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The Belly Riders.

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Synopsis: The winner of the Belly Riding Race on the island of ponies returns with her daughters for more exciting erotic riding.



The Belly Riders of The Islands

It had been a little over sixteen years since Harry and Jean had been down to Brazil and he worked for the Alfalla ranchero, crop spraying and Jean won the derby for belly riding that year. Things had changed drastically for them, but mostly for their good.

The had bought the two hundred fifty acre island, and built a log home, stable and eighteen hundred foot landing strip. Added a riding path all the way around their land when they returned from South American and now had their home, a very luxurious log cabin facing the downstream side of the wide river all around their island. The grass runway was long enough for Harry to land on with ease in his new Super Decalathon aircraft and a beautiful training ring for their stable full of horses. The barn was air conditioned and heated in the winter time so that old ‘Macho‘, Jean’s favorite belly riding horse, could live his life in ease as he grew old. There were several new palomino two year old stallions that Jean still trained and would ride belly style when their two twin daughters were at school and not on the island.

Oh yes, there were children in the home now, two beautiful fifteen year old daughters that were exact copies of their petite mother. They were twins so close alike that it was impossible for anyone to tell the difference and even their father couldn’t tell, but Jean could.

Harry was amazed at the two young teen agers. They even sounded like their mother when they talked and were just as swift to learn anything they could about life. Their curiosity was at its peak at this age and he had to be careful about what he talked about around them now.

He started teaching them how to fly just as soon as they were old enough to understand what he was saying they were tall enough to reach the rudder pedals. Now they could fly an aircraft just as well as their mother. They had their own ultra light aircraft that they used to fly to the local airport and catch the bus for school and return home in each day. They even used the Easy Flight ultra flight aircraft to fly back and forth when they went on dates which only occurred on the week ends, but horses were their main interest.

Both girls were superior riders in any style that they wish to do. They used both the English saddle and the Western saddle. It just depended on what they were going to do during the ride. They spent hours training their horses for horse shows and that was their main interest. Their rooms were full of cups that they had won during the many shows they entered.

The beautiful red Super Decathleaon buzzed the house and then did a slow one eighty over the river and side slipped down to the end of the runway and landed on all three wheels as gently as you would put a baby down in the crib. It gunned its engine and spun around in front of a big metal hanger just off of the runway but out of site in the tall pine trees off to the far side of the log home.

Then a petite blond woman ran out to the man walking towards the house and flew into his arms.

“Hi, honey. I missed you all day.” Jean whispered to him as she pulled away from his face after the long passionate kiss.

“I missed you too, sweet cake. I was thinking about you all the time when I could. It’s been a busy day for me.” he told her as he carried her in his arms back to the house. She was only five feet tall and didn’t weight over one hundred pounds, an easy load for her muscular husband to carry.

“Where are the girls?” Jean’s husband asked.

“I think they are in the barn, grooming, Shadow and Prince, as usual. You know they spend all of their time in the barn with those animals. It’s strange that they haven’t discovered boys yet. I thought sure they would be going nuts over the boys that keep calling for dates and wanting to come over her to visit but they just aren’t interested. Their main interest is the stallions ever since they were fourteen.”

“You are right. They do spend a lot of time with those two stallions and I haven’t ever heard them mention a boy. You don’t suppose they are gay, do you?” Harry asked.

“My God, I hope not, but it is good they learn to take care of their stock and take pride in them. I have to take them to a horse show next weekend and I guess they are getting the two palominos and their gear ready. We will leave the mares home this time. I think they are ready to foal.”

“Is supper ready, I hungry baby doll?” He asked his wife.

“In about an hour the roast will be ready.” And the answer he got made him grimaced.

“Well, if I have to wait that long, I think I will walk down to the barn and see how the girls are doing with the two stallions.” he replied.

“Okay, but don’t stop them from working. Leave them along and come back in about an hour and I will have your supper on the table.” Jean told him.

The father wasn’t a tall man, but he was very muscular. He had wide shoulders and it was easy to see that his hands were very powerful. He walked with a kind of rolling gait like a sailor which wasn’t unusual. He had been a sailor for many years, flying for the US Navy before he got out and started his own crop application business many years ago.

Harry always walked quietly, so quietly that very seldom did Jean hear him approach and this time he didn’t make a sound as he eased the door to the barn open and walked in, not trying to be quiet, but that just happened to be his way of moving. He moved as if he was part Indian being as he was an avid animal watcher on his island. He loved to go alone and sit by the river and watch it flow and if he was lucky he would see a few deer moving about. He liked to do this and think out his problems and the way to solve many in his business.

Suddenly he heard a cry of pain. He quickly moved towards the sound when he stopped just as sudden. He was shocked when his eyes focused on one of his daughters hanging in a kind of hammock under one of the big beautiful stallions and he could see that she had been penetrated by at least four inches of the big horse cock. Her sister was standing beside the big horse, her hands were wrapped around the horse cock and gently guiding it into her sisters wide open pussy.

“How does that feel, sis?” the one guiding the cock into the other asked.

“Holy shit! It’s big, oh God is it big…This is awesome sis, this is better than any boy’s small weenie cock. Now I know why mother loves belly riding so much. You are going to have to do this soon Kay. It’s filling me up and I ammmm……..about……tooo…..cumm…..!

Harry saw his daughter’s belly rippling with the approaching orgasm. She was shuddering and shaking like a tree in a windstorm and she was giggling and crying and moaning all at the same time with the tremendous sexual sensations that were traveling through her young voluptuous body. Her breasts were spread across her chest shaking like Jell-O and Harry couldn’t help it, his old Johnson began to raise at the sight of seeing his daughter fuck a horse. She was just as beautiful as her mother when Jean would be belly riding with her legs strapped up around the animal’s body and her arms through the loops holding them up so she could handle the reins to guide the horse. It brought back memories of his wife in the derby when she won the first prize for the Alfalla ranchero.

Suddenly the stallion stamped his forefeet and jerked so that another six inched of his cock shot deeply into the young girl’s cunt causing her to scream out her ecstasy of the orgasm even more. The horse was having his orgasm at the same time and it was easy to see the white liquid pouring out around his big shaft as it withdrew a few inched from the girls extremely wide open cunt and then squirt all over her ass when he shoved it back into her waiting cunt.

Harry was transfixed the whole time by the exciting scene being played out before him. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It just couldn’t be happening to his daughter, but there she was. Lying in the belly saddle face up, legs wrapped up tightly around the animals belly and her arms hugging his shoulders, taking the horse cock right up in her stretched cunt with the ring around his cock disappearing into her body with each thrust.

When the horse quieted down, his daughter had fainted from the tremendously length of the shocking orgasm that she had just had.

There was no way she could not float away in her moment of extreme bliss with such a tremendously body shaking orgasm. Her arms hung in the straps as did her legs. Her sister was rushing to the water bucked and back to her sister, swiftly wiping her sweat covered face and body with the cool wet cloth.

Slowly she revived and gave her sister a big smile and spoke softly, “That was an awesome fuck, Sis. You won’t ever want a boy to fuck you after your horse fucks you like mine just fucked me. “

“Holy Shit, sis! You are going to have to get unplug from Shadow pretty quick or mother and dad will be coming out here to find out what is taking us so long.” and she began to unfasten some of the straps, but not all the way. They knew enough to wait until the horse cock softened and slipped out of Kim’s cunt before she could uncouple from him without damaging her own body.

He watched for a few moments and he knew that everything was alright that his daughter had only fainted and the horse was completely sated now and wouldn’t cause her any harm. He slowly turned and walked back to the house. All the time thinking what if the girls found the supply of cava jet that he used to keep the horse erect for hours for their mother when she would belly ride. He knew he would have to tell Jean and do something about that.

‘You are back early; I didn’t expect you for a few more minuets.” His wife said to him.

His face was as white as a sheet and his under shorts were sopping wet with his own sperm from his orgasm he had while watching one of his twin daughters fuck a horse.

Jean looked at him and saw the strange expression on his face and realized that something was horribly wrong and she quickly moved to him and asked. “What’s wrong, Honey? Tell me!”

He looked up at her and with a very lewd smile said, “You aren’t going to believe me, baby doll. One of our girls, Kim, has taken up your specialty with her horse, Shadow.”

“My what? What are you talking about Harry?” she demanded.

“Belly riding! I just witnessed Kim belly riding her stallion, Shadow, and she had a tremendous orgasm with him while I watched her humping up to him like a small machine, the way you used to do it.…”

“Belly riding! She had his cock in her little pussy? I don’t believe it!”

“Believe it, baby doll. She was just as beautiful as when I watch you belly ride all the time. She is a natural at it. She is your kid alright! She sure gave a good demonstration of how to do it standing still. Next she will be out in the training corral making him trot with her under him and coupled. That‘s going to be a site to see.”

“Oh my God, what are we going to do? We can’t let them do that; they may be damaged for life.” Jean exclaimed.

“Well, I don’t think it will kill them, not if you take over and show them how to do it and supervise the remainder of their training. I think it is too late to try and stop them now, but I wonder how they got the idea.”

His mind was searching for the answer and he had completely forgotten all about supper.

Jean was deep in thought also as she set the table for four and laid out the silver. She moved as if she was in a fog and neither said a word until they heard the two girls approaching the home as they chatted and giggled until they entered the home.

Both parents looked at the girls sternly, not saying a word while the girls washed their hands and took their place at the table. Jean served them and their father without saying a word.

The silence was as thick as cheese in the kitchen until everyone finished their meal.

Kim asked, “May we be excused Mother. I want to go to my room and read.” Kay asked the same thing, but neither girl received an answer.

Harry didn’t look them in the eye, his head was hanging down and staring at his empty plate.

Jean looked at both girls and then spoke. “I think it is time for you two girls to hear all about your father and me when we went down to Brazil for one whole summer and my adventure there.”

Both girls perked up and eagerly looking at both their mother and father, waiting to hear the truth about that trip. They had an idea about what she was going to tell them because they had discovered a few old letters from Senora Alfalla, praising their mother and begging her to return to the South American Island in their attic one rainy day a few months before that mentioned their mother’s claim to fame and now they wanted to find out all about her belly ride. They had been scared to even mention what they had found and what the letters were, but their curiosity had been so great that they dug into some of the trunks stowed in the top of the barn and found the belly riding hammock. It wasn’t hard for these two very intelligent girls to figure out what they had and how to use it.

Kim being the most adventurous on of the two had found out by trial and error how to harness her horse, Shadow into the belly riding saddle and proceeded to try it out. What their father witnessed before supper that night when he walked into the barn was her first attempt at being penetrated by Shadow’s horse cock into her young cunt.

To her own amazement, she didn’t suffer too much pain and once she was penetrated, it felt awesome to her. Now she was just sitting there with her parents, mouth hanging open waiting to hear all of the dirty details. Her sister Kay was in the same state of awe that she was also waited for the story to be told by her mother.

“Well, this is hard for me to tell you, but it seems that the two of you have discovered my secret and from what your father told me, you have attempted to belly ride Shadow with his penis in your vagina.” She was looking at Kim when she said that.

The young girl shut her mouth and began to smile a little bit when she replied. “Yes, mother. I not only attempted to take his penis into my cunny, I succeeded and it was awesome, Mother. I loved it. I had the most wonderful orgasm of my life and please mother, don’t be mad at me.” her smile had turned into a sad expression and she was almost crying with her confession. “I wanted to do it like you did and I don’t care if I’m not a virgin anymore. I know now that I would rather be with Shadow than a grabby boy!”

“I’m not mad at you, Kim. Just surprised. Now Kay, have you been in the belly riding saddle. Has a horse penis penetrated your cunny too?” Jean asked the other daughter.

Kay stammered her answer, “Noo…noo…Mother. Not yet, but I want to try it. After watching Kim cum like she did, it looks like something out of this world and awesome as hell. I’ve never had a really good orgasm in my life yet.”

Jean looked over at her husband, he wasn’t showing any anger or hardly much interest in the conversation, just sitting there and sipping his coffee.

For some strange reason, Jean was jealous of her husband and was thinking, Look at him. He just doesn’t care of they get hurt or not. Shit! I wish I had been the one to see Kim in the saddle first. I know she must have been beautiful, even more beautiful that I, I’ll bet.

“Okay, from what you are telling me, Kim, you want to continue belly riding with Shadow and you, Kay want to learn how to do it with your horse, Prince. Am I right?”

Both girls looked at each other, not wanting to be the first to admit that they wanted to do it, but finally Kim nodded her head and spoke.

“Yes, Mother. I want to continue doing it, but I would feel better about it if you were with me and would teach me how to do it safely and longer. Shadow got soft after fifteen minuets. I don’t want to get injured and I don’t want Shadow hurt either.”

Jean didn’t answer, just looked straight at Kay, waiting for her to say something. Finally Kay replied. “I want to learn too, Mother, but I haven’t been in the saddle yet or penetrated. I’m still a virgin too.”

“Okay Ladies. Tomorrow I will start your first lessons on belly riding and once you get used to being penetrated I will lead your horse out to the trotting ring and then you will feel the most exquisite sexual sensations you could ever desire when you orgasm. No boy will ever match it or any man. Now go to bed and get a good nights rest. Tomorrow is Sunday so there is no school for you but my school on belly riding.”

Both girls left the room and Jean and Harry could hear them giggling and laughing all the way upstairs to their rooms.

“Why didn’t you say something, honey?” Jean demanded.

“I saw no need for me to say anything. I think you handled that well, but what are they going to do with this training once they accomplish it like you did. It’s been outlawed in Brazil for the last ten years so that is out and you know yourself that half the fun and excitement for the rider is showing herself off with an audience wanting her to cum and jack them off like you did in the derby race when they ran next to your horse that day.”

“Maybe they just want to satisfy their curiosity and it will fad away like most things that kids do today. I don’t think they will want to do it very much after they try it for a few weeks.” Jean told him.

Harry took off the next morning at daybreak and woke both girls up with the noise of the aircraft engine when he passed over the home. Jean was sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee watching the morning news on the TV when both girls entered the kitchen dressed in short shorts and halters. Both girls were gorgeous, voluptuous, young beauties. They were young copies of their mother. Five feet two and not over one hundred and five pounds with perfectly cone shaped breasts, not too big or too small. Their waist couldn’t be over twenty inches around and nicely rounded thirty six inch hips that flowed down to full thighs and muscular calves.

Jean looked up from the table and smiled at the girls and opened an album up on the table when she spoke to them. “Here’s my album on Brazil. It starts with my first day of training to be a belly rider and goes all the way through to the ride in the derby race when I won the cup for the Ranchero and the money to buy our island and home. A few of the pictures are very graphic about how I had to prove my desire to be a belly rider and could take a horse cock in my cunny. Pay attention to that and then tell me if you still want to be a belly rider.”

Jean got up from the table and walked out of the home and headed down to the barn. She wanted to be alone with her own favorite horse, Macho. He was her father confessor since he was shipped up to her by Senor Alfalla soon after she returned from the Island in Brazil.

It had been two hours since she left the home and she had finished grooming Macho. Finally she got the urge to see if she could still ride belly style and saddled the old horse. Quickly she stripped her clothes off and slid into the harness face down and once she was in, she flipped over with her belly against Macho’s. The harness was loose and she tried to tighten it up, but it was impossible, so she just lay there in the harness, feeling the wonderful sensations moving all around her lower body as she and the horse rubbed stomachs together.

Hold Shit, but this feels good. I wish Harry was here so he could adjust the harness and give Macho a shot. I want that big awesome cock in me again. It’s been a long time and I need it. Oh God how I need a good horse fuck!

Her thoughts were interrupted by the barn door being opened and both girls came in swiftly and found her slung under Macho.

“MOTHER! What are you doing! You shouldn’t be doing that at your age!” Both girls exclaimed in unison.

Jean just smiled at them when she replied, “Why not” I’m not over the hill yet and I’m not going to let you two have all of the fun during this training. I just want to show you how it’s done. Now pay attention and do exactly as I say.”

Both girls wiped the surprised look from their faces and began to smile and when they saw that their mother was totally nude, they both stripped down to nothing also.

Now the two young beauties followed Jean instruction to the letter when she told them how to adjust the harness, strap her legs up on the sides of the big black horse, and her arms through the loops so she could hold the handles to the reins. The she told them where to find the syringe with the bottle of Alprostadil to put in it to give the necessary shot to Macho to help him get his cock up and out of the sheath.

Kay was holding the syringe and she followed her mother’s instructions and loaded the correct but large amount of fluid in the instrument. She gasped the sheath in the area that her mother directed and then shoved the needle in and pushed the plunger all the way down slowly, giving Macho a shot that should give good results for at least two hours. Jean didn’t want to over tax the old horse and figured that a reduced amount of the cava jet would do the job perfectly for her needs.

‘Now stroke his sheath, Kay. Be gently and it will grow, but as soon as it gets out of the sheath, position in at the entrance to my cunny and help him get it in. It may take a few attempts to get it in because I haven’t done this in the last few years and neither has Macho.”

Neither girl said a word. Their eyes were as big as saucers as Kay stroked the horse meat and it slowly began to slide out and grow. When it was a foot out of the sheath, Kay poured a generous amount of Aqua-Glide lubricant all along the shaft, and then she positioned the mushroom shaped glans dead center on her mother’s vagina and gently began to push it in. At first it just wouldn’t go, but when she had moved the big purple glans up and down, a lot of liquid began to pour out of the end of the cock and this added more lubricated to Jean’s hole. Slowly it began to slide in and after five minuets; almost six inches were in her body.

Jean had grimaced with the pain, but she never made a peep about it. She began to relax after ten inches disappeared within her cunny and the cock was swelling to a mammoth size now. The ring around the cock was right at her cunt entrance and her labia lips had disappeared into her hole. They were pulled in by the friction of the horse cock as it penetrated even deeper.

Then jean instructed her daughters to swing the harness back and forth just enough to see how much cock she could take and had them adjust the harness so that it was restricted from swinging back too far and having more cock penetrated her cunt that she could handle.

During the whole time, she was instructing her daughters on how to do this for each other and to prevent any accidents to their bodies. She had taken it very slow for their sake and also for her own.

“Okay, young Ladies, open the doors and lead Macho out to the trotting ring. Once we get there, let him loose and I think he will remember his manners and do as I direct him. Now when you do this with your horses, you will have to have someone with you and a line on the horse to control him until he learns to pay attention to your commands.

They led their mother out under the horse and saw her expressions change as she swung back and forth under Macho as he walked. Once they led them into the ring, they let their mother take over control and she quickly got macho into a nice smooth trot around the ring.

“Oh Shitttt!!!!!!” Their mother began to scream, but not with pain or fear, but with pure sexual excitement. Jean was in her sexual glory.

My god but this good! Holy shit, I love this. I never thought I would be doing this again after my girls were born, but look at me now. I’m doing it for them. I am showing them. Holy cow, here comes my first orgasm!!!!!

