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What if she wanted ...

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Synopsis: During a party, one girl asks \"What if she wanted to suffer permanent damage

What if she wanted…


“What if she wanted to suffer permanent damage?”

The silence that followed was deafening. We all looked at Candy, stunned. She looked back.

“Yes, What if she did want to have it done to her? Why not? Why would you deny it to her?”

Candy, my girlfriend of two years, when among friends, had this endearing custom of thinking out loud, and elaborating her ideas for everyone to hear; I called it “Thinking in front of her head” Sometimes it was cute; sometimes it was shocking.

But I digress. Here we were our group of 5 very close friends, me, my girlfriend Candy, Robert and his wife Vicky, and Yukiko. We met four years ago, well; Candy only joined two years ago, while skiing, and became very close friends. We started to rent property in the mountains together and, eventually, a three years ago, bought this house between the four of us, Robert and Vicky, Yukiko and myself, splitting the cost three ways, each of us owning a third of the place. Robert and Vicky being married, share their third.

We all work in the city, and on weekends and holidays, we always come to the house in the mountains. It is near enough the mountain resorts that we can get there easily, but it is remote enough to be isolated. This is kind of good, since we can get a little rowdy, and it is quite often that our dinners end up with the participants nude in the large hot tub.

Shortly after Candy joined us, on a night when we were more toasted than usual, we had our first group sex experience. It wasnt an orgy as such. In the hot tub Robert started fooling around with Vicky, and Yukiko playfully teased Candy. Things rapidly went downhill from there, and both Robert and I had sex with Yukiko. The girls seemed to have no problem with that, and the next day, at breakfast it became an established fact of life. Yukiko was not going to try and “steal” us from our girlfriends or wife, but she could share us. It did not take too long for us to start experimenting with bondage, and S&M. The girls were willing submissives, but we never tried anything really rough.

And this brings us to the day in question. On a Friday evening, after dinner and drinks, the topic of BDSM came up, and Robert and I had just stated that a dominant should never cause any permanent damage or scarring on a sub. Thats when Candy decided to think in front of her face, causing the conversation to come to a screeching halt.

“How about it?” Candy insisted, “What if she asks you to do something permanent to her? To prove herself to you. What then?”

While we were mulling this, Yukiko jumped in

“I for one find the idea exciting… Guess what, boys: If you want to do something permanent to me, feel free to do so. I love you both dearly, I do not want anybody else but you, and I am willing to give myself to either of you completely. Cancel my safe word from now on. If you are whipping me, do not stop until your arm is worn out, or until you are tired of it. What do you say?”

We really shouldnt have drunk that Absinthe today.

Robert looked at me, and we both said, somewhat sheepishly “Okay, if thats what you want, well do it”

The remainder of that weekend was actually pretty normal. We played golf and biked during the day, and had sex and B&D during the night. The only difference was how we treated Yukiko. When she was tied up for whipping, we did strike her harder than usual, not with those strokes that hurt only through repetition, but with real, honest cuts of the whip. Both of us thought that she would chicken out in the morning, and we wanted to take advantage of the occasion. To our surprise, she did not change her mind, neither on Saturday morning, nor on Sunday morning.

At lunch on Sunday, after a lazy morning, that we had to spend indoors due to a persistent rain, Candy spoke up.

“Simon” she told me “I also want to cancel my safe word. I love you more than anything, more than life itself. Feel free to do anything you want with me, or to me, and if it is permanent that is OK with me. I would ask you that if you are going to do some permanent damage to me, you let me know sometime in advance, so I can savor the anticipation; unless you want to do it in the spur of the moment; that would be OK too. And no, I am not speaking in front of my head; I thought this out for the whole night”

I had to agree to this, of course. Vicky hesitated for a while, but eventually decided she would not be the only one to stay out of this; she had also seen our lust for Yukiko this weekend, and I guess she wanted some of that too. She did not make a speech like Candy or Yukiko; she just said, simply:

“Me too”

What if we wanted…


What if she wanted



Usual disclaimers: Fantasy, Do not try this at home, keep away from children, void where prohibited or illegal






Chapter 1: Candy


I found it very hard to concentrate on work come Monday. The thought of Candy waiting at home for me, after her words on Sunday kept me horny for the whole day. By 4, I couldn’t handle the distraction anymore, and left early.

I decided I needed some implements but, this time I would not get them at the sex toy shop. I wanted the real thing. Near home, there was an elegant saddle shop. Some of the mansions nearby kept horses, and this shop catered to that clientele. I had only been there once, but I knew they had the real thing. I had also wondered how many of these crops, whips were actually used on horses, and how many on … a different kind of chattels.


I browsed around the shop, and, under the pretext of making a wall decoration, bought a springy crop, a long bullwhip and a flat leather strap, of the type favored by the Argentinean Gauchos. On impulse I also bought a number of leather thongs. “For the frame” I said, although I do not think the salesman was fooled at all.


When I finally got home, Candy met me at the door. It was obvious that she had been thinking along the same lines I was. She was wearing only a mid-thigh white see-through teddy, a white thong, and high heeled strap sandals. Her brown shoulder length hair was freshly done, and she had heavy eyeliner around her hazel eyes. As I gazed, actually, as I ogled her at the door, her nipples started getting erect over her B sized breasts. I entered the house and closed the door, before someone called the cops, this being a rather conservative neighborhood.


I showed her my purchases, and told her of my plans for the evening. After dinner, which only I would eat, since I did not think it would be good for her to eat a real meal before her ordeal, we would repair to the family room in the basement, for the upcoming festivities. It turned out she had had a heavy lunch, since she expected something in the same vein. “I also took tomorrow off at work, in case, you know, if I can’t go” I felt a stirring in my crotch already.


She served me diner. Oysters on the half shell, and a baked loup de mer, my favorite fish. We washed this down with a bottle of Perrier Jouet, cuvee Belle époque, my favorite bubbly, which I had been reserving for a special occasion. I did let her have the bubbly, I did not think it would interfere.


Not soon enough, I had her proceed to the basement, taking an ice bucket and my leather acquisitions with her. I followed her soon after, with a bottle of Glenlivet, and an Arturo Fuentes Canones.


When I arrived at the family room, she, bless her heart (or her pussy) had laid out the whip, crop and strap on the side table, besides the leather thongs. She was kneeling, head bowed and eyes downcast beside the coffee table. Her thighs were open, and her hands, palms upwards rested on her knees. She did not raise her eyes when she heard me enter. I knew then she had been into my Gor books.


I had thought to have her serve me a Scotch prior to starting the proceedings, but she looked so darn cute kneeling there that I was not going to deprive myself of the sight of her, so I served my own damn Scotch.


The more I delayed, the more I could see her belly muscles tremble. I approached her, and could see her lower lip quiver. If I didn’t get started, I was going to have to fuck her right then and there.


One problem with the family room is that we have never set it up as a dungeon. I never thought I would need one. That would need to be addressed tout de suite, but not now.


“Stand up, and take off your teddy”


Candy stood up to her 5’1’’ height, enhanced by the 5” stiletto sandals, and slipped off her teddy. Had I not been wearing chinos, my dick would have stood out like a tent pole. I saw dewy moisture on her nether lips. I probably could have smelled her excitement, except for the aroma of my Artuto Fuentes. I took another puff (to steady myself)


“Put your hands behind your neck, stretch your back, thrust out your breasts, now turn”


She did, slowly pivoting on herself. I downed my scotch.


I draped her over the coffee table and, with the leather thongs tied her hands and thighs to the legs of the table. Her head hanged over one end while her luscious ass shone, like a full moon, invitingly over the other. I cut through her white thong with my switch blade.


I pick up the strap. Show it to her, and move behind her. Thwack! The first stroke is to her right cheek, where it leaves a faint pink welt. She gasps but does not scream. Now on the left cheek. A whimper. My gut contracts, as I bring down the strap on the right cheek, harder this time. A short scream. The left now, and a louder scream splits the air. This will not do, the basement has two windows, and it is not soundproof. I find a handkerchief and stuff it into her mouth, fixing it in place with two of the leather thongs.

Tears are making her mascara run. This is no accident; she usually uses thick water proof mascara, that doesn’t run even in the pool. She is using this runny mascara on purpose to enhance the effect. The foxy bitch!


“That was only the strap” I say, “What will you do when I use the whip? And the crop on your tits?” She looks up at me, and says nothing (because she can’t) except for a little whimper coming out of her throat.


I resume her strapping. When I am done giving her ten on each cheek, I stop to take a breath. I free Candy from the table, but do not remove her gag. Obediently she stands, and does not even try to remove it. I tell her to serve me a glass of Scotch, with two ice cubes. She does so, prettily.


“I am going to whip you now. Stand under the lamp, and raise your hands to each side of it” The lamp in our basement is made out of elk antlers, and will do nicely. I tie her hands, on each side of the lamp, to the antlers, and extend the whip along the floor, sizing it and the distance up.


The first cut of the whip falls right under her shoulders. Her scream is muffled by her gag. I do it again, lower down, and am rewarded by another shriller scream. The gag works, it should not be heard outside. Again lower down, across her flanks, and across the top of her ass cheeks, now a nice soft pink from the strap. She shakes uncontrollably with each stroke of the whip, and I look at the top of the lamp suspiciously, I have to judge how long the roof will hold, it was never designed for this. Three more across her ass cheeks, and three more across the back of her thighs, pause. I take my sweaty shirt off. On second thought, I also take my pants off, and stand there nude, rampant. Candy half hangs from the lamp, trembling.


“Well done” I bring her down from the lamp, and tie her, supine over the coffee table. Her legs spread open giving access to her pussy. I show her the crop. “We are almost done for today. I will give you now 5 strokes of the crop on each tit, and then five more on your pussy” Her eyes widen, her head shakes. “Don’t worry, I will fuck you in the ass afterwards, so it won’t be too bad” She hates anal intercourse, and we have very seldom done it that way, only when she is very drunk. I suspect she will back down on her decision tomorrow, so I will take advantage of it tonight.


Her screams as the crop bites into her tits are even shriller, her breath, labored. Her hair is slick with sweat; her mascara is now a black mask, like a lace domino over her face. I touch her pussy with my finger and notice she is still wet. I stand by her side, facing towards her legs as I bring the crop down on her exposed twat, hard. Her scream, even through the gag is extremely loud; again, and again, then twice more.


I turn to see her. Her tears mingle with her sweat. I remove the gag.


“I love you” she says


I free her from the table, and have her stand. She does so, painfully. We go to our room, where, in front of the mirror we both survey my handiwork. The white of her skin contrasts with the angry red wheals of  the whip, criss-crossing her back. Over her butt, the pink color of her strapping is highlighted by the whip marks. Over her breasts, the red cuts of the crop adorn her mounds. Her pussy is swollen from the crop. She gives me a wan smile. “You did not draw blood” “Maybe next time” I say.


She goes to the bed, picks up a tube of KY from her nightstand, leans over and spreads it on her rear entrance, then smiles at me once more, and burying her face in the pillow, gets on all fours on the bed. My dick finally gets its dues.



What if we wanted

What if we wanted  Ch 2, Intermezzo


Usual disclaimers: Fantasy, do not try this at home, keep away from children, void where prohibited or illegal



Note: This is an intermezzo on the story. Sets up for the next part, but there are no “good parts” here. Feel free to go to Ch 3 for the juicy stuff





Ch 2 Intermezzo


I woke up Tuesday and, after making coffee for Candy and me, left for work. I called up Robert and set up a date for lunch. I also called Candy up to see how she was doing.

“Sore, very sore, but OK. I love you”

No it didn’t seem like she wanted to back out, never even mentioned it.


I met with Robert at noon. We did live in the same city, but worked and lived on opposite sides of it, so we only met each other rarely, and never during work hours. We all had been to each other’s homes once or twice, but really; we only met during weekends or holidays.


Robert had not tried anything with Vicky yet. She had been the least enthusiastic of the group, so he did not want to push her.


“I don’t think she will back out of this” Robert said “She is as much a sport as Candy or Yukiko; I think she will need to see them in action before she gets more into it. I did ask her yesterday if she wanted to back out, and she said no, she stands by what she said”


I told him of our antics yesterday night, and of my decision to turn the basement into a dungeon. He decided to do the same. “It will get Vicky in the mood, or scare the shit out of her. One of the two, maybe both” We decided to take Friday off to also do the same on the house in the mountains.


Over the next two days, I made several trips to Home Depot, and place rings on different places on the roof, walls and floors of the basement. To make a separate cell I also removed the carpet in the extra room in the basement, and left it with bare concrete floor and gray painted drywall. Rings were strategically placed in this room too, and I disconnected the heating and air conditioning; no such luxuries in a cell. I explained to Candy that she would be sleeping in the cell whenever I wanted her there, or to punish her. Her lips quivered, whether from excitement or because she was about to cry, I could not readily tell. I had Candy help me with all the work, and indeed, some of the jobs she did herself under my instructions. I got off on seeing her prepare her dungeon to be tortured in it, and I also noticed she could not hide her excitement. After any one of this construction sessions we fucked like rabbits.


I had Candy go to one of the security stores in town and get several sets of handcuffs and shackles. She also had to get chains, vise grip clamps from a hardware store, paper clips, thumbtacks from Office Depot, and such things. She has a very fertile imagination, and I am sure she has been perusing some of my collection of MPEGs for ideas. I was actually getting scared from watching her go at this.


That was nothing compared with Yukiko’s e-mail.


It was addressed to Robert and me:



i have noticed that the house is lacking a dungeon. Also there is no provision for the storage of slaves, or sluts, or cows. I propose that we build a dungeon in the basement, with some cells attached. The cells should be unheated of course. I have enclosed some plans and drafts of the new basement. If you agree, the cost will be less than $50,000. I can have it started next Monday, and it will be done in 2 weeks”


Indeed she had. Yukiko was a very fine architect specializing in home remodels. She had her own business, and was quite successful. She obviously had some of her people create this project. From the looks of it, some of her designers were into this stuff too.


We immediately replied approving the project.


Her answer shocked us further:



i have had my attorney draft a quit claim deed in your favor on the mountain property. In case that something permanent (giggle) was to happen to me, you would avoid probate. Also please instruct me as to how I should refer to myself: slave, cow, slut or whatever.

i hope to see you both and your sluts this weekend”


I reached for the phone to call Robert, just as my secretary called up: “Mr. Robert Spikes on line one”



“You got the last e-mail?”

“She must be out of her fucking mind”

“No shit Sherlock”

“See you Friday”

“I’m taking the day off; I’ll be there in the morning”



Friday morning we headed up there. Candy and I went up on my Land cruiser. She tried to make the trip handcuffed and dressed only in a see through teddy, I had to put down my foot and reject that outright. I could just see trying to explain to the cop what was this lady doing tied up besides me. I also ruled out driving her car with her tied up in the trunk as well as the leather blindfold. “You are no fun” she pouted. In the end she wore a white tank top and a very short yellow miniskirt. I strongly suspected the absence of panties but decided not to be a prude about it. She brought a large bag of “stuff” that I rightly suspected could also get us in trouble with the law, but I had to shrug my shoulders and let it pass.


Vicky and Robert had arrived before us. I was glad to see that Vicky was dressed normally. At least one of the girls was sane. Robert did a double take on seeing Candy. She had never been this brazen before. He looked at me; I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. He smiled understandingly. We unloaded the cars; including the quite heavy bag of “stuff” The girls went into the kitchen to see about lunch. Robert and I went out into the deck, with a beer apiece to plan for the evening. Vicky came to the deck. “Yukiko called. She will be here by 12:30. We will wait for her for lunch, if that’s OK with you guys”

We continued to make our plans, but decided to check the bag of “stuff” out. While the girls tinkered in the kitchen we went into the basement family room which was rigged out as a game room with a pool table, a large screen TV, Video and DVD. We decided to tape our fun and games, and since there were three video cameras in the house, Robert’s mine and Yukiko’s, and two tripods, we rapidly set up an improvised movie studio. Then, prior to going upstairs, we checked out the bag of “stuff”


“You look a little pale, boys” said Candy smiling in the kitchen, “Do you guys need another beer?”


We both took a second one. We probably needed something stronger. Then Vicky asked, smiling: “Are you guys planning the “fun and games” for the evening? Are you planning to do mean, cruel things to us?”


We groaned.



What if we wanted…

What if she wanted CH 3 Friday


Usual disclaimers: Fantasy, do not try this at home, keep away from children, void where prohibited or illegal.







Yukiko arrived, as planned, at 12:30. We had lunch. Oysters, champagne, shrimp fried with garlic and cayenne peppers. “Did you notice all this stuff is supposed to be aphrodisiac” I said to Robert. He just looked at me. After lunch and espresso, the girls brought us Absinthe, ice and water. I should never have smuggled those bottles back from Europe.


Yukiko then asked: “Are you masters ready to party with your slaves, cows, sluts?”


“As planned, Robert took the initiative.

“You are entirely too fresh for your own good, Yukiko. Yes cows. Strip!”

The three rapidly shed their clothes. As I thought, Candy was wearing no panties, only a bra under her tank top. Her bush was neatly trimmed into a small triangle. Vicky 30, was gorgeous, blond, with long hair and eyes the color of honey, 5’3” and around 125lbs, her size B breasts stood proudly, with almost no sag. Her pussy was shaven. Her legs and ass firm, a tribute to her long hours in the gym. Yukiko, at 33 was the oldest of the three. Only 5’ and 115lbs she was trim in shape, with breasts that were either a large A or a small B cup size, pointy with dark nipples, they also stood proudly. Her legs lithe and muscular joined at the hips over a pussy covered by a thin patch of black hair.


We had them march to the basement.


Once there, we tied their hands behind their backs, with plastic ties that we found in the bag. Candy must have bought a hundred of them. We had all of them kneel along the wall, knees spread, and tied their ankles together with more of the plastic ties, and then, with leather thongs attached their hands to their ankles. While I did that, Robert worked with the three cameras to document the proceedings. Two of the cameras were fixed on the tripods, while the third would be handheld as needed. We had the remote controls ready, so we did not necessarily needed to step away from the action.


I blindfolded Candy; she was shaking, from fear and excitement. I could smell her arousal. I touched her briefly and kissed her.


I then moved to Yukiko. She was very excited. Her moisture flowed from her nether lips, which glistened like a dew covered flower. I cut through her ankle binding, and brought her to the center of the room. I had her stand by the pool table which we had previously covered with one of those plastic and fabric tablecloths. With the fabric side up, it should protect the pool table form unfortunate accidents. I bent her over the table and tied her hands to the lamp so her arms stretched painfully back and up, and her ass was accessible for abuse.


We left Vicky for the last, because she was the least keen on this. We hoped that by starting with Yukiko, who was entirely too keen, and then Candy, she would be too embarrassed to chicken out. It must be understood that we had no intention of causing any permanent damage. Never mind what the girls said last week, we did not want, and we were not ready to do anything like that. The girls did not know this, but we did. We would go far, further than anything we had ever done, or even thought we could do, but no further.


Robert and I then decided we had too many clothes on, so we left the girls there, listening to some Nox Arcana CDs to set the ambience, and we went up to our bedrooms, where we leisurely changed into silk boxers and silk robes. I wore a dark blue one, his garnet red.


This time of the year, there was no one in the houses around us. Even had there been anybody, it was unlikely they would hear anything. The basement had no windows.

When we returned, the scene was much as we had left it, except that all of the girls’ pussies were wetter than before. Nothing had happened yet, but the smell of female arousal was quite prominent. While Robert handled the handheld camera, I picked up the bullwhip. Yukiko wanted it rough, and she would have it rough.


Crack! The first strike hit her high on her ass. She gasped, and then screamed, loudly. I gave her a few seconds to let it sink in, and hit her again, a little lower. Her scream wasn’t as loud this time. I continued hitting a little lower each time, until I reached the top of her thighs. 15 strokes.


Robert had put down the handheld camera and was standing beside Vicky who was rubbing her side against his leg. He fondled her hair tenderly. I gestured to him with the whip. He took it and started on Yukiko’s thighs. He hit her as hard as I did, judging by the welts on her skin. Her screams were louder though, and her head shook more violently with each successive stroke. Candy continued to kneel, blindfolded, unable to see or move, but able to hear Yukiko’s shriller and louder screams. I panned the camera to take in the two kneeling, trembling girls and zoomed in on their twats, both glistening, shiny with love juice.


Robert had finished whipping Yukiko’s thighs by now, and he put his whip down. Both he and I were quite hard. He approached his wife, for a blow. I offered Candy, but he declined. He inserted himself into her mouth, and proceeded to fuck her face vigorously. She gagged some but took it like a trooper. I went to the pool table, and after fucking Yukiko’s sopping wet pussy for a few seconds, I spread her ass cheeks open and rammed myself into her tight, puckered hole. We had never done her there, I did not even know if she had ever been buggered before. Probably not, judging by her screams. It did not take me long to come. I pulled out, and walked over to Candy, who was by now trembling quite violently. I had her open her mouth and clean me off. She tried to balk at this, but after a couple of gentle slaps she went to it with gusto, and did a pretty good job of it, my dick beginning to harden again under her ministrations.


“You are next” I told her, as I cut the binder on her feet, and pulled her up by her wrists. Either it was from the emotion, or due to having been kneeling in that position for so long, se barely could stand and I had to support most of her weight. Since I was doing it by pulling on her wrists behind her back, this must have been quite painful on her shoulders. Robert had finished with Vicky by now, and he moved to the pool table with me. We placed Candy on the opposite end of the table. Yukiko could see her clearly, but Candy, blindfolded could not. We released her hands, and suspended her from an overhead beam in such a way that she was pulled up on tiptoes. Yukiko sobbing on the pool table had a front row seat. I moved around to admire the tableau and noticed my semen trickling from Yukiko’s rear end. This would just not do. I took a butt plug from “the bag” and plugged up Yukiko’s ass.


After checking the camera, I gave Robert the crop. I approached the trembling Candy, kissed her tenderly, and told her: “We are going to crop your tits. Twenty strokes to each one. You will count them, each and every one of them. After each one, when you are ready, ask for the next one. If you take more than 30 seconds between each, you will get five more for every delay. After we are done, both Robert and I will bugger you. One of us will sit on the edge of the pool table, and impale you on his prick. The other one will whip you on your breasts with the cane. Your breasts will be quite sore by this time from the cropping. You will shake your ass until you make him or me come; then we will trade places. If you faint, we will revive you and continue. Do you understand?” Her lips trembling, she tried to answer, but could not find her voice. Monday had been a child’s game compared to this.

“Please, please, please” She said.

“Do you want to call it off?”

She shook her head.

“Do you understand?”

She nodded.

We gave them all some cold water to drink. It wouldn’t do to let them get dehydrated.


After a few moments, I took over the handheld camera, Robert got ready with the crop and I asked Candy “Are you ready?” She nodded. I repeated “Are you ready? Answer out loud”




Thwack! Right on top of her right breast the crop fell. Scream; pause. 30 seconds pass. Silence. I speak “Thirty seconds Candy, it will be 25 to each one” She sobs loudly. “Are you ready now?”




Thwack! On top of the left one this time. Her scream is blood curdling to hear. After 15 seconds “One. Please let me have the next one” A pause, and again, a stroke, falling again on the left breast, and an ear splitting shriek. “Two. Please let me have the next one” Robert targets the right breast this time, a little lower; “Three” and again “Four”

I pan to Vicky, who is crying openly, and to Yukiko who also whimpers. “Five” “Six, Seven” Candy is keeping the count well, pausing only between 15 and 20 seconds between strokes. Her screams are still quite loud but, as her ordeal moves along, they are more controlled. She also starts moving faster; only 10 to 15 seconds between cuts. She wants to get this over with. “Twenty, twenty one” I see Robert has been avoiding the nipples. He whispers in my ear “At the end, with the cane” I nod.

“Thirty, thirty one” She takes longer this time, her crying doesn’t let her speak. Thirty two seconds elapse before she requests the next one. I wink at Robert and let it pass. Her breasts are red from the criss-crossing welts. The nipples appear as circles of white at the center of her swollen mammaries. “Forty, Forty one” Her voice is going. She is hoarse from the screaming. We give her some more water. She asks for the 42nd after 20 seconds, but we give her some time while she drinks, then putting the glass down, we continue. “Fifty”

Her breasts are two red melons. Tiny specks of blood show where the skin parted under the onslaught of vicious cuts. She hangs from her hands, her legs unable to take her weight.

Robert’s arm is tired. As I pick up the cane. Vicky yells: “No please! Whip my breasts while you bugger her! She can’t take anymore.”

This is what we were hoping for, Vicky asking for punishment. To tell the truth, I wonder what we would have done had Vicky not volunteered; Candy’s breasts wouldn’t take much more; then again, Robert and I were about to come, just from the sight of this.


We set Vicky up, where Yukiko and Candy can see her. I remove Candy’s blindfold, wet from her tears and sweat. She had been wearing her smear proof mascara, but this was too much, even for that one, and it had run all over her face.

Robert sits on the edge of the pool table, pulls Candy over, and after putting some KY on his dick enters her ass. Candy barely whimpers. I grab the cane.

“OK Candy, you are to bring Robert off while I cane Vicky’s tits. He will maul your breasts while you do it, so you remember what a big favor Vicky is doing for you. Once he comes, I shall stop, and we will trade places”

Vicky’s eyes are as wide as plates. This is going to be much, much worse than anything she ever imagined.


Candy started moving, rather weakly due to her fatigue, and because of the way she was suspended, she lacked much traction. As soon as she started, I brought the cane, hard on Vicky’s left breast. She hollered so loudly my ear kept ringing after she stopped. I repeated on her right one, thinking to myself “ear plugs, ear plugs” Candy tried as hard as she could to bring Robert off, but she had very little traction to work with, he helped by squeezing and mauling her tortured jugs. Yukiko, from the surface of the pool table tried to help by reaching out and licking his ass. I let Vicky have it all over her breasts, nipples included, and between the sights and sounds of his beloved wife screaming the top of her head off, and Candy’s efforts Robert came in Candy’s ass before I had landed 15 strokes on Vicky’s now striped mammaries. We traded places, and I gratefully plunged into my girlfriend’s now open and inviting rear. Robert’s spunk provided adequate lubrication.


While Robert caned his wife’s tits, perhaps more vigorously than I did, judging by her unbelievable hollering, Candy managed to get a bit more traction and bounced up and down on my dick, while Yukiko attempted to lick my anus. I tried not to move, and to hold off but all this was too much for me, and I came soon. Perhaps only 10 or 12 strokes into Robert’s turn. My spunk mixed with Robert’s inside my girlfriend’s ass. This I found somewhat exciting actually.


We freed the girls from their ties, and I had Vicky lick out my come from Yukiko’s rear end, while plugging Candy until Yukiko could do the honors for her.  As soon as they were finished, we drew a warm bath for them, washed them, and rubbed them with cold cream. Then wrapping them in oversize Terrycloth towels, we put them to bed. We had king sized beds on all the bedrooms, so we put the three of them on one of the beds, and after kissing them all, we covered them with a soft blanket, turned the lights off, and let them rest.


Robert and I went then to see the videotapes, and spent most of the night editing them in our computer system. By the time we each went to our bedrooms we were half way done.




What if we wanted…

What if we wanted CH 4 Saturday



I slept late on Saturday morning. When I woke up, I was momentarily surprised that Candy wasn’t sleeping besides me, then I remembered; we left the three girls together in Yukiko’s bed, to rest and recover after their ordeals last night.


Robert and I had spent most of the night editing the digital videotapes we had taken of the festivities. We both had agreed that the girls, first thing in the morning, would call the whole thing off, so we wanted a nice memento for us all. A tribute to a bad idea; an exciting idea nonetheless, but a really bad one.  As a result we did not get much sleep, and when I woke up, the alarm on the night table showed 09:30.


I got up, and headed for the kitchen; as I stepped on the landing, I noticed the smell of coffee. I walked down to the kitchen and heard the girls chatter. “Morning sleepyhead” they chanted as I, bleary eyed, walked into the kitchen. For all of yesterday’s activities, they did not look worse for the wear. They could be any group of attractive women deciding, over coffee, what to do for the day.


“How are you all feeling?”

Candy cheerfully answered: “Well, my boobs feel the size of melons and look like ginormous mint balls, you know, the red and white ones; aside from that, quite peachy”


Vicky’s was a noncommittal “OK”


Yukiko’s answer was also quite perky “My asshole still hurts from that reaming you gave it. I had never had it back there; it hurt like hell.” Then she smiled and asked: “So, what are you boys planning for us for tonight?”


So much for them backing down.


Robert was up  soon after, and we decided to all go for breakfast to “The Cabin” They had great breakfasts there, but like all good breakfast places in town, it was absolutely impossible to get breakfast there during the summer or winter season, they being so packed. Now in early October, as the summer season ended, but the winter ski season was not yet ready to rev up, you could actually go there and get breakfast without divine intervention.


The girls dressed in a jiffy. Candy was wearing a turtleneck sweater and jeans. “I can’t fit these melons into a bra today. They feel so huge, and they hurt” Yukiko wore a black dress, of surprisingly decent length; it almost came down to her knees. As she turned in front of us, she playfully flashed us the back of her thighs. That explained the dress. The stripes from yesterday were clearly visible.


Vicky had ended up being the least damaged yesterday, despite the caning to her breasts. Today she wore a yellow shirt and miniskirt, with matching bra.


It was raining again; a persistent drizzle that kept people indoors. For the first time in recorded history, there was no line at The Cabin. We had our pick of most of the restaurant, and picked up a corner booth that was pretty isolated.


We all ordered hearty breakfasts.


I swear the girls were trying to kill Robert and me. As I was getting ready to eat my scrambled eggs with hash browns, Vicky started: “So, What are you going to do to us tonight?” After I recovered from my fit of choking, Candy added “Yes, you did not do anything permanent last night” and with her hand discreetly reaching over her jeans, towards her snatch she continued “I am kind of looking forward to your doing something really bad to one of us”

“Since I was the first one to volunteer, I have dibs on that.” Yukiko was impulsive, as always. That is probably why she was always the first one to try new things, sometimes with disastrous results. That is also why she had two divorces, and had given up on men. Most men do not appreciate a tigress that will just eat and chew them up. Only Robert and I had been able to maintain a long relationship with her, and it took the two of us, plus our girlfriend and wife running interference to keep it going.


There was no question that these girls were decided to go much further than we had bargained for.


“So, what would you girls like to have us do to you?” Robert was more skilled than I was in conversational warfare. That comes from being a psychologist I guess. “Vicky, you go first”


Now it was Vicky the one discreetly fondling herself.


“I think that you are still holding back. That you are trying to take my feelings, my pain, into account, and are not going as far as you would go otherwise. I would like you to show me that it is not the case. I do not get off on pain, you and I know that. But I do get off on giving myself to you. When you hold back, you are refusing my gift. I understand why you do it, but I want you to stop. I want you to take my gift to you, me, without any limitations. Tonight, please do whatever you want to me, Tie me up tightly, stick needles under my fingernails, put cigarettes out on my breasts, whatever, but I want to know, at the end, that you accept my gift, my pain, and that it is yours to enjoy.”


Robert, wide eyed, was silent, but I could see the growing bulge in his pants.


“Candy, your turn”


“I do not get off on pain either, and I also give you Simon my pain as a gift. I do believe you understand it, and from what happened yesterday, I do believe that you are glad to have it and that you are going to take it. I am not sure what I would want you to do to me. I am afraid of asking for something beyond what I can endure. Of course that should be irrelevant to you. I cannot refuse. There is no longer a safe word.


To prove this to you tonight, if you want, and only if you want, I wish you would punish my pussy. Punish it for giving me pleasure when I should only be focusing on yours. Burn my clit with a cigar, or a soldering iron. Or if you prefer, whip it with the cane. Make it so that it hurts for days. So that I always remember whose joy and pleasure I should be focusing on.”


We did not need to tell Yukiko to go. She took off like a rocket:


“Whip me, all over my body, with the whip, then with the cane. Afterwards, bend me over a table, tie me to it, or even better nail my tits to it. Then fist me; front and back. Yesterday, after you had buggered me, as I was seeing Candy’s cropping and then Vicky’s caning, I imagined myself, tied or nailed to the pool table, and getting buggered after being whipped. I hoped someone would come and fuck me, I was so hot. But you wimps did not. I am getting all hot and bothered just by thinking about this. Someone promise me you will do it. We do have a saw horse in the garage. We can use that.”

