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Filthy femdoms: forced oral

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Synopsis: Unsuspecting victims are kidnapped and taken to a location where they are abused by several cruel femdoms and forced to perform orally in the most disgusting manner possible.

I awoke in a bed, completely nude, tied spread eagled so that my arms and legs were immobile.  I squirmed against the bonds but could not release myself and looked hopelessly around, wondering where I was, and how I got here.   The last thing I remembered was leaving a bar with two pretty ladies, hoping for a night of pleasure. I had obviously been kidnapped.

The door opened and three pretty women walked in.  They wore white jumpsuits, and had handcuffs and shock devices on their belts.  They came over and sat on the bed beside me.  One of them grabbed my balls and squeezed and pulled on them making me wince with pain.

I tried to speak but found that my voice failed me...and I looked desperately from one to the other wondering what was going to happen to me. 

She grabbed my hair and balls at the same time...her face an inch from mine...Keep your fucking mouth closed unless asked to speak." She twisted my nuts a bit and pulled painfully on my hair.  "You are here for one purpose," she breathed, "and one purpose only."  "You are here to kiss, suck, and lick asshole and cunt.  You are here for the purpose of complete ass and cunt worship...unequivocal and consummate asshole and cunthole worship.

You will crave to service the ass or fuckhole of any woman you see here with your will crawl and beg to suck and smell cunt and  asshole at all times.  You will gladly eat farts, and shit and cunt juice if so directed.  You will orgasm while servicing holes with your tongue and will be in a constant state of extreme arousal thinking only of kissing ass, eating farts,  cleaning out shit stains and eating cuntjuice.

I stared incredulously at her, my eyes wide open...not comprehending what I had just heard.

She continued, her nose touching mine..."There are twenty other male slaves here...each bound to the same service.  If you do not obey any command given you...instantly and with complete fervor, you will be severely punished, by whipping, electricity, by our special brand of penis torture, or if resistance continues, our more extreme forms of torture."

She looked at me with her cold eyes...commanding complete attention and respect.  "Do you understand me?", she whispered, pinching my nuts between her hand.  My eyes were bulged out and I nodded involuntarily...terrified of my vulnerable position...and what they could do to me.

"If you are a good toliet slave, you will have no problem here.  We bring in many female visitors each day to avail themselves of our male slaves oral skills...and they will express their satisfaction...or disapproval...according to your efforts."

If you don't satisfy all will be punished.

She attached a small electronic device at the base of my dick  after smearing some kind of glue on the skin...and shoved it so that it attached with little barbs.  I flinched from the sting and she grabbed my chin and squeezed it.  "Don't fucking move toilet mouth...don't move unless I tell you to..."

I nodded in panic and the sting soon went away...but the device would be attached securely until forcefully removed  from the skin.

She licked the tip of my nose..."We also have a group of cooperative females sucking asshole and cock who are used daily by visiting males.  We wouldn't want to discriminate would we?"  You are allowed to have them service you in our special gloryhole area at times, of course you will be servicing them also on a regular basis. you'll find it quite hot I promise you.  You're just going to love what we call our 'glory asshole' area.'

"Oh, and we have countless video crews coming through and filming...get use to that.  We sell our videos worldwide and they are quite popular."

"JUst for your information...," she said sarcastically, "all of our visitors are carefully screened medically before they are allowed to partake of the benefits of our many toilet disease will be the least of your worries."

"Now...", she whispered, "I'll show you what happens when we are displeased with you..."  She picked up a remote control and pushed a button on it.  I jumped and yelped from the sharp pain...which brought tears to my eyes.

She managed a slight sneer..."That's a good understand me completely don't you?"  I nodded wildly conveying to her my complete and absolute obedience.  She pulled away and released my balls.  "Good, you turd sucking fuck, we understand each other now."

"We are going to begin a strict regimen of training and conditioning that will enable you to do your duty each day...and with great skill."  She nodded to the two other women as she got up to leave.  "Get him started on the tongue stretcher...he'll need two treatments a day for awhile. Give him aphrodisiac number three to start out...then increase the dosage each day for awhile."

"By the time he's on aphro 10 he'll be a suckhole fanatic."

"Tonight we'll introduce him to our special female 'gloryhole'...such a wonderful way to express his complete obedience to us."

"Oh and begin the antibiotic treatments and intenstinal barrier so that be doesn't become ill from the disgusting little parasites found in crap and other nasty liquids."  She left and the two women released me and as one of them held the remote they secured my hands behind me and led me through the large house to a room in the basement.

I could see no other slaves here, but I didn't doubt her for a moment...or her threats of reprisal.  I was stuck here for awhile...and I suspected that if I obeyed them completely, and bided my time...I would come out of this whole and alive.

We arrived at the lower basement level and entered a room filled with strange equipment...not intended, it seemed, for torture...but rather for conditioning.  They sat me in front of a strange device and strapped me in.  I was sitting in a comfortable chair, and my head was placed in a restraint module, so it was completely fixed, and could not move.  A spreader was placed in my mouth and they slowly opened it so that in a moment my mouth was stretched wide open.  Then they hung a dentists saliva suction tube over my lips and turned it on.

The module in front of my face was moved toward me and a vacuum tube with a wide slot was slid onto my tongue.  My tongue fit comfortably in the slot and as they turned on the vacuum was drawn forward and sucked into the tube.

Slowly the force was increased so that my tongue was drawn powerfully out of my mouth until it became quite  uncomfortable.  They left the setting there and as my tongue was stretched to it's absolute limit, the suction tube keep my mouth dry.

"This will make that tongue of yours nice and long slave...", said one of the women, "you'll need a long tongue to clean out those deep shit stains."  They seemed pleased with themselves and left me that way closing the door behind me.  I was quite uncomfortable now and shifted around a bit, but was unable to move and had to endure it.

As I squirmed in misery the device sucked my tongue for fifteen painful minutes until the two returned to release me.

They secured my hands again and took me to a small cell which had a bed and toilet, and tied me to the bed once more.  "You'll be eating soon", said one of the women..."Dinner will be brought to you.  You will sleep for a few hours after you finish your meal and then will be inducted into our system by the Madam."

I slept fitfully for awhile after dinner, but found it impossible to rest adequately under the circumstances and lay awake turning the whole thing over in my mind.  I had no idea where I was or how to escape, and decided that to survive I must do what I was told without fail.  They didn't seem bent on killing anyone or doing anything necessarily severe so that seemed the best course of action.

The door opened and the two wardresses came in and released me again.  We went to another part of what must have been a huge mansion, and I was left sitting on a cold metal folding chair  in a well furnished office waiting for the 'Madam', as they called her.


The rear door behind the large desk opened and the Madam entered wearing a tight skirt and white blouse.  She had a cattle prod in her hand and walked over to me holding it with both hands behind her back.  She had some kind of electronic device attached to her belt and looked at it as she spoke.

"This is a very sophisticated truth detector," she said quietly, "it is 99.9 percent accurate.  I can tell in a moment if someone is lying or telling the truth, or at least what they believe to be the truth.  My ladies also each have access to one of these during their duties.

"You must convince me that you will obey each of our commands immediately and without delay."  She stood over me.  Are you going to do absolutely anything that we ask of you without a moments hesitation?" 

She stood behind my back looking down at me.  I answered at once with the most intense realism I could muster..."Yes...yes...I will do absolutely anything that you want...please believe me...anything!"

There was a moments wait and I was terrified that I might not have been convincing enough.

She came around in front of me and put her face next to mine again.  "Not good enough toilet slave...not quite good enough. I'm afraid you must learn to be more sincere."

I looked at her with dread and she lowered the cattle prod downward as I looked on in horror and touched the tip of my penis.  The spark send an extremely powerful shock into my sensitive dickhead and I screamed and rolled on the floor, folding my knees upward in agony.

She stood over me again and asked the same question..."Are you going to do absolutely anything we ask immediately and without a moment's hesitation?"  I was sobbing now terrified that nothing I could do would satisfy her.

"Oh yes...please...yes...anything...anything...I want to please you so much...oh please, I'll do anything!"

She stared at her device again for a moment and looked down at me with cold eyes.  "You're almost there," she cooed, "but not quite."  She lowered the horrific shock device down to electrocute me again and I sobbed and moved out of her way slithering all over the floor.

She followed my movement mercilessly and found my dick again touching right on my pisshole.  I screamed violently and shook as I jerked in pain and lay there sobbing and begging her to believe me.  My body quivered with the horrendous pain and saliva dribbled from my mouth to the floor.

She stood over me once more and repeated the dreaded question..."Are you going to do absolutely anything we ask of you instantly and with complete obedience?"

I was crying now...unable to find words to relay to her my absolute, complete obedience...but I couldn't find them and looked at her through glazed eyes.

"If you don't answer I will shock you again?", she you'd better give me an answer." 

"oh please, yes, yes...I...I will do anything...anything and love it and do it instantly because I want to please you..."  My voice trailed off as I sobbed and she looked at her device once again...and studied it carefully.

She looked at me impassively..."I'll take your word for it this time shit mouth.  Now lets do a little testing."  She layed the device on her desk and pulled her panties off and layed them on the desk also.  She stepped over me and squatted down with her well formed ass over my mouth.  "I need to take a shit and you will capture it all in your mouth and swallow it." 

Without a thought I opened my mouth widely and put it right under her hairy asshole.  I was so terrified to please that I knew I could eat her shit and have no problem with it.

She slowly squeezed out a lump of feces and as it eased out I made sure it went directly into my mouth.  It dropped in and I chewed it had little actual taste but smelled terribly.  I forced myself beyond all comprehension to enjoy my meal and swallowed it deftly as another small turd dropped in my open gullet.  I ate the shit voraciously swallowing all of it and then slid my tongue upward to eat out globs of crap around her asshole.

I kept my mind focused so I wouldn't retch and made my self enjoy it sexually.  I cleaned all of the brown cream out of her raw butthole and swallowed it, and cleaned all of the residue around her obscene anal area also.  She reached over and grabbed a roll of toilet paper and wiped her ass several times throwing the tissue in a nearby trashcan.

Then she stood up and put her panties back on looking down at me with contempt.  "You eat shit like you were born for it!", she sneered.  "As soon as you start jacking off while eating cunt and asshole you'll like it even more.!"

I was desperate to please her and grinned up at her licking my lips.  "Oh thank you...thank you for using my mouth for a toilet!", I gushed,  "thank you...thank you!" 

She sneered at me sarcastcally.  "Cut the shit you ignorant bastard, you didn't like it but you will, I promise."

She left the room and soon the other ladies came and escorted me back to my cell.  They released my arms and left me and I quickly washed my face and mouth with soapy water trying to clean out the disgusting flavor.  I had crap up my nose and tried futiley to clean it out.  I smelled shit now and would for some time.


The next day I was allowed to take a full shower in a large bathroom designed for the slaves, while being watched by the wardresses and I cleaned myself thoroughly.  There was no one else there and I wondered when I would see some of the other prisoners.

After the shower I was taken to the tongue stretcher again and endured another fifteen minute treatment.  My tongue was sore from the pulling but I suspected that it would adjust and actually begin to get longer with each passing day.

From here they took me all the way across the courtyard to another area so that I could 'experience' their special gloryhole.  I knew what a gloryhole was but remained uncertain as to why theirs was so unique.

We went into a small room and I soon understood what they had in mind.  They had me kneel down on an ergometric chair right next to the wall but instead of a small hole there was a much larger one...and a bit lower to the floor.  The hole was just large enough for an ass to stick through...and I could see that I would be doing oral service to whom ever shoved their butt through the hole.  The kneeling chair was low enough to facilitate this and was actually quite comfortable.

There were assistants here...lesser wardresses whose job it was, I assumed, to oversee the raunchy activities.  The humorless woman who came in to set me up was quite attractive, and was dressed in a brown work suit, such an appropriate color.  She was very serious in her work and soon had me strapped into the chair, which was secured to the floor with bolts.

She pulled my left hand forward and put it through a smaller hole in the wall so that my face was pulled right up to the large hole so that whatever pushed through it would be forced upon me regardless of anything I might do.  My right hand was left free apparently for jacking off while performing my filthy endeavors.

Then she pushed a button and the hole shrunk and gripped my arm tightly so that I couldn't pull it out.  There was a small platform under the front of my chair that rose up eight or ten inches and this allowed whomever was kneeling with their butt against the large hole to have a place for their feet under my chair.  It was all very elaborate and thought out and I could see that it must have taken great ingenuity to set up.

There were two video cameras mounted on the wall, one on each side of the hole to capture all of the action upclose.

The serious lady then gave me a plastic shot glass of a clear liquid and spoke to me.  "This is spanish fly," she said in a monotone, "it will make you very, very aroused for your work here."  "The women on the other side of the wall have a button to push if you are not pleasing them enough...and if I see the red light come on I will punish you with this needle in your rear."

She produced a large needle with a handle on it and layed it next to me so that I could see it clearly.

"Also if you displease the Madam you will visit her for severe punishment."   She left the room and closed the door and I waited anxiously as the powerful aphrodisiac did it's work.  I Began to feel an intense heat in my groin area and my cock rose to a rock hard erection.

I could hear voices in the next room and a shuffling of feet.  Then someone came into the chamber next door and kneeled down on the special padded fixture and shuffled her ass up next to the hole and pushed outward filling my nostrils with her asscrack.

It looked like the woman could kneel comfortably and rest her arms on a padded cushion while she was being serviced...and at the same time her doggie position spread her asscheeks very widely opening her anus to the mouth on the other side.

The attendant opened the door briefly and spoke to me. "You'd better get your fucking tongue moving hon...this is a zero tolerance area.  When the door closed again I shot my tongue out and licked the smelly anal area voraciously, savoring the funky smell of an unwashed butthole and then kissed both asscheeks as I moaned.

I grunted and slid my tongue up her raw asshole and tasted a light coating of fecal matter.  I quickly lapped it out and ate it and moaned and slurped as I licked all around her flushed and exposed asscrack.  I was lapping her butthole in pleasure and kissing her ass and she seemed to enjoy it greatly wiggling her well formed rear against my nose.

I made sure I gave her an intense tongue job and started sucking her obscene craphole with all the enthusiasum I could muster.

She farted loudly filling my mouth and nostrils with the funky smell...and I sucked even harder indicating that I wanted more.  The attendant stuck her head in door again and spoke with anger in her voice.  "You fucking toilet mouth bastard, you should be jacking off right now...start flogging that dick or I'll have to stick you, and you won't like that I promise!"

I grunted at her and nodded my mouth was covered with a thin layer of shit and she chuckled as she closed the door.  I started beating off as I sucked asshole and the woman next door let off a series of loud farts into my mouth as I wanked off.  Just as I shot my load she released just a little shit cream and I lapped it up and swallowed it, grunting obscenely as I ate the results of one of her farts.

I was like an animal now so horny I couldn't stand it and was in a frenzy eating the nasty poophole before me.


THe woman got up and left and was replaced my another, and then another, and then another.  By the time I'd sucked the fourth asshole I was exhaused...My face completely covered in a thin layer of shitcream.  The smell would be impossible to remove, and I knew I would have to get used to the constant smell of shit in my mouth and nose.

Finally the attendant came in to release me...and I slowly got up and could barely stand as a wardress took me back to my room.

I had a good meal and tried to wash the residue and taste down but it was all still there.

I had ejaculated two or three times during the helped me to do a good job while I was getting my own nuts off.

I slept all night and into the next morning, and after my twice daily tongue treatment ate a large breakfast and showered.  I resigned myself to what I was forced to do...I believed that they would release me in time...possibly a few months...I had to maintain hope...and in the meantime I would try to enjoy the disgusting things I was being forced to do.

I knew there would be more to come, and I tried not to let it defeat me.

After a month of captivity I had managed to stay on the good side of the Madam...and my complete attention to her anal servicing brought her much pleasure, and me the constant smell of shit in my mouth and nose.  I had been taken to the conditioning room several times a day since and they had added new kinds of exercises to my routine.

I was now doing a few more wierd tongue workouts...among them forcing my lengthening lapper through a rubber anus on a very lifelike model of an ass.  The rubber anus was larger than life when I began, and they gradually decreased the size of the fake crap chute so that it took more pressure to penetrate and make my tongue slide all the way in.

As with the other exercises I did two fifteen minute sessions per day...and soon my tongue began to strengthen and I could penetrate deeper than when I first started.  The tongue sucker indicated that my tongue had actually grown in length by a centimeter, or about a third of an inch.  There was a digital readout on the suction device that showed relative lengthening as time went by so that my progress could be easily viewed.

Also I was required to do tongue exercises twice each day on my own.  Any failure to do so on my part would result in punishment and I wasn't taking any chances risking that. Video cameras were in my room and everything I did when alone was taped.

During the exercises I had to turn my tongue and twist it in various odd poses to strenghen it and give it more capability.

I had performed cunt and ass licking on all of the wardens, and a steady parade of the female strangers who passed through every day.

I found that I was swallowing five to ten orgasms per day...and ass cleaning about the same number.  Many of the strangers wore masks while they were having their cunts or crapholes that their identities would be protected.  My face, of course, was known to all.

The constant ingestion of aphrodisiacs was affecting me deeply, and I was developing a genuine craving for the swampy fishy odor of cunthole, and the funky primeval smell of unwashed butthole.

I was used like a dog...and my mouth became a depository for vaginal secretions and shit. I had begun to see the other prisoners on a regular basis...either passing them in the hallways, or during sex parties where we were all degraded in various ways.

The Madam had requested my presence in the main orgy area,  and when entering, escorted by attendants, I could see four other nude female prisoners, and the Madam, who wore a super tight skirt, showing her perfect ass.  The Madam was a blonde, a very pretty blond...who was, to say the least, extremely crude and oversexed.

The female prisoners looked at me without emotion...they too had been given the 'induction interview' and I had no doubt that they were as terrified as I was of being tortured again.

Madam pulled up her skirt and took off her panties, and sat spread legged on a comfortable chair.  The female slaves also sat down on chairs...all of which formed a semicircle, and spread their hairy cunts wide open for servicing.  I was the only male there and the attendants shoved me to my knees, and I kneeled between all of the exposed vaginas.

Madam rubbed her wet fuckhole, and it glistened with her internal excretions, the smell of cunt was powerful and I knew what I was to do next.

Madam grabbed my hair painfully and pulled me between her legs so that my nose was being tickled by the dark hairs of her slit.  She looked at me wickedly..."I want you to deep fuck me with your tongue, toilet slave...I want your tongue all the way in me and moving in and out rapidly... do you fucking hear me?"

"Make me cum by fucking me with your tongue."  She spread her obscene vaginal opening and my tongue shot in, expertly and relentlessly...I was desperate to please her and not get on her bad side.  I pushed my nose and mouth into her smelly snatch and forced my tongue in to the hilt lapping with great speed.  My tongue was splattering cuntjuice down my chin as I did the dirty on her and soon her raunchy oriface began to ooze a clear liquid all over my face.

She moaned and masterbated her clit...causing her to grimace in pleasure and I knew it wouldn't be long before she would expend her funky smelling juice in my face and mouth.

She held my hair and humped her hips upward smearing her wet slime all over my face.  "I want you to keep my cuntjuice in your mouth and go to the next bitch here, and around in a circle, and hold their cuntjuice in your mouth too until I tell you to swallow it...and not before."

I continued my rapid tongue fucking and as the scum dripped from my face I instinctively knew when she was ready to orgasm.  I had cunthairs in my mouth but knew better than to slow my pace or disappoint her.

She opened her dark hairy asshole widely for me and spread her anal sphincter so that I could see brown creme inside.  "French my asshole and suck my shit into your mouth", she hissed, looking down ominously at me.  I'd learned not to hesitate for even a second and slid my long ass cleaner up her craphole.  I buried it deeply and it was into an inch of shit as I lapped it rapidly.  When I had loosened the crap I sucked her raw anus strongly and a glob of brown waste flowed into my mouth.

I held it there looking up obediently at her.  "Now open your mouth so I can give you my load," she grunted.

I kneeled there in complete supplication, my oral cavity opened to the max.  I could feel the shit cream at the back of my tongue, and the smell was powerful.  She held my head painfully by my hair and forced her swampy cunt over my mouth.

She looked at me with disgust and groaned as a squirt of thick vaginal juice shot into my mouth.  It was quite like having my mouth pissed in but was a clear and smelled to high heaven.  I took it all in and held it in my gullet waiting for the command to swallow.

She pulled me by the hair and shoved me to the next cunt nearby.  The woman lay there masterbating and my face fell into a dark mass of smelly hairpie.

"Open your mouth and don't lose any liquid.  Let them all feed you their juice."  I kneeled there with my lips spread wide open...the disgusting liquid already in there was indescribable, and more was to come.

The woman rubbed her clit rapidly and soon a stream of hot liquid splattered into my mouth filling it even more.  I had to hold my head back to keep the disgusting fluid from leaking out and I went to the next three ladies performing the same nasty chore.  By the time I had taken three other orgasms into my open mouth I could just barely hold my head back enough to retain the raunchy liquid.

The Madam held my hair tightly looking down at me like I were a bug.  "Do you fucking know what you've got in your mouth you pathetic bastard?"  She took her finger and dipped it into the large puddle of scum and shoved it in both my nostrils.

"Look at them and swallow," she snickered, and jackoff while you're doing it." 

I looked at the four women at an angle as I held my head back and began to stroke off.   "Swallow when you cum you filthy son-of-a-bitch," she added, "and hurry it up!"  I wacked my peter faster now feeling my nuts swing back and forth and  soon I jerked and spit my seed on the floor.  At the same time I gulped down the indescribable mess, gagging only slightly, as the women looked at me like some low form of life.

It was funky and pungeant as it flowed down my throat, and I gulped several times to get it all down.

I kneeled there licking my lips, looking at the Madam, waiting for instructions.  She looked at me impatiently.  Suddenly it hit me and I dove down and slid my tongue in the first woman's butthole as she lay there legs spread.  I twisted my tongue and lapped in digging out a glob of fresh shit.  I gulped it down quickly probing my long tongue in as deep as I could to clean out all the residue.


The Madam had dressed by now and stood over me as I moved down the line eating bunghole and crap.  I cleaned each funky rear opening thoroughly receiving several wet farts, and looked up at the Madam for approval when I'd finished, a thick ring of shit around my mouth. She finally waved her hand in tacit approval and I got up and put my hands behind to be taken back to my cell.

What worried me was that I was actually beginning to crave  sucking asshole and eating shit, and I was afraid it was going to get worse as time went by.  I just couldn't believe what I had been was just beyond anything that I imagined I would be capable of a month ago.

I didn't know it at the moment but I was soon to receive the same oral anal attention from some of the female slaves... and I'm sure that they felt just as I did...amazed at what they were capable of, and even more amazed that they were growing to like it.


It had been five weeks since I had been captured and forced to become an oral slave for a group of disgusting women, and my prospects of escape seemed no better than when I first arrived.

I, and almost forty other men and women were being used like sex toys for the pleasure of others, and the worst part was that captives here actually began to crave and enjoy the disgusting activities after awhile.

We were forced by threat of severe pain to do the bidding of the nasty owners here, and after a few sessions in agony there was no alternative than but to obey totally and without hesitation or suffer the consequences.

I had eaten what must have been fifty or sixty swampy female assholes, and the smell of shit, urine, and cuntjuice saturated my oral and nasal cavities.  The Madam, or head warden here was a very pretty blond woman with a perfect ass, who took delight in using the prisoners like trash.  Her assistants were equally as decadent, and enjoyed the disgusting things forced on the slaves on a daily basis.

Now I would find out what it felt like to be the recipient of tongue slavery...a very addictive position to be in.

I was called to the main orgy room and was led in, hands secured behind,as usual.  The Madam and another of the femdom women stood waiting, as well as a very pretty female slave.  The slave was on her knees and looked at me eagerly, licking her beautiful lips.  She had a real nice ass and my dick became hard immediatedly, dripping cum as I stood there.

The Madam pulled me over and roughly turned me around so that my ass was near the slave's face.  I had been instructed to take a shit just before coming, and was not allowed to use toilet paper after my bowel movement.

The Madam released my hands and two attendants stood nearby with cattle prods.  She made me kneel doggie style and put my face near her feet and my ass in the face of the slave.  The poor woman  didn't wait a second and immediately began licking my stained asscrack...slurping and moaning in pleasure.  Her tongue in my asshole drove me wild and my peter rubbed the floor as cum dribbled out.

I could feel her eating globs of shit that remained on my raw butthole and she forced her tongue in deeply cleaning out the brown paste.  I could swear she actually enjoyed it...and was grunting and panting, apparently near orgasm.  When she'd cleaned my open asscrack the Madam pulled me to get up and I stood in front of the unfortunate woman, my hard dripping prick inches from her face.

She was a knockout, and with a perfect body and my dick was ready to explode.  Madam slapped my ass hard..."Fuck her mouth you dumb shit...I want you to make her eat your load."  I jumped instinctively, and grabbed the woman's head, rubbing my bouncing dick over her shit stained mouth.  There was a thick ring of crap around her lips and she quickly pushed forward shoving my pecker in her open gullet. 

She looked up at me in a suck frenzy...lapping her tongue all around my throbbing dick as she moved her head in and out.   She was in a trance of lust now, her eyes glazed over in pleasure as she sucked my weiner off, and I held her head firmly as I fucked that tight mouth.  Very shortly I grunted, and jerked forward, sending a thick wad of scum into her oral cavity.

My balls were absolutely engorged with hot dicksnot, and I pumped six or seven streamers of white slime into her eager mouth.

She gulped and swallowed, looking up at me, her eyes bulged out in pleasure...and I looked down at the little cocksucker...and completely emptied my swollen balls.

When I was finished my dick fell out and cum dribbled to the floor before she was able to close her mouth and swallow the whole mess.  She ate it all and looked up at me...a fully compliant and cooperative slave.  I'm sure she got on well with the Madam, as such dedication was rewarded with freedom from the pain sessions.

The Madam moved over to her and looked down, patting her head as if she were a pet.  "Thats a good little shit're quite a cocksucking little whore aren't you?"  After that my hands were secured again and I was taken to the conditioning center. 


My tongue was becoming quite developed by now...longer and stronger to do the raunchy work required.  I was using ass models with very tight sphincter openings, and I could force my long tongue deep inside thanks to the developing muscles in my mouth and throat.

After my time in the conditioning room I was given a dose of spanish fly and taken to another area of the huge that I had never visited before.  We entered what appeared to be a small orgy room...and to my utter shock I saw the Madam on her knees doggy style, being fucked in the ass by one of the slaves. 

They were both grunting in pleasure, and soon the slave groaned and shot a load of semen into her rectum, causing some to ooze out and run down her leg.  The slave pulled out and was immediately removed from the room...I avoided eye contact, as we were strictly commanded to do, and soon I was alone with the Madam and another wardress who stood holding an electric prod in her hand.

The Madam put her arms on the comfortable pillow in front of her  and opened her asshole widely for me.  I cringed with horror, since I knew what she had in mind, and waited for the inevitable.

"Get your ass down here and suck my farthole you know how I like it!", she commanded, as I stood there trembling.

I was so petrified with fear most of the time that I knew better than to hesitate and quickly dropped to my knees behind her and put my face next to her disgusting asshole.  Semen and shit were oozing out of her anus and I closed my eyes and shot my tongue in, eating the white glue eagerly.  The aphrodisiac was kicking in big time now and I sucked her draining shit tunnel, swallowing mouthfuls of cum as she forced it out into my mouth.

I was near gagging but concentrated very hard on my work, and soon my long tongue had cleaned out her obscene craphole and I ended by kissing her ass all over and licking the residue from around her raw sphincter muscle.

She seemed pleased with my work, and when she got up to wipe her ass several times she looked down at me with a bit more civility than usual.  I kneeled there and licked my lips, cleaning around them thoroughly, and she padded into the next room and disappeared. The other wardress quickly cuffed me again, and took me back to my cell.  On the way we passed several other attendants and slaves, and, of course, none of us were allowed to speak or make eye contact.


The next day, a few hours after my lengthening sessions in the conditioning area, I was taken to a large room over on the west side of the building which seemed to be some kind of reception zone.  When we walked in there were a group of female visitors sitting on a circular couch, and the Madam was standing there talking to them. I was taken over to her and my hands still bound.  She pulled me over and grabbed my balls.  "This, ladies, is one of our very cooperative slaves...he is coming along quite well."

The women were greatly enjoying my humiliation, and I could tell they probably were very much into this kind of thing.

"Stick out your licker toilet slave," she said quietly, looking at me with strange sort of acceptance.  I immediately shot out my long tongue and presented it to her.  "Our slaves are required to undergo extensive tongue development," she said, looking at the smiling women..."this cocksucker has a very nice tongue...don't you agree ladies?"

I held my tongue out firmly cringing at her suggestion but knew that I had no choice but to obey.  I swore I would never go through their tortures again.

"This piece of shit will do absolutely anything he is told," she said grinning slightly to the eager group.  "Let me demonstrate."  She released my hair and pulled up her tight skirt relealing her perfectly formed asscrack and pulled her panties down.

She pushed down on my shoulder and I dropped instantly, as she turned her butt toward me and spread her asscheeks.  We were sideways to the group of women and they grinned in anticipation as she spoke.

Her asshole was soiled, as usual, probably from a morning dump...and she pulled my face into her funky asscrack.  "Suck my hairy asshole toliet slave!," she wheezed, pushing out her brown hairy anus.  I clamped my lips around her disgusting craphole, licking the thick anal ring and tasted the dried shit there.

"Look at your audience," she moaned, pushing on her abominal area.

I looked over at the spectators, my mouth clamped tightly over the Madam's smelly butthole...and she stuck her finger out in front of my face in a puzzling fashion...but I caught on very quickly.  "Pull my finger you ignorant bastard", she grunted as she continued to massage her abdomen.

I reached up and jerked her extended finger, my hand clamped around an expensive diamond ring as I pulled.

Suddenly a huge and very long fart blew out of her swampy rear hole, and filled my cheeks, making them bulge out noticably.

My eyes enlarged greatly as I ate the nasty gas, and several more  kisses blew into my mouth as I continued sucking.

The women broke up in laughter as I looked at them, sucking out one fart after another, and soon a bit of shit dribble oozed out and ran down my chin.  I cleaned her asshole completely, swallowing the residue, and as I looked at the ecstatic group of women, took my finger and wiped the shit from my chin and stuck it in my mouth, eating it all off.

The Madam pulled up her panties and smoothed her skirt down and stood there proudly.  "What did I tell you girls...he's a complete shiteater.  The attendants led me away as I looked at the strangers, and I felt a profound sense of humiliaton from my little visit.

I fell asleep in my cell...and didn't wake up until morning.

The attendants brought one of my daily doses of antibiotics and intestinal nullifiers, before breakfast, and I greatfully took them down, knowing that they protected me from the disgusting substances I was ingesting each day.

I dreamed of escape...but at the same time I was actually needing to suck butthole each day...and found myself uncomfortable after a sufficient period without doing it.  It was merely a fetish that I had been forced to adopt, and would probably be with me for a very long time.

After weeks in captivity I had begun to change inside.  The smell of shit in my mouth and nose had become second nature, and I actually began to develop a fetish for the funky odors to which I was subjected daily.

New conditioning methods were added on a regular basis...and my tongue had grown noticably in length and muscular development.  Now I was introduced to a new training which I actually ate my daily nutrition from rubber anus models.  My food consisted of a substance with exactly the same color, consistancy, odor, and taste of shit.

As I ate the rubber assholes lumps of brown food were forced out for me to eat, and now my total daily nutritional allowance came from the conditioning room.  My liquid needs were satisfied by other models made to precise specifications...and I had to suck the urethra of the female models to obtain my drink.  The liquid was exactly the taste and odor of real piss, and I drank mouthfuls of it as I ate the nasty brown food. 

My vitamin needs were satisfied by the ingestion of mouthfuls of thick liquid from cunt models.  The taste and smell was exactly the same as the real thing.  So I was eating simulated shit, piss, and cuntjuice for my daily meals.  Paradoxically the food was supposedly very high in nutrients and vitamins...which didn't help their palatability at all while I was feeding on them.

I hadn't eaten regular food for two weeks now, and would have given anything for a hamburger and fries.

I actually couldn't tell the difference between the fake food and the real thing, and eating the disgusting substances from the females here became ordinary to me.  I had developed a severe fetish for going down on every woman in sight, and was reduced to a panting, licking, swallowing animal by now.


One day I was taken to the area where prospective female customers came to see the captive male slaves, and once again the Madam was there, standing with her arms folded.  She had a slight smile on her face, which I found a little unusual, and I knew I was about to be degraded again.  I was intensely horney from the aphrodisiac given me, which had been increased four levels of intensity since I arrived here, and frankly, at the moment I would gladly eat her farts when she commanded me or do anything else.

There were three very pretty women, in their thirties, and they were quite stunning, wearing expensive business suits, and they looked at me if they knew something that I didn't.  I stood there naked, hands cuffed behind, as usual...and the Madam reached behind me and grabbed my swollen balls.  She pinched them between her fingers and my eyes opened widely, but I didn't make a sound, knowing better than to do so from past experience.

"This is one of my best tongue slaves ladies," said the pretty Madam..."he now eats shit without being forced...he really likes it...and we can't feed the scumbag enough!"

The women each possessed a perfect, and well formed ass, and they came over and looked at me closely, staring into my eyes.  One of them grabbed my peter and pulled on it painfully, and my hard dong was stretched to it's limit by her gloved hand.

"Open your fucking mouth dirtbag!", she commanded, pinching my hard dick.  I opened as wide as possible immediately, and she stuck her finger inside and pulled my tongue out.  She pulled it out painfully and I gagged a bit as she stretched it.  "I see what you mean," she said, looking briefly at the Madam..."nice fucking tongue."

She looked into my eyes directly, and her stare was quite penetraing and intimidating..."So you fucking eat shit!"

I nodded my head up and down and said yes, my mouth still fully open.  She let go of my tongue and pinched my nose..."Do you like to eat long wet farts!", she grunted, pinching it painfully.  I nodded again, desperately eager to please her, knowing that I could be severely punished later by the Madam.

"Show me!," she breathed, letting go of my sore nose.  She pulled her expensive skirt up over her hips and pulled her panties down to her knees.  The Madam pushed down hard on my shoulders and I dropped at once, knowing what I had to do.  I was breathing rather hard now, in an intense state of arousal, and when she spread her perfect asscheeks revealing her dark, hairy crack, I couldn't control my self and dove in with my tongue and licked the dark smelly hair around her open bunghole. 

I cleaned the slight shit stain from the hair surrounding her smelly butthole and began to suck her round, glistening anal sphincter hoping for a mouthful of the gas I was becoming highly addicted to.

"Suck my raw stinking asshole you dirty bastard, and you'd better eat every fart or you're going to piss me off!"  She groaned and her anus stretched outward expelling a large puff of internal gas.  It was loud and echoed throughout the room.

My cheeks bulged out from the odorous kiss, and as she continued farting I allowed the funky gas to fill my nostrils and ate it, actually swallowing each nasty gust of fart wind.  It was obvious that she had eaten a large amount of beans or something similar, and as I sucked the putrid gas from her stinkhole little dribbles of shit stain began to accumulate around my mouth, which I

swallowed eagerly.

By the time she had relieved herself completely I was becoming light headed from the smelly methane gas, and my eyes were glazed over in pleasure as I slowly stroked my pecker.

She stood and pulled her panties up and smoothed her skirt down.  She looked seriously at the Madam..."He'll do," she said pleasantly...this dirtbag will do." 

"Good!," the Madam said, as she looked down at me with her usual contempt..."That will be ten thousand dollars for the evening, and one of our staff will accompany to insure the usual safety proceedures.

The woman waved her hand absent mindedly...and pulled out a roll of bills from which she removed the ten thousand dollars.

The woman smiled briefly as she looked at me..."I think we can get ten thousand worth of use out of him."

One of the wardens came in and stood with an equipment suitcase, and I was immediately whisked out of the door and to the limosine.  My mouth was duck taped and I was unceremoniously shoved into the car trunk, and lay there on a thick pad as the car sped off.  My stomach was churning and queasy from fear and shock, but I knew that I had to control myself whatever the cost. 

We drove for what must have been two hours, and as I was jostled by the moving car my fear and dread grew...I had no idea what they were going to do to me...and still could not believe that the Madam had 'rented' me out, like I was a videotape or something.

The car finally stopped, and the trunk was opened, and I looked at them pleadingly, sick with dread.  I was taken inside the large estate house by two women who showed no sign of emotion, and quickly ushered, still naked, into the lobby and then down a long set of stairs to the basement.  We entered a small room with a bed, and the tape was removed from my mouth.

I was locked in there,  hands still cuffed behind me, and the two house servants left without a word.  I layed down on the bed and tried to get some rest, but I was trembling with anticipation, fearing the unknown.  I felt that the Madam would not want her property damaged, and I suspected that I would merely be subjected to the same kind of oral filth that I had experienced at the other place.


A few hours later the woman who had 'purchased' me originally came in, accompanied by the two female house servants and the warden from the original house.  The warden sat on a chair beside me and pulled out a pint bottle of a chalky white gel.  I knew it was the intestinal nullifier and I took it and drank it down.  The gel was tasteless and had the consistancy of pudding and I finally managed to get it all down. 

Then she gave me an injection from a large hypodermic syringe.  I knew by experience that it contained powerful antibiotics and equally powerful aphrodisiacs and anti nausea drugs.  It was a super cocktail that had been used on me many times before, and I must admit that it was extremely potent.

She got up and left the room and the other women surrounded me.  The hostess looked at me with a sneer and pinched my dick again.

"You will not fucking speak while you are here, she said, "and you will do precisely as I fucking understood...nod if you understand!" Without hesitation I nodded my head erratically, up and down in an exaggerated manner and she smiled derisively.  "We're having a dinner tonight with my special female friends in attendance and you will be out guest of honor and will be our entertainment for the evening."

"Let's just say I don't think you will forget this night,"  She smiled wickedly, and they left me alone once again.  Even though I had a basic idea of what would be expected of me I still didn't know exactly what it would be.  The suspense was filling me with butterflies of dread, and I lay down again and tried to sleep.

I did finally drift off and must have slept for a few hours when the door opened and I was pulled from the bed uncerimoniously by the two female house servants. 

I was taken upstairs and to a large bathroom on the ground floor.  I could hear the guests as they finished their dinner, and dreaded what might come next.  I steeled myself and was prepared for anything.  We stepped into the bathroom and the door was closed behind us.

I immediately saw a strange looking toilet stool.  Raised a bit off the floor and wider than normal.  There was a flat encasement behind the toilet that extended into the wall. 

They opened a door into another room behind the toilet and took me inside.  I was beginning to have an idea of what was going on and when they made me lay down on a sliding platform on the floor behind the rear of the toilet on the other side I had no doubt.  The thought of it gripped my stomach like a vise, but at this point there was nothing I could do and had to play it out the best I could.

They strapped me onto the surface securely and placed a special head restraint over me so that my face was looking upward.  They then slid me back and under the toilet on the other side and I soon found myself staring upward out of the bottom of the toilet lid.

My face was about six inches under the lid and I grimaced, knowing what was coming next.  They attached some kind of electrodes to my penis and balls and came back in to look down at me.  Such a view was beyond my comprehension, what it actually looked like under a toilet lid from the prospective of the toilet bowl, and I was stunned and weak from shame and fear.

The inside of the bowl was much larger than normal and there was an empty area around my head...apparently to allow the waste to fall to the sides.  There were some strange looking hooks inside at the front and rear of the stool and I soon found out what these were for.

I was so agitated by now that I was sweating profusely and trembled with dread as they continued to prepare me.  The plastic hooks were pulled out and placed over my upper and lower teeth and stretched forward and  backward until my mouth was wide open to the limit. 

I looked up at the ceiling as I lay there, just wanting to get this whole thing over with and get back to the other familiar surroundings that I had been in...however unbearable.

My hostess came in and looked down at me with a disgusted expression.  "You fucking crap mouth son-of-a-bitch now you're going to really get what you want.  How does it feel!"  She got down close to the stool lid and looked at me.  She gathered saliva in her mouth and spit into mine several times as I looked up at her in desperation...she was enjoying this to the fullest and I knew I would get the full treatment without mercy.

Soon a group of attractive women came into the bathroom and gathered around the stool looking down at me.  They were laughing and snickering to each other and I could tell that they were high on something and were bent on my utter humiliation.  They wore fashionable clothing and must have been well to do from their manner and conversation.  They were treating me like the low form of life that they imagined me to be...and I was shamed and hurt to be used in such a manner.

The hostess spoke to me again..."We've just had dinner and you know what happens after dinner," she grinned widely,  "yes you know what I'm talking about don't you?"  My eyes were wide open in disbelief and she stood up and turned around pulling her dress up.  She pulled her panties down and sat slowly onto the stool, her well formed ass resting right over my face.  Her asshole was directly over my mouth and began to bulge outward a bit...the first indication of what I knew was coming.

She farted loudly and a lump of shit began to ease out and was nearing it's release into my open gullet.  "Here's you dinner shitbag," she groaned as she strained, "you better eat it all or you'll get your balls and dick shocked and I'll tell your Madam."

With a final push she forced the chunk of crap out and it plopped into my mouth. when she had released her entire load of crap she stood up and they undid the mouth restraints.  I immediately began chewing the smelly mass, and as the women yelled in pleasure I began swallowing, gulping the filthy waste down within a short time.  "Look at this bastard!," she yelped to the women...shit eating motherfucker!"

They refastened the restraints pulling my mouth open again  and another woman stepped up, and looked down on me with a wicked lust that could not be described.  She also pulled her skirt up and panties down and lowered her perfect ass over my face.  The women were laughing intermittantly and the woman over me giggled loudly.  She moved back so that her cunt was over my face and a streamer of warm piss shot into my mouth, and I was able to gulp it down as it accumulated.

Then she looked down at me one more time and spread her open asshole over my mouth.  Her anus stretched as she strained and a gusher of soft crap shot out and filled my oral cavity.  She got up right away and they loosened the hooks to let me eat my meal.  I gulped it down,  it was much softer and I didn't have to chew it nearly as much.

Two more women did their bowel movement into my mouth, and I had eaten four loads of shit so far.  I knew I was reaching my limit and the hostess saw this and told me that I was to spit out each load after that, and just swallow the residue.

The looks of absolute revulsion and disgust on the women's faces before they crapped in my mouth was something I'll never forget.  My face was thick with human waste, and the torment continued on and on until fifteen women had finished their bowel movements.  I had become intensely horny during the first several mouthfuls but was now quite agitated and miserable and wanted it to be over.

The hostess had been taking pictures and videos of the action which she claimed would be shared with many of her friends worldwide, and when the last load was deposited in my sore mouth they were all anxious to leave. 

Soon I was alone with the staff and they went into the back room and pulled me out on the other side.  My entire front area was nothing but crap and with rubber gloves on their hands they got me up and pulled me to another room where there was a large shower area.  I was released and allowed to clean myself as much as I wanted.  It took me awhile but eventually I had removed the smelly brown residue and tried unsuccessfully to clean it from my mouth and nose.

