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Synopsis: About a DC Superheroine who had been captured and been given as a slave to a woman who despised her popularity

                                                           POWER GIRL – MELISSA’S SLAVE


By Sonya Esperanto  e mail:


Synopsis: About a DC Superheroine who had been captured and been given as a slave to a woman who despised her popularity






It was summer time in Spain. The beaches of Ibiza was hot and sandy, and full of tourists from all over Europe. Blond fat German men invaded most of the spots and laid their blankets out, like as if it was World War II. French and Italian women lied over their blankets, over the hot Spanish sands, getting more tanned and obviously only wore their underwear and no bra. Some boys and girl were running around playing ball. A man and his girlfriend were making out, while surfers were yelling over the waves, whether it was in Spanish or any other language.  Over this side of Spain, tourists and young employed Spanish boys and girls were having a good time.


Not far from Ibiza, were some Spanish islands. Unlike Spain, many of these islands still were full of trees, and hence spared the misfortune of the mainland’s Summer Fires. In one of the islands lived a very wealthy Spanish woman. She had a lovely tan and was a very attractive woman. She could easily pass for a model or even be an actress, but none of that mattered to someone like her. Her name was Melissa. She had long dark-brown hair, brown-green eyes, thin cunning lips and right now, she was sitting inside her living room. She had her back towards the sofa and her feet rested on a small 4-legged stool. She was watching television.


The news was very interesting. Every day, she watches something about that lovely superheroine coming in to save the day. That heroine was Power Girl. She was as powerful as Superman and the other superheroes and superheroines. She was a strikingly beautiful woman. Dressed in a tight-fitting white lycra outfit with long blue gloves and boots. She had short Blonde hair with crystal clear blue eyes, like someone from Scandinavia and Russia. She also had 40 D breasts (yummy for men and lesbians who love big breasts) and a bountiful bosom that was at least a size 38. She also had a circle cut into the leotard to reveal her deep cleavage. She was a delicious sight indeed. Villains and horny men always dreamt of fucking the beautiful and all-powerful Power Girl. Melissa had evil thoughts about Power Girl.


In the news, they showed Power Girl single handedly knocking the crap out of 8 Gotham villains (Joker, Penguin, Mr Freeze, Riddler, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Bane and Poison Ivy), as Batman and Superman and the rest of the JLA (Justice League of America) were trying to take down Doomsday, who was possessed by Brainiac 455.


Melissa grabbed her cup of tea and was drinking and sipping from it. Her maid came in, saying, “Seniorita, is there anything else I can get you?” The maid was a Mexican lady, who worked for Melissa. Melissa subconsciously said, “You can get me Power Girl” (she said in fluent Spanish). The maid was shocked, as she was unsure what her employer meant. Melissa then laughed and looked at the maid, saying, I am just joking with you, Helena. I was wondering if I could have spaghetti tonight. Spaghetti Bolognese. I feel like an Italian right now and am in the mood for the food , the kind of food the mafia would eat.”


The maid walked away, nodding her head and saying, “Si, seniorita. Your wish is my command.” Melissa loved it when people looked up to her. She envied the beautiful Power Girl, as well as any other superheroine, for that. Melissa said, “Soon, my dear. Soon, you will be mine.”


Chapter 1: The Event That Changed The World


It was a year later. Superman and many of the superheroes had gone to space to face the greatest threat the Earth has known: Warworld. The people of Earth were worried that the superheroes would be defeated and Warworld would come and conquer the Earth. Their fears had been calmed. Warworld had been stopped, but at the price of the superheroes’ lives. Power Girl was the only one who remained, as she was needed on Earth with some other heroes and heroines.


In Europe, Power Girl was busy fighting General Zod. His armies managed to wipe out all the NATO countries, by using advance technology. The USA had collapsed, under internal fighting by Zod-supporters over there. It was the Third World War in its height. Spain was spared the attack, as the new leader of Spain was a secret ally to Zod. It was Melissa. She became the country’s new dictator, like Franco before her in World War II.  


As the other superheroes and superheroines had been long killed, Power Girl was the only one truly left. She tried to fight General Zod’s robot army. Their energy beams were too strong for her. The fighting also took place in Paris, in France. The great city was now a rubble and a shell of its former self. Eventually she was beaten and became a prisoner of Zod’s.


Zod had kept her inside a prison cell. The former superheroine, being Kryptonian and all, was chained and had a chain wound all over her body, with her hands cuffed behind her back. She couldn’t break free and it wasn’t because of the beating she took. The cuffs were made of Kryptonite. She was weakened.  Zod indeed have plans for her, one which he thinks would be too humiliating, too degrading even for the mighty Kryptnonian champion of all that is good.



