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Wife\'s Best Friend

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Synopsis: The author witnesses the humiliating punishment of his wife\'s best friend - spanking and humiliation - and has to participate



            Do you ever fantasise about your partner’s best friend? I can’t be the only one. It doesn’t matter what they look like either – I’ve had a couple of really hot fantasies about two of my wife’s plainer friends.

            That wasn’t the case with Alice though. She was stunning. 5’8” of sleek toned body, long blonde hair and breasts to die for. When she lived in our town, she used to drive me crazy. Every time she and my wife Sarah went out, I would spend many happy hours imagining a threesome with them. Alice was a teacher, and this gave an added piquancy to other fantasies of spanking her bare bottom.

            Unfortunately Alice moved to a new job up north last year. I hadn’t seen her since, although Sarah had kept in touch. My dirty thoughts transferred to another friend, yet I’ll admit they often strayed back to Alice.

            Then a month ago I attended a course in the city where Alice now lives with her boyfriend Jason. I phoned and asked if they’d put me up for a couple of nights and they were happy to do so.

            On the last night, we drove out of town to a country pub, and got pleasantly drunk together. Alice was wearing a mid-length wrap skirt that kept on dropping to one side to reveal a toned leg in beige tights. I had to work hard to stop myself staring at her legs all night long.

            It was only when the landlord called last orders that we realised that none of us was sober enough to drive home. I suggested we got a taxi, but Alice and Jason needed the car to get to work the following day, and I had come down on the train.

            ‘I don’t feel too bad,’ said Alice, ‘I’ll drive.’

            ‘Are you sure?’ I asked.

            Alice said she was, so we got into the car and drove back into the city. All went well until we reached the street in which they lived. When Alice parked the car, she badly misjudged the gap and clattered into the car behind. There was a terrible crunching sound, followed by the wail of the car alarm.

‘Oh shit!’ Alice moaned. The reason for that soon became apparent, as a uniformed policeman came charging out of one of the houses. It was his car she had crashed into!

Worse was to follow. He was still on duty, and breathalised poor Alice. She was well over the legal limit.

‘I think we should go into your house to discuss this,’ he muttered darkly, ‘unless you want me to handcuff you on the street.’

The three of us traipsed after him into Alice’s living room, where he pulled a chair into the centre of the room and gestured for her to sit on it. As she did, he drew her arms behind the back of the chair and handcuffed them together.

‘Alice Buckley, I am arresting you on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol…’ he intoned. The rest of the words washed over me. Alice’s skirt had slipped again, and this time she was unable to reach round to cover it. Now split up to her thigh, it revealed her leg in all its tights covered glory. She was wearing tan ‘slouch’ boots, and I had often imagined her naked apart from these. I couldn’t help but stare, and fortunately both Jason and Alice’s eyes were on the policeman.

I became vaguely aware that he had started lecturing Jason and I for ‘letting’ Alice drive, but I assume that like me, he kept his gaze on Alice, because he didn’t admonish me for not paying him attention.

Then suddenly, the atmosphere in the room changed. I looked up expectantly. Had I really heard him say ‘There may be an alternative’? I had.

‘What do you mean?’ asked Alice nervously. I could feel Jason next to me start to bristle.

‘I could punish you myself.’ The Policeman said. I was impressed at how calm he looked.


‘Come on Alice, you’re the teacher here. In the good old days we used to get a hiding if we misbehaved. Surely you must wish you could still dish out a bit of discipline to those juvenile delinquents you teach?’

‘No, never’ Alice gasped, ‘and there’s no way I’d ever let you do that to me.’

‘Well, it’s no skin off my nose’ the Policeman said nonchalantly. ‘I will just point out that a conviction for drink driving carries an automatic driving ban and an appearance in the local newspaper, even if you escape prison. I don’t think your school would be too happy.’

I also knew that Alice had to drive for an hour each day to get to work, and that Jason didn’t drive. I wondered if he did too, for he remained remarkably calm.

‘Tell you what,’ he offered, ‘I’ll go into the kitchen for 5 minutes and you can make a decision.’

