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Field Horse Slave

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Synopsis: A beautiful woman is used for horse labor by her lesbian owners.





The beautiful  blonde lay naked in her stall chained by her right tit-ring to the wall. The black guard dog that had just fucked her lay next to her, fully satisfied. She could feel him panting and his heart pounding. The tongue of the mongrel slobbered over her as if she were a piece of meat , which to the him and her owner is all she was.

She was  Z11077 as could be seen from the number branded on her breasts. Z11 on the right and 077 on the left.

Suddenly the door flew open and the dog leaped from the stall. The woman guard entered and with a dog whip lashed the back of the beauty until she kneeled and pushed her breasts forward. These beautiful chained globes were then given the usual five lashes each. Some water and beans were placed before her which she ate greedily as the guard stood and watched her silently.


After she was finished the guard removed the chain from the wall and placed a second chain on her left tit-ring. The guard then lead the slave out of the stall by her tit-chains with her wrists still chained to her waistband and with her ankles chained together by a one meter length of chain. She was lead to the plow which stood in the field where it was left yesterday. The slave was harnessed to the plow by her tit-chains. Her pony mate, a true pony, was brought alongside her and she too was harnessed to the plow but by a leather neck harness.


A vicious lash with a carriage whip started the team in the early morning heat. By mid-morning the team was sweating profusely and were stopped for water. The blonde was lashed often that morning , more than her animal mate. The black dog had fucked her three times the night before and she fought him off each time but to no avail. This particular dog lusted for Z11077 and he was seen often in the fields mounting her as she plowed. Once being seen by her owner , the mistress of the plantation, the team was stopped and the black dog fucked Z11077 in harness as the guard lashed her tits. After this episode several other dogs took the same liberty with the choice white meat horseflesh.



These punishments did not stop the routine punishments for ponies that did not meet quota. This is why at least once per month, on Punishment Day, Z11077 was chained to the whipping post in the square and flogged. Her punishment ranged from 50 to 100 lashes depending on her monthly performance. But this treatment did not detract from the natural beauty of the blonde horse slave. No, even once when she tried to escape when her stall was left open and unattended by the drunken guard. She was easily captured and on the next Punishment Day she was crucified on the whipping post with nails driven through her wrists and given 100 lashes with the bullwhip.


After that punishment as she pushed her plow the guard would taunt her , reminding her of her crucifixion and to tease her would brush the tip of her carriage whip against her cunt prior to delivering a vicious undercut to her lovenest .

Z11077, FIELD HORSE SLAVE- Second Episode

Z11077, FIELD HORSE SLAVE- Second Episode



The naked beautiful blonde slave stood stiffly at attention , harnessed to her plow by her tit rings, as her woman slavedriver lashed her breasts with a short dog whip. Her mate on the plow , a small pony in a leather neck harness , stood oblivious to the punishment being delivered to the blonde slave. Z11077 was being lashed for not keeping the pace in the brutal heat of the midday sun. The pace was set, of course, by the pony who had no worry or patience for the slavegirl alongside her. When the slavedriver lashed the pony she responded accordingly whether or not the beauty alongside her could keep the pace.


The slavedriver shouted  You will work, slave or I will lash the skin off that beautiful body of yours. You are the property of this plantation to,be used as the horseflesh that you are. Perhaps you need to be crucified again to remind you


At these last words the blonde shivered with fear even though the sun beat down on her naked sweating flesh. She would never forget her crucifixion nor the brutal bullwhipping she was given while crucified. She would do anything to avoid such punishment .


Finally the breast flogging ceased but only because the guard grew tired and wished for a cool drink. It would be quite some time before the  horses  would be fed and watered again since they just finished their short rest period. Also it was obvious that the black guard dog was randy again since he continually sniffed and pawed at Z11077 as she plowed. He would have to be satisfied and shortly the team would be stopped to allow him to mount Z11077. The guard always liked to lash the tits of the blonde as the dog fucked her so those globes would receive more punishment shortly.


