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An Ashtray Slave

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Synopsis: male slave is tormented & abused by strict mistress & others through bondage & smoking punishment

An Ashtray Slave

Chapter 1

I have just been untied by my part time mistress (Vixen) who has spent the last hour watching me writhe.

My crime was to smoke a cigarette before she arrived. On arrival she could smell the smoke and proceded to instruct me. First it was the butt plug inserted and filling me. the black latex pants she loves so much came next, making my dick throb against the tight rubber. Then it was the latex hood over my head.

At this point I felt my nipples tweaked between her gloved fingers cruelly. "You filthy slutboy" she hissed. Her next move was to place a leather collar on my neck with a leash and command me to wear an old pair of knee length boots with a three inch heel.

"Now I'll make you feel like the cheap slut you are Silk Cut 20" she said as she tied my hands behind my back. My nipples had a shot of pain run through them as she used plastic clothes pegs on them. "Please mistress!" I cried.

That was enough for her. A ball gag was pushed into my mouth between the edges of the latex hood. I felt it strapped firmly at the back of my neck. "Tight enough slave?" she mocked. I nodded quickly but she tightened it another notch anyway.

"Now it's time for a good slave slut to shut up" she said as she pushed me to the bed surface covered in the black pvc sheet we use for all our mistress/slave encounters. I could see her clearly then: knee length lace-up dominatrix boots with 6 inch heels, a leather micro skirt and a tight red tee shirt which her pierced nipples pushed ahrd against. She reached into her bag pulled out a lighter and a pack of cigarettes (More reds).

As she lit the extra long brown cigarette I could feel a little drool ooze out from the side of my gagged mouth. It dripped into my latex hood and began making my face and chin wet and slippery.

Vixen inhaled deeply from her cigarette. She then blew a long stream of smoke into my gagged face. The smell of the smoke along with the aroma of wet latex was intoxicating. I could feel my hard dick throbbing.

"Let's give you something else to think about slave" she said as she used ropes to tie my ankles, knees & elbows together. The ropes dug into my skin but I was enjoying the bondage.

"So you like smoking do you? Would you like to be an ashtray for mistress?" I tried to nod.

Mistress Vixen then took another deep drag and as she was exhaling towards me she unstrapped the ball gag. She flicked the ash from her More onto my tounge, then re-strapped the gag just as tightly as before. The ash tasted horrible, but soon it had mixed with my drool - which was by now dribbling out of my mouth on to the pvc sheet.

"You dirty slut boy!" she said as she twisted my tormented right nipple. "Let's watch you smoke now . . . " At this she pushed her cigarette filter end into my right nostril, securing it in place. The smoke filled my lungs every time I breathed in, and the confines of my hood when I exhaled. She left me like this for a few minutes, spent ash falling on to my body.

Finally Vixen removed the cigarette, ground it out in the ash tray then shoved the remains through the breather holes of my gag until it was inside the ball. "Enjoy it slave!" she said as she wandered out.

As i stuggled on the bed I could feel my hard dick straining at the latex. A few minutes later Vixen entered the room again. "Now I'll punish you!" she laughed. She pushed me until I was lying face down on the pvc sheet. I felt drool and ash mixture run from my hood on to the sheet. There was also a sharp pain in my nipples as I was now lying on top of my clamps!

Then I felt an explosion of pain as Vixen used some sort of crop on my arse cheeks.

The effect was huge. Not only did the butt plug feel like it was being pushed further in as I tensed my buttocks, as I moved with each stroke I slid against the drool covered surface of pvc. My latex enclosed dick was also being rubbed along the sheet.

A few minutes later I came in my latex underwear. Vixen laughed to herself as she threw the crop onto the sheet next to me and walked away, leaving me tied, gagged and used. I heard the click of her lighter as she lit another cigarette and went out, locking the door behind her.

An hour later, Vixen came back to the room and untied me. “Get over here now you cum-slave!” Mistress Vixen ordered me to move over to where she was now  reclining.

