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Journey's End

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Synopsis: Journey's End is a special semen extraction clinic staffed by hundreds of attractive women. Males who volunteer for one year's service soon regret it.

Journey's End is a male sexual treament center located somewhere in Brazil. The owners and operators of the facility are a group of very wealthy women who live out their most base sexual fantasies, while also conducting legitimate, indepth study of male semen, and the various extracts obtained therefrom. The men who come here do so voluntarily, and must sign special legal waivers, so that they are bound to stay here for one year, by force, if necessary.

The newest, most advanced aphrodisiacs are used at this center...hundreds of captive men must produce large quantities of seminal fluid, under the influence of the exotic drugs, and other powerful forms of inducement, such as deep hypnotic conditioning, and every form of sexual perversion possible.

Journey's End is staffed by several hundred attractive women, each chosen for their suitability to be here, and the hapless men are milked constantly by every means possible, at times resulting in sessions that can be painful and degrading. The males are eventually able to produce large amounts of semen, and their testicles grow significantly during their time here.

There is no special age limit for the male inductees, except that the man must still be able to produce sexually viable seminal fluid, There are actually men in their sixties and seventies here, but most are between the ages of eighteen and fifty.

The inmates are kept in a constant state of sexual arousal, and are not allowed to masterbate while alone, under penalty of severe punishment. Spy cameras permeate the whole complex, and nothing is overlooked or unseen by the state of the art security center.

The inmates are well nourished and given special vitamin supplements and other health foods, so that one's overall health here actually improves considerably during the one year mandate.

The large female staff may fuck any imate that they disire, or use them sexually in any way not permanently harmful, at any time that they are not being fact the ownership encourages this, and takes part in their own sexual gratification sessions. The males also are encouraged to perform oral copulation on each other, for those that desire this, during session appointments made by the participants.

Any form of intense sexual gratification producing ejaculation is highly encouraged here, except masterbation, paradoxically, in that it helps to increase one's overall seminal output.

One may enter Journey's End only after a long application process, and then only after passing a special entry enterview process. The new male inmates must sign unique waiver forms, so that once inducted into the complex, they must complete their term of usage, and may be detained and disiplined in any way deemed nessessary by the staff.

Female guards are found everywhere, and their attire consists of black jumpsuits, hand restraints, and special shock devices that produce great pain, but do no permanent damage.

The males are all here voluntarily but find that escape is a constant desire once they are subjected to the constant extraction of their male fluid day and night, and the extremely intense orgasms that accompany these sessions, and their degradation by the very attractive female staff members.

A male 'semen production unit', or SPU, as they are called here, must be incarcerated at the complex for one year, and cannot leave before this time limit. They may sign for another year when their term is finished, but alas no one has ever done this.

The men are not harmed physically but usually find that they have involutary ejaculation for six months after leaving, and these ejaculations can occur at any time accompanied by an intense orgasm. So obviously the released inmate requires at least a year to reacclimatize to the outside world.

One must say, however, that the inmate has experienced more orgiasmic pleasure in one year, than most males experience in several lifetimes.

All of the inmates activities here are videotaped, and every nuance of their milking and humiliation are recorded and sold worldwide to interested buyers. Each departing male also receives $100,000 for their trouble, and to help in their readust to the outside world.


I had applied for admission to Journey's End more than a year ago, and had finally received notification to appear at the complex for my entry interview. Needless to say, I was quite nervous, but the sexual butterflies of desire inside me drove me on, and I determined to enter, and experience what I had fantasized about for a very long time.

I masterbated two or three times a day anyway, so I figured that I wouldn't mind producing cum for them...all they wanted. I later found that I was sadly mistaken about this, and that I would not be allowed to get my own nuts off for a year. but that countless women would, in ways I could barely have imagined.

I stood before the large entrance of the facility...the main entrance consisted of an enormous set of double doors, quite gothic in nature, and there were two large concrete lions guarding the doors, one on either side.

I went inside and followed signs to the main reception desk, which was quite modern, and was staffed by two very attractive, and seemingly humorless women, who looked at me like I were a condom that they had just discarded after sex.

I cleared my throat and tried not to tremble..."I have an appointment for an interview...", I said, breathing heavily now, and producing an enormous hardon that I cound not control.

The darkhaired one looked at me impassively, and asked my name. When I told her, she accessed the computer, and verified my appointment. "Yes," she said quietly, go across the hallway to Rm 001 and you will find a nurse inside. Do as she instructs and she will tell your where to go from there." The women were staring at the wet spot on the large lump in my crouch area, and all I could detect from either was a slight, sarcastic smile.

I quickly walked across the hallway, and I was almost sick to my stomach with mixed feelings of intense sexual desire and fear, as I opened the door. I could not stop myself, it was too late, and I steeled myself, ready for anything that I might find here.

I went inside and an extremely pretty blond nurse was writing on a notepad at her desk. I stood trembling waiting for her to notice me. Finally she finished, and looked up at me in a very businesslike manner. She spoke without emotion, preparing a large hypodermic syriinge for use..."Roll up your sleeve please," she said looking directly into my eyes.

I did so, and bared my arm for her, looking the other way. She swabbed my arm with alcohol, and jabbed the needle in, and emptied the contents.. She swabbed again and discarded the syringe.

She was gorgeous, and had a perfect ass and wonderful tits. Her white nurse's uniform made me even hornier. "Hold still for a minute", she whispered, "while the drug takes effect." She put her hand down and massaged my, by now, sopping crouch front, and I nearly shot off right there.

"Hold your fucking load back and I mean it", she said, looking at me sharply. She stopped her fondling and wiped her hand off. Suddenly I was hit by a piledriver of intense sexual desire, I was so fucking horney I almost started drooling. More cum flowed from my already rock hard penis.

I began to breath heavily and my hips pumped forward involuntarily from the extreme sexual craving I was experiencing. She grinned very slightly, and spoke in a businesslike manner..."Go down the hallway to Rm 150, down the short stairwell, and there you will receive your entry interview...and do not ejaculate on the way there!" She looked at me seriously. I grunted, my face distorted in pleasure and opened the door again, leaving the room.

I hobbled down the hallway trying desperately to think of neutral images as I neared the bottom of the stairs, and finally opened the door, and closed it behind me.

There was a petite, and very pretty woman sitting at a desk, talking on the phone. She was breathtaking, and I looked at her, almost ready to spill my wad right there. She spoke with authority over the phone. "If you have anymore problems with him, turn him over to the guards, they have their ways about them. He must learn to obey completely, without question. Yes...alright...I'll talk to you later."

She replaced the receiver in it's cradle and wrote something on her notepad. She dropped her pen and sat back, looking intently at me.


"Looks like you've got a major hardon", she murmured, as she stood and walked around the desk standing a few feet away. "Strip off all your clothes and give them to me cocksucker!, she grunted, looking at me with a mysterious, and very nasty sneer on her face.

I pulled off my shoes, socks, shirt, pants, and finally shorts, and my dripping peter popped out, standing hard, and dripping cum.

"You're dripping on my rug cocksucker, but don't worry about it." "Flip your pecker up and down a few times, and you'd better not cum!", she said, leaning back against her desk. Her ass was absolutely perfect. She was wearing a very tight business suit, and her hips filled it out magnificently.


I stood there and looked at her and pulled my large ten inch peter to one side, and let it flip back into position. I flipped it back and forth and up and down as she looked on in amusement. My dick was like coiled steel and my cockhead was large and red.

"You jackoff all the time don't you cocksucker?", she grunted, shifting slightly. She looked me directly in the eyes, quite amused at my embarrassment.

"I...yes I...a few times a day." My throat was thick with passion now and my speech slurred. She reached back and retrieved a special elongated dish from her desk and handed it to me. My legs were feeling weak as I stood there, and my dick was still bouncing up and down involuntarily from my intense sexual craving.

I took the dish from her and held it awkwardly, looking at her for some kind of instructions. "You eat your own cum sometimes, don't you?", she quizzed, and I could detect a slight grin, and that she was taking great pleasure from humiliating me.

"Yes I do",...I grimaced, trying to hold back my load. She looked at me for a moment saying nothing. Finally she stood straight again, and tapped her foot impatiently. "Well...I think you know what to do don't you cocksucker?"

I paused momentarily, and then it hit me. I looked hopelessly at her, and then to the dish, and then began stroking my pecker over the dish.

"Look at me while you do that blowboy!, she groaned. She shifted slightly, and began to breath a little harder, and I could tell that she was turned on by this kind of thing.

I stroked my throbbing peter slowly at first, then faster as I looked at her, and my face began to distort in pleasure as I whacked my hard weiner off. It didn't take long for my dick to squirt, and I jerked forward groaning in deep orgasm as a thick streamer of hot cum splattered into the waiting dish. I got some on the rug but she didn't seem to care as I pumped forward several times, splashing thick cum into the receptacle.

I couldn't stop shooting and my face was completely flaccid now as my thick gooey sperm filled the dish.

Finally I pumped out my last glob of slime, and held my pecker over the dish as it dripped semen. I could hardly stand up and was breathing erratically now, still looking into her amused eyes.

We stood there silent holding the full dish...and she tapping her foot looking impatiently at me. "Well fuckface you're not done yet...what are you going to do now?" I could tell she was becoming genuinely impatient now and looked at me with what bordered on anger. I quickly got her meaning and slowly raised the dish to my face, trying not to spill its contents.

I had the dish to my lips now and steadied myself as I tipped it back. As my peter dribbled dickwad on her rug I felt the first stream of cum into my mouth. I had eaten my own glue before but never so much, and never in a situation like this.

I gulped some down and continued pouring the mess onto my tongue. I was eating it now and it tasted salty and alkaline and a touch bitter. She leaned against the desk again and slowly rubbed her ass against it, in obvious pleasure. I filled my mouth with the obscene slime and gulped it down as drops of it fell from my chin.

In a few moments I had eaten the whole dish of scuzz, and she seemed pleased at my efforts. She took the dish and sat it on the desk again, and went back around and sat down. She looked at me seriously. "Alright you think you know what shooting your wad is right now but I assure you we will teach you a whole new world of dick draining while you are here."

"You have been accepted for our use so now you must go down another level of stairs to Rm 160 where you will sign various legal forms, and where you will receive indoctrination about what is expected of you here."

"Once you have signed the forms you are legally ours for one year, and that is irreversible. Two guards will be there to insure that you are aware of this, and to take custody of your body. You will begin your experience here in a special laboratory where you will be taught the rules by two very capable nurses. They will make sure you understand your position completely."

I daresay they will require more semen from you...probably more than you'd like to give.

I trembled and started to grab for my clothes..."Leave your fucking clothes here cum won't need them anymore once you complete your entry. Go down to the next level naked and do what they say."

I turned and went out into the hallway again, closing the door, and slowly walked down the stairs. I could hardly walk and my legs were still very weak. I looked up the stairs to the main hallway and entrance, and paused for a minute. Then I steeled myself and padded down the stairs to Rm 160 to complete the process.


- A half hour later I lay on a comfortable bed in my own cubicle after having eaten a nutritious meal that they brought to me...and rubbed my sore balls and pecker. I had also eaten special aphrodisiacs and supplements and I found that I would be in a constant state of sexual arousal from now on.

The indoctrination session had been actually quite humiliating, and after being milked while strapped in a fixture, I found that there was a limit to how much cum I could produce, and that going beyond that hurt my balls a lot. The two indoctrination nurses were incredibly pretty, and their abilities with the lower male anatomy, I found, were quite extraordinary.

They assured me that my balls could produce much more semen than I ever thought possible, and that they would prove it to me in the coming months.

I awoke several hours later...when the door opened...and a well dressed, and gorgeous woman in her fifties came in and sat on my bed. Though tired, I was obligated to fuck her doggie style until I yelled in pain and got my nuts off again. When we finished, she looked at me like I were a thing to be used as she pulled her panties on again, and left the room. The smell of her hairy cunt hung in the room for hours afterward..

I could only imagine what lie ahead, but, after all, I volunteered to come here, and I would find out what I had let myself in for as the months rolled by.

After two weeks at Journey's End I discovered how intensely horney I could be...and this induced state was constant, and unrelenting, and produced with great prejudice by the dedicated female staff.

I was so incredibly hot that I was pressured to masterbate myself, surrepticiously, but was caught several times, unfortunately for me, and found that my moments of intense, and much needed release, would cost me dearly.

My punishment the first few times was done by degradation, in that I was forced to clean the toilet stool lids in the large women's bathroom area, and I was spanked with a paddle while doing this to insure my complete focus on the project.

After the seventh time, however, the punishments became more painful and corporal. My penis and balls were shocked by the guards with electric wands, with enough force to make me yelp in pain, but not actually with enough power to cause severe physical pain. Finally, on my eleventh infraction of the ridiculous rule however, I was taken to the Head Warden's quarters for a special evaluation interview.


I was naked and my hands were secured behind me with special restraints, and my ankles with a two foot cord, which allowed limited movement. I was left standing in front of a large desk, that of the high power in this area of the vast complex, the Head Warden.

I was alone in the room, and stood there looking nervously at the finely appointed decor, the wood paneled inlay, the fine furniture, and the unique semen production awards that adorned the walls.

I was becoming quite concerned at this point, because the leg restraints had not been used before, and I knew I had gone over the line with my persistant behavior. I actually couldn't control myself anymore, since my balls were producing large amounts of cum, and when by myself, I just had to release my deep sexual pressures.

I was being milked each day in ways I could barely comprehend, and the semen squirted out of me in copious amounts, but this made me even hornier when I was by myself.

I deeply regreted ever imbarking on this strange adventure, but I also knew that it was too late, and that I would be forced to endure whatever lie ahead during my remaining time here.

I heard movement in the back room of the office, the rear door opened, and three women walked in, all dressed in expensive business suits, and all quite serious in their demeanor.

One of the women was obvioiusly the Head Warden...she wore a very tight black skirt and business suit, and her pretty face was heavily adorned with makeup. She sat at the desk looking at me briefly. She picked up a folder, and began to page through it making notes on the sides of the pages.

The other women sat beside her at the desk, and they looked at me curiously as they opened small leather bags that they had brought with them.

They fingered through the bags, checking the contents, as they looked up at me from time to time. I could detect a slight malevolence on their faces, and finally one of them pulled out a hypodermic syringe, and a vial, and extracted a clear fluid, and squirted a bit of the contents into the air, in preparation for an injection.

The other retrieved some kind of an ankle band, a sophisticated one, and my stomach began to do flip flops as I stared at them, and their paraphernalia, and their strangely cold attitude, as the Head Warden finished her paperwork.

The Head Warden looked at me with derision in her eyes, and stood and walked around to me as the other two women followed her.

The two women stood on either side of me, and the one with the syringe swabbed my arm and gave me an injection as the other woman grabbed and held my balls tightly. After the injection the extremely pretty Warden spoke to me softly.

"You have violated one of our prime rules a number of times, and , I'm afraid must now be transferred to our special treatment wing, where you will receive special usage while being milked of seminal fluid." She looked at the women who held my arms now..."These trainers have unique skills, and will indoctrinate you concerning your required obedience of our rules. You will be required to remain in their tender care until further notice."

She slapped my ass very hard, and spoke to the women quietly, "I think this cocksucker would benefit from special oral usage ladies, if you get my meaning." The two women smiled widely, obviously amused.

The woman with the leg band attached it to my right ankle, and pressed a button which apparently activated the band. It was leather and plastic with a metal surface inside next to my skin, and about two inches wide. She clicked a remote control held in her hand and I jerked and yelped as a sharp pain stung my lower leg.

"That was the lowest level of pain", she whispered, "there are nine higher levels. If you don't obey each order given you with great, great dedication, you will receive more severe punishment. Now get your ass moving fuckface!"


The women smiled widely and led me rudely from the room, slapping my ass several more times as we departed.

I shuffled down a long corridor to a large steel door where two guards waited. The door was opened and we were allowed in, and I could hear a loud 'clang', as the door was shut behind us.

The two women shoved me along to an elevator, and we rode downward for several minutes until it stopped with a jerk, and the door slid open.

This was a lower area, and my stomach churned with fear as we stepped out and walked toward a special security desk staffed by two pretty guards.

I was extremely hot from the aphrodisiac they had given me, and felt unusually vulnerable, and my pecker bounced up and down involuntarily. We walked through a wire gate to another area with cubicles along either side.

We entered a large room, filled with many kinds of unusual devices and restrait fixtures, and I was made to stand there while the women conferred with two very pretty nurses.

I could hear them murmuring in the next room, and the nurses nodded their heads in unison and looked at me as they were being briefed. I was near vomiting now, and my dick was dribbling cum on the shiny tiled floor.

Soon they all came in smiling pleasantly at me, and the two well dressed women left the room. I stood there shivering with fear as my poor dick dripped cum.


The two very pretty nurses sat on rolling stools beside me, and begain to fondle my balls and pecker with no great tenderness. They pinched and twisted my balls and made me yell in pain, and seemed oblivious to my discomfort.

One of them finally spoke to me emotionlessly..."The injection you were given will make you feel pain much more intensely, will make you much more agreeable to suggestion, and will also cause you to be extremely aroused, at the same time." I began to plead with them and the nurse slapped my bare ass very hard as she pulled on my stiff peter.

"Each time you speak we will increase your torture session time, as well as you want to keep your fucking mouth closed...and not speak unless requested to do I being understood.?" I croaked involuntarily, looking in fear at both of them..."Yes...I voice choked with pain and dread.

" we've been informed that you are to be treated as a cocksucker, and you understand that any reluctance on your part will result in severe pain...nod your head if you understand." I was shaking terribly now, and nodded my head in agreement.

They strapped me into a fixture as my legs wobbled in weakness, and soon I was leaning bent over, my legs spread widely, and my arms secured tightly in a downward position. They rolled over a stainless steel cart filled with instruments, and sat on either side of me.

The remote for the ankle shock device lay on a nearby counter, and I was hoping they would not have use for it. One of them swabbed my arm and gave me another injection. "This will prevent you from vomiting...we can't have that can we", she purred sweetly.

They shoved a rubber cock in my mouth through which I could breath, and fastened it tightly with a strap around the back of my head so that I could not speak or yell.

One of them flipped my rock hard pecker back and forth several times as the other took a long , thin metal tube from the cart and slowly began to insert it up my pisshole.

She dipped it in a paste first and slowly wiggled the tip around my sensitive opening, and then moved it painfully up my hard penis.

The tube slid in further and further as I pulled against the restraint straps , and the wicked device continued all the way up my urethra. I was writhing in pain now, my eyes watering as one of them massaged my elongated dick allowing the metal rod to seat itself securely.


The nurses stopped to examine their work, and flipped my swollen pecker a few more times. "You will be able to ejaculate through this tube so that we will collect your semen at all times while you are being tortured."

One of them squeezed my hanging balls painfully, kneading them, and pulling on them.

A weight was attached to my nuts using a special attachment, and pulled them down painfully, making them stretch downward an extra inch or two. "We're going to leave now for awhile, and when we come back we're going to electrocute your penis and testes while we masterbate you until you ejaculate. It's going to be very painful!" With that they left, and I grimaced in pain as the cruel instruments hung from me.

I was sweating now and wanted to throw up but knew that I couldn't and that it would be very dangerous at this point anyway.

Butterflies of fear were churning my guts now, and I tried not to think of what lie ahead. I tried to put my mind somewhere else, but found that impossible, and my normal sense of fear had been increased significantly by the exotic drugs.

Soon I heard footsteps and my guts wrenched into a knot as I pushed against the restraint straps.

The nurses sat beside me again and connected electrodes to the metal tube and the leads coming from my balls. One of them stroked my pecker while wearing rubber gloves. As one nurse turned on the electric current, the other began to jack me off slowly at first and then increased her pace.