We had to promise her that yes, she would be tied, or nailed to the saw horse and fisted.


We returned home, in a more somber mood than when we left. Only Vicky and Candy appeared cheerful. Robert and I were worried about where this whole thing was going, and Yukiko was thinking about her upcoming ordeal.


As soon as we arrived home, after discussing it with Robert, I took 12 3 inch nails from the tool box and gave 6 to Yukiko and 6 to Vicky. I told them to sharpen their tips during the afternoon, since we were planning to use them on their tits. The anticipation, as well as having them work on their own torture implements would greatly enhance their anxiety, and our pleasure. We then got into the hot tub with Candy, who did not need to get anything ready, and decided to play with her. Robert and I took turns eating out her pussy. “Since, after we are done with you tonight, it will be at least a week before you can use it again” We also took turns fucking her, while she squealed with delight. After we had fucked her once apiece, and gotten each a blow job from her, and probably after her eighth orgasm of the afternoon, I devised a devious plan.


“I have a job for you Candy. While we do Yukiko and Vicky, I don’t want you to feel neglected, so I shall impale you vaginally on the largest dildo we have. You shall fix the dildo to one of the broomsticks; after that is done, I want you to take the small tub of margarine that is in the refrigerator, and mix it with equal parts of that fiery Siracha Thai hot sauce we have. On hearing this, her eyes widened, and she started trembling. Mix it well, since we will lubricate the dildo with it so it goes in easily. See how nice we are?”

As she stepped out of the tub I gave her a hard smack on her ass to speed her on her way. She yelped loudly.”


“Man, Simon, Can you be cruel when you set your mind to it.”

“She was having entirely too much fun”


Pointing to his erection, Robert asked “So, What shall I do about this?” “Vicky!” I called out. She soon came over. “Bring us a bottle of Scotch, a bucket of ice, glasses and your ass” I said.


As soon as she got back, she occupied herself with her husband’s schmeckel, while I helped myself to some Johnnie Walker, and alternated looking at her head bobbing up and down on Robert’s dick, or for a change at her luscious wet ass. Her puckered asshole was really tempting, but we hadn’t buggered her yesterday, and I knew for a fact that Robert hadn’t had her there yet. I felt that he should have first rights to her asshole. However this did not extend to licking it, so that’s exactly what I did. I grabbed her globes and stuck my face between them, licking her rosebud, and poking the tip of my tongue inside. By the shaking of her pelvis she seemed to be enjoying it. After Robert poured himself down his wife’s gullet, he generously offered me her services, but I wanted to reserve myself for the evening, and gratefully declined. She had almost finished sharpening her nails so we kept her in the tub for a while, occasionally fondling and mauling her, still sore, breasts. As we were doing that, we regaled her with comments on how we could torture her boobies that evening. The suggestions included burning her nipples with cigars, crushing them with pliers, perforating them with skewers, and of course whipping them until they bled. Robert decided not to wait until the evening to start torturing his beautiful wife, so he had her bring from “The bag of stuff” two large rat traps, and without further ado, let them close rather violently on her areolas. Her scream was very satisfactory, and it brought both Yukiko and Candy out to the deck to see what we were up to without them. They enjoyed the sight of Vicky standing in the hot tub, tears spilling from her eyes, with a large rat trap attached to each of her nipples.


He then sent her back to finish sharpening her nails, only now with the added adornments of the traps on her nipples, which she was forbidden to remove.


“Yukiko, have you finished with your nails?” Robert asked.

“Yes, they are ready. Very sharp”

“Come over into the tub, and bring some KY. I want to bugger you before you get stretched too much”

She came right over. Although anxious, she was quite willing, and wet, we noted before she got in the tub. Without much ado Robert had her lean over the edge of the tub, applied some KY and started banging away in her ass. She did not scream as much, mostly she whimpered but, as I fingered her pussy, I could tell by the wetness down there that her whimpers were not all from pain. Mind you I don’t think she had reached the point that she could enjoy her ass fuck, but I believe she was getting off on the idea, the submission and, I suspected, the pain was also exciting her. The sight of my friend banging at her in the rear got me hard again. I slid under her, and into her pussy.  I did not even have to move, Robert banging away did all the work, with some help from her. I was excited by the whole scene; I was able to feel Robert going in and out through her vaginal membrane. I soon dropped a load of cum into Yukiko’s pussy, and shortly after Robert dropped his. Judging by her yelling, and the strong squeezes my dick was getting from her pussy muscles, she got off too.




Robert and I both needed to recover before the evenings exertions, so we went off for a nap. The girls proceeded to Yukiko’s room for their own preparations which included enemas for everybody, in view of the possible routes of invasion, so to speak. Vicky had been allowed to remove the rat traps. She squealed even more loudly after they came off than when they went on.


That evening, Robert and I repaired to the playroom in the basement.


The girls had been busy while we napped. They had brought down the sawhorse which was placed in the center of the room. By one wall, the dildo, all 12” of it, attached to the broomstick was affixed to two by fours, which held it upright. A transverse board stood out at the base of the dildo to prevent whoever was impaled on it from dropping too far.


They had also set up a square wooden frame, also supported by transverse two by fours to suspend Vicky from. There are advantages to having an architect in the group. Ropes, straps, crop, whip and cane were laid out on the pool table, together with the sharpened nails, as well as a bunch of stainless steel pins, and BBQ skewers. The tub of margarine, now pink from the addition of the Sriracha sauce also sat on the table. A box of Arturo Fuentes Canones (With maduro wrappers, of course) and an already hot soldering iron on its support were also there.


Candy had been very thoughtful and also placed an ice bucket, glasses, and a full bottle of Glenmorangie on the pool table. Each glass, as well as the ice bucket was on coasters to avoid staining the carpet of the pool table. I had the feeling we would soon sell that pool table on E-Bay. She also placed a large ashtray on it, knowing full well that Robert and I were planning to smoke the cigars, even if we used the soldering iron.


The room was nicely cool at 74F; the fireplace was on, which lent a nice homey touch to the whole scene; it would also help evacuate the cigar smoke. The smoke extractor was on too. It was an expensive one, with the blower outside the house, so it did not make noise, but would get rid of the smoke of the cigars quite fast. It would probably be very effective too at removing the smell of burnt pussy.


We were wearing matching deep blue, almost indigo, boxer shorts and silk dressing gowns. We took a look around and whistled. Then we helped ourselves to some Scotch and lit a cigar apiece, while listening to the girls walk down the stairs. They were rather subdued, not their usual chattering giggling lot. We turned on the video cameras at this point.


They arrived, all nude. I was standing beside the dildo pole at the time. “I can remove the transverse, if that’s what you would want” Said Candy, with a wan little smile. “No dear, it will do nicely as it is” Was my answer.


Vicky then observed “I see you boys have started drinking. We haven’t had any booze this afternoon. Nothing that would interfere with our senses. That way you will know that we are experiencing all the suffering you want to give us”


Our silk shorts had not been designed to hide erections, and they didn’t. The girls, although nervous also were breathing in short breaths, with the tops of their chests, as women tend to do when they are excited. This tends to focus the sight of any male nearby on their lovely pectoral melons; well, grapefruits would be more like it, except for Yukiko, where navel oranges would be a more appropriate comparison.


After this citrus interlude, we decided it was time to get started. We had Yukiko film with the portable camera, while the fixed cameras took it all in.

We had Candy anoint the dildo with the hot margarine. After this was done, Robert and I picked Candy up. She extended her arms over our shoulders, and we picked up her thighs, positioning her over the dildo. We then inserted it into her ass, to her slight surprise; I guess she expected it in her pussy, but that was not to be. After impaling her with all her weight on the 12” long 3” thick monster, Candy only grunted loudly; we noticed that she would be quite unstable on the pole, so we brought out another pole, placed it along her back and tied her hands behind it, so as to stabilize her. By now, she was moving actively trying, unsuccessfully, to relieve the burning that she was feeling up her bum. She was also grabbing the pole with her feet to relieve the pressure on her ass. This just wouldn’t do, so we tied both of her feet behind the pole. Now she was properly immobilized and would have to stand there, whimpering and witnessing the celebrations.


Next would be Yukiko. We had Vicky tie her to the wooden frame. Her wrists tied together and to the top traverse of the frame, while her ankles were tied to the bottom of the frame, at each angle. She now looked like an inverted Y. Her breathing was quite fast now, her eyes unfocused. Going somewhere, to her own private space. We had Vick start the whipping, to her back. Vicky is not as strong as a man, but the whip, would still cause severe pain. We did offer Vicky a hard cut of the cane for every cut of the whip that did not mark Yukiko appropriately. We only need to strike her three times before she got the idea. Actually, Vicky really got into it. She seemed to be getting off on whipping Yukiko too. Yukiko held off screaming quite a while, for the first 20 lashes or so she just grunted loudly despite the red welts on her back, ass and thighs. Then she started screaming. We let Candy continue for 10 more lashes, and then stopped her. Yukiko’s gasping breath provided a counterpoint to Candy’s whimpers and Vicky’s labored efforts to catch her breath. Time to give all of them some water, which they all accepted greedily.


Now was Vicky’s turn. With some of the rope we tied her hands behind her back, then her elbows together. This tie puts a lot of painful pressure on the shoulders. We then tied a leather collar round her neck, and a rough rope from the front of the collar, down between her legs, tightly over her clit, pussy and ass, and then up the back to join her wrists. If she tried to move her head, the rope would saw through her pussy, if she did not, her head would be painfully pushed forward. We then tied a spreader pole on her knees, and her feet together. We again tied her neck to the rope tying her feet, so they are now pulled up and towards her face. She cannot help but look at them. By the way, did I mention that Vicky has the most gorgeous feet? We checked the ties, and I also fingered her, noting the moisture in her snatch. Robert then brought out a large fish hook, tied to a piece of Nylon monofilament line and, after having Vicky open her mouth, transfixed her tongue with the hook. The screaming was glorious. He then tied the monofilament to her feet. Any motion of her feet would not only pull on her neck, but also painfully on her tongue. I personally thought this was a bit too much, but, she did say to do whatever he wanted; I heard her. Robert puffed on his cigar, and then touched it to her left tit, right by the armpit; not for long, not enough time to mark her or give her a severe burn, but enough to make her scream. He continued his cigar exploration of his wife’s beautiful breasts, until eventually reaching her nipples. Despite the pain that any movement of her head must be causing her, she tossed her head up, down and sideways. A little blood was coming out of her tongue, but nothing alarming.


I left Robert to his entertainment, while I decided to stand by Candy, and point out to her the details of Vicky’s torture, and how, in her case, it would be so much worse, the clitoris being so much more sensitive than the breast. Candy’s face and chest were covered by cold sweat; but I could not tell if that was fear or the effects of the Thai pepper sauce on her asshole.


We moved back to Yukiko now. I picked up the cane this time, and started to slowly and methodically mark her breasts. Right, left, systematically, I would strike them. I always allowed a few seconds between each cut, so that she could savor each stroke without interference. Her loud screams were marvelous to hear, although I was afraid she might get hoarse before the end. After her breasts were a nice shade of red, crossed all over by deep red welts, I handed the cane to Robert, who started his work on her legs, and then finished by a series of cuts to her pussy that made it swell to twice its size. We then cut her down, and laid her on the pool table to recover.


It’s time to get back to Vicky. This time it is me who approaches her. I pick up the pins and start inserting them under her toenails; slowly and deep. I am glad I put on earplugs, her screams are deafening. After I finished decorating her toes with two pins apiece, we cut her down, leaving the pins in. We bring a chair and have her sit on the chair, her hands tied behind the back rest, and her tits lying on top of a 2 by 4 on the pool table. I bring out the nails and start hammering 3 nails through each nipple, into the 2 by 4. Surprisingly she does not scream this time, she just grunts and whimpers through the ordeal. After this is completed, we hang the 2 by 4 from the wall, and have her put her arms on her head. Robert then whips her ass and thighs severely, while she is immobilized by her nipples nailed to the board. She screams loudly all the time. After Robert gets tired of this game, we release her from the wall, and hang her from the board, like Yukiko had been, except that the board is still hanging from her nipples, and we tie her ankles to the board over her head. Her pussy is thus exposed to us, and we push a skewer through the length of each of her large cunt lips. She is all screamed put however and just whimpers loudly. We let her hung there, and give her some water.


Now we get back to Candy who is still squirming on her pole. We get Yukiko up, and give her the whip. It is time for Yukiko to whip Candy’s breasts. We tell her to give Candy 20 lashes, 10 to each breast, hard. She does it very well. Candy screams throughout this torture. She wasn’t expecting this. She tries to squirm or avoid the lash, but impaled as she is, she can do no more than wiggle. Yukiko is done soon.


We then have Yukiko lie belly down on the sawhorse. Knowing what is coming now, she trembles violently, but does not back down. A breast hangs on each side of the sawhorse, and Robert and I pick up the hammer and nails and, through each areola attach 2 nails to the sawhorse. If she wasn’t so hoarse, she would scream loudly, as it is only a rasping, desperate sound comes out. The third nail goes through the base of each nipple. Despite everything, a deep scream comes out. We have placed her on the horse so she can see the frame, and pole. We now take Vicky down from the frame, free her tits and remove the skewers too. All things considered she is not too bad. We let her rest, and move to Candy. Candy, knowing that the worst is to come, is crying desperately. We untie her and lift her off the pole. Her asshole opens and closes as we free it from the intruder. It is no longer invaded but the burn from the Sriracha sauce is intense.


We hang her from the frame, her arms up at the middle, her legs open and tied to the sides of her wrists. It’s good she does Pilates and stretching Yoga. Crying she asks me for a gag. I find a ball gag and insert it. Mute, she now thanks me with her eyes. In this position her pussy is exposed. I flog it with the whip, 10, 15 times. She can only squirm and grunt. No other relief is permitted her. I give Robert the cane. He shows it to her and, tears in her eyes, she nods. 15 more strokes to her already swelling pussy.


I puff on the cigar and approach her. Candy looks at me, and at my cigar, fear written all over her eyes, face and body. She trembles. Loses control of her bladder. I kiss her cheek, and whisper in her ear. “Shall I stop?” She shakes her head. I whisper again, as I kiss her earlobe “Shall we continue?” She nods.


Robert takes the left side, I take the right. We take turns Left labia, right labia.  Her screams muffled by the ball gag, are still audible. We have burned her 8 times, 4 on each side. I kiss her tear streaked face, and ask her again “All the way?” Again, she nods.

We burn her again, now on the inside. Longer this time, 8 more times.


We stop then and Robert moves to Yukiko. He puts on a latex glove, dips his gloved hand in the margarine mixture and inserts two fingers into Yukiko’s pussy, then three, then more margarine. Yukiko whimpers as she feels the heat, and the stretching. Soon four fingers, then his whole hand slips in. Making a fist, he pulls out. Yukiko screams as he does so. She begins whimpering again as he spoons the spicy margarine into her asshole. He follows with two fingers, then three. Yukiko screams, louder, louder. He tries four fingers. She tries to move away, but her tits, nailed to the boards keep her in place. Blood drips from the areolas and nipples now. He tries four fingers again; she screams louder and tries to move away again. She can’t help it. I tie her to waist to the sawhorse with a belt. She whispers “Thanks”.  Robert tries once more; nothing. He presses harder, screams, harder, louder screams. Finally he gives one more shove and Yukiko gives a high pitched shriek, and then it’s done. His fist is inside her ass. Yukiko’s head falls on the sawhorse. She is still conscious; crying. He pulls out; she whimpers as he does so. Her asshole is huge now. We watch it as it slowly contracts, trying to resume its normal size. It doesn’t though, not immediately.


I come back to Candy. “I am going to burn your clit now” I say in her ear. “This is going to be much worse than anything you’ve gone through up to now. Robert will put out his cigar inside your pussy. That will also hurt like hell. He will put out his cigar, and then I will burn your clit. Do you understand?” A nod. I remove her gag. She looks at me, frightened. No it will not be that easy. “You shall ask for it. Robert first. Ask him!”


I hold her labia open. Robert flicks the ash and puffs on his stub of a cigar until the tip glows red. “Ask him!” “Please Robert, put the cigar out inside me” She closes her eyes. I hold her shoulders and feel her gasping breaths. Robert inserts the cigar in her vagina, and I let go the labia as she screams, over and over for a long time that must have been 2 or 3 minutes. She recovers her composure then. Turns her head to me and kisses me. “Do it; do it to me now” I open her labia again, higher this time. The little pleasure knob is clearly visible between her two folds of flesh. She feels the cool air hitting it. “Do it to me now” I crush my cigar against it. She throws her head back and screams, once, twice, three times. She catches her breath and does it again, once, twice, and then she stops. I hug her close and kiss her passionately on the lips. She looks up at me, and gives me a wan smile.


















What if we wanted

What if we wanted? Ch5 Sunday, epilogue.



Usual disclaimers: Fantasy, do not try this at home. Keep away from children. Void where prohibited or illegal.


No good parts here. This is just a short epilogue on yesterday’s events.


Shall I continue? What say ye?




We slept curled together that night, Candy and I, after I bathed her and tended to her bruises and burns. Robert took care of Vicky and Yukiko, he also bathed them both, and took care of their wounds. Yukiko’s areolas looked particularly bad, since she had torn them a bit during her fisting; it was however nothing too terrible and, in her dark colored areolas, wouldn’t even show. He rubbed them both over with disinfectant, ignoring their squeals, and then bathed them in warm rosemary and eucalyptus scented water. He then wrapped them in plush terry robes and took them to Yukiko’s bed. He was going to go sleep on his own and let them rest, but they insisted he sleep between them, and so I saw them later, all curled up, and snoring violently.


After I bathed Candy and we went to bed, she noticed my erection. “I  would offer to take care of that, but my pussy is too badly burnt and sore, unless you’d like to use it; if you buggered me, you’d have to wear a condom, or your dick would burn from the Sriracha, and even so, it might break. I’ll blow you if you want” The sweetheart still wanted to serve me. I tried to tell her to rest, but she insisted so much that I did let her blow me. I came quite fast, and after she swallowed it all, we finally curled up together, and fell asleep.


Sunday morning I made breakfast for everyone. The girls, sore but smiling came over to the breakfast room and we all enjoyed the bacon eggs and toast.


We all lounged around the house during the day, and also enjoyed the hot tub prior to leaving for the city. Yukiko mentioned that she’d make the arrangements to turn the basement here into a proper soundproof dungeon, and we also agreed to let her company do the same for Robert’s and mine in the city. She obviously wanted to continue this game some other time.


As we were getting into our cars, ready to leave, Candy said:


“You still did not do any permanent damage”

Ch 6

Ch 6

Candy’s submission Part 1


After Saturday’s party, my ass was on fire. The monster dildo that impaled me for most of the evening had stretched me, a huge invader in my rear that got my attention. The hot sauce that covered it made sure that it kept it, long after it was out. Even during the horrible torture to my pussy, the caning and the cigar burns; it maintained, in the background, a throbbing counterpoint to the screaming horror coming from my pussy.


Even now, as Simon baths me, tenderly applies cold cram to my breasts and to my labia, my ass is still on fire. If you ever had Sriracha you know that the burn lasts a long time. I wonder if I will be able to sleep.


Robert wraps me in a terry robe, and takes me to our room. He undresses me and slips me into the mocha colored satin sheets. I notice he is erect again. My burned pussy and clit are so painful I hope he does not take me there. I ask him if he wants to, he declines. I am concerned if he uses my ass about the effect the hot sauce would have on him. Not to mention that the additional stimulation would make the burning so much worse. He declines too, and tells me to rest. I do not want to leave him horny, so I offer, insistently to blow him, I beg him to let me do it for him, and he agrees.


He lies back on the bed. His rampant cock now at full attention; the glans half exposed by his foreskin, which can never fully cover it when fully excited. I kneel on the bed by his knees, and bending forward grasp the base, and with my lips push the foreskin away. I slowly, languidly swallow his erection, almost all the way down. I can never deep throat him from this position, but that is not what he wants now. He lies back, relaxed, except for his dick, and enjoys the feelings my mouth gives him, and the show. I try to take my time, to prolong the moment, and to extend my enjoyment of having his organ inside me, but he thrusts slightly with his hips, a subtle message to get on with it. I suck more vigorously; increase my tempo, as my tongue flicks the sensitive underside of his glans. I look up at his face, his eyes, open a few moments ago, taking in the sight of my face, my mouth bobbing on him, are now closed. It takes only a few more moments. I feel him shudder and my mouth fills with his essence. Not a whole lot, since he had had a few orgasms today, but enough to give me a good taste of him. Not wasting a drop, I sit back on my heels; look adoringly at him, smile, and swallow. Then I clean him up carefully with my lips and tongue, snuggle up to him, and we fall asleep, like that, curled together. No actually, he falls asleep, contentedly curled on my back, with his arm embracing me around my waist. Me, my ass burns too much for me to sleep, even if the burns in my clit and pussy were not keeping me awake.


I listen to his deep steady breathing and ponder. Yukiko actually gets off on pain. She may scream and toss around, but she can actually orgasm from pain alone. I know that. She told us today. Vicky and I don’t. I don’t know what Vickie’s motives are; I suspect they are not too different from mine. Me, I just want to give myself to Simon. I just want him to have me. I know he enjoys dominating me, and have found out now that he actually enjoys inflicting pain on me. Well, if that is what it takes, that, he can have from me. Despite the pain, I feel the warmth of an afterglow. I did not come this evening, but what I feel provides a different, but deeper sense of satisfaction. I have been tested and found worthy. With these thoughts running through my mind I fall into a dreamless sleep.



The remainder of the weekend passed uneventfully. Simon gave me a hormone cream to apply on my pussy, to promote rapid healing. That it did. It also made my boobs somewhat larger, and my nipples tingle. It actually made me very horny, but with my clit still so tender, there was mighty little I could do about it. I never had a vaginal orgasm. If I am very excited, I can orgasm from vaginal penetration, but it is always clitoral. Now any touch on my clit could make me scream. Bottom line, I spent the week horny, but unrelieved. To top it all off, Simon did not torture or use me the whole week. I did not even have the satisfaction of contributing to his pleasure.


This weekend was his annual fishing and camping trip. We used to go with Vicky and Robert. Last year we went to Alaska. He was busy planning the trip during the week, but refused to tell me anything.


By Thursday my pussy is all healed up.  That evening, I am wearing a dark red silk slip that comes down to mid thigh. Under it, nothing. That is quite obvious since the silk glides over my every curve, and shows off every little crease and bump. Two of the bumps are not little and are very erect. He is wearing his favorite blue silk pajama bottoms.

“Are you going to play with your toy tonight? I am all healed up” I ask him with a playful smile


“I have plans for you for tonight, and for the weekend too. I don’t think you’ll like them though”


“Will you tell me?”


“Sure. Come over here, and blow me” His penis is now sticking out from the fly of his pajamas. He sits on his leather chair, as I kneel between his legs and get to work. I kiss the tip, pull back the foreskin and start licking. I can feel him settle deeper on the easy chair; his thighs give my head a squeeze.


He starts: “I have been thinking. You have been very brazen on this whole thing”

Mmm, slurp, lick” was my answer

“So I am going to find out just exactly how far you will go. How obedient you will be”

 I think to myself -Oh oh. This is not going to be good- I think to myself. Externally, I just take his dick in my mouth and suck harder. It is good to have a conversation with a dick in your mouth. Gives you time to think, they usually don’t mind waiting for your answer if you are sucking on their main man.

“You have taken pain; you have suffered, while I was watching you”

“Slurp, suck, lick”

“This weekend you will do it without me…”

Huh, What? I think to myself.

“…or Robert there to watch”

I take my mouth off of him “What was that?”

“Unless you want to call the whole thing off, keep sucking”

I keep sucking.


“Robert Vicky and I will go on our trip tomorrow. You will go to the address I will give you, and do exactly what you are told. I can promise you that you will not enjoy it. You will hate every minute. You will have pain, humiliation and more. Keep sucking”


I keep sucking, but break out in a cold sweat. Where? What, and with whom? For how long?


He relaxes and stretches his legs. His thighs tighten again on my head. I can tell he is getting close, so close. His fingers caress my brown hair, I bob on him. Up, down, up, down. He stops me, throws me on the coffee table, belly up, my head hanging over the edge. He is going to deep throat me for his finale. He kneels in front of my head, and begins to fuck my mouth; he is going for the throat. I relax my throat and let him in. My nose hits his sac, my chin his pubic bone. As he enters the depths of my gullet, I swallow. My throat muscles massage the head of his penis. He comes out slightly, I take a deep breath, he rams it in, swallow; out he comes, exhale, in he comes swallow, out, inhale, and so on. At times he holds my head against himself, his member deep in my neck, and enjoys my pulsing throat. Not too bad if I have just inhaled. Really really bad if I have no air in my lungs. Then, as I am ready to pass out, he pulls out a bit, and I inhale greedily. I feel him throb, his rhythm is now faster, and then he jams it in, deep, pulls me on to him and comes, and comes, deep in my throat. I swallow as fast as I can. He has a very large load today. He pulls out and sighs. I gasp for breath. He falls back on his knees and gestures for me to join him on the carpet. I lie down, resting my head on his thighs.


He caresses my face, my hair, my neck. I want to ask him those questions but am afraid to do so. I do not want to think I am questioning his decision; his right to do with me as he wishes. I’d just like to know. Tears come, unbidden to my eyes; they hover on my eyelids. He bends over and kisses me, fully, on the lips.


I lay flat on the carpet. His hand caresses my face, and moves down over my neck, over my breasts; the thin silk transmits the heat of his hand, like fire. He gazes at me, looks at my eyes. I hear a voice, my own:


“I will do whatever you tell me to do. I will go wherever you want me to go. I will endure whatever you want me to endure”


“Anything?” He asks.


“Anything, anytime, anywhere”


“Tomorrow, I am sending you to a friend. You will be his, until further notice. I shall not have sex with you again, until I get you back from him. I will not whip you tonight either; I do not want you to have any marks on you when he sees you tomorrow. I will fuck your ass tonight though. Let’s go to bed”


I am getting really frightened. I want him to hurt me tonight. I want him to take his full measure of pleasure from me; before giving me away. He will not do that. Not tonight.


In bed, I am nude. He watches me as I take the KY and smear it on my rear. I place the end of the tube into me and squeeze a generous amount inside. He knows I do not like anal sex. I find it painful. I also find it humiliating that my womanhood is ignored, left untouched, in favor of my other hole. Of course he enjoys seeing me prepare myself for anal invasion. This makes me feel more ashamed; more embarrassed, and further humiliates me. This excites him even more. I wonder if the time will come when he will not use my pussy at all. When I am excited by long foreplay anal intercourse is at best a painful interlude, to be endured, a gift to your partner. Today, unaroused, it will be torture.


I look at him, seeking guidance. Does he want me on my back, my knees up, my legs up over my head? Does he want me on all fours? It hurts more with me on all fours. I imagine he will prefer it that way. He has me lie flat on the bed. A large pillow under my pelvis. He places a smaller pillow under my face. He then ties my wrists behind my back with a leather thong. “I said I would not whip you tonight; I did not say I wouldn’t torture you. I will fuck your ass, and then I will fist your ass. Finally you may blow me.”


I am shocked, speechless. I cannot take him in my backside without a lot of pain, usually screaming my head off if he doesn’t gag me. He knows that. The thought of his entire hand back there. I cannot take it. Then I realize it: It is irrelevant whether I think I can take it or not. There are no safe words anymore. I will take whatever he wants me to take.

I am gasping for breath. I look at him, and now tears flow from my eyes. He smiles. I ask humbly “Gag me, please. Please gag me” I am so afraid of backing out. Of telling him to stop. I know, deep inside that if I say “Stop” really meaning it, he will. That is also, deep inside, my biggest fear. “Later” He answers. To increase my humiliation he shines a bright spotlight on my ass. I hate that. He also sets up a video camera on a tripod to film the events, while I just lie there, crying like a child, and whimpering.


He does not touch my clitoris or my pussy. He caresses the back of my neck, my lower back. Carefully, not touching my lower lips he places his hands between my thighs and has me open them. My rosebud is clearly visible now. I feel the cool air of the bedroom on its puckered end. I try to relax. He touches it with one finger, then two. I whimper. Not from pain; he hasn’t started yet, but from the anticipation of what is to come. Unbidden, the image of Yukiko, tits nailed to the sawhorse, thrashing, flashes through my mind.


He pushes both fingers in. I tighten up reflexively. Then I manage to relax. He plays around my asshole for a while. I know why he will fuck me first. He does not want me stretched before he fucks me. That will come afterwards. My ass tightens again as I again picture, in my mind, the coming ordeal.


He pulls his fingers out. I feel his weight on my back. It is time. I bury my head on the pillow and bite on it. I feel the pressure of his cock at my rear entrance. I try to relax, but my body anticipating the pain, tightens up defensively. He grunts in approval and presses harder, with more force. His battering ram pounds my castle doors. Harder, harder. I try to order my sphincter to relax, to let him in. It is pointless. I cannot relax my ass. He will have to force himself in. With my hands tied behind my back, I can not help him by spreading my ass cheeks. I can only arch my back and wait for him to enter. He takes his time, then, finally, one mighty thrust, and a loud scream, muffled by the pillow. He is in. Up to the hilt he comes in. I am being torn apart. I scream again, and again into the pillow. He comes out, completely, then back in again. My screams turn into whimpers. I would hold on to the pillow, had I the use of my hands. He holds my wrists as he thrusts, faster, faster. Impaled, I writhe. Then he comes. Burning come spurts into my depths. He pants, then relaxes inside me, on my back. He kisses my ear. Moments pass as I recover, his intruder still inside the tunnel so recently breached. I feel it getting smaller; then suddenly, it starts to grow again.


“Time for the good part” He whispers in my ear. I loudly moan.


He has me get on my knees, with my head still on the pillow, and my hands still tied behind my back. His come drips slowly from my ass. He fiddles with the video camera. He gets the KY and applies it to his hand. I remember now, and ask desperately: “Gag me, please, please gag me”


“You can use the pillow” He says, but then he relents. He looks in the laundry bag and picks up a pair of used panties. He rolls them up and sticks them in my mouth, then holds them in place with a leather thong.


He then moves back to my ass, and holds my waist with his right arm. I start crying. Actually I resume crying, I had never stopped, only louder now. He gets two fingers in my ass which, still a little stretched from the butt fucking, admits them easily. He inserts a third finger, without too much effort, although you couldn’t tell from my whimpers which are getting louder and louder. The fourth finger tries, and fails. He pushes it in, and fails again. My sphincter tightens up in a series of spasms. He pushes, and I spasm and scream. I am grateful for the gag, inadequate as it is. He pushes and I spasm, but he makes a little progress. He introduces a turning motion, right and left. My screams are constant now; unrelated to his attempts, I just want this to be over. I try to will my ass to relax. Vain hope. It will fight all the way. In my thrashing I jump sideways and escape his restraining arm. My ass escaped his hand, but still hurts and spasms trying to resume its normal size.


