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The Gymnast

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Synopsis: Her mother thought she had potential as a gymnast. She was sent to a training program. Although no fee was charged, they have special requirement for the trainees.
                         The gymnast

I was nine almost ten years old when Mom saw me walking on the railroad track
iron. I didn't think it was a big deal but she got all excited saying, "Oh Honey
you have great balance. You could be a gymnast. I would be so proud if you got
into the Olympic competition."

Like I said it was not a big deal I had balanced myself on smaller things like
our board fence and I was not excited about becoming a gymnast. I had watched
them on TV and it looked like a lot of work and that it could hurt. I was not
big on being hurt.

I was reminded of hurt everytime I went to my room to see the strap hanging on
my wall to remind me to be good.

It was not easy being good. I really tried but sometimes I did things I thought
were okay but they hated. Little things like improper table manners, or not
doing my homework right after dinner, or watching rap videos on MTV. My table
manners were better than the kids at school, It didn't matter if I did the
homework right away or later, and all the kids watched videos. If it was so damn
bad it would have been R rated. Oh that is another thing. Cursing. They really
got mad when I said Damn or hell or Christ or Shit. There are times like when
you stub your toe that just seems to demand a curse word

I also thought they were hypocrites since they seemed to enjoy spanking me. My
punishment time was always Friday after dinner. I am sure they picked that time
to let the red and bruises go down before I went to school on Monday. They also
believed in progressive spanking. Any time I did anything wrong they put a check
mark on the bulletin board. First check earned me a spanking on my panties, two
checks and the spanking was on my bare behind already sore from the first, third
got me spanked on my inner thighs real close to my crotch which really hurt.
Fourth got me a spanking on my tummy from below my belly button to the top of my
puffy pussy. I never got five checks but assumed if I did it would be on my
pussy and I could not imagine how bad that would be.

By Wednesday I had two checks and I was really careful not to get any more. It
wasn't just the pain that was terrible it was having to live with the fear for
days and the humiliation and embarrassment.

Friday after supper the degrading ritual would begin. I had to go to my room and
get the strap to bring down to them, then kneel and hold it out in front of me
to say, "I have been naughty. Please spank me I know I deserve it."

I hated having to say that because it was a lie. Most times I didn't think I
deserved to be hurt at all.

Then I would have to take off my dress or jeans and T-shirt. I couldn't
understand the necessity of being bare on top I would not be hit there and
assumed they made me do it because I was embarassed about my boobs growing way
before the other girls.

Once I was only wearing my little cotton panties I had to go to the kitchen to
get a chair to place in front of the couch where Dad would be sitting and then
lean over it with my hands on the seat. I am not very tall so the back of the
chair wuld dig in to my tummy evem though I was on tip-toes.

Mom would give me five spanks that felt like they were stinging and burning deep
inside me then Dad would get up and give me five more on my already sore bottom.

For the second set I had to move the chair then move the coffee table forward to
make room for me to be hit without hitting Dad's legs. then I had to take off my
panties facing him. When they were on the floor I had to say, "I am ready to be
punished." I never really felt ready for it.

Then I had to turn and lie flat across the coffee table. the only way I could
get every inch of my belly and chest touching the table was by opening my legs.
I had checked in the mirror on my closet door and knew that made my pussy
totally visible which made me very embarrassed.

She would give me five swats that hurt even more on my sore and naked butt then
he would get up to give me another five. His were worse because he aimed at the
juncture of my thighs and butt which would be super sensitive and really close
to hitting my pussy.

Then I had to get up and turn to face them and thank them for the just
punishment. The thing that really bothered me was that Dad would have a big lump
in his pants and I had learned in Sex ED that penis's would enlarge when the man
was sexually aroused. Even Mom would be breathing funny with an excited look on
her face.

I had to face the wall and think about my failure while they went into their
bedroom. I heard the bed squeaking and their moans. It made me angry to be used
to provide them sexual excitement. It seemed only fair for me to rub the little
nubbin called my clitoris to make me forget the pain and eventually get this
great feeling of release.

Later they would come out of their room in bathrobes and tell me to go to my
room and do my homework.

I never did it right away. First I would back up to my mirror to sse what damage
they had done. I swore that if it was welted to the point I would still have
marks on Monday I would tell the teacher and have them arrested for child
abuse.The marks would always be gone by Monday though and I don't think I would
have told anyway since that meant I would have no parents and have to go to a
foster home. the other kids had told me horror stories about foster homes run by
perverts and I certainly did not want to get myself into something worse.

Anyway Mom checked around and found a Gymnastic trainer. When we went into his
office she was really impressed when she saw girls my age and older in
photographs on his wall wearing gold and silver medals. It was not until much
later I found that none of those girls had been trained by him.

