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Double Punishment (DP)

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Synopsis: Two girls get punished for doing drugs
She watched as her daughter slowly undressed



Double Punishment


January, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


If you have ever lived in a country where winter lasts six months every year you will understands that from October to March or April you can’t go out without freezing your ass off. One of the worst things to be in these parts of the world is a teenager who has to spend her vacation indoors because she doesn’t have a car. Eighteen year old Brandy Simpson stood in her room next to an open window smoking a cigarette. Looking at the clock she noticed that her mother wasn’t due to arrive home for another hour. Her mother, Linda Simpson was a very young, charming and motherly woman who cared about her daughter very much. Even though Linda didn’t have many rules to impose on her daughter, she didn’t allow Brandy to smoke. She was nicer and kinder than most moms out there, but she had a few faults. She had a firm policy on these things and every time her daughter crossed the line, Brandy would get punished. Being raised in a strict family, Linda learned that the best discipline had to involve some kind of physical punishment. Brandy’s mother advocated spanking; and every time her daughter was disobedient she knew the necessary steps to take in order to show her daughter the errors of her ways.

Looking outside, Brandy continued smoking her cigarette without the fear of getting caught. After the next few puffs she heard a small knock on the door, but before putting her cigarette out her mother entered the room with a big smile on her face. Realizing that the whole room was filled with smoke the smile on Linda’s face quickly disappeared. Moving closer to Brandy, she watched her daughter put the cigarette out and standing next to the window frozen with fear. As her mother came within arm’s length to her daughter she slapped her across her face as hard as he could. Regaining balance, Brady wonted to snap at her mother but she restrained herself just in time.

“Take off your clothes” ordered Linda

After closing the window her daughter started undressing. Linda watched as she slowly took off her shirt, revealing her perfectly round breasts held by a see through bra. Standing before her mother only in her bra and panties, Brandy felt very vulnerable. The thin material that covered her pussy was very delicate. It whispered even more of the difference in this spanking and any other her mother gave her given. Brandy was lithe, willowy in her strength, with a softness overlaying the power in her muscles. As she lowered her panties and stepped out of them, Linda looked at her hips, wider, rounder, and the triangular patch of dark hair disappearing between her legs. Unhooking her bra, and letting it slide down her arms and fall towards the floor she stood totally naked in the middle of the room. Her boobs, freed, bounced slightly with her movements. Soft, and round, her breasts highlighted her smooth sculpted abdomen and ribs. She reached up with both hands, pulling her hair back away from her face, as her breasts lifted. Then she let her hands fall to her sides once more, and took a deep breath, looking at her mother.

Looking at her daughter Linda saw something white inside of her. She ordered her daughter to come closer. As Brandy arrived near her mom, Linda reached and touched her daughter’s pussy at the same time as her daughter took a step back.

“Let me search you!” ordered her mother

Brandy took a step forward, spread her legs and put her palms on her head leaving her body fully vulnerable. Her mother extended her hand and pulled a very small plastic back out of her daughter’s pussy.

“Is this what I think it is?” asked Linda. Brandy didn’t say anything. Her mother slowly opened the bag and tasted the powder. Working in the past for the police she quickly knew what it was.

“Are you fucking insane! Do you know what it is?”

“Co… Coke…” replied her daughter with a trembling voice

“Where did you get it?” asked Linda

“From Jessica”

Inhaling deeply, Linda tried to settle the nervousness as she put her daughter over her lap. Brandy’s skin felt warm and smooth against her hand. As her bottom was placed over her lap, Linda could feel the coarseness of her pubic hair brushing against her legs. Tentatively, Linda laid her right hand on her daughter’s bottom. Her cheeks were round and soft. Slowly her mother rubbed her bottom, enjoying the smoothness of her skin, and the soft plumpness of her cheeks. She raised her hand and brought it down smartly. The slap echoed loudly in the room. She repeated the procedure to the opposite cheek. Brandy did not react too much; she just lay still on her tummy, with her face to one side. Smack... Smack... Smack... Her mother placed hard spanks all over her bottom, slowly painting it a light pink. Meanwhile Brandy was taking slow, deep breaths, as her bottom turned colors. Her mom let her hand move lightly over her skin, feeling the warmth of her ass. Smack... Smack... Linda watched as her daughter’s cheeks flattened and bounced with each swat. Smack... Smack... Smack... She aimed the strokes at the underside of her cheeks. Her daughter’s bottom jiggled with every swat. Smack... Smack... Smack... Smack... She began to spank all over in random patterns. 

