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Joyfully, We Kidnap and Torture a Beautiful Girl

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Synopsis: Three screwed up postmodernesque young adults decide to actualize their darkest fantasy by capturing an even younger woman and making her their torture slave.
(This is fiction.  Let's keep it that way.

If the rape and torture of young women offends you, please do not read this
story.  If it doesn't offend you, what the fuck's wrong with you?)

Joyfully, We Kidnap and Torture a Beautiful Girl

By Mr. Mumei

Episode 1

My name's Dan, and my roommate's name is Livia. She and I have a lot of sex. I
wouldn't say she's my girlfriend, more like my fuck-buddy. And she has another
fuck-buddy, a girl of uncertain asian stock, named Ni. And I consider Ni to be
my fuck-buddy as well.

How the three of us got together and discovered each other's various kinks is
another story. Suffice it to say we have in common an insatiable lust and an
appreciation of pain, even severe pain. Both the giving and the receiving of it.
Since all of us liked causing pain, and since none of us particularly minded
being caused pain, what we generally did was take turns being giver and
reciever. It wasn't like we had a particular order or anything, just however it
happened, one or two of us would take the role of pain-causer, and the others
would take the role of receiver. And we also had just straight sex, without the
whips and chains.

A couple of drawbacks. We were all basically doms at heart, and while we all
appreciated the fact that feeling pain can enhance sexual experience, none of us
particularly enjoyed being really seriously tortured and humiliated. In
particular, none of us was willing to have any permanent or even semi-permanent
damage inflicted upon us. This was unfortunate, because all of our deepest
fantasies involved not just a light whipping here and there, but serious
torment, and real damage and humiliation. Another drawback was that, since we
were being so cooperative with each other, we were all quite willing
participants in our own pain. This sucked. Pain is best, most enjoyably
inflicted on the unwilling, or at least so we surmised in our fantasies. You may
disagree, but that's the way it is.

Finally it got to be too much. All this cooperation and niceness was making me
sick. We had great sex, and the two of them are both incredibly hot, don't get
me wrong, but I was getting tired of just playing at fulfilling our fantasies,
and I felt sure they were getting frustrated as well. So I decided to be quite
blunt wit the two of them one afternoon.

We were watching TV, Ni sitting next to me with nothing on but an unbuttoned
shirt, and Livia sitting on a chair, her shorts unbuttoned and pulled partway
down, idly masturbating on a smallish dildo.

"Let's just kidnap somebody," I said.

Livia looked at me for a second. Her face and attitude speak of cleverness
intelligence, but manage to hide the intelligent and clever cruel streak in her
heart from you until it's too late. "You're joking," she said.

"No way. Ni's got a big ol' basement at her place. We can soundproof it, and
keep a chick or two in there."

"How would we get her there?" she asked.

You have to understand that the three of us are seriously fucked up individuals.
It barely occurred to us that what we were talking about doing was not only
morally inexcusable, but could land us in prison for the rest of our lives or
so. And if it did occur to us (barely) we didn't really care that much. How
could prison behind bars be any worse than prison out here in the real world?
That kind of attitude.

We had talked about other ways to satisfy our urges before. We could go to some
S&M place and hook up with someone willing to be our slave. We knew there were
people into being beaten and humiliated. But again, that would be a case of a
willing participant, which was kind of a turn off. And none of us were really
into the BDSM scene. All those clubs were full of old fat people in stupid
looking leather outfits. Not our thing.

So I told her how easy it would be to snatch a chick. I worked at a dance club
at the time, and Ni and Livia were frequent visitors. All that would be needed
would be to scope the place on a busy, loud night, find a really hot girl who
was there alone or away from her friends, and Ni and Livia could prod a small
knife into her back and order her to come with them. It would be so crowded no
one would notice, and so loud that if she did anything stupid like yelling or
screaming, it would just sound like regular club noise, and Ni and Livia could
get away fast. Barring that though, they could lead her, one in front and one
behind, out the back door into the ally where I would be waiting with the car.
Then we'd drive her to Ni's place, secure her down, and beat and fuck the shit
out of her. Literally.