He came in and looked me over then with the excuse of checking my muscle tone he
felt my legs, butt and tummy. I blushed furiusly at this strange man touching me
but Mom just went along with it.

Then he said, "It takes a lot to be a great gymnast. She will have to learn
discipline and to accept pain. Until she becomes limber some moves will be quite
painful. It is also necessary for her to be pretty. In your daughters case that
is not a problem but discipline may. She will have to accept me as her Lord and
Master and do as I say without question."

Mom said, "Oh she is a good girl. She accepts our discipline and I am sure will
accept yours."

"Good. There are a couple of other things I should tell you. Most of the girls
are embarrassed at first to wear only leotards which become transparent when
they perspire. To get them over that embarrassment early I have them practice
just wearing panties."

Mom interrupted him to say, "That should be no problem. After all she would be
covered down there."

No problem for her but I knew I would be really embarrassed.

"Good but you didn't let me finish. Some girls aren't willing to work as hard as
they should and in that case I have found the only thing that works is corporal

I didn't know what corporal punishment was but Mom made it plain by saying, "Oh
you mean like spanking. I have no problem with that. She is spanked at home and
I have always thought it was a mistake when schools stopped doing it. I think
that is the reason kids are so bad now."

"Good. Then you won't be upset if she comes home with some red marks on her?"

"Oh no. we redden her bottom, thighs and tummy when necessary."

That really embarrassed me and I hated the grin on his face.

"Good I will accept her as a candidate. I am sure that if she works hard she
will be in the Olympics. We will start tomorrow at six PM amd you can pick her
up at nine."

Mom said, "Oh I planned to stay and watch her practice."

"No. Having parents around distracts them. If you come back before nine you will
find the door is locked. That is how strongly I feel about parental

Then Mom said hesitantly, "How much will this cost us. We don't have a lot of

He said, "Fortunately I had a very succesful father who left me a substantial
trust fund. I train deserving girls at no charge. I stress deserving. If she
does not cooperate she will be dropped from the team."

Mom was ecstatic. She smiled from ear to ear and said, "Don't worry. She will
cooperate. If you have to spank her let me know and we will continue on double
when she gets home."

I cringed knowing if he gave me ten spanks they would add twenty more which
would get me to my more tender parts.

She got me there early and we had to wait until he opened the door of his gym.
She shoved me through the door saying, "Do whatever he tells you. I don't want
to hear any bad reports."

That scared me and I knew I would have to be his virtual slave.

When everyone arrived. He had ten girls from nine to eleven. He said that when
we got to be twelve we would be trained by someone else. That is when I realized
he just liked young girls. 

End part 1


He had us form a semi-circle in front of him then took off his shirt to show a
muscled body. He was wearing tight black jeans and a picture I had seen during
the Inquisition came to mind. He looked like one of the inquisitors especially
since he was  holding what I later found out was a quirt in his hand.

He said, "Take off your clothes. I have to measure you for your leotards."

We were all shocked by the demand but we had all been told to do as told so we
began taking off our clothes. We all stopped when we were just wearing panties
but all hope of modesty disappeared when he said,"Panties too."

We took off our panties then stood there blushing with our hands covering our

He said, "Stand at attention. Hands at your sides, shoulders back, chest out and
suck in your tummies."

That removed our last bit of modesty. some hesitated but we all got into the
pose he wanted.

I was lucky. I am kind of skinny and had no problem sucking in my stomach till
ribs showed but a couple of girls still had their babyfat and even sucked in
their tummies pooched out a bit. I was glad some other girls had started to form
boobs so I wouldn't be teased like I was at gym class showers in school.

He moved closer to us and stood in front of each girl staring at her while they
blushed and fidgited in embarrassment.

Then with no warning he hit one of the girls with a pooching stomach right on
her belly button. The leather flap at the end of the quirt left a heart shaped
red mark on he tummy. She yelped in pain amd bent over but quickly got back in
the pose when he said, "Attention!"

You could see the strain on her face as she did her best to suck in her tummy so
it was flat. He said, "Good. If you had done that in the first place I wouldn't
have had to hit you."

Then he went to the other girl who still was showing some roundness althugh you
could tell seeing the other girl hit had really frightened her.

He said, "I see you are trying now but that does not forgive you for the earlier
failure. Brace yourself."

He hit down to leave the mark just above her pubic bone with the pointy part
going into her tiny slit. She screamed but managed to stay at attention.

Then he took out a cloth measuring tape and began measuring us. It was really
embarrassing. The back of his hand pushed into our pussies when he measured our
legs. He measured our waist and our chest letting the tape saw across our
nipples then made a final measurement by running the tape btween our legs and
holding it tightly against our necks. The tape slipped inside our pussies and I
could feel it sawing on my clit.

