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The Island Adventure 2

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Synopsis: Teenage Wife is bored with normal sex and seeks a new challange with husband\'s consent
The Island Adventure

The Island Adventure

Part 1

The young husband burst into their trailer home that was parked behind the hanger at an outlying grass field airport, where his business as a commercial crop dusting pilot was located and he shouted for his young wife.

“Honey, Baby Doll!” There was no answer until a few moments later.

His wife, a petite little blonde of five feet and she couldn’t be over one hundred five pounds appeared from the very back of the long trailer, wearing nothing. She was completely nude and he stared at her perfect conical shaped breasts that took a thirty four ‘C’ cup bra to restrain them when she was dressed. Her blonde hair hung down in front all the way to her belly button, covering most of her very pink nipples. The only way you could describe her waist would be to call it waspish. It couldn’t be over eighteen inches in circumference, then flowing out to beautiful wide thirty six inch hips. There was a very tiny bowl shaped tummy with a deep navel and just below that her crotch was covered with a mass of blond pubic hair that looked as if someone had curled each hair. Her pubic mound was very pronounced with a soft cushion of padding flesh that her husband enjoyed resting his forehead on when he performed cunnilingus on her. Her thighs were full, with the muscles and tendons of a runner that tapered down to slender calves but with the calves’ muscles of a dancer. Her ankles were tiny and small like a thoroughbred, attached to size four and half foot. She was a perfect miniature of Lady Godiva but with a finely tuned torso. . .

“What in the world are you shouting about?” she asked, not bothering to cover herself now that she saw that her husband was alone. “Did you win the Irish Sweepstakes?”

“No, I didn’t win anything, but I have a chance at something almost as good.” He was beaming at her and his cock was slowly hardening as the beautiful sight of his wife’s nude body was arousing him so much that his love tool was fighting to get out of his pants.

“Okay, I’ll bite, what’s so good?” Jean was smiling at her husband and watching his crotch as his pants began to bulge out. She loved to tease her husband with her body and then make mad passionate love with him when he couldn’t stand the teasing anymore, and she did this as often as she could. This was one of her natural traits. She had always gotten a thrill out of teasing the boys that would hit on her and when they responded like this, it turned her on, but she never would follow thru to relieve them of their desires, not until she was married to her handsome husband.

“I just got a telegram from that Island in the Caribbean that the Brazilian rancher that owns it has accepted my bid to spray his sugar cane fields on the whole island. That’s a three month contract. We will have to be down there for the winter to fill a contract that size. You will have to go with me. In fact you will have to fly the second Stearman. I’ll need two aircraft down there to complete this contract.” His smile was getting bigger all the time and so was the hard-on in his pants.

“You want me to fly one of those crop sprayers all the way down to that Caribbean Island?” Her mind was racing. Here was the chance she had needed to build up her time for her commercial license. Her heart began to beat with excitement at the thought of such a long trip and she couldn’t hold back the thrill that was coursing through her nude body. She craved the excitement of flying a few feet off of the ground at seventy miles per hour and then zooming back up in the sky to turn around and do it again. If she had her commercial pilot’s license. She had tried spraying a few times when her husband had left a few gallons of chemical in the tanks and wanted to get rid of it. Jean always thought the thrill of that was equal to a good orgasm and that was something she always wished for bigger and better orgasms.

“Holy Cow!” She exclaimed. “That will give me the fifty hours of flying I still need to get my commercial, and I have already passed all of the written tests, Honey!”

“Yes, it sure will and best of all, the contract is big enough to pay all of your expenses too for the trip, down and back.” Her husband was waiting for her to say yes.

“When do we go?” She asked.

“Just as soon as I complete the hundred hour checks on both aircraft. Stuart agreed to work with me until I finish changing the engine in six on seven days and complete the hundred hour checks on both aircraft. I will put the long range bladders in the spray tanks to give us the range we will need from Miami to the Bahamas and on down the island chain to Senor Alfalla’s Island. It should be a piece of cake with the extra fuel tanks. .

Jean was smiling when she replied to him. “You had better get to work. I want to get out of here as soon as we can. I’m tired of cold winters and it will be summer time down there soon.”

He grabbed his tiny wife and hugged her, eager to take her to bed, but she pushed him away and gave him a big kiss when she said. “There will be plenty of time for us to make love later. I want you to hurry up and get the aircraft ready. I’m going to town and buy myself some light summer clothes to take with us.” But her thoughts were on the sex or lack of sex she had been having since their honeymoon. Her dreams of a marriage were mixed up with all the romantic and erotic chapters in the books she was always reading. Her marriage had been nothing like that. It was dull most of the time and boring all the time. Her husband tried, but he just didn’t get her over the moon when she had her orgasm. For some reason and she didn’t know what it was, there wasn’t any really great thrill to making love with her husband after their two year marriage. Deep down she wanted some excitement, something different and this sounded like a very exciting new adventure and challenge to her young brain. She craved excitement and thrills ever since she reached her teens.

The flight down to the Caribbean Island would give her the thrills she was seeking when she would be flying over the Atlantic to the Bahamas and down the chain of beautiful island to their destination off the coast of Brazil. Maybe this would cure her problem of boredom for awhile. At least she was eager for this new adventure.

His wife pushed him out of the door and shut it. She swung around and jumped with joy at the thoughts of going south, out of the cold for the winter. Somewhere she could indulge in her favorite fantasies of possibly going nude in the open, plus not having the worries of money all of the time out of the way.

The next two weeks were all work and no play for the young married couple. Harry had worked almost around the clock installing the new engines in the aircraft and completing the addition of the bladders for the extra gas. He had double checked everything in both aircraft so that they wouldn’t have any problems flying down through Florida, then over the Bemata Triangle and down the chain of Caribbean Island to their destination off of the coast of Brazil.

Jean had helped by going to the CAA office and purchasing the necessary charts of the Island Chain all the way down to Brazil. Harry asked her to plot the courses between each field that they would stop at and pick the shortest distances between the islands so they didn’t have to fly long stretched over the water. Jean had packed two sets of charts, one for herself in her aircraft and one for her husband. She made sure that they had two world war pilot’s life rafts and survival equipment. She inflated these one man boats and made sure that there weren’t any holes in them and that they would work. She packed their survival gear in the baggage compartment behind the rear seat for easy access in case of an emergency.

They had obtained their passports and visas for all of the Islands that they would pass through and the paperwork for the clearances of the aircraft. Each aircraft was loaded to the maximum with their luggage, but mostly tools and spare parts for the aircraft. Then anything else they thought they may need. Finally the day had arrived for their take off.

Jean walked out to her aircraft, wearing her skin tight blue jeans, black turtle neck sweater and a black leather jacket. Her tiny feet were incased in her old worn black ranch boots that she always wore when flying. Her blonde hair was hanging down her back out from under her white cloth helmet. She loved to show off her figure and when the bystanders saw her, they couldn’t believe that this tiny girl was going to fly the big Stearman with a four hundred fifty horsepower nine eight five cubic inch Pratt and Whitney engine in it all the way down to an Island off the coast of Brazil.

She settled into the cockpit and strapped herself into her new British five point safety harness, plugged in her radio jack and looking over at her husband in the same kind of aircraft parked next to hers, she stuck her left hand up and gave him the thumbs up signal.

“Clear?” She called when her husband nodded at her.

Stuart, the line boy, was standing by with a fire extinguisher and replied to her, “You are clear, Jean.” The young boy had a crush on the tiny wife. His favorite fantasy when he masturbated was of Jean totally nude, smiling at him and waiting for him to shoot his load while she watched.

Seconds later the propeller started to spin and the engine belched blue smoke and started running. It smoothed out quickly and Jean pulled the throttle back slowly to an idle so it would warm up and run very smoothly. Her husband had started his engine moments after she did and began to taxi out to the runway.

Jean followed her husband and they lined up side by side on the wide grass runway and when her husband nodded to her they shoved the throttles full forward, prop control full back to low pitch and began to roll together down the runway. After about three hundred feet, they broke ground and climbed out of the airport with a roar and headed two hundred forty degrees, south west, to their next fuel stop.

It was ten days later that both aircraft landed at a very large ranchero on the southern part of their Island destination. Nothing had gone wrong on the flight down and both aircraft performed beautifully. Jean had cause quite a stir in some of the islands that they had landed on to refuel, being as she was a woman and so small. Many of the macho pilots along the way would kid her about her being to small to fly such a big biplane. She would just smile and answer them in her high school Spanish that she could do anything she set her mind to do.

When they landed at the ranchero, they were met by the owner, Senor Alfalia. He was surprised when he saw that the second crop sprayer was flown by a girl and you could see it in his eyes, the admiration he felt for the tiny pilot.

“Ah, welcome Senora.” Alfalla greeted Jean as she stepped down off of the wing of her aircraft.

Jean replied in Spanish, but he, just smiled and said in English.

“You are quite an adventurous young lady, Sonora Jean. Your husband should be very proud of you. Oh, here on my island everyone speaks English or Portuguese not Spanish.”

Jean blushed at her mistake, but went on as if she hadn’t made a blunder. “Why thank you, sir. I think he is. He taught me how to fly long before we were married and I’m still learning after three years. It’s a challenge and I do love new challenges that have a lot of excitement to go along with them.” Jean noticed the older man’s eyes traveling up and down her body. She was wearing a light blue short sleeve western shirt that she forgot to button the top buttons and no bra when she jumped out of the aircraft. It was easy to see that she wasn’t wearing a Bra. Her tits bounced like Jell-O when she dropped to the ground from the wing. Jean found it much cooler to fly this way the last few legs of the flight because it had turned very hot flying along the coast of Brazil to the island. The old man could easily see her big breast pushing the taunt shirt out and his eyes traveled down to her tiny waist, and then looked at her legs. Her dark tan legs were on display to within on inch of her crotch. When Jean turned from him for a moment to retrieve her valise, there was a flame in the older man’s eyes of desire when he saw her lusciously well rounded ass cheeks clearly defined in the tight shorts that slipped up to almost reveal her rose bud anus and cunny. Jean knew it had excited the older man when she saw the lust in his eyes when she turned back around to face him.

I think this old goat still likes his women young. He sure is giving me and my ass the once over. I wonder how good a lover he is? The petite wife was thinking. I bet he could give me a good ride and really make me love it. Wow! If Harry knew

what I am thinking he would kill me, but judging by the size of that bulge in Alfalla’s pants he could shoot me over the moon!

Her husband walked up to her and introduced himself to the older man. Once all of the greetings were done, the older man got down to business.

“Senor Adams, I know you and your wife are very tired after the long flight from North America so I will have one of the Vacararos take you to your cottage where you will stay. If there is anything you might need, don’t hesitate to ask and it will be provided. We dine late here on the ranchero and the two of you are welcome at our table anytime you wish to join us. If you get bored Senora Adams, there are riding horses available for you. You may choose any you wish to ride. My people will help you in any way. Tomorrow, if you please, Senor Adams, we should fly over the fields that you will be spraying and we can discuss all of the details of loading your aircraft, location, outlying landing strips and anything else you may need to complete your work this summer.”

“Thank you, Senor Alfalla. We are tired and will take a nap. Jean and I will be happy to join you tonight for dinner. “

After Harry made sure both of the aircraft were tied down for the night and covers put on the cockpits. The groups climbed aboard the jeeps waiting for them and were taken to the cottage where they would stay for the island summer.

Jean fell in love with the cottage she and Harry were given. It had two bedrooms, beautiful heavy wood style furniture and everything a girl could desire. There was a very large bathroom with a sunken tub. The cottage had a beautiful view of the sea from the great room and Jean was thrilled by that. She was surprised when a beautiful native girl walked into the cottage and announced in perfect English that she would be the Senora’s maid to take care of the cottage and any personal things she might wish.

The young couple quickly fell into the routine of the island, early to rise and work and in the middle of the day take a siesta of three or four hours, then back to work till dark. Then having a late dinner and relaxing with the people of the ranchero while listening to the wonderful music of the islands and the heavy beat of the Brazilian drums the vaqueros loved to play. The deep base of the music was hypnotizing to the two young North American gringos and neither Jean nor Harry could get enough of listening to it at night. It was so erotic at times that it turned Jean on and they even made love to the beat of the heavy drums.

Harry announced that there were more crops to spray in the mainland of Brazil than he hadn’t figured on one night when he came back from business conference with Alfalla.

“What does that mean, honey? “His wife asked him.

It means that I will have to be over there on the mainland for a week at a time or maybe more, but it also means I can double the price of the contract. Alfalla has already told me he would pay me double if I would take care of that part of his ranchero too.“

“Can I go with you, honey? “She pleaded.

“Senor Alfalla said that there are only primitive mud huts over there to live in, real rough and jungle all around the land. He didn’t recommend that you go with me. His boat will take my extra equipment over to his dock on the mainland and he said that there are good grass landing strips near the beach and along his land. I don’t figure I will have any problems but it will be much easier for me if you stay here so I won’t be worrying about how you are when I am away from the base camp. Okay? “

“Well alright if you say so, but you had better come back here at least once a week to give me some of your sweet loving. You know I can’t do without that very long and there isn’t any place for me to buy a salami around her either! And she was laughing then.

“Don’t worry, I can’t do without you much longer than that myself, baby doll.”

The next day her husband was very busy getting his equipment and fuel loaded on the boat to be taken to the mainland twenty miles south of the Island. When he finished that evening, they made love and were soon fast asleep.

Jean never heard her husband leave until she heard the roar of the biplane’s engine as it passed over the cottage headed south to the mainland. Then she began to feel very lonely.

Now she would have plenty of time on her hands to explore the whole island and witness the daily work going on at the main ranchero. The island was so large she knew she would have plenty of land to ride over and see plus the wonderful solitude on the bare beaches. Maybe she could indulge herself by going nude along the beaches if she didn’t find anyone on them. This idea gave her a thrill; just the idea of being nude and riding along a beach was so erotic and exciting she knew she was going to enjoy herself.

Jean had been riding horses all her life and had grown up on a farm so this was just like being back on her father’s farm. She used to train the new horses when her farther let her. When she first started riding here on the island she had ridden most of the animals in the stable near the main house. She finally found a beautiful black stallion to her liking in the corral that the vaqueros told her he wasn‘t broken to a saddle yet. He was only two years old and by using her riding and training skills taught to her by her father she was now riding this beautiful stallion daily. She had gentled him down so much that he knew her and she was the only one on the ranch that could throw a saddle over him and ride him without a fight. All of the vaqueros admired the tiny Senora for his skill with the untamed animal. Because of the horse had so much spirit Jean had named him Macho. All of the vaqueros would comment that Jean was as Macho as the horse she rode daily and they never failed to fall all over themselves to help or attend to her when she smiled at them and asked for help.

One day when everyone was taking a siesta Jean went exploring on Macho. By accident she saw something different that aroused her curiosity when she saw her house maid doing something that she had never seen before or even heard about. It was the first time that Jean had any idea that there was another way to ride a horse. This was quite a shock to her when she saw her maid riding a horse while slung in a sling under the horse's belly. The girl was controlling the horse with pressure from her hands and feet, which were secured up the sides of the horse. Jean had no idea that this was possible and it was possible to control a horse while riding in this position. She was amaze to see her strapped in a sling under the horse’s belly while trotting down the path along the ridge above the sea in the same direction she was taking.

Jean’s curiosity was so great that every day at siesta time, she would ride out down the trail and wait behind some shrubbery until Conchita came along the trail and she would watched her do this. Jean had been watching and following her for a week during siesta time without being observed.

Conchita, was fully dressed to begin with but when Jean saw her at the end of the week, Conchita had removed her clothing and was now nude under the horse. The maid had been riding daily for about three hours per day during the siesta for five days. The following week, Jean watched Conchita riding again in this strange position under the horse. There was never anyone on the horse trail when Jean was watching and Conchita never saw Jean either when she practice this strange way to ride her horse.

The petite wife never could sleep in the middle of the day so her curiosity was so great she wanted a closer view. Jean followed Conchita when she left the cottage. After a long walk down the track to the sea, the maid came to a hidden stable back off of the track that Jean didn‘t know was there. She heard someone talking and she moved quietly to a place where she could see through the cracks between the board planks of the old stable to see what was happening without being seen by anyone in this stable.

Conchita and one of the older men of the plantation were leading another large black horse from this stable out into the open along the trail. They were holding the beautiful black stallion to steady him in the middle of the trail.

Jean recognized the animal, she had ridden him many times and he was easy to ride and gentle but she preferred the one she had named, Macho. This one was named Hombre. He was equipped with the same type of sling harness that her maid had been using all the weeks before to ride under the horse's belly. This intrigued Jean and she moved to get a better view.

Her maid had stripped off all her cloths and was climbing into the harness under the stallion. She then squeezed her body into the harness all the way into the straps and buckles. The older man held the horse steady trying to keep the nervous creature's motions to a minimum. Once in position Jean’s maid twisted around until she was facing up to the horse's chest. Then she spread her legs as wide as possible and swung them up either side of the horse, sliding her legs through two large hoops, like stirrups that were thickly padded and attached to the harness. One on each side of the horse. The stirrups were all the way up her leg and resting at the back of her knees. Jean could see that the girl’s legs would be supported very comfortably this way. Next, Conchita, slid her arms through two more loops in the harness and reached up with her hands as high as she could to take hold of two hard leather handles, high up on each side of the horse’s front legs. These straps went to the bridle and allowed the girl riding under the horse to guide the big horse and control him…

The older man named Gonzales that Jean knew from riding Macho almost every day since she had been at the ranch, walked round the horse and tightened all of the straps holding Conchita under the horse’s belly. There were small silver buckles installed on the main wide leather straps that supported the maid’s body.

Gonzales pulled down on the straps until the belly rider was almost tight up against the belly of the stallion, leaving just enough slack in the straps, so that the sling would move back and forth when the horse walked or trotted. Then he went back to the head of the horse and said a few soft words to the rider underneath the animal.

Jean had watched every move the two people made and what they were doing. Now that they seemed to be just talking. Jean looked more closely at the sling and harness, and then looked at how the horse was taking it. It was then that she noticed the enormous penis that the horse was sporting.

It was getting stiff and straight, pointing at an angle forwards toward the ground and it looked as though the stallion had smelt a mare in heat, but there were no mares around. Jean was raised near a farm and knew all about the mating of horses.

Suddenly there was action again. Gonzales walked to the back of the stallion, he had a big syringe in his hand. He tapped the glass until the air bubbles were gone, and then he crouched down. He was in front of the horse's back legs, so Jean couldn’t see what he was doing with the syringe or anything else. Then he stepped away and went back to holding the leading reins. Immediately it was obvious what he had done. The stallion's penis had expanded immensely and was now inserted into Conchita vagina. About half of it had disappeared within the girl’s cunt and she had only give a loud moan when she was penetrated in this unusual way.

Jean was so shocked at what she was seeing she just couldn’t believe a human could have that horse cock embedded in her body. Jean had never heard of anything like that in her eighteen year old lifetime, much less actually witnessing it being performed. How could such a huge penis go into a girl’s vagina? She thought about her own vagina and what it would feel like to have something that big slid into her and her juices began to flow. Her thoughts took off with all of the wild exciting erotic thoughts of how a big cock like that could give her the orgasm she always craved, but never achieved.

The young wife was so intent on watching her maid couple with the horse that she never heard the golf cart coming down the trail with Senor Alfalla in it alone. He stopped a short distance from Jean and the barn and watched her to see what she was so interested in.

She couldn’t help herself when she thought about being fucked by a horse cock and the extremely exciting time she experimented with very large salami a few months ago during a cold month if February. Her husband brought a salami home and teased her into trying to fuck it because she had told him one night when they were making love that he had a small cock and she wished it was bigger. He said that if his was so small he dared her to let him fuck her with the big eight inch long and three and a half inch wide salami. Being the dare devil she was, she took the dare and let him fuck her with the big piece of meat after he went down on her to get her almost ready to orgasm. Jean didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but she found that the salami gave her the best orgasm she had ever had in her life. It felt so good that she wanted to do it again, but she was afraid her husband would feel slighted if she asked him to do it again.

I wonder if I could get that horse cock in my pussy. I took all of the salami Harry brought home for me and fucked me with it and I know dam well it was as big around as that horse cock Conchita has in her cunny right now. The salami just wasn’t as long as that horse cock and that would probably be the only problem for me, but I’ll bet having a cock that big and especially since it would be nice and hot it would send me to the moon when I cum. Wow! I’m so hot right now I could do it, just thinking about how exciting it would be to get fucked by a horse like that! Jean was thinking while she had her eye glued to the action going on just outside of the stable door and her own juices was leaking out of her pussy and leaving a stain at her crotch of the white short shorts she was wearing.

The flame in her cunt leaped to full heat when kept watching. Her hand went down to her crotch and began to rub up and down as she continued to watched and her sexual aroused was at its’ highest level now.

The two people talked a little longer and then Gonzales, holding the horse's bridle, led the horse and its’ under-slung rider over to the trail. Jean scrambled quickly around the building to keep from being caught as a peeping tom, but she kept the horse and belly rider in sight while she moved.

The old man and the horse were walking slowly down the trail. Jean could see the rider under the horse swinging slightly back and forth under the horse and she noticed the piston action of the big horse’s cock going in and out of Conchita’s pussy. She could see that the girl was enjoying her horse fuck by her body actions and this only added to the flame in Jean’s own vagina.

The belly rider and old man were disappearing around a curve in the trail and Jean turned to climb on Macho to follow when she saw Senor Alfalla sitting on his golf cart watching her.

Oh shit, he saw me peeping. Now I’m in for it! Jean thought as her shock of being caught peeping slowly faded away.

