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Synopsis: How I turned my mother into, a dirty slave, and the ways I would use her



It all started long ago, can't remember the exact date, but it was near my 16th birthday. My dad had left us about 3 months prior, and my mother was drinking a lot. I was in my room with one of my favorite magazines, stroking my rock hard cock, when my mom came into my room suddenly and without warning. She was drunk again, and when she so me pumping my cock, she stopped and gasped, and turned beat red. As usual, because of her drinking and self pity, she had forgotten my birthday. I quickly threw down the magazine, and covered my now throbbing cock, I was really pissed off, as I was just about to shoot my load.


"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" I yelled (I hated her, and blamed her for my father leaving us). "NEVER COME INTO MY ROOM WITHOU KNOCKING". God, she was attractive, even at 35. Then, this feeling of rage came over me, and with my aching desire to cum, I got up, grabbed her by the hair, and forced her down to her knees. "NOW BITCH" "IT'S TIME FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT". I pushed my cock into her face, and demanded that she suck me off. She tried very hard to push me away, so I backhanded her across the face, twice. "CUNT", "SUCK ME NOW","OR I'LL KICK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU". She continued to struggle, and when I reached down to grab the back of her head, so as to force my cock in her mouth, she grabbed my arm and bit me, very very hard. I screamed in pain and as I looked at the blood beginning to ooze out of my arm, I completely lost control. I grabbed he ny the throat and forced he back up to her feet, I slammed her up against the wall, and began to tear off her shirt. I stopped for a moment and looked at her great tits barely covered by a skimpy black bra, wow, did she have a great set of tits. I wondered if they were real. Then I punched her, hard, in the stomach, and she crumpled over and sank back down to her knees.


"NOW BITCH" "ARE YOU READY TO SUCK MY COCK". She looked up at me with both sadness and disbelief in her eyes, and begged me to stop. I thrust my cock towards her lips. there was no more struggling, she had resigned herself to the fact, that she was going to have her son's cock in her mouth. She opened her mouth, and I slid my cock past those pretty lips, and deep into her mouth."SUCK ME SLOW,CUNT" "MAKE IT LAST". I stood there and let her suck my cock, she had obviously done this before, it was fantastic. Then I began to force my cock in further, and harder, until I could feel the back of her throat on the head of my cock.Hmm, I thought, no gagging, she can deep throat, wow, what a bonus. I shoved my cock into her mouth so deep, that her nose was touching my stomach, her throat squeezing my cock, just like it was a cunt. I held her there, not believing how deep I was inside her face. Then I told her to stick her tongue out and lick my balls, as they were right up against her chin. To my delight, she did so without hesitation. I couldn't believe the sensation, how incredibly good it felt, to have my cock deep inside my mother's mouth and her tongue licking my balls at the same time.


"THAT'S IT CUNT", "SERVICE ME LIKE THE WHORE YOU ARE". I couldn't take it anymore, I was ready to explode, but not like this, if I came that deep down her throat she wouldn't be able to taste my cum. I pulled my cock back, just enough, so I could see the look on her face, as I shot my load in her mouth, and watched as she tasted every drop of her son's cum. Then I pinched her nose, and waited, with my cock still in her mouth as she had to swallow every drop of my load. I looked into her eyes, completely satisfied, not only for shooting my load, but using my mom like a cheap whore.


I pulled my cock out of her, and stumbled back onto my bed. Without a word my mother got up and closed her shirt. "OH NO,MOM", "I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET". My birthday party is just beginning. I was weak, fom cumming so hard, and really spent. I knew it would take something special for me to get hard again, quickly. I told mom to get down on her hands and knees, the look on her face was now one of fear and hatred, but she did what she was told. I knelt down on the floor, turned around, restiing my chest on the bed, with my ass facing her. "NOW SLAVE" "CRAWL OVER HERE AND GIVE ME MY BIRTHDAY RIMJOB". Now, I've heard about rimjobs, but never experienced it, and now it was my mother that would be the first cunt to lick my asshole. I didn't shower that day, and wasn't as clean as I should be. I didn't care less, she was gonna get me off by licking my hole, simple as that.