I later found out the measuring was bogus. The leotard only came in two sizes.
Small and medium since they were made of stretch material that fit us like a
second skin.

He went to the stage and brought back a box then said, "The leotards will only
be worn for meets. In practise sessions you will just wear the panties that go
under the leotard. I will fit them to you."

He pulled out a "Pantie" it was just a tiny triangle with elastic strings
attached to it.

He had the first girl hold the triangle against her pussy then ran the string
hooked to the point of the triangle in between her butt cheeks then pulled the
two ends up over her hip ones and tightened all the strings until they were sunk
out of sight in her skin to tie them at her back then took out a knife to cut
off the loose ends. He pushed her hand out of the way and smoothed the triangle
over her pussy while she blushed like crazy.

He said, "Good. This makes no unsightly bulges like regular panties."

When he got to me I understood why the girls had blushed. when he smoothed it he
pushed the point into my butt hole and spent more time than he needed smoothing
it over my pussy finally running his finger up from my butt hole to my clit so
the "Pantie" made a perfect outline of my crotch.

Then he started some music and we began doing aerobic exercises. At least he did
them with us so we could not complain that he worked us harder than he did

He let us have a short break between songs but he was in better shape than us so
we really got tired and sweaty. So sweaty when I looked at one of the other
girls I saw her "Pantie" had become wet and transparent. I looked down to see
mine was the same. I blushed realizing I might as well be naked.

He then had us do Jumping Jacks. I found that with my legs opening and closing
the elastic strings were pulling my "Pantie" into the slit of my pussy to the
point only my pubic mound was covered. It was really embarrassing but there was
nothing I could do about it. Worse the damn thing was rubbing on my inner lips,
clitoris and butthole that was exciting me as much as my masturbation. I know
the "Pantie" got wetter but I hoped all the girls would just think it was sweat.

He finished with stretching exersises going around slapping the inner thighs of
girls who could not manage the full stretch with that damn quirt.

Then he said we could shower and dress since our parents would be picking us up
soon. He told us to hook our "Panties" on hooks by our name so they could be
washed later.I saw some other hooks at the end that held a strap like mine and a
skinny bamboo cane. I thought they must be for worse offenses since the quirt
could not be too bad because the red marks it had left on the girls were already

In the shower one of the older girls said, "Jesus. Those jumping jacks were a
killer. My damn panty sunk into my crotch and rubbed me till I thought I was
gong to have an orgasm."

I was relieved when other girls agreed and I said, "I think I did." That made
the girls giggle but it was not to be mean.

She said the G-string climbs up in me too. I asked, "G-string?"

"Yes. My brother and I watched an R rated movie when my folks were gone. It had
strippers who wore these. My brother said they were called G-strings." Then she
giggled and said my brother would really get a kick out of seeing me wear it.

From then on we referred to our "Panties" as "Gs". Knowing strippers wore them
made them more sexy and I wondered if he really only wanted us to wear them so
he could see our muscles work. 

The shower was just an eight foot square box with a sliding glass door. There
were gobs of showerheads pointing in all directions but we couldn't find a valve
to turn them on.

I stuck my head out of the shower room door and told him we did not know how to
turn on the shower. He said he would do it for us.

He came in and sat on a bench by the wall and said, "I believe in conserving
water so I will turn it on so you can get wet then I will turn it off so you can
wash with soap. When you are clean I will turn it on again so you can rinse."

Some of us blushed realizing he was going to watch us shower and that we would
be washing our pussies.

He turned on the valve and the water was cold. We jumped around shrieking until
the hot water came and all the shower sprays hitting every inch of us started
feeling good.

He turned off the water then said, "You are a team now girls who should work
together. Form a circle and wash each others backs."

I hadn't been washed since I was a little girl. I had forgotten how good it
felt. I felt the girl behind me washing me all over with her soapy hands while I
washed the girl in front of me. It felt so good I could have stayed in there

Then he said, "Don't forget the crack between your butt cheeks. Sweat gathers

That made us blush again but the soapy hand spreading and rubbing my cheeks and
anus felt even better.

Then he said, "Turn around and do your fronts."

That was even better to feel the soapy hands kneading my boobies and all over my

Then he said, "Don't forget the vagina. Sweat gathers there too."

We all blushed at that but the soapy fingers running up and down from my anus to
the top of my slit felt wonderful. All of us spread our legs a little to let the
fingers in further. This was the same feeling I got from masturbation and I
became excited. I could tell fom the dreamy look on the girl I was washing that
it had the same effect on her.

Suddenly the sprays came on again and he told us to rinse and get dressed. I
felt cheated. I was just at that terrible point just before release.

