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The Mangini Chronicles Vol I

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Synopsis: This is the first volume of what I hope to be many about High School Head Master, Eric Mangini. In this volume Eric begins the manifestation of his dark desires by entrapping and blackmailing a student into sexual slavery and humiliation.
The Mangini Chronicles Volume 1 (blackmail, humiliation, pictures, M/F, M/fff, F/Fff, n/c, bdsm, oral, anal, teen, high school)

The Mangini Chronicles Volume 1 (blackmail, humiliation, pictures, M/F, M/fff, F/Fff, n/c, bdsm, oral, anal, teen, high school)



This is the first volume of what I hope to be many about High School Head Master, Eric Mangini.  In this volume Eric begins the manifestation of his dark desires by entrapping and blackmailing a student into sexual slavery and humiliation. 



Eric Mangini laid the first set of photos on the desk.  Just 30 seconds earlier she had been her smug and haughty self, but immediately her demeanor shifted.  Ashley Waterford felt her stomach drop and her knees buckle; she knew the implication of what was in front of her and that she had badly misjudged her situation.   Eric could see the rapid loss of blood in her face as she became pale.  He smiled slightly.


Three weeks earlier Eric’s life was progressing as normal.  St. Julius High School was nearing the end of another school year.   He had woken up and ran his morning 6 miles before getting ready for school.  Eric Mangini had become the youngest Head Master in the history of St. Julius not three years earlier.  At 34, he was much younger than many of the tenured teachers- many were suspect.  After successfully managing to raise teacher pay, test scores, and enrollment within the first 24 months of his arrival, he had achieved a cult like status.  Like a sports star.  He had become, in the eyes of staff, parents, and board members the embodiment of all that was good in the world.  He was happy for the cover.


Eric drove the 30 minutes from the hills to the posh suburbs of St. Julius.  California in mid-May was stunning in the morning.  All was normal.  It wasn’t until third period that things changed forever.  While Eric was walking past the girl’s bathroom on the second floor he overheard voices in a high-pitched stage whisper.  “Are you sure he’ll sell us the coke and the E?’ Eric was shocked and riveted, but he couldn’t make out the voice “Yeah.  We’re gonna have the best time on Saturday.”  He recognized that one- Ashley Waterford.  No way, he thought.  “I can’t believe you even know that guy” the first voice said again.  Eric could smell the weed they were evidently smoking.  “Well, my dad got him off some drug charges and he is the hip-hop world’s dealer.  I pulled him over for a side conversation and now we’re tight.” 


“But he’s a black thug!”


Ashley let out a massive cough/laugh combination that Eric could tell was mostly induced by the hit she took. “I’m not buying him, just some drugs silly.  Anyway, he’s swinging by after swimming today.  He’s meeting me by my car out back.  It’s going to be the best 18th birthday party ever. “


Eric quickly left the girls to their own devices and rushed back to my office.  He knew this was his golden chance and he needed to prepare.  He had been waiting since high school to carry out a vague plan of dominance and sexual blackmail, a sick perversion he developed and nurtured early on.  He crafted his entire professional career around these desires and had finally reached the point where all of the pieces had fallen together.   Eric was in finally in position to fulfill his long held sexual craving.


It wasn’t long until he realized how easy it would be.  This being St. Julius, the entire school was outfitted with security cameras- and not your low-tech deli mart cameras.  HD stuff the FBI wishes they could afford.  It was easy to wait for the deal to go down and to get it on tape.  But of course, that was never going to be enough.  Ashley’s father was one of the most prominent and egomaniacal criminal defense lawyers in Southern California.  She would have the best attorneys that would get her probation and a pre-trial intervention.  The charges would quickly go away and ultimately it would harm the reputation of the school and cost me dearly.  Clearly, Eric knew he needed more.


It didn’t take long.  A $2500 investment in a private investigator was worth every penny.  Mr. Mangini had him follow Ashley’s dealer-friend (Anfernee) around for a week- selling drugs, having sex with underage teens and the like.  After a couple of weeks Eric confronted Ashley’s guy with the photos, but told him he’d gladly look the other way if he helped him out with a plan.  Eric knew it was a win-win and soon the two were fast friends.


Anfernee and Eric wound up hanging out at Emerald drinking Makers and smoking great weed.  Eric thought he was already getting good stuff but Anfernee had serious bud.  As they spoke, Anfernee told Eric that Ashley’s dad charged him a fortune and was more concerned about his own reputation than the well being of his daughter.  Of course, Mr. Waterford had become a customer of Anfernee’s by trial’s end.   Mr. W was divorced and clearly wrapped up in his own world.  He simply wanted his daughter to have the best and let her do as she wished.  They were rich and the more she did her own thing anyway, the easier it was for him to live the bachelor life he felt he deserved. 


“The one thing he did say to me though” Anfernee said “ was he wouldn’t tolerate bad p.r.  That was his biggest fear. He made me promise to never sell Ashley any drugs.  He didn’t want her to get messed up in anything that would make him look bad.”


“That’s great.  This is gonna be too easy.”  Eric got up to pay.  After all, it was 2am on a school night.  “Yo this shit’s on the house B. See you on Saturday, nigga” Anfernee said. Eric smiled and staggered toward the door. 


Thinking about Ashley on the ride home left Mangini swollen and in need of release.  Ashley wasn’t the prettiest girl in the school for certain.  However, at 5’6, 120 ponds, she was lovely.  He figured her chest was in the 34b range and looked forward to confirming that assumption soon.  Her face was adorable.  She had cute, pert lips, hazel eyes and a lovely honey brown head of hair that came straight down to her shoulders.  Hair that was all the more fetching when she wore it pulled back in a ponytail.  Physically she was super cute but her haughty personality and overbearing arrogance (the apple never falls far from the tree) were in need of a makeover and Eric was excited at the prospect of being the one to do it. By the time he pulled into the garage it was all he could do to get to bed and jerk off thinking about owning the snotty little princess. 


The Take Down

Anfernee had Ashley meet him at the mall that was a block down the road from school Saturday at dusk.  He told her he didn’t trust the school as a meeting place.  Ashley retorted, “Those cameras don’t work in that parking lot.  Mr. Mangini is just trying to make parents feel safe.  He’s a fucking tool of the board anyway.  He might be the Head Master but he’s still a piss on.  I’ll have more money than him when I turn 21 than he’ll ever make.”  “Well I ain’t taking that risk.  If you want me to hook you up meet me at Section D in the parking garage at Oak Tree Commons.  We’ll drive around the burbs and share a spliff.” 


“Fine” Ashley spat.   She didn’t like answering to people, not least a former gang-banger from Long Beach who her dad just helped escape jail time.  She figured at least the joint would be free, the best quality and she could be outta there in 25 minutes.  The dealers always have better shit than the customers she once heard her dad joke to a former client.


Ashley swung her new VW bug (an early birthday present) around the parking lot until she spotted Anfernee’s black Escalade.  She pulled in the spot next to his hoping for a quick exchange of money and drugs through two open car windows.


Anfernee rolled down his window.  “Yo girl hop in.  We ain’t gonna do this shit right here.”  Ashley sighed and rolled her eyes.  She knew he’d draw the deal out.  Of course, she knew that she encouraged it as well with her tight fitting t-shirt and the short jean skirt she was wearing.  Ashley got in the Escalade and within minutes they were driving around smoking a joint making small talk about movies, tv, and the zip of coke and the thirty Es she was buying (“There’s a lot of us going to Coachella.  Daddy paid for a limo and hotel rooms for us in Palm Springs”) It wasn’t long before Anfernee and Ashley had smoked a whole joint.  When it was done Anfernee turned up the music and Ashley’s heart began to race.  She was really, really high. 


Soon, the thud of the rap music in the car was making her nauseous.  She was as high as she’d ever been off a joint, no doubt.  But something else was going on.  It was the strongest weed of her life. She was disoriented- almost as if she wasn’t mentally within her body.  Which was a whole other matter.  She realized her body felt numb but also highly sensitive at the same time.  


“We’re here”.  Anfernee had stopped the car.  They had pulled into an apartment complex alley and into a garage.  She didn’t remember getting there. 


“I gotta get you your drugs girl.  C’mon I thought you had to go.  Why you movin’ so slow”. 


The entire car conversation was archived from the microphone on Anfernee’s RocaWear hat to the iPod in his jacket getting every incriminating word.  The video camera hidden in the passenger side mirror captured the scene for posterity.  Of course, that little piece was just extra insurance; the appetizer before the planned main course. 


Ashley tried to play it cool.  She dazedly opened the car, climbed out and followed Anfernee up the stairs and collapsed onto the couch in the living room.  Anfernee sidled up next to her and within minutes had his tongue in her ear and his hands under her Paul Frank Julius shirt. 


“That weed was dusted.  It feels good don’t it girl” Anfernee was a master. The apartment was wired with cameras, mics and wi-fi for immediate data capture and real time viewing at home for Eric.  There would be plenty of time to edit this film later, Eric thought as he sat, eyes glued to the TV, dick in hand, waiting for the show to really get good.


Ashley was a picture of loveliness on the couch.  Her lips were slightly parted in and her head was back, brown hair draping over the right side of her head as Anfernee seduced her with aid of the dusted joint.  Ashley clearly couldn’t control what was going on.


It wasn’t long before Anfernee had Ashley’s shirt and bra hiked under her chin, pert 34bs (I was right!) out and her Miss Sixty jean skirt on the floor.  He pulled the waist of her pink panty to the side and played with her clit for a bit.  He slid first one, than two fingers into her sopping cunt, slowly finger-fucking her, flicking her clit with his thumb, and alternating his lips on nipples, neck and ears.  Ashley was overwhelmed; she didn’t want to be involved with Anfernee but everything felt so distant and disjointed while at the same time the feeling building in her “special spot” (as her mom had taught her to call it long ago) was undeniable.  Every kiss on the nipples and neck produced electric shivers up and down her perspiring body.  This was better than any of the times she had let any of her boyfriends hook up with her.   Anfernee seemed to know exactly what to do and soon Ashley became conscious only of the impending orgasm building up in her crotch and the rapid breathing and high pitch sounds she was involuntarily producing.


It took Ashley 6 minutes to come harder than she had ever before.  The drugs and the contempt turned sexual attraction she felt for big, black Anfernee combined hit her hard.  But as fast and hard as the orgasm came, the wave of guilt, shame, and revulsion hit her harder.  It wouldn’t be the last time by a long shot.  She had no idea this was just the beginning.


Anfernee had quickly taken off his pants to reveal a sturdy 7” cock.  Uncircumcised.  He grabbed her by the cheeks and lifted her face up to its tip and menacingly laughed at her.  “You didn’t think a nigger drug dealer like me could get you off you rich white bitch.  Now it’s your turn to get me off.  When was the last time you had a dick in your mouth?”


Ashley immediately started sobbing and sputtering.  “I’ve only given head 12 times.   Two weeks ago was the last time.   Two weeks?  12 times?  Bitch you 18 now and your boy barely getting any?  That’s weak shit.   Well, this shit’s gonna be number 13.  I’m gonna teach you how to suck a dick proper.  Now get off the couch and onto the floor, on your knees like the dog you are.”


Ashley’s panties were pulled halfway down between her thighs, just under her ass.  It was unbearably sexy to see her perfect tight ass displayed like that as she rested on all fours.  Better than if she was naked- it was dirty.  Her brown hair fell behind her head and the camera positioned on the opposite side of the room could see she was sobbing.  Eric knew he’d edit that out for later for sure.  But he was enjoying it now.


Ashley rested on both knees as Anfernee walked up to her putting his erect cock lightly next to her tear-streaked cheek. “Put your hands behind your back bitch.  Now open and suck.”  Eric had told Anfernee to only get a blowjob from the girl and not to be too rough with her. He wanted to be the only one to have her; at least for a little while.


After a few minutes of awkwardly sucking Anfernee, he roughly popped out of her mouth.  “Bitch you can’t suck a dick. I should call one of the sistah’s to come over and teach you how.” Anfernee laughed as he saw Ashley’s eyes go wide with fear with the thought of another person joining them.  He picked up a remote, turned on the tv, grabbed Ashley by the hair and yanked her up to sit on the couch.  “Watch this, bitch”


Ashley looked unbearably sexy still in the bra and shirt pulled above her tits and the panties half pulled down her legs.  She watched, riveted as some obviously very young black girl was worshipping (there was no other explanation for it) what was obviously Anfernee’s hideous, uncircumcised monster.  The girl (she couldn’t have been more than fifteen) kissed and licked it from the tip to the base while always cupping and jiggling the balls.  After a few minutes of this treatment she took the head into her mouth, bobbing up and down while occasionally flickering her tongue around the head.


Ashley had seemingly forgotten about everything and was glued to the tv.  Anfernee sat next to her and subtly took her hand and put it on his cock.  He put his hand over hers and directed her into giving a handjob while she watched the tv. 


Soon, the on-screen girl was bobbing up and down on the thick, black cock, making gagging and slurping noises that got louder with each passing minute.   On-screen Anfernee was saying “Go chicken head.  You can pump that pussy now.”  Anfernee’s on-screen partner began furiously rubbing her black pussy (Ashley had never seen another spread pussy, let alone a naked black girl) while rapidly bobbing on Anfernee’s cock.  In no time, on screen Anfernee  said “It’s time to take it, bitch”.  He pulled up to her open mouth and shot a massive wad of cum all over the girl’s face.  As it dripped down to the girl’s neck and breasts, Ashley understood for the first time what a “pearl necklace” referred to on that Sex in the City episode she had recently seen on TBS.  


Anfernee’s on-screen girl began licking all the sperm with one hand while furiously rubbing her clit with the other.  Soon, the girl was moaning in orgasm and cleaning the remaining slime off Anfernee’s cock with her mouth and tongue.  Suddenly, the TV went off and Ashley was yanked back to earth from her thoughts as Anfernee began to push her head into his lap. “Now do exactly what the girl in the video did for me and maybe I won’t have to share you with my brotha friends later tonight.”


Ashley was too scared at the prospect to resist. Soon she was licking and sucking just as she had seen it done on the screen.  She knew that she looked like a whore.  Every time she gagged or slurped it made her want to vomit.  She certainly felt used and degraded.  However, she realized she was also turned on as Anfernee had imperceptibly guided her one free manicured hand to her sopping pussy.  The only difference between the ending on screen and the live action in Anfernee’s crib was that Ashley actually came before Anfernee came all over her.


Anfernee made her lick clean his balls and cock and after making her drink some mouthwash and towel off his semen, made her make out with him for a good ten minutes. Eric planned to edit that later to look as if it was the start of their little session.  The kissing and gentle over the shirt and bra breast rubbing Anfernee ended with would make for a convincing consensual start to the whole affair. 


Anfernee and Ashley silently got dressed.  The drugs and the orgasms had subsided and she was in a confused and unstable frame of mind as Anfernee drove them back to her car.  It had seemed like they were gone for hours but in fact his dashboard clock had read 10pm.  They had only been gone for two.


Anfernee pulled up next to Ashley’s car and told her to get out and never say shit about tonight.  “What about my drugs?” asked Ashley.  Anfernee laughed.  “That shit is bad for a girl like you Ashley.  Besides, I promised your Daddy I wouldn’t sell you any.  Of course, we didn’t talk about you sucking down my cock and cum.  He probably ok wit dat anyway since it’s wit someone he knows, hahahahaha.” Ashley, burst into tears and jumped out of the car.  Her new VW quickly peeled out of the mall garage as she went straight home for a long, cleansing shower. 


Anfernee picked up the phone and dialed Mangini immediately.  “How was that E-Boy?  We all square?”  God damn Anfernee, I’m glad I didn’t let you fuck her- she almost died when she saw that uncircumcised hose of horror!” “Well, have fun and good luck.  You better call me and let me have another crack at her.”  Eric laughed.  “It will be my pleasure for young Ashley to serve you.  I think she’ll be available for quite some time.   I’ll call you in a few weeks”.  Anfernee gave a peace out and, Eric. dick in hand, immediately set to editing the evening’s action.


Ashley Tastes Her New Life


As Ashley feebly looked at Mr. Mangini from across the desk it was evident she had switched from superior to supplicant in a matter of moments.  It was if Eric had run across the room and kicked her in the stomach.  The tears began to well up as it became clear she was in deep trouble and at his mercy.  The pictures showed her doing drugs and sucking the cock of a thuggish black man.  There were at least 50 pictures but she only needed to see a couple before melting down.


“Please Mr. Mangini.  I don’t know how you got those but I was drugged and raped.  You can’t let those get out!  My dad will turn his back on me and I will lose everything I have” she pathetically sobbed.  Eric walked around the desk and gave her a box of tissues.  “Now, now Ashley, this sure doesn’t look like rape to me”.  He turned on the tv monitor that was in his office, behind Ashley, and twirled her seat around. Ashley watched the edited version of the tape, where it looked like Ashley seduced Anfernee into giving her free drugs for a blowjob, in abject horror.  Ashley could tell she had been duped and made to look like a two-bit whore- one who even masturbated while giving a blowjob.   She was humiliated, scared and defeated.


The tape finished and Eric sat and watched Ashley sob for 10 minutes.  Finally, she seemed to calm down.  When her panting had stopped she looked up at, red-eyed and pleading.  “Please have some mercy on me Mr. Mangini”.  Eric got up and slapped her tartly across the face,  From now on, when you are with me alone you will refer to me as Sir or Master.  In public, you may continue to call me Mr. Mangini, unless I tell you otherwise.  As for mercy, you’ll need to earn mercy.  The facts are, in the briefest of terms, this: I own you now.  You will do exactly as I ask of you for as long as I wish.  Your desires, thoughts, wants and needs are no longer a concern to myself or to you,  You exist to please me from now on.  I will be using you as I see fit.  If you obey you will be rewarded.  If you do not, you will be punished.  If successive punishments do not persuade you to behave and obey, I will release this tape to the world and your precious life will be over.  However, if you please me I’m certain you could earn your release before you go away to college”.


Ashley looked stunned.  She immediately grasped that she had no choice.  She was scared what was in store for her.  She had always been her superior self when dealing with Mr. Mangini.  Now he owned her.