“Good afternoon, Senora Adams,” Senor Alfalia greeted her.

With a nervous voice Jean answered, “Yes it is, Senor Alfalla. I was just taking a ride because I can’t sleep during the siesta. I’m not used to taking a rest in the middle of the day no matter how hot it is.”

“Yes I noticed that, Senora Adams. I have seen you ride out in the afternoons every day this last two weeks and now I know what was so interesting for you to be out in his hot tropical sun.” He was lewdly smiling at the young wife when he said that.

“Yes…Yes…I have found something that is very interesting to me. It seems my maid Conchita has an unlikely way of riding a horse. Why does she do that?”

The old bastard isn’t going to scare me. So he caught me peeping so what. He can’t do anything to me. She thought and she knew a good offensive is better than a weak defense.

“Well, Senora I will be happy to answer any of your questions and even let you try it if you wish. It is called belly riding in South American, but is strictly illegal today. Many years ago if was done in Rio during the Marti Gra with girls that liked to compete for a great prize and the honor of her ranchero. She would be given a giant silver cup. They had to stop this practice when a few of the girls died because the horse cock was too long and penetrated her body too far during the parade.” He explained to Jean.

“In that case, why does Conchita do it, what’s the point of it?”

“For the pure erotica sexual orgasms she received when she is fucked by the horse and when she received his hot sperm in her body. Just for the pure excitement of it, Senora.” was his answer. “And one other thing.”

“Okay, I can understand her wanting to do something like that for the thrill of it. Just watching her makes me excited, but what is the one other thing?” Jean was loosening up to the older man and changing her attitude about him. He was being frank and honest to her with his answers.

“Oh the other thing is that I put on a belly riding derby race contest once a year here on the island for a few selected friends that enjoy seeing women perform this way. Of course there is a lot more sex and some high stakes gambling combined with that, that’s the way I make enough to support the show and give the girls a good size prize for their sexual efforts. Everyone had a great time, especially the belly riders.”

“Oh…Oh…Now I understand why Conchita is doing this everyday. Is this what you call training for the belly riding derby?” Jean asked Senor Alfalla.

“Yes it is. It takes about two months of hard training to get in shape for the grueling belly race, but it is worth it if you win the race. The first place win is usually around a half million dollars for the girl which she give the owner of the horse twenty percent. Now a girl like Conchita can go back to Brazil and buy a small ranchero for herself and live comfortably for the reminder of her life.”

Jean thought about what he had just said and then slowly replied, “What about a girl like me. If I could win the belly riding derby, I would take the money back home and buy myself a small farm too, but I would want to take my horse with me if I won.”

“Yes you could, Senora. I think you have the perfect body for a belly rider. You could easily win the beauty part of the belly riding derby. I have never had a blonde belly rider in any of the shows I put on yet, but would be very pleased to see a blonde girl like you enter.” and Jean knew he wanted to see her in the nude with a horse cock in her small cunt. She could read that lewd desire in his hot eyes as they traveled up and down her petite body.

“What do you mean by a pure blonde girl, Senor Alfalfa?” Jean asked.

He smiled very lewdly with the hottest lust she had ever seen in a man’s eyes before when he replied. “I mean a girl that has all blonde pubic hair, not bleached like most girls do that have blonde hair on their heads, and I would have to examine you to make sure of your purity.”

“Well for your information, Senor Alfalla, I am a pure blonde, top and bottom.” she spoke back at him haughtily.

Alfalfa stared at her for a moment and the spoke like it was a command.

“Prove it Senora. Show me!”

When he spoke to her like that, her blood began to boil and it was a real challenge to her. She always responded to a challenge if she thought she could do it, and this was easy for Jean, because she was so aroused that she wanted to tease the old man and see if he would try to fuck her.

Swiftly she walked over close to him, not more that a few feet from him and unbuttons the top button in her shorts and pulled the zipper down. She put her thumbs in the waist band and began to push the shorts and thong panty down at the same time. She did this slowly making every effort to tease and excite the older man.

His eyes never left Jean’s crotch as it was slowly uncovered and he saw the wet spot of her juice in the crotch of her thong panty and the twinkle of reflecting light flickering from the wet drops clinging to the long blond pubic hair. Jean saw him lick his lips as if he had just tasted her cunny lips and she shivered with erotic desire.

Alfalla slowly moved from the Golf cart, watching Jean for any sudden moves of fright, but the young wife, didn‘t move an inch. She just stared back at him and her eyes slowly moved down to his tented pants at his crotch.

The older man went to his knees in front of Jean and his hands moved around her to clutch her well, wide, rounded ass cheeks. He gently pulled her into his head and buried his face deeply into her crotch. \

Jean jumped when his tongue flicked across her Clitoris and she hugged up to his head when she put both hands on it and pulled him even deeper into her crotch.

“Oh Shit…Why…Why…Am…I…Letting you do this Senor…?”

Senor Alfalia didn‘t answer, he only sucked and flicked his tongue across her now budding clit as it slipped from it‘s sheath where it was nestling. Jean was already at her peak of arousal when she watched Conchita being penetrated by the horse cock and now she was on high burner and close to her red line before she exploded.

Alfalia stopped for a moment and spoke softly to her. “Sweet Jean, you are made for this. Your body is perfect for a horse cock. You have beautiful wide hips and can easily take any stallion I have, up into this sweet pussy.”

“Shut the fuck up, Senor and finish me…I…Want…to…cum…!”

He didn‘t hesitate then and dived back down between her thighs with his tongue flying back and forth across her clitoris. She was shaking like a tree in a thunderstorm and she pulled his head deeply into her crotch again and then she began to cry and scream out her release as her mind took off to outer space. She went rigid standing there with her shorts bunched around her right ankle and legs spread for easier access to her cunt by Alfalla. Her ass cheeks were jiggling like Jell-O in the senior’s hands and her tiny bowl of a stomach was quivering like a high speed vibration from an electrical dildio.

Senor Alfalfa had to hold her up to keep her from falling on her ass when she descended from outer space and collapsed over his shoulder.

He held her until she regained her control over her body and stood back from him. Swiftly she pulled her panty and shorts back up over her lower body.

She left Senor Alfalla standing beside his Golf cart with her love juice dripping from his short beard and a happy gleam in his eyes.

Jean didn’t say a word to him after that, she just climbed back on Macho and turned him towards her cottage. When she got back to the stable, she turned the horse over to the vaquero and then crossed the yard to her cottage and headed for the bath. She was still so hot and sexually aroused that she had to find some relief. Once she was in the bath, she began to masturbate and fantasying about how wonderful it must feel to have her cunt filled with horse cock while riding a horse in that position. She could imagine the excitement and thrilling orgasm she could have with that big penis buried in her vagina like Conchita was doing, right this moment. Her mind kept telling her that she could do it. She did the Salami that was as big around as the horse cock she saw, but not as long. It didn’t take her long before she had one of the biggest orgasms in her life, but she didn’t stop until she had two more, not as big as the first, but still just as good. The one with Alfalla didn’t compare with her fantasy one about fucking a horse cock.

Jean had dined with Senor Alfalla and wife, Senora Gretchen, late that night and the conversation was pretty boring to her. Nothing was said about the maid riding under the horse or Alfalla’s episode with her that afternoon, only a lot of talk about the ranchero business. The owner’s wife of the island did speak to her when she said good night and was leaving to return to her cottage.

“It is going to be very lonely for you while your husband is away to attend to his work on the mainland part of the ranchero, no?” Gretchen asked. “I’m sure you will miss him lying beside you at siesta time.” She was smiling at her lewdly when she said that.

“Yes, I miss him very much. We have only been married for two years and I wish I could be flying with him, helping him do the work. I want to get my commercial pilot’s license when we return to Virginia. I will have enough time after the long flight down here and back to qualify for that. Then I will be more than a wife to him, but a partner in all that he does. Yes, Senora Gretchen I want to be all I can for him and give him as much pleasure as I can, no matter what it is.”

“Senor Alfalla told me that you were watching Conchita exercise Hombre during the siesta today, Senora Adams. Have you ever seen a horse ridden that way before?” Jean was shocked that she would ask her a question like that. It was embarrassing to her to talk about belly riding even though she was curious and aroused by witnessing it, but mostly she wondered of Alfalla had told Gretchen that he went down on her after she saw Conchita belly ridding.

Jean stammered her answer after a few moments. “No. no...I haven’t. I haven’t even heard of that kind of riding before, until I saw Conchita doing it.” She couldn’t help it, but having her bring up the subject was making her sexual juices began to flow again. She could feel her cunt lubricating and the need for her cunny to be filled. She had an uncanny desire to be filled with hard cock meat, but what kind, a man’s or a horse’s, she just didn’t know at that moment?

“May I call you, Jean, my dear?” Gretchen asked and waited for Jean to answer.

“Why Yes, Senora. By all means call me Jean any time you wish.” Jean knew the woman understood her sexual nervousness and was giving her time to compose herself from the shock by the question she had asked of her.

“Well, Jean. That kind of riding has been performed here in this part of the country for as long as I can remember as part of a ceremony to demonstrate the power and fertility of the thoroughbred stallions. I did it all the time when I was a young girl like you. In fact I won the cup by being the best coupled rider in the parade at Martie Gra. Due to my age, I can’t do it now. I do miss the extreme sexual pleasure and excitement of coupling with a beautiful stallion while people cheer me on during the horse fucking I would be getting. Jean you can’t imagine the thrill of being fucked by a stallion. You will have an orgasm like you can’t believe. Looking at you, I know you have the perfect body to do it. “

Gretchen went on. “But, we continue the practice with a few of our maids that volunteer to do it for our annual belly riding derby. Your maid is one of these special girls and she does this for her own enjoyment and a cash prize if they win the derby. It is quite exciting to see especially for the men that watch. Our men love to see a woman coupled with a stallion and being serviced for her own sexual pleasure. My husband used to enjoy watching me exercise my favorite stallion this way too. It would make him as eager for me as the stallions were. It gave him great joy to see me perform this way and of course it made our love making more exciting after I had been coupled, for both of us… Oh, yes, we call it belly riding.”

Jean was so shocked at Gretchen’s admission that she too did belly riding and that she had enjoyed ever minuet of being coupled with a gigantic horse cock. Jean could hardly get the words out to say good night.

“That’s very interesting Senora. Now I must thank you for dinner and return to my cottage,” and she quickly turned but was stopped by Gretchen again.

“Jean. The horse you ride each day, Macho, I think you call him. Yes?” She waited for Jean to reply.

“Yes, I do call him, Macho. He is such a beautiful stallion. I love to ride him.”

“I think it is time for you to begin belly riding under him. You will be a beautiful belly rider coupled to him as you ride belly style. He is ready to be coupled now with a young girl, and you will make the perfect mare for him. Senor Alfalla wants to see you under Macho soon, being fucked as your horse trots down the beach track. I can see that you want to do it, so convince your husband that this is a new challenge for you that you want to conquer.”

The surprise was written all over Jean’s face. She didn’t know what to say. She just stood there for a few moments before she could even speak.

“Good night.” Jean fled from the room, out of the door and headed in the direction of her cottage, completely shocked by her suggestion.

Jean walked swiftly to her cottage. She curled up on the sofa to watch TV and she dozed off, thinking all the time about what the Senora had said. She wondered if it would feel as good at she said to belly ride under her black stallion, coupled as he trotted down the dirt road to the beach. Macho would surely give her the most wonderful orgasm she could ever want.

When Jean returned from her ride down to the beach following Conchita. She tied her horse to a tree and went into the stable where Conchita was still lying in the belly saddle. She was thinking a lot about how much she wanted to belly ride herself and one of her question that seemed to puzzle her was about the horse’s penis.

I wonder what is keeping that horse cock up. It must be that stuff in the syringe that Gonzales shot into Hombre’s penis before Conchita rode him down the trail. Holy shit, look at the way the big cock is buried in her cunt. Wow what awesome labia lips she has. I guess that if you get fucked enough by a horse cock your labia lips will get stretched out like Conchita’s.

Jean reached down to her crotch inside of her shorts and felt her own soft pubic mound. She could feel the large soft fleshy cushions around her cunt hole but her outer labia lips were so small that they were hidden by the fat rolls of flesh beside her slit. Jean slipped a finger into her slit between her thick soft lips and pressed against her enlarged clitoris. The pressure started to excite her so much that she knew she wanted to be filled there. She believed she could handle the huge size of a horse cock. How exciting it was to think of doing what Conchita was doing. Her fantasy was growing swiftly about how it would be to belly ride the stallion herself.

Jean was thinking, what an awesome way to be fucked. Wow, that would be a real exciting challenge to get that big cock in my pussy. Shit house mouse, I want to at least try it once. I’ll bet I would cum a dozen times with that big thing in my hole. Holy shit, I had better quit thinking about this or I am going to get into trouble with Harry wanting to do it. But then, I know I can do it if I put my mine to it. I know Harry would go bonkers if he saw me with a big horse cock in my cunny. He almost went nuts when he fucked me with that big salami and he even said he wanted to fuck me with another one too.

Suddenly the horse stepped sideways and Jean's view was blocked by the position of the horse's leg. The girl groaned as the horse moved, the penis jolting inside her. Then Gonzales who had been on the far side, walked round the horse's head to Jean's side of the animal so he could finish grooming. Jean just stood there watching.

The grooming continued for about twenty minutes, and then Gonzales, put the brushes and cloths away "Will you be all right here on your own or would you like me to stay? Can I bring you some food?" Gonzales asked his companion.

"No, no, you run along I will be fine. I don’t think I could manage to swallow in this position, but before you go, if you could wet my lips I would feel better."

Gonzales went to a large water container and dipping a small ladle into the water he carried the liquid to his friend, Conchita, extended the ladle and poured the water over her face, the girl licking her lips as she did so. "Thank you, I will be all right now, you go on home. I will see you in the morning. If you will leave one light burning when you go, I won’t be frightened by ghosts. Thank you, good night."

"Good night." Said Gonzales, as he slowly walked out of the stables extinguishing the lights as he went. Jean stayed, listening to the sounds of the horses and the girl breathing, and the occasional stamp of a horse hoof. She heard the jingling of the harness that held the girl suspended under Ebony and peered through the dimness to see what was wrong. She found that there was a little illumination in the building and she could make out shapes quite easily. She edged forward to get a closer look. The straw under her rustled as she moved and suddenly a harsh whisper cut the air. "Who's there?"

Jean was startled into stillness and sitting back on her haunches she waited.

"Who's there?" Came the voice again. Jean did answer. Jean spoke softly to her maid suspended under the horse. "Conchita, are you awake?"

"So there is someone there, I was beginning to think I had heard some rat or something. Is that you Senora Adams? What are you doing here, so late in the night?" the maid sounded worried. "Why are you here Senora?”

Jean replied then. "I could not sleep and when I rode by this old stable I heard you and Gonzales talking. So I came in to see what you are doing. Do you mind?”

“No Senora, I don’t mind, but please don’t get Hombre excited. He’s still in an excited state and if he moves too fast now, he may hurt me.” The maid replied.

The petite aroused wife then asked the maid. “Would you be willing to answer some of my questions? I’ve been watching you belly ride this horse for the last two weeks and I can’t believe you could possibly like being fucked by a horse.”

“Yes, Senora Jean, I will answer any question you have and as you can see, I not only like it, I love it. It is much better to fuck this way than with a man… Once a girl tries belly ridding there is no other way she will or can be satisfied.” She smiled at Jean then, knowing that the North American Gringo wife was only curious and was seeking a reason for her own desire to try it. Senora Alfalia had mentioned to her that she wanted to convince Senora Jean that she should become a belly rider while she was here on the ranchero.

“What do you want to know?"

"You won't tell my husbands that I was here will you?” Begged Jean.

"No I won't tell, he would be just as mad at me as he would you. North American men just don’t understand our ways, but I believe you will…understand…and soon what to feel the big horse cock within your body like I do.”

“Oh God! Conchita I have to know everything about it first. Now when you are you riding this horse upside down, is there any danger of getting kicked being so close to his legs. Can you make him gallop like that or only walk? What does it feel like to hang like that for so long? Does it hurt to have such a large cock inside you? How long do you have to stay in the harness like this?”

"Stop, stop, please Senora, one question at a time please, or I shall forget some. The first question was why I am riding Hombre like this. I am doing it because I like riding like this. Like I just told you, it makes me feel good and it’s very exciting to have him inside of me this way, but once I have finished I have to wait for him to finish. He has to completely drain his balls to finish. When he is drained, then his penis will shrink and slip out of me. That is when I will be able to get out of this harness and return to your cottage and work."

Just then Jean saw the horse moved again. The maid rocked in the harness as the large penis momentarily penetrated deeper. A creamy white jelly like liquid oozed out of the maid’s vagina and stuck to her buttocks and anus. Jean smiled at her then and asked another question.

“How does it feel when he shoots his cum so deep into your womb? Is it as good as a man doing the same thing?” Was the question Jean had wanted to ask all along?

The maid giggled softly before answering Jean’s question. Finally she looked up at the wide eyed young teenage wife and replied. “Senora Jean, you will never know the ultimate ecstasy of the biggest and greatest orgasm you could possibly have in your life time, until you, you have learned to belly ride a stallion. It’s the most wonderful feeling a young girl like you could possibly have, but you never will. Your husband would not agree for you to do it. Senor Alfalla and his wife want you to be trained in belly riding. The vaqueros all talk about how brave you are since they saw you break your horse to a saddle and ride him every day. They want to see you, like me now, nude with a horse cock in your pussy while trotting around the rancho. They all think you are much woman, Senor!”

“The vaqueros all say your are as Macho as your favorite Stallion and they rave about your beauty. Not a male on the rancho can keep his eyes off or you with their desire and lust. You will give them much eye ball pleasure if you ride like I do. Naked along the trails so they can watch you orgasm while being fucked by your horse Macho!”

“If you asked them. They love to watch a new, young, pretty girl being fucked by one of the stallions for the first time. . . I know they will agree if you asked them.”

Jean thought about what she had just said and smiled lewdly when she said, “If I thought I could get that gigantic cock in my tiny cunt without getting split apart, I want to do it. It looks so exciting and I believe you when you say it’s the greatest way to fuck there is. The Alfallas have already told me that they would like to see me under my horse, Macho, but I think my husband would kill me if I tried.”

Jean then smiled at the girl and left her hanging in the harness. She quickly rode back to the main stable and returned to her cottage. Just as soon as she removed her clothes, she began to masturbate. She did it slowly and her mind was racing with the idea of how it would feel to her if she was in the harness, being fucked by the gigantic horse cock. Her orgasm was so great that she fainted and didn’t wake up until later in the morning when she heard Conchita in the kitchen. She didn’t get up from the bed or cover her nudity when the maid entered and placed a breakfast tray across her body.

“Senora Jean slept well, no?” She asked.

“Yes, very well.” Jean answered and she couldn’t help but remember all of what she had seen the day and night before. She had little to do and her thought kept returning to what she had witnessed and what the maid had told her about belly riding that It was affecting Jean so much that she was still aroused and she couldn’t seem to get the idea out of her mind that she wanted to do it if the horse cock wouldn’t split her open.

“Very good, Senora Jean.” the maid answered politely. “Have you thought about being coupled with your horse, Macho? I know you will love it like I do when you train to belly ride. Senora Gretchen was inquiring about who was with me in the barn so late last night. I had to tell her it was you or I would have lost my job and I don’t want to have that happen to me.”

“Oh My God! You didn’t?” Jean exclaimed.

“Yes, Senora Jean. I had too, but do not worry. Senora Gretchen is an understanding woman. She loves to have new girls taking training in belly riding here on the ranchero. They want the most beautiful girl with the very best stallion in the belly horse riding derby and the Senora wants you to do that. She will ask you to be one of her entries in the derby this year, very soon. It will occur next month and I understand you and your husband will still be here then. That will give you plenty of time to learn how it’s done and get used to a wonderful horse fuck. That‘s the best part of belly riding. The fucking!”

“What can I do? My husband will kill me if I even think of doing something like that. Oh please, don’t mention it to him when he returns. I can’t do that. I could never get that big thing in me, no way. It’s impossible and it must hurt like hell!” Jean was almost in hysterics, but she said more. “Conchita, if it is as wonderful as y ou say to be fucked by a horse, I…think…I …might…like…to…try it one time, but I have to get over my fear first!”

“Oh No Senora Jean! Once you learn how to relax your body completely, the penis will slid into your pussy so smoothly that you will cum at once like you have never done with your husband or any man for that matter. When you learn how to ride and he gallops, you will have one orgasm after another by the long strokes deep within you. You will love it and if your husband could see you, he will be so proud of you because you can win the cup for being the best belly rider in the derby and you will win the money too. Please say you will do it, Senora. Jean. I will help you too all I can.”

Jean was shocked at the request and quickly replied. “No, No, and again No. I will not do it. I‘m too afraid of my husband’s temper! I think that is my only reason.”

“Don’t worry about your husband, Senora Jean. Senor Alfalla has a plan that he discussed with me after the day he gave you so much pleasure down at the old stable. I know it will work and your husband will agree to let you fuck your horse, Macho.”

“Senor told you about what he did to me? Oh my god!” She leaped out of the bed and put on a pair of shorts and tee shirt before she ran out of the cottage, getting away from the grinning maid.

Just at sunset, Jean heard the humming of a big redial engine aircraft approaching the landing strip and she knew it was her husband. She jumped in the Jeep that had been assigned to her and her husband and took off down the dirt road to the long landing strip. She watched the Stearman glide down to a perfect three point landing and roll about four hundred feet before it turned off of the strip and headed for the tie down spot next to the spare aircraft. She was there in time and she guided the plane right into the chocks and quickly tied the wings down and finally the tail.