When we were rinsed he turned off the water and left.

Embarrassment returned since we all knew it wasn't right. I had only done that
hidden under covers. We couldn't look each other in the eyes and hurriedly
dressed. We waited on a bench as parents arrived. They all asked how their
daughter had done. To my amazement when the mother of the daughter with the
poochy belly asked about her he said, "Amanda has trouble keeping her tummy
sucked in. Show your mother what happens when you don't mind."

She blushed but lifted her dress then pulled down the top of her panties to show
the faint red mark of his quirt.

Her Mother looked at it and said, "That doesn't amount to much."

Amanda whined, "But Mama. It really hurt."

I didn't realise my Mom was there until she said, "I hope you don't whine like
that over such a little thing. Did you?"

"No Mama. He didn't have to punish me. I was good."

She looked ar Don, our trainer, and said, "Was she really good? Being cute she
gets away with things. I don't want you to give her any slack."

"Yes she was good this time. Don't worry. If she is bad I will punish her."

"Good. She has a tendency to be lazy so I won't be surprised if she comes home
with a lot more than a little red mark."

When we got to the car she said, "Tell me what you did tonight."

Well he measured us for our leotards then gave us some panties to wear while
practicing. He said he wants to be able to see our muscles work to tell what
needs toning."

"That makes sense. Then what?"

"Then we did a lot of aerobics to get in shape before we took a shower to go

"Is that it? Tell me about the girls who got punished."

"It didn't amount to much. Girls who let their tummies pooch out got a spank on
their tummies and girls who couldn't do the splits got hit on their inner
thighs. That must have hurt though because they really squealed."

"They aren't as courageous as you. I understand he punishes the body part that
fails. I imagine the butt muscles and chest muscles would be used a lot as well
as the arm muscles."

"No. He said he would never punish a part that would show a mark when we are

"I think that is a good policy. It still leaves a lot of area to punish. I think
your Dad and I will do the same."

That seemed to end the conversation. It seemed my home punishments would no
longer be confined to just my butt and thighs. The thought of my strap hitting
my inner thighs or tummy scared me so I said, "He doesn't use the strap on the
tender places. Just his little quirt."

"Yes. I'll get one. The strap could knock the breath out of you on your tummy or

That still scared me because I was sure she wouldn't be happy with just one
spank. I didn't tell her about the "G" or the shower. I had gotten a real bad
spanking for running around in the back yard naked where someone may see me and
she had always told me no-one should touch me "Down there."

I was afraid if I told her she may take me out of the team and I was looking
forward to another shower.

end part 2

                         Gymnast 3

At dinner she said, "I got up early the other day and saw some aerobic exercise
programs on TV. I think they will help you. We will have an hour before you have
to get ready for school. You can do them just wearing your panties and it will
be like the Gymnastic practice."

Dad said, "Just panties?"

"Yes. Her trainer needs to watch the muscles work to see what needs toning."

"I am surprised he lets her wear panties. How can he see the butt muscles?"

"I suppose for modesty. You are right though. I think at home she can just be

"I think I will watch to see if she is capable of doing what girls in gymnastics
have to do."

I said, "Mom. It will be embarrassing to have Daddy see me."

"You will get over it. It will just be family."

Dad never got up until the last minute to go to work and I was sure he wouldn't
be getting up just to see me exercise if I was wearing shorts and T-shirt. In
fact once he had me turn off an exercise program I was working out with to see a
football game.

The next morning Mom yelled at me to get up. There was no reason to get dressed
so I went down in my nightie rubbing the sleepers from my eyes.

Mom was in her nightie flipping channels looking for the exercise program. Dad
was sitting on the couch just wearing Jockey shorts. I was surprised. I had
never seen him so naked. Even his bathing suit had legs nearly to his knees. I
saw a lump in his shorts a lot like Don's penis. He put his hand over it while
he stared at Mom. I looked at her and saw why he was interested. The light from
the TV was shining through her nightie. Bent over with her legs open you could
see the dark patch of her pubic hair.

She finally found the channel and went over to sit beside Dad. He put his hand
on her upper thigh with his fingers touching her crotch. She grinned and put her
hand on his crotch. I was sure it was not to hide themselves from me.

The girl on TV was saying that she did not expect us to keep up if we were just
starting and to just do the best we could.

Mom said, "Just ignore that. We expect you to keep up. If you don't you will be

I whined, "Please Mom. I am not in shape yet. I have never been able to do

"Oh don't be such a baby. Since this is your first session I will just use this

There was no doubt in our minds I would escape punishment but at least it was
not the strap.

She told me to take off the nightie and I did noticing Daddy looked at me with
more interest than he had ever shown before. Actually it was kind of good to
have his undivided attention.