Increasing the strength and speed of the swats. Brandy began to wriggle over her mother’s lap. Brandy clenching her legs together and raising her hips she moved her bottom from side to side as the swats kept on coming. Smack... Smack... Smack... Smack... Linda heard her daughter mutter a soft "oh" at a particularly hard swat. Brandy inhaled sharply through her teeth, as she continued to be spank on her reddening bottom. Her ass was beginning to sting and burn. Linda rubbed her hot cheeks for a moment before reaching over and picking up a wooden hairbrush that lay on the nightstand.

Brandy raised herself up on her arms, twisting around to see what her mother was doing. Her eyes widened as Linda took the brush and brought it down with full force on her bare bottom. Brandy yelped from the impact of the brush, burying her face in the cushions that lay on her bed. Her mother spanked her slowly, deliberately. She jumped each time the brush smacked against her tender skin. Wriggling her bottom like crazy, therefore Linda had to stop and renew her grip on her waist in order to keep her from moving off her lap. Brandy’s feet were flailing and she was whimpering and crying into the couch cushion. Her spanker increased the strength of the swats, causing her victim to howl. Brandy’s hands pounded the cushions that were muffling her screams and cries. Linda slowed the spanks, concentrating on the areas that weren't as red as the rest of her bottom. Soon her entire bottom was a uniform scarlet. With a final ten hard swats to the tender underside of her cheeks, she stopped the spanking.

Moments later, Linda told her daughter to get up and lay with her stomach on the bed. When Brandy was in place her mother selected a cane from the stand and stood next to her daughter. Linda held a straight cane made of rattan, spirally wrapped with cord at one end to provide a hand grip. The cane was about a yard long, gradually tapering from nearly an inch thick at the handle end to less than half an inch at its tip.  After taping gently her daughter’s ass for a few moments, she brought the cane back behind her shoulders and lashed it down with amazing force. The second time Linda used her whole body and also a supple little twist of her wrist to bring that rod slamming down on to the young woman's unprotected bottom. The fallowing stroke, equally violent, followed after a pause of about ten seconds, once again eliciting a painful reaction from her bare naked daughter. Stroke after stroke the cane landed on Brandy’s ass. Spanking her disobedient daughter, Linda could see that Brandy’s buttocks were covered in wells and the two open cuts where the skin had been broken were clearly visible. But apart from a slight kicking of her legs the culprit remained apparently impassive. After the eighth stroke, however, it was clear that the pain was getting through to her. Linda paused a bit longer before the next stroke was delivered. When the stroke came Brandy yelled out in pain from the top of her voice and kicked her legs frantically. Each of the following strokes now drew a wild yell from the suffering girl. There were longer pauses now between the swats as her mother waited for the kicking of the legs to return to rest before delivering each stroke; the twelfth and final stroke land across the lower part of the girl's bottom, where the skin was already broken. Then her mother threw the cane on the ground and admired how color of Brandy’s well caned ass. Studying Brandy’s beautifully rounded bottom, her mother noted with admiration how her daughter lay completely still, holding her legs close together to protect her pussy. Picking up a more elastic cane, Linda drew the instrument back and lashed it down, across the eighteen year old naked and exposed ass using her skill to put all her weight behind it. The noise as the supple cane thwacked across Brandy's tender bottom-flesh echoed like a gunshot. Linda saw an ugly weal spread across her daughter dusky cheeks. The skin already looked close to bleeding. Brandy wriggled for a few moments as the full pain hit her. She once again pressed her thighs together, awaiting the next stroke. After about half a minute her mom raised her arm and again the cane hissed through the air. It fell, striking hard across the teenage buttocks, about an inch below the mark left by the last stroke. Brandy’s reaction was the same as before. Linda admired the courage of her naughty girl, but she didn't think she would be able to hold out for long. She could see that the areas between the strokes where already swollen. It was to this area that, with perfect aim, Linda directed the next strokes at intervals of about twenty seconds. The girl took the spanks in silence, although her head shot up sharply and her mother saw her cheeks clench as she tried instinctively to free herself from the path of the cane. But after another stroke Brandy squealed in anguish and presses her abdomen forward, with her legs wildly scissoring. Linda could see that blood had now been drawn. The mother waited patiently until Brandy's squirming abated. The hapless girl desperately contracted her buttocks in anticipation of the next angry stroke. It fell on a previously un-caned area below the existing marks. Brandy's resistance was now at an end and she howled at that stroke and at each succeeding one. She no longer worried about how she was exposing her pussy as she wriggled and writhed in agony. Her mother ignored all this impassively and just continued to methodically cane her daughter’s bottom with full force. After the next stroke landed, Brandy almost fainted from the pain the cane caused her. Linda did not mitigate the force of the last three strokes at all, although she directed them to an area at the lowest part of the girl's buttocks and the tops of her thighs which had escaped the worst of the earlier strokes. Brandy yelled wildly and struggled desperately. After the few more strokes Linda stood back and was able to see the effect of her handiwork. The girl had been caned in an area some five inches deep. The open cuts and quarter-inch wealds raised on her flesh by the caning covered her bottom from top to thighs. Linda could not see any flesh on her daughter’s bottom free from bruising. She threw down the cane and brushed her hand Brandy’s ass enjoying how the bruises felt to the touch.