Jean was trying to nudge Macho to trot a little faster as she started screaming that she was cumming. She seemed to be having a continuous orgasm as the horse began to dance sideway and then suddenly stopped.

Kim looked at her sister and saw the most shocking expression on her face that she could possibly have and she spoke to her loud enough for her to hear over their mother’s screaming in her monstrously exciting orgasm as Macho trotted around the ring. “That is awesome, isn’t it Kay? Look at how beautiful mother rides that big cock. She is posting on that big thing and to me it looks as if she is taking fourteen inches up in her pussy. Wow! Holy shit, I want to do that. Oh how I want to have my orgasm that way today.”

Kay spoke to her sister and replied. “Kim is it really that good? Mother seems to be out of her gourd with that big cock stroking in and out of her cunny. I can’t believe that would feel as good as you think it would.”

The two nude girls were standing up on the rails, leaning over so they could get the best view of their mother as she went round and round the ring under the big black horse with his cock moving like a well oiled piston in a smooth running engine. The movements of the horse and belly rider were all fluid motion, not jerking or slamming, but very smooth in and out motions as the cock would move into Jean’s body and them retreating smoothly as she swung forward with the motion of the trotting horse. It was pure unadultryed lust that drove Jean to keep nudging the horse to keep the steady pace so that she was receiving the maximum sexual sensation of the big cock’s in and out motion. Her clitoris was being stroked strongly with each stroke of the big cock and her orgasm continued with only a momentary pause between the peaks for her gigantic orgasm.

Suddenly the big horse stopped and shuddered. Macho just stood there quivering and shaking as the white sperm pumped from around his cock buried deep within Jean cunt and splattered down on the ground.

After he quieted down he began to move in a slow walk as Jean nudged him into a walk and then back into a slow trot.

She kept Macho at it for an hour and finally she recognized that the poor old horse was reaching his limit, so she guided him back to the barn and his stall. She hung there for almost thirty minuets until Macho’s cock softened and slid from her pussy.

“Okay, girls, help me out of this harness and we can go get some lunch.”

Kay couldn’t help asking a few questions while they were eating and looking directly at her mother she asked, “Mother, having intercourse with Macho like that, doesn’t that make your cunny too big for daddy to make love to you?”

Jean giggles then but she answered her daughter. “Yes, it does, but there are other ways for him to enjoy my body when we are making love.”

“How?” Kay wanted to know all of the details and right then.

Jean was embarrassed at that question but she finally replied, knowing dam well Kay and Kim were going to have to know sooner or later and it might as well be now. “Well, we both give each other oral sex and sometimes when he is really horny, I will reward him annually. You know, put his penis up my rear end. He likes that a lot too and when he is really hot, he makes it wonderful for me too.”

Both girls spoke at the same time, “Mother, that’s awesome. You really let him fuck your ass hole? You enjoy that too?”

“Girls, sex can be wonderful with the one you love, any kind of sex. Your father is a great lover and he has never stopped me from doing it anyway I wish. He is a wonderful man and if I don’t belly ride for a few weeks, his penis is big enough to make it good for me too then.”

“Wow! I think I will stay with Shadow, Mother. I don’t want any boy pawing and poking at me.” Kim said softly.

“Well, now that we have eaten, are you two girls ready for your first lesson in belly riding?” their mother asked lewdly as she saw a slight shudder and trembling in both girls body. Jean knew the thrill that was running up and down their bodies because she remembered her first time with Macho down in Brazil.

“Yes, yes, I’m ready and I think Kay is too, but mother, she had never had anything in her cunny. She is still a virgin.”

Jean looked at Kay and asked. “Do you want to remain a virgin or give up your cherry to Prince, baby girl?”

“I’m scared, but I do want to try it, mother. If Kim can do it I don’t see why I can’t. Let’s go.”

Jean took her belly riding saddle off of Macho and showed Kay the easy way to saddle Prince with it. Then she checked Kim’s efforts to get her saddle on Shadow. Jean noted that it was the saddle that she had used to train in down in Brazil and she had forgotten that Senor Alfalla had sent all of the equipment up to her including her training saddle.

“Okay girls, now slid into the saddles face down and once you get all the way in, turn over and face upwards. I’ll adjust the straps and secure you in position then.”

It only took Jean a few minuets when she had both girls in the belly saddles correctly and she went over to the medicine cabinet and took out the bottle of Alprostadil and two syringes. She filled both syringes with enough fluid to keep the horses erect for one hour and then moved over to Kim’s horse first. She massaged the sheath and when she began to get the proper response she popped the syringe into the horse’s cock. She massaged it a little spreading the fluid out within the tissue then she did the same thing with Kay’s horse.

When she turned back to Kim’s horse she saw that the penis had extended enough for her to line it up to her daughter’s eager cunt. She guided the first four inches up into Kim without any problem or out burst from her.

“How does that feel Kim?” her mother asked.

“Oh my God, it is awesome. I feel as if I have a telephone pole up in my pussy. I feel like I am going to cum.”

“Just hang in there and don’t move. Let it swell to its maximum size sweetheart and as soon as I get you sister ready, I will lead you out to the ring and you can fly away to outer space with as many orgasms as you may want. Just hold still for now.”

When Jean turned back to Kay and her horse, she was surprised. The horse’s cock was pushing up against Kay’s tiny cunt and swelling swiftly. Jean had to move fast or she wouldn’t be able to get it in if it kept swelling. She took both hands and gasped the big solid round black horse cock and rubbed it up and down Kay’s pussy until it glistened with the lubricant flowing from Prince’s big purple head cock and the Aqua-glide she had squirted into Kay‘s cunny with a big syringe.

Prince was doing a little dance and shifting around. He was gently probing with his cock know that he was about to couple with his mistress and eager for it too.

Jean was holding the big black snake in both hands and pushing gently dead center on her daughter’s cunt hole when suddenly two inches of the horse’s mushroom shaped cock head and pole popped within Kay’s cunt.

“Ooowwww……..! Shittttt…….!!! That hurts!” She screamed and tears were coming down her cheeks.

“Relax baby, just relax. Don’t clench up and it will ease up.” She didn’t tell her that the worst was about to come. The cock head had butted up against her hymen and was trying to get through it.

Jean kept guiding the big fuck tool into her daughter and suddenly another four inches slid deep into Kay’s young cunt.

Kay let out another loud yell and fainted. She went limp in the saddle and Jean almost shit right there. She quickly got a damp rag and a powerful smelling salt to Kay. She wiped her face and saw that she was breathing okay and there wasn’t anything wrong with her except she had passed out from the pain. She looked under the horse’s belly and saw that about six or eight inches of cock were still buried in Kay’s cunt and a small amount of blood was seeping out around the big horse cock.

Jean slowly swung the saddle back towards the big cock and let it enter her daughter until she saw the ring disappear. She adjusted the straps so that no more could enter the young girl’s body. She could still see a small amount of blood running out around the black shaft and she watched it.

Slowly she moved the saddle back and forth to see if the blood increased, but it didn’t She moved her daughter back and forth on the horse cock until the cock was sliding it and out on the lubrication without any indication of being too big to move within Kay body.

Jean then led Prince out of the stall and then took Shadow’s lead line and led both horse out to the training ring.

Jean tied Prince to the post on the ring and then led Shadow into the ring and took her long training whip and stood in the middle of the ring.

Jean tapped the horse on his rear hunches and got him into a slow trot around the ring and watched Kim hunching back and forth with the motion, sliding back and forth on the big black horse cock. It didn’t take the young girl more that two minuets of this trotting and she began to moan and shudder. Her first orgasm while trotting was coming on like a freight train. Suddenly she was shouting.

“Oh Mother, don’t let him stop. Keep his trotting, pleaselllllll…..” and she was lifting off into space. She was shaking, trembling, and quivering all at the same time. Her ass was lifting up out of the harness and her breasts were bouncing and jiggling like Jell-O on her chest. This was a continuous orgasm for Kim. She kept going into space and it seemed as if she was never coming back down.

Jean glanced over at Prince tied to the ring post and saw that Kay was awake again and squirming around in her harness. She tied Shadow to the rotating walker and set the speed on trot and then ducked under the arm as it came around and went to Prince.

“How do you feel, baby? Are you still in a lot of pain?” she asked her daughter.

“No, mother. Just a little, but I feel so hot you know. She replied.

Jean smiled when she asked again, “Hot like a hot day or Hot like you want to fuck?”

“Oh Mother, don’t be so crude.” but she was smiling at her mother, “I’m hot like I want to fuck Prince. Oh please mother let me do it with him trotting like Kim is doing. It looks so awesome the way she is acting.”

Jean slipped into the ring and stopped the automatic walker and then swung another arm out directly opposite the one Kim’s horse was fastened to. Then she walked Prince into the ring and fastened him to the new arm and she slow started the walker to turning.

Once she saw that Kay was adjusting to the walking motion she slowly increased the speed until both horses were trotting. Then she sat on the railing and watched her two daughters being fucked silly by their horse’s rigid cocks.

After one hour of this, the two horses had orgasmed twice and the two girls had cum at least six times each. Maybe more because it looked to Jean as if they had several continuous orgasms.

After letting the horses cool down and their cocks slipped out of the girls cunts, she helped them out of the harnesses and told them to lay down on the hay bails while she got the harness off of the animals.

Once the girls felt okay and could walk, she made them groom the animals and she went up to the home to start supper.

The Red Decathlon arrived soon after and landed without hardly any noise. Harry pushed it back in the hanger and slowly walked to the home and was met on the porch by his wife with a big hug and kiss.

“Well, how was your day?” Harry asked his wife when she put a cup of coffee in front of him on the kitchen table.

“Exciting, every moment of it this morning and this afternoon.” she replied lewdly, wanting to tweak his curiosity by teasing him.

“Really? What could be so exciting here on the island all day?”

“Me, and your daughters were exciting.” she replied.

“Oh, I get it. We are going to play guessing games, right?”

“Not if you give this old lady another kiss and promise to kiss me all over tonight.” Jean was smiling from ear to ear.

“Okay, you have a deal.” and he licked his lips as if he had just eaten something sweet, her cunny!

“Well, I gave the girls a demonstration on belly riding this morning by riding Macho. He and I both had a wonderful time. He can still do it and I loved it even more. The girl thought it was awesome to see me doing It.” and she was giggling. When she stopped giggling she went on.

“Then I put both girls in the harness under their horses and gave the horses a shot for one hour. Kim took to it right away but Kay passes out at first. She was a virgin, so I let her lay in the harness while I got Kim set with the trotting and started the automatic walker.

After Kim was settled into a trot, I got Kay hooked up to the automatic walked and up to a trot. Both girls enjoyed the hour being under the horses with a nice hot horse cock buried in their young pusses.”

Harry hadn’t said a word the whole time and he just sat there sipping his coffee when both nude girls burst into the kitchen door grinning for ear to ear.

“Daddy, we both did it together today. It was awesome, but you should have seen mother. She fucked that big horse cock like a pro for two hours. It was awesome to see her take it so easily!”

Both girls realized that they had used the bad word in front of their father and they had suddenly clouded over like a sudden thunderstorm in the kitchen. Harry just looked at their nude bodies as he then spoke softly and slowly.

“Let me look at you. Let me see the damage. Turn around, spread you legs and bend over. Spread your ass cheeks with your hands and let me see if you have damaged your cunts!”

Both girls did as they were commanded to do. He looked up each girl’s cunt and only saw a very red interior of each one of their cunts. There was no bleeding anywhere he could see. Slowly he straightened up after staring at the well rounded pair of asses.

His cock was making a tent out of the front of his pants and Jean saw it. She smiled to herself and realized that Harry was getting turned on by his own two young daughter’s nude bodies.

Then he spoke to the girls. “Turn around and stand up straight with your hands behind your head. Spread you legs. I want to see those tits sticking out as far as you can get them and your asses thrust backward as far as possible without falling over.”

Both girls were taken by surprise by his commands abut they did as they were told.

He slowly looked them up and down before he spoke to them again.

“Well, now that you both have been fucked by your horses and know how it feel to have a big cock in your cunts, you will belly ride at least one hour each day after school and two hours on Saturdays and Sundays. You will learn how to do it right and for long periods of time like your mother used to do and you aren’t to wear any clothing on this island during warm weather, unless we have strangers around. You will be nude at all times inside of our home. Is that understood?” he commanded.

“Yes father.” both girls agreed and were smiling along with a few giggles.

Then he moved over to his wife and took her in his arms and kissed her and said to her, “Strip, baby doll. I’m hungry and I want to eat you. The girls can watch and have another lesson about sex, oral sex this time between a man and a woman that really love each other.”

Jean was trembling from head to toe, half with fright and half with anticipation. She had never see her husband in this kind of mood in the eighteen years of their marriage, but this crazy idea of him wanting to eat her cunny in front of the girls was turning her on like an electric light fixture.

Jean slipped her Levis down over her hips and off and then her shirt. She didn’t have any underwear on and no shoes. She stood there totally nude the same way her two daughters were.

Her husband had dropped his pants shorts and took his shirt off. His socks and shoes disappeared and then he was totally nude.

He picked Jean up and spoke to the girls, “Clear the table off, how do you expect me to enjoy your mother’s desert if I can’t sit down to eat it!”

Kay and Kim had the table cleared off in seconds and Harry laid Jean down on it and pulled one of the chairs up to sit on. He lifter her thighs up and laid them over his shoulders and then dived in.

Jean jumped with the suddenness of his action when she felt him suck her clitoris up into his mouth. He flicked her clit as fast as he could and it only took Jean a minute to respond to his action.

Two minuets later, Jean was moaning, crying for release and hunching up to his face. Her hands went down beside his head, pulling him into her crotch, not letting him back away enough to hardly get a breath. Her thighs straightened out and were like two poles lying across his shoulders and just as rigid as she hunched and squirmed around, trying to get his whole face into her cunt. Harry was about to be killed for the lack of air when Jean suddenly relaxed and went as limp as a noodle when she came down from her gigantically delicious orgasm.

Both girls were fascinated by what her father had just done to their mother and Kay nudged Kim to look down at her father’s crotch.

His old Johnson was sticking straight up from his crotch and it appeared to be at least ten or eleven inches long. They admired how gorgeous the first man’s cock that they had ever seen was in erection. Their eyes never left it as they saw it weeping tiny little drops of liquid that shined like diamonds in the kitchen lights. Both girls were so aroused by what they were watching that they unconsciously had moved their hands down to their crotches and were masturbating their own cunnies. Kay was hunching back and forth the same as her mother had hunching up to her father’s face.

Jean glanced over at her daughters and another lewd sexual sensation shot through her body at what she saw. She couldn’t believe that her daughters would enjoy watch her and Harry perform sex in front of them, but her two girls never took their eyes off of their father’s hard cock or his tongue running up and down her slit, feasting on the overflow of her vagina juices.

Suddenly she screamed out that she was cumming again and she wanted more. Harry gave her everything he had, then just as she began to descending back to earth from her extremely exciting second orgasm Harry raised up and slid his cock into her wet hole.

Jean felt it slid in and it felt different to her than it usually did. It felt awful hot, longer, and even fatter. It fitted in nice and comfortable for her even after having fucked Macho that morning.

Harry pumped away and just before he started to shoot his load he looked over at his daughters and saw that Kim was bent double in the middle of her orgasm and Kay had slid to the floor and was frigging herself as fast as she could.

He collapsed over Jean’s body, sliding around in their sweat and he slowly kissed her, and then whispered in her ear, “I think we have two future wantons on our hands, baby doll.”

“Yes, I agree and between their horses and if you take the job of training them, they will be well trained by the time we let them date these young studs in the area, so I have a suggestion on their training,” and Harry waited for Jean to ask.

She smiled at him then, kind of lewdly when she saw that his old Johnson was rising again. Jean was no dumbbell and knew her husband was a man that loved his sex and that his eyes always caressed their daughters figures, more so lately as they began to bloom into full grown women. Finally she asked, “What is your idea on how to train our daughters?”

“It seems that you have taken over their education on how to take care of the animals and belly riding, so I was thinking that maybe I should get to be the one to instruct them in the art of sex with men. Teach them all about the pitfalls and ecstasy of a good fuck,” and he looked up directly in both Kim’s and Kay’s eyes. He was looking for any negative signs to his idea, but saw none.

Instead he saw a fire in Kay’s deep blue eyes, an eagerness to learn all about the human male animal. He looked at Kim’s blue eyes and saw almost the same fire, but there was something else there. It wasn’t the eagerness that Kay showed. Then he looked at his wife and her eyes were filled with fire. Pure red hot fire of a mother that though her brood was in danger. Also that was something else there even greater that the danger she feared for her children, but the fire of a woman deeply in love and the jealousy was rising to the surface, afraid she was about to loose her primary lover to another female, two females.

Harry could read her expression and smiled lewdly at her and got up from between her thighs and took her into his arms. He tilted her head back gently and kissed her neck. His tongue painted a coat of saliva up and down the skin between her chin and shoulders. The soft, gently scraping of the rough tongue on her throat and neck was slowly making her turn to putty in her husband’s hands. He moved ever so slowly up to her cheeks and very, very slowly engulfed her mouth with his. His tongue explored her lips and gently eased into the cave of her mouth, caressing her teeth and gums. His tongue found her tongue lying in the bottom of her mouth and coxed it from its hiding place. Their tongues were gently doing a dance together in her mouth until finally she had to push him away so she could breathe.

“What the fuck are you trying to do to me, honey?” she said softly. “You just ate my cunny and then fucked me till we both flew off to the moon. You are going to kill me with love….But…don’t stop!” and the two of them moved together again and were glued together mouth to mouth.

Both daughters were watching, their eyes not believing what they were seeing. Kay’s hands had wondered down to her pubic area and her fingers were slowly and gently exploring her pink slit again. She leaned over to Kim and whispered in her ear as they both kept their eyes on their parents making passionate love right in front of them.

“Dad is a great lover. Look how quickly he got mother to respond to him. She can’t get enough of him. Oh how I wish I could have a boy love me like that. I’ll take that any day!”

“You will never find a boy that would love you like that, Kay. All of the boys we know are wham bang thank you mama, kind of guys. All they want to do is feel you up, strip you, then fuck you and get themselves off. None of them would take the time to please you. Look at Mother and how she is reacting to Father. Can’t you see that she has trained him to love her like that and to be gentle with her? It’s all in training your man if you want one like Dad.” and she took her sister in her arms and held her tightly, kissing her on the neck and cheeks when she did, then she whispered, “Kay, we have the best of everything right here, if we want a great orgasm, we have our horses, they give us more than any man can. I’ll take Shadow over any boy because my orgasm is more like being shot out of cannon to the moon and the trip takes a lot longer up and down than any man can give me. Thank about that Kay.”

”I have, Kim. I know what my horse can give me, but I’m curious. How will it be with a boy or a real man, like father? I want to try that too one time.” Kay whispered to her sister.