Harry jumped down from the cockpit and ran to his wife, taking her into his arms and giving her a long kiss while his hands were caressing her beautifully rounded ass cheeks. His cock jumped to full erection when she rubbed her belly against his and finally the broke apart.

“My, but you are a horny little girl.” He told her.

“And you are a dirty old man too.” She replied.

“Let’s get home. I want some of your sweet pussy and I can’t wait, a week without you is too long.” Her husband told her.

The two of them jumped into the Jeep and headed back to the cottage. They hadn’t even shut the door to the cottage before they were at each other, pulling clothes off and finally totally nude.

Jean went to her knees and began to kiss and suck his six inch cock. He was almost ready to cum when she stopped and looked at him.

“Now me. I want to feel your tongue between my legs, Honey.” Jean said.

Her husband didn’t hesitate and picked her up and laid her on the bed. He positioned her so that her ass cheeks were hanging off of the side of the bed and he sat down on the floor. His mouth engulfed her whole vagina, sucking her fat labia lips deep within his mouth. His right hand was stroking his hard cock in a slow motion, keeping it as hard as possible. He continued to eat Jean’s cunt until she whined, “Enough, enough, Honey, Now fill me with your cock.”

Her husband quickly turned her around length wise on the bed and mounted her in the missionary position. Neither one of them lasted more than three minuets before they began to orgasm together. They both were grunting and moaning as the sperm from her husband entered her body. Finally they slowed down and Harry rolled off of his wife and collapsed beside her.

“My God, Jean. What’s gotten into you? That was the best fuck we have ever had and you are a wildcat. I love it. I wish I could have been a fly on the ceiling and watched us do that.” He sounded so happy and proud of her that she couldn’t believe it. He had never praised her for her sexual performances with him. Something deep down in her subconscious flashed in big bold letters when she remembered his saying he wished he could have watched them fucking. Suddenly she wanted to ask him a very touchy question and she kissed him before she did.

When they broke away from the kiss, Jean asked. “Why would you want to watch us fuck? Is there some deep down hidden fantasy you would like to have come true?”

Harry looked stunned by her question. It scared the hell out of him for making such a blunder by blurting out that he wished he could have seen them fucking. His answer was a complete lie.

“Baby Doll, I love you and it just slipped out that I wish I could have seen how we both were acting during that great sex secession we just had. Nothing else.”

Jean didn’t say a word after his answer, but mentioned that they had to get dressed to go to the big house for dinner.

After dinner, Senor Alfalla spoke to Harry when Jean was occupied with some of the women of the house. “I would like to speak to you later this evening, Senor Adams. Would you please come up to my library at ten, alone?”

Harry just nodded at first and then asked. “Is everything going Okay? I’m ahead of schedule on the spraying and should be finished on time. I haven’t had any problems with anyone or the job, Senor.”

“No. No. my boy. No problems. Just a little something I think a young man like you may like to see and enjoy. One of the shows I promote here on the ranchero… If you come at ten, I give you a preview of what it is like and I will be very happy to show you something unusual. I know it will get you aroused enough to keep you busy with that beautiful little Senora of yours for the next few nights, before you go back to Mainland on Monday.”

Harry understood right away that Alfalia must be a dirty old man too and he had caught the lewd meaning of what he was driving at. He found Jean and told her that they had to go back to the cottage and he would be returning to a business meeting with Alfalia later at ten.

Jean looked at him with a shocked expression on her face and hoped that it wasn’t something about her he was going to discuss with Alfalia. She was on pins and needles when he left her at the cottage to return to the house for the meeting.

Senor Alfalla was sitting behind his gigantic desk and Harry was sitting in an overstuffed leather chair. Both were sipping Sangria. Harry could feel the drink hitting him and making him feel so relaxed that nothing Alfalla was saying had registered until the old man mentioned Jean.

“Harry, you know your wife it the most beautiful girl on the ranchero now. I have watched her while you have been gone and grown to enjoy seeing her ride my stallions and move about the place, especially when she is wearing her near nothing thong bikini bathing suit at the pool. She is perfection personified for a beautiful petite Lady. I hope you realize how much woman she is and will encourage her to do what ever she desires while she is with us.”

“She told me that she enjoys exciting challenges and I have a challenge that I know will please her very much if she will try it. I think you will enjoy seeing a preview of what I am talking about, performed by your housemaid tonight, just for your enjoyment. Once you see Conchita do it, I am sure you will want to see Senora Jean perform this for your enjoyment. It will give her the ultimate in enjoyment if you will allow her to indulge in it for her own enjoyment too. The two of you will have one of the most wonderful experiences you could possibly have while visiting us here.” The old man watched Harry’s eyes for any clue as to anger or jealousy. None appeared to him.

“Yes, she is beautiful, Senor. I have always known that and she does have her ways. Sometimes she is a little too daring and I worry about that. I would hate to see her injured or even die trying to do one of her crazy stunts.” Harry was slurring his words then and thinking of some of the wild things she has tried while flying their aerobatic little super decathlon back home.

The old man looked at his watch and nodded. “I think it’s time we took a short walk to my stable so you can see what I have been talking about.” He stood up and motioned Harry to follow. They rode in his golf cart down the trail to his hidden stable were there was a light shining inside. When they reached the stable they stood just inside of the main door.

The Senor quick word to the old hand that was grooming a horse in a strange kind of harness. Harry went over to look at the newly rigged horse. Then the young Indian girl, his house maid, walked into the stables. She was wrapped in a blanket and had nothing on her feet. She looked at Harry and stopped in the middle of the stable. The girl looked around, hesitating before Senor Alfalfa spoke to her. “Senor Adams will help you tonight and lead your horse, Conchita.”


The girl dropped the blanket and was suddenly nude. Harry was startled but the Senor motioned him to help the struggling girl into the harness under the horse. The young husband was fascinated at the procedure of getting the girl into the sling and he watched closely as she turned so that her belly was up against the stallion’s belly. He tightened the harness the way the Senor was instructing him and the girl was completely secured, ready for her ride.

The young husband was completely awed at the sight of the pretty nude girl lying in the harness, waiting as the horse stood there. His eyes moved down to the Horse’s sheath and he saw the gigantic penis exposing itself like a machine that was just starting to work. The horse’s penis continued to extend out until it reached a length of about two feet long and when Senor motioned for him to push the thick head between the young girl’s labia lips, he shuddered when he took the big, hot, hard meat in his hand and guided the cock head to it’s target, the young girl’s cunt. At first it would not go in but Harry held the lips apart with his free hand and slid the throbbing meat in with his other hand. It slipped in easily and as it did Harry got a glimpse of the large hole in the girl’s cunt. He sat back on his heels amazed. How that cock gotten so big and his own tool had began to harden?

"Oh, that feels good to me Senor Adams; it has been so many hours since I had him in there, it makes me feel like much woman!" Conchita said to Harry.

The young maid sounded as though she was in an erotica dream world; there was sweat all over her body. The penis continued to grow and it seemed to Harry that she would take it, no matter how big it got. It penetrated, the thick shaft pulled the lips of her pussy into her body a little and then they would slip out again only to be pulled in again by the expanding rod. After a few minutes the growth stopped and Harry was able to breathe again. He had been holding his breath with anxiety at seeing the extent to which the shaft had penetrated the girl. He had known that horse's penises were large but had not realized just how much would fit into a woman‘s cunt.

The girl gave a sigh. "All right, we can go now, I am sorry if it startled you the way it went in like that but once it started there was nothing I could do to stop it. It just takes over slides in and it is so lovely that way. It feels so good and hot as is stuffs my cunt. It makes me feel as if I am on a rocket shit and about to explode." The girl told him in broken English.

Harry broke from his stunned amazement and went to work when he was ordered finish strapping the girl into the harness. He reached up and strapped one of her knees and legs in the harness. The horse stood still while all this was being done. The job finished Harry doubled checked his handy work the same as he would his aircraft when he had worked on them. He could just slip a few fingers into the straps that bound hand and feet, so none of the straps were too tight. The girl was in the right position with her shoulders well back from the horse's front limb but her legs were out of the way of the hind legs. That was good. The young husband could see that the girl was perfectly safe and it would be unlikely that the horse would be able to kick or otherwise injure her.

Satisfied with his work he took particular note of the state of the horse's penis as he did so. It was still thick and hard and seemed to be about half way into the girl’s open vagina, at least ten to twelve inches.

I’ll be a son of a bitch but this is fornicating to the highest degree. I have never seen anything like this in my life, but it really is awesome. This little girl is gorgeous with that big black cock in her cunt. Wow!

My wife would be beautiful strapped in, this way too with a real big hot horse cock like the horses’ I’m sure it wouldn’t be too big for her if she tried it. Better than that cold hard salami that I shoved up her cunt. It is the same size but not as long. Holy shit! What am I think about. Have I gone out of my ever loving mind>

His mind had slipped over to replace the maid with is wife in that position.

My God, I know Jean would be twice as beautiful if she was strapped in that saddle with a horse cock in her cunt. If she knew what I am thinking I am thinking this time she would kill me and divorce me. Man it would be awesome to see her this way. My old Johnson is about to shoot thinking about seeing Jean in in this harness and ready to be fucked by a horse. Oh shit! I would love that.

Harry just couldn’t get those lewd thoughts out of his mind. All he thought about wanted to see his wife ride belly style and being fucked silly by a horse. Maybe she wouldn’t be teasing him about his small cock and not giving her enough when they fuck.

His own cock was tenting his trousers and he knew he would shoot his load soon if he didn’t quit thinking about seeing his wife do this, but he just couldn’t stop thinking and fantasizing about it.

Alfalfa’s voice stopped his reverence about his wife with that big horse’s gigantic cock in her cunt. "Back the horse out and take them down the trail. We will be there for about an hour. That should be long enough for you to get the idea of what belly riding is all about, Harry.”

Harry had no problem with this and as he encouraged the horse to reverse into the passage at the back of the stalls. Once the horse was in the passage he led him out but while doing so he lengthened the leading rein to its full extent. As the horse took its first step, Harry heard the girl suspended under the horse give a deep gasp.

He wondered what was happening to her that she had to utter such a sound. He looked back and could see the harness rocking forward and back. At the same time it swung sideways, to and fro. Harry wanted to watch but knew that he had to keep an eye on the direction of the horse and not let him go the wrong way. He pulled his eyes back to the front and concentrated on leading the horse down the trail. He let the reins out so he could drop back and observe the girl under the animal, being fucked as the harness let her move back and forth as he walked.

Harry was able to view what had really grabbed his interest now that the horse was walking smoothly down the trail…The first thing that he noticed was that there seemed to be a lot of movement in the harness. Not only was it moving forward and back, and from side to side, but there was quite a lot of up and down motion as well. The next thing he saw was that not all of this up and down motion was done by the harness. The girl riding in the harness seemed to have much more motion than the harness that was designed to support her. In fact it rather looked as though the poor rider was writhing in agony.

"Speed up, speed him up, please Senor Harry. I want to cum!” The girl gasped in desperation.

Harry quickly coaxed the horse into a trot.

Senor Alfalia spoke softly. “She is in a state of orgasm right now. The horse is giving her the most exciting erotic thrill a young girl could have. My wife would love to be able to ride like this at a trot and have multiple orgasms like this girl is having again, but she is too old to do it now.”

The maid seemed to be arching her body in time to the horse's pace. It began to look like a strange dance, performed between horse and rider. The penis seemed to be getting stiffer if that was possible and the amount that it was entering her cunt was increasing dramatically. It had started with about three to four inches moving in and out, now there must have been nine or ten inches sliding smoothly in and out in time to the horse's trot. Added to this were the sounds of groans and gasps that seemed to be made in time to the inward thrust of the horse's penis.

They had started off as barely audible low moans but the volume and pitch had increased. Now they were loud enough to make the birds stop chirping in the fields, and they were more like screams than moans. Could this keep increasing? The horse trotted on but was getting skittish, dancing along the circle instead of trotting normally. This seemed to make its rider scream even more. Suddenly she stopped. She arched her back and went very stiff. She stayed like this for a few moments and then letting out a long sigh she slumped in the harness.

Harry moved closer to the horse as it walked down the tract and asked the young girl. “Are you all right?

"Yes, yes, I am fine. This is the best way this kind of riding is done. It fills you with so much sexual excitement and intensity that you just have to scream when you cum. It is the most beautiful way a woman can have sex. I love the feeling of a gigantic cock within my pussy, rubbing my clit and going deep enough to touch my womb. It gives me an orgasm greater than any man can.”

Suddenly the horse stopped and stood shaking. "Watch her pussy Harry sees what happens." Alfalia said softly to Harry.

Then she started gasping again. "Oh it is Sooow good…." Harry moved back so he could see the thick horse penis entering the girl’s cunt. At first nothing was happening but sudden, the penis started to pulse and a large amount of white creamy liquid squirted out of the tight fitting union. The penis was thrust half way into her pussy it was swelling even bigger. Harry was stunned that anything could get out at all. There were several little jets of the liquid squirting out around the big black cock until the last drops just trickled out and ran down her buttocks. Harry watched, fascinated, waiting for more liquid, but it seemed to have stopped.

"That is it Harry, the horse must walk some more before it cums again. Come on lets go." The girl was obviously so eager that Harry jumped to his task of guiding the horse when they continued on down the tract.

The girl spoke to Harry softly so that Carl could not hear her words. “Senor Harry. This is wonderful. I love the way you lead the horse. It has been the best orgasms I have ever had this week. I know your wife; Senora Jean will love to do this. Think of how proud you would be to see her do a belly ride in the derby next month. Many people will be watching and listening to her scream out her wonderful orgasm, more wonderful that you could ever give her with your man size penis. She is the kind of Lady that would be thrilled to be nude with people applauding her efforts to cum for them and herself. Senor Harry, think of her pleasure if she were doing this. Please let her enjoy a big horse cock once in her young life and I know you will be very proud of her if she performs in the derby. You will be much Macho man in the eyes of the Brazilian men with a beautiful belly rider as your wife.”

The idea of his wife riding against the stallion’s belly shocked Harry, but his subconscious betrayed him. His cock jumped straight out to its fullest length, rock hard, so hard that he couldn’t have driven nails in it if he wanted too. The idea of his wife slung under a horse with a gigantic horse cock buried in her sweet little cunt made the prelubrication ooze out of the end of his penis. He wanted to take it out and beat it to a complete orgasm, but how could he with Alfalia right behind him.

“Young lady, I don’t think my wife would agree with you. She would never accept the idea of being horse fucked while hanging under it.” But his mind was going wild with the lewd thought of seeing Jean in the sling.

The senor drove up to Harry in his golf cart and took the reins in his hands and spoke to Harry. “What do you think of our custom of belly riding? Quite interesting and exciting to see, isn’t it?” the old man asked.

Harry stammered, knowing full well that the old man could see the tent in his pants, but he gave him he answer he was looking for. “Yes, quite interesting and it is very exciting for the young lady.”

“Yes it is and always is, for any young lady. It never fails to make a girl love it. I used to get so excited when I watched my wife ride her favorite stallion belly style that I would orgasm without even touching my cock.”

“Your wife did this?” Harry exclaimed.

“Why of course. I told you, but you must have been thinking of something else when I did. She won the belly riding cup two years in a row with her performance with her stallion.” The old man knew he had Harry’s curiosity up now to such a degree that anything he said would not cause any problems so he forged ahead.

“Your wife, Jean could easily win that cup and best of all the cash prize next month if you encouraged her to started training this week. She is so beautiful and petite that she would make a perfect belly rider. What do you think?” He waited for his answer a long time before Harry could get his thought straightened out.

“Senor, my wife is kind of crazy about taking chances and doing wild things, but this. I don’t think she would possibly agree to perform this way much less take a horse cock up into her small body. No way unless she is crazy!”

“Harry, I don’t think you really know your wife. She could do it, and I believe she is the kind of girl that will give it a try and enjoy it if you don’t stand in her way. If you deny her this adventure, I think she will regret it the remainder of her life and so will you. Talk to her and suggest that she try it and that you wouldn’t object to her starting training this week. One other thing I have noticed about your wife that will make it easy for her. She has the perfect body for it. She small and will fit nicely in a belly riding saddle and I know you must like her wide hips. With hips as wide as hers, she won‘t have any problem of stretching her pussy to take a big horse cock. She doesn‘t have to take a lot of it up in her, maybe no more than a foot, but her pussy will accommodate the four and a half inch diameter of horse cock, I know.”

“You want me to say yes, she can do it, Senor? Do you want me to tell her to do it? Is that what you want me to do?” Deep down the young husband was so excited about the idea but he didn’t know how to agree to the old man’s proposal or how to broach the subject with Jean, but he already knew she could take a horse cock. She had taken salami as big as a horse cock in diameter and loved it.

“I just want you to move aside and let her do what she wants. Don’t say anything to her. She will come to you and then at that time you must encourage her to try it. Once she knows that, I can arrange that she is trained correctly without any damage to her body, only she will have the same wonderful experience the young lady in the harness is having right now. Think of how proud you will be if she won the cup and how exciting it would be to watch your wife belly ride in the derby here on the island. She may even win the first prize of half a million dollars. Think of how proud you will be of your beautiful wife riding around the track with all of the spectators cheering her on. I think she is the kind of girl that loves attention, especially if she can parade her beauty in the nude in front of a large audience.”

Harry didn’t know what to say. He wanted everything the old man had suggested, but he knew his wife would think he had gone completely bonkers.

The two men were silent after that and they led the horse back up the trail and into the barn and stall. The Senor told Harry to return to his wife and he would take care of the girl in the harness.

The young husband was completely stunned by the old man’s proposition and desires for his wife. The idea was racing through his mind and he began to remember some of the fantasies he always had about Jean. He thought of the many times he had wanted to see Jean make love to another man and how excited he would get. The times he would be between Jean’s beautiful legs buried deep in her cunt and his mind would be running pictures by that she was being fucked by her old boy friend and he was watching. His memory took him back to the time he fucked her with the salami and how excited she was when she had her orgasm with it deeply in her cunt. She loved that big roll of meat then and he even shot off without touching his own meat. Every time it had been the most exciting erotic session of love making that he could remember. Now this idea was even more exciting and he knew he wanted the same thing the old man wanted. He wanted to see Jean slung under that horse with that big cock buried up in her cunt while it trotted around the track with the spectators watching his wife have her multiple orgasm. His cock was about to explode when he stripped off his clothes and ran into the bedroom.

Jean was wide awake, worried about what Senor Alfalia wanted with her husband. All kind of horrible things were running through her mind. If Alfalia had told Harry about seeing her by the stable watching the girl belly riding and then letting Senor Alfalia eat her cunny until she had her orgasm. he would kill her. She knew the least thing Harry would do, would be to divorce her when they returned to the U.S. She couldn’t get those things out of her mind and she had been rolling and tossing in the bed ever since she came to bed when Harry left at ten. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was now almost one. Harry had been with Alfalia for over two hours, what in the world could they be talking about this long?

Just then, Jean heard the door open to the cottage, but never shut, and suddenly her husband jumped in bed with her. He took her into his arms and began to kiss her from the top of her head to her knees. His mouth roamed all over her nude body, sucking her sweet nipples and going down to run his nose through the mass of blond pubic hair. He quickly spread her legs and began to kiss the inner surfaces of her thighs. Slowly he moved to her cunt and sucked her big labia lips deep into his mouth. He found the clit right away. The tiny penis shaped nub was hard and sticking straight out of its tiny sheath. Jean had been horny all day and when her husband had taken her into his arms, she knew everything was fine. She had relaxed and turned on so fast that her clit had responded almost immediately.

“Oh God! Honey, what’s gotten into you?” She asked as he continued to suck and lick her clit.

“Nothing. I just love you so much that I wanted this.” and he moved back down to her cunt.

Jean didn’t believe him, because he had never been so impatient to make love to her like this before in their entire marriage. “I don’t believe you. Did Senor Alfalia show you a dirty movie or have a naked dancing girl in his office?” She asked.

Harry slid up her body and gently inserted his rock hard penis and began to stroke it very slowly. Suddenly he knew he was going to cum, he had been on the edge ever since he had watched the nude girl get in the belly riding harness. His movement speeded up and Jean sensed his impatient and she knew it wasn’t her that had made him so near Cumming, it had to be something else and then it dawned on her.

Her husband had witnessed a girl belly ridding and Alfalla had made the arrangements. Her mind was racing, knowing now that Harry would probably want to see her do it, but he would never come right out with it. That sly old Brazilian rancher had planted a big seed in her husband’s mind and she didn’t know if she was mad or glad about it, but thinking it over in a nano second, she was excited and extremely aroused at the idea she was going to get a chance to fuck a horse cock until it filled her womb with a pint of white hot horse sperm.

Her husband began to breath very heavily and his body was trembling and then she felt him stiffen as his sperm was making its’ way from his testicle up his body and down through his five inch penis. Suddenly she felt the hot liquid flooding her vagina and she couldn’t wait to know the answers to her thoughts and she blurted out.

“It’s good, isn’t it Sweetheart. The belly riding girl really got you hot. I’m glad!” Then Jean waited for Harry to explode.

“Oh God! Baby Doll.” Harry said just as the last of his cum shot out into her body. “How did you know?”

“I’ve seen her belly ride too,” and Jean was trembling with the first of her orgasm that was triggered by the same thoughts her husband was having of her being in the harness. “It made me so hot that I want to be fucked by a horse too!”

Jean moaned and bucked as his cock grew soft, she squirmed and panted and her orgasm was so small that she was disappointed. She needed a gigantic cum, and didn’t get it.

The two of them rolled apart and just laid there for a minuet or two before Harry said anything. “Baby Doll, you mean it. You want to get fucked like Conchita by a horse?”

