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Jean & John

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Synopsis: Out-of-work & homeless housekeeper advertises herself in sex paper as willing housekeeper used to discipline. Finds her new employer is married & both him & his wife use her in every way

                                    JEAN AND JOHN


                                    CHAPTER 1


            I was at my wits end. The hotel I had been working for as a housekeeper had been burnt down and I had lost my job. I didn’t have anywhere to live as I had lived-in and I was sleeping at a friend’s house for a very short time-she had two children and I had been given one of their rooms so they had to sleep cramped up in the same room which for young teenagers was not ideal. I had broken off with my boyfriend after I found he was sleeping with another girl. My prospects of getting another job in a very short time were not good. What on earth could I do? Then I remembered reading in a paper I had picked up in the hotel, which had adverts for partners for sex and companionship and even some for live in slaves and Housekeepers! Perhaps I could get a position through there-although I realized it was a bit way-out to say the least of it!

        I found the latest issue in an adult bookshop. I read the adverts but none seemed what I wanted as none mentioned live-in arrangements. So, greatly daring, I decided to put in an ad for myself. I took a long time deciding on the wording for I knew that I would be expected to perform sexual duties as well as housekeeping and it seemed that if I showed willingness to be punished I would get the attention of more people

. Eventually, I came up with the following:-

             Housekeeper (30) needs position as live-in to a strict Master.  Excellent cook and home manager. Submissive and willing to serve in any way desired “

            I sent it off to the newspaper and awaited results with trepidation. Within a week,  

I had four replies.  Three were obviously cranks wanting to get their rocks off by replying to my ad and I ignored them. But the fourth one intrigued me- he said he was looking for a person about my age to keep his house tidy and to pay bills and so on. He said he would keep me in line with punishment but didn’t dwell on that aspect at all. He suggested we met somewhere where we could discuss the position and even went as far as suggesting a time and place where we could meet without drawing attention to ourselves. He suggested that we met  "Under the Clocks” at the main station and that I should wear my name pinned to my coat although he didn’t know my name! This seemed a bit fishy but I decided to play along with him.

            The day came and I dressed as sexily as possible-no bra and, daringly for me, no panties! I wrote a big label with the one word “JEAN” on it and went to the place he had suggested. I put on the label and stood waiting. After about 5 minutes a rather dishy well-dressed man came up to me and said that I had done as he instructed. He told me his name was John and invited me to go to the coffee shop with him. I put my arm through his and we walked into an up market café. After we had ordered, he said how nice it was to meet me and he felt sure we could reach a satisfactory agreement. He asked lots of questions about my past and then he told me that he had his own quite large business

and needed a good housekeeper at home and one who was willing to go along with his sexual desires and made it plain that he would expect to punish me for any mistakes. He said he wanted me to know what to expect before I agreed to “work” for him. He also outlined the benefits-reasonable pay for an all-found job, some time off after a settling period, even holidays away. He asked whether I was interested and what notice I would have to give. I looked at him and asked if he had forgotten that I had no job and I was sponging on a friend and therefore was available immediately. He laughed and said that I had obviously agreed to take the job. We were in the back of the café and there was no one else around, so he put his hand on my tits and smiled as he realized there was no bra. “A girl after my own heart ‘ he said, “Is it the same down there?” I blushed and nodded so he felt my pussy. Things were going almost too fast for me but I was really enjoying his wandering hands!

            So I became his housekeeper that very day! He said he would come and collect me and whatever I wanted to bring the next morning at 10.30. He kissed me passionately as we parted and I could feel his erection pressing against me! Damn it, it felt good, but I was still a bit worried if I had done the right thing.

            I went home and told my friend I had got myself a live-in job and that I would be leaving the next morning. She was pleased for me but, at the same time, obviously relieved at having her house back to normal.



                                                CHAPTER 2


            So the next day arrived and sure enough John drove up in a flashy looking car.

He came to the door and helped carry my rather meagre bits and pieces. I said goodbye to my friend and told her I would write to her once I got settled.

            We drove to a rather opulent area of the city and as we approached the massive gates opened in response to John’s automatic opener. There was a long driveway so I knew John must be quite a rich man. We got to the front of the house and John stopped the car. He said that my first test of obedience was now. He told me to get out of the car, go up to the front door, strip naked, fold my clothes, kneel on the doormat and ring the bell. I was puzzled about the bell ringing, as John was with me so what was the point of it. I did as he ordered, knelt on the mat and rang the bell. To my surprise, I heard footsteps on the inside and then the door opened. A beautiful woman stood there, dressed very fashionably. She looked down at me and said “Ah, so you have arrived. John told me about the slut he was bringing home for our mutual pleasure. What’s your name, girl?

You’re quite a good looker-just hope you can handle the house-keeping-I hate cleaning!”

            I replied “My name is Jean-and I know how to keep house as I worked in the hotel industry for the last dozen years and I also pride myself on being a good cook I do hope you will let me have a trial here as you have such a beautiful home.”