I could hear her crawl over, and pleading with me not to make her do it. in fact she told me that she would do anything else I wanted, but please not that. "YOU WILL DO ANYTHING I WANT FROM NOW ON" I told her, or I would go to child welfare and tell her that she sexually abused me. then I looked around, and told her to strip, completely. She did, then got back down on her hands and knees, moved her face to my ass and started licking my ass cheeks. "THAT'S NOT A RIMJOB,BITCH" "I WANT YOU TO LICK ALL THE WAY UP AND DOWN MY CRACK" . She did, starting at the top, and slowly licking all the way to my balls. "FASTER". She began licking me up and down my crack faster,"CLEAN ME GOOD BITCH". Wow, I thought the blowjob was good, this was unbelievable, her wet tongue, cleaning my ass, from top to bottom. Wasn't long before I was rock hard again."NOW, CUNT, STICK YOUR TONGUE AS FAR UP MY ASSHOLE AS YOU CAN". She stopped licking and began to fuck my hole with her tongue, I could feel her nose nestled in my ass crack. "NOW USE ONE HAND ON MY BALLS,AND ONE ON MY COCK" I demanded. My mother was rubbing my balls and stroking my cock, with her tongue in my asshole.Could life get any better.


IT took a long time for me to cum, I made the bitch lick my asshole for a good half hour. When I did finally shoot my wad, it went all over the side of my bed and dripped onto the floor, I made my dumb bitch mother lick it all up as I sat back and watched her. I was finished, I had just cum twice, a lot, and couldn't get a hard on again if I wanted to. that evening ended with me setting the ground rules to my mother, and what I expected from there on. She was going to be my cumdump, nothing more than a cock socket to use and abuse as I pleased, and she would do it, as the threat of the police was always there. I told her to stay undressed for the rest of the night as she made me dinner, and tended to my every need. I turned in early, and dreamt of the things I would do to her the next day, and every day after that.


I woke up,the next morning, to my new alarm clock, my mothers mouth on my cock, that was one of her new duties, to wake me up with a blow job every morning. And she did a very good job of it, sucked me off much better than last night when she was drunk, she could focus much better sober, and I loved the embarrased look on her face as she serviced me. When she was done, she pleaded with me again, not to continue this. Of course, that just pissed me off, so I grabbed her by the throat, and ordered her to pick me up at school during lunch "SO I COULD HAVE SOME FUN". And fun I had, I made her drive me to a secluded spot, and dragged her out of the car, forced her down on the ground, pulled down my jeans and underwear, and sat on her face. I made the dirty bitch eat out my asshole as I ate my lunch. Nothing better than a ham sandwich, and a rimjob, She was getting very good at licking ass.Time was getting short, so I turned around, and jerked off as I sat on her chest, I shot a huge load of hot sticky cum all over my mom's pretty face, and made her drive me back to school with the cum still all over her face. I told her, she couldn't wipe it off till I got home after school. What a beautful site when I got home, my mothers pretty face with hard crusty cum sticking to it. She begged me to letter her wash it off, and after she rode my cock for an hour or so, as I laid back and watched TV, I let her clean it off.


My Mother became my sex slave. I used every part of her body as my personnal amusement park, I humiliated her and made her get me off in the most perverted and degrading ways, for three years. At 19 I moved out of the house. During that 3 year period, I dated a lot of girls, but Mom was always the only one who could get me off as I wanted it. I eventually married, had children, and moved to another city. I had little contact with my Mother for 12 years. Then, I got divorced, and have recently moved back to my hometown. My mother is 47 now, and still looks fabulous. Of course it was time for me to rekindle my "romance" with her.


A month ago, I was ringing the doorbell to my old house, I arrived unannounced, Mom had no idea I was back in town. When she opened the door, her face lost all color. "ARE YOU ALONE?" I asked. She just nodded yes, and began to back up. "WELL BITCH IT'S TIME TO PLAY". Like a trained puppy, and without a word, she beagn to strip for me."THAT'S RIGHT WHORE TAKE IT ALL OFF". I undid my belt, lowered my pants, and without any hesitation she sank to her knees, crawled over to me, slid her hand in my underwear, and pulled them down. She knew what I wanted, I didn't say a word as she moved behind me, and started to run her tongue up and down the crack of my ass. My favorite thing, a good long ass licking, she gagged a bit at first, and then settled on my hole, probing it with her tongue. But tonight was going to be special for my home coming. After I let her lick me real good, and stroke my cock, til I came, a good solid hour anyway. I told her to get a robe. I took her to my truck, and we drove to the seediest part of downtown.


