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Amy\'s Education

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Synopsis: A stunningly beautiful college freshman begins her real-life sexual and submissive education. This eight part series chronicles Amy\'s journey over the years to fuller and more expressive submission of her mind and body to the Master of her heart.



Clay Wright was the sole surviving and youngest son of Jack and Sarah Wright. He was just about to turn 29 when his parents were tragically killed in an airplane crash off the coast of Italy where they had been vacationing. Together with the inheritance and insurance money which Clay received after his parents estate had been settled and all debts and taxes were paid, he had almost six hundred million dollars in his own name. He started a foundation in honor of his parents and a large scholarship program at Westfield College where his mother had graduated 35 years earlier.

To qualify for the scholarship, the candidate had to be an exceptional female athlete with a desire to teach physical education. As part of the scholarship, the College was to provide a part-time job for the winning candidate in the school library not to exceed 10 hours a week; the candidate had to agree to this “work assistance” provision to qualify for the scholarship. Clay was to interview each candidate and, after a review of all paperwork, would himself decide who would get the four year scholarship, worth over $25,000 each year at Westfield.

Early in his twenties, Clay had begun his private, and rather extensive collection of erotic literature -- his focus was on books, stories, pictures, and paraphernalia pertaining to submissive women. He was an avid collector and had plenty of money to devote to his passion which consumed him almost as much as his vast business interests. While he had not settled on a particular woman as a mate, his sex life was active and his libido was constantly spurred on by the nature of his collection. He was handsome, with a chiseled jaw and deep blue eyes, and was well muscled at six feet two inches tall -- a “David” or “Adonis” figure some said. He exuded authority and good manners.

Amy Graham was eighteen years old and a senior at Tyler High School in West Nashville when she applied for the Jack and Sarah Wright Scholarship at Westfield. She was among six other young women who sent a scholarship application to the school. Amy was a state regional tennis champion and her dossier was impressive. During her on-campus interview, which was held four months before she graduated, she told Clay that she hoped to continue her tennis training and looked forward to spending time in the library where she could keep her academic focus. She was from a poor family; her mother had little money since her father died the year before without life insurance. While tuition would be covered by the scholarship, expenses and housing were not. The part-time job would help in this regard and she could take a student loan. With all this aid she felt she could get along during the four years at Westfield providing that she got the scholarship.

Clay was taken with Amy’s honesty, ambition, and desire for a college education. He also liked the way she presented herself and with her natural beauty. She told him she was five foot eight inches tall and weighed 119 pounds. She was not shy about answering Clay’s rather intimate details about her personal life. Clay knew he would be in trouble with the authorities if she complained about his questioning of her but she seemed so calm and at ease with him he felt he could take certain liberties.

Amy said she had dated a number of boys her age, and at one point was dating one young man exclusively, but she was not serious about any of them. She told Clay that she was an only child. Her parents were very conservative and she was still a virgin, kept in tight rein by her father who, until she was 16 years old, whacked her behind with a wooden paddle when she did not conform to his house rules.

Before the initial interview ended, Clay had explained that before he could make any decisions regarding the scholarship money he would have to interview each of the remaining candidates and that he would make arrangements to meet with her again soon. While the other young women were all quite well qualified and impressive, Amy, was the one by far who caught his attention and he looked forward to a second interview with her.

During the second conversation Clay mentioned that she was likely to be the most qualified candidate for the money but that there were some “strings” attached which he hoped she could accept.

The “strings” were that Amy would have to agree to write a “contract” in her own words that stated that she would do everything she could during the four years of her education to keep in good physical condition to include increasing her strength, flexibility, and endurance; meet with him for a private dinner on the first and third Saturday evening of each month; assist him in the organization and display of his private library at various times through the school year; and refrain from any physical intimacy with any man or women without his personal approval. She would have to agree to repay him all of the scholarship money he spent on her if she violated any of these four conditions.

At their third meeting Amy provided a well worded, notarized, statement to the effect that she would comply to each of the specified conditions. After Clay read the letter, which was handwritten and folded neatly in a scented envelope, he could feel the blood surge in his pants and he was emboldened to kiss her lightly on the lips. Amy blushed, and seemed pleased. She averted her eyes from his; frankly she could feel the juices in her pussy begin to flow. Clay told her that she was certainly his choice for the scholarship and that he would advise the administration of his decision later that day. He asked that she send him a picture of her for his records at her earliest opportunity.

He received the pictures in less than six days; actually, she sent him a full role of pictures. Most of them showed her in tennis togs playing at her high school and in a one piece swim suit playing volleyball at the beach with her friends. There were three additional shots of her alone at a pool wearing a very small black, string bikini. Clay guessed that she had taken these pictures herself using a delay feature on her camera as they were a bit off center. Clay knew from having met her in street clothes that Amy was a very well built young woman and that she was in wonderful physical condition but the bikini pictures said it all.




Her legs were long, well muscled and tanned; her hips small. Her back was straight and her shoulders broad. Her belly was hard and her waist thin. Her breasts spilled from her bikini top; certainly a “c” cup or larger. He was sure she was among the most well proportioned women he had ever seen. And, he was impressed with Amy’s sharp hazel eyes, fashionably long, wavy auburn hair, soft full lips, high cheek bones, and bright smile; she seemed to exude a sly sexuality right into the camera lens. Was she telling him something? He got another erection.

Amy graduated from high school in May and started class at Westfield just before Labor Day. She began her modest work routine at the college library and was pleased to find a note from Clay waiting for her there. In it he suggested they meet for one of their private dinners at a small restaurant close to campus on Saturday at 7. They would both find their own way to the place. He briefly mentioned that he was pleased with her photographs and that she should feel free to wear something casual for dinner. He was eager to find out what she considered “casual”.

He was not disappointed. The air was warm and she wore a short, white, sleeveless, cotton dress that was hemmed about two inches above her knee and hugged her hips perfectly without a wrinkle. She had on white enamel loop earrings and a neat chain pendant. She wore white sandals with a modest heel that accentuated her trim ankle and well-formed calf muscle. He got another hard-on that he had trouble hiding.

During dinner Amy told him that she was already enrolled in an aerobic conditioning class, a yoga class, and a modest weight class at the local gym. She said that during the summer she had been begun a jogging regimen and had really tightened up. Her tennis game had actually improved. She said was getting along well in her classes and was pleased with her progress in acclimating as a freshman. She did not lack for a sense of maturity and self confidence.

Clay felt he would not interfere with her grades if he asked Amy to come to his home to begin help him organize his collection. He gently told her of the erotic nature of the collection and asked if she would be embarrassed by that type of material. Amy indicated that while she had no prior experience with erotic literature she did not feel she would be uncomfortable with it. She was “good to go.” Clay looked at her directly and asked her if she was still in full compliance with all the four points of her scholarship “contract”. She returned his gaze and indicated emphatically that she was and that she wouldn’t disappoint him.

He decided to drive her back to her apartment and noticed she didn’t mind that her dress slid high on her thighs when she wiggled into the front seat of his small Mercedes roadster. When he pulled to a stop he assisted her from the car, took her chin gently in his left hand, and again kissed her softly on the lips. She kept her arms at her sides until his lips broke their touch with hers. She became aroused once again and she could feel the moistness of her pussy as she slowly walked to her room.

After a week, she phoned him at the number he had given her. She said she would have about four hours Sunday afternoon to help him with his library work. He said he was busy on some other project at that time but would appreciate it if she could work alone until he finished up. He would pick her up at the apartment shortly after noon.

Her hair was in a pony tail and she was wearing snow white sneakers, very high-cut shorts that showed off her tight bottom and long legs, and a cutoff tee shirt that showed off her slim and muscled mid- section. Clay was dazzled. And, Amy was virtually speechless when Clay came to the stone pillars and high, ornate, iron gate that framed the entrance to driveway of his mansion home not ten minutes from campus. She had no previous idea how Clay lived.

She got out of the roadster herself and stood in wonderment at the magnificent stone home. He said it had taken him years to build and was just recently completed. He led her indoors and showed her around -- a three car garage, five bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a large entrance hall, a gathering room, a dining room already set for 18 people, a tidy but large office, a movie room, a large library full of unorganized papers and boxes, a modern chef’s kitchen, a billiard room, several other rooms the reason for which she either could not determine or was not shown, a maid’s quarters, a spa, workout room, and a larger than life indoor/outdoor, heated pool with Jacuzzi. The estate had a running track and manicured grounds which were as spectacular as the scenic view.

He took her back to the library and unlocked it again. It was a very spacious room with polished old oak plank flooring, a very large modern TV, leather covered chairs and sofas plus all the decorative shelving and decor of an old fashioned gentleman's club room. He told her that this room was always kept locked and was off limits to his maid. The room connected to another locked room that also was off limits to even her, at least for the moment. He mentioned that it was the collection of books, papers, magazines, videos, movies, and whatnot that were scattered about the room that had prompted him to ask her for help. He said he would leave her alone for the afternoon and come back to take her home about four or five p.m.

Amy found an unused table she could use to started the task of organizing all the books she found. She put all the hard bound editions on shelves, at first, in no certain order, and began to organize the paper back books by size on the table. She found many magazines with pictures of women in bondage or in erotic attire. She found videos whose covers showed women also in bondage of one stressful position or another.

After about two hours, she decided to actually crack the covers of some of these books. It became clear that, for the most part, these books dealt with the domination and discipline of submissive women. Not only was her curiosity aroused but so also was her libido. Her nipples were hard and her pussy juices were running freely when Clay came to take her home.

He found her curled up in one of the leather chairs quite engrossed by what she was reading. She seemed startled and a bit nervous that he had seen her reading and not working. He took her by the hand without a word. Clay asked if she found the books interesting; her eyes gave him the answer.

In fact, after a moment, she asked if she could borrow one or two of the paperback books for a week or so. She explained that she had never seen or heard of anything quite like this particular library. Of course Clay was only too glad to oblige her. They rode back to her apartment in virtual silence. Amy was deep in thought and Clay did not want to interrupt her musings; no doubt about the books.

She bounded out of the roadster almost before the car came to a complete halt. She came around to the driver’s side and said “I know this may seem quite bold and out of the blue but, do you want to have sex with me now?”

Clay opened his door and clasped her hands in his. He said, “Dear Amy, you are a treasure. What a beautiful offer you have just made and it’s even more special because you tell me you are still a virgin. You are a vibrant, erotic, and beautiful women and any normal man would jump at the chance to go to bed with you. But, let’s hold off for a while.

“Let’s make sure you are on the pill or taking shots to prevent pregnancy. I’ll bring you a medical certificate to prove my own sexual good health. I think we need to know more about each other and perhaps more about ourselves before we actually sleep together. I’d like our relationship to develop further based on trust and mutual understanding and respect. Are you OK with that?”

She looked him in the eyes and nodded.

He let her hand drop to her side and kissed her gently again on the lips knowing he was letting a very good opportunity go by the boards. He put his arm around her waist and felt the outline of her thin thong panties. He put his other hand on her back and felt the small strap of her bra. He kissed her again. Her body language let it be known that she would welcome a firmer squeeze. The press of her tits against his chest and her pelvis against his groin were sure signs of her desires. Rather, he just patted her arm and she ran off to her room with her borrowed books in hand headed straight for her favorite vibrator.

They met regularly, as scheduled, at least twice a month for dinner. She asked that he bring her more of the erotic books in his collection as she wanted to continue her “erotic education” as she put it. However, because as the semester was winding down she had to study and could not get back to the mansion. .

Amy was reading his books quickly and devouring every thought. She felt as though she could really speak the language of a submissive and knew what to expect from a domineering man. She rehearsed little scenes in her head as she masturbated almost every night.

Their private conversations were getting more personal now; each revealing how they felt about spiritual, political, financial, and sexual matters. Although no further mention was made of Amy’s suggestion that they have sex, or even her erotic fantasies, it soon became clear that their affection for each other was deepening

Clay eventually brought her a certificate from his doctor saying he did not suffer any sexually transmittable disease and was otherwise in good health. He confessed to her that he had not dated anyone since he first met her and that he was ready for a committed relationship if she was. For her part, she repeatedly affirmed that she has still in full compliance with the scholarship “contract”.

Amy had told him that she was stunned that he had turned down her offer to take her to bed but on reflection his response only made her fonder of him. She told him that she was dazzled by his magnificent home and that she had never seen any place quite like it. She loved the way he behaved, looked, dressed, and smelled. In a nutshell she was smitten with Clay and wanted to be with him and only him.

She eventually brought up the topic of the submission of a woman to a man. She was conflicted because she had always thought of herself as a self determined women but, now she was having exciting fantasies of being restrained and taken sexually. Amy confessed to Clay that she had always wanted a “different” type of relationship with the man in her life. She had seen too many relationships flounder; she wanted one built on trust and deep passion; one that would last. The more she thought of submitting to Clay, the more she felt awakened to the prospect that for her, that would be just the “right” thing. Perhaps not politically correct, but quite in line with her needs and who she was or was becoming.

Amy’s first freshman semester was successful. The Christmas holidays were over and she was back at school feeling rejuvenated. Her relationship with Clay was developing nicely. In fact, Clay had opened an account for her at the trendiest young women's clothing shop in town. They were dating regularly and being seen around town as a couple now.

Because of her beauty and statuesque bearing, not to mention her choice of clothing, she was now attracting the attention of men and women alike wherever they went. She was still a virgin and while proud of that fact, she was scheming to change that. Clay for his part had taken many cold showers and had masturbated thinking of Amy’s firm and nubile body.

In the early days of October, and almost one year to the day following their first meeting, Clay took Amy to a very quaint and out-of-the-way restaurant for dinner. The restaurant, “The Beaten Path” was new to her but Clay knew the owner and matre d’. They gave him a corner table with a clear view of the other patrons who, for the most part, were young, good looking couples.

After cocktails, Clay reaffirmed his commitment to Amy. He asked her directly if she could now submit everything about her to him without reservation; to willingly transfer to him the power to control her time and body and let him make the major decisions regarding her life. Amy was not surprised by the question as she had thought about that question many times in the previous months. Yes, she knew herself and was really ready, but, she could only manage an affirmative nod.

Clay could see the waiter returning with the menus. He asked her again directly if she would submit to him being her Master. He wanted a direct answer formed in a complete English sentence. Amy was flushed with embarrassment as the waiter approached the table.

“Amy!” Clay demanded. “Answer my question right now; right here in front of Michael. He will understand perfectly.”

Amy averted her eyes from both men. Clay told her to look at him directly and answer his question.

“Yes, I want you to be my Master” Amy finally responded. “I will obey you and submit to your control. I love you and will obey you,” she said in a quavering, small, voice but one that both men could hear.

The waiter gulped. He gathered his composure, then told them of the specials of the day and left the menu’s for the couple to peruse.

Clay told Amy that from now on she was his special women and that he would treat her in very special ways. He told her that as a sign of her willingness to submit to him he wanted her to slip out of her panties and hand them to him across the table.

Again, a growing anxiety and embarrassment began to creep over Amy. She did not speak. She knew what she wanted and there was no time to lose here. She straightened her shoulders and pressed down on the top of her panties through her dress until they were off her hips and fell down her legs. She reached down in one deft move as they hit the floor and scooped them up with her right hand which was facing away from the other patrons. She just knew that everyone had seen what she had done. Then, she handed the panties across the table to Clay who held out his hand, palm up, to receive them.

“Master, I want you to have my panties tonight to seal our new relationship as master and submissive,” Amy said. “They may be slightly moist at the crotch as you have gotten me all worked up,” she added with a twinkle.

Clay was more than pleased with her. He told her to slide her dress up so that her bottom was touching the leather of the chair on which she was seated. Actually, Amy had been expecting this command and did not hesitate to comply although she was concerned that she would leave a wet spot on the furniture.

Clay ordered meals for both of them.

During dinner, he asked that she tell him how she masturbated. He asked her many questions about her technique and what she thought about. Then, he asked if she could feel her juices flowing. She nodded affirmatively. At that, he told her to reach beneath her skirt and run her right pointer finger inside her and offer him a taste of her juices across the table before the dessert cart was brought to them. This time, Amy was not ready for that particular demand and she sat there like a deer caught in the headlights.

He glared at her and said, “Amy, your hesitation is unacceptable. You will do as I say immediately and you will be punished for your impudence when we get home.” Amy knew he was serious, and from reading his books she had an idea of what was in store for her, which only made her juices flow more actively. She cautiously did as he had demanded of her. She was sure everyone in the place saw her do it.

While they lingered at the table, Clay told her that from now her body language was important. She was to sit erect with her tits high and nipples pressing against what ever she was wearing. She was to show in her demeanor that he was the master and she was the submissive.

He told her that words themselves were also important to their relationship. She was to refer to him as “Master” or “sir” and to call each of her erogenous body parts by their most graphic name. Her vagina was to be her “cunt”; her clitoris was her “clit”; breasts were to be her “tits”. She was to be called and refer to herself as “slave”, “sex slave”, or “submissive Amy”. His penis was to be referred to as his “cock”. The act of penis penetration was to be called “a fuck” no matter which bodily orifice of hers he used. She was to get used to dirty talk such as “slut” and “whore” when he referred to her.

Amy quickly caught on, and perhaps in a flash of insight gleaned from her readings and intent to minimize her punishment, said with her eyes down cast, “Master, I am very grateful for the opportunity to offer you a taste of my cunt juices and for your generosity in letting me have dinner with you here in the wonderful restaurant tonight. I look forward to being a better submissive to you as a result of the punishment you think I deserve for not responding quickly to your command to feed you my cunt juices.”

“Amy, you are expected to excite me and suggest erotic games from now on. I have not even fucked you yet. I’d like you to think of a proper, submissive, way to ask me to take your virginity and punish you tonight. When we get in the car, hike up your dress over your thighs so I am able to touch your cunt as we drive home. Once I begin to touch you, spread your legs wide and sit on your hands. Then start to tell me how to deal with you tonight. Do you understand slave?”

“Oh yes, Master, I understand what you expect of me and I will do my darndest to satisfy you.”

With that, Clay called for the check, gave a knowing wink and large tip to the waiter, and they left the building.

He was driving his big Lincoln Town Car that evening. Amy settled into the front seat on the passenger side and immediately pulled her skirt up high over her thighs and sat directly on the soft leather and she spread her legs wide apart and hiked herself up on her hands as she had been instructed.

“When did you start shaving your cunt, my little slave”? He asked.

“Master, I got the idea from your books and I like the feel and look of my cunt that way. I shave it smooth every day. Does it please you, Master?” She replied.

“Yes, slave, I love the look of a neatly shaved cunt and I will inspect you from time-to-time to see that you do a good job of it. I may also want you to experiment with a small patch of pubic her just above your cunt. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” Amy responded.

He reached across the seat to touch her. “I’m going to enjoy your clit now. Despite what excitement you may feel there I expect you to concentrate on telling me how you should be punished tonight and what I should do to prepare you for your first fucking”?

From what he could tell, Amy had a very prominent and engorged clit. What would her climaxes by like?

“Master, I am so excited about being punished I hardly can contain myself. I know I can’t have a climax without your permission, Sir, but your caresses on my sensitive clit are already driving me wild especially since my legs and cunt are exposed to anyone who happens to look in the car window. You really know how to make a girl self conscious..

“To answer your question Sir, I think my punishment, if it pleases you, should be a hard bare bottom over the knee, hand spanking or even a whipping with your belt. The humiliation of a spanking like that would certainly make me think twice before I hesitated to obey you in the future.

“And, Sir, if it pleases you, perhaps you would expect me to suck your cock long and hard before you stretch me tight, spread eagle fashion, on my back before you slid your cock in my virgin cunt.”

“A well thought out and well-stated plan my little slut. Now take your hands from under your ass and remove your bra. I have never seen your naked tits before. Remove the blindfold from the glove compartment and put it on. Then, I want you to play with your nipples and hold your tits up and out for my inspection, and of course the inspection of anyone else who cares to look at you.”

