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Anita\'s Sex Sacrifice

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Synopsis: Indian woman foolishly sacrifices her body to pay off her weakling son\'s gambling debts

                               Anita's Sex Sacrifice


                                                                              Jethro Jodhpur

                                     Chapter 1

       The phone call was most unpleasant for Anita. The voice at the other end told her that unless she made herself available to his representatives without informing anyone before hand, her son, Pradeep, who was in debt to them up to his eyeballs, would suffer an unfortunate accident on his way home this evening. Her heart sank since she knew from him that he had experienced some financial setbacks recently, but was confident that all would be well in another few weeks. The voice on the other end had now confirmed her worse fears. She quickly agreed to make herself available without informing anybody about what was happening.

       The two men who rang her doorbell gave her pause as their eyes roamed over her voluptuous body, undressing her down to her skin as they licked their lips in anticipation. Although in her early 40s, Anita was a most attractive woman. She glowed every time her son declared how sexy she looked and wished that he could meet a woman who had the kind of sexy body that she possessed. The way he looked at her when he said this made her get wet between her legs, a feeling that was both exciting and at the same time embarrassing.

       Anita would never confess the fact that she had sex dreams involving her and Pradeep. His penis was enormous, and yet it always fit into her cunt perfectly. More than once she had awakened, crying out his name while her juices dripped obscenely from that maw between her legs. More than once she had been tempted to see what might occur if she gave him a brief glimpse of her bare breasts. Subconsciously she hoped that just once he might walk into her bathroom while she showered and confront her in her nakedness.

       She realized that he had his own life and thanked her lucky stars that he no longer lived under the same roof, because sooner or later she would succumb to the temptations of the flesh and release those hidden forces that she struggled to contain. She would have been both mortified and exalted if she knew that he was fighting the same struggle as she. Anita was so taken by her thoughts that she seemed oblivious to the presence of her two visitors. When one of them spoke she was startled, then flustered, as if he had been privy to those naughty thoughts that had just been running free inside her mind.

       To delay the inevitable Anita asked if she could change her clothing before leaving with the men. The reply from one of them shocked and warned her of the type of fate that awaited her.

       "I wouldn't mind a nice slow strip tease from you, but in a while I'll be seeing every square inch of your naked body once we get you to where we're going. The boss wants you over to his place in thirty minutes, which doesn't leave us too much time to tie and gag you before we put you in the trunk of the car for the drive."

       Anita offered no resistance as they tied her wrists behind her back and roped her upper arms tightly together, making her muscles ache from the tension. Worse still was the filthy rag that one of them stuffed into her mouth while the other followed up with a strip of tape to keep the gag in place. Anita's body stiffened as one of the men squeezed her pillowy tits while his companion stuck his tongue into her ear and tickled the sensitive flesh with its tip. Anita was embarrassed by the way her nipples were hardening as the man continued to maul her big tits. The stimulation of her inner ear was also having its effect as her breathing became ragged and she felt the crotch of her panties begin to get wet from all the sexual stimulation her helpless, curvy, voluptuous body was receiving from these two brutes.

       "I wish we had ten minutes extra so I could tear off her clothing and rape her juicy cunt until she climaxed."

       The other grinned and tickled her ear lobe with his tongue before running it over the area on the side of her neck, bringing Anita to a boil against her will. Her legs began to tremble as she was brought closer to an embarrassing loss of self control. Anita began to wonder how large a cock the man squeezing her tits possessed. It had been many years since she had enjoyed being stretched by a long, thick length of male meat. Part of her, the wicked portion that usually came out only in her erotic dreams about her son, put in a surprise appearance and the wetness between her legs grew, becoming noticeable even to her assailants. A knowing hand began to rub between her trembling legs, probing her wetness and what it revealed about this charming, well mannered, mature woman.

       "I think we have a whore on our hands rather than a member of the upper class. Won't our boss be surprised when he sees how wet her cunt is. I think she's looking forward to being properly fucked by some real men for a change. Let's get her into the car before I lose control, throw her on the floor and rape her good. I know that's what she really wants for us to do to her. God what a whore this one is! I almost feel sorry for the poor son of a  bitch who owes the boss so much money, having to depend on this whore to bail him out of his troubles. I'll bet she'll have him eat her cunt and fuck her morning, noon and night if she manages to get him out of the debt that he owes us."

       They draped a shawl over Anita's body before taking her out to the car and placing her in the trunk. She deeply regretted wearing Western clothing at this point since her dress bunched up almost to her waist once they had rolled her bound body into the cavernous trunk of the powerful automobile. This revealed to her captors that she was wearing only a pair of very brief panties beneath her dress. Immediately one of them pressed his hand to the wet crotch of the undergarment and chuckled.

       "This one is in heat already if the amount of cunt juice staining her sexy panties is any indication. I can hardly wait to fuck that hot cunt and hear her moan and plead for more and more cock as we do her again and again while that loser son of hers watches and probably wishes he could be tearing off a piece of that hot wet poon himself." His partner sniffed the air and added.

       "She stinks of cunt, just like a cheap whore that gives blowjobs behind the buildings for less than a hundred rupees and is happy to get that much for her efforts. I wonder how many times she will have to be fucked to make up for the debt that spineless son of hers has incurred with the boss. I can't imagine the number of times she'll have to spread those plump legs and happily welcome a length of hard cock into that hairy mouth to plow another  furrow deep within that stinking slit as she begs for her customer to fuck her harder, faster and go deeper into that well stretched sex trench."

       These words coming from one of the lower class cut Anita to the bone and she could not stem the tears that sprang from her eyes. Then the door to the trunk slammed shut leaving her to her fears as to what would likely befall her in the future. The ride was quite rough, throwing her bound body from one side of the trunk to the other and making her nauseous as she inhaled the car fumes as well as the odors of whatever it was passing over. Anita fought to remain calm and prevent herself from vomiting. She knew that if she began to throw up in the confines of the trunk the stench would be unbearable and the possibility of actually choking to death from her own vomit would be quite high. These factors made her will to survive grow strnger and so she steeled herself for whatever was about to occur to her. She was quite willing to suffer any pain and endure any humiliation if it would prevent her son from harm. Little did she realize the depths she would have to sink to in order to satisfy these mongrels. There was no way that her imagination could conceive of the terrible things that would be done to her naked body, and what she would be forced to do in order to entertain the deviants that would be doing their best to reduce her to a status lower than even an animal.


                                                                       ( To be continued )


                               Anita's Sex Sacrifice                        (Jethro Jodhpur)

                                      Chapter 2

       At last the ride was over and shortly after the vehicle stopped, the trunk was popped and her captors peered down at their disheveled cargo. If anything Anita's rounded, plump body was even more exposed. Except for her panties, which were soaked through at the crotch, the opulent flesh of her glorious, sexy, mature body was totally displayed from her rounded stomach with its winking navel down to her stockinged feet. The odor of her sex juices rose up to tantalize the nostrils of the two thugs who had brought her to this place. One reached down and grabbed her thigh and began pulling her from the trunk. Anita struggled against this crude attempt to dislodge her from the car. Now the other one entered the battle and between them they dragged their prisoner from the safety of the trunk and pushed her in the direction of the building that the car was parked behind.

       They took every opportunity to fondle and pinch her body, especially her big soft tits and rounded buttocks. She was pushed up a few stairs and held by one of them as the other knocked on the door and was quickly admitted. Moments later Anita was face to face with the boss; the one responsible for her kidnapping and the troubles that now afflicted her loving son for whom she would do anything. Her limits were to be tested this evening; this was not yet known to her, but soon it would begin to settle into her consciousness that she was under the power of a man who was evil incarnate plus his henchmen who were dedicated to totally humiliating and degrading Anita who was so superior to them that there was no way to describe the gulf that existed between her and them.

       The boss, a fat, dark-skinned man with a scar on one cheek ogled his captive, his eyes running up and down her legs and then centering on the wet crotch of her panties. Anita was too confused by her surroundings to realize that she was exposing much of her considerable charms to this evil man who was licking his lips as he traced the mound of thick, dark pubic hair that was clearly outlined by the soaking wet material of her panties. His cock began to swell as his eyes covered her rounded belly that was stretching the elastic top of her skimpy underpants. She was a beauty and he could hardly contain his lusts that would shortly be freed to ravage his high class captive. There was so much he wanted to do to this haughty woman who had a body that would drive most men to madness. His nose inhaled the sex aroma that wafted from her soaked panties. He smiled at his men who were also enjoying her scent and from the way their pants were tented, eager to begin enjoying the rich, tasty sex flesh that she was offering.

       "Get that dress off of her, but leave the panties and bra on for the moment. I want to get a better look at what she's got."

       Before Anita could react to what she'd heard, one of the men tore her dress off her body, exposing almost all of her voluptous flesh to the eyes of the boss and his henchmen. She groaned as the other's hands closed round her bra cups, fondling the ripened pulpy contents. Then for the first time she experienced the creepy feeling of the boss as his hands started to explore her nearly naked body, poking and prodding her rounded flesh and making obscene remarks about the way she was responding to his touch.

       "My men are right, you  smell like a whore who has been turning tricks for the entire day wthout any break as you take on one hard cock after another, not even bothering to clean your cum filled cunt from all the boiling sperm that has been pumped into that demanding hole. I have to admit that for your age you are tremendously sexy. I can hardly wait to plunge my hard cock deep into that stinking cleft and fill it to its limit with my hot cum, not once but many times. Later when I am calmer, I'll let my hard cock glide between those big soft tits until I splatter another big load of cum all over those bountiful bags of sex flesh. I can imagine your screams as I split open that tough muscle guarding your anus and drill deep into that hot, wet and oh so filthy channel. Naturally when I finish and withdraw, you will be expected to use your mouth to clean my tool of all the filth that has accumulated on it while I was reaming out that tight, narrow tube so that my cock can go even deeper and faster the next time I chose to use it."

       He then ordered his men to drag Anita downstairs where some of his best customers waited for the pleasure of raping and degrading her to their hearts' content. Little did the hot, sexy mother realize that there was an even greater surprise waiting for her downstairs. Once she was pushed into the room it only took a moment for her eyes to focus on her son, Pradeep, who was stark naked and tied tightly to a chair. He looked up and stared in shock at his half naked mother, rendered speechless by her entry. The boss stepped into the room and introduced Anita to the group and explained why she was present along with her son.

       "You three gentlemen are my best customers and deserve some form of recognition for the constant support you provide to me and my organization. You may not recognize this young man seated in the chair, but he is most important since he currently owes me some 260 thousand rupees plus an interest payment that to date is now at 25 thousand. However he informs me that he cannot pay even the interest on his gambling debt, let alone the principal. That is why this rather attractive, classy, sexy woman has joined us. She happens to be the debtor's mother, and has come here to work off the interest payment by allowing us complete access to that voluptuous body now almost completely displayed. Her son tells me that his mother had not had sex with anyone for over three years, which is amazing to me considering those big tits and that sexy round belly hanging over that even sexier poon."

       "We will now be able to satisfy the obvious need she is displaying for lots of hard cock delivered with plenty of enthusiasm and force to every hole she possesses. I as your host will take the first crack at this hot holed whore, which is what my men swear she is beneath that classy exterior. They tell me that she begged them over and over to fuck her when they went to pick her up. You can see from the growing wet spot on the gusset of her skimpy panties, that she is highly excited and eager to have as much sex as we and a few more surprise guests, who will appear later, can provide."

       "To make it even more interesting she will allow us to do anything we wish to her hot, sexy body provided it leaves no obvious permanent markings afterward. By obvious I mean an area on her body that is normally displayed when she wears either traditional or Western garb. I do not  expect her to be displaying her body in a skimpy bikini bathing suit, which leaves a great deal of her fleshy form available for some serious punishment. If she survives this little sex party, I will determine what further activities she must engage in to work off the debt that has been amassed by her son."

       The boss smiled evilly and turned to his henchmen, ordering them to remove the gag, strip off her underwear and bind her naked body to the bench located at few feet from where her son sat. Anita had no time to even rub the circulation back into her arms before she was being retied on her back to the low bench. The men made a few jokes about Anita's bra size which was an impressive 39DD, as well as the thick jungle of pubic hair that guarded the entry to her hot, wet cunt.

       "All that cunt hair can only mean one thing, she needs plenty of sex and she needs it now! I wonder why her son didn't take command and give her what she needed, rather than leave her frustrated while he wasted his time and energy gambling. Perhaps he's one of those sissies that only looks like a man but secretly only seeks the company of others like themselves."

       There was much laughter at this remark, but then a few whistles of frank admiration as it was pointed out that Pradeep had developed an impressive erection, his hard cock twitching as if it were a tuning fork while he watched his mother's naked body being fondled and prepared for the first of many rounds of hard, relentless pounding to open her sex channels to the point that she could be properly satisfied sexually. Her plump legs were spread wide until the tendons of her thighs trembled from the strain. Then the ropes were knotted tightly to keep her in this most vulnerable position. A cushion was slipped beneath her broad buttocks to elevate her poon for even easier penetration.

       To make her situation even more painful, ropes were knotted around the base of her huge tits and anchored to pegs under the bench in such a way that her tit bags were pulled to the side and elongated like a pair of fat loaves of bread. By now the boss had disrobed, revealing an impressive sized cock that was only half hard. He settled his fat body onto Anita's chest and ordered her to open her mouth and begin sucking it so he would be capable of fucking her with something that she would long remember as it tore through her defenseless cunt. To encourage her further, he toyed with her swelling tits and thrust his cock deeper into her mouth every so often, choking and bringing tears to her eyes. All the while her son watched with growing excitement as his mother was prepared for the first of dozens of rapes. As the cock of the fat man grew and thickened in Anita's warm wet mouth, one of the other men began to play with her pubic hair, yanking out a few strands each time as she yelped and choked on the growing slab of man meat that was filling her mouth and beginning to intrude into her throat.

       Everyone stood around and watched as the boss prepared to penetrate Anita's bushy cunt with his monster prick. Even she was almost hynotized by the size of the cock that was about to enter her empty cunt for the first time in at least three years. She grunted as the bulbous head flattened her cunt lips and began pressing forward into that hot, wet tunnel that awaited the intruder. It took some movement on his part to punch his way into Anita's tight tube of fuck flesh, but enter her it did and then began the slow and very painful task of making her relatively unused cunt walls begin to accommodate the monster slab of meat that was beginning to stretch her tight cunt to the point that she feared something was going to tear. Anita had evidently forgotten just how much her cunt could stretch without causing any damage. However this assault brought back some old memories when she still was a young girl being wooed by numerous suitors, many well endowed sexually. Those were the ones that she remembered and sometimes those visions helped her masturbate herself into a more pleasant and very private world.

       The boss took his time entering Anita's tight cunt. He used her bloated tits to give himself even more leverage, so that each time he pummeled her cunt the sound of his flesh slamming into her soft rounded belly was like hearing a pistol shot. Inch by agonizingly slow inch he pounded his thick weapon deeper and deeper into her sore fuck tunnel. Anita's eyes began to roll back into her head as he punished her voluptous body with each blow of his hard prick. He made a joke to the assembled group of men about needing a big hammer to drive this big nail into his captive's body as she writhed in pain from the brutal beating her insides were taking. Finally almost the entire length of his huge cock was buried inside Anita's raw, bruised cunt. There were whistles and one or two of them clapped their hands in appreciation of the terrible pounding he was giving this sexy, full bodied woman who lay beneath him, her body covered with sweat, some of it caused by the fear that he might actually be rearranging some of her internal organs.

       The boss rested up for a minute or so, moving his cock from side to side to make her cunt stretch a few fractions of an inch further. It had been an unequal struggle as the man with the scar outweighed his victim by well over a hundred pounds and she was crushed beneath him to boot. He continued to twist and pull at her sore tits which had swollen to the size of melons and were now a dark angry shade of purple that indicated the blood circulation in them was nearly nil. He knew that once the ropes sunk into her tits were cut apart, she would suffer agonizing pain as the blood rushed into those bloated bags of flesh. Just as he was preparing to resume raping Anita, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. Her struggles were fruitless and soon his fat tongue had wormed its way into her mouth and was busy exploring its nooks and crannies as his mighty cock began to make the first trip out of her clutching cunt.

       He remained with his mouth glued to hers as he pulled his cock out to the point that only the head was captured between her swollen cunt lips. Then he shifted his hips and thrust forward as hard and fast as he could, driving nearly the entire length of his cock into her cunt. To poor Anita it felt as if someone had punched her in the stomach. To her rapist it was a very erotic sensation as her breath was forced out of her lungs and up into where his tongue was still probing her mouth. This in turn excited him to the point that he once more repeated his action, nailing his cock even further into Anita's now yielding body and driving even more air from her lungs. It only took a few more vicious thrusts to bury his cock completely within the fuck tunnel of the sexy, mature woman he was raping. By this time Anita was on the verge of losing consciousness due to the almost total removal of air from her lungs as his heavy body battered her yielding flesh into total submission. Anita passed out just as he began flooding her fuck tunnel with his boiling seed, spreading his semen into every portion of her fuck tube and making it an easy matter for a few of those blind swimers to make it into her uterus where they sought that elusive egg that may be waiting to unite with them.

                               ( To be continued )


                               Anita's Sex Sacrifice                        (jethro jodhpur)

                                       Chapter 3

       The boss was not finished degrading her yet. He slammed his cock, still hard as steel, into the senseless woman over and over, jolting her bound body with each powerful thrust. He grabbed Anita by the shoulders and held her steady as he pounded away inside her wet, cum filled cunt, enjoying the sight of her big tits bouncing wildly every time his cock bottomed out against her cervix. Suddenly Anita's eyes popped open and a strangled gasp escaped from her as his cock exploded once more within her body. The boss grinned down at her and redoubled his efforts to ruin her tight cunt.

       On a whim his hands wrapped around her throat and began to slowly squeeze the life from her as her body bounced and jiggled to the impactof his thick weapon as it tore through her sore channel. Anita's face began to change color and then her eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out again. This time the boss reacted by stopping his cruel efforts to torture fuck her with his huge cock. She was finished for this round as far as he was concerned.

       He began to wonder how it would feel when his rehardened cock began to plunder her asshole as she screamed into his mouth from the agonizing pressure and pain she was experiencing. He rolled off her body and got to his feet. The rest of the group remained where they stood as if waiting for his permission to take their turn on the sexy, pale faced woman who had been brought close to death on two occasions as they watched. The boss looked their way, smiled and spoke.

       "This sexy, big-titted woman is all yours for the taking. Who wants to get some of that hot, wet pussy? It's still nice and tight even after I've opened it up some. Give me a few more turns and she'll start loosening up but good. I don't even care if one of you gets her virgin asshole before I do. Let me tell you by the time I get my cock completely inside that tight, winking brown eye, she'll be begging me to put her out of her misery. I'll bet she'll be bleeding like she's been stabbed, and come to think of it that may be how my cock feels to her as it rips her backhole open. Also don't forget that she has a nice warm mouth and it's made for swallowing big cocks based on the way that tongue of hers was swabbing my mouth out. This is a hot one, a classy babe who wishes she could be a full time prostitute so that she could have all the hard cock that her twat , mouth and asshole needs."

       His words galvanized the trio into action. In less time than it takes to tell, they were naked and dividing up Anita's rounded, sexy body for their various needs. One of them had a cock that was almost a foot in length even though it hadn't become fully erect yet. His companions joked that he was called "needle dick", since even when it was fully hard, it remained relatively small in girth. However one night a prostitute who was about to be fucked by him measured his erect cock and declared it to be just a fraction of an inch short of being fourteen inches from base to tip. He decided to use this "sword", as he called it, to skewer Anita's virgin asshole. Another member of the trio declared that he wanted to see just how much of his fat cock Anita could hold inside her mouth and perhaps, if properly manipulated, down her throat as well. The other man announced that he would entertain himself by seeing if there was any feeling left in the helpless woman's swollen tits, that by now were nearly black.

       The man using her mouth and throat carefully straddled Anita's bare, bound body and forced his fat sausage of a prick past her lips, filling her mouth with his rigid meat stick, its large head forcing her jaws to open to their limit in order to accommodate the entire cock within her oral cavity. He grabbed two fistfuls of Anita's wavy hair and used this like a set of reins, controling the motion of her head as her eyes grew large and teary from the strain of containing all that bulk inside her dainty mouth. Her struggles intensified as he tried to force the head of his cock past her mouth, flattening her tongue in the process as he tried to gain a purchase in her delicate throat.

       As bad as this unequal contest was going for the attractive, classy looking woman, matters were even more serious when it came to the battle between her tight anal passageway and the "sword" that was slowly and most painfully penetrating its defenses. A second cushion beneath her plump rounded buttocks had made her anus totally accessible to the long, lean length of cock that was corkscrewng its way deeper and deeper into her bowels. Anita felt as if she was being split in half by the competing anal and oral rapings that she was getting. Then the third customer entered the fray and captured her attention for a variety of reasons. He delivered a vicious blow down into her bloated tit, flattening it out for a brief moment before it bounced back into its original spherical shape. The force of the impact was transferred through her chest cavity, but strangely enough, there was no sensation of pain, just pressure. To Anita this was a blessing, but in reality it was a sign that her marvelous breasts were beginning to approach a state where the lack of blood circulation would initiate a process that would lead to her fatty flesh decaying in a way that could not be reversed. In the extreme case her tits would literally die from lack of blood circulation, a situation that would led to the necessity of amputating those bouncy beauties in order to save her life.

       Pradeep was being driven mad by the agonies that his beautiful mother was suffering for his misdeeds. He made a vow that if they both survived he would spend the rest of his life atoning for his evil deeds. The poor man was so addled by his conflicting feelings towards his sexy mother that the thought of making love to her was tearing him apart. What would he do if she asked him to use his hard cock to pleasure her? Here she was, only a few feet from where he sat, totally naked and utterly vulnerable to all the terrible things that were being done to her hot, sexy body and the evil part of Pradeep wanted to join  those already engaged in torturing and degrading his pretty mother. These conflicting feelings made him begin to sob. Fortunately for him his tears were interpreted as concern for his poor mother, rather than a sign of how conflicted he had become.

       The sound of the man's fists smashing into his mother's black, swollen breasts made Pradeep feel as if a knife was being driven into his guts. Yet as he also watched another inch of the other's cock disappear into his mother's anus, his cock twitched with sexual energy. His confused mind tried to take the place of that fiend raping his mother's anal passageway as she grunted and cried from the pain as her intestines began to react to the intense pressure now being generated by the intruder.

       Anita's face was beginning to darken  from the entry of the man's fat cock into her throat. Its girth was completely plugging her airway and she was gradually suffocating from the lack of oxygen to her lungs. All this was not lost on the boss, who watched and licked his lips with pleasure as the naked, hot bodied woman was punished from all sides. He was debating about freeing her swollen black tits from the ropes that were literally strangling the blood supply to those fat pillowy spheres of pleasure. On the other hand there was no sign of blood coming from where the long needle shaped cock was embedded, still making slow but steady progress into Anita's bulging bowels. She would perhaps be able to absorb the entire length of the man's sex organ without it doing much damage to her insides.

       The sound of the hammer like blows that his customer was delivering to Anita's tits was of some concern. Her tits had gotten so swollen that the skin appeared on the verge of bursting. Each new blow made that possibilty come closer to actually happening. This would interfere with many of the torments that were yet to be tried out on her hot, round, sexy, voluptuous body. He decided to free her breasts from the fiendish torment of the ropes, but knew that she would be screaming her head off from the pain associated with the return of fresh blood to those bloated bags of bulging flesh.

       The man punching her tits was a bit annoyed that his fun was being interrupted, but a few words from the boss calmed him down. In fact his narrow face broke into a big smile when the boss whispered that once the blood circulation was restored to their "guest's" tits, she'd be in agony and her big swollen bags of tit flesh would be super sensitive to any punishment he could deal out to them. That and a promise to allow him to sodomize Anita when it suited him, mollified the man totally. Next the boss suggested that perhaps it might be more entertaining if the two men doing her anus and mouth switched places.

       "I would imagine she'll be begging for mercy once that fat cock of yours begins to stretch her tight bunghole. I'd be amazed if you weren't able to make her bleed fairly quickly due to your cock's girth. It will feel as if she was trying to absorb a beer can in that tight tunnel. On the other hand making her swallow the  "sword" will make for a most amusing time. I just know that she'll gag herself as that sword slides down her throat and she begins to panic about being suffocated once more. This time it will take longer but the result will be the same, she'll eventually pass out and perhaps wind up with her lungs filled with her own vomit. Wouldn't that make an interesting situation. I wonder what we might have to do to make her regain consciousness so she could appreciate our efforts to rape and humiliate her further. There are many surprises awaiting her and we should not be so greedy that her condition will worsen to the point that some of them cannot be applied to that hot, sexy body."

       Everyone did as the boss asked and shortly afterward Anita was silently screaming as the pain from the fat cock now securely lodged within her colon made her feel as if her anal passage had been set aflame. She was unable to generate much sound since the long, thin sword was halfway down her gullet, blocking it to the point that the only noise that issued from her was a high pitched whistling sound that wavered anytime the cock in her throat moved in any direction. The taste of what was coating that cock which had been rutting deep within her rectum made her feel sick to her stomach, but there was no adequate passage that would allow her vomit to be expelled from her mouth. The pain from the restoration of the blood circulation to her bloated breasts had not kicked in yet. However that did not prevent the man from pounding his fists into her tits until his arms became tired from delivering punches. Finally the first wave of major pain radiated from the depths of her tit meat and she began drooling from the mouth as the only sign that something was amiss.

       In response to her renewed struggling, the long cock was punched even further down her throat and now she was suffering from the lack of air as well. The level of pain continued to increase from both her colon and tits. The only thing preventing her from either chewing or swallowing her tongue in a frenzy of agony was the cock still sawing away deep inside her throat. She was nearing the limit when it came to lack of air and she felt herself slipping once more into blackness. The boss was carefully observing her struggles to breathe and the way she was trying to cope with the terrible pain burning away at her colon and tits. Then just before he was about to allow her to have some respite from the terrible tortures she was enduring, the one in her asshole lost control and flooded her bowels with his hot seed. The boss quickly capitalized on this situation, urging the one throat fucking her to allow this one to replace the cock in her throat with his, so that Anita could begin to clean off the collection of filth that had accumulated on it while she was being ass fucked.

                               ( To be continued )


                               Anita's Sex Sacrifice                                                                                                      Chapter 4

       Soon the fat cock, dripping with Anita's anal secretions once more occupied her mouth, but this time he made no effort to gag her with it. He just made himself comfortable and enjoyed the sensation of her fat, sexy tongue moving around his cock, licking the unmentionable material from it and then almost daintily disposing it down her throat. She was acting as if she were dining on pate, and it amused the rapist, who shouted to his friends that the "whore" was worshipping his cock. There were a number of obscene responses from the gang of men and suggestions for ways to make her even more submissive. He merely smiled and pressed his body slightly forward to give Anita a small taste of what she would endure if she discontinued her "whorish" efforts to not only clean off his cock, but entice it to hardness once more so she could enjoy that thick fuck tool in her gaping asshole or perpetually dripping cunt. Indeed Anita was slowly being turned into some mindless fuck toy by these evil men. Had she known what was in store for her later, she might have tried to swallow this fat cock and hope it strangled her before they could remove it from her blocked air passageway.

       While Anita sucked the cock, the other man had begun penetrating her cunt with his long narrow sword, making good progress through the swampy tunnel of lust that his cock was traversing. The one fixated on pounding her plump tit bags resumed his efforts, yanking one swollen breast to the side, imprisoning it in his hand while he used his other clenched fist to bombard the fat orb of sexy flesh, bringing grunts of pain from his victim. Each time his fist buried itself into one of her tits, her mouth and cunt reacted in ways that intensified the pleasure that she was providing to her rapists. To her dismay Anita felt the cock in her mouth beginning to harden, while the one raping her juicy cunt was spearing the region just in front of her cervix. He was now taking his time and delivering hammer like blows to that sensitive region of her sex tunnel, deliberately shifting his body so that his shaft was now spearing the walls of her birthing canal, providing a new pain that she found terrifying. She wondered if she was bleeding from the brutal pummeling her sex canal was taking. Anita was glad that she was unable to see what condition the cock skewering her insides was in. She shuddered at the prospect that it might be covered with a thick coating of her blood.

       After a time the thick cock was withdrawn from Anita's warm , wet mouth and she was put to work licking his drained balls. This allowed the one punching her boobs to get a better target for his fists and poor Anita began to feel the vomit rising up into her throat as the battering of those swollen bags of flesh continued unabated. At last the boss had to intrude and suggest that perhaps Anita's cunt needed some more attention once the one skewering her sex tube had his fill. From the way he was currently thrusting into his victim it was apparent that his ejaculation was close, very close indeed. The boss smiled when his prediction came to pass only moments later. Anita's sore cunt was battered mindlessly as he hosed her tunnel with his fiery sperm and secretly hoped that he might have impregnated her.

       He imagined what she might look like with a bellyful of child, his child. The thought made him resolve to try adding to what he had just planted deep into her sex canal. Those sperm would not have very far to travel, that he knew for sure. Anita was also thinking the very same thing, fearing that her rapists just might make her pregnant. Although to her it seemed as if she had been taking hard cock for hours, it had been less than an hour since the boss had begun raping her, and she realized that his two henchmen still had not had an opportunity to vent themselves into her helpless womb. Suppose they kept her here until she worked off her son's debt? That might take months, many months of brutal raping every day for hours on end. By then they might decide that she could earn even more money for them by remaining pregnant. There were those who would pay extra for the enjoyment of raping a pregnant woman, especially one as mature as Anita, even though she could pass for a woman ten years younger than she actually was.

       Anita offered no resistance as her rapist fed his long prong into her mouth and ordered her to begin cleaning off everything that it had picked up while it was inside her dripping, hot cunt. No sooner had that cock vacated her sore snatch, when it was replaced by the one belonging to the man who had spent most of

his time battering her swollen boobs with his fists. It hurt as he wedged his rock hard dick into her fuck tunnel and began plowing away, growing harder with each stroke. Anita could do nothing to prevent this latest raping and so she tried to ignore what was happening to her naked body and think positive thoughts. She looked over at Pradeep and was astonished and disappointed to see that he was still erect and following every move that the two men assaulting her were making. The look on his face frightened her; it was almost animalistic. He seemed to be enjoying her humiliation. She began to wonder if he was fantasizing that perhaps she was lying beneath him as he drove his steely dick deep into her yielding cunt, bringing cries of lust from this woman who had brought him into the world.

       Anita's thoughts were not too far from the truth with respect to the emotions being displayed by her only child. Almost against his will, Pradeep found himself wishing that it was he mounted on his sexy mother, his hard cock delving deep into her cunt to stir up all her love juices so she would want even more of that magnificent instrument of pleasure that was working on all those secret places a woman possesses. Without even thinking about what he was doing, his hips were pumping in unison with the movements of the cock burrowing into his plump, sexy mother's dripping twat. His activity did not go unnoticed. It was the boss who called out to the assembled band of rapists to see what Anita's son was doing as he watched his dear mother give up her sexy body for his welfare.

       "Look at what her ungrateful son is doing! The wretch is trying to fuck his own mother, even though he is bound tightly and unable to get close enough to her to do anything. Yet he keeps pumping his hips and making that long thick cock of his fuck his phantom mother who is mounted on his lap kissing him passionately as his big cock thrills her to the core. At least that is what this perverted young man is dreaming. Perhaps he might enjoy a nice, long intense blowjob from his mother, a real one to take the edge off his sexual insanity. I think that might be just what he needs. It might be fun to watch and have pictures taken of him enjoying his mother's hot, wet mouth engulfing his rigid cock. her tongue sliding around the head like a snake as he heaves and sighs, growing closer and closer to spraying his sperm into his mother's suctioning mouth. We'll get some good pictures to use to keep them both under our control."

       With those words he directed one of his henchman to retrieve the camera he kept in his office. It was normally used to produce the nude photgraphs of the girls and women who came to him in hopes of finding work as prostitutes in his organization. He had already decided that would be Anita's ultimate fate unless they did some serious physical damage to her body during this session. Naturally he would have to have the proper kind of pictures of her in his files. What better ones than those showing her sexually satisfying a potential customer for her services. That thought brought a brief smile to his face as he watched the third customer pounding away inside Anita's raw, sore cunt, the sound of wet skins slapping together providing an erotic background music for what was transpiring here.

       The third customer was still raping Anita when the camera became available. It was one of the new kind, a digital that could take many, many pictures and then store them on a computer for future reference. He had his man take some pictures of Anita sucking the second man's cock, then some of Pradeep with his erect penis twitching as he stared at his mother being brutally raped. Finally a number of close up shots were taken of the third man's cock moving in and out of Anita's sore cunt, its entrance raw and swollen from all the fucking it had already experienced. There would be much more to come and she would be pounded for hours on end with no relief in sight.

       The boss was however going to give her a brief respite so she could suck off her son and swallow his cum while everyone watched and cheered him on. He knew that the effect of this humiliating act would have a profound influence on Anita, perhaps enough to make her consider dedicating her life to the profession of fucking strange men and perhaps even a few women as well. Who knows, perhaps Pradeep could be enticed into becoming her pimp for a reduction in his debt. After all he was weak  and had some kind of weird urge to fuck her mother regularly, that was for certain based on the way he kept looking at her being fucked and the stiffness of his cock which looked as if it would burst any moment from the enormous pressure developed by the huge quantity of boiling sperm that was being generated by his big, bloated balls. Yes, something would have to be done very soon to relieve all that pressure or he would be ruined as a man for certain.

                                                            (To be continued-jethro jodhpur)


                             Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 5

       The boss settled down beside Anita, watching her plump belly bounce erotically as the rapist continued to batter her private parts with no sign of  tiring. This one was quite a bit more violent than the other two. First there was his fascination about her big bouncy tits. He had used them as punching bags while they ballooned from the bindings that cut off the blood to them. Had not the boss intruded, it is likely he would still be pounding those black and blue balls of swollen flesh like some type of automaton. Now he was raping her with the precision of a machine, his hard cock plunging deep inside her and then pistoning out so that only the head was stretching her raw cunt lips. After a few seconds phase he would resume his efforts to remove the sensitive protective lining from her fuck tunnel. By now Anita had left the other's cock glistening with a coating of her saliva, a very good job of it considering that she was a rank amateur when it came to giving blowjobs and the like. He leaned forward and spoke to his customer, who at first ignored him, then after the boss had made some vague references to arranging for him to have an accident, he paid close attention to every word.

       The others cheered him on as he picked up the pace, his cock flying in and out of her plump cunt. After a few minutes of furious activity he had to rest and so he did, by raising his body up with his cock buried to the hilt in Anita's juicing pussy. The hot bodied woman actually continued to push her body up and down so that she was in a sense fucking herself with his big cock. The boss grinned and thought to himself that this one had the makings of a top whore if only she wasn't so much older than the best girls in his stable. Perhaps she might work out better as the kind of prostitute that appealed to those on the outer fringes of society.

       He compared her to the dark skinned, former school teacher, Kanan, who he spent many enjoyable weeks watching as she was tortured and raped by his henchmen until she embraced her true destiny as a combined pain slut and sex puppet for those who required their sex partners to also enjoy pain. He remembered how her customers reacted to the layers of welts, cuts, and burns that decorated her body from neck to ankle. He smiled to himself when he watched the customers' eyes get real big at the prospect of having this skinny, ebony-skinned torture toy at their mercy. They had no idea of how many times Kanan was given a Bombay belly or the terrible curry enemas that were guaranteed to make the toughest prostitute beg for mercy. To the best of his knowledge no other whore in his stable had ever undergone the repeated canings that this skinny pain slut endured. He recalled his henchmen betting with each other about how many strokes of the three-foot long rattan cane would be required to make her water bloated belly give up its contents. He was told that on one occasion she had taken twenty-three of the very best across her bulging, water-logged belly before she began vomiting, expelling the torrents of water through her nostrils until she passed out from lack of air.    

       Kanan's customers could not control themselves once they realized that she loved to suffer before, during and after being raped by them. He required that her sex and pain sessions be witnessed on closed circuit television so she could be protected from extreme tortures that would prevent her from servicing the army of perverts who waited their turn to torture, rape and degrade her. He made a mental note to check on her progress. Lately she was also doing a daily show in which she was now being raped by a pack of dogs trained specially to have sex, especially anal sex, with human females. He remembered once viewing a tape showing Kanan on her knees, sucking a huge cock while a large dog was sodomizing her. He masturbated to that tape for a number of days, and still looked at it from time to time.

       The one raping Anita returned to business, punching into her cunt with his hard cock at a rapid pace, nearing his objective of filling her stretched, wet, fuck tube with his seed. Finally with a loud grunt, followed by a long drawn out groan of pleasure, he pumped his load deep into the sexy, voluptuous woman's hot, clutching cunt. He pulled out with a loud pop that brought a few laughs from the onlookers and then plunged his throbbing meat into Anita's mouth. By now she knew what her duties were and her warm, wet mouth began suctioning whatever had coated his cock while he fucked her. It did not take her very long to clean  him off and he rewarded her by driving his fist deep into her plump belly, low in her gut to make her feel sick. She fought off the urge to empty her stomach of its contents and so he drove another brutal blow to her belly and laughed as her face began to grow pale as she struggled to gain breath. The boss cautioned him about harming their guest and so he allowed her to recover.

