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Panty Fetish, Husband, Wife, another guy.

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Synopsis: My panty fetish and our fantasies combine to a real life escapade. Very sexy.

First off I'll tell you I have a serious fetish for women's panties. I prefer silk and satin, feminin colors like pink and white. I like the feel of them on my body and the arousal accompanied by wearing them is a real turn on for me. I've been with the same woman now for 12 years and luckily our love and trust of one another has allowed us to mature into all kinds of sexual fantasies. For all intensive purposes this woman is my wife and that's how I refer to her even though we are not legally married.

My wife found out about my panty fetish fairly quick in our relationship. At first it was a kind of weird but fun thing to do once in a while but over the years she has come to really enjoy this part of our sex life. I believe she feels safer with a man who is not altogether the dominant force and she probably get this reassurance from seeing me in pink silk panties being dominated by her own sexual desires. I'm cool with it. I love to make passionate love to her as a woman would, the two of us in similar lingerie. We're both in our mid-thirties, about the same size and weight appropriately proportioned as male and female. Both of us are considered above average in the looks department. We're not model material but quite acceptable for sure.

When making love we'll often tell stories to eachother. Spoken softly in the ear these fantasy scenarios drive us wild with passionate lovemaking. I'll usually tell her how she's to go out and seduce men and describe situations where she ends up sucking another man's cock or getting fucked by a few guys. It's always in a soft dreamy like manner, not degrading or forceful gang bang style at all, she wouldn't like that and neither would I. We both prefer to be able to live out these oral tales with a feeling of security and comfort. My wife's stories to me are about me being caught wearing satin underwear, or being made to dress up and suck a man's cock. Often it's about doing that with her involved where she get's him going and I finish him off while she watches. Kind of like a teacher showing her student how to do it.

As I said, we have become very comfortable with eachother's perverse fantasies and inevitably stepped into the realm of actually trying a few of them with quite pleasing results. I'll tell you of my favorite one right now...

It was our 11th anniversary together and we celebrated the night before with dinner in a very fine restaurant and a show afterwards. We are both very educated people brought up in refined homes with high moral standards. In other words, the bar scene is not for us. When we got home we dimmed the lights in our bedroom and decided to make love as women to eachother, very soft and teasing with light touching through our silky attire. With the lights so low you can barely see it's not too strange to see me in my lingerie. I don't have chest hair and my leg hair is very fair so it goes unnoticed. My wife put on a pure silk Diki cami and matching white panty. She chose my cami and panty to be a coral peach colored silk set I bought only recently. It's bunched up at the elastic and looks really submissive in a virginal sort of fashion. Once in bed we began kissing and holding eachother tightly feeling our smoothness rub over our skin. Our nipples hard against the silk material. My wife applied lip gloss to me so that when we kissed it was as smooth as the rest of our touches. I loved it when she climbed on my back and gently kissed my neck while playing with my nipples. My ass instinctively rose to her mound and she ground it against me as if to press an invisible cock against the wet pussy that should be behind that peach panty. It was at this point I knew what I wanted to do with her. I was ready for it and in my mind commited to the idea of introducing a new aspect. We fell asleep soon after we both came, my wife several times. She wore her blindfold she wears every night, a weird habit she formed when sharing a dorm room years ago.

I awoke from my own slumber only 1 hour into our sleep with the fixed idea I had. Saturday mornings were always our favorite sleep-in time where we'd often stay in bed until 10am just enjoying eachothers company while we could. Our busy lives need this kind of time together and it's become one of the fundamental bonds of our life together. So at 3am I get on the internet and start looking for escort services. Male escorts actually. I wanted to see my wife have sex with another man. I wanted to watch them. And maybe I wanted to join in. I wasn't sure about that part yet but what I did know was that I wanted to watch her while I still wore my own pretty panties and top.

I found a service that had men (harder to find than women!) and called up. I explained to the man at the other end what I wanted but ommitted the part about me being dressed in lingerie. I told him I wanted a very attractive man, well built and hung to have sex with my wife while I watched. I was really quite nervous when explaining it but amazingly he reassured me it's quite a common request and had just the man for the job. I told him to send the man in for 7am and that I'd leave the door unlocked with a note on it saying to come upstairs and be ready.