Eric walked around to his desk and sat down.  “Stand up Ashley” he commanded.  “Put your hands by your side.”.  Ashley stood up and trembled as Eric devoured her body with his eyes.  He took out a minicam from one of his desk drawers and started filming.  Ashley was a vision of loveliness.  She was in a starched white blouse buttoned almost to the top.  Clearly visible underneath was a lacy pink bra (she must have driven the Seniors wild all day, Eric thought) and a sexy pair of three-quarter length pants on with a pair of white, low top Converse.  The pants showed off her tight little ass and the blouse made her small breasts seem irresistibly alluring.  She was wearing just a touch of pink lipstick and some sparkly blue eye shadow. 


“Now I’m going to ask you some very personal questions.  We will be finding out, over time, the true answers to these questions.  For now, I expect you to tell the absolute truth.  If you lie now your punishment will be twice as severe as when I catch you later.  Do you understand?”  Ashley nodded her head yes.  “Ashley, how do you address me?  I thought you were a good student?  Can you not follow simple instructions without the need for correction?  You WILL answer me when I speak to you.  Not nod your head.  Now I asked you, do you understand”?


Tears welled up in Ashley’s eyes as she quietly said, “Yes, Sir, I understand”


Eric proceeded to ask Ashley a series of intimate questions designed to learn more about her, to make her fearful of what was to come, and to degrade and humiliate her.


Eric: How old were when you first had sex?

Ashley: 17

Eric: Just last year.  How many times have you had intercourse?

Ashley: 11

Eric: Only 11 times in almost a year?  You are wasting your talents and not listening to your own slutty desires, dear Ashley.  Were you telling Anfernee the truth, was he the 13 time you sucked cock?

Ashley: (stammering) y-y-yes

Eric: When was the first time you kissed a girl.

Ashley:  Never, that’s disgusting. 

I was glad to see a little of Ashley’s bitchy self come to life

Eric: Do you masturbate?

Ashley:  Only a few times

Eric: Why?

Ashley:  It’s embarrassing and gross.

Eric: Have you ever had anal sex or anything in your ass?

Ashley:  N-n-n-no

Eric: You will….Now Ashley I want you to unbutton your blouse and leave it open in the front.


Ashley started to shake and her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned the blouse.  Mangini produced a Polaroid camera and began taking photos of her.  “Take off the blouse and the bra now Ashley.”  Ashley looked at him for a moment before, lower lip trembling, she shook off the shirt and unclasped the bra.  For a moment the straps hung over the shoulders as she covered the front cups in a last bid for modesty.  Eric gave her a nod in between snapshots and she let the bra drop to the floor. 


“Small but delightfully perky boobies, Ms. Waterford.  I bet they’d look great after some tattoos, don’t you think?”  She was about to respond when he stepped up to her to suck a tit into his mouth.  He playfully bit a nipple and stepped back.  Ashley was flush from the mortification and discomfort of her situation.   He’d let that feeling linger.


Slowly Eric went through the entire undressing process, taking pictures at all stages and from a variety of angles.  After 20 minutes she was fully undressed, on all fours in the middle of his office.  He glanced at the clock and realized they only had 15 minutes until the next period.  Eric put the camera down on the desk next to the sixty Polaroids he had just taken.  He walked up to Ashley, grabbing a handful of brown pubic hair with his left hand (giving it a gentle tug) and cupping a breast with the other. 


“I’ll be shaving this soon for you” he whispered into her ear, words and delivery eliciting the shudder from her he was aiming for.  He pinched the nipple of her left breast and worked his tongue over her neck and chest.  Young girls can’t resist the sensation- it involuntarily juices them for action.  He circled her clit with a finger a few times before stepping back from her flushed body.


“Only five minutes before class, Ashley, so I’ll be brief”.  Ashley gave a hopeful look at the thought of her ordeal ending for the day; in fact she began reaching for her clothes.  “Whoa, not so fast little lady.  You don’t put on clothes until I want to see you in clothes.  Today is your first training day so I’ll let it slide.  But you best learn to obey quickly or you’ll soon regret it.   Now as I was about to say, we are going to play the first of many fun and interesting games.  


To be continued……




Ashley’s Slow Torment Begins


Ashley was still on all fours staring up at her new Master.  Eric reached down next to her, opened her pocketbook took out her black, RZR video phone and programmed in his “special cell phone” number (he had, of course, gotten an untraceable phone line separate from his normal one just for Ashley).  “I have programmed my number into your phone.  I expect to receive a video message from you before the day is out.  You are to go to the little girls room and film yourself pissing,” he said as he smirked down at her.  “That’s disgusting!  I won’t do it” Ashley snarled as she started to rise indignantly. 


Eric quickly grabbed her by the hair and slapped her face.  “Perhaps you have forgotten who your Master is now.  You do as I say without complaint or your little fun time with Anfernee becomes internet fodder for the rest of your life.  And we both know that Daddy won’t be keeping you around after that, Princess.  Don’t we?   I wonder what it’s like being poor?


Ashley began to cry again.  “When I tell you to do something you WILL do it.  Disobeying only means punishment and pain for you.  And ultimately, you will fulfill my commands in the end anyway.  Let me be perfectly clear.  For this task, you are NOT to sit on the toilet.  I want you to squat on the seat so that I can see the piss squirting out of you when you go.  Every drop.”


Eric let go of her hair (she was now standing upright) and sat down in the chair behind his desk.  “Come here” he beckoned.  Ashley, still whimpering, meekly walked to his desk.  “Now Ashley, you WILL send me the video I requested before the day is out or you will be punished severely. Now lay across my lap.”  Ashley stared at Eric, her new “owner”, for a moment but saw the steely look on his face and complied fairly quickly.  Eric pulled a ruler out from his desk and looked at her.


“This is a reminder to you that you will do as you are told from now on.  I’m going to spank you for your disobedience.  10 sharp whacks to remind you I am not fucking around.   And with that he administered 10 swift and hard blows to Ashley’s sweet little ass.  Ashley was crying in full again after he had finished.  As she lay sobbing, sprawled across his lap, he took the opportunity to take one last Polaroid for his collection.  The picture was just of her ass- he didn’t want people to know it was her when they saw it. He wanted it to be a permanent but personal reminder of her new servitude; A humiliating souvenir for her to look at every day to remember their first little meet up and to remid her of her new caste.


“Now get dressed and get to class.  I’ll text you your next assignment after I get your 1st little movie production.”  Ashley got up, her sobs starting to slow to sniffles.  Just as she finished dressing the bell for the next period rang.  Ashley turned to leave for class but before she walked out Eric called out to her ”Oh and Ashley, this is for you” handing her the picture of her freshly spanked ass. “I expect you to hang it prominently in your locker by day’s end to remind yourself of me every time you open it up.”   Ashley grabbed the picture and shoved it in her pocketbook.  She wondered what she would tell her friends that it was when they inevitably saw it taped up with the rest of her locker photos. 


“I’ll be seeing much of you later I suppose,” Eric said, chuckling as he opened his office door to let Ashley out.


The next few hours were probably as difficult for Mangini as they were for Ashley.  However, he had to force himself to concentrate and get through all the work he had on his plate.  It was a Thursday afternoon and Eric wanted to make sure he would be able to clear his Friday and weekend of administrative duties as he had other “work” to get started on with Ashley’s humiliation and training.  It took all of his strength to keep it in his pants until later in the day.  As turned on as Eric was, he wanted to make sure to save his strength for Ashley later.


Finally, at 1:48 Eric received a video message from Ashley.  He quickly uploaded it to his iBook laptop and played back the file.  It was hysterical watching Ashley try and balance on the toilet seat while holding the camera phone to film her humiliation.  Tears streamed down her face as the liquid started, dribbling at first, but soon forming a hard stream of piss from her cunt to the bowl.  At one point, she lost balance and caused herself to pee down her left leg.  The video ended with Ashley wiping pee from her ankle up to her thigh.


Eric sent Ashley a quick text: “Good job, buttercup.  I’m sure you’ve never seen yourself piss before.  I’m not sure you’re properly potty trained though.  I think we may have to re-teach you how to go to the bathroom LOL.  As soon as school is over, get in your car and drive to section 1Z of the Oak Tree Commons Mall.  Call your house and make sure no one expects you until later this evening.  I’ll be seeing you there at 4pm sharp.”


 It was hard to get through the day for 2 people at St. Julius that day. 


At 10 to 4, Ashley pulled into the lot while Eric was watching her from across the street.  He sat in his car, safely shaded from view under a tree.  At two to four Eric called her. “I’m in the black Lexus across the street. Let’s go.”  He watched Ashley get out of the car and dash across the street.  As soon as she sat down he put his hand on the inside of her left knee and grabbed her head to with the other hand.  He roughly mashed her lips to his forcing his tongue into her startled mouth.  She barely kissed back but it hardly mattered.  Eric pulled away, smiled at her and started to drive.


“Where are you taking me, Sir?”  Eric was impressed she remembered the Sir.  She was stone faced as if trying to pretend it wasn’t really her in the car.  “Well Ashley, I’m inclined to leave that as a surprise for you.  But let’s get something straight.  From now on, when you and I are alone together you will greet me properly.  You are to kiss me hello.  Do you understand?” “Yes Sir” Ashley mumbled.  “So you don’t have to worry about questions of destination, I made a little film for you to watch on the ride up. “  She glared at Eric in panic as he turned on the in-dash DVD and started the video of Ashley peeing in the bathroom.  Ashley’s eyes welled up as she watched the scene of her spanking and humiliation from the Principal’s office earlier in the day fade into her session with Anfernee.  Of course, there was some slow-mo, replay and the like mixed in for a more professional and compelling show.


After about 20 minutes of driving further out from the city, Eric pulled into a cheap, anonymous gas n’ grocery place.  He turned off the car and looked at Ashley.  “Time to stop sobbing and straighten up, buttercup.”  She kept her head down, looking at her lap.  Eric grabbed her chin and forced her face to look at his “The time for you to bemoan your situation is over!  You put yourself in this situation and you will either submit to and obey EVERYTHING I tell you to do or you will be punished and STILL submit and obey!  And if the punishment doesn’t cure you of your insolence than exposure is the only answer.  I’m sure the internet would have a field day with that DVD, eh?”


He let that sink in for a few seconds and slapped her across the face lightly; not enough even to leave a red mark but enough to startle her out of another round of woe is me tears.  He reached across her and grabbed a small cosmetics bag out of the glove.  “Here you go.  You are to put on the make-up in this bag and clean yourself up in the bathroom.  You are to take no more than 10 minutes or you will be punished.  And here” I said as I reached into the back seat for a bag, “you’ll change into these clothes and meet me at the car. If you are late, you will be punished.  Hopefully you won’t give me cause to think of what that punishment will be,” he said, smirking.


Ashley looked at him for a few seconds before blankly saying “Yes Sir”. 


“You look beautiful, buttercup,” Eric said as he leaned into her for a long kiss.  Reluctantly Ashley opened her mouth and slowly moved her tongue around with her Principal’s, as he pressed deeper past her teeth.  After a few minutes of suck face Eric deftly unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of Ashley’s white shirt and slipped his hands over that lacey pink bra.  After a minute he knew those 34bs needed some release.


Eric disengaged from their kiss to start sucking lightly all over Ashley’s neck, his hot breath expertly serving to involuntarily arouse her.  As he used his left hand to quickly unclip her bra from the back, he stuck his tongue in her ear and whispered “No bra for the rest of the day Ashley” as he removed her undergarment.


Ashley knew that would mean anyone who would see her at the gas station and god knows where else would be able to see her now erect nipples through her blouse.  She shivered as Eric cupped her uncovered, milky white breasts while again kissing her deeply.  Ashley’s breath began to quicken as he let his left hand up top to play with her while moving his other hand up and down her crotch, through her tight fitting pants.  Ashley was beginning to give into the pleasure when suddenly Mangini stopped, backed off and looked at her.


“I’m gonna fill up the car and maybe get a snack.  Meet me back at the car in 10 minutes.”


Ashley went to button her shirt and Eric quickly slapped her hand “Ashley,” he said condescendingly to her “don’t button unless I tell you to button.  From now on you wear your clothes as I leave them or tell you to wear them.”


“B-But Sir, with no bra and 2 buttons undone you can see my chest” Ashley stammered.


“There’s no need to be shy anymore.  I’ve already seen you naked and will again many, many times.  We have a few months of fun ahead of us.  Besides, it’s not like anyone here knows you.  In fact, I think 3 buttons would look even sexier so why don’t you unbutton the next one too, before you go to the bathroom to change.”


Ashley went ashen as Eric reached into her shirt to squeeze both of her nipples one last time before letting her out to the bathroom to change into her outfit and new make-up. Mangini started his watch and told her to make sure and be on time.  Ashley walked off to the bathroom around the corner of the convenience store part of the gas station.  Eric  filled the car and left a note on the passenger side window for Ashley to meet him in the store.


Eric spent his five remaining minutes shopping for a few items for later.  No one was around as they were kinda in the middle of nowhere.  The day laborers that populated the area were still grunting out the end of their day.  There was a slovenly Mexican behind the counter to match the run down store.  He just sat there thumbing through a Hot Rod magazine.


Eric grabbed a three-blade razor and some shaving gel, rolling papers, mouthwash, a toothbrush and tooth paste, some water and strolled over to pay.  The big guy rang him up and was giving change when all of a sudden he froze and his mouth dropped slightly.  Eric looked at his watch timer and it read 9:33- Ashley was just in time.


Ashley was walking up to the store and was creating the effect Eric had desired on the Mexican in the store. Eric could only imagine the pretty, spoiled schoolgirl’s abject horror in the filthy bathroom having to change out of her pants and into the shortest pleated grey schoolgirl skirt imaginable.  For so long Eric desired this he indulged fully in the clichés of the outfit.  Ashley had on new patent leather Mary Janes and knee high white stockings to boot. Her nipples were clearly visible and raised from the constant rub of the fabric against them.  Her white blouse was unbuttoned as he had left it and it was easy to see her breasts with every step she took. 


Mangini had Ashley vamp out whorishly with the glossiest deepest whore red lipstick, bright emerald eye shadow and heavy pink blush that encouraged the perception she was flushed from recent nefarious action.  Ashley opened the door and silently stood to Eric’s left.  He looked at her and patted her on the head.  “Please clasp your hands behind your back Ashley,” he said to her.  She shot him a nervous glance but complied. 


“Hey hombre” Eric said to the counterman.  “You like this gringo meat?  Wanna take a look at her?”  Ashley trembled and said nothing as the disgusting, fat man leered at her.   Before the Mexican could answer. Eric had Ashley’s shirt out of the skirt and unbuttoned to the bottom.  Ashley just stared ahead, hands behind her back, as her new Master exposed her breasts to the man.


“God damn, she’s hot.  Senior, how much for a quick one in the back”? 


Eric looked at Ashley, who was clearly scared, and asked her “How much do you think this gentleman should pay you for a blowjob, Ashley?”  “Uh-I don’t know S-s-s-s-sir” Ashley sputtered out.  The Mexican was jumping up and down a little with excitement causing his belly fat to grossly jiggle around.  Ashley looked as if she might throw up.  “I’ll pay you $100 dollars, senior!”  he said. 


Eric looked thoughtfully at Ashley.  After a few seconds he looked at the counter guy “That’s more than she’s worth right now I think, but soon she’ll be ready to earn it.  Until then, a penny for your thoughts.” Mangini picked up his bag of stuff, grabbed Ashley by the hand and walked her out the door, open blouse exposing her pert breasts to the outside air.  They left the Mexican holding a Polaroid of Ashley on all fours, naked, to remember them by.


Ashley quickly got in the car.  Eric pulled away, back onto the highway and let the car sit in silence for several minutes before glancing at Ashley’s tear stained face. “That was a good display, buttercup.  I’m sure that guy will remember you for a long time!  We’re almost to our destination so I thought I’d let you relax the rest of the way.”  As he drove he reached over and reclined her seat slightly.  He then began to fondle her exposed tits, pinching and lightly swirling his fingers around her nipples.  Eric rubbed his hand sensuously around her belly, often slipping his fingers under her skirt and panties, gently caressing her pubic hair and pressing down ever slightly every now and again right above her vagina.   It wasn’t long before Ashley started breathing more quickly, squirming in her seat, oblivious to the outside world, involuntarily getting turned on.


After 10 minutes of pure teasing Eric pulled Ashley’s panties to the side and began to caress her vagina.  For another 10 minutes he flicked her clit and used her increasing wetness to occasionally stick a finger up her snatch.  They were almost to their destination when Eric gently took her left hand and placed it on her glistening teen cunt. 


“Finish yourself off Ashley” he said.  Ashley, as if in a trance, brought herself to orgasm within 3 minutes. Inwardly Eric was thrilled; he was certain none of her feeble high school lovers had ever taken that kind of time to build her up like that. 


Ashley’s shudders of bliss subsided and she realized, for the first time, that they had stopped driving.  She looked over at Eric and saw the raging erection he now had from watching her bring herself to orgasm.  He had imperceptibly to her, taken out his cock and begun stroking himself after he had parked the car in the driveway of his secluded lake house.   He grabbed one of Ashley’s juice covered hands and placed it on his cock.  She immediately started stroking it but tried to turn her head away.  With his free hand, Eric grabbed her hair and forced her to look at him. This startled her and caused her to momentarily stop stroking the cock in her hand so Eric had to put his hand over hers and put her back in motion before he began to spell out some rules.


“Ashley, you are ALWAYS to look directly at anyone you are touching or engaged with from today forward.  Unless otherwise ordered, you will obey ANY request or command by me or anyone else that is using you sexually as I see fit.  You are a pretty but worthless little whore who will do whatever I wish from now on.  Do you understand?” “Yes Sir” Ashley quietly responded.


“I’m glad Ashley.  Now let’s go in and get started. We have much to do this evening.  I know you probably would rather stay in the car and put that pretty little red mouth on my cock, but there’s plenty of time for you to slurp my sperm later, dear. Now do me a favor and button up and meet me at the front door.”


Eric got out of the car and opened the door to the house.  He had previously set up a tripod with a video camera in the living room to film Ashley’s entrance for a later movie and popped over to turn it on.  Ashley was on the porch looking like a Valley porn slut arriving on set for a naughty schoolgirl movie.