“Now go to your room and stay there until I call you” ordered Linda

After she saw her daughter close the door, Linda called Cindy Spears, Jessica’s mother. After a few more minutes of ringing somebody picked up the phone.

            Cindy: “Hello”

Linda: “Hey you, I haven’t hear from you in a long time”

Cindy: “How have you been, we should get a cup of coffee”

Linda: “Yes we should… the reason I called you is that I found some drugs in Brandy’s room”

Cindy: “I’m sorry to hear that, you know how it is, every teenager now-a-days smokes pot”

Linda: “It wasn’t marijuana, it was cocaine”

Cindy: “What? Are you sure?”

Linda: “Yes I am, and what is most disturbing is that Brandy said the drugs came from Jessica”

Cindy: “What? I am so sorry… Let me check something and maybe we can talk in the morning, how’s 10am sound?”

Linda: “Sounds good”

Cindy: “10am at the coffee shop, 13th Avenue with Garnet Street

Linda: “Okay, bye”

As they both hanged up the phone Cindy decided to talk to her daughter. Going to Jessica’s room she heard the song ‘What a girl wants’ by Christina Aguilera playing loudly on her stereo. Entering the room she saw her daughter lying on the bed reading a book. As she approached the stereo, she turned the volume way down. This act turned Jessica’s attention to her mother.

 “May I help you?” asked Jessica in a superior tone.

 “Brandy’s mother just called and she said that her daughter is doing drugs”

 “I had no idea” said her daughter in a very innocent voice

Knowing that Jessica won’t admit to anything, she went exactly where her daughter was hiding her stash – her closet. Going through her running shoes she found a baggy of white powder hidden in one of her daughter’s sneakers. Tasting the powder off the tip of her fingers she realized right away that the powder was cocaine. Turning her head she gave her daughter a nasty look that meant only one thing – Jessica was going to be punished. Her mother dragged her daughter in the main bedroom, where the punishment was going to take place. As she arrived at her destination, Jessica’s heart started pounding harder than ever.