       It was then that the boss leaned over and whispered into Anita's ear, suggesting that she give her son a blowjob to reduce the terrible pressure that had built up in his testicles and would soon back up into other areas of his body, causing excruciating agony until it was relieved. He let her know that unless she did as he suggested, he would have Pradeep's genitals beaten with a rubber hose, concentrating the blows to his swollen scrotum and stiff throbbing cock. As he spoke, Anita's eyes were  riveted on her son's twitching meat pole, her tongue licking her lips and a wanton look beginning to cover her face. The boss recognized the signs of her lusts now coming to the surface and could hardly wait until her hot, wet mouth was engulfing Pradeep's throbbing cock.

       His mother's love won out over her scruples about committing incest, especially in front of so many witnesses. She sobbed and promised to do her best to bring her son to the kind of complete ejaculation that was required to allow the pressure to decrease to the point that his sex organs were no longer in jeopardy. The boss smiled broadly, knowing now that he had already won the battle between Anita and him. All that remained was to see how Pradeep reacted to the sensation of his mother's wet, warm mouth and flickering tongue as she worked diligently to drain his big, bloated testicles. Anita was already committed to draining those swollen sex eggs of every drop of boiling semen they contained. She wondered how his cum was going to taste, sweet or sour, perhaps a harbringer of what was to develop between them.

       It took a few minutes to untie Anita from the bench and bring her over to where Pradeep sat, his cock hard as a steel bar, precum dripping from its pee hole. He could smell her, that musky scent rising from her cunt that had been mercilessly skewered for the past hour or more, combined with the sweat  from her underarms and the insides of her plump thighs. The two henchmen pushed Anita to her knees and one of them grabbed a handful of her long dark hair and used it to pull her head back so her face was level with her son's cock. She inhaled deeply bringing in the sex scent that emanated from his cock that was like a throbbing bar of steel. She struggled to free herself from the hand controlling her head, eager, no frantic, to get at that meat pole twitching before her face like some kind of venomous snake. The boss laughed, realizing how eager she was to begin sucking the stiffness from her son's cock.

       "Take your time sucking all the cum from his hard dick. Do it too fast and you'll never be able to capture all the hot jizz that he'll try to pump down your throat. Milk him like he's a cow whose udders are filled to bursting. If so much as a drop of his cum goes onto the floor, you will not only have to lick it up, you'll have to reharden him and suck him dry once more. Of course my henchmen will want a chance to see how that hot, wet cunt of yours feels wrapped around their stiff cocks, so you'll have to satisfy them before you get back to sucking your son's cock once more. I'm sure we'll have some very sexy pictures of you and your son enjoying each other."

       He nodded to the one holding Anita's hair and watched as once she was free, her mouth opened wide as she lunged towards that twitching meat pole. She plunged down on Pradeeps' throbbing cock, her mouth wide. The camera flash went off and continued while Anita plumbed the depths of depravity. There was a murmur of surprise from the men as they watched her envelop her son's cock, like some snake swallowing its prey. Pradeep grunted and then screamed as he felt his mother's hot, wet mouth and that flickering tongue begin to work their magic on his rock solid cock. Anita pulled her head back, dragging her mouth across the tube of male flesh so that it was glistening with her saliva. She stopped with just the bulging head of his cock captured by her lips. Then she sucked noisily and once more plunged down on the pole of brown flesh, this time taking all but a few inches inside her mouth and actually forcing a few inches down her throat making her gag. Her bile and saliva bathed that captured fuck pole as he neared his release. She was slowly moving her head up the shaft when he erupted, splashing his sperm everywhere inside as she recoiled in surprise, spurts of hot man juice shooting from between her lips, bringing a few gasps and many chuckles from the gang of rapists that were watching this humiliating display of motherly affection, now transformed into animalistic lust.

       Anita's head moved down in an effort to capture the fountain of hot sperm that was leaking from between her lips. This proved to be a mistake as a blast of cum now began to pour from her nostrils. The poor woman panicked and pulled her head off her son's pulsating cock now allowing him to shoot his load onto the floor, much to the amusement of the men who stepped back to watch the display. She was too confused to realize what lay in store for her and Pradeep. The boss looked over to his henchmen and gave the order.

       "Bring the rubber hose, no make that two! Then I want you two to give this loser the beating of his life and make sure that his mother has a ringside seat to watch what is going to happen to her precious son. You will beat him until his dick is so limp his mother can swallow it whole without any trouble. You will beat his balls until they are so swollen that she can't even get one of them into her mouth.Then when you're done, you can take his mother and fuck her bowlegged. That should give her a little taste of what to expect for the next six months while she works off her son's debts on her back, with those plump shapely legs spread wide so that the customers can pump that hot sex trench full of cum. She'll work double shifts seven days a week until his debts are paid off fully including interest. I calculate that she'll be working for me at least eight months unless she gets sick and can't work, then it will be much longer, a whole lot longer than she may be able to survive, but that's her problem. Oh, one thing more. Make sure that once a week Pradeep fucks her in the ass without any lubricant as his way of thanking her for her efforts on his behalf. That is if he's able to have an erection after the beating he's going to get today."

                       (To be continued?-jethro jodhpur)

                                  Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 6

       They untied Pradeep and dragged him to the center of the room where he was hung by his wrists from a hook in the ceiling. They spread his legs wide and anchored them by his ankles to bolts located in the floor. He was perfectly vulnerable now, his limp cock and depleted balls perfect targets for the rubber hoses that would soon be drubbing his naked body, homing in on its most sensitive parts. A few of the men could not resist tormenting the youth; one worked his knowing finger into Pradeep's asshole and probed to find his prostate. Another gently squeezed his balls, rolling them from one palm to the other, crooning to him that soon they would be huge and terribly painful to his touch. The third man began to strip the foreskin from the captive's cock, being rewarded by the way it swelled and lengthened.

       The rest of the audience, which had been attracted by word of mouth that some new cunt was being broken in as a member of the brothel's prostitute staff, laughed and insulted the victim, claiming that he was a fag and not worthy to be blown by his own mother. Anita was in tears as she watched her son being totally humiliated. The fat, dark-skinned man had other ideas for effectively reducing this woman to a lower caste slut. Hari shouted to the audience that Anita would be providing free sex for any man interested in this opportunity to evaluate her talents as the newest prostitute in his brothel. He then added that although the medical examination usually given to candidate prostitutes was waived for this one, condoms would not be allowed. Those afraid of getting some type of disease from this hot, upper-class woman, would be deprived of the pleasure associated with a very tight pussy and a very eager lady seeking plenty of hard cock to satisfy her needs after years of frustration over the conduct of her well endowed, but reluctant son.

       Naturally a line immediately formed in front of the sobbing woman. At that moment his underlings returned bearing a pair of rubber truncheons that would be used on Anita's son. She however would be too busy taking on all those hard cocks that sought entry into every hole in her plump sexy body to notice the serious damage that was being done to his genitals.

       Poor Pradeep, someone was now looping a leather thong around his scrotum and pulling it tight. Then he added a five pound weight to the other end, but the boss, Hari, thought it too light, insisting at least ten pounds be used to stretch his nut sack. The gasp and grunting noise that came from him when the weight was deliberately dropped from a distance of over two feet brought an evil smile to the brothel owner's face. He motioned for his underling to repeat the drop and this time Pradeep screamed in agony as the weight made the noose tighten even further around his straining scrotum. Fortunately for his mother, she was pointed in the opposite direction, on her knees, hands cuffed and pulled up so they could be joined to the leather collar that now encircled her neck. Her rounded, meaty rump was elevated to make both cunt and asshole easily accessible to whoever was using her. Thus she heard the noises being forced from him, but was spared the sight of what was happening to his family jewels.

       Someone suggested that before Anita start servicing the men lined up to fuck her senseless, she be put to work sucking off her son in order to get his cock as stiff as possible. In this way, it too could be kept fully erect by a cock ring, thus making it an easy target for the one using the rubber hose on it, and in a state where the pain of each blow would be maximized. In addition it might be fun to force his mother to watch the first few hits to his cock and balls. That way she would know just from the sounds and her son's screams and moans what was happening to him.

       They made Anita lean forward to take her son's twitching cock deep into her mouth while the cameras flashed. There were at least two men in the crowd with digitals, plus the one Hari was using. In that bent forward position, Anita's 39DD tits hung like guords, large guords, very large guords, from her chest, bringing all manner of responses to the sight. Half the audience was treated to the sight of her hairy cunt mouth peeking from between her plump thighs, and the comments from those people were completely obscene, telling her how hard and deep their huge, super-hard cocks were going to be thrust into any and all the holes of her hot, sexy plump body. By then Pradeep's mother was reduced to tears, but that did not stop her from further stimulating that throbbing hunk of meat jutting from her son's groin. It was obvious to all the men in the room that she was crazy over her son's big cock, and if she could, Anita would have climbed his straining body and fucked him like a sex-crazed monkey.

       Anita had to be forcibly removed from where her son was hanging, waiting like a slab of meat for the butchering to begin. One of the men beating him started on his rear side, slamming the hose into his kidneys over and over. Pradeep would be pissing blood for ten days after they finished his beating. When he got tired of that area, he moved up and down his rib cage, smashing the hose into his body so hard that the youth could not draw breath. Then he took a break so he could add some lead shot to the inside of the hollow piece of hard rubber tubing. He used this frightful weapon on Pradeep's ass cheeks, turning them into twin mounds of purplish, bleeding flesh. Every blow broke dozens of small blood vessels just beneath the skin and gradually there wasn't a single square inch free of this bloody evidence.

       Meanwhile Anita's hot, sexy body was absorbing one hard cock after another, alternating between her tight dripping cunt and even tighter asshole. As bad as this was, it was made worse by those who decided to use her big, soft tits as punching bags, or see how much her fat nipples could be stretched. All this caused her to screech and yell from the pain she was experiencing. All the while in the background she could make out the awful sounds of those rubber hoses smashing into her son's helpless body. She could even tell when his long, hard cock or rapidly swelling balls were being drubbed mercilessly by his assailants.

       The scar faced owner stood between the two scenes, moving his eyes from one to the other depending on what was happening. Hari really enjoyed the sight and sound of a well struck blow to the youth's cock, held tightly against his belly by the strip of leather encircling his waist, and the cock ring at its base doing its work of capturing and holding the blood engorging his stiff dong. On more than one occasion a good hit to his nut sack made him vomit from the terrible pain it generated. The boss got so excited that he took a turn on Pradeep himself, smashing the hose into his cock over and over as it twitched and turned an angry shade of purple from the broken blood vessels that the hose caused. He even drove the hose up and into the youth's scrotum, splitting his swollen testicles and forcing him to puke his guts out.

       The men raping her decided to let Anita watch her son's genitals being turned into pulp by the  savage beating he was receiving. Her eyes widened in horror as she witnessed the terrible pounding his cock was taking, now that both men were using it as a target. Then her attention was distracted as one of the men  raping her pulled out from her dripping, cum-filled cunt and shot his load into her face, coating the bridge of her nose and sending streamers into her eyes. By the time her eyes cleared, they had rolled Anita onto her belly and another man was spreading her plump, meaty cheeks wide apart as he prepared to sodomize this sexy, mature lady. She let out a scream of agony as his thick cock plunged past the tough muscle guarding her tender rectal area and entered her colon.

       Midway through her gang rape, the super hot, sexy, mature, plumpish fucking machine was beginning to throw off the last of her inhibitions. The cocks working on her had not only loosened up her twat and bunghole so that Anita was now able to enjoy being fucked by these eager men, it totally changed her attitude toward sex. The dark-skinned boss was beginning to appreciate what a find this hot-holed, upper class lady was for his brothel; she would make him a fortune if he played his cards right. Already more than half the men who had a chance to fuck her had told him they wanted to be her steady customer. Of even greater importance, many mentioned that they wanted their sons to also have the opportunity to fuck someone who reminded them of their mother. Indeed the wheels were turning inside the brothel owner's head.

       He walked over to watch Pradeep being finished off by the pair of tired hoodlums that had been working on him for nearly an hour while his mother had taken on what seemed like an army of men. She had long since forgotten all about her son, now being completey focused on enjoying the cocks sawing away inside every hole including her warm, wet mouth with its snake-like tongue. Already she had shown an affinity for deep throating her customers, now that she was so relaxed. The boss had been especially impressed by the way she took to her new duties. In fact once the customers had finished doing her, he wanted to take her to his private office and enjoy her throat convulsing around his cock as he made her swallow his entire length over and over until her throat muscles grew weak and she was completely at his mercy.

       However, for the moment he wanted to see just how badly her son had been beaten. He had plans to use the youth to keep Anita in line, but that required that he be able to function sexually. The owner winced as the pair of hoses slammed into Pradeep's swollen nut sack with sickening thuds. He hardly made any sounds now, exhausted and almost unconscious. One of the guys beating him cupped his swollen scrotum and announced that he could not feel any space between what was once two testicles. The boss also noticed that the youth's nut sack was black as a lump of coal, caused by the weight that cut off the blood circulation to his testes and the terrible pounding they had absorbed from the rubber truncheons. He nodded to his underlings and they stopped beating the comatose victim.

       He had them carry the badly beaten youth upstairs to where the "doctor" responsible for keeping the prostitutes in good health was stationed. He expected a prognosis from the medical man in short order, with emphasis on how long it would take for him to recover his ability to have sex. He intended to keep his word when it came to having him sodomize his mother at least once a week, more if times if necessary. Now he could train his shark-like eyes to what was transpiring on the floor before him.

       Anita was on her back, her plump, sexy body supported by the man beneath her who had his cock buried to the hilt in her well stretched asshole. A second rapist was lying on her, his cock moving like a piston in and out of her fat-lipped cunt that was drooling a steady stream of cum from the previous cocks that had discharged inside that warm, wet fuck tunnel. Obviousy that wasn't enough for the hot-holed honey; she was begging another man to stuff his cock down her throat so she could drain all the juice he had from him. He was playing hard to get, showing her his stiff cock, sometimes leaning forward above her head to tit fuck her for a brief period, then pulling back and slapping those soft mounds with nipples that were so stiff, they could cut glass. Hari was tempted to tell everyone to leave, but he always put business before pleasure, which was why he was the boss.

                       (To be continued-jethro jodhpur)

                                  Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 7

       At long last the final satisfied customer withdrew from Anita's swollen, sore cunt, and deposited a watery load of sperm onto her heaving belly, obviously being one of those who had returned for a second taste of her sex flesh. He was delighted to see that she did not just lay back like a lump. Instead she sat up and lovingly sucked his cock clean of all her sex juices and then planted a loud kiss on the bulbous head, her eyes seeming to plead for him to stay and continue to pleasure her. Now it was the brothel owner's turn and he would plumb her depths mercilessly as he tried to gauge just how much sex was too much for this hot, sexy, mature woman with fantastic tits and a broad rounded ass that would drive the customers insane with lust. He approached his newest acquisition and ordered her to rise and follow him to his office. When Anita asked to be allowed to cover her body, he slapped her on that magnificent rump and growled that he'd only have to tear the covering off her body once they got to his office.

       "Unless I personally give you a costume to wear while you are meeting your clients, you shall remain naked in order to expose that sexy, fleshy body with its great tits and those hams that drive all men crazy with desire. Do you really think that your son was the only one to fall victim to what you possess? Even I, who have seen some of the most beautiful prostitutes to ever spread their thighs, am impressed by your potential. In the months that follow I shall train you to be the whore of whores, so I can recoup my investment and you can pay off your son's gambling debts."

       Had Anita had her wits about her or understood mathematics, she would have quickly deduced that it would not take anywhere near the length of time to pay off Pradeep's debts that the boss claimed. Then again it was he who would determine what her charges would be for having sex with the brothel's clients. On top of that he had a variety of hidden charges he planned to spring on her as time went past. The other trick he held in abeyance was the matter of interest on the debt, currently at ten percent per week compounded weekly. At his discretion the interest could also be raised to any figure he deemed reasonable. Taking all this into consideration, Anita faced an impossible task thanks to all the unknown variables that he could control in his favor. However that was not here or there as far as what he planned for her this evening.

       Just as he was pushing Anita into his private office, he remembered his promise to his two henchmen about being able to fuck his new prostitute until she was bowlegged. He smiled inwardly,realizing that this hot-bodied sex machine would wear them out much faster than they could imagine now that her inhibitions were disappearing. Once he finished fucking her stupid, an expression used by the criminal element that controlled most of the brothels and street walkers, he'd turn her over to them for a little more action, to give her some idea of what she'd face starting tomorrow when Anita officially became his newest prostitute.

       The moment the door to his office was shut and locked securely he went after his new employee, hopefully his own private sex slave in the future, with a vengeance. It was strange that after fucking her as much as he had and watching her being fucked by an army of other men, she still made him hard as steel. Part of it was her scent; his men were correct, she stunk of sex. It appeared to come from every pore in her skin, and already it seemed to have filled his office. He bent her backwards over his desk and ground his hard cock, still in his pants, against her soaking wet cunt, still oozing cum from all the men that had plowed her furrow previously this evening. He grabbed her big tits and mauled them as he tried to jam his tongue down her throat.

       For a brief moment her body stiffened, resisting his efforts. Then Anita groaned and her warm breath filled his mouth as she was caught up in her private lusts. This drove him into a fury and before he knew it, she was on her back, those plump thighs parted and her legs dangling over the edge of the desk. His pants were down around his ankles and his cock was plunging into her rancid, reeking, swamp of an over-fucked cunt. He had no idea how this had come to pass, but he didn't really care. All he wanted to do was to prong and plow her fat-lipped cunt until his balls released the sea of sperm churning inside them.

       He had lost track of time, all he knew was that he had filled her cunt with an ocean of boiling cum. He remembered her fat tongue moving like a snake inside his mouth and at times trying to slither down his throat while he pounded her cunt with hammer-like blows, willing his cock to go deeper into her than any cock had done previously. At the moment he was seated in the big chair behind his desk, enjoying the sensations she was providing as she suctioned his spent prick in an effort to revive it for even more fucking. This one was from another world, of that he was growing certain. He felt contented as he watched his cock disappear and reappear from her mouth, glistening from the coating of saliva she had lovingly applied to every square inch of skin covering his wilted weapon. He patted her on the head as if she were a pet animal and began speaking.

       "Did you know that you will be the oldest prostitute I have ever had work in my establishment? I really don't have any idea what to charge for your services. Naturally I want to get my money back as quickly as possible; that's why I intend, starting tomorrow at ten in the morning, to have you work double shifts, seven days a week. On the other hand I can't have you losing weight, since your plump body certainly seems to get  most of the men that have had a chance to fuck you, crazy with desire."

       "I think I'll give you your own place to work, unlike most of my sex workers who stay in a common room until they're chosen and then use whatever cubicle is available. Perhaps it will be furnished like someone's bedroom, a mother's to be more precise. Indian men and boys especially, are most attracted sexually to their mothers. I know that to be true, for when I was ten years old or so I had thoughts of fucking my mother who seemed like the most  beautiful woman in the world to me. It wan't for many years after that I began to think differently. You will be perfect for those type of customers. Let's face it, your son, Pradeep, is in love with you. He wants to fuck you night and day, perhaps the feeling is mutual, yes I think so."

       Those words made Anita pause in her efforts to revive him for more fucking. She knew them to be true, that was why she was kneeling in this man's office, stark naked and  groveling, sucking his cock that had just been deep inside her cum filled cunt. To add to her humiliation, he had just added his contribution to the sea of cooling sperm that was lodged there by countless cocks that skewered her from every angle and into every hole she possessed, while her son looked on and lusted for her as well.

       She was not prepared for the slap across the face she received without warning, or his angry voice ordering her to suck with more energy so he could fuck her in the ass as soon as she had gotten him hard enough to perform once more. He gasped in amazement as she swallowed his entire cock, her throat muscles totally relaxed as the limber length of dick wedged itself within her gullet as her throat muscles began to massage his weapon back into life. The look on the brothel owner's face was one of astonishment. Was there anything this hot-holed, plump, sexy, mature, upper-class woman could not do when it came to satisfying men? He was determined to find out in the coming days and weeks as he worked her to the point of total exhaustion.

       He finally finished ass-fucking his new employee after a lengthy period of hard thrusting that left her asshole raw and distended. It had been good to hear her grunts and hisses as he blasted away inside her tender tunnel, working from side to side as well as in and out. He loved to listen to that intake of breath she took just before he gave her almost every inch of hard dick in one brutal thrust that must have felt like a lorry had entered her rectum. No matter how hard he yanked her big tits or how far out he pulled those fat nipples, she refused to cry or beg for mercy. This contest of the wills was a game he would play with her often, and rarely would she ever lose.

       He made her suck off anything that his cock had picked up while inside her asshole. While she was peforming this disgusting task, he phoned his henchmen and told them Anita would be available for more fucking now that he had finished with her for the evening. He told them that after they got done with her, to take her to the doctor for her physical. The doctor already had his instructions for what to do after that was done. He hung up, laughed and tousled Anita's hair, informing her that she started work in less than twelve hours and had better get some sleep even if she wanted more cock than his underlings could give her. As they escorted the naked woman from his office, her hands still cuffed behind her back, the brothel owner chuckled at what lay in store for this very strange, but still uppity cunt who looked down on what he did. He would break her will sooner or later, and he'd enjoy every minute of the process.

       Anita had very mixed feelings when they marched her into a small room where two more men waited, naked, their cocks stiff and ready to fuck her in every hole. It seems that the henchmen had made their own arrangement with some other members of the staff who had missed the orgy. They had sold her services to them for a very reasonable price, somewhere in the neighborhood of five thousand rupees. This was about half the price the brothel would charge a single customer for thirty minutes with one of its top prostitutes. According to what rumors they'd heard, Anita's fee was going to be much larger than even that, which made their deal a great bargain; two for the price of one and a lot longer than thirty minutes to boot. Anita was intelligent enough to know that informing the owner of this little arrangement  would just add to her misery. Besides, one of the men was very well hung and she could feel her cunt already beginning to juice up in readiness for his battering ram. He did not disappoint her!

       The men placed Anita on her back with a cushion beneath her rounded, meaty ass to elevate her twat to the proper height for a good prodding. The two henchmen grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her legs apart until they trembled fom the strain. The one with the big cock took his place between her thighs, rammed three fingers into her sloppy gash to make sure she was well lubricated, and then jammed his hard length of cock into her with one brutal stroke that drove the wind from her lungs. The beneficiary of this brutal treatment was his companion who was lying beside the upper-class lady, now turned whore, kissing her passionately, using his tongue to further stimulate her. Now his mouth was filled with her exhaled breath, exciting him tremendously.

       He resumed kissing her and his partner started giving her one of the hardest fuckings she had ever experienced. Her belly jiggled obscenely as his dick plowed in and out. Her big tits trembled from the impact of his groin slamming into her crotch with every pile-driving blow his thick prick delivered to the deepest part of her fuck tunnel, literally making contact with her cervix on occasion. Between the sensual kissing and the animalistic fucking she was getting, Anita lost all control and had a fantastic orgasm that made her entire body shake and shiver, something foreign to her until now. The men were astonished at this reaction, especially the two henchmen who had witnessed the gang raping she had already taken this evening, and then knew about the lengthy private workout she had just finished with their boss afterwards. News of this unbelievable orgasm that Anita had, was spread throughout the brothel within half a day, adding to her legendary status as the star attraction of the brothel.

       The orgasm, which was followed by other less powerful ones during the session, seemed to revitalize Anita and she was very difficult to satisfy over the next two hours as the quartet kept her occupied continuously. There was always a hard dick excavating in some part of her body, be it her once super-tight asshole, now gaping like a Cyclops' eye, that warm, wet mouth and gagging throat or the swampy, reeking mess that once was her sterile, unused cavern. She deep throated every man, including the one with the big cock who nearly made her pass out from lack of air when he blocked her throat completely with that slab of hard meat. The grand finale featured them making Anita air-tight, cocks in her asshole,cunt and mouth while the fourth tunneled between her sweaty tits before launching a salvo of cum that coated those balloons with a thick crust of cooling cum.

                       (To be continued-jethro jodhpur)

                                Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 8

       The brothel's doctor, a former medical student who had to leave school due to lack of financial support, was less than enchanted to have Anita arrive at his office, such as it was, at well past 2AM, less than two hours before he was scheduled to take his leave for the night. The only things that intrigued him were the handcuffs, her obvious upper-class demeanor, plump, sexy body and the fact that her cunt and asshole were oozing cum in large quantities. Her escorts snickered when they saw his reaction to their naked captive.

       "The boss wants you to give this new employee a good going over to make sure she can start working the morning shift today. She's been fucked stupid and bowlegged for the past six hours and still seems hot to trot at the glimpse of a stiff cock. When you're done checking her out, and if everything's fine, you can leave her in your office. Otherwise call the boss and let him know why she can't work, and it better be a good story because he's eager for her to start working off that debt her son owes. You remember him; he's the one with the busted dick and balls that we brought over earlier tonight."

       Anita's face turned scarlet at the reference to her son, but the others just laughed and made coarse jokes about his condition. The two underlings couldn't resist giving her naked body a few pinches, and even poking their fingers into her cunt and asshole as she kept her eyes lowered to avoid looking at the handsome doctor who was about to give her a physical examination that she knew would be humiliating in the extreme. However the last thing she expected from him was to be raped again.

       Soon as the henchmen left, he ordered her to climb onto the examination table, a most difficult feat considering her hands were still cuffed behind her back. She tried and failed, then stood there waiting for him to  help her. Suddenly his hand was in her crotch and then she felt excruciating pain as it came away with a considerable amount of her pubic hair that he had ripped out by its roots. He grinned and spit into her face. Once more he ripped pubic hair from her mound and she screamed. This in turn got her a vicious slap across the face and the loss of more pubic hair. Blinded by tears she staggered away from the table and stumbled as she tried to make a quick turn towards the locked door. She felt a rough push in her back that sent her to the floor, her head striking with a dull thud that made her see stars.

       Dazed and terrified for her safety she tried to curl herself into a ball to protect her bare body from further abuse. That just made her a better target for him to kick as if she were a soccer ball. His first kick struck her between the ribs and she lost her breath. Anita felt a lancing pain when she tried to take a deep breath to regain her composure. Then she heard his icy voice and  knew she was in the presence of someone who hated people of her upper class status.

       " I've heard much tonight about this upper class visitor that has come to have her itches scratched by men with hard cocks, unlike those weakling males of her class. What's a member of the wealthy class doing in this whores' house? Are you slumming or seeking cheap thrills so you can brag to your other upper class do-nothings about how the lower classes live or is it exist? Well my plump, old, rich, good-for-nothing lady, you are about to find out more than you ever wanted to know, and I shall be your guide and teacher as you take that downward spiral to a class that is so low it makes prostitutes appear like members of royalty!"

       Anita was dragged to her feet and half-lifted, half-thrown onto the examining table. In less than a minute her thighs were splayed and legs spread wide and secured to the wings that came out from the table. For some odd reason being in this provocative position was more embarrassing than her total nudity.The procedure she was about to undergo was not foreign to her, but having it done by a person who had expressed nothing but hatred and contempt for her and her caste made her terrribly uncomfortable. He pulled on a pair of latex gloves and prepared to give her a pelvic examination. She could feel her face becoming flushed, but he ignored everything except that raw, dripping, distended cunt she presented.

       "Woman, you stink of semen, sweat and your own secretions! What a slut you must be to have a vagina that has taken so many men and yet yearns for even more hard lengths of thick cock to stir up the foul smelling juices that are currently marinating within that well used elastic tube of tissue. In truth you have a cunt, a raging, unruly, filthy, animalistic, repository for men's sperm. I have never seen such a mess, even the lowest prostitute in this brothel has never presented to my eyes and nostrils such a sewer of filth. You are indeed something very special in whoredom. You are a middle-aged woman sexually cavorting as if you were half your age, enticing men with those big fat tits with nipples that seem to be perpetually stiff, a sign of your need for constant attention from men's cocks. You digust me!"

       With those words he delivered a powerful slap to that offending orifice, bringing a strangled gasp from his patient. Then he began her examination. Anita stared up at the ceiling rather than see what he was preparing to do to her oozing snatch. She winced as the cold steel of the speculum invaded her well stretched vagina. She heard and then felt the instrument being opened wider and wider until the first twinges of pain caused her to cry out. She was rewarded with a vicious pinch to one of her plump, obscenely presented thighs, and a snarling warning to keep still or she would suffer even more discomfort. The speculum was opened further and she bit her lip, rather than challenge him. She was humiliated by his words as he used a flashlight to investigate the condition of her vagina.

       "From the looks of your cunt you must have accepted dozens upon dozens of offerings from your various lovers."

        His use of words cut her to the core, as if any of these rapists were anything but low class filth preying on her love for her son. His chuckle and the touch of his gloved finger to an area a few inches inside her swollen tunnel made Anita close her eyes to prevent the tears from flowing. He palpitated the spot and hummed to himself as he did so. Then she felt more fingers and this time they went deep into her distended canal, a very stressing process that made the woman shift her body and break out in perspiration. To her horror she realized these fingers were coming together to make a fist. Anita panicked and thrust her pelvis up against that closed fist, bringing an oath from the "doctor".

       "Do that again you miserable whore and I shall tear out the lining from your twat and make you eat it!

You don't have a vagina; it's a sewer, a swamp, a cesspool, a dumping place for boiling cum, nothing more! I can't believe a woman of your advanced age could be so utterly depraved as to allow untold dozens of men to use your body in this disgusting matter, and then have you beg for even more."

       He fell silent, but that cold instrument was readjusted and those invasive fingers pushed and prodded another region of her well-used cunt. Even she was beginning to think of her vagina as nothing more than a cunt, snatch or twat, a dumping ground for men's sperm. Now he whistled and touched a place on the wall of her fuck tunnel. She heard him cluck and sigh before he told her the news.

       "You have a lesion here that looks rather ugly, even worse than all the semen and other fluids bubbling and coating almost every square inch of the fuck ground you have inside you. I'm going to snip off a small piece for a biopsy. You won't know anything for at least a  week, but I guess you'll be so busy being fucked stupid that you will have forgotten all about it until I give you the news, good or bad. Now hold still, this will hurt you a lot more than me, no matter what. Cheer up, you won't miss any work despite the pain you will feel for a few hours afterward."

       For the first time since she entered the room, this angry young man showed some consideration for her, offering his handkerchief to bite down on when he snipped off a portion of the ugly spot he'd found on the wall of her cunt. The pain was as advertized, a sharp, lancing bolt of pure agony that made her clench her jaws until she thought they would crack from the stress she applied to them. It quickly fell off to a dull ache that remained with her for many hours. While she was recovering from this shock, he went back to work and began suctioning the huge amount of seminal fluid that had yet to find its way out from that fuck tunnel she now thought of as her twat. He aspirated her entire canal, a process taking many minutes and resulting in a collection of murky, whitish liquid, measuring almost half a pint!

       He managed to reach all the way back to her cervix and made an interesting observation concerning Anita's ability to become pregnant even at her rather advanced age. Under ideal conditions, which would never occur here in this particular occupation, it was possible, but not probable, that she could conceive. Whether or not the fetus could or would come to term was moot. For some reason this excited rather than depressed her.

       As embarrassing as the cervical examination had been, when he began probing her anus, she thought she'd faint from the humiliation of it all. He commented that her sphincter muscle was not even operating as the result of all the cocks that had breached it since her arrival at the brothel. He had been working in this capacity for nearly six months and had never seen any prostitute with a condition as extreme as Anita was displaying. To demonstrate what he meant, he put two fingers into her gaping anal passage and there was still some slight room between them and her flaccid sphincter muscle. This also explained the large outpouring of cum that still issued from her anal passageway.

       Another speculum designed  for the anus was used to open her even wider so he could peer into the swollen flesh constituting her colon. He used a swab to take a sample of what remained within that gaping wound, and came away with it soaked with semen. Once more he had to aspirate that overfilled channel and what he collected was impressive, but not in the amount that her cunt had yielded. He expressed amazement that she wasn't in significant pain based on the irritated flesh that he saw when he used the small flashlight to illuminate that angry tube of swollen tissue.

       Anita heaved a sigh of relief when he announced that what he saw was not anything over which to be concerned. He laughed at the way she responded to his observation; she had yet to get his fee for his services, that was soon to follow. He completed her examination by swabbing the inside of both holes with an antiseptic-astringent combination that would enance the healing process despite what she would be doing starting in less than eight hours from now. There only remained the small matter of his fee that was payable in full immediately.

       He assisted his patient from the table and then slapped her on the rump as he ordered her to lean forward onto the table for support in order that he be able to collect his fee. For a brief moment Anita was taken aback at what he was planning, then she sighed and complied with his request. Why should she be surprised that even the one in charge of keeping the girls healthy would expect them to reciprocate for his services. She shivered as he rubbed the head of his limp cock between her ass cheeks to develop an erection. Then he casually mentioned that normally he'd have her suck him off to get his dick hard, but considering what he had found in her cunt and asshole, he wasn't taking any chances. That was worse than the slap in the face he gave her previously; Anita lost her composure and began to sob.

       Gradually his prick stiffened to the point that he could roll on a condom, letting her know that he was doing this for his protection, not her's. He made Anita shift her body so that he could fondle her hanging tits and tweak those hard nipples. He miked her like a cow and slowly inserted his sheathed cock into her twat, moving inch by inch into that freshened tube of cunt flesh as she moaned despite her humiliation. Anita had in the space of one evening become a cock-crazed sex maniac, without shame when it came to being skewered by a long thick member, such as the doctor possessed. The dam of her inhibitions and repressions had broken violently and she had no idea where it would lead her.

       His cock began to pump like a piston inside her rapidly lubricating fuck tunnel, making her half crazy with lust and wishing sincerely that she could experience the feeling of his unprotected cock as it burrowed like an animal into her warm, wet and slowly constricting cunt. He pumped her with hard and rapid strokes, punching into her deeper and deeper with each thrust. She felt his body stiffen and his clutching hands digging fiercely into her big tits as his cock spurted its load of boiling cum into the condom's reservoir. He leaned over onto her body for support and panted, his hot breath tickling her ear and exciting her to the point that she was on the verge of begging him to let her try to revive his magnificent cock for another go at her soaking wet snatch. Somehow she restrained herself and was saved from her own overwhelming lusts.

                       (To be continued-jethro jodhpur) 

                                 Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 9

       Anita slept soundly, undisturbed by the comings and goings that took place in the room until the last customer left the brothel. She was roused well before she was to start her normal routine of two shifts back to back. Hari had conveniently forgotten to inform her that she was also expected to entertain at his theater, a large room capable of holding fifty customers. There were to be many of these surprises sprung on her during the first week she spent as his featured whore.

       She was taken to another room in the house and prepared for her debut. Anita was shocked to discover that two men were present, one holding a video camera. Two women, one appearing to be about her age, the other much older, began preparing her naked body for the customers while the activity was being taped.  Anita was quite upset over this invasion of privacy, but her complaints were laughed off by everyone in the room. The other man made eyes at her and said that he was hoping to have a chance to fuck her this very day, so why was she so upset?

       The two women worked swiftly, one doing her hair in a more modern style and streaking it with pomade that made it glisten. The other gave her a douche, then another to make sure that she was free of any traces of what had happened to her last night. The poor woman felt totally humiliated at this, but had no recourse now that she was the brothel owner's property so to speak. Next her nipples were rouged and deliberately stiffened to see what affect that had on their appearance. Satisfied with how they looked the woman began working on her cunt lips as well.

       The camera zoomed in on this activity as a thick coating of rouge was applied to her lips which grew fat from the woman's touch. She giggled at the way Anita was responding to her fingers touching her swelling outer lips. Her companion commented that Anita looked very excited at the prospect of getting plenty of hard cock from her customers who would be arriving shortly. That made everyone laugh except a blushing Anita.

       What followed next was totally mortifying to the upper-class woman. She took an enema as the camera recorded every second of this humiliating process, and the second man described the enema in graphic detail as he spoke into a small microphone he carried. One of the women jammed a bung into Anita's gaping anus and told her she had to hold it for fifteen minutes so her colon would be properly cleansed for her customers, many of whom would want to use her asshole. Anita's face was now scarlet and this amused her audience no end.

       While Anita groaned from the building pressure of the enema she was retaining, the two woman busied themselves with her wardrobe. First they showed her the white stockings we would wear that emphasized her plump thighs. In turn they were supported by the suspenders coming from the thick white garter belt that covered nearly half her rounded stomach, ending just below her winking navel. It called attention to the thick growth of curly black pubic hair that covered her mound. The white bra was more like a  sling for holding her big tits that spilled over the relatively small cups that provided the only support for those soft, pendulous bags of fatty flesh. The camera moved very close to her big tits to display their size, shape and

the way they jiggled with each breath she took.

       Finally they allowed her to void the enema that had been bubbling within her bowels. The camera was less than two feet away as the brown mess of solid and liquid waste spurted and splashed into the large collector. The women exchanged pleased looks at the result of the enema and declared that except for a little douching to freshen her anus, she was ready for her customers once she dressed and covered herself with the rather conservative robe designed to initially hide her abundant physical charms. The camera recorded every moment of the two women helping Anita into the sexy underthings that she would wear to entice her numerous customers to use her plump, sexy body for their needs.

       By now it was less than fifteen minutes before she would take on her first customer of the day. In that time they explained that a bell would ring the moment the customer entered her bedroom, and five minutes before his time was up , there would be another ring, followed promptly five minutes later with a loud buzzing sound to signify that he was to leave. Failure to do so would be grounds for his security deposit to be forfeited. Any further delay would involve brothel personnel who would remove him forcibly from the house and place him on a "not wanted" list for one month. Anita would then have five minutes to clean herself and prepare for her next customer.