I should have been used to that by now but I knew I never would be and when back in my room I had all night to think about it as I slept fitfully.

It was without doubt the most humiliating experience of my life...and the scar from this episode would be with me for good, I was sure.  What was even more humiliating about it was that I was getting my nuts off much of the time, enjoying my degradation.

The next day I was taken once again to the limo and shoved in the trunk.  The ride back was not pleasant but I was so happy to be returning to the Madam that I didn't mind at all.  The hostess lady had been kind enough to show me many of the photos she had taken of me, before I left, and assured me that the pictures, and the videos would be put to good use.


When I returned to the mansion the Madam greeted me with a frown, telling me that I had been on vacation and that I would now have to make up for lost time.  She had me on the floor immediately sucking her asshole, and I was so happy to be back that I inhaled her long sqeaking fart gladly, and cleaned out the inner juice that it produced.  I kissed her ass all over savoring the nasty feeling, and knew that I was indeed her slave, and that she had turned me into a raging suckass for the rest of my life.

I knew I would be free eventually from this place, and I put everything else out of my mind for the time being.

After my 'rental' and the phenomenonally disgusting way I had been used by my hosts, I dropped to the lowest level of usage in the Madam's mansion.  There are five levels of ranking used by the Madam beginning at the time of capture as level one, and extending upward as the slave becomes more adept and consumed by the required daily oral service. A slave's ranking is indicated by a tag attached to an ear... a different color for each level.

Level one is yellow...level two green...level three red...level four blue, and level five brown.

I was now looked on by the staff as the lowest form of oral slave possible, and would be treated like a dog from this point onward.  It was outrageous that I would be used so unjustly and with such filthy lust, but until I was released, or escaped, I would have to exist in this world.


I wore a dog collar at all times, and when being used and transported within the mansion, would have a leash attached to signify my abysmal position on the social scale here.

The morning after my return from 'rental' status I was taken for my 'breakfast' to the conditioning rooms. 

The food that was expelled from the models provided all of my nutritional needs, and was beginning to have more appeal for me, and I began to enjoy the nasty smell and taste while eating it. I had developed a powerful fetish in this regard, somewhat like that aquired for limburger cheese or other foods similar in aromatic funkyness. Almost anything can become erotic and desirable under suitable conditions.


After my time in the conditioning room I was given a dose of aphro 10, their most powerful aphodisiac, and taken to another area of the huge that I had never visited before. The aphro 10 did nasty things to the recipient...and along with an extremely powerful sex drug, contained mind control elements that completely shattered all moral conventions, and expanded the libido to unheard of levels, producing an intensely erotic drive that compelled one to behave like an animal sexually. 

We entered a women's bathroom and four female slaves sat on the open toilets relieving themselves.  The sound of their efforts filled the room,  and the familiar smell of nature hung in the air after the toilets were flushed.

The Madam stood looking at me as I entered, her arms folded, and a discontented sneer on her pretty face.  The guards brought me over to her.  

"You're due for toilet duty shit mouth, and you'd better be up to it!" While you've been enjoying yourself somewhere else you have been neglecting your duites here."  She was completely in control of me, and the other slaves at this point.  I hung on her every word and was developing such a craving for sucking asshole that my obscene enslavement was becoming secondary now.  I'd thought of begging her for it more than once, aside from the service she normally required of me each day.

They released my hands and stood by with the shock remote and  tasers ready.

The Madam grabbed one of my ears and dragged me over to the first stool.  She forced me downward pinching hard, and I knelt beside the woman knowing full well what was coming.  Then she pulled me behind her and put my face in her ass.  Her perfectly formed butt stuck out as my nose brushed against it...and I kissed the outline of her asscrack...very well revealed against her tight skirt.  "Kiss my farthole," she grunted, "kiss it real good."

I was like an automaton by now, and my nose pressed inward, buried in her rear crevasse.  I inhaled deeply, and at the same time she pushed out a very loud and obscene fart, and I kissed her crack repeatedly, moaning in pleasure.  She didn't stop there and broke wind several more times moving her ass against my face as I gasped for air. 

When she finished she pulled me around and looked down at me.  "I can't tell you how much you disgust me!" she spewed, "you're a coward and a chicken shit and you've allowed me to do all these things to you...and now you're addicted to our abuse, and eating my ass you fuck...the guards are disgusted by you, our clients are disgusted with you...and you know what, your time here has just begun!"

She pulled me to the first female slave and held my ear tightly.

"We've run out of toilet paper," she said, "and we must find a solution."  "Do you have any ideas?," she sniffed, holding my head down, and next to the slaves ass. I knew what she wanted and knew better than to hesitate or refuse anything she suggested. The pretty slave stood up and turned toward me, spreading her asscheeks.

A brown coating of fresh shit covered her inner recesses, and her butthole was covered with a thicker coating.  I looked up at the domineering Madam and pushed inward quickly, shoving my nose into the woman's hairy anus.  Crap covered my face as I poked my tongue deep inside her rear hole, and I ate it rapidly, swallowing the brown cream with great eagerness.  I was at the point where I didn't feel much of anything anymore, and was was consumed with an insatiable need to satisfy my raunchy cravings.

I cleaned her shit stained backside, and ate her deep, well formed asshole voraciously as the Madam looked closely at my work, still hanging onto my ear.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I felt a deep and intractable shame, and an indescribable bitterness toward the Madam...but it was currently beyond my ability to assimilate, and and the only thing that concerned me now was to satisfy my raging animal needs.

I cleaned the raunchy fartcrack quickly and moved onto the next.  A ring of feces surrounded my mouth by now and I shoved my long tongue up the next woman's rear waste port, eating shit it as it pushed  out.  I kissed her ass up and down and all over after I'd wolfed down her thick brown paste, and crawled uncerimoniously over to the last two attractive slaves. 

They knew better than to speak to me but had their hands inside each butt cheek pulling them widely apart. They were thoroughly enjoying my obscene oral attention to their intimate toilet area, I could tell, and I moaned as I ate several of the long farts that escaped into my mouth.

The Madam slapped my ass several times to humiliate me even further, and forced me to finish my last filthy meal, and with the slaves watching, pulled me by the ears again to the rear of the stools. 

"Lick these stools clean you sickening fuck, clean the rear and under the lid."

I lowered my head down and my nose touched the back of the stool as

my tongue slipped under the back part, licking underneath to capture the slight brown deposit there, and it had a slightly different flavor and consistancy, possibly left there by several users over time.  I licked the smear off the back also and moved to the next stool looking up at the Madam as she watched my work.

She frowned at me with contempt, though I tried desperately to please her, and whacked my ass again when I finished.  "You took your time you dirty bastard!," she wheezed, breathing heavily, "You must do your work more quickly!"  I looked into her eyes and nodded like a robot, and I was beginning to crave her approval more and more.

My self respect was long gone, replaced by the nasty craving that I was beginning to feel on a regular basis...and I could barely muster feelings of regret or anger anymore.  She'd cleverly conditioned me to enjoy my unspeakable habits here, and she took great pride in watching me struggle with this dilemma.

Finally the guards cuffed me and took me away...and shoved me in the showers alone, to clean myself off.  I was still rabid with lust...and my nameless meal had only enflamed my needs.  I begged the guards to let me suck their assholes...needing desperately to smell their funky rear openings...but they humiliated I jacked off in front of them.

"Shut your fucking mouth bastard!," one of them shouted, "I  wouldn't let you near my asshole right now...but I'll tell you what you piece of can clean the bottoms of our shoes if you beg us."  "We've been walking around the women's showers all day long and I'll bet there's some tasty goodies for you there."

I was so hot I nodded rapidly, pleading with them for release, jacking my dick off, and they pushed me roughly to the floor, and held their shoes next to my face.

As one of them touched my mouth with the bottom of her shoe, I lapped out and swirled my tongue around it, cleaning the cinders off, and other obscure items there...the taste was a bit salty and the smell reminiscent of limburger cheese.  I found other stains under the arch of her shoe, and cleaned them off dutifully.

After cleansing the underside of their shoes, I finished my shower while jacking off, and shot my wad just before they cuffed me and led me away.

They were treating me with more and more revulsion and contempt now, and I was at a loss to control my sexual cravings at this point.

They attached a leash to my collar and pulled it roughly as they led me away, and through the mansion, passing several other groups  in the hallways.  I could see no one with a lower slave  designation than mine, and I wondered if I were the only one at this despicable level.


The next day after my routine was finished the guards took me to a room next to the Madam's office and left me standing hands cuffed  behind to a wall.  The room contained several video cameras surrounding what appeared to be a small performance area.  Within a short time the Madam appeared, wearing tight, white short shorts and a yellow sweater.

She was accompanied by three of the wardens and two other women who were there to operate the video cameras.  I was in a daze from my usual dose of aphro 10 and my pecker stood out firmly as I shifted nervously back and forth from one foot to the other.

The three wardens wore very tight short shorts also and sweaters of different colors.  Their perfectly formed asses aroused me immediately, and I licked my lips as I watched them bend over to take their shoes off.  The leash hung from my collar, and the Madam grabbed it and pulled roughly..."What do you think you're here for pig?" she said as she pulled downward on my balls.

I wasn't used to speaking in their presence and I hesitated briefly, looking for the right words.  "I'm always glad to go whatever you what," I whispered, "I'll do anything you want."

She looked at me closely, breathing into my ear..."I want you to crawl and show the camera what a piece of shit you are a piece of shit aren't you?"  I could not look directly at her and spoke in a monotone..."Yes Madam...I am a piece of shit!"

She laughed briefly and released me from the wall with my hands still cuffed behind.  "Turn them on," she yelled to the two camera women..."and keep them on."  She pulled downward on the leash and spit her words at me with a sarcastic tone in her voice.  "Get on the fucking floor and crawl for me turd sucker!"  I dropped to my knees and then layed down on the floor on my side.  I began to inch my way over to the center wiggling back and forth as she held my leash and the other women stood there grinning with their hands on their hips.

I lay in the center near a drain in the floor and looked up at them with glazed eyes.

The Madam offered the bottom of her foot to me..."Lick it!", she said, covering my mouth and nose..."Lick it clean, and I mean very clean!"  The others continued to look at me as if I were a bug, and I looked up at the Madam as my tongue began to clean between her toes. 

Her eyes were bright with lust, as I removed the cheezy residue... I suspected that she had purposely neglected to clean her feet for several days...just for my enjoyment. I swallowed the salty toe cheese and sucked each toe clean as my tongue continued down her sole.

I was actually quite aroused by the smell and taste by now and voraciously lapped my tongue out when she presented her other foot to me.  I licked skillfully between her toes, and the pungeant residue covered my mouth and nose as I swallowed it.

One by one the women shoved their unwashed feet in my face and I continued to eat the smelly substance trapped between their toes.  The wardens enjoyed this greatly, assuring me they had all walked throughout the entire complex without shoes that day.

The bottoms of their feet were filthy, but I was in a frenzy now, and eagerly cleaned them, swallowing the nameless residue.  I had all three feet in my face at once.and I went from one to the other slurping and grunting in pleasure as they smothered my mouth and nose.  My mouth and face were filthy now, covered with dirt and other obscene substances.

They all removed their shorts and panties and the Madam pulled me to my knees just over the drain.  She pulled my hair roughly and shoved my face into her hairy cunt.  She had a tremendous bush and my nose was buried to the hilt in it's funky wetness.  She looked down into my eyes as she rubbed her swampy slit all over my face.

"You like that smell you cunt sucking son-of-a-bitch?"  I looked up at her and moaned as she smeared her draining womanhood all over my face.  The acrid smell sent me into a frenzy and my tongue dove into her steamy cunthole, releasing the draining excretion inside.  I gulped the clear viscous pussy snot and it dripped from my chin as I performed cunnilingus on her.

My tongue lapped very rapidly in and out of her raunchy hole and she looked down in lust as she held my head firmly in her hands.  "Eat me you fuck!"  "How do you like that smell you toilet mouth bastard?"  "You were born to eat cunt and asshole! It's the only thing you're good for!  Yes you know what I'm talking about don't you pig?"

She began to moan loudly and forced my sopping face into her huge mound of cunthair and soon she jerked wildly, looking down at me in consumate  disgust, and a thick streamer of clear fluid splashed into my mouth and all over my face.  "Oh fuck...fuck...fuck!" she screamed .  "Eat it you cuntsucking bastard!"

I looked up at her in great humiliation and swallowed a mouthful of the fragrant goo as she swore at me.

I gulped down her entire load and what I missed dripped to the floor, disappearing down the drain.  Then she held my hair painfully and a streamer of warm piss filled my mouth and splashed all over my face.  She looked up in pleasure as she washed her cunt juice off with piss, and was trembling noticably when she finally  released my head.

The other three wardens then stepped up for their turn and they stood over me on all sides with their hairy fuckholes next to my head.  I could smell their strong vaginal odors, and they began to envelope my face with their smelly pussies, first one, then the other, and I was traded around, going from one funky snatch to the other.

They also had extremely hairy vaginal slits, and I began to collect cunthairs in my mouth, unable to expell them, and as the thick, disgusting cream covered my face and oozed into my gullet I swallowed dutifully, eating hairs and all.

"Keep your tongue moving you pussy sucking son-of-a-bitch!" said one of them as she fucked my nose.  "Eat my cunt...bastard!" said another as she pulled me over to her dripping hairpie.  "You look up at me when you're eating fuckhole pig!" said the third..."I want your long tongue all the way up my tunnel!"

They began to moan and grunt as they traded me around and used me, and before long they became more and more insistant and I could tell were nearing orgasm.  The two women with the video cameras had now come over and were capturing all of the action closeup...and as the three wardens began jerking violently...they got a near view of the three streamers of cuntslime that hit my face and head.

They pulled my hair frantically, jerking my head back and forth as their smelly liquid womanhood was expelled into my open mouth and all over my face...

The odor was overpowering as I slavered down the mixed slit cream...and I swallowed several mouthfuls of the disgusting slime, as globs of it dribbled and dripped to the drain below.

Finally they satisfied their filthy needs and looked down at me, still holding my head between them.  In a few moments one of them forced my mouth over her urethra and hosed the inside of my oral cavity  with a salty stream of hot piss.  The fragrant liquid washed the cuntjuice down, and when she pulled me away, washed off of my face as it dripped to the floor. 

The other two held my head firmly as one of them pissed in my mouth...and the other pissed all over my head.  The warm liquid waste washed all over me as I drank more of it down, and soon I watched the last drops of golden urine drip from their hairy cunts, and down into the drain. 

They released me and stumbled back...having totally vented their obscene lust...and I was washed down with a hose by the Madam as I knelt in shame over the gurgling drainhole.

The Madam lightly hosed my head and face and then my whole body as I knelt and waited.  When she finished she toweled me down and stood looking at me.

"Look at yourself you ignorant bastard...look what you let us do to you.  You fucking lowlife, you deserve it."  She then looked closely at me, pausing for effect. "I'm going to rent your ass out again when I find just the right client...I want only the proper client for you pig!"

"One thing you must know pig," she sneered at me..."over the coming decades a million people will see you in all your glory being used like the piece of shit you are, because we're going to sell and distribute this video worldwide...and believe me we do very well with all our videos.  You're going to be a star!"

They led me back to my cell taunting me as we walked, and jerked my leash roughly just to degrade me.


I was numb with shame and lust, but slept deeply for the entire night...having been used in such an exhausting manner.


I dare not think about what she had said...or I would not be able to maintain enough self esteem to function...but knowing that I had been forced into all this gave me a bit of strength, and the self worth that I needed.

Unfortunately my needs had become so strong by now that I craved release constantly...and actually began to wait in anticipation for my  sessions with the cruel mistresses.

The thought of escape had become a distant memory now...they had damaged and molded me in such a way that I had indeed become their slave...and a slave to their horrendously disgusting treatment.

Somehow I knew that I would be free, in time...but wondered if I would ever be the same again...and able to function normally in the real world.

I vowed that I would never give up hope.


After my complete humiliation in the video room I seemed no longer bound by any normal conventions of sexual behavior.  Nothing was too filthy for the wardresses to inflict upon me...and very quickly I was becoming the consumate animal slave...bound by force, and by my own uncontrollable cravings, to do their bidding each day...

regardless of how vile or lascivious.

I found that I was the only slave at the lowest level of existance here...none other even approached my abysmal servitude or ranking, and more and more I was made to feel humiliation even at the hands of my fellow prisoners.

The wardens in the training area had become quite nasty by now...and showed me their complete disgust at every opportunity. Though I wasn't physically abused, the attractive women oozed contempt and sarcasm, and eating the shit substitute from the models became even more humiliating for me as they watched and made lewd comments while I dined on the funky foodstuffs.

My tongue had grown suprisingly in length, and I was actually able to touch my nose with the tip...a feat that is usually not possible in the real world. They forced it on me until I experienced cramps doing the wierd exercise.  I could now delve my long oral appendage quickly, and deeply into the models no matter how small and tight the sphincter opening. 

The wardens and assistant wardens took full advantage of this during my daily schedule, making me clean their inner rectal areas often, having their interior residue removed with much greater efficiency by my obscenely long lapper.

I found that this inner coating had a distinct odor and consistancy, and was much more difficult to dislodge.

They knew that I now had an obsessive craving for sucking asshole and  eating female waste, and had placed me mentally on a level slightly above the toilets in which they relieved themselves each day.


The Madam had been replaced by another woman, and I did not find out about this until I was summoned to her 'session' room...for an interview. Upon my arrival by dogchain at the Madam's private room, they left me secured to an examination table surrounded by various kinds of equipment.

My head was at a lower level than my feet, and my arms and hands, and legs were bound tightly with thick straps.  I was in my normal state of quiet resignation, when a strange woman came into the room.  I was quite puzzled since I was told by the guards that I would be seeing the Madam.

The new Madam was a black haired latino beauty...and her perfect, and exotically formed ass was indeed the hottest ass I'd ever seen in my entire lifetime.  It was as if an obscenely driven sculptor had formed her body out of raw lust...knowing that it would be the object of countless male masterbation fantasies...that could never be satisfied.  Her  voluptuous asscrack showed deeply on the outside of her expensive skirt, and I stared with awe.

She was, to put it mildly, extremely pretty...and my penis was at full erection as she viewed my naked and restrained body.  A firey passion gripped me and I was near ejaculation, even before anything had happened.

She came around to the side of the table and looked down at me, her arms held tightly onto her wonderful hips.

I saw in an instant that she was cruel...the whole of her countenance flashed that message to me without mistake...and my mood suddenly changed to the usual hard, and totally compliant mode that had kept me from losing it during my time here.

She spoke almost without moving her full and magnificent lips...and an aura of complete control radiated from her...she knew what I was, and had done, and now it would be her turn to humiliate me.

"You're going to eat my shit..." she said quietly, "and you're going to do things for me that would never have occurred to the other Madam."

She came around by my head and looked down at me curiously, placing her leather gloved hand on my forehead, and she smoothed over my hair pinching my ear as she spoke.

He perfume was entoxicating beyond what I can describe to you and  my pecker bobbed uncontrollably, and she continued to smooth down my hair with both hands.

"When you eat my shit, my little fecal will describe to me exactly the flavor and aroma, and taste, written carefully in the form of several paragraphs, and given to the warden in charge of your area not later than an hour after your return to your cell. You will begin to learn what I have eaten that day...just by swallowing a few mouthfuls of my bowel movement."

"A fart that I blow into the wind will now become important to you...that's how worthless you are.  When I fart during the day the smell is lost but now you will smell it...whenever I so desire."

She moved behind me and I heard a rustling sound as she removed her panties.  She came and stood once more near my head.  She looked into my eyes and her tongue flicked around her perfect lips.

"Tell me," she murmured cozily, "did you kiss the other Madam's ass...did she make you kiss her asscheeks quite often?"

I stared at her almost in a trance...I was completely vulnerable, and uncertain about what my life would be with her here..."Yes," I uttered, as I cleared my throat, "I kissed her ass often."

"And when you stuck your nose between her rear cheeks,  was it quite nasty?"

I was becoming so aroused by now that I was sweating and ran my tongue around my lips nervously.

"It was very nasty and I served the Madam well with my mouth and tongue."

"Well my little toilet receptacle," she said smoothly, enunciating her words..."you have not seen nasty yet...but I will soon educate you.  My behind crack is quite deep and dark and furry, and will he a new experience for you...there can be no doubt."

"Though I am a person of exceptional cleanliness, yet that open part of me back there is a world of dark hirsute foilage, and mature female odor, after I have taken my toilet."

She raised her full skirt upward and stepped over me with her rear near my face.  Her asscheeks were pinched together for the moment, but as she moved backward and let her skirt fall over me, they opened and I was sealed in a dark world of excitement and lust.  Her ass was wonderful, and round and firm and perfect in every respect...and as she shifted and knelt with a leg on either side,  she slowly lowered her butt over my face and spread her full asscrack and enveloped my nose and mouth.

I suddenly caught a smell of her posterior opening, and my nostrils arose in reaction, and I breathed in heavily as the furry hairs of her asshole rubbed over my face and nose.  It was a very pungeant and yet most incredibly erotic smell, and I could tell that she indeed had just taken a bowel movement...but that the extremely exotic odor did not result from a lack of cleanliness...merely the funky and powerful fragrance of a mature and fulsome woman.

She spoke in a level tone always, and her deep, sexy voice commanded me now to do her bidding...and I was completely within her powers...and had nothing in the world that could have diverted my attention at that moment.

"I know you cannot resist me now and must do a suction with your lips on my anus," she moaned, "suck my asshole very hard, my fart inhaling is something special for you...a fart that is not lost in the wind...but one that you must eat."

She tensed her abdomen noticably, and her large bulbous anal opening pushed downward and parted a bit and I clamped my lips over it and sucked for all I was worth...and as her smelly hairs rubbed  all over my nose and surrounded my cheeks, she expelled a very large puff of gas into my mouth...and I ate it like food, and gulped it into my stomach.

It was an extremely long eruption of gas, and though not of great odor, was enough to fill my cheeks and cause me to become a bit lightheaded. .

She clamped down powerfully on my face and began to fart repeatedly, and suddenly her raw glistening asshole opened further and a small turd began to push it's way out of her perfect asshole.

I was squirming and grunting as I reached up and sucked on the protruding feces...and she held it there for awhile so that I could do just a popscicle on a lump of her shit not quite expelled from her dark anal chute.  "Suck on that aromatic thing,"  she grunted..."enjoy something that most men never experience...a kind of filthy chore that can only be dreamed of. Let that unforgettable stinking flavor and aroma fill your mouth as you clean it."

"What a filthy bastardo you are!"

"Clean it and swallow the juice...the filthy and obscene juice..."

"Oh good eat my shit...all of it and swallow...ummmmmmm...enjoy the strong, pungent smell and indescribable taste.  What a consistancy it has as you chew it and swallow.  What a lowlife piece of excrement you dirty dump slave."

I was in a frenzy now and I drew the brown mass of her inner waste  into my mouth and ate it immediately, and her ass hair smeared crap all over my face as I gulped my meal.

She was grunting in pleasure now...

"It is something that you are perfectly suited to do for a woman," she groaned,  "women will shit in your mouth because you are best for it!"  "You must have your mouth in the most disgusting part of a woman's body, because that is what you are destined for."

"Eat my shit you pathetic the shit that you so crave, and I will supply you all that you want."

My mouth was open more of her dark brown fecal matter plopped in...and I chewed and swallowed the bland anal waste fed me.

Finally her bowel movement stopped, but she held fast, waiting for me to clean her.

"Ahhh....your tongue cleaning shit out of my bunghole is disgusting beyond words, motherfucking toilet man...but you do it so well!"  I lapped upward and captured all the funky crap around her large, well formed anus and soon vacuumed it off.  I had become so aroused by this time that I could not control myself and jerked and ejaculated, though she didn't touch me there at all.

"Consider that your reward, foul mouthed son-of-a-bitch...and I will allow you this one transgression toward my authority."

She finally dislodged herself, and stood up again, and bent over slightly, holding her skirt above her rear, as she wiped herself with toilet paper several times.  She rubbed the stained tissue over my mouth after each wipe just to cause me further usage, and threw the soft, brown coated paper into a nearby toilet bidet.  She sat down and cleansed herself thoroughly with the water being sprayed into her anal area, and wiped several more times until she was satisfied, then flushed the toilet.

She put her panties back on and pulled her dress down and smoothed it.  She looked down at my shit stained face and smiled sarcastically, and looked absently at the load of spunk covering my lower area.

"You're a shit eating whore..." she whispered quietly, "I've allowed you to put your mouth in a highly privileged have done an ultimately disgusting thing to me...and you are scum in my eyes."

"I will explain my contempt for you in the coming weeks in ways that you will probably not fully comprehend."


Two guards ultimately came in and took me to the showers, and gave me time to clean myself. I was allowed to kiss their ass afterward...the  symbolic ass kissing that was now required of me each time I was with any of the staff, and though I craved it, I was fighting back deep feelings of anger that had eaten on me for months now.

I slept quite well that night, dispite the new situation, and swore to myself that I would surely receive more humane treatment from the new Madam, and less chance of torture. I discovered before long, however, ...I was sadly mistaken about this.

The next day was Saturday, and the facility was filled with visiting females...each delighted to be receiving free oral anal service from the captive male slaves, who numbered at least thirty by this time.

There were several hundred anxious women waiting in the very large reception area, and the male slaves would be hard put to satisfy such a large number.

After my daily training sessions I was allowed an hour or so to rest and watch TV. I received my usual dosage of the aphro-stimulants and nullifiers given me each day, and before long I was taken to the slave usage area just adjacent to the large reception complex.

I was secured in a chair fixture, lower than the normal height for for comfortable seating, and waited curiously for what might happen.  Soon a large group of about fifty women came into the room, and two wardens stood nearby to oversee the activities.

Each woman drew a number tag and sat in a large seating area just in front of me.  They were talking, and laughing, and pointing at me curiously, and I was still in the dark as to the purpose of all this.

The wardens began to call out the numbers, and soon number one was standing in front of me, grinning widely and looking down with lust in her eyes.  "Let us begin ladies...we have much more area to cover today, so lets finish this as soon as possible.  Number one begin please."

Number one pulled up her dress and turned her back to me and pulled down her panties, shoving her spread asscheeks into my face.

The wardens stood next to me and looked as if they were in a quite impatient mood.  "You will lick each asshole as it is presented to you," said one of them, "and you will do it quickly and efficiently. Clean and will have thirty seconds for each servicing.  No sucking asshole, just a quick cleaning.  Begin!"

I was surprised and blindsided by this turn of events, and my aphrodisiacs kicked in and my animal needs took over as I gladly stuck my nose in the woman's asscrack.  Her butt was not clean but not particularly dirty either and I rapidly licked her anus clear of residue, and all the surrounding area.  She moaned in pleasure as I lapped her smelly rear crack and swallowed what came off on my tongue, and after I had finished, she quickly wiped and threw the tissue into a receptacle closeby.

She pulled her panties up and her dress down and looked in disgust at me before proceeding to another room.

"Number two," came the call from the warden, "number two next up."

Number two was there quickly, and she did the same as number one after looking down at me with amusement.  Her asscrack was a bit funky, but I was in a frenzy of lust now, and the raunchy smell drove me to lick her obscene crack very rapidly, and I cleaned off flecks of shit stain and swallowed them readily.

After each cleaning the woman would look down in disgust, without fail, and soon the degradation began to build...and my self esteem began to plummet again.  The women were talking and joking and laughing,  and their concern for my dignity was nonexistant, as they reveled in humiliating me. They were enjoying the buttlicking, and knew that my shame was becoming more pronounced by the minute.

One by one they wiped and threw the toilet paper in the trash container after I tongued them clean, and left, and by the time I had licked out ten women, I began to develop a slight brown residue around my lips.

Each woman had a slightly different odor, and the shit stain was a bit different, but I was in an uncontrollable fit now, my long tongue slurping at the smelly rear holes, and the occasional farts drove me to even higher levels of excitement.

I was in an intense erotic state, and looked pleadingly as each new ass was presented to me, unable to wait for the pleasure of sliding my long oral appendage up another craphole.

It was amazing how each asshole tasted a bit different...the unique shape of each anal sphincter opening...some star shaped, some small and bulbous, some wider and deeper.

"Number thirty, number thirty up next."

I was breathing more heavily now, in an absolutely consumed state...and each new asscrack sent me into a deeper trance of pungent sexual perversion.

The area around my mouth was now covered with a noticable brown stain, and I attemped to clean it off before each new buttcrack was presented to me, but was unable to accomplish this, and merely ate all the residue that I could, and swallowed it...feeling it flow into my stomach.

These were all attractive women between the ages of eighteen and fifty, and I knew that they had been cleared medically to be allowed to come here and participate.

I knew it was safe, and that made the smelly licking even more erotic.

I was amazed at the myriad form, shape, and fragrance of the nasty asscracks, some hairy, some shaved, all of them funky in their own way.

I began to kiss each asscheek quickly before I cleaned the anal crack, and the wardens allowed me this slight diversion from their instructions.

The women had been showering me with insults and emotional zingers, and this did nothing for my inner being almost impossible to maintain any form of dignity while licking shit residue from women who were unsympathetic, and complete strangers to me.

I received many farts while doing my service, and the wardens moved a bit out of the way at times to avoid the odor.

"Number forty five, number forty five up next."

My fixed position had now become quite uncomfortable, and I shifted uneasily as I did my disgusting work on the eager female strangers.

My tongue was actually becoming tired and sore by now,  and the crap residue covering my entire face had taken on a special aroma and consistancy...unlike anything I had experienced so far here, even though I had been eating shit here for some time now.

The last five women were a blurr of abject, consumate degradation, and extreme lust on my part, I might add...their half grins of disgust and detesting showed me what I must have looked like to them...someone who had done the most degrading thing possible and enjoyed it. 

They were appalled by my shameless behavior, but most of all because of the fact that I was not actually forced to such a height of putrid enjoyment, but actually embraced it.  I had licked and cleaned the hole used by them to defacate their bodily waste, along with that of forty five other women who were unknown to me...and they could not reconcile this with any form of respect for me as a human being.

I would never forget the looks of revulsion on their faces...and their obvious disgust with my person.


When the room was cleared I was taken to the showers again, and cleaned myself as the unsympathetic guards looked on.

When I finished I was obliged to kneel and kiss their ass as I masterbated over the shower floor drain again, but I think something snapped inside me in that moment, and I looked at them with a blank, uncooperative stare.  The order was repeated along with the threat of a taser shock...but something inside would not psyche had rebelled involuntarily, and shut down my body, and I could not move. I had refused a direct order for the first time since my initial indoctrination torture.

They tasered me, both of them, and I yelled in pain and collapsed on the floor, quivering in agony.  One of them produced an electric hypodermic injector to calm me, and when I awoke I was back in my room again, strapped to my bed.


It was night time, and I knew that I would probably have peace, at least for a few hours...but also knew that I had committed a serious offence here...and would suffer for it the next day.  My stomach was sick from fear and dread...I had given my all for such a long time, and now I would have to experience some kind of punishment for my momentary lack of absolute cooperation, and my regretable transgression.  It was an outrage, but there was nothing I could do to avoid it.

I hoped desperately that the new Madam would be understanding and consider my former service...but of this I could not be sure.  I finally managed to fall asleep, and drifted into an uneasy slumber.

I knew that I would have a life after all this...I just knew it...but how long would I have to exist here in this state.  Without a doubt I would have to trust in my own strength and inner fiber to make it through.

My will to survive,  I was sure,  would carry me to freedom...but what of tomorrow morning?


After my unfortunate breakdown...and refusal to obey direct orders given by the guards...I was driven into a world of terror, dread, and remorse.   Not the remorse of regretting what I had done...but remorse for placing myself in line for severe punishment for my serious infraction. 

I didn't sleep well that night...the horrors of what lie ahead for me the next morning kept me in a cold sweat through my fitful slumber.  My stomach was agitated so that I felt nauseous and ready to vomit...but I had learned to control much of this destructive side effect of the abuse here...and decided inside...that I would take what was given me...and survive to leave here one day.

Stories of prisoners of war flashed through my mind, and I knew that whatever they had endured for so long...they were able to survive...and to walk free in the end.  What joy they must have felt upon their release...looking back at the desperate times they had gone through, and having the apocalyptic shock of being free again, never to suffer their nightmare again.

One day I would walk out of release or escape...and until that day I would make the absolute best of an astonishingly degrading situation.  Whether I would carry this insane craving to eat the asshole and cunt of any woman in sight...with me through the rest of my life, I didn't care to ponder.

I had actually become addicted to eating women's farts and shit...and this was more than I could believe or assimilate.  I would leave the moral torment to some different part of my mind...and keep the common sense day by day efforts of life foremost in my thoughts. What I did here would count for nothing morally, since I was forced and conditioned to do it.

Eating a woman's shit and anal gas had become commonplace to me...not only that...extremely erotic.  Survival was paramount...the rest, actually, didn't amount to a hill of beans in the grand

scheme of things.

The fact that we were being given extremely sophisticated and effective intestinal protectants and powerful antibiotic treatments had no doubt saved us all from very serious medical problems or worse...for this I suppose I should be thankful, all elements being considered.  How long I, or anyone else here  could remain viable was anybody's guess but there were so many negatives to deal with

here that one had to place them in a priority index, and deal with them accordingly.


I awoke to the sound of footsteps in my room the next morning...the shuffling feet of several guards all severely determined to pull me from bed, and tape my hands behind me. I wasn't even awake, and they dragged me stumbling out of the room and out into the main meeting area.  The area where all of the prisoners were taken for important indoctrination...or for a punishment of example.

I had seen several male and female prisoners whipped here...and the memory of their screams made my blood run cold...and I think I whimpered a bit...nor detectable to anyone, I think, but patently detectable to me.

The new Madam would live up to the image I'd surmised of her...that she was deeply cruel, and ingenious in her treatment of all the prisoners.  How I craved the depraved manner of the old Madam...I actually would have traded one for the other if that were a possibility in the real world.

I saw now that she was infinitely preferable to the breathtakingly beautful witch who now controlled our very lives here.

Her unbelievably perfect ass and pretty face sent me into a passion of lust everytime I saw her...and that would not make my existance here any easier...even in the smallest way.

We arrived at the meeting hall and sure enough, all of the slaves stood in a large circle waiting for whatever might transpire.  There was a cord hanging in the center of the room with a circular fastener at the end...and I was taken there and forced to my knees beneath the dangling length of nylon.

Within moments the Madam made her arrogant and beautiful figure of a woman.  Her skin tight black leotards accentuated her voluptuous figure and the sharp erotic outline of her asscheeks...and her tight leather top cradled her large and perfect titties.  Her nipples were large and pronounced, and stood out proudly from the pressure against them by the shining, skin tight leather.

The sight was beyond description, and as she stood over me looking down at her pathetic toy, her long dark mane shifted as she motioned her head slightly in the patented female mannerism of clearing hair from the eyes.

She was furious, obviously, but it was a very controlled fury...a fact that didn't bode well for the unfortunate recipient of her rage, which, in point of fact, was me in this case.

She grabbed my hair and rubbed her leather gloved hand softly over my face...then suddenly lashed out and slapped me very hard.  I lost my senses for just a moment, and knelt looking down at the hardwood floor. She cupped my chin, pulling it up, and looked down at me sympathetically, holding my hair tightly and talking softly to me. 

Her intoxicating purfume was different than the last time I had seen her...when I had unceremoniously eaten a thick load of her crap...and afterward thanked her for it.

"You dirty, dirty slave...what have you done?"  She looked at me in a puzzled way as if I were supposed to fill her in on the latest developments. 

"I let you eat my shit and this is how you repay me!"  "I am not the last Madam...I am this Madam," she purred, thumping her breast with her hand. "What am I to do with you?"  "You have disobeyed my faithful guards, and they were just trying to do their job." 

"You have entered another sickening little turd...and I must lower you further down the scale than before.  You will be my personal project from this point do not know what you have done to yourself.  I will use you like the piece of horsecrap you are, and you will serve me, and bring earnings to me by pleasing twisted and wealthy women who come here to be entertained.

She stood and looked down at me in disgust...and at the same time brought out a black marker pen and removed the cap.  As the guards held my hair tightly she wrote something on my forehead in large letters.  I had no idea what it was but I knew that I wouldn't like it, and I really didn't care at this point anyway.

She put the cap back on the pen and looked closely at her work.  "You know what this says you fucking shit eating creep?  It says...'Please fart in my mouth'.   This you will wear for at least three years.  That is how long this special ink will take to wear off.  So everyone will see each day what you do best."

She also had a gadget with her...some kind of device about a foot long and six inches in diameter.  It had a hole in one end, and a switch on the other, and she fastened a short appendage to it, snapping it in securely.  She looked at me with a cruel lust in her eyes as I looked up at the device.

The appendage had a familiar looking hole in it, identical to the one that had been used for months now to stretch my growing lapper...and as a guard twisted my fingers at an agonizing angle the Madam ordered me to extend my tongue to the fullest. 

I did so without a moments hesitation...and my guts twisted into a knot, and I was praying I wouldn't vomit.

She shoved the appendage over my tongue and pushed it until it completely covered my extended licker.  As I looked up into her eyes and trembled she pushed the switch and activated a vacuum, and the force of it began to suck powerfully on my tongue causing it to be drawn all the way up into the short extension.

It was painful and as the guards held me firmly my tongue was sealed and fastenened into the short tube.  She twisted the large cylinder and it came off...leaving the appendage firmly attached to my tortured tongue.

I was pleading with her now with my eyes but her cold smile told me that this was the last thing I should do.  The extension hung painfully from my mouth and she grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. There was a circular eyebolt on the end of the appendage and she dragged me up and fastened it to the cord hanging from the ceiling.

I strained in agony as the cord was drawn upward, until my head was held at a sharp angle and I could barely keep my balance as I looked up at the ceiling in horror.

The extension was so firmly attached that I knew that if it came off the force would cause me great pain or injury.  I focused on keeping my balance as I reeled dangerously under the long hanging nylon cord.

The Madam held her hand out and a guard came up and handed her a thin, hard rubber quirt, about a yard long, and she slashed it through the air a few times as she walked around me.

"I'm going to teach you a hard lesson, I'm afraid, my pig.  All of the other slaves will learn from your pain and understand just how serious disobedience is in our little community here.  I sincerely hope that you will learn too." 

She pulled a remote control from a pouch on her side, and pointed it at me.  When she pushed the button the base of my cock exploded in pain...the powerful shock sending slivers of fire through my entire groin area.

I hung there in agony, barely able to stand, and squirmed and twitched uncontrollably as the little implant under my cock tortured me. The seconds passed and each one seemed like an hour.  I didn't know if I could stand this, but in truth...I simply had no choice.  Suddenly the rubber quirt whisked through the air and the sound had not even registered before the searing pain bit my naked asscheeks.

I screamed in agony and involuntarily tried to walk away from her but the cord allowed me only a certain space and as the second lash seared my ass again, I screamed and muttered a gutteral sound, dancing about wildly, from the pain.  "Stand still bastardo, take your punishment or I will make it worse."  The pain was unbearable and the sting was horrendous.

She lashed out again and cut across my front thighs causing me to  bounce and shake in excruciating pain.  My movement tugged painfully against my suffering tongue as I ran around in circles babbling like a maniac.

She began to lash at a faster rate and I spun and jumped and made pathetic gutteral screams, desperately trying to escape the savage rubber quirt.  She was hitting every part of my body now and caught the tip of my penis sending me into a convulsion of shrieking pain.  I nearly fell but managed to keep my balance, and as I sobbed and screamed she laid on several more very hard blows.

I was in a world of pain now and out of my mind and would do anything to relieve the agony.

"Squeal like a pig you piece of shit, and I will stop the punishment."  I was so desperate by now that I was fighting for mere survival, and gave out a sickening squealing sound that I could probably never duplicate again.

I squealed like some kind of strange imaginary pig...again and again...and finally she stopped her merciless lashing.  I had no pride anymore, I felt like I had no soul, and the only thing in my world was the pain. Without a thought, inside of my mind, I vowed I would never disobey an order here again...regardless....regardless.

I stood there and quivered and sobbed, the vicious lash marks burning into my flesh like hot irons.  As suddenly as she had appeared, the Madam disappeared, and the guards snickered and smiled at me in derision as they released my tongue, having just witnessed the most degrading, painful, and most humiliating moment of my life.

Even a bum on skid row would stand several levels above me now.  I was the total and consumate slave of a group of women who despised me because I gulped and swallowed their shit, piss, and cunt juice each day, and I was also a hopeless slave to my own obscene cravings.


I was allowed to sleep for the rest of the day after the lashing, and pain relievers and medication were provided me, so that I was able to sleep that night, absolutely exhausted physically and mentally from my ordeal.

The next day my duties were light...the women realized that I had been taught my lesson...and that I must be allowed healing time...or I would be unable to function at all.

My tongue was very sore, and I could barely eat for awhile, but before long I began to heal.  My ass was so tender that I could scarcely sit for several days, but I was healing well and knew that I would have to resume my duties again.  

I was so addicted to licking asshole that I soon became desperate, and finally was forced to drop to my knees in front of several of the guards,  pleading with them to let me suck their anal openings. Fortunately they complied...laughing and degrading me all the while. I didn't mind self esteem was nonexistant, and when I needed the swampy smell of an ass crack in my nostrils I had to find gratification.

It wasn't long before they allowed me to clean them after their bowel movement...and soon I was slurping and swilling down the nasty brown waste that had become one of the necessary items in my daily routine.

I didn't see the Madam for a full week.   I had developed such a terror of her after what had happened since she arrived that I was greatful for this break.  I cursed my self since I still desperately craved the smell of her wonderful asscrack, and her pungent farts.

I had developed compartments in my mind that allowed me to tolerate such habits, and remain sane.  I think many of us do this, in one fashion or another...and in truth, there is no shame to it when one is absorbed in the process of surviving.



After a week had passed I was summoned to the Madam's special usage area, and my stomach began anticipation of the visit.  I knew that she had vented her rage and taught me my lesson...and that I would probably not be punished if I cooperated consumately at any future commands.

I was placed in a small, but functional session room.  There was equipment there but the furnishing was tasteful, and had an expensive tone of appearance.  There were two expensive and comfortable easy chairs sitting around the center of the room, and various towels, instruments, and bottles of liquid adorned the shelves.

The center of the room sported a drainage grill...and I knew what that was for from my previous experience in another such room.

The floor had a slight funneling slant downward, so that liquid would be carried to the drain easily, and the grill was apparently moveable, so that waste could be dumped into the drain below and flushed.  It mattered little what would transpire in my treatment from now on...I was the absolute shit slave by now, and my craving drove me insanely to fulfill my addictions.

It had been three days since I had been allowed to satisfy my severe carnal cravings, and I was trembling in lust from the daily doses of aphrodisiac given me.