A painful shock ran through my whole cock and nuts, and I yelled against the straps holding me, crying and groaning as the two nurses did their thing, and as the current rose my eyes were bulging in agony, and my body convulsed as my balls and peter were subjected to intense pain.

I cried and grunted and screamed, and finally the nurse jacking me off quickened her hand speed and I let out a loud and muffled groan and shot a very large load of fresh semen into the metal tube.

The thick white liquid was quickly sucked away into another receptacle, and this went on and on until I spasmed uncontrollably, six or seven times, pumping my hips against the nurses vicious hand, again and again as she jacked my hard spitting peter.

"Empty your balls you son-of-a-bitch!", she wheezed, as the other nurse painfully massaged my hanging nuts to make them give up all their contents.

My balls were hanging a little lower now thanks to the light weight, and when they'd finshed their disgusting labor the nurse flipped my nuts back and forth making them stretch even more as they bounced up and down and right to left.


They got up and released my restraints and removed all of the items on my privates, and two guards sat me on a wheelchair to be taken back to my cell.

Before I was taken away the two nurses looked at me very intently..."You don't want to visit us again do you boy?", said one of them, holding my hair in her hand. I looked at her in complete submission and nodded several times, my eyes filled with tears.

"So you'll do anything you're told to do without a moments hesitation, and with complete dedication?, she sneered at me. "Uh huh...uh huh"...I grunted...I will...yes I will!"

She released my hair and the other nurse smoothed it over gently..."Of course you will cocksucker...", she winked knowingly at the guards who grinned widely. "Give him eight hours, food and supplements and then take him to the blowjob room."

They all seemed vastly amused by this, and soon I was being wheeled down the hall to my cubicle. It was just as well, I couldn't walk anyway and my nuts and cock were on fire like they never had been before.

When we reached my room the guards took me inside and gave me a powerful painkiller and sleep aid, and special foods. I lay down carefully and slept for the next eight hours, completely zonked out.

After my torture ordeal I was awakened by two guards, made to dress in a comfortable hospital gown, and wheeled down the hallway again to another elevator.

We went up several floors and when the door opened again I was taken to a room with what appeared to be many one way morrors along the walls, and I got off the wheelchair and sat on a comfortable couch.

The guards left me there and I sat rubbing my sore balls and pecker. I had the distinct feeling that someone was watching me behind the opaque windows, but could detect no movement or sound whatever

I realized that I must obey them completely in the future, and that the slightest infraction would result in another visit to the torture room, and I was sure I couldn't tolerate another session there. I didn't savor what that blind obedience would mean, but knew that I really had no choice.

I had endured weeks at Journey's End being milked of my lifefluid constantly by hundreds of very pretty women. Unable to control my masterbation needs during all of this, I violated a primary rule...that I must not masterbate myself at any time regardless of my needs.

I had not been able to obey this rule, and had been severely punished, being sent to the special treatment area of the complex for usage by beautiful, and sadistic female personnel.

I had been tortured mercilessly by two pretty nurses, and after being reduced to a sobbing fool, made to promise complete obedience of any order thereafter.

Now I found myself on another assignment, sitting in a room with one way mirrors, waiting for whatever came next. I had been heavily dosed on sophisticated aphrodisiacs again, along with drugs designed to remove most of my conscious will.

The two well dressed training wardens that I had met earlier in the Head Warden's office came into the room and sat beside me. One of them spoke quietly...

"Did you enjoy your session with Nikki and Sandra?", she quizzed, as she massaged my still sore pecker. I didn't know what to say and immediatedly answered.."Yes..I..uh..yes." She stroked my dick and it was becoming hard now under her expert touch.

"Do you remember what they told you?", she said seriously, pinching my nuts. "Yes...", I gushed, looking at her fearfully. She stuck her finger in my mouth and moved it in and out grinning at me. "Suck it!", she commanded moving four of her fingers into my mouth. I didn't hesitate at all and sucked her fingers, looking at her.

"Thats a good cocksucker!", she grunted, "you're very good at this!" I continued to suck her fingers as the other woman stuck her fingers in my mouth also.

Soon I was sucking both of their fingers and my mouth was stretched to the limit.

She looked at me intently..."There are twenty spectators watching us now, cocksucker...twenty paying customers. We have to make a profit you know." They pulled their fingers from my mouth and wiped them off on a towel nearby.

"We're going to leave now dickwad, but we'll be right on the other side of the windows watching you closely. If you hesitate even a little, and don't show complete enthusiasum, we will watch you go through another, and even harder appointment with the torture nurses, understood?"


I looked fearfully at the gorgeous women... their perfect asses were outlined against their tight skirts as they walked out the door.

I sat there alone again, looking at the dark, opaque windows, knowing that I was the featured attraction. Soon the door opened and a naked male walked in...he had on a black head cover, and his penis stood out long and hard dripping cum.

He walked over to me and stroked his pecker near my mouth. "Blow me!", he ordered, as he rubbed his wet pisshole over my lips.

I looked over in shame at the dark glass as his dick pushed into my open mouth. He bulged out my cheeks as he used me, and soon was fucking hard and fast nearing a climax.

He groaned loudly, and just as he shot his thick mass of cum in my mouth the dark window became clear, and I could see twenty leering people oogling me. I couldn't move and was forced to gulp down his large ejaculation, and the semen splattered out and ran down my chin as I ate it.

I looked at the two assistant wardens, and they were quite amused, and pleased, and indicated so to me.

When he was finished the masked male looked down and called me a good cocksucker, and left the room. I took the towel and wiped off my face...and had the swampy taste of cum in my mouth as the two wardens came back in.

"Good boy!", one of them said, "you suck real good! Next we're going to find out how well you suck cunt and asshole."


After my degrading blowjob session the pretty women left and the guards took me back to my room where I showered and ate a large meal. After that I slept for at least eight hours and when I awoke found two older women standing over my bed.

They were very attractive women in their fifties, and they also wore tight business suits revealing very nice assets.

The one who seemed to be in charge looked at me lustily. "You're going to eat my ass...right now!" The guards closed the door and left the three women alone with me, and I pulled the covers back and waited for instructions.

The woman pulled her dress up revealing a perfect ass...she pulled her panties off and her well formed asscrack was spread open a few inches from my face. Her anus was hairy and dark, and had a slight odor to it, indicating that she'd had a bowel movement recently, and had not totally cleaned her rear.

"Suck my asshole!", she gasped, spreading her nasty cheeks even wider. I was always in an aroused state, and moved quickly forward and stuck my nose in her ass and smelled her open hole. She pushed back and I began to lick her dark bunghole, cleaning the faint residue off, and soon my tongue was shoved all the way up her the hilt...and I was fucking it in and out cleaning her inner recesses.

I began to suck her obscene anus, and soon a thin brown ring began to form around my lips as I eagerly ate her rear hole.

Suddenly she moved back a bit and farted loudly into my open mouth, and I felt my eyes bulge out as I ate it. The smell wasn't bad...just to the point of being erotic.

She farted several more times as I sucked her shithole, and when she was satisfied, pulled up her panties and turned around facing me.

"You son-of-a-bitch!, she groaned, "you suck ass real good!" The other women pulled their skirts up and took their panties off, and I got a whiff of their fragrant cunts as they pulled me to my knees in front of the bed.

The two spread their well formed legs and revealed two very hairy and juicy pussyholes. One of them grabbed my head and shoved it into her obscene hairpie, and my face was soon covered with a thick salty, and smelly gloss of cuntjuice.

"Eat me asshole!", she groaned, as I lapped her wet hole with my tongue. I was sliding my tongue into her smelly cunt and eating pussy juice as she masterbated herself, and soon she neared orgasm, holding my head firmly as she squirted her juice into my mouth.

The funky and odorous cuntslime flowed down my gullet, and splashed over my nose and lips as I ate it.

When I'd done her, the other forced my sopping face into her fragrant snatch, and rubbed it in, and spread her slit for me to eat. I lapped my tongue in deeply, and the smell was overpowering but actually made me very horney, and I jacked off as I slurped my tongue in and out of her wet fuckhole.

I began to suck her asshole just as I shot my wad, and she farted at just that moment giving me a hot mouthful of gas along with the mouthful of cunt slime.

I gulped her load down and cuntjuice covered me from head to toe as I gasped for air and fell back on the bed. The lady in charge grinned slyly at me..."Good boy...filthy boy!"

They put their panties back on and left, and the smell of cunt filled the room for hours afterward. I fell into another deep sleep and didn't awaken until late morning.


After breakfast, I was taken to another wing in the area, and would spend two full weeks having the cum fucked out of me by every nurse and guard in this section. I produced much semen during this time and was traded back and forth like a sextoy.

Soon after these sessions I began a most painful period of extreme forced cum extraction...and they tested all of their latest and most effective methods and ideas on me...using me like a guinea pig. I spent many hours in their special labs squirting and yelping, as my cum filled their storage containers.

My pecker and balls had grown significantly, and the vacuum extension treatments had stretched my already large peter to a length of twelve inches, when hard and fully erect.


I was sent back to the section that I had been in originally, and soon found myself sitting and jacking off in front of pretty women, who degraded me, and collected my ejaculations for storage.

I had broken my habit of jerking off by myself now...and found that I could do it in front of attractive women everyday to my hearts content. There is, however, something quite embarrassing and degrading about doing this, and the hypnotic enhancement sessions that I had forced on me aggravated the problem even further.

Of course, that was their point, they wanted to embarrass me so that I would become hornier, and produce more cum. It was a never ending cycle, and the the pretty women, either singly, or in groups of two or three, embarrassed the cum out of me everyday, until I actually wanted to crawl under a rock and hide.

There was no hiding at Journey's End, however, and any thought to the contrary was sheer nonsense.

After three months at Journey's End my penis and balls had grown dramatically

 After three months at Journey's End my penis and balls had grown dramatically.



Constant penile expansion, and ejaculation, along with powerful and exotic supplements, had increased my size and capacity dramatically.  I was approaching 10 inches now and my balls were large and always swollen with copious amounts of cum.



I was called in for an interview with the section warden and as I stood there hands secured behind me, I looked at her, my dick hard, as usual. She explained certain things that would change my situation here drastically.



"You have been chosen for important work," she said, seriously, "it is quite an honor for you, and you will further the study of male semen extract tremendously."  I had no idea what she was talking about and could feel another orgasm coming on, and knew I would soon need relief.



"You and two others here are producing unusual amounts of an extremely rare element in your semen known to us as E-11.  This element is so rare that we have great difficulty isolating and refining it.  You and the other two will be placed in our special treatment unit...and you will be expected to produce large amounts of seminal fluid each day."



"Your production now is quite large...but with the help of our special usage facility, you will produce even more, much more."  She got up and gently stroked my pecker..."Don't worry," she said as she looked at my dripping pisshole, "I know you need relief...this will take only a short time more."



"We have found that when our SPU's are greatly embarrassed or humilated  during semen extraction, minute amounts  of E-11 show up in our tests.  The embarrassment is the factor causing excretion  of E-11.  You and the other two SPU's are producing much, much greater amounts of E-11, actually by a factor of 100.



"There is an genuine difference  between embarrassment and  humiliation, in our research. They each produce similar but slightly different elements in the extracted semen.  Embarrassment is the primary key in our search for the elusive E-11.  Embarrassment is a sharp, immediate feeling of discomfort and the need to withdraw from the view of others, and it is actually the most painful to our self esteem."



"In our special facility you and the others will be subjected to extreme embarrassment on a daily basis while being milked, and you will all  produce much larger amounts of our golden element.  You will be transferred after this next milking and you'd better get to Gina now and let her do you or you'll be squirting all over the floor."



I was flabbergasted at this latest development but could do absolutely nothing about it and nodded, leaving quickly to go to the extraction room.  Gina was there with her latex gloves on and I bent over the desk as she sat beside me and held the collection cup under my dick.



She expertly jacked me off, stroking my stiff peter and in a short time I moaned loudly, and pumped my hips forward in an exaggerated fashion, as I squirted an enormous discharge into the waiting collector. I pumped and moaned several times as the cum continued to spit out, and finally she milked the last drops from me, shaking my dripping dick.



"Good load!," she said should be ready again in an hour."  I left the room and she took the semen and labeled and sealed it, putting it in the refrigeration unit.



Within fifteen minutes two guards arrived to escort me to the  special treatment wing, my cock still dripping cum as we walked down the hallway.  One of the guards held an absorbing cloth on the tip of my pisshole most of the way there to avoid a mess in the hallway.



The STW was located in the upper level of the building...and was quite pleasant, and my room was very comfortable with TV, easychair, a full size bed, and my own bathroom and shower.  The room was filled with spy cameras and I knew that every single thing that I did would be closely watched.



I dare not jackoff...even though I wanted to constantly.



I was locked in the room and fifteen minutes later a meal was brought to me, which I quickly devoured.  I had to take the powerful drugs and supplements also, and soon settled down to a good sleep.



I was awakened a few hours later by the entrance of the guards and one of the staff here, a very pretty woman in her thirties with wonderful smile.  I sat up and stood, my dick was amost always hard, and it stood out in front of me showing my wet pisshole.


"I daresay you are ready to be jacked off again," she said, in a very friendly manner, "and I can see for myself what your wad looks like."  She sat on the bed and held a collection cup beneath my bobbing dick.  She massaged my swollen balls and beat my pecker off...obviously enjoying her work.



"That's it," she breathed, "let's see what you've got."  "Fucking nice dick!" She jerked me faster now and I groaned and spasmed as I ejaculated a thick streamer of cum into the container.  She milked me rapidly forcing out more squirts of dickwad and soon had drained me completely.  "Nice fucking cum," she said looking up at me.



She swirled the thick semen around the cup and smelled it briefly...nice texture, nice aroma, you're going to do just fine here hon!"



I could tell she was a consumate expert on cum, and I was glad she had a pleasant disposition.  "I jackoff horses and bulls too'" she said, massaging my hanging peter,  "We've got a livestock facility here...I've been jacking dicks off all my life...I really get turned on by it...I know everything there is to know about squirting dicks."  She smiled again and they left the room...she had placed a sealer cap over the cup for it's storage in a refrigeration unit.                    


After a shower and another nap the guards came again and took me to a smaller room, more like a cubicle, with windows for viewing. 



There was a special recliner chair in the center of the room equiped with restraint straps,  and various trappings and gadgets nearby.  Another comfortable easy chair was right in front of the center chair.  They sat me in the recliner and strapped my ankles so that I was sitting in a slight recline position legs spread and my dick and balls were over an opening in the front bottom of the chair.



There was a special collection receptacle under my dick which rose upward at the end to catch flying semen should it spit out with too much power.  There was also an opening in the rear, presumably so that I could be manipulated from behind.



A hypnosis nurse came and sat before me.  She stroked my pecker and balls as she talked to me.  She swabbed my arm and  gave me an injection.  "This will make you very sensitive to emotional stimuli", she said gently.  "Your remaining time at Journey's End will probably be here in the special usage section, but one never knows."



"I've conditioned you many times to ejaculate for us, and now you will be allowed to masterbate yourself in this room.  You will jackoff in front of attractive females who will be, many times, complete  strangers to you.  You will do this every hour and all day long.  You are being given our most sophisticated aphrodisiacs so you will be in a state of sexual arousal all the time.  We want you to be embarrassed as much as possible, as you've been told."



"Hundreds of women will see you playing with your dick and giving us your cum.  I think you will find it extremely unconfortable over time.  They are being paid very very well to cause you embarrassment and will receive a bonus each time if you produce an extra large amount of E-11."



"We will give you breaks from this, however, so that we may come at you from various angles with our other methods, but this will be the center of your world for some time to come."



"You will be awakened and milked during the night at times...wet dream cum is rich in elements.   You will also be required to perform analingus on some of your jackoff women, or even suck cock while jerking off, according to their whims."



"You have been given a highly advanced aphrodisiac that will force you to ejaculate uncontrollably once you start an orgasm, and it can be quite uncomfortable while being watched." \par



"There will be viewers in the mini theater looking at you for entertainment much of the'll find that this also adds to your...we'll call it 'total embarrassment', for lack of a better term."\par



"I'm going to put you into a trance now, and when you awaken you will not remember what I told you, but will be obey my words completely, without hesitation or question.  I'm going to put some more garbage in your mind, so to speak, and you won't even remember what it is."



She said a few key words and I blanked out totally...and awoke a short time later sitting there alone.  When I looked up though, I saw that there were several viewers in the mini theater, and they were talking and grinning at me derisively.



Soon the side door opened and a pretty woman in her late twenties came in and sat in the easy chair across from me.\par

She wore a tight skirt and had a cute ass, and shifted around  grinning nervously at me.



My pecker was super hard and stood out, bobbing from the intense erection.  Cum oozed from my pisshole and dribbled down the bottom onto my balls.  I was very horney and was breathing heavily as I looked at her across from me.  MY sense of embarrassment was already in full gear, and I looked at  her sheepishly as I sat there waiting.



She grinned slyly..."Are you going to play with your dick for me?"  I shifted and looked down and up again.  "You like to play with yourself don't you?  I looked at her but didn't say anything.  "I'll bet you'd like to jackoff all the time wouldn't you?"  I remained silent and my peter was beginning to ooze cum more and more.



She looked intently at me..."Ok you're going to give me a good show now and I want you to stroke your pecker for me."  I looked up again and started to rub my dick and soon jacked it slowly.  "Jack it off for me and give me nice wad of cum...I want to watch you ejaculate."



I stroked a little faster now looking at the women in the mini theater who were watching me intently.



The woman was becoming aroused watching me and shifted around as if her pussy were itching.  "Flip your fucking dick around, I want to see it flip back and forth!"  My peter was rockhard now and I pulled it and let it go making it flip side to side and up and down.  I was losing control and felt an orgasm building.



She was leaning over now with a strange look on her face and she looked intently at my springing dong.



"Now rub the bottom of your peter real fast up and down with your hand and make him spit off that way!"  There was no doubt that I was feeling a genuine degradation by now and the viewers were enjoying the show as much as the woman in front of me.



I rapidly stroked my fingers up and down the base and front part of my dick and soon I moaned and pumped my hips upward as my pisshole erupted and propelled a long stream of dickwad under the overhang of the plastic container.  I spasmed uncontrollably squirting six or seven times as the thick cum splashed against the surface and flowed down into the funneled bottom into the collection vial.



The woman laughed as I continued my humping and soon my load was completed as the cum dribbled from my open pisshole.\par

"Well you know what to do with that thing don't you!", she gushed, "you gave us the full show!"



"You really are quite pathetic, jacking off in front of women you don't even know! Your weenee is your favorite friend isn't he?"  She laughed again and left, and within a short time a nurse came in the door behind me and removed the collection vial and replaced the plastic receptacle with a new one. She wiped my dick off with a wet cloth and dryed it.



MY dick was still semi hard and soon worked it's way up to a full erection again.



"You take a nap sugar," she said smoothly, "you'll have another visitor in about  an hour."  She wiped up the floor area under me and left the room as I layed back and tried to relax and maybe doze a little.



The spectators had gone and I fell into a light slumber, probably helped by some kind of relaxers in the drug injection I had been given.



What I wasn't aware of is that the hypnosis nurse had placed post hypnotic suggestions in my mind that would make me see women who were not there,  women who I knew or who were familiar to me...and not the paid strangers...and I would actually believe that these women were there in front of me.



I awoke when I heard the side door open again...and to my utter horror, I saw a woman who had been a cashier at a supermarket where I'd shopped.  We'd had an argument over something or other and I had been very angry with her and had made a quite a scene at the store insulting her with some choice epithets.