       Anita's first customer was a stranger and that made things a bit easier for her. He had a nice large cock and wasted no time having her remove her robe so he could begin fondling her charms. She discovered that his knowing hands were getting her very excited and she begged him to undress and fuck her hard, but not so hard that he would come too quickly. He laughed and stuck his tongue into her mouth and then upon withdrawing it, whispered that he intended to fuck her at least twice before his time was done. Anita was delighted to hear his words, but wondered if it would occur as he promised.

       He proved to be a man of his word, pummeling her drooling pussy and leaving two deposits of his thick, almost chewy cum deep inside her cunt. He was so cheeky as to scoop some of it from her twat and fed it to her. This was how she determined that it was thick and very tasty. She begged him to return tomorrow and do her the same way, or if possible even better. He laughed and squeezed her fat tits before darting his tongue one last time down her throat before taking his leave.

       The next three were strictly business, ordering her to strip down to the skin and spread her thighs. The first one required her hot, wet mouth to get him sufficiently hard to have sex with her, which he did without displaying much emotion. He mounted her, spread her cunt lips with one hand and guided his cock into her slit with the other. He refused her attempts to kiss him as he fucked her with almost mechanical precision, each stroke to the same depth, each pause identical to within seconds to the one prior, and a soft grunt just before he lanced her. Anita could feel his sperm being injected into her wet cunt when he finally did ejaculate.

       Afterwards she was required to suck his flaccid cock until it glistened with her saliva. He made a half-hearted attempt to fondle her pillowy tits, but his cock remained soft. In the time remaining he poked his fingers into her cunt and moved them around before finally playing with her cunt lips by stretching and pulling on them. Anita was a most frustrated whore when he finally took his leave. Anita thought his performance to be very strange, and worried briefly that it might reflect badly on her ability to sexually excite her customers.

       The next was all business as well, but once she was naked he sucked her tits and even nibbled on her fat nipples, leaving her excited and eager for his cock. Like the previous customer he needed her mouth, and for quite some time, before his long dick was capable of penetrating her tight cunt. As with the previous one, he had not gotten Anita very excited with what passed for foreplay. He pounded away inside her for many long minutes, his efforts failing to get the sexy woman's cunt much wetter or hotter. She was mortified when his cock lost its rigidity and needed her mouth a second time for even a longer period. He managed a weak outpouring of semen just before the bell rang, alerting him that his time was nearly up. He made Anita suck his cock until the buzzer sounded. Then he quickly dressed without looking at her and left the room allowing her time to prepare herself for the next customer.

       The last member of this trio needed nothing except the  sight of Anita's hairy cunt and those fat bags of tit flesh to develop an impressive erection. Unlike the other two he wanted her to retain the garter belt, this being his fixation or fetish. He entered her cunt with breathtaking speed, burying his cock deep inside her. He shifted his weight so that his chest was flattening her tits, then began to give her cunt a slow, steady pounding. Every solid stroke made her belly jiggle as his groin smacked against her crotch. He kept at her with this steady pace for nearly the entire time he was allowed, occasionally kissing her and enjoying the warm breath that was pressed from her lungs on every downward thrust of his hard length of gristle.

       When the bell announced his time was almost up, he increased the pace at which he was fucking her somewhat and Anita grunted as each thrust pounded a little deeper into her tiring cunt. Then a few minutes later he shivered, rose up on his arms and flooded her now sore cunt with an ocean of hot cum. Anita was just about finished sucking his cock clean when the buzzer went off, ending the session. He was gone almost immediately, stuffing his limp cock into his trousers as he exited.

       Anita just barely covered her body with the robe when he entered, the first of what would prove to be many youthful lovers or sex partners. This one was in the latter category. He quickly stripped to reveal a large thick cock that hung limp between his legs.

       "Alright you whore, I've paid plenty of money for this opportunity to make you suffer for being just like my mother. The only difference better you and her is that she doesn't get paid by all the men who fuck her hot body and fill that juicy cunt with their sperm. I've always wondered just how it would feel to fuck my mother, who is very attractive like you and extremely well built, which I'm told you are as well. Well now I shall find out just how good a whore my mother probably is."

       "Now take off that ridiculous robe and show me your naked body so I can judge for myself. If you are as they say, it should be a very simple matter for your skilled mouth, lips and tongue to harden my cock so it can burrow deep inside your whore's cunt. You are going to be fucked until you swoon,and then I shall leave you forever to wallow in this cesspool while I seek a chaste young girl to become my lover, wife and ultimately the mother of my children."

       His angry words stung Anita to the quick and brought tears to her eyes. She revealed her naked body with trembling fingers, removing every stitch of clothing to finally stand there naked as the day she was born. As he promised, her customer's cock grew thicker and longer, a lot longer than she imagined it would get. For a brief moment she remembered that her previous customer had left her cunt sore and slightly swollen after his long steady rut in her. However the sight of this youth's hard cock eager to fuck her furiously if his words meant anything at all, overcame any concern she might have had.

       He made Anita kneel with her hands behind her back as if she were bound and helpless. She could feel her sex juices beginning to drip from her hairy cunt mouth.The youth grabbed her hair in his hands and began using it as if he was guiding some dumb animal in the direction he wished to go. His thick cock began to batter the inside of her mouth and on occasion the head wedged itself in her throat, forcing her to gag. This brutal attack lasted only a minute or so before he threw Anita onto her back and fell on her body, driving the wind from her and making her feel as if she wanted to vomit. The feeling disappeared quickly as his hard prick pushed aside her cunt lips and drove like a freight train into her cunt, until it collided with her cervix,forcing the wind from her once again.

       Anita had been raped for many long hours only half a day ago, but that was nothing compared to the fury that this youth unleashed upon her helpless body. His hands closed around her hard-nippled tits and thumbed those stiff nubbins as his cock ripped through her loosening fuck tunnel. He slammed his entire body against her's, taking the sexy, upper-class woman's breath away. Without any conscious thought, Anita wrapped her legs around his back, keeping their bodies joined at the groin, and somewhat lessening the brutal pounding her sopping wet twat was absorbing. As he continued his assault she found herself licking his face when he pulled away from her attempts to kiss him.

       He rolled her over so that she was on top.Now his hands moved to her rounded, meaty cheeks and pushed and pinched them as his cock hammered upward into her dripping fuck hole.Now she was able to lock her lips to his and his efforts to destroy her cunt increased dramatically as her tongue wormed into his mouth and began exploring this new territory. Even with her meaty body draped over his straining form, his rock hard prick skewered her sex tube from end to end. Then a particuarly hard thrust emptied her lungs and Anita's warm, moist breath was expelled into his mouth and taken into his lungs to mix with his own. His efforts to fuck her senseless redoubled when this happened. He went mad with desire and began cursing and swearing, threatening to screw her to death for being such a fantastic fuck partner when she should be home tending his babies.

       This incoherent talk made Anita very concerned for her safety. Here she was helpless and at the mercy of a young man who was obviously overcome by his feelings for his mother. Anita could understand what he must be experiencing, but at the same time she feared for her safety. Little did she know that there was a camera carefully tucked away in her room that was sending pictures back to the security people who mantained order in the brothel. They too were becoming concerned, but considering his status and connections, they were waiting until he actually made a move to harm the prostitute he was with. Fortunately for all concerned, this did not come to pass.

       Anita did not however escape completely. He calmed down after his ouburst, but still was focused on making her pay for the sins of his mother. Quickly he flipped her over once more, straddling her naked body and digging his fingers into her fleshy tits, enjoying her yelps of pain. He muttered that his whore of a mother also loved it in the ass, and so his surrogate mother, who did things only for money, must suffer that indignity as well. Anita was not exactly inexperienced in this form of sex as a result of enduring anal rapes last evening and early this morning. Yet, she was afraid of that big, thick weapon and what it might do to her bowels if he lost control once more.

                                                                (To be continued- jethro jodhpur)

                        Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 10


      They continued to wrestle, with Anita frantically hoping for the bell to save her from this maniac. Once more he turned her onto her belly and this time his hands began prying her cheeks apart in preparation for sodomizing her. When he informed her between attempts at penetrating her tight anal passageway that he had purchased time for two sessions back to back, she knew her fate had been sealed. Now it was up to her to make the best of a very poor situation. Having already experienced anal rape, she understood that fighting against her assailant was useless and would only lead to an added level of pain. It was best to relax and let him enter her with as little pain as possible and then hope that the tightness of her rectal area would speed up his ejaculation.


      She heard him gasp when she reached back and pried her plump cheeks apart at the same time as she informed him that she loved it up the ass but didn't know he had paid for a second session in advance. She assumed complete command when she moaned and asked him to make sure he went good and deep because she liked the feeling of his cock pressing into regions that most men could not reach with their hard tools.


      "Do it quickly the first time and I will suck you  back to life so you can enjoy another trip into my bowels as I shiver and try to have an orgasm this time."


      Her words acted as a spur and soon the head of his cock was pressing against her tight sphincter muscle which soon yielded and allowed him to begin the trip into her depths. It hurt, but she dared not let on. Instead she complimented him on the size of his big tool, not really knowing if his was that large, but hoping against hope that he would accept her flattery. He whispered for her to raise her body so he could fondle her big breasts and play with the nipples that she hoped were hard enough to convince him that she was sexually excited. Anita willed her nipples to harden, forming a mental picture of her son, Predeep and superimposing him over the form that was currently pressing his stiff shaft forward into her colon.


      Anita heaved a sigh of relief when he commented at how hard her nipples had gotten, a sure sign that she was enjoying having his big shaft widening her back entryway. He squeezed her tits as if he was kneading dough and surprisingly Anita felt the first rush of sexual excitement ripple through her plump, sweaty body. She could hardly believe it was her voice urging him to pound her hard and make her scream. He was only too happy to grant her wish. Her big tits hurt more and more but Anita didn't care, because the big tool excavating her insides was generating sensations in her she never knew existed.


      She began to fantasize about being with her son Predeep, lying on her back, legs splayed obscenely while she urged him to fuck her harder than ever before and not to stop until she fainted from joy. She imagined herself working full time at the brothel, allowing men and even some women to have access to her opulent body, the men pumping their semen into her until her vagina overflowed and it was sucked up by one or more women who begged to be allowed to suction her asshole clean as well. At this moment there was nothing that Anita wanted than to be a famous, high priced prostitute with a following that numbered in the hundreds.


      Her client began to yank her nipples and twist them as he approached his ejaculation like a speeding train. The pain made Anita see spots before her eyes, but her cunt was juicing like it never had before. She wanted the youth to hose her bowels with his hot sperm so she could feel it and revel in her power over men. He howled like a wild animal and began to pump his semen deep into her body's secret places where it would remain warm and viscous. Even the employees charged with making sure that the sex workers were protected from the customers were glued to the monitor, their eyes narrow or wide, depending upon their view of things. One summed it up by commenting that this older woman had more fuck energy than ninety percent of the whores that ever worked at this brothel. No one disagreed with his observation.


      Anita wasted no time attacking his shrinking cock once it popped free of her tight asshole. She all but inhaled it, her mouth capturing over half its length in one smooth motion. She made him lie still on his back so she could begin hardening it for another attack on her asshole. She licked the twitching piece of gristle from its head to the base and after a few passes she added his depleted balls to the circuit she made with her snake-like tongue. Her attempts to kiss his lips were ignored and then repelled. Anita laughed to herself at this reaction. It was alright for her to suck her fecal matter from his cock, but wrong to dare invite him to share with her. Men were such fools she thought to herself.


      News of Anita's wild and wicked performance got back to the owner and  he just happened to walk into the control room and check out the activity going on in her room. He flashed a thin lipped smile and told the head security man to make sure that he got a copy of the tape showing this whore all but attacking her young clients. His mind was already working on some new ideas featuring this plump, mature, sex-crazed member of the upper class who fucked like an animal and seemed to have no boundaries  when it came to sex. Who was this creature? What had happened to the weak-willed, upper crust lady who looked down her nose at him and his business?


      The young client was partially bewildered and a little bit afraid of this tigress who seemed to want to devour him whole. Anita was sucking his cock like a mad woman, almost willing it to become erect so he could once again slam it deep into her bowels and hear her screams as he did. He had a sick fantasy where she was slave to his mother and him at the same time. They would overwhelm her and make the former prostitute do their bidding, enjoying her fast tongue that never seemed still and her always available holes that gaped from all the things that were done to them by both he and his mother. Even now he was watching as his mother worked her fist deep into the evil whore's cunt, turning her arm to make sure that her fist stretched the whore's well used twat. Meanwhile he was on his knees guiding the whore's mouth onto his stiffening cock that had been inside her asshole only minutes before.


      Anita insisted that once he was hard enough to penetrate her, he begin by working it in and out of her wet, warm cunt to not only stir up her juices, but to enhance his erection so it would be able to batter her back entrance and work even deeper into her than before when she had screamed for him to go deeper and deeper. To conserve his energy she told him to relax and let her do most of the work. She mounted him and began to grind her pubes against his groin, crooning and making obscene suggestions about what he should be doing to her once he was in her rectum.


      Between her tight pussy and dirty talk his cock turned into a bar of steel and within ten minutes he had her legs thrown over his shoulders and was  preparing to skewer her gaping asshole with his stiff prong. She uttered a string of curse words as he pounded deep into her lower intestines. How could this be someone's mother he thought to himself. She was nothing but a foul mouthed sex crazed whore on the wrong side of forty. What gave her this power that made him her slave? Then Anita began to insult his efforts, claiming her son did her much harder and went even deeper without half trying. This infuriated him and he redoubled his efforts to tame this wanton creature that lay beneath him accepting every inch of his stiff cock as it plunged to its full length into that swampy cauldron.


      He was caught unprepared when she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down so she could fasten her mouth to his. Now every time she exhaled, her warm breath went into his mouth and some of it infused into his lungs. This acted like an aphrodisiac to the young man, who threw off any sign of civility and concentrated on beating her into submission with his prick. This was what Anita had unconsciously sought, to be utterly under the power of a virile male focused on only one thing, driving his sword into her yielding body and making her his to do with as he pleased.


      At this moment her greatest wish was for him to impregnate her so that her belly would once more fill with child, his child, and she would suffer all the discomfort that a woman was heir to for at least nine months as it grew and then escaped from her birthing chamber. In this strange fantasy, as soon as the child was was out, a male, any male would immediately insert his cock and fill that aching womb to the brim with his fertile seed to start the process all over again.


      Things got so confused that for a time Anita did firmly believe that she was capable of conceiving. She begged the youth still hammering away inside her asshole if he would pull out and cum inside her aching cunt. She begged over and over as that engine of destruction wore away the sensitive lining protecting her insides from serious harm. She went so far as to bite his lip to get his attention. That drew blood and for her troubles she got a vicious backhand across her face that made her see stars. Then he shrugged her legs from his shoulders and pulled his cock from her clamping asshole with a loud pop. Anita arched her back and presented her cunt mouth for him to enter.


      She gasped as a sharp pain lanced through her cunt, caused by his brutal entry. He leaned forward and put his entire weight into each thrust, pounding her plump body until the flesh jiggled as she gasped and grunted from the force of the blows. A look of madness was on his face, a snarling mask of hatred for her and perhaps all of womankind. The battering of her cunt continued unabated and she soon adapted to the rhythm of this terrible beating. His prick seemed to have grown longer and wider, something she welcomed in her frenzy. She prayed that he would continue to punish her sore cunt until she passed out, then rethought her wish to include other strong, virile, young men all waiting impatiently for their opportunity to eat away at her insides and flood her bowels with oceans of boiling cum. Then Anita shuddered and passed out. Her assailant hardly noticed as he continued to mercilessly rape her in a blind rage.


      Those glued to the monitor that showed this unbelievable session of frenzied lust gone mad did not immediately realize that their star sex worker was unconscious and at the mercy of this wild man who seemed bent on driving his hard cock through her body. Finally one of them was smart enough to understand that the woman was out cold and help was needed to save her from serious injury. He led a mad dash to  Anita's room to pull the customer off her senseless and terribly battered body. There would be hell to pay for this and it would not fall on the customer's head.


                        ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                        Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 11


      The brothel security people made short work of Anita's assailant and sent him on his way with a warning that his type of behavior would not be tolerated here. The woman in charge of keeping her fresh and attractive while she was working busied herself giving Anita warm salt-water douches to remove whatever the young man had deposited in her cunt and asshole. Then she applied a fresh coating of rouge to Anita's swollen cunt lips and still erect nipples, finishing by repainting her lips with carmine that made them glisten and appear even fuller than they were. Then Anita was given another white garter belt to wear with black sheer stockings. Little did she realize that the brothel was charging her for not only the woman's time, at an outrageous rate, but also whatever she used, even down to the douching solution, not to mention the costumes she wore.


      By the time Anita was ready for her next "client", she was already fifteen minutes behind schedule. Since she worked double shifts, any overtime cut into her rest period and after sixteen hours of having vigorous sex with over twenty clients, some came in pairs; she needed to recover from the wear and tear on her plump sexy body. Little did she know that the brothel owner also had arranged for her to be featured at a private party that very evening, where she would have to take on upwards of a dozen randy young men who were celebrating the impending wedding of one of their number.


      At the end of the second shift, Anita had been inside that small cubicle for nearly seventeen hours and she was sore and exhausted. You can imagine how she reacted when she was informed that within an hour she was expected at a private party taking place in the brothel. The woman burst into tears, and for this dereliction of duty a pair of employees thrashed her soundly using rubber hoses wrapped in heavy cloth. They knew exactly where to hit her so it wouldn't show on her naked body, but unfortunately it made her cunt and tits quite sore.


      Promptly at two o'clock in the morning she was marched into a large, well-furnished room occupied by at least a dozen young men. She was stark naked except for a gold chain around her pooching belly that called attention to her fat-lipped cunt and her walnut sized clitoris which had been enlarged for most of the time she was working her two shifts and taking on man after man in her mouth, cunt and asshole. A few of the men made disparaging remarks about her body, claiming that they were being short-changed by a woman of her advanced age. However a much larger group dragged her over to a mattress set up in one corner of the room.


      It happened so quickly that Anita hardly offered any resistance to them. She was roughly thrown down and two men straddled her, one on her chest, trying to push his large cock into her mouth, and the other prying her plump thighs apart so he could wedge his fat prick into her sore, stretched cunt that had been used and abused all day and half the night. The cock in her cunt drove the air from her lungs and made her try to scream. Unfortunately the other had overcome her resistance and his hard length of cock was almost half-way down her throat already, cutting off her air and keeping her from making any noise.


      Quickly two lines formed, one at her head the other between her spread legs. For almost two hours she was screwed relentlessly by the gang of youths, even the ones who had insulted her at first. They were even more violent than the others, taking out their annoyance on her helpless body. All one could hear was the slap of flesh upon flesh, her grunts, their laughs and the squishing sounds that their cocks made as they pounded away inside her worn out cunt and down her convulsing throat. A stain formed on the mattress between her spread thighs and grew with time as more and more hot cum was pumped deep into her twat as she grunted and squirmed beneath her assailants.


      The brothel security people had to rescue her after her two hours were up, or the group might have fucked her to death. To add insult to injury, Anita was not given so much as a rupee for her efforts. Little did she know that this gang had paid the owner a handsome price, twenty-two thousand rupees, for the use of Anita. She would not know of this nor would she ever see any of that money for her troubles. She was considered nothing more than a cheap prostitute working off a debt and therefore had no rights to any money that was paid to the brothel owner for her services. Had she known that, she would never have entered into the devil's pact she made with the owner in order to protect her son. 


      Pradeep was still recovering from the terrible beating he received from the owner's men. Worse still for Anita, the boss was now letting Pradeep gamble again, using the money that his mother was earning as a prostitute. Anita would be horrified to discover that today, after her expenses had been deducted, she had earned no more than five thousand rupees, but even that pittance had already been lost by Pradeep's gambling, meaning she was further in debt since the interest on his debt was growing at something like five thousand rupees a day. Anita had been neatly trapped into sex slavery by her love for her son and his terrible weakness for gambling.


      After a fitful three hours of sleep, Anita was roused from her pallet and prepared for another nightmarish double shift as the brothel's star attraction. The owner had ordered her helper to give Anita a special cocktail consisting of a powerful sex stimulant mixed with a drug that would keep her wide awake for at least twelve hours.  She was like a wild woman, attacking her clients and begging them to use their big sex organs to fill her aching cunt. Filll it they did, over and over and over as she lay beneath them, pumping her hips to get the last inch of their cocks into her clasping cunt. As soon as they spent themselves, she was down sucking furiously to keep them hard so they could continue to pound her hot, wet, oozing hole that never seemed to be satisfied. More than one client heaved a sigh of relief when the buzzer sounded, signaling the end of their session.


      She begged for the men to open her tight asshole and make it easier for her to accommodate them at her backdoor. The thicker the cock, the more she wanted it spreading her tight rear entry to its limit. She had no shame, this wild woman. Once that piece of man meat had done its job in her asshole, she was on it like a cat, sucking furiously to get everything that had accumulated on that cock while it was buried in her dark fetid place. The men loved this kind of treatment, and soon word spread about this older prostitute with a plump curvy body featuring big tits, who fucked like a jungle animal, and would do anything for a big, hard cock plunging in and out of her tight asshole.


      Instructions went down to the woman responsible for keeping Anita fresh and attractive to keep her naked, make no attempt to use perfume to mask the scents that her body and those of her clients generated, and not to use any kind of cleansing procedure such as douching or toweling off the perspiration and dried cum that covered her bare body. The owner knew his business and what made his clients excited when it came to his prostitutes. The young ones were kept clean and fresh at all times.Their firm flesh was artfully presented by erotic underwear and proper cosmetics.


      In the case of Anita, everything was to be turned inside out or upside down. He wanted his clients to feel as if they were having sex with the local prostitute or the easy lay of the neighborhood, or perhaps their sister or even mother for that first forbidden time. Only this time it was they who were in command not the woman with her experience and knowledge of things sexual. There were the exceptions; those who were fixated on their mothers but lacked the courage to make the overture. These were steered to Anita. You can imagine the shock they experienced to face this plump older woman with big tits, a thick hairy bush guarding her cunt mouth, and the stink of sex emanating from her plump curvy body. It was she who was the aggressor and many a youth turned tail and fled from this little room frightened by the strange look on the wild woman's face.


      By early afternoon the little room containing Anita and her clients was more like a steam bath. Most of the men hardly noticed,  they were so busy being sucked and offered her holes to care too much about a little honest sweat as they broke the whore to their will. Anita on the other hand fell victim to dehydration and so she began to take gulps of the now warm water left there for her at the start of this session. This in turn began to stimulate her kidneys and then her bladder filled to the point that it impeded some of the positions she enjoyed while her insides were being pounded, pummeled and penetrated by the thick lengths of cock that never seemed to soften. Those observing Anita via the monitor were excited when they witnessed her shamelessly squatting over the chamberpot and pissing like a cow as her client played with his cock to keep it ready for her cunt once she was done emptying her bladder.


      It was inevitable that one of her clients would offer Anita money to watch her drink a portion of the chamber pot's contents. His offer was insultingly low, less than two hundred rupees for two swallows. Anita was not that desperate yet. She did however pay a penalty for turning down his offer; his hard cock moving between her asshole and mouth every few minutes as he took nearly the rest of the session before ejaculating all over her face, even managing to get some in her eyes, which stung. Those monitoring her session clapped delightedly at his efforts.


      Around an hour before the end of her first shift,  Anita's water supply was gone, and she was ravaged by thirst. Her last client quickly noticed her distress, and began to make plans to use it to his advantage. He mounted the sweating woman and began driving his thick, hard cock into her sore, swollen cunt with machine-like precision, pumping deep but never losing control. All the while he mauled her big soft tits until she winced from his touch. After perhaps ten minutes of steady pumping, he would rest, placing his entire weight upon Anita and giving her deep kisses with plenty of tongue. Despite her exhaustion, the sex stimulants were still working and so she would begin pushing her body up against his in hopes of getting him started once more. This worked twice and then he just kept her pinned to the bed, teasing her with his kisses, his hands roaming over her body, pinching and poking her sweaty flesh.


      Anita began begging him for more cock and he refused her. She began to sob and plead, her resistance falling rapidly. That was when he sprang the trap, telling her his bladder was full and it was too uncomfortable to continue fucking her under these conditions. She offered her chamber pot and he laughed, declaring that he wanted her to put his cock into her mouth and allow him to piss down her throat to relieve the pressure enough so that he could fuck her hard again.The poor benighted woman, totally spent and desperate to scratch the itch that the drug cocktail had induced, capitulated.


      This tape became a collector's item as soon as the observers realized what Anita was allowing her client to do to her. They sat in stunned silence and watched her gulp down his acrid offering that went on and on until Anita choked and a portion of it spilled onto her bed. To his credit, the man gave her exactly what she wanted, a hard, almost brutal pounding that brought her blood to a boil and sent her off on her first orgasm of this lengthy session that to her had seemed endless.




                  ( To be continued -  jethro jodhpur )

                        Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 12


      After eight solid hours of sex under the influence of the drug cocktail she'd been given prior to the start of this shift, Anita was still eager for more hard cock in every hole she owned, or more accurately, the brothel owned. Highlights of her first session had already been given to the owner, who was delighted at the way she had degraded herself to date. He sent instructions that she be given a booster shot of the cocktail, furnished with large quantities of water laced with a powerful diuretic to make her pee frequently despite the strenuous activities in which she was engaged, and remain totally naked. His last instruction to the woman cleaning out Anita's cum soaked asshole and cunt was rather odd. The chamber pot, still filled with her warm, acrid piss was not to be emptied, but left in her room.


      If anything the booster shot made her even more intense and sexually aggressive than earlier. Anticipating her behavior, he had carefully selected the clients that would be with her on this second session. Each was very well endowed, dominant by nature, and unwilling to put up with any resistance on the part of this prostitute to any of their orders. A set of handcuffs was issued to each client as he entered the little room, in case Anita was reluctant to perform any sex act that they wished. The only condition was they could not harm Anita in any way that would preclude her from performing her duties. To assure this, each client had put up a security deposit of one hundred thousand rupees to be refunded once they had finished having sex with the prostitute and she was still capable of continuing her duties.


      Another thing the brothel owner had done was to distribute the activity going on in Anita's room to the various monitor locations where clients waited for their "love" partners to be available. Actually this caused more trouble that he had anticipated, since seeing what Anita was doing with her clients emboldened many of those waiting. However being a business man, he was quick to take advantage of this situation. Within two days he had set up special theater where his paying guests could enjoy the sight of a naked and securely restrained Anita being punished by groups of younger "love" partners who took their vengeance as the audience cheered them on and made suggestions for even worse treament than poor Anita was enduring.


      All eight of her clients used the cuffs to secure her before they began to tear into her shapely plump  body. Not surprisingly most of them used her asshole, but the others also acquitted themselves well in the unequal struggles. Anita was sexually excited to a level she never dreamed could exist. The snap of the cuffs on her wrists seemed to be a signal for her to start begging for their cocks. Some immediately gave her what she sought, burying their stiff pricks deep into her cunt, mouth or asshole.


      Others made her debase herself by kneeling before them and sucking their cocks as they slapped her face over and over and called her obscene names. One, who had a good sense of smell, went to the stinking chamber pot and forced Anita to drink from it until she choked and spewed her strong piss from her nostrils. Only then did he throw her onto her back and pull her legs up over his shoulders so he could sink every inch of this long, thick cock into her steaming fuckhole as she chanted for him to go deeper, harder and faster.


      Another alternated blistering spankings with brutal penetrations of each of her holes, reserving her mouth for last so she would have to remove all that his cock had accumulated while he was in her cunt and then her asshole. It was only then that he finally allowed himself to spurt a massive amount of hot, thick cum that gagged her and forced the overflow to spew from her nose and mouth. Then he closed out the session by once more putting her over his lap and pounding her swollen rump while she sobbed and pleaded for mercy, receiving none.


      Perhaps the cruelest client was the one who immediately had sex with Anita and came very quickly, long before she was ready for her orgasm. He rolled off her and stretched out on the bed, hands behind his head, a smile on his face. It was quite obvious that Anita was in need of much more of this cock than he had provided. To prevent his big prick from losing its stiffness, she worked her way between his thighs and began bobbing up and down on it.


      Every time she began to make some headway, he would push her off his cock and make her suck his toes for a few minutes before allowing her to try again to get him excited enough to resume fucking her. This went on for nearly half an hour, by then his feet had been sucked and licked clean and Anita was reduced to licking his balls and the length of his hard dick. Then without warning, he came; his cock shooting a load of warm cum into her face. Anita burst into tears when she realized her chances of more cock from this man had been almost crushed.


      She persisted, but his cock remained flaccid until a few minutes before this session was to end. Then he rolled onto her and used her tits to harden his member for a third time. He took his time getting it to maximum size and stiffness before announcing he was ready to go into her cunt for a second time. Anita was frantic that there wan't enough time for her to get off, and sadly she was proven correct. She was a sobbing, unfulfilled wreck by the time he took his leave, chuckling at her failed attempt to find sexual satisfaction.


      Anita drank large quantities of the doctored water, helped by her clients who had been told about what it contained. They would watch the handcuffed whore squatting precariously over the chamber pot as she pissed like a cow. Some of them forced her to suck their cocks while she pissed. Two of them made her drink the warm piss she had just deposited in the pot until her belly began to round. Anita fought to prevent that, but they had the advantage, being able to pinch and twist her flesh, especially those big floppy tits that seemed to fascinate some of them. Sooner or later the pain from their mauling and the fear on her part that they might not have sex with her, made her vulnerable to their teasing and humiliation of her.


      It would be less than honest to say that Anita was starved for cock, such was not the case. She had all her holes well stretched and used over the eight hours that she was teased and tormented. The single worst thing that happened to her during this second session of the day involved a client who devoted the entire time either sodomizing or humiliating the fleshy forty-something brothel sex slave.


      The moment he entered the tiny room, he wasted no time sinking his dick between her plump ass cheeks until it was buried to the hilt. Then he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her tight asshole at a steady pace, while his hands tormented her big tits, twisting and yanking on those big bags of fat when he wasn't pinching and jerking those stiff nipples that were a sign of her eagerness for sex. Even after fourteen hours of almost uninterrupted sex, Anita was still fired up thanks to the sex stimulants and her own inherent lustfulness. Her client had great self discipline and despite her tight asshole and the squeezing from her clenching ass cheeks, he stayed under control.


      When Anita threatened by her actions to get out of control he would throttle her until the older whore's tongue lolled from her mouth and her body began to convulse from the lack of air. After a time he pulled out from her rectum with a soft popping sound and forced her to clean his cock with her lips and tongue, slapping her hard whenever she tried to capture the head of his rigid prick inside her mouth. Satisfied with her efforts to clean his sex organ, he once more entered her and resumed this teasing assault on her loosening butthole. Anita was frantic at her inability to stimulate this man who acted like a machine. For her troubles he would rear up and put the full force of his body behind a series of hammer like thrusts that caused more pain than pleasure for her.


      This time when he presented his cock for her to clean, he allowed her to suck it inside her warm, wet mouth, which she did with great enthusiasm. Poor Anita had taken the bait and fell into his carefully prepared trap. He thumbed her nipples and twisted them to their limits as she sucked furiously on the head of his captured cock. Suddenly he thrust foward and his cock plowed down her throat, cutting off her air supply and neatly wedging itself inside her gullet.


      He smiled at her struggles as her throat convulsed, providing even more stimulation to his hard length of cock. Anita was being played like a hooked fish, too busy trying to extricate herself from this suffocating assault and not realizing that she was working equally hard at bringing him to a climax, one that would provide her with little, if any satisfaction. His timing was nearly perfect. His cock cleared her throat and slipped from her mouth just as the first spurt of hot cum splattered into her face. He grabbed her head with his strong hands and held her steady as he coated her face with a geyser of sperm that went up her nose and even into her eyes. Anita could do nothing but pray that he would recover quickly and fuck her to the orgasm she so desperately needed.


      The client stretched out and let Anita work on his cock. It was difficult to suck properly with her hands cuffed behind her back, and he made no effort to make her life any easier. He kept moving his crotch closer to her, forcing her head to move back putting pressure on her neck muscles. It was a mismatch and in a matter of minutes Anita was getting desperate. He grabbed her hair in his hands and and bent her neck even more, bringing a groan from her as she realized she was at his mercy. Then he got to his knees and used her as if she was one of those blow-up dolls that the adult stores sold to lonely men. He started thrusting his cock into her mouth at a rapid rate and forcing it deeper and deeper until once more she started to suffocate. He waited until her throat convulsed, bringing his cock to its full hardness, then he withdrew so she could regain her composure.


      This time he made her lie on her back and raise her legs into the air. He grabbed Anita's ankles and pushed hard to to force her onto the base of her spine, making her asshole easily accessible for his long, thick prong. Now he had her at his mercy. Bending at the knees he began to fuck her in the piledriver position, coming straight down with much of his weight behind each thrust. On his third thrust he touched bottom, making contact with her cervix, and bringing a grunt of pain from his victim. He quickly realized that in this position her asshole was even tighter, thus adding more risk to his efforts.


      To thwart her attempts to seduce him into giving her pleasure instead of pain, he rationed his thusts so that after about half a dozen, he would rotate ninety degrees and come at her asshole from a different direction and with a slightly different angle of attack. In this way he was able to punish Anita's rectal area and leave her sphincter muscle so weakened that when he finally withdrew, her asshole gaped open like an unblinking eye. He waited until the buzzer announcing five minutes went off and then he quickly finished up in her asshole and pulled out just in time to spray his seed all over the backs of her thighs and down into her face. Anita was once more reduced to tears by this humiliating insult to her attractiveness and sexuality.



                  ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )   

                              Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 13

       Although Pradeep was still unable to have normal sex as a result of the terrible beating he had received less than a week ago, he was quite capable of gambling. Hari made sure that he received enough money to strengthen his addiction. Anita's son was now losing daily, adding some five to ten thousand rupees each day to the debt he owed the brothel owner. Meanwhile his loving, but foolish mother was laboring as a prostitute to free him from debt, totally unaware that her owner was guaranteeing that she would never be able to meet the obligations that Pradeep was accruing.

       After her double shift this evening she was taken to the theater, still reeking of sweat and semen with plenty of evidence dripping from both her lower entrances to assure the audience that she had been a very busy whore. Except for a sodden white garter belt and torn black hose, she was naked, her hairy cunt flecked with patches of dried cum from her various clients. Joining her on stage were three young and very attractive prostitutes, the oldest probably less than half her age. Their sleek firm bodies were displayed erotically by wisps of flimsy material strategically located to call attention to their melon-like breasts and shaven pubic mounds.

       The trio surrounded Anita and began insulting her, calling her a low born slut and unworthy to be a member of the brothel's sex staff. She was too tired to even be embarrassed by their comments. All the poor woman wished to do was leave and go to sleep in preparation for another sixteen hour plus day and night with a long line of clients eager to not only use her for their own needs, but many dedicated to humiliating and degrading her as well. The sex stimulants that she had been given during her shifts were rapidly wearing off.

       She was becoming accustomed to the physical portion of her job, even enjoying some of her sex partners, especially the ones with good self control who could provide her with an occasional orgasm to brighten her dreary existence as a whore. It was the ones who used her to take out their frustrations with mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, girlfriends, their miserable dead end lives, and secret feelings of inadequacy that frightened her. Those were the ones that left her feeling unclean.

       Anita was almost out on her feet and thus fair game for the trio of young whores. She never saw the blow that struck her across the bridge of her nose making her eyes fill with tears. While she was reacting to that, another of the trio stepped up and landed a vicious kick to Anita's crotch, her foot splitting the exhausted woman's blood engorged labia. The audience of men began shouting for the young prostitutes to teach the old tramp a lesson she'd never forget. One of Hari's henchmen handed a set of handcuffs to one of the attackers and it was a simple task to capture Anita's arms and twist them behind her back so she could be cuffed.

       " What should we do to this old trollop?" shouted one of the girls.

       The group of men yelled and waved their hands in an effort to get the attention of the three captors. There were so many of them talking and gesturing at the same time that it was sheer chaos. It was then that the brothel owner made his entrance and quieted the group so that he could be heard.

       " This one loves cock! She lives for cock! So forget about any suggestions that involve causing her pain or discomfort from being raped, no matter which of her three holes is used, even all at the same time. This old tramp is a greedy, selfish cunt who must be punished and brought low for being possessed by some demon from below the earth. I decree that she should be chastised by the women using whatever they wish to employ. To help in their decision I have prepared a selection of toys and discipling implements that might be utilized to show the demon that owns this creature of the folly of inhabiting her."

       He gave a sign to his men and they dragged a filthy mattress out to the stage and placed a box filled with sex toys and the like beside the mattress. Anita was no match for the trio of young whores who took advantage of her inability to defend herself. Her face was slapped repeatedly much to the delight of the men who urged the girls to be even rougher on the old trollop. Secretly many of them lusted for her body even now and in their fantasies it was they not the whores who were punishing her bare body on that stage.

       One of the trio balled her hands into fists and gave Anita a series of powerful blows to her belly and vulva to the cheers and applause of the audience. Another took handfuls of her abundant hair and began trying to tear them from her scalp as she screamed and sobbed from the pain and humiliation she was suffering. Finally a well placed knee to her groin doubled up Anita who then was pushed down onto the filthy mattress.