“Yes Mistress?” I offered timidly to this raven-haired
dominatrix who had “bought” me several months earlier
from another strict keeper for an undisclosed amount.
Vixen looked fantastic. Skin-tight knee length black
patent boots with platform soles and six-inch spike heels,
a black leather mini skirt and a matching leather zip-up

“Too slow you dirty boy!” She raised her hand and brought
it down on my thigh, leaving a glowing red hand mark. “I can
see Ill need to keep you on a tight rein this weekend, especially
with what Ive got planned. Buckle this around your neck

Mistress Vixen handed me a thick leather collar, about
two inches wide and incorporating several heavy steel
rings. I placed it around my neck and buckled it to a snug
fit. Mistress then clipped another ring onto the collar
with a padlock and a leash.

“This is so you can learn some respect slave. Tonight youll
be my pet . . .” Vixen smiled as she tugged the leash and my
knees were rubbed along the surface of the carpet of her
room. “If youre good Ill let you have a treat” My hands
were then bound behind me with a thin leather thong before
Mistress Vixen put a bowl of milk on the floor in front of

“Drink it all down, slave! Make sure you dont spill any
or youll be punished!” Mistress Vixen walked in front
of me to watch, as she started taking some digital photos
of her slut-pet which shed probably end up distributing
to some of her friends.

I began lapping up the milk, which wasnt easy given that
Mistress has just tied my hands tightly behind my back.
The leather collar at about three inches wide made it very
difficult for me to turn my head more than a small radius.
Some of the milk splashed over the edge of the bowl.

“You dirty fuck-slut slave! I thought I told you to be careful
with that!” Mistress Vixen brought the crop down swiftly
onto my back and pulled me away from the bowl with the leash.

My punishment was to be ring gagged tightly, elbows tied
together, ankles bound and then being told to drink every
last drop of the milk. Mistress whipped me with the crop
each time any was spilt. After Id finished, I was left hog-tied
on the floor, still gagged (and drooling profusely by this
time as is the effect of ring gags on me, adding to the feeling
of humiliation) whilst Mistress Vixen took a long bath.
I had to wait, knowing that my weekend as a bondage slave
had only just started . . .

An Ashtray Slave

Chapter 2

My body was aching due to being tied up for several hours. I had red rope marks on my wrists and ankles, my neck still held the thick leather collar and leash, which was padlocked to the top of the bed.

Mistress Vixen came into the room, her heels making noise on the wooden floor. This, along with the creaking of her leather outfit and her scent of musky leather, perfume and cigarettes was a huge turn-on for me. As I looked up at her she began untying my bonds and passed me the latex gimp hood Id been made to wear earlier. “Put this on slave. I want to show you to some friends of mine. You are to behave yourself as a slut-slave should”

I pulled the hood over my head, immediately smelling the strong odour of latex. The contours of the hood tightly pressed to my face, with only holes at the eyes, nostrils
and mouth. Mistress kept me collared and pulled me to my feet once the hood was on.

I felt weak from the past few hours Id spent in bondage as I stood up, but a sharp crack on my upper thigh from the riding crop Mistress was holding woke me up quickly.

I was then led downstairs by the leash; naked apart from the hood and the latex panties Id had on since last night. By this point the briefs were sticky and clammy from my copious pre-cum which had been activated since first wearing them.

As I entered the room, two other women were sitting and talking. They stopped when I was led in, staring at me intensely. Both women looked young about 19 or 20 and both were dressed in what I considered sexy clothes: tight tee shirts, denim mini skirts, and high-heeled shoes. I thought they looked like they could be prostitutes but there was no way I could know. Eventually both girls laughed as Mistress Vixen gave a sharp tug to my leash, which brought me to my knees in front of them.

“This is my slave Ive been telling you about, ” Mistress Vixen said. “I consider him my personal cum-slut. I use him for my own enjoyment most of the time, but also rent him out for education and training. What did you want to use him for?”

The two women looked at each other then spoke: “Were starting work at an S&M club next week and we need a better idea of what to expect from the perverts that are going to pay for this sort of treatment. Wed like to try out some domination for ourselves first . . .”

Mistress Vixen nodded, “OK, hes all yours for £5 an hour”. She smiled as she looked at me and handed one of the girls the leash. “Heres a list of a few ideas Ive picked up over the past few years. Feel free to try out any that take your interest; theres a few bits and pieces on the table you might want try out. Hes a dirty slut boy so dont hesitate to punish him if he misbehaves”. With that she turned and left the room.