I don't think I slept more than 15 minutes at a time that night in nervous anticipation of what was going to occur. At about 6:30 I put on some lip gloss, smoothed out the wrinkles in my cami and panties and crawled into bed with my wife. I kissed her softly on the lips to waken her. As she came to she reached for her blinfold to take it off but I asked her to leave it on as I had a special gift for her anniversary present. She devilishly giggled in her very feminin way and kissed me back softly telling me how much she loved me. Her nipples grew hard as I teased them so gently through her silky white cami. She arched her pelvis upwards, a sign for me to continue my seduction but I needed  her to be more patient. I only very gently touched her pussy with one finger. Pressing only hard enough to find her clitoris and very smoothly rub it through her silk panty. She rose again for me. It was then I heard the door open and so did she. But I pressed her shoulder down and said "It's ok dear, it's expected".

She lay frozen and I saw her face was flushed. I dreaded this turning into a bad idea so to avert the mood I kissed her deeply and with great passion, pulled out of her mouth and wispered in her ear "I've invited a man neither of us know to make love to you, just keep kissing me". We kissed softly but it was noticeably different because we were both listening to the man's approaching footsteps. Our bedroom door had a large piece of paper taped to it telling him to "come in!". The door swung open slowly brushing against the high pile carpet as it did so. We kissed for love but also for eachother's comfort in this awkward situation. Without looking I raised my arm and motioned for him to come closer. My wife lay there blindfolded still, being kissed by her husband. As he approached the bed I pulled down the thick duvet uncovering my wife's body. I reached down to hold her pussy and she moaned as she felt my gentle clasp. Again it raised upwards and I knew then this would not turn into a bad idea after all. I kissed her nipples through the material while playing with her clit. She moaned and sofly began saying 'yes baby, yes... tell me...'.

'Tell me...' in our terms meant tell her a story.

I kissed her ear gently, still softly holding her crotch and rubbing it. I began to tell her how she was going to suck another man's cock. The man, now standing beside our bed naked and holding his cock got the hint and moved himself to the head of our bed. He was indeed built and quite a bit bigger than me. Not the type to wear women's panties for sure. His huge cock would look very strange in a pair of victoria secret's. I'm a good seven inches but this guy was at least nine and circumcised. He hung his meaty cock over her face. I wispered to her, "Kiss his cock baby, kiss it". She blindly moved her head up, the head of his cock touched her right cheek and she turned and kissed it. "Oh yes baby, that cock is for you, kiss it" I said. She did. She began just kissing it as if to see what it was without her eyes. Then her toungue began to help her taste it and it wasn't long before  his cock hardened fully and she was sucking it deeply into her mouth as I now buried my fingers in her soaking wet pussy.

I was getting so horny watching her suck his cock I forgot I was wearing panties. My wife started to become feverish in her sucking like she gets when she's had too much to drink and gets crazily slutty in her lovemaking. She pulled off her blindfold and threw it aside then quickly got on her knees and started giving this guy a proper blowjob by stoking his big cock and swallowing his head deeply with her head bobbing on it very quickly. I was amazed at her fever. She was so hungry for it. Was I depriving her with my girly panty sex? Her grunts of approval were interrupted by her stopping abruptly and snapping me to attention by saying "Get under me and eat me baby, eat me while I suck a man's cock!". The man laughed, more amazed by her lust than by my own submissively attired panty wearing nature. I got between her knees pulling aside her now soaking wet panties and buried my face in her pussy. I licked her juicy pussy that had now become a big, wide open cunt. It was as if it had come alive, turned into a hungry for cock beast. Her hole was wide open and begging for a good hard cock to get buried in it, slammed into it, litterally fucked the shit out of. I'm licking and sucking this wet beast as I watch my wife, the love of my life, sucking a cock very much bigger than mine only inches from my face.