Gagged I cannot apologize for jumping out of the way. My tears fall unrestrained. He looks at me and says “I am going to have to secure you better” With my eyes clouded by tears I nod agreement. He picks me up effortlessly; he is so strong, and drapes me over the Ottoman. He ties each knee to a leg of the ottoman with leather thongs, and ties a strap around my waist. I am now properly secured. He adjusts the camera again, drips some more KY on my ass and on his left hand, then sits besides me. “Your ass has shrunk quite a bit now. It’s a pity we have lost some ground” I no longer have a pillow to bury my head in. My screams are now louder, muffled only by my panties. “We are almost there” He encourages me. I barely hear him. I just scream and scream. Finally, I think I am torn asunder and broken, and I feel his hand burst inside me. Surprised, I shut up. The silence, broken only by my gasping breath, is surprisingly loud. He moves his hand inside me. My ass spasms in response, but I hold my scream. To my surprise he unties my gag and removes it. “No” I say, but it is useless. My gag, my safety net, lies on the floor, wet, in front of me. His hand, his arm moves again inside me. My ass spasms again, and I whimper, but do not scream. I look at him. He is sweaty; I did not realize the effort he must have had to put in, to break down my rear defenses. He looks at me, proudly. I see now why he removed the gag, why he unties the strap round my waist, releasing me from the ottoman. My knees are still tied, but aside from that I am now free. Every movement I make, or every time his hand or arm moves, my ass spasms, but I am now able to tolerate it, with just a whimper acknowledging my pain. I raise myself off the ottoman, on my knees. My body sheens with sweat, I feel the coolness of the air on it. I can’t stop whimpering though. My ass hurts so much. He moves back on his knees too. I wonder what the camera is picking up. I could swear half his arm is in my ass. He lies down on the floor, his elbow on the ground. I know what he wants me to do. I look at him, take a deep breath, and let myself fall down on my ankles, almost all the way to the floor. I scream as I fall on his arm. His arm is now in me, up to the elbow. I can feel him inside my bowels. I can also see his erect penis; stained with my shit, I did not take an enema today. I smile, weakly, in triumph.

He smiles at me. “I am so proud of you” His right arm moves up my thigh, reaches my crotch, but true to his word, he doesn’t touch me there. He moves up my belly and caresses my breasts, my nipples. He moves up, with difficulty, since his arm is up to his elbow in my ass, kisses me and says “I love you” I answer “I love you too. I want you to be proud of me”

At his gesture, I lie again prone on the ottoman. Now I can relax as he massages my insides with his hand, then he withdraws, slowly. I feel sudden pain as his knuckles come out, and then he is out, turning me so the camera can film my contracting, spasming and grossly distended asshole. He releases my knees.

He lets me up and unbidden; I approach his arm, stained with my shit and start licking it clean. It takes a while. I lick and lick, silent. No words are needed. I feel fulfilled. I have no need of an orgasm of my own. I realize his semen, and worse, is leaking from my ass, and think for a moment “The carpet!” but he has anticipated this and has placed my panties under me. The carpet is safe. I smile at him, lovingly and continue to lick his arm, his hand. Once clean, I move down to his erect penis. I clean it with my tongue. It is harder, since it has dried out. Things dry soon in the mountain air. I get it wet and lick and suck at it until it is pristine. Then I engulf it with my lips, and suck and bob on it until he comes, once more. I swallow him, suck out every drop. I do not know when I will have him in me again, and want to relish the moment.


We get up. His come, mixed with shit and, I will find later, blood drips down my thigh. I want to go wash up but he stops me.


I stand, nude, in front of him. He kisses me, on the lips, his arms around me, embracing me tightly.


“My love” He says “I am so proud of what you’ve done. Now I will test your obedience”

“I am yours” I say “Do as you will”

“You will sleep tonight in the dungeon, nude. Lock yourself in the cell down there. Also put on the manacles and collar you will find, and lock your hands to the front of the collar. I do not want you touching yourself tonight. There is a piece of carpet there and an old blanket. Use that. Do not go wash. I want you to spend the night as you are now. Do not drink anything. I want you to sleep with the taste of shit and come in your mouth. I will get you in the morning, so you can prepare yourself. I will not use you again until I get you back from my friend.”


“May I ask for something?”


“What is it?”

“If you will not use me again…” My voice breaks “Until I am returned to you, can I ask…” I cannot believe my own ears “Before you go to bed, when you relieve yourself, please do it in my mouth.” I feel my face redden “I would sleep also with the taste of your urine in my mouth”


He is as surprised as I am. We’ve never played golden showers before.


“Kneel” He says. I do so, proudly, in front of him. He takes his dick out and I open my mouth. He starts his stream, fills my mouth with his warm, pungent fluid. He stops; I swallow, over and over, until he is empty. I lick the last drops off him. I look up at him; he picks up my chin, kisses me on the lips and has me stand.


“You are wonderful. I thought you would back out of this long time ago. But you are not going to. Are you?”


“No Simon, I am not going to back out; I thought you’d have realized that by now”


“I wonder if there is anything that could make you change your mind”


“I would die for you Simon, if it would please you. There is nothing that you might ask from me that would be too much, that I wouldn’t give gladly. I may ask you to tie me up, to keep me from escaping involuntarily, like today. I may ask you to gag me, so I can’t ask you to stop; but there is nothing at all I would not do, or let you do to me, if it pleases you”


In the silence that followed these words, I thought of something:


“If you ever get tired of me” I pause. He looks at me, puzzled “If you ever get tired of me, please do not let me go, do not send me away. Keep me near if you can get any pleasure from me. If you don’t, if I bore you, please terminate me”


He bows his head, points to the basement and says nothing.

Ch 7 Candy’s submission, Part 2

Ch 7 Candy’s submission, Part 2


Usual disclaimers: Do not try this at home. Keep away from children. Void where prohibited. Also do not dispose of human waste in dumpsters, it is a health hazard.



I did not get too much sleep that Thursday night. The cell in the dungeon was quite cold. We had made it that way. The floor was bare concrete. We had removed the carpeting. Lying down on the thin piece of carpet was uncomfortable to say the least. The thin blanket did not keep me warm. The manacles attached to my throat collar did help, I had not come since Saturday, what with my clitoris burnt, and Simon had guessed, rightly so, that I would have given myself a nice orgasm, had my hands been free. I deserved one. He could have just forbidden me to play with myself and I would have obeyed, I think.


He gets me on Friday morning. He opens the door to the cage, and releases my hands. He points me to the bathroom in the basement, and tells me to shower, prepare myself and pack my cosmetics. He has arranged my cosmetics in it while I slept. He has also removed the handles of the hot water spigots. I have to shower and wash up with cold water. This being mid October in Colorado, the water is freezing. I definitely do not take long. After I finish doing my hair, I choose my makeup. This time I choose my most waterproof mascara. I believe I will be doing quite a bit of crying the next few days. I select the waterproof mascara; a dense foundation, that will cover bruises, and a lipstick. After I’m done, still nude, I walk upstairs.


He has made breakfast. Coffee, toast, scrambled eggs, green peppers and hash browns. I am starving and eat ravenously. I am sitting at the kitchen table. He is fully dressed, in jeans and shirt, and I am bare ass naked. I enjoy the coffee, and have another mug. After I’m done, he asks me to go to the bedroom and put on the clothes he set out for me on the bed.


A short white dress with no sleeves, lacy see through bra, matching thong, a black leather dog collar with steel loops on it, and fuck me pumps. I look out the window. The sky is leaden, an overcast the color of gun metal. It can get very cold, very fast in Colorado in mid October. I look around searching for a coat but there is none. I dress as instructed.


I walk back down to the kitchen. He tells me to sit down and serves me another coffee. He gives me now my instructions:


“The man you are going to belong to is Alvaro Vega. I have no doubts you will not let me down. Your ride will be here in a minute. You can still back out of this if you want”


There is nothing I would want to do more than back out of this.


“No Simon, I will obey your instructions.”


“Here is your ride”


I get up, and walk to the door. He kisses me, opens the door and says simply:




I walk out, feeling like a slut, dressed like this on a Friday morning. A black limo has pulled out in front of our driveway. The driver opens the back door for me. I notice how cold it is and something cold and wet touches my nose. A snowflake. I get in the car. The heater is on.


The driver gets in. “Good morning ma’am. It’s a cold day today. We may have a big snowstorm”


He is quite chatty. It’s just another day at work for him. I answer with a few platitudes; my mind is not in the conversation. I realize this is not a private limo; it belongs to a service that we often use. Simon has an account with them. He works in a public position and cannot afford to have a DUI, so every time we go out, he hires a limo.


We go west, along the intestate, soon the driver gets out. I seldom come to this part of town. It is a Mexican area, children look at the limo. Probably not many of these cars drive around here or maybe not.


He stops in front of a medium size house. “It’s here ma’am” He opens the door for me. The front yard is uncared for. The bushes untrimmed. I walk to the house and knock on the door. My knees are shaking, and it is not only from the cold.


A Mexican woman opens the door. “Yes, what do you want?” She speaks with a thick Mexican accent. “Please, I’m looking for Alvaro Vega” She turns around and yells: “Alvaro: Una pinche de gringa pregunta por ti!” She looks at me and says “Wait here”

I stay at the door. The snow is falling a little harder now, the limo is gone. I am freezing.

A man comes: “You must be Candy” “Yes sir” He gestures me in, closes the door and says “Strip gringa” I hesitate for only a second. My dress unzips from the front. I remove it, and stand there in my lacy bra and thong. Before I can continue he twirls his finger. I pivot in place. He leers at me and says “Everything but the shoes and collar” I take off my bra and thong. He opens a closet and points “Put it in there” I do so. He takes a leash, clips it to the collar and walks into the kitchen. The woman is sitting at the kitchen table, peeling potatoes. She is middle aged, about 5 feet but around 240Lbs or more. Her hair is long, black and unkempt. She is wearing a drab housedress.


“¿Que haces con esa gringa?” She asks. She doesn’t realize I understand Spanish.


 “No es asunto tuyo vieja” It’s not your business.


He has me kneel at a corner of the kitchen. I do so; sit back on my heels, with my legs open and eyes downcast. I am trying to be as submissive and unobtrusive as possible. Something really hard to do, when kneeling in a kitchen, naked, with a leash on your neck and a fat Mexican woman looking at you with murder in her eyes. I realize now I really need to go to the bathroom. All that coffee, plus the cold, I really need to go. I ask the man, as humbly as I can. He looks at me, opens a closet full of newspapers, gives me a few, opens the backyard door and points out:

“You go there”


I blush, no I turn red, beet red, I’m sure. I try to stall, but it will not work, he is looking at me. She looks too. Pinche de Gringa She says. I get up, leashed, and walk to the backyard. I squat over the newspaper facing Alvaro Vega, figuring it would be pointless to try to do it with my back to him. I close my eyes. “Open your eyes” He orders immediately. Even that small comfort is denied to me. Looking at the ground, I squat over the newspapers and release my water. I finish. “Wrap it all up and throw it in the dumpster” There is a thin layer of snow on the ground now.


We return to the house. I resume kneeling in the corner. Alvaro ties my hands behind my back; then goes somewhere and returns with two alligator clamps each attached to a small bell. I figure where they are going. He places a clamp on each nipple. They hurt but not inordinately so. I whimper a little, but hold position. He flicks the bells. The woman laughs.


Alvaro then picks up the phone and calls some friends. “Tengo una gringa para hoy”

He tells them. I am obviously going to be the entertainment for tonight’s social event.


Alvaro is about 5’6” and 200 Lbs. with a beer belly. He seems to be enjoying himself. His wife, if it is his wife, doesn’t seem to appreciate having a gringa less than half her weight parading naked on her kitchen. He leaves.


After a while his wife approaches me. Puta gringa, me vas a servir para algo She approaches me, bringing her chair, sits in front of me and pulls her skirt up. She isn’t wearing any undies; it is obvious what she wants. I lean forward, into her thatch and get to work. She smells quite bad; like a dead fish left out for too long. I fight nausea as I stick my face into her pussy and start sucking and licking. She grabs my head and mashes it into her crotch. I try as hard as I can to bring her off. I’ve never done it with a woman before, but I try my best, and soon I am rewarded by her juices squirting in my face.


She pulls back now, sated. She pats my head; like you would a cat or a dog, and resumes getting dinner ready. I resume my position, kneeling in the corner.


Soon after, the outer door opens; a boy, laughing runs into the kitchen, he stops when he sees me. He is about ten. He runs up to me, I am so embarrassed, naked, kneeling here, with the drying cunt juice of that woman drying on my face, but I do not dare move. He notices the little bells hanging from my nipples and flicks one of them. I whimper a little. I hear his mother’s voice ‘What are you doing in the kitchen? Go do your homework” The child runs out of the kitchen.


The woman comes in and slaps me. “Why are you corrupting my child?” She grabs a belt and strikes me furiously on my ass and belly. I cry bitterly; I have done nothing, yet I am being punished. I should get used to that, I guess. She leaves, leaving me to my misery.

Time passes, slowly. Alvaro returns, and removes the clamps from my nipples. The pain from the blood returning is excruciating. He tells me to stand and wash my face. I do so at the kitchen sink. Unasked I use cold water; I figure he would probably punish me if I tried to use the hot one.


“I am going to put you to some use. Mario turned 15 today and he has never been with a woman. You are going to go to his room and teach him. Make sure he uses you well. I will ask him all about how it went, so I know you did a good job. If he is not satisfied, or I feel that you did not teach him well, you will be sorry you ever met me.” He should have said sorrier. I am already sorry I ever met him.


I follow him, nude, on my high heels to a room inside the house. He opens the door and we go in. Mario is sitting at a desk, and turns around as we walk in. His eyes seem ready to pop out of their sockets as she sees me.


Alvaro cheerfully says: “Mario, here is your birthday present. Have fun with her. It is now noon, have her out at the kitchen by four” He then leaves us.


Mario is taller than his father, and still thin, a shadow of a developing moustache on his upper lip, but otherwise beardless. His hair is black, neither long nor short, with a cowlick on his right side. He is wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. The jeans cannot hide his growing erection. He stands there, by his desk, uncertain of what his next step should be.


I feel embarrassed; I know that in some Mexican families it is customary to hire a hooker for the male children when they turn 15. I am being treated like a common whore. I realize rapidly that I have to do a good job of teaching this kid about sex. So I smile at him and ask him: “I hear you have not had sex yet” He nods. I approach him and touch his arm. “You will enjoy it, I promise” He smiles. I take his right hand and place it on my breast. He tentatively at first then more firmly kneads it. I start to get aroused by this adolescent boy. He pinches my nipple, I gasp. I embrace him while he continues to play with my breast. He has a very good idea of what to do; he will just need a little guidance. I take his other hand and take it to my pussy, which is sopping wet by now. He explores the moist folds, clumsily. I move back slightly and unbutton his shirt, then I caress his hairless chest. I kiss it, nibble at it. Then I kneel in front of him and, while looking up into his eyes, unbuckle his belt, remove it and lay it on the ground. Should I teach him how to spank a woman with a belt? I decide to do that later, if there is time. I unbutton and drop his pants. He stands excited, with his erect penis tenting his white briefs. I remove them too. He is well hung, 8 inches of uncircumcised teenage ardor. I take his penis into my hand, and uncover his glans, which I am sorry to see is not too clean. They do not seem to take personal hygiene too seriously in this house. Nevertheless, I begin to lick at it, clean it, kiss it. He trembles in excitement. I know he will not last long. I take him in my mouth and suck on him. He cannot take it any more and comes explosively in my mouth. I hold his seed in my mouth until he is done, then releasing him, fall down on my heels, look up at him, lips open, letting him see his spunk in my mouth, and swallow.


He sits on the bed, amazed. I smile at him again, and notice that his penis is again twitching. I thought it would. I press on his chest and have him lie down on the unmade bed. Again I excite him, caress his body, his chest, legs, balls, semi erect penis. I bring his hand again to my pussy, still wet, and he now takes the initiative and explores on his own, my pussy, my ass. I sit back on the bed, spread my legs and let him see my sex, open, inviting. He is erect again. I lie back and bring him to me. He needs no further coaching and pounds at my entrance. I guide him in, and he starts thrusting, pounding. I get more excited too. I have not had anyone inside my pussy since Saturday; almost a week. I have been unable to touch myself since then too. Today’s humiliating treatment has had an effect on me also. I cannot help myself and start coming, just as he, taking longer this time, grunts and spills his load in my insides.


We take a little longer to recover this time. He fondles my breasts. We rest. He falls into a light sleep, more like a short nap. I appreciate the opportunity of lying in a soft bed, even this dirty one, redolent of sweat and sex. I figure that I won’t sleep in such a comfortable place tonight. I nap a little and wake up at 2:30. My young lover is still asleep. I must wake up; there are two more things I need to teach him. He wakes up with his dick in my mouth, he is erect before he even awakes and, as soon as he wakes, he starts thrusting. I stop him. “No, not this way. There is more that you can do” I smile at him, get off the bed and pick up the belt. I put the belt on the bed and turning around, so my back faces him, I bend over the desk. I show him my ass; separate the ass cheeks so he can see my rosebud. He studies it, curious. He touches it. I take his hand, insert two of his fingers into my wet pussy, and place them over the rear entrance. He gets the idea, inserts first one, then two. I try to relax. He is getting more excited. Before he gets too far along, I turn my head around and tell him. “You shouldn’t do this with just any woman, but with me, you can take the belt and whip me with it, if you wish. Afterwards you can fuck my ass” His eyes open wide; he takes the belt and takes a playful swat at my behind. I gasp. I stop him for a moment, take a pillow from the bed, put it on the desk, bury my head in it and tell him: “Now go on” He does. I muffle my cries with the pillow. He is merciless. He gives me twenty strokes before throwing the belt aside and trying to bugger me. His penis is too dry. I tell him “Wait!” turn around and with my mouth, my saliva get him wet. Then I resume position, and he enters me, violently. I scream into the pillow. He slaps my ass, hard. This is his third time in as many hours. It takes him a long time to climax. When he finally does, he pulls out and, spent, sits on the bed. I remain in position for a few minutes. I let him see his spunk trickling out of my asshole, framed by, my now red, ass cheeks. Then I get up. It is ten minutes to four. “You need to get me to the kitchen now” I say.


He puts his pants and shirt on and takes me back to the kitchen. Alvaro is there, and he examines me. “Good” he says. He points at the closet with the newspapers. I grab a bunch of them then follow him outside. It is getting darker and the snow is falling heavily. Naked and shivering I walk beside the dumpster. I squat to do number two; he bends behind me and watches his son’s semen coming out of both my holes. He shows me a pail of cold water, soap, washrag, and a towel. I realize that the lack of hygiene in the house does not apply to me. In the freezing weather I wash myself as best I can.


Inside the house he lets me use the bathroom to fix my makeup. I surreptitiously look at my ass, heavily striped by the belt. After I am done he takes me to the living room, where I am made to kneel by the coffee table. He ties my hands behind my back and puts out a thin whippy cane.


“My friends will be here soon gringa. We will have some fun then”


I realize then, as if I did not know already, my evening will not be pleasant.


His friends arrive around six. It is already dark. They leer at me as they enter the living room. There are four of them. I can’t make out their names. I could probably figure out their names, if they called each other by them, but they call each other by all kinds of epithets. Pendejo, Pinche Cabron, and many others I can’t recall. They drink beer, and spank my ass as they pass beside me, or they slap my breasts. I maintain position, kneeling, hands tied behind my back, eyes downcast. It is about half an hour before they pay me any more attention. I wish it was longer.


Alvaro unties my hands, and they all sit around me. I am to go around blowing them one by one. I must open their flies, take out their dicks, and blow them one after the other. I start with one of them, I do not know which. Their smells mix in my nose, their taste in my mouth, and their semen in my gullet. I blow all five of them. They laugh, and get excited again. They tell me to lie face down on top of the coffee table. Alvaro picks up the cane. I ask for a gag, he ignores me. I ask for a pillow; he throws one of the throw pillows from the sofa. I bury my head in it.


Thwack! I scream into my pillow. Again and again, the cane falls on my ass, my thighs. I scream and scream. I wish I was tied, so I would not be afraid of moving, of trying to escape. The cane is really horrible. I realize it is not only Alvaro holding the cane, they hand it off to each other; I can tell because the pause between strikes is longer when they hand it off. Fortunately they are not as skilled as Simon or Robert. They strike too fast. Before the pain of one cut ebbs, they are hitting me again. Some of the effect is lost. After a while the strokes meld into each other. Even though they moved up to my back, my pain receptors are becoming saturated. The pain becomes one huge ball of fire on my back.


After a while, silence; a pause. They got tired of this game and move around. I can hear them, but, my head buried in the pillow, I can’t see them.


I catch my breath. I recover some of my composure. I wait for instructions. My back is on fire.


I feel someone at my rear. A hand touches me, I am dry. An erect penis touches me, and forces itself into me. My vagina responds slowly, but respond it does. I begin to get wet. He thrusts and thrusts harder; he comes into me, and slips out. A second shaft enters, thrusts, thrusts, comes, and leaves. A third follows then a fourth and a fifth. My back burns from the caning. Where the cane has cut into the skin, I feel the sting of the sweat that covers my back; some of it is even my own. They have me kneel again; I feel the semen of many men slipping out of me.


They tie me to a chair, my hands behind its back. My breasts exposed. I tremble with fear when I realize they will cane my breasts. They do. The pain is worse than anything I’ve endured until now. Even the burning of my pussy was more bearable than this; at least Simon was there to enjoy it. I scream myself hoarse. They stop. My head falls on my chest. How much more of this can I endure? Time passes. The men leave. Incredulous, I lift my head, I look at the clock. It is now 10.


Alvaro unties me. He takes me to the kitchen. I already know what to do. Pick up the newspapers, and step out into the snow. Afterwards he gives me a carpet and a thin blanket. He fills a bowl with water and leaves it on the floor; again, I do not need instructions, without using my hands I drink from it. He points to a corner in the kitchen. I curl up there.


I wonder why did Simon leave me here, and how does having me here, away from him, please him. I had expected that any tortures would have been documented on video; I would then have had the comfort of knowing that he would see it, he could observe my suffering and enjoy it; maybe while getting a blowjob from Vicky. That would have made it worthwhile. Instead, I feel abandoned, forgotten, given to Alvaro to torture and humiliate; and he will never even know what I endured for him. Then perhaps, that is what he wants, to know that I am suffering at his whim, and suffering more, because he can’t see it. And then thinking of Simon, I cry myself to sleep.


I awake, suddenly, from a kick in my side. Alvaro’s wife, whose name I do not know yet, kicks me awake. I get up and kneel. She gives me a pail of water, a towel, soap, points. I know already. I pick up the newspapers and head into the snow covered and still dark backyard. I am shivering, nude, in the early morning cold. The stars are out. The storm has passed on, and in the clear night, the temperature has dropped to what feels like the single digits. Like an animal I do my stuff and dump it in the dumpster. I then wash, as fast as I can with the freezing water and return to the warm kitchen, where I kneel at my appointed place.


I am sent to the small toilet in the kitchen to fix my makeup, fix my hair. When I come back to the kitchen, the smell of beans, peppers and coffee fills the air. My stomach growls. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. I am starving. I say nothing however and move to my corner to kneel there. The woman stops me, gives me a bowl and tells me to crack eggs in the bowl and whisk them. I am now her nude kitchen prep assistant. Silently I help her. I actually prefer this to kneeling in the corner. After I help her make breakfast, she points to my corner and I go kneel there.


All of the family gathers round the breakfast table. Alvaro, his wife, Mario and the little boy. I kneel nude on the corner, and am generally ignored by everyone. My stomach growls more loudly now. But no one seems to care; they do laugh at it. Soon they all leave for whatever projects they have for this Saturday morning. The wife has me help pick up the table. She watches me closely to make sure I do not pick up anything to eat. I do not dare. I am more afraid of her than of Alvaro. I wash the dishes; in cold water, of course. There is a dishwasher in the kitchen, but she gets a kick out of having a gringa wash her dishes, I guess.


After the kitchen is clean, there are still a couple of tacos left over. “You hungry, puta?” She asks.

“Yes ma’am” I answer, in a whisper.


She takes the plate with the two, still warm, left over tacos, puts it on the table, and says: “You are going to have to work for it, pendeja” I kneel in front of her, expecting a repeat of yesterday’s episode.


Indeed, she lifts her skirt to expose her smelly thatch but instead of having me come to eat her, she takes one of the tacos and deftly inserts it in her pussy. It goes all the way in. “If you want to eat” she opens her legs wide “eat”


I stick my face in her pussy, the appetizing smell of the breakfast taco mixes with the unappetizing smell of her taco. I try to reach the food with my tongue but cannot get it out. After a few attempts I realize what she wants. I have to bring her off first. I start sucking on her clitoris, flicking it with my tongue with greater and greater abandon. Her juices gush, on my face, and I’m sure on my breakfast too. Eventually she comes loudly, and squirts some more juice on me. She squeezes her pussy, or perhaps it is the orgasmic contractions, but the taco comes out. I am not allowed to take it in my hands, but have to bite it and eat it as it comes out of the malodorous cave. When I’m done, she inserts the second one. Again I have to bring her off to get my food. I am getting used to this; I am getting better at it. Soon I am rewarded by a second taco coming out of her taco. A breakfast taco, coming out of a fish taco.


After I’m done, she allows me to wash my face at the kitchen sink. What a privilege! For the rest of the morning I do her housework. She watches over me with one of her husbands belts in her hand, and uses it on me when I do not perform to her satisfaction. Nude I take the sheets off the beds, put them in the washer. (At least she does not make me wash them by hand) Then I am made to scrub the floors, clean the two bathrooms, which are filthy. The toilets in particular seem to have been cleaned last when Bush senior was president. I have to clean them, by hand, of course, and leave them spotless. Several cuts of the belt to my ass emphasize this. After the bed sheets are done, dried and ironed, I make the beds. I take another trip outside, with the newspapers; it is a lovely crisp, sunny, fall day. The sky is a pristine blue. I can appreciate that while I go, on the old newsprint, like the nicely trained bitch that I am.


I return back to the house. I am left to kneel at the corner. There is water in the bowl. I no longer feel the cold; the house is not kept as warm as ours, but after stepping outside, it feels warm by comparison. The wife approaches me. She has me stand in front of her. She pinches my nipples. They are still tender from yesterday’s caning. I squirm a little and grunt. She grabs me by the waist, with her left arm, and her right hand explores my pussy. Dry, it nevertheless responds to her manipulations, her pulling at my clit, and wetness appears. Despite myself I am getting excited. Unbidden I open my legs wider, giving her better access. She laughs, and has me bend over the kitchen table. Her hands explore my ass cheeks; she picks up a slotted steel spatula and starts spanking me with it. I yell out, but she just says: “Be quiet” She cuts into my ass like a fiend. I grunt with each stroke. My ass is quite tender from yesterday, and the spatula, which ordinarily shouldn’t be so bad, stings something fierce. She works up a sweat, so do I. Then she stops, and points to my corner. Whimpering I kneel in it.


Around eleven Mario comes home. Without a word, he approaches me, takes off his belt, which he uses to tie my hands behind my back; he then unzips his fly and has me suck him off. His dick grows in my mouth, as I, not unwillingly, pleasure him. I like Mario. He is nice. As I suck him off he pinches and twists my nipples. It hurts. He soon drops his load down my mouth. I clean him off with my tongue; he sticks it back in his pants, retrieves his belt, and gives me a few playful swats with it before leaving. They hurt badly on my already much bruised ass, but there is no ill intention in them. He is nice.


I help Mrs. Vega to make lunch. That is easy, just salad and hot dogs. Unfortunately she swats my ass frequently, with her spatula, for target practice.


At lunch, the small kid is not there, he must be at some friend’s. Without him around, Mario’s wife decides to have me serve them lunch. I do so willingly. As I serve them their salad, hot dogs, they pinch my nipples. Mario touches my pussy and flicks my clitoris as I serve him his soda. Mrs. Vega and Alvaro drink beer. After they are done eating, they decide is time to feed me. She tells them how she gave me breakfast; they like the idea. I am sure I will not like this.


Alvaro takes his belt off and wraps it round my neck, making a noose with the buckle. I definitely do not like this


He drops his pants and underwear, and sticks a wiener up his ass. I kneel in front of him, and am instructed not to swallow his spunk. I suck him off, and he soon comes in my mouth. To make sure I do not swallow, he pulls his belt tight, choking me. I can barely breathe, let alone swallow. He then tilts back, and offers me his ass. He pushes and out comes the wiener, coated. I am to let it into my mouth and suck on it, then push it back. He pushes it out, I take it into my mouth, and again push it back in with my lips and tongue. He has taken some pressure off the belt so I breathe better, though it is still painful. After he gets tired of the game, he now has me nibble on the wiener as it comes out, chew it and swallow it, until I’m done.


Mario also takes his pants off, and sticks the wiener in the same place his father did. He also half strangles me with the belt, but after I have a mouthful of his come in me, he has me bite small pieces of the wiener, coated in his shit, and drop them in a bowl, after mixing them with his come. Only after all the pieces are in the bowl he allows me to spit his spunk in the bowl. His mother has me bring her to orgasm, and also bite off pieces of her wiener, and put them in the bowl. After I’m done, she adds the rests of the salad to the bowl, and pees on it. My tears by now are flowing like a river. I balk at eating the whole stinking mess. Out comes the belt. My ass takes another round of punishment, but I cannot eat that. Mario brings out the cane. Alvaro brings a rubber gag. I keep shaking my head. “No, No, No” I refuse to open my mouth for the gag. Mario pulls on my hair, tilting my head back. Still I do not open my mouth. Suddenly a terrible crushing pain in my clit. Alvaro is crushing it with some pliers. I try to scream and, in comes the gag.


I am draped over the back of the chair, and they take turns on my ass and thighs. My screams are muffled by the gag. My tears are not. They run down my cheeks and pool on the seat. After they figure my ass has had enough they shove the bowl in my face. I shake my head. They sit me on the chair. Tie my hands behind my back. I know what is coming and start to nod vigorously. I try to say: “I will eat” but it is unintelligible through the gag; or perhaps they do understand but elect not to. They do not cane my breasts though. They bring the chair up to the table and rest my sore, tender and striped breasts on the table. Then they start caning them. After they have beaten them into red melons, with some of the welts bleeding, they remove the gag, and untie me. I say nothing. On all fours I crawl to the bowl, and like a good bitch eat my food. I cannot stop crying though.


On their instructions, I pick up my carpet, blanket and bowl. I follow Mario to the garage. The garage is colder than the kitchen, but the sun is warming it up nicely. He fills my bowl with water, puts in on a corner, ties my hands behind my back, lets me lie down on the carpet, covered by the blanket, and ties my collar to the wall. He then caresses my face and leaves me, alone.


I cry and cry. I have eaten their shit, their piss. I have been tortured, humiliated. I try to make sense of this, but can’t. I wish Simon was here. I wish he would come and pick me up. It would be all right then. I think: “It can’t get any worse than this” but then I realize, “Oh yes, it can” and I am scared.


Time passes slowly. Night falls. A space heater in the garage keeps it tolerable as the temperature outside falls below freezing. I drink water and sleep intermittently. I am so afraid. My breasts are swollen. My ass is on fire. What will they do to me tonight?

Mario comes, unties me and clips a leash to my collar. On all fours I follow him to the kitchen. Out come the newspapers, and out I go. I am allowed to stand up for this, while I walk out to the dumpster, to do my thing, while Mario enjoys the sight. He takes me back to the garage. Ties my neck to the wall, and with me on all fours, enters me from behind, not ungently. He fucks my pussy with abandon, I feel myself responding to him, but too soon, before I can really get into it, he comes. He gives me his dick to clean, which I do, as usual with my mouth, and he leaves me for the night.


I sleep. In my tortured dreams, Simon never comes, I am left here, or he comes but does not take me back with him. Or he takes me with him, but he tires of me, and he brings me back. On another dream, I am allowed to leave, to go to him. He stands at the end of the driveway, waiting for me. “Come to me” he orders. I run to him but cannot reach him. Or, as I run, dogs set upon me, tear me to pieces. I try to run again, but dogs stand between me and him. I cannot get to him without appeasing the dogs. I try to appease the dogs, but he vanishes.


It is morning. I am sore all over. My ass, thighs and breasts hurt terribly, from all the beatings. The rest of my body, from lying on the cold hard floor. Alvaro comes, fastens a leash to my collar, and takes me out to the backyard. Routine by now. I wonder if I will ever be able to go in a regular bathroom, or without someone watching. I walk into the kitchen. They have eaten already. There are two tacos left. His wife inserts one. I already know what to do. I go down on her, reap my reward and prepare to do it for the second one. After she inserts the second taco in her pussy, she offers me her ass. I know better than to balk. I lick her asshole, ream it with my tongue, and suck on it until she is satisfied. She then graciously lets me tongue her pussy and bring her to orgasm. I eat my second taco. They let me drink coffee out of my bowl. I am grateful to them. Alvaro caresses my head and face. I kiss his hand, lick at it. He says: “Good, good” I am broken now; happy to please them. I must please them. I realize that now. I want to please Simon. If Simon wants me to please this family, then I must please them. He wanted them to break me. He did not want to do it himself. I am broken. I will obey.