I was left in the center of the room, kneeling over the grill, and as I waited impatiently, my needs overcame my sense of caution, and I dipped down and began licking the grill cover...hoping to find a small amount of dried feces there, but alas, the grill was hygenically clean, and the shiny metal yielded nothing to me.

I waited for ten minutes as I sat on my haunches, looking curiously at the items in the room.

Suddenly the door opened, and I jumped involuntarily, a cold flash of shock gripping my stomach, and looked up in dread as the Madam and another very attractive woman in her fifties entered the chamber.  The woman wore expensive clothing, and I knew that she must be one of the wealthy clients the Madam had mentioned before.

The Madam looked down directly into my eyes, knowing that I was terrified of her, and gave me a supercilious sneer of superiority.  She closed the door and the two stood over me, looking down at the disgusting thing kneeling on the floor in front of them.

"He lives in dread of me since our last encounter...during which I was forced to deal out a severe disipline to him." "How is your tongue piggy...stick it out all the way and hold it there."

I simpered quietly and my tongue shot out to full extension instantly.  I looked up at her in supplication as I poked my long oral probe out at her.  My tongue was actually long enough now to be a curiousity in public, but this was not even on the table of significant worries for me now.

The other woman was arrogant, and, had a cruel glint in her eyes and I knew she would get her money's worth for services rendered.

The Madam held her high heeled shoe to my face, and rubbed the bottom up and down over my tongue.  I quickly licked the surface clean, swallowing the tainted residue there, and sucked on the long heel, looking up at her hoping desperately for some kind of approval.

Her face lightened briefly...and she scrunched her lips into a smiling sneer of loathing.  "Good fucking job shit do the other shoe."

I had soon cleaned them both and looked up at the other woman who stood with her hands on her hips grinning wickedly at me.

"He truly knows his place doesn't he," she whispered, "a true shit sucker.  I'll bet he sucks other things too!"  She put her shoe in my face also, and I glanced briefly at the Madam as I began to lick the undersurface.  I immediately tasted something very funky, but  removed it efficiently as I swallowed the residue.

After I had cleaned the bottom of the other shoe the woman reached down and pulled my ear painfully..."You don't want to know what you just cleaned off the underside of my shoes...but I'm greatful for your diligence," she giggled, "such a good piggy."  She turned around and stuck her well formed derriere in my face.

"Kiss my fucking ass you lowlife bastard...kiss it well and kiss both cheeks!"

The Madam sat down and watched in amusement as the woman enjoyed herself.  I was in a position of complete supplication, and my lust was overpowering.  I shoved my face into her asscrack, and with both hands tightly bound behind me, made love to her buttcheeks, kissing them again and again as I moved my smacking lips over both of her obscene rear mounds.

I was moaning in pleasure as I pushed my nose into her rear crack, and she yelped in pleasure as she pulled her skirt up to her hips.

Her thin panties allowed my nose to push in further to her fragrant shit crack, and I continued fawning desperately over her fine ass.  "Yeah you like that don't you shit boy...kiss my fucking royal ass you filthy fucking ass eating piece of crap!"

She reached back and grabbed my hair and forced my nose into her obscene crack, pushing backward, smothering my face.  She groaned and farted a long whiff of captured gas into my nostrils, and held me there to smell it.  I became lighted headed and squealed in pleasure as I sniffed her long fart.

She suddenly turned around and released my head, and pulled her panties off, throwing them on the easy chair.  I could smell her cunt already, as well as her asshole, and as she held her skirt up to her stomach, she gripped my hair tightly again and shoved my face into her massively hairy snatch.

It was rank, but not from uncleanliness...just the nasty obscure stench of mature cuntjuice, incubated all day by her warm inner tissues.  She moaned and forced my nose into her open cunthole, and the funky juices splattered out over my smeller and dribbled down my face.

I was insane with unspeakable lust by now and sucked the pungent juices into my mouth and gulped them down desperately.  I sucked her open fuckhole and lapped my tongue in, cleaning out all of her most odorous and thick inner secretions.

She fell down on the chair and spread her legs widely...whining and whimpering in pleasure.  I sucked her thick, well formed clitoris, and she pulled my head in so tightly I could barely breathe.

The Madam had removed her panties also, and sat there watching us, her skirt pulled up over her thighs, and was masterbating herself rapidly, grunting in pleasure as a thick cream oozed out of her moist crimson cunthole. 

I fucked my long tongue into the woman's obscene love tunnel, and her vaginal flow was increasing by the moment, and I was scarcely able to drink it all, and much of it dripped from my face to the floor.

She screamed in deep ecstasy, shooting a thick streamer of cunt nectar into my mouth.  The acrid juice splattered into my eyes also, and I closed them as I gulped the shameful ejaculation down...and sucked for more...insane with craving.

Finally, she fell back, unable to move, and I kneeled there exhausted, as a thick, clear glob of cunt cream dripped from my open mouth.

The Madam stood up and quickly grabbed my hair and jerked me over to her dripping slit, and held my open mouth over her swollen ureter as she expelled a thick yellow stream of piss down my gullet.

Her urine had a peculiar swampy odor, and I gulped mouthfuls of the salty juice as I looked up at her.  She grinned down in pleasure as she pissed all over my face and into my nostrils, and I coughed as I swilled down the powerful liquid waste.

She forced my mouth over her wide open and glazed cunt, and masterbated herself as she looked down at me.  I whined like a pathetic fool, telling her with my eyes that I waited desperately for my hearty meal.

She screamed and jerked forward, and spit in my face just before she orgasmed.  Her saliva dribbled down my nose as her deep, putrid slime splashed all over my forehead and into my mouth, and I held it open and gulped down the unspeakable mess. I swallowed and swilled and whined in complete supplication to her animal needs.

She fell back on her chair and looked at me with satisfaction.  "Well you're beginning to learn.  You fucking cunt sucking bastard!"  "Tell me you're a cuntsucker piggy!"  As I licked my lips I smiled in a silly way and removed a glob of scum and ate it.  "I'm a piggy cuntsucker," I moaned..."a dirty, filthy piggy cuntsucker!"

"Thank you, oh thank you Madam for feeding me such a meal...please may I eat some shit?"

She pulled on my hair again and shoved me over to the other woman, who was standing now, looking down at me.

"Get your ass over there and eat her shit first!"  I kneeled looking up at the attractive fiftyish woman, and she had one hand behind her, rubbing her finger up her ass crack.

She grunted and turned around and bent over slightly, spreading her well formed butt cheeks directly over my mouth.  Her hairy anus was moving in and out in anticipation of a bowel movement, and I dove in, unable to control myself, and licked all around her smelly farthole as it opened and closed spasmotically.

She had a deep dark asshole and when it opened I could see a bit of shitcream glistening inside.

"Smell my ass you fucking slimeball!", she groaned, as she spread her cheeks widely.  I rubbed my nose all over her filthy poop chute, and shoved my nose in breathing in heavily.  I poked my long licker deep into her open shithole, and she gasped involuntarily, as I probed deep inside her rectum.

I was grunting like an animal now as I cleaned out the hardened crap, and was slavering the small chunks down when she farted loudly and a mass of hot steaming shit forced its way into my mouth.  I squealed as I ate the first lump of brown bowel pudding, and gulped and chewed her stinking waste as she held my head and continued to crap all over my face.

I gobbled down as much as I could as the thick brown meal crushed against my mouth and fell onto the grill.

I was in a feeding frenzy now eating her stinking shit with rapid efficieny, and she was near orgasm again as she strained to empty out completely.

She shook all over as I cleaned her clogged craphole, delving all the way in and lapping out globs of her stench filled inner paste.

I soon cleaned her craphole thoroughly, and kissed her asscheeks in gratitude for the disgusting lunch.

She pushed me away roughly, and began to clean herself with the damp paper towels provided. 

"Son of a bitch you filthy slimeball,  get your fucking ass away from me.  Fucking make me sick to my stomach.  She looked down at me in utter revulsion as she cleaned herself.

"Where did you get this piece of shit...what a fucking lowlife.  Ass eating ate all of my shit.  I still don't believe it!"

"Best dam high I've had for a long time though's just beyond belief what this bastard does.  Wow what a trip!"

The Madam was standing now and pulled me over to her.  "Yes he's one of a kind," she chuckled, "best shit eater I've ever seen."  She turned around and spread her asscrack for me as the other woman put her panties back on.  The woman sat down and watched as I did the Madam...

The Madam bent over and spread her full perfect butt cheeks...her hairy anus protruded slightly and as I wrapped my mouth around her thick, bulbous waste portal...she let out a sigh and farted.  Her inner gas forced my cheeks out as it blew in, and the long nasty sounding breakwind was wet with shit cream.

I sucked out the creamy shit and gulped it down, and some of it dripped from my chin as I consumed it. The odor was wilting as her fart continued...and very shortly a thick log of fresh shit eased into my mouth. 

"You hold it there you fuck...don't you eat it yet." 

She turned around and I kneeled there with the large lump of crap protruding from my lips.  The other woman was astounded and sat there with her eyes bulging out.  "Is this for real?, she gulped, "is this for fucking real?"


The Madam gripped my head and turned it around for the women to see.

I looked at the well heeled lady and struggled to keep the chunk in my mouth but was forced to swallow the juices as I waited.

The Madam went over and stood with the other woman, and they both laughed out loud as I kneeled there in absolute mortification. The Madam stopped laughing long enough to humiliate me further..."Do you like having my turd in your mouth piggy?"  I nodded in the affirmative, managing a half stupid grin.

"Eat it slowly, and swallow it," she giggled, give us a good show."

As the other woman looked on in absolute horrified disgust, I began to chew the lump of shit and smiled at her as I began to swallow it. She looked away, obviously nauseous,  as I gulped the rest of it down and then she  got up to leave. 

"Oh fuck Diedra, I've got to go," said the woman, "I'm fucking getting sick.  You keep this mistake of nature on call though...when I feel real nasty again I may be around for more.  It's worth ten thousand several times over to get this kind of high.  See you later my friend."

"Come back anytime dear...and we'll have some more fun...see you later."  The Madam cleaned herself as I kneeled there and ran my tongue around my mouth hoping to find some more residue.  After that she put her panties back on and stood over me as I looked up at her. 

"You are my complete slave you pathetic are privileged

to worship my wonderful ass.  The smell of my shit will always be in your will clean my brown anus often, and feel honored. you are so very  fortunate aren't you?"   She smiled in a most insulting way and smoothed my hair over.

"You dream of fucking me...but you are a worm to me...such a thing is laughable.  But you will continue to dream.  you may satisfy your needs by being my shit absurd you are you funny crap hound!"

"I will see you soon.  From now on you must drop to the floor and kiss my feet whenever you are in my presence...after that you will kiss both cheeks of my ass and my asscrack.  This is know what happens when you disobey in any way...don't you? Of course you do fart breath!"

She looked at me in total triumph as she left, and once the door closed I knelt there trembling, with a stinking, indescribale coating of scum all over my face and chest.  I stared ahead, numb with mortification and self contempt, for my unspeakable craving, but knew that this would be my fate for the time to come.

Soon after, the guards came and took me to the showers to be cleaned. As I knelt to kiss their ass afterward, I remembered my past transgression, and removed the thought from my mind.  It never happened...I would never cross the Madam again.

Once back in my cell I dropped into a deep, deep sleep.  The one place where I could find peace, at least for a time.

The coming weeks would be quite eventful...since the Madam had turned us all into shit whores...and we were required to do our wretched deeds in front of high paying female customers in various kinds display forums...the most obscene that the Madam could devise.

I would come to know the inside of the Madam's asshole better than she herself could imagine...the deep pungent hole would become a portal of gratification for me for quite some time to come.  I would spend much time eating the thick fishy juice from her overtly mature cunt...but knew I could never fuck it.

I wasn't alone here, even though I occupied the most loathsome position.  We were all slaves in this disgusting environment...and would be until time freed us. I determined to enjoy whatever pleasure was possible here, and endure all the rest.

I wondered what the Madam's new commercial policies would bring...we would all find out in due time.

The coming weeks would be filled with new revelations within the confines of our obscene prison.  The new latina Madam had converted the facility into a very lucrative money making venture, and we, as her lowlife slaves, would be expected to produce for her, and bring in the huge amounts of money from the countless private shows presented in the large mansion.  Wealthy patrons from all over the world paid large sums of money to see acts of unique scatological eroticism  that could be found nowhere else on earth.








After the loathsome degradation from the madam and her well paying friend, my mind went into what could be called a baseline survival mode, in which I gave myself over fully to my extreme craving for the disgusting acts I was forced to perform, and a mindless obedience, and even a simpering, serving loyalty to the countless women who shamed me while I cleaned them of their most intimate toiletry efforts.




Women of great financial means came here to participate in acts of sexual banality that had no equal anywhere, and could not be obtained at any price.




The obscene, dark haired latina Madam was now in complete charge of our lives and actions, and a series of agonizing and humiliating punishments given to many of the male and female slaves eventually broke down all resistance.




All of the captives eventually embraced their disgusting chores, and indeed were physically addicted to them in a way that could only be understood from the perspective of the slaves themselves. We were forced to watch as our fellow inmates were whipped, and electrocuted in their genitals  by the cruel punishment implants for disobedience of any kind.  




A group of new and even more effective intestinal nullifiers were being used here now, along with the more sophisticated and powerful antibiotics. Each of us required an intensive cleansing and antibacterial enema every several days, and great care was used in treating and eliminating any physical ailment produced by our nameless activities.






Whenever I moved throughout the mansion I wore a dog collar, and was led cuffed and nude by the unsympathetic guards.  Anytime the Madam came into view I was compelled to rush to her, as I could, and drop to my knees behind her to worship her ass.  She usually wore very tight leotards, but on some occasions she wore a long flared skirt, and I had to work a bit to get my head up under it to fawn over, and kiss her well formed asscheeks.




I ate her shit at least once every week, and was compelled to write a short essay after each session, describing, exactly, the flavor, smell, and consistancy of her bowel movement. These were posted for visitors to read on bulletin boards in the customer and visitor areas, and she insisted that I be quite graphic in my descriptions.




Unique combinations of aphrodisiacs were given all of us, so that we developed an intractable craving for our work, no matter how corrupt, and after awhile the intense addiction rivaled that experienced by the heroin addict.




I was scheduled for at least two odorous sessions per day, sometimes more, and these, composed of both younger, and older women.  The males were used only by females, and the females by males.  This was a strict order and was accepted unanimously by the extensive clientele.








One of the more disgusting and humiliating chores here  consisted of removing shit stains, with the mouth, from soiled panties laundered here once each week.  Ordinarily this odorous project was shared by all the males here, but on the occasion of my disasterous fall into the abyss of the Madam's ill will, I was appointed the task, every wednesday until further notice, a few hours before the underclothing was laundered.




During this uniquely fetid undertaking, I would spend a few minutes on each pair of the stained panties, both softening the dried crap, and eating it off until the stain was both partially removed, and softened sufficiently to aid in it's removal in the clothes washer.




I was told that saliva was almost as effective as stain remover in preparing the nasty substance for washing. This humiliating project took about two hours, give or take, and left one with the most interesting brown mustache that can be imagined.  No liquid was allowed during the funky operation so that a repugnant, and for me, unfortunately, highly erotic smear of lewd brown cream encircled the mouth, and covered the nose and cheeks upon completion of the degrading duty.




There were nine femdoms actively engaged here, including the Madam, along with auxiliary personnel, and each had residence in the mansion most of the time.  There was the Madam, her two lieutenants, and six other femdoms of approximately equal rank.  They worked well together, and were quite proficient in ruling the inmates with an iron hand.




So in total there were probably up to one hundred fifty pairs or more, of soiled women's undergarments to be prepared for laundering each week. Customers were also allowed to have their soiled panties cleaned here, so that there was always a very large number of the stained unmentionables sitting in the laundry cart. Each pair was dropped into a sealed bag hanging on the cart, after thorough cleaning and preparation, and the bag removed to the laundry room at the completion of the raunchy enterprise.




One more little ingredient completed this filthy scenerio... the cleaning was done in the main reception area amid the flurry of customers and vistors to the mansion, and invariably there were gawking females standing around taking pictures and  videos of the humiliated slave.






After having been brought to the reception area by dog chain, I was seated in the main lobby and strapped into an anchored chair in way of the main traffic flow.  My hands were released and a laundry cart brimming with stained panties was brought up beside me. There were always video cameras busy recording activities throughout the mansion, and one of them was trained directly on me, leaving none of my secrets  hidden.




The femdom in charge of me took my chin firmly in her hand and looked into my eyes..."You clean these within two hours you pathetic bastard, or I will punish you personally!" 




I jerked my head up and down in fear...indicating a complete lack of pride or self worth.  She seemed pleased and left me there.




There were women passing by and the familiar lewd smirk could be seen on most of their faces, indicating their utter disregard for my dignity, and the perverted need to enjoy my abasement, and that of every other slave here.




I dove into my work, grabbing the first pair that I could reach, and flipped to the underside, searching for the nasty residue deposited there.  I suspected that some of the stains on the undergarments had been left there intentionally, but it made little difference by the time the job was done. Upon finding the thick hash mark, I shoved it into my mouth and began chewing and licking the dried feces off.  I swallowed a few chunks of crap as I softened the stain, and two women had paused and were grinning in disgust as I looked helplessly at them.




I became aroused at once, and began to work my mouth rapidly, ingesting all that I could to the amusement of the women, and a few others nearby.  Within a short time I had eaten most of the brown leavings, and threw the pair into the self sealing bag. I groped for another pair, and soon was in a frenzy, slurping and cleaning the shit marks from anything I could lay my hands on. The smell soon became overpowering as I ate more and more of the tainted brown cream, and several women stopped to witness my humiliation.




I was instructed not to eat the pussyjuice soaked into the crouch of most all of the panties, but merely to concentrate on the shit marks. The cuntjuice odor contributed to the overall funk of the task, however, even though I barely touched the crouch area.




The passing women soon became a blur of motion, and I looked blankly at them as I sucked the shit stain off pair after pair of the unmentionables.  After an hour my mouth was completely surrounded by a musky, obscene ring of mixed crap, and I had swilled down many tidbits of the rank waste matter.




Two women stopped to look at me in amazement, and one of them leaned down and looked at my face.  She was very pretty, and had a sadistic glint in her beautiful eyes. I suddenly regained my composure for a moment, and stopped, licking around my lips in an attempt to swallow the amber paste collected there.




"You're doing a really good job there friend," she said quietly, "I like the little fart sign on your forehead. How can you stand yourself? How can any man do this, and apparently enjoy it. Do you know how disgusting you look to me? You're the lowest piece of crap I've ever seen, and I've seen many.  Even after you leave here you'll remember me, and what I said, and you'll cry from shame."  She grabbed a particularly dirty pair of skivvies and rubbed them all over my mouth, then shoved them in. I cringed as I began sucking the thick smear of brown debris off, and she gloated as I finished my meal and put them in the bag.




"Tsk...tsk...tsk," she whispered, "You filthy son of a bitch!" She took several pictures and left, and I tried to block the barbaric humiliation from my mind.




After and hour and a half I had finished all of the funky underclothing, and the rancid smell of mixed dried shit permeated my throat and nose.  I had orgasmed involuntarily, just as a group of women had stopped to observe, and jerked wildly as a pair of shit stained panties hung from my mouth.




Nothing could describe the deep and personal humiliation I felt at that moment.  But they must know that I am forced to do this.  How could they not know. Their smiling abhorrence told me otherwise, however, this was a place of entertaiment for them, and I was bound to entertain them.






Soon two of the staff came for me, and I was led behind the laundry cart, cuffed and stumbling awkwardly, as I was taken to the showers.  My whole lower face was coated with a stinking film of dried fecal matter, and the hot shower was a welcome release from this pit of filth.




The femdom guards made sure that I scrubbed my face, nasal passages, and mouth thoroughly before allowing me to kiss their ass, and then they led me by my dogchain, out of the showers into the long outer hallway.










After my duties in the main lobby I returned to my daily schedule as the main attraction at private scat parties, these being designed by the customers to fit individual desires.  The minimum for such a party was $10,000, and some of the more involved and elaborate productions ran as high as $100,000.  Of course the clients were multimillionaires, some many times over, and such rare entertainment was well worth the outlay to them.




The Madam was well known for her unpredictable and kinky nature, and the slaves never knew exactly what would be expected from them day to day. 




The cruel Madam delighted in creating each new and humiliating scenario for the slaves, and especially for me, and I lived in fear of her capricious nature.








Two days after my laundry duty she had me brought into her large private meeting room and all of the femdom staff were there. I was shaking with fear already but she tried to reassure me that if I performed adequately, I would not be harmed. I trembled with anticipation as she pinched my balls between her fingers.




"This is a training task that you must complete successfully, or I will be forced to punish you."  She smoothed my hair over softly with her fingers and smiled that sweet, beautiful smile of hers.  "That's not so difficult is it?" 






She put a heavy blinder over my eyes so that I could see nothing at all.  Then she spoke to the other women as she adjusted the eye cover. "Ladies, remove your panties please, we're going to let this slave give us each a good asslicking and discover if he is able to identify each of us merely by the smell and shape of our wonderful and fragrant assholes."




"While he is sucking your bunghole state your name so that the slave can learn to associate a name with an asscrack. It's as simple as that."  She stood close to me again..."On your knees you unspeakable toilet mouth," she purred,"and wait for instructions."




I immediately dropped down and kneeled in supplication, still puzzled as to the exact nature of what she intended.  "We're going to let you smell and lick our nasty rear waste holes, each of us, you lucky slave, and we will state our name while you are doing it."  She moved close to me again..."Here's the catch, my  dirty dirty slave...if you fail to match each behind with the correct name later I will electrocute your cock and balls with your wicked little implant. Each time you fail a test I will punish you with  pain until you have performed the task correctly."




I quivered with fear as they removed their undergarments, and vowed to focus my entire skills in making the right choices.  I hadn't felt the cruel shock of the implant for some time and I thought about it with extreme dread.




I heard the women moving around and soon felt the a hairy buttcrack moved against my nose.  I immediately began smelling it, and tried to remember the unique fragrance.  I kissed both asscheeks all over several times and rubbed my face over the skin to mark any identifying pimples or skin irregularities.  She had her asscrack spread wide open and I shoved my nose in deep against it and inhaled.




I desperately wished I had been more observant all the times before when I had worshipped these fulsome asses, and I would in the future, but my concern now was the present situation.  I licked the hairy butthole and smelled it as I removed the thin layer of funk deposited there.  My object was to focus on the inner recesses and make a note of the ease with which I could probe inward to the heavier residue inside.




The woman moved back just a bit and stated her name for me.  "Sandy!"  I forced my tongue in deeply and ate out more substance from inside. I became aroused quickly and as my erection became very pronounced I ate the meal and imbedded in my memory the terrain of Sandy's anal area.




I licked her asscheeks and the area next to her asshole desperately looking for nuances for ID purposes.  She had a rough area of skin next to her puckered anus and a slight irregularity of the wrinkled skin. 




She quickly moved away and another soft butt crevice was fitted over my face. I went first to the soft asscheeks kissing and rubbing my nose against them, and memorizing as much as possible the terrain.




I slid my face and nose inside the obscene rear cleft and smelled the dark odor of a well formed asshole.  It wasn't hairy but was tight and bulbous.  I made note of this and desperately collected data with each motion.  I licked the thick bulb of her anal opening and the smell was unique, and quite pungent.  Lapping all around her asshole I cleaned it and swallowed the residue.  I attempted to probe my long tongue inside but found unusual resistance and finally propelled it through and licked around inside gathering more fecal residue.




"Vera!", came the clear verbal intonation...and I noted this and matched memories with my oral efforts.






Once again a rustling of movement and a third well formed ass furrow was unceremoniously pushed over my face.  I kissed her cheek mounds back and forth, rubbing and memorizing again, and even licked her cheeks to add to my information.  She had several pimples on one side and I noted this as I smothered my face in her wide open fart crack and inhaled deeply.




It was quite obvious that she had just taken a bowel movement, and the thin layer of shit cream rubbed off onto my face.  I again did the standard study of her asscheeks, kissing them over and over again noting unique irregularities.  I rubbed my nose downward inside her crack and coated my face with the smell as I inhaled the heady stench.  Her asshole was hairy also but was inwardly depressed allowing easy entry of my probing tongue.




My addiction took over and I shoved my long clacker, deep up her poopchute, finding a nasty meal there, and cleaned it out noting her flavor, and the structure of her inner cavity.  One thing I had learned was that each asshole was different, each set of asscheeks unique in their own way, and I was counting on that now to save me in this unpleasant situation.




"Samantha!", came the breathy reply from my attractive recipient.  I rubbed my nose against her inner asscheeks finishing my efforts and another woman replaced her within a few moments.  I could hear nothing in the room other than breathing and an occasional snicker, and I knew that they would give no clues other than my oral servicing of their exposed behinds.




In an instant I smelled the Madams fetid, and musky asscrack, and kissed her perfect ass mounds with great reverence, licking each cheek clean and lapping my tongue just inside her deep and flawless anal crevasse.  I shoved my nose deep into her dark funky anal pit, and smelled the nasty residue that I knew so well.  I sucked her fulsome and rancid asshole, being careful not to


suck too hard, and soon was rewarded with a long, and odorous fart.




I inhaled the olfactory wallop with great zest, and rammed my tongue deep into her dark brown crap chute, feeling it pass through her strong anal sphincter with a plop.  I pushed forward and shoved it in to the hilt, my nose buried into her velvety skin, and began to twist and undulate my tongue to release the inner cream.




I swabbed it out and gulped several dollops of crap, and she moved her perfect ass back and forth and my head with it. I did't stop until I had cleaned out all detectable rectal stain.




Her voice broke the silence, and my estimation was confirmed.  "You dirty, dirty slave, you should know what my shit tastes like by now. You know it is I the Madam and master of this place. I have rewarded you with the ripe shit from inside my bowels, and now you must reward me by continuing to learn the deep secrets of each of my good staff members."




She moved away and the fifth ass was presented to me, and pushed roughly against my face.  I quickly lapped deep into her dark foreboding rear gully, and tasted a rank, fermented odor, making me gasp in shock and pleasure. I moaned and licked her inner crack rapidly, slavoring the raw shitcream and swallowing it down with a noticable gulp. The aroma was so nasty I went into a frenzy, savoring the smutty stench, and my face was soon a mess, as I tried to make notes of other, and physical characteristics.




Such a smell served to distract me, but I quickly went to her soft rounded butt cheeks and kissed and licked them clean noting bumps and blemishes. 




"Wanda!", came the throaty identification, as I memorized the features of her well formed ass, trying to keep her smell from distracting me from my serious project of the moment. 




She moved away and I cleaned the light brown sorghum from around my lips in an effort to remove past shit and prepare for the coming deposits from the next butt crack. There were three to go and I repeated catch words over and over to memorize each woman's characteristics. I was relying primarily on the physical topography of each set of asscheeks and their inner crack area, and I was feeling more confident as I did each of the women. 




My knees were beginning to get sore and my back too but this was nothing compared to the punishment the Madam could inflict on me if I failed. Over and over I mentally repeated highly noticable physical marks with names and was holding my own so far.




The next rear shit chasm moved up to my face and I could tell that this was a shorter, more petite woman, and that should make my task a bit easier when it came time to identify them all.  Her ass was perfectly formed and her moist, open, rear crack gave out just the right odor, highly erotic noxious fumes of an asshole just cleaned from a bowel movement.  I lapped every inch of her ass cheeks, savoring their perfect shape, and slowly lowered my nose into her musty waste hole.




I inhaled deeply and the odor was extremely erotic, not too much, and not too little.  I licked all around her anus cleaning the faint and aromatic film off, and then put my nose next to her tight asshole and smelled it, rubbing my nose around slowly.  I could not control myself and dove in licking her perfect anus, and found just the faintest bit of shit cream inside and close to the surface.




I placed my powerful licker right at the center of the opening and pushed very hard, and felt the sphincter give slowly to my probing. I gradually shoved it inside and felt her tight anus wrap around it as it moved further and further in.  I pushed very hard and my extremely long oral appendage was imbedded to the hilt in her perfect asshole. 




I could taste shit on the tip of my tongue and moved my expert lick pole slowly around twisting the tip so that more of the thick crap moved down around my enclosed oral tentacle.  I fucked it in and out and I could feel her begin to squirm and her anus began to bulge outward dangerously.




Suddenly a glob of thick shit was forced out into my face and mouth, and I gobbled it down and sucked out the last of the discharge.  She was moaning as she said her name and I matched it indelibly to her incredibly erotic excretia hole. 




"Natasha!", she moaned, squirming against my face.




She moved away and again I cleaned around my mouth, to prepare for the next bout of analingus.




The seventh smelly butt fissure moved over my face, and a hand reached back to hold my head firmly.  My nose was deep in her asscrack and she grunted, and expelled a long, wet fart into my face.




"Wendy!", she exclaimed loudly, "and here's a kiss for you!"




I quickly vacuumed her wet poophole and swallowed the bit of brown liquid there and lapped eagerly all around the nasty oriface as I sucked it.  I noticed that she had a bit of skin tissue protruding from one side of her anal opening, and I was pleased, since this was a distinctive identifier.




I continued sucking and she farted several more times, holding my head tightly as she grunted in pleasure. I gulped in the raunchy offerings and the fumes drifted through my nasal passages opening them completely.




When I had cleaned her raw gas chute sufficiently I quickly spent a little time kissing her ass and licking it, just to add to my store of data.  She had a scar on her right asscheek, possibly from a removed cyst.




I waited expectantly for the next shithole but there was a pause.  The Madam came over and stood near me...I could sense her presense.  "Now my disgusting toilet freak, I have something a little different for you.  You will lick two nasty anal openings at one time, so I would advise you to be alert."




I sat there listening, a little worried that this might be too distracting, but focused my concentration as much as possible, and continued repeating the names and ass identities of the former doms.  I heard a slight rustle and felt two ass cheeks on either side of my face.  Both of them pushed against me, and I wasted no time in my efforts.




I first turned my face to the one on the right, and kissed both buttocks repeatedly, slyly acquiring info on the surface. I licked her asscheeks all over and tasted the salty residue on the skin.  I found a noticable pimple on the left cheek with a smaller one right next to it.  Items like this were of great value.  I could feel the heat from her open bunghole.




I sniffed it and pushed my nose up next to her anal opening. This was a relatively clean asshole, and she had probably just taken a shower and cleaned herself well.  Not as erotic in one sense, but a pleasant change in another.  It was a very well formed and tight anus, and I lapped rapidly all around it trying to find physical markers. The surface around her very tight hole was smooth and I knew that I would probably have a time gaining entry to her rectum with my tongue.




I had eaten all of these asses in the past but it is strange that the things we see everyday often escape us upon examination. I sucked her tight rear oriface , and lathered it with saliva to make it easier to fuck with my tongue.




I moved to the other open feces pit and kissed the inside walls of her large buttcrack.  This was a larger woman and her shit gash smelled heavily of fresh rectal excretia, and I began to breath heavily and my libido became instantly charged.   The fact that she was large would help, but I also must find some ID markers that I could feel with my face, nose, or tongue.




I forced my whole face into her funky quagmire, and my entire countenance was smeared with a layer of fresh bowel leavings.  I licked and ate it off, now in a horny frenzy of lust. I cleaned the inner walls of her large crack, and sucked her very large anus clean of all the brownish sludge.




I knew who these women were by sight, from experience, but was never privy to their names, and especially to identify them by sucking their assholes.




I remember being subjected to a large meal by this particular femdom on a few occasions, and she was the only one  who could fill me up with one bowel movement.  My tongue slid into her massive butthole easily, and I fucked it in and out cleaning out the remainder of her sewage.




She reached back and put her hand on my head, pulling my hair painfully..."Donna!", she said, forming her words perfectly.  She patted my head and I went back to the other crack and licked her asscheeks for unusual marks.  I could find none but her smooth tight asshole should help greatly when the time came.




I lubricated her constricted anus again and put the tip of my tongue dead center and began to push.  I met great resistance and could not breach her super tight craphole.  This worried me since I hadn't run into this problem for quite some time.




I used a technique that I had developed that had always been successful before, and that was to purse my lips tightly around the top inch of my tongue and push hard, forcing it into a non-responsive asshole.




Clamping my lips and mouth tightly I pushed directly into the center of her farthole, and with the aid of the saliva already deposited there I began to force her constrained anal sphincter open. I strained and her super tight anal knob began to part and my tongue painfully slid in.




I had to stop a few times to rest but finally had deposited half of my long appendage up her rectum, and could feel a hard lump of feces pushing against the tip. She wiggled in pleasure and I twisted my talented licker around and felt her sphincter give way and widen a bit.  I fucked her open shithole with my adamantine asslapper, and she was shaking in pleasure from the treatment.




Without warning I was gagged by a thick turd, preceded by a sharp fart, forced into my mouth by the pressure in her bowels.  I was taken by surprise and paused momentarily, holding the hardened log between my lips, then quickly chewed the thick mass and swallowed it and cleaned around her asshole rim. 




"Julie!", she exclaimed, in a squeeky voice, just as she shit in my mouth.  I knew I would have little difficulty in identifying her, and by constant, and focused mental repetition, had memorized all of the doms names, associated with their ass and anal characteristics.








The Madam ended the learning period by grabbing my hair tightly, and pulling it back and forth.  "Now you pathetic worm, I will have each of my faithful constituents give you your test, and I will make you scream with each mistake. I give you permission to speak in this case only, to say the name of the woman disgracing you, and her name only.




I was still repeating and reviewing names and asses systematically, in my mind, and as the first  unknown rear moved next to my face, I suddenly calmed, and concentrated my efforts.




I felt the heat of an open shitcrack next to my face once again, and I quickly licked both cheeks and rubbed my nose over them collecting data. I stuck my nose into the pungent inner area and licked around the anus.  I knew in an instant that it was Wendy from the scar on her right asscheek, and stated her name loudly. "WENDY!"




Even though I knew I was correct I still cringed uncertainly from habit, always dreading the punishment of the cruel Madam.




The Madam said nothing, and the next smelly gash was pressed against my face.  The funky aroma drew my attention quickly, and I knew it was Wanda, but a small pimple next to her butthole confirmed my estimate. "WANDA!, I screeched, almost without voice, and there was silence again.




Soon a warm smooth asshole rubbed against my face and I knew by the smell it was the Madam.  I think it is the Madam," I whispered, shivering in fear.




"AH, you are so right you fucking shit whore, and you have done well so far, but let us see if you can finish your task successfully."




Over the next fifteen minutes The remaining women then presented their obscene backsides to me, and through my great concentration and effort, I guessed each one correctly.




The Madam was not pleased with my success but by her own strange sense of fairness she allowed me to go about my daily business without consequence after the test.  Somehow I knew that she would exact a particularly humiliating revenge for her little failure, and the queasy feeling in my gut ate at me each day.




When I had finished, the sense of relief I felt was beyond description. This had been cruel, since I knew the Madam would have taken great pleasure in torturing me, but I had been successful, once again, in surviving the perils of existance that were rampant in this place.




I was taken back to my room and after a good shower was allowed to sleep in late the next day, and reconstitute my strength and composure.




I received my enema the next day, and though I actually looked forward to it because of the healing and protective process it provided, it was not the best activity I could imagine since it was done while I was bound to a fixture, and after I had been given a powerful natural laxative. 














The extremely unique parties and scat events here in the mansion were scheduled with great care, to allow optimum financial gain each day.




The Madam took great delight in setting up and attending the events, and the wealthy customers who came here to do their nefarious deeds knew that they would surely get their money's worth...every penny.








The following weekend, on a Saturday night, I was taken to  the glory asshole area, but not for that particular purpose. There were several bathrooms located in that area where a special kind of scat entertainment was conducted, and I became uneasy as I was escorted by two of the doms I had serviced so well during the ass tests.




There were spectator seats surrounding the specially constructed toilets, and professional video and photographic equipment was installed and ready for use.




I was placed in a sideroom and secured to a bench and waited there nervously for quite some time. Eventually I heard people coming into the toilet, and the voices of the Madam and a few of the other doms.




I hadn't been allowed to do oral service in two days and I was becoming extremely horny, bordering on mania. Like the heroin addict I actually began to experience physical symtoms of withdrawal and extreme discomfort.




I hadn't eaten shit for two days or licked a woman's asscrack or cunt, and the deprivation was almost more than I could handle. The Madam and her staff did their work well, and I was at the point where I would do absolutely anything for a fix.




About ten minutes later the door flew open, and two doms released me from the bench and took me through a short hallway into one of the toilets.  I was led by dog collar into the room and the sight was impressive.




There were at least twenty spectators present, sitting in the comfortable chairs in front of the three toilets, and they looked at me with great interest and amusement as they caught sight of me.




There were three very pretty women sitting in the front row. They wore scant clothing and and their short shorts gripped their perfect asses tightly. They were grinning and snickering to each other as I was brought up beside the stools.




I was forced to kneel to the side of the toilets, hands cuffed behind, as usual, and I faced the audience so that they could see my embarrassment and anticipation. The video cameras were in operation, and I kneeled there looking at the group of women, feeling a sense of distruction I could not describe.




The Madam came in and stood over me and pulled me by an ear so that I straightened to her painful grasp.  She wore tight brown leotards, and a white blouse, and half heels.












Diedra was wet and this slave had angered and perplexed her for some time now.  She gloried in her complete control of all the inhabitants here, and  had devised some of the most heinous and degrading entertainment possible to exploit them.  Though this lowlife was a simpering dog there was, however, an element of defiance in him, and after thwarting her oral name test, she had vowed to exact a most humiliating retribution at his expense.




She held his hair tightly and spoke to the attentive and smiling group of clients.




"Well ladies, welcome to Scat Paradise, and we hope that your experience here will be something that you will never forget. We hope that you return often for more of the same.  I know you have expended large sums of money to participate in our, shall I say, incomparable scatological entertainment venue, and I make it my business to insure your full enjoyment."




"Tonight we have a unique treat for you...I know that you are all dyed in the wool scat afficiandos, and the coming event should leave quite an impression on you. Copies of the entire session on video, or full color photographs are available to you all, on request."




The three wealthy and very pretty principals sat looking in great anticipation at the disgusting slave, and wanted only to degrade and humiliate him to the fullest extent possible.




Diedra sat in a comfortable chair nearby, and looked deviously at the eager women. 




"Shall we begin," she said quietly, shifting to ease the stimulation in her lower area.




The three women in the front row stood and took off their clothing, and laid them on their chairs.  They soon stood there nude, and the mischief in their eyes told a story of complete wantonness.




Diedra would enjoy this tremendously, and savored every moment.




"I trust that you ladies carried out my full instructions before coming to the session?" 




They all nodded assent, and slowly massaged their abdominal region as they walked to the toilet stools. The Madam had instructed them on the proper diet for this exercise, so that their bowel contents would be large and firm and easily evacuated.




There were small refuse containers beside each stool, the kind that opened and closed by foot pressure, and a roll of toilet paper on a small stand on the other side.




The women had the most perfect bodies one could imagine, and as they each sat on a toilet, their wide hips flared out seductively over the open stool. 














They were beauties, and quite decadent, in part, because of their extreme wealth...they had found a new thrill, a new kick, something they could do and never be held accountable for, it was quite seductive for them.




Since all in the room shared the same filthy obsession, they felt comfortable with the coming show, something they could all enjoy and not feel remorse about, a mutual and disgusting endeavor that all could savor with full enthusiasm.




The spectators area suddenly went dim, the lights adjusted so that the women could comfortably remove their panties, and masterbate themselves, either by hand, or vibrator. This was an essential part of their enjoyment, and was encouraged greatly by the Madam.






Two dom's had me crawl around to the front of the stools and wait...and I now knew what for.  I was shaking with lust by now, and the Madam knew this well, as per her denial of my needs for two full days.




The three women on the stools smiled at me with a callous indifference, anticipating the coming debachery.


 On cue they began their labors of evacuation, straining powerfully,  and it wasn't long before the divinely enticing sexpots expelled the inner waste in their bowels, and as the powerful ventilation fan removed the odor from the room I could hear several loud splashes of fecal matter, apparently lumps of crap of noticable size.




As if this wasn't enough, they continued their efforts, and grinned slyly at me as they discarded additional chunks of feces.




When they had finished they stood and wiped themselves thoroughly with the toilet paper and threw the soiled tissue into the covered trash containers.  They stood around me waiting eagerly, and the Madam came over and pulled my hair again and dug in her fingers.


She pushed me to the edge of the first stool and slowly forced my head down into the toilet.  The sight that greeted me was incredible, several chunks of light brown shit floated in the water, which had already taken on a brown tint from the crap.




The Madam pushed my nose into the putrid mess and I lost control and started eating the brown loafs with great relish.  She pulled my head up so that the spectators could see my face and the applause and ahhh's were spectacular.




"You dirty, filthy whore, lowlife slave," she grunted, "look at him eat shit out of a toilet...he cannot stop himself!"




The three contributors to my foul meal stood over me masterbating and were breathing in gasps as they witnessed the unforgettable sight.




The Madam shoved my head down into the bowl again and into the soft broken waste matter and the shit smeared all over my face as I savored the pungent feces.  The smell was overpowering but it drove me into an insane frenzy, the foul nature of it making me even more glutted with lust.




I gobbled most of the disgusting contents in the bottom of the bowl, and she then held my face down in the water while she flushed the toilet.  I gasped for air as the water drowned and bubbled up over my ears, and finally she jerked me up so that the viewers could get another good look at the abomination that was  my face.




The three shit contributors looked at me  with great revulsion and sexual greed, and fingered themselves rapidly, in a trance of insatiable abberation.




The other women who occupied the spectator's area were quite busy also, and though not much could be seen of their activities, their moaning and gasps gave strong evidence of their raunchy endeavors.




The Madam quickly moved me over to the next stool and unceremoniously shoved my face down into it, and directly down into the hardened offal, and as I slurped at the large piece of shit bobbing next to my face, she let up a bit so that I could get it in my mouth.




I wrapped my lips around the brown mass and just when I had it firmly in my jaws the Madam jerked me up again, and allowed the perverse audience to see my complete degradation.  I bit into the lump and took a mouthful but it broke in two and the pieces fell to the floor.




Watching me eat the chunk in my mouth was highly entertaining for the yelling women, and when I had finished it the Madam pushed my head down to the floor to eat the other two pieces. As I opened my mouth and took in a smaller blob of crap I looked up at the cheering group of degenerate females and was convinced I had hit rock bottom at that point, there was nothing left of me but an empty shell, emersed in complete and consumate shame.




I was a robot by now, and my lust was more severe than it had ever been before as I gulped down the other lump of smelly crap.  The women could see the insane passion that I exhibited before them, and as the Madam pulled me up and moved me to the last toilet, I licked my lips in a berserk hunger, eager for my last meal.


"You have been a dirty, nasty shit whore," she chided sarcastically, now stop wasting my time and eat the filth in this toilet quickly, and get it into your stomach." As she slowily lowered my face into the swampy depths of the toilet bowl I looked up at the three donors and they were shaking with lust, having just orgasmed to my lascivious appetite.