As for Melissa’s Spain, her Spanish armada were now occupying Europe, using Zod’s technology and ruled Europe in the name of Zod.

Asia was now run by robots, under Brainiac 500’s control. The Americas was where Zod ruled Earth and the White House and Statue of Liberty burned to rubbles. In their place, are the giant statues of Zod, triumphant over a dead Superman. Humanity was broken and soon, the people of Earth learned to live, as Zod’s servants. Quisling-type generals proved useful to him. After all, Earth was just one of many planets he planned to conquer.


Russia and Japan were the only threats left, along with China. Zod obliterated everyone over there. He didn’t spare a single soul. He truly was ruthless. Soon, he had to get ready to do more things.



Chapter 2: Power Girl’s cell


Power Girl still laid helpless. She was not broken yet but was already weak. She really could not escape. Suddenly, the cell door opened. General Zod walked in. He wore a yellow armour, protecting him from the effects of Kryptonite. Zod mocked Power Girl, “So how are you getting comfortable with your new home, my dear.” Power Girl weakly answered back, “There will be someone to stop you.”


Zod laughed evilly. Power Girl also noticed that he was holding something in his right hand. It was a black collar. She gasped. She knew what it was. He walked closer to her and she was too helpless to run away. He opened up the collar. He then placed it around her neck and then ….SNAP. Her neck now had a collar in it.


Power Girl screamed, “Let go of me Zod.” Zod shouted towards outside his door. Two of his armoured Kryptnonian men came. He said to them, “Take her to Room 42. Take off her Kryptonite chains. But leave the collar on.” The Kryptnonian Guards answered, “Yes my Lord Zod.”


The two guards walked towards Power Girl and lifted her up. They were going to take her to room 42. As Zod watched his men take Power Girl away, “I couldn’t think of anything more humiliating for you, my dear. You are not going to lose your dignity to me. You are going to lose it to….”



Chapter 3: New Brussels



Brussels, former capital of the European Union. After all the death toll during the war, it was mostly Melissa’s soldiers who patrolled the streets. The former EU head office was now Melissa’s office, a reward for her loyalty and obedience to Zod. After all, it was she who passed the message to Brainian 500, about the weak infrastructures on Earth. Zod loved traitors. This was the only way a war could be won.


Melissa sat in her office, dressed something like former dictator Imelda Marcos. She enjoyed her new status in Zod’s Earth. Opposite her, was stood Zod. Melissa said, “So far, Zod, there had been no resistance. My men had the French and British slaves build up five more of your statues in Berlin and Prague.”


Zod smiled, “Excellent. Your loyalty had been proven time again and again, Melissa.” Melissa smiled, “Only to serve your interests.” Zod then said to her, “As you know I have other business to attend to, Brainiac 500 will be in charge here on Earth, under my absence.” Melissa’s eyes and jaw dropped in shockedness, “Are you going anywhere, Zod. Is there something in particular you want me to do in your absence.


Zod nodded. Zod said, “You are to help Brainiac 500 run this part of the world and Captain Cold run the former Americas, and Ra’s Al Ghul run Australia and Africa.” Melissa said, “I shall offer them my service whenever they ask for it, Zod. My men will always be ready and do as they are told.”


Zod then said, “And there is something else I want you to do for me.”


Zod explained about Power Girl. He wanted her alive and kept as a slave, under a human. If she was enslaved by a powerful being, the delight of her degradation wouldn’t be fun. Melissa listened and was crying out for joy. Never in her wildest dreams, did she expect something like this, or even expect Power Girl to have been alive this whole time.


He told her that he placed a black collar around Power Girl’s neck. If she tried breaking it, it would explode and kill her. As long as the collar was on, she was as weak as a mortal. She was practically human even. This made Melissa trying her best to control her self.


Basically, Zod was giving Power Girl as a slave to Melissa, to do with her as she wished. Melissa happily accepted. Power Girl would be delivered to her in a few days time. Before Zod walked out the door, Melissa smilingly chuckled to herself, “I will put her in her place.”




Chapter 4: Zod’s Absence


Brainian 500 was controlling the world, while Zod had been away. In fact, he really didn’t need Melissa’s help. He could even run the machines in Europe too, to ensure that workers did what they were told. But in fact, Brainiac 500 was far more sinister than she thought. One day, she received an e-mail from Brainiac 500 to come to Tokyo. A special plane was awaiting her outside her office.