Understanding the look on her mother’s face, Jessica started undressing. First she took of her shirt, revealing her heavy breasts; then she took off her pants, remaining only a small pair of underwear that was barely there, failing to give any protection to her bottom. Her mother admired very much the pair of panties that her daughter was wearing. They were very petite, covering only her small shaved pussy.  Staying only in her underwear Jessica awaited her punishment. Cindy left the room momentarily and  returned with a wooden paddle. Seeing the instrument, her daughter went to the nearest corner, and positioned herself with each palm flat on one wall and her naked ass sticking out. She was ready for the spanking she was about to receive.

Her mother petted her daughter’s bottom with the paddle, moved her had backward and landed the instrument with full force on her ass. The first smack of the paddle hand landed with a sharp, 'Crack!' that made Jessica’s tush bounce. An instant later Jessica knew that her punishment would really hurt. Her ordeal wasn’t too terrible, but it stung a good deal. The second followed quickly, landing on the same spot and stinging harder than the previous one. Cindy spanked firmly and steadily, and each smack adding more pain than the previews ones.

She spanked the same place at a steady pace for what seemed like forever, but a glance at the clock showed only a minute had passed before Jessica realized that this was only the beginning. Keeping still was impossible, and no matter how hard she tried to be stoical, she could not avoid squirming a bit and kicking her legs in an effort to avoid the smacks or ease the pain, but to no avail. After twenty minutes passed, during which her mother had held her daughter in place and concentrated on the one spot, low and in the centre of her burning behind, Jessica was sure that could not take any more punishment. Cindy paused, rubbed her daughter’s ass a little, and selected another area where she repeated the spanking. After half hour of continuing spanking, Jessica’s entire backside was on fire, and the discomfort of the position had been forgotten as minor in comparison with the results of the spanking.

Jessica heard the smacks and felt the sting almost simultaneously, as Cindy’s paddle continued to land on her ass. A startled, "Oh!" but she planned to be brave. Two more expert spanks, and already her bottom cheeks were stinging and warm.

The paddle came down again. Jessica gasped and squirmed in her tight hold. Her mother began to lay firm strokes across her bottom in a smooth rhythm, picking up speed. Every so many strokes, Cindy switched to a different part of the delicious rounded curves in front of her, therefore creating a fire in one part before moving on to light another. Pain bloomed each time the instrument came down on Jessica’s little derrière.

Cindy held her daughter in place firmly and landed the a few sizzling smacks across the lower curve of her backside. She was still as her mother began to rub some of the sting away. When she released her, Jessica immediately tried to spring away but she swung her up gently and placed her daughter on her lap.

The spanking seemed to go on forever, Jessica lost count of the smacks, aware only that they were landing steadily, regularly and firmly. Cindy was carefully covering her whole bottom with the paddle, then applying more smacks over the places he had already spanked. The additional slaps added their cumulative effect, and her daughter felt as though fire or perhaps a hot iron was being applied to her tender bottom. After a few more smacks, she told her daughter to lay flat on the bed with her ass arched up. Moving towards the bed, Jessica lay her nude body on her bed and put two pillows under her pelvis rising her ass higher.

“Now you will get some with the tawse!”

With those words, Cindy held the tawse inches over her daughter’s bare bottom, and started spanking her with the leather tool. Jessica could feel the heat emanating from the twase against her very exposed posterior, and she braced herself for more powerful impacts. Her mother took the tool in her right hand and held down Jessica’s lower back with the other one. Once she was satisfied that Jessica was held firmly in position, Cindy raised her hand in the air, and brought it swiftly down on her daughter’s buttocks. After a short scream, Jessica silenced herself as her mother raised the tawse and spanked her ass a second time. The girl squirmed in discomfort, but Cindy left hand pulled her back in place. Her mom spanked her several times in succession, hard and firm, as her daughter desperately struggled against the swats. Jessica sobbed silently, not forgetting that she brought herself into this. Cindy quickened her pace, spanking her daughter more rapidly and with greater force, than she had ever done to her as a child. She felt a change inside herself, and came to a realization as the spanking she was giving her daughter became more and more intense. She is a grown woman, Cindy thought to herself. Jessica was keeping her whimpers to a minimum, considering how severe her mother was spanking her poor behind. Her daughter had come so far. Cindy spanked Jessica harder than ever. All her years of paternal instinct came smacking down on her daughter’s tender bottom. Jessica kicked her naked legs frantically while her mother noticed that her daughter’s bottom was not just pink, not just slapped a bit, but spanked, spanked red as the evening sun. After a few more well-deserved smacks Cindy decided that her daughter had enough.