“Slave, you have wonderful tits; so full and firm. And, they ride high on your chest. I can see your aureole are dark and hard; you must be very excited. And, I like the fact that your nipples are hard and long; I’ll bet they stick out over a quarter of an inch. Are you proud of your tits and nipples slave?” He asked.

“Master, truthfully, from what I can gather from seeing other women, I do have pretty nice tits and I’m glad you approve of them. If it pleases you, I will stop wearing a bra when we are together so that you will have easy access to them. As your slave I know they are for your pleasure alone.”

“Slave, did you ever see any of the women in the magazines I have in the library with nipple clips on? Did you see any master punish their slave by whipping their tits or squeezing them in a tit press or vise? Did you see women with pierced nipples?” he asked.

“Yes, Master I did see pictures like that. And, each time, I was aroused thinking what it would feel if my own tits were tormented that way too.”.

“Has anyone ever sucked on your nipples or hurt your tits, Slave?”

“Master, only once. My high school boyfriend at the time, got his hands under my blouse and gave them a good shake. I hope you aren’t disappointed with me, Sir” she said.

He let the question go unanswered. But, asked, “Slave, have you ever had a cock in your mouth”?

“Master, again, that same guy tried to push my head down on his cock but I was too scared and when I put up a fuss his erection went down. He called me a ‘cock tease.' Do you think he was right, Sir?”

Again he ignored her question. “You do realize I will want to fuck your mouth and even have you swallow my cum don’t you slave?”

“Oh, yes, Master. I’m older now and less naive. I’m your submissive women and completely in love. I know you may want to cum in my mouth, on my face, in my hair, over my tits and belly or even up my ass. I am ready for all that and am excited that you will take me any time and any way you wish.”

She hesitated, “But, only if it pleases you, Master, would you consider during the first time you fuck me that you allow my unworthy cunt to be the receptacle for your precious cum.”

“Slave, I understand, I’m in charge here and you will get what I feel you deserve and what I want you to have. Now, early tomorrow morning I want you to make a point to search the web and order a few new dildos of various sizes as well as a customized-to-fit wooden tit press. Present them to me immediately when they arrive. We'll wait for the appropriate time to have a nipple piercing ceremony.”

“Can you imagine having your nipples pinched tightly with metal clips, slave? ”

“Well, Sir, I’m sure it would hurt terribly since they’re not used to rough treatment but I know that will change now that you are in charge of them,” she said with a smile.

She was still rubbing her nipples and he was lightly stroking her clit with his right hand as he drove the Town Car through the massive iron gates and into the mansion driveway. When he stopped the engine, he told her to replace the blindfold into the glove box and remove all her clothing since he wanted her to walk to the house nude, except for her high heels. “Go straight to the library slave, stand tall, tits out, legs apart, arms high over head in a stiff standing attention position until I get there.”

She did not hesitate. She was quick to assume the exaggerated position Clay had ordered.

When he came into the room they both realized she was completely naked before him for the first time. He walked around her as though he was admiring a statue taking in every curve and nuance of her body. He ran his fingers over her tanned face and taut nipples. He felt the swell and firmness of her breasts. He moved his hands over her cunt and lightly touched her anal sphincter.

He then told her to put her arms at her sides and stand tall with her feet together. Then, he came to her and placed his right had around her waist and his left hand up high on the back of her neck as he had done many times before when she was clothed; he then kissed her mouth and opened it with his tongue. His tongue snaked to the back of her mouth for a long time and his right hand skittered across her well muscled back and shoulders and down her spine to her ass.

He told her to spread her legs wide again. He found her cunt juice's flowing and with a moist finger spread her ass. With some force he pressed against her anal sphincter until he made penetration. She gasped but remained under control.

He stepped back to admire her once again. With one hand he grasped her left nipple and squeezed it very hard. Again, she remained under control without complaint. He rewarded her with another grinding body hug and deep throat kiss.

When he released her, he told her that she would now see what was behind the locked door of the adjoining room. When he opened it she could see that the door itself was almost a foot thick and made of heavy wood. He turned on the dim lights. She could see there were carpeted steps leading downward and that the lights along the walls were replicas of old fashioned sconces.

The room was furnished like a dungeon from the middle ages with a large bed including leather cuffs dangling from the corners, whips, chains, bondage benches, X frame posts, a pillory, and other discipline furniture. There was so much in the room she could not take it all in. She could not know it but the room was equipped with four low light video recorders and play back units. Remote control devices let him move the cameras to cover the entire room and to get close up and wide angle shots. After the heavy door automatically behind them she could tell the room was well sound proofed.

He held her hand down the steps. She knew the punishment session was about to begin; she was nervous but excited. Her first day as a complete submissive and already she was naked in the punishment dungeon of her Master.

“Slave, I am going to spank you over my knee as you suggested. I will hurt you. But, you may find the pain turns into a pleasurable feeling. You may not be able to sit down comfortably after I’m done spanking you for some time.

“We will not use code words or passwords to convey your desires in this relationship. My decision is the only one that matters. And, during our sessions down here, most all of which are intended to reinforce the power I have on you, you should feel free to cry or scream was you feel the pain. . Do you understand, my little girl”?

His reference to her as his little girl excited her especially since she was going to get a spanking.

Without her knowledge, he flicked on the recording devise to catch her answer. She would catalogue and watch the full tape at another time.

“Yes, Master, I do understand. I know I acted too slowly for you earlier tonight. I am so sorry and will do better in the future. My body is ready for the punishment I deserve. If it pleases you, Master, may I now lay across your lap so you spank my bare ass?”

He led her to a leather covered bench about two feet long and a bit higher than a normal chair and he sat down on it. He told her to keep her high heels on and to place her cunt directly above his cock facing his left side. He wrapped his right leg over both of hers. With his left hand he pressed down on her back. The spanking, he told her, would start with his hand then change to a brush, a wooden paddle and then a leather horse whip until he was finished with her.

It wasn’t long before her tight ass cheeks were warm and quite pink. He stopped long enough to reach under her and tug on her nipples. He then picked up the spanking pace with the brush. By now, she was begging him for mercy. He carefully manipulated the remote controls on the video cameras to get a series of changing shots of her thrashing wildly on his legs.

He did stop long enough to force her legs apart so he could feel her cunt. She was quite moist and he again used that moisture to lubricate her asshole, stretching it slightly. When he was assured that she had stamina to continue, he spanked her with the wooden paddle until he could see the pink turn to red and the roundness of her ass cheeks begin to swell. By now she was crying real tears and was yelling at the top of her lungs for him to show mercy on her.

“Slave, does this paddling recall how you were punished by your father?” He asked.

“Oh, Master” she sobbed, “I’m so embarrassed here; naked and spanked. And, my ass is so sore. I never felt this way before. He did not hurt me like you and he did not toy with me like you are, Sir. Not that I am complaining of course.”

He did stop briefly but told her she was not yet done with her punishment. He was going to administer 10 additional strokes using the horse whip, five on each ass cheek, and this time she was to count each stroke until the punishment session was completed to his satisfaction.

Thwack! “One, thank you Master, oh, may I have another?” she sobbed. Thwack! “Two, thank you Master, may I have another? Thwack, “Three, thank you Master, if it pleases you may I have another?” The whip was causing her skin to welt slightly. Thwack, “Four, thank you Master, if it pleases you may I have another?” She cried bitterly. Her legs were straining and her cunt was on the verge of climax as it pressed against his legs.

Thwack! “Five, Thank you, but please Master show mercy on your undeserving slave girl. I’m having a very hard time here. Sir, if it pleases you whip me again my dearest Master. Or, if it would please you more, Sir, let me service you cock with my mouth and then fuck my ass.” Thwack!”

Before she could talk again he told her she had handled her punishment bravely and seemed to have learned her lesson. He was putting her on probation for two weeks. If she behaved badly during that time he would administer another punishment session that would include the remaining four lashes that he didn’t give her at that time. Clay rubbed oils on her inflamed ass and gave her a few minutes still lying there to compose herself.

He again adjusted the cameras to catch every move of her deflowering as he moved to the bed.

He told her that the night had only just begun and now she was going to be blindfolded and would service his cock while he lay on his back on the bed. She knew instinctively that she was to crawl to him and ask his permission to suck his cock while kneeling on the bed between his legs. He told straddle his knees, thrust her ass high into the air, and press her tits into his upper thighs.

She had never seen his cock. While blindfolded she only got her first idea of what was in store for her when she took him in her hands.

“Oh, dear me! Master, your cock may be too big for my mouth” she exclaimed.

“Nonsense! Just get to work or it’s back to the whipping bench for you slut,” he muttered.

She tasted his precum and slid the head of his cock into her mouth. She inched it forward a little at a time until it hit the back of her throat. She readjusted her neck to take more, spread her legs more at the knees, and raised her ass higher to what she imagined was a most revealing position. Little did she know what would show up on the video tape.

Clay told her that when she was ready, she could impale her unworthy cunt on his cock and lay down on his chest so that she could grind her clit onto his shaft buried deep inside her. He told her that since this was her first time being fucked that she could have as many climaxes as she could work up.

She took her time inching his cock inside her. She was very well lubricated yet she was tight. As she worked to get full penetration Clay asked; “Slave, explain to me what is happening to your body here and who you Master is.”

She was dumbfounded by the question and was hard at work getting his shaft fully in place but she managed to say “Master, it would be truthful to say that you are fucking my cunt with your beautiful cock and I am very grateful that you, as my Master, are taking my virginity.” As she lowered herself on him she hugged him around the shoulders and began to grind her clit against his shaft. “Master, if it pleases you, my dearest, may I have an orgasm now, please, oh, pretty please?” She hissed.

“Slave, control yourself” he whispered.

After a few moments she begged, “Master, I’m on the very verge of my first climax with a man and I know it’s going to be a big one. I don’t know if I can hold back any more. May I please have your permission to climax now Master. If it pleases you Master, I can clean you off with my mouth or even endure more spankings, but I beg you Sir, please let me cum now”.

“Yes, Slave you may not only have one orgasm but I want to see just how many orgasms you can achieve before I throw you in that little slave cage over there” he growled.

Each of her climaxes was accompanied by her loud shrieks and screams. After each one she arched her back again and pressed him more deeply into her; each climax giving way to animalistic groans of gratification. She was working hard and enjoying every minute. When finally fatigue took over and she could not continue, she had counted five distinctive rocking orgasms and more than a few minor ones.

He rolled her over on her back and easily put her firm, limber legs over his shoulders. Her ass burned anew against the sheets. He entered her again and thrust hard into her a few times before exploding his cum deep into her cunt. She could feel its warmth slid in her.

She soon slid down and placed his semi erect cock in her mouth. She worked it clean of her juices with her tongue. After his erection fully subsided he held her body tightly with her head resting on the right side of his chest. He caressed her still burning ass with his right hand and kept her right nipple stimulated between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand.

While they lay there he told her he was imposing some new rules on her. On Monday, she was to wear a pair of the tit clips which she was to select from the rather large selection he had displayed on a shelf in the dungeon. On Tuesday and Thursday she was to wear only a short skirt and blouse with no under pants. On Wednesday she was to wear a cunt plug under a pair of very tight jeans or short shorts. On Friday, she was to wear a butt plug under her jeans. And, each day she was to record in her journal a summary of her thoughts and experiences as a submissive. She was to keep the journal with her at all times.

“Master, I will comply with your rules and know I’ll be punished if I fail. If it pleases you now, Sir, may I speak freely and tell you how I feel at this moment?” She asked.

He gave her a hug of assent and she continued.

“Master, I’m sure you’ve guessed that I’ve had other climaxes. I’ve masturbated since puberty. But, with you it was a mind popping experience. My climaxes were thunderous and made my entire body convulse in pleasure. My nipples are raw and on fire. The spanking, which hurt like the devil, and your colorful language were really good for me. I am grateful to you for letting me set my own pace to climax and that I was able to adjust my clit on your cock the way I needed it. You have mastered me. I’m yours to use. I will obey you and serve you well, Sir. I love you.”

She knew she had found a new life and a fulfilling joy in her submission. She waited eagerly for the touch and controlling demands of her lover and Master. Her erotic education was just beginning.

End of Part #1

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by Lewis Chappelle

Communications between Amy and her Mother had been tense ever since the preceding Christmas holiday when she sensed her Mom was withdrawing from her. Her Mom was seeing a new man with a name she could not even pronounce. Amy was surprised to get a letter from her at all and even more surprised to read that the new guy had asked her to marry him and start a new life on the island of Aruba with him.

Her Mom explained in terse words that she would miss Amy but was satisfied that she was a well-grounded adult. Further, that she had to do what she had to do at this stage of her life since it was not likely that another rich and good looking man would consider marrying her. She ended the note saying that she would keep in touch by mail when she could using the address of the college administration. She did not give a forwarding address.

Amy felt a twinge of abandonment when she realized that her only “family” was moving far away to Aruba. Yet, she never felt as close to Clay as she did at that moment.

Amy was doing well in her studies and was matriculated now, a few months from turning 20, as a college sophomore majoring in physical education. She was a grown woman and had spent the summer on campus so she could be near Clay. In addition to her formal course work, Clay had a “curriculum” of his own for her -- things he wanted Amy to learn during the school year; mostly about herself and her new found relationship with him as his sexual submissive.

Clay had been very specific with Amy. He expected her to keep a daily journal of her thoughts and experiences as a submissive and that she was to keep it with her all the time. He explained the reason for this was that she needed to have a place to record any doubts, fears, conflicts, or insecurities she may feel at the time she was feeling them and that he absolutely had a right to know of these feelings if he was going to help her get closer to the level of personal discovery and satisfaction she was capable of achieving as a submissive.

He explained that as his slave she was not entitled to have any secrets from him. In fact, she was not entitled to anything except those things he decided to grant her. Her decision to accept him as her Master was a matter of her choice he explained. She had transferred her personal power over her life to him. She would obey him.

She had given up whatever freedoms and liberties she may have had. The choice she had now made determined the relationship between them. If he sensed she needed to change her mind it would be up to him to decide what her reasons were and then, when he was satisfied, he would return power to her. If that ever happened, he explained, and he did e return to her the power of choice, their relationship would be altered irrevocably forever. It was his responsibility to let her come to terms with her choice and live easily in obedience to him.

Failure to obey him in any way would result in some form of punishment that would undoubtedly be even more sever than the spanking she had received on their first night together.

Amy also had discovered that Clay would often test her resolve and stretch her commitment to him by the use of what he called “slave training.” These were the activities she had read about in his erotic library. Activities such as physical stress, including bondage and confinement. Techniques such as emotional harassment, including humiliation both public and private.

He would exercise his prerogatives as her Master just for his own gratification without the need for her to learn anything at all or to even have some level of gratification or satisfaction.. In net, she would experience pain and humiliation just because that’s what he wanted for her at the time. He was going to be a good teacher.

His education and training of her would include instruction on how to keep her body healthy, maintain a good self image, and how to present herself in body and spirit. He was going to help her find peace and a joyful heart in serving, obeying, and pleasing him. He was going to teach her to trust him with all decisions.

Clay allowed her share his bed during the weekends. She was just so exciting to have next to him. He found immense joy in fondling her body; letting his fingers rest on her tight stomach, or making small circles around her nipples and aureole.

He had told her that when he reached for her in bed she was to deny him nothing. She was to lay very still on her back, part her lips and spread her legs immediately when he touched her. She was not to move even if he intentionally manipulated her clit. She was to give him complete access to her body and show him the respect that was demanded by a Master.

Furthermore, he told her that she was to become accomplished in six basic erotic slave positions that she was to assume immediately whenever and where ever he commanded. The main reason for this drill was to reinforce in her that she needed to move quickly from one position to another at his command; that was the duty of a submissive.

The first position was “Attention.” That meant that she was to stand, naked, with her legs wide apart, back arched, shoulders back, ass and tits arched out, chin up, eyes down, and fingers locked together behind her head. A variation of this would be for her to lock her fingers behind her back with her elbows as close together as possible.

The second was “Kneel.” In this position her knees were to be on the floor and spread apart as far as possible, one foot crossed one over the other behind her, shoulders back, tits out, chin up and eyes down. There were to be a number of variations for her hands that she would practice; behind her head, to be used as a suck position; behind her back pulling up on her ass, to be used to whip her tits; on her thighs palms up, to show submission; holding her tits, another tit whipping position, and overhead pulling one wrist with the opposing hand.

The third was “Worship,” in which kneel with her tits and face on the carpet, ass high, head bowed to the floor. Her hands were to be pointed straight in front of her head, palms down.

The fourth was “Exhibit.” That meant she was to open herself to him. Specifically, she was to move to show off various parts of her body, in sequence,. first her tits, then her cunt, then her ass hole and finally her open mouth. All positions were to be displayed from her back or a kneeling stance. Before she moved to another position she was to wait for an acknowledgment of his satisfaction from him.

When exhibiting her tits, she was to pull them up high on her chest so he could whip her tits or nipples if he so desired. When exhibiting her cunt, she was to pull her labia folds apart with both hands and give him the opportunity to play with her clit or play with her cunt with his toe or boot tip. When exhibiting her asshole, she was to spread her ass cheeks wide so he could lubricate and stretch it. When exhibiting her mouth she was to hold her head still, open her mouth and extend her tongue so he could rub his cock on it and use her mouth at a pace that suited him.

The fifth was “Fuck.” At this command, she was to lay flat on her back on the floor or bed, chin high looking at the ceiling, legs back straight and wide apart toward her head, hands pulling on her ankles. She was to hold that position while he fucked her or spanked her and to do so without moving.

And, the sixth, was “Passenger,” in which, when a passenger riding with him, whether he was driving or if his chauffer was driving she was to spread her legs apart and sit directly on the leather of the car seat or on her hands as he directed. Alternately, the command “Extreme Passenger” would require her to raise her skirt high over her hips and sit on her hands with her legs as far apart as she could make them go.

He made it plain that while there was not a command regarding her posture, that he expected her to always stand straight, shoulders back and chest and tits high. She was never to cross her legs at the knees -- ankles, OK; knees, never.

Each of these positions was to remind her of her slave status, that her body was for his use and pleasure, and to demonstrate that she was willing to obedient, on command, for his use, pleasure, and training. Amy assured him of her willingness to follow his directions and that she would work hard to assume these positions whenever she was told to do so.

Clay felt an obligation to make sure Amy continued doing well in her formal studies. He decided the best place for that was for her to remain at her apartment. He could always get her.

He was working 12 hour days with his business and for the most part only saw Amy on the weekends. He called her often from his office at the mansion. Typically, he would ask if she was keeping the journal and if she was still keeping all the conditions of their “scholarship contract”. She understood that these were questions designed to elicit expressions of her continued devotion and submission to him and she always gave him the right answers.

One day, a Tuesday, he caught up with her during the hours she was on duty at the library. When he was convinced it was Amy who answered the phone he said, “Slave this your Master. Since today is Tuesday I’m sure you are not wearing any underpants and that you are wearing a short skirt. Is that right Slave?’

Amy’s cunt juices started to flow and she tightened in anticipation. “Yes, Master.” she whispered into the phone.

“Yes, Master, what? Are you being insolent, slave?” he queried in a sharp, stern, tone of voice..

“No Master, I’m very respectful and meant no offense, Sir. Yes, Master, I am wearing a very short red leather skirt and no underpants Sir, as you ordered,” she said more crisply.

“Very good, Slave. Now put the phone in your left hand, and where ever you are. I want you to slip the middle finger of you right hand deep into your cunt and then lick the juice off in your mouth. Do you understand slave?”

“Yes, Master, right away.” After a moment she added, “I’ve done as you commanded Sir. It was sweet, Sir. Thank you for giving me that command.”

“Good, slave. Good job. How many people in the library saw you dip and lick your cunt juice slave?”

“Master, it was hard to tell. Frankly, I wasn’t looking for an audience. Perhaps no one saw me because I was behind the counter here but, one of the young men over in the stacks is looking at me kinda funny now and he may have seen me. By the way, Master, my new dildos and tit press came in the mail just this morning.”