Ni, sitting next to me on the couch, spoke up with her slightly accented,
sensually commanding voice. "Shit yeah, I think we should try it. This is
getting me off just thinking about it."

I pulled Ni's shirt down off of her shoulder, exposing her breast fully, and
began fingering her clit and licking her nipple. We playfully gazed at Livia.
She regarded us for a moment, and then said, "we gotta soundproof the walls

She resumed her masturbation as I bit Ni's nipple almost hard enough to draw
blood, and then leaned down to lick her clit. She reached over and unbuttoned my
pants, giving me a hand job as I went down on her. Livia just watched as she
brought herself to orgasm.

Then we made plans for the big event.

It was Saturday at the club where I worked, and as usual, the decibels were
generally so loud you could not make yourself heard without yelling in a
person's ear. Ni and Livia were sitting at a table near the bar where I worked,
poker-faces on, scanning the room. Livia had brought a small knife from home,
small enough to jab into someone's back without anyone noticing. Ni had brought
a gun. It was smaller than a hand, made of silver, and seemed such a fitting
object for her personality type - beautiful, small, yet incredibly scary - able
to make people do things they wouldn't otherwise do, out of simple fear. We had
decided we would use the knife inside the building, since it's sharpness could
be felt, but once outside, we would show the chick the gun.

I got incredibly lucky. Halfway through the night, the perfect girl walked up to
my bar and ordered a drink. She looked very young, and I seriously wondered if
she was even twenty. No question she was younger than twenty-one, the legal
drinking age. She was wearing a tight strapped tank-top, which came down to the
bottom of her breasts and not much further. Her pants fit somehow way below her
waistline, so you could see the lines of her pelvis moving back and forth as she
walked. It was like she was in a constant state of half-undress. Her face could
best be described as looking satisfied - it seemed to evince a constant, quiet
joy, which was disconcerting, enticing, and seemed to invite me to break
whatever it was that was making her so damn happy.

As I poured her drink I looked over the bar at Ni and Livia, giving them a look,
and then glancing at the chick, letting them know that she was the one. Ni

I handed her the drink, named the price. She leaned over the bar, smiling, and
said, "aren't you going to give me a discount?"

I smiled back. "Now what have you done to deserve a discount?"

She leaned further over, and I leaned towards her, allowing her mouth to
approach my ear. She said, as softly as possible in that environment, "I'll suck
your dick if you'll give me free drinks tonight." Her voice was incredible - it
was the voice of a young high-schooler, but not shrill or squeaky like some. It
was mature, yet innocent. This was even more perfect.

I leaned back, appraising her. This was actually not unheard of. I'd had chicks
get me off or fuck me in exchange for drinks or whatever. Often I made the
offer, telling them I'd give them free drinks for a few nights if they'd let me
fuck them. These girls at these clubs, they generally have a lot of sex, and you
can tell the ones that are used to using their bodies in exchange for favors. So
I always got what I wanted.

The chicks actually offering me their bodies, that was more rare, but still not
unheard of. But something told me this chick was playing around with me, just
trying to get a free drink. She struck me as the type who would offer anything,
but give nothing.

"Tell you what," I said, "I'm about to take a break. I'll be sitting at that
table over there. When you see me, sit down, crawl under the table, and you can
do your business. Meanwhile, this drink's on me."

The table I pointed to was one of the big booths, which had a table cloth that
came to within a foot and a half of the floor. If she was serious about this, I
could sit on the far end, she could jerk me off, and no one would be able to see
her because of the angle of vision and the darkness factor.

