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Supergirl and Powergirl – Snob’s Pleasure

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Synopsis: Supergirl and Powergirl fall under the power of a jealous celebrity, who has nasty plans in store for the two superheroines


                                                                                                                                    Supergirl and Powergirl – Snob’s Pleasure


By  Sonya  Esperanto




Supergirl and Powergirl are property of DC COMICS. This is not a story intended for profit-making. This is also not intended for anyone below the age of 18.

Supergirl and Powergirl fall under the power of a jealous celebrity, who has nasty plans in store for the two superheroines



The Story:



Tara McDonalds was a very rich woman, at the age of twenty two. She also inherited a large sum of money, from her deceased husband. She was a very aggressive pale semi-petite round faced Celtic Brunette, descended from some of the Scottish highlanders, but some even said she was of Gypsy descent too. But people in general told her that she looked like the singer Sophie Ellis Baxter.


The rich widow was sitting in front of her television, in her living room. She bitched around again, “More news about those damn Blonde heroine goody two shoes.” Powergirl and Supergirl were on t.v. and they were somewhere in France, attacking a giant gorilla named Grodd, who was leaping from one end of the concrete pole to the other, threatening and harming innocent passengers and tourists. The French and the tourists cheered the two Blonde superheroines on, while Tara McDonalds tried to control herself from using a shoe of hers and damaging the t.v. But she did do it, losing that Scottish temper-control.


Tara McDonalds had no servants, as she had fired every last one of them and some even quit, as they could not take anymore of her aggressive and abusive behaviour. “Those Blonde bimbos get all the attention, while the media demonises me”, she complains to herself. Tara was envious of Blondes, since they get all the men but she was far more envious of Supergirl and Powergirl, as they were superheroines and were on the top of men’s agenda. The media always made them look good and when she was shopping at one point in Walmart Asda, she overheard people praising the two superheroines. She really couldn’t take it anymore since then.



Supergirl had long Blonde hair, blue eyes, with a blue mini-dress; red cape; red boots and there was a yellow  S” emblem on the chest of her costume. Powergirl on the other hand, had short Blonde hair, blue eyes too, dressed in a tight white fitting lycra outfit; long blue gloves; and boots to go with.


While Supergirl wore a red mini skirt, Powergirl  had circle cut into the leotard to reveal her deep cleavage.


The Blonde superheroines were beautiful, and were fit and were sexy. The very things that made Tara hate them, although Tara was just petite and not too chubby at all.




Many days later, Tara was shopping in Soho, in some antique shops, amidst all the sex and porn shops where people from all over the world come to gather. The antique shop in London read: “Babylon”. Tara enters the shop. It had antiques from all over the world and smelled like dust and of ginger. She saw an ancient Chinese helmet, a Jade Dragon, a Medusa-like mask but one caught her attention the most: a rock. She walks closer and she sees the rock much clearer now, with it standing on top of a table. Tara smiled. She was familiar about the Kryptonians’ sensitivity to Kryptonite. The rock looked pinkish and she thought that it did look like one the Kryptonites, as advertised on t.v. She took it to the shop keeper and said, “I’ll pay you $10,000,000 for this.” The shop keeper, an old Pakistani guy, smiled and happily took the money.



Tara took the Pink Kryptonite back to her house. She wondered how “weak” it would make those two superheroines be. Then, she would blackmail or thrtaten them to do what she wanted them to do, or else. She also had it all planned.



The Day of the Plan



Supergirl and Powergirl were flying high up in the air. They were high in the highlands of Scotland. Suddenly, they heard a voice talk to the two of them, “If you two can hear me, I would want you to follow this voice. I have something of interest to the two of you, something Kryptonian. You also need not worry. None of your enemies can hear this message, as only Kryptonians should be able to hear it.”


Supergirl and Powergirl flew to a certain direction, somewhere in Glasgow. It was a very large mansion. The two Blonde superheroines landed in front of the doorstep. Supergirl told Powergirl, “Better knock first.” Supergirl knocked twice on the door. After a while, it did open up. It was Tara, smiling at them, “I have been expecting you.”


She lets the two superheroines in. She led them to her basement room, to her lab (her husband’s actually but she had knowledge from him, on how to work it).

Tara talks to them, “My men found it in Egypt and thought that it may be an interest to you two.” Supergirl and Powergirl failed to ask who she was and why she was even helping them out, or how she managed to know they were there and how to communicate with them.


The lab looked like something from Frankenstein, with computers and the latest in technology. The Pink Kryptonite was in a box. Tara pointed to it, “I didn’t want to do any damage to it so I left it in the box.” Supergirl walked towards it and took a peek at it. She saw it and was mesmerized. Powergirl asks from afar to Supergirl, “What is it?” Supergirl motioned for Powergirl to come and take a closer look. Supergirl said, “I think it is Kryptonian. Come and take a look.” Powergirl walked to where the box was, and Tara followed them.


Both heroines were now under its power and Tara wondered what effect it was having on them. Supergirl talked like a zombie, “It is so beautiful.” Powergirl also zombiely said, “Nothing like it on Earth.” After an hour, Tara finally put a lid on it. Supergirl and Powergirl still looked mesmerized but later, looked less mesmerized and much more confused.


“Are you two alright?”, said Tara. She was partially upset that it did not weaken them or make them fall on the floor. Supergirl and Powergirl nodded, “Yes, we are. We have never felt better than before”. Tara then took the box from them and walked away, but Supergirl and Powergirl looked disappointed and were whining, “Please don’t take it. Please.” Tara looked at them angrily and said, “Why not?” Powergirl defeatedly said, “Because we need it.” Supergirl said, “Yes we do.”