I stayed kneeling on the carpet as the girls when to the table, giggling. I could feel my dick throbbing with nervous excitement at the prospect of being used by two complete strangers. They returned from the table with a crop, some rope and thumb-cuffs.

The taller girl wore a tee shirt with the word “PUSSY” emblazoned on the front and slightly distorted by her ample tits straining beneath. She was dark haired and had a piercing in her nose with a ring through it. As she drew near, her hand touched my latex hooded face. “Lets see how he likes these, ” she said as she locked the cuffs on my thumbs in front on me. The other girl, wearing a very short denim mini skirt with high heeled ankle boots, threw some of the rope around my upper arms, pulling it tight as she wrapped it around a few times.

I was still kneeling as “PUSSY” girl picked up the crop and started lightly tapping my back with it. I then felt the leash pulled so I fell forward as denim skirt girl took some
control. She suddenly pushed me further down with her heel and must have taken the crop because then I felt a sharp pain on my behind as the leather struck my flesh (although the latex briefs cushioned some of it). This continued for several minutes, both girls having a go.

Lying bound on the carpet I heard the girls consulting the information Mistress Vixen had left for them.

I was pulled upright as both girls looked at me. Pussy held my leash as denim skirt felt my hard dick through the tight latex. “It feels like he got off on that, the dirty
fucker!” she virtually spat the words at me. “I wonder what other kinks hes got? Lets see if he enjoys being an ashtray for us!”

Pussy untied the ropes but left the thumb-cuffs in place. I was left kneeling about two feet away from the girls. They put a glass ashtray on the floor in front of me, and then took out a packet of 20 Marlboro Lights and both lit one. Ive been a total smoking fetish freak for several years and the sight now of two sexy women smoking in front of me whilst I was their slave was unbearable. My latex briefs felt hot and were already very sticky with my pre-cum juices. Similarly my latex hood was making me sweat.

“It says here that some fucking perverts like to be teased with cigarettes, ” Denim said, again barely concealing contempt in her voice. “I wonder if this cum-slut is into
girl-on-girl action too . . .” With that she started fondling Pussys breasts.

“Ashtray, slave!” I was ordered as Pussy pulled me closer with the leash. I was made to hold the ashtray in my hands and receive their ash not very easy as my thumbs were still cuffed. The fondling continued whilst Denim placed her lit cigarette into the ashtray, the dirty blue smoke finding its way through the nostril holes in my hood.

“Open wide, slave!” I was told as Pussy flicked a length of ash into my open mouth. It tasted disgusting, but I had little choice. “Ha! I always wanted to try that!” Pussy laughed as she looked at me with contempt.  Both girls took long, deep drags on their
cigarettes before blowing thick streams of smoke in my face. Finally, I was commanded to present the ashtray to each girl to let them extinguish their cigarettes. By this time I felt desperate to be allowed to touch my throbbing dick.

“I think we should use the slave as a footstool dont you?” Denim asked Pussy. I was made to manoeuvre my body with my thumbs still cuffed, and rest on all fours in front of the girls as they left the used ashtray under me. “Lets see how big this slave boy is!” Denim laughed as she pulled my penis out from their latex briefs. “Oh look hes really hard!” She put my dick through the “erector” ring in the latex briefs this always made my penis look larger than normal and had the effect of intensifying feeling, sensitivity and orgasms.

“Do you think hed like to have a seat?” Pussy said as she climbed onto my back, holding the leash in her hand.
“Undo his thumbs for me will you?” she asked Denim. "I think I know what we should do to get our money's worth out of this slave-boy"

I was made to sit on a wooden chair as the girls started tightly tying me to it. Pussy used rope to attach my ankles high and pulled back to the rear legs of the chair, exposing my throbbing dick to their punishment or pleasures. Denim roughly tied my wrists behind me, and then used a leather strap to pull my elbows as close together as theyd go. More rope was used to bind my body to the back of the chair, cutting hard and painfully into my skin these two seemed inexperienced in bondage but were a little over-enthusiastic.