As she walked away, I left my station and sat with Livia and Ni, telling them
the situation. We kept a covert eye out for her as we did so. She was floating
from place to place, talking to people sometimes, mutely dancing at other times.
It was clear she was here with no one in particular. And it was also clear that
she knew how to move her body. Her dancing was enough to give me an erection and
to get Ni's nipples hard. We decided if the girl actually did crawl under the
table, Ni and Livia would be standing there when she was done, and we three
would lead her outside. If she didn't crawl under, they would go coerce her into
following them outside, where I would be waiting, and they would force her to
give me a blowjob before we made our getaway. There was, behind the club, a
small brick structure which enclosed the dumpsters. This was an effort to keep
the city "clean" and "beautiful," but it would also serve to give us a little

So I went and sat at the table, watching our target from my vantage point in the
corner of the club. I made eye contact with her once or twice, but she made no
move to come toward the table. Looked like we were going to force it.

After fifteen minutes, I finally got up and walked toward the side door. Livia
and Ni understood this signal, and they got up too, approaching the chick.

As I was exiting, I saw Ni gently grasp the girl's arm and whisper something
into her ear. Livia extended her hand toward the girl's back. The girl froze,
and stared straight ahead. They were beginning to steer her toward the door as
it shut behind me.

I went to the little dumpster-shed. It didn't stink as bad as it sometimes did,
because the trash had been collected the day before. I waited about a minute,
erection raging, and then the girl entered the shed, Ni clenching the girl's arm
so hard it was white around the edges of her hand, and Livia following close
behind. The three of them had managed to continue to appear quite calm.

Ni said to her in a quiet voice, "Ok, bitch, you're going to give our friend
what you promised, right?" Her voice was naturally threatening in the course of
a normal day. When she worked to actually make it threatening, the result was

The girl began to shake. I saw Livia jam the knife a little harder, and the girl
quickly began nodding up and down.

Ni pulled her little gun out of Livia's tiny purse. She aimed it toward the
girl's head. "Livia," she said, "you go get the car. Bitch, you get to work."

Livia protested, "I want to watch what happens."

"Just hurry up and get the car. It's just over there," she waved toward the car.
Livia 'hmph'ed and left.

Ni let the end of the barrel touch the girl's head. "Get to work, whore," she

The girl had tears in her eyes, and looked at me imploringly. I just undid my
pants. So the girl decided she was stuck, and she kneeled down in front of me. I
grabbed her by the hair with both hands, and pulled and twisted until I could
steer her head with perfect control. I jammed my dick into her mouth and pushed
it as far as it would go.

"I can feel her teeth" I said, and Ni got down beside the girl and aimed the gun
at her cheekbone. "You better not pull anything funny or this bullet goes
through your sinuses and into your brain."

The girl began moaning, but now my dick was in her mouth and she could not be
heard. I could feel she was trying to get her teeth out of the way, and it
wasn't working perfectly, but I knew I could still cum. I was so excited by the
situation I didn't bother to say anything more.

I pumped her head back and forth on my cock, and told her to use her tongue,
which she obediently did, sliding it over my dick as I pumped it in and out of
her mouth. I began pumping it in further and further, until I felt I was into
her throat. She was making choking and gagging noises, which was wonderful.

I heard the car pull up and stop right outside the shed. Livia came in and said,
"did I miss anything? I brought the ropes."

"Nope," I grunted as I shoved my dick into her throat especially far. I wondered
if I was tearing tissue in there - I don't really know how this kind of stuff
works. I hoped I was though. Ni told Livia, "ok, let's tie her up while he's
finishing up."

At this point, when the girl realized there was more than just a blow job
involved, she began screaming as loud as she could while my dick was stuck in
her vocal tract. It wasn't loud enough to be heard probably, but Ni took the gun
and jammed it into the girl's gut. "Shut up!" she hissed, and upon feeling the
cold silver, the girl obediently hushed up.

I felt myself almost cumming, so I stopped pumping for a second and just let her
lick my cock. I could have finished at any time, but I wanted to watch them
secure her while I was screwing her mouth.

First Livia took a pair of scissors out of her purse, and cut the girl's shirt
and bra off. Then she reached down and undid the chick's pants, and they roughly
pulled her pants down to her knees and then all the way off. They cut her
underwear off, and now she was officially naked. I began pumping again, grabbing
her hair even more viciously than before.