Eric motioned for Ashley to walk into the house, filming her entrance.  When she was in the middle of the living room he told her to stop and began to ask her questions:


Eric: “What is your name?

Ashley: Ashley Waterford

Eric: “How old are you?”

A:  “18”

E “Do you have a shaved pussy, Ashley?”

A: “N-n-n-no Sir” (tears were beginning to form)

E: “Are you wearing a bra?”

A: “No, Sir”

E:  “Wow.  What a brazen young girl.  Why don’t you turn around and face the other way Ashley? (Immediately after she turned around) It’s hot in here Ashley, you should unbutton that blouse and just get rid of the shirt.”


Ashley proceeded to do as asked with her back and ass to the camera.  Her arms were clearly shaking as she slowly unbuttoned the shirt, un-tucked it and let it drop off her body.  “Look over your shoulders and take a look at the camera, Ashley.   (Ashley looked GREAT).  Now, stick your finger slightly in your mouth and run your tongue over your finger.  Beautiful” 


“Now Ashley, cup your breasts and face us.”


Ashley looked delectable.  A few tears had escaped her eyes as she stood looking like a slut, her small boobs in her hands wearing nothing but a skirt, white stockings and the Mary Janes.   Her eyes went wide when she saw Lucy standing next to Eric.  She doubled over and turned around trying to hide herself.


Lucy moved like lightning and was behind Ashley in a flash. Lucy grabbed her hair and snapped her body back up.  “You do whatever Master Mangini says BITCH!”  She slapped Ashley hard across the face.


Eric peered from behind the camera and looked at Ashley. “Ashley, meet Lucy.  She is a close friend of mine and your new best friend or worst enemy depending on how you play it.  Lucy is your Mistress and from now you will consider her word to be my word.  Every rule applied by me to you will also be applicable to Mistress Lucy. “


Ashley stood up straight, a fist full of hair still being held by Lucy.  She was sobbing but seemed to have regained a bit of her composure.  Eric had been debating whether to bring Lucy in right from the start or to wait a week or so to involve her.  At this moment he knew I’d made the right call.  Shock and awe.


Lucy and Eric had met several years earlier in a chat room.  They quickly became friends and occasional lovers.  Both had the same uncommon desires to dominate and degrade young girls and finally were getting the chance to work together on a “project”.  At 30, Lucy was a prominent member of the So Cal legal scene having made partner at Gaffney, Cedar and Johnson earlier than any lawyer, male or female, ever at the firm.  She made plenty of cash and was a stunner.   She was 5’ 9” with short brown hair (like Winona Ryder’s when she was still pretty) and 36Cs.  She had a perfectly curved ass and beautiful green eyes.  Eric loved the way she kept her pubic hair shaved in the shape of a question mark.  (She claimed it was because she was an enigma).  Now, she stood in Eric’s living room holding Ashley Waterford’s hair as if it was the head of Medusa


Eric peered back behind the camera.  Lucy let go of Ashley’s hair and stood behind her.  Lucky pulled Ashley’s arms back and clasped her hands together again.   As Ashley stood rigid, Lucy slipped her hands over Ashley’s breasts from behind, lightly pinching the nips to make them erect.  The scene was so hot- the half naked senior being caressed and groped from behind by the much older and sexy lawyer in full business suit and skirt.  Lucy turned Ashley sideways and brought her face into Ashley’s.


Ashley looked directly at Lucy as her first lesbian kiss began.  For 5 minutes Lucy ran her hands over Ashley’s body while kissing her.   If Ashley was repulsed you couldn’t tell from where Eric was filming.  But then, she was learning quickly that this was her fate. 


Lucy finished, smiled and whispered something into Ashley’s ear that put a look of fear on the teen’s face.  It looked great on film.


“Now Ashley,” Eric said “everything we tell you to do and say from now on you do or you will be punished by Lucy and a huge leather paddle.  You should try and enjoy yourself, slut.  Lucy is gonna take a lot of pictures of you while I film.  If you’re a good girl they’ll never find their way on-line. Now I want you to reach under your skirt and pull your panties down.”


Ashley swiftly did so and kicked the plain white cottons to the side.


“Good Girl.  Now I want you to suck on your finger.  With your other hand, pull your skirt up.  Ashley did as told as the tears began again.  Which was fine with me as it made the scene even sexier.  Lucy was snapping away, getting stills of every movement. 


“Ashley, walk over to the couch, put your hands on the back of it with your arms outstretched and bend over with your ass facing me.” Ashley did as told.  “Now, flip the back of your skirt up so we can see your tight ass and pussy.”


They let Ashley stand there in that position for several minutes, walking around, making sure to get her from every angle.  “Now grip your ass cheeks and spread them wide for the camera, Ashley.”  As soon as Lucy finished taking some snaps of the pose she got right up behind Ashley and hissed in her ear “Leave those cheeks spread!” before dropping on the floor to tongue Ashley’s asshole for several minutes.   When she had finished, she spit a big gob on Ashley’s sphincter that slowly dripped down her thigh.  A nice touch.


“Ashley, we know how much you liked having a girl eat out your ass.  Was that the first time for you?” Eric asked for the benefit of furthering his humiliation of his new pet.  Ashley managed a slight “Yes Sir”.


“Well, we know you’re turned on by it Ashley.  Why don’t you take off the skirt, sit on the couch and spread your cunt for Mistress Lucy to lick a bit.  In fact, she shouldn’t have to do all the work.  You should masturbate for us.  I’ll let you close your eyes but you need to work that high school pussy with your hand and use the other hand to play with your tits.  Suck a finger in your mouth like it’s your boyfriend’s cock and then use it on yourself. But you are NOT to cum.  When you are getting closer you can call Mistress Lucy to finish you off.”


Ashley did as she was told, sobbing all the while.  The naked and spread 18 year old had never been so obscenely exposed to anyone in the past and had barely ever touched herself-she always thought it was gross and felt guilty the few times she had ever done it in the privacy of her room.  Now she was compelled to do it in front of her tormentors and new owners.


After a slow start Ashley began to get turned on.  Soon the room was filled with heavy breathing, her occasional moan and the smell of teen spirit. After 10 minutes of forced masturbation Ashley, in between heavy breaths, practically shouted “Miss Lucy, please make me cum!”


“Open your eyes and ask Mistress Lucy properly,” Eric said to Ashley.


Ashley opened her eyes and they went immediately wide.  Lucy was standing next to her holding a silver tray with a red ball gag (which Ashley instantly recognized from the gimp scene in Pulp Fiction), a razor, shaving cream, scissors, a small bowl of water and a pair of handcuffs.  Ashley didn’t say anything out of great fear and just sat there trembling.  Lucy sat the tray down on the side table next to the couch and bitch slapped Ashley twice.  “Did you have a question for me, Ashley?” sneered Lucy.


“Will you please make me cum Mistress Lucy” Ashley said while glancing sideways at the tray.


Lucy reached down with her right hand and tugged on a tuft of Ashley’s brown pubic hair.  The furry triangle was cleaned up for a bikini but otherwise fully hairy.  “I wouldn’t put my mouth on your dirty hole with this filthy shit like this.  You look like a fucking hobbit,” laughed Lucy.  Lucy twisted and pulled the hairs for a bit longer eventually causing Ashley to scream in pain.


Lucy quickly grabbed Ashley’s hands and cuffed them behind her back. The ball gag was inserted and Ashley began to thrash about a bit, muffled cries coming from behind the red ball.  Saliva dripped down her mouth.   Lucy pushed Ashley back onto the couch and stood between her legs.


Lucy looked down at her naked and bound captive and smiled.  “Ashley, you need to be clean before you may receive pleasure from us.  Now, I’m going to depilate your little pussy.  I wouldn’t move if I were you.   Spread your legs wide with the heels of your feet on the couch” Lucy demanded.


What a vision.  Spoiled, rich Ashley Waterford was cuffed with her hands above her head, completely naked, on display and utterly gagged, garish red lips wide around the red ball.  She looked stunning.  


Lucy made a big show of gelling up Ashley’s first leg and slowly shaved it smooth from the base of Ashley’s feet to the top of her thigh.  “From now on, little one, you will shave these legs every single day from top to bottom.  Little lezzie sluts need to have smooth skin.” After 20 minutes of work (punctuated with little breaks to lick and kiss Ashley’s helpless body) on the legs Lucy went about shaving her captive’s armpits, all the while taking the razor and excess gel and getting the little stubble off in the bowl of water.   It looked like an old time barber shop operation, if of course the barber were working on a bound nude teen instead of some scrub’s beard.


Finally Lucy was ready for the main event.  Eric turned on the flat screen TV behind him.

The screen came on and revealed a close up of Ashley’s vagina.  “Ashley.  I want you to watch up here while Miss Lucy makes you clean enough to play with.” Eric stated with obvious glee.


Tears began flowing like rain as Ashley watched the screen.  Eric panned out so Ashley could get a good look at herself.  “Now, now pet” Lucy said as she stroked a tear from Ashley’s face and sucked the finger into her mouth.  “If you sob, you’ll only hurt yourself.  Stay still little one.”


Lucy slowly began cutting Ashley’s pubic hair with the scissors to get it short enough for a clean sweep with the razor.  For a while, the only sounds that could be heard were the muffled sobs of Ashley and the rapidly snipping of the scissors. Soon, Ashley was watching the beautiful lawyer caress shaving gel above and around her pussy lips.  Lucy expertly shaved the remaining stubble away in long, slow strokes and wiped Ashley down with a towel and aloe.   Ashley looked like she had been transported back to pre-adolescence from the waste down.  It was lovely.


Lucy looked Ashley in the eyes and put her finger over her lips to gently SHHHH Ashley as the ball gag was removed.  Lucy stood behind Ashley, waiting for Eric to speak.


“Now that you are clean Ashley, you may touch yourself again- you know you were still too dirty a whore for Miss Lucy to finish you off before.  When you are close to cumming you can ask Lucy to help out again.  Now that you’re a clean shaven teenie slut Miss Lucy might have more interest in you.  You can close your eyes again while you play with yourself.  We want to see what you do at home with the lights out,” he said with a malicious grin.


Lucy uncuffed Ashley’s hands and took them in hers.  Still standing behind Ashley, Lucy guided the schoolgirl’s hands all over her own body.  Every so often, Lucy would bend over and suck on nipple or nape of Ashley’s neck.  After several minutes, Lucy stepped away and Ashley began to lose herself on her own hand.  Occasionally, a finger would slip into her tight shaven pussy, but mostly Ashley rubbed her outer lips in large circles, hitting her clit with each rotation and gradually picking up speed and veracity.  After about 15 minutes of rubbing, Ashley’s pussy was sopping wet and getting a bit noisy.  Ashley had her head thrown back and was panting.


“Mistress Lucy (gasp, gasp) will you (ahhhhh) please help me orgasm?”


Lucy silently walked over to Ashley and knelt between her legs.


“Ashley look at the screen” Eric commanded.  He wanted Ashley to get a good, humiliating look at herself as she came for the first time at the hands of another woman.  Ashley watched the screen, barely believing it was her on it.


“Ughhhhhh” Ashley screamed as Lucy rubbed her hand around her high school victim’s pink folds.  Lucy pumped a finger in an out of Ashley as she began to expertly flick the teen’s throbbing clit.  As Ashley’s breath grew more rapid and shallow, her climax nearing, Lucy reached up with her glistening fingers and commanded “SUCK THESE BITCH.  TASTE YOUR WETNESS”. 


Ashley looked like a fish on the line as Lucy smeared her face with juices from her own vagina forcing Ashley to jerk her head wildly around in order to suck in the fingers as commanded,


It was just a few minutes more when Ashley finally started cumming on the expert tongue of Miss Lucy.  The sounds of her orgasm echoed through the house as she came violently from the oral pleasure Lucy provided.  Ashley unconsciously even grabbed and squeezed her own breast during the orgasm. 


Ashley’s orgasm subsided and Lucy sat up on Ashley’s lap.  She leaned in and began deep kissing Ashley, who was clearly disgusted at having to taste her own juices while being forced into another lesbian embrace. 


To be continued……

The Torment Continues

The Torment Continues


Ashley and Lucy sat kissing for a good 10 minutes.  They were still straddling each other, with Lucy sitting upright, in the middle of Ashley’s spread legs with her own legs wrapped around Ashley’s waist.  Their pussies were grinding into each other, re-stimulating young Ashley and exciting Lucy tremendously.


“I think it’s time Ashley gave you some relief, don’t you think Lucy?” Eric asked her from behind the camera.  Lucy pulled back from Ashley’s mouth and looked at him.  “Don’t you want to play, Eric?’ He did, but he wanted to get Ashley with her face buried in the lap of a woman first.  He was thinking of the video.


Why don’t you teach her how to play nice with a woman first” Mangini said winking.  With that, Lucy got up from the floor and positioned herself on the couch with her legs spread wide. She looked at Ashley with the eyes of a predator and said, her voice raspy with raw sexual desire “It’s time for poor little miss rich girl to taste pussy.   You better kiss my body and lick me like you wish your little high school boyfriend would lick you.”


The mention of her boyfriend, Peter, reminded her all of a sudden about her life.  School.   All that could never be regained. Ashley didn’t want to be with another woman.  She was ashamed at letting another woman get her off and order her around.  Ashley sat put in front of the couch, unable or unwilling to move.    She looked at Lucy, and begged “P-p-p-pplease don’t make me do this.  I’m not into girls.  I…” but before she had finished, Lucy had reached down and grabbed a nipple. 


“AhhhhhEEEEEE:” wailed Ashley as Lucy dragged her up to the couch by the nipple in her grip.  Lucy grabbed Ashley by the cheeks and sneered at her “You’re nothing but a worthless little fuck-toy, Ashley.  And feel yourself” Lucy grabbed Ashley’s hand and placed it on the teens honeyed hole.  “You’ve already come today.  You loved opening yourself up and getting yourself off for me and Master Eric, didn’t you?   Now, it’s time to stop the protestation and” grabbing Ashley’s hand from her crotch and putting it on her own, “time to give your new Mistress pleasure.   Now, are you ready to obey?”


Ashley nodded her head and gave a “UMMM-Huh” and Lucy let go of her cheeks.  Ashley’s soft hand began delicately maneuvering around Lucy’s outer folds.  Lucy guided Ashley’s head onto her breasts, “Lick them and suck them my little teenie fuck-toy.  Ummmmm yes.  Kiss me down to my cunt and do to me what I did for you my little Ashley slut”.


Ashley complied and slowly worked her lips and tongue down Lucy’s body.  She seemed to wretch a bit as she tongued around Lucy’s manicured snatch but was soon darting her tongue in and around Lucy’s quivering vagina.


“Yes girl, lick my clit.  Flick it lightly, bitch.  Ummm yes.”  Lucy was beginning to loose herself in a serious orgasm.  Between gasps of breath, she commanded Ashley to play with herself “like Daddy’s little whore” while she “eats out your first snatch”.


Ashley did as told and was soon rapidly turned on by her own touch and the taste and excitement of Lucy.   It was apparent from the way her juices were now dripping down her leg as her own hands rubbed her pussy vigorously.  In an instant, Lucy’s legs snapped tight around Ashley’s licking face.   Her hands grabbed Ashley’s hair and jammed her face into her cunt hard.  “Make me come you little lezzie pussy licker.  Yes YEEEEEESSSSSSSS.”  Ashley had stopped playing with herself as Lucy viciously jerked Ashley’s head up and down into her snatch, practically suffocating Ashley as a powerful orgasm shuddered through her.  After a couple of minutes, Lucy released her death grip on Ashley, who choked and sputtered for air.  Her face was glistening with Lucy’s juices.


Eric got a great close up of the fem juice covered Ashley before throwing her a towel to wipe her face off.


Eric stepped from behind the camera and stripped his clothes off.   His cock was aching and needed relief immediately.  Ashley looked up at him from the ground.  “Fuck doll.  Let’s see how your tongue skills are.   Crawl over to me!”  Ashley got on her fours and crawled over to her Master.  Lucy had grabbed the camera and was stark naked filming Ashley crawl to Mangini.  “Treat his cock like the tastiest lollipop ever made you filthy slut” Lucy said to Ashley.  “On your knees.  Make sure you always cup a man’s balls and play with them when you are giving a blowjob, mouth slut.” 


Ashley complied.  She played with Eric’s balls while bobbing her head up and down the top of his shaft.  Lucy kept yelling commands at Ashley the whole time.   She made Ashley put one hand on Eric’s ass and ordered her to gently rub his asshole and taint as she sucked around the tip of his cock.


“Flick your tongue around his piss hole you dirty bitch” Lucy ordered.  After a few minutes more of teen tongue teasing Eric wanted to get some serious face fucking.  He grabbed Ashley’s head and started pressing her down on his shaft until she was gagging.  He held her head for 5 or so seconds and then let her back off, gasping for air and choking gobs of saliva all over her chin and his cock.

Lucy laughed. “Look at you, you messy little slave girl.  That’s a good look for you.  Soon, you’ll earn how to take Master Eric all the way down your throat without gagging and you’ll learn to love sucking cock.” She guided Ashley’s mouth back onto Eric’s cock, playing with the teens nips as again the deep throat process was repeated, Lucy talking the whole time to Ashley, instructing, exhorting and humiliating Ashley into becoming “our perfect little cock licker”.  Principal Mangini was in heaven.  When he felt the beginnings of a mighty orgasm stir, he pulled his cock out of Ashley’s sucking mouth with a loud slurp.


Ashley looked up at him and immediately he yelled “on your knees like a dog Bitch!”  She quickly complied as he knelt down to put his cock in front of her face.  Eric fucked her mouth, cock outline clearly visible under her cheek while grabbing her left nipple and pinching it, rubbing her still wet cunt with his other hand.  With Ashley occupied on all fours, Lucy strapped a 6 inch rubber cock on, lubed it up and got behind her.


