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Jennifer's New Family

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Synopsis: Jennifer's new step father and step brothers take a very active and brutal interest in her, then turn their attentions to her mother as well!

Chapter 1

Jennifer Lyons walked slowly home from school, kicking stones along the

road as she went. She lived five miles out of town with her mother and

her new husband, as well as his three sons. Jennifer's own father had

died when she was a baby, and her mother had only married again just two

months ago. Jennifer was glad her mother had found someone after all

these years, but she had to admit she didn't like her new family very

much, and her walk home was a good example of why.

She had stayed after school for cheerleading practice while Tommy, Tony,

and Jason were at football practice. They were supposed to give their

new fourteen-year-old sister a ride home, but when she approached the

car, they just sniggered at her and told her she could have a ride only

if she took off her panties from under her cheerleading skirt first. She

had of course refused to do so, and they had driven home without her,

leaving her to walk the entire trip.

The boys were always teasing her like that, and she hated it. Tommy and

Tony were twins and in their last year of school. Jason was a year

younger, and she was three years younger than him. All three of them

were crude and enjoyed making sexual comments to her. Tommy and Tony

were even starting to touch her sometimes, sneaking up behind her and

slapping and pinching her ass.

Her father knew they did these things, had seen them do it on many

occasions, but her just laughed and said it was normal boy horseplay.

Jennifer could tell her mother didn't approve, but had never said

anything against her husband.

Jennifer turned up the drive to her new home at last and sighed. She

hated the thought of entering the house, but trudged up and through the

door, trying to go quickly to her room and change clothes and take a

shower. She hadn't made it two steps into the house, however, when she

heard her stepfather bellow out her name.

"Jennifer! Get in here!"

Jennifer shivered in sudden fright and went timidly to the living room

where he and all his sons were sitting watching her.

"How did you get home?" her stepfather demanded. He looked terribly

angry with her.

"I walked," Jennifer answered in a small, timid voice.

"Didn't I tell you that you were to ride home with the boys? They waited

half an hour for you to show up!"

The girl looked at the three boys in shock. They just grinned and

snickered at her. Obviously they had outright lied to their dad. She had

actually waited ten minutes for them, and then they had driven off

without her because she had refused to give them her panties. She turned

back to her stepfather and opened her mouth to speak, but couldn't think

of anything to say. She knew he would not take her word over theirs.

"Come here, miss," he growled. Jennifer took tentative steps to him,

standing right next to him. "I think you need to be taught a lesson

about manners, young lady, and I know just how to teach it. Over my

knee, now!"

"What?" Jennifer gasped. She had never been spanked before, and she

wasn't a baby. The thought of lying over his knee was

humiliating...especially with all the boys watching. She tried

desperately to think of a way out, but she had no luck. Even her mother

couldn't help her. She wouldn't be home from her job in the factory for

another two hours.

But he wasn't going to take no for an answer. He grabbed her wrist and

pulled him down. "Don't make it harder on yourself, you brat!" he said,

forcing her down over his lap. Before she knew what was happening she

was over his knees, his arm over her neck to hold her down, her young

ass raised up as a perfect target.

Jennifer was blushing furiously, from embarrassment, outrage, and

frustration. She couldn't believe she was about to be spanked like a

child half her age! Then she was even more mortified as she felt him

flip her cheerleading skirt up over her back so that her cheerleading

panties were exposed to the room.

The girl shut her eyes tightly, struggling not to cry, and was grateful

her blonde hair was falling forward over her face so the boys couldn't

see her expression. She felt her stepfather's hand rest lightly on her

upturned ass, caressing it, and she shuddered with revulsion. Then he

hooked his fingers under the waistband and suddenly yanked them down. In

one shocking, sudden motion, Jennifer found her cheerleading panties and

her undies down around her ankles, and her bare bottom completely


"NO!" she shrieked, and started squirming violently in his lap, trying

desperately to get away. He was too strong for her, using his powerful

hands to hold her down, but he wasn't able to apply the spanking. He

looked up to his sons.

"Come over here and give me a hand with this brat!" he told them, and

the boys eagerly came over, grinning more than ever. Tommy and Tony each

took and ankle and held them firmly, and spread far apart. Jason took

her wrists and held them still. Jennifer was completely trapped, bent

over her stepfather's lap. She knew that the twins could clearly see her

pussy between her spread legs.

The humiliation she now felt was overpowering, and she began to cry in

uncontrollable sobs, large tears falling to the floor. She felt his hand

on her bare bottom, now almost kneading the firm flesh, and then she

heard a sudden SMACK and felt a deep, stinging pain in her ass cheeks.

"OWWW!" she cried out, struggling against the boys holding her down. He

brought down his hand again, striking her left ass cheek. He was

spanking her with brutal blows, singing his arm as hard as he could.

First one side, then the other. Jennifer could feel her skin reddening.

The twins snickered watching her ass squirming and jiggling under the


Jennifer cried loudly as he continued spanking her tender bottom, each

blow echoing around the room like a rifle shot. The men paid no

attention to her anguish, however. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! It went on and

on, the pain intensifying, Her ass turned from a bright red to a

darkening purple. Jennifer was crying so loud her throat was going raw.

Tears ran from her blue eyes in a steady stream.

When it finally ended the miserable girl wasn't even immediately aware

of it. She had never been hurt like this before, never been shamed like

this before. She had even forgotten how she was exposed to her

stepbrothers because of the blinding pain.

Her stepfather caressed her ass, breathing a little heavily from his

exertion, and felt how warm it was from his beating. Jennifer, sobbing

with her nose near the floor, couldn't see the leer on his face as he

felt her soft skin. The twins spread her legs a little further, and he

winked at his sons as they stared at her exposed slit.

He patted her ass lightly twice more, then tucked the hem of her skirt

into the waistband. The boys let her go and he pushed her off his lap.

Jennifer struggled to her feet, sniffling, red-faced. Because of the way

he had tucked in her skirt, her ass was still exposed.

"You just leave your skirt like that for the next hour, you little

bitch," her stepfather warned. "Maybe that'll help remind you that

you're not so high and might and you can do whatever you please. And you

give each of the boys a hug, and tell them your sorry for what you did."

Jennifer couldn't believe her ears. He was going to make her continue to

expose her bottom until just before her mother came home. And she had to

hug and apologize to those awful boys! But she knew she had no choice.

She didn't want to be punished further. The pain was already more than

she thought she could stand.

She went to Jason first, who smirked at her as she loosely put her arms

around him. He hugged her tightly to him, crushing her body against him,

and he grabbed her naked ass openly. Jennifer gasped but knew better

than to protest if their dad didn't say anything to them. "I'm sorry for

what I did," she said softly, since she didn't know for sure what

exactly she was supposed to apologize for. Jason chuckled and squeezed

her ass roughly, sending sparks of pain shooting through her, before

letting her go.

The young teen next turned to Tommy, and as she hugged him he also

pulled her tight, both hands on her burning bottom. As she repeated her

soft apology, he pulled her hips tight against him, forcing her pussy

against him and making her feel little tingles there. When she hugged

Tony, he repeated the degrading act, squeezing her ass cheeks hard and

scraping his thigh across her mound.

"All right," said her stepfather. "Now get in the kitchen. Make sure

dinner's ready by the time your mother gets home."

Jennifer silently went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, feeling

humiliated having her ass exposed constantly. She could feel the eyes of

all the men on her as she reached up to get spices out of the cupboard,

or reached down to get pans. Before long the twins and their father came

into the kitchen to get some water, but the boys each found excuses to

get close to her and feel her bottom again. Jennifer submitted to their

touches in humiliated silence, afraid to do anything that might bring

another spanking.

All Jennifer could do was pray for her mother to come home. She didn't

know yet if she could tell her mother what had happened, but at least

with her in the house these men would leave her alone. With mother in

the house, she would be safe.

Chapter 2

Maryjane Lyons-Davis drove toward home with a weary, aching body. Thank

heavens it's Friday, she thought dully as she sighed deeply. She thought

of the dinner Jennifer would have waiting for her. Her daughter was a

marvelous cook for her age, and with her mom working in the factory so

hard and long, she needed all the help she could get.

As she had so often these past weeks, she thought of her situation with

more than a tinge of bitterness. After ten years moving up the ladder in

a large corporation, a buyout had reduced her to the unemployment line.

New jobs were difficult to find. In the end, she'd had to take work on a

factory line just to keep a roof overhead. She had married John Davis

when it was clear that the factory job alone would not maintain a

standard of living for her and Jennifer. She'd been seeing John for some

time, and although she enjoyed his company, she knew that she would not

have agreed to marriage quite yet if she'd been able to pay the bills.

Maryjane frowned slightly. John seemed different since they'd married.

He was harsher, more demanding than he had been. Or perhaps she'd just

overlooked his rough edges. Their relationship to this point, she had to

admit to herself, had been mostly physical. He had a marvelous cock, and

he knew how to use it. She even found herself enjoying the games he

liked to play, games she would never have thought she would consent to.

But even now, tired as she was, she got a tingly thrill thinking of

lying spread-eagled on the bed, bound to the four corners while he

teased her just at the edge of pain.

The woman shook her head. Thirty-two years old, and she was still

behaving like a star-struck teenager in many ways. Well, that wasn't all

bad, she thought. But still, since she had married John, the games had

changed somehow. The intensity was increasing. Twice in the last week

she'd had to ask him to stop pinching her nipples, because it hurt too

much. Ask, hell...he made her beg. Made her promise to reward him  if he

would stop. He never used to hurt her at all.

Well, at least now she had a decent home for her daughter. She knew that

Jennifer didn't care for the boys, but that was to be expected. Jennifer

had never lived with a male before. Her father had died the night before

he and Maryjane were to have been married, when she was eighteen, just

three months into the pregnancy. He had gotten drunk at the bachelor

party, and been killed in a traffic accident that he had caused.

Barely out of childhood herself, Maryjane did her best to raise her

daughter, and was proud of her girl. She was pretty and intelligent. She

just wished she got along better with John's boys. Of course, Maryjane

knew the boys didn't make it easy for her. She knew they teased her.

She'd even caught them making sexual references to her, which

embarrassed Jennifer no end. She had spoken to John about it, but he

just said that boys will be boys.

Maryjane turned into the driveway and parked the car. Living in the

country was nice in many respects. She liked the quiet, being away from

the bustle of the city. She went into the house through the back door

that led directly to the kitchen and saw Jennifer there just finishing

setting the table. She was dressed in a halter-top and a skirt. The

older woman experienced a moment of mild distress that her daughter's

nipples poked clearly through the thin material, but she reminded

herself that her baby was growing up. Still, she told herself that she

would have to remind the girl about the importance of modesty as her

body continued to develop. She kissed the girl on the forehead.

"Hi honey, how was your day?" she said.

"Okay," Jennifer said quietly. Something about her voice made Maryjane

stop and take a closer look. Her face seemed flushed and her eyes


"Are you all right honey? You look a little warm."

"She's fine," said John Davis, entering the kitchen. "Ain't ya, honey?"

He put his arm around her and patted the girl's rump.

Maryjane noticed that her daughter seemed to cringe, but then nodded,

looking at the floor. It seemed to the older woman that something was

left unsaid, and she knew it would be difficult getting it out of

Jennifer if she didn't want to say. She decided to ask John about it


Dinner seemed oddly strained to the young mother. John talked normally,

but the boys were very quiet and kept looking furtively at one another

and at Jennifer, and smirking. Jennifer was totally absorbed in her

food, but seemed to shift a lot in her chair, as if she were sitting on

pins. Maryjane wondered about it, and decided she would ask Jennifer

after the dishes were done.

When dinner was finished and Jennifer started clearing the table, the

rest of the family went to the kitchen, except for Jason. "I think I'll

help Jenny with the dishes tonight," he announced. Maryjane was

surprised at this, but pleased too. Maybe the children were finally

warming up to one another, she thought. But she noticed that Jennifer

seemed to shudder, and continue to look at the floor.

As everyone else left the room, Jason, true to his word, took a stack of

dishes from the table to the sink, which Jennifer was filling with

water. Jason moved behind her, very close. Jennifer shivered as he

pushed his body up against her, trapping her against the counter. The

boy's arms snaked around the small girl and closed over her budding

breasts. She gasped and squirmed a little, but did not try to get away.

"That's right, little bitch," Jason whispered in her ear. "Just stand

there. Do the dishes. I'll just stay here and...keep you company." He

laughed softly again.

Jennifer was totally confused. She didn't know what to do. She felt her

nipples stiffening, and he pinched them firmly through the thin material

of her top. She wanted to scream, to run away. But she'd been promised

that if she didn't let them "punish" her as they saw fit, it would be

much worse for her. She tried to concentrate on just doing the dishes,

but the more he played with her breasts the more excited she could feel

her body becoming. She wondered what was wrong with her that being

treated like this would make her all itchy between her legs.

Jason fondled her breasts until the dishes were completely done, as well

as rubbing his crotch up against her ass. Finally, when she finished,

the girl turned slowly, still looking at the floor, Jason looked down at

her and grinned.

"Lift up your skirt," he said quietly. "Gotta make sure you ain't

cheating on us. No panties allowed until Monday."

Jennifer drew in a shuddering sigh, working hard not to break down

crying again. She knew she should do something; she shouldn't let them

order her around like this. It was evil, dirty. But she couldn't think

of anything to do except what they demanded. She lifted the hem of her

skirt, exposing her naked pussy to her stepbrother.

No sooner had she bared her sex than it was covered again, this time by

Jason's hand. Jennifer gasped sharply! It was the first time anyone had

directly touched her pussy besides herself! The feeling of his hand

there between her legs was humiliating, but strangely exciting. She was

already so worked up from having her breasts fondled for the last twenty

minutes, that she could hardly stand it.

"You little slut," Jason chuckled. "You're wet! You love this shit don't


"N-no...please stop...I'm not wearing panties, I did what you asked."

But Jason kept feeling her, his fingers sliding up and down her wet

slit, teasing her clit, and probing the entrance to her tight virgin

cunt. Jennifer shivered, feeling herself get more and more excited,

leaning against the counter for support. She whimpered softly as his

finger circled her stiffening clit.

"Oh yeah, bitch," Jason whispered into her ear. "You love this shit.

Tight little prude like you don't wanna admit it, but your body's

tellin' me all I need to know."

Jennifer felt dizzy; the world was spinning around her. She realized he

was right, she was actually pushing her pussy forward, and her body was

going up and down. Jason was hardly moving his had at all anymore.

Without realizing it, she was working her own body, trying to get

herself off! What kind of pervert was she? He was assaulting her, and

she was acting as if she wanted more of it!

The young teen shook her head, riding his hand up and down, moaning

softly so her mother wouldn't hear. If her mother saw her acting like

this she didn't think she could take it. She tried to deny what she was

feeling, what she was doing, but it was impossible. She felt something

building inside her, something she couldn't resist. Gradually she was

spreading her legs wider, rolling her hips in circles...she was behaving

like the worst slut the confused young girl could imagine!

Suddenly she felt something release inside her...something horrible and

wonderful at the same time! She threw back her head and clapped a hand

over her mouth to keep from crying out in ecstasy. She thrust her pussy

wantonly against her stepbrother's hand, gasping for air, rising and

falling rapidly.

Warm fluids suddenly released from her body, soaking Jason's hand, and

Jennifer gritted her teeth as her body convulsed in paroxysms of

pleasure. She found herself beating a small fist against his chest in

her ecstasy, and clenching her thighs against the hand between them.

Finally the climax subsided, and Jennifer couldn't help but sag against

him. All the strength seemed to have left her body, and if he didn't

hold her up she would have collapsed to the floor.

Jennifer took deep, gasping breaths, leaning against Jason, who withdrew

his hand and laughed silently. "You little fucking slut," he taunted,

and Jennifer burned with shame.

She forced herself to stand upright and let her skirt drop down again,

and Jason took a step to the side. Just at that moment Maryjane entered

the kitchen. "How are you kids doing?" she said with a smile.

"Just fine mom," said Jason with a broad grin. He put a hand around

Jennifer's shoulder. Maryjane saw that his hand was wet, and assumed he

must have taken his turn washing the dishes. Jason grinned and rubbed

his wet hand over Jennifer's face. "We're having a lot of fun. Right


Jennifer scrunched up her nose against Jason's hand. When he took it

away, she continued to smell the evidence of her own debasement. She had

acted like a slut, and she knew it. She felt more miserable than ever in

her young life, and wondered how much worse it could get. She didn't

think she could ever tell her mother what was happening now. How could

she explain getting orgasms under these conditions? Her mother would

hate her, she'd think she was a worthless whore.

Maryjane, meanwhile, smiled warmly. She saw Jason rub his wet hand

against her daughter's face, saw the cute way her daughter wrinkled up

her nose, and saw the antics of young teens acting perfectly normally.

She left the room, confident that Jennifer and the boys were finally

starting to get along. She would sleep easier tonight.

Chapter 3

Jennifer Lyons went to her room and closed the door, wishing desperately

it had a lock. She never wanted to see anyone ever again, but she knew

she would have to settle for just the blessed hours of the night for

solitude. She'd never had a worse day in her life. She'd been exposed,

severely spanked, fondled, and molested by her stepfather and his

brutish sons. The humiliation of that alone was almost more than she

could stand. But what made it all infinitely worse was how she

responded. Her nipples got erect when the men touched them. Her pussy

got hot and wet, and her entire body turned into something worthy of the

worst kind of slutty whore. What kind of sick, perverted creature was


She tried not to think about it and began to get ready for bed. She

kicked off her shoes, pulled off her tank top, and let her skirt drop to

the floor. With that she was completely naked, for she was forbidden

from wearing a bra or panties until Monday, two days away. Worse, she

was to wear a skirt until then as well, no pants allowed. She shuddered

in revulsion with the knowledge that all four of the males in the house

would take every opportunity to make sure she was obeying them. The

thought of them leering at her body as if it were something made to be

displayed made her stomach recoil.

The fourteen-year-old girl turned to look at herself in the mirror. She

knew that boys thought she was pretty. She saw the way they stared at

her at school, and she knew that they teased her because they liked her,

despite how annoying it was to her at times. Her breasts were a bit

larger than most of the other girls her age. She cupped them in her

hands and found them to be an almost perfect fit. Bright pink upturned

nipples with wide aureoles capped each firm breast.

Jennifer was proud of her breasts. She had privately been thrilled to

see how long the nipples were when stiff. She thought it made them seem

more like a woman's nipples. She was also proud of the size of her

breasts. Her mother's were very large and still firm, but not so large

to be gross, and Jennifer had always hoped her breasts would grow to be

the same size.

She looked down her body to her slim waist, then to her slightly flaring

hips, and new she had a good figure. Her mound was something of a

disappointment to her. Most of the girls in her class already had full,

bushy pubic areas. Her own, however, was only sparsely grown. The hair

was the same honey blonde color as that on her head, but there was so

little of it that it hid nothing. She thought it looked like a little

girl's pussy still.

Jennifer sighed heavily and went to pull on her pajamas. A part of her

now wished she were fat and ugly. Maybe then they would all leave her

alone. Her breasts, which she was so proud of, only made them excited,

especially without a bra and her nipples showed. And her almost hairless

pussy made her feel as exposed as possible when they looked at it.

The girl crawled into bed and turned out the light, shivering a little

and trying not to cry as she relived the day over and over.


Maryjane Lyons-Davis smiled at her husband lying on the bed as she

pulled her blouse off slowly. Her body swayed provocatively as she

revealed her large breasts straining against the black lace bra she

wore. John Davis grinned and licked his lips while leering at his

beautiful new wife, so eager to please him.

The young mother unhooked the bra and let it fall away, proving that her

breasts were still naturally firm as they stood out proudly on her

chest, dark red firm nipples on each. She shook her shoulders and let

them jiggle on her chest. Maryjane knew he liked that, though it made

her feel a little slutty. But that was the real attraction to him,

wasn't it; she had to admit to herself. He makes me feel slutty, and I

like it.

She turned her back to him and began to pull down her slacks, bending

over at the waist and showing him her round ass, clad only in tiny tong

panties. She wagged her ass at him, then swayed in large circles before

slowly standing straight again and turning back to face him. She hooked

her thumbs under the waistband of panties and shimmied them gradually

down her legs. Her pussy was shaved completely, a lovely, puffy mound of

pleasure, with pink moist inner labia just starting to peek through the

outer lips.

The shaving had been a recent request of John's. Well, not a request

really, Maryjane reminded herself. He had done it himself two nights ago

when she had been tied down to the bed. She couldn't do anything to stop

him. But she already knew she liked it. It felt wonderful when he

caressed her bare flesh was so much more erotic.

Now completely naked, Maryjane continued her erotic dance. She ran her

hands over her breasts, squeezing the globes together and pulling on the

red nipples. She let one hand slip down between her legs, and her

fingers opened her pussy lips as her face tinged a lovely shade of

scarlet. Touching herself there, exposing herself that way, was still

slightly embarrassing to the young woman, but she did it for her

husband, who enjoyed the sight of her touching herself.

John stood up from the bed and slowly advanced on the swaying woman. He

was a tall, powerful man, muscles rippling over his body from years of

hard farm work. He stood nearly a foot taller than her, which she also

found to be strangely exciting. She trusted him completely, but she also

knew that with his size and strength, he could do anything he wished

with her, and she found the threat oddly appealing. Jennifer, who still

a full six inches shorter than her mother, once commented that John and

the boys made her feel like a midget. Each of the three boys was even

taller and, Maryjane suspected, stronger than their father.

John took the woman's small hands in his giant paws and held them

firmly, drawing them behind her back, and bent low to kiss her roughly.

As his tongue entered her mouth, he pulled her tightly against him,

crushing her breasts against him. Maryjane moaned in passionate lust as

the kiss went on for several minutes.

"You danced good, slave," he growled at her when he finally broke away.

Maryjane blushed again. "Thank you Master," she replied in a timid

voice. They were playing his favorite game, where she was a harem slave

and he her owner and master. "How may I please you further?"

She felt both foolish and terribly excited when she played this game.

She had never suspected the submissive side of herself, but she loved

the thrill it gave her.

"By accepting your punishment quietly," John answered gruffly.

"Yes Master," said Maryjane as he forced her to the foot of the bed. Her

husband kicked her feet wide apart, then pulled ropes out from under the

bed and tied her ankles to the feet of the bed. With two longer ropes he

tied her wrists to the headboard, forcing her to bend over at the waist,

her ass a lovely, inviting target.

Maryjane felt the now-familiar thrill of disturbed excitement rush

through her. She'd never been tied in this position before. She wondered

what would happen, what it would be like. She shivered and moaned

instantly when John thrust his hand between her spread legs and firmly

rubbed at her pussy.

"OHH Master!" she cried! "That feels wonderful!"

"Yeah?" John growled at his wife. "How does this feel?"

The next moment Maryjane head a faint whistle, then a loud CRACK, and

searing pain suddenly burst forth in her vulnerable ass! "AAAAHHHHH!!"

she cried out in shock and pain. She twisted her head around and saw

John raising a doubled up belt, then brought it down across her bottom

once more!


"EEEEAAAHHHH!!! Oh GOD John NOO!!!!" Maryjane twisted violently in her

bonds, but was hopelessly trapped. He whipped her again, grinning down

at the angry welts forming across her upturned ass. She howled in agony,

tears streaming from her eyes. Her head tossed violently, blonde hair

flying about as he belted her three more times.

Maryjane was sobbing shamelessly in her bondage, grateful their room was

one floor and the entire length of the house away from the kids' rooms.

They weren't likely to hear even these loud screams in this huge place,

and she didn't want her daughter to hear her mother shrieking like this.

Then she gasped as John shoved a finger inside her cunt, which was

practically dripping with the juice of lust. John laughed and wiped his

finger under nose.

"John...oh god John please...this is too've gone too far! I

can't take this!"

But her husband only laughed again. "Can't take it, huh? Let's see if

you can take this!"

With that he shoved his hard cock brutally up the woman's open cunt,

sinking its entire eight-inch length into her helpless body in one easy

thrust. Maryjane gasped, then moaned, then cried out again as his hips

slapped hard against her ravaged ass cheeks. Her husband drew back and

shoved himself hard inside her again, once more slamming hard against

the welts that crisscrossed her butt.

Maryjane felt his cock fucking her, felt the hot fire burning her ass,

and was lost between agony and lust. She didn't know whether to cry in

pain or beg him to fuck harder. Her head was swimming; she tugged on the

ropes that bound her.

"Oh yeah you BITCH!" John grunted as he thrust into her on the last

word. "Gonna fuck you like the horny little cunt you are!! Ain't ya,


Maryjane grunted loudly too as he shoved his cock deep into her hungry

pussy. "Yes! Ohhh YES! Fuck me like a slutty whore Master! OH GOD FUCK


John obliged his bound wife's plea vigorously, fucking her cunt as hard

as he could. Then he pulled completely out of her and shoved forward

once more, but this time his well-lubricated cock plunged effortlessly

into her tiny asshole!

Maryjane tossed back her head, her eyes wide and bulging. Her back was

arched and her mouth was open for long moments before a scream of

outrage and agony escaped her throat! "AHHHHHoooooowwwwwww!!" she

howled. Her ass had never been penetrated before, and John's cock,

nearly as wide as her wrist, made it seem as though she'd just been

reamed with a hot poker!

"GOD NO JOHN!!" the agonized mother cried out. She could feel it buried

deep inside her rectum, straining the wall and her sphincter. "PLEASE


John did indeed pull back, but only to thrust inside her once more, even

harder than before! "Shut up and take it, slave!" he grunted, trying to

hold her squirming ass steady with his hands. He plowed into her again,

slapping against her welted ass mercilessly.

Maryjane shook in her bonds from pain and fear. He had always been

rough, but she'd never been treated like this before! He was completely

ignoring her cries and pleading. She'd told him early in their

relationship that she didn't do anal sex, and he had assured her he

would always respect that. It was no longer a game...she was being

genuinely raped by her own husband, and there was nothing she could do

about it!

He leaned over her bent body and grasped a large breast in each hand,

using them as handles to yank her body back on his cock as he shoved

forward. Maryjane shut her eyes and sobbed as his fingers dug into the

soft flesh, yanking painfully at them. She'd never been more terrified

in her life. Her husband had lost all sense; he was totally out of


She was grinding her teeth, grunting heavily with each agonizing thrust

of his massive cock. She could still feel the slipperiness of her pussy,

as well as the aching, animal need deep inside her. As the horrible ass

rape continued, the young woman was shocked to feel her pleasure growing

through the haze of pain that ripped through her again and again. She

found herself shoving back against him without the aid of him pulling on

her breasts. Her breathing was hard and ragged, and sweat was forming on

her forehead.

"Oh yeah!" John grunted, squeezing her breasts harshly again. "You love

this you little cunt! You pretend to be so prim and proper, bitch, but

deep down you want what every other cunt wants...a hard cock anywhere,


He slammed into her again, harder than ever. Maryjane cried out, tossing

her head again, trying to ignore his words. Yet a part of her knew he

was right. The more he fucked her, the more she wanted to keep on

fucking her, even in the ass. With a wave of self-loathing she felt a

climax building inside her. It would only be moments....She thrust back

against him harder, needing the orgasm she sensed was near.

John was growling and grunting as his tempo increased, and his wife knew

him well enough by now to realize that he was close to cumming also. He

buried his hard prick deep into her bowels and she rolled her ass in

wide circles, groaning madly. He bit his lip, clamped down once more on

her large tits, and rammed into her so hard the bed was shoved against

the wall.

"OHHHH YEAHH!!!" he growled. "You're fuckin' ass is so goddamn tight!

I'm fuckin' cumming bitch! cumming deep in your dirty little ass,


Maryjane squealed in pain, anger, and lust as her own orgasm exploded!

"FUCK!" she cried. "FUCK ME!! OHHHH SHIT!!!" The world spun around in

dizzying circles as lights seemed to explode in her dazed brain. She

felt his hot cum shooting into her, scalding yet delicious. Her body

trembled and bucked, and then finally sagged in her bonds as her husband

thrust once more into her and then collapsed over her back, gasping


Slowly the exhausted couple caught their breath again. John's dwindling

cock slipped out of her ass, and with it Maryjane felt his cum sliding

down her inner thighs. She was speechless. She could find nothing to say

to him. He had violated her in a way that was beyond anything she could

have imagined, yet she knew it would be pointless to try to deny she had

enjoyed it. What in the world was happening to her? What was she


She felt him releasing her bonds, and was grateful for it. Her joints

ached horribly. Her ass was burning from the whipping and the rape. She

just wanted to curl up in the soft bed and sleep for a week. When John

had completely released her, he picked her up easily in his powerful

arms and dropped her on the bed. Maryjane wanted to scold him for his

treatment of her, but she wanted more to close her eyes for a few

moments and just rest. She needed to sort things out...

She felt him pulling her arms over her head and opened her eyes. Before

she could react, he had handcuffed them to the headboard of the bed. She

looked at her husband with her blue eyes pleading. "No John...please no

more games tonight. Please, I'm so exhausted."

John just grunted and laid down beside her, shutting out the light. Not

even bothering to respond, he fell quickly to sleep, leaving his

confused, hurting wife bound to the bed, a thousand questions running

through her mind.

The question furthest from her mind, however, was what her daughter was

doing at this precise moment. Jennifer, lying alone in her dark room,

was quivering under the covers, for she'd just heard someone entering

her bedroom quietly, and softly closing the door behind them....

Chapter 4

Jennifer huddled under her covers, pretending to be asleep in bed,

hoping against hope that whoever she had just heard come into her room

would just leave without bothering her. Her hopes were dashed, however,

just after the door closed behind the intruder and the light snapped on.

The girl opened one eye to peek at who had come in. It was Tommy, one of

the twins. Jennifer gasped. He was completely naked. He walked toward

her bed with an evil grin on his face. His cock was already half erect,

a long, wide shaft of terror to the young girl, bobbing at her with

every step he took closer to her.

My God, she thought. He's going to rape me! He's really going to put

that thing in me!

Jennifer shivered under the covers, still trying to pretend she was

asleep. But when he slapped her face hard, she could pretend no longer.

She cried out and looked up at her stepbrother with terror-filled eyes.

"Please leave me alone!" she begged. "Please don't hurt me!"

Tommy smirked and yanked back the covers, sitting down on the bed next

to the young girl. "Not gonna hurt ya, girl...not if ya do what I tell

ya to, anyways."

Tommy grinned again and with a sudden, vicious movement gripped the neck

of her pajamas and yanked hard, ripping the thin material completely

away from her body. Jennifer shrieked and tried to cover he exposed

breasts with her arms, rolling over onto her stomach. Tommy just laughed

and instantly grabbed the waistband of her pajama bottoms and yanked

them down her legs, leaving the horrified girl completely naked.

"That's good sis," he said in a taunting voice. "You're still not

wearing any underwear. You're an obedient little fuck toy, aren't you?"

He leered down at her, forcing her over onto her back. Her blue eyes

looked up at him with tears flowing from them.

"Aren't you?!!" he repeated, with a scowl on his face. Jennifer nodded

fearfully, shivering and sobbing. "Then say it!" Tommy demanded.

Jennifer cast her thoughts about, wondering for a moment what he wanted.

Then it finally came to her, and her brain recoiled from the thought. He

slapped her again, a hard backhand that left her cheek stinging harshly.

She cried out in sudden pain!

"I-I'm an obedient...fuck toy," she sobbed. The words had come out

almost unbidden. She just wanted him to leave her alone. She didn't want

to give him any excuse to hurt her more....

The young girl was terrified. Now they were both naked, but he surely

wouldn't...wouldn't go all the way?? Jennifer sobbed loudly as he thrust

his hand between her legs.

