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Punishment Day

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Synopsis: A beautiful white woman is a convict at a slave labor prison for women. She is to be punished for not meeting her quota as a plow horse.
The beautiful naked blonde hung on the whipping ladder which was cleverly designed to allow her entire body to be exposed



The beautiful naked white woman hung face down on the  Whipping Ladder  which was cleverly designed to allow her entire body to be exposed . The Ladder was one half meter wide at the base and tapered to only a few centimeters at the top. It was inclined at 45 degrees and mounted on a platform to allow the assembled crowd a clear view. The thighs of the slave were straddled around the ladder with her ankles chained to one of the rungs providing an obscene exposure of her cunt and ass. Her wrists were chained high above her head to the top rung of the ladder. Her tits hung over the sides of the ladder. The afternoon sun beat down on her whipped body. She had been bullwhipped since noon and had fainted once during the whipping . She begged for mercy but the sadistic woman disciplinarian only laughed .

 I will show you mercy after you receive the 40 lashes you deserve for failing to meet quota in plowing the fields.  The disciplinarian then proceeded to continue the whipping to the delight of the native farm workers assembled for the public punishment.


This was the monthly  Punishment Day  at the  Farm for Women Prisoners . On this day those prisoners that failed to meet their quota as slave laborers were punished with the bullwhip. The slave on the Whipping Ladder had failed to meet her quota for the third consecutive month so for the third time she was punished for her laziness. She was sentenced to field labor as a plowhorse and had to meet horse quota as she worked naked in the fields chained to her plow by her titrings and cuntrings. Such was the work assigned to the women at the  Farm .


Finally the whipping was completed as the 40th and final lash was laid across her back with the tip of the whip curling around her body and biting into the underside of her right tit as it hung over the side of the Ladder. The slave screamed and fainted for the second time. But her punishment was not over. Laughing, the disciplinarian said to the crowd

 I will now show mercy to this piece of horseflesh ! ! ! Ha, Ha, Hah ! ! ! She can now be fucked on the Ladder fot the next hour ! ! ! . Line up if you wish ! ! ! A long line of farm workers formed, both men and women. The blonde slave was raped brutally for the next hour.


Finally she was taken off the ladder and lead to the stables to be washed , fed and rested for the night. The next day she would once again be harnessed to her plow to perform horse labor.

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