Ashley, suddenly sensing Lucy behind her, pulled off Eric’s cock and started to panic and squirm.  Eric grabbed a fistful of hair and re-positioned her mouth up and down over his cock.  Lucy eased her strap-on into Ashley’s overheated cunt. “Fuck my rubber cock you worthless slave.  Fuck me you spoiled little princess” she yelled as she slapped Ashley’s ass loudly and repeatedly.  Ashley complied and began bucking like a bronco on the fake cock of her first lesbian lover.  As Lucy pounded into her pussy, Ashley was making uncontrollably loud, sloppy noises while sucking on the cock in her mouth, which was bulging in and out of her cheek obscenely


After 4 or 5 minutes Eric screamed “Chinese Fire Drill!” Lucy grinned, pulled out and ran to Ashley’s head as Eric took her place behind the teen’s luscious backside.  He pushed his saliva-coated cock into Ashley and began stroking into his new teen slave for the first time.  Ashley had the rubber strap-on halfway down her throat while Lucy screamed at her “Lick your own pussy juice off my cock you whore.  You’re such a slut.  I bet your daddy would be proud of you” she snickered and laughed as the owned teen slurped and sucked on the fake shaft while getting fucked in long hard strokes by Eric. 


After a few minutes of fucking and sucking, Lucy looked at her friend, lustily “Eric I need this bitch to fuck ME  now!”  She backed off Ashley’s face to get her strap-on off.   Eric slowly plunged all the way into the teen’s cunt and leaned over her.  He licked and nibbled her earlobes while he lightly rubbed over her nipples with one hand as he reached around to play with her clit with the other.  “You love my cock deep in you as I play with your clit, don’t you Ash”.  It was clear that he was getting to Ashley.  Within 2 minutes she was shuddering as he made little thrusts into her pussy with his cock as he fingered her to another shameful orgasm.


Still buried in her, Eric let Ashley catch her breath for a moment, head down on the floor as her orgasm subsided.  When her breath slowed he pulled out and told her to close her eyes and lie on her back.


Ashley did as told as Lucy knelt behind her and fastened a strap-on dildo on the young abused girl’s face.  Not that Ashley knew what was going on at the moment.  Lucy knelt over Ashley’s face facing Eric who was positioned in front of his student’s sore pussy with his slimy cock in his hand, ready to enter again.  “Open your eyes!” Lucy commanded.


As soon as Ashley did, Lucy slowly sunk down on the dildo strapped to the teen’s head as Eric, at the same time, pulled Ashley’s legs up onto his shoulders as he rocked his cock in and out of her.  For 20 minutes Lucy and Eric fucked Ashley this way.  Ashley was forced to keep her eyes open the entire time, suffering in endless humiliation as she was used and degraded.  Pussy juice and sweat dripping down from Lucy constantly tortured her as the liquids dripped slowly down her face, causing her to itch where she couldn’t scratch.  Ashley’s nose was forced into Lucy’s ass crack repeatedly as she was continually treated to the site of Lucy’s pussy sliding up and down from the cock strapped to her face.  Lucy grabbed Ash’s hands and brought them up to caress her full breasts as her pace became like a jackhammer on the fake cock. 


“AHHHHHhhEEEEEEEE” Lucy screamed as she finally came all over Ashley’s face.  For good measure, she slid off the cock and smeared her juices all over the humiliated and exhausted teen’s face.  As soon as Lucy un-strapped Ashley, Eric pulled out and sat down on his knees on top of Ashley’s shoulders.  He grabbed his slick cock and jerked off all over Ashley’s face, sticking his cock in her mouth to be cleaned when most of his spunk had been shot.


Eric pulled out of her mouth and ordered Ashley to wipe up the excess cum all over her face with her fingers and eat his seed.  Ashley complied and almost instantly started gagging on the foul tasting sperm she was forced to consume.


“You are some hot little fuck, buttercup.”  Eric said to Ashley.  “I can’t wait to watch that on video later.  Maybe we’ll invite your little boyfriend over for a viewing someday soon.  I’m sure he’d like to see all of the dirty things you’ll do with women and older men but not him.  I bet you don’t lick his sperm off your fingers like you do mine.  I’m sure he’ll be jealous.”


Ashley began to cry as soon as her principal said that.  “P-P-Please don’t let anyone know about this.  I promised I’d be good and o-o-obey you. “


“We’ll see Little Ashley slut, we’ll see.” Smiled Mr. Mangini at his fucked out little high school princess.  “As much as it turns me on to hear you begging we don’t have time for any more fun tonight.  I know you’ll find it hard to believe, but Lucy and I need to drive you back to your car.  We’ve managed to spend 3 hours getting to know one another and I don’t want my darling fuck pet to get into any trouble with daddy.  You may clean yourself up and put on your blouse and skirt.  You can leave the bra and  panties behind.  You have ten minutes to stop crying and get your shit together.  The bathroom is down the hall to the right”


Ashley emerged from the bathroom to find Eric and Lucy completely dressed in their business clothes while she was painfully aware of her slutty attire and lack of underwear.  Eric looked her up and down and patted on the couch at the empty space between Lucy and himself.  Ashley warily walked over to the couch and sat between her tormentors.


“Ashley, we had a great time but we have to go.   They’ll plenty of time this weekend to have fun though!  Tomorrow, after school You and I will come back here for the weekend.”  Before Ashley could speak Eric continued.  “You are to tell your dad that you’re staying over a friends or whatever you have to do to get away for the weekend.  Ashley’s head furrowed with concern while Lucy cooed in her ear “Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll be joining you too this weekend.  I know you’ll be dreaming about licking my pussy all night long and now that you are a partial lesbian I wouldn’t want to disappoint you by not giving you any snatch to nibble.” 


Lucy gently grabbed Ash’s face and turned it to her.  “Let me kiss you farewell” Lucy said before forcing young Ashley to kiss her passionately, tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths.  After a few minutes, Lucy pulled away and put an almost motherly kiss on Ashley’s forehead.  “Goodnight sweet slit sucker.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Maybe, soon, we’ll meet some of your friends.  Let me walk you both to the car.”  With that Lucy held Ahley’s hand and stood up, guiding the bewildered teen to Mangini’s car.


Ashley got in the passenger side while Mangini and Lucy had a goodbye embrace.


Soon Eric was at the wheel, driving his new fuck doll back home.


To be continued……


Ashley’s First Weekend as a Slave- Practice makes Perfect

Ashley’s First Weekend as a Slave- Practice makes Perfect


The car ride home went by fast and in silence.  Of course, Eric forced his new pet to make out with him for several minutes before finally letting her get in her car to wash the shame of the evening away.  After kissing for a little while Eric pulled back and gently, lovingly really, stroked Ashley’s cheek while giving her instructions.


“Ashley, you’ve got so much to learn about yourself and this weekend is going to be very revealing, so listen carefully to your evening instructions.  Before you go to sleep tonight I want you to pack a small bag for the weekend.  Bring some clothes, a toothbrush, and some make up.  We’ll take care of everything else this weekend. 


Eric watched Ashley’s taillights pull away from the parking lot and gave Anfernee a call.  “Yo Anfernee, we’re a go.  I’ll see you on Saturday night.” was all he said into the voice mail- Anfernee knew the plan.


Ashley didn’t know what to think.  She knew she hated the way she was abused and humiliated but yet she couldn’t understand why and how she could have cum at the hands of those 2 monsters.  All night long her mind replayed the scenes of her torments. 


Friday morning Ashley woke up resigned to her fate.  She crawled out of bed at 6am when the alarm went off and dragged herself into the shower.  As she soaped herself, she rubbed her hands along her breast and down to her crotch, her bare pussy was just another reminder of her loss of freedom and dignity as she showered, shaved and got together a small bag of clothes (“not that I’ll need them”, she thought).  Ashley didn’t want to face any of her friends today but knew she had no choice.  She put on her least sexy school uniform (khaki pants, white polo shirt, Nike running shoes) and walked downstairs to face the day.


Ashley drove to school expecting to hear from her new master but no call came.  It only served to make her more anxious. As the day wore on, Ashley began to relax.  She was able to forget about the night before and upcoming weekend for most of the day and soon fell back into her position of high social standing amongst the students of St. Julius.


School dragged on all day for Mangini but he wanted to resist the temptation, at least today, of getting a lunch time sucking.  He wanted Ashley to be more relaxed today.  He knew it would be a trying weekend for her and the mere thought of it made him smile.


Finally, the day ended and master and slave rendezvoused for the weekend at the same spot as the day before.


Ashley climbed into Mangini’s car and immediately leaned over to kiss him.  After a brief greeting, Mangini pulled back and pulled away.  They drove in silence for a couple of minutes until Mangini glanced at her. “My my, Ashley, you look so conservative today.  I would have thought you might want to have been a bit more flirty today now that you have discovered your true sexuality.” Ashley grimaced at the words and suddenly she could no longer hold back the humiliating memories of the night before.  She had done an admirable job all day of pretending her situation was a dream but Mangini’s comments cracked like a whip across her mind to drive her back to reality. 


“Well you still look sexy Ashley, you just can’t help it.  Anyway, we’ll find you some new clothes for the weekend, dear.  For the rest of the drive though, it’s extremely important that you watch this DVD.  You must master the art of a blowjob by the end of this evening.  This DVD will be the perfect visual instruction for you.  I think you may have seen it before, actually.” Ashley gasped as the screen came on.  She immediately recognized the young black girl that appeared on screen as the young girl in the movie at Anfernee’s house.  “Watch closely Ashley.  Your boy Anfernee has Sharleen well trained.  You will be too.”


Ashley sat watching the DVD.  On it, Sharleen was being led by Anfernee on a chain link dog leash that was attached to a 2 inch thick pink leather collar.  She was dressed in a school uniform similar to the one Ashley was wearing except the sneakers were a no name knock off and the polo shirt was maroon. She was pretty for a black girl Ashley thought.  She seemed about 5’ 4” with smallish breasts.  She wasn’t one of those curvy big ass black girls she couldn’t understand why all the men liked.


Ashley watched the screen as Sharleen was ordered to “Get naked, bitch” by Anfernee (as he unleashed her collar).  Sharleen quickly stripped off her maroon top to reveal a 34A chest (no bra!) and quickly slid out of her khakis to reveal she hadn’t been wearing any underwear.  Ashley noticed a clock behind the couch, on a nightstand next to the bed Anfernee was sitting on as Sharleen was positioning herself to start the blowjob.  It said 2:30.  She noticed the on-screen room was awash with sunlight.  She realized, in fear, that this high school (sophmore?) must have come straight from school wearing no underwear at all.


“I think you remember this part from another time, princess.  Pay close attention to Sharleen’s technique.  I expect you to be her equal by the end of the weekend.” Mangini intoned as he reached his right arm over to Ashley’s waist.  He quickly unbuttoned and unzipped the khakis and ran his hand under Ashley’s panties and over her freshly bald pussy, checking for stubble.  “I’m glad to see you remembered to shave, pet.  You should touch yourself while you watch and learn from Sharleen.”


“Yes, Master” Ashley said as she reluctantly pulled her panties to the side and slowly rubbed her moistening pussy.  It seemed like 5 minutes went by when Mangini pulled into the same grubby gas station from the day before though they had been driving for over 1/2 an hour. 


Ashley was startled to find the car had stopped and immediately pulled her sopping wet hand away from her crotch.  Mangini glared at her “I didn’t tell you to stop fingering yourself, Ashley!”  Ashley had let her panties cover her crotch again and was drawn back against the window, pulling as far away from Mangini as she could.  She was frightened by the hard tone in his voice and as to what would come next.  “I’m sorry M-M-Master I didn’t want anyone to see me when the car stopped” Ashley whined as the waterworks began.


Eric looked coldly at her until the tears became slow heaving sobs and the only sound in the car was the DVD looping of Sharleen’s expert blowjob.  “You will be punished for not obeying me.  I checked your locker today, Ashley.  Where was the picture of your spanked ass I told you to put up?”  Ashley went white.  She didn’t believe he would ever check it and hadn’t dared put it up.  It was starting to finally sink in how bad her situation was; she had realized sex would be on the menu until she could escape to college. What was only now beginning to dawn on her was that humiliation was to play at least as big a role in her new life as Mangini’s toy.


Before Ashley could say anything Mangini leaned over her to open the glove and pulled out his video camera.  “Now Ashley, where were we?  You had your pants around your knees and your fingers buried in your cunt while watching Sharleen, right?  Let’s see that again.  Spread that pussy wide for the camera.”


Ashley saw that she had no choice.  She glanced quickly around the thankfully empty parking lot of the gas station and settled back into her seat.  She immediately did as Mangini ordered; she was relieved to be so wet from before as she was just going through the motions now; more afraid of what would come next than involved in her pleasure. 


Mangini pulled back on the camera and focused it in on Ashley’s slit.  “Ok Ashley.  We need to get some gas now.  Clean yourself off and let’s get going.”  Ashley stared at Mangini not understanding.  “Lick your fingers off, princess” leered Mangini.  “That’s disgusting” Ashley thought as she guided her fingers into her mouth. It was weird and creepy to be tasting herself but before she could think about it Mangini ordered her out of the car.


Eric put Ashley to work cleaning the car windows while he pumped the gas.  When all was done, he grabbed Ashley by the hand, grabbed his camera and began walking Ashley to the gasmart door.  “Let’s see how my little student takes instruction “ Mangini chuckled as the frightened teen first caught sight of the disgusting fat Mexican that worked there.


The Mexican was salivating when Mangini and Ashley walked through the door.  Ashley could see his souvenir from their last visit tacked behind the counter.  She prayed no one she knew would ever, on some off chance, stop into this hellhole.


“Hey esse” Mangini said to the counterman.  “I have an idea for you today.    My student here has been learning a new lesson in the car (“Oh no” screamed a voice in Ashley’s head) and I want to gauge her progress.  Why don’t you put a be back soon sign up and let her teach you what she’s been learning.”


“Holy shit man are you kidding me!”  The Mexican’s belly jiggled obscenely under his chili stained blue t-shirt as he bounded from behind the counter to take Eric up on his offer. 


Ashley was as white as a ghost as Mangini began filming the whole episode. He mouthed the words “behave and obey” to the trembling Ashley.  As soon as they reached the back room the Mexican grabbed Ashley and began jamming his tongue into her mouth.  It was revolting; a taste of cheap beer and cheaper cigarettes.  But Ashley knew she had no alternative.  After a minute the Mexican pulled away. 


Mangini peered at him from behind the camera “No fucking or touching her pussy, esse, ok.  She’ll lick you anywhere you want but she’s not ready for sex yet.  Why don’t you take off your clothes and show your new friend what she’s gonna take her first blow job test on.”


“I’ll take off my clothes, eh?  The Mexican said to the disgusted schoolgirl as he pulled Ashley close.  He pulled off his shirt to reveal his fat hairy front.  Ashley could see some gross hairs on his shoulders.  She smelled his muskiness and recoiled.  The Mexican zipped off his pants and slid his pair of urine-scented tightie whiteys down, his 5 inch brown cock standing straight up his belly. 


“Why don’t you pull your shirt up and take your bra off so that your new friend can play with those small titties of yours while you show him your new skills.” Mangini winked at Ashley. 


Ashley was numb with humiliation and disgust.  She complied immediately with Mangini, as if in a daze.  All the while she was staring at the naked Mexican she was about to be forced to suck off.  Ashley pulled her polo shirt over her head and unclipped the bra.  The Mexican was roughly pawing her breasts and pinching her nipples before the garments hit the ground.


“You know what Ash, I think this scene here would be even better for your new boyfriend if you pulled your pants down. Don’t you think he’d enjoy this much more if he got to look at your tight little ass in those panties instead of those frumpy khakis?” Mangini knew she was broken.  He watched as she listlessly followed his instructions.  He looked forward to the day she would no longer need the instructions, knowing exactly what would be expected of her.  Today, however, he was thoroughly enjoying her utter degradation.


The Mexican took the almost nude Ashley into his arms once more and grabbed the back of her head.  “Lick my nipples bitch while you play with me.  I wanna feel your tongue all over before I blow my load.”


Ashley was trembling violently as she stood there, kissing and licking the sweaty, fat Mexican from nipple to nipple.   She felt his hands push down on her head, forcing her to trace circles of saliva from his chest to his thighs.  Ashley began to lose herself to her own thoughts; she was envisioning Sharleen’s blowjob and began to replicate the way she had seen Sharleen caress Anfernee’s balls with one hand while swirling her tongue around the head of the penis.  As soon as the Mexican began moaning, Ashley engulfed the top of his cock with her mouth.  When it was halfway in, she stuck her tongue out and moved it back and forth. 


The Mexican was clearly in heaven as Ashley began to bob slowly up and down on his shaft.  She found she was able to block out all reality if she just focused on the task at hand.  Ashley, always the quick study, pulled back as she had seen Sharleen do and licked the Mexican’s cock in long lollipop strokes before forming a little suction with her pursed lips while running them up and down the underside of the Mexican’s cock.   It was not long until Ashley got the first acrid taste of this disgusting man’s pre-cum. 


All of a sudden the Mexican man grabbed Ashley by the head and yanked her head away from his crotch. “Before I cum I want you to lick my balls and asshole.  I may never get to have such a fine white mouth again!”  Mangini loved Ashley’s absolute degradation and horror as he watched her nose crinkle up in disgust as it headed toward the fat Mexican’s asshole.  The Mexican had himself bent over a table, holding himself up with his arms.  “Suck my ass and balls while you jerk me off you little white whore” he yelled in his accented English. 


Ashley’s eyes were closed tight but the camera zoomed in as her face disappeared between the Mexican’s fat ass cheeks.  As if from far away she heard Mangini tell her to “spread his cheek so the camera could see her tongue swirl around the pimply ass in front of her”.  She complied as if it wasn’t her tasting the sweaty ass of a low life foreigner, far beneath far beneath her  With one hand she reached around and was pumping the Mexican’s cock as fast as she could while giving her first ever rim job.  It was her first ever rusty trombone; Mangini couldn’t wait to play back the tape and introduce Ashley to the term.  He was certain she would love it.


Within 4 minutes the Mexican could hold out no longer.  He abruptly got up, turned around and forced Ashley’s head onto his cock.  “Jerk it bitch” he yelled as Ashley remembered Sharleen in action; she pumped his cock with her left hand as her mouth sucked loudly on the head of his cock.  All of a sudden the Mexican grabbed her by the back of the head and held her tight.  His belly rippled with fat waves above her head as he violently began to shoot gob after steaming gob of Mexican cock sugar into Ashley’s mouth.