I am allowed into the bathroom to fix my face. I look at my front. My swollen breasts, criss crossed by welts, clotted blood where the skin burst under the cane’s assault. My thighs, well striped in the front. My ass, as red as my breasts, looks just as bad. The back of my thighs is not much better. I wonder how they will torture me today. I don’t have any areas left for them to torture without major damage.


When I return to the kitchen, I kneel in my corner. Alvaro takes me to the living room. He sits on his recliner and turns on the TV. He watches football. I kneel at his side; at arms reach, but not too close. On command I bring him beer, potato chips. After a while, I can restrain myself no longer.


“May I speak Mr. Vega?” He nods


“I am worried sir. My breasts, ass, thighs are all so damaged from all the whipping; I do not know what you can do to them tonight. I do not want to disappoint you.” His eyebrows rise. “I want to please you. I am afraid that you might not be able to hurt me as much as you wish. I do not want you to be unhappy with me”


He looks at me. “What would you have us do?”


“I thought you might whip my pussy” I can’t believe I said that. “It may not be able to take as much as my ass or tits, but maybe you can use that. If you damage it too much, you can always fuck me in the ass, and there is always my mouth” Something inside my brain was cringing. The last remains of self preservation were falling off my mind, like the leaves on the trees outside. I am an accomplice in my own violation. I cannot believe that my biggest concern is that my tormentors might not be able to torment me enough.


“We will do that. Tonight Mario and I will tie you up to the coffee table, your legs wide open, tied back, so your pussy is widely exposed. You will ask us to whip your pussy, with the belt. When it is swollen shut, you will ask us to use the cane, until it bleeds. When it is torn, bleeding, you can then ask us to use the belt buckle on it. Then and only then will you have reached your objective. Then and only then will you have learned what you came here to learn.” He stands up


“I gotta take a leak”


“You do not need to go sir, I am here” I approach him, open his fly and take his flaccid, but still large penis into my mouth. I wait until he releases his water. Simon had stopped to let me swallow, Alvaro doesn’t. At home however we have a bota that we use to take wine in picnics, I learned to swallow with my mouth open while using it. I use the same technique and swallow all his piss. It tastes acrid. When he is done, he shakes it dry against the side of my mouth and gives me the end of his beer to wash down the taste.


Mario joins us shortly afterwards. We watch football all evening. I bring them beer and snacks, and drink their piss as needed. As the evening wears on I am getting more and more anxious about the upcoming ordeal. Alvaro explains the plan to his son, who asks to fuck me before they ruin my pussy. Mario wants to take me to his room, but Alvaro tells him to do me right there, on the living room.


I suck him until he is fully hard. I take my time doing it. I like Mario, but it doesn’t matter now. I will do just as good a job on Alvaro if it was his dick in my mouth. Mario enjoys it, until he decides it is time. He has me lie flat on my back, and enters me roughly. I am wet though and receive him eagerly. He humps and I grind and soon find myself screaming my release, just in time, since he grunts, gasps and releases his own load deep in me. Alvaro turns me over, and fucks my ass. He does put a dollop of lubricant on his penis, for his own comfort, before he does me. Although the pain is intense, it is nothing like what I have endured until now, or what will happen to me soon. I grunt with his thrusts, but endure stoically.


I request to go out. Alvaro tells me to go to the kitchen and ask Guadalupe (That’s his wife) to take me out. I do so, and as I am squatting over my newspaper, she asks me:

“So, do you now what they will do with you tonight, putita?” The use of the diminutive does not escape me. With it, whore becomes almost a term of endearment. As I finish doing my thing, I explain it to her. “I’ll come and watch. You can suck my pussy while yours is whipped to shreds” I said: “Yes ma’am, I would like that very much” and meant it.


I return to the living room. I fully expect to be thrown back on the coffee table and the torture to start, but both men are relaxed, watching the games. They do not seem in any hurry to start. Me, there is a ball of icy lead in my stomach. By 8 I cannot take it anymore. “Sir” I ask Alvaro “When do you want to start?” “Whenever you want” he answers. I see. I am going to have to ask for everything. I’ll have to ask them to whip my pussy, then shred it with the cane, and then to smash it with the belt buckle. They will not volunteer anything, except to fuck my mouth or ass, as they feel the need.


I take a deep breath. “I’d like to get started, please” My voice trembles. My legs shake. “Mrs. Vega said she’d like to be here too. If it is OK with you”

“Yes” Alvaro says “Fetch her.” I do so.


The coffee table is in the middle of the room now. The TV is off. They place two pillows; one on each end. They ask me, politely, to lie down on the table. I do so. Mrs. Vega asks me to get up and places a white towel under my ass before I sit down again. “For the blood” she says. I give her a wan smile “I understand” I lie back on the table. The pillow on the opposite side is under my neck, so my head hangs off the side. I will be able to deep throat any one who wants it. I nod my approval. I ask for a gag. It is denied. “You need to be able to ask for the next torture. To ask for more. You cannot have a gag” I lie down again. “Will you tie me to the table now? Please” Two large belts, one low on my belly and another one just above my breasts strap me tightly to the table. I cannot move.

Again I nod approval. My arms are tied to the legs of the table. My forearms rest on the floor. “Good” I say. “Will you please tie my legs down now?” I ask. My thighs are now flexed over my belly, and tied down with leather thongs, just above the knees to the table. I can still move them from side to side. My ankles are fixed to the thighs with additional thongs. “Please tie them open” I say. A long rope runs from one knee, under the table, to the other knee. My legs are now flexed on my belly, immobilized and wide open. My pussy and asshole are now fully exposed. Fear has covered my body with a patina of sweat. Mario comes to my side and kisses my lips tenderly. I respond to him. Alvaro follow suit. I also kiss him back. Guadalupe caresses my face before kissing me. “You are a brave putita” she says. She brings a chair and sets it by my face. “I shall sit here with you” “Gracias” I say.


Alvaro removes his belt. Fearfully I see the large buckle. He grabs it by the buckle and gives it a tentative swat against the floor. He looks at me, waiting for instructions.


“Start whipping my pussy, hard” I can barely speak.


Aiiieeee! My loud scream rips through the stillness of the room. Once, twice. “Stop!” I say. He does. “I can’t bear it like this. Please give me something to bite on” Guadalupe gets me a piece of rubber hose. She sticks it on my mouth, sideways. I shall bite on it, but can spit it out when needed. I nod and say “oninue” Alvaro understands and resumes. Thwack! And Thwack again. I can barely writhe with each stroke. I scream through my gag, through my clenched teeth. They trade places. Mario hits my pussy now, ferociously. I keep screaming as much as my gag lets me. After a year of this, a pause. I look up and see my pussy. Alvaro is holding up a mirror. My God! It looks as large as a softball. Guadalupe removes my gag. “Is it closed?” I ask. Alvaro tries to stick his dick in me. I scream as he tries, and succeeds. ‘No, it is still open” He says as he starts thrusting. Tears fall from my eyes as he enjoys my sex. Guadalupe caresses my face. Mario kneels on the other side and caresses my breasts. Alvaro grunts as he spends himself in me. He gets up. “Please continue with the belt” I say “It shouldn’t take too long now” Guadalupe replaces the gag. The torture resumes. I thrash my head wildly from side to side. It is the only movement left me. After anther year of this, the gag comes off. I again see my pussy in the mirror. An angry red cantaloupe seems to grow from my pubis. I catch my breath. I see Guadalupe looking at me. “The cane” I say “Until it bleeds, do not stop. Do not stop until it bleeds freely” The gag is now insufficient to help me. The pain is so intense I spit it out. I scream, beg for mercy, and cry. My hands grasp at the carpet, clutch at the air. Nothing helps. Mario passes the cane to his father, who, merciless, continues the abuse on my tender pussy. Finally they stop. It takes me a few minutes to stop screaming and thrashing. The pain is such that I do not realize it has stopped. When I do, I look up into the mirror. My pussy is torn in a score of places. Blood does flow freely into the towel. It has splashed my inner thighs. My pubes. I gasp for breath. Alvaro says: “We will stop now Candy” For the first time he has used my name. “No” I say, still gasping for breath. “You must finish. You must. Fuck my ass. Fuck my mouth, then when you are done” a pause “Use the belt buckle. At least 4 times. Two apiece” “As you wish”


“Alvaro fucks my ass first. The pain from my ass mingles with the horror of my shattered crotch. His come mingles with my blood and shit in my ass. He comes out and moves, erect again to my head. I see the shit, semen and blood covering his dick. I open my mouth, and as he enters me, feel a tongue in my ass. Guadalupe is drinking her husbands come and my blood out of my ass. As Alvaro’s dick enters deep into my throat, I feel fulfilled. He is so excited he comes again quite fast. He comes out. I see Guadalupe, her mouth stained with his come and my blood, standing by my side. She smiles. Mario enters my ass next. It doesn’t take him long either. His mother kneels behind me and drinks his come and my blood again. I can see this in the mirror Alvaro holds up. Then Mario comes to my mouth and I deep throat him too. He comes down my throat. It is time.


I do not ask for the gag this time. “Do it, do it hard” I say.


The buckle striking my pussy sounds like a melon bursting. I do not feel it at first, and then the pain explodes in me, like a firecracker on the fourth of July. Mario went first, then they traded places, then again. As I asked. Two strokes each. After the last one, I pass out.


Ch8 Candy’s submission, epilogue

Ch8 Candy’s submission, epilogue


Candy had been quiet all week, but I could tell she was looking forward to more action. She had been quite brazen about this. So had Yukiko and Vicky, come to think of it.


Robert and I were in a quandary. Without telling any of the girls we met that week. There was no denying that we were having a blast with these three girls, that was a given. Yet this could be dangerous. The girls seemed quite excited to take this way beyond what we, or they, ever imagined. We couldn’t call this off, nor did we want to. The more we thought of it, the more we wanted to push the limits, hurt them. Actually we were very afraid of what we were finding out about ourselves. The girls thought they were exploring their submissive natures, and maybe they were. We were exploring something else and, we both agreed, it wasn’t pretty.


We decided to continue, but we wanted to give the girls a last chance to back out. I would try to push Candy real hard, and he and I would try Vicky’s limits this weekend. I came up with an idea using a Mexican friend, who worked at one of my companies. He had a really sick mind. If I couldn’t break Candy, I was sure Alvaro could. I would leave her with him on Friday, and Robert and I would go play with Vicky and see what could be done with her.


Thursday was a lot of fun for me, as I fucked her face, after telling her of my plans. Well not all of my plans, only what she needed to know. I told her that I would not fuck her pussy. She took it well. I told her that I will not whip her that night, that I wanted her unmarked for Alvaro; she seemed disappointed.


When I told her I would fuck her ass, and then fist it, she seemed relieved.


I had to strap her back to the ottoman for her to take my hand up her ass. She was unable to stay still. When I finally got my hand inside her, I was as surprised as she is. I removed her gag and straps, setting her free. Well, her knees were still tied to the legs of the ottoman, but I couldn’t release those one handed. She raised her back. Sweat shone on her body as she looked at my eyes. I lied down on the floor to take in the sight of half my arm up her ass. I could feel the spasms of her sphincter muscle, and her bowels inside.


She gazes at me with her hazel eyes. She doesn’t scream anymore, but whimpers with every movement, with every spasm. She seems to silently ask me something, what, I do not know. I nod consent, although I am unsure what she wants. She takes a deep breath, raises herself almost to my wrist, and plummets back on to her knees. As my entire arm plunges into her, she throws her head back and screams like a banshee. Then she is silent. She turns her head and looks at me, triumphant.


“I love you” She says “I want you to be proud of me”


She cleaned my dick and my arm with her mouth. I know I will break down and fuck her if she sleeps with me, so I tell her to sleep in the dungeon. I tell her not to wash up or rinse her mouth; that I want her to sleep with the taste of semen and shit in her mouth. She asks for my urine!


“I would die for you Simon, if it would please you. There is nothing that you might ask from me that would be too much, that I wouldn’t give gladly. I may ask you to tie me up, to keep me from escaping involuntarily, like today. I may ask you to gag me, so I can’t ask you to stop; but there is nothing at all I would not do, or let you do to me, if it pleases you” She says. She also asks me, in so many words, to kill her if I ever get tired of her.


I point to the dungeon. I do not think Alvaro can break her.


On Friday I sent her to Alvaro. There was a risk here. Alvaro might go too far. Hell, who knows what he can do. But if there was someone who could make her turn back, that would be him.


On Monday Alvaro calls me up at the office. He tells me how the weekend went. She is still in his house. Sleeping in the garage.Patron” he says “She is a dear. She will do anything you want. She will let you do anything you want to her. She will even think of things that you can do to her if your imagination fails, I’m sorry to say you might not be able to fuck her pussy for a while; it is quite swollen”

“Can she walk?” I ask.

“She will be sore Patron but she can walk”

“I’ll send the limo for her at noon. Make sure she is ready. Do not tell her she is coming back until the limo is there”


                                    *                                  *                                  *


I wake from a restless sleep on Monday morning. I am in the garage, as usual. My pussy hurts badly, I look down, and it is covered by a dressing, partially soaked in blood. I remove it. It hurts since it has stuck to the blood and scabs that cover the labia. I only note some bloody spots after the dressing comes off. I drink from my bowl and soon afterwards Guadalupe comes to get me. I follow her to the kitchen. She offers to let me use the bathroom, but I go directly to the cupboard, pick up the newspapers and step outside. She brings me my pail of water, soap and towel. The cold is not as bad today. That is a good thing, because it takes me much longer to do all of my stuff. For one, the swelling in my pussy is so bad that I can only pee with difficulty. Then I have to wash all the area, very carefully and very gingerly. Finally I am done and return to the kitchen. Everyone has had breakfast already. Guadalupe picks up a plate with two tacos and puts it on the table. I know he wants me to eat them normally. Instead, I kneel in front of the chair and look up at her. She sighs, sits on the chair, and inserting the taco in her taco, feeds me in the way I’ve grown used to. As she comes for the second time, she pats my head. Putita, como has cambiado After I’m done, I drink coffee out of my bowl. When I’m done, she just looks at me, without further instructions. I get up, go to the closet and pick up the cleaning stuff. Unbidden I clean her bathrooms. I leave them spotless. I make their beds. She shakes her head. When I’m done, she takes me to the bathroom and tells me to fix my make up. I can stand only keeping my legs open. I wonder what other atrocities I can come up with for them to do to me.


After I am done, she hands me my clothes. I get dressed, bra, dress. I do not put on the thong. My pussy cannot tolerate underwear. She opens the door, and I see the limo outside.


Adios, putita


‘Adios señora Vega”


I walk painfully to the limo, where the driver holds the door open for me, and takes me back to my new life.


Ch 9 Vicky


Usual disclaimer. Work of fiction. Do not try this at home. Void where prohibited.

Keep away from children




Ch 9 Vicky


I never thought I’d suffer as much pain as I suffered Saturday. When Robert decided to insert that fishhook in my tongue I thought I’d die. Then when he started to burn my tits with his cigar I really wished to; or thought I did; then whenever I tossed my  head, it felt as if my tongue was getting ripped off my mouth. In comparison, the pins under my toes were not that bad. My tits nailed to the two by four were a different matter. The pain was exquisite, but I managed to control myself; but when they used my nailed tits to immobilize me while they whipped my ass and back, I could not hold back, and screamed the top of my head off. Hanging from the frame and having my pussy skewered was, by then, almost a relief.


Nothing happened on Sunday; during the week Robert was very nice. He gave me a gel to put on my nipples and pussy. It stung like the devil, but it prevented any infection.


I learned from Robert that we would go on our annual fishing trip this weekend, but that Candy would not be coming. Simon would however, and Robert counted on me being able to service them both despite everything. “Everything” had a very ominous sound to it.


Robert did not tell me what was going to happen to Candy, and did, in fact forbid me from calling her up. He also did not even bother to get his fishing stuff ready. He did make several trips to Home Depot, and gathered a good supply of lumber. Not enough to build anything in the house, but enough to make something to hurt me with. He did not tell me his plans and, all things considered, I decided it was not in my best interest to wheedle him about it.


On Friday he had me load up the truck with the lumber, toolbox (Aargh) and all the leather and rattan whips, canes, straps and the like. As I was forced to assemble, pack and load all the torture implements to be used on me, I was losing my voice from fear. My bottom and ass had healed quite nicely by now. As instructed, I changed into my traveling clothes, a khaki skirt, boots, and tan blouse, with no underwear. I took a good look at my ass and back in the mirror. I suspected next time I looked at them, they would not look as nice. It might be a while before they will look so smooth again, if ever.


Finally ready, we picked Simon up at his place. We all got into the front seat of the truck. Robert driving, me in the middle, and Simon sitting on the passenger’s side. As soon as we left the city, Simon hanged small alligator clamps on my nipples “To get me in the mood” they said. To prevent boredom Simon applied and removed the clamps to my nipples, and to the sides of my breasts at random times.


The first surprise was that we went south instead of north. We headed south, then west to the four corners area; a four hour drive. Then up a dirt road, and finally we reached an old house in the middle of the desert. I remembered then. Robert had an uncle, long since dead, who had willed him some land in the four corners. This must be it. We had never been here. Robert and Simon unloaded the booze and some of the heavy stuff, the large water bottles, gas bottles and such from the truck. I was left to unload the food, the lumber, I never knew that you need two by fours and long wooden beams for fishing, the tool box and the obligatory bag of “stuff” What I could not find were any fishing rods.


By the time I got the truck unloaded, the boys had the beer in the fridge and the ice in the freezer. We had a light dinner. The boys then left me to clean up -what a surprise- and headed for the living room. I followed them shortly. They were sitting down waiting for me. I decided to take the initiative, to keep them off balance so to speak.


“I am certain that fishing is not in the plans this weekend. So, what are you guys going to be doing with me? Whatever it is, I’m sure I shan’t enjoy it”


That got them frazzled. Now, it could be argued that if you are soon to be tied down, with all your tender parts exposed to abuse, it is not too wise to frazzle your future torturers. You could make a very good point with that argument.


“You are entirely too fresh” Said my husband. “Just go ahead and strip”


I stripped, as instructed, I knelt before them. I knelt proudly. I knew this was not going to be easy. I knew it would be hell. Why else drive so far, out to the middle of nowhere. There probably wasn’t anybody in a ten mile radius. A thought came unbidden to my brain. We were so far out in the wilderness, I might not return. Once the thought entered my brain, I could not shrug it off. I considered the tools, the planks, the beams.

-They were going to snuff me- I thought.


Simon tied my right wrist to my right ankle, and the left wrist to the left ankle. Such a simple tie, but I was now defenseless. My pussy open before them. I felt the coolness of the air conditioning on my moisture.


Robert spoke: “We are way away from civilization. We can and will do with you whatever we want. As you wished it, there are no limits. We will start with something simple. The bullwhip. We will whip your body: your thighs, ass, breasts and pussy, until they are covered with stripes. After that, you will service us. All your orifices are ours for the taking. We will use them all. You shall remain in bondage until we leave here. You will be tied, or chained, or similarly restrained at all times. You will be in pain, at all times. Do you understand this?” I nod.


“As you wished there are no safe words. I will ignore your old safe word if you use it. Simon doesn’t even know it, so do not bother. We are going to get some equipment ready and will return presently” they leave me alone in the room.


My thoughts are racing. What can I do, what can I tell them? Should I say that I know they are going to snuff me? What would I gain by pleading for mercy? Robert and Simon are really smart. I know that if they want to make me disappear, they would get away with it. Do I even mind? Of course I do not want to die; who would? But if that is what Robert wants, I am his to do as he wishes. Maybe he has finally realized it. I do wish he would have given me warning. I could have helped arrange for my disappearance. I would have liked to bid good bye to Yukiko and Candy. Maybe he did not trust me not to try to escape. I am sad that he wouldn’t.


I wonder how they will do it. I consider the lumber I brought in and think they might build a gallows and hang me. The beams are quite sturdy. They might want to crucify me. I shudder at the thought. That would be horrible. People can last for days like that. Gasping for air all the time. I can’t keep obsessing like this. Why do I think they would snuff me? I must stop this foolishness.


They stay away for perhaps 45 minutes. It is hard for me to tell. I hear their hammering in the basement, but I have no way of telling the time. The living room has no clock, or TV. I notice that it is quite clean. Robert must have someone local come and clean the place. I wonder who lives out here. After they are done, they come and get me. They untie my wrists from my ankles, and retie my wrists together behind my back. They pull me to my feet, and I follow them to the basement.


The basement is as clean as the living room. Robert must have made plans some time ago to get all this ready. In the center of the floor, a structure has been built, but it is covered by a tarp, and I can’t figure out what it is. There is a pulley hanging from one of the beams. They release my wrists, tie them in front of me and hook the pulley to the rope. They pull my arms up until I stand on tip toe. This position causes my breasts to stand out, and my stomach to be sucked in. They tie my feet together. I feel a moment’s relief. My hairless pussy is somewhat protected with my feet tied together. They also tie my knees together, and my big toes. Then they tie my big toes to a ring on the floor and pull on the pulley until I am under tension. I can not move a muscle. But, all in all, I am not in any real pain. Uncomfortable, yes; painful no.


They will soon remedy this. They take a crop and stand behind me. I hear Robert’s voice: “Something light first, to warm you up”


Crack! The crop strikes me on my shoulder blades. It hurts. It hurts bad. A crop can hurt as much or as little as the wielder wants. They want it to hurt. They want me to feel it. Crack! That was two. I tighten my mouth. I must not start screaming, not yet, not so soon. A third time, and a fourth. There is no rhythm. I cannot predict when the cruel instrument will strike. A faint swish is the only warning I get, then the cut. Now lower on my back. I do not know who wields the crop. I cannot stay quiet any longer. I start to grunt with each stroke of the crop. They move further down my back. Now they strike the top of my thighs, below my butt. They are sparing my butt, for something worse, I fear. With each strike I gasp. Sweat flies from my face as I struggle to maintain control. Then, a pause, that becomes longer. They’ve stopped.


Simon gives me a glass of cold water. “You did well” he says “Do not bother to hold off on screaming. It will make no difference to us. We have ear plugs” He shows me the ear plugs.


They switch instruments. They pick up two nasty looking whips. They are long, tapering to a thin leather tip. They crack them a couple of times. Then they move to the front. They stand side by side, facing me, almost at whip’s length Simon on my right. I realize now what they are going to do. Robert puts down the whip and puts a pair of safety glasses on me. “We wouldn’t want to poke an eye out”


Simon starts. “Left, belly button” Whack! He flicks the whip, and it strikes, left of my belly button. It feels like a hornet just stung me there. Robert repeats it on the right, then says “Right armpit” And Whack, the same hornet stings me, right in the middle of my right axilla, where the bone is protruding due to my hanging position. A second Whack and sting on my left armpit follows as Simon follows, then says “Left groin” Well you know. I grunt at each hit, but can keep my composure. I get more and more anxious as their targets get progressively more sensitive. Mons follows groin, then comes shoulder, then breast, side. Breast center, and then comes my first scream Left nipple, then Right nipple. I scream loudly now, but cannot move. They take turns flicking the whip at my nipples. I can see them turning red, until, after a particularly vicious cut, Robert proclaims victory. My right nipple is bleeding freely. Simon says simply “Concede”


Robert then took a gauze pad and applied it to my nipple. “Have to stop the bleeding, we wouldn’t want to make a mess, so soon” he said, as he attached the gauze to my torn nipple with, what else, an alligator clamp! They go up to get themselves some drinks, while I am left hanging, no pun intended, to contemplate my predicament.


Soon they come back, and caress my neck and breasts. Simon removes the gauze (and clamp) from my nipple, and examines it. “Not too bad, you can take much more of this” I groan.


Robert picks up the cane. I tremble as I hang, but before he can start Simon asks:


“Robert, I don’t know about you, but I’m as hard as a rock. Why don’t we have her take care of us before we continue?”


“Do you want to cut her down?”


“No, if we just untie her legs, we can both do her, and then we just tie them again and continue”


“Yes let’s do that. Don’t fuck her ass though; I want to save her rear for later”


I cannot believe my ears. They are talking about me, as if I wasn’t here; of course, it is not as if I had anything to say about this anyway. Robert still has not fucked me in the ass. I was kind of grateful for that, since I did not like it, years ago, when he tried, once. I am afraid my luck in that department is over.


Simon unties my knees, and toes, and opening my legs, neatly sticks his rod into my surprisingly wet pussy. I wrap my legs about him, more to support myself than out of any passion. He embraces my neck and starts pumping into me. This is actually quite painful. Every thrust, he pulls on my neck, and my arms are pulled out of their sockets, or at least that is what it feels like. As Simon fucks, Robert decides it would be cool to stimulate me further, which he does by whipping my ass with the crop. Not too hard, just so I know he is there. I surprise myself again by getting aroused. Simon at the front, the cropping of my ass, the pain in my wrists and arms, and my helplessness and desperation, all of it is combining, deep in my pelvis. A wave of blood, of pressure, deep in my loins. After a few minutes, Simon is done, and Robert takes his place. Simon however does not whip me. He sits and enjoys the show. Robert knows how to do me to get me maximally turned on, and he does it today. Soon I cannot hold it anymore, and I come violently. Robert notices as I spasm on his hard rod. When he finally comes, deep in me, he lets me hang there for a minute, unsupported, both of their loads mixed, dripping out of my cunt, and running down my thighs. Then they tie my knees and toes again, just as before.


My hands are quite numb by now, and my shoulders hurt like the devil. I surprise myself by wishing for my caning, just so I get taken down from this position. I do not have long to wait. Simon takes over, and starts rhythmically, methodically to thrash my ass with the cane. He allows enough time between each stroke for the pain to peak, then ebb, for me to “enjoy” all of the pain, the suffering. He also takes care not to strike twice on the same spot, each strike falls on virgin territory. Robert does not participate this time, he just watches. After maybe twenty strokes, Simon stops. My ass is on fire, my arms hurt. My tits still burn. I do not know what hurt to pay attention to. My head falls on my chest. I whimper.


They untie my knees and toes again, lower me, and I fall, my knees cannot support my weight, but Robert grabs me by the waist, so I do not fall on the ground. Simon unties my hands too. Robert throws me over his shoulder and takes me up to the bathroom. He sits me on the toilet, and I gratefully go. He watches me as I pee. Then he picks me up again, only this time, tenderly, on his arms. I hope that he will take me to bed, it is late, but it is not to be. He has me lie face up on the ottoman in the living room. He ties my arms back on the sides of the ottoman; my wrists are left free this time. They are all tingly from the sensation returning to them. My ass hangs over the end of the seat. He bends my knees and ties my ankles to my thighs; not tight enough to cut off the circulation, just tight enough that I cannot stretch my legs. The knees are also tied to the sides of the ottoman. I cannot close my legs either. My head is supported, badly by the ottoman. In this position, I can be used any way they want. Mouth, pussy or ass, all are available for them to ravish at their ease.


I feel pressure in my ass. Robert inserts a  large (to me it feels huge) anal plug. I resist in vain. It goes in, whether I want it in or not. I cannot push it out. I feel a burning in my ass. “Sriracha” Robert says. “We wouldn’t want you to be too comfortable” “No, we can’t have that” As soon as those words are out of my mouth I bite my tongue. Why do I have to be such a smart ass? Here I am, pussy exposed, ass hanging in the air, hot sauce butt plug in my rear, and I am making smart ass remarks!


“Looks like you did not have enough” Robert seems pissed. “Simon please, can you fetch the cane from the basement? It looks like our girl here needs some correction”


“Twenty strokes of the cane, to the soles of your feet. Count them. If you miss one, we will repeat it until you get it right” Robert sentenced.


Pleasepleasepease” Thwack! “Aiiieeeeeee” A pause. Thwack! Another scream, another pause. Another cut to the tender sole of my feet. Another scream. “You are not counting Vicky, you just wasted 4 strokes.” “Four” I sob. “No; one” Robert corrects me. “One” I cry vanquished. A scream, “Two” A scream “Three. Please no more” “Four. Please, please, please” “Five” And so on. Fifteen more. After he is done, my feet are on fire. I am crying, sobbing, bawling. I can’t even feel the Sriracha in my ass. All of my body is concentrated on the few square inches on the base of my feet. He is done now but: The burn, the burn, the burn. The screaming stops, but not the sobbing. “Now thank me” he says.


“Thank you” I answer. “Thank you” I repeat. And I realize I mean it. I realize Robert has taken over, finally and irreversibly. He has taken over my body, my life. Through the pain I feel a sudden warmth, a languid lassitude, inside. I let my head fall back and sigh. My feet are on fire, but I am able to relax, and let go.


Simon brings me water, in a glass, with a straw. It is one of those curvy ones; otherwise I wouldn’t be able to drink in my position. Robert covers me with a blanket.


“We will leave you now. It is late, try to sleep. If we feel the need, we will come during the night and use you. That is why we chose this position. We’ll see you in the morning”


And they leave to their rooms. I stay, silent. Feeling the burn in my soles, now matched by the burn in my ass. I cry and cry. I cry because I hurt, I cry because I am alone, because I am afraid, because I love and because I am loved. I cry for me, for him, for Candy and for Yukiko. Finally I stop. I still cannot sleep. This position is not comfortable, and I cannot move. After some time, one of them comes to me. I cannot see who he is in the darkness. He pulls the blanket off my butt, and fucks my pussy without ceremony. He fucks and he comes, and that is all there is to it. He leaves me, my pussy dripping his come and my wetness. He replaces the blanket. Later someone, or is he the same one comes to my mouth. He is circumcised, so he must be Robert. He deep throats me, and comes down my throat. Then he leaves. I am left alone for the rest of the night. I even catch some sleep.


Simon wakes me up, in the morning. It is well after sunrise. He unties me, and I go through the agony of stretching my tortured body. I hear Robert in the kitchen, but it is Simon who takes me to the bathroom. He fastens a long chain to my ankle, which he then attaches to a handcuff on the towel hanger. He removes my butt plug and watches over me as I pee. I cannot hold it, though I try. He watches me closely, and prods my knees open, not ungently, with his feet when I try to close them. I feel my face flushing as my water comes out in front of him. After I am done, he asks me to turn around. I feel something hard on my ass. “No please” I plead. He ignores me. He inserts a hard rod, and I feel hot water pouring into me. He is giving me an enema. I am so embarrassed, not only because of the enema, but for what I know will happen afterwards. When he has poured what feels like a gallon of hot water into me, he stops the flow, but leaves the whole thing in me. “You need to hold it for a while” I feel terrible cramps already, as my guts try to empty against the hard nozzle. After a few minutes he has me squat over the seat and removes the nozzle. “Now go” he says. I go. After the disgusting mess has come out, he again tells me to turn around, and repeats the process, with even more water, and hotter too. And he repeats it once more; until he is satisfied the water is clean. He then gives me a smaller enema, to which he has added some drops out of a bottle. Smells like mint. This smaller one is not unpleasant. He sticks the butt plug back in. “You need to keep this one in a little longer. Now shower” The chain is long enough. He leaves me to shower by myself. I enjoy the little moment of privacy; of relative privacy, the door is open, and the shower is enclosed by a clear plastic partition, so I am still exposed to their view, if they were to come around. Nonetheless, I luxuriate in the hot water. I wash my hair, my body. I feel renewed. There is a large terrycloth towel, plush, warm. I dry myself carefully. Many of my body parts are still quite sore.