"C'mon, open up," he demanded, working his fingers between her clenched

legs. "Spread your legs, fuck toy." Jennifer just shook her head,

trembling. Tommy growled and took one of her pink nipples between his

fingers and pinched it hard, twisting and pulling it savagely!

"OWWW!" the girl howled in pain, twisting her body helplessly. She knew

it was no use trying to fight him, and slowly spread her legs wide. She

closed her eyes and turned her head away, shuddering, as he groped her

pussy with one hand and slowly stroked is hard cock with the other.

"You got a nice cunt, fuck toy," he chuckled as he spread his fingers,

opening her pussy wide to reveal the bright pink inner flesh and her

hard clit. Jennifer was silent and shivered again. Tommy viciously

pinched her nipple again. "I gave you a compliment bitch! Gotta teach

you manners! What do you say when somebody compliments you?"

Jennifer's mind was numb with shock and anguish. The pain radiating in

her breast from his brutal treatment left her barely able to think.

"Th-thank you," she said through her miserable sobs.

"That's better, fuck toy," said the boy. He slipped a finger into her

tight hole to the first knuckle, teasing her, and it instantly became

slick with her girl juice. "Man, you really are a hot bitch! I barely

touched ya and you're already wet!"

Jennifer burned with shame, as she knew it was true. She could feel the

same sensations building as when Jason fondled her earlier. She willed

herself desperately to stop the feelings, to gain control of her body,

but as Tommy started rubbing her stiff clit vigorously she couldn't

suppress a tiny squeal of lust, and her hips rose up to his hand of

their own accord.

Tommy laughed softly at her as she became more and more excited. Then he

suddenly pulled his hand away from her and knelt over her, straddling

her small body. Jennifer recoiled from the heavy cock that dangled in

front of her face, slapping her lips lightly.

"Open your mouth, fuck toy," Tommy growled. "You got me hot too, and

you're gonna do something about it. You can take it in your mouth, or in

your cunt. What's it gonna be?"

"Noooo, please Tommy....don't do this to me!" Jennifer squeaked, the

weight of the older boy on her chest seeming to crush her. "Please leave

me alone, please!"

"Make up your mind, fuck toy!" he shouted. "Or I'll make it up for you!

I always wanted to fuck a tight virgin cunt like yours anyway!"

"NO!" the horrified girl shrieked. The thought of him fucking her was

terrifying. His cock was huge! Looking at it, she wasn't even sure she

could get her mouth around it. If he tried to put that thing inside her,

he'd rip her apart! "I-I'll do it...." She closed her blue eyes again in

overpowering shame.

Tommy grinned down at his naked young stepsister. "Do what?" he asked,

moving his cock away from her face.

"I-I'll...suck your cock." Jennifer couldn't imagine feeling more

degraded than at this moment, being forced to talk like that to her own

stepbrother, and then actually having to do it!

Tommy laughed again and put the head of his prick against her lips.

"That's good, fuck toy," he said. "Suck it like the little whore you

wanna be."

Jennifer shut her blue eyes tightly, the tears flowing down her flushed

cheeks. She opened her mouth, and felt the disgusting, spongy purple

head of his cock force its way past her full lips. The girth of the

monster forced her jaws wide apart, making them ache. The girl had heard

stories at school of girls doing this, but never imagined she could ever

bring herself to put a man's cock in her own mouth. It seemed like the

most dirty, disgusting thing imaginable. She didn't really know what she

was supposed to do.

"Suck it fuck toy," Tommy growled, and chuckled when she obediently

started sucking at it like some obscene lollipop. "Ohh yeah! That's

good, you cunt! Use your tongue on it too!"

Jennifer tried doing the things he told her. She just wanted it to be

over as quickly as possible. Maybe if she made him cum he would go away

and leave her alone. She rolled her tongue across the head, sucking it

as he drove it in and out of her mouth. Several time he banged it

against the back of her throat, causing her to gag reflexively.

His prick was so big it was hard for the girl to breathe, especially

with him sitting on her chest. She felt like a cheap, filthy whore lying

there with his cock fucking her mouth, but she could do nothing but try

to get it over with as quickly as possible.

"God yeah, you bitch! God that's good! You're a natural little fuck


The more he spoke, the more the girl's shame increased. Worse, she felt

her own passions rising in her body. She couldn't believe it! She was

doing the most disgusting thing imaginable, and she felt her pussy

growing hotter and wetter by the moment! A moment later it was even

worse, as Tommy reached behind him and started fingering it again,

teasing her clit.

Jennifer couldn't help but moan around his big cock. She put a hand

around it to help keep it steady, sucking firmly and batting the head

with her tongue. Tommy continued rocking back and forth on her chest,

thrusting his prick in and out of her mouth, while sliding three fingers

up and down her open, wet slit.

The young teen's hips started rising and falling against her

stepbrother's large hand, making him rub her harder between her open

legs. She sucked and worked her lips around as much of the massive shaft

as she could. Tommy was groaning louder now, shoving his cock into her

faster and faster.

She felt something pulse at the base of the prick against her hand, and

next moment Tommy was shuddering hard. A blast of hot, sticky cum shot

into her mouth! Jennifer choked against the vile stuff, but he pulled

his hand from her cunt and forced her head still. She couldn't get away

and more and more sperm shot into her mouth!

"OH FUCK YEAH!!" Tommy shouted. "Oh yeah, take it you bitch!!"

Jennifer nearly panicked. Some of the stuff was forced down her throat,

the rest dribbled out of her mouth and over her face and chin. She felt

nauseated and dirty. She couldn't breathe. And her pussy, so close to a

climax, ached for him to touch her again!

At last it was over. His cock stopped spurting cum, and began to soften

in her mouth. Tommy grunted a final time and then grinned down at her

with his spunk drooling out of her mouth. Jennifer was lost in a haze of

shame and lust. She still squirmed restlessly under him.

"That was pretty good, fuck toy" Tommy said to her in a taunting voice.

He stood up and lightly patted her firm breasts. "You do all right for a

little cunt." He laughed again more loudly and without another word left

the room.

Jennifer lay on her bed, her face soaked with his cum, her pussy wet and

throbbing. She ached and wanted to cry, but there was something else she

needed too. Unable to stop herself, she plunged her hand between her

legs and began rubbing her pussy hard. Her legs were splayed out, her

hips rose off the bed as she circled her clit with her fingers and she

moaned softly, her eyes rolling back.

She had been so close ever since Tommy had entered the, but he hadn't

let her cum. He hadn't seemed to care whether she had an orgasm or not,

as long as he did. But now, worked up as she was, she could hold back no

longer. She plunged a finger inside her, fucking herself rapidly,

gasping for each breath, and then with a soft squeal of lustful delight

she felt her climax take her, washing through her body with the force of

a sledgehammer! Her fingers were soaked with her cum but they continued

to play rapidly over her heated sex.

Jennifer's hip were rising and falling rapidly, thrusting her virgin

pussy up into the air. She tossed her head wildly, squealing in the

throes of her passion!

"Oh yes!" she said in a whispered cry so no one would hear her. "God

yes! Ooohhh fuck!"

Finally it all subsided and her body relaxed once more. She lay on the

bed, her chest heaving, her eyes closed. After a few moments, her eyes

snapped open again. She'd heard something. She immediately saw Tommy

again, who was in the doorway snickering softly at her.

"Great show, fuck toy," he said, and turned away again.

Jennifer's face went beet red and her entire being felt humiliation like

she'd never imagined. She turned over and buried her face in the pillow.

He'd seen it all! Seen her fingering herself like a dirty slut! And

worse, he'd think that it was the way he treated her that got her so


But it was true, wasn't it, she scolded herself. The way he fingered

her, forced his cock in her mouth, taunted her with his filthy words. It

had all made her hot, brought out intense sexual desires that demanded

to be satisfied. Somehow, she knew, she liked being treated this

way...some perverted part of her wanted it!

Jennifer sobbed into her pillow. She didn't know what was happening to

her. What would become of her? She hated herself, and she hated the

Davis men for doing this to her, and she hated her mom for marrying John

Davis, and she hated the world for letting all this happen to her.

The young blonde virgin cried long into the night, alone with her

despair and shame.

Chapter 5

Maryjane looked uncomfortably out the window to see the sun brightening

the eastern sky. Thank heavens, she thought to herself, morning at last.

Her wrists were still bound over her head to the headboard of the bed,

and John was asleep beside her. Nothing she said convinced him to let

her go, and when he finally threatened to take the belt to her again if

she didn't let him go to sleep, she remained quiet.

Something was very wrong, but Maryjane was uncertain what it was. Why

was John acting this way? Had she done something to upset him? She

couldn't imagine what. She shifted carefully, her shoulders aching.

She'd gotten no sleep at all during the night, and something told her

she wasn't going to be allowed to nap during the day.

Beside her John rustled, waking as always at the crack of dawn. He

slowly opened his sleepy eyes and looked at his beautiful wife. She

returned his gaze, pleading with her eyes but still frightened to speak.

His expression when seeing her with her hands tied was puzzled for a

brief moment, but then his face split into a wide grin.

Maryjane swallowed nervously. "Are...are you going to let me go, or just

keep me here all day?" she asked. She tried to make the question sound

light, but she failed to hide the tremor in her voice.

John looked at her and rubbed his hand over his stubbled face, as though

considering the question carefully. "Yeah," he finally grunted, getting

out of bed and slipping his bathrobe on. "I'll let ya go, in a little

bit. Got something else to take care of first."

"John!" Maryjane called, but he left the room without a backward glance.

The woman frowned. This was getting ridiculous. She had to start

asserting herself. He was certainly going to get a piece of her mind

when he released her. This was going to be the last time she let herself

get put in this position!

Within moments her husband returned, and she forced a sweet smile on her

face to encourage him to release her quickly. But her smile quickly

turned to shock as Jason followed him into the bedroom. Maryjane

struggled frantically on her bonds, but it was no use. Her face turned a

deep red as Jason looked down on her, a grin as wide as his father's on

his face.

"John!" Maryjane screamed. "John I'm naked! Get him out of here!"

"Now honey," John replied, sitting down on the edge of the bed and

patting her hip. Just relax. Jason here is a growing young

man...seventeen now. It's time he learned a thing or two about life, and

I've decided you're just the person for him to learn from."

"Wh-what do you mean?" She couldn't be hearing him right. Surely he

wasn't suggesting...? He couldn't possibly...!

But John didn't answer her. He just smirked and got back up and walked

with his son to the foot of the bed. Each of them grabbed one of her

legs and pulled them to each side. Maryjane was suddenly terrified, and

tried to kick at them, but they were far too powerful. Within moments

they had her ankles securely bound to the footboard of the bed, spread


"John, please don't do this! You've got to let me go! Please!" Maryjane

pleaded with her husband tears welling up in her blue eyes. But all he

did was put an arm around his son's shoulder, the two men staring down

at the beautiful naked young woman.

"All right son, she's all yours. She'll make a man out of ya boy, you can

take my word on that. If she gives ya too much trouble, just give a

couple with the belt. That'll straighten her out. Ok? Any questions?"

"Nah dad, I can handle it from here," Jason replied chuckling. His

father winked at him and left the room without a backward glance.

"John! JOHN!!" Maryjane cried after him, but to no avail. She looked

back to Jason, and saw the leer on his face. Her only hope was to appeal

to his good sense. "Jason...Jason I don't know what your father said,

but this is wrong. You know it's wrong. It's rape...and I'm your

stepmother. You mustn't do this!"

But even as she spoke Jason pulled his shirt over his head and pulled

the belt from his jeans. He doubled the leather and snapped it hard,

looking meaningfully at her. Maryjane swallowed hard, trembling on the


What was happening? The whole world seemed to have suddenly gone mad!

These was like she had never met them, they'd all changed. They

had become evil brutes, raping and hurting her...then the young mother's

eyes flew open wide. Jennifer! Was she all right? Had they done anything

to her?

"Jason!" she cried. "Jason, please tell me you haven't touched Jenny!

Please tell me she's all right! You can do what you want to me, but

leave Jenny alone!"

Jason smirked, towering over her as he stripped completely naked. His

cock was hard and larger than his father's, the bound woman noticed at

once. "Jenny? Aw, she's ok...she's gonna be just fine, leave that to

us." he chuckled and Maryjane struggled in despair. Somehow she knew

that Jenny was in trouble, she needed her mother, but she was hopelessly


Jason knelt down on the soft bed between his stepmother's spread legs

and thrust a hand against her pussy, shoving two fingers hard inside

her. Maryjane grunted as he scratched her tender inner walls. "Jason,"

she whispered in a soft sob. " no no no no...."

But Jason ignored her, leaning forward to suck a bright red nipple

between his lips, nibbling at it with his teeth while he continued to

work at her pussy with his insistent hand. Maryjane shuddered, squirming

under his touch, feeling her cunt begin to lubricate despite the horror

she felt. Her nipples stiffened under his kisses, and his solid weight

on top of her was warm, heating her flesh.

It's wrong, she told herself. It's all so horribly wrong! He's going to

rape me, lord knows what he's already done to Jenny! And I'm getting

worked up like a bitch in heat! I can't! I have to be strong! I have to

rescue her!

But her body continued to ignore her will. Jason stopped sucking at her

nipple and began chewing at it, hard, causing her to wince and moan in

pain. His fingers massaged her clit, his nails scratched at it. Then she

felt him shifting on top of her, positioning himself.

"Please...please Jason!" she sobbed, making one last effort to reason

with him.

"Well okay!" Jason replied, intentionally misreading her meaning. "Since

you want it so bad you're begging for it!"

He thrust his hips forward and his huge prick forced its way past her

labia and down into her cunt. Maryjane gasped at the boy's sudden,

forceful entrance. It seemed to completely fill her, heating her from

the inside, extending far up into her body, nearly to the womb! The

bound woman cried out, arching her back instinctively and causing him to

enter her even more deeply!

Jason shoved all of his massive cock into her tight cunt, then stayed

motionless for a while, taking in the sensation of her vaginal walls

constricting around his prick, bathing it with heat and feminine oils.

"Ohhh fuck! You feel great mom! Goddamn, this is the best thing I've

ever felt!"

For one brief, horrid moment, Maryjane actually felt pride that a young

stud like Jason would find pleasure in a woman her age. But then the

full force of what was happening came back to her. She was being raped

by her stepson. She was bound and helpless. They could do anything to

her! Who was to say it would stop after Jason? And what about Jennifer?

Poor, dear Jennifer!

Jason drew his cock back, nearly all the way out of the woman's cunt,

and then plunged it down hard again. Maryjane grunted loudly. "OHHHH

God!" She didn't think she'd ever felt her pussy so filled before. It

was like having a thick shaft of heated solid steel pistoning in and out

of her body. She moaned again, more loudly, unable to restrain herself.

The boy wrapped his hands around her large breasts and squeezed them

harshly. She squealed and then arched her back as he shoved down again,

and their bodies met with a loud slap of warm flesh. Jason began

pounding in and out of her, and she was matching him stroke for stroke.

"Oh yeah mom! God I'm gonna fuck you good! Gonna unload in you mom!

Gonna take you all the fuckin' way!!"

Maryjane clenched her teeth, grunting like an animal every time his

prick slid down deep in her body. She tried to wrap her arms around him,

but the ropes stopped her. She was silently grateful. God, what he would

have thought of her if she had hugged her tighter against him! She was

breathing in short, tight gasps, sounding almost asthmatic. Her hips

worked madly, thrusting up and down in time to his rhythm.

"God mom! I'm gonna cum! Gonna cum in your hot cunt! Fuck yeah!! Gonna

cum in your hot fuckin' twat!"

Jason groaned, and slammed with terrifying force into the blonde woman's

bald cunt. Maryjane cried out unexpectedly, shaking her head madly under

her growing lust and passion, feeling the pressures build within her!

Suddenly the two of them howled out madly as one voice, both bodies

straining. Jason's hot cum flooded into his stepmother's quivering cunt

while her own orgasm shook her from head to toe. There were tears in her

eyes from the hot passion she enjoyed, as well as from the deep shame

she felt from her enjoyment.

Jason collapsed over her, breathing heavily, his hard, muscled body

enveloping her own diminutive form. Maryjane struggled to breathe under

his weight, feeling his cock gradually slip out of her cunt. After

several minutes Jason finally rolled off of her, for which his

stepmother was grateful. The silence had been terribly awkward. What was

there to say? You should be ashamed of yourself? I should be ashamed of

myself? Thank you for the best fuck of my life?

Jason silently dressed, not even looking at her. Maryjane trembled in

her bonds quietly. But when Jason turned to leave, she spoke quickly.

"Jason! Please...untie me. I need to see Jenny...."

But her hopes of a quick release from her bondage were quickly dashed.

Jason turned to her and chuckled. "Ah, Jenny'll be okay mom. We'll be

sure to look after her." With that, he laughed again, and walked out the


"No! Wait! Jason no! Let me speak to your father!" But it was too late.

The worried mother's words fell to the empty air as Jason vanished from

sight. Maryjane shuddered, testing her bond fruitlessly again. What was

happening to her poor daughter? She's only fourteen. Please God, don't

let them touch her.....


Jennifer lay quietly in her bed, naked since Tommy had ripped her

pajamas to shreds earlier in the night. She felt nauseated as the memory

of having his cock in her mouth, with that awful semen squirting down

her throat, came rushing back to her again. She had almost thrown up

several times during the night. Only a determination not to leave her

room had given her the strength to hold it down.

She felt dirty, filthy. Not only had she sucked her stepbrother's cock,

but also she had masturbated afterward...and he had watched her do it.

How could she get any lower? What kind of filthy whore was she? She

never wanted to see anyone ever again in her life!

She noticed the sun rising, the day beginning, and new dread crept over

her like cold water in a warm bath. When the day came, she would have to

get up and face the world. What would they do to her today? She tried to

tell herself that it would be better. They wouldn't do these kinds of

things when her mother was near. But even if she believed that, she

hated the thought of being in the proximity of any of those men. They

all knew what she had done. They would laugh at her and call her a slut,

and she suspected they would be right to do so, which made it all the

more humiliating to the confused teen.

Suddenly she heard the bedroom door open and close, and she spun around,

huddling the covers close to her. Tony was standing there, wearing a

broad, evil grin and a pair of boxer shorts. Jennifer whimpered quietly

in her bed.

"Get up, cunt," Tony said, yanking the covers away and exposing her

naked body. "I gotta make sure you don't try to cheat your way out of

punishment by wearing clothes you ain't supposed to!"

"I won't! I won't! I promise!" Jennifer squealed and tried to cover her

exposed young body with her hands. Tony laughed harshly at her.

"You look really nice like that, you know that?" he said, slapping her

hands away. "Hell, you look good enough to eat, slut! In fact, I think

that's just what I'll do! You'd like that, wouldn't you slut?"

"Noooo!" Jennifer wailed, but in a flash Tony was on the bed spreading

her legs wide, gazing down at her virgin pussy, open and inviting. He

laughed loudly at her.

"No hell!" he said. "Lookit that! You're cunt's already swollen up! The

fuckin' thing looks like a goddamn flower!"

Jennifer wailed miserably as she tried uselessly to close her legs. It

was true she could feel a cool breeze across her pussy, but it must be

worse than she thought. She couldn't believe she was already getting hot

again, but she could feel it deep inside her. She was such a slut that

even just having a guy look at her made her want a cock!

Shamed beyond all measure, Jennifer could do nothing but endure Tony's

stares and laughter. Then he leaned down, and to her horror planted his

mouth firmly on her pussy! The young girl drew in a deep, shuddering

gasp as his tongue traveled slowly from the base of her slit upwards,

circling around the entrance to her cunt, then further up to her clit,

where he suddenly sucked the stiff flesh between his lips.

Tony moaned hungrily as he teased her hard nub with his tongue. Jennifer

felt dazed and miserable. Her knees were drawn up and spread wide, and

her hands were gripping her head, trying to make sense out of a world

suddenly gone insane. He probed her cunt with his tongue, licking around

deep inside of her, and she squirmed and moaned helplessly, knowing with

dull horror that she was going to succumb to her body's desires once


The young girl shut her eyes tightly, shaking her head and moaning

loudly as her body took control once more, building the pressures of

lust and desire within her to intolerable levels. Tony reached up with

his hands and took her breasts in them, squeezing and pinching until she

cried shrilly with pain! Her hips thrust up and down against his mouth.

Tony nibbled at her clit, then massaged deep inside her with his tongue.

He made loud, lewd, slurping noises that only served to excite her

further, and the tormented virgin lost any ability she'd ever had to

maintain a grip on reality. She felt him push a finger into her tight

asshole, twist it around deep inside her, and she grunted in a low voice

that sounded more like it came from a dog than a human.

"Fuck! Oh fuck!" she heard her own voice cry out. Then she heard Tony

chuckle against her cunt and bite down painfully on her swollen,

sensitive labia! "AHHH!" she cried. "YES! OH GOD YES!"

Tony continued snickering, chewing on her clit and listening to the girl

become increasingly lost to her passion. Her hips started to thrust up

hard, bucking under the young man who was mouth raping her. Suddenly she

wailed out in passion and misery, throwing her hips high into the air,

and Tony tasted the sweet musky fluids that erupted from her cunt,

lapping it up and swallowing her juice like nectar. Jennifer seemed to

have lost all control, her body convulsing as wave after wave of her

powerful orgasm hit her like sledgehammers.

Finally it subsided, and Jennifer lay spent and gasping on the bed,

having almost climaxed more in the last twelve hours than in her entire

life before yesterday. Her body quivered, twitching on the bed in tiny

convulsions, her mind unable to grasp the enormity of what was happening

to her. She felt a great weight on her chest and looked up to see Tony

straddling her, his cock out of his shorts, his hand stroking it.

The girl groaned inwardly, thinking he was going to make her suck like

his twin had earlier in the night. But he made no move to do so. With

his knees tight on either side of her, pinning her arms to her sides, he

continued stroking his large prick in his fist, pumping it harder and

faster, grunting loudly.

Suddenly he shot a load of hot cum directly into her face! She felt it

splatter against her nose, her mouth. It got into her eyes stung her; it

splashed against her cheek and past her open lips. She felt the warm,

sticky fluid all over her forehead, and then felt him slapping the head

of his prick against her mouth.

"Suck it dry you little cunt!" he demanded, and without even thinking

about it she pursed her lips and sucked the head into her mouth, sucking

at the slit and draining it of all vestiges of cum, She bathed it with

her tongue, cleaning it completely.

Tony got off her small body quickly, tucking his soft cock into his

shorts. Jennifer opened her eyes, and gasped in horror. All the men were

there...Tommy, Tony, Jason and John. Staring at her, laughing at her,

and with wicked, evil glints in their eyes. Jennifer knew that her

ordeal was just beginning, and not even mom could save her now....

Chapter 6

Maryjane trembled with fear, rage, and worry as she lay helplessly bound

spread-eagled on the bed. She was sick with despair over what might be

happening to her daughter at this very moment, what those bastards were

doing to her. She was only a child...surely they wouldn't hurt her!

The bedroom door burst open, and Maryjane spun her head around

hopefully, praying John had come to set her free and tell her everything

was ok...he had just been playing. But her worry and shock multiplied

infinitely when she saw that it wasn't John entering the room, it was

the twins, grinning and looking cocky and terrifying. They stared down

at her nude, bound body and laughed to each other.

"Boys!" she cried in faint hope. "Boys've got to let me go!

Jennifer may be in trouble. I have to see her! Please untie me!"

Tommy and Tony laughed to each other again and leaned over the bound

woman. Tommy pinched her nipples while Tony thrust a finger brutally up

her cunt.

"Sure, we'll let you go mom," Tommy taunted.

"Yeah, no problem mom. Wouldn't want anything to happen to Jennifer,

would we?" said Tony, wriggling his finger deep inside her.

Maryjane's heart sank with horror. The twins were in on it too. She

would get no help from them. Then, to her surprise, they did indeed

start to untie her ankles, as well as the rope that bound her wrists to

the headboard. For a brief moment Maryjane's hopes rose, but were

quickly quashed again. Tony did not untie the knots that bound her

wrists together. He only released her from the bed. Instead he used the

long end of rope to pull her up from the bed forcefully, and then shoved

her into Tommy's arms.

Tommy laughed and gave his stepmother a brutal kiss on the mouth,

crushing her soft lips. She tried to squirm away, but Tony was instantly

behind her, pressing against her. Tommy took the rope and tossed it over

her head to Tony, and Tony drew it down and threw it between the woman's

legs back to his brother.

Maryjane twisted and squirmed between the two boys, but felt her

helplessness mount. Then Tommy yanked up hard on the rope, forcing her

bound wrists over and behind her head, and drawing the rough cord deep

into her slit. She cried out as she received a vicious rope burn along

her slit as the rope was pulled tightly up.

"OK, slut mom," Tommy grinned. "You wanna see your darling Jenny? Just

follow us. Try to keep up now!"

The twins laughed loudly as Tommy yanked hard on the rope. Maryjane's

hands were drawn sharply down, causing pain to shoot through her

shoulders. They walked away, dragging her after them as she trotted

desperately to keep up, the rope digging into her hurting pussy,

completely hidden within the folds of her labia. They pulled her along

like an animal on some obscene leash, through the house and out the

front door.

Maryjane shuddered and struggled to keep from crying. She knew she had

to remain strong if she was going to get herself and her daughter out of

this madhouse. But at the same time the rope tugging deep in her pussy

started a deep, aching need building within that shamed her. She found

it increasingly difficult to focus her attention on what needed to be

done, when she was increasingly distracted by the feeling that *she*

needed to be done.

The boys pulled across the yard to the barn. Maryjane was thankful no

one passed by on the road beside the farm. She wondered why they were

taking her there, what was going to happen there. They opened the wide,

sliding barn door wide enough to enter and yanked hard on the rope,

pulling the yelping woman into the building and quickly sliding the door

closed again behind her.

Maryjane spent a moment adjusting her eyes to the darkness inside the

dusty barn. Then her blue eyes widened in shocked horror, her body

shaking, frozen to the spot, her mouth working madly but no sound

issuing forth.

There, just scant feet away, was her daughter. Jennifer was bound by her

wrists with a thick, coarse rope from a pulley high overhead normally

used to hoist bales of hay. Her legs were stretched out horizontal to

the floor and spread wide, her ankles tied to thick wooden beams. Her

sweet young daughter was completely naked.

"Mommy!" Jennifer cried. "Mom please help me! They're hurting me so bad

Please make them stop!!"

Maryjane sobbed in anguish as she looked at her terrified daughter

hanging helpless. John and Jason were on each side of her. Jason's hand

was at her crotch harshly rubbing her wide spread pussy. John was just

grinning, smoking a long cigar.

"Bastards!" Maryjane howled "You fucking bastards! Let her go! Oh God

PLEASE let her go!!"

Maryjane tried to run forward to comfort her daughter, but the rope dug

deeper into her hurting pussy and nearly wrenched her shoulders out of

their sockets. "Oh my God please! Please do whatever you want to me, but

don't hurt my daughter!"

The young mother sobbed, pleading desperately for her daughter's safety.

John walked toward her casually, grinning. "Oh, we'll do what we want

with ya all right, bitch," he said. "You can believe that."

It wasn't until that moment that Maryjane was aware of ropes being tied

tightly around her ankles. The twins had bound ropes there, but she

couldn't see where the other ends went. The question was soon answered,

however, when the woman suddenly found her feet slipping out from under

her and her body falling forward.

The young mother fell heavily to the floor of the dirty barn and was

slowly hoisted up into the air by her ankles. The ropes attached to them

ran through pulleys on the opposite sides of the building, keeping her

legs so wide apart they ached. They continued to haul her up into the

air until her face was level with the men's crotches.

The four men gathered around her, chuckling and slapping her ass.

Maryjane felt dizzy. It was hard to think...blood rushing to her head.

Everything was so mixed up! What kind of nightmare was this?

John squatted down so his face was directly in front of his wife's. He

smirked cruelly at her. "Okay, bitch, here's the don't want

little Jenny hurt? Fine. She's still a virgin, don't need to worry about

that. But I want you to show her how much you love her. The boys and me

want a show. If we push you over there to her, you gonna eat her virgin

cunt, bitch?"

Maryjane shook her head in disbelief. She couldn't have heard right!

"John...what are you, of course I wouldn't do that! Please

leave her alone!"

John sighed and stood straight, backing away. "Ok boys, show her what

she gets for disobedience."

Before Maryjane could even look around she heard a loud crack and a

sharp pain across her ass! Then, before she could register what had

happened, she heard another vicious crack, and a new burning pain across

her tender breasts!

"AHHHH!!!" she howled, shaking as she hung in mid air. The twins and

Jason were whipping her with long strips of leather, from the horse

tackle. They whipped her again, holding nothing back, driving their arms

forward with all the force they could! Long, angry welts formed across

her body, her thighs, ass and breasts crisscrossed with them!

Maryjane shrieked in agony as the punishment continued, tears falling

out of her burning eyes. Yet at the same time rage was building inside

her. She was furious, and determined not to let them break her!

"NO!" she screamed through the pain. "No, I'll never do it! I won't!"

The beating continued for a few moments longer, but then John nodded to

his sons, who lowered their arms, and chuckled to each other.

"Okay bitch," John growled, cracking her brutally across the face with a

backhand blow that left her stunned, quivering in agony from her

punishment. "Have it your way. We'll just get our fun our own way."

The three boys all grinned even more broadly, and if anything looked

even more evil. As one they approached the fourteen-year-old girl,

hanging naked, vulnerable, and spread before them. Maryjane gasped

sharply and tried to speak, but her throat had gone dry. She shook

violently in her bonds, staring with horror at her daughter as she

watched the boys raise their hands.

Jennifer, who'd been howling for mercy as she'd been forced to watch

them whip her mother, now cried even louder as she saw them preparing to

do the same to her. "NO! Don't! Please oh please don't hurt me!"

But the boys paid no attention. Tommy was the first to strike her,

whipping the long strip of leather across her small, firm breasts. The

end snapped directly on her left nipple, and Jennifer cried out from a

pain that felt as though her nipple had been cut off. The small bud of

flesh instantly hardened.

Tony drew back and brought his whip across her exposed ass, making her

jump and sway in the ropes that held her helpless. She threw back her

head and screamed again. A mere millisecond later, Jason expertly

snapped the leather strip across her inner thigh, almost on her pussy!

Jennifer howled and shook violently, tears running freely from her eyes.

She'd never felt such agony before! She felt another hard blow across

her breasts, even worse now as it made contact with her. Her ass

received welt after welt from Tony, while Jason kept taking careful aim

between her legs. He lashed across her open pussy, as the tormented girl

arched her back and her body spasmed violently. Through the torture

being applied to her, she felt a warm, glowing sensation deep inside,

growing larger with every blow. With horror she recognized the

now-familiar feeling! She was going to cum! She shook her head against

the realization! NO! Not here! Not now!

Suddenly the three boys timed their blows perfectly. Tommy lashed her

breasts, cracking the tip against her right nipple. Tony whipped her

across both ass cheeks, and Jason viciously snapped his with perfect

aim, catching directly on her stiff, throbbing clit!

Jennifer shrieked in unspeakable agony as a sudden, unwanted climax came

over her! Her body bucked madly, twisting and turning in the ropes, as

she cried out with a mad mixture of agony and pleasure! She felt her

juices issuing forth, stinging her swollen, whipped cunt lips even more

than they had been. Her head thrashed back and forth as she gasped

desperately for air.

"OH GOD NO! PLEASE NOT NOW!!" she cried, unaware of her own voice. "GOD

I'M cumming!!!"

She thrust her hips up and down lewdly, as if throwing her cunt toward

the men who gaped at her with even grins. Her hard nipples burned a deep

red, her ass and pussy screamed with pain, but still her orgasm flooded

her body until at last she was completely spent.