They looked at me closely as my face diappeared below the rim and down into the unspeakable contents at the bottom of the toilet.




The Madam pushed my face into the softened, floating  blobs of feces, and moved it around, smearing shit all over my face and head.  As pieces of excrement clung to my hair I gulped and grunted in ecstasy as I ate the stinking meal.  Just as I swallowed a substantial portion of the brown garbage I jerked violently in orgasm, and the audience, and especially the donors, cheered loudly, clapping with great enthusiasm.




The Madam flushed the toilet with my head submerged below the waterline, and I gagged and sputtered for air as my face was washed with brown liquid, that had been stained by the rancid flotsam.




She brought my head up and held it for the spectators to see, grasping my hair tightly in her hand. 




"Look at this dirty bastardo," she grinned, "did he not put on a good show for you my ladies?"  She shook my head back and forth.  "You may speak now and thank them my worthless crap eater," she said.  She looked at me along with all the other women and I smiled a silly smile as the water and shit dripped from my face.




"Oh thank you!", I gushed, "Thank you, thank you!"




Madam shook my head in irritation as she derided me further. "That's enough you stupid shit eating dog, don't overdo it!"




By this time volumes of videotape had been expended on the foul show, and many, many pictures, to be sold worldwide, and given to the clients who paid so highly. 




I knew that it was I who had paid highest price, though none here could possibly fathom that, unless, that is, they could be in my shoes here at the mansion for just one day.








The audience filed out and the three shit contributors also, after they had dressed, and I was taken to nearby showers where I was scrubbed with long handled brushes by two of the doms.








This particular 'show' had earned the mansion about $50k, and I was given light duty for a day or two, and had only to participate in one smaller private performance each day.




The female slaves here had it at least as bad as the males, and were doing the same kind of unspeakable things for well paying men.  Usually though, the women were expected to eat shit as well as suck cock and eat cum.




What the slaves needed desperately was psychological counseling, since most of us had suffered possibly irreversible emotional damage by now, but such a thing was not possible for us, and our cruel debasement continued on and on.












As Diedra showered herself, many thoughts and ideas played through her aberrant mind, new and even more degrading types of show sessions for her growing clientele.  The potential here was nothing less than astronomical, and she planned to exploit this lifetime opportunity to the fullest.




She enjoyed having power over other human beings, besides the huge sums of money involved, and this was an additional and amazing bonus that she savored each day.




She was cruel and enjoyed torturing and humiliating her helpless captives, and she was sure she could devise more and more sophisticated ways to subvert and debauch her filthy little victims in the future.




She fell into a deep sleep masterbating herself with maniacal intensity as she fantasized about what she might devise in this area in the future. The orgasm was so powerful that it sent her into a profound slumber, from which she would not awaken for many hours.










These stories are intended as adult fetish entertainment and consist of dangerous activities that have nothing to do with reality, and should be read and viewed in that light.


The extreme degradation that I had suffered during my last session left a permanent scar on my psyche, and the Madam capitalized on that to perfection.  Thereafter, every Saturday after that, I was forced to repeat my performance to a hot and nasty audience of attractive, and wealthy females.

Their craving for this particular scatological debacle seemed unending, and the money poured into the Madam's bank account continuously.  This went on for several weeks, and during this time I was on a strict schedule of deprivation, and total gluttony, being brought to a maniacal and desperate longing to eat the shit provided me during these spectacles, and deprived of that dubious pleasure for six days preceding the sessions, being obliged to eat the artificial feces which, in truth was in a different universe altogether, despite having precisely the same flavor and consistency.

A larger bathroom was being used now, and the audience was larger also, and five stools gave me my disgusting meals, instead of three.  By the time of the show each week, I was in a frenzy of craving that no words could possibly describe, and I gulped down the shameful leavings with animal intensity.  The cheers from the all female audiences burned into my mind, and I wondered how they could be so cruel, thinking that I did this repugnant act because I wanted to.

I wondered how each of them might feel if they were forced to do something like this.  In addition, during the course of my continued training, I was introduced to a new device in the conditioning area,  one that caused such a stink in the room that the trainers wore a special breathing mask over their mouth and nose to prevent them from retching.

The perfectly lifelike models of women's butts and assholes through which I had been obtaining my nutrition for quite some time now, had been improved with an added and onerous feature, one that would be distasteful even to me, during the first few days of my experience with it.

Now I was forced to eat pungent gases, injected into my mouth while I was sucking the life like anus openings, and which simulated exactly, the raunchy smells produced at times by the digestive system after having certain kinds of foods in the diet.

Cabbage and beans with certain selected ingredients might be in this category, and any number of other foods that produce extremely odorous results.  These disgusting smells were created here to duplicate the most putrefying of diets, and the first time my mouth was filled with a gust of such a wilting nasal assault, I nearly upchucked, and had to be pulled away from my captured position by the trainers to avoid such a problem.

They were not sympathetic but were merely doing their job, that of conditioning me to eat the most disgusting, and repulsive fart gas, so that within a week I could do it without a strong reaction.  Many variations of fart stink were given to me, and the countless types of effluvium absolutely amazed me.  I had been introduced to a whole new world of rotten smell, some of which I had never experienced in the real world.

Now the guards and doms were encouraged to eat certain foods that produced copious amounts a highly stinking intestinal gas, and we were forced to suck it out of their butt openings at every opportunity.  All of the inmates were forced to go through this training now, but no one could convince me that the Madam did not have a deep grudge against me in particular, because of the special attention she seemed to give to my utter debasement.

To add to the deep insult to us we were given powerful, short term aphrodisiacs in the labs while we were forced to ingest the scuzzy gas there, and were masturbated  during out treatment appointments so that we began to associate pleasure with the highly objectionable odors.

Some of the smells were so powerful that the scent would remain in the nostrils and sinus cavities for hours afterward.  After three weeks of this I was beginning to adjust to, and in a distant way, crave the highly noxious farts, delivered to me by the amused guards and doms, and this only added to my deep self disgust as time passed. 

I know the staff enjoyed this greatly, and were in competition to deliver the strongest, most disgusting farts into our mouths. They soon came to view this as a form of entertainment, and we were the victims of their efforts.  There was a time when I would retch in horror at a particularly pungent breakwind smell, but now that seemed tame by comparison.

Rumor had been circulating for some time that celebrities were coming here, incognito, to partake of the impossible activities presented by the Madam and her staff, and some of the prisoners had actually been used by celebrities in a most disgusting manner.  One could not be sure of anything around here, except the daily and unthinkable sexual abuse given us with wanton depravity.


I had been told early in the day that I would perform at a cunnilingus party, and I knew what that meant.  Usually this was composed of three of four women, and I was subjected to the most complete humiliation possible as I was pulled by dog chain from one to the other while satisfying their most perverted needs.  Without exception, the women in these parties apparently avoided douching, or even bathing, for several days before coming here, and the loathsome excretions forced into my mouth were beyond description.

I prepared myself by gargling with a strong mouthwash several times, and on other occasions this seemed to take the edge off the putrid taste of the swampy vaginal fluids, making the experience slightly more bearable.  I had done this a number of times and had forced myself to enjoy the incredible sessions, and without exception had to masturbate and ejaculate for the women when I had finished with the last one.

They reveled in my foul enslavement here and their lewd comments and laughter  gave me hurtful pangs of embarrassment inside.  I also knew that they had video copies of the event to enjoy later, and to show to their friends.

I lay down and took a short nap before a guard came for me, to take me to what was accurately referred to as the 'cunt' room.  The smell of snatch actually permeated the walls so that a man could detect it immediately upon entry.  I was tied by my dog leash in the center of the room, and was surrounded by large pillows all around, and many boxes of tissues and douching liquids, and large towels at strategic locations.

The room also had a drain in the center of the tiled floor, so that various kinds of fluids could be drained off.  Most of the action was in and around the large pillows, however, and a guards duty was to pull me unceremoniously from one to the other to do my disgusting oral work.

I was in a frenzy of lust from the injection I had been given moments before, and I kneeled and shivered in anticipation.  I waited for what must have been fifteen minutes and was becoming very uncomfortable, and chilled without a stitch of clothing on.  My penis was rock hard and dripped cum into the drain below.

Suddenly the rear door opened and the guard entered with four very attractive ladies, ranging in age, I would guess, of from twenty to forty.  They all wore dresses, and were grinning mischievously at me as they spread out among the pillows.

Already I could smell their feminine odor, and as the guard held my dog chain firmly, she spoke a moment to the eager women.  I recognized at least one lady that I had done in a previous session, and the memory of her rank cunt made me shudder.  All of the clients who came here were given the opportunity to indulge in drugs during their appointments, and many kinds of exotic sex drugs were sold, in addition to the large financial outlay for the basic appointment.

A meeting like this might cost these women five thousand dollars each, but obviously money was no object to those who came here, and five grand was probably a drop in the bucket to them.  They would all orgasm during the session as they enjoyed my abhorrent, oral servicing into the depths of their fetid vaginal confines.  They knew it was unspeakably nasty, but that here someone was forced to do them regardless of the putrid state of their vaginal slits.

Most of their copious orgasmic ecstasy came from knowing how disgusting it all was to the man whose mouth was being violated.

"Ladies, welcome to our scat and cunnilingus paradise. We have for you unparalleled oral entertainment, and I believe you will come back again and again to avail yourselves of our unique sexual entertainment capabilities."  She jerked the dog chain roughly, and pulled my hair into her hand.

"This piece of shit will give you a thorough cunt licking, regardless of the state of....shall I say your vaginal hygiene, and if you are not completely satisfied you are obliged to indicate this on your scoring questionnaire after your experience."

In the event of a negative scoring for this bucket of crap, the Madam here will insist on delivering an unforgettable, and severe punishment to this lowlife, cuntsucking bastard, to compensate in some way for your disapproval."

"Now ladies....if you will remove your panties, and sanitary napkins, if appropriate,  we will proceed."

The women breathlessly pulled their skivvies down and stepped out of them, and flung their unmentionables carelessly to the side.  A few of them who had never done this before were a bit apprehensive, and grinned nervously, licking their bright red lips. 

"Now please pull your dress all the way up and sit comfortably, legs spread,  while I see to your needs."

The smell soon became overpowering, and the unique feminine stench permeated the entire room.  A jerk of the chain brought me to the first women, lying legs opened widely, and her hips on a small pillow.  Her hairy cunt was wet with a thick cream, and her disgusting slit was fiery red, and greatly in need of a thorough cleansing.

The guard shoved my head down into the messy hairpie, and the woman groaned as my nose slid into her stinking vaginal sewer.  I dove in quickly, knowing that was the best way, and forced my tongue all the way into her festering fuckhole.  I started to gag but supercharged my libido by jacking off my dick and sucked a mouthful of the nameless scum into my mouth and instantly swallowed it.

In another lifetime I would have been engaging in projectile vomiting by now, but my mind had been so wounded and scarred in the past months, that I was humping my hips as I ingested her stinking pussy glue, and actually enjoying it.  The stench of unwashed privates had become a powerful aphrodisiac to me, and I was so horny that as I gobbled more of her putrid cunt cream, I had to ease off so as not to ejaculate.

Ejaculation now would be disastrous for me, and would bring on mind numbing punishment from the sadistic Madam.

I sucked the woman's asshole, which also had not been washed for several days, and a particularly orerous fart blew shit cream into my mouth.  I gulped down any and all excreta from her rancid snatch, and soon belched from the nasty meal that I had just taken down.

The woman jerked violently in orgasm as I tongue fucked her, and gripped my head tightly as she forced my dripping face into her stinkhole.  She fell back, unable to move, and closed her eyes, panting heavily.

The guard immediately jerked me painfully to the next woman, and pulled hard on the leash, holding my head up and steady as she roughly wiped my face  with a large towel.  She shoved the towel in my mouth and poked her fingers to the back of my throat cleaning out scum accumulated there also.

The woman lay there with a lustful sneer on her face as the guard shoved my head down again, and soon my nasal passages were engorged with her putrid cunt slime.  If possible, her cunny stunk more than the last but I wouldn't have put odds on it.  The shaking woman grabbed my ears tightly and pushed her fragrant sexhole hard against my mouth.  I inhaled only long enough to slurp in half a mouthful of bitter vaginal refuse, and swallowed it down, scrunching my face a bit as I did it.

I jerked faster as I went into a cuntsucking frenzy, and ate globs of nameless female paste, wondering where my gag reflex had gone.  Frankly my  tolerance for the disgusting must have been several levels above that of the average proctologist, and I could picture myself patting one of them on the shoulder while telling them mind boggling stores of what true foulness really is.

As my tongue found it's way deep into the woman's wide open anus, my face was splattered with a thick wad of uterine sludge, from deep inside her most intimate areas, and I quickly opened my mouth and ate as much as possible.  I felt a pang of nausea as I did that one, but recovered quickly, sucking a small shit stain out of her unwashed crap chute and wolfing it down.

The woman had several orgasms, and her body was wracked with a severe jerking motion that coated my entire head with scuzz.

The guard again pulled me hard up by the chain, and took a few moments to wipe my entire head, and again with a damp towel, and finally with a large dry towel.  The towels were beginning to accumulate around the room and there were two more highly charged women waiting for me to eat their stinking cunts.

I dropped down as the pretty guard pulled, and was greeted by the most beautiful and hirsute cunny hole I'd ever seen.  The thick bush of pussy hair surrounding her pink vaginal orifice was highly erotic to me, and I dove in and rubbed my face back and forth all over the stagnant sumphole.  Her vagina had the worst stink so far, but her ass was perfect and her swollen slit textbook perfect, and as I lapped my tongue into her rancid fuckhole, I jacked off rapidly as I delved in to the hilt, and lapped out a heavy sample of the thick mess inside.

It was worse than you can imagine, but I gulped it down and belched at the same time nearly bringing up some of what I had previously ingested.  I was so hot by now that I couldn't have vomited if I'd wanted to, and the woman moaned and grunted in pleasure as I cleaned out her skanky pit.  When I sucked her large, bulbous asshole, she farted loudly, blowing a wet kiss into my swampy oral cavity.

I continued to rub my face back and forth over her large bush of dark cunt hair, and clamped onto her thick red clitoris, sucking it fiercely, and rubbing it against my teeth.  She was bucking now, up and down, and I had a mouthful of her pussy hairs lodged in my teeth as she screamed and pissed in my mouth.  I held my gullet open widely as her thick stream of warm urine drove in, and gulped, and gagged, trying to drink it all.

She fell back, and once again I was pulled roughly upward by the attractive guard, and had my face and head wiped, cleaned, and dried.

The next woman was familiar to me, and I remembered the smell of her disgusting cunt, but I was still in a frenzy, and as the dutiful guard pushed my face into the steaming, stinking pussy, I dove in and determined to finish her off the best I could.

I was shaking and huffing from my efforts so far, and was covered, virtually from head to toe, with dried, stinking vaginal juices.

She was a blond and her nasty love tunnel oozed cunt cream and smelled so badly that I had to pause briefly, pretending to scratch my nose.  Frankly I almost lost it then, but my sexual frenzy and my hard training here kept me going.  She was absolutely gorgeous but how in the world could a knockout like this have such a stinking cunt?

She had her eyes closed and was undulating her lower body as I began to scarf up the disgusting vaginal discharge, and when she moaned and pulled my head firmly into her female sewer, I dove in and began lapping my long tongue deep into her fuck factory.  This drove her into a frenzy and she discharged a thick, clear streamer of putrid offal into my face.

I instinctively opened up and filled my mouth to overflowing, but when I gulped, half of it spilled out.  I took a deep breath and shoved my tongue deep inside her,  forgetting her inner stench, and fucking in as far as I could.  She screamed loudly and farted against my chin, and as the pungent gas drifted upward, she orgasmed again splashing a mass of the most disgusting cuntjuice I'd ever experienced all over my face and hair.

She couldn't stop ejaculating, and the thick gusher splattered on my face again and again.  I was near the breaking point now and tried with no success to gulp down anymore of her sticky scum.

I was controlling my gag reflex now, and had to focus my mind so that I didn't lose it.  The guard yanked me upward and I staggered to my feet wobbling dangerously.  I began to jackoff for the women, and as they looked on in exhaustion, I grunted at them, and shot my wad all over the floor.  Every woman there looked at me with a very special kind of revulsion, and I couldn't imagine what I looked like with the unspeakable coating of female discharge covering my face and body.


For the rest of the day I nursed my unsettled stomach, and was given a bit of latitude to reconstitute my violated libido.  I took special antacids, and was not required to perform the next day.  This time was used by the training staff to further educate me in the fascinating world of eating fart stink, and as I gulped the fetid gases expelled into my captured mouth, I began to find the nasal trauma inflicted on me more and more erotic.

I had not actually been in the presence of the Madam for several days, owing to her busy schedule, and alas my own frantic schedule.  I knew she was gunning for me though in future times, and I felt queasy inside, nursing this inner fear.  She oversaw many of the scat shows at the mansion, but not all, and her dedicated staff were fully capable of the task.

In the lab a brand new training technique had been introduced, and the ingenuity of those in charge of the conditioning equipment never ceased to astound me.  I was hooked to a biofeedback device, having finger clamps attached to both hands, and was required to develop a genuine fetish and liking for my disgusting activities, by virtue of my manipulation of a tone levels, using my mind power alone.

The more intense and real my sexual arousal, the higher the tone produced.  By the same token if I failed to raise the tone level to an acceptable level, I was being punished with automatic and painful electric shocks to both sides of my buttocks.

It was excruciating, and motivated me very strongly to fully embrace the nasty training exercises.  I was often left alone for a half hour at a time, strapped in and fully at the mercy of the automatic conditioning machine.  After such training I was invariably exhausted mentally, and became quite groggy from my forced efforts. 

The results were spectacular, however, and I amazed even myself when fed putrid farts by the staff at random.  Upon receiving a mouthful of revolting anal gas I immediately developed an intense erection, that obviously had the potential for producing ejaculation if the abuse continued very long.

I was having my balls drained in the lab during conditioning, while eating the most awful gas smells possible, and a strong connection began to develop between sexual pleasure, and the totally rank, simulated farts.



On Friday I was summoned to the Madam's special usage area, and my stomach did flip flops of anguish, fearing the unknown stresses to which I could be subjected while in her tender care.

Two of the Doms were there, her first in command and also one of the regular Dom staff.  I had come to learn all their names by eating their shit, and this information was now indelibly imprinted on my mind.  Sandy was the 1st Supervisor Dom, and Bonnie, a fiery red head,  a regular Dom on the staff.  Bonnie had greater influence with the Madam than most of the others because of her consummate nastiness and dedication. 

They were all cruel, and complete servants of the Madam, and her almost hypnotic control over them was a little puzzling.  Beautiful, fulsome women in their prime, following a gorgeous little maniac mindlessly. 

They were extremely well paid, to be sure, and this, I had no doubt was a significant contributing factor.  However they were twisted sexually, and their proclivities paralleled the Madam's own convoluted sexual needs strikingly.

The Madam was not of tall stature....possibly 5ft 3in, with a breathtakingly perfect little ass, and dreamlike titties, but her amazing command over her staff, the slaves, and her organization here was quite remarkable.  Her mental acumen was quite impressive, as evidenced by her tight command and control skills, and the huge fortune to which she aspired, and now was beginning to realize by her keen business savvy.

She was absolutely ruthless, and anyone who stood in her way would suffer greatly, in more ways than one.  I saw a deadness in her cold gray eyes, and knew that something important was missing.  Possibly she was severely abused as a could only conjecture.

There were also about ten female spectators present, seated comfortably on chairs surrounding the center floor.....they were paying clients enjoying some of the unusual and kinky sexual entertainment here at the mansion.

I looked at the Madam briefly, and then down to the floor and stood with my head drooped over, hands secured behind with handcuffs.

She stood with a riding quirt in her hand,  and pulled my chin up so that she could look directly into my eyes.

"I have another little identity game,"  she purred, "one that I hope you will excel at."

She glanced at Sandy, who quickly brought in five female slaves.  They were quite stunning, two blonds and three brunettes, and their nude bodies were spectacularly proportioned.  I noticed a strong body odor right off, and it was obvious that the five had not bathed in some time.

They stood motionless and expressionless, as the Madam spoke, terrified of aggravating her in any way.

"You were able to use your wonderful sense of smell expertly to match assholes and names in our last adventure, but lets see if your sharp senses are equal to this task."  She lifted one of the women's arms revealing an extremely hairy armpit, and the odor was obvious immediately as the Madam scrunched up her nose.

Sandy quickly tied a heavy covering over my eyes similar to the one that had been used before, and my vision was completely blackened, with no light whatever penetrating the dense padding.

"You are going to use that long and talented tongue of yours, and your sensitive powers of smell,  in a most interesting way my piece of shit....first you will clean the nose of each of these slaves, and next you will lick each of their armpits clean of all residue.  From this you will identify them with their name when you are tested upon completion of your task."

"I don't have to warn you that any failure on your part during this process will result in a visit to our torture room this time.  You have been pampered here thus far, but I assure you that what you have experienced so far is nothing to what you would endure there.  My pretty pretty Bonnie has many distasteful skills that you would find astonishingly painful."

Bonnie slapped my bare ass very hard causing me to jump and screech in pain.  I shook uncontrollably as the significance of this situation dawned on me, and my heart sank to it's lowest level since I had arrived here. 

The Madam pinched my hanging balls tightly between her fingers as she spoke....."Of course we don't have to worry about that do we? My worthless bag of horsecrap!"

I grunted assent under my breath, stunned by this new development, and fear gripped my guts like a vise, because I realized how difficult this task would be.  I had been able to use various skin irregularities, and other means of identification in the other test, but how would that be possible in this case.  The disgusting prospect of sticking my tongue up the women's nasal openings was quite revolting to me,  but my mind raced desperately, searching for a way, a method that would bring me out of this serious predicament.

I had just accomplished a much more difficult task in the 'cunt room', which should make this seem like a cakewalk, but it was different, in a way that garbled my senses.  I had never tasted inside a woman's nose, nor licked an armpit, and the disgusting body smell of a sweaty, and dirty armpit might be more offensive to me than one would imagine.

The slaves were sweating, and had obviously just been put through a workout, and their stink filled the air with the peculiar and sickening kind of smell found most often in a locker room.

Thankfully for the spectators special venting fans carried the smell away from them, so that their senses would not be offended during the fun.

Sandy gripped my hair and pulled me firmly over to the first slave.  I was paralyzed with doubt and fear, and searched my mind for possible answers.  Height would be an identifying factor, but not a conclusive one.  Nose size and taste, breath odor, peculiar body odor, and the rancid armpit odor that might be different from one to the other.  I trembled as Sandy pushed my face next to the first slave.

"Stick your tongue out fuckface.......right here," said Sandy, tweaking my balls.  I slid out my tongue and found the slave's nose and instantly began probing inside her nasal openings.  There was not much taste or odor but the residue I found was a bit salty and funky tasting.  I lapped into each breathing aperture and cleaned out what I could and swallowed it.  This slave was smaller and thus her nose openings smaller. 

I noted her height mentally and sucked on the bottom of her nose as I licked deep inside.  She gasped, breathing through her mouth as I did my work and when I had done a thorough job Sandy pulled my head down to her armpits.  The slave held her arm high in the air and as Sandy pushed my nose into the stinking fur the stench became overpowering.

"Lick it clean, and swallow!, commanded Sandy, you'd better get on with this or you will visit the torture room anyway."  She smacked my ass hard and I jerked and began diligently to lick the smelly underarm with complete abandon, lapping  through the thick hair and cleaning the skin underneath.  The pungent odor made me cringe, but I had developed some significant capability in dealing with stink, and I continued on, sucking the hairs clean also.

Sandy pulled the slave and she turned the other way and my nose was shoved into her other raunchy hair mass, which was equally nasty and I licked it clean rapidly, sucking all the aroma out and swallowing it.  Armpit odor is disgusting in a certain way, and the smell totally dominated my nasal passages.

When I finished I heard the poor woman whisper her name, and Sandy slapped her ass to make her speak louder.  "Debbie!," she said hoarsely.

I was able to control my concentration enough to note the approximate height of the first slave, and tried to memorize her nose size and particular armpit smell.  It was all I could do.

Sandy shoved me to the next slave who was taller and guided my face to her nose.  When I felt her nose touch mine I lapped upward into her nasal openings and probed deeply.  She had some residue and a few small bits of it came out and I swallowed rapidly licking for more.  Her nasal odor was a bit stronger than the first slave and as I sucked on her two openings a small amount of soft material come out.

I almost gagged but steeled myself and took it into my mouth and swallowed it.  I tried to blank my mind and focus on the size and shape of her nose, and the unique smell of her breath.  I quickly and desperately catalogued the information and when my face was shoved down to her armpit, I buried my nose in it and breathed deeply.

It was one of the most disgusting odors I'd experienced, not withstanding the putrid vaginal fumes I'd been exposed to, and I dove in, licking the skin under her thick armpit hair cleaning it from top to bottom.

I detected a pimple in the middle of her right armpit, and when she was turned, and I shoved my nose in her other underarm foliage, and cleaned it as well.  I sucked her hair clean, licking it as cleaned it, and became a bit nauseous, but somehow forced myself to continue on.

As I lapped her other armpit the stinking sweat ran down over my nose and I was forced to swallow it.  She stated her name firmly and without emotion.  "Sally!"

The third slave was of medium height, and had a strong body odor.  She had a sniffle and I cringed in horror as my face was brought to hers.  I actually felt that I was about to vomit but somehow found the strength inside, and when Sandy shoved my nose to hers I steeled myself and vowed not to lose control.  Her nose was running quite heavily by now and I lapped into her wet nasal openings and felt the salty snot dribble down over my lips. 

I slurped the viscous drainage up and swallowed it and began to suck on her nose in an effort to get more out.  I knew the Madam was watching very carefully for any sign of hesitation, and I vacuumed the thick snot out of her nose and ate it as it flowed in.  I gagged, and sucked for more probing my tongue inside her wet nasal openings.

Just in time Sandy shoved me down to her disgusting armpit and found that she had the most vile odor of all so far.  Her underarm was dripping with sweat and I sucked and licked it off and ate it, noting any possible distinguishing characteristic.  I knew that I could identify most of them by one outstanding item or the other, so I was becoming more confident as I rapidly repeated info and names.

"Heather!," came the tearful reply.

The forth slave was very tall and as I struggled to clean her large nose openings a viscous and salty streamer of snot poured into my mouth and down my chin.  The heavy workout had obviously loosened their sinus cavities, and now I was paying for it.  I knew that if I hesitated for even a moment in my work I could face severe reprisal from the Madam, and I licked out the snot and swallowed it as I desperately held back my gag reflex.

I cleaned it all off and sucked her nose for any remaining liquid.  I swallowed all I could and went to her armpits.  Her underarms were massively bushy with hair, and I gagged a bit as I pressed in and began to lick through the wet pungent fur.  It was more disgusting than I thought it would be and by the time I'd sucked the hair clean on her other armpit I was actually light headed and near vomiting.  Her height, however would be a valuable tool in identifying her upon questioning.

"Janet!," came her loud reply.

I had snot all over my face now and I licked around my mouth to remove the thick droplet of it running down from my upper lip.

I had held it together so far, and I was sure I could identify them all if I kept my focus.  The last and fifth slave, I discovered, had a bad sinus infection, and my stomach churned, on the verge of emptying out.  I think I can safely state that the Madam chose her for this purpose, and I held back my gag reflex, and tried to appear calm. 

Sandy slapped my ass hard again, and shoved my nose next to the woman's. As my nose touched hers I felt a thick rivulet of snot oozing down her upper lip as she desperately sniffed and swallowed the infectious drainage.  The odor from her sinus was overpowering,  and I gagged again, and almost hesitated, but could sense the Madam inches away, watching me carefully.

I heard her speak softly......"Careful, my worthless piece of shit....careful you do not miss this poor slaves nose or you will be in the torture room within minutes!"

I could hear the Madam's labored breathing a few inches away, and knew she was highly aroused by my predicament, and possibly masturbating.

I reached inside and gathered every last ounce of strength in me and lapped out rapidly, slurping a thick glob of snot into my mouth.  I gagged,. but did not lose control and ate the thick viscous drainage as it poured out of her nose.  I sucked her swollen nose and managed to extract a thick mass of mucous, and gulped it down, retching lightly as I did so.

She sniffled and sucked in the drainage and swallowed it but there was too much there.

"Suck her nose!," commanded the Madam, as she breathed heavily in my face.

I quickly clamped onto her flowing nose and sucked it, as more snot oozed out.


"Blow your nose slave!," she gasped, slapping the woman's ass sharply.

The women let out a mournful grunt and blew her nose heavily into my mouth.  As the thick mass of salty snot scum filled my oral cavity I gagged and swallowed the nameless mess, gulping each time she blew outward. 

Large clumps of thick snot pumped into my mouth as I gulped it down, and I gagged again, totally ready to vomit.  I knew that I must hold, however, and let the woman completely empty her clogged sinus cavities as I gulped down the infected nasal paste.

Globs of thick snot were running from my cheeks and dripping from my chin by the time she finished, and when Sandy shoved my face into the overwhelming sweaty stink of her deep, hairy armpit, it was almost a relief.

She would be easy to identify....I think the Madam knew all this....and just wanted to watch my complete and total defilement.  I suspected that she masturbated each night thinking about events such as this.  When I had finished the second armpit. The snorting, sniffling woman said her name through her temporarily cleared nasal passages....."Susan!"

The offal that I had ingested began to give off gases that caused me to belch.  The stink of what was in my stomach was beyond imagining.  I knew I must make my mind forget this vastly disgusting event.  I would not be able to eat normally again  unless I did.


When I'd finished I stood quietly, and heard shuffling as the slaves were brought to me one by one for testing.  My mind was numb, repeating items, and when I licked the nose of the first slave I was able to identify her as Heather, a relatively light drainage from her nose....I quickly rubbed my face in her armpits and my estimate was confirmed from the peculiar stink of her underarm hair.

"Heather!," I gasped, "Heather!"

I heard the Madam's voice nearby....

"You needn't repeat, you ignorant cocksucker, once is enough!"

The next slaves nose was almost dry and without drainage and after rubbing my face in her stinking armpit again I pegged her as Debbie,  the first in line.

"Debbie!," I stated solidly.

Nothing happened so I assumed I had been right.  I think the Madam would probably have pounced on a mistake quickly if one had occurred.

The third slave was snorting, trying to swallow a heavy drainage, and without doubt I knew it was the last of the slaves........"Susan!," I grunted faintly.

Sandy grabbed my balls and twisted them painfully.  "You're not getting off that easy dirtbag.  Suck her nose again just to be sure.  I had an involuntary urping reflex as I thought about Susan, but Sandy pinched my balls so hard I screamed and allowed Susan's face to be brought next to mine.

When my face touched hers I felt the thick wetness of her snot drainage, and as Sandy shoved my nose next to Susan's, snot poured over my mouth again.

"Suck her nose Bastardo!," commanded the Madam.

As my stomach began to go into involuntary purging I focused with all my strength, held it back, and clamped onto Susan's nose again.  I was retching as the Madam again commanded Susan to blow her nose in my mouth. 

Susan was crying as she blew hard, and a thick, salty, cheezy streamer of snot splattered against the back of my throat.  I gagged and swallowed the mess, and clinched my stomach tightly as she blew in two more globs of thick tangy mucous.  It took every ounce of my control but I swallowed every bit of the green pudding, as lumps of the odorous drainage dripped from my mouth.

I went from gagging to retching, barely maintaining my equilibrium, but as the next slaves were brought to me,  I knew I had them now, all of them.  The names I called were correct, and the madam stormed out of the door, slamming it hard. 

She had a strange sense of fairness that I just could not understand...she could torture me any time she wanted to but chose to stick to her strange boundaries of fair play.


I fought nausea all night long, and each time I thought of the impossible thing I had done to Susan for the Madam, I could not put the image out of my mind.

The shit flavored nutrients I had become accustomed to looked pretty good to me now, and in a few days I was back on schedule, as my training continued.

All of us were under a heavy performance mandate now, and we had no choice but to do whatever this astonishing situation demanded.



A week later I would experience another mind bending experience that I would not forget.

On the next Saturday morning I was taken back to the area located near the older toilets where I had performed several times for so many lascivious women, eating crap out of toilets.  In this case, however, I was escorted down a side hall to an exclusive, and private toilet area.  Two guards were by my side as I padded nude, and hands secured behind, down the long corridors, and when we arrived at our destination I was secured to the floor by dog collar beside a fancy toilet bowl, in an expensive looking bathroom.

Nothing was said to me, and I waited for an hour, languishing beside the bowl, uncomfortably moving around to relieve the muscle strain. I knew that wherever I was in the mansion the Madam was probably watching, and was noting my every move.  

Finally a door opened and I stared in utter and absolute shock at the woman who entered the room.  She was a world famous celebrity and movie star, a very pretty and expensively dressed woman.  I had seen her many times in films, and I was shocked and stunned by her appearance.

She walked over to me and squatted down briefly to speak to me.

" you know who I am?" 

"Yes mam," I stuttered,  "oh yes I'd know you anywhere."

"We won't say my name will we?"  She smiled brightly, and her beautiful face gave me goosebumps, just as she had in so many of her movies.  She was gorgeous, and had one of the most perfect asses in the business.  She sat in a chair next to the stool, and looked at me, smiling gently.

"I chose you from the list given me by the Madam who owns this establishment.  She highly recommends you."

"Yes mam."

"I know what you like to do it ok if we talk about it?"

I nodded my head involuntarily, star struck to be with her, especially to be singled out by her.  Her perfume was absolutely mesmerizing and I looked at her in a daze as she smiled down at me.

"You needn't be ashamed at what you do," she offered, "we all have things that we enjoy and are best at."

I couldn't quite fathom what she was talking about but understanding was slowly seeping in.

She moved down closer and spoke in a whisper....."I want you to do it for me."  She held her hands together and stared at me in the same warm way she had looked at so many leading men.  "You know what I mean don't you?"

Slowly I began to comprehend what she was getting at and nodded my head in acceptance.

"It really turns me on....I just can't get enough of it.  You understand don't you?"

I nodded eagerly, and smiled knowingly.  I understood her meaning now, and it seemed to be that she wanted me to eat her shit.  The whole idea was so numbing to me that I still couldn't get over my shyness and amazement.

"Do you really enjoy it?, she murmured, as she looked deeply into my eyes.

I licked my lips and for the first time in a long time I felt relaxed and at ease and not in terror.  I had developed an insatiable craving to eat women's feces and had been cruelly forced to it for months now....and suddenly one of the most famous and beautiful movie stars in the business was asking me to do it for her.

My dick became hard instantly, and rubbed against the tiled floor, and she noticed this, and grinned widely.  "Now I know you like it," she purred, "what are we going to do about it?"

I grinned eagerly up at her, hardly knowing how to express my thoughts, so I just  let the words tumble out of me unguarded and uncensored. 

"May I eat your shit please," I stammered. 

She broke into an instant smile and sat back a bit looking at my naked body chained beside the toilet.

"I think we can arrange that if that's what you really want."   She was teasing me but I knew she was completely serious, and I licked my lips slowly and blurted out my deepest desire. 

"I want to....smell your crap......mam.....please."

"Do you want me to have a bowel movement in the stool and watch you eat it or perhaps do it another way," she offered, loosening the belt around her tight skirt.

I was becoming quite aroused by now and was needing a fix....the kind of fix that I had been addicted to for many weeks now.

I looked up at her in anticipation, and licked my lips again.

"I like it when the woman sits on the stool and raises her legs back so that she can have her movement and watch me eat it as it comes out."

She grinned widely....and stood....reaching down to pull up her skirt.  She raised it to her hips and pulled off her panties tossing them on the floor.   Her vagina was extraordinary....dark and hairy and moist, and I could smell her womanhood as she stood looking down at me.  She turned around and bent over slightly, and opened her rear crack for me.

She had deep, wonderfully formed asscheeks, and her dark anus was hairy, and moist.

"Not many men have seen what you see now, " she chuckled, "and only a select few have done what you're going to do."

She walked over to the stool and sat down, raising her skirt far back so that her vagina was open for viewing.  She looked at me as she slowly raised her wonderful legs back and sat so that her anus was exposed and slightly above the outer rim of the toilet.  Her rear hole was very deep and dark and exquisite, and perfectly formed.

I moved in closely and put my head right on top of the front rim and inches from her dark anus.  She was still smiling as she held her legs back and began to strain slightly, looking at me intently as she did so.  She was working up a turd, and I knew that it might take a few minutes. 

"What does shit taste like?," she grunted, as she continued her efforts.

"Not much," I said,  "but it sure stinks terribly."  

"Then why do you like it?," she groaned, moving her asshole right near my mouth.

"I can't help it now," I said, looking up at her, "it's a very powerful addiction."

She focused on me and looked into my eyes as her efforts were rewarded.   My mouth was an inch from her hairy shithole and as a turd began to emerge from her nasty sphincter opening, it expanded greatly to allow the lump of crap to pass through.

I placed my mouth over her anus and the turd began to slide out and into my mouth.  I opened widely and the large chunk of feces slid right between my open lips.  The stink was overpowering, and supercharged my libido.   I opened up fully as she continued to strain, and soon a large portion of the brown log was in my mouth.

I took it all in and began chewing frantically, and gulped down chunks of the nasty mass of waste.  I ate it as it was forced out and she gasped in pleasure as she watched me.  "'re so disgusting," she cooed, "you filthy thing!,"  she breathed, as I ate more of her brown waste.

I had eaten all of the first lump and she farted and another thick mass moved out of her distended craphole and directly into my open, shit stained mouth.  She held her legs tightly back as I chewed and gulped down her offal, and she reached down and pulled my head to her moist anus and rubbed it in firmly.

I looked up at her as I licked the soft crap out of her asshole, and gulped it down eagerly as more was squeezed out.  I sucked her ass as she looked down grunting


"Eat it you my fucking lowlife....shit eating son of a bitch!"

I knew the foul language was part of her enjoyment, and understood perfectly.

She let up for a few moments as I slurped out dollops of the soft stinking shit cream, and then pushed even harder as a very large chunk of crap began to ooze out.   "Oh fuck!," she gasped,  "here's more for you!  You're so good at this dear!  You love it don't you?" 

Her beautiful face was strained in effort now, and as she pushed and grunted a very large piece of shit popped out and into my wide open mouth.  I chewed frantically as she sighed in relief, and swallowed the massive piece in three or four bites.

She was actually having an orgasm, and began to shake uncontrollably as she expelled another portion of her bowel movement directly into my open oral cavity.  My face was smeared all over with thick brown cream, and she quivered from her intense vaginal spasm, and cuntjuice dripped into the bowl.

Suddenly one last log of crap came sliding out without warning, and fell into the toilet water, making a big splash.

"Eat it from the water, " she grunted in extreme arousal,  "eat it out of the water, please."

I pushed my head down into the bowl near the front as she pulled her legs all the way back, and grabbed the floating chunk with my teeth, biting off a piece.  I raised my head up and looked at her as she gazed at me in disbelief, and she stared at me, gripped by lust, as I bobbed up and down, and ate the lump piece by piece.

"I don't fucking believe you!," she moaned, "you've got to be kidding me!" 

I began to jack off and looked up at her as I pumped my meat.  I groaned and ejaculated on the floor as she smiled gently down at me.

"Good for you!, she smiled, "good for you!"

I sat back and rested, my face covered with a thick coating of stinking waste cream.

"Darling you and I will have to do this often!, "  she gushed, "I've found someone to do it the way I like it and I'm not going to let you go.  I'm sure your Madam will approve at ten thousand an appointment."

"I have several celebrity girl friends who like it this way too, and I believe they will start coming here to see you."

"She wiped her ass and offered the thick paste on the toilet paper to me.  I ate the brown pudding off of it and she did this several times.  When she had cleaned her ass thoroughly she stood and put her panties back on.

Her perfume still hung in the air, along with the smell of her bowel movement, and as she put her belt on and adjusted her skirt she looked down at me and twisted her lips into a half sarcastic grin......"You eat shit real good...and that's a complement, believe me.  I know several big female stars who would just love to see you do to them what you've done for me."

She started to leave but stopped and crossed her arms looking at me.  "Better clean your lips off, you don't want that stuff to dry.  You be good now, and like I said, just keep doing what you're best at....If  you ever see me in the movies again you can say to yourself....I ate that movie star's shit!!  Won't that be special?"

In another half hour the guards came and took me back to my room.  I felt so relieved from my time with the amazing woman that I slept very well that night.  I  had experienced the dream of a lifetime in all this misery, and knew that there would be more of the same.  The Madam would be incensed about this....but money was far more important to her than even my destruction, of that I was sure.


For the next several days I seemed be treated with a bit  more civility by the perverted staff.  The edge had been  taken off my duties, and I was given less burdensome scat  chores.  I couldn't say for sure, but things looked better,  at least for the moment.  However, I had learned from hard  experience that nothing was really predictable here, and I  could never be sure from day to day what would happen to me.

I was required to eat the Madam's shit only sporadically  now, in that she had acquired several new whipping boys, and  a few unfortunate women, to do her most disgusting  obligations.  I was especially grateful for that, because  the Madam had seemingly taken on different nutritional  habits that frankly left a more abhorrent stink and flavor  to her rear expulsions. In addition, she was busy setting up  several more operations just like this one, and in her  travels she had far less spare time to torment the inmates.

The relief was palpable, and I breathed easier for the first  time in weeks.  After my incredible session with the movie  star, I had no doubt that I would be required to serve in  that capacity again, before long.  It was deeply erotic for  me, and the impression that it left was capable of bringing  me to near orgasm if I dwelled on it.  Masturbation or  ejaculation was forbidden here though, unless directed by  one of the staff, or as part of a session venue.

After my aphrodisiacs and medications, and training  appointment, I was taken to the other part of the mansion,  and placed in a comfortable office.  As always I was nude  and with hands restrained behind me.  The guards sat me in a  chair and left me.  I was a little apprehensive but actually  did not feel that I was to be punished or tortured.  A large  absorbent pad had been placed under the chairs and immediate  area so that the carpet underneath would be protected.  I  had a pretty good feeling about why that was there.

I waited for about ten minutes and two very attractive women  in their mid forties came in.  They were smiling, and I must  say extremely pretty, and wore tight business suits which  seemed to place them in some kind of professional capacity.   I have seen older women who were greatly endowed, but never  like this.  Each of them possessed a perfect ass and tits,  and I had never seen more wonderfully formed bodies in my  life.  They were unfamiliar to me though, I had never seen  them before.

I immediately experienced an erection, and looked down,  afraid of their reaction.  My stiff pecker bobbed and  dripped precum, but they seemed not to care about this at  all.  They both sat before me in two comfortable chairs, and  looked at me for a moment.  What secret torment awaited me,  I had no idea, but somehow I did not feel threatened by  them.

One on them was blond, and the other a redhead. The blond  smiled and spoke softly. 