“Well, Slave, this is your lucky day. Keep you hands out of your cunt for the rest of the day and I’ll pick you and your package up at your apartment at 10 tonight.” She knew he needed her; and truth be told, she needed him bad.

She was as cute and perky as she could be when he picked her up in the roadster. Her face was radiant and her long and shapely legs went straight to her cute, tight, and well formed ass.

When they got in front of the mansion, he told her to leave the package in the front seat, take off all her clothes and hurry to his bedroom naked. She would find a pair of high heels and a blindfold for her in the corner. She was to strap on the heels and cover her eyes with the blindfold and stand in the “standing slave position” he had explained many months before, until he arrived.

It didn’t take long for her to get naked and run bare foot and bare assed into the mansion. She gave quick thought to the possibility that he may have had guests but she pushed that out of her mind in exchange for the possibility of being able to suck and fuck his cock. She assumed “the position” and nervously waited for him nude for several minutes.

Clay could not get enough of Amy naked. He enjoyed seeing her full tits, tight abs and ass, strong back and legs and well manicured cunt. He got almost as much of a thrill seeing her nude as he did fucking her; “almost but not quite,” he thought. He had given her workout instructor's instructions to emphasize her overall flexibility, especially the ligaments of her inner thighs. He wanted to see more definition in her abs, calf’s, biceps and triceps. He was going for total perfection, he said.

Amy had been straining to hold her position and a small glistening sweat had come over her body. Her legs were a bit achy because of the tension created by the high heels but she enjoyed the ache because she knew she was pleasing him. He pinched her right nipple which was already stiff, until she winced. Then he took her in his arms and crushed her tits into his chest and her cunt into his groin with her arms still over her head. He kissed her on the lips deeply and passionately. When he broke away he whispered to her that she was beautiful, especially when she was naked, and that he loved her.

He found her cunt dripping with her own fluids and he wanted to fuck her immediately.

But, he told her he had a new rule for her to follow. And he had a nice gift for her too.

She was, from now on, to tell him candidly of any thought she had, or behavior in which she had been engaged, for which she needed to be disciplined. She was not to wait for him to call her. She was to call him immediately regardless of where she was or what he might be doing.

The new gift was to be worn at all times unless he gave her permission to remove it.

The gift was a diamond studded, exquisitely styled, sex slave ankle bracelet. It had her name on it -- “Amy -- Consenting, Erotic, Sex Slave.” Wearing it was an outward symbol of her submission to him. He slipped it on her and removed the blindfold. He said it was especially designed for her which caused it to be a late birthday present. He nudged her to look at the new jewelry in the mirror.

“Oh, Master, it's so lovely. I don’t deserve it. Punishment, yes, presents, no. Master, if it pleases you, may I thank you by worshiping your cock with my mouth, Sir,” she said.

With a nod from him she went almost prone at his feet. She hugged his legs and kissed his shoes, tits on the ground. Her knees were apart and he could see the gleaming juices of her cunt. He quickly undressed himself, lifted her to a kneeling position and fed her his engorged cock. She pulled his hips toward her and pressed his cock as deeply down her throat as she possibly could. She moved her head, pulled and sucked him hard until he felt he would explode in her.

“Enough, slave. Get back on the floor, spread your knees and flatten your tits on the carpet again.”

He slipped his cock easily into her cunt from behind and rocked her back and forth finally regaining control of his own excitement. Then he told her to clean him off with her mouth. Then he ordered her back in the kneeling position to be cunt fucked. Then he got her to clean him off again. What a great rhythm he had going.

While she was back with her tits on the carpet, he removed one of the new dildos from the package and lubricated it with her juices. He pushed against her anal sphincter and found it was more flexible than the first time he touched her there.

“Good slave,” he said. “You have been exercising your ass hole I gather.“

She responded eagerly and volunteered that she had been stretching her asshole, with various sized dildos, for over a month to give his cock easy access to her there. She had also found it easier to walk around all day on Friday with a butt plug in, as he had instructed. Also, she was not as tight there as she had been before. He gave quick thought to fucking her in the ass but thought there might be a better time for that at a later date..

With the butt plug still in her ass, he told her to mount him on the bed as they had the first time they fucked. He gave her permission to have as many orgasms as she could without asking for permission.

“Thank you, Master. You are too kind to this undeserving slave girl.” She found the right place for her clit on his stiff cock and pressed him and rode him like a bronco. She screamed. She swore. She howled. She hissed. She came, and came, and came…

Amy was barely able to speak intelligibly but managed to get it across to him that if it pleased him he might want to suck and bite her nipples. She even let it be known that he might want to push the butt plug into her just a bit further.

She was a mess, and it took her some time to calm down. When she stopped breathing hard, he flipped her over on her back, swung her legs easily over his shoulders and dug his cock deep into her. With only a few thrusts he shot his cum load into her.

Afterward, she found the notch on his shoulder where she could rest her head and explicitly recounted the details of her recent pleasure. She noted particularly that she found the extra pressure of the dildo in her ass a great sensation while she was being fucked.

He continued to pull on her engorged and rock hard nipples as she spoke. She moved closer to him and then slid down to suck his cock to hardness again. This time what was left of his cum went into her mouth; the first time for her and she liked that too.

At the Christmas break, Clay took stock of his pupil. He was satisfied that Amy had learned the basic psychology behind submissive choice and the transfer of personal power. She had adapted to having a Master and was responsive to his commands. She had learned the art of wearing a butt plug. And, furthermore, he had not had to punish her during the past several months. A good beginning to the year he thought. Perhaps an “A” effort.

There would be some more intensive sessions ahead of her during the holidays and there was always next semester to work on other basic essentials of submission and discipline.

He told her to pack up what she would need from her dorm room so that she could stay with him for the Christmas holidays. He wanted her to help decorate the mansion and do what she could to continue the organization of his exotic literature. He was almost always on the phone or in a meeting. His business associates were in and out of the mansion at all times of the day and evening. His maid, Bee, seemed to be puttering about most of the time until dinner was cleaned away, then she was not to be seen or heard from until breakfast at 7.

Clay insisted that Bee refer to Amy as “Miss Amy” despite their nearly 15 year age difference. Amy and Bee didn’t have much in common but they managed to find mutual accommodation for each other. Amy sensed that it would only be to her benefit if she treated Bee as a confidant. Bee was not stupid; she knew Clay was more than just fond of having Amy around and was no doubt enjoying the feast of her many youthful charms; especially when she was prancing around in her black bikini.

And, the business associates seemed always glad to see her; especially the men.

Clay rescinded his normal Monday through Friday rules for her for the holidays and gave her exclusive use of the workout rooms, spa, and pool but insisted she wear a shear white string bikini which he had purchased for her. The suit was of no practical value at all in providing her a semblance of modesty. Her cunt and nipples were practically as visible as if she had noting on at all.

He could see her where ever she went around the mansion from his third floor office. So could his friends. Not a bad view they concluded. She knew she was being watched and that she was indeed pleasing Clay; not to mention making him plenty horny for their after hours “play time.”

Clay wanted her to get busy on the library clean up project and gave her the key with instructions to lock herself in and keep the volume of the TV to just a bearably audible level when she turned it on. He told her to watch as many videos as she wished but mentioned that before she did anything else there was a tape already loaded in the player that she was required to watch three times beginning to end.

When she was comfortable with the library door securely locked behind her she settled in to see the mysterious tape.

There she was! Naked! Nipples erect! Tits jutting forward! Arched back, ass tipped to the rear! Looking like the slave she was. She heard herself on the tape saying; “Yes, Master, I know I acted too slowly for you earlier tonight. I am sorry and will do better in the future. My body is ready for the punishment I deserve. If it pleases you, Master, may I now lay across your lap so you can spank my bare ass?”

Oh my dear, she thought. He has my entire spanking and deflowering on tape. What a wonderful and thoughtful idea. She saw and heard the spanking and her quivering voice begging for mercy. She saw the redness and swelling start to appear on her ass and heard her howls of bitter protest ring again in here ears. She heard her counting the harsh slash of the horse whip against her already stinging ass and saw the three small welts raise on each cheek.

Then she saw the section of video with him on the bed and her on her knees, back bent low and ass turned high toward the camera exposing her tight cunt as she sucked his cock. She saw herself lowering her cunt onto his cock and heard the screams and howls of her thunderous climaxes. She had her hand in her pants and was stroking her clit almost without knowing it. She was just on the verge of release when she remembered that she was not allowed to play with herself without permission from Clay. She knew what she had to do.

She dialed the intercom in his office. He pushed the “private” button and inquired why she was calling. She told him that she needed to be punished because she was playing with her clit without permission. He asked for details. Then, told her to disrobe completely and stand at “attention.” He would be down and let himself into the library soon.

“Oh, Slave, you disappoint me,” he said as he entered the room. Her eyes were cast at floor level. “What will I do to you this time?” he muttered. He twisted her nipples hard and smacked her upturned ass with his hand leaving a reddening hand print. Then, he gave her one of his patented hugs and kisses. “This will surely hurt you more than me,” he said. “Into the dungeon you go, slave.”

In her heart she knew the sting of disappointing Clay. That alone was pain enough for her. She never wanted to disappoint Clay. She felt terrible.

Once in the dungeon, he put a large penis gag in her mouth and forced her into five inch heels. He secured her ankles, thighs and waist tightly to the central whipping post. He wrapped rope tightly around her chest and back with the objective of exerting pressure on her tits; they stood out assertively when he was finished. He blindfolded her and tied her head against the post then snapped clamps to her nipples. He set the clock for one hour, set the buzzer at fifteen minute intervals, and gave her six, one ounce, weights in her right hand. She was to add two of them to the chain between the clamps each time the buzzer sounded. She was expected to voluntarily add to her own pain.

She knew he would be watching her for any misstep on the TV from his office and she wondered if he would have any of his associates with him watching her punishment. She would scrutinize their gazes next time she saw any of them to see if she could detect that they had seen her in her moments of distress.

This was going to be a long and painful session she thought. There was no escape. Her legs and ankles already were straining from the high heels. Her nipples burned like crazy; they had not gotten used to harsh treatment basically because she had not taken the time to exercise them or tighten the nipple clamps tightly each Monday during the semester as she could have. She concluded the pain was basically her fault. The clock struck the quarter hour. She added the weights. Oh that hurt. Again. Again.

He finally came to her, took the gag and blindfold off and untied her from the post. He lifted the weights off and then warned her that the removal of the clamps would be almost as painful as having them on. He was right! Whoa! The blood coursed into her nipples and the pain shot through her body all the way to her cunt.

“Stay in the heels and rub you nipples with the oil on the shelf. I’ll come to get you for dinner when I’m ready for you. Look around. If you see anything interesting, let me know,” he said as he locked the door behind him.

When he came to her for dinner he said they would eat in the library. Bee had made a few light salad plates for them. He was going to watch the tape with her two more times so she wouldn’t miss a thing.

During the first showing she would stand and rub oil into her nipples. She would eat what he fed her. During the second showing she would kneel on all fours beside him and again eat from his hand.

At the end of the showings, he unzipped his trousers and fed her his cock. Her drink for the night would be his cum. Then he had her lower her tits to the ground and rub her nipples against the roughness of the carpet as she moved her body around the room on her hands and knees.

He told her to lay on her back and hold her knees apart wide. He shoved his cock roughly deep into her cunt. He shot is cum into her again. But, despite her plea for sexual release, he refused her leaving her unsatisfied and frustrated for the first time. She knew he was merely exercising the control over her which she had given him and showing her that he was in command.

“The ache of desire in your cunt and the soreness in your tits should remind you not to play with yourself you unworthy slut,” he scolded her. “Sleep here in the nude tonight; no blanket or pillow.” He locked the door with a thud behind him.

Amy cried. She hurt bad. And, she had disappointed Clay. For the first time he had denied her sexual release after fucking her. Her behavior was not producing the results she expected. She determined to do better; to obey the rules. She needed to avoid complaint and revel in his strength over her. She needed to find further peace in her submission -- needed to impress her Master of her humility. And, she needed to toughen up her poor nipples. She only slept in fits and starts.

He unlocked the door to the library early in the morning. At the first sound of the knob turning, she scrambled to her knees and put her head and tits on the ground. “Oh, Master, I am such an unworthy slave. Please forgive me sir, for my disobedience yesterday. If it pleases you Master, punish me again today. Whip me! Spank me! Hog tie me! Humiliate me. Help me be a better slave for you, my dear Master,” she cried.

Clay sensed that she was serious and was a fast learner. “Slave, I have work to do today in my office. I will have phone calls but no visitors. No breakfast for you now. Go to my office and stand nude facing the corner at rigid Attention,” he commanded. This was to teach her how to hold positions at his command despite her inclination to move about. What a better day for it, he thought.

She was standing tall in the corner when he came to the office twenty minutes later.

“Slave, adjust your position against the far wall so that your feet are spread apart and are about 18 inches from the base of the wall. Clasp your hands behind your head and tip your body forward so all your weight is on your tits against the wall,” he said.

After 20 minutes in that position, which made her tits ache, he told her to stand straight in front of his desk, head back, elbows back together, tits up, and then use both hands to pull her ass cheeks up high from behind. He was aware of her strained position while he worked. He got an erection when he thought of her discomfort.

He got up and ran his hands over her body sensuously. He pulled and sucked her nipples and toyed with her ass and cunt. She was breathing deeply while he tormented her but she held her position. He finally hit her directly on her nipples with a ruler. She grimaced but maintained control.

“Now, I’m going to take you for a walk in the noon day sun my pet,” he said.

With her high heels on he marched Amy down the driveway of his mansion. He opened the large iron gates and dragged her to the outside -- nude. He cuffed one wrist and one leg the ornate gate. She could only stand there and hope the traffic would be light. There was no way to cover her tits or her cunt.

There was no sense of pretending she was not on display. She made the best of it and put on a smile for the few cars that drove by, some of which made several passes, that fine morning. He came to get her just before ten o’clock, still in time for some breakfast.

He smiled and told her to get something quick to eat, take a nude swim, and take a nap in her room. He kissed her softly and said she was terrific and that he treasured her with all his heart.

She left his embrace with a renewed sense of achievement and self confidence.

She went to great lengths to look good for him at dinner. She wore white tennis shoes, very short shorts and a cut-off top with no bra or underpants; the way he liked to see her. Her ribs were well defined under her flat and muscled abdomen. She exercised her nipples so they were hard and erect under the cut-off. She applied lubricant to her ass hole and cunt and sprayed a delightful fragrance between her tits.

He brought her to the table by the hand and sat down with her standing before him. He held her tightly around the waist and nuzzled her tits. Without hesitation she raised her shirt and presented her nipples to him. He toyed with them with his teeth and tongue. She was crazy with desire.

“Master, if it pleases you, may I suck your cock while you eat your first course.”

“Take off your shirt slave, and get under the table. Go to work.”

He had no intention of shooting his wad at that point but she was getting so expert at sucking his cock that he had to concentrate very hard to control his natural inclinations. She was working to make him cum and he was fighting the temptation.

To distract himself, Clay reached under the table with both hands and grabbed her nipples. He pinched them so hard she finally got the point that he was sending her a message to simmer down. She was beginning to be sensitive to the non-verbal communication between them.

She sat, as dinner was served, with her now aching and sensitive tits in plain view of Bee who didn’t seem fazed in the least.

She went to him nude and sat as his feet head bowed and said nothing. He told her to bring him her journal. She raced to her room and returned handing it to him with both hands which was a symbol of her respect for him. He motioned for her to resume her place next to his chair.

What he read in her journal was fascinating. She wrote her thoughts clearly and concisely. She was a thoughtful and expressive writer.

He was able to determine that she had agreed to her erotic transfer power to him in a calm and considered manner. She had no regrets and had no illogical or unrealistic expectations.

Her writing did not even hint at any misgiving she may have had or any thoughts that she might be a “bad person” at heart or “abnormal” for having a submissive nature. There was no hint that she blamed anyone for who she was. She had a healthy level of acceptance of herself and a positive self perception.

It was clear she felt protected by him and was very happy and confident when she was in his presence. She wrote of her love and devotion to him and documented the intimate details of her orgasms at great length.

He was pleased to find many other major erotic themes covered throughout the pages of the journal.

For example, she noted how she felt about his torments and punishments of her. She seemed to conclude that his treatment of her was teaching her who she really was and that her aches and pains were beneficial to her understanding of her basic nature. Perhaps, she had mused, maybe even the fact that he had demanding rules imposed on her allowed her to control any impetuous or impish behavior common in girls her age.

She revealed that when she wore the butt plug, cunt plug, and even the nipple clips she was quite aroused sexually each time. She noted that she was having trouble dealing with the gripping pain of the clips. She wrote questions to herself; would he ever use the clips on her cunt lips, have her pierced, and what would the “pull” feel like?

Her writings were open about her frequent thoughts of being naked in public, in bondage, or dressed like a slut. Or, if she would ever be given or loaned out to another man or women for their pleasure. She frequently noted she had apprehensions about having others see her punished or naked.

She reflected on the things he did to embarrass her; which she call “humiliations”. She admitted he had every right to push her limits and that these limits did change with time and practice. She understood, deep down, that he was proud of her and that she took pride in her own submissiveness. She felt the testing sessions not only proved her resolve to be obedient to him but proved the depth of her submissive nature to herself.

She mentioned that to be really helpful to him that she should make it a point to come up with some erotic ideas for Clay that might push her emotional limits even further in the future.

He learned a lot from her written insights, apprehensions and questions about her future. She seemed to have discovered the various aspects of her submissive nature and a very healthy grip on reality. She was not harboring any apparent illogical expectations or fears. The journal notes made him consider even more deeply how he, as her Master and trainer, could help her achieve her full potential as a submissive woman.

But, that would have to wait, because starting in early January, just before Amy’s classes started for the second semester of her sophomore year, Clay was going to leave the mansion on business for about two months. When he told Amy, she cried; she could not hide her disappointment. But, she knew that when he returned he would be full of surprises. Perhaps she would have a few for him as well.

The End of Part # 2

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By Lewis Chappelle

Clay, her dear Master, was going away for two months and Amy was determined to overcome her disappointment. She was 20 years old after all and competent even though she was completely submissive to him. It was her responsibility to make lemonade out of the bitter lemon he dropped on her.

“Master, may I speak freely?” she asked. She was curled beside him in the den nude before the fireplace. He was again somewhat preoccupied yet toying with her hard nipples and gave his affirmative response with a pull on one of them.

“Master, if it would please you, I could stay here at the mansion while you are away and I could continue my work organizing the library until you get back. You might even give me the key to the dungeon so I could check out the equipment,” she said.

His interest perked up. “Not a bad idea at all, slave. It might work. I’ll leave the keys to the Roadster so you can get around town and to school. I’ll just add you to my insurance policy and we’ll be all set.”

He settled back to his own world and to his nipple tugging. After about fifteen minutes Clay seemed to have a renewed spark of sexual interest and he told Amy to follow him to the dungeon. “What does he have in store for me now?” she thought.

Clay opened the heavy door and led Amy down the steps. He was going to give her instructions to be carried out while he was gone. She was commanded to stand at “slave attention” while he walked around her and admired her natural beauty.

Clay made no secret of the fact that he loved to see Amy nude. What a great body. He ran his hands up her back and felt the muscles in her strong shoulders. He touched her ass and prodded her asshole. Most of all he loved her tits -- firm and high on her chest with exceptional nipples. His touch thrilled her and she was wet with excitement.

When he finally brought himself back to the business at hand he gave her six specific instructions to follow during his absence.

First, she was to spend as much time as possible naked in the library and the dungeon alone. She could do her class work in her room, but, the library and dungeon were for her to study and meditate on how she could improve herself as a submissive.

Second, he showed her a finely detailed red “casket” that was partially hidden behind a few padded whipping benches. He opened the lid and showed her the soft lining and pillow. He told her to get in the casket with her hands at her sides.