The fourteen-year-old girl hung limp in the ropes, her chest heaving

with deep, agonized breaths, barely conscious.

"What a fuckin' whore," said Tommy slowly, and the four men laughed as

John put a hand against her welted pussy and displayed the wetness to


"Some chicks dig it," John told his sons. "Looks like this little slut

is one of 'em."

They laughed again as Jennifer hung there burning with shame. Everything

that happened to her made her feel more degraded than what came before.

She couldn't deny her orgasm, couldn't deny it was the pain that brought

it on. What a pervert she must be....

John returned to Maryjane, who hung upside down, her teary eyes wide,

her mouth gaping. She had watched her daughter be horribly beaten, and

had seen herself how she had received pleasure from it. That had been

bad enough...but Maryjane knew, as no one else in the room did, how her

pussy throbbed, how it ached for someone's - anyone's - touch! As much

as being beaten had sexually excited Jennifer, watching her own daughter

brutally whipped had turned on her mother just as much. Maryjane

shuddered in absolute shame.

John leaned down to her face again. "Now...ya wanna suck that cunt, or

would ya like to watch my boys have more fun with her? Maybe that's not

so bad...Little Jenny sure seemed to like it!"

As John laughed harshly, Maryjane closed her eyes. She nodded her head.

"I-I'll eat her cunt," she said softly. "Please don't hurt her anymore.

I'll eat her cunt. I'll do what you want."

The men all laughed loudly and pulled the woman closer to her daughter.

The pulleys that held her legs wide were on tracks so they could be

rolled from one end of the barn to the other. Maryjane was pushed closer

and closer to her hanging, quivering daughter. She could see the angry

welts close up, and sobbed for the agony the child must be feeling. Then

they pushed the two female bodies together, and Maryjane's face was

forced against her daughters open pussy.

"All right!" John said with laughter. "Get lickin'! And don't stop till

she cums!"

"Dad, I think maybe Jenny should get in on the fun too!" Tony said, and

used a hand to force the girl's head down hard between her mother's

spread legs. Jenny squealed as her mouth was forced against the shaven,

pungent cunt before her.

John chuckled and nodded his head. "Good idea, son! We'll watch get each

other off! Suck, you whores! If it looks like either one of you ain't

serious about it, you'll both get another whipping!"

Jennifer whimpered at the thought of being lashed again and almost

without thought dived her tongue into her mother's twat. She felt

slightly nauseated about what she was doing. Not only was this her own

mother, but she'd never had any sexual desires for a girl before. But

then she suddenly felt her mom licking hard up the length of her slit

and sucking gently on her clitoris, and a tremor of pleasure washed

through her tormented body!

The girl buried her face between her mother's legs, running her tongue

quickly up and down the slit, and even slipping it down inside her

pussy. She felt the woman shudder against her. Jennifer noticed that her

cunt seemed a little swollen and that it was a deep red, and guessed

that she had rope burns from the way the twins had pulled her here.

Maryjane, hanging upside down, sucked furiously at her daughter's virgin

pussy. It was disgusting to her, but she feared what else they might do

to her only child. She felt the girl's body quake almost immediately,

and knew that it was from pleasure. That only made the young mother feel

more guilty, but she continued to work at the clit, sucking on it and

teasing it with the end of her tongue.

She suddenly shuddered hard herself as her daughter plunged her tongue

deep inside her wet pussy. Every touch by the girl sent knives of pain

shooting through the raw, sensitive flesh left by rope that had burned

her cunt so badly. But she was clearly getting stimulated as well. She

felt passion and lust building up inside her as her daughter worked at

her, and Maryjane even caught herself thrusting her cunt against the

girl's mouth, just as she was suddenly aware Jennifer was doing as well!

Jennifer shook and trembled in the ropes as her mother drove her more

and more crazy with desire. She licked down to her mom's clit and sucked

at it, nibbling a little bit. The four men stood around the helpless,

shaking women, rubbing their crotches and making horrid comments about

them. But the two didn't seem to care, as their heads worked feverishly

over each other's sex. Their cries and whimpers and moans of ecstasy

grew louder with each passing moment.

Jennifer climaxed first, her body lurching madly as it hung from the

ceiling, thrusting her cunt eagerly against her mother's mouth.

"Mommeeeee!" she cried madly. "Ohhhh God mommeee! I'm cumming! I'm

cumming!" Maryjane, by now lost in her own haze of delight, lapped

hungrily at the sweet juices as they flowed from her daughter's pussy.

Maryjane reached orgasm a moment later, her body arching and shaking as

she squealed out her lust. Jennifer sucked at the fluids that bathed her

young face, slurping noisily despite her humiliation.

At last the women relaxed, breathing deeply, feeling the warmth of each

other's body and trying to take comfort in their closeness. They

couldn't fully take in what had just happened, how they had brought each

such intense sexual pleasure, but they had little time to think about


Suddenly Maryjane was pulled away from her daughter once more, and the

two helpless females faces each other with new fear in their faces. The

men now were all naked, and all looked very hungry and cruel.

"Now, bitches," John growled. "We're gonna start having some real fun!

We just been pretending up to now!"

Then father and his sons laughed horribly, and Jennifer began to cry

again while Maryjane shuddered with the prospect of what would come


Chapter 7

John slowly approached young Jennifer between her widespread legs as she

trembled and sobbed in terror. She could see her huge, hard cock bobbing

with each step nearer to her, and it was at exactly the same level with

her vulnerable virgin pussy. She shook her head quickly back and forth,

whispering desperately "No no no!! over and over. But her stepfather

only grinned and slid his hands along her legs, up her inner thighs, and

roughly stroked her wet cunt.

"Bastards!" Maryjane shouted out of fear for her daughter. "Leave her

alone! We did what you wanted! Let her go! AHHHHH!"

The young mother's pleas ended with a sudden howl of pain as Tommy

suddenly swung the narrow leather strip down hard, connecting right

between her legs, whipping her perfectly along her open slit. "We want

lots of things from you mom. And what we want, we're gonna get!"

He and Tony began to lower the woman down from the ceiling, letting her

fall heavily to the floor. She tried to scramble to her feet to rush to

her daughter, but her joints ached horribly and with her hands bound

behind her she couldn't get to her feet quickly enough. The twins were

on her in a flash and dragged the struggling, screaming mother to an

empty horse stall. Once inside, they closed and latched the metal gate,

bent her double, and forced her head through two of the horizontal bars

until her hips bumped against the chilly steel. They tied her ankles

wide to either side of the gate, and then untied her hands, only to

retie them to the outside of the gate. She was trapped, bent over, fully

aware that she was completely open to any attack they wished to

perpetrate on her.

Worse, Maryjane had an even closer and more direct view of her daughter.

Just a few feet away, she could see John rubbing his cock head up and

down the girl's slit, getting it wet with her juices. Jennifer was

looking down at him, shuddering at his touch, but Maryjane thought her

expression showed as much desire as horror.

"Time to make you a woman you little cunt!" John growled, and positioned

his prick against her tiny, virgin hole.

"Noooooo!" Jennifer cried, her eyes locked on the spot where his cock

touched her. But the next moment the man shoved forwards hard, the

entire length of his hard, throbbing cock slipping easily into her

well-lubricated cunt, despite how tight it was. Jennifer threw back her

head, gasping loudly. Her blue eyes were wide, her body shook violently

as his groin pressed tightly against her open crotch.

Then, several seconds later, the girl cried out in a long moan of pain.

Her cherry had been brutally torn away, and she felt the odd, slightly

good sensation of the thick, long, heavy, and hot shaft of manhood

stretching her cunt deep into her body. It was like nothing she could

ever have imagined! She felt like she'd just been impaled on a thick,

sharp, scalding hot spear, yet something in the core of her being

rejoiced at the sensation of having her pussy filled with hard cock!

John gripped her ass cheeks in his large hands and began thrusting his

cock in and out of her, slapping her cunt brutally with a loud smack

again and again. Maryjane, trapped in the gate, watched her daughter

being raped through bleary eyes, sobbing uncontrollably. But the woman's

shock and horror increased even more as she saw Jason move up behind his

stepsister, his huge cock throbbing urgently.

Jason grinned over Jennifer's shoulder as his father chuckled back to

him. Her pressed hard up against the bound girls back, causing her to

gasp as she felt his cock between her ass cheeks. Jason took his shaft

in his hand and slid it up and down her. The girls love juices were

already flowing again from John's cock, and Jason was able to lubricate

the head of his own prick easily. Then the positioned it against her

tiny asshole.

Jennifer's eyes shot open again as she felt him there. He wasn't going

to try to put it in there! He'd kill her with that thing! But even as

she opened her mouth to plead once more for mercy, Jason shoved brutally

upward and the cock head slipped through the tight entrance! Her body

went into spasms at it hung from the ropes, helpless. She opened her

mouth and a long, horrible wail of despair was ripped from her throat!

"EEAAAGGGHHHHH!!!" she cried, the sound echoing through the barn. The

searing agony made everything else they had done seem like tickling! He

forced his prick deep into her ass with one thrust after another,

grunting hard as inch after inch was shoved inside her!

At last he had it completely within her, and father and son rested a

moment, each feeling the girl's hot body around their pricks. Jennifer

hung limp in the ropes, feeling bloated, stretched to the breaking point

with two huge cocks inside her. Her head hung down, shaking back and

forth slightly, as her body trembled. Then the men began to fuck her in

earnest, moving slowly at first, one drawing out while the other drove

in. She felt them like pistons forcing their way in and out, she could

feel them rubbing against each other through the thin membrane between

her cunt and rectum. Loud whimpers of agony and despair escaped her


Maryjane, watching from her helpless position, was beyond words as the

two see-sawed in and out of her little girl's abused body. She wanted to

cry out, she wanted to kill them all, but there was nothing she could

do. Then she suddenly let out loud shriek of surprise as Tommy shoved

his cock into her spread pussy with no warning at all. As her mouth

opened wide, Tony forced his cock in it as well, moving in front of her

face and blocking her view of her daughter's torture.

The twins began fucking her at both ends with wild energy. Tommy moaned

loudly as his stepmother's pussy quivered and clamped around his hard

shaft. Tony grunted, pounding his cock into her wide-open mouth hard,

banging it against the back and causing her to gag. Then, with a

powerful shove, her forced it down the young woman's throat. Maryjane

choked a moment, panicking. She had never swallowed a cock before. But

somehow she had the presence of mind to relax, and before she knew it he

was driving hard in and out, bruising her nose as her repeatedly smashed

his pelvis against her face.

Jennifer twisted around helplessly as she was double fucked. John and

Jason were gradually increasing their tempo, and felt with horror how

her body was beginning to betray her once more. The pain was beginning

to dull, and she felt the now familiar itchy, gnawing sensation in the

pit of her stomach that seemed to demand more cock. Jason had his hands

clamped around her breasts, pinching the nipples and pulling at them,

distending her tits grotesquely. She looked down at how they looked,

took in the sharp pain she felt, and gave a low, animal growl. She

wanted him to pull harder on them! She wanted to feel more pain! It was

the same as was all the same!

"Hurt me!" she said in a hoarse whisper, not even aware she had spoken

aloud. The two men laughed and Jason twisted her pink nipples savagely.

John pinched her clit between his fingers and shook it wildly. Jennifer

howled and shook, but her body tried to hump both of them at once,

moving up and down on their ramming cocks!

Maryjane felt herself losing control to her perverted passion as well.

As Tommy fucked her cunt hard, she gyrated her ass around on it. She

clamped her throat down again and again on Tony's prick as it forced its

way down her throat. Her world was a blur, her body a ball of growing

lust as her horny twin stepsons used her for their forbidden pleasures.

Tony reached beneath her and gave her right breast a stinging slap, then

her left. They jiggled deliciously as they hung down, and Tony laughed,

continuing to slap hard at them. Maryjane squealed as her bobbing

breasts quickly felt like they had been picked with hundreds of needles,

and then as the needles had been heated. The pain was growing worse, but

her body responded as if by a will of its own, humping backward against

Tommy, sucking madly at Tony.

"Keep hitting her!" Tommy laughed behind her. "See how the slut's

getting into it?"

Tony needed no encouragement. He slapped her breasts again and again,

each time harder than the last, and the woman's body continued to worked

harder at the twins' pounding cocks.

"That's right boys," John called out, grunting loud as her shoved his

cock back into his stepdaughter's tight pussy. "These two bitches need

to be shown that they like whatever we do to them!" He pinched

Jennifer's clit again, twisting it around and watching the girl howl in

agony, her body arching hard against him as he did so.

Jason continued pulling on her swollen, tormented nipples, and Jennifer

was actually pulling backward, increasing the pain. As she felt herself

fucked harder and faster by the two men, she lost more and more control.

She could barely think, she lost all self-control. She became fully what

Tommy had called her...a fuck toy. The words rolled around in her mind

endlessly as she felt an insistent orgasm build up inside, threatening

to blow her apart with its intensity.

"Oh yeah baby...I'm gonna cum! Gonna shoot my load deep in your hot

little twat!" John groaned.

"Oh too dad!" Jason said in a high-pitched voice, ramming his

hard cock as deep as he could into her ass. "Gonna fill her ass up with

my sperm!"

Maryjane heard the taunts of the two men and got even more turned on

herself. As Tommy and Tony continued to rape her at each end, she found

herself humping and rutting like an animal, like some bitch in heat. She

could feel the way her big tits shook back and forth under her, the

stinging pain growing until they felt like they were on fire. She felt

Tommy's big prick impaling her nearly to her womb, and her pussy walls

clamped down tight on the shaft, struggling to keep it inside her! She

felt Tony's cock slide easily down her waiting throat, and she swallowed

against it. She could feel it throbbing, convulsing, and knew he was

about to cum as well.

Suddenly Jason let out a deep cry of pleasure as he slammed into the

young girl's butt once more, so hard that she was lifted up several

inches into the air. His cock shot out load after load of thick, creamy

cum into her ravished ass, scalding her. John groaned a moment later,

and then he climaxed too, sending loads of his own sperm deep into the

girl's womb!

Jennifer, feeling the two massive cocks spurting inside her, lurching

and jumping with every fresh stream, howled out a cry of desperate lust

and her body convulsed violently under a shattering climax. She went

crazy between the two men, twisting, squirming and raising her body up

and down on their cocks. Her fluids poured out of her.

Her daughter's cry sent Maryjane over the edge, and she too suddenly

erupted in a climax like she'd never known before. Her cunt spasmed and

she shoved back hard against Tommy while sucking Tony's prick deep into

her throat, working her tongue feverishly along the vein. She moaned

loudly and twisted her head and ass around in circles as she worked to

bring the boys off.

It all worked for them too. As one the twins exploded inside their

stepmother. Tommy's cock plowed deep into her pussy and erupted with

heated force as his jism flooded her womb. Tony grunted hard and grabbed

the woman's head, pulling it tight against his pelvis as he shot wad

after wad of his cum straight down her madly working throat!

The barn was full of the sound of the six people in the throes of

violent orgasms, slowing growing quieter. At last they'd all felt the

sexual lust drain completely from them, and the men all pulled away from

the captive women. Everyone was breathing deeply, gasping for air. The

men silently grinned at one another and then got dressed. The women

waited in their ropes, eyes closed, trying hopelessly to come to terms

with what was happening to them.

"Boys" John said after a few minutes. "I think we could all do with some

rest. Let's bring the cunts into the house and get ourselves some


As Tommy and Tony lowered Jennifer to the floor, Jason and John released

Maryjane, only to tie her hands behind her again quickly. Jennifer

whimpered with pain as her shoulders were lowered. They ached terribly

from supporting her weight for so long. Her hands were also tied behind

her. The women were forced to their feet, ropes threaded between their

legs from their bound hands, and they were brought back into the house

with the ropes burning tightly between their swollen, sensitive pussy


They took them both to the master bedroom, and proceeded to tie Maryjane

to the bed on her back, wrists and ankles bound to the four bedposts.

Then they tied Jennifer the same way, only on top of her mother and

facing the woman. The men ignored all their pleading not to tie them

again. Making sure they couldn't escape, the men all left to get some


Maryjane and Jennifer were left alone, looking into each other's

tear-streaked face. They were quiet for a long time, feeling their naked

bodies pressing against each other.

Finally, Jennifer said in almost a whisper, "Mom, what's happening to


"I don't know honey," Maryjane said, blinking back fresh tears. "I

promise you we'll make it through this somehow. Everything will be ok, I


Jennifer swallowed and opened her mouth to say something, but then shut

it again. After a moment, she did speak, closing her eyes, ashamed of

what she was about to say.

"Mom...I think...I think I liked it!"

Jennifer broke into sobs at the revelation. Maryjane wanted to hug her

darling girl, but could only rub her cheek against Jennifer's. "I know

baby. I know. Mommy did too honey."

"What's wrong with us, mom?" Jennifer asked, and Maryjane was lost for

an answer.

Jennifer and her mother looked at each other again, their blue eyes

staring into each other for long moments. Then, as if it was understood,

they reached for each other and kissed. It was slow at first, tender.

But after a moment Jennifer parted her lips, and Maryjane, hesitating

only a moment, slipped her tongue into her daughter's mouth. Neither

knew why they were doing this, but both knew they wanted it badly.

Perhaps, after the brutality they had suffered, they each needed a

little tenderness, at whatever the cost, with whoever was at hand.

Maryjane and Jennifer, locked together on the bed, began to moan softly

as their kiss became more passionate, and their pussies, heating up yet

again, began to rub together.

Chapter 8

The men had eaten simple sandwiches for lunch, and, each with a beer can

in his hand, the four returned to the bedroom after a short time to have

some more fun. When they entered the room, they saw mother and daughter

kissing passionately, moaning and breathing deeply. Their bodies,

glowing with a sheen of sweat, squirmed against each other. They mashed

their breasts together, their hard nipples tingling as they pressed into

each other's soft warm flesh. Their hips were working feverishly,

thrusting and down and rubbing it tight circles as they struggled in

their bondage to bring each other to a climax.

It was just at the moment the men entered that the women finally

succeeded, and they kissed each other even more passionately than

before, both moaning, rattling the bed as the shook and convulsed,

grinding their hips together. Both were shocked and ashamed to have the

men watching them - this time what they had done was voluntary, not

forced on them, and that made it worse somehow. But there was no way

either of them could hold back now.

While the men grinned, watched, and drank their beer, the bound women

squealed madly. Jennifer sucked on her mother's tongue while Maryjane

thrust her pussy up hard against her daughter's dripping cunt. Their

bodies trembled and writhed on the bed for long minutes, and then each

slowly began to relax, gasping deeply with each breath, bodies going

limp. As the men laughed cruelly at them, Jennifer and her mother looked

again into each other's eyes, and for the first time since the ordeal

began, they smiled. It was a quiet smile, more in the eyes than the

mouth. Their faces were red, they still felt the shame of having

performed this way in front of the men, but they both knew they were not

ashamed of having loved one another. Jennifer kissed her mother lightly


"I tell ya boys," John laughed. "Once you get a bitch all hot, you can't

cool her down again." He reached down and jammed his thumb in to

Jennifer's cunt while slipping a finger into his wife's. They both

shuddered and gasped. "Ain't that right, bitches?"

They hesitated to answer him, and he squeezed his thumb and finger

together, and the two women squealed in pain as the felt his fingers in

the other through their lower bellies.

"Yes! Yes that's true!" they both cried out.

"Well, now that you cunts have had your fun together, we decided you

should have something to eat too. Come on boys...get them off this bed."

The men untied both women from the bed, but as before they retied their

hands behind their backs. This time, thankfully, they did not pull the

ropes up through their cunts, but just forced them to walk into the

kitchen, side by side. When they got there they wondered what they were

supposed to eat. There was nothing on the table. Then the boys forced

them down to their knees, and they saw dog dishes on the floor.

There was a loud snap of leather behind them, and Jennifer and Maryjane

both jumped, but John was simply snapping his belt threateningly.

"There's your dinner. Since you're acting like bitches in heat, you can

eat like them too...from the dog's dish!" He waved the belt menacingly.

The naked girls looked down at the large dish. It was full of cold meat

loaf and mashed potatoes left over from the previous night's meal. It

had obviously been pulled right out of the refrigerator. Maryjane

thought it could be the mood the men were in now, she would

half expect to have found real dog food in the dish.

Mother and daughter looked at each other and nodded resignedly, then

bent down as one and, with difficulty, began eating up the cold food.

Then men stood behind them, chuckling at their upturned asses. Since

their hands were bound behind them, the girls had difficulty balancing.

They had to use their tongues to try to scoop bits of food into their

mouth. Since they were so close, their faces rubbed against each other.

The men further entertained themselves by poking the toes of their boots

into their exposed pussies.

After a long and difficult time, they managed to eat all of the food

that had been put out for them. They licked the bowl clean, and then

raised themselves on their knees.

"Your faces are a mess!" said Tony.

"Yeah," Tommy said with a grin. "Clean each other up."

"They'll like that!" said Jason. "They love licking each other!"

As the men laughed loudly, Jennifer and Maryjane leaned toward one

another and obediently began to lick the food off of the other's face.

Jennifer felt her mother's wet tongue and hot breath on her cheek and

lips and felt a quiver deep in her pussy again. She was beginning to

feel like the men were right. She really was a hot bitch. Even when they

had put the toe of their boot in her pussy, she had felt a thrill of


Maryjane felt much the same as her daughter's soft lips pressed against

her cheeks, sucking bits of from her face. Her own daughter had made her

feel more sensual than she could ever remember. She wanted to believe it

was wrong, it was against everything she'd been brought up to believe,

but she could no longer convince herself. She wanted to continue licking

right down to her daughter's breasts, and lower still to her lovely

young pussy.

Suddenly both women were roughly yanked to their feet by their blonde

hair, the men paying no heed to their squeals of pain. They were pushed

out into the living room, and Maryjane was pushed onto the sofa while

Jennifer was led to the middle of the room. To her shock, the young

girl's hands were untied.

"Don't get the wrong idea," Jason told her as she rubbed her raw wrists.

"You ain't going nowhere. We just want you to put on a show for us."

"Wh-what kind of show?" the girl asked nervously. She felt they couldn't

possibly do anything that would make her feel any worse.

"The best kind," said Tommy. "You've been getting great orgasms from

everybody, even your own mom. Now we just wanna watch you give yourself


Jennifer cringed as her stomach fell. They wanted her to masturbate!

Worse yet, she say Tony setting up the video camera to record her doing

it! Her face turned the deepest shade of crimson yet, a blush of shame

the extended all the way down to her firm young breasts.

"When we say go," Jason said, "you start fingering yourself. And be

quick about it. Mom gets belted once for every second you delay."

The abused girl shuddered, but before she could even think, they shouted

"GO!" and her hands immediately jumped to her pussy. Then men laughed at

her loudly as she started sliding her trembling fingers up and down her

slit, spreading her legs wider as she stood alone in the middle of the

room, facing her mother and stepfamily.

"Look at her go!" said Tony.

"Bet she's had a lot of experience using those fingers!" Tommy laughed.

"She won't be satisfied with fingers no more," John said with a leering

grin. "Not after all the cock she's had!"

"Yeah, but she still better not quit till she's had a climax!" Jason


Jennifer wanted to cry as she listened to all the crude things they were

saying about her, but she continued stroking her pussy, feeling more

exposed than ever. It was like being some filthy whore on a stage. She

teased her clit firmly, trying to focus on the positive. At least they

weren't hurting her, they weren't even touching her.

But as she felt her excitement grow, the thought of the men touching her

sent her head spinning. She thought of Jason pinching and twisting her

nipples, and they instantly stiffened. Even her bright pink aureoles

became puffy and tingled. She brought one hand up to her breast and

moaned softly as she rubbed it, tweaking the hard nipple.

Jennifer also thought of her stepfather, wrenching so agonizingly at her

clit, and she felt it throb under her fingertips as a new wave of

moisture spread across her aching pussy. She flicked the stiff nub with

her fingernail, shivering at the slight scratching feeling it caused.

The girl closed her eyes and plunged two fingers deep inside her as she

thought of the cock that had been shoved in there such a short time ago.

Her vaginal walls closed tightly around her fingers and she visibly

shuddered hard.

The girl's head rolled slowly on her shoulders as her breathing grew

deeper, her fingers working faster at her breast and pussy. She gave

short, high-pitched whimpers of delight. They were all grinning with

gleeful lust at her, but her eyes were closed and she wasn't even

thinking about them anymore.

Maryjane watched her daughter in front of her, enthusiastically

masturbating, and found her own pussy getting itchy just from watching.

A part of her despised herself for her reaction. It was her own

daughter, being degraded by vile men, who were responsible for the

defilement and degradation of her daughter. Yet her pussy pulsed again,

and she closed her legs tightly as if that could close off the feelings

as well, but it didn't work.

John, sitting beside her, noticed her squirming, and saw how her blue

eyes were locked on her daughter, masturbating for everyone to see. He

saw how she was breathing, through slightly parted lips, and noticed how

wide her eyes were, how rarely she blinked watching Jennifer perform.

"Heh heh," John laughed, slapping her thigh. "Getting horny watching

your little slut daughter?"

Maryjane jerked her head around as if she had just awakened from a deep

sleep. She looked at her husband blankly for a moment, and then shook

her head. "What? No! No, of course not!"

John laughed and forced her legs apart, thrusting a hand between them

and burying his fingers into her pussy. "Don't lie to me, bitch. You're

as turned as any of us watching that little cunt get herself off! Well,

don't worry, you'll be able to watch it anytime you want when we get

this video done."

Maryjane moaned softly as her husband's fingers probed her moistening

pussy, and she squirmed even more. She tried to look away from how her

daughter was being humiliated, but as John continued to stimulate her,

and as she continued to listen to the girls moans of ecstasy, she

couldn't help but look up again.

Jennifer's legs were now splayed wide apart, and she was bending low at

the knees, riding up and down on the fingers in her pussy. "Oh!" she

cried. "Oh God! Oh fuck yes!"

Her other hand squeezed her breast, fingers sinking deep into the soft

flesh. She gyrated her hips around like the most experienced exotic

dancer, and the boys hooted happily at her performance. Jennifer heard

them and some debased, perverted part of her soul came to the surface,

and was glad they were watching her like this. It made it all feel so

much better! She opened her eyes and looked around the room. The twins,

Jason, her mom getting fingered by John. She suddenly grinned,

completely out of control. She looked at the camera and fingered herself


Everything she had been through since last night took total control of

her. She wanted it all. She wanted to be treated like a slut. She loved

the thought of masturbating for people like this...she only wished there

were more! She wished the whole school were here to see her! She

imagined her entire class her in the room, watching her debase herself,

and her pussy quivered against her thrusting fingers so hard that loud

suction noises could be heard when she drew them back out again.

Maryjane whimpered, feeling her lust increase as her husband continued

to finger her soaked cunt. As she watched her darling child, so innocent

less than twenty-four hours ago, she could see her succumbing totally to

the carnal pleasure that had been forced upon her. She watched the young

girl deliberately playing to the camera, intentionally coming on to the

men as she brought herself closer to a climax. And Maryjane, devoted

mother, envied her daughter and moaned loudly as a sudden spasm of

pleasure shook her body.

The woman drew in a shuddering gasp, grinding her crotch against John's

hand. She watched her daughter and wished desperately that her hands

were free. She wanted to fondle her breast, the way Jennifer was. She

leaned against her husband, resting her head on his shoulder and

groaned. Unexpectedly, she suddenly felt her breasts being fondled

harshly, and she found the sensation to be exquisite! She looked over

her shoulder and saw Jason grinning down at her lasciviously, sinking

his fingers into her full, firm breasts, and unbelievably she smiled up

him, encouraging him.

The boy squeezed her breasts harder, and she moaned louder, thrusting

her chest into his hands as she pushed her pussy into her husband's

hand. She cried softly in pleasure, tossing her head as she stared at

her daughter, pounding her cunt with her fingers, lost in the lust the

men brought upon her.

In the middle of the room, Jennifer cried out with uncontrollable

passion. She tugged on her nipple, thrusting fingers in and out of her

dripping pussy. Her head rolled back and forth. She looked at her

stepbrothers with a come-on expression born of instinct. And then,

suddenly, she shrieked out in exquisite joy as another, mind-numbing

orgasm shook her body to her bones! Her entire body quivered and

writhed, her breathing came in desperate gasps, and her fingers dug

feverishly deep in her pussy!

On the sofa, Maryjane saw her daughter's obvious orgasm and howled

herself. Her body bucked wildly on the sofa, as if offering herself to

the two men who fondled her. She rolled back her eyes, bouncing on the

cushions and crying in lustful passion. She leaned over to her husband

and kissed him deeply, her tongue probing his mouth, and then sucking

his tongue into hers.

Jennifer whimpered and sank slowly to widespread knees, her fingers

working more slowly in her crotch. She was now rubbing, rather than

pulling and pinching, her breast. Her chest heaved with each gasping

breath she took. Then she moved her hand from between her legs, and

slipped her wet fingers into her mouth, sucking off her own musky love

oil, until her hand was clean. She looked up at her mother, caught in

the dying throes of her own climax, and smiled weakly, seeing her kiss

her husband with deep passion.

Weak beyond reasoning, Jennifer's head sagged down on her chest, her

eyes closed. She was more exhausted than she could ever remember. Her

eyes were closed, and the young girl struggled just to keep from

collapsing. She felt light headed, and she exhaled deeply, moaning


Jennifer heard movement around her, and opened her eyes. Looking up, she

saw looming above her, grinning broadly, her three stepbrothers, naked

again, each with a massive erection. As she looked up at them, their

pricks throbbing, a thrill of fear ran through her, and she smiled...

Chapter 9

Tommy grabbed a fistful of Jennifer's honey blonde hair and dragged her

bodily to the coffee table directly in front of the sofa where her

mother and John sat. Jason grinned and laid down on the table, his hard

cock pointing straight up. Tommy yanked Jennifer to her feet as she

squealed in pain.

"Take him you little whore!" Tommy growled. "Ride his cock like the slut

you are!"

He threw his stepsister forward and Jennifer stumbled across the coffee

table, her legs straddling Jason's body. She looked down at his massive

cock and licked her lips. It looked so wonderful to her! She imagined it

inside her and shivered, taking it in her small hand and positioning it

against her tight pussy. Taking a deep breath, she forced her body down

on it, feeling it penetrate her, expanding her tight little pussy beyond

anything she'd imagined.

The girl groaned and waved her hips in circles as she forced the cock

deeper into her soaked cunt. Her teeth were clenched and she grunted

loudly. She bounced her body up and down, determined to take all of

Jason's enormous prick into her cunt. At last she accomplished her goal,

and she hissed out a loud breath, feeling his hot, massive cock filling

her body deeply.

"FUCK!" she cried, her hands gripping her breasts, squeezing them hard.


She started riding her stepbrother, cautiously at first. Jason groaned,

grinning under her. "God damn you're a tight fuck!" he said. "Ohhhh


Suddenly Tommy shoved the girl hard in the middle of the back, sending

her forward against Jason's chest. The girl looked into his face and

then kissed him hard, almost savagely. A moment later she felt Tommy

behind her, pressing his hard cock against her asshole, and she felt her

stomach leap in horror for a moment, and then her pussy spasmed in joy.

Tommy shoved himself hard into her ass and Jennifer thrust her tongue

hard into Jason's mouth.

Within moments, both of the girl's holes were filled as they had been in

the morning, but this time she was not crying in terror, she was humping

her stepbrothers with sinful abandon. The two boys were beginning to

work their cocks in and out of the girl's holes. Jason was crushing her

tits in his massive hands as she continued to passionately kiss him. She

new that something inside her had changed, she was no longer a person

she would have liked just a few hours ago, but she no longer cared. All

that was important to her was cock...lots and lots of it.