“Go to your room!” her mother ordered. Bare-naked and holding her clothes, Jessica started slowly her journey towards her room. Arriving there she slowly started rubbing her sore bottom. Her ass hurt so much that she could barely touch her skin. Taking a jar from a drawer, she unscrewed the lid, dipped her fingers in the container and gently rubbed some lotion on her bruised bottom. Even though Jessica was in terrible pain, she continued rubbing her ass. Slowly the cream started to make the pain go away. After a while she put a short top on, and bottomless climbed into bed. Her butt was in so much pain that she couldn’t even pull her covers on. Placing herself on her stomach she covered her back with one sheet and her legs with another one, leaving her bruised ass bare.


10 am at the coffee shop on 13th Avenue with Garnet Street – the next day


Linda Simpson stood with a large mug of black coffee in her hand, waiting. A few minutes pass the hour, her friend Cindy showed up. Ordering a cappuccino Cindy looked at her friend and said.

Linda: “Hello”

Cindy “You never guess what I found in my daughter’s room”

Linda: “Drugs”

Cindy: “Yep, drugs”

Linda: “So what did you do?”

Cindy: “I spanked her bottom crimson”

Linda: “Do you believe in corporal punishment?”

Cindy: “Yes, I do”

Linda: “You know what I was thinking… maybe we should punish our daughters together, side by side”

Cindy: “Sounds good, and maybe we can swap, you spank my daughter, and I can punish yours”

Linda: “Excellent”

Cindy: “When and where you want to do it?”

Linda: “How about tonight, say 7 pm at my place”

Cindy: “Okay, do you have any instruments?”

Linda: “I have a tawse, a cane, a paddle, and a cat-o-nine tail”

Cindy: “All right I see you tonight”

7:06 pm Linda Simpson’s house.


            Looking around the kitchen she heard the door bell. Opening the door, Linda let Cindy and Jessica in. To Cindy, Linda’s apartment looked like any other apartment, only wormer. As she looked in the living room, she saw Brandy standing in a corner without any clothes on.

            After a few minutes of chatting with her friend, Cindy told her daughter to undress. Obeying her mother, Jessica took her jacket and her pants off, remaining only in a shirt and a very small pair of underwear that barely covered her pussy.  Looking at her friend’s daughter, Linda started to get very exciting. She felt her wetness dripping between her legs, and was glad that she whore jeans, because this way nobody would notice how wet her panties where.

            “So… now what?” asked Linda

            “Why don’t you teach my daughter a lesson” replied Cindy

            Filled with excitement, Linda told Jessica to come closer. After obeying her punisher’s instructions, Jessica slowly placed her palms on her head and presented her perfect body to her mistress.

Linda sat down on the living room couch and stood Jessica next to her. Her mistress took her by the arm and pulled her over her lap. After having her ass caressed for a short while, Jessica felt the back of a wooden brush dancing on her butt. Seeing that the girl is tensing up and her buttocks clenching together, Linda told the girl to relax at once or find her punishment doubled. After Jessica relaxed her naked ass the hairbrush started  smacking her bottom, it stung so much that she begun twisting and squirming on her punisher’s lap trying to relieve the sting. For a good five minutes the crisp smacks of the brush that landed on her bottom filled the house. Linda was relentless and possessed a strong right arm. Finally she stopped, letting her victim just lay there. Hoping that her punishment was finished Jessica felt Linda’s fingers inside the waistband of her panties, pulling them down. Her panties were tugged off her crimson backside and pealed off her legs remaining only in a shirt that didn’t even cover her belly button. Her bare rear stuck up in blazing red over her spanker’s right knee. Linda patted her bottom with the hairbrush in order to warn her she was about to start again. It was another 3 minutes of agony. She twisted and bucked over her captor's knee in desperate attempts to relieve the ache and sting. Linda held her down hard with her left arm in order to keep her still. She was determined to teach Jessica a good lesson, and to make this a memorable spanking. When her spanking finally ended Jessica's bottom was a dull red all over, puffy and sore, with circular dark red marks of the brush covering it, she was limp and distraught, her face wet with tears, and her hair disheveled. As Jessica stood in front of her mistress, rubbing her blistered bottom furiously, Linda told her she was to stay like that until she came back. As Linda left the room she dragged her friend to the nearest bathroom.

