, yea use that tongue, slut,” she moans as her sloppy pussy continues to ride my face. 


Suddenly she lets out a scream and bears down harder as my face and mouth are drenched with her juices.  She cums all over my face and then continues to ride me as she comes down from a massive orgasm.  She releases my nipples and lifts her cunt above my face.


“Look at the mess you made.  Lick me clean, slut,” she orders as her pussy hovers above my face, and I lick and suck up her pussy juice.


When I’m done, she gets off the bed and smiles at me.


“Oh Gwen, you didn’t cum yet,” she taunts as she places her hand on my pussy.  “Do you want me to get you off?”


“That’s alright, madam.  I don’t need to cum. The important thing is that you got to cum,” I say feeling nothing but contempt for the bitch.


“Ha, ha, ha.  Nice try.  Do you think I believe that shit, slut, but you did such a good job of making me cum that I’ll let you off this time.  Sleep tight,” she taunts me as she turns and leaves the room.


I break down and cry.   I’m so frustrated and horny.  I can’t go on like this any longer.   Is this my lot in life?  Am I destined to go through the rest of my life used and abused?  No one cares about me.  I have feelings and needs just like everyone else, but I’m treated like a toy.  I’m manipulated and used to serve everyone else’s needs and desires.  I just want to die.



The Misadventures of Gwen

The Misadventures of Gwen




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Chapter 16


The next day brings more of the same.  My morning routine is once again difficult for me to get through not only because of the sheer exhaustion I’m feeling but also because of my mental state.  The physical and mental abuse are taking a toll on me, and the knowledge that the bitch Maxine had her way with me leaves me feeling more vulnerable and helpless than ever.  I can take just about anything the Marquis dishes out, but that woman, the one who stole my husband, makes my blood run cold.  But still I must obey her or suffer for it, and I know she would love for me to revolt and be disobedient.  I think she purposely hopes for that so that she can do me even more physical and psychological harm.  I must be careful not to give her cause to further abuse me.  Hopefully, I’ve seen the last of her for awhile.


Today I meet with the Marquis which I find a relief after what I suffered through yesterday at the hands of the Count and that slut Maxine. I thought the Count would have been a little more gracious considering what I did for his father but that wasn’t the case.  Humiliating me and making me suffer is what delighted him and turned him on. 


My morning walk is exhausting, considering the events of yesterday. After I am bathed, Evelyn is toweling me down when she suddenly gasps.


“Monique, come here. You must see this,” she says as she examines my head.


“What’s the matter?” complains Monique.


“Look at Gwen’s head,” she says.


“Oh my God, that’s not possible!” shrieks Monique. “There’s no way this can be happening. I didn’t see that this morning.”


“Neither did I. Wouldn’t we have noticed it earlier?”


“Yes, of course. We better inform the Marquis immediately,” Monique says in a panic.


“Yes, he must be told now. I’ll go get him,” says Evelyn.


What is going on? What have they discovered? I grow anxious as they discuss me as if I’m not even here.  Do I dare ask?


“Monique, what’s the matter?” I ask timidly.


“It’s best that I say nothing until the Marquis arrives,” she answers.


That’s not what I expected to hear. In the meantime Monique finishes drying me and applying my make-up. I then got dressed.  I stand there in my subservient position until the Marquis arrives.


My stomach is in knots and I don’t know why. My heart is racing as I anticipate what the problem might be. Something is happening to me, and they won’t even tell me what it is. It can’t be lice. I have no hair.  What could it possibly be?


The Marquis enters my chambers, walking directly over to me.  He says nothing as he examines my head.  It almost feels as if he’s manipulating hairs on my head, but that’s not possible.  The process they used on me is irreversible.


“Have you said anything to Gwen?” asks the Marquis.


“No, sir, I thought it was best to wait until you got here,” answers Monique.


“Yes, well, probably a wise move. I want Dr. Shakiro summoned immediately. Call him on your way out, ladies,” says the Marquis.


“Yes, sir.”


Monique and Evelyn breathe a sigh of relief as they turn to leave. I am left alone with the Marquis. I feel like an observer.  They talk and act as if I don’t exist.  Something is happening to me, and I’m the only one who doesn’t know what that might be.


The Marquis paces back and forth in front of me. 


“You’re probably wondering what this is all about,” says the Marquis.


“Yes, sir,” I respond, trying not to appear too anxious.


“Well, it seems that the impossible is happening.”


“The impossible, sir?” I ask.


“Yes, the impossible, Gwen. Your hair is growing back.”


“My hair, sir?”


Could this really be happening? Could my hair actually be growing back?  Oh my God, this is wonderful news. How I would love to have long hair again! 


Why am I kidding myself? The Marquis won’t allow that to happen. He’ll simply repeat the process again.


Dr. Shakiro comes rushing into the room.


“What’s the problem, Marquis?”


“That’s what I would like to know, Ben. I thought this process was irreversible?” says the Marquis, pointing to my head.


“It is! Let me see. There must be a mistake!” stammers Dr. Shakiro as he stares at my head in disbelief.


“The hair on her head is real!” states the Marquis.


Dr. Shakiro thoroughly examines my head. I can see the surprised look on his face as he checks my scalp and pulls on the hairs.


“Have you examined the rest of her body?” asks the doctor.


“No, of course not. As soon as I found out, I sent for you.”


Dr. Shakiro then removes my bra and begins to examine my breasts. He squeezes and separates them, looking closely as he pulls on my nipples and runs his fingers around my areolas.  I would think he would examine other parts of my body which are more prone to grow hair.


He then works his way down examining my abdomen until he reaches my clit. By now he is on his knees, tugging and pulling on my large clit, further exciting me while he looks for any sign of hair growing in my pubic region.


He closely examines my pussy lips, pulling and separating them to look for any sign of telltale growth in that region.  All he manages to do is get me so fucking hot that I want to cum all over his hands. My hips begin to move involuntarily as I become more highly aroused.


Thank God he’s finally done, and he gets up.  My pussy is sopping wet and my nipples are hard. My clit is throbbing. I’m a mess. What I need is a nice stiff cock rammed up my pussy until I cum.


“There is absolutely no sign of hair anywhere else on her body,” states the good doctor.

The Marquis and Dr. Shakiro move away as they continue to discuss my condition. I can easily hear what they’re saying.


“How could this happen, Ben” asks the Marquis.


“I don’t know. Nothing like this has ever happened before. The cream destroys the hair follicles making it impossible for hair to ever grow back again.”


“But is has grown.”


“Yes, it has, but remember there are many variables here that I have no control over. You have her equipped with those rings in her nipples and clit that are constantly sending impulses throughout her system. Maybe the electrical impulses in some way have reversed the process. I don’t know.”


“I suppose that’s a possibility,” says the Marquis.


“I’ll take her immediately to my office and begin the process again. Possible a more concentrated form of the debilitating cream is necessary.”


“I’m not so sure that’s what I want to do.”




“I’m reconsidering, Ben.”


I’ve never felt so excited in all my life. Could it be that I will once again have long beautiful hair. Oh how I would love that!  Oh God, yes, reconsider, please!


“I thought you wanted her bald to humiliate her!”


“I did have her bald, and I did humiliate her!  It was a devastating experience for her, but she was stunning with that long blonde hair flowing down her back.”


“Well, of course, the decision is yours, sir.”


“Yes, it is, and I can always have her hair removed again at a later date.”


“Yes, true.”


“And have her suffer the same humiliation over again!  Do you see what I’m getting at?”


“Yes, I do.  You are more devious then your great, great grandfather,” chuckles Shakiro.


“On the other hand, I may just let her keep her long blonde tresses,” adds the Marquis.


I was feeling such despair only this morning, but now I am filled with hope that at least the one thing I love and pride myself in will be returned to me. 


“Can you explain the rapid growth? Her hair is already almost an inch long, and there was nothing there this morning during her morning walk. The chambermaids swear they saw no growth until after her bath this morning.”


“I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t. Like I said, there is so much happening to her. I firmly believe it has something to do with the technology you have implanted in her.”


“Do you think her hair will continue to grow at this rate?”


“We need to monitor it closely for the next few days to see exactly how fast her hair grows. The fact that it has grown almost an inch since this morning is amazing in itself.”


“Very well, I’ll leave that to you,” answers the Marquis.


The discussion ends and the doctor leaves. I am still trying to comprehend all that has happened this morning. How I would love to see what I look like.


It’s almost as if the Marquis is reading my mind. He walks me over to the full length mirror and lets me stand before it.


I gasp as I see a different person looking back at me in the mirror. This person has short blonde hair, not the unbecoming bald head. I can’t believe it’s me.


“Well, what do you think, Gwen?” asks the Marquis as he reaches around and squeezes my nipples.


I moan as his caresses cause my clit to throb.


“Would you like to keep your hair or should I have it removed today?”


“Whatever pleases you, sir,” I force myself to say, knowing that this is what he wants to hear.


“Very good, Gwen. You play the game well,” he chuckles.


“Of course, you’ll keep your hair. If it continues to grow at this rate, you’ll have long golden tresses reaching down your back before the month is out. Only time will tell,” he says as he continues to squeeze my nipples and kiss my neck.


“Yes, sir,” I answer, feeling joy unspeakable as he gets me hotter and hotter.


His hands trail down my sides and caress my ass before they work their way around to my hard throbbing clit. I’m on fire.


“Of course, I’ll have to hire a full time hairdresser to take care of your new found hair. I want my little slut to always look her best,” he says.


I push forward trying to make better contact with his hands which are exploring my pussy.  I want to cum so badly. It’s been so long. Yes, stick your fingers in my pussy.


And then he abruptly stops.


“I think that’s enough, Gwen. We don’t want you to get so worked up that you get shocked, do we?”


He goes over and retrieves my bra. He hands it to me so that I can put it on. I’m so frustrated.  He gets such pleasure out of making me suffer. All I want to do is cum.


“On second thought, leave your bra off. Just lock your hands behind your neck for now,” he orders.


“You are exquisite, my dear,” he says as he circles behind me and runs his hands up my thighs.  His hands move further up and cup the sides of my breasts again.  He moves his mouth close to my ear and whispers, “I understand you had quite a time with the Count, yesterday.”


A shiver runs up and down my spine.  He has me so hot and he plans on keeping me on the edge.


“Yes, sir,” I respond.


“Did you enjoy yourself, Gwen?” he asks.


Did I enjoy myself?  Did I enjoy being humiliated and forced to dance my way down a ten inch dildo? What kind of question is that? Of course, I didn’t enjoy myself.


“I asked you a question, my dear,” he says.


“If it makes you happy knowing that I pleased the Count, then I enjoyed myself for my joy comes from pleasing you, sir,” I respond.


“Mmmmmm,” he muses.  “I’m not quite sure I believe you, Gwen, but for now your answer will suffice.”


He moves around in front of me and focuses his attention on my breasts as he speaks. 


“Your tits are just magnificent, Gwen, and your milk production is up.  This pleases me,” he says as he rolls my large nipples between his thumb and forefinger.  He then retrieves the small silver remote control from his pocket. 


The look on my face betrays my feelings as I well know that the small remote control can be the source of great pleasure or great pain.  He presses a button on the remote and immediately my one inch nipples begin to pulsate filling me with pleasure that spreads throughout my breasts.  I’m in heaven. The throbbing sensation is exquisite. 


“The Count was very pleased with your performance and looks forward to future visits.  This pleases me for the Count is an important and influential business associate of mine.”


This explains many things especially the Marquis’s good mood this morning. 


“Enjoy this moment, and think of it as your reward for a job well done.”


Oh God, my tits feel so good, and now he’s pressing another button which sends equally pleasing pulses to my clit.


“Does that feel good, my little slut?” he asks.


“Oh yes, sir,” I respond as my breathing becomes heavier, and I become more and more aroused.


“I understand you also had another visitor yesterday,” says the Marquis.


Why does he have to bring up that bitch Maxine?  If I ever see her, it’ll be too soon. I hate her so much.


“Did you not have another visitor?” he asks somewhat irritated.


“Yes, sir,” I answer trying not to show any emotion.


“Gwen, walk around the room for me in a circle as we speak. That one position must be very uncomfortable for you.”


Actually, I’d rather remain where I am.  I am becoming so aroused by the pulsing in my nipples and clitoris, but I know better than to defy the Marquis.  I begin to walk in a circle around the center of the room.  I must look the sight trying to walk in these five inch heels that force me to walk on the balls of my feet almost on my toes.  I can feel the tightness in my calves and my breasts bouncing with every step. My pussy is drenched.


The Marquis watches me intently as I walk.  I must look like a real slut to him.


 “Do you know who that woman is, Gwen?” he asks.


He’s playing a game with me. He knows that I know who she is.  She’s the bitch that conspired with my husband and now enjoys taunting me.


“Yes, sir,” I respond.  I know that my response is short and curt, and I also know that the Marquis can sense from my response that I am irritated.


“Tell me who that woman is, Gwen,” he demands with a slight note of irritation in his tone.


“Her name is Maxine, sir,” I respond trying to control myself.  What kind of game are we now playing?


“How do you feel about her, Gwen?” the Marquis asks.


“She is your guest, and I am obedient to her,” I respond.


The Marquis stops me by standing in front of me.  He reaches up and grabs my nipples and begins to squeeze.   I am filled with so many different feelings and emotions.  My pussy is dripping. My nipples are pulsating and at the same time being squeezed hard by the Marquis, filling them with both pleasure and pain simultaneously. My mind is in turmoil because he insists on questioning me about a woman I detest. How I would love to tell him how I really feel about the bitch.


“You’re not answering my question, Gwen,” he says as he stares at me, his face showing his displeasure.  “How do you feel about her? I want the truth!”


Oh my God, what should I do? I can’t tell him my true feelings, but he won’t allow me to hide anything from him. I’m so transparent.  He can see right through me. 


I remain silent.


“I grow impatient,” he says sternly as he picks up the remote and pushes a series of buttons.  The pleasant throbbing in my nipples and clit stops abruptly and turns immediately into excruciating pain which drives me to my knees.  I begin to wail as my body is racked with pain.  I’m shaking uncontrollably as I double up on the floor.  My tits ache horribly and my clit is on fire.


And then it stops as suddenly as it began.


“Stand up, slut, and assume the position.  Why do you always have to infuriate me?” he scolds.


I have a difficult time getting up, but he waits until I am back in position.  I feel horrible.  My body aches all over. I wish I were dead.  The only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that my hair is growing.


The Marquis paces back and forth in front of me.


“There is a reason why I ask these questions, and since you refuse to answer me, I’ll have to make my decision without your input.  Why you have to make things so difficult is beyond me.”


I’m confused.  What decision?  Was he really looking for an honest response?  I thought for sure this was just another one of his games.  After all, the Marquis does whatever he wants to me regardless of how I feel. I still think this is only one of his games.


“I have decided that Maxine will be your personal trainer.  There are many things she can teach you about obedience and being a good slave.”


OH MY GOD NO!  He can’t do this to me.  I begin to cry uncontrollably.  My worst nightmare has come true.  I feel horror unspeakable.


“Don’t cry, Gwen.  You had your chance to express your feelings about Mistress Maxine, but you refused.  Now it is too late.  You will at all times show her the utmost respect, obeying her as you obey me.  You will address her as mistress.  Do I make myself clear?” he asks as he stares at me enjoying the agony I am going through.


I’m paralyzed trying to understand the full impact of his words.   My mind is racing. I am filled with despair.


“Do I make myself clear!” he intones as his riding crop comes down on the top of my left breast.  This shocks me back to reality as he raises the crop again and smacks my right breast.


“Yes, sir,” I respond, knowing there is no other answer I can give.




He lowers two chains from the ceiling and attaches my wrist cuffs to them.  He then raises the chains extending my arms up and out until I am fully extended, standing on my toes precariously.


“We have many matters to discuss, but I want you to take a few minutes to settle down. Claire will be in to milk you, and then Mistress Maxine will be in to see you for a few minutes.  After that I’ll be back to discuss a movie that you’ll be making in the near future.  It’s time that you started paying back some of what I have invested in you especially considering the added expenses I will incur now that your hair is growing.  Do you have any questions?”


“No sir,” I respond feeling nothing but despair.  My worst nightmare has come true.



I grow weary as I hang by my arms. It’s been over an hour.  My arms and legs ache, my breasts are full and in need of milking, and my mind is in turmoil. 


The door opens and Claire enters with the milking machine.


“My God, look at your head. What happened to you? It wasn’t like that this morning when I milked you.”


“No one is sure why my hair started growing again, but the Marquis is going to let it grow.”


“You will be sexier then ever with long hair. We can have a lot of fun together,” she snickers as she massages my tits.


“My, my these babies are full!  I would love to play with you, slut, but unfortunately I am under a watchful eye.  Nothing but business today, but you can make it up to me later.”


Claire attaches the cups to my nipples and the machine comes to life sucking on my nipples and drawing the milk out of my tits, through the clear plastic tubes, and down into the sterilized container.  Claire makes some adjustments and then waits for my breasts to be drained.  She runs her fingers through my short hair as she waits.


Claire puts my bra on me before leaving.  I continue to hang by my arms anticipating the arrival of that bitch Maxine.  I dread the thought of her having control over me.  I shift my weight from one foot to the other trying to get comfortable for my legs are tired and I grow weary.


Another hour passes before I hear the door open and then close.  I’m filled with dread as I hear footsteps approaching, knowing it is that bitch.


She stands before me dressed smartly in a business suit with a smirk on her face – a look of total self-satisfaction.  This makes me feel even more self-conscious about my attire or lack of.


“Good afternoon, Gwen,” she hisses.


“Good afternoon, madam,” I respond.


I feel a stinging blow to my right cheek and then another to my left.  I’m taken by surprise.


“You are to address me as Mistress.  I think the Marquis already told you that,” she says glaring at me.


“I’m sorry, Mistress,” I say as I look down.


“That’s better, Gwen,” she says as she takes my face in her hands and kisses my right cheek and then my left and then buries her tongue in my mouth.  Her mood swings are incredible, and I feel nothing but disgust as she probes my mouth with her tongue.


She then steps back and looks me up and down making me feel very uncomfortable. 


“The Marquis told me about your new development. I must say I think I’m going to like you even better with long hair. That will give me something to hold on to when you bury your tongue in my pussy,” she chides me.  “You must be growing weary hanging there by your arms.  Here let me make you more comfortable.”


She pushes a button on the remote which unclasps my bra.  She then removes my bra and stares at my breasts.


I feel very self-conscious and wonder how that will make me feel more comfortable.  It’s my arms and legs that are aching so badly.  Removing my bra only adds to my distress, and the bitch knows it.


“There.  Isn’t that better,” she coos as she moves closer and places her hands on the sides of my huge breasts, rubbing and massaging them.  She begins to rub my breasts seductively, and in spite of myself, I’m getting aroused. She appears to be fascinated by them.


“We’re going to get to know each other real well, Gwen, over the next few months, and you will become a very obedient slave, won’t you?”


This can’t be happening.  I won’t survive this.


“Answer me, slut,” she says with venom in her voice.  She grabs my nipples and twists them viciously causing me to cry out in pain.


“Yes, Mistress,” I wail trying to avoid any further abuse to my poor nipples.


She releases my nipples and steps back.  She looks me in the eye.  I can see the hatred on her face.  She dislikes me as much as I dislike her.


“Let’s be honest with each other, slut,” she says as she puts on a pair of leather gloves. “We don’t like each other, do we?”


She then smacks the side of my left breast and then the right.  My breasts sting from the blow and sway back and forth.  She seems to take great delight in abusing me.


“The Marquis has hired me to train you, and I’m going to take great delight in doing just that. And you will be obedient because you have no other choice.  I know you don’t like me and that makes it all the more satisfying for me. Stick out those tits”


She continues to smack my breasts – first the right one and then the left.  Her blows are becoming harder and my breasts are turning red and sting from the abuse they are receiving.


“Do we understand each other?”  She asks.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Good. Do you like having your tits smacked?”


“No, Mistress,” I respond.  SMACK!  SMACK!


“But I like smacking your tits.  It makes me feel good.  Don’t you want me to feel good, Gwen?”


“Yes, Mistress.”  SMACK! SMACK!


“Well then, what do you want me to do, Gwen?”


“Hit my tits, Mistress,” I reluctantly respond.


“Did I hear please?” she taunts.


“Please, hit my tits, Mistress.”


SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!  She smacks first the right one and then the left one, knocking them into each other turning them redder and redder.  I find the blows are numbing, and I also at the same time feel wetness in my crotch.  My pussy is getting wet.  I’m getting aroused by the abuse this bitch is administering to me.  Oh God, no.


“Always remember that you are to do what pleases me.  You must always put me first,” she says as the smacks to my breasts continue.


And then suddenly she stops, and in a demented way, I don’t want her to stop.  Her demeanor changes as she removes the leather gloves.


“Now, Gwen, this is the only opportunity I’ll give you to tell me exactly how you feel about me with no reprimands or repercussions.  Take advantage of this chance. It won’t present itself again.”


What do I have to lose?  She is abusing me now and will continue to no matter what I say or do.  Can she get any more vicious?  My tits are red and aching.


“Ok Mistress Maxine, you want the truth.  I’ll give it to you.”


She stands back with her arms folded, glaring at me.


“I hate your guts. I loathe you for what you did to my husband and me.  You turned our lives totally upside down.  I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.  You’re nothing but a monster,” I scream.


A silence fills the room.  Mistress Maxine continues to stare at me showing absolutely no emotion.


After many minutes she speaks.


“I told you there would be no repercussions and I meant it, but be warned that from this moment on you will keep your feelings to yourself.  Any outbursts or demonstrations of disrespect will be punished severely.  Is that clear?”


“Yes, Mistress,” I sob.


“There, there.  It was good for you to get it out in the open,” she says as she rubs my breasts and then lowers her lips to my breasts and begins to kiss them. Her tongue is all over my tit mounds causing my nipples to get hard and begin aching.


I don’t want her doing this to me.  I hate her mouth on me, and she knows it, but at the same time I’m so aroused by her lips and tongue devouring my tits.


As she squeezes and kisses my tits, she works her way up my neck to my ear. “Isn’t that better,” she whispers in my ear.


“Yes, Mistress,” I lie.  My mind is in turmoil. I hate the thought of what she is doing to me, but at the same time, I love the feelings coursing through my body.  I’m such a slut.


Well, let’s get you down and then you can show me proper respect, Gwen.”


She lowers the chains and releases my cuffs.  The relief is immediate as I rub my arms trying to restore the circulation.


She picks up the Marquis’s riding crop and walks over to where I am standing.


“With the little bit of time we have left, let’s begin your training before I have to leave.   Down on your knees,” she commands.


My legs are stiff and aching, and I am not fast to move.  The riding crop slashes across my right breast and then the left.


“When I give a command, you are to obey immediately,” she spits out.


I drop to my knees with tears in my eyes.


“Legs apart,” she says as she taps my inner thighs spreading my legs uncomfortably.


“Hands locked behind your head,” she commands as she taps my arms.


“Chest out,” she says as she taps the sides of my tits. 


“Very good.”  She walks around me.  I can feel her eyes on me.  “Your body is to always be on display.  I want your tits and pussy available for service at all times.  Remember, you are no more then a fuck toy.  Your only mission in life is to serve the one in charge of you.”


“That wasn’t so bad, was it Gwen,” she says softly as she rubs my head.  Her fingers running through my hair feels good. She is so unpredictable.  Her demeanor once again has changed. One minute she’s nice and the next she is so vicious.  There is no in-between.  This keeps me off balance.  I never know what to expect from her.


She picks up the remote and pushes several buttons.  My nipples and clit begin to tingle sending wonderful sensations throughout my body.  She stands in front of me and watches me intently.  My pussy lips begin to pulsate and I am getting wet.  I rotate my hips.  I can’t help myself.


“See, I can be nice, Gwen.  I’m not always a bitch.”  She reaches down and tugs on the chains connecting my pussy lips. “But remember you can’t cum without permission.  You have to learn self-control. And who knows, if you please me I may let you cum.”


Oh no, she’s using me again.  She wants to inflict pain on me.


As I become more and more aroused, she pushes several more buttons on the remote which only increases the pleasure I am now feeling.  I can also feel myself building towards an orgasm.  The bitch removes her skirt revealing her naked pussy which is already wet.  This whole scene has been a real turn-on for her.


She stands in front of me and rubs my head. 


