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Supergirl Fallen

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Synopsis: Supergirl is capture by Catwoman and an evil scientist. She is tortured, enslaved and finally transformed into the ultimate sex slave.
Supergirl Fallen

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The following story contains adult themes such as bondage and non-consensual
sex. If you are offended by this kind of stuff or if you are under legal age
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Supergirl Fallen
1. The Capture

    At first it seemed just like one of those average nights. Supergirl was
patrolling in the sky above Metropolis when she heard someone crying out for
help. Following the source, she landed in a dimly-lit alley where she saw a
middle-aged man, dressed smartly in a business suit, being held up by three men
in ski-masks.

    "Help!" the man shouted when he saw Supergirl.

    "Shut up!" One of the men raised his arm as if he was about to hit him with
the butt of his gun. "Stop!" His two companions pointed their guns at Supergirl
just when she was about to jump upon them. 'Oh, give me a break,' Supergirl
thought to herself. Crooks just have to do that, no matter how well-known it is
that bullets can't hurt her.

    "Let that man go!" she said firmly, "before you do anything that you'll
regret...very soon!" She almost sighed when one of the men aimed at her and
fired twice. Then, slightly surprised at how silent the gun was, she looked and
saw that instead of bullets, two darts were fired at her. Just as well, she
thought as she tried to block the shots with her arms. "Ouch!" she cried out,
less because of the pain than the surprise that the two darts could actually
hurt her. She looked down and saw that each of her forearms was pierced by a
dart. The wound was not deep, and as she was about to pull the darts out a
weakness swept her over. Kryptonite! Supergirl thought in horror as she
struggled to steady herself by leaning against the wall. The three men were now
approaching, leaving the business man behind, who was now laughing victoriously.

    "It worked!" he exclaimed, "marvelous!"

    "Stay away!" Supergirl cried out with her remaining strength.

    "And what are you going to do if we don't? You stupid cunt!" one of the men
said. 'Yes, I was stupid,' Supergirl scolded herself before she finally
collapsed onto the ground. The three men surrounded Supergirl cautiously. One of
them took out a pair of metal cuffs and attached them to her wrists, binding her
arms behind her back. The cuffs must be made of Kryptonite too, as she was
feeling even weaker now, barely able to keep herself conscious. Although she was
already totally defenseless, the man still took out a long metal chain and began
to wind it around her body.

    "Oh...." Supergirl could not suppress her moan as she felt her strength
being drained from her.

    "Get her into the van, quick!" The man in the suit said as he approached. As
the men grabbed her Supergirl could see a van parked at the end of the alley.
The doors at the back opened, but she couldn't see who's inside. "It is
marvelous, isn't it?" the man in the suit said as they carried her towards the

    "Perrrfect, just perrrrfect..." Supergirl heard a familiar voice answer
before she finally passed out. When Supergirl came around, she found herself in
what looked like a lab. She was lying on the floor, with her arms still cuffed
behind her back. Much to her horror, her tunic was gone, and she was now totally
naked except for the chain wound around her body. They must have tightened it
after removing her tunic, as she could now feel it squeezing her tightly,
forcing her firm breasts to stand out even more. Then the door of the room
opened. Looking up, she saw the three men walking in. They were not longer
wearing masks, and Supergirl blushed as she saw their lustful expression as they
eyed her body hungrily. Following them was the man in the suit, accompanied by -
as Supergirl expected - Catwoman.

    "So how's our lovely crime-fighter doing?" Catwoman purred.

    "Let, let me go!" Supergirl shouted angrily. She knew that this was a
useless thing to say, but being chained-up all naked in front of her enemies,
she felt totally vulnerable and unsure of herself.

    "Go? Why? You've just arrived! Don't you like it here?" Catwoman asked in
mocked surprise.

    "No!" Supergirl retorted.

    "Oh, I'm soooooo sorry!" Catwoman said. "C'mon guys, go make our guest
comfortable." At her words the three men grabbed Supergirl, sat her up on the
floor and began fondling her. Each of them was over six feet tall and very well-
built. Supergirl protested as their ran their strong hands all over her body.

    "No! Let go of me!" The Krptonite had weakened the control of her willpower
over her body, and now, much to her shame, it was responding to these men's
caresses. Her nipples stood up and her hips began wriggling when one man reached
down between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

    "Now, that's better," Catwoman said as she sat down on a chair. "By the
way," she said to Supergirl, who was by now gasping with excitement, "aren't you
at least a bit curious how we managed to get you?"

    "No!" Supergirl snapped in defiance.

    "Well, doctor," said Catwoman as she turned lazily towards the well- dressed
man, "the youngsters these days just have no incentive to learn! No wonder you
quit your job at the university." Supergirl looked at the man. He could be in
his late forties, but his hair and his beard were almost all white. He was
looking at her, with no apparent emotion on his face.

    "Yes, you're right," he said, "they have no understanding of the value of

    "To make a long story short," Catwoman went on as she turned back to face
Supergirl, "doctor Rancor here is just your regular mad scientist," she said
giggling, "except that he has one verrry interesting invention, which is the
technology to produce alloys of Kryptonite and various kinds of metals. You see,
those chains and cuffs that look so lovely on you are made from Kryptonite

alloys. Are you following me, darling?" Asked Catwoman teasing as she saw that
Supergirl was by now trembling with excitement under the fondling of her

    "Wh, why are you d--doing this?" Supergirl asked, panting heavily.

    "Well, first of all, imagine the profit it will bring, not by getting a
patent for this of course," Catwoman purred, "but imagine how many bank robbers
would be willing to share a portion of their profit when they can be guaranteed
that their operation will be free from the hassle of you and Superman. Who
knows, maybe one day we can make you their assistant!"

    "N--no! Never!" Supergirl cried out in dismay.

    "Don't worry, darling," Catwoman went on, "this is not our priority right
now. We are rather more interested in turning you into something else, which is
the reason I was invited in, as it seems to be my area of expertise..." Kneeling
down in front of Supergirl, Catwoman ran her fingers along Supergirl's body,
causing her to tremble even more. Brushing off the hand of her henchman, she
began toying with Supergirl's clit.

    "Ah..." Supergirl could no longer suppress her moan under Catwoman's
skillful hand.

    "However, I suspect that this," she said menacingly as she inserted her
finger into Supergirl's wet cunt, "is the good doctor's real motive behind the
whole project, isn't it, doctor?" She asked, giggling.

    Dr Rancor just smiled, "and what about you yourself, what's your real
motive?" he asked Catwoman teasingly.

    "Let's just say I enjoy helping people, especially those with interesting
plans involving my favorite crime fighters. Besides, you're going to let me use
her for my own purposes, aren't you? We had an agreement."

    "Yes, of course," Dr Rancor answered, chuckling. At this point Supergirl
came. Although she had been listening to the horrible fate that awaited her, she
just couldn't control her body and was soon coming with her hips grinding
eagerly against Catwoman's hand.

    "Oh, oh, no," she moaned.

    "No? I'm sure she means more. C'mon boys, give it to her," Catwoman said as
she stood up. The three men began undressing. Feeling even weaker after her
orgasm, Supergirl closed her eyes and turned her head away. "C'mon, look at
them!" said Catwoman as she grabbed Supergirl's head and forced her to face
them. "I handpicked them myself. See how big and beautiful their cocks are!"
Supergirl gasped in horror as she saw that every of the them had a cock of at
least nine inches long.

    "No!" she cried out as the first man grabbed her legs and spread them. His
cock was now pointing menacing at her blond pussy, which was still glistening
with her juices. "Now, take this, Super-slut!" He said as he began to ease in.
"NooooooOH! Ah!" Supergirl cried out as she felt her pussy being stretched by
the huge cock. Inch after inch he pushed into her, and it seemed like it would
never end. Finally his entire length was buried in her pussy. Supergirl was
shaking all over, panting. Catwoman signaled and the man began pumping. Slowly
at first, he began to increased his tempo.