Robert comes in, touches his finger to his lips. I am not to talk. He takes my butt plug off and has me expel the last enema. It feels funny pooping mint scented water. He kisses me, I kiss him back. He frees my ankle from the chain and fastens a ringed leather collar on my neck. He fastens leather cuffs on my wrists. I watch him, in silence. He fastens my hands together, behind my back, and the leash to my collar. He leaves, and I follow him, leashed. He goes to the kitchen, where he has made breakfast. The smell of coffee, eggs and bacon is wonderful. My stomach growls loudly. I am starving. They do not feed me. Robert points to a corner of the table, and I kneel there. I know how to kneel; I’ve seen Candy, the little slut kneeling so prettily. So prettily it makes any man around want to throw her on her back and fuck her brains out, that’s how prettily she does it. I wish I could do it like her. I kneel at the corner of the table. Something feels different today. I am wondering what it is, when I feel myself thrown back, and Robert kicking my legs aside. I do not have time to say a single word. His mouth bites my neck, his hands squeeze my breasts painfully, and I feel him penetrating me, piercing me, fucking me. Fucking my brains out. I scream out with pleasure. I scream, and scream, and I come and come. Finally he is done. He seems angry. Furious. What have I done? He points again at the corner and I kneel, afraid. His and my juices drip on the floor. He starts eating his breakfast, glares at me and says: “You’d better clean that, with your tongue, you little slut” I clean the mess up with my tongue and then resume kneeling. After no more than a minute Simon stands up, comes to me and throws me on my back, I already know what follows. He kicks my legs aside, fucks my brains out, and again I come and come violently. After he is done, he again points; I kneel, then lick, clean and kneel again.


“I vote that she not kneel in the kitchen any more, or we will never get to eat a hot meal again” Simon says.


“Aye” Robert concurs.


I manage to restrain a smile. Yesterday’s tortures and today’s humiliation has had a deep effect on me. I feel different, and it must show when I kneel. I realize I am kneeling prettily, and that these two men, have been unable to keep from throwing me on my back, kick my legs aside, etc, etc. I feel warm inside after this.



I continue to kneel, prettily, while they finish their breakfast. I am starving, and wonder if and when I am to be fed. Strangely enough, this does not seem important to me at this time. I am more concerned with what is to be done to me today. I am worried about the pain that I shall endure, true, but what really worries me is whether they will be satisfied with me. Not whether they desire me. Of that I have had enough evidence that they do. No, what worries me is that they might not be satisfied, totally satisfied with me. I want to please them. To totally please them. To please them so much that they cannot control themselves. To have them taking their pleasure on me, without restraint (on their part). I am sure I will be restrained. I am also afraid of this. Fear and desire mixed together. A fabulous cocktail. Rich, daring, dangerous. A compelling addiction, that brings you ever closer to the edge. I take a deep breath.


They finish their breakfast. With a gesture Robert has me stand, and turn. He frees my wrists, cuffs still attached and points to the table. I pick up the table. I pick up the remains of their meal. They were hungry, they ate it all. I feel strange, picking up after them in the nude. I clean up. When I am finished, they do not give me any further instructions, so I kneel again. Robert gets up, picks up some milk from the fridge, and mixes it with corn flakes in a bowl. He puts the bowl in front of me, and tells me “Feed” He watches me. I decide not to use my hands. I do not know if I would be allowed to, so I don’t. He makes a noise of approval. I am glad.


After I am done with breakfast, Robert unfastens my wrists, and tells me to put on my boots. He slathers sunscreen on me, fastens my wrists again and we step outside. They are dressed in khakis, wearing backpacks, me nude, leashed, and with a hat on. The desert sun is warm, very pleasant in this October morning; the hum of insects surrounds us. They stroll around the grounds, with me following them. As they walk, they touch me everywhere they feel like. Mostly it’s my back and my butt, but occasionally one of them will tweak my nipples, or touch my pussy. It is wet. It stays wet. The exposure, and the submission, the yielding is keeping me aroused. I wish I could touch myself, but it is not allowed.


After about one hour, we reach a dead tree. It must have been dead for a very long time. It lies down on the floor, with a huge branch sticking up. An accusatory finger to the sky that failed to provide the water it needed. They take their backpacks off. Robert takes a bottle of water and a bowl. He places the water in the bowl for me to drink. I drink it kneeling, on the ground. He and Simon sit on the tree and drink from water bottles too.


I knew that tree branch was too tempting. Simon has me stand in front of it, my back to it. He takes a lariat out of his backpack and ties my wrists to it, and throws it over the top of the branch. A groove at the top makes sure it will not fall. He pulls me up on tiptoe. He ties my feet, around the base of the branch. My knees are slightly bent. The feet provide no support. I hang from my wrists, but I can relieve them, ever so slightly by squeezing on the tree with my calves. This barely takes a little of the weight from my wrists. I see Robert pull out the whip from his backpack and I know I will not be able to support myself with my calves. Today my breasts, belly, thighs and, I’m sure, pussy will bear the brunt of their pleasure.


As they get ready I look around me. The desert is beautiful. I see a roadrunner and a male quail, with a covey of females following him. In the sky, distant, a buzzard circles lazily.

I wonder if they’ll leave me here when they are done. Hanging from this tree. A meal for the buzzard.  Something inside me tells me I’m being silly. They would not have slathered sunscreen on me if they were planning to leave me here.


Simon sets up a video camera on a tripod. They will record this.


“Are you ready?” Simon asks.


Robert will wield the whip first I.


“Yes” I answer.


The first cut of the whip is across my thighs. I contain my scream. A second one, a little lower. Again I contain my scream. I am sure I will be hoarse when I’m done. I try to save my strength. The third one is higher, the fourth, lower. One after the other, the lash falls on my thighs, until they are on fire, both of them. Robert gives the whip to Simon and  approaches me. I am sweaty, and it is not only from the heat, but I have managed to contain my screams, just grunts have escaped my lips. He brings me water, from a bottle. I drink greedily. I thank him. I ask him “Please, when it is time, please, Will you do my breasts yourself?”

“I will. Do you think it will go easier on you that way?”

“No. I think you will hit me harder. I want you to. Do not hold back”

“I will not hold back”


Simon starts on my belly. His first cut is just below my breasts. I grunt again, but the second one, just under the first finally breaks my resolve. I scream, then and again and again. He works his way down, to my belly button, and my lower belly. My screams follow one another, until he reaches my mons. I am hoarse by then. He stops. He comes to me and kisses my lips. Again he gives me water, and fondles my breasts. They take a break. I hate it. I hoped they would continue and get it over with, but they do not. They stand beside me, and drink from their water bottles. They also give me more water. My voice recovers some.  So does my breathing.


Simon touches my pussy. It is now dry. The pain, the whipping has gone beyond anything that I could transform in arousal. He tells Robert “She is dry now” He nods. “Good” Robert comes to me, and asks me “Do you understand?” “I do”


I do understand. The worst part of this whipping will come now. My breasts and nipples will be shredded. The pain will be unbearable. But if there were any arousal, the pain would not be as pure as it will be this way. That is what he wants me to understand. That is what I understand. Hanging from the tree, I whisper: “I am ready”


Simon moves to the camera. He will record this himself. He will not let the camera do it in auto. He places a new disc in it. There will be no errors.


Robert moves into place, on my right side. I gaze into his eyes. He gazes back at me. Lovingly. He loves me. He is going to whip my breasts into tatters. I asked him to hold nothing back, and I know he won’t. He asks me: “Are you ready” Again I answer, a bit louder this time. “I am ready. Enjoy yourself”


After it is over, I look down on my breasts. My sweat mixes with my blood and stings where the skin has been torn by the whip. And torn it has been. Blood flows over my formerly white globes, drips on the ground. My tears mix with my sweat and fall like gentle rain on my tits. I no longer feel my hands, or my arms, or my calves surrounding the tree. The desert is strangely silent after my screams. One of them, I do not know who, frees me from the tree. He lays me on my back on the trunk. My legs falling on each side of it. I lack the strength to raise them. First one, then the other have me in that position. My eyes are closed against the glare of the sun, and against seeing. I do not want to see with my eyes. I want to see with my skin. Their weight crushes my breasts. Their sweat mingles with my blood. My pussy, wet again, welcomes them. Sucks them dry. Their semen and my juice mix, then leak on to the tree. A small puddle of moisture in the desert; my gift to nature.


Late in the afternoon we leave. My skin is red despite the sunscreen and the tarp shelter the boys built for me. We should have left earlier, but I was unable to walk for a while. I had to recover. At the beginning I remained, spread over the tree. The sun baking my blood on my breasts, basting me. Later I took shelter in the shadow of the tarp. I look back at the tree. I shall remember it all my life and would return to it, if allowed, and even if I knew that I would not survive the torture that would await me here, I would still come gladly.



We are back at the house. It feels cool inside, after the heat of the desert. Robert helps me shower, and slathers a disinfectant gel over my breasts. It stings like the fires of hell, but is supposed to be excellent in preventing infection. After he is done, we return to the living room.


“You should take a nap, before the evening. You might not be able to sleep tonight” He tells me.


“Ok I will”


“I know I said that you would be restrained and in pain all the time, but after this afternoon, I will relent and let you nap unrestrained”


“Please” I say “I asked you to hold nothing back. Have no mercy, or the whole thing is meaningless” Two days ago, I would not believe those words could be coming out of my mouth.


“That’s my girl”


So I nap, hogtied, with my ankles tied together behind my back and my wrists fastened together in the same fashion, and both wrists and ankles tied together behind the hollow of my back. A light blanket covers me. The only concession to comfort is that I am lying on a mattress, rather than on the hard floor or on a table. As for the pain, he needn’t have worried. My thighs and belly would hurt a whole lot, had I any brain left to pay attention to them, as it was the pain from my breasts and nipples demanded all my attention. As it is, I am so exhausted that I do fall asleep, and rest until Simon comes to wake me up.



When Simon comes to me, it is already dark outside. The air is full with the chirping of insects. I cannot walk due to my legs (and arms) being asleep from the bondage, so he carries me in his arms. He gives me a small enema, and watches me as I expel it. He is satisfied with the results, so he gives me the minty one, and again watches me expel it. I do not mind anymore. I have no modesty before him.


I follow him to the kitchen, where I am given water and juice, which I drink on the floor. Then I kneel until they have me follow them to the basement. My front has been punished today, my back yesterday. I am sure it will now be my ass and my pussy that will suffer for their enjoyment.


Robert sits on the couch, Simon on the easy chair. They have me suck them until they are hard. That doesn’t take long. I am on all fours on the coffee table. Robert drips some lubricant in and on my puckered asshole.


Here it comes.


He makes no preparations. He has no mercy. He simply pushes, forces, rips the fat head of his penis into my ass. If I thought it was painful, years ago, when he had me excited, and slowly tried to stretch me, today, without any foreplay, and without any preparation, I feel ripped apart. After the head, the rest of his prick makes its way in. I gasp, and then scream. He ignores me, as he should. He takes his time. He wants to make me suffer, as I should, for having denied him this pleasure, all this years. I feel the head of his dick against my bowels, and then he grasps my hips and starts banging away, until he spills deep inside me. He comes out, and unbidden I turn on myself and take him into my mouth. His dick is actually quite clean from all the enemas I’ve had today, and tastes minty. I clean him off anyway, then turn around and present my ass to Simon. He just says “Wow” and rams it right in. It hurts, only not as much as with Robert. They are both just about the same size, and I am already stretched. I am also sore, and Simon also takes his time. I also scream with him, and after he comes, I also clean him off with my mouth.


They sit on the couch. I remain, broadside to them, on all fours, on the coffee table. I await further instructions.


Finally, they get up, and remove the tarp from the structure in the center. I can now see the instrument that I will be tortured on next. It resembles a gymnastics horse, the kind you jump over, only instead of a flat surface it has a triangular cross section. I recognize what it is. It is a wooden horse. A perfect instrument to torture a woman. Over its center, on the ceiling a pulley holds a rope. I do not need instructions. I know what I must do. I walk towards it. The top is pretty sharp. Not enough to cut, but it is a sharp edge nonetheless. I realize that it is late. Chances are I will spend the night riding this horse. I touch the edge, rough and sharp. I imagine my pussy, crushed against it all the night. I shudder. Midway along its top, a huge dildo, its base flared, and with sharp pyramidal spikes embedded around its base. I hear my high school geometry teacher explaining to me what a tetrahedron is. Very easy for him to talk about tetrahedrons; I am sure he never had a dildo surrounded by sharp tetrahedrons rammed up his ass.


I turn around and offer my wrists, crossed, behind my back to Simon, who is closest to me. He fastens the cuffs and the rope to them. Robert comes on one side, Simon on the other; they each pick up one of my thighs and lift me easily over the torture instrument. Slowly they lower me, inserting the dildo on my ass. It is much larger than them, yet I do not scream. My mouth is so dry from fear, and I fear the horse so much, that I can only grunt when I feel the huge invading rod. They lower me over it, and make sure that I am properly impaled in it. The sharp pyramidal spikes cut cruelly around my ass. Robert makes sure the sharp ridge lies properly alongside my pussy, and that my nether lips are pulled well away from it. Nothing must protect my tender insides from the cruel ridge. Robert pulls on the rope, so my arms stretch back and up, making me lean forward. That way the pressure falls more closely on the clitoris. They have left nothing to chance. I whimper softly, but ask for no mercy. I want none and will receive none. I may relieve some of the pressure on my pussy and clitoris by propelling my weight back and impaling myself deeper on the dildo and its spikes. On the wooden horse, the victim may squeeze her legs, and thus relieve, for a time, her tender pussy from her weight. This will not last long, as the thigh muscles will tire very fast. Robert and Simon now tie my feet to my thighs, flexing my knees. This will reduce to the bare minimum the pressure I can exert with my thighs. Two poles are now brought to the sides. From their tips, two tethers come to my collar; they are made tight enough that I cannot fall to the side. One final thing remains. Simon and Robert, one on each side, seize my inner lips and pull them forward slightly; not a whole lot. They then take three nails and nail each lip to the wooden horse. I scream. It is too much, I let it go. I break down and cry. Robert embraces me tenderly, and I calm down. He kisses my lips. He whispers in my ear: “Should we stop? Should we take you off the horse? Is it too much?” There is nothing I would want more than to be released from this contraption. My ass, cunt, lips and shoulders play a symphony of pain that is only just starting. I regain my composure and kiss him back. “You mustn’t. If you relent, all will have been for naught”

 The torture device is ready, and the victim is in place. Meekly I await my fate. They kiss me tenderly, give me a drink of water, and leave me to my suffering. “Good night” I tell them. As they walk up the stairs, Simon turns off the light. I am left, alone, in the dark.



Ch 10 Waiting and preparations

Ch 10 Waiting and preparations



Usual disclaimers. This is a work of fiction. Do not try this at home. Keep away from children. Void where prohibited.


This is an in-between piece. Not much “good stuff” here. Just setting the next scene. A necessary pause, so to say.




It took a full two weeks for Vicky and Candy to recover from their weekend ordeals. During that time, we did not have sex with them. They were allowed to pleasure us with their mouths, when we wanted them to. They were not happy about this. They both asked us to fuck them, in their pussies despite the pain that would cause them. When we refused, they asked us to use their asses, which had not been mangled. Robert and I again refused.


“We will have a big party 2 weekends from today. The second weekend in November.” Robert told them. “You will be fucked then. In more ways than one. We will call Yukiko up, and she can service us”


“We will keep you in bondage at night, so you do not pleasure yourselves” I added. They groaned in unison.


Yukiko was more than glad to serve us both. We decided she would take turns in each house. She asked us if she needed to take the time off from work, but that wouldn’t be necessary. We would, each in our own way, do mean things to Yukiko, but nothing too exotic that would keep her from working the next day. Rather than commuting to her office, she said she could work from our homes, via her laptop.


That Tuesday we all assembled at my place for dinner. We were going to tell the girls about the plans for the party, as well as the instructions they would follow to prepare themselves for it. On purpose we allowed them no alcohol during dinner, but they had been otherwise unrestrained.



After dinner, we had them all strip to their underwear. As we had planned, they were all wearing matching black bras and thongs. We had them kneel in a semi-circle in front of our chairs. Their knees open, and their ankles shackled together. There were black leather cuffs on their wrists, but their hands were not bound. Video cameras were set up to document the event.


After they were in position, we poured expresso for them and us. Robert spoke first.


“Vicky” She was the first one on the left “You have undergone a severe test this weekend. Is it your intention to continue to give yourself to us without any restrictions?”


“Yes. Yes of course” She answered immediately.


“You understand that it will be much worse than what you had this weekend” She blanched. Her hand went unconsciously to her pussy, but she stopped it before reaching it. “Things will be done that cannot be undone. Do you consent to this?”


“Yes. You may do anything you wish to me. I consent, and beg that you have no consideration for me” Her voice did tremble and tears hovered, unshed, on her eyelids.


I then asked Candy, on the right:


“Candy: You also have been tested. Is it your intention to continue to give yourself to us without any restrictions?”


“Yes, Simon. You know that it is. And yes, you may go as far as you wish. Even beyond the point of no return. I also request that you do not have any consideration for my suffering or for my well being”


I could see Yukiko’s thong unable to contain her gushing love juice. She was having problems staying still. I could swear she was about to come from whatever it is she was imagining.


“Yukiko” I said “We have not tested you as far as we tested your friends” Her mouth opened and closed, but no sounds came out. Her nostrils flared in and out, with her labored breath. I continued “You do know already what Vicky and Candy have gone through” I do not believe she was hearing me anymore. Her body was shuddering, her eyes almost closed. I looked at Robert. He looked back at me. “I don’t think she is here right now; we may have to wait until she comes back” he said with a smile.


Yukiko’s pussy was now dripping on the hardwood floor. There was silence in the room except for her gasping. Her head was extended back. Her eyes closed and finally, she spoke “Please, please, please, pleasepleaseplease” Robert picked up a crop and hit her once, hard, right in the center of her pussy. She fell back, writhing and screaming out her orgasm. It took her a few minutes to return to us. When she did, embarrassed, she resumed position.


“As I was saying, we have not tested you as far as we tested them. Do you want to be tested before you make your decision?”


“No, no, please do me. Please do anything you want to me. Be merciless. Do not hold anything back” Her pussy was gushing again.


“All right then” Robert said. “On the second Weekend in November, Candy and Vicky will get their wishes. Yukiko, you will get yours on Thanksgiving weekend”

“This week, you will go about your business, as usual, while you recover. You will promise not to touch yourself when out of the house, to do groceries and such. When in the house, if Yukiko is around, you will be free to do housework, read, and otherwise entertain yourselves. You are not to go to the bathroom or shower unsupervised by Yukiko. When she is not around, your hands will be tied to your collars, and your legs will be tied to a knee spreader bar. You can wobble around the house and go to the bathroom like that, but you will not be able to touch yourselves” Candy and Vicky were not too happy with this last part.


“On Friday, we will all move up to the mountains, and you will remain confined to the house and yard, where you will be supervised at every moment. You shall have no privacy. On Friday we will tell you what will be done to each of you. You will then have a whole week to contemplate it and prepare yourselves. Yukiko will have more time, since we will not do her until Thanksgiving”


Yukiko then had a great idea. She had an ongoing, intermittent affair with her administrative assistant (formerly known as secretary) who was a hottie.  Crystal, 23 had long blonde hair, large blue eyes, 5’10” and 130lbs, and C sized breasts; she was bi, submissive, and quite devoted to Yukiko.


 “Why don’t we have her join us? She can be with Robert when it’s my turn to be with Simon and vice versa. I also won’t have to dominate her anymore; you guys know that it is not my thing.”


Now that was not too bad of an idea, so both Robert and I agreed to it. Candy and Vicky pouted a bit but, in the end, had no say about it. Yukiko called Crystal up and told her that she would be staying with us for a while. Crystal agreed. Actually, Yukiko simply told her what she was going to do, and she answered “Yes mistress” I wonder if that counts as agreeing.


As usual there was no stopping Yukiko when she got a head of steam in her. “You know” She said “If any one of us doesn’t make it back from the mountains, Crystal can take her place” We would have been horrified at any other time, and would have squashed that suggestion outright; now, we had changed. Rather than agreeing or disagreeing we just gave a non committal grunt.


That week was interesting. Candy tried desperately to get me to tell her what my plans were for her. She was quite annoying about it. I did not want to beat her, since she would then enjoy, not the pain, but my enjoyment of hurting her. Eventually I punished her by locking her in the dungeon cell, hogtied in close bondage. Her legs, bent at the knee, with her ankles tied to her thighs, and spread by a bar at the knees. Her arms were also flexed, into latex sheaths, and then tied to her waist. After a night like that, she quit being bitchy about it. She would still try to wheedle it out of me but now I could get her to stop with just a look. I did sleep with her once but, since I had to keep the spreader bar on her to keep her from rubbing her thighs together, it was too uncomfortable, and so I ended up having her sleep in the guest bedroom. Yukiko or Crystal would share the master bedroom with me. Surprisingly Candy was not jealous of Crystal, even when I made Crystal supervise her in Yukiko’s absence. Candy was appropriately submissive to Crystal.


By Wednesday I understood Candy’s behavior. She was convinced she was not returning from the mountains, and presented to me a series of letters, all future dated, that would prove to her friends that she had left me and gone abroad. She thought that it would be easier for me to explain her disappearance when, not if, I snuffed her. She was actually enjoying the preparations for her demise so much that I did not have the heart to tell her the truth. So I let her believe what she wanted to believe. Of course I had no intention of snuffing Candy. Actually what I wanted to do might be crueler.


Robert told me that Vicky had exactly the same idea as Candy. Vicky worked in an upscale furniture store, and had gone to great lengths to create a whole “I’m fed up with Robert” scenario, and also an imaginary 25 year old lover named Mario, just so, when she failed to return from the mountains everyone would assume she had eloped with her young lover. He also decided against spoiling her fun.


 I did not know what his plans for Vicky were; we made a lunch appointment for Thursday, in case we needed to make additional preparations.


Friday came, and we drove up in two cars. Yukiko drove with Vicky and Robert, and Crystal drove up with us.


Yukiko was eager to show us the remodeled basement she had designed and built for us. She had done a great job. The basement is rectangular in shape. The stairs entered the basement at one of its smaller sides. The floor is hardwood. Rings are embedded in the wood at strategic places. On each side of the door, the walls are exposed cinderblock. On the right side, a wooden wheel has been installed. On the right a wooden cross, which can disassembled for transport, or to have the sub carry the cross beam.


On the right side of the basement she built cells. Three of them; about three feet high, a sub placed in them cannot stand. A drain runs through them, by the wall, in case bathroom privileges are not allowed. Each cell is provided with a thin foam mat, and a thin blanket but no light. With the door closed, darkness would be total. There is also a bowl for water and food.


On the left side, she built six cages, stacked two high. These ones are made of iron strips and are intended for temporary (and uncomfortable) storage. If used for longer storage, the subs kept at the top of the cages would have no choice but to do their thing on the ones at the bottom. The rest of the wall on this side is hung with whips, crops, canes, etc. A small toilet with a shower is also on this wall. The shower has a telephone head, and a faucet with a hose. There are several heads for the hose, for anal or vaginal irrigation.


The center space contains two sawhorses. These are cleverly designed so that their top piece is interchangeable; thus you could have a wooden horse, like the one that was used on Vicky, or a flat wooden surface, or a padded one, she even built a padded surface with a space to attach different dildos. These attachments and top pieces are stored on the flat surface that forms the roof of the cells on the right. There are also closets over the cells, to hold instruments. There is also a flat, thin table, with removable leg and arm attachments. A sub can easily be tied to it, and the arms and legs can be positioned any way we wanted.


The far wall contains a large wood burning fireplace, and a large charcoal brazier, made with the bottom half of a barbecue grill. The effect was amazing. We were all quite impressed. Yukiko admitted she has a side business in home remodeling making dungeons.


We all went up to dress for dinner. Every detail had been neatly planned. Vicky and Candy would, for this week, be subservient to Yukiko and Crystal, thus every detail would emphasize this fact. Vicky and Candy, the victims would be dressed in white. For dinner they would wear white slip dresses, very short, that would show off their legs, and if not careful, their asses too. They both would be wearing white pumps with 6 inch heels. We had to have them made specially, since we could not find any such shoes at the mall. They seemed quite uncomfortable. They would both wear white lace panties. We thought about thongs, but decided they might provide too much stimulation to their pussies which, untouched for a week, were craving it.


Yukiko and Crystal were resplendent in long crimson outfits, with a plunging neckline, that showed off their cleavage. They were also wearing matching strapless bras, and black stiletto sandals, with only 4 inch heels. These ones we found at Saks. They were also allowed underwear. Crimson silk thongs, and black garter belt and thigh high hose. The dresses had a slit on the right side that reached almost their right hip. Robert and I wore smoking jackets and Ascot ties.


We had dinner. It was a fine affair, perhaps a tad on the heavy side; but we did not expect to have much action today, so it was all right. Escargots in a parsley coulis, paired with a nice Chardonnay, followed by a Guigot of Lamb, washed down with a fine Chateauneuf du Pape. For dessert we had Crème Brulee, Perrier Jouet champagne and expresso. All the girls were quite anxious to find out what was to happen to them, so they did not dawdle over dessert.


Vicky and Candy would be nude. Yukiko and Crystal just had to remove their dresses and would be ready to go. We all gathered in the living room. Robert and I sat on our favorite chairs, Scotch and ice nearby. Yukiko and Crystal made sure our glasses were full. They knelt by our sides. Vicky and Candy knelt in front of us.


Yukiko stood up and spoke first, addressing Crystal. She told her that from now on she would belong to us. Crystal pouted, and her eyes filled with tears. She told her that if she, Crystal, loved Yukiko, she would obey and place herself entirely at our disposal. If she did not want to agree to that, she could leave in the morning. Crystal agreed. After that, she remained, kneeling besides me, crying silently. Yukiko resumed kneeling beside Robert.


Robert went next. First he addressed the rules for the coming week. The girls would be always escorted by either Yukiko or Crystal, at all times. They were no longer allowed to shower or care for themselves. Yukiko and Crystal would take care of all their personal physical needs. Their pussies were well healed by now, so extra care would be needed, to prevent them from touching or rubbing themselves against anything. Both girls were extremely horny by now, and complained that they could not sleep at night, and could we please fuck them tonight. This request was, of course, denied..


Then he addressed his wife Vicky: “Vicky, you have been a good wife up to now. You have given me the greatest gift you can give; yourself. This is what I shall do with my gift, should you decide to accept it. Next Friday, after a good, long, torture session, I shall close your vagina with four heavy steel rings. They shall be welded together. Your vagina will be permanently closed. Although you will be able to pee and have your menses, you will not be able to have normal intercourse. I shall only use your ass and your mouth for my pleasure from now on. Once a year, and only during an extreme weekend of torture, the rings will be cut with bolt cutters, and me, or others, shall have vaginal intercourse with you. At the end of the weekend the rings will be replaced. On Sunday, you shall be marked with red hot irons. My initials R and S will be branded on to your ass cheeks. One initial on each cheek. One after the other, so you can appreciate each brand to the fullest.  Then, on your shaven mound, two smaller brands, S R for Simon who is your second master. Do you accept this?”


Head down, Vicky answered “I do”


It was my turn now. “Candy, I have decided to be very cruel to you. On Saturday, you will be tortured, in whatever fashion we decide. After we are done, I shall burn off your clitoris with a hot iron” Candy’s eyes opened wide at hearing this. Her head shaking from side to side, her lips mouthing soundlessly “No, No”


 “I know, -I continued- that you can only climax with your clitoris. Unless you are able to learn to climax from different stimulation, you shall have only one more orgasm in your life. That will be on Saturday, before I burn your little pearl, off forever” She was crying silently now. Vicky had a horrified expression on her face but remained silent, so did Yukiko. Crystal was still crying silently, but also looked astonished. “Do you accept?”


We all looked at Candy. She knelt, legs open, eyes downcast, tears streaming down her face. She looked up at me, pale. Her expression the sweetest it had ever been.


“I am all yours. Do with me what you like”


Yukiko now looked at both of us expectantly. Robert told her: “From you we expect something different; perhaps crueler. Consider this a RFP. Request for proposals. By the time we return to the city, we want three different proposals. You will detail three different things we can do to you come next Thanksgiving weekend. Be explicit and specific. You will present them to us before we leave, typewritten. We will study them. If any one of them pleases us, we will accept it and inform you the Monday before Thanksgiving, so you can make the preparations.


“Vicky” he then addressed his wife “Since you are good at iron work, you shall prepare the brands and rings yourself. I am sure they will be pretty. All the tools you need are in the garage”


“Yes Robert, I shall be glad to prepare them myself”


Crystal had stopped crying by now, but her face still registered the shock of what she had just heard. Candy’s body shook from uncontrollable sobbing, as the enormity of what was to be done to her sunk in. She hid her face in her hands as she continued to grieve. I approached her and picked her up in my arms, then sat on an easy chair with her body curled in my lap. I hugged her close, while she continued to cry.


Robert left with Yukiko. It was his turn with her. Crystal took Vicky to one of the cells Yukiko had had built in the cellar. The girls were not to sleep with us until next weekend. She left Vicky in her cell, properly restrained I was sure. She then knelt again at a distance, waiting for me to finish with Candy.


I continued to hug and kiss Candy until she calmed down. She put her arms round my neck and kissed my face. Her face was still wet with her tears. I felt her warmth on my lap and her distinct smell. I love the way she smells. It’s musky, warm, but a little flowery. When she is going to be punished or tortured, the floweriness goes away, to be replaced by a subtle acrid undertone of fear. I could tell there was no fear now. The flowery musk was there, with no acridness to mask it.  I offered her once more a way out: “You don’t have to do this. You can back out” “No” she answered “It is your will and I will obey. But please don’t ask me to back out anymore. I am afraid that if you do my resolve will fail me”


“You will be asked again, on Saturday. After we are done torturing you, you will light the charcoal, heat the iron, and when it is ready, after we strap you on the table, you will ask me to do it; then and only then will I do it” “I understand” she sighed.


“Can I sleep with you tonight?” She asked. “No. You cannot. You will sleep in a cell, like Vicky”


 “After I am in the cell, but before you close the door, can you use Crystal in front of me? I would at least sleep with the image of your pleasure in my memory”


“That, I will do” I answered.


And so I did. Crystal restrained Candy, with a knee spreader and her hands tied to her collar, and then, before closing the door, she gave me a tender blow job, her small mouth bobbing up and down on my shaft took me to the edge. I stopped her then, and placed her on all fours facing Candy. I took her from behind. As I fucked her, I noticed the first spasms of her climax. I came soon after that, while she was still spasming on my dick. Candy had a front row seat of both our faces in orgasmic bliss. Then we closed the wooden door and she could see no more.





Ch 11

Ch 11


More waiting. More Preparations


Usual disclaimers: Fiction. Do not try this at home. Keep away from children. Void where prohibited.




I must admit I was impressed by Robert’s plans for me. I was not that surprised by being branded. I was expecting something like that, sort of. I was not expecting to be branded four times. I am quite afraid of that actually. It is one thing to be tied down and branded. You wait, in fear, the brand comes, burns, pain, and it’s over. This was going to be different. I assume that he will do my ass cheeks first; the first one should be the easiest, since you do not know how bad it will be. Waiting for the second one, with full knowledge of what is to come, must be unbearable. And then, flip over to receive the next two, in the front, on my shaved mons. Then you can see it coming. No, I must not continue to think like that. I will back out if I do.


Saturday started with Yukiko coming to my cell. I had spent the night there. Crystal had tied my legs to a spreader bar, not tightly, so it wasn’t too bad. My hands were fastened to a belt at my waist. After I accommodated myself on the mat, she closed the door, leaving me in darkness. I also found out that the cell was almost soundproof. Sleep was a long time coming, but eventually it came.


Yukiko took me out of the cell, removed the spreader bar and my ties; she gave me a terry cloth robe, and accompanied me to the upstairs bathroom in Robert’s room. She watched me as I relieved myself, and then she showered, washed and dried me. I was allowed to dry my hair, body and legs, but not my pussy. That was out of bounds. After I was done, she gave me my outfit for the day. A loose lace boy short panty and white bra; a white mini skirt and a white blouse completed the outfit. Being that this is November in the mountains, I could reasonably assume I was not to leave the house. The shoes were the same white torture pumps I wore yesterday. After I was done, she let me apply my makeup, as she dressed. She wore a comfortable denim skirt and a white blouse, over white bra and panties. She also had thick socks and cowboy boots.  


