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Crossing the Line

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Synopsis: Karen goes on a vacation in the Suth Pacific, and sees a strange sight in a marketplace. It is a girl fulfilling her true purpose in life! Is this the revelation she was waiting for?

Crossing the Line

MF, Ff, cons, semi-cons, snuff, cannibalism, oral, girls as meat

Karen had never seen a market as diverse as the one she was in now.  It was her first time on

the Rich Filipino's private island getaway, and she was loving every minute of it.  There were

very few taboos here, and she felt a luxurious tingle in adopting the local inhabitants' attitudes

towards nudity.

She was enjoying her new freedom by showing off her full breasts, naked in the summery air,

and had stopped wearing underwear altogether.  She wore a pair of jeans that had the crotch

torn out, so if anyone looked closely, they could see her brunette bush above two very slick

cunt lips.  The children and the adult men all stared at her, and she knew her beauty aroused

them.  Man of the little boys' cocks were pointing straight up through the flies of their jeans...

She was walking through one of the island's many marketplaces, when she stopped and

surveyed her surroundings, as she appeared to be in a cul-de-sac.

"What is that?" she wondered to herself, looking at a wooden construction that loomed in the

distance, at the end of the bazaar.  "It must be the entrance to one of the squatter's homes that

are above the marketplace" she thought...  but as she got closer, she still couldn't figure out what

it's purpose was.

It seemed to be a scaffold with a ramp, much like the ones that led to carnival attractions,

except that it was made of sturdy wood and bamboo, and not metal.  The ramp leveled off at

about seven feet above ground, and was around fifty feet long.  However, instead of leading to

a carnival ride, the ramp abruptly dropped off at the end.  At that point the "ramp" ended, there

were two almost vertical staircases that dropped steeply down, on either side of the dead-

ended ramp.

"What could that be used for?" she wondered.  "It must be some kind of loading ramp, for

trucks."  But that couldn't be right, because nothing could be easily wheeled up the narrow ramp

that made a ninety-degree turn halfway through.  Also, there was no place to park a truck in

front of the drop-off.  "It must be a walkway of some kind", she deduced. 

She watched from a distance, as two strong-looking bare-chested men in blue jeans picked up

a metal pole of some kind, and began screwing it into the ground where the walkway ramp

dropped off.  "Were they building something?"  ...No, it wouldn't make sense to build the

entranceway to a building without the building itself...

Her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to take a closer look.  As she neared, she

realized there was a small roped-off section in front of the ramp, where there were three card

tables set up.  The card tables had a few board games and card sets on them.  All of the tables

were empty, except one, where two young Filipina girls sat, playing a game of chess.

It appeared that the white men had finished screwing the pole into the ground, and now it stood

bolt upright, just after the drop-off.  She realized that the pole was slightly tapered at the top,

forming a point at the very tip.

As she got closer, she realized that the men who had screwed the pole into the ground were

both standing over the table where the two girls were playing chess.  They both seemed very

excited, and one of them seemed really nervous.  They were both sweating due to the warm,

sunny weather, but the one who seemed to be more nervous seemed to really be sweating

bullets.  Her hand trembled as she reached for one of her castles, and a drop of sweat fell off of

her nose.

As Karen got closer she realized several things at once.  First, she realized that the girl who

seemed nervous had lost her queen, although the game seemed fairly even, besides that...  She

also noticed that the two muscular white men had left their flies unzipped, and their penises were

erect, and dripping pre-cum.  "Hi! Pardon me..."

The two men looked up, and the one closest to her smiled and raised a finger to his mouth. 

"Shhh! ...This is a very high stakes match!", He whispered.

Karen decided to continue looking about the structure to see if she could figure out what it was

used for.  So much of the island was alien to her down-home Connecticut sensibilities.  Before

coming here the attractive young English major from Yale would never have imagined that such

places existed.  "Alien, but exciting!" she told herself.