She told me to watch the TV in the mirror behind them so I could face them as I
exercised. I looked in the mirror and saw I had my thighs clenched together to
hide my little pussy but I knew that would not last.

It didn't. The girl did a lot of things that opened her legs and mine to let us
see my slit open and close.

I did good except that I could not do all twenty sit-ups and in the splits was
unable to get all the way to the floor like the girl did.

Mom turned off the TV and said, "You were supposed to do twenty sit-ups. since
you failed you will get twenty spanks on the tummy muscles that failed you.

She had me lie back on the floor and hit my tummy with the swatter really hard.
I had no idea it would sting so much and it was real hard to continue to lie
there as my whole tummy reddened and stung.

She said, "there will be no set amount for your failure to do the splits. I wil
just spank until your butt is resting on the floor.

She let me go as far as I could until my hips hurt and it felt like something
was about to tear in my inner thighs.

She started spanking my inner thighs. They were more sensitive than my tummy and
I really tried but could not quite get down all the way because my hip joints
really hurt and the tearing feeling in my inner thighs caused me even more pain
than the swatter.

When I couldn't get any lower in spite of the terrible sting to my inner thighs
Dad said, "Maybe you should hit something more sensitive."

Mom said,"Of course." and hit me right on my pussy causing a terible sting that
made me cry. she hit me over and over until it was red and swollen but it
worked. I finally got so sore I forced myself down till my butt touched the
floor not caring if it broke my hips.

She stopped and said "Good."

That word became my goal with both them and Don and I was willing to do anything
to hear it.

She said, "Muscles hurt, Honey?"

I whined, "Oh yes. Terrible."

"We'll help you."

She picked up a bottle of massage oil and She and Dad knelt on both sides of me
to rub it on my thighs and tummy. It felt great but it got even better when they
began rubbing it on my pussy.

Somehow it felt even better than when I did it under the covers. I began to
squirm and moan from the wonderful feeling which made them both smile.

My excitement rose until I began to quiver and pant then I got this wonderful
release. I just laid there breathing deeply.

Mom grinned and said, "Our little girl is growing up. Feel how wet she is."

Dad ran his middle finger through my slit and over my clit to make me shudder in

Then he said, "I don't think our little girl has a hymen. Let me check."

He slowly pushed his finger deep inside me. That felt wonderful and I found
myself raising my butt to get it even deeper.

Dad smiled and said, "No hymen. Either she was born without one or tore it
during masturbation."

"Mom said, "Do you play with your pussy a lot?"

That embarrassed me but I admitted, "Sometimes."

Mom smiled and said, "That explains the little bit of blood I saw on your sheet.
Don't feel bad about it. That is how I lost my hymen too."

I said, "Do we have to talk about it. It embarrasses me. When one of the girls
admitted she had played with her pussy they said she was a slut."

"They are hypocrites Allene. I am sure they all do it."

Maybe she was right. I remembered only a few girls teased her and they were the
same girls whose parents wouldn't let them go to Sex Ed. class.

Dad was still slowly moving his finger in and out of me and she said, "Do you
like the feeling of Daddy's finger?"

"Oh yes! It feels wonderful."

"Would you like to feel something even better?"

"Uh huh."

"Okay. We have to make you real wet so it won't hurt."

I didn't know how I could get any wetter but she showed me. She pulled my legs
apart and began to lick my pussy. It felt even better than his finger especially
when her tongue fluttered against my clitoris.

She looked up and said, "You are going to have to get Daddy wet too."

He took off his shorts and crawled over to me to press is super hard penis
against my lips. It seemed a little gross but the thought of something even
better than her tongue convinced me to give it a tentative lick. It didn't taste
bad so I licked more of it as he slid it around my mouth then finally pushed the
head between my lips. I licked and sucked only gagging when it went in too deep.

Finally I guess he was ready because Mom got up and he laid on his back while
she lifted me over him then opened my pussy with one hand while she put the head
of his penis inside me. It was great to be on top because I could let it slide
in slow feeling a big stretching feeling until I was sitting on him. Then I
could twist and go up and down which gave me one release after another.

Mom began licking and nibbling my little nipples. I had nevcr thought about that
part being sexy but it felt great too.

Suddenly I felt his penis twitching inside me while he moaned and then it got
soft. I was really disappointed because I felt like I could do that forever.

Mom laughed as I gyrated on him hoping he would get hard again and said, "This
is good exercise for her. Look she is soaked in sweat. Honey go take a shower.
it is almost time for school."

While I was in the shower Mom came in and said, "Daddy shot his sperm in you. We
will have to wash it out or it will get smelly."