Jean smiled to herself when she replied. “Yes…Oh…Yes…It did look very exciting for the girl, but I can’t understand how she can take that gigantic cock up in her cunt.”

“Baby Doll, remember the time you told me you wanted to have a big one just once and we bought that big salami.”

“Yes, I remember it, “and Jean shuddered at the memory of that big round thing sliding up in her cunt and how full she felt. Once her husband had coated it with Astro Glide, it slid right in, all eight inches of it and she had one of the best orgasms she had ever had. In fact now that she thought of it, it was the best she had ever had and she had thought of buying another one and doing it again.

“You liked that, didn’t you? You sure did cum on that thing. I got so hot watching you take all eight inches of that big brown thing that I shot off the same time you orgasmed. Remember it?”

“Yes! Oh yes, how I could forget. I remember it. I remember it very well too.” Jean was getting tired of her husband beating around the bush. She knew what he wanted and probably even wanted to hear her say she wanted it again. So she decided that she was on safe ground and began to talk.

“Honey, are you trying to tell me that you want to see me belly ride a horse, just like the girl was doing tonight? You want to see me fuck a horse like that?”

“Oh Shit, no!” He lied to her.

“Honey, you are lying. I know you. Now admit it. I won’t get mad at you if you tell me the truth.”

Harry just laid there for a long time, then he slowly turned toward her and took her into his arms when he said.

“Yes, Shit yes! You are right. You do read me like a book. The whole time I was watching that girl under the horse having orgasm after orgasm, I was think it was you. It made me so hot that I almost came in my pants. Alfalia wants you to belly ride. The old man is eager to see you start riding next week, and he wants you to ride in his derby. He said that he knew you could win the cup and cash if you ride.”

Jean was shocked at what her husband had told her. She shouldn’t have been because she knew that it was what he wanted, but to hear it out loud actually took her breath away.

“Baby Doll, would you do it, do you have any desire to try it, if I insist I want to see you fuck a horse?”

“Oh Harry. The idea is so exciting for me. I’ve thought about it for the last two week. Ever since I saw Conchita do it. She tells me that it’s the greatest erotic excitement a girl could have. I can’t get it out of my mind and I think I would like to do it, but I’m scared that a horse cock would be too big for me, but then when I think about how big that salami was, the horse cock is only longer.”

“Baby Doll, I don’t think you would have a bit of trouble if you use a lot of Astro Glide. I watched you take that gigantic salami without any problem. Just think of you doing it is making me hard again,” and he rolled over on her and buried his cock all the way in her cunt. The two of the fucked twice more before dawn and they were so tired that they didn’t even get up for breakfast. The maid brought them breakfast in bed and neither one of them made any attempt to hide their nudity.

They hadn’t said much about the belly riding for the rest of the day, but after their dinner at the main house, Gretchen spoke to Jean softly so that no one around them could hear her words. “Jean. I think you and your husband have talked about you entering training for belly riding, No?”

Jean was a little startled but she smiled at the older woman when she replied. “Yes, we have talked. When my husband witnessed Conchita riding last night out on the trail, he was very excited about it and he will not object if I do decide to belly ride. There is one thing that is bothering me thought. How in the world do you train to take such a gigantic penis?”

“Have no fear, Jean. You will find that it is very easy after the first time. Then you will welcome the wonderful full feeling a hot horse cock buried in you sweet cunt after that. Will you agree to go into training next Monday?” The older woman was smiling all the time and looking around the room at the others. Her eyes finally settled on Jean’s and waited.

Jean stammered her answer then. “I...I....Think I might try it. But if it hurts too much, I’ll quit right at that moment.”

“Very well. I will make the arrangements for you to start Monday.” She turned and left the room then.

On the way back to the cottage, her husband spoke to her softly and slowly, just to make sure she understood him.

“Baby Doll, the Senor spoke to me while you were talking to his wife. He was concerned that you might refuse to belly ride one of his stallions. I will leave that up to you and I want you to know that I will love you just the same and probably more if you do start riding belly style and ride in the derby. I will be the proudest husband in the world if you win the cup and prize money.”

“Then you want me to do it? Is that right?” She asked, not believing he would come right out and give her complete permission to be fucked by a horse.

Harry stopped walking and took her into his arms. He kissed her long and deep before he answered her.

“Yes. I want you to belly ride under a horse. I want to lead the horse out to the track with you under it. I want to hear you screams of joy when you cum. I want to see your sweet pussy gulping down a gigantic horse cock when it penetrates your hot cunny and he is trotting with you coupled to his big penis. Now you know that is what I want. Is that the answer you want?”

“Oh Yes, Honey. Yes....Yes.....I will do it.....I will do it for our enjoyment, for both of us and especially for yours. Of course I know I will love it if I get used to it. If I can take it, I know you will love seeing me belly ride as much I want to be fucked by Macho.” and she melted in his arms.

The young Mrs. Adams had started on her new adventure the moment her husband had vanished out of sight to the south when he took off on Monday morning. Her first week was spent riding in the sling under the horse, still clothed, with Gonzales the stable hand teaching her how to guide the horse from the sling, how to move back and forth with the motion of the animal and most of all how to relax under the horse. These lessons began as an hour long and each day one hour was added until, she was up to five hours in the sling under the horse. Jean had taken to the belly riding method like a professional. She never made a mistake and she could control Macho almost with her voice. Her was a dream to ride this way and very soon she would be riding with his cock embedded in her cunt so she could received the full benefit of the most erotic sexual orgasm a woman could ever dream of while filled with a gigantic cock of a horse.

The last days she had belly ridden without Gonzales to guide the horse and this time she took the horse down the trail and along the fields to the beautiful beach. By the end of the second week, she was confident that she could handle Macho, her horse, this way and had said so to Gretchen.

When she returned to the ranch on her last ride for the second week on Macho, she was met at the stable by Gretchen.

"The time has come for you to mate with your horse. Macho is a fine beast and will serve you well for the derby, but he can not serve you if your vagina will not open to him."

There was no beating about the bush here. Everything was stated as it was, not as a story that eventually had a punch line.

"There is only one way for you to make yourself open enough to accommodate him. It will require courage. You must open yourself to him all at once, no hesitation once you start. You must have the strength and courage to bear the pain of the first penetration as if you were giving birth to a baby.”

Jean looked at Gretchen squarely in the eyes and she made her choice.

She was willing to go through with this part of the training and said so to herself.

“I’m ready, Gretchen. If you can do it, I know I can.” Jean had seen enough of the young girls around the ranchero belly riding with a horse cock inserted in their tight cunt. Now she was determined to be just as good as they were or even better at belly riding.  

“Senor has summoned your husband to return here to be beside you for your penetration ceremony. Usually the girl is assisted by her father, or my husband, but you are a married woman and it is your husband’s right to assist you in the first penetration of your vagina by a horse.” she said solemnly to the eighteen year old girl .

“Oh God!” was the only thing Jean could say when she was told that Harry would be with her. Then she realized that it would be much easier for her to have him with her to encourage her and support her in this grim, painful opening of her vagina to the unreal size required for the horse’s penis to enter her body. Of course she knew it had to be her favorite stallion, Macho’s big penis that would be doing the dirty deed.

That very evening she heard the big Pratt & Whitney engine droning in the distance and when it got close to the landing strip it roared as her husband side slipped to a landing on the grass runway.

Harry jumped from the Stearman as soon as he rolled into the chocks and left the care of the aircraft to the field hands tie it down and cover the cockpit for him.

Jean ran to her husband and jumped into his arms and began to sob and gently cry with joy while he kissed her.

“What’s the matter, baby doll?” he asked his wife.

“Didn’t Senor Alfalla tell you when he sent word for you to return to the ranchero?” She asked

“No, he only sent word for me to return here as soon as possible that you will need me tomorrow afternoon.” he replied. “What’s up?

“You will have to assist me in the penetration ceremony when I couple with Macho for the first time tomorrow afternoon. That’s what’s up,” and Jean slowly got control of herself.

“What? You are going to fuck the horse tomorrow afternoon and I have to be with you?” Harry exclaimed and without really realizing it his subconscious took over and his cock began to harden at the thought of helping his wife prepare to be taken by a horse cock in her tight cunny and be fucked by it.

Harry’s thoughts were running wild. Holy shit, she is actually going to do it. This is awesome; my tiny wife is going to let Macho fuck her. Dam, she is going to be lovely and hell she is making me so proud or her. What a wonderful girl, what a wonderful brave wife I have. God I love her so much!

Just then another jeep drove up with both Gretchen and the Senor in it and they got out greeting Harry. “Welcome back, Harry. We are so happy that you returned so quickly. Your brave wife will need you tomorrow afternoon for the penetration ceremony. You are required to assist her in anyway that she may need help during the ceremony, but mostly you will be required to prepare her for the painful ordeal. Once that is over you will lead her horse around the area so that she may enjoy the thrill of being coupled to her stallion, Macho. While everyone witnesses the penetration and her first orgasm with a horse.”

Harry just stood there with his mouth open, his cock growing by the second and beginning to make a tent in his pants. Jean noticed it and quickly pulled him towards her Jeep. They left the older couple standing there and headed to their cottage as fast as they dared.

Harry had his wife stripped and on the bed in a nano second and his clothes flew through the air as he stripped and released his acking cock so it stood pointed straight at her cunny when he pulled her body to the edge of the bed with her ass just barely on the bed and her thighs up over his shoulders.

“Now baby doll, I want to fuck you while your cunny is still small and tight around my cock. I know after you fuck Macho I won’t ever be able to satisfy your desire for sex. But don’t get me wrong, I want this as much as you do. I want to see you and hear you enjoy a big horse cock the same as you did the salami you tried once before. I want this for myself as much as I want it to please you and make you shoot over the moon like you have never done before when I fuck you.” He slowly entered her cunt and was quite surprised to find that she was as ready for his cock as he was to fuck her. Her vagina was so sloppy with her cunt juice when he slid in like a greased pole.

Jean hunched up to him and the two of them went at it like rabbits. Jean’s hips were thrusting hard up against him at the same time he shoved into her like a lightening bolt. Both were so near their orgasm that the speed that they were moving was going to make short work of their love secession. Harry’s ass was a blur and Jean’s tits were shaking like a bowl of Jell-O right out of the frig.

“Oh shitttttt…Ohhhh…honey….I’m….there!” Jean exclaimed as she lifted off to the moon and all of her rockets were a GO. She was trembling, shaking, and quivering like a rocket on take off.

“My Godddd…Hang on….Baby doll…Here it comes…” Harry cried in her ear as his penis began to shoot his sperm into her womb like a fire hose without stopping until he collapsed on top of his petite wife.

The two of them remained coupled until Harry’s old Johnson shrunk back down to its normal size of four inches and slid out of her hot cunny. His sperm was running out of her vagina and down over her rose bud ass hole, leaving a puddle in the sheets of the bed.

The sun had set and it was now dark in the room as the couple lay there after the strenuous bout of love making and Jean was gently snoring and her husband sounded like a wood rasp being run over an oak board.

The next morning, their maid served the nude couple breakfast in bed and never stopped smiling the whole time as she looked at Harry’s small love tool. She was thinking that Senora Adams deserved a much bigger love tool and she knew that once she got used to being fucked by a stallion she would never be satisfied by her husband again.

Jean never said a word to her husband about her desires or fears concerning the penetration ceremony or the belly ride to follow. All of her thoughts, she kept to herself.

Harry didn’t disturb his wife’s solitude about the penetration ceremony but his mind was racing like a fast airplane across the sky. He kept wondering if he had done the right thing by agreeing to this crazy way to fuck. He knew it was just as much his fault wanting to see Jean fucked by a horse as it was a challenge to her.

Right on the dot of one o’clock the couple heard the deep throb of the Brazilian music with their many bass drums thundering slowly in time with the rhythm.

Conchita came into the cottage and motioned them to accompany her to the main house. Both Jean and Harry followed her with most of the hands, and employees following like a parade and they were met by both Senor Alfalla and Gretchen waiting on the hacienda porch.

Senor Alfalla began to speak. “Jean are you willing to go through with the penetration ceremony of you own free will? Your husband is not forcing you in any way to do this?” he asked.

“Yes, I am doing this freely and Harry isn’t forcing me.” she replied.

“Now Harry you have no reservations about your wife becoming a belly rider and you will assist her to over come the pain and fear of being penetrated by a horse’s penis into her vagina today?”

“Yes, I agree to do what ever is required of me to assist my wife to achieve the status of a belly rider today.” He answered.

“Wonderful. Right here and now your both will strip completely and you Harry will also remain nude beside your wife for the ceremony. You will proceed to the area over there in the front yard and stand in the center by the harness that has been laid out on the ground in preparation for your wife. All of the personnel of the ranchero will be the witnesses to this ceremony.”

“When I bring your wife out to the open area to present her to the audience, you will take her to the harness and lay her down on it.”

Jean started to remove her clothes. Her tank top came off first, and then she removed her shorts and boots, and finally her white thong panties. She laid each item of clothing out on the chair on the porch.

“Gonzales and Conchita will assist you to shave her vagina of all hair and any that may be anywhere below her neck to her ankles. Once that is done, Conchita will have her stand up and then cover her nude body with a native potion of love oil. Once that had been completed, she is yours. You are to make love to her short of penetrating her vagina. You will love her, kiss her, fondle her, insert as many fingers or tongue as you possibly can’t into her vagina and you have to get her to such an aroused state that she will beg to be fucked quickly.”

“When she begs to be fucked, you and Gonzales will lay her in her harness and two more hands will help you lift her up under Macho and make the required adjustment for her comfort, the penetration and finally the first belly ride while being fucked by her horse, Macho.

“Gonzales will administer the injection to Macho’s penis for erection of one hour. Then the penetration is up to you to position the horse’s penis and assist it to enter your wife and to make sure she get the maximum about of horse cock she is able to take into her body without injury. It is your responsibility to make sure she isn’t injured by too much length during the penetration.”

“When she settles down and is comfortable with the new sensations provided by the penetration of the horse cock in her cunt, she will tell you when she wants to begin her first ride as a belly rider. You will follow her instruction as to how fast she wants the animal to walk or trot. You will lead her around the arena at least twice and after that out to the road and you may let your wife take over for her ride to the beach and return for one hour.“

“ Jean, your husband will be very sexually aroused by what is occurring to you and when he see you enjoying the coupling, you may take one arm out of the loop once you are on the trail down to the beach and back and stroke his cock to give him a reward for his assistance while walking or trotting. When Macho stops walking to have his orgasm, you must suck your husband‘s penis to orgasm, but only while the horse is standing still.”

He looked at both Jean and then Harry before he asked. “Are there any questions?”

Jean looked at her husband standing there completely nude and his cock as stiff as a board and she replied to Senor Alfalla. “No, no questions.”

Harry was led from the house and down to the cleared area. He was quite embarrassed to be totally nude with the biggest hard on he had ever had in his life. Gonzales took him to the center of the arena and had him stand by the belly harness lying in the center of the arena.

Then he old man whispered to him, “Senor Harry, relax and enjoy watching your brave Lady. She will make you very happy once the two of you get on the trail down to the beach.”

He looked around the area and guess that there was over fifty people watching him and he could hear the music began a slightly faster rhythm and a much deeper bass as if it was a monster’s heart beating going thump thump to the rhythm of the Congo dance.

It was only a few minuets before Alfalla appeared escorting Jean to the cleared area. When the crowd opened to let them enter he saw that Jean was as naked as he was. She had never been naked in public before and the sensation filled Jean with a slight sense of guilt, but that vanished when she saw the smiles of admiration on the people watching her. Then a wave of something else coursing through her body. It was the yearning to be nude and this audience made it even more exciting. She was sexually excited now that she was exposing her body to all, and at the same time it was so exhilarating to feel so free. She loved this feeling and knew she would go naked again and often. She walked in time to the sensual erotic music and her breasts were shivering and jiggling, her ass cheeks were quivering and erotically shaking with the same rhythm. The soft deep bass of the music was adding to the sexual effect of the ceremony and settling in her crotch.

Senor Alfalla stopped at the edge of the circle of people and Jean continued to walk to her nude husband. She saw Gonzales standing to her right and he was smiling at her as if she were his daughter. She could see the love there in his eyes and this made her very proud of her body and her desire. She knew he would be her aid for the remainder of the training and this was so encouraging to her that she knew she was ready now to open her cunt to a horse’s cock.

Harry took her into his arms and laid her down on the harness, spreading her thighs. He took the electric shaver that Conchita handed him and began to shave the golden curls of her pubic hair until they were gone. Next the maid handed him an old fashion shaving mug and brush which he used to apply a thick white lather all over her crotch. Gonzales handed him a sharp straight razor, Harry began to shave Jean’s cunny, being very careful and gentle not to injure her. This took a little time because he was very careful and slow. Once this was finished, Conchita handed him a small bowl with warm water and a wash cloth which he used to wash Jean pubic area and her pussy slit.

Then Conchita kneeled down and ran her hands all over Jean’s pubic area and thighs, then up along her stomach and shoulders. Once she had completed her inspection she announced in her native langue to the audience that Jean was bare and ready to continue.

She helped Jean to stand and from a big Jar, she dipped her hands into it and began to apply the thick liquid on Jean’s face and down to her toes. She was very through; she made sure she applied a liberal amount between the cheeks of her ass and under her arms. There wasn’t a fraction of an inch of Jean’s body that didn’t get a thick coat of the Brazilian Indian Love portion on her.

Harry then took Jean in his arms and began to kiss her, fondle her breast, and caress her ass cheeks. All the time when his mouth was close to her ears he would whisper how much he loved her and how proud of her he was. Jean began to respond to his love making swiftly, not realizing the love potion was also working to make her aroused and sexually eager to get on with the ceremony.

The foreplay went on for fifteen minuets and quickly Jean began to moan when Harry inserted his fingers in her cunny. She really began to turn on when he inserted all four of his fingers and was doing his damdest to get his fist in her vagina. The love portion on his hands were slowly penetrating her vagina and adding a warm sexual heat to her arousal, it was a sensation she couldn’t help but love. It made her cunny tingle and juice up like a tiny stream in the woods. She began quivering with her need to be fucked and believe it or not, with a horse cock.

“Oh God, honey. I’m so hot. I need a cock right now. I want to fuck and cum. Please make me cum!” she began to beg. Please…Honey…I need…It…”

Harry motioned to Conchita to give him the big syringe that he had had filled with Aqua-Glide and he inserted the blunt nozzle in Jean’s open cunny. He pressed the plunger down and shot the warm liquid into his wife’s pussy until the plunger hit bottom. Jean was well lubricated now and the horse cock would enter her body a lot easier than if she didn‘t get the lubrication first.

“Ohhh….Honey…..What was that. It feels so warm and gooddd…”

“Just a little lubrication to help Macho get his cock into your small cunny, sweetheart.” he told her when he kissed her again.

Harry laid his wife down on the belly riding harness and swiftly the stable hands lifted her up under Macho who had been led into the area in preparation for the penetration. While Harry adjusted the harness, Gonzales had injected the horse with the required injection for a one hour solid erection.

Just as Harry finished adjusting the saddle for Jean’s comfort, he saw that the horse cock was extending out of his sheath. He had done this before for the maid under Senor Alfalla’s direction so he knew just what to do and he did it.

He felt his own cock expanding as he took the horse cock in his hands, bending it slightly; he guided it to the center of Jean’s now bare cunny. He slowly pressed it against her labia lips and kept the pressure on it as the shaft began to get even longer and wider. He watched eagerly as the big glans pressed forcefully against her vulva.

He had to take one hand and spread her labia lips wider, and then suddenly, the big purple mushroom shaped cock head popped within his wife’s cunt. Jean let out a little cry as if she had been shot and said to her husband

“Holy Shittt…Honey…It feels just like that salami you put in me. It doesn‘t hurt as much as I thought it would. Oh God, Harry it feels so hot, not cold like the salami. I’ve never felt so full and hot! This is really awesome! I am going to love fucking this way, honey!”

The shaft kept moving slowly into her now spread vagina as Jean wiggled and squirmed in the harness assisting its journey into her deep dark very wet lubricated canal and she was softly sobbing and whimpering with the intense pain mixed with the extreme erotic sensations it was causing on its journey deeper into her willing and eager body.

“Holy Shit! Now it feels like a hot poker going in, honeyyyyyyyy!” she cried softly to her husband. “It feels like it is going to my throat, eeeeeyyyyyy!”

“You are doing fine, baby doll. You only have five inches in you now. Hang on and relax you will have all you can take in a moment.” he encouraged her.

The time passed swiftly for her and as if by magic the pain began to decrease finally it disappeared all the way and she asked her husband, “How much is in my cunny now honey?”

“You have at least ten to twelve inches now baby doll. I think you can take two more if you relax and just let is slide by it self. Your cunt muscles are as tight as a drum and that is the only reason it won’t go any farther.”

Harry watched closely and suddenly, he saw the ring on the big dick disappear in her cunt, taking her outer labia lips with it. She had at least twelve to fourteen inches in her cunt now and he couldn’t believe it.

Jean just lay there, suffering with the pain, but it was disappearing slowly and she knew she could take it. She began to feel good about her triumph over the pain and actually she fell extremely proud of herself by being penetrated by so much horse cock. When her husband told her that she had maybe fourteen inches in her body, she almost shit and she relaxed so much that she began to feel the wonderful erotic sensations increasing so fast that her sexual arousal was shooting up to the red line and she was about to explode..

