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Mistress Wife Patricia

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Synopsis: Wife turns her chauvinistic husband into a sissy slut cross-dressing whore.
Patricia had her fill of her husband



Story Codes:  F/m F+/m M+/m Cross-dressing D/s B/D Bondage Humiliation


Synopsis: Wife turns her chauvinistic husband into a sissy slut cross-dressing whore.


Introduction:  Hello, I’m fairly new at writing stories and I write to help stimulate my fantasies and I hope that it may stimulate your fantasies.  I am not currently involved in a dom/sub relationship but I have had several real life Mistresses in the past and I find I crave the real life scene more and more it is like an additciton.  I would love to hear what you think of my stories and I would love to develop an online relationship with a Mistress or Master in hopes we could inspire each other.  Although I have only served Mistresses I have found myself wondering what it would be like to submit to a dominant couple or cross-dresser.  I have always been turned on by the feel and look of the fabrics of women’s clothes as a result I have been cross-dressing for years and all my stories will contain themes of cross-dressing.  If you would be kind enough to provide feedback my e-mail address is


Mistress Wife Patricia

By Cissykandi



Patricia had her fill of her husband.  That chauvinist prick was going to get what he deserved.  Patricia felt she had been putting up with his a women’s place is in the kitchen bullshit long enough.  The thought that dinner should be ready when he came home from work and housecleaning was women’s work was driving Patricia nuts.  Well she thought enough was enough she had decided it was time for her to take control of her pathetic wimp husband.


Patricia spent the day getting ready for the transformation.  She knew that when she wore hot pants she would turn that chauvinist prick to mush.  She went out and got herself a sexy new pair of hot pants.   She was dressed and ready to start her plan.  That prick was due home any minute and Patricia was ready.


She wore a pair of black stiletto boots that rose up her long legs to the top of her delectable thighs.  She wore a strapless black leather corset that accented her luscious breasts.  What was going to reduce her pathetic husband to mush was going to be her tight leather hot pants.  These were laced at the sides so you could glimpse Patricia’s delicate smooth Latin skin.  Patricia decided not to lace the crotch of the hot pants up so the hot pants were crotch less for the big event.


Patricia was a vision of Latin beauty when the chauvinist pig arrived home.  I froze when I looked at my wife.  Her dark eyes mesmerized me.  Her jet-black hair was tied back tight and I was drawn to her ruby red lips.


I walked over to her and pulled her in close.  She rubbed her ass covered in the leather hot pants over my groin until she felt me swelling.  She led me down the hall to our bedroom and once there pulled me in close then viciously brought her knee up into my groin.  When I doubled over she hit me with all her might sending me reeling onto the bed.  With a flash she jumped on me and chained me spread eagle onto the bed.


Before I could protest Patricia straddled my chest and began slapping my face yelling “from now on you are mine.  No more of your chauvinist attitude from now on you will wear panties and corsets with stockings on you will wear high heels and a maids uniform.  You will present yourself for inspection 3 times a day and you will be severely punished for each infraction.  You will do all the housecleaning, cooking and any other duty I see fit.  You are no longer a man let a lone man of this house.”  Patricia then stuffed several of her old panties into her stunned husbands mouth and undid the chains on his legs long enough to slide black panties on him and seemed stockings.  Patricia then punched me in the groin and said “are you going to be any trouble for me bitch?” you could barley hear me mumble “no”  “That is Mistress Patricia to you slut and from now on you will only speak when spoken to” Patricia then released my hands long enough to slide on a corset and satin maids dress on me.   Patricia then secured me to the bed again and applied an excessive amount of makeup.  I was now a feminized sissy slut and my look was finished off with a platinum blonde bimbo wig and maids cap. 


Patricia started to giggle and rub me, her feminized hubby’s satin covered crotch.  “I think your giving yourself away slut, your hardness is telling me you like being my feminized slut bitch. I bet you want me to fuck your ass well that’s going to happen but not yet.   Patricia then got off of me, her pathetic bitch boy and returned with a black leather-riding crop.  She stuffed a pair of her old soiled panties into my mouth and began slamming the crop into my thighs.  Patricia yelled “ for years you have been demanding oral sex from me serving your pathetic little prick but no more from now on you’re my bitch boy and your going to lick me until the cows cum home.”  With that Patricia pulled the panties from my mouth and started humping my face forcing my tongue deep inside of her. 


Patricia began rubbing and teasing me but did not allow me to cum my panties were soaked in precum.  Patricia had me, her tamed husband begging for release.  Patricia did not allow me to cum until I promised to be her bitch maid from now on.  I also agreed to lick my own cum up whenever I was allowed to orgasm and from now on it was clear that Patricia my wife controlled my orgasms as well.  I was now a useless bitch boy and I then exploded in my panties.  Patricia released me and had me tie on the maid’s apron and she pulled my cum soaked panties down and had me lick the juice out of them. 


Patricia then kicked me in the groin sending me down again.  I did not know my wife was so powerful and there was nothing I could do to subdue her or to get away.  While on the ground I saw my wife remove the tape from the hidden tape recorder and lock it away.  Patricia told me my old life was now over if anything happened this tape would be distributed on the net, at my work and to my family.  Patricia then sent my beaten ass her defeated sissy maid out to finish the household choirs.  


The inspection of the house did not take long there were a few areas that did not meet up to Mistress Patricia’s expectations and I would be punished for my misdeeds.  It was then the doorbell rang.  Patricia was giggling and hissed “that’s right for years I was embarrassed by the way my chauvinistic husband treated me and now it time for our friends to see the old chauvinistic sissy boy is reduced to a dress wearing drag hag maid.”  With a hard slap on the ass I went mincing to the door and greeted Mistress Patricia’s guests.  The 3 women entered giggling at my predicament.  I curtsied and as I turned to lead them into the living room I felt my ass being pinched.


The ladies were seated and I began to serve the drinks like a good maid.   Mistress had me start the VCR.  All of a sudden the scene of my demise was being played on the big screen TV.  I could not keep my face from turning a bright shade of red as the women roared with laughter.  I was instructed to apologize to each lady for the misdeeds I had done after kissing their feet it was decided I would be put over their knees and spanked 50 times by each women. 


It was not long before my ordeal was over my ass aglow from the onslaught.  Mistress then lowered my panties and rammed a but plug into me and pored liquid honey into my panties.  I was then tied to a chair as the ladies left for the club.  As I sat in my sticky panties having been feminized and beaten by my wife and her friends I could not help but ponder my new life of servitude.  It was not until late the next day my wife returned and released me to shower and get the honey off of my body.  As I got out of the shower she had another maids outfit waiting and it was then I began to reflect on my old chauvinistic attitudes and realized how those attitudes were going to come back and haunt me.


One of my chauvinistic attitudes was that I had been that I would refer to my wife as the ol’ball and chain.   But now my wife Patricia had reduced me to a pathetic pantied wimp sissy maid.  Patricia known as Mistress Patricia to me now decided I should know what a ball and chain felt like.


