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Quarry Labor

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Synopsis: A beautiful white woman is unjustly sentenced to field labor in a remote island country. She was framed by her ambassador to the country for not responding to her lesbian advances.
Quarry Slave

                                                                              Q78987, Quarry Labor


The beautiful naked blonde sweated profusely as she swung her hammer crushing stones in the quarry. She was prisoner Q78987 as could be seen from the number branded on her breasts, Q78 on the right breast and 987 on the left. She was chained to the other inmates of this infamous female prison by her ankle chains. All inmates  were hardened criminal native women who had been convicted for various violent crimes in this island country. All were guilty except for  Q78987 who were falsely accused , convicted and imprisonned. Also Q78987 was the only white woman on the chain gang.


The judge had been firm. « You are a foreigner in this country therefore you must be punished severly. You will serve your sentence at Punishment Island under the harshest hard labor conditions allowed under our law.

Since you are a foreigner you are not allowed any prison clothing therefore you will work naked. Also since you are a foreigner your prison number must be branded on your breasts so you can be easily identified at any time. You are now Q78987. Guards , take her away ! ! »


 Immediately after conviction she was sent to Punishment Island where her hell began . She was stripped , placed on the Whipping Post in the courtyard and given 100 lashes with the bullwhip as an introduction. After this she was taken to the blacksmith shop where irons were welded on her neck,wrists ,  waist and ankles. Next a white hot needle was used to pierce holes in her nipples and cuntlips where rings were inserted so that she could easily be chained to her work, other prisoners or perhaps an animal for the heavier work. The final task of the blacksmith was to brand her breasts with her prison number.


Today the group of 20 prisoners were taken to the quarry and ordered to crush 5 tons of rock. All wore prison uniforms and hats except Q78987 who would work naked to the joy of the native women who hated this blonde beauty. The prisoners worked from sunup to sundown under the watchful eyes and carriage whips of the female guards. The guards would lash the women for the slightest fault, or what was considered to be a fault. Just before noon Q78987 collapsed from the heat. She was revived immediately and the guard unchained her from the gang and placed her on a nearby whipping post of which there were many in the quarry. Under the eyes of the other prisoners who were ordered to watch the whipping but to keep working  she was given 30 lashes with the cat-of -nine tails. She was then left hanging on the post for one hour in the blazing sun. From time to time the guard would finger her cunt or ass or twist her nipple rings in order to stimulate her. After one hour the guard shouted to her :

« Q78987, you are here to work. This a hard labor prison for sluts like you. You will be punished severly if this gang does not meet quota todayYou other prisoners will know who to blame if you are all reported. »

Needles to say the gang did not meet quota and as they stood before the warden that evening in front of the stockade they were told that they would not be punished for not meeting quota if they could identify the guilty lazy prisoner. Several shouted « Q78987, Q78987 ! ! ! » With that the warden said to allow all other prisoners to enter the stockade but to leave Q78987 outside for further punishment. She would teach this prisoner to perform hard labor since she felt that as prison warden that was her job.

Q78987 stood shivering with fear in front of the warden. The warden walked in front of her and taking a dog whip began to slash the lovely breasts of the beauty. Lash after lash fell on the globes until finally blood trickled from each breast. «  Let that be a lesson to you, Q78987. You are here to perform hard labor and I will see that you  do. »


The next day Q78987 was chained to the gang as usual but upon reaching the quarry she was uchained from the group and taken to the very bottom of the quarry where stood a mule train ready to haul huge loads to the top of the quarry. Q78987 was chained by her tit-rings and cunt rings to the mule train. She was third mule from the rear in the train. A lash from the bullwhip of the driver started the train up the quarry . Q78987 would have to keep the pace. The guard lashed her frequently particularly on her back, ass and breasts. The poor beauty was in true hell. She was no more than a pack animal. On and on she labored under the brutal tropical sun.


She stood in front of the warden that evening along with the other prisoners. She was by far the most haggard from having worked all day as a mule. Her body bore the marks of hundreds of lashes of the whip.

« Q78987, Show your brand ! ! ! » Shouted the warden. The prisoner pushed her tits forward as far as she could. The warden walked up to her and fingering her brand said «  Yes, you are Q78987. I was not sure since you do not like like the same prisoner that stood before me last night and was reported for laziness. Remember, Q78987, the mule train awaits you if you not perform.