    "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Supergirl cried out as her entire body rocked with each of his
thrusts, her breasts heaving back and forth. She cried out even louder as he
grabbed her breasts and used them as handles to pull her towards him to meet his
thrusts. Within seconds she came violently. She could no longer control herself.
She was moaning loudly, her head was tossing, and her body squirmed wantonly as
much as her bonds would allow her to. The man went on, and soon she was taken by
another powerful orgasm. She was coming for the third time when the man finally
came, shooting his cum deep inside her.

    "" Supergirl pleaded feebly as she saw the second man
approach. Ignoring her pleas, he turned her over so that she was now lying
facedown on her knees and stomach, squashing her breasts under her body. "Oh!"
Supergirl cried out as he entered her with one deep thrust. Grabbing her thighs,
he began fucking her roughly. This had not prevented Supergirl from feeling
aroused again and she came twice before he finally came. She came three more
times when the third man fucked her. After that, she was totally exhausted.
Panting, she laid on the floor with her legs spread. Her body was covered with
sweat, her thighs were wet with her juices, and cum was oozing out of her pussy.

    "So..." Catwoman purred as she sat down next to Supergirl, "how do you like
my studs, darling? Would you like another round with them?"

    "N--no, please..." Supergirl pleaded, her defiance now gone.

    "Tell me, did you have fun?" Getting no answer from Supergirl, Catwoman
turned to her henchmen. "Well, boys, it looks like our lovely guest didn't have
a good time after all, so maybe you'd better entertain her again..."

    "No!" Supergirl pleaded, she couldn't bear to be touched by those men again.
"Y-yes, I had a g-good time..." she said, blushing with shame.

    "Goooooood..." Catwoman purred as she and her henchmen helped Supergirl up.
Holding her by her arms, they kept her kneeling on the floor. "In that case,
shouldn't you thank your host?"

    "Th-thank you," Supergirl said feebly, needing no persuasion.

    "Hmmmm... I think that's not enough," Catwoman said, stroking Supergirl's

    "Wh-what?" Supergirl asked, dazed. She soon realized what Catwoman meant as
Dr Rancor came over and unzipped his trousers, showing her his erect cock, which
was pointing right at her nose. Immediately, she turned her head away. She had
never given head before, and the thought of doing this to the man who had
captured and tormented her made her sick.

    "C'mon, darling," said Catwoman as she gave Supergirl's nipple a pinch,
"show your host a little gratitude or we'll have to start all over again."
Supergirl could feel the tears swelling in her eyes. But she still had her pride
and didn't want to give her captors their final victory. Closing her eyes, she
opened her mouth.

    "No, look at it, slut!" Catwoman hissed as she pinched Supergirl's nipple
again. "Yes, that's right." She encouraged as Supergirl followed her
instruction. "Now, lick it... Yes, and now kiss the tip... I said kiss it! Good,
now take it into that lovely mouth. Yes, yes, all the way, all the way, and use
your tongue..." Soon Supergirl was sucking on Dr Rancor's cock with her head
bobbing back and forth as Catwoman whispered instructions into her ears. She
could taste Dr Rancor's precum, reminding her of what was going to follow.

    "Make sure you swallow every drop or you'll regret it," Catwoman warned her,
as if reading her mind. Almost immediately, Dr Rancor began shooting his cum
into her mouth. "If your master wants to come on that pretty face of yours, he
will let you know. You've got no right to decide. You're just a slut," said
Catwoman as she watched Supergirl struggle to swallow every drop of Dr Rancor's
cum. "Hmmmm.... Not bad for a novice," said Catwoman said she patted Supergirl
on the head. "Now let's get you cleaned up first. You're such a mess."

    Supergirl lowered her head in shame. She knew she must look like a mess now,
and she was glad that she was finally given a shower. Even her beautiful blonde
hair was all matted to her face. Catwoman's henchmen carried her to a small
cubicle in a corner of the lab. They removed the chain, uncuffed her and then
re-cuffed her to a hook on the wall, making her stand up straight. Using a hose,
the men washed her with hot water and soap. They handled her roughly, as if they
were washing an animal.

    Supergirl went through this quietly, with her eyes closed and her head down.
She was still too weak to fight back. Next, they dried her with a towel and led
her back to the center of the lab. There was a large examination table and she
was made to lie on it. Quickly, her wrists and ankles were secured with cuffs
attached to the four corners of the table.

    "Wh-what do you want?" Supergirl asked Dr Rancor and Catwoman as they stood
next to her.

    "We're going to give you some jewelry to put on," said Catwoman laughing, "a
little welcome gift." Dr Rancor took out a little box from his pocket. He opened
it and held it above Supergirl's face, and she could see that there were five
metal rings inside. "They're made of Kryptonite-platinum alloy," Catwoman
purred, "and guess where they're going?" Supergirl watched in horror as Dr
Rancor took out a piercing gun and put the first ring in.

    "No! Nooooooo!" She cried out and tucked madly at her bonds when Catwoman
began pinching her left nipple gently until it became erect. Then Dr Rancor
placed the gun against it. Catwoman was staring at Supergirl's face at the time,
and she laughed as she saw the fear in Supergirl's eyes. Dr Rancor pressed the
trigger and there was a light hiss as the ring bit home.

    "Nooooooo!" Supergirl screamed as she felt the ring pierced her nipple. Her
whole body strained against the bonds. Dr Rancor and Catwoman waited until
Supergirl's spasms had subsided before they went on. "Oh, please, no," she
pleaded feebly when Dr Rancor placed the gun against her right nipple. He
pressed the trigger again, drawing another cry from the super heroine. He stood
back to behold his work: the white, round globes of Supergirl's breasts were now
red with the rough handling that they had received, and the two pink nipples
topping them were now decorated by two shiny silvery rings, making them even
more desirable. He made a mental note to tit-fuck her sometime in the future,
but now he had to complete his work.

    Supergirl whimpered as she felt the gun at her pussy. Her nipples felt like
they were on fire, and she didn't know whether it was just because of the
piercings or their Kryptonite content. She closed her eyes, preparing herself
for the worst. Dr Rancor began with the left lip. When he pressed the trigger,
Supergirl let out a long wail of pain and despair which echoed in the room.
Quickly, Dr Rancor pierced her other lip, drawing another cry from her. After he
was done, Supergirl was still shaking. "Oh, oh," she moaned and writhed in pain.

    "We're not done yet, darling," Catwoman purred as she came over. "Now it's
my turn. I prefer to do it in a more personal way." By this time Supergirl was
too weak to protest. With a pair of pincers Catwoman pulled up Supergirl's navel
slightly, and pierced it with a long needle. Then, she replaced the needle with
the last alloy ring.

    "She looks adorable, doesn't she?" Catwoman asked as they stood around the
table and watched Supergirl squirm in pain. The piercing hurt a lot more because
of the Kryptonite content in the alloy. And while the content wasn't high enough
to burn Supergirl's skin, the rings would continue to cause her discomfort even
after the piercings have healed.

    "One final touch," said Dr Rancor as he took out a leather collar and four
leather cuffs. "The buckles are made of the alloy too," he explained to
Supergirl as he proceeded to put them on her, "together with the rings, they
will stop you from using any of your super power. They can be removed whenever
we want, and with the rings alone, you'll still be able to fly. The rings, on
the other hand, are permanent. So I guess you can kiss your super strength
goodbye," he said, chuckling.

    "No!" Supergirl cried out in dismay.

    "I'm sorry darling, but I'm afraid what the doctor said is true," Catwoman
purred, "but don't worry, we'll find a new role for you. From now on, you're no
longer Supergirl, you're Superslut!" she exclaimed, and everyone burst into
laughter. "No! I won't let you do this to me!" Supergirl protested. "Well..."
Catwoman purred, "we'll find out about that verrrry soon. Now, boys, take
Superslut to her room!"

    Catwoman's henchmen led Supergirl to her cell by a leash attached to her
collar. Her cell was in the basement of the building. It was a small cell with
metal bars on all sides, and looked more like a cage than a room. Supergirl was
feeling very weak after the piercing, and didn't offer any resistance as she was
pushed into her cell.