            John came from the garage. He walked past me and took his wife in his arms and kissed her passionately. He said, “I see you have met our new housekeeper. What do you think of her, Brenda?”

            Brenda said, “What I have seen of her and the few words I have had with her, I think she’s just what we needed. But enough of her, come here! I want you NOW.” She got hold of John’s arm and pulled him. I went to get up from my kneeling position; but John asked who had given me permission to move and to stay there until they came back for me. They shut the door and I could hear them giggling and soon I heard her shouting out and realized that he was fucking her, whilst I still knelt naked at the front door!

            About 10 minutes passed then John opened the door. He said one word “In!” I rose with some difficulty as my knees had got cramp from kneeling so long. I carried my clothes into the house and saw a large wooden seat. John pushed me over it and produced a cane. He said “ When I give an order you will carry it out or be punished. You didn’t remain kneeling so I am going to give you 10 strokes of the cane for disobedience.”

            He slashed at my bum with the cane. “OOOOOH, IT HUUURTTS!!” I cried out as he rained blow after blow with all the strength he could muster. After the 10 strokes I felt terrible- I went to rub my bottom but he pushed my hands away. “ No-you are to leave it alone. Now thank me nicely for your punishment>’

            I sobbed and muttered “Thank you, John.”       

            He said “What was that? A slave calling her Master by his first name? Oh no, we’ll have none of that. You will call me “Master” or sometimes “Master John” but never just “John. My wife, Brenda, you will address as Mistress. As a slave, you should have known that, so to impress it on your memory. I’m going to give you another 5 strokes>’

He did this right away and once again I was crying out as the pain shot through me. Afterwards I thanked him “properly”!

            He then told me that, as I had suspected, he had just fucked his wife and he

hadn’t cleaned his cock and that I was to clean it with my mouth. He got out his cock,

which was very big, although quite limp. He pushed my face into it and I opened my

mouth and took it in. I had done this many times before on my boy-friends and I actually

enjoyed licking him clean. Then it happened. Without any warning, he started to piss in.

my mouth. I tried to pull back but he pushed my neck so I had to keep his cock in my mouth until he was finished. It was horrible- I had never drunk piss before and thought I would be sick. Eventually he relented but took a firm hold on my arm and took me to their bedroom where his wife was lying naked with her legs open.

            “Here we are darling,” he said. “ I gave our new slave the beating I told you I was going to for disobedience and had to give another 5 for being disrespectful. She’s here to clean your cunt, she’s just cleaned my cock and made a good job of it even though I pissed in her mouth. She’s having quite a busy first day, isn’t she?’

            He shoved me down and soon I was licking my Mistress clean. I hadn’t done this to a woman before but it was just wonderful to feel her soft cunt-lips with my tongue.

            After I had finished they invited me to sit on the bed with them. They asked what I thought of the goings-on. I hesitated before I answered for I had only been at the house less than an hour and I had knelt naked outside for nearly half that time, been severely caned, sucked a cock, been forced to drink piss and licked out another woman’s cunt. I thought what the hell had I done to be so silly as to accept the job without knowing what I would have to do. I had burnt my bridges as I had moved out from my friend’s place and all my possessions were here. I realized I had no option but to accept the situation so I told them that it had been very painful and humiliating but I hoped I would make a good slave and that I would try my best at everything and would accept whatever they decided to do to me




























                                    Jean & John

                   Eventually Brenda said that she fancied something toasted for lunch and pulled me up and we went to the kitchen so that she could show me where everything was. We were both still naked and whilst she was showing me around, she suddenly grabbed me and pulled me to her and we started kissing and feeling each other.

                        “Slave, on your knees!” she ordered and she pushed her cunt towards me. I had little option but to greedily lap at her cunt.  I was getting very wet and pushed my tongue as far as it would go. She squirmed and pulled me even closer until I could hardly breath, “YES, I’M COMING! OH GOD, But you’re a lovely sucker! OOOOOHHH!!!” I could taste her cum as it spurted out and I eagerly licked her clean. Brenda came down slowly, and then smiled and told me that I was a very good slave and she was really going to love having me there. I turned and there was John with a big grin on his face!

            “I bet you both enjoyed that. Your smile, Jean, is as big as Brenda’s. Ye gods, we’ve got lucky with you. But how about this lunch? As it’s such a lovely day, we’ll take it on the terrace. Hurry up; we want to see what you can do in a few minutes. Come on, Brenda-leave her to it.” With that he took her hand and led her out of the kitchen.

 I quickly made some well-flavoured toasted sandwiches, which I laid out on a tray and it looked very nice. I found my way to the door to the terrace and they had already got there. Both had a dressing gown but when I suggested I do the same, John laughed and asked if I had forgotten that I would be naked all the time I was in the house. We all sat down at the table with me sitting between them. We ate and both said how good the sandwiches were. Both of them started playing with me again. John was stroking my tits and Brenda was at my pussy again. God! I loved it! I pleaded with them to make me come anyway. Brenda got down on hers knees and licked my cunt and then pushed her tongue right up me. It took only a few minutes before I started to yell, “ YES! YES! THAT’S IT. I’M COOOMING! “ and had a tremendous orgasm.