She went to a drawer and got a big rubber bag and a nozzle on the end of a
rubber hose with a bunch of holes in it. She filled the bag and hung it on the
shower curtain rod then had me open my legs so she could put the nozzle in my
pussy. She opened a valve and warm water began shooting in me. It felt wonderful
and I knew I had just discovered a great new way to masturbate.

At school I got yelled at a lot for not paying attention because my mind was
full of all the wonderful things that had happened to me. Even though it was the
greatest experience of my life I guess I knew it wasn't rght because I didn't
tell any of my girl friends.

When I got home I told Mom that what they had done was the greatest thing that
had ever happened to me and I wondered if any of my girl friends had done it.

She said, "You didn't tell anyone about it did you?"

"Oh no. I was afraid they may tease me like the girl who said she played with

"Good. This must be our little secret."

"Okay. I am good at keeping secrets. Will Dad be home soon?"

"Yes but we wo't be able to do anything. We are having your Aunt and Uncle and
their two boys as  guests for dinner then we are going to a party. You remember
Jeff and Tommy don't you? It has been a couple of years."

I said."Oh yes." I remembered that they had embarrassed me by flipping up my
dress to see my panties and wrestling with me to give them a chance to feel me.
I had changed now and thought it might be fun to tease them.

I went upstairs to change for dinner. I decided to wear a tight T-shirt so they
could see how my tummy had become flat and also the bumps that proved I was
getting boobies and a short skirt to make it easy for them to flip up or for me
to "innocently" show my panties when I sat down.

When they arrived I saw that now being 13 and 12 years old they had also firmed
up. Their grins as they stared at my legs bare nearly to my butt showed that
their curiosity had not changed.

During dinner Mom bragged about how strong and limber I had become and that I
could do all the moves in aerobics. That made it omly natural for my Uncle to
say, "Let's see her do the moves."

Mom said, "Oh sure. She can show you after dinner. You will be surprised at how
well she can move. We are very proud of her."

I was really nervous all through dinner being afraid she may have me do them
naked which would be really embarrassing in front of them all. I could hardly
eat anything. It didn't help to have the boys staring at me and asking if I
could do the splits and back bend which I knew exposed my pussy.

I was relieved when after dinner she said, "Go into our bedroom. I bought you a
leotard so they can see your muscles working. I couldn't find panties or bra
that wouldn't leave big ridges in the leotard so just wear it alone."

I went into the bedroom and saw the leotard laying on the bed so I knew she had
planned on a demonstration. It was really tiny and I had to struggle to get it
on. When it was on I swear you could have seen a zit on any part of my body. My
nipples made bumps and the crotch stuck to my puffy lips and sunk slightly into
the slit between them.

when I walked back into the room My uncle and the boys stared at me making it
plain they were more interested in my near nudity than any gymnastic moves.

Mom put a cd in the player and fast music came on. I did the moves and by the
second song I was drenched in sweat and panting.I stood there and said, "I need
to rest a minute."

Mom said,"Yes, You may have a rest. Just stand there."

I stood there nervously while my breathing went back to normal the Jeff said.
"She really looks good!"

I looked down at myself and saw my sweat had made the white leotard transparent.
I blushed to my toes but then Mom made it worse by saying, "Yes. She is already
firming up. Honey take off the leotard so they can see how firm you are."

"Mom! No! The damn thing is transparent. I don't need to take it off."

"You know you are not allowed to say no to me and you cursed. You will be
punished. Now take it off."

I whimpered but took it off blushing furiously as I watched them staring at me
clenching my thighs together in an effort to hide my pussy.

Tommy said, "Wow she is growing up. She has boobies and has hair on her pussy."

I blushed even more and clenched my thighs tighter.Hoping I could leave soon but
Mom said, "Yes. She is becoming a young lady. Allene go to Tommy so he can see
how nice and firm your belly and butt have become."

I protested with an agonized, "Mom! Please!"

She looked at me sternly and said, "Refusal will only earn you more punishment."

I went to him and he began running his hands over my butt and then my belly. It
was horribly embarrassing but to my shame it felt good and was exciting. Then I
had to go to Jeff who was bolder and even rubbed my pussy. I was relly getting
excited when I went to my Uncle who let his finger go into my ass crack while
fondling my butt and let a finger slide along my little slit of a pussy. My Aunt
said, "Yes she really is becoming a young lady. Have you opened her up yet?"

Mom said, "Yes. Check it out."

To my total mortification she stuck her finger deep in my pussy and began
sliding it around. Worse to my shame I was enjoying the feeling."

My Aunt said, "Oh yes. It is open and wet too. I think she is ready to be

Mom made me wish I could drop out of sight when she said, "Yes we have done
that. She really enjoyed it."