    "Get some rest, slut!" One of the henchmen said when he bound her arms
together in front of her by locking the two cuffs together. He then attached the
end of the leash to a metal bar of the cell. "Catwoman gave the order that no
one can touch you tonight, but after that, anyone here and come and play with
you! So you'd better get yourself ready for it!" he said before they left. After
they were gone, Supergirl looked down at herself. Thanks to her superhuman
metabolism, the bruises and marks on her body were already beginning to fade,
and the piercings were already healing. But what couldn't be changed were the
five rings on her body that clearly reminded her of her ordeal as well as what
was to come. As she thought of this, she couldn't hold back anymore and began
sobbing. Unknown to her, Catwoman was watching all this through a hidden camera,
and she smiled contentedly as she watched Supergirl cry herself to sleep.

Supergirl Fallen
2. The Initiation

    Supergirl was woken up by the footsteps of her prison guards. She tried
moving her limbs and realized that she had regained some of her strength.
Although she could no longer use her super power, she still had the strength of
a fit, young woman. Maybe there's a chance that she could escape, she thought.
Her piercings weren't causing her as much pain as they first did, but they
continued to irritate her, causing her nipples to remain erect.

    Her hopes dimmed a little when she saw the guards. There were six of them,
and there was no way that she could take on them all. In her mind Supergirl
scolded herself for relying too much on her super powers in the past. If she
could get out of here she would certainly get more training in kick boxing. If
only she could get out of here....

    "I see that you're awake," the leader of the guards said. "Let's get you
ready for your first day. Come here, Superslut, give me a blow job," he said as
he pulled her closer by tucking at her leash.

    "No!" Instinctively Supergirl reacted, trying to pull back.

    "Good! Resistance! I like that!" the man said chuckling. "Hey guys, let's
try our new toys!" At this point Supergirl noticed that each of them was holding
a stick of about four feet long, with a needle of about an inch long at one end.

    "Yes," the man said to Supergirl as he raised his stick and pointed it at
her, "the needle is made with your favorite substance, only this time it has a
higher content. Wanna give it a try?" Supergirl had her eyes on the needle and
was trying to avoid it when another man caught her by surprise and jabbed her
thigh with his stick. "Ouch!" Supergirl cried out of the pain. As the man said,
it hurt much worse. Immediately as she was distracted, the first man reached out
and jabbed her on her right breast, drawing an even louder cry from her. As she
ducked to the left, a third man caught her on her left arm. This was immediately
followed by a stab at her right buttock.

    "Oh! Ah! Ah!" Supergirl was almost hysterical. With her movements restricted
by the leash on her collar, all she could do was to moved her cuffed hands up
and down to cover her delicate breasts and pussy, while the men poked repeatedly
at her arms, her back, her thighs and her buttocks. Occasionally a guy managed
to take a jab at her breasts, and this would be followed by cheers from the
whole team and a howl of agony from the young super heroine. Finally Supergirl
couldn't take it anymore. She fell down onto the ground, curled up like a baby,
buried her head in her arms, and moaned and writhed as the men continued to
torture her.

    "Ah! Ah! Ah! Please! Stop! Please!" She finally cried out.

    "Now," the leader said, laughing, "are you ready to cooperate?"

    "Y-yes," Supergirl answer feebly.

    "Yes, sir," the man corrected her, emphasizing his words with a jab on her

    "Ouch! Y-yes, sir," the defeated Supergirl repeated after him.

    "Now get up on your hands and knees. Over here!" With her head lowered,
Supergirl got on her hands and knees and crawled towards him until she was right
in front of him. The man unzipped and stuck his erect cock into the cell through
the metal bars. "Suck it, slut!" Seeing that she hesitated, he immediately
raised his stick.

    "No, please!" Supergirl pleaded. Hesitantly she opened her mouth and took
the head of his cock in between her lips.

    "I said suck it!" the man barked as he grabbed her head and pulled her
towards him. Supergirl let out a muffled cry as the cock thrust all the way into
her mouth, gagging as it hit the back of her throat. This only drove the man to
pull her head back and forth faster, making crude comments on her performance
all the time. "Make sure you swallow every drop of it, slut," he said with a
coarse voice as he was approaching orgasm, "or you'll regret it!" Then,
thrusting all the way into her mouth, he held her head still and began shooting
his cum down her throat. After the now obedient Supergirl had swallowed the last
drop, he pulled out and cleaned his cock by rubbing it against her cheeks.

    Supergirl was then made to suck all the remaining men. After that, she was
led out of her cell. Her hands were re-cuffed behind her back and she was led by
her leash up the stairs to a large room where Catwoman and Dr Rancor were

    "Good morning my pet," Catwoman purred. "I see that you've already had your
breakfast," she teased, noticing the dried cum on Supergirl's face. Seeing
Catwoman again, Supergirl could no longer suppress her rage.

    "Wh-what do you want from me? You evil woman!"

    "Hmmmm... I like that!" Catwoman purred as she approached Supergirl.
Instinctively Supergirl took a step back, but she was immediately grabbed by two
men. "Just keep on disobeying me..." Catwoman said as she grabbed Supergirl's
right nipple. "It will give me even more pleasure when I break you!" With these
words she twisted Supergirl's nipple cruelly, causing her to wince in pain. "You
look verrrry sexy when you're angry..." Catwoman purred, "and even sexier when
you're in pain!"

    "Oooow! That's hurts!" Supergirl cried out as Catwoman twisted and pulled
her nipple, pulling her breast into a cone shape. Finally, Catwoman let go and
it snapped back.

    "Don't worry, my slut," she said menacingly, "you day's just beginning!"
Supergirl struggled feebly as her hands were cuffed to a chain hanging down from
the ceiling. Then the men adjusted the length of the chain so that her feet were
now about two feet from the ground. Supergirl could feel her weight pulling on
her arms. Her eyes opened wide in horror when Catwoman took out a long,
vicious-looking whip.

    "Oh, I almost forgot," said Catwoman giggling. She then took out a dildo of
about ten inches long, and with her men grabbing the struggling Supergirl, she
pushed it up the bound heroine's pussy, which, Catwoman noted with a smile, was

    already wet. There were two hooks at the base of the dildo, and she attached
them to the rings on Supergirl's cunt lips. Supergirl grunted with discomfort as
the dildo entered her, but she knew that an even bigger trouble was to come.
Looking up, she saw that Catwoman was already in position, standing in front of
her with the whip in her hand.

    "Now, take this, Superslut!" Catwoman shouted and swung the whip forward.
The whip made a loud noise as it landed squarely on Supergirl's stomach.
Supergirl bit her lower lip. At first she was determined not to give Catwoman
the final victory, but when the whip hit her for the fifth time, she couldn't
hold back any longer and let out a cry. "Ah!" she cried out as the whip landed
across her large, firm breasts. Encouraged by this, Catwoman repeated her
assault, hitting Supergirl's breasts again and again, harder and harder.
Skillfully handling the whip, Catwoman made it coil around Supergirl's body,
marking it both at the front and at the back at the same time. She made sure
that no part of the athletic body of the young super heroine, from her breasts
to her thighs and from her back to her ass, was left untouched. Supergirl cried
out and struggled fanatically. But the only effect of her struggles was to cause
her to swing around, putting more strain on her arms and giving Catwoman's whip
even better access. Soon Supergirl's cries turned into howls, and finally they
died down to whimpers.

    "Oh, please!" she cried out when Catwoman paused, "don't hit me again,

    "Giving up already? Tsk, tsk," Catwoman teased, "I was just beginning to
enjoy it!"

    "Pl-please," Supergirl pleaded, gasping, "it hurts so much!" To Catwoman her
body now looked absolutely delicious. Criss-crossed with red welts, it was also
covered with a thin layer of perspiration. Her face was blushing, and her hair
was matted to her face. Catwoman licked her lips as she stared at Supergirl's
heaving breasts.