“WHAT? You want to do it with father? You can’t do that, he is our father.” Kim exclaimed loud enough for both her mother and father to hear.

The loving couple looked up at their daughters and Jean saw the lust in Kay’s eyes and then she turned back to see the same thing in her husband’s eyes, but it wasn’t for her. It was for her daughter. Her mind was in turmoil and slowly she let her breath out and spoke softly to her husband.

“Honey, I think Kay wants you badly…but I don’t think you should begin with her. I suggest you give Kim the first lesson to convince her that a man can be just as good as her horse, Shadow…but don’t rush it.”

“I agree, baby doll. You know you are always right. You have never suggested the wrong thing for us.”

Both parents turned to their two daughters and told them to go to bed, it was late and they had had a very busy and exciting day.

Kay and Kim hurried off to their room and shut the door, but they didn’t go to sleep. They whispered all night about belly riding and things to come. Both girls were very eager to begin the training with their horses in ernest now and they were very curious about what their father had planned for them.

The next morning they went down to the kitchen and their mother was fixing breakfast and she didn’t have a thing on but some sandals. She looked up and smiled at her young girls and spoke a greeting.

“Good morning, you are up bright and early today. I guess you are looking forward to your next lesson with your horses.” she said.

Both girls nodded their head and were surprised when their mother then gave them an unusual order.

“Your father told you that you weren’t to wear any clothing now, not as long as the weather is warm and it is warm this morning. Also in order to show off your cute little cunnies when you take your pet’s cock into your body, you will remove all of your pussy hair. I want you as bare as my cunt is, do you understand?”

“Yes Mother.” they both answered.

“Well, don’t stand there get back up to your room and shave that hair off of your cunts and don’t come back down here until you do and strip off those shorts and halter. Nothing but sandals for the rest of the day, now go.”

Both girl shot back up the stairs and disappeared into the bath. Jean heard a lot of giggling and low voices for the next half hour. She sat down and drank more coffee waiting for the girls to return and she had heard her husband’s aircraft take off right after she sent the girls up to their room.

Both girl returned after almost an hour and stood in front of their mother for inspection. She made them stand with their legs spread, hands behind their head and tits out thrust and ass as far back as they could get them.

“Kim, Kay, you are two beautiful girls, just right for fucking, but only with your father’s and my permission. Remember that. No boy is to touch you. Now spread your outer labia lips and let me check your cunnies for any damage from yesterday’s activity.”

Once the inspection was over she fed the girls and then marched them down to the barn. Each girl had to harness her own horse and Jean opened up another old trunk and found a beautifully jeweled harness that had been preserved so that it was still limber and looked like new.

She harnessed Macho and then led all three animals out to the training ring. She went back in the barn and loaded the syringes and returned to the girls and motioned them into their belly saddles. Once the girls were in and comfortable she gave their horses a shot from the syringe and stood by until the horse cock grew enough for penetration and guided it into her daughter’s cunt. After a few minuets she did the same thing for Kay and once she had both girls penetrated and ready to ride, she squirmed into her own belly saddle after she gave Macho a shot. She swung her ass around and up and down until she felt his penis centered on her hole and then she pushed her saddle backwards until she felt as if her belly was full of horse cock.

Jean had taken two guide straps, one from each of her daughter’s horses and had them tied to her left hand strap. She made some small adjustment to her leg straps and them nudged Macho out of the ring and began trotting down the path that went around the complete island.

They hadn’t quite reached the river when she heard Kay screaming out her first orgasm and Prince just kept trotting along with the other two animals. When they reached the river and turned to trot along the bank, Kim began to scream out her first orgasm. Kay hadn’t stopped moaning and making little screaming sounds as her orgasm continued.

Suddenly, Jean felt her first orgasm hit her. Macho was quivering too and he slowed down. When he stopped all three of the animals just stood there while the women were enjoying the thrill of their own orgasm as it continued. Kim had been making her belly saddle swing back and forth to obtain the most sensation of being horse fucked as she could and Shadow began to shot his load of sperm up in her womb. He was shooting so much that it was squirting out of Kim’s cunt and pouring down in the sand.

They continued to ride after that and every fifteen minuets the horses would stop to shoot a load of cum in to their pussies. The girls were cumming continually and the orgasm was taking its toll on them. To ride around the Island took one hour and by the time they got back to the home, all three women were completely sated.

They watered their horses and brushed them down but didn’t unharness them when Jean told them not to. She was the only one to take the saddle off of her horse and give him a long cool hosing then brushed him down.

They ate lunch and Jean made the girls go out by the pool and take a nap after she applied a sun blocker and coconut oil all over their bodies. Both girls drifted off to sleep while she was massaging their bodies so she took a nap with them.

When the girls woke up, they were instructed to mount under their animals and Jean gave each horse a shot and she told the girls to take the animals around the island for the one hour afternoon training ride to complete their two hours of the daily belly training ride for them that their father had ordered them to make each day.

When they returned, they had to take care of their animals and put them away for the night. Both girls took a shower at the outdoor one and went swimming till they saw their father’s aircraft approaching from the east. They watched him land and then walked down to the hanger and helped him push the Declaration into the hanger and close the doors.

“Well, you two look very well rested. Did you complete your two hour belly ride today that I told you to do?” He asked.

“Yes, father,” both girls answered him. “We did one hour this morning and one hour this afternoon.”

“How do you feel, are your pussies stretched now so that that your horse cocks don’t bother you?” he asked as they slowly walked towards the home.

Both girls giggle when Kim replied. “Mine is fine. I love having Shadow stuff me now. It is an awesome feeling and I have the most wonderful exciting cums a girl could ever want.”

He looked at Kay then, waiting for her to answer. She finally replied just before they got to the home.

“Father, I like fucking Prince a lot, but I am wondering just how it would feel with a boy’s cock in my pussy. I want to know which one of them is the best. Mother won’t tell me and she said that you are going to show both of us how it is done right. We both have watched you and mother fuck and you two seem to love it when you do it. Is that right?”

“Kay, with the right man, it will be wonderful for you, but with the wrong guy, you will hate it. I can give you a lesson right after supper if you wish and feel like it tonight. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes, I would love that, father. Please do me after supper, please!”

Harry went into the house and kissed Jean hello then left the girls to set the table and get the evening meal on the table while he took a shower.

He returned just as they had finished and were sitting down to eat. He walked in completely nude to join his three woman also nude. They didn’t talk much during the meal but ate fairly quickly and Kay finished first asking to be excused.

After they had all finished eating and the kitchen was cleaned up, Jean motioned everyone into the wide living room and announced.

“Kay, you asked me when your father was going to show you how to fuck a boy. Now is the time, I think he is ready to give you your first lesson in love. Now take the pillows from the sofa and put them on the floor and lay down.”

The young lusciously built teenager swiftly threw all of the pillows from the sofa opposite from the one her mother and sister were sitting on and laid down with her legs crossed.

Harry slowly lay down beside her and began to slowly stroke her body with soft caresses from her shoulders to her knees. His hands wandered all over her figure, never touching her breasts or pubic mount. Kay just lay there, trembling with excitement and eagerness to feel a real man’s cock penetrate her. He leaned over and began to kiss her neck and paint her face, cheeks, nose, and forehead with his saliva. He took a long time in giving her a tongue bath all over her face and neck. Slowly he proceeds downward to her shoulders and kisses and licked her beautiful tan body. He kisses all around her breasts and then gently kissed each nipple until it popped to attention like a little bud, deep rosy red as the blood flowed into it from her rising passion. He slowly began to suckle and tickle the nub with his tongue as he applied suction to the nipple as if he were seeking milk from her tit. He did this also to the left breast and Kay began to moan and softly cry.

“Oh, please do me father, I can’t wait. You are making me so hot I want to fuck, please put your cock in me.”

Her father kept loving her body with his mouth and when he reached her pubic mound, she automatically spread her thighs offering her crotch to his lips. He gently spread her outer labia lips with his fingers and began to lick up and down her deep pink vagina and it was only moments before her clitoris appeared and the clit slipped from its hood.

His tongue flicked the tiny penis shaped nubbin and Kay jumped and jerked each time his tongue caressed the protruding nub. Her hips flew up to meet his tongue with each stroke.

Kay looked down between her legs and saw her father’s love pole, standing tall and ready to enter her cunt. She reached down and guided it to her slit and hunched up suddenly so that she was penetrated with over half of the ten inch tool.

“Oh God, that feels so good daddy. Put it all the way in me.” and he did.

That was the end of the slow seduction. Kay took over then and she was hunching up to his cock like a Texas oil rig walking beam pumping oil as fast as it could.

The passing time had only been ten minuets before Kay was screaming out her first orgasm. She humped, she scratched her father’s back with her long fingernails, she covered his mouth with her’s cutting off a large supply of his air and she stuck to him the whole time she was cumming. Suddenly, she collapsed and flopped down as limp as a wet noodle under him on the soft carpet and lay there quietly. Not moving but she had a glazed expression on her face of total sexual exhaustion from her orgasm…

Harry didn’t reach his orgasm and his pole was still standing tall when he kneeled over Kay’s body.

Jean was staring at her husband’s erect penis and smiling lewdly when she said, “I think you have been saving that for me, honey.”

She got up from her seat on the sofa and pushed her husband down on his back and straddled him. Slowly she lowered herself down guiding his erection into her cunt and dropped down suddenly taking all ten inches in one swift plunge.

Harry let out a grunt and pulled her forward and down on his body. The two of them lay tightly clasped in each other arms as their hips moved in the age old motion of coupling. They did it slowly, savoring each moment of each other’s bodies. Kim watched with fascinated eyes as her mother and father made very erotic exciting passionate love.

The two of them took a long time because they weren’t seeking a swift fuck and sudden orgasm. They were seeking to be one, to seal their love by being one, coupled together, and to demonstrate to their two daughters just how a loving couple should make love.

Jean and Harry had eighteen years of experience to guide them in their love making and were so attuned to each other that their climax arrived at the same moment. They both felt as if they had lifted gently from the launch pad and picked up speed by the second until they reached the apex of their orgasm and slowly descended back down to earth. When they landed, the fruits of their love making were slowly leaking from Jean’s tightly clasping cunt around her husband’s slowly shrinking love tool.

Kay and Kim were sitting on the sofa together at the end and both spoke together.

“Mother, you and Dad are beautiful like that. We never dreamed that coupling could be so awesome between two people.”

The mother and two daughters continued to train and excised their animals twice a day for one hour each day and the girls had become accustomed to riding constantly belly style. They had learned how to accommodate the monstrous penis of their animals and to enjoy the constant orgasm they were having while riding, but the weather was turning chilly. It was impossible for them to continue to ride completely nude and neither girl wanted to stop or wear clothing. The closeness of their nude bodies to the animals was part of the erotic sensations that they enjoyed and weren’t going to give that up.

One evening just before dark in November, a strange aircraft made an approach to land at their short grass strip. Harry was home and he walked out to meet the pilot of the unfamiliar aircraft thinking that maybe the stranger was having trouble with his machine and was making an emergency landing on his island.

The prop stopped and the left hand door opened and a head stuck out and hollowed, “How are you doing old Man?”

Harry yelled out a greeting to the pilot when he recognized him instantly.

“What the hell are you doing up here Stuart? The last time I heard from you was ten years ago and you were down in Central America flying for a charter business.”

The tall lanky man with blonde hair and a lot of wrinkles on his face was now a man not the young boy that had helped with Macho the first night he was stabled at the airport way back in the fifties. He knew all about Jean’s belly riding and was the recipicant of some of her gently stroking on his young sixteen year old cock when she rode under Macho and he guided the horse.

Another man, dark complexion and appeared to be of Latino origin got out of the right hand side of the aircraft and hadn’t spoken until Stuart introduced him to Harry.

“Senor Alfalla, this is Mr. Adams, the husband to the renowned lady that won the cup for your father’s ranchero way back in the late fifties.”

He stuck out his hand to Harry and they shook when Harry asked, “How is your father and mother, Senor?”

“Both have passed away and I now operate the ranchero. It’s not very profitable right now so I have been concentration on some of my other businesses. One in particular that is beginning to show a tremendous profit from the tourist. That’s what I wish to talk to you about.”

Harry looked surprised and then spoke, “It’s a bit chilly out here why don’t we go into the house and have a cup of coffee to talk about old times and anything else that comes to mind.”

Once the three men were seated around the kitchen table and Harry had poured the coffee, he and Stuart brought each other up to speed on their businesses and adventures for the last ten years and finally they turned to Senor Alfalla to open the conversation as to why he was there.

Just as he was about to speak, Jean and the two girls entered the kitchen and he suddenly stood up politely when he greeted Jean.

“Senora Adams, I have heard so much about you and how you won the cup for belly riding for our ranchero. My father and mother held you in great regard and spoke well of you often. I am sorry to inform you that they passed away a few years ago though.”

“Oh I am sorry to hear that, Sonor. I remember you as a young man that they sent off to school in England while my husband and I were down at the ranchero for that summer. We had a wonderful time and of course you must know how much I enjoyed your people and horses. I still have Macho that your father gave me. He is well and I exercise him almost daily, but it’s getting so cold that I can’t ride him outside anymore.”

Alfalla smiled at Jean and said to her. “I’ve seen all of the movies that my parents had of you riding Macho and even in the derby race. You were beautiful and from what I see now, you are even more beautiful.”

“Senor, I want you to meet my two twin daughters, Kim and Kay,” and the two girls moved over to the table and shook his hand.

“My what beautiful Ladies,” He replied. “Both of you are exact imagines of your mother when she was first married. You both are beautiful.”

Then he turned to Jean and hinted at what was on his mind. “Do the twins ride with you, your style of riding?”

“Oh yes, they do, Senor. They just started last spring and took to it like a professional. In fact both girls are very unhappy that they can’t ride now because of the cold weather coming on.”

Stuart had an expression of awe on his face as he looked at the girls and back at Jean. He couldn’t believe the two babies that were only five or six years old when he last saw Jean and Harry had grown up to be such beauties. Both girls were wearing shorts and a halter and barefooted. His old Johnson shot straight up and tented his pants when he heard Jean say that they had been riding the way she did, belly style. He could picture these lovely young teenage girls with a gigantic horse cock up in their cunnies. The idea was making him so hard that he couldn’t control his rampaging cock in his pants and had to hold it down with his hands as he sat there.

Jean noticed his discomfort and smiled lewdly at him when she said, “It’s too bad it is so cold outside, Stuart. I would like to take another moon light ride with you guiding Macho for me. Remember?”

“I’ll never forget it, Jean. You are so beautiful lying there in the harness and enjoying yourself as you give Macho his well deserved release.”

Senor Alfalla noticed the sexual innuendo between Jean and Stuart and he butted in to change the conversation before Stuart got carried away.

“Senor Adams, I still own the island off of the coast of Brazil and I use it to put on shows for the foreign tourist. Special shows that they can’t see anywhere else in the world. I had been thinking of have a belly riding act added to the performance and I thought about your wife and how well she did in the derby race. Then I met Stuart and mentioned it to him and he said he knew where you and your wife were. That’s why I am here now.”

Jean’s eyes lit up like spotlights and her expression was that of a kid at Christmas time, but Harry face was a blank when this Brazilian mentioned that.

Then he asked. “What do you have in mind for my wife?”

“Well, Senor Adams, she is the only one left that knows anything about belly riding and I would pay her well to train some of my girls how to do it safely. I have several young girls that need the money badly and are willing to try it, but of course they have a lot of fear about it. I need a trainer or if Sonora Adams would like to be a star again, I would be very happy to pay her generously to perform in my shows also. I want my shows to be beautiful sex shows, not the rotten sex shows of Mexico. I‘m willing to invest the money to attract the high class tourist to my island. The belly riding show would be very high class with beautiful girls and wonderful horses, the very best. No cheap, dirty show!” he told them.

There it was out and Jean almost wet her panties when he said he could even use her in his shows. The thrill and excitement of riding under her horse stark naked with a big horse cock buried in her cunt with everyone’s eyes glued to her body was turning her on like she hadn’t been since the derby race. She could feel her cunny getting wet and leaking all around her vagina. This was something that she wanted to do again.

Harry looked at his wife and asked her, “What do you think about this idea baby doll?”

Jean didn’t hesitate, “I like it. I want to do it, but it will have to be very profitable for us.”

Senor Alfalla spoke then when he said, “Yes, Sonora Adams. I know money speaks and I am willing to pay you and your husband any amount you desire. With you in the show, I can build it into to something as big as Disney World. The island is still in our family control. It is very private and no country has ever claimed it. I have built several villas that are very luxuriously furnished and with fantastic views of the ocean. You will love it. I have the most beautiful stallions that are available in all of South American. Perfect show horses and they will make the perfect mate for you to belly ride.”

While he was talking he was staring at the twins and both of them were squirming and wiggling around. He had turned them on too with his description of the island and the horses.

Jean glances over her shoulder and saw Kim, grinning lewdly at the Senor and she knew Kim was itching to be in the show too. Kim took after her and would enjoy the excitement of being an exhibitionist for the first time.

“Why don’t you give my wife and I a little time to think about this Senor Alfalla? All of this is overwhelming to us and for us to pull up our roots here and move down to South American would be overwhelming for us. We have to think about it.”

“Very well, that will be fine. Think it over for two weeks and then give me a call.” He handed Harry a business card. He looked at Jean and then asked. “Did I understand you right when you said your daughters also rode belly style?”

Both girls chimed in before their mother could answer. “Yes, Senor Alfalla, both of us have our own horses and we have been riding that way all summer.” Kim chimed in after Kay stopped talking, “I love it and would really love to be in one of your shows that would be awesome. Could you use me too?”

He smiled at her and replied to her mother, “Senora, Adams, I could build a special act for the three of you, three blonds with three beautiful pamimino horses. Long blond tails to match the hair of all three of you. What a sight that would be when the three of you trotted around the special ring and having orgasm after orgasm. The spectators would go crazy. Please think of allowing your daughter to join you also, Senora Adams.”

The small family stood beside the runway when Harry turned on the runway lights and watched Stuart take off with Alfalla back to the city.

Both girls descended on their parents then. “Mom, Dad, let’s do it. That would be fantastic to do for this winter. We want to get out of the ice and snow and enjoy ourselves. Think of it a whole island in the tropics for us to enjoy. Beaches we could go nude on and get as dark as we wish.”

“We will talk about it girls, now go to bed and get ready for school tomorrow.

That night Harry and Jean talked way into the next morning hours about what it would mean to take the twins down to Senor Alfalla’s island to perform in a sex show. They wondered just what the ramifications would be to expose the girls to an audience that wanted to see them fucked silly by a horse. They hadn’t come to any conclusion by the time Harry got out of the bed and went to work the next day.

Both girls descended on their mother the next morning and began questioning her.

“Mom, we want to do it. It will be awesome for us to ride nude under our horses and fuck. I want to do it,” Kim exclaimed. “Please mother, say yes. I don’t want to stay up here all winter and not have Shadow to fuck me all the time.”