I cringed and couldn't look at her, feeling utter shame as she saw me in this strange situation.



"Well look what we've got here," she snickered, "don't you look real sexy sitting there with a hardon!"  "So you're jacking off in front of anybody who comes by huh!"  "Well come on you sick bastard...let's see you play with your little dick!"  "Come on you pathetic fuck make your best friend there shoot it's little wad for me!"



She cupped my chin in her hand and pinched my cheeks..."I said stroke it jackoff your little thing for me!" 



I began to jackoff slowly not able to look at her. She became very angry.  "Well look me in the eyes you disgusting cocksucker...look at me when you jackoff!"



I cringed and looked at her as I beat my meat...and the cum dripped out as I moved my hand up and down.



I beat off my cock as I gazed at her, unable to comprehend such humiliation.  She grinned slyly..."You sure are good at that dickwad...and I heard about something else you're good at too.  I heard you suck that true?"



I just looked down at my hand and dick...completely mortified. "I take that for a yes, and in that case..."\par



"Well we're just going to have some fun aren't we?"   She pressed the intercom and spoke loudly...there were three women spectators in the mini theater, and they had big smiles on their faces.



"Send in some dick please," she grunted, as she looked closely into my eyes.



"We're gonna bring in a nasty dick for you to suck...won't that be nice?"  She was having her complete revenge and I had to sit there and take it...wishing I had never gone to the store that day.



Soon the other side door opened and a nude male came in wearing a black head cover.  He had a huge dick and it was slowly oozing precum.  His cock stood out hard as a rock as he stroked it lightly.\par



He came close and stuck his cockhead next to my face. 



"Open your fucking mouth blowboy...I want to watch you suck!"  He grabbed my head, pulled it sideways, and shoved his dripping meat against my lips and pushed in.  I finally let the obscene member slide into my mouth, and he held my head and began to fuck in and out.



"Turn your fucking head this way so I can see you eat dick," the woman said as she pulled my head toward her.  There I was with a large penis jammed in my mouth...and as the stiff weiner did it's work my cheeks bulged out and my eyes glazed over with degradation. Precum dribbled down my chin as the woman looked closely and rubbed the man's pecker, and soon started to jack it off.



"Alright you disgusting bastard, you're going to cum at the same time you get your mouth filled and you're going to beat if off!"  I jacked off faster now and felt like the lowest form of life as the huge peter forced my lips open.



He fucked more rapidly now and just as I jerked and shot my wad, his large prong spat in my mouth simultaneously. I humped up and down several times into the container...and swallowed  several mouthfuls of salty sperm at the same time.



She was grinning widely and enjoying every minute of the entertainment.  Soon his dick hung limp by my chin...and cum ran from my mouth. 



She grabbed my head and spoke to me, her face very close. 

"How'd you like that you lowlife cocksucker!   Did that taste pretty good?  You're about an ignorant son-of-a-bitch, you know that?"  She pulled down on my chin..."Open wide you toilet mouth cocksucker...I've got something for you!"\par



I was numb by now and opened my mouth obediently.  She spit on my tongue several times as she held my hair.  "Now swallow it shit for brains!"  I looked at her with teared eyes and gulped down the glob of saliva.  "Good job you sewer mouth sack of crap...maybe I'll see you in the store sometime again...I'll be looking for you." 



They both left and after the nurse had done her job I fell into a profound slumber.  Unfortunately I was awakend soon by the sound the door opening again for my next challenge.



At this point I didn't really care, and resigned myself to finish my time here, whatever happened, and to have my freedom again one day.

After two weeks of masterbation in full view of many attractive and abusive women, and the skillful manipulation of a highly obscene hypnotherapist, I actually began to crave the intense degradation and body wracking orgasms that were a part of this strange world.

The psychiatric staff here had outdone themselves in creating this environment, and my mind was being molded in such a way as to produce large quantities of the so called 'E-11' semen extract whether I wanted it or not. I had no idea what E-11 was used for but knew that it must be fantastically important to my captors, and that I and the other unfortunate SPU's would remember these times for the rest of our lives.


After a particularly hard work day of jacking my dick off while being degraded, I fell into a deep sleep, totally exhausted from my efforts, and was completely zonked out until I was rudely awakened in the middle of the night by the guards and three well endowed nurses.

I came awake lying naked in front of them and one of the nurses was expertly fondling my balls. I could barely think since I was essentially still asleep...and merely layed there for whatever they had in mind. The other nurse had a small case from which she removed a wierd looking device obviously intended for milking.

She held my nuts firmly in one hand as the other nurses raised my legs up and back to insert a long vibrator up my ass. "Time for your midnight extraction", one of them said derisively, "You just lay there and spread your asscheeks for us and we'll do the rest."

The dildo was attached to the suction unit and after they forced it all the way up my butthole they lowered my legs and slid the high tech suction device over my hard pecker. I had reached a stage where I actually didn't remember what it was like not to have a raging hardon. Ironically there had been times when I would have done anything for a major boner...but now it was all that I knew.

I was so highly addicted to ejaculation at this point that it had become like heroin to me...probably not a bad comparison.

The dildo was apparently tuned to blend with the sucker and both would work together to pump the viscous wad of dicksnot from my overly active balls.I remembered being told that wet dream cum was richer in elements...and they were harvesting the fruits of my labor now.

The nurses were having their fun with me and the two guards grinned in amusement as the milking progressed. "You been jacking off all day stud?", said one of the knockout pretty women in white..."You've been beating your meat for years and now you're getting more than you'd like aren't you?"

There were a pair of metal cups also attached to the machine and they popped my nuts into them and clamped them with velco so that my balls were isolated and fully enveloped.

"Ok lets get this fucking load out and watch this cocksucker squirm." She turned on the suction encasement and a special lubricated sleeve began to silde up and down my stiff peter...slowly milking it up and down. At the same time the vacuum pressure increased dramatically pulling my already long dick up the tube.

The guards moved over and grabbed my legs and hands and held on firmly while I was being drained of my semen, and I soon discovered why when my pecker was sucked so far up the tube that I yelped in pain. I felt a sudden tingling in my balls and soon my testicles began to tighten up painfully.

My nuts were being squeezed and released in rhythm to the other parts of the device and it became quite uncomfortable as the minutes passed.

"No you can't cum yet you dick jerking fuck...not until the machine allows you to." The pretty blond nurse was pulling on my balls as they were squeezed and put her face right down next to mine. "Now you know why we call this the ball buster", she grinned, sarcastically, "you don't mind a little pain do you?"

"Open your mouth you ignorant fuck!", she breathed..."open wide and keep it open until we tell you otherwise." I did as I was told and spread my jaws to the fullest, holding that way as the painful session progressed.

The nurse then bent over and spit in my mouth...depositing a large dollop of saliva there...and I would have retched if I had not been occupied with the other things being done to me. She grinned wickedly as the other nurses did the same...slowly leaning over me as they dribbled globs of their spit in my wide open oral cavity.

They did this several times and I could feel the mass of saliva drowning my tongue. Then the nurse deftly pulled the vibrating dildo out of my ass and shoved it in my mouth...rubbing it around inside.

They were taking great pleasure in my degradation...they knew how to humiliate me...they were quite expert at it. I knew that I needed to cum desperately, but couldn't, and felt the extreme pressure building up in my engorged balls.

My long pecker was extended much beyond 10 inches, and as the machine stroked me faster and faster my pisshole became distended and my cockhead much larger than it's normal size.

I yelled in pleasure-pain as my tortured balls approached their absolute limit, and just then the nurse flipped a switch and the machine released my orgasm into the large tube. I screamed outloud as I pumped out hot seminal fluid, looking up at the face of the smiling fired out in thick spurts as I jerked and yelped with each one...I felt like every ounce of liquid was being sucked from my body...and the intensity of the orgasms were mind numbing and very painful.

I had swallowed the mouthful of spit...and hadn't even noticed in my cataclysmic eruption of steaming dickwad.

The device collected the hot semen in a container as it pumped out...and finally it stopped...leaving my balls large red sacks of inflammed tissue.

I layed there quivering, in shock, as they took the equipment off...and the guards released my limbs and stood back smiling in awe.

They left me there...shaking from trauma...and soon I was alone again in the darkness, unable to comprehend what had been done to me. Falling asleep took quite awhile...but I was so tired that I eventually drifted off into a profound slumber.


I was allowed to sleep longer the next morning...and didn't wake up until well past two in the afternoon. I was pretty much back to my normal self again after a large breakfast and powerful supplements. I had developed an extreme capacity for usage, and by three in the afternoon when they came for me again, my balls were filled to the brim.

The nurse hypnotist had begun referring to the whacking room as the 'cubicle of shame', and only added to my sense of humiliation, which was already full blown.

I don't know what she had been telling me under hypnosis every day...and frankly I didn't want to know at this point. Once strapped in to my 'work' chair, I awaited the next visit, scarcely knowing what it might bring.

The door opened and I was forced to look, by my curiousity...and was stunned to the bone by the next female to enter. It was a gorgeous moviestar...I couldn't for the life of me think of her name...but she was so hot I trembled in disbelief. She wore a very tight skirt, and sat down carefully...smiling broadly at me as her perfect body shifted in the chair.

I sat there speechless as I flipped my dick back and forth and stroked it, and she leaned over to me, her makeup perfectly applied...her perfume intoxicating...and her tits standing out magnificently.

"I make visits here occasionally"..she whispered..."when I want to see some lowlife male degraded and abused. I can't tell you how disgusting you look sitting there playing with poor disgusting pig."

"Whenever you look up and see me on the movie screen from now'll cringe, and know that I think you're a piece of shit...and nothing will ever change that. Now with your dick for me...and look me in the eye while you're doing it."

"Look at you...naked and jerking off to a movie star...and knowing that you disgust me fully." "Now beat it faster fuckface...I want to see your hand moving...very rapidly. I want to see you penis ejaculate...and watch the nasty cum accumulate in the little bowl." "Oh yes", she purred, let me give you my autograph."

She had me to stop for a moment while she took out her ballpoint pen and signed her name on the head of my cock. It hurt, and she was rough doing it, but soon her name was scribbled all over my penis head, and even into my pisshole.

"Now jackoff pig...I've got a very special treat for you."

She stood up and turned her rear toward me, and pulled up her dress. "You keep on beating that thing", she grunted, "and I'm going to give you a little ride down hershey highway. She pulled down her panties and spread her hairy asscrack for me, and backed up until it rested over my nose.

She'd just had a bowel movement not long ago and it was very apparent. "Now you lick my asshole clean pig, and I'll let you eat a fart". I was beyond reacting now and just did as she said...still in a state of shock. I shoved my tongue out and tasted her dark bunghole. There was a thin layer of shitcream, and I licked it off as I made loud slurping sounds.

"How does my shit taste pig?", she groaned. "This is what I think of you...a dirty shiteating son-of-a-bitch!" "Now you clean my back hole and swallow it all, and I mean clean." "MMMMMMMMMM...that's a good piggie piggie!"

"I'd better see a shit ring around your mouth fuckface...a nice thick shit ring."

I slurped and lapped and just as I was delving my tongue deep up her asshole to clean it out...I popped my load, squirting a thick stream of hot scum into the dish...I grunted and moaned as I got my nuts off while swallowing a small glob of shit from deep inside her anus. She farted at the same time and blew a kiss over my tongue and into my mouth.

She laughed outloud and wiped her ass several times on some toilet paper nearby.

She threw the soiled tissues into a small trash can , pulled up her panties, slid her skirt down and sat before me again. She grinned widely as she examined me. "Nice shit stain around your mouth pig!", she grunted, "just the way I like it!" She waved her hand at me..."Open!" Involuntarily I jerked my mouth wide open and stared at her.

She peered inside ate my shit didn't you ate quite a bit of my shit!" "You're a disgusting bastard!"

She got close again and I could smell her expensive perfume. "I'll remember you piggie...everytime I take a crap...see you in the movies." She laughed and exited quickly...leaving me sitting there with my dick in my hand. The cleanup nurse was quick to do her job, and soon I was refreshed again,with a new collection dish in place. It was four in the afternoon...and I was scheduled for a few more female visitors.

I probably wouldn't even be consious of mind was reeling with amazement...and shame.

Tomorrow would bring me that much closer to my release. It's all I thought about would I ever readust to the outside world...the hundred grand would help though for sure. It might take years to reacclimate, but I would do it, no problem. The experience of a lifetime...incredible, how could such a thing happen to anybody?

I had now been incarcerated at Journey's End for five months, and my whole life had been changed beyond what I could have imagined. I could not bring myself to think of the remaining seven months. I felt like I had reached my absolute limit already...but this mattered little, since I had not even completed half of my contract here.


Four weeks had passed since I began my ordeal in the special usage wing...masterbating constantly in front of attractive women, strangers, and sometimes women who were familiar to me, and my growing shame pleased the nurses to no end since I was producing generous amounts of their dam E-11 extract.

I couldn't stand to hear that name anymore, and tried to close my mind to the high doses of humiliation given me in close quarters by women whose primary motivation was monetary gain and a powerful sexual need for the use of men.

I had received several night time extractions by a sadistic group of women who took great pleasure in degrading me, and painfully forcing every drop of semen from my testes, while I was half asleep. Supposedly this was 'wet dream' cum, very high in their desired components.

Finally one morning I was visited by the head nurse and told that I was to be transferred to another wing right away. Needless to say I was beside myself with joy...and didn't want to think of what had been done to my poor psyche, as well as my dick and balls, over the past few weeks.

I was allowed to dress before transfer...a rare treat, since I had been naked since the day I came into Journey's End. My familiar clothing felt terrific, and though my hands were always bound behind me, I felt a bit more like a human being. We walked for quite awhile through the complex, and finally approached a reception area, and were checked in by the pretty nurse at the desk.

After a long walk down a hallway we entered an inner reception area and I was assigned a cell and basic toiletries. I was taken to my cell and locked in...they didn't say anything about what would happen next, and to tell the truth my stomach was doing flip flops worrying about what my fate would be here.

While I was in my cell my hands were generally free, usually secured only when I left for some assigned task.

I awoke when the head nurse and an assistant came in...I sat on the side of the bed rubbing my eyes and was getting quite hungry by now. The nurses were cold and one of them held a small tray, swab, and hypodermic needle. I stood immediately, not wanting to aggravate the situation and possibly make things worse.

The head nurse looked at me intently, her hands on her hips. "Roll up your sleeve please," she whispered, "we must give you an injection." I did so quickly, my stomach in a turmoil now, and the other pretty nurse expertly swabbed my arm and jabbed the needle in, injecting the clear fluid inside.

I felt an intense warmth...and was becoming quite excited, knowing that it was some kind of aphrodisiac they had given me. My dick was hard, as usual, and the head nurse reached down and pinched it, making me flinch. "You have an appointment with the higher ups," she said quietly, "you will meet the women who run this place. I'd suggest that you be on your best behavior, and do precisely as you're told."

"After you return I will personally oversee your next duties at Journey' s End."

They left and two guards came in and cuffed me again, and we walked down a carpeted hallway past many office doors and finally into a large conference room at the end. There were five women there, sitting around a circular conference table, and I was escorted to the center, near them, as they looked at me with benevolence. They seemed very cordial, and I felt at ease, hoping that I could make a few points that might affect my treatment here.

They had papers before them and were glancing at these, and at me as they read. Finally the woman who seemed to be senior here spoke. "We're so happy to have you visit us...we've studied your record and are quite pleased with your performance."

I trembled, trying desperately not to irritate them, and managed a quiet, "Thank you mam," shifting to my other foot as I looked at them with humility.

"You have given us large quantities of E-11," she murmured, "as you know this is an extremely valuable element to us. And also extremely have no idea how much it is worth." She looked briefly at the other attractive women, who were smiling gently at me. "There are five other elements quite valuable to us...I won't bother you with their names...and they each require a different approach during...", she paused briefly, "extraction."

"For now we must change your schedule, to concentrate on these. And also because you have become adjusted to your present treatment, and your output of E-11 has diminished noticably."

"The wing you are in now will focus on two of these elements...and I'm afraid you must be compelled to undergo the appropriate extraction techniques." She looked slyly at me, and to the others there..."Don't be too depressed," she grinned, "you may begin to enjoy yourself if you give it some time."

She looked at my record again, and back up to me. "You have seven months until your release, and your $100,000. Won't that be wonderful?", she said, looking again at the other women. "I assure you that our former inmates usually adjust quite well on the outside, after a time, of course."

"As for now...and since we are finished with our basic business...we would like to let you enjoy this visit a bit...and give us a sample of your seminal fluid...for special analysis." The women grinned knowingly at each other. One of the other women spoke, her beautiful glossed lips moving slowly as she shifted and moved forward. "Our reports indicate that you are a that correct?," she said, licking her lips.

They waited for me to speak, and I finally gathered the courage, looking from one to the other of them, embarrassed at her unexpected question. "No I'm not!", I said..."I...ah...I've had it forced on me mam...I had no choice."

She grinned widely and looked down at her hands..."We understand," she said, "our techniques here can be quite strenuous in some respects...but I'm afraid we must think of our science first, as well as our investors."

Another of the women spoke, almost apologizing for my discomfort..."We're sorry that you cannot jackoff while by yourself...we know it must be quite difficult for you. Of course you...I think we all agree that you have been able to stoke off recently to your hearts content in our special usage area."

I looked at her, and then down, averting my eyes. "yes mam," was all that came out, though I wanted to vent my real feelings on the matter.

The head lady smiled and pushed a dish toward me, similar to the one that I had filled on my entry interview. "Ok," she whispered, lets have a little fun. Please drop your trousers and shorts."

I looked at them, actually quite aroused by now from the injection, and undid my belt and pants and pulled them down to my feet. Then I pulled my shorts all the way down and stood there, a very pronounced erection bouncing up and down dripping cum.

They looked with pleasure at my hard cock...and up at me expectantly, and the head lady spoke again...her voice slightly choked with lust. "Play with your peter please," she grunted. I was very horny by now and put my hand down and massaged my balls and began to jerk off slowly forcing the skin up and down as I looked at them. I stopped and flipped my rock hard pecker back and forth, as I had done to all the other women, and I could tell that they enjoyed embarrassing me as well.

I began jacking off faster, and took the elongated dish and held it under my pecker, looking intently at the leering women as I neared orgasm. I felt an intense wave of pleasure shock my dick and balls and grunted...and a massive streamer of hot cum splattered into the center of the dish. I held my pecker downward so that the huge ejaculation would accumulate in the receptacle...and jerked forward five or six times...making strange noises as I evacuated my balls.

The thick scum quickly filled the dish, as layer after layer of steaming semen poured downward...and soon I stood there shaking, my legs wobbling, as I held the dishful of the white creamy scuzz.

The women were breathing heavily now...obviously aroused by the show, and licked their lips in enjoyment. They looked from the dish to me...and back to the dish...and the head lady smiled knowingly at me...telling me what they wanted. One of them finally spoke..."Drink your fucking cum please!'

I looked at her, then to the others...I really didn't want to do this but knew that I must not antagonize these women especially...and raised the dish to my lips as some dribbled down my fingers. They were delighted when the first streamer of cum poured into my mouth...I held my mouth open and poured the whole mess in, and it ran down my chin and chest, dropping to my shorts and pants below.

I looked from one to the other as I began to swallow it..and cum oozed out of my mouth as I gulped the nasty goo. Soon I had eaten it all and stood there with the dish in my hand, cum dripping from my nose and chin. "Good fucking job!'" said the head lady..."Good fucking job!"

"Take him back," she said to the guards...and to me, a very polite..."Thank you for your time." The women left and I pulled up my shorts and pants and buckled them, and was escorted back to my cell.