       One of the girls straddled her, digging her heels into Anita's sides while she punched her head and face with wild glancing blows to the delight of the audience. A few words from Hari calmed her down considerably, but didn't prevent her from throttling the older woman until her tongue protruded from her mouth. Meanwhile the two others were picking through the toys spread out beside the mattress. One girl selected a strap-on dildo that must have been a foot long and thick as a man's wrist. She held it up to the crowd who went mad with excitement. Her companion came up with a large wheel-type vibrator and made some gestures with it to show what she intended to do to her helpless victim. There was another roar of approval from the assembled group of sex crazed males.

       The one choking Anita now moved into a squatting position over her helpless opponent and used handfuls of her hair to hold Anita's head in place. It was then that some of the audience realized her intentions. Voices urged her to drown the old pig or make her swallow every drop of piss she released from her bladder. Her two companions came closer so they had a good view of this demeaning activity. One leaned over and threatened to scratch her eyes out if she didn't obey her every wish. Anita was too weak from her exhausting sixteen hour sex session at the brothel and now the rough handling she was getting from this trio of jealous prostitutes to struggle any longer. She groaned and opened her mouth wide to the delight of her tormentors and the assembled group of men who eagerly awaited her humiliation.

       Despite the best efforts of the brothel security people, they were unable to prevent the movement of their audience from the chairs to surrounding the filthy mattress upon which the degradation and humiliation of poor Anita was about to be played. A few of the bolder men removed their hard cocks from their trousers and shamelessly masturbated as they watched the stream of golden fluid squirt into Anita's open mouth. They cheered wildly as she swallowed once her mouth was full, but the shower of acrid liqiuid continued to flow from the prostitute's piss hole.

       Again and again Anita swallowed the foul tasting offering that seemed endless, as more and more men joined the ones stroking their hard pricks and wishing they were able to join in the golden shower she was receiving. Even Hari's trousers were showing a substantial tenting as he watched his newest sex slave being totally degraded. At that moment he had already decided that once she was finished here, he was going to have her taken back to his office so he could pound her senseless with his hard length of stiff meat. However Anita had many long hours ahead of her before the men would finally depart. Hari was going to enjoy breaking the news to her that she hadn't made any progress to date in reducing her son's gambling debt to him, in fact it was greater than before she agreed to work it off by selling her body.

       The one who gave Anita the golden shower was far from finished with her. She would prove to be an implacable foe of the poor woman, never giving her a moment's rest. She quickly turned around so she could lower her crotch onto the high class woman's face, forcing her to first lick off every drop of piss remaining on her smooth shaven vulva, and then demanding that Anita use her tongue and lips to orally satisfy her or suffer an even worse punishment. Meanwhile the one who had selected the strap-on was tightening the straps that held it tight against her crotch. The foot of hard rubber jutted from between her sleek thighs like a weapon, ready to be put to good use by the wearer.

       Since the third member of the trio was also ready to use her massive vibrator on Anita's hairy box, they needed some support to immobilize her legs so her crotch was available for all that wished to torment her sex organs, both external as well as internal. Hari tasked two of his henchmen to hold Anita's plump legs wide apart. They were so enthusiastic that they nearly split her in two, bringing a high pitched shriek of agony from their captive. That got the audience into a frenzy once more, and to calm the crowd of men Hari announced that there would be a drawing to see which of them would replace his men as the prostitutes' assistants.

       The two girls torturing her cunt worked out an arrangement that allowed both to give their captive everything she deserved. The one using the dildo amused herself by punching it as deep into Anita's sodden fuck channel as she could, bringing muffled gasps from her. This in turn interferred with the enjoyment that the one sitting on her face was experiencing as she urged her victim to even greater efforts to bring her to an orgasm. Once the one using the strap-on tired, she allowed her companion to have a turn on the helpless woman.

       Now it was the vibrating wheel that took its toll on Anita, grinding away at the cum flecked trough created by her blood engorged cunt lips. The pulsating wheel was so powerful that even the insides of Anita's plump thighs were fluttering. The men also noticed this and made all sorts of obscene comments about what a depraved tramp and sex maniac Anita must be to enjoy this sort of treatment. After making almost a dozen passes with the giant vibrator, the girl sat back and let her companion have a turn seeing how much damage she could do to the sex organs contained within Anita's body.

       First a few warm-up thrusts, then she took a deep breath and drove the hard rubber phallus more than half way up Anita's birth canal. The one using her face made sure that she smothered her victim to prevent her screams from gaining any sympathy from the men observing her punishment. The pain and suffering continued for a lengthy period as the two took turns tormenting her hairy pubes and that oozing twat. By then the two henchmen had been replaced by a pair of eager members of the audience who amused themselves by seeing how much they could twist Anita's plump legs just to add to her discomfort.

       The trio amused themselves by having Anita lick the head of the dildo and the vibrator wheel clean of her pussy juice and the rest of whatever was dripping from her asshole and twat. They took turns using the wheel vibrator to flatten her pillowy tits and turn them into quivering mounds of fat from the low frequency output of the toy. They ran it up and down the inside of her thighs laughing as her skin and the flesh beneath pebbled and rippled from the energy being pumped into that region of her body. They even ran it slowly over her face and spent many long minutes running it back and forth across her bee-stung lips until they were swollen and raw.

       Another of her tormentors was now wearing the dildo and forcing Anita to make love to it as if it were a real cock. She made the nearly hysterical woman lick, suck and kiss it as the hard rubber toy made its journey from her mouth down into her throat where it soon cut off her air and threw her into a panic that brought laughter from the men surrounding the mattress. The wheel was now moving between her plump ass cheeks, pressing down into the sensitive flesh between them before moving from there to her fat lipped cunt. Her assailant put plenty of muscle into making that buzzing machine grind the soft pulpy flesh of her twat until it felt as if it was being turned into raw meat. Poor Anita was in such a predicament that she was unable to even scream to let the audience know just what terrible pain she was enduring.

       The worst had not yet come to pass. Anita's ears were twisted and pinched until they were purple and swollen grotesquely. Her nose and lips received the same cruel treatment; one of the girls even went so far as to nip her lip with her teeth, drawing a drop of blood that set the men into a frenzy that took all of Hari's reputation and authority to finally quell. He gave the girl who had perpetrated this violation of his orders a look that spoke volumes. For her punishment she would be spending the weekend servicing the rough trade, the absolute lowest rung on the brothel ladder.

       Hari did however allow the girls to continue brutalizing Anita, and they lost no time making her totally miserable. Her big tits were stretched and twisted cruelly, the nipples receiving even more punishment as they were yanked to their limit, squeezed flat and twisted into strange shapes as she grunted, gasped, screamed and begged for mercy. For a time two of the girls literally chewed on her fat tits, leaving a trail of tooth marks in their wake, but not breaking the skin. By the beginning of her shift Anita's breasts would be swollen and covered with purplish bruises from the girls gnawing on her big tits. The insides of her plump thighs were also treated to this same type of attack. The men were almost out of control as they watched this canibalistic assault taking place.

       The brothel owner realized that his control over the men  was tenuous at best, and decided to shift their focus to something else. While two more from the audience were chosen to take over the job of holding Anita's legs apart, he signaled for one of the girls to use the dildo to sodomize Anita. This one knew how to control the men a little better than he did. She donned the strap-on and made a slow trip around the mattress, thrusting her hips to make the dildo bounce erotically against her shaven cunt. She even allowed them to put their hands on it and stroke its hard surface as she licked her lips and fluttered her tongue out to make them even more excited. More than one would return the next day seeking to have her body at their disposal.

       She ordered the two holding Anita's legs to bend then back and down towards her head so her asshole could be easily breached. The men went wild and cheered. A few called out for her to "make the slut bleed". She pranced and made the dildo bounce even more violently in response to their urging. She crouched and placed the head of the dildo against Anita's unblinking brown eye. Once, then again she feigned an attack on her victim's dripping hole.

       Now taking a deep breath, she thrust her hips forward and with her hand guided the tip of the hard rubber to the center of that chocolate starfish. She counted aloud to three and then began pummeling Anita's asshole with quick thrusts that soon moved the head of the toy past the ring of muscle protecting her rectum. Even though Anita had been sodomized frequently during her long shift, this monster was unlike anything she had experienced previously.

       To the poor woman this was an agonizing process as the dildo slowly worked its way into her rectum. The girl kept up the pressure and inch by terrible inch it moved deeper and deeper into her anal cavity. Anita was frantic by now, feeling as if any moment her rectum would collapse, ending her life in a shower of blood as her intestines ruptured. This fiendsh torture continued and was made worse by the girl's method of stopping every few minutes to regain her strength, then pulling back until just the head of that terrible toy was stretching Anita's anal passageway to its limit. Then with a loud cry, the girl would slam the monster back down into her victim's gaping asshole and grin as Anita screamed and shrieked in agony and terror.

       The men grew closer to the writhing woman, their eyes narrowed and breathing heavy with excitement as they waited for something terrible to happen to this sweaty, naked, middle-aged woman with those big tits and hairy pussy. Her screams were unending, her voice beginning to crack from the strain she was putting on her vocal cords. Still they waited for signs of blood on the thick length of hard material that burrowed deeper and deeper between her plump, rounded ass cheeks. One of the men saw it first, a trace of red on the dildo as it glided from her gaping asshole.

       "She bleeds! She bleeds! The old tramp is going to die soon, and good riddance!" 

       His cry brought a stillness over the room and even stopped the girl using the dildo from her activity. Hari felt a shiver run through his body. Had he overplayed his hand? Was this the beginning of the end for his victim?

                         ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                               Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 14

       Hari was a businessman first and foremost. The possibility that his star attraction could be jeopardized this early in her career was not acceptable. He quickly stepped in and examined the evidence still glistening on the middle portion of the dildo. There was a slight trace of red but it was not sufficient to cause him any concern at this point. Still there was the possibility that further intrusions would cause problems and prevent her from working this coming weekend. He waved the prostitute off her victim and signaled to the one sitting on her face with a closed fist. She smiled and prepared to do his bidding.

       For the moment the men crowding around the mattress had not errupted into a crazed mob. He was determined that they would not interfer with his plans for Anita. He seized the opportunity that was presented and addressed the audience, promising them that they would enjoy what he had planned next for this trollop. Taking the bull by the horns he challenged those eager to see the woman become useless to him as an employee. He asked who in the group was willing to pay him for the lost clients that would cause him. There was silence and he capitalized on it, declaring that what they were about to see would be much better than watching her bleed from the asshole.

       The prostitute approached her victim and made a show of greasing her hand and making it into a fist. That brought a murmur of expectation from the men, who now realized what was about to take place. Anita was in such pain and fear that she did not understand what was going to happen until the prostitute leaned forward and parted her cunt lips with one hand and began inserting her greased fingers into the plump middle-aged woman, bringing some applause from the audience. Hari heaved a sigh of relief, his strategy had worked and once more they were under his control.

       Over the next few minutes the three prostitutes worked as a team to degrade their helpless prey. The men were delighted to watch as one of the trio sat on Anita's head and ground her firm asscheeks up and down the older woman's face. Meanwhile another, seated on Anita's  sexy, plump belly was pulling the woman's cunt lips wide apart, making the tissue appear to be almost transparent. In this way the one fisting her could concentrate on closing her greased hand and preparing to make the long journey up her victim's birth canal so that ultimately that closed hand could make contact with Anita's cervix.

       It was a tedious process, fractions of an inch at times, no progress at all at other times. The men crowded closer to give her more encouragement and see if they could detect the outline of her fist as it moved up that stubborn tube of mucous lined tissue. She began to rotate her wrist slightly when she pushed her fist into Anita's cunt. In this manner she started to gain more leverage and thus move inward in a steady fashion. Now that she was comfortable with her progress, she began to play to her audience.

       First she would withdraw her wrist from Anita's body and rotate her fist at the entrance to her twat, putting more stress on the already overstretched tissue at her cunt mouth. She even called out to the men that now Anita could handle any size cock, and perhaps even be mated to animals as large as oxen if her owner so decided. This brought all sorts of obscene comments from the men, but their edginess had been much reduced, a great relief for Hari, who still had further plans for his star attraction once she was finished entertaining here.

       Even with one of the prostitutes sitting on her face, Anita's muffled scream of agony when the fist was powered deep into her cunt could be heard by the men who cheered. Hari wondered just how many of the audience were secretly dreaming that it was their mother, wife, sister or girlfriend being tortured in this terrible way by their fists. Soon the fister's forearm was beginning to be swallowed by Anita's yawning twat, almost stuffed to its limit. Now when she rotated her completely embedded wrist, a portion of her arm or fist, depending upon the  angle at which it was viewed came into sight. Poor Anita was on the verge of passing out as the fist moved closer and closer to her uterus. Finally her shriek of agony announced that indeed the fist had encountered that sensitive part known as the cervix, the entrance to her uterus.

       Again and again the fist made contact with her cervix, each time making Anita gasp and fight against the urge to vomit. In her present condition it would be quite dangerous for her if she did lose self control and gave into this desire. The prospect of drowning in her own vomit was something that totally frightened her. Her assailant soon grew tired of tormenting the nearly hysterical woman and slowly extricated her forearm, wrist and finally her fist from Anita's bloated cunt. She still had one last act of humiliation for her victim to endure before she would be free of this phase of her torture.

       The girl gave Anita's pussy lips a cruel slap and in a loud voice announced that she was going to have to use her tongue to clean off the mucous that was now coating every part of the limb that had been within her dripping fuck channel. This brought a roar of approval from the audience. Anita was almost in a trance as she began licking the slime from the girl's forearm. The girl made sure she licked and sucked up every drop of this noxious mess before allowing her to continue down to her glistening wrist. Every so often a voice from the crowd would claim she had missed a spot, and Anita would received a slap across her face or a pinch of an ear as punishment.

       When she at last came to the hand of the girl, the men were frothing. A few had lost total control and were spurting all over the pair. Hari smiled coldly and even clapped his hands at this display of sexual excitement on the part of the group of men observing Anita's latest humiliation. The girl saved her fingers for last, making sure that Anita's warm, wet tongue had thoroughly washed away any trace of the glistening slime that had been on her hand. Now she began feeding her fingers, one at a time, deep into Anita's mouth, trying to make her gag as she worked to clean off every last vestige of her cuntal secretions that had been generated by the relentess fist fucking she had undergone. The young whore made a production of  examining each finger as it left her victim's mouth and sometimes frowning and pushing it back for still more tongue action.

       This activity pushed a few more of the audience over the edge and the sperm flew from their loins, and in most cases was deposited on Anita's hair and face. Now the men formed a line and jacked off into Anita's face, soon covering it with a mask of drying cum. All the while the girl kept feeding her fingers into Anita's mouth and laughing at her latest degrading experience. One still remained and it was Hari who incited the mob to one final gesture of contempt for this plump, naked, fortish whore with the big tits who seemed capable of doing anything perverted that could be imagined.

       Hari ordered the three girls off the mattress leaving poor Anita lying on her back, her eyes staring at the ceiling, her big tits heaving as she sobbed uncontrollably. He fished his cock from his trousers and standing over the woman, he began pissing into her face. It took Anita a few seconds to respond to this disgusting act. She tried to roll off the mattress but was prevented by the wall of men who had come even closer to her. Hari continued to play his stream of yellow liquid over her hair and then down to splash off her big tits and send rivulets of piss streaming over her body.

       He waved his arm to the crowd and in less time than it takes to tell, streams of piss were raining down on Anita's naked body from every direction. The cuffs prevented her from being able to protect her face which was the main target of the mob,closely followed by her big tits and hairy cunt. By the time the last stream of piss had finally dribbled to a close, she was thoroughly soaked and the mattress was awash in the acrid waste since it could absorb no more.

       Hari instructed his henchmen to make sure everyone left promptly and no one attempted to have sex with Anita. Once this was done she was to be given a cold shower to get the filth removed from her body and hair and then taken, still wet and dripping to his office. They grinned at his orders and one inquired if they would be able to have her once their "meeting" was finished. He laughed and said it was fine with him provided she was taken to the woman responsible for preparing her for work no later than seven this morning.

       The brothel owner also wanted the doctor to give her an injection of sex stimulants before each of her three shifts today and tonight to make sure she was in the correct state of mind to sexually satisfy her clients. That last remark brought whistles from his men. To the best of their knowledge they had never heard of a whore in this brothel working for twenty-four hours straight. Poor Anita was in such a state of shock that she was completely unaware of this sentence that her owner had just pronounced on her.

       A half hour later a sodden, naked Anita, still with her hands cuffed behind her back was escorted into Hari's office by his two grinning henchmen. He joked that from the looks of her hard nippled tits and the way her pubic hair was rearranged they had to do a cavity search before bringing her here. One held up his fist and they all had a good laugh at Anita's expense. Once they left his office, Hari seated himself, unzipped his trousers and ordered her to kneel before him and begin sucking his cock and to be very careful not to get her teeth on it. Still in a daze, she complied and began applying her mouth, lips and tongue to the job at hand.

       She sucked him almost like a machine, taking his fat cock into her mouth, tonguing it and then kissing the head before repeating the process. He teased her by moving his dick so she had to strain her neck to reach it. Other times he would take her head in his hands and hold it still while he rammed his hard cock deep into her mouth and down her throat to make her gag and coat his cock with saliva when he pulled it free. Tiring of this torment he began telling her about her situation when it came to paying off her son's gambling debts.

       He began by stating the amount Pradeep owed him once Anita started working for him. He ticked off the interest that had added twenty-five thousand rupees to his original debt, then her son's additional gambling losses that totaled, as near as he could estimate, to be another seventy-five thousand. Then he ticked off her earnings to date as approximately twenty-five thousand after expenses such as room and board, her portion of the staff's salaries, plus his overhead such as payoffs and the like, not to mention his own profit, since this was not a charity.

       Anita was so stunned that she allowed his cock to slip from her mouth. Tears began to flow down her cheeks as her befogged mind slowly absorbed the fact that after nearly a week in this hellish place, servicing upwards of twenty men each day, not to mention what happened this evening, she was facing an even larger gambling debt for Pradeep than before she started. Hari could not resist telling her exactly what it was as of the moment, three hundred and thirty-five thousand rupees, up by seventy-five thousand since she began her career as a prostitute. Anita was mortified; what was she to do?

       It was then that Hari pounced. He informed her that today she would work three shifts with no relief except when the doctor gave her an injection of sex stimulants that would make her crazy for cock. In addition she would handle a minimum of two clients at the same time in each session. Her activities would be filmed by hidden cameras and the clients would be encouraged to make her do the foulest things they could imagine. To assure her cooperation, she would be cuffed at all times. What he neglected to tell her was that at least three couples, all young, rich and jaded had negotiated for her services in order to have something to talk about at the next big party they attended.

       Anita offered no resistance when he put her back to work sucking his cock, having decided that he wanted to sodomize her before turning the dazed woman over to his henchmen for even more rough sex before she started working as a prostitute for the next twenty-four hours without any rest. Even as she mouthed his hard cock he was thinking ahead to when Pradeep would be capable of having sex with his mother before an audience. That would certainly command some rather high fees from his customers to witness this act of a mother's love for her son.

       His cock now rock hard, he ordered Anita to bend over his desk and place her nose on its filthy surface. He warned her that if she moved a muscle while he was enlarging her asshole he would have his henchmen fuck her half to death afterwards. That threat still hanging over her head, he used his hands to pry her plump ass cheeks apart so his stiff cock could begin probing her well used asshole. This would be most enjoyable after what he had witnessed previously.

       He wondered just how long this upper class woman could hold out against the pressures he was bringing to bear on her. Would having sex with her son before an audience of jaded men and women be the act that broke her completely, or would it require a visitation from one of the show dogs that a friend trained for those special events at his brothel? The sensation of her tightening asshole broke his idle speculation and so he focused on wringing from his new sex slave the last drop of fuck energy that she possessed. He was growing tired and the thought of a sound sleep in his comfortable bed began edging into his consciousness.


                       ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                               Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 15

       It was well past four in the morning by the time Hari was done sodomizing her. She began screaming and crying when two of his henchmen were summoned to take her to another place for their turn at raping her. Hari laughed and commented that she still had plenty of spirit, strongly hinting that she was capable of taking a lot more rough stuff before they had to take her to the preparation area. The high society woman began babbling and pleading when they shoved her into a small room featuring a filthy mattress much like the one she had been occupying earlier this morning. Waiting for her were six naked men, playing with their cocks to make them hard for her.

       She was flung to the mattress, face first, and the gangbang began immediately. They were merciless, pulling and pushing her so as to get the best position for their hard prongs to plunder her plump body. After a few minutes of arguing and struggling, a trio of men took command of her. One was on his back, hard cock buried to the limit between her plump asscheeks. A second was pummeling her well used cunt with his rigid weapon, doing his best to scrape the lining from her fuck tunnel. The third member of the rape gang was hunched over Anita, straddling her chest, his hands holding her head in a grip of iron as he face fucked her without any concern for her physical well-being. To him she was nothing but a piece of fuckmeat and older than what he was accustomed to having.

       Two of the three emptied themselves into Anita quickly, a blessing considering  her exhausted state. The other, his prong still buried in her sore asshole took his time pumping his seed into her roiling guts. He forced her to bounce her bare body up and down on that stiff rod of flesh as his hands mauled her big tits and pinched her swollen nipples. One of those waiting his turn observed that even after fucking almost nonstop for the entire day and night, the old bitch was still hot for even more hard cock. His companions laughed and promised to give the old whore as much cock as her cunt, mouth and asshole could contain. At last the one using her asshole grunted and pumped his boiling cum deep inside that weakening tube of flesh.

       Another trio filled her main entries and sawed away with enthusiasm, showing her no respect whatsoever. After all she was just a whore working for Hari, which put her at best at the same level as them, but in their minds not even close to them in status. They too finished their business rapidly, taking the edge off their lusts, but nothing more. Now the two who had brought her to this room took center stage and demonstrated a new trick, not ordinarily done by men such as themselves.

       They pulled Anita's legs up and bent them over their shoulders so she was split at the crotch. This done, they carefully manuevered their bodies so their cocks could penetrate the plump woman's cunt. One of them moved just enough so he could insert his hard prick into her fat-lipped twat. Once he was satisfied that his prick was lodged securely inside her, he relaxed and waited for his companion to make his move. Suddenly there were murmurs and then chuckles from the crowd of men as they realized the intention of the second man. A few clapped their hands in glee as his cock slowly seated itself within her stretched cunt, rubbing erotically against not only her tight  tube, but the other cock occupying the same space.

       Then the two of them began moving opposite to each other, being very cautious not to dislodge their cocks from that superstretched cunt they were now deforming with every carefully measured stroke. The pain from their initial penetration brought tears to Anita's eyes. Gradually her twat began to accommodate the thick mass of cock bloating her weakened fuck channel. They slowly increased the speed at which they moved and the pain began to intensify as well. Their victim started to grunt, then cry as she was widened further as they managed to press deeper into her overloaded fuck tunnel. Her reaction pleased them to no end and they put even more muscle behind each violent thrust they delivered to the hysterical woman.

       Instead of blasting his load deep into her cunt, the first man pulled out and spurted down onto Anita's face, covering half of it with his hot load of sperm. His partner continued to pummel her sore twat, now that he had more room in which to work. The other continued to hold the woman's legs apart allowing the cock working tirelessly within her to quicken its pace. Soon with a bellow, the man emptied his balls into the plump prostitute's cunt and remained buried there until he caught his breath. The two of them let go of their victim's legs and she collapsed onto the mattress.

       Anita lost count of how many times her loose cunt was foamed with sperm. However her asshole was so sore that she remembered every thrust that took place inside that once tight tunnel. By the time they had finished, some two hours plus, she was covered with dried cum that extended from her face to her semen flecked pubic hair. A number of her assailants had used her big tits to assist them in their goal of splashing their seed onto her sweaty, bare body. Toward the end she was silent despite their best efforts to wring some admission from Anita that their effort to debase her had been successful. She was now too numb to react to anything it seemed, even the fists that sank into her pillowy tits or were buried in her soft belly. To add another small touch to her utter degradation, two of the henchmen grabbed Anita by her long abundant hair and dragged her naked body from the little raping chamber down a long corridor to the room where the woman responsible for preparing her was waiting.

       Despite her many years working in this capacity, the woman was taken aback by the terrible condition of Anitas's bare, sweaty body, and more importantly her face. She quickly went to work using rogue and other makeup material to hide some of the more obvious damage that the poor woman had suffered. She used a perfumed compound to clean off Anita's body and reduce the terrible odors that emanated from her orifices. To tighten the gaping hole that once was Anita's virgin anus she inserted a tampon coated with an astringent after she double douched the badly stressed cavity with a strong salt solution. She was frantically working to repair the severe trauma that the upper class woman's vagina had suffered when the "doctor" entered to give her various injections that would begin to carry her through the twenty-four ordeal Hari had  decreed she endure. Now it was his turn to make the pretty, fortish woman pay for what he defined as insults to his status at the brothel.

       The standard means of dosing the prostitutes so they appeared happy and eager to satisfy their clients' sexual needs involved injecting them with a local herbal recipe that caused swelling and itching in such areas as their cunt lips and nipples. The strength of this concoction could be boosted by boiling it and collecting the residue. The "doctor" had only used a concentrated dose on a few prostitutes with limited improvements in their sexual desire. Poor Anita had offended his sensibilities to the point that he had decanted a much more powerful solution to be used on her. Worse still, he intended to inject her in many more places to guarantee her sexual reponse to any person, male or female, who ventured into her body.

       Unfortunately for his helpless victim he had time to devise an even more fiendish handicap for her to undergo. Using his medical handbook, he had produced an extremely powerful astringent that could be delivered by spraying. The area covered would have any moisture from any source totally eliminated for no less than three hours. It would take another three to four hours for the region effected to return to normal. Then an hour or so later he would return to give her another treatment, along with another dose of the souped up sex stimulant.

       Anita was too tired and confused to question what he did to her. He carefully slipped the tubing into her vagina and pumped the atomizer, releasing the spray. He moved the tubing slowly toward the mouth of her cunt and continued spraying the region. Satisfied that he had contacted the critical area with the astringent material, he substituted a hypodermic needle of fearsome size and injected the powerful aphrodisiac into the walls of her pussy, then her inner labia and finally to her fat outer lips as well. His touch with the needle was far from gentle; he went out of his way to not only jab it deep, but he also moved it from side to side while it was embedded in the sensitive flesh, wringing screams of agony from her. Those high pitched shrieks and squeals frightened the old woman still frantically working to repair all the damage to Anoita's body that had occurred from her private showing as well as the gang rape that followed.

       Anita was taken by surprise when he slipped the needle into her mouth and jammed it into her tongue. Her eyes popped and she let out a sound the likes of which the "doctor" had never heard. Her frantic efforts to disengage her wounded tongue only made matters worse as her hurried movements caused even more lacerations to be made in that fat lump of flesh. He finally yanked it free and then watched carefully, fearing that he had accidently injected so much of the fluid that her tongue might swell so large as to interfere with her breathing, a situation fraught with peril not only for Anita, but him as well. Spraying the astringent into her mouth was a struggle, but he managed to get it to open by first spraying her nostrils and lips with the compound.

       He flipped Anita onto her belly and had the old woman spread the prostitute's asscheeks to reveal her unblinking brown eye. He quickly inserted the tubing and pushed it deep into her colon before spraying the area with the special drying agent. He continued to spray as he withdrew the tubing from her bowels. All that remained was to inject her rectal area with the sex stimulant, and his work would be done for the time being. She screamed and struggled as he injected her meatus over and over, gouging her sensitive lining with the needle, not caring about how much pain it created. When he finally withdrew the needle, now flecked with her blood, she was sobbing and on the verge of going into shock. He gave her plump ass a sound spanking which brought her back from hysteria. Now all that remained was for Anita to be put into the small room decorated to look like it was part of a typical house and wait for her first clients to arrive and have their way with her.

                               ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                               Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 16

       Had Hari known what his doctor had administered to Anita, he would have had him beaten bloody.  He would have also, as a precaution, withdrawn Anita from servicing any clients until he was certain she was physically, mentally and emotionally able to perform as expected. As it was, it took the better part of the morning before the complaints about her got to his attention. Her first two customers were so busy trying to degrade and harm her physically that they barely noticed how dry her cunt and asshole were. Her screams irritated them to the point that she was gagged. The guard monitoring what was transpiring in her little cell was not smart enough to realize that she was experiencing difficulty in servicing her customers, especially after the pair had gagged her securely. It was only when they tried to both enter her cunt at the same time, that they knew something was amiss. The dryness of her twat made fucking her almost impossible. They were not daunted, so while one hammered away at her dry bunghole, the other tit-fucked her and managed to spurt a goodly amount of sperm all over Anita's heaving chest and the lower portion of her face.

       The second pair were better prepared for what they faced, or so they thought. One of the men had picked up a pair of handcuffs to restrain Anita while they raped her in every hole, hopefully doing her at least twice each. Of course they were unaware of what the brothel's "doctor" had done to this amateur prostitute. It took no time at all for them to put Anita in cuffs. Then it was a simple matter to flip her onto her belly and while one tried to make her swallow his entire cock, the other pried her plump ass cheeks apart and began entering that tight dry hole. Inch by resisting inch, Anita's gullet fought to prevent the cock from totally blocking her air passage. She had quickly learned from the woman responsible for keeping her fresh and attractive to the clients that the most dangerous activity was having her windpipe effectively closed.  This could cause permanent brain damage or even death from lack of air unless someone from the brothel staff interceded.

       The client using her super-tight anus grunted and groaned as his cock tried to wedge its way into her colon. Frustrated with his lack of progress, he resorted to pounding her butt cheeks with his fists. This distracted her and the customer trying to fill her throat with his cock made some substantial inroads. Anita realized that she was on the verge of losing all her ability to breathe and panicked. The one suffocating her had a firm grip on her hair and used that to control his victim. Her struggles grew weaker, but still the other was not able to get too far into her because of the friction her dry anal passage was causing. Anita passed out and her throat convulsed around the intruder blocking her from breathing. He was ecstatic about the sensations her spasming throat was providing. His partner was furious and he lost his temper and began brutally punching her limp form. This was enough to alert the brothel monitor who called for assistance. Within less than a minute, two members of the staff entered the room where Anita was being choked to death and freed her from the brutal pair.

       Hari was away on business, but the doctor was called to evaluate Anita. It took some time for him to put in an appearance, and by then the first couple had arrived and were demanding to have access to Anita. One look at the plump, middle-aged woman was all it took to make him realize that he had gone too far and unless he could revive and rejuvenate her, his career and perhaps his life as well would be history.His initial assessment of her condition indicated that she had survived with her faculties intact, which was a near miracle as far as he was concerned. Flushing her system of the chemicals he had injected into her body was another issue. No matter what he did, there would be a residual amount left in her sex organs, and thus she was a potential danger for any customer who had sex with her during the next few days, let alone hours, unless he was protected by a condom. What to do in the matter of the females who were scheduled to also have sex with her, was another issue that he was unable to address. Realistically his only out was to declare that Anita would be unable to meet her obligations as a result of an unexpected, negative reaction to a certain drug that he had administered to enhance her sexual endurance and capabilities. He might be chastised, even beaten up, but certainly he would retain his position at the brothel. That decision now made, he gave Anita an injection that would make her sleep for at least twelve hours, and perhaps much longer, depending on her body's metabolism.

       The brothel owner was furious to discover what had occurred. Naturally the doctor bore the brunt of his anger. As he expected, he was beaten by thugs employed by the owner and they were most thorough. It would be nearly two weeks before he could draw a full breath without wincing. Strange as it might seem, Anita kept silent about what he had done to her. The doctor wasn't certain whether it was from fear or her inability to properly articulate what he had done to her. Regardless of reason there was now some type of bond developing between them. What happend to Anita made the doctor's punishment pale in comparison. Hari now had second thoughts about how to maximize the potential of this sexy woman who was driving him into a frenzy almost against his will.

       The more he degraded her, the more he wanted to own her totally. Having her work as a prostitute was not enough. Having her command the highest fees of any of the women working in the brothel was also not enough. He now spent his time thinking up ways to lower her dignity still further. The idea of having Anita and her son performing all types of sex was not sufficient, even though he would be able to charge exorbitant fees for those wanting to witness such taboo behavior. Allowing his men to use her like a common prostitute was a step in the right direction, but they were still human, at least most of the time they were. He began making up a list of potential ways to completely degrade this upper-class woman. Soon he realized that he required the assistance of his "doctor", even if he wasn't certified or even half-schooled. He knew more than anyone else he had under his control, and Hari felt sure that the young man was jealous of his star attraction.

       Hari was initially surprised and then suspicious when the doctor proved reluctant to assist him. He was determined to find out just what was going on between those two. Was it possible that Anita and this callow stripling were making him look like a fool. He decided to kill two birds with one stone. His top moneymaker was almost ready to start working once more. He was keeping her in the dark about her future, so she would have no idea that he was on to her and the doctor; that is if they were fooling around behind his back. The following evening, after most of his clients had left for home, he arranged for a special exhibition to be performed for a "by invitation only" audience. The price he charged was so high that it attracted only those jaded individuals who were wealthy enough to afford it. In this way he would recover much of the money he lost when Anita became unable to  perform in her capacity as his most expensive prostitute.

       The scene opened with Pradeep and the doctor naked and tied tightly to heavy wooden chairs. Each man was attended by an attractive prostitute wearing only a pair of panties with a crotch heavily stained by whatever was dripping from her cunt. Hari explained that the panties had not been washed for nearly a week and now would be used to gag the men so that they would be unable to communicate with Anita when she was brought into the room for her part in this tableau. Once the pair were gagged, the prostitutes began stimulating their cocks by hand and mouth to make them rock hard. After that was accomplished, Anita was brought into the room by two of his henchmen. She was stark naked, blindfolded and had her hands cuffed behind her back. The woman's nipples, cunt lips and asshole were coated with a reddish compound to call attention to those portions of her rounded, plump body that excited men and perhaps some women as well. Her markings brought a hearty round of laughter and applause from the group witnessing this menage a' trois.

       One of the prostitutes beckoned for Anita to be led to where the doctor sat, his cock twitching and dripping precum. She proceeded to force the plump woman to her knees before announcing that she was about to suck some cock. Anita's body stiffened when the whore added that the cock might belong to her son, the gambler, or someone else who had ideas of  taking her away from this life as a prostitute. The whore made Anita open her mouth and then she guided the doctor's prick into that warm, wet grotto and urged her to begin paying homage to it. It took some urging before Anita began licking and then kissing the hard length of meat that she was offered. The whore helped by kissing his nipples and stroking his hard dick in and out of Anita's mouth.

       Some from the audience called out for her to lick his balls, while others urged her to suck them, one at a time, until they were super tight and ready to discharge. To make sure that she did as the clients wanted, the  prostitute grabbed the back of Anita's head once she had caused her son's testicles to grow hard as ivory, and began pushing it forward and back, telling her to keep sucking until she got a mouthful. Soon the high class woman was choking as the cock went deeper with each push from the whore. Suddenly without warning the doctor began to bathe her tonsils with his salty offering as she did her best to gulp it down to avoid strangling if too much went down her windpipe. The prostitute knew her business and she managed to pull Anita's head back so that the doctor could splash some of his seed into her face. She urged her to taste the cum and compare it with what she'd get from the other man who was eagerly waiting for his chance to have her mouth capture his dick and bring it off.

       Soon she was on her knees before her son; naturally neither knew that they were about to commit incest and before a large audience no less. Pradeep had been without sexual relief for more than two weeks. The moment Anita's hot, wet mouth captured his hard cock he spurted, a tremendous outpouring that overwhelmed his mother's ability to handle it all. The audience roared with laughter as the youth's cum spurted from Anita's nostrils and the corners of her mouth. This was an ejaculation that was truly monumental, one rarely seen by most. Even the whore attending him was taken aback by his response. However she quickly regained control of the situation and started wiping the cum from Anita's face and feeding it to her so that she got every drop of her son's cum. It was Hari who asked her which one was her son. Anita began sobbing that she didn't know, but hoped this was just a terrible joke that was being played on her. That brought roars of laughter and scorn from the jaded members of the group witnessing her degradation.

       Unfortunately for Anita this was just the beginning of her nightmarish ordeal. The brothel owner announced to the crowd that since Anita had just committed incest, which was a taboo in this land, she had to be punished for this crime against nature. He asked for volunteers to make this outcast rue the day she had ever dreamed of doing what she had just performed with them as witnesses. He asked the crowd to forgive her errant son, who had been forced against his will to participate in this deviant behavior. There were a few voices from the crowd, all women, who argued that he too had to suffer, since he made no effort to thwart her sexual overtures. That brought some good natured laughter from the others, and a nod of agreement from Hari.

       It took a trio of henchmen to string up Anita and her son by their bound wrists, their legs spread wide and anchored to bolts in the floor. Pradeep was still gagged and his mother blindfolded. The two whores worked diligently to promote another erection from Anita's son. To guarantee that it remained, they used a cock-ring to cut off the circulation to his hard prick. To complete his bondage, a heavy weight was attached to his scrotum, stretching his testicles and providing an easy target for those interested in causing him the most pain. Two lines formed to punish them, with a few women in both. At the head of each line stood one of Hari's minions with a heavy studded strap. He handed it to each person who wanted to punish the naked dangling victim, cautioning him or her that only one blow was allowed. Most from the audience opted for both lines, which was allowed by Hari.