Jean just looked at her daughters and smiled lewdly when she replied. “Both of you want to have men staring at your nude bodies and watching the horse cock go in and out of your young pussies. Is that what you want, to tease men and get your sexual kicks from seeing them jack off? Do you want to stroke a man’s cock while you fuck your horse? Think of it, how depraved your classmates would think of you doing something like that. Is that what you want?”

Both girls looked at their mother and smiled lewdly when Kim replied.

“Yes, I would rather have a horse fuck me that a man and so would Kay. She said so last night.”

“Okay girls that enough, get out of here and get to school or you will be late.” and she shooed the girls out of the home. Shortly after the girls left, she heard the ultra light, Easy flight aircraft, take off and head east to the field across the river where the school bus would stop to pick up her daughters.

Jean got on the internet right after the girls left and sent an email to Alfalla asking him a few more questions and just how badly did he want her and her girls to perform in his sex shows.

Three hours later she got an answer that pleased her so much she called her husband on her cell phone.

“Honey, Alfalla sent me an email and offered to pay all expenses for us to go to his island including shipping our stock. He offered us a flat amount of one million dollars if I would train his girls, perform in one show a night along with our daughters and give us our own hacienda on the island with servants. What do you think?” she asked him.

“Sounds as if you have made up your mind, but what about the girls schooling? How are we going to handle that?”

“I thought about that too. Remember that young teacher that visited us in the summer and just went to work at the girl’s school. You know the one that got you so hot that it took me all night to cool you down when she came out here one time to ride Prince.”

“Yes, I remember her and she is a beautiful formed woman too.” he replied.

“Well she seemed to be interested in our horses and was very curious about my belly saddle when she saw it. She asked a lot of questions that I had to duck and she made one remark that struck me that she would be a good candidate for a belly rider too. She has the looks for it and blonde too.”

“What’s that got to do with our girl’s schooling?” he asked.

“Well maybe we could offer her the job of being Kay and Kim’s tutor while down there and if she gets too curious about the belly riding, I could ease her into it. She looks like a girl that likes a challenge and she did mention that she didn’t have any ties here or anywhere. Her parents had died and she didn’t have any close relatives or boyfriends. I’m sure she would go for a winter on the island if we offered a good salary.”

“Well that might be the way to go if we do accept Alfalla’s offer and go down there. I think I would rather take a trip down there and see just what the place looked like though first before I make up my mind.”

“Fine, that sounds like a good idea. We will all go with you during Christmas break and the girls won’t miss any school.”

“Okay, send Alfalla an email telling him that we would like to see the place first before we give him our final answer.”

Jean got an answer right away and it would be an all expense paid trip for them so the whole family was thrilled.

When the Lear Jet that belonged to Alfalla approached the two thousand foot landing strip on his island everyone in the aircraft were glued to the windows looking down at the pristine beaches, the beautiful tropical setting and large homes built close to the beaches.

They were met at the new welcome center and their aircraft parked. Alfalla met the plane and greets the whole family as if they were part of his.

The girls had a golf cart that they took off and began to explore the island. Jean and Harry were escorted to the main hotel and assigned to their room.

Jean was impressed with the beautiful facilities for the horses, dogs, and other animals and the upper floor of the barn had been made into dressing rooms and living quarters for the grooms and student belly riders. The home that Jean and her family would have was a beautiful Spanish style hacienda with a garden and paved walkways down to the beach and out to the barn. Jean met an old woman that went into tears as soon as she saw Jean. Jean finally recognized her as one of the women that had been on the ranchero when she became a belly rider. This woman was going to be the family cook and head housekeeper and she let Jean know that she wanted her to come back down to spend the winter with her.

The girls had spent most of their time in the barn or on the beach and each one had acquired a beautiful tan all over their bodies. They barely wore clothing the whole time they were on the island and both girls had found a beautiful thoroughbred Palomino quarter horse that they fell in love with. Jean gave a few lessons to the local belly riding students and assisted in their training and she gave one performance for the island’s occupants one evening just before she left with her family.

The island people were impressed at her bravery to couple with a beautiful thoroughbred Arabian black stallion that had a mighty penis at least two feet long. She rode him until he orgasm three times and was as tame as a Kitten after that. He knew that Jean was his mistress and responded to her every move while she had been under him in the saddle. It was easy to see that the thoroughly enjoyed fucking the human female.

When the family settled in back home in Virginia they had a conference and at the end they all agreed that they wanted to go back to the island and perform in the shows all winter, then return back home in May. The only hitch in the whole deal was to recruit a school teacher for the girls.

Jean rolled her antique Swift aircraft from the hanger and took off for the local airport the next day after her husband left for work and the girls had gone to school. She landed and taxied up to the visitor parking area and walked over to the parking lot to one of the company cars that belonged to her husband.

When she arrived at the school she asked to talk to the teacher that she knew, a young blond like her daughters named Miss Earla.

The teacher met her in the teacher’s day room and over coffee they began to talk.

“Miss Earla, it’s good to see you again. You haven’t visited us any time since this past summer.”

“No, Mrs. Adams. I went back west to visit some of my college friends and just to travel around and see some of the remainder of the U.S. It’s awful boring for me to just sit around here in Virginia when school is out without close friends.”

“Well in that case, I think I have something you might be interested in. How would you like to travel down to South America for the winter? How would you like something like that?” Jean asked.

“Your daughters have already told me about their going down to South America for the winter and I have been expecting you to come and see me. They are so excited about it that I can’t get them to concentrate on their school work.”

“I’m here to offer you a well paying job as their tutor during this winter while my whole family will be working down there for an old friend of ours. The pay will be much more that you are making up here and I promise you that it will be more exciting and interesting for you down on the Island where we will be than up here in the cold and snow.”

“Oh! You want me to go with you to tutor your girls. So that was why they were so excited when they were talking to me about seeing something more exciting than the local things.”

“Yes, that is it. They want you to be with them and I do too. Mr. Adams will love to have you join us as part of our family while we are down there. We will have a big hacienda to live in right on the beach and you will have your own private quarters including a maid.”

She looked at Jean and didn’t hesitate when she said, “Will I be told what the big secret that your two girls seem to be hiding all the time. They refuse to talk about the training they do with their horses and it has been driving me crazy to find out just what makes them so happy and proud all the time of their horses.”

“Well, I didn’t know that my girls had been saying anything to get anyone’s curiosity up about horse training on our island, but it is the usual training. In fact the girls have won so many trophies this year at the horse shows that we don’t have anywhere to put them.” Jean covered up the real story.

“Oh, I thought it was something different than just plain old horse shows. I read some history on Brazils just before I went out to your island last summer and so I wouldn’t be a dumb bell about the place if you talked about it. I knew you and your husband went down there way back before the girls were born, they told me that, but every time I ask them about their horse training they clam up like two clams. They don’t talk about their horses or even hint about it. So I have been suspicious that they have a great secret about the horses. I read something in the history of the Marti Gratis about belly riding girls and how they couple with their mounts. That has increased my curiosity about horses and of course I have an adventurous nature myself, I wonder how it would feel to do something like that.”

Jean was shocked that the young twenty four year old girl even knew about belly riding and she didn’t know what to say.

She stammered and stumbled over her reply when she said, “I…I…have heard something about that…but that was a long time ago when we were down in Brazil. Hasn’t the Brazilian government outlawed that practice? I heard they had.”

“Yes, I think I read something to that effect, but I also read recently that there has been enough interest in it to revive it again. It seems that the Latin men and men from Europe want to see it again. Of course no one in their right mind would permit it here in the U.S. I don’t think. If it is fun or sexy, our people just won’t let it occur.”

Jean hadn’t gotten over her first shock and now this young girl was shocking her even more. “You mean to tell me that belly riding would interest you? You actually believe that it can be done and was done?”

“Yes, Mrs. Adams, it would interest me and I know it can be done. If I had the right teacher, I would love to try it. As your daughters always say about something exciting, it would be awesome.”

Jean got her wits together and then asked. “Miss Earla, would you be interested in going with my family to South American for the winter and teaching them. I promise you that you will enjoy it and of course make a good wage with all expenses paid.”

The young blonde looked straight into Jean’s eyes and replied quickly.

“Yes, I will accept your offer on one condition?”

“What’s that, Miss Earla?” Jean asked.

“Will you teach me how to belly ride while we are down there? I saw a picture of you accepting the cup for the best belly rider in the Belly Riding Derby. For the year you were down there. I read the whole story too. I had to learn Portuguese to do it, but I did. I have known all along that you were the one and I have an idea that your two girls are belly riding now too.”

“Holy shit! You know! I have always been afraid someone would find out and try to blackmail me for doing that. The law can’t touch me because I was on an Island that Brazil doesn’t claim jurisdiction of when I did it, but the idea of people shunning me about it would be horrible.”

“Don’t worry about me, Mrs. Adams. I admire you. You did something that is really awesome and it didn’t hurt you or the horse. You have made me so curious about it that now I want to be your student down on the island if that is possible. Please, consider it and if you say Yes, I will go with your family. I would love doing something so awesome like that.”

“Okay, Earla, we leave in one week. Can you be ready? I promise you that you will have your curiosity satisfied, but maybe after that you will have to live with my family to keep on riding your own horse when we come back next summer.”

Miss Earla gave a squeal and reached over and hugged Jean. She kissed her and began to have tear running down her cheeks. Then she spoke between sobs. Jean you are the first person in my life that really took an interest in me and didn’t tell me I was crazy. I’ve wanted to belly ride ever since I read that article about your race and how you won it. That was an awesome ride and I want to do something like that too. I am bored silly just teaching, but I can do that too while I am with your family.”

That night, Jean told Harry that the teacher was all set to go and that she had guessed and knew Jean was a belly rider. Harry wasn’t surprised when she told him that and they began to make their plans to leave for the Island of Ponies.

Harry turned his business over to his manager, shipped the three horses, made sure all of the equipment required for the family and horses were on the same shipment and double checked everything, including passports and visas for the five members of his group.

Alfalla’s Lear Jet arrived on time and they took off the next morning and were landing on the island the same afternoon late.

There was plenty of help to get the luggage to the hacienda that the family was going to use and the big surprise was a big fiesta that night to welcome the family to the Island of Ponies.

The next day, all five of the family, Jean, Harry, the two youngsters and their new member Earla rode their golf carts up to the beautiful stables next to the amptheiter where the shows will occur each night.

Jean went immediately to the big black stallion and patted him and he stomped his forefeet with a greeting. He knew exactly who she was and why she was there. The two girls looked over the young two year old stallions in the corral and picked out the ones they wanted, but Kay took two out of the corral and back into the stalls.

Earla asked, “Why did you take two out Kay? Do you have some special reason?”

Kay had a very serious expression on her face when she replied. “I want to check and see which stallion will respond to me the quickest and the hardest. That will tell me if he had a lot of stamina when Dad gives his the bee sting to keep him hard.”

“Oh!” and her face turned beet read as Kay reached under the first stallion and began to stroke his sheath. The young girl kept stroking until she had the stallion fully hard and erect. Then she turned to Earla and spoke softly.

“Now this one isn’t so big that it will hurt a girl that tries it for the first time. I think this one should be yours Earla. Take you hand and stroke him like this.” and Kay showed the young teacher how to make it feel great for the stallion.

“Mother will take over your training tomorrow Earla and get you used to the way it should be done. Are you a virgin, Earla?” Kay asked the girl.

She just looked shocked when Kay asked her that. She was totally surprised to have a sixteen year old girl ask her a twenty four year old woman if she was a virgin. Earla finally got her wits under control and smiled lewdly at Kay.

“No, I’m not, Kay. I have had one bad experience with a boy when I was your age and never wanted to try it again. He hurt me so much that I am afraid of men now.” she confessed.

Kay smiled then and replied. “Well, when you try to take a big horse cock in your cunny, don’t be surprised at how much pain you will feel. It hurts like hell at first and it takes a little time to get used to it, but once you get in the saddle and he trots with you swinging back and forth under him, it is an awesome fuck. You will cum like you never have before in your life and no man will be able to satisfy you after that. I promise you that you will be one of us then. Crazy for horse cock!”

Jean and Harry had been in conference with Alfalla for over four hours the next day. They were discussing and laying out how the performance should go.

Alfalla had a few ideas that were on the BDSM line for the girls. Then he asked Harry to do something that was unexpected as hell for Harry.

Senor Adams, I want you to participate also in the shows. I feel that it would add a nice sexual touch if you joined in when they ride in the ring in front of the audience.”

Jean and Harry were stunned. “What do you have in mind, Jose?” Jean asked him.

“Well I had a costume made for your husband and I want him to wear it when he stands in the center of the ring as the girls trot their horses around while being fucked. I want him dressed as a Master.”

Harry began to smile lewdly when Jose said that.

I wonder where Jose got that idea. Not bad, I think I will enjoy being the ring master and if my old Johnson rises up while watching my girls fuck, then I can stroke it right in front of the whole place. I like that

Jean was thinking along the same line and thought about how her husband could be beside her and she could stroke his cock as she had her orgasm.

I like that idea but I don’t think Harry will go for it. Holy Shit! I know I am going to enjoy this place. This is really wonderful for me and the girls, but we might have to worry about Earla if we put her in the show

Both Harry and Jean looked at each other and slowly they began to smile and Jean leaned over to kiss her husband. Her hand went to his shorts and up under them. She found his love tool rising and she knew his answer right then.

“Jose, I think that is a good touch. Just like the derby. My husband can be beside me and I will jack him off while fucking my horse. Yes, I like that.” and she saw total agreement in her husband’s eyes.

“Good. Now if you will strip, Harry, you can try on your costume that I had made for you.” and he went over to a big locker and took out a package. He handed the package to Harry and left the room.

Jean and Harry were like two kids at a birthday party. They tore into the package and found black boots, a lot of harness and one little box that was separate. Harry had quickly stripped down to nothing and was putting the boots on.

The boots came up to his knees and looked like the old time Spanish boots with the front part going up over the knee cap. They fit tightly and perfectly. Then he picked up a wide belt that was studded with bright blue and red stones that reflected the light. There were ‘D’ rings on each side and one in back and one in front. There were two straps that went up over his shoulders that crossed in front and back and snapped onto the wide belt. He put on a wide collar.

Jean finally got the small package opened and she started laughing when she held it up for him to see.

It was a two inch band made like a wrist band, but much smaller with a small dark piece of wood like a tongue depressor on the bottom.

“What the hell is that?” Harry exclaimed.

“I think I know, honey. Come over here to me.” and she took his cock and began to stroke it. Her husband’s penis rose to her gentle caress and when it was almost at full erection, she slipped the black, jeweled band around it with the wood support along his cock. Then she snapped a Velcro tape around his balls and now his love tool stood out straight from his body on display.

Harry looked down at himself and slowly grinned then began to laugh. “I sure in Hell won’t need that with your girls riding around me while the horses fuck the three of you. I won’t be able to get it down until I get you in bed after the show. Baby doll.”

“Well I don’t think that will be a problem. You have your own harem down here, Me, Kay, Kim, and Earla. I’m sure Earla will join in to our little orgies once she gets used to our kind of life.”

Harry just smiled at her then and replied, “I’m looking forward to my first time with Earla. When I saw her in her thong bikini swim suit this morning I wanted to plow her cunny right them.”

“Men, you guys are all alike. You would fuck a goat if it would stand still.” and she slowly smiled at him when she pulled him down to her level and kissed him while stroking his hard rod.

Jose entered the room then and smiled from ear to ear when he saw Harry dressed in the leather and his cock sticking straight out.

“You look perfect Harry. I know the women in the audience will be watching you the whole time you are in the ring with the girls.”

“Jose, did you get that machine I sent you a picture of? I need it to start training Earla to belly ride.” Jean asked the Island owner.

“Si, senora. It came in yesterday and it is all assembled with the assortment of equipment you asked for. It is set up in one of the private rooms in the barn.”

“Are the cameras hidden in that room too and working?” Jean asked him.

“Si, they have been installed over two weeks now and I tested them. Everything is working correctly and when you enter the room and turn the light on, the cameras will start running. You will have a complete set of DVDs of the training for yourself.” and he was smiling from ear to ear.

Jean then turned to Harry and gave him a short kiss. “I had better get with the training. The girls will be waiting for me to help them get started training their new mounts. I think we will just keep out stock in reserve in case one of the new horses doesn’t take to belly riding too well.”

And she left to join her girls.

“Good morning, Ladies,” Jean said to the three girls waiting in the barn. “Everyone ready to start training?”

“Yes mother,” her two daughters said and Earla replied also.

Jean watched as her two daughters harnessed their choice of palominos’ horses and mounted themselves in the harness. Once they were settled into the hammock like harness, face up, Jean took Earla over to Kay’s choice for her belly ride and began to instruct her how to stroke the animals sheath until the big penis began to appear out of hiding.

Jean went over to Kim’s animal and got it to respond to her stroking and then she went to a locker on the wall and brought out the Alprostadil liquid and syringes. She instructed Earla in how to load the syringes with the right amount showing her how much to put in each one for the length of time the ride would be. She set the amount for one hour this day.

Jean stood next to Earla and made her jab the needle in to the horse’s penis and slowly push the syringe down. Then she had to stroke the big cock to ease the fluid around in the meaty flesh. When she saw the big cock began to grow more she instructed Earla to point the glans dead center on Kay’s cunny.

“Use both hands Earla, that’s it. Help it slid in.” Jean instructed.

“Oh God! It is so hot and hard!” Kay moaned and jerked as it slid into her widely stretched cunny. Her pink labia lips had disappeared within her cunt as the big cock took them in because of the friction. When six inches of horse cock was in the teenager’s pussy, Jean showed Earla how to adjust the harness so that is Kay slid or moved back toward the penetrating cock, she wouldn’t get hurt by having too much shoved in her, more than she possibly could take.

Then Jean took the young teacher over to Kim’s animal and they did the same thing. Once both animals’ cock were firmly embedded in the girls cunts, they led them out of the barn and out to the training corral.

Jean hooked the animals up to the automatic walked and set the speed to a slow walk. She turned it on and the two animals began to walk and the girls were getting a very slow fuck.

Earl’s eyes were as big as saucers as she watched the positioning action of he cocks moving in and out of the young pussies. She would stare at the girls swaying back and forth and slightly sideways under the horses and see the ecstasy that they felt in their eyes and slowly their bodies began to respond too. The girls were wiggling and squirming like freshly dug up worms in a bucket as Jean increased the speed of the walking horses.

Earla kept glancing at Jean and saw that she was as calm as if she were sitting on the beach sucking up the sun, but when the horses speeded up their walk and the girls began to moan and groan louder, she saw Jean’s hands moved down to her crotch, one hand fondling her pubic mount and one hand tweaking her nipples through her halter.

Earla was wearing shorts and a halter also and her hands found their way to her crotch and tits. Both women spectators were turning on just as much as the two belly riders.