I could have died. Now they all knew what a terrible slut I was.I wondered if
they were going to fuck me right then but Mom said, "Enough fun. It is time for
your punishment."

"Mom! You aren't going to do it in front of them are you?"

"Actually I think I will let them participate. Go get your strap and the

I began to cry but went to get them. When I came back Mom was saying, "I
discovered a flyswatter on her sensitive spots is very effective and best of all
leaves no bruises. We just use the strap on her butt and thighs."

"Allene get in position for your butt spanking. I think three apiece for us will
be sufficient. I moaned. That meant eighteen spanks and I had never had more
than fifteen. I went to the couch and leaned over the back of it and at her
urging opened my legs. I blushed again. I had checked in my mirror and knew that
made my pussy totally visible. I prayed it would not be an inviting target.

It was not a normal spanking which was usually done fast and over quickly. With
them each would give me three hard spanks which stung awful but then they would
rub my butt and thighs to lessen the sting for the next person. It was very
confusing with hurt then pleasure. To my surprise I found the ordeal exciting
and was almost disappointed when Mom said after her turn, "That completes the
strapping. Boys, You can rub away the red while I make coffee."

They ran to me and suddenly four hands were rubbing my buttcheeks and then into
my ass crack and my pussy that wasn't even red. To my shame I was getting so
excited I began to pant.

Jeff said, "You really like this don't you? You are a real little slut."

I whined,"No I am not a slut. I can't help it."

"That is what makes you a slut. A normal girl would hate having this done to

I felt terrible. He was right. My girl friends at school said a slut was the
lowest thing in the world. I deserved to be punished.

As I was thinking about that Mom returned and said, "It is time to finish the
punishment. She has a tendency to squirm around so I have brought some scarves
so she can be tied."

"Allene. Go to the coffee table and tie your ankles to the legs."

I thought it was really mean of her to make me prepare myself to be hurt but
then I remembered I was a slut and deserved all the punishment they could give
me. We have a big coffee table and I had to open my legs real wide to tie the
ankles. I blushed when Tommy said, "Wow her legs are so far apart her slit

Mom got a big pillow and put it on the coffee table and told me to sit on it. I
thought it was strange tht she would want me to be comfortable but then she told
me to lie back and I realized she did it because that pushed my pussy up and
open to make it very vulnerable. She tied my wrists to the other legs and I
whimpered as I laid there so helpless and vulnerable.

Mom said, "I know this flyswatter doesn't look like much but you will be
surprised at her reaction and best of all it only reddens her and the red will
leave soon after. I think six apiece will be right. two on each nipple and two
to the pussy. This time no rubbing. I want the sting to last."

I moaned. That would be thirty six hits. Surely I would faint before it was over
but then I realized my head was lower than my body so I would not get that

Mom said, I'll start it so you can see how hard you can hit without causing

She came over and hit my right nipple as hard as she could. I screamed at the
terrible pain but she just went to the left one and then to my pussy. The
swatter was wide enough to cover every inch of the open lips. She returned to
the left nipple which was still stinging horribly then the right and to the
pussy while I bawled and fought my bonds. She handed the swatter to the next
person to continue before the stings subsided so I was in constant pain. But
then something really strange happened.

About the twentieth sting The pain mixed with excitement and I found I was
pushing up my pussy to meet the swatter as I approached orgasm. Jeff was last
and he told Tommy to hold my pussy lips open. He put all six on my pussy with
the lips pulled open clear to my thighs and I went into an orgasm so strong I am
sure I would have passed out if my head had been higher.

I laid there with sweat pouring from my body from fighting my bonds and I felt
juice from my pussy running over my anus.

Mom said, "She was very brave. No loud screams so I think she deserves a reward.
Men and boys why don't you get undressed. We will choose the smallest cock first
to open her gradually."

I watched as they undressed. They all had very hard dicks. Tommy was smallest
then Jeff Then Dad and I gasped as My uncles came into view. It was even bigger
than Dads. I swear the head was nearly as large as my fist and I was sure it
would rip my pussy.

Mom told them to go to my head first so I could wet their cocks to make it go in
easier. That was hardly necessary since my pussy was soaked but Tommy loved the
idea and told me to open my mouth.

He stuck it in and I licked it until he moaned and jerked it out to put it in my
pussy. My mouth had excited him so much he only thrust into my pussy a few times
before he came.

He said, "Darn. I came too fast can I do it again later?"

Mom said, "Maybe. We'll see."

Jeff didn't want the same thing to happen to him so he just thrust his dick in
my mouth for a couple of pumps. I was amazed to find that with my head back like
that his dick slid into my throat with only a little gagging.