Suddenly the horse moved and the cock moved back a few inches out of her cunt and then was plunged back in with the full distance buried in her cunt. The shock of it sliding across her clitoris shot through her body with the wildest, weirdest, erotic, sexual sensation she had ever felt and she had her first orgasm. She went rigid and her hips were automatically moving upward, trying to take in more cock. She cried out, “Holyyyy….Shittt….This is awesome….I’m thereeee…”

Harry saw the movement and also saw the excited sexual flame fill his wife’s wide open surprised eyes when it penetrated back to the maximum in her cunt. He also noticed some blood around the horse’s cock and wondered if she was seriously injured, but her orgasm took over and he knew she wasn‘t damaged, just extremely sexually excited.

He watched closely but the blood had disappeared and no more appeared so he relaxed.

Jean could feel the throbbing of the drums and it made her even conscious of the throbbing of the big cock within her body as she slowly returned to earth from her orgasm. Now she was eager to experience the motion of the cock in her cunt, to obtain even greater sexual satisfaction when it fucks her pussy.

“Harry, I’m ready for you to lead Macho around the area and let me get used to the motion of fucking his cock while moving in me.” Her voice was filled with joy and trembling with excitement when she asked him to lead the horse in a walk now.

Just at that moment when Harry moved to the horse’s head to lead him around the arena, Gonzales leaned down close to her head and whispered in her ear,

“Senora Jean your husband is very proud of you. You have the beauty, the courage, and you have proven that you desire to continue with your training. All of us Vaqueros here at the ranchero are so proud of you too.”

Jean knew that this was her moment.

By now the crowd of people had increased and had come out of all of the buildings to watch the young gringo wife be penetrated by a horse cock.

Alfalla knew his belly riders like a book and knew that Jean would have her fill of orgasms during her ride around the area and down to the beach and back. Harry was just completing the first full circle of the area when Jean began to moan and shiver again. She jerked and went stiff as she began hunching up to the cock in her cunt as it slowly moved in and out of her in time to the deep bass drums steps of the horse..

“Honeyyyyyy…..I’m….Cumming!” she screamed and she didn’t stop, she kept screaming and moaning for the next circle of the area as her orgasm continued with its peaks and lows. Macho just plodded along never missing a beat as his rider swung back and forth under him and she was fucked on his big cock.

After the forth turn around the area, Jean told him to let her ride to the beach. The crowd began to disperse and Harry led the horse away from the area and down the road to the beach. Jean took over the control of her animal and began to trot the animal and it was only a few minuets before she was screaming again with her joy and sexual high of orgasming again. Suddenly Macho stopped in the road. He kind of danced a little sideways and then hunched his hind quarters, making Jean swing in the harness causing his cock to move back and forth in her cunt while he shot his gigantic load of cream colored sperm deep within her body.

Both rider and animal rested for a few minuets and Jean nudged Macho into a walk again down the road to the beach.

Jean slipped her left arm out of the strap and reached for her husband. Harry moved up close to her and she took his rock hard cock in her hand and began to stroke it in time to the sound of the horse’s hooves hitting the ground.

It wasn’t more than two minuets before Harry was shooting his white cum out and aimed at Jean’s body under the horse. He had so much built up pressure that he hit her breasts and covered them with his juice. His orgasm was so intense that he collapsed in the road and Jean and the horse kept going.

Jean found him lying there in the road on the return trip a half hour later and she got frightened when she saw him lying there.

“Oh God, Honey are you all right?” she screamed at him.

“Yes! Yes, baby doll, I’m fine. It just that all of this excitement and you making me cum so hard that I just lost all of my strength and had to lay down for a little while.”

Jean had pulled Macho to a stop and Harry went over to her and kneeled down under the big horse and began kissing his wife. “Baby Doll, you are so beautiful lying under Macho. I have never seen you so pretty in my life. I am so proud of you and how brave you are to do this to please me. I never will get enough of seeing you with a big cock in your cunny and stroking me off too.”

He kissed her and fondled her breasts, what little he could get too in the harness and finally Jean saw that he had a cock stand. She reached for him and pulled his cock to her mouth. Jean began to suck him and he leaned up against Macho’s side. Suddenly he felt it coming again. His knees were quivering and his sperm was flooding Jean’s mouth, but she didn’t stop until he fell away from the horse and sat on the ground.

“Baby Doll, you have drained me completely. I am so weak that I will have to hold onto Macho to make it back to the stable.”

Jean just smiled and shivered as she felt Macho move in her again. She nudged Macho into a walk again.

On the way back to the stable, Jean had two more big orgasms and Macho had one. It took two hours for Macho to soften up enough before his cock slid out of Jean and she could crawl out of the harness.

The only thing Jean wanted after that was a hot meal and shower then to bed, which Conchita provided the meal from the hacienda for her and then she went to bed with her husband who was just as tired as she was.

The Island Adventure

The Island Adventure

Part 2

The following morning was bright and Jean sprang from her bed as though she had fire in her loins. She kissed her husband when he left in the Jeep to go back to the work on the fields across the short stretch of sea in the south.

Today was the first day that she was a full fledge belly rider and she didn’t want to waste any of it. She had a light snack and without dressing she went to the stables completely nude. In the stables she saddled up both her own and Conchita horses with their own new custom made slings. She suspended the riding sling from Conchita’s horse but left her own sling off for the time being. Then she found the syringe and measured the correct dose of papaverine for Conchita’s horse. She prepared a dose of phenoxy benzamine for Macho. The phenoxy benzamine would only last about half the time that a similar dose of the more powerful papaverine would last. For her second time being penetrated by horse cock, she didn’t want to over do it.

For her horse she only prepared the smallest dose of the weaker drug for her second time to be coupled with Macho. The amount she used would have an effect for two hours this time and that she knew that would be enough for her second ride as a belly rider.

Jean stopped in the middle of the building and looked Macho over. There were no faults or problems to be seen with feet or coat and his eyes looked bright and shiny. He was in perfect health. Normally it would have been Gonzales who checked the animal at the beginning of the day but this morning it was still to early even for him. It would not be long before he turned up but Jean could not wait. Her eagerness was overpowering her brain. Kneeling down on the ground next to the animal she took his extended member and stroked it gently. The texture was firm but the skin was soft like velvet. It had at least a four inch diameter at the big purple glans. That was quite a bit larger that the salami she had used a few months ago and it looked so inviting to her.

My god, how can I think this big long black muscle is so beautiful? I must be crazy to be so fascinated by it, but it is the most wonderful love tool a girl like me could desire. I know that I’m in love with it and soon I am going to get my nerve up and take it in my mouth. It is such a wonderful joy to me in my cunt and I know it will be just as good to suck.

Jean jumped when a voice spoke to her while she was kneeling down under Macho and admiring his cock. She turned at looked up into Gonzales smiling face.

“Senora Jean, good morning. You are up very early and I see that you are eager to ride belly style again, right?

“Oh Yes, Gonzales. I‘m ready and please, will you help me to mount Macho?”

“Of course Senora Jean,” and he strode over to the horse and started to arrange the sling. Jean returned to the place where she had left the syringes and collected them. Jean remembered her penetration and knew it was a very tight fit but once it slid in, it felt so good and sexually exciting to her that she wanted more today. It was going to be so exciting for her to be coupled while riding for the second time today when she returned, Gonzales had finished the sling and she gave the two syringes to him.

Then she climbed into her harness ready for her second ride. When she scrambled into the sling she hoped that Gretchen, Senor Alfalla and Conchita would arrive soon. She was settling down into a comfortable position when they appeared. Conchita went immediately to slide into her sling under Hombre and was soon ready. Gonzales showed the two syringes to the old lady who nodded her head in consent to continue with the preparations.

He walked over to Jean's horse and strapped Jean's legs high up on the horse's sides. Then he quickly injected the Benzamine directly into the horse’s penis. After this was done he went to Conchita’s horse and after strapping up her legs he injected the Papaverine into the soft tissues of the penile pouch rather than the harder meat of the penis.

The reactions were very different in time. The papaverine gave an almost instant response and Gonzales was able to insert the swollen member immediately into Conchita’s cunt. Then he returned to Macho, his penis was still only half swollen. However it was good enough to insert it into Jean’s cunt and as it was small and went in easily.

Gonzales seemed to be enjoying his task. He was grinning down at Jean when he saw her expression of surprise being filled so much with real horse cock for the second time. Jean felt the penis being thrust into her again and tried to look at what was happening. She couldn't see anything because, which ever way she looked, either the horse or her own body got in the way. Instead she had the feeling that things were no longer in her control. The penis head spread her pussy labia lips and had slowly slid into the deeper recesses of her cunt. Again she had no control over what was happening and the movement of the huge cock going deeper was unstoppable. It stretched her insides again as it grew and forced its way to depths it had never reached before. Her opening was wide and now held no barrier against entry.

It was wonderful, but at the same time it was new, exciting, hot and oh so filling. It felt wonderfully strange. How big would it grow? Could she take it all again? The girth didn’t seem to be any problem for her now; she had proved that already but the length that was another matter. She had seen the size of the fully erect penis but seeing and feeling appeared to be two completely different things.

Gonzales kept smiling down at her as she lay in the sling. He could see her holding her breath and he told her. “Relax, Senora Jean. I will adjust the straps so that you will not be penetrated so deeply as to cause you any harm.” and Jean could feel him moving the straps and tightening one and then loosening the other. He kept bending over and peering at her cunt when he would move the sling back and forth. Finally he had the straps adjusted to the right length so that she wouldn’t be damaged when the horse started to walk or trot.

“You will be fine now, Senora. I know you will enjoy your second big fuck by a horse today.” He was grinning at her all the time. “It is wonderful to see young girls fuck the horse.” and he was chuckling down at Jean. She blushed slightly, but she felt so special then.

Suddenly the two horses started moving. There had been no warning and Jean had not been prepared for the first deep thrust as Macho stepped forward. His penis, now almost full size, jabbed into her body extracting a cry from between Jean's lips as pain lanced her innards. Would this happen at every step. The second step came and Jean was swung up and then back in the harness. This caused the penis to slide out of her by a few inches and then thrust straight back in again. She was ready for this thrust, but being strapped in as she was there was nothing she could do to brace herself for the shock. It seemed that the penis slammed into her tender insides, only to be retracted yet again as another step was taken. Jean was sure she would die with the next thrust, but the horse was speeding up in its rhythm and the swings evened out and became less forceful. Once the two horses got under way Jean was far more comfortable and after a few moments was enjoying the subtle motions of the horse’s gate.

The gentle to and fro in four directions and the sliding in and out of that magnificent shaft between her legs was enough to lull anybody. She swiftly reached her first orgasm before they had fully left the stable, and they came hard and fast from then on. Macho took almost twenty minutes before he showed signs of having his own climax.

Jean was not in any fit state to guide her horse today. She had no idea who was guiding the animal and did not care as the action between her legs dulled the rationality of her mind. As long as Macho kept on moving she was not going to worry about how or why he moved. When Macho shot his first load, Jean knew it was about to happen.

She was becoming used to the motion and was no longer quite so engulfed in the sexual ecstasy that had taken her earlier. Macho started to get a little agitated and tending to walk sideways as much as he walked forward. At first Jean couldn't work out what was wrong with him, but it gradually dawned on her dulled mind that she had seen this behavior on her first ride.

It was the same thing that happened when she saw the horse cum in Conchita. Obviously the same thing was about to happen between Macho and herself.

My God! How exciting this is. It‘s wonderful. Holy Shit! Harry has never made me feel so full or thrilled as this. He could never make me feel this excited or ecstatic while we make love. I love it! I do love it! This is for me now! She thought to herself.

This was making her mating to Macho complete. It happened like a lighting bolt hitting her cunt. One moment Macho was half dancing along the path, the next he stopped momentarily and fired his big balls down the long shaft up into Jean‘s womb. Jean felt the horse tense and stop but she was not ready for the onslaught of deluge of his sperm entering her body. It felt like a small fist hitting her insides. The first one was the strongest and Jean climax again. The rest diminished in strength but each was stringer that her husband’s cum and they contributed some more sperm to the load she was receiving. Eventually the pressure had built up so much that some shot back out of her body in a small white jet from around her labia lips that nobody noticed. Jean felt the strong stream squirting out as if she was pissing.

It was a strange exciting hot sensation to have horse cum entering and exiting at the same time. It was even more exquisite and wonderful now with a load of horse sperm in her cunt and she wanted to feel it again. She squeezed her legs together as best she could around the horse's body and Macho started walking on. His ejaculation over, he seemed less frisky but still solidly buried his big long cock in her wide spread and eager cunt. It slid in and out like a well oiled piston in a new engine, giving her the delicious sensation of being full and fucked.

Jean was anticipating another thrilling orgasm from both Macho and herself again after moving down the track a little way. Jean continued to have regular orgasms though they weren’t as strong, as the ones she had while walking through the fields. Some of the time she was able to take note of her surroundings and at others she was too deep in ecstasy and her orgasm to be aware of anything except her own exciting new sexual adventure.

It was a blissful experience to drift in and out of such sexual heights. At no time during the ride was her sexual desires and increasing needs reduced to a normal level of the sexual sensation she had with her husband. The horse ejaculated a second time, but not so copiously, about thirty minutes after the first. It had the same effect on Jean. Even thought it was extremely sexually lifting for her, she was getting tired. The walk was not yet finished though.

Despite her tiredness her orgasm continued to fill her wild sexual emotions. She accepted every one eagerly as though it were some beautiful torture, inflicted by a jailer, as she lay in her prison cell bound and unable to avoid them. The ride lasted two hours total and at the end, when Macho was led into his stall, Jean felt as though she was about to die. She lay limp in her harness, hands hanging in the loops on the side of the animal. She was too tired to hold the reins. She was too tired to hold her legs up when they were un-strapped from the sides of the horse and Gonzales had to lower them gently to the ground one by one. The continuous orgasm had drained her body and soul to such an extent that she was half conscious and half in a dream of sexual depletion.

Once Macho stopped, his penis started to retract as there was no longer the massage action induced by the walking. The drug's effect having long gone. The diminishing shaft slipped out of Jean's gaping vagina and left her feeling hollow and drained, completely empty. She did not care though; she was too tired even for that. She just wanted to sleep for a year and dream nice dreams.

Sleep she did, long before she was extracted from the belly sling and straps.

Gonzales covered her in a blanket and carried her back to her cottage. She did not awaken until the next morning.


It was too late for her to ride again the next day. Conchita had already left and Jean really felt that she could not take such treatment again quite as soon as this. She moped around the cottage sorting one or two problems that had presented themselves, but other wise time was easy on her shoulders.

It was toward the end of the afternoon that she started to feel restless. She went down to the stables and walked into Macho’s stall. He seemed pleased to see her and nuzzled up to her nibbling at her hair. She wrapped her arms round his neck and talked softly to him as his rough tongue licked her nude breasts and nipples into hard nubbins.

Then she decided to give him a gentle grooming, just to massage his skin and shine his coat, not that his coat needed shining in any way. The brushes felt good in her hands as she rubbed the horse's hair following the line of growth with each stroke. It was not until she started on brush his belly that she noticed he was sporting a huge erection. She had been dreaming of other things and her hands had done the work automatically.

The thick penis dangling between his hind legs jolted Jean back to the present. It slowly dawned on her as she thought about it.

Yes, I want this big wonderful shaft inside my body again, but not to ride it this time. I just want to couple with him today. I want to feel that big pole slid up in me, even if pains me a little. But the excitement of doing it whim is so awesome!

Jean got down on her knees and continued to groom the stomach area of her big stallion. From this position she could easily see the meat he was offering her. It transfixed her gaze and she knew she was ready for him. She forgot about finishing the legs and took hold of the stiff erection. It filled her hand.

She needed both hands to wrap around the thing all the way. She was beginning to feel desperation in her desire for this animal’s penis. She placed the head of the penis to her mouth and kissed it. Then she started to open her mouth and slide it in. It almost slipped right in, but her teeth got in the way. Her mind was racing for a solution to the problem. For some strange desire she couldn’t explain, she wanted to get that big mushroom glans in her mouth and feel its softness and texture as she sucked it.

If she left Macho for a moment or two his monster cock would probably shrink a little and then it would go into her eager mouth. With a quick kiss of parting she left Macho and went into the main area of the stables where she had mounted him the previous day. There was nobody about so she went in search of Gonzales. She was thinking about what he had said to her the previous morning when he had seen her preparing to ride. She trusted him and he knew what he was talking about. He could help her now without embarrassing her, no matter if she did want to suck Macho‘s cock.

When she found him she told him what she was after and he agreed to

come as soon as he could and he would bring some straw. Jean went back to Macho. Just as she had thought, his penis had shrunk, almost to disappearing. It would not take long to make it reappear again, of that she was sure. Jean led Macho into the big area of the stables stripped her cloths off and started to groom him again.

She just did his stomach and hind legs. The area she had not finished before. It had the desired effect. This time she did not let it get too big before she took hold of the penis head and inserted it into her mouth. It slipped in easily and she sucked hard on the soft skin of the head. She ran her tongue over the lumps and bumps that made up the fleshy glans. Inserting her tongue into the slit at the end and wiggling it up and down in the tiny slit. The reaction to this treatment of his cock was almost instant. The glans swelled up and filled her mouth. The shaft it was attached to, stiffened to a rock like rigidity. She was pushed back by the force and had to scramble to prevent herself from falling. She wrapped her hands round the shaft and hung on until the adjustment was completed. Then still holding the penis she started to massage its length with both hands. She sucked on the head as hard as she could and licked her tongue all over it. She tasted the salty lubricant and held it in her mouth to savor the flavor.

What the hell is wrong with me? Have I gone cock crazy over this horse? Maybe I have, but I love doing this. What a hoot this is to be sucking a cock this big and so hot and delicious. I LOVE IT! Yes I do, I really do. I must be out of my gourd. My husband would kill me if he saw me sucking Macho so hard like that that I want him to cum in my mouth.

Then Jean realized that she had gone bonkers over horse cock. She wanted to be fucked regularly with this monster cock and she wanted to suck it until she could swallow her horse‘s seed.

It was not until some moments later that Gonzales walked in carrying two large bales of straw. He paid no attention to Jean’s actions with the horse’s cock. He placed the bales on top of each other in the middle of the hard earthen floor and then walked out again.

A few moments later he returned with a blanket and this he spread over the bales so that it covered them and the surrounding ground. Then he went over to the bench, which was on the side of the stable area, and sat down. He did not seem to look at Jean while she was giving Macho a fantastic blow job, but obviously he had seen what she was doing and commented. "Relax your jaw muscles. It will seem much better and easier if you do and Macho will give you his milk."

Jean almost gagged as she tried to answer, Her mouth stuffed to capacity with the big penis head, but she tried to follow his instruction and eventually succeeded in easing the tension in her cheeks. Her tongue continued to play over the cock flesh in her mouth and it was not long before she felt Macho tense in his hind quarters, and the first jet of sperm still caught her by surprise. Not by the timing but by the shear quantity of sperm. It shot into her mouth and straight down her throat. She never even tasted it. The second and third jets went the same way but this time some of the delicious fluid stuck in the back of her mouth and she could feel it round the back of her teeth. There were seven little squirts all together and the last two she received on her tongue. It was salty but extremely nice and tangy she thought. Not like anything she had ever tasted before. It had a dry taste like a dry wine but at the same time it was sticky like syrup and though not too sweet it was like something that one would spread on toasted bread. She smeared the horse's seed all round her mouth and then swallowed. She was only thinking about the taste and she knew she was hooked. She would want more and more as time went by,

It seems to be a little thicker and much richer tasting than her husband‘s cum. Jean knew that if she kept this up she would become a cum addict. She knew she would be sucking Macho off frequently, just for his sperm. She loved the taste. If my husband doesn’t blow his top when he sees me do this I know he will shoot his load without even stroking his cock. He will love watching me do this just as much as I dot!

Now she was ready to get on with the real task of coupling with this animal. Even if he had just cum, Jean was sure that he would manage it again.

She pulled away, and the meaty knob slipped out of her mouth. She closed her mouth. Her jaws hurt from being stretched so much for so long.

Nothing that a little practice won’t cure. I am going to get used to that very quickly with daily practice. Jean was thinking.

Jean stood up and led Macho over to where Gonzales was seated. He looked up at her, his eyes scanning her body as they rose to her eyes. There was a glint of amusement and deep admiration in them and something else that Jean had never seen there before, sexual desire.

Jean ignored the signals she was getting from Gonzales and asked, “Will you show me how to fuck… Macho while I'm not riding him?" She asked. The answer was affirmative and the two people and the horse walked over to the straw bales.

The instructions came swiftly and were easy to follow. Within three minutes Jean was on her back, on the straw, with Macho firmly implanted in her Vagina again. She had taken the penis and inserted it herself. It was easy, sweet and exciting to be coupled again. She did not feel so stretched and painful this time though it was still a little difficult at first. Gonzales held the horse's head and by subtle guidance induced the horse to move so that his penis slid in and out of Jean's body with a smooth easy action. She came several times within one or two minutes. Then Gonzales stopped her and made her change position so she was lying on her stomach.

This time he inserted the horse's long member in her love nest and when she was coupled to the animal sufficiently, the sex continued. Again Jean came several times and again she was stopped and another position was selected.

She lay on her side and the horse coupled with Jean once more. This time he was allowed to fuck her until he orgasm inside her. Jean, in spite of the orgasms and strong emotions was able to feel the subtle differences in the different positions. They each had their good points and she would practice each many times over the following weeks and month. This was her training schedule and it was the order of the day from now until she was as accomplished as her friend Conchita.

It had been four weeks since her husband had flown off to the south to work down there on the vast ranchero. Jean had been riding each day now under Macho by starting off with a two hour ride until she was up to six hours of constant riding now. The last ride of the day had tired her out and she went to her cottage as soon as Macho uncoupled from her now wide open cunt.