Suddenly, Kay let out a shriek and her body went rigid. She shuddered and twitched for over a minuet. The animal never stopped his fast walk and Kay relaxed slightly, but she was still having little orgasms every few seconds.

Kim wasn’t far behind her sister. She yelled even louder that her sister, calling out for more speed and her hips were slamming her body back against the horse cock. If it wasn’t for the restrictions of the harness she would have been injured by too much cock in her body, but the harness saved her any injury that could have happened. She didn’t seem to stop having her orgasm. She kept moaning and groaning and her hips were responding to the inward thrust of the horse cock. She had picked up the rhythm so that they were a perfect fucking couple.

Earla, bent over and her stomach muscles were rippling with her own orgasm. Her legs turned to limp rope and she dropped down in the dirt and slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

She just lay there for a few minuets and she glanced over at Jean and saw that she was standing up on the corral railing and watching her daughters intently.

Earla watched the two girls having orgasm after orgasm and the horses shooting their sperm deep into their bodies every ten minuets. The horses would prance even smarter after each orgasm that they had. It was a beautiful sex show she thought to herself.

Holy cow, I hope I can take a cock that big. Shit that looks so exciting and what a thrill that must be. I can’t wait for Jean to start training me!

When the hour was up, Jean stopped the automatic walker and motioned Earla to take Kay’s horse back into the barn while she led Kim’s horse in.

Jean loosened up the harnesses, but didn’t let the girls get out of the saddles. They had to stay in until the big cocks softened and slid out of their own accord.

“Okay, girls, you know the drill. Lay there until you are uncoupled and then you can dismount. Make sure the animals are fed and watered. You can leave the harnesses on them so they will be ready for you this afternoon.”

Jean turned to Earla and spoke, “Come with me. I want to get you started on making your pussy ready for a horse cock.”

Jean led her down to the other end of the big barn and into a room that was totally black. No windows and only one door. Jean flipped on the light switch and motioned the young school teacher in.

“Now it time you get started and I want you to know, this isn’t going to be easy. It probably will hurt for the first few times and you won’t get much pleasure out of it until you get used to the size. Are you sure you want to go through with this, young lady?”

Earla didn’t hesitate when she replied. “I’ve dreamed of doing this ever since I read how you won the cup, Jean. I know it will hurt, but after watching you and your daughters have those thrilling and awesome orgasms I know I want to do it. The one time I did it with a man, just didn’t satisfy me. I think it was because he was so cruel and uncaring about me. He took my virginity and laughed when I cried with the pain and he gave me nothing back. There was no pleasure in sex with him. I vowed never again with a man, but when I read how you rode belly style and the orgasm that you received from a horse’s penis, Jean, I got so excited that I had to masturbate. With a man there was something missing, my own enjoyment and the thrill of a gigantic orgasm.”

“Don’t blame all men for your one time with one man. You may find the right man in time, but okay we might as well get started. First strip completely. I don’t want you to wear any clothing so you will get used to being nude. If a man walks in don’t panic. Just keep doing what you will be doing and enjoy showing yourself off to him. You are going to have to forget your modesty and learn to enjoy having men see you in the nude with a big desire to fuck you the same as your animal lover will. They won’t dare bother you, but they that isn’t going to stop them from lusting for your body and want to fuck you. That’s the fun in it, they can lust and want you, but the only thing they are allowed to do is watch you have something that they don’t have, a big cock that you are enjoying.”

The young woman stripped her shorts off and then her halter. She kicked her sandals off and stood there in front of Jean as she ran her hands all over her body. Jean spread her ass cheeks and remarked,

“Nice little ass hole. I think I have an idea about that too for the show.”

“Now come over here and lay down on that narrow cushioned bench.” She instructed Earla.

Once Earla was lying on her back on the bench, Jean pulled two ropes down from a beam in the ceiling and wrapped cuffs around her knees and fastened them with Velcro tape pulling them up so that they were spread and at an angle of thirty degreed from her hips. She did the same with her wrists only the ropes came from the side, stretching her arms upwards at a forty five degree angle straight up from her shoulders. Then Jean fastened her down to the narrow bench with a wide belt that went all the way around her stomach and the bench. Now Earla couldn’t move much and couldn’t escape from her bondage.

Jean explained to the nervous girl. “The way you are strapped down with your legs and arms up is the way it will feel to you when you first get into your belly riding harness. I’m going to get you used to everything, the harness, the horse cock, and even the motion of the ride on this machine. So don’t worry you will feel pain, but it is something you will have to conquer if you want to be a belly rider. Are you ready for this training Earla?”

“Yesss…I…think…so! I want to do it. Please…Jean…don’t…stop…if I start crying and beg you to stop…I will hate myself if you do that…!

Then Jean rolled a big machine with a long rod sticking out of the end that was pointed directly at Earle’s cunt at the same level. Jean flipped some clamps down to rings in the flooring and secured the machine so it wouldn’t move around. There was an electric cord running from it to a wall socket and a little black box with a switch and a knob that was the speed control. There was an electric motor under the bench Earla was strapped too and it too, was secured to the floor.

There was beautiful mahogany wooden box about three feet long and a foot wide on top of the machine and Jean opened it up. She took out a real life like dildo that was identical to a horse cock right down to the mushroom glans and two foot length with the ring around it about twelve inches from the glans end. She fastened it to the end of the rod that was aimed at Earla’s pussy. Then Jean took a big squeeze bottle that was in the box that had a long six inch blunt nozzle on it for a spout, and she approached the young woman with that in her left hand.

“This is just a lubricant so your delicate tissue won’t be damaged by the friction of the horse cock dildo, Earla. There is a tube running down the inside of the horse cock dildo which I can squirt warm butter milk into your pussy when you cum so it will feel like the real thing. I know you will enjoy this added feature and give you a wonderful idea as to how the real thing is going to feel for you.”

Jean gently pushed the long nozzle up into her cunt after squiring some of it at the entrance to her vulva. Then she squeezed the bottle until a large amount was in her pussy and running out slightly.

Next she slowly used a little wheel on the side of the machine that extended the rod up to Earla’s cunt and she began to ease the big mushroom glans against the pussy hole.

Jean flip the switch to ‘ON’ and watched the rod slowly move further into her cunt and then slowly withdraw, almost all the way out. Earla let out a scream that would have been heard to the end of the island if the room hadn’t been soundproofed just for the purpose. Jean moved the wheel on the side of the machine so that at least ten inches of the horse cock dildo slid with ease on the lubrication into the screaming girl as she felt the enormous size spreading her outer labia lips and taking them into her pussy as it moved so deeply. Jean put the machine on pause, giving the impaled girl time to adjust to the size and depth it was in her cunny.

Jean waited until Earla’s screams ceased and she was only moaning now. Then she touched the speed control slightly so that the horse cock dildo was barely moving out of Earla’s now well spread opening. When it had retracted to its full six inch stroke it began to move back into her cunt and Earla began to scream again until it stopped at the full extension of ten inches within her pussy. Jean then set a timer of fifteen minuets on it and let it fuck the girl until she stopped screaming and was now moaning, not with pain but with her new erotic sensations as the tool moved across her clitoris.

After five minuets, Earla began to chant out her desires. “Oh…cum…I…can feel…it…cumming…Oh Holy shit….I’m there…!

Jean pushed the button for the pump to shoot the now body temperature buttermilk to the young woman and when Earla felt it she lifted off to the moon in a blast of her orgasmic jerks, quivers, and shakes, in fact she was out of her ever loving mind with the ecstatic sexual orgasm that she had craved but never received before in her young life.

Jean tapped the control slightly for a tiny bit of increase in the stroke and speed. Earla gasped when the long rubber cock entered her cunt a little deeper and faster, but there was no complaint from her only the gasp of enjoyment at the mechanical fucking she was receiving.

Jean speeded up the strokes a little more and the young woman began to hunch up to it, keeping in time with the in stroke.

I think this young lady is highly sexual. This thing is getting her going from the start. I’ll give her ten more minuets of this and then shoot her over the moon again with a womb full of butter milk. That ought to do it for today’s lesson. I’m amazed at her ability to take this thing so easily the first time. Too bad Harry didn’t get a chance to fuck her before I made her cunny so big that he couldn’t satisfy her with his new long cock. Jean was thinking to herself.

After a few minuets and Jean saw that Earla was about to have her second orgasm. When she clamed down after that mighty orgasm, Jean stopped the machine.

Jean didn’t pay any attention to her protest for stopping, but she pulled the monster dildo from her cunt and inspected for blood and any possible injuries. The didn’t find any so she got the machine in operation swiftly and it was after only a few stokes that Earla’s scream of sexual enjoyment started again.

Jean watched closed when the young blonde teacher began to reach her orgasm again, she pressed the button and gave her a squirt of hot butter milk in her cunny and Earla went nuts as she took off on her third orgasm.

The machine slowed slightly but kept moving in and out of Earla’s cunt and in ten minuets, she began to cum again and Jean gave her a longer shot of butter milk. Jean kept this up for an hour. Earla kept moaning and making sounds of enjoyment as the cadence of the machine beat time to the in and out of the big dildo. Slowly Jean speeded up the stroking even faster and is sounded like an old steam engine train running flat out along the plains. Earla had her six climaxed for the morning in that one hours being fucked by that gigantic horse cock dildo.

That night in their bedroom, Jean was showing Harry the video of how Earla reacted to the fuck machine and he spoke softly to her.

“I would have loved to fuck her before you spread her pussy so much that it wouldn’t be tight on my cock. How about it?” he pleaded.

“No way, honey. I don’t want to scare her off. She is going to make a beautiful pony mare. I got a great idea for the girls and myself to make the show a little more interesting. I want to dress the girls and myself up as pony girls with blonde tails. I can make the tails with our own hair, fastened to butt plugs. What do you think of that idea?”

“Great, but I want the privilege of inserting the butt plugs in all four of your sweet asses.”

“Okay you got a deal. I will have Jose order some pony harness and butt plugs for us right away. I know he will go for it.”

Two days later, Jean had Earla in the training room on the fuck marching with a black horse cock dildo fastened to it. Jean put the machine in motion very slowly. Gradually as Earla began to moan with her passion and sexual ecstasy of being fucked by the machine again, the speed was increased for ten minuets.

Earla screamed out when her first orgasm began and didn’t stop until Jean shut the machine down. Earla had fainted with the intense pleasure of her orgasm. When she came too, she began to plead with Jean to let her do it with her horse now that she was spread.

“Please…Jean…I am ready. I want to belly ride for real this afternoon with the girls.” Jean didn’t say yes or no. She just told her to go take a shower and join the family for lunch

After lunch, Jean marched out to the barn with her three trainees and they all harnessed up their choice of stallions. The three girls mounted their animals and were swinging underneath them as comfortable as babies in a hammock. Harry had prepared four syringes and set the amount of Alprostadil in each for two hours.

He moved around the horses and proceeded to get the stallions in the mood to fuck by stroking their sheaths and positioning their big black cock up against the openings of the girls’ cunny. Harry was very careful to give the shot to each horse in just the right place to get the most results for a perfect standing erection on each animal. When he had all four of his women penetrated and the harnesses adjusted for a six inch stroke in their cunts when the horses trotted, he led his troop outside of the barn out to the corral.

The twins took over their reins and guided their animals around the rink and when he saw that they had good control of their animal, he opened the gate and allowed them to leave to trot off down the path that led around the Island.

After about an hour and constant climaxes and she had settled down in her harness with a horse cock penetrating her cunt for the first time, Earla was ready to guide her animal out of the corral and down the path too. Jean followed her and kept her animal trotting right beside her. Harry climbed up on a black mare and followed the girls as they trotted along the beach path.

When one of the stallions stopped to have his orgasm, Harry would stand by to make sure that everything was okay and the girl under the animal was obtaining the most from the horse’s orgasm and the cream being pumped into her body. His two daughters were in such an aroused state now that they were in a continuous orgasm and their shrieks and moans could be heard a long way along the path. Earla wasn’t too far behind them as she got used to being stuffed with ten to eleven inches of four inch wide cock.

“How are you doing Earla?” Harry asked her when they were half way around the island path.

“Ohhh….Ohhh….I…love…this….What a way to be fucked….” she replied, but Harry looked hard at her and saw that she was grimacing and had a pained look on her face.

He stopped her animal and got down. He loosened the harness and then pulled her forward about three inches, reducing the stroke of the penis into her cunt down to a mere four inches. Then he swung the harness back and forth to make sure she wasn’t getting penetrated more than six inches in on a stroke. Then he spoke softly to her.

“Earla, you are beautiful lying in that harness with that big cock in you sweet cunny. I just wish I could have fucked you before my wife stretched you with that dam machine. I think I could have made you love making love with a man too. You are too pretty just for a horse.”

Earla looked up at Harry and grinned, remembering what Jean had told her about men lusting after her and she gave him a big smile and giggled. “Yes, you probably could have made me love it from what the girls have told me about what a wonderful lover you are for your wife and them.” then she winked at him slyly and whispered to him. “Maybe one day, you can show me how a man should treat me if Jean agrees.”


Well I’ll be dam. This little beauty will be alright with my little harem. One of these nights Jean and I are going to stage an orgy and make her the star.

He thought when he mounted his mare to lead Earla’s horse down the path.

Slowly he led her horse back into a trot and he watched Earla’s face for any signs of discomfort when she hit the top of her next orgasm. There were none, so he urged her stallion into a smooth run to catch up with the other three belly riders.

Earla began to pant, huff and puff and her breathing began to speed up in time to the swinging of the harness. She was smiling the whole time as she went into a continues orgasm and Harry could see the white sperm leaking from around the tightly clasping outer labia lips on the horse cock. The stallion was a young two year old beauty and he seemed to be in horse heaven too by having his young horse cock in a female pussy. He had never been coupled with a mare, but that didn’t seem to make any difference to him, he had his tool in a hole that was just as much fun and pleasure for him and it was lasting far longer that any he would have had in a real mare.

When all five riders returned to the stable, Jose was there waiting for them and his first question was, “When will this star act be ready for the show?”

Jean replied to his question with a big grin. “As soon as you get the pony girl harnesses here and we can fit each girl into her’s. Kim, Kay, and Earla are ready and I have been itching to get in front of an audience ever since you gave us the idea.”

“Wonderful. The harnesses arrived this morning and in the barn. You can get everything sorted out and fitted tomorrow and tomorrow night I will have a big crowd of European tourist into see the show. Your act will be for one hour and the grand finallie. I just hope it goes over as well as the derby went over in the old day.”

“It will Jose. Don’t worry. I think you will like what we have planned. It will be very colorful, erotic, and beautiful at the same time. I know it will appeal to all jaded appetites of the audience.” Jean said.

The next night, just before the curtain went up in the very large auditorium, Harry moved along the four beautifully harnessed animals. Their harnesses were white with costume jewelry imbedded in each strap, making them flash like rubies, diamonds, and many other bright stones. All four of the harness were adjusted to each girl’s satisfaction and would only require a few adjustments for the girls to get settled in them when they mount under the animals on the stage in full view of the audience.

Each girl had on a pony girl harness that didn’t hide any part of her nude body. All had their body make up on and shiny oil that made them shine like perfect female dolls. Their head were covered with a tiny white helmet with blonde feathers sticking up straight and their long hair was so long that when they were mounted in the belly saddles their hair would just clear the floor as their head hung down under the horse.

Moments before the ring master announced their entrance, Harry had give all four horses a shot of Alprostadil in their cock, enough to last the hour that the performance was to be.

The announcement was made and Harry, dressed in a Master’s harness, with his cock and balls fully exposed above his black boots led Jean’s horse out with the other three following. Each girl led her own horse out to the center of the ring and they formed a circle around in the gigantic circus like ring. Harry then led the four blonde girls around the ring, and presented them to the audience, using phony names with a royal title in the front.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. May I present to you, Queen Janice and her court of belly riding maids of honor with the two twin Princesses Katherine and Katrina and last is Duchess of Killdare, making her first appearance on the stage as a Royal Belly Rider. Give the Duchess a hand folks for this daring deed.” when the girls stepped forward and turned around slowly, giving the men in the audience an enticing view of their perfect young bodies, the audience went wild with a standing ovation.

Jose must have really laid it on thick about this act and how beautiful my girls are. I love it and now for the first part that will make all of these lecherously old bastards harder than they have been in years.

“Thank you, Thank you, and my Queen and Ladies all thank you too.” Harry announced. “To start the show off, I will add one more item to the Ladies costumes to add to the appeal of any horse lover and just for your delight to watch.” and he turned and took four blonde tails from a hidden container on the ring tiny wall.

Harry motioned Jean over to the only light on, a center spotlight. Jean strutted into the center spotlight and smiled at the audience when she turned a full circle and then she bent forward from the hips with her butt to the audience.

“Queen Janice enjoys being a pony girl but she needs a real tail before she will let her stallion service her.” Harry announced to the audience.

He had a tube of Aqua Glide lubricant hidden in his hand and without the audience noticing her put a large amount on the butt plug and slowly inserted it in Jean’s butt when she reached back and spread her ass cheeks to received her pony tail. . She screamed on cue as if the plug was killing her and there was a soft laugh coming from the jaded audience because of her discomfort. Jean straightened up, swung around again so that tail flew out away from her body then she prance over to her horse with her knees going waist high when she moved. She stood beside him and watched her husband insert the butt plug under the center spot light into Earla’s ass hole. Earla didn’t fake it when he shoved that plug up her ass, she screamed for real and the laugh from the audience was even louder.

Next he did the same thing with Kay and Kim but their screams were faked.

All three of the girls did as Jean had done, twirled and prance back to their horses.

Once everyone had a tail up their ass, the girls led their horses around the rink at a trot as they held on to the harness and trotted beside the animals, knees going up as high as their waist when they trotted and their shoes designed to look like horse hooves were hitting the dirt of the rink with thuds, all in step to the deep erotic drum music.

The crowd loved the show and Jose standing over to one side was smiling from ear to ear. He knew the tiny microphones attached in each hat would pick up the screams of the girls as they rode and echo throughout the audience and turn them on sexually. He felt sure that this was going to be a great success.

After they trotted around the rink twice they came to a halt and the horses cock were almost horizontal to the floor and ready. Each girl slid into her harness and Harry assisted each horse cock into their cunnies. Then he adjusted the stroke of the saddle to no more that six inches and once all four women were penetrated they were ready.

Harry had a long whip and he snapped it over the head of the stallions and they began to walk. The spotlights were set so they shined directly on each girl under the horse and everyone could see the big black horse cock moving in and out of the girl’s cunt.

After the animals had settled down to the walk and gotten over their nervousness as they walked in a circle around the rink, Harry snapped the whip over them again moving them into a trot. They moved like a precision drill team and they even were in step.

It was only about two minuets before the loud speakers in the auditorium blared out a loud moan and then a short scream with an explicit exclamation.