We went down for breakfast. The boys were already there and had made eggs, bacon and pancakes. We had to wait for a little while, until Crystal arrived with Candy. Candy was wearing an outfit similar to mine. Crystal was smashing in a knee length cream colored suede skirt and a knit white turtle neck sweater. She also wore cowboy boots. Her eyes, a very pale blue, contrasted with her very fair skin. I could not detect any makeup. Oh the powers of youth.


We had breakfast, and conversation ranged from international news to predictions on how much snow we would get this ski season. Crystal, Yukiko and the boys carried most of the conversation, while the victims, that would be Candy and me, were more subdued.


After we were done, the boys drove to town with Crystal, leaving us under Yukiko’s tutelage. Candy turned on the TV and picked up a book. I went to the garage to look over the instruments I was to work with. Robert had left them in a bag for me. I took out the rings first. They were plain, surgical steel rings, quite heavy and the metal was about half a centimeter in width. I shuddered at the thought of a needle of that caliber pushing through my outer lips. I could easily see that they would be too large for my inner lips. Looking again in the bag I realized how they would be applied. He had gotten a hole punch to do it. He must have had it specially made. Instead of pushing a needle through my lips he would cut a neat little hole. That would bleed like a fountain. Of course, if he welded the rings, the heat of the welding would effectively, and painfully, sear the holes thus stopping the bleeding. Very efficient.


I then considered the irons he would use to mark me. He had four long iron rods, with an insulated handle on one side. It wouldn’t do for him to burn his hand doing this, of course. The other side was grooved to screw on something. In the bag were iron forms and my iron working tools. Also a paper with the sizes he wanted. For my ass the letters would be cursive, 2 ½ inches tall. For my front, block letters 1 inch in size. I sat down at the work table and started sketching designs for his approval.


Later that morning Yukiko and Candy came over to see how I was doing. I had finished my preliminary sketches by then and returned to the living room with them.


I noticed that Yukiko kept a closer watch on Candy than on me. That made sense. Candy would be the one most likely to try and touch herself. After all she would not have another chance after next Saturday. I considered Candy. At 23 she would be forever denied another orgasm. I knew perfectly well that if she had not been able to have anything other than a clitoral orgasm by now, it is most unlikely she will ever achieve a vaginal one. The cruelty of this mutilation was unbelievable. To top it all off, she was being denied any possibility of masturbating until then. And she accepted this. Then again, I accepted my own closure and branding; but the closure, at least, would be reversible, and would actually be reversed once a year. At a great cost though.


Candy moved around the house in a daze. The enormity of what was to be done to her had doubtlessly sunk in by now. I wondered if she would talk about it. It was about 11:00 by now. Yukiko, when younger would never drink before lunch, but now believed that you should not drink before breakfast. So, she poured us some Chardonnay. We sat around the kitchen like old friends. Candy after a second got up and asked: “Yukiko, can you please lock a leg spreader on me. I cannot keep my thighs from rubbing otherwise. I don’t have the discipline while sitting” Yukiko run downstairs and brought one, fastened it on Candy’s knees who could then sit down with no further problem.


I was astounded at the discipline and submissiveness of our young Candy. She looked at my face and said: “If Simon doesn’t want me to rub myself, then I won’t. I may need some help to keep myself from doing it, but I will not disobey him, if I can help it.”


“You must love him very much” I said


“Just as much as you love Robert. Your brands are going to hurt more than my burn; at least mine is only getting done once”


“But …” I couldn’t bring myself to continue


“I know” She smiled sadly. “But I want it too. That way there will be no question of whose pleasure comes first. His and only his. I do wish he would let me touch myself until Saturday though”


“How about you Yukiko?” I asked “What are you going to propose?”


“I am not sure yet. I wonder how far they will let me go. I think I would like to be scourged and crucified. They could then brand their initials on my pussy. The mere thought of it makes my pussy gush”


“That would be easy” Candy said “They can whip you bloody and then tie you to the cross. They would agree to that”


“I wasn’t thinking about tying” Yukiko whispered.


You could land an airplane in Candy’s or in my mouth. “Yukiko, you would die!” Candy gasped.


“Not necessarily. I mean, I would, if that’s what they wanted; but you can remove the nails if you want to. There are spots in the hands and feet that you can drive a nail through without too much damage. You do have to tie the hands to the cross beam, so that all the weight is not on the hands or they will tear. And you’d better get a tetanus shot. Actually we three should get a booster as soon as possible”


“I had a booster three weeks ago” I said. Candy also had a booster three months ago, as part of her annual exam.


“Do you have any other ideas?” Candy asked trying get her off that idea.


“Well, since it is Thanksgiving I could be roasted like a turkey and then you guys could eat me; but I don’t think there’s any chance the boys would agree to do that”


“Amen to that” Candy said.


“I also thought that they could stretch my pussy permanently. It would take a while, but it would be similar to what Robert is doing to you, only backwards. You get closed, I get opened. In both cases, our pussies would be unusable”


We were done with the wine by now, and the boys were still absent with Crystal. I wondered if they were having fun with her.



I yawned, and so did Candy. It looks like we did not get much sleep the night before.

“Would you like to take a nap? I’d have to tie you up in your cells like last night but it shouldn’t be too bad” We both decided it would be a good idea, and Yukiko locked us up in no time at all. I don’t know about Candy, but what with the Chardonnay and the lack of sleep, I went to sleep almost immediately.





*                                                                      *                                                          *




By Monday I began to get used to the idea of losing my clitoris. In a cruel, weird way, it did make some kind of sense. My whole body was his to use. There should be no confusion in that. Simon brought my irons to me. They were two; the rods were similar to Vicky’s but the heads of the iron were shallow pyramids of steel. I was to polish them and clean them daily. They were quite neat already, and did not need any further cleaning, but I figure Simon wanted me to polish them and prepare them just like Vicky had to make her own instruments of torture.


The week passes slowly by; or perhaps not slowly enough, as Saturday approaches relentlessly. Vicky and I fall into a pattern. Every morning, Yukiko and Crystal get us out of our cells, help us get dressed and then we are free to work on our future instruments of torture. Vicky has more to do than me. I am done polishing in fifteen minutes, but have to do it for an hour at least. The rest of the time I am free to move about, read, watch TV or listen to music. Whenever I sit down I ask one of the girls to put knee spreaders on me, to avoid rubbing my clit.


The boys usually go out in the morning with either Yukiko or Crystal. I don’t really know what they are doing. Work perhaps; they probably did not take the whole week off.


The evenings are more entertaining. The boys are still not touching us, so they have fun with either Yukiko or Crystal. They have their sessions in the dungeon, while we are left in the living room, our legs spread open, and our hands tied to our waists.


Going by the screams, it is usually Yukiko that is being tortured. It also seems like Crystal is doing most of the torturing, since the boys sometimes come up for beer, or to get some snacks, and the sounds of lash striking flesh, and screams of pain continue unabated. If so, Crystal is learning very well.


Vicky finished getting her rings and irons ready by Thursday. Simon pronounced my irons ready too. The next day would be part one of Vicky’s ordeal. I tried to talk to her about it, but she did not really want to talk. Surprisingly enough, we talked very little about what will be done to us.


Thursday’s dinner is particularly nice. As usual, we are dressed in white. For the first time though we are not dressed the same. I am wearing a mid thigh white skirt and a lacy bra, with nothing else on top. Vicky is wearing a short silk white slip, with no bra. Her nipples clearly visible under the smooth thin fabric. Like me, she is allowed underwear, a boy brief, also white and lacy.


After dinner, we spend longer than usual at the table over dessert and expresso. Understandably Vicky is not too hungry, but does take some brandy after dinner. That was a surprise, since we haven’t been allowed anything stronger than wine since we arrived. To my surprise, Yukiko also lets me drink some brandy.


We then proceeded to the living room, where Vicky is asked to strip. She stands nude, for us to see her beauty, unmarred, for the last time. The remainder of the evening she stays nude, but otherwise unrestrained. Me, as soon as I sit in the sofa, I ask for my spreader bar, which Crystal, already experienced has ready for me.


Vicky gets progressively more anxious as the evening goes by. Tomorrow will be a bad day for her. Just as Saturday will be a bad day for me. Time passes, slowly. I am waiting for something to happen. I realize that today the boys will not take Yukiko down to the dungeon for a session. Still I am expecting something to happen, but it does not. At ten thirty Robert says: “It’s time for Vicky to turn in; she’ll have a long day tomorrow” Crystal takes Vicky’s hand and leads her to her cell in the basement. As she passes by Robert, he embraces and kisses her tenderly.


We remain in the living room for another hour. Yukiko does suck Simon off, but it is done in a desultory fashion. Simon is feeling horny and would like to come before bed; Yukiko is nearby and services him. There are no fireworks or anything. After he is done, Yukiko takes me to my cell, and that is that.









Usual warnings. Fiction. Do not try this at home. Keep away from children. Void where prohibited.












I went to the basement to get Vicky. I was glad that it was me the one who would wake her up; that is, if she got any sleep at all. Crystal is very nice, but Vicky has only known her for what, two weeks? Today, a close friend may be the comfort that she needs. I hear Crystal in Robert’s room getting ready. She will soon be getting Candy up too.


I open Vicky’s cell and help her struggle out of it. Not an easy job with her legs immobilized by the spreader bar, so I release her hands first, so she can help drag herself out, then I remove the bar. Vicky is pale, her eyes drawn. She must not have slept a wink. I get her some water as she flexes and stretches her legs and arms. She gets up on her feet as Crystal arrives to get Candy out.


I lead Vicky to Robert’s bathroom. He has already left the room and is, with Simon, somewhere in the kitchen, tinkering with breakfast. Vicky sits in the toilet as I stand by her, caressing her hair. While she does her thing, I get the shower going, and then help her into it. She squats in the tub, enjoying the hot water, while I shampoo her hair. I rub her neck and scalp while doing so. “Mmmm, that feels good” I continue rubbing her neck and back. This may be the last good thing she will feel today. I try to make it last. I wash her back, breasts, ass and, carefully, her pussy. I dry her with a soft towel, all of her except her pussy; I use the hair drier on it. The aroma of clean female pussy fills the bathroom.


I have her sit on the toilet sit while I blow dry her hair. I had left a mug of coffee here for her to drink while we go about all of this. She will have pain enough today; there is no need to add a coffee deprivation headache to it. I do her make up myself. I take a lot of care to hide the dark rings under her eyes, and all the tell tale signs of a sleepless night.

“Thank you” she whispers in my ear as she kisses my face. Finally we are done and leave the bathroom. I put her collar on her and her white pumps.


“No dress today?” She asks


“No. You remain nude today” She nods.


We walk down to the kitchen where breakfast is set, and sit at the table. The boys are dressed in shirts and jeans. Crystal and Candy are not here yet, but arrive soon. Candy wears the same outfit she had yesterday, although she will change to a white silk slip for the evening’s events. We all sit around the table. Crystal and I are wearing strapless crimson bras and crimson mini skirts, with matching pumps.


Breakfast is, as usual, delicious. The boys really know how to cook. Crystal and I eat heartily, so do the boys. Candy nibbles at the food. Vicky doesn’t even pretend to eat. After breakfast is cleared, we get our marching orders. Lunch will be light, served at noon. Wine will be served with lunch, however Vicky will drink nothing but water or fruit juice. She will have nothing that will numb her senses. I see her face drop at this. I’m sure she hoped to be pretty toasted by the time her time came. She will have no such relief. Her torture session will start at 2:00.





We leave Vicky in the living room, pretending to watch TV, while we all repair to the dungeon for final instructions. The events of the evening are scripted for us, so we all know our part in the proceedings. The boys then go out to play a round of golf. We are to get everything and lunch ready. Vicky is to be left alone, in Robert’s bedroom, to consider her fate. She will be restrained and fit with a spreader bar. She may watch TV, but we are to have no further conversation or contact with her, except for taking her to the bathroom, or giving her water or juice; even so, we are not to talk to her at all.


Shortly before noon, I take Vicky to the dungeon and lock her in a cell. Silently I kiss her gently before locking her in the dark. The boys did not say we couldn’t kiss her, did they?


Lunch is somber, salad, cold cuts and a white Pinot Noir. Everyone is in a serious mood. Even the boys eat in silence. Soon, it is time.



Crystal got Candy dressed in her white slip. With no bra, her nipples are clearly noticeable in the cool air. Her legs are lovely in her white pumps. The boys are dressed in their usual smoking jackets, and have brought down their supply of scotch, Glenmorangie this time. They are also smoking large cigars. I just hope they are not planning anything with those. Actually, the thought of those glowing embers scorching  my nipples makes my pussy get warm and tingly. They boys sit on their chairs; Crystal and Candy kneel to their right. At a sign from Simon, who will be in charge of procedure today, I get Vicky from her cell.


Vicky is shaking violently. She stands, trembling as we all take in her beauty. She has been crying, but her eyes are dry now. Unmoved, Simon asks: “Vicky today is the day and now is the time. Shall we go on?” She nods “Yes. I am ready” Simon nods to me, and I take Vicky to the torture table. She lies back on it. Her ass hangs slightly off the end of the table. I strap her thighs and ankles to the stirrups. Her legs are now open, knees flexed. This provides easy access to her pussy. Her arms are restrained alongside her body.


Simon speaks again: “First comes pleasure, then pain. Candy, Yukiko and Crystal will now pleasure you with their mouths. Do try to come. It will be a year before this can happen again”


Candy starts licking at her pussy. She tries valiantly, but does not get much of a response. Vicky is too tense, too dry to respond to the stimulation, and frankly, Candy is too nervous and her stress shows. I take over from her. Simon has her kneel where she can see Vicky’s pussy clearly, fastens a spreader bar to her knees and ties her hands behind her. Meanwhile, I start by kissing Vicky’s vulva all over. Then I start licking at her clit; not at the clit itself, you understand, rather at the surroundings. Vicky pants and, I realize, tries to fake an orgasm; badly. Bad idea, Simon was ready for this and suddenly I hear a swish and a scream. I look up in time to see the lash fall on her right nipple. Vicky screams again. She will not be allowed to fake anything. I resume my work and, to my surprise, Vicky’s juices are now flowing. I am surprised because I know she does not get off on pain; I understand now that Simon is showing her the extent of her submission. They know her body, her reactions even better than she herself does. She is to be permitted no modesty, no subterfuge. They will extract from her every last iota of pain, or pleasure that they want to get; regardless of her wishes. Accepting this, her pussy gushes; she now begins to pant and tries to push herself into my face. I redouble my efforts and soon she screams her orgasm.


Crystal takes over, and it does not take long for Vicky to enjoy another orgasm. I kneel nearby while I wait. The boys, sporting large erections take over after Crystal is done. Simon goes first. He takes a long time, and Vicky comes yet again. He pulls out, and I note, to my surprise, he is still fully erect. He has not come. It is Robert’s turn and, as he fucks, he kisses Vicky’s face tenderly. She comes twice under Robert’s attentions. When he pulls out, he is also erect, and no spunk comes out of Vicky’s love hole.


Vicky comes down from her orgasmic bliss. The table tilts, and we raise her head. She is now strapped to the table, but her back is at a 45 degree angle to the floor. I stretch out her legs, while keeping them open. She can now look at us, and also to the instruments that are spread out on the coffee table. The hole punch, the rings; four of them. Also a vise like device, meant to press her lower lips, to allow the puncher to do its work. I have seen a device like that, once, at a saddle shop. Also a gas soldering torch, pliers and a square piece of leather that will be used to keep her skin from burning during the soldering process. Her face goes pale again at the sight. Robert approaches her and touches her pussy. It is again dry. He kisses her again and says nothing. Also on the table are two monstrous strap-on dildos; they are at least 10 inches long, 3 inches in diameter, and along their length cruel studs protrude. As Crystal and I strap the dildos on, Simon describes the next step.


“You have had pleasure. From now on there will only be pain. Yukiko and Crystal will now fuck you with these dildos. As you can see, they are very large. They will hurt. Yukiko and Crystal will ravage your pussy with these dildos. To make sure they are ruthless, we will whip them to encourage their efforts; you are lucky that Candy is not allowed to orgasm otherwise she would also fuck you”


Crystal goes first. Robert gives me the whip. We know the rules. We were instructed this morning. Simon goes over them, mostly for Vicky’s benefit. “Crystal: Yukiko will whip you while you fuck Vicky. She will use the whip on you. You will fuck Vicky hard; very hard. So long as you are fucking her without mercy, Yukiko will whip you. If you falter, or show pity, I will use the rattan cane on you; and I shall be merciless; then we will switch”


We flatten Vicky again, and Crystal moves between her legs. I lift the whip and hit my former lover’s back. She screams and thrusts. I do it again and she thrusts again. Vicky screams now at the giant dildo’s invasion but the thrust must not have been hard enough because Simon slashes at Crystal’s back with his rattan cane. Crystal takes the hint and starts pounding into Vicky’s cunt furiously. She doesn’t even wait for my whip; she has felt the cane. Vicky is the only one screaming now. Crystal just grunts at my lashes, and just works her hips harder and harder. After an eternity Simon says “Stop”


Vicky cries silently now. So does Crystal who pulls out of Vicky’s battered love tunnel. It is now my turn. I start, prodded by Crystal’s whip. Vicky whimpers, I thrust again and feel the fiery cut of the rattan cane. I try again, more forcefully, and again the cane cuts into my lower back. Crystal does not love Vicky as I do. I cannot rape her as she did. I can’t. I try to fuck her harder, but I hold back. She screams now and, under the cane, so do I. The cane is all pain. I cannot take it, I cannot turn it into pleasure, it hits me again and again, and I try harder, and harder. Vicky screams and I see blood on my fake penis. I thrust harder, and harder, and finally I fuck Vicky with all my strength. I feel the lash instead. I continue fucking Vicky, and getting more and more excited as I hurt her. And more and more. And finally, I come screaming. Then Simon says “Stop”


I look down at Vicky. Her pussy is stretched around my monstrous member. There is blood on the studs of my dildo. My back burns from the cane more than from the lash. My pussy is on fire too, but I like this fire. I gaze at Vicky’s tear streaked face. I pull out of her and see the pain on her face as I withdraw. I bend over and kiss her tenderly. I remove my dildo and kneel to one side. I cry silently.


They give Vicky a few moments to recover. Robert gives her some water. Simon says something, but I only catch the end of it “…so Robert will be the last thing you will feel in your vagina until a year from now”


Simon moves between Vicky’s legs and enters her. Despite the difference in size, Vicky cries loudly. Her pussy must be so swollen from our rapes that it must be extremely painful, and Simon is not small; not huge, but definitely not small. He tries to hold back. I can tell when he is trying. He relaxes his face muscles. He tries to hold back but he can’t. Sooner than he would like, I see him speed up his thrusting. He grabs Vicky’s tits and pulls on them. Her cries are more pathetic and then he grunts and comes in her. He comes for a long time before pulling out and, for the first time in two weeks, sperm mixes with blood in her pussy.


Robert is last. He fucks her more tenderly, but it does not matter. Her cries of pain and anguish are no different. Her bruised pussy cannot take this punishment any more. Soon he comes too. He pulls back and his sperm mixes with Simon’s and with her blood. For the last time in a year.


The table rises again, and Crystal gives Vicky some juice. She caresses her face and kisses her silently. While Vicky recovers, the boys get their pants back on, and I serve them another round of scotch. Candy, pale and crying in silence, remains kneeling, her eyes riveted on to Vicky’s bleeding pussy. What thoughts cross her mind, I can only imagine.


Soon it is time for the final proceedings. The table is placed almost flat again, and her legs opened widely, painfully. Simon again asks Vicky “Shall we continue?” Again she consents “I am yours” she says. At a gesture from Simon I clean her pussy and vulva with hot soapy water. After the blood and jism are washed out, I apply the antiseptic gel and massage it in. Vicky whimpers at the sting of the alcohol in it. Things happen fast now. Robert applies the vise device to her left labia. The hole punch comes next. I try not to look, but cannot draw my eyes away. Robert and Simon are in the way so I cannot see Vicky’s pussy, but my eyes are fixed on the scene and on her face. In a glance I see Crystal and Candy are also concentrated on Vicky’s face. She screams. The most heart rending scream I’ve ever heard. I hear the clicking of the vise and again another terrible scream. I see blood dripping on the floor. Vicky screams again and again as the eight holes, four on each side, are bored on her labia. Robert says “The rings” while looking at me. Mesmerized, I have forgotten. I pick them up and give them to him. I can see now as they pass the rings through her tender flesh. She does not scream any more. As her rings are passed through the tissue, I hear her loud grunts of pain; her head tossing violently from side to side. I see her pussy, covered with blood. This time I am ready as Robert asks me for the leather first and, after it is in place, for the soldering torch. The rings are heated in succession. As they get hot, hot enough to scorch and cauterize the wounds Vicky resumes screaming. After an eternity they are done. They move back and we can see her pussy. Four heavy rings of steel, sealing it closed. Some smoke still rises from where they penetrate her flesh. I notice her hands; blood seeping between her fingers, where her fingernails have penetrated her palms. She takes a breath. So do I. I realize now I have been holding my breath for the last hour. I look at her face. She gives me a wan little smile. Robert approaches her, releases her arms and kisses her fully on the lips. She hugs him to her. We gaze, in silence.











Ch 13

Ch 13


Usual warnings: This is fiction; do not try this at home; keep away from children, void where prohibited. Also never ever light a charcoal fire indoors; people die from that every year.









I get Candy out of her cell. I notice that Crystal has Vicky already up and heading for the bathroom. Now, Vicky no longer needs the spreader bars. After tonight, neither will Candy. I open her cell and help her out. It appears she did not get much sleep last night. I let her flex her legs and stretch her arms for a while, before going up to Simon’s bathroom. Just as I did yesterday with Vicky, I help her get ready. Candy is much more anxious than Vicky was. As I towel her dry, and blow dry her pussy she is on the verge of tears.


“You don’t have to do this…” I start, but she interrupts me

 “Just don’t. Don’t say anything”


In silence I continue grooming her. I apply her makeup. I apply cover to disguise the bags under her eyes, a tell tale sign of a sleepless night. She kisses me, and I kiss her back. Soon she is ready, nude, except for her white pumps; we walk down to the kitchen for breakfast. Vicky has difficulty sitting down; her pussy is all swollen, so she kneels instead. She is wearing a white silk slip today. Candy is, unsurprisingly, not hungry, so she gets some coffee and kneels by Vicky. She keeps her legs open; the spreader bar is not required today. The boys, Crystal and I eat heartily. Soon, breakfast is over. Crystal helps me put everything away, and Robert, who will be the MC today, outlines the plan.


It will be heaven and hell.


After breakfast, we will strap Candy down and all of us will go down on her. She is allowed to have as many orgasms as she can. The boys will also fuck her pussy, hopefully bringing her off as many times as possible. That will be heaven. We will then break for lunch. Then comes hell.  Robert explains the plans in detail; Candy remains stoically kneeling, wordless; only the tremors of her lips revealing her inner turmoil. Simon approaches her, kneels besides her, hugs and kisses her, and opens his mouth, but before he can say anything, Candy stops him:


 “Don’t say it. Don’t. I love you. I really want to do this for you”


We proceed to the dungeon.


Robert straps Candy to the same table we used yesterday. Crystal has the honors. She kisses Candy first, and then caresses her breasts. Candy, strapped down, is unable to respond other than by squirming and sighing. Crystal kneels between her legs and starts eating her. Candy’s clitoris and pussy are so sensitive today; this is the first stimulation that they received in weeks, so she responds easily despite the fear that must be eating out her soul. It does not take long for Candy to squirm in orgasm. I can see her juices flowing, coating Crystal’s face. Tired Crystal gives up her place, to be relieved by Vicky. Vicky goes at it with a passion. Her tongue moves over Candy’s mound, hood and finally clit, so that her orgasm is barely interrupted. As Vicky works on Candy, I get ready behind her, and as soon as she rises, I kneel and continue. I do not think Candy realizes it is I and not Vicky that is now bringing her off. Her love juice soaks my face as I eat her out. Robert stands behind me, and I yield my place to him. He kneels and sucks on Candy’s sodden artichoke. He tries hard, and Candy keeps on coming, but I do not think she enjoys him as much as she did with us. Men are seldom as good at eating pussy as women are. Simon stands behind him and goes next. He takes his time, licking and eating her clitoris with great tenderness. He knows it is the last time for him too; at least with this particular clit. Candy, between orgasms notices that it is her lover that is now eating her out and, lost in an orgasmic haze, manages to smile at him. He, too is soon done, and yields his place to Crystal again. Candy has been coming now for close to an hour. I wonder if we should give her a break; I wonder if she wants one. Crystal now extends her ministrations to Candy’s size B breasts, which she massages with both hands, as she kneels and eats at Candy’s diner. I look at the boys, who watch, fascinated, but do not object. When it is my turn, I do likewise, kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples as I lick, suck and yodel at her love tunnel. Candy’s juices keep flowing and she keeps squirming. Vicky comes next, and she does a great job, munching, sucking and rubbing Candy, not only with her lips and tongue, but with her nose and face. All of her face is shiny with love juice when she is done.


Robert now stands between her legs and enters her. So aroused is Candy that she barely notices at first, then, as he thrusts, she realizes the difference. She is so excited she continues to come through Robert’s fucking, and then through Simon’s longer, gentler, though more passionate pole work. When Simon comes, he bends over to hug her, and they both kiss tenderly, while she comes down from her long, long climax.


I release Candy and we all sit around the table. All except for Vicky who cannot sit, so she kneels, and Candy who is not allowed to; she kneels by Simon, her face touching the outside of his leg, her arms holding on to him. His hand, lost in her hair, toying with it. I do not think she would sit, even if she was allowed to. We all catch our breaths. I take in the scene. Vicky kneeling in her silk slip, Candy kneeling nude, the boys in jeans and shirts, opened at the neck, and finally Crystal and I in crimson bras and panties. The air is redolent with female musk, male sweat and sperm.


It is too early for lunch so, after some re-hydration, in the form of wine for us, and orange juice for Candy, we strap her on the table again, face down this time, with her legs now bent over the side of the table, and again the girls will suck at her love fountain. I go first, and find some difficulty at this, but I succeed at reaching her love bud, keeping my nose in her tunnel. This excites her even more. I am soon rewarded by a gush of juice down my nose. I can smell her passion, as well as Robert’s and Simon’s milk in her. Vicky takes over from me, and I realize then that Simon is feeding Candy his erection while he waits. As she services him, he caresses her head. He is not trying to come; he is just enjoying some loving while saving himself for the main event. He pulls out soon, as Candy comes yet again under Vicky’s attentions. Crystal goes next. I am surprised that Robert does not avail himself of Crystal’s accessible mouth; he looks at me, leans over and whispers in my ear “Candy asked Simon to let her suck him. I do not want to distract her” That makes sense.


After Crystal is done with Candy, Robert enters Candy from behind. I was afraid they would ass fuck her, which she hates, but no, they keep their promise. The morning session is just pleasure for Candy. Candy keeps on coming, and Robert does too. Then Simon takes his place. He fondles her rear globes as he fucks her, and soon drops his load inside her kitty. He releases the sweating, and sated girl from the table, and orders her to squat over Crystal, so the young blonde can clean out her pussy.


Crystal then takes Candy to the bathroom to get her properly cleaned and prepared before lunch. We all go upstairs and wait fort them.


*                                                                      *                                                          *






I am kneeling by Simon, coming down from my mind blowing series of orgasms. I drink some orange juice, while they all have wine. I hold on to Simon’s leg, touching the fabric of his jeans with my face. He plays with my hair. I try not to think of this afternoon, I try to push out of my mind what will happen to me tonight. Of course I can’t. Most of all, I try to deny the fact that it will only take one word to stop this. That is the thought I must suppress at all costs, otherwise I know I lack the strength to go through with this.


They all get up. It is too early. Robert said after lunch. But no, this is going to be round two for the morning session. This time, Robert straps me face down on the table, my ass sticking out over the edge, and my legs falling off the table, and also safely strapped down. I fear my ass is going to have it this time. It figures. I resign myself to this entry that I hate. I feel nuzzling at my nether lips. Licking and then entry; something hard, short; a nose, rubbing. One of the girls is eating me out in this position. I raise my head and see both boys, but none of the girls. I wonder who is eating me. She gets me excited again, fast. I am coming yet again. Simon wanders over to stand besides me.


“When the girls are done eating you, Robert and I will fuck your pussy again. Enjoy it.”


I realize then that they will not fuck my ass. I feel relieved, but also bothered that Simon would deprive himself of any part of me.


“Fuck my ass if you want” I ask him.


“No” he says, “This morning is for you” He caresses my hair as I come again.


 “Let me suck you then” I whisper.


He complies, and gently inserts himself in my mouth. I try to bring him off, but he just lets me suck on him, motionless, and withdraws, just as a second mouth, and nose, enters my pussy. Again I come and come, and do so again when the third girl eats me in this position. Then I sense a dick demanding entry, and now I am being fucked from behind, hard. It is Robert, since Simon is still standing by me. I gasp as my orgasms continue, seamlessly. Simon moves out of my range, and soon takes over for Robert. He is excited, very excited; but he slows down, just enough to let me come down from the last orgasm, before starting me up again. Just so I can identify the next orgasm as coming from him only. After my climax, he comes in me, and hugs me close.

He releases me from the table. I am exhausted, sated. I realize that, that last orgasm with Simon will be the last one of my life. It is fitting.


He now has me squat over Crystal and has her clean out my kitty with her tongue. She drinks up all the juices flowing from me. I follow her up to the bathroom. She gives me a shower and a douche. Then she has me shave my mound. I am surprised that she lets me do it myself and ask how come.


“They want your pussy shaved so that nothing comes between you and the crop when they whip it tonight; however they want it to be you shaving it off. You must get everything ready: Your body, the fire, the irons; you must prepare everything yourself. That will show your full acceptance and submission.”


“I understand” I said while shaving off the last remaining stubble of my pussy. I then massage some of the antiseptic gel into my mons, labia and clit. It burns terribly on the labia and clit, but will prevent any infection.  I have now prepared myself for torture.


We go to the kitchen. Despite my nerves, my anxiety, I find myself hungry. I eat a piece of fruit; I can’t even identify it as the taste turns to ashes in my mouth. I finish the fruit, kneel again by Simon, my master, and drink juice while I wait for them to be ready. I realize that I have just thought of Simon no longer as my lover or partner but as my master, my owner. Suddenly I feel warm inside despite my nakedness. I kneel by his knee, but I am reluctant to touch it, lest I disturb his lunch. I have never felt as submissive as I do now. Not even when he sent me to Alvaro. Then I said I was his to do as he wanted. Now I am his to do as he wants. I see that I cannot go back to what I was before. I was a free, liberated, career woman. I even believed much of the feminist lingo. Now I couldn’t care less about that. Now I have only one goal: I want my master to be happy. At this moment my life comes into sharp focus. There are no complexities anymore. Life is simple after all.


They have finished their lunch and stand up. I try to stand up, but my legs will not hold me up. Robert helps me stand. “You know what you must do now?” He asks me. “Yes sir” I answer. As they move to the living room for coffee, I descend into the dungeon. I must see to all the details myself.


The dungeon is cool again. The ventilation system has removed all traces of the morning’s activities. I collect my thoughts. The first thing is to start the fire; the coals will take a long time to get ready. I take the barbecue grill, place it under the chimney and load it up with easy light charcoal. I set a match to it, and see the fire start. A shudder goes through my body.