They took her hands and tied them tightly at the wrists and elbows behind her
back. Then they tied her ankles and knees together. Then they tied the rope
around her wrists to the rope around her knees, and she was now officially
unable to escape. Ni looked at me, "would you finish already? I want a turn." So
I finally shoved my dick all the way into her mouth up to the balls, let it sit
there for several seconds as she frantically ran her tongue back and forth. I
could feel her face getting hot as she discovered herself completely unable to
breathe and needing air. After ten or fifteen seconds, I pulled out a bit and
then slammed her face into me, sending my cock all the way down her throat and
squirting cum into her guts with incredible force. As I was doing so, Ni handed
the gun to Livia and began unzipping her skirt. Just to give me and Livia a
show, she lifted her shirt up over her breasts before pulling her skirt off,
revealing her naked and shaved vagina.

I watched this little strip show as our acquisition continued using her tongue
all across my dick, not knowing whether she should stop or not. I just stayed
there until I could feel her starting to go limp from lack of air, and finally
forced myself to pull out. "She's all yours," I said to Ni, dropping the chick
to the ground. She was unable to do anything but wriggle a bit in her restraints
before Ni approached her and grabbed her breast in one hand and her hair in the
other. She literally dragged the girl by her hair and breast over to where Ni
could lean against the wall, and then jammed the girl's face into her vagina.
"Lick me until I cum, Bitch," she said, and began fucking the chick's face. With
one hand she had the girl by her hair, and with the other she was rubbing and
pinching her own nipples. Livia and I had nothing better to do, so I, in my
lustful abandon, grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, shoving my dick
into her vagina. (She too was wearing no underwear under her skirt.) She was
plenty wet, of course, so it hurt neither of us. We had a nice little fuck while
I watched Ni playing with herself and with our new possession out of the corner
of my eye.

She and I came at almost the same time, so I pulled up my pants, grabbed the
chick by the hair and began dragging her toward the door. I looked outside. The
car was just a foot or two away from the door, so I quickly opened one of the
back doors and came back. Ni and Livia had picked up the clothes we had strewn
on the ground, (Ni's skirt and the chick's clothes as well) and after I looked
carefully to make sure no one was around to see, Livia helped me drag the chick
into the car. We set her on the floor facing the seat and Livia sat in front of
her, wrapping her legs around the girl's head. I went around to the driver's
side, and Ni came around to the seat behind the driver. She had pulled her tight
shirt down over her breasts, but had not bothered to put her skirt back on. She
just walked around the car, naked from the belly button down, grinning at me as
she did so. As far as I know, no one saw her, but I got yet another erection
just thinking what if someone had. Ni knew how thoroughly I enjoyed her feminine
exhibitionism, and perversely, before she got in the car, pulled her shirt back
over her head, taking it all the way off, and so was completely naked as she
climbed into the car.

Our new slave was busy eating my semen out of Livia's vagina, Livia holding her
hair with one hand and the gun with the other. As I drove out of the parking
lot, Ni leaned forward and began kissing and biting my ears and my neck. My
car's windows were tinted, so she could get away with that kind of thing. She
reached her hands into my shirt and played with my nipples, and reached into my
pants and played with my dick. I could see in the rearview that Livia, while
masturbating on our slave's face, had reached her hand behind Ni and was
stroking her from behind. Is she stroking Ni with the gun?! I wondered, and
later found out that indeed she was. I pictured this happening while Ni played
with my cock and nipples, and she actually managed to make me cum again. This
time while I was driving. She came as well, as Livia was stroking her clit with
the top of the gun, and Livia apparently came several times as she practically
drowned the helpless girl with my cum and hers.

We reached Ni's house, and pulled into the garage. Livia reminded the girl of
the gun, just to make sure she didn't try to yell or scream. Running was out of
the question of course, since she was thoroughly tied up and the garage door was
thoroughly locked down. We dragged her out of the car onto the cold cement, and
untied her feet and knees so she could walk. Livia kept the gun close by the
girl's head while Ni walked naked and barefoot across the garage floor, unlocked
the door, and led us to the basement, all to the basement.