       It was quite apparent that by far the women were the cruelest, and it didn't matter whether Anita or Pradeep was their victim. They used the strap on Anita's cunt, raining blow after blow to the bushy entrance that led to her sex channel that had been used so frequently since she became Hari's slave at the brothel. Pradeep's sex organs were beaten mercilessly, the heavy strap scoring repeated blows on his swollen testicles and purplish, engorged cock. Hari was amused at the way the women forced their escorts to follow their lead, effectively doubling their impact on the two practioners of incest. The men on the other hand concentrated on Anita's big tits, covering them with welts and an occasional cut, while reserving her rounded, broad bottom for plenty of attention as well. They also turned Pradeep's ass into raw meat and still had enough energy left to decorate his cock and balls with another layer of angry welts.

       To bring this session to a close, Hari suggested that Anita and Pradeep be allowed to have intercourse, now that they had started their incestuous relationship this evening. That brought laughter from the group since Pradeep's cock and balls were so swollen it would be nearly impossible for him to sustain any type of erection due to the pain. The owner shrugged and countered with the idea of allowing Anita's son to use his tongue to excite her to the point that she would have an orgasm, something she rarely experienced while she was working almost around the clock trying to pay off her son's gambling debts. That's when he mentioned that she had fallen further and further behind to the point that working as a prostitute was no longer a viable method for reducing or eliminating his debts. This was forcing him to consider other, more radical approaches for her. There were gasps and a few snickers from the audience as their imaginations began working on the problem. When someone began barking like a dog, laughter filled the room and Anita cringed.

                       ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                       Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 17

       Hari chose to ignore the crude suggestion from the audience, but he decided that the idea of having Pradeep bring his mother off with his tongue was worth showing. It took only a few minutes to get him down from where he had been hanging like a piece of raw meat and rebinding his hands behind his back before setting him loose on his mother. The audience shifted in their seats and spoke among themselves in low tones, perhaps afraid that their comments might scandalize those around them or call attention to what might be considered aberrant behavior on their part.

       Poor Anita was still hanging by her wrists and looked totally exhausted. Hari surveyed her plump, curvy body and still became sexually excited by it. He wondered about the taste of her cunt. That was something he had avoided when with women, but his curiosity was raised by his feelings towards this sexy upper class woman. Perhaps after Pradeep had his way with her, but before his men took a turn on her bare, welted body, he might discover for himself just how he would react to the taste of her dripping cunt. Naturally he would have the "doctor" clean up the mess that she'd likely make when her wastrel son licked her until she came and spurted all over his face. This might act as another signal to him that is boss knew his intentions.  This accomplished, he would find out some of the mystery attached to that hot, wet hole that never seemed to get enough cock, no matter how many customers she handled in a shift.

       To make his attempt at getting his mother off even more challenging, he was tied tightly to a chair and positioned so that his mouth covered Anita's hairy hole. The poor exhausted woman could do nothing about the situation in her position; she was totally vulnerable. Hari got things started by cuffing Pradeep soundly across the side of his head and urging him to be a man and sexually satisfy his whore-mother's gargantuan needs. The youth had no stomach for this activity, but he had no choice in the matter. Hari struck him a second time, this time using his fist. Pradeep buried his face into his mother's hairy, dripping gash and stuck out his tongue. He could not handle the taste of dried cum, cunt sludge and the smell that emanated from Anita's well-fucked cunt. What made matters worse was his mother thrusting her pubic mound against his face. The audience broke into laughter at the response of her son to his mother's efforts to achieve an orgasm, regardless of its source. Anita was acting like a whore, which was what she was rapidly becoming.

       Hari decided to give the wastrel some help in his efforts to satisfy his mother. He had one of the young prostitute's join Pradeep and give him precise instructions on how to sexually excite his mother. She proved unsuccessful as well. Pradeep just did not have the stomach for eating pussy, especially his mother's cunt. Hari was furious and once again he cuffed the weakling son of his top prostitute, but to no avail. Then he had an idea that might save him from total embarrassment. He pulled the young whore aside and gave her specific orders about what he wanted her to do with Anita, once he gave her the order. In the meantime he had one of his underlings bring out another young prostitute. Then he asked for two volunteers to sodomize Anita, at no additional cost.

       It wasn't long before two men were found. Anita sobbed and begged for some mercy from her two assailants. The audience drowned out her pleadings and urged the two to really make the whore wish she had chosen another profession. By then the second whore had been brought back to participate in this spectacle. She fell to her knees and began sucking the first sodomizer's cock to make it stiff and ready for its task. Then she used some oil to lubricate his cock. The audience was growing restless, but as soon as he pried Anita's plump ass cheeks apart and plunged his stiff sword deep into her bowels they clapped and cheered. He reached around and grabbed Anita's big tits and began squeezing them as he pumped away inside her rectum, going deeper with each strong thrust. It wasn't too long before his body grew stiff and he slammed his hard length of meat as deep inside her as it could go while he spurted his seed all over the walls of her convulsing anal passageway.

       Most people had watched Anita being sodomized, ignoring the young whore who had replaced Pradeep at Anita's hairy cunt and was now busily extracting as much of the cum that Anita's two swains had pumped into her earlier in this session. Now Hari called the audience's attention to the transfer of cum from Anita's cunt to her son's belly. There was much hooting and whistling as the young whore stepped over to Pradeep and kissed him passionately while she dribbled the cum she'd sucked from Anita's hot, wet cunt into his mouth. Hari warned the young gambler that any attempt on his part to spit out this delicious gift from his mother would result in a beating that he might not survive. There were cheers as Pradeep swallowed the slimy offering and fought the urge to vomit.

       By now the second sodomizer was ready to have a go at Anita's gaping asshole. Instead he had to wait for a time while the other prostitute sucked the first one's load from Anita's dripping asshole. There was much laughter and pointing as she vacuumed up almost every drop of sperm from the helpless woman's rectum. There were cheers and outcries as the prostitute, her cheeks bulging from the load of cum and other fluids she had suctioned up from Anita's anal entranceway, made her way towards Pradeep. The youth's eyes grew large as he realized what he was going to be forced to do. She was only two short steps from him when the wastrel vomited all over himself. The crowd grew silent at this disgusting display of bad manners. Then there was a chorus of curses and threats aimed at Pradeep. Hari once more used this to his advantage, stepping to the fore and asking the audience what kind of punishment Pradeep deserved for his extremely poor manners. Cries ranging from castration to sodomy echoed throughout the room. He smiled and motioned for one of his henchmen to come forward and prepare to slice the gambler's testicles from his body. Pradeep vomited once more and pissed himself from the terrible prospect that seemed his fate.

       Hari told his audience there would be a brief intermission while the stage was cleaned and Pradeep prepared for much more punishment before his fate was decided by those witnessing this event. However before this would happen, Anita would be given an opportunity to taste and enjoy the cum that had just been pumped up her asshole and now was in the mouth of the young prostitute. He received some mild applause, which was a type of warning that what was to follow better be good. There was silence as the prostitute stepped up to Anita and attempted to join her mouth to that of the helpless woman. Anita made the mistake of resisting, turning her head and shouting she wouldn't do this disgusting thing. Hari planted his fist into her plump belly, going low to make the pain even greater. He followed that with a series of slaps that made her head bounce from side to side. He received some cheers from the crowd and so he grabbed his star prostitute's tits and began twisting them into contorted shapes as she gasped and begged for mercy.

       He shouted at her to take the cum from the young whore's mouth or he'd rip her tits from her chest and let her bleed to death, an empty threat, but one that was most effective in the case of this hysterical woman. Once more the young whore approached Anita and this time their mouths joined and the huge load of saliva mixed with cum was transferred to much applause. The clapping grew louder when Anita swished it around in her mouth before swallowing it. Hari then made an announcement that in exchange for their forbearance, Anita would take on as many members of the audience, male as well as female, as wished to use her anally. Strap-on dildos would be available for the ladies that wished to take up his offer; however if they chose to fist Anita instead, lubricants would be made available as well. More than one woman's eyes glittered at the prospect of further degrading the plump, upper-class woman hanging naked by her bound wrists like a slab of meat waiting to be butchered.

       While Hari was working to control his audience, Pradeep was being prepared for the beating of his short life. He was cleaned up and moved from the chair so he could be hung by his wrists in a location that allowed his mother to observe him as he was beaten to within an inch of his life. This time he was gagged so that his screams and begging would not bother the people who were preparing to see just how much damage they could do to the brothel's star attraction. Tears formed at the corners of Anita's eyes as she saw the men spread her son's legs to their limits and hang a heavy weight from his swollen testicles and another around the base of his crimson, sore cock that had nearly doubled in thickness from the previous punishing it had received. She sobbed hysterically as one of the thugs spread the youth's ass cheeks so a thick length of hard rubber could be rammed deep into his bowels without the benefit of any lubricant. His face turned ashen and his entire body shivered from the pain he felt from his brutal sodomizing.

       Nearly the entire audience had decided to take up Hari's offer. To satisfy such a large number of people, Hari allowed access to Anita's cunt as well, a rare opportunity for many. When he casually observed that his star attraction was still capable of bearing children, there was a fairly large shift of users moving to accept his generous offer. To make it more sporting, he announced that if she became pregnant, he would allow her to go to term unless one of her customers caused a miscarriage. There would be no condoms for this group. In his mind's eye he could see a bloated Anita, her belly so distended that every blood vessel could be clearly seen. Her pillowy tits had ballooned to enormous dimensions, their nipples black as night and dripping milk. Still a month from delivering according to the doctor, still taking one hard cock after another as she wheezed from the growing pressure on her lungs and prayed to her gods for an early and swift delivery.

       Hari had indeed worked his way out of a precarious situation. There were two lines of people patiently waiting their turn to warp her anal passageway or that still tight tube that led to her uterus. Two of his prostitutes were standing by to make sure that the men were erect and ready to do their worst to the plump cum receptacle hanging by her bound wrists. When they weren't fluffing, the two whores sucked the cum from Anita's holes and filled her mouth with these dregs so she could entertain the crowd by gargling with the slimy mess before swallowing it with exaggerated gulps.

       Some of those waiting their turn at Anita watched as a pair of the brothel's staff beat Pradeep with rubber hoses. One of them worked on his belly, cock and scrotum; beating a tattoo on that area until his testicles swelled into one throbbing lump of pain. Pradeep passed out frequently when his bloated cock was thrashed without mercy by the stiff rubber truncheon. His prong got so inflamed by the brutal blows that the skin split apart and a greenish fluid seeped from the wounds. Anita nearly lost her mind when she witnessed her son's family jewels being ruined before her very eyes. Secretly she had still hoped that there would come a time when she would be on her back, legs spread so her son could work his magnificent cock deep into her birth canal and fill it with his hot sperm over and over. Now this was doomed by what these monsters were doing to him.

       In reality, his family jewels would recover rather quickly from the beating. In perhaps a month, he might be able to function almost normally again. However the other henchman was doing a different kind of damage to his body, almost enough to cripple him for life. He was concentrating on the gambler's ribcage, aiming each blow with the intention of cracking one of his ribs. After a time with enough ribs cracked or broken, breathing would become problematic. That was only one aspect of this professionally delivered beating. Hari's henchman also pounded the youth's kidneys, working on one and then the other until the areas were purple-black from the ruptured blood vessels. Just above their location the surrounding area developed lumps that looked as if someone had sewn pigeon eggs beneath his skin.

       There was another aspect to his punishment, one they enjoyed as well as most of the audience who paid strict attention when Pradeep was forced to drink piss collected from the men waiting to fuck Anita senseless. It only took a few blows to his swollen testicles to convince him of the wisdom of following their orders. Gradually his belly grew rounded and at that point the hoses were used to empty his stomach so more piss could be forced down his throat. The second time they gave him this treatment he looked as if he was four months pregnant. He passed out when they beat his bulging stomach to make him rid it of its burden. It proved very difficult to revive him for more punishment and so Hari allowed them to remove his battered body from the room and let the brothel doctor tend to his wounds as much as he could. By then Anita was so hysterical they had to bring her out of it by slapping her face and twisting her nipples until the pain broke through her response to what she had just witnessed.

       The ladies were the stars of the show, either stretching her asshole to its limit with fists or strap-ons, or seeing how far up Anita's birth canal they could venture. For the better part of three hours Anita's entrances were used and abused by the crowd of jaded individuals who reveled in this unique opportunity. Hari finally had to call a halt to the session when some of the men asked if they could have a second chance to turn her insides into mush. It was a happy group who finally left the large room and disappeared into the night. Now it was Hari's turn to further humiliate his prized employee, before turning her over to his henchmen so they could have their way with her. Naturally if she did exactly what he wanted from her, she just might avoid the extra torment of being degraded and abused by his thuggish minions. So far she had never gone as far as he wished; perhaps tonight might be different.

                       (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                               Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 18

       To frighten his "personal" sex slave, Hari ordered one of his trusted henchmen to march her down to the basement and string her up by the wrists. That done he was to inform her that she would be entertaining a  much rougher crowd that had come late for her show and was now being offered an opportunity to take out their anger on its star. He was then to turn off the lights and lock the door, leaving Anita to contemplate what horrors were about to befall her. Hari would take over from there.

       The brothel owner took a shower and relaxed afterward, imaging the fear that was eating away at his victim as she hung by her wrists in total darkness, waiting for a gang of rapists and sadists to come and do terrible things to her tired, bruised, bare body. He did the books for today, noting that the special after-hours exhibition had brought in more than what he had anticipated. Then he checked with the doctor to find out the condition of Pradeep. The news was not good.

       He might have to be hospitalized since some of his injuries looked as if they might require advanced drugs and possibly surgery to correct. Hari would not hear of it, and told the doctor to do what he could and let nature take its course. He would use this information to blackmail Anita if it suited his purposes. It might be all he needed to make her his slave for life, to do with as he pleased. Once he no longer cared for her, he'd sell her body to the highest bidder and go back to just being the owner of a very profitable brothel.

       Anita had begun trembling when she heard the lock on the door being opened. When the light went on, revealing Hari, her eyes grew wide with surprise. He took his time approaching to add to her fright. He knew that she was terrified and in her mind his appearance boded no good for her. Hari could not resist reaching out and fondling one of her plump tits, making the fat lump of flesh bounce up and down as he moved his hand. Then still staring into her face he gave it a vicious squeeze, bringing a low moan from her. Then, as he ran his hand down to her dripping cunt and toyed with her fat clit, he spoke.

       "Is my hot-boxed whore ready for some more hard cock? My men can hardly wait to get their hands on your plump, juicy body and wring every drop of cunt juice from that nasty gash hiding behind this jungle of hair. You are no upper class lady, you're just a frustrated, sex-crazed, middle-aged woman who will happily spread her legs for anyone with a hard cock, and that includes your worthless son. By the way, he is still alive and the doctor is with him. It's my guess he'll be pumping his sperm into your hot cunt in less than two weeks. As for you, it looks like you'll have to be satisfied with all the customers I can send to you, plus my men and those special events featuring you, that draw such large crowds to see your degradation."

       As he teased her verbally, his fingers also added to her confusion. He had managed to get four inside her wet, dripping pussy and she was actually humping her pussy up and down to enjoy the sensation the friction was providing. Hari was amazed that after all she had been through todayand this evening, she still had sex on her mind. This was one special woman, despite her age and background. He became even more enamoured of her and vowed to break Anita's will and turn her into his plaything. He still had no idea of their ultimate destiny, but he was pragmatic about any relationship, he had many in the past and they all ended for  one reason or another. Many of them he could not even remember today, another proof that sex not love dominated in almost all relationships.

       The smell of sex began to envelop him as she mindlessly had sex with his fingers. He looked around and spied the water hose attached to a tap in the wall. That was just the ticket, something to both clean her off and calm her down. Anita sputtered and mumbled as the cold water splashed off her big tits and ran down her voluptuous body to seek out her pubic mound. He amused himself by directing the stream of water directly into her cunt, driving her into a frenzy as the cold water acted to damp the roaring inferno raging inside her fetid fuck tunnel. He hosed down her other side and then returned to her cunt so he could insert the hose into that humid canal and flood it with water that removed most of the cum that had been pumped deep into her cunt by the group that had just left the brothel. He finally stepped back and surveyed the shivering body of his star attraction. Now he wanted to take her back to his office and begin humiliating Anita to break her will.

       His instructions had been carried out to his satisfaction. A thick leather strap with studs embedded in about half its length was hanging from a hook on the wall where Anita couldn't see it. A swath of burlap hung beside it, just enough to cover Anita's torso down to the waist. Her broad, rounded ass and hairy cunt mouth would be on display as he marched her over to his office sanctuary for a session of humiliation, pain and sex. First he intended to use the strap to whip some of that water off her curves as well as punish Anita for her less than ideal peformance this evening.

       She never saw the first of many blows as the strap curled around her wide hips, sending a spray of water drops off her body and bringing a gasp from her. Before she could catch her breath, the strap crossed her shoulder blades, driving most of the air from her lungs. The third stroke landed on the base of her spine and she grunted in pain as the metal studs punctured some tiny areas in the ribbon of fat guarding the bone and muscle below. He had a grand time whipping her broad bottom. Again and again the leather ate into that plump ass, leaving a trail of swollen ridges in the skin. Now he stepped to the front and let her see what he was using. She started to wail and for that he whipped her tits savagely, forming deeper welts than those covering her bottom.

       He beat her with a machine-like rhythm, his arm never seeming to tire. Those big pillowy tits were soon swollen and evenly covered with welts, but no cuts. He targeted her nipples that were now stiff as glass and whipped them until they were nearly twice normal size. She screamed the roof down when he reached out and gave each swollen nubbin of flesh a good twisting. Then he whipped her protruding belly, moving up and down that jiggling bowl of flesh as she sobbed and cried for mercy. He was fully erect by the time he reached her pubic mound. Part of him wanted to replace the strap with his hard cock. He knew he was quite capable of holding her bum in the palms of his hands while his cock skewered that impossibly wet cunt, and his mouth sucked each tit and nibbled on her dugs. He decided that would be something to do with her at another session when he had plenty of time to accomplish many things aimed at humiliating and degrading her further.

       Whipping Anita's pussy turned out to be quite a challenge. Between her plump thighs and protruding belly, there was very litttle area that he could whip with the strap. He tried doubling it, and that was a little better, but still her cunt was relatively protected. He grew frustrated tothe point that he ordered his victm to pull her legs open so he had a better target. She tried, but was unable to hold that position, pulling her legs together the moment she saw him preparing to whip her gash. Hari even went so far as to hold one of her thighs away from her body and whipping her cunt mouth with his strap until his arm grew tired. That was not satisfying either, since her pubic hair and movements caused him to miss that fat-lipped slit more than half the time. He made a mental note to make sure that from now on, anytime she was due for a whipping, and that would be often unless she became more cooperative, her legs were to be tied so that her thighs were wide apart. To cap off his annoyance, Hari deliberately used the buckle end of the strap to land two terrible blows to her pubic mound, both leaving cuts.

       To his anger and dismay, Anita proceeded to faint from this brutal attack. He used the hose to revive her, then cut the whore down, watching as she collapsed in a heap before him. Minutes later she was on her feet, hands cuffed behind her back and the swatch of burlap thrown across her shoulders.He slapped her across the face twice, still angry at her response to the minor punishment he had just meted out to her. Anita was crying uncontrollably as he pushed her out the door ahead of him and directed her towards his office. She would soon realize that what lay ahead would make this little session seem inconsequential.

       Anita was so tired, sore and confused that she didn't even notice the two sawed off broom handles neatly located in front of Hari's big leather chair. Once the door to his office was shut and locked he quickly stripped off the piece of burlap partially covering Anita's torso. She stood there, blinking her eyes to make them focus properly. She watched as he seated himself, naked from the waist down, his cock stiff and ready for her. He pointed toward the area in front of the chair. It was then that Anita saw the two lengths of wood. She looked to him for assistance and he replied by pointing directly down at the broom handles and telling her to kneel on them. Tears began running down her cheeks as she contemplated her fate. It took her a number of tries before she managed to kneel on the two pieces of wood. Staying in one position soon proved to be impossible. She began to move in one or another direction to find another spot that wasn't so stressful. It was rapidly sinking into her consciousness that this was a torture as much as the beating she just received.

Suddenly Hari's strong hands had a death grip on her hair. She looked up at his stern face, wondering what he was planning to do to her. She didn't have long to wait.

       "You may be my star attraction, but like most women in your social class, you are quite deficient in many of the arts of the professional prostitute. I have seen the way you suck your customers' cocks, it lacks skill and fails to show an appreciation for this part of the sex act. Tonight you will be given a valuable lesson in the fine art of sucking a man's cock and bringing him off. As you can plainly see, the sight of your voluptuous body has already gotten me erect. This may not be the case in some situations, but that is for another time. What I expect from you is to suck my cock, taking as much of it in your mouth as you can. While it is inside, use your tongue to tease me and make sure that you apply as much saliva to it as you possibly can. That way when it comes free, it will be glistening and rock hard. Men love to watch their cocks being treated this way. Do it carefully, and to make sure you can  master the act, repeat it slowly until my cock has been sucked one hundred times before you make me cum in your mouth. If you fail to make me last, we will start all over again after I give you another taste of the strap for failing in this simple activity."

       Hari slapped Anita across the face a number of times to get her undivided attention. Finally she opened her mouth and tried to follow his instructions. The upper class woman failed miserably at her task. It only took a few tentative attempts to convince Hari that sterner measures were in order. He was angry and determined to teach her a good lesson even if it took the rest of the early morning. He yanked her to her feet and pushed her body against his heavy desk. Opening one of the drawers revealed a number of lengths of rope, which he used to tie her ankles to the desk legs in such a way as to spread her thighs wide, allowing easy access to her hairy cunt. He doubled up the studded strap and started on her big tits, covering them with fresh welts from top to bottom. He was fascinated by the way those big bags of fat jiggled and jounced with each blow he delivered. Anita's screams were soon stifled by a filthy rag from his desk, stuffed into her mouth and held in place by a small length of rope wrapped around her head. He could still hear her muffled gasps and grunts as he laid the leather to her with a fury that terrified the helpless woman.

       Finally he turned his attention to her fat-lipped cunt, which had frustrated him previously when he tried to give it a good dose of the strap. He made up for that failure this time, lashing that siren's slit over and over as she grunted and gasped, tears pouring from her eyes. He took a rest, but she had none. While he rested his arm and caught his breath, Hari worked his entire hand into that fetid grotto and explored it as her face contorted in agony. When he withdrew his soaking wet hand from her pussy it made a suctioning sound that hardened his cock still further. He could no longer resist, now using his hard cock that he rammed deep into her cunt, making her eyes pop from the strain he put on her well stretched pussy. It didn't take him long to begin to pump his seed into her fuck tunnel. He was surprised when Anita stopped struggling and began to match his thrusts with those of her own. This was a whore disguised as a lady, that was for certain. Hari finally pulled out and wiped his cock against her protruding belly flesh to clean off all the cunt secretions it had accumulated while he was fucking her.

       The brothel owner was still angry at the hold she seemed to possess over him. It was a sign of weakness and he could not tolerate this. He found the strap and resumed whipping her front side, concentrating on that now swollen, hairy cunt mouth and those big, bouncy, jouncy tits, with an occasional side trip to her meaty thighs and that pooching belly that on her appeared sexy. He was getting tired, but determined to break her will here and now. He untied her from the desk and put her on the broom handles once more, taking a seat and presenting his spent cock for her attentions. To his astonishment she attacked it like it was her favorite curry and she hadn't eaten in days. Anita did everything but inhale his rapidly hardening prong. He sat back and enjoyed the sensations her hot, wet mouth produced, while he speculated on what caused this metamorphosis in her personality.

                       ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                                                          Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 19

       In the light from a lamp located in the corner of his office, Hari watched his star attraction's head bob up and down as her wet mouth suctioned greedily on his rapidly hardening cock. This one remained a mystery, but he was determined to break her will and turn the hot, sexy, upper-class whore to be into a mindless fuck slave capable of the most disgusting sex acts he or others might imagine. Her education was about to begin here and now. He had been too lenient, his cock rather than his mind determining what was to happen to her. He reached over to his intercom and made contact with one of his underlings responsible for the brothel's security. He ordered him to have half a dozen men down to his office in fifteen minutes. He would give them instructions once they arrived.

       Hari sighed and settled back in his chair, Anita's mouth still acting like a vacuum. He slapped her across the head and growled for her to start licking his balls and make them glisten. She whimpered at losing his cock, and then reluctantly shifted her attention to his big set of cum churning balls. She took another cuffing before he was satisfied that Anita was following his instructions as well as she could. He gloated over what was to be her fate starting in a few minutes. She would be trained mercilessly until her every move was programmed into her brain. Only the clients and her masters were of any importance. She just followed orders, regardless of what they forced her to do. She would be the perfect sex slave, his to do with as he pleased.

       By the time his minions arrived and knocked at Hari's door, he had Anita's thick, curly hair tightly wrapped in his fists and was using his grip to force her throat to accept more of his cock than she could really handle. He was on the verge of spewing his creamy cum down into her belly, and so Hari ignored the knock and drove another inch of his stiff cock down her convulsing gullet. The brothel owner bellowed his triumph as his seed poured from his twitching prong and inundated Anita's throat. She gagged and spewed cum from her nostrils as he continued to pump the contents of his cock down into her belly. The second knock on his door broke the spell and he hollered for them to enter. He still held her fast and another wad of his cum spurted from her nose. He looked up and grinned at his men as he pushed her away from him.

       " Take this cunt and show her what real fucking is all about! I want her to feel cocks in every hole she has, and I do mean every hole, especially that dark one between her plump ass cheeks. Now you have the next four hours or so to show her what real studs can do to an uppity cunt that thinks she's better than you are. Then at seven you drag what's left of her to the old woman and tell her she's to be stark naked and her hands cuffed behind her back. Don't douche her either; just let the customers see what kind of an animal this one truly is. She's not to get any breaks, no clean out, no water, nothing except what the customers give her to drink. "

       The boss of the mob of thugs grinned back at Hari, nodded his head and asked.

       " How much rough stuff can she take? Can we beat her bloody when we're not fucking her? How about those big tits, what's the limit on those bags? What about water sports, are they good for this one? You know us; we do exactly what you tell us, nothing more or less. "

       Hari sighed and shrugged his shoulders as the questions raced through his brain.

       " No rough stuff for this time around. She can be spanked, but no straps or whips.  Save that for the next time you have to teach her a lesson. As for those big fun bags, make them sore, but no blood, not even one scratch or drop. By all means make sure she gets to play plenty of water sports; just don't drown her, at least not this time. Now take her away and have fun with this upper-crust piece of ass. She's been really naughty with her betters, so she needs a good lesson to show her just where she fits in the organization. Make sure she gets the message. "

       The mob of thugs dragged Anita from Hari's office by her hair, still handcuffed and coughing up his cum from her lungs. They took her downstairs to the basement where they normally slept, being very careful to make sure that her plump body made contact with every step. By the time she was pulled through the door to the room in which they were housed, Anita had picked up a number of bruises that would be sore and livid by the time they took her to the old woman. They wasted no time raping her in every hole as Hari had ordered. She was raped by as many as three men at a time; airtight was their way of describing this mass assault on her bare body. Anita was soon choking down another load of hot cum sprayed into her mouth and then finishing on her face as the two others continued to saw away inside her asshole and cunt. Another cock was quickly added to the mix to replace the first that had spurted.

       Anita was her own worst enemy, first with Hari and now with his thugs. All that hard cock was beginning to make her crazy with lust. She had begun some days ago to enjoy being fucked by her customers. Now it was beginning to extend to these lower caste animals that were exciting her almost against her will. She was astonished at how easily she was handling the cock in her asshole. It was as if she could split up the hard lengths of dick doing her body into separate compartments, enjoying each in a different way. Even the prong ramming against her narrow throat didn't frighten her as much. She was confident that there was no way it could harm her. Once she believed that, she was on her way to enjoying the sensations that it created in her. In truth, Anita was becoming a whore, a sex crazed animal, no better than the ones assaulting her now.

       The first round of rapes was finished in less than an hour, and a pair of thugs was ready to have her a second time.  She was eager for them to begin providing her with the enjoyment she so deserved. In a small part of her mind she had to admit that these animals were in one sense better than the customers who paid for her body. Midway through the second round of rapes they took a break so she could be spanked. One after another they put her over their laps and spanked her plump round bottom as their hardening cocks poked against her belly. Then one of them got the bright idea of taking her cunt from the inferior position while two of his fellow thugs took turns spanking her until she was sobbing from the pain. The leader of the group finally had to call a halt to the blistering her bottom was receiving. During most of the remainder of the session they resumed plugging her body in every hole. A few of them realized that rather than being frightened of what they were doing to her, the middle-aged whore was actually enjoying their efforts.

       Finally there was only about thirty minutes left before she had to be returned to the old woman. Anita was leaking plenty of sperm from her cunt and asshole thanks to the work of the six thugs. Her bruises were quite evident and her plump bottom sore and swollen. It was time for water sports, and Anita steeled herself for the humiliation that would occur. She knelt with her mouth wide open and waited for the first stream of piss to fill her mouth and decorate her face. She didn't have long to wait. Two of them took up positions close to her face and proceeded to drench her with their acrid waste. When she tried to avoid this humiliating situation they twisted her tits and slapped them repeatedly until she surrendered to their demands. One decided to piss on her sore tits and finish in her eyes. Another stuck his soft cock into her mouth, made Anita close her lips around it and stay that way until he emptied his bladder. It took a few minutes, as he had to start and stop the stream to allow her to swallow everything he produced. The last thug pissed in her ears, dividing his offering to accommodate both of them. Anita was in near shock from this brutal treatment, but they showed her no mercy. In the last few minutes they took turns seeing if anyone could get their fist into her well-stretched cunt. None were successful and they took out their irritation on Anita's already sore and swollen tits.

       Anita's handler was shocked and angry at the condition of the whore she was to prepare for work. The old crone listened carefully to the instructions that the thug relayed from Hari. She knew better than to act against the owner's will. That did not prevent her from hosing down the piss soaked whore who stank to high heavens from the games the gang of thugs had played with her. As for the order that Anita receive no water or rest for her entire shift, that was the owner's business and had to be obeyed. Promptly at the opening of the brothel she led Anita naked and handcuffed into her little room and collected the token from the first customer that verified he had paid in advance for this whore. So Anita's daytime nightmare began. There would be others before Hari shipped her to another businessman who had need of her unique appearance and talents.

       A few days later Anita starred in another after hours exhibition. As usual she appeared naked and handcuffed. The audience had paid a very high price for this particular event. The first portion of the performance featured Anita being punished by a trio of young prostitutes for stealing their customers. This brought laughter from the crowd at first, and then some evidence of discontent over what followed. The three young whores spanked and berated Anita before using their enormous strap on dildos to punish her further. The crowd did applaud when Anita somehow took two of these monsters at one time. Once this portion of the exhibition was completed there was whispering among the members of the crowd and some not so complimentary comments concerning what had been provided so far. Hari was standing off stage and smiling, since he knew what was about to occur.

       Anita had been given a slow acting drug by the brothel's "doctor" that was just now beginning to take hold of her. When she returned to the stage she was accompanied by one of the young whores with a trio of dogs straining against the leashes that controlled them. Immediately there was a buzzing among the audience; many realized that something special was about to happen, and this excited them. Anita seemed unconcerned over what was to be her fate, thanks to the opiate that now had taken full possession of her faculties. The crowd hardly noticed the change in the woman's personality; they were on pins and needles waiting for that rare event, sex between this old whore and animals.

       A wooden fixture was rolled onto the stage that would be used to confine Anita while she sexually satisfied her canine lovers. It consisted of a two-piece vertical section of wood with a hole in the center from which the whore's head was to protrude. Attached to this part was a small box structure that had another two-piece section at one end that would contain Anita's ankles as she kneeled within it. In this way she could barely move her body by more than a few inches in any direction, making the helpless woman an easy target for her new sex partners. Two of Hari's thugs placed Anita into the fixture and made sure she was completely immobilized. This was followed by another prostitute entering the stage to season the helpless woman's sex organs with a rag impregnated with the scent of a bitch in heat. The dogs picked up the scent almost immediately and strained to escape the leashes holding them back from attacking Anita.

       Not satisfied totally, Hari demanded that the rag be rubbed all over Anita's face as well. Then one of the animals was released and made a beeline towards the middle-aged victim. He put his paws against the top of the front section and began thrusting his red, chisel-shaped cock against her face. Even drugged, she responded violently from this initial assault, moving her head from side to side in a blind effort to avoid that hard length of dog meat from entering her mouth. It was an unequal struggle and soon she was exhausted. The animal battered her closed mouth with his hard cock until it was forced open. The creature nearly choked his "bitch" to death with the rapid strokes it used to gain entrance to her throat. Anita's body stiffened and then she lost consciousness while the brute mindlessly pressed his dick deeper and deeper down her convulsing throat as the audience went mad with excitement. Hari could hardly contain his glee. At last he had overcome this upper-crust woman and now he wanted to see her brought lower than the lowest prostitute in his brothel.

       At his nod, the young prostitute freed another dog and at first it tried to take part in the activity going on at the front of the fixture. He was warned off by the animal that had already established his territory. It didn't take long before the dog realized that the "bitch" had another entrance for his hardening cock. Anita screamed and cried as the animal mounted her, its paws clawing her flesh in order to gain some leverage before entering her cunt. The members of the audience began to yell and urge the animal to get busy and cover his mate. The woman's screams turned to shrieks as the dog's dick pounded against her narrow slit, missing the target over and over. Frustrated, the animal nipped its "bitch" on her flank in an effort to make her stop moving. That only made Anita get even more hysterical. However after a few more rapid thrusts, the dog's cock entered her cunt and began worming its way deeper and deeper, using strokes that were so quick they seemed to meld into one continuous motion.

       Those watching the animal rape of Anita had a difficult time keeping track of what was happening on the stage. Both dogs were destroying the helpless whore as she shook and squealed. There could be no doubt that Anita never experienced what these two animals were providing for the entertainment of the jaded group that watched this sickening spectacle. Finally the one in her throat began spewing his hot cum directly into her belly. It was not possible for Anita to handle the tidal wave of hot dog sperm that threatened to drown her. She choked and coughed up streams of sticky dog cum much to the delight of the audience. At last the brute pulled his spent cock from her mouth with a loud pop, trotted over to the edge of the stage, curled up and began licking its knotted cock and depleted balls. Anita had no idea that she had come very close to death. Had the dog waited for another few seconds, its knot might have been trapped in her throat, cutting off her ability to get air.

       At a nod from Hari, the last of the dogs was released and he quickly replaced the one using Anita's mouth. Unlike his predecessor, he quickly plugged Anita's throat with his thick length of cock, and began to choke her with its width. Her eyes bulged as she realized there was limited air now flowing into her lungs. It got even more precarious when the other dog began emptying his sperm loaded balls into her tight sex tunnel. He was not as fortunate as the first animal; his knot formed and trapped him inside Anita's well-worn cunt. The animal became frantic and his claws now scratched bleeding furrows in her skin. Anita was unable to escape the two-pronged assault she was now enduring. There were screams from the audience urging on the dogs; things were beginning to get out of hand and Hari was forced to make a move to prevent his star attraction from perhaps losing her life or becoming a vegetable.

       He waved his minions toward the stage and they did their best to pull the two dogs off their prey. The animals did not go quietly; to the contrary they snapped and even bit a number of the thugs striving to disengage them from Anita. The group became quiet, as they understood at last the seriousness of the situation. None of them were interested in being identified as witnessing a killing of a human being for sport. Even the rich had their limitations when it came to the authorities. Finally the last of the snarling beasts were restrained and led from the stage, leaving behind a dazed and bleeding Anita. Hari beckoned one of his men over and told him to get the doctor. Then he made a brief speech to the audience thanking them for attending and promising some unique entertainment in the very near future. This placated the crowd who now began filing out from the exhibition room.

                                       (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)   

                                   Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 20

       A few days after Anita's performance with the dogs Hari had a visitor, a former Bollywood producer who was down on his luck and decided to take a chance and produce a blue movie on an epic scale. To keep costs down he was moving the operation to Bangladesh and using local talent as much as possible plus students from a nearby university to handle most of the behind the scenes operations such as sound, scenery changes and development, lighting and the other myriad functions that went into making a large scale film.

       The man had been in the audience for Anita's scene with the dogs and was taken by her sex energy and opulent body for one her age. Hari laughed at that remark and told the man he was still in the process of breaking her spirit. His visitor countered with his proposition. The brothel's owner expected a pitch for money, but such was not the case. He was more interested in using the services of Anita for which he would pay handsomely. That got Hari's attention. He listened as the man outlined the script and showed where Anita would fit. He had to admit that his sex slave to-be would be ideal for the role and it wouldn't hurt his business to be able to say that he had an actress working in his brothel.

       Anita would be taking the role of the mother of the lead actress. It would require her to perform with animals in much the same way as she did the other evening. Hari had a good laugh over that and commented that she could only benefit from more practice. The producer smiled and guaranteed that she'd be kept busy with her furry friends, neglecting to say that many would be from other animal species. Going further Anita would be doing bondage, water sports and incest in her role. Those last parts had Hari thinking about perhaps sending Pradeep with his mother and have him play the role of her son in the movie. When he suggested his idea, the producer clapped his hands and asked to see Pradeep before adding him to the cast. There was another reason for Hari's suggestion, he wanted to use him as a spy to make sure that the producer wasn't taking too much advantage of his prize whore.

       The producer had been very careful to avoid some of the other scenes where Hari's whore would be taking some serious punishment as part of her role. He wasn't sure how the woman's owner would react to that aspect of the movie. However when he casually mentioned the price he was willing to pay for three weeks of Anita's time, Hari was surprised and quite delighted. Two million rupees was not to be sneezed at and her absence would whet the appetite of her regular clients plus others who would be eager to have an opportunity to have sex with a movie star, which is how Anita would be billed once she returned. He probably would develop a two tier price for his star whore, one for her regulars and then another for the new clients. When he was offered another one million rupees to guarantee her return in good condition, he was ecstatic. The partnership between the two had been cemented by this good faith down payment.