As she flew to Tokyo, she met up with his Mechanical Body, occupying The House of the Emperor. Brainiac 500 wanted to know if he could trust her and since he could scan her verbal cords, he knew he could. Basically, Brainiac 500 wanted to take over Earth and was preparing to remodify his own technology so that he could take on Zod, when he came back.


Brainiac 500 could easily take on Zod, now that he had a planet under his control. The assassination of all Zod’s pawns would commemorate and that even her own men would be controlled by his nano machines. In return for sparing her, she was given the task of helping to remodify him. She was given the codes and told what to do. If she failed, his system would go down and Zod will have Earth under him. Brainiac 500 was less demanding than Zod and with him in charge, she had more freedom to do what she wanted.


Soon, she would be the only human not control by nano-technology and she didn’t care. Now, she agreed to this. This meant that, she could enjoy her time with her slave, Power Girl, whom she didn’t come and collect yet.



Chapter 5: Power Girl’s Surprise



It was a room somewhere in Brussels. It was daylight and Power Girl lied on a bed. The door had been locked and she was given meals to eat, to give her back some strength although generally speaking, she really didn’t need to eat as much as humans did, since her Kryptnonian essence were not completely gone, except for her external powers. She still had her costume on.


Suddenly ,her door opened. It was Melissa, accompanied by her men (with nanobots in them, also making them obey her). Power Girl rushed towards Melissa but before she could reach her, Melissa’s men grabbed her and held her down, forcing Power Girl to her knees. Power Girl shouted, “Who the hell are you?” Melissa slapped Power Girl once, and then twice. Power Girl felt the impact and the blow. Melissa may not be an athlete but for a normal woman, she sure could humiliate Power Girl. Without her powers, Power Girl realized how vulnerable she was.


While still forced to her knees, she looked down, afraid of getting another slap, and perhaps even crying, as it sure hurt. Melissa smiled, as she guessed Power Girl’s feelings at the moment. Melissa said, “I am your new mistress, now. This planet is controlled by Brainiac 500.” Power Girl turned her head up, looking partly beaten and shouted back, “Zod would kill you for saying that.” Melissa laughed, “He is gone, my dear. Brainiac 500 is now in control of this planet and I am helping him to run it.”


Power Girl was powerless indeed. Melissa ordered the men, “Come. Bring her to the dungeon.”


The two men dragged Power Girl to a special dungeon room, somewhere in the building. Melissa followed them in there. In the dungeon room was a small wooden table. There was also chair to go with it. While Power Girl had been shoved inside, the two men were ordered to keep her guard. Melissa would be back.



Moments later……



Melissa was back. This time, the Spanish Seniorita was dressed in a long latex pants with a skirt attached to it, a latex shirt and a 5” leather boots to go with it. She was also carrying a rod, once used to hit horses. Melissa said to Power Girl, “You have been given to me as a slave. From now on, you shall address me as Mistress.”


Power Girl screamed back, “Never. I have never submitted to anyone.” Melissa laughed, “You should. I could really hurt you. I am good in this game, dear.”


Power Girl lunged out at Melissa, who was too fast for her and she always misses Melissa. Power Girl had never fought like a person before, as she relied too much on her powers to save the day. Every time she misses Melissa, Melissa hits the rod against her legs and ass. It really hurt Power Girl like hell.


After a while, Power Girl was on all fours, tired and beaten. Melissa walked towards her and was about to hit her with the rod, “You want some more, puta?” Puta was Spanish for bitch. Power Girl shook her head, in fear. Power Girl begged, “Please, don’t hurt me. Please, I will do whatever you want.” Melissa yelled, “You promise to be my slave, bitch?” Power Girl saw the rod and was easily scared from the beatings of a mortal woman, “Yes. I will do whatever you ask.”


“Swear to be my slave”, commanded Melissa.

Power Girl nodded, “I will live as your slave”.


Melissa smiled, “Good.” She helped Power Girl get and made her ass lean against the wooden table, while Melissa sat on the wooden chair, holding the rod in her hand and her men guarding the door. “Now, I command you to strip for me.”

Power Girl slowly took off her gloves. She then took of her boots. Lastly, she stripped out of white lycra costume, until she was naked enough to pose for Hugh Hefner in Playboy.


Her costume now lied on the other end of the wooden table. Power Girl was now naked. She was covering her Blonde pubic hair, shamed that she was naked in front of a woman. Melissa smiled wickedly. Melissa then said to her, “Now climb on top of the table. On all fours.” Power Girl climbed on top of the table and she was on all fours. The table was only about 3 foot high.