Mistress had me in his ridiculous maids uniform.  Mistress found it funny that the silk stockings, panties and short maids uniform turned me on, but no matter Mistress would keep her me down.  Patricia would not allow me to receive pleasure from my predicament in panties.


6” stiletto heels were locked over my black silk stockings.  Underneath the short black maids uniform was a pair of black panties.  Mistress had concocted an itching powder that she generously sprinkled in the crotch of the panties.  A white frilly apron hung over the ensemble.  What made the outfit different was a length of chain that wrapped around my chest and locked in place.  Shackles ran from my writs to the chain.  This prohibited me from playing with myself since the silk and satin panties turned me on it also stopped me from scratching from the torment of the itching powder in the panties but did allow some movement for me, my wife’s bitch boy to do my household chores.


I was a mess since my Mistress wife had turned me into a wanton sissy maid I had been whipped, spanked, paddled teased and reduced to eating my own cum from panties I had been forced to wear.  Now my Mistress wanted me to know what a ball and chain felt like.  As a result chains have been attached to my silk covered ankles and I had been chained to the stove while preparing meals and now I had been chained to the vacuum for the last 3 hours while I did the house cleaning.


I was in a state my ankles hurt from the chain rubbing me raw the stiletto shoes were killing his feet.  My ass burned from the constant beating and the inability to scratch my crotch from the itching caused by the itching powder that had been poured into the crotch of my panties.   Mistress had found she enjoyed having her ass licked and sucked and kissed but was disappointed with my performance and a punishment was in order.


Mistress looked so sexy and to say sexy that was an understatement.  She wore tight black leather hot pants with a long sleeved black leather top.  Black leather gloves kept hands from stinging when she spanked me but spanking was just playing for Patricia when it was punishment time she used much more evil implements.  Around her waist was a black leather belt with metal diamonds studs.  This enabled her to rub her luscious leather clad thighs against her me teasing me to the brink of orgasm then Mistress would hug me tight so the studs would drive into me.  The studs would grind into my flesh tormenting me further and ending any pleasure I was getting from rubbing on my Mistress’s thighs.  I would begin to think my only hope of orgasm was to use my wife’s thighs to masturbate myself against.


I was just a silly slut to my wife now and I was not able to see her gorgeous face her long flowing dark hair cascading over her leather clad shoulders or the irresistible ruby red lips.  I was being punished and I was chained face down on the floor unable to move.  Mistress had been running her whip over my slut ass for the last half hour.  My legs and ass were crossed with red strips and his cheeks were beyond bright red.  Mistress was admiring her handy work as she dug her high-heeled thigh high boots into my ass.  Mistress wanted to show me that I was there for her pleasure so she buckled on her strap on and began screwing my whipped beaten ass.  When she grew bored with it she withdrew and told me that I was a sniveling slut to pull my panties up and get back to work.  Mistress then chained a metal ball to my ankles and left me a degraded whipped sissy boy to my household chores.   Mistress was in a playful mood. 


She took great delight in telling me that for years I had not been able to satisfy her and that as a man I was useless.   I was told that she no longer had to hide the fact that she had a girlfriend.  Women provided better sex and a lot more affection that I had shown in our many years of marriage.  It was Saturday and her girlfriend was due to arrive that evening for an evening of romance.  To kill the time Mistress decided it was time to have some fun with her feminized sissy husband.


My Mistress wife wore a white satin thong that glowed through her black nylons that encased her long slender legs.  Her knees locked tight against my neck making me gasp for breath as her crotch lay over my bright red lipstick covered mouth.  Her musk and legs exciting my body making my mind spin with desire.  Her constant teasing kept me insane with desire as she rubbed her crotch over my mouth.  Mistress began sliding her pantied coved crotch up over my nose forcing her ass cheeks to slide around my nose.  She loved the feel of my breath running between her ass cheeks.  She would lift her ass every so often for me to get air and as she did so she would gaze over her shoulders into my eyes so I would see the power she possessed over me.  When she saw that my panties were soaked with precum and felt that I was enjoying myself a little to much, she decided it was time for a bit of pain.  After all, I was a slut for her pleasure and nothing else.


She spun around so she was facing my bound feet, as I lay helpless beneath her.  The weight of her ass was heavy on my face as my nose scrunched up her ass.  Her black stiletto heels were pressed tightly against the side of my face.  The feel of the cold leather of her shoes against his skin felt so good to me but it was not enough to take his mind off of the pain.


Her knees were rubbing over the muscles in my upper arm.  She was putting her full weight on them and rubbing and grinding her knees over my muscles.  It did not take long for the burning to set in as her nylons rubbed my skin red and my shoulders began to feel like they were being pulled apart.  Mistress then began slapping me slut lightly on the thighs with her riding crop working her way over the bitch’s panty covered erection.  Every so often the crop would connect with one of my balls.  The pain was unbearable and my body would convulse and my head would rocket up her ass in convulsions.  Mistress loved this.  The pain coursing through my body from the crop on my balls left me feeling like I would vomit.  As soon as I settled down it seemed the next strike would hit and the pain and convulsions would begin again.  There was certainly no pleasure in this and my erection was long gone.


I lost track of time on how long this went on for but it was great relief when I found it time for me my wife’s bitch maid to help Mistress get ready for her evening with her girlfriend.  Mistress enjoyed forcing me a pathetic sissy to watch her lovemaking knowing how the site of two leather clad women turned me on.  What was funnier was that I would be beaten by her lover and then bound and strung up over the bed so I could watch the lovemaking and get no release for myself.


I was now bound from the ceiling hanging looking down over the bed.  I could see my reflection in the mirror, which added to the humiliation.  I had been reduced to a panty wearing sissified bitch boy for my wife and her girlfriend.  My Mistress wife now reclined on the pillows giggling as her lover circled her wimp sissy.  I could see my wife’s lover black boots the silver eyelets where the lace ran threw glistened in the light.  Her heels clicking over the hardwood and the long laces of the boots swung like my wife’s lover’s luscious hips swayed to the romantic music playing in the background. 


A pair of silver bells were clipped to my sissy’s balls and every time I moved the bells would ring.  My wife’s lover’s reflection in the mirror showed a glowing evil face of a sadistic women who truly loved to make a man scream, especially one that has been reduced to a feminized panty sissy whore.  Her short black hair was cropped around her face.  Her tight leather dress clung to her enhancing every luscious curve of her body.  The leather dress was as black as the whip she twirled threw the air.  The reflection then showed the whip go extended behind her and the full force of her arm brought the leather whip slashing against my panty covered ass.  My thighs rocked and the sound of the bells clipped to my balls rang out.  After six strokes she crossed to the other side and rang six more strikes with the whip across my other ass cheek.  The two women then rolled into each other’s arms their lips locked and hands caressed each other.  As the two women began their night of lovemaking the sound of bells jingled as my sissy’s hips began to rock as if screwing the air would help relieve my erection.  The two dominant women could not help but giggle at my predicament as they continued their lovemaking.