    "So are you ready for your training as a sex slave now, slut?" Catwoman
almost burst out laughing when she saw the struggle in Supergirl's eyes. Without
her super power, Supergirl was just an ordinary young girl - actually, she was
perhaps weaker then the average girl, for she had never tasted pain and defeat
before. Coupled with the feeling of vulnerability at the loss of her power, it
didn't take much to break her. The confidence in her eyes was now gone. Instead,
first it was anger, and then fear when Catwoman raised her arm to strike again.

    "Ooooooooow!" Supergirl tossed her head and howled with a renewed agony when
the whip struck her again across her battered breasts. "No! Pl, please!"

    "Then answer me!"

    "Y--yes" closing her eyes and biting her lip, Supergirl answered in a barely
audible voice.

    "What? I can't hear you!" Catwoman snapped and struck again.

    "Aw! Oh, oh. I said, I said yes," Supergirl answered, this time louder with
a trembling voice.

    "Yes what? Say it!"

    "Oh, god..."

    "Say it! Are you ready for your training as a sex slave?" Fighting back the
tears in her eyes, Supergirl uttered the humiliating words.

    "Y--yes, I...I am ready f...for my training as a s...slave..."

    "What's this stammering?" Catwoman snapped. "Have you forgotten how to speak
properly? Say it again! And louder!" Supergirl could no longer contain her
tears. Two drops of tears ran down her cheeks as she repeated her answer.

    "I am ready for my training as a sex slave!"

    "Hmmm, that's better," said Catwoman grinning. "What do you think, doctor?"

    "Not bad," Dr Rancor answered grinning. "But somehow the term 'sex slave'
doesn't seem to work very well..."

    "Really?" Catwoman thought for a while. "How about 'fuck toy', is that
better?" She couldn't help giggling when she asked.

    "Hmm, yeah, this seems better," said Dr Rancor chuckling. Supergirl couldn't
believe her ears as she listen to them talk. She felt so degraded, they spoke
like she was some kind of object.

    "Okay, slut, say that again," said Catwoman cheerfully. "So you're not even
a sex slave, you're a fuck toy. Say it!"

    "Please!" Supergirl protested, "you've humiliated me enough-Ooooow! Ah!" Her
protest turned into cries of pain when Catwoman struck her twice again with the
whip. "Oh, oh," Supergirl panted after Catwoman stopped, her body now trembling
with the pain it had received. "Please, stop! I'll say anything you want!" She
pleaded, sobbing. "I'm, I'm ready for my training as a fuck toy! Just stop
hitting me, please!"

    Supergirl hung her head in shame as everyone in the room laughed. Finally,
Catwoman ordered her to be brought down. Her henchmen released the chain and
lowered Supergirl onto the floor. Still sobbing, Supergirl didn't offer any
resistance when Catwoman's henchmen pushed her down onto her hands and knees and
obediently stayed in that position. She only let out a grunt as the dildo was
removed. When it was pressed again her lips, she reluctantly opened her mouth to
suck her juices off it.

    "Now, slut," said Catwoman, cracking her whip, "tell me what a fuck toy is
for." Supergirl jumped at the mere sound of the whip.

    "It's f...for...Ow!" she cried out when Catwoman brought the whip down on
her ass. "Answer properly or you'll be punished!"

    "Oh, oh, I'm sorry."

    "I said answer me!"

    "A fuck toy is meant for f--fucking," Supergirl said meekly.

    "Still not very articulate, but I guess that will do for now," Catwoman said
as she walked around Supergirl. "And if that is what you are for, what d'you
think my boys here should do?" Supergirl had already stopped crying, but now her
tears began to flow again. She knew very well want Catwoman had in mind, what
she wanted her to say, but there was nothing she could do except to comply.

    "They should f--fuck me..." after hesitating, she finally said.

    "Is that what you think, slut?"


    "Then why don't you ask them yourself? By the way, you'd better ask them
nicely if you don't want more whipping! Now, ask them!"

    "Please s...sir," Supergirl looked up at the group of men. "Pl...please f--
fuck me..."

    "Oh yeah? How?" one of them asked teasingly as they began undressing.

    "Wh-what?--Ouch!" Supergirl cried out in surprise as she was whipped again,
this time on her back.

    "Answer the question, stupid cunt!" Catwoman scolded. Supergirl wasn't
stupid. She knew what she was supposed to answer, but she just couldn't bring
herself to say it. But Catwoman was slowly raising her arm again.

    "Please, sir," Supergirl said meekly. "Please f-fuck me any way you w-
want..." She blushed in shame as all the men laughed.

    "Really?" another one asked.


    "Say that again!"

    "Please, please fuck me anyway you want!" Supergirl's face was even redder
than her well-whipped body when she repeated her plea.

    "Well, boys, you heard her!" As Catwoman ordered, two men immediately
grabbed the kneeling Supergirl. The first one entered her wet pussy in one deep
thrust, and the second, after rubbing his cock against her tear-stained cheeks
for a few times, also quickly entered her mouth. Catwoman knelt down next to
her, and began giving out orders on how she should suck the man's cock or move
her body to meet the other man's thrusts. She placed her hand under Supergirl's
body and got hold of her nipple. She would gently fondle it when Supergirl did
what she was told, and pinched it cruelly when Supergirl failed to obey.
Supergirl, on her part, was trying her best to follow Catwoman's instructions,
partly for fear of more pain on her nipple, but more out of her own arousal.
Much to her shame, she could feel herself coming. At this point the man in her
mouth came, and as she was told, she tried her best to swallow his cum.

    "Oh, oh, oh," she immediately began moaning after the man had pulled out.

    "Are you coming, slut?"

    "Wh, what?"

    "I said are you coming!"

    "Oh, oh, y--yes, oh!"

    "Say it!"

    "I, oh, oh, I'm, I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh! Oh!" Losing her inhibitions,
Supergirl cried out louder and louder as she came, which also brought the man
fucking her to his orgasm, filling her pussy with his cum. Supergirl was made to
remain on all fours after the man had pulled out.

    "Now tell me, slut," said Catwoman as she ran her hand along Supergirl's
back. "Have you been fucked up the ass before?"

    "," knowing better than to disobey, Supergirl answered meekly.

    "Well, Dr Rancor, would you like to do the honor?" Catwoman asked as she
pushed two fingers into Supergirl's pussy. Supergirl stiffened as Catwoman
pulled the two fingers out and place them at her asshole.

    "Oh, no..." she pleaded.

    "Stupid bitch!" Catwoman scolded as she gave Supergirl's ass a spank.
"You're a fuck toy, and a fuck toy will be used in any possible way! Now, beg
the doctor to fuck your ass or I'll fuck it with a Kryptonite bar! Say it!" Dr
Rancor's cock was bursting out of his pants as he looked at Supergirl. On her
hands and knees, she looked up at him imploringly with her tearful eyes, her
mouth quivering. After a long pause, the once-proud heroine began to beg him.

    "Pl...please, doctor," she pleaded, "please fuck my ass..."

    "I beg your pardon?" he asked chuckling as he unzipped.

    "Pl...please fuck me in the ass..."

    "Well, since you ask so nicely..." Dr Rancor laughed as he positioned
himself behind Supergirl. He could feel her whole body tense up when the tip of
his cock touched the tight, pink entrance. Slowly, he pushed his way in to
Supergirl's tight rear tunnel, drawing a low grunt from her. Slowly, Dr Rancor
thrust all the way into her virgin asshole, then he held still. He could feel
that Supergirl's body was trembling lightly. Grabbing her thighs, he began
thrusting back and forth slowly. At first Supergirl remained silent, but when
Catwoman found her clit and began toying with it, she couldn't help but began
moaning and wriggling.

    "Enjoying yourself, my little slut?" Catwoman cooed.

    "Oh, oh, oooooh," Supergirl answered with her moans.

    "Tell me you like it!" Catwoman whispered.

    "I...I like it!"

    "Tell me you like being fucked in the ass!"

    "I...I like being fucked in the ass!"