Pussy excitedly pulled a big black solid rubber ball gag out of the pile on the table, “Lets try this on him!” She forced it into my mouth and pulled it tight behind my head, taking it to the highest buckle and causing my jaws to start aching immediately.

Denim began by removing her panties, which she placed over my hooded head. On top of the hot, wet latex of the hood, I could now smell these panties and feel their moisture of the girls cunt. My gag was quite painful due to its size and tightness, and now I had to contend with the damp cotton panties over my face soaking up the drool I was providing. It also meant that each time I breathed in I had to do it through a layer of damp panties.

My vision was now partially obscured by Denims panties, although I could see Pussy in front of me, her hands out of my sight but I could guess that she was playing with Denims cunt. “Enjoying this, slave boy?” I heard one of them call as their show progressed.

All I could feel was this extremely tight chair bondage and a very big painful ball gag. I could also feel my dick throbbing desperately through its ring opening in the latex briefs and could imagine my pre-cum dripping helplessly to the floor, oblivious to the cares of either girl.

After a few more minutes, Pussy and Denim stopped and I felt a hand on my dick. “I think hes ready for you,” it sounded like Pussy, and then one of the girls lowered themselves onto my erection. It was Denim. She began gyrating her lower body, using me as a bound and gagged dildo-slave. At the same time I could see Pussy touching herself whilst she watched the action.

I soon forgot the pain inflicted on me by the tight bondage; I felt amazingly turned on by the whole scene and Denim seemed very experienced at this motion. My shaft almost felt detached from the rest of my harshly tied body: penetrating the hot wet cunt of a total stranger. Abruptly she had an orgasm whilst riding me, and then lifted herself away from me.

“That was a decent fuck for a slave boy!” Denim said breathlessly as she began stroking my hard, aching member. I was desperate to cum and not far away from it but this girl seemed intent on teasing me for all it was worth.

“Youre probably expecting my friend here to have a go on you next,” she said, “Well, sorry, she doesnt want to. Shed much rather masturbate herself with that big dildo over there and watch me torment you.” I couldnt believe they wouldnt at least wank me to orgasm, but they seemed to be enjoying the domination and sadism a little too much.

“Ill decide what I feel like doing to you once Ive come,” said Pussy. “Im really getting off on seeing you tied up like that and toyed with!” Pussy stood up and walked over to me holding the large pink dildo in her hand. It was around 10 inches long and glistened with her juices. She gestured with it in front of me. “I bet youd like to taste me, slave,” she said touching it against my nipple, leaving a trail of moisture. I groaned into my gag: much more of this and Id come anyway!

Denim meanwhile lit another cigarette, drawing in the smoke and blowing it toward my latex hooded face. “I love to smoke after sex,” she said as she moved towards me. Both girls were now right next to me. I could feel Pussy as she inserted the dildo into herself once more and squirmed against my left leg. Denim was to my right as she began playing with my nipples with her fingers. I made a muffled sound as she tweaked one nipple sharply. Noticing the reaction this drew, Denim touched the lighted end of her cigarette to my nipple. I screamed into the ball gag, releasing a heavy stream of drool at the same time.

Both girls laughed at this. Pussy began licking the base of my dick as she carried on fucking herself with the big plastic dildo. Denim continued to use her fingers and the cigarette on my nipples. In between this extreme pain and pleasure my senses became totally overwhelmed as I came, unable to influence anything happening around me. I could feel my hot cum shoot against my chest, and drip onto my thighs as I strained against the ropes, moaning heavily into the gag.

Totally spent, I lost consciousness for a while until I was aware of hands untying my legs from their cruel positions. Mistress Vixen was looking at me sternly as she released my elbows and unstrapped my gag. “It looks like the girls got value for money with you, slave” she said as the gag popped out of my mouth causing drool to slide down my hood and onto my aching body.

Mistress Vixen left my hands tied behind me, lifted me from the chair and let me fall to the floor where she had placed a PVC sheet. “Ive asked the girls to get you cleaned up after the mess they made. Then I have a treat for you!” It seemed Mistress was not displeased with my performance as her slut-slave after all.