Suddenly her kiss was broken off as Tony yanked her head up by her hair.

Jennifer saw his hard prick bobbing in front of her face and smiled,

opening her mouth wide and sucking it hungrily between her soft, full

lips. Tony chuckled softly as he watched her suck his shaft deep, and

thrust his hips forward.

Maryjane, watching her daughter right in front of her, was breathing

heavily and irregularly. John was watching the show with a broad grin,

tugging at his wife's clit. She watched the young, strong cocks invading

her only child's body, saw the obvious pleasure with which the girl

received them all, and felt jealously for her.

"You like what you see, cunt?" John asked her, twisting her clit.

Maryjane squirmed and nodded her head. "Yes. God help me, yes!"

John laughed at her, but she didn't care. She barely heard him. Her

attention was focused on her daughter's lovely naked body, squirming

under the onslaught of three hard, driving cocks. The woman's eyes

widened as she saw Jennifer working her throat hard, and then suddenly

plunging her head forward, eagerly taking Tony's cock all the way down

her throat, her nose pressed against the boy's dark pubic hair.

John stood up and bent over to slip two fingers into his wife's wet

pussy, and used it to drag her painfully to her feet and pull her closer

to her daughter. Then he grabbed Jennifer's hand and thrust it between

her mother's legs. The girl immediately began rubbing her mother,

stroking her clit. John then moved to the other side and put her other

hand on his cock, which she stroked rapidly in her tiny fist.

Jennifer's eyes were shut tight. She humped back and forth on the cocks

in her pussy and ass, sucked feverishly on the cock in her mouth. Her

small hands rubbed and stroked and the cunt and prick that filled them.

She felt totally lost, totally filled, as if she were a machine, or a

toy made for fucking.

She thought back to the previous evening, when Tommy had called her fuck

toy, and where the thought had humiliated and terrified her then, the

idea now brightened her emotions. She thrust back on her stepbrothers'

cocks harder, running her tongue over Tony's massive cock head. She

plunged two fingers into her mother's quivering pussy and fucked her

hard with them, causing her to moan and gyrate her hips.

The four men, pleasuring themselves enthusiastically with their young

stepsister, were each grunting loudly, thrusting hard against her. Tony

forced his throbbing prick down her throat, and groaned as she swallowed

reflexively against the shaft time after time. He pulled back and shoved

it down her tight throat again, battering his pelvis against her nose.

Jennifer felt his cock reaching deep down her raw throat and felt a

surge of delight that she was able to take it all. Tommy, fucking her

ass hard, was giving her upthrust bottom hard, stinging slaps, causing

her to wiggle it and try to shove it up to him even more, as if begging

for another hard spank. When he obliged her, the blow sent her hips down

hard on Jason's massive prick, causing her to fuck herself deep on him

and send hot pleasure shooting through her!

John was groaning as well as the little girl's hand pulled at his cock.

His precum was lubricating her palm and he could feel his balls boiling

He reached across her body to squeeze his wife's tits, and then began to

sharply slap them. The woman squealed with each blow, but did not try to

turn away. In fact, she leaned forward, giving him an even better

target. He slapped them again and again, laughing at how they swung and

jiggled under her bent form. They reddened quickly but she only looked

up at him with longing in her eyes.

Maryjane shuddered violently as she felt a suddenly powerful wave of

pleasure wash over her. Her daughter's hand between her legs was now

stroking her clit as well as pounding deep inside her body, and she

humped lewdly up and down on it.

The groaning, moaning, grunting group all drove their bodies against the

single small girl with increasing force. Jennifer was giving

high-pitched squeals of delight around Tony's cock, her body soaked with

sweat. She could feel the cocks in her cunt and ass rubbing against each

other, throbbing hard, and by now she was able to recognize the

sensation. She knew they were about to cum. At almost that same moment,

she felt the cock in her throat lurch as well, and she swallowed hard

against it, sucking and licking. John's cock was pulsating in her hand,

and her mother's pussy was coating her fingers with her love oils.

The fourteen-year-old girl was aware first that Tony was suddenly

cumming down her throat, hot loads of sperm shooting directly into her

stomach as he grabbed her ears and fucked her face hard. Then she heard

Tommy and Jason above and below her, crying out, and felt their pricks

jumping and lurching against each other deep inside her, and their cum

began to fill her holes. She felt a splattering heat against her cheek,

and knew that John was cumming as well. And the way her mother was

pushing her cunt hard against her hand, almost screaming out with lust,

Jennifer knew that she too was joining the men.

It was all more than she could withstand, and her body shuddered

violently as a shattering orgasm rocked her hard! It was almost painful

in its intensity as she twisted and squirmed hysterically between all

the men fucking her. A tidal wave of passion washed through her,

blinding and hot, leaving her dizzy and with a fogged brain. She

continued humping, they continued fucking, for how long she didn't know.

But eventually she realized that she alone was still working,

fruitlessly trying to fuck their fuck their dwindling cocks as if she

was some sort of fucking automaton.

At last she let her hands fall limply to her sides. The men drew away

from her and let fall heavily to the floor, where, eyes closed, she

tried desperately to catch her breath. She felt a warm, soft body beside

her, and knew her mother had collapsed to the floor too. After a few

moments, she opened her eyes and looked at her. Her mother smiled softly

back, and they spontaneously kissed, arms wrapping around each other,

and they found comfort in each other's arms and caresses.

The mother and daughter looked up. Then men were all grinning down at

the two naked, hugging bodies on the floor. But Jennifer and Maryjane no

longer minded their leers. They only wondered, in the same way they

might have wondered what they would eat for dinner that night, how their

lives had changed, and what it would mean for tomorrow.


Almost a month later, Jennifer walked through the door of the house. The

boys weren't home yet, and her stepfather was working in the field. She

ran quickly up to her room and unbuttoned her white cotton blouse,

tossing it in the clothes hamper. She did the same with her white lace

bra, so much more grown up than the plain cotton ones she wore only a

few weeks ago. She looked at herself in the mirror, throwing back her

shoulders. She thought her breasts looked larger. She hoped so. She was

anxious for large, firm breasts like her mother's. Men had such fun with


She slipped down her skirt, and giggled again at the satin thong panties

she wore now, so sexy and daring. Her stepfather made her dress that way

whenever she was in public, but as much as she like feeling so sexy, she

enjoyed what she wore at home even more. She pulled the tiny panties

down her legs and looked for a moment at her figure, still developing,

but certainly not a little girl's body. She ran her hands over her

breasts, pinching the nipples firmly until they were as stiff as they

could get. The men liked stiff nipples, she knew.

She opened her dresser drawer, and pulled out a black leather collar,

fitting it snugly around her neck. She made sure the ring in it was

positioned exactly in the center, and then reached into the drawer

again. This time she retrieved a long leather leash, neatly coiled. She

went through her daily ritual. Even the men, even her mother didn't know

about the secret routine she performed next. She gently kissed the coil

of leather, then very carefully unrolled it. She clipped the end to her

collar and then kissed the looped handle of her leash. She adored her

collar and leash.

She trotted quickly downstairs to the kitchen, draping the leash over

her shoulder as she began preparing supper. Everyone would be home soon,

and they expected to eat well. She wouldn't fail them. They hadn't had

cause to beat her for three days now, and though sometimes she wanted

it, tonight they had promised her she would be able to make love with

her mother while the men watched, and she knew that her mother was

looking forward to it as much as she was.

Later, she and her mother would go through their nightly ritual of

drawing names out of a hat, determining which two of the men they would

service that night. It made no difference to Jennifer, of course. She

loved them all. And drawing names didn't really matter anyway. Almost

every night, the men would start to haggle over the girls. One or the

other of them would want the mother when the daughter had drawn their

name, and so they would haggle, bartering chore work or even money with

each other so that everyone got who they wanted. It made Jennifer feel

wonderfully wicked, as if she was being sold night after night.

She had just finished putting dinner on the table when her mother came

in the door. They smiled at each other and kissed, and Maryjane softly

stroked her daughter's naked breast. "You look delicious dear!" the

young mother told the girl.

"Thanks mom," she giggled. "You better get ready. They'll be in any


Maryjane rushed back to the bedroom to undress and slip on her own

collar and leash. When she came back, the men had indeed showed up. The

twins were feeling Jennifer's ass and pussy. Jason was pulling at her

nipple, and the girl was giggling in the middle of them all.

"You make a good dinner, fuck toy?" said Tony.

Jennifer giggled again and nodded. They always called her fuck toy now.

She thought it was so cute.

John approached his naked wife and kissed her, fingering her pussy as

well. Then he led her by the collar as the boys led their stepsister by

the same means to the corner of the kitchen. The two females knelt down

and began eating obediently from their dog dishes, asses high in the

air, as the men settled around the table.

Jennifer and her mother stole a glance at each other and smiled. It was

going to be a wonderful evening.

The End

Jennifer's New Family - The Second Year

Part 1

Jennifer Lyons finished toweling off from her afternoon shower, her skin pink and fresh. She spent several more minutes styling a drying her blonde hair, then leaned in toward the mirror to apply mascara, liner and shadow to her blue eyes. She dusted some blush on her high cheeks and finished with an application of glossy pink paint on her full lips. She stepped back to examine herself in the full-length mirror, nodding with approval at the makeup, but frowning a little at the few telltale welts and bruises that marked her otherwise perfect fifteen-year-old body.

She applied a bit of makeup to a particularly dark bruise near the nipple of her left breast to hide it as best she could. Her thoughts returned to the day just over a year ago when a boy had seen her breasts for the very first time. Her step brother Tommy had crept into her room at night and harshly assaulted her, ripping away her flimsy nightclothes. She smiled vaguely at the memory. It had been a horrifying experience at the time, but now she looked back on it fondly, regarding her reaction with the same sort of self-condescension as one remembering the terror of their first roller-coaster ride. Her life had been forever changed in just a few short, whirlwind days as her new family beat and raped her into the girl she remained to this day.

Satisfied the bruise was hidden as best as she could make it, she gently tweaked her pink nipples into erection, the aureolas puffed and swollen as well. She let her right hand trail down her slim tummy to the velvety soft mound between her slightly spread legs. She caressed gently for a moment, discovering by touch that there was only the acceptable level of stubble there and she would not have to shave her pussy this afternoon to avoid having it beaten with a leather strap. The shaving from her morning shower was still sufficient.

With one final, critical look at herself, she decided she was properly made up and fit to be seen by her step-brothers and step-father when they came in from the farm chores. Jennifer left the bathroom, a special room that had been made as part of a general redesign of the house almost six months ago. It was the "cunt bathroom," reserved for her and her mother Maryjane's use. It was strategically placed with the master bedroom along one wall, and the three boys' rooms on each of the other three walls. The cunt bathroom could only be accessed by entering the closet of one of the bedrooms and slipping through a hidden door. Additionally, there were floor-to-ceiling windows with one-way mirrors set in each of the four walls. All the men had to do was slide back a section of wall, and they had an unobstructed view of whomever happened to be inside it, without the occupants' knowledge. The women knew about the hidden windows, of course, but could never be sure when they might be spied upon.

The teen girl exited the bathroom into the master bedroom, the first time she'd been in the room that day. On a small table near the large bay window that dominated the expansive room, she found as usual two small piles of neatly folded clothing. That represented the choice she was given of what she might wear. Both piles were new clothes, and folded she could ascertain little of what they were. She had to pick one, without knowing for sure what the clothes looked like. If the pile she had not chosen was found to be disturbed in any way, she could be certain of punishment. Biting her lower lip softly, she tried to decide which outfit would be best and eventually decided to go with the pile that included a top of light blue material that matched her eyes.

Jennifer took the selected pile and laid it on the bed, and lifted the panties up first, unfolding them and holding them out. As usual, they were bikini style, and pink. For the most part the men preferred bikini to thongs, at least for every day wear. These were particularly low-cut and tied on the hips. She stepped into them and pulled them up her shapely legs. The French cut scooped low in front, so low that they only barely reached the top of her young, smooth slit. In back a good inch of her ass crack was visible. She smiled again and rubbed her pussy lightly once more, dampening the thin material with the slight moisture from her sex.

Turning back to the folded clothes, she saw there was no bra available for her today. She held up the powder blue top, shaking it as it unfolded. Spaghetti straps, a deep scoop neckline, the hem three inches under the bust. She pulled it over her head and tugged it down. It fit tight, the thin material clinging like a second skin. Her erect nipples were clearly outlined as it molded itself perfectly to the shape of her 32-B breasts. It was a look that almost begged for hands to close over her young boobs, and she blushed with pleasant thoughts at the prospect. Finally she picked up the last article of clothing, a miniskirt that flared out, the thin material seeming to float. She slipped this on as well, pulling up the zipper, and twisted her hips, watching the skirt seem to float around her upper thighs.

There were no shoes today, so she ran her hands down her outfit to smooth it out and left the large room for the kitchen. There was only 45 minutes to go until the men would be ready for supper, and she'd better have it ready to go when they wanted. She hurried lightly down the stares and began to fry up some large steaks. While fixing up mashed potatoes, she thought about her clothes with mixed emotions, and not for the first time. Not the appearance of the clothes - she loved how they looked and felt on her. But the fact that she was wearing them at all. For the first several weeks after she'd succumbed to the sexual slavery of her new family, she was allowed to wear nothing at all when she wasn't at school. It made her feel cheap and dirty, and she enjoyed it.

But it was also true that over the course of time, she began to feel less and less conscious of her nudity. It began to cease to be shocking or daring, or even embarrassing. And by the same token, the men too began to grow used to the sight of the naked girls, and the sheer thrill of seeing them unclothed was slowly being deadened. Jennifer realized that, despite all the crass motivations of the men in the household, they were really very wise. They recognized that the thrill of having sex slaves was slowly dwindling, and they recognized much of the reason for it. So they began to insist that the Jennifer and her mother dress again. But only in clothes that they themselves picked out. Soon everyone in the family discovered that girls dressed like sluts were far more entertaining to watch and much more easily humiliated than girls who are constantly naked.

The dinner table was set, and Jennifer was just setting the steaks and potatoes on the platter when the door swung open. Her step-father John entered, a tall, muscular man and very handsome, with Jason, the oldest of his sons, and the twins Tommy and Tony behind. The teen girl's heart skipped a beat as she turned to greet them with a smile. She could never be sure when they might find the slightest excuse to punish her. If her collar was bent, or the tablecloth uneven - anything was reason if these men were of a mind to beat her. Sometimes they did it only because they enjoyed it.

But she looked at the faces of the men and could see in their smiles that there was no punishment imminent today. She ran to John and threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly, the top of her head not quite reaching his collar bone. "Hello sir!" she said as he patted her bottom, squeezing the left cheek. "Welcome home!" John, like the other boys, was sweaty and hot from a hard afternoon working in the fields and pastures, but she didn't mind. It just meant another shower, probably a shared one this time. As her step-father relaxed his hold of her, Jennifer slipped away and approached Jason, hugging him as well. "Hello sir!" she said brightly. Jason grinned and helped himself to a feel of his step-sister's ass as well. "Thanks cunt," he replied, kissing her hotly as she lifted her face to his. Then she moved on to the twins, but kept her hands clasped behind her this time. They had a different preference for a greeting. Pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her firm breasts out as far as she could, she said brightly, with the same happy smile on her face, "Welcome home sirs!" Tommy and Tony laughed softly and each reached out a hand to clutch at a breast, squeezing and rolling them firmly as she stood meekly before them, blushing as her nipples stiffened once more under the thin blouse.

The men sat around the table as the girl served them, putting steaming steaks and piles of potatoes on each of their plates in turn. As she finished filling each mans plate, she asked pleasantly, "Your guess sir?" And each of the men responded with a simple number. "Three." "Two and a half." "Five." "Five and a half." Then, spinning on her heel so that her miniskirt floated up daringly, she went to a laptop computer on the counter, turned it so all could see the screen, and started a video. Soon in full screen, high definition, Jennifer herself appeared, lying naked on Tommy's bed (she had no bed of her own), and she looked directly at the camera, spreading her legs, her hands hovering over her pussy. "OK," her voice came over the computer speakers. "!"

The real Jennifer had a stopwatch in her hand by now and she punched the button to start it going. At the same moment, the Jennifer on the screen thrust her hands between her legs and began rubbing at her pussy in rapid, firm, circular strokes. Soon she was moaning and her young hips were undulating slowly up and down. The real Jennifer, standing beside the screen, blushed deeply, embarrassed as all the men watched. This was one thing that still hadn't lost its punch to her. In moments the girl on the computer screen was crying out. "Yes! Oh yes it's going to happen soon! Oh yes! Oh I feel so hot and slutty! Oh God!" Jennifer blushed deeper with every word her recording spoke, but she didn't move. Then men's eyes flickered between the screen and herself, enjoying her humiliation. On the screen, Jennifer's fingers plunged into her pussy, and she started fucking herself hard, rubbing her clit with her thumb, every detail of her movements captured in crystal clear high definition. Then the recording howled out "Yes! Now! Oh God now! Oh yes!"

Jennifer punched the button on the stopwatch and read out the time. "Three minutes, twenty-one seconds," she said. "Jason was closest." She walked over to Jason's seat and knelt on his right, facing him. "May I join you sir?" she said to the winner of the bizarre contest. Jason nodded his agreement with a grin, and Jennifer stood up and sat down in his lap. As he immediately lifted her skirt and shoved a hand under her panties, Jennifer began cutting his steak and feeding her step-brother. Every third or fourth bite Jason told her she could have herself, and that constituted her own dinner. The other men discussed the day's events casually while the girl squirmed in Jason's lap with growing passion, but she dared not allow herself to have an orgasm.

After dinner was over, Jennifer put the dishes into the dishwasher and generally cleaned up the kitchen. Then she returned to the family room, swinging her hips a little and with her hands clasped behind her. A glance at the clock told her that her mother would be home any moment. At her husband's command, Maryjane had found a new job at one of the local strip clubs dancing. Although thirty-three years old, Maryjane still had a body that could compete with any girl in her early twenties. "Is there any way I can entertain you tonight?" she asked the men. Tony wasted no time replying. "Show your panties!"

Jennifer blushed. It really was effective to allow her to wear clothes. She still got a little thrill out of showing off like this. She lifted her skirt high, and the men's eyes leered at her tiny panties, a dark damp spot caused by all of Jason's groping between her soft legs. "You hot fuck toy!" Tony said with a chuckle. Jennifer nodded. "Yes sir. Thank you all for this outfit. It's very pretty and sexy, and I love wearing it!"

It was then that Maryjane Lyons-Davis came in the door behind her daughter. She saw her daughter showing her underwear and smiled approvingly. She herself was dressed not much differently in a micro-skirt and halter top, along with four-inch pumps. She was heavily made-up and still had glitter clinging to exposed parts of her body from her stage make-up. Pausing only a moment to admire her daughter, she hurried over to John in his favorite chair and knelt in front of him. She leaned forward, kissing the fly of his jeans with genuine devotion, and then lifted up her hands to him, holding a large stack of bills. "For you Master," she said. "Two hundred and fifty three dollars."

John took the money his wife had earned and nodded approvingly. "Nice. You must have shook that ass well tonight, bitch. You did well."

Maryjane blushed, looking down and her blonde hair hiding her face for a moment. "Thank you Master," she replied, and kissed his fly again.

John nodded again, but his voice growled. "Cut that crap and suck my cock, you whore." Maryjane, trying to put out of her mind the innumerable lap dances she'd performed over the last six hours, eagerly opened her husband's jeans and, in full view of the children, began to suck on his enormous erection. Across the room, meanwhile, the boys were closing around Jennifer, hands reaching for her, lifting her top and slapping her ass. It was going to be a typical night in the Davis household, Maryjane thought as she caught, out of the corner of her eye, the vision of the boys pushing her daughter back over the coffee table, her clothes pulled aside and her legs wide.

At that moment, the doorbell rang. All movement and sound in the house immediately stopped for one horrifying moment. It was rare to have visitors here, at least unannounced visitors. The boys scowled as they stood up and and pulled up their zippers. John grunted in frustration as he slapped Maryjane's face. "Get up! Straighten yourself up. Answer the door!" Maryjane obeyed immediately. No one had given Jennifer orders, but she stood up, a little weak in the knees and dazed with the growing lust that always accompanied the perverted attention of her step-brothers. She shook her head to bring herself around, and she straightened up her clothes, pulling her panties back up since they had been tugged down around one ankle.

Maryjane, fluffing her hair and trying to breathe normally, went to the door and, with one backward glance to make sure everything was in order, opened the door as Jennifer and John move up behind her. Two people stood on the stoop outside. A gorgeous blonde woman of about thirty and a cute, perky red-haired girl John guessed to be thirteen.

"Hi sis," said the young woman to Maryjane with a smile that was both slightly embarrassed and pleading. "Can we stay here for a few days?

Part 2

"I had to leave him MJ. I had to get out of there. I especially had to get Chelsea out of there."

Maryjane Lyons-Davis listened to her younger sister with only half of her attention. Her mind wandered to a myriad of problems that she could foresee would disrupt her entire world in the next two hours if she didn't think of something quickly. Jennifer, under direction from John, had taken Chelsea outside to play. He had also had some whispered words with the boys, who had disappeared downstairs and had not been seen since. But Melinda wanted to stay here, in this house, for a few days at least with her daughter. Maryjane was terrified at the thought. Even one day, one night in this house, would raise questions she couldn't answer. Why didn't Jennifer have a bedroom? Where did she sleep? How could she explain that her daughter took turns sleeping with each of her stepbrothers. Goodness, even clothing was a serious issue.

She had noticed the curious look that Melinda had already given her. The hint of glitter still covered her body, much of which was exposed since she wore so little in the way of garments. She hadn't asked her directly about it yet, but her blue eyes spoke volumes. Maryjane simply pretended not to notice, delaying the inevitable for as long as possible.

"Frank has always been a little rough around the edges, you know that," Melinda was continuing. "When I first met him that was part of his charm I suppose." Her voice took on a wispy, though sad, tone as she reflected back over the years. Maryjane knew there was a lot of regret within those memories. Melinda had caused something of a scandal in the family when she announced in tears that she was pregnant at only 16. The father, Frank Jurgens, was just out of college, but there was nothing that could be done to him legally. Melinda had reached the age of consent. In the weeks before the rushed marriage, the sisters had discussed him in the darkness of the bedroom they shared, their words floating quietly between the twin beds. Maryjane discovered that he hit her occasionally, but Melinda insisted she still loved him. One secret that never traveled to her sister's ears was that on more than one occasion Frank had taken advantage of a moment alone with Maryjane to grope her, despite her protests. He only snickered when she pushed his hand away from her firm breast, or twisted out of the way of the hand that gripped her between her legs.

"I've always accepted his ways, I guess. He's a man after all, and there's something I always secretly found thrilling about strength, but frightening too. I won't lie, I've thought about leaving him before, but I never had the courage. But last week...last week..." Melinda looked away and shuddered violently, shaking her head.

Dimly, Maryjane was aware that her sister was about to tell her something terribly important. Something she should pay close attention to. Her sister needed help. She should be prepared to give it. But what help could she give? What could she do before her sister discovered her dark secret, that she was a sex slave to her own husband. Worse, her own daughter was as well. Her pussy tingled as she recalled that at this very time yesterday she was lying on the kitchen table with Jennifer, both of them naked, licking each other's sex voraciously as the men of the house sat around the table, watching, grinning, and commenting. She shook her head, trying to return her attention back to her sister's plight.

"He beat her, MJ!" Melinda cried out in a sotto voce whisper. John was in the next room, giving the women some privacy, acting like the courteous host, and the 31-year-old woman did not want him to hear. "I mean, not like he used to do to me...nothing like that. But in some ways worse. My god MJ, Chelsea's only just turned thirteen. And on her birthday he...he spanked her. He said it was just a joke, a birthday spanking. But she was in tears, and not just because it hurt her. He...he did it bare bottom. Oh God." Melinda paused, dropping her had to bury her face in her hands. Maryjane saw her sister's shoulders shudder as she tried to control herself. She put out a sympathetic hand to her shoulder, a pointless gesture but she could think of nothing else to do. At last Melinda regained some composure and looked up again, though not quite looking into her sister's eyes. "Sometimes we...." Her face turned a bright red in an embarrassed flush. "Sometimes we play like that, Frank and me. You know...naughty schoolgirl. He still likes to think of me that way I think, like a cheerleader fantasy. And sometimes he likes, you know, spanking me. It was like that with Chelsea. It was the same game, MJ. The same! With his own daughter. It's just...he didn't have sex with her. But I should have done something. I should have stopped it, but I didn't know how. But I finally found the courage to pack up and leave. Yesterday."

Maryjane squeezed her sister's shoulder. She should say something comforting, she knew it. But all she could think of was the damn glitter sparkling on her outstretched arm. Suddenly she felt something he hadn't felt in months. Genuine shame. She'd been embarrassed often enough, almost daily, in the past year, but actual shame she hadn't felt for a long time. She felt it now, here in the presence of her sister crying out to her for help, and yet she could barely think straight for fear of her own dark secrets being revealed. "You did the right thing Mel," she tried to assure her. "You did the right thing."

The boys returned up from the basement. The crossed the room as they went to the next, smiling amiably on their way to see their father. As they gathered around the chair where he said, speaking with him in low voices, Melinda's eyes followed them carefully. "Do you know how they look at you?" she said unexpected. "I just saw them. It was...I don't know. I just wonder if, well, I don't want to preach or anything, but do you think maybe your clothes are not quite...appropriate? And what's with the glitter?" All these things were said but Melinda's eyes never left the three large, strong, handsome boys.

Maryjane swallowed. There it was - the question she feared. She put on a smile. It was forced and awkward, and she knew it. "You know," she told her sister. "You have games you play with your husband. I do too." A weak explanation. She attempted to strengthen it. "When you came, well, it sort of caught us off guard." She grinned awkwardly again and shrugged her shoulders.

Melinda blushed again, flustered and embarrassed. "Oh my God! Oh, I'm so sorry! Oh my God!" Maryjane shook her head, dismissing the apologies and was about to say something to put her mind at ease. But at that moment she caught movement from the next room again, and turned her head just in time to see the three boys heading out the front door of the house. Jennifer and Chelsea were out there. Maryjane's heart caught in her throat, suddenly pounding with something near panic. Ironic, she thought, that only an hour ago the thought of her daughter sexually servicing those three made her swell with a kind of pride. But now....She glanced up at John, who in turned smiled and winked. But what did that quizzical expression mean? Was he attempting to reassure her that her sister and neice were safe? Or that he had designs on them.

John hauled himself out of his chair and approached the two women seated near each other, all smiles. "The boys and I have been talking," he said, coming up behind Maryjane and resting a hand on her shoulder, squeezing firmly. "We certainly can't turn you out in your hour of need." Maryjane's heart rate quickened further. "You and Chelsea are certainly welcome to stay here as long as you need to," he added, ignoring the sharp look his wife gave him. "I'm afraid we don't have much in the way of spare beds, however. If it's acceptable to you, we can have Chelsea share Jennifer's bed downstairs in her room, and you can sleep in Jason's room. Jason will gladly take the couch for as long as you need."

Maryjane's mind whirled. Jennifer's room? She hadn't had a room of her own in almost a year! But she knew far better than to contradict her husband. Her heart sank. There was little doubt in her mind that he had more in mind than generosity to her beautiful sister. She looked at Melinda again, who was smiling gratefully up at John. She looked very much like she herself did, very slim, lovely firm breasts, straight white teeth. Exactly the sort that would attract John. She shuddered inwardly, wondering what she had gotten her little sister into, and frantically trying to work out in her mind how she could get her sister out of the predicament. Then another thought returned to her, even more terrifying. What were the boys preparing for with Jennifer and Chelsea?

Jennifer sighed, wishing silently she had an off-switch for her ears. She was sitting on a log near the barn, Chelsea sitting close beside her. She knew better than to take the girl inside the barn. The men had long ago converted it into a playroom of sorts, where they could amuse themselves by watching herself and her mother suffering in some relentless machine designed to torment, stimulate and humiliate them. She had learned to tell when she could expect a new ordeal there. The men, usually the sons, would hole up in the barn for hours a day. Hammering and welding could be heard from within, often engines would be fired up, and then they would come out, laughing and slapping each other on the back. Then Jennifer and her mother would be led naked to the barn, usually with their hands bound, hearts pounding with the fear and uncertainty of what awaited them. One of them would watch while the other was strapped in place, spread and vulnerable, and the entertainment of the men and the misery of the women would begin. She'd had no idea how many different painful sensations the nipples and pussy could experience. She never would have imagined how much she could crave that pain.

The men kept the devices well hidden in a locked room in the back corner of the barn. One never knew when unexpected visitors would come calling. She began to think of a recent device that hand clamped and stretched her inner labia, and felt her inner labia swelling with the memory, but the jangling voice of her young cousin intruded on her consciousness once again.

"Have you ever like kissed a boy?" she said. "Oh my gawd, I've never but I want to sooooo bad! I think it would be so awesome! Once I went to the lake with some boys and my parents didn't know and there wasn't any place to change into a swimming suit and there was like 10 of us, six boys and four girls. And we all had to change into our suits like totally out the open. We girls had to change behind a tree one at a time while the rest made sure the boys weren't looking, but secretly I kinda wished they would look!" She gasped with exaggerated shock at herself. Jennifer thought it was remarkable because it was the first time since meeting Chelsea that she could recall seeing the girl breathe. "I think it would be so awesome to like get caught naked by accident, you know? I mean, nothing happening or anything. I'm not ready for that I know. Just having a guy, you know, catch me naked by accident? Has that ever happened to you? You're really pretty. I bet loads of guys want to see you naked!" She laughed and laughed at her own scandalous statement.

Jennifer was actually considering answering the question just to get a break from Chelsea's jangling voice. It was true that boys were taking a lot more interest in her this year. Partly it was because her body was continuing to develop. It wouldn't be long, she hoped, before she was a C cup. But she knew that mostly it was because she dressed sexier than any other girl in school now. She wore push-up bras that were even more embarrassing than no bra at all, since they emphasized her breasts so much. She was given thin blouses to wear, short skirts, and always showed as much skin as she could get away with in school. On top of that, everyone knew of course that her mother worked as a stripper, and she, as her daughter, took a lot of teasing on that account, especially since she practically dressed like a stripper herself. She'd been asked out a lot, but her stepbrothers wouldn't allow her to date yet. She didn't really mind. She had four wonderful cocks that were regularly fed to her anyway.

"Well actually, you know what?" Chelsea leaned in, speaking quietly, conspiratorially now, looking around as if the farmyard was crowded with people that might overhear. "Something sorta did happen that day at the lake. I was swimming, and kinda by myself y'know? And a guy swum close to me and he was really cute and tall and he put his arms around me from the back and carried me into water a little deeper so he could still stand on the ground but I couldn't. And then he put his hands on my boobies, but under the water so nobody could see. And I told him not to but I was afraid to scream or anything cause I didn't want anybody else to know, and then you know what he did? He totally felt between my legs! I mean, just over my suit but totally felt me up! And he wouldn't let me go and I couldn't get away and he just kept touching me, like rubbing you know? And I was so scared but totally getting turned on!"

Jennifer thought it sounded kind of nice, but she didn't believe it had really happened. This little twit would never have gotten turned on all of a sudden like that. Jennifer was certain it was just a fantasy Chelsea had made up, probably in bed that night as she rubbed herself and pretended it was a boy doing it. She sighed again, dreaming of getting away and suck Jason's cock. But her young cousin just kept jabbering at her in a high-pitched voice that was really starting to get on her nerves.