I won’t bore you with the details of the following conversation. It soon became clear to Alice that she was up a certain creek without a certain instrument. It began to look as though she would accept her punishment, and I suddenly began to worry that I would be excluded from seeing it take place. I could not think of anything more frustrating. So I betrayed her. I’m not proud of what I did next, but I was damned if I was going to miss one of my most arousing fantasies being acted out in front of me.

‘Look’ I said ‘I’ll have a word with him. I think I can sort this out.’ And I could have done. His bosses wouldn’t have been very happy to hear about him blackmailing suspects. I gave Alice a reassuring smile, and walked into the kitchen.

The Policeman certainly didn’t look as confident as he had done in the living room. I approached him confidently and whispered

‘Look, you and I both know that you’d be in big trouble if we reported you for what you’ve just done.’ I held up my hand to stop him interrupting. ‘But they’re too busy thinking about the consequences to work that out. Now I want to see her get a good spanking, so let’s cut a deal. I want you to insist that I watch the whole punishment – you can tell her it will be a better lesson for her if you like. I also want to see her in just her tights and boots, so I want you to cut off her panties, and I want you to keep her tights on for the duration. And lastly,’ I paused for breath and looked up to see him grinning,

‘I want you to get a camera and insist that I take pictures of the spanking. Then I want you to send me copies tomorrow.’

‘You drive a hard bargain’ he replied sarcastically. ‘I agree to your demands.

So I re-entered the living room, and shaking my head sadly, informed Alice and Jason that I had been unsuccessful. Alice groaned, and seconds later the Policeman followed me.

‘Have you made your decision?’ he asked brightly.

‘I don’t have a lot of choice really, do I?’ Alice muttered.

‘There are always choices’ he said breezily before continuing in a harder tone. ‘This is the deal. For the next hour you obey all my orders. I intend to punish you in front of these two. It should provide a good lesson to you all.’

‘Not in front of Peter!’ Alice gasped.

‘If you’re going to send him in to try and wriggle you out of your punishment, then he’s going to have to watch you receive it.’ I breathed a sigh of relief.

The Policeman approached Alice and stroked her exposed thigh. Alice opened her mouth to protest, but closed it again as he pointed at her and said ‘You do what I say now.’ He unlocked the handcuffs and pulled Alice to her feet.

‘Take your blouse off’ he ordered.

Alice again looked as though she was going to protest, but thought better of it, and, looking away from us, obeyed.

‘And now the bra.’

My mouth was dry. Alice’s breasts were all I had imagined, and then some. Whilst not huge, they were larger and firmer than my wife’s, and her nipples stood erect. Alice was blushing furiously.

‘Now drop your skirt.’

My heart leapt as it did. Alice was a PE teacher, and her legs were nicely toned, without being too muscular. She wore a tiny pair of panties under the tights, which were thankfully free of that horrible mesh gusset you so often see. The Policeman ordered Alice to turn around, and she did so, revealing the panties to be a thong, nestling between two gloriously firm buttocks. He pulled the tights down, snipped at the thong with a pair of scissors, and tugged the offending material away, before pulling the tights back. Alice gave a panicky squeal, and tried to cover herself, but was turned to face us once more.

‘Put your hands on the back of your head and pull your elbows back’ he ordered.

The Policeman and I drank in the sight. I don’t know what Jason was doing. I had the most intense erection of my life. Alice stood before us, chest thrust forward, a neatly trimmed pussy visible through the beautifully sheer tights, her boots finishing off the picture perfectly.

‘I’m going to fetch my implements’ the Policeman told us. ‘None of you are to move or speak whilst I am gone. If any of you do, then Alice will receive extra punishment.’

He was gone for about five minutes, which must have seemed like an eternity for poor Alice, but passed far too quickly for me. Alice was obviously struggling hard not to cry, her face red with humiliation, as she stood to attention, naked before us. I looked at Jason, who appeared dazed by the evening’s proceedings. None of us spoke.

We heard the front door click open and thud closed, then the Policeman entered the room. Alice gasped when she saw what he was carrying – a tawse and a cane.

‘Yes dear, you’re going to be taught a painful lesson tonight’ he said, grinning evilly. He rubbed the tip of the cane against her pussy, and she squirmed uncomfortably. The Policeman chuckled. ‘You are going to regret crashing into my car.’