“You’re having all the fun, slut.  That’s not fair. Eat your Mistress’s pussy,” she coos as she pushes her pussy against my mouth.  “Lick me,” she commands.


My tongue travels up and down her pussy lips and then circles her clit.  I hate what I’m doing but have no choice.  She pulls my head closer, and I bury my tongue up her love canal.  She grinds her hips smashing her cunt all over my face.  My nose continually rubs back and forth against her hard clit.  My face is covered with her juices. She is highly aroused and getting wetter and wetter.  She smears her pussy juice in my short hair.  I find this disgusting but can do nothing about it.


At the same time I am also getting closer and closer to my own climax. Oh, how I need to cum, but I can’t.  The rings won’t allow me.  I’ll once again be shocked, and that’s exactly what she wants, the bitch.


“That’s it baby, lick me good.  Make my pussy feel good. Oooohh, the stud in your tongue feels wonderful,” she encourages me. At the same time she pushes some buttons on the remote which increases the tingling sensations in my nipples and clit driving me closer to that orgasm which I cannot have.


My mouth is everywhere as I lick and suck her pussy for all I’m worth.  I don’t care any more.  God I feel so good.  Maybe she programmed the computer to let me cum.  Oh God, I’m so close.  My pussy is pulsating and dripping.  I redouble my efforts as I stab my tongue deep into her pussy and then suck on her pussy lips.  Her sweet nectar fills my mouth.  At the same time my breasts rub against her legs further arousing me and driving me so close to a glorious climax.


“Oh yes, you little slut, you’re going to make me cum,” Mistress screams as she pushes my head harder into her wet and sopping pussy.  At the same time she pushes down on the chains in my pussy lips with her foot driving me over the edge.


As Mistress Maxine screams her way through her climax, I scream in pain and agony as my nipples and clit are filled with electricity.  I fall over on the floor paralyzed as my breasts shake and quiver from the electrical charges flowing through them.


“Oh my God, that was exquisite! I don’t think John ever made me cum that hard,” she taunts as she comes down from her high.


The pain in my breasts and clit slowly subside. I once again am left unfulfilled.  I feel so frustrated and used.  I was so close and so naïve to think that she might let me experience a much needed climax.


I lie on my back completely drained from the electrical charges that coursed through my body.  My eyes fill with tears.


Mistress Maxine straddles my head and lowers her sopping pussy to my lips.


“Clean up your mess, slut!”


I obediently lick her clean.  What else can I do?  Tears fill my eyes knowing that she is sated and fulfilled, and I am once again frustrated and left yearning for more.


After I thoroughly clean her pussy, Mistress once again gets dressed.


“Stand up, Gwen,” she orders.


My arms are once again attached to the chains, and then she raises them even further than the Marquis had done.  I stand on the very tips of my five inch heels. My feet can barely touch the floor.  Already my arms ache from the strain.


She stands in front of me and places her hands on my tits.  Her hands roam all over my body rekindling the fires which so recently were extinguished by excruciating pain.  At the same time she kisses my neck and whispers in my ear.


“Thank you for making me cum.  That felt so good,” she taunts me as she buries her tongue in my ear.  “You do know I would let you cum if I could.”  She continues to massage my breasts and then sucks on my nipples drawing milk into her mouth.


Reluctantly she backs off and fastens my bra in place.  I am so aroused.


“Did you enjoy yourself, Gwen?” she asks.


Did I enjoy myself?  Of course, I didn’t enjoy myself.  Why does she toy with me like this, the bitch.


A vicious slap across my face brings me back to reality.


“Answer me when I ask you a question, slut!”


“Yes, I did,” I lie.


Another vicious slap across my face rocks my head to the side.


Yes, you did what?” she spits.


Yes, I did, Mistress,” I cry.


“That’s better, Gwen,” she says as she softly kisses my reddened cheek.  “If you obey me, we’ll get along just fine. I demand obedience with no hesitation whatsoever.  There are so many things I want to teach you, but unfortunately my time is up for today.  The Marquis will return shortly.  Until next time.”


She walks to the door and leaves.


I feel even more despair now.  What have I gotten myself into?  I’m not safe with this woman.  She hates me as much as I hate her except she holds all the cards.  There is nothing I can do to protect myself from her. I’m at her mercy.  I’ll have to obey and do anything her demented mind devises.  Oh God, help me.  The Marquis has surrounded me with perverts.


While I am deep in thought, the Marquis enters the room.


“Well, I hope the time you spent with Mistress Maxine was productive.”


The Marquis stands in front of me tapping his hand with his riding crop.  He watches me closely as I teeter on my tiptoes, numbness just beginning to set into my arms.  I move my arms, trying to fend off the numbness which causes my breasts to jiggle back and forth.  I struggle to maintain balance on my tiptoes, trying to take some of the strain off my arms.  The Marquis seems intrigued by my predicament and raises the chain even higher.  My feet no longer touch the floor and all my weight is on my arms. I am suspended from the ceiling by my arms. It is unbearable.  Why is he being so cruel?  I sway slightly back and forth.


“Maxine has many good ideas for training you and teaching you true obedience.  I think the time you spend with her will be very enlightening.  Her methods can sometimes be unorthodox but she gets results,” he snickers as he paces back and forth in front of me.


He hits my thigh with his riding crop which causes me to flinch in pain as I sway back and forth suspended by my arms.


“Make sure you pay close attention to what I have to say, Gwen.  You will soon be a movie star.  Well, a porno star would probably be more accurate.  If you’re not already aware, I have my own production company which is highly profitable.  Marquis Productions provides a good deal of the income that allows me to live this lifestyle.  The movies I make won’t be found in any store, not even in adult video stores for that matter.  These movies are too, let us say, sophisticated for the general public. I have a very specialized clientele that pay extremely well for one of my videos,” he droned on obviously enjoying hearing himself speak.


“Gwen, would you like to know who your co-star is in this production?”


If he was asking me, obviously it wasn’t good news, and I’m sure it’s someone I won’t be happy with.  Probably some dirty old man or some hunchback with a 15 inch cock. 


“Well, do you?” he presses on.


“Yes sir, I would very much like to know,” I respond with the appropriate answer.


A smile covers his face as he looks at me hanging by my arms obviously very uncomfortable being suspended in this manner. 


“Your co-star is your husband, John,” he says.


At this moment in time I can’t explain to you the impact those words had on me.  Maxine was bad enough but to bring that scum back into my life was unconscionable.  How could he do this to me?  Why do I ask that?  Should I expect anything different from the Marquis?  I am so overwhelmed.  I lose my composure and begin to cry.  I can’t take any more. 


“Why are you doing this to me?  I’ve done everything you’ve asked. I can’t bear to have him near me.  Please don’t do this to me,” I sob letting my emotions take over.


He seems to be pleased by my response.  I think he’s getting the response from me he desired. His goal is to heap misery upon misery on me, to humiliate and debase me.


“To answer your first question, Gwen, I do this because I can.  Secondly, John will be in this movie with you, and you will perform admirably because you are mine, you have no rights, and I can do with you what I choose.  You gave up all rights a long time ago.”


I continue to cry knowing all is lost, but the Marquis won’t let me wallow in my self-pity.


He lowers the chains and releases my wrist cuffs.  I stand on wobbly legs trying to regain the circulation in my joints.


“Assume the position, slut,” he says as he approaches me.


I spread my legs wide trying to keep my footing and clasp my hands behind my head forcing my breasts forward.  The Marquis reaches between my legs and tugs on the chains attached to my labia.  He at all times looks me in the eye.  His fingers abandon the chains and focus on my throbbing clit.  I try to maintain my composure. I feel so miserable and betrayed.  This has not been a good day.


“I think it wise that this session end.  Tomorrow I will give you details on the movie you will be starring in. Tonight you can take some time to internalize and come to terms with the fact that your ex-husband will be starring in this movie with you.  Any questions, before I dismiss you, Gwen?” inquires the Marquis.


I stand in silence starring at him and then finally say, “No, sir.”


“Very well, your maidservants will be here to attend to you.”


That being said Evelyn and Monique are summoned to take me back to my quarters where I am then milked by Claire and allowed to enjoy a leisurely dinner.  I find that I have lost my appetite considering what the future holds for me. I sit there catatonic.  Everything the Marquis does is designed to humiliate me no matter how hard I try to please him.  Worst of all I am turned on by the perverted acts and circumstances he places me in.  Now I have to make a porn movie with the bastard that deceived me and sold me into this lifestyle.  Oh God, I dread having to see him again!


I should be elated and filled with joy that my hair is growing but everything else that has happened today overshadows that.


 “Time for a nice bath and then bed, Gwen,” calls Monique as she enters my chamber with Evelyn.


“Gwen looks like she needs some cheering up before bed, Monique,” says Evelyn as she approaches me.


“Yes, I heard she’s going to be a movie star,” smiles Monique.


“Stand up, Gwen, and assume the position.  You know the routine,” barked Evelyn as she approaches me.


Monique walks behind me and reaches around and squeezes my tits. She leans in close and nibbles on my ear.


“So, you’re going to be in the movies. That’s too bad. The Marquis’s films are not your typical run-of-the-mill porn film.  They are very high class but also extremely bizarre – designed to shock the viewer,” Monique taunts me as she whispers in my ear while nibbling on it and, at the same time, pulling my now highly aroused nipples.


Evelyn, who is in front of me, reaches down and directs her attention towards my pussy, rubbing my clit and yanking on my chains.  “I wouldn’t be in one of his films for all the money in the world,” she adds.


“Well, we’ll see if we can make our little slut feel better before her bath and bed.  It’s the least we can do considering the day she’s had,” Monique continues to taunt me.


Why don’t they just leave me alone?  There is just so much I can take.  Are they trying to drive me over the edge?  Does everyone have to be so cruel all the time?  The only one who has really been decent and shown me any consideration is that dwarf with the long tongue. 


“We don’t have much time, Monique.  The Marquis gave strict orders to have her in bed early tonight. I don’t want to push our luck,” says Evelyn.


“I know – not to worry.  Our little Gwen can eat me out while you use the 10 inch strap-on on her.  That’s always gets you off quickly,” suggests Monique.


“What a great idea! OK, Gwen, get up on the bed on your hands and knees,” orders Evelyn.


“Do we really have to do this,” I ask.


I receive a sharp slap to my face by Evelyn.  Monique, still behind me, squeezes my nipples viciously, driving me to my knees.


“You are to do as commanded by any member of this household without question,” says Evelyn as she reaches down and again slaps me across the face jerking my head to the side.


With tears in my eyes and heaviness in my heart, I get up and go over to the bed getting on my hands and knees.


“That’s better, baby,” Monique says as she rubs my ass cheeks.  She then gets some baby oil and pours it in the crack of my ass working it into my anus.  Exhausted as I am, I am getting very aroused by all this.


Evelyn stands in front of me.  I look straight ahead and see her pussy before me.  She reaches down and rubs my head, running her fingers through my hair. 


“God, your hair has grown since this morning!  What’s gotten into you?”


Without another word she moves forward as she pulls my head towards her already wet pussy. I know what to do. I also know the consequences if I hesitate or fail to start eating her out immediately.  


I stick out my tongue and run it all around her clit.  Evelyn loves this as she encourages me to be more attentive to her clit and suck on it. 


“That’s good, baby.”


I then run my tongue up and down between her pussy lips separating them, searching for her pussy hole.  She rotates her hips as she gets hotter and hotter, groaning as I eat her pussy.


“Oh God, you’re tongue is driving me wild. I love that stud in your tongue. Don’t stop,” she moans.


At the same time Monique has strapped on the 10 inch dildo and lines it up with my anus which is now lubricated and prepared for this ungodly invasion.  I should be upset but the whole situation is turning me on. I redouble my efforts and attack Evelyn’s pussy, devouring it while I push back on the tip of the long black dildo encouraging Monique to violate me with it.  She begins to shove it inch by inch up my ass as I push back welcoming the intruder.  My face is buried in Evelyn’s pussy, and I have to struggle to get air.  My face is covered with her pussy juice.  My tits hang below me swaying back and forth, slapping into each other and being pulled down by the force of gravity.


As Evelyn and Monique approach their climax, I am becoming more and more aroused.  My nipples tingle and begin to leak milk and my pussy is dripping.  Oh, how I need to cum, but as I approach that point, I also know that I will receive the shock of my life. I’m so frustrated.  Those damn rings.


Just then Claire enters the room and walks over to the bed.


“What’s going on here? I thought Gwen was supposed to be prepared for bed early?” protests Claire.


Monique looks up with a glazed look in her eyes, obviously close to a climax from the workout her clit is getting on the dildo that is now buried to the hilt up my ass.  “We’re just helping Gwen wind down from the day’s activities.  You can join in if you want to, Claire,” answers Monique.


As Claire looks on drinking in the sight before her, she licks her lips.  She quickly undresses and walks over to the bed.  She reaches under me and starts working on my tits.  Oh my God, she is driving me crazy, massaging my tits and pulling on my nipples.  She soon abandons this approach and crawls under me attacking my breasts once more. She takes my left nipple in her mouth and sucks avariciously, drawing milk from my bloated tit.  She then attacks my other nipple, licking and sucking and drinking the sweet nectar freely flowing from my breast.  As she sucks on my nipples, her hands wander downward and find my sopping pussy.  She latches on to my clit as she rubs and pulls on it.


I’m on sensual overload as every part of my body is being manipulated.  I’m so close and want to cum so badly.  Release is exactly what I need now, but I know there will be none. They’re using me for their own release and will revel in the pain and agony that awaits me.  


Monique is driving her black cock up my ass with a vengeance, sending me forward into Evelyn’s pussy.  Evelyn holds onto my head encouraging me as she humps her pussy on my tongue and face.


“Oh shit, I’m so close,” screams Monique.


“I can’t hold out much longer either,” Evelyn reacts.  “That’s it.  Keep sucking baby.  Eat my pussy.”


Oh God I’m going to cum!  I push back on the giant dildo as my nipples and clit explode.  The pain is excruciating.  At the same time Monique and Evelyn reach the point of no return.  My face is flooded with Evelyn’s juices as she holds my face tight to her pussy and grinds my face all over it.  Monique makes a final thrust up my ass as her clit explodes sending her over the edge.  Both are in orgasmic bliss!


I’m convulsing in pain and agony as they release me and I fall over on my back still feeling the aftershocks of the punishment I have just received.  Claire who ends up lying beside me is not through.


“Hey you’re not done yet,” she says as she straddles my head and lowers her pussy towards my mouth.


This isn’t fair.  Why should I have to satisfy all of them and suffer for it?


“No! I don’t want to,” I scream.


Claire sits back and puts all her weight on my tits! 


“Would you rather I do this, slut!” she retorts while grinding her ass down on my tits making me feel her full weight upon my chest.


“No! Stop it! I’ll do it,” I cry.


Claire leans forward and offers her pussy to me. I have no choice but to get her off or suffer for it.  I run my tongue over her clit and then draw it into my mouth and suck on it, rubbing the stud in my tongue hard against her little hard nub. Claire moans, obviously enjoying what I’m doing to her.  My tongue then travels up and down the length of her pussy separating her labia, licking her juices, and finally stabbing my tongue deep into her fuck hole.  My tongue is like a cock stabbing in and out of her hole as she grinds and gyrates, encouraging me as she draws closer and closer to a climax.  My mouth is all over her pussy licking and sucking. 


“Oh that feels so good, baby.  No one can eat me out like you do,” Claire says as she grinds her pussy on my face using my nose like a little cock to rub and push against her clit.


Suddenly she screams out and grinds her pussy into my face, faster and faster.


“Oh yes! Oh yes! I’m almost there. Suck harder.  Bite my clit! Aaaaagggghhhhhh” she screams as she cums all over my face.  She continues to rub her pussy all over my face.


Claire sits there for many minutes breathing heavy, totally satisfied.


Monique and Claire, who have been drawing my bath, return to the room.


“We need to get her milked and ready for bed before the Marquis finds out what’s been going on.  I really don’t want to piss him off,” says Evelyn.


“Not a problem.  I’ll have her milked in no time.  And Gwen, of course, nothing happened here tonight, right?” Claire asks.


“No, nothing happened,” I say giving the only answer I can possibly give without suffering for it.


I am then quickly milked and prepared for bed, only to await another torturous night of stimulation and arousal which never ends as I so wish it would.  I desperately need the release I crave.  I would do anything. 


The night proves to be a long one with my mind burdened with the many events of this day.  This has been a very unfortunate day for me.  It’s bad enough that the bitch Maxine is now my personal trainer, but, at the same time, to find out that the man who put me in this situation in the first place is to star with me in a bizarre porn movie is too much for my mind to comprehend.  How can I cope? How can I go on? 


But I will go on, and the Marquis knows it.  He’s testing me. Pushing me further and further, trying to find my limits.  And in a perverse way, I anticipate what the future holds.  Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t welcome it or want it, but it nevertheless excites me and gets me wet.  Maybe I’m nothing more than a slut.  Maybe everything they say about me is true. I drift off into a disturbed sleep.



The Misadventures of Gwen Chapter 17

The Misadventures of Gwen Chapter 17




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The next morning after my milking, exercise, and bath, I am prepared to once again meet with the Marquis.  From what I overhear, the Marquis has a full day planned for me and my chambermaids are all business.  To the casual observer it would be hard to believe that these are the same women who used and abused me last night.


Today I am dressed in red.  My wardrobe isn’t very exciting and you can almost predict what I’m wearing.  Over the knee boots, wrist cuffs, and, of course, a matching patented bra providing much needed support for my DD breasts.  A mini skirt has also been added to my ensemble.


After I am dressed, Dr. Shakiro arrives with Nurse Jones, the blonde bimbo. He examines my head and measures the length of my hair.


“Nurse Jones, date the chart for today and enter 2 ¼ inches. Make a notation that yesterday morning her hair was an inch long. It’s growing at a phenomenal rate. We’ll continue to chart the growth every morning for the next week.  By then we should see a pattern and be able to accurately predict future growth,” explains Shakiro.


“Yes, doctor,” Jones responds with her flirtatious look on her face.


After Shakiro leaves, I am immediate taken to the Marquis. He anxiously awaits my arrival.  He’s all business and wants to get started.  I dread what this day holds for me.


I enter and assume the position, spreading my legs as wide as I can in this mini skirt, and locking my hands behind my head.


“You look ravishing this morning, Gwen.  I take it you spent a restful night?” he inquires.


A restful night?  Are you kidding?  Last night was anything but restful.


Ignoring my lack of response, he walks over and examines my head. 


“That is truly amazing!  How could your hair possibly grow that fast? I’ll need to get a hairdresser much sooner than I expected.”


My hair has grown considerably since yesterday.  I wonder if the shocks I receive have anything to do with it. 


“Well, anyway, let me tell you a little bit about the movie you’ll be making.  Are you curious at all, Gwen,” he asks.


“Oh yes, sir, actually very much so,” I answer.


“Well, good. I’m glad to see you taking an interest in these endeavors,” he replies.


“I know I’m yours to command, but I do have one request, if I may be so bold,” I stammer.


“A request?” he muses. “Well, let’s here it,” he continues with irritation in his voice.


I’m regretting that I impulsively said this to begin with. I know it will get me absolutely nowhere, but at least I can say I tried.


“Well, sir, I request that John be replaced in the movie by someone else,” I say hesitantly.


The Marquis stares at me, almost looking through me as he contemplates his reply.  I thought his reaction would have been immediate and swift, but it isn’t.  He can be so volatile. 


“I’ll take that request under consideration after we’ve gone over the details of your theatrical debut and you have met with John,” he states.


This was much more than I hoped for, but I didn’t realize I had to meet with that bastard today.  I was filled with a glimmer of hope at his words.  Maybe there was some compassion in the Marquis after all.


“Is that all right with you, my dear?” he asks.


“Oh, yes sir, thank you,” I respond meaning every word.


“Very good!  Well, let’s talk a little bit about your movie.  Not only do you star in this movie, Gwen, the movie is about you.  It’s a biography, if you will, beginning when you were first taken captive and showing your transformation and the ordeals you have gone through with a little bit of fiction thrown in for good measure and a few contrived circumstances, of course.”


He’s making a biography of me?


“I have film footage of when you were first taken and all the changes that have come about including your piercings, your breast augmentation and resulting milk production, your piercings, Dr. Shakiro’s extension of your clit, the loss of all your body hair, your adventures with the dwarves, your special adventure with Dopey, and the list goes on.  Everything was captured on hidden camera, and let us not forget the wonderful tape that was made of you and Count Darius’s father.  This will all be included in the movie and more.  My clients will be begging for more of you after seeing the video we put together,” he explains.


He can’t be serious.  My shame and humiliation is to be laid out for the entire world to see?  Everyone is to see me degraded and transformed into what I am now?  Oh God, this can’t be.  He plans to bare my soul to the world so they can feast on my humiliation and suffering.


“We’ll call this movie ‘The Misadventures of Gwen.’  What do you think, my dear?” he asks knowing full well what my reaction will be.


“Why are you doing this to me?  I have done everything you have asked of me?” I plead.


The Marquis backhands my left cheek and then my right.  I break down in tears.


“You ungrateful slut! I have done everything for you! I have even entertained your request to replace your husband in the movie.  I demand obedience.  You belong to me. How dare you question me,” he screams.


I’m sobbing hysterically unable to bring myself under control.  Why must my cruel transformation be recorded and documented?  Isn’t it bad enough that I had to suffer though it? 


The Marquis paces back and forth waiting for me to settle down.  After some minutes he walks over to me and pushes a button on the remote.  The clasp on my bra opens, and he removes my bra. He’s probably going to abuse my breasts as retribution.


He circles my left areole with his index finger causing my nipple to harden and stick out a full inch and a quarter.  He repeats the action on my right areole. My nipples are so hard and throbbing.  He then pushes another button on the remote and my nipples come alive with pleasurable vibrations emanating from them and spreading throughout my breasts.  Oh God, it feels so good.


I gain my composure and stop crying.  My pussy is getting wet and my clit now extends out of its hood, hard and pulsing.  That little nub is begging for attention. Begging for someone to take it in their mouth and suck and nibble on it.


The Marquis runs his hands lightly all over my breasts adding to the wonderful feeling spreading throughout my body.  Oh God, how I would love to cum right now.  My hips begin to move in small circles as I get hotter and hotter.  There’s an itch in my cunt that needs to be satisfied.  I’m so fucking hot.  I’m such a slut.


In my present condition, it doesn’t take much to get me aroused.  I would love to take the Marquis’s cock and shove it up my pussy, riding him to orgasm.  A fine sweat breaks out on my tits as I become hotter and hotter. 


And then abruptly everything stops.  All sensation is gone.  I want more, but there is no more.


“May I continue?” asks the Marquis with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.


“Yes sir,” I respond as if I had any say in the matter.  I stand there hot and horny wanting only to cum.


“My clientele are very particular.  They don’t go for long and elaborate story lines.  They want action, and that’s exactly what we’ll give them.  We’ll use narration to fill in necessary detail and to set up the scenes, but most of the movie is you in action.  For example, in the scene with Count Darius’s father, the viewers will know that he is on his deathbed and you are there at the Marquis’s request, but that’s all the background information they really need.  Your encounter with the old man tells the story, and that’s what they’re interested in.  Do you understand what I’m saying, Gwen?” he asks as if my opinion really matters.


“I think so, sir,” I respond.


“Good!  This movie will prove to be my most ambitious undertaking!”


I’m still hot all over.  My nipples and clit throb. I need release. It would have been better if he whipped me or beat me with his paddle.  This is far crueler and he knows it. I find it hard to concentrate on what he’s saying.


“Are you alright, Gwen?  You look a little flushed,” he says as he places his hands on my breasts and squeezes.  He continues to squeeze my breasts fanning the fires burning within, stoking up the flames once more. 


“I’m fine, sir,” I lie.


He knows I’m lying.  He knows what he’s doing to me.  He knows I’m a horny little slut because that’s what he’s turned me in to.  He knows I would do just about anything to cum right now.  There’s no telling what he’ll have me doing in this movie.


He then lifts my skirt and looks at my now drenched pussy.


“My, we have a mess down there.  Claire can clean you up when she comes in to milk you.  And you’re clit is really standing at attention,” he says as he runs his index finger across my clit sending tremors up and down my spine.


He runs his finger over my clit once again, and I shake uncontrollably.


He leans in close and whispers in my ear, “You’re a horny little slut, Gwen, aren’t you?”