She was a like a dog (more like a bitch) on display. As Power Girl was there on all 4s, Melissa was walking around. Her rod was scanning her legs, back, arms and collared neck. Melissa smilingly said, “I like what I see. I think I will give you a new make. You will no longer be called Power Girl. Your new name now is…Puta Girl, because that is what you are.” Melissa laughed cruelly. One hand was fondling Power Girl’s Blonde hair while the one with the rod, was using the rod to feel the nipples. Then she walked to Power Girl’s back, fondling the nice bosom, as if she owned it (which now she did) and the rod was between her legs and touching further into the pubic hair, touching Power Girl’s pussy.


Melissa said, “You shall address me as mistress. Understood.” Power Girl nodded, “Yes”. Melissa got angry that she forgot to say mistress and so WHACKED her ass thrice. Power Girl screamed, till Melissa slapped her, “Shut up. What were you supposed to say.Power Girl cried, saying, “Yes, mistress. I forgot. I’m sorry. Please give me a chance.”


The former superheroine was now her captive. She was scared of her MORTAL-LIKE beatings. She would do anything to avoid getting hit.


Chapter 6: The Makings of Puta Girl



Melissa made Puta Girl lie on a table, inside an examination room. Puta Girl was told not to move. Power Girl dared not disobey. While she lied there, like some sort of thing for Melissa to experiment on, Melissa was holding a needle. It was red hot. Power Girl wanted to scream, because it would be painful and hurt her. To prevent any unwanted movement, Power Girl had been strapped down and a ball gag on her mouth, so she would not scream much.


Melissa pierced the hot needle through Power Girl’s Kryptonian nipples. Power girl kept on squirming and frantically moaning, in pain. She was in Hell. Melissa delighted in her prisoner’s helpless situation. Once both Power Girl’s nipples had been pierced, she placed two gold rings on them. As for her pubic hair, Melissa shaved it all off. She then placed three rings on them too, after painfully piercing Power Girl.


Power Girl had no Blonde Pubic hair and had 5 rings. 2 on her nipples and 3 on her cunt lips. What a delicious sight indeed.


As for Power Girl’s beautiful ears, she pierced them and placed 2 diamond rings, like how hookers look.


Melissa smiled to herself, “Excellent”.



Night after night, as Melissa had nothing much to do, she was caning and hitting Power Girl. She hit her ass, her legs and her breasts, until not a sign was markless with red welts. Power Girl suffered this ordeal and responded to her new name of Puta Girl. Even when she obeyed, Melissa still did to her, to remind her what is the price of disobedience.


But that was not all. Her nano men were ordered to rape Power Girl. One man would lie down and his dick would penetrate her vagina, hitting her clitoris and rings there, while another men would penetrate her asshole from behind. She was also made to suck on another of her men’s dick, swallowing what is still left human in that men: his earthly cum.


Cum after cum. Her cunt and ass were being invaded and cums ozzing out of her Krytonian ass and cunt. She hated this but reminded herself that she was no longer a heroine and the more she accepted her role as a slave, the less harsher her life would be.


Her mouth was dripping cum.


After her 3 holes had been invaded, she was then lying down on the floor. A 4th man came. Power Girl was just too exhausted to do anything. That man, under Melissa’s command, titty fucked her. His hands were squeezing Power Girl’s boobs. She was too weak and helpless to protest and all she could do, was watch CUM cover her beautiful face, and beyond her mouth. Her ring nipples getting thumbed at, would give her a great sense of discomfort.



Chapter 7: The New Life of Power Girl


Hawaii. It was Autumn and empty of human inhabitants, since nearly all humans were nano slaves working for Brainiac 500. They built stuff for him and he made them do long and tiring work.


Somewhere not far from the beach was a hotel, where nano-humans were working. They were all there to serve Melissa. Melissa was lying her back on beach chair, by a swimming pool. Drinks were served to her. As Melissa could now have sex with men (or women) under her control, she decided to have fun.


A beautiful Blonde, a gorgeous raven-haired woman and a pale redhead were made to stand in front of her. They were all naked. Inside the pool, was in fact, a shark. Melissa ordered them all to dive in, while she watched. They obeyed her, as they were programmed to and were swimming inside a pool, that was now partly salt water, so that the shark can survive. It was in fact a baby shark. Melissa pulled her chair closer, so she could have a wonderful view.