He made Alice open her mouth, and hold the cane between her teeth. Tears began to trickle down her cheeks, and she started to sob when he pulled a digital camera from a small bag and began taking pictures of her. Eventually he handed the camera to me and said ‘I expect you to take pictures of Alice’s chastisement. I’ll be checking to make sure they’re good ones, and if you don’t then I’ll cane you too.’ I nodded to show him I understood.

He turned towards Jason and pulled out a camcorder. Amazingly he didn’t protest, despite frantic moans from Alice.

‘You’re going to video it’ he was told ‘and the same threat applies to you.’ Jason nodded dumbly.

‘If you gentlemen are ready, let the show begin!’

The Policeman dragged the chair in front of the sofa on which we were sitting and pulled Alice over his lap. She lay there as he stroked her buttocks, her knees bent and her hair covering her face. Thankfully the Policeman noticed this and pulled the hair away. I started taking photographs immediately he did so.

Jason had his eye fixed to the camcorder viewfinder. I suspect he found it easier to watch with a screen between him. The Policeman started to play for the camera.

‘This is Alice Buckley.’ He patted her buttocks fondly. ‘Even though she’s a schoolteacher she thinks it’s a good idea to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol. Well I’m going to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.’ And he emphasised the words ‘teach her a lesson’, just in case we’d missed the pun.

‘I must say’ he finished ‘that there is a special piquancy to having a real teacher bent over my lap for a good hard spanking. I am really going to enjoy this.’ Alice groaned miserably.

Splat! His palm quickly rose and fell and the spanking began. He started slowly, savouring each gasp or squeal and the trembling anticipation with which each spank was met. Alice’s buttocks reddened quickly and she began to stamp her feet whenever she took a particularly nasty shot. The spanking started to speed up, alternating between each buttock until Alice was yelping constantly.

‘Please stop!’ she shrieked ‘I didn’t mean to do it.’

‘That’s no excuse’ she was told firmly. ‘You’re a very naughty girl and that’s why you’re getting your bare bottom smacked.’ Alice’s face was contorted into grimaces as each slap landed, and I recorded them faithfully on the camera. After a while Jason and I were ordered to get some different angles of the punishment, and we obeyed with differing degrees of keenness!

‘I bet your students would love to see this’ the Policeman gloated. ‘Maybe I should send them copies of the video.’

‘Noooo!’ screeched Alice desperately. The spanking was really hurting now and she was struggling to escape it, her breasts bouncing this way and that as she fought against his firm grip.

‘Well you’d better behave yourself then young lady.’

‘I will, I promise!’ Alice screamed. ‘Please stop, you’re really hurting me!’

Instead of stopping, the Policeman just slowed down, alternating hard spanks to each buttock, I have the photographs I took in front of me now, and the look of panic on Alice’s face as she anticipated where the next one would land is heavenly.

Then a sudden thought seemed to come to her chastiser. He pulled out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

‘What are you doing?’ Alice whimpered. He didn’t answer her, but started talking into the phone.

‘Hey Chris mate, do you remember chatting up my next door neighbour last month? She told you to fuck off didn’t she? Well, she wants to apologise. Hold on a second and I’ll put her on.’

He handed Alice the phone and told her to hold on to it at all costs. ‘Tell Chris you’re sorry you’re such a stupid stuck up bitch’ he ordered.

‘I’m not saying that!’ she gasped.

SPLAT! Owww!’ Her cheeks billowed as he spanked her as hard as he could, catching both at the same time.

‘Okay, okay! Chris, I’m sorry I was such a stupid stuck up bitch. Ow! Ow! Ow!’ The spanks built up steadily until Alice was sobbing heartily into the phone.

‘Tell him you’re getting your bare bottom spanked like a naughty little girl.’

‘I’m getting my bare bottom spanked like a naughty little girl’ she cried, tears streaming down her face.

The policeman paused for breath, and Alice, seemingly on the instruction of Chris, passed the phone back to her tormentor.

‘Yeah mate, hope you enjoyed it,’ he said ‘I know I am.’

He pushed Alice to the floor where she lay sobbing. I couldn’t believe Jason was being such a pussy – I would have jumped in to stop this by now had the Policeman been spanking my wife. Well, actually, I would have been enjoying myself watching if he’d been beating my wife, so maybe Jason was a secret spanker too.