Once back in my cell dinner was brought to me and I enjoyed a good meal. After a shower I slept again...hoping I could get some rest while I had the time.

I awoke with the head nurse and two guards standing beside my bed.

"I want you to strip for me please...take your shorts off and put your hands behind you."

I quickly got up and pulled my shorts looked like my time wearing clothing was over, at least for the forseeable future.I stood as a guard cuffed me again, and they led me down the hallway lined with treatment rooms. We went into what looked like a doctors examination room and I froze in terror...when I saw the torture devices. "Oh please, not this"...I jabbered, as a guard gripped my hanging balls.

There were two nurses there and they quickly stuffed a ball gag in my mouth, and the guards strapped me into a fixture by force. I was kneeling doggie style on a treatment table, and they strapped me in tightly as the nurses brought over a stainless steel tray filled with instruments.

The head nurse stood in front of me and pulled my chin up as she talked. "I'm afraid we have the task of producing certain elements in your semen...and you have no choice but to endure it. "Pain will make you give us what we what...controlled pain. In time you will be able to ejaculate merely from pain." I was still highly aroused from the aphrodisiac and my pecker was hard again, dripping cum.

A nurse rolled an extraction masterbater up behind me, and they attached it to my hard prick. Then they attached metal stimulation cups around my balls. I'd hoped by my good behavior I would avoid this but they were not to be trusted. If they knew a way to produce what they wanted...they would use it ruthlessly. The head nurse sat behind me as the other nurses watched.

She pulled on her latex gloves and smeared a lubricant on her finger and stuck it up my asshole, shoving deep inside, coating the entire inner surface.

I was sick with fear as she continued but knew I could do nothing. I could hear her doing something behind me but I had no idea what. And then I felt a cold metal probe being forced slowly up my ass. It was wide enough to cause me pain as she forced it in and she shoved it all the way up my rectum.

The nurses were behind me assisting her and the masterbator began to move...sliding smoothly up and down, from the tip of my cock to the base in a rythmic motion. It was incredibly stimulating and I would have ejaculated except for the electronic damper that they had attached to the base of my balls to prevent it.

I felt a current tingling all the way up my asshole and it became stronger with time. She was slowly increasing the current and soon my whole rectum stung with an internal pain. The sting became more intense very shortly, and the sharp pain became unbearable as I pulled desperately against the straps.

I yelled through the ballgag trying to endure the sharp sting tearing my insides but I began to quiver from the trauma, and soon I was sweating and shaking uncontrollably. The jackoff tube moved more rapidly now, as the cruel torture continued...and I desperately needed to cum, but couldn't.

The pain was sharp and regular and before long I could think of nothing but the whole world was the firey metal dildo up my rear. I yelled against the ballgag as tears ran from my eyes, and she must have released the damper because my balls exploded in the most intense orgasm I had experienced so far.

The cum was squirting from me uncontrollably, driven by the sharp, continuing agony...and the cruel suck device milked my weiner with complete efficiency...making my nuts tighten and release every drop of their stored semen.

Suddenly the pain in my ass ended and I lay there shaking and inner rectum fried from the electric current.

"There now that wasn't so bad was it," she said, forcing some kind of ointment up my ass..."We're going to have a special kind of relationship aren't must try to enjoy the pain...I must do many things to you...but you will come to like it in time if you try...believe me."

She pulled the dildo out and the nurses released me from the rest of the attachments and I was put into a wheelchair and taken back to my cell.

The ointment soon relieved the hurt and the supplements and pain killers worked quickly also. The pain was only useful in the treatment rooms, evidently, and at least I could escape it during the rest of the day.


I should have been terrified...but I was so abused by now that I had developed a shell around my fear...and learned that I must make the best of my situation, whatever it was. This probably wouldn't last long, however, the jackoff humiliation lasted four weeks. I felt like they might be experimenting more than anything, and that other less fearsome methods would be used as my time here ticked away.

I had to retain my sanity...and make whatever adjustments were necessary to that end. It was a matter of survival...just as life is a matter of survival.

I now found myself in the kind of situation that I had desperately tried to avoid after my first encounter with the torture nurses.

In this case, however, the pain inflicted on me was for the purpose of producing unique chemicals in my semen greatly valued by the  owners of Journey's End.  I had flashbacks of my ordeal of the day before while trying to sleep...and I was very stressed and terrorized by the thought of more such treatments.

I was secured to my bed now, and had to ring for the guards to release me to go to the bathroom.  They always watched me as I relieved myself, and cuffed me to the bed again after I had finished.  Apparently they believed that in my agitated state I might try to escape when they entered the room, and wanted to make sure that I was there and available when they wanted me.

They gave me medication to calm me, and it seemed to help significantly.  The terror and fear were greatly diminished, and I was able to function when not in the treatment rooms.  I finally managed to fall asleep, after a few hours of insomnia, and was awakened early the next morning when breakfast was brought to me.

The staff said nothing while taking care of my needs...and their professional demeaner, I'm sure, must have been demanded by their superiors as a matter of course.  I couldn't speak to them either, unless requested to do so, and I felt a deep lonliness and dread least in the other wings I was given the courtesy of civil conversation, and some kind of meaningful communication.

The guards released me to shower, and after I had finished, I lay once again on my bed cuffed by the ankle to the frame.  I  watched television, and the wonderful view of the outside world was a lifesaver, and helped me maintain my sense of sanity and  equilibrium.  An hour after breakfast the nurses came to give me a small shotglass of a powerful aphrodisiac, and I continued watching TV as drank down the bitter fluid.

Within minutes I was in the throes of intense sexual arousal...and when the nurses and guards came to take me to a treatment room...I shuddered with lust and my cock was rock hard, totally beyond my control. I lost it and pulled back when they tried to get me up, and gripped the bedframe tightly and wouldn't let go, but soon one of the guards brandished a taser and threatened to shock me if I did't go with them.

I let them pull me up and put me in the wheelchair...and once my arms were strapped in we rolled down the long hallway to a door near the end.  Two nurses were standing with the door open waiting for us, and soon I was pushed inside and the door closed. They were taking me to and from the treatment rooms now in a wheelchair, obviously a much more efficient method than for me to try to walk  in my state.

This room also contained special 'treatment' devices, different in some respects from the other room I had been in, but just as terrifying to me.  A guard quickly put a ball gag in my mouth and pulled it tight, and they extracted me bodily from the wheelchair  while squeezing my balls, and strapped me into what looked like a strange kind of dentists chair.

My ankles were strapped tightly and pulled apart, and my legs were strapped in near my knees.  Straps were fastened over my wrists and arms and around my chest.  My head was secured back against a padded headrest so that I was completely immobile. 

My stomach was queasy from dread, and I watched intently as they prepared me for whatever they had in mind.

There were two guards, and three nurses in the room, including the head nurse...and her cold, efficient manner made me even more afraid.  They pulled over a suction device, one that I hadn't seen before, and placed it standing over my erect penis.

All of them wore latex surgical gloves and one of the nurses squirted a glob of lubricant onto her fingers and applied it up and down my erect dick, jacking it off until it stood out rock hard. She flipped it back and forth a few times and then pushed the device down over my cockhead, and slowly forced it down until it tightly engulfed my whole penis. 

The base of my cock was gripped firmly by the lower opening of the suction device, and this made my erection even more pronounced than before.

Another nurse attached cardiac leads to my chest in two locations, and these led to a readout screen showing information about my heartbeat and rate.

The head nurse sat next to me as they worked.  "You did very well during our first session," she said softly, "You're producing a high quantity of our target element."  "You must try to relax and go with whatever happens," she murmured, gently squeezing my balls..."it will go easier for you, I promise you."  "You'll soon discover some interesting new relelations about pain...and I will help to guide you as we progress."

One of the pretty nurses then took out a small hypodermic needle and drew in a tiny quantity of a clear liquid from a vial.  She pushed out a droplet of the fluid and sat next to me.

I watched with panic as she swabbed the head of my cock with alcohol and lowered the needle down to the tip of my penis. As my eyes bulged out in fear, she slowly began to insert the needle into the extremely sensitive tissue surrounding my pisshole. It stung sharply and as she slowly injected a tiny quantity of liquid under the skin the pain increased several times over.  I pulled against the straps and yelled through the ballgag squirming in torment. By the time she had inserted the needle several times I was sweating profusely and groaning in pain.

When she finished she swabbed with alocohol again and the head nurse took a long, thin, and hollow metal tube and smeared it generously with a clear paste...then she began to insert it into my open pisshole.  She shoved it in slowly and the needle sharp pain bit my urethra again, and I grunted and heaved as the stainless steel instrument was inserted all the way up my long dick.

I was breathing in gasps by the time she had it in all the way, and she attached a rubber tube to the end which lead into the suction device.

The inside surface of the sucker began to move up and down my penis slowly, and as the pace quickened she began to turn an electrical  control knob, and a sharp pain shocked my whole penis, from top to bottom.  I stiffened in the chair, pulling involuntarily against the thick leather straps.

I could hear an electric motor running, and the suction tube inside my dick created a vacuum that pulled on the inner walls of my sensitive urinary passage. The sleeve was moving up and down faster now, and I was screaming in pain as she turned the current to ever higher levels, and she got close to me and looked into my eyes as I huffed in agony.  She wiped my forehead with a towel and whispered softly to me as I convulsed in torment, and a strange feeling came over me, and I made an indescribale sound, and  jerked violently, and expelled an enormous load of semen up the sucking tube. 

As I rolled my head back and forth and pumped my hips upward, I could see the thick white cream  move up the transparent rubber tubing and into a collector, sucking the cum right out of my balls. 

"That's it sugar...go with it...go with it!," she breathed, "that's it hon, clean out those nasty balls real good!"  She was enjoying this emmensely, and as she massaged my draining nuts she breathed into my face an inch away.

The sucking continued and I jerked violently several more times expelling even more semen into the vacuum tube.  I looked at the head nurse's face close to mine and she continued her obscene encouragement...her eyes blazing with obvious lust.

Finally the agony stopped and I slumped down in the chair unable to move, and barely able to think.  My cock was on fire and the sharp pain made me tremble uncontrollably.  They quickly removed the apparatus and freed my poor dick...the head was red and swollen and my pisshole was thick and rubbery from the incredible abuse.

A nurse gave me an injection, and within moments the pain subsided and I fell into a deep sleep, not to awaken for hours.


I awoke in my bed, feeling quite groggy, but there was little pain, and I felt a wonderful sense of euphoria.  I drifted off into a warm sleep several times during the next several hours...I was allowed to rest as much as I wanted and when I woke up later my breakfast was sitting on a table beside the bed.

I ate voraciously, desperately craving nutrition, and finished off the meal within a short time.  After the nurses had removed the tray, and I'd taken care of my bathroom needs, I lay once again, resting peacefully from the medications they had been giving me.

My dick stung when I pissed, but it was not severe, and the powerful drugs had relieved most of the pain.

The head nurse came in while I was watching TV, and there was another nurse with her...very cute and with a well formed ass, and they sat on the bed next to me.  The head nurse pulled up my blankets and produced a long cotton swab with a thick cream on the tip.

She gently gripped my dick, and stroked it slowly making it begin to harden...and as the other nurse looked on she gently shoved the tip around and into my pisshole.  I flinched at first, but as the cream was inserted into my dick the pain went away, and was replaced with, actually, quite a pleasant feeling.

She removed it and covered it in tissue and smiled slightly at me.


"I want to see this young lady suck your cock," she said, looking at the pretty young woman...she enjoys sucking cock and you're going to get a blowjob whether you want it or not."  She moved closer to me...gently squeezing my balls..."I'll bet you won't mind at all will you?." 

She moved back a bit and looked at the nurse.  The young woman grinned and put her hand around my penis, and with her other hand gently massaged my nuts.  She wiped my penis completely clean of the salve with a cloth, and even cleaned out my cockhole.

My dick was becoming hard by now...not requiring much stimulation for that result, and it soon stood out erect and draining as she slowly jacked it off.  "The gorgeous nurse looked at my dick as she masterbated me, and licked her glossy red lips.  She spoke softly, not looking at me.

"I'm a cocksucker," she moaned,  "what do you think about that?"  The head nurse was enjoying it all and looked from one to the other of us with a muted smile on her face.  "I'm a dirty little cocksucker and I'm going to give you a blowjob and I want you to cum in my mouth so I can swallow it."

I layed back a bit, closed my eyes, and held my head to the side waiting in anticipation.  The cute nurse put her head down between my legs and began licking my swollen pecker.   She lapped her soft tongue all around the head and up and down making it stand out hard and dripping.  She pulled my balls out and began licking them, and soon was sucking each nut clean.

The young woman was becoming quite aroused by now and began to breath heavily as she sucked my balls.  She shoved her mouth over my dickhead and moved downward, and my prick slid all the way  into her throat.  I groaned in pleasure and trembled as she began sucking my cock...her pretty head bobbed in and out, and her hot tongue licked my dick as she sucked it.

The head nurse looked at me as I got my blowjob, and she was enjoying the sight, moving down to get a closer look as the pretty woman vacuumed my stiff pecker.  The cute nurse was masterbating herself as she ate dick, and I could smell her womanhood, which made me ever hornier.

She sucked harder and faster now and was moaning in pleasure as she did her obscene form of fellatio...and within a short time I tightened in pleasure, and jerked upward, my face twisted in a powerful orgasm.

I pumped several heavy wads of scum into the cute cocksuckers mouth, and she stopped and gulped it as it oozed out from between her lips.  My hot semen bubbled out from her mouth and dripped on the sheet as she swallowed it, and I continued lurching upward expelling more dickwad into her mouth. 

She looked at me as she ate the mess, her eyes glazed over... wanting me to enjoy her degradation and pleasure, and I could see the thick cum flow down her throat as she gulped. 

In a few minutes my dick was spent, and she let it flop out of her mouth as she continued to hold my balls in her hand.  She was consumed with lust and licked her lips, cleaning all around her mouth, and hot slime covered her beautiful face, and dripped from her chin as she tried to eat it. 

She was actually quite embarrassed as I stared at her in pleasure, and wiped her mouth off grinning shyly at me.  The head nurse seemed pleased with the blowjob and wiped my dick off thoroughly.  "I'm afraid the little cocksucker gets carried away at times," she said, as she finished cleaning my cock and balls..."but you didn't mind at all did you?" 

She and the nurse got up and left, and I was allowed a few days rest after that...time to recouperate physically and mentally.


I didn't want to think about future sessions in the treatment rooms...but there was nothing I could do about it...and for just a moment I remembered my orgasm during the severe pain...and the  very real and intense pleasure that I had experienced along with the hurt.  I had no doubt that the pain had made me ejaculate a lot more powerfully, and I didn't want to think about becoming addicted to something so unpleasant and bizarre...but anything was possible here in this strange place.

After a few days of healing I was visited by the head nurse again...and as the two guards stood nearby she sat on my bed and pulled the covers back revealing my semihard penis. Her hand slipped down and she pulled my peter firmly, and kneaded my large balls between her fingers.

"Well...we have made great progress during the past few treatments, and I would love to continue your molding in the unique world of sensory abuse ejaculation...but I'm afraid you are to be taken from my special care unit to another location.  You will serve the lovely technicians in nurse training and medical research where I'm sure your body will be used to optimum advantage.

"Should you return here at a future date before you are released from Journey's End we will continue the work that I've done with you so far.  Actually we had just begun...I have secret treatment rooms known only to the owners...where you would experience truly obscene and painful usage of your penis and testes...and with our advanced hypnotic would soon ejaculate for us merely by the application of unbearable genital trauma."

"But...I must do what I am told...and must release you now.  The guards will now transport you to the Med-Training wing."  She flipped my pecker back and forth until cum oozed out.  I'd like to jack you off now but they need your semen in Med. I know your balls need release...they will do it there."

The guards released me and they strapped me naked in the wheelchair and rolled me out the door and down the hallway.  My sense of relief was so intense that I was filled with the special kind of joy that could be experienced only here at Journey's End upon release from a dreaded extraction experience.

The ride, escorted by two guards took a full fifteen minutes, and after riding on two elevators, and entering two separate security areas, I arrived at Med-Train.

The area seemed pleasant enough as far as accomodations were concerned, but the staff was also cold and aloof here...and I actually felt more like a nameless sextoy than in any area so far.  I dreaded what they might do to me here also, but in my mind, at least I had escaped another ordeal, and I was that much closer to my freedom. 

I dreamed of freedom every waking hour, and also in my dreams...and I cursed the day I had volunteered to come here.  I had no possible conception of what ejaculation meant before entering here.  I had jacked off to numbness in past years,  when younger, but that was quite simply a drop in the ocean, compared to what I had been  subjected to here.  I wondered if my sex life would ever be normal again after this place...if so it would take a long healing period.


I was taken to my room and they secured me naked to my bed, as before, and after a full meal and special supplements, I slept for several hours. When I awoke I rang for the guards to take care of my toilet needs, and the guards watched me closely as I did my business.  I flushed immediately, rather than risk their anger, and I sat wiping myself as they looked on.

When I finished they attached me to the bed again and I watched TV for awhile...wishing desperately that I were somewhere else. It was about four in the afternoon when two nurses and two guards came in, and turned the TV off.  One of the nurses spoke to me as the others looked on.  She was obviously in charge and her very tight uniform accentuated her perfect ass and well formed tits.

She was blond and had short hair, and was about in her early thirties. she had one of the prettiest faces I'd ever seen.  She was very serious and pulled back the covers revealing my large cock and balls. 

"You will be here an indeterminate period of time...and I sincerely hope that we will receive complete cooperation from you at all times and without a moments hesitation."  She sat on the bed and gripped my hardening prick firmly, and pulled on my balls with her other hand.  My cum drained onto her hand but she didn't seem to mind, and she fondled my swollen nuts, pulling them apart for individual manipulation.

"You're prime for ejaculation I can see..."  She glanced at the other nurse and spoke as she left the room.   "Prep him and bring him to training room 17...we have a 4:30 class scheduled."  She glanced at me coldly as she left, and her look chilled me to the bone.  I dreaded being under her care, and trembled slightly as the other nurse produced a plastic shotglass of a clear liquid.  It was a hybrid of cantharides, or spanish fly, I had discovered over time, and was at least twice as effective, and had other nasty mind altering drugs to facilitate their obscene activities.

I downed it and it was actually quite tasty and had a sweet licorice flavor.  It acted immediately, and I tensed up, and a hot flash of sexual pressure fell over me.  My dick sprung to life and was rock hard in a few minutes, and I began to breath heavily, experiencing an intense sexual arousal, even more so than I had before here.

I became desperately horny and the guards released me, and with tasers drawn strapped me to a waiting wheelchair.  I was in a frenzy of lust as they rolled me to an adjacent area, and soon I was pushed into a waiting space, immediately behind some kind of classroom.  I could hear the blond nurse speaking to the class, but could not make out exactly what she was saying.

In ten minutes she came back and motioned for the guards to bring me in. 

We entered a small classroom, and there appeared to be at least twenty nursing students watching me intently as I was wheeled to the center staging area.  The students were actually closer than in most classrooms, so that the front row was barely five feet away.  The seats were formed in a semicircular pattern, with the staging area at it's focus.  They all had notebooks and cassette recorders, and many were using a video camera as well.

I was taken from the wheelchair and while in a standing position had my ankles secured by straps so that my legs were wide apart.  A stationary fixture was installed behind me to eyelets in the floor. It was metal, waist high, and followed the outline of my legs,  leaving my crouch area wide open. A strap was pulled around my hips from it and tightened.  My hands were bound behind me to the fixture, and a stainless steel rolling cart was brought  contained various kinds of instruments...many of which were new to me.