“Yes sir,” I respond.


Nibbling on my ear he continues, “Say it! Tell me what you are.”


“I’m a horny little slut.  I’m your horny little, slut, sir,” I say.


“What does my horny little slut want me to do to her?” he asks.


I’m getting so hot.  He has me so aroused.  I can feel the warmth of his body close to me as he continues to nibble on my ear, brushing his chest against my hard sensitive nipples.


“Your horny little slut wants you to fuck me with your big hard cock,” I answer.


He backs away slowly with a smile on his face.


“Well, there isn’t time for that right now.  You need to be milked, and then we’ll be meeting with your husband.”


The cruel bastard.  I’m so aroused and frustrated.  Why can’t he just let me cum!  


He attaches my wrist cuffs to the overhead chain and raises my arms upward until I am standing on my toes.


“There! That should keep you out of trouble.”


He calls for Claire who arrives promptly.  I could faintly hear words exchanged between them.


“Tend to your duties and nothing else,” he orders.


“Forgive me, Marquis, have there been complaints?” Claire inquires.


“If you’re insinuating that Miss Gwen has complained about your improprieties, I can assure you that’s the farthest thing from the truth.  I have many means at my disposal.  There is very little that goes on within these walls that escape me.  And for the record, if Miss Gwen had complained and there were repercussions, I can assure you that the individual responsible would pay dearly.  Am I making myself clear?”  


“Perfectly, sir,” Claire replies meekly and then curtsies.


“Carry on and be quick about it,” he retorts.


I am milked with no incident and very little conversation between Claire and myself.  It was evident that the Marquis’s words had an effect on her.


I hang by my now aching arms for over an hour alone, left to my thoughts.  I dread the meeting that is soon to take place.  I hate John so much.  He sentenced me to this lifestyle.  If he didn’t love me any more, all he had to do was divorce me.  I would have let him go.  I was never vindictive and would never try to hold on to someone who didn’t want me.  But no, divorce was not enough.  Instead he had to alter the course of my life, and the worse part is that he knew of the Marquis’s reputation.  He knew what the Marquis would do to me, and he didn’t care.  I hate him so much.  The thought of him makes my skin crawl!


All these thoughts run through my mind as I hang from the chain waiting for the return of the Marquis. And I can’t help but believe that the Marquis purposely left me alone for this long period of time to do just that. 


I didn’t have much longer to wait as the door suddenly opens.


A thought suddenly occurs to me. John is going to see me like this, hanging by these damn chains.  Why did the Marquis leave me in such a compromising position?  He could at least have allowed me some dignity for this meeting.


“Well, Gwen, I see that Claire has finished.  There is someone here to see you,” says the Marquis as he walks around in front of me.  Following close by and standing beside him is John, my fucking husband.


“I don’t believe it.  I thought you were dead.  The reports said your car went over a ravine,” he says as he looks on in disbelief.


I stare at him trying to control myself.  I refuse to say anything.  Tears well up in my eyes.


“Well, obviously, John, Gwen is alive and well and hanging out with me,” the Marquis snickers as he pats John on the back.


The Marquis lowers the chain and releases my wrists.  I am now standing on my five inch heels, trying to restore circulation to my arms.  He picks up the remote, pushes a button, and the catch on my bra opens.  I look down incredulously as it opens.


“Remove your bra, Gwen, and make yourself comfortable,” commands the Marquis.


The look on his face tells me that it would be wise for me to comply to his wishes with no argument.  I pull the cups back releasing my tits and finish removing my bra.  I now stand before them only in my over the knee boots, mini skirt, and wrist cuffs.  John stares at me mesmerized by my awesome tits.  Obviously he likes what he sees.  Good, let him suffer for I won’t willingly do anything with him.  I’ve already decided that.  The Marquis can push me just so far.  I must salvage some remnant of my dignity.


“It might be good, John, if you explain to Gwen what motivated you to sell her into slavery in the first place,” says the Marquis.


John looks uncomfortable and embarrassed.  I can see this is awkward for him.  What I don’t understand is why he has come back here. Why hasn’t he commented about my hair?  Wait, he never knew I was bald. Has it really been that long?


“Yes, you’re right.  Gwen, you deserve an explanation.  I know you probably hate me, but I would at least like you to know why I did what I did.  Understand I’m not trying to condone or justify what happened.  I just want you to know the true state of affairs,” says John.


“Gwen, you are at liberty to react or ask any questions you choose.  There will be no repercussions,” adds the Marquis.


Why is he allowing me this freedom?  This is so out of character for the Marquis.


“Where do I start?  There is so much you don’t know about me,” says John.


“No kidding, you bastard.  I know nothing about you,” I spit out feeling nothing but contempt for this excuse for a man.


“I understand how you must feel?”


“Oh, I’m sure you do.  Look at me.  Look at what I’ve become.  You think you understand?”


“Just let me explain what happened,” he pleads.


“Sure, go ahead but it really doesn’t matter now anyway,” I say.


He stands close to be and I feel awkward.  For the first time in a great while I’m conscious of my nakedness.  It never bothered me before but with him it does.


“You never knew it, but I had a gambling problem, Gwen.  I should say I have a gambling problem.  I got myself in a bind when I borrowed money from a loan shark with the promise to repay him within 30 days.  I thought my new system was foolproof, and I knew I could easily turn that money into even bigger bucks.  Then I would be able to give you the nice things you so much deserve,” he says.


“What are you talking about?  Gambling problem?”


“I’m a gambler, a compulsive gambler, and now I know it’s a sickness like alcoholism.  Unfortunately, it’s too late.  The damage is done.  I lost all their money and couldn’t make payment.  They got real nasty, beat up on me, and gave me 48 hours to come up with the money or I was history.  I knew they weren’t kidding.”


“Why didn’t you tell me?  Why didn’t you come to me for help?  I’m your wife.  We could have worked something out.  I could have contacted daddy.  He would have given me the money,” I sobbed.


“Your father already thought of me as a loser.  I just couldn’t do that.  Instead, this woman, who I met at the race track, told me she might be able to arrange a way out for me.  That’s when she told me about the Marquis and put me in contact with him.”


“You mean Maxine?” I ask.




“I thought she was your new girlfriend.”


“No, not really although we did sleep together a few times,” he mumbles with his head down.


“So you see, Gwen, I offered John a way to pay his debt to these gangsters.  $100,000 to pay them off in exchange for you.  He had no other choice but to take my offer or probably end up dead in some back alley,” adds the Marquis.


“You had other options, but you chose to sacrifice me to save yourself,” I cry.


“All I’m doing is trying to explain to you what happened.  I’m not saying that what I did was right.”


Oh God, how selfish of him.  He should have told me.  We could have worked through this together. We could have gone to the police.  There were so many other options.


“Why are you here now?  Don’t you know that I hate and despise you? Don’t you know that I never want to see you again?  Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to stand here before you like this?  For you to see me like this?”


“Yes, I know, Gwen, but I have no choice,” he mummers.


“What do you mean you have no choice?” I ask.


“I had a relapse and accumulated more gambling debts,” he mutters.


“You already sold me.  Being here does you no good.”


“The Marquis has offered me another $100,000 to pay off my debt if I will make this movie for him.  I had no choice.  If I don’t come up with the money by next Friday, I’m dead,” he says.


“So once again you’re willing to sacrifice me to save your fucking hide.  What a pathetic excuse for a man you are!” I spit out.


I can’t believe this.  He came back here to get himself out of a bind.  I find it hard to catch my breath.  I find all of this so hard to believe.  I can’t stand the sight of him. 


The Marquis pulls up a chair and tells John to sit down.   He then walks over to me, and in front of John, begins to tease my nipples.  I’m so embarrassed.  He humiliates me so.


“See how hard her nipples get, John.  Notice how long they are – an inch and a quarter.  They’re very sensitive, aren’t they Gwen,” the Marquis asks.


“Yes, sir,” I answer.


“If you lift her skirt, you’ll also see that her pussy is already wet and dripping.  And notice how big her clit is.  Go on, take a look,” urges the Marquis.


How disgusting! 


John gets up and lifts my skirt to take a look.  He stares at my pussy and reaches out to touch my clit.


“Don’t touch me, you bastard!” I scream.


The Marquis backhands me across the right cheek and then the left, bringing me back to reality.  That was a mistake. I defied the Marquis in front of a guest.


“That behavior is totally inappropriate and will not be tolerated,” he retorts.


I cry feeling helpless, totally defenseless, and unprotected.


“Get in position now!” he orders.


I spread my legs and place my hands behind my head.  The Marquis rips the skirt off of me.


“This won’t be needed.  I was being too considerate allowing you to wear it in the first place.  Sit down, John, and feast your eyes on her pussy.”


Oh God, the shame I feel.


“Gwen, I want you to walk over to John, remove his slacks, and give him the best blow job he’s ever had,” the Marquis orders.


“I won’t do that, sir,” I say defying the Marquis.  “You said you would consider my request.  Please do that now. I beg you, please.”


I cry uncontrollably.


The Marquis picks up the remote.  I know what’s coming, and I brace myself for the shocks that will soon course through my body.  He walks in front of me maintaining his composure, showing a great deal of self-control.  Suddenly, my nipples begin to tingle and grow harder as my tits are filled with such a wonderful feeling.  Next my clit is tingling and vibrating as the embedded ring comes to life.  I get aroused quickly, but I don’t want to.  My mind is in turmoil but my body is on fire.


“OK Gwen, you win.  I’ll send him away.  He won’t make the movie with you.”


I breathe a sigh of relief.  I may have to make this movie but at least he’ll be out of my life.


“But understand that if you insist that John leaves, you’re signing his death warrant.  For as sure as the sun rises in the morning, those loan sharks will not let him off the hook.  His debt must be paid one way or another. With no way to pay back the money he owes, he’ll pay with his life. And you’ll have to live knowing that because of you he died.”


Goddammit, how can he put this on me?  How can he leave John’s fate in my hands?


“Make certain that’s what you want.  If you can live with that fine, but if by chance, you change your mind within the next 5 minutes, you are to do as I asked you to do.  Do you understand, Gwen? ” he asks.


I begin to shake uncontrollably.  I am filled with such anxiety.  How can I condemn him to death?  How can I live with that on my conscience?  Yes, he betrayed me, and I hate him for that, but I can’t live knowing that I sent him to his death.  The Marquis manipulated me.  He knows I won’t let the bastard die.  He knows I’ll get down on my knees and suck the son-of-a-bitch’s cock. 


The minutes pass as my mind is in turmoil.  The battle in my mind rages on.  I don’t care about him.  Let him die.  I owe him nothing. I was a good wife.  He betrayed me.


“One minute remains before John leaves, Gwen,” says the Marquis.


John looks scared as the seconds tick away.  What choice do I have? As the tingling in my nipples and clit increase, my pussy begins to drip.  The fire in my loins rage on out of control. I slowly walk towards John and drop down on my knees in front of him.  The thought of what I have to do revolts me. I moan in lust as much as in disgust at the act I must perform.


“A wise choice, Gwen.  The cameramen are here to film this for our movie.  Do as I direct you to do.  I want this done right!” he again takes charge.


A tear flows down my cheek as the Marquis directs me to undo John’s belt and remove his slacks.  I slowly do as the Marquis bids.  He’s now naked from the waist down and his cock is hard.  I’m on my knees in front of him staring at his cock. I find it repulsive!


“OK, Gwen, take John’s cock in your hands and stroke it as you look up at him,” directs the Marquis.


I slowly reach for his cock with a trembling hand and reluctantly stroke it as I force myself to look up at him.  His cock grows harder in my hand as I continue to stroke it.


“That’s good! Now, still looking at him, run your tongue from the base of his cock up to the tip,” directs the Marquis.


I’m paralyzed.  How can I do this? 




Oh how I loathe this.  I do as directed running my tongue up the length of his fucking cock.  I repeat this several times.  The pleasure John feels is written all over his face.  He’s enjoying this too much, and I’m doing all of the work.


“Good. Now run your tongue all over the head of his cock, and start to moan as you do this.”


I lick the bulbous head of his cock, tempted to bite it off, but I don’t.  I moan to please the Marquis.  Precum leaks from the head of John’s cock which I’m forced to taste.


The wonderful tingling sensations still course through my body getting me hotter and hotter.  I’m a slut on fire.  As I lick the head of his cock, the task is becoming less distasteful.


“Great! Now take his cock and run it around your nipples.  Remember to look up at him seductively!”


The cameramen move in as I take his cock and run it all over my nipples. God that feels so good.  I look up at John as I lick my lips. I smear his precum all over my nipples.  This is turning me on so much, but I don’t want to be turned on by this bastard. I imagine what it would be like to have his cock rammed up my pussy, driving me to orgasm after orgasm.


I lick his cock some more taking the initiative and then running it up and down between my cleavage.  Milk begins to seep from my nipples, and I smear it all over John’s cock.  I then take the head of his cock in my mouth and suck.  John moans. His cock is now at the back of my throat, and I push letting it enter my throat.  I can feel the head of his cock massaging the walls of my throat, coating my throat with his precum.   John is breathing heavier and moaning as I take the last inch of his cock into my throat.  My lips brush up against his pubic hair.  God his cock feels so good in my throat.


“Very nice, Gwen.  Now move your head back and forth allowing John’s cock to explore your throat and move those tits seductively.”


I do as the Marquis directs, and then slowly back off withdrawing his cock from my throat until just the head is in my mouth.  Then I again begin the slow descent, taking him all the way back into my throat.  


I’m so hot now and close to my own orgasm.  I try to block out John and just concentrate on his cock as a separate entity.  My mouth is now moving up and down his long shaft, taking him deep each time.   My pace increases as I become highly aroused and so close to a climax. And then John’s cock explodes in my throat dumping load upon load of cum in my belly.  I swallow trying to keep up with the flow of his sperm. 


As my tummy is filled, I reach my own peak and “aaaagggggggggggg” excruciating pain shoots through my highly sensitive clit and nipples causing me to convulse as John’s cock is still buried in my throat.  Electricity flows through my body as the convulsions continue.  My mouth impaled on his cock, I shake uncontrollably.


“Holy shit, I can feel tingling throughout my cock,” John exclaims.


John withdraws his cock as I roll over on my back still shaking and breathing heavily trying to catch my breath and recover from the pain racking my body.  Tears well up in my eyes as my frustration builds.  I tremble uncontrollably.


“Gwen, you know you’re not allowed to cum.  I thought you could better control yourself especially considering who you are giving a blow job.  How could you get off sucking on the cock of a man who you hate and despise so much?  Are you that much of a slut?”


I lay here listening to him belittle and degrade me in front of John.  John looks down at me with a smile on his face.  I’m so ashamed of myself.


“Clean up your mess, Gwen,” John orders.


I’m paralyzed and can’t believe what I’m hearing. Did I hear right?  Was he ordering me to clean his cock?  What right does he have to do that?  He should be grateful that I didn’t have him sent off, left to the mercy of those loan sharks.


“Do as you’re told, Gwen!” orders the Marquis.




“There are no buts! Do as you are told. Crawl over to John and clean his cock!”


I get on my hands and knees and crawl over to John.  I hate him so much. I take his cock and lick it clean as he looks down on me with a smirk on his face.  He then helps me up and whispers in my ear, “I am so much looking forward to working with you on this movie. If today was any indication of what’s to come, we’re going to have a hell of a time.”


I was tricked.  The Marquis knew I wouldn’t send John to his death.  He counted on it. He used and manipulated me, and I was too stupid to see it until it was too late.


John fondles my breasts as tears once again well up in my eyes.  I won’t give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry.


“Well, today has been very productive.  This will be a nice addition to the ‘Misadventures of Gwen.’  Don’t you think so, John?”


“Oh yes, sir, it certainly will,” smiles John.


“Rest up. Tomorrow is another day.  I’ll call an attendant to show you to your quarters.”


After John leaves, the Marquis directs his attention to me.


“You need to be milked, Gwen.  Claire will be here shortly. Anything to say?”


“I was tricked!” I stammer.


“I gave you a choice.  You made your own decision.”


“You knew I wouldn’t send him to his death!”


“The decision was yours to make.  You’ll have to live with it! No one twisted your arm. No one told you to crawl over to him like a slut and suck his cock.  You did that on your own.”


I fell silent. He was right. I should have seen through his manipulations.  It was my own fault. Damn him!


“Put your hands behind your back! That’s right. I want those bloated tits sticking out!”


He then rears back and smacks my left tit on the side knocking it into my right tit.  He repeated this, rearing back and smacking my right tit setting it in motion.  As he talks to me, he alternates his blows to first the left tit and then the right. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!


“I don’t like your attitude lately, Gwen.  I’ve been lenient with you, but your boldness is getting out of control.  You need some discipline.”


The blows continue. SMACK! SMACK!


“I especially don’t appreciate being defied by you in front of my guests. This is never to happen again or you will suffer the consequences.  Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes sir. Forgive me,” I stammer as the blows to my tits continue.


My breasts are turning red and the incessant blows to my tits produce a heat that emanates from them.  I find that the pain is becoming duller as my nipples have grown rock hard and my clit is throbbing.  I’m getting wet! Milk is escaping my nipples as the blows continue. 


I’m getting lightheaded, but he won’t stop.  I thrust my tits out welcoming the blows that rein down upon my breasts.  ‘Harder! Harder! Hit me harder!’  I want to scream but dare not. I’m getting wetter.  My cunt is dripping. There’s an itch in my cunt that won’t go away.  It’s more insistent. I need a cock up my cunt fucking me.  My clit throbs so much it hurts. I try rubbing my legs together but he kicks my feel apart forcing me to maintain a wide stance.  And the blows continue until I can’t take any more. I need to cum!  I want to cum!


“Aaaaaaggggghhhhh” I fall to my knees as the shock hits me first in the nipples and then in my clit.  I shake uncontrollably as once more my body is filled with excruciating pain. I lay there sobbing in pain, cradling my breasts.


“You disgust me,” he spits out with venom in his voice.


Claire is summoned and takes me back to my quarters where I am milked and then fed.  After a bath, I am put to bed early in preparation for another long day.


This has not been a good day for me. I behaved poorly and made some foolish decisions that I will have to live with.  Worst of all I’ll have to make this movie with that bastard, and I have only myself to blame for that.  If only I had it all to do over again, but I don’t.


I’m exhausted but too aroused to fall asleep.  My breasts are red and ache.  My nipples are still hard and my clit aches as the tingling starts up.  Oh God, not tonight.


I fall off into a fitful sleep until I am awakened in the middle of the night to be milked only to fall off once more into a restless sleep.


The Misadventures of Gwen

The Misadventures of Gwen

By Bill Excell




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Chapter 18


Dr. Shakiro and Nurse Jones arrive in my chambers first thing in the morning even before my morning walk.  Shakiro once again takes his ruler and measures.


“Nurse Jones, 3 ½ inches for today’s entry. This is extraordinary. This phenomenal growth is unprecedented.  I may have to write an article for the American Medical Association,” explains the doctor.


He then takes time to examine the rest of my body for traces of any hair and manages once again to get me highly aroused.


When I enter the studio after my morning activities, the Marquis and John are discussing yesterday’s filming.  I assume my normal position and await further instructions from the Marquis.


My attire has changed for today’s filming.  My normal wardrobe has been abandoned.  Today I wear a garter belt with stockings and silk thong panties all in black.  Also 5 inch heels and wrist and ankle cuffs.  Of course, I still wear my special bra.


“I saw the rough cut of yesterday’s shooting, and it looks outstanding.  We have some good shots of Gwen’s indecision before she decides to get on her knees and suck your cock.   A picture is worth a thousand words and the close-ups we have of her tell the story.”


“Excellent,” John responds.


“Also, you must see the look on her face when she first takes your cock in her hand and looks up at you.  The disgust she feels is written all over her face.  You can tell this is something she doesn’t want to do.  My viewers will absolutely love this scene,” chuckles the Marquis.


“I can’t wait to see it myself.  It was a real tune on for me too,” adds John.


“Oh, and the shots of her deepthroating you are marvelous.  You can see the transformation taking place in her.  By that time she is really in to it and lost in her own lust.  She looks quite the slut.”


“So I take it you are pleased so far?” asks John.


“Oh most definitely!  One of my favorite shots is when Gwen is withering on the floor with electricity coursing through her body.  You can see the pained expression on her face as she shakes uncontrollably on the floor.”


“I can still picture her now.  She may very well suffer the same fate today,” John chuckles.


The Marquis joins him in a good laugh.


“Yes, I’m even going to include the tit slapping she received after you left yesterday. Very hot on tape especially since she got off on it causing her to receive another electric shock,” adds the Marquis.


I stand there and suffer through this conversation.  They act as if I don’t even exist.  John is so smug.  Quite different from the meek repentant attitude he displayed yesterday, but that was all part of the plan to get me to consent to him being in the movie.  I’m so ashamed. 


“Oh Gwen, good morning.  Did you have a good night?”


“Yes sir,” I lie. I refuse to give him more satisfaction than he’s already receiving.


“Did you say good morning to John?” he asks.


You know I didn’t! Why do you ask?


“Good morning, John,” I manage to say.


“Good morning, Gwen,” he replies.


I hate him so much.  Look at him standing there so calm and relaxed with that grin on his face.  How I wish the tables were turned.


The Marquis walks over and examines my hair. This is absolutely amazing. You’re hair has to be at least three inches long. I don’t see how that is possible. Maybe Dr. Shakiro is right. It must have something to do with the shocks you receive. You seem to have a growth spurt after those sessions,” reasons the Marquis.  “I’ll have to get a stylist in tomorrow to work on this.”


“Well, today should be fairly easy!  You’ll be doing a lesbian scene, and John will eventually get involved in a three way with you and Claudette who should be here momentarily,” says the Marquis as he looks at his watch.


This should be an easy day.  Claudette can’t do too much more to me than Evelyn, Monique, and Claire have done already..  I’ve had my share of lesbianism, and to be honest, it turns me on. I don’t mind it at all. Yes, today will be better.


Suddenly the door bursts open.


“Sorry I’m late.  The traffic was horrible,” says this woman obviously out of breath.  This must be Claudette.  She is stunning. She is tall with long auburn hair which reaches midway down her back.  I sadly remember a time when I had long beautiful hair. 


She walks around to the Marquis who is standing in front of me. She looks at me with piercing green eyes.  She’s absolutely beautiful.


As I look her up and down, I can see she has long shapely legs and a cleavage that could rival mine although she’s not as large as I am.  She also has on high heels and is wearing a black mini skirt and a red silk blouse unbuttoned at the top exposing her creamy white cleavage. I find myself getting hot just looking at her.  Today really is going to be a good day.


“This, Claudette, is Gwen,” says the Marquis.


“Very nice, de Sade,” she says as she runs her index finger from my neck down my cleavage. A shiver runs up and down my spine. 


“I adore her luscious breasts,” she says as she walks around me.  “I would love to get a latex body suit on her some day.”


“I’m sure you’ll enjoy her immensely.  You are exactly what I need to make this movie a success,” says the Marquis.


Claudette smiles at the Marquis with this remark. 


“Well, thank you, de Sade. You are too kind,” she says as the Marquis takes her hand and kisses it.


“Well, let’s get to work!  Let me set up the scene for everyone.  John has brought Claudette home, and Gwen is totally turned on by her.  When John goes to take a shower, Gwen begins to seduce Claudette.  At some point John will reenter the room, find the girls together, and join in.  That’s it!” says the Marquis.


That’s it! This is too simple.  It is going to be a great day.  I’ll have no trouble at all getting it on with Claudette.


“Oh Gwen, here is a small miniaturized speaker for your ear. You’ll be able to hear my directions perfectly,” he says as one of his technicians fits a small speaker in my right ear.


A bedroom and living room is set up in one part of the studio with bright lights and cameras already in place.  I am to walk up to Claudette who is standing by the couch and tell her how much she turns me on.  This would not be hard at all.


“Lights! Camera! Action!” says the Marquis who personally directs all of his movies.


I walk up to Claudette and look at her seductively. 


“You are so beautiful,” I whisper as I place my hands on her hips and then kiss her full on the lips. Claudette returns my kiss as her tongue intertwines with mine.  As our tongues explore each others mouths, my hands roam up her sides and caress her soft breasts.  She moans.


I then break the kiss.  I unbutton her blouse as I drink in her beauty.  I easily remove her blouse and place my hands on either side of her ample breasts massaging them.  I can imagine she has the same lustful look in her eye that I do.