Mistress Patricia woke and as ordered I had served her coffee in bed.  She lay on her stomach reading a glamour magazine while I licked and kissed and worshiped her ass.  Mistress Patricia loved the power she held over her former chauvinistic husband who had now been reduced to her sniveling sissy bitch boy.


The more she humiliated me the more aroused she became.  It was decided that since she reduced her husband to wearing frilly satin women’s panties and dresses it was time for the slut to make her debut in public and what better way than to take him to the beauty parlor for a perm.  She giggled ordered the slut to stop licking her ass.


Patricia called her friend Carol who owned a hairdressing shop and told all about her new sissy husband.  Carol, a strong believer in female supremacy loved the idea and said to bring her feminized sissy into the shop around noon and to dress the slut anyway Patricia felt was appropriate.


Patricia looked at me and said, “well you useless slut I think its time to get your hair styled like a proper bimbo slut you have become.  Since I am going to the trouble of making you look pretty I think you should dress the part”


It did not take long me to get my make up done.  Mistress Patricia loved excess amounts of makeup and lipstick on me.  There was enough cheap perfume that you could smell me coming down the hall.  Mistress Patricia had me sliding on pair of black crotch less pantyhose and a black satin evening dress that clung to my body accenting my thighs and smooth shaved legs.  Mistress had attached a pair of false breasts on me that held the strapless gown on me.  The fabric of the dress ran threw the center of the falsies and around my neck.  Around my neck was also a silver dog choke collar with a chain leash dangling form it.  I also wore a pair of black stiletto heels that accented my legs and forced my ass outward and caused my hips to sway as I walked.  Mistress Patricia decided it was time for some jewelry so around my ankles she secured a set of leg irons that were chained together.  The chain was short and caused me to walk in very small steps.  I wore long black satin gloves that ran up to my shoulders and locked around my wrists were steel bands and chain ran in front of me from one arm to another.  This restricted my movements a lot but did allow me some movement in my hands.    As I looked in the mirror at my image I could not believe it, my mistress wife had turned me into a sexy sissy fuck slut.  I could not believe the image of this bound beauty was I.  The feeling of being bound by my sexy mistress wife, the feel of the satin dress on me had me aroused and it was then I realized my satin black panties had been soaked with precum and the front of my satin gown was beginning to show wet spots.  Mistress laughed and said, “Well, well my horny little bitch boy likes this. Well time to get your hair done”.


We must have looked a sight as Mistress Patricia led me by the leash.  A feminized sissy bitch boy chained being dragged by a beautiful women wearing black shinny knee high boots, black nylons and a white silk top that tucked into black shiny leather hot pants.  As I was guided into the beauty saloon the women roared with laughter at the site of a feminized male sissy being dragged into the shop by this beautiful dominant women.

Carol approached and she was a beauty.  Like Mistress Patricia she wore high-heeled boots that went to just below her knees.  However they were fire engine red.  These red boots matched the bright red hot pants that shaped Carols luscious thighs.  A tight knit black top was tucked into her hot pants.  The top accented her shapely breasts. 
”Well Patricia you have done a wonderful job turning your useless husband into a real sissy boy.  You know a perm would make this sissy look like a real bimbo and we can do it in the chair by the window after all it would be a shame not to show your slut off.”


It was then I found myself on display in the shop window while this gorgeous hairdresser completed my transformation into bimbo slut.  Carol would brush against me any chance she had while she worked her magic on me.  Her perfume overpowered the scent of the chemicals used on my hair.  It was not long before I realized a crowd had gathered at the window laughing at the sissy boy dressed in an evening dress.  Carol had my hair wrapped in curls.  “Well now little slut, we have to wait for the chemicals to set so your lovely curls will turn out pretty for you” Now most women take this time to read a magazine but you sissy seem to have drawn an audience so your going to show them what a slut you are by letting them watch you suck on my dildo while we wait.”  The whole salon was roaring with laughter at the site of me.  My face was bright red with embarrassment.  It seemed like ages had gone by when I was released from the chair. 


I could not believe my eyes I had been totally transformed into a bimbo sissy.  I was staring into the mirror at the image of my chained body in a satin gown.  The curly hair did exactly what was intended I looked like a dumb bimbo sissy fuck slut.  It was then I felt the sting of mistress hand slapping my face and heard Mistress screaming “you horny little slut your dress is soaked through with cum, how dare you embarrass me like this”.  It as then mistress bent me over the chair so I was facing the crowd in the window the sound of the laughter was not enough to drown out the smacking of the hairbrush as Mistress Patricia spanked my sissy ass.


Later that night Mistress Patricia had me wearing a gold satin and lace corset.  White lace straps ran off of the corset and held the black silk stockings that wrapped tightly around my legs in place.  Shiny gold satin panties clung tightly to me and my excitement of wearing women’s panties was clearly visible.  Since my Mistress wife Patricia feminized me she found the feel of satin and silk kept me aroused.  She loved to keep me excited and unable to cum she was delighted to see the torment and frustration in my eyes.  She would also dress extremely sexually so the vision of her would also keep me aroused.


Mistress was laying on the couch her long slender sexy legs encased in black leather boots lay spread out before me.  I was on my knees licking her boots brining them to a glossy shine.  My tongue and lips slid up and down the soles I sucked on the 6” heel and I swirled my tongue over and around each eyelet the laces went around.  Each boot had 40 eyelets and I brought each one to a silvery shine the black laces hung down in a delicate bow.  As I did my duty cleaning her boots I gazed at her luscious leather encased thighs.  She wore black leather hot pants that clung so tight.  The beauty of her luscious thighs kept me entranced and under her evil spell and she knew I would do anything for my Mistress wife.  As I liked her boots I saw her swirling a pair of chrome handcuffs around in circles.  I knew it would be only a matter of time before I would find myself in bondage.  Mistress loved to keep me in tight bondage and tease me for hours without letting me cum.


Mistress used her leather boot to push on my shoulders sending me backwards leaving me sprawled on the floor.  Like a flash she was on top of me grinding her hips encased in leather hot pants on my satin pantied covered crotch.  She began kissing my lipstick-covered face.  I was so caught up in the moment I did not hear the dreaded locks of the handcuffs click into place.  Mistress Patricia got up and glared at me and said, “Well now that we have resolved your former chauvinistic attitude it is time for you to start making amends.  You have embarrassed me among my friends in the way you treated me and over the next few days they will see what I have done to that chauvinistic prick.  They will see you are nothing but a panitied sissy bitch boy.  Today is the day my Mother comes and sees what a sniveling sissy you have become.  She always said I should not put up with you and well today you make amends.”