We had thoroughly soundproofed the basement, and of course, even if any noise
escaped, it would also have to travel through the house, and would never reach
the outside in any recognizable form.

The girl finally broke when she looked around and saw all the manacles and whips
and other scary-looking torture devices, both mechanical and electrical, as well
as the restraining table we had put together. She began crying out loud,
wailing, "let me go, let me go, let me go! I'll do anything you want. I'm sorry
I lied about sucking your dick, just let me go!"

"Hey slut," I said, "this has nothing to do with your offer to suck my dick. We
had already picked you out. It was sheer dumb luck that you made it so easy for
us to get you by offering yourself to me. You dumb slut." The three of us
laughed at my attempt to speak condescendingly and humiliatingly, just like in
all the sicko stories we had read.

The girl just continued wailing.

"Ok," said Livia, in a take-charge kind of voice, "I'm going first. On the
table, you dumb slut!" She smiled at me. From then on, that was our
semi-official designation of our new slave, "the Dumb Slut."

The Dumb Slut didn't move, so I pushed her over to the table. "Untie her," said
Ni. "And you know we'll just kill you if you try anything stupid, dumb slut." I
untied her arms and wrists, and she didn't try anything stupid.

"Lay down on the table, on your back." The slut did so. We spread her legs open
wide, securing each one to a wall via manacles and chains, so that she was
spread practically 180, her ass lifted slightly off the edge of the table. I
raised her arms over her head and secured each one in two of the clamps we had
set into the table, and we belted her stomach down with a large leather
restraint. She was immobilized.

"What are you going to do to me?" the dumb slut wailed.

"What I'm going to do to you, dear," said Livia, "is use this whip," (she
presented a cruel riding crop) "on your legs, your vagina, and your clitoris,
until I'm good and ready to fuck you with this." She presented a strap-on dildo
with the texture of sand-paper on its top half and spikes running along the
length of the bottom half.

The dumb-slut now was crying extremely loudly. I was so glad we didn't have to
gag her or anything - the desperate cries of a girl in trouble are the biggest
turn-on you have ever experienced. Ni was hanging out, her hands over her head
as she grabbed a bar protruding from the ceiling. She was resting, gazing about
the room, probably planning what she would do when she got to take control of
the dumb slut. As the crop came down across the slut's legs, she stopped crying,
and now began screaming, more loudly than I would have thought humanly possible.
"No, no no no" she was screaming. "Oh God!"

Ni, having grabbed the bar over her head and leaning forward against it, had
caused her body to stretch out in so many beautiful ways. "Hey Ni," I said.

"Yeah?" she replied, watching the slut's struggles with interest.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass," I said, pulling off my pants.

Ni grinned, "fuck you you're not."

We did this all the time. It had been a way for me to live out my rape fantasy.
I chased her around the room a bit and finally wrestled her down. She was
already naked, which made it very easy for me to slip my cock into her anus as I
held her down. She had a small anal opening, very tight and inviting to a person
like me. She moaned in pain mixed with pleasure as I fucked her ass,
occasionally reaching down to finger her clit.

Livia was now whipping the girl's legs right next to the vaginal lips. I
couldn't wait til she reached the vagina, and finally the slut's clit. Ni and I
both watched as I fucked her in the ass, the sound of the girl's screams adding
to our anal pleasure. Livia had removed her skirt, and was now wearing only her
white button-down, and fingering herself as she reigned down blows on the
helpless slut's exposed areas.

I was about to cum, and didn't want to yet. I wanted to finish just as Livia
started whipping the girl's clit. So I got an idea, which I whispered into Ni's
ear. She, still moaning in pleasure and pain, nodded her assent.