“Holy Shit! This is awesome, I’m chumming……..” Earla was trying to keep her voice down, not realizing that it was amplified out to the audience through the tiny microphone in her pony girl helmet.

Harry watched her as she hung under the big beautiful stallion. The stallion’s cock was moving in and out of her cunt like a smooth running piston and the young woman was receiving the deliciously erotic sensations all through her lower body that were driving her over the hump and she felt as if she was shooting to the stars in a nano second. Her orgasm was tremendous and it never let up it seemed to her. It actual reality it did stop for a few seconds and when her clit was caressed by the big hard horse cock as it pulled the clit against itself by the friction of the tightness of her outer lips and vulva on the in stroke, she would feel the orgasm beginning again.

She was moaning and giving out little shrieks of joy with this unusual sensation that she had never experienced before in her young life. The idea of being completely nude, being fucked by a horse in front of over a hundred people all with their eyes glued to her body was so erotically thrilling to her that she had drifted out of her mind and was floating above the stage, staring down at herself. It was such a high, that she didn’t think she was going to survive it.

Harry was watching her closely, wondering if she was going to flip out of her mind and when he saw her eyes roll back into her head, he guided her horse to the center of the ring and stopped it. He stood beside the horse’s head in the center of the rink while the other three horses trotted around him at the outer circumference of the rink and the audience didn’t notice that there was anything unusual about having one horse standing still in the center.

Harry leaned over and spoke to Earla in a whisper. “Are you alright, Duchess?”

“Oh Yesss…..I’m okay now….I was cumming so hard that I felt as if I was leaving my body. Oh my god was it good. Master, I will never want a man to fuck me again not after having this happen to me.”

Suddenly the audience stood up and began to clap loudly and shout, “More…More….Let the Duchess’s horse fuck her some more!!!! Don‘t stop her now!”

Harry realized that when Earla spoke the microphone had picked up their words and the audience heard ever word. They were encouraging her to get back in the circle and be fucked more and give them some more of her response to the horse fuck.

They never got the chance to get back in the circle, Jean began to shout loudly that she was cumming, and then Kim followed her mother. Both women were hunching back and forth to get a longer stroke in their cunts, they wanted as much of the horse cock as they could get.

Harry left Earla and her stallion standing in the center of the rink and moved out to trot beside his wife’s side as she had her orgasm. Jean reached out and began to stroke his exposed cock as they trotted around the big rink.

Jean shrieked into the microphone and invited two of the audience to come down to the rink and join in, if they would strip their clothing off and trot beside her two daughter who were also climaxing.

“Gentlemen, your Queen wants to pleasure you too if you will trot beside her in the nude. Will any of my subjects dare to let your Queen stroke you to outer space and heaven?” she shouted through her microphone.

There was a mad rush of men stripping off their clothes and running down to the sex circus ring and Jose met them, selecting two men that had complete erections already and motioned them up to the rink and join Kay and Kim. The two girls reached out and began to stroke the offered cocks and it only took two turns around the rink before the harden cock began to squirt the white cream all over the side of the horse and the girls body. Immediately two more men replaced them and the two girls started masturbating these new love tools that were offered to them.

Harry shot off into his wife’s face and once he went limp he wiped her face and a beautiful slender woman took his place. Jean began to finger fuck the girl as she trotted beside her and when this girl cum, she collapsed beside the rink and Jose had two stage hands to remove her to a dressing room to recover.

Earla kicked her stallion back into the circle and resumed the trotting once she had recovered and immediately she had a woman wanting to be finger fucked beside her. The young woman hesitated for a moment and finally got into the act and found that she was enjoying giving this older woman an orgasm like she had never received from her husband.

The spotlights were still shining directly on the lower part of the animals when Harry brought them all to a stand still around the rink.

The white cream of the horse’s sperm was dripping from the belly riding girl’s cunts down into the dirt in the rink. It was like a tiny stream from all four horses and the horses all looked tired and sated.

The light dimmed and the men and the women from the audience that were on the stage moved back to their seat.

The lights came up again and Harry announced to the audience.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I and my Ladies wish to thank you for attending our private performance. The ladies will have to remain coupled with their mounts until their horses erections have softened and then they can uncouple and then dismount. If you would like to witness this and talk to the Queen and her belly riding maids, you may walk over to the stables behind this auditorium and I am sure they will be happy to answer any question about belly riding. Thank you!”

The lights went dim on the rink and the audience all rose as one and applauded the small troop of belly riders as Harry led them out of the ring and out of sight.

Jose met them as they moved into the stable with the widest grin they had ever seen the man have.

“That was an amazing show, girls. I love it and I know the audience loved it more than I did. It is magnificent.”

As Harry was getting the horses in the stalls and fastened to the clips on each side, the people that were curious about belly riding began to walking to the barn.

“The ladies are ready as they relax waiting for the wonderful, big cock to slip out of their cunts, so go ahead and satisfy your curiosity and ask the any question you wish. Once the horses are calmed and their cock is back in their sheaths you will have to leave.”

The girls all enjoyed the admiration they were getting from both the women and men when they looked closely at the big cock in their cunts. The questions were mostly the same, did it hurt, was the sensations as good at they looked like they were when they were trotting in the rink, how long did it take to learn how to take a cock that big. Did they want to fuck a man after that? The questions went on for an hour after that and as the cocks slipped out, the girls would dismount and leave the stable for their hacienda. Finally all four girls had left and three beautiful young German girls were still standing there staring at Harry’s nude body as he brushed the animals down and fed them.

“Is there anything I can for you ladies?” he asked when he finished and noticed them staring at his half hard cock?

“All three girls giggled and replied. “Yes.”

“What can I do then?” he asked.

“We want to try a horse cock. This show made us so hot that we all agree, we want to try it one time at least.” The brunette said.

Harry was taken by surprise and then spoke softly after thinking a moment.

“I would suggest that you talk to the Queen Janice of tonight’s show. She will probably be in the cocktail lounge in a little while. All four of the girls will be there in about an hour and she may listen to your request.”

“Great!” and all three moved out of the stable and left.

Harry just smiled lewdly as he watched the wonderful, erotic and extremely sexual walk and the quivering and jiggling of their young ass cheeks when they walked away which was easy for him to see. They were only wearing thong bathing suits and platform eight inch high heels.

He was no dummy and knew this was a show to entice him to influence the Queen to grant their request to belly ride and the more he thought of it the more he wanted to pursue the idea.

The Belly Riders

Part 2

Once again the performance of the Sex Circus on the Island of Ponies was finished and the last act of the four young belly riders stole the show.

The audience came from all parts of the world in their mega-million dollar yachts and private Jets just to see a new kind of a sex show with class. Senor Jose Alfalla had given them just that, every act was a class act of erotic sexual excitement and the audience rewarded the performance with a stand up ovation.

Senor Alfalfa had invited anyone that wish too, to see and talk to the belly riders while they relaxed in their saddles under the stallions while waiting for the animals to uncouple from the beautiful Ladies. Many in the audience had taking advantage of the invitation at every show after that.

Senor Alfalfa had become concerned about the shows. He believed that he needed something to get the tourist to return to the big auditorium each night. He had been sitting in the lounge after the shows. He listen to the people that had attended the show that evening and heard their comment. Most wanted to see something different, some even express their desire to see a BDSM show performance. For the life of him, he had no idea of what to do to introduce something like that into the present format of the show.

That very evening, three beautiful German girls had discussed the idea of wanting to try belly riding themselves while they watched the performance that evening. They were so curious about it that they went to the stable after the show and watched the performers uncouple and leave the stable until only the Ring Master was left in the stable.

They approached the handsome middle age man and haughtily asked him, “Sir, we want to be Belly Riders. We know we are just as beautiful as those four Belly Riders in the show tonight. It looks easy and we want to do it. Who do we see to get permission to do it?” they spoke to Harry as if he was just a lowly servant for them.

Harry was taken by surprise by the question presented to him. When he turned to see such beautiful young girls demanding to be belly riders. He just stared for a few moments thinking.

I would love to take all four of these spoiled brats over my knees and turn their butts tomato red. They must be the kids from one of those million dollar yachts with a father and mother that gives them everything,’ and finally he spoke to them after giving them a very close once over with his eyes.

“Young ladies if you are as serious as you sound I suggest that you talk to the owner, Senor Alfalla. You may find him up in the lounge right at this moment.

“Good, we will go and see him right now!” the tallest one and probably the oldest one of the girls replied without even thanking him. She spoke in German to the other girls. Harry heard one of the words, and recognized it, arschloch, and to be called an asshole in German only added more insult to the way she was acting towards him. That proved to him she was a real brat. They rushed off in the direction of the hotel and disappeared in the darkness on the path.

When Harry had finished with feeding, watering, and grooming the four horses from the show, he took a shower and put on his shorts and Tee shirt. He headed straight for the cocktail lounge up in the hotel for the guests.

Walking into the beautiful lounge that was wide open on one side to the ocean view, he spotted his family all sitting in a large lounge type booth, all four girls were trying to talk at once.

“Hello honey.” he was greeted by his petite blonde wife and then the other three girls. Two were blonde twins that were his daughters and another older blonde that had become part of his small family. All four of the women were outstandingly beautiful and were relaxing after putting on the one hour show and demonstration of belly riding their horses. The girls looked radiant after having been fuck by their horses and each girl had orgasmed at least six times during that hour performance.

He sat down next to the oldest woman there, his wife not over thirty seven years old and still looking like a girl of twenty two or three. He took her in his arms and gently kissed her and began to talk in low tones to her.

“Baby Doll, after that performance you and the girls put on this evening, I’m so horny that I need a great fuck myself.” and he was grinning at his petite wife, knowing that she wasn’t in any mood to give him what he wanted tonight. She was completely sated.

“I’m sorry honey, but I am worn out and after this drink, I’m going back to the hacienda and to the bed, without you poking me with your new cock. You should have been satisfied with the hand-job I gave you during the show.

“Well that isn‘t as good as your sweet butt, but that’s just what I expected you to say. That’s okay, baby doll. After we get back home I know you will be just as horney as I am when I want you.“ and he gently kissed her.

“Yes, I know you are right. Now let me out of this booth, I’m going to bed.“ and his wife left him. All of his children left him sitting there alone too.

Senor Alfalla saw Harry sitting alone and walked over, sliding into the booth he said softly. “Harry, I’m worried that the show isn’t pulling in the people it did at first. Very few are repeaters and we have to come up with something exciting to add to it that will bring in the ones that have seen it before. Maybe you and Jean could come up with something. Most of the conversations I have over heard were expressing their thoughts about wanting to see some BDSM. What do you think about that?”

Harry didn’t say anything, just sipped on his gin and tonic while his thoughts ran wild.

‘I wonder if I could actually sell this crazy idea to Jose and Jean. It would be a great performance if it would work. Oh what the hell, I’ve nothing to lose and all they can say is no to me.“

“Jose, have four beautiful blonde girls approached you about becoming belly riders tonight?” Harry asked.

“Yes, they came into the lounge and asked the bartender for me. They told him that they wanted to be belly riders, but he put them off, thinking I wasn’t interested.“

“Where did they go?“ Harry asked.

“I think they are sitting way over on the other side of the lounge in one of the big booths the last time I saw them.“

“Good. Jose, maybe this might work if you will listen to all of it.“ Harry said quickly.

Then he went on to explain, “ those four girls approached me while I was grooming the four horses and feeding them for the night out in the stables with the idea that they want to learn how to belly ride. All three of them were so demanding to me to become belly riders that they were down right rude. They are spoiled brats and they made me so mad that I wanted to spank them right then, but I put them off and sent them up here to talk to you. Now here is my plan. If they really and truly want to be belly riders, I will give them all a line of bull shit about having to under go a test to see if they can take the pain of being penetrated by a horse cock and if they fail, they will be dismissed right on the spot. The real catch to this is they will under go the test in front of the audience in the show. If is it BD the crowd wants, I will be delighted to give it to them and use these four girls at the subjects of some real whips and paddles. If they pass the pain test they will immediately be mated with a stallion for one hours. The whole performance of whipping and spanking plus the belly ride should take about two hours. That ought to put a real climax on a new show. What do you think?“ and Harry waited for Jose to say something.

“Holy Mother! That’s it, Harry. That’s perfect, but how are you going to get these three girls to agree to it?” Jose asked.

“No problem with these girls. I think they are so self centered and full of their own ego that they will accept the challenge without a blink of their eyes. I think I may have a problem with Jean agreeing to it though. I’ll just have to run it by her first. In the mean time I think you had better go and introduce yourself to those four girls, but don’t tell them too much. We don’t want to scare them off. Okay?”

“Okay, I will listen to them and check them out as to who they are and their parents.”

Harry got up and headed to the hacienda to join his wife for the night

Jose walked over to the booth with the four girls sitting around in it sucking on their straws and introduced himself. “The bartender said you young ladies wish to talk to me. Is there something I can do for you?” he asked.

The oldest one that appeared to be in her early twenties spoke up quickly. “Are you the owner of the show, the belly riders show?” she asked quickly.

“Yes, I am. In fact I own the whole island and the show. Is there something wrong that you wish me to take care of for you?” Jose was smiling from ear to ear.

“Yes there is. We want to become belly riders just to see what it would feel like to make it with a horse. It doesn’t look like it is such a big deal.” she replied.

“Well, Ladies, I think you have the wrong idea about belly riding. It take a lot of skill and most of all courage to do what the four Ladies in the show do. What makes you think you could make a great belly rider like my four girls?”

“Well Senor Alfalla, we can do anything. There is nothing we can’t do and we have tried a lot of kinky things, all except belly riding. Now we are going to do that.” Jose knew she was bragging and couldn’t have done very much at her young age.

“You know my name Ladies, what are yours?”

The oldest one began with her own name then. “I’m Helen, this is Joan, next to Joan is Jerry, and the little one on the end is Jenny Gant. We are all sisters from Santiago Chile. We came up here on our father’s yacht alone. He wanted to get rid of us for the summer and mother never travels on the yacht, she gets seasick even when it is tied up to the dock.”

“Who is responsible for the four of you when you travel like this?” Jose asked.

Helen answered him. “I am. I tell the Captain of our yacht when and where to go and anything else that we want. I’m the oldest so father put me in charge when I reached twenty one. He said it was time I learned responsibility.”

“Oh I see.” Jose smiled lewdly at them then. “I suppose that Jenny is the youngest. How old are you Jenny?”

“She is sixteen, Senor, but she looks younger.” Helen answered quickly.

Jenny spoke up then. “I just turned sixteen last month Senor Alfalla.”

“Well Senorita, let me think this over until tomorrow afternoon. I have to talk to the ring Master and Queen Janice to see if they want to take on four more girls for the show. If they agree I will let you know by three in the afternoon. Just hang around the hotel swimming pool and I will find you.” he turned and walked quickly away from the four girls. He heard a lot of soft giggling and conversation being made in the booth as he left.

When Harry climbed into the bed with his wife in the nude, he snuggled up to her spoon fashion and his old Johnson slid between the cheeks of her ass and woke her up.

“I told you NO! I want to sleep.” but she snuggled back against her husband and didn’t try to pull away from him.

“Baby doll, Jose is worried about the show. He thinks we need something more in it for excitement to get the people back again.” he said softly to her.

“Yes, he voiced his concerns to me last week, but there isn’t anything else we can add to the show to hop it up any better.” she slowly turned to face her husband.

“But there is, baby doll. Jose heard some of the people in the lounge expressing a desire to see some bondage and discipline added to the show to make it even more exciting.” Harry waited for the explosion for over two minuets, but Jean didn’t say a word.

Finally Jean replied. “I won’t go for that and neither will my three girls. I don’t want them hurt or mauled for some sadistic nuts voyeuristic pleasure or to give Jose a bigger profit on the show.

Jean was thinking then, It wouldn’t be to smart to lower the standards of our show, but…maybe…it could be a separate show…after our show…Make it a preview of the actual mating of the girls to our stallions. Yes…that would work as a separate bondage and disabling show. I could be the Mistress and Harry could be the Master.’

“Would you have any objections to Jose bringing in some new girls that would submit to bondage and discipline as part of the show?” he asked.

“None what so ever if it is done in good taste and make it a complete show by itself. Not something just added as an extra that isn‘t hot enough to get the audience excited.” Jean replied.

Jean was thinking then, Maybe Harry has some girls in mind for something like bondage and discipline. It sure would go over with the kinky crowd we cater too. But I don’t want it added to our act. Oh well, I can always say no if Jose won’t go along with my idea. and snuggled back against her husband’s body and went to sleep.

Jean and her three girls were at the pool the next day, just sunning themselves after the morning work with the stallions. Taking it easy until the evening show when Kay punched her mother in the ribs and said softly to her. “Take a look mother at those four stuck up broads that just walked in, topless and what I would call a ‘G’ string. You can tell by the way they act that they are spoilt brats and exhibitionists.”

Jean lifted her straw hat up off of her eyes and peered down between her legs at the four beautiful young girls as they strutted and poised in the most erotic way they could to get attention from the men sitting around the pool. Jean heard the tallest one ordering the waiter around as if he was dirt under her feet and the other three weren’t any better.

“You are right Kay. Someone should spank those lusciously rounded ass cheeks until they are tomato red for being so rude to Jose‘s waiters. We are all exhibitionists so I wouldn‘t hold that against them, just their bad manners. Those kids are a piece of work of over indulgent ant parents.” and she laid her head back and pulled the big straw hat down over her face again.

Her husband walked up and took a seat on the lounge chair next to Jean and glanced around. He spotted the four young German girls right away. What male wouldn’t. They were showing off everything they had, except for their puffy slits between their thighs. He knew they had seen him and were giving him the once over when he saw Jose walk up to them and began to speak. Harry couldn’t hear the conversation, but he could see by the expressions on the girls faces that they were listening intently to him.

After a few minuets, Jose motioned them to walk around the pool over to where Jean and Harry were sitting.

“Baby Doll, I think Jose has found the girls for the bondage and discipline act we were talking about last night. Play it like you are a hard nose Dom and I am a Master and let’s see what kind of stuff they are made of.”

Jean gave her husband a sadistic smile and said softly to him, “You know honey, I have always wanted to play the part of a really hard nose bitch and this I am going to enjoy. You don’t have to worry about me.”

All four of the true belly riders watched the four German girls approaching their area with Jose leading them. Not a word was said, but it was easy to see that the Adams family group didn’t really like what they were seeing and had heard their father‘s suggestion to their mother. The three young belly riders could hardly keep a straight face and not giggle when the four German girls were lined up in front of them.

When the beautiful Blonde German girls stood in front of Jean and her group, Jose had them line up in a straight line before he spoke to Jean.

“Queen Janice, these four young ladies told me that they are going to become belly riders and join your group in the show.” and he backed away.