The pretty nurse spoke to the class while the equipment was installed.

"Alright class...we are going to cover basic procedure here at Journey's End, and I want you to take comprehensive notes and observe everything carefully."  "This is what is known at Journey's End as an SPU, or semen production unit.  It is an object to be used for semen extraction, as well as entertainment on selected occasions.  It is not allowed to speak at any time unless requested to do so...under penalty of severe cock and ball torture.

"It volunteered to come here...and is under a legal physical force mandate to be used here each day.  It has a one year contract that cannot broken, and must complete the tour with no other alternative.  It will received $100,000 tax free, at the end of it's you can see that our SPU's are well paid for their services."

"Today I want you just to observe and take notes and no questions please unless I request them.  She sat on a rolling stool beside me and gripped my penis firmly, pulling outward on the fantastically erect member.  She slapped it lightly back and forth and gripped each of my balls separately and kneaded them as she pulled downward.

"There are over three hundred SPU's at Journey's End...ranging in age from 20 to 72.  Most of them fall within the age group of from 20 to 45.  Males who are fully viable sexually with no other problems are accepted here...regardless of age, within parameters, of course."

"You are allowed to fuck the SPU's at any time you desire,or use them in any way not physically damaging, as long as you follow our guidelines, and do not interfere with our constant semen extraction activities.  Semen taken from these men is broken down into many constituents...and a large number of substances are considered valuable to our owner staff."

"We do indepth research with the large amount of seminal fluid produced here, and we develop new and revolutionary kinds of aphrodisiacs and medical drugs in the process, among many other things.  There are five elements considered to be of utmost importance to the facility, and we cultivate these ingredients using special extraction methods designed for each element."

"An SPU's seminal output increases dramatically during the first few months here, and they must be milked several times a day after that.  The SPU's balls increase output by over five hundred percent within three months."

"As you can see there is also major pecker growth,  this cock has grown drastically in five months...and now is almost 12 inches long while erect.  You can see the wonderful size of this peter and balls for yourself...and I will soon deminstrate the fantastic volume of cum that is expelled during ejaculation."

"Personally I prefer to have my SPU's tied down while I fuck them...that I way I have complete control and can do most anything I want.  I always make them eat their own cum out of my vagina is quite erotic to watch, and is usually quite a large quantity for them to endure." 

"Of course you may do what pleases you if you become employed here full time...this job has many, many perks, in addition to the large salary, that are not obvious at first glance.  At times the SPU may be forced to suck cock...especially as a punishment...and in fact this SPU had done so twice, ingesting the semen on each occasion.  I must tell you though that the SPU has no choice, and can be manually forced to do anything at all at the pleasure of the directing staff.

She looked up at me while she was talking, and paused for effect.  I was mortified, but was so inflamed with lust that I could think of little else.

Some members of the class snickered lightly, but were attentive once again as the class progressed.

She pinched my left nut uncomfortably, and looked up at me as she spoke:  "you will maintain full eye contact with all members of the class and open yourself completely to us...and you will eliminate all pride and self esteem."  She glanced briefly at the class...and back to me.  "Nod if you understand!" 

I was experiencing an intense embarrassment, having the whole class staring at me like I were under a microscope, and the pretty nurse seemed intent on removing every layer of cover to my vulnerable inner world, and self worth.  I had never experienced anything quite like it and I felt an overwhelming sense of profound shame and degradation.

"As you noticed class I will be using the most obscene kind of language while, and this inhances it's sexual arousal significantly."

She then brought up a cart from behind and put a small oblong metal pan with liquid in it under my hanging balls.  She pulled gently but firmly down on them for a short time and then placed the pan on a platform directly underneath so that my testes dropped down and were fully submerged in a warm liquid.

I was panting now and semen dripped from my engorged dick. I tensed for a second when the fluid engulfed my balls but soon relaxed and my arousal was only amplified by the dunking.  The nurse continued to pull down on my testicles into the wonderfully warm liquid and massaged them while they were submerged. 

She left them hanging there, and wiped her hands off speaking to the class once again.  I could feel the liquid begin to get warmer and soon my exposed nuts were tingling with a slight discomfort from the heat.

"I'm going to warm it's balls a bit facilitate a more copious ejaculation load in a few minutes.  It's stones are very large and must be milked almost hourly at this point."

"Also I must introduce a mild electric current and microvibration to it's balls, to prime them to optimum readiness.  Then I'm going to have it jack off for likes to jackoff as we have discovered here at Journey's End, and we will let it do it's thing while we closely observe. It has been punished on one occasion in the special treatment wing for jacking off illegally, and I daresay I believe it learned a severe lesson from that experience."

The students were taking careful notes, and the video cameras were running...but from time to time some of them spoke to one another, covertly...smiling and giggling.

As I stood uncomfortably, my nuts began to vibrate ever so gently, and then I felt the unmistakable tingling of a mild electric current as it saturated and permeated my sagging jewels.

I grunted in pleasure pain as the semi hot liquid did it's work, and soon my balls were quite swollen...even much more than usual.  The pressure in my testicles was intense now, and I knew would explode before long if this continued.

She removed the pan and pulled gently on my low hanging nuts and spoke to the class again.  "Ok class it's balls are about to erupt so I'm going to release one of it's hands to beat off for us.  You won't believe this first fucking load, I'll have to use the special collection pan designed for an overwhelming ejaculation projectile. After the first jackoff, I'll send the semen around for you to examine and smell...yes we use our sense of smell when examining is quite revealing.  When you examine the seminal fluid you will feel the consistancy between your fingers."

"Everyone...of course, must be wearing latex gloves at all times during these sessions for your own protection."  She looked up at me and I began to stroke my very tight hardon, and cum was already dripping into the collection pan she held it in front of my dick.

"Share your handjob with the whole class...I want to see absolute vulnerability from you...don't you dare hide anything from us.  You have no secrets here...none whatever...understood?"  I nodded feebly as I began to wank my long stiff pecker, and I glanced around humbly, degrading myself fully to the staring class of nurses.  I began to get into it, letting myself go completely, pumping my hip muscles as I beat off.  Cum was flinging all over the pan and I quickened my hand motion as my orgasm neared. 

I looked down at the pretty nurse as I whacked off, and she seemed quite amused and focused on humiliating me even more.  She grinned slyly as I approached my limit, and I was actually drooling as my face went flacid, and I grunted with a loud animal sound, and jerked so violently that my head flung backward and I moaned loudly as an enormously thick streamer of viscous paste splattered out of my distended pisshole, hitting the backing on the pan and running in a small white river of slime into the bottom.

I jerked again and again as I looked at the amazed students...and most of them had a wide and astounded smile on their face.

Seven or eight globs of nut cream spat out of my tortured pecker  onto the containment wall, and I could actually feel my balls tighten painfully as they squeezed out every possible drop of seminal scum.

My legs nearly gave out and I hung on the restraint fixture as my cock continued forcing out rivulets of hot liquid.  The small collection container was almost full, and as I milked out the last vestiges of my huge store of ball jazz, I could hear the students chatter quietly to each other.

The cute blond instructor reached over and massaged my sore balls and milked out the last few drops of semen.  Then she passed the container around the room, and each of the student nurses began examining my load.  They rubbed it between their fingers and smelled of it and were talking incessantly as the funky pan of cum was passed to each and every one.

The pan of semen was examined for fifteen minutes, then given several quick chemical tests by the instructor to determine the presence and amount of the five critical elements.  The pretty blond pointed out color changes in the semen samples, and the element involved to produce that color.

"Now...", she said curtly, "we'll examine the second load of cum.  You'll find that there are quantitative as well as qualitative changes in the semen following successive ejaculations."

She fondled my balls again as she looked up at me.  "Ok jerkboy, give us another load of dickwad.  Jack it off again and shoot your load...and don't take all day!"

I immediately began to play with my dick again but found it more difficult to attain a full erection.  I stroked it rapidly looking at the class and as the blond massaged my balls I began to hump my hips again simulating a fucking motion.  I was unable to get my nuts off right away and continued beating off trying desperately to shoot my load as soon as possible.

The little blond was getting irritated by now and squeezed my nuts a bit harder, attempting to relate to me her impatience.  "Get your fucking ass stroking," she grunted, "I want another load right now! If you don't produce I will begin working on your asscheeks with a very sharp needle."  I beat faster now, looking at her...desperate to get another wad out of my dick.

Finally I began to feel my balls tighten and I jacked off faster until once again I jerked and grunted, expelling a pulse of white cream into the pan.  I grunted several times, looking with glazed eyes at the attentive audience as my dick spasmed...milking semen from my sore balls in five or six involuntary spurts, and the white seminal fluid once again accumulated in the pan.  There was, of course, much, less then before, and my prick soon became limp again...having spit the last drops of my seed into the waiting receptacle.

The instructor passed the pan around again, to be thoroughly examined by the twenty female students.  She reminded the class  that the puddle of semen produced was thinner than before, and contained less of it's basic constituents.

Fifteen minutes later the instructor tested it again...and the color results clearly indicated that much less of the five base elements were present.

When she had completed the test she secured my free hand once again to the back fixture and began to pull on my exposed pecker and balls.  She spoke to the audience as she used her hand...and looked up at me with a stern expression on her pretty face.  "I'm going to jack you off myself now, and I expect more semen.  If you don't shoot off again soon I'll cause you severe pain with the needle you see sitting in the alcohol me?"

I looked at her in panic and concentrated on getting my nuts off again.  Her expert hand moved rapidly up and down my semihard dong...and she slapped against my large balls on every down stroke.

She stopped and put a glob of lubricant on her hand and bagan again, even faster, looking up at me.  She looked in my eyes as I stared at her in exhaustion, not sure whether I could unload again or not.

"Come on you fucking asshole, blow your wad again.  You fucking like that don't you...fucking like having your weiner jacked off! Yeah you filthy bastard...spit for me!"  She moved her hand so rapidly it was a blur and I focused my whole mind on blowing my nuts in her skilled grip.


She frowned at me and started jacking my raw pecker off with both of her latex gloved hands.  She gripped it, one fist over the other, and spit out her commands at me as she whacked it at high speed.  You fucking bastard blow your wad for me or I'll shove a needle all the way through your asscheeks!"

I looked at the students, one from the other, as I arched my head back...and was overjoyed when I felt my seed forcing it's way up my abused peter and into the pan.  I moaned very deeply and grunted in extreme pleasure as I spit out my last possible store of seminal fluid, and the small amount that was left sprinkled the bottom of the container and splattered over her hands.

She stopped and wiped the drops of cum off, and pulled down on my aching nuts again.  I tensed up from the pain, barely able to endure her firm grip.

She passed the pan around the room again and after another examination of the sparce amount of dickwad...she tested it one last time, showing the marked loss of most of the five elements with her color test.

She finally ended the class and as the students left I was placed back in my mobile carrier and taken back to my room.  The guards had to hold me up and keep me from falling into the chair. After being secured, I sat there numb and dazed from my hard sexual treatment.


They allowed me to sleep most of the next day...and when I awoke I felt much better.  The special hypo they had given me eliminated my pain and had given me many hours of peaceful rest.

Toward evening the guards and nurses came for me again.  My huge capacity for recovery and reconstitution had restored my usual cum load, and this time I was taken to one of the medical experimentation areas for usage.  This time I was greeted by an older nurse, who appeared to be about in her forties.  She was a redhead, and quite voluptuous, her wonderful body filled out the white uniform to perfection, and her large tits extended outward magnificently.

I soon found out that she was one of the nastiest, most obscene nurses in the whole facility, and that I would be subjected to a special and incredibly horny  kind of sexual usage unique in Journey's End.  One, I dare say, that I would become highly addicted to.

"Take him into the lab please," she murmured to the guards... 

They quickly whisked me into a large laboratory and two nurses there helped place me into a special fixture, sitting, with legs spread, and arms secured behind me. It reminded me of the mini theater that I had been subjected to earlier in my experience here, but was open, and in the center of the lab, and with a number of seats in front of me.

The gorgeous red headed nurse came in and sat before me smiling broadly.  "We specialize in drug experimentation here," she said slowly..."drug experimentation and"...she paused and looked into my eyes..."fucking and sucking."  The two other attractive nurses smiled knowingly and looked down at my nearly erect cock.  My dick was still a bit raw from the last episode, but was, none-the-less, ready and primed for action.

"We develop the most powerful and effective aphrodisiacs in the world I dare say, and you, my fortunate friend are going to help us in our endless quest for the unusual, and the ground breaking.  We have fifty new medications that we are currently working with now, but alas we must have test subjects for our work, many test subjects...and that is where you come in."

"We have discovered that you have the unique physiological makeup that we require here, and therefore we're going to allow you to have a lot of fun, while you are helping us."

"Now..", she said softly, "the same strict rules apply here as in the rest of the complex but...we are a bit more lenient in my lab, and you will be treated in a far more agreeable manner.  Our staff are really quite oversexed and promiscuous, and are, of course, chosen for those very qualities.  We will begin today with an unusual little concoction that shows great promise, and you can give us the personal feedback that will be so valuable to us."

She took out a wierd looking device, quite like an atomizer but with much smaller bulk.  "This little gadget," my well endowed friend, "sprays an invisible mist into the nostrils...that is immediately absorbed and utilized by the body.  We find that this form of drug delivery is much faster and more efficient, and has fewer side effects.  Oh...I must caution you that occasionally we have unforseen side effects, but they are almost always harmless, and are sexual in nature."

"If we are ready ladies, let's begin the experiment."  She placed  two small nozzle ports into my nostrils and pulled the trigger.  I felt an indefinable breeze whifting into my nasal passages, but could detect no odor or liquid of any kind.  "Now don't be afraid, breath in'll like it I promise."

I did a she said and inhaled deeply, and felt a smoothness come over me, a wonderfully nasty erotic feeling, and soon my pecker became fully erect, oozing the usual discharge of sex fluid.

It was a wonderful feeling, and I was soon in the throes of the most pleasant feeling of lust that I could remember.  "Thats it," she breathed, "you like it don't you."   "Now lets install this special condom...and find out what's in your semen."  She slid the specially formed prophylactic over my rock hard prick and smoothed it down until it tightened in and gripped my pecker like skin.

She grinned slyly at me..."We're all just nasty girls here...we like to fuck and suck and do other really filthy things.  Is that ok with you?  My eyes were bright and eager as I nodded my head up and down.  "Good...nurse Debra, would you please sit down here and suck this cock?"

One of the nurses smiled broadly and sat next to the redhead, and looked eagerly at my bouncing pecker.  She wrapped her hand around it and stroked it up and down as she licked her lips.  She was quite an attractive brunette and as her tongue licked the  sensitive head of my dick I moaned and slumped back against the straps that held me.  I wondered why the restraint straps were necessary, but I supposed it was because of possible unpredictable side effects from the new and sophisticated aphrodisiac drugs.

I should have been frightened but somehow I didn't feel that...and was so relieved to finally have some kind of satisfying sexual release that I was in heaven at the moment.  The condom was so thin and tight that I could barely tell it was there and as her soft tongue licked my dick from top to bottom I layed back and grinned widely at the ceiling, and let her do whatever she wanted.

She quickly moved down to my balls and began to smell them...sliding her nose over them and licking them with her warm mouth and washing them in the process.  The other nurse had sat down with them by now, and they watched in pleasure as the pretty cocksucker slid her mouth down over my long hard prong and began to suck it in earnest...her expert mouth gripped tightly around my erect cock, licking it as she sucked.

I was grunting in pleasure by now and the voluptuous redhead smoothed my hair down softly with her hand as I received the blowjob she knew I needed so desperately.  She was comforting me and telling me to enjoy the nasty mouth doing me now.

Debra moved her head up and down more rapidly now...she was becoming quite agitated and obviously enjoyed eating dick, and before long I strained against the straps, lunged forward, and spit a huge load of hot semen into the condom.  I squirted again and again as the rehhead smoothed her hand through my hair comforting me, and the top cavity of the condom became engorged with thick warm seminal fluid.

She sucked even harder as I jerked my dick up into her mouth, and soon the intense pleasure became a little painful, I was experiencing such a profound and consumate ejaculation that my balls were hurting from the hot blowjob I was receiving.

It was so satisfying and theraputic that I could barely move afterward...and just lay there limp as a rag.  She pulled her hot mouth off my dick and wiped the saliva off her lips and the top of the condom.  The redhead then expertly removed the full rubber, and took it to the refrigeration unit for storage. 

The redhead sat back down and looked at me as she rubbed my neck softly..."Good fucking cocksucker isn't she!"  She wiped my dick down gently removing all the residual semen and massaged my emptied nuts very slowly. 

They removed me from the fixture and I was taken back to my room for a good night's sleep.  I hadn't felt so good for months now, and the experience was incredibly healing for my body and mind. 

I fell into a wonderful sleep, having somehow recaptured a part of myself that had been removed in such a cruel manner.  My self esteem, and libido were healing noticably after all the disgusting trauma that had been forced on me.  I didn't know how long this would last, but I had learned to take one day at a time here at Journey's End as I inched ever closer to my release...and my freedom.


My next day at Journey's End would prove to be fateful, in that my situation would change dramatically, to shorten my time a cost.


I was brought to the main office once again, in my wheelchair, and my apprehension was great, not knowing or expecting what would happen next to me.  The release I had felt in the aphrodisiac testing lab had been orgiasmic release with communication and caring for a change. 


When we arrived at the main conference room I was released from the conveyance chair and stood naked before the five wealthy women who were the absolute power at this facility. These women  didn't seem actually cruel, but displayed a profound  absense of sensitivity by letting their underlings do unspeakable things to the inmates. 


They were perverted, all of them, this I could tell, but to what extent, or in what direction for each, I could not surmise.  Their wealth was compounded by the slavery usage of the male prisoners here, evidently this facility was one of the premier sexual testing cities in the entire world and the exotic drugs produced here commanded huge sums of money from various sources worldwide.


This was a city, have no doubt, I had become aware of the extent of it during my nefarious enslavement here.


Only women could be found in the city surrounding the Journey's End mega complex.  There were shops, markets, botiques, even movie theaters and hair salons, and night clubs. There were also of course, well equiped whorehouses where the men were exploited and used like trash for money while they were being sucked dry of their lifeseed.


Male CPU's were taken routinely to the different venues and forced to masterbate before oogling women, in special stage areas, amid perverted comments, by horney and decadent women. This provided an entertainment for the steady flow of wealthy, oversexed female customers.


The men here were consumate slaves, and the large numbers of wealthy women who enjoyed their exclusive membership in the Journey's End community were here to be entertained, sexually, in one fashion or another, by the hapless men while they were being force milked each day.


The five owners sat there looking at me....a  piece of meat for them to devour with their eyes, and sexual appetites.  They would seem pleasant and concerned with my welfare, but I knew that wasn't the case.  They loved to see their captives here squirm in discomfort as they humiliated them, knowing the men were experiencing indescribable orgastic craving each day, while being completely debased.


I was extremely horny right now, and was beside myself with sexual need, hoping that the very attractive, and exclusively dressed women would allow me to jackoff for them, and quiver in orgasm as I squirted my seed for them to watch. My long pecker stood out rock hard, and my large raw pisshole was inflated so that one could actually see inside.  A large hole primed for the constant expulsion of  seminal fluid.



"You have done well...", said the woman in the center, as she looked carefully over her records.  "Extremely well in providing Journey's End with premium seed extract."  The other women were also perusing copies of my records here, the countless hours of jerking uncontrollably in captive ecstasy as my cum was collected by the dedicated staff, the pain, fear, and humiliation, and endless craving for release.