Jean had been lying in her bed, very tired from he last ride with Macho, and she was almost asleep when she woke up. She listened to the sound and immediately she recognized the deep growl of the big Pratt and Whitney radial aircraft engine that had been throttled back.

Quickly she leaped out of the bed, only slipping on some leather sandals before she rushed out to the Jeep parked in front of her cottage. Clothes didn’t bother her anymore. Her nudity wasn’t something that was unusual now after belly riding nude almost every day on the rancho. No one paid any attention to her nudity anymore and as she drove down to the landing strip to meet the plane, she was so excited that she couldn’t make up her mind what to tell her husband first.

When she drove up, the Stearman had been shut down and her husband was securing the big biplane for the night. Jean jumped out of the Jeep and rushed over to him in the dim light and flew into his arms. The two of them kissed and fondled each other for all of five minuets before her husband began asking questions.

“Where are you clothes, Baby Doll?” He hadn’t let her back away from him and his hands were holding her tight against his groin by her ass cheeks. He pulled and spread her buttocks so his fingers were sliding up and down the crack and one finger slipped into her rosebud anus. She shuddered with passion when he did that, but she still answered him.

“I don’t need any clothes here anymore. Everyone on the ranchero has seen me nude and don’t even take notice of me now.” She was giggling at his expression of wonder.

“Well, what brought that about? I remember when you wouldn’t even let me see you nude, and now you don’t care. You run around naked in a strange country and think it’s alright?” Harry wasn’t too surprised, but he sure was thrilled and curious about this drastic change in his wife‘s attitude.

“Honey, remember our last conversation about sex, just before you left last month?”

“Yes I do and I have been thinking about it a lot.” He watched his wife’s face and eyes closely then.

“Well, I have completed all of my training to be a belly rider. I can do it now with the best of the ranch girls and best of all; Senor Alfalla has agreed that I am good enough to join his other three riders in the belly derby race.”

“My God! Baby Doll.” Her husband exclaimed in complete surprise and awe. “You want to belly ride in a race with a cock stuck in your cunt with spectators on both side of the track looking at you like that!”

Jean gave him the lewdest smile she was capable of and then took a hold of his now fully erect cock in her soft hand before she said.

“Yes! Oh god, yea! I want Macho to fuck me the whole time we trot around the track. I want you there to see me do it. I want you to watch me have the greatest orgasm of my life. It is going to be fantastic for me and an awesome experience for you to watch, honey!”

Her husband was in complete shock and didn’t know what to say. He just didn’t have any words that were capable of expressing his emotions at her answer. His cock began to pulse and Jean sensed that he was about to cum.

Quickly she pulled his zipper down, fished his hard meat from his pants, and then kneeled in front of him to suck his rod. Harry couldn’t stop if he wanted to. He began to fuck her mouth, her soft, wet, hot, mouth, pushing it as far as his six inches would go down deep into her throat and suddenly he stiffened. His sperm began to shoot and it all went straight to Jean’s waiting stomach. His petite wife had never gone down on him with as much eagerness as she did this time and he was thrilled at her change in attitude, her eagerness, and her expertise on his short tool sent him to the moon. He loved the change in her attitude about everything concerning sex since she learned how to belly ride. He love it and loved her even more that ever now.

“Oh Shit, Baby Doll. That was wonderful. I love it. I love you. I’m so proud of you. You really are going to belly ride a horse with his cock in you?”

Her husband was still not convinced what he had heard was true, but that didn’t bother Jean when she replied. “Yes, it’s true. I want to do it and I will give you a preview tomorrow. Do you want to watch me belly ride, Honey?”

“I can’t wait, Baby Doll. I didn’t believe you could get a horse cock in your sweet cunt at first, but after your penetration ceremony, I knew nothing was going to stop you after that. I want to see you do it again now.”

The couple had fucked almost all night. Every time Harry thought of Jean fucking a horse, his cock would rise up and Jean would take him into her loose cunt. She had learned how to clench her pussy muscles and had no trouble, but she thought of another way he might love. She asked him sweetly. “Honey, put your wonderful cock in my little ass hole. It won’t hurt me, please! “

Harry was amazed that she wanted it that way because she had always refused him before. He rolled her over on her side and slid up to her spoon fashion. Jean reached back and spread her ass cheek so he had better access to her tiny rose bud hole. He pressed his eager cock up against it and Jean relaxed so much that the head popped right in. She found that it didn’t hurt anymore that a big turd coming out and she began to encourage him to fuck her fast and furious.

“Oh Shitttt….Baby Doll your ass is so tight…I’m chumming…“and he filled her bowels up with his hot sperm in less than three minuets. That was only the first time. The fucked that way twice more before they drifted off to sleep. Jean was thinking. This is going to be good. He can have my small ass hole for his small cock and Macho can have my pussy for his big cock. My God, I have solved my sexual problem with my husband. Thank God!

When dawn broke, both of them were awake.

“Honey, I’m ready to go riding. I want you to watch me and enjoy my efforts to please you. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Baby Doll. Let’s do it.” Then they jumped out of the bed and didn’t even bother with breakfast before the left for the stables. His young nude wife was striding beside him, her arm around his waist and she could feel the tension in his body. She knew he wanted this as much as she did.

When they entered the stable, Gonzales was there waiting for Jean. He smiled and greeted Harry. Jean saw that Gonzales had saddled Macho with her special harness and the big horse was waiting in his stall.

‘Honey, I know you will enjoy watching me and of course it’s going to be so much more exciting for me knowing my sweet husband is with me and urging me on to even greater sexual pleasure. Thank you, sweetheart for your understanding my desire to fuck a big horse cock.”

Harry just kissed her long and deep while Gonzales stood and watched the loving couple. He was smiling from ear to ear; know full well that this little lady would never be satisfied by her husband again. It would take a horse to do that in the future.

Jean got down on her hands and knees and then slowly and carefully climbed into the harness. Harry watched his wife as she slid in face down and then turning over to lie on her back before being strapped in. When Jean was in, Harry moved over to be beside Gonzales and crouched down to watch what he was doing. The Vaquero produced a syringe that contained a blue green liquid. He gave the syringe to Harry.

"You may as well learn right from the start Senor Adams. Now do exactly as I say if you do not you may kill the horse so be very sure to listen and remember."

"First point the syringe up with the needle at the top." Harry did as he was told. "Right, now tap the tube and make all the bubbles go up. Now squeeze the plunger at the bottom softly until some of the liquid shoots out of the tip of the needle. Good, now stick the needle into the soft fleshy piece that hangs round where the horse's penis comes out."

Harry hesitated. .

"Don't worry about the horse." The old Vaquero said. His voice, cracked with age, sounded as though he was happy to be inflicting pain on the beast. "He gets bitten there all the time and he will just think it is another fly. The most he will do is stamp his foot. Just hold it still once it is in."

Harry stabbed the needle into the required place and held the syringe still. The horse snorted and raised his hoof making his body shiver with the force of the stamp that followed. Gonzales smiled down at Jean.

"Very good, I reckon that you will be a natural at this. That will be a big help for your wife." He said with a smile. “Now push the plunger all the way into the tube, and then pull the needle out of the horse's pouch." Harry followed the instructions and then looked up at Gonzales

“This will have to be done each time Senora Jean mounts up to ride like this."

Harry looked back at the horse's penis. It was coming out of the pouch and growing stiff. He told Jean of the development.

Jean replied, "Yes that is what is meant to happen, Honey. When it is long enough I want you to push the head up into my cunt, for me."

Harry reached down and took hold of the growing penis. It was firm and quite stiff but the surface felt spongy. It was hot and it throbbed in his hands, sending a pulse up his arm. It was like a big python snake waking up and beginning to move the penis reached a length of about two feet, so Harry lined the head up with Jean’s slit and began to push the thick head between Jean’s open labia lips.

At first it would not go in and Jean coxed her husband to push harder. Harry then held her cunt lips apart with his free hand and slid the throbbing meat in with his other hand. It slipped in easily then and as it did Harry got a good view of how big his wife’s cunt hole had become since she had been taking belly riding training. He was startled at the width of it. He sat back on his heels amazed. How had her cunt gotten so big?

"Oh, that feels good, Honey." Jean sounded as though she was in a wonderful erotic dream; there was sweat all over her body. The penis continued to grow and it seemed to Harry that his petite little wife was determined to take all in, no matter how big it got. As it penetrated her wide cunt, the thick shaft pulled the labia lips of Jean’s pussy into her body a little and then they would slip back out again only to be pulled in again by the expanding horse’s shaft. After a few minutes the growth stopped and Harry was able to breathe again. He had been holding his breath with anxiety at seeing the extent to which the shaft had penetrated his beautifully nude wife’s cunt. He had known that horse's penises were large but had not realized just how much would fit into a girl as small as Jean. She had more horse cock buried in her cunt this time that he had seen in her during the penetration ceremony. The only thing he could think of was that the training had enlarged both the size of her cunt but increased the depth so she could take over a foot of cock in her cunny.

Jean gave a deep sigh. She looked up at her husband, smiling when all of the big cock had disappeared into her cunt and said. "All right, we can go now, I am sorry if it startled you the way it went in so fast, but once it started there was nothing I could do about it. His cock just takes over and it is so lovely and feels so hot and filling.”

Harry broke from his stunned amazement and went to work. He strapped his wife into the harness the way Senor Alfalla had instructed him to do it for Conchita and then again when he did it for Jean’s first time at being coupled with Macho.

The horse stood still while all this was being done. The job finished Harry stood back and checked his handy work. He could just slip his fingers into the straps that bound hand and feet, so none of the straps were too tight. His wife was now in the right position with her shoulders well back from the horse's front limb and her legs were out of the way of the hind legs. That was good. It would be unlikely that the horse would be able to kick or otherwise injure his tiny little wife. Satisfied with the handy work he walked round the horse to check it all again and took particular note of the state of the horse's penis as he did so. It was still thick and hard and seemed to be about half into Jean’s open cunt. There was a thicker ring about half way along the penis. Harry had seen it before. This ring was just at the opening to Jean’s juicy wet hole that engulfed the shaft.

Not only was this a fascinating achievement and Harry was thinking of how beautiful Jean’s looked in this lewd position. Strapped tightly up against a horse’s belly, but it was so beautiful to see as well. Jean’s voice stopped his reverence of the gigantic stallion cock.

"Back the horse out of the stall, sweetheart and I will ride him down to the river. We will be there for the rest of the morning because it will be warm and very pleasant there."

Harry had no problem with this and as he encouraged the horse to reverse into the passage at the back of the stalls. Once the horse was in the passage he led him out to the road leading to the river.

When Macho took his first step, Harry heard his wife, suspended under the horse give a deep gasp. He wondered what was happening to her that she had to utter such a sound. He looked at her and could see the harness rocking forward and back. At the same time it swung sideways, to and fro. Harry’s eyes were glued to the sight of the big horse cock moving in and out of Jean’s wide cunt hole as the motion of the horse’s walking caused the slow and easy fucking strokes that felt so good to her.

Jean had taken control of the horse the moment they were out of the stable and she was guiding the animal down the road by herself. Harry had let go of the bridle when they had moved past the stable door.

Jean had nudged the horse into a faster walk with her knees and the first thing that Harry noticed was that there seemed to be a lot more movement in the harness. Not only was it moving forward and back, and from side to side, but there was quite a lot of up and down motion as well. The next thing he saw was that Jean was moving her hips up and down as much as she could with the straps so tight.

Jean’s riding seemed to have much more motion than the harness was designed to support her. In fact it rather looked as though his curvious wife was writhing in agony. Harry was a little concerned and getting close to his wife, he asked if she was all right. There was no response, but his wife’s breathing was hard and came in gasps. Harry decided to stop the horse and see what he could do to help his wife.

"Don't stop, don't stop. Please don’t stop Macho now, Harry! Oh God, Not Now!" His wife was gasping in desperation. Harry quickly let go of the bridle and Jean slapped her knees against Macho’s ribs causing him to start, but with a faster pace.

Jean seemed to be arching her body in time to the horse's pace. It began to look like a strange dance, performed between horse and rider. The penis seemed to be getting stiffer if that was possible and the amount that it was entering Jean’s cunt now was increasing too. Before the piston motion was only about an inch to two inches moving in and out, now there must have been at least five inches to six inches sliding easily in and out in time to the horse's fast walk. Added to this were the sounds of groans and gasps that seemed to be made in time to the inward thrust of the horse's penis.

Jean’s sounds had started off as barely audible low moans but the volume and pitch was increasing Now they were loud enough to make some workers in the fields look up and over at the horse with the belly rider and the man jogging beside the rider. The sounds Jean was making now were more like screams than moans. Could this keep increasing? Harry was getting nervous, thinking his wonderful wife was being injured.

He had never seen her orgasm like this before. The horse walked on but was getting skittish, dancing along the path instead of walking normally. This seemed to make the young wife scream even more. Suddenly Jean stopped. She arched her back and went very stiff. She stayed like this for a few moments and then letting out a long sigh she slumped in the harness.

Harry crouched down low, next to Jean. He couldn’t get too close to her because the horse was still dancing and he asked “Baby Doll, are you alright. Is his cock hurting you?”

"Yes, yes, I am fine. No his beautiful cock is making me cum. It feels so good. Oh Honey, you could never give me this kind of erotic fuck. I love this. I want a horse of my own when we get home. Honey it fills me with so much erotic energy that I have to scream. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever done. It feels so good to be this full with a big cock. And it is better now that you are with me. It makes me want it even more when I see you walking beside me while I fuck Macho. You are so sweet; my dear, understanding husband.


Suddenly the horse stopped dancing around and stood shaking.

"Oh God! Watch my pussy, Honey. Watch it closely and see what happens next.”

Then Jean began to gasp and scream again. "Oh it is Sooo nice." Harry moved back to see Jean’s cunt and he saw the thick horse cock entering his wife’s now wide open cunt. At first nothing happened but then, the big cock started to pulse and a white creamy liquid squirted out of the tight fitting union between the cunt and horse cock. The cock was thrust into Jean’s pussy so far and it was so big, Harry was stunned that anything came out of Jean’s tight hole at all. There were several big jets of the yellow sperm until the last drops just trickled out and ran down Jean’s tanned ass cheeks and over her rosebud anus. Harry watched fascinated, waiting for more liquid to squirt out, but it seemed to have stopped now.

"Macho just finished, my sweet husband and so did I. Macho will have to walk some more and get the fucking motion working again. But I have neglected to think of you, Honey. If you can get your beautiful little cock up to my mouth, I will kiss it until it shoots”

Harry didn’t hesitate. He dropped his shorts and move up to Jean’s waiting mouth and rested his head against the side of Macho’s shoulder. Jean didn’t have to do more than lick and suck her husband for a minuet or two and he shot his sperm deep down in the wonderful mouth that was servicing him. He gasped as loud as Jean did during her orgasm and to him, it was just as satisfying. Jean licked her lips clean of his sperm and Harry leaned down and kissed her.

“Oh Shit, Baby Doll. I love this. I love you. I’m so happy with you now. You are so beautiful belly riding.” He would have continued praising his wife, but she stopped him when she spoke softly to him.

“Honey, this is only the first one. Macho can do three or four of these a day and I can do them all day. I think I would like to move on to another one” Then Jean nudged the horse in the ribs and started walking him again, still headed for the beach.

When Harry and Jean returned to the stables, it was very late. They would have to hurry to make dinner in time. Jean was so full of horse sperm and such a wonderful horse ride with her husband that it was the best ever for her. Harry wanted to help Jean out of the saddle but the horse was still deeply thrust into her now tender cunt.

Jean had to explain that it may take several hours before the Macho was limp

Enough to drop out of her cunt so she wouldn’t be damaged by the cock ring coming out. Harry remembered that it would slid out easily, once the cock deflated and Jean would be fine and ready for another ride the next day

“It will take a few hours, my sweet husband. I will be okay here in the harness. Just put a feed bag on Macho and go on to dinner yourself. Conchita will come and take care of me if you tell her too when you change.”

“Are you sure you will be okay?” and he leaned down to kiss his exhausted wife. She had orgasm at least six times during the ride and sucked him off four times. He could never find a girl like her in the US and his love for her was about to burst out of his head.

“I’ll be fine. Now go.” She could feel that she had complete control of him now and she commanded him to go.

Harry left her reluctantly, not wanting to leave her but she had insisted. Quickly he walked to the cottage and took a shower. Once he was dressed, he called Conchita. The beautiful Brazilian and Indian girl appeared almost instantly.

“Senora Jean is in the stable with Macho. Would you please go to her and make sure she is all right. She is still in the sling and may need something.”

Si senor. I will wait with her until she can uncouple from Macho. He is a big hombre, No? Did you enjoy watching Senora belly riding, Senor?”

Harry grinned at her and replied. “Yes. She is beautiful in the sling, isn’t she?”

Conchita smiled at him then and spoke softly. “Yes, your senora loved fucking that big cock and it’s beautiful to see it disappear up into her pussy. She will be riding in the derby now. Will you be there?”

“I’m going to try.” He answered the house maid and left the cottage.

He made it, just as everyone was sitting down to eat and once he was settled, Senor Alfalla spoke to him.

“I saw you leave with your wife riding belly style this morning. How was it?”

‘She is incredible. I have never seen anything like it and she seems to love doing it. You have done a wonderful job of training her. Thank you Senor,” Harry began to eat then.

Senora Alfalla then spoke to him. “Would it be convient for you, if we had a little talk about your wife after dinner, Harry?”

“Why, yes sir.” He kept eating and finished up almost the first one. When everyone had finished and they left the table,








Gretchen. Took his hand and led him up the stairs to the Library and motioned him to take a seat in one of the big overstuffed chairs in the room.

She sat on a sofa in front of him and smiled when she began to talk. “Your wife is very beautiful and now an accomplished belly rider. How do you feel about that?’ she asked.

“I’m proud of her and of course I love her very deeply.” He replied.

“You are not jealous of her, of her new ways of going nude and having all of my staff and employees admire her body, even some of the men lusting after her and wanting do you say it in English....Fuck her?” The older woman was still smiling at him when she asked that question and he could see that she was leading up to something even more lewd than Jean fucking a horse.

“No Gretchen, I’m not jealous of what she is doing. She can do what she wants and she does have a mind of her own.” He didn’t bite at what he thought the woman was leading up too.

“Well, Harry, I’m glad to hear that. We want your wife to ride with our other three entries for the belly riding derby. Now this doesn’t just require the riders to be fucked by the horses as they move around the track, but Senor Alfalla has added a two additional tasks that the belly riders must perform to gain a lot of points towards winning the half million cash prize. We want your wife to be completely nude during the ride, no costume only decorations that do not distract from her nude body. All of the maidens’ nude bodies are so beautiful that I don’t think they should have anything to reduce the view of your wife’s beauty and take away the desire and lust of the men or women watching them ride. Their long hair will be fashioned so that their wonderful shaped necks can be seen and no pubic hair will be allowed to distract from their beautiful slits. WE don’t want anything like hair to obstruct the view of the horse cock working in the girl’s vagina. . There is a special harness being made, just to fit all of our maidens and your wife. It will hold her comfortably in its sling, but very little of any of the belly riders’ body will be covered. Your wife will be fitted with two wireless microphones that will transmit to the sound system around the track so that any sound or noise from her mouth or her pussy will be amplified to entice the men spectators sexually. This is necessary to encourage the spectators to join her on the track and received her sexual favors. One last thing, you wife will have her own horse tail attached to a butt plug in her anus. It will be made up with her blonde hair. I think that will be a very erotic touch for a blonde belly rider. I’m sure a North American Gringo blonde girl like her will win the cup. Don’t you agree that she can win if she is riding like this?”

“I have one question, Gretchen?” Harry said.

“Yes, what is it?”

“I know she can jack off a man when she is riding, because she did that to me. But do you expect her to suck a guy off that offers her a hard tool while riding?”

“Oh, yes, Senor Alfalfa expects her to do that. He has instructed that the harness be made so she can swing from under the horse from her hips out to the side of the horse when he is standing still and having his orgasm. This is part of the challenge. The maids will have to make the cock they suck while their horse is standing still with his orgasm. Your wife will have to make the man cum during that short time. If they don’t make the man cum in that short time they don’t get any points for it.”

Harry thought about what the old lady had just told him and the very lewdness of it was making him erotically excited, even more than he had been while watching Jean belly ride all day. The idea of her having to suck cocks as she rode along the track, her bare pussy open to all to see, and her screams and moans amplified to a tremendous volume including the squishing and slurping sounds that would come from her cunt was so erotically kinky and crazy that he liked it. He kept thinking about it until the old lady spoke.

‘I can see by the bulge in your shorts, that you agree. Right?” She asked.

“What can I say, Gretchen. You can see my answer. Yes, I agree with that kind of set up, Jean should be a winner. But will she do it. I won’t have any part in trying to make her do it. You will have to convince her to participate that way if you want her to do it.”

“Wonderful. I don’t think we will have any problem with her consenting. Just don’t mention this conversation to her. Now go to her and help her uncouple from Macho. Take her to bed and love her then fuck her yourself tonight.” She got up and left the room before he could even rise out of the chair.

On the way out of the house, he met Senor Alfalla and the older man spoke to him.

“Did my wife explain what we are thinking of doing with your wife? How we want her to be fitted out for the race?”

“Yes she did. She will have to convince my wife. I will not have any objections but I will not be the one to convince her to do it.” Harry was smiling at the older man.

“Fine, Fine. That can be done. Now when will you be leaving to go back to the over to the mainland?”

“I had planned on leaving tomorrow afternoon. Is that alright with you?” He asked.