“Start at her neck Gwen and kiss your way down to her cleavage,” directs the Marquis. It’s almost as if he’s whispering in my ear.


I do just that kissing and licking and sucking my way down between her cleavage and then lavishing the tops of her breasts with kisses.  I can tell this is having the desired affect on Claudette.


“Now unclasp her bra,” directs the Marquis.


I don’t need any further encouragement as I reach around behind Claudette and undo her bra. The cups fall away and I fully remove her bra exposing her gorgeous tits to my lusting eyes.  She has a small frame which makes her breasts look even larger. Her areoles are the size of silver dollars with inch long nipples adorning them.  I caress one breast in each hand as my mouth works its way down to her right nipple.  My tongue circles her areole before sucking the already hard nipple into my mouth.


Claudette moans as we both get hotter and more aroused.  She holds my head to her breast as my teeth lightly tease her nipple and then hold on, pulling out so that her breast is extended. I then direct my attention to her other breast repeating the actions on her left nipple.  Claudette moves her hips as my mouth is all over both of her breasts devouring them. My hands snake down toward the top of her skirt sliding lower and lower, but she pushes my hand away.


“Not yet, baby.  Let’s take it nice and slow. I want this to last,” she coos.


I’m so fucking hot and can’t get enough of her.  At the same time, I have to be careful not to get so aroused that I get the shock of my life.


I continue to work on her breasts as she unclasps my bra and removes it.  My DD’s hang proudly on my chest, demanding attention.  Claudette has a nipple in each hand, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger, driving me crazy.  She tugs on them drawing them away from my chest sending tremors up and down my spine.


“OK Gwen, move behind Claudette and work on her from behind. I want to get some good shots of her breasts and the expression on your face as you kiss her,” directs the Marquis.


I move behind Claudette and kiss her neck as my hands once again begin to massage her breasts.  I pull on her nipples eliciting moans of pleasure from her.  I then slowly work my way down over her abdomen until I reach the top of her skirt.  Her clit must be hard and throbbing and in need of attention as mine is. God she’s beautiful.  My fingers work there way under the top of her skirt going down, down….


My heart is racing.  I can’t breathe.  Oh my God somebody help me.  Someone please deliver me from this insanity.  I back away from Claudette. I can’t believe this is happening.


“No! No! No!” I scream.


Claudette turns with lust in her eyes and a smile on hew face.


“What’s the matter, baby?” she asks.


In that moment when I reached down into Claudette’s skirt seeking out her clit, there wasn’t any clit to be found.  Instead I found a large hard throbbing cock!


She walks towards me, her large cock clearly outlined by her skirt.  She reaches out for me, and I slap her hand away.


“Don’t touch me!  You’re a man, some kind of freak,” I scream


Claudette laughs!


“I’m not a man, baby.  I’m a hermaphrodite. Don’t you know what a hermaphrodite is?” she asks approaching me again.


She reaches for me again. As I try to push her hand away, she slaps me hard across the face.  She then grabs my right wrist, swings me around, and grabs my left wrist pinning my arms behind my back.


“Give me a short length of chain with D-clamps,” she says to no one in particular.


“Leave me alone. I don’t want anything to do with you,” I scream.


She is immediately given the chain which she fastens to my wrist cuffs pinning my arms behind my back.


“Don’t do this to me.  Just leave me alone, you freak!”  I’m hysterical.  This is a nightmare. This really can’t be happening.


She stands once more in front of me and places her hands on my breasts and begins to massage them.  I am breathing heavy still not fully aware of what is happening. I thought I was involved in a lesbian scene.  She’s no lesbian.  She’s some kind of freak.


She tries to kiss me on the lips and I turn my head.  She slaps me hard across the face.


“Gwen, I can be real nice or I can be a real bitch.  We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I don’t really care,” she says.


The Marquis stands off to the side with his hands folded and a smile on his face.  His three cameramen are capturing the scene from every angle.


She then grabs my nipples and begins to squeeze.  My long nipples are an easy mark for her.  She has a lot to hold on to.


“Now listen to me, Gwen. Obviously, you’re not too bright.  I’m as much if not more of a woman than you are.  Hermaphroditism is a very rare genetic disorder in which an individual is born with both sex organs. I happen to have a cock and a vagina,” she explains as she pulls and twists on my nipples.


She stands back several feet and removes her skirt.  She isn’t wearing anything under it.  Standing straight out is a 12 inch cock which is rock hard.  She reaches down and strokes her cock.  I can see that under her cock is also a vagina.  I can’t believe what I’m seeing.


She then walks up to me and kisses my neck.  I freeze.  Her lips kiss the tops of my breasts and then she works her way up to my right ear as once again her hands caress my breasts.  I breathe heavy trying to catch my breath and make some sense of this madness.  Her cock is pushing against my leg.


“The Marquis promised me that I could have you in every hole today, Gwen.  You’re going to give me a blow job, and I’m going to cum in your mouth.  Then I’m going to fuck you in the ass and drop a load of cum up your ass, and finally I’m going to fuck your pussy raw while your husband fucks you in the ass.  Now, like I said, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.  It’s up to you,” she taunts me.


She then removes my thong taking time to run her tongue across my clit. My clit throbs at her touch. I am left in my garter belt, stockings, and high heels. 


She backs up and orders me to get down on my knees.  We are no longer equals.  She is clearly in control.  I drop to my knees while she slowly strokes her large cock.


“Spread those knees wide. I want a good view of your pussy,” she orders.


 I spread my knees as far as I can, but it’s not good enough for her. She moves closer and pushes them father apart. 


“That’s better.  Looks to me like your pussy is wet, slut.  Does all this turn you on?” she taunts me.


“No! No! It doesn’t,” I cry.


“Well, your pussy tells a different tale,” she laughs.


John enters the set from the right and Claudette calls him over.


“John, check out the little slut,” she says.


John looks at me with a smirk on his face.


“She’s wet.  This stuff really gets her hot,” he says.


I feel humiliated and ashamed. 


John turns and takes Claudette in his arms.  Their tongues intertwine as they kiss standing right in front of me.  They John reaches down and caresses Claudette’s breasts, stroking and pinching her nipples.  She moans in his mouth as they continue to kiss.  His right hand moves further down and strokes Claudette’s cock.  This drives her crazy as she pushes her body into John.


Then they break their embrace.


Claudette turns to me with lust in her eyes.


“Poor Gwen is being neglected.  Why don’t you sit down John and enjoy the show,” she says.


John goes over to the couch and watches as the scene unfolds before his eyes.


Throughout all of this I find that I’m getting aroused. I don’t want to but I can’t help myself.  What’s the matter with me?


Claudette walks up to me.  Her cock is level with my mouth.  I can see close up the large head of her cock which is now leaking precum.  Her cock is so thick and long.  She says two words.


“Lick it!”


I’m trapped.  What choice do I have?  As a tear escapes my eye, I stick out my tongue and tentatively lick the tip of her cock.  It jerks up because of the contact with my tongue. Her precum is sweet. I lick it again capturing more of the sweet nectar.  I then get bolder and take the head of her cock in my mouth and suck.


“Look at me, Gwen,” Claudette orders.


I look up at her seeing the lust in her eyes as I suck on the head of her twelve inch cock.


“Take more of it, baby, take more,” she says as she holds my head in her hands guiding her shaft further into my warm inviting mouth.


Actually she tastes good and I find myself wanting to take all of her into my mouth and down my throat.  Her cock now rests at the back of my throat, and I push forward but her head is large and meets resistance.  I push again and gag.  The third time I push the head of her cock breaks through and enters my throat.  Because of the thickness of her shaft, I can feel every inch of it as it travels further down my throat towards my belly.  I make sure to keep looking at her as her cock descends into my throat.


My nose touches a wisp of hair above her cock for she is well groomed.  All twelve inches of cock is in me. I hold it there for some time savoring the touch of her cock in my throat.  At the same time my breasts heave seductively up and down on my chest. My nostrils flare taking in air since my mouth and throat are totally filled with she-male cock.


Claudette pulls back on my head forcing her cock to retreat up and out of my throat until it rests on my tongue.  I run my lips up and down her shaft and then suck on the head of her cock.  She pulls my head forward driving her cock once more down my throat. The pace picks up as she is using my mouth like a cunt, taking long strokes down my throat and then pulling out until only her head is in my mouth and then once again pushing her cock back down my throat.  Her pace becomes faster and faster as my nose collides with her abdomen.


All this is having an effect on me as my clit begins to throb and my pussy aches with need.  There’s an itch down there that no one will satisfy. My pussy is now dripping on the floor.  My breasts are swaying back and forth with the force of the in and out thrusts of Claudette’s cock as my throat is being violated.  I can’t go on like this much longer. I try to keep from getting too aroused but I find it impossible to do.


Claudette is lost in a world of her own as she drives her cock in and out of my warm cavern.  My throat is so tight that it milks her cock with every stroke..  She reaches a point where she can’t take it any more. I can feel the head of her cock swell in my throat as it shoots load upon load of she-cum directly into my tummy.  This is too much for me to bear.  I can’t starve off the need boiling in my loins as the shocks hit me all at once.




My tits begin to dance on my chest as my nipples are flooded with electrical shocks.  My hips convulse as my hard needy clit throbs with the shocks coursing through it.  The pain is intense.  My head shakes uncontrollable with Claudette’s cock still buried down my throat.  I’m like a rag doll being thrown to and fro.


And as quickly as it begins, the electric shocks cease.  Claudette pulls her sated and quickly deflating cock out of my mouth.  I fall over on my side totally drained and exhausted. My teeth are chattering. The cameramen continue to film the whole scene.  The Marquis sits close by thoroughly entertained.  His work is done.  He simply lets the scene progress naturally.


After some minutes Claudette kneels down and releases my arms. She rolls me over on my back and massages my breasts.  I look at her kneeling there with her large cock hanging between her legs.  Other than that, she is all woman – a beautiful and provocative woman.


“Gwen, I’m so sorry.  Are you all right? If I could let you cum, I would,” she says as she continues to rub my breasts.


Tears well up in my eyes.


“You had me so hot.  You know how to suck cock. No one has ever given me head like you just did,” she continues.


Her words are having an effect on me. Along with the gentle caressing of my breasts, I think at this point I would do almost anything for her.


She stands up and encourages me to stand up with her.  I look into her eyes and gently kiss her lips.  She kisses me back driving her tongue down my throat.  I’m quickly heating up again.  I kiss her breasts. I take her nipples in my mouth. I tug on them making them rock hard.  She too is getting aroused once again.


“Suck me, Gwen.  Make me big,” she says softly.


I get on my knees before her and take her cock in my hands.  I rub her balls gently as I lick the length of her shaft. Her cock comes to life as it grows in my hand – bigger and bigger - until it stands proudly out. All twelve inches of it.  I take it in my mouth and all the way down my throat with no hesitation.  I hold it there for several minutes as it pulses in my throat. I then withdraw it from my mouth.


“Get up, baby,” she encourages me.


She leads me to another part of the studio.  She takes a 36 inch spreader bar and attaches it to my ankle cuffs spreading my legs uncomfortably.  She then reattaches my wrist cuffs behind me.  I have a difficult time standing in five inch heels with my legs spread like this.  Then a chain descends from the ceiling which she attaches to my wrists.  The chain then ascends drawing my arms up and forcing me to bend at the waist.  My breasts sway below me as my ass is widespread and on display.


Claudette walks around me, running her hands over my ass and up my back.  She walks in front of me with her still hard cock staring me in the face.  She kneels down and puts her thumb in my mouth. I suck on it as she looks at me.


“It’s time for me to fuck your ass, baby.  I’ll try to be gentle,” she says.


“Why?” I whisper.


No answer.


She walks behind me and picks up an instrument. I can see all of this in the mirror that is in front of me.  It would be so much better if I could see nothing.


It’s some sort of paddle.  It’s leather, around three inches wide and a foot long with a handle.  She rears back and a stinging blow lands on my right cheek.


Aaaaaaaaggghhhh,” I scream.


Another blow to my left cheek.


Aaaaaaaggggghhhh,” I scream again.


The blows continue to land on my ass drawing bloodcurdling screams from me as my ass gets redder and redder.  Claudette is relentless and shows no mercy. I lose track of the number of blows to my ass.  A warmth is building in my loins.  For many minutes she rubs my cheeks.


“Baby, your ass is so hot,” she says.


Then she lowers the paddle under me and brings it up with all her might landing squarely on my pussy.


Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh,” I scream.  Oh my God how that hurts.  The pain is unbearable.  How could she be so cruel after showing such tenderness only a short while ago?  Tears well up in my eyes as I think how I would have done anything for her.


She reaches under me and rubs my pussy.


“Poor Gwen. I’m sorry, baby,” she whispers.


While I am lost in thought, she takes a tube of K-Y jelly and smears gobs of it up and down the crack of my ass.  Then she takes another large gob and presses again my anus pushing until her finger enters and travels deep into my bowels.  She moves her finger around loosening me up. At the same time, she intermittently slaps my ass just for good measure.  When she is done, she walks in front of me and kneels.


“Are you alright, baby?” she asks.


I can’t tell if she’s being sincere or not.


“You know when I fuck your ass, you’re going to get hot and want to cum.  You also know that if you get close to a climax, you’ll get shocked.  I’m going to give you something to help keep you from reaching a climax.  I don’t want you suffering like that again, baby,” she says.


I look on in horror as she reaches under me. In her hand is an alligator clip with a lead weight attached to it.  She pushes on the clip, opening the seated teeth.  My left nipple is already hard and aching with need.  She places the clip over my left nipple.


“Look at me, Gwen,” she commands.


I look her in the eye, and at that moment she releases the clip allowing the jaws to bite into my sensitive nipple. A scream escapes my throat as my eyes roll back in my head. She repeats the procedure on my right nipple again demanding that I look at her as she releases the jaws.


“Oh God, that hurts.  Please take then off.  They hurt so badly,” I moan though the pain.


“It’s for your own good, baby,” she insists.


Claudette moves behind me.  Her cock is harder than ever as she runs it up and down the crack of my ass.  As she does, she lingers on that little star testing it, seeing if there is any give.  She does this for many minutes, enjoying the feel of her cock head running up and down my crack. I can see that her eyes are glazing over in lust.


My body hurts all over.  The strain on my arms is tremendous.  The weights pulling on my nipples are extremely painful.  My ass feels warm and is filled with a dulling pain.  But at the same time, Claudette’s cock traveling up and down the crack of my ass feels so good.


She finally can hold off no more as she lines up her cock with my anus and pushes forward seeking entrance to my rectum.  She meets with no success as the head of her cock is too large.  She pushes once again with the same outcome.  On the third try she bears down and pushes with all her might. My sphincter muscles gives and her cock gains entrance to me anus. She is so big and I feel so full.  She drives forward pushing deeper and deeper up my ass, stretching me more and more as she gains entrance.  At the same time she smacks my ass as she drives forward.


“You are so fucking tight, Gwen,” she hisses.


 I can see the lust in her eyes, the sweat on her upper body, the hardness of her nipples, as she drives her cock deeper and deeper into me.  She revels in violating me.  She loves shoving her huge cock up my ass, stretching me to the limit. 


She now has eleven inches of that giant cock buried in me.  With all the exertion and pushing on her part, my tits are swaying under me with the lead balls pulling cruelly on my nipples.  I find now that the feeling is not totally unpleasant.  The pain has dulled.  My neglected pussy is wet and throbbing and in need of attention.


Claudette after resting for some minutes, pulls her cock out several inches and then pushes forward with all her might burying all twelve inches up my rectum.  I can feel every inch of her cock.  My anal passage squeezes tightly milking her large phallus.  She now begins a slow withdrawal, pulling ten inches of cock out of me before slowly burying all twelve inches once again. My anus clings to her cock milking it as it withdraws. 


Oooooohhhhh, that feels so good!”


She soon picks up her pace and is fucking my ass with a passion.  Her movements are quick and violent as she slams her cock all the way up my shitter only to withdraw and ram it in once again.  She continues and then tenses as small yelps escape from her throat.  She freezes, her mouth wide open as she dumps her load of cum in my bowels.  Load after load of warm cum floods my rectum.


At the same time I find that I am getting highly aroused as she picks up her pace and slams her cock up my ass.  The pain in my nipples is dulling and the tugging of the weights is now adding fuel to my fire.  By the time she cums in my ass, I have reached the point of no return.  Once again with her release my bowels are filled with cum as my nipples and clit explode in pain from the electrical shocks being applied by the rings. 


Aaaaaaaagggghhhhh,” I scream.


The cameramen don’t miss a beat as they capture the action from every angle. 


My body shakes violently as electricity courses through it, and this seems to spur Claudette on as she continues to ram her cock up my ass until it shrivels up and falls out of my rectum.


Panting and out of breath, she is given a glass of ice water to quench her thirst.  John comes over with a wet wash cloth and towel for her to refresh herself.  I am left withering in agony suffering the aftershocks of my punishment for daring to get aroused.  Tears well up in my eyes and I begin to cry.


Claudette walks in from of me, kneels down, and removes the alligator clips and weights from my sore nipples.  She then rubs my nipples.


“I’m sorry, Gwen. I really thought they would help,” she says.


I don’t know what to believe any more.  Lately, I have been such a bad judge of character that I don’t even trust my own feelings.  Was she trying to help me, or is she just a cruel bitch.


“Does that feel better?” she asks as she continues to rub my nipples.


“Yes, thank you,” I sob.


“Good,” she says as she rises.


Claudette stands before me with her wet cock in my face.


“Clean my cock, Gwen,” she says in a matter of fact tone.


What? Is she serious? Does she really want me to suck her cock after it was up my ass? She has a washcloth and towel. I saw John bring them to her. I won’t do that!


She kneels down and looks me in the eye. 


“Is there a problem?” 


Then she signals one of the men to raise the chain several inches.  The chain attached to my wrists raises forcing my arms up higher and almost pulling them from their sockets.


“No! No! There’s no problem,” I groan.


“That’s good. For a minute I thought there was,” Claudette says with a smile on her face as she stands and presents her cock to me once again.


I reluctantly take her foul smelling cock in my mouth and suck on it.  She insists that I lick every inch of it and also suck on her balls.  She makes me suck and lick until her cock gets hard and grows to its full twelve inches.  Claudette has amazing powers of recovery!  I also realize that once again I have been duped by her feigned concern for me.


My arms are lowered.  The spreader bar is removed and my wrists released.  Every bone in my body aches. 


The Marquis approaches Claudette. I overhear their conversation as I am given a few minutes alone.


“We’re break for a few minutes.  This will give you some time to relax while Gwen is milked,” says the Marquis.


“No need for that.  I can take care of her milking in the next scene. It’ll be a nice touch,” replies Claudette.


“Are you sure?”


“Oh yes, no problem at all.  By the way, how far can I go with her?” asks Claudette.


“Well, obviously, I don’t want any permanent damage.  She’s much too valuable,” he warns.


“I understand.  You know I’ll be careful. I just want this last scene to be one she’ll remember and, may I add, your viewers will remember for a long time,” she explains.


They continue to make small talk and laugh for some time.


I feel somewhat apprehensive after overhearing this conversation.  How does she plan on making this scene memorable?  Oh, how I wish I could run and hide.


I am given a small glass of water to quench my thirst, hardly enough to satisfy me but better than nothing.


“Places everyone.  Let’s begin the final scene,” announces the Marquis.


Claudette walks up to me and kisses me passionately on the lips. 


“How are you doing, baby?  Are you alright?” she asks.


“Yes,” I respond. I know I must sound short but after what I overheard I now know Claudette really doesn’t have my best interests at heart.  It’s all an act.  I must be careful.


“OK Gwen, lie on your back and spread your legs.  Claudette knows what to do,” directs the Marquis. Once again the Marquis is communicating with me through the small speaker concealed in my ear.


Claudette stands by the side of the bed looking down at me.  Her cock is semi hard.  It’s so hard to believe that this beautiful woman has a cock that would make most men jealous.


“Oh Gwen, you look good enough to eat,” she says as she crawls up on the bed.


She grabs my breasts and squeezes my nipples.  She then pushes them together.  God, it feels so good.  Milk starts to leak out of my nipples, and she leans over and sucks on my left nipple drawing warm milk into her mouth.  She feeds on my tit for many minutes as I become hotter and hotter.  She then takes my right nipple in her mouth and begins to feed.  While she sucks me dry, her hands roam all over my body stoking up the fire burning within me.  It doesn’t take much since I am already in a highly aroused state.  As she finishes draining my breast of milk, her finger lightly passes over my hard throbbing clit.  I shutter at her touch.  Every part of me seems to be so sensitive.


Claudette then straddles my head lowering her cock towards my mouth as her tongue flicks at my clit now throbbing with need. 


“Suck my cock, Gwen.  Take me deep,” she whispers as the head of her cock touches my lips.


My tongue flicks out and circles her bulbous head.  Then my lips encompass the head of her cock and draw it deep into my mouth.  I love the feel of her cock massaging the walls of my mouth as it now enters my throat.  I want all of her in me as I pull down on her ass drawing her cock deeper into my throat. 


Claudette at the same time is licking and sucking on my clit, driving me absolutely wild.  She runs her tongue up and down separating my pussy lips.  Then she pauses to suck on each pussy lip enflaming me even more.


As her tongue enters my fuck hole, she begins pumping her cock in and out of my mouth. I love the feel of her cock as it slides in and out of my throat.  I’m on fire as I once again approach that dangerous point – the point of orgasm.  I thrust up to meet her tongue and drive it deeper into my pussy.  I’m such a slut!


Suddenly Claudette stops. She lies down on the bed next to me.


“Get up Gwen and straddle my cock,” orders Claudette.


I straddle Claudette, and then she guides the head of her cock to my opening.  My pussy is dripping wet.  I begin to lower myself feeling her huge cock enter me.  I continue down lower and lower as my pussy is stretched to accommodate her snake.  I can now feel the head of her cock against my cervix but this is not enough for her, and she pulls me down wanting every inch of her monster cock buried in me.


I feel so full as I sit on top of Claudette in this unnatural coupling.


“Lower the chain,” she orders to one of the technicians.


A chain descends from above me.


“Raise your arms, Gwen,” Claudette orders.


“Is that really necess


A stinging blow to the face cuts me off in mid sentence. 


“Raise your arms now,” she repeats obviously irritated.


I raise my arms and once again the chain is attached to my wrist cuffs.


“Raise the chain,” she orders and the chain is slowly raised removing any slack.


I now sit atop Claudette with her cock buried in my pussy and my arms pulled taunt by the chain in the ceiling.  Once again I find myself totally helpless and at the mercy of someone else.


Of course, the cameras catch all the action from several angles.


Claudette reaches up and massages my breasts working her hands all over my tit flesh and paying particular attention to my nipples which are very hard and sensitive.  Her touch sends tremors down to my pussy and the she-male cock buried in it.


“Does that feel good, baby?” she asks.


“Oh yes, Claudette,” I quickly respond.


“And to think that just a short time ago you found me disgusting, but now you don’t, do you?” she asks.


“It’s not that I found….”


Shhhh! Don’t speak,” she says putting a finger to my lips.


Her finger lingers there so I begin to suck on it as I move my hips feeling her cock move around deliciously inside me.


She then pushes up driving her cock deeper into me. I ride up and down on her cock like a rag doll getting more excited with each passing moment.  My mind is in turmoil for I know that even though I feel pleasure unspeakable soon it will end in excruciating pain.


“You’re very hot, aren’t you baby?” She asks.


Oh yes, Claudette, you make me so hot,” I say meaning every word of it.


“Well, I don’t want you shocked, my little Gwen.  You’ve been shocked enough today,” she adds.


Oh God, maybe she can get the Marquis to reprogram the rings.  Then what a glorious time we could have.  I could let go and really ride her monster cock.


“I might be able to help if you want me to,” she says.


Oh yes, Claudette, that would be wonderful,” I respond filled with hope.


She reaches under the pillow and produces two alligator clips that are larger than the ones that were attached to me before.


“I can use these to bring you down somewhat.  Then you won’t get shocked, and my cock won’t have to abandon that nice wet, warm pussy of yours.


“No, no,” I quietly sob as she takes the first clip, opens its jaws, and places it over my right nipple.  She then releases it, and I feel pain unspeakable.


Aggggghhhhhh,” I cry out in agony.