    "I like being fucked in the ass! Ah! Ah!" Supergirl cried out as she was
approaching another orgasm. She wriggled wildly, trying to grind her clit
against Catwoman's fingers. Dr Rancor also increased his tempo, fucking her
harder and harder. Soon he was shooting hot jets of cum up Supergirl's ass. By
now Supergirl was humping madly against Catwoman's fingers, and her orgasm was
signaled by a series of spasms.

    After Dr Rancor had pulled out, Supergirl collapsed onto the floor. However,
her ordeal was far from over. Two men immediately came over to fuck her cunt and
her mouth. When they were done, they were replaced by three other men. Together
they rolled Supergirl over onto her back and spread her legs. One of them
quickly entered her pussy. Supergirl let out a cry of alarm when she felt
another cock at her asshole, but before she could protest this, the second man
was already pushing his way into her. Soon Supergirl was moaning loudly as she
was fucked by the two men, but her moans were immediately muffled by the third
man's cock. The sight of Supergirl being ravaged by three men at once brought Dr
Rancor's cock back to life again, and he immediately took up his position
between Supergirl's breasts. Grabbing her full, firm breasts, he pressed them
together and began thrusting back and forth.

    Supergirl was moaning and squirming under the weight of these men. She had
never imagined that something like this would happen, that she would one day be
fucked by four men at once, four crooks! But somehow, despite herself, this idea
only seemed to excite her more. She came again and again, and she was coming so
hard that Dr Rancor thought she was going to throw him off her, and he had to
grab her breasts even tighter. At this point he came, and his cum was shot all
over her neck.

    Satisfied, he stood up and watched as the three men went on fucking
Supergirl. The man using her mouth was the next to come. He pulled out and began
rubbing his cock against her lips and her cheeks. Supergirl let out a cry of
dismay as he sprayed his cum on her face. However, her cries of dismay were soon
replaced by those of pleasure when she was taken by yet another orgasm as the
two remaining men shot their cum deep inside her pussy and her ass.

    She was given no time to rest. Immediately three other men came to take
over. Tired as she was, Supergirl's passion was ignited again, and she came
three more times before the three men pulled out in unison. Standing above her,
they started jerking off. Supergirl was aware of what was to follow, but already
exhausted, she just lay there panting with her legs spread, and her eyes closed
as if to avoid her final humiliation. Soon the first man came. He aimed so that
most of his cum was shot into her opened mouth. Then the other two men joined
in, spraying their cum on her breasts.

    "Lovely!" Catwoman exclaimed. "Get this slut on her feet!" she ordered.
Grabbing Supergirl by her arms, the men pulled her to her feet. Then they frog-
marched her to in front of a mirror. "Look at yourself, slut!" Catwoman snapped
as she grabbed Supergirl's chin. Supergirl obeyed and saw that she looked much
worse then she thought. Her body was criss-crossed with red welts, and her
breasts were covered with cum. There was cum all over her face from her forehead
to her chin, and cum was dripping down her neck. The cum that she couldn't
swallow was dripping out of her mouth, and cum was also oozing from her cunt and
her asshole down her thighs.

    "Honey, you look like shit!" Catwoman said, adding even more to her
humiliation. "But then this is what a fuck toy like you should look like, isn't
it? I said isn't it!" she snapped as she grabbed the ring on Supergirl's
cum-covered nipple and twisted it cruelly.

    "Oh, oh, yes, yes!" Supergirl answered, wincing with the pain.

    "Yes what?"

    "This, this is how a f--fuck toy like me should look like!"

    "Hmmm, I think you still haven't learn to speak properly. But I'll be nice
and let you off easily today. Now, get this slut cleaned up and send her back to
her cell!" Supergirl was hosed clean and brought back to her cell. Again her
hands were cuffed in front of her and her leash was attached to a metal bar in
her cell. But this time she wasn't left alone. The men who were not selected for
the morning session kept visiting her in the afternoon whenever they were free,
sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. Supergirl came so many times that she lost
count. It was like she was in one constant orgasm.

    No matter how roughly she was used, no matter how exhausted she was from the
previous fuck, her body never failed to respond as soon as a cock entered her
cunt. When the guards came to fetch her in the evening they found her lying on
the floor, covered with cum, breathing heavily with her eyes closed, with cum
oozing out of her mouth, and a puddle of cum between her legs.

Supergirl Fallen
3. The Training

    The guards led the well-fucked and exhausted Supergirl out of her cell.
After she was cleaned up, Supergirl was led to the uppermost floor of the
compound, into a large, excessively decorated bedroom. Passively, she let the
guards carry her to the large bed at the center of the room, and she didn't try
to resist at all when they chained her wrists and ankles to the four posts of
the bed.

    "Have fun, Superslut!" one of the guards chuckled as they left. Supergirl
waited in silence. Dazed after so many orgasms, she was vaguely aware that she
was about to be used again, and this meant that her body was going to betray her
again. The thought of the humiliation this would bring her, frightened her. And
indeed, much to her shame, her body was already beginning to respond even to
this thought. It was already adjusting to the constant arousal and frequent
orgasms, and now Supergirl could feel her pussy getting hotter and hotter. Oh
no, she thought, somebody, please help me....

    The door opened. Supergirl turned and saw Catwoman. Still wearing her mask,
she was naked except for a pair of long, black leather gloves and knee- high
boots. Supergirl couldn't help staring at Catwoman's exquisite body, especially
her strong arms and her full, firm breasts. Oh God, Supergirl thought, what has
become of me now....

    "My pet..." Catwoman purred as she approached. "Did you have fun this
evening?" she giggled as she ran her hand along her captive's body, and she
laughed triumphantly as she saw Supergirl blushing with shame.

    "Please..." Supergirl pleaded, "please don't humiliate me anymore!"

    "Humiliate?" Catwoman laughed as she grabbed one of Supergirl's pierced
nipples and twisted it, causing Supergirl to wince in pain. "You'll soon find
out what humiliation is, Superslut! And don't forget what you are! You're a fuck
toy! And I can do anything I want with you! Do you get it!?" Catwoman scolded as
she continued to twist and pull at Supergirl's nipple.

    "Yes, yes, oh, oh," Supergirl wailed. Satisfied, Catwoman stopped twisting
and instead began toying with Supergirl's nipple gently, and it hardened
immediately. Climbing on the bed, she took Supergirl's other nipple in her month
and began sucking it. She held the nipple ring with her teeth and pulled it
gently. At this Supergirl couldn't hold back any longer and let out a moan. She
closed her eyes and moaned again and again as Catwoman continued sucking her

    "Ah!" her moan turned into a cry of pain and surprise when suddenly Catwoman
bit down cruelly on her nipple. Immediately, Catwoman resumed sucking. When she
felt Supergirl's body relax, she bit down on her nipple again. "Ah! Ah!"
Supergirl cried out. It felt so good when Catwoman sucked her nipple, but she
was also afraid that Catwoman was going to bite her again. This mixture of fear
and anticipation had kept her body on high alert, magnifying both the pleasure
and the pain, and she was now trembling with excitement.

    "Oh, oh," Supergirl moaned in frustration when Catwoman suddenly stopped.
Catwoman climbed up and straddled her face.

    "Want me to continue, slut?"

    "Y--yes," Supergirl answered almost automatically.

    "Well, you've got to earn it!" Catwoman purred as she rubbed her pussy
against Supergirl's face. "Lick it, slut!" Desperate to come, Supergirl stuck
out her tongue and hesitantly licked Catwoman's wet lips. "Yes!" Catwoman
hissed. Grabbing Supergirl's head with both hands, she barked out instructions,
which Supergirl followed eagerly. Within seconds she came, drenching Supergirl's
face with her juices.