"We're going to call you slave, because, after all, that's  what you are, you must admit.  My name is Susan, and my  friend is Sandy."

Sandy shuffled a bit, and smiled broadly, "Hello", she  murmured, "I'm very glad to meet you."

I looked down at my jerking dick hoping it would not  ejaculate involuntarily. I was so shocked by this turn of  events that I could only concentrate on something non  sexual, to keep my gonads in check.  This new approach was a  complete mystery to me.

Susan continued...."Sandy and I are going to interview you,  find out something about you, and then we will begin a  training process that will continue for as long as you are  here."  She nearly whispered when she made her next comment,  and I had to listen carefully to understand.

"I really wouldn't worry about your ultimate safety slave,  your time here will be finite, and eventually you will be  released, but you must admit that the owners must get their  money's worth for all the training that they have lavished  on you, and I'm afraid it could be an indeterminate length  of servitude."

She was so fucking hot I was shaking from lust, and the  other woman was having the same effect on me.  Oh how I  longed to fuck them.  I banished such thoughts from my mind  and blanked myself to any and all stray thoughts.

"Do you like our bodies?," grinned Susan.  "You may speak  freely here when spoken to, as a matter of fact we would  like you to feel completely relaxed, but you must remain  bound for obvious reasons."

"Yes mam," I choked out, "I like your bodies very much!" 

They smiled broadly and Susan leaned over to me a bit, and  her fragrance made me incredibly hot.

"That's good slave, you make a mature woman feel very good  about herself, doesn't he Sandy?"

Sandy leaned in a bit also, and her intoxicating scent was  just as erotic.

"I like it when a man ogles my ass," Sandy whispered softly,  "I like it a lot!

Susan and I both like to have our asses admired, as a matter  of fact, like the other women here, it is our reason for  being when it comes to men."

They both sat back momentarily, still smiling gently.  "We  are clinical psychologists, and we are also both paid  members of the Madam's staff.  You have not seen us as yet  because our duties are specific, and focused."

She put her face next to mine, and her shiny,  glossed lips  parted only slightly as she spoke....."We are also  dominatrix, and have been so for most of our lives.  We have  learned greatly from our experience, and consequently we use  both sides of the whip in treating our slaves."

She kissed my lips briefly, and sat back. 

"Wanting to do something, and being tortured and forced to  do something, are two entirely different things," she  breathed lavishly, "and our vast experience has made us  quite expert at both.  But when a man does something because  he loves it, and is not just addicted to it, or forced to do  it, now that is the ultimate that a femdom strives for."

"You realize that you can't escape what is required of you  here, don't you?"

"Yes mam," I said, looking into her eyes, "I accept that."

"Good, we'll start from there."

They moved in closely and sat next to me, one on each side  at an angle, about eighteen inches away.  Their breathing  became more labored, and I suddenly detected a familiar, and  musky,  feminine odor, and knew that they were both very  much aroused.  Their large, and perfectly formed breasts  were open to my lustful gaze, and their labored breathing  filled the immediate area in front of me, and created an  almost stifling, but extremely erotic stuffiness.

Their perfect bodies filled out their expensive skirts in an  astonishing manner, and I gulped, and swallowed, and looked  from one to the other with great uncertainty, and great  lust.

Susan looked deeply into my eyes while Sandy looked at my  bouncing cock.  Neither one of them had touched it.

"Do you like to eat a woman's shit?", she whispered. Looking  intently at me. 

I couldn't bear the close stare, and looked down  involuntarily, and she quickly grabbed my chin and raised my  eyes to her's again.

"No no, my good slave, look at me at all times and interact  with me.  Do you understand what I mean when I say interact  with me?"

I looked nervously into her wonderful eyes, and nodded my  head yes.

"You needn't feel ashamed of being a shit eater, if that's  what you're best at, and you enjoy it....well it seems  ludicrous to be bothered about it."

"Have you ever loved a woman?" she asked,  rubbing her hand  over my face gently.

"Yes mam, I have, at least I once did."

"Then you know how it feels don't you?"

"Yes mam."

"Sandra and I are going to teach you to make love to a  woman's vagina, buttocks and anus, do you understand me?"

I was still baffled as to this strange experience, but I  indicated that I could grasp her meaning adequately.

"Good," she purred, "let us begin."

Sandy began to rub my penis, and balls, and gently kneaded  them between her soft fingers.

"Don't you ejaculate!"  she said, opening her ruby lips  slightly, "don't cum until I tell you to, ok."

I looked at her seriously...."yes mam."

She looked deeply into my eyes, as she expertly, and softly,  played with my balls.

"You already need to eat a woman's shit, it's become a  severe addiction for you, but why not love eating a woman's  shit, and be able to make love to a woman's asshole and cunt  with your mouth and tongue, and have that wonderful feeling  of fulfillment when you are rewarded with a mouthful of  bowel waste."

I stared deeply into her eyes and was quite mesmerized,   "Yes mam."

Susan replaced Sandy's hand on my balls and began to massage  them gently,  "You're going to fall in love with our cunts  and assholes, and the wonderful rear crack that makes you so  horny", she said softly, "and you know what, we just love  that, and we often orgasm when we watch a man lovingly eat  our shit.  However, in your case it will be mostly love, and  in ours.....mostly lust."  She looked at Sandy and they both  smiled.

"We must also degrade you very deeply while you are making  love to our waste openings, it's what we do, and you've come  to like that too, haven't you?"

I looked at her and slowly blinked my eyes...."Yes  mam....I....."

"Good!",  said Susan.

"Men always fall in love with our rear cracks, Sandy and I,   and you know why, because they are so perfect, you will  rarely see ass like this my horny friend."

I could smell both their cunts by now, the aroma was  palpable, and when Susan stood and motioned me to my knees,  I dropped at once, and my pecker slid against the cloth  below. 

She sat looking over me, and Sandra stood and removed her  panties.  I couldn't believe the sight of her wonderful ass  and massive bush, the thick, dark matting covering her  vagina was moist and fulsome, and wet.  Her reproductive  smell wafted outward to me, causing my erection to increase  noticeably, if that were possible.

She sat down again, and spread her magnificent legs widely,  raising them back to expose her murky, and hirsute cunthole.   Her dark hairy asshole puckered in and out as she settled  herself, and her vaginal juices had wet down her anal area  somewhat.

I cannot remember being so horny, and my tongue licked  around my lips involuntarily at the sight of her awesome  vaginal pit.

Sandy rubbed her hand around her musky hairpie, and wet down  her fingers.

"Bet you've never seen a cunt like that, huh?", she said,  smiling lightly. 

"No mam, never!"

Susan reached over with a small hand towel and wiped  Sandra's dripping hole with it, shoving it in deeply and  letting it sop up some of the cream.  Then she took the wet  towel and rubbed it all over my face.  The odor was mind  boggling, and I became a bit faint as I inhaled the pungent  fumes.

Sandy pulled my head down to her hairy mess and rubbed the  back of my neck gently.  "Make love to it",  she murmured,  "french kiss inside me."

She opened her cunt lips and her deep tunnel glistened with  thick juices as she pulled my face in firmly.  I immediately  pushed my lips inside her, and partly down the wet hole, and  began to kiss her funky inner recesses passionately.

She moaned and continued to rub her hands over my hair and  neck as she buried my face in her musky nest.  I frenched  deeply into her slick hole, and the smell drove me into a  frenzy of lust and passion. 

As I kissed her obscene open slit, I began to lap my tongue  in rapidly, and she began to masturbate herself, still  holding tightly to my head. 

I actually felt as though I were in love with her sopping  vagina as I swallowed her copious drainage, and the  overpowering fragrance of her perfume and nasty cunny juice  sent me into a passionate kissing and sucking frenzy that I  had never experienced before.

"That's it my eager slave, love Sandy's cunt!"

She held my head tightly and made a strange squealing sound  as she jerked sharply upward with her hips.

A massive gusher of slimy, putrid vaginal cream gushed into  my mouth, and the strange feelings of affection and love I  had for her swampy female reproductive opening made me  swallow the mess voraciously. As her steaming  offal  splattered all over my face and between my open lips, I  gulped again and again, eating mouthful after mouthful of  her disgusting sludge.

Susan gently kneaded my balls between her fingers as I ate  the funky mass of cunt syrup, and I held back reluctantly as  I ate Sandy's overpowering orgasm.

I was in a frenzy now, and had never felt this for a woman  before, and the sight of her large bulbous asshole commanded  me to suck it, and my tongue lapped around her thick, large,   anal opening.  I forced my long talented lick pole inward  into shit cream, and I lapped it out, and captured it in my  mouth and gulped it down insanely.

She went into another orgasm as I sucked out her stinking  brown cream, and as I swallowed it she screamed and thrashed  about, rubbing my face all over her hairy craphole while she splattered it with another streamer of her viscous pussy sauce.

It was the most disgusting, yet the most erotic cunt licking  I had done in my life, and I actually fell in love with her  lower openings at that moment, just as they had predicted,  and I knew I would be addicted to the indescribable smell of  her juices from then on. 

Her long cunt hairs filled my mouth and nose, and I could  only swallow them with the rest of her intimate meal.

Sandy took several towels and wiped her vagina clean as I  watched, my face still inches from her frothy snatch, and  grinned down at me as she cleaned herself.

"You did very, very well slave," she gushed, "Susan and I  will keep you in mind from this point onward, you may  believe me!"

Sandy stood and pulled her panties back on, while Susan  wiped my face thoroughly with a clean towel.  Sandy's  perfect body drove me up the wall as she pulled it tightly  against her form fitted skirt, and she moved her marvelous  ass around seductively, understanding my hopeless passion  for her rear.

Susan stood and removed her skirt, as well as panties, and  stood there naked except for her blouse and suit top.  Her  ass was so perfect that the sight was breathtaking, and I  licked my lips passionately, not believing these two older  women, and their unheard of  body development.  Susan's  asscheeks stuck out in a very pronounced way, and I had  never seen a woman of any age with such exaggerated  development of the buttocks.

She must have driven the boys crazy in high school.

She moved next to me, and stood looking down.  She grinned  and moved around for me, and wiggled her ass a bit in my  face, and bent over so that I could see her deep, perfectly  formed anus.  I was near orgasm now, just looking at her,  but knew that I must hold for the moment, and wait until  they allowed me to get my nuts off.

"You are going to fall in love with my ass", she said in a  throaty tone, "and you are going to make love to my little  farthole as often as I wish.  My nasty friend back there  just loves to be kissed and sucked, and she loves to feed  the slaves nasty things as a reward."

She raised one leg up and put it on the chair and looked  back at me smiling as she pulled her cheeks apart.  "Do you  like my asshole?," she grunted, rubbing her vagina.

My face was inches from her wonderful rear crevasse, and the  sight of her deep, dark, and hairy shithole sent me into  another spasm of lust.  My cock was bouncing again, touching  the cloth surface, and I tried to take my mind off my  erection and focus on what was the most disgustingly erotic  asshole I'd ever seen.

Her asscheeks nearly buried the brown treasure hole, and she  had to pull them widely apart for me.  Her crap chute was  perfectly formed, with a thick anal ring, and was covered  with a light hairy covering that, I'm sure contained at  least some residue from her latest toiletry efforts.

I was sure that I could penetrate her obscene anus with my  tongue, but was actually a bit afraid that it would clamp  onto my poor licker and not let it go.  Her perfect butthole  was opening and closing as she masturbated herself, and she  looked back down at me in a lustful passion, licking her  beautiful lips.

"Now very gently kiss my ass all over", she groaned, "kiss  it and lick it too, and clean it well.  My nasty friend back  there wants to make passionate love to you, so treat her  like the prize she is." 

I immediately bent forward and kissed her asscheeks as she  smiled down at me.  I kissed them all over and moved around  the incredible mounds and licked them thoroughly as I  smooched on them, tasting her salty residue, and possibly  the residue from the last toilet seat that she had used.

I was in a trance of lust kissing her protruding butt from  top to bottom and the wonderful scent of her exotic perfume  made me swoon in pleasure.

She opened her large, deep asscrack for me and pushed out on  her amazing anal sphincter, causing it to open widely and  close.  When she opened her asshole I could smell the  contents inside, and when I finally stuck my nose in and  rubbed it up and down against her slightly stained butt  crevasse, the odor sent an electric charge through me, and I  moaned and breathed in deeply until I was light headed.

"Kiss my friend," she said softly, "kiss her wonderful mouth  and make her feel loved."

I slowly brought my lips in to her fragrant anal opening and  kissed it lightly, savoring the wonderful nastiness, and as  I kissed it all over it opened widely for me.

"Now you must french kiss my friend," she breathed, "show  her your passionate need for her."

I quickly clamped my lips over her brown, hairy, rear  orifice, and gave it a deeper french kiss than I had ever  bestowed on any female, and my tongue slid in expertly to  the hilt as she moved gently back against me.  I kissed her  asshole passionately as I tongue fucked it, and her funky,  and erotic odor smeared all over my face.

"Suck my asshole, she has a gift for you."

I was beside myself with lechery now, and sucked voraciously  as my tongue poked deep inside her rectum. 

"Here's a nasty kiss for you," she grunted in lust, and she  strained and forced a large, ripping fart directly into my  mouth.  The powerful breakwind blew through my nasal  passages and down my gullet as I inhaled, and she followed  through with several more loud, and smelly puffs of inner  gas as I gulped them. 

In a very strange kind of way I was deeply enamored by her  open asshole, and fucked my tongue in rapidly and deeply as  I frenched her odorous inner boundaries, and was not  surprised when she shouted at me with a wheezing gasp........

" my fucking shit you lowlife son of a  bitch!"

Just then a thick hardened log of crap pushed outward into  my open mouth, and in an insane spasm of lust I gobbled it  and chewed the mass quickly and swallowed as fast as I  could.

Suddenly I felt Sandra's hands on my super hard pecker, and  she jacked it off rapidly as I chewed and ate the stinking  turd.  I gulped and took in the next lump of shit, and my  entire face was smeared with her fetid stench as I ate it  down, grunting in uncontrollable carnality.  I yelled and  pumped my hips against Sandra's relentless hand job, and  squirted several thick streamers of hot semen all over the  carpet.

I lapped my tongue far inside Susan's disgusting craphole,  turning it around and pulling out the softer shit, and  slavered it down with psychotic efficiency.

She was grunting and yelling, and screaming obscenities as I  ate her full bowel movement, and Sandra would not stop her  merciless masturbatory efforts until I had ejaculated  several times.

Finally Susan pulled her leg off the chair and staggered,  holding onto the back as Sandra handed her a roll of toilet  paper.  Susan was sweating noticeably by now, and looked at  me in disbelief as she wiped her ass repeatedly.  She threw  the leavings into a trash can, and finally wet down a paper  towel and cleaned and dried herself thoroughly.

"Out of fucking sight!", she groaned, "I don't fucking  believe it!"

She pulled her panties on and her skirt, and straightened  her clothing as they both stared at me.

She bent down and kissed me on the top of the head, and  rubbed her hand through my hair. 

"You know I'm not going to kiss you on the lips after what  you just did," she grinned.

"You suck ass real good," she whispered, "real fucking good,  and I love the way you  adored my nasty friend back there  but, I've got to tell you, you are one disgusting, shit  eating bastard!  But I like that!"

She kissed me on the head again and so did Sandra, and they  left me there kneeling, covered with cunt juice and shit,  and with semen dripping from my spent pecker.

Soon the guards came and took me back to my the other side  of the mansion, and allowed me to shower.  After kissing  their ass, I was led back to my cell, and given some rest  time.

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------

I lay in my bed and slept for a few restful hours and was  finally awakened when the Madam's second in command entered  my cell.  This red headed bitch tormented the inmates here  constantly, both male and female, without mercy.  Her  torture room sessions were infamous, and no one dare  aggravate her or suffer the consequences.  She could do no  wrong in the eyes of the Madam.

She had two guards with her, and she looked impassively at  me, and motioned for me to follow her.  My guts began to  churn, and terror overcame me as I groveled to the best of  my ability, to please her.  She was gorgeous, with crimson  hair, and a well formed ass, and she was drop dead pretty,  as well as completely ruthless in her methods. 

She didn't say a word as the guards cuffed me and led me out  into the hallway.

I had done nothing that I could remember to deserve her  anger, and was greatly puzzled as they led me down to the  one place that I had not visited yet, the main torture room.   She looked sideways at me as we walked and I was becoming  weak in the knees dreading what appeared to be a punishment  session.

We entered the well equipped  room of suffering, and the  guards took me to the center and stood me in a fixture  standing up.  I was shaking like a leaf and pleaded with my  eyes for mercy as I was firmly strapped in.  The guards left  and she stood in front of me.

There were four women in the spectator area, paying clients  to torture sessions.  They merely looked on in fascination,  and had obviously taken drugs of one form or another to  enhance the entertainment.

The gorgeous redhead slapped my face hard and grabbed my fully erect penis.

"The Madam is away on business and she has left me in  control of the facility.  It is my opinion that you escaped  punishment far too easily during the snot eating  session.....yes you bastard, you remember that don't  you.....and I intend to put that straight now.  I'm going to  be easy on you this time, since you have performed in a  fairly adequate manner for the Madam up to now, but should  you come back here to me for any reason I will torture you  so that you won't be able to piss for a week without  screaming."

"Now my clever shit eater, I have five lashes for you, and I  intend to make them hurt you.  I hope you scream loudly as a  warning to the other inmates."

She went behind me and removed a rubber hose from the wall.   She slapped my asscheeks  with her hand several times to make the skin more sensitive, and stepped back.  I tensed  my muscles waiting for the first blow but a full minute  passed, and I had begun to wonder what she was doing.

Suddenly an extremely hard whack of the hose made me scream outloud, and the  excruciating pain made me shake uncontrollably.  The next  blow was exactly on top of the first and I howled in  horrified pain as the searing agony tore through both cheeks  of my ass.

I quivered and pulled against the straps and screeched at  the third lash, and the last two lashes found a new spot on  my poor ass creating another horrific rush of screaming  pain.

She then put the hose back up on the wall as I stood there  shaking in agony,  it had hurt so badly that tears filled my  eyes.

She moved in front of me, and her really nice ass, and tight  skirt were a sight to behold.  She retrieved a strange  looking receptacle from a wall cabinet, and brought it over  to me.  It had a nozzle on the bottom for attachment of a  hose, and  it was shaped like a large flexible bowl and had  a cover on the top.

There was a toilet stool nearby, and she removed the cover  on the container and placed the receptacle in the toilet  bowl.  It was a perfect fit and she looked slyly at me.

"I took a laxative an hour ago and you know I'm about ready  to crap my pants, I might not even make it to the stool,  I've been farting for awhile now.  Do you think I'll make  it?"

My eyes were wet from the ache in my ass and I just looked  pleadingly at her without saying a word.

"Mmmmmmmmm.....I guess I'd better get to it before it's too  late."

"I ought to shit my pants and make you eat it out."

Then she pulled her skirt up and sat down on the bowl.  She  looked intensely at me,  as several farts exploded from her  rear followed by a gusher of liquid feces.  She grinned as  the stink filled the area in front of us and I was unable to  do more than look blankly at her, and shake from the pain.  Overhead fans removed the odor quickly, so that the  sensibilities of the paying guests would not be offended.   Soon she had almost filled the container, and she got up to  look at it. 

"Oh fuck, I'm going to be sick!," she laughed.   She  squatted down and pissed in the receptacle, and then got up  again and spit in it several times.  She put the top on the  vessel and tightened it.  Then she wiped her ass and flushed the toilet.  She shook the container around to  mix the contents thoroughly, and attached a clear hose to  the bottom.  The hose was about a foot long with a half inch  thick.

The bottom of the repository had a valve so that the flow of  fluid from inside could be controlled.

The she stood in front of me and sat the container in a  holder just above my mouth.  She fastened it in and smeared  the hose with some kind of lubricant.

She then pinched my nose and  quickly shoved a mouth  spreader device into my open gullet and fastened it to the  frame, so that my mouth was forced wide open.

"As I told you earlier, I'm going to be easy on you this  time but you might find this a bit uncomfortable.  She held  a spray bottle just inside my mouth and sprayed several  times, flooding my throat with a bitter liquid.

"Swallow!", she said pinching my dick.

I quickly drank the strange liquid and could feel it's  coolness all the way down into my stomach. I was horrified  at her intent but knew there was nothing whatever that I  could do.  This had been a bizarre day from the beginning  and now this disgusting slut was going to do her thing with  me.

"This will prevent you from vomiting dirtbag", she said,  "you will not be able to puke no matter what you have in  your stomach. You'll have to live with it and digest it.

It will also deaden your gag reflex so that I can get my  tube down into your tummy." 

She took the hose tip and slowly moved it to the back of my  throat.  I was straining against the straps and sweating as  the tube began to enter my gullet.  I was extremely  uncomfortable and as she slowly shoved the tube down my  esophagus I struggled to breathe and pushed violently  against the restraints.  I looked at her in terror as she  continued to push the tube down my eating passage, and the  thought of what was in the container was more ghastly than  anything I'd ever experienced before.

She was enjoying my panic greatly, smiling in pleasure at my  suffering.  Finally she had the tip through my esophagus and  down inside my stomach and grinned at me as she turned the  release valve on the full receptacle.  I could see the brown  scuzz begin to flow into the transparent tube and pulled  feverishly in all directions as the liquid began to flow  down my throat into my stomach.

I was gagging and grunting, making strange sounds of horror,   as the disgusting swill continued to flow into my throat.   I could feel my stomach begin to fill as the horrific fluid  flowed in and was almost incoherent as the last of it moved  down the tube. She began jacking me off during the filthy  process and soon had me near ejaculation.  Finally,  just as  the last of the fetid liquid emptied out of the receptacle,  and into my bloated guts, I jerked uncontrollably, and spit  a thick seminal discharge into her hand.  My dick squirted  again and again as she pumped me, and my nausea was  tangible, despite  the intense pleasure of my orgasm.

I was whining piteously and gagging in complete abhorrence  as she slowly pulled the tube out, and my throat finally  expelled it in a desperate gasp for air, and the putrid and  stinking fluid was deposited on my tongue and I had to  swallow it.

She removed the container and the mouth stretcher, and lay  them down.  She looked curiously at me as I gagged and tried  to vomit,  but she was right, I was unable to do so despite  the incomprehensible sewage that had been forced into my  gut.  She pulled her skirt back on and sent for the guards.   She released me from the fixture and I was barely able to  stand. 

"How did you like that you fucking pig?, I've just degraded  you in a way that you will never forget.  You'll remember  our little session for the rest of your life, and every time  you see me, and you will feel like the piece of shit you  are. Now get your ass out of here!"

My throat was on fire from the painful stretching by the  hose, and with my hands still cuffed behind me the guards  took me back to my room.

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------

I lay down in horror, trying to retch but was unable to, and  probably for the best.  I had digested much worse than this,  but the way that it was forced into me had a very serious  psychological effect, and I fell into a deep depression the  rest of the day.  The 'acting Madam' allowed me the  remainder of the afternoon to recover, and I stayed near the  toilet, but was never able to expel the sickening slime  filling my guts.  In a day or two I would be human again,  hopefully.

Later I fell into a miserable sleep, wanting the disgusting refuse in my stomach to digest rapidly. It  had been a day I would never forget, but unfortunately, most days here were like that.


             Filthy Femdoms: forced oral-part 11

These sexual fantasy stories are intended as adult fetish  entertainment, and consist of extremely dangerous activities and scenes that have nothing to do with reality, and should  be read and viewed in that light.

By the evening I had recovered somewhat and was able to eat  nutritious food similar to that fed me in the training  rooms.  A small bowl of brown smelly paste, and a glass of  yellow liquid identical in flavor and smell to a woman's  urine.  It had been quite some time since I had eaten real  food, and I could barely remember what it tasted like.  I  think that if I did have the opportunity to eat a hamburger  and fries at this point, the delicious flavor would be a  major shock for me.

I could only eat a little, and remained a bit nauseous as  the disgusting swill in my belly began to pass out of my  system.

The special food was designed to be absorbed by my coated  intenstines, though the putrid foriegn matter was not.  Nutrition could be assimilated even in the nameless sea of  offal to maintain my body.  I always suffered severe  diarrhea after sessions like this, and stayed near the stool  to eliminate the refuse quickly. 

By morning I was feeling much better, and an injection of  vitamins and other heathful ingredients facilitated my  recovery.

Things went fairly well for a few days, and the Madam of the  manor was still absent, no doubt busy installing new  facilities like this one for the betterment of mankind.  My  bitterness was indescribable, but the fact that I was an  extreme addict to these things created a major conflict, and  I suffered from deep depression much of the time.  The other  inmates were in the same predicament, and we shared our  misery and consoled each other by our passing looks of  understanding.

The females were now engaged in heavy gang suck situations,  in which they were forced to eat large amounts of cum from  the crowds of male donators, as well as the shit meals fed  them afterward. I pitied them since they had it worse than I and the other males here in a very real sense. 

I heard that there had been two escape attempts in the past  month, and the two males involved had been sent to Mistress  Bonnie's deep torture area for severe punishment,  modification, and indoctrination.

I had never been in this area, and had suffered severe  treatment in her less stingent torture room, but that was  more than enough for me, and I shuddered at the prospect of  aggravating her or the other women here enough to deserve  such a fate.

Word was that the men were like zombies after being released, and would not, or could not communicate normally with people around them for days. There was no way to tell what had been done to them.  One woman had suffered a similar fate after her escape attempt, and seemed incapable of telling anyone of her time with the sadistic Bonnie, and had several catatonic episodes afterward.

I think no one in their right mind would consider an escape after these events, and all of us withdrew into our little world of humiliation and mistreatment each day, trying to find some gratification and release from the misery.

The beautiful clinical psychologists that I had encountered apparently served as therapists in some capacity here, but how their skills in this regard could be effective under the circumstances was a mystery to me.  They had shown me a measure of affection and caring that I desperately needed, but with the result that I had been  brought to my sub human level once again, and introduced to the idea of falling in love with their lower orifices in the process of being dehumanized.

The truth was that I had always loved women's bodies, and the pleasure of oral sex, but that pleasant feeling had been replaced by an insane craving and addiction after my time here,  that drove me to degrade myself beyond what words could describe.

Under any circumstances I went into a frenzy when commanded to do my disgusting work under direction of the dommes, whatever the situation.


The next Friday morning domme Vera and a guard came for me after breakfast.  Vera was beautiful, as were they all, and she had reddish brown hair and an exotically pretty face and fabulous ass.  She was classy and sophisticated, and her fragrance and dress always made me profoundly horny.

She stood looking at me as the guard cuffed me, and had neither the look of impatience nor acceptance. 

"So Crapman, it seems that you are to have another session with a movie star. You must have pleased this lady very much to receive such a shining recommendation from her, and at $10000 a go.  We just want to talk to you before your session, you still have thirty minutes yet."

They all referred to me as Crapman, among other choice titles, and the name carried the deepest possible intent for character insult in my case.

She patted me on my ass and rubbed it lightly, and gave me an inscrutible look as I was ushered out the door and down to the domme spaces.  She opened the door to the conference room and they led me inside where all of the staff were sitting at a long expensive looking table.  I almost lost it there, and began to shake uncontrollably as they all grinned at me.

To be in the presence of them all at one time was more than I could absorb.  Vera rubbed my bare ass again and sat at the table in front of me.

"Don't get all excited," she said in her superior manner, we just want to talk to you for a bit.  I trembled and my erection became full blown as they looked at me.

"Now Crapman, you're to have a scat session with your moviestar friend again, and this time you will also service another female moviestar who is a companion of hers.

Their business is very important to us, and the fact that they can bring in many more of their acquintances over time.  For some mysterious reason you've mesmerized this  beautiful starlet with your shit eating skills, and she is quite taken with you."

She looked quietly at me in a curious manner....."I must admit that you eat shit very well, but does her bowel movement taste better than mine?" 

I looked at her in amazement and tried to formulate a proper response.

"Don't worry Crapman, just say what you think."

I stammered as I looked at the gorgeous and cruel ladies. 

"No mam, I think all of your shit tastes just as good, but since she's a movie star and all...."

She shifted and grinned slightly at the other dommes....."That's a good answer toiletboy, and I think quite honest." 

Mistress Bonnie spoke up and I was trembling uncontrollably as she addressed me.

"After you do your two movie stars you will come back here in three hours and describe to us the exact taste and smell of their shit.  I want a precise and detailed description of how you ate it, and the special stink associated with it, and how chewable it was. You may jackoff during your session but you must not cum under any circumstances, do you understand what I'm saying?"

I nodded in fear and awe, assuring her that I would do just that.  I didn't know how the Madam of the manor would view all of this, but Mistress Bonnie was fully in charge, and her word was law in the Madam's absence.

Mistress Vera slapped my ass playfully, and I was again taken across the manor to the special bathroom where I had serviced the beautiful movie star, and I was beaming with joyful anticipation at the prospect.  I shamed myself thinking about eating her stinking bowel movement, and had to remind myself of the impossibly disgusting thing I had done, but I had given in to my unthinkable addiction completely, and could now easily experience an orgasm while gulping feces from an attractive female.



I didn't care anymore, this particular chore was not a chore at all for me, and a deep tickling feeling inside me grew to an indescribable fit of butterflies in my stomach as I knelt beside the fancy toilet stool, attached to the floor by my dog chain.

Though my hands were free I knew that there were guards watching outside the door and that if I made any attempt at escape they would be on me in a second, and then to Mistress Bonnie's horror dungeon. Nothing was further from my mind, and I would use my hands only for what was needed including masturbation.

I noticed another fixture that had not been there before, a special fancy toilet seat with a hole in it and a padded  area below for someone's head to lie.  Of course I knew it would be my head and I wondered how that would go.

I waited only ten minutes this time, and I jumped as the door opened, and my stomach did a flip flop of anticipation. In truth I was so horny at this point that I felt a bit of nausea, and focused my mind on the coming joy. I had been given a hyper dose of aphrodisiac just before being brought here, and my dick was gripped by an intense erection.

I was so horny I could barely function, and shook all over as I looked up.  The female superstar that I had originally serviced was accompanied by another major and breathtaking female star, and my jaw dropped, and I stared in disbelief when I saw who it was.

If I could have picked my two favorite female stars in the business, these ladies would be at the top of the list. They each had on a tight skirt, and their fragrances filled the room producing an extremely powerful aphrodisiac effect.

Each had a wonderful ass and outrageously pretty face, and I was so nervous and awed in their presense that I couldn't speak.

The two gorgeous dolls stood looking down at me as I knelt there shivering.  I had a sheepish grin on my face and my cock was dripping on the tiled floor.

"Well hello there again," said the star with whom I had already become acquainted, "this is my friend and I'm sure you know her well.  As I said before we won't mention any names here. Let us call me Miss A, and my friend is Miss B.

"I really enjoyed the last time I was here and I hope you did too."

"Yes mam, very much."

"My friend likes just the same kind of kinky things I do, and especially this.  You're so talented you know."

"Are you in the mood for more of the same?", she grinned, running her fingers around the curvature of her tight skirt.

I looked at her and at the other famous celebrity and blushed heavily, trying to keep my voice from faltering.

"Oh yes mam, I sure am, I really had a good time before."

The other woman grinned widely at me and I cringed under her careful stare. She spoke softly...."Hi there, I hear you're really good at something I just adore."

"Yes mam, thank you mam."

She squatted down and looked closer at me.  "Are you sure you enjoy this?", she asked, licking her glossed lips.

"Oh yes mam, I really get off doing this, it's my thing."

She stood and looked at Miss A....."Well then, let's get on with it."

She began to undress, and removed her clothing quickly and hung her things on the holders provided.

Miss A began to undress also, and they both looked at me in a very strange and erotic way as they disrobed.

They stood naked before me, and moved closer.

"How would you like to do it this time?", I asked Miss A sincerely.

"Well, let's see, my friend Miss B would really like to watch us first before you serve her.  I was thinking I would stand over the toilet this time with my back to you, bent over, and have my bowel movement that way so you can eat some of it, and eat the rest out of the stool."

"I would like you to suck my anus first and eat my gas before we go further.  Is that ok with you?"

"Oh yes mam, I'd like that."

Miss B sat beside us both on a chair, and looked on intently.  Miss A stepped over the stool and spread her legs and bent over, her overly perfect ass open to me.

She farted as she did so, but the odor was not that bad, compared to what I was used to, and in fact it had just the right funky smell.  Farts were coming out of her asshole involuntarily now, and I suspected she had prepared for this because she was filled to the brim with gas.

I quickly scooted close to the front of the stool, holding my hands on the floor for balance. I kissed her fine ass all over, going from one cheek to the other as she continued to break wind. I then spread her asscheeks widely exposing a tight, brown, puckered asshole, with a very slight residue  around it.

I moved my face in and smelled her butthole as she farted loudly in my face. I clamped my lips over her pretty bunghole, and sucked it deeply, inhaling the first of several long puffs of hot intestinal gas into my mouth. I moaned as I ate her smelly expulsions, and jacked off lightly, not wanting to cum.

"Oooooooo.....!", she exclaimed loudly, "oh that's hot.  Does it smell bad?"

"Oh no mam, believe me I like the smell of a women's farts, they train us here you know. Your's are quite mild in fact but just right for me."

She pushed in on her stomach and a very heavy roar squeezed out of her cute asshole, and blasted all over my face. I sucked her wonderful farthole, frenching it with great passion.

"Ok now", she grunted, "I'm ready to relieve myself, are you ready?"

"Oh mam, yes mam!", I gushed, and forced my tongue into her tight sphincter, and felt it slide in to the hilt. She had a major gas attack when I did this and groaned involuntarily as her bowels began to spasm. I felt a hard turd at the tip of my tongue and it moved rapidly forward, and into my mouth, and I let it go all the way to the back of my throat and pulled back with it in my mouth. 

I looked at Miss B with my mouth stuffed fully, and began to chew the large brown log, and swallowed it quickly.  A few chunks had splashed into the toilet and I quickly glued my shit stained mouth over the wonderful asshole in front of me to accept more bowel waste.

The next dose was much softer, and it squeezed into my mouth, filling it completely. I wolfed this down quickly, and the putrid odor just made me hotter as I felt it slide down my esophagus.

She was screaming in pleasure now, and I suspected she had taken some experience enhancing drug before coming here.

Her shit splatterd over my whole face and fell into the bowl as I ate it, and I sucked her asshole until the last of it was pushed out.  She hung desperately to the metal supports afterward, and she was wobbling dangerously from her intense experience.

I quickly wiped her ass with toilet paper and threw it in receptacles nearby. I took special damp cleaning towels and wiped her whole ass area clean several times and dried it too.

She stepped off the stool and her friend had to help her to sit down on another chair. She sat there is a daze, smiling, and held to the chair as they both grinned wickedly at me.

"Son of a fucking bitch!", she said, breathlessly. "Fucking almost more than I could take. Oh look at your fucking face, I don't know how you can stand it!"

I licked around my lips smiling and slowly lowered myself down into the bowl.  They both moved down very closely and watched as I touched my mouth to the brown offal floating in the stool water. I slurped in a gob of it and gulped it, and deftly sucked in several more soft chunks, eating them rapidly. As I raised out of the water they were right there at the edge of the stool staring incredulously at me, looks of disgust and amazement on their beautiful faces.


When I'd finished, I grabbed clean towels and wiped my face and mouth several times, and threw the soiled terries into the waste can. I then took damp towels, doing the same, and dried thoroughly.

I looked at Miss B, who was sitting there with her chin propped on her hand, looking quietly at me.

She whispered...."Ok, if you're ready, I'm ready."

"Yes mam, oh yes mam!"

She shook her head in disgusted amusement, and looked over at the special fixture I had seen earlier.

"I'd like it that way."

She leaned down and whispered in my ear...."You disgust me you filthy bastard but I'm going to watch you eat my shit and enjoy it. If you ever see me in the movies again think of how my crap tasted and what a lowlife son of a bitch I think you are. Now get your greasy ass to it!"

Miss A couldn't hear what was said to me and smiled lightly as Miss B got up and went over to the special stool. She stood over it and I lay down at one end and moved until my face was directly under the toilet lid. She towered over me and looked down with a sarcastic smirk on her pretty face.

Then she sat down and moved her asscrack directly over my mouth. She was able to bend over and see everything because of the design of the stool, and could enjoy watching my degradation from close proximity.

My head lay in an enclosure so that everything would be collected around my face. She opened her buttcrack revealing a deep, dark, bulbous asshole, and it moved in and out near my mouth as I watched it. Her cunt was in perfect position to piss in my face if she desired. and her rank  vaginal juices dripped onto my lips as she positioned herself.

She looked down and in at me, propped comfortably by arm and hand holders, and began to strain a bit, making her nasty  shithole pucker dangerously in and out.  Miss A was sitting on the floor cross legged watching closely, ready for the show.

"May I lick your rear Miss?", I asked politely.

"May you lick my rear?  You are one polite piece of horse shit I must say. Alright dirtbag, you may lick my rear."

My tongue shot out and lapped into her deep musky anus, and the smell was raw and strong.  She'd hadn't cleaned herself since her last bowel discharge, whenever that was.

She had perfectly formed asscheeks, just like the psychologist I had serviced not long ago, and a very deep asscrack.

I began to suck her constantly moving anal hole, and licked it as it moved in and out. Suddenly she let go with a very loud and heavy fart, and wet shit sprayed into my mouth. It surprised me a bit but I slavered it down quckly, and the smell was quite pungent. I don't know what she had eaten in preparation for this but I had a feeling it was probably planned.

She farted again, just as strongly, and sprayed another glob of wet shit into my mouth and all over my face. I could see her out of the periphery of my eyes, watching me intently, and she knew exactly what she was doing. The smell was overpowering and Miss A had to move back out of range, and held her nose tightly, scrunching her face in revulsion.

I heard Miss B whispering to me in a condescending way, and my humiliation began to mount as she continued.

"You keep your fucking mouth glued to my stinking asshole you worthless bitch, and don't you move before I'm finished or I'll make sure your head Mistress knows of my displeasure."

"You thought you had seen the worst of it pathetic bastard, I've been doing this for years to stupid males like you and they never want to experience me again, believe me!"

"Suck my shithole you scum eating bastard, I've got more for you."

I had to admit, I hadn't seen it this bad, even at the hands of the perverted dommes here, and I wondered in the back of my mind if I would be able to tolerate this for very long  without upchucking. The stench was actually worse than the soiled cunts, and that was saying something!

A streamer of wet shit poured into my open mouth and I gagged but mangaged to get it down. I was in trouble and I knew it, and I had to make a stand here and hold my own or it would all be over. I summoned every single ounce of my inner strength and held my mouth wide open as she watched me, and fed me an endless supply of putrid, rancid, liquid  bowel waste.

My guts were beginning to churn dangerously, even though I'd had a full treatment of extra strength nullifier and antibiotics, and antinausea drugs before the session. I was wiggling uncomfortably, and she washed my face off with a heavy streamer of warm urine.

"Dam I had to piss, ahhhhh.....relief!"

I swallowed several mouthfuls of the strong bladder waste, and washed down the stinking residue in my throat. Her piss was bitter, and yellow, and rancid,  and, I once again suspected she had ingested something earlier to accomplish this.

My head was surrounded my wet stinking shit and urine, and I continued to lick her dripping craphole, being careful not to display an ounce of reluctance.

"You clamp your mouth over my stinking dunghole and leave it there until I'm finished."

I could sense that she had eaten or drunk something within the past few minutes, and I became apprehensive as she shifted around. I sucked her thick, rear craphole diligently, and tried to steel myself for what I suspected was coming.

She looked under at me and I felt her anus tighten, and knew she was flexing her abdominal muscles.

In an instant her anal opening exploded downward into my open gullet, and a massive gusher of wet bowel shit gorged my throat, pushing out my cheeks awkwardly, and came out of my nose and around my lips. She had evidently ingested a powerful laxative, and her bowels expelled their contents  directly into my mouth, and all over my face.

I could barely breath as the fetid mass of semi liquid brown slime sprayed all over me, and was forced down my throat.

I coughed and gagged and started to vomit but stopped myself just in time, and let the pressure go down as the awful mess was emptied and expended.

My eyes burned fiercely from the vile liquid, and the stench made it difficult to breath. Finally she raised herself, and stood up, and began to wipe her ass, and cleaned it completely as she looked down at me.

I couldn't move, and just lay there with putird swill running from my face, and tried desperately to maintain my equilibrium. I had been blindsided in a particularly disgusting way, and was sure I would never be able to do her again. Her perfectly formed ass quivered as she cleaned it, and I was actually feeling my erection bob up and down as I watched.

To see such a repugnant display by a famous and beautiful movie star was beyond my comprehension, and I would never forget it. No one would ever believe this anyway, and what happened here would be lost forever by the passage of time. Only I would know the truth, and if I was fortunate enough to be released eventually, and went to a movie with her starring in it, I would know about a part of her that no one could imagine.

Miss A was shocked by the whole display, and after I had extricated myself and was in the process of cleaning up said her sweet goodbyes, and vowed to see me again. She was quite angry with her friend, Miss B, and swore that she would never bring her again to scat paradise.

I was quite thankful about that.  Miss B's final words to me were...."You'll think about this for the rest of your life you piece of shit, and you'll never get over the shame. See you in the movies."


After the two movie stars had left I cleaned myself as well as possible, and soon after two guards came in, cuffed me, and took me back to the main concorse. I was allowed to shower, and had some nutritious food, consisting of the usual feces replicant substances, and took a short nap before being whisked back to the domme living area to the conference room.

As before, all the dommes were there, including Miss Bonnie, and she moved things right along, not wanting to delay the group from their duties. It was unusual for them all to meet with a sub slave, and had some importance for reasons that eluded me. Perhaps they wanted to increase and improve their celebrity business, and knew that I was very popular with at least one of the stars, and might possibly be able to add useful information to this end.

There were also three of the higher paying female clientele there, to view the activities.

I stood naked, hands cuffed behind, as Miss Bonnie spoke to me from the far end of the table.

"Ok we don't have much time to spend on you but I want to hear about your celebrity shit eating session.  Did you serve the two women well?", she said peremptorily.

"Yes Miss Bonnie, I think they were pleased."

"Describe exactly and succinctly the pertinent contents of the appointment."

I knew I had to be quick and concise, and give her what she wanted or risk her anger, so I proceded as best I could.

"Mam, the two celebrities preferred to be called Miss A, my first contact, and Miss B, her friend.

They unclothed themselves and Miss A stood over the stool back to me and bent over, she wanted me to eat her inner gas for awhile before eating her shit."

"She wanted you to eat her farts first?"

"Yes mam.  After I had eaten a large amount of her gas I sucked her asshole and she quickly deposited a hardened block of shit in my mouth which I chewed and ate quickly. It was dark, and of a thick consistancy, and smelled strongly, perhaps a meal high in protein earlier in the day. It tasted tangy and cheezy, and chewed well before swollowing."