He explained that the “casket” was really a sensory deprivation box to teach her to control her fears, relax, and give her an opportunity, without interruption, to think of new ways to please her Master and the subtle facets of her submissiveness.

The casket was an ingenious piece of equipment. Its lid was operated pneumatically and could be opened either by a timer or exterior or interior switches. Temperature was controlled to one degree below normal body temperature and an air exchange system worked silently from under the wheeled carriage upon which the casket was placed. He told her that when the lid was closed, the cushion lining would expand all around her except her head. He set the timer for two minutes and told her to shut the lid from the inside. She could open it manually if she needed to. The cushion pressed on her tits first and then she lost any sensation of her body. Two minutes seemed like a long time but she did not panic. “Piece of cake she thought.”

When the lid opened, he kissed her and helped her out of the casket. She was fine.

Third, he wanted her to spend time in the “slave cage” which under these circumstances only was intended to send the message that she was a captive of her Master and that he cherished her. Under other conditions, it would be strict punishment -- banishment really -- but not this time.

This device was attached to a small hoist in the ceiling. It could also be activated with a timer or exterior or interior switches if he so choose. She was to hoist herself high in the cage and stay there for extended periods in contemplation. He would keep track of the time she spent in the casket and cage; she should do her best not disappoint him.

Fourth, she was to take inventory of the furnishings and equipment in the dungeon.

Fifth, she was to purchase new whips. Of course they would be the ones he would use to whip her -- nothing like being beaten by a whip of your own choosing and suffering the humiliation that goes with that. She was to buy and charge the whips at “The Leather and Tack Supply Barn” on the outskirts of town. The owners had a big ranch and stables for riding. They sold saddles, rider's clothing, and other riding equipment from their store inside a big old fashioned barn.

The Barn had sectioned off a large portion for “specialty” items that they kept in two rooms; one with a green door and one with a red door. She was to ask for Celia. Clay noted mysteriously that she might want to get to know Celia since they had a lot in common.

Lastly, during his absence, and when she was at the mansion, she was only allowed to piss out of doors and then only in the nude, while tethered on a leash, held by Bee.

“Do you understand my instructions, Slave?

“Oh yes, Master, you were very clear. You are surely a creative teacher and I’ll be your obedient and respectful student. No short cuts; no cheating; no, Sir.”

He was thoughtful again then added, “Slave, as I’ve mentioned, Bee has no business in the library and you are not to let her in there and she should never be here in the dungeon either. But, I do want you to tell Bee about our special relationship and what I do to you in here. Do you understand that, Slave?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sure Bee thinks something is up between us and if it pleases you, I’ll tell her you are my Master so she won’t be confused when I tell her you’ve directed me to have her take me outside to the garden, on a leash, to pee.”

In a real sense, her conversation with Bee was the first “outing” of Amy’s submission to Clay.

Bee listened when Amy took her aside for her little chat. She didn’t say much or ask questions at first. But, as the subject turned to Clay’s punishments of her and rules for her, Bee did become inquisitive. Amy affirmed that she would be nude, leash in hand, when she needed her time in the garden. She didn’t want Bee to be shocked at the first encounter; an encounter that was soon to come.

Rather than make a production out of it, she undressed, with the exception of her sneakers, and got a leash and collar from the dungeon. She put on the collar and headed to find Bee.

“Bee, I have to pee. Please take me for a walk in the garden. Here’s my leash” she said.

“Well, I declare. You are a picture. I often wondered what you looked like nude. You are something. Got a great body, wish mine was even half that good at your age,” said Bee as she picked up the leash. “Here’s the deal. Until I’m off this duty, I’m going to call the shots as to which pee position you will use. Since this is the first time, keep standing and spread your legs. Bend way over at the waist and put the palms of your hands on the brick wall here and let her rip. Next time, you will stand tall, and spread you cunt lips for me as you go. I’ll decide how you do it after that.”

Amy, felt Bee monitoring her every move every time she relieved herself; she was self conscious but understood that Clay was using this drill to teach her something about herself. The daily routine was easy: stand, pee; squat, pee; bend over, pee; straddle the bush, pee; sit on the low brick wall, pee; hug the tree, pee; on and on.

She did often wonder what lesson Clay was trying to convey. Was if for her? Was it for Bee? Was it for both of them? She found out a few weeks later.

In a moment of uncharacteristic self revelation, Bee told Amy that she felt Clay was testing her as much as he was toying with Amy. She said that since her late teens she had been involved in one lesbian relationship after another. About ten years ago, she was involved with a teen age girl eight years younger than herself. The father, a lawyer, told her that she would be prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of a minor unless she signed an affidavit to the effect that she was not touch any women sexually who was younger than she was. And then he persuaded Clay, a friend of his over the years, to hire her on as a maid. A job that would keep her far away from his daughter.

Bee said that Clay knew she would be aroused sexually by seeing Amy’s young and luscious body. Watching her pee would also be a turn-on for her. But, if Bee even so much as laid a hand on Amy, he would make sure the entire nature of her relationship years ago would be reopened. “He knows I won’t approach you and you won’t approach me. He can imagine the fire I have in my own cunt and that I can’t do much about it,” she declared.

“Likely she is right.” Amy thought to herself.

Clay phoned Amy at least once a week to check on her. She gave him assurances that she was behaving herself, learning what lessons she could, and making faithful entries in her journal.

After the second week away, he removed the “naked pee on a leash” rule but added that she must start doing at least 500 abdominal crunches a day and that when in the mansion she was to wear tit clips with bells attached. He wanted her to not only have a flat stomach but also one that had added muscular definition which he though was sexy as hell. He also wanted her to toughen up her nipples so that he could play with them more aggressively without making them raw.

Amy had busied herself for a few hours each day after class in the mansion library. She did more reading than arranging and organizing. She would spend quite a bit of time studying pictures of various bondage positions and the use of punishment equipment shown in the collection he had accumulated. And, each time she came out, there was a damp spot in her crotch. She made many weekday forays to the dungeon as well.

She found his erotic collection of leather bondage clothing all neatly placed on shelves - corsets, cinches, bras with holes and bras with tiny pins in the cup, arm and leg cuffs, spreader bars, posture bars, gags of all sorts, blindfolds, single arm harnesses, body harnesses and binders, handcuffs, chastity belts, head trainers and discipline helmets, masks, stainless steel yokes, neck corsets, bondage mittens, tit clips with assorted weights, and various hobble items. And, now she had provided him with a customized tit press made exclusively to her measurements. She made careful notes on his dungeon collection.

At her first opportunity she drove the roadster to “The Leather and Tack Supply Barn” to meet up with Celia and buy the instruments of her pending torment. Amy could almost tell who Celia was from afar just by her looks and demeanor. In her tight riding jeans, shirt tied up beneath her tits, and heeled boots she was a woman to watch. “She certainly fills out those jeans,” Amy thought.

“Hi, I’m Amy and I’m looking for Celia.”

“Well, you found her darling. How can I help ya’.”

“I was told I could find a good assortment of whips here behind some sort of green door.”

“Sure enough sweet girl. Follow me. We’ve got what you need.”

Once they were inside the green door Celia said, “Honey, have you ever felt the sting, bite and thud of one of these here leather things?”

“No, in truth, I haven’t which is why I’m here I guess; I’m supposed to pick out the ones that will be used on me.”


“My Master said you and I might have some things in common. May I ask you the same question you just asked me -- about the whippings?”

“Amy, how old are you?”

“Just turned twenty.”

“Well, I’m twenty five and I’ve had more whippen’s than I can count. See that big fella over there with the blue shirt and broad shoulders? He’s my guy. He rules the show. Whenever he gets close to me, no matter who is around, he tells me to bend over a grab my ankles, then he smacks my behind so hard I nearly fall over. Hurts like hell every time.

“And, then when the spirit moves his sorry soul he takes me out in the woods, strips me naked and ties me on tiptoe to a tree branch and whacks the crap out of me until I scream. He uses that devil over there.” She pointed to a 9 thonged, braided cat with 16 inch leather tails hanging along with almost a dozen other bull whips, riding whips, floggers, cunt whips, crops, canes, slappers, paddles, and tawses. “He sets me on fire from my shoulders to my calf’s then turns me around and gets me from my boobs to my knees. When he’s done I burn all over. He’s so good at wielding a whip, he never breaks my skin. Then he usually screws me standing up against the tree and I cum like a banshee.

“Sometimes, after he beats me, he lets a guy friend of his fuck me in the ass while I’m tied up. Boy do I hate that; and Big Al knows it which is why he finds a way to make it happen. Well, that’s enough about me for now. What’s your pleasure sweetie?”

“Well, I’m in the dark on all this whip purchase stuff, so I’ll pick up one of the ones displayed on the wall that I might be interest in, and you nod “good” or “no good, OK?”

Her selection started with a straight 30 inch foam filled leather paddle. “Good.”

An ostrich plum tickler just for fun. “Good.”

A 20 inch braided, multi tone, deerskin crop. “Good.”

An 18 inch soft cowhide pussy whip. “Try it you; might like it.”

A 24 inch soft suede flogger. “Good.”

“How much for all five?” she asked. “Really it doesn’t matter though, send the bill to Clay Wright, the rich guy in the stone mansion. Just put all of the stuff in one bag and I’ll get going.”

“I’ve heard of Clay.” Celia said. “He knows my guy. They share a lodge in the woods. He used to have a big account here, cause we sell other stuff too in the room with the red door. Haven’t seen much of him in the past year or so. You exclusive with him?”

“Ya, we are exclusive. He’s my Master and I love him.”

“What’s your relationship with the big guy?”

“I call him ‘my guy’ to most of the customers, but at home, he’s my Master too. But, he shares me with his friends. Except for that, I guess we do have some things in common. Come ‘round again Sister, and we can swap stories.”

“She’s a chick I can learn something from I’ll bet,” Amy mused on her way back to the mansion.

She hung the new whips in the dudgeon and decided to try the cage. A large chain was attached to a wench in the ceiling at one end and the cage itself was welded to the chain at the other. The cage was relatively small and Amy knew she would be cramped when she was inside. She would have to bend over with her head touching her knees. Good that she was flexible she thought. The floor of the cage was thick sheet metal. It was not meant for comfort.

She had left her clothing in the library and she could hear the video tape machines running. Clay had set them up to automatically record any movement in the dungeon. She lowered the cage and set the timer on the wall for fifteen minutes. She crawled into the cage through the small gate on the side.

As soon as she shut the gate the clutch engaged in the hoist motor and she was soon swinging gently and riding high to the ceiling. It was a bit warmer up there and she was cramped up so it wasn’t unexpected that she would start to perspire a bit. She had remembered to lubricate her ass and cunt when she got up that morning but now she did not need artificial lubrication.

The cameras were tilted up to catch her every move. She was to use this time for introspection not to marvel at the wonders of modern technology and she only had fifteen minutes to meditate. She closed her eyes and touched her hands together. She started a pattern of shallow breathing. In time she could almost hear Clay, ever the teacher, asking her questions. “Is there a difference between ‘embarrassment’ and ‘erotic embarrassment’ my dear slave?”

She let that thought rumble around in her mind and started to sift through all the words in her vocabulary that might help her understand what she was to learn from the answer to that question. She had not reached any conclusion when the clutch engaged again and lowered her to the floor. “Not enough time. Need to set the timer for a longer period next time.”

And, when she did try the cage again, this time for almost an hour, her body began to ache because of the cramped confinement and she could not concentrate very well on philosophical questions.

But, she did remember Clay’s “big question” and it ran through her mind again at that moment. “How can someone be embarrassed if they aren’t forced, through coercion or unwelcome subjugation, to do something they would not wish to do? If a submissive willingly and actively participates in any activity, do the conditions required to cause genuine embarrassment or humiliation really exist? ”

Amy thought she might do better meditating in the casket or having a “sisterly” chat with Celia. She did make note in her journal of the questions she had but for which she had no answers. Amy did Celia, since she had more experience as a submissive and thought she might get some insights from her on various aspects of the dominate and submissive relationship. They met over morning coffee the next day.

Celia said it was her opinion that good English words, understood by everyone in the “vanilla” community had vastly different meanings in their world; and even within their world not everyone agreed with her definitions.

Celia made distinctions. For practical purposes, “erotic” words and actions in the context of their world had the intent of adding sexual and emotional stimulation; some had greater potential for the intended result than others and some individuals reacted more or less intensely to some actions and some words than did others.

She was not above embracing any action intended to embarrass, humiliate, or degrade as having a legitimate place at the table in some part of their world. She herself, was not in favor of degradation, which she felt was debilitating and not part of a healthy relationship, but that was her side of things.

She felt her Master did not “inflict” pain on her; he “gave” it or “administered” the pain she craved -- not just because she was a masochist, which she admitted being, but because she wanted to please her Master. In this sense, she didn’t receive his torment as “pain”. He did in fact want to hurt her, abuse her, and make her cry, and that made her wet, because she knew she was pleasing him. But she trusted him not to harm her, disfigure her, or inflict any long term damage to her.

Amy related personally to those thoughts and had integrated them into her life of submission to Clay. She had come to realize that after Clay laid the preparatory ground work on her emotions and erogenous areas she was actually exalted by his torment of her and that it enhanced her sexual responsiveness. She thought perhaps the release of endorphins into her blood stream was able to transfer what would normally be pain into pleasure -- not everyone might be built that way but it seemed to work for her.

Clay had made it clear that for him it was important that she think of her submission to him as consisting of several different levels or modes of behavior.

First, she was going to have to function in the vanilla world and be successful there -- she had to shop, go to class, and tend to the normal things an adult women needs to do. She would plan, organize and conduct business as usual. She would be lighthearted, analytical, and even assertive as the situation warranted. Hustle here; hustle there. Get things done. He thought of this as the “Normal” mode.

She could not always be near him and it would not be practical for her to wait for him to give her orders all the time. Nor would it be practical for her to flaunt her submission or even her sexuality. That said, she would know that in important matters his judgment would prevail and that even though the vanilla world did not need to know her slave status, it would always be on her mind.

Then there would be times when he would want her to be quiet -- be less intrusive of his space and time. Certain times when he would cherish her thoughts but would not want to be overwhelmed by them. Perhaps he might want a moment of tranquility before setting the stage for more active domination and sexual activity. He called this the “Transition” mode.

This mode required her to be generally acquiescent and passive. It would be triggered by some word or deed from him; generally a subtle one. She would be expected to adjust to his mood and stop what she was doing. Essentially it was a waiting period. If she did not get any further cues from him to the contrary, she would eventually resume work in the “Normal” mode.

The next submissive threshold level he called the “Controlled” mode. It was the one that required her to increase her vulnerability to his demands and to be extremely compliant and servile. It was the mode in which she was to prostrate herself before him and get her mind in a place where he could use and abuse her and know she was actually enjoying the highest level of submission. Moderate use of bondage and discipline would take shape at this level and gave him some warm up time if he decided to engage in more aggressive domination play. In this mode her blood chemistry would begin to change and her outside awareness levels would start to diminish.

And, lastly there was the “Sub Space” mode known to almost all submissives who have endured the extremes of domination behavior. At this level she was completely vulnerable; where normal pain became arousing and where her blood chemistry masked body signals which normally spelled trouble or pending damage -- where her whole body could be on fire from a flogging but it didn’t actually hurt in the normal sense. She would experience a warm, floating feeling; slightly unattached to her body.

This was the space where her tolerance for pain was unbelievable. She would feel a “physiological high” and her erotic sensations were increased while at the same time her communications skills would become virtually nonexistent. She didn’t get into that space very often, but when she did, Clay stayed with her and allowed her return to a previous level to occur slowly and with care.

With an understanding of the various submissive modes and mental thresholds, Amy realized that being submissive and having a Master did not mean she had to live the lifestyle every minute of every day. She was a thinking adult with responsibilities as a student for example. Her Master never said he wanted to own her, just control her for his purposes, and she was having the time of her life with him.

Celia had confided to Amy that there were certain demands made by her Master that were harder to deal with than others. She was more humiliated by having her tits fondled in public than by being bent over and whacked on the bottom for example. And, she didn’t like to be fucked in the ass by Big Al’s friends. She didn’t know why particularly, and she really wasn’t interested to find out why, that was just the way she was.

Both women recounted that they often felt more submissive and sensual when dressed in erotic and revealing clothing than when they were completely nude. Amy said she liked to tease Clay with erotic attire but felt being naked allowed her to get rid of all the trappings of the outside world and allowed her, in an unencumbered way, to more fully abandon herself to the service of her lover and Master.

Both agreed that it was important for them to have their Masters be attentive to them and know them well enough to know their limits. The confessed that they did in fact have limits despite their declarations of complete submission. However, these limits seemed to change from day-to-day and even from week-to-week. They confessed that they liked their Master’s to actually push them through their limits occasionally -- either thresholds of pain or preserved thresholds of humiliation.

They were confident that their Masters watched them closely and were intuitive enough to know when they were being pushed too far given a particular circumstance.

Celia revealed she even got a thrill when her Master called her his “fucking bitch” or his “pain slut” or when he told her to masturbate for his pleasure. Amy confessed that she got excited when Clay made her count the individual slaps of the flogger during her first punishment session. Both, had experienced “denial” of their own pleasure and were able to experience an alternative sense of exhilaration when they had to subjugate such natural instincts at such an intense time.

They were complicated people and Sister’s indeed; kindred spirits. They would get together again soon.

Amy decided to let all that she had heard during her time with Celia simmer in her meditative moments while in the “Red Casket.” She made notes in her journal and set the timer for two hours. Before the lid closed and was held tightly by the air cushion, she took a moment to rub her tits and pull her nipples. And, she ran her finger across her cunt lips and clit. She wanted some stimulation on her body if she was going to be deprived of sensation for so long a period.

She was able to meditate well in the coffin. She could hear her heart beating and the breath from her nostrils seemed louder than any time in the past. She could feel the pulse in her chest and even in her fingers. Then the thoughts drifted in; soft and penetrating. She could hear Clay’s voice prodding her and asking her questions. She was able to find answers this time. And, she was just about ready to start preparing a list of things she wanted to do that she felt would be pleasing to Clay when the lid opened. The two hours had gone quickly.

Over the next several weeks she spent less time in the cage and more time in the casket. She couldn’t wait to ask Clay if some of the ideas she had while meditating would be pleasing to him. She had been obedient to him in his absence.

The library was taking shape and the dungeon inventory was complete. And, actually she wanted him to consider rearranging the library so he could have a wall of pictures of her in various stages of provocative, dress or undress, bondage, or punishment that might amuse him. She would get his reaction to that project and some others when he got home. It would be his welcome home present from her.

It was a Friday night in late February when he called her from his cell phone to say that his limo driver was about ready to bring back into town. She was to be naked and kneeling in his bedroom waiting for him to arrive.

He found her with a blindfold on, kneeing with her knee's side apart, arms behind her head, back arched and tits pressed forward. She was wearing tit clips with bells. When she heard the door open, she giggled her bells as a welcome home gesture. Clay reached down to finger her cunt and found that she was indeed happy to see him. He brought her to her feet and gave her one of his giant, tit crunching hugs and deep throat kisses. His cock sprang to full erection.

Amy dropped to her knees again and asked if he would be pleased if she worshiped his cock with her mouth. There was no hesitation on her part. He laid her down on the carpet and flipped her legs over his shoulders and entered her easily. He told her to work with him so they could achieve a simultaneous orgasm something they hadn’t done before.

He restrained himself but she wiggled, bucked, and shifted her position. She moaned and groaned and hissed. “May I have a climax Master, please don’t deny me Sir,” she whispered. He shoved hard against her in assent; she shouted and screamed and dreamed and creamed. He shot his full, warm load into her. He moved her to the bed and, they cuddled again with her cheek against his chest.

She told him about the whips and her conversation with Celia. She recounted the meditation experiences she had had in the casket and the insights she had regarding her submission to him. She asked him if it would be pleasing to him if she could talk freely about the ideas she had which were intended to help her serve him more completely. Again, another tug on her nipple told her she should proceed.

