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Camel Whip

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Synopsis: In the year 1876 a beautiful white woman is captured by a group of nomads in an arab country. She insults the shiek and is punished by a flogging with a camel whip then forced to slave labor

                                                                   CAMEL WHIPPED


The beautiful naked blonde hung on the whipping tripod used for public whippings in this arab country. The tripod was placed on a 3 meter high platform so that the crowd could view the whipping. Her legs were spread wide apart and she hung slightly inclined so that her tits hung freely . It was midday so the sun was at its peak.

Christine Jones was the name of the blonde before she was captured by this band of nomads in the year 1876. Now she was the property of Shiek Omar who she had insulted by slapping his face as he approached her in her tent with the intent to sexually assault her. She would pay dearly for this mistake. Shiek Omar ordered her to be publicly whipped with the camel whip. He ordered 50 lashes to be laid on after which she would be used as an animal to turn the waterwheel  which provided water for his property.

The large crowd gathered around the platform to observe this rare treat. The Shiek sat separately with his guests under a tent and were served cool drinks by the slavegirls all of whom were naked except for the chains on their wrists and ankles. One of the quests was a sadistic lesbian woman, Farah, who lusted for this blonde and asked the Shiek if she could punish her further on the tripod after the whipping. The shiek agreed .


The whipping began and the first lash across the back of the English beauty brought an ungodly scream from her . She screamed throughout the whipping but each time her voice grew weaker unless the camel whip was brought up in an uppercut to her pussy. At these lashes, and there were 10 of these, her screams reached the far corners of this desert kingdom. Finally the 50th lash landed across her tits and the whipping was completed. Christine Jones hung on the whipping tripod sweating and bleeding and pleading for mercy. Farah slowly walked up to the tortured woman and grabbing her by the hair slapped her face and said

« You blonde slut . You think you are so beautiful and can entice the Shiek. Do you see these spiked dildos ? I am going to show you what your cunt and ass can expect as you turn the waterwheel ». With these words Farah roughly shoved one dildo in the cunt and the other in the ass of Christine Jones. The beauty screamed loudly before losing conciousness. She was then removed from the tripod and taken to the stables.


The next day she was fitted with wrist , waist and ankle cuffs and lead to the waterwheel at the oasis in the middle of the desert. She was chained to the bar of the wheel and with a vicious lash of the camel whip she was ordered to work.

CAMEL WHIPPED- second episode

                                                         CAMEL WHIPPED- second episode


The naked beauty pushed the bar of the waterwheel as hard as she could but still the lash of the camel whip fell acrsoss her back. Chjristine Jones  sweated in the torrid desert sun as she labored as an animal as ordered by shiek Omar. At noon the shiek rode by on his horse accompanied by his mistress , Farah.

Farah looked down on the chained blonde as she labored under the lash of the slavedriver and said :

« Shiek Omar, I need a small animal to turn the treadmill which powers my river craft. Will you give me this slut as a gift ? I assure you I will not be gentle with her . She will work on the open deck of my craft under the  whip laid on by my trusted slave girls who I notice are very jealous of the fact that you chose her tent instead of theirs that night. They have sworn revenge. »The shiek agreed and that night Christine Jones was delivered to the dockside of the rivercraft.


The next day she was chained to a treadmill on the open deck of the small pleasure craft of her new mistress, Farah. Her wrists were chained high above her head and she would turn the treadmill using her feet. She would be whipped  by a slavegirl wielding a carriage whip. The camel whip was judged to be too severe for routine floggings of a treadmill  slave as she worked . No, the camel whip would be used for severe punishments of the English beauty. The slavegirls would ensure that she was whipped sufficiently to power the boat of her mistress.


Christine worked as hard as she could but the poor beauty was whipped constantly. The slavegirl had no love for this blonde bitch. The sun beat down on her mercilessly while her mistress and some companions sipped cool drinks under an umbrella placed directly in front of the beauty. Several times Chjristine fainted but after being quickly revived she was  whipped viciously until she regained the desired pace.


At night Christine was chained on the deck and given to the dock workers, men and women,  to use as a piece of flesh for their sexual fantasies.. She was nothing more than an animal to be used by her mistress as she saw fit.

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