The Blonde, Raven-Haired and Redhead were swimming with the shark. Melissa obviously had a cruel idea behind this. She ordered a waiter to bring to her blooded meat. As the pool wasn’t so deep and was about 4 feet high. The 3 women would be able to stand. Melissa was throwing some meats and they easily caught it. The next thing she told them to do, put the meats on their breasts and that make sure their breasts were holding on to the meats, as if they were hands. The three women did what they were told. A part of them wanted to protest and run, but knew that the COMMAND on them was far too strong for them to fight back.


Now the baby shark smelling the blood from the meat was getting really hungry. He swam towards the Raven-Haired and started gnawing on her breasts. She was allowed to scream, like a human. The Blonde and the Redhead, powerless to move, were scared. They could hear and know their friends’ boobs were being gnawed at. They were thinking , how could Melissa be so cruel.


After the Raven haired was gnawed to death, with her breasts now consumed meat, the shark waited for a while, till it got hungry. When it became hungry again, it came for the Blonde. The redhead was the last to be gnawed sexually to death. She was watching the shark gnaw at her tits, eating them up.


After the three women were gnawed to death, Melissa was laughing until her MAID came. It was Power Girl (Puta Girl). Melissa looked to Power Girl, who was supposed to come at this time, bringing Melissa’s drink. She knew of Melissa’s cruel games, placing meats on people’s sexual organs. Melissa made jokes about maybe Power Girl would like to be in it, one day and Power Girl would shake her head frantically, saying, “Please mistress, I have always been loyal to you.”


Power Girl was truly a slave. She wore a lingerie, which did not cover her exposed ringed pussy. She did not even wear a bra anymore, as sometimes, her ring nipples had bells attached to them, so that when she walked, they would jiggle, which would make Melissa giggle for a while.


Power Girl bent her body over, offering the drink, saying, “Your drink, mistress”. Melissa would smilingly take it and say, “Why thank you, my Puta.”


While Melissa was drinking her drink away, Power Girl’s face would be buried between her legs and lapping her tongue away at her pussy. She had to lick it all, giving as much pleasure to Melissa as possible, hurting her jaw and having to swallow all that cum.


After lapping her tongue away. Melissa would pull on Power Girl’s short Blonde hair and say, “Ok Puta, you can stop now.” Power Girl stopped lapping away.


Melissa then made Power Girl strip off her lingerie completely and even took off the bells from the ring nipples. Power Girl was made to lie on her back. Melissa told her, after kissing sensuously on the lips, “I am going to make love to you.” Melissa was on top of her Blonde slave, kissing her and at the same time, her hands groping and twisting the nipple rings. After one hand was still squeezing on one breast and nipple ring, another one went down in Power Girl’s cunt, fingering the rings and her cunt inside. Power Girl got so excited that she cummed.



The twisting of the rings made Power Girl squirm. After French-kissing her slave, Melissa smiled , as she went down on one of the ringed nipple. She suckled on it, her teeth sometimes biting on the ring. She enjoyed biting on ringed nipples.


After sucking and biting on the nipple, Melissa turned Power Girl around. She then started lapping her Spanish tongue away at the collar and parts of Power Girl’s neck. “I love you, slave”, said Melissa. She then kissed Power Girl’s upper neck.



Chapter 8: Boredom


After a while, Melissa had gotten bored. She had spanked Power Girl’s ass many times with the rod and given her red welts. She had also twisted and bitten at the ringed nipples and cunt nipples many times as well.


Melissa was bored, having all this power. Power Girl was no longer a superheroine fighting back but a drone slave, with some personality left in her. She even talked like a Filipina maid.


Watching many men penetrate her 3 holes, even her ears and cumming on it, just didn’t do much for the Spanish mistress. She thought of having Power Girl performing beastiality was something she wanted to avoid, since she too had sex with Power Girl and didn’t want animal cum to touch her own body.


Melissa would sometimes dress up as a supervillain  and have Power Girl play pretend that she was a superheroine again so that they could role play. But the end was always the same. Power Girl always lost. As Melissa was dressed up like a female Joker, she wore a dildo and rammed it behind Power Girl’s ass, who was screaming as it was at least 7 inches. Power girl would scream, “No more Joker. No more. Stop I surrender.”


Power Girl would then giggle like a silly girl and tell Melissa, “That was fun, mistress. Let’s do it again.” Melissa would then tie Power Girl’s wrists together and ankles togethers, like as if she was a helpless animal and then start spanking her. But the problem was, Power Girl was getting used to it, that she did love the abuse she was getting from her mistress.





Melissa was truly bored. Power Girl was the only other free human with her (means no nanites on them). As Power Girl lied on the bed, enjoying Melissa twisting her nipple ring, Melissa was thinking how being in power, was going to lead to her eternal boreness.
















































































































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