Ashley kept swallowing and swallowing as fast as she could, not because she wanted to but because is she didn’t she would literally drown on the Mexican’s semen.  She needed air and her eyes were bugging out wildly.  She began to sputter on the Mexican’s softening cock as she was finally allowed to pull off of him.  She sat there on her knees, gasping for breath while the Mexican hastily got dressed.


“Thank you so much for that.  I have no idea how I can repay you.” The Mexican said to Mangini.   “Well, free gas is a start, esse” Mangini said, winking as he glanced towards Ashley.  “Not bad for a new whore, eh?  Maybe someday she’ll come back and let you see how her lessons are coming along.  But for now, we have to go.  You can keep her bra as a memory until next time, what is your name again?”


“Jose.  And I would love it if there were a next time. That is one hot bitch.  I bet she’s a great fuck!”


Mangini just smiled and looked at Ashley on the floor.  “Ashley this man just gave you a compliment.  Do you have any manners at all?”


Ashley slowly lifted her head up, hair falling away from the sides of her face and demurely, quietly looked at Jose.  “Thank you.  It was fun being with you.”


Mangini smiled to himself.  This rich bitch was almost broken.  By the end of the weekend she’d be ready for his plans.  Ashley was going to be his ticket into the life he had always dreamed of.


“Let’s get dressed little slut.  We have much to do this evening and we need to you’re your friend, Miss Lucy”.  Fear darted onto Ashley’s face as soon as Mistress Lucy was mentioned and she was quick to pull up her pants and throw her shirt on (she couldn’t believe she had to leave the bra with this troglodyte as a memento.


As soon as they were seated in the car, Mangini leaned over and began kissing Ashley’s neck and sucking her earlobes.  Ashley let out an involuntary sigh/moan while Eric slid his hand under her shirt to caress her pert breasts.  With his other hand, Eric was slowly moving from the left knee up the inner thigh until his hand was rubbing her crotch over the school issued khakis.


Mangini whispered, “Close your eyes” into the horny teens ear.  She complied and sat motionless as Mangini opened the glove compartment and pulled out a sleeping mask.  He continued his arousal of the young girl by flicking her nipples and giving small hickies as he slipped the blindfold on her.


Mangini pulled away from his pet and started the car.  “You have from now until we get to your new home away from home again.  Pull your pants and panties off and you can have as many orgasms as you can between now and then.  The blindfold should help you lose yourself in your thoughts.”


Ashley did as she was told and it wasn’t long until the car began to be filled with the sloppy smells and sounds of a wet vagina.   Mangini had a hard time keeping his eye on the road while watching Ashley drive herself to one of her first orgasms by her own hand.  It came on after 20 minutes and Mangini was able to see, for the first time, how young Ashley liked to get off.  He saw the pink flesh move back and forth as Ashley frantically ran her hand back and forth over her clit. 


Ashley’s orgasm subsided and she continued to slowly rub herself for the remaining 10 minutes of the car ride, lost in her own post orgasmic shame, bliss, and confusion.  At least the constant dread of her next humiliation was far from her mind for the short time of release.


Mangini drove the long way to his house as the 5 o’clock shadows began to cast themselves across the road.  Though he was anxious for release after the show he had just witnessed, he wanted to give Ashley the chance to get close to a second orgasm before he got to the house.   After an extra fifteen minutes of driving, Eric noticed Ashley unconsciously rub her free right hand under her shirt over her nipple while the speed of her left hand in her wet snatch began to increase, along with the quickening breaths escaping from young Ashley’s mouth.  Just as Ashley was about to cum, she felt the car abruptly stop.  Startled and blinded, she nervously let the hand on her breast drop and stopped the rubbing of her clit.


“We’re here,” Eric said as he turned off the engine.


To be continued…….


Study Session

Study Session


“Pull your pants up, we’re here.” Eric said as he leaned over and took off Ashley’s blindfold.  She immediately recognized the house where she had been introduced to her horrible predicament.  She had no idea where it was and, in the fading light, could see, for the first time, just how secluded the place was.  It was clearly at the end of a private dirt road, nestled at the foot of a canyon, surrounded by a dense thicket of chaparral forest. As Ashley tried to soak up her surroundings Eric had gotten out of the car and walked around to the passenger side.


Eric opened the door and reached his hand out to Ashley to escort her out of the car.  Ashley got out and Eric shut the door and leaned into her.  The two looked like any young High School couple making out next to their car in the parking lot of after a movie.  As they made out, Eric began to greedily rub his hands all over Ashley’s fine ass. Ashley was still extremely aroused from her thwarted orgasm and unconsciously began grinding her khakied crotch into Mangini’s leg.


Their embrace was interrupted by Lucy’s voice from the open front door,  Awwwwwwwww young love is so cute.” Lucy cooed patronizingly from the door.  Ashley immediately became rigid and frozen at the sound of Lucy’s voice.  She wasn’t into pussy and was especially scared of what Lucy would have her do.  And she knew she had no choice.  “Class needs to get started young lady.  You have much to learn tonight!” She said and spun around. 


Ashley was pale.   She had gotten a good look at Lucy under the porch light.  She was dressed like a sexy schoolteacher.  Her hair was up in a bun and she wore a conservative blue button down shirt (but unbuttoned to mid-chest to reveal the pink frilly lace on the edges of her gray bra) with a mid-length pinstriped pencil skirt and knee high black leather boots.  A pair of black frame glasses and a long ruler in her left hand completed the cliché sexy schoolteacher look.


Ashley sullenly watched as Lucy whirled around into the house, slapping the ruler against her palm the whole way.  Mangini looked down at his weekend toy and lifted her face up by the chin to meet his eyes.


“Tonight is the first of many educational nights we will be spending together.  It is very important over the next few months of time together that you study hard and put much care and effort into learning the lessons that Miss Lucy and I are going to be teaching you.  You will be graded before college begins and we would hate to see you not pass your final exams and have to get held back (he gave her ass a nice squeeze as he said this last sentence).”


Ashley couldn’t believe what she just heard.  She was just threatened.  “W-w-w-what do you mean by that?” she managed to stammer out “You promised you would stop this blackmail and get rid of all those tapes after High School was over!” She whined as the tears welled up.


“And release you we will.  Provided of course you pass our tests over the next few months of school and summer.  Maybe you’ll even be inspired to become a great student and you’ll dedicate yourself so fully to your new curriculum that you can graduate early.  I guess the choice is yours. “


Ashley stood there sobbing as the realization that she had to submit to whatever these sickos wanted if she were ever to be able to get out of their grip really sunk in.  Mangini stepped back and then sharply smacked Ashley across the face.  Ashley was shocked and immediately stopped crying and started at Mangini.


“You will be given instructions and lessons on how to behave with us from now on.  Your first lesson is this.  Unless we give you permission to show your true feelings, from now on you are to smile and pretend you are enjoying whatever task we give you.  We expect to see a smile on your face and eagerness in your actions.  If you do not follow these instructions you will be punished. 


Your punishments will vary but rest assured they will be humiliating, painful or a combination of both.  And if you ever truly displease us by talking about our arrangement with anyone we don’t tell you to, trying to escape, or fight, or similar transgression, please remember how easy it will be to utterly destroy your life by releasing our fun little movies.  Now all that being said, you’ve been such a good student thus far and you seem so bright, I’m sure everything will work out for you in the end.  You may even find that amidst your shame there is much sexual pleasure for you as well.  Now follow me- school is in session!”


With that Eric turned around and began walking to the open door.  He glanced over his shoulder to see the beautiful Ashley still leaning against the car, lower lip trembling as she stared off into space.  “Let’s go Ashley, we wouldn’t want to have to give you punishment demerits on the first evening of school would we?” he laughed as he walked through the door.  Defeated, Ashley followed Mangini into the house.


Ashley walked through the door and Mangini was quickly at her side. 


“Now Ashley, Miss Lucy will be your instructor this evening as I’m sure you have figured out.  She is in the classroom down the hall (Eric pointed off the large living room to the hallway where she had used the bathroom last time she was here, but to the door at the end of the hall).  It’s 7pm now.  You will be quizzed around 10 so you best use your class time wisely.”  Eric gave a couple light smacks on Ashley’s ass to prod her along.  Dejectedly, Ashley shuffled down the hallway.  She was afraid of the “lessons” she would be getting taught in her “other school life”.


Mangini watched with relish as Ashley started to walk down the hallway. As soon as the Ashley had disappeared into her new classroom, he immediately made a beeline for his own bedroom.  Mangini had a good friend of his come over earlier in the week to set cameras with remotes in several of the rooms in his house, hidden in various spots in each room in order to cover multiple angles.  Mangni sat on his bed, flicked on his HDTV flatscreen and began to man the controls of his cameras to secretly tape Ashley’s new education.


Ashley was a bit surprised at the scene she found in the “classroom”.  She quickly scanned the room and counted 10 desks set up as if for a small class.  There was a gigantic blackboard directly opposite of the door that she had just entered from, in front of which Miss Lucy sat behind a big teacher’s desk.  It could have been any of the smaller classrooms for the smart and “gifted” in her school she thought.


“I’m glad you could make it to extra help today Ashley.  I know you have been struggling with your studies.  Perhaps we’ll be able to teach you what you haven’t been learning before the rest of the class arrives later”.  Miss Lucy smiled.  “Why don’t you have a seat in front of my desk and we’ll get started”.


Ashley was in a heightened state of alert but knew she had to play along.  She sat down in the first desk in the same conservative school outfit she had started the day in.  Well, accept for her bra, which now hung in a gas station somewhere.  Tears started forming in Ashley’s eyes but she was determined not to cry in front of Lucy. And anyway, what did she mean “rest of the class”?


Miss Lucy got up from behind her desk and began writing on the chalkboard. 


She stepped to the side and let Ashley (and of course, Eric’s hidden cameras) take a look at what was written:  “FELLATIO”


“Ok Ashley.  I’d like you to come to the front of the classroom.  You have 1 minute to come up with at least 6 more common terms for fellatio or you will be penalized later.”


Ashley got up from her chair and went to the blackboard.  “How stupid this is” she thought to herself but began furiously scribbling on the blackboard:





Oral sex



And then she was stuck.  She stared at the blackboard while Miss Ashley looked up at the school clock on the wall.  “You have 15 seconds to come up with one more Ashley.”  Ashley was visibly beginning to sweat a bit as she desperately tried to think of another term.  As Lucy began to count down the last 10 seconds, Ashley thought back to earlier in her day with the Mexican-


Rusty Trombone


Ashley stood back from the chalkboard and looked at Miss Lucy in expectation.  It was priceless for Mangini watching remotely to see how Ashley had slipped into “school mode”, falling into a role she was so familiar with.


Miss Lucy laughed.  “My My, little Ashley, where would you have learned a term like Rusty Trombone?  What is that?”


“I- uh, only heard of it today for the first time, Miss Lucy.  It’s when you are licking a man’s butt and also reaching around to jerk him off,” Ashley said quietly as she looked downwards, unable to look Miss Lucy as she reviewed the day’s events in her mind.


Miss Lucy condescendingly responded to her student “Well, that’s not really fellatio is it, Ashley?  You’re mouth is sucking an asshole not a penis, right?  But so close, Ashley so close.  Because we’re just starting with your lessons though, I won’t punish you for only really getting 5 words for fellatio.  You may sit back down.”


Ashley shuffled back to her seat and sat down.  Miss Lucy sat behind her desk again and opened a drawer.  She pulled out several different sized, black latex penises, with odd straps that made no immediate sense to Ashley and arranged them on her desk for Ashley to see.  “As you have probably figured out, today you must learn to properly suck a cock.  I know you have had some experience but I understand you are not yet adept at the finer techniques.   I have 3 practice cocks for you.  The first one is an average 5 inch cock.  You will spend the first hour of today’s lesson practicing on that.  When your techniques have improved and you are able to take the whole thing down to the base, you will earn a gold star and begin your practice on the 8 incher.  When you are able to get that down to the base you will earn another gold star and you will practice on the 10 incher.”  Ashley’s eyes were wide with fear…how in God’s name would she be able to ever take 10 inches down her throat? 


“Now Ashley, I’ve watched some videos of you in action.  You need to learn to pleasure a man with only your mouth.  I know you are used to using your hand to jerk a man to climax.  From now on your hands are never to touch the shaft of a man’s cock when you are sucking him off, unless he asks you to.  You need to learn how to suck and use your hands for other things.  While you are sucking cock, you may need to use those hands to caress your man’s testicles, jerk off other cocks, finger assholes and pussies…well, you get the idea.  No hands.


Also, you must learn that the object of a good blowjob is to be able to tease and pleasure a man to keep him just before the point of orgasm.  Of course there are exceptions to that rule.  You may be required to finish a man off with your mouth and of course you will do so.  When this is what your partner wants, you will swallow every last drop of his cum, no matter how vile, thick or copious his load may be.  The only time you don’t swallow every drop is if you’ve been ordered not to.  Further, if any cum spills anywhere, you are to make sure you lick it all up. You are NEVER to disrespect a man by spitting and/or not cleaning his cock with your mouth after he comes (no matter WHERE he cums.)


Now, I am going to turn on the TV.  One of my earlier pupils was good enough to allow me to film her making you an instructional how to give a proper blowjob video.  I want you to kneel next to my desk and look up at the screen.  This will be good practice for you- from now on, unless you are told otherwise, when you are on your knees with a cock in your mouth, you are to always keep your eyes open and look up at your master.  Boys like to see your sexy, submissive eyes looking at them when you are bobbing and gagging on their meat.  Any questions?”  Ashley barely shook her head no, lips trembling.


“Let’s begin NOW!” Ashley slapped her ruler on the desk hard for emphasis.  She turned on a TV as Ashley scrambled to her feet and knelt next to Miss Lucy’s desk as ordered.  “I’ll unzip and unbutton your pants now.  You should always be accessible when you are with a man.” Ashley sat kneeling, arms hanging limply at her side as Miss Lucy bent over her to unbutton the khakis.  The older lawyer slowly unzipped and spread the top of her young pupil’s pants so her cotton panties were clearly exposed, Ashley shuddered as she felt Lucy’s finger trace a faint line over the elastic of her panties, slowly, slipping underneath to trace slowly down to the top of her slit, lingering before quickly pulling away as Lucy stood up.


Miss Lucy unzipped and stepped out of her skirt.  From his bedroom viewing spot, Mangini began to touch himself.  He certainly didn’t want to cum alone tonight, but Lucy looked unbelievably sexy in her knee high boots; bare legs, garters hooked onto her knee high stockings leading up to her expensive black laced thong.  Of course, she looked even sexier when she had finished strapping the 5 inch black cock on, slowly inching it up to Ashley’s upturned lips.



“Now little Ashley, you need to learn to suck cock.  I want you to put your mouth over the head and hold it there.  That’s the most sensitive spot for a man.  You need to learn to use your tongue.  For the next ten minutes you are to hold your mouth as is and practice running your tongue around the underside of the head,  When your tongue starts to get a little tired, you may vary your technique by rubbing your lips up and down my latex shaft, taking care to use your tongue as well as your mouth moves up and down my shaft.

Make sure you use lots of saliva to keep it nice and wet.  Don’t worry about any extra drool from your mouth; it may make you feel like a helpless fucktoy, but it will turn on your partner- and that is your utmost concern!”


Lucy instructed and guided Ashley’s head and mouth with her hands on Ash’s ears for control for 10 minutes.  Ashley dutifully did as she was told, staring upwards at Lucy and the TV screen as a young Asian girl, completely nude and wearing a gigantic red dog collar, performed the same acts as Ashley was now learning on a similar strap-on dildo. Ashley tried to emulate her every move in order to please Lucy who was much gentler on her ears when she liked Ashley’s technique.  When the Asian cupped the plastic balls of the dildo, so did Ashley.  She even caused Lucy to moan when she slipped her teenage fingers, as she saw the Asian do, around Lucy’s tight anus all the while licking and sucking the black dildo. 


After 20 minutes Lucy took a step back and playfully popped the dildo out of the startled teen’s mouth and slapped the girl’s saliva covered face a few times with the plastic.


“Not a bad start my little cocksucker but too much of the same technique makes a man numb and causes him to loose an erection.  You need to learn the next step.  Stand up and take your shirt and pants off.”  Ashley immediately did as told.  Miss Lucy grabbed her head and forced Ashley into a 5-minute make out during which she grabbed Ashley’s left hand and forced the teen to masturbate herself.  Ashley was embarrassed at how turned on she was getting.  She was nearing orgasm when Lucy abruptly pulled away.  “You haven’t finished your lesson yet, little penis sucker- Back on your knees!”


Miss Lucy adjusted the TV and started the DVD of the young Asian.  The girl was forming her wet lips in a wide “O” to suck in the strap-on in front of her.  Ashley knew to do the same and followed suite.  “Don’t ever bite or nip the penis skin you little bitch.  Lips only!  And make sure to really suck; I wanna see those cheeks hollowed in and I want to hear you making some serious slurpy sounds! “


Ashley spent the next half hour sucking the 5 inch cock.  Miss Lucy varied the speeds required of her often using her ears as a control.  By the end of a half hour, Miss Lucy had done a very respectable job of teaching Ashley the finest points of the blowjob.  In fact, Ashley actually felt pride when, after the 45 minute mark, she had managed to get the whole 5 inches into her mouth so that her lips rested on the base of the plastic dildo for a whole 5 seconds.


Miss Lucy patted Ashley on the head, and said “good cock licker”.    You have 15 minutes before your next class starts.  Why don’t I give you a chance for some extra credit?”