Quarry Labor (second episode)

                                                                     Quarry Labor (second episode)


The beautiul naked blonde swung her hammer as hard as she could trying to crush the rock in the quarry alongside her chain gang convicts. She would do anything not  to be placed back on the mule train.The sun was at its highest point of the day and the heat was becoming unbearable. How she envied the other convicts in their prison clothing and hats. But since she was a foreigner she had to work naked.

The warden rode by on her horse accompanied by a woman in a splendid riding outfit also on  a horse. They stopped in front of  Q78987. The warden said to her

« Q78987, This is your ambassador in our country. Address her as your excellency and ask her forgiveness for disgracing your country .» Q78987 was astounded. She thought she would be liberated by her ambassador, not punished further for a crime she did not commit. But upon seeing the ambassador she now realised that it was she who had framed her for not submitting to her lesbian advances after a party at the embassy

Q78987 shouted «  No ! ! NO ! ! , please your excellency, I am innocent , please take me from this hell ! ! »


The ambassador looked down at her and smiled  then said

 « That is what all criminals say. My long time friend the judge tells me that you are guilty therefore you must be punished severely. Warden, has this criminal been placed on the mule train ? »

The warden answered «  Yes, but only for one day ».

« In that case I think you should assign her to the mule train for one week. That should teach her not to lie to me about her innocence. Also could you please have the guard lay 20 lashes on those tits. She must understand that she is to suffer for her crime. She must present them to the guard for the entire flogging »

The guard laid 20 brutal lashes on the beautiful tits of the tortured woman who pushed her tits forward as far as she could in order to please her ambassador. After the flogging the convicts were ordered back to work.


Q78987 was in agony after this lesson from her ambassador. The other convicts also learned that now Q78987 could be used in any way they saw fit. After this time she was sexually abused by both the guards and the convicts both in the quarry during the day and in the stockade at night.


The next week Q78987 was chained to the mule train again only this time she was first muleon the ascent and last mule on the descent. She was ordered to show her brand at all times on the ascent which meant that she kept her tits as far forward as possible as the train climbed the top of the quarry. On the descent she had to struggle to keep the pace as the bullwhip lashed her ass. There was no mercy for a convict, however innocent, on this island.

Quarry Labor (Third Episode)

                                                             Quarry Labor (Third Episode)


The beautiful naked blonde stood chained alongside the other naked female prisoners as the warden spoke to the group in the hot morning sun. They were chained together by their cuntrings with a 5 meter lengths of chain. This was to allow them to swing their hammers to crush rock. All were branded on their breasts with their prison number. The brand on the breasts of Q78987 was barely visible due the the brutal lashings they had received while she was on the mule train. The rest of her body bore the marks of hundreds of lashes from the mulewhip. All prisoners  stood with their breasts pushed forward as far as they could for inspection by the warden.


«  I hope you can all recognise Q78987 after she spent one week on the mule train. Let this be a lesson to all of you. You are all here to be punished for your crimes and I will ensure that you receive your just punishments. This is a hard labor prison . Q78987 lied to her ambassador about her guilt and she paid dearly.  » 


She had been attached to the muletrain by her tit and cunt chains and driven under the lash until she could keep the pace with the other mules. She was only stopped in order to satisfy  the men who paid the slavedriver to fuck her in harness or to satisfy one of the many guard dogs in heat who happened to pass and sniff her cunt before mounting her. At night she had to satisfy the lesbian guards as she lay chained by her titrings to the wall of her cage.


« Q78987 , you will work at the pace set by the guard for the group. If you slow the group you will be given to the other prisoners tonight to be punished. They have some interesting punishments which I have seen them use on other prisoners . I assure you that you will suffer. » With that the prisoners were ordered to start their work of crushing rocks with their hammers.


Q78987 worked as hard as she could but still she was whipped brutally by the guard. There would be no rest for her even after her ordeal on the muletrain. At noon under the blistering sun she fainted. She was unchained from the group and taken to the barracks where she was chained by her titrings to the wall of her cell. That night she would pay for her laziness.


After the evening meal the guard opened the door to her cell and allowed three prisoners to enter. Q78987 was then made to sexually satisfy these prisoners before they heated her cuntlip rings with a hot iron until she fainted . The tortured woman was then allowed to rest for the night.


The next morning as the prisoners stood at the quarry with their breasts pushed forward as far as posible the quard said :

«  Well I see that Q78987 is a bit tired this morning. Did you enjoy your punishment last night ? By the way your ambassador is visiting again today. I suggest you work hard when she arrives. Be sure to show her your brand at all times.»