‘Yes, yes. But you must return by end of the second week for the derby race I want you to accompany your wife in the derby. You will be totally nude of course, but you should be by her side all the way it will be very exciting and erotic for you too. The old man didn’t wait for an answer. He just turned and left Harry standing there. He walked quickly over to the stable and down to Macho’s stall. The horse had been rubbed down and fed. The harness was gone and Jean wasn’t there either.

Harry turned to go when he saw Gonzales standing in the shadows.

He greeted the old vaquero and started to walk by, headed to his cottage.

“Senor Adams, may I speak to you for a moment?” He asked.

“What’s on your mind Gonzales?” The young pilot said.

“Well, it’s kind of personal and about your wife. You know I have been instruction her for over a month now on how to belly ride. She is very good at it now, only because she likes to be fucked by the horse’s big cock and has no trouble taking most of it in that very pretty cunt of her‘s. What I would like, with your permission, is to make some home movies of her fucking Macho and with her trotting him around the island.”

“If you agree, I will make sure you have a copy of all of the film that has been taken of her, including her belly riding initiation, and of course any I take in the future, even the parade.” Gonzales waited for the young husband to reply.

“You have a deal, Gonzales. But.....I would like even more home movies. Ones of the maids being fucked by their horses and anything else like that.” He smiled when he said that.

“Senor Adams, movie film, especially color film cost money. I will be glad to furnish you copies of all of the film I have been taking since I got my Bollix sixteen millimeter film camera, but you will have to pay for the blank film. It’s a deal if you will to do that.”

“No problem. Make the copies and let me know how much the film is.” Harry walked away then; a smile on his face, knowing no one would believe him about belly ridding if he couldn’t show them a film or two of an actual belly rider. He didn’t want to show Jean doing it, but wouldn’t hesitate to show one of the maids.

When he walked into the bedroom, he found Jean nude and sound asleep. He was just as tired as she was and he quickly undressed and lay down beside her. His mind was in turmoil, but it was a wonderful turmoil. He had never been so happy in his life. He had the wife he had always wanted a young little lady and when she wanted to be, a real wanton sex pot that loved kinky crazy sex that people back home would turn their noses up at too. Dam but he loved her and was so proud of her now.

The next day Harry woke up and Jean wasn’t with him. He ate his breakfast and then as soon as he was finished he took off for the stables. Conchita’s horse was all ready saddled and waiting and next to it was Macho. Jean was slung under it and strapped in place ready to go for her daily ride. There was no evidence of any other person.

Harry greeted his wife, smiling all the time and then he walked round Jean’s horse to check all the straps and harness. Then he checked that his wife was comfortable and secure. He was surprised to see that Macho’s cock had already been inserted into her cunt, and must have received the shot from the syringe to make him stay hard all day.

Everything appeared to be okay and Jean then said. “Honey, lead Macho out of the stable to the road for me and then turn him loose. I will be able to control him from then on. Oh, this feels so good this morning my sweet husband. You do know how much I love this early morning fuck. Isn’t he so handsome when he has such a big cock stand?

Harry didn’t answer her, just leaned over and kissed her. He turned and saw Conchita sliding into her harness and flips over, belly up to the horse.

“Please Senor Adams, will you tighten up my harness and give my horse a hand inserting his cock into my pussy.” Harry jumped to the task and did as the girl had requested. He noted that her horse had been injected too. His cock was huge and hard as a rock, but is slipped into the big wide cunt in front of it without any trouble.

When he finished, he lead the two horses out of the stable and out to the dirt road leading down to the beach. Once on the road he let the bridles of both horses go and watched as his wife nudged Macho with her knees into a trot. Conchita did the same with her horse and when the horses had only gone a few hundred yards, Harry heard his wife scream with her first orgasm. Conchita wasn’t far behind Jean with her first orgasm. Harry just stood there and pulled his cock from his pants and jacked off, still watching the two horses trotting down the road and listening to the two young girls screaming with the ecstasy of their erotic ride. He shot off just as the animals disappeared from his sight around a bend in the path.

Finally, the day came when Jean was ready. Getrechen told her that there was no need for her to train further. She knew all there was to know about belly riding and the day was near for her to ride in the derby. It was to be a small celebration of her graduation.

The Alfalla family, friends, which were mostly the employees of the ranchero, were summoned to the large courtyard fronting the hacienda’s main building. There were no comments or gestures when Jean was led out in public, strapped under her horse Macho, with its hardened gigantic cock penetrating deeply into her eager vagina. She was on display to all who wished to look closely. A few of the more worldly spectators, including a conclave of older women, who had once belly ridden themselves, nodded and smiled appreciatively for they knew that this was Jean’s, 'La Confession,' or the public coming out ceremony for her as a new belly rider. After a brief, silence, a few of the spectators applauded cautiously The servant that had helped Jean in her training paraded behind her horse announced to all that, at last Jean, the North American Gringo Girl was to fore fill her ambition to ride in the Belly Ridding Derby with a horse cock installed deep in her cunt, and that she hoped that all of the present company would wish her well.

Then indicating the horse and rider Alfalia cried out. "Watch well what Senora Adams does and know that she is proud of doing it first, in front of you. My Lady and I ask that you celebrate her graduation. Please help her and enjoy the spectacle and performance of her belly ride. We should thank Senor Adams for allowing his wife to perform for us also…”

Jean looked from under the horse easily riding in her new belly riding harness. She saw Harry had arrived at the hacienda on time from the mainland to witness her debut as a belly rider. This was making her so excited that she couldn’t wait for her performance to begin.

On cue, Champagne bottles were opened and servants appeared serving all manner of confections, while musicians struck up a festive air. Eventually, the celebration got underway, fueled by the abundant spirits, while Jean and her horse stood in the middle of her guests.

Several of the guests knelt next to her and kissed her affectionately, caressing her brow and even fondling her pert breasts along with wishing her luck. There were many questions about her motivation. Jean bravely smiled in spite of her upside down; this was what she wanted to do, she explained, she loved it, and had no regrets. Yes, it did hurt at times, but it also felt so wonderful and when Macho had his first orgasm, it was the most glorious thing she had ever felt or had happen to her.

She looked forward to trotting around the derby track as fast as her horse would go. Something she had waited for, for so many weeks now. Yes, she could cum like this, even have gigantic orgasms, certainly, one day riding in this position was what she had trained for, and she was ready for it. . Yes, she had about 12 inches or horse cock up in her vagina and it pushed against her cervix. No, she was not afraid of rupture. She knew that wouldn’t happen when the straps were adjusted correctly and she had all the faith and confidence in Gonzales and her husband to make sure of that. She looked over at her husband when she answered the next question. Yes, she drank the horse's sperm often and it tasted salty, and nothing like anything else on this Earth, I have become addicted to it and want more. Once I got used to it. I love swallowing horse sperm now. Of course I can’t get pregnant this way!

Her whole universe centered on the hot shaft of horse cock meat inside her, and the joy she was feeling of publicly and shamelessly displaying her preferences of being impaled on a horse cock was overwhelming It was not that she did not like her husband‘s cock, just that a horse was, well, better, much better and of course much bigger. Several spectators took turns to lead Jean and her horse around the courtyard at a trot until Macho’s inevitable orgasm occurred. There was much clapping and cheering as the horse had his orgasm and Jean cried for joy. The ejaculation was spectacular and the volume of fluid filled her to overflowing. Afterwards, Jean and the horse were led at a trot again by her husband now completely nude. Then she saw Gonzales completely nude trotting beside her on the outside of her animal. His dark cock was rock hard and he motioned Jean to take it in hand. Jean didn’t hesitate and she began to stroke it. Her small hand was flying up and down the vaquero’s cock and suddenly Macho stopped and began to do his dance just before he would orgasm. Gonzales moved close to the side of the animal and spoke softly to her.

“Senora Jean, please suck me off. It is part of the celebration. You must take my cock and your husband’s cock in your mouth and suck while you and Macho have your orgasm. It will mean great joy and luck for all three of us if you do this. “

Jean reached out and found that she could swing out to him in the new harness and she quickly took his cock deeply into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked furiously and she began to orgasm the same time Macho was filling her womb with his massive amount of cum for the second time. Gonzales stiffened and held her head in place as his hips moved in and out as he fucked Jean’s mouth to his own orgasm. It all happened so fast that Jean hardly understood what was going on when Gonzales moved away from her and her husband took his place and she swiftly make her husband orgasm. The horse was lead into a trot again and she swung back into position under the horse and relaxed as the big piston moved smoothly in and out of her cunt. Her hand was wrapped around her husband’s love tool now and Harry was panting with his erotic sensations that she was giving him.


“This is awesome, baby doll, “her husband panted out to her. If you keep this up I am going to have another orgasm. “

Hearing this, Jean found that she could swing out enough to get her husband’s cock in her mouth while trotting. His cock seemed to have grown to her and the movement of her horse only added to both Harry’s and her enjoyment. Harry began to orgasm within seconds when her mouth encircled his swollen glans again and he shot his sperm down her throat. Jean made every effort to swallow it right down to the last tiny squirt. Her husband faded fast and collapsed when he returned to reality from such a tremendous orgasm. Gonzales just kept Macho at his easy gate and the spectators were cheering and clapping for Jean’s performance. Harry was helped to his unsteady feet by Senor Alfalla.

Gonzales brought Macho to a stop and looked at the big cock in Jean and noticed that the ring wasn’t in her cunt. There would be no danger to her if she dismounted from under the horse. He helped Jean to slide out from under and when she did everyone could see her wide open cunt, from whose yawning lips streamed gobs and streams of semen fell. It was seen by all. Macho was led away, his penis still fully engorged and swollen.

A small bowl of horse semen, which had previously been collected, was brought. Conchita touched a drop of the semen to the young wife’s forehead and then held the bowl to her lips for Jean to drink the sperm. Applause and congratulations were heard from all directions from the staff, even her husband applauded her. Some of the sperm fell from the bowl and landed on Jean’s breasts. It slowly ran down her body until it reached the pronounced mound of her bare pubic area. Afterwards a very short robe was draped around her shoulders so that her cunt and pubic mound was still visible to anyone who cared to stare.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Jean socialized with the staff with her arm through her husbands, while horse semen dribbled down her thighs.

Eventually Jean excused herself and went with her husband to their cottage to wash and dress.

Jean and Harry drove the ten miles down to the eastern end of the island where the three eights of a mile track was located. It was beautiful day with the trade winds blowing across the island, keeping it reasonably cool. They saw that there were three mega yachts tied up to the two docks just beyond the race track. There were tike shelters all around the beach and track with the servants serving drinks and snacks for the visitors from the yachts.

Gonzales had braided Macho’s mane and tail with red, white and blue ribbon. The new harness was a bright red and the pad on Macho’s shoulders was blue. Jean noticed right away that this harness had narrow straps and only three under her back and buttocks for support. The leg and arm straps were also smaller but the same length. Jean spoke to her husband with a concerned lilt to her voice. “Honey, I don’t think I will be very comfortable in that new harness. The straps will cut into my body.”

“I think you will be okay. These straps have sponge rubber on the inside to make it easy for you and Senor Alfalla wants your nude body to be on display even more than you are in the training harness. He has a surprise for you when he gets here. You may like it or you may hate it, I don’t know.”

“Tell me…Please tell me, Honey…”

“I can’t. I promised that I wouldn’t interfere and it would have to be your decision. That’s the end of it. Anyway you don’t have to wait any longer; here he comes with Gretchen to explain everything to you.”

“Good afternoon, Jean and Harry. Are you ready for the derby race, Jean?”

“I guess so. As ready as I will ever be,” she replied.

“Well, not quite. First Gretchen has something for you.” and he turned to his wife.

Gretchen spoke to Jean softly. “I have a little something to add to your costume to entice the men even more. It’s your own pony tail.” and she took a long blonde pony tail that was attached to a small butt plug.

“Now bend over, Honey, and I will insert this up your pretty little rose bud anus.” she gently pushed Jean over so that she was bent at the waist. “Now reach back and spread your ass cheeks, Jean, and I will give you a shot of warm lubrication for your butt plug to slid in easily and not hurt you.

Jean did as she was directed and Harry watched, his cock growing and straightening out from his crotch as he saw the syringe go into his wife’s asshole and receive a large shot of Aqua-glide lubrication liquid. Gretchen then gently inserted the small butt plug and once it was all the way in, she fastened a little hose and bulb to it. Gently she pumped air into the expanding butt plug until Jean moaned. Then she pulled on it with enough force to see if it would come out. It didn’t.

“Now Jean I want you to try to shit while I pull on the plug to make sure it won’t accidentally come out if you fart.”

Again Jean did as instructed and the plug held firm and Jean straightened up.

Dam, but my wife looks so cute with that up her ass. She really would make a beautiful pony girl. Now that is a happy thought. Maybe I can get all of the rigging and harness to make her a pony girl when we return home.

Senor Alfalla got her attention then when he began to explain the rules of the derby.

“Okay, Jean. Now pay close attention because your chance of winning will be determined by how well you perform according to the rules. You will trot your horse around this track five times, but you are allowed to stop when he has his orgasm. You can’t run your horse, a trot is only allowed. You will receive points on how well you ride, your beauty, and how many times you orgasm. Each time your horse orgasm counts for twenty five points. Then you can earn extra points by give the men standing around the track a hand-job, also I had your new harness made so you can swing out from under without uncoupling from Macho’s penis and suck a man’s cock. You can do this best when your horse stops to orgasm, but you must make the man shoot his sperm in your mouth and swallow it. There will be men standing all the way around the track and when they get hard they will join you and your horse while you are trotting. If you can, suck a man off while he is trotting beside you. That is one hundred points. So you see, your horse doesn’t have to lead the race, but all of the points you can earn will get you the first prize, a half million dollars.

Any question, my dear?”

Jean just looked at him with awe in her expression then she spoke. “I have to masturbate a guy to get points and if I can suck him off I get more points, right?”

“Yes, that is the way you can earn enough points to win. Your looks and the way you handle your horse also give you points, but you get the most if you jack off the spectators and suck them to orgasm in the shortest time. In other words the more men you suck off the more points you get.”

Alfalla then took Jean’s arm and led her over to the spectator side of the track and motioned for her to step up on a platform that was on the other side of the track by the outside railing. There were twelve other girls standing up there completely nude, but Jean only recognized three of them from her short time living on the island.

“Senor, where did the other eight girls come from? I have never seen them before. Are they belly riders too?

“Yes, Jean they are. They come from several countries south of here including Brazil. Even though it is illegal now, we still attract many girls from the south because of the big stakes to the winner. Most of the spectators are all from the south and big land owners. Now if you are smart you will tease the spectators and make them want your body. In that way you will have more men wanting your caresses and lips on them while you are belly riding today. “

When he left Jean standing with the other eleven girls, Jean did what Carl suggested. She smiled and made lewd gestures to the men as they moved closer to her and leered at her with lust in their eyes. All of the girls were doing their best to entice the men and even some women and they even let some of the crowd caress their bodies. This went on for almost a half hour and then one of the track judges led the girl off of the platform and back to the other side of the track to their horses.

Just then the loud speakers blared out with an announcement that the Belly Ridding race would began in thirty minuets and the people that wanted to join in by trotting with the horses should get their tickets and check their clothing at the large building at the end of the track.

“Baby doll, here is a little gadget I want you to use when you suck a guy off. It will make him orgasm like lighting. Don’t let anyone see it in your hand. It is called an “Electrastim.” Put this little pad in the palm of your left hand and the other pad stick in to your left hip. Take his cock or balls in your left hand and when you put your mouth on his cock, you will feel a tiny electric shock. He will feel it too and he will shoot off in seconds if he is really excited.”

Jean looked at the tiny little box Harry was holding in his hand. She didn’t say a word, just slid into her harness and flipped over with her face up. Harry fastened the tiny box that was painted the same red color as the harness and put the wire along the strap that went under her waist and stuck the pad on her left hip. Then he ran the tiny wire out to the palm of her left hand and stuck it there. He showed her how to turn it on and increase or decrease the intensity of the stimulation to the man’s or woman’s gentiles. Then he lifted his own cock to his wife’s mouth and she took his glans into her mouth. She pressed the button to turn the stimulator on and felt nothing.

“Push the green button on until you feel the electric jolts baby doll. Jean did as her husband instructed and suddenly she began to feel small shocks around her mouth and her husband jumped when he felt them in his cock. She pushed the green button again until she was getting a pretty good shock each time she moved her mouth on his cock.

“Baby doll, you can increase the speed of the shock by pressing the yellow button but it will turn off after you press it three times and you have to start all over. If you keep pressing the green button it will go as high as the red button, but be careful, the jolts may be more than you can stand in your mouth.”

Jean did as her husband had instructed and mastered the controls in two tries. She had her husband so aroused that he was almost ready to shoot his cum in her mouth and he told her to stop.

“Honey, is this against the rules?” She asked.

“No one has ever had one of these in these races before, so there is no rule against it. Just don’t let anyone know what you are doing and I don’t think any of the men you use it on will know either, but they will surely shoot is a hurry and you can take on another man.”

Just as Harry finished adjusting all of the straps for Jean and he gave Macho the shot that would keep him erect for at least an hour. They led the horses out to the starting line.

While they were doing that the spectators that wanted to join the race were being lined up along the outside rail completely nude and assigned a position along the raid and given their instructions.

Each man or woman had to wait until their choice of belly rider came opposite their marked position and if she wasn’t occupied with someone trotting beside her horse, they could run out and join up with her. Once they had their orgasm, they could either go back to their position or drop out of the race.

When the riders were lined up and the spectators were all settle down at their position around the track, the announcer started his countdown for the race to start.

When he got to one, there was a pause then he screamed out, “GO.”

The race was on. Jean and Macho were on the outside, right where Senor Alfalla had placed her. Macho took off and Jean screamed out when she slid too far backwards and he buried his cock almost in her womb, but Jean thought it had gone all the way to her stomach.

She pulled back on her reins and got control of Macho within a few feet of his stride and held him down to a fast trot. At the same time a young man joined her, trotting beside her on the right side of her horse. His cock was at a full erect stand. Jean ignored him for a few hundred feet around the track until she got settled in the harness and Macho was moving at an even pace.

Then she reached out, took the young man’s cock in her hand and began to masturbate him in time with the rhythm of the trotting horse. Once she felt comfortable, she tried to swing out enough to get the young man’s cock in her mouth. She missed it several time, but half way around the track, she succeeded. She pressed the green button twice and felt the electric shock around her lips and the young man was quivering like he was being hit by lightening and shot off after a half minuet. He dropped back and off to the side and another man took his place. Jean didn’t hesitate then, she had found a way to be hanging the harness and way out so she could get a cock in her mouth. She took this older man’s tool in her mouth and sucked greedily on it then gave him the electric jolts and he went to his knees on the outside of the track. This went on all the way around the track and she had made four men orgasm in one turn around the track. Her own orgasm had started a minuet after the race started and was a continuous one, with short pauses in between.

Suddenly, Macho stopped right on the finish line and began to orgasm. Jean didn’t waste any time, but sucked each cock that was presented to her while the animal was shooting his load in her. She put three more men on their knees in the short period that Macho stood still and when he finished, she nudged him back into his trotting gait.

The next three circuits of the track were the same and Jean was averaging four men per circuit and three men when Macho stopped to have his orgasm. Jean was concentrating on making her trotting men have an orgasm in the shortest time that she didn’t realized how many she was having. She remembered that one time she was having her orgasm at the same time as Macho was filling her full of his sperm she got so excited that she bit down on the poor man that she was sucking off. For some strange reason she didn’t understand, He jerked his cock out of her mouth and shot so hard and fast that his cum went up as high as Macho was tall. The spectators were all cheering for her when they saw that.

The finish line was just ahead and Conchita on Hombre was in the lead but there was no trotter beside her. Jean had a trotter’s cock in her mouth and he started orgasm just before the finish like and just as they crossed the line, he collapsed in a heap on the track.

Jean pulled Macho to a stop just the other side of the finish line and Macho was led by her husband to stand in line with the other horses and their belly riders.

All of the spectators were cheering and clapping for all of the riders as they waited to hear the winner of the race.

The announcer came on the speakers shortly after that and read off the total points for each rider, starting with the lowest ones.

Conchita got the second highest numbers of point and Jean called to her.

“Great ride, Conchita, how are you going to spend that second place money?”

Conchchita was smiling from ear to ear and having an orgasm at the same time when she finally got her answer out to her. “I’m going home to the mainland and buy myself a small farm and home and Senor Alfalia said I could take Hombre with me.” She was a happy girl.

Just then Jean heard the points she had earned, one hundred for riding style, one hundred for her beauty, thirty five blow jobs for thirty five hundred points and her horse had two orgasms for fifty points and she had six orgasms for three hundred fifty points.

The announcer screamed into the microphone. “Macho ridden by Senor Jean with three thousand nine hundred points is the grand winner of the half million US dollars.

Two native girls ran out with a big floral horseshoe wreath and hung it over Macho’s shoulders.

The spectators crowded around Jean and Macho, asking her a ton of question in many different languages and all she could do was smile.

Harry had removed the electrostimla from the harness the minuet he got next to Macho to lead him over to the rail. He had removed the wires and pad from Jean swiftly and handed them to Gonzales so he could put them in his pocket.

Jean was locked to Macho’s penis so she just lie in the harness and let the spectators enjoy talking or caressing her legs and ass. While she was lying there, all of this caressing and attention aroused her swiftly and she had another orgasm and one woman had her hand on Jean’s stomach. She could feel the big bulge there from the animal cock buried in the young girl’s vagina.

“My dear, that must be exquisite to have your orgasm with a…with a…horse cock in you. Do you like it?”