She looked great in her robe with nothing underneath, I played with her as we drove downtown, squeezing her tits, sticking my fingers in her cunt. I had a gun in the glove box. I told her to take it out, and suck on the barrell as if it was my cock, and the bitch did what I asked, what a fucking piece of shit slut she is. We continued driving, until I found an alley with an old drunk homeless guy, sleeping against the wall. Watching Mom suck my gun was getting me very hard. I stopped the truck and got out,opened her door, grabbed her by the hair and forced her to crawl on her hands and knees to the homeless guy.I stayed by the truck to watch. "WAKE HIM UP,CUNT". She was about to reach out and shake him,"NO, NOT LIKE THAT BITCH" I yelled."UNDO HIS PANTS AND START SUCKING HIS COCK". I thought I had seen every look on my mother's face, but this look was a new one. She started undoing the man's belt, then undid the button on his filthy pants, then unzipped his fly, he started to stir but didn't wake up. His cock, fell out as he didn't have any underwear on. She took his cock in her mouth, and the old bastard finally woke up. I loved the look of disbelief on his face, and he rubbed his eyes over and over, as he must have thought he was dreaming. When he finally figured out what was going on, he looked my way with a big grin on his face."THIS IS BETTER THAN SOME SPARE CHANGE,ISN"T IT OLD GEEZER". he nodded, grinned some more, and shot his load in my mom's mouth in a matter of seconds. Mom, gagged, and spit it out on the ground,"YOU DIRTY CUNT","YOU NEVER SPIT OUT A MAN'S CUM" I screamed.


"BITCH", I yanked her up by her arms, and slammed her over the hood of my truck, face first, I shoved her face down into the cold steel, as I lifted up her robe. By now my cock needed serious attention, and she needed to be punished. I positioned my cock, at the entrance to her tight little asshole, waited a few seconds, and as I held her down, thrust my cock up her ass, as hard and as fast as I could. She squealed like a pig, and grunted like an animal, as I fucked her up the ass, as hard as I could. I knew I could last awhile, because she had just got me off an hour ago, or so.I wanted her to suffer, and I made her suffer, I pounded her ass faster and harder and deeper with every stroke. I grabbed her arms, by the wrists, and pulled back on them for leverage. Her grunts, and squeals got louder with every stroke, and after about 10 minutes of pounding her, I shot my load far up into her ass. I came so hard, my knees almost buckled."NOW BITCH,DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND CLEAN MY COCK". She did, licking both my cock and balls clean. I turned to the old man, gave a wink, and pushed mom back into my truck.I Love the feel of a tongue on me, and even though I couldn't cum anymore, I put her head in my lap, and made her lick my cock and balls, the whole 45 minute drive back to our house.





Slave Mother-Chapter 2

 Slave Mother-Chapter 2


It sure was good to be back home. Having mom back as my slave was perfect, for me anyway. The rules were different this time, she was not allowed to speak unless I told her to, and I had become far more extreme than I was as a teenager. I needed new things to get me off, and I had no limits, on how I was going to use this bitch. She was nothing more than a toy to me, a tool to satisfy my darkest desires.


I was having a problem finding work, since I moved back, it had been almost a month and I needed a job. Every passing day that didn't result in employment, pissed me off more and more. The only saving grace, were the things I was making my mother do to calm me down. God, I used her in the filthiest ways. Every inch of her body was used to get me off.After a particular depressing day I got home about 4:00 in the afternoon, really pissed off, and tired of looking for work, and my dear sweet cunt of a mother was about to pay for my anger. I just had an interview with some dumb bitch, that thought her shit didn't stink, and it didn't go well. I simply hated the sight of women that day. I wondered, how it was possible that the sluts turned me on so much, and yet how much I truly hated them.