"Some of her feces fell into the stool water and I continued eating the shit from her anus as it was forced out. The next crap produced by her was much softer and was rancid and smelled badly, possibly from a highly acid lunch. I ate the softer cream and continued sucking her asshole until she was drained."

"Then I ate the contents from the bottom of the toilet bowl in view of the two ladies."

"The other woman, Miss B chose to use a special service arrangement, whereby she sat on a unique stool while I lay under the toilet cover to service her asshole from below."

"She had taken special substances, apparently to enhance her bowel and bladder needs, and she farted wet stinking shit into my mouth and over my face several times, and I ate it as quickly as possible. I believe she ingested a powerful laxative after that, and within minutes she expelled the entire contents of her bowels into my oral cavity, and over my face. I ate as much liquid and waste as possible during the experience. She seemed pleased with her session."

"Unfortunately her friend, Miss A, became angry with her, and said she could not accompany her again."

"Ok, well, that's unfortunate to lose a possible client but as far as your description, it seems kept it simple and truthful, and that is helpful to us. Now, did you jackoff during your session?"

"Yes mam, but I didn't ejaculate as you commanded."

" Crapman, we require one more duty from you, before you leave.  Vera...."

"We are giving a few of our best clients a freebee, and this will consist of you eating Mistress Veras shit in front of us all."

"Yes mam."

"Theres one little detail, however, you must jackoff and cum on her shit before you eat it.  You will eat her crap from a doggie bowl after ejaculation, and this will make the your meal less desirable for you."

"Yes mam."

I stood looking ahead, and domme Vera, who sat near to me, got up, lifted her skirt, and began to remove her panties. She was an exquisite woman, quite classy and her features were uniquely beautiful.

I smelled her breathtaking perfume, she looked at me as my master, and indicated by her manner that she was about to bestow on me an intimate gift.

Miss Bonnie placed the large dogbowl on the floor, and domme Vera pulled up her tight skirt skillfully, and squatted down over it.

She looked up at me as she strained and farted, and easily released her defacation into the receptacle in three lumps, almost filling the bowl. Her efforts produced a noticeable odor, but not terribly bad, and she wiped with toilet paper, and put the soiled paper in a nearby enclosed container. When she had finished she sat down watching me again. She was so beautiful.

Miss Bonnie picked up the dog bowl full of fresh shit and sat it on a cloth pad on the table for all of the spectators to see.

"Alright Crapman,  jerk it off and cum on Mistress Vera's shit, and look at our important guests as you do it."

I was dumbfounded by this unique and unusual request, but it was simply nothing more than I had done countless times before...with a slight twist.  I had eaten Mistress Veras shit many times, and knew her flavor, and as I began stoking over the large pile of it in the bowl, I looked at the guests, hot and happy to do such a thing for all to watch.

I stroked rapidly, and my balls were full of cum from my previous session, and it wasn't long before I jumped forward, and spit a huge deposit of my seed onto the bowl of warm crap. I sprayed it completely, and put a topping of white semen on it that would rival any icecream sundae.

When I finished, Mistress Bonnie picked the bowl up and placed it on the floor at my feet. I quickly dropped down to my knees and put my face down next to the still hot, stinking shit. I made sure that the special guests could see,  and sucked in a mouthful of the putrid waste matter,  looking directly at them as I chewed it briefly, and swallowed it, as my own cum dribbled down my chin.

My semen added a slight salty flavor to the raunchy crap, and more disgust to the already detestable act, and without using my hands I begin to eat the putrid meal, slurping it in and swallowing it along with my own cum. The attractive guest viewers took it all in with complete revulsion, and looked at me in a most vile and condescending way.

The odor was overpowering as I ate the soft bowel waste, and I looked up at the women who were disgracing me, as I gulped it down. My face was already a mess from my meal, and I ate downward, scoffing the stinking mess into my mouth, and swallowing it without effort. The wealthy spectator ladies were enjoying my debasement no end, and wiggled around their seats in pleasure as I did this unthinkable deed.

Soon I was licking the bowl clean, my face a disgusting mess, and I stood and domme Vera  rubbed her had over my hair in approval. Eating her shit was one of the most erotic things that I knew of.  I served them all each day, but some were favorites of mine more than others. Paradoxically, my cruel slavery had side benefits that were beyond the reach of mere logic.

Mistress Vera stood and wiped my face with paper towels, removing most of the shit stain.

After that I was allowed to shower and then returned to my room for several hours of needed rest. Later I took in some nutrition, and evacuated much of the fuming sewage inside me.


About seven in the evening two dommes came into my cell and woke me up. Mistresses Samantha and Natasha pulled my blanket off and I immediately stood for them. The guard quickly cuffed my hands behind me.

These two Mistresses were magnificent, Natasha on the short side but cute with an amazing little ass....and Samantha a gorgeous dark haired beauty with large tits and an astonishing, well formed butt.

Mistress Samantha pulled painfully on my dick and slapped it hard. I yelped and pulled my knees together because it really stung.

I didn't like these two, they were cruel and usually worked together. I had experienced their harsh treatment and humiliation when they accompanied me during my shower time, on many occasions, and they delighted in creating the most disgusting farts for me to eat, and the deepest humiliation.

Samantha ran her hand inside my asscrack and pinched my cheeks as she spoke.

"We're going to the experiment room for an interesting little....", she grinned slyly at Mistress Natasha, "experiment."  I imagine you've heard about our little research room."

As a matter of fact I had heard nothing of such a area, and was completely taken off guard by her comments.

"Mam I...."

"Oh you haven't heard of it.  Hmmmmm....that's because the owner just created it, and it's taken a little time to construct. The Madam will be interested in the details of our first sessions there, and guess what? You have the honor of being our first experiment. Won't that be fun?"

They led me out and over to a room near the main training labs. We went in and the entire space was filled with many strange fixtures and session spots, each usage location had a drain and shower setup, and a number of video cameras had been placed in locations all around the room. There were comfortable spectator seats around each location, and high efficiency overhead exhaust fans, obviously to remove any unpleasant odor.

We went on a brief tour of the facility, and Natasha's perfect asscheeks wiggled under her tight gray skirt as she walked ahead of me. Samantha gripped my balls from behind as she talked.

"This is a very special area stinkman, in which we test new and innovative scat entertainment ideas on a wide spectrum of our heavy duty scat clientele. We do only extreme shows  here and for a paying viewer to partake of this venue will require $15000 minimum. If they opt to participate in our private shows, that figure can rise to $50000."

"Of course you will do exactly as you are told here, and if you do not give 100% enthusiasum and participation you will visit Miss Bonnie for corrective punishment." She spun me around and gave me a hateful look.

"Mistress Bonnie and I will work you over Crapman if you ever wind up in the lower torture room. You have no idea what we do to men there. Do you understand me fully?"

I looked at her in terror, and nodded my head in complete supplication.

We continued the tour as she pinched my swollen nuts from behind.

"We also test new sex stimulants on our slaves here, and some of our prospective drugs are potentially stronger than aphro 10. Actually you and the other slaves are just lab rats and shit servants."

Samantha led me to one of the session locations, and activated the overhead spotlights. It was a glorified shower stall, but tastefully painted and decorated for the benefit of the audience, and was three times the size of a regular stall. She pressed a button on the wall nearby and soon, five well dressed women came in. They were thirtyish, and very attractive to look at.

The sat in comfortable chairs right next to the stall, and there was an enclosure wall about three feet tall around the inner shower area so that as they were seated they were right up where the action was. It was obvious that they had each absorbed some kind of entertainment drug, and they sat looking at me with a wicked gleam in their eyes, as they shifted around to make themselves comfortable.

These were obviously hard core scat fans, and I knew the session would be heavy. Mistress Natasha darkened the lights in the audience area so that they could not be seen from the inside of the stall. This allowed the viewers to masturbate in any way that they chose during the show.

I had eaten lumps of shit from the inside of toilets many times now, and I couldn't imagine anything much more disgusting than that, but around here you could never tell.

Mistress Samantha and Natasha stood outside the stall and Mistress Sam took out a leather case and removed a small air injection gun and a vial of liquid with a pale green hue to it. The device was somewhat more sophisticated than what I had seen so far, and had a digital readout on the side.

She held the gun to my buttocks and fired a heavy, stinging  charge of the drug into my system.

"This little baby is unique shitman, you'll find out what I mean shortly."

Mistress Natasha began to undress, and she looked at me seriously, not showing any emotion that I could detect. She removed her shoes, skirt, and blouse, and finally her bra. Her nice tits bounced as she moved into the shower stall with me. She kept her panties on and her incredible asscheeks pushed outward on her rear, and her perfectly formed asscrack was almost hypnotic.

Samantha released my cuffs and I stood there free of all restraints. As usual there were guards nearby and out of sight, and any undesired activity on my part would be dealt with quickly. Escape never entered my mind anymore, the cost was just far too high.

Mistress Samantha undressed also, and stood in her panties. She filled them out in an astonishing way, her body was sculpted and perfect.

"On your knees shithole!", she yelled, in her special and nasty way.

I dropped quickly and knelt behind the well endowed Mistress Natasha.

My face was a few inches from her wonderful behind, and she moved back a bit until her sheer panties rubbed against my nose. I could smell her womanhood and a slight hint of the treasure in her rear crack.

The drug hit me like a semi truck, and my cock sprang to an impossible erection, and I began to pant with an insane sexual lust. I had never experienced anything like it.

Just then Mistress Samantha gave Mistress Natasha a fast acting and high powered laxative wafer, and Natasha ate it quickly. I had some experience with these laxatives and knew they produced complete results within a few minutes. Once you took the wafer you would definitely evacuate within a very short time.

It looked like another enema meal, like the one I had experienced with the nasty celebrity I had seen earlier. I prepared for the worst.

I kissed Mistress Natasha's asscheeks all over, and pressed my nose into her deep, perfect asscrack.

Suddenly Natasha farted loudly, and I knew the process was beginning. I couldn't figure out why she had not removed her underwear until I heard another long fart and felt a gusher of wet shit against the inside of her panties. Instinctively I buried my face against her stinking rear, and the smell was absolutely beyond description. My conditioning had not prepared me for this, and it required all of my concentration to maintain equilibrium.

The drug was so powerful, however, that in another thirty seconds I just couldn't control my insane lust, and had to get to all that shit.

She continued her bowel movement until her undies were full to the brim, and dripping out and down her legs, then she suddenly pulled her panties down to her knees, exposing the accumlated mess from her bowels. With no hesitation I bent down and buried my face in the stinking pool of waste, and began eating it, slurping in mouthfuls and swallowing voraciously.

I could hear masturbation activity from the spectators, and I was so hot that I was driven insanely to eat the reeking mass of soft shit out of Natasha's panty crouch. My face was covered in the abhorrent brown slime, and it dripped from my cheeks in slavers of soft goo.

I was so hot that I could not feel nauseous, and sucked in more and more of the unthinkable, stench covered paste, and swilled it down as I grunted loudly, eating most of it within a short time. I was so shocked at my revolting behavior that I went into a kind of mental shutdown, and became a shit eating machine, devoid of emotion, gasping and gulping to the entertainment of the rich women behind the lights.

Within a few minutes I had cleaned most of the brown scum out of her panites, and knelt there gasping, still in the throes of a maniacal drug that removed all of my humanity for this purpose.

I was barely thinking as Mistress Nathasha pulled off her panties and placed them in a large plastic bag.  She moved away and to the overhead shower, and turned it on, quickly washing and soaping away the heavy crap stain that covered her lower area. In a few moments she stepped out and dried herself, and put on a pair of clean undies, and the rest of her clothing.

I knelt there watching her blankly as my face dripped brown waste, and soon the pretty Mistress Samantha had entered the stall, and backed up next to me. There was a large puddle of bowel leavings below my face, and as Mistress Samantha  pushed her sheer panties against my nose, she also began to fart rapidly, and crapped her pants, filling them with another dreadful load of wet, lumpy shit.

"Here is your meal you no name bastard", she gasped, and after totally evacuating her full bowels, pulled her bulging panties down below her knees, opening them to me.

Without thinking I moved my face down into the stinking mess, and the atrocious odor was enough to burn my nasal passages.  I looked briefly at the darkened audience as I slurped in a full mouthful of the unspeakable brown offal and gulped it. I ate several small lumps in the process also, and in doing this insane thing, had broken my contact with humanity, at least for this appalling moment.

I slurped and sucked in her liquid waste and swallowed it and put it in my stomach, and my belly was becoming stuffed with their defacated waste products.

I grunted like an animal as I cleaned out the stinking mess in her skivvies, and soon she pulled her soiled panties off and put them in a bag also. She showered and scrubbed herself quickly, then dried and put her clothes back on. 

This whole deranged event had been recorded on video tape, and the paying ladies and their friends would be able to enjoy this horrendous amusement for years to come.

I realized that this scene was in a whole new arena of degradation, and I showered and washed myself afterward, with a blank look in my eyes.

The two wicked dommes hurried me up, and I dried off completely, and had my hands cuffed again, and they took me back to my cell. I could eat nothing nutritious after this, and merely tried to get some measure of sleep that night, amid countless trips to the toilet.



The next morning was Saturday, and my spirits were usually better on the weekend for some odd reason, since in the ordinary world the end of the week brought fun and relaxation. In this forbidden place, however, one never knew what any given day would bring.

I was slowly beginning to overcome the profound nausea and shame that I felt from what I had been commanded to do last evening, and realized that my mind had been toughened in ways that I would never have imagined possible. I had taken a large dose of nullifier and antibiotics last night before bed, and much of the swill inside me had been eliminated or made ineffectual.

This particular weekend there were hundreds of visiting customers in the huge mansion for a number of special events, and I knew there was a good possibility that I would be enduring some strange and disgusting chore before the activities were over.  My estimation proved to be correct.

After my nullifiers and antibio injections, I needed to evacuate on the toilet, and Mistresses Donna and Wanda picked that time to enter my cell. Their contrived smiles were not reassuring, and they sat near me, watching my efforts on the stool.

"Take your time boy", Donna ejected, "no tremendous hurry. Wanda and I are sponsers of a special event in which your participation is required. She put her finger inside the front of her pantsuit and inserted it into her pussy and masturbated herself briefly, then she stuck her sopping finger in both of my nasal passages, coating them heavily inside.

Her trenchant odor was overpowering, but I breathed in deeply, inhaling her strong female fragrance.

"You like cunt juice don't you whore?", she said, in her nasty way, and I nodded my head quickly in the affirmative, expressing the fact that I did indeed savor this bodily female excretion.

Donna was absolutely beautiful, a tall, well endowed woman in her sexual prime, and her pussy smell confirmed it.

Mistress Wanda moved closer, and looked into the toilet.  "Nothing yet huh?", she whispered.

"No mam but I feel it coming soon."

She reached down into the bowl and gripped my hanging balls, and kneaded them between her fingers. She was a tiny woman, not much over five feet tall, but was very pretty, and possessed the cutest ass and tits any man could imagine. She continued to gently pinch my nuts in her grip, looking into my eyes intently.

"I'm waiting", she grinned.

Mistress Donna and she looked expectantly at me and I began to strain myself, to complete my task.  I felt my bowels begin to open, and stared at the pretty domme Wanda as she stroked my hard penis. I farted loudly, and several chunks of waste splashed into the water.  She quickly screwed up her nose and flushed the toilet each time I dropped more. She was jacking me off rapidly now. I looked at her and began to go into orgasm, and she stopped immediately.

"No no no, can't have that yet can we."

She pulled her hand out and sat back as I wiped several times and flushed.  I always cleaned myself with a damp paper towel, and finally dried myself completely.

"Your bodily functions belong to us shit mouth, don't they Donna?"

Donna moved forward a bit and put her face next to me, and rubbed her cheek against mine. Her perfume was mesmerizing, and I swooned slightly as it poured over me.

"Everything he has belongs to us Mistress Wanda, every single thing."

She straightened suddenly, and stood up.

"Ok boy let's get going, Wanda and I have a fun surprise for you since you love cunt juice so much."

I didn't know exactly what she meant by that but I was sure it would be nasty, and forced on me.

They cuffed me, and led me out with a guard following, and we headed in an entirely new direction, for me, at any rate, and went to the far north wing of the enormous estate.  I had never been here before, and there were many large rooms full of visitors, and a number of sex shows were already in progress.

Mistress Donna opened a door and we went into a very large room filled with attractive female visitors, and they brought me to a strange fixture in the middle of the room. The crowd of a least a hundred ladies milled about and began to gather around us. The fixture consisted of what looked like a saddle with a unique kind of metal vibrator penis coming out of the center, and on tables surrounding the device were stacks of clean towels and antisceptic cleansing liquids.

The saddle also had a set of reins in front that the rider could hold on to, attached to a machine, and I got the impression that the reins would be moving  forward and rearward, presumably to cause the rider to rock back and forth on the large dildo. The thought of this was not comforting to me.

The dildo penis had a peculiar shape, and construction, and seemed designed to capture all of a woman's orgasm, even the heavier, squirting kind, and funnel it down inside.

Underneath the fixture was a place for a person to lie comfortably, and it was obvious that the inside opening of the penis would be placed in the mouth of whoever was under there.

I knew what was coming, and rolled my eyes upward in amusement and derision,  as they led me to the obscene broco horse.

Mistress Donna and Wanda pushed me down, and had me lie underneath, and my face was directly under the large vibrator. The vibrator was perforated with hundreds inwardly slanting louvers, and they pushed it downward so that the mouth piece on the bottom locked securely inside my open oral cavity.

I was strapped in tightly, and the vibrator secured tightly in my mouth.  My mouth was opened widely, but not enough to be uncomfortable,  and I swallowed hard as my fertile imagination began to swing into action. The large crowd of women were here to use this machine, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Mistress Donna spoke loudly, and the room became quiet at once.

"Ladies, we are going to try for a record this morning, and I know you will all contribute your full share in the pursuit of this record.  The previous time is six hours and fifteen minutes, with three quarters of a gallon ingested."

"I think we can do better than that this time, and I know you all will be with us in this effort."

"Take your number and be sure to come back in time for your turn. Approximate riding times are listed on the tickets. The first ten ladies please disrobe and remain for your turn."

Most of the women filed out and would come back when their presence was required. They could attend other events in the meantime around the large area until their riding appointment.


Mistress Donna turned on the machine, and the metal dildo began to vibrate in my mouth, and I lay there unable to see anything in the darkness. Mistress Wanda began to attach special electrodes to my already hard cock, and I felt something probing up my pisshole.

"This is a catheter Crapman, so don't get all excited. I'll try to make this as painless as possible.  She slowly inserted the tube up my hard dick, and it stung a bit as it slid it  further and further in, and finally into my bladder sphincter. She taped it, and attached a cock ring at the base of my penis so that it stood out hard as rock.

"This device will masturbate you Crapman, but you won't be able to cum no matter how hard you try."

"OK, listen to me shithead, Donna and I, and all of these women are going to ride this specially designed Orgasm Pony, and you're going to find that pussy juice will be oozing down into your mouth constantly. If you don't swallow it as it accumulates, you won't be able to breath after awhile, so it would be much better for you to gulp it as it flows in.  There might be a stink in there after a time, but heres a shot of aphro 10 to make that more fun."

I felt a sharp sting on my leg, from an air injector, and before long I felt the deeply horny feeling associated with the powerful sexual stimulant.

"The machine is set up to calculate how much liquid flows in, and over time we'll see how much you've had to drink."

"Ok boy, here's your first sample of pussy juice."

She climbed up on the saddle, and slowly sat down on the dildo. I felt the warmth as her tight cunt engulfed the large phallus, and the vibration increased as she fucked the large metal cock. I could feel her pulled forward and back because of her grip on the reins, and her cunt began to discharge juice immediately.

She began to groan as the machine worked on her, and soon was moaning loudly from the stimulation.  She fucked faster and within moments screamed loudly, and squirted a thick discharge of vaginal juice onto the perforated cock. The smelly mess oozed in and dribbled down the inside of the metal penis, and flowed into my mouth. I gulped it eagerly, and the rancid smell drove me into a frenzy.

She climbed off and Mistress Donna replaced her, and I could feel the larger Donna seat herself down over the vibrating prick, and she began to fuck it eagerly as she rode the strange contraption. She screamed in pleasure as the relentless device worked her wet vagina, and before long she yelled out loud, and pumped up and down on the metal dick, and a thick gusher of fetid  slime poured in and down to my open mouth.

Donna's cuntjuice was more pungent, and I suspected she perspired inside her vagina much more than Wanda, and produced a funky odor from the sweat. I gulped the disgusting goo with great relish, and I felt the attachments to my penis begin to work me, and as Mistress Wanda had predicted, I just couldn't get my nuts off.

Donna climbed off and I could feel her wobble unsteadily as she dismounted. Within moments the other women began to gather for their ride on the 'Orgasm Pony', and a steady stream of the most disgusting vaginal sap immaginable began to feed into my gullet as I lay there.

The first five women contributed a substantial amount of 'vaginal secretion' into the vibrating dong, and each streamer of cunny liquid smelled slightly different. The whole chamber had a deeply repulsive fishy smell that only increased in intensity as time went by.

As the eighth woman rode the nasty pony more women began to file back in for their coming turn. The smell in my nose and mouth was absolutely atrocious, but I was so hot from the aphrodisiac that it remained a major turnon.

Mistress Wanda and Donna cleaned the metal cock every turn by wiping it off with treated towels, to remove any undesirable bacteria and residue. Any woman allowed to come here to scat paradise, and enjoy the fun, was thoroughly tested and cleared so that disease was highly improbable, but precautions and normal cleanliness were essential.

More and more women returned, and by the twentieth rider, I was feeling quite uncomfortable, and tried unsuccessfully to shift around in my enclosure, to no avail.  Only eighty minutes had passed, and I knew this was only the beginning.

An hour and a half later, and after swallowing cunt juice from the fortieth pussy, and another aphro 10 injection, I began to experience a very powerful and inexplicable calmness and sense of euphoria. The putrid vagianal discharge that I had been eating was so highly erotic to me in my state that I actually entered another area of eroticism.

I was becoming so highly addicted to pussy fluid that I feared that it could become an uncontrolable obsession after this. The stink and flavor of a woman's cunt would become an intractable sexual driving force, and I would be bound to do this duty for any woman who wanted it. Another, and unique kind of sexual slavery had entered my psyche, and would never be disengaged. The thought was quite abhorrent to me, and as I gulped another thick globule of stinking cunt cream, I realized that it was becoming true.

I wanted desperately to ejaculate, but was being denied that pleasure, and forced to eat the substance most driving that very need.

I was grunting and moaning in pleasure as I slurped down more and more scuzzy cunt drainage, and almost screamed in pleasure.  Dam those dommes, they were doing a number on me and it pissed me off. Unfortunately there was not a thing I could do about it.

By the sixtieth rider my muscles were becoming severely cramped, and I struggled constantly to change my position to relieve the discomfort.  I was locked in a state of perpetual orgasmic enjoyment, without the actual orgasm. I had begun urinating from the constant intake of fluid, and this was drained out automatically by the catheter tube.

Donna and Wanda rode the pony several more times, and their juices were becoming less copious each time they fed me.

Mistress Wanda played with my balls and cock every so often, and spoke encouragement to me as the session continued. 

After eighty five riders, the whole of my chamber was slick with cunt cream, and the odor was overpowering.  The variety of vaginal smell was unbelievable, and each wet pussy added another kind of odor. I was so high on the pleasure of the moment that I was in an actual trance. I had swallowed quarts of intimate female reproductive excretions, and could not think clearly in this state. I was being used on a major scale, and the dommes knew this. It was deeply humiliating.

Finally the last woman completed her ride, and lifted herself off the relentless vibrating dildo horse.  I swallowed her copius discharge and they turned the machine off. My mouth still vibrated from the six hour marathon, and my muscles were locked in cramps, and when Wanda released the metal dildo from the entrance to my mouth, I lay there for a moment, quivering from the extended bondage.

My whole face was covered with a thick film of dried cunt juice, and when I raised myself out of the fixture Donna and Wanda had a good laugh as they helped me up. They sat me there, and spoke to me, as slabs of semi moist vaginal leavings peeled off of my face and slid down my cheeks. Even they were repulsed by the smell, and they peeled off much of the sticky glue as they chuckled at me, and twisted their noses in disgust.

"Crapman, you did good you stupid fuck, we're proud of you. We broke the old record and you were an important part of it."

Wanda wiped my face off as Donna released all the paraphenalia from my privates. "Cunt juice don't smell so bad anymore for you does it crap boy?  You had so much of it you ain't gonna be able to do without that stink now. Ain't that right Donna?"

Donna wiped my face too and grinned slightly at me....  "He'll need pussy stink from now on Wanda, you can bet on that."

Wanda pulled me over to a chair and sat back with her legs spread widely and back. I dropped to my knees and automatically put my face into her hairy snatch. I slurped deeply inside her tight hole and went into a frenzy of licking.

"Ok slave,  jack it off for us, you've earned it!"

As Donna squeezed my balls I stroked off, eating Mistress Wanda's pussy and asshole with a vengeance. I yelled out loud, and jerked violently, and spit several thick spurts of cum on the floor. I swallowed her swampy cream as I did so, and kneeled there quivering violently afterward as my tongue continued to dart in and out of her tight hole.

She pulled my head up and grinned at me...."Good boy!"

"Ummmm, you like that stink don't you! You fucking cuntjuice whore!"

"We got him Donna, we made him a true pussy sucker and he'll always be a cuntjuice slut on his knees when he smells a snatch."

Wanda stared at me as she wiped out her tight slit.

"Do you know that you drank over a gallon of vaginal discharge,

a fucking gallon, and you digested and pissed half of it out."

"You're part cuntjuice now, all absorbed into your body and brain."


I was exhausted when I fell into bed that evening, I needed  sleep, and a lot of it.  I had taken a good shower after the marathon cuntjuice session, and washed my nose and mouth out thoroughly.  I could still smell the very unique funk in my nasal passages, and suspected I would have a memory of it for a lifetime.

I would be needing more snatch to eat now, a lot more, and would have to depend on the generousity of the dommes, and visiting females. I had another full blown and insane addiction, and this only added to my sense of hopelessness as a victim here. 

After I took my nullifiers and bio's I drifted away to sleep, desperately wanting to jack off, thinking about the day's activities, but dared not.

Filthy femdoms: forced oral-part 12

These sexual fantasy stories are intended as adult fetish entertainment, and consist of extremely dangerous activities and scenes that have nothing to do with reality, and should be read and viewed in that light.

I slept through the morning on Sunday, and was given light duties for most of the day. I was given some kind of special food paste at every meal, and it seemed to cause extreme binding inside me.  A few hours after I ate it I could not defacate at all, and I could feel the accumulating waste inside me building.

By Monday morning I was blocked up thoroughly, and was puzzled as to why they should want to produce such a condition. After breakfast I felt my guts churning, trying to release, but the bloating continued to increase and I was actually becoming a little concerned.

Mistress Rose and two guards came for me and she looked a me in her usual way, as though I were a bug.  She waved her hand lightly.

"Follow!", she chirped.

We walked to one of the male slave bathrooms on the far side of the mansion and there was a special toilet fixture in the middle of the floor. I'd never seen it before so it must have been installed recently.

The large toilet bowl had a seat and leg supports so that the person sitting there would have their legs drawn back and secured, leaving their ass hanging over the toilet below.

I was placed on the toilet, sitting down, with my legs drawn back and strapped,  and it felt a little strange,  but since I knew pretty much  what was up I was not afraid or agitated.

In a moment a guard entered from the opposite end, and with her a small red headed young female slave, who appeared to be in her twenties.  The pretty young woman could not have been much over five feet tall, and had short cropped hair, and a real nice ass, and a massive bush of red pussy fluff over her vaginal area. She had that tired resigned look on her face typical of most of the inmates here.

They came over and the guards pushed the woman to her knees in front of the toilet. They secured her and she knelt there with her face a few inches from my asshole, looking up at me.  I knew what was coming,  I had been in that position so many times myself.

She was a living doll and I knew I would have to watch her do something atrocious very soon. 

Rose sat in a chair next to us.

"Well now, guess what's going to happen now?"  She grinned widely.

"Suzie, this is Jim.....Jim, this is Suzie.  Suzie's been a bad girl and needs a little disipline.  Jim is bound up real good girl, and I just don't have any laxative handy. I don't usually address my scumbag slaves by their names but I'll make an exception in this case. I've arranged this date for you two so that you can become acquainted in a very special way."

"You'll have to loosen him up with your tongue you little whore, you should know how to do that by now."

The cute young woman looked blankly at me, and then put her lips next to my distended butthole.

"Push, you son of a bitch!",  Rose yelled at me,  as she shoved in on my stomach.

I looked helplessly at the woman and began to bear down, trying to dislodge the hardened chunk of crap blocking my anus. I managed to force it out just a bit, so that the tip of it was visible. It hurt, and my asshole was stretched to the limit.  It wouldn't go any further,  however, and the pretty redhead began to delve her long tongue in and around the edges of the large turd.

She looked at me while she did her probing around the periphery of the crap log inside my butthole, and began to lubricate my tightened sphincter liberally with her saliva.

I grunted and the huge log moved a bit more, and the woman intensified her efforts as she lapped into my anus.  In a few minutes I felt the enormous piece of excrement begin to move, and I farted and mangaged to push it outward a few inches.

"Stop!", Rose yelled.  "Now girl, suck his turd, suck it real good."

I sympathized with the cute red head but had no choice in the matter, and merely watched as she slid her cute mouth over the shiny log of offal. She sucked on it voraciously, and brown cream dribbled down her chin and dripped into the toilet.

Her expression lit up noticeably as she continued her efforts, and she gulped down the rancid liquid leaching into her mouth. She went into a frenzy, and noticing that I could no longer hold my bowels, Rose gave me permission to let go. 

I grunted as I looked into the kneeling woman's eyes and the huge chunk of hardened crap slowly moved outward into her mouth.  The turd forced her lips open, and stretched them obscenely as she looked up at me.  She  bit off a large section of the stinking torpedo, and chewed it voraciously, swallowing quickly. The rest of it fell into the toilet with a loud splash.

For the first time I had a close look at what I had been doing to many women in the past months, and it turned my stomach. Like this cute red head,  though, I was insanely addicted to eating shit, and though I felt guilty, I was actually enjoying it.

Another turd slid out into the doll's mouth, and a third bounced against her chin, propelled by a loud fart, and dropped into the water. She chewed and gulped with indescribable lust, swallowing the stinking mess with great relish.

As I emptied out she ate what she could, and when I'd finished she cleaned out the softer shit from deep inside my asshole, and wolfed it down. Her face was an indescribable mess.  A large, thick, brown ring surrounded her pretty lips. She licked around her mouth and ate off what she could and looked at me.  I could actually detect a strange kind of gratitude and relief in her vacant eyes.

As she looked at me she slowly lowered her face down into the toilet, and began to eat the shit floating in the stool. I could hear her bobbing for the chunks of feces, and within a few minutes she had eaten them all.

She raised her head again and licked her lips as brown water dripped from her hair.  The guards released my legs and I moved them down, straddling the gorgeous red head's face.

"Open your mouth Suzie," gushed the excited Rose, "open it wide!"

Suzie opened her gullet again, and continued to stare at me.

"Spit in her mouth, and keep it up until you give her as much as you can."

Rose was going to make this as difficult for the woman as possible, and there was not a thing I could do about it. I was as terrified of Rose as this woman obviously was.

I gathered as much saliva as I could and let it dribble between her parted lips. It pooled at the bottom and I continued to gather spit a number of times as she looked up at me intently. She understood our position, and I know she did not blame me at all. Within a few minutes I had accumulated a large pool of spit around her tongue.

"That's enough, move your head", said Rose, nudging me, as she inched over the woman's face.

Rose began to gather spit also, and slavered a large amount into poor Suzie's mouth. I knew the woman was tired of holding in this position but she remained still as the nasty Rose filled her mouth almost to overflowing.

The head mistress pulled back and flipped my pecker with her hand.

"Jack off in her mouth, now!",  Rose grunted, a look of satisfaction on her face.

The little red head looked desperately at me and nodded very slightly telling me it was ok and to get it over with.

I quickly began to slap my hard meat over her cute mouth, and within a short time grunted and jumped in pleasure, and my pecker spit a thick wad of scuzzy goo into her overflowing oral cavity, and all over her face and hair.

I could not stop ejaculating, and the doll looked patiently into my eyes as I finished my nasty work.

Rose moved over to the young woman again and looked down at her. She looked pleadingly at Rose, absolute surrender in her face, waiting for a command.

Finally Rose waved her hand absently....."Swallow bitch!"

The cute woman looked at me while she gulped the unthinkable mess down, and swallowed several times and licked her lips clean also.   She was near orgasm now, I could tell, just from eating the disgusting sewage, and I was amazed at her conditioning. She was worse off than me, and that was saying something!

It did not make her sick at all, she obviously was highly addicted to it, though a deep shame was to be found in there somewhere, I could tell.  It was astounding to me.

The woman burped, and a putrid odor came from her mouth. I almost gagged. Rose wasn't finished yet.

"Now piss in her mouth, and make it fast, I need to be somewhere else."

My bladder was full even before we began and I really had to go.  My piss started out slowly, from the aftermath of my ejaculation, and suddenly gushed out into the pretty red head's mouth.  I filled her gullet, and she gulped the warm yellow piss, and opened for more. It was obvious she had done this many times.

Meanwhile Rose had moved around and was masturbating the captive cutie. The petite woman looked up at me as her clit was worked over by the nasty Rose, and as she gulped several mouthfuls of urine she jumped suddenly, and moaned,  and her lower body shook violently as she experienced a mind bending orgasm. She nearly gagged on my  tepid urine as she quivered in pleasure, and finished gulping the funky bladder juice, as her climax wound down.

My hot pee washed most of the shit from her beautiful face and hair, and when I stopped she licked her lips and swallowed the last of it.

"That's it kids, we're out of here!",  barked Rose.

The guards released Suzie and led her away and she gave me a knowing glance as she left. Only another inmate here could understand that look. It was an expression of sorrow, tiredness, and a wish of good luck to the other desperate inmate receiving it.

I was taken back to my room and was allowed to rest for several hours in preparation for a visit to the experimental lab.  My first experience there had been horrendous and left me feeling subhuman.

It was so traumatic because I deeply enjoyed it, under the influence of a powerful new aphrodisiac, and because the beautiful Natasha and Samantha compelled me to face my utter humiliation with consummate surrender. They  removed my every defense, leaving my vulnerable ego completely bare to their agonizing verbal cuts. The session had been one of the most painful experiences of my life.


My next session at the experimental lab was this evening, and

Natasha and Samantha came for me about six pm. They both wore expensive business suits, and their tight outfits accentuated their incredible bodies. Their tasers were at the ready, though there would never be a need for that. I was bound to do the will of the female staff here, and at this point nothing could have pursuade me otherwise.

The very pretty Samantha led the way and her perfect asscheeks rubbed each other up and down through her skin tight skirt. I was always near an orgasm while in the presence of these women, especially Samantha. I was near panic inside now though, since I knew what was coming, and felt a tight fist for terror gripping my stomach, making me feel  nauseous.

We entered the ominous experimental lab, and walked over to a platform with five toilet stools sitting in a row on top. There were small chutes leading from the bottom of each toilet, and they all fed into a large rectangular shaped stainless steel receptacle at the bottom. The design of the strange fixture left little doubt as to it's use.

They fed me a powerful aphrodisiac wafer, had me kneel, and strapped me in,  leaning with my face into the bowl. 

At that time five attractive and well dressed women came in, and stood by the stools. These were obviously high paying clients, and they were here to get their money's worth. The experimental lab had no set rules, and the women could get just about anything they wanted here, no matter how outrageous or disgusting, if they were willing to pay.

They looked at me salaciously,  as they pulled up their skirts and lowered their panties. They sat and adjusted themselves, and waited for the signal from Natasha to begin.

"Ladies, you may begin and relieve yourselves to your hearts content. I trust that you have followed our dietary guidelines for your meals during the past forty eight hours.  If you have, we should have a very interesting session.  Also I hope that you all took our special laxative wafer before coming in"

They were grinning slyly, at each other, and it seemed that some of them had probably become acquainted with others of the group in earlier sessions.

They began to strain, and I heard several loud, wet farts breaking the silence,  and seemingly all at once they cut loose, and expelled their feces into the toilets. Thankfully a powerful exhaust fan removed the odor immediately.

Several lumps of crap slid down the chutes along with masses of softer shit, and soon became deposited in the container in front of me. At the same time urine began to flow, washing the stinking waste down into the bowl.

The smell was overpowering, and by now I was in a frenzy of lust, and dove in, pushing my face into the putrid waste, and took a mouthful and chewed briefly, swallowing at once.  I slurped in warm piss at the same time and washed the disgusting crap down. I ate voraciously as more and more anal and urinary refuse flowed down the chutes.

It seemed that the women were on the verge of diarrhea emptying out in such a manner, but the shit was semi solid, and for the most part chewable. I gulped and slurped the squalid mess, and my face was dripping with globs of human waste as I sated my appetite.  When the ladies finished they wiped thoroughly and threw the soiled paper into the small trash cans beside them.

They looked down at me with a vicious satisfaction, and their smirks of pleasure cut through my remaining self esteem like razor sharp knives.

I looked up with shit dripping from my lips as they exited. Natasha released me and I stood, wobbling slightly.  These women were wealthy patrons, and in some cases high executives in corporations, and I had difficulty classifying myself as human in their presence.

Samantha went up and emptied all of the toilet paper into one can, and came back down with it.  Pretty Samantha held the can to me.  She picked up a piece out of the mess with a glob of shit on it and rubbed in over my lips.

"Eat it off....and hurry it up!"

I put my lips over the thick stain and pinched it into my mouth and swallowed it. She continued pulling the stinking paper out of the can until I had cleaned it all.

"How doe's that taste you reeking fuck?"

I looked at beautiful Samantha and could say nothing. The loathing in her eyes was like a ball bat to my brain.

"You worthless piece of shit...those women consider you to be sub human, and so do I."

I was close to tears,  I had been reduced to a pulp of loose brain matter for months now, and any human being, man or woman, would have cried long ago.

Natasha added her ounce of venom....."Look at him Sam, he's gonna' cry, he's gonna fucking cry."

Samantha grabbed my head and looked closely at my eyes, enjoying the moment...."You ain't gonna' cry are you honey?"

"Ahhhhh now look at ain't even a man anymore are you?"

"Ok now I want you to take your little pecker and jack it off for us in your hand and eat your cum."

"Hurry it up....your stink is making me sick to my stomach!"

Natasha gripped my balls in her fingers from behind me. "Are you hard of hearing shithole?" 

"Jack your fucking dick off and eat your cum!"

I jumped to it blindly, and Samantha looked into my eyes gloating and humiliating me. I knew that most men would have broken months ago, so I wasn't ashamed....but the awful mortification eating me alive now was unbearable. A lone tear ran from my eye as Samantha giggled, mocking me.

I whacked in a frenzy, desperately needing some pleasure to ease the intractable misery. When I ejaculated, my face was screwed up in pleasure as I looked gorgeous Samantha in the eyes, and the semen splattered in large globs onto my hand and the floor as I grunted for her.

I was panting with each spurt of my reproductive liquid, and Samantha was snickering in a particularly insulting way, and I lifted my hand to my mouth and slurped off the large glob of cum and gulped it.

Natasha pulled my head around and watched me finish the humiliating task, and held my hand and rubbed it all over my face while raining insults on me.

"Now get your ass moving you stupid bastard, the fun's over for now."

She pushed me roughly and we started out the door.

On the way back to the main complex, and my room,  Samantha kicked me in the ass several times, to humiliate me.  I was dead emotionally by the time I finally lay down for sleep.


After such a traumatic experience I was allowed a day of rest, and was required to attend a therapy session with the beautiful psychologists I had met some time back. My appointment consisted of having my face buried in their hairy privates while we talked for an hour, and the soothing manner, the wonderfully nasty smell,  and soft touch of their hands did much to reduce the deep stress that I had been subjected to.

After all, having me mentally incapacitated would not be in the best interest of the facility, since the Madam, and the staff,  were consumed with the acquistion of money.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was one of their best financial assets, and this gave me a bit of a survival edge.


In another day I was allowed to resume my regular shit eating duties, and I was required to service several foriegn customers, among them, one from the Netherlands, and one from France.  I was becoming quite a connoisseur on the taste and smell of women's shit, and obviously it varied in the many locations throughout the world.

Differences in diet accounted for most of the idiosyncracies, but there were other factors also. European women seemed to have the wettest farts, but I actually didn't have enough data to be sure about that. European women were also among the most beautiful and worldly, with some of the best formed assholes in the world.  In truth, I didn't consider a wet fart to be a negative trait anyway, at least not to me.


I learned that I was to be set up with my very pretty movie starlet again, and I was highly excited about that. I sincerely hoped that if she brought any friends, they would not give me a hard time like the last one did.

They had developed a whole new class of antibiotics and super intestinal nullifiers at the mansion, along with a special kind of blood and tissue protectant, and this was very desirable to all of us. I valued all  possible protection that I could get. I, and many others here had been very fortunate in that respect.

Slaves had disappeared over time, but we were assured that they had reached the end of their usefulness, and were returned to the outside world, and were given a tidy sum of money and good medical treatment  for their misery. There were new slaves coming in as the old timers left, and they were always in shock for quite some time until they had adjusted to their horrific duties.

No one could ever find their way back here, once released, the unique and hidden location of the mansion would make that virtually impossible, and the slaves would be bound, gagged, and blindfolded during travel.

I had heard from what I considered to be a reliable source that no one had ever died from their treatment here, and I sorely prayed that it was true.

Whether is was or not no one could really say...but I knew that they made millions here every year, and that any fatalities had the potential of destroying the whole operation over time.


The day for my session with the celebrity lady finally arrived, and I was so nervous I could barely function.  I had developed a bothersome nervous tick when in the presence of Nathasha and Samantha, and they capitalized on it constantly by making fun of me. I didn't let it bother me though, I knew I was still a man, and in fact possibly more of a man,  in view of the fact that I had been able to survive here for so long.

I was not scheduled for any further appointments at the experimental lab, but I knew it would come again in time. I asked very politely if I might have more therapy sessions with the two wonderful psychologists, and, surprisingly, they honored my request. I was to have an appointment with them three times a week now for an hour, and I enjoyed eating their wonderful pussies and asses so much that it was, indeed, a very powerful kind of therapy for me.

They were kind and affectionate with me, and helped me to maintain my sanity.  I just couldn't get the smell of those thick, hairy pussies and assholes out of my mind. They also enjoyed our therapy sessions....I made sure of it.

I couldn't fuck them, but I could eat every orifice on their wonderful bodies.

Rose, and the other members of the staff could easily see that this therapy was vital to me, and allowed it as a necessity.


Today was Saturday and I would meet with the starlet in an hour.  I made sure that I had received a full battery of the new intestinal nullifiers, and antibiotics and so on, to make sure that I was covered, and that I could enjoy myself fully, dining on the stinky rear waste of gorgeous celebrity women.