"Do you like to dress like that? I wish I had clothes that were that sexy, but mom would totally ground me for life. Do you know that your nips show through? Oh my gawd, I bet your step brothers even look at you! Eeewww!" She giggled and giggled, slapping her thigh.

"Yeah we do sometimes."

The deep voice was quiet, but its effect was like a rifle shot. The two girls whipped around and looked behind them. There was Jason and the twins standing casually behind them, grinning. "Jen's a hot, sexy girl," Jason continued. "We like that she dresses nice and sexy. And you like it too, don't you Jennifer?"

Jennifer nodded, swallowing hard. Normally she would have been thrilled by the nearness of the boys, but with Chelsea around she was off her guard. She didn't know what they planned, but she was scared of revealing too much to her cousin about her home life. For some reason, as irritating as Chelsea was, she injected a sense of normalcy back into Jennifer's life that she'd all but forgotten about, and she found her stomach getting a little queasy from nervous anticipation. Chelsea, in the meantime, looked like a frightened rabbit, not knowing how much of her risque conversation they'd overheard, and her cheek flushed a bright pink as the three men circled around the girls, sitting down close beside them, the twins on either side of Chelsea and Jason beside Jennifer.

"Oh my gawd!" squealed Chelsea, biting her lip as Tony and Tommy sat close on either side, their bodies pressing against hers. "Oh my gawd," she repeated. "How long have you guys been there!?

Tommy grinned, draping an arm around Chelsea's shoulders as she swallowed and a tinge of fear colored the expression of uncertainty and embarrassment on her face. "Long enough," he said. "Long enough to hear how you like having your boobies felt." The men chuckled as Tommy used the ridiculous term. As Chelsea's face turns a deep scarlet with embarrassment, Tony added, "You dress pretty nice too. I like your taste in clothes." He ran his fingers down the girl's thigh, over the denim skirt she wore, while Tommy was squeezing her shoulder, the motion pulling her pink blouse further to the side until the ball of her shoulder was exposed and the white strap of her bra.

Chelsea's face dissolved into a panicked expression as she squirmed between them. Jennifer just averted her gaze, not knowing what to do. Arguing with the boys was something that no longer even occurred to her, yet she felt sorry for her young cousin. Instead she simply folded her hands into her lap and pressed her body against Jason, trying to ignore everything.

"Guys...guys stop it! I didn't mean it! I just made it up!" Chelsea was squealing in a tiny voice as she protested, unable to get away. She tried standing but Tommy kept her pinned down. Tony, meanwhile, had slipped his fingers under the hem of her skirt and was pushing it up her smooth thighs, spreading his fingers across her flesh as he moved his hand slowly higher. "You got nice legs," he said, and Chelsea only squeezed her legs together. "Let's see those legs."

Chelsea's green eyes went wide as panic gave way to terror. "Stop it! You can't! Jen make them stop! Tell them to stop!" Instinctively, without thinking, Chelsea acted reflexively, lifting her hand and swinging it harder than she would have thought possible, her palm connecting solidly with Tony's cheek.

Jennifer gasped, trembling against Jason. "Guys...guys you shouldn't. Not her!" It was as close as she could bring herself to making a protest. She almost offered them her own body instead, but making such an offer in front of Chelsea was something she still couldn't bring herself to do. And she saw the blazing anger in Tony's eyes, and could do no more than turn her head and bury her eyes in Jason's shoulder. Jason only grinned.

"Now that," Tony said as he looked at little Chelsea, his cheek reddening, "wasn't nice. I think you'll have to be punished for that." Tommy nooded his agreement. Jennifer swallowed. Punishment in this family could mean so many things. She looked around. They were out of sight of the house. On a hot day like this the house was closed up. No one inside would hear anything from this distance. There was nothing to stop the boys from doing anything.

The twins looked at each other and nodded once over the head of the squirming girl between them. Tommy shifted his tight grip on her slightly, and bent her forward at the waist. She squealed in protest but could not fight the strong men. Then he twisted her body around and to the side, and before she knew it she was over Tony's lap, her bottom thrust up into the air like a little girl ready for a spanking. Tony clamped a hand down over the back of her neck to hold her in place while Tommy held tight onto her her wrists which he pulled behind her.

"No!" Chelsea screamed. "I'll tell! You better let me go or I'll tell! I swear I will! You'll get in big trouble!" But her words were ignored as she felt one of the boys, she wasn't sure which, yank her skirt roughly up to her waist, exposing her cotton panties, white with a print of tiny roses on them. Chelsea screamed again, her terror and humiliation so powerful now that she was unable to form words. She squirmed uselessly in their strong grip as Tony placed his hand squarely on her bottom, caressing and squeezing the firm flesh.

"Nice ass," muttered Tommy gleefully, and yanked her panties down to her ankles. Just that quickly Chelsea's ass was shown to the world, and hot, bitter tears of shame streamed down her red cheeks as she howled, still unable to form any disticnt words of protest. Then Tony began to spank to spank her. He held back nothing, but brought the flat of his hand down on her bare bottom with all the power he possessed in his muscular arm. The swats echoed across the farmyard like rifle shots, and Jennifer huddled against Jason, trying to shut it all out. Jason's hand was under her blouse, pinching her pink, stiff nipple while he stared at Chelsea's reddening bottom that faced him.

Chelsea's cries grew into shrieks of pain as Tony's hand came down on her again and again. It seemed to go on forever. Her bottom burned with pain. Then it stopped unexpectedly, and the girl quivered over Tony's lap, sobbing with pain and shame, hot tears spattering the dirt inches below her face. There was little fight left in her, she just wanted to run away. She felt her body being lifted up and was grateful that it was over. She was raised to a sitting position on Tony's knee, but then the boys continued to push her backwards, back until she was lying face up across Tommy's lap. She shut her eyes shamefully. Her arms were trapped under her between Tommy's legs. She couldn't lift them to cover her exposed pussy, and she felt new depths of degradation as she felt everyone staring between her legs. She had just started to grow pubic hair, a light fringe of bright red that accentuated her mound and framed her slit.

"Nice cunt," said Tommy, grinning down at the girl's sex. Bright pink inner flesh had blossomed out from underneath the out labia, moist and inviting. "Jesus, only thirteen years old and already a slut. Look at how wet the whore is from a spanking!" All three of the men laughed loudly, and Tommy emphasized her shame by putting he large hand between her legs and spreading her pussy lips with his fingers. As he slipped two fingers into the hot folds they instantly became slick with her juice. Chelsea, helpless to do anything to stop it, could only shake her head and cry as she was molested, feeling the fat fingers exploring into her most intimate places as Tony forced her legs further apart. She'd never felt more dirty in her life.

Tommy teased at the entrance to her tight pussy, threatening to slip a finger inside her, but never actually did it. Jennifer couldn't help herself finally from peeking over at her cousin. She was squirming against Jason herself now as his other hand was between her legs, fingering her much the way Tommy was fingering Chelsea. She was thrusting her pelvis against his hand, though Chelsea still couldn't see them from her position. Chelsea was shaking her head violently, sobbing "...nononono..." repeatedly. Tony, meanwhile, was opening her blouse and pushing her bra up over her budding young breasts. Stretched out on her back as she was, Chelsea's chest was almost flat, but there was a swelling at her breasts that hinted at perhaps a large A cup when she was upright. Her nipples were pink and hard as little rocks, the aureolas swollen and puffy as Tony pinched them firmly.

Tommy, meanwhile, began to focus on little Chelsea's clit, feeling the hard nub under his index finger. He stimulated in firm little circles, then drew his fingers in long, slow strokes up and down the length of her wet slit. "You fucking little cunt," he told her with a grin. "You love this. You're gonna cum any minute now, but you sit there and pretend you don't like it!"

Jennifer sympathized with her cousin. She recalled feeling much the same kind of humiliation in the early days of her new life. Her mind hating what was done but her body always wanting more. It wasn't until she learned to align the desires of her mind with those of her body that she truly understood who she was. She wondered if Chelsea would one day do the same, but then she gasped sharply as Jason's finger sunk deep into her pussy and she started to ride him enthusiastically.

Chelsea, however, shook her head in denial, even as her slender hips arched upward under Tommy's touch, as if begging for more, increasing the pressure of his fingers against her sex. She shuddered, sobbing, wincing as Tony twisted her nipples. Yet she spread her legs wider, doing at least as much of the work as Tommy was as she lost herself further and further to the sensations the men were forcing upon her. Her hands clenched into little fists under her, and he hissed as she sucked air through clenched teeth. Her squeals by now were inspired at least as much by desire as by protest.

And then, unexpectedly to her, she felt an explosion of desire erupt within her. Her back arched high, her hips in the air and rolling, jerking up and down against Tommy's hand as he clutched her sex tightly, the cum juices flowing between his fingers as she suffered an unwanted, but so desperately needed, orgasm. Jennifer watched her with a gasp and thrust her body down hard on the three fingers Jason now had in her own pussy, grinding against it, and as she watched her cousin cumming hard between her two step-brothers, she was rewarded with a powerful climax of her own. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, to stop herself from betraying to her cousin what she was doing just a couple of feet away.

Chelsea slowly came down off her climax, her body damp and weak, chest heaving as she gasped desperately for air. Her pretty green eyes were closed, her soft lips parted, and tears continued to stream from her eyes. She felt her degradation was complete. She couldn't make sense of what they had just done to her, and how she had responded. The hands on her relaxed their grip, and she rolled limply to the dirt at there feet, quivering and sobbing lightly, while the boys grinned down at each other. Jennifer, cleaning her step-brother's hand with her mouth as her duty demanded, looked down on her cousin with pity. And something else, a feeling she couldn't quite place.

Jennifer's New Family - The Second Year

Part 3

Maryjane and Melinda followed John to the basement, Maryjane with some trepidation. She had no idea what she would find down there. Although the basement was finished, there had never been a bedroom there. John flipped on the lights and led the women to the back, opening a door to a room that Jennifer's mother had only known as a dusty storeroom.

Maryjane blinked in astonishment as she looked in there now. Although sparsely furnished, there was no doubt that the room had almost magically been transformed into a bedroom. Windowless and drab, to be sure, but there was a double bed, small dresser and nightstand. What had been shelves for old paint cans was now something of a tiny closet. There was even clothing hung up in it. How the boys had managed such a transformation in so short a period of time was beyond Maryjane's imagination, but she had long ago learned not to underestimate their capabilities.

Far from easing her mind, however, the sudden appearance of a bedroom and John's eagerness to take in her sister and niece made Maryjane's heart catch in her throat. She couldn't escape the feeling that a trap was being laid, and the unsuspecting mother and daughter were walking right into it. Worse, she could think of no way to help her sister avoid the trap, not without revealing the dark secrets of her own life, and she simply couldn't bring herself to do that. Not yet.

"It's not a palace," said John amiably as he showed the room. "But when Jennifer and her mother moved in, she insisted on taking this room instead of kicking one of the boys out of their's." A total lie, Maryjane knew, but Melinda was smiling pleasantly, accepting the story.

"It'll do just fine," said Melinda, looking gratefully at John. "I'm sure Chelsea and Jennifer will get along just fine here. I can't thank you enough for all you're doing for us."

John's smile broadened. "I hope it's just the first of many things we'll be able to do for you." Maryjane swallowed, the double entendre not lost on her, but her sister interpreted nothing out of the ordinary. John, who had been carrying Chelsea's suitcase, set it down at the foot of the bed. "Now, let's get you set up in Jason's room."

Once more the women followed John, this time out of the room and back upstairs, then up to the second floor and to the other end of the house. "Are you sure Jason won't mind? I'm perfectly happy to take the couch myself. We could just hang a sheet up temporarily for a bit of privacy," Melinda said.

John chuckled and shook his head, opening the door to Jason's room and escorting the women inside, then setting down Melinda's suitcase. "He wouldn't hear of it," he said. "You just make yourself right at home here." He entered the closet unnoticed as Melinda was looking around the room, chatting with her sister, and silently slid back the hidden door to the bathroom. The door was designed to slide back into the wall to be almost completely hidden from view.

"You do have a private bathroom from here," John said, gesturing to the now open door in the closet. "I don't know who designed such a cock-eyed layout as this, but here's the entrance. Feel free to use it anytime." He exchanged a meaningful glance with his wife, who swallowed hard, but said nothing. Melinda smiled her thanks again.

Outside, Chelsea squirmed in the dirt, tears running down her soft pink cheeks. She reached down to her ankles to pull up her panties, but found them missing. Jennifer, breathing heavily from her climax, watched the poor girl bawling, suffering the worst humiliation of her young life, and licked her lips. Like the boys, she was looking at her cousin's exposed pussy, soft and swollen, glistening in the sunlight, until finally she yanked her skirt down. A moment later she straightened her bra and shirt.

Chelsea and Jennifer exchanged a look. The older girl thought there was something almost accusatory in her cousin's expression, as if it was somehow her fault. She turned her gaze to Tommy, but was too embarrassed to look at him for more than a moment before looking at the ground as she got to her knees. Tommy was holding out her panties for everyone to see. "M-may I please have my panties back?" Chelsea asked, completely oblivious to the picture she presented as she pleaded on her knees before the boys.

Tommy shook his head, grinning at his brothers. "Nah, I think I'm gonna keep them," he said, rubbing them against his cheek. "To remind me of you and what a hot little slut you are. Come here."

Chelsea blushed with shame and anger, but when she didn't move immediately Tony approached her from behind. Taking a fistful of her red hair, he yanked the girl to her feet as she howled in pain. With one powerful arm he held the girl up on her toes, laughing at her attempts to hit him or otherwise free herself. Meantime, Tommy lifted her skirt with one hand and rubbed her panties against her wet pussy with the other.

"Settle down you little cunt," Tony said, shaking her. "Can't you see he's just trying to be nice and clean you up?" All the boys shared a good laugh, but Jennifer looked away, ashamed and embarrassed herself.

Chelsea shrieked as she felt her pussy groped yet again, but all her twisting and squirming only caused her more pain as she pulled her hair. Finally Tommy pulled his hand away, holding up the girl's soaked panties, and then, with another harsh laugh, rubbed them firmly against Chelsea's mouth and nose, the moisture coating her lips, the aroma filling her nostrils. She squealed and tried to twist her head away but could not escape. "See what a slutty little cunt you are, bitch?" Tommy laughed.

Tony finally released the girl and she fell down to her knees again, crumpling up like paper as she quietly sobbed. Jennifer watched her, feeling very sorry for her young cousin, then looked up at Jason. He smiled back at her and nodded his head. "Go help her," he said quietly.

Jennifer slid off her makeshift seat and knelt beside Chelsea, her three step brothers around the girls and looking down at them. She put her arm around Chelsea and gave her a hug. Chelsea at first shrank away, but within moments leaned into Jennifer's hug with a desperate need to feel comforted. She wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck, and Jennifer held her tightly. "It's ok," she whispered soothingly. "It'll be ok."

It was long minutes before Chelsea finally calmed down a little. She wiped her moist cheeks with dirty palms, and Jennifer smiled wanly at her, using her own shirt to wipe away the streaks of dirt that now smeared her face. "Come on," she said. "Let's go back inside. You'll feel better."

"Wh-what about m-m-my underwear?" sniffled Chelsea, looking at Jennifer with wide green eyes. "Will they give them back?"

Jennifer sighed and shook her head sympathetically. "Let's worry about that later," she said. "You'll feel better if you have a bath or something." She didn't think that was particularly true, but she'd heard it on a TV show once and she couldn't think of anything else to say. But Chelsea nodded her head, sniffling again, and allowed Jennifer to help her up to her feet. She took in a deep breath, trying to stand more erect, biting her lip, and together the girls walked back to the house, both of them feeling the hot stares of the boys on their backs.

John stood close behind his wife, his arms around her, hands clasped over her naked, firm breasts, pinching and pulling at the hard red nipples and being rewarded with small gasps and hisses as she responded with various degrees of pain and pleasure to his touch. Maryjane's hands were between her spread legs, opening her pussy and rubbing firmly up and down the bright pink velvet flesh of her moist sex, fingertips rubbing her clit anxiously as she ground her ass against the front of her husband's jeans.

He looked over her shoulder, his eyes and hers both locked on the lucious sight before them. Melinda, just inches away on the other side of the one way mirror wall, was undressing, oblivious that she was being spied on by her sister and her brother-in-law. She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, revealing remarkably firm breasts tipped with pink nipples. "She's got nice tits," John growled, pinching Maryjane's nipples with sudden force.

Maryjane whimpered, cringing in his grasp, but nodded her head. "Yes," she agreed quietly. "She always did. That's part of the reason she got pregnant so young, I think. She liked showing them off." She felt ashamed spying on her sister like this, even worse masturbating while doing so, but her husband demanded it.

John laughed softly. "A slut from way back huh? You coulda learned a thing or two from her. Look how long it took you to realize what a cunt you are."

Now Melinda was stepping out of her panties. She turned to face the mirror full-on, giving the couple a perfect view of her firm body. Slender and shapely, no signs other than faint stretch marks of the child she had born so many years ago. Moreover, she unknowingly revealed to them a smooth-shaved pussy, without a trace of stubble. She stood there as if looking back at the couple for several moments, but in reality she was looking back at her own reflection. Maryjane blushed at the prolonged sight of her younger sister, yet softly whimpered as her circling fingers continued stimulating her sex to greater heights.

Melinda tilted her head as she looked at her reflection, her expression one of deep thought, perhaps of memories long past. She turned her body to the left, and then to the right, as though examining herself. To Maryjane's shock, she lifted her hands to her breasts, hefting them gently. Then she sighed and stepped into the shower, under the warm running water. For several minutes Melinda let the water cascade over her, soaping herself down and rinsing off.

Then Maryjane gasped, and just after that John twisted her nipple violently, making her stifle a cry of pain. Her sister, facing directly toward them, running her hands down her naked body as the soap ran off her glowing skin, was no longer simply rinsing. Even as she watched herself in the mirror, Melinda's hands lingered between her thighs as she spread her legs. Fingers lightly traced over her sex, up and down the smooth mound slowly. Her expression changed to something like wistful longing, a sadness as she thought of things that might have been, rather than the rapture of sexual urges.

Maryjane glanced to her right quickly, where a video camera was set up, recording every moment of her sister's shower. But there was nothing she could do. Nothing except continue to stare ahead at her younger sister, so close to her, rubbing her own pussy as Melinda began to rub hers. John chuckled in his wife's ear as he watched. Maryjane flushed with shame, felt an embarrassment she'd almost forgotten could exist. Melinda's fingers opened her pussy wide, and then her other hand dived into the pink space, and two fingers disappeared deep inside her.

"Do it!" was all that John growled into his slut wife's ear. She was attuned to his mindset well enough after all this time to know what he meant, and, acting as her sister's mirror image, thrust her own two fingers deep inside her cunt with a hissing intake of breath. Melinda began to stroke herself with long, deep thrusts, her mouth forming a round O each time as her female lusts built. Maryjane, already stimulated far beyond what her sister was, squirmed in her husband's arms, feeling dirtier than she could have imagined. It was almost as though she were doing this with her sister, like a single act rather than two. A single tear of humiliation spilled from her left eye.

Melinda rolled her hips, thrusting them forward, almost as though offering herself to the couple she could not see. Maryjane repeated the move, commanded by her Master to mimic everything her unknowing sister did. They moved together, Maryjane quickly able to anticipate what her sister would do, so that she could move the same way at almost the same moment, while John mauled her full breasts with greater ferocity. In and out the women's fingers went, faster. Then they rubbed their clits in rapid circular motions.

"What a cunt she is!" John growled. "Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes," replied Maryjane, knowing the response that was expected of her. "My sister is quite a cunt." Another tear trickled down her cheek as she felt her climax approaching inexorably, no matter how much she hated herself for feeling this way as she watched her sister this way.

Then Melinda leaned forward, putting a hand on the mirror to steady herself while the other hand remained between her spread legs, fingers pumping into her gyrating hips. Maryjane did the same, her hand exactly opposite her sister's, fingers plunging into her hot, wet pussy as John stepped back to adjust the video camera, widening the field of vision to capture both wanton sisters, near mirror-images of each other, bringing themselves to climax simultaneously.

Their hands worked furiously, both were moaning softly, hips thrust back and forth, or around in circles, under the force of the dual orgasms. Then, amazingly, they both straightened, appeared to look into each other's eyes, and leaned forward against the mirrored window directly opposite one another, large breasts pressed against the glass, their heads turned to the side so their cheeks looked like they were pressed together. They were each breathing heavily, recovering from their orgasms, lewd reflections of one another.

John grinned behind the camera. "I can't wait to get my hands on that cunt," he said, and Maryjane shuddered.

Jennifer's New Family - The Second Year

Part 4

When Jennifer and Chelsea returned to the house, it was perfectly quiet. Neither the boys, nor the adults were anywhere to be seen or heard. That suited the girls just fine. They quickly slipped down to Jennifer's makeshift bedroom in the basement, Chelsea still sniffling. The younger girl's cheeks were red and the humiliation of what she'd just endured still burned. Her cute little ass still stung from the harsh spanking, even harder than what she'd gotten from her dad.

They sat for a moment on the edge of the bed near each other. Jennifer put her arm around her cousin, not knowing what to say. Chelsea seemed stiff, as though not wanting to be close but not wanting to be rude either. After several long minutes, she said flatly, "They hate me."

Jennifer sighed softly, realizing how much she'd grown up in the last year. She remembered thinking that herself at first when they had started raping and torturing her. But eventually she had realized that it was not true. It wasn't hate. They really liked her, in fact. It was more that they had no respect for her, or for Chelsea. Over the months Jennifer was becoming more convinced with each day that girls deserved no respect. She was increasingly convinced she was happiest when she was shown no respect. But she also knew that Chelsea was not ready to hear such things, and so she made no direct reply at first. Finally she gave her cousin a squeeze and said, "They do like you. They just have a funny way of showing it sometimes."

Chelsea looked at her incredulously and Jennifer decided it was best to change the subject. "Come on, you should take a shower. The boys are out doing chores or something so it's a great time. It'll make you feel better, and you don't want your mom to see you've been crying do you? She'll ask why..."

The younger girl shuddered. The thought of confessing what had happened in the barnyard had shaken her. It was more than she could bear than to admit the awful experience. She nodded her head and got to her feet. "OK," she muttered, and started removing her clothing. Jennifer rose too, watching out of the corner of her eye, curious to see the body of her young cousin - a part of herself hating herself for the curiosity. Her breasts were a little larger than Jennifer had realized - perhaps a B cup. She wore cotton panties with a small pink bow on the front of the waistband. As she slid them down her thin legs, Chelsea revealed a not-quite-bald pussy, a few wisps of red hair around the slit that was still slightly swollen. The girl was very attractive, Jennifer decided. Perhaps even more than herself, and she felt a momentary wave of resentment. Would the men want her more than herself? She frowned as true jealousy washed through her for the first time in her life.

"Ok, well I'm gonna go upstairs and do some stuff," Jennifer said, looking away and letting her cousin wrap herself in a towel to go to the shower across the basement. "Everything will be ok, I promise." She smiled and received a weak smile in return, then headed for the stairs. Chelsea watched her go, feeling sad and suddenly very alone. She bit her soft lip, her young mind once more recalling the shattering orgasm that had been forced upon her. The muscles in her thighs tightened and her clit tingled a little.

Jennifer went upstairs, unnerved by the silence in the house. She felt constricted and conspicuous in her clothing, so much more conservative than she was used to. She stood silent in the middle of the room for awhile, not knowing what to do. Normally she might have sought out one of the men and asked to pleasure them, but with new people in the house she knew that was out of the question for now. Having her aunt and cousin around seemed to have changed everything for her. She was becoming more aware than she had been in months of how unnatural her new life was. Suddenly the thought of the hungry looks thrown her way made feel embarrassed or humiliated, rather than excited. It was like the first time all over again.

She sighed and went to the computer for lack of anything else to do. She opened her email and quickly scanned through notes from a couple of her school friends. She smiled at a letter from Rhonda, her closest friend, who was going on about how she'd let her new boyfriend see her boobs, if only by the dim light of a half moon through the car, last night as they were making out. No one at school had any idea that Jennifer was not a virgin, and so her girlfriends liked to think they were teaching her about sex by describing how it feels when a boy looks at you or touches you for the first time. Jennifer was glad that Rhonda was getting along so well with her boyfriend, but sometimes she wished she could tell Rhonda how it feels to let a room full of guys watch you masturbate.

She giggled to herself and went on to her next email, wondering how Rhonda would feel if she knew that Jennifer's entire family read every email she received. The next email was from Robert Hardcastle. Jennifer frowned. She knew him, but had never really talked to him. He was an upperclassman, three years older than herself, and was one of the school's bad boys. He'd only escaped juvenile detention by the skin of his teeth last year. What was he writing her about. Worse, why did the subject line start with "Re: Saturday"?

"Sounds great! I think you are totally hot! I'll pick you up at 6:00. I know just the place where we can have a totally awesome time :) I can't wait to see you in person dressed in that outfit. I never knew what a hot chick you really are!"

Confused, she scrolled down further, seeing an email, apparently from herself, and read it with a quickening heartbeat. "Robert, I know you don't know me well, but I think you are totally hot, and was wondering if you would go out with me on Saturday. We don't have to go anyplace special. In fact, if we went someplace where we could be totally alone and, you know, private, I bet we'd both have an awesome time! ;-) I got a new outfit just for you, and here's a preview of it. I got some special new panties to go with it, but you'll have to agree to go out with me to see them!"

Jennifer stared open-mouthed at the screen as she read words that she had never written, to a boy she barely knew. She scrolled down further and there, embedded in the email, was a picture of herself. The boys were always taking pictures of her, but they were always kept private. Until now. She was standing with big smile on her face, dressed in a pink halter top, through which the outlines of her pink nipples could clearly be seen. Her midriff was bare, showing her slender waist. Low on her hips, dangerously low, was the waistband of a micro-minskirt, a pink color that matched the top. The skirt was pleated and flared out, which allowed the thin material to sway provocatively despite the fact that it was scant inches long. The hem was contoured in curves at it snaked around her hips, rising a little high in the front and a little low in the back, just enough to cover her bottom or her pussy as long as she was standing with no breeze blowing. If there was the slightest wind, or she sat, there was pretty much nothing concealed. She had a horrifying image of sitting sitting next to Robert in the car and shuddered.

It was Saturday today. In only hours this guy would be knocking on the door, expecting to see her dressed like a slut and eager to go out with him. He expected her to show him her panties, which it would be hard to conceal. He would expect her to have sex with him. Worst of all, her reputation at school would be dramatically changed. She had always managed to keep her identity at home separate from her identity at school. Despite the fact that dressed much more sexy than she used to, she'd managed to maintain a reputation of an innocent girl. After tonight, there would be an end to that. There was no question in her mind of turning down the date. This was one of the boys' idea of a joke, and that meant it had to be obeyed.

"You got an admirer."

Jennifer jumped at the unexpected male voice directly behind her. She whipped around to look up into John's face, grinning down at her. Her mom was beside him, wearing a flushed expression that Jennifer knew meant she had just been used. She had cleaned the glitter off her body and changed clothes, dressed in a crop top tshirt and short-shorts. "I didn't send it~!" she exclaimed, instantly terrified of punishment.

Her step-father chuckled. "I know that, you little cunt," he said. "Me and the boys have decided that it's not fair for us to keep you all to ourselves. The rest of the world should get to experience what a great fuck you are. Don't you agree, dear?"

The last sentence was directed to Maryjane, who stepped forward and swallowed quickly before nodding her head. "Yes sir, of course," she replied, but her blue eyes looked sympathetically at her daughter. John reached under her crop-top and gave her breast a squeeze, as though a reward for her agreement. Maryjane moaned softly. Jennifer felt her stomach tying itself up into knots, her mind whirling as she tried to cope with her instantly-changed world.

"I'll expect you to be just as nice to Robert as you are to us," her step-father said, more than a hint of warning in his voice. "And to find a way to prove it to us."

Chelsea had to admit that the shower did feel good, and her spirits slowly rose as the warm water washed over her young, naked body, clearing away the barnyard dirt and tear streaks. It was the strangest shower she'd ever seen, though. It was completely on the other side of the basement from Jennifer's room, and there were no walls or shower curtains, just a wide open area with a drain nearby. She felt a little creepy. Anyone who walked into the basement would see her instantly. That made her wash herself quickly, out of fear that one or more of the boys would come down and catch her. Not that there was any reason for them to come down. Aside from Jennifer's room and the shower, there seemed to be little else but clutter down here. Boxes stacked here and there was about it.

She scrubbed herself vigorously, her soft skin turning pink. She avoided washing between her legs for a long time, not wanting to touch herself where the boys had touched her, for some reason that she couldn't explain to herself. But eventually she turned her head into the warm spray and spread her legs, soaping up her pussy and scrubbing it. The touch did remind her of what the boys had done, but she didn't feel the excitement that they had forced upon her. She wasn't sure whether she was glad of that or not.

She finally turned off the water and ran her hands through her wet, red hair, pulling it back out of her face and getting the water out of her closed eyes, turning toward the room as she did so. When she opened her green eyes again she opened her mouth as if to scream, but the shock was so great that she could make no sound come. All three of the boys were there, watching her, grinning broadly at her naked body, fully revealed to them. She3 brought down her hands, using one arm to cover her breasts and the other to place a hand over her pussy, and in her sudden hysteria she dropped to her knees in abject horror.

"Go away!" she cried out, looking up at them with pleading eyes. "Please leave me alone! Please!"

But the three older boys only moved closer to her, instead of away. Chelsea trembled, naked on the floor, as the twins roughly gripped her slippery body under her arms and hauled her up to her feet. The girls squirmed and struggled, but even with her body wet as it was she wasn't able to escape their grasp. Tony got a firm grip on her slim wrists and yanked her hands behind her back while Jason stepped forward, looking down at the small girl with leering eyes as tears streamed down her cheeks once more. Without really thinking about what she was doing, Chelsea saw that Jason was in range and brought a swift knee up, aiming between his legs.

Jason twisted just enough that the blow caught him on the inner thigh. He glared down at her. "Now that wasn't nice," he said, nodding to his younger brothers. Tommy got down to take hold of her ankles and force her legs apart as Tony lifted her bodily up several inches from the floor. "You've earned this," said Jason, taking careful aim. He brought his own knee up hard, slamming it squarely against her vulnerable pussy.

Chelsea cried out in sudden, shocking agony as her pussy was mashed against the bone of his knee. Her labia was bruised and flattened, but before she could react more he gave her another hard blow, this time directly to her clit, and she shrieked out again. "AAAHHHGGGHH! Stop it! Please stop it! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Chelsea squirmed and quivered in the grasp of the boys, humiliated and agonized as she never thought possible.

"Now then," Jason said, taking her chin in his large hand and forcing her to look up at him. "Are you going to be nice to us?" Chelsea nodded her heaad rapidly, her chest heaving with sobs. Jason smiled, letting his hand trail down to her small breast, squeezing it and teasing the hard little nipple. "Nice titties, you little slut. Bet they're gonna be something when you grow up." The girl was silent, face burning red with shame. After a moment, Jason pinched the nipple hard and twisted it, eliciting another shriek from the girl. "That's rude. When I give you a compliment, I expect you to thank me!"

"AHHH! Th-thank you!" Chelsea shrieked, wondering what kind of nightmare she'd walked into.

"That's better," Jason said. "Ok, let her down." The twins lowered her to the floor and released the wet, sobbing girl, who instantly collapsed to her knees again. "You are a pretty hot little slut. Very fuckable." There was silence for a moment save for a soft moan of despair from the girl. "That was a compliment, you cunt."

"Thank you!" said Chelsea quickly through her tears. The throbbing pain in her pussy and nipples was making her see stars. She wanted to run away and hide, but there was no place to go. These evil boys had her surrounded, and they'd as much as admitted that they were going to rape her! She wanted to just curl up and die.