She noticed that there was a sign that was almost invisible looking straight on at the side of the

ramp.  It stood next to the ramp at a point fifteen feet from "the drop-off".  She noticed that an

orange line was painted out from the bottom of the sign that crossed the ramp.  She stepped

back so she could read the sign.  It appeared to be translated into several different languages.  It



She was startled by a delighted laugh from the table behind her.  When she looked back at the

girls' game, the girl who appeared to be winning was placing her black queen in one of the

squares, and lifting a white rook off of the board.  She leaned in and whispered something to her

nervous-looking opponent in Tagalog, and giggled again.  As the girl raised off the seat, Karen

realized that there was a big vibrator in her cunt that was hidden when she was sitting on it! 

Whatever the stakes of the game were, she realized it must be very hard to concentrate with a

vibrating dildo in the pussy!  Karen was really interested in this strange game now, because the

girl who had just captured the rook was rubbing her little clit and moaning.  Both girls seemed

excited though, which was strange... after all, the loser seemed both frightened and turned-on...

"Maybe they're going to tie her to the pole and whip her if she loses.." Karen thought.  That

would explain the nervous excitement!  Karen was bisexual, and the child's public masturbation

excited her. She decided that the game's wager must be sexual in nature, and the thought of the

two innocent-looking girls making up and licking each other afterwards made her cunt tingle.

She realized that several other market-goers had wandered over behind her, and were also

watching the game.  A Japanese family was right behind her, and only the man was wearing

clothes.  He had a rather large dick for a Japanese man, and it dangled semi-erect from his open

fly.  She noticed that they had three little daughters, all completely naked, that were playing near

the entrance to the ramp.  The man leaned over to her and smiled when she turned around, and

asked her, in somewhat broken English "have you seen before?"

"No," She smiled; relieved to find someone who might tell her what was going on... "What is the

object of the game?"

The man smiled, and replied, "Watch, the big piece, the king, when the king is taken then the girl

is rost!"

Karen was going to ask what he meant by "lost", but she caught a sudden motion from the

corner of her eye.  She realized that the couple's girls were edging up to the line on the ramp,

pushing one another towards it, and then jumping back.  Also peculiar, she thought, was that

one of the muscular "ramp attendants" (as she had come to think of them) was now standing

right next to the orange line, looking down.  He seemed to be watching to see whether any of

the girls actually crossed the line.

She turned around and saw with some surprise that the Japanese man's wife was squatting in

front of him, with the tip of his cock in her mouth, as she furiously fingered her wet pussy. 

Karen looked him in the eyes, and smiled, aroused by the situation.  "What happens when

someone crosses the line?"  She asked.

"Ahh.  The rine is for vorunteer."  He replied, as if this knowledge should be enough to satisfy

her.  She guessed that he was assuming that she knew the details.  She watched as the couple's

young daughters were joined by a cute young black girl (who was really sweating bullets!).  The

little girl pranced up to the line, like she was going to cross it, and then turned around and ran

when she was a foot away.

Karen looked back at the two girls playing chess, and gestured.  "No, I mean, what happens

when one of them loses?"

The man looked down at his wife who moaned around his cock.  "Mikiko, can you show rady

what happen if you cross rine?"

The young wife started fingering herself faster, and moaning louder when he suggested this.  He

suddenly gripped her nipples between his thumbs and clenched forefingers and painfully pulled

her up.  Just as fast, he had spun her around, and shoved his spit-slicked cock up her ass.  He

was fucking her in the ass, as she bent over and put her hands on the ground, her big tits

flopping back and forth with each thrust.

"Rady, I show you what happens to vorunteer!"  He said, as he thrust hard into his sexy big-

breasted wife, causing her to stumble forward a single step.  She cried out, and seemed to be

begging him to stop, in Japanese.  The man grabbed her hips, and began walking her a few

steps closer to the ramp, with every thrust.  As they neared the entrance to the ramp, the little

girls who were playing at approaching the line ran out the entrance, presumably so they wouldn't

be trapped between the narrow rails and "Mikiko" and pushed forward...