She looks at me not with a smirk but very intent, seeming to feed on my pain-filled expression.  Tears flow down my cheek as I look at the cruel alligator clip attached to my right nipple.


She takes the other clip and repeats the same actions on my left nipple being very slow and deliberate.


Aggggghhhhh,” I cry out again.  My nipples hurt so much.  As I look down I can see a single drop of blood on my left nipple where the jaw is biting into my flesh.


“Now isn’t that better, Gwen,” she coos as she reaches up and squeezes my breasts.


I’m helpless, impaled on her cock with my arms chained above me exposing myself to anything she cares to do to me.


While she squeezes my breasts careful to avoid touching the clamped nipples, she again starts driving her cock in and out of my pussy. She continually pounds against my cervix, threatening to break through.  I can’t help but move in rhythm with her.  She rides me for many minutes never seeming to tire.  I keep up with her loving the feel of her cock in my pussy as my clit throbs, my pussy lips swell, and the ache in my nipples begins to dull. 


At this point John joins us on the bed kneeling behind me.  He kisses my ear and works his lips down to my neck.  He then kisses me across my shoulders stoking the fires burning within me.  I almost forget the clamps that are cruelly clipped on my nipples.  I move faster driving Claudette’s she-cock further up my pussy, entering my cervix.  I move my hips back and forth loving the fullness in me. 


“Careful, my Gwen!  You’re getting yourself all worked up again,” Claudette whispers with a slight smile on her face.  “Does my cock get you that excited?”


Oh God I’m on fire.  I want to cum so badly.  Oh please, someone let me cum.  This isn’t fair.  I’m swallowed one load of Claudette’s cum already, and she’s deposited another up my ass.  Why can’t I feel that glorious release too?


“You need to cool down, Gwen. I won’t be cuming any time too soon, and if you overheat now, the shocks you receive won’t stop me from fucking your cunt raw until I cum.  Remember, I told you I would fuck your cunt raw and I meant it. I have unbelievable staying power especially after I’ve cum twice.  So settle down!” she orders.


How can I settle down?  She’s driving her fucking cock up my pussy as it there’s no tomorrow.  The other bastard is behind me teasing me by kissing me in all my favorite places.  I can’t settle down. I have feelings and needs, and right now I NEED TO CUM!


She stops, holding me still atop her.  My arms ache as my chest heaves up and down.  She watches my breasts as they rise and fall on my chest.  She looks at John and nods.  John reaches around and taking each alligator clip releases the jaws from my nipples.  He holds them there before me with the jaws open.  As the blood rushes back into my nipples, the dull ache turns into pain.  Tears again well up in my eyes, but the pain isn’t so bad that I can’t bear it.


Claudette reaches up and takes my nipples between her thumb and forefinger and rubs them.  She then tugs on them pulling my breasts out before be and then pulling them outward.  They are so sore, but this is nothing compared to the alligator clips.


I’m breathing heavy and I move tentatively feeling her large cock snuggled up in my pussy.


Claudette again nods at John who after placing the clips on the bed, begins rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass.  I look at Claudette pleading with my eyes.  She smiles back at me assuring me that I will get no sympathy from her.  John’s cock slides down and poises itself at my puckered star waiting for some sign to drive forward.  He doesn’t wait long as Claudette again nods to him.  Holding my shoulders, he pushes forward driving the head of his cock into my bowels.  Oh God, I feel so full.


He lingers for a moment or so before again pushing forward burying his fat cock further up my ass. My sphincter clings to his cock as he stretches me to accommodate his shaft. I gasp, eyes wide open as I try to adjust to the thickness within me.   Finally his cock is totally buried up my ass as he once again starts to nibble on my shoulder.


“Gwen, your eyes are glazed. I can tell you are close again, and I don’t know how much longer I can stay still like this without moving in and out of that sweet pussy of yours. Ooooooo I can feel John’s cock buried up your ass.  That feels so good when he moves like that,” she says to me so seductively. Her hands move back to my breasts and rub them.


By now I am panting.  The bastard’s kissing of my neck and shoulders, Claudette’s attention to my breasts, the two cocks buried deep inside of me is driving me over the edge.   How much can a girl take?  I rotate my hips trying to satisfy the itch in my hot overstuffed pussy.  I feel so nasty. I am a slut. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to cum.


“Get control of yourself,” Claudette snaps.  “Maybe you need some more help getting your emotions under control.  Do you want me to reapply the alligator clips?”


“Oh God, no.  Please not the clips. Anything but those, please,” I beg breaking down into tears and convulsing uncontrollably.


“Alright, settle down, Gwen. No more alligator clips, I promise,” Claudette reassures me as she rubs my breasts.


John is moving his cock slowly in and out of my rectum continuing to arouse me and Claudette.


“We’ll try something different,” she says as she reaches once again under the pillow.  Oh my God, she has a needle.  What is she going to do with that!  Oh no! Please no!


“Don’t look so horrified, Gwen. It’s only a needle. How much damage can this little needle do?  It’s so small in comparison to your mammoth tits.  Think about it,” she taunts me.


I struggle twisting back and forth against the chain holding my hands high above me. I’m unable to do anything to protect my exposed and vulnerable breasts.  What a sadistic bitch she is!  I’m panting, being driven into a panic.


“That’s enough,” she spits as she first smacks my left breast and then my right one knocking them into each other.


I try to settle down to avoid receiving any more blows to my already abused tits.  Why does she hate me so?  Why does she take such great pleasure in causing me pain?


“Do you want to know what I’m going to do with this needle and this one?” she taunts as she takes another two inch needle from under the pillow.


“Please don’t!” I whimper filled with fear.


“It would be advisable if you held very still.  If you don’t, you could do yourself some serious damage,” she says sternly.


With that she takes one of the needles and places the point on the center of my left nipple. I shake uncontrollably! I know what’s she’s going to do. Oh no! This is far worse than the electric shocks.


“Oh God no! Please don’t,” I whimper, tears streaming from my eyes.


“Oh, I will Gwen, and I will take great pleasure doing so.  You don’t know how much you hurt me when you looked at me earlier like I was some kind of freak,” she says with a frightening calmness.


As she stares at me, holding my eyes with hers, she pushes on the end of the needle driving the point into the tip of my nipple. I feel a sharp pain as she continues to push. I look down in horror as I see the needle slowly disappear into my nipple until only a quarter of an inch remains exposed.


“Someone help me,” I wail but no one makes a move to rescue me from this insane woman.  Instead one of the cameraman moves in for a close-up. 


“Alright, John, increase your pace,” Claudette orders.


John increases the speed of his strokes as his cock violates my ass, pounding against my colon with each stroke.


“Ready for the other one, baby,” she taunts me.  “We don’t want your other nipple to feel neglected.”


“No! No! Please don’t! Have mercy on me! I’m so sorry I reacted the way I did. Please forgive me and don’t do this.”


“Sorry, baby, it’s for your own good.”


With that she takes the other two inch pin and places the tip against my right nipple. I look at her pleadingly.  There is no mercy or compassion in those eyes that stare back at me.


She slowly pushes and the needle enters the tip of my nipple along with a sharp pain.  Once again I look on in horror as I see the pin slowly disappear into the end of my nipple.  Oh my God, this can’t be happening.


She then takes her index finger and flicks my nipple. A sharp pain courses through me breast. She does the same to my other nipple!


Aaaaaagggghhhh,” I scream.


Then she starts pounding my pussy in earnest with her large cock.  She picks up a rhythm in sync with John who has been reaming out my ass all of this time.  Their speed increases as I break out in a sweat.  My breasts are filled with pain. I am my own worst enemy as my nipples are filled with excruciating pain. My tits bounce up and down on my chest with each thrust from these two perverts. 


I wish I could describe to you all that I am feeling.  Not only am I suffering at the hands of these two misfits, but at the same time, I have to endure further humiliation from the crowd of onlookers and the taping that is taking place.  My degradation is being recorded for all to see and enjoy.


Oh God they’re moving so fast battering my pussy and ass with their huge cocks.  They’re relentless.  They just go on and on as I hang by this chain feeling the pain in my breasts.  It seems like an eternity has passed.  The pain in my breasts is dulling, and at the same time, my clit is throbbing and my pussy is palpitating. I find myself grinding my hips back and forth to meet their thrusts.  My breasts bounce wildly on my chest with the needles sticking obscenely out of them. I’m sweating profusely as a sheen appears all over my body.  Oh God, I’m so sick. I’m beginning to enjoy this.  The heat in my loins just increases and increases.  I look down fascinated by the needles sticking out of my large nipples.


I feel like I’m riding a bucking bronco as I move faster, trying to increase their pace even more.


“Hey, you’re having too much fun, Gwen,” Claudette says as she slows down and directs John to do the same.


I don’t want to slow down. I want to go faster. I want them to pound the shit out of my pussy and ass.  Don’t stop now!  Fuck me, you bastards!


I breathe heavily.  My breath comes in short bursts.  My chest heaves up and down from the exertion.


“Let’s slow things down,” Claudette says as she takes another object out from under the pillow.


“Oh, please no,” I scream. “Don’t use that on me.”


I turn and twist on the chain trying to get free.  Surely the Marquis will stop this insanity.  I look around trying to see where he is. I spot him standing behind the cameras with a slight grin on his face.  Obviously he approves of what is going to happen. I cry hysterically.


“This won’t be too bad, baby. We’re just going to heat things up a little bit.”


“Yeah, you’re things, Gwen,” John snickers.


That son of a bitch.   How I hate him.


Claudette gives him a look which quiets him down.


My mouth is agape as she flicks the switch on the candle lighter and the blue flame shoots out from the end.  She moves it slowly towards the end of the pin on my right nipple and leaves it there.


“Mmmmmm. This should warm things up, don’t you think, Gwen,” she says.


“I hate you, you sadistic bitch,” I scream.


She doesn’t react to my comment but maintains the flame on the tip of the needle she is heating up.  Oh God it hurts as I move left to right violently swinging my breasts in the process.


“Hold still or I’ll burn your whole tit, bitch,” she screams.


I stop for I know now that this woman is not beyond doing anything.  She places the flame at the tip of the other needles and lets it heat up until I can no longer bear it and I move.  I don’t want to anger her but the pain is so unbearable. 


Claudette touches the pins. I flinch!


“Oh, those are hot!  You’re a hot woman, Gwen!”


She then places her palms over the ends of the needles and pushes driving them all the way in.  My jaw drops open and a silent scream escapes from my throat.


“Alright, John, ready for the finale?” she asks.


“Oh, yeah, any time you are,” he answers.


They once again begin driving there hard cocks in and out of my pussy and ass.  There pace increases to a maddening tempo.  I’m panting from the exertion.  All this time Claudette stares at me watching my every move. She can see that I’m once again getting aroused.  My pussy clamps down on her cock as she pounds me relentlessly.  My rectum milks that bastard John’s cock as he drives into me with brutal force.  The heat rises as I once again am so aroused that I know that soon I’ll be pushed over the edge.


Claudette knows it too as she ignites the lighter and applies heat to the undersides of my tits.  This drives me wild and I slam myself up and down on their cocks in an attempt to avoid the flames.  She then concentrates the flames on my nipples waving the flame over them forcing me to keep in motion. 


“Oh God, I’m going to cum,” Claudette screams and tenses as she unloads her sperm deep in my pussy. At the same time John lets out a scream and starts to shoot up my ass.  My pace increases as I milk both cocks that shoot steam after stream of cum inside me.


“Cum you bitch,” screams Claudette as she lowers the flame and places it directly on my clit.


I let out a bloodcurdling scream as this drives me over the edge.  Immediately, excruciating pain fills my tits and clit as the rings come to life and administer shocks to my system.  I convulse as I hang by the chain.  My teeth chatter.  But John and Claudette continue to pound away at my pussy and ass. 


Claudette rears back and smacks my tits hard.


“Keep moving. We’re not done yet!” she commands.


I try to keep moving as she smacks my breasts.  They continue to drive their cocks into me unmercifully until John finally shrivels up and is forced out of my ass. Claudette, on the other hand, remains as hard as a rock and continues to pound her cock into my cervix. She finally stops after I have milked every last drop of cum out of her.


I hang by the chain exhausted.  My head hangs down as involuntary tremors still fill my body.  Claudette moves out from under me, leaving me on my knees hanging by my arms.  My pussy and asshole are sore.  The camera zooms in on my asshole which is agape.


John comes around in front of me and smacks the side of my face with his cock.


I look up at him. That smirk on his face tells me just how much he is enjoying this. I take the head of his cock in my mouth.


“No,” he snaps.  “I want you to lick my cock and balls clean with nice long strokes. Make sure you look at me at all times.


The bastard is enjoying this too much. I just want it over. I’m exhausted.


I lick his cock looking up at him as I do.  This really gives him great satisfaction.  This is something I would never think of doing when we were together.  When I am done he makes me stick out my tongue so that he can slap it with his cock.  Then he walks away.


Claudette comes up to me and takes my face in her hands.  She looks at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and lightly kisses each of my eyes.


“Are you alright, baby?” she asks sweetly.


“Yes,” I dare not say anything else.


“That’s good, baby.  You like this kind of stuff, don’t you, Gwen?” she asks.


“Yes.”  Why fight her. I can’t win.


“That’s because you’re a nasty little slut who likes to be abused, isn’t it?” she asks.


I whimper.  She’s humiliating me again.  Hasn’t she done enough to me today? Doesn’t she know I have a breaking point! 


“Answer me,” she demands as she takes my nipples and twists them viciously.


“Yes!” I scream.  Oh God, that hurt.


This settles her down as she releases my nipples.


“Oh, I almost forgot,” she says as she grabs the end of the needle in my left nipple with her fingernail and slowly pulls it out.  I look on in horror as she does the same to my right nipple.


She then stands and waves her cock in my face. I know what to do. She doesn’t need to tell me as I lick her cock, tasting a mixture of her cum and my pussy juice. 


As I lick her cock, it twitches and begins to grow.  By the time I’m done, she has a raging erection.   I find this difficult to believe.  Her ability to recover so quickly is amazing.


“Suck it,” she commands as she pinches her own nipples.


I take the head of her cock in my mouth and suck.  She moans.




I take her cock deeper into my mouth to the back of my throat. I’m exhausted and just want to rest. I hope this is enough to satisfy her.




I push forward and her cock enters my throat.  I keep pushing taking out of it deep into my throat. 


She then takes over and grabs my head, pulling me into her groin by my hair.  She gyrates her hips as my face is held tight and her cock moves all around in my throat. 


“God, that feels so good!”


Then she goes wild as she pounds my face, driving her cock in and out of my mouth.  She’s a madwoman as her pace increases.  My face is being pounded violently. My breasts swing back and forth from the force of her thrusts in and out of my throat. I feel as if I’m going to black out. I can take just so much. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a camera on each side of my face capturing all of the action.


And then she lets out an unholy scream as my throat is flooded with her cum.  She quickly takes her cock out of my mouth and spurts load after load of cum on my face, in my eyes, and then all over my tits.  I’m a mess.  How on earth could she produce so much cum so quickly?


Claudette then smears her cum all over my face with her cock.  The head of her cock runs up the bridge of my nose, over my eye lids, across my forward, assuring that every inch of my face feels her cum.


Tiring of this, she gets dressed. I am still on the bed on my knees hanging by the chain panting. 


She stands there staring at me and then she leaves.


I’m exhausted.  Every bone in my body aches. I fear that my breasts are damaged. In spite of my exhaustion and weariness, I am left unfulfilled. I am hornier than ever, and the itch in my cunt has not diminished.  More then anything I want to cum!


Now that Claudette has left, the Marquis comes over and takes charge.  I am released from the chain and the wrist and ankle cuffs are removed.


I then return to my chambers to be bathed, milked, and fed.  In the morning I will see the doctor. Strangely, the Marquis has nothing to say to me.



The Misadventures of Gwen

The Misadventures of Gwen


Chapter 19




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I am granted a reprieve.  The rings are not activated during the night, but still I am unable to sleep. The events of the day pray on my mind and won’t grant me rest.  It all seems so surreal. Was I really dominated and humiliated by a woman with a cock?  Did she really use me in all my openings?  I feel so ashamed when I think of yesterday’s activities, but at the same time, I get aroused when I think of Claudette and giant cock. What have I become?  My pussy gets wet just thinking about what she did to me.


I see the doctor again today.  The Marquis wants me to have a thorough examination besides checking my hair.


My routine this morning undergoes a change.  After breakfast, a massage therapist is brought in for me.  I feel much better after her visit.  I am then allowed to rest until my appointment with the doctor at 11:00 AM.


Claire comes in for my scheduled milking before my appointment.  She is again very professional and all business.


Then Monique takes me to the doctor’s office.  I’m feeling so much better right now and wish that I didn’t have to see him. I’m plagued by flashbacks of my last visit.  I don’t trust him, and I’m sure the Marquis has no idea what he does.


Dr. Shakiro enters the room.


“Good morning, Gwen. It’s so nice to see you again,” he says.


Good morning, doctor,” I reply.


“Well, the Marquis is concerned that you may have suffered some ill effects from your activities of yesterday.  He has ordered a complete examination,” he informs me.


The doctor circles around me, ogling me with his lecherous eyes. 


“Please get up on the examining table,” he says. 


I sit on the table, and the doctor removes my bra.  Evidently he has one of those special remotes too since he’s quickly able to unclasp my bra.


“You can also take your boots off and then lie down on the table,” he says.


I comply.  After I lie down, metal bands clamp down over my wrists holding my arms down by my sides.  Also bands clamp down on my ankles and wider bands clamp down around my thighs just above the knee. I am effectively immobilized.


“Is this necessary?” I ask.


“This is standard procedure in my office, Gwen. No need to be concerned,” Dr. Shakiro responds.


He then pushes a button on the side of the examination table and my legs are spread wide exposing my private parts.  Another button lowers my legs at the knees. Still another button raises the head of the table so I am in more of a sitting position while another button pushes into the middle of my back causing my back to arch.  My breasts are now more prominently on display. This is a very awkward position, but I’m sure one that the good doctor finds pleasing to the eye.


“First of all, let’s check your hair. Then I can concentrate on the rest of your magnificent body,” chuckles the doctor.


He takes his ruler and begins to measure.


“Well, I could tell there was significant growth from yesterday the minute you walked in. Your hair is now six inches long!  It’s hard to believe. Technically, you shouldn’t have any hair on your head at all,” comments Shakiro. “Were you shocked at all yesterday?”


“Yes, several times,” I reply.


“I still think there is a correlation between the shocks to your system and the amount of growth,” he adds.


Unfortunately, I think he’s right, I hate to admit. It’s a high price to pay for hair.


“Well, let’s move on and check out your breasts. That was the Marquis’s primary concern,” says the doctor.


In a very professional manner he pushes and prods my breasts checking for any damage.  He then takes his stethoscope and has me take some deep breaths.  After that he presses on my abdomen and examines my arms.


“Well, my preliminary examination shows no serious damage, young lady.  But I’ll do some in-depth testing to be sure,” he informs me.


I breathe a sigh of relief. 


He looks at me strangely as if he’s considering something.  His eyes travel up and down my body.


“Before we continue I would like you to help me with a little experiment.  I’m in the process of developing a new drug, and I need someone to test it on.  You would be perfect, my dear.  And since I’ll be examining you anyway, I can see if this drug has any unusual side effects,” he says.


He’s mad!  He can’t do that to me.  The Marquis would never allow that.


“You can’t do that.  I’m here simply for an examination and nothing more. I’m not your guinea pig.  Please release me now,” I respond.


Dr. Shakira laughs sadistically. 


“I can do anything I want and I will.”


He goes to a cabinet and comes back with a syringe and a vial of liquid.  He prepares the syringe and holds it up before me.


“You’re probably wondering what this is for?  Well, rather than tell you, I’m going to let you experience it,” he laughs.


With that said he swabs my right arm with alcohol and empties the syringe in my arm.


“It will be a few minutes before the drug takes affect.  Let’s talk about the Marquis’ concerns.  First of all Claudette had a two inch needle much like this one.  Well, no fear, that could harm you in no way unless it was twisted and gouged around inside.  That’s wasn’t the case.  As a matter a fact, it would have been mush more effective if she had used a three inch needle that was of a slightly heavier gauge much like this one,” he says as he holds up a three inch need that looks extremely formidable.


I’m beginning to get slightly lightheaded much like I feel when I’ve had too much to drink. I also notice an itching in my crotch.


“Let me show you what I mean, Gwen” he says as he takes my left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezes. 


My nipple seems more sensitive than usual.  It is harder than normal and throbbing.  He then places the point of the needle on the center of my nipple.  Oh my God, he wouldn’t!

I’m reliving the horror of last night but this is worse.


“You see, my dear, Claudette would have gotten a much better reaction from you with this three inch needle,” he laughs.


With that he applies pressure and the point of the needle breaks through the tip of my nipple.  My jaw drops open in disbelief.  He’s really doing it.


“Please don’t! Not again,” I whimper.


“Oh yes, I want you to see the difference, my dear,” he says as he pushes driving the needle an inch into my nipple.


My breast is filled with pain as he continues to push the needle deeper and deeper into my nipple.  But in a way it’s different as my nipple gets harder.  Is this possible? One final push and three inches of needle is embedded in my breast.  I look down in horror, my mouth agape, unable to make any sound.


He moves my breast back and forth and I jump. I can feel the needle within but my breast is supersensitive.  It’s almost how my clit feels after coming to a climax.  I feel a tingling all over my breasts.


He then leans over and teases my nipple with his tongue.  The needle in my tit moves and my clit begins to tingle.  He takes my nipple in his mouth and grabs it with his teeth.  He pulls to the right and left and I moan as I feel the needle moving in my breast.


“Let’s try the other one now,” he says as he picks up another three inch needle and places the point on my right nipple. I jump. Just the contact of the needle on my nipple sends a jolt to my clit.  It’s as if every one of my nerve fibers is exposed.


“I see the drug is taking effect, and you are responding just wonderfully,” he laughs as he drives the point of the needle into my nipple. 


I can’t help but watch as he performs this sadistic act on me. As the pin enters my nipple, my clit begins to throb. I shutter.  What’s happening to me?  He pushes again driving in another inch, and I watch wide-eyed as my clit grows harder and tingles.  Another inch enters my nipple, and I find myself grinding my hips, my pussy meeting nothing but open air. I feel pain in my nipple but other parts of my body are reacting differently.


It’s all the way in.  Three inches of needle is embedded in each of my nipples and I’m getting excited.  What did he give me?  What was in that shot? I look at my poor nipples incredulously. It’s happening over again.


Shakiro then pushes my breasts to the right and then to the left, moving the needles within with each movement, and it excites me.  My pussy is getting wetter and wetter.  Something is happening within my body.  It scares me but excites me at the same time.


He sucks on my nipples hard, and I’m so much aware of the needles embedded in my nubs as he sucks on them. I try to thrust my tits up harder. My breasts are aching and on fire with a strange, deep burning, as though some venom is at work in my flesh. They ache and itch and I can do nothing about it.


Dr. Shakiro stands over me smiling. 


“You’re very needy right now, aren’t you, Gwen?”


“Oh God, yes,” I moan as I twist and turn in my bindings.  Everything is on fire. I need release.


He slides his fingers downwards and slips a single finger deeply into my pussy, teasing it around in me.  I go rigid, gasping, with my body arched up to his finger. He takes it out.

“No, please, put it back in me,” I cry.


He laughs.


“You want something in you, slut?” he asks.


“Oh God yes,” I moan in lust.


“Well, let me see what I can find for that nasty little pussy of yours,” he chuckles. 


I’m panting by now and overheating. I desperately need release. I have an itch that needs to be satisfied.  Shakiro returns with another syringe.


“What are you doing?” I cry.


“Oh just a little something for your clit.  Something I should have done the last time you were here.  This one shot will make it much larger. It’ll give you much more pleasure.”


Bigger!  More pleasure!  I can’t think straight.  I don’t know if I want that or not.  I need something in my pussy.  Maybe that will help.


Shakiro holds my clit between his thumb and forefinger and then takes the syringe and injects the solution into my clit.  He’s using me as his guinea pig!  He’s violating me and this has a strange kind of kinky appeal to me.


My clit throbs and then begins to grow right before my eyes. It is mind shattering.  I thought my clit was aching hard before, but as Dr. Shakiro sucks on it, it reaches a state of tortured engorgement I’ve never imagined possible. As his mouth leaves my clit, I can see that it is twice as large as it was before.  Is that possible? It’s huge, no longer peaking out from its hood but standing out large and bold.  It’s so sensitive.