       One week later Anita and her son made the trip along with the rest of the small cast and some of the key behind the scenes personnel. She was treated surprisingly well by everyone she encountered and shown the script involving her participation. Some of the more stressing portions had been deliberately hidden from her. They did not want Anita to cause any trouble while in transit. Once the cast assembled he would have total control of Anita and then the surprises would pop up almost every day. She would discover to her sorrow that her job as a movie star was only a very small part of what was expected. The rest had to do with her current occupation as a sex provider. Anita would be worked hard in both assignments.

       For her last week in the brothel Hari was merciless in his treatment of her. She worked double shifts with little rest between them. Her clients were much more demanding and treated her roughly. Twice the security people had to intercede and remove a customer who was taking too much advantage of the brothel's star attraction. Hari, always the business man, was letting his clients know that his most expensive whore was about to become a movie star, but would return to continue working for him. The insinuation was that her rates would rise dramatically. So it was now to take the opportunity to have her service them at her usual rates. He also offered a package that included one of her after-hours shows and photographs of the client having sex with her. As if this wasn't putting a strain on his star, he also was using her body once the last client was done forcing her to perform some forbidden act that his wife or girlfriend would never allow him to so to her.

       He'd wait to have one of his minions deliver the sweating, stinking whore to his office, the last load of cum still dripping from her sore, swollen cunt. Most of her partners were now willing to pay a premium to avoid the use of a condom. It was a dangerous practice, but Hari was willing to risk his chattel. Of course he would make a production of slipping a condom over his stiff cock once she had sucked it to full hardness. It was the preliminaries that he enjoyed the most; watching her being cuffed by one of his men, kneeling before him, then her head bobbing up and down like some machine as he sighed and thought of new ways to humiliate and break the will of this woman that was stealing his soul.

       He never missed a chance to use her anus, knowing that after handling perhaps twenty or more users a reasonable fraction would have chosen to use her dark hole. He loved to hear her hiss as his cock split her plump ass cheeks and began burrowing deep into that dark world. Rarely did he last more than a few minutes, which frustrated him and made him take out his disappointment on her helpless body. Afterwards he'd slip off the condom and have her suck the contents from it. Next would come a ferocious spanking of her plump, rounded bottom that usually got him hard once more. She'd be forced to suck his cock into rock hardness, knowing full well it would soon be piercing her tight asshole once more.

       He'd don another condom over his throbbing cock and then lean her over his desk, spreading her thighs apart as if she was a common street prostitute performing her trade in an alley. He could almost hear voices urging him to make the pig suffer for being what she was, a loathsome creature of the streets. This time he would relax and make her do most of the work, moving her body sinuously to provide the friction that would ultimately make him fill the reservoir of his condom once again. Her sore mishandled tits would now become his target and he would maul them brutally as she struggled to get him off and stop the pain that he was generating in her asshole and tits.

       Poor Anita was forced to do three after hours shows that week. Her regular hours were shifted so she began her day at six in the morning, taking care of the late arrivals as well as those interested in starting their day by skewering her in either hole to make her day as stressful as possible. Hari also developed a new service exclusively for pairs, either men or mixed. It featured Anita in bondage so she could not prevent them from doing whatever they wanted to her lush body, provided there was no permanent damage to her insides or marks to her skin.

       What made this different from what she did perhaps once or twice during the day was they could bring any type of sex toy into the room where Anita, naked and securely restrained, awaited them. The poor, downtrodden, upper-class woman was now forced to take huge dildos that stretched her cunt to the point that she could handle a fist with ease, and often did. Many of her clients assured her that they were only interested in making sure that she did not suffer an unwanted pregnancy from her occupation, knowing full well that the probability of something like that happening was nearly zero.

       Naturally the security people taped everything that went on in her private room, and later copies were sold throughout the world as a series that brought in huge quantities of money from the perverts that enjoyed such material. Later he expanded it to include her after-hours performances that became more nasty and violent with time. In truth Anita was bigger in many countries than any porn star thanks to the tapes she generated by working for Hari. None of this might have happened had not the failed Bollywood producer seen Anita in action and realized her talent.

       Anita was given drugs to stimulate her sexually and keep her awake and eager for more and more sex. She was kept going for over three days before they let her rest, less than a day before the trip to Bangladesh. Hari was proud of himself for being able to squeeze as much from Anita as was humanly possible. The producer on the other hand was less than enchanted with the condition of one of the key stars in his lavish production that featured a cast of nine players. All except Anita and the two younger women were free-lance porn stars that knew exactly what the purpose of this trip was to be. He soon realized long before arriving at their destination that Anita was suffering from what looked like a mental breakdown. He soon got in contact with Hari and discovered that the brothel owner had given his star prostitute a special send-off involving her son, Pradeep. Hari assured his partner that she would recover quickly. As he spoke he recalled that last show in which she and her son had performed. As a result, he had her totally under his command and intended to demonstrate his power when she returned.

       It seems that for the end of her three-day stint as the main attraction of the brothel, Anita and Pradeep, her son, were the featured attractions at the final after-hours performance before she went off to be a movie star. Hari had previously attempted to force the pair to have sex before a large audience, but had been thwarted. This time he was determined that it would occur at her final performance in the early hours of the morning. He had discretely hinted that at this final performance she and her son would have sex before the audience. Getting Pradeep to perform with his mother was no problem since his debt with Hari was crushing, the result of his unquenchable desire to gamble. Anita would be quite a different and difficult problem. To his way of thinking the only approach would be to turn Anita into a raving sex maniac with a large overdose of sex stimulants. She would be extremely vulnerable at the end of working for nearly three days and nights without sleep. He had his "doctor" prescribe whatever it took to keep her awake and alert for that final performance.

       The audience took up every chair and there were even a few that paid just to stand and observe what was to occur here. In one area of the floor Pradeep was bent backwards over a wooden arch, his arms and legs strapped to the structure to imprison him. He was stark naked and two of the younger prostitutes were taking turns sucking his cock which was throbbing and as long as it had ever been. The two teenagers, one probably no older than thirteen, the other perhaps a year or so older, were very careful not to trigger an ejaculation from their captive. His body was arranged so he could see where his mother was located.

       She was on her knees, hands tied tightly behind her back. A line of men and women from the audience were availing themselves of her warm, wet mouth as she sucked frantically on whatever was presented to her. Cunts, cocks, they were all worshipped by Anita who was in a sex frenzy from the drugs they had shot into her body. In fact the brothel "doctor" had even injected her pubic mound as well as her clitoris to guarantee that she would have sex with man or beast, anything to soothe the flames burning inside her cunt. Whenever her energies flagged she was taken over someone's knee and spanked hard until her bottom was crimson. Some even made her lie on her back over their knee so they could spank her swollen, frothing cunt mouth to the same shade of red as her well-spanked ass.

       Meanwhile not to be ignored, Pradeep spurted into the air as the two teen sex workers were swapping his cock from one to the other. It proved to be a great treat for the audience as they saw the greedy way Anita watched her son shoot off and licked her lips in anticipation that perhaps she might be able to mount him before their performance was ended. A few voices from the group of onlookers suggested that Anita be brought over so she could suck her son's cock back to life and then mount him to finish him off once more. The teen tarts were also brought into the scene, this time taking turns licking his balls until they were glistening with their saliva and tightening rapidly. Meanwhile Anita sucked her son's cock with an excitement that showed in her face. She was so hot to get her son's cock buried in her cunt so he could shoot his sperm all over her insides and perhaps even impregnate her. The teens now took a more active role and began to jack his cock and gently squeeze his balls while his mother sucked that hard piece of meat like a machine.

       Because her hands were still tightly bound behind her back, the two prostitutes had to assisted her in mounting her son. One held her steady while the other guided his cock into his mother's dripping cunt. She screamed as if a red-hot poker had been rammed into her wet twat. The audience was stunned at her reaction, but after a few seconds she grinned broadly and began to bounce up and down on her son's hard cock while the two girls made sure she wouldn't lose her balance. Pradeep had not had any sex for the last few weeks because of his injury. His first ejaculation had taken quite a bit of his strength and the demands of his plump, over-sexed mother were draining what energy remained. Balanced against that was the realization that at long last he was fucking his sexy teaser of a mother.

       To stay erect he thought back to all the times he had seen his mother in various state of undress, now understanding that she was showing off most of the time for him. He cursed himself for being a fool and not responding to her advances. They could have been fucking like animals for years by now; instead he had dragged his gorgeous mother down into the depths because of his weakness for gambling. He looked up at her bouncing tits as she rode him hard, demanding all his energy to be sucked up into her hot hungry cunt. Pradeep felt as if he were in a maelstrom helpless to escape from its grip. By now his mother had been repositioned so she was facing away and all he could see was her bottom, those hams jiggling as she worked her plump body up and down on his hard cock.

       Soon she was exhausted and had to take a rest. Once more the two teens rearranged her so Pradeep's mouth was locked to the entrance of her dripping pussy and her mouth was vacuuming his cock furiously to keep it stiff and ready for more fucking once she caught her breath. By accident she bit his prong and was amazed at the way it throbbed and twitched. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. She shouted for the girls to put her back on her son's cock, much to the delight of the onlookers. She rode him like a mad woman and showed him no mercy. After all, her desires had been bottled up within her for years and now they were freed thanks to the drugs she had been given. Someone shouted that she should take him up her ass and she responded by lifting her twat off his pussy-slimed cock.

       The room grew silent as the girls positioned her carefully, one making sure that Pradeep's cock was centered on that black winking hole sandwiched by her plump rounded buttocks. She dropped her full weight down onto his rigid shaft and screamed as it penetrated her asshole, burying about half of it inside that super tight channel. Then she began a slow up and down movement, working more and more of his cock deeper into her anus until his sweaty belly met her dripping bottom. There she rested for a few moments before finishing him off with a series of pile-driving movements that finally forced the second and final load of churning cum from his balls.

       Still not satisfied, the audience called for her to force Pradeep's cum from her asshole and into his mouth. They applauded wildly as she performed this disgusting activity, not feeling any remorse for what she had done. Hari realized that she still had enough energy left from the stimulants to take on perhaps another dozen men and women from the crowd. He signaled the two girls to move her back to her original location and asked if anyone wanted a piece of her ass, cunt or mouth before leaving. The response was greater than he had estimated. It would be another couple of hours before the last one of them finished off doing whatever they wanted to do to his star attraction.

                               (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                          Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 21

       Early that morning an exhausted Anita and her son left the brothel and flew to Bangladesh with the rest of the movie making company and crew, some fourteen people in all. Anita slept the entire flight, but Pradeep took the opportunity to try to ingratiate himself with some of the other actors and actresses. He was almost uniformly snubbed; the story about him and his mother had already been spread to the people with whom he and Anita would be interacting. He was surprised that the star of the movie, a rather attractive young woman of about twenty-five, did accept him. Her comment that he must be a great lover to have successfully bedded such an attractive woman as Anita brightened his outlook significantly. He would discover later that her interest went well beyond him.

       By the time they reached the hotel everyone was out of sorts except the producer and his star. The rooms he had requested were short by two and he seized this advantage. He combined Pradeep and his mother, plus a minor actress who doubled as his assistant in one room. The fact that she was bisexual and had her eye on Anita made things even more interesting. The poor woman was still out of it to the point that she didn't even bother to take a shower, just collapsing onto the bed and going straight to sleep. It was Pradeep that faced the issue of three people and two beds. He was sorely tempted to join his mother, especially in hopes that she might awaken early and allow him to have sex with her once more.

       While eating at a nearby place where the food was cheap but filling, he discussed the issue of who would take the other bed, volunteering to sleep in a chair or perhaps the floor. She would have none of it and announced that she would join his mother in the one bed, leaving Pradeep to himself. He all but gnashed his teeth when she made the decision. He tried and failed to change her mind, but she stood fast, and what could he do but thank her? The woman made no attempt to hide her body, stripping down to her skin while he gawked, then grinning and sauntering into the bathroom for her shower. Later when she returned, still naked, he made a quick dash into the bathroom and his shower. When he returned to the room she had joined his mother in bed and seemed to be asleep. Muttering to himself he got into bed and quickly fell asleep.

       He dreamed his mother and the younger woman were making love in their big bed. His mother was spread wide, her wrists and ankles tied tightly to the bed corners. Her companion was licking her cunt with a tongue that seemed to be as long as his arm. As he watched, his feet rooted solidly to the floor, the woman's tongue slid slowly into his mother's cunt. Anita sighed and told the woman to make her tongue go deeper until it reached her cervix. That accomplished she asked that the tongue slither into her uterus to seek out and destroy anything inside that might be able to grow and cause her distress. Pradeep woke with a start, sweat soaked and trembling. The room was in darkness, but after a short while he made out shapes in the bed next to his.

       His ears pricked up as he heard the wet hissing sounds that he knew meant tongues lapping up pussy juice. Then the smell wafted his way and now there was no doubt that his mother and the young actress were having sex without any shame. He felt his cock harden as he realized what was happening less than a few feet from where he was. As his eyes grew more accustomed to the lack of light he was able to discern shapes and pick out his mother. She was on top of the young woman, her face planted between her thighs. She was grunting like a pig as she lapped away at the juices that must be flowing from the other one's cunt. When they rolled over he nearly gave away his presence, but fortunately they were too busy with each other to notice much else.

       He heard the muted sounds of lips touching flesh and the response, and was even able to hear the quick, almost breathless snatches of conversation urging each other to do more and more. Pradeep could not resist, he rolled out of his bed and quickly joined the beast with two backs. The women were startled at first, and then the younger one giggled and whispered that his mother needed more tongue than what she was able to provide. Pradeep wasted no time and quickly he located his mother's dripping cunt and began lapping away as the other urged him to greater efforts, claiming that Anita was insatiable and had already exhausted her. He was soon sucking his mother's cunt even more forcefully thanks to the fast tongue of the other woman who was licking his anus. In his life he had never experienced such a sensation as that knowing tongue provided. Could it be possible that his mother might do the same thing to him in the future when they were alone and able to truly express their feelings for each other?

       When his mother began pleading for his cock Pradeep was in heaven. He completely forgot the other woman and concentrated only on his mother. When the light was turned on, he and his mother cringed momentarily until they recognized the smiling face of her bedmate. She casually explained that her boss, the producer, wanted to photograph them as they fucked and sucked. Anita was so sexually excited at the prospect of having her son entirely to herself that she gave the woman permission in exchange for no interference while she and Pradeep made love. That matter now addressed, she faced her son and asked him to go down on her some more so she would be crazy for his cock .He was only too glad to be of service.

       Soon he was inhaling his mother's sex fragrance, sucking her cunt lips and swirling his tongue around her fat clitoris that grew even larger from the stimulation his tongue delivered. All the while the young woman moved smoothly from place to place, taking one picture after another as the incestuous couple performed the forbidden act in all its manifestations. It wasn't until the sun came up, more than an hour later, that the other woman reminded them they were due on the set in less than an hour. The couple complained that they could still squeeze off another ejaculation and orgasm and still make it on time. The young woman was adamant, and the tone of her voice told Anita that they had better obey.

       Anita had been expecting something large, filled with scenery and dozens of people performing all sorts of activities to get the scene prepared for whoever was to act in it. Instead it was a drab building that once had been some type of manufacturing business. One portion of the cavernous building was now the set, surrounded by lights, three cameras and what seemed like miles of cabling that went everywhere. Exactly what they connected was a mystery to Anita who was in the process of being prepared for her first scene. She was to wear a sari over a pair of full cut panties, a matching bra and slippers. She was made-up rather tastefully and given the script for her to learn. Her part had only a few lines that were easily memorized. It still took nearly an hour before the first take began.

       On cue she entered the set made up to appear like the interior of a private office. Seated on the other side of the desk was the star of the movie, the one who had been kind to Pradeep on the flight to Bangladesh. She was angry with Anita for wearing traditional clothing to work, and told she had to begin to wear business clothing or leave her present position. Anita acted frightened, but made a strong plea to retain her traditional wear. The boss smiled cruelly and made her an offer that would allow her to continue her job and wear her saris. All she had to do in return was to wear underwear provided by her boss and handle the sexual needs of her staff.

       Anita's acting ability was so bad that the technicians were making faces at each other and laughing. All that abruptly ceased when she unwound her sari and removed her bra as ordered by her boss. Next her boss came around the desk and squeezed Anita's big tits and thumbed the nipples into hardness. When she kissed Anita, she slipped her tongue into her surprised employee's mouth and the sparks flew for real. The producer/director called for a break in the scene for better lighting since his two stars would proceed to make passionate love on the overstuffed sofa that was part of the set. Anita was practically trembling from the brief contact she had with the movie's star. She listened carefully as the woman explained to her what was expected from her once the scene started up once more. For reasons she could not understand, Anita was eager and thrilled for the opportunity to make love to her gorgeous costar.

       The boss made Anita remove her panties to show her cunt that had hardly any hair covering it. She dropped to her knees and grabbed Anita's plump meaty ass cheeks and slammed her face into that fresh pubic mound. The scene was halted as the cameraman was being blocked from catching the star's tongue slipping into Anita's cunt. Once this matter was solved the scene resumed and it got hot and heavy. Anita started squeezing her own tits as the boss ate her out until her legs trembled. Anita was pushed away long enough for the boss to strip down to her white lace thong, soaked with her pussy juice, and a matching shelf bra. Anita practically attacked her and they fell to the sofa and rearranged themselves into a torrid sixty-nine that practically melted the scenery.

       They ate pussy and grunted like pigs as they got each other off a number of times. Finally they came up for air and talk, but neither could remember her lines. The scene was halted while they came down from their sexual highs and went about the business of finishing this scene. The techs gave them cheers and some applause. Poor Pradeep was about ready to attack his mother in broad daylight in front of everyone, but he was kept from interfering with the stars that were now preparing for another scene that included one of the male porn stars. The scene opened with Anita naked except for her new thong and bra. She was kneeling before her boss who had her skirt hiked up so her pussy could be eaten. Anita made plenty of noise slobbering and kissing that muff of her boss who did not believe in shaving her pussy hair more than once a month, usually right after her period had ended and she wanted to feel fresh and sweet smelling.

       There was a knock at the door and the boss invited the person inside her office. He was not shocked at what he saw; in fact he licked his lips in anticipation of getting a crack at the uppity woman who dared to wear a sari around the office. Normally he sexually satisfied his boss after hours and considered her a hot fuck that he would like to fuck more often. She smiled and suggested that he get comfortable. He stripped down to reveal a long cock that was hardening quickly at the sight of a nearly naked Anita and the wet pussy of his boss, who was being satisfied by this underling.

       To make things a bit more kinky and guaranteed that Anita knew her place, the boss ordered him to tie Anita's hands behind her back and make sure they were tight. Then she smiled maliciously and announced that Anita would be providing anal intercourse as his reward for his great work in running her office. She blanched, but was helpless to prevent this disgusting activity. She pleaded with her boss that she had never performed this kind of perverted behavior with anyone, let alone a stranger like this man. Her boss grinned and observed that after a few sessions with various members of her office she'd be enjoying this activity both at work and at home with her son doing the honors. Anita gasped at such a prediction, especially the idea of having sex with her own son.

       At this point the director decided to involve both women in the scene. The younger woman would sit on her desk and have Anita bend over to eat her pussy. The man would get behind Anita and fuck her in the asshole as she ate pussy. It took two attempts before they had it down correctly. Fortunately Anita was only too familiar with being sodomized in various positions, so the scene went well. They took it in sections, letting the male ass fuck her with plenty of energy for a few minutes and then take a break to catch his breath before resuming the activity.

       By the time the director was satisfied the stud had spent more than twenty minutes doing her without mercy. Two different cameras caught the pop shot as he splattered his cum all over Anita's back, pulling out just before he went off. Everyone was happy with the first day of shooting and the director declared it a wrap until tomorrow. Pradeep never got a chance to do any work, but he secretly enjoyed watching his mother being ass fucked by the porn stud from Europe. He was sure his time would come in the next scene.  He was incorrect; it would be many days before he had the chance to do his mother under the lights and with the cameras rolling.

       Anita was shocked to learn that the producer had arranged for her to join another couple for the evening in a no-holds barred sex orgy. Once she arrived at the large house, Anita discovered a number of cars in the driveway, a sign of trouble ahead. Her instincts were correct. She was left at the door and told by the driver that he would come for her when called.  On the drive to this place Anita had fretted over not being able to shower or change from the sari and the sexy underwear she wore for the scenes today. Moments later the door was flung wide and she faced her hosts, a relatively young couple.

       One look at the way they were dressed, or undressed would be more like it, Anita knew she was in for a very demanding evening. The woman was perhaps twenty-five and wore only hose, heels and a lacy, white garter belt that framed the thick covering of pubic hair that guarded her cunt. She had a set of tits that rivaled Anita's in size, but were much firmer and required no support. Her companion, a few years older, tall and well muscled, wore only a leather pouch straining to cover his genitals, which were well above average in size based on her considerable experience as a prostitute. The man frowned and told her to remove her clothing and be quick about it before they would allow her to enter. The woman added that their guests did not like waiting for the entertainment. Anita winced at her choice of words and steeled herself for whatever was to follow. Soon she was naked and flanked by the couple as they led her into the large room where a number of couples in various states of undress were having cocktails. Suddenly everyone was focused on Anita with cold stares that did not bode well for her.

                       (To be continued  - jethro jodhpur) 

                             Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 22

       As Anita was marched across the room toward the padded exercise bench, she was patted and pinched by some of the six people that had been waiting for her. She felt more confident that this would not be the type of orgy in which she had participated often in the brothel. The three women she passed ranged in age from perhaps the early sixties to the mid thirties. The oldest, brown-skinned and gray-haired, wore only a leather bra with her nipples protruding from holes cut into the material. She had a shaved cunt with wrinkled lips that had lost most of their elasticity. The old woman was nothing but skin and bones and her skeleton-like body bore evidence of severe physical damage done over the years.

       The second woman was much darker, a brunette perhaps twenty pounds overweight wearing what appeared to be a corset that was losing the battle against her heavyset figure. The tops of her massive tits were exposed and showed signs of a recent whipping with perhaps a riding crop. She contrasted that with the knotted ropes, wooden sticks and rubber hoses that had been used to bring her into line. Like the older woman, the brunette had a shaved pussy with prominent lips that were fat and ruddy, a sign that this one enjoyed sex and perhaps pain as well. On the other hand the marks might have been the price she paid for cheating on her mate or lover.

       The last one was a darker brown with sharp features. She was a few years older than the hostess with a tall, superb figure featuring medium sized, firm tits with large nipples rising from nearly black areolas. Her belly was flat and like the others her cunt was revealed in all its glory. Her ass was as near perfection as any woman could imagine. Unlike the other two, her skin was flawless and bore no signs of any activity that might have marred it at any point in her life. Anita would regret her initial evaluation after an encounter with this near goddess.

       The men wasted no time fastening Anita's naked body to the padded fixture. Her arms were pulled up over her head and cuffed to a hook at the end of the bench-like portion of the machine. As she soon discovered, the bench could be tilted to reveal her bottom. Flaring out from the bench were two wings that supported and held her legs. They could be moved to widen her legs to their maximum tension. At first it was not necessary so this feature was postponed until needed. A series of straps held her body fast, but allowed plenty of access to her more tender regions.

       Anita did not expect what happened next. The four women descended upon her as the men watched and laughed. Suddenly there were two tongues licking her armpits, another one working on the entrance to her cunt and the fourth sucking her tongue. The total sensation was amazing and Anita became wet almost immediately. The one stimulating her pubic region took a breath and announced that the whore was already heating up and should be ready for the men shortly. Anita found herself becoming eager for some cock, her brothel training and experiences overtaking her personality. Those licking her now sweaty armpits moved down to her feet and began coating them with their saliva, the men encouraging them to greater efforts. Now tongues were sliding into the areas between her toes as well as sucking those digits and licking the soles of her feet. Anita was soon flooding the one at her cunt mouth from her efforts as well as the other tongue that was worming its way deep into her ears, driving her wild.

       Considering what she expected made this treatment seem soothing. Anita could actually begin to place faces with the tongues that were driving her insane with lust. It was the skinny old woman's tongue bathing her cunt mouth and doing a fantastic job of it. Skill like she was demonstrating would indicate many long years of practice on others of the same sexual persuasion. Now the comment made by someone about this one being a lesbian, albeit a rich one, made sense. Then another male voice added that considering she was still being punished with great vigor by her husband for her taste in sex partners, she must be desperate for the facade of being sexually normal. There was more laughter and a comment that her husband was making love to many of the same women and girls she was using for her own pleasure. Anita lost interest at that point as the first orgasm rippled through her sweaty body, a gift from the old woman as her knowing tongue swirled around Anita's swollen and very sensitive clit.

       For her troubles the old woman received a terrific blow to the side of her head that snapped her neck and made her scream in agony as the muscles were stressed beyond their tolerance. Her attacker grabbed her by the hair and dragged his sobbing victim across the room until Anita lost sight of her. She wasn't expecting the hard cock that tore into her wet cunt, going deep before halting. The man looked down at her and grinned before pulling back and delivering another brutal thrust even deeper this time. That one hurt and Anita reacted with a gasp and tears came to her eyes. The fun portion of the evening was gone and she now faced a lengthy session of pain and humiliation before he was allowed to leave, hopefully intact physically. She could only imagine the producer's rage if she was unable to perform tomorrow.

       The remaining women stripped down to the skin and took up positions on their knees, making sure that the remaining men were ready to take a turn on Anita. Meanwhile her outraged husband was beating the old woman senseless. He left her unconscious and stomped over to where Anita was being raped. The hostess made sure that she sucked his cock into rock hardness and the other two men deferred to him once the current one finished pumping his seed into Anita's wet cunt. This attacker was more selective, beginning by forcing his cock into Anita's mouth, addressing her as "whore", and made her take as much of it as she could. He kept the pressure on and his stiff shaft began to choke and bring tears to her eyes. He repeated the process, only going deeper this time. Anita's eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out.

       Anita awoke from the sharp slaps to her face from the man. Once again she was gagged by his hard meat until her throat was sore and she could only croak rather than speak. That seemed to satisfy him and so he went to another portion of her body, her fat-lipped cunt. He slammed full force into her wet grotto, driving the air from her lungs with the force of his assault. Over and over he rammed his hard cock into her yielding twat, cursing her for being a whore and warning Anita that he expected a great fuck from her or she'd get the same treatment that he gave his cheating, lesbian wife. She did her best to make his entry easier for them both, but that was not what he wished. He wanted her to struggle and plead for mercy, which she knew was not in his nature. Everyone else had formed a circle around the pair and watched the uneven struggle come to its logical conclusion, Anita's complete capitulation which only resulted in a more forceful assault on her sore cunt.

       Now a second man took a turn on Anita's mouth despite the other one still raping her with cruel intentions. He was used to this behavior and knew what would occur shortly. He knew the whore would be very unhappy when it happened. He continued to amuse himself by cutting off the whore's air passageway and watching her bronze face begin to darken as the blood supply to her lungs started to fail. The one raping her cunt was pounding away without remorse, his anger over his cheating, lesbian wife spurring him on to even greater excess. Anita soon passed out once more and this time they merely stopped choking her, but her sore cunt continued to absorb as much cock as her assailant could deliver. The pain from her bruised and battered cunt was probably what woke her up into a world of hurt. Back down her throat went the other cock and the cycle replayed itself with Anita losing consciousness again. This time the one raping her decided it was time to sodomize the miserable whore, which is the way he described her.

       Anita came back to life screaming her head off from the pain that was radiating from the depths of her anus. Her tormentor had decided to use a condom, one he liberally coated with a fiery ointment supposedly used only for severe muscle aches and cramps. It also did a wonderful job of bringing Anita back to consciousness at some price to her mental state. Her screaming led the other man to use his hands around her neck to silence her. Soon Anita's tongue was lolling from her mouth like a dog panting from the heat. Fortunately he was close to his ejaculation when he began skewering her tight asshole, and so she caught a break of sorts.

       One after another the men used her body, some bareback, others using condoms. They pounded her to a pulp, or so it seemed to poor Anita. In the brothel she rarely experienced this type of steady rape. It was amazing how the upper class, until recently occupied by Anita as well, could be so cruel. Once the last load of hot cum was pumped deep into either her cunt or asshole, the old woman was dragged over to perform another depraved act supervised by her husband.

       She had been so badly beaten her face was lopsided, one eye swollen shut, the other only a slit, dried blood above her split lips and a lump the size of a small egg located on the lower portion of her jaw. Somehow she managed to suck the cum from Anita's cunt, urged on by the group surrounding her. The husband stood over her promising a more thorough beating once he got her back home where her screams wouldn't bother anyone. One of the others asked if he and his wife could accompany them and make her pay for an insult she had given them. He nodded and hinted that perhaps she might require hospitalization by the time she was finished punishing her to his satisfaction. The old woman was too busy sucking out cum from Anita's asshole to pay much attention to the threats that were being made. Now it was the turn of the three other women to provide entertainment for the men by what they did to poor Anita's bare, defenseless body.

       They began a fisting contest with each one seeing how far up Anita's cunt she could get her fist with a time limit of ten minutes. There were two trials, the first without any lubricant, and the second with a lube of one's choice. They started each round with the smallest fist and ended it with the largest. The first contestant had a very bad time getting her fist formed and had less than two minutes to make any progress up the whore's rather wet cunt. While the second lady, the hostess, tried her fist, the first was taking a major spanking over her embarrassed husband's lap with a promise of much more when they got home unless she made a much better showing on her second try. When the hostess got part of her forearm inside Anita's pussy, she received a round of applause from everyone except the first couple who were still engaged in her disciplining.

       Anita began to whimper as the heavyset brunette took her big fist and slammed it into the helpless woman's cunt. There had been plenty of clients that did something similar, but not with the anger that was behind this powerful blow. She grinned down at the writhing body now pinned by her fist and took a deep breath before starting the long trek into her victim's tight and now dry channel. It was slow going even for this powerful woman, but she persisted and like her hostess managed to get her forearm into Anita's throbbing twat. It now appeared that the second round would determine the winner of this contest. The pale, shaking woman who had failed miserably in the first round was to go first again. All eyes were on her as she slathered some lotion over her fist and forearm before taking her stance.

       Her husband made sure she knew what awaited her when they got home if she failed once more. One of the men joked that perhaps she too might find herself at the home of the older woman, also being given her just deserts. The host joined in and offered the use of his cellar that was well equipped for disciplining their servants and other friends who enjoyed such activities. The older woman's husband thanked him for his generous offer, but declined. It would be a few days of on and off beatings plus other torments before his wife was transported to a private hospital where she remained for some time. Strings were pulled in advance and the husband was not interviewed by the staff despite the evidence that the woman had been very recently beaten with a variety of implements, as well as suffering burns caused by heated objects and the repeated passage of electricity through her body. So was the life and power of the rich in this country.

       Poor Anita, the combination of fear and the lotion enabled the first contestant to actually make a fist and penetrate her sore cunt, bringing groans from her victim. This response encouraged her to be more forceful and she pushed and twisted until her entire hand was within Anita's dry hole of a cunt. It took some time, but she developed a technique that allowed her fist to move up the loosening passageway that led to her uterus. She was within inches of her goal when her time ran out. Her husband was pleased enough to withdraw his request to join the older woman's husband at his place. Just as well considering what happened there that late evening and for a few days afterward.

       The hostess also did quite well, just stopping inches short of Anita's cervix, too tired to complete the journey. The final contestant wasted no time in destroying any resistance that remained, her well oiled fist pounding away like a jack hammer as it made its trip to the helpless whore's cervix and beyond, actually tilting it radically to guarantee no chance for Anita to ever conceive. As the winner she got to sit on Anita's face and make her lick and suck not only her cunt, but her asshole as well. By this time the men were ready for another round to put the finishing touches to the pain and suffering they would cause in the whore's body and psyche.

       The male quartet had put their heads together and developed the strategy for totally humiliating this creature of the streets and making sex in any form a formidable challenge for her to endure. The fisting had been a good start, but they wanted to batter her insides with their hard cocks to prove their superiority. After accomplishing that objective they planned to move her to the bathroom for more humiliating activities that would involve everyone except the older woman who had lapsed into unconsciousness and would remain in that state for the rest of the evening. Of course they also intended to wear condoms coated with the ointment that had been so successful at keeping Anita awake and screaming previously.

                       (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                               Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 23

       Despite all the sex and abuse, Anita discovered that her current assailants for all their talk hadn't given her even the amount of pain and degradation that Hari's thugs provided when they were allowed the opportunity to have her under their command for some infraction of the brothel owner's rules. She also found herself thinking of Pradeep and how wonderful it felt to have his hard cock working away inside her tight wet cunt and even tighter asshole. She could hardly wait for the next opportunity to have her darling son making her wet and nearly insane with passion. She began to mentally chastise herself for being so prudish when the chance existed to have an ardent and very reliable lover available under her own roof. She would have given him precious little free time to gamble, making sure that she was always eager to demonstrate some new position or technique that one of her large circle of female friends had described. Once they had settled into a routine, it would be time for her to introduce Pradeep to some of her more knowledgeable, sexually attractive and happily married female friends. Naturally there would be room for his loyal and very sexy mother in these trysts. Who knows, perhaps Pradeep and she would join in entertaining another married couple or even couples, learning and teaching with each tryst?

       Anita had been so engaged in her fantasies that she was startled when the women dragged her from the platform. Before she knew it, they had cuffed her wrists behind her back and knowing fingers and hands began tormenting her flesh. Her nipples were twisted and yanked until she screamed from the pain. That resulted in a vicious slap across her face that made her eyes water and the skin feel that it had been blistered. Her cunt lips were grasped and stretched so they could experience the same pain. One of the women grabbed her thick hair and tried to tear it out by the roots causing more screams from poor Anita. Another powerful slap made her ears ring and her eyes see stars. Now she was on her stomach and cuffs were being snapped around her ankles. One of the men kicked her in the ribs and ordered the women to get busy and transport the "guest of honor" downstairs to the bathroom for a thorough cleansing.

       Anita shivered at the prospect of being given an enema in front of the group; she still thought of herself as being from a high caste in society rather than a drudge who worked in a brothel when she wasn't making pornographic movies. She began to cry and that made everyone laugh at the way she was responding to what they were planning. Someone grabbed her hair and pulled it so her head was bent back. Someone else, probably the large woman who had nearly ruined her cervix, made her teeth rattle from the two brutal punches that flattened her ears and made her deaf for a minute or so. Then a pair of hands grabbed her thick tresses and began pulling her naked body across the room, as the men entertained themselves by kicking her in the ribs and on occasion managing to dig into the side of her pillowy tits, bringing agonized screams from their victim.

       There were two flights of splintered wooden stairs leading down to what was to become a torture chamber for a very frightened Anita. Her captors seemed to take great enjoyment in making her bare body encounter every splinter and imperfection contained within those devilishly designed steps. The women took their time, making the trip to the basement-bathroom a lengthy ordeal that left their victim's naked body covered with bruises and some minor cuts from the splinters that were driven into her big tits and the rough surface of the wood. Upon reaching the cellar, she was given a tour of the facilities that would be used to cleanse the evil demons that inhabited her body. Unfortunately for Anita, she was unable to see much as they continued to drag her from place to place, all the while her bare body absorbing more kicks and even being stomped whenever the  "tour" stopped to describe what was in store for her once the cleansing process began in earnest.

       Without any warning a chain was attached to the cuffs that held her legs together, and poor Anita was hoisted into the air until her bare body dangled about a foot from the floor, her long hair just touching the concrete. She could see the large shower head seeming to hover like a bird of prey just above her. She was totally unprepared for the two rubber hoses that were unceremoniously jammed deep into her cunt and asshole. Then she heard a male voice informing her she was about to be cleaned out in a manner established for whores like herself. Seconds later water began blasting away inside her cum soaked cunt and throbbing asshole. She could hear the laughter as it looked as if her cunt was acting like a fountain, shooting a combination of water and cum into the air. The effect from the hose inside her rectum was not very impressive, a minor shower of water arcing and spurting from her flooded intestines. One of the half-naked women move closer and managed to transfer the hose from Anita's bowels to join the one pulsing inside her sore cunt canal.

       As Anita screamed and begged for relief, her captors stood around her writhing body and made obscene observations and plans for other punishments once Anita's cunt was totally cleansed. The water pressure was varied to add to the agony their victim was experiencing. Then one of the men made a wager that Anita could handle two hoses in her asshole for at least five minutes. Despite her pleading and begging, not to mention promises to allow them to do anything to her body in lieu of this fiendish treatment, one and then a second hose were wedged deep into her sore asshole. The water pressure was raised slowly to prevent either hose from being expelled from her swollen bowels. Anita's voice cracked as she descended into mindless terror at the consequences that might occur from this brutal torment. Her audience merely stood and watched this unequal struggle.

       Her midriff became to expand as the water  wended its way from one intestine to the next and moved on to find additional space within the host's body for more water to accumulate. One long minute after another elapsed and still the naked woman's body grew more and more bloated from the torrents of water still blasting a trail through the fleshy nooks and crannies. It was nearly four minutes gone when both hoses popped out with a swishing sound and moving like snakes still spewed water in every direction. By then Anita had grown silent, her strength sapped by this terrible torture. There was some grumbling, but the hosts suggested strongly that they move the whore to another part of the bathroom and see how she handled herself. That brought laughter from the group and so Anita was lowered from the hoist and dragged over to the large tub located in one corner of the cellar bathroom.