The Policeman left Alice lying on the floor whilst he checked that the photo’s that I and the video Jason had taken were of acceptable quality. Once satisfied, he instructed Alice to remove her boots and stand before us all. Her sobbing had stopped, but her face was damp with spilled tears. She looked, if anything, even more naked without the boots. I was glad I had to take photographs, as this afforded me the opportunity to drink in the sights of her beautiful body. She had dainty feet, slender legs, a lovely trimmed pussy, and magnificent breasts. Her beautiful, tear streaked face was a picture of misery and humiliation.

The Policeman finally tired of ogling Alice in a much more open fashion than I was. He instructed her to lie on her back on their coffee table, and got Jason and I to hold her ankles, pulling her legs apart, and up into the air. He made Alice put her hands behind her head, and told us to grasp one of Alice’s breasts in our free hand. I tried to keep my face neutral as I did so, but the soft, cool breast left me feeling, if possible, even more aroused. I had been trying not to press too hard, but the policeman told us to grip the breasts as hard as possible, and was only satisfied when Alice began to whimper.

‘Don’t you worry Alice dear’ he told her ‘I’ll soon give you something to take your mind off your breasts.’

With that he raised a Lochgelly tawse and brought it down with a resounding splat onto Alice’s rump. She jerked and shrieked in pain and surprise. A second stroke quickly followed, accompanied by a harrowing wail. Each time she jerked, Alice’s breasts tugged in our hands, bringing her more pain.

Poor Alice was shaking now, looking up between her spread legs towards her tormentor.

‘How can you do this to me?’ she sobbed.

‘Very easily’ he sneered. ‘I’m striking a blow for all mankind against stuck up bitches like you.’ (This was unfair – Alice was a lovely person, despite my enjoyment of her predicament.) ‘Look at your friend,’ he continued ‘I bet he’s secretly enjoying this.’ I tried to look as innocent as possible, but he was determined to press his point.

‘Go on’ he ordered ‘feel his crotch.’ Alice did so cautiously, and immediately withdrew with a gasp when she felt by bulging trousers.

‘No, feel it properly, keep your hand there’ he said sternly. Alice obeyed.

‘I’m sorry Alice’ I told her hypocritically, but she could not meet my gaze.

‘Now feel your boyfriend’ the Policeman demanded. I could tell by Alice’s shocked gasp that Jason too was erect.

‘I’m really sorry, I can’t help it’ he told her, and I imagine he meant it.

‘Well lads, lets make things even more interesting – unzip yourselves, and Alice, I want you to grip a cock in each hand’ the Policeman demanded.

‘You can’t make us!’ both Alice and Jason gasped, but the Policeman simply raised his hand and said quietly, yet firmly

‘I think you’ll find I can.’

There was a pause, then, to hurry things up, I gave a false sigh of resignation and unzipped my fly. My erect cock immediately sprang free. Moments later I heard Jason unzip himself, and then, amazingly, I saw Alice reach for his cock with her right hand, and felt her left hand envelop my manhood. It was the most wonderful sensation, and I almost came straight away. There Alice lay on her back, naked apart from a pair of sheer tights, her legs held apart, each hand holding a cock, whilst our hands grasped her breasts tight! I shifted my weight slightly so her thigh rested gently against the tip of my penis, and savoured the sensation.

Then the strapping resumed. With each blow Alice gripped my manhood tightly, and I faced a constant battle amongst the despairing shrieks to stop myself coming. As the twelfth stroke landed, I finally gave in and exploded, splattering the outside of Alice’s thigh with hot sticky cum. Through the sobs she gave a disgusted groan and let go of me and Jason. I saw to my amazement that he too had been unable to resist, and that there was a matching wet patch of cum on Alice’s right thigh.

As I made to re-sheath my penis, the Policeman sternly said ‘Not so fast.’ Embarrassed, Jason and I faced each other, our spent cocks hanging limply out of our trousers. The Policeman fetched a couple of chairs, placed hem back to back, and ordered us to sit on them. Suddenly I felt a rope around my chest and it soon became clear that he was tying us up! I nearly shouted to him that this wasn’t part of the deal, before thinking better of it. Jason started to shout and struggle, before realising that protests were futile.