I’m so fucking hot.  Somebody fuck me. Do something to me! I’m on fire. I’m such a slut!


“This new drug is working much better than I expected.  It’s surpassing my wildest expectations,” raves Shakiro.


“Fuck me, doctor! Please fuck me!” I scream as I grind my hips in the air.  My nipples tingle. I can feel the pins. I want him to touch them to move them in my nipples. Do something to me!  Don’t leave me like this!  I shake my breasts back and forth. I thrust my hips in the air.


The doctor stands by amused by my antics.


He comes in closer and lightly runs his finger over the tops of my breasts.  His touch is electrifying. 


“Do you want to cum, Gwen?” he asks.


“You know I want to cum, you bastard.  You did this to me,” I moan.


“Yes, I did, and my new drug is a major success.  You’re proving that right now!” he says as his finger lightly taps my engorged clit.  I jump.  His touch is magic.


“I can’t cum anyway – the rings,” I say with regret.


“Ah, but my drug can get you beyond the rings,” he says as he runs his hands over my inner thighs.


I hump the air trying to come in contact with his hand which is driving me crazy.


“What do you mean?” I ask my mind in a haze.


“When you reach the point of orgasm, you are shocked by the rings embedded in your nipples and your clit.  This immediately causes you to come down from that peak which you have reached until you reach a low point and the shocks terminate,” he says.


All this time his fingers trace patterns over my body causing me to shutter, aching for more.


“Yes, I know that,” I say irritated.  “It’s happened to me many times.”


“Well, with my drug, when the electric shocks hit, you don’t come down.  Of course, you feel the shocks as you normally would but you are able to ride them out until you reach a climax – a mind-blowing climax.  It takes a little longer, but it happens,” he says.


“You’re telling me that I can climax?” I ask incredulously.


“Yes, you can but there’s a price to pay – the shocks, and the window is very narrow.  You don’t have much time before the drug wears off. I gave you a very small dose,” the doctor says.


“Oh yes, please let me cum I’ll do anything. Please!” I beg.


“Anything, Gwen?” he asks.


“Oh God, yes, anything!” I moan as he continues to touch me.


“Alright, I’ll help you but only under certain conditions,” he says.


“Anything!”  I’m desperate, frustrated, horny, and going out of my mind.  My pussy is the center of my universe.


“First of all I will release your arms. From the time I release your arms you are to give your tits some attention,” he says.


“I can do that,” I moan. I would love to give my tits attention.


“You may not like what I have in mind, but it’s the only way,” he says.


“I’ll do anything,” I cry in frustration.


“Alright. You are first of all to play with those pins in your nipples.  Pull them out a couple of inches and then push them back in.  Push on your breasts moving those needles around inside them.  You are to smack your tits on their side, on the nipples, on the underside of your breasts. I want you to really abuse your breasts. You must do this until you cum,” he states.


He’s fucking sick.  He wants me to abuse myself!  Why doesn’t he pull on the pins?  Why make me do that to myself?


“Well, Gwen?”


I hate him.  He was supposed to check me out and make sure I was alright.  This is almost as bad as yesterday. I’m so horny. My enlarged clit is throbbing. My pussy is itching. I need release!


“I take it your silence means you don’t want to do this,” he says walking away.


“No, wait! I’ll do it,” I moan.


“Good!  Excellent! Now the second condition.  You are to let me put a dildo in your pussy,” he says.


“Yes,” I say quickly.  God just do it. I’m so fucking hot!


“Don’t be so fast.  Not just any dildo.  This is a special one,” he says as he walks over to the cabinet and retrieves a box.  “This is called ‘The Intimidator.” Ten inches long and four inches in diameter.”


“Four inches in diameter! It’ll rip me to shreds,” I scream.


“You underestimate the human body.  Your body is resilient, Gwen, and although it may be uncomfortable, you can accommodate ‘The Intimidator.’ The choice is yours,” he says smiling down on me no longer touching me.


I hump at the air in frustration. I try to move my legs to make contact with my clit. My breasts ache and tingle. I long to touch them.


“Alright! Alright! Fuck it! I’ll do it,” I moan still humping the air.


Dr. Shakiro smiles as he releases my arms from the metal bands.


“You may begin, Gwen,” he orders as he stands there and watches me.


My hands like magnets reach for my oversensitive tits. I squeeze my nipples feeling the pins buried inside.  I pull on the end of the pins slowly drawing the pins out of my nipples.  I groan as the pins retreat sending pulses directly to my enlarged clit. I look at my nipples fascinated as the pins withdraw slowly. Soon over two inches of the pins are out only less then an inch still buried in my nipple.  This is bizarre. I shouldn’t be doing this to myself.  It hurts but also sends shocks to my pussy and causes my clit to tingle even more.  I then start pushing them back in.  Oh God, they’re disappearing into my nipple.  I’m so sick but my breasts are so sensitive it’s starting to feel good.  What a perverted slut I am. 


I experiment and move the pins in and out faster and faster.  I push against the pins letting them explore new areas.  I’m getting so fucking hot doing this.  I’m such a slut. I’m so perverted.


The doctor then takes ‘The Intimidator’ and getting between my legs places it at the mouth of my pussy.  I’m sopping wet, but he reconsiders and coats ‘The Intimidator’ with K-Y jelly.  Then he pushes. It doesn’t move forward but the contact is wonderful.  I rotate my hips like a wanton slut wanting him to defile me, to fill me.  He maneuvers the head of the dildo so that my pussy lips surround it.  He pushes tentatively gaining maybe a half an inch but at least he’s in.  The end of the dildo is no where near the four inch diameter that awaits me.  This is only a warm-up.


“Yes! Yes! Fuck me!”


He pushes again, gaining another half inch.  My pussy lips are spread wide. My large throbbing clit can almost touch it!  I look down fascinated by the size of that thing as I slap my tits and pull on the pins.


Shakiro rubs my clit sending shocks through my system as he pushes with all his might sending three inches of ‘The Intimidator ‘ up my pussy and stretching my lips beyond belief. It feels like he’s going to rip me in two. I moan in pain but also lustful pleasure as I push the needles in and out of my nipples.


“Oh fuck, that feels so good!”


My pussy is stretched to grotesque proportions as two more inches enter me. The thought of how deeply it is violating me has a strange kind of kinky excitement to it.  I moan and move my hips as I abuse my tits playing with the pins and slapping my tits. Shakiro rubs and pulls on my clit driving me crazy, and I know I will soon peak.  With seven inches of the ten buried in my pussy, he starts moving ‘The Intimidator’ in and out of me feeding a little bit more into me with each thrust until all ten inches is buried in my over stretched pussy.


“Fuck me with it,” I shout, and he does.  He saws ‘The Intimidator’ and it out of my wet sloppy pussy as I slap the sides of my tits and pull those needles in and out.


“You like it, don’t you? You want me to do this? Yes? You want me to push ‘The Intimidator’ up your fucking pussy. I can feel you shaking... you really need it badly don’t you, you little whore. Would you like to cum?”




Fuck I’m so close. I know I’m going to cum.  Oh God I can feel it rising in my belly, and then out of the blue, I’m hit with electric shocks to my nipples and clit at the same time. My eyes roll back in my head.  Pain courses throughout my body. My teeth chatter.  I’m in excruciating pain but at the same time I’m not coming down.  I can feel the climax still building but the shocks continue. I’m shaking uncontrollable.  Shakiro continues to pound ‘The Intimidator’ in and out of my pussy.  He pulls and squeezes my clit.  I take the pins out of my nipples and start to jab my tits with the pins.


“FUCK ME HARDER,” I scream.


I have this demented desire to run the pins through the sides of my now hard throbbing nipples. I prick the outside of each nipple with the pins and look down at them.  Am I really doing this to myself? I push on the pins driving them through my nipples and right at that point, I cum. Oh my God I’m cumming. I’m really cumming!  It is glorious! Wave upon wave of pleasure course though my body. My pussy is fluttering but the electric shocks still rock my body. I’m overcome with waves of pleasure and pain at the same time and then everything goes black!



The Misadventures of Gwen

The Misadventures of Gwen


Chapter 20




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A week has past, and I have spent that time resting and recuperating from the ordeal with the doctor.  The last thing I remember is cuming like I‘ve never cum before. Waves of pleasure flowed through my body consuming me while at the same time the electric shocks delivered to my system though my nipples and clit increased.  Then I must have blacked out!   The next thing I remember is waking up in my own bed.


Physically there is no damage, and I feel much better, but I have changed.  The injection I received in my clit from Shakiro did enlarge my clit by over half an inch. It looks like the change is permanent.  Now, even when I walk my clit is stimulated and constantly hard. When I resume my morning walks, I can see where this will pose a problem. Well, a problem for me but a source of entertainment for the Marquis and his perverted friends. 


Also, my hair is now down to my shoulders. The rapid growth still continues. A hair stylist attends to my growing hair on a daily basis.


The massage therapist has also become part of my daily routine.  Tomorrow I start my daily exercise routine again.  Work on the movie has been postponed for a week to allow me to recuperate.  Actually, I haven’t seen the Marquis since the filming with Claudette.  Monique informs me that I will have audience with him today.


Emotionally I’m having a difficult time. I feel so used, and sometimes I think I’m my own worst enemy. I can be such a poor judge of character. I think this comes from being too trusting and taking people at face value.


I vaguely remember that day with Dr. Shakiro. I know he injected me with some drug that heightened all my senses. I also know that I agreed to abuse myself in order to cum, and this is what I have the most difficult time dealing with.  That I would purposely inflict pain on myself and take the chance of damaging myself in order to cum repulses me. I was driven to that point once before. What would possess me to do such a thing?  I know I was under the influence of drugs, but I submitted to the abuse.  I’m filled with shame. I’m not the person I use to be. I liked the old Gwen better.  Before this all happened to me, I felt much better about myself. Now I’m nothing more than a slut obsessed with satisfying my carnal desires.


The only thing I can say in my defense is that I didn’t ask to be this way. The Marquis de Sade made me this way! He turned me into what I am today, and I fear he isn’t done yet. I have this nagging feeling that he will continue to modify my body and mold me into who knows what. It’s strange that I referred to him by his full name. I never did that before. Maybe the fact that Claudette addressed him as de Sade might have triggered it. It doesn’t really matter, does it?  I just hope he isn’t as sadistic as his libertine great, great, great grandfather.


For the first time in a week I am fully dressed with my customary over the knee boots, cuffs, and, of course, custom bra.  Today’s color is a bright green.  This is new. I haven’t seen it before. I must get accustomed to these five inch heels after having a reprieve from them for a week.


After lunch Claire milks me. She has been distant lately and has very little to say.  She is acting very professional and businesslike, but sometimes I catch her staring at me.


When my milking is done, Monique escorts me to the Marquis.  As we walk down the hall, I am very conscious of my clit. My clit sticks well out of its hood and constantly rubs against it causing it to throb and get harder.  I now find I am very aroused just from walking. 


By the time we reach the Marquis, I am extremely horny and my pussy lips are swollen and throbbing.  Don’t think too badly of me. I can’t help it.  I can’t help what I have become.


I assume my normal subservient position not wanting to irritate the Marquis as I wait for him to finish up whatever he is doing.  He seems to be engrossed in some papers he’s reading.  After around ten minutes or so, he puts down his papers and approaches me.


“Well, Gwen, how you are feeling?” he inquires.


“Fine, sir,” I respond.


“That’s good to hear. I want you ready for next week’s shooting.  This movie is turning out much better than I ever imagined possible. Last Friday’s scene was absolutely amazing!” 


Last Friday.  What is he talking about? The scene with Claudette was last Thursday.


“Are you referring to the scene with Claudette that was taped last Thursday?” I ask cautiously.


“No, Gwen, I’m talking about the scene with Dr. Shakiro that was taped on Friday,” he says.


“You knew what was going to happen to me at the doctor’s?” I ask incredulously.


“Well, of course, I knew,” he responds.


“But I thought I was just going for a check-up to make sure I was alright,” I say.


“And that’s exactly what you were suppose to think, Gwen,” he snickers.


“But there were no camera’s in his office.”


“There most certainly were.  Three hidden cameras caught all the action.  Actually one was right above you that captured many excellent close-up shots of you.”


Oh my God, everyone will see what I did to myself! How I begged for “The Intimidator.”   How I abused my breasts with pins. Tears well up in my eyes as I think of the humiliation this video will cause me.


“Did you think for one minute that Dr. Shakiro would experiment on you with a new drug without my knowledge?  No, the whole thing was planned, Gwen.  Your lack of knowledge of the whole affair allowed you to be spontaneous,” he muses.


“How could you allow that to be taped,” I cry feeling like such a fool.


“Those things make for great movies, my dear.  This is no run-of-the-mill porn film.  I seek to titillate my viewers, to take them to new heights, to show them the extreme!” he continues as he paces back and forth in front of me.


Yes, but at my expense.  I have to pay the price. I have to be manipulated to new levels of depravity so you can “titillate” your viewers.  My self-worth and self-esteem has to be sacrificed.


“You’ve grown so quiet.  Is something wrong?” he asks.


Is something wrong! He really has no clue and doesn’t care. As long as I serve his purposes, nothing else really matters, does it.


“No, sir,” I say sadly.


He picks up the remote and unclasps my bra.  He then removes it and spends some time examining my breasts.


“It’s remarkable! There are absolutely no blemishes on your breasts.  No one would ever know that just over a week ago you were sticking three inch needles in them,” he remarks.


“I didn’t do it by choice, sir. I was drugged and duped into it as you very well know,” I blurt out not able to hold back my tears.


“Whether you did it by choice or not is of little consequence.  The fact remains that you did it!” he retorts slapping me across the face. “Dr. Shakiro’s drug simply heightened your sensitivity.  It wasn’t a mind control drug. You had a choice and you made it.”


“If I wasn’t under the influence of that drug, I would have never done that to myself,” I stubbornly reply trying to maintain some semblance of dignity.


“I beg to differ with you, Gwen.  You are a slut who thinks about nothing else but cuming. Look at your clit now.  It’s throbbing and hard.  All you think about is sex,” he says.


“My clit is throbbing and hard because he enlarged it again. It always sticks out now. It’s always sensitive.  I was never like this before I came here,” I cry.


“You may have never acted like this before, Gwen, but deep down your true nature was lying latent.  The slut in you was simply looking for an opportunity to take over, and now it has.  You love everything that I do to you.  When you think about it afterwards and even in the midst of your degradation, you get aroused.”


“You did this to me. I was never like that before,” I stubbornly retort.


“I’ve told you before to speak to me with respect.  Do I make myself clear?” he says as he grabs my nipples and squeezes and pulls them.


I cry out in pain.


“I think you like to be punished, Gwen. I think you are insolent on purpose so I’ll punish you,” he taunts me.


“I do not,” I say whimpering.


“Yes, I think you like nothing better than to get punished and to have an excuse to punish and abuse yourself, maybe not at a conscious level but subconsciously you do.”


I stand there silently. Why argue. I can’t win. He’ll only make life more miserable for me if I say anything else.


The Marquis looks at me, eyeing me up and down.  He is one of the few people that can make me feel self-conscious now. It’s almost as if he’s looking through me.  I’m feeling very uncomfortable right now.  It’s also becoming difficult to maintain this position in these five inch heels. 


Finally he breaks the silence.


“Gwen, what if I offered you an opportunity to cum right now?” he asks.


He’s got to be kidding.  To cum again in just over a week would be heaven, but there has to be a catch.  He’s anything but Mr. Nice Guy.


“Would you like that, Gwen? I thought that would make you happy?”


“Oh yes, sir, I would like that very much.”


“Yes, you like to cum because you’re a slut!”


Yes, sir, if you say so, sir,” I reply.


“I say so because it’s the truth!” he insists.


I need to keep my mouth shut before he gets riled. He stands close to me and reaches down to worry my clit as his questioning continues. 


“What would you do to be allowed to cum?” he asks.


“I’d do whatever you tell me to do,” I respond.


“Why would you do whatever I tell you to do?” his questions continue.


“Because you are the master. You own me,” I reply hoping this appeases him.


“The rules are changing for today, Gwen. You can say no and that’s perfectly alright. I’m not going to be upset one way or the other,” he says as he continues to play with me clit which is getting me highly aroused.


He knows what he’s doing.  I just wish I could figure out what his game is.  It’s hard to think clearly when he’s stimulating me like this.  I’m not complaining. I like the attention.  I just don’t know where this is all leading.


“Do you remember Dopey?” asks the Marquis.


“Oh yes, sir,” I quickly answer. Maybe too quickly.  How could I forget Dopey? How could any girl who has experienced Dopey forget him?


“Well, how would you like Dopey to bring you to orgasmic bliss” he asks.


“”I would like that, sir,” I answer.


“I’m sure you would,” he responds.


“What would you be willing to do if I brought Dopey up here right now?” he asks.


“I’m not quite sure I know what you mean, sir,” I answer.


“Everything comes at a price, Gwen.  Are you willing to pay the price?”


“What would that be, sir?” I ask


I know this can’t be good. I know he’ll want me to do something degrading, but I need to find out especially if it would mean some time with Dopey.


“Well, let me think!  What could I have you do? Something you might agree to seeing that you’re completely sober and not under the influence of any drugs.  Aaaaahhhhh, I think I have it,” he says.


He walks over to his desk and comes back with a small silver box.  He stands before me and resumes playing with my clit.  I wish he wouldn’t do that. I’m getting so aroused. It’s hard to think straight when I’m horny.


“You’re probably wondering what’s in this box. Would you like to guess, Gwen?” he asks.


“No, sir,” I reply.


“Not the adventuresome type, eh?  Well, Gwen, it’s something you’ve become very familiar with,” he says.


He then opens the box. My jaw drops open as I look upon the contents.  He can’t be serious?  Why would he want to do that to me again?  There’s no way. I absolutely refuse. After all, he gave me the choice.


“This one is only an inch and a half long! All you have to do is insert it in your nipple like you did the three inch ones. I would say that’s a bargain,” he says.


I stare at the pin which really doesn’t look too dangerous.


“After inserting these inch and a half pins in your nipples, we have some nice short half inch ones that you can insert all around the edge of your areolas.”


He’s serious. He really wants me to do this to myself.  Why doesn’t he do it to me?


“You can do that to me he you want, sir,” I replay.


“Oh no, Gwen, I’m not going to do anything to you.  You’re going to do it to yourself and only if you really want to. If you refuse, you can go back to your quarters and have a nice leisurely afternoon.  That will be the end of it! The decision is totally up to you. I’m not forcing you to do anything,” he says.


I know I should refuse and leave.  That would be the end of it, but the prospect of cuming and at the same time with Dopey is very tempting.

“Take a few minutes to think about it, Gwen,” he says with a smirk on his face.


My clit is throbbing. I’m highly aroused. I can feel an itch in my pussy that really needs attention.  The thought of Dopey’s seven inch tongue working its way into my pussy is making me wetter.  The slut in me wants that so much!


I didn’t like sticking those needles in my nipples.  Why did Claudette have to start with that stuff anyway?  These are only an inch and a half long. That’s not as bad as the others. They are painful, but they don’t cause any permanent damage.  And Dopey would be distracting me and countering any pain, I may feel.  Plus, they kind of get me aroused.


“Well, Gwen, have you decided?” asks the Marquis.


“Yes, sir,” I answer.




“I’ll do it, sir,” I stammer.


“You understand that this is your decision.  You have the right of refusal,” he says.


“Yes, sir,” I reply.


“You also understand that all that has happened thus far has been taped by hidden camera, and in all likelihood will be part of your debut motion picture?”


“I didn’t know that, sir,” I stammer somewhat taken aback by the fact that this was taped.


“Are you aware that I have hidden cameras?”


“Yes, sir.”


“Did I not tell you that everything that happened with the doctor was taped?”


“Yes, sir.”


“Didn’t the thought cross your mind that I might be taping this?”


“Well, sir, I never really thought about it.”


“That’s the point, Gwen. You don’t think, and that’s alright. I like you like that,” he laughs. “Sluts are not suppose to think.”


I look down.


“So you now understand that everything that has happened thus far has been taped?”


“Yes, sir.”


“And that everything that happens for the remainder of the afternoon will also be taped, only we will bring the film crew in to get some really good shots,” he adds.


“I do now, I guess.”


“Good! Just so there are no misunderstandings. I would hate to have you come back later and say you were used or mislead.”


Everything happens very quickly after that. A camera crew arrives and sets up. A large reclining chaise is the main focal point. In front of that is placed a full length mirror. I later find out that it is a Claudette Chaise.  How ironic that the very thing she introduced me to, I will perform on myself on a piece of furniture that bears her name.


The only attire I wear for this scenario is my over the knee boots.


One of the Marquis’s technicians places the small speaker in my ear so that the Marquis can give me directions. I now lay on the chaise with my legs straddling the sides. My pussy is completely exposed as the cameramen take some close-up shots. I anxiously wait for Dopey to arrive.  I can feel his long tongue right now licking my large clit, and then working its way down to my opening. I get wetter just thinking about it.


“Can you hear me, Gwen? If so, nod. We’re ready to begin,” he says.  It’s as if he’s whispering in my ear, but I can see he is over behind the cameras getting ready.  He’s probably waiting for Dopey.


“All right, Gwen, on the word action, get up and walk over to the vanity.  Pick up the silver box with the pins in it and walk back.  Lie back down on the chaise and make sure to spread your legs wide. Also, make sure your tits bounce up and down as you walk over and back,” he directs.


“All right, everyone, quiet on the set.  Lights! Camera! Action!”


I get up from the chaise and saunter over to the vanity. I know that all eyes are on me, and I’m being filmed by three cameras from various angles. Somehow this excites me.  I’m further excited by the prospects of what Dopey will soon be doing to me.  I pick up the silver box and walk back to the chase, my breasts bouncing seductively on my chest.  They shimmy unconfined with every step I take.  Back at the lounge I recline and spread my legs wide, revealing my huge clit and my puffy labia.


“That’s good, Gwen, nicely done. Now play with your nipples. Squeeze them, pull on them, just be creative,” directs the Marquis.


I take my nipples between my thumb and forefinger and roll them back and forth.  This is all new to me. I’ve never been allowed to touch myself before and certainly not to arouse myself.  I’m fascinated at how my nipples get even harder and the pleasure I can give them.  I look in the mirror, and I can see my large nipples being rolled between my fingers. I pull on them sending a charge to my already throbbing clit. I hope Dopey will soon be here, or should I say Shawn?  I remember back to that night he came to my chambers.  The love and concern he showed for me.


The Marquis’s words snap me out of my reverie.


“All right, Gwen, open the box and take out one of the inch and a half pins and look at it. Play with it. Tease your right nipple with it. Dopey should be here soon,” he directs.


As the cameras zoom in, I open the box and take out the pin. My right nipple is aching as I take the pin and run it all over it. It sends shivers up and down my spine.  I then circle my nipple with the pin and then around my areola further exciting myself.  I think about what I’m going to do with that pin. How I’m going to drive it into the end of my nipple.  I strangely get more excited at this thought. My pussy is dripping. My clit aches more than ever.


“Good, Gwen, that’s good. I can see you’re really getting into this. Now, take the pin and hold the point at the center of your nipple. Really play this out, and then slowing push the pin all the way into your nipple,” directs the Marquis.


It’s almost as if he’s right there by my side the way he whispers in my ear.  I’m so turned on. I take the pin and hold the point at the center of my right nipple. Flashes come back to me of when Claudette drove those two inch pins into my nipples, only this time it’s different. It is my choice. I decided to do this. That excites me even more as I moan feeling the tip of the needle against my nipple.


“Gwen, before you insert the pin into your nipple, I thought I would let you know that I also put several three inch pins in there in case you decide you might like to switch to them. Of course, it’s totally up to you. Considering you’re nipples are an inch and a quarter long, you might get more turned on by the longer needles.”


Oh God, three inch needles. I did do that last week, and there was no damage. This pin is awfully short. I look in the box and see the three inch needles gleaming as they stand out next to the one remaining inch and a half pin. Like a magnet my hand is drawn to them as I take one from the box and discard the shorter pin.  I moan as a place the tip against my nipple. I must look quite the sight sitting here on the chaise with my legs spread wide, getting off this way.  I push on the needle and it enters my nipple. I feel the sharp pain in my nipple caused by the intruder but at the same time my clit throbs and grows harder. I look at my nipple fascinated as I push and the pin disappears into my flesh. An inch and a half is already buried in my nipple.  I moan feeling so nasty. I take the other needle and place it on my left nipple.  I shiver. I then slowly push driving the tip forward into my nipple. I keep pushing and the pin disappears until half of it is buried.