What do you think, cunt?" leered Tommy. "You want to get fucked by us? You sure look like you want to get fucked, showing your hot little slut body to us like that!" All the boys laughed harshly at the kneeling girl, delighting in the degradation that fairly oozed from her.

" please. Please don't rape me!" she sobbed.

"Don't you like us" jeered Tony. "You think we're ugly or something? We're not good enough for a horny little bitch like you? You're too good for us, is that it?" There was genuine menace in his voice, and Chelsea trembled.

"N-no!" she protested quickly, thinking fast to find an answer that wouldn't make them angry. She didn't understand they weren't really angry to begin with, just having their brand of fun by intimidating her. "I...I just...I've never....never done anything like that! Please don't make me! I'm not a...not like that...I'm a good girl." She was sinking lower on her knees, fairly writhing on the floor in front of them in her desperation to be free from their torment.

"Well," said Jason, drawing out the word. "Maybe you could convince us not to fuck your tight little cunt." He grinned. He could see her visibly shrink every time he used the word. "You have any experience sucking cock?"

Chelsea shook her head violently, but before she could utter a verbal response, Jason continued. "Well here's the deal. Suck each of us off, right now, and we won't fuck you. It's your loss, but if you're gonna be a tease and show off like this, you gotta give us something. You can take our cocks in your mouth or your cunt. Which is it gonna be?"

Chelsea continued to writhe on the floor, desperate to find an answer to the impossible choice she was given. She'd never even seen a cock before, and here were three guys, all looking at her naked, and demanding sex with her. She hesitated long moments.

"If you don't decide quick, we'll decide for you," said Tommy. "And personally I'm really liking the look of that twat of yours."

"I'll suck!" The words almost exploded from the girl before she even knew what she was saying. Then her small body shook as she lowered her head in shame, tears spilling on to the floor. "I'll suck," she repeated. "Just please don't rape me."

The boys all grinned at each other and Tony hauled her to her feet again. "Good girl," he said. "Now, let's make this more interesting. If this really is your first time, we want it to be special!" He grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her so she faced him, then held her close and forced her hands behind her back. With her face pressed into his chest, Chelsea cringed with terror and revulsion. Then she felt one of the other boys doing something with her wrists, and before she knew what they were up to her hands were locked behind her in leather cuffs.

"Stop!" she cried. "I won't fight you! You don't need to tie me up! I'll be good, I promise!"

Her pleas fell on deaf ears. "We know you'll be good," said Tommy, tying a long length of rope to the cuffs and threading it between her legs as Tony released her from his embrace. "Like we said, this is just to make it more fun!" They all laughed at the girl, standing helpless with her wrists bound, and the coarse rope between her legs, the other end in Tommy's firm grasp. With a short chuckle he pulled the rope tight, and Chelsea squealed as she felt it pull into her tender pussy, burying itself into her slit until it was completely hidden.

"Come on, little whore!" shouted Jason. "Time to have us some fun!"

Yanking harshly on the rope, the boys pulled Chelsea along, the girl trotting behind them, ashamed and tormented by their laughter as she was led along by the obscene leash. They forced her to make two laps around the garage, the rope chafing her tender pink pussy flesh as she struggled to keep up, tears blurring her pretty green eyes. At last they forced her into the makeshift bedroom they'd created for Jennifer, bringing her to the middle of the small room.

"Now, get on your knees and suck cock," Jason growled. "Me first."

The naked little girl sobbed, sinking slowly and carefully to her knees, hissing softly as Tommy still kept the rope tight in her hurting pussy. She looked up at the three grinning boys in confusion after a moment. "I...I can't," she protested. "You're still dressed!" She allowed herself briefly to hope that this meant they'd changed their minds.

"It's your job to get our cocks out, you slut!" growled Jason. When all he got in return was another confused look, he said. "Use your teeth, you dumb bitch."

At last it dawned on Chelsea what they were demanding, and feeling more humiliated than ever she crawled forward on her knees until she was directly in front of Jason. She leaned forward, sobbing even more heavily now as she opened her soft lips against Jason's crotch. She could feel his hard shaft under his jeans as she used her white teeth to pull and twist at the button until, after what seemed and eternity, it finally released. Then she had to use her tongue carefully to get under the tab of the zipper so she could get it with her teeth and tug it down. It took several long attempts. The stares of the boys were like physical things to her as she turned her head this way and that, rubbing her soft cheek against his crotch as she struggled with the reluctant zipper. Finally it was down and she pulled his jeans open, first one side and then the other, with her teeth.

There was a moment of hesitation, then the girl closed her eyes and leaned forward again, rubbing her face up and down, trying to get her teeth under the waistband of his black underwear. Her degradation mounted with each moment. She could smell the musky aroma of him, feel the throbbing shaft against her cheek. At last she was able to pull the underwear down, and his large, hard cock sprang forward, batting her across her small freckled nose. Suppressing a shudder of revulsion, Chelsea opened her mouth and as lightly as she could touched her lips to the head of the cock, feeling a little nauseated. She hoped Jennifer would come back and rescue her from this madness, but no rescue was evident.

Jason suddenly thrust his hips forward and forced his hard cock into the girl's mouth. She choked briefly, afraid she would be sick, trembling on her knees and still wincing occasionally as Tommy amused himself by tugging at the rope that slit her virgin pussy. The warm flesh in her mouth seemed alive, pulsing, and she tried to focus on just putting an end to this horrible ordeal.

But she didn't really know what to do. The thought of touching it with her tongue was disgusting, but she couldn't avoid it. She tightened her lips around it and sucked on the shaft, the point of her tongue rubbing along the underside. A horrifying thought struck her young mind: What if he peed in her mouth! She almost vomited right there, but managed somehow to keep control of herself. Jason put his hand on her head and forced her back and forth, slowly fucking her mouth, the head banging agains the back of her throat.

Already her jaws ached. His cock was huge, and it hurt to keep her jaws so wide for so long. But there was nothing she could do except end this as quickly as possible. If only she knew what to do! She felt his cock throb as she licked it, so she did it some more. It throbbed harder when she licked around the head, so in desperation she did that as well. Anything to end this awful nightmare!

"Ohhhh fuck yeah!" groaned Jason, thrusting his hips harder against the girl's soft lips. "This bitch is gonna make me cum hard! She sucks like shit, but there's something about her that makes me wanna blow!"

Chelsea's face burned with shame as she listened to them laugh at her, talking about her like some cheap whore. She gagged hard as Jason forced her head further down on his hard cock, shoving it into her throat, or trying to. She choked and coughed, but he only shoved his cock into her aching mouth again. Then she felt it...a swelling at first, then throbbing in the vein underneath the shaft, and then the hot creamy liquid exploded into her mouth, Jason holding her head by the hair. She squealed in panic as she choked on it, some of the nasty stuff forced down her throat, and she struggled hard not to vomit. More of the boy's cum spilled out past her lips and drooled hotly down her chin.

"Fuck yeah!" he growled, pumping his hips hard against her face as he came. "Fuck she's got a tight mouth! Suck it bitch! Suck my cum!"

Chelsea struggled hopelessly as the hot cum filled her mouth, and reflexively swallowed a good deal of the horrid stuff, which only made her terrified she would throw up and drown in her own vomit. Trembling and utterly defeated, her brain shaking with every hard thrust of his his cock, she couldn't keep track of all the sensations being heaped upon her at once, until finally she felt herself released, and she collapsed to the floor in a quivering heap of sweating girl flesh. She cried and sobbed loudly, scarcely believing the horror she'd just been through, but quickly she felt a hand in her red hair and she was yanked roughly back to her knees as she screamed out again. Another hard cock was thrust into her open mouth, and the nightmare began again.

She couldn't even tell which of the evil boys it was this time. She just knew his hands were on either side of her face and the cock was sliding in and out of her tight lips. "Fuck you're right! This bitch has a great mouth. Once she learns to use it she'll be really fantastic. She's a born cocksucker."

Again the derisive laughter rang in her young ears. She couldn't believe how they were treating her, talking about her. She rolled her tongue around the spongy cockhead as the boy forced so much of it into her that she could feel his pubic hair against her nose. She tried to suck again, tried to do anything that would end this terrible day. She wanted to die.

Then she felt something new, and entirely unexpected. Someone was spreading her legs, forcing her knees apart. She couldn't see what was happening, but she could feel it. Warm flesh was pressed against her virgin pussy. Something warm and slick was sliding into her slit, up and down. It was a tongue! One of them was licking her pussy! Yet another level of descent washed through her as she explored unknown depths of degradation. They were using her like a sex toy, and as she struggled with that thought a disgraceful wave of pleasure raced through her young body as the tongue found her clit and teased it mercilessly.

The terrified young girl moaned around the cock in her mouth and squirmed to try to get away from the tongue between her legs, but all she did was cause new waves of excitement to rush through her. Worse, the boys laughed more and threw out new humiliating comments. "Look how much she loves it! Grind on him you slut! Shove your hot cunt down on his mouth!"

Hands snaked around her small breasts, tweaking her nipples, hard and puffy. Her green eyes squinted shut, feeling hot pain mixed with the pleasure between her legs as the tongue further irritated the rope-burned sex-flesh of her pussy. The robe itself was still there, between her swollen labia, rough and abrasive against her hyper-sensitized skin. Her overwhelmed brain whirled with confusion, unable to take in everything that was happening to her.

She could hear them making more comments about her...she was a slut, a whore, a cock-sucking bitch. She could no longer make out the details. Dimly she became aware that she was still grinding her hips, pressing down against the mouth that drove her pussy crazy. The tongue was teasing her hole now, tasting the hot entrance to her virgin body, while fingers pulled on her nipples, causing pain and horrible pleasure all at once.

Then the cock in her mouth seemed to jump, beating against her throat, and once more she felt the sticky cum flood into her. Once more she began to desperately swallow the disgusting stuff down into her stomach, feeling revulsion and humiliation unmatched by anything she could imagine. And then her own body seemed to explode in an eruption of erotic passion. She bounced up and down wildly as she climaxed, wantonly and openly. Her fluids poured over the mouth at her crotch, drinking it all in, as the boys laughed uproariously.

"Look at how hot that cunt is!" It was Jason talking. "Bitch, you can talk all you want to about what a good girl you are, but you just proved that what you're good at is being a slut! Your cunt can't enough! Look how fast you came! Ain't no good to protest, whore. Everybody can see how much you want it!"

It couldn't be true! It couldn't! Chelsea's mind screamed in silent protest. Just because they forced her to have an orgasm it didn't mean anything! Did it? She could barely think, spluttering and coughing as the cock was removed from her mouth. The boy between her legs also vanished. She could see now that it had been Tony, and Tommy was who she'd been sucking. Now Tony's cock was in front of her, poised and ready. She looked up at his face and saw it was wet...with with her own cum, and she sobbed and looked away, humiiliated yet even more deeply.

But her face was yanked back by strong hands, and Tony's cock was thrust between her aching jaws. Would the nightmare never end? Exhausted from her mistreatment, not to mention her own raging climax, she weakly began to suck on his cock while he moaned in appreciation. She felt like she was beginning to understand some of the things that would make them cum sooner by now, and started focusing the point of her tongue around the cockhead, and along the shaft. She hollowed her cheek against him, trying to move her head in time with his impatient thrusts.

Tony hissed with pleasure. "Man, this cockwhore is really learning fast!" he said, not moving much and watching her do all the work. "Look at her go! She's a natural at this! You were right Jason...this is what she was born for! What a great little cunt!"

More laughter rang in her young ears. She felt totally defeated; weak and helpless. She could barely keep up on her knees, she was so tired. Yet she continued sucking and licking, bobbing her head as quickly as she could, feeling that hot shaft throbbing against her cheeks and tongue. Tony climaxed even faster than his brothers, since he was already so excited at having watched his brothers mouth-rape her. His cum flooded her mouth, and once more she began to swallow the sticky, creamy fluid, gulping it down in large quantities as her firm body, glistening with sweat, quivered in uncontrollable spasms.

Then he left her, stepping back suddenly, and the young girl collapsed to the floor, crying deeply, her chest heaving with the gasping sobs of despair and degradation while the boys stood over her, feeling no sympathy whatsoever. "You did good, cunt," said Tommy. "Real good."

"Yeah, said Jason. "But it helps when you enjoy it, and we can see you loved every minute of it." They all laughed. "So don't you worry none about it. We'll be happy to give lots more chances to suck on some nice meaty cock while you're here!"

Chelsea continued to lay on the floor, her body occasionally suffering a violent spasm as they unlocked the cuffs on her slim wrists. Then the laughter receded as the boys went upstairs, congratulating each other. After several minutes of silences, save for her own pitiful sobs, Chelsea tried to stand, hesitated, then quickly got to her feet and ran to the toilet, vomiting violently. A long time later, when it was over, she literally crawled back to the shower, turning on the warm water, and let it spray down on her as she lay on the shower floor, unable to do anything but cry.

Jennifer's New Family - The Second Year

Part 5

Melinda dried her naked body off in the middle of the large bathroom, still trying to catch her breath. The orgasm she'd just given herself had been shattering, and she was still trying to make sense of what had brought it on. It wasn't really like her to do things like that. She couldn't remember the last time she'd masturbated, and to do it now, in a strange house, her sister's house, was terribly confusing to her.

She was affected, she guessed, by the room itself, nearly all mirrors. Reflections of herself wherever she looked, and all those images of her nude body had had an effect. She was still a very attractive woman, she thought. Her breasts were still reasonably firm, and she'd gotten back most of her figure from before the days when she'd given birth to Chelsea. And the men in this house...! She took in a sharp breath just thinking about them. So tall, muscular, handsome. Much like her husband Frank in a way.

Then there was the knowledge that when she'd arrived she had interrupted her sister in sexual play. Her mind went back to the image of Maryjane, body glittering with sparkles, dressed in such an erotic outfit. She couldn't help wonder what sort of game they'd been engaged in, and it wasn't long before she imagined herself in the same game...body glittering, perhaps posing or even dancing for her man. But it was not Frank that came to her mind. Although she tried to push the image from her mind, it was Maryjane's husband, John, that she imagined before her, watching her as she fingered her pussy desperately, bringing on the shattering climax as she imagined his hands on her body, his cock in her aching pussy.

She shook her blonde head, letting her damp hair fall naturally around her shoulders, wishing her nipples weren't still so stiff. She covered them by wrapping a large, soft towel around herself, just large enough to cover the lower swell of her firm ass. She opened the door and exited through the curious closet entry, wondering what could have been in the mind of the person who made that design choice. She walked across the plush carpet to where she'd left her suitcase, then frowned in confusion. It was gone. Had her sister put away her clothing while she was in the shower?

Melinda looked around the room, then peeked into dresser drawers, but her clothes were nowhere to be found. Puzzled, she stood in the middle of the room and turned around 360 degrees, wondering what on earth could have happened. Then the door to the outside hallway opened, and John strode confidently into the room, his dark eyes looking up and down the nearly-naked young woman as she squealed and hunched over, having nowhere to hide.

"John!" she gasped, blushing hotly as the memories of her recent fantasy flooded her mind. "I'm...I'm just finishing up. I'll be through in a minute if you can wait outside. Except...well, I don't know what you've done with my clothes. If you could just point me to them....."

Her voice trailed away as the man failed to turn away, or even look away. He kept coming, further into the room, looking at her intently and smiling. No, grinning. Melinda suddenly began to feel very vulnerable and exposed. She took a couple of hesitant backward steps away from him, a faint sense of fear rising within her. "John? Wh-what...?"

"You're a damn sexy woman," John said, leering down and the quivering sister of his wife. "Damn sexy. I think I need to have some of that."

Melinda's eyes grew wide with sudden fear and shock. "John, you can't!" she cried in a breathless whisper. "Your sister! You're married! NO!"

The last cry was in sudden response to the man before her, who whipped out his and yanked the towel away from her naked body with one swift movement, before she could do anything to stop him. Shrieking, she bent double in new terror and humiliation, her arms desperately trying to cover her breasts and pussy from his intent gaze. But John only laughed quietly at her, reaching out for her again and this time taking a fistful of her long blonde hair in his hand and forcibly pulling her across the room to the bed. Melinda cried and struggled but she was no match for his strength. She couldn't even get any leverage, being too preoccupied with trying to cover her nudity. The world was swimming around her, she couldn't get her bearings. Then it seemed to tumble end over end as her threw her by the hair on top of the large bed. The pain in her scalp sent little stars spinning before her eyes, and next moment the air was forced out of her lungs as the heavy man jumped on top of her.

As Melinda desperately screamed and struggled, her assailant wrestled with her, easily grabbing her wrist and pulling it above her head. "No! NOOO!" she cried out as loud as she could, desperately hoping her sister would hear her and rescue her. My God, she thought, what kind of man had Maryjane married? She felt something cold around her wrist, and heard a horrible click noise. She tried to pull her arm back, but found it was now securely cuffed to the headboard of the bed. She was trapped!

With one wrist securely locked, it was easy for John to lock her other wrist to the opposite corner of the bed. The young woman was truly helpless now, but he wasn't done yet. Laughing into her terrified eyes, John lifted himself off her body and grabbed an ankle, locking another cuff around it. Within moments all four of her limbs were shackled to the corners of the bed by cuffs that had somehow been expertly hidden until this moment.

Melinda continued crying out, shouting for help. "MJ! MJ help me! Oh God please help! MJ! Can you hear me?" She trembled helplessly on the bed, looking away from John, trying not to think of his dark eyes examining her spread body. In all her young life, her husband had been the only man to ever see her naked. What was happening now seemed totally unreal to her, like a dream from which she couldn't escape. How could this be?

John grinned down at the squirming, beautiful woman, his for the taking, and licked his lips. "Now I'm gonna teach you the same thing I taught your sister, bitch. You're gonna learn exactly what a cunt like you is for!" He reached out a large hand and clapped it hard over her vulnerable, blonde-fringed pussy. Melinda squealed with a brief stinging pain, and then sobbed as he open groped her pussy, unable to do anything to stop him. His fingers combed through her pubic hair, then slid between her puffy labia, stroking up and down the pink, sensitive flesh roughly and making the woman moan with humiliation and despair.

"Yeah, you got a real nice cunt, don't you bitch?" the man snickered. "Real hot...feels like real nice next to my hand. It'll feel even better when my cock is shoved up inside it!" He laughed again as Melinda cried and shook her head, pleading with him to let her go. "Nice and wet already too! You're a horny little bitch, just like your damn sister. Guess being a whore just runs in your family!

The young mother sobbed softly, trying to ignore his words. She could tell that she was getting wet and she hated herself for it. Her hips were already involuntarily squirming, moving around in small circles as he teased her pussy, sending horrifying little thrills of pleasure through her. What was happening to her? "Please don't do this! MJ will catch you! You could go to prison! If you stop now I promise I won't'll be just like nothing ever happened."

John's first response was to press the end of his finger against her clit and rub it hard and fast, and Melinda squealed again as another unwanted rush of pleasure made her jerk under him with spasms of pleasure. "Nah, I couldn't stop now," he said. "I couldn't be that mean, you're just getting into it! Yeah, push that hot little cunt up against me, whore! You want it bad, don't you?"

Melinda bit her lip, closing her eyes against the utter shame of what was happening to her. It was true that she was pushing up against his hand, trying to heighten the sensations he was giving her. What was wrong with her? How could she have succumbed to this horrible ordeal like this? So soon? Yet even as these thoughts raced through her confused mind, her hips bucked up again, harder as he fingered her stiff clit. She was humiliated to think of the spectacle she was making of herself, bound on the bed, her naked body squirming relentlessly in open lust.

John watched her for a few moments, laughing derisively. "Man that is one hot pussy. Really pretty too. I think I need a better look at it." He got on the bed, kneeling between her spread, shapely legs, hunching over so that his face was mere inches from her throbbing sex, moisture glistening within the blonde hair, making it look as though her pussy was fringed with spun gold. Using both hands, he gripped her cunt lips between thumb and forefinger, pinching harshly and ignoring the squeal of pain that it brought from her. He pulled her lips wide, opening her cunt to reveal bright red inner flesh, swollen and pulsating with desire, her little clit erect, a somewhat darker shade of red. It seemed to throb as he watched. "Damn fine cunt," he commented.

Melinda was gritting her teeth. The pain was intense as he pinched and stretched her labia to the limit. At the same time she was utterly degraded as he stared into the most intimate recesses of her body, stripping away every vestige of dignity she had. She could feel his breath on her hot, moist sex, and wished desperately she could stop her hips from undulating up and down. Then she gasped as she felt his rough, thick tongue probe into her vagina. She tilted back her head, hot tears streaming from the corners of her eyes as she felt it slip inside her, licking and teasing her mercilessly. "Noooo!" she cried. "Please! Oh God please stop!" But the only response was the feeling of his tongue licking firmly up the length of her slit to her clit, where he teased her more, causing her to shudder and squirm in fresh waves of unwanted pleasure.

"You bastard!" she cried. "You fucking bastard! I'll see you pay for this!" It was a useless threat, she knew, but her rage at this invasion of her body was almost more than she could bear.

John's response was swift. His fingers pinched down on her labia even harder, and he bit down hard on her stiff clit. Melinda screamed as sharp pain knifed through her sex, and she started bucking wildly now, desperate to shake him off, to free herself of the pain. But he hung on like a leech, laughing as if this was merely a contest of wills, a game they were playing. At last he released her. She sobbed, shaking and quivering on the bed amidst her sobs of pain and degradation. John got off the bed and for a brief moment Melinda allowed herself to hope that he might be leaving her.

"Just like your sister," John muttered under his breath. "I see you're gonna have to be taught to be respectful to men." At the headboard of the four-poster, John began pulling at previously concealed ropes. The other ends were attached to her ankle cuffs, and Melinda found her feet helplessly drawn up into the air, higher and higher, until her spread legs were at ninety degrees to her torso. She felt even more exposed now, more vulnerable, and her tormentor quickly proved that she was right.

John unbuckled his belt and drew it from the loops on his jeans, and swung it lazily as she watched, horrified. He positioned himself between her spread legs and let the leather trail softly across her inner thighs and throbbing pussy. "No...." she whispered desperately. " can't!" John only shook his head. "You need to be taught a lesson, just like all cunts who haven't learned their place," he said. "And I'm gonna have a lot of fun teaching you."

Before Melinda could react to his quiet, calm words, John drew back his arm and brought the belt down hard across her inner thigh in one lightning quick movement. The young woman shrieked in sudden, searing agony as a red welt quickly formed. Before the first cry of anguish died away, a second sudden movement sent a fresh jolt of agony into her other inner thigh. This was closely followed by a third blow, even harder, that landed squarely on her spread, helpless pussy. Melinda howled out until her throat was raw, her body shaking, hips convulsively rising up and down as her head thrashed from side to side. Surely her sister must hear her cries, she thought. Surely she will come and rescue her!

But the only thing to come was another severe blow of the belt down across her agonized pussy with a loud, wet smack the echoed through the large room. She screamed again. "Stop it! Please stop it! Oh please! No more!" Yet through her tear-blurred eyes she saw him readying his arm for another blow, heard the whistle of the leather as it raced down toward its target. Her pussy, welted and swollen, opened and closed as the nerve-endings seemed to be on fire. The blow landed just as the lips opened to their widest, and the tip of the belt landed with an ugly crack directly onto her exposed clit.

Fireworks exploded in her brain, and she seemed to lose the ability to register what was happening to her. She felt like she wanted to vomit, so severe was the torture that raced through her bound body. She bounced on the bed wildly, twisting as much as she could, shrieking unintelligible sounds, only to howl out again as still another violent whipping rained down upon her helplessly exposed cunt.

It was several moments before the poor woman realized that the whipping had ceased. Her violent twisting subsided into weak quivers, her shrieks down to agonized moans. John watched her for long moments with a smirk, then bent down, his mouth close to her ear, and whispered, "See what happens to little whores who don't respect men?" Then he unexpected shoved the long, thick handle of the whip into her tortured pussy, burying it deep in a single powerful thrust that rocked her entire body. Her blue eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth opened wide, but no sound came forth. Other the quivering of her helpless body gave a clue to the new pain that she felt as her vaginal walls tried to adjust to the sudden thick intrusion.

"MJ...please help me..." she mumbled in near-delirium. "Please help me...."

John gave a burst quick, harsh laughter. "You want your sister, whore? All right, let me get her for you." He crossed the room to the doorway and opened it. On the other side of the threshold was Maryjane. Melinda turned her head, blinking away the tears to get a clearer vision, heart racing with hope. But what she saw crushed all hope she could muster. Maryjane was naked except for a collar around her slender throat, kneeling with her palms on the floor, looking up at John as if awaiting his command. He took hold of the leash attached to her collar and yanked on it, pulling Maryjane into the room, following, docile, on hands and knees, crawling afer her husband as if she were his pet.

"I'm sorry Mel," she said softly. "I didn't want this, please believe me. I didn't want this to happen to you."

"Fuck that shit," growled John. "I think your sister needs some comfort. It's going to be fun watching you give it to her." Maryjane's eyes grew wide as she looked up at her Master from her kneeling position, and a shudder went through her body, a shudder that was shared by her bound sister.

Jennifer heard the screams from the master bedroom and shuddered, but made no move to go see if she could help. She knew there was not. Besides, her mother was kneeling like a puppy outside the door, waiting for the command to enter, and she had her own business to attend to. She was in Jason's bedroom, where her clothing was generally kept. She stood in front of the dresser, swallowing hard, trying to come to grips with what her future was going to be like. After tonight, she knew, all the school would know she was a slut. There had been something comforting about being able to be a slut at home, yet living a relatively normal life elsewhere. But now that would come to an end. Robert would tell stories about her, and she knew already that he wouldn't even have to exaggerate, as boys so often did about their dates.

The door to the bedroom opened, and Jennifer turned and dropped to a kneeling position in one graceful movement as her three step-brothers entered, shutting the door behind them. "Getting ready for your big date?" Tony asked with a chuckle. Jennifer nodded. "Yes, I was just looking for the outfit. And to ask you what panties I am to wear."

Jason crossed to his dresser, opening the bottom drawer and tossed out the pink skirt and tank top to her, then rummaged in the back of the drawer to pull out a tiny pair of panties. He held them up to her with a grin. They were pink like the rest of her outfit, but see-through. Thong panties that would only barely cover her slit even if they were not sheer. Jennifer took the panties with trembling fingers and looked them over a moment before swallowing and saying, "Thank you sir."

The boys chuckled, standing around their kneeling step-sister, waiting. Jennifer rose to her feet as if responding to an unspoken command. Which was true, she thought. She knew them well enough now that most of the commands they gave could be communicated with barely more than a glance. She pulled off her shirt, somewhat surprised to feel herself blushing as she bared her chest to the men. She didn't understand what had changed lately that caused this new modesty. The arrival of her relatives? The dread of the evening she was about to have? She couldn't say for sure, but she blushed harder as she pulled her skirt and panties down, performing a brief striptease for them. She'd done this so often in the past, yet now it was different.

She made no effort to cover her nudity. Instead she approached Jason, standing before him with her eyes lowered and her hands clasped behind her. He smiled at her and placed his hands on her firm breasts, spending several moments fondling her with alternating severity and tenderness, her small body twisting slightly as her nipples hardened under the attention. Then he released her and, saying "Thank you sir," softly, she stepped to Tony, who surprisingly merely shook his head. She made no comment, but moved obediently to Tommy, who clapped his hand between her spread legs and massaged her pussy as she whimpered softly, her breathing becoming uneven as the moisture slickened her swelling labia. Then he too dropped his hand, not allowing her to cum. She uttered another soft "Thank you sir," though a little breathlessly this time, and moved back toward where her clothes lay. The brief ceremony was simply a reminder, executed daily, that her body was theirs to play with as they chose.

Jennifer stooped and picked up the panties, stepping into them under the watchful eyes of the boys. She pulled them tight against her pussy, her trimmed pubic hair curling out from under the sheer material on all sides of the little triangle. Then she pulled on the skirt, adjusting it low on her hips, the hem only just concealing her ass and crotch. Finally she pulled on the halter top, spaghetti straps over the shoulders, and the pink material fitting tight across her breasts. The contour of her nipples was plain to see after her recent stimulation. Last she stepped into a pair of pink sandals.

She looked up at her brothers. There was a moment of silence between them as she endured their grinning leers before she asked, "How do I look?"

"Like a slut," was Tony's quick reply.

Jennifer blushed, looking down, and feeling the shame wash through her once more as she tried to mentally prepare herself for a date that loomed ever closer.

"MJ, for God's sake, help me!" sobbed Melinda, looking at her sister who knelt beside John. "You've got to stop this!"

"I'm sorry Mel," her sister replied. "I didn't want any of this, but there's nothing I can do." Maryjane struggled to make sense of her own emotions. She wanted desperately to protect her sister, but the only way to do so was to fight her husband, and her subservience to him was now so deeply ingrained that disobedience was unthinkable.

John nudged his wife with the toe of his boot. "Go on, comfort her. She's got a damn sore cunt right now, I'm guessing. Help her out."

Maryjane knew instantly that she should have expected this, but it still caught her off guard. Enought that there was the barest hesitation before compliance, but thankfully not enough to warrant punishment from him. At least, not immediate punishment. She nodded twice and crawled up onto the bed, between her sister's spread, outstretched legs. She looked between them into Melinda's red, teary eyes as if to communicate that she was sorry. Melinda looked back, almost curious at first, then horrified as she watched her sister's face sink downward toward her pussy. "No...!" she cried as realization dawned on her. "MJ you can't! It's sick! It's...AHH!"

The last cry was brought forth by fresh stinging pain as Maryjane's lips made contact with her sister's welted pussy, kissing her softly up and down the swollen, red labia. Her tongue snaked out, lightly caressing the tender flesh. Her hand gripped the handle of the whip and gently pulled it out of the bound woman, putting it to the side. Her fingertips played gently across the welts, caressing and loving.

Melinda jerked with each new sensation. There was pain - horrible, stinging pain - with every light touch, but there was also a comforting pleasure that she hated herself for feeling. She tried to make sense of a senseless world. How could this man have so much control over her sister, that Maryjane would do this, unprotesting? She felt the soft tongue against her bruised clit, massaging as gently as possible, and Melinda sucked in a deep, shuddering breath as she felt her unholy lust suddenly build.

"I love you Mel," Maryjane whispered as her tongue traced up along her left labia while a fingertip traced down the right. "I'm sorry. I do love you. Please believe that." She closed her lips around her sister's swollen clit, thinking at that moment how often she'd done this to her own daughter. Now it was her sister, and pricking at the back of her mind was the knowledge that she wanted this. She sucked gently, carefully on the little nub, Melinda shuddering and gasping with alternating sensations of stinging pain and building pleasure. She closed her eyes, rocking her head back and forth, trying in vain to deny all that was happening, all that she was feeling. And always there was the utter humiliation of John's leering gaze upon her, knowing what she was feeling, knowing what he was making her feel. She had her first inkling of what it was like to be his puppet, helpless to do or feeling anything except what he wanted.

"You slutty little cunts," he said at that moment, as if to punctuate his sister-in-law's thoughts. "You're all alike. Always trying to deny that you're controlled by your twat, but look how easy it is to prove otherwise." He laughed and slapped his wife's upturned ass, then fingered her pussy as she continued licking her sisters blistered, wet snatch.

"MJ,'ve got to stop!" pleaded Melinda in a hoarse whisper. "It's not've got to stop!" As she uttered the last word her hips bucked up into the air in a clear betrayal of the rising passion she was unable to suppress. "Oh God..." she wailed softly in misery.