Jean smiled up at her and replied. “You will never know what a wonderful way it is to fuck, unless you try in sometime. It is far better than any man can give you. I will never be satisfied with a man size cock again. Only a horse cock will do!”

“Oh dear. Tell me, how could I ever learn how to belly ride like you do it? Is there a place that gives training that is safe?”

An idea flashed in Jean’s young mind. Then she spoke to the woman.

“How old are you?” Jean asked.

“I’m twenty five and very unhappy with the way my husband can’t seem to satisfy me, but I don‘t want to be unfaithful to him. Maybe belly riding would do the trick for me and give me the pleasure I crave…”

“Well it would be very expensive to learn. You know it is illegal now around the world and to get the training would be very expensive because of that.”

“Oh, young lady, I have ample funds for anything I want. That isn’t a problem.”

“Do you have a card with your address on it?” Jean asked.

The beautiful woman dug into her pocket book and handed Jean a card. Then Jean spoke softly to her again. “If I find a place where you can take training, you will be contacted, but you must never discuss this with anyone, not even your husband, agreed?”

“Yes, Oh yes! I can hardly wait to hear from you Senor Jean.” and she walked off.

Harry returned to her as the crowd began to disperse and the sun was setting. He led Macho back to the area where the horse trailers were parked and then Gonzales and Harry helped Jean get out from under the horse. Conchita and the two other maids from the ranchero were already out from under their animals and were already in the Land Rover on the way back to the ranchero.

Harry helped Gonzales and two other vaqueros to load the four animals and Gonzales headed back to the ranchero with the vaqueros in the crew cab pick up pulling the long stock trailer.

Senor Alfalla and Gretchen walked up to Jean and Harry with big smiles across their faces. “Would you kids like to join the party down on the yachts tonight? You have to attend as the winner, Jean.”

“We would, but we don’t have any clothes to wear.” Jean replied.

“No problem.” Alfalla tuned around and picked up two bags and handed one each to Jean and Harry. They quickly donned the garments, beach robes that came down to their knees with beautiful leather sandals for Harry and extremely high platform heels for Jean. Alfalla led them to the other side of the track and to his Rolls Royce.

Senor Alfalla led Jean and Harry up the ladder to the largest yacht they had ever seen and on up to the top deck where it was almost the size of a basket ball court.

Jean looked around and saw quite a few of the men that she had sucked off during the derby and many older women that were decked out in their finest.

Everyone was speaking in languages that she didn’t understand and Alfalla saw the puzzled expression on Jean’s face and then spoke to her.

“Jean, there aren’t any American here tonight. Everyone is from different countries in South American, but you will hear some German and Italian spoken. There are many refuges from Germany and Italy now living in South American. Of course they are all very rich if you have noticed the way their women dress and their impeccable clothes.

“Yes, I was wondering about that Senor. I guess that’s where you get the large amount of money you spent on the derby to pay for it.”

“Oh yes. They don’t mind paying a great price for their entertainment and of course the play hard as you have seen already and not always fair.” and he finished with a sly grin on his face glancing from her to her husband and back.

Jean and Harry picked up a glass of champagne from a waiter that passed them and in a moment, Jean was surrounded by mostly women that were admiring her for winning the belly riding race. Back in her own home town they would have had her in Jail by now, but here in South America, she was a heroine. She loved it too, and ate up all of the wonderful attention these women were giving her.

Just then a tall handsome dark man with a very deep voice spoke loudly for everyone’s attention.

“Ladies and gentlemen. The award for first place tonight is being made, for the first time, to a North American Lady. She is the first Lady from her land to ever compete in our celebration of the Belly riding derby race. I am very proud to present her the check for first prize and also I wish her to display herself as she was in the race, but now she isn’t riding under her horse so you can see her amazing beauty and why the judges gave her so many points for that.“

He paused and looked around the big open deck area. Smiling all the time for the audience. Then he put the microphone back to his lips and spoke again to the audience.

“I am proud to ask Senora Jean Adams to come up here and receive her first prize cup and check for being the most erotic belly rider of this year.....” He paused again and looked for Jean in the audience. When he found her, he motioned to her to hurry to the stage.

‘Oh My God! Do I have too?” That was all she could say when she turned to her husband and kissed him. “Oh Honey, I’m going to be embarrassed!” Her husband gently turned her and pushed her toward the announcer standing in the center of the dance floor.

There must have been a lot of a lechery in the host because he stopped Jean at the edge of the dance floor when the audience cleared a large spot for her.

“Senora Jean. Please remove all of your robe and clothing, except for your shoes before you walk over to me. I want the audience to see how really gorgeous you are…Nude.”

Suddenly such an erotic, electric shock hit Jean in the crotch that she thought she was going to have an orgasm right then. All she could think of was how exciting this is to win first prize for being the best horse fucker and now tease all of the men in the audience again with her body. God, what a turn on. She slipped her beach robe off and handed it to her husband.

She stood at the edge of the dance area and posed with one foot in front of the other and her right hand on her right hip. Her left arm was just under her breasts. She only had the stiletto platform high heels on that Alfalla had thought to put in the car long before the race that afternoon. He was betting on her winning and knew Jean would make every man at the party feel like a kid again when he saw her walk nude in those shoes… They were white with eight inch heels and two inch platforms and her legs were perfect when wearing them.

Jean slowly took each step forward, making sure her beautiful ass cheeks rotated smoothly up and down while her hips moved back and forth in the bright spotlight. She could hear the gasps of the crowd behind her. When she walking across the wide space. She began the walk to the center of the dance floor and to the Host by taking long steps placing one foot in front of the other. She did this walk slow so that she could exaggerate her hip movements and she placed her heels down hard, making her big ‘C’ cup size conical tits bounce like Jell-O with each step. Jean was so turned on by the sounds and comments she was hearing from the crowd that it was possible to see bright little drops of her cunt juice leaking from her outer labia lips as they flashed in the light of the spotlights that were playing up and down and around her body. When she finally reached the center of the floor, the Host placed his arm around her shoulders and turned her to face the audience.

“Senora Jean. I don’t think a man in here tonight will ever forget how beautiful you are. I’m sure that many a wife will suffer for what you are doing to their husbands. How could they not want you, desire you, and wish they could make love to you? Such a pity a horse is the only one to satisfy such a beautiful woman as you.”

Jean began to quiver and her knees were getting weak. Her husband watched Jean and knew she was having another orgasm, right then, right in front of everyone in the place.

My God, what have I done to her? She will never be the same when I get her back home. I will never be able to satisfy her again. He thought to himself. His mind was in turmoil, afraid now, that he would lose his precious Jean.

When his mind cleared, he caught the last of the Host’s words.

“Senora Jean, I’m proud to present you with this small cup, as first prize, for the best belly rider of a horse in this year’s celebration belly race. Never have I seen a better rider. I hope you will be in contention in next year’s parade and here is a check for your first prize win.”

Jean took the cup and left the stage by a side curtain and her husband met her there.

She was crowded into a room full of VIPs and flash cameras. The same old questions were asked and she gave the same answers. Her picture was taken in many position and many were on the verge of being pornographic. The women even loved this too. Finally she and her husband escaped back to the deck below the party and both found a quiet lounge to sit in and watch the moon come up in the east. They could hear the Host awarding the second place winner her prize and he had asked her to parade up to him in the nude also.

“I wonder how much Conchita won, Honey. She deserves a big prize too.” Jean whispered to him.

Gretchen told me that she got a quarter of a million in Brazilian money, plus her horse which I think you already knew she wanted him.” Harry answered him.

“How about the other maids, did they get anything?”

“I think Alfalla is going to give them a big bonus, enough to have a big wedding when they want it and plenty so they can send it to their families on the mainland. Senor Alfalla is a generous man I found out.” Harry told her.

Fatigue set in on both Jean and her husband and they didn’t do a thing but fall asleep. One of the crewmen of the yacht woke Harry up and helped him carry Jean down to a cabin and for the next sixteen hours they slept. When they woke up, it was dark and almost midnight again.

Jean was worried about Macho and prodded her husband to wake up and go with her to check on him. They hurried off to the yacht and drove back to the ranchero. They found Macho in good shape in stable with Gonzales. He had been with the animals the whole time, but out of site.

Her husband left her the next day to go south and complete the contract. They would be leaving right after that to return home to Virginia.

Gonzales inform Jean the day that her Husband left to go to the south that she should refrain from belly riding Macho during this week. The horse was fatigued by his numerous orgasms during her fast ride at the celebration.

She agreed because she too was fatigued to near exhaustion so for the time her husband was working down south, she rested. He returned on the following Friday.

Jean noticed a dejected mood in her husband when he returned and they were packing to leave. She couldn’t figure this out, but she thought she knew what he was so blue about. He had watched her fuck a horse so much that now he felt that it would be impossible for him to please her or even himself. He was afraid that he wasn’t man enough for her.

Quickly, Jean pulled her husband to her body and began to kiss and fondle him. Then she folded her right leg round Harry’s legs as though she was trying to prevent his escape, and slid his hand up her body taking her dress with it. There could be no doubt that she was naked and available under the skimpy garment for his rising lust. Jean had displayed her nude body to so many people in the last two weeks that now she was a confirmed exhibitionist. This time she was going to made sure that all was displayed for her husband’s enjoyment

She turned her husband and herself so that she had her back to the large mirror on the wall behind her. Harry seemed to only take a quick look at her reflection and admired the beautiful ass that was reflected there, before he bent to kiss her again, deep and long. This is working perfectly, thought Jean. It was only a moment before they were both lying on the bed and completely naked. Jean lay down next to her husband and teased him. He took no time in falling into her arms and sliding his eager, hot, and well lubricated cock into her waiting cunt. The first fuck was hard and fast, but very exciting for the two of them. Harry shot off deep into her body after a few minutes and they lay quietly for a while.

This was something Jean loved, but it wasn’t quite the same now that she had been belly riding. Her cunt seemed very loose to her, almost sloppy, as her husband had pounded his cock into her pussy, but there must have been enough feeling for him to reach his orgasm. The heat and strength of him were much more rewarding than Macho, but that did not mean she was going to give up on a belly riding.

The horse still had the gold medal for endurance and size that Jean now required for her sex. This kind of fucking was a very nice interlude and a pleasant change from the raw brute strength of the horse. Her husband was what she need for tender, loving times like this.

Jean pushed Harry off of her and climbed on top. He had remained quite hard even after his first ejaculation, so it was easy for her to find his six inch cock and guide it into her succulent, hot nest. She found him too small to fill her but she clenched her vagina muscles to try and make her now wide hole smaller and tighter. She rode him as if he was her horse under her, galloping through the field around the hacienda. She came several times and was gratified to feel him shoot into her again, for the second time. Again the couple rested and lay together still joined as one Harry rolled onto her again and took her a third time holding her legs over his shoulders. Jean felt her bottom smacked by his balls, each time he drove his cock to its’ full length into her body. He drove into her with long and slow strokes. Reaching depths that he had not reached in their entire marriage. It took a long time this time He collapsed onto her, his full weight pressing her into the bed. He was warm and she folded her arms around his body and held him tightly to hers. Her breasts were a soft cushion against his chest and slowly he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning they loaded their baggage into the Jeep and headed to the landing strip. The aircraft were ready for the flight home and they had nothing to do but start up and take off. To their surprise, there was a large crowd gathered around the two biplanes when they arrived. Jean saw all of the staff, servants, and many of the local people there that had witnessed all of her exploits at belly riding. They were smiling and laughing as if it were a celebration.

Gonzales met them and directed some of the Vaqueros to load the small amount of baggage in the airplanes for Jean and Harry. Then he produced a large package and gave it to her husband.

“Senor Adams, this is what I promised you. I hope you and the Senora will enjoy watching these home movies on a cold night up there in North America. Please except them as a gift from all of the Vaqueros and myself.” Harry held the package in his hands and asked. “I must pay you for the film, Gonzales. How much do I owe you?”

“Nothing Senor. They are a gift. We have enjoyed and proud to have taught the Senora how to belly ride. Maybe, just maybe you may come back next year to work our fields and please bring the Senora with you.”

“Why, thank you Senor Gonzales. I know we will enjoy the movies very much. Yes, I would like to come back next spring. If I do, you can be sure the Senora will be with me. She has developed a craving for belly riding and won’t be happy again without it.” Harry was smiling lewdly at the older man and he saw the glint of admiration in his eyes as he bowed to Jean as she walked over to her aircraft and climbed into the cockpit.

It only took a few minuets to start up the engines and wait until they were warm enough to take off. Everyone that had gathered to see the couple off stood and watched as the two big biplanes flew by, very low to the ground as the two pilots waved at them. Then they zoomed up and headed north and out of site.

Jean was bored in their trailer home and had been ever since she and her husband had returned from the Island. She missed Macho. She missed being fucked daily by a gigantic cock. She wanted to belly ride a horse again and she was tired of wearing clothes all the time. She hadn’t dared to tell her husband her desires, but this evening it was depressing her so much that she blurted out to him at the dinner table her thoughts.

“Honey. I want a horse. A big horse like Macho. I’m tired of this trailer and want to move out in the country, away from everyone so I can have some privacy. Please, can’t we do something like that? Get a little farm and a horse for me to ride. We have the money now, don‘t we?”

He looked at her and smiled slowly. “I’ve been thinking of that myself. There is a place that we might get just south of the field, about twenty miles. I could cut a landing strip in there and fly back and forth to work. Would something like that suit you?”

Jean beamed at him and jumped up to get to him and gives him a big hug and kiss. “Yes, Oh yes! Where is it? Let’s fly down there right now and look at it.”

The two of them rushed out and climbed into the small Citabria monoplane that belonged to his flight school that Harry now owned and took off. Harry was sitting in the rear seat giving Jean directions to the land. Once near it he pointed down.

“That’s it, Baby Doll. That island in the middle of the river. They made it when the cut the canal straight through the land to save the barges a lot of time, instead of having to go all the way around. It looks like about two hundred fifty acres down there and I found out that it’s for sale.” Jean turned and flew all around the island and her heart was beating mile a minuet. It was perfect. The whole island was covered by tall oak and popular trees. There was a very small area that had only low brush that could be cleared for a landing strip and she thought of how perfect it would be to belly ride there. Complete privacy for her and the horse, a real island big enough for everything she wanted to do.

“Oh Honey. Can we buy that? Can we?” She pleaded.

Harry didn’t say a word until they had landed. Then he took his wife in his arms and rubbed his crotch against her pubic mound when he said.

“It’s your. I bought it yesterday for a song. We’ve can close on it this week. Your prize money will cover the cost and we can even have a bull dozer clear a strip and build the log cabin you have always wanted. Even a stable and stock a few quarter horses.”

Jean was ecstatic, but she frowned when she thought of not having her own horse, Macho. “Can you send Senor Alfalla a telegram and offer to buy Macho for me, now that we will have a place for him and big enough for me to ride him a lot…belly style?”

Harry laughed then. “What’s your hurry? You want it all at once, Baby Doll. You just can’t wait to have another horse cock in your sweet pussy, is that it?”

‘Oh God, Harry. You are right. I need a horse cock in me and the sooner the better. I miss those morning rides with Macho. I love you, my sweet husband, but a horse will give me the most wonderful, gigantic thrill of all and I crave that now. I want to be naked, under a horse with a big cock sliding in and out of my pussy while he trots around our island, or around our island‘s paths.. Please, honey, get me a horse, I can fuck.”

Harry reached into his back pocket and took out a folded envelope that hadn’t been opened. It was addressed to Senora Adams and from Senora Alfalfa. Jean tore the envelope open and began to read. Her husband watched her face change for a blank expression to a gigantic smile from ear to ear. When she finished she jumped into his arms and said. “I’m going to fuck you so much tonight that you won’t be able to walk tomorrow. Gretchen says that they will sign a contract for you to come back down to work their fields this winter and I’m to come with you. They want me to enter the derby again while we are down there, and best of all, they are sending Macho up to us, so I can keep in training until we go back down and do it at the ranchero. “

Jean looked at the date on the letter and screamed with joy.

“Macho is in Norfolk, right now. He arrived today and we can go and get him tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, Baby Doll, Stuart is on the way back with him right now. I sent him down when I got the telephone call this morning to pick him up.”

Jean hadn’t stopped smiling and jumping around for the last hour. She almost jumped out of her skin when the young boy drove up with the pick-up truck and the horse trailer in the back. She ran to the trailer and quickly backed the horse out of the trailer and checked him over to make sure there were no cuts or damage to her animal.

“Baby Doll, we could go over to the old dummy airfield east of here and you could belly ride him tonight if you wish.”

Jean didn’t answer her husband just grabbed the big storage box that was in the trailer and opened it up. Her belly sling was there and all of the equipment she need. It didn’t take Jean but a few moments to get Macho saddled and ready to go.

Harry had gathered up a sleeping bag and some blankets. He had enough gear to spend the hot summer night out in the woods and he fell in behind the horse. Jean was riding on top this time and Stuart was walking with Harry.

When they reached the abandoned airfield they still had some day light and her husband and the sixteen year old boy watched Jean dismount. Jean came over to them and then started explaining what she was going to do to Stuart. She didn’t want to shock him all at once.

“Stuart. I am going to do something that is never done in this country. The only place that it is done is in Brazil but kit is illegal there now. It’s considered an art. Not dirty, or degrading, like it would be here in Virginia. You can watch me, if you will keep an open mind. Don’t judge me and please don’t talk about this to anyone but me and my husband if you stay to watch.”

The young boy’s curiosity was so great that there was no way he was going to leave now. He just nodded his head in agreement to her request and stood there.

Jean turned and kissed her husband. “Did you bring the syringe, honey?”

“Yes, Baby Doll. Now strip and slide into your sling. I’ll give Macho a shot that will last for the next five hours. That should give you all of the orgasms you need for tonight. “

The young boy’s eyes almost popped out of his gourd when he saw Jean quickly strip off all of her cloths. There was enough light for him to see every detail of her gorgeous body. What surprised him was that she didn’t have a hair on her cunt, like his sister did. His eyes never left her body as she slid under the horse and into the harness. She quickly flipped over so that her belly was against the horses. Harry was standing there tightening the straps and adjusting the play in the main ones so Jean would get the full benefit of the motion of the horse while it walked. Once Jean was settled in the harness and correctly positioned she spoke to her husband.

“Oh Shit, Honey. I’ve wanted this for so long. Come on get Macho ready for me, I need his cock.”

Stuart was sporting a gigantic erection, caused by his voyeur desires to see his instructor’s wife. He had always had lewd desires to fuck Jean and now he was going to see her get fucked! By a horse! Holy Shit! Was all he could think of?

Harry kneeled under the rear of the horse and inserted the needle in the penis pouch. Macho snorted when he felt the prick. It was only a few moments before the big cock was sliding out of the sheath and rising up into position. When it reached fourteen inches, Harry took both hands and guided up to his wife’s cunt. Slowly he pushed it past her labia lips and watched as it slid all the way up to the meaty ring around it.

Then he moved up and led the horse down a woody path. Both males, heard Jean’s grunt and groan just before she started screaming with her first orgasm as the cock slipped deeper into her cunt and her labia lips opened when the ring entered her cunt. She knew she was tied now and could feel the horse cock swelling to even greater width and it moved in and out a few inches with each step the horse took. Stuart was walking beside the horse looking at the gigantic horse cock grow as it moved in and out of Jean.

His eyes were as big as saucers when Jean began to scream again with her second orgasm of the night. This set the pace for the next thirty minuets of walking until Macho began to dance and prance, his cock was throbbing with intense vibrations against Jean’s protruding clitoris. She could feel each and every movement as the big dick throbbed. She was about to cum when she felt the first shot of horse cum hit her cervix, followed by three more. Jean screamed again and had her fourth gigantic cum so far. Stuart was amazed when the white cum squirted out of Jean’s pussy around the horse’s heavy cock meat. He was so excited that he began to stroke his penis through his pants. Jean saw this and motioned him over closer to the horse so she could reach him. Jean motioned him to take his pants off and he quickly did as he hopped along beside the horse and her. Finally he was naked from his belly button to his socks and Jean took his hard meat in her hands. Slowly she stroked him but it seems as if it was only a second and she could feel his sperm making its’ way from his balls up to his shaft and down to his crown and began to shoot. She was holding the cock so it aimed at her mouth and when the hot shots did come, they were right on the mark. Stuart almost collapsed when he finished Cumming, but he managed to keep on walking beside Jean.

“Did you like that Stuart?” Jean asked the young boy.

“Did I! Do babies like milk?” and he was smiling from ear to ear.

The belly riding ended all too soon for Jean. Harry had led Macho back around the airport to their trailer with Jean still belly riding and has an orgasm almost every fifteen minuets. It was very late and her husband wasn’t worried about anyone seeing his wife fucking the horse. He led the horse up into the trailer and left Jean tied to the gigantic horse cock. It would be at least two more hours before she could uncouple from Macho and he had to get some sleep. He had a flight to Chicago to make that morning at nine. It was four a.m. then.

“Will you be okay until you can uncouple from Macho, Baby Doll?” He asked.

Jean was having another orgasm right at that moment because of all the movement of the horse walking up into the trailer. She just grunted her reply and relaxed as the erotic thrill coursed through her lower belly and cunt.

“I’ll stay with her, Mr. Adams. I would love to be here to help Mrs. Adams if she needs anything.” The young boy was completely in love with Jean now, after she had given him three hand jobs while she was belly riding.

“Okay Stuart. Here’s the sleeping bag. You can lie down up in front of the trailer.”

Harry bend down to kiss his wife, still hanging in the sling under her own favorite horse, Macho,

Good nite, Baby Doll, see you when he uncouples from your sweet cunny.









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