They all looked up at me smiling in their practiced way, and waited for the Chairwoman, and, in fact, the owner to speak.  She was the top female here, and called the shots, expecting, and receiving the deference due her. I knew that she was one of the richest women in the world, being worth many billions of dollars.


She looked at my steel hard penis, bobbing uncontrollably up and down, and at my large, low hanging balls.  She seemed quite pleased with my genital growth, and cleared her throat. 


"You have been chosen, my oversexed friend," she said smoothly and quietly, "for special duty here, if you so desire.  Duty that will shorten your time at our wonderful facility by three months."


I couldn't quite grasp her words, but listened very carefully to discover their full portent.  I looked at her a bit stunned and quite interested to hear the rest of it.  Anything that could shorten my stay here by even a minute seemed impossibly attractive to me.


She looked at my pecker as she spoke..."Please stroke your cock for us while I speak, I want to see how much drainage you are producing at this point."  I looked intently at her eyes, and the eyes of the other women, and forced my foreskin up and back baring my large steel hard glans, and large raw slit.  I jerked it in and out and the women looked closely as a few drops of semen began to ooze from my large angry pisshole, and  drip onto the large towel laying on the floor beneath me.


The thick white scum dribbled harmlessly onto the fluffy white surface and was absorbed instantly. 


"Now, cover your finger with your cum and stick it in this clear liquid," she said, sliding a small beaker glass before me.  I paused, looked sheepishly at them, and  stroked a few more times. I rubbed my finger over my large pisshole and the gooey cream dribbled over my finger. I placed a thick mass of it in the clear solution. The fluid immediatedly turned bluish in color, and a thin white residue collected at the top.


They all were quite pleased, and even elated at this, and the gorgeous head matron folded her hands, and paused for effect. 


"No one here has ever matched the concentration of our Golden extract group that you have displayed here.  I'm afraid that you have become indespensible to us, and we must make you an offer that you, as they say, can't refuse."  I looked at her dumbly, not knowing exactly what to think.


"I know that you want to make your peter cum and we welcome you to do this in a short time."  She looked deeply into my eyes...We need to put you in our extreme treatment program, where you will be given very special drugs, and used in special ways to, shall I say, strip you of all inner individuality,  except for the production of our most treasured elements."


"You are one of a select few who are capable of giving us precisely what we want, and to do this you must be restrained in our special treatment complex.  You have four months remaining on your bondage contract, and this means you could be free in about a month."


I was so elated that I stroked my enormous prick absent mindedly, and shivered with the possibility of such a turn of events.  She then looked seriously at me, and the others changed their countenance also, displaying a strange kind of pity for me, and the 'treatment' that I would endure if I chose to participate.


"Once you say yes to this proposal, there is no turning back, and you will be taken immediately to our special lab area to begin your duties.  You will be subjected to extreme and sophisticated types of aphrodisiacs, exotic, mind bending, and highly experimental sex drugs, that may have serious, permanent, and unpredictable effects on your body,  mind, and sexual libido."


"You will also receive an additional $400000 at the end of your month, so that your separation pay will be a half million tax free dollars."


"Also you will receive unique, intensive,  psychiatric and drug therapy in the final days before your release to bring you in to a reasonable adjustment when you enter into society again.  But I must warn you that you could suffer irreversable changes that you might never be free of.  I mean sexual anomolies of an indeterminate nature.  You might be living one  continuous orgasm, from which you could never escape."


This development stunned me, but the thought of actually being free from here, and with such an extreme  bonus, was just a little more than I could possibly turn down.  If I had to stay here another four months I wasn't sure if I would leave here sane, sexually or otherwise.  So in truth, this offer pulled irresistably at me, and I stood there, cum dripping profusely on the towel, as I looked helplessly at them.


She continued, looking at me with that strange perverted stare, as the semen began to run in rivulets onto the thick towel.


"Unfortunately, if you do not chose to agree to our offer, we must assign you to our special  torture area, where you will be subjected each day, for the next four months, to painful experimentation by the most sadistic of our  extraction staff."


For better or worse, I knew that the words were going to come from my mouth, and there really was nothing that I could do to stop it.  I studdered, and stammered in great conflict, and suddenly blurted out what would bind me once again to some undefined consequence.


"I...I...YES I AGREE TO YOUR OFFER!"  I slumped and fondled my balls as I contemplated what I had just done.  The women looked sympathetically at me..."You are now in our special program to be released in one month, three months short of your original contract.  There can be no changing your mind now." 


They looked at me like the poor fool that I was, and grinned in derision at the opportunity to do to me whatever their sordid hearts desired.  She slid an elogated dish to the edge of the surface in front of me, and sat back, enjoying the view. "You may jack off now into this dish, and you must eat your semen when you have finished.  We quite enjoy watching you eat your own penis food."


"You will give us every single particle of your self esteem, and sense of self worth, and must degrade yourself fully in front of us.  If you do not do this during your special treatment program, you will be taken to the torture nurses for that understood?"


I nodded rapidly, knowing that she was very serious, and two female guards stood behind me with shock devices against my balls, ready to impress me with the need for compete selfless obedience.


I whacked off rapidly, my swollen gonads tight with seminal fluid, and moaned and degraded myself as I neared orgasm.  I grunted and jumped as I unloaded my enormous load of viscous slime onto the dish, and they looked closely as my huge semen hole spit large globs of ejaculate all over the dish, and my hand, and onto the counter.


I grunted uncontrollably as I looked at their condescending stares, my flacid jaw quivering in consumate lust and pleasure.  As my large peter spit hot scum with a splash into the dish, I experienced a shame that I had not felt for some time. The thick off white paste dribbled from my hand and my pisshole and dripped rapidly into the filling container.


I was shaking now, and they were enjoying every second of it...knowing that they owned me completely, and that they always would in my memories. 


I was wobbling as I finished and looked at them momentarily before grabbing the overflowing dish and hoisting it to my lips.  There were viscous clumps of thick goo floating in the obscene mess. 


I opened widely and poured the salty, swampy semen into my mouth, and looked at them with resigned mortification as I gulped it down.  Cum dribbled from my chin as I finished the load to the looks of lust and derision on their faces, and the woman gave me a small towel to wipe my mouth clean afterward.


The top woman looked approvingly at me, and winked at her staff, "You really do have a  problem my horny friend, you've become quite accomplished with that hand of yours and I must say you have disgusting eating habits."


They all grinned wickedly and rose to leave.  The head matron stopped and spoke again briefly..."You will be brought here every three days for us to analyze your progress, and you will open fully to us with complete humility."


Prepare yourself for a level of orgiasmic bondage that you couldn't imagine, and that you may never recover from.  There is a torture nurse who knows you well, my friend, her name is Doris, I think you may remember her, and will be ecstatic to see you again if you are not absolutely compliant."



My blood ran cold as I thought of her words, and the memory of the cruel pain extraction nurse who had caused me such agony...and paradoxically, such ecstatic pleasure.  I'd hoped I would never be within reach of her tender mercies again. If this agreement got me out of here in a month, I surmised I would not have to worry about that.


A guard foldled my balls as we left, and hot slime dripped rapidly from my spent dick.  The other guard held a towel over the head of my penis to absorb the thick seminal fluid.


I was taken from there to the isolated special treatment begin experimentation the next day.





We entered a very secluded area, away from the main complex, and I was wheeled into a sleeping room that seemed to be equiped with many kinds of exotic devices, and special toilet facilities.


A very pretty nurse in her mid thirties came in as I was removed from the wheelchair and looked sternly at me while I was attached to my bed.  A group of other attractive nurses came in, and they watched me closely as the blond spoke.


She stood over me, arms folded, and looked down at my nude body, and the ever present erection that virtually controlled my life.


"This wing is just for you, and only for you," she said, "There are no other men here.  This is a very special place of usage, and the staff of twenty women are here to degrade you day and night, and to extract large quantities of semen from you under the influence of very powerful aphrodisiac drugs, and as you'll find, quite humiliating circumstances."


"You will hang on our every word, you will ejaculate to the extreme when we are milking you, and you will give up all your self esteem and resistance or you will be transferred to the basement dungeon.  I think you've been there and I don't believe you want to return."


"You will not even think about speaking, or expressing discontent, or lack of cooperation.  You will not attempt to communicate with anyone here unless told to do so.  You are a semen machine, and a guinea pig, and you will act accordingly at all times.  A nurse brought a stainless steel hand tray over with an air compression hypodermic on it and the blond took it and examined it briefly.


"Turn over on your side," she said, sharply, "and don't move."  She lowered the air gun down and pressed it into my hip.  I felt a sharp pain as she pressed the trigger, and a quantity of liquid was injected under my skin.


"This is the precursor combo," she said to the other nurses, from this point on he's going to be in a constant state of sexual mania, and we will add our test drugs each day and milk him until he is completely irrefractable.  He'll be drinking a gallon of hyper supplement each day, in addition to his meals,  and will receive deep arousal hypnosis each morning."


"We expect him to produce the primary elements in quantities quite beyond what we've ever seen before here.  He is to be released in one month and that is our time mandate." 


They all stared in curiousity at me, and a video camera was being operated near the bed as they witnessed my transformation.  I felt a deep warmth in my groin area, and a sudden rush of tingling in my scrotum and anus.  A wave of spasmotic hot flashes rushed from my dick to my balls and into my anal area, and I gasped outloud in pleasure as the wall of ecstasy hit me.


I began breathing heavily, and my penis stiffened to full erection, and my huge balls filled once again with their nasty liquid, though I had just emptied out in front of the owners.  My hips began to pump involuntarily with a fucking spasm, and I looked dumbfounded at the attractive nurses as I shook with lust.


My cock began to drain profusely, and semen oozed out as I groaned in pleasure.  My hands were bound to the head of the bed and my feet secured below, so that I squirmed in wanton sexual pleasure, unable to satisfy it.


The nurses were making amazed comments about what was happening, and the blond quickly forced an electric sucking device over my expanding penis and began to milk me expertly, sliding the powerful fellatio instrument up and down as she massaged my swollen balls.


I was gasping in pleasure now, grunting in unspeakable libidinal insanity as she worked the merciless blowjob module.  I could not hold for even a short time and screamed out loud as I pumped my hips violently up and down against the electric jackoff milker, and sprayed more thick gushes of white semen into the receiver compartment.


My balls knotted up into tight jerking clumps of raw testicular meat, as I continued to ejaculate even when I was completely dry.  I couldn't stop and pumped my tender penis in and out of the evil device as she continued to force it up and down.


I was screaming in pain now, the orgasm was ripping my raw nuts apart, and still I couldn't stop the agonizing spasm of my scorched balls.


Finally she eased off and stopped and I was lying there with tears in my eyes, still moving my hips to the rythmn of the nasty cum extractor. 


The glass enclosement was full of frothy white semen now, and she sloshed it around for everyone to see, quite pleased with my output.  My testes and dick were on fire, and she gave me an injection with another air device, and I fell into a deep sleep that would last for many hours.




I was allowed to sleep for quite some time, and when I awoke my genitals felt morbidly swollen, though the drugs had removed most of the pain.


Two very pretty nurses came in and sat on the bed.  They carried with them a quart container with a feeding nozzle at the end, and the cute petite one shoved it into my mouth and ordered me to drink the fluid down.  I responded immediately, and took a mouthful of the thick, high nutrient cream.  It was quite sweet and I drank deeply and emptied the bottle within a short time.


These two showed no sign of emotion, but went about their job quickly and efficiently.  I felt another surge of sexual lust engulf me, and my spent pecker drained freely into the absorbant towel wrapped around it.


She handed the bottle to the other nurse and turned around and put her perfect ass next to my face.  She rubbed her well formed posterior all over my mouth and turned back around.  "You like that don't you?", she whispered."


I looked at the wall terrified of expressing my self illegally to her.  "Of course you do," she sniffed, as she put her face next to mine, "and I think my superiors wouldn't mind a bit if I gave you a taste of what's back there, in due time, of course." 


They both left and two other nurses came in and took me to the toilet stool to take care of my needs.  The thick nutrient supplement apparently contained a laxative of some kind, and I emptied out completely as they watched my progress.


They made sure that I cleaned myself well with the water bidet and the nurses then placed me, still handcuffed, in my mobile transport chair.  I was always nude, and could not remember exactly how it felt to have clothing on my body.


I was wheeled down the hallway to what appeared to be another cubicle similar to the one I had experienced before here at Journey's End, and strapped into the special seating assembly, legs spread wide apart and pulled back, and hands secured behind.


There was a wide wrapping window up above the seat where observers could view everything going on.  A very cute dark haired nurse came in and sat beside me, gently stoking my erect cock.  She grabbed my balls, one with each hand, and expertly pulled down on them, kneading them gently, causing my huge nuts to roll around between her fingers.


She didn't wear latex gloves and her fingernails were cut short to facilitate her work.  She looked closely at me as she juggled my swollen balls in her hands.  "You're going to meet a large number of cocksuckers here during the next month." 


She pinched the base of my penis and made the head bulge out again dripping fluid.  She sat slightly in front of me looking deeply into my eyes.  "Our nurses are going to suck your cock until you ejaculate and then they're going to spit your semen into these sealed containers."


"They're going to do it once each day for the next twenty seven days. I want you to get into each blowjob completely, I want you horny and cooperative, and I expect large amounts of semen from you."  "I know you like cocksuckers, and I expect you to prove it to me during each blowjob."


I stared at her, completely compliant, and showed no sign of emotion as she milked out a few drops of cum from my pisshole.  "Personally I think cocksuckers are filthy," she grinned slightly, "and I'll bet you do too.  That's what I want."  She released my privates and wiped her hand with a nearby towel. 


She pushed a button and soon another very pretty dark headed nurse came in.  Her tight nurse's uniform accentuated her fine ass, and she sat in the seat opposite the other nurse.


They didn't look at each other as she pulled up  her skirt and spread her creamy white legs.  She took a vibrator from a holder nearby and turned it on.  The device sprang to life in her hand and she smeared a lubricant on it and slid it down between her legs.


The 'suck' nurse was very pretty and was breathing in short gasps as she slid the dildo up her hairy cunt.  She looked at me, her face close to mine, and whispered seductively.  "I'ma real good cocksucker, so just sit there and enjoy a good blowjob."  She sucked and licked my nose for a moment running her tongue around it, her eyes next to mine, and then slid her hand down my dick and held my balls in her hand.


She flipped my hard dong as she looked at it eagerly, and her tongue ran around her bright red lips, in anticipation.  At the same time the top staff at Journey's End came into the observation area and sat down, looking carefully me.


The head matron looked at me with great interest, her manner that of a scientist watching an interesting experiment.


The suck nurse lowered her head down to the tip of my cock and rubbed my glans all over her mouth.  My thick cum coated her lips and a drop of fluid ran down her chin.


She began to lap at my dick, darting her skilled tongue all over it, from the base to the tip. She licked ever faster, licking every inch of my bobbing prick.  I could hear her slurping as her long tongue flipped my penis back and forth, and soon the cream splattered out and ran down the side of my penis.


She ate it off and went down to my large balls and began to lick them all over.  She cleaned my nuts thoroughly as she turned them over in her fingers, and then sucked my balls, one at a time, turning them over in her mouth.  My legs were pulled widely back, opening my anus to her, and her relentless tongue found my hairy butthole and began to swirl around rapidly.


She spread my asshole open with her fingers and I jerked wildly as her tongue slid all the way inside.


Just then the cubicle nurse opened a small drawer and pulled out an air hypodermic gun.  She swabbed with an alcohol patch and held the device against my right arm as she pulled the trigger, shooting an experimental aphrodisiac under my skin.


The sharp pain made me jerk, and as the suck nurse forced her tongue in and out of my open anus, I felt an obscene explosion hit my psyche, and I screamed in ecstasy as my whole body quivered with indescribable lust.


The thought of the beautiful nurse with her tongue up my ass made me spasm with incredible intensity, and I moaned loudly as I looked up at the head matron's sly, grinning face in the observer area.


I had just taken a bowel movement not long before, and though I had cleaned myself thoroughly in view of two nurses, I'm sure there was still a noticable residue present in my ass. The thought of that gorgeous, perfumed nurse licking inside my asshole was extremely erotic, and I pulled violently against the thick straps, straining in pleasure. 


Within a few moments of the powerful injection the suck nurse shoved her pretty face down over my erect cock, and it slid into her mouth smoothly as her lapping tongue sucked it in.


I was in a world of extreme sexual arousal now, panting heavily and pumping my hips up and down in desperation.  Never, never had I experienced such an insanely horny feeling.  I know I would have shot off right there ordinarily, but I suspected that there was some drug contained in the injection that prevented me from doing so.


The wonderfully pretty cocksucker began to fellate me expertly, her crimson lips leaving a telltale smear of lipstick on the skin of my dick.  I looked down at her bobbing head, and my eyes rolled back as the head matron shifted in her seat, watching me closely.


The suck nurse went into a frenzy, her tight lips encasing my rock hard penis, and she forced her head down powerfully, ramming my long pecker deep into her throat.


She was fucking her mouth with my enormous peter, and the gagging and slurping sounds became quite noticable.  She squeezed my balls tightly as she sucked me off, and then looked up at me as I gazed at her, my vision blurred from the physical upheaval taking place in my genital area.


As I looked into her eyes she moved her head up and down rapidly, and I absolutely couldn't drop my load in her mouth.  Try as I might, my severely aroused pecker could not spit it's mess into her wonderful gullet.


I screamed in pleasure and frustration as her horribly nasty blowjob pushed me, and I would have given anything to spray her tonsils with my wad. 


My balls were becoming quite swollen by now, and the pain was becoming unbearable. She sucked faster and faster now, jacking me off in her mouth, and as I jerked uncontrollably she increased her efforts. 


When I had reached the point where my balls would surely rip open from the pressure, I felt an explosion in my mind, the part of me where my most obscene substance resided, and I felt a sense of panic as a strange feeling began to grip my body and psyche.


A primordial orgasm began to rush toward me, an orgasm that frightened me greatly now, and as the beautiful woman continued her sucking I could detect a sadistic glint in her eyes, a knowing look of what was to come.


The orgasm came on me suddenly, wave after wave of infinite pleasure, it rolled in from all areas of my body, down to my tortured prick and balls, and I screamed loudly as the first ejaculation was expelled from my tender penis.  I looked at her eyes as the first wad splattered into her mouth, and the frothy scuz began to rush out from her lips, and down my pecker, to my pubic hairs below.


She took it all in, her eyes opening widely, and her cheeks bulged out drastically as she collected the nameless paste in her gullet.


When she had accumulated her limit she quickly spit into the open container held by the cubicle nurse, and she quickly put her mouth over my meat again to gather more hot semen.


I grunted and screamed incoherently as I expelled every single drop of my seed into her wonderful mouth, and she continued spitting the mess into the container.


The waves of ecstasy began to lessen, and I quivered haphazardly as my last drops of fluid were sucked out, and I looked at her beautiful eyes as she spit her last quantity of salty slime into the wide brimed container.


She pulled upward, and licked her lips asleftover drops of cum dripped from her face, and she swallowed what was left, licking around her mouth in that nasty way she had about her.



She smiled as she wiped her face off, removing the disgusting mess accumulated there, and the cubicle nurse sealed the container and placed it in a refrigeration unit.


The amused cubicle nurse leaned in front of me again, smiling broadly.  "Good fucking blowjob, huh!"  "I told you we have some exceptional cocksuckers here"


The suck nurse ate my pisshole again and swallowed the fluid, then left the small room.  Her magnificent ass pushing against the white uniform as she walked.


The cubicle nurse gently rubbed my pecker and balls. "You need some sleep now stud, a good nights sleep."


The owners were leaving now, talking among themselves, and the head matron looked at me with that sadistic expression of hers, knowing that this was only a sample, and that my 'treatment' had just begun.