Jean stood up slowly in her six inch platform heels and tiny thong bathing suit with her straw hat shading her eyes. She had on very dark sunglasses and the three haughty girls couldn’t see the laughter sparkling in here blue eyes, but they did see a beautiful mature woman with a figure that men would die to have one erotic night in bed with. Her breasts stood tall on her chest, not big and not small, just right to have the perfect half moon shape underneath and the ski sloop shape at the top. Her nipples were protruding so much that it was easy to see that they were long under the very small, thin nylon bra. Her shoulders were wider than most girls for her height of five feet five inches in her heels. Most older men craved a woman with perfectly narrow waist that sloped own to a perfectly rounded ass and full thighs. Jean just oozed erotic sex when she stood in those platform shoes and thong bikini swim suit. She make the three junivale German girls look just like what they were standing up in front her, young immature kids.

“What’s your name Depp!” Jean barked in German at the tallest girl. Jean’s personality had changed completely. Harry and her three girls were shocked at the sudden change of their leader from a gentle, caring, motherly person to a woman that seemed to have turned into a sadistic demon in a nano second.

“Ah…Helen…and don’t call me an idiot!” Helen replied.

“What are you then, if your aren’t an idiot wanting to become a belly rider in our exclusive organization, slave?” Jean barked at her again.

“I…just want to be one…I am willing to train for it…” she replied in a different tone of voice. She realized that she was up against a true domitress, not some meek empty headed show girl.

Jean looked up and down the rank of the four girls and kept her face in a deep frown when she said. “Do all four of you want the same thing? You don’t look like you have the courage, motivation, or ability to become a belly rider. You must learn the belly rider’s discipline along with your eagerness.”

“You will address me and my three princesses as Mistress and any male member of my troop as Master. Any mistake in the proper manners to anyone in our troop during your training will earn you five strokes of the whip on each cheek of your butt, applied immediately! Is that understood?”

The four girls looked at each other and finally the oldest, Helen replied.

“Yes, Mistress. We all understand. Does that mean that you will take us as students to learn belly riding now?”

“Your training will be very hard and painful before I will let you mate with one of our thoroughbred stallions. If any one of you, during any phase of the training fail, all four of you will leave the area immediately. Are you willing to accept the harsh training before you are mated with a horse?”

All four of the girls agreed as if they had practiced talking in a chorus.

“Yes…mistress…please…We will obey you…in all phases of the training.”

Harry looked the four girls over and decided that they were really delicious morsels, pure typical German girls that he thought came up from Chile to the Island of Ponies to see the show and gamble with their old parents. Probably the grand parents were ex-nazi’s that had escaped from Germany at the end of WWII,

“Okay girls I will give all four of you your first test, so lets go out to the stable,” and she led them out to the stable and took each girl up to a horse.

“Now you girls you have to get used to the feel of a horse cock in your hands first, so kneel down and masturbate your horse until his cock extends out so you can really feel the size and heat of a horse with a full stand.”

Harry had brought four young stallions into the stable, not their regular show animals, to practice on.

It took quite a few minuets to get the girls over their squmishness about handling a horse cock, but after thirty minuets they each had a fairly good cock stand on their young stallion.

Once that was accomplished Jean gave them a task that would sure in Hell scare them off if they weren’t really ready for the training.

“Now I want each of you to give your horse a suck on his cock. He needs a blow job to get used to you and know your scent. If you fail this test then that is as far as you can go and you will leave.”

Harry watched each girl as she pulled the cock to one side so she could reach it with her mouth and once it was close to their nose, they would back off when they would get a whiff of the urine odor. The brunette didn’t back off, she licked at the piss hole of her horse and then she went at it in earnest and with in a few minuets had the whole mushroom head in her mouth sucking for dear life.

Jean’s wasn’t surprised when she saw Helen gobble that mushroom cock head into her mouth and she thought: I think this young lady has sucked a lot of cock before. Probably every young bachelor in Santiago and not a one was any good at giving her good sex. I guess that’s why she wants to be fucked by a horse. She actually is craving a big cock!

The other three girls gradually took exploratory licks and slowly began to lick the big glans. Finally all three of the adventurous women had a horse cock in their mouths without continuously gagging.

Within a half hour all four girls had sucked their horses cock to a small orgasm and received the sperm in their mouths. Two of them spit it out on the stable floor, but the tall brunette and the youngest one swallowed all of what they received and appeared to like the salty taste of the animals sperm.

Jean congratulated all of the girls on passing the first test and then led them down to the end of the stable with the training room. They entered and all three uttered an exclamation of surprise when they saw the racks of whips and paddles along with some floggers. There was even a big barrel that was padded on it’s outer circumference.

Even Jean was surprised to see all of the bondage and discipline equipment in the room. The fuck machine had disappeared.

I’ll bet Jose was anticipation what I am going to do to these girls. That sneaky son of a bitch. He knew I would agree and Harry is in on this too.

She was thinking all the time.

Jean motioned the tall brunette over to the barrel standing on it’s side and placed her around the outer circumference over it. She strapped her ankles to rings in the floor and her wrist to the barrel. Helen’s legs were spread across the barrel to the outer edges about two and a half feet.

“Now Helen, this is your first test to see how you tolerate pain. The Master will use a paddle on your ass and you will ask him to spank you for more after each blow to your ass cheeks.” and Jean motioned to her husband to used one of the two foot long and six inch wide paddles on her ass.

Harry had a cruel smile on his face and remembered the rude way this girl talked to him when he was grooming the horses.

He took a position on one side of the girl on the barrel and took a swing at her right ass cheek.

Swissh…..Whack! Helen shrieked out her pain. “Ooowwaa…..!!”

“Please…Master! Spank me…againnn…!”

Swissh….Whack!…again the paddle landed on her left ass cheek and she shrieked out her pain…”Ooooowa….!”

Helen sobbed and whimpered, but she had grit and asked for more.

Harry kept swatting her ass cheeks until he had placed five solid blows to each cheek and her ass was fire engine red.

Helen was squirming around and Harry reached down to see if he had done any damage to her butt and was shocked when he saw that her cunt was dripping her pussy fluid. He reached up and buried two fingers in her cunt and she cried out.

“Please….Master….don’t….stop….” He didn’t. He kept frigging her until Jean spoke.

“No more, Master! She doesn’t deserve to be satisfied yet!”

Harry stopped immediately, knowing his wife had something else in mind for the beautiful girl. He soon found out.

“Slave, you cannot have sexual satisfaction when you want it, only when either I or your Master allow you too cum. If we want to use you at any time, we will but only when we want too, not for your enjoyment.”

Then Jean motioned the second girl, Joan over to a set of stocks and made her place her head in the center hole and her wrists in the two outboard holes. She locked the bar down and raised the main support pole up high enough that Joan was standing on her tip toes. This was a very uncomfortable position for the girl.

“Now slave, you will receive five strokes on your ass cheeks the same as your sister by one of my Princesses. She will stop anytime you ask her too, but it will mean that all four of you will be dismissed from training. Do you understand, slave?”

Joan was staring down at the floor and she nodded her head.

“I asked you a question, slave!” and Jean swatted her with her ridding crop across her upper thighs.

Joan screamed out loudly and followed it by, “Yes…I…Understand…Mistress!”

There was a sadistic gleam in Kay’s eyes when she selected a smaller paddle, not as long as the one her father used on Helen and not as heavy.

She took her position and swung.


“Owwwwww…” Joan shouted followed by deep sobbing and crying, but she only said, “Please Mistress spank me againnn….”

Swissh…Crackk…. Again went the paddle across her right ass cheek with the same results. Kay kept it up and Joan took al ten strokes with only her shrieks and sobbing afterwards. She passed.

Jean set the next girl, Jerry, up on a large “X” frame. Her wrist were cuffed to the top struts of the frame and her legs were spread and cuffed to the bottom of the frame. Then she motioned Earla to take the paddle from Kay and began the pain test.

Earla must have has a sadistic streak in her nature put there by her unruly students while teaching back in the States. She must have wished she had in a frame like this then, to punish then so she could control them.

Jerry knew what was coming and she didn’t flinch. She took her five swats on each cheeks like a veteran and hardly screamed or sobbed.

The last girl, the sweet looking innocent one that didn’t look more than fourteen, but claimed she was sixteen had tears in her eyes when Jean cuff her to a swinging line handing down from the ceiling. Jean handed her riding crop to Kim and mouthed the word to her.

“She’s kind of young for this, be easy with her Kim, please.”

Kim smiled at her mother and eased up to the young girl. She spoke to her gently then.

“Jenny, this is going to hurt, but you must be brave and bear the pain if you want to be a belly rider with your sisters. I know you are a very brave girl and will pass.” Kim leaned close to her and kissed her on the lips and licked her tears from her cheeks. The young girl responded with a very meek smile.

Kim then moved back over to the rack and picked up a long piece of leather and folded it into several layer and the moved to Jenny again.

“Open your mouth and bit down on this. Keep it tight in your mouth and bite it when you feel the pain.”

Kim swung the girl around on the ropes so her ass was presented to her father and mother and she took her position.

Swissh…Whack… Went the riding crop, but not with the speed or force that the other three girls received.

Jenny screamed but with her mouth closed tightly on the rawhide, it was muffled. Tears were running down her cheeks like a small brook. She didn’t utter a word. When Kim finished the ten strokes she quickly uncuffed the young girl and held her in her arms like a mother.

“Now, now…baby…you will be okay in a few minuets…” Kim cuddled her and then walked her out of the room to the shower.

Jean looked at her husband and gave him a short smile before she let the other girls out of their bindings and spoke to them.

“Now you have passed the first test. You may leave and return to the hotel or yacht, whichever you are staying. Be back here this evening for the first show. Wear your highest heels and nothing else. No jewelry and no clothing. You will walk from here completely nude and do not put any clothing on again when you leave the stable or come to the stable. You will remain nude until tomorrow night even when you move about the Island, Understood?”

The three girls were completely subdued and in a chorus replied.

“Yes, Mistress!” and they couldn’t get to the door fast enough, leaving the bottom to their thong bikini swim suit lying on the floor.

Kim returned from the shower without the youngest girl, Jenny and walked over to her mother.

“Mom, Jenny is scared to death. She is a virgin and Helen is forcing her to try to be a belly rider. I know you have set the rules but do you think that is wise to let her try to be mated to a stallion?”

Jean looked at her daughter and smiled. “Now that you and Kay are veteran belly riders you are forgetting how old you were the first time you did it. I think both of you weren’t but fifteen and I was scared to death that you might get hurt. Remember?”

“Yes…yes…I remember, but we knew a little about it and we had you to be with us.” she replied.

“Kim, baby, you don’t think I will let anything hurt that baby too, do you. We will take all of the precautions and your father and I will make sure she isn’t damaged, but by the time we finish teaching her and her sisters, they will be wonderful women and you will probably make friend with them. Just hang in there and let your father and I worry about their safety.”

Just then Jose walked into the room and was smiling from ear to ear.

“I saw the four girls returning to the hotel and not a person took their eyes off of those girls when they ran across the lawn and through the hotel to their room. You should have seen the red bottoms jiggling and shaking. I know every one of my crew were delighted to see that you and Harry had spanked them so hard that their bottoms were a beautiful sunset red. Now lets talk about the show. “

Jean put her ideas out on the table about having a separate show after her families show and what she would need and if Jose could get his crew of workers to manufacture the props by eleven this evening. It would be a separate show with another full paying audience to see a real B&D show.

The Brazilian man went for it and picked up the telephone and began to get things in motion.

Jean and Harry sat down to the desk and began to write the script for the show and by the time for the evening show, they had it all finished and smoothed out. Jose reported that all of the props were made and could be assembled on the stage in less that a half hour after their belly riding show.

Everyone was in agreement, but it all depended on the girls if they would go through with it. That was the big catch.

The German girls, Helen, Joan, Jerry and Jenny showed up right on time, just as Harry and Jean were finishing eating their sandwiches and Jean was getting ready for the show.

“Hi Master and Mistress,” they greeted Jean and Harry and believe it or not they were smiling and not at all the brats that they were the first time they met the Adams.

“Good evening, Ladies,” Jean replied. “Are you ready for the next and last test before you are mated with your stallion?

Jerry spoke first. “Yes we are, but we have to tell you something first that might make you stop the training.”

Jean almost wet the floor because she was completely nude standing there in only her knee high boots with eight inch platform heels.

“What is that?” she asked quickly.

“Well, we thought you should know. Jenny is a virgin. She has never been mated with a man or boy and she is scared to death it is going to kill her when she is mated with the horse.”

Jean knew the feeling and remembered her first time Her arms went out to the littlest and youngest girl and she took her into her arms and hugged her when she said.

“Little one, I won’t lie to you. It will hurt at first but there is a way for it to be a little easier for you if you are willing?”

“Oh please Mistress, I would like for it to be easier. How can that be?” Jenny sobbed a tiny bit.

“When you are on the stage in front of the audience tonight, the Master will make it very easy for you and you will want it. The pain will be very short lived and once that is over, you will enjoy it like you have never enjoyed anything in your life. Will you trust me? I promise you that you will not be damaged permentaly and you will love it every time after the first time.”

The young girl wiped the tears from her cheeks and smiled and replied.

“Yes, Queen Janis, I trust you.”

The four German girls watched intently the preparation of the Adams troop for the first show. Everyone was completely nude and put their harnesses on and even Harry stripped in front of them and donned his costume including his penis support.

The new recruit’s eyes got as big as saucers when they saw the size of the Master’s cock. The thought of what was going to occur at the second show was making Harry so aroused that his tool had extended to almost eleven inches and as fat as a big salami. He didn’t really need the support under his cock, it was standing straight out from his body and it seemed to get fatter and longer each time he glanced at the lusciously voluptuously gorgeous recruits standing there in a line with only their eight inch platform heels. Their beautiful legs went up to full thighs forever to their bare crotches. All four had two jeweled rings in their outer labia lips that were snuggled up half way into the fat pubic mound with a long slit down the middle. The only thing Harry could think of at that moment was how delicious they would be to lick and suck, such innocent, delightful, cunnies would be ruined for any man after a horse cock entered there. These girls would never be satisfied by a man again after tonight.

All four of the recruit’s eyes were glued to the sex circus ring while the show was being performed. Helen was drooling with sexual desire to be under one of those stallions as she watched Earla’s horse trotting around the ring and the belly rider having orgasm after orgasm. She could hear all four of the riders screaming out their joy and excitement of being penetrated by the big horse cock. The more she watched, the more determined that she was going to do it no matter how much pain she had to take.

Little Jenny was having the same thoughts but with an added idea. She knew she had to do it to prove to her sisters that she was just as good as they were with just as much courage. She was determined to do it and the Mistress had promised her that she could do it and stand the pain.

Oh I’ve got to do it. I got to prove to Helen that I’m not a baby anymore!

All Joan could think of was the intense pleasure she would receive after the pain.

‘Scheibe, (German for shit) those girls are having the time of their life. I’ve got to try it at least once. It’s got to be better than those trottel crewmen on the yacht that I’ve been fucking. They are complete idiots and never give me an orgasm like the two twin Princess are having. I want that to and I’m going to have it!

Jerry was so sexually excited that her hands were down to her crotch, slowly frigging herself. She didn’t dare go all the way because she knew that if the Mistress saw her doing that, she would be kicked out of the training, but her thoughts were almost the same as her sisters.

What a way to fuck. I love it and have to do it. No way will a horse knock me up but I’ll bet when he floods my womb with his cream it will be so hot that it will shoot me across the ocean and off of the earth. I know I am going to love that feeling!

The belly riding show ended right on schedule and all four riders guided their horses out of the ring and over to the stables. Harry didn’t accompany them, but began to instruct the stage hands on how to set up the equipment for the next show, scheduled for eleven o’clock.

Jose escorted the four recruits over to the training room and instructed them to wait there for the Mistress. She should be uncoupled from her stallion in twenty minuets he told them. He was totally surprised at the very polite way they thanked him when they all took a seat on the long leather old fashion sofa against the wall.

When Jean entered the room they all watched her expectantly as she changed out of her costume and went into the shower. She returned quickly and donned a brand new vinyl skin tight shocking red body suite that included the head covering with a three foot tall blue feather standing tall on the top of her head. There wasn’t a curve or valley on her body that wasn’t on display. Her pubic mound was even more pronounced with this suit on.

Just as Jean finished dressing the telephone rang.

“Yes, I’m ready. We will be right out and you can start the announcement.” she hung the telephone up.

“Okay girls. On your feet and spread your legs wide, hands laced behind your head with tits out as far as you can get them. Get those lusciously rounded ass out in back.”

She looked the new girls over and moved behind then and inspected each one closely to see if they had recovered from the first pain test. There was no damage to see so she turned then and spoke to them.

“I will lead you out on the stage in front of the audience and the Master will introduce each one of you and explain to the audience that you are going to undergo the last pain test to become a belly rider. It is up to him if he decides to test your cunts for sensitivity to a cock so don’t be surprised if you are put to this test also. If you do get aroused while the pain test is going on, you may speak to the Master and tell him what your desires are. Does everyone understand this?”

In a chorus again they answered, “Yes Mistress, we understand.”

“Follow me!” and Jean lead the small group of girls out of the stable and across the walkway to the coliseum and up on the stage behind the closed curtain.

Each girl was fitted with a hidden microphone and ear piece with a tiny sending unit so that anything she said or her screams would be amplified through the theater sound system while she was undergoing the test. She could also be given commands with this two way system without the audience know that she was following orders.

Just then a sign on the side of the stage, out of the view of the audience, began to flash for silence. Everything got very quiet when they heard the Master making the introduction to the show.

“Thank you ladies and gentleman for attending out first special show of how we train our belly riders. We have four beautiful girls that wish to become belly riders and join our show and we believe the audience would enjoy watching four courageous younger ladies that have the motivation, and eagerness to experience of the thrill of riding beneath a horse while being mated to him.

There is a ritual they have to undergo before they can experience their first mating with one of the stallions and that is the pain ritual.

Tonight you are going to witness that ritual in its fullest and to its completion.”

Now for the first time anywhere, I want to introduce beautiful Lady Helen to you.

The curtain opened up enough so that Jean gave Helen a short shove to move out in full view of the audience. She stood in the spotlight and spread her legs wide with her hands laced behind her head. She took the poise that Jean had her do in the training room and was rigid in that pose, blinking in the bright spot light the whole time.

Harry led her to one side and then announced another one of the girls.

“Then next soon to be a belly rider is Lady Joan.” and she appeared and walked over to stand beside her sister and assumed the same pose.

“Now we have Lady Jerry, a lusciously young thing that wants to experience the wonderful sensations of mating with a stallion tonight if she passes the pain test.”

Jerry walked out to the center of the stage and then moved to stand beside Joan and strike the same pose when she heard the command in her ear piece.

“Last we present to you for your enjoyment a wonderful, sweet little lady that is terrified but we all will encourage her by giving her great hand when she enters the spotlight, our Little Virgin Lady Jenny.”

The audience roared and stood up cheering the young girl when she walked onto the stage and took her place in her own spotlight then moved to stand beside her sisters.