“Master, you know I love you and have found a sense of personal freedom and completion in my submission to you. You treat me the way I need to be treated. You are understanding and wise. You are letting me build the foundation for my slavery to you.

“I realize that you are letting me grow at my pace and that you are allowing me to know who you are and what motivates you. I trust you.”

“I have read that most slaves don’t grow to their full level of maturity and understanding with their first Master. But, with you I feel I am growing and learning every day. You are caring. You keep me safe. I love what you are doing for me. You told me to spend time in mediation striving for greater understanding; to help me understand myself and integrate all the ideas you have given me in my life.

“You will find my journal up-to-date. And, while I was in the casket, I came up with some ideas that might help me learn to be the best submissive I can be for you. I do have some ideas for our future that I’d like to suggest.”

“Tell me what you have in mind Slave. The worst thing is if I’m not happy with you, I’ll punish you severely for your impudence,” he said twisting her nipple hard once more. “And, if you make me hard again, you know what will happen to you!” He rubbed his foot up and down against her smooth calf's and thighs, moved his hand lightly across her flat stomach, felt the downy softness of her strong arms, and felt the gracious curves of her full, firm, tits. “What a woman!” He thought.

“Master, I want to give you a gift. A gift of pictures of me in my service to you. A gift of myself in my, submission, nakedness and humiliation. If you would allow it Sir, we could get a photographer to take pictures of me in whatever poses or position you want and we could hang them in the library on the big north wall.

“And, Master, if it pleases you, you might test the new tit press on me soon. It looks awesome and I’m sure it will hurt my sensitive tits when it is clamped down tight.

“To go along with the tit clamp, I also bought a devise you might like. They call it a “Pullout” or “Tit Puller”. It has a base plate which would fit between my tits. A large threaded post fits into the base plate which extends away from my body. A hand screw turns and raises a cross bar along the post. Thin wires attach to each side of the cross bar which are then attached to nipple grippers. As hand screw is turned, the crossbar moves forward onto the post away from my chest. As it does, it puts a pulling tension on my nipples and tits. I imagine the trick is to get the cross bar farther and farther way each time you use it. It could really be a trip especially if you put the nipple grabbers in actual nipple rings or studs.

“Also, I have hung the new whips in the dungeon. One of them I just bought on a whim. They call it pussy whip. It makes me excited to even think about it. Then there are the regular floggers and hand whips. I hope you are pleased with the results you get. And, I also bought an ostrich plume feather. When I’m bound it could make for an interesting sensation especially when used alternately with one of the whips.”

“Second, as you know, I only have a few months to go until the end of this semester. If it pleases you, I’d like to leave the apartment then and make my room here my permanent residence. That way I’d be here when you want me and no doubt would be better able to learn from you and serve you.”

“Is that all?” he said.

“While I was at “The Leather and Tack Supply Barn”, Celia mentioned they not only had a green door but also a red door with even more erotic merchandise. If my hunch is right, there would seem to be a fairly large population in this area who share our lifestyle or something akin to it; apparently large enough to support an establishment that stocks an extensive collection of erotic clothes and equipment.

“So, perhaps during the summer vacation, if it pleases you, I’d like to see if they would hire me to sell their erotic goods, strictly on a commission basis. Not that you need more money, but it's the principle of the thing.

“And lastly, if there is a group of folks who share our life style in the community, again only if it pleases you, perhaps we could expand our social agenda, such as it is, to include some of them. I have in mind in particular, Celia and her Master.”

“Slave, you have been a busy young lady and a thoughtful one at that. I’m too tired to beat you or fuck you any more tonight. Go to your room and I’ll see you for breakfast at 8. Bring your journal with you. Then we will go to the dungeon. Let me sleep on your suggestions. I assure you I’ll give them all careful consideration.”

At 8 sharp they met at the breakfast table; Amy was already set with sexual anticipation. They rose to go to the dungeon through the library that was looking more organized that ever before. She gave him the journal and stepped out of her clothes. He guided her down the dungeon steps.

Clay found a penis gag that filled her mouth. Then he pulled a full leather training helmet over her head. She could breathe easily but not see or talk. He slipped her into 4 inch heels that had the effect of tilting her ass out provocatively and giving her legs a wonderful sensuous appearance.

He slipped the tit press in place; the top section of curved wooden devise went over her tits and the lower section went under her tits. The two sections were attached around her back with leather straps and to each other by long bolts that could be brought together with long bolts and wing nuts. He did not tighten the press until he forced her arms behind her and bound them together at the elbows and wrists.

Then he twisted the wing nuts of the press downward slowly on each side. The press was custom made for her and her tits were forced in the only direction they could go -- out. Her nipples were hard and the flesh of her tits was squeezed so tightly he thought they might burst. He could hear her muffled moans.

Next he pulled her each nipple toward him and snapped on a clip with a bell as close to the aureole as he could.

“I’ll fiddle with the new tit puller gadget next time.” He said.

“I’m going to read your journal entries now, Slave. Keep up a good face for me, and ring those bells,” he taunted.

Amy was feeling the pain and knew it would not abate any time soon. “The stressful life of a slave,” she thought.

Clay was quite impressed with Amy’s insights. She was a bright girl and making straight “A”s in his book.

“Amy, I am really very pleased with your progress as my Slave. You have shown great promise and initiative and I appreciate that. In fact I agree with all of the suggestions you made last night.

“I see you struggling under the stress I’m putting on your tits but, I’m not done with them yet because now I’m going to whip them with a crop and a flogger.”

She had never had her sensitive tits whipped before, nor has she had them so painfully squeezed. Clay removed the clip from her right nipple. Pain! Hot pain!

He sucked her nipple and played with it with his tongue. He pulled it with his teeth and heard her moan.

He raised and lowered the crushed orb and played with the heft of her tit in the palm of his hands.

To warm her up, he then stroked her raising tit fifty times lightly with a small leather crop with an inch wide tip until it was pink with blood flushing through it’s sensitive skin surface.

Then he pinched her right nipple between his left pointer finger and thumb before he cracked a new 16 strand flogger hard directly across the tit itself. Her knees buckled. Nine more cracks.

She broke into a major sweat and moaned from within her gag and hood. She knew he would torment her left tit the same way. She was not to be let down. The pain that coursed through her left tit was just as intense as that which lingered in the right one.

He loosened the tit press and removed it. Then he flogged each tit again ten more times. They were red and swelling.

With the crop in hand once again he took aim at each nipple alternating left and right. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Shattering, searing pain!

He made her spread her legs and felt her wetness; she was flowing. He released her arms and removed the hood and gag.

“On your knees, slave. Suck me dry, bitch,” he hissed at her.

She was on him in an instant. Deep. While she eagerly sucked him, he let his hands stroke her sore nipples then he let her drain him. He could feel the ejaculate come from deep within him and he cried out in an explosive climax and watched some of his warm cum ooze from around her lips.

Her tits and nipples were afire.

When she went back to class on Monday, her face had a glow which seemed almost radiant. Those who saw her did not fully appreciate the glow that still remained in her tits.

She would have a story to tell her journal..

The rest of the semester passed rapidly. Clay got Amy the summer job she wanted. He hired a professional private workout trainer and tennis coach for her during her stay at the mansion. No Slave of his was going to the college gym -- especially one with the exceptional good looks and body of his slave, Amy.

What neither the trainer of Amy knew was that she would not be wearing panties under her short tennis outfit during her lessons. She still had a lot to learn.

The End of Part # 3

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By Lewis Chappelle

Amy again did well in her classes at Westfield. And, she had moved out of her apartment on campus and into the mansion with Clay. They had separate rooms but she was always on call. She was his slave and he called the shots. She was one contented young women.

She checked in with Celia on her first day of work at “The Leather and Tack Supply Barn”. Celia showed her the basic stock in the main sales area of the barn -- saddles, saddle blankets, bridles, bits, spurs, hats, gloves, riding clothes for men, women and children; the works. Really nice stuff.

Then she took her back to the rear and unlocked the green door. No real surprises there. Amy had seen it all. Amy did inquire as to the number of people in the area who were likely to have the same lifestyle as they were.

“You would be surprised.” Celia said. “Some to a lesser degree than we are and some to a greater degree.” She added, “Wait ‘till I show you the stuff we stock behind the red door.”

Amy saw an inventory of erotic leather and latex garments and equipment that reminded her of the material in Clay’s dungeon. “And, you sell a lot of this too?” She asked.

“There is seldom a day goes by that we don’t make at least two sizable sales from one of these rooms, but it takes time.” Celia said.

“We have begun to take private appointments to avoid folks running into each other when they would prefer to remain, well, in the closet.. These purchases are usually a private matter. Most often the regulars come through the side office door that has a hallway entrance to both the red and green room. That way, they bypass the regular traffic in the barn itself.

“Frankly, I could use some help because our customers can be very meticulous. You can assume that I really mean “slow,” in making their purchases. The women are the worst. The other workers around here like to tend to the horses and stables, and chat up the customers that leaves me to tend to all the sales and ordering in the main barn.

After you learn the stock, you could take over for me in either or both of the private rooms. Working on commission back there could be quite lucrative for you. Check to see if we have an appointment sometime during the day today.”

As it happened, Ms. Dory Spitzer was on the books for a 1 PM appointment. Amy went about checking on the inventory and what was possible to order if what the customer needed was not in stock. She didn’t think that what she was wearing was in keeping with all the goods now under her care, so she found a short leather skirt and leather bra plus a pair of 3 inch heels. She brushed up her makeup and brought her hair into a pony tail. She now looked the part.

Ms. Spitzer came at the appointed time and knocked on the red door. Amy checked the peep hole and let her in. She introduced herself. Dory said she preferred to be called simply by her first name.

Amy asked if she had anything particular in mind for her purchase. Now that she saw how provocative the short leather skirt could be, she thought she might like one for herself. After fiddling around for over two hours, Dory had selected several items including the skirt. Her purchases were paid for, neatly packaged and she was gone without any one knowing she was there.

Commission for Amy was $70 and she had herself her first customer. Dory would be back for sure. Amy carefully documented the purchase and other articles in which Dory showed interest. She would make sure she had her size and color preference in stock next time Dory came in.

It was clear that several of the gentlemen were buying for their girlfriends, mistresses, wives, lovers, slaves, or whomever. Early on in her new position as erotic clothes sales consultant, one man actually asked her to model a particular leather garment. It was sexy but not too revealing. Amy went behind the dressing screen, slipped into the garment and modeled it for him. The poor guy just about shot his load right on the spot. He bought the piece and gave Amy a very nice tip.

The buzz about her modeling started to get around in the right places and Clay did nothing to discourage her initiative. Customers came and went over the next few weeks and Amy was attentive to their needs and for their desire for privacy. Her customer list was getting quite large and she was doing well on her commissions and tips.

On several occasions her customers asked if she could design a special piece of gear just for them She did not have much training in design but she had a crafty knack of meeting her customer needs. She found a fabric store that carried leather and a tailor who could work it. Her custom products were catching on too.

At one point she asked Clay if he would mind if she changed her major from Phys. Ed. to Fashion Design when she started classes again in the fall. He thought about it for several days and said he would agree with the plan and would change the details of his scholarship for her with the college.

Clay asked her the names of her clients. He knew many of them from over the years, but he did not tell her which ones he knew or how he knew them. He told her to tell him details of her work; which client bought what item and what other items had interested them. He was contemplating who he might ask to join him at a dinner party at the mansion in honor of Amy’s twenty first birthday that was soon approaching. This was to be his surprise.

He narrowed his list of potential invitees to 8 couples. He had them vetted by a private investigator and knew more about them than they did about themselves. Along with Amy and him, they all would fit around the large dining room table. Each woman was a submissive and had been with her Master for at least a year. While some of the women were more beautiful than others, all of them were quite fit and attractive.

He arranged for six waitress to be imported from out of town. Each was auditioned by a modeling consultant. They had to be experienced and look great in French maid serving attire. Each was fitted with a waist cincher, underwire deep cut bra showing plenty of cleavage, thong panties, short ruffle skirt, apron, headband and wristlets.

He arranged for a three piece, all girl, strolling string ensemble. They were to have the same facial and body characteristics as the waitress, but with musical talent.

He also wanted nine leggy, full breasted, hot looking erotic dancers, who could prove they were in good health. The dancers were chosen not only because they were good looking but also because they agreed to personally add an erotic and festive atmosphere to the dance portion of the party he had scheduled for the pool area after dinner.

All the imported ladies were all given private appointments with a beautician to ensure their make up and hair fashion was just right for the occasion.

The invitees were asked to wear sophisticated evening wear but were encouraged to be ready to have a good time afterward at the pool. Since the pool party was to be uninhibited, he got assurances that his guests would not require bathing suits.

It was his plan that pre-dinner drinks and hors d’oeuvres would be served at 7 PM. Dinner would be formal with the band playing softly in the background.

Clay decided that the occasion of her birthday would be her formal “outing” event. At the end of the meal, Clay would toast Amy and congratulate her on her birthday. He would make reference to the fact that he had fallen in love with Amy and that he was proud to have her as his Slave. She would be asked to say a few words.

After the dessert the guests would dance to the wild disco music being brought in by a female disk jockey. The pool area was set up with strobe lights, smoke machines, and colorful pictures flashing on the wall of the large white cabana. At about midnight, Clay wanted all invited guests to dry off and adjourn to the movie projection room. There were to be nine leather chairs for the men. The women were to sit on the carpet next to their Master in whatever state of dress or undress the men desired.

The movie of the night was to be a playing of the tape he made of Amy’s deflowering and her first punishment session.

It was clear, even without saying so, that when the movie was over, all guests would continue back at the pool with all the out of town girls. This was to be the sex orgy of the year for those who wanted to stay the night.

Clay wanted everyone to know what he had planned so he briefed them as part of his welcoming remarks. Amy was blown away by the arrangements Clay had made on her behalf and the invited guests were all stunning.

His “outing” remarks were brief. He walked to her end of the table and stood behind her. He kissed her on the neck and she could feel the shivers of sexual excitement in her groin.

“I never have collared Amy formally as my personal slave. But now I think it’s time.” He said without fanfare.

He removed a gold neck choker from his pocket and put it around her neck. It wasn’t the normal slave collar to be sure. But, the symbolism was clear to all.

The guests actually applauded when Amy rose to speak.

“Thank you all for coming tonight. I’m so grateful I met my Master a few years ago and that I am able to share the nature of my relationship with him openly with you tonight. Clay is a great teacher, and Master, and I trust him in every way. Thank you again for coming. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Don’t you love my new collar?” She said. The guests applauded once more.

Clay kept Amy close by his side during the entire evening and watched while the others went wild.

When the party was over, Amy hugged Clay and told him how very grateful she was for the party. She was dizzy with all the erotic activities said she would remember the frenetic excitement for the rest of her life.

She had never seen so much fucking, sucking, caressing, probing, drinking, and kissing. She had observed on several instances during the night one women being penetrated by three men at the same time; three women making love to one women; Masters spanking their slaves; and other slaves enjoying the sixty-nine position on each other -- a real education she thought; should be worth at least three credits in some course or another.

“Master, if it pleases you, may I speak freely?” she asked as they laid in bed next to each other. She was naked, and as he usually did when he wanted to give in to her, he pulled hard on her nipple

“Master, again if it pleases you, may I hug you and kiss you?” She said softly.

“You take a serious risk, Slave. If, I’m not in the mood, or you touch me at a bad time or place for me, I will punish you for your insolence. But, if you want to take the risk, like now for instance, why don’t you roll over on me and see if you can get a rise out of me so to speak.”

Over she turned. He felt her soft lips caress his and then her tongue dart around his mouth. He reached behind her and moved his hands around the curve of her ass is if it was the first time he was exploring that part of her body. Then he spread her ass cheeks and penetrated her asshole with his fingers. As he began to stimulate her, she kissed him harder and moved her mouth on his with a passion he had not felt from her before.

“Master, I will remember my twenty first birthday party for ever. You were very kind to show me such a grand time. I love you. I remember last year you gave me my slave bracelet. Now the collar. That was perfect too. Unless you deny me permission, sir, I’m going to suck you and fuck you and suck you and fuck you until you finally cum in me; mouth or cunt or both.”

She went down on him and squeezed his cock and balls between her legs; pressed him inside her and leaned backward so he could fondle her tits and nipples. The pressure of her arching backward put a wonderful strain on his cock and he nearly shot his wad. She withdrew and sucked. She caught the twitch in his cock and drew him back into her cunt. She moved more slowly this time.

Then she wrapped his smooth cock head in her mouth. She did not take the shaft down her throat but pressed him back in her cunt. This time she worked her hips and ground him into her deeply; he grabbed her ass and immobilized her while he ejaculated. She could feel the warmth of his cum inside her slippery hole and was satisfied. He pulled her up to him and pinched her nipples; then fell asleep.

The party go’ers were gone when they arose. They found many pairs of high heels and a few dresses laying about. They did not find any panties or bras. “Not worn or were they taken with them?” they wondered. They decided not to answer the phone all day but short messages were left on their answering service to the effect that the caller had a wonderful time and would reciprocate in the future.

One caller, a woman who did not identify herself, said she was calling as required by her Master. She said he told her to provide Clay with explicit details of how she had been used by men and women alike at the party. “Graphic, slut!” he thought. “I can’t wait for our next party. Maybe my Master will let you whip me and perhaps you will let me get it on with Amy.” she concluded. Amy just smiled.

It was an early Monday morning the party was still fresh in her mind and Amy slowly got herself to the Barn. Soon thereafter, Amy got a call asking for an appointment. The women sounded quite eager and there was no one else on the appointment book until mid afternoon.

“Would it be possible for you to come in this morning?” She queried.

“If you can take me right now, I’ll be right over. My name is Elaine but I spell it with a small “e”. Be there in twenty minutes,” she said.

“I’m Elaine, but call me “e”, she said. She was wearing about 4” heels and it wasn’t even noon. Her skirt was very short and she was not wearing hose on her very tanned and long legs. Her leather top was knotted under her tits, which were firm, sizable, and obviously enhanced. Her waist was narrow, her hips thin, and her ass tight. If Amy was right, she had been recently whipped.

“Talk among the other submissives in town is that we can talk to you because you are one of us.” said Elaine.

Amy nodded agreeably.

“I’m sure I don’t have to tell you there are girls who get off on erotic discomfort and pain. Well, I’m one of them. But, my current Dom isn’t sure of himself in that area yet. He hasn’t figured out my level of tolerance and what I like. He’s good at setting rules. He has some good ideas about how to keep me in control, and his bondage equipment is pretty good, but his selection of whips really suck, at least for me. So show me what you’ve got here sister.”

Amy showed her the inventory in the green room. Elaine said, her dom generally used a whip made of soft suede but it only had a light bite and she needed to increase his inventory.

“The little guy had me pretty well trussed up for a while and I was really in my sub space, ready for anything,” she blurted. “But then the whipping he gave me was a nothing. He had me bound with my arms over my head and my legs pulled backward on a leather bench. The bench was equipped with a big cock sticking out of it and he had me slip it into my cunt. He kept me that way for quite a while. Very stimulating, but I was waiting for the whip.

“He let me loose and made me bend over and suck my juices off the dildo. He wanted it down my throat and had my arms bound tightly at the elbow. He whipped my ass while I was bent over with the suede thing which, at the time, I thought was just a warm up.

“He then put my head and hands in a leather padded, wooden stock contraption. He pulled the corners of the gadget up toward the ceiling until I was standing on my toes. My calf’s were burning. A great position for a body whipping though. But, the only thing he had was that dammed suede whip. What a looser. So hear I am looking for a good set of whips for myself. Goofy huh?

“First, I want that nice pliable birch cane up there. It looks like it will certainly leave a welt.

“Then I want that pussy whip over there. That will tell him I’m serious. What else do you have?