    "Not bad, slut," Catwoman purred and patted Supergirl's head. "Don't stop."
As Supergirl continued licking her she turned around to face Supergirl's pussy
and began licking the bound heroine's wet slit in return. Immediately, Supergirl
let out a grunt of pleasure and began grinding her hips against Catwoman's face.
The two of them lapped hungrily at each other's pussy as they approached orgasm.
When Catwoman came again, she slowly shoved her middle finger up Supergirl's
asshole. This brought Supergirl over the edge, and the young heroine came crying
out loudly and wriggling her hips uncontrollably.

    From that day on Supergirl's life almost became a routine. Her morning began
with her training in sexual techniques. In the afternoon, she would be strapped
down on an examination table in Dr Rancor's lab, where he would carry out tests
and examinations on her. When Dr Rancor wanted a break, he would unzip and stand
next to her head and Supergirl would obediently suck him and swallow his cum. If
the experiments finished early, Supergirl would be returned to her cell where
she would be fucked several times before dinner. She would then have to wait at
the dinner table for Catwoman, Dr Rancor, and a group of men selected by
Catwoman from her henchmen every day. Her waitress' costume consisted in two
leather straps, tied around her breasts to make them stand out, and two bells
attached to her nipple rings, which jingled merrily when she moved around.

    Supergirl was constantly fondled as she served, and by the end of the dinner
her pussy would be dripping-wet, which made her ready for the gang- bang that
followed. After that, she would be cleaned up and sent to Catwoman's bedroom to
provide pleasure for Catwoman and, sometimes, the studs that she selected. If
Catwoman was in a good mood, or if Supergirl pleased her, she would have
Supergirl spend the night with her. Otherwise, Supergirl would be sent back to
her room, where she would be used for God knows how many times before the night
finally ended. This day, Supergirl arrived at her "training room" to find
Catwoman waiting for her with what looked like her tunic in her hand.

    "Remember this, Superslut?" Catwoman asked.

    "Y-yes," Supergirl answered, her voice shaking with emotion.

    "Do you know that in the past four weeks, the crime rate of Metropolis has
almost doubled? The police there are absolutely useless. I'm sure the people
there must miss you."

    "Y-yes," Supergirl answered meekly. What is Catwoman getting at? Is she
going to give her back her life, her freedom?

    "Yes, you're going to have your life back," Catwoman said, as if reading her
mind. "But only for today. You see, there is a hostage situation in Metropolis.
Some bank rubbers are holding up a dozen customers in a bank, and the police
need you. An easy job for Supergirl, I imagine."

    "Wh-why are you doing this?" Supergirl asked, alarmed.

    "Why?" Catwoamn laughed. "Wouldn't you want to help those people? Wouldn't
you want to be Supergirl again?"

    "Y...Yes," Supergirl answered, her eyes swelling with tears.

    "Good!" Catwoman laughed. At her signal her henchmen removed Supergirl's
collar and cuffs, and immediately Supergirl could feel her body coming alive
with power. She couldn't believe that she was getting some of her powers back.
"Here, take this!" said Catwoman as she threw Supergirl her tunic.

    "This, this is not..." Supergirl looked up in surprise. The tunic that
Catwoman gave her was made of polyester, and it was so poorly sewn that it
looked more like a costume in a primary school drama production.

    "This is what you're getting, I'm afraid," said Dr Rancor chuckling.

    "No!" Supergirl protested.

    "No?" Said Catwoman. "Let me show you something." She switched on a monitor
and it showed a cell similar to Supergirl's. In the middle, bound to a chair,
was a girl in catholic school uniform. She was gagged and blindfolded. "Her name
is Pammy. She's fifteen. You see, if you refuse to go help those people at the
bank or if you don't come back, little Pammy will take your place in today's
after-dinner party. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?"

    "How could you!" Supergirl struck out angrily at Catwoman, but was
immediately held by her henchmen.

    "Slut!" Catwoman scolded and slapped her across her face. Looking at
Supergirl's heaving breasts, she had an idea. With her men holding Supergirl,
she began slapping her breasts real hard. "Ah! Ah!" Supergirl cried out in pain
as her breasts swung from side to side under the force of Catwoman's blows. Soon
they were reddened. "Have you had enough, slut? Will you do it now?" Catwoman

    "Oh, oh, yes, yes," Supergirl whimpered, with tears running down her cheeks.

    "Shit!" Nick Hammond couldn't believe his bad luck. Everyone has been saying
that Supergirl has left Metropolis, and fresh out of jail, he thought it's now
finally his turn to make some big bucks. But his bank job has been nothing but a
disaster. The alarm ran off before he and his gang could do anything, and they
were soon surrounded by the police. Hell, even the news teams were there. And
just when he thought they could still get away with the cash by using the
hostages, there she is, Supergirl, flying towards them.

    "Fuck!" Nick cursed as Supergirl flew in through an open window. He could
hear the crowd cheer outside. "Stand back!" He shouted, waving his gun at the
young heroine. The other members of his gang -there were five of them- also
pointed their guns at her.

    "Listen to me, Sir!" Supergirl said firmly. When she was flying to the crime
scene she kept telling herself to be brave. Maybe she can still resolve the
situation. Just don't let them know.... "The police already has this place
surrounded. You must give yourselves up!" she went on, trying her best to sound

    While he was trying desperately to figure out what to do, Nick noticed
something. Somehow Supergirl didn't look right. He had never met her before and
had no idea what she would look like, but the costume of the Supergirl standing
before him just looked kind of cheap. Even from where he was standing, he could
see that the "S" was sewn onto the tunic, and the seams were clearly visible. If
she hadn't flown in through the window, he would have thought that she's a fake.
But he had to act fast. Now that Supergirl's here, the police will be closing in
on them soon.

    "No way!" he shouted when he thought about that, and angrily he fired a shot
at the Supergirl who had come to make his bad day even worse. Oh no! Supergirl
thought as she instinctively raised her arm to block the bullet. The bullet
couldn't harm her, but the force was enough to make her take a step back.
Puzzled, Nick fired at her again, and this time the force of the impact was
enough to knock Supergirl down to the floor.

    "Ah!" Supergirl cried out. Although she wasn't injured, it was still painful
when the bullet hit her arm. One of his gang member joined in and fired a shot
at Supergirl, hitting her in the stomach. While the bullet bounced off her body,
Supergirl also curled up with the pain. Seizing this opportunity, two other gang
members jumped on her and overpowered her. Nick was thrilled.

    Rushing to the window, he shouted to the police outside, "We have now
captured Supergirl! Don't come any closer or we'll kill everyone inside!" Then
he walked back to face Supergirl, who was now held standing up with her arms
held behind her back by two guys.

    "Let go of me!" Supergirl snapped.

    "Shut up, bitch!" Nick slapped her. "And tell us who you are!"

    "I'm, I'm Supergirl!" The young heroine protested angrily.

    "Then how come you're so useless?" Nick said as he eyed the girl up and
down. The way her breasts were heaving showed that she was obviously not wearing
a bra, and her tunic was so thin that her nipples were clearly visible. What
kind of bimbo would jumped into a situation like this wearing Supergirl's
costume? And how could she fly? And how could such a flimsy-looking tunic stop
his bullets?

    "No!" Supergirl screamed as Nick reached out and grabbed the front of her
tunic. Smiling cruelly, he pulled and easily ripped it open, and Supergirl's
breasts sprung free. "Holy shit..." Nick murmured. The tunic was just made of
some cheap, thin polyester, and there was no way it could be bullet-proof. So
this broad is really Supergirl! But from the way she dressed, she look more like
a cheap slut! She had not only made such a thin tunic and worn it without a bra,
but her nipples were pierced as well! Mesmerized at the sight of Supergirl's
breasts, Nick reached down and grabbed Supergirl's crotch.

    "No!" Supergirl screamed and tried to kick him, but her legs were firmly
held by two other guys. "Oh, no!" she cried out in dismay as Nick tore her tunic
open, exposing her pierced pussy.

    "Look at her! Her cunt is pierced too!" One guy exclaimed. "Holy shit! What
kind of a crime fighter are you?" Nick asked.