"Shhh," soothed her sister, continuing to kiss the moist pussy. Her pointed tongue wormed its way deep into the velvety folds of red flesh, licking up and down the slit slowly. She rolled her upturned ass slowly as her husband and Master pushed his finger inside her. Her cheeks were warm, and she knew she was blushing, feeling an intense humiliation of her own as she continued to give oral sex to her own sister, while strangely proud at every indication that was given that Melinda was enjoying it despite herself. She circled the point of her tongue around the entrance, teasing and testing, and then pushed it inside.

"No!" Melinda gasped, thrusting her hips up at the same time. "You mustn't!" Her head was swimming as the pain from the welts was pushed further and further into the background, and the pleasure wafted like a rising tide up toward the surface of her consciousness. She knew with terrible certainty that if this didn't stop soon she would suffer the greatest degradation she could orgasm from her own sister!

Maryjane moaned into her sister's pussy, pushing her tongue as far as she could into the hot, moist tunnel. She licked deep inside, sucking softly, inhaling the growing scent of her sister's rising lust. Melinda's body tensed, she pulled uselessly at the cuffs that held her arms above her head. She whimpered loudly, not from pain but from the sheer humiliation of knowing that she couldn't control herself, couldn't stop the shameful reaction that was building mercilessly inside her.

"Look, your whore of a sister is gonna cum!" John laughed into his wife's ear. "You're gonna make her cum like a bitch in heat. That's what she is, isn't she?"

Maryjane reluctantly pulled her head up just enough to respond to her husband. "Yes Master, my sister is a whore and a bitch in heat! She's going to let her own sister give her an orgasm!" The words came too naturally to her, she thought, embarrassed by her own description of the sister she loved dearly.

Melinda gave a howl of despair at her sister's words. She knew they were true. When Maryjane had called her those named a new jolt of passion rose within her, jolting her. She gasped again as Maryjane's mouth returned to her pussy, licking feverishly now, probing her vagina and then sucking her clit. Her body jerked as she fought helplessly to control herself.

It happened with horrifying suddenness. The climax hit her like a bucket of water in the face. She jerked and rolled, hips bucking hard as Maryjane moaned and licked rapidly, slurping noisily at her sister's cunt, drinking in all her fluids as they poured from her. Melinda squeezed her eyes tightly shut, tears streaming through them as she could do nothing to hide the lust that coursed through her body at the ministrations of her own flesh and blood. She squealed in helpless rapture, humiliated beyond belief by every moment of the experience.

Maryjane continued to lick, sucking up the evidence of her sister's lust, drinking thirstily, aware of her own renewed humiliation as she rocked her pussy back and forth on John's finger deep in her pussy. Then she felt Melinda's body slowly relax, before going limp entirely, as if she'd given up completely, or hadn't the strength left for even token resistance. Her chest heaved with each gasping breath.

Then Maryjane felt the finger pulled from her pussy and she gave a little mew of protest before his hand pulled her back up to a kneeling position by her hair. Before her heavy eyes was her husband's cock, hard and throbbing. She looked up and received a nod from him, and eagerly sucked it into her hungry mouth, lavishing raptured attention on it with her tongue. Melinda watched her sister worshipping - there was no other word for the act - her husband's cock and, through the haze of shame and pain felt pity for Maryjane. Having suffered so much so quickly, she began to feel like she understood what had happened to the older woman, how she had been turned into a slavish whore.

John groaned at his slave wife's attention. "You are an expert cock sucker, you know that?" he grinned, She turned her blue eyes up to him, his shaft deep between her soft lips, and everything in her expression showed her thanks and devotion to him. She gave renewed attention to his cock, sucking the large, throbbing shaft of manhood with all the energy she could summon.

He groaned again, letting her continue for long moments, before grasping her blonde hair and yanking her head away. Then he got up onto the bed with her, and together they faced the bound woman. She stared back them, terrified, from between her spread legs. "Now put my cock in the slut's cunt," he said, not taking his eyes from Melinda.

As Maryjane nodded submissively, answering "Yes Master," Melinda gasped and looked at her sister in horror. "No! MJ please! Please don't let him rape me! Please!"

Maryjane grasped her husbands hard cock, glistening with her saliva, and merely answered, "I'm sorry Mel." She pulled gently on his cock, guiding it carefully to her sisters open pussy, pushing the tip against her labia and running the head up and down the swollen, wet slit, before positioning it at the entrance. "She's ready for you Master," she said, unable to look at either of them.

"NO!" Melinda screamed.

John thrust forward hard, burying his hard cock deep into the woman's slick cunt. Melinda's mouth opened wide as a gasp of shock and despair was sucked into her aching lungs. The sudden intrusion of his huge hot prick inside her took her by surprise. Maryjane watched it sink into her sister's body and felt a wave of sorrow and jealousy for her. "Move me!" John growled.

Maryjane was confused by the command for a moment, but then understood how complete was to be the humiliation of them both. She positioned herself behind her kneeling husband, and unable to stop herself from watching Melinda over his shoulder, she put her hands on his hips and pulled him back, then thrust him forward again. She was to provide the force behind her own sister's rape.

"Harder," John growled. "Whores like this like it hard and fast, don't they?"

"Yes Master," Maryjane replied, and pulled him back again, then put her whole weight behind the next hard thrust, forcing his hard prick into Melinda's pussy with brutal force, a loud, wet smacking sound echoing around the room when the two bodies met.

Maryjane continued to fuck her sister in this unique fashion, quickly growing breathless with the exertion of moving her husband's body. Melinda was crying opening now, partly from the stinging agony of her still-raw welt, but mostly from the sheer degradation of the experience she was forced to endure as her sister actively participated in her own rape.

Maryjane continued thrusting John's hips in and out of the bound woman, growing weak with the effort. She tried changing position, kneeling behind her husband, wrapping her arms around his chest, and forcing him forward by shoving her own pelvis against him. She found it was much easier this way, yet even more humiliating for both women. Now it truly did seem like Maryjane was fucking her own sister with the harsh thrusts of her hips.

The trio continued for several minutes, John's cock pounding into Melinda's helpless pussy as she cried and the man growled with growing lust. Maryjane hugged her husband from behind, feeling her love and devotion for him as a powerful force. She got carried away with the unusual act, thrusting forward ever harder, feeling encouraged by her sister's squeals of pain and delight.

"Fuck yeah" roared John. "I'm gonna cum! You got a nice tight cunt bitch! Feels good around my cock! Unh Yeah! Gonna....CUM!"

Maryjane thrust one more time, forcing his cock harder than ever into the inviting pussy, and he unloaded his cum deep into the woman's aching pussy. Melinda felt it through her intense misery, flooding into her like hot lava. Her reaction was inevitable. Having endured the hammering cock for so long, filling her pussy and emptying, the knowledge of her rape intensifying the feelings of lust that resulted, she climaxed a second time, screaming out her ecstasy, unable to deny even a fraction of it in her weakness. Her cunt clamped down hard on John's cock, milking the cum from his shaft that continued to spurt into her. He groaned as he felt the velvet walls seem to almost undulate along his shaft heightening his pleasure to the utmost.

He collapsed down on top of her, and Maryjane on top of him. At the bottom of the lewd pile of naked bodies, Melinda quivered, her body not in her control, tears still streaming from her blue eyes as she felt the man's cock slowly - achingly slowly - withdraw from her abused pussy, wondering with despair what would become of her life now.

At the front entrance, the doorbell rang. Jennifer, who was sitting beside Tony as he absently fondled her breasts while all three of the boys watched TV, felt her heart leap with a new kind of fear. She looked at her step-brothers, who all grinned back at her. She rose to her feet, knees trembling, and walked to the front door, trying to smile naturally as she opened it. Robert was there, tall and muscular, almost dwarfing her, his dark eyes widening with appreciation as he saw his date, dressed in clothes that barely concealed anything, nipples clearly outlined through the thin top.

"Are you ready for a good time?" Jennifer said as a greeting, repeating the words she'd been commanded to say while standing with her hands behind her back, almost coy. Her heart was in her throat as she saw and felt the naked hunger than emanated from the boy.

Jennifer's New Family - The Second Year

Part 6

Jennifer Lyons shuddered visibly even as she forced a smile onto her full, soft lips, standing framed in the doorway as Robert's dark eyes openly violated her barely-concealed body, traveling down slowly from head to toe. He lingered first on the thin material of her pink halter top that clung like skin to the swell of her growing breasts, a cartoon kitty smiling out with its back high across her chest. He licked his lips as he continued down the cutoff top, visually caressing her bare ribs and tummy. Several inches below her navel, riding dangerously low on her lovely hips, the waistband of her pink micro-skirt seemed to taunt at him, to dare him to expose her more fully. The hem of the pleated skirt wound around her like a serpent, low in the front, curving up high on each hip, and then swooping low again in back, just barely enough to conceal the tiny pink panties she wore beneath. The curves of her firm ass cheeks were visible below the hemline. Her smooth, shapely legs were bare all the way down to the pink trainers she wore on her small feet.

As she let her date get his fill of the sight of her, she could feel her nipples swelling against the thin fabric of her top that fit so tightly. She knew that her face was as pink as her shameful outfit. Yet her three stepbrothers were behind her, watching her every move, and under their gaze she could bring herself to do nothing but present herself this way. For a moment she thought how odd it was that this was, in fact, the first real date she'd ever had in her life, despite all the sexual experience she had at home. Jennifer had never before "gone out" with a boy.

Robert Hardcastle licked his lips, convinced his every fantasy had come true. Jennifer thought that probably a few fantasies he'd never even had might come true for him tonight, and she felt the butterflies in her stomach yet again. He towered over her, a huge young man over six feet in height, while she herself was just over five. The silence of his stares grew longer and more uncomfortable, and the young girl swallowed in ever-increasing embarrassment. Finally she took a couple of hesitant steps forward, knowing her stepbrothers were watching and would approve, and wrapped her arms around Robert's broad chest, hugging him tentatively and saying, "I'm so glad you're taking me out. I just know we're going to have a great time!" Then she turned her blue eyes up to him and smiled a little as she bit softly at her lower lip.

Robert grinned down at her and nodded, returning the hug much more strongly. She felt completely swallowed up by him, as if she had disappeared within the enfolding embrace of his large, muscular form. Then, keeping one arm around her shoulders to pull her against him, he led her out to his sports car parked in the driveway. He opened the door for her in an almost gentlemanly fashion, and she allowed herself to begin to believe that perhaps this wouldn't be so bad. If he was, at heart, a nice guy, then maybe sex with him wouldn't be so horrible. Perhaps, even, he would keep their sexual relationship private. But then her thoughts clouded. The men wanted proof that she had sex with him. She wasn't certain how she would manage that yet, but in her pounding heart she knew that it could only involve revealing herself to be a total slut to him, a girl who didn't care about her reputation. Or even, perhaps, as a girl who desperately wanted a reputation as a slut.

Robert got into the car beside her and turned the ignition over. Jennifer saw the boys watching her from the window as the pulled out onto the road. Robert still hadn't said a single word to her, she realized, and it was getting to the point of being creepy. She had her hands folded in her lap, fingers curled tightly around the short hem of her skirt to keep some shred of modesty about her. There was gooseflesh along her arms and legs as if she was chilled, but the evening was warm. Strangely, at that peculiar moment, she thought about her stepbrothers back in the house. Mom and Aunt Melinda were with John. Only Chelsea was available to entertain them. She shuddered as she thought about what they might do to the poor girl.

"Goddamn I never knew you were so hot!" Robert's voice barked out, low and eager. It occurred to the girl that this was the first time she'd ever heard him speak. "When you gonna show me those panties, Jen?" His face was turned to her, a wide toothy grin on his face.

Jennifer returned a trembling smile of her own. "Well, when we're alone and you can give your full attention to how they look on me," she said, trying to be teasing.

Robert barked out another sharp laugh. "Hah! You are such a little slut, girl!" He patted her upper thigh with a large hand. "I knew about your mom a'course," he added. "Guess you're taking after her!"

Je3nnifer bit her lip again, still struggling to smile. Everyone at school knew her mom was a stripper of course. Some of the kids even knew that she'd given lap dances to their fathers. And in at least one case that Jennifer knew of, to their mother. It was the thing she was teased about more than any other at school. Yet still she had managed to maintain a virginal, even innocent reputation of her own. She knew that all that was about to change radically. He was driving into town, and she asked a question that suddenly occurred to her.

"Um, Robert....where are we going on our date?"

He smiled broadly again, his large hand still stroking her bare thigh softly. Jennifer was surprised to discover that she'd spread her legs a little. "I know a park a few miles out of town. It's small and no one ever goes there much." He turned his head to wink at her. "We can have all the fun we can handle out there!" Then he turned his attention back to the road. "But first, we just gotta go to Charlie's. The guys'll shit a brick when they see what I'm out with!"

Jennifer's heart leapt into her throat. Charlie's was a run-down soda bar on the edge of town that many of the rougher kids hung out at. He wanted everyone to see her. It wasn't lost on her that he'd said "'what' I'm out with." She was already an object in his mind, a fuck toy, as her family liked to call her. But the idea of all those kids staring at her, barely dressed, sent her into a near-panic. Even through her terror, the incongruity of her reaction struck her. Here she was, used every day at home, rarely wearing any clothes at all at home, and she was perfectly comfortable. Even more, she'd grown to enjoy the attention. But now that she was faced with the same circumstances outside the home, with her friends and neighbors, she trembled like a virgin.

"Please Robert," she said in a voice with only a hint of pleading, leaning toward him in a coy, seductive way. "Can't we just go somewhere that we can be alone? I just want to be alone with you." The words came with a little difficulty, but she desperately wanted to avoid being seen by so many of her schoolmates. She reached out a hand and placed it lightly on his thigh. "I promise you won't regret it!" she added.

Robert chuckled as he came to a stop sign, and took the opportunity to lean into the girl and kiss her hard on the mouth, his tongue immediately plunging between her soft lips. Jennifer fought the impulse to gag as this near-stranger kissed her so intimately, but did not pull away, hopeful that she was convincing him. His hand slid higher on her thigh, until it was resting on her tiny panties. She shivered at the sudden touch, and though she gave a convulsive little jerk, she managed to stop from twisting away from him.

Finally he pulled back from her, grinning down into her face. He squeezed the hand between her legs, and she gave a little squeal, a little louder than natural for his benefit. "God you're a slut!" he said as if paying her a high compliment. "We won't stay long. I promise. I already got a boner so bad it hurts" He laughed again and took off again down the road. Jennifer slumped back in her seat, feeling like she ought to plead with him some more. But no words would come. She wondered if, after a year of mindlessly obeying every order from the men in her family, she had simply lost the ability to protest against the desires of men who desired her.

They continued on in silence, Jennifer's heart hammering in her chest. She wished her nipples would soften, but they were hard as little rocks and outlined perfectly through the material of her halter top. His fingers tickling at the inside of her upper thigh certainly wasn't helping matters any. Robert was enormously pleased, and Jennifer understood why. He thought she had promised him all manner of exotic pleasures, and she knew that she would have to fulfill those promises, even though they'd been made by someone else. The buildings became more sparse, the streets dirtier. She had never been to Charlie's, but she'd heard whispers about it at school, and knew they must be getting close. Robert turned the car into a side street and they traveled a few more blocks. Then they turned into a parking lot and moved behind an old grocery store. There was a small dirt alley back here that they drove further down, and finally pulled into what looked like an empty lot with cars scattered around. About 30 yards away was an old building with peeling paint and boarded up windows. A few kids were leaning against the wall talking. Jennifer blinked as realization dawned on her. Charlie's wasn't a soda, it was just a place, and old building someone had figured out how to get into. A place where they could drink beer and do what they want, out of sight of the police. She drew in a shuddering breath, suddenly more apprehensive than ever.

When Robert parked the car and got out, Jennifer made a quick decision, opening her door and leaping out of the car herself. If she waited for him to come around, there would be no way she wouldn't flash her panties at him as she clambered out. Robert was still smiling ear to ear as her slipped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close to his huge, hard body. When she was comfortably against him he dropped his hand down her back to rest firmly on her bottom, squeezing and patting her. She knew that she was blushing again as she kept her hands clasped in front of her lest the small breeze present blow her pleated skirt up as they approached the two boys outside the entrance.

The boys were grinning at her. She didn't know them, but they knew Robert and called welcomes to him and wolf whistled at her. "Dude, that's a great piece of ass!" one called out. This earned her butt another squeeze. Their eyes were locked on her breasts and legs as he introduced her.

"Guys, this is Jennifer. You've heard of her. Her mom's a stripper over at Zippy's."

Jennifer's heart sank again. Her introduction as "the stripper's daughter" boded less well for her. She gave the boys an embarrassed smile and, as Robert pressed his hand against her butt allowed herself to be guided into the old building. It took her a moment to adjust to the dim light. There were about a dozen people there, mostly boys, but she noticed a couple making in one corner, and a couple of other girls drinking beer and flirting with a group of boys. Everyone looked a couple of years older than herself. Around the room were battered tables, but no chairs. There were open cases of beer about, and music was playing from somewhere, though not loudly so as not to attract the police. There was light from a couple portable camp lamps.

As the door opened, light from the setting sun streamed through, and all eyes turned that direction. Everyone looked at Jennifer, her form a dark outline against the bright light. But all could see the sexy figure and the skimpy clothing, and she endured more whistles and catcalls. Robert guided her further in and popped open a beer for himself. He offered one to Jennifer, but she shook her head. She felt she would be doing well not to just throw up, she was so nervous. He led her around to each group of people, introducing her, making sure everyone knew her mom was an exotic dancer. She was surprised to see that one of the girls was Amber, a good friend of hers and a very attractive brunette. She was dressed in a pair of low-rise tight jeans and her blouse was unbuttoned halfway down. Clearly she was already on her way to being drunk. She was between two boys and seemed to be taking turns kissing them. Jennifer was shocked, as she never imagined Amber was like this.

Amber looked at Jennifer with a knowing smile as her pretty eyes roamed up and down her body every bit as much as the boys' gazes. Jennifer forced herself to smile at greetings such as "Hot damn, bitch!" and "What a great fuckin' slut outfit!" Robert did not take offense at any of this, but only laughed along with them, and even began referring to her as his "slutpuppy." He even laughed when one of the guys pretended to stumble and fell forward on her, his hands landing on her firm breasts and squeezing harshly. Fully half of the boys were guys she knew well, and even they looked at her with lascivious desire in their wide eyes.

Eventually Robert pulled her away and wrapped his large arms around her, kissing her deeply. Se allowed herself to melt into him, if for no other reason than to try to forget her surroundings. He lifted her off the floor easily, pulling her up into his arms, cradling her like a doll, one arm under her shoulders and the other under her knees. More whistles as he spun slowly around, giving everyone a look under her skirt. "Take it off slut!" came a call from a boy. There was general laughter as Jennifer's soft cheeks turned a deeper pink with shame. "You go girl!" she heard Amber call out, almost derisively. "You can be the club cunt!" The laughter grew louder, and the girl's ears burned as she was kissed again, still spinning. Whistles and catcalls were all around her, degrading names were shouted out. Then, at last, a loud, chanting chorus of "Strip! Strip! Strip!"

Jennifer tried to block out the noise. She kissed Robert more feverishly, hoping to get him hot enough that he would take her away so that he could fuck her. She preferred even that to this public humiliation. But she felt her body tilted upright, and as she struggled to get her bearings she realized that Robert had placed her standing on top of one of the tables. She looked down at him questioningly but he only laughed and said. "Guess you really like that idea! Sure turns you on anyway! So strip baby! Give us a show!" He slid his hand up her inner thigh and, ignoring her pleading eyes, rubbed her crotch firmly, betraying the wetness that stained her panties. She blinked her blue eyes rapidly, desperate not to start crying. "She's wet guys! What a horny cunt!" Robert laughed loudly.

The demands for her to perform a strip show grew louder, more intense. Everyone gathered close around the table she stood on. "She has see through panties on!" they called. "I can see the whore's pussy!" "Get a light over here!" Jennifer tried to shield her eyes as they adjusted the portable lamps to shine fully on her, and she stood as though in a spotlight on a stage. The crowd began clapping rhythmically, and Jennifer struggled to maintain her balance. The world was whirling around her, hands were reaching out to her, touching her legs. Wide eyes gazed up at her, staring under her skirt. Her face was now a bright scarlet. Robert caught her attention again. He was not smiling now. "Strip," he said quietly, his dark eyes narrow.

Swallowing hard, trying to ignore the fluttering in her stomach, she felt an old sensation - the sensation of being ordered, and she found herself beginning to sway her hips. Robert's expression was suddenly terrifying to her. She turned around as she started her hesitant dance, seeing all the faces. There was Amber again, in the midst of three boys now. One of them was openly massaging the crotch of her jeans as she swayed her own hips, pressing her ass against the boy behind her. Her pretty eyes seemed to sparkle as she looked up at Jennifer. Even as she watched, another boy slipped a hand inside her half-open blouse, and the brunette laughed in response. Jennifer could read her lips. "God she's such a slut!" It hurt her to think of a good friend saying that about her.

As she continued her tentative dance, she inwardly sighed and knew there was no point in delaying any further. She crossed her arms in front of her and pulled her top over head in one quick movement, handing it to Robert. Howls of approval rang throughout the room as her breasts were exposed. "Shake it!" came the call, and Jennifer found herself obeying again, leaning forward and shaking her shoulders, letting her tits hang down as much as they would and swing provocatively. Her face turned deeper red as the boys all jostled for position to get a better look at the young stripper, some in front to see her jiggling breasts, others in back to see her exposed ass. She gave a little spasm of surprise as she felt someone grope her high on her inner thigh.

Standing straight again, Jennifer, now near tears with shame, nevertheless performed provative hip-grind for her audience, then turned to face Robert as she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her tiny skirt, snapping it out and back suggestively. Robert grinned, getting the message, and reached out to grab the hem and pull it down her legs. She stepped out of it now, dressed only in sheer thong panties and pink trainers. She turned around, looking at a sea of leering faces, as well as a sneer on Amber's pretty face, and her heart sank further, even as her lust grew. Her nipples were rock hard, and she could hear comments that her pussy was swollen, visible through her panties.

Someone behind her was impatient, and reached out and yanked them down her legs. Naked, her heart hammering, Jennifer grew dizzy, the room spinning as she turned and swayed her body on top of the table. Hands were reaching up for her. Demands for sex rang in her ears. She tried to prepare herself for the very worst.

Jennifer's New Family - The Second Year

Part 7

Young Chelsea Jurgens lay huddled on top of her bed, quivering in a tight fetal position, and actually sucking her thumb. She couldn't remember the last time she had sucked her thumb, but it was hardly her primary thought at the moment. She was still crying, the back of her throat aching from sobbing for so long. There were no longer any tears though. It was as though she had cried all the tears she could produce. Her small body was still naked. She had wanted to dress, but didn't have the strength for it. It had taken all the strength she could muster just to crawl back to the bed and collapse on top of it.

What she had done, what had been done to her, was beyond her imagination, and already many of the details were fading from her memory. But one thing was crystal clear to her horrified brain: the promise the boys had made to come back. They would make her do it again. Although she wasn't consciously thinking about it, in the back of her mind she assumed that tomorrow sometime they would be ready for her again. Should she tell her mom? Could she? It was so horrible, she didn't think she could utter a word about it. She sucked in a deep, shuddering breath and moaned loudly into her pillow.

The girl did not hear the door open. With her eyes tightly shut against the cruelties of the world she had not dreamed could exist, she had no idea that the boys were creeping back into the room, gathering around the bed, looking down with leers upon her naked body. Jason grinned at the twins, who grinned back, entirely unmoved by the crying girl. All they saw before them was a toy to fuck and abuse. Jason quietly lifted an arm and swung it down fast, the flat of his palm smacking loudly against the girl's soft naked ass, leaving an immediate imprint.

Chelsea shrieked with pain, shock and fear as she twisted around on the bed and looked up, seeing the three evil boys laughing at her. Instinctively she tried to cover her pussy and breasts, cheeks going pink immediately as she felt anew the embarrassment of being naked in front of them. "Go away!" she screamed. "Go away please!"

But instead the twins each grabbed an arm and pulled them over her head, baring her body completely to them. She struggled hard, thrashing and kicking out. Jason tried to lean over her and hold her still, but he mistimed and let the girl get in a hard kick to his thigh. "Fuck!" he growled. "Goddamn cunt! Flip her over, guys. Time to teach this bitch a lesson!"

Tommy and Tony nodded in happy agreement, twisting the girl's arms and forcing her over onto her stomach where she couldn't kick out nearly as effectively. Jason began slapping the Chelsea's upturned ass with his hand, powerful blows that quickly turned the firm cheeks a bright red, and she found new tears to cry with the rage and agony she was feeling. She tried kicking again, and to make her stop Jason threw a well-aimed blow directly onto her unprotected pussy as she spread her legs. She howled out again and pleaded with them to leave her alone.

Jason grabbed both of Chelsea's ankles in powerful hands, forcing her legs backwards. She gasped, still begging shamelessly as he kept up the pressure, slowly bending her body, pulling her ankles further and further. He looked as his twin brothers with a surprised grin as her ankles came level with her shoulders, yet she was not crying out in pain, only fear and anger. Still grinning, Jason lowered her ankles down to the mattress on either side of her head, her young pussy spread and pointed upward, the pink flesh parted and inviting.

"Well lookee here, guys," Jason chuckled in a way that sent new chills of terror down the girl's bent spine. "Looks like we got us a fuckin' little contortionist!"

Melinda also lay on her stomach. No one held her, but she made no effort to try to escape. Her arms were bound behind her, crossed and tied so the forearms were together, each hand holding the opposite elbow. Her blue eyes were bright with rage. Now that she had recovered from her brutal rape at the hands of her brother-in-law, aided by her very own sister, the fury she felt was nearly boiling over. Yet with her arms bound that way, there was no hope of escape. John was sitting beside her, casually squeezing his slave wife's breast as he looked down at the bound woman. He suddenly slapped her ass, and Melinda grunted angrily.

"You got an attitude problem, bitch," he growled at her. "I can see it in your eyes." Melinda thought he was angry at her, and she shuddered at what he might do. Then she was surprised to hear him laugh. "Good. I'm looking forward to taming another bitch. It's a whole lot of fun."

The bound young woman hissed softly, not daring to reply. She'd be damned if she could ever be tamed. Never! Yet her stomach bound itself up in knots as she heard her sister say, in a soft, submissive voice, "Yes Master. I'm sure she'll be very entertaining for you." God, she thought. How could MJ, her very own sister, have come to this? How could she let this happen, assist in it? What had happened to the world?

"Get a collar on her, you cunt," growled John. Melinda heard the words, but it took a couple of beats for the meaning to really sink in. Her naked sister immediately got up and went to a dresser as the younger woman's eyes opened in helpless shock. Maryjane returned to the bed with a thick leather collar, black with heavy silver D rings placed around it.

"No!" she screamed without thinking. "Don't you dare!" Then, realizing that no good could possibly come of the outburst, she closed her lips tightly, turning her head away and buyring her face into the mattress, prepared to receive and other harsh slap. It didn't come, however. Instead, there was another low chuckle from the man that made her shudder. Then he grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked harshly, pulling her head back and forcing her to arch her back painfully. Her slender throat completely exposed, there was nothing Melinda could do as her sister approached her with the collar, fitting it around her neck and locking it in place with a horrifying snap.

John released her with sudden violence, bouncing her head off the mattress. It didn't hurt, just reinforced her helplessness, that she was a toy to be played with. "Spreader," she heard him say, and she choked back a sob, not certain what to expect but knowing it couldn't be good. With her eyes tightly shut, she was determined not to watch what was happening. She would show courage, at whatever the cost. She had to be strong for her little girl. She had to stay calm, keep her head, if she was to get out of here.

She felt her legs being pried apart. She resisted only a moment, but gave up quickly, there was no point. She didn't have a fraction of the strength necessary to fight, better to save her strength for the right opportunity. She felt herself blushing unreasonably as her legs were spread and her pussy was displayed. After all that had been done, she could still feel embarrassed about being exposed in this way. She mentally shook her head in disbelief at herself. She felt straps being fastened around her legs, just above the knees, and gritted her teeth in helpless frustration. Then she realized what they had done. There was a solid bar attached to the straps somehow. It was now impossible for her to close her legs. "Bastards!" she hissed into the mattress.

Again there was no immediate retribution for her outburst, just another soft chuckle. The two of them were working together, collecting things, rummaging nearby, but Melinda kept her eyes closed, tightly shut, struggling to hold back her tears. She felt her sister take hold of a foot and hold it firmly, while her husband tied what felt like a thick string to her big toe. Soon her other toe had a similar string tied to it. "Now comes the fun part, you slut," John laughed softly, and yanked her head back by her blonde hair once more.

Melinda grunted in pain and now could not avoid seeing her sister approach her with an odd metal object. It looked like two small curved prongs tied to a bungee cord. It only took a moment to discover the evil purpose. With an almost apologetic look, Maryjane sadly fitted the prongs into her sister's nostrils and pulled the bungee cord over her head and slipped it through the D ring at the back of the collar. John laughed more harshly now, and bent the young woman's knee, attaching the elastic string tied to her to to the one held by Maryjane, then repeated with her other foot. When he was finsihed Melinda more effectively, and painfully, bound than she could ever have imagined. Her back and neck were arched painfully back, her nose stretched grotesquely up to give her face a piggish look. The slightest movement caused the tension in the elastic bands to increase, making her squeal unintelligibly.

John stood up and circled slowly around his captive as Maryjane stood off at a distance, looking down, regretting what was happening to her sister but without the means to help her. Melinda's head was drawn so far back that should could barely speak, and generally could only gurgle uselessly. "Very nice little package," John said, staring at her from all angles and occasionally groping a breast or kneading her ass. "But I think we can do more. Clamps!" The last word was a barked command and Maryjane jumped, running to a box and pulling out a handful of wicked-looking silver clamps with serrations that Melinda knew would be agonizing if applied to her.

But applied to her they were. First to each nipple, John ignoring her squeals as he pinched and pulled at the pink nubs until they were as erect as possible. As he fastened the clamps tightly down she shuddered and shook in her helpless position. Then he moved behind her, and she groaned as she felt his fingers prodding at her moist sex. He pulled at one of her bright red inner lips, stretching it out as far as he could, and then snapped the clamp down on it. Melinda stiffened and then quivered again. He put the last clamp on her other inner lip, her blue eyes going wide with the terrible pain. She wondered if she had actually been pierced, it hurt so much. Yet he didn't seem to be through yet. She felt him doing something back there, but couldn't see what. It became clear all too soon. More elastic bands were attached to the clamps, and the ends were threaded through eyelets on either end of the spreader bar, then pulled forward, stretching hard, pulling her labia to the breaking point, and the other ends attached to her nipple clamps.

Melinda whimpered, her soft, small body quivering in violent spasms as the agony knifed through her. Her labia stretched out obscenely, her breasts pulled to each side by the nipples, which were stretched brutally far. Every slightest movement, even her uncontrollable trembling, sent rockets of new agony searing through her pussy and breasts. Tears fell down her cheeks at last as she felt her resistance overcome by the inexorable pain that filled her consciousness. She rolled her blue eyes to her sister, pleading with small gurgles for mercy, but Maryjane only gave her a look of silent apology.

"Now then, do you like this, little slut?" John asked, sitting down beside the tortured woman and patting her naked ass like he would pat a puppy. Melinda gave the barest of shakes of her head. "No? Well then, let's just think for a moment what you might do to earn being released." His dark voice trailed away as he looked at his slave wife, grinning. Maryjane returned his look, a sense of new dread forming in the pit of her stomach.