“Most of my customers,” replied Amy, “are into light or mid range play. You however, are already beyond that stage and have a flogger for light play. Now you need a flogger with medium thud and a gritty sting and something more firm for heavier thuds and more of a long lasting sting. And, I would also suggest a nice heavy horse training whip with a snap, all sting, little thud.”

Elaine was gushing with sensual expectation.

“Would you let me bend over the counter there and see how each feels on my bare ass? In direct terms, I’m asking you to whip me right here, right now,” said Elaine. “I’d like you to start with the Elk flogger here. It looks like it the right length and it’s got lots of tails.”

She dropped her skirt and Amy could see she her ass was still somewhat pink from her previous whipping. But she took dead aim at the pretty tight bottom awaiting for the blow she was about to administer. Amy had never whipped anyone before. She had always been the whipped. But, Elaine was the customer and the customer is always right.

“OK, sister, now really lay five good ones on me.” Elaine flinched but didn’t make a sound. “OK, I know what that one does and like you said, it could be a good warm up for me; better than the one he has for sure. Now lets try the kinky 30 inch snappy horse whip. Plant your best ten; five on each side and don’t hurry.”

Amy gave it all she had. Redness and swelling appeared almost instantly.

“Good show kiddo. That was worth it. Now, let’s do 4 with the cane straight across both cheeks; try not to overlap. I want you to make welts so I can show the little guy that I can take it.”

Amy has never wielded a cane before and had not seen anyone else use one either. She had heard canes were nasty but were standard implements in England. Elaine was the customer.

“Yelps! Now, that is a bastard,” she cried. But, she did not move away so Amy dealt another. Caught her right at the curve of her ass and top of her well shaped leg.

“Damn, that is brutal.” Get on with it girl!”

Two more and Elaine was in real agony but had not shed a tear. The welts were quick to appear.

Amy got some herbal oils and asked Elaine to stay bent over so she could administer the soothing remedy. She was feeling frisky and let her fingers slip and slide into Elaine’s cunt and ass hole.

“You want me to cum for you Amy?” She asked.

“OK. I’m sure you are horny enough. How about you show me how you do it. Lay down and show me. Here is the handle of the horse whip.”

Elaine was on her back, legs spread and pumping away with the whip handle in three seconds flat. Amy was engrossed with the show going on before her. She kept her own hands at her sides knowing well that Clay would punish her if she even got near her swollen clit. Elaine was grinding hard and pressing her wounded ass flesh into the harsh Berber carpet. The harder she pressed, the more she thrashed and bucked her hips; orgasm after orgasm. And then she squirted, a lot, right on the carpet.

Then she got up, found a towel, wiped off, pulled her skirt up, adjusted her tits and said, “That was wonderful. Total all this stuff up and add $50 for yourself. I’ll be back.” Amy watched as she wriggled gingerly into her car and drove away.

After she did what she could to clean up the place, Amy was ready to take the rest of the day off and get Clay to fuck her; so that’s what she did.

She interrupted Clay at his work to tell him the events of the morning. Amy didn’t leave out any details and his cock rose to the occasion. The both were in bed naked and sexually spent within 30 minutes of her arriving home. They spent the rest of the day playing in the pool nude. Her nipples were ready for a break by dinner. She made an extensive entry in her journal that evening.

The next day she told Celia the story of the chick who bought the whips after she sampled them right in the barn. Celia was jealous. “Amy you work with customers only a few hours a day really, handle one customer at a time, make good commission, and tips and you get to play with the clientele too. You should be paying us to work here.”

“Tell you what, I’m going to have a buzzer installed between the specialty shop rooms and the main retail room. When something erotic is going on in there you must let me know.” The deal was struck.

And wouldn’t you know, the very day after the buzzer system was installed it rang for Celia. She opened the green door carefully and stepped inside. A young women was spread wide, face up, on the floor her hands under her hips. She was naked; no shoes, blindfold, nothing. The women was adorned with nipple rings and labia rings which shone in the overhead lights. The man in her life, whoever he was, was using the pussy whip on her exposed and raised cunt. The women was moaning but did not seem overcome. The stimulation was having an effect but she was not in distress. Then the man, unzipped his trousers and entered her roughly. He banged her while she remained motionless.

“OK, bitch, let her rip,” he said. With that comment, the women wrapped her legs around him and began to thrash around with the guy on her. She yelled and cursed to let him know she was in the throes of a wild orgasm.

“Master, that was great. Please buy that whip for me. It was sooo good.” Celia slipped out the door, her own cunt moist with desire.

The whip purchase was completed. The woman walked out the door with his cum and her juices oozing down her leg. The man paid the bill, gave a $100 tip to Amy, and left with a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

“What did you think of that,” Amy inquired of Celia afterward.

“Quite a turn on for sure. I’ll have to find my guy for a quickie I think.”

Amy, as always, shared the story with Clay at dinner. Then in a more hushed tone said, “Master, if it pleases you, would you like me to have my nipples pierced? They get a lot of play time with you and they are quite sensitive as you know. Perhaps a piercing would be fun.”

“You have great tits, Slave. And, I do get enjoyment from toying with your nipples and caressing the firm curves of your tits. Having something to tug on might be interesting too. Let me think on it. I’ll let you know. But for now, just raise your shirt and let me suck and bite them,” he said.

She went to him and with her hands cupped her tits upward to the man she loved and worshiped. And he loved her too and gave homage to her lovely tits.

Near the end of July, he told her that he had made arrangements with a physician friend of his to have her nipples pierced. He didn’t want to take any chances with the downtown piercing shops whose cleanliness were suspect. He did not want any botch job on those magnificent and as yet unaltered orbs.

Dr. Fine saw them both in his office late after hours the next day. His full time and trusted nurse, Flo, stayed to assist. They were both impressed by the shape of her tits and the length of her nipples. “Great candidates for adornment,” Flo thought.

Flo set up the instrument tray and gave Amy a small shot of Novocain in each aureole. The pin prick was a nonevent. The Dr. used a surgical looking instrument to pull her nipple out and taut. With another precision, needle-like instrument he forced a small hole through the sides of her nipple. He attached a small piece of surgical suture material through each hole, swabbed the area in antibacterial ointment, and the procedure was done.

After a week he checked out the sites and inserted small gold wire loops until the healing process was complete. After that, Clay could choose whatever nipple jewelry he liked for her.

Before they left the office, they asked Flo to speak with them privately. In answer to their questions she said that after the nipples healed in about a month, they could change the nipple rings. She said nipples were made of sensitive, erectile tissue but that it was tough tissue. With some degree of care, nipple rings could be pulled upon without damage to the nipple. In fact she said there were now stainless steel bar bell nipple hole slides that could be used with stainless steel nipple collars to stretch and elongate a nipple over time. She would be glad to assist in the endeavor if they wanted to call her.

Amy went to “The Barn” bra less as a matter of course but now her nipples were the center of her world as they touched whatever soft fabric she wore as a blouse. Leather halters were a bit too much during the first days of the healing process. After the rings were in place, she felt more at ease and again started to wear leather bras and halters at work. She wondered what it would be like to have longer nipples than she already had.

Several of her customers had asked her to design custom fitted leather waist cinchers and she was complimented on the fit of each one when they came back from the tailor she had decided to work with. The women loved the effect they had on narrowing the appearance of their waist. It gave them better posture, slimmed their waist by at least two inches, which seemed to exaggerate their hips and ass. Tailored corsets and narrower waists seemed to be a growing fashion.

By the end of the summer she had started a portfolio series of her own erotic women's fantasy ware and was ready to change her major from physical education to fashion design - emphasizing alluring designs for women.

Also, by the end of the summer Clay had decided to make the owners of “The Barn” an offer they couldn’t refuse. He would buy a piece of land from them on the site of the supply and horse training business. He would construct an inconspicuous building on that land for a continuation of the business Amy had built up. Amy would be the new boss.

The would call the business “Etc.” Which was innocuous enough but which in reality, for them, was an acronym for “Enthusiastic Transfer of Control” or “Erotic Transfer of Control.”

She would keep the current clientele and build the business as only she could. She would hire whatever help she needed. She would have an administrative department and start an on-site design department and fitting and tailoring department in addition to the current sales department. She would keep the current inventory and would have exclusive rights to all the sales contacts for this type merchandise, in the local area, for the next 25 years. What’s a million dollars between friends.

When he told her of his plan for her she was overcome. They were in the pool at the time; nude at night. She walked him to one of the corners of the pool and pressed her tits into his chest and her cunt into his pelvis. She wrapped her left hand behind his head and pulled him to her kissing him passionately on the mouth. Her right hand snaked down to his crotch, wrapped her fingers around his cock and began to pump her fingers together on it slowly. He was rock hard in a moment. She opened her legs around his waist and slid him into her. She felt his hand grab her ass and then he began to slow pump inside her. He turned her around against the wall and pressed himself into her with all his might and shot his load.

“Thank, you Master. You are the greatest. I love you. I owe you everything; my academic education, my training as a submissive women, and now my own business.” She began to arouse him again. She felt fulfilled when he was inside her.

She needed an assistant to help her run the company. Someone who could relate to the needs and moods of the clientele. She was considering this problem when Dory called for another appointment. “Is this serendipity or what?” she asked herself.

Dory was really cute and knew it. She was already working at a department store but was not really happy with her supervisor who lorded it over her. She was living with a guy she had known in college. They found their sexual fantasies complimented each other. He liked to dream up ways for her to do daring erotic things in public and she got hot doing them. He was a voyeur and she was an exhibitionist. He got horny watching her and she got randy playing his games. They both had great sex each time a game was complete.

He wasn’t really a dominant and she wasn’t really a submissive. She was not into punishment per se but did take a good spanking now and then. Her thrill was being dared to do sexy things that might be embarrassing to anyone else. That was the reason she gave for liking erotic clothing including the short leather skirt she had purchased earlier.

When the idea of taking on a full time job at “Etc.” Presented itself, Dory jumped at the opportunity. But Amy had some questions. Dory revealed that she 25 years old, five foot five, 110 pounds. She measured a big 34D cup, with a tight 23 inch waist, 32 inch hips and had an ass that was soft, high, and perfectly molded to her shapely legs.

Without comment, she took off her clothes except for her boots, piled her long strawberry blond hair on top of her head and held it in place with both hands elbows splayed wide. She spread her legs to show that everything about her was indeed natural. Not a bit of shyness in her. She had a great body and was very willing to flaunt it.

“You have no tan lines.” Said Amy.

“My voyeur friend won’t let me wear a bathing suit. He makes me sun in the nude. And, it’s really OK with me. Kinda fun. We go the nude beaches from time-to-time but generally I just sun naked in my yard. Neighbors haven’t complained yet, but of course we live next to two gay guys on one side and three horny college guys rent the house on the other side.”

Dory said she had had lesbian relationships but for the moment preferred her man. She was not under any restrictions regarding her personal time and could easily work 28 hours each Wednesday through Saturday. A base salary plus commission rate was settled upon.

Clay had paid handsomely to get the building designed to her specifications, including a nice office, design room, rest rooms, makeup rooms, and several specialty show rooms. Business would be ready to open right after Labor Day.

The property had lots of extra space for additional buildings which could be used for expansion such as cutting, sewing, distribution, order taking, and warehousing.

Amy was about to start her Junior year in college and already had her own business. The fashion design classes would not only help her with the elements of design - modeling, subject mater balance, contrast, texture, form and function - but also about the administration of a business. She was going to learn more than she thought there was to learn. To be sure, she was also a submissive slave to Clay and really that came first; he continued to teach her about himself and about herself. His school was always in session. And, he had one more lesson for her before classes started.

“Amy, I want you to experience something you have not experienced in the two years we have been together.” he said. “I want you to spend one full night alone in bondage in the dungeon. I am going to spread your arms wide over head and your legs wide beneath you. Your head will be covered with one of our leather hoods which itself will be pulled tight to the ceiling to keep your erect. You will be exposed to my touch and your new whips and you will be immobilized for several hours.

“Oooh, Master, that sounds very tough. Please, oh please, show mercy on me.” She whimpered.

End of Part # 4

Note: Readers are encouraged to write a few comments on the above story. I‘d appreciate hearing about which portions of the story “floated your boat” so to speak, as well as material you did not especially care for. LC



Amy was in the dungeon of Clay, her master. The black leather hood he had placed on her allowed her to breathe easily, but she could not see a thing even though the dungeon lights were casting wonderful shadows on her shapely body. And, she could not open her mouth even a fraction of an inch. The “D” ring in the center of the top of the helmet was pulled tight to the ceiling -- it kept her head high and would not let her slump in her bonds.

The hood was tight and buckled snuggly around her neck. Her arms were stretched wide apart overhead. She was wearing 4 inch high, strap-around-the-ankle, shoes that put an distressing strain on her calves and forced her upper leg muscles to strain erotically. Her legs were pulled wide apart by a rope that was attached to her ankle cuffs and to her thighs just above her knees.

The video recorders in the dungeon were working and she could hear their hum making a permanent record of Clay encasing her in her bonds.

Clay told her he was going to leave her for several hours. But he kept vigil on her suffering body. After an hour he feigned coming back to relieve her. He took the gold ring that adorned her nipples in his fingers and pulled on them aggressively. He used a whip to redden the full roundness of each tit then snapped each nipple hard three times with the horse whip she had purchased. She moaned inside the hood.

After another hour in her exposed position she faded into a state of extreme quite; her body remained motionless and her mind drifted to semi consciousness.

He disturbed her dreamy state when he inserted a vibrating dildo in her tender ass hole. The tension she was experiencing was exciting and, at the same time, nerve wracking. He let the dildo in place while he whipped her entire ass with the horse whip -- over one hundred cracks of the whip left her ass a bright pink color with a slight swelling.

Again, Amy was fully awake and hurt badly. A sweat formed on her nude body. Before he stopped tormenting her, he cracked her ass once with the cane she had purchased. A welt rose immediately and Amy cried inside her hood.

After another hour alone, he began to stimulate her clit with his finger. He rubbed her swollen bud round and round sinking deep into her cunt for added lubrication. She tried to press her hips forward to create greater friction. He backed off with maddening timing. She was brought to the edge of climax but he cut off his ministrations just short of orgasm and denied her the pleasure of release.

He then saw the cunt whip which she had purchased, hanging on a peg. He had never before used it on her. A virgin whip. He snapped it hard on her cunt. Amy stiffened. Clay didn’t think that was even possible given how tightly he had her spread. Nine more stiff swats with the whip and Amy growled in pain.

He then used the horse whip on her inner thighs and across the tops of her prominent thigh muscle. One more of the new whips to go. He then saw the suede flogger she had purchased and used it to whip her from tit to toe and from shoulder to shoes.

He made a point of identifying the welt he had caused with the cane and flogged that spot hard. He knew that flogging over a previous cane weld was devilish and painful. She was sobbing inside the hood with renewed pain.

Her chest was heaving as she cried which made her tits jiggle slightly -- “lovely little motion there,” he thought.

At the end of her third hour in bondage, Clay came to her and revived her. He removed the leather hood and gave her eyes time to adjust to the light. He kissed her softly on the lips. “Slave, you have endured your pain wonderfully and have pleased me greatly!” he said.

He carried her to his bed, tossed her legs over his shoulders, as he liked to do, and fucked her sore cunt aggressively. Her back and ass were ultra sensitive as they rubbed against the bed sheets. She was again in her sub space somewhere, yet was able to beg for release and it was granted on her third pitiful sounding plea.

“Oh, Master! I ache all over. My legs feel like stones, my feet are ablaze, my ankles are killing me, and my thighs still sting from the tails of the whip. My cunt is swollen and hurts real bad. I’ll bet my ass is cut because it’s tender as hell. My tits are pulsating in pain. You have dominated me fully and proved how you master my body. I love you and will always endure any suffering or embarrassment that gives you pleasure. May I worship your cock, Sir, as I tremble in my discomfort, my dearest Master.”

He pulled on her nipple ring as he usually did to convey his approval.

As they lay together after she had tasted what was left of his cum, he said, “As part of your journal entry detailing your experience tonight, I want you to write a personal agreement statement of your service and submission to me so I can see how you are thinking these days.” It was the first specific writing assignment he had given her.

“Do you understand my command, Slave?”

“Oh, yes, Master I do. I’ve been thinking of such a statement too and what I’d say to you in it. I’m excited to get started. If it pleases you Sir, I’ll bring you my thoughts in less than a week.”

Her draft statement was heartfelt. It was prepared for Clay’s approval on time.

I, Amy with love and an open, naturally compliant spirit, do request of Clay Wright that he accept this as my pledge of service and submission to him, and that he take me into his care in all matters, erotic and otherwise, as my Master, so that we will grow together in love and mutual trust.

My surrender as a submissive woman is done without reservation. I will work to please my Master by keeping fit and well groomed. It is my desire to assure his comfort, pleasure and well-being above all other considerations. To these ends I offer my Master, the unfettered use of my body, time, and abilities and will accept gracefully any critique or criticism of me or my behavior in whatever form he chooses.

I will show my submissiveness to my Master, in any sexual, sensual, or erotic scene. I renounce all rights to sexual gratification or personal privacy. My Master has the right to do anything he chooses with me, whether as punishment, training, or discipline no matter how embarrassing, humiliating, unpleasant, inconvenient, or difficult it might be for me.

“In private, I will refer to him as Master or Sir. I will wait his permission to eat, bath, or use the bathroom. I will demonstrate through my actions and speech my submissive position in my relationship with my Master and will make it known that I hold him in the highest esteem. I will at all times show him respect and deference.

In public, I will not do anything to bring attention to our relationship unless so directed by Master. I will dress to please him and will always position myself to his left side and never walk more than five paces from him unless given particular permission to do so.

I will strive daily to overcome any inhibitions that interfere with my ability to serve him faithfully. I will reveal my thoughts to him truthfully and completely. I will keep a daily journal of my activities and emotions regarding my submission to my Master. I will advise him of any infraction to his rules or commands fully expecting the punishment he deems appropriate for my transgression.

This agreement shall serve as the basis for the extension of our relationship and is made with the intent of furthering pleasure in both our lives. Should either my Master or I find our interests are not served by this agreement, it may only be canceled or amended by Master Clay after discussion with me regarding my feelings and needs.”

Amy signed it!

Amy’s handwritten document was a sincere reflection of her thoughts and inclinations. She had the paper placed in a leather binder to reflect the seriousness of her motivation. She found him in the den sitting in his favorite chair gazing at the fire.

“Master, if it pleases you, may I present my Service and Submission Agreement for your approval,” she asked with her eyes averted from him. She dropped to her knees and held out the document to him with both hands, head bowed, and naked.

“This is a good time for me, Slave. Sit by me hear and hold your tits up high, and I’ll read what you have written.”

He began to finger her nipples as he usually did and he read the document with interest. His cock swelled in his trousers. “Amy, you are a treasure. My treasure. You have done a marvelous job expressing yourself. I wasn’t so sure you would have been so forthcoming after your little ordeal in the dungeon the other night but I’m proud of you and accept your agreement as you have written it,” he said.

“Master, if I may speak freely. After, my little ordeal, as you call it, I was able to dig deeply into my psyche. I spent time in deep reflection and stretched my thinking and attitudes regarding my submissive nature and my desired to please you; as a result I achieved deeper insights into myself. Those insights enabled me to write the agreement quickly and with determination.

“I know I want to suffer. For you. I want to have my body to be ablaze at your hand. I know who I am now for sure and I know what you mean to me. I love you, Sir, and I want to serve you and be submissive to you for as long as you will have me.”

Her eyes remained downcast.

“Let’s have a ceremony where you seal this agreement with my cum. Worship my cock and take me full in your mouth. Don‘t spill a drop!”

She was holding onto his shaft when he exploded down her throat. A small oozing of his cum appeared at the corners of her mouth. She gulped and used her tongue to clean her mouth. She worked his cock with her lips and tongue until he was clean and almost flaccid. Then she held her tits up high for him once again. He motioned for her to rest her head on his knees while he recovered his sexual energy.