I next get a table on wheels and set it next to the torture table. I have to pick up a whip or crop to be used on my freshly shaven pussy. Perhaps trying to be kind, Robert told me to choose which of the instruments to use. How I wish that he had chosen one! I have no choice but to pick the thin bamboo cane. The cruelest of the lot. I place it on the left side of the table and move on to the tool box. I need an instrument to crush my clit. I look through the different tools and choose a vise grip and, on second thought a pair of pliers. They should work quite well on my small bud. Shudders shake my nude body constantly, as I continue to set the stage for my torture. I look up at the stairs, but no one is coming down yet. I must continue. I pick up the small box Robert told me about. There are fifteen thin elastic strips on it; each one is attached to two fish hooks, one small, and one larger. He explained their purpose to me this morning. They will be used to keep my labia open and to pull the hood back from my clit, to provide a better target for the red hot irons. I consider the cruel barbs on the hooks and wonder if, by then, I will even feel them. I set them out by the pliers. I go to one of the cupboards. The dildos are there. I am to pick up two strapons for Yukiko and Crystal to devastate my pussy with, like they did yesterday with Vicky. I see them on the shelf, cleaned and disinfected; two studded rampant black rubber cocks. I then notice two others, different yet similar devices. One, a twelve inch long, two and a half inch wide monster is made of hard tan rubber, and is studded throughout its length with sharper conical studs. I pick it up, trembling, my knees feel like butter, and then I look at the other one. This monster is ‘only’ ten inches long, but it is fully four inches in diameter, and flares at the bottom to a much larger size. It also is studded with pyramidal steel studs all along its length and on the bottom flare. I see that, though not designed for strap on use, they will both fit the harnesses. Not really believing what I’m doing, nor understanding it, I place the two monsters and harnesses on the table. I don’t think the boys meant for these monsters to be used, at least not this way, but they will serve.


I think of something else, not on the program, I set up the saw horse with a crossbeam an inch and a half in width. I set up a score of thumbtacks on it. I now go to check on the fire, as I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. The coals are burning nicely, and are now ready. I place both irons inside the mass of glowing coals.


They are all here now, sipping espresso. Robert asks me:


 “Is everything ready?”


“The irons are not hot yet” I say, “but everything else is. I thought up of something though”


“What is it

I move to the saw horse and show them the thumb tacks. “You could use this to start off” I point out.


 “We will” Robert says.


I hear a long low whistle. Simon has seen the two dildos. His mouth puckers in an expression of astonishment, but he says nothing. I see Robert’s eyebrows raising as he notices them; wordlessly he shakes his head in amazement.


The dungeon is set up rapidly. The sofa and chairs are placed around the bottom of the table. The table itself is adjusted with the back at a 20 degree angle to the floor, “So that we will not miss the suffering on your face” Robert explains, as he sets up all of the video cameras. My legs will be supported, wide open, flexed at the knee, but almost extended at the hips. My arms will be strapped wide open. A small support will hold my head up higher so I can see the irons coming. Nothing is left to chance. I show the table I set up for them.


“How many strokes of the cane on your pussy should we give you?” asks Robert. They aren’t going to let me off at all. I am going to have to make all the decisions.


“Ten apiece” I suggest.


Robert and Simon look at each other and Robert says: “That would be fifty in total. If we do that, you will not have a pussy for us to burn, you will have hamburger. No. It will be two for each girl, five for me, and Simon will give you ten; twenty one in total” Inwardly, I sigh at this small reprieve.


They all sit on the sofa and chairs, except for Vicky of course. I go check the irons that now glow a dull red.


“The irons will be ready soon” I proclaim.


 “OK” says Robert “No go and straddle the horse”


I do so. The tacks almost reach my pussy. Robert and Simon then lift me up; I bend my knees and hips as they set me down on the tacks. The pain, as the sharp tacks bite on my tender pussy hits me hard but I manage to contain myself. My arms are tied behind my back and my feet to my thighs. I sit up, balancing on the tack covered beam. I feel the tacks piercing my skin. It will get worse, much worse. 


Simon approaches me, kisses me and gives me some ice water. The dungeon, heated by the barbecue is getting quite hot. I see Yukiko turning up the air conditioner and the extractor all the way up. I struggle on the beam, trying not to cry, as I wait for the boys to finish their coffee. Yukiko and Crystal, standing by the table look at me. I cannot decipher the expression in Crystal’s ice blue eyes; Yukiko’s I know,  would just love to be in my place, now; I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t want what will soon follow, but up to the final event, she would just love it.


The coffee is finished. The irons are probably ready too. Robert unties my legs and arms, and I stand. Several thumbtacks remain attached to my pussy, and I remove them, as instructed. Drops of blood peek where the tacks have pierced the skin.


“Check the irons” Says Robert.


I do so, they are now bright red, the tips glowing yellow. “They are ready” my voice almost cracking.


Robert then orders: “Let us start then”


I know what to do; I move to the table and lie down on it, my legs along the stirrups, and my arms stretched out along the arm boards. I take a deep breath. I focus on my breathing; in and out; slow, deep breaths. I feel some of the tension leave my body.


I hear Robert’s voice “Touch yourself for the last time”


I do so with my right hand. I feel my mons and pussy, but rapidly move towards my pleasure mound. I rub it gently, as a whimper comes out of my mouth


 “Goodbye” I say, tears brimming in my eyes.


I see Crystal, crying silently too. Yukiko approaches the table and kisses me.


“I love you” she softly says, as she straps my arms and legs down.


Robert picks up a short whip, and tells Crystal to start. She picks up the cane, and stands off my left side. She will be hitting me from there down. A whip stroke to her back gets her started. She does not even try to soften her stroke. A hard cut to my pussy brings out an anguished yell from me. I am grateful she did not shirk; it might have had to be repeated then. A second whip stroke and a second cut of the cane, followed by a shriek that is only a fraction less loud than the first. Robert points to Vicky, who stands and takes the cane. This time from my right side. She awaits the lash, and then strikes, once, then prodded by the whip, a second time. I am now better able to contain myself. My screams are more controlled, a way of releasing tension rather than the animal shrieks that I started with. Yukiko comes next. I am quite proud of how I’ve held up until now.


Pride is not a pleasing attribute for a slave.


Robert takes his turn standing between my extended legs. He strikes. Black stars flash in front of my eyes. He hit me right on the center of my pussy. My body tries to jump of the table, but, restrained, it only arches as it screams. I no longer attempt any semblance of control. I scream and scream again. The pain exploding from my pussy now radiates deep in my belly. He waits for me to stop thrashing. When I do, he takes aim, and again hits my sensitive slit, exactly where his first stroke landed. I thrash again, my head, my neck, snap from side to side. I try to squeeze my legs to rub the pain, but it is a vain attempt. He waits again; he will not hit me if I move. I need to calm down. I try to take a deep breath but I cannot. I lie still, eyes screwed shut. “Open your eyes” I hear. I do. Eyes wide with fear I receive his third stroke, as I fall into chaos. Number four comes, as it must, and then, I lie still, waiting for five. Pain hits me again, a terrible flower opening its petals in my insides. Then he stops. I look at him, as he nods at me and gives the cane to Simon. I breathe deep, as Simon gives me time to collect myself, before he starts. He will give me ten strokes, and I know his, will be harder than anyone else’s. He knows I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The first one falls, on my left lip. On this virgin location, it hurts almost more than in the abused center. I cannot contain my thrashing, but manage to hold my scream into a deep throated growl. The second hits my right lip. Again I manage to contain my scream. He waits again for me to stop. The third, on my left lip, then the fourth on the right. Six more to go and I have not screamed. He smiles at me. Number five falls; right on my clit. My back arches as I scream louder than ever. My efforts at showing control for my master are wasted. I thrash and scream like a banshee. I try to stop moving at least, so he can continue, but I cannot. My body does not obey my commands; and: Why should it? Did I not place myself willingly on this table? Did I not select the instrument with my own hands? Why should my body obey me? Finally, of its own accord, my body stops moving. I look into Simon’s eyes, panting, gasping for breath; I notice movement, but focus on his eyes only. Blamm! Number six falls on my clit again, but this time, the thrashing and screaming last for only a few moments, as I remain, fixed in place by his eyes. Before he can hit me again, I soundlessly mouth the word “Now” and he hits me again, number seven. My body does its thrashing, and grunting as I continue to watch his eyes; as soon as I calm down, I watch those eyes smile, and again I form the word “Now” Number eight follows, and then nine, and then gratefully, ten. I fall back on the table, drenched in sweat, my whole body exhausted from the ordeal. He approaches me and kisses me. “Well done” he says.


Crystal gives me some water, as the boys look at the damage done to my pussy. Simon states: “Not too bad” and they get ready for the next step. Robert, the MC picks up the vise grip while Simon takes the pliers. I am happy that he does. The pliers promise to cause much more damage than the vise grip, and I really prefer that Simon gets to enjoy doing the most painful things. Suddenly I am worried. What if he lets Robert burn off my clit? I look at him and he, detecting it, approaches.


 “Will you be the one to burn off my clit?” I ask “I very much want you to”


He smiles at me “Of course baby, I will be the one to do it to you”


“Thank you” I sigh.


Instructed by Robert, Vicky picks up three of the rubber strips, and hooks the small hooks through the hood over my clit, I grunt, feeling the sharp barbed spikes going through the tender, soft skin; she then stretches the rubber bands and hooks the larger ones through the skin. My clit is now fully exposed for Robert and Simon to crush. The tension on my hood and the hooks cause such pain that I cannot feel the larger hooks in my abdomen. Robert approaches me first and squeezes the nub with the vise grip. It hurts but, despite his best efforts, the vise grip is too coarse an instrument to do much on such small, soft body part. I am sorry to see this and apologize.


“You could try something else sir” I say submissively.


“Simon will do better, I’m sure” He shrugs and goes off to stir the coals.


Simon approaches my pussy now, and grasps my nub with the pliers. I feel the cold of the metal and then… “Aaaaargh” I scream wildly as my world becomes a very small, cold, crushing place. The hooks are forgotten in an epiphany of anguish. He turns the pliers, right and left. My hands open and close in a vain attempt to grab something, anything that will help me. He takes his time, crushing, twisting, pulling. I scream and scream, until he is done. He releases the hooks which, barbed, hurt more coming out than they did going in. It is however more tolerable than the pliers. I am glad I shan’t have a clitoris so I do not have to endure that again.


After a few minutes, I see Crystal with the longer dildo affixed to her, and Yukiko with the wider one. Robert and Simon both picked up canes to encourage them. The dildos seem longer when seen sticking out from their waists than they seemed on the shelf. They both look at me, worried. I, tired, give them a tentative smile.


“Do not try to spare me” I tell them.


Yukiko answers “We won’t” Crystal just stares.


Crystal goes first. With her eyes brimming with tears, she steps between my legs. Her studded intruder prods at my opening. Unwillingly I tense up. I must try to relax, but I can’t; all my senses, all my muscles tense against this unwanted intrusion. I see Simon caning Crystal; she screams and her dildo rips into me. I scream too. Crystal begins thrusting, harder, harder, as both Simon and Robert thrash her back. The studs tear into my inner membranes. I am being ripped apart. I scream louder and louder. Crystal screams too, as she thrusts harder and harder to avoid the cutting cane. Finally, it is enough. She stops and pulls out. I feel the pain in my center. Moisture runs from me. I know it is blood.


Yukiko comes next. Her thicker dildo sticks out from her svelte frame like the horn of a rhino, and like it, is designed to do maximum damage. I can sense, from the expression on her face, the extent of the damage done to me by Crystal’s previous ravage. She looks at Simon, then Robert, hoping perhaps for a reprieve. None such is forthcoming. Eyes tearing up, she stands at the entrance of my shredded love tunnel. I feel faint from the pain, but lift my head and try to encourage her.


“Go” I say.


Still, Yukiko hesitates, “I can’t” She mouths silently.


Then “Thwack!” The cut of the cane on her back starts her. She enters me, ripping me open, but still fails to move. I whimper in pain as two more vicious cuts of the cane rip into her back. “I’m sorry” I hear her voice, as she starts thrusting. I lose control again. Her huge intruder rips into my already shredded insides. I lose myself in a red sea of pain. No one can survive this onslaught. I can blame no one; I chose the instruments myself. Every few thrusts, Yukiko slows down and then the canes fall on her. Soon, soon she will feel the excitement, and she does. She no longer needs the cane to encourage her. My whimpers have turned to screams of horror. I see blood splattering on her belly, every time she pulls back. I see her face, now lost in a rapture of arousal, sex, blood, pain. Then, just as it started, it stops. Yukiko pulls out of me, her dildo, red with my blood. I lie back, silent, torn, bleeding.


Robert examines me and inserts a small dildo, heavily wrapped in gauze in my vagina. “It will stop the bleeding” he says. Past the point of exhaustion, I do not even feel it. Vicky gives me more ice water. Time passes, slowly, as I recover slightly. I hear the whoosh of the air extractor, and now feel the coolness of the air-conditioned room on the glistening sweat on my skin. I look around me, and I see Vicky, standing, her pussy closed by her four heavy steel rings; is it perhaps less swollen now? I see Yukiko, who has removed her killer dildo and harness, but whose lower belly still is splattered with my blood. Crystal too has some blood on her belly, but not as much. The boys, looking at me. Robert approaching me.


 “Shall we go on?” He asks me.


My voice fails me now. How can I ask for what is to come? How can they expect me to ask for it? All my senses, my body demands from me a denial. My head tries to shake a negative on its own accord. It is only with an utmost effort of will that I prevent the head shake that I know would put an end to this madness. “Water” I beg. An attempt to delay the inevitable; my answer. Finally, I yield.



“Do it. Do it to me now”


Crystal pulls the barbecue from the fireplace and brings it to the table. I must be grateful that they do not make me do that too. I wonder if I would even be able to walk to the fireplace. Robert stands between my legs. For a moment I fear that Simon is chickening out on his promise and he will let Robert do it to me; but no, he is only placing the hooks. Three again on my hood, three on each of the inner labia, or what remains of them I guess. By now, my pussy is so worn out from the beatings, the ravaging, that I almost cannot feel the hooks. I do feel them when he sinks them in my belly and inner thighs though, but pain is by now relative, and what would have made me scream only days ago, by now barely rates a whimper. Robert moves out of the way. He stands to a side, but close and all the girls also approach. Vicky, for obvious reasons, the most anxious, I see her tremble. Somehow, I gather strength from her fear. Simon is now between my legs. He touches my clit, gently, then bends down and kisses it. A single tear escapes my eyes. He picks up the first iron. It’s tip glowing almost white. He lets it cool slightly, for a few seconds. I close my eyes. “Open your eyes” He commands. I obey. I see the iron, his eyes, the iron, the iron. It comes, it comes. I hear a scream, it is mine. I hear the sizzle of burning flesh, a split second before the pain hits me, like a truck running into my pussy. I scream and scream; I thrash and thrash; my head pounds on the table. My legs fight the restraints as I try to close them. He pulls the iron out of my body. I still feel the heat, the searing. I pass out.


Only to be revived by smelling salts, Yukiko gives me water. I drink it greedily; I can still smell my burnt flesh, I can still feel the pain, the searing. Simon says “Once more” I scream “No, no” but I know it is pointless now. It must go on until it is over. I calm down, and lie back again. “Go ahead; finish it” I say. Simon picks up the second iron. I look only at his eyes  this time. I hear the sizzle, and feel the pain; only it is much less now. I scream, but do not pass out. Of course; most of the nerve endings were destroyed by the first iron. This second one is burning mostly dead flesh. Then, it is over. Robert applies an antibiotic ointment, and I am released. Simon hugs me, and weakly, I hug him back. Robert hands me a glass. It is brandy. I cough as I take a gulp down. It burns in my gut, but feels good nonetheless.


Vicky goes back into her cell, to await her next ordeal tomorrow. I, finally get to sleep in a real bed, with my master. I do not know who will share Robert’s bed today, nor do I care. With Simon’s, my master’s arms around me, I fall into a deep, deep sleep.














Ch 14

Ch 14


Usual warnings: This is fiction; do not try this at home; keep away from children, void where prohibited. Also never ever light a charcoal fire indoors; people die from that every year.







Today, I get Vicky out of her cage. I think she did get some sleep, particularly since she does not have to wear the leg spreaders anymore. Her rings are healing well, with no sign of infection. I take her to Master Robert’s bathroom. Master Robert is still in bed with Yukiko. I slept alone last night. I actually enjoyed it, sleeping by myself for a change. Yukiko’s face has a “well fucked look” I try to read Vicky’s expression; is there a pang of jealousy? I wonder.


Once in the bathroom, it is all business. I give Vicky three enemas; the last one has a mint scent to it. Vicky takes the enemas, her face an icon of resignation. With her pussy locked shut, it is her ass that will bear the brunt of our attentions today. She knows this; she has agreed to it. I do her hair, make up, and apply an antibiotic ointment to her rings, inside and outside; Vicky cannot fail but get excited by this manipulation; I sense her moisture.


Just as Candy was yesterday, she will be nude the whole day, except for her extremely uncomfortable pumps. As we finish, we hear noise from the bedroom. Ignoring it, we exit the bathroom and witness Master Robert plowing into Yukiko’s furrow. Yukiko, lost in orgasmic bliss, doesn’t notice us; Master Robert does, smiles, and keeps on plowing into her. Vicky’s face is now quite sad; as we leave the room, she quietly says:


“I can’t give him that anymore”


The kitchen is empty today. Simon must be sleeping in with Candy. For the first time, the masters are not here first. I stand bewildered. I have no instructions. I make coffee while I wait for someone to come. Maybe the smell of the coffee will wake them up. Vicky sits at the table. She smiles at me.


“It still hurts, but not as much; I can sit now”


“You are not allowed to sit today you know” She sensuously glides to the floor and kneels by the table. Why is it that these women can glide like that? I wish I could do that.


Master Simon enters. “It seems we overslept” he says. He gets some coffee for himself and gives some to Vicky


 Crystal, go get Candy up and get her ready” He tells me.


Eyes downcast, I rush to do so.


Candy is already awake. She gets out of bed and I help her to the bathroom. Since she has finished with her ordeal, she could take care of this business herself, but I do most of it for her. I wash her hair, scrub her back and generally pamper her as much as I can. I also take care of her pussy where her burn is developing a nasty scab. I wash it as gently as I can but Candy cannot control her whimpers. It must hurt like a son of a bitch. I apply more antibiotic ointment on it. Her pussy is very swollen from the battering last night but it seems that no permanent damage was done unintentionally there. I get her dressed in the obligatory white slip and white pumps.  We then get to the kitchen where Robert and Yukiko have preceded us.


Today Candy is ravenous. She digs into the breakfast with passion. Vicky only nibbles at her food. Simon will be the MC today, and he outlines the plan. Nothing will happen until the evening. Just like yesterday, the victim will get everything ready. Vicky will choose the whips and dildos that will be used on her. She will also get the coals ready; the irons, she prepared those herself over the past week.


The morning passes lazily. It is a nice, crisp November day outside, and the boys take advantage of it to go on a bike ride. We are left to our own devices. I observe the girls, as they move about the house. Candy, no longer a main actress in the drama, moves about, sore, with a dreamy look on her face. Vicky, restless, cannot hide her tension in small talk; nudity reveals everything. It is hard to prevaricate when your whole body is exposed for others to read. Her face shows resignation, and just a touch of pride. I fear she will lose that little smidgeon of pride before the day is over. Yukiko glides around the house, relaxed but she is not immune to the building tension. Small talk can only get you so far.


Lunch is a repeat of yesterdays. Vicky is not allowed any alcohol, but all of us drink freely. After lunch Vicky gets her final instructions and goes downstairs to get everything ready for her final torture and markings. We lounge around the table, over coffee or espresso.


Finally, we walk down to the dungeon. She has lit candles around the large room. That personal touch was not in the orders given her. The candles give the dungeon a romantic, dreamy appearance. My eyes are drawn towards the brazier by the fireplace. The coals are burning merrily, while Vicky, hands shaking, places the irons inside them. She will be strapped to the torture table, much like Candy yesterday. I look at the instruments she set up: A crop, a bullwhip, and two large rubber strap on dildos for Yukiko and me; they are 8 or 9 inch long, one and a half inches at the tip, flaring to three inches by two thirds of their length. I was afraid she would have picked one of yesterday’s monsters, but sanity prevailed, tiny rubber studs protrude from the shafts, but these should not cause any permanent damage.


Vicky stands and looks at us. She is ready. I cannot help but admire her figure and her valor. I don’t think I could endure what any of these women have, nor could I stand so proudly, knowing what is to come. Nevertheless, warmth and moisture in my nether regions let me know what my real feelings are.


Simon approaches her. “Are you ready?”


“I am” she responds.


He straps her on the wheel, facing the wall, her legs open; she forms an X inside the wooden circle. Yukiko takes the crop first and, unbidden, starts on her shoulders and upper back. Vicky reacts stoically to this first lashes, barely grunting. I thought for a moment that Yukiko is sparing her, but the wheals rising across Vickie’s back show the strength of the strokes. After twenty strokes, Simon says “Hold”. Yukiko hands the crop to Candy.


Her targets are her gorgeous ass globes, but she doesn’t hit them hard. The first scream this evening comes not from Vicky, but from Candy, as Simon slashes her cruelly with the bullwhip; Robert follows suit, and Vicky gets the message. She now slashes at Vickie’s buns with gusto, and Vicky yelps more loudly now. I see that her lower back is off limits, to allow the marks to go on intact skin. Vicky regains her control for the last cuts of the crop, and loud grunts follow Candy’s slashes. Then at Simon’s word, she is done.


My turn; I will thrash her lovely alabaster thighs, now glistening with her sweat. Simon nods at me, and I, afraid of the bullwhip, start to lash Vickie’s thighs. Either I am hitting her harder, or she is more sensitive, or she’s had enough, but screams follow my strokes. She now thrashes in the wheel, throwing her body this way and that. Her bound wrists and ankles however limit her motion, and her efforts only make her writhe seductively. I see Robert’s erection tenting her silk lounge pants. Finally I am done.


The boys will not whip her back, I see. They are both hard, and they will not wait any longer. Robert sets a small stepstool behind Vicky and without further ado, spreads her cheeks and enters her ass in one fluid motion. She throws her head back and screams, once, twice; then she just grunts as he thrusts and, hanging from her wrists, she tries to push back at him, to get into a rhythm with him. Simon motions to me, and points to the floor in front of him. I kneel, free his member with my hands and take him in my mouth. I realize he is not planning to come in me; he just wants some action while waiting for Robert to be done.


As soon as Robert announces his release with a gasp and a grunt, he pulls out, and so does Simon, who takes his place in Vickie’s ass. Like a good sport, she thrusts back at him, and he is soon done. When he pulls out, he points at Candy and gestures towards Vicky. Candy kneels behind Vicky and sucks her ass, to collect all of the jism that the boys deposited there.


It is now Yukiko’s turn. She attaches her dildo and stands behind Vicky. Her rubber intruder probing her hole. I see her lips part “I’m sorry” she says, as her hips thrust, and I see Vickie’s body shudder, I hear her gasps of pain, and I see Yukiko’s hands, wrapped around Vickie’s bosom, as she fucks her ass, with vigor. It takes a long time; despite herself, Yukiko gets excited, and even comes, and then, as Yukiko screams her release, Simon touches her on the shoulder with the folded whip; it is enough.


My turn now. I am crying. I cannot do it. I see the rubber dick sticking out of my pussy; I place it at the ravaged entrance to Vickie’s ass. She tries, valiantly, to encourage me, she thrusts her ass at me, opening her cheeks, as if to encourage me; but I can’t do it. I can’t, until two violent lashes of the bullwhip fall on my back, and then I thrust, and thrust, and thrust again. Not until I establish a suitable rhythm do the whips stop falling. After an eternity, the signal to stop.


“Now for part two” Simon says, to no one in particular.


He unties Vicky, who can barely stand, and turns her around. She gets fastened again to the wheel, her front now exposed. Simon puts a pair of safety glasses on her. I realize now they will use the bullwhip on her.


And they do. Simon goes first, lashing Vickie’s tender belly until it is a spider web of red wheals. Vicky contains herself, mostly, and only a litany of yelps and gasps comes out of her. Then Robert takes his turn, lashing at her breasts. As the tip of the lash flicks her sensitive nipple, she breaks down and starts screaming, and writhing in pain. Robert does not stop until both of her breasts are as red lined as her belly. He then stops.


Yukiko gives her some water, and Candy brings the brazier over. Robert removes her glasses, and fastens her waist to the center of the wheel with a wide leather belt, cinched tight. She will not be able to move at all.


Candy stands besides her, smelling salts at the ready.


“Shall we continue love?” He asks her.


It takes a while before she answers; I see the swallowing motion on her neck. “Yes” she whispers.


Simon picks up the first iron. The small capital S glows white. Vickie’s eyes the white hot iron wildly. As we look upon it, the color changes to a bright red, so bright it is almost yellow. In a swift movement, it comes down on the left side of her mound. Smoke curls up from her mons, as her head bangs against one of the spokes of the wheel. The noise that comes out of her throat cannot be described as a scream. It is an inhuman screech, out of another era. She continues to scream as the iron pulls out, A black S left behind.


Her face is a mask of shock, her mouth open, gasping for air. Her face is covered by a patina of sweat, her hair is wet, her eyes, wild, she looks at the brazier where three more irons sit, white hot, among the coals. Her head swings from side to side as Simon picks up the small R.


I close my eyes, and only her scream, and the smell of burnt flesh informs me of the deed. I open my eyes to see the iron, digging deep into the right side of her mons. The smoke twirls up from her skin. She faints as the iron pulls out, and Candy, ready with her smelling salts revives her. Yukiko gives her cold water, as Simon frees her again from the wheel.


Candy on one side, and me on the other, we support her. Her arms over our shoulders, I feel her cold sweat.


Her head shakes from side to side. Will she go through with this? I cannot believe she will. If she is asked, I am sure she will balk at the next branding. But they will not; they cannot ask it of her. Surely they will just proceed.


Time passes slowly. Vicky is able to stand now. Robert approaches her.


She speaks: “Please …” she cannot say more.


He says it for her: “Will you wear his initials only, and not mine?”


I cannot believe my ears. How can he be so cruel? I just stand there, amazed.


“No, no” Vicky pleads; her words barely audible.


“What do you want me to do?” Robert asks.


“Mark me” she whispers “Mark my back” Her voice is louder now. “Burn your name on my flesh” She has recovered her nerve. I would cheer her, if I dared; since I don’t, I kissed her face.


She moves towards the wheel, stands on the step stool facing the wall and, with an effort of will, that cannot be imagined, stretches her arms towards the leather manacles hanging from the rim. I fasten them on her wrists. “Make them tight” she tells me. “I don’t want to fall” Tears welling in my eyes, I cannot answer. She steps off the stool, hanging from her wrists, and opens her legs, thrusting her ankles towards the leather shackles. Candy and I fasten them on her. Vicky rests her head against the wooden spoke. Simon fastens the thick leather strap on her waist again.


Vicky hangs there, her gorgeous back exposed. The dimples, on both sides of her spine, right above her ass cheeks. I have never seen anything so beautiful. Robert picks up the first iron. The large capital R, glowing white red. Vicky cannot see it coming this time. Is it more cruel this way? Or more merciful? I can’t say. My eyes are glued to the iron, as it approaches the defenseless flesh. The sizzle, the scream, and the smoke, follow each other in a well rehearsed cadence. I feel dizzy, tremble, but I steady myself on the rim of the wheel. I do not fall down. Vicky is still screaming, I am crying and so is Yukiko. Candy caresses Vickie’s neck and says nothing.


The large S follows. It is an anticlimax of sorts. Vicky faints again and is revived again, and then, it is over.







CH 15

CH 15



Finally, Thanksgiving Day arrives. Robert and I drive to the house, to find Vicky, Simon and Crystal already there. I look at Robert, intrigued. He guesses my question.


Crystal spent the last few days with Simon” He says. “We wanted Yukiko alone, for the whole week. She must also drive herself up here. She does not know what she is to face, only that it will be extreme and, quite possibly, terminal”


I shudder. I started all of this, it was my idea; if Yukiko dies it will be my fault.


Robert walks into the house to chat with Simon. Vicky and I take the luggage in. Crystal can’t help, as she is kneeling in front of Simon, his cock deeply inserted in her mouth. I can see it bulging in her throat as she deep-throats him. The boys do not carry their luggage in the house anymore. Inside the house, we are slaves at all times now. Robert gestures to Vicky and she gets him a beer, then she helps me unpack.


By the time we are done the boys have moved out to the hot tub. Crystal, nude, brings them beer; each one of them has a riding crop handy, to encourage her to be speedy. While they soak, talk and drink, she kneels on the deck by the tub, submissively. We undress and get started with dinner.


Yukiko is not here yet; I wonder if she is having second thoughts. She is deeply masochistic but some of the things they have done to us, with our full consent, are quite extreme. What used to be my clit is still sore where it was burned off. I sigh deeply as I remember my last orgasm, just before I lost my pleasure nub, and with it, the capacity to orgasm.


“Why that sigh?” Vicky asks me.


“I was thinking about what we have had done to us, what we have become” I answer.


Thinking about what I have endured; what we have endured for our master’s pleasure gets me horny. I feel the tension in my gut and the pressure in my loins. I also know that the tension and pressure will not be relieved; will only grow, heavier and heavier during this weekend.


I hear wheels in the driveway. Yukiko is here. Busy we do not go out to receive her. She enters, gorgeous in a mini black dress, with high heels and carrying only a very small overnight bag. She knows she will not need clothes this weekend; she might never again need them, I think to myself.


She comes into the kitchen, drops her bag and strips, before kissing us. Then she goes out on the deck for instructions. Robert has stepped out of the hot tub and is peeing into Crystal’s wide open mouth while she kneels. She is an expert and swallows all of it, not spilling a drop. Robert gets back in the tub and gestures at us to join them. We do so.

Yukiko, Vicky and I kneel around the hot tub. Crystal, once she is done, kneels too. We kneel with our knees spread and our legs wide open. I can see Vicky’s rings, closing her entrance, and they can see the burn, still raw, where my clitoris used to be. It is cold in November around the hot tub, despite the gas heaters. I shudder, but not from the cold.


Finally, Robert speaks “Yukiko: Are you ready for your ordeal?”


“I am” she responds, a quiver in her voice.


He continues. ”Good. We have decided to crucify you; with nails”


I feel faint. I see Yukiko’s involuntary gasp, and Crystal and Vicky pale visibly at the sound. After the faintest pause, to let us take it in, he goes on.  


“We have made some changes to the cross downstairs that will make this more… interesting. You must get ready. You must go to the dungeon bathroom and give yourself three enemas. The first will be a quart of really hot water; the second two quarts. For the third, fill the enema bag with three quarts of the hottest water, and add half a bottle of Sriracha to it. As soon as it is in, plug yourself with the butt plug you will find on the shelf. After that is done, come back here’


“Is any one of the girls going to come and help me?” Yukiko asks hopefully.


“No” Simon answers now “You will prepare your body, as well as all the instruments of torture yourself. Now go”


Yukiko stands and turns, without a sound. With a wave of his hand, Simon dismisses us back to the kitchen. He sits on the edge of the hot tub and feeds his hard on to Crystal who, despite her despair at the imminent loss of her erstwhile lover, eats it greedily. He leans back on his hands and thrusts into Crystal’s throat. I admire her control as he, ready to climax, grasps her head behind her neck, and pulls her on his shaft, until he is buried to the hilt, choking her. Submissive, even as she suffocates, she embraces his ass with her hands, and holding one hand with the other, hangs there until Simon is completely spent and he pushes her away. She did not need to swallow; he was so deep in her. She takes a breath and cleans him up. Slowly, he slides back into the tub and kisses her.


In the kitchen, we continue working. To our dismay, we can hear the sounds coming from the basement. Yukiko is whimpering as she gives herself the enemas. Her whimpers become really high pitched, and we guess it is the third enema, three quarts and half a bottle of Sriracha. A higher pitched squeal, almost a scream signals the butt plug going in. Soon, Yukiko walks painfully up the stairs. Her distended abdomen must be cramping terribly, because every few steps, she bends over, and can only stand by holding on to the railing. She looks at us, desperate, her skin covered with sweat. We approach her, Vicky and me, and we kiss her on her lips. I can smell her fear. We say nothing. What can we say?


Yukiko struggles to the tub and kneels. She makes an effort to keep still but the cramps that rack her guts make her whole body shake. After a few minutes, her guts calm down some, enough at least for her to regain a measure of control, and she manages to kneel prettily, her distended abdomen thrust forward, her hands, palms up, open on her knees, and her shaved pussy gaping slightly, with the barest soupçon of moisture visible.


We approach the tub again and, unbidden, we kneel. Simon speaks.