My mother in law was over 50 and large boned.  She was a large lady not fat but strong and powerful.  She had never like me but tolerated me for the sake of her daughter.  I knew that if Patricia let her at me I was in for a severe pounding.  I went beat red with embarrassment when my mother in law entered the room to find me handcuffed and hogtied in shiny gold panties and silk stockings.  My hair in curls and finger and toe nails painted bright red to match my ruby red lipstick.  Her laughter rang out.  “oo Patricia you have really done a wonderful job turning him into a sissy.  I could not believe it when you told me how you tamed that chauvinistic bitch of yours.  My mother in law glared into my eyes and said, “Well now I guess it is time for your lesson you pantied little bitch.”


Patricia’s mother was always a very fashionable dresser and I must admit she looked good, for a woman her age.  She knew what Patricia had done for me so she dressed the part.  She wore a long leather skirt with a slit on the side revealing black nylon encased legs.  Patricia’s Mom had me over her knees and was spanking my ass.  The feel of the satin tight against my crotch along with me rubbing against my Mother in laws’ thighs caused me to become aroused again and was not long before my panties were soaked in precum.  My desire to cum was as high of an emotional level as my embarrassment of being feminized and spanked over my mother in laws lap.


My mother and law began laughing and said “well Patricia you sure have a real slut on your hands you better keep a tight rope on this one.  The little bitch is actually getting turned on by this.”  “Oh yes” replied Patricia.  “I have kept him aroused and bound so he can not jack off.  I have been teasing him for 4 days now.  I may let him cum tomorrow or maybe not it depends.”  I was then hogtied again by Mistress Patricia and a penis gag inserted in my mouth.  The last thing I heard was there heels clicking on the wooden floor, as I lay immobile on the floor.


It was late in the evening when Mistress returned she had taken her boots off and I gazed up her long legs that were accented by black silk thigh highs.  I gazed at her leather-covered ass wishing I could dive my face into it.  Her long silky black hair hung over her shoulders and my eyes froze as I saw the leather crop that was held in her hand.  “You fucking slut, you whore, you bitch! Do you know how embarrassed I was when you almost ejaculated on my Mother! How dare you!”  Mistress the pulled me by my hair dragging me over the stool and began pounding on my ass with the crop.  When Mistress was finished with my beating a but plug was rammed into place and I was left bound over the stool my ass burning from the onslaught.  Mistress said, “That’s enough for now you stupid fucking slut I will be back in the morning and finish you up with my whip.  I hope this little warm up gives you something to think about what you’re going to get in the morning”.  Her whip was then thrown down in front of me to stare at, for in the morning that evil tormenter will be dancing over my ass.


My Mistress wife Patricia had awoken early to resume her punishment on me for my uncontrollable arousal from when her Mom had me over her lap and spanked me.  Her whip had been dancing over my ass and legs for the past 30 minutes.  My ass was on fire and no matter how hard I was treated by my mistress her beauty and the way she loved to humiliate me kept me aroused and full of desire to please her I was her puppet for her to play with.


Patricia hissed “now you useless sissy slut my friend Jean will be here soon and you will address her as Mistress Jean Whip and believe me you will know why she is known as Mistress Whip.”  Mistress Patricia wanted her friend Jean to see me looking like a total sissy.  My hair had been styled and in the curls pink ribbons were tied.  I wore pink lace corset, fluorescent pink satin panties and bright pink silk stockings.  Black stiletto heels were locked on my feet; bright pink lipstick sparkled on my lips.  A pink collar was fastened around my neck and the chain leash dangled over my pantied covered ass.  Mistress Patricia then chained my wrists to rings that were secured in the ceiling of our newly designed dungeon.  My legs were spread apart and anchored to the floor leaving me totally immobile.  Mistress then approached me and began licking and kissing my ears and rubbing my hardness through my pink satin panties.  It was not long before I was fully erect and leaking precum staining my panties.  Mistress giggled and left me anxious for relief.


I was in such a state when Mistress Jean Whip entered and saw me hanging dressed in pink women’s underwear with makeup and pink bows in my hair.  The two women were giggling and teasing me at my predicament.  Mistress Jean Whip was a goddess and that was an understatement.  My first glimpse of her had me mesmerized.  Her dark silken hair was cropped around her framing her exquisite face.  Her ruby red luscious lips and dark piercing eyes drew your entire soul in deep with desire.  Around her neck was a black leather necklace with chains flowing down her ample breasts leaving you with a desire to kiss and lick her breasts cleaning those chains with your tongue.  Her black leather bra was covered in sharp metal studs so Mistress Jean Whip’s prey would get no pleasure from her breasts being pushed against you.    A thick black leather belt was secured around her waist accenting her luscious thighs but also sending a warning that the belt would also make a tremendous punishment tool.  The sexiest pair of black leather hot pants shaped her body.  They shone so bright they were like a mirror so when you were on your knees before her you could see your reflection.  A shinny silver zipper told any worshiper that access to the treasure beyond those sexy leather hot pants was going to be very costly price but her beauty was worth any punishment.  High-heeled boots with leather going just above her knees commanded respect and worship from her long shapely legs.  Her arms were encased in long shoulder length leather gloves and dangling in her hand was her trademark whip.


Her heels clicking on the cement floor left a chilling feeling as she circled me as she giggled and laughed at me her helpless prey.  “You stupid, stupid sissy, Patricia should have sissified and beaten your slut ass long ago now your going to learn how to respect a women” With that Mistress Jean Whip started whirling her tool of torment over and over my body.  With each snap on my flesh I would shake and my chains would rattle only to be drawn out by the laughter of my wife Mistress Patricia and her devilishly sadistic friend Mistress Jean Whip.  At the end of Mistress Jeans’s onslaught I was left hanging and my entire body was remembering the torment brought on by this gorgeous domineering women.  Mistress Jean said, “You know Patricia you should really let this fucking slut feel like a true whore.  I know a couple of sissy sluts that have not been allowed to orgasm for a week I bet they would love to rape this slut of yours leaving him covered in cum and feeling used and abused and left like a cheap piece of meet.”  “Well Jean I bet the slut would enjoy it but I don’t know if I want the slut to cum lets go out to dinner and discuss it after all it might be fun to have a little show.  Maybe the little bitch boy will finally realize what his mouth and ass are for.  Lets chat about it a dinner.”  Jean said to Patricia “well Patricia dear who said anything about your bitch boy whore being able to cum” I was then left in the dark my ass still stinging from my introduction to Mistress Jean Whip thinking of what may happen if Mistress Jean Whips sissies get to work on me.

I had never been attracted to men before and I was dreading the ravishing that was going to be done by Mistress Jean Whip’s sissies.  To me I have always found the way women’s clothing looked and felt like to be very sexual and very stimulating.  That’s why I found being feminized by my Mistress wife Patricia a sexual thrill.  It was such a turn on that my head was dizzy from the constant arousal caused by the sensation of my satin panties rubbing against me.  I must confess I had often fantasized about being dominated by a cross dresser or transvestite and from the sound of Mistress Patricia and Mistress Jean Whip I would soon find out what it is going to be like being a sissies sissy.