I was told that there would be two again this time...(Rose and the staff were ecstatic about this)...and it looked as if more celebrities were coming here every month.  Their complete anonymity was insured, and guaranteed in no uncertain terms by the Madam. This was very strictly adhered to in order to be certain that these special customers could trust the facility implicitly, every time they were here.

The guard arrived to take me to the celebrity toilet. I had come to know the guards very well and they treated me with some civility because they knew they could trust me not to try and escape. I was no longer cuffed for transport, but of course, the guards had their handy full projectile Tasers right at hand, but they had little worry about me.

Once in the fancy bathroom, I was allowed to sit on a chair to wait for the celebrity customers. Much better than being cuffed to the toilet.  I craved the taste of my starlets shit more than I could say, and her piss was wonderful to drink. I hoped the other woman would be sociable, and that I could send them into orbit with whatever disgusting service that they desired.

I was shaking now, and prayed I would not lose it when I met the new celebrity lady.  She could be anybody. The thought almost made me pass out.


Suddenly the far door snapped open, and I literally jumped in shock, and trembled uncontrollably, angry at myself for being so nervous about the whole thing. The beautiful movie starlet came in, and was followed by another famous female actress, and I lost it totally when I saw who she was. I had never hoped in my wildest dreams that I would be face to face with this major star.

I was shaking like a leaf and my starlet girl came over and kissed me on the cheek.

"Hi there", she beamed, "it really is good to see you again."

She smiled at me as though I were a friend and I just couldn't get over it. I grinned at her, completely smitten by her celebrity,  and I looked sheepishly at the other star, one of the most famous and beautiful women in the movies. How could this possibly be?  I was just staggered by all this, and my shock was apparent to them.

The beautiful movie celebrity was perhaps in her mid thirties, and she

reached out and shook my hand, and I stood there in stunned silence, my pecker hard as a rock, and dripping precum on the floor.

"It's wonderful to meet you...I've heard so much about you."

The smell of expensive perfume filled the bathroom, and I was floating a few feet above the floor.

My starlet friend moved closer to me and spoke quietly...."We'll do it like before if you don't mind. I'm Miss A,  this is Miss B.

The older beauty looked deeply in my eyes and smiled...."Try to relax baby, we're just people like anybody else."

She held my penis gently in her hand.

"You're very special, you know that?"

"Don't worry about anything sugar,  just do your thing and we'll have a real good time."

She moved her lips to my ear and whispered quietly. 

"I want your mouth down there to eat my farts....mmmmm....and then something more....think you'd like that?"

I nodded quickly, mesmerized by her beauty and fame.

She spoke more loudly...."Well then, why are we standing around." 

Miss B pulled her tight skirt up, and removed her pink underpants. Her pussy was magnificent, hairy and fulsome, and this only made my dick bounce more.

Her pussy was dark and fuzzy, but her hair was light brown, almost blond.  She looked at me the whole time and moved over toward the large, extravagant toilet stool.  It had gold trim, and a white marble toilet lid.  My girl,  the blond starlet,  pulled her dress up and slowly eased down her drawers as she grinned at me.

I licked my lips eagerly, going into a trance of lust, and my starlet friend held her dress around her hips and sat on the stool. She pulled her legs back, so that her cute, puckered asshole was open and available, and motioned for me to come over. She was smiling seductively, and her anus moved in and out, anticipating my attention.

I kneeled before the stool, my mouth a few inches from her distended butthole. Her friend sat in a chair beside the toilet and watched intently.

The older star rubbed her pubic area slowly,  masturbating herself and she had her finger inserted into her wet vagina.

The woman was massaging her tits as well as her pussy. She grunted as she spoke....."Honey are you sure this place is safe, this whole thing is insane."

My starlet friend put her hands on my head and pulled me gently in to her deep, well formed asshole.  "You don't have to worry dear, I've checked the place out thoroughly and it's very secure. There is no other place like this in the world. Wait until you try'll drive you absolutely nuts."

She rubbed her fragrant asshole over my mouth.

"Ok sweetheart, I've got some gas for you."

I looked at her, hypnotized, and dove into her wonderful butt opening.  I lapped all around the edges and pried it open with my fingers. My tongue slid in deeply, and a tremendous fart blew out of her anus, and saturated my face. It was quite pungent, and I crinkled my nose as I breathed it in.

I sucked her perfect rear hole and frenched it as another series of long, loud,  and rancid breakwinds puffed into my mouth, making me a bit light headed.

"Oh shit honey, he eats farts like candy", said Miss B.

Soon my girl began to strain, and I looked up at her lustful eyes as she started to defecate.  A squeaky fart preceded a rush of warm, soft shit, and a long thick snake of crap expanded her cute asshole and rushed into my mouth. I scarfed the thick soft mass and swallowed it at once, and held my lips open for more.

The stink was overpowering, and she gripped my head tightly.

"Look up at me sweetness while you eat my shit....please!"

Her eyes were in a state of intractable pleasure as she watched me suck more pasty feces out of her lovely farthole and swallow it. I began to masturbate her with my hand, and she allowed it, and gasped loudly as she neared climax. She squealed in pleasure as she orgasmed, and a squirt of clear, viscous fluid splattered all over my face and hair.

The other woman had her face in close and was amazed and disgusted by the obscene show. Warm shit was all over my face as I slurped a deposit of brown reeking bowel waste from deep inside her craphole, and she farted once more and fell back exhausted, breathing heavily.

"Agggrhhhh!", she yelled. "Did you see that.  Oh fuck, fuck!"

Her friend was still rubbing her sopping cunt, a look of utter amazement on her pretty face.

"You're using the right words there honey", she grinned, "please hurry up so I can get my butt sucked."

I had all needed supplies near at hand and wiped her sweet ass crack clean. I washed it with damp towelettes, and wiped it dry.

She pushed forward and sat with her hairy pussy near my face, and pushed down gently on my head as she pulled herself up.

She sat in a chair to rest and watch the remainder of the session.  She appeared to be totally consumed by the experience.

I wiped and cleaned my face well and the older star got up and straddled the toilet.  She sat down with her skirt raised to her waist,  and pulled her well formed legs back and opened her dark and hirsute anus to me. Her cunt was a mush of thick vaginal secretions, and smelled very funky.

My face was next to her wet, open asshole, and she gripped my hair in her hands. I looked up at her with glazed eyes, and she grinned down at me with a depraved look on her face.

"You need this don't you baby?"

"It's ok darling, we're going to work together and get you what you want, aren't we?"

"Lick my ass and smell it sweetheart, and let me enjoy the show."

She was absolutely beautiful and I had been an avid fan of hers for years. First the TV shows, then feature movies. I was about to do what I had fantasized about for so long. I just couldn't believe this could be real.

I looked up at her and sniffed her raw asshole and rubbed my nose all over it, and she ran her hands through my hair in pleasure.

"I've got to tell you this is better than my academy award nomination, my filthy friend. You do this right and you can eat my crap any time I come here.

"Good suck my shit hole." 

I locked my eyes on hers and clamped my mouth tightly around her thick anal sphincter. Her anus was well formed, and had the classic star shape, and who knows how much waste had been forced through it in her lifetime..

I frenched deeply into her deep, nasty bunghole and she let loose with several blockbuster farts as she forced my mouth into her open anus.

I licked it rapidly, swallowing a bit of brown residue, and she gripped my hair tightly looking down at me.

"You're gonna' have to look right at me sugar while you're eating what comes out of me. I want to enjoy every second. I can see you like that stink and I intend to give you a heavy meal. I've got full bowels hon, so you're going to have to work at it."

She rubbed her soft fingers through my hair and ran her tongue around her ruby lips as she pushed down for her bowel movement. She looked at me wickedly, and I clamped my mouth over her smelly poop chute and sucked voraciously. I looked up at her every second, and intended to give her a show to remember.

She farted long and wet and semi hard crap began to ease out of her awesome rear opening. Her well formed sphincter opened widely and the fetid intestinal waste oozed into my mouth.  I looked at her as the mass of stinking brown offal filled my gullet, and my cheeks bulged out as I began to chew the unspeakable mess.

" fucking bad my stinking crap!"

"Oh my....oh swallow it all. Oh my poop you filthy skunk....mmmmmm...fuck!

"How can you stand that stench my dirty friend....mmmmm.....lick it all out and eat it...I really ain't believing this."

"Hey honey....he's a shit eating bastard ain't he?!"

"Ooooooo....put your tongue all the way inside me and let me look into your eyes.  What a fucking does he do this girl?"

My starlet friend just sat there in a trance and masturbated herself, gasping in pleasure as she moved her fingers rapidly over her bright red clitoris.

"Don't talk girl", she whispered hoarsely, "just enjoy!"

Just then my older celebrity friend gasped, and globs of fresh shit gushed out of her open asshole and splattered all over my face and into my mouth. I gulped insanely, eating it as fast as I possibly could. She was shaking uncontrollably, and nearing an orgasm as I slurped  the nameless refuse from inside her bowels.

I masturbated her rapidly with my fingers, making her hard clit vibrate  from my efforts, and she screamed and squirted a gusher of thick vaginal ejaculate all over my face, and onto the floor. I slavered down the remaining soft shit and the clear, fishy female orgasmic fluid, and her eyes were rolled back in ecstasy as she quivered and finished her uniquely intimate female sexual release.

She slumped back on the toilet and lay there quietly. I finished cleaning her asshole, and I then wiped her wonderful buttcrack, and cleaned it with damp cleaning wipes. I dried her completely, and she sat forward, her bushy snatch tickling my nose.

She also pushed down gently on my head as she raised herself off the stool, and sat next to my young starlet friend, who had just completed another massive orgasm, and was sagged against the chair, apparently unable to move.

Both of them looked at me in total disbelief, and were sweating visibly  from the uniquely disgusting sexual activity.

As they watched I lowered my head down into the stool and began to eat the lumps of crap floating in the water. They moved closer and looked down at me as I cleaned the bottom of the toilet bowl, and when I raised my head out they sat back again in shock and palpable disgust. I flushed the toilet and cleaned my face and upper region thoroughly.

I kneeled there grinning when I finished, and the two slowly got up and wiped their wet pussies out, staring strangely at me.  They cleaned themselves thoroughly and pulled their panties back on, and smoothed their skirts down around their perfect bodies.

They moved near me looking down in contentment.

The older female star smiled in a genuine way....I did not detect  loathing or ridicule. They totally accepted what I was, and my disgusting oral habits.

She took a pen,  bent down and pulled my hand to her, and autographed it.

"Baby don't you be ashamed of what you do. I love you for what you are. Wow!  I've never felt like that in my life. You're going to see more of me as time passes my intimate friend." 

I looked up at them both and managed to speak the words that were festering in my mind.

"Please, before you go......may I kiss your asses,  I like it when you have your clothes on?"

They looked at each other and smiled widely.

The older one turned around and put her incredible protruding butt in my face.

"Now why didn't we think of that girl?", she said, looking at Miss A.

I promptly kissed her asscheeks, moving back and forth over both sides, and rubbing my nose in her deeply formed asscrack, breathing in heavily as I smelled it.

My starlet friend also put her perfect ass next to my face and I eagerly kissed it, and went back and forth smooching both their behinds. She reached back and held my head gently and rubbed her ass all over my face. I jacked off as she did it, and was grunting in pleasure.

They turned around and looked down at me, and paused for a moment. They showed compassion in their manner and watched solicitously as I whacked off.

"Go ahead and have some fun my poor friend, you've earned it", said the older woman. They sat again and watched me as I looked up at them, flogging my hard penis. I grunted in pleasure and licked my lips as I beat off, and they smiled kindly at me.  Within moments I jerked and yelped in ecstasy, and squirted uncontrollably onto the floor.

As my thick seed splattered beneath me I shook and gasped at them, and soon I fell back on my knees, the pressure in my balls totally relieved. 

They got up and looked down again at me.  My so called starlet friend smiled sweetly...."We gotta' go my good take care and we'll see you again."

The older one smiled in an accepting way also...."Thank you my sordid  messmate...see you again sometime. Hope my autograph lasts for awhile.

They glanced back as they left, and when they were outside the door I head the distinct sound of laughter, and then the sound of their footsteps as they walked down the hallway.

I suddenly felt deeply degraded, but I also had the feeling that my starlet friend did indeed have at least some feelings of affection for me. I didn't blame them for laughing, it was completely understandable.

The guard came to take me back to my room, and I walked in a daze all the way there. I had done something that any man could only dream of. It was beyond my ability to assimilate at the moment.


I was allowed to rest for the remainder of the day, and had very light duties over the weekend.  I would remember the look on the face of the older star for the rest of my life as I ate her stinking shit. She had locked me completely into my shame, an important boundary line had been crossed, and her uniquely humiliating grin had branded me forever.

In a very real sense, though, it was just beyond imagination that I would be fortunate enough to do this to one of my favorite female movie stars, it was just too outrageous to be real. I wondered how much she really looked down on me....I shuddered to think.

There would, however, probably be more famous female celebrities taking advantage of my considerable skills in the future, possibly even her again.  As a matter of fact I was sure of it. In a very weird kind of way, this unbelievable opportunity made up in a small way for the unspeakable things I had been put through during the past year.

I had a premonition that I would be released from here one day.  Hmmmm, but what of my insane craving to eat a woman's shit. That, I didn't even want to think about. I'd need to take a large supply of protectants with me. I shrugged and dismissed the thought as ludicrous.

When was the Madam coming back?  I didn't know who was worse, her,  or the vicious Rose. One thing that protected me in a very real way, though,  was my financial value to them. I made them money. Frankly I was an exotic kind of inverted snob. Go figure.


Filthy femdoms: forced oral-part 13

These sexual fantasy stories are intended as adult fetish  entertainment, and consist of extremely dangerous  activities and scenes that have nothing to do with  reality, and should be read and viewed in that light.


Yesterday had been one of my most traumatic days  emotionally, but also one of my most flattering and  astounding in my strange world here at scat paradise. I  had been humiliated in a severe way in the experimental  area, but had been lifted to the heights of joy when  allowed to eat the shit of two of my favorite movie stars.

How such a thing could happen was endlessly baffling to  me.....but in a back alley kind of way compensated for the  mental torture and soulful degradation that I had received  as a prisoner in this astonishing place. I was being  forced to do it, but I had no doubt the recipients of my  disgusting work were convinced that the whole thing was my  idea, and that I had nothing better to do than crawl  through unspeakable slime in order to serve them.

Frankly it didn't matter, only eventual escape mattered. I  had a genuine premonition that I would be released one  day, and I was usually right about these feelings. Time  would deliver me.

---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- --

This morning after breakfast I went to receive my enema at the hands of the new female doctor and our  gorgeous nurse Becka.  Dr. Julie Taylor was in her early  forties and beautiful, and had begun her work here some  days ago to enhance the effectiveness of our medical  facilities .

Formerly Becka had been our enema nurse, and general  medical treatment supervisor, but she was overworked, to  say the least. They could certainly afford a doctor here,  and in view of the danger inherent in their practices,  sorely needed one.

I had heard rumors about the pretty new doctor, and  quickly learned that she was just as devious as Bonnie,  our sadistic torture dom. Apparently she derived great  pleasure from the scat duties of the prisoners here, and  lent her expertise to this end, and to the painful  humiliation of the helpless inmates.

She was here to make sure that the prisoners were not  harmed in a material way by the amazing perversions  committed against them each day.

I was taken to the medical lab by one of the guards with  two other prisoners, and had to sit in the waiting room  for forty five minutes since I was the last to go in. This was  allowed sometimes if  prisoners were considered unlikely  to attempt an escape. As I waited I could hear muffled  yelps and grunts in the back room. There were two female  prisoners and myself, and when they came out of the  treatment area they both had a small flat buttplug in  their rear, and a pained facial expression. They looked at  me with bloodshot eyes, and a tired stare that said...'I  pity you'.

Becka was not particularly gentle while evacuating the  prisoners, but I had a feeling the pretty new doctor was  going to be even worse. The enemas were very  uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, and absolutely  humiliating.

When it was my turn I walked through the reception area  door to the back, and was  led into an examination room  where the doctor waited. The doctor was blond, and quite  stunning, and despite her white lab coat, I could tell  that she was very well endowed physically.  She removed a  soiled pair of surgical gloves, and threw them into a  receptacle.

She was not smiling at all, and Becka wore the usual stern  expression on her face as I was strapped kneeling into the  elevated evacuation fixture. My head was drawn downward,  and knees forward, so that my rear protruded upward,  opening my anus to full view. I was strapped in tightly,  and the doctor made preparations behind me as Becka  brought over the enema intravenous fixture. 

She stuck the hypodermic needle into a vein in my ankle,  and taped it securely. Fortunately, today, it only took  one try to set the hypodermic needle. The iv setup  introduced a powerful laxative into the bloodstream, and  this allowed for complete, and usually painful evacuation  of one's entire bowel contents over a period of twenty  minutes.

The doctor put her rubber gloves on and smeared a dab of  lubricant into my widely stretched rear opening.  She then  slowly inserted a large tube into my anus, and the  stretching on my sphincter muscle was sharply painful. She  had to slide the plastic tube in carefully, to avoid  injury, but pushed it to the limit to accomplish this.

My eyes watered already, and as the sinister laxative  began to work, my intestines squirmed uncomfortably as the  vacuum was activated. I felt a slight suction on my  rectum, and before long my colon was undulating ominously,  ready to expel the disgusting mass of waste inside.

My guts tightened into rhythmic spasms, and I groaned  loudly as a huge deposit of feces was pulled from my anal  cavity. The iv continually maintained a high level of   laxative in the system, and soon I was grunting in pain as  my entire colon jerked wildly, expelling the accumulated  waste matter that had nearly filled me.

The humiliation I felt was also palpable, and the pretty  doctor came to the front and put her head down next to my  face.

"Open your mouth", she whispered, looking at me with cold  eyes.

I did so and she gathered a mouthful of spit and propelled  it over my tongue.

"Swallow it!"

I looked at her with weary eyes and gulped the swill from  her mouth.  She looked into my eyes and spit several more  times, and finally spit in my face before finishing her  fun.

A glob of her saliva dripped from my lips as the cruel  enema machine removed the contents of my guts, and I  yelled in pain as a sea of watery sludge shot out of me,  and was expelled into a waiting plastic container.

I was sweating and grunting loudly as my entire intestinal  cavity jerked in pain, squeezing out every ounce of shit  residue from inside me. I was shaking all over from the  trauma, and the vicious laxative being dripped into my  bloodstream became even more active, and my whole body  jerked and vibrated from the sheer power of it.

Finally they shut off the machine, and removed the iv  needle, and I lay there quivering violently, my inner  muscles still twitching in a paroxysm of pain.

The laxative effect dropped off sharply, and the doctor  slowly removed the large evacuation tube from my asshole,  and cleaned my anus and inserted a healing salve inside  me. 

She then shoved a flat butt plug into my anal sphincter,  and a knob at the tip inside me caused it to seat in  firmly, so that it would not be easily dislodged. This was  to prevent accidental discharge of more bowel contents  until the powerful laxative lost all of it's potency.

They released me and I could barely move.  My joints and  muscles were tightened dreadfully, and I stood and tried  to straighten myself.

Becka was preparing the equipment for the next unfortunate  patient, and sealed the plastic deposit container. The  doctor made a note in her chart, and looked at me  impassively.

"Leave us please", she said to Becka, "and take the  deposit to the punishment room. It will make a good meal  for some lucky female prisoner."

Becka left, and I stood there looking down at the floor.  My guard and the others were still out in the waiting  area,  but I could see that the doctor was interested in a  little extracurricular activity.

"Come with me", she commanded, and we walked to the back  of the lab.

I followed her into a bathroom there, and stood looking  down, and waited.

The toilet was somewhat larger than normal, and I had no doubt that  there was a good reason for it.

The doctor took off her lab coat and hung it on the wall.   Then she pulled up her skirt and took off her panties.   She squatted down on the stool and spread her legs widely.

"Get on your knees in front of the stool", she said  sharply.

I did so at once and knew that I would be eating her shit.  My face was at the front edge of the stool and I could see  her hairy pussy inches away. It was wet, and had a  powerful feminine odor, and she rubbed it and slid her  finger deep inside and smeared her pungent juice over my  lips.

"Look at me", she said quietly.

I looked up at her and she was very pretty indeed, and had  a nice set of tits.

She grabbed my hair and looked down carefully at me.

"I want you to tell me what my shit tastes like", she  grunted...."tell me exactly."

"Put your head all the way down into the bowl", she ordered.

I lowered my face down and past the edge of the bowl, and  soon had my nose near the water. The smell of toilet  cleaner filled my nostrils.

"Take a drink of water, lap it up like a dog"

I had my hands on the floor beside the toilet, and braced  myself as I put my lips into the water.  I slurped up a  mouthful of the funky liquid, and drank it down, and  continued to lap up more, swallowing several mouthfuls.  There was the distinct flavor of urine in the liquid, and  I had no doubt that it belonged to Dr. Taylor or nurse Becca, maybe both..

This position certainly gave me a different view of the  world, one that not many had experienced, I'm sure. I was  becoming highly aroused now, and my cock stood out firmly.

There were minor shit stains around the edge of the bowl  inside, and it was obvious that the urine tainted water  was not entirely clean.

"Lick around the inside of the bowl and clean it, and  hurry it up!"

Her wet cunt and asshole were just above my head, and my  hair rubbed against them as I turned and licked off  several small shit marks along the inside walls of the  bowl.

She gripped my hair as I did so, and held my head firmly.

Within a minute she squirmed around and pulled back on my  hair a bit, so that the area under her was open. The top  of my head was pressed against her wet cunt and she held  me there firmly.

"Eat my shit!", she said in a musky tone.

I steadied myself, and knew what was coming. I had never  experienced it in quite this way, however.

She strained and farted several times, long odorous farts,  and a large pole of dark shit appeared in front of my face  and snaked downward into the water. It fell with a splash,  and wet down my face. The stench was unbelievable, and I  scrunched up my nose despite myself, and licked my lips in  anticipation.

She really cut loose and had a good crap then, several  massive lumps of wet turd plopped into the rancid water  followed my a rush of softer brown slush. I could not  believe the stink, but my full blown addiction kicked in  and I moved my head down and bobbed for a mouthful of the  putrid crap.

I bit off a large mouthful of one enormous log, and chewed  it voraciously, gulping it all down at once.

Again and again I bit off chunks of the reeking brown raft  which I noted had corn in it, and swallowed without  chewing. As I reached down for another small piece of  excrement I heard a loud fart over my nose and a gusher of  wet shit sprayed down onto my face. I had to stop for a  moment, so that I could breathe, and soon continued my  ghastly chore, eating all of the nasty flotsam.

I was in a frenzy of lust now, gulping the abhorrent and  stinking shit like an animal.

Then I felt a stream of warm piss running down my head,  and over my face, and I tried to drink some of it as it  dribbled down over my mouth.

She carefully wiped her ass a number of times as I  watched, and threw the stained toilet paper into the bowl.  I had to eat around it to get to the remaining shit, and  was irritated by a piece of crap stained toilet tissue  stuck to my cheek.

"Pull your head up you worthless fuck!"

I raised my sopping, stinking head and looked at her bushy  cunt. She raised her leg over me and stood and cleaned her  ass with a damp paper towel and dried it.

She put her panties back on and smoothed over her skirt.

She pulled the shit stained toilet paper from my face and  threw it in the bowl.

She then flushed the toilet, and when the water had  settled again she slapped my ass hard.

"Wash your head off in the water."

I lowered my head all the way into the bowl and sloshed it  around, cleaning off some of the stinking crap.

She had me do this several times, flushing after each  washing.

Then she handed me a roll of absorbent towels and I dried  my face and hair as well as I could.

I stood up and still could not bring myself to look at  her.

She pulled my head up and looked into my eyes  sarcastically.

"What does my shit taste like you fucking whore?"

I looked at her in supplication, and licked my stained  lips.

"It has a very rotten taste something like spoiled  limburger cheese and smells very very badly. Your softer  shit doesn't taste too bad, maybe like very old rancid  peanut butter."

I looked at her in humiliation...."I like to eat your's more tangy than the others. I'm addicted to  eating women's shit"

She looked at me in disgust, but I could detect a very  slight grin.

"Corn doesn't digest very well does it my loathsome  friend?"

"No mam."

"You thoroughly disgust me but at least you're honest with  me."

"I've heard about you and I wanted a piece of your ass.   You're a lowlife degenerate aren't you?"

"I....yes mam....." 

"Look at me and say it!", she clipped.

"I'm a lowlife degenerate."

"Alright now get the fuck out of here, I'm very busy  today!"

"Oh, and tell Bonnie I want you back next week when I have  my period."

"You can guess why."

I looked down again...."Yes mam."

I left quickly, stunned by such an event, and headed back  out to the waiting area.

My guard was really pissed off having to wait so long and  slapped my face for it.

"You took your fucking time didn't you?", she sneered.

"Please mam, I'm sorry mam."

"Get moving!"

---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -

I had two more shit eating sessions that day, and  struggled to get through them since my guts hurt so much.  The doctor had really given me the treatment with that   enema. Even Becca had never been that rough.

---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -

Later that day after absorbing my noon nutrition meal I  was taken to the training lab,  the old familiar place  where I had been altered so carefully and inhumanely in  the past.

I was installed on a training fixture and what I saw  shocked me. Before me was a perfect model of the face of  Bonnie, our sadistic torture femdom. The resemblance was  remarkable, and I was totally stunned as to the purpose of  this strange creation.

There were two small jugs containing liquid below the  model face, attached by clear tubing to a pump.

One of the ladies pried open my mouth and squirted a heavy quantity of liquid in and pinched my nose. I gulped down the bitter juice, gagging, and she did this a second  time. I felt a strange sensation in my throat and stomach, but had no idea what I had taken in.

"This will prevent you from vomiting while you are on the machine today. You will need it believe me."

They turned on the device and I could hear a motor  humming, and very slowly I could see a thick mucous begin  to drain out of the model's nasal openings. Similarly, a  viscous liquid began to drain out of  the model's mouth, and I was soon to find out what my  training would be.

One of the wardresses stood next to me.

"I want you to listen carefully slave....I'm going to  explain this one time and you'd better listen well."

The other wardress attached electrodes to my penis and  testicles as this one spoke to me. 

"Every time liquid drops onto that metal plate below, you  will receive a severe   electrical shock to your privates.  It is quite painful I promise you."

"You must eat the snot and saliva so that it  won't drip from the model's face."

"This is real snot and spit so you may have a little difficulty adjusting to it."

I froze in disgust when she said that, and hesitated for a moment.

A dangerous glob of both was nearing the model's lifelike  chin, and I was trying to hold back my gag reflex. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough and the liquid began to drip on the metal plate below. I screamed in agony as a searing current passed through my pisshole and scrotum.  I yelled out loud several times from the intense hurt, and saw the liquid once again approaching the model's chin.

Panic stricken,  I quickly moved in and lapped it all off, just in time to avoid another shock. I was groaning in pain now, trying to recover from the excruciating punishment.

I licked the model's chin and nose rapidly, trying to prevent the  electric shock that I knew I would receive, and swallowed the disgusting scum. An objectionable odor filled my nasal cavities and I was very close to puking again, but managed to do what was necessary.

"This snot and saliva contains one of our aphrodisiacs, and will  greatly stimulate your libido while you're in this  training situation."

"Incidentally, I guess I may as well tell you  now.....Mistress Bonnie is now in full charge of the  facility....she is the new Madam. The Madam who owns of  the whole operation has moved to another location, and is  busy with her new facilities around the world."

"As a slave here you what that  means."

"Oh yes....every ten minutes the nasal openings will  blow out a mass of snot and you must eat it before it drops off. There will be a  warning tone fifteen seconds before the nose blows, and  you must suck it out and eat all of the material expelled.  I must warn you will want to vomit but you will be unable to.

"Now, remember what I have told you and we will be back in  an hour."

"Mistress Bonnie is going to make some dramatic changes  here at our scat paradise, and I'm sure you and the other  slaves will not like them."

"These changes include daily ingestion of snot and saliva from our many female visitors, and our staff, of course."

"Alright, you are on your as you're instructed  and you will avoid intense pain to your penis and balls."

They left me and I looked blankly at the strange model  before me. The weird training procedures here were beyond  normal understanding, but I knew I was bound by them as  long as I was here.

I sucked the thick, clear, paste from beneath  the model's nose, and lost control for a moment, but my vomit reflex was not working, and I was actually quite grateful for that.

The saliva was dribbling out of the model's mouth and was  running from either side now, and I licked it off and  actually delved my tongue between the lifelike lips to eat  it out before it could run down the model's chin.

I had eaten saliva and snot here before, but I was always  an iota away from heavy vomiting...I could imagine what we  would have to deal with now at the facility....and it made me cringe with dread.

The first time I heard the tone I quickly clamped my mouth  over the nose of the authentic looking model, and tried to  eat the mouth drainage also as I waited.

I was not prepared for the nose blowing sequence, and a  thick, partially hardened glob of green mucous pumped out  and filled my mouth.  I wanted to vomit then but the liquid given me by the wardress proved very effective.

I ate the large mass and quickly slurped the saliva juice  from the mouth and chin area. It took all of my  concentration to keep ahead of the unforgiving model, and  as the aphrodisiac began to work on me big time I hovered  just below the point where I might ejaculate.

I became desperate after a half hour, unsure whether I  could maintain my constant efforts to avoid a severe shock  to my dick and balls.

I was becoming very tired, and my muscles ached from the  constant pressure of restraint.

After fifty five minutes I began to develop a crust of hardened material around  my mouth, and a very foul smell, and I had eaten a large  amount of the disgusting goo.

When the wardresses returned I was near exhaustion, and  was delighted to see them. They turned the machine off and  I ate off the last bit of drainage from the model's chin.

The wardress who had spoken to me earlier looked at me and  laughed.

"You've done very well, I see that you have avoided  punishment and have a perfect score."

You'll be delighted to know that this snot and saliva was taken from hundreds of female  volunteers who come here each day, and were more than happy to contribute."

I looked at her in sickened disbelief, and started to  retch dangerously, but once again was unable to vomit.

I could not register what I had just done, and blanked my  mind and my feelings completely.

I had eaten the nasal mucus and saliva of several hundred female  strangers and the feeling of disgust was almost  overwhelming.

They released me and took me back to my cell after a  shower, and I ate my fill of the nutritious 'food' that  would be my supper.

---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ---

The next day would bring more amazing surprises from our  growing list of celebrity customers. I was astonished at  the popularity of our strange venue here, and could not  explain why so many beautiful movie stars would indulge in  such bizarre behavior.

Truth is, I really didn't care....I was just ecstatic to  be one of the pioneering performers in this unique and  obscene venue. I had a very weird and nasty backstage pass  that allowed me the most intimate access possible to the  perverted needs of some of the most beautiful and desired  women in the world.

I ate their shit but could anything be more private or  intimate. I don't think so. I cared little what they  thought about me personally.  I was privy to the intimate  bodily functions of these gorgeous women, and it was  extraordinarily erotic for me. I could safely say that no  man had ever been more intimate with them than myself.

I had developed a mania for eating celebrity shit, and the  passion drove me day and night. I constantly craved their  stinking bodily waste, and had shoved everything else into  a back storage room in my mind.

There would be two celebrity women today, both insisting  on my services only. Wow, I felt like some kind of exotic  movie mogul.

After a shower and breakfast Mistress Bonnie came into my  cell with a guard and talked to me briefly. I dropped to  my knees in supplication and stared up at her meekly.

"Well how very correct of you slave. I suppose you've  heard that I now occupy the Madam position here....and  that I have made sweeping changes to our policies,  including extensive ingestion of all kinds of bodily excreta. I want to make sure  that our inmates are subjected to the most obscene  treatment possible."

"You'll find out about all that in time."

"You have once again been chosen by our female  celebrities, two of them today, and though I cannot for  the life of me figure out why...the fact remains that you  have become very popular with them and the word is  spreading rapidly."

"Of course they know that their identity and security is  absolute here, and I will even improve on that in time. I  want them to be completely at ease here, and hopefully  take advantage of our more underground activities, such as  the experimental lab.

I'm sure the additional cost would not be a problem for  them."

"You might enjoy something more extreme and kinky with  these ladies if they decide to use the lab. Customers like  a situation where there are very few rules, and as a  matter of fact, so do I."

"Now, take good care of these ladies, and I suggest that  you do absolutely anything....anything to please them. As  much as I hate to admit it, I've got my eye on you, and am  depending on your burgeoning popularity."

I dared to speak, and kept my head low.  "Please excuse me  Mistress Bonnie but the doctor wanted me to convey a  message to you."

"Well, what is it?"

"Madam Bonnie, she say's she desires my company in a week  when she is on her period."

Madam Bonnie smiled slightly at me, and paused a  moment.


"You will do anything she wants as though it were I  commanding you...absolutely anything. As a matter of fact,  I will probably require your services before long for that same  reason. Dr. Taylor is my good friend, and is of great  importance here."

"That should be a picnic for you considering your service  in the 'cunt room'.

"Yes Madam Bonnie, anything you say."

Madam Bonnie turned and put her perfect ass next to my  face. She looked back and ripped off a tremendously long,  stinking,  vibrating fart, and buried my nose in her well  formed asscrack.

I breathed in the overwhelming smell, and developed an  erection immediately.

"Thank you Madam Bonnie", I gushed.

"You haven't eaten my shit for awhile have you slave?"

"No mam and I crave it."

"We must take care of that before long."

"You're the best crap eater we've ever had slave, this  alone could ease your time here."

---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ----

I was escorted to the celebrity bathroom again by a guard,  and left there sitting comfortably in a chair. The  temperature in this bathroom was well controlled, and I  had never experienced any kind of discomfort here.

I did not know if my celebrity girl would be among the  guests today, and I waited patiently, and dared to stroke  my hard cock slowly, though I knew everything I did could well be observed by the staff.

I didn't even hear the door open, and as I sat jacking off  I heard a voice from nearby.

"Hello my friend."

I jerked around and stared in utter embarrassment at a  very beautiful blond movie star, and with her was a gorgeous  brunette, another magnificent beauty of film.

"I'm afraid I'm a little awkward in this situation", she  offered...."and must speak frankly in the best way I can.  I'm sorry we disturbed you....but we  understand completely."

I could not speak.

These legends of the screen were probably in their late  forties, but still had wonderful bodies, and their  expensive clothes and perfume dazzled me so that I was  shaking uncontrollably. They were both academy award  winners from years past. I had dreamed of them many times  as I sat eating popcorn in a movie theater, and was  stunned that they should see me in this way.

I stammered uncontrollably, unable to formulate words.

"Uh....I....ah.....glad to meet you....uh..."

My dick began to wilt a bit, and was dripping semen on the  floor.

"Please don't be embarrassed, men need relief  sometimes...we know."

The legendary brunette looked curiously at me and smiled......

"You've a nice pecker my friend, and it's perfectly  alright if you play with it while we're here."

They sat across from me and pulled their tight skirts  upward on their perfect thighs.

The blond pulled her skirt up even higher, and I could see  her panties.

"We've heard a great deal about your....special  talents....and frankly we find that this kind of servicing  in not available anywhere, at any price. They have a very  unique setup here."

Both of them had their milky white legs and panties fully exposed by now, and I  could tell that they were very aroused by their breathing  and general manner.

The brunette spoke in a quiet tone now....

"We would like to take advantage of your services."

"Yes mam....I'd be glad to serve you."

The blond screen legend spoke softly, leaning toward  me........

"How should we go about this my special do  you want to do us?"

They were quite self conscious, and I could smell their  mature womanhood as they shifted nervously.

"Well....first please take off all of your clothes....and  we can go from there."

They grinned slyly at me and stood, their hands awkwardly  fumbling for buttons and zippers. They looked at me  intently, and soon were down to their bra and panties. I  understood the reluctance of an older woman, especially an international star, and especially for something  so nasty and bizarre as this, but knew that things would  take their own course as the session progressed.

They carefully removed their bra and panties, and I had a clear view  of their incredible womanhood. Their cunts were thick with  dark, hairy foliage, and I could see a wetness on the inside of  their legs. Their tits were huge and well formed, and I  knew that older women possessed qualities that were superior to younger women in many  ways.

I moved over to the stool and kneeled in front of it.

"I can service you one at a time, so that the other can  enjoy the show."

"You don't have to be nervous, I do this all the time to women and  I love it."

The blond smiled nervously at me......

"Are we talking about the same thing?", she purred.

I knew I must break the ice and I smiled and gave them an  understanding look.

"Please let me eat your shit", I grinned, "I really love  to eat a woman's feces and for you it's an honor I can't  describe. It's ok....I don't want you to feel self  conscious."

The brunette came over and stood over me.

"What do you want me to do?, she smiled gently.

"I like it when the woman sits on the stool and raises her  legs back so that I can do oral on her vagina and anus."

She took my meaning at once and sat awkwardly on the  stool.

"I don't want you to do this if you don't like it sweety."

"Oh please, I love it....please let me eat your shit."

She grinned strangely and raised her voluptuous legs back  and held them, exposing her incredible cunt to me. She was  so hairy I could not see her pussy lips until she spread  them for me.

Her asshole was a huge bulbous hairy opening, and a slight  shit stain glistened inside as I put my nose next to it.  It's smell was extremely powerful, almost enough to make  me ejaculate, and I looked up at the embarrassed movie legend as  I rubbed my nose into the obscene opening.

As I looked up at her I began to lap it all over, and  cleaned off an odorous film of dried shit. I went into a  trance of lust and sucked her huge craphole, and slid my  long tongue deep inside.

I felt my licker punch inside her rectum, and shit cream  oozed out over my tongue and I gulped it as she watched  me, a frozen grin on her beautiful face.

I felt her swoon, and she let out a long gasp of pleasure.

I fucked my tongue deep inside of her asshole and began to  clean out the nasty deposits there.  She started to pull  back but I held her steady and pushed inward on her  transverse colon with my hand. She was, if you'll excuse the term, full  of shit, and my pressure broke the dam and a large soft  turd raced out of her nasty butthole and filled my mouth.

She looked at me as I scarfed down the tasty mess.

"Oh my!!", she exclaimed....."oh my oh my oh my!"

She could not stop shitting and the mass of crap  splattered all over my face and into the toilet. I had my  mouth open and tried to capture what I could, but would  have to eat the larger part of it from the stool.

The famous blond legend looked closely at this show and  was beside herself with lust. She was masturbating herself  violently, and her dark juicy cunt was actually producing  a light hazy steam. The smell was overpowering.

I continued to suck shit from the wonderful brunettes open  farthole, and gulped it with intense dedication. When I  had finally cleaned her out I sucked her large red clit  and lapped it with my tongue.  She yelled in pleasure and  dropped her legs as she orgasmed violently. A thick stream  of cunt juice spit from her raunchy hole, and splattered  against the front of the bowl and my mouth. I dove in and  sucked her deep fuck tunnel, and gulped several mouthfuls  of pussy slime.

She fell backward and moaned repeatedly, and seemed to be  unable to move. I massaged her nasty cunt gently, and  kissed it, as she looked down at me.

"Oh how wonderful, oh my, how wonderful.  Oh I can't  believe this...oh my!"

I dove down into the bowl and quickly ate the floating  mess there, gulping hungrily.

Then I took paper towels and cleaned her asshole and cunt  as she lay there gasping. I wiped her with several damp  towels and finally dried her completely.

She raised herself up and stood, her magnificent vaginal  bush inches from my dripping face.

She raised her leg over me and sat down on a chair. The  blond star was more than ready, and straddled my head, and  flopped down on the stool.

I wiped my face clean and dried it, and prepared for my  next meal. I was near ejaculation now, as I had been all  during my nasty oral efforts.

She raised her fulsome legs back and held them, and her  hirsute cunt was dripping from her masturbation. Her deep,  dark asshole was soaked with pussy juice, which dripped  into the toilet.

I immediately began to suck her large raw poophole, and she  could not hold back a large deposit of gas inside her.  A  huge fart blew into my mouth and I gulped it and almost  passed out. She had so much gas that my cheeks actually  bulged out as her uncontrolled flatulence inflated my  mouth. The stink was horrendous, and this made me even  hornier, and I gulped her raunchy farts one after the  other.

Soon a huge turd began to peek out from her nasty and  enlarged anus, and as it was forced out by her repeated  grunting, I was able to suck it and taste some of the shit  cream. The enormous brown crap log began to emerge, and I  opened wide for it, and had most of the stinking mass in  my mouth when I bit off a large chunk and began to chew  it.

She was looking at me all the time and I heard her gasp  from shock at such a sight. I looked at her as I chewed  and swallowed it piece by piece, and never broke eye  contact as I continued to eat the remainder of the vast  piece of hardened waste.

I was starting to get full, and slowed my horrendous meal  enough to allow stomach expansion. I remembered the well used term, 'This is good shit', and almost broke out laughing because it 'was' very good shit.

When I had finished the large chunk of human excrement, I  delved into her stinking butthole and lapped out the  softer shit there. I wolfed it down and belched loudly,  the noxious fumes almost enough to cause an acid burn. The  smell was beyond description. Not much of her bowel  movement had fallen into the toilet, and I managed to  finish off the remaining poop oozing out of her disgusting  craphole.

She lay there looking at me, her eyes glazed over in  pleasure, and she seemed unable to function for a time as  I cleaned her cunt and asshole thoroughly.

I helped her to raise up, and she stood,  her massive and  odorous pussy against my face. She raised her leg over my  head and farted into my face in the process.

I don't think either one of them had ever experienced such  a total release of sexual energy, and they both sat there  staring blankly at me.

"Oh you didn't really do that to us did you?"  Oh my, oh  my....I can't move."

"Aren't you sick from you feel can  you do that?"

"How do you stay alive my friend."

I rubbed my hair with a towel and smiled at them.

"They give us special protection here and I've developed an  extreme addiction for what I've done for you. I really love it. You shit  tastes real good to me. It's funky and pungent, I really  like that."

"It's an acquired taste."

My stomach was distended greatly from their combined  defecation, and I knew I would have to take it easy the  rest of the night. I would use the special medications  given me, and would be fine tomorrow.

I savored the full satisfied feeling in my gut....two of  the most important and famous women ever in show business,  and I was  absolutely full of their shit. The warm feeling I  experienced was indescribable.

They got up and slowly dressed, putting their expensive  form fitting clothes back on.

They could not stop talking about this experience, and  laughed and smiled all the while.

The blond star pulled down on her expensive dress and  smoothed it over. Her ass was wonderful, even at her age.  I couldn't believe it.

The brunette looked down at me softly, and smiled.

"I don't know how you do it my shameful friend, but I  must do it again, of that I'm sure. You've taken years off  me and I'm very grateful.  Are you well, will you be  alright?"

I was still kneeling in front of the stool, having  finished my thorough face cleaning.

"Oh please don't worry, I do it all the time....I love  it."

I looked at them curiously.

"I was wondering....."

The two women sat and looked down at me.

" there something we can do to reward you?"