    "Let go of me!" Supergirl shouted angrily and struggled desperately against
the men holding her. This is like a nightmare. Not only is she captured by a
bunch of inexperienced bank-robbers, her costume was now torn and her most
private parts were exposed for everyone to see. Although she had been naked ever
since her capture and Catwoman's henchmen had been using her in almost every
imaginable way, she was now exposed in front of everyone in the bank. These are
people who were just ordinary citizens, who respected her and relied on her as
their protection against crime, and now they could all see her naked, with her
nipples and her pussy pierced, and there were also the news cameras outside....
Glancing at them, Supergirl could see that all the hostages were staring at her,
some with their month wide-open, some with a look of disdain on their face. A
mother covered the eyes of her son.

    "Let me go!" she cried out in despair.

    "Not so easily!" Nick chuckled. "Maybe I'm going back to the joint today,
but not without fucking Supergirl!" he shouted. With his men pressing Supergirl
down on a desk, he took off his pants and climbed on top of her.

    "No!" Supergirl cried out as Nick entered her.

    "Hey guys, she's wet!" he cried out in surprise. "You like this, huh?" he
chuckled as he fucked her roughly, squeezing her breasts so hard that Supergirl
winced in pain.

    "Oh, oh," despite herself, Supergirl began moaning in pleasure. Her moans
were soon muffled when a member of the gang forced his cock into her mouth. The
man came quickly, and soon he was shooting his cum into her mouth. Supergirl
could not take the humiliation of swallowing his cum. She opened her mouth and
the man's cum dripped down her cheeks, and the whole gang cheered. Much to her
fear, she found herself approaching orgasm, and her body began squirming
uncontrollably. Please, she screamed in her mind, somebody help me....

    Suddenly she heard several shots, and Nick's fucking stopped. Supergirl
opened her eyes and saw that a hole was blown open in his chest. When Nick
collapsed on top of her, she could also feel the grips on her wrists and ankles
loosening. She pulled her arms free, and immediately pushed Nick off her.
Struggling to get up, she could see that all the gang members were down, and
SWAT officers were breaking into the bank from everywhere. As they checked on
the hostages and the robbers, Supergirl climbed off the desk, trying to cover
herself with her cape. The cape was too short to cover her pussy, which was
glistening with wetness. Her thighs were wet with her juices too.

    "Supergirl! are you alright?" a little boy called out as she tried to wipe
her juices off her thighs. Supergirl looked up and recognized that it was a boy
whose life she once saved.

    "Y--yes, I'm okay--" she stammered, but she was cut off by the boy's mother.

    "Don't you speak to that woman, Mark!" she said to the boy sternly.

    "But, but she saved me once!" the boy said.

    "Can't you see? She's a prostitute! A bad woman!" The woman continued as she
dragged her son away. Tears of pain and humiliation were swelling in Supergirl's
eyes when a detective came over. Supergirl recognized him too, as they had
worked together before.

    "Supergirl, are you alright?" he asked her the same question, but there was
no concern in his voice. Instead, there was a wide grin on his face. Supergirl
didn't answer. Biting her lip, she flew out of the window without looking back.

    She cried as she flew to the rendezvous point with Catwoman. These self-
righteous people! She thought angrily. The citizens of Metropolis, who she
thought were her friends, they were not grateful at all for what she had done
for them. They didn't even try to find out what had happened to her or why she
was like that, they just turned their back on her outright.

    Wiping the tears off her face, she landed at the rendezvous point, where she
was greeted by several of Catwoman's henchmen. They blindfolded her and put the
krytonite collar and cuffs back on, and led her into a helicopter standing by,
which would take them back to Catwoman's dent. While the men had left her tunic
on, Supergirl wanted it to be taken off, because it only reminded her of what
she had undergone. To make things worse, the men continued to tease her during
their flight.

    "Please!" Supergirl pleaded, "That's enough, please!"

    "Are you telling me to shut up, Superslut?" One of the men asked as he
grabbed her nipple-ring and pulled.

    "Ah! No, no! I'm sorry!" Supergirl whimpered.

    "Then shut the fuck up, you slut! Here, take this!" The man said as he
pressed her head down to meet his erect cock. Supergirl opened her mouth
obediently as she felt its tip touched her lips.

    "Did you have fun, my pet?" Catwoman purred as she greeted Supergirl in her
training room. "We've been watching it on the news. Tell me, how many times did
you come?"

    "Why are you doing this to me?" Supergirl wailed as the blindfold was
removed. "Haven't you got what you want already? The police can't stop you now,
and what more to you want? Why don't you just kill me?"

    "Tsk, tsk, look at her! Once back in her stupid uniform, our Superslut is
talking like the haughty Supergirl again!" said Catwoman. "C'mon boys, go and
remind her who she is!" At Catwoman's words the men immediately grabbed
Supergirl. With her hands cuffed behind her back, she was totally defenseless.
She could only plead and watch in horror as they took a long piece of rope and
tied it around her breasts. She winced in pain as the men pulled the rope tight.
What's worse, they passed the rope through a trolley in the ceiling and pulled
her up so that her feet were about two feet off the ground.

    "Aaaaaaaargh!" Supergirl cried out in agony as she hung on her breasts. To
add to her pain, the men took of their belts and began whipping her all over her
body. Supergirl swung around as she struggled madly, which only put more strain
on her breasts. She was almost delirious with the pain which enveloped her
entire body. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" she swung her head and cried out. The tunic which she
still had on was by now ripped to pieces, revealing a body covered with red

    "So have you had enough?" After what seemed like an eternity, Catwoman
finally stopped the men.

    "Yes, yes," Supergirl answered weakly, her voice hoarse from screaming.

    "Then tell us, who are you?"

    "I'm, I'm Su-superslut..."


    " I am a f--fuck toy, pl...please use me anyway you
want...." Supergirl answered, gasping, with tears running down her cheeks.

    "Oh, I wasn't expecting such an elaborate answer!" Catwoman giggled. "Well
boys, you heard the slut!" Quickly her men let Supergirl down. Supergirl moaned
as the ropes on her breasts were untied, and she waited submissively as they
uncuffed her. Immediately the men's hands were all over her, and what remained
of her tunic was torn off her body. Catwoman watched with a smile as Supergirl
lowered herself onto a man's cock. Another man entered her asshole from behind,
and a third man took his place in her mouth.

    "Have fun, boys," she said as she turned to leave.

Supergirl Fallen
4. The Transformation

    Supergirl was allowed to rest until noon the day after the gang-bang
marathon in which all of Catwoman's henchmen took part. She was still very weak
when she was taken to Dr Rancor's lab.

    "How is our Superslut feeling today?" Dr Rancor greeted her cheerfully as
she was strapped down.

    "F-fine, sir," the young heroine answered submissively.

    "Good! Just perfect for the final part of you training!" Final part?
Supergirl was scared but didn't dare to ask the doctor. As usual, electrodes
were attached to her nipples and cunt lips. Normally, an electrode would also be
attached to her clit, then Dr Rancor would use electric pulses to stimulate her
and check her response. But today, a strange, tube-shaped instrument was
attached to her clit. And to Supergirl's horror, a gag was also put over her
mouth. Will this hurt? she wondered in panic.

    "Is she ready?" Catwoman asked.

    "Yes, just watch this," Dr Rancor answered. As Supergirl watched in fear, Dr
Rancor switched on his instruments. Immediately Supergirl began to feel pulses
of pleasure at her nipples and her pussy, but they were all numbed in comparison
to the sensation that she was feeling at her clit. It was a sensation of
pleasure a thousand times stronger than any sexual pleasure that she had ever
experienced, and it was still getting stronger. It was like her clit was
expanding and expanding, Supergirl thought. Within seconds she came, and she
just kept on coming. Supergirl was almost delirious.

    "Mmmmmmmmm!" she screamed under her gag before she blacked out. Supergirl
had a strange dream. She dreamt that she had become a man - No, it's not that,
she corrected herself. In her dream she had grown a cock, a cock just like the
men's, the cock that they used to ravish her every day. In her dream she was
playing with it, stroking it faster and faster until cum was bursting out of its
tip. When it was shooting cum, her "cock" began to grow longer and longer. Then,
to her horror, she saw that the head of her cock, which was by now several feet
long, had become a snake, and it was turning around, trying to kiss her....