Mom, was in the basement doing laundry. I went down stairs, and walked over to her and just glared at her. "Cunt". I grabbed her arms and dragged her to the middle of the laundry room, grabbed a rope that I had waiting for these moments, and tied her hands to a water pipe on the ceiling. I couldn't contain my rage any longer. I told her to spread her legs apart, and of course the stupid whore complied. I wound up and kicked her in the cunt, her knees buckled, and she was now hanging by her arms. I then began beating the shit out of her. I punched her in the stomach 4 or 5 times, I loved the way she grunted with each blow. I punched her in the face twice, and blood began to trickle out of her mouth as it started to swell up. I booted her in the cunt again, and again, her screams and the tears running down her face were really turning me on."Fucking bitch" I yelled, as I pounded her stomach with my fists, until she almost passed out. Bloody and bruised what a pretty site, I pulled my cock out of my pants, kicked her legs, apart, and forced my rod up her cunt. Her head was forward facing down, so I yanked it back, and made her look in my eyes as I raped her. I stared deep into her eyes as I pounded away at her cunt, once and awhile slapping her across the face, backhanded. I fucked the stupid piece of shit whore for a good 15 minutes, and then exploded, shooting a huge load inside her.Wow, it felt like I was never going to stop cumming. I had never been that violent with her before, and apparently I liked it, as that was the most I had ever cum in my life. I pulled out, backahanded her across the face, punched her once more in the stomach, and kicked her in the cunt again. I left her like that, and went upstairs for something to eat. I felt great, all the anger and depression I was feeling was gone.


I finished the sandwich, that my dear considerate mom had left me (It almost made me feel bad about what I did), and went back downstairs. Holy shit, did I work her over good, the bruises were bigger and darker now, she had dried blood on her mouth, and a huge amount of cum was dripping down her legs. I couldn't believe it, but my cock was getting hard again at the sight of her hanging there helpless in that condition. I untied her and she sank down onto the cold concrete floor. I kicked her over on her stomach, and then kicked her a couple of times in the ribs, not too hard. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs as far apart as I could, then grabbed her wrists, and spread them far apart, so she was spread eagled face down. I placed my boot against her cunt, and started to push it in. It took some effort, but I got the boot in up to the laces. my cum made a very good lubricant. I worked it in and out of her, but was getting bored, she wasn't making much noise, just little whimpers and the odd groan. So I got down on top of her, and forced my cock in her ass. I thanked her for the sandwich, and proceeded to fuck her up that tight ass. I loved raping my mother in her ass, because she hated that the most. I pushed her face into the dirty concrete floor, as I rammed her hole. She always sounded like a pig when I sodomized her. My favorite thing, is having a bitch suck me off, but the animal sounds my mother made when I fucked her up the ass, always made me cum hard. I had my whole weight on her, all 210 lbs., as I fucked her, pushing her whole battered body into the hard floor. Her grunts were muffled, as I had her mouth pushed into the floor, so I yanked her head up by the throat so I could hear them better. "That's it, mom you know how it turns me on when I can hear the effects my abuse has on you". I guess I was squeezing her throat too hard, as her grunts, were mixed with gagging and choking noises. I really liked that, so I squeezed a little harder as I pounded her ass. All the sounds, and her tight ass, finally made me cum, just in time too, as she was about to pass out.


As I lay in bed that night, it occurred to me that I didn't need a job. I could use my mom to get me the cash I needed, I fell asleep thinking how I would use her tomorrow night to get me some coin.


I got up the next morning, feeling great, ran downstairs, and kissed my mom on the cheek (you know, because I care so much for her). Over breakfast, I told her what I had in mind, and to dress real sexy as I was taking her out tonight. We drove to a bar on the outskirts of town, where truckers hang out, not the kind of place that women normally go to. I walked into the bar, with Mom and sat at a table in the center of the room. Most of the guys, stared at me and my mother, she was still battered up a bit, but was still far sexier than any of the women these guys could ever have. I looked around the room to see if there were any other women here, and there wasn't. It was pretty slow that night, only 6 guys there, mind you it was only 9:30. I stood up, and announced, that this fine piece of ass at my table would be available to them for some fun. a cock sucking was $20.00, a fuck would be $40.00, and if they wanted to shove their cocks up her ass, it would cost them a hundred bucks. the room went silent, as I took Mom into the men's washroom. I tied her hands behind her back, with one end of a long rope, and tied the other end to one of the toilets.