He was able to last a little longer and I felt a new orgasm coming. I was
looking forward to Dad who I was sure would get me past that terrible time just
before orgasm.

Dad's dick was too big to go into my throat and I gagged as it hit the entrance.
I was right. He was able to last long enough to give me a nice orgasm.

My Uncle's dick was so big it stretched my lips going into my mouth and I was
only able to wet about half of it. about four inches.

The boys had to hold my pussy lips open for him to get that monster in me and I
felt a not unpleasant pain as the hole stretched for him to pump furiously to
get me off one more time.

After that I was untied but I was so exhausted I just laid there for awhile
while they got dressed.

When I recovered I reached for my leotard but Mom said, "No stay naked. We may
think of something else to do with you."

I didn't care. I had been naked so long all modesty had left me. I sat between
Jeff and tommy and they started caressing me which really felt good.

Mom made sandwiches and we ate them while they all looked at me. I was sure they
were thinking of other things they might do to me but I didn;t care. I was a
slut and deserved anything they may want to do.

I was thoroughy rested by then but satiated and when Tommy said, "Can I fuck her
again? I think I can last longer now." I was not really interested since I was
sure he would not last long enough to get me to orgasm.

Mom said thoughtfully, "You know as small as you are I think you may be able to
get your dick in her tiny anus. Would you like to try that?"

Tommy said excitedly, "Oh for sure I have never done that!"

"Okay. We will have to clean her first. Lets go to the bathroom."

We have a huge bathroom and they all could get in to it. I thought she was just
going to wash it but she went to a drawer and pulled out a big rubber bag with a
hise and nozzle on it. I recognised it as an enema bag and I cringed. She had
used it on me once when I was constipated. It was a humiliating and painful
experience and it would be even worse with all of them watching. Then I thought
it doesn't matter. I am a slut and I deserve humiliation and pain.

She filled the bag with water then had me lean over the tub with my head inside.
She had my lick the nozzle to make it slick. Fortunately she had washed it so it
didn't taste shitty.
She placed the nozzle into my anus and I felt a stretch. If that stretched me
Tommy's dick was twice as thick.

She hung the bag on the shower curtain rod and released the valve. Water started
flowing into me. At first it wasn't bad but then I filled up and began having
cramps. I moaned that I couldn't take any more but she said, "Just a little

The little more was so much my belly began to pooch and the cramps were
terrible. She held the nozzle in while I hobbled over to the toilet then she
jerked it out, Water gushed from me with farting noises that made the boys laugh
to add to my humiliation. I had to take two more until she was satisfied the
water was clear.

I was taken back into the front room and told to get on my hands and knees.
Tommy ripped off his clothesAnd I wet his dick for him then he pushed it in my
tiny asshole. There was a stretching feeling but it didn't hurt. As he pumped I
was reminded that Dogs fucked this way and that is how I felt. Like a little
doggy bitch. Everyone watched intently as his thighs slapped against my

He did last longer but it didn't do anything for me. It didn't hurt but it was
just not exciting with no stimulation to my clitoris.

He finished and pulled out. I just sat down wondering what was next.

Then my Aunt said, "You know I think with Tommy's sperm in her to lubricate Jeff
may be able to get in her."

Mom said, "I think you are right. I want it to last longer though so I think we
will give him an incentive to go slow and last. I will be right back."

She left and came back with her plastic bag full of cothespins. She said, "Jeff
likes to see her in pain. We will put these clothespins on her boobies and tummy
every three seconds. Let's see how many Jeff can get on her."

I moaned. Once I had put one on my finger and knew they would hurt.

Jeff ssid. "Hey I can last a long time if I go slow."

She had me get back on my hands and knees and dumped the bag of clothespins
under me and told my aunt to get on the other side while my Uncle would say now
at each three seconds.

Jeff had me wet his dick then got behind me to slowly drive in his dick. This
time there was a painful stretch but he managed to get it all in and said,

He started going back and forth real slow as I felt a terrible pinch on my boob.
He continued slowly as pin after pin was added. Ones on my nipples made me
squeal. When they ran out of room on my boobs they started putting them on my
tummy and finally just before he came on the lips of my pussy. Surprisingly the
pain combined with the ass fucking brought me to orgasm.

When he finished and I rolled over on my back my whole front was aching and
throbbing from the pins. They had Tommy tke them off and he saved the ones on my
nipples and pussy for last. To my surprise it hurt twice as bad to take them off
as it had to put them on.

Shortly after that My Uncle said they had better start home since they had a
four hour drive.

When they left I went upstairs to my bathroom for a long soothing bath and then
went to bed. Incredibly after all I had been through I still wanted my nightly
masturbation while I thought of the things that had been done to me and the
things that may be done to me in the future.

The End?

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