To Be continued……

The Mangini Chronicles Volume 1

Part 6

Study Session Part II- New Lessons

Ashley quivered at the thought, certain she was about to be licking pussy- something she figured was inevitable but had hoped to avoid.  She watched in agitation as Lucy proceeded to pull a Wal-Mart shopping bag and a digital camera out from underneath her teachers desk. “Why dont you change into the clothes in the bag before your next class while I take a few shots of you, dear. “

Ashley stood up and trembled, staring blankly into the rapidly clicking camera as she peeled off her school clothes until she stood naked in front of the lens.  “For extra credit I want you to sit on my desk with your legs wide open and play with yourself.  You need to learn how to get yourself off in front of others. “

Ashley turned pale as a ghost but managed to murmur a “Yes Miss” before gingerly getting herself in position on the desk.  Ashley had rarely touched herself in the past and was surprised to have found her cunt already wet when she gingerly placed two fingers over and around the hood of her clit in a circular motion.   Lucy snapped away while Mangini secretly watched from his room.  It was amazing to see the look of scared terror that Ashley started with melt as she relaxed under the ministrations of her own hand.   Mangini smiled wide as he saw Lucy click stills from all angles as Ashley lost herself in momentary bliss.  After 10 minutes Ashley was rapidly flicking her hand across her clit with a look of serious concentration on her face.

“You can come whenever you like, sweetie” Lucy purred.

3 minutes later, Lucy chuckled as the girl came all over herself and the desk.  After Ashleys breath died down Lucy crept behind her and gently cupped a breast.  “MMMMM” she moaned into Ashleys ear, tongue darting wildly over the outer ear and little lobe.  You earned your extra credit, pet.  You got to come.  But class will start in five minutes and you need to clean up and get ready.” 

Lucy continued to touch the quivering, post orgasmic teen erotically all over her body for a bit before pulling back and picking up the camera “You have 5 minutes to clean up for class and get dressed!” 

Ashley was embarrassed when she saw the puddle of her own juices on the desk and knelt down, grabbed her panties, and began to wipe it up.

“Stupid Bitch” Lucy bellowed at Ashley, who stood still.  “Use your mouth to clean up after yourself.  Lick that desk clean and get dressed or you will be punished!”  Ashley was repulsed by the command but was quick to comply, crying at her humiliation as the rapid time photography session of her misery continued until her juices were cleaned off the desk.

When Ashley had tearfully finished she looked up at Miss Lucy. “May I have permission to put on my new clothes, Miss Lucy”?  A quick nod had Ashley scrambling into the cheap, generic Wal-Mart clothes in the bag.   Ashley quickly put on the no-brand jean skirt that covered tightly over her ass but mercifully came down to mid thigh.  There was no underwear in the bag.  For a top, there was a pink collared polo shirt (but with a fake Polo logo, Ashley sneered in her mind).  Her still-hard nipples noticeably poked at the material without a bra underneath.  “At least Im dressed”, Ashley thought.  She reached into the bag to take out the remaining items: 2 Goody hair bands with little, red colored plastic balls on them, white ankle length socks with a pink fuzzy pom-pom on the back, plain white, off-brand Keds and some cheap blue eye shadow and too red lipstick. 

“You have 2 minutes to put your hair in pigtails and get your makeup on before the rest of your classmates arrive so be quick or we will add to your punishment.   Oh and Ahsley.  You are to raise your hand and answer every question first or there will be consequences.“

Ashley quickly did as she was told, fearful of what would come next.  She gasped as she walked into the classroom to see Mr. Mangini and 4 Mexican dudes, including the disgusting one from the gas station.   She stood at the front of the class, trembling at the leering men sitting in front of her.  Miss Lucy was quickly directly behind her with one hand on her waist and the other snaked under the front of her shirt rapidly flicking each nipple ensuring their full attention. 

“Class will now begin” Lucy said.  Mangini got up behind a video tripod and began filming the scene.  He wanted Ashley to see him behind the camera.  It was time she learned to perform in front of one. 

“Today we will be learning how to give head to several men at once. “

The young girl was visibly quivering as she drank in the site of the Mexicans. 

“Why dont you lead our students to the front of the room while I move the desk out of the way for you. “

The teen shakily went down the aisle and grabbed the hands of the two closest men and lead them to the front of the room,  They were both fat- about 200 lbs each at only 5 6” or so.  They were in laborers clothes- dirty  jeans, sneakers and flannel shirts.  The 2 men fondled her body as she turned to bring her other “classmates” to the front of the room.  As she walked the other 2 men up front, the man from the gas station & one relatively handsome twenty-something (if you go for “the help” she sneeringly thought, momentarily haughty at least in her head), she heard her instructor.

“Please undress the class and show them what you have learned.”

Ashley went pale but knew she had no choice.  She undressed each man.  It took a few minutes but seemed like hours to her.  They were, except for the one, disgusting.  They smelled like sweat, beer and cigarettes (even the youngest, “cute” one). 

Her hands trembled as the buttons of each mans shirt were undone, jeans were unbuckled, and dirty stained underwear removed.  The naked Mexicans stood in a semi-circle around Ashley.

“Greet all of your new classmates with some kisses.  Be sure to run your hands over their nipples and genitals as you do so.”

All of the men had boners pointing straight out- she knew this command was meant to cause the deep sense of humiliation she felt as well as provide Mangini and his camera with more damning pictures; these men needed no foreplay.

Reluctantly, she did as told, lascvisciously greeting each Mexican man with a dirty French Kiss, a little tugjob and tender nipple sucking.  When she was finally finished “greeting” her classmates, she heard the command she dreaded. 

“Ok class, please take off Ashleys clothes so we can start todays lesson.  If she isnt doing the work properly, please correct her so that she can learn from her mistakes.”

Within seconds the 4 Mexicans had the schoolgirl naked and on her knees.

“Keep moving from cock to cock, Ashley.  You may use your free hands to jerk off anyone not getting sucked, but only let them cum by using your mouth.  And make sure no one loses a hard-on until after they cum or you will be punished.  Also, make sure you let them cum anywhere they want to.  You have 1/2 hour to get them all off with your mouth.”

Ashley spent the next 1/2  hour frantically bobbing on Mexican cock.  She hated every second of it.  She was always getting pinched and slapped and hated the feeling of not being in control of her head movements.  She was constantly being jerked up and down a cock by dirty brown hands. 

She got the 3 fat ones off first, each pulling out and spewing all over her hair, face and tits.  She had been ordered not to touch any of their nasty sperm and she was conscious of it dripping and slithering down her body- at first hot but quickly cold and slimy.

Finally, she had 10 minutes left to get the cute one off.  She went up and down on his veined cock, licking it like a popsicle.  Soon, he had grabbed her by the tits.  More violently than any of the other men, he grabbed her and slapped her while he forced her mouth all the way down his shaft until she was at the bottom.  She gagged and panicked as her eyes popped out.  He did this several times to her, each effort causing her to convulse and moan in agony. 

“ Swallow it and hold it in your mouth beetch!”

When it spurted Ashley was relieved.  She kept the acrid goo in her mouth until she heard, through her minds fog, Lucy order her to face the camera, open wide, and then swallow.

“What a great first day of class, Ashley.   You did great.   Everyone but you can get dressed, class is dismissed.”

Ashley stood up from her kneeling position in front of the class and, as if it was someone else and not her in this room, in this situation, watched the 4 Mexicans get dressed, wave goodbye and leave. 

She was woken out of her stunned state harshly by a loud slap on her ass from Lucy.

“Youre a disgusting little mouth slut now arent you?  You have learned quite a bit about sucking cock and weve only just started your training.  Good thing those Mexis had average cocks.  You had a hard time deep throating the younger one and hes at least a couple inches smaller then what youll need to work up to.  Best we get you cleaned up.  Its only 11:30 and the night is just getting started.” 

With that, Lucy grabbed Ashleys hand and led her down a hallway, through Manginis large bedroom and into the large master bath.  “You have an hour to relax and shower and reflect upon your evening so far.  When you are done, you will towel off, blow dry your hair, and wait naked on the bed for us.”

Ashley did as she was told.  In the shower, she let the hot water cascade down her firm teen body.  As she soaped the sperm and sweat off her body, she found her hands lingering on the strange sensation of her bald pussy.  She thought about the disgusting blowjobs she was forced to give, Anfernee and his trickery and the fact that she was essentially a sex slave to her principal and his cruel friend.  She thought about trying to escape or ratting them out but it seemed useless the more she thought about it.  The reality was people would believe the videos and she would lose her fathers money.  Unnacceptable.

45 minutes went by in a heartbeat for Ash.  She didnt have time to fear what was about to happen next as she had to scramble to dry off and get her hair done.  Fortunately, she was done with a couple minutes to spare.  She opened the bathroom door and drank in the contents of the master bedroom.

There was a California king in a lovely dark wood sleigh bed.  It faced a 52 inch screen on the opposite wall.  On another wall there was a full dresser and armoire set of very tasteful, modern design.   She also noticed a large dog crate to her immediate right.  “I hadnt noticed a dog before” she thought.  Suddenly, she heard her Masters voices approaching the room and she scrambled to get on the bed.  She propped herself against the pillows, sitting with her feet straight out and her legs tight together, arms folded across her small breasts.

The door opened and Lucy and Mangini stepped quickly in.

“TSK, TSK, TSK.  I thought you said she was a bright one, Eric”.

“She is, once she understands the rules, Lucy.  Shell catch on.”

“Ashley you are not to hide your breasts or your cunt unless we instruct you to.” Mangini bellowed at the embarrassed teen.  “When you sit waiting for us in this bedroom, you are to have your feet flat to the bed or ground, your knees in the air and have at least a couple of fingers spreading and playing with your pretty snatch.”

Ashley just stared at him, unmoving.

“Okay Ashley, I can see you dont understand what is expected of you.  You are to comply with commands as soon as they are given.  These are not options.  You should know something about me, Ashley.  I can be very nice.  If you please me, I may decide to let you feel pleasure.  Its your choice, really.  Good behavior will earn rewards.  Bad behavior will earn suffering, pain and humiliation.  Do you understand?”

Ashley nodded her head and slowly put herself into position.  Her eyes welled up as she spread her cunt lips for her tormentors but she bit her quivering lip, refusing to cry.

“”Your cunt is dry bitch.  Suck on your fingers like you are giving a sloppy blowjob and get them juicy for your cunt.  You dont want to rub yourself raw” Lucy chuckled.

Ashley did as told as the adults watched her play with herself for a few minutes.  When Eric and Lucy were satisfied with the display of their new pet they moved over to the bed and sat down with Ashley in the middle. They were both dressed in jeans and white button down shirts.

Eric commanded Ashley to lay across his lap. 

“You will now get 10 slaps from me and ten slaps from Lucy for your earlier displays of disobedience.  Next time, dont be such a naughty little girl.” 

With that, Eric and Lucy began raining slaps down on Ashs tight white ass.  The spanking didnt take long but Ashley was hysterical by the end of it.  Not only was she crying from the stinging pain though, She was thoroughly humiliated at being talked to and treated like a little girl.

When they were done, she sobbed mightily trying to catch her breath as she felt their hands caressing the hot, red globes of her ass cheeks.

“What do you say to someone who has just given you the pain or pleasure you need, Ashley” Lucy cooed.

“Th-Th-Thank you Master and Mistress.  I pr-pr-promise to b b b b b  beeee good.”

Eric patted her on the head, like a dog. “Good girl.  You may get back in position now.”

Ashley got up off Erics lap and sat again, legs and cunt spread, in between Eric and Lucy.

“Now Ash.  Were gonna sit here together and watch some TV.  Pay close attention to the screen and what we say.  This is a lesson you may really want to learn.”

Eric turned off the lights and flicked on the TV.  Lucy unbuttoned her shirt (no bra, Ashley noticed) took the school girls hand and placed it on her breast.  As she tongued Ashs right ear she whispered “Touch me like youd want to be touched my little whore”.

Eric smiled as he glanced to his right, looking at the masturbating student looking intently at the TV while moving her free hand slowly around Lucys breasts.

Suddenly there was Ashley on the screen from earlier in the night.  She watched for the next 20 minutes, images of her with Lucy, touching herself, licking the desk and sucking the Mexicans from earlier in the day.  As the scene progressed, the teen had been commanded to unzip her masters pants and masturbate the both of them as they all watched the TV.

After the last Mexican came on her onscreen self for the last time, the screen went dark, and Eric began speaking again.  Ashley was highly conscious of her right hand in the sopping wet pussy on her right and her slowly tugging left hand on her principals cock.  She also, to her chagrin, heard the sounds of her own wet pussy (“how can I be wet”, she thought) being manipulated and finger fucked alternately by both of her tormentors.

“Ashley, it is important that you watch the next scenes.  They may save your life.

Ashley watched as the screen burst to life again. 

The camera was from an above view of what was obviously a prison cell.  There was a crying naked girl on screen, who looked vaguely familiar to Ashley; it was hard for her to concentrate with her hands busy and the ministrations of her tormenters keeping her senses heightened. 

The girl was completely bald, kneeling on all fours, with large breasts, pierced with thick silver rings swaying with her trembling.  She had a thick nose ring as well, pierced in the middle, like a bull.  Her mouth was painted an obscene fire engine red.  Even like that, however, the girl was beautiful.  Her blue eyes shone through her tears, and she was murmuring, “no, puuhlesase, no” over and over again.  Suddenly, a HUGE fat black woman in an oversize orange prison jumper appeared in the camera view.  She laughed and slowly stroked the bald head of the kneeling girl.

“You mine now, little bitch.  I owns you,  Later, Im gonna brand you with my initials and youll do everything I tell you to from now on.  I heard from your girl Lucy on the outside that you a stuck-up white princess got busted for drugs and underage porn.  Now you get what you deserve.  Maybe better.  Now you mine, at least you know no one knife you.  Unless of course I tell em too cause you misbehaving.

The huge black woman took off her jumper, revealing enormous saggy tits and plenty of fat and cellulite everywhere.  She reached down and roughly grabbed her new cell mates nipple rings with a hard tug. 

“What was your name on the outside?”

“D-dddd-awwwwn”  the captive wailed.

“From now on its Cuntface, got it?  Youre  Cuntface from now on.  You know why?  I think you do.  Now lets get to it”. 

The fat bitch got on the bed on all fours with her huge ass facing Cuntface.  And all of a sudden Ashley stopped moving, frozen in recognition.  Mangini laughed and hissed in her ear “Yes you knew her.  She graduated after your freshman year.  She was one of my first conquests.  But she was difficult and tried to escape and get me and our friends in trouble.  We warned her against such a move.  Just like you, we told her that her obedience would be rewarded in the end.  Miss Lucy helped us take care of the problem, as you can see.

We set her up.  Right after she graduated we selectively released videos we had forced Dawn to make with underage 8th grade boys.  We also planted an obscene amount of cocaine in her car.  You see Ash, we have friends everywhere so we want you to think long term.  We know short term your life will be a confusing mix of pleasure, pain and humiliation.  If youre a good little girl, “ he said as he tantalizingly played with her nipple “youll get your life back and perhaps even be set on a path to riches, power, and accomplishment.  You may even learn a bit about yourself sexually you never otherwise would have known.  I advise you to keep these thoughts in your mind those times you feel like you may wish to disobey us.

“Otherwise”, he pinched the nipple hard now and nodded at the screen, where Cuntface, nee Dawn, had her face shoved between folds of fat, licking for her life as the large black prisoner who now owned her yelled “Thats right Bitch, lick my asshole and my cunt!  Keep licking little whorebag”

Mangini clicked off the video and stuck a tongue in his new pets ear. “Im sure we understand each other now Ashley.  I can tell you dont want Dawns errrr, Cuntfaces life anytime soon.  So lets all have some fun tonight.   Maybe well catch up with Dawn later.”

For the next four hours Ashley was put through her paces.  She lost count of how many times she had her mouth on a cock (real and fake) or a vagina but was certain she had shamefully succumbed to five orgasms (which she had to humiliatingly ask permission for) with her captors.  Finally, exhausted, Mangini looked at her.  “Tomorrow will be a long day for you.  Best you get some rest. “  He picked her up and carried her to a room down the hall.  The room was painted completely black and had no windows, a large bed, a small bathroom off in an alcove, and a TV with no remote on the small dresser at the foot of the bed.  Behind the TV was a large mirror so that anyone on the bed could see themself.  Not that Ashley could tell.  She was barely conscious, grateful to be done fucking and sucking for the evening.  She had never worked so hard at anything in her life.

Mangini chuckled and left his naked slave as he shut and locked the door from the outside behind him.  He couldnt wait to start humiliating the teen. 

To Be Continued……

The Mangini Chronicles Vol 1

Part 7

The First Saturday Ashley Goes Shopping

Mangini woke up at 10 to find Lucy had left for the day.  She knew his plot for the day and would be back later for certain.  After a cup of coffee Mangini decided it was time for Ashley to get up and learn some of the new rules, get a start on the day. 

Soon, Mangini had Ashleys TV on (it was controlled from his computer) at high volume to rouse the girl.  Of course, her video alarm was a video of her earlier sexual degradations.  A nice way for the girl to remember, quickly, it wasnt all a dream.

The trick, as always, worked as intended.  Ashley was startled awake and quickly in a heightened state.  She noticed herself, on the screen and saw the note taped to the mirror.  She walked up to get it and turn the TV down (“fuck, no remote or buttons!”), catching herself in the mirror.  She looked gross; dried cum and pussy juice were all over her face and matted hair.  Her makeup and especially mascara had run from all the tears she shed gagging on her masters cocks.

She recalled last night and remembered how embarrassed and frightened she was when she had a shuddering orgasm while Mangini (“Master, I must remember”) slowly fucked her from behind (“he kept spanking me and yelling at me that I was his bitch”) while her face got slammed repeatedly by Miss Lucys ass, who was pounding (and also doggy-style) up and down on the face-strapped dildo Ashley was forced to wear whenever she wasnt sucking cock and pussy.

Ashley cried hard for five minutes, still naked and crusty before pulling it together and reading the note that was left for her:

“Good Morning my little pet.  Sure had fun last night.  5 orgasms you had?  Amazing.  Youd think you wouldnt have liked being forced into becoming a little slut but obviously, it suits you! 

Please take a shower.  You are to get dressed in the clothes in the top drawer of the dresser.  Make sure your pussy is completely smooth.  Dont worry about getting out.  The door is locked from the outside and there are cameras in the bedroom; Ill let you out when you are done.


Ashley, got up and walked over to the dresser.  She pulled open the drawer and looked at its contents.  There were a pair of red “boy short” lacy panties.  There was a short, tight American Apparel red cotton skirt to match.  So far, nothing too horrible.  Until she saw the top.  It was a tight white tube top, a size too tight- no bra.  And across the front it said “This shirt will look good on your floor”.  She was mortified.  She wouldnt be caught dead with that on if she had a choice; she knew how her tits would look in it and feared where he would be taking her.  She trembled as she put the clothes on the bed and stumbled to the shower.