The team was driven mercilessly that afternoon with the lash landing more often on Z11077 than on Z11076, her mate. At mid-afternoon the team was stopped for water and , of course , to satisfy the black dog. The dog quickly mounted the beauty and pummeled away as she screamed in pain and shame as the guard lashed her breasts. Finally the beast was satisfied and the team was driven until sundown.


Z11077 was unchained from the plow and chained by her tit chains to the wall of her stall after being fed and watered. But there would be no mercy for the beauty since the black dog was allowed to roam freely and of course wander into her stall whenever he wished, which was three times that night.


The next morning Z11077 and her mate were led to a millstone and chained on opposite sides. Once again Z11077 was chained by her tit rings while her mate was chained by her leather harness. A vicious lash across the back of Z11077 was the signal to start with the pace being set once again by the pony . Round and round the  horseflesh  turned the millstone under the blazing sun to the tune of the lash of the carriage whip. At noon the team was stopped to be fed and watered but to also be inspected by the Mistress of the plantation and her guests who also used female horseflesh on the neighboring plantations and quarries.


Mistress Z stood in front of the hapless blonde and observed   Why has this beast been lashed so hard and so often ? Has she been stubborn, lazy or unwilling to satisfy the dogs ? 

-The answer is yes to all your questions, Mistress , answered the guard. I have had to whip her far more than her mate.

 Thank you for the information. Z11077, I am going to have you crucified once again and of course bullwhipped while you are on the cross. You will learn that you are horseflesh. You will then be sold at auction to be used as horseflesh by other plantation and quarry owners in this area.  Guard drive this team back to work.They have many more turns to complete before sundown

Mistress Z knew her quests . She knew they would lust to have this strong beauty under their total control to be used as horseflesh. Her price would be high.

Z11077, FIELD HORSE SLAVE- Second Episode

Z11077, FIELD HORSE SLAVE- Third Episode


As promised by her mistress, the beautiful naked blonde slave was cucified to the whipping post with nails driven through her wrists and given 100 lashes with the bullwhip. The brutal midday sun beat down on the beauty as she suffered under the lash. She fainted three times during the whipping but each time was revived to feel the full pain of her punishment. She would learn that she is horseflesh to be used in the fields and quarries as desired by her owners.

Finally the punishment was completed and she was given water to drink although she remained crucified to be auctioned to the highest bidder. The bidding was brisk and as predicted very high. This beauty would be a prize for her new owner .

The auctioneer shouted her charms to the crowd.  Look at those tits !  See how they have survived that brutal bullwhipping ! Her brand has not been damaged so you will have no trouble identifying Z11077. She cannot hope to escape without being identified. Look at those thighs and legs. They will pull your plow or turn your millstone with no problem. This beauty has satisfied her guard dogs and may even satisfy your small stallions although she has never been mated with those. Who will be her lucky new owner ? 

The highest bidder was a plantation owner, Madame S, a rough woman with a sadistic reputation. She was known to work her female slaves until they literally dropped from exhaustion then had them punished for failing to work. The punishments even included spiked dildos inserted into their cunts and then harnessed and driven to work under the lash.


The next day Z11077 was harnessed to a plow with two small mares. She was the middle  horse  and would be driven unmercifully by the slavedriver. Once again she was chained to the plow by her tit rings while the horses were chained by their leather collars. She would have to keep the pace or suffer the consequences. All morning the trio plowed to the tune of the lash under the brutal tropical sun. At noon they were stopped for food and water after which a small stallion was brought to mate with the three  mares . Z11077 screamed when she realised what was planned. This outburst warranted a breast flogging of 20 lashes.   I would give you more, slut, but I want you to be at full strength to satisfy the stallion 

The stallion mounted the mare on the left and after a prolonged mating withdrew after spending his semen. He was then led to mount Z11077. The beauty fought with all her forces to prevent the mounting even as the guard took her tit chains and began to flog her tits. For 15 minutes the stallion tried to enter the blonde but to no avail. Finally the guard led the stallion to the third mare who was easily mounted.

 Z11077, you are on report ! ! !  shouted the guard. The trio was then driven back to work under the lash.

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