Tara said, “ You know if you two want to look at it, you have to have something for me in return.” Supergirl said, “What would you want?” Powergirl then talked for the two of them, “We’ll do anything you want. Anything.”


Tara smiled wickedly, “Anything?” Supergirl and Powergirl nodded in unison, “Yes, we will do anything you want.” Tara said, “Well in that case, I want you two to swear.” Supergirl said, “What would you want us to swear for?” Tara said, “That you two will live to do only do what I tell you to do and that I am your mistress.” Supergirl and Powergirl looked down on her feet and said, “We shall be your slaves, mistress.” Tara asked, “Slaves for when..?” Supegirl and Powergirl could not live without the drug-like Pink Kryptonite, “Slaves for life.”


Tara laughed evilly. At last, she had gotten something she never thought she would get: the very two superheroines who declared themselves to be her slaves.


“Excellent. Now follow me”, ordered Tara. Supergirl and Powergirl said in unison, “Yes mistress.” They walked upstairs and as the house looked so dirty, she told the two superheroines, “I want you two to clean up my house. Got that.” The two superheroines nodded and after half-an-hour hour, she had her whole mansion finally cleaned of dust and cobwebs. She loved the idea of having the Blondies clean up her house. But as they had superpowers they would have no problem doing it.


The mansion looked just like new. Tara said to herself, “Excellent”. But she had more ideas up her sleeves.


Later in the evening, Tara was having a bubble bath. The two superheroines were dressed as French maids, using soap and cloth to wash Tara’s eccentric body. Tara smiled, “This is the life?” Supergirl was doing a good job cleaning her. So was Powergirl, but then Powergirl opened her mouth and said, “Mistress, could we look at the object of beauty. Could we please? Could we?” Tara grumbled, “After my bath. I will take you to it.”



Tara did take them to the dining hall and there, she showed them the Pink Kryptonite. After 10 minutes, she took it away from them. She then said, “I want to have some form of entertainment.”


In Tara’s bedroom, Tara was lying naked on the bed while both superheroines were suckling on her nipples. Tara loved that. She was yanking their Blonde hair and said “Stop”. Both Powergirl and Supergirl stopped suckling. She then pulled Supergirl by the hair and Supergirl turned to face her, saying, “Yes, mistress.” Tara demanded, “I want you to use her tongue to lick my clitoris.” She then yanked Supergirl’s face towards her cunt. Within moments, Supergirl was lapping her tongue away and sucking and kissing all at once on Tara’s pussy. Tara loved that a lot. Her cum was splashing on Supergirl’s beautiful face.


As for Powergirl, Tara was sucking on her nipple and cruelly bit at her nipple. Powergirl did not feel pain but if she were human, she would.  Tara was imagining that Powergirl was feeling immensed pain.


But Tara had a masterplan. She had Kryptonite rings pierced on their nipples and pussy lips, forever taking away their powers, except for flight.

As for how they were dressed, they wore their original modified costumes were the breast covers were cut off and they had no capes anymore. They also had no cunt covers and Supergirl did not even wear her red mini skirt.


Their cunts were also shaved of Pubic hairs too.


Tara had them serve her, whether it was cleaning, cooking, polishing her nails and sometimes, she would lie down on her chair while both superheroines would suck on her toes, which were dirty and not clean, so they were cleaning it now.


But Tara was just getting started.


She had both ex-superheroines strapped down with the ropes on their wrists and ankles dragging them down, under two wooden tables. This time they were completely naked and their asses looked fine and white. Their mouths had ball gags on them, to only allow them to moan and not truly scream. Tara was dressed as a dominatrix. She was fondling their fine asses, admiring but at the same time, wanted to do something to them. She went to a third table and picked up a whip.


Tara walked over to Supergirl’s ass and let out a few lashes. Supergirl whimpered and tears flowed down her eyes. Ouch, it hurts, she thought. After a while, SG;s ass looked RED. Tara smiled and enjoyed what she had done to SG. Tara then went over SG’s red ass and she than lapped and licked it. SG wanted to scream at the purposive pain Tara was causing her. After finish licking SG’s ass, Tara put her pet turtle on top of it. every slow step the turtle makes, SG feels the intensed pain.


Tara did the same to Powergirl’s ass: whipping and licking it. After REDDING Powergirl’s ass, Tara inserted a large vibratot to it. Ouch. Powergirl’s tears and whimpers confirmed. But it was about to get a lot more painful. Tara turned the “ON” switch and then it started ramming an already “HURT’ ass. Powergirl’s whiomper could not be stopped. After hurting their asses, both Supheroines fell unconscious. She took off the turtle and the vibrator.


Tara hit SG’s ass and she still was knocked out. She then walked over to PG’s ass and whacked her ass too, still nothing. Maybe they would wake up, if she untied them and splashed them with water. She untied them and let them lied on some dungeon floor. She splashed cold water on them and they woke up instantly. Supergirl said, “Where are we?” Powergirl said, “Where am I?”


Tara realized that their voices confirmed that the effects of Pink Kryptonite had warred off. She went out of the cell and locked them inside. As they were powerless, they were also truly helpless. But with their private parts pierced, they were as weak as humans. They had to eat and drink.


Tara had them as her prisoners. She told them that she would feed them but they had to earn it. night after night, politicians from Britain were coming to Tara’s mansion. She was now able to wield political power. She could have anything in law she wanted passed. In return, they get to have sex with Supergirl and Powergirl.


Tara now had more power than she ever dreamt of.






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