       The men picked her up and deposited Anita into the large tub still with her hands and feet securely cuffed. It was both wider and deeper, making it nearly impossible for their captive to escape. To be certain that she would remain exactly where they desired, heavy weights loaded into canvas bags were placed across her shoulders and stomach. It was now impossible for Anita to escape whatever they had planned for her. The water taps were opened and hot water began to fill the tub. For this phase of her punishment the water was hot, but not yet scalding. It didn't take too long before the level of water climbed high enough to start covering her weighted body. Anita began to become concerned as the level continued to rise to the point that all but her plump tits were covered by the very hot water. She was still able to move her head upward a few inches despite the weight attached to her shoulders. Soon even that ability was slowly becoming overwhelmed by the onslaught of heated water. Now the actual struggle began and her audience watched with great eagerness to see just how long she would be able to avoid becoming submerged in the onrushing torrent of liquid pouring from the tub's faucets.

       Anita would force herself upward to get a few breaths before the weights would force her to submerge and gain some strength for another foray to the surface. This uneven battle captured the attention of those watching carefully. It took more and more effort to get even a single deep breath.Meanwhile the water rose inexorably to the point where Anita panicked, thrashing mindlessly about in a vain effort to break the surface. They watched her struggles grow weaker and the way she tried to thrust her belly upwards as if that would give her any advantage against the water filling the tub. Soon she began to swallow water and her struggles increased for a few brief moments before she passed out and her lungs began to fill with water. They  waited for a few more seconds and then one of the women reached down and with some effort released the weights holding down their captive's upper body. Anita's head popped to the surface and she began spewing water from her mouth and gasping for air. The men were not amused by her quick recovery and so the weights went back on and she quickly sank beneath the water and once more began the grisly process of drowning. This time it was a pale, unmoving Anita who rose to the surface once the weights were released. This time her face was ashen and eyes shut, satisfying the more jaded members of the group.

       The women were put to work reviving Anita for another round of water torture. She had swallowed a considerable amount of water that showed in her belly. Naturally the heavy set woman wasted no time forcing the water from Anita by dropping her full weight onto the bulge outlining the unconscious woman's filled stomach. Water spewed from her mouth and nostrils, but she remained cold and senseless. The group began to become concerned and stronger means of awakening her were attempted. Two of the men pulled Anita into an upright position so the third member could begin punching her belly and her fat-lipped cunt mouth. More water spouted like a fountain from their victim and she took a deep breath. This action earned Anita a vicious blow to her belly followed by blows to her big tits that flattened them and caused even more water to be released from her roiling stomach.

       One of the men holding Anita steady while the others worked to make her regain her senses decided he wanted to sodomize her before they put the dazed woman back into the tub. Her ankle cuffs were removed to make it easier for him to plow out her tight asshole. Anita was made to bend over the edge of the tub and two of the women made sure she didn't wiggle free once the large cock that the man displayed came into view. He rolled a condom over his rigid shaft and then added some of the fiery ointment that had already been used on Anita. To make sure he was hard enough to penetrate her tight bunghole, he began by pumping his cock into Anita's sore cunt. She struggled madly to escape what seemed to be flames consuming her cunt as the ointment did its work, but the women held her steady. Then the fun really began as his hard dick split her puckered entry and began pressing into her bowel as she screamed and struggled to the point that one of the other men started punching her in the kidneys, so irritated was he about all the noise she was  making.

       After a few minutes of steady fucking and punching, Anita grew relatively quiet and made only a few screeches when her rapist bottomed out inside her roiling intestine and remained in place, moving his cock from side to side. To make it more interesting, he had the women turn her over onto her back with her head dangling down. Now he could grasp her fleshy hips and use them almost as reins while he continued his assault on her sore asshole. Her entire body was now jiggling with every thrust and her breathing grew ragged. He decided to change his attack and work on her cunt for a few minutes before resuming the rape of her asshole. To his amazement Anita began to match his efforts, thrusting upward to meet his strokes. Her pussy began to wrap around his cock as soon as it bottomed out, trying to keep it inside her for longer periods.

       The women entered the fray by grabbing Anita's big tits and painfully twisting them first in one direction and then the other. Despite their best efforts, Anita's cunt managed to excite the man's cock to the point tht he deivered a tremendous load of hot cum into his condom, depriving him of any further fun with the prostitute they were using for this evening's fun. He stripped off the condom and pushed it into Anita's hot, juicing pussy open side first. Then he made one of the women press it further into the whore's cunt so that his sperm was released into her fuck canal and at the same time the ointment began burning away the mucous membrane lining Anita's hot box. Finally he delivered a powerful punch to her dripping cunt mouth, almost turning it inside out. Anita cried out in agony bringing a smile to his face as he delivered another powerful blow to that shaved pussy mouth. He was prevented from further damaging the "entertainment" so they could continue to train her in the fine art of breathing under water. This time the water would be cold, very cold, thanks to a device that cooled the water before it entered the tub.

       The women had put their heads together and decided to make Anita's next ordeal more challenging.

A mammoth sized dildo was forced into the victim's sore and now quite distended twat. The ladies had taken turns slamming the palms of their hands against the dildo's bottom to force it deeper and deeper into the  "entertainment's" fuck box as she screamed and begged for relief, but got none. They were not finished with their preparations. Now it was time to drive another toy into her sloppy asshole that was much looser after the last round of sodomy. Anita's voice cracked from the strain on her vocal chords, while inch by inch the big toy was driven deeper and deeper into her spasming bowel. That task completed, they cuffed the woman's ankles together, added the weights and watched as the men lifted the plump, big-titted whore and placed her face up in the bottom of the tub.  Seconds later the icy water began issuing from the twin spigots and Anita could do nothing but plead and moan as the icy fingers of water began licking her flanks.

       It didn't take too long for evidence that the icy bath was getting to Anita. Her nipples got rock hard and portions of her body began to pebble as the water lapped against them. She began shifting her body in hopes that she could free herself from the weights around her shoulders and thus be able to keep her head above the water that was rapidly gushing into the tub. The weights seemed to fascinate the women who took turns pressing down on them to force Anita's head beneath the chilling assault. As previously, she began to panic and this excited the group as they watched the uneven contest come to its inevitable conclusion. The water was slowed to add to Anita's fear. Soon she needed to fight her way to the surface, but was unable to stay above the water line  for any significant amount of time because of those infernal weights around her shoulders and belly. Finally the flow of water was stopped for a time to see how she was handling the challenge.

       Anita's remaining strength slowly deserted her, which caused her to stay below the water's surface for longer periods of time. She was facing the same challenge as before and realized unless someone took pity on her situation, she would soon begin swallowing water, and this time it might be her end. The women discussed what to do to finish her off without harming her for the moment. They had some nasty plans that went beyond dunking this whore until she swallowed a belly full. To end this portion of the punishment they took turns using a pair of pliers to squeeze her nipples flat, totally disorienting her and making it quite easy to have Anita take on enough water to fill her lungs. Once she was unable to keep her head above water for even a few seconds they knew she was finished, but there were still those big tits that acted like a pair of magnets. By the time they were finished using the pliers on her big tits, they were covered with purplish triangles. Anita's face was drawn and drained of all color and her big tits hardly moved, a sign that her lungs had filled to their limit with the icy water.

       It wasn't until the men lifted her from the bath that anyone truly appreciated her near death condition. Anita's entire body felt like it was made from ice and there was no reaction to the slaps and pinching it received. She went over the edge of the tub and the men pounded her back furiously to force the water that had lodged in her lungs. Still there was no reaction in the form of breathing or reaction to pain such as when they took turns pounding the sex toys even deeper into her pussy and asshole. By then the entire group was beginning to believe that they had gone too far and accidently killed the whore. It was the men who panicked and started to blame each other for the dangerous situation they had created.

       It was the women who saved the day by the simple expedient of providing warmth to the near corpse's body. The trio squatted over the pale, clammy body and began pissing on it. It took only a minute or so before the warm piss caused the first faint stirring of the cold ashen victim. At the women's urging the men joined in and made a game of it, seeing who was able to direct his stream up her nostrils. Strange as it seemed, that activity soon had her coughing up what seemed like quarts of water from her lungs. Someone got the bright idea of putting Anita back in the tub and using warm or hot water to completely revive her.

       Nearly thirty minutes elapsed before Anita was fully conscious and able to communicate with her tormentors. She opened her eyes to face an angry group, furious at the nerve of their "entertainment" to cause such trouble for them. This was not at all the way to treat her betters. Poor Anita could not satisfy these people no matter what she did, that was very apparent. Once more they pulled Anita from the tub, still wet and dripping, so she could be dragged over to another section of the room where her punishment would be continued. This time there would be no escape for her until they were satisfied she knew her place and would demonstrate just how well she could show it to them.

                       (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                               Anitas Sex Sacrifice Chapter 24

       Poor Anita was so dazed and in so much pain, that she wasnt able to understand the function of the wooden chair that was located in a corner of the room under a glaring lamp. Only when her saw the glistening cylinder jutting up from the seat of the chair did she realize what was to be her fate. Before she could even react, they removed her cuffs and began to force her down onto the massive piece of metal formed into the shape of a sex organ belonging to some animal. Her entire body began to shiver at the prospect of taking that monster. Her mind was still not clear from all the damage that had been done to her psyche to date. In her befuddled state she decided that it was to be her cunt that would be breached by the metal prong.

       She attempted to struggle and for her efforts she received a series of hard slaps to her face. Before she realized what was happening, her wrists and forearms were strapped down to the arms of the chair, even though she still fought them from forcing her down on the metal dildo. They solved this problem by having one of the men put Anita into a chokehold. Her struggles soon ended, allowing them to force their victim down inch by agonizing inch, her loose asshole accepting the intruder despite the pain associated with its entry. The one choking her increased his pressure and Anita passed out, her body limp and easily maneuvered to their satisfaction.

       Anita awoke to grinning faces that surrounded her. Despite the large metal cylinder now buried deep inside her rectum, there was very little pain being generated, for which she was thankful. She became aware that her legs were tied tightly to the chair legs, her feet now in pans of water that fully covered them. This made no sense to the dazed woman who also discovered that a thick leather strap was cinched tightly beneath her pendulous tits, making it very difficult to take a deep breath. One of the people enjoying her reactions to the situation delivered a powerful blow across her face that was so strong it made her neck twist awkwardly. The pain acted like a stimulant, making Anita aware that something very stressful was being prepared for her.

           Had she paid closer attention to the chair in which she now sat, she might have seen the wires running from the area below the chairs seat. She would soon learn about the wires and what they meant to her bare body. Two of the women busied themselves with attaching metal clips to various parts of her body including the nipples, the lower portions of those big tits, her ear lobes, the insides of her plump thighs, and the backs of her knees, a very painful experience.

Her eyes bulged with terror when she saw what one of the women was holding in her hand, only a foot or so from her face so she could understand what was about to happen to her. It looked like what was currently situated in her lower intestine, only not as thick. Tears began to flow, much to the delight of her tormentors, as Anita focused on the wires that hung from one end. It all came together! She was going to have electricity sent through her body! Anita panicked and began thrusting her bound body against the bonds holding her to the chair to no avail. Unfortunately the electricity was only part of the torments that they had planned. She was so involved with the wires that were now being hooked to the clips hanging from various areas of her body, that she was caught by surprise when she felt an agonizing pain beginning to radiate from one of her fingernails. She looked down and saw what looked like a hatpin now protruding from beneath the nail.

Anitas screams were music to the ears of her captors. One of the men stepped close and delivered a vicious blow to her mouth with his open hand. The womans head seemed to swivel on her neck that was already in quite some pain from a previous blow. She could taste her blood running from the top lip that had taken most of the last blow. He feigned another blow and she screamed in terror and a small trickle of urine ran down to the chair seat bringing laughter from the crowd that was less than a few feet from her bound, bare body. A debate occurred over whether or not to gag their victim, deciding that the noise that was going to be wrung from her was worth the minor discomfort.

Their helpless captive could do nothing but blubber and beg as the metal cylinder was thrust into her twat and moved around until it was properly seated inside the victims fuck tunnel that had been filled and refilled during this nightmare she was experiencing. There had been little pain that was a small consolation. She groaned loudly as clips were attached to the wires protruding from the end of the devilish torture device.

“I wonder how much power it will take before her worthless cunt starts to boil away. I want to see that but the stink may be too strong for my delicate nostrils.”

The womans remark brought laughter from the crowd followed by a call for some action. The fiends kept her in suspense; a needle went under another of her fingers, this time on the other hand in the interests of symmetry. No sooner had her shrill, raspy scream lost its power, another needle was driven into the soft flesh behind her knee, scant inches from where the metal teeth were anchored. That yielded a considerable amount of fresh piss that added considerably to the pool from her first accident. Someone remarked that there ought to be another wire placed in the piss to add to the fun. He was ignored as one of the men approached the small gray box located a few yards from where the victim sat, her eyes widening as she began to realize what was going to happen to her very soon.

Once again Anita paid attention to the wrong person. The penalty was excruciating pain generated from her kneecap that had just been skewered by a three-inch steel needle. The man who did it smiled at her agonized face and took a small bow to his audience. She would later learn that he was a surgeon well versed in the females bone structure as well as all her pain points. The pain was so intense that Anita fainted dead away. That did not deter her torturers who went about readying other surprises for their victim once she was revived. As one put it, it was a multimedia method of waking their victim from her deep sleep.

Anita awoke with a start, alternating between screaming and chewing her tongue in agony as the first massive jolt of electricity took a path that ran between her plump tits, providing a degree of pain that poor Anita had never experienced in her entire life. Why her heart didnt stop beating was miraculous. Coupled with this was the first of many hatpins that would find their way into her tongue in such profusion that it was impossible for her to close her mouth. In this state it was also impossible for her to speak, but she still was capable of screaming and screeching, sounds that were discordant and offensive to her audience.

Their prisoner was still disoriented to the point that she was unprepared for the next burst of electrical energy that ran from her sphincter to deep within her lower intestine. The first jolt was less than a few seconds; just enough to make her pay attention and then a bolt of power followed that made her believe that her bowels were on fire. The one operating the power switch turned it on and off in a random pattern that drove the poor wretch nearly insane. First deep inside her rectum, then a jump to between her big tits, then the fun part, making the power jump from one side of her head to the other by means of the wires attached to her ear lobes. There could be very little doubt that after a time this form of pain began to reduce the ability to reason as brain cells were destroyed each time one of the bolts of electricity wended its way through her brain.

Finally they used the cylinder embedded inside her cunt. The first time it was discharged it flew from her twat like a projectile. The audience was less than happy with this reaction so some minor modifications were made to guarantee that no matter how much electricity was run through her cunt, the source would not be expelled. All that was required was a collar around the middle of the metal dildo that was opened once the tube was in place. Even before the next application of power, Anitas tears were flowing fast since the collar was eating away at the mucous lining of her cunt. The switch was opened and the juice flowed through her birthing tunnel for a few seconds just to make sure that the collar was doing its job. Satisfied by this quick test run, Anitas twat was fried by the next blast of electrical power. Her cunt was being slow cooked and the stench reached the group rather quickly. The power was shut down and the area around their captive was allowed to clear of the awful smell.

They decided to see what might happen to Anita if they put wires into the pans of water containing her feet. The juice was turned on, but the reaction of their captive indicated little response. It was the host who came up with a solution, namely add salt to the water to make it able to carry more electric current. It took a few trials, but at last a goodly amount of power was going into her feet, up her legs and passing through the insides of her thighs, thanks to the metal clips piercing her skin. From there they decided to see what might occur if both cylinders were part of the same electrical circuit. The result was spectacular and terribly messy. Anita lost control of her bowels and bladder at the same time, relieving herself of everything formerly controlled by those two organs. So ended the experiments but not the ability of their captive to endure further pain and punishment.

The latest breach of decorum seemed to infuriate them to a new level of sadism. A water hose was brought over to wash the filth from the chair and send it into one of the floor drains. At the same time they made sure that the two probes inserted into her asshole and cunt were firmly fixed in place. As soon as the water began blasting against the chair and the poor woman bound to it, electricity began flowing from between the two metal probes. Gradually the power was increased as the water continued to batter her bare body. There were shouts of satisfaction as the water began striking her big tits, making them flap and shake The shouts grew louder as the water stream was aimed at the mouth of her cunt, driving the electrified probe deeper still as her eyes bulged and her face grew paler.

Anita was too weakened to realize what new torments were being planned for her. One of the group knew some chemistry and thus both pans of water were liberally salted once the electricity had been cut. That accomplished, the electricity was now run through her entire body and there was clapping and cheers as her plump body shook and jiggled as the current raced between her ears to toes. Still not totally satisfied, the bloodthirsty crowd sought even higher levels of pain for their victim. A wire was carefully clipped to her tongue, the other end to one of her ear lobes. The burst of power paralyzed her face into a distorted mask, causing the group of fiends to stand there in total silence as the plump, naked womans face took on a feral cast. Someone finally realized that any further electricity might leave her brain dead and grossly disfigured, something that could not be easily explained away to her pimp. So ended that phase of her torture.

Before they freed Anita from the “electric” chair, she was forced to drink the contents of the two pans in which her feet had been in the past hour or so. First however, retrieving the hatpins that had been skewering her lips and tongue left some blood blisters, but this was only minor damage considering what could have been. Now there was no obstacle to having her fill her belly with what must have been over two quarts of salty water. She did this with a knife held to her throat so close that when she swallowed, it nicked her neck. The first pan went smoothly, but she fought against the second large quantity of heavily salted water that was presented to her. His knife moved down to her big tits and sliced a small piece from one of her nipples. Just as the knife was contacting her other nipple, she capitulated, noisily downing the contents of the second pan. Unfortunately for her all that salt did not react well with her roiling stomach and so she vomited most of the water all over her bare body.

To demonstrate just how angry they were with Anitas behavior, they drove hatpins beneath every fingernail. Her thumbs took three each despite her screams and begging. More pins were thrust into the webbing between each finger and driven into the hand itself, causing her to faint repeatedly. The ladies did not forget about Anitas pristine toenails. They got the same treatment as her fingernails, with the same terrible results. At this point in the evening, actually it was early morning; a part of the group took their leave, making sure to thank the host for this most enjoyable session. Now Anita faced only the more sadistic members of this group. She was too confused and in such terrible pain from what had been done to her body so far, that she could not even worry about what other things they might do to her before she was allowed to leave this place of horror.

She was freed from the chair, then her hands cuffed behind her back. She made no attempt to escape, knowing full well that she would be overpowered and subjected to even worse treatment. They dragged her to a corner that held a large commode; from the stench emanating from it, there was a great deal of piss and feces within the porcelain toilet. She was thrown to her knees in front of the bubbling toilet, and then unceremoniously her head was jammed into the foul mess and held below the surface. She had not had enough time to react as a result of the damage to her brain from the electricity that had been used to torture her previously. It was only seconds before she began ingesting the sewage. It was an unequal struggle between her urge for self-preservation and the strength of the assailant holding her head beneath the surface of this bubbling, stinking mess. Everything went black and the next thing Anita knew she was gasping and coughing up the stinking contents of the toilet. She heard laughter and then under she went once more with the same result. Anita soon lost count of the number of times she was dunked and held under until she blacked out.

She was brought around by something warm that bathed face. It still took a mine or so before she realized that people were pissing on her as a way to wash some of the filth away that had caked on her face. She quickly realized that women as well as men were abusing her in this manner. Worst were the streams of piss that were aimed directly into her eyes. The burning liquid made it almost impossible to see anything. Then strong hands held her head immobile, as her face was jammed into the cunt of one of the women who began delivering a powerful torrent of piss into her mouth. Anitas jaws were too weak even to keep her mouth stay completely closed from this disgusting deluge. Even though her mind was wandering, occasionally she would hope to survive this nightmare and return to the studio where she was someone important.

Anita was finally moved to the tub for a lengthy submersion to rid herself of most of the filth she had absorbed from her toilet session. By then she was beginning to respond to the damage that had been done to her finger and toenails. They throbbed and sent waves of pain from where the hatpins had been driven. She began to cry from the pain mixed with frustration, because there was nothing she could do to change the situation in which she found herself. She resigned herself to whatever fate had in store for her.

Into the tub she went and soon the weights were loaded onto her shoulders and around her thick waist. She gasped from the shock of the first contact with water than felt like ice to the distraught victim. They wasted little time in filling the tub until her face disappeared beneath the frigid water. Her nipples had blossomed into icicles and her weighted body was quickly covered with goose bumps. The water was invading her nostrils and there was nothing she could do to prevent whatever was going to be her fate. The blackness came quickly, but her captors made no effort to rescue her, arguing among themselves about how long they should keep her submerged.

When their captive was revived, she discovered she was out of the tub, but still very cold. She was put into a kneeling position and warned that any attempt to move would bring a terrible penalty. The group of men and women lined up and one by one they pissed into her open mouth, warning her to swallow every drop or her big tits would look like a pincushion. They all went out of their way to make her ordeal as humiliating and painful as possible. The women held her face to their cunt mouths and made sure that every drop was swallowed before they were satisfied. The men were more creative; some aiming for her eyes on occasion, others making her tilt her head back so they could direct the streams into her nostrils. The latter made her cough and move her head. At first she only took slaps, then one of the men punched the side of her head and she toppled to the floor.

The nightmare continued, this time it was the women who took a turn. Anita was put on her side and the pair took up positions, one preparing to fist her twat, the other her devastated asshole. Both lathered their hands and forearms with a greasy substance and t the urging of their companions they began the contest to see who could get more of her fist and forearm into their victims passageways. Anita lost her composure and began whimpering and then crying loudly as first one and then the other fist wormed its way past her entrances. Her reaction angered one of the men and he stepped forward and kicked the helpless woman in the belly without touching the lady who was now concentrating on getting her forearm into Anitas cunt as well. This vicious blow landed dead center against her piss filled potbelly that made an easy target. She began retching as her stomach convulsed, spewing the piss all over the floor, some of it reaching the shoes of the men. For this she took not one but two more kicks aimed as low on her gut as they dare without striking the lady fister.

The two women did their best, but were unable to move past Anitas sphincter and pussy mouth. Declaring the contest a draw, they pulled out and made Anita lick their fists until they glistened. The poor woman was beyond caring, they could have done anything they wanted to her at this point and she would not have resisted. Next their torture toy was made to lick up the piss she had vomited onto the floor before they were convinced that her ability to amuse them further had ended.  To prove the point one of the sadistic male members of the group began to stick hatpins into Anitas tits without getting much response even when he pushed two into her nipple at ninety-degree angles to each other. That signaled the end of the session except for calling a cab to transport Anita back to her owners.

The driver almost refused to take the woman, considering her condition. She was incoherent and reeked of stale piss and sweat. Hatpins poked from under her fingers and toenails, a potential for damaging the interior of the vehicle. All she wore was a pair of full cut panties, the rest she clutched to her tits. They compromised by suggesting he put his passenger into the trunk of his taxi, to which he agreed. One of the men pulled him aside and suggested that since she was a professional prostitute and they had already paid for her services, he might avail himself of her charms before dropping her off at the address they provided. He nodded his head and smiled coldly as he opened the trunk and forced the nearly naked woman into it.

The drive was a bumpy one and Anita nearly vomited on a few occasions. She was too dazed to respond to anything about her; just clutching her sari and bra as she was buffeted from side to side of the cars trunk. Finally the car stopped and a minute or so later the trunk opened. She was only able to see a dark shape; so dark were the surroundings. She heard a voice telling her to get out of the trunk, which Anita did slowly, still badly confused, her body riddled with pain from the terrible things that had been done to her. She turned around, put her hands on the back of the car and spread her legs apart. His heavy hand yanked the gusset of her panties to the side, exposing her swollen well-fucked cunt to the new customer. She grunted in pain as the head of his cock rammed against her cunt mouth. He forced his thick length slowly into her sore cunt as she gasped and whimpered from the pain. Now his hands wrapped around her tits and began pulling and twisting them as he moved deeper and deeper into her twat before he was fully erect and ready to fuck her.

Anitas mind began to wander as she was being raped by the cab driver. His big cock was stretching her sore cunt to near its limits and reaching areas inside her twat that were rarely touched. She began to focus her attention on the slapping sound that he made as he slammed his cock into her cunt without any consideration for her. Gradually her reactions started to change as his hoary hands squeezed and toyed with her aching tits. It was Pradeep who was mastering her body, making her do his will. Yes, this is the way it should be between a man and a woman; the man is master, the woman is his slave to do with as he wishes. Now her battered body began to move in rhythm to the rapists moves. Anitas nipples hardened and her cunt began to drip with her juices that had now been stirred to a boil by her masters cock. Abruptly her dream was shattered as her assailant came with a loud grunt and pulled his cock free of her clasping cunt. He rubbed the head against her ass cheeks, and then ordered her back into the trunk so he could finish his trip. Poor Anita, her dream had been replaced by a harsh reality.

                                ( To be continued jethro jodhpur )            

                          Anitas Sex Sacrifice Chapter 25

       The poor victim of a night of terror had barely gotten into her room when she was confronted by her son who had been anxiously awaiting her arrival. The other occupant of the room was still asleep, not too surprising considering that she and Pradeep had been engaged in some very serious sex play that lasted well into the early morning. All the exhausted victim wanted was some time to rid her beaten body of the stench that it carried as a result of the terrible things that had been done to it. Unfortunately her son was expecting much more from his sexy mother who had deprived him of her hot body. She was unable to fight him off when he entered the bathroom while she was in the process of removing her stinking, soaked garments prior to stepping into the small shower stall. He easily overpowered his exhausted mother and wrestled her into the shower stall, pinning her bare body against the tiled wall and attempting to insert his now hard cock into her swollen cunt.

       Anita was in no mood for such activity especially after what she had endured during that terrible evening and early morning. She flailed against the efforts of her son to rape her, and thanks to the close quarters she was able to prevent Pradeep from gaining an advantage over her. Frustrated by her resistance he stepped back slightly in hopes of finding another approach to his mother's defense. It was then that Anita's efforts to protect herself paid a dividend, her knee finding her son's testicles. Pradeep doubled over in pain and she easily pushed him from the shower and slammed the door shut in his face. Anita concentrated on cleaning her body while her son moaned and threatened her with retribution once she came out from the cramped shower. By then his cries and threats had awakened the other woman who entered the small bathroom to see what was causing all the noise. She quickly realized what was happening and forced Pradeep from the room to give his mother some privacy.

       A nearly hysterical Anita returned from the bathroom wearing only a well worn towel covering her privates. Her son and the woman gasped when they saw the condition of Anita's exposed tits. They were covered with bite marks, bruises and even small cuts as a result of the terrible things that had been done to them. The young woman became very agitated at the condition of Anita's body, fearing that she would be held accountable for what had happened to the woman. Anita was too tired and suffering greatly from all the nasty things that had been done to her during that long night. Without any concern for her audience she dropped the towel to reveal the rest of her battered and bruised body. Even Pradeep was unable to become sexually excited as his eyes roamed over his mother's naked body.

       There was no time for her to sleep despite her need to rest. All they could do was assist the confused and very frightened woman to dress and make herself presentable before she was due at the set so she could be prepared for her next scene. Somehow a fully dressed Anita made an appearance on the set despite her lack of sleep and the steady pain she was experiencing. The astonished and infuriated director sent her over to the wardrobe woman for her costume, which would be nothing but a pair of panties. The lady was astonished at the damage that had been done to Anita and she left so she could report to the director concerning the condition of the star. It began to sink into his mind that his star had been severely traumatized by her ordeal.

       He had been tricked by those who claimed Anita would only be available for having sex with the people attending the party. Such had not been the case. To get a better appreciation of Anita's true situation he returned with the wardrobe lady to see for himself what kind of problems he would have to face with his new star. If anything his fears concerning her physical status were too optimistic. If anything Anita was in worse shape. Not only was her body covered with bruises and cuts, she was hysterical, fearing that she would be severely punished for her behavior last night. Her fear struck a nerve and the director had a brilliant idea. He ordered the wardrobe mistress to use pancake makeup on Anita and bring her out to the set naked from head to foot.

       Anita looked like a zombie as she was led out to the set. The crew hardly noticed her nudity since they were busy changing the lights and cameras now that the scene had been changed by the director. Pradeep was  also on the set and the sight of his naked mother excited him tremendously as was noticed by the director. The other star, Anita's nemesis, sat by the set trying to remember the new lines she was asked to use for this scene. The director decided to have Anita arrive on the scene with her hands  tightly tied behind her back and a ball gag stifling her ability to speak, which was the purpose for it. She was going to be interrogated by the other woman, along with some of her henchmen. If all went well, Pradeep was going to get his chance to be a movie star by ass fucking his mother in an attempt to make her reveal the information she possesses.

       Anita only made a minor struggle as she was seated on the rough wooden chair and had her legs anchored tothe back rungs. In this position her swollen cunt was shown, indicating that she had been involved with a substantial number of sex parters over the last day or so. Anita was still in a daze from her experiences of last evening, which dovetailed nicely into the dialogue that the director had provided his other star. She began to curse and swear at her prisoner, warning her that unless she told them everything they wanted to hear she would wish for death but not have her wish granted. Without warning the star slapped Anita across the face a number of times, striking her so hard that her hair flew from her skull after each blow. Still not satisfied, her arch enemy moved closer and proceeded to smash her open hands against Anita's ears, deafening her victim for a few moments each time.

       It was then that one of her minions appeared, holding a large hypodermic needle in his hand and grinning as he handed it to his boss. She took it and showed Anita what was about to happen to her, grinning sadistically as she feigned injecting her victim in various parts of her bare body. Tears began to roll down the captive's cheeks as the large needle was pressed against her big tits, first one and then the other without breaking the skin. She stepped back and held the needle only inches from Anita's face. Her victim was hypnotized by the needle and didn't see one of the other henchmen pull on a leather glove and make sure it was tight around his fist.His boss arched her eyebrow and he delivered a brutal blow to the side of their prisoner's head, nearly snapping her neck from the force of the blow. Even worse the dazed woman began to vomit, the material exiting from her nostrils, preventing her from breathing. It didn't take long for her face to become blotchy as her lungs started to fail. At another signal a man approached the strangling prisoner and unbuckled the ball gag from her mouth to allow her to gain some air to breathe. The last thing she  wanted was to have her prisoner die without telling her what she needed to know.

       Anita was too busy trying to recover her senses that she ignored the hypodermic needle until it was plunged straight into the nipple of her left tit and emptied as she screamed in agony. The tip was buried over two inches into the meat of that devastated tit. Her tormentor took her time emptying the contents into Anita's tit, moving the needle around to make it even more stressful for the victim. It took less than a minute before the area where it had been injected began throbbing and swelling. Anita's eyes grew large and her entire body began to shake from the pain that grew from a pin prick into a raging inferno that crept over her entire tit. She began to frantically struggle against her bonds, but they stayed fast. A second needle was produced and the interrogator took her time tormenting her prisoner before sinking the tip into the center of Anita's other nipple. She made sure it went in as deep as possible before she began to inject the fluid into Anita's other tit. Within less than a minute her victim's tits felt as if they had been set afire from the inside. The poor woman's eyes bulged to the point that they appeared ready to pop from her skull. The other woman just stood back and enjoyed the sight of Anita's agony, knowing that there was even more horrible pain in store for her.

       The interrogator put on a pair of leather gloves that fitted tightly around her hands. Satisfied that they fit well she proceeded to deliver one solid punch after another to Anita's head, snapping it back with each blow so it struck the back of the chair to which she was restrained. Her victim was unable to avoid each powerful punch that struck the side of her head or connected to her jaw, cheeks and even her lips which were split by a pair of vicious punches. Tiring after a time she attacked the prisoner's ears, flattening them over and over with slaps from her gloved hands. From there she moved onto Anita's big tits which had grown larger and more sensitive from the previous injections they had received. It seemed that with every deep breath she took, those bags of swollen flesh grew larger still from whatever had been injected into them.

       The woman in charge began her assault by pinching those bloated bags of fat and then twisting them until tears rolled down Anita's cheeks as the poor wretch struggled hopelessly against her bonds. As bad as that was, it was nothing compared to the next very unpleasant surprise she revealed to her helpless victim. Anita nearly swallowed her tongue, despite the ball gag, when her tits were punched relentlessly by the gloved woman. This terrible beating only added to the pain lancing through her pendulous tits. She was quickly approaching her limit, now on the verge of losing her grip on her own mind. The naked prisoner began to mindlessly strike her head against the back of the chair to which she was fastened, hoping that she might knock herself unconscious, but it proved to be another failure.

       Now it was time for a different approach to break the will of this ingrate and enemy spy. The director had earlier decided that Anita was to let her pubic and underarm hair grow, thus providing other areas of her body that could be tortured, perhaps resulting in a confession from her. Her interrogator was now taking stock of her victim's sexuality, planning to use that as a tool to breeak her will. This cunt was a worthless prostitute as far as she was concerned. This meant that almost anything could and would be used to make her reveal the secrets she held. It only took a glance at the thick patch of pubic hair that guarded the slut's cunt to make her decide this was to be her next area to punish on this unrenconstructed  creature.

       The director insisted that Pradeep enter the scene at this point and see what he could do to make his mother confess her misdeeds. He eagerly approached his mother and sank to his knees before her spread thighs and the forest of pubic hair that protected her cunt from unwanted attentions. She reacted the moment his tongue began licking the entrance to her cunt, soaking the pubic hair to tame it and give his tongue easier access to her secret places. She arched her bare body and thurst her cunt against his mouth as he parted her cunt lips and prepared to stick his tongue up into her twat and begin exciting her even more. Anita was now concentrating exclusively on what was beginning to occur, not paying any attention to what was going on around her. A third hypodermic had been prepared and was waiting for the ideal time to be used. His mistress leaned over and ordered him to sit back on his heels while they did something to the traitor. The moment he moved back, the needle was driven into her clitoris which  had been swelling with sexual excitement prior to this terrible interruption. In the blink of an eye every muscle and sinew of her body strained to escape the unbelievable pain that now bloomed from her sexual seat.

       Anita spent every ounce of strength in a vain attempt to escape the horrible forest fire that burned with silent fury only a few inches from the entrance to her cunt and that ball of fused sexuality.  She started to make the slide downward into madness, unable to cope with the terrible unending pain now wracking her plump, sexually active body. It was becoming apparent to her torturer that further pain would not cause any further agony. More drugs were the answer. At the urging of the director Anita's body was now dosed with drugs aimed at increasing her sexual needs and providing a potent response to whatever was to come afterward. Her swollen, throbbing tits and overactive clitoris continued to drive the nearly middle-aged woman no matter how much the other drugs impacted her behavior. This would determine her fate as well as the movie that still had only a skeleton of a plot that required more from its stars, especially Anita. There would be no relief for Anita's sexual needs. Even more powerful drugs were still under the control of the director and would be used if necessary to save the production.

       Once Anita began to respond to the new drugs that were being pumped into her naked body, she was removed from the chair, and had the  ball gag taken from her mouth. She was about to be turned over to the gang of thugs, but to be on the safe side, her hands were tightly tied behind her back. The gang laughed at the way their prey staggered like some type of drug addict, which in reality she had become. Her assailants were cautioned not to leave any obvious marks on her body as they raped her without any feelings of remorse. To these criminals, a naked woman who was once a member of high society and now nothing but a cheap prostitute still was an exciting sex partner to most of them. It didn't take long for them to begin groping her big tits and poking their unwashed hands into her dripping cunt. The strongest members of the gang had the first opportunity to enjoy this former high class woman's sex flesh. It proved to be a revelation and made every member of the gang excited about having a chance to enjoy her cunt, tits, mouth and even her still tight asshole.

       It took some discipline before the thugs settled who was going to do her and when. The first who had her cunt were delighted by the experience. Most had never had an opportunity to have sex with a woman of a higher caste, and this proved to be a revelation for them. Naturally they were unaware of the effect that was provided by what had been injected into her clitoris. Anita could not get enough sex when it came to whoever was assaulting her weeping, dripping, convulsing sex channel. No matter how  hard her rapist drilled this overheated fuck machine, she responded eagerly and begged for more, no matter how long they managed to survive fucking that cauldron of fire. As far as Anita was concerned, there always seemed to be a thug ready with his hard cock to satisfy her needs for a time.

       After the initial gang rape they became a little more selective now that they realized what type of sex partner they were attempting to dominate. The smarter ones made deals with others to provide more sex for the  crazed middle-aged woman who never seemed to be satisfied. On occasion two men would pair up and give her fiery twat a more lengthy fucking, especially now that they had already taken off the edge with their previous rapes of this insatiable sex creature. When the two of them did her as a team they had more time to keep her reasonably satisfied since they could alternate, one resting while the other fucked her brains out, his cock slamming mercilessly deep into her dripping cunt. She'd yell and promise to be their sex slave forever as long they continued to fuck her worn-out twat. However when the two managed to penetrate her simultaneously, stretching her tired fuck tunnel to limits she never knew she possessed, her screams and roars would act as an irritant, leading to severe penalties for Anita's bad behavior.