Quarry Labor (fourth episode)

                                                                Quarry Labor (fourth episode)


Q78987 had labored in the quarry now for six months under the most brutal conditions but she was more beautiful than ever much to the envy of the guards and the other prisoners. The torrid sun beat down on the naked beauties as they hammered rocks in the quarry chained together by their cuntrings. Each was easily identified by the numbers branded on their breasts.


Q78987 was wearing punishment weights hung from her tit rings. She was accused of laziness by the other prisoners. Although the weights were heavy she still had to push her tits forward as far as she could when ordered to, « SHOW YOUR BRAND » by the guard.


Occasionally the warden would bring her ambassador  to inspect the prisoner to ensure that she was being punished severely for her crimes. Q78987 dreaded these visits since she knew that she could expect extra punishment demanded by the ambassador. Today was one of those visits and, as the warden and the ambassador approached,  the guard shouted « Q78987 ! ! ! SHOW YOUR BRAND ! ! ! ». The blonde beauty obeyed immediately although the weights made the task almost unbearable.


« Well, I see Q78987 is being punished for lazinesss, » said the ambassador. « Please ensure that she learns her lesson by whipping those tits with 20 lashes of the horsewhip ». With that the guard laid 20 lashes across the breasts of the beauty drawing a trickle of blood with the last lash .

« Let that be a lesson to you Q78987. You are here to perform hard labor and laziness will not be tolerated. Warden, please send this convict to my quarters at noon . I wish her to satisfy me before she starts her work this afternoon. »


At noon Q78987 was detached from the chain gang and lead to the quarters of the ambassador. The lesbian abused her viciously with her horsewhip before making her perform obscene sexual acts. After one hour the beauty was returned to the chain gang and whipped back to work. There was no mercy for a convict at this prison no mater how innocent.


That night three prisoners entered her cage and tortured her with hot irons on her punishment weights. The weights were used for many punishments. She would wear the weights for another month.

Quarry Labor

                                                                      Quarry Labor (fifth episode)


The beautiful naked blonde, Q78987, stood in the blistering sun chained to the other convicts by her cunt chains. She was easily identified as « Q78987 » since her number was branded on her breasts as for all convicts in this hard labor prison. Today was a special day since several convicts including Q78987 were to complete their sentences and would be released to a « flesh merchant  » for sale as slaves to the nearby land owners. One of these land owneres happened to be the woman ambassador from her country. The ambassador had lusted for this beauty from the first time she saw her at an embassy party. Unfortunately the blonde beauty had  refused when the ambassador tried to entice her to perform lesbian acts. The ambassador quickly had her arrested on false charges and sent to this infamous prison. Now the ambassador could bid to buy her and use her as she wished .


The sale of the convicts was held at the quarry at noon as they swung their hammers crushing rocks.. This was to give maximum advantage to show  the prospective buyers how well the future slaves worked at hard labor . They continued working as the buyers moved about stopping here and there to inspect the bodies of the flesh for sale. The quard lashed the convicts more viciously on these days showing how they should be treated after they were bought. Q78987 was no exception to this treatment and in fact since she was a foreigner in the presence of her ambassador she was whipped  continuously as she worked. The other convicts were spared that treatment and were onl y whipped occasionally. Finally the warden ordered the convicts to stop their work for the sale. The only bid for Q78987 was her ambasador which , of course, was pre-planned . Q78987 was quickly unchained from the chain gang and attached by her cuntring to the saddle of the horse of the ambassador. The ambassador lead her new purchase to her property which was three kilometers  distance. Q78987 struggled to keep pace with the horse.


Upon arriving at the property of the ambassador, Q78987 was taken to the stables , bathed, fed and chained by her cuntring to the wall of her stall. She would now be used as a farm animal .


The next day she was lead by her cunt rings to a thin whipping post mounted on a short platform in front of the main house . Her tits were chained around the post by her titrings with her arms stretched high above her. The entire native staff was assembled to witness the punishment. She stood facing the ambassador who sat comfortably in a chair under an umbrella sipping a cool drink. The ambasador said to her :

« Now I own you, slave. You will work here as an animal and I intend to ensure that you work hard. As an introduction to your new life you will receive 50 lashes with the bullwhip. Guard, WHIP HER ! ! ! ! »


With that the guard laid 50 brutal lashes on the beauty drawing bloood every fifth or sixth lash. With the tropical sun beating down on her she fainted twice during the whipping but was revived each time. Finally the whipping was completed and the ambasador said :

« Let her hang there for an hour or so. The sun should cure those cuts from the whip. »


Q78987 would soon learn what it meant to be owned by the ambassador.