It took a few moments for the crowd to settle down and then the curtain went up slowly, revealing a complete dungeon. It had been set up while Harry was giving the introduction.

He motioned Helen over to a gym vault and had her bend over. Kim and Kay, dressed in a black vinyl skin tight suit like their mothers quickly tied Helen’s wrist and ankles down to the floor on rings under the gym vault. Helen’s ass was spread wide open to the audience. There were two big projection videos on each side of the stage showing close up of her ass, her fat pubis, and brownie ass hole.

Joan was tied to one long line that had been lowered down from the rafters and she was pulled up to stand on her toes. There was a swivel to her hook so she could be turned any way the punisher wished to turn her.

Jerry was spread wide on a square rack with each wrist fastened to one upper corner and one ankle fastened to the lower corner. The rack was slowly turning as a silent motor rotated the rack with her spread this way.

Little Jenny was placed on her knees on an old fashion straight back chair and her head and arms handing down on the back of the chair. Her caves were strapped down to the seat of the chair and one wide belt around her waist all the way around her and the chair.

Jean took her place to one side of Helen with a twelve foot bull whip in her hand.

Kay had a flogger in her hand as she stood beside Joan ready to began the pain test.

Kim had a cat of nine tails in her hand ready to give it to Jerry and Earla has a long cane in her hand and ready to use it on little Jenny.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not supposed to be a torture test, but a test to see if the girls can stand enough pain so they will understand the pain they will receive the first time they are mated with their stallions.”

“If you approve, please help the girls by giving them a big hand now.”

Again the audience went wild and whistled loudly. Harry let them carry on for a few minuets while he was thinking.

What a bunch of sadistic sadist we have here tonight. I guess Jean and I are in that category too but I will have to watch Earla. I don’t want her to damage little Jenny. She will be one sweet girl if she get over trying to compete with her sisters.

The he motioned for the audience to quiet down and spoke again when they were silent.

“When the Queen and her court began to apply the strokes, would you please count the blows as loud as you can. It might take the girls minds off of the pain they will have. Thank you”

Harry gave the signal, all four belly riders struck at once and four German girls shrieked like banshees. The amplification in the theatre was up as high as it would go and it sounded as if the girls were being slaughtered.

The audience loved it and shouted loudly, “Oneeee,,,,,,!”

Harry counted to ten slowly and then gave the signal again. Again the Queen and her court struck.

“Ooooowaaa…” went the shriek in chorus from the girls and “Two” yelled the audience.

Harry was watching little Jenny and he walked around in front of her and saw her sobbing and weeping. Tears were running down her cheeks and her ass cheeks were slowly turning pink from the first two blows.

Some bastard in the audience sensed what Harry was doing and he yelled out. “Make sure she get a harder one next time Master!”

Harry moved back into center stage but when he passed Earla he whispered. “Pull you stroke at the last minute, Earla. Leave her something to sit on, please.”

The next three strokes went the same as the first and he noticed that Helen and Joan were beginning to wiggle and squirm around in their positions. He moved over and stood beside Jean and she whispered to him.

“I think these girls are moving into the passion stage of a whipping. Helen is beginning to drip her cunt juice and Joan is right behind her.”

“Yes, I think a little longer pause between strokes will turn them on and they will be begging to fuck.” Harry said to his wife.

He gave the signal for the sixth stroke and the girls received it almost at once. The girls screamed and the audience roared, but there was a difference in the way the girls all reacted. They were beginning to be sexually aroused. Harry was watching them closely and so was Jean. She noticed that little Jenny was beginning to squirm and quiver as if she was going to have an orgasm and she spoke into her mice softly and said the word.

“Four is just about ready. I think you should pull her out of line and do the special with her.”

Harry was shocked. He never believed his wife would go along with the special that they had talked about while lying in the bed the night before. Jean was actually endorsing his fantasy.

The pause had been a long one and he gave the signal for the seventh stroke and again it was landed with a loud snapping sound that was heard all over the theater. The girls were yelling and screaming even more so now. They had received the command to act like they were being killed, but in all actually the four girls giving the punishment knew just what was occurring to the new girls, so they were pulling their strokes enough not to torture but to accelerate their arousal to be fucked. This was really part of their preparation to increase their desire to be mated with a stallion.

Strokes eight, nine and ten were given slowly and evenly with the same force, but the audience didn’t have a clue that they were softer and easier for the girls.

When the girls had received all ten, all but little Jenny were released from their bonds and usured off of the stage.

Harry pulled the chair with little Jenny still in it, her ass presented to the audience and the only spotlight then was on her in center stage.

Harry had removed his cock splint and his big tool was standing straight out. He turned the chair sideways to the audience and moved into position behind the sixteen year maiden. His cock head entered her overheated cunny no more that an inch and a half and he leaned over her, releasing her waist strap and hands when whispered in her ear.

“My sweet baby, I am only going to prepare you for the mating. I think you should know what a man feels like and then you will be ready for your stallion and not suffer any surprises. Okay?” He asked her.

Jenny was shaking and quivering like a bowl of Jell-O, but she was so sexually excited that the idea that she was going to be fucked by the Master had her on the verge of her first orgasm. The whipping had given her the erotic glow that made her cunny want to be penetrated and she knew what it was. She had masturbated many times both with vibratos and her fingers but never had a man. She was ready.

“Yes, Master. Please prepare me and thank you!”

With her answer registering in his overheated lust filled mind, he slipped his big tool in slowly until he hit her barrier. He pushed gently but it held fast.”

“Jenny my sweet, this is going to hurt, but only for a few minuets, are you ready?”

“Yes, Master, hurry up. I want to feel you inside of me. I want it badly.”

The moment she replied, Harry shoved into her vagina with all his might and his stroke went all the way in.

Jenny shrieked loudly and began to cry with the pain of the penetration. Harry held his position, not moving a muscle and the crowd applauded and stomped their feet when they realized that they had just witnessed a true virgin being deflowered.

Slowly Harry withdrew and then slowly thrust back into the young girl. She was holding her breath but after a few strokes she was hunching back to him.

When he felt her responding he reached down and unfastened the strap around her calves and free her completely from the chair. Then he picked her up and turned her to him.

“Put you legs around my waist Jenny and I will give you my cock. Hold tight around me neck as we walk around the stage and give your wonderful appreciative audience a good view of you. You are a beautiful doll and a very brave girl.”

She did as she was told and the whole time she was being fucked while Harry strutted around the stage, she was smiling at the audience. Jean was watching from the side of the stage and smiling, she knew the joy the young girl was having because she had had the same joy with Harry when she coupled with him the first time. He was always gentle and loving and she could see he was being gentle and deep down she knew he was loving her as a daughter too. She wasn’t jealous but very proud to have a man that was so completely a loving man of all his girls including this new one.

Suddenly, Jenny began to squirm and moan, then she giggled, and finally she burst out laughing with the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced in her short life.

She screamed out, “Ohhhh…Master….I love this…..I love you….Oh God… this is heaven….” and she passed out as she was overwhelmed with erotic sensations throughout her young body.

Harry turned to the audience and spoke softly to them, “Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever seen such a wonderful young girl be so brave and courageous. She is so perfect I wish she were mine. Please forgive me for my sentiments with one so beautiful and young. Now please give us a thirty minuet break in the program and we will get set up for the climax of our show. You will see each new girl become a belly rider by mating with a stallion for the first time right here in this ring.”

The crowd went nuts when Harry made that announcement with Jenny still coupled to his still hard cock. He held her tightly to his chest as he went behind the stage and met his wife waiting for him.

They put Jenny down on a cot that someone quickly found so she could rest up and recover from here faint. Kim, Kay, and Earla took over with the smelling salts and sat on the floor next to the young girl. They had concerned expressions on their faces to and Jean and Harry smiled at each other.

“I think we have a new addition to our little family, I know you want her too. I could see it in your eyes when you came through the curtain, my dear husband.” Jean spoke softly to him.

“How could I not? She is such a brave little girl and so trusting of me. I’m afraid I could love her as much as I do the twins, baby doll.” he replied.

Jenny’s three sisters were standing at attention with their legs spread, asses out, tits forward, and hands behind their head. There was a tiny smile on each face watching Jean and Harry and then moving to see Kim, Kay, and Earla attending to their sister.

Helen whispered to her two sisters standing beside her. “What a wonderful family. Jenny has won the Master and Queen over already. I wish our parents had been as loving as these North American are. Oh how wonderful it would be to be part of their family and received such loving.”

All three girls agreed with her.

The stage hands had cleared the ring and set the stage so the stallions could be brought in.

Jean looked around and everything met with her approval and then Harry doubled checked the stage and ring. He had changed his costume to the ring master again and was ready.

Jean was watching him strut around and give directions and she was smiling lewdly the whole time. She and her girls had something up their sleeve for this performance but they failed to let Harry in on their plans.

Jenny had come around and was feeling fine. Jean had checked her cunny for any blood and found only a tiny bit and gave her the okay to join in on the final act. All four German girls were trembling with excitement knowing that this was it. This was the last part where they would each get to belly ride coupled with a stallion.

Jean stood beside her big black stallion, Kay was behind her with her palomino, Kim had her palomino and Earla had a big black stallion too. Each girl had one of the new recruits standing beside her still buck naked with their eight inch platform shoes that matched the color of the horse that they would mate with.

Harry had made the announcement for the last act and the curtain went up. Jean led the parade out and around the big ring giving the audience a perfect view of the horses, the belly riders, and the new recruits. Harry stood in the center of the ring and watched the parade around him.

The stallions had all been saddled with their beautiful jeweled harnesses and his girls were all in their usual harness including the pony tails which he usually inserted in front of the audience, but not this time.

The assistant stage hand stood off to the side of the ring with a big white box with a red cross painted on the top. Everything was in readiness for the new girls to be mated to their stallions.

Harry signaled Jean to move to the edge of the stage, close to the audience and stop. She held her stallion stock still.

Harry began to talk to the audience about the procedure as he instructed Helen to slide into the harness face down. Then he helped her to turn fact up to the stallion’s belly and he strapped her knees and arms into the hanging straps on each side. He was moving swiftly and then he walked over to the stage hand and the box and took out the pre loaded syringe and explained to the audience what he was doing to get a long erection with the horse cock. He gave the shot to the animal and them motioned Jean to move back into the circle and Kim to move up with Joan. He went through with the same procedure with Joan and her stallion.

Moving swiftly, Harry had Jerry mounted and in place in moments and then little Jenny.

By the time he had finished with getting all of the girls in the harness and shots for the stallions, Helen’s stallion was reaching a beautiful long erection. Jean moved the horse back to the position were the audience would get a good view of the first penetration of this young woman.

Harry had another syringe in his hand, but it was behind him and out of sight of the audience. He eased it up to Helen’s cunny and put the smooth small round nozzle into her cunt and gave her a long shot of Aqua-glide lubricant to ease the penetration into her body.

The horse cock was still growing longer and fatter and he had to hurry to get it positioned at the entrance to Helen’s pussy. He aimed it right dead center of her hole and guided the first two inches into her.

Then he turned to Jean and motioned her to complete the insertion and adjust meant of the harness.

He moved back to Joan’s stallion and went through the same drill and once he had two inches of horse cock in her vagina, he motioned Kay to take over.

The same thing was performed for Jerry and Kim took over when her father backed away and moved to little Jenny.

Harry began to croon lowly to Jenny, talking all the time, telling the young girl to be brave and keep her courage up. She replied to him and her voice went out to the audience over the speakers.

“Master, I will be brave for you. I will do it. Ohhhhhh….That’s big….I feel stuffed….” she said when the first two inches entered her vagina.

Harry didn’t leave her but gently guided the next six inches into her body, but the young girl only grunted and moaned a tiny bit. Once he had ten inches in her, he began to adjust the harness so that she would only receive ten inches when the horse began to trot.

When he had little Jenny all set, he moved back to the center of the ring and all four of his family nodded their heads that their riders were ready and the harness adjusted.

He snapped his long buggy whip over the tails of the horses and they began to walk slowly around the ring.

The cries of all four girls were mixed so much over the loud speakers that it was hard to tell what they were saying. Harry switched to his internal command cannel and instructed the sound man to only use one girl’s voice at a time so the audience would get the full effect of the sensations the girl was screaming about.

Helen’s voice came on first. “Oh my god I feel so full. Holy shit this is so fucking good, I loveeeee….it” and she was screaming in German. It was easy to know that the audience was filled with a lot of Germans. They were answering her back and encouraging her to have her orgasm. Each girl was broadcast to the audience and each girl was crying out the first of her pain and soon after the joy of her sexual release. They were having orgasm after orgasm. Little Jenny was having two orgasms to her sisters one.

Harry could see the smiles and giggles on her face as the big fat horse cock moved slowly like a piston in and out of her young hairless cunt. She was hunching back and forth, wanting more and deeper thrust into her wide open vagina now.

He switched the stallions and they began to trot after walking for ten minuets and then the girls went wild with their continuous orgasm. The horses seemed to enjoy it to. Helen’s stallion moved out of line and just stood with his hind legs spread and he orgasmed and filled her womb with that thick yellow cream of sperm from his hot balls. She was yelling for more and wanted him to get back to trotting.

Suddenly Joan and Jenny’s stallions moved out of line and began flooding the young girls pussy with a deluge of sperm. Again these two girls had the most astonishing surprised expressions on their faces when they felt the hot liquid flowing around in their vaginas and out to drain down over their anus and dripping in the ring. Jenny was Cumming as much as the stallion and crying with sexual joy and release. Harry was watching her closely to see if she was going to pass out, but she was much stronger and braver that he realized. She took everything the harness would allow and loved it.

The audience was going nuts and when Jean invited them down to be stroked by the new recruits there was a stampede to line up. Clothing was going everywhere. Men were standing proud with hard cocks and even women were stark naked with hairy pussy showing that they were ready and the cunt juice dripping from them.

Jean motioned for only one man to approach the ring and she leaned over and instructed Helen what she had to do.

The new belly rider knew exactly what she had to do, she had watched the show before and she too the offered hard cock in her hand and stroked in as her animal trotted around the ring. All four girls had a cock in hand and suddenly they were covered with white hot sperm from the excited men.

Women were being finger fucked with as many fingers as the new riders could insert in the eager cunts. The women would orgasm within one circle of the ring they were so turned on by the show.

Harry watched closely and when he saw that his new belly riders were tiring, he motioned that the line be stopped. Once the last man and woman left the stage he motioned the stage hands to lead the horses back to the stables and they knew what to do to assist the girls.

Jean and his three young girls lined up before the audience and bowed, but Jean motioned the audience to keep their seats.

She switched her control so she could speak through the loud speakers and cut Harry off.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. There is one thing that the Ring Master had never participated in….” a long pause as she stared at Harry. The girls were almost busting out laughing at him and their mother.

Two of the new girls had uncoupled from their horses and had joined the family also. Jose had told them to go and join the family with a twinkle in his eyes when he said.

“You are part of the troop now and should enjoy what Jean is going to do to her husband in front of the audience. You may even help her if he resists.” and he was laughing the whole time when he helped little Jenny out of her harness and Joan too.

When all four girls had lined up with the family on the stage Jean moved over to her husband and turned her back on the audience. She slowly put her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her face and to kiss him.

Suddenly while she was kissing him all seven girls grabbed them, turned Harry around and then bent him over by the waist and held him in this position.

Jean produced a beautiful black horse’s tail attached to a butt plug. She shoved the syringe of Aqua-Glide up his anus and filled it with half of the load. She quickly shoved the butt plug up his ass and made sure it wouldn’t slip out and then motioned the girls to let him up.

She then took her bull whip and backed away from him and snapped in right on his ass. Harry jumped and began to run away from his wife.

The audience was cracking up with laughter at the Master of the ring trying to get away from the Queen with the dangerous bull whip.

Jean gave him two good crack on his ass and then passed the whip to Earla. She gave the Master two solid cracks on his ass. He was hollowing and cussing the whole time, but he wasn’t trying very hard to get away from his women.

Each girl got a chance to give him two good ones on his ass and thighs until all eight of the girls had their turn. Harry received sixteen strokes of the bull whip, but he never cried out, just cussed like hell.

All of the girls gathered around him and began to hug and kiss him and each took turns jacking his now rigid cock off until he shot a load of his white cum over their bodies.

The audience realized that they were witnessing something that they would never see again, the love and complete dedication to each other as belly riders.

The lights were dimming and the audience was still clapping and applauding while standing up as they left the area.

After the spontaneous extra show was over everyone pitched in and helped with grooming the eight stallions that had been used in the show. Once they were fed, watered, and secured in their stalls everyone took showers and headed to the Lounge.

Jose was talking to a tall good looking middle age man in the Lounge when Jean with her troop of girls entered and took a booth large enough for the whole family. He smiled over at the girls and walked over to them and introduced himself to Jean.

“Madame, I am Captain Wolf Von Stern.”

Jean just smiled at him and gave her real name. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Captain. I’m Mrs. Jean Adams and the star of this group of giggling girls.”

“Yes, I see that and I want to compliment you on achieving something that their parents never accomplished.”

“What is that?” Jean asked.

“Taught them manners and discipline. You have done wonders with these four girls.”

“I guess you are ready to take them back to Chile now to their parents?”

“Actually no. I was talking to Senor Alfalla and he said he would like to employ then in the show if it is alright with you. Their parents expressed their desire for me to leave them here to learn how to be proper Ladies, but from what I have observed you have already accomplished that.”

All at once the four girls, Helen, Joan, Jerry and little Jenny shouted at the Captain. “We don’t want to leave if Senor Alfalla will give us a part in the show. The show and the Queen and her girls are wonderful to us now. We want to stay, please Captain. Please…please tell our parents we are happy here for the first time in our lives.”

Harry walked up then and little Jenny scooted over to give him room to sit down next to her. “Please sit with me Master…Please…” she begged.

He sat and put his arm around the shoulders of the young teen agar and looked into her eyes and saw something in her eyes that he never believed would be there, love and trust in him. He smiled slowly and kissed her forehead and looked up at the Captain.

“Captain, I think my wife and I will enjoy adding all four girls to our group. They are real troopers and I have never see braver girls. If their parents agree to let them stay here on the island, we will take good care of them as if they were our own, just like our twins and Earla”

Everyone agreed to the proposal to have the German girls join the show. The new formant was to have Jean as the Queen one night for the show with Kim, Helen, and Joan. Earla would be the Queen the next night with Kay, Jerry and Jenny the following night. Alternating this way they would save the stallions and make it easy on themselves and keep Jose happy with a full house.

The Captain took the girl’s yacht back to Chile when he received orders from their parents to leave them on the Island of Ponies.

All of the girls settled in at the hacienda and Harry now had a complete Harem. Jean would gladly allow him to sleep with any of the girls when she didn’t want him poking around in her body.

She was thinking, how sweet it is for the whole family now.

The End





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