I was taken from the 'hot seat', strapped to the wheelchair, and taken back to my room and allowed to rest for several hours in my bed.  I drifted off easily, still quivering in lust at the memory of the disgusting blowjob I had received from the gorgeous suck nurse.


Later nurses came and released me from the bed and allowed me to shit and shower.  There were always female guards with shock prods nearby, and I was always, without fail, restrained in one way or the other.


Then they fastened me into the mobile chair again and I was whisked down the hallway and out to a driveway where a large golfcart waited. It was night time, and the cool air chilled my naked body.  I was shocked and puzzled but showed no sign of emotion as I was strapped into the cart with two nurses and a guard, and transported out into the huge inner mall area.


There were only women here, walking around singly and in groups, surrounded by brightly lit shops and nightclubs, and they laughed and pointed at me as I bumped up and down moving through the streets.  We traveled for about ten minutes and came to a large bar, and the three attendants who were with me pulled me out and walked me into the noisy tavern.


The place was busy and loud music came from the sound system, as the large group of partying women milled around and watched the various male milking shows going on.


I had a dog leash attached to my neck and my hands were bound behind with thick straps.  We walked through the place as the women gawked and yelled, and my very large pecker stood out fully erect again, and drops of semen fell to the floor, lost on the gritty surface, and was soon smeared in by the large crowd of inebriated women.


There was the smell of pot, liquor, and every kind of drug imaginable was available to the guests.  I was literally nothing but a piece of meat here, and was subjected to every kind of insult and obscene slur possible. 


I was in extreme sexual arousal now, as I had been since yesterday, and I shook with lust as I was led to a small milking stage in the center of the nightclub.  This was evidently the primary showspot, and the circular, rotating  stage was surrouded by hundreds of leering women, waiting for their entertainment to begin.


Bright lights shined onto the stage, but I was able to see every face peering at me, somehow they had designed it so that I was totally and completely exposed to the women around me, with no possibility of hiding any part of my naked body or what I would be doing.


They forced me to my knees and secured me to the stage floor.  One of the nurses took out a small container and pulled out a large wafer.


She shoved it in my mouth as the other nurse pulled down firmly on my hanging dong and balls. She stretched and pinched my long cock until it flipped around and bobbed up and down, splattering cum on the varnished stage floor.


The wafer was sweet, and had a distinct mint flavor, and it's effect was immediate and earthshaking.  The wall of pleasure hit me, and my eyes rolled back in ecstasy, looking wildly at the screaming, clapping women.


The nurse bent down and grinned at me..."This is one high you won't forget," she winked,""a special blend designed to make you want something in your mouth."  She stood and held my hair with one hand and shoved her finger between my lips with the other.


I was so horny now that I was grunting in frustration, my tongue wetting down her finger and I squirmed in delight as she pulled it out and wiped it on her white skirt.


I was moaning in closely spaced grunts, and I was panting in supreme pleasure as my painfully erect pecker jerked up and down depositing more dickwad on the stage.  A mounted suck device was brought up and secured beneath my penis.  It stood on a small tripod fastened to the floor.


The nurse quickly slid it up my long inflamed prick, and soon it gripped the base of my weiner causing it to become even harder.  My glans was like hard plastic as it rested in the merciless extraction device and I looked through glazed eyes at the yelling, cheering women.


A large crowd had gathered now, and soon, from behind me, I heard footsteps on the stage, and another male CPU was brought in front of me.  He stood in front of me and his penis was enormous. It dripped a thick cream to the floor, and bounced up and down uncontrollably.


The male prisoner was also in a state of extreme arousal, and the nurses pushed him into position with his huge glans near my mouth.  I went berserk with lust then, in a hypotic state of forced need, and I licked my lips as the crowd went wild, chanting 'suck it', 'suck it'!


The craze male slave grabbed my head roughly and forced his large prick into my mouth.  I opened wide with an obscene need, and as the women booed and cheered, he began to fuck my mouth, pushing ever harder as his draining meat slid to the opening of my throat.


I could see the large crowd of leering women laughing at me as they called me every filthy name possible, and as the long dick slid into my throat I gagged uncontrollably, and was finally able to breath again as the hot, insistant dong fucked my inner esophagus.


I was so hot I whined loudly in pleasure, groaning and squealing like a pig as my nose was pushed into pubic hair and my chin rubbed large balls.  My mouth was stretched to the absolute limit as it was unceremoniously fucked, the unstoppable lust of the deprived and drugged CPU being vented at my total expense.


The suction device was turned on and my balls were pulled and fingered by the other nurse as the blowjob tool slid up and down my captured pecker.  She rolled my swollen nuts around in  her fingers and soon I was engulfed in an earth shattering and mind bending orgasm that began slowly, and began to build into a terrifying evacuation of my high pressure seminal load.


I was mortified beyond words as the raunchy women cheered and degraded me, but was totally helpless as the forced fellatio came to a conclusion.  I felt a large spurt of seminal fluid shoot into my throat, and I gagged and struggled as the disgusting liquid flowed down into my stomach and bubbled out uncontrolably around my lips.


As I pumped my hips insanely, a very large gusher of white ejaculate squirted from around my tight lips, and sprayed the stage floor beneath my face.  The nurse was slapping my ass and yelling for me to eat it all, and terrified of the consequences of disobedience I gulped and gagged and swallowed mass after mass of the swampy, tangy semen.


As every drop of cum was forced from my enormous testicles, I gulped in shame and looked at the decadent spectators enjoying my humiliation.  After a full five minutes the flow into my mouth, and out of my dick began to wane, and soon the thick swampy pecker fell from my gullet and a long gusher of saliva and scum poured onto the stage floor.


Several video cameras had captured all of this activity and duplicate videos would be sold to any of the crowd of lusting women who desired one. The container of foamy sperm seed from the suction device was removed and sealed in a cooling container. 


The other CPU was removed and as I kneeled there in absolute degradation, they removed my bonds and pulled me up for transport back to my complex area.  A dog leash had been attached to my neck all during the ordeal, which had aggravated the feelings of mortification, and there was nothing left of my self esteem but the constant and insane craving for the next orgasm. I was unceremoniously led out of the bar, dragged by the leash as the partiers cheered with sadistic gratification.




Tomorrow would begin the third day of my 'special treatment', leaving only twenty five days to go until I was freed.  I pounded my mind with this fact, and that I would indeed recover from all this.  The $500000 tax free dollars would help me see to that. 


I didn't believe I would ever be able to have normal sex again, and suspected that I would experience constant wet dreams and even uncontrolled public ejaculation, but I knew that time can be incredibly healing.  No matter how bad the ordeal, there is always healing with time.  Much of that would depend on me.




Once back in my room and shackled in, I feel into a deep sleep, which would bring me back into balance again, and heal my tortured mind and sexual apparatus.


Frankly I looked forward to the next session in the nurse suck felt much, much better to recieve it from a pretty nurse, than the disgusting reality of being forced to give it.


There was nothing I could do but cooperate and enjoy what I could.  After my supplement drink, and as I fell into deep rest, I could actually feel the sperm laden fluid filling my enormous balls again.


































Holly sat twitching her foot up and down as she listened to the other women.  Between them they had over thirty years combined experience here at Journey's End and each of them earned easily in the mid six figure range depending on the efficiency of their efforts.  "Wheres Janet?", she said, straightening her tight skirt.


The others were getting a bit impatient also, and sat staring at their devices, having thoroughly checked and prepared  for the Cum Production Unit who would be arriving soon.  "I hope the bastard produces well", offered Susan, as she stood and walked to the door, looking out into the hallway. "They finally got us some SNIPS units at least, I've been wet all day looking forward to using one."


The SNIPS unit was the latest torture and persuasional device available to Journey's End, and subsequently to the five dominatrix. The unit was actully designed and built here and was now in use during the past few weeks. 


SNIPS was an acronym for Severe...Non...Impactive...Pain...Stimulator. The device was worn on the hand as a glove and when used properly could produce agonizing pain, leaving no brusing or abrasion whatever on the skin.


The palm surface of the glove had a smooth carbon copper alloy surface which was a super conductor of electricity.  There were other elements around the cuff such as a high gain capacitor, an electrical intensity control, and a focus control that could distribute the shock over the entire palm surface, or concentrate it into one small center spot.


The surface had a unique spring dampering construction designed to absorb the shock of the blow.  So no matter how hard one struck the skin, no physical truama occurred, eliminating brusing, or even flushing of the skin.  The powerful electric discharge released on contact with the epidermis of the skin was a different matter altogether.


The electrocution was administered with each strike of the hand and shattered the integrety of the subdermal nerve endings, and could cause almost unbearable pain.  One could adjust the settings so that a mild shock was administered over a large area, or a severe shock over a very small area, or vice versa.  It was known to produce almost catatonic cooperation when used on the Semen Production Unit in the proper manner.



This insured total cooperation and additional ejaculate produced during each session.



Diedra flashed a sly smile and rubbed the crouch of her skirt lightly, mentally enjoying some vision, beyond the perview of the others. Holly grinned slightly at the over sexed Diedra..."You're not on crack again are you dear?" She then turned and looked out of the door window peering all around the hallway.


Diedra slumped and spread her legs widely. "No, and even if I were Holly, what difference would it make to you."  Holly smiled as she turned back and sat down. "Never mind darling, I was just thinking about what the owners would say if they found out. Don't worry, I'm just bored and I want to get this session out of the way."


Diedra spread her legs even wider..."Oh it's ok, believe me no one will make a fuss about a little high now and then, and even if they did I don't care."  She stood and held a leather quirtin her hand and polished it, laying it neatly in her leather case.





The five women were expert Dominatrix, with perfectly formed bodies and movie star pretty faces.  They had worked at Journey's End for some time now, and the staggering wages that they could earn made them firm disciples and ardent servants of the owners of the huge facility.  They worked on a piece rate, if one may be excused a minor play on words, and each drop of high concentration semen given to them was worth ten times it's weight in platinum.


The fly in the ointment was, however, that the semen must be produced under the most extreme conditions of embarrassment and humiliation, the word embarrassment being repeatedly distinguished from humiliation by the scientific staff here, and they were expected to find a useful middle ground between the two definitions in order to eek out even the slightest concentration of E-11.  E-11 was without doubt the most valuable substance on earth, molecule for molecule, and for reasons known only to the insiders here.


Only a few of the CPU's here produced larger quantities of the rare substance and most of the men produced just enough for consideration.  The workers of the large complex allowed themselves the luxury of referring to the unfortunate male captives here, alternately, as either...Semen Production Units, or Cum Production Units...but there was sometimes the necessity of distinguishing between a Journey's End slave, and a computer hard drive unit.


To this end they devoted themselves each day as they force drained countless male slaves.  The men were slaves to them, regardless of the euphemistic title 'Semen Production Unit', given the inmates here.  They worked together, as a team, and extremely well, one complementing the other in skills offered, and enjoyed the sopping hot sessions during which their vaginal secretions increased severalfold, and their needs in a like manner.


Professionalism was the watchword here, and they were only one of many such groups at Journey's End harvesting the liquid treasure from captive men.  They were all to extract as much semen as possible each day, the whole complex was almost exclusively devoted to milking, and in the highest possible quantity.




Suddenly the door opened and Janet breezed in, a coy smile on her face, and she immediately checked her equipment for the next male slave, and then flopped down in a comfortable couch.


Janet was age 30, with dirty blond hair, and already imminently experienced at using men's privates.  Her specialties were forced milking, urethral probes, and TENS torture.  She could clean out a man's balls completely given a little time using her own version of a TENS unit, and she really didn't mind the discomfort to them, and in fact always wore extra vaginal protection during sessions to avoid leakage since she tended to be overly wet during femdom activity.


She and the other women insisted on extreme ass worship at times, from their helpless captives, and they had all taken this to the nth degree occasionally, coercing the secured males to do oral anal duty on them in a mind boggling way that we will not discuss at the moment.


Holly was about age 28, with dark hair, and seemed to be the de facto leader in the group in a very general way.  She had an  enigmatic smile, and her forte was humiliation and surgical modification. She was trained as a surgical nurse and could perform rather involved genital-surgical procedures, and her two years in medical school was a great help in this.  Her being a doctor was not to be, however, and she had, instead, been a registered nurse for several years before coming here.


She always wore a gray skirt and white blouse during her sessions, and the flats she wore allowed her to move about easily for whatever purpose she had in mind.  She enjoyed using men painfully, and in scientific ways, and found many outlets for her spare energies here at Journey's End. 


She was allowed her way only at certain times here, and consequently, had been trying to be transferred to the torture nurse area for some time now.  The owners evidently considered her much more useful here in the milking area though, and she actually was very happy, and earning very high pay.


Christina was about 25 years of age, with dark hair also, and was very serious in her manner, and businesslike about her duties here. She wanted the men to produce at an optimal rate, and she was expert at causing unique kinds of humiliation to the vulnerable males during their uncomfortable sessions. Her areas were humiliation, needles, electricity, and urethral chemical treatments.  She had been a nurse also, working in a male erectile treatment center until her discharge for unnecessary cruelty with the male patients.



The receptacles used to collect the semen in these special  collection rooms were of a special design, and were treated on the inside surface with certain chemicals to show, immediately, whether the ejaculate contained any appreciable amount of E-11.  Condoms filled during the intense sessions were removed and tested with a few drops from the chemical analysis pack.


A light blue tinge indicated the presence of E-11, and anything less indicated more need for concentration on the part of the male subject under duress.


Diedra was age 32 and had amber hair and wonderfully red and well formed lips.  She was from the old school and enjoyed whips and quirts, and paddles, and certain unpleasant kinds of body position torture.  Of course none of the women could vent their full abilities in this situation, and merely concentrated on vacuuming cum out of the their assigned male units.


Diedra was born and raised on a farm and was quite experienced with stallions and bulls when it came to milting them, and collecting their large quantities of seminal fluid.  She also liked to jack them off and spent hours doing it.  She spent much of her time doing this same thing to some of the neighboring males in her area, and they found that instead of normal sex she insisted on tying them and draining them in the barn.  Needless to say she never married, and had now found happiness doing what she loved most.


Susan was a breathtaking beauty, about 35, with dark, well groomed hair, a perfect ass, and sculptured body in perfect proportion.   She was stifled emotionally, and though she got on very well with the other women, she did not display her feelings normally, but seemed to express herself in her strict, painful usage of the naked male inmates.  She was a merciless milker, and the males in her charge gave up every single drop of their nut fluid under her care. She was very preoccupied with the vulnerable balls of the cum units, and could be quite unfeeling when checking and probing the inner workings of a man's testicles.








I was quite numb after my excursion out into the city, and especially the complete degradation at the nightclub.  I had been drained under the most demeaning conditions, and it seemed, was always in a constant state of recovery.


I was allowed to sleep for a full eight hours the next day and was served a hearty breakfast with a whole series of supplements. The large amount of sex additives had caused my testicles to increase production of semen noticably, and if not for the daily evacuation of my balls by the dedicated staff I would probably be having wet dreams every night making quite a mess on the sheets.


After my good breakfast the usual two nurses and two guards came for me, and just before placing me in the conveyance chair, gave me a powerful cocktail of aphrodisiac and other ingredients, and after they strapped me in I began to jerk to the intense heat in my whole groin area.  The head nurse rubbed her hand over my neck and shoulder muscles as I sat there before we left, and the feeling was wonderful.


"Try to relax hon," she murmured, "it'll be easier for you if you do.   I know you're real hot down there but we need that to get your nuts to open for us, ok?  I hope you don't hate me sweetie. you're going to have some good old fashioned cocksucking before long and I'll bet you'll like that.  She kissed me on the lips and they rolled me down the long hallway and to the elevator.  I looked at her and smiled very slightly, I understood her position and she was kinder than most had been so far.


After an elevator ride down two floors we got out and headed toward the milking room not far away.  She stopped me for a moment and smoothed my hair with her hand.  Sweetheart these ladies are going to put you through the ringer I'm afraid but theres nothing that can be done about that .   Just let that hot nasty feeling take over and try to get some fun out of it, ok.  She smoothed my hair down again and pushed me to the door entrance.


She pushed the door open and wheeled me into the room and there were five very hot looking women there waiting.


The room had an examination table with full restraints on it and several other fixtures designed to hold the captive male unit for usage, and there were wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling as well as a whole body harness .  There were glass cabinets filled with drugs and instruments and two stainless steel rolling tables filled with lubricants and penis probes. 


They left me there and after the door had closed one of the women rolled me to the center of the room.  I was frightened and was trembling slightly when I was released from the chair and I was told to stand in the center of the floor.  The cable connecting my ankles was still in place and I still wore the hospital gown.


My penis was rock hard and my balls were swollen from the extreme production of seminal fluid and an intensely erotic feeling gripped me causing my cock to drain onto the floor.








Janet licked her lips in anticipation as she ripped the paper hospital gown from the male inmate.  He had a very large cock and huge balls and would be obviously be a major producer.  He shivered and looked uncertainly at them and this made them all even hotter than before as they devoured him with their eyes.  They surmised that he was not a bad looking slave and had a certain kind of defiance in his manner.


This slave was one of three in the whole complex who were absolutely indespensible to the owners, and he would receive very special treatment with that in mind.  That's why five dominatrix were required in his milking, and they were very special dominatrix at that.




"You will not speak under any circumstances," she said, as she prepared an inhalent injection, you will do exactly as you are told without a seconds hesitation or you will be punished, is that understood," she said tersely.  She shot a whiff of an exotic aphrodisiac into his nostrils with the delivery gun and watched for effect.


It was immediate and he stiffened and moaned and his hips pushed outward slightly in a fucking motion.  The orgiasmic drug overtook him and he squirmed violently as his penis flung precum over the floor.


Christina was in front of him now and gripped his hard cock  tightly, milking it downward.  She gripped his large balls and rolled them around in her fingers, feeling the inner cords and the large nuts themselves.  "Oh shit Holly, this fucking boy has a load in him.  She looked him directly in the eyes as she pulled on his pecker.


"Are you going to jackoff for us?", because we like to see a grown man jack himself off.  I'll bet you know how to stroke that thing don't you. 


Diedra took his nuts in her hand and squeezed until he winced from the pain.  "You get on your knees, my man, let me see you on your knees.  The rest of them looked on amused and let the command stand.  The slave immediately did what he was told, and dropped down, looking up in submission to the women over him. 


Janet was breathing heavily now and was obviously very aroused.  By now the padding between her legs was wet and the odor was detectable in the room. 


Susan reached down and stroked his hard pecker, and it bobbed up and down between his legs as he kneeled on the cold floor doggie style, and looked up at them.  She expertly slipped a rubber up his dick and it slid on and upward as she peeled it back.  She pulled down on his balls and jacked him off a bit.



Holly looked down at him grinning widely and pulled the leash, leading him around the room.  His cock bobbed up and down and liquid started to accumulate in the large condom.  Holly jerked the chain and spoke in a stern voice,  "Jack your dick off, and look at us while you're doing it."


They all laughed and were really getting into the fun wanting to put in their own contribution to the usage of this helpless slave.  The man started jacking his cock and stroked it slowly at first but when Holly jerked the dog chain he speeded up and was soon doing his himself more rapidly while she led him crawling around the room.


Janet put her foot out and stuck it in his face.


"Lick my foot you ignorant son of a bitch.


The man was beating his meat rapidly now and groaning as he sniffed Janet's shoe.  He began licking it as he masterbated, and the women were enjoying every minute of it.  Susan and Christina pulled off their shoes and forced their toes into his mouth.  The pathetic prisoner looked up and grunted at Holly as she held his chain firmly. As he sucked on Janet's toes he began to shake uncontrollably and groaned out loud ejaculating into the rubber tightly gripping his cock.