Karen was fascinated now, and realized that there was a crowd of people watching, as the man

pushed his anally impaled wife between the ramp's guardrails.  "Mikiko" seemed to be begging

him to stop, but also moaning in pleasure.  As her hands were pushed (wheelbarrow style) up

the first few feet of the ramp, she grabbed one of the guardrail's vertical posts, and pulled herself

up, so she was supporting herself with both hands on the guardrails.  As her husband pushed

her forward, still thrusting into her ass, she grabbed the vertical post, and he had to pry her

fingers off...

Karen was rubbing her pussy, and when she looked behind her, she was surprised to see that

the crowd that was watching was all masturbating!  Some of them were shooting pictures and

even videotaping the scene with camcorders!  This was so exciting!

What was going to happen to the pretty, big-titted Mikiko?

As the man pushed her nearer, the two chess players even took pause from their game to look

up, both of them clearly nearing orgasm from the vibrators that hummed silently in their little

cunts.  The girl who seemed to be losing shivered; her cone-shaped nipples were stiff with

sweat.  Karen couldn't tell if it was in orgasm or fear...

As Mikiko neared the orange line, Karen felt spurts of semen squirting against the back of her

thighs, and moaned in pleasure without even looking back.  She was so caught up in the

moment that she didn't even care if she was splattered with cum without her permission.  Seeing

Mikiko pushed around like a piece of meat was a real turn on! 

Karen felt a tongue on her right buttock, and when she turned around, one of Mikiko's

daughters was licking the anonymous cum off of her ass.  She suddenly felt more submissive,

glancing over her shoulder with a red face, and realizing she was being caught on video since

she was at the front of the crowd.

She also noticed that someone had set up what looked like a hot-dog stand and a grill, several

feet to the left of the pole.    A few people from the crowd had formed a line in front of it, but it

didn't seem to be selling anything yet... 

Mikiko's hands were almost at the point on the railing above the orange line.  She writhed in

orgasm then, pissing herself in fear or excitement... or both.  As her husband came deep in her

rectum, his thrusts caused Mikiko's sweaty hands to slide over the orange line.  The crowd

began cheering as this happened, and Karen could also hear the noisy orgasms of parents and

their children in the crowd behind her.  Mikiko shuddered and gasped, moving her hands to her

pussy, still pissing in spurts, as the two attendants grabbed her under her hairy armpits.

At first Karen thought they were just steadying her, before they began pulling her forward. 

Mikiko leaned back into their arms, still rubbing her pussy...

Karen's stomach flip-flopped as it finally dawned on her what was about to happen.  The

thought shocked her, but it also turned her on!  She was already masturbating, and her finger

continued swirling over her erect little clit!  Her bush was soaking wet!

Mikiko was shivering in lust and fear, as she fingered herself.  Her husband watched from

behind the orange line, his throbbing dick still slick with her juices.  He continued to masturbate

as the men pulled Mikiko to the point where the ramp dropped off, taking their places before

the steep ladders on both sides of the pole.

They each grabbed one of her thighs, as they wrestled her writhing body into position above the

seven-foot tall steel spit.  The men were firm but gentle as they lowered Mikiko's wet pussy

over the spit, letting her juices ease the death instrument into her body.  They hoisted her

struggling body up and down several times, getting the tip of the spit slick with her lubrication. 

Then they each took a step down their ladders!

Mikiko shrieked in orgasm and then pain, as the spit tore through her womb.  She could no

longer even attempt to hold back her bladder or bowels, as the last of her piss spurted out, and

a thick turd slid out her ass. Mikiko was going into convulsions; her large stiff-nippled breasts

jiggling like jell-o!

Karen had never been more aroused in her life!  She noticed that Mikiko's daughters were

sucking each other off in a tangle of arms and legs on the dirty trampled ground in front of the

pole...  And when she looked back up, blood was gushing out of Mikiko's mouth, and over her

pendulous breasts, as the tip of the spike made its way out of her upturned mouth.  Her body

was still, except for the dripping blood, and its slow movement down the ever-increasing girth of

her spit.  The sight sent Karen into an orgasm that lasted for nearly a minute!