Quarry Labor - Sixth episode

                                            Quarry Labor - Sixth episode


The beautiful naked blonde was harnessed to the plow which she struggled to pull under the vicious lashes of the slavedriver. She was attached by her tit and cunt rings as well as her wrists and waist band. She was completely at the mercy of her torturers. Her only salvation was to work as hard as she could in order to avoid more severe punishment at the hands of her new owner, the ambassador. The ambassador had threatened to brand her further in addition to the number branded on her breasts which was Q78987. 


The ambassador rode by on her horse and said to the slavedriver :

« Has this animal responded to the whip or is she still slow in her work ? » . The slavedriver replied :

«  Q78987 was working at normal pace until the guard dog mounted her and fucked her. After the fucking she slowed down and had to be lashed frequently. »

« Show her no mercy. She will learn that she is an animal on my farm and will be treated as such. Lay 10 lashes on those tits now to emphasise what I just said. » The slavedriver eagerly complied as the slave pushed her breasts forward in what she knew was the required position for a tit lashing. 

After the lashing the ambassador rode away and the slave was driven back to her plowing with a few vicious slices of the whip.


Q78987 was used not only for plowing but also for pulling the various wagons and carts that were loaded with the products of the  farm.

Quarry Labor- Seventh episode

                                  Quarry Labor-7



The beautiful slave, Q78987, pulled the plow as best she could but the torrid sun beating down on her naked flesh was unbearable. Towards noon she fell forward trapped in her harness of chains. The chains pulled on her nipples and cuntlips  forcing her to quickly regain her position. The guard came over immediately and ordered her to «    SHOW YOUR BRAND ! ! ! «   Q78987  pushed her tits forward as far as she could and the guard laid five vicious lashes across both tits.  NOW WORK SLAVE, WORK ! ! ! You will work at horse pace until sundown. The beauty plowed on as the guard whipped her for the slightest sign of slowness. She was only an animal on this farm of the ambassador ! ! ! !


In the afternoon the ambassador arrived on horseback and encouraged her horse to sniff the cunt and ass of the slave. The horse became aroused quickly and could hardly resist  trying to mount the beauty. He had to be rerstrained without being satisfied as could be seen by his huge erection. But the ambassador had other ideas.


« The poor beast is in heat and should be given some satisfaction. Q78987 will suck his cock and swallow his semen. Guard , position the slave for the beast. She must satisfy him ! ! ! »


Q78987 was positioned under the horse and took his huge cock in her mouth. She tried to please him as best she could but he did not reach orgasm.   After one half hour of attempting to satisfy the horse to no avail the ambassador shouted

 «  Enough ! ! She will learn how to satisfy my horse.  Tonight she will be placed in his stall and chained to him by her titrings . That is her titrings will be chained around his body and she will lay on her back sucking his cock. If he does not reach orgasm she will be placed on the whipping post tomorow morning and lashed  with 20 lashes of the bullwhip before she is chained to her plow ! ! ! ! She will learn to be a stable whore ! ! ! »


That night Q78987 sucked his cock as well as she could despite the chains which kept her titrings fettered to his body and continually brushing his cock and balls against her tits. Still the horse did not reach orgasm. Towards morning the beauty was released from  his stall and given a few hours rest.


The next morning she was  lead to the whipping post to receive the punishment promised by her owner. The sun was just rising as she was chained to the whipping post by her wrists. She hung fully exposed to the whip since the whipping post was a horizontal bar supported by two upright posts. This allowed maximum exposure of  the flesh of the naked slave to the whip wielded  by the guard. Twenty vicious lashes were laid on to Q78987. Needless to say after such a whipping she hung lifelessly on the whipping post. She was left hanging for one hour as she was given some beans and water. She would not be allowed to rest after her whipping and since the sun was rising rapidly she had to be harnessed to her plow to start her work. There was no mercy for this slave on the farm of the ambasssador.


She was whipped brutally all morning as she plowed. The chains on her tits and cunt started to heat in the torrid sun causing additional misery to the naked beauty. Her body bore the marks of the hundreds of lashes she had received.