    She woke up, shaking and cold-sweating. Immediately, she looked down between
her legs. She let out a sigh of relief and almost laughed when she saw that
there was not cock there. As she was catching her breath, she heard the door
open, and Catwoman and her henchmen walked in.

    "Ah, I see that our Superslut is up already," Catwoman purred.

    "You've been watching me, haven't you? That's why you know that I'm awake,"
Supergirl said.

    "Oh wow, our Superslut has figured that out!" Catwoman teased. "Well, let's
see if you're smart enough to figure this one out too. Get her ready." At these
words, two guards led Supergirl out of her cell by her leash. Next, they
unattached the leash, uncuffed her wrists and re-cuffed them behind her back,
and held her standing by grabbing her arms. "So how is our Superslut feeling
after her big gang-bang?" Catwoman asked as she toyed with Supergirl's nipple

    "I'm, I'm fine, mistress," Supergirl answered timidly, remembering her
punishment for insolence yesterday.

    "Good, then I'm sure you'll be ready for this." Supergirl gasped in pleasure
as Catwoman began fondling her breasts. Then, rubbing her breasts with one hand,
Catwoman's other hand worked its way down to her pussy. Supergirl closed her
eyes and shuddered as Catwoman ran her fingertips gently along her pierced lips,
and she moaned when Catwoman found her clit and began playing with it.

    "Oh, oh, oh," Supergirl moaned louder and louder. However, she was alarmed
when she felt the same sensation of expansion in her clit again, and opening her
eyes, she saw that her clit was indeed expanding! "Oh, God, Nooooooo!" Supergirl
cried out in horror as she watched her clit grow bigger and bigger in Catwoman's
hand. It went on growing until it was about eight inches long and more than one
inch in diameter. And it was shaped exactly like a cock, with a head and a hole
in it. "Oh, no!" Supergirl cried out in dismay. Her nightmare was coming true.
Not only had the size of her clit increased, its sensitivity had also increased
manifold, and now every touch of Catwoman's fingers was almost unbearable.

    "So how do you like your new toy?" Catwoman asked giggling. "Dr Rancor has
found out how to manipulate your protoplasmic body," she explained, "and we have
decided to make you the perfect fuck toy. You see, now you no longer need a
strap-on, and isn't that great?"

    "Oh, no, oh, no!" was all Supergirl could say in her state of shock. She
wanted so much to break free now, but weakness swept her over as Catwoman
continued to play with her "cock".

    "Here, see what it can do!" said Catwoman, and with these words she squeezed
Supergirl's cock and Supergirl cried out as she was taken by a powerful orgasm.

    "Aaaaaaaaah!" she cried out as spurts of her juices came jetting out of the
head of her cock, spraying all over Catwoman's glove.

    "You messy slut!" Catwoman scolded, laughing triumphantly. Supergirl was
still shaking after her powerful orgasm. She was too weak to resist when the two
guards holding her pressed her head down, and she obediently licked her juices
off Catwoman's glove. She began sobbing as she licked. She felt totally
humiliated. She has been turned into a total sex slave, a real fuck toy whose
only purpose is to give and receive pleasure, to be used by anyone in any way
they want. How can she be a crime fighter again even if she has the chance?

    "Not happy?" Catwoman teased. "Don't worry, my slut, I'll show you this
really neat trick. C'mon boys, give the slut a hand." Supergirl had no idea at
all what they were up to when they sat her down on the floor, and she neither
resisted nor protested. She was too ashamed to speak. Grabbing her ankles, two
men held her legs wide-spread. Catwoman came over and knelt down in front of
her. She then held Supergirl's cock in one hand and grabbed her head with the

    "Noooooo!" Supergirl cried out when she realized what Catwoman wanted, but
with the men holding her tight, there was nothing she could do. With the help of
another guard, Catwoman managed to bend Supergirl forward until her lips touched
her own cock. Quickly, two other guards came over and attached a chain to her
collar. Then they ran the chain down her body between her legs to her back and
attached it to her wrist cuffs, holding Supergirl in this posture.

    "No! I won't do it! No!" Supergirl shook her head wildly. However, her voice
weakened when Catwoman began stroking her cock gently. The sensation was
overwhelming. "Oh, no, please!" she pleaded, but even the feeling of her breath
on the head of her ultra-sensitive clit-cock was too much.

    "Suck it, slut!" Catwoman stopped stroking her cock and instead grabbed her
right breast and squeezed it cruelly.

    "Ouch, ouch!" Supergirl cried out as Catwoman continued to molest her
breast. Seeing that Supergirl was still resisting, Catwoman took out a Krytonite
alloy needle and slowly began to push it into Supergirl's now bruised breast.
"Ooooooh!" Supergirl cried out in excruciating pain. "Stop! Please!
Aaaaaaaaaargh!" she pleaded.

    "Then do it, lick yourself, fuck toy!"

    "Ah! Ah! Oh! Y-yes!" Supergirl cried out finally. Supergirl was still
shaking with the pain after Catwoman had pulled out the needle. Sobbing and
defeated, she stuck out her tongue tentatively. When it touched the tip of her
cock, her whole body trembled with the sensation. "Hmmmm..." She couldn't help
letting out a grunt of pleasure. "Yes, that's it, slut! Do it again!" Catwoman
said, and Supergirl licked her cock again, this time she let her tongue touch
the entire head, and the sensation was incredible.

    Now she could no longer hold back. Without Catwoman ordering her to, she
licked her cock again, and again, running her tongue along its entire length.
Shortly, she felt herself coming, and began licking faster and faster. She was
totally oblivious of the people watching her, she just wanted to come. And
within seconds she came, spraying her juices all over her face. Exhausted after
her powerful orgasm, Supergirl just lay on the floor gasping for breath after
she was untied. Her clit had now shrunk back to it normal size. Seeing that she
was now completely tamed, the guards left her wrists uncuffed after they had
chained her collar to her cell.

    "Get some rest, slut," said Catwoman and she leaned forward and kissed
Supergirl's juice-stained lips. "My boys and I are visiting the Metropolitan Art
Museum tonight, and we'll need you later for the celebration!" she said as she
left. Supergirl wanted to cry again, but she was too exhausted, and soon she
drifted off to sleep.

    When she woke up, Supergirl could tell by her biological clock that it was
already dinner time. Her body was anticipating the gang-bang that usually took
place around this time. She tossed and turned on the floor. To her shame, she
was hoping secretly that Catwoman's men would be monitoring her and would see
that she was now awake and come to get her. But Catwoman and her henchmen were
nowhere to be seen. So they were still out stealing whatever they wanted in the
art museum, Supergirl thought impatiently. Unconsciously, her hands reached up
to cup her breasts. Then she began squeezing them gently. She was ashamed by her
own actions, but she couldn't control her body. She squeezed her breasts harder
and harder, and tugged at her nipple rings.

    "Oh, oh," she moaned lightly. One of her hands slid down her body to her
pussy. Resisting the temptation to play with her clit, she contented herself
with rubbing her wet lips. But as she rubbed herself faster and faster, she
could feel her clit throbbing, begging to be released. Finally, she couldn't
resist any longer and began tickling her clit gently. Immediately it sprang to
life and grew to its full length.

    Supergirl looked down at her clit, panting. Its use is to give all kinds of
pleasure, Catwoman's words echoed in her mind. This is my clit, it's a fuck
toy's clit, Supergirl thought. I'm a fuck toy! she screamed in her mind. Closing
her eyes in abandonment, she bent down and took the head of her cock in her
mouth. Immediately, her whole body shuddered with the sensation. Slowly,
Supergirl moved her head up and down and began sucking herself.

    Dr Rancor smiled as he watched all this from a monitor. Catwoman had better
be back soon, he thought to himself. Tonight is going to be fun....

The end??

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