            John asked me if I was enjoying my first day with them.

            I said, with a smile, “You bet I am! I wondered when you made me kneel outside what I had let myself in for, even more so when you caned me-but that started to turn me on and now I’m game for anything. But, Master, I’m curious as to why you haven’t fucked me?”

            John said, “Let me tell you a story. I met Brenda about seven years ago. She joined my company as just a typist but then my secretary left to have a baby and I decided to give Brenda a chance as my secretary. and in true romantics novel style we became lovers. However, as our relationship developed I gradually found she was very much a Dominant and really enjoyed beating me, As for myself, I found I was equally turned on by being submissive. So 4 years ago we got married. Brenda still likes to beat me, but not so much as earlier. However two days ago she decided it was time again and she gave me a solid caning. Look, I’ll show.” With that, he took off his dressing gown and turned round so I could his bum. Christ, she must have been demented; as the whole of his bottom was one mass of weals- it would be painful to sit down! But he had done indeed had sat, I had wondered why he had winced as he went to the table for lunch.

            Brenda smiled. She said that she wanted to have a slave to beat whenever she wanted. She hated housework and liked to cook but not tidy up afterwards so I would be an ideal housekeeper as well as a companion to her when John was at work.

            John carried on “ We decided that we wouldn’t have children as they would get in the way of our way of sex-life. Nowadays we fuck at least twice a day and sometimes it leaves me a little exhausted. We fucked before I left to fetch you and as you know had a second one when you were kneeling at the doorstep. Now, young Jean, I think we have all had our fill of sex for today but as from tomorrow we are going to put you through a rigorous training session. Oh! Why haven’t I fucked you? Two reasons, first, I’m already fucked out and second I am going to have you completely checked out medically including for sexually transmitted diseases. I think all three of us are going to have a good time, don’t you think so, Jean?”

            Without thinking I said, “I’m sure we will Brenda and John” He looked at me and without a word went indoors and was soon back carrying a heavy belt.

            John said, "I don’t know, slave. You can’t seem to remember simple instructions. You were told always to call us Master and Mistress and you completely ignored that. We shall have to teach you obedience. Bend over”

            I lay across the table and felt the belt caressing my bum. A light lash came next the John was into it. I howled as the belt cut into my bum.  I pleaded for mercy but, of course, my begging fell on deaf ears. John gave me 20 then Brenda started on me. She turned me round and lashed my tits. The pain was almost unbearable, each lash sending a terrible shock to my system. She doubled what her husband had given me and I ended up wuth60 lashes. I could hardly stand but was ordered to go and clean the lunch things and sort out what we should have for our dinner.

            I managed to get back in to the kitchen and soon felt betters I became engrossed in preparing dinner. I wanted to be special as it was going to be the first meal I had cooked for them.

            I had quite a lot of thoughts racing through my mind as I worked. I had never had so much sexual activity in my life and the sucking was really turning me on.

            Well, dinner went off a treat and both John and Brenda complimented on it. I was pleased for myself as it showed I was at least as good as any last servant they had. I had got a bottle of wine and we all enjoyed the meal. They had put some nice clothes on but, of course, I was still naked.

            They said about 9 that they were tired and they were going to bed. They put a long chain round my neck and attached to my bed. I had to clean up the kitchen before going to bed.

            So ended my first date as Housekeeper/slave. I wondered what the morrow would hold for me. I knew I was going to have training but knew that John would be away at work as I was apprehensive about what Mistress Brenda would do to me.

            Little did I know what the morrow would bring!


                        ( To be continued)













                                    JEAN & JOHN

                             Chapter 4

          I didn’t find the neck chain too bad-it wasn’t painful but it reminded me that I was a slave to my new Master and Mistress. My bed was very comfortable and I slept well. I set the alarm to go off at 6.30, as I needed to do some things before I took my owners their early morning tea.

            I cleaned up the kitchen and sorted things into where I wanted them and made a few notes about what I thought they should buy for the kitchen.

            At 7.30 I made tea for all of us and took it on a tray into Master & Mistress’s bedroom. They both woke as I went into the room. They were both naked and after I had put the tray down, John beckoned me over. “ Ah, slave, thanks for the tea, but before I have it I need a piss. Come and take it from me NOW.” I hesitated and he grew angry.

“When I say do something, you do it immediately without any question or hesitation.

That’s earned you 10 lashes, NOW DO IT1” I pulled the sheet off him and he sat up and put his feet on the floor and I knelt down and took his cock into my mouth. He immediately started pissing. I didn’t like the taste but I had already earned punishment so I acted as if I was enjoying it. It was another first for me. When he had finished he calmly took his cock out of my mouth and got back into bed. Then he asked me for his tea and all three of us drank as if it was normal to have someone drink your piss!  Brenda called me over to her side of the bed and said that if John could piss into me so could she! So once more I was subjected to another stream of piss. But again I had hesitated so Brenda said I had earned further punishment!