“What are we doing here?” asked Cindy

“I wanted to know how much can I punish your daughter?

“It’s up to you” replied Cindy

“But can I…?”

“It is all up to you” said her friend “You can do absolutely anything you want with her”

Entering the living room again, Linda grabbed Jessica by the hair and brought her into the bathroom. After telling her to get into the tub, Linda let for a minute ice cold water run on her. Turning the water off she told the girl to go back to were she stood before. Trembling from cold and fear, Jessica waited to see what intolerable punishment will receive next. Staying in the middle of the room, the naked girl was told to kneel, place her hands on her head and stick her chest out. From the corner her eye Jessica saw Linda taking a long cane. Brushing the cane over Jessica’s breasts, Linda told her to get ready. The first swing landed on her breasts with a loud smack. Jessica didn’t felt the pain immediate, but it got worse with every second that passes. The next smack exploded on the lower part of her stomach, making the girl’s eyes fill with tears. As the cane lowered, the girl anticipated where the next stroke will land and pushed her pussy forward. The impact of the instrument caused her so much pain that she felt like fainting. Moving the cane upward, Linda caressed her victim’s breasts with the instrument, raised her arm and a split second later Jessica heard the whistling sound of the cane cutting through the air, followed by a terrible smack that echoed off the living room walls. Her whole body arched involuntarily. She tried to breathe, but she couldn’t. The pain made her burst into tears and she screamed from the top of her lungs. The vivid red stripe that crossed both boobs had tiny ruby dots of blood. Linda patted her abdomen with the cane while Jessica revived herself from the previous swat. Raising her arm again Brandy’s mother delivered the next swat right bellow her belly button. Jessica yelped and jumped up and down from the impact of the cane and wanted to rub the lower part of he tummy but hesitated. Not wonting extra swats she stayed in proper position for the rest of them. Linda concentrated the cane on her lower tummy right were the mark of the rubber band that kept her panties in place use to start, and inflicted the last strokes. Jessica howled like her whole body was in flames. After a few minutes her ordeal finally ended.

            “Now you” said Linda looking at Cindy “and don’t hold back”

            Cindy looked at Brandy and told her to come closer. Seeing her body turned her on. She had a small triangle patch of hair, down there, unlike Jessica who was totally shaved. Even though Cindy advocated that a good modern girl, should not have pubic hair, and from the moment her daughter hit puberty she taught her how to shave herself, she nonetheless loved how Brandy looked down south. She had a full grown bush, neatly trimmed in the form of a rectangular like an Asian girl. Coming very close to her, Cindy gently stroked the girl’s pubic hair. It felt very soft to the touch. Moving her hand down, she reached Brandy’s warm pussy. Stroking her labia Cindy enjoyed how each inch of the girl’s privates felt. Inserting a finger inside, she started feeling the wetness of the girl’s juices. Cindy took a small towel and gently whipped Brandy’s pussy with it. When the girl’s private part was dry, Cindy told her submissive to spread her legs as wide as she could. In that moment Brandy understood that in a few moments her tiny pussy will hurt. Spreading her legs wide, she was ready for punishment. Getting a bag of colored clothespins Cindy took one of Brady’s pussy lips in one hand and with the other one placed a pin on one of her lip. Instantly pain started racing through her body. Squirming a little she grinded her teethes so she wouldn’t scream. Placing the next clothespin on the other lip, Cindy admired how red Brandy’s pussy was turning; she really enjoyed seeing a red pussy. She remembered that when she was younger after her mother trashed her ass for whatever reason, she use to order her to lay flat on her back with her legs spread wide open and flog her pussy. Looking at Brandy’s privates, she took two more clips and placed them directly behind the previews ones adding more pain to her victim. The final two were placed on the back part of Brandy’s pussy creating a crown of clothespins.  As the skin around the pins starting getting redder, Brandy was in terrible pain. She couldn’t remember when her body hurt more. As the pain in her pussy started to grow, her pulse started racing trough her like a bullet train. She swore she will never touch another drug in her life.