The two sissies entered and it was obvious they were excited to have me for their release.  They were dressed like salt and pepper one in black the other white.  The first to approach me was dressed all in white with blonde wig.  A white lace bra was on but nothing filled the cups.  The silk panties had a definite bulge.  White silk stockings were fastened to her satin garter belt.  I was unchained from the ceiling and brutally pushed down on my knees where I was ordered to start sucking her off threw her panties.  She was now popping out of her panties and the shaft was being rammed down my throat my head was being forced hard into the sissies crotch as my face and mouth were pounded harder and harder until she pulled away in time for my face to be sprayed with cum.


The second sissy was all in black.  A dark pageboy wig topped her ensemble and she wore black crotch less pantyhose over a short knit mini dress that was hiked up over the erection coming out of the pantyhose.  Again my mouth was assaulted and to keep me inspired the first sissy began hammering my ass and it was not long before my ass and mouth were covered in cum. 


I was so humiliated, my wife had feminized me left me beaten and bound wearing pink panties and corset and pink stockings.  To top it off she left me to be assaulted over and over again by two sissies.  As I lay defeated on the ground cum dribbling down my face and cum matted in my hair I could feel cum dribbling out of me and running down my silk covered legs.  The unbelievable thing was that the clothing on these demanding sissies and the way their touch manipulated me I had become so turned on and desperate to cum.  I was in frenzy and begging them to fuck me more and to let me cum.  Mistress Jean Whip was laughing at the display saying “what a total sissy slut, what a cheap whore I’m glad your getting this video taped Patricia”  Ohh yes Jean the little bitch is going to be a regular star I have already posted her transformation pictures on the web and now this video will do wonders for my little slut”


Mistress Jean Whip and Mistress Patricia finally gave in and allowed the sissy in white to rub me threw my satin panties until I filled them with cum and I exploded soaking my pink satin panties.  I was then thrown on my back my panties pulled off and I was forced to suck and lick my cum out of them.  My panties were shoved into my mouth my satin covered legs were then pushed back so my ankles were in the air as I watched the frenzied look of lust in the other sissies eyes and I watched him screw my ass again.  The laughter of the Mistresses was echoing as the video camera rolled on.


I was left used and humiliated by the two sissies and my face was down on the floor I was trying to hide my face due to my humiliation.  It was then a toe from Mistress Jean’s leather boot was used to lift my chin up so I was staring up into the crotch of her thighs wrapped deliciously in shiny black leather hot pants.  Her beauty hypnotized me and the light sparkling on the silver zipper of the leather hot pants had me entranced. The smell of the leather mixed with her perfume and my head began stirring with lust again. “Look at you, you sissy cum slut”  “you know Patricia I think you could make a few bucks by whoring your sissy out down at the gay bar.  You know you may like it as well.  I mean it really is easy reducing a pathetic man to his knees but you would not believe the feeling of power you get by spanking a women over your knees or feeling her soft lips on your thighs.  Besides how low do you think this slut cum whore would feel knowing that he can’t service you well enough so that you have to have a women brought in to keep you satisfied.”


Patricia giggled and said “what a fantastic idea lesbianism always turned this slut on maybe watching him get dominated by men while I’m pleasured by a beautiful women would be fun” With that I found myself back in bright fluorescent pink panties and a short flared pink mini skirt being led into the club by a leash.  I was kept on my knees my leash anchored to the brass bar that circled the dance floor.  Mistress Patricia had taken red lipstick and wrote the word sissy across my forehead and the word cum on one cheek and slut on the other.  


As the crowd went by I was subjected to all sorts of insults, a few would slap my ass or run their feet up under my mini skirt teasing me through my panties but then I saw my Mistress wife leading another women onto the dance floor.  Mistress had led the blonde beauty onto the dance floor and was dancing slow their hips grinding into each other swaying to the music. 


Mistress Patricia’s hands were roaming all over the blonde’s ass that was covered by a pair of bright red leather hot pants.  The hot pants were cut high on the thigh showing off her long sexy legs that ran down to her feet that were displayed so sexually in a pair of red high heeled boots that went up halfway to her knees.  The golden blonde hair draped over her shoulders as she gazed back at me smirking that she was with my Mistress.  My Mistress wife Patricia began to feel the blonde’s breasts through her red vinyl top.  Zippers ran diagonally across the breasts and the zippers were now undone and Patricia’s hands were inside the top and you could see the arousal in the blondes eyes as my Mistress manipulated her breasts.  The top ended just above the belly button and a metal buckle held the top on tight.  Mistress then ran her fingers into the front of the blonde’s hot pants and whispered into her ear.   Then Mistress and the blonde left the dance floor and went down the hall to the bathroom.


It was shortly after that Mistress Jean Whip came up and said, “Well you useless whore I thought you would like to know that blonde is going down on your wife in the bathroom.  It was quite the show Patricia had the blonde begging to allow her to eat her and then Patricia bent the blonde over the bathroom sink and spanked her ass while at least 7 of us watched.  Then they went into the stall for privacy and we could still see the blonde sluts boots sticking out from under the stall door as she serviced your wife.  It seems like you cant do anything right your wife has to get her satisfaction elsewhere what a pathetic sissy you have become, I don’t even think a gay man would take your worthless slut ass right now. Well it has been fun putting you through your paces and next time we meet I’m going to be mean and nasty.  I’m sure there was a look of shock and humiliation as I watched the gorgeous leather encased ass of Mistress Jean leave me her high heeled boots snapping on the floor as she left me feminized in pink and chained to the bar that encircled the dance floor.


I saw the blonde that had been with Mistress she approached me her face was glowing as she glared at me.  Her hands smacked hard across my face causing the crowd around me to laugh.  The blonde said “your not to say a fucking word, your wife told me to drag your sorry ass out of here were going to your Mistresses house where I am going to bring her the pleasure your incapable of giving her” The blonde then stuffed the panties she had been wearing into my mouth and I could taste the blondes nectar that had soaked into the panties.  And so it was my leash was in the blonde’s hands and she had me crawl behind her as we left to meet Mistress Patricia. 


As I drove us home the two women were in the back seat they were feeling each other’s bodies and kissing.  The smell of sex and moaning was driving me wild.  I would get a glimpse of the two beauties in action through the rear view mirror and the site along with the sensation of my feminized body had me hard with desperation.  Mistress Patricia then began telling the blonde all about my feminization how I begged for a sissies cock earlier that evening.  The blonde was laughing and giggling and taking pleasure in the fact that I would soon feel her wrath.  The blonde was jealous of the time I had with my wife because she wanted to be Patricia’s sole servant and she was going to take her feelings out on my ass with a crop as soon as we arrived home.


We arrived home and the blonde quickly picked a pair of golden chains out from the toy chest.  The chains were clamped around my ankles so they hobbled my legs.  A set of chains was also locked around my wrists in front of me.  Another chain ran from the chain between my ankles to the chain between my wrists.  Mistress Patricia lay on the bed watching my predicament laughing and calling me names. The blonde was really enjoying this when she selected a vicious riding crop and began cropping my ass with a sadistic viciousness I hoped I would not feel again.