            They got up and like me they were both naked-but unlike me they put on a dressing gown to go to the bathroom for a wash before breakfast. I hurried to start cooking the bacon and eggs they had asked for and by the time they came to the table it was already on the plates for them to eat. As before, I sat with them and we discussed the news on the radio and then John said it was time to get my opinion on my new way of life.

          I thought for a minute, marshalling my thoughts. I said “So far it has been somewhat daunting but that from as long as I can remember I have never had a bedroom of my own. Before the car crash, which killed both of my parents when I was only six, I had shared a room with my brother. Afterwards we had gone into an orphanage where I had slept in a dormitory with about 20 other girls. When I started work in the hotel industry, I, again, shared a room with one of the other housekeepers and then I had had to live with my friend in very cramped conditions. Here not only do I have my own large bedroom but also my own en-suite! Absolute bliss! The house is beautiful and the kitchen out of this world and I have already indulged in cooking. But, Master John, I think you are more interested in finding out how I feel about your treatment of me. (John smiled and nodded). Well, as I said in my advert I was looking for a strict person to serve and although some of what you have both done to me was a little unexpected, I somehow, found it to be –er-exciting! I had never licked another girl’s cunt before but I found it lovely. As for drinking piss, its not my favourite drink but I can manage it OK. Your punishment of me has been very painful but again I actually enjoyed the feeling of being completely at your mercy. Does that answer your question, Master John?”

            “Absolutely! “ John smiled at me “Now there is a little bit of unfinished business we have to do, don’t we?”

            I cringed knowing that he meant my punishment for hesitation. I nodded, glumly.

            “ Well, let’s get on with it and, by the way, we have a doctor’s appointment at 10.00 this morning. I’m going to have you thoroughly checked over so we know that you are fit and free from any problems like STD. Now you have earned 10 strokes from each of us- Brenda is going to use a paddle and I am going to use my trusty cane. You must be careful to count each stroke and thank the correct one-that is correct number and correct title-Master or Mistress. Do you understand?”

            “Yes, Master. “ I said “ If I don’t count right or give the wrong title, I suppose that one doesn’t count. Is that right, Master?”

            “Spot on!” said John “ now, this is the immediate programme. You will clear the table so it can be used for your punishment. Take all the stuff out to the kitchen, put it in the dishwasher and get your ass back here. You have three minutes starting –NOW!’

            I dashed to the kitchen with the used stuff put it in the washer, turned it on and was back in time. When I got back, on the table were a paddle and the cane I had already experienced. I was ordered to lie across the table with my legs on the floor thus pushing my bum out. I saw them both pick up the chosen weapons and then felt a little tickle as they slid them over my skin. Suddenly a terrible pain shot through me as John caned my ass. I screamed “ OH HELL! I can’t take this-it hurts too much-please stop! No more. PLEEEAASE1 “ John laughed and said that was only the first and didn’t count as I hadn’t thanked him! With that, Brenda slammed the paddle down on the other side. I whimpered but managed to say thank you Mistress for my first. I yelled again when John’s next stroke landed. My whole body was shaking and my bum was on fire. But I realized quickly that nothing I could do would stop them finishing so managed to gasp my thanks to John for his first. So it went on- I managed to thank each of them correctly until I mistakenly said Brenda’s name when it was John’s so once again I had another stroke from the cane added. Somehow I managed to satisfy them with my counting and thanks and my first double beating was over!

            When it was all over, John said to Brenda that it had made him horny and he wanted to fuck her. She agreed and I was given orders to go and finish in the kitchen, then go and have a shower and dress in a dress and sandals, no bra or panties.

            As I set about my work, I could hear them fucking. They were both very noisy-lots of “Oh Yes and I’m cumming” and moans from John. By the time I was dressed they had finished, but they called me in and I had to clean them both up with my tongue. Then they both had a quick shower because it was now 9.35 and our appointment was at 10.

            We went out to the garage and Brenda sat in the back with me so she could play with my cunt and tits. It wasn’t far and we went into Dr Ian Grant’s rooms. As it was a Saturday, he was by himself so we had the place to ourselves.

            John said “ Ian, this is our new housekeeper, Jean, and as I asked you on the phone I want everything about her checked out. Brenda and I will stay and watch if that’s OK with you,”

            Dr Grant agreed and asked me to sit at the desk whilst he filled in all my details-Date of Birth, parents’ whereabouts, any relations and then all the usual medical questions. As I had always been in good health, this didn’t take long. Then he told me to take my dress off. I hesitated and he said that I wasn’t to be shy, as he had seen many women in their undies before. I shrugged and took my dress off. He was surprised that I had nothing on under the dress and when he asked me to turn round, he did a double-take when he saw the punishment marks on my bottom.

            “Aha, I can see that you are a special kind of housekeeper. I suppose these marks are from some punishment John gave you. Is that right and why did you get them?”