The warm water and feel of her skin cleaned from the events of the previous evening relaxed her some and she began to come to terms with her fate, just hoping that whatever they did, no one she knew would ever see her looking like such a trashy slut.

When she was dressed the door clicked open and she walked down the hall, following her nose to the smell of cooking bacon. 

“Good morning, Ashley.   There is a plate of food here for you.  Eat quickly as we have a lot to get done today.”  Ashley ate in agony, wondering what they would be doing but Mangini gave no indication.

When she was done he cleared her place and looked at her:

“Pet, its very important from here on out that you remember my rules.  They are very simple.  No matter how badly you want to say NO to a request, you must always obey.  You will have to do humiliating, embarrassing, uncomfortable and sometimes painful things.  Your life is forever changed.  The sooner you accept this the easier it will be for you to adjust.  Remember, eventually, we will let you go and perhaps even help you succeed in life. But for now, you are no more to me than a pet; A pet that must obey.

Today we will be going to a mall and doing some shopping.  You will do as I say or you will be punished.  And in the end, of course, you will still do what I say.  You look like a proper little slut right now, by the way.  You should get a whole lot of attention looking like that.  Oh, I almost forgot your shoes”.  He reached behind him to give Ashley a 3” wedge sandal that accentuated her proportioned calves.  “Thats perfect” he said.  “Lets go.”

The two drove together in relative silence for 30 minutes until they reached a remote and clearly blue-collar mall anchored with a JC Penny and a Sears.  As they pulled into the lot it was apparent that there werent going to be many other white people.  Ashley was nervous; she always avoided lower class “foreigners” and poor people in general.  Ashley gulped as she immediately received stares on the 50 foot walk from the car to the mall entrance.

“If anyone questions you in the mall, Ash, you tell them youre a 19 year old looking to break into adult modeling and I am your manager.  I doubt anyone here will care but just to make sure.  Remember to do what I say at all times.  You understand?”

“Yes ssssir”  Ash managed to stammer out.  “Now, I have a couple friends that work in this mall.  Were gonna say hi.”  Ashley noticed all the stares at her small tits being utilized to their maximum ability, her dark nipples unwittingly showing through the thin white fabric of the obscene tube top. Still, trashy as she was, she knew she was beautiful.  That thought had her unconsciously walking a bit more haughtily, which only enhanced her dissatisfaction when Mangini guided her into the make up section of the JC Pennys.  She was even more surprised when Eric warmly greeted the 60 something woman in the make-up section.

“Hello Claire.  So wonderful to see you” 

“Oh I missed you, its been so long” Claire gushed as she pinched Manginis cheek, much like a kindly grandma would.  “Who is this little thing you have with you.  She is dressed like such a filthy whore.  I suppose youd like me to make her up to match the outfit?”

“Not today, Claire.  Id like you to just do a little cheap shadow, a touch of lash, and enough powder and concealer to cover any blemishes and pimples.  Little Ash is gonna be taking a lot of photos later for her modeling portfolio.  She needs to look professional.”

Ashley breathed a sigh of relief that she wasnt gonna be made to look like a trashy slut any more than she already did. She was surprised, however, when Claire took her by the hand and led her off the floor towards the employee only area.

“I trust I can play a bit first?  How much time can I have?”

“45 minutes all in.  I need to get this one on record too” he said with a wink.

“Of course”

Ashley was confused but knew better than to open her mouth. She took a good look at Claire.  She was a mildly overweight, plain old white woman; could have been anyones Grandma. She was in a crisp button down shirt and black slacks and was about 2 inches taller than the teen.  Claire opened a door and led them into a dingy office with an old green couch.   Mangini retreated to a corner and whipped out a video camera.

Claire closed the door and in an instant Ashley new something unanticipated was about to happen! 

Claire slapped the frightened girl across the face.  The tears started immediately. 

“Cry all you like you little slut, look at you.  I wanna see how that tube top will look on my floor, sweetie.  Take it off.

“You are one hot little slut.  My granddaughter is your age, I bet.  I wonder if shes into girls.  Maybe I should find out, have her meet you. “

The look on Claires face had changed from kindly and old to menacing and lusty.  Claire cruelly grabbed at the girls nipples, pulling them out and getting them hard.

“Get my clothes off using only your slutty little mouth!”

It took Ashley 15 minutes to unbutton all the shirt buttons with her teeth and another 5 to get the old ladies pants off.  Claires large, saggy breasts were soon hanging free as Ashley unclipped the womans bra with her teeth.  Finally, she had no choice and through her now subsiding sobs, proceeded to pull the old bitches granny panties down with her teeth.

The old lady sat on the couch.  “Okay bitch, why dont you come over here and kiss grandma.  I wanna feel that teen tongue.  Treat me like you treat your boyfriend.”

Ashley, topless but still in her skirt and high heeled wedges teetered over to the old woman and reluctantly leaned down and parted her mouth.  Claire pulled her with a hand to the back of her neck right to her mouth.  For the next 10 minutes, Ash was forced to make out and suckle on the breasts of the old woman.  Every now and then Claire would rudely twist one of Ashs nipples just to procure a painful squeal from the young teen.

“Get your clothes off now” Claire huskily ordered.

Ashley quickly slipped out of her skirt and pulled her panties down. 

Claire got on all fours on the couch and looked up at Ashley with a huge grin.  “Get underneath me with your cunt under my face right now you slut.   I wanna taste some teen vadge.”

Ashley was revolted but had no choice as she positioned herself under her older tormentor.  “Get to work on my cunt and ass bitch.  You better do a good job and lick me til I cum.”

Mangini took the whole scene in from behind his video camera as the young filly, hands clenched on the ass cheeks of her new friend, slurped and licked at Claires ass and cunt.  Ashley began to slowly forget what she was doing as the tongue work of Claire was unbelievable and against her will, Ashley felt a tidal wave of pleasure wash over her.  She let her head drop to the side of Claires slick thighs and felt her toes go clenched as she experienced a tremendous orgasm at the end of the tongue of a 60 something year old woman!

Claire got up and immediately grabbed both of Ashs nipples and tugged her hard so just as she was about to scream, Claire covered her mouth with hers and thrust her tongue all around.

“Now bitch” she said coming up for air “ did you ask me permission to cum?  I know you have a rule not to cum without permission, dont you?

Ashley just nodded glumly with downcast head. 

“Clearly you need more work.  Lay your sorry ass down on your back with those legs spread and that pretty slut face facing up.”

Mangini handed Claire a ballgag and a strap on.  Claire made quick work of both and rapidly had Ashley gagged, terrified, and staring up at her and her 8 inch black strap-on. 

Claire knelt over Ashleys chest and proceeded to liberally squeeze lube all over the dildo making sure it dripped uncomfortably on the girls small tits.

“Jerk off my cock little bitch”

Ashley took both hands and began jerking off the old womans plastic dick.  After a few minutes of the old woman rubbing her saggy tits all over her chest Claire was ready for action.

“Im gonna fuck you face to face little princess.  And youre gonna feel this monster up to the hilt.  At first, its gonna be tough but youll adjust.   Good news, too.  It vibrates.  So if you feel like you need to let loose again, you better either hold back or remember to ask.”

And with that, Claire began to slowly feed the synthetic cock into poor Ashley.  Finally, with Ashley moaning and screaming softly, muted by the gag, Claire was all the way in.  She pulled Ashleys legs up over her shoulders and began working a slow, steady pace with the cock, bringing the head out to just the point where Ashleys vagina was barely around and then slowly working it all the way to the hilt.  After a handful of these long, teasing strokes, Claire flipped a switch and started the vibrator.  It worked at her own already engorged clit while she guided the vibrating head all around her young captives pleasure nub.

Soon, both of them were breathing heavy, getting closer to climax.

“Get on all fours doggy slut and get that hot ass in the air” rasped Claire as she pulled out of the teens sopping cunt.

Ashley posed as she was told, her head hanging down, hair covering her face.  Claire positioned herself behind her bitchs bald cunt and rammed into her with ferocity.  She cruelly grabbed a fistful of hair and jerked the teens head straight up so her face could be seen up close by the camera directly in front of it.

“Oh yeah you little whore.  You like getting fucked by granny!  Youre gonna taste me again soon you cheap slut.  Im gonna come bitch.  YEAHHHHHHHH.  While Claire was cumming hard, Ash was crying hard and screaming in pain behind the gag as Claire cruelly jerked her hair around with one hand and her nipples with the other until her orgasm finally subsided.

Finally it was over as Claire pulled the slimy cock out of Ashley.

Claire got dressed and Mangini put his camera away for the time being.

“That is one hot bitch you brought this time Eric, Claire giggled, back in nice grandma mode again.  Ill have her cleaned up and looking fresh for you in 15 minutes.  Why dont you wait outside and Ill get to work on her.”

15 minutes later, Ashley looked as if nothing had happened as she re-entered the main floor of the JC Pennys with Claire. 

Claire gave her a kiss on the cheek and a subtle pat on the ass as Mangini and Ashley said goodbye to Claire and headed toward the rest of the dingy mall.

“That was some show you two put on today, huh Ashley.  I bet you never imagined that before you even graduated High School you would have a lesbian affair with a Grandma.  And at the mall no less!  While you try and get the thought of old pussy out of your mind, were gonna have to find a handful of outfits for you for todays photo shoot.

The mall was just starting to get crowded with teens and families.  Most of them were black and Hispanic.  The young ones would hoot and say nasty things to her as they passed, eyes devouring her while the women would shoot her nasty looks and occasionally admonish her under their breaths with “slut” and “whore” as she walked past.

After 5 minutes, Mangini steered them into a Gap.

“Lets shop for your photo shoot sweetie”

To Be Continued……

You have 10 minutes to buy a modest black skirt and a light blue, long sleeve shirt.  I want you to look like a regular high school student. Wear it out, pay for it and meet me across the way at PhotoMagic.”

Ashley did what she was told, trying to avoid eye contact with the younger Gap employees starting at her slutty attire, and wandered across the way to the PhotoMagic  shop.  Mangini was standing at the counter talking to a short, balding older man who was apparently the photographer.

“Shes hot.  This will be a great round of photos, Eric.  Lemme just close up shop for a couple of hours. We can get a few rolls finished.  Our guests will be coming in a bit.”

Ash didnt like the sound of that but knew the day would be a long one and smiled wanly at the balding man as he grabbed her hand and walked her to the back studio.

There was a solid powder blue background against the wall and a stool, surrounded by bright lights and other photographic equipment, including a video camera.

Mangini took a seat behind the equipment and ordered Ashley to sit with her hands folded across her lap on the stool.

“Bob will be photographing you today slut.  There will be many more shoots for you, but this one will be a quickie to teach you the basics of posing and preening for the camera. As long as you follow orders, you should probably be able to avoid punishment.”

Ash trembled on the stool and gave a meek “yes sir””

“Relax sweetheart.  This will be easy for now” chuckled Bob the photographer, as he got behind his camera.

For the next hour Ashley was posing for Bob.  At first she was nervous but soon relaxed and actually got into it as the entire session she was fully clothed.  Bob had her pose seductively, innocently; every way you can imagine a high school girl sitting and standing. After an hour and countless shots later, Bob was seemingly done.

“You can take a five minute break now while I prepare for the next round of shots.”

Mangini handed Ash a tall glass.  “Its a tequila sunrise for you.  I can see youre thirsty and I think it will help you relax a bit more.” Ash tentatively took the drink and started sucking it down quickly; it was a welcome relief under the hot lights.  Mangini pulled his young toy up to him and spent the next few minutes teasing and arousing, kissing and sucking on Ashs neck and earlobes, grazing the rapidly buzzing girls nipples over the blouse.

“Were ready for you now, Jarmane.” Bob said all of a sudden, breaking Ash out of her hazy state. She snapped her eyes open and saw a young black girl dressed in tight jeans, and a too small bright yellow tshirt that said “Ghetto Trash” in big, black letters across the front.  Ash recognized her immediately- she was the girl sucking cock in Anfernees “training” video.

“I can see by your face you recognize Jarmane.  Perhaps later you guys can get acquainted and learn each others stories.  For now though, best you relax and do as your told. “ Mangini smiled as he nudged Ashley back towards the cameras.

Bob started giving commands and soon Ashley was making out with Jarmane.  She couldnt believe her situation but at the same time the buzz from the booze combined with the heat from the lights and her relatively empty stomach seemed to free her mentally.  Mangini watched knowingly from the back as Bob put Jarmane and Ashley through various poses. 

Soon, Jarmane was ordered behind Ash, licking and biting at her neck and earlobes while her hands reached from behind, cupping her breasts over her clothes.  For a half an hour Jarmane undressed, positioned, licked and sucked on Ashley all over.  Multiple times the white teen almost came at the ministrations of the underage black girl but was stopped short each time.

Right after Ashley was denied an orgasm, on the tips of Jarmanes fingers she heard Bob order her to stand behind Jarmane and undress her.  Ash had never been with a girl her own age, let alone a black girl, but the alcohol and constant waves of pleasure she had experienced during 4 near cums under Jarmanes fingers left her weak and compliant to her carnal needs. 

Ashley stepped behind Jarmane and lifted the girls Ghetto Trash shirt over her head.  She kissed and caressed Jarmane all over, her hands running freely over the black girls pert Bs as Jarmane had no bra on.  Her fingers ran up and down Jarmanes body as the two found each others mouths and made out lustily.

Bob and Eric were pleased with the scene.  Occasionally Bob would have to make the pair hold or repeat a pose but by and large the girls were lost in their own world.  After Bob got all the shots he needed he told the girls they must make each other cum in a 69 position. 

It didnt take long for Ashley and Jarmane to get each other off; both had been on the edge many times in the hour and a half photo session.  Ashley, for her part, was excited enough to forget, for the moment that she was a slutty slave to Mangini and his buddies.  For the moment, all she could think about was the 15 year old black girl underneath her, whos pussy she was furiously lapping on.  Ashs hands were gripped tightly on Jarrmanes ass as both girls seemed to go manic on each other, finally cumming after the long photo session.

The girls were startled back into reality by the men in the room clapping.

“That was great, girls.  You see Jarmane, I told you youd like to make it with a white girl” said Anfernee, who had quietly slipped in. As soon as he said that, Jarmane burst into tears.  “You see, its shameful for her to act on her lesbian tendencies due to her father being a deacon and raising her with silly ideas of good and evil and shit.  Dont worry, my little slut, heaven is right here” Anfernee said as he walked behind the sobbing Jarmane, cupping her still wet sex. “  And you already know about hell on earth, dont you little girl” Anfernee evilly chuckled as he patted her loudly on the ass.  “Dress each other in your whore clothes again, bitches.”

The girls dressed each other as Bob continued to snap photos.  The girls were soon clothed.  Bob looked at his watch, and looked up at Eric and Anfernee.  “Hey guys we have 20 minutes left before I need to re-open the shop.  What do you say about the both of you sitting down; Im thinking we should have a competition.  Lets pair Jarmane with Eric and Ashley with Anfernee.  Well give them 15 minutes to get each of you off using only their mouths.  The winner gets $50.  The loser gets to do a photo session with me and a friend next weekend.  What do you say?” 

Both men sat down and the girls scrambled to get on their knees next to their partners chair and started to work on their respective men.  Ashley tried very hard, sucking and massaging Anfernee in and out of her mouth, but in the end she was no contest for the clearly more practiced Jarmane.  It only took Jarmane 10 of the minutes to get Mangini off.  He came with a loud grunt all over Jarmanes face coating her eyelids and nostrils.  Bob was there for the close-up.  Anfernee, who still hadnt come pushed Ashley away.  “You need cock sucking practice in a big way princess.  I hope you better by summertime.  Anfernee stood up with his huge erection and stuck his ball sack in Jarmanes cum covered face.  Jarmane immediately sucked his balls while jerking him off until, and it was not long, Anfernee shot his load all over her shirt.

“Lick that cum off her shirt you white bitch”, Anfernee shouted at Ash while grabbing a fistful of hair to shove Ashs face into her new black girlfriends cum stained shirt.

Ashley licked up all the cum and the girls were ordered to straighten up to leave.  As they were about to walk into the mall, Bob grabbed Ashleys hips from behind and pulled her in.  “Im glad you lost that competition sweetie.  Im looking forward to next weekends shoot with you” he hissed into her ears.  Ashley shuddered.  There was nothing she could do.  She wondered to herself how this could get any worse.  Almost immediately, she found out.

Anfernee and Jarmane went right and Mangini guided Ash to the left.  The two men gave a quick nod to each other and went off to finish their days.

As they started to walk through the mall again Ashley was more self-conscious than ever of all the glances she was getting thrown her way.  Not only did her clothes make her look like a slut, she felt everyone could see from her flushed face and tangled hair that she had just had sex and she was deeply ashamed.  Master and slave walked together for a bit until they reached the food court which was mobbed at peak lunch hour. 

Mangini looked at his pet.  “You must be hungry.  You can eat whatever you like but you must eat.  Also, you are not allowed to pay for your meal with money.”  Ashley looked momentarily confused.  “How”?  “Mangini chuckled.  “Youre bright pet.  Im sure you can work your assets.  You have exactly one hour.  Ill be sitting here watching.”

Mangini took a seat with a prominent view of the food court.  There were only 7 places and all of them were crappy mall food joints.  Ashley did a quick scan of all the food shops to see who was working.  She knew she wanted to find the least gross person behind a counter.  Shed eat anything but was trying to find the most appealing or easiest mark.  She knew her only chance at success was working her young body.

Quickly, she honed in on the Carls Jr spot.  She saw 4 teen males working the counter.  None of them were her normal type and none were particularly attractive, but they were all clean looking, skinny Hispanic teens.  Ashley gamely went to place her order and flirt with the counter help.  She ordered a burger and fries and moved down the line to pay.  Right before the 16 year old (his name tag said he was “Juan”) behind the register was about to ring up her order, Ashley leaned over the counter and whispered into his ear.  Juan stepped back and gave her the once over and it was clear from Manginis vantage point that Ashleys exhortation worked.  The boy handed over the meal.