“That’s great, Gwen. Don’t push them in any further yet.  They look so erotic sticking out of your nipples. Try squeezing your breasts and licking your lips. Look at the camera with that lustful look in your eye. Think about what Dopey’s going to do to you very soon.”


Oh yes, Dopey and that wonderful tongue not to mention his two cocks.  This time I won’t have to worry about being shocked. Dopey can bring me to orgasm. Oh my God, I can’t wait. These thoughts go through my mind as I squeeze my tits, watching the pins that protrude obscenely from my nipples. I can’t believe I’m really doing this.  I’m such a nasty slut!


I squeeze my breasts together feeling the pins move in my nipples which just further excites me. Oh, where is Dopey. I need him so badly right now. I hold my breasts up and lick my nipples. God, I’ve never done that to myself before. A chill runs up and down my spine.  When Dopey gets here, maybe he can lick my nipples too. The thought sends shivers up and down my spine.


I then lay back and play with the pins. I can’t hold off any long as I push on both of them at the same time and watch them slowly disappear into my nipples. They’re all the way in, and I’m so hot and turned on. I reach down to rub my clit.


“No, Gwen, don’t touch yourself there. Only your breasts,” the Marquis commands.


I instinctively obey.  I forget that any freedom I enjoy right now is only at the whim of the Marquis. 


I moan. My pussy is itching and in need of attention.  How I wish I could put my legs together and rub my clit. I’m so wet down there.


“Try smacking your nipples, Gwen. See if that excites you,” directs the Marquis.


Out of pure frustration I try it. I smack my left nipple which drives the pin in deeper sending waves of pain to my breast. I breathe faster and heavier as my chest heaves up and down. I then smack my right nipple sending waves of pain through that breast.  The pain dulls as my pussy gets wetter and wetter.  I find that this is getting me more excited. I continue to smack my nipples and moan with the pain and pleasure that courses throughout my body. I’m working myself up into a frenzy.


“That’s great, Gwen. Now just try to settle down a little bit,” directs the Marquis.


I lay back. My breasts heave up and down on my chest as I try to catch my breath. My hips are constant motion as the heat builds in my loins. I need Dopey. I look in the mirror and see a slut in heat, sexy and bizarre at the same time. My shoulder length hair framing my lust-filled gaze as I play with my large voluptuous breasts.


“Gwen, I just got a call that Dopey can’t be found. Evidently, he was mistakenly taken with the other dwarves for a night of entertainment at the Count’s gala event. I’m not quite sure what to do at this point,” he says.


“Cut! Everyone take a 20 minute break, and then we’ll continue filming,” says the Marquis to all present.


Everyone leaves to get refreshments in the other room, leaving me alone with the Marquis. 


“Ok Gwen, stand and assume the position,” he commands.


I get up from the chaise and lock my hands behind my head with my legs spread wide. The movement of my breasts makes me very much aware of the three inch pins still imbedded in my nipples.


The Marquis approaches and pushes on my nipples. He is fascinated by the pins buried in my nipples.


“How do they feel, Gwen?” he asks as he pulls the left one half way out and then slowly pushes it back in.


I close my eyes feeling the pin reenter my flesh, pain mixed with pleasure gives me conflicting signals.


“You like that, don’t you?   You enjoy sticking those pins in your tits, and I bet you’ll enjoy it just as much when you take those half inch pins and circle your areoles.”


“You promised that Dopey would be here if I agreed to do this,”


“There are some things that are beyond my control, but I promise you I will have someone here to bring you to a climax. I am a man of my word. I’m just not sure who, but the person will be here by the time you’re done inserting the other pins,” he says.


I know better than to argue with the Marquis. I can’t win. The fact that he’s still willing to let me cum is enough for me.  I must trust him. I’m in such a state now, there’s no turning back. I need to cum!


“What about one of the technicians?” I ask.


“Be serious, Gwen.  I can’t use some average schmuck in this movie. The person I use must be exceptional.  Dopey would have been perfect, but I will find someone else. I’m working on it as we speak.”


I’m just so hot. I wanted Dopey so badly.  I moan.


The Marquis leans over and takes my right nipple in his mouth. He sucks on it. I can feel the pin moving in my nipple as he applies pressure and moves his head slightly back and forth.  At the same time he reaches down and rubs his finger up and down my slit. I’m getting so aroused. He switches nipples as he continues to play with my pussy. My breath comes in short bursts as I get hotter and hotter, my breasts shimmying on my chest.


Just then the film crew returns, and the Marquis orders everyone back to their places. I once again lay back in the chaise with my legs spread. I’m now hotter than ever. My pussy is a swamp. 


“You look highly aroused, my little slut. Are you ready?  When the action begins, start pushing those half inch pins all round the outside of your areolas. Nod if you understand.” I hear a whisper in my ear.


I nod.


“All right, quiet on the set! Places everyone! Lights! Camera! Action!” directs the Marquis.


Besides the fact that I’m so hot and turned on, the bright lights are adding to my discomfort.  Shutting out the rest of the world, I take one of the short pins and place it at the top of my right areola and push. It breaks through and goes all the way in. I feel excruciating pain for only a moment as it soon begins to fade.  My clit is throbbing horribly. I take another pin and become obsessed with completing the ring around my nipple. Each pin produces the same result, an intense burst of pain that soon fades. By now my clit aches so badly. It sticks out begging for attention, but there is no one to attend to it. I want so badly to reach down and rub it. I want to bury my fingers in my pussy.  My hips move involuntarily trying to create some friction.


I then start working on my left nipple methodically placing the pins and pushing them all the way in. I can’t imagine how I look.  I know I’m getting dizzy from the arousal I’m feeling. I look up and into the mirror.  A wanton slut looks back at me with glazed eyes and a sopping wet pussy - I look and feel like a total slut.  I moan in lust!


“Gwen, you look quite hot. I think I’ve finally found a suitable replacement for Dopey. She’ll be on the set momentarily.  Let her take the lead.  Play out the rest of the scene her way.  I had to make several concessions. I promise you’ll be rewarded in the end,” the Marquis says.


Oh God, he’s finally found someone. It’s a female, but I don’t care. I just want her mouth all over my pussy devouring me so that I can get the release I need so badly. I’m so fucking hot. I need to cum.


Several minutes pass as I squeeze my breasts, mesmerized by the pattern formed by the pins. It’s so surreal. I can’t believe I actually did this to myself. How do I get myself in these predicaments?


A cleaning lady is walking onto the set. What is she doing here? My God, she’s ancient. She must be 90 years old. Her skin is all shriveled up and looks like leather. She’s using a cane.


She walks over to me and looks down.


“What have you done to yourself, Missy?” she asks in a crackling voice.


I just star at her dumbly.


She reaches down and grabs my breast with her bony hand. She squeezes and kneads it as she examines the pins.


“My god, how long is that thing,” she says as she starts to withdraw the pin from the center of my right nipple. I close my eyes very much aware of the pin being pulled out. I must bear this if I expect her to get me off. 


She then slowly pushes it back in and does the same to my left breast. This just arouses me even more. I’m getting dizzy.  I hump the air trying to make contact with anything.


“Before I do anything to that nasty looking pussy of yours, you need to take care of me first,” she crackles as she begins to remove her uniform.


What is she talking about! I’m the one who needs relief.


My jaw drops open as she undresses revealing a withered up leathery skinned body. She can’t weigh more than fifty pounds. Her breasts look like two flaps of skin hanging on her chest. She looks so emaciated, but that’s how old people look, I guess.  How could the Marquis think that this was a suitable replacement? I feel like crying, and I would if I wasn’t so aroused, so desperate.


After undressing, she pushes a button on the side of the chaise and it reclines putting me flat on my back with my legs still hanging over the sides of the chaise. She then takes my hands and places them above my head. For an old woman, she’s extremely strong. Immediate two cuffs are attached to my wrists immobilizing me.  What is going on? She acts as if she knows what she’s doing!


“There! That’s better, missy! Now you’re ready to service me. I’ve never been eaten out by such a young thing. This is really going to be a treat for me,” she laughs.


She then straddles my head so that she’s facing my breasts. I look up and see this old wrinkled pussy descending over my face. Oh God, no!  The smell is horrible! My nose is buried in the crack of her ass as I am forced to tongue her pussy. I need to work quickly to get her off. The sooner this is over the better. My tongue and lips work frantically on her pussy for now I find I can’t breathe. My air supply has been cut off.


Then I feel a smack to the side of my left breast.  God that hurts! It’s followed by a smack to my right breast. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!  Four more slaps follow in quick succession knocking my boobs left and right. The old lady then hits me directly on my right nipple eliciting a scream from me that is lost in her pussy. Another direct hit on my left nipple follows.


Somebody help me! My breasts are racked with pain, and I can’t breathe.


She suddenly raises herself allowing me to gulp in much needed air. I’m hyperventilating. This is not at all what I expected.


I see black again as her pussy descends over my face. She then grabs my breasts and squeezes as she grinds her pussy all over my face.


“Stick that tongue out, Missy, and lick. I’m going to cum,” she pants as her pace increases.


I lick and suck as her old, shriveled, wet, sopping pussy grinds down smearing my face with her juices.  She uses my breasts as handles to gain leverage as she grinds away. I can hear her panting as she approaches her climax.


“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, oh yes, suck little Missy. I’m cuuuummmmiiinnggg,” she screams as her pace increases.


My face is buried in her pussy as she cums in my mouth.   I lap and suck and swallow as fast as I can. She then settles down and sits on my face for some time, occasionally raising herself so that I can quickly catch my breath.  She seems to be fascinated with my breasts and the pins embedded in them. As she grinds her pussy on my face, she very slowly starts taking out the smaller pins.  I can feel them tug on my breast as they are withdrawn. My pussy aches longing for the attention this old hag’s pussy is getting.


She finally gets up and off of me. All of the small pins are gone but the two long three inch pins are still embedded in my nipples. 


“You really need to guard against infection, missy,” she says as she picks up a bottle of alcohol that seems to have materialized out of nowhere.  She pours it all over my nipples.


“Aaaaaaggggghhhhh,” I scream as the alcohol burns, seeping into all the tiny openings around my areolas. 


“Now, that’s better. No chance of infection,” she cackles.


“Please make me cum!” I plead.


“Well…” she says as she squats down between my legs.


“My God that clit of yours is huge, and I can see it throbbing. Why I’ve known some guys that have smaller pricks than that,” she cackles.


This is not at all what I expected. 


She bends her index finger and holds the tip with her thumb. She then releases it flicking her index finger into my clit.


“Ouch! What are you doing, you bitch! Don’t do that to my clit. Don’t you know how sensitive an aroused clit is,” I scream.


She looks at me almost ready to break into tears. Then she gets up!


“What are you doing? Why did you get up?” I ask.


 “I will not eat the pussy of anyone who calls me names and yells at me like that. I’m out of here,” she says as she gathers her clothes and leaves.


“No, wait, you can’t go! You can’t leave me like this. You have to make me cum!” I scream as she leaves the set.


“SOMEBODY MAKE ME CUM!” I scream. “I NEED TO CUM!”  Then I begin to sob uncontrollably. I can’t even move my arms.


“Cut! That’s a wrap! Pack up! We’re done for the day,” orders the Marquis.


There’s a flurry of activity around me as the Marquis comes over and releases my arms. I sob uncontrollably.


“Get a hold of yourself, Gwen,” he orders.


“It’s not fair. She was supposed to make me cum. Instead, I end up making her cum. It’s not fair,” I cry.


“You shouldn’t have insulted her. She’s very sensitive,” the Marquis states.


“Did you see what she did to my clit?” I ask hysterically.


The Marquis slaps me across the face. 


“Get a hold of yourself. This behavior is not acceptable! Now, assume the position,” he orders.


I spread my legs and lock my hands behind my head in obedience to the Marquis.


He takes the end of each pin and slowly withdraws them from my nipples watching my face the whole time.


“I need to cum. You promised,” I whisper in desperation.


“Because of your poor behavior, Gwen, you will not be allowed to cum. I now have to go find that woman and apologize to her.”


I cry hysterically but the Marquis will have no part of that as he slaps me hard across the face demanding silence.


I force myself to settle down feeling once again tricked and used. I suspect he never intended to let me cum in the first place.  I should have refused his offer instead of agreeing to subject myself to such perverted activates.


Evelyn will be here momentarily to take you back to your quarters.  Before retiring this evening, I expect you to compose a letter of apology to that old woman. That’s certainly no way for you to speak to a senior citizen.


I’m returned to my quarters despondent. I’m numb. I can’t believe the events of this day. It’s all a bad dream.  I’ve never felt so used.


I’m milked, fed, and bathed. Then I’m forced to draft a letter of apology. I’m not even sure what I’m apologizing for. She flicked my clit painfully.  She should be apologizing to me.


I’m sent to bed early with no further incident. I lay there horny and aroused never receiving the fulfillment I was promised.  Physically and mentally I am a mess. I was duped again. I was tricked by the Marquis.  The first time with the needles I could blame Claudette. I was bound. I had no choice. The second time with Dr. Shakiro, I was under the influence of drugs.  This time I have no excuse. I made the choice. There was no coercion. I could have said no and returned to my chambers, but the Marquis knew my weakness. He knew I would choose to satisfy my lust especially with Dopey, and I did. I played right into his hands.  Only he never intended on letting Dopey satisfy me. He added insult to injury by having an old woman use me, and like a fool I practically begged her to get me off. How could I stoop so low?


I cry most of the night ashamed of myself. How strange that something that would have made me cringe only a short time ago, I can so easily talk myself into doing to satisfy the itch in my cunt.  It’s true. I’m nothing more than a slut. I like to be used. I like the perverted things the Marquis does to me. I live for it.


Toward morning I drift off to sleep out of sheer exhaustion. What will this day bring?


The Misadventures of Gwen

The Misadventures of Gwen


Chapter 21




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Several days have past, and for the most part I have been left alone.  My nipples are sensitive but I have physically recovered from the events of that day.  I haven’t seen the Marquis and that’s a good thing.  I’m too embarrassed to face him right now. I made such a fool of myself.  My hair continues to grow at an accelerated rate. At least that’s one consolation for me.


My daily routine has returned to normal including the exercise program that has been set up for me. I find the morning walks are very arousing now that my clit is so much bigger. It’s still hard and throbs most of the time. It’s a constant reminder to me of my horniness. Sometimes I’m scared, knowing deep down inside that I will probably agree to just about anything to have an orgasm. I think about it all the time. I also have many fantasies where I’m the victim being used by others for their pleasure. That really turns me on. What’s happening to me? Why do I have these sick twisted visions?


Even my chambermaids are distant. They no longer take advantage of me like they did before. It’s because they’re always being monitored. The Marquis knows everything that goes on here, and they now realize that.  I miss the attention they used to give me.  I like it when they use me and make me do nasty things to them.


I’m told that the Marquis will see me today. I wonder if the filming of his movie will resume.  What bizarre situation will he expose me to next?  I get wet thinking about it.


After lunch and my midday milking, I am taken before the Marquis. I am somewhat anxious not really knowing what to expect.  When I enter, the Marquis is engaged in conversation with an elderly woman. I assume the position as they continue to talk, ignoring me.  It suddenly dawns on me that this is the woman who sat on my face, used me, and then stormed off because I dared to complain that she abused my clit.


The events of that afternoon come back to me like a bad dream, filling me with shame and remorse for the poor choices I made.  They continue to engage in light conversation, oblivious to my presence.  I thought the Marquis might be glad to see me, but obviously he isn’t.


After some time, the Marquis looks up and sees me standing there.  He walks over and greets me.


“Good afternoon, Gwen. Do you remember Grace?” he asks.


“Yes, sir,” I respond with no emotion in my voice.


“Grace received your written apology, but I thought that hearing it from you might be nice,” he says.


Again he continues to torment me. He knows I was perfectly justified to scream out, considering how she was hurting and abusing me. She was being nasty and malicious. There was no reason for what she did to me. Now, he wants to rub it in my face and make me apologize to her.


“You seem quiet, Gwen, is there a problem?”


“No, sir.”


“Good, then I’ll leave you with Grace for a few minutes while I get some things in order. I’ll be back shortly.  Then we can put this little incident behind us and move forward.”


This isn’t happening. He’s not going to leave me alone with her, is he? There’s something about her I don’t like.  Actually, there are a lot of things about her I don’t like. She’s a nasty old hag.


The Marquis leaves, and Grace walks over to me. I notice she has the small remote in her hand. Why would the Marquis give that to her!


She stands in front of me, looking me up and down.  I try to avoid eye contact but I can’t help but notice her skin, so wrinkled and leathery.  She looks like one of those survivors from a WW II concentration camp, emaciated, nothing but skin and bones.


“The Marquis said there was something you wanted to say to me,” Grace says.


“Yes, Ma’am, I’m sorry about what happened the other day,” I force out.


She stares at me as her boney finger traces a path between my cleavage. My skin crawls. I can’t help but grimace at her touch.


“I don’t think you’re sorry at all, Missy” she says with venom in her voice as her right hand draws into a fist, rears back, and delivers a surprisingly hard blow to my solar plexus.  I double up in pain, surprised and totally caught off guard. As I bend over, holding my stomach, she grabs my breasts and squeezes them viciously.


“Aaaaaaaaggghhhh,” I scream, startled by her sudden cruelty.


“You’re out of position. Get back in position immediately. I don’t think the Marquis would appreciate your poor behavior.”


I painfully straighten up, spread my legs, and lock my hands behind my head. I’m filled with dread, standing here totally vulnerable to this old bitch whose only intent seems to be to make me miserable.


“That’s better, Missy. I thought we could start all over, but you seem to be harboring some ill will,” she whispers as she draws closer to me, reaching down and running her bony finger up and down my clit.  “The other day I was just mesmerized by your clit. It is so large and hard. I never saw one that big before, and you screamed at me.”


“You flicked my clit,” I blurt out.


SMACK! SMACK! She slaps me across the right cheek and then does the same to the left, rocking me back and forth.


“Did I ask you to speak?” she asked.


“No, ma’am,” I respond.


“Don’t speak unless asked to,” she retorts with venom in her voice as she picks up the remote.


“I find this remote fascinating. I only have one for my TV. I never saw a remote that controls a person. You are a person, aren’t you? You don’t need to answer that. It was a joke. Let’s see what this button does,” she cackles as she pushes one of the buttons.


Suddenly my bra comes alive, massaging my breasts.  The feeling is exquisite.  Grace has an evil grin on her face as she once again runs her finger up and down my large, throbbing clit.  It doesn’t take much for me to get highly excited. My pussy is already oozing.


“What a slut, you are,” she says as her tactics change. She takes her open hand and slaps my pussy.  She continues to do this as the bra works on my highly sensitive breasts.  I don’t care. I like that too. I can’t believe that this old bitch is getting me so excited.


“I bet you would like it, Missy, if I started to eat out that overheated pussy of yours?” she asks.


“Oh, yes,” I respond hopefully.


“Fat chance,” she says as she breaks out in laughter.


She then pushes a button on the remote and the bra ceases its wonderful massaging. I stand there panting, so hot and horny. I need to cum. She has worked me up to fever pitch in a relatively short period of time. 


She pushes another button and the clasp on my bra releases. She then pulls the cups back, releases my large breasts, and takes the bra completely off.


She stands back, looking at my breasts as she licks her lips.  I’m totally vulnerable, standing there with my hands locked behind my head and my breasts jutting out.


She takes my nipples and rolls them between her fingers. I whimper, knowing what she might do to me.  She then takes her dentures out of her mouth, giving me a toothless grin. She reaches for my hair and yanks on it pulling my head back and forcing my breasts to thrust out. She then lowers her head, taking my left nipple in her mouth. She sucks on it teasing it with her tongue and gums. Then she takes it between her gums and tugs on it, pulling my breast out of shape as she continues to pull my hair.  Pleasurable feelings are communicated to every part of my body as my clit aches and my pussy itches.  I need something in my pussy. Anything!


She then does the same thing to my right nipple, getting me more and more excited with each passing moment.


She releases my hair and stands back looking at me.


“You are so fucking kinky,” she says.


My eyes well up with tears.  What can I say?


“Look at those huge tits, the rings in your pussy, the stud in your tongue!  Your mother would be ashamed!  It’s a good thing you’re not my daughter!”


SMACK! SMACK!  She then rears back and smacks my right breast on the side and then my left. My breasts sway to and fro on my chest, shaken by the force of the blows.  She’s extremely strong for an old woman. The blows continue. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!


My mind is in turmoil. I don’t know what to do. I’m helpless. Where is the Marquis?


“Down on your knees, slut!” she commands.


What choice do I have? I drop to my knees before her. 


“Spread those legs wide. I want to see that nasty pussy of yours!”


I spread wide feeling totally humiliated.


She then picks up the remote and pushes several buttons. My clit and nipple rings come to life, sending wonderful waves of pleasure throughout my body.  My clit throbs, taking on a life of its own. My pussy juices, as my labia flutters.


“If you continue like this, you won’t last much longer, and you know what happens next, don’t you, Missy.”


Oh God, no! I don’t want to be shocked again.  Why doesn’t she leave me alone?


She raises her skirt revealing her ugly shriveled up pussy, the lips hanging there from years of use.


Holding up the remote, she says, “I’ll turn this off when I cum and not a minute sooner. So you better get busy. It’s in your best interests to make me cum before you do.”


The old bitch!  She’s using me, and I have no choice but either eat her disgusting pussy or receive a 120 volt charge to my clit and nipples. And the worst part of it all is that the charges won’t stop until she cums.


I whimper and cry as I move my mouth forward towards her old smelly cunt, knowing I have no other choice. 


“You better work fast, Missy. I don’t think you’re going to last much longer, and I want to feel that stud in your tongue all over my pussy and clit,” she snickers.


I frantically lick her wrinkled pussy lips and seek out her clit, hoping to get her off fast. My mouth is everywhere as I lick and suck and bury my tongue deep inside her. I’m so disgusted with myself, but what choice do I have. I move my right hand to her clit, but she stops me.


“No hands. Only your mouth, Missy,” she orders as she grabs me by the hair, manipulating my head by violent tugs.


I redouble my efforts as I use every trick I know to get her off, but I’m fighting a losing battle.  I’m so close and know that I won’t last much long. The rings are doing a job on me and driving me closer and closer to that point of no return. Oh God, I’m so close as I drive my tongue up her pussy trying to push her over the edge. My head reels from the pungent smell emanating from her old shriveled up twat. She mashes her sloppy gash all over my face as I suck and lick. She grabs me by the hair with her bony hands, pushing me deeper and deeper against her groin.


But the battle is lost as I feel that intense throbbing emanate from my clit. I’m ready to explode when suddenly….


“Aaaaaaagggggghghhhhhh,” wave upon wave of electricity courses through my body. The pain is unbelievable as I fall over onto my back, shaking out of control.  My breasts quiver on my chest, milk seeping out of my large, hard nipples as electricity flows through them.


“The pain won’t stop, Missy, until I cum,” she reminds me.


She sits on my face as I drive my tongue into her sloppy pussy. My body quivers involuntarily as shock after shock continues to violate my nervous system.  I suck on her pussy lips and seek out her clit as my legs shake and my body flops around on the floor, filled with shock after agonizing shock.


“Oh, yessssssssssssssss,” she screams as she finally reaches a climax, frantically moving up and down on my face.  She pushes down hard, cutting off my air supply, but thankfully the shocks have ceased. She enjoys the aftermath of her climax as she rubs her pussy all over my face and makes me clean her out thoroughly with my tongue.


She gets up and straightens out her skirt.


“Get up, Missy,” she orders.


I slowly rise still shaken by the shocks to my system. I must look a mess.  I assume the position barely able to lock my hands behind my head.  My breasts are still quivering.


Grace moves in close. I can smell her rancid breath.  She squeezes my tits and works her way down to my nipples which she rolls between her thumb and forefinger.


“That was a pleasant surprise, Missy,” she whispers in my ear.  “Too bad I can’t make you cum, too.”


She snickers as she puts my bra back on me leaving me once again highly aroused.