"Well......would you both let me kiss your ass right now,  with your clothes on?"

They grinned at each other and stood.

"I think that can be arranged my nasty friend. So you  like it that way huh?"

"Oh yes mam."

They came over and stood on either side of me and turned,  moving their well formed rears so that I could do my  thing. 

"You may kiss our ass anytime dear, I do adore having my butt made over by a man's lips."

I rubbed my face all over their well formed buttcracks, and  began to smooch their rear cheeks, and kissed every inch of them as I jacked off.

The two of them looked down at me.

"Baby, why don't you finish what you were doing when we  came in. We want you to get off too."

"Come on hon, she's're going to have  blueballs....finish jacking your pecker off for us."

I began to whack off rapidly, and grunted as I looked at  them. They stood with their crouch area near my face, and cradled my nose between their legs.

I could smell there fulsome cunts.

"That's it baby, play with that dick....finish your  handjob."

I moved in close, nuzzling between their legs, and looked up at them as I jerked violently,  and spit a thick gusher of semen on the floor in front of  them.

"That's it hon...empty those balls out."

I milked out the last of my cum and leaned back against  the chair.

They both bent down and kissed me on the  forehead.

"See you later darling....don't feel ashamed of  what you do. You did something very special for us today  and we'll remember it."

"Thank you ladies, you ladies are so beautiful!"

I smiled broadly as I spoke.....

"If you  know any other celebrities needing this kind of relief, please  tell them to come here."

They started out the door and the magnificent blond turned back to  me....."I'll spread the word around sugar......I promise.  We may see you again ourselves."

They were gone and I was on cloud nine dreaming about what  I had just done. This was all too much for me to absorb,  and I now had deeply intimate memories of a number of  major film stars. I just could not wrap my mind around it.

I was taken back to my cell and slept soundly all night,  visions of the famous cunts and assholes I had eaten  floating through my brain. Who ever thought famous pussy could be so hot, and so nasty.  I knew I would never get over it.

Filthy femdoms:forced oral-part 14

These sexual fantasy stories are intended as adult fetish  entertainment, and consist of extremely dangerous  activities and scenes that have nothing to do with  reality, and should be read and viewed in that light.

Several weeks had gone by since I served the two older  female stars, and I was astonished by the number of thirty  something TV and movie actresses who had followed them  here to experience this strange and squalid oral service.

I was beginning to encounter severe panic attacks because  of the mind bending status of my clients and was actually  spending non sexual time with my Domme psychologists  sorting out the powerful forces at work pummeling my ego.

They could see that I indeed needed genuine therapy to  help me deal with this incredible situation because I had  no choice but to face these things one way or the other.

The smell of celebrity shit was always in my nostrils and  mouth, and I often had to divert my attention so that I  would not be tempted to masturbate. This was fearsome for  me since it was allowed only under supervision or during a  work session.

I had reached a state of supreme sexual ecstasy because of  all this, and could actually ejaculate without touching  myself now if I concentrated strongly on my past celebrity  scat meals. So I was able to get off occasionally without  being detected.

I was doing one of the beautiful actresses every other day  on average, and Madam Bonnie Rose saw that I needed  special status on behalf of my efforts in this enterprise.  I had become a filthy celebrity magnet and this was  advantageous no end to the lurid red haired Bonnie Rose.

None of the other male scat slaves here at the mansion had  even come close to this kind of success, and the newbie  celebrity beauties coming in almost invariably selected me  for their disgusting fun.

---------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

It was Saturday again and I always felt elated when the  weekend came. There was so much going on in the mansion,  and groups of lecherous female and male customers and  endless video crews were passing through.

After a tasty simulated shit and urine breakfast I did  another snot eating session in the training room. I was so  terrified of the severe punishment that could result there  I voraciously scarfed up the funky goober paste. I was  virtually past vomiting at this stage, and had actually  developed a genuine sexual need for the messy nasal and  salivary funk.

If I could eat women's shit for months on end and enjoy  it,  there was no reason why I could not do the same with  snot and spit.

The new Madam Bonnie Rose was on a terror warpath having  her cruel fun with the unfortunate victims here. All of us  were now subjected to just one more indignity at the hands  of  the Dommes, who were instructed to spit in our mouth  and on our face at every opportunity.

Most of the men and women here now walked around with a  slick layer of saliva dribbling from their faces, and even  more in their stomach from the efforts of the staff.

This, added to the daily diet of stinking shit.  Tragically, by this time the putrid shit was severely and  abhorrently craved by us all, and our days were filled  with withdrawal symptoms if we were without it for even a  short time. The  depraved staff had done their work well.

The senior Madam's numerous money making ventures were  going full blast, and she had been investing in a large  number of sordid enterprises including two more 'forced  oral' facilities worldwide. This mansion was without  doubt, the primary one, and the new venues could not match  the skill and servitude of the experienced slaves here.

I heard tidbits of information through the grapevine, one  of which was that she now owned several large exotic  nightclubs featuring world class exotic dancers.

One of the clubs was located nearby and word had it that  the prisoners here were being used there for the sheer  entertainment of Bonnie Rose. I could only imagine what  this involved.

About 9am beautiful Vera walked in with the gorgeous and  corrupt Sandy at her side. Sandy was a very pretty blond  with a really nice little ass, and cute tits and a  mischievous smile that only meant trouble for any prisoner  being used by her.

They sat beside me on the bed. Vera smiled and looked  carefully at me. She looked down for a moment and spoke  quietly.

"Do you think I'm cruel and corrupt shitman?"

She had caught me completely off guard with this and I  looked blankly at her.

" you're very nice Mistress Vera, and I  really like your shit!"

She breathed outward, and lost her smile.

"Because you are forced to?", she asked sadly.

"Why no mam I really do crave it"

She made a strange grimace with her pretty face and farted  loudly then, probably not intending to, and the stink  filled the air.

Sandy snickered and grinned widely. 

"Oh fuck Vera, what the hell have you been eating?"

Vera was not embarrassed but licked her lips and continued  looking at me as she moved her cute ass around.

"The fucking same food you've been eating Sandy, your  farts are just as bad."

I looked at Vera seriously and spoke....

"Oh I love to eat your farts Mistress Vera, I really do. I  like the stink."

Vera kissed me on the forehead and frowned slightly.

"We have orders shitman, you know about them don't you?"

I knew what she was talking about and spoke before she  could again......

"Oh please, I want it!"

I opened my mouth widely and looked at her in  anticipation. She moved close to my face and gathered her  saliva. She spit a glob of thick mucous like oral juice in  my mouth and I immediately swallowed it, and opened for  more.

I did like Vera but she was part of the monster situation  that held me here and I felt bitterness as well as a  strange kind of affection toward her.

She gathered more spit in her mouth and propelled it all  over my face. I ate it as it dribbled down over my lips.

"No choice shitman", she sniffled.

Her nose was running for some reason and she moved in  close again.

Sandy watched and enjoyed as I was degraded by the one  woman here for which I had any feelings.

Vera kissed my forehead and moved her nose next to my  mouth.

"Got to do it shitman", she uttered sadly.

"Suck my nose please."

I really didn't mind doing any of this for Vera because  she was so gorgeous, but it hurt me that my conflicting  feelings were being trampled by her,  primarily because  there was another Domme present. She and I knew the  poisonous Sandy would be sure to report any infraction of  the rules set down by Bonnie Rose.

I clamped my mouth over her cute nose and as she watched  me eye to eye, sucked hard and licked out the snot I found  there. It was one of the strangest and most intense sexual  feelings I'd ever experienced.

She blew hard and another gob of salty booger cream shot  into my mouth. I continued to suck and eat snot from her  nostrils as we stared at each other two inches away.

She moved back and wiped her nose with a handkerchief. I  licked the remaining mucus from my lips and swallowed it.  Her snot was salty and gooey but it was incredibly erotic  to me and I developed an erection at once.

Sandy moved closer and spoke to Vera from behind.

"My turn", she snickered.

Sandy had been gathering spit in her mouth during the  whole thing and as she moved close to me I opened wide.

She dribbled nearly a whole mouthful of spittle into my  open oral cavity, and I gulped it down quickly as she  looked at me with a wicked grin on her face.

Rivulets of it ran down my chin and dripped on the bed as  I licked it off from around my lips. She gathered another  supply of her disgusting oral digestive fluid and spit it  all over my face and into my eyes. I blinked in pain as  the saliva soaked my eyelids,  and tried to eat the  leavings as they rolled down my face.

Sandy loved it but Vera moved back and just watched in  sympathy.

Sandy spit in my face again and wiped her mouth off.

"You're disgusting 'spitman!", she laughed.

Vera moved close to me again...

"I'm afraid you must come with us the  experimental area. You have to do it."

I nodded and agreed, and could not even wipe my messy face  off. The spit would remain there untouched.

We got up and they marched me naked over to the new  'experimental' lab which I had come to fear greatly.

---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

My last visit to this insane area was abhorrent to me in  the extreme, and now Vera was going to be a part of my  next humiliation.

As we walked into the dungeon like remote wing of the  mansion,  Vera put her foot to my rear and shoved me,  causing me to stumble momentarily.

"Move it shitman, it's my turn to bust your balls, I have  no choice."

Vera was beginning to hurt my psyche a bit, but I numbed  myself and went into punishment mode, and prepared for the  session to come.

We went to the back quarter of the large dark area to a  small  performance stage about six feet square. The  surface of the floor was covered with brown vinyl.

There were twelve comfortable chairs immediately  surrounding the stage, three on each side. Above the stage  was a bank of special focused lights about five feet off  the floor. Obviously the shit slave would be well  illuminated here. And I was it!

The observers, however, would be virtually concealed in  darkness as they enjoyed the show.

Vera took a leather paddle and whacked my ass hard. I  screamed and looked at her with a hurt expression. Another  of my support beams was being removed as the beautiful and  fulsome Vera did her job for Bonnie Rose.

She pushed me to an adjacent area with drugs and  hypodermic syringes on a stainless steel cart.

Sandy remained behind and I could see the area darken as  the spectators filed in and sat down. I couldn't see the  viewers and  when everyone was seated Sandy gave them some  kind of instructions for the show.

Vera pulled on my balls and pinched them tightly.

"Just stand there shitman while I give you an injection. I  think you're familiar with this one since they used it on  you last time you were here."

"You haven't been stroking off illegally have you  numbnuts?", she said playfully.

I looked at her as she squeezed my full testicles.....

"No Mistress Vera, absolutely not!"

"Frankly I don't see how the fuck you can stand it. Every  man's cock needs pussy once in awhile."

"Yes mam....."

I got a chill when I thought of the excruciating and  desperate sexual need that this dangerous drug produced in  me last time when I cleaned the crap out of Samantha's and  Natasha's panties who shit themselves just for that  purpose.

She swabbed my buttocks with alcohol and pinched the skin,  shoving the large needle into the fatty tissue. I tensed  up from the sting as she injected the powerful drug into  my system.

She pulled it out and lay it on a tray. Then she turned me  around and kissed me on the lips. She smiled lightly and  held her finger up for me.

"Pull it!"

I almost smiled as I yanked her slim finger and she farted  loudly as she looked up at me. The stench was unbelievable  and I scrunched up my nose even though by now such a thing  was actually becoming erotic to me. My cock sprang to life  and became erect at once.

She turned up her cute nose and shoved me toward the  stage......

"Let's get the fuck out of here!"

We walked back to the performance area and the nasty sex  drug began to hit me. I gasped in pleasure and my erection  became profound, and when we reached the stage the  overhead lights came on.

Only the stage could be seen now, and just the hazy  outlines of all the women watching. Then two  assistants came, holding a large flat container about four  feet square. It was obviously not heavy but required great  care as the two pretty aides lay it down on the stage.

It was only about two inches thick, and was made of  aluminum. There were powerful vent fans built into the  sides of the stage and they were turned on, producing a  rush of suction as the air was drawn into them.

The aides carefully removed the top of the container and  carried it away.

An astonishing sight greeted me.  As my guts churned in  ecstasy I looked at twelve piles of fresh human excrement  laying in an even pattern around the bottom of the  container. They were still warm and Vera led me onto the  container surface and had me kneel down in the middle.

I squished a few of the piles and my knee slipped as I put  my hand down in a mass of warm crap. I shook my  fingers to remove some of it as I tried to keep my  balance. I could smell the acrid odor here but the  spectators probably had little fragrance reaching them.

I was gasping in need as the drug ripped my libido apart,  and I was ready to dive down and grab a mouthful of the  tasty shit piles.

Vera stepped onto the stage and grabbed my hair.......

"Uh Uh shitman...not yet!"

I looked up in desperation at her as she lifted her tight  skirt and squatted down. She didn't have panties on and  the sight of her perfect spread asscheeks drove me over  the edge.

She crushed shit piles with her shoes as she supported  herself and put her asshole near my face.

"You know what to do with your tongue in Vera's butthole  shitman....all the way up my ass and hurry it up, this is  fairly uncomfortable!"

The spectators began to laugh and cheer as I stuck out my  extra long oral appendage, and poked it directly up Vera's  wonderful anus. Her tight sphincter  gave way and my  licker slid all the way in and I felt soft shit cream  there.

As I did Vera strained and farted loudly and a gush of her  soft putrid feces poured out.

The women were going wild by now and were yelling obscene  insults as they masturbated themselves. I could hear  moaning and gasping, and knew what they were doing.

Vera gasped in pleasure as she evacuated her bowels into  my open mouth and down onto the floor.

I grunted in the throes of supreme pleasure as I gulped at  her globs of fetid crap. Some of it poured out onto the  floor surface and added to the reeking miasma of steaming  shit already there.

It didn't take long to clean out Vera's pungent poop hole,  and she stood and walked around in the crap piles covering  her shoes with it.

She held my hair and put her foot up to my mouth.

"Clean it off you stupid son of a bitch!", she gasped.

I quickly lapped out my tongue and ate gobs of stinking  turd residue off the bottom of her loafers. She held the  other shoe up and rubbed it all over my face as I ate off  the nameless brown cream there.

The she spit on me and left the stage. She walked out onto  a side exit and Sandy stepped up for her performance.

The decadent female spectators were clapping and yelling  in pleasure as Sandy squatted down like Vera had. My face  was a brown mass of rancid crap as she stuck her well  formed cheeks next to my lips.

"Don't touch my ass shitman,  just let me crap and then  eat it from the floor. I don't want your stinking face all  over my butt."

I was panting in lust and nodded as I grunted like a pig.

I could see that there were video and digital cameras in  the darkness capturing everything but that meant little  since this had been done since I arrived here months ago.

My obscene videos and pictures must be spread around the  world by now, in the hands of countless lascivious scat  viewers.

Sandy strained very hard and I could tell she was going to  push out a big log of stinking waste. The tip became  visible as she farted and slowly moved out and hung above  the floor surface. I did as I was told and waited, almost  unable to control myself.

The huge torpedo of putrid crap fell in front of me with a  'splut' sound and I dove down and grabbed a big chunk of  it and bit it off.

The women were yelling insults and cat calls as I chewed  and gulped down the nameless piece of brown stink.

I was like a wild animal in the jungle dining on a kill  and insanely jealous of another creature stealing the  disgusting meal from me.

Sandy was on her feet by now and walking all around the  smashed crap piles inside the container.

She grabbed my hair painfully and spit in my face, then  held her shoe to my mouth. I groaned in rapture as I  licked off the mixed chunks of human waste, and swallowed  them all. I cleaned the bottom of her shoes and all around  the sides as she and the other women laughed in pleasure.

Finally she left the stage and I kneeled there gasping in  ecstasy. I immediately shoved my face into the rotten  quagmire and began to eat every remaining morsel of brown  waste there.

I  moved around the metal surface quickly and scarfed up the  rest of the corrupt spectator's shit piles within a short  time.  As I wolfed them down I looked wickedly at the  audience.

The female spectators were having orgasms by now, and with  each piece of shit that I ate I heard another groan of  satisfaction from the seating area.

When I'd finished the larger globs of feces I began licking  the surface clean, and moved all around the floor slurping  up the thick stain.

My face was just a mass of  putrid butt sludge, reeking  incredibly,  and dripping thick slavers of brown cream to  the floor.  I cleaned it off with my fingers and ate it as  I grinned vacantly at the jeering audience.

Suddenly Vera came onstage and grabbed my hair and pulled  my head up.

"That's enough.....I said that's enough you shit sucking  lowlife, there's none left!"

I looked up at her in a daze, numb from pleasure,  and as  she stared down at me in disgust I jerked and ejaculated  my semen on the floor. I lurched and grunted as she stared  at me, and finally just kneeled there shaking. She gave me  a 'you should see yourself now' look, and shook her head.

The wealthy female spectators were going berserk with  amused disgust, and cheered wildly and booed me as I  kneeled there in consumate shame.

"Son of a bitch you fucking whore", Vera spat, "you make  me sick to my stomach. Get your disgusting ass up!"

I was almost beyond hearing but managed to lower my head  down and lick up my own cum from the shit stained floor  before Vera yanked my hair and dragged me out of the stage  area.

I was afraid that any remaining feeling of attachment I  had for my beautiful Vera was gone forever. Her disgust  was real and things could never be the same again. I had  no one except the lewd Domme psychologists who used me  during therapy.

Finally the spectators left and when they were gone Vera  and Sandy booted me over to the showers and scrubbed me  painfully to remove the noxious waste from my body.

After drying they marched me back to my room, and I  stumbled in a severe state of depression as Vera kicked my  rump a few more times and humiliated me.

That little session attended by wealthy female patrons  earned Madam's scat ranch another $180000. The total  income here had become astronomical on a yearly basis and  I had become one of the most valuable slaves among their  prisoners.

They knew that in the midst of my daily abuse I must be  protected from serious harm.  In fact they were fully  aware that all of the slaves here had to be protected in  the interests of their own financial gain.

---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Back in my room I ate the special nullifiers and  nutrients, and was allowed to rest for a few days. My  ability to puke was long gone, and the strong drugs and  stomach treatments given me today pulled me around like a  rag doll.

---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

I recovered, as usual, and was given lighter scat duties  for the time being.

By now I had eaten the shit of twenty  beautiful and famous movie and TV celebrities in total, and had  become a sort of super secret and vulgar status symbol for  them.

More gorgeous young female stars were drawn into this  hyper exclusive clique all the time, and they sought the  unique and ultimate recognition that could be attained  nowhere else on earth. I'd heard that celebrity women who  had used me here were now actually marking themselves with  a tiny brown star tattoo on the upper area of their buttocks.

The effect on my ego was strange and paradoxical, and I  was aware that I now possessed a status in the underbelly  of show business tantamount in some respects to that of a  decadent rock star.

I suspected that I would continute to add more notches to  my disgusting six gun of oral filth,  but in the meantime  other activities were in the making that would occupy me  also.

---------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

In addition to all this the Madam's Corporation had  acquired several large and exclusive exotic dancing clubs,  one of them nearby. Unknown to me I was to be introduced  to the club's beautiful world class exotic dancers very  soon.

---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

Three days later I was fully recovered, whatever that  means in this place, and Madam Bonnie Rose herself walked  into my room with her body guard in tow.

I was napping in the nude and she sat down on the side of  the bed and woke me up. I jumped in panic and immediately  dropped to my knees, lifted her shoe,  and licked the bottom thoroughly.

She was quite amused at this and she pinched my ear  tightly as she spoke.

"You've learned well my complete sack of shit, and your  show of respect satisfies me."

"Now my grubby friend, I hope you are not thinking you've  become indispensable to us and deserving of special  treatment."

"Oh no no!"

She looked carefully at me....

"You're going on a special assignment to one of our high  class strip clubs scum sucker. I think our beautiful  dancers need to be entertained and taken care of,  and to  this end have provided them with our unique  brand of oral  service."

I nodded slightly not really knowing what I was agreeing  to.

"Yes Mistress Bonnie Rose."

She smoothed my hair over and pulled my face up in her  hand....she cleared her throat and hacked up a goober and  spit in my face. The thick glob ran slowly down my nose. I  quickly licked it off as it passed over my lips.

"Thank you Mistress Bonnie, thank you!"

She breathed in heavily, and released my face.

"Tonight at 7pm we will take you to our own exclusive  strip club. You will meet some of the most famous and  beautiful ladies in exotic dancing,  believe me. You will  visit their toilet in the dressing room to serve them."

"Not quite up to the movie star level you're used to but  still some of the hottest and most beautiful strippers in  the world."

I nodded silently.

"In the meantime Mistress Vera wants to see you. I hear  she worked you over severely in the 'experimental' area  the other day. Tsk tsk tsk my dear shitman. You are less  than dirt to Vera, but she IS quite  beautiful isn't she?"

My heart sank and I became limp with the depressed feeling  that had been eating at me since my last crushing  treatment in the wicked lab.

"Yes mam."

"I'll send a Domme to take you to her quarters."

I looked down at her feet and nodded feebly.

Mistress Julie will be by at 7pm this evening to take you to the strip club shit slave, you're going  to have some special fun tonight!"

---------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Soon Domme Wendy came by to escort me to Vera's suite. She  seemed quite impatient and put out,  and slapped my ass  hard.

"You!  Come with me, now!"

I scampered and followed her meekly,  watching her  magnificent butt cheeks smear themselves together as she  walked. I'd never seen a better ass than Wendy's and her  face was pretty in a unique kind of way. Of course all the  Domminas here were extremely well endowed.

We walked to a neighboring and fancier section of the  mansion and she knocked on a door as she looked at me in  disgust.

Vera answered and nodded to Wendy.

I padded inside barefoot and naked and Vera closed the  door and locked it.        

She walked into her bedroom and stopped and looked at me.

Vera was about 5ft 2in and very hot in her short shorts.

"Of course shitman, you know that one false move on your  part will earn you a visit to Mistress Bonnie Rose's lower  torture chamber."

I was so nervous I could barely talk, and stood there  shaking.

"Oh yes Mistress Vera I would never do anything like  that."

I was looking down in fear and shame.

Vera stripped off all her clothes and lay back on her bed.  She was so pretty and her light purple lip gloss  accentuated her beautiful face. She had one of the most  wonderful bodies I'd ever seen and her buttock mounds were  perfectly formed and pronounced.

"Sit on the bed shitman."

I looked at her and sat down at once.

"You made the mistake of believing I had some kind of  affection for you didn't you?"

"You should never do that!"

"Yes Mistress Vera."

She raised her well formed legs back and held them with  her hands.

"I was a figure skater before coming here. You have to  agree female figure skaters have the best ass around. Even  better than ballerinas and gymnasts."

I nodded and looked at her hairy pussy and deep, well  formed anus. Her anatomy was perfect in every respect. Her  tits were well formed and just the right size with  pronounced nipples and perfect areola.

My cock became hard at once and began to drain on the bed.

"Don't worry about that toilet mouth", she grinned.

"My farts were pretty stinky the other day weren't they?  Sometimes I can't stand them myself."

"Stinky farts turn you on don't they shitman?"

I was quivering with lust by now and craving a fix for my  nasty oral habits.

"Yes Mistress Vera."

"Alright kiss my ass, kiss both cheeks and all over!"

Her pretty face glowed as she stared at me at her leisure.

I dropped down and licked and worshipped her perfect buttocks as I kissed them.  I moaned in pleasure as my lips ran back and forth  from one cheek to the other.  I looked into her pretty eyes as I kissed her perfect rear, my mouth brushing against her thick pussy hair.

"You're a natural born submissive,  shitman, and world  class ass  kisser", she whispered.

She looked at me carefully.......

"Now don't get depressed on me turdman, it's what you were  destined to can't help it!"

I continued kissing her ass passionately as I  looked up in submission to her. 

She was a bit wet near her slit but I concentrated on the  high of submitting to her totally, engulfed in the rapture  of my ass kissing chore.

"Mmmmm you butt smooching son of a bitch! You're really  good at that!"

"Smell my funky asshole and rub your nose over it."

I was so horny I glued my face to her rear waste opening  and the aroma was fantastically erotic. There was no shit  stain around it but I could smell the normal fragrance of  a moist butthole.

"Lick it shitman, lick it all over and suck it!"

She was grinning in pleasure now and raised her legs back  and stretched them, and her tight anus opened slightly.

"Isn't my farthole pretty?", she grinned.

"Just think of how much shit has come out of it since I  was born, amazing ain't it?"

"Ok I need to lose some gas and I want to look at you when  you eat it."

"Oooooeeee its's gonna smell boy!"

I sucked on her puckered dump opening and she belched and  farted at the same time.

"Ooops, it's coming out both ends!"

The pungent gas that puffed into my mouth was beyond  belief and I looked up at her as I inhaled it, my face red  and contorted.

"Oh oh, you ain't gonna puke are you. Some of the slaves  here puke when they eat my farts."

I sucked even harder and nodded my head back and forth  looking up at her.

"Dam boy you do like that don't you?"

I heard her stomach rumble and knew she was having bowel  contractions.

"Oh fuck here it comes shitman, and you better eat every  dam bit of it."

"I don't want any stains on my sheet and I mean it!"

I clamped my entire mouth around her bulging asshole,   prepared and even eager for her stinking crap.

She pulled her legs back and pushed in on her abdomen and  grunted in pleasure.

A long heavy fart and a thick wad of semi hard crap rushed  into my mouth and I actually gulped it down and sucked in  more.

She let go all of it and I consumed it desperately as my  cheeks bulged out,  making sure I ate every sickening  glob. Some shit juice started to run down my chin and I  put my finger up and caught it.

My eyes were bulging out now as we looked at each other  and she laughed as she pushed out more of her bowel  movement.

"Oh gross!", she muttered, her face in an exaggerated  sneer.

Shit juice was running out of my nose and I gulped and  gagged and contained it all, and got it down my throat.  Suddenly I jerked and my cock ejaculated as I swilled down  the fetid bodily waste. I humped my hips as I evacuated  several squirts of thick cum onto the sheets, and  cleaned  out the remaining shit left inside her anal sphincter.

I wiped under my nose and from my chin and ate the drops  of juice I found there.

Finally her BM stopped and I slid my tongue in and slurped  out the remaining soft fecal matter.

She groaned and looked at me in an erotic way that almost  made me cum again. My feeling of gratification was  indescribable, and as I licked her butt and cleaned it  thoroughly I felt more satisfied than I had for some time.

I knew Vera and I had no real emotional connection but I  was just mesmerized by her and was her complete slave. She  reminded me of a gorgeous cheerleader in high school who  was the most popular girl there and was an absolute  jackoff dream. Of course that's what I did when I thought  of the hot cheerleader.

Vera raised her legs back and looked down at the sheet and  could see there was no stain there.

"Good boy fart breath!  Clean as a whistle!"

"Now take the toilet paper on the side table and wipe my  ass. Throw it in the small trash can."

I wiped her rear carefully as she held her legs back and  she was staring at me as I worked.  When I finished she  smooched her lips in a mock kiss.

"Clean inside me too shitman."

I got down again and slid my tongue all the way up her  asshole, twisting it skillfully, and licked out any remaining brown cream, then I  wiped inside her butt sphincter cleaning out the inner  residue.

She lowered her legs down to the side and got off the bed  and stood there rubbing her wet pussy. She then took a  paper towel and wiped my mouth off and threw the towel in  the trash receptacle.

She didn't smile but had a kind of impish look on her  pretty face.

"You're disgusting, do you know that! You'll do anything  with that tongue of yours won't you?"

She ushered me to the door and opened it.....

"Your fucking breath stinks shitman!  Better not breathe  on Wendy!"

There was a set of cuffs fastened on the outside wall and  she snapped them around my wrists before I could speak.

"Mistress Wendy will be here soon to take you back."

She slapped my ass hard and pinched my balls.

Then she closed and locked the door and I waited for about  ten minutes until Domme Wendy came for me.

---------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

After my 'nutritional supplements' and several hours sleep  one of Madam Bonnie's Dommes came for me. It was Juile, a  short dark haired beauty who was famous for making the  slaves drink her piss and lick her toiletbowl clean.

She put cuffs on me and spoke briefly.....

"There is a van waiting outside to take you to 'The Paramour', one of the stripper clubs owned by  senior Madam's corporation. Madam Bonnie Rose just loves  to reward the high class strippers there with your special  kind of talent."

We walked out to the main garage of the mansion and the  door of the van was open for me. There was a pretty female  assistant there and she had all her equipment with her in  a large leather carrying case.

She sat me down and cuffed me in and signaled the driver  to go.

We drove for about twenty minutes and pulled up and  stopped.

The back door of the van opened and a security guard  stepped inside.

They released me and the guard led me inside hands still  cuffed behind. The medical assistant remained in the van  with additional  protectants and medical supplies in the  event she was needed.

We went in a side door and a back hallway into a room off  of the main club area. I could hear the thumping of a drum  beat as the customers were entertained by the strippers,  and cheers and laughter as the horny males enjoyed the  show.

---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

I was cuffed to the bed and sat there listening to a sound  that was very familiar to me and probably was to most  males. The darkened room of a large nightclub, the dancing  stage with the fireman's bar running from ceiling to  floor, and gorgeous and nasty ladies up on stage showing  their voluptuous tits and asses.

In about fifteen minutes the Domme security guard came for  me and walked me naked down a hallway and up a set of  stairs into a back storage room. The room was filled with  burlesque props and all kinds of dancing costumes.

The storage area was directly behind the large stripper  dressing room, and at the rear of the dressing room were  the toilets. There were two of them , and another Domme  guard helped guide me through the rear door of one of the  fancy latrines.

It was not a large room but was quite fancy and well kept.  There was a  Tampon dispenser on the wall, and various  toiletry articles around the sink, and a stack of towels  on the counter.

The toilet bowl was large with a bidet cleanser, and the  small trash receptacle was filled with used sanitary items.

I was chained beside the toilet,  but with my hands  free. A Domme guard would be right outside the rear  bathroom door during my time there.

There were two video cameras set up to record from  different angles along with a digital camera on a tripod.  They were all placed in strategic locations so that they  would be unobtrusive and out of the way.

Unknown to me, a 'CLOSED FOR REPAIRS' sign had been  purposely hung on the other bathroom door leaving only one  toilet for the dancers to use.

The Domme guard stood and looked down at me sternly as she  disclosed a few rules.

"You will be here for two hours, and will service any  dancer using the toilet. That means drinking her piss or  eating her shit,  or spit, or any other bodily fluid she  puts in your mouth.....and you'd dam well be fast about it  because we don't want our chorus girls  to be waiting to  use the toilet when they need to be onstage. Are we  fucking clear on that?"

I was so nervous I was shaking and nodded obediently as I  looked up at her.

"Oh yes....oh yes mam...."

I knew the consequences of failure in Bonnie Rose's  domain, and I vowed to do my job quickly and efficiently.

I had been given a full battery of intestinal nullifiers,  antibiotics, and aphrodisiacs and my tongue was hanging  out in anticipation. I'd had a good bowel movement before  sleeping, and Vera's waste had virtually passed from my  upper intestinal region.

The security guard left the room through the back door and  I kneeled there shaking like a leaf.

Exotic dancers were a different breed than I had serviced  before, but I remembered panting in pleasure the times I'd  been in stripper bars, watching them gyrate around the  stage, opening themselves to the lewd male audience, and  wishing desperately I could eat or fuck them.

Unbelievably, now I was actually doing something far more  intimate to them.

I kneeled there about ten minutes until I heard the door  unlatch and it opened, revealing a very pretty blonde  dancer in her twenties. She was nude except for her classy  half heel shoes,  and her pussy was shaved except for a  patch of hair above her slit.

She grinned and closed and locked the door. Then she moved  over to me and put her hands on her hips. She had an  exquisite body and her shaved cunt was slightly wet.

"Well hi there, how are you?", she said smoothly.  "My  name is 'Cheeks'. You're a different one aren't you?"

I could barely speak......

"Yes mam......I.....I'm glad to be here."

She laughed a bit and ruffled my hair with her hand.

"Well that remains to be seen, the night is not over yet."

Her vagina was beginning to wet down the area around her  slit and she stepped next to me and spread her leg over my  face.

"My fucking cunt is running and it's beginning to piss me  off."

"I have to finish the show."

She opened her slit to me and pushed my face into her hot  pussy.

"Clean out the liquid fast you fucking shit whore. I ain't  got much time."

I immediately shot out my long tongue and slurped it into  her smelly snatch and lapped out her clear vaginal juice.  I swallowed the funky goo as I sucked on her pussy, and it  was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I had  dreamed of eating dancer pussy many times but only as a  fantasy.

She jerked and pulled my hair roughly....

"Dam!,  you're eager ain't you, does that smell good to  you?"

I grunted in pleasure as I looked up at her and my tongue  was working her deep inside.

"Wait......wait!", she breathed, "we ain't got time for  that now, I've got to crap and be out there in fifteen  minutes so you dam well better do your thing fast!"

She sat down on the stool and raised her shapely legs  back, opening her wonderful pussy and asshole to me.

"The last guy got sick and I hope the fuck you're up to  this!"

Her bunghole was deep and erotic, and I estimated she'd  been butt fucked a few times but her rear shit tunnel was  still in very good condition.

She grunted and grabbed my head and looked down as she  pushed my mouth into her incredible anus, which was  beginning to bulge outward dangerously.

"Eat my shit you lowlife bastard, and make it fast!"

I clamped my open mouth over her protruding rear hole and  sucked for all I was worth.

She was looking at the ceiling now and moaning and she  held my face to her anus as she gave out a long winded  fart into my mouth. She forced out a respectable sized  crap log and it slid easily into my gullet.

I gulped voraciously as she pumped my mouth with her ass,  and her shit came out in several soft chunks as I ate it.  I felt the stinking crap moving down my esophagus as I  swallowed it, and looked up at her as she shook and  smeared my face all over her pooper.

I got most of her bowel movement and a few chunks were  floating in the toilet water.

She finished suddenly and turned on the water cleansing  bidet feature as I kneeled there licking my lips.

"Wash my ass and make it quick you sickening fuck!"

I grabbed a paper towel and as the water squirted up into  her ass I washed her butt crack rapidly, cleaning and  scrubbing. She turned it off and I took another handful of  soft paper towels and dried her rear from top to bottom.

Then she spread her pussy lips and washed the inside of  her vaginal tunnel with the bidet.

She got up quickly and wiped herself again, then dried her  fulsome vagina inside several times.

"Dam I hope my cunt don't keep this up, I've got one more  performance  and it could get embarrassing."

She turned to go and patted my head.....

"Wash your fucking face you pig", she chuckled.

She left and closed the door and I did just that, and  cleaned my face in the bidet spray.

I dried myself and kneeled there waiting again, and  noticed some rule posters on the wall of the toilet.

1) No loafing, finish and prepare for your next act.

2) Help clean up any mess you make.

3) No leaving the premises unless you are finished for the  night.

4) No fraternizing with the customers during working  hours.

5) Provide your Bi-yearly medical certificate.

6) If you're on your period make sure your genital area is  well sealed   

    for your show.

7) Do not eat just prior to coming in for work.

I could hear the strippers voices outside in the dressing  room, talking about the next act or their boy friends, or  tips.

The drum thumping had been going on for awhile and stopped  and shortly afterward I heard a female voice as one of the  dancers ran back into the dressing room.

"Oh fuck I've got to piss!  I dam near wet down the front  row and that wouldn't be cool would it girls?"

I heard laughter and the door opened suddenly and another  pretty blond came in. She smiled in a friendly way and  grinned down at me.

"Well hello, my name's Tutu, and I gotta piss like a race  horse!"

She was incredible and seemed like a good soul.

She was about 5ft 4in and had a phenomenal body and tits.  Her large jugs hung over me like two water balloons, and  she looked with affection at me.

"Mmmm baby I got to pee real bad and you got to drink it!,  is that ok?"

I nodded in a trance of lust and grinned from ear to ear.  It was so nice to be treated slightly human for a change  and I kneeled there enthralled by her.

She raised her leg over the toilet bowl and sat down,  still smiling at me, and pulled her voluptuous thighs back.

"My pee don't taste too bad, some guys even like it!", she  said, grinning slyly.

"Oh I love it!", I gushed.

I clamped my mouth  over her urethra and sucked on the opening as I looked up at her.

"Wow, mmmm  I like you already!", she giggled

She could not hold back and a very heavy streamer of warm  urine squirted out of her pisshole, and filled my mouth to  overflowing. I gulped it down quickly, swallowing several  times as I drank her funky discharge. It bubbled out a bit  around my lips and dripped into the toilet water but I  swallowed most of it.

She looked at me in pleasure as she emptied her full  bladder.

I pulled off when she was nearly finished and her stream  of hot urine splashed all over my face and hair wetting me down  completely.

"Oh you have no idea how good that felt!", she smiled.

"I have a bladder problem some times and I've got to be  careful. I actually peed on two guys one time when I was  dancing and practically never lived it down. I don't think  they minded too much though", she grinned, as she winked  her eye at me.

Urine dripped from my chin as I licked my lips.

"Hey sugar lick my asshole real fast and clean it out,   just to make sure it's tidy for my next act."

I smiled, and then she smiled, and spread her butthole  open for me. I could not control myself and lapped my  tongue in to the hilt and cleaned inside her thick smelly  sphincter muscle.

The funky aroma almost made me cum.

"You don't mind that too much do you!", she giggled.

I smiled and grunted as I scrubbed her dark anal hole with  my eager licker.

I got some taste of shit but not much and after I quickly  reamed her well formed asshole I took a paper towel and  wiped gently inside her.

Her butthole was so erotic to me I almost lost my load but  controlled myself and avoided ejaculation.

She got up quickly and wiped her pussy and ass once more.

"Hey baby wish I could suck your cock but no can do, our  new owner is a female and very strict."

She looked quickly at the video cameras......

Then she unlatched the door...

"I like you hon, and you like to eat Tutu's ass don't  you?"

"Oh yes", I nodded.

"Mmmm I'm real fond of you baby!, got to go now."

Just then we heard a loud knocking on the toilet door and  Tutu grinned sheepishly...

"Hurry the fuck up I've got to shit!", came a frantic  female voice from outside.

"Oh oh!, I'm outta' here!"

Tutu opened the door and rushed out and another gorgeous  dancer hurried in.

She had light brown hair and was beautiful and possessed  an exotic body to match her occupation. She was taller,  maybe 5ft 7in, and storybook gorgeous with a magnificent  ass.

I could see the look of desperation on her face as she  rushed to the toilet and just as she began to sit down she  lost bowel control.

A thick column of shit poured out of her, and some fell on  the floor in front of the toilet. She looked at me in  humiliation as crap and farts continued to explode from  her extended asshole, and she just lay back and raised her  legs a bit as the shit poured out. The toilet was full of  her stinking feces now, and she just lay back gasping in  horror.

"Oh I am so sorry doll, I just couldn't hold it back. I've  never done that before in front of someone."

I looked at her in a kindly way and smiled.....

"It's ok mam, I'm used to it believe me. I hope you don't  despise me when I do my job now."

She was finally calming down and breathed in, getting her  wind back.

"My name is Candy, and don't worry about that. I know what  you do and it's quite erotic to me, really."

"The new owner has sent a few men here recently but they  didn't work out that well."

She glanced absently at the nearly hidden cameras, and  looked at me again.

"It's ok I want to watch you do it."

"Just do it and don't feel no regrets baby."

The reeking shit pile in the bowl smelled horribly, but in  view of my training and daily habits it didn't really  phase me that much.

"Please pull your legs back so I can clean you Miss  Candy."

She smiled in a friendly way and pulled her beautiful  thighs back exposing her ass and pussy. Shit was smeared  all over her inner crack and I moved in and began to lick  the thick brown mess around her anal opening and butt  cheeks.

I scoffed it off and swallowed it and went into overdrive  and lapped voraciously at the funky brown waste cream. I  quickly devoured most of it and spread her asshole open  and sucked out more, delving my tongue deep inside her and  moving it around.

She had her head back moaning in pleasure and when I'd  cleaned her ass my face was a mass of thick shit pudding.

She looked down at me and smiled gently, observing my  disgusting oral slavery.

"Oh hon it's ok, I understand", she whispered.

I put my head down into the bowl and began to suck up the  lumps of fecal cream there.

"Ohh!....., she muttered involuntarily, holding her hand  to her mouth, and reacting to the revolting sight before  her.

She touched my head and talked softly to me....

"Hey baby I've got to go get ready for the next  show.....let me wash myself off real quick and I'll get  out of your way so you can eat the rest of the shit, ok?"

I nodded and moved back and crap dripped from my face into  the bowl.

She looked at me as she washed thoroughly with the bidet  nozzle and  stood and grabbed one of the pile of towels  near the sink.

She dried her ass and wiped and dried inside her pussy as  I washed my face with the squirting water.

She turned around and spread her well formed butt cheeks  and opened her deep asshole for me.

"That look ok?", she said.

"Yes mam, it's clean."

She smiled at me with genuine affection and primped her  hair and quickly checked her makeup.

"Thank you sugar, I'm so sorry for the mess!''

"It's ok mam.......thank you!"

"See you baby."

She left and I knelt there looking at the lump of crap on  the floor near  the toilet and the wet shit stain beside  it.

I knew that Madam Bonnie Rose would insist on complete  cleaning during my session and quickly dove down and ate  the lump of waste  and began to lick up the puddle of  floor stain.

I scrubbed the area thoroughly with my tongue then wiped  the floor  clean with paper towels.

Then I put my head down into the reeking mess in the bowl  and sucked in a mouthful of the noxious contents and  swallowed. It didn't take me long to finish the disgusting  pool of crap, and I washed my face again in the bidet  stream cleaning it thoroughly and flushed the toilet.

---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

During the remainder of my time in the stripper toilet I serviced three  other exotic dancers......Delight, Bambi, and Juice,  and was  filled to the gills with crap,  urine, and  pussy juice. These women were just hot beyond words to me,  and I was in the throes of ecstasy most of my time there.

I actually made friends with some of them, and hoped I  would return to do this in the future. I would be overjoyed if the  strippers asked for me to come again. I had now eaten the shit of  some of the most famous and gorgeous women imaginable, and  I had developed a severe fetish for this kind of  servitude.

I was addicted to it big time.

I was taken back to the mansion and arrived about 10pm,   and showered and went  directly to bed. The pretty aide in  the van had given me a second dose of all the meds and  protectants after my session, and by the time I got back I  was relaxed and sleepy. My stomach was bloated, however,  but I was used to that by now,  and it didn't really  bother me.

I rubbed my full tummy as I fell asleep, thinking of all the raunchy stripper leavings inside me.

In the morning I would be ready for the special laxative  used now after each assignment, and would be comfortably  cleaned out by the end of the day.

As I drifted off to sleep I could see the beautiful exotic  dancers that I had serviced,  and how affectionate and  beautiful they were, and my cock was so hard I almost got  off again.

---------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

It was so strange......what other male on earth had ever  experienced anything like this? I had known these women in  a way no other man could, or ever would.

I knew I was becoming more valuable each day to Madam  Bonnie and the organization, and I knew this would buy me  plus points in my long term survival game here.

The smell of dancer shit permeated my nasal passages and  mouth, and I just absolutely loved it!

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