            I blushed and said I hadn’t taken Master and Mistress’s piss quickly enough and they had both punished me. He suggested that there would be many more punishments for me but for now he would do all the tests on me. I had everything-piss in this; take my blood, spit into this and a very intimate inspection of me from the top to my toes. He did a few tests on the samples, which appeared to be OK but he would have to have everything checked by the pathologists.

            At last he was finished and John said that I was to thank him by sucking him off. I sighed but got down on my knees, undid his zip and pulled out his cock. It was growing as I did this and when I started sucking the doctor had a rapturous look on his face as I deep shafted him. He moaned a little and I sucked and sucked, then I rolled my tongue round his cock until he shot an enormous amount of cum which I had some initial difficulty to swallow-but as always I managed it! I cleaned his cock up with my tongue

Then I looked up at him and smiled.

            “Was that good, Doctor?” I said, “ It seemed that it was just what the doctor ordered! I guess from the amount of your cum that you haven’t had a fuck for a long time. Am I right?”

            He blushed and nodded but his smile said it all!

            The doctor told me to go into the washroom where there was, unusually, a shower. It was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing in a doctor’s surgery but took advantage of it and cleaned myself up, dressed. John said that we’d all go for a coffee. I, of course, was still only wearing a dress with no undies and was still unhappy about going into a shop like that-but what could I do/ I had really burnt my bridges behind me; all my clothes were at John’s house and I had nowhere else to go-but, hey, I was enjoying it! We found a coffee bar and all of us (including the doctor) had a cappuccino and a pastry.

            Brenda said that as it was such a nice day she would like to go for a drive. John though it a good idea so after saying goodbye to the doctor, we drove down the coast until it was time for lunch. John drove into a hotel carpark and we all went for lunch-Brenda making sure that our table was somewhat secluded so that she could play with my cunt discreetly. She slipped her finger right in and soon had me squirming for relief. She relented and let me come with a muffled moan-although there were some odd glances at us. We had a very nice lunch with some wine and then John dropped a bombshell. He said we were near a nudist beach and he wanted to go there. Brenda laughed and said it was a great idea!

            I said “But I’ve never been to a nude beach and what about all the whip marks. I’d be devastated to have to walk about showing myself and my marks off.” John’s reaction was “Tough!”



                        To be continued






























.                                   Jean & John

                             Part 4

            Of course we did go to the nudist beach. There were a lot of people there, of all shapes and ages. No one seemed to care about their figures- they were just having fun! The kids particularly were building sandcastles and playing games   and all with no embarrassment at all- they didn’t look at each other’s private bits at all not even the teenagers. I suppose they were so used to being naked that it made no difference to them.

However it still did to me! I wasn’t prepared to show my nude body to all and sundry especially as it was marked and I told John this. He just smiled and said nothing. When we got to where John had decided to stop, there was another family there. There was a girl about my age who was crying and rubbing her naked bottom.

            John said “Hi Ian! Is that your new bitch housekeeper? Why the tears?”

            The other man “Hello John. Haven’t seen you down here for some weeks. Yes she’s our new housekeeper, Sarah-silly bitch didn’t want to take her clothes off but a few minutes in the bushes changed her mind!”

            I didn’t like the tone of the conversation and sure enough John ordered me to strip as both Brenda and he took off their clothes. I again said I didn’t want to. With that he grabbed me by the hair and forced me to up the beach and into the bushes. I guessed what was coming and begged him not to punish me. He completely ignored my pleas and threw me across an old tree stump and proceeded to spank my bum-it was awful and I realized that afterwards I would still have to strip but would now have a very red ass!

After he had spanked me about 25 times, he said now would I strip? I had no option and took my dress off.

            We returned to the beach and John said “Ian, I’ve just had the same trouble with my bitch but she eventually saw the light but now has a nice red bum to show off, don’t you, Jean?”

            I was crying because my bum was stinging but I answered with a whispered “Yes,

Master.” John laughed and told me to put sun cream on Brenda and to remember to do what he called “Everything!” So I took the cream and rubbed it on to her back and as I did so, she smiled and whispered that I wasn’t to forget her two holes! I was a bit embarrassed doing this on a public beach with other people walking past but as everyone was nude, I gradually got used to it and soon had Brenda’s whole back and legs covered with sun block. She rolled over and I started on her front-first her face then her body and enjoying rubbing her tits, which came to attention as I massaged them-the look on her face showed she was in seventh heaven as I moved down to her cunt. I rubbed a goodly amount into her cunt and pushed my fingers up her as far as I could reach. John looked at her and laughed –he could see she was near to climaxing. I hoped she didn’t make too much noise as she came but John obliged with a towel on her mouth like a gag. She moaned and then subsided. I moved on to the front of her legs and thought I was finished but she pulled me up and said that I’d forgotten something. I knew she wanted my fingers up her bottom, so I had to oblige her by doing it-I hadn’t really done that before but from her expression I was learning fast!