So I pulled out of her ass, and went around to her face. Part of the plan was
for her to take my cum in her mouth instead of her ass, and my plan had just
been to squirt it in from a few inches away. But in the heat of pleasure, she
grabbed my dick and stuck it in her mouth, even though it had been in Livia's
cunt and her own ass. She licked and sucked on the head, rubbing the body of my
penis with her fingers, fingering herself with her other hand. I turned my head
to watch the whipping. Livia was whipping the girl's vagina, and the girl had
not lost any of her volume. Her beautiful breasts were heaving with her every
breath. I was in danger of cumming, but luckily, Livia began whipping directly
onto the girl's clit just as I squirted into Ni's face. Ni groaned ecstatically
as I did so, and the helpless slut's began screaming in a new way. It was no
longer loud, it came out as an airy, high pitched desparation, and the emotion
expressed was incredibly intense and alluring.

Ni accepted my cum and held it in her mouth, and as had been the plan, walked
over to the girl's head. As Livia continued to whip the girl's vagina and clit,
Ni leaned over her face, and dribbled my semen into her mouth as she screamed.
The girl tried to close her mouth, but that just caused the semen to go up her
nose, and when Livia hit her again, her mouth involuntarily opened wide in a
loud cry. Ni let all my semen, mixed with her own saliva, dribble into the
slut's mouth and over her face. I had had four orgasms, and I was still getting
an erection from watching this. Then Ni leaned down at the next blow, when the
chick's mouth was open wide again, and kissed her mouth passionately, exchanging
saliva and cum with her. She jammed her tongue deep into the slut's throat, and
kissed her like this for at least a minute or two, the clit-whipping still going
strong, while I came up behind Ni and began thrusting my fingers into her
vagina. Ni then leaned further over and shoved her breast into the girl's face.
She seemed to get a kick out of forcing the girl's screaming face to cause her
nipples erotic pleasure. Ni leaned down and bit the girl's nipple extremely
hard, contining to rub her own breast across the girl's cum-soaked mouth. While
she was doing this, I got down on the floor and began eating her out from
behind. She had several orgasms.

Finally the whipping stopped, and Ni had grown limp from sexual expenditure. So
I got up and saw Livia had stripped completely, her small and firm breasts
seemingly as erect as her nipples. She was putting on the strap on, which was
one of those rigged to stimulate the wearer's clit as she fucked whatever hole
she was fucking. Ni was laying down on top of the girl's head and breast,
exhausted from her adventure so far. Just to get a rise out of the slut, she
reached her arm up and grabbed one of her inner thighs, digging her fingernails
into it, and scratched it very hard and very slowly. The muffled sobs coming
from under her breast turned to muffled cries, and when she began fingering the
slut's tortured clit, the cries turned to weak attempts at screams.

Livia had finished putting on the strap-on, and said, "hey guys, undo her wrists
and shove her up a ways, so I can get up on the table and fuck her."

We did so, and pushed her body up the table, so that she was now laying on her
back on the table with her legs suspended in the air. While we were working on
that, Livia slipped on a cruel pair of gloves covered with spikes and studs. We
resecured the slut's wrists in the clamps installed higher up on the table, and
Livia climbed up on the table. She put the sand-paper end of the strap against
the girl's vagina, and looked her in the eye, and said, "no lubrication, dumb
slut." She then began thrusting against the girl's whipped vagina, and the girl
began screaming all over again. The sannpaper portion of the strappon rubbed the
slut raw, and made her start bleeding. This was lubrication to get the spiked
bottom half in, which Livia did. She then began kissing the girl deeply in the
mouth, just as Ni had, getting a taste of the girl's saliva mixed with traces of
my cum. She then leaned back up, continuing to masturbate on the strap on to the
girl's torment, and brought her gloved hands down on the girl's breasts. The
gloves' spikes and studs scratched and punctured the girl's breasts mercilessly,
and Livia put her entire weight on them as she pumped back and forth on the
strap on. She leaned down again, increasing the weight of the gloves, and as the
girl opened her mouth to scream and wail again, she continued kissing the slut's

When her arms got tired of holding her in this position, she leaned back up
again, squeezing and kneading the girl's breasts with her gloves. Ni climbed up
on the table and sat on the girl's face, fucking it with her clit. Livia looked
up at me, and said, "come on, stand up here in between us." I did so, dubious
that I could cum again, but with a definite raging erection.