In the afternoon the ambassador rode up again on her horse and asked the guard «  Has this whore  kept the pace ? ? »

The guard answered « No, Madame, she has had to be whipped all morning but she still has not kept the pace.  If  you allow me to use the rhinocerous hide whip I might be able to drive her to keep the pace. « 

« Ha, ha ! ! You are a born sadist which is why I chose you as the guard for this slave.  You have my permission but only for this afternoon.  That also might encourage her to perform better tonight with my horse than she did last night. Show this whore no mercy but please do not damage the property permanently. ! ! ! ! »


The guard gleefully took out her rhino whip and laid a viciuos lash across the back of Q78987. The slave screamed and leaped forward. Never had she felt such a burning tearing lash . She would feel many more this afternoon.






That night she was once again chained to the horse in his stall. She eagerly sucked his cock for several hours until finally he reached orgasm. She tried to swallow his semen as best she could. The ambassador witnessed the action and said «  Well whore, I see that you have learned how to suck cock. Next you will beg for his cock in your cunt ! ! ! »  The slave screamed «  NO ! ! ! NO ! ! MERCY MY MISTRESS ! ! ! ! »



The next day Q78987 was whipped at sunrise with 20 lashes of the rhino whip. The guard used the rhino whip since the ambassador liked to sleep late in the mornings so she knew she could whip Q78987 as she pleased. The slave was then chained to her plow and driven to work in the fields. The guard continued to use then rhino whip until she heard the amabassador approach near noon.


« My, my . This whore looks a bit done in . Are you still using the rhino whip ? ? «  chuckled the ambasador.

«  Why no Madame just once or twice when I noticed she was slowing down »

« Well , you know what she needs to work at the required pace. Remove her from her plow and lead her to the mounting block. My horse will now fuck her. An inhuman scream came from the slave. The ambassador shouted «  HOW DARE YOU SHOW EMOTION ! ! ! GUARD, 10 LASHES ON THOSE TITS WITH THE RHINO ! ! ! » The guard quickly complied as the slave pushed her tits forward as required for all tit whippings.

The sweating, bleeding slave was then lead to the mounting block in the courtyard. She was laid acvross the top of the block with her tits hanging overt the top and her ass raised high. Her waist band was chained to the top of the block and her wrists were chained to the bottom. Her legs were spread wide apart with loose- fitting chains exposing her  cunt and ass for all to see.  She would have some freedom of movement for her legs but only enough to accommodate the sexual needs of the horse.  Chains still hung from her titrings and these were quickly grabbed by the ambassador.

As she held the chains the ambassador said «  Now ,whore, you will beg to fuck my horse ! ! Begin by begging him to fuck you and I am going to flog your tits with my dog whip until he is satisfied. Guard , lead my horse over this whore. Whore, START BEGGING »   With this the ambassador calmly began to,lash the tits of Q78987.


Q78987 screamed  «  PLEASE  PLEASE FUCK ME I  B-B-BEG YOU ! ! ! P-P-P-PLEASE F-F-FUCK ME AHHHHHHHHH » as the huge cock of the beast was placed near her cunthole « AHHHH NO NO NO PLEASE NO AHHHHHHHH » but the ambassador only lashed her tits harder and teased her by saying «  That is no way for a whore to treat her lover. BEG HIM TO FUCK YOU SLUT BEG HIM ! ! ! »

Q78987 then screamed again and again and again  «  P-P-PLEASE FUCK ME ! ! ! PLEASE FUCK ME ! ! PLEASE PLEASE ! ! ! ! » She would not dare to scream NO again as the ambassador lashed her tits which were now bleding from many places.

The horse now had the tip of his cock inside the outer lips of her cunt and was pushing forward as he sensed the warmth of her pussy. He was almost crazy with heat and began to gyrate inside her cunt although he was not completely inside. He had to be subdued by the guard  who calmly spoke to him as she patted his neck. She noticed that the veins in his neck were swelling as were those in his cock . Both she and the ambassador found this amusing as they listened to Q78987 begging him to fuck her.

The horse was now three quarters of the way into the cunt of Q78987 who was now screaming hysterically even though the ambassador continued to lash her tits with the dog whip. The ambassador shouted to the guard «  LASH HER TITS WITH THE RHINO ! ! ! SHE IS GOING OUT OF CONTROL AND MUST BE MASTERED » Gladly the guard took the titchains from the ambasador and skillfully lashed the tits of Q78987 with the rhino. After 25 lashes Q78987 quieted down and could be heard softly begging «  please fuck me i beg you please fuck me fuck me fuck me .............. ». Finally  ungodly screams simultaneously came from the tortured female and the horse as the horse reached climax fully imbedded in her cunt . Then she fainted.