The Policeman led Alice towards her bedroom, telling her that they were going to find a new outfit for her. Within minutes fresh shrieks could be heard, followed by gentle sobbing. I later learnt that he had tied her spread-eagled to the bed, before ransacking her drawers. 

 My cock was already beginning to stiffen again. Soon grunts and groans were heard, and it became obvious to us that the Policeman was fucking Alice. Jason struggled against his bonds, yelling that he was going to kill their tormentor. After only a short time, the Policeman re-emerged, his cock erect and wet with Alice’s juices. He strode purposefully towards Jason and punched him in the stomach.

‘You’re not in any position to threaten me ever’ he hissed. ‘If I ever feel threatened by you, Alice’s pictures will be all over the internet like a rash.’ He paused, and I looked over my shoulder to see an evil grin appear on his face.

‘Now as you’ve interrupted me, you can clean Alice’s juices off my cock… with your mouth.’ Jason gasped, but the Policeman cuffed his head, and then, with a groan, I heard the unmistakable sounds of Jason sucking his dick.

After a minute or so, the Policeman gasped ‘Whoah, you’ve obviously done that before. I don’t want to cum before I finish fucking your girlfriend’, and with a laugh he returned to the bedroom, where any sounds of sex were drowned out by Jason’s sobbing.

Eventually Alice emerged from the bedroom, looking dazed and humiliated. My cock sprang fully to attention as I saw what she was wearing. It must have been one of her teacher outfits, blue high heels, blue hold-up stockings, a blazer, and glasses perched on her nose. And NOTHING ELSE! Her breasts squeezed out of the blazer, shoved lewdly together, and from her well trimmed pussy, I could see a trickle of cum running down her leg.

The Policeman followed her, ostentatiously zipping up his fly, a smug grin on his face. When they reached the middle of the room, he pushed Alice’s head, forcing her to kneel. Next he untied Jason and I, telling us ‘Now we’re going to determine how many strokes of the cane Alice is going to have.’

As Alice listened incredulously, he explained that we were to cum all over her bespectacled face. For every minute each of us took, Alice was to receive one stroke of the cane.

Jason and I moved in front of Alice. She looked anxiously both at my erect prick, and Jason’s flaccid one. We both started to wank, Jason feverishly, desperately trying to get erect. My problem was quite the opposite. I was trying to prolong the moment to ensure Alice got a sound caning.

Every minute that passed was called out gleefully by the Policeman, and we had reached three minutes, with Jason’s cock barely reaching semi-erect, when Alice took matters into her own hands, or should I say mouth. She grabbed Jason’s member and began to give him what I can only describe as an expert blow job. Even so, it was another two minutes before he gasped ‘I’m cumming’ and withdrew to splatter semen all over Alice’s face.

Five minutes meant ten strokes of the cane for Alice. She was looking at me now, half dreading, half wishing for the inevitable climax. However I managed to hold back until the number six was called. Then I gasped ‘I’m sorry, I can’t cum under this pressure.’ Alice shot me a filthy look, then, as I’d hoped, took my cock into her mouth.

My God that was ecstasy! I have never, either before or since, experienced a blow job like it. Her warm moist mouth sucked up and down, driving me inexorably towards my second orgasm of the evening. As the Policeman shouted ‘seven’, I withdrew and exploded all over her glasses, her face and her hair. Alice sat there sobbing as the cum dripped from her chin.

 Poor Alice! She now had 12 strokes of the cane to take. Realising that Alice could barely see out of her glasses, such was the amount of semen covering them, the Policeman ordered her to take them off.

‘Lick the sperm off’ he ordered.

‘No!’ wailed Alice.

‘You’ll do as your told young lady, or I’ll double the number of strokes of the cane.

Hesitantly Alice obeyed, her face clearly showing her disgust. Slowly her pink tongue lapped up our cum, and she gagged as she swallowed.

When the glasses were clean, the Policeman ordered her to stand. He was now swishing the cane menacingly, and Alice began to tremble. She looked a real state. Her face was still covered in cum, some of which had dripped down onto her breasts, which poked incongruously through her blazer.