Ashley took her meal in a to go bag and walked immediately to the bathrooms in the back of the food court.  Mangini followed as soon as he saw the counter boy come out from his position behind the register to go the bathroom as well.  Mangini gave it a few minutes before he went back to check out things for himself.

Mangini crept quietly into the bathroom. He stood silently at the sink listening to the sounds of Ashley riding her fast food friend.  He could see from under the stall door that Ashley was riding her boy reverse cowgirl while he sat on the toilet.  How classy, Eric thought.

Quietly, he managed to hover above the stall with his Flip to take some good, stealthy footage of Ashley fucking the Hispanic fast food worker in a toilet stall. Ashley was biting her lip to keep from making noise but her little grunts kept increasing in frequency and volume until Juan finally came with a loud groan.

As Juan sat rigid for a moment, breathing heavily and gripping Ashs hips like a vise, Mangini walked out while sending Ashley a text.

3 minutes later, he saw Ashley emerge from the bathroom closely followed by Juan.  His phone went off and he was pleased to see the image on it. Just as he had ordered, Ashley had her shirt and bra pulled over her tits, Juan was cupping one of them in his hand and the 2 of them had great big smiles on.

“Perhaps you and your new friend will have to get a few of your other friends together for a party soon, baby” Mangini sneered at the shell-shocked tart.  Her friends?  “OMG” how would I ever be able to face anyone again if they knew.

“But if I were you I wouldnt worry too much about later.  The future is always coming, no pun intended.  We still have a few more errands to do today before we get to our weekend spot”.

Ashley was ushered into a trashy salon.  There was noone getting their hair done at the moment; just 3, twenty-something Hispanic girls with very long finger nails, bullshitting with each other.  One immediately stood up and ran over to Eric.

“Its been too long since Ive seen you!”  Glancing over at Ash and back at Eric “I see you have a fresh project!  Im so glad.  Were slow today and these other two never believe me when I tell them every now and then you bring in a good time!”

“Christina, meet Ashley.”  Christina stepped right in front of the scared teen and subtly groped her breasts so that neither her hairdresser buddies nor anyone in the mall could see.   “Youll be loving some Mexican pussy soon basura blanca” she hissed.

“Full wax today, Eric?” 

“Nah, shes been smoothed for now.  Probably couldnt hurt to shave it again though.  No hair either.  I need your Christina full-clean special, however.  Can your co-workers mind the shop with you in the back for a bit or should we come back?” he asked, knowing full well the answer.

“Crystal & Vicki this is my friend Eric and his little white project.  Im gonna get busy with her in the back.  Crystal, why dont you come back and give me a hand and Vicki, you work the shop until we switch up.  Today is the day you gals finally get some fringe benefits from working here”.

With that Christina grabbed Ash by the hand with Crystal & Mangini in tow, camera rolling. 

They got to the waxing and massage room in the back of the shop and Crystal closed the door behind her.   Christina set about the room looking for materials.  Ashley glanced around quickly.  She was scared having no idea what was to come next accept, clearly, she was to be further humiliated and abused.  Another first, she thought.  Spanish pussy.

She shuddered and tried to concentrate on her principals whispered conversation with Crystal while taking in the sights of the room. She saw a small shower & toilet in a tiny bathroom in the corner.  In the middle of the room was a sturdy black massage table with restraints at the top and bottom with an adjustable bright light above (much like at the dentist).

Mangini faded into a corner as Christina took control.

“Crystal is going to be our assistant today, Ashley.  Why dont you thank her by taking her clothes off and sucking her clit til she cums.” Ashley walked over to Crystal.  They were the same height.  Crystal was Mexican; she had dark skin and a beautiful face with slightly sharp features and piercing blue eyes.  She was pretty in a gang-members girlfriend, sorta way Ashley had time to think just before she was in front of Crystal, bending her mouth toward the Mexican girls for a long kiss. 

Tongues swirled as she undressed Crystal while slowing caressing her body as she did.  Soon, Crystal was lying on the massage table, legs spread wide, with Ashley on all fours at the end of the table, mouth to pussy, licking and sucking as best as she could knowing she needed to get Crystal off or bad things would happen to her.  It wasnt long before Crystal was grabbing her left tit with one hand while Ashley brought her to a shattering orgasm.

When Crystal was done, she began laughing. “Ayyye.  I never had a white bitch eat me out before.  This may be the best Saturday at work ever”.

Crystal hopped off the table and Christina was swiftly at the other end, forcing Ashley onto the middle of the table in doggy position.  Ashley began sweating as Christina strapped her slightly parted legs onto the table via ankle cuffs.  Crystal, who had thrown on her clothes in a flash, was at the same time doing the same things with Ashleys hands.

“Crystal, now that our girl is secured can you get set up while I explain to Ashley what we are gonna do.”

Christina walked to the middle of the table and slowly began to run her hand from the bottom of Ashleys thighs to her ass.  She slowly and seductively pulled Ashs panties down to just below her cheeks and flipped her skirt above her waist, completely exposing her asshole and pussy for Mangini to film. She left one hand on the school girls pussy, slowly rubbing around the lips and occasionally grazing the clit.  At the same time her other hand sensually moved up the girls back, tracing her spine.  The hand furthered up to the back of Ashs hair, her head, her face.  A finger pushed into the teens mouth and instinctually she began sucking it. 

It was impossible to imagine but undeniable that Ashley was extremely aroused.

“Your pussy is sopping wet, basura blanca.  You ARE a little whore.  A cheap slutty bitch.” Christina pulled her finger out of Ashs mouth with a loud slurp. She reached under the strapped-in girls blouse, quickly unlatched her bra and was expertly teasing Ashleys breasts while almost bringing the girl to orgasm with her other hand.

Ahsley was lost in her own world and didnt hear or see that Crystal had returned wheeling a medical gurney and a rack with a hanging rubber bag.   

“Ashley babe.  Im gonna make you cum now.  And then I have a surprise for you.” With that, Christina began rapidly frigging Ashleys pussy.  Within 60 seconds Ashley was an animal on Christinas hand, cumming harder than she had ever in her life.

As soon as her orgasm subsided into soft, strained breaths, Christina began to tenderly stroke Ashs face, wiping the sweaty, clinging hairs attached the teens forehead and cheek.  “Now for the surprise.  Today we clean you for the first time.  Take a look.”

Ash turned in horror to see Crystal covering a nozzle at the end of the hanging bag with lubrication.  “Today is poquito chicas first ass-flushing.  I guess you will be a three-holer soon” Crystal leered as she began to apply some lube in teasing circles around Ashleys puckered little asshole.  Sensing an impending scream from the teen girl, Christina quickly covered the girls mouth with her own.  When the young girl tried to pull away, Christina cruelly grabbed and twisted a nipple until the girl whimpered into submission.  Christina kept forcing Ash to make out, Mangini taping the whole scene, when all of a sudden Ash tensed, her eyes wide as saucers, brow furrowed as Crystal began feeding the enema nozzle into her ass.

“I know this is your first enema, Ashley, but you are going to have to hold 2 liters of this enema for 20 minutes.  You must learn control, you should learn to relax your asshole as you must get clean.  No girl wants to suck a dirty cock from her own ass” Christina said while she stroked her hands lightly over Ashs body

Mangini came around front and Christina came over and popped a bright red ball gag into Ashs mouth. 

“Pick your head up and look at us” ordered Mangini to a discomfitted and now, almost thoroughly broken, Ashley.  Christina took some magnificent stills of the ball gagged teen, on all fours, sweaty hair clinging to the side of her temples, enema bag clearly in use from behind as Crystal graciously got out of the picture.

After twenty minutes of cramping hell, Ashley was brought into the small shower.  She was forced to walk on a leash that had been put on her (“dont worry, well find you one that better fits you later” Mangini had mentioned) and the ball gag remained.  Mangini filmed and Christina snapped stills as Ashley was forced to remove the enema nozzle and do her thing into the shower.  It was completely mortifying for the girl on every level and she was crying the whole time her feces shot out of her, splattering the shower floor, walls, and her own feet, ankles and calves.

She was ordered to wash her own waste down the drain and stand in the shower as Crystal got naked. Soon, the two were showering.  Christina grabbed the younger girl by the back of her head and roughly kissed Ashley.  It wasnt long before Ashley was on her knees underneath Christinas pussy, licking frantically.  The whole scene with Christina was over in less than 15 minutes but Ashley was thoroughly exhausted and mortified from getting treated like a trashy whore for girls she considered beneath her.

Ashley, having been used by the hairdressers, got dressed on Manginis orders and was seated and blow-dryed by Vicki, out front, as if she was a normal customer.  Hwever, Vicki wanted to get off too.  She had put the hairdressing apron over her teen “customer” even though there would be no snipping. 

Vicki pressed a tiny, pink vibrator into Ashs hand, pushed it on, and guided it from under the apron to under Vickis short, leopard print skirt.  No mall customer could tell what was happening, but Vicki thoroughly enjoyed forcing the teen to get her off, essentially in public, with the tiny, hidden vibe.

When they were done, Christina and Mangini had a few private words and Mnagini motioned for Ash to get moving. He grabbed her hand as if she was his girlfriend and walked her to the mall exit and out towards the car without saying a word.  They got to his car, got in and started driving,

Ashley was terrified and confused.  It was dark out and the silence was killing her.  She was alone with her thoughts of what she had done all day.  It wasnt long before silent tears were falling.

Flash.  He was taking pictures of her crying. 

“Take your top and bra off, NOW” Mangini growled.  She was glad it was dark out and she was scared oncoming cars would see her naked breasts but his tone frightened her more and she quickly did what was asked of her.  She sobbed harder and Mangini took several more pictures of tears falling onto Ashleys pert breasts.

“Damn Im turned on slut.  I want you to keep your mouth on my cock til we get to where we are going.  No hands and be gentle. I want to be on the edge but not come for a while.”

Ashley did as she was told, gently sucking and licking Manginis cock like she was taught.  After several minutes Mangini started talking to her; “Tonight I have a special surprise for you.  I was able to spring my little trap on you because I overheard you planning to get some coke with a friend of yours.  It took me a while to figure her identity out but it was with that big-titted, Jewess friend of yours, the junior, Rachel is it?”

Ashleys head popped up and off Manginis cock.  “Oh my god. Please d-d-d-dont tell her” Ashley gasped just before she felt Manginis hand pinch her nipple sharply.

“Get your mouth on my cock, slut.  Nobody asked for you to speak.”

The trembling teen did as she was told; she realized things were about to get much worse.

“While you were exploring your new love for vagina today I took the liberty of texting your friend Rachel from your phone.  Were driving to meet her right now.  You told her to make sure she could shake her parents for the weekend and that a client gave your dad a free suite at the W.  Its a good news bad news situation.  Its good cause you get to snort a little powder.  Its bad because you are about to bring your friend down with you.  On the other hand, I am giving you a friend to spend time with; Im certain it wont be long til you crave your alone time with her.  She may be your only reliable source of pleasure for awhile.”

Ashley sucked and sobbed for the 45 minute drive to the hotel.  She knew she had no choice but to do as she was told.  She hoped Rachel wouldnt hate her forever for whatever was going to occur tonight.  She feared what was going to happen for the next few days.  As Mangini drove and Ash gently tounged his balls, she was deep in thought about seeing Rachel naked.  Her thoughts were lost in a mixture of fear, shame and a small amount of excitement when Eric shot a gigantic amount of sperm down the teens throat. She swallowed it all, gagging but making certain she didnt get a drop on her new masters pants.

“Put your top clothes back on, slut.  Were almost here.  When we get there you are going to pretend you are my daughter.  No speaking unless you have no choice or you are told to, understood?”

It had been explained what was expected of her while she was blowing her principal on the ride over.  Once they checked in, she was to wait in the room until Rachel arrived, answering the door in a loosely tied robe and a skimpy thong bikini Eric provided her with to wear underneath.  She was to playfully take pictures of Rachel as she changed into her suit.  After getting the girl to do some lines and some tequila she was to produce a fat joint and get Rachel stoned.

Everything went as it was supposed to.  It wasnt long until Ashley had seduced her friend.  Rachel tried to object a handful of times but it was half-hearted and Ashley was quick to put those thoughts aside with a well-placed lick or flick of the finger. 

Ashley had maneuvered Rachel to the bedroom and was groping the huge D breasts of her younger friend from behind while sucking on the blissed girls neck.  Rachel was one of those lucky girls with big breasts and huge nipples, a slim upper body and wide hips with a big yet firm ass- the perfect hourglass figure.  Her long, brown, curly hair framed her moon shaped face perfectly.  For an hour the girls kissed, licked and rubbed each other.  It was clear that they both had orgasmed several times on each others fingertips.  Ashley had been ordered not to allow any mouth to pussy play during this session, but the swimsuits had come off and the two had each others juice smeared all over each other.

Ashley, for the first time all day, was able to put aside all of her troubles and gross humiliations to be in the warm embrace of a close girlfriend for the first time.  Unfortunately it wasnt long before the mood was rudely shattered by the arrival of Mangini and Miss Lucy. They appeared out of nowhere while the 2 girls were sharing playful kisses and tender post-orgasmic caresses. “Bravo young ladies, bravo” Mangini bellowed.  The girls jumped and Rachel sprung up to cover her huge breasts with a pillow pillow.  In a flash, Lucy was on top of the stunned and embarrassed HS Junior.   Immediately, she had handcuffed the girls wrists behind her back and ball-gagged her mouth.

“Ashley, why dont you sit with your back towards your girlfriend.  Ashley whispered “Im so sorry” into her friends ear as she positioned herself as instructed without hesitation or argument.  Lucy handcuffed her wrists behind her back and then hooked the cuffs to her friends.

Lucy stood up next to Mangini, staring at her trembling, naked captures. 

“Rachel, you are one hot bitch.  Im going to enjoy using you” the cruel lawyer chuckled.

The tears were streaming down Rachels pretty face.  It was as if the bliss of the last hour was a million years ago.  Why did Ash set her up?  How did this happen?  Why was she nude in front of her principal and some strange woman?

Mangini flicked on the TV and began speaking.  As he did, Lucy got up to position the girls on the bed onto their knees with Rachel facing the TV and Ashley facing the beds headboard.  “Rachel, you probably are wondering what is going on.  The short story is you and Ash are now my little teen whores.  You do as I say from now on.  You are going to be a slut for your new master.  Which is what you are now to call me at all times.  You will get to know your Mistress Lucy intimately soon.  We have video of all that has taken place here tonight.  Unless you want that out and your folks and the police to know of your coke use and lesbian tendencies, I think its best you accept your situation and try and enjoy it.” Lucy had set a tripod and video camera up next to the TV and had it fixed on the two bound together girls.

He was about to hit play when there was a knock on the door.  Miss Lucy got up to answer it.  Ashley trembled, scared as to what was going on.  She couldnt see.   But she heard Mangini say “cmon in boys” and immediately felt her friend behind her start to struggle and scream under her ball gag.  Ashley heard a loud slap behind her and felt  Rachel slump and then bob; the girl was clearly hysterical.   Ashley couldnt know or see  why but, Rachel was scared shitless at the look of the five large black kids that just walked in the door.

“You better do as youre told bitches or well make you common street whores.” Lucy chided.  Ashley, who couldnt see but wasnt gagged couldnt help herself.   She began blubbering non-stop, begging her friend to relax.  “Rachel, trust me Ive seen what they can do.  Try and find enjoyment if you can but do as they say…”

Mangini got down and into Rachels face and grabbed both her cheeks in one hand, lightly, drawing the girls eyes into his.  “Listen to your friend, Rachel.  She has learned so much in just a few days.  You will too. “

With that he hit play on the TV.  The room was filled with the sights and sounds of all of the sordid degradation of young Ashleys last few days.  The black teens all got naked; two of them sat on either side of Rachel.  They began to kiss her neck and suck on her nipples while watching the TV.  Rachel watched as the remaining three giants moved behind her on the bed to be with Ashley.  Miss Lucy appeared and uncuffed the girls but ordered them to remain back to back.  The two black teens that had sat next to Rachel each took a hand and began to move Rachels digits up and down their cocks.  These guys were clearly in HS but still; they werent like boys she had ever been with.  Besides from being black, these two had long, thick cocks.  And they were at least 6 feet tall.

The next hour went fast.  Rachel jerked off pairs of black teens while watching her friend degrade herself on video.  She couldnt see, but could hear her friend who she had so sweetly embraced for the first time ever, behind her, gagging and grunting.  She knew she was blowing one of the other teens while jerking off 2 cocks. 

Rachel performed as if in a dream.  She didnt even realize that one of the boys was playing with her pussy and she had begun moaning.  The boys had been taunting and verbally abusing both girls throughout the ordeal but she had long stopped hearing or caring.  She just sat there, naked, on her knees in ball-gagged silence, jerking off the black teens-who had been rotating amongst themselves so that each boy got to feel both hands of each girl (and the mouth of Ashley)-when suddenly, while watching her friend make out with a black teen girl on screen, Rachel had an unexpected orgasm.  She started shuddering. 

“Now guys!”  Miss Lucy yelled.

All of a sudden all 5 black teens stood over the 2 girls.  They jerked themselves off, covering the two white teens heads and faces with a tremendous amount of cum.  As soon as they were done, they got dressed and left.  The teens were left, on the bed covered in cum, still back to back, while Miss Lucy photographed them from all sorts of angles.

“Lick each others faces clean, bitches!  Turn around and face each other. “

The mortified friends did as they were told, for the first time getting a good luck at the sweaty and cum drenched other. Ashley quickly licked and sucked the cum off the face and exposed red ball gag of her busty friend.   She quickly unfastened the gag so Rachel could return the favor.

Lucy was soon satisfied and finished photographing the pair.

“You girls are filthy.  I think you 2 can take an hour to shower and clean up.  From now on, you two are on the buddy system.  So be gentle with each other.  Oh.  And Ashley.  Youll find a camera in the bathroom. Make sure you videotape yourself shaving Rachels pussy.  I want the sides perfectly smooth but you are to leave hair on top.  I want her clean enough not to stick out of a small bikini bottom but with plenty of hair on her mound. The night is young and there is so much more to do.”

To Be Continued……        



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