            John pulled me off Brenda and told me that it was his turn. Again I started on his back and when I was doing his neck he whispered not to forget what I had just done to Brenda. So I rubbed him all over until I reached his bum and then shoved my whole hand up him- he squirmed and said I was to stop but after the thrashing he had given me I wanted revenge and pushed until my hand was in right up to the wrist. Like John, Brenda had seen what was happening and put a towel over his bum so that other people couldn’t see what I was doing-surprisingly she didn’t try to stop me. I pulled out and found my hand was covered in shit-what to do with it? My thought was answered quickly by Brenda who said, “Jean’s hand is covered with your shit, John. Clean it off with your tongue at once!” To say I was amazed was to put it lightly, but with a hurt look in his eye, John did just that. It was quite a sensation to see this man who had recently beaten me now licking his own shit off my hand. Brenda inspected it and washed it before telling me to carry on with putting sun block on John who turned over so I had his very upstanding cock in front of my eyes. I did his stomach and enjoyed pulling at his tits. So I got down to his cock-I put a lot of cream on my hand and rubbed it in to his cock and balls. Another picture of ecstasy but Brenda told me to finish quickly so I carried on with his legs leaving him with a stiff cock still. Brenda told me to lie on the towel and she rubbed cream all over me both back and front. She played with my cunt and bum but didn’t penetrate me as I had done to both of them.

            When we were all done, John told me to go with Sarah for a swim or a walk so that we could show off our red bottoms. We both looked daggers at him but knew better than to refuse so went down to the water. Although the water was quite warm we both found that the salt made our bottoms sting so we came out again. As we walked along the beach, we heard several remarks about our red bits but we ignored them. As we walked, we swapped experiences and we were amazed at how much our recent history coincided. Both were interested in BDSM and hadn’t found anyone to share and both had lost jobs in the hospitality industry. She had been with Ian and his wife, Betty, for about a month and evidently was having a great time being their slave. She said she was beaten every day and had sucked them both off every day. They had said how pleased they were with her behaviour and the way she carried out her housekeeping duties. She had been out with her Master and Mistress several times to restaurants but neither had tried to do anything on and in fact today was the first time she had been beaten away from home. She said that she hadn’t had to do the thing s I had done but that Ian had looked at us with a pensive smile on his face so she thought that she would have to undergo similar treatment later.

            We eventually returned to our places and in due course John said it was time to go home but not before issuing Ian and Betty with an invitation to dinner the following week. We drove home and when we got there as Brenda and I got to the front door (John was putting the car away.), she told me to get into my home “uniform” at once. I looked a bit puzzled and she said to come on, she meant I was to strip before we went into the house. I shrugged and did as she ordered. She threw off her own clothes as soon as she got in and told me to fold them up and put them away and to come back to her as soon as possible. I rushed to do as she had ordered and when I got back to the lounge she was sitting having a cool drink with John who was also nude. She got me a drink and we sat talking about our very busy day. Then Brenda said she was feeling horny and that I was to lick her cunt whilst she sucked John’s cock; she said the best place would be on their bed, so that was where we ended up. I was getting quite used to cunt-licking and by the way Brenda was writhing, I was doing a good job! Both of them started moaning and Brenda suddenly pushed herself off John’s cock and screamed “ OHHH! YESSSS! PLEEASE! I’M CUMMMING!” I carried on licking but she pushed me away and lay on the bed panting. John, however, was not happy, as Brenda hadn’t made him cum. He pointed to his cock and beckoned to me. I knew what he wanted and slid over and started sucking is cock, but in about two minutes he shot a huge load of cum into my mouth, which I had to swallow or I would be punished again.

            When all was done, Brenda said as it was getting late perhaps we should order in take-away. I told her that I could get a decent meal in about an hour or less. She told me to get on with it and to hurry but as for herself and John they were going to have a short nap.

            So I scurried around and cooed a quick but good looking meal. I quickly set the table, got out some wine and went to call them. I found them asleep but in a 69 position, Brenda had her mouth on John’s cock and he was in her cunt! I stood looking at them but realized I had to wake them or the meal would spoil. So I went to John and tickled his bum- he moved and then sat up. I kissed Brenda’s tits and she too woke up. I told them that dinner was ready so they walked in to the dining room hand-in-hand and gasped at the table decorations. I quickly served the meal and we ate and drank. Both said what a good meal I had made and said how lucky they were to have me adding they meant in all ways!

I cleared the table and put everything in the dishwasher and then we watched a BDSM video from which I gathered how they had learnt some of procedures they were acting out.

            It had been a long day and after making a nightcap for us, I asked permission to go to bed. Brenda said that tomorrow being Sunday, we play at home for the whole day.

            Little did I know what that meant!



                        (To Be Continued.)