Pussy and Denim wiped me down with towels, cleaning all traces of cum and drool from my skin and latex. Mistress Vixen oversaw the process and inspected the results of my earlier punishment at the hands of the girls: deep red rope marks on my ankles and elbows plus several cigarette burns around my nipples.

When they had finished cleaning me, I was left on the floor as they discussed some matter with my mistress. I was still hooded and collared, hands tied behind my back. My dick was now back inside my latex briefs. I saw the girls hand Mistress Vixen another £5 note. I felt myself getting harder again at the prospect of more use as a slave.

The girls sat on the sofa a few feet away and lit cigarettes. Mistress Vixen walked towards me with the leather leash in her hands. “Now slave, these two girls have asked to see some experienced mistress and slave treatment. You will do as I say!” With that, Mistress Vixen snapped the end of the leash onto my collar and lifted me up to a kneeling position.

“This is whats called a ring gag,” she said as she held up the item for the girls to see. It was a metal ring about an inch and a half in diameter covered in leather and held between a leather strap with a buckle. Mistress Vixen lodged the ring comfortably between my teeth and tightened the strap behind my head. My jaw was still aching from the previous gag.

“I always use it on my slave when I want him silent but with some access to his mouth. This slave always complains he finds it humiliating because sometimes female slaves wear them to perform oral sex on a master.” Mistress Vixen sat herself on the wooden chair and spread her legs apart. She was wearing a black leather cat suit; knee-high leather boots with platform heels and held her crop in one hand, whilst the other held my leash. I noticed her cat suit was unzipped at the crotch and my dick sprang into life beneath its latex boundary. I was hard as a rock and getting messy again with pre-cum.

“Im also going to add to the slaves humiliation by using this butt-plug on him. Its basically a dildo for his rear. He claims to hate it but I know hes lying. He loves being penetrated it makes him feel like a slut!” The girls giggled as Mistress Vixen forced it into my rectum after lubricating it and adjusting my latex briefs. She gave me a sharp slap to emphasize the location of the plug.

“Slave you are to lick me until I come. If I am displeased at any time I will whip you. Is that understood?” I nodded. Mistress Vixen drew me closer to her cunt with the leash. I could see and smell her sex. She inserted one finger into her pussy then removed it and poked it through my gag opening to give me a taste. “Lick!” she cried as she swiftly brought down the crop on my rear.

I licked Mistress Vixen for all I was worth, lapping at her juicy pussy for all I was worth through the ring of the gag. My hooded face became wet with her juices and my drool escaping through the ring gag .I received a couple of whips with the crop but it was only to tell me to speed up my tongues movement. Mistress Vixen came with a shudder and kept me closely tethered with the leash.

“That was very good, slave. You are becoming a useful slut for your mistress. I think I will allow you some pleasure.” Mistress Vixen looked contented as she took out a long brown More cigarette from its red packet and lit it. “However, I dont want you to forget that you are a slave, and a cheap cum-slut. All the pleasure you experience must be balanced with some pain.”

Mistress Vixen produced two red clothes pegs, which she used to clamp my nipples. The pegs were painful, but I knew it would be worth it to be treated this way by Mistress.

“You may rub yourself against my legs and boots until you come inside your latex briefs, slave. I will enjoy my smoke, as will you, and you will also be my personal ashtray. Is that understood?” I nodded and began rubbing my aching member against the leather of Mistress Vixens boot.

Mistress Vixen took a deep inhale of her cigarette, pulled on the leash so I was forced to look up to her, then exhaled into my gag opening. “There slave, you like your Mistresss smoke dont you?” I nodded as her smoke reached my lungs.

“Here slave, collect my ash!” Mistress Vixen tapped her spent ash into my ring gag and allowed me to carry on rubbing her leg. As I did so the pegs on my nipples contacted with her leg, causing waves of pain to shoot through them.

It didnt take long. The effects of the rubbing, the proximity to my mistress and her cigarette, my bound hands, the nipple clamps and the butt-plug soon meant that my dick shot its load of hot cum inside my briefs. My body shook and I dropped to the floor as Mistress Vixen released the leash.

“You see, girls? Thats how a slave needs handling,” Mistress Vixen took another drag of her cigarette then dropped it to the floor and ground it out next to my face with her heel.

The end.

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