The Policeman brought a padded bench through from the kitchen and ordered Alice to straddle it. When she had done so he forced her to bend forwards, resting her hands on the bench. This presented us with the enticing sight of her throbbing bottom and spread pussy. Her breasts swayed slightly as she steadied herself, and I was shocked to realise that only twenty minutes or so ago I had been holding one of them in my hands. And that since then I had cum over Alice twice!

I was brought out of my reverie by the Policeman, who ordered me to resume my photography duties. Alice began to whimper as he took up the cane and began to swish it through the air.

            Suddenly the cane swished down, burying itself in Alice’s buttocks with a Thwop! Alice shrieked, and fell forwards onto the bench, her breasts crushed against it as she reached around to grasp her stinging cheeks.

            ‘Get up!’ The Policeman ordered ‘Resume your position.’

            Alice did so with difficulty. She kept anticipating the next stroke, and it was a minute or so before she was rewarded with another vicious slash. The cane sprung back as Alice screamed like a banshee, the resultant white line quickly turning red. Before she could recover, a third stroke landed just above the other two, and again Alice fell forwards onto the bench, legs spread akimbo, desperately massaging her glowing buttocks.

            ‘Move your hands out of the way’ the policeman snapped ‘or I’ll cane them too.’

            Just as the sobbing Alice obeyed, the cane swished down for a fourth time, connecting with a thwack!  Alice howled despairingly.

            She was weeping freely now, and even I, who had been responsible for many of the strokes she was yet to receive, could see that she was never going to be able to take them all. I told the policeman so, but he just gritted his teeth and said grimly ‘We’ll see.’

            He teased Alice for a while though, swishing the cane through the air as she whimpered and pleaded with him.

            ‘Please stop, I’ve learnt my lesson. I’ll never drink and drive again’ she begged.

            ‘Tell me what a naughty little girl you are’ he ordered.

            Without hesitation Alice groaned ‘I’ve been a very naughty girl.’

            ‘And what happens to naughty girls?’


            ‘Aaarrrgh! This happens to naughty girls’ she sobbed.

            The sixth stroke was a cracker, delivered with full force. Alice yelled loudly, hands reaching back to grasp her stinging bum cheeks. In doing so she toppled off the bench and lay on her back, sobbing heartily.

            It was time to put a stop to this. ‘Listen, she really can’t take any more. This has to end now’ I said.

            ‘Are you going to take the last six strokes for her?’ he replied angrily.

            I gritted my teeth. ‘If I have to.’

            ‘I’ll take them.’ It was Jason who grimly said these words. Without waiting for a reply, he strode over to the bench, pulled his trousers and underpants down, and bent over.

            ‘Not so fast’ the policeman ordered. ‘Alice, get up and lie back on the bench.’

            Alice rose to her feet and gingerly lay herself down, looking up into Jason’s resolute face, her legs spread either side of the bench.

            ‘Hold his cock tight.’

            She did so and it started to stiffen immediately. By the time the policeman had adjusted the video camera so that it could continue filming, Jason was fully erect. Alice looked into his eyes with a mixture of shock and disgust.

            Thwack! The cane bit with a crack, forcing Jason forwards and then back with a grunt.

            Crack! A second stroke followed immediately, forcing the same movements. He was forcing Alice to masturbate Jason!

            The third stroke whipped down and Jason wailed. He was losing control and I think he already knew he was going to come. There was a whoosh followed by another crack. Again Jason thrust forwards and back and I saw tears appear in his eyes. Four strokes in quick succession! The fifth followed with barely a pause, and Jason began to sob despairingly. He’d been unable to hold himself back, and was already ejaculating, spraying large amounts of semen over poor Alice. He’d just finished when the last stroke bit into his thighs, and he yelped, jumping away from the bench and hopping madly from one foot to the other as he fervently rubbed his buttocks.

            ‘Into a corner each of you!’ the policeman ordered. Jason and Alice obeyed immediately, scurrying each to a corner of the room, sobbing. I looked around to see if the order included me, but it appeared not. In fact with the others facing the wall, the policeman beamed and gave me a silent thumbs up!

            He spent a couple of minutes videoing and photographing the pair, then ordered Alice to follow him back into her bedroom.