They went to bed together before midnight. After three hours of sleep, he nudged her awake and told her to spread her legs. In short order her legs were over his shoulders and he was banging her hard. She held her cunt muscles tightly for him but eventually begged for her own release; it was granted. They slept comfortably until past nine the next morning.

Amy’s new classes in fashion design began after Labor Day and the new business opened as scheduled. Dory was a real find. She was an instant hit with the customers who found her easy to deal with and easy on their eyes. Her lover, Ben, insisted that she wear revealing clothes to work each day. He was not her master and she was not his submissive in the same way that Clay and Amy were. Ben just got his jollies from seeing Dory in very sexy clothes and doing very sexy things in public places. Actually, just knowing what she was wearing or not wearing and what she was doing was enough to stoke his libido.

He had a rule that she could not go out without getting the thumbs up from him. Dory spent most of her free time buying clothes that would suit him and for the most part she used his credit card . He spent most of his time dreaming about how she looked and what embarrassing activities he would have her do the next time they were together. She was always willing to fulfill his wild and erotic fantasies.

Amy usually worked in the shop only a few hours a day. Her classes and design efforts were demanding. Dory was just great at keeping the customers happy and sales were brisk. Celia was sorry that the business had moved about a quarter mile away from the barn as she no longer was able to see some of the more erotic activities that went on in old green and red rooms. She had gotten to know Dory and they hit it off quite well.

Celia was moved by Dory’s exceptional looks and she just shook her head at the clothing she wore to the shop each day.

Dory had a beautiful smile and a magnetic personality. Everyone easily gravitated to her. Men were captivated by the classic dimensions of her body and seemed to purchase the merchandise she was selling on the hope that she might model it for them someday.

Celia wasn’t sure but she thought Dory might be coming on to her and the thought thrilled her. On one of her visits to the shop when no customers were in sight, Celia decided to rub Dory’s shoulders. Dory didn’t rebuff her. In fact, she turned around toward Celia and pressed Celia’s hands firmly on her tits.

“You have had your eyes on my tits for several months now, Celia. You don’t even bother to look me in the eye any more.”

Celia took that cue to actually look Dory in the eye and she moved her mouth toward her. She kissed her softly. Then, she pressed into her body and kissed her again more forcefully. Dory responded.

Celia reached under Dory’s skirt and rubbed her hand softly up her leg to find that she was not wearing panties. She stepped back.

“We had better find a way to continue this discussion in a place where we won’t be seen,” said Celia.

“It might be too late for that. This place has security cameras everywhere. And I can’t get to them because Amy keeps them locked in her office.”

Celia was embarrassed but emboldened. “Amy won’t mind even if she did decide to check out the tapes. But, I don’t think she will check them because she has no reason to suspect any problems,” she said.

“Don’t be so sure. Amy is young but she is a meticulous manager. She doesn’t want anyone stealing stuff from right beneath her nose. She checks everything,” Dory said.

Celia was breathless. She finally thought that she should leave Amy a personal note to the effect that she needed to see her about an urgent matter. No time to lose.

“Can we meet in person right away,” she said when Amy called her back.

“You sound a mess. Sure, how about the coffee shop in ten minutes?”

Celia was there when Amy arrived in the roadster. Two coffee’s arrived. Amy’s was prepared as she usually ordered it.

“What’s the problem, girlfriend? You sounded terrible.”

“Amy, I do consider you a good friend and I hope you will forgive me for what I have done. You know what a beautiful girl Dory is. She is captivating to look at; one of the sexiest woman I have ever seen in person. Well, last night I went over to your showroom and my hormones got the better of my good judgment. I needed to tell you in person before you found out some other way.

“I touched her and she didn’t discourage me. You know that I’ve had the hot’s for you too but you never gave me any encouragement so I don’t press myself on you. But last night, after I began rubbing her shoulders Dory actually moved my hand so I could feel her tits. Then I kissed her and essentially felt her up. She is so hot and I was so turned on. But, if Big Al ever finds out that I had my hands on another woman, he will whip me to within an inch of my life. Please keep my secret. I’ll owe you one.”

“Celia, you know I share everything with Clay. I can’t keep this from him. I’m sure he will not allow any harm to come to you and will not go public with what you’ve told me. You are a friend and I am aware that Dory is sultry to be sure. I’ll do everything I can to make this just between us; that is between you, me, Clay and Dory. By the way, you must know that what actually happened is all recorded on our security tape system and I’ll have to take that to Clay as soon as possible. I’ll be back in touch with you.”

They finished their coffees and gave each other a little hug to acknowledge the bond between them.

“Master, I just had a chat with Celia. She and Dory got into a bit of a hot hormonal situation at the showroom. Here, I’ll show you. She doesn’t want Big Al to know. She’s afraid he’ll beat the hell out of her.”

After seeing the tape, Clay concluded that Celia had good reason to be afraid of Al’s reaction.

“I’ve known Al for years and he is temperamental; no doubt. He is capable of anything. Celia is right to want to hide this incident from him. But, she will have to pay; pay me, not Al. If she does what I want her to do, her little secret will be safe with me. If she doesn’t, a copy of the tape will find it’s way to Al. You can promise her that.

“I’m sure you have noticed that Celia always wears tight jeans. Al caught her letting another guy into her pants years ago. Since then she has had to wear a chastity belt under her jeans all day to keep her from messing around. She only gets to take it off when she is at home with him. She even has to pee with the damned thing on. You know when he smacks her ass, he does it to remind her that she has the belt on. It keeps her honest.”

“How does it work, Master? She asked.

“It’s a piece of shaped stainless steel backed with padded leather. Hers is custom made to fit over her cunt with some room to relieve herself. The top of the thing is attached to a stainless steel belt that secures behind her back. It is customized to her exact waist measurement. Small, but very tight chains run from the base of her cunt, under her legs and up to the sides of the belt that leaves her ass exposed for him to smack. He made the thing himself. I saw him make it. She was laying on her back nude at the hunting camp we use while he cut and fit each piece. I just watched. He felt it would add to the drama if I was there.”

“So, when she told me she had heard of you, she was not being entirely candid, was she Master?”

“I’ll give her that one, dearest. Now this is what she must do if she wants my cooperation. She will have to oblige me and work together with me in a very explicit and highly sexual manner.”

Clay’s plan was for Celia to go to the hunting cabin alone. She was to go inside and strip; high heeled boots and the chastity belt excepted. In her own hand, she was to write him a note asking, in fact begging, him to fuck her in the ass. She was to put the note in her mouth, stuff a butt plug and lubricant up her ass, and stand blindfolded and spread in front of the big tree at the end of the driveway to the cabin until he got there.

He would take the note and read it aloud. If he was impressed by her sincerity, he would fuck her ass and the matter would never be mentioned again. If he was unimpressed, there would be consequences. Amy was to deliver the message in person and return to him with her response.

“Oh, Amy, Clay is a devil. He knows I don’t like anal. But, what choice do I have. Yes, I’ll get a plug from the store and meet him this Sunday night at ten when Al is still playing poker with the boys. Please Amy, make him promise not to hurt me and not to tell Big Al.”

Clay drove to the cabin with Amy and shone his bright beams directly at the tree. Amy was at the Exaggerated Passenger position with her skirt hiked over her hips and her legs spread. Clay told her to knead her moist sex bud energetically and watch him carefully.

Celia was standing nude with her blindfold in place a note between her teeth. He read it and put it in his pocket.

“What do you want me to do to you tonight you worthless slut?” he barked.

“Sir, I really want you to fuck my ass. I have prepared it for you. It’s nice and lubricated yet just the right size so you will get maximum pleasure Sir.” she answered.

“You want me to do what to your ass, bitch?”

“Fuck it Sir, Fuck it hard and fuck it deep. Make my ass stretch and work it over until you are satisfied with me. Make me pay for the error of my ways, Sir.”

“OK, slut, turn around, bend over, and place your head against the tree. Spread your ass cheeks with your hands for me so I don’t have that chastity belt in my way and then beg me again to fuck your ass.”

She was mortified. Amy could hear every word and see everything Clay was doing to Celia. She was getting horny herself. Clay took the ass plug out of Celia and threw it deep into the woods. He wiggled out of his pants and rammed his cock into her exposed hole to the hilt. She howled into the night. He pumped her and ground his cock in her for what seemed like five minutes. Then he shot his wad.

“On your knees, slut, and clean me off. When I say you’re finished I’ll withdraw from you. Stay on your knees until you can’t hear the sound of my car anymore. Then go home and hope to heaven that you get there before Big Al does. Now jump and clean me off.”

While Celia sucked him, he pulled and squeezed her nipples. He pushed his shaft down her throat as far as he could. Her legs ached, her ass ached and now her jaws ached. Painful job; but she had to do it.

When he returned to the car, he said, “Was I too rough on her, Slave?”

“No, Master, you could have given her a much rougher time and she would have deserved it. I got excited seeing what you did to her; how you raped her ass. If it pleases you, Sir, would you fuck my ass too once in a while?”

Clay told Amy to continue to work her fingers on her clit but to hold off on her climax until they were in the driveway of the mansion. Mission accomplished.

When they were cuddled in bed, Clay asked, “Do you remember the mystery woman who called the day after your party? Do you think that was our girl Celia? Is she hot for women?”

“Master, she did mention to me once that she had always hoped I would give her encouragement but since I didn’t she didn’t pursue me. Could be that she is bi. After all she did track onto Dory.”

“Do you want to see if she would make it with you? Or with both you and Dory? I do have her note and the security tape and I’m sure she would be a compliant little slut if we pressed the point.”

“Master, you are the boss. If it pleases you, I’ll do it. Do you want me to see if Dory is in for an all-girl thing?”

“Let’s see if Dory is in. Then we’ll work on Celia. We need to find a way to get rid of Big Al if this all goes as I envision it. And, I might have to find a way to get Celia’s damned chastity belt off her for a few days. Let’s start the ball rolling.”

The following Wednesday was the first day Dory was back at the showroom after her interlude with Celia. She had no idea how Celia handled the matter with Amy but was curious. Amy didn’t give her all the intricate details but did make it clear that she knew what had happened and that Celia was beholden to her given the threat of exposure to Big Al.

“Want to see if Celia would make a good bottom for you Dory?” she asked. “Obviously, she is interested in you. Her kiss and the way she touched your leg and ass told it all.”

“Hey, I’m for good sex however I can get it. I’ll tell my voyeur boyfriend. I’ll tell him all about it when I get back. He will cream his jeans. How will you set up Celia? she asked.

“No problem. Just let it to me.” she said.

Clay managed to get Big Al called away on an urgent consultant assignment regarding a horse farm in a neighboring state. He made arrangements for a stretch limo to take himself and the three girls to a major hotel in the city. He requested and got the Presidential Suite since the real president was not scheduled to be in town any time soon. He also made arrangements for a lock smith to meet them in the suite the moment they arrived.

Amy pretty much just told Celia that Clay was still collecting on her misbehavior and that he would pick her up for the long Thanksgiving weekend on Wednesday evening after the Barn was closed. They would return early Monday morning. And, yes, Dory would be coming with them.

Clay consulted with Amy on the clothing and equipment they would bring. Dory was several inches shorter than the other two and Celia was a bit less busty than her counterparts, but all in all they made a beautiful threesome.

During the holiday away from town, Clay decided it would be necessary for the girls to know that Amy was ranked at the top of his pecking order and Celia was lowest. He gave them pet names. Amy was “Sex Slave”; “Sexy” for short. Dory was “Show Slave; “Showy” for short. Celia, was “Slut Slave, “Slutty” or “Steamy” for short.”

Dory and Celia found their luggage waiting for them at five o’clock. Pick up was at six. A light snack would be available before dinner which would be served in the limo. It would be a two hour trip to the city.

Each girl was given a very short, half panel, leather skirt. The half-front panel of the skirt was held tight across their abdomen. There was no back panel leaving the woman's ass exposed. There were two pieces of leather, attached by Velcro, that pulled the sides of the front panel around the back of their legs -- one across the base of their spine and the other just under the curve of their ass.

“Now you know Celia,” Clay explained as they began their trip, “because you have shown certain, shall we say "interesting sexual behavior" you will be dominated by everyone here in the limo during our long weekend away. You will fully cooperate with us and comply with our commands or you will be caned which will be hard to explain to Big Al."

"I know you want to learn the art of loving making to a women and we will help you. You have already chosen Dory as your primary lesbian love interest and she has agreed to work with you all weekend. She will be with you almost all the time and will have all the rights and privileges of a mistress over a slave. She will report to me any behavior of yours which does not comport to her demands. Amy will likewise have a dominant position over both Dory and you. Amy of course, will obey me without hesitation and will alert me if either of you two get out of hand."

After a light dinner, Clay put blindfolds on Dory and Celia. They were to remain blindfolded for the rest of the trip. He told them to sit with their legs squeezed tightly together and think only of how they would make love during the weekend.

He told Dory to imagine how she would let Celia kiss her on the lips and fondle her tits. How she would let her suck her nipples and finger her cunt. She was to imagine how she would teach her to use her tongue on her labia and clit to achieve a climax. She was to imagine using a strap-on dildo on Celia in all three openings. She was to imagine teaching her compliance by use of strict bondage, humiliation, and whippings.

He told Celia to imagine being naked in front of Dory and being controlled sexually by her. Of bringing pleasure to Dory in every possible way. Of submitting to her every demand and command -- of allowing herself to be used and abused by another beautiful women perhaps to the point of being denied any sexual gratification herself.

Both women traveled almost an hour in silence and Clay held Amy tightly. He removed Amy’s bra and worked her nipples relentlessly. She wanted to moan in sexual excitement but Clay told her to remain absolutely silent.

At the end of about an hour, Clay forced Celia to her knees in front of Dory, manacled her wrists behind her, and told her to thrust her shoulders back and to keep her posture rigid. He removed her bra and placed Dory’s hands on Celia’s tits with the command that she was to excite Celia by tormenting her tits and nipples with her fingers, lips and teeth.

When the limo reached the hotel Celia was shaking with sexual tension. Clay pressed Dory’s head forward so the girls could kiss. Then he pulled them apart and had Amy put Celia’s bra back on. The pressure against her distended nipples was intense.

Clay removed the blindfolds and had the driver assist the three girls out of the vehicle. A crowd gathered to look at the stunning women in their very revealing attire. In addition to the “breezy” and slutty looking skirt, each girl wore a thin, low cut, blouse, and a dramatic, push up, black bra that showed plenty of cleavage. Their four inch platform heels added to the erotic picture.

The girls initially were self-conscious but decided to flaunt their charms knowing that they couldn’t do much about the situation with Clay in control. Actually, they agreed among themselves to posture and flaunt their lewd sexuality in return for increasingly shocked stares and whispers. All eyes turned as the girls walked brazenly through the lobby each proud of the amount of leg and cleavage they were able to show off for the disbelieving guests and employees of the hotel.

The girls had rationalized their situation by considering that the fashion standards of the big city were different than the more sedate standards back home. And, Amy thought that really no one was likely to recognize them later since they were not even looking at their faces.

The driver escorted the girls to the Presidential suite and Clay saw to the removal of all baggage and signed the registry. Celia and Dory were escorted to their own room. The locksmith was already there to remove Celia's chastity belt. It would have to be done in such as way so that Big Al would never know that it had been removed. The limo driver paid the locksmith handsomely and noted the dark stain in the crotch of his trousers as he departed.

The driver left the girls alone to practice what they had been fantasizing about in the limo. They would not be disturbed until breakfast on Thanksgiving Day. At that time, Dory would give a full report of Celia’s ability and energy to satisfy her. For Dory it would truly be a thanksgiving to remember.

Amy was on her knees, naked, in the master suite when Clay arrived. He whipped her tits and nipples until they were sore and swollen. She was, in her own proud way, satisfied that she was able to excite her Master and give him the pleasure he needed despite her own discomfort.

After breakfast on Thanksgiving Day, Clay had each of the girls stand nude in a row before him for inspection. He poked his whip at each nipple and smacked each ass hard as he passed them.

"OK, girls, on your knees for a little suck time. The girl that does the best job without making me cum will get a treat. The looser gets a beating."

He set them so they would be facing away from each other in a triangle arrangement. To no ones' surprise Amy won the contest. Celia lost.

"On your feet Celia, spread those legs and get those elbows back behind your head."

He gave the other two girls soft floggers and told them to go to work. Celia did not have a difficult time holding her position as the floggers were more thud than sting but her body did turn pink and she was certainly in her own space in no time at all.

"On your knees Slut Slave," he ordered. "Get your tits pressed down on the rug and spread those knees." Celia had an idea what was going to happen to her and was excited with anticipation.

"Now, you two, work her ass hole wide, lubricate her well and then hold her ass cheeks apart for me."

He plowed deep into her ass and she moaned with the pressure.

"Slut Slave, put your entire body flat on the carpet while I'm still in you. Put your hands under your cunt and rub your clit while I continue to rape your ass. Don't dare cum or I'll have you beaten again only this time it will be with a cane," he said gruffly. His tone of voice only made her more excited and eager to endure more of his punishment.

Clay pressed into her ass and she circled her own clit with increasing excitement. "Stay under control, Slut, do not cum. I'm going to give you what ever is left of my cum load and you will not wash or dry off whatever oozes out of you." With one final thrust, he emptied himself into her.

"Celia, turn over, spread your legs wide. Lick the juices from your fingers and let us see just how much of a Slut Slave you really are," he said. She moved eagerly at his command and showed off her runny ass hole and cunt.

Clay then laid out three dresses which he wanted worn by the girls at a special Thanksgiving dinner he had planned. The dresses were of different colors and cuts yet they all had the same things in common; they showed a lot of shoulder, back, leg, and cleavage. The fabric was soft and allowed their cleavage off to advantage and their hard nipples to be outlined showing their arousal.

Clay had arranged for a beautician to help them get ready. The girls were dazzling with coifed hair and extraordinary attention and care given to their makeup. Celia had the erotic smell of a women who had been ridden hard and put away wet.

Champaign, wine, and all the thanksgiving fare that the finest restaurant in town could offer the foursome was on display for them and the girls were on display for the staff and patrons of the restaurant.

Clay insisted that the girls dip their fingers into their own cunt during the dinner and feed their juices to the others. On several occasions he got up from his own chair and kissed the women in full view of the patrons. He made it a point to slide his hand into the top of their dresses and to squeeze a tit and pinch a nipple. He was enjoying every minute and he was doing his best to show off the eye candy he had assembled around the table.

As the weekend progressed, Dory was becoming more and more descriptive of the action she was receiving from Celia. Clay sensed that Dory and Celia were not only enjoying each other sexually but were becoming quite fond of each other on a personal level. He sent them to the spa for a deep massage by one of the well proportioned female masseuses. The massage was televised back to his room and he saw the masseuse take off all of her clothes and really get it on with the two girls. She used a strap-on dildo and worked it in the cunt and ass of each girl. Celia returned the favor and the well built masseuse screamed her satisfaction. It was quite a show.

He had used the crop, cane, and pussy whip on Amy all weekend. He punctuated her pain with the light flogger; slow and steady, abruptly stopping from time-to-time to force his cock into her ass as she had previously suggested. “What am I doing to your ass Slave?” he asked repeatedly.

Variously she replied, “Master, you are stroking the fires of my ass.” “You are fucking my ass, Sir.“ “You are raping my ass, Master.” “ You are pounding my ass hole and subjecting me to your dominating cock. Sir.”

“And, you love me to whip your ass and fuck your ass, don’t you, Slave?”

“Yes, Master, I love you to control my ass and fuck it brutally, Sir. I love being your fuck Slave, your Sex Slave, Master.”

"You are a treasure, my love. I have an idea that may appeal to you. Go get the other two."

"Dory, I want you to strip naked except for your heels for me. Now, Dory, go to the picture window over there and exhibit yourself to anyone who is watching you. Pull your nipples, Spread your labia and ass cheeks. Give everyone a great show. Live up to your name "Showy."