       Her screams soon grew tiresome to her rapists, who now plugged her mouth and throat with their stiff or nearly stiff cocks. Others would punch her swollen tits bringing eerie sounds from her stuffed mouth. A few used her floppy tits to stiffen their cocks so they could continue to fuck her senseless or paint those battered bags of swollen flesh with sperm as she begged for more stiff cock to keep the flames going in her twat. Her clitoris had grown so big that it made entry to her fuck tunnel a problem unless the angle of attack was made properly. More than one rapist had to suffer pain when he encountered her fat sex center at the wrong point as he tried to get his corkscrewed cock past that pulsating sex sentinel. Naturally that meant a great deal of pain for their victim to absorb in exchange for the pain she gave to her rapist.

       A few gang members were only interested in Anita's asshole and they took over when the others needed a rest from their labors. There were times when three different rapists were using her, one plugging  her throat, another sawing away between her swollen, battered tits and a third probing the depths of her asshole and lower intestine. All during this gang-bang the director's cameras were making sure that he captured every movement of Anita's degradation. Even so this was still not enough for the oversexed woman. Her cunt had to be filled to its limit and beyond no matter whatever was happening elsewhere to her body.

       While all this activity was happenng on the set, off to the side Pradeep was being fluffed by a volunteer, working diligently to make sure he was erect and ready for his part of the scene. She was a student at the university and eager to be part of this adventure. To be sure that Pradeep was excited by not only her hot mouth, but also her sexy body, she had removed all her clothing except for a pair of bikini panties. Normally these were only worn when she was going on a hot date that would end in a long thick cock fucking her tight cunt perhaps as often as three or four times. She had begun hardening him almost an hour ago and in her enthusiasm for her task she had caused him to ejaculate into her warm mouth rather quickly. Fortunately the director had been too busy to notice this gaffe on her part. To make sure that he was erect in time for his part in this scene, she pushed him down and rubbed his limp cock against the crotch of her bikini panties, while at the same time her snake-like tongue  moved in and out of his mouth, exciting him quickly once more. Once this was done she fed him her firm tits and allowed him to suck and lick them but that was as far as he could go. She did however agree to go to his room afterward so they could have some hot sex.

       Just before he went onto the set he took a quick look at what was happening. Those who had spent their loads of cum more than once were now mostly onlookers. They were now focused on the other members of the gang who were either still working hard at feeding the flames still burning inside his sex-crazed mother's cunt or busy widening her asshole to accommodate more cocks and even a few fists. To Pradeep it was difficult to ever imagine that his mother was anything except this creature that had an insatiable appetite for all things sexual. It excited and frightened him at the same time. It was unbelievable what this crazed member of the upper class would allow these thugs to do to degrade her hot-holed body. Just before he went of the set he looked back to see his new girlfriend obscenely wiggling her fat tongue in his direction, while at the same time she was rubbing the soaking wet crotch of her bikinis panties.

       His attention was broken by the new sounds coming from the gang of thugs enjoying his mother's latest degradation. She was on her belly with two thugs attempting to insert their cocks at the same time into her well-fucked asshole which was swollen and looked like an open wound from all the raping it had endured. What got his attention however was the other thug who had his hands full of Anita's thick hair, pulling her head back to the point that it appeared another yank might break her neck. Standing over her were three more members of the rape gang. They were pissing down into her face and aiming at her open mouth. She made no effort to escape this utterly degrading activity, his mother had been tamed and turned into something even lower than the cruel thugs that were tormenting her.

                                  (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                               Anita’s Sex Sacrifice –

Chapter 26

       For all his bravado Pradeep felt out of place in this mob scene. He was repelled by the behavior of the other members of the scene who were thrilled by this chance to degrade his mother. However there was nothing he could do except follow the instructions he was given by the director. Fortunately for him the rest of the cast was not doing what the director wished of them now that Pradeep was in the scene. The action was stopped long enough for the director to castigate the thugs and make them understand that from this point onward the youth was the star. There was some grumbling but their new orders were grudgingly obeyed.

       Anita was flipped over onto her back and a pair of thugs began taking turns fisting the sex-crazed high class woman as she screamed for more cock. Pradeep straddled her face and shoved his stiff cock into his mother’s mouth. She practically inhaled his sex organ and he felt pain to the point that he withdrew and angrily slapped his mother across the face for her impertinence. The others cheered his actions and urged him to continue to break her will every time she got out of hand. He was exalted by their reaction and so he joined in with a firm hand and anger in his heart. He pressed his cock back into his mother’

s mouth and made the woman gag on it. When she struggled he cuffed her across the head and face a number of times as his fellow rapists cheered him.

               He glanced over to where the young college girl was and got a sign from her that she wanted his cock desperately; at least that is what he interpreted her sign to have been. His mind began to wander from his mother to the college girl. He wondered how hot her pussy would be once he began kissing and licking that hairy maw she obviously possessed. Gradually his cock softened to the point that it slipped from Anita’s slack mouth. The director made the most of the situation, signaling him to piss into his mother’

s mouth and see if he could also get her in the eyes. It did not prove to be any sort of challenge and he once more was the master of the situation.

               The director called for a break so his star could be given more drugs to enable her to finish this lengthy scene featuring almost a dozen hard cocks before it would be finished late this evening. While he was watching Anita being gang raped by the men he had some new ideas about what to do to the woman before this scene was concluded. He knew that the final scene for her where she is raped by a pack of dogs would finish her career as a porn actress. So all he had because of the poor condition of her body were two more scenes. The upcoming portion of this scene that would feature Pradeep would be fine since they were truly a mother-son arrangement. Tomorrow's scene with Anita would be very lengthy and be dominated by the other star of the film. The main star would supervise Anita's torture, utter humiliation and degradation then finally see her will broken at last.

               He was hopeful that more powerful drugs, which he had on hand, would allow Anita to continue, even though by then her bare body would be covered from head to toe with bruises, cuts, bite marks and burns. Secretly he looked forward to seeing just how much pain and degradation this mature woman was capable of enduring. His musings brought to mind the arrangement he had with the brothel owner. His expectations concerning his property's physical and mental condition would be less than he anticipated. This would be a problem that might require more money to be paid for her services. If the movie was a success there would be enough money to make his silent partner happy or at least mollified.

               While attention was given to Anita, her son neglected her to once more allow his fluffer to worship his cock. This time she not only sucked him to a rigid state, the college girl also provided a peek of what was beneath her bikini panties. Had the break been much longer Pradeep and the girl might have found a quiet place to have some hot sex as a taste of coming attractions. Meanwhile the director had checked on the progress of his star, Anita, who was being injected with more drugs. He was glad she was as plump as she was, since that amount of drugs might have seriously caused problems for one of less stature. These special drugs would raise her blood pressure and keep her awake regardless of what was being done to her naked body, both inside and outside as well. Satisfied that she was ready for the final part of the scene, he called for the other people who would play the rest of the roles.

               Two members of the rape gang were selected to play parts in this portion of the scene. They were big, brawny and had issues they wished to resolve with the sex-crazed nearly middle-aged woman. No matter how hard and often they had fucked this worn out less than youthful old slut, she complained that their efforts were not enough for her needs. She also put on airs she didn't deserve considering her current status and the fact that previously she was a prostitute. For this part of the scene she was dragged across the stage by her hair, naked as the day she was born, with her hands tied tightly behind her back. Untied, she made little effort to prevent them from stringing her up by her wrists to a hook in the false ceiling, her legs spread wide and anchored by her big toes to bolts set in the floor. The two of them amused themselves at her expense, running their big hands over her bare body and even sticking their filthy fingers into her private places, as she hung there, her head down on her chest, those big, swollen melons heaving from the rush of drugs racing through her system.

               Pradeep joined them and let them know that he had no interest in this slattern except if he got desperate for a fuck. They laughed, having seen him getting his cock sucked by the nearly naked college girl. He grinned at them and suggested they see if his whorish mother still had an urge for hard cock. From where he was standing he could smell her hot, juicy cunt still hungry for lots and lots of stiff cock that would never get soft. They went back to fondling his mother and humiliating her, whispering that she was no lady of a high caste, but just a worthless whore who was hung up on hard cock. At that point Pradeep exposed himself, showing Anita his stiff, throbbing cock and letting her know that after this scene he and the college girl were going to fuck all night on the bed she used last night.

               To make her even more hysterical, he hinted that she would be used by another group this very evening and they'd probably fuck her all night and most of the morning, since there were dozens and dozens of people eager to humiliate and degrade a slut like her. Having said that he proceeded to poke his hard cock against his mother's bare belly, enjoying the tickling of her pubic hair. He spit into her eyes and slapped his mother over and over, her hair flying across her face with each blow he landed. His companions cheered him on and then took over, beginning to beat her senseless. He stood to the side to get a good view of the beating his mother was absorbing. He couldn't resist beginning to toy with his stiff cock as his mother stared at it, licking her lips as the beating continued.

               One of the men stood before his helpless victim and used his thick leather strap on her swollen, bruised and battered tits, each blow making those big bags of fat bounce up and down as the leather flattened them. The other had taken his position behind her so he could whip the backs of her legs, going up one and down the other as his victim grunted and begged for mercy. From there he concentrated on Anita's plump, fleshy hams, now using a heavy, stiff, rubber hose to make each blow capable of delivering extruciating pain as it landed. Soon her rump was two multi-colored lumps of bruised, swollen meat. The two thugs soon tired from their exertions, so they took a break and amused themselves by raping Anita with the hose. They took turns ramming the heavy rubber hose into her dripping maw, bringing screams of agony from the sex-crazed woman. However she remained conscious even when half the hose was driven into her fuck tunnel, evidence that the latest injection of drugs had done the job of keeping this whore awake and vocal.

               The director ordered the men to resume Anita's beating and so they took turns using either the strap or rubber hose to decorate their victim's body with fresh bruises and welts. She made so much noise that the director had her stifled once more with the ball gag. The beating continued and now her swollen, dripping twat became the main target of their blows. The two thugs were now standing on either side of their helpless victim, slamming blow after blow into that hot sex box that never seemed to stop flowing. Finally Pradeep stepped up to his nearly unconscious mother and cursed her for being the whore that she had become. His voice was strong and sincere, bringing smiles from some of the cast as well as the director. The youth grabbed her by the hips and held her steady as he drove his hard cock deep into her fuck tunnel, making her entire body shudder from the impact of his assault. He grined evilly and rammed even deeper into the very tunnel that he had used to make his entry into the world of men. His face tightened with anger as his cock pumped in and out of her worn out cunt while her eyes popped and tears ran down her cheeks.

               Despite the terrible beating she already had received, her body responded erotically to her son's assault. There was nothing she could hold back as his prong ripped open her worn out cunt while he twisted the flesh he held to keep her naked body steady as he raped her with a fury that made the director glow. Even the two thugs were impressed by his efforts and so they moved around to her backside to resume the beating they had stopped when Pradeep began raping his beaten and battered, hot-holed prostitute of a mother. They started by concentrating on her armpits, both of them now using rubber hoses. Soon they moved down to her rib cage and slammed their hard rubber hoses against the bones that were now outlined beneath her stretched skin. By now Pradeep had gone almost insane with lust and anger. He was biting and tearing the skin from his mother's body, reveling in the flow of blood he had created as he continued to slam his hard prick deep into his whore-mother's totally fucked out twat. Somehow Anita managed to summon up sufficient energy to briefly match the intensity of what her son was pouring into her wasted womb. It was impossible for her to continue this effort, and so she returned to just being a piece of fuck flesh that her son was pounding into a bloody pulp.

               The terrible beating of her rib cage began to make it almost impossible for Anita to get a deep breath. The director agonized over whether or not to remove the gag from Anita's mouth, and decided against it for the moment. He realized that once it was removed her voice would quickly crack,decided to have the ball gag removed from her mouth so her shouts and screams could be heard, knowing that her voice would soon crack and in effect silence her once more. It was becoming more and more difficult for Anita to focus on the way her son was fucking her dripping cunt. Between the great fucking she was getting from her angry son and the brutal beating being dealt out to her by his helpers, she was now approaching madness from the pain and pleasure she was experiencing. Without warning her son had changed his attack, grabbing her big pillowy tits and twisting them with all his strength as he rammed his cock as deep as he could push it into her loose, weeping fuck channel. He was now enjoying the way her cunt mindlessly humped against his body, but soon even that was not enough for him. She loved what he was giving her, even the beating sexually excited the poor bitch. Anita almost lost her mind when her son pinched her nipples flat and then raised those well whipped tits for even more pain. He ordered the two men to busy themselves with torturing her big, swollen, heavy, black and blue tits. This time they would be using lit cigarettes to burn the undersides of those mammoth milk glands that suckled him many years ago.

               It took a few attempts before the two men began working in concert, one pulling up one of the big, battered and swollen tits so his companion could scorch the underside with his lit cigarette. The reaction of the nearly insane woman was amazing. Her wrecked and ruined cunt would squeeze down on her son's cock, capturing him as if she had a vise inside that dripping, quivering fuck channel. Once the glowing coal of the torture stick had been withdrawn, her cunt would relax, freeing her son's hard prong. They worked like machines, moving back and forth between those bruised bags of meat, burning each until the woman's eyes bulged and her tight twat clamped down on Pradeep's cock. They worked slowly and soon have gone through a number of cigarettes. Their victim was barely conscious despite the drugs that still flowed throughout her battered, blistered and bruised body. Despite his hatred for his mother, her hot cunt finally forced her son to ejaculate, sending an armada of blind swimmers moving up her fuck channel toward the promised land, her dry as dust birthing chamber.

               He stepped away from his worn out whore of a mother and turned her over to the tender mercies of the two men assigned to assist him as he brought her  closer to death. They went to work on Anita's cunt mouth, slashing away at the entrance to her twat, leaving more lacerations than could be counted. Her pussy  mouth was now a scarlet gash from all the fucking and whipping it had absorbed. He decided to join the fun and soon had another thick leather strap wrapped around his fist. Soon he was slashing away at his mother's swollen, bruised tits, pounding those meat bags so hard that they never stopped bouncing, so fast and furious were the blows he landed. He rapidly ran out of energy and had to stop his efforts. It was then he realized his cock was once more hardening. This time his target would be his mother's asshole and before he stopped it would be bleeding profusely from his hard thrusts into that over-stretched, festering swamp.

               While he made sure his cock would be serviceable, his two underlings returned to whipping Anita's cunt with great enthusiasm. Pradeep decided it might be fun to hear his mother beg for mercy now that they have beaten her to her limits and perhaps beyond. She was still conscious, awake and eager for more cock it would seem. Prying the ball gag fom her distended jaws proved to be a challenge which initially frustrated them to the point that lit cigarettes were once more used on her tits, this time searing the fat nipples as her eyes bulged and her cunt oozed more sex cream than anytime previously. Finally one of them was so infuriated that he kicked Anita squarely in the crotch, inverting her cuntlips from the force of the blow. Blood began to seep from her ruined cunt, which calmed everyone back to something close to normal.

               The ball gag was finally popped from her stretched mouth and she screamed shrilly as another cigarette was snuffed out in her navel. At this point in the scene Pradeep began inserting his cock into his mother's asshole, making sure to cause as much pain as possible for the whore. Most of her scabs were now opened once more and soon her cheeks were coated with her blood. This excited her son and he nearly went crazy at the sight of so much blood and the loud moans and screams coming from his mother's parched mouth. The director was thrilled at this added bit of horror and urged the youth to give his mother every inch of cock he could provide. It was a gruesome scene that followed, featuring his anal rape of Anita while her bleeding body was turned into a lump of gory, festering, contorted flesh by the two thugs. He was so enraged at what was happening that he almost lost his mind. His hands were now grasping her big, bleeding, swollen tits and twisting them cruelly as his hard prong tried to split her tight sphincter and start its assault on her tender insides. He discovered to his amazement and horror that she seemed to be enjoying the anal raping he was delivering. Her whipped and tattered ass cheeks, still bleeding profusely, seemed to clench and relax with every movement of his hard cock that was now halfway inserted into his mother's asshole.

               Infuriated at her whorish behavior Pradeep yanked his prong from her spasming asshole and suggested that his men provide this old slut with some fresh cock before he went back to work making her realize just what an unreconstructed slut and worthless whore she truly was. They were delighted to get another chance to further humiliate this slut pig. A thick hard cock was soon splitting her bloated, tattered, bleeding cunt, while the other waited eagerly for his chance to further humiliate this piece of sex trash. While the two thugs enjoyed ruining what was left of his mother's cunt, Pradeep decided to see how far up her swollen, bleeding asshole he could ram a rubber hose. It was slow going for a time, her sphincter was still intact and resisting his efforts. He solved that problem by lighting up a cigarette and pressing the glowing coal against that stubborn muscle. Her shrill scream seemed endless as a small portion of the firm, strong muscle was charred to a crisp.

               That obstacle removed he grabbed the hose with both hands and jammed it past his mother's weaken asshole with one great thrust. Her cry of agony stopped the thugs in their tracks as they were in the process of switching places. Soon a fresh cock would be destroying whatever was left of the whore's cunt. The youth wasted no time ramming the hose even deeper into his mother's convulsing lower intestine, her cries for mercy acting as music to his ears. The rapists had now changed places and the fresh cock was scrapping the last fragments of mucous from her cunt walls, leaving them vulnerable to anything that entered this region. Pradeep was so engrossed in destoying his mother's intestines that he failed to notice the blood that was leaking from the narrow fissure between the hose and the woman's asshole. It was dripping off the bottom of her tattered ass cheeks before he realized what was happening. At first he exalted in what he had caused, but then he became frightened, fearing the wrath of the director. He panicked and ran from the stage, leaving everyone speechless, especially the director.

               It was quickly apparent that the star of this scene would not be able to  continue until at the earliest tomorrow. During that period the director and a few students would attempt to rewrite the remainder of the next two scenes as well as what remained for this one as well. He was not able to find Pradeep, but was informed by one of the stage hands that he and the college girl, who was sucking him off during the breaks, had left the area. As luck would have it, she had a close friend from school who had a very small apartment that she often allowed Shiva, Pradeep's new girl friend, to share when she was having sex with some new boy or even two at the  same time. He was delighted to have an opportunity to not only escape the wrath of the director, but still have an opportunity to have some good sex with this very sexy girl. What he didn't know was that Shiva's friend would also be joining them to make it a threesome.

                               (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                                            Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 27

       On the way to his new lover's apartment, generously volunteered for his latest assignation, Pradeep had an opportunity to calm himself and plan for how to explain his behavior to the director. Even now he was reliving his activities when it came to what he had done to his loyal, loving mother. Despite their recent intimate relationship, he was less than her loving son, having at last taken his position of superiority when it came to his mother.  She would have to make the most of her situation once they returned her to the brothel owner. As for himself, he felt confident that he could work some type of arrangment that would leave Anita in the hands of the brothel owner while he would be able to use her body on certain occasions without any fee for her services.

       Pradeep was already fondling his new girlfriend even as she knocked on the door to the small apartment. It took some time for the door to open a crack and a dark eye frocus on the two lovers. By now Pradeep was squeezing Shiva's firm tits and at the same time sucking the flesh of her neck. She laughed at his blatant display of affection and said something to whoever was behind the door. It opened just wide enough for the two lovers to enter and be introduced to Adita. Pradeep was taken aback at her wanton display of bare flesh. Accept for a bra that was straining to hold back the girl's large fleshy tits, she was naked. Shiva wasted no time embracing the nearly naked young woman, who reciprocated passionately, her flickering tongue entering Shiva's mouth. All he could do was watch the display and lick his lips in anticipation of what was to follow. What followed was not what he expected.

       He surveyed the tiny parcel of space that evidently had no bathroom or kitchen; what he saw was the entire place. The youth had forgotten the two young women as he still searched for any signs of a hidden recess. By the time he returned to them, Shiva had disrobed down to her bikini panties that featured a very wet crotch. He thought that was a very good sign of what to expect, but there still was the other young woman who evidently also wished to be accommodated. He still was full of himself, basking in the memory of what his mother had endured for his sake, and what he planned for her sexual future as his slave. Shiva wasted no time making him understand that he was expected to sexually satisfy the hostess before she could allow him access to her body.

       Things got even stranger when Adita presented him with rope made from hemp and turned her back so he could bind her wrists. Shiva insisted that the ropes really dig into her friend's flesh until she cried out. While he tied the woman's hands tightly, Shiva rummaged around and came up with a pair of underpants that had been worn recently and remained unwashed. These would be used later once the trio had satiated themselves. She forced the helpless woman to get to her knees and put her head back. Her eyes were positively sparkling once Adita assumed this position. Now for the first time Pradeep got a good look at this passive young lady. She was a bit overweight, but not disgustingly so. He reached down and popped her tits from the bra and hefted those large melons with very stiff nipples.

       While he squeezed and yanked on those massive bags of flesh Shiva told him a story about her dear friend. Adita had met any number of interesting men, but was unable to allow them the type of access to her voluptuous body that they wanted. She became very frustrated and finally agreed to the idea of letting herself be put into bondage by her male partner with Shiva acting as an observor to protect her from overly strenuous behavior on his part. The first time did not work out perfectly, but the young man did return a few nights later and once Adita was restrained he proceeded to use her body to his satisfaction while Shiva watched and made suggestions concerning Adita's likes and dislikes.Once he left, Shiva took advantage of the situation and made Adita lick her pubic mound until she had a very satisfying orgasm herself. Ever since that first interaction Shiva became an integral part of any sexual activity involving Adita regardless of whether or not a male was involved.

       Pradeep got busy, very busy once Shiva's story ended. The girl's mouth now stayed open as his cock went in and out to increase it's size before he started to screw his new sex partner. Shiva had cleared out some space in  these cramped quarters so Pradeep had an area to use, and he made the most of it. Adita's legs were soon dangling over his shoulders as his hard cock slammed mercilessly into her wet dripping cunt. Shiva sat nearby and shamelessly masturbated at the sight he and his new sex partner created. Anita's son remained focused on the task at hand, causing Adita's big plump body to bounce in rhythm with every stroke he delivered. Having already had sex with Anita, he was able to control his urges with this new sex partner.

       He took a break to recover his strength, and Shiva took over to keep her girl friend in an excited state from all the cock Pradeep was providing her. Watching Shiva lick Adita's well fucked cunt only got him more excited. He returned to his task and this time he made her kneel so that he could take her from the rear and at the same time fondle those huge tits that dangled like low hanging fruit from a tree. Shiva had found something to use as a seat and while her companion skewered Adita from the rear, she had ther girl lick and suck her sweaty pubes. For the moment all three were satisfied with the  arrangement. They continued at a relatively fast pace with Adita the closest to fulfillment. Shiva was having a difficult time controlling the plump twenty-something and resorted to pulling her hair and even slapping her face to calm her.

       Watching Pradeep's lean body pumping like a machine got Shiva very excited and eager to have another taste of his hard sex organ. She could tell from the way Adita's lips and tongue were bathing her pubic mound and entry to her cunt that she was very close to a most satisfying orgasm. Without warning Adita's body shuddered and she tried to swallow Shiva's pubic mound as her plump form shook from the intensity of her orgasm. Pradeep continued to pound his prick deep into Adita's cunt despite her reaction to what he had already given to her. Shiva thrust her pubic mound into Adita's face forcing her to concentrate on what was being provided for her to satisfy. She grabbed handfuls of thick hair from her friend and used them as reins to control her movements. A few minutes later Pradeep groaned and began pumping his hot seed into his sex companion. That caused a minor orgasm to occur, but it quickly disappeared. Having satisfied his needs, Anita's son rested and ordered the two women to begin to have sex.

       It was very apparent that they had made love to each other many times, even perhaps unfettered. However for the  moment he enjoyed the mismatch between them. Shiva managed to gain the upper hand and soon Adita's tongue was worshipping her most intimate areas while Shiva massaged the woman's huge breasts and teased the stiff nipples with her tongue and teeth. Pradeep became more involved, demanding that Shiva suck his cum from Adita's cunt. There was some muttering on her part, but a whack to her flank covinced her that he was the master of this trio. Watching and realizing that Shiva was expertly suctioning his cum from her friend's cunt excited him to the point that his cock began to harden once more. By the time Shiva had sucked up and swallowed the last drop of his male offering Adita was ready for another session, but she would have to wait while he satisfied Shiva.

       His suggestion that Shiva allow herself to be tied like Adita was received with a scowl and a quick shake of her head. Being in a playful mood he made an overture to Adita who quickly spread her legs and began thrusting her crotch up and in his direction. Pradeep began stroking his cock to make sure it was good and hard before once more covering Adita while an open-mouthed Shiva fumed at his intentions. At the last possible moment Shiva capitulated and allowed her hands to be tied behind her back before she was fucked hard and for an exceedingly long period by this wild man. She was unaware that his session with Anita had opened a new page in his sex life with his mother. He was determined to have her exclusively as his sex slave. This did not exclude the possibiity that he might on occasion trade her body to Hari in exchange for some favor, or the use of one of his top prostitutes for Pradeep's use only. Such were his dreams as he prepared to fuck this college student until she begged for mercy. Unfortunately for her, mercy was no longer in his vocabulary.

       Shiva was on her knees, head back as Pradeep thrust his hard cock deep inside her mouth to the point that she choked on it.That seemed to excite him even more and so he held her head steady and slammed his cock as deep into her mouth as he could. When he withdrew, Shiva's face was a bright red and a long streamer of her saliva stretched between her lips and the head of his dong. Twice more he gagged her this way before deciding to begin fucking her hard and fast, the way any young whore like this deserved it. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Adita trying to join them. He assisted her so that she could start licking Shiva's face and neck while he rammed away inside his victim's wet, tight twat.

       He was forced to take a break after fucking her for at least ten minutes. He used her body as a pallet while he caught her breath before resuming his attack on Shiva's dripping cunt. Once more he pounded away inside her wet cavern and she did her best to match his efforts, trying to move her cunt upward to meet his downward thrusts. Once more he had to rest, and this time he decided to let the two women provide him with some entertainment. With his help they were repositioned so they were mouth to cunt and could eat out each other's swampy fuck holes. He was amused at the swine-like grunts that came from these two as they searched for any drop of pussy cream or cum that was still warm.

       Once more refreshed he had Shiva on her belly, legs parted while he fucked her hard, making her butt cheeks bounce every time his cock went deep as possible into that well-worn twat. She began to make grunting sounds mixed with squeals as his dick rammed and slammed into her yielding pussy. Adita began to ask, then demand some of Pradeep's hard cock. When he pulled out of Shiva's loose, soaked, twat she moaned her frustration, claiming she was very close to her orgasm. He promised not to ejaculate inside Adita's cunt, but get her hot and bothered instead as a form of punishment. This somewhat mollified his partner for the moment. To make the situation even more enticing, he had Shiva squat on Adita's face while he fucked the plump female and at the same time teased and tortured her big tits with slaps, punches and scratches of his fingernails on those meaty sacks of fat, making her cry out as much as Shiva's cunt would allow.

       Pradeep was on the verge of his ejaculation, unfortunately it would be in the wrong cunt unless he took action immediately. He scrambled from Adita and urged Shiva to ready herself for his load. She moved quickly and soon they were coupled and he was moving with rapid stokes to release the armada of blind swimmers that were eagerly awaiting their moment. Adita had managed to move close to them and licked her lips in anticipation. Pradeep raised his lean body up on his arms and drove his cock with animal-like fury into Shiva's aching sex channel and released one spurt after another of his seed into the girl's waiting sex chamber. Finished with this labors, he collapsed on her sweaty body and rested. There would be no rest however since Adita was already demanding another round of sex from him as soon as possible. All he could do was sigh and see if they would allow him time to rest and recuperate before taking on another challenge to his masculinity.

       Fortunately both of his sex partners had their hands tied behind their backs, giving Predeep an advantage. He wondered if it was possible to find something else to use as hobbles for these sex maniacs. However there was also the matter of finding something in which to piss. Adita offered an answer provided he guarantee her the next opportunity once his cock hardened. The youth cleverly agreed to this arrangement, since she had not specifically identified herself as ther one who might harden his cock. Adita led him to where the honey pot was located, hidden behind a wall of clothing and other odd items. It hadn't been emptied for quite some time based on the stench surrounding it. She promised to empty the container provided he untie her wrists so she could carry it. He thought it funny that she would carry this stinking pot while stark naked with his sperm dripping from her hairy cunt mouth. Not only that, it would enable his partner, Shiva, to put her hot wet mouth to its proper use while her friend was out of the apartment.

       He made her kneel next to the container, which turned out to be a small garbage can, and watch as his cock spewed piss into the nearly overflowing can. He joked that she had two options, one was to carry the heavy can down to the end of the corridor to empty it, or put her head inside and drink the foul smelling contents. If she did the second option he promised to fuck her before Shiva. She wasn't that dumb after all. He was irritated and forced the  girl to kneel and suck his cock to get the last few drops from his bladder. Adita did such a good job that his cock was already beginning to harden once more. His hostess was pleasantly surprised when Pradeep offered to escort her to where the tenants emptied their honey pots.

       More than one door opened to reveal a naked male preening himself in hopes that she might be foolish enough to join him in his smelly apartment. After the second incident Pradeep decided to see if he could convince Adita to let him have a chance at her dark hole that seemed to draw him like a magnet. He argued  forcefully that she secretly wished for a hard cock to penetrate her dark place and make her a real woman capable of sexually satisfying any male partner. His guess proved to be correct, and to make certain that she had agreed, he demanded that she place the honey pot on her head to allow every portion of her naked body to be visible for all to see on the trip to where she would empty the can and then her return by the same path to give all those preening males another view of her physical charms. In that way the various perverts living in this huge, poorly maintained building got a hint of what she offered to the right person.

       Shiva was masturbating furiously by the time Adita and Pradeep returned, hand in hand. She was so engaged that Shiva hardly noticed that her friend was  stark naked and had a mischievous grin on her face. The youth was angry at her behavior, especially since he had left her hands tied behind her back. She teased him that his failure over a simple thing like rope might indicate that there were other things that he also might be unable to perform properly. He lost his temper at that point and grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back and forth across the messy room as she screeched and cried. It ended with him astride Shiva, pinning her body and administering a volley of slaps to her face as she screamed and cried. Tiring he started to choke the teenager as she lost her strength. Adita just watched and manipulated her genitals, delighting in the situation that was going to end with her in command when it came to which of them would enjoy Pradeep's hardened cock.

       Shiva was hysterical by then and fell prey to Pradeep who managed to get her hands bound tightly behind her back. That accomplished, he amused himself by twisting the teen's big tits and even biting those beauties to the point that he drew some blood and left teeth marks by the dozens. Still not satisfied he tried to make her stand up, but she struggled against his wishes, thwarting his plans for additional punishment. She was unprepared for what happened next. He rose up and without any warning proceeded to kick Shiva in the crotch, nearly lifting her from the floor and bringing loud clapping from a still naked Adita. His new found sex partner presented him with a pair of her filthy panties to gag Shiva, who was still  trying to recover from the vicious kick she had taken. The youth made sure that every bit of those stinking underpants was lodged inside the  teen's mouth. Adita now gave him a small length of rope to keep the gag inside her friend's mouth. A few scarfs from Adita made a perfect hobble for Shiva and then she came up with her prized possession, a plastic dildo almost a foot long. From the way her eyes were wide open once she saw the toy, it was obvious they both had used it often when there were no men available to fuck them long and hard.

       Pradeep kept Shiva's cunt mouth wide open as Adita fed it inch by inch into the teenager's twat as her eyes grew even larger as more of it filled her dripping pussy. Unfortunately the batteries had run down recently and Adita had not replaced them. Almost in concert with the entry of the dildo into Shiva's fuck tunnel was the sudden pounding on the door and male voices demanding to be let inside so they could fuck the two whores for free. Adita grinned and made a joke about allowing the men to have Shiva while they enjoyed each other without being observed by another party. The girl's eyes nearly popped from their sockets when she heard Adita's thoughts on what to do with their intruder. Pradeep didn't catch on to her joke for a few moments which just added to the fear that was taking hold of Shiva.

       Why Pradeep did what he did was a combination of self confidence and the way he had dominated his poor benighted mother earlier this day. He flung open the door and nearly knocked the trio of skinny,naked, wild-eyed, bearded youths who were unprepared for Pradeep's presence. They could see portions of Adita's room and one caught a glimpse of the naked Shiva bound hand and foot with something poking from her cunt. He made a rush to get past the youth, but was thwarted by a blow from Adita who had found and was now using a cudgel of sorts. The other two were transfixed by Pradeep's demeanor and backed away from the open door. Seconds later their companion joined them nursing a growing lump on her shoulder from Adita's weapon. With a withering stare Pradeep stepped back into Adita's room and slammed the door in their surprised faces.

       In less than a minute Adita's hand was wrapped around his growing prong and her fat tongue was making inroads inside his mouth. He couldn't resist taking a glance at Shiva, who was staring fixedly at him. Perhaps he might have enough energy to perhaps give her a small        taste of what she was missing. For the moment he had to make sure Agita was properly satisfied, since it was her place. It didn't take long for the two of them to find a spot on the messy floor that wasn't reeking of rotting food, stinking clothing or something that was once alive and foraging for food where they planned to couple. Pradeep was hard and ready thanks to Shiva's hot wet mouth that bathed his cock head with her saliva. Her eyes grew large when he suggested that she offer her asshole in exchange for his defense of her. Even as he spoke his hand was pressing into her wet fuck tunnel. At first she resisted, but he kept up the pressure. Finally with a loud sigh she knelt and spread her thighs so his tool could skewer her dark place that rarely allowed such penetration. His hands smacked her plump cheeks, making them bounce, then they were prying those smacked cheeks apart to begin to sodomize his prey.

       Adita's dark place was moist and very tight. Even breaking down her sphincter took quite a bit of energy. She grunted like a pig as he worked his tool deeper into this wet dark world. Immediately he started judging this young woman with Anita, his over sexed mother. He reached beneath her plump body and squeezed her dangling tits with the stiff nipples. There was no doubt that the young woman was very excited by what was happening as she shifted her body to make entering that dark wet place more comfortable for both her lover and herself. By now Shiva had managed to roll herself close to where the couple was fucking, so close that Pradeep could reach out and pinch her big tits. That got him even more excited and deeper and deeper he went until her asshole had swallowed every inch.

       Once he had reached bottom he went into a slow but steady assault on the girl's tight asshole. Adita grunted and groaned with every movement he made, but he never moved more than a few inches at any time. He began spanking her big bottom as his prong moved over new territory, scraping various material from the tight walls. Shiva was also trying to get even closer to him, but he struck her smartly across the face more than once to make her keep her distance.

       On a whim he pulled his prong completely from  Adita's snug asshole and surprised her by planting it into her tight cunt with one strong push. She begged him to do her hard and make her feel every inch of his hard dick. He shifted into high gear and proceeded to stretch her fuck tunnel, while at the same time he pounded her bottom with his fists. It was a shock to realize that his prong was spurting another load of sperm into his partner's cunt. Adita was less than thrilled over the situation and so she demanded that Shiva be put to work immediately sucking every drop of his virile sperm from her well fucked cavern.

       Pradeep amused himself by spanking Shiva as she sucked the cum from Adita's recently fucked cunt. He even pressed two and even three fingers into her warm wet grotto, bringing moans of frustration from the teenager. From there it was an easy move to insert his middle finger into Shiva's tight asshole and withdraw it coated with a mysterious compound. He pushed that finger into the teen's cunt and moved it around until there was no evidence of what had been on his middle finger. Adita demanded that Shiva turn over so she could mount the teen's face and let gravity help do the work of draining Pradeep's sperm from her fuck tunnel. Despite just unloading his churning balls less than five minutes previously, his prong was still relatively hard. So while Adita fed her friend a steady diet of sperm, compliments of Pradeep, he was running his cock up and down her slit, pressing harder with each pass. When he actually plunged past her bumper guards and into her snatch, she nearly unhorsed her friend. Alas his hard-on began to fail once he was inside her pussy. A few minutes his stiff cock was no more and so he pulled out and watched the two friends enjoy each other's sex organs as much as possible.

       While Pradeep was enjoying his two sex partners, his hysterical mother  was struggling against the various injections her body was assimilating. She was restrained to prevent herself from damaging the coverings that hid the many serious cuts, burns and blisters she had accumulated. They were also pumping sedatives into her to keep the badly damaged woman relatively quiet while they worked on her bare body. In addition she was given a variety of pills that enhanced her sexual needs. She kept asking for Pradeep and crying uncontrollably when he was not brought to see her. Despite the terrible rapes and physical harm she endured, Anita was still asking for Pradeep to help her through this misery she was now struggling to overcome. The director was nervously pacing around her bed, watching for any signs of her recovering sufficiently to finish the scene that would finish the film. It would be a very long night for him and his staff.

       Once again both females were totally naked with their hands tightly tied behind their backs. Pradeep had stretched out on the floor to relax while the two women knelt on either side, their heads bobbing up and down on his limp sex organ as they tried to make it harden enough for more sex. Prior to this effort they had taken turns sucking and licking his balls, but were unsuccessful. Pradeep was very tired and knew he needed to rest so he could somehow perform for the director in the morning. He pushed the females away and warned them about bothering him before morning. They were in no condition to disobey him, and so he drifted off to sleep.

        It was Pradeep who was awakened by the typical racket surrounding the tiny room. Dawn was only less than an hour away and he decided to stay awake and develop the excuse he would present to the director once he was on the set. For the first time since his arrival here he thought of his mother and her ruined body. He had let them go too far in harming her. He had not stopped them, in fact he had been a major player in her degradation and torture. He had turned out to be a terrible person and unworthy to be Anita's son. For the first time in a very long time he shed some honest tears over her situation. He had been trapped by his desire to become someone in authority and it had led to this terrible ending. There still remained one last scene for her to perform before they packed up and returned to the brothel and Hari, it's stern owner.

                       ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur ) 

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