The 2 guys who were sitting at the bar came in together, out of curiosity mainly, and I asked them what they would like. They looked at each other, then at my mother, and each gave me twenty bucks. James, was the first to use mom, he was huge, at the very least 300 lbs, and real sweaty. He undid his pants and, and shoved his crotch in her face, My mom whimpered, and opened her mouth. He grabbed his cock and stuck it in her mouth, probably hadn't had a blow job in twenty years, and he came in an instant, Like a good little cunt, mom swallowed every drop. Harry, was his buddy and his blow job didn't last much longer.Easiest money I ever made.


It took about 10 minutes before number 3 came in, I was just about ready to untie mom, and leave. He wouldn't tell me his name, just handed me a hundred dollar bill, without a word. I told mom to bend over the toilet, and I hiked her skirt up "Have at it, buddy". He was so excited, he was shaking, and kept trying to force his cock in her ass, but couldn't get it in. I went to the sink, and lathered up my hands with the soap, rubbed it all over her hole, and slid my finger in and out to grease the pig, a little. He finally got inside her, and fucked her real hard. I couldn't help getting turned on, watching someone else make her grunt, as he fucked her up the ass. he shot his load inside her, and left.


Right away the last 3 guys came in together. They each handed me $200.00, "we want to use her for awhile" one of them said. I said "sure", do whatever you want,and went and sat on the sink counter, to watch the show. Boy, they didn't waste anytime, one guy grabbed mom's hair and shoved his cock in her mouth, another grabbed her thighs, and shoved his cock up her asshole. the 2 of them fucked both ends of her real hard, and were laughing the whole time, the guy fucking her mouth, pulled his cock out and shot a huge load all over her face. Number 3, quickly filled her mouth again, with a really big cock, it stretched her lips as far apart as they would go, and Mom was having a problem sucking this guy. he was drunk, and getting pissed off with "This shitty blow job". he finally did cum inside her mouth, and she gagged as the load went down her throat. The ass fucker came about the same time, and when he pulled out, gobs of cum oozed out of her asshole. "Geez guys, you didn't have to pay 600.00 bucks for that. "Oh, were not finished yet". They untied her and took her out to the bar, they forced her on her hands and knees, and all 6 of the bar patrons formed a circle around her. they started to cut her clothes of, with knives they got from the bar, and when she was completely naked, they all began to jerk off over her. Apparently they had made a bet on who would shoot his load first. I watched with delight as, each of them shot their loads on my mom, who was lying on her back on the floor, as per their instructions. she was covered in cum when it was all over, most of it on her tits, face and hair. Didn't notice who won the bet, and didn't care. All I wanted now was to use her to get my rocks off.


2 guys, pulled her up by her arms, and took her back into the bathroom, with the others following, shoved her own on the floor in one of the cubicles, and all of them took turns pissing on her. They pissed on her tits, they pissed on her face, they pissed on her cunt, and one guy made her open her mouth and pissed down her throat. I've never pissed on her before and the site of her being humiliated like that, was great. Then they all, just left the bathroom, and went back to their beers. I told mom to clean her self up, threw my jacket around her, since her clothes were ruined. As we were leaving the bar $740.00 richer. James says "bring the bitch back anytime, fella". Man, was I horny, I made mom suck me off on the way home, but that wasn't enough. the images of the way those guys had used and degraded my mother was keeping my cock, rock hard. I had big plans for her, as soon as we got home. These guys, gave me a new way to use the bitch, and I wondered what other ideas I would get next weekend.


"Mom" I said as we walked into our house. "From now on I'm calling you by your name, Alexandria" (I shortened it up to Lexi). "I don't want our  customers to think I'm some kind of pervert". Then I grabbed her arms and pulled her downstairs to the basement, it was finally my turn ---.



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