« Throw some cold water on this slave to revive her then leave her chained on the block for one hour. That will be sufficient rest for her before she is harnessed again to her plow. But after she is revived have the doctor flush out her cunt. I want her to feel the cleaning. Ha. Ha  »





The slave was revived as ordered and the « doctor «  arrived to flush her cunt . She did so with near boiling water and a metal syringe . The pain was excruciating as could be heard by her screams. Once again she fainted and was revived with ice cold water. The ambassador said to the guard «  Harness her to the plow and drive her at horse pace. She has must work on this farm ! ! ! ! »


Q78987 was whipped brutally by the guard as she pulled her plow after her noon fucking by the horse. Such was the life of this « stable whore ». Finally the sun was setting and she was ordered to stop work. She collapsed in her harness of chains.


Each morning Q78987 was chained to the whipping post by her wrists with her legs spread wide apart and fixed by her ankle chains  for her « morning  whipping ». This consisted or 10 lashes of the bullwhip although the guard sometimes used the rhino whip. This was one of those mornings and the guard was especially cruel as she snaked the whip through the thighs of the slave seeking her pussy which she found on most lashes. After the 10 lashes the slave was fed and watered as she hung on the whipping post . She was then harnessed as usual to her plow and whipped to work in the fields.


Towards noon the ambassador came riding up to her on her horse. The horse tried repeatedly to rear up trying to mount her but he was restrained by the ambassador.  «  Ha ! Ha ! ! «  she laughed as the slave tried foolishly to escape the beast. As if there was an escape from her harness ! ! !

« Guard, Whip this whore. How dare she tried to avoid my horse. Five lashes with the rhino on those tits ! ! ! »

The guard willingly complied and once again the beautiful breasts of the slave fell victim to the skillful lash of the guard.


The ambassador then took the titchains and pulled the slave closer to her horse. « Offer those tits to my horse , slave ! ! ! » The slave pushed her tits as close as she could to the mouth of the horse as he slobbered over her .She thought he would bite her tits off  but the ambassador skilfully guided him to only take each tit in his mouth for a few seconds .  « Now you will suck his cock ! ! ! Guard , release her from the plow ! ! ! » shouted the ambasador.  The slave was then forced to her knees and ordered to suck the cock of the horse. She tried as hard as she could to please him but the beast wold not reach orgasm. After one hal hour the ambassador said « Enough ! ! She will be stalled with him again tonight . Hopefully she will learn her lesson. Guard , 10 lashes on her back ! ! ! Then harness her back to her plow ! ! !. »


Tha night Q78987 was chained to the horse by her titrings with a 5 meter length of chain . She would be free to move around the horse but only enough to satisfy his cock with her mouth and her cunt. She tried to bring him to orgasm with her mouth but was unsuccesful after 3 hours of sucking him. She knew she would be whipped for this failure but she was not prepared to hear the warden say to the guard.


«  Her morning whipping will be laid on with the rhino whip. 30 lashes instead of 10 ! ! !  After that she will be placed on the mounting block for fucking my horse. He is so randy now that he is almost bursting.  Maybe she will perform better  after a sound whipping. She will plow after my horse is completely satisfied. « 















                                  Quarry Labor- 8

The naked slave Q78987 labored in the torrid sun chained as usual to the plow by her tit-rings cunt-rings and wrists. Her tit chains were so heavy that they seemed to tear off her nipples. Her mistress had ordered special horse chains for this « whore » as she called her since she was  fucked by  the horse . Her cunt lips also ached from the weight of the new chains. She sweated constantly as did all horses on this farm but her sweat was allowed to pour over her body without relief. She thirsted for water but could only hope that the next hour would pass quickly since she was just watered with the rest of the horses at the trough. Her cunt ached from the fuckings she had suffered in the morning as she suffered every morning after being used by the men and women servants of her owner, the ambassador. Her long blond hair clung to her sweaty tits from time to time but not for long. No, the guard would quickly lash the hair from her tits since she was not allowed to « hide » her brand.

As she plowed she could only think of the pain she was suffering. Her only hope was to work as hard as she could to please the guard and avoid the whip. But this of course was foolish. She was only a naked slave woman to be used as horseflesh. Each step was agony as she pulled her plow in the rugged field. Her naked feet were raw from the endless rows of field she had plowed since she was sentence to this hell.

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