Jean & John

Jean & John

Part 5

           I woke up at 7am and had a quick shower before making my way to the kitchen. I had to unload the dishwasher, sweep the floor and prepare breakfast. I dashed around, made tea and took it to Master’s bedroom. I knocked and walked in. They were just waking up, but as soon as John woke he sat up and said “Slave, come quickly, I need a piss right now!” So I went and knelt by his bed and opened my mouth just in time for a huge gusher of scalding hot pee to come into my mouth. Gee! I thought he would never stop-there must have been gallons of it! Brenda, not wanting to be left out beckoned me to go to her once I had finished swallowing John’s piss. I naturally went to her and she sat astride me and gushed in to my mouth. Thankfully she had a lot less than John, but my stomach was very full and had to dash to the toilet. Brenda and John laughed at my discomfort and told me to get in to the bed between them. We drank our tea and then John said he had waited long enough and was going to fuck me. He got me to suck his cock and get it nice and wet and big. After I had done this he told me to put my legs in the air and he quickly entered me-no foreplay –just straight in! Brenda leaned over and started to suck my tits. I was in Heaven! A fat cock up my pussy and my tits being sucked at the same time too! John was fucking me really hard and quickly came just as I reached a climax. But although his cock slipped out, we weren’t finished as Brenda reached in to her bedside cabinet and pulled out a dildo, which she proceeded to use to fuck me again. She told me to suck her cunt and soon she gushed in to my mouth. As we all subsided, Brenda told me of the programme for the day. After breakfast, John was going to punish me for pushing my hand up his bum too far at the beach. Then I was to do the housework, John was going to clean the two cars (hers and his own) and she would organize lunch.

        So that was what happened. I finished preparing breakfast (neither Brenda nor John made any attempt to assist-I had to do all the cooking and washing up afterward.) and we sat down to eat it. I was worried about my impending punishment and I found out later that I was right to be worried! After clearing the table and stacking the dishwasher, I returned to where they were still sitting-Jean was stroking John’s cock which of course was standing up for itself.

       John said “ Now, my girl.  You have to learn that you don’t fuck about with me! I’m going to thrash you so that you will think twice of doing anything like you did yesterday. Go get my cane from that table over there and then lie across this one.”

     I hastened to obey him and soon was lying across the table with a cushion under my tummy so that my bum presented a better target. Brenda was obviously sex-mad as she once again thrust her cunt into my face and ordered me to lick it.  Meanwhile John was playing with his cock just in my view, whilst he gave a few swishes with the cane. He stopped both things and started to use the cane on me. I heard the swish before it landed on my bum and I jumped with the pain. SWISH! THWACK! The pain shot up my body but Brenda persisted in ramming her pussy in my face. John was counting and he got up to 20 and then rested before restarting on a different part. I was trying to scream but with Brenda still pushing herself in to my face it was impossible. Eventually John pulled me away from Brenda, but only so he could cane my tits. At last he was exhausted and Brenda helped me to their bedroom where she got me to lie down for a rest.

              It seemed like a few minutes but I had actually slept for about ¾ of an hour. Brenda woke me and told me that I’d better get going on the housework as it was now 10.30 and lunch would be ready on the dot of twelve. I got up and started on the cleaning. I had to be very thorough as I was told I’d be punished again for any sloppy work. I dashed around and finished about 11.55-just in time.

          Brenda had prepared a very appetizing lunch and we all enjoyed it. I was now well used to being naked all day and to seeing my Master and Mistress also naked.

          As I cleaned up after lunch, I wondered what was in store for the afternoon. I didn’t have long to find out for as soon as I had finished Brenda ordered me AND John to go to the Punishment room. I saw John’s face grow paler. What and where was this mysterious room? John took my hand and we went through the garage to a door at the back. He told me to stand to attention and wait for Mistress. I saw him go to attention facing the door and I followed suit. We stood there for about 10 minutes the Brenda came to us. She had dressed-but what an outfit! She had very tight leather trousers and shirt on which showed off her tits and cunt to their best and she had a whip and a cane in her hands. She unlocked the door and pushed both of us in. I was amazed at the set-up in the room. There were lots of whips, canes, cat of nine tails and other means of punishment on the walls. There was a St. Andrew’s cross set up towards the far end. Several chains hung down from the ceiling; various sizes of spreader bars were laid out and there was a table with rings at its four corners.

          Brenda said “Slave, the Cross for you and as for you, Bitch-Slave, you will take part in slave’s beating. As I think you know by now, I am the dominant one in our marriage and what I say goes. I have decided to call you Bitch-Slave when you are in here, just as I call him Slave. Now, what is going to happen now is we chain Slave to the. St. Andrew’s Cross and give him the beating he deserves. He gave you about 40 this morning so he can expect at least that.  I’m sure you will want to use the cane on him. Don’t be frightened about retaliation –he wouldn’t dare try anything.”

          We went to Master who stood waiting by the Cross. We put chains and ropes on him so he couldn’t move then Mistress put nipple pins on his little breasts. He cried out as they bit into him, but Mistress ignored his cries and put a parachute device on his balls after tying a thick string round his cock. She then put several heavy weights into the parachute and Slave cried out again. Mistress told him not to be a baby and not to show off in front of Bitch-Slave. We then got our cane and whip and I followed her orders to punish Slave hard. I thrashed his hide on one side of his bum whilst Mistress whipped the other side. After 15 each we changed sides and gave him another 15 each. His bum was heavily marked with a trace of blood from some of the weals.