I faced Livia as she continued to pump the girl's vagina and torture her
breasts. She took my dick in her mouth and began fucking it with her face, while
Ni pushed me over so I was leaning on Livia's back (adding to the girl's
breast-torment) and began licking my balls and my anus.

I came again. Livia and Ni each came several times to the tune of the slut's
screams and cries for mercy. This was beautiful.

Finally Livia was done with her. She took off the dildo, leaving it jammed up
the girl's vagina, and we all got off the table. The girl whimpered softly to
herself while we chatted.

"I'm beat," said Livia, using her hand to continue stroking the dildo in and out
of the slut's cunt. "What do you guys want to do now, turn in?"

"Oh God, no way!" exclaimed Ni, "I haven't had my turn yet!"

Livia snickered, "shit, woman, how long can you keep this up?"

"Fuck you, as long as I want to, no more, no less."

"Whatever," said Livia with a shrug, "she's all yours."

"All right," said Ni, satisfaction and readiness in your voice. "Oh slut, we're
not done with you yet."

The slut did not respond.

Ni yanked the spiked dildo out of the slut's cunt as hard and fast as she could.
That got a response.

We ended up turning the slut over so that she was laying on her stomach. This of
course caused her tormented breasts no end of pain, which was great. Her ankles
were each tied to a leg of the table, and her hands clamped down onto the table.
Ni got a huge bullwhip, and stood several feet behind the slut. She brought the
whip down expertly causing the end to crack against her ass just as she snapped
back. The girl was now making weird gurgling noises instead of simply screaming.
It was a combination of loss of energy, and an attempt to hold back her screams
so as not to give us the satisfaction. This only satisfied us more.

Livia and I watched from a big comfy chair we had placed in the basement. She
was sitting next to me, one leg over mine, idly stroking my cock.

Ni bullwhipped the girl expertly, causing ridiculous bruises to appear all over
her ass and the back of her legs. She managed to hit the girl's anal hole
several times, at which times Livia and I applauded.

Now it was Ni's turn with the strap on. First she grabbed the dildo which had
been in the girl's vagina, and shoved it into the girl's mouth. "Oh slut," she
called, "we have a machine which can deliver powerful, burning, sharp,
electrical shocks of pain deep inside your ass or your vagina, or both. If you
drop this dildo out of your mouth, we will have you hooked up to that machine
for the rest of the night, understood?"

The dumb slut tearfully nodded.

Then Ni brought the electricity machine over, and attatched a special dildo to
it. The business end of it was studded metal, but the other end was plastic with
tiny pieces of broken glass imbedded in it. It had a little hookup for wires,
which Ni used to hook the machine up to it. Now the dildo was primed to give
electric shocks. Ni attatched it as a strapon, and approached the girl's ass
after pushing a button on the machine.

"Get ready," she said, as she began shoving it into the girls anal hole. It was
a little wider than the average penis, and the girl began struggling as soon as
she felt it at her hole. Of course such struggles were to zero avail. Ni had
gotten the head of the dildo about halfway in, and the studs were about to begin
scratching up the girl's ream, when the machine kicked into action. She had set
it to give random shocks of random power every five to ten seconds. The girl
suddenly went incredibly stiff, and the dildo dropped right out of her mouth.
Two seconds later she began screaming.

Ni laughed and laughed, and said, "you know what that means, Bitch." Then she
shoved the strap-on mercilessly all the way up the girl's ass. The blood
produced first by the studs and then by the broken glass provided plenty of
lubrication, and the girl continued to scream and scream. Every five to ten
seconds she would freeze up again as the machine delivered its shock.

The slut's open mouth was very inviting to me, but I didn't want to leave Livia
all alone. "If I go stick my dick in the dumb slut's mouth, will you come with
me and lick my balls?"