In a split second she jumped upwards and right onto this man's chest, clinging to him in mid air. "Fuck me!, Fuck me!" she yelled. He held her in the air by her ass cheeks, spread as wide as I'd ever seen them and planted her onto his huge cock. "OOOOHHHH!!!" she screamed immediately after feeling his full length buried into her craving cunt. She seemed helpless in his big frame. His big hands lifting her by the spread open ass and hammering her into his cock over and over. The stamina he had was amazing. She was having multiple orgasms nonstop for a good 15 minutes. Her juices soaked his balls and thighs and her writhing and moaning showed she was loving this huge cock fucking the hell out of her. I am sure she wasn't even aware of where she was. It was like she'd become posessed with unstoppable horny desire for his cock. She was fucking him as hard as he was fucking her. I saw his face contort in the way I do when I'm about to cum. I said loudly "Baby suck his cock now, suck it now!" as I've said many times while telling her a story. Usually at the time I'm about to cum and pull out to let her catch it with her mouth and toungue. He lifted her off and  again she squatted on the bed to blow him. In seconds he grunted that sound made when men explode their loads. Streams of his thick cum shot into the air landing all over my beautiful wife's face, hair, lips and toungue. Still feverish in her lust she sucked and bobbed on it. Messy cum everywhere. Their combined sweat and juices wrangled her hair and wrinkled satin lingerie. She looked like an animal and I was loving this sight.

As the man drew into the reccouperating mode my wife slowed her licking of his cock. She drew away and leaned towards me, falling into my arms and whispering, "Oh baby yes, oh yes...". We kissed. Kneeling in front of eachother kissing softly once again. Our nipples touching eachother through our silken fabric and the smell and taste of his cum in my mouth. We licked toungues, swapping the cum back and forth. I kissed it from her face and licked it into our mouths. 'You have to suck his cock now baby' she whispered to me, 'Suck it for me baby'. I froze not knowing how this obviously heterosexual male would react. Surprisingly he came over to the bed and lay down beside us "Go ahead and suck it" he said. I had never thought I'd do this in reality. The closest was sucking on my wife's dildo while she pretended it was her cock. But I did. My wife helped me get to it by leaning towards his crotch as we kissed. Our heads falling on his hard stomach with his cock inches from my face. She tilted her head to it and licked it, and so did I.

His cock smelled like my wife's pussy. That, combined with the loads of his cum I'd just licked and swallowed were enough to get me into a really slutty cock sucking mode. My ass rose as it does when i feel submissive like this. I swallowed his big cock into me. I was loving it's texture, it's heat. The way the head grew when I squeezed his big cock in my fist while stroking it. Here I was imitating my wife's fever dresswed very much the same as her in my own coral peach silk lingerie. My ass begging much as hers did for a cock fucking it. I felt a finger enter my hole and begin fucking me. It was my wife. She'd climbed onto his face and was getting off again by his licking and sucking on her clit while she watched her husband suck his cock. She fucked my pussy harder and more fingers joined the inward thrusts. I swear I was wet. It wasn't long before I climbed onto his cock pulling my own panties aside and guiding the big length into my horny pussy. It felt good. I leaned forward, taking my weight offf of him so he could thrust it into me. My wife's face met mine and we kissed. She had a detached dreamy look to her like when she's about to cum. His fucking got harder and faster, she pinched my nipples as I jerked off my own cock. My wife was having her orgasms licked out and eaten by the same man that was fucking the shit out of my pussy, squatted in mid air wet and opened for his thrusts. I felt his heat, the swelling and bursting of semen in my ass. I sat down hard on his bursting cock to feel every sensation attached to it. He was cumming deep in my ass. My wife saw this and pulled on my nipples ordering me to cum too. I shot my load of cum all over them both. Spews after spews of cum shot out of me. My ass clenched on the monster of a cock buried in me as it  did. Again we both swapped the loads of cum as if we shared a rare delicacy only found once in a lifetime. She on his face and me on his cock, licking cum from eachother's lips.

Truly the most satisfying sex I have ever had. We've done this only once again since then. There are a few other occasions of such perverted living out our fantasy nights that didn't involve me wearing panties but I just needed to share this with others. As a person with a real panty fetish and desire to be treated like a woman when having sex I hope there are others who can relate.

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