Just as my bra snaps back in place, the Marquis returns.


“Well, Grace, I hope Gwen was able to convey to you how sorry she is,” remarks the Marquis as he approaches me.


“Oh, yes, Marquis, she was quite the lady this time. Apology accepted,” Grace says as she walks to the door and leaves.


I was used again. Through no fault of my own, I once again find myself in a compromising position where I’m forced to engage in a disgusting act that I would never consider under any other circumstances. I hope he never finds out!


“Well, let’s get down to the reason why you’re hear today,” says the Marquis.  “I’m not very happy with you, Gwen.  You have a very poor attitude.  Consider all that I have done for you?” He lets the question hang out there.


Oh sure, let’s look at what you have done for me. I was once a fairly well adjusted young woman who enjoyed the simply things in life – a walk in the park, a romantic dinner, cooking. Now, look at me.  My mind is constantly plagued with one thing – cumming!  You’ve turned me into a lust-crazed slut!


You’ve also turned me into a freak! You took from me my long beautiful hair which is now growing back no thanks to you. You enlarged my already large breasts. You made me a milker. You enlarged my nipples and clit that are now always extremely sensitive. You pierced my tongue, my labia, and the list goes on.


I no longer wear clothes.  My outfits are a convenience for you. You make me engage in every manner of perverted activity for your amusement, and you make me like it!


“Well!” he says bringing me back to reality.


“Well what, sir?” I ask.


“Well, have you considered? Have you heard anything I’ve said?” he asks, growing more irritated.


“Oh, yes, sir,” I say.


“You have an air about you, Gwen.  Even when you say ‘yes sir’ there’s a tone in your voice that conveys an arrogant attitude. Somehow I suspect I’m going to have to help you to realize that being humble is in your best interests,” he says.


“But I am grateful, sir,” I protest.


“Your response shows me that you are not, but, mark my words, you will be,” he says.


What does he want from me?  I have complied with all his demands. What choice do I have?


“Your rudeness to Grace is a perfect example.  As my property, you have no right to ever address anyone in my home in that manner.  The lowest servant in my household is more worthy than you and deserves your respect and obedience. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes, sir,” I respond as meekly as possible. Something tells me I should not rile the Marquis right now even if I do feel that he’s being totally unfair. And the truth be known, it really doesn’t matter what I think, does it?


“I’m beginning to think that Maxine is right. I’ve been much too easy on you. Before we finish your movie, I think some training might be in order. As a matter of fact, Maxine is here now, and you will be at her disposal after being milked.”


Claire is summoned and I am dismissed. I don’t understand what has caused the Marquis to be so upset and irritated with me. I am the victim. I’m the one who is constantly duped. I’m the one who suffers for the amusement of others.




After my milking, I am taken to Maxine.  I was hoping I would have a reprieve from the bitch until after the filming was completed.  No such luck.


Maxine is waiting for me and wastes no time.  I stand before her in my subservient position while she inspects me.


“I love your hair!” she says as she runs her fingers through my long blonde tresses. “And I see you’re a natural blonde.  Mmmmm, this gives you a whole new look.”


“Thank you, mistress.”


“Well, I heard you’ve had quite a time over the last week or so.  You are a nasty little slut. I heard about some of the things you did to yourself.  Did you really push a three inch needle into your nipple?”


“Yes, mistress.”


 “Nasty,” she taunts me as she removes my bra.


She inspects my nipples and then rubs them until they are hard.


“There doesn’t seem to be any damage, and they certainly are very responsive.  As a matter of fact, I bet your pussy is dripping wet right now.”


Maxine then takes my nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezes them hard. She keeps applying pressure to my nipples as she watches me grimace in pain. I don’t dare say anything for fear of making her angry.


“Do you like this, Gwen?” she asks.


“Yes, mistress,” I answer.


“If you like it then thank me, slut!”


“Thank you, mistress.”


“Thank you, what?”


“Thank you for squeezing my nipples, mistress,” I respond.


“That’s better,” she says as she releases them.


She then rubs my breasts, squeezing and kneading them.


“The Marquis isn’t very happy with you right now, Gwen.  You might say you’re on his shit list. He thinks you’re much too arrogant and wants me to knock you down a peg or two. I must agree with him. You do need some intensive training in not only being obedient but in having the proper attitude. So let’s begin.”


She leads me over to a corner of the room where a treadmill is set up.


“Get on,” Maxine orders.  “You spend much too much time as a lady of leisure thinking about self-gratification rather than getting physically motivated. I would hardly call that leisurely workout you have every morning a real workout. Let’s put you through your paces and see what you can do,”


Maxine attaches my wrist cuffs to the bars on the side of the treadmill and then pushes a button setting it in motion.  I find I can easily keep up even though I am wearing five inch heels.  So far this is a piece of cake.


“We’re only getting warmed up, slut. I don’t want to wear you out all at once,” she taunts me.


After ten minutes at this pace I begin to tire. Maxine watches me intently, making rude comments as I walk.


“Let’s step it up a little.  You’re much too comfortable at this level.”


She pushes a button and the treadmill speeds up. She pushes another button and the treadmill inclines a few degrees. Now, not only do I have to move faster, I have to walk on an incline.  I have all I can do to keep up. I look in the mirror in front of me and see my tits bouncing up and down on my chest. I also start to sweat as a sheen covers my body.  Walking in these heels is impossible.


“That’s better, slut.  Remember, no pain, no gain.  You just concentrate on keeping up with the treadmill rather than thinking about satisfying those nasty slutty urges of yours,” she continues to taunt me.


She again increases the speed of the treadmill. To make it even more difficult, she has a thirty inch riding crop that she starts to apply to me.  She takes great delight in swatting my tits with it!  They are her prime target.  SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!


“Feel good, slut?”


“Yes, mistress,” I manage to reply. I’ll give her no satisfaction.


I’m tiring very quickly, and every bone in my body aches.  To make matters worse, my breasts begin to leak milk as they bounce wildly on my chest.


“You’re working up quite a sweat, slut.  That’s good for you. It’ll keep your mind off that nasty little pussy of yours.”


I can’t go on like this much longer.  I can barely put one foot in front of the other.  I’m losing my footing. Then suddenly the treadmill slows down.  I’m moving now at a more manageable pace but Maxine increases the incline of the treadmill so that I’m walking uphill. 


She moves around behind me and starts swatting my ass with her riding crop.


“Keep moving, slut.  You can do it!”


I’m now panting heavily. My chest aches from the exertion. I’m sweating profusely. I’m feeling nothing but sheer exhaustion.  The upward climb is getting unbearable. I don’t know how much of this I can take.


Maxine moves around to my side.  She leans in, yanks my hair back, and  kisses my neck, moving closer to my ear.


“Are you getting tired, baby?” she whispers.


“Oh God, yes. I’m exhausted,” I pant.


“Do you want to stop?”


“Oh, please, yes, mistress!”


Don’t worry.  We’ll stop soon. You only have another 25 minutes to go,” she whispers in my ear as she nibbles on it.


No! No! I can’t do this for 25 more minutes. I’ll die. I’m exhausted already! I’m finding it difficult to breathe and my chest hurts.  Tears escape from my eyes and flow down my cheeks.


“Don’t cry, baby.  Maybe there’s another way.  Do you really want to get off the treadmill?” she asks as she reaches down and seeks out my nipples.


“Oh, yes, mistress,” I beg.


“Well, maybe there’s a way.”


There’s a moment of silence as she pulls and tugs on my nipples, getting them rock hard.  I find it harder and harder to breathe.


Maxine stands in front of me as I labor on the treadmill, watching me as if in deep thought.  


“I think I’ve got it, baby?” Maxine asks as she runs the tip of her finger over my lips.


I look at her hopefully, gulping in large breaths of air as I continue to labor on the treadmill.


“I know someone who would love to fuck you up the ass, and he happens to be here right now. All you have to do is agree, and I can turn off the treadmill,” Maxine explains as she continues to run the tip of her finger over my lips and into my mouth.


“The decision is yours, baby,” she sweetly says. She steps up the speed of the treadmill. “You decide – the treadmill or some anal action.”


I hate the bitch.  She stands there smirking at me! She knows there’s no decision to make.  I can’t go another 25 minutes on this treadmill. I’ll drop from sheer exhaustion.


“Have you decided, baby?” she asks.


What choice do I have? I can’t continue on here any longer with these five inch hells.  Besides I like anal sex. A good hard prick up my ass would feel good right about now.  Obviously, the dumb bitch doesn’t know me very well. 


“Yes, mistress, he can do it to me.”


“Do what to you?”


“He can put his thing up my butt.”


“Let’s call it what it really is, Gwen! Tell me what you want him to do to you.”


I hate her. She’s going to make me beg. Why doesn’t she just bring him in and get it over with. It’s not my decision to make. I have no choice.


“Gwen, I’m waiting.  Either tell me what you want him to do to you, or I’ll simply leave until your 25 minutes on the treadmill is up!  Don’t waste my time!” Maxine says, showing some irritation at my silence.


Alright, I’ll play her little game.


“He can fuck me up the ass.  He can stick his goddamn prick up my rectum, Mistress.”


“So let me understand what you’re saying.  You want this stranger to fuck your ass rather than you getting some good old fashioned exercise on the treadmill.”


“Yes, Mistress,” I manage to say as I begin to get cramps.


“Ask me, then.”


Oh God, I need to get off of this thing. I can’t take it any more.


“Please let your friend fuck my ass, Mistress.”


“Beg me, slut!”


Oh no, please don’t do this to me.  Isn’t the act bad enough? Now I have to beg for it!


“Oh, Mistress, please let your friend take me up the ass.”


“Really, Gwen?”


“Oh yes, Mistress, I want his cock all the way up my ass,” I beg, wanting only to get off this treadmill.


“Well, if that’s what you really want, but remember it was your choice.  Don’t blame me if you don’t like it. Your wish is granted.”


With that said she turns off the treadmill, and it returns to a horizontal position. I pant totally out of breath.  I’m so exhausted. I need to rest.


“The Marquis said that if you agree, he wants it filmed for his movie.  The film crew is waiting to record this momentous occasion. This should be quite an amazing sight.


I was feeling somewhat apprehensive.  It’s almost as if Maxine is keeping something from me.  I’ve been taken up the ass before. This is no big deal.  I’m panting, trying to catch my breath as the doors suddenly open and the film crew enters with cameras and bright lights.  They are followed by the Marquis himself who enters sporting a big grin.


Things then happen very quickly. I’m released from the treadmill and a chain is lowered and attached to my wrist cuffs.  The chain is then raised, lifting my arms until I am standing on my toes.  My breathing is labored as my sweaty breasts heave up and down on my chest.


The Marquis approaches.


“Well, Gwen, you are so predictable. I knew you would agree. I was watching from the other room. Of course, you know that everything up until now was filmed. For a minute there I thought you might not agree.  What a disappointment that would have been,” says the Marquis.


Something is definitely amiss.  What did I agree to? I try to recall everything that was said between me and Maxine. I agreed to let some stranger take me up the ass. That is all. Nothing else was said. Is he just trying to scare me?  Is he playing mind games with me again?”


A large chair is positioned behind me.  The chair is high, higher than a bar stool. It has a good sized leather seat and back.   It strikes me as strange. This is not an average sized chair for an averaged sized person.


Maxine walks up to me and whispers in my ear, “Baby, you are one brave girl.  But if anyone can do it, I know you can.”


She runs her hands up and down my body, lingering to squeeze my nipples, making them hard before traveling down to my pussy and playing with my clit.  Then she moves behind me.


“Lower the chain,” she orders. “Spread your legs wide, Gwen. I want to make sure you’re well prepared.”


I spread my legs wide and any remaining slack in the chain is removed.  Maxine slides her hand down my body and cups my ass. She then presses a finger loaded with K-Y jelly against my little anal opening.  She pushes it in, forcing the tip through my sphincter and screwing it in up to the first joint, then the second, and finally all the way to the knuckle. A camera comes in for a close-up of Maxine in action.


"Nice, tight little asshole," Maxine whispers in my ear.


Maxine pumps her finger up and down inside my rectum.  She then adds another finger and works two fingers deep inside me.


“Feel good, baby,” she whispers as she nibbles on my ear. “I want you well prepared.  Let’s try something a little bigger.”


She barks out a command and one of the technicians brings her a large black dildo that has bumps and ridges all over it.  It’s about eight inches long and rather thick.


“Mmmmmmmm, this should do nicely.  It’s only two and a half inches in diameter, but it should loosen you up somewhat,” she whispers as she withdraws her fingers and presses the head of the well-lubricated dildo against my anus.


Oh my God, she’s pushing that huge dildo up my ass. I feel so full as my sphincter muscle tightly grips that two and a half inch monster.  She works slowly inching the dildo further into my rectum. As she does this, she nibbles on my ear and neck.  Her other hand roams, squeezing my breasts, my ass, and teasing my hard aching clit.


“You’ll thank me later, baby.”


In spite of the pure exhaustion I feel, the slut takes over in me, and I find myself getting aroused by the black intruder invading my ass. I gyrate my hips making it easier for Maxine to push her black monster up my rectum. I feel so full. 


“Getting hot, aren’t you, baby?” she asks.


“Oh yes, Mistress,” I respond.


Maxine continues to manipulate my body, further arousing me as the black ribbed dildo inches its way up my rectum. She grabs my hair, forcing my head back and making my breasts stick out from my chest.  My ass clamps down on the back invader.  The cameras continue to film all that is happening to me.


After some time Maxine has managed to bury the dildo completely up my ass.  She then works it in and out, stretching my rectum to receive the intruder more readily.  She concentrates on my breasts which are now filled, ready to be milked.  My poor neglected clit twitches, yearning for some attention.


Maxine steps back leaving the dildo buried in me.  I stand there with my legs spread wide, my arms stretched overhead by the chains, aroused by Maxine’s manipulation of my body.


Looking straight ahead, the door to the room suddenly opens.  My eyes open wide, my mouth drops open, and I try to scream but nothing comes out. I’m in shock. I can’t believe my eyes.  This must be a nightmare.  This can’t really be happening.


Maxine walks in front of be and fondles my breasts.


“What’s the matter, baby?  You said this is what you wanted.  You begged for it. This is the choice you made.”


“You deceived me,” I cry.


Maxine slaps me hard across the face.


“I did no such thing. You didn’t want to exercise on the treadmill any more.  You’ll have to live with your decision.”


Maxine walks over to the Marquis.


The figure in the doorway steps forward.  He must be at least seven feet tall.  He’s huge.  He’s all muscle and a giant. I’ve never seen anyone this huge in my life.  He wears only a towel wrap around his waist, hiding that part of himself that will soon attempt to fuck me in the ass.


As a child I loved “Jack and the Beanstalk,” but I never knew I would be face to face with the giant of my childhood.  He’s bigger than the incredible Hulk!


I’m on emotional overload. I’m presently highly aroused with that black dildo penetrating my ass, my nipples and clit are rock hard, but at the same time I’m totally exhausted. My legs ache from the workout on the treadmill and the position I now have to maintain. My chest heaves more from the shock of seeing this monster rather than the exertion suffered on the treadmill.


He stands there ogling me while he licks his lips.  I feel so self-conscious and definitely at a disadvantage.


“She’s beautiful,” he grunts as drool escapes from his lips and runs down his chin..


I’m immediately repulsed by his reaction. The lustful look in his eyes tells me worlds. And now his towel wrap begins to tent.


Maxine walks over to him.  She pulls the tie holding his wrap in place. The towel drops from his groin, and I scream.


His cock is huge. He’s so big. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I didn’t know what I was agreeing to. This isn’t fair. He’ll rip me to shreds.


“Well, Gwen, there’s good news and there’s bad news,” Maxine says as she plays to the cameras. I can tell she is enjoying every minute of this.


“The good news is that Bernard is only nine inches long.  You should be able to handle that easily. The bad news is that Bernard has a four inch diameter.  You’re going to have to stretch quite a bit to accommodate this monster.  We’ll just have to be careful he doesn’t rip you a new asshole.”


Oh no, this is the end for me. I’ll never survive that giant cock. He’ll rip me apart. There’s no way!


I lose control and cry uncontrollably. I can’t take any more. I can’t go on.


Maxine walks up to me and takes my head in her hands. She then gently kisses my cheeks.


“Don’t cry, baby. I know I’ve been hard on you, but it’s for your own good. I won’t let anything happen to you. You’ll make it through this just find.  Do what I say and everything will be alright,” Maxine consoles me, showing genuine concern for the first time.


This has a calming effect on me. I really have no choice but to trust her. Maybe she’s not so bad after all.


“Do I have to do this,” I stammer.


“Yes, baby, the decision was yours. One way or another, you have to take his cock up your ass.  The human body is very resilient. Just do as I say. Try to relax,” she encourages me.


The giant, Bernard, now drooling as he gawks at me, is directed to sit in the chair behind me. Now I know why the chair is so big. A regular chair wouldn’t accommodate this ogre.


Then I feel the chains move as I am lifted up off my feet. Maxine pulls the dildo from my ass leaving my anus gaping wide open.  She guides me back so that my legs are straddling Bernard’s legs.  Then I am lowered until the tip of his monster cock rests on the opening to my rectum. 


A deep groan comes forth from behind me as contact is made.  Evidently Bernard likes the feel of my ass on his sensitive cockhead.


“OK, baby, you are in control. There’s a little slack in your chain which will allow his cock to begin penetrating you.  He’ll do nothing.”


“He’s going to rip me apart,” I stammer.


“No, he won’t, not if you listen to me. Just do as I say. Try to relax. Take it easy,” Maxine encourages me as she kisses my lips, driving her tongue into my mouth.


My arms attached to the chain above support all my weight except for the tip of his cock pressing against my rectum. My legs dangle on either side of this human freak unable to touch the floor below.  His hands reach around and grab my breasts, squeezing them roughly.  He grunts as he takes liberties with my body.


I try to relax, knowing that if I remain tense, I’m only going to hurt myself.


“That’s good, baby. Relax,” continues Maxine as she drives her tongue deeper in my mouth.


His huge cockhead is stretching me as I feel my sphincter muscle giving under the force of gravity. I have no where to go but down.  I groan feeling myself being stretched beyond anything humanly possible.


Five minutes pass… ten minutes. 


My arms are stretched taunt. There is no slack in the chain.


“Nice, baby. His cockhead is all the way in. I knew you could do it. You’re now stretched four inches wide,” Maxine says as she continues to kiss me.  “This has never been done before. Bernard’s cock has never felt the warmth and tightness of a pussy let alone someone’s ass. You’re making history here today.”


Great!  This is not the kind of history I want to make.  I feel so full. Between Maxine’s kisses and the giant’s manipulating of my tits, I find myself getting aroused.  I can picture the large cock violating my ass.  Strangely this is exciting me.


The chain is lowered about an inch and once more I feel pressure on my rectum as all of my weight is centered on that tiny opening.  I tremble as I feel the pressure build. I pull up on the chains trying to relieve the pressure on my rectum.  I fear being ripped apart.


The giant continues to maul my breasts, pulling on my long nipples, further arousing me in spite of my feelings of disgust for him. He slobbers all over my shoulders and back with his feeble attempts to kiss me. Maxine continues to encourage me as his cock very slowly gains entry to my rectum.


I feel like I’m being split in half.  The pressure is immense. Two inches of this monster cock is now up my rectum.  If only I could stop now. Haven’t I proven that I can take him?  Do I really have to take all eight inches?


“Please stop it now, Maxine. I’ve taken two inches. Isn’t that enough,” I beg, knowing what her answer will be.


“Oh, no, baby, the Marquis would be so disappointed. You don’t want to do that, do you?” she encourages me as she gestures for the chains to be lowered another inch.


I feel the slack in the chain and at the same time feel the pressure in my rectum as Bernard’s huge cock seeks to rip me apart. The pain is excruciating, and I find I’m still sweating profusely from trying to pull up on the chains so that his huge phallus doesn’t enter me too quickly.  Bernard is grunting behind me as he now squeezes my tits forcing milk to leak out. I’m well past my milking time and soon my milk will be flowing freely.


The cameras keep filming my violation, and now a large mirror is brought in and placed around ten feet in front of me.  The scene I see in the mirror is shocking. I can’t believe that it’s my image reflecting back at me – an image of a large breasted wanton bitch in heat, chains hanging from piercings in the vagina, a pained, lustful look in her eyes, dressed only in red over the knee boots. Worse than that is the giant that she sits upon with her ass being stretched beyond belief by a telephone pole sized cock.


Strangely, the sight of myself in the mirror is arousing.


“Wonderful, baby, three inches in and only five more to go.  You can do it!” Maxine encourages me as she nods and the chain slackens another inch.


“Mmmmmmm, ass real tight,” moans Bernard.  Obviously he’s enjoying my violation.


I feel the pressure once again increase on my rectum as my full weight rests on his large cock slowly stretching my poor rectum beyond any imaginable limits.  Never in my wildest dreams did I believe something like this was possible.


Milk now freely flows from my engorged breasts as the giant continues to squeeze them.  Maxine moves down licking my breasts and taking in my sweet nectar. She latches on to one of my long hard nipples and sucks hard, drawing my milk into her mouth and down her throat.


“Mmmmm, that tastes so good, baby. Oh yes you have four inches in.  You’re halfway there.  You might want to move up and down his shaft and get use to his girth. That will make it easier for you to take in the remaining four inches. Just pull up on the chains and raise yourself up and down,” Maxine encourages me.


I listen to Maxine who has been so nice to me. I raise myself off of his mammoth cock and lower myself. I continue to do this, rising up a little more with each attempt.  I groan loudly feeling pain from the obscene stretching of my rectum, but at the same time feeling my clit beginning to throb again.  Could it be that I’m adjusting to this anal intruder?


“Mmmmmm, fuck cock. I like,” moans the giant behind me.


“That’s enough, baby, don’t wear yourself out! You still have a long ways to go,” Maxine whispers in my ear as she kisses and swirls her tongue around it.  “You look so fucking hot.”


The chain is lowered another inch, and I again feel that unbearable pressure on my rectum. It’s like sitting on top of a giant pole with nowhere to go. I groan in agony as new territory is being invaded. The impossible girth of his phallus insistently pushes upward, parting and stretching my abused rectum.


The tautness of the chain tells me that the invasion of another inch of new territory has been achieved.  Maxine keeps busy lapping the milk dripping off my tits and playing with my pussy. She strokes and squeezes my clit, sending mixed signals throughout my system.


Maxine nods and the chain is again lowered.  It feels like there is more slack in the chain this time, and I soon find out I’m right.  The chain has been lowered two inches, and I fight to pull up so that his fucking mammoth cock doesn’t rip into me. The penetration needs to be slow if I’m to survive this.  I know my well being depends on my resolve. My arms ache as I pull upward trying to slow down the impalement by his cock.


Maxine isn’t helping me out too much as she runs her tongue around my clit. I can’t hold on any longer as my arms give out, and I drop the two inches onto the giant’s thick fuck pole. I let out a groan of agony as new territory is stretched to the limit. Maxine kisses her way up my body/


“Seven inches – you have seven inches buried up your ass, baby. You’re almost there, and to think this has never happened before. This big oaf has never had that giant dick of his buried anywhere but in his hand. Only one inch to go,” whispers Maxine.


I can’t believe that I have seven inches of that monster buried up my ass. I look in the mirror and I see this huge piece of meat the width of a slab of bologna sticking out of my ass.  Everything seems so surreal as if it’s happening to someone else.  This can’t be happening to me.


The chain is lowered and I know the end is near. Only one more inch to go, and the giant’s mammoth phallus will have totally penetrated my rectum, stretching it beyond belief.  The familiar pressure on the rectum is there, but I have no strength to pull myself up as the last inch settles in and is buried up my once tight ass.


I can feel his pubic hair against my ass cheeks as he grunts and groans obviously enjoying himself.


“Good baby, you did it.  That’s wonderful. Your ass is stretched beyond belief but I knew you could do it! Now ride that fucking cock. Move up and down on it. You have to make the behemoth cum. I know you can do it,” Maxine says as she lifts me up under my arms and drops me back down on his shaft.


Wooden crates are brought in and placed under my feet so I can lift myself up and down with my legs. I no longer have to depend on my limp arms which are still suspended by the chain in the ceiling.


I grunt and groan as I slowly raise and lower myself on his phallus.  My rectal walls cling to his giant cock with every stroke in and out.  Bernard is passive and only grunts and groans as