"Fuck yeah," said Livia, and she got up and walked over to the girl's head. She
got down on her knees under the table, and I placed myself in front of the
girl's face. She closed her mouth as tight as possible, but Ni, seeing what was
happening, grabbed one of the girl's legs with her long fingernails and
squeezed, twisting and scratching with a suddenness that caused the girl to open
her mouth. I shoved my dick in there and fucked her face for a second time. I
grabbed her by the hair and steered her face into the most comfortable position
for me, which stretched her neck very uncomfortably. I shoved my dick all the
way down her throat, while Livia licked and sucked at my balls and stroked them
with her fingers.

She said at one point, "shit, you should see what you're doing to this slut's
neck." She said later she could see my dick moving up and down her throat. I
want a video of that sometime.

I didn't cum for a long time, because I had expended so much already that night.
I watched Ni in the throes of ecstasy as she had multiple orgasms from pumping
the cruel dildo into the dumb slut's ass.

I finally came. I decided to pull out and squirt my cum all over the chick's
face. I had suprising large amounts of semen still inside me, and as I was
squirting, Livia obligingly placed her face under the slut's so that I could hit
both of them. We love doing each other little favors like that. As I was doing
this, Ni was finally getting too tired to continue, so she dislodged the strap
on, leaving it to shock the slut every five to ten seconds. Livia licked my cock
clean, then turned the slut's head to the side, and kissed her again, exchanging
semen with her for quite a while as she fingered herself. Ni and I just stood
there watching, exhausted. Then Ni layed down under Livia's vagina and ate her
out while Livia continued to kiss the slut. I kissed and pinched Ni's nipples,
then ate her out.

That was fun for a while, but we were all feeling it now. It was time to turn

But there was one more thing I wanted to do. This was nothing particularly
painful compared to what we had already done to the girl, but I just wanted to
make her psychological torment complete. Before we turned in, I had the girls
help me Turn the slut over once again, so she was face up. I got up on the
table, and said, "listen, dumb slut, I'm going to fuck you in the cunt now, and
come deep inside of you. Hopefully you'll get pregnant, because there are
incredibly terrible and painful ways of getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy
that we would love to try out on you." I then thrust my dick in her cunt, and
fucked her til I came. The girl no longer even had the strength to cry, she just
lay limply, not looking at me, her mouth shuddering every now and then in a sob.
Ni and Livia put on a beautiful sixty-nine show as I was doing my thing, and
that more than anything else helped me achieve orgasm number seven.

Finally, when I had finished, Ni grabbed the dildo we had ripped out of the
slut's ass, and brought it, covered with blood and shit, to the girl's mouth.
"We're going to put you on the machine all night tonight. You keep this in your
mouth, and if you drop it tonight, you get the machine all night every night for
the rest of your life, got that?"

Exhausted, limp, the girl managed to nod a "yes."

Ni shoved it cruelly into the girl's mouth. She then got another metal dildo,
shoved it into the girl's ass, and turned the machine to deliver more powerful
shocks on average, every ten to fifteen seconds. We turned the light off as we
went upstairs, making it pitch black

And we all went to bed very happy.

To Be continued.

Previews of the next episodes:

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Us discovering our new acquisition is a sixteen year old named Julia.

Julia being branded multiple times.

Julia being hung by her breasts for several hours.

Julia being forced to drink a 32 oz glass of cum.

Julia being forced to eat a cum sandwich.

(And that's all just in her second day with us.)

Episode three:

Us kidnapping this hot fifteen year old teeniebopper while she's praying alone
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The teeniebopper tease being transported in a van suspended by her breasts.

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The teeniebopper bitch being branded with a crucifix in several different places
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Lisa being taken, spanked, tortured and raped by us.

Lisa being tortured and raped by Julia and Britney.

Livia suprising us by trying to help Lisa escape

Livia made into our sex slave as a result.

Livia raped, tortured, etc, by me, Ni, Britney, Julia and even Lisa

Livia and one other slave executed by a hot curling-iron up the ass.

Stay tuned...

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