“You will go to the dungeon, prepare and light the coals. Take the two irons with my initials and Robert’s; when they are red hot, you can come and get us. You will be able to expel your enema once we come down to watch you.”

“After you are done and clean, your torture will start. We have selected the studded dildoes for Crystal and Candy to use on you, but you will have to strap them on for them. They will fuck your ass and pussy, until blood flows freely. Once they are done, we will show you the cross, and you will lie on it. Then we will nail you to it. That’s all you have to do. It’s that simple. After you are nailed to the cross, we will lift it up, and mark your mons with the irons. You can then hang there for the remainder of the weekend. There is nothing more you need to do; the girls will take care of our pleasure after you are hung. We will have Thanksgiving dinner in the basement. You will serve as decoration.”


I am speechless, we all are. Crystal cannot contain herself and starts crying. Her body shakes with her sobs. Yukiko, surprisingly, is the most serene of us. Either she expected this or, more likely, the cramping or burning from her enema is so painful that she can think of nothing else.


Yukiko reaches out and caresses Crystal’s face with her hand. A tender gesture, as her lips whisper: ‘It’s all right”


She painfully struggles to her feet, and makes her way to the dungeon. We remain there, kneeling until, with a slap to our asses, the boys send us back to the kitchen. Crystal gets back in the tub where Robert demands her attention. She sucks him to full length. He then sits on the tub, facing the kitchen, and in a single painful motion, enters her ass. Crystal cries out in pain; she then proceeds to move up and down on his shaft. I cannot continue to watch this scene; I must see to dinner.


The fixings get done, the cranberry sauce is served; the turkey, stuffed and basted is in the oven, when Yukiko struggles up the stairs. It is time.


“The irons are ready” She tells the boys.


They get out of the tub, and head to their rooms to get dressed for the event. Crystal and Yukiko kneel in the kitchen, waiting for them. We join them. Yukiko’s body is racked by spasms from her enema as her colon fights the unyielding butt plug; even so, she kneels bravely, her thighs wide open, her back straight, and her hands, palms upwards, resting on her knees.


Soon the boys are back from their rooms. They wear crimson silk boxers, over silk robes of the same color. We follow them downstairs.


The dungeon is quite warm from the brazier. The exhaust fan hums in the background. The cross lies on the floor, covered by a tarp. The torture rack is next to it. The dildoes, two wooden shafts, hobnailed, are fully 14 inches long. I’ve felt them in me, and know what they can do, if wielded by a cruel master; or if wielded by a weak slave, goaded on by her master’s whip, as will happen soon.


In front of us, Yukiko presents her gorgeous ass to Robert, who pulls out the butt plug. A muffled whimper is all she says, as she squats over the toilet and expels the enema. I can see the relief on her face as her cramps subside. She then cleans and dries herself.


Crystal and I cannot hold back our tears as Yukiko kisses us both tenderly.


“Do not try to hold back” she says “It will be worse for you if you do and I do not want you to suffer needlessly on my behalf. I love you both”


She kneels in front of me and straps my dildo on, then does the same for her former lover. She looks up at Robert who, with his whip, points to the rack. She lies back on it, and Simon straps her down. Her arms tied to the legs of the rack, her legs spread eagled and painfully bent back at the hips. She looks so beautiful, tied down there, a willing victim, her eyes closed,  her breath, even and relaxed, as she prepares herself for her ordeal.


Simon approaches her and asks “Before Candy and Crystal ravage your pussy and ass, I want to whip your breasts. I want to thrash them, until they bleed. You may refuse to allow this. We will understand if you do. Do you wish to refuse?”


Yukiko doesn’t open her eyes. She exhales. I wish to tell her to refuse; to tell her that what they have planned for her is enough; hell, more than enough; but I stay silent.


“Whip my breasts instead” Crystal blurts out, but she is ignored.


“I am yours” Yukiko says calmly, her eyes open and looking straight at Simon. “If you wish to ravage my breasts, I beg that you do not hold anything back. Shred them to pieces, if that will please you. Please ignore my screams, and do as you wish to me”


In the silence of the dungeon, only Crystal’s sobbing can be heard. Simon stands at the right side of Yukiko and picks up a whip. It is a single tail, mid size horsewhip. He throws it back, and lashes out at Yukiko’s chest. She cannot control her scream, and an angry red stripe flowers across the top of her boobs. A second cut follows, but now Yukiko only whimpers. Lash follows lash, as Simon gets into a rhythm. Yukiko screams every now and then, but mostly controls herself, as if she is saving her energy for the later festivities. Her breasts are now red mounds of flesh, but still no blood. Simon takes pity on her, and switches to a crueler instrument. A three tailed short whip, of braided leather. On its tails, shiny fragments of glass are embedded. This will get blood, faster than the other instrument, and will make the torture shorter.

Yukiko’s eyes are still closed, as Robert says loudly “This one will cut you now”


She nods and remains silent.


The first lash falls on her breasts. Yukiko screams, as a red snake, speckled with crimson crosses her breasts. Simon lashes her viciously and soon her breasts are covered with blood. He is done. He kisses her breasts and licks her blood. Robert also kisses and licks her shattered mammaries. I can see their lips whispering in her ears “Thank you”


Robert points to me, and I take my place between Yukiko’s legs. The tip of my dildo caresses the lips that I will shred in a few moments. I shudder as Simon and Robert approach me with the whips. I brace myself on her thighs, and look at Simon. A few seconds pass. They wait for me to start, but I cannot. I ask for the whip. I hope to find in it absolution for what I am about to do.


“Please whip me; whip me hard” I ask in a whisper. Simon nods, and I brace myself as they both start. They start on my back, and I thrust, hard. I look down and see that I have entered Yukiko’s love tunnel fully. I pull back, as Simon whips my front. He is still using the glass studded whip, and he gets blood from my belly on the first strike. I look down and notice Yukiko’s blood on the dildo. I thrust again, pulling on her thighs, and pull out again. I finally get a rhythm going, as the whips fall on my body, front, back, both at the same time. I scream, and so does Yukiko. My blood flows, on to her belly. Her blood splashes me with each thrust. I do not know how long this lasts. I do not realize when the lashes stop falling, and I keep thrusting, ripping and tearing into my friend. After a while, Simon stops me. “Enough” he says.


Yukiko has passed out under the torture, but she soon recovers. My breasts, chest and belly are covered with blood. My thighs are also covered with blood, although that one is not mine. I see the dildo, covered in gore, jutting obscenely from my pelvis. Vicky kneels in front of me and, with her tongue, licks it clean.


Simon unties Yukiko, who can barely stand. Robert gives her a small drink of juice, which she gulps down greedily; then, unbidden, she bends over the rack, offering her sweet ass. Her beautiful face lies on the surface of the rack, turned to the left, she watches Vicky as she cleans her blood off the dildo. Her eyes meet mine. She smiles at me, then closes her eyes again.


It is Crystal’s turn. Her dildo is no shorter than mine, although it is fractionally thinner. She lays the tip at her anus, which is still covered with blood. I wonder if the blood will serve as a lubricant. Robert lifts his whip, offering, but Crystal shakes her head. She grabs Yukiko’s thighs with her hands. “I’m so sorry” she whimpers; then she thrusts. I close my eyes, but to no avail. Yukiko’s scream, pierces my heart. I feel about to faint, and would have, had Vicky not held me up. Crystal pulls back, and thrusts again, and again. Yukiko only stops her screaming to take in breath. After 4 or five thrusts, Crystal stops.


“I can’t” she says.


She has to be whipped to continue, but I see that only Robert is whipping her. Simon has put his instrument aside and comes to me. I see his erection, and kneel to take him in my mouth, but he turns me around, has me go down on all fours, so I can continue to watch, and enters my rear. I feel him, back there, where it is always painful, for me, and so pleasant for him. But today, I cannot even whimper, as I see Crystal destroying Yukiko’s ass. As he moves, I wonder if sometime soon, I will be the one strapped to that rack, and my ass will be the one to be shredded by a dildo. Somehow, the image of me, writhing in pain under such an invasion, prior to some unmentionable, unthinkable torture, does not fill me with horror, as it should have; I feel instead a glow, a golden glow of hope. Hope that I too will be found worthy, worthy to serve, worthy to be used. And then, it is over. Crystal stops and Simon pulls out of my ass, without coming in me. I almost feel cheated, as I turn over to lick him clean.


Yukiko did not pass out this time. Her ass cheeks are covered with blood. Her body shakes, her eyes, open and wild, as she gasps for breath. Vicky caresses her face, tries to comfort her, as best she can.


Crystal, on her knees, cannot tear her eyes off her blood covered dildo. Her head shakes, as she cries. She looks up at Yukiko’s ass, unrecognizable after her assault. This time it is I who approaches, on all fours, and licks her dildo clean and then remove it from her waist. I kiss her tear streaked face as we both stand up, supporting each other.


Vicky serves the boys a glass of Scotch apiece, as we all let Yukiko recover. Soon, she regains her composure and looks up at us, a weak smile on her lips. Simon unties her, gathers her in his arms and lays her down on the couch. He kisses her lips, and gives her some more juice.


Time passes slowly. We remove the rack, and lay a table for Thanksgiving. There are only 5 place settings on the table. Crystal will take the head of the table. We wonder at this, but Simon explains:


“So she can see Yukiko hanging on the cross more easily”


Simon will be to her right, Robert to her left, with Vicky and me at our master’s side.

The boys, finish their drinks, but make no motion to proceed. Crystal, Vicky and I wonder what’s up, until Yukiko, nude on the couch, struggles up to a sitting position. I can see her wince of pain as she sits on her shattered pussy and ass. After a moment she speaks.


“I guess it is time” Her voice is weak, no more than a whisper. “You have all been wonderful friends. I am sorry to leave you, but not sorry that you are doing this.” She looks at the boys. “Please, do it to me now, before I lose my nerve…Please.”


Robert and I help her to her feet; she can barely stand. Simon removes the tarp and Yukiko shudders under my arm at the sight of the cross.


“How long do you think I can last?” She asks weakly.


“You should last at least until Saturday, maybe even Sunday, if we keep you hydrated” Robert says matter of factly.


Yukiko gasps at this, and starts trembling. Her lower lip quivers as she tries to hold back her tears.


We stand at the base of the cross. Simon shows Yukiko a curved horn like device, with a large, conical end to it.


“The cornu” he explains. “It will support your weight, a little, so you can last longer. You get a choice; you can put it in your ass, or in your pussy. Either way, it will be quite painful”


He then shows her the nails. These are quite ordinary nails. They are long, 5 inches long, but not as thick as I thought they’d be. Yukiko holds on to me, trembling. I feel she is about to back out of this, that, if she could, she would run away. She however, says nothing. When instructed, she lies down on the cross and unbidden stretches her arms on the cross beam. The boys are sporting huge erections, as they get everything ready. I feel cold inside, a freezing cold at the pit of my stomach. I kneel beside Yukiko. I do not know what to do, how to comfort her, so I just caress her face. I look into her beautiful almond shaped eyes, and she looks back at me. Her face is serene, accepting; there is no longer any hint of a smile in her face, I sense only fear. I lay my hand on her left breast, I feel her heart fluttering under my palm, and I can’t tell how fast it is going. One hundred? One hundred and fifty? How fast can a human heart beat?


Simon ties her arms to the cross beam. He picks up the hammer and a long nail. He searches for the right spot on her left palm.


“The rope on your arm will carry most of your weight” He informs her. “The nail will just provide the pain” He seems to take a sadistic pleasure in informing Yukiko of the process.


As Simon locates the right spot, Yukiko finally loses control and, with a whimper, releases a steady stream of urine. Her humiliation is now complete.


“Hold it!” Robert interrupts. “Let me fuck her while you drive the nail in”


As he says this he positions himself between her legs, and roughly enteres her ravaged pussy. Yukiko only whimpers weakly as he enters her. Her eyes then go to Simon, who now holds the nail against her tender palm, the hammer in the air, ready to strike. Yukiko’s eyes are wild. The scent of her fear mixes with the smell of her urine. I glance at the others for a fraction of a second. Simon, his arm, holding the hammer up, waiting for a signal from Robert. Crystal and Vicky have their eyes riveted on Yukiko’s hand, and I too, can’t tear my gaze away.

I do not see Robert’s sign; I just see the hammer striking the nail, the sharp head of the nail dimpling the soft skin of my friend’s palm for a brief second, before it enteres her hand. Her deafening scream, right beside my head reverberates in my skull. I feel her body under Robert, who now joins his thrusting to her thrashing. More hammer blows are needed to drive the nail through the unresisting tissue and into the wood of the crossbeam. Yukiko screams and thrashes throughout the process. To my surprise, there is very little blood, the nail effectively sealing the wound. Finally, the nail is in. I notice then a thick leather washer under the nail’s head. When the washer is flush with her palm, Simon stops. I can see Yukiko’s fingers trembling, grasping at the thin air, or at the spike that so cruelly perforates her palm.


It takes a few minutes for Yukiko to stop screaming. By then, Robert has come already and pulled out of her. Simon takes his place.


“I will fuck your ass while Robert nails your right hand” Simon says as he pulls Yukiko’s legs over his shoulders.


Without further ado, he shoves his dick roughly up Yukiko’s much abused ass. She barely whimpers. Robert meanwhile selects the right spot on Yukiko’s right palm. All eyes are now riveted on her right hand. We have to wait until Simon is ready. It does not take him long, he was so excited already. Robert hammers the nail, and Yukiko screams, and the nail goes in; and the hammer falls, and Yukiko continues screaming, and then, it is done. Yukiko screams for a long time; long after Simon has released his load in her rectum. We have to hold her legs down, she is thrashing so much.


After a long time, Yukiko calms down, or perhaps she is just too worn out to fight anymore. Regardless, she stops thrashing and just lies on the cross, panting, her eyes wild, her hair soaked with sweat stuck to her face. On her body, her sweat mixes with her blood. I shudder, thinking of the pain that the salty sweat would cause on her whipped lacerated tits, and then realized that she is probably in so much pain from her hands that she does not even feel it.


The boys pick up the last nail. This one is longer and thicker than the ones they used on her hands. It must be at least 8 inches long. It also has a leather washer by its head.

Crystal, Vicky and me kneel besides Yukiko’s tortured body, and try to comfort her. The boys fumble about with her feet, until they have them in the position they want. The left one will go flat on the wood, the right one over it, and the nail through both. They explain this to Yukiko, since it will be easier if she cooperates.


The feet will be the most horrible part of the nailing. The thigh muscles are the strongest muscles of the body. Even a strong man like Robert or Simon will not be able to hold both legs in position to nail her feet. It would have been easier to do each foot separately, but apparently they want the sight of her pussy gaping open as her knees fall to the sides, with her feet nailed one on top of the other. Perhaps they might do this if we helped them, but that would be too much to ask of us, and wisely, they do not ask us to do this.


Thus, they decide to tie the left foot firmly to the cross. Tied with rope around her ankle, and around the base of the toes, the foot is completely immobilized. Yukiko cooperates, not trying to move her leg, as her foot is tied into place, the sole firmly in contact with the cross. Then they place her right foot on a wooden block, which has a hole in the center. Simon will hold her ankle, and Robert will drive the nail in. They explain to Yukiko, and to us, that they do not expect that Yukiko can hold her foot still. Probably after each stroke of the hammer, they will have to wait for Yukiko to calm down and let them replace the foot on the wooden block. When the nail has gone through the foot, and into the hole, they will place the right foot over the left, tie it to the left calf, to keep it from moving too much, and drive the nail finally home.


We can’t believe this! It is too unreal, to expect this degree of cooperation from Yukiko. To our surprise, she surrenders to the inevitable.


“I will help you as much as I can.” She whispers.


I gaze at her. Haggard, soaked in sweat and blood, her nude body firmly attached to the cross beam by the cruel nails on her palms, she is so beautiful in her suffering. Against my wishes, the sight of her tortured body, her arms stretched out, her armpits exposed obscenely, is turning me on. I begin to understand why the boys are doing this. I caresse her face, her neck, I kiss her armpits, lick her breasts, the whip marks, and the lacerations. I work my way down to her belly. I expect to be interrupted at any minute, but the boys let me do. As I reach her pussy, I can smell her urine, mixed with the musky smell of her sex, the metallic smell of blood, and the smell of semen. I lick all of this up. Despite her pain, she responds slightly to my lips and tongue on her clitoris. Damm! I am hot. My moisture feels cool in the air of the dungeon. I look up. I need to be fucked. Even if I do not come, I need someone to fuck me.


“Someone, please fuck me” I ask.


Simon answers my plea: “Crystal, get one of those dildos on and fuck her”


Crystal looks at me, shocked. I don’t care. If someone does not fuck me soon, I feel like my cunt will explode. Even if I can’t come; it does not matter to me.


“Do it goddamm it!” I scream.


With Vickie’s help, Crystal soon has the dildo on. I lie back on the dungeon floor and spread my legs wide. I gasp in pain as it enters me, ripping me apart, but I respond to her thrusts with thrusts of my own. I fold my legs over her shoulders, to let her enter me deeper. The spikes of the dildo rip my insides. My blood joins my love juice to lubricate the intruder. “Harder, harder” I ask. “Deeper, fuck me deeper” I demand, until spent, Crystal stops, and pulls out of me. I can feel my gaping hole bleeding, as, on all fours, I turn on Crystal and with my mouth and tongue clean my blood and juice from the spiked wooden phallus.


It is time to finally do Yukiko’s feet. I sit by her face, lost in her eyes, blood dripping out of my pussy. With Simon’s guidance, Yukiko rests her foot on the block. Her breath coming in short gasps, she closes her eyes tightly. Simon holds her foot down by the ankle, and Robert holds the spike over the chosen spot.


Bang! The hammer hits the nail, and drives it about a half inch into her instep. Screaming, unable to control herself Yukiko kicks out with her leg, her ankle escaping Simon’s hands. As she screams, Simon grasps her leg again, but has to wait for her to calm down to replace the foot on the block. Whimpering Yukiko awaits the next blow of the hammer. Again she can not control her leg, but this time, Simon manages to hold on to it. The nail is now almost an inch in. She again places the foot over the block. Robert takes a massive swing this time, and Yukiko screames even louder, but at last, the spike goes through her foot, and about a half inch protrudes from her sole.


Yukiko calms down, only a few minutes this time; they tie the right foot in position. The first blow of the hammer drives the nail about half an inch into the instep of the left but, unable to control herself, Yukiko pulls it out. To our amazement, she lets Simon maneuver the foot and the nail into the hole, despite the horrible pain she be suffering. The second blow of the hammer drives the nail deep enough into the left foot that it remains attached. Now, ignoring her screams, Robert hammers the nail until the leather washer is flush with her instep. It is done. Yukiko is now nailed.


Again we wait for Yukiko to calm down. It takes a while. When she finally gets herself under control, Robert and Simon raise the cross. Yukiko screams again, and again, as her hands and feet take their share of the weight of her body. After a while, she stops screaming. I do not know if she is able to control her pain, or she just needs to catch her breath. For a while she just hangs there, a living decoration, an expressionist sculpture. Simon and Robert then affix the cornu to the cross, pushing her ass obscenely forward. Eventually, they explain, as she pulls herself up to breathe, she will have no choice but to impale herself on the fat cone at the tip. She will be able to choose which hole to use though.


It is now time for the branding. Vicky brings the brazier with the irons. The irons are still white hot. She sets the coals in front of the cross. Yukiko looks at them, but doesn’t react. There is a limit to how much pain a human being can endure, and when the limit is reached, the pain shuts off. At least I hope that is the case, for Yukiko’s sake.


Robert goes first. In one fluid motion he takes the red hot iron and thrusts it into the left side of Yukiko’s naked mons. Her shrill scream lets me know that no, there is no limit to the suffering that must be endured, or if there is, Yukiko hasn’t reached it yet. The smell of burnt girl flesh wafts through the room. Simon takes his iron and marks her on the right side. A second scream tears the air. Then it is over. As the boys said earlier, Yukiko does not need to do anything more; just hang there.


We will leave her now, to her suffering. For a little while at least she must suffer alone. We all go to change for dinner. We are all stained with sweat and blood. Some of us more than others. I think my pussy has stopped bleeding.


The girls and I shower rapidly, and dress with red mini dresses very high stiletto red pumps and red silk ribbons on our hair. We are wearing no underwear, in case the boys want to use us. I’m pretty certain they will. We have to hurry. We need to get all of dinner down to the basement table before the boys get down. In our hurry to get everything ready, I’m sorry to say, we ignore Yukiko hanging on her cross. We do hear her whimpers but we have no time for her now.


Everything is ready on time. The turkey, the trimmings, everything is ready. We wait for the boys to come down, which they eventually do, and we sit down at the table. It could be any Thanksgiving dinner, except for the unusual decoration writhing and whimpering at the end of the room. The boys eat with a hearty appetite, which we cannot match, I’m afraid. We just nibble at the food. We would love to drink deeply of the wine, to numb our minds, but we are only allowed half a glass apiece.


Crystal, at the end of the table, cannot tear her eyes from her lover, writhing, beginning to struggle for breath, I cannot either but, despite myself, I am getting aroused once more. The sight of Yukiko hanging, her breasts, flattened by her position, her armpits sticking out, and her pelvis thrust forward by the cornu conspire to get me going again. It doesn’t help that I wasn’t able to come when Crystal ravaged my pussy with the dildo. Reluctantly I tear my eyes from the sight of my crucified friend. The boys are talking about football.


I look at Vicky across from me. I wish I could tell her what I feel, but here, in front of the boys, I am afraid to. She looks back at me. She understands. She gets up, and starts clearing the table, she motions for me to help her. Crystal is also about to get up but Simon tells her to stay.


“You don’t want to miss anything; Do you?” He tells her.


I help Vicky get the table cleared, and in the kitchen I can finally talk to her.


“I can’t help it” I say “The sight of Yukiko crucified is turning me on again. It is terrible. I cannot help it”


She looks at me with a wise expression “That can happen. What is it that turns you on? Would you like to be wielding the hammer or the whip? Or would you like to be hanging there, instead of her?”


I think for a second or two “I couldn’t take it, the nails. I think… I guess I would do it if Simon asked me. I think…. I just don’t know”


“What about you?” I ask “What are you feeling? Would you do it if Robert asked you?”


She gives me a strange look, sighs, and returns to the basement, carrying the carrot cake. I grab the scotch and the bucket of ice and follow her.


In the basement everything is as we left it. Yukiko still writhes on the cross, the boys continue to talk about football, and Crystal still is crying softly. We serve dessert, and after the boys eat it and we play with it, we move to the sofa. The boys sit on their easy chairs, where they can see us three, sitting on the sofa, and Yukiko hanging on her cross. She is barely moving now. Any movement must cause her unbearable pain, so she just pulls herself up to breathe, and then hangs down. She has not availed herself of the cornu yet. As we sit on the sofa I realize the boys have a great view of our pussies. We pretend to carry on a conversation, but it is only the boys who can keep up their side of it. Just imagine, three women at a loss for words!


I am afraid. I fear that Simon will ask me about my feelings. I realize now that I have exposed much more of them than I would have wanted, when I asked to be fucked, even by the spiked dildo. Simon looks at me with a sly smile on his face, almost a smirk. I am in panic. If he asks me about it, I will have no choice but to tell him everything. I know how he likes to interrogate me. Nude, kneeling in front of him, my legs wide open, my hands palms up on my thighs, looking at him straight in the eye. I cannot lie in this position. No woman can. I know it, he knows it. I fear he will question me, so I try to talk about something, anything; he knows what I am trying to do. It pleases him to let me chatter about anything. Crystal looks at me astonished, Vicky with understanding.


The boys yawn. “Time for bed” says Simon getting up.


Vicky gives Yukiko a large glass of juice, and then she presses her mouth to her pussy and drinks her urine. “We don’t want her to make a mess on the floor again” says Robert. After she is done, she goes up to the kitchen. She will sleep there tonight, so she can water Yukiko again in the morning, and drink her water again.


Yukiko whimpers at the prospect of being left alone during the night. I understand her well. It is one thing to suffer pain for your master; the sight of him enjoying it, makes it worthwhile. It is something totally different to suffer alone, away from his presence. The only redeeming factor being that he knows that you are suffering, but you are away from his presence. It is not for us to decide. As we leave, Simon turns the light off. Yukiko will struggle, alone, and in the dark.





Ch 16

Ch 16

The Weekend




I wish I got to sleep with Simon. Despite everything that has happened, I still think of him as my master, although perhaps I should just think of myself as his property. It does not happen that way. Simon wants Crystal tonight, and Robert agrees to take me instead.



Generally I prefer to be fucked in the pussy. My ass is too sensitive and hurts a lot. Simon likes to fuck my ass, but he doesn’t do it too often, so that I don’t get too stretched out back there. Robert however cannot access his slave’s pussy, so he prefers to fuck you in the front. Of course, today, my pussy is shredded by Crystal’s dildo. I have to bite a pillow to keep from screaming in pain when Robert fucks me, and he does it hard, before going to sleep. He wakes up two more times during the night, he just shakes me up, sets me on all fours and does me, hard. The third time it takes him a long time to come and I see the sky turning lighter with the coming dawn.


He rolls off and drifts off to sleep again. I am bleeding again from my pussy, but it isn’t too bad. I lie back and think. The thought of Simon reaming Crystal’s ass gets me jealous for a moment, but it passes. I dwell on yesterday’s events again. I must tell Simon soon. If I tell him, I can choose the moment; if I don’t he will ask me, at the most inappropriate time. Finally, as the sun rises, I think of Yukiko. I jump off the bed, I want to run down to the basement to see how she is doing, but I know full well that I cannot leave the room until I am clean and presentable.


This means showering, douching with cold water, and doing my eyes and hair. After all of this is completed, I put on yesterday’s pumps, which really hurt as soon as you stand on them, and walk out to the kitchen. There were no instructions yesterday as far as how to dress, and that means no clothes. Nude I walk into the kitchen and notice the coffee brewing. Vicky must have started it. I check the coffee maker. It will take about five minutes for the coffee to finish brewing. I can go down to the basement and check on Yukiko for five minutes. I run down and find Vicky, also nude, emptying Yukiko’s bladder. She drinks her urine, not spilling a drop, then notices me and gives me a smile.


“I will take the coffee to the men, so you will have some time here” she tells me.


I am very grateful for this. I walk up to Yukiko. She looks worse for the wear. Her face is a tired mask of pain. A thin stream of blood trickles from her hands and down her arms. Her feet also are bleeding slightly. I look up at her, and she looks down at me. I realize she has impaled herself on the cornu, during the night. She inserted it into her ass, whether by accident or design, I cannot tell. She looks at me, but is too short of breath to talk. I get up on the stepladder. I kiss her face, but avoid kissing her lips. I do not want to interfere with her breathing. It is hard enough for her as it is. Despite her fatigue, she still looks beautiful.


“You look so beautiful” I say to her “Yesterday, the sight of you nailed  made me so hot. I am so sorry” She shakes her head. “I had to have Crystal fuck me with the dildo; you saw that” She nods, gently. She pulls herself up on the cross and exhales, then she breathes a few times before dropping again on the cornu.


“You look so beautiful, hanging on the cross, you made me so hot, I understand the men wanting to do this to you” I confess. She says nothing.


I want to ask her so many things, but I do not have the time, and she cannot answer anyway. So I approach her once again and whisper in her ear “Maybe Simon will do this to me someday. I fear it so much. I think I deserve it, for what happened yesterday, for enjoying the sight of you.” She shakes her head. “I love you Yukiko”


I hear noises upstairs and rush to the kitchen. Simon is there with Crystal.


He smiles at me. “Vicky is blowing Robert, so you get away with it this time” he says “don’t let it happen again”


I kneel and bow my head. “I am sorry”


Crystal pours coffee for us both. We drink it out of a single bowl on the floor. Often we get to have coffee at the table, like normal people. Not today obviously.


“Stay” he tells us, and then he leaves. I notice he does not go to the basement; rather he goes back to his room. He is planning to get dressed I guess. Crystal looks at me.


“Did you see her? How is she?” She asks me.


“I saw her. She is hanging there” I answer not realizing the pun. “I am sorry” I add.


“Yesterday, when you asked me to fuck you with the dildo…” Crystal’s voice trails off


‘Here it comes’ I think. Might as well answer, it will all come out anyway.


“I couldn’t help it” I start in a low voice “Yukiko looked so beautiful, stretched out on the cross. I couldn’t help myself. I got so turned on, I thought my pussy would explode if someone did not fuck me”


Her eyes question me further. Crystal is much younger than Vicky; she cannot formulate the question that the older woman found so easy to ask.


I try to answer it for her. “I do not know how, or why. I got so excited by the sight of her writhing on the cross. Women are so beautiful in that position. We are so beautiful in pain.”


Crystal gazes at me, mesmerized “Would you do it?”


“I am terrified of it, the nails, the cross” I answer truthfully “But if Simon were to ask me, I would do anything he wanted me to do.”


‘You are trembling” she says.


“I am so afraid” I say “I am afraid that he will ask me, and then, I am afraid that he won’t. Mostly I fear that he will think me too weak to ask me… I think” I shake my head


We finish our coffee in silence.


Later, after the boys got dressed, we are ordered to get dressed too. White short dresses, white pumps. No underwear. We are ordered into the basement but forbidden to talk to Yukiko. Only Vicky may approach her, and that only to give her water or juice, or to take her water.


We can see her, as we sit around in the dungeon. She is getting more and more exhausted. I do not think she will last as long as they thought she would. She is struggling to catch her breath. I think she would wish more than anything to hung down on her cross, impaled in her cornu, and just quit, but instinct compels her to pull herself up again and again, take a few precious breaths, and then, as her thighs cramp, as her arms wear out, sink down on her cornu; only to repeat the process in a few minutes.


Robert comes down after a while. He approaches Yukiko, climbs on the stepladder, and caresses her face, neck and breasts, he then steps down.


All through the day we observe Yukiko getting progressively weaker. At times she cannot even drink the water that Vicky gives her. It takes all her strength to breathe; I do not think she will last the night.


“I hope they let us be with her at the end” Crystal tells me. I nod agreement. I hope they don’t leave her alone, that would be so horrible. The day passes by, and the boys come and go as they please. Simon comes down, shortly after noon; he stands in front of the cross and calls Crystal to him. He has her bend over the stepladder. He pulls her dress up, exposing her glorious ass, and after a few warming up spanks, he enters her rear. Crystal whimpers slightly as she is ass fucked in front of her former mistress. After Simon is done, he pulls out, leaving her bent over and gestures to me to clean her. I promptly obey, and with my mouth I clean her asshole, and suck out all his come.


I wonder why he did not take me.


Later in the evening, the three of us kneel in front of the cross, Vicky in the center. The boys use our mouths in succession until their erections are raging. The then have us on all fours, and take us in the ass, one after the other. They fuck us in succession, switching from ass to ass, until they have both come. They have us clean them with our mouths, and also clean each other’s asses, until they are all pristine.


As night falls, Crystal and me are ordered out of the basement and back to Robert’s room. We are ordered to strip, and get into bed. Robert ties us facing each other with shackles, my right wrist to her left, and my left to her right. He does the same thing with our ankles. Then he leaves us there and turns the light off.


We cry ourselves to sleep. We couldn’t even say goodbye to our friend.







Darkness; darkness and oblivion. I welcome the darkness and the cold. Then comes pain. All my body is racked by pain.


Pain brings me back, to the light. I take a deep breath. My chest hurts. My muscles hurt. I hurt. But I breathe, deep, cool air. I open my eyes. There is a ceiling, a bed. I look at my hands. Bandages. An IV runs into my forearm. I look around. At the foot of the bed, a figure, my eyes can’t focus, I can’t see well. It takes me a while, then recognition.


“Welcome back Yukiko” says Vicky smiling “We have been waiting for you”


Memories. Hanging on the cross. Pain, pain undreamt of, each breath harder than the previous. Then black, blessed oblivion.


“You have slept a long time” Vicky continues, “We’ve kept you under for a while; to make it easier on you” She looks at me, a hint of sadness in her eyes.


“There is no going back. Is there?” I ask


“No, there isn’t”


“That is good” I say “As it should be” Then, I fall asleep, again.



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