My wife then called the blonde to her and after the last blow of the crop the blonde fastened a chain around my waist and secured it to an eyelet in the wall.  As I stood in bondage I watched the two women explore each other’s bodies and watch them both explode with ecstasy over and over again as I remained chained, beaten, feminized and horny without any relief.


Mistress Patricia awoke first and seeing me feminized beaten and chained to the wall brought an evil grin to her face.  Her blonde submissive girlfriend lay asleep between my Mistresses wife’s legs.  The blonde women my have been my Mistress wife’s submissive lover but it was clear that she had total command over me.


My legs ached from being chained upright to the wall all night long, my feet ached as I was still wearing my stiletto heels and my ass burned from the beating I received from my Mistresses blonde girlfriend. I was having trouble concentrating because my satin panties rubbed against my hardness all night long and the show of my wife and her lover kept me stimulated and my bonds kept me from relieving myself.


Mistress woke up her submissive with a sharp slap in the ass “wake up I’m going to get showered you change the sissies outfit I’ll let you pick out something fitting for the bitch boys outfit.”  Mistress left me with her vindictive blonde lover who wasted no time is stripping me out of my pink panties, corset and stockings.  When I was naked I was pushed to the floor and her high-heeled boots were being forced down on my chest.  She began pushing her weight down causing the stiletto heel of the boot to dig into my skin.  Just when the pain was getting too much she would lift her foot and the toe of the boot would clip my chin sending a sharp pain threw me.  “You know your wife had over six orgasms in 2 hours I bet a useless slut like you would not even bring her to one.  Well you may not know it yet but I’m going to be around a lot more and we’re going to get to know each other a lot better.  In fact as of now you are to address me as Mistress Lisa.  Now lets get you dressed you fucking slut”


Mistress Lisa selected a black satin thong that dug deep into the crack of my ass and was very uncomfortable but as she rubbed the satin that covered my groin I was quickly bulging and bucking for release.  Lisa then slapped me and said “you cheap bitch do you really think I’m going to bring you off, fuck you slut!” She then had me slide on a pair of fishnet stockings.  A black satin corset was then put on and Lisa had it laced so tight I could barely breath.  Long rubber gloves that went up to my shoulders were put on and a thick posture collar was locked in place so I could not turn my head.  Lisa led me like a dog into the kitchen where I was placed on the edge of a bar stool my legs shackled together my hands cuffed behind my back.  A short chain was attached to my posture collar and anchored to the shackles that locked my feet together causing me to keep my head bowed to the ground.   In this position I could only see the feet of anyone in my line of site and Lisa began rubbing me, teasing me and I was begging her to let me cum.  Lisa just laughed and said “you know I prefer women and your wife is going to let me serve her and she said I am going to be able to use you for a whipping post to get my frustration and disgust of men out on your ass” She then walked out of my line of sight.  I heard the two women talking but I could not tell what they were saying.  I could hear their kissing and then the door shut as Mistress Lisa left.


Mistress Patricia entered the room all I could see was her long luscious legs and sexy feet.  She wore high-heeled sandals that had a leather strap that wrapped up her leg all the way to her knee.  She unclipped my posture collar allowing my head to rise up and that’s when I noticed her fetish pair of hot pants.  The hot pants were black rubber and built into the front of them was a large thick dildo with false hard rubber balls.  A metal ring ran around the base of the fake penis and a metal chain ran from it.  Mistress then grabbed me by my hair and dragged me into the living room where she sat on the sofa and knocked me to my knees.  When I was down she clipped the chain that ran from her dildo hot pants to my posture collar forcing my head to look at the dildo hot pants the collar preventing my head from moving the smooth tender skin of her thighs rubbing on my cheeks.  Patricia then said. “Well you seemed to like having your ass plowed by sissies I thought I would give you fucking with my penis since you like being such a whore.  First I’m going to lay out a few rules and while I’m telling them to you your going to get those bitch lips moving and sucking my cock you slut”.


I quickly began running my tongue up and down the rubber shaft and sucking on the rubber balls.  My tongue swirled around the metal ring that held me locked to my mistress’s hot pants.  I found myself bobbing up and down as my mouth engulfed the rubber shaft.  Mistress then proceeded to tell me “Lisa is going to be my new submissive bitch girl but she will always have control over you.  She can punish you for what ever reason she wants and whenever and where ever she wants.  One of her duties is going to be my enforcer and another duty is to ensure your cock is always hard for me.  She also knows she is never to let you cum unless I give permission.  Now its time for your fucking bitch”.  My wife then unclipped me from her plastic penis hot pants threw me over the arm of the sofa.  Her hands pulled the back of the thong to the side tearing the fish net stockings so the ass now had a whole in them and started fucking me with fury.  The satin panties were still wrapped around my hard shaft and as I was having my ass slammed by my mistress I began rocking on the arm of the sofa and that was when I exploded filling my panties with cum.  My Mistress wife broke out laughing “what a fucking ass slut you are, I cant believe I fucked you until you cum in your panties what a fucking slut you are” I was then fed the cum that leaked threw my panties and then bound to the sofa Mistress then sat on my face her rubber hot pants hard on my face where I spent the afternoon locked beneath her ass wearing cum soaked panties.



My Mistress wife Patricia was getting me dressed before she was off to her sister’s for a visit.  Mistress had been teasing me for hours and she was dressed so sexual I could barley control myself.


Mistress had her silky black hair done up a strand dangled down behind her ear over her shoulders that was wrapped in a blue silk top.  Another strand ran down the other side of her face and brushed gently against her cheek.  Tight black leather hot pants kept her treasure locked from my touch.  Long black boots rode up against the smooth skin of her legs. 


Mistress had me dressed in white silk stockings, with black stiletto shoes.  As usual I was encased in satin panties that kept me aroused.  The white satin held me tight and mistress was manipulating me through my panties.  She stood behind me blowing in my ear and whispering “beg slut beg me some more tell me how much you want to cum.”  A white tight fitting satin dress clung to me and my lips were covered in lipstick and so I began begging to cum.  Mistress then said “no way you fucking whore I’m leaving that up to Mistress Lisa she is going to come over and make a tape of you demonstrating how much of a cum slut you have become.  As a reward for her she will then take the tape over to my sister’s where I will allow her to pleasure me while my sister watches the video and learns how much of a sissy my chauvinistic husband has become and what you have been reduced to” I was then bent over my mini dress riding over my ass exposing my panties and the tops of my stockings.  My wrists were then handcuffed to my ankles and with a slap on the ass she left me waiting for Mistress Lisa.