          Mistress said “ Slave, I think you should fuck Bitch again-that will be fun watching you after your punishment. But I don’t think you can do it so I’m going to make Bitch fuck you. Come on, Bitch. Help me untie him.”

          I hastened to obey, feeling somewhat fearful of this new image of Mistress.

We got him undone, and then she ordered me to tie him to the table with his legs and arms tied tightly to the rings. Then she ordered me to get on top of him and get him to suck my pussy and then force his cock up my cunt. as of course he was unable to do anything himself. She licked my cunt to get it wet for the fucking. Once I got his cock inside me I rode him ferociously; all the time he was moaning as the welts from his whipping were rubbing against the table. I was really enjoying the fucking- I had never fucked a man like this before and I could do anything I wanted. I stopped and turned round so I was facing towards his legs and resumed the fucking. I didn’t care abut his feelings, I just wanted to cum and suddenly I did! Poor Slave was hardly capable of doing anything and I was disappointed that he didn’t cum in me. I let his cock slide out of me and was going to get off the table when Mistress ordered me to get my cunt cleaned by Slave’s mouth, which I did willingly as I liked him doing that to me.

            After I had finished, I got off Slave-how I liked calling him that! -then Brenda said we were going to leave him as she wanted me again. I said what should we do about him pointing to John or was it Master or Slave? She said we’d leave him there until we had finished. Poor John was left tied up with no light. Mistress took me by the hand as we left the Punishment Room, then she locked the door and we hurried to her bedroom. She quickly stripped and pulled me on to the bed. She kissed me on the mouth and I felt her tongue in my mouth; it was so erotic that I put my own tongue in her mouth. We were

feeling each other all over and then I took her lovely tit in to my mouth and sucked at it whist I first played with her other tit then pushed my hand down her body and so in to her cunt. She was a picture of ecstasy with her mouth open, hr eyes shut and writhing under my fingers. Then her hands crept down to my cunt and she slipped her fingers in to me. God1 It was so wonderful as we lay there probing each other. We both came together with a great shout of “FUCK! FUCK! I’m cuuumming!’ We were so much alike that we used the same words.  Afterwards we lay for a few minutes getting our breath back with each holding one of the other’s tits.

          Brenda sat up and asked me if I had ever fucked a woman. I told her I hadn’t so she said there was no time like the present and got her dildo out, put a condom on it (she said that we would get my own but she wanted to keep her own really just for self) and gave it to me and told me to fuck her! I was careful about how I got in to her, as I didn’t want to be punished if I hurt her.  Her cunt was still wet from her cumming so I was able to enter her OK. This was new ground to me but as I got into a rhythm, I begun to enjoy it as much as Brenda obviously was and as I quickened the pace she started moaning and grasped tightly to her. She suddenly screamed out that she was cumming and I also began to get excited and once again we both came together.

          We were both tired from all the sex we had been having and we both dozed off. It was about an hour later when I woke up. Instantly thought of John in the Punishment Room and woke Brenda up and said we had better go and release him. Brenda laughed and said she wanted a coffee and a cake before releasing him. We got up and went to the kitchen where I made coffee and got cakes out of a tin. She indicated that we should go and sit outside and obviously was in no hurry to release him. We sat outside for another half hour discussing our escapade and laughed about how many times we had come. She insisted she was not a lesbian but liked both way! I confessed that I liked having sex with her. Eventually she told me to go and release John but told me to give him another 20 strokes with the cane before I released him, showing me that she had a video camera which feedback a picture from the Punishment room so she could see that I carried out her orders properly. She gave me the key to the Room and told me the other keys necessary to undo Slave were just in front of him. She told me that she turned the lights right down and that I should bring up to full strength slowly as she didn’t want to damage his eyes. I went to he door of the room and unlocked it. There was very little light as I switched it on and I slowly brought it up on the dimmer switch so I could see what I was doing.

          “Hi, Slave!” I said “I’ve come to release you but first I’m going to thrash you again” He looked at me and whispered “ Please be gentle as I ache all over” I replied that he hadn’t been gentle with me earlier and that Mistress had ordered me to give him another 20 strokes and that she would be using the video camera to make sure I was doing the job properly. I got the keys and turned him over and locked him in again. I told him to count each stroke and to thank me after each one. I had a great feeling of power as I raised the cane and brought it crashing down on his already very red bum He managed to stammer out te count and pleaded with me not to give him any more, but I was enjoying myself too much and loved to her him squeal as the blows rained on to his ass. He barely managed to count aloud-indeed he missed 2 out and got a couple extras. Eventually I undid all the chains etc and we were ready to go back to Mistress. I made him crawl on is hands and knees to Mistress who said I had done an excellent job.


(To be continued)

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