            As she stood there, with her legs wide spread, Cindy picked up a pony lash. It was a beautiful whip with one leather lash, which to Brandy looked extremely painful, wherever it landed. Cindy placed the tool next to her so she can have a good look at the slick, single-tailed whip. Brandy turned her head and their eyes meet while her mistress took her time rolling up her sleeves. Tears ran down her face and Brandy begun drooling a little. Cindy picked up the whip and ran her hand over Brandy’s perky breasts. Seeing the fear and the anxiety in the girl’s eyes, Cindy raised the whip and with full force landed it on the girl’s perfectly round boobies, making her yell from her top of her lungs. The second bite of the whip exploded on her nipples with such a force that it took all the air out of Brandy’s lungs making her gasp for oxygen. As the punishment tool hit her breasts again and again, the lashes made red marks every time they came in contact with the girl’s skin. Lash after lash her breasts bounce making terrible noise. By now her perfectly round breast felt very warm to the touch. As Cindy raised the whip, her victim closed her eyes and after a few minutes felt the incredible pain that came after the whip made contact with her skin.  

            “Now show me your ass” said Cindy

            The girl stood in front of the nearest wall, placed her hands on it and stuck her gorgeous ass out. Seeing the girl’s delicious bottom sticking out, Cindy took a rattan cane and came closer. Feeling the cane bushing her bare naked ass, Brandy took a breath of air and waited for the first stroke to land. Raising her hand Cindy landed the cane with incredible force making her victim scream. It felt like somebody was cutting her ass with a knife. When the next stroke of the cane fell, Brandy thought that all the oxygen in her body was sucked out. Incredible pain invaded the girl’s rear as the cane made contact with her.  With each stoke of the cane, Brandy’s bottom became wormer. At this stage of her punishment, red striped were fully visible on the girl’s rear. As the cane flew through the air and landing in the same spot as it landed before, Brandy wondered how much she has to take until her punishment will be over. Which each stroke of the cane the tears on Bandy’s cheeks multiplied. She was in incredible pain; the cane was cutting into her skin more and more. As she stood there, taking the punishment of her life, she swore she will not disobey her mother again. By now her whole bottom felt like it was on lit fire. As the pain continued to increase, and the time between the strokes shortened, Brandy started shaking. Her bottom hurt her so much that she was afraid that pretty soon she will loose her balance and fall.

            What Cindy admired about Brandy was the fact that she didn’t move a muscle. She just stood there, with her beautiful round ass sticking out taking all the punishment she could receive. By now she knew that Brandy scarlet bottom was ablaze and had to hurt more than ever. What she loved the most was how the girl clenched her butt cheeks after the cane made contact with her ass, and how she relaxed her behind before the next stroke fell. She had perfect curves, and now those curves were bathed in small rivers of blood that fell down from the spots were the cane made the worst impressions.

Getting her ass blistered, Brandy felt sick from the pain. She didn’t know if she could remain conscious until the end of the session. After a few more stokes that cut her skin even deeper, she felt the cane only hovering her well blistered ass; by now her bottom was totally covered in stripes of different sizes with each one hurting more and more.

“You’re done” she heard Cindy say, pointing to a corner.

As both girls stood without moving in different corners, and swore, each to herself that they will never touch another drug again. As Cindy and Linda looked at their daughters punished bodies they realized that for the next few weeks their daughter’s will never think of another drug again. The question was for how long. But they each knew that when ever their daughters will disobey them, they will always take the strictest option in punishing their daughters: BDSM









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