Mistress Lisa then entered the room and proceeded to set up the video camera.  She looked radiant from her evening of lovemaking with my Mistress wife.  Her long blonde hair was wildly draped along her shoulders.  She wore a leather corset that exposed her breasts and I could see where my mistress’s lipstick was still smeared over the breasts.   Her thighs were covered in a pair of high cut leather panties and dangling from her leather garter belt was a set of silver handcuffs.  Her long legs were wrapped in delicate black fishnet stockings.  In her hand was thick leather whip and dangling from the whips thick handle was at least 4-dozen thin strips of leather.  “Lisa then started giggling letting the whip slide up and down my pantied ass gently teasing me.  “So slut Mistress Patricia brought me to orgasm 3 times last night and you have still not cum.  You know it is up to me if you cum or not.”  Lisa circled around me giggling and calling me names the video recorder getting every sound and image of my derogation.  Then the whip struck on my ass.  Lisa paused and called me slut or bitch between each stroke my ass was on fire and streaks lay out across my skin between the top of my silk stockings and satin panties.  I knew that beneath my satin panties my ass was red as tomatoes.  “You seem to be such a cock hungry slut that you are going to be served up to two of my domineering cross dressing friends.   Patricia thought her sister would love a tape of you being reduced to a cum whore by two cross-dressing domes. 


I was then introduced to Mattie and Christy.  Mattie had her red hair done up tight high over her head.  Long leather boots ran up her legs over her knees to the short leather mini dress.  If it were not the glimpse of manhood beneath the leather skirt you would think she was a women as she rested her leather covered ass on the edge of the table.  She stared at me piercing me with her big brown eyes she licked her red lips that matched the red of her hair when she finally spoke “so you’re the new sissy cum slut. You are a pretty little bitch boy aren’t you and so hard in your panties I bet you want to suck on Mistress Matty don’t you slut”  her booted foot ran up my stocking covered legs and began to masturbate me through my satin panties with her booted foot.  I was begging to be able to cum calling myself slut, whore bitch and begging for her to fuck me.  You could here the laughter fill the room as I crawled to Mistress Matty and slid my head beneath the leather skirt.  The camera caught the action of my head bobbing up and down on Mistress Matty’s shaft.  Matty then pushed me away as she exploded covering my face in gooey cum.  The camera getting a close up as I licked the nectar from my face. 


It was then I met Christy.  She had dark raven hair a black plastic mini dress ran just below her crotch and a slender whip with 9 leather strands that ran of the handle dangled in her hands.  She also wore black leather boots that echoed on the floor as she paced behind me and let the whip dance across my ass until I was begging for her to stop and fuck me like the bitch I had been reduced to.  I was then pushed into Matty’s lap where she began to fuck my face again.  Christy began the assault on my ass and I was pumped on for over half an hour.  When the two cross dressers finished with me Lisa took the tape from the recorder and left to meet my wife and mistress to show the tape to her sister.  “I know it was up to me if you should be allowed to cum and I’m feeling generous so I will let you cum if you can.  But you should know that while I’m pleasuring your wife you will be bringing pleasure to Mistress Matty and Mistress Christy and about 20 of their friends as your going to be the gang bang slut at their cross dressing party.  Just think about the fun you will have as over 20 cocks invade that cute slut mouth of yours and bang that whipped ass.  Have fun slut boy” and we all left Mistress Patricia’s house.  Lisa to meet my wife with the tape and me being led by a leash behind to demonically vicious cross dresser to be there cum train of delight.


I had been released after hours of being gang banged by over 20 cross dressers.  I had been bound for hours and at the end of the evening the bucket of used condoms were emptied all over me in my panties, down my corset in my stockings and matted in my hair.  The hostess of the cross-dressers ball dropped me off at my Mistress wife Patricia’s sister’s house where my wife her girlfriend and her sister waited my return.   I was given a parcel to present to mistress when I entered.  I could barley walk up the driveway I was so sore from my assault.


As I entered the house Mistress Patricia was curled up on the couch with her hands working her magic on her lover Lisa.  Her sister was historical with laughter as she saw me feminized and walking bull legged from a night of being screwed.  I was bombarded with insults like ooo look at all the cum, what a fucking slut, what a whore.  I crawled to my mistress and presented her with the gift from the cross dressers.  When she opened the box videotape lay inside along with over 50 Polaroid pictures of my ordeal along with a slideshow of pictures on CD.


My sister in law could not wait to get her revenge on me and while I was on my knees she started slapping my tender ass with a thick leather belt.  Lisa inserted the tape and I witnessed my ordeal.  The highlight of the tape was when 6 cross dressers were getting off on me.  I was bound face down on the table my hands and face in a wooden stock.  One cross dresser had her mini skirt rolled up while she assaulted my mouth.  I had long satin gloves on and my satin covered hands were used to jerk two other cross dressers off.   My legs had been bound to the table at the knees while my legs were spread and forced outwards the bottoms of my feet were facing upwards.   A cross dresser was between my legs pounding my ass and spanking my thighs with a riding crop.  Two other sissies had removed my stiletto shoes and were jacking off on my feet encased in silk stockings.  You could tell by the stains that they were not the first to get off on my feet.  This brought howls of laughter from the three women and I could not hide my shame or my erection at being turned on by all of this.


My sister in law then said, “You know Patricia I think I could get into this I just don’t know if I want a sissy cum slut like this little bitch.”  Patricia said “why don’t you try a women if you want to try it I will loan you Lisa here.  She is my sub but does control my whore husband.”  At this point Lisa began to protest but Patricia cut her off with a slap on the face calling her an insolent slut.  Patricia said to her sister “you know I have met a submissive wife and husband that want to be dominated by a women if you want I can hook you up but first these two bitches have to be punished and I have a delicious idea.


It was not long before I was bound tight to Lisa ropes circled our bodies binding us together.  Ropes ran between out legs and around our necks forcing us together.  A double-ended dildo was placed in our mouths so our lips were touching with one end of the long dildo in my mouth the other in Lisa’s.  The two sadistic sisters then began circling us letting their whips strike alternately on our Asses.  As one flinched from the sting of the whip the dildo would be forced deeper down the others throat.  As my hips encased in satin panties began rubbing against Lisa’s thighs covered in leather hot pants I began to get aroused and eventually exploded.  Patricia and her sister roared with laughter that I could cum from this predicament.  The look in Lisa’s eyes of anger and disgust that I had cum on her told me I would pay dearly for my relief.  Patricia and her sister left Lisa and I hanging while they went to meet her sister’s slaves to be of the husband and wife that had been in search of a demanding feminine goddess.  


Patricia’s sister returned and released Lisa and I and told us we were to get our slut asses down to the car where Mistress was waiting for us.  Patricia then put us in the trunk for the ride home and when were home the punishment would begin now that playtime was over.


We arrived home when Mistress Patricia threw me against the wall and began beating my ass with a bamboo cane.  While I was getting peppered with the cane Lisa was ordered to get the strap-on fastened on to her.   “Well now you sissy cum slut you want to cum so bad your going to get your wish you slut I’m going to let you get fucked by Lisa.  Lisa I cant believe you embarrassed me in front of my sister like that you forget your place.  Now your going to fuck sissy and let the boy bitch cum like a cheap whore in heat.