When she had calmed down from her big cum, Karen turned to a nude black girl that was being

butt-fucked behind her.  "Wow!  That got me so hot!  It's the first time I've ever seen a real


"I know!" the girl answered, "I imagined it was me being pushed up the ramp!"  The white

English college-boy who was fucking the black girl smiled, gesturing towards the 'hotdog stand',

"Wait till you see what happens next!  Look!" 

The spit holding the impaled meat that was once Mikiko was being unscrewed from it's mount. 

As the spit was unscrewed, her arms and legs flopped lifelessly, flinging off droplets of blood. 

A big blood bubble slid down between her breasts.

The women who had set up the 'hot-dog' stand had also set up two spit-mounts, and the smell

of lighter fluid and charcoal drifted into the crowd.  The two strong men carried the spit over to

the mounts, and secured Mikiko's body above the coals.  A Filipina woman wearing an apron

had also started a grill, since there were already so many people in line.  She quickly cut off

Mikiko's arms, and one of her breasts, and dropped them onto the grill.  She began cutting

bicep meat off of the arms, and rotated them with a pair of metal tongs.

Karen looked around for anyone who might recognize her, and then took her place in line.  She

had never tasted woman meat, and was dying to satiate her curiosity.

While she was in line, she realized that Mikiko's husband was standing behind her.  She smiled

and turned to face him.

"My name is Hiro Mishima!"  He smiled and extended his hand.

"I'm Karen Hill, very pleased to meet you!"  She smiled, and blushed, suddenly aware of how

naked she was.

"You're very attractive Ms. Hirr...  Would you rike to share some cuts of Mikiko with my

daughters and I?  I get first choice since I'm her husband...  But I warn you, if you eat her meat,

you might be tempted to be my next vorunteer!"

Karen's knees felt very weak, but her pussy felt really wet...

"I'd love to, but first I'd like to sample her juices..." Her knees weakened and bent, until she was

kneeling in front of Hiro.  His slimy dick pumped upward, until she tasted the last of Mikiko's

pungent pussy juices on her lips.

As Karen swallowed the head of Hiro's cock, she felt two tiny mouths on each of her nipples,

and a little tongue lapping at her soaking wet crotch. Every few minutes, she was forced to

waddle forward a few feet, closer to the wonderful aroma of barbecuing cunt.  She was almost

at the front of the line when she heard cheering, and looked over at the ramp.  A trembling,

skinny brown-skinned girl was being escorted away from the chess board, towards the entrance

to the ramp.  Her opponent was squatting over the vibrator that stuck up into her young cunt,

bouncing up and down and laughing as her opponent was led away to become her dinner.

The winning girl was excited, because she almost never got to eat a nice big, juicy cunt steak.

The taste of Mikiko's cunt-juice filling her mouth, and his daughters mouths on her nipples and

cunt brought Karen closer to her second mind-blowing orgasm of the day.  Before she knew it,

she was at the front of the line, and Hiro had sat her on the edge of the serving counter.  She

was watching the girl being lifted off the ramp, as her mouth was stuffed with delicious, freshly

cooked meat.  She playfully nibbled at the tiny fingers that poked the meat into her mouth.  As

she chewed, she recognized the feel of a tender clitoris being ground between her teeth.

As she swallowed the chewed flesh of Hiro's previous cunt/wife, he leaned over her, his cock

sliding between her puffy cunt lips.  Her stiff nipples pressed into his chest.

"I am going to roast one of my daughters next.  I need to make another daughter to replace her. 

I want you to be my next wife."

Her cunt spasmed as Hiro shot his seed into her womb.

"Ooooh! Yes!  I'll marry you!"  She screamed, as she saw a dying teenage girl open her mouth,

to make way for the tip of a long bloody spit.

She felt so sick, so dirty, like a cheap cut of meat!

She felt Hiro's spent cock deflating under the contractions of her leaking cunt.  She imagined

taking Hiro's youngest daughter out of the oven, freshly roasted with her steaming little nipples

sticking up in the air!

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