Jennifer sat on the small tabletop, her feet planted wide apart on it so that her knees were drawn up and her legs spread wide. Her classmates were gathered in front of her, leering at her naked body, laughing at her. Robert was behind her his large hands on her breasts, squeezing them harshly as he whispered into her ear, "Hump that cunt of your up and down. Show everyone you really are as much of a slut as you've been emailing me about this week. This is exactly what you said you wanted."

So that was it, Jennifer thought. The email that she saw wasn't the only one that had been sent in her name. Who knew what her step brothers had told Robert she wanted to do? Oh God....She did as she was ordered. She always did as she was ordered. It was amazing to her how completely her will had been stripped away from her. She leaned back against Robert's chest as she thrust her hips up into the air, giving everyone a better look at her pussy in the dim light. She continued humping suggestively. She saw Amber off to the side, sneering at her even as she herself was leaning against a boy behind her who had his hand over her breast, massaging it over her blouse.

One of the boys got a long, thick plastic tube from somewhere. "Hey guys, I got an idea! It's too damn dark in here!" He bent the tube and shook it, and it began to glow a brilliant yellow color. It was a light stick, like in car emergency kits. He threw it at Jennifer. "Here slut...fuck yourself with this!" The crowd roared with laughter and hooted encouragement at her. Jennifer's cheeks turned an even deeper shade of embarrassed red, but when she received a meaningful pinch on her nipples from Robert she obediently picked up the tube and, holding her breath, moved the end closer to her pussy.

Whistles and catcalls as her cunt came into even better display. "Lookit that twat glow! Look how wet it is!" "Fuck, I've never seen a pussy that swollen up!" "Stick it in!" "Fuck yerself!"

The calls were coming from everywhere, and the girl knew that what they were saying was true. Her pussy was fairly throbbing with desire, despite all the humiliation being heaped on her, there was no denying it. She looked around more clearly than she had been able to for awhile, and saw that phones were out. Pictures were being taken, videos were being recorded. By this time tomorrow there wouldn't be a person in school who wouldn't be watching this. She closed her eyes, feeling a stinging there that warned her she was close to tears, and she didn't want to cry. She tried, instead, to focus on that urgent, powerful need between her legs.

She slipped the end of the glowing tube into her anxious pussy, sucking in a deep breath of satisfaction as she did so. The kids all laughed as she pushed what appeared to bed solid light into her open cunt, deeper and deeper still, then slowly withdrew it. She pushed it in again, twisting it in wide circles inside her to the howls of pleasure. She drew it out again and began to fuck herself properly with it, long steady strokes that slowly picked up speed. Her moans of pleasure could not be contained as she felt her lust continuing to build, Robert encouraging her by pinching her nipples harder than was strictly pleasurable. Little stabs of pain flashed through her firm breasts as she pumped the lightstick in and out of her willing body.

Soon the teenage girl was thrusting her hips violently forward to match every stroke with her hand. The noise from the crowd slipped into the background as the strength of her own passion took greater control of her. Her body begain to shine with perspiration as she rolled her hips on the glowing shaft of light. Then, with a sudden shriek that was unexpected even to her, she arched her back and plunged the plastic rod hard and deep into her cunt. Her hips pounded frantically up and down, wantonly fucking the thing in front of her schoolmates, unable to make even a pretense of hiding the powerful orgasm.

Finally she settled down, breathing heavily, with Robert still groping at her breasts. She felt like a dishrag, empty and drained, humiliated beyond all measure as the roaring jeers of her unwanted audience came back ringing in her ears. "Clean it," Robert said into her ear so no one else could hear, and almost without thinking Jennifer pulled the stick out of her pussy, the wet pop audible to almost everyone. She brought it up to her mouth and began to lick it from one end to the other, blushing all the way to her ears as they laughed further at her, watching her taste her own juices from the plastic. She risked a peek at Amber. The boy's hand was under her blouse now, and he was kissing her neck. Amber was continuing to sneer at her even as another boy, apparently passing nearby by chance, casually opened the girl's low rise jeans and thrust his hand inside her panties. Amber only arched her back and lifted her face to be kissed by him.

Jennifer desperately wanted to believe that this would be the end, that she would be allowed to dress and Robert would take her someplace private to further abuse her. But she knew that it was not over yet. She'd made the entire room horny. There was a price to be paid, and she knew there was no escape for her. Robert moved away from her, telling her to get down. Jennifer slowly crawled off the table, standing naked, feeling alone amidst her classmates, afraid to cover herself.

"All the way down," Robert said. And then she knew exactly what her step brothers had been telling him about her, in her own name. With a mental sigh of defeat, she lowered herself down to her knees at his feet, looking up at him. He smiled down at her and bent low over her. She saw his intent and threw back her head, exposing her throat to him. A dog collar, leash already attached, was fastened to her. When he was finished she didn't need to be told what to do next. She lowered herself further, down on hands and knees, debasing herself further as she felt the cameras on her. Nevertheless, she kissed Robert's feet, and then silently allowed him to lead her around the room, crawling after him like an obedient puppy. They weren't going anyway, he was just showing her off. Or more precisely, he was showing off his mastery of her.

They stopped in front of Amber who looked down on Jennifer with amused disgust. "What a slut," she said, wrinkling her nose as she slowly rolled her pussy against the hand inside her panties, taking another drink of beer. She appeared totally wasted.

"You want some of this?" Robert asked her with grin.

Amber wrinkled her nose again as she looked down at the naked girl. Then she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Sure, why not? I've wanted to put this cunt in her place like forever! Eat my pussy, you fucking bitch. Beg me to let you eat my pussy!"

Jennifer's New Family - The Second Year

Part 8

Young Chelsea Jurgens lay on her back, naked except for leather cuffs sporting rings and fasteners on her wrists, ankles, and knees, whimpering miserably. The twins Tommy and Tony were holding her arms straight up above her as Jason, the oldest of the three evil boys, held her ankles and was pulling them up, stretching her legs backwards over her body. The three of them laughed loudly as her small body was splayed out, Jason inching her feet further and further over her body, until at last they were pushed onto the mattress again, above her head. It didn't hurt the flexible girl, though she was physically uncomfortable.

Under the girl, slid across the mattress under her neck, was a wide spreader bar that they often used on Jennifer and her mother, though in different ways than they intended now. Jason snapped a fastener on her knee cuff to a ring bolt on the bar, ignoring her sniffling pleas to let her go, and followed up quickly by attaching her other knee to the other side of the bar, trapping her in the humiliating position. Apparently just for good measure, Jason also tied ropes from the girl's ankles to each end of the bar. They all released her then, but there was nothing the young girl could do. She was effectively helpless, even though her arms were unbound. There was nothing she could do to free herself.

Chelsea sobbed uncontrollably. Her back was forced into a slight forward arch in this position, and her nearly hairless virgin pussy was thrust up and toward her, forcing her to look at it though blurry eyes. Bright pink inner labia were fully swollen and blossomed out, glistening with dewy moisture. Feeling more degraded than she ever thought possible, she looked up at the vicious boys who leered down at her with perverse delight.

"Lookit the little cunt!" exclaimed Tony as he pinched the red inner lips and pulled them outward, making her squeal. "All this protesting, but she wants it so bad she can't hide it!" He released her flesh and then bought the flat of his hand down in a hard slap on her upturned pussy, making her shriek and quiver with pain.

"She sure does look hot all trussed up that way," agreed Tommy. "Like she's just begging for a good fuck!" He bent over her, near her face. "That's right ain't it, cunt? You're beggin' for a fuck!"

Chelsea shook her head, too frightened to speak, as Tommy reached between her thighs and pinched her hard little nipples, twisting them horribly. She squealed and trembled on the bed, gripping his arms with her small hands and trying uselessly to push him away. Tommy only grinned at her and twisted her nipples again, harder. "Say it you little cunt!" he snarled. "Say it or I'll pull these damn things off!" To emphasize the point he pulled hard on them and she shrieked as agony knifed through her small breasts.

"Please fuck me!" Chelsea heard herself suddenly wailing, as if the words had exploded unexpectedly out of her. "Please fuck me, only please don't hurt me anymore! Oh please stop hurting me! I promise I'll be good! Please fuck me!"

Red-faced at the suddenly pleading she was doing to be raped by the evil boys, she settled back in shuddering whimpers as Tommy released her, her flattened, bruised pink nipples slowly returning to their natural size and shape. "There ya go, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Tommy grinned, slapping both his hands across her upthrust pussy as if it were a bongo drum, and Chelsea hissed with the stinging pain.

"C'mon," said Jason, stepping forward again. "Quit fuckin' around. Let's get the bitch into position." He proceeded to string some rope through a ceiling joist and soon had an ingenious pulley system ready to go. He threaded the end of the rope through metal rings in each end of the spreader bar and tied it off.

With dawning horror, Chelsea watched Jason easily pulling on the rope, drawing her bound body upwards. She grunted as her body bent in ways that finally caused her slight pain. "No! No please!" she protested weakly as her body went vertical, her knees still bound behind her head. She was hoisted into the air like a sack of flour, dangling helplessly as her hips finally left the mattress. Tommy and Tony quickly shoved the bed out of the way, and Chelsea hung in the midst of them, open, vulnerable, and frightened for her young life. A horrifying image of herself as a punching bag flitted through her mind.

"Now ain't that a pretty picture!" said Tony, openly stroking the bulge in his jeans. "I got a boner just lookin' at how cute you are hangin' there. In fact, I think I'm gonna do something about it right now. Shame to let a good boner go to waste!"

While his brothers laughed Tony opened his pants and the terrified girl howled with terror as she saw his cock spring into view once more. Hard and huge, she she couldn't stop herself from twisting and swinging in protest, but there was no hope for her. As she hung, her virgin pussy was exactly at a level with Tony's cock. He stepped forward, grinning into her tear-streaked face, and pressed his purple cockhead against her warm, moist pussy, his hands gripping her hips tightly.

There was no word of warning for the girl. He simply pulled hard on her helpless body, ramming her hips toward him, forcing her to impale herself onto his prick in one swift motion. She threw open her mouth and screeched as loudly as she could, a long extended wail of shock, pain, fear and anger. The sensation of having her pussy filled so suddenly was more than she could take in all at once. There was, first and foremost, the blinding pain of having her cherry ripped apart. Then the swollen, bloated tightness she felt deep inside her body from his cock buried within her. Finally the incredible warmth, almost heat, that his hard shaft radiated.

"Fuck this cunt is tight!" Tony growled, holding still to savor the sensation of being first inside the girl's body. He grinned broadly. "We were right! She is a natural. First time she's ever had a cock in her twat and she's workin' her muscles like you wouldn't believe!" The stretched walls of her aching pussy seemed to undulate around his throbbing dick.

"Hurry up bro, fuck the little bitch. We want our turn!" said Jason, who had his own cock out now and was openly stroking the hard shaft. Tommy, too, was opening his pants. Chelsea could do nothing but wallow in misery and fear, wondering if she would even survive this ordeal. The pain she felt now, she thought they might kill her, even if they didn't mean to. It felt like her pussy had been ruptured, split apart.

Tony pushed back on Chelsea's body, sliding it along his shaft, now bloodstained from her torn cherry. Then he took two steps forward. Chelsea was hanging at a steep angle, only the head of his prick still inside her. Then Tony release the girl's hips, and she swung forward by her own weight, shoving herself brutally down on his cock again. Tony laughed at this while the young girl burned with humiliation, helpless to stop him as he forced a hard, slathering kiss on her. The her pushed her away and let her fall on his cock again.

Chelsea felt the room spinning around her as she was forced to swing back and forth on the horrid cock that raped her mercilessly. It was true that she could feelher pussy working against his shaft, tightening around it and then relaxing again. She thought it was just spontaneous, something happened automatically, but each time his cock was shoved into her she felt a buzz between her legs, growing with every stroke, that seemed more pleasant each time. She wasn't starting to enjoy this was she? No! No! It wasn't possible!

Jason stepped forward, enjoying the sight of his brother forcing the girl to fuck herself on him. He grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his cock. "C'mon cunt," he said. "No point me doing all the work when you got a free hand. Stroke my cock you little bitch. Keep me hard till it's my turn to use you!"

It didn't take any time at all for Tommy to pick up on the idea, and force her to handjob his own cock as well. Chelsea closed her eyes and sobbed, too terrified not to obey the boys. She jerked convulsively at their hard cocks while Tony kept swinging her body. She could sense that each stroke was smoother, easier, and she shuddered to think what that meant, what it might say about her.

Tony sighed with erotic satisfaction as she swung down onto his prick again. He let her stay there a moment, loving the tightness of her on him. It was like savoring the most exquisite sensation on earth. Then his eyes opened wide with surprise and he looked into her face with a spreading grin. "Guys!" he shouted. "She's doin' it herself! Lookit!"

Chelsea didn't know what he was talking about at first. The others were looking down, were his cock was penetrated fully into her, and they started laughing. Then at last, through her fogged brain, she realized what they were interested in. Her hips her squirming, rising and falling as much as she could manage, twisting in small circles. She blushed furiously again, mortified to discover how deeply her body was betraying her. She was working his cock like a slut, despite everything they had done to her! What could be happening to her? What were they doing to her?

"What a great little whore!" Tommy said. "Shake it bitch! Move that cunt like the slut you are!"

Tony reached between their bodies and began to finger the girl's little clit. The moment his finger made contact she gasped and jumped, hands tightening convulsively around the cocks they held just as her pussy tightened around the cock inside her. Tony fingered her clit with hard, rapid movements, eliciting helpless whimpers of growing passion within her. Meanwhile Tony threw back his head and groaned as he felt her cunt contract around his prick.

"Oh man, this twat is tight!" he exclaimed, as Chelsea continued squirming around as much as she was able.

Chelsea burned with humiliation as she hung in the midst of the boys, fully aware of her boyd's urgent writhing and twisting on the cock buried deep within it, yet unable to stop herself. An unfamiliar need was building within her, a need she could not control and desperately wanted to satisfy, despite the pain and shame that filled her very soul. Har small hands tightened around the cocks within them, squeezing as she stroked them feverishly. Tommy and Jason grinned at each other, humping themselves into the girl's clenched hands.

Chelsea tossed her head, her red hair flinging about her pretty young face, freckled and flushed with pain, fear, degradation, and mounting lust. She knew the boys could do anything they wanted with her. Her only hope was that an adult might happen to come down to the3 basement and make them stop. Yet even as this thought crossed her mind, she was aware of a fainter voice inside her that said "But not too soon! I'm so close!"

Tony's large hands gripped her hips again, his dark eyes grinning into hers. "Fuck me, you bitch!" he growled, and shoved her away. Instead of letting her own body weight carry her back down the long length of his hard cock, though, he pulled her back to him with brute force, slamming her against him with a wet smack, the clearest proof to all of them how her desire was building uncontrollably. Chelsea closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the hot, heavy shaft bury itself within her, the motions so fast it was as if her pussy was being instantly filled and emptied, rather than something sliding in and out of it.

Tony was forcing her body back and forth with tremendous strength, seeming to rattle her bones. She grew dizzy, the room spinning around her as she groaned with fear and lust. The wet suction sounds coming from her battered pussy strangely heightened her humiliation and desire at the same time. She yanked hard on the large cocks in her small fists, grunting loudly each time her young, aching pussy was filled.

She could almost feel herself slipping away under the onslaught she was forced to endure, losing her identity, becoming a woman before she was ready. It was almost as though she could see her childhood floating away from her down a long, dark tunnel, never to be seen again. Then her thoughts were interrupted as Tony grabbed the back of her head and forced his mouth down on hers, forcing a deep, harsh kiss upon her as his body went suddenly stiff and rigid.

After so many minutes of shaking and rocking, the sudden stillness felt unnatural to her as she opened her mouth to his intruding tongue without even thinking about it, accepting his kiss in a sort of distant resignation. Slowly she realized that all was not still. There was movement; urgent, desperate movement deep inside her. She could feel how stretched her pussy was, how deep the cock penetrated her, and she realized that it was moving, riding up and down, throbbing with need. It was a peculiar, almost horrifying feeling, as though some living creature had been forced inside her, warm and hard.

She felt her cunt clamp down around the shaft again, but this time is was because she had purposefully tried to. There was something burning inside her, a sensation she never could have guessed at until experiencing it herself. She sensed it as though it, too, was at the far end of that dark tunnel, only it was racing toward her, perhaps to replace the part of her she had lost, as though in losing that fundamental element of herself there was left a void that could not long remain unfilled. And this new...thing...was racing toward her, ready to take its place within her very soul.

Tony pulled his hips back, withdrawing his cock from her nearly all the way, and then shoved himself hard back inside her as he bit hard at her lower lip. She barely noticed his teeth however. Throughout the long rape, this was actually the first time that he had take her rather than forced her to take him. It didn't feel different, really. But it felt different.

"Fuck yessssssssss!" Tony hissed into her ear. At the same moment she felt his cock jump hard inside of her, followed quickly by a flowing warmth that all to quickly became a fiery torrent of liquid pain, shooting deeper into her body and then flowing back toward the entrance, burning her every millimeter of the way. She squealed in pain, shaking her head, protesting weakly as she realized he had come in her, was still coming in her. His prick kept throbbing, as though swelling up to expunge each new flood of his sticky semen. Occasionally she thought she could even see it moving inside her, in her lower belly, faint suggestions of movement down there, but she realized she must be imagining it.

She was grinding her teeth, sensing the rapid approach of something from that tunnel, drawing quickly nearly. Any moment it would be upon her, would take her just as these boys had taken her, without mercy or remorse. The muscles in her taut inner thighs were working wildly, her pussy convulsing around the prick squirting its liquid fire into her. Chelsea's breathing was hard and labored, deep gasps of strain and exhaustion. She closed her eyes, and there it was again, the formless shape racing toward her, growing larger, almost on top of her. She trembled in fear, and also in limitless desire.

And then, unexpectedly, Tony pulled out of her, leaving her empty both mentally and physically. She could still sense the shapeless thing out there, but now it was as though it was behind a wall, and could approach no further. Chelsea cried out with frustration, hot tears streaming down her soft cheeks. "No!" She shook and trembled in her bondage, each movement now starting to cause serious pain in her stretched legs and hip joints.

The boys all laughed loudly at the girl, hanging helpless as come started to ooze out of her pussy, the bright red labia slowly opening and closing on empty air. "That is great piece of ass!" Tony sighed, slowly stroking his softening cock. "Man is she tight!"

"And just like all dumb cunts," Jason answered, "once she's had cock she can't get enough. Lookit her begging for more." He pointed to her hips which she was lifting up and down in frustrated need, crying hot tears as she sensed the shapeless need dwindling away just out of reach, and nothing she could do about it. "You want another cock, you cunt?" Jason sneered, putting his face close to hers. Chelsea shook her head unconvincingly. Even now she couldn't bring herself to admit...that. She shuddered to have to admit to herself that she wanted a cock more badly than anything else she'd ever known.

"Don't lie to me, you cunt!" Jason growled, and pinch-twisted one of her pink nipples harshly, making her scream. "Well don't worry bitch. You done such a fine job jackin' me off and keepin' me hard, you earned a reward!"Chelsea groaned, and even she couldn't tell if it was from anticipation or dread. "but first I think we need to change your position a little. You look a little uncomfortable there."

Chelsea wanted to cry with relief at the suggestion that he was going to release her. Her hips were seriously hurting now, the muscles in her legs screaming. But her hopes were quickly dashed. Instead of unfastening her cuffs, he produced more rope. The three boys worked quickly, ignoring her sniffling protests and promises to do what they wanted. "You're gonna do what we want anyway!" they jeered. They threaded the rope between her stomach and her legs and tied it off at the small of her back. Then they threw the other end over a ceiling joist and hauled, tilting the girl's small body to a horizontal position, facing downward.

The new position was infinitely more painful than the other one. In this position she couldn't keep her back straight, and that put more pressure on her hips and legs. She cried loudly. "Please let me down! It hurts! It hurts! Please I'll let you fuck me! I'll let you do whatever you want if you just let me down!" But she knew it was a useless argument. She would do exactly what they wanted no matter what, and they weren't interested in seeing her free.

Jason moved behind the sobbing girl and gave her soft, upturned ass a vicious swat, the smack echoing around the basement and causing her to shriek out and writhe in her suspension. He looked down at her spread pussy, still leaking his brother's come stained with the girl's cherry blood, which spattered onto the floor every few moments. "Get ready, girl," he said. "Here I come!"

Chelsea tried to brace herself for the new outrage, and gasped as she felt his cock, even bigger than Tony's, slide easily into her soaking pussy. Behind her she heard Jason chuckling, and he started slapping her tight little ass like bongo drums, making her squeal repeatedly as her as turned red. He plowed his cock into her three times, and she was just thinking this would be easier than Tony because her pussy was more ready for it, when he pulled out completely. She wondered what was happening, what was he going to do? Then she felt his cockhead at her tiny asshole and with a shudder of dreadful realization she knew exactly what he meant to do.

"Now that your sloppy cunt has me all greased up, this should be pretty easy," Jason said, and laughing again he pushed forward.

"No!" Chelsea screamed against the inexorable force he was putting against her anus. "Not that! You'll tear me up! Please not that! Please fuck my pussy!" she cried in desperation. Then her voice was cut off in a strangled choke as his cock broke through her resistance, forcing it's way an inch into her shitter. She opened her mouth wide to scream. It was like a hot poker, studded with razor blades, was being forced inside her.

"Man what a whiner!" said Tommy against her shrieks. Jason shoved himself into her another inch with a grunt. "We need to shut this bitch up!"

Tony stepped forward with a grin. "No problem. I need this shit cleaned off my cock anyway!" Grabbing Chelsea by her red hair, he yanked her head back as far as it would go and shoved his cock into her mouth. She gagged on it quickly, for it was still stained with their mingled juices and the blood of her ruptured cherry. Tony gave no quarter, however, jabbing his soft cock repeatedly between her lips. "C'mon, I know you can suck. You just did all three of us! Suck bitch! Clean my cock of your filth!"

Chelsea's small body shuddered again as Jason plunged deeper into her tight asshole, now nearly half his length inside her. "Man, and you thought her cunt was tight! You gotta try her ass sometime!" Jason shoved forward with another grunt, and the remaining half disappeared inside her. Chelsea's body stiffened, trembling uncontrollably, and as a reflex action closed her mouth around the disgusting cock. Using it to muffle her screams, she sucked, forgetting about the cum and blood on it, sucking it like a pacifier that would make all of her anguish go away.

But it didn't go away. Jason began pumping at her ass furiously, taking her in long brutal strokes that burned like firebrands. Tony kept prodding his prick deeper into her mouth, and to her horror she found it getting hard again. Still she sucked at it with incredible suction, driving by her pain, anger, and despair, she pulled long drags at it, reaching for it desperately if Tony teased her by pulling back.

"Fuckin' whore!" said Tommy. "Just like all cunts. They don't care what you do to 'em as long as they get cock."

The words rang in the young girl's ears, but she was beyond being able to care now. Her entire body seemed to be wracked with pain. The iron-hard cock forcing its way in and out of her seemed to tear her to pieces with each stroke. Her hands waved around in desperation, until finally they latched onto Tony's hips. Barely conscious of her actions, Chelsea pulled him toward her, forcing his cock deeper into her sucking mouth, her pointed toungue racing around the head.

"Oh fuck!" Tony said. "She's so fuckin' hot! She's gonna make me come again! You just love the taste of come, don't you bitch? Can't get enough, can you?"

Chelsea's only response was to gobble with renewed determination at his cock. She wasn't even sure what was making her go at him this way, unless it was the only way open to her to help take her mind off what was happening behind her. The pain in her ass mounted rather than diminished with every stroke. Jason was clearly enjoying every moment of it, however, continuing to slap at her ass and delighting in taking her as hard and as painfully as he could. "Damn bitch! I've had my cock in some tight places before, but this is....oh shit! I can't stop it! I'm gonna come already!"

The girl could never have imagined that she would have been glad to hear those words, but she was almost overjoyed in this case. She felt his cock swelling inside her and knew he must be close. Strangely, the knowledge caused her to suck even more enthusiastically at Tony's cock, now hard and throbbing itself. He had both hands in her hair, pulling her face hard against him so that his cock banged at the back of her throat and then down. She choked and gagged, and he pulled back, only to pound forward once again.

Chelsea felt the two pricks mercilessly hammering her from both ends, and then felt the well-remembered liquid heat filling her bowels and Jason let out a cry of triumph. That seemed to be the signal for the cock in her mouth to swell and explode as well, and once again she was racing to swallow the come as fast as it was being unloaded into her. Her hands gripped his hips, keeping him near, pressed against her face as she felt Jason's cock pop out of her, and she felt something like a sense of relief for this first time since this vicious gang rape had begun.

As Tony, too, pulled away, stuffing his cock back into his jeans, Tommy looked down at her. "Guess it's finally my turn, you little whore," he said. "But I like lookin' into the face of the bitches I use."

The boys worked quickly, again ignoring the girl's please to be set free. "At least let me legs go!" she begged. "I think my hips are breaking!"

"That's ok," Tommy laughed. "Just mean's you'll be able to spread 'em wider!" The boys all laughed loudly as they lowered the tummy rope so that she hung vertically again. Then they swung her around the other way, once more tying it off to the ceiling, leaving her horizontal but face up this time. It was marginally less painful than the last position, but not much.

Chelsea looked up fearfully into Tommy's leering face as he approached between her spread legs, his cock hard and bobbing dangerously with each step. "OK, you little cunt, you ready for my cock now?" Chelsea shook her head, terrified and now truly in agony as her stretched and bent body felt near its breaking point. Instantly Tommy brought his hand down hard across her swollen pussy, a hard slap directly on the swollen red inner labia. The girl jumped and shrieked with the sudden new pain. "Yes! Yes I'm ready!" she cried, desperately trying to make up for her mistake. "Are you sure?" he said, pinching and twisting her nipples, pulling them up away from her body as hard as he could.

Chelsea howled out, thrashing her head. "Yes! YES! FUCK ME! Oh please FUCK ME! Just stop hurting me!"

With a horrifying grin Tommy let her nipples snap out from between his fingers, took a step nearer, and the thirteen year old girl once more felt an unwanted cock slipping easily into her tight pussy. She turned her head to the side and sobbed in misery as her rape began anew. Tommy wasted little time, he didn't savor anything. He just fucked her, long hard strokes and that collided his groin to hers in repeated wet slaps, animal grunts punctuating each brutal thrust into her aching cunt.

Chelsea couldn't think of anything now but the ache in her joints and muscles. Every breath was agony, and the prick forcing its way in and out of her tight vagina barely registered with her. She just wanted it over, over so that they would release her from this awful position.

But was that really true? Was that cock, just like Tony's had, intruding with greater persistence upon her consciousness? She bit her lip, shaking her head against the notion that crept into her head. Just as she seemed ready to convince herself, the other brothers approached on either side of her and started to fondle her small tits, tweaking her nipples. They weren't being rough now...not too rough, anyway. She shivered, and she didn't want to think why.

Tommy plunged his hard dick into her waiting pussy again, sighing as he felt the velvety warmth of her embracing his manhood. She couldn't deny it now. The feeling of that cock inside her was more prevalent than all the pain. It was a ridiculous though, but she couldn't shake it felt natural, as if it was meant to be there, inside her body. Which also logically suggested that she was meant to receive it. She shook her head, trying to thrust the idea out of her brain, but at that moment he thrust his cock into her cunt again and she gasped loudly as the thought came bursting forth once more.

Chelsea's hard little nipples tingled under the fingers that teased them and pulled them. She watched Tommy fucking her, unable to pull her eyes away from the sight of his long, thick shaft disappearing inside her time and again. He put a hand under her to fondle her ass, and with the other hand he extended his fingers to massage her stiff clit. She gasped again at the touch, and her hips bucked upwards. This caused the prick inside her to make itself known again with a flash of pure lust.

Chelsea shut her eyes tightly, trying to block it out, to block it all out. But there in the distant darkness she sensed that formless shape once more, approaching slowly, almost cautiously. It frightened her. She didn't know what it meant, and it frightened her. Or did she know, and it was that knowledge that was truly terrifying her. IN desperation she opened her eyes again, only to look up at the three boys, fondling her, fucking her, using her like a sex toy without feelings or rights or deserving of any consideration.

The cock delved deep into her again in another quick stroke, and she exhaled quickly. The teasing fingers at her clit caused a buzzing in her head. She felt her cheeks flush once more, a burning, growing shame as they looked knowingly down on her. And as she looked back at them, the buzzing grew more intense. Her back was arching, and she was alternatingly thrusting her breasts up to Tony and Jason, and then her pussy up to Tommy.

She shut her eyes desperately again, and was shocked to find how quickly that shape had descended upon her. It was nearly here now, ready to envelope her, engulf her, fill the void left by the destruction, by the abandonment, of her childhood innocence. She cried out, trying to keep it away, but it was closer than ever now. She couldn't get away.

Again she flung open her eyes in desperation, the only escape, the harsh light of the basement, the sight of the leering boys using her body as they wished, was no comfort. She saw Tommy's face screwing up, his eyes closing as his cock filled her time and again, sliding into her pussy that rewarded its entrance by clutching tightly to the hot shaft it surrounded. It jumped inside her hard, making her gasp yet again. He rolled her hard, wet clit in his fingers, just as his brothers did to her pink nipples. She whimpered and trembled. She could feel the shapeless thing upon her now, even with her eyes open. She tried to fathom what was happening to her, but it was no use.

Tommy shoved his hips forward, lunging into, and Chelsea received him with a tiny cry of horrible pleasure. Then he grunted, and she felt his cock jump again inside her, so deep inside her, and then his hot come boiled out, wave upon wave with the lurching of his cock as he groaned in satisfaction, filling her pussy with his semen. She couldn't help it. She closed her eyes, not ready to face what awaited her in the darkness but knowing now that she could not escape it.

It was there, all around her, a hair's breadth away. It was ready to take her, and this time would not be denied. She felt Tommy, spent and gasping, pull out of her, and she wailed out in desperation. "NNNNOOOooooo!" But he did not return. Moreover, the fingers left her nipples and clit. She was alone now, all alone with the terrifying thing confronting her, near enough to feel its warmth on her naked flesh.

Her eyes snapped open again. She looked up at them. They looked down upon her, grinning knowingly. It had taken her. Whatever it was, it was a part of her now, she knew it. And then it made itself fully known. There, in front of them all, hanging helpless and naked, exposed beyond her imagination, it took her powerfully, and she could not stop it. She shook in her bonds, her hands clenching and unclenching. She thrust her hips up and down lewdly, her little pussy opened and closed rapidly as she watched it. Moisture ran from it down toward her belly button. She gasped in short, spastic gasps and twisted her body, unmindful of the pain she caused herself.

Then, at last, she felt it leave her. No, not leave her. She knew it was a part of her now, and she would never be free of it. She wasn't even sure she wanted to be. But it had at least receded, leaving her a sweating, gasping, shell of what she had been only an hour ago, let alone a day ago. She hung limp, beyond the ability to plead for mercy, beyond even the ability to feel ashamed at her nakedness.

The boys hauled her down to the floor and released her legs from the spreader bar. She cried out as her joints protested at being moved. It was sheer agony. But to her dim horror, they weren't through with her yet. The tied short pieces of rope between the ankle cuffs and the spreader bar. It allowed more movement and was less painful, but it was hardly comfortable. Ignoring her pleas, they also locked her hands behind her back. Then once more she was pulled up into the air, and Tony move a sawhorse under her body. When she was lowered again, it was with her pussy directly on the narrow top of the horse, supporting all of her weight, with no way at all to relieve herself of the growing agony. The boys took a moment to admire the picture of her there, then turned as one to the stairs, turning off the light behind them and leaving in their wake the pitiful cries of a changed little gir

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