            ‘You’re not going to fuck me again’ she wailed.

            The policeman laughed. ‘No, unlike these two I only have a finite amount of sperm. But you will spend the night in that same position, spread-eagled on the bed. Hopefully it will give you plenty of time to ponder your misdeeds. I shall come and set you free in the morning.’

            He led Alice into the bedroom, and we could hear Alice sobbing again. It was too much for Jason. He yelled ‘I can’t take this any more’, pulled up his trousers and stormed out, slamming the front door behind him. Alice wailed at this latest betrayal.

            When he was satisfied, the policeman returned to the front room. Smiling he shook my hand and whispered ‘If I were you I’d make the most of her while she’s in that position. Come up to No. 22 in the morning and I’ll have the photos and video ready for you.’

            After he left I spent an hour just sitting in the living room, listening to Alice’s sobs, pondering what to do. I liked Alice, I really did, but I also fancied her, and longed to thrust my cock into her pussy. Eventually I made my decision.

            I went to the bathroom to get some cream, then knocked and entered the bedroom. Immediately my cock sprung to attention. There Alice lay spread-eagled on her front, each limb tied to a bedpost, her bottom raised by two pillows, her cunt gaping.

            ‘I’ve come to rub some cream in, it should ease the pain.’ When she didn’t respond, I started to gently rub the cool cream into her buttocks and she sighed quietly. After a while I began to widen my arc, my fingers spreading towards her vagina, and tracing a route back over her bum hole. She gave an involuntary shudder, and as I became slowly more and more adventurous, her breathing started to quicken. Eventually my lubed fingers entered her and she gasped.

            ‘We shouldn’t be doing this. What would Sarah say?’ My fingers began to slide in and out of her as I said

            ‘I don’t think she’d be very pleased to hear that you’d wanked me off and given me a blow job. I’m not going to tell her, are you?’

            ‘No!’ she gasped. Alice was now bucking her hips in response to my fingers, of which there were now four inside her. She began to moan and gasp, and sure enough a powerful orgasm rippled through her.

            ‘Fuck me’ she moaned. ‘After tonight I just need to feel wanted by someone nice again.’ So after all that, after resolving to take her come what may, I was being invited to. In a trice I was naked and inside her, her warm moist cunt enveloping my cock. She gasped as I began playing with her bum hole as I thrust in and out of her vagina. Was it just my imagination, or did she become even more aroused as my thumb pushed inside her anus? As she built towards another orgasm I decided to try and find out. Withdrawing, I placed my penis against the hole and pushed.

            Alice gave a squeal of surprise, her anus tightening around my cock, but as she relaxed I began to thrust and she responded. Her gasps became more and more insistent, and this time her orgasm was even more intense. Just as it was finishing I withdrew and ejaculated all over her buttocks and back.

            It took a while for her breathing to settle. When it had she said sharply ‘Get out’ and I knew she hated herself for what had just happened. Without a word I obeyed, not bothering to wipe her clean of my semen. It would make an interesting sight for the policeman when he came to set her free in the morning!

            Exhausted, I slept soundly and woke early to the sound of my alarm. I snuck a look round the door for one last sight of Alice in this humiliating position and was tempted to fuck her again. Instead I quietly left her there and walked up the stairs to number 22, where my pictures, and a DVD of the punishment was waiting for me.

            I still have them to this day, hidden where my wife will never find them. When she’s away I get them out and re-live that memorable day. It took a long while for Alice to visit us again. In the meantime she split up with Jason and quit her job, moving to the far south of the country. My suspicion is that the policeman used the photos to blackmail her into giving him sexual favours, but it may just have been that she couldn’t live with the memories of that night. When she did visit, she took me aside when my wife was picking up the kids, and told me that she meant to tell Sarah all about what had happened.

Without further ado I informed her that I had copies of the photos, and told her in no uncertain terms that if she did tell my wife, they would be posted on the internet quicker than she could say ‘I’m a very naughty girl.’ With that I thrust her over my knee and gave her a good hard spanking, stopping only when I heard my wife’s car on the driveway. That was the last time I saw her, and I think that’s probably for the best. Although I do on occasion fantasise about spanking Sarah and Alice together, but as I said at the start, that’s a man’s prerogative!


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