He pumped his hips several times in an exaggerated manner and the hot sperm fluid continued squirting into the bag.  His eyes were on Holly who held the dog chain tightly and she grinned down at him in a sarcastic manner.


He couldn't stop and moaned as each spurt of cum was ejaculated  into the rubber.  Finally he stopped and looked down at the floor as Holly pulled up roughly on the chain.  He looked up at her and the others and shame gripped him as his cum continued draining into the drooping collection bag.


Some of the drugs given him were designed to produce humiliation and they seemed to be working very well at the moment.  He was absolutely livid with shame and could not take his eyes off Holly's pretty face.


Christina quickly reached down and tore the condom from his still bobbing pecker and took it over to the testing unit.  As the other women looked down at the degraded slave she retrieved an eyedropper and introduced a few drops of the chemical tester into the bulging rubber.  She shook it and kneaded the clear bag and placed it in the light analyzer, but found that the bluish coloration was practically non existant, and far below the extremely high rating of this prisoner.


She pinched up her cute nose and placed the bag in a storage bottle, sealed it, and put it in the refrigeration unit.  She wrote briefly on a lab analysis clip board, then turned back to the prisoner with a sneer on her face.  She looked at the women and shook her head in mock regret.  He's not cooperating, she said slowly, his reading is at a 9 percent level, barely detectable, and he is supposed to be one of the top three elite slaves here.








Fear gripped me as I heard the frightening words of the dark haired dominatrix who stood over now.  The others were looking at me with contempt, and looked at each other briefly with obvious aggravation on their faces.  The one holding the dog chain looked down and directly into my eyes.  She jerked the chain roughly and began to pull me over to the examination table.  "If that's the way you want it, she snorted, that's the way it will be."


I scrambled to follow and felt a hard slap and searing sting on my asscheek as I was pulled to the flat examinatiion surface.  As the blond haired dominatrix gripped my hanging balls painfully between her fingers, I was brought to my feet and unceremoniously splayed over the cold stainless steel table.  My arms were drawn back over my head and clipped into wrist restraints and my feet were quickly snapped into the thick ankle cuff assembly.  A few adjustments of the controls pulled my body straight and taught, and the women expertly strapped down my legs, midsection, and head so that I was completely immobile.


The hard, cold surface of the examination table was very uncomfortable, and it was obviously designed with that in mind.


My legs were resting on two movable sections of the cold table  and after the ankle cables were removed my legs were spread widely by the motorized unit.  Then the one who had held me by the dog chain pushed another control and my legs were slowly brought upward and back so that I was soon laying widely and completlely open to them.  My cock was hard as rock again and I could actually feel my balls recovering and refilling despite my discomfort.


One of the gorgeous dark haired ones had a strange looking glovelike thing on her hand and was adusting the wrist controls on it diligently.  She looked at me with blurred, unfeeling eyes..."That slap you felt on your ass while ago was nothing," she grinned wickedly, I've increased the intensity now and the next one will be much worse, I promise you.  You know what we want and you'd better give it to us."


They all put on latex examination gloves and Holly rubbed a thick substance all over my penis and balls.  Then they wheeled the examination table over to the other side of the room into a curtained off area, and I now lay in front of several video cameras pointed at my naked body from all angles.   








Holly pulled and pushed at the slaves balls, and flipped the super hard erection back and forth a few times.  "Ladies, it's time to go online and provide some entertainment for our viewers."  The others were smiling wickedly now and Janet brought over her TENS unit and layed it beside the helpless male inmate.


Holly looked into the eyes of the restrained male unit.  "You are going to appear now on our special online website, so that millions of horny viewers can get a good look at you.  Won't that be nice!  It's the latest thing here and I sincerely hope that you will produce a richer load of semen on this next milking.  Otherwise, we must go to the next step in our graded extraction process.  You won't like it I promise.  Do yourself a favor and revel in your humiliation, be embarrassed, be very embarrassed!"


Holly turned on the camera and a computer nearby verified that the prisoner was indeed online and fully visible.  The sex shows from Journey's End had become quite popular worldwide, and once the viewers had paid for membership they could enjoy a large number of possible humiliation formats, each designed to provide hot masterbation entertainment for countless people, both male and female.


She moved a mounted camera closely to the slaves face and two more to the genital area so that exited viewers could get a good look at the activities during the whole session.


A special set of attachable electrodes were placed at the base of the man's neck and fastened on with adhesive tape so that readings could be taken.  These electrodes led to a quite sophisticated computer program, and a graphic readout of estimated humiliation intensity that could be viewed and analyzed.  It was actually quite accurate and gave a good estimation of the slaves feelings in humiliation-embarrassment based format.


This way the women could adjust treatment of the CPU to produce the optimum concentration of E-11.  It was quite experimental now, and had taken quite some time to develop, but was quckly becoming a standard instrument in the milking labs of Journey's End.


Janet was breathing heavily as she brought her instruments out and looked at the trembling slave with lust and and excitement in her eyes.  "We're going to have some fun now fuckface,  we're going to have some real nasty fun, at your expense."


Christina squeezed his balls and cock, pinching the pisshole causing it to open and close.  His pisshole was already fairly large but would no doubt be somewhat larger by the end of this session.


Diedra kissed him passionately and delved her tongue deep in his mouth as Christina played with his dick and balls.


His huge cock stood out in an intense erection, and the skin on the surface of the glans was hard and shiny as glass.  Precum dribbled from his distended pisshole and collected in a pool on his abdomen.  Janet took out a long partly steel and partly plastic urethral probe and coated it with a think viscous lubricant.  Holly then forced a ball gag into his mouth and tightened it securely.


Janet slowly moved the slightly curved and rounded tip of the probe to the bouncing dick and spread the pisshole with her fingers.  She watched his wide open eyes as she rubbed it around his raw pisshole and began to slide it in.  She worked the thick probe slowly letting it penetrate deeper and deeper into his sensitive ureter.  The probe was hollow and would allow semen to be expelled during ejaculation.


The long rod was fairly wide and began to cause a pronounced stinging sensation as it slid further and further in.  The slave was now pushing upward against the thick straps and his eyes showing the sharpness of the discomfort inside his dick.  The probe was a special one designed by Janet to be more effective for this purpose.  There were thin metal copper  rings around the outside of the probe, one of which would be touching near the inside base of his cock, another that would be touching near the middle inside of his cock, and a third that would be flush with the entrance to his pisshole.


His eyes were watering from the pain and Christina was enjoying his discomfort.  "Look at him cry," she said mockingly, "he's a big fucking crybaby."  "You're not crying are you?", she taunted, "take it like a man you pathetic bastard."  Janet was enjoying it too and finally had shoved the entire length of the probe into his tender penis.  She then snapped a special hollow tip on the probe that had an extension for connection with the electric wire lead.


Christina looked closely at the humiliation abasement readout and got quite a kick out of it.  "He's fucking really embarrassed, according to this, look at this fucking thing.  Are you embarrassed boy.  You're such a nasty boy aren't you?"


The slave had closed his eyes and Susan slapped him fairly hard  on his ass with the SNIPS glove.  He jumped in agony and squealed under the ballgag and turned and squirmed under the tight straps. You keep your fucking eyes open cry baby, you're not getting away with that!"  He looked at them in fear as Janet continued her obscene work.


She took a much thicker anal probe and lubricated it also.  She slowly shoved the probe up his exposed asshole and deeply in until the copper metal end nub was seated close to his prostate gland.  This probe also had three thin outside metal bands around the circumference, one would rest near the prostate, one would make contact midway against the inner rectum, and the last band would rest at the anal sphincter, holding it open a bit, being larger than the rest.  She placed a cap on this also that had an extension for connection of the electric wire leading from the TENS unit.


The slave was sweating profusely by now, and was forced to maintain eye contact with the camera near his face, sharing his most intimate reactions with the huge mass of horny viewers watching.


Next Janet pulled apart and separated his large balls and pulled down on the two large nuts inside until they rested at the base of his scrotal sac.  The remaining wire from the TENS unit had special copper clamps on the end, and she isolated the epidiymis and upper tubal complex at the top of the testes and carefully clamped them with the copper clips.  The clips exerted only enough pressure to insure good contact, and did not cause undue pain or damaging pressure.  Next she coated both his balls with a super conductor liquid that would bring them indirectly into the electric circuit.


Janet was sweating a bit now and the other women looked on in amusement as she finished her rigging.


Holly looked at the work in amazement.  "Fuck Janet," you've got this down to a science don't you?  Fucking poor bastard!"  She pulled on his groin area lightly as she looked into his eyes.  "You'd better give us some blue cum my man, get your ass into it...look at that camera and think of all the people looking at you now.  You'd better be thinking humiliation!" 


Diedra was almost panting now and all of them were producing juices in their cunts, and the odor was becoming obvious in the room.  They knew that if anything though, the smell would contribute to the slaves erection.


Diedra had put her hand up under her skirt and panties and had inserted it into her asshole.  She worked it in for awhile and pulled it out holding it next to the man's nose.  She rubbed it into his nostrils.  His pecker was actually forcing out precum out now because of his extreme arousal, and his breathing came in halted snorts.


Janet had an IQ of over 160 and was the brainiest member of the group, and had designed her own equipment for quite some time now, building it to her own specifications.  Now she would show her stuff to millions of viewers and her milking friends.


She placed a large flat bottomed glass container on the slaves abdomen just below the tip of his cock, and the special extended and flared opening at the top of the container allowed the tip of the urethral probe to be inserted inside so that all of his ejaculation would be efficiently collected.  The interior  of the container had been coated with test chem so they would see immediately if his semen contained what they needed.


"This will suck the cum out of his brains ladies," Janet said, connecting the wires to the device.  Each load will have less content and after that the fun starts.  He's going to fucking cum until he's squirting air.


The slave looked pleadingly at the women, and at the screen, and knew how futile it was.  He braced himself and concentrated on feeling humiliated.  That didn't take a lot of effort since he felt genuinely mortified right now.  They all gathered around him and Janet slowly began to apply current to his package, intimate hurtful, shameful current that would cause him to ejaculate more powerfully than ever before.


Janet adjusted several controls to get the right effect.  "First we have the direct current from his asshole through his prostate to the tip of his cock, along with the current from his asshole through his balls, through the tip of his cock,  and then we begin to make it pulse, and gradually build, and voila, instant carnage!"


She slowly turned up the current and the look in the slaves eyes was beyond belief.  He jerked his hips upward straining against the straps and grunted through the ball gag.  His large nuts began to quiver and he pumped his hips involuntarily, unable to control himself. 


He was fucking an imaginary partner now, at least his involuntary reflexes were, and as saliva dribbled from his ballgag the current was continually increased.  His head was jerking back and forth under the strap now as the high intensity pulsing began, and he struggled violently against the restraints. 


Janet started to play with herself now, masterbating her crouch and the others began to do the same.  They all watched the suffering slave as they masterbated, and their groans could almost be heard above the poor cum unit's groans. He screamed through the ballgag, jerked upward with such force that the thick leather straps actually make a creaking sound,  and a thick powerful streamer of white paste squirted up his cock into the collection chamber.  Right away they could see that the color was dark blue, and they rejoiced by masterbating themselves with one hand, and hanging onto the treatment table with the other.


The unfortunate man jerked again and again and thick squirts of white scum splashed into the large container.  The unit was on automatic now and Janet let it do it's work, however cruel it might have been to the CPU.  Spurt after spurt of semen shot out of the metal tip until finally the spurts became smaller and less often.  He was still in the throes of the electric shock storm, and his asshole, dick, and balls jerked with each surge of the cruel current.


He was making a very strange deep gutteral sound now every time the current pulsed, and by now the semen had stopped squirting out of the hollow probe.  He continued to spasm violently but there was nothing  left inside his tortured balls.  Christina had her face over his and spit on his forehead as she watched, near orgasm.  He was jerking dangerously now and unable to breath so Janet quickly shut off the device and ripped his ballgag off. 


He was still making long heart rending sounds but they became less frequent and Christina slapped his face.  "Come out of it bastard, shit you should be thanking us."  They were all near orgasm and Christina squealed and grunted as she got her load off.  They all soon followed suit, grunting and looking at each other with blurred eyes.  They seemed to accentuate each others erotisism, and had cum together on several occasions now.


They were all very wet now and one by one crawled onto the slaves face and rubbed their smelly cunts into his nose and mouth.  All five of them covered his face with thick juice, and they left him in front of the internet cameras for the masses to enjoy.


They all went to the sinks and cleaned themselves using many of the washcloths provided, and Janet managed to put the large glass container in the refrigerator full of blue cum, sealed and labeled, and they all knew that their wealth had increased significantly.


They left the slave there for an hour in full view of millions of people, his face covered with thick paste, and his dick red and tortured from the ordeal.








I was unable to think or function mentally as I lay there still exposed to the prying eyes of countless people, but at least the pain had stopped and I could just rest and let my raw privates begin heal. I looked into the camera with the deepest since of humiliation and shame I had ever felt, but couldn't bring myself to look away.


I'd discovered that I healed very quickly after being abused, and knew I would soon be viable again.  The supplements did their work well. The cunt juice from all the women was thick and smelly, and dried on my face and I dozed off from sheer exhaustion.


I awoke when the nurses came for me, and once in the wheelchair, I just relaxed and let them take me back to my room.  Evidently I had produced high content E-11 for them this time, and I was slowly learning how to make myself more sensitive to humiliation, so that I could give them what they wanted.  I knew that this would be very harmful over time, but at least my pain here would be greatly lessened.




Once in my room they gave me several injections and medicines and I feel into a coma like sleep, and didn't awaken until the next morning.  I was sore but the good breakfast and super supplements had started me on the road to normalcy and I was feeling much better now. 


The nurse who had been nice to me came around again and sat on my bed beside me.  "Hon, we've got a treat for you that will make you feel better, I promise you.  Are you ok," she asked smoothing my hair down softly.  Look, I told them you needed some good nut release and they said to take you to the cocksucker room again.  I know that you received a real nice blowjob there not long ago and there's more where that came from. 


She gently massaged my cock and nuts and I began to come to life again.  I was semi hard as she and the assistant nurse helped me into the wheelchair, and they and the guards wheeled me down the hallway to the pleasure center.  I got up and sat in the restraint chair and they strapped me in for a good blowjob.  The head nurse kissed me on the lips and gently stroked my semi hard dick.  "These two women are real good cocksuckers and they're real knockouts too hon, that's right, a double blowjob.  She left the cubible smiling and I lay there strapped in with my legs slightly bent backward and my knees up, and my hands strapped tightly behind me. 


This position exposed me completely for oral manipulation, the designers of this unit were pretty smart.


I didn't have to wait long and the side doors opened widely.  Two blonds came into the room and the nurse was right, they were just  super hot.  Cute faces, perfect ass, both were petites, and were already licking their lips.  They sat beside me and pulled their tight skirts up around their legs.


I could see that their cunts were very wet,and very hairy, nestled between their creamy white legs and when they both got a vibrator and began to stimulate their vaginal orafice my cock began to bob up and down insanely, and cum was already running in a stream down to my balls.  As they fucked themselves they spoke to me in the most obscene way possible, and I felt like I could almost ejaculate right at that moment.  The very pretty blond on my right smiled and put her head down to my anus.


I knew that I was slightly soiled down there and when she sniffed my asshole and rubbed her nose in it I almost blew my nuts there. She rubbed it with her nose a few more times and was preoccupied with the smell. The other pretty blond stroked my cock in her hand and put her head down to my pisshole.  She peeled back the foreskin and smelled under the head, and the slight head cheese fragrance obviously made her very hot.


The first blond slid her tongue into my asshole and lapped it in and out a few times.  She looked up at me and licked her lips as she shoved her finger deep into my anus.  It sank in all the way, and as the second woman began to suck my cockhead, the first one began to clean inside my asshole in earnest.  She stopped for a moment and gave me a sly look.   "I'm a cocksucker but I really like to eat ass too!"  She went back down and tongue fucked my craphole, sliding her skilled appendage deep inside.


I could tell she was eating the residue because of her gulping and slurping sounds.  The second woman was now sucking my dick with great concentration, and massaged my swollen balls as she took my pecker down her throat.  I was in a world of pleasure now as I got my ass ate and cock sucked at the same time, and knew that I was very close to shooting my wad.


The one with her tongue up my ass raised up, and rubbed the brown residue all over her face.  "Pop your nuts in her mouth," she said softly, I'll take the second load.  About that time a nurse came in from behind me and gave me an unexpected injection with the air gun.


I jumped in pleasure as the powerful aphrodisiac hit me, and as I went into a trance of pleasure I lurched upward and shot a thick load of semen into that sucking mouth.  I felt the cum rush up my dick and into her cute oral cavity, and as her mouth filled she began to grunt, and finally pulled her lips off and spit in the collection container. 


Very quickly the ass licker dove down and sucked my pecker into her wonderful mouth and held my balls tightly as she performed rapid fellatio on me.  I screamed in pleasure and another heavy load ejected from the tip of my cock and into her warm suck hole.  I jerked and squirted several times as she looked up at me, and just as the white scuzz began to dribble from her chin she spit into the container also. 


The first cocksucker came down again on my swollen prick and began to suck it hard, jacking me off as she suctioned the head.  She was squeezing my balls again and her hot mouth was driving me toward another orgasm. 


They traded off now, one sucked for a moment, then the other, and I jerked and moaned as my ejaculation took me to another high.  It was one of the most incredible feelings I'd ever experienced and because  they were so pretty I couldn't control my ejaculation anymore. I was wracked with one continuous orgasm, their pretty mouths servicing me in rapid succession.  I yelled loudly and got my nuts off again and again, as the professional cocksuckers spit my semen into the filling container.


Finally I could ejaculate no more and they both kissed me on the lips, got up and left.  There was cum all over the floor and my legs and abdomen.  I don't know how many times I spit my seed between their wonderful lips but it was one of the hottest experiences in my memory.


The nurse took the container of semen away and I was released from the seat and put back in my wheelchair again.  I could barely move and rode back to my room.  I was smiling broadly and unable to assimilate the pleasure I'd just experienced.  There is nothing quite like being sucked off by a pretty woman, and when two pretty women are doing it words fail to describe the feeling.





Once back in my room watching TV later that night, I had time to reflect on the day's activities.  The blowjob babes had been a kindness, but I knew that they wanted the heavier loads produced under duress and degradation.  I knew that most of what I would experience from now on would probably be at the hands of the disgustingly nasty dominatrix in the milking rooms.  They needed blue cum, and they knew that I would give it to them if they forced me to.


I had to learn to degrade myself and make myself feel true humiliation while being used there.  If I could do that I could save myself a lot of pain.  I began to practice each day, reinforcing the very feelings most of us try desperately to avoid most of our lives. 


My self esteem was becoming lower each day, and dangerously so, but I knew that I had no choice, and began to give myself over body and soul to the milkers.  They built on this unfortunate circumstance, and each day I looked up into the eyes of women who's sole purpose was to make their living by my utter debasement.  They enjoyed this immensly, and I allowed, even encouraged it to happen.


This would lead to unspeakable mental slavery in the coming days, and eventually, to my horror, I began to embrace it, to the delight of the milkers.  They had total dominance over my mind and spirit, and it was the thing they loved most. 


I vowed that I would enjoy all of this rather than to fight it, and the cruel milkers ran over me day by day, while I produced the blue E-11 nut wad that they were so desperate for.  I soon occupied the lowest possible position in the milking circuit, and the clever dominators began to lower me even more than ever before.  I was one of the favorite cum bags, a true gold mine, and was set up for many appointments in the coming days.




















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