I was bent over the couch my crotch hard in my satin panties was straining on the soft fabric arm of the leather couch.  A bright red ball gag was fastened into place my arms bound to a chain that ran around my waist.  My feet encased in dried sticky cum soaked silk stockings were tied to the legs of the couch.  Mistress then spread my panties allowing Lisa to guide her strap-on into me.  When Lisa was deep inside of me Lisa was then strapped down to me.  Her perfume was mesmerizing and her hot breath on my neck was driving me wild.  “Now Lisa, look at you tied to a cum soaked sissy and why? Just because you disobeyed me!  From now on you will do as you’re told when you’re told to.  Now you will have to bring pleasure to my useless sissy husband who does not deserve anyone as beautiful as us.”  With that she began laying the cane across Lisa’s ass.  Each time she flinched her hips would drive the dildo deep into me.  Mistress Patricia would increase the tempo of the cane then slow down.  “You know Lisa I really don’t want to do this much longer but I did promise sissy you would make him cum.”  The cane continued to smack on Lisa’s ass and she began to grind into me trying to get me off quickly.  What Lisa did not know was that under Patricia’s orders the cross dresser made me cum over and over again at the party and even though I was currently excited I was a long way to a climactic finish.  Lisa was working frantically to get me to climax she was bucking her hips, kissing and licking the back of my neck, rubbing her breasts over my back while Patricia danced her cane over Lisa’s ass.  Lisa began moaning and screaming “you whore, you fucking slut cum you bitch cum! You’re going to pay for this when I get to tan that sissy ass of yours your going to pay! Ooo you slut!”  With that I finally exploded and we were left bound to each other while mistress laughed at our predicament and went to have a shower leaving us bound together overnight.  Lisa was still pissed off at me and she began to whisper how she is going to get revenge on me and how she will never show mercy to me.  Lisa kept me from drifting off to sleep by biting me on the neck and ears. Her fingers were able to grab my thighs and she began pinching me.  It felt like a thousand ants were attacking my legs and neck as Lisa continued to torment me for hours.


Patricia returned wearing a short red silk robe and began laughing at all the red bite marks on my neck and my thighs red from Lisa pinching me.  She then untied us from our bounds and had Lisa lower her leather hot pants and begin to rub herself while she performed orally on my Mistress Wife.  Lisa was ordered to bring herself to climax but not cum without permission.  Lisa begged at least 3 times to cum only for Mistress Patricia to deny her the release and ordered her to stop playing with herself until the orgasm subsided.  Patricia had cum twice all over Lisa face grinding her hips over Lisa’s face leaving her juices sticky on Lisa. 


Lisa was still begging to cum the look of desperation on her face was evident.  Patricia then stuffed a vibrator left on a low setting into Lisa.  Lisa’s leather hot pants were then put back on trapping the devilish toy deep inside of her.  Patricia snarled at Lisa “you don’t deserve to cum you will learn your place and that vibrator will stay locked inside of you and you are going to be bound to that sissy slut husband of mine with your face in his cum covered panties.


With that Patricia left us tied in a 69 position my arms to Lisa ankles and Lisa’s arms to my ankles.  I’m not sure what was turning me on more as Mistress left us for the night.  Either Lisa’s soft moaning and hot breath over my satin encased erection or the smell of her sex mixed with the perfume she wore that combined with the smell of the leather hot pants she wore.  I know Lisa was beyond sexual frustration because she began hammering her crotch into my face trying to get off on me while the vibrator buzzed softly in my ears.




I was in my maid’s outfit and had finished painting Lisa’s toes bright red and had dressed her in a short red leather mini-dress.  Mistress Patricia had been dressed in a short bright white leather mini-dress and was now dressing me in a short gold metallic vinyl mini skirt with a gold metallic bustier.  My Mistress Wife Patricia wanted to take her girlfriend Lisa to the local club to dance and watch her feminized sissy husband was get humiliated and laughed at.


I was lead into the club by a silver leash attached to a thick silver metal collar.  Patricia sent me to the bar to get drinks as she led Lisa to the dance floor.  As I made my way to the bar I was stopped by a blonde mistress yelling at me “you insolent slut!  Yes you sissy whore in the gold how dare you pass a mistress without a curtsy to show respect” I began blushing and curtsied a quick as I could but the mistress loud dominant voice and a slut bitch boy had already drawn a crowd of onlookers as I curtsied to the unknown Mistress.  The blonde goddess was really enjoying my embarrassment as she yelled, “get over here and kneel before me you slut whore!  You mistress seems to have failed teaching you any manors, maybe I should teach you, or are you some man’s bitch boy?  I bet you’re a cock whore aren’t you?  As I kneeled at her feet she began kicking her high-heeled feet in front of me mesmerizing me with her sexy legs accented by black nylons.  Her body was wrapped erotically in a one-piece black PVC sleeveless dress.  As her feet swung out she kicked me lightly in the groin but the pain from the pointy-toed high heels sent me face down on the floor in front of her.  The Mistress then dug the sharp heel into my shoulders and rolled me over my skirt flying over exposing my ass wrapped in gold metallic coloured satin panties.


At this point the crowd was laughing hysterically at the scene.  As I gazed up I saw Lisa and my Mistress wife glaring at me and laughing.  Patricia said “hi Ann I told you my whore husband was a useless slut” Ann replied “well Patricia I think you have a real pig slut on your hands I’m glad to hear from your Mother how you are keeping him under a iron fist so to speak.”  Well he is a pig and a slut so I say the little pig shows us how a pig slut behaves.  I was then pulled onto the dance floor crawling behind Lisa and Patricia.  Lisa began beating my ass with a riding crop yelling me to oink and squeal like a pig much to the crowds amusement.  Patricia was wearing a pair of pink 6” stiletto heels and beneath the heels between the heels and sole an apple had been placed.  I was then forced to eat the apple off of the dirty floor while Lisa danced the crop over my ass.  When the apple was finished my face was sticky with the juice from the apple and dirt from the floor was stuck to my cheeks.  I was then led around the dance floor crawling on my knees oinking like a pig.  Laughter and flash from cameras was going off adding to my humiliation. 


The crowd laughed even more when they saw my erection popping out of my satin panties.  People thought it was disgusting how I could be erect during such a humiliating display.  Lisa then decided I should be bound to one of the brass poles lining the dance floor.  When I was secured so I could not play with myself a leather punishment hood was placed over my head.  Leather pads kept me from seeing anything and light was prevented from entering the hood trapping me in total darkness.  A 4” cock gag was then locked into place and around my neck was the shiny thick metal collar with the large O ring on the front where my silver leash lay down over my gold corset and over my gold mini skirt my erection quite evident.  I was bound, unable to see and unable to touch myself for any relief as music filled my ears.  Stranger approached pinching me, rubbing me, slapping me and whispering insults into my ears.  I was a complete wreck when mistress lead me out into the parking lot where I was forced on my knees in the dirt going down on Mistresses, Masters and even some slaves because we all know there is nothing lower than a pig slut performing oral sex on strangers in a alleyway.  




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