"Amy, get on the bed and lie on your back. Celia, get on the bed with Amy. and use some of the lesbian love techniques we have heard Dory describe in such exquisite detail on Amy. Make her cum.

“Dory will be giving us all a good show for as long as it takes for you to make good on the expectations we have of you as a lesbian lover. Amy spread your arms and legs wide and let Celia have her way with you.

"Dory, you have a great body. Your tits are firm, full and high. Your waist is trim and your legs are long and well muscled. The world needs to see as much of you as possible. When I am finished using you to model for the outside world and when Amy is quite satisfied, I'm going to have her take some nude shots of you here in the suite, in the hallway, in the elevator, and in the lobby.”

“Oh, Mr. Clay, you devil. My voyeur friend was never so demanding of me. He was contented with some cleavage shots and some high leg shots but never completely nude. I’ll just be so humiliated,” Dory said in her shame.

“Yes, perhaps, but that’s the rule, so set your mind to it,” he said with finality.

The photos were taken with a very expensive digital camera. Clay had them processed as a special, rush order. The came back quickly and were exquisite -- Penthouse and Playboy quality. Amy was proud of her picture taking acumen . Dory didn’t seem nearly as embarrassed as she had initially let on. In fact she liked giving the performances of her life. As it turned out, she revealed herself as an exhibitionist and everyone loved it.

“And, there is one more thing. I want from both of you,“ he said to Dory and Celia. “I want you on your knees here in front of me. Take this double headed dildo and each of you get one end deep into your cunt. Then rock your ass back and forth; lower and raised you back and really fuck that dildo. Get a good work out, both at the same time. I want to see you sink the dildo all the way inside you so that as you muscle yourselves around on the cock you will be ass to ass and cunt to cunt. This one isn’t very long so you won’t hurt yourself and you should be able to give us a good show. Let’s get it on!”

And, it was a good show with both girls getting off on the stiff cock while Amy and Clay encouraged them with hoots and hollers. And, they found themselves demeaning each girl; referring to their bodies in unflattering ways and calling them sluts, whores and worse.

Early Monday morning, when energies had waned, some bodies were aching more than others but all were still in some state of sexual tension. Clay decided that he would add to this tension by making each girl ride back in the same attire they wore when they arrived at the hotel. On the way out of the hotel the girls received the same stares they had received on the way in except this time the girls looked even more ravishing and aglow than before.

Once in the car, Clay gave each girl two new dildos; one for their ass and one for their cunt. Each was designed to vibrate; he held the controls to each one. All the girls were blind folded. Clay had each girl tighten their legs together to create as much vibrating sensation in their bodies as he could. He tormented all of them by cutting off their stimulation just before they climaxed. He was good at reading their physical responses and had them all wild with unfulfilled desire.

At one point the had all the girls remove their cunt plug and exchange it with one of the others. He then had the girls suck on the dildos they had been given with the aim of increasing their ability to deep throat it fully. Amy won that contest too.

Before they got home, Celia and Dory confessed that they indeed had fallen in love with each other and no longer wanted to return to their male partners; they asked Clay to help them unlatch from them. Celia had expressed her desire to be dominated by Dory and Dory was thrilled by the offer.

Clay suggested that they each write a note to their lover explaining what they were feeling and asking to be released on agreeable terms.

For his part, Clay would see that Celia was employed at the mansion once Big Al agreed to let her go. Dory’s problem wasn’t as complicated and she already had a job at “Etc.”

End of Part # 5.

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Clay really enjoyed seeing Amy nude; she had the perfect body at least that's the way he saw it. And, she knew her body and her attitude pleased her Master. She stayed in good condition; flexible, taut, firm, tanned without a bikini line, smooth, and well manicured. She was a willing, compliant, and erotic Sex Slave and an excellent pupil.

Clay understood Amy. He was a great Master for her. He did not let anyone near her that he did not know to be in good health; he did not want to take any chances with transmittable diseases. He did not engage in dangerous sex play with her and he was careful not to leave any long term marks on her soft skin; a white welt on a red ass here and there but no intentional bruising. He was gentle with her during her monthly period and did not press her to function sexually during that time. She trusted him and was confident that he knew her limits. And, there were darned few of them.

Amy accepted that Clay frequently insisted that she wear high heels for hours on end. She did not question his rules; in fact those rules gave her a sense of boundaries she felt she needed. She acquiesced easily to wearing revealing or sexy clothing in public. She understood that he liked seeing her wear a four inch, boned, laced, slave posture collar and was ready for additional corset training when he thought that was appropriate. She knew the discomfort of nipple clamps. She had experienced tight bondage such as being tied in a hog tie position; bowed back, hair pulled back to her ankles. All of his intentional torments were intended to keep her alert to her status of slave -- his erotic sex slave. She was content and loved him dearly.

She responded well to all manner of erotic dominance. She was now able to take his entire cock down her throat and suck him dry without loosing any of his cum. She was able to endure his punishments; whips, crops, floggers, and an occasional canning. She was a great student of feminine submission and read whatever she could get on the subject; most of which came from his extensive personal library. She was a student and internalized what she read.

Amy had spent many hours in contemplation while deprived of any outside stimulation encased in the “red coffin.” She used that time to come to the point where she could acknowledge to herself that there really was no doubt that she would not be able to handle her affairs -- study, work, interpersonal relationships -- nearly as competently if she had not given herself over to Clay completely. Submissiveness was part of who she was and this characteristic, as she had come to define it with Clay, had allowed her to become a more self actualized person.

After many hours of discussion, she found strength in her understanding that, in comparison to other women, she had a greater ability to sense subtle changes in the emotions of others, specifically Clay. She could easily sense when others were angry, sad, disappointed, or frustrated. She picked up easily on unspoken tensions and had a greater ability to adapt and adjust to changes around her. She felt she also had a greater capacity for devotion and service -- traits she felt were to be highly valued.

Based on her discussions, she had found inner peace in the belief that she had a deeper sense of belonging, trust and closeness than other women she knew. She felt confident she was better at experiencing intense happiness, knowing how to be at ease with her surroundings, and how to have an emotionally open relationship, specifically with Clay her teacher and lover. He had been very helpful in allowing her to gain insights regarding who she was and how she got to be that way. He gave her the confidence that she was a complete, normal, and competent woman.

While he was very satisfied with Amy and her ability to deal with her submissiveness, Clay was not sure how to handle Celia. Celia was coming to believe that she was in love with Dory and that she could only be happy when she was submissive to her. She did not have full time work after Big Al fired her from the Barn because of her declaration of love for Dory. Al didn’t want “no lesbian bimbo working for him.” Clay gave her a room at the mansion until she and Dory could work things out between them. Dory, for her part, was assuming a more dominant personality.

The business at “Etc.” was going very well. Amy was emerging as a shrewd business woman and was being recognized as a designer of erotic clothing with an emphasis on leather garments for women. She not only was doing a brisk business in the showroom, but also was taking phone and Internet orders. The merchandising, production, distribution, and back sales office were growing with each passing day. Amy had hired a room full of detailers, seamstresses, and floor supervisors. A bank of telephone operators was on duty 24/7. UPS trucks were pulling out of the loading docks full to capacity with the finished goods produced by Amy’s skilled staff.

Amy had promoted Dory to manager of sales who in turn had hired Gail to replace her in the showroom. Amy did not like the idea of hiring Gail for her company because of the relationship she had with Dory -- complicated things too much she reasoned not that Gail didn’t bring some baggage to the firm in her own right.

Gail had won the Hawaiian Tropic International beauty contest and had been her high school prom queen seven years earlier. She was five feet nine inches tall and a blond knock out if there ever was one. Her 34D bust and 22 ½ waist turned heads everywhere she went. She too played tennis and Amy found her to be a good match. They played a very competitive game against each other. Gail soon discovered that Amy had a special submissive relationship with Clay and at one point confided in Amy that she had submissive leanings too. She felt she was crazy or at best very peculiar. Amy talked to Clay about Gail's ambivalent feelings and he decided to let her stew in her own juices for a while.

Amy’s first semester as a college junior studying fashion design went smoothly. Classes ended just before the Christmas holiday. She was carrying a B+ average.

Clay decided to take her back to his Doctor friend to have nipple ornaments inserted. Flo the nurse, had told them to come back to see her if they decided to change out the gold ring for another piece of nipple jewelry. Flo had made it clear that she had seen her share of pierced nipples and other feminine body parts. She showed Clay photos of various options available. He was interested in equipment by which he could increase the length of Amy’s already long nipples.

Flo showed him several sizes of surgical steel silver barbell-looking nipple pins ranging from small and light to big and heavy. The actual pin varied in thickness. The attached balls at either end also ranged in size and weight. One end of the pin held a ball as a permanent fixture. The pointy end slipped through the hole in the nipple and the other ball snapped onto the pointy end. Clay choose the small and dainty size pins and balls.

Flo also showed him several of the actual nipple stretching devices also made of surgical steel. The largest of the available pieces would have stretched any nipple over one half inch. Clay decided that would not have been erotic -- just too long for good taste. He choose a more modest stretcher that looked like a little cap with two prongs on top. The base had a hole in it that fit over the nipple. It had little protrusions that pressed into the aureole to keep the device from slipping. When the nipple was stretched out manually, the two prongs at the top of the device fit under the bar itself and against the sides of each bell. When tension on the nipple was released, the nipple could not return to its normal shape. In time it would be trained; over time it would stay enlarged.

After Amy had been was instructed on the proper care and positioning of the devices, Clay took Flo aside.

“Flo, it would seem that you know your way around the submissive lifestyle. Am I right?” He asked.

“Clay, truth be told, I’m a nurse by day and a dominatrix by night.” I have some men clients but mostly referrals to me come from men for training of their female partners. Are you all right with that?”

“Oh, sure. Does the Doc know?”

“For sure! Without giving away medical secrets, his wife is a client and he refers others to me as well. You can see that he leaves a lot of the so called hands-on work here to me.” She said with a smile.

“I may have a scheme in mind that will let you take your skills to the next level and make a ton of money to boot. I’ll get back with you when I’ve given my plan more thought.”

Flo was curious but thought better than to press Clay for details at that time.

Amy felt more than a tug when both nipple stretchers were in place. She was wet with desire as she usually was when Clay decided to play with her body. Her tight cotton blouse accentuated her newly enlarged nipples. Her tits were large to begin with but the added length of her nipples was impossible to ignore. She was proud of them; thrilled at the stares of onlookers and equally thrilled at the erotic sensations she had. She wondered if Clay would ever discipline her tits and nipples with the stretcher in place. She got even wetter with the intensity of that thought.

Amy was around the mansion quite a bit during the holiday period. She did a lot of design work for the business in the room overlooking the garden that Clay had previously set aside as her bedroom. She was now a permanent partner with him in his very elegant suite -- the “Master Suite”.

Clay insisted that Amy only wear a cut off tee shirt, very tight, high cut, over the ass shorts, and white platform, ankle strap, 4 inch high sandals, when she was around the mansion no matter who was in the house. The outfit emphasized the curves of her legs and tight ass. She knew he was trilled to show her off to his business partners now even more than ever because of her nipple stretching equipment. Her nipples were swollen and tender but she carried herself proudly, shoulders back, tits out, with dignity. She was only allowed to remove the stretchers at night.

The Christmas issue of the “Etc.” catalogue featured Gail as the model. She was stunning with her long legs, thin, well muscled core, narrow waist, and big tits. Amy’s designs were extraordinary -- sexy and appealing. Orders came in faster than they could manufacture them and the prices being charged for the erotic specialty items were higher than the named brands of Europe. Profits were out of sight. Everyone got thousands of dollars in bonuses and morale was sky high. Employees often took the catalogue with them wherever they went and bragged that they knew Gail.

Clay gave Amy a big blue sapphire ring for Christmas. The color of the stone matched her eyes. Amy was so touched she cried and kissed him passionately. She knew it was a risk for her to approach him but her action was spontaneous and welcomed. She gave of herself liberally during the season. She gave him exactly what he wanted; hot and often. He wondered to himself if he could stand up to her all consuming expressions of devotion and submissiveness.

The relationship between Dory and Celia was coming apart. While they had good lesbian sex, Dory was not satisfied that Celia was for her. Celia, for her part, felt Dory just plain felt superior to her and didn’t really appreciate who she was as a person. Perhaps there was even a bit of jealousy because Dory had hired Gail and was giving her a lot of personal time and attention.

Celia had been at the mansion for well over a month without much to do. She was attentive to the domestic chores of the place and learned the routine Bee had established. She took over for Bee in the kitchen from time-to-time and was feeling good about herself. In early January, Clay left a note for Celia indicating that he wanted to talk to her in his office the next morning.

Amy was there with Clay when Celia knocked at his office door. It was Clay’s plan to offer Celia the job of maid and cook for the mansion if she was willing to accept certain conditions. Clay would give Bee her freedom, a personal reference, and ten thousand dollars to get resettled if Celia accepted the job and the conditions that went with it.

Clay explained that as maid of the mansion, Celia would have to get him a full medical report to show she was not a health risk to anyone in the mansion. She would have to agree to put the needs of the mansion as her top priority day and night; her own interests would come last. She would wear a French maid outfit at all times while on duty and whatever other attire, or lack of it, he deemed appropriate. She would be punished for infractions related to professionalism, cleanliness, and attention to detail. She was to obey both him and Amy regarding matters of the household and would be called upon to provide occasional sexual services. She was not to have lovers in the mansion, enter the library, or use the pool without his permission. Her compensation and benefits were generous. Tuesday was her day off if she wanted it.

Bee was gone the next day. Professional movers helped her leave. A decorator refurbished her former quarters from ceiling to floor. Celia moved in with joy in her heart. She found a closet full of new clothing, appropriate to her job, in the closet.

Celia looked wonderful in the little maid outfit. Her legs were sheathed in fishnet hose with a seam in the back and she wore a three inch, closed toe, leather high heel shoe. Her waist was tucked firmly in a nice cinch bustier that pressed her tits upward and her nipples barley covered. When she presented herself on the first day of work Clay felt she made a nice appearance and would be a nice touch in the mansion -- certainly a vast improvement over Bee.

“Celia, you look very nice. I approve of your outfit and how you present yourself. Let’s see what Amy thinks.” Clay said.

“Well, she does look the darling doesn’t she,” said Amy. “With your permission, Master, I’d like to begin some waist training for her. Perhaps we could get what looks to be a 25 inch waist down three or four inches with some effort. With her slim hips and full tits she would be a sight to behold. I can easily design a set of corsets for her that would be attractive and flattering.

“Also, I’d suggest she wear a cunt plug from noon to nine each night. That would tend to remind her that she at least she isn’t in that awful chastity belt thing Big Al had her in all the time.”

“I am so thankful to be here I will do anything for you; either of you,” Celia said. “You have been so kind to me and made it easy for me to explore my sexuality. I used to dread being strung up in the woods and beaten by Big Al. He was brutal even for me; the pain slut that I am. Even when you fucked my ass in the woods, you were more gentle than he ever was. If I may, I’d like to call you “Sir” or “Mister Clay.” I know only Amy has the right to call you “Master” and I am jealous of her for that. And, again if it’s OK with you, I would be more comfortable referring to you as “Mistress” or Mistress Amy.”

Clay and Amy both nodded their agreement and a new relationship was born.

“I look forward to whatever waist training you have in mind for me Mistress. And one more thing, if I may, Sir, please know that it would be my honor if you were to ever wish to use my ass for your pleasure. And, Mistress, it again would be my honor and pleasure to service your body in any manner you and Sir Clay might desire.”

Celia, just to be sure that you understand that I can punish you as I see fit, I want you to fetch your five inch heels and return with several whips. Make it snappy bitch,“ Amy said in a raised voice.

Celia was stunned. She had never heard Amy use that tone of voice with anyone. But she hurried from the room and quickly returned with three different whips, nude except for the requisite high heels.

“Mistress, I am ready for your pleasure in my punishment. Would you prefer that I be bound or unrestrained? Would you prefer that I keep quiet during the whipping or do you want to hear me scream? Do you want me to count the strokes or not? I am ready to meet your demands, Mistress,” Celia said in a confident yet subservient tone.

Amy told Celia to stand with her hands above her head, legs spread as wide as she could manage in the heels. She was to keep track of the strokes but silently in her head. She was not to move or make a sound. If she did not comply with all those conditions, she would be whipped yet again even harder.

Clay was interested to see just how good Amy was a wielding the whips. He whispered that he wanted to see Celia whipped hard on her legs, especially her inner thighs and ham strings. He wanted to fuck her after Amy was done and he wanted Celia to feel his rough body on her tortured legs.

Amy took turns using the three whips. Celia stood tall and rigid in compliance with Amy’s orders. She withstood Amy’s test exceptionally well and was rewarded when Amy came to her fully whipped body and hugged her and kissed her on the lips.

“How many strokes did I give you, Miss pain slut,” Amy asked.

“Mistress, I counted eight nine strokes, Miss.”

“That’s correct, But, Next time, I’ll be more diligent in whipping you, cunt, but for now, get you worthless body down on the carpet. On your knees, back arched, tits pressed into the rug. Master Clay wants to screw your ass. Then I wouldn’t be surprised if he would want to have you offer him your creamy cunt. She’s all yours Sir,” she said when Celia was in position.

While still panting from the butt and cunt pounding Clay gave her, Celia said, “I’m sure you two must know by now that it was me on the phone the day after your twenty first birthday party who suggested that we might get it on. I was so hot after seeing you at that party, you have no idea.”

“We understand your point, Celia. You will make a fine maid here at the mansion. Now get that cunt plug in place and get to your duties before I have to whip you again.” Clay taunted.

Amy had been right. Celia’s normal waist measurement was 25 inches. After the results of her whipping had subsided, Amy took pictures of the “before” measurement. The first corset took her to a size 23. She was laced into it firmly at eight in the morning and out of it at bedtime except for exercise time. Amy had plans to trim her down to 21 inches or less if it killed both of them. She guessed that it would be a long term project; she thought about it as her senior project but she would start now.

Amy insisted that Celia exercise vigorously on a daily basis. She was given crunch exercises and a strict diet to follow. Amy monitored her new charge with academic interest. If she could trim 4 inches or more off Celia it would be a feather in her cap. It might even be an incentive for others and therefore a good sales technique. She made routine measurements and kept rigorous records. She wanted Celia down to 21 inches by the time she graduated in less than a year and a half.

Clay had experienced a difficult week with various business issues often working till near midnight. Amy was busy in her design room either studying or tending to business. They had instructed Celia to prepare them a quiet, but elegant, dinner for Friday evening at 7 PM.

After desert, Amy brought Celia to her side. “Remove your panties and spread your legs wide for me.” She said. Amy felt between Celia’s legs for the cunt plug she had been told to keep in place. It was there.

“Master, I don’t know about you but there have been several instances this week where this slut has been less that adequate as a maid and I feel she needs to be reminded of how to conduct herself. Perhaps a few good swats with the new leather covered paddle I brought home might do the trick. On Monday my silverware was not set properly, on Tuesday she took away my dirty dishes from the wrong side of the setting, and tonight my soup was only lukewarm. What punishment do you suggest Sir?”

“Now that I think about it, my soup was not hot tonight either. I think she should get 15 swats for her neglect of you and an addition 5 for her slovenliness on my behalf. And, I want you to administer the swats. If I’m not satisfied, I’ll add 20 more.”

Amy removed the cunt plug and told Celia to spread her legs wider and bend over. She ordered her to pull her ass cheeks apart, then she slowly inserted the cunt plug, which was plenty moist, into her tight ass hole.

“Now hobble over to the new brass chest I brought home over there and bring me the paddle I had made especially for you. By the way, from now on I will call you “Cee” like the third letter in the alphabet. It’s a less formal and is more befitting your status around here.”

“Now, Cee, bend over and grab your ankles and count the swats out loud in turn. Master will let me know if you are getting away easily. And, keep you head up, eyes, directed toward the corner over there.”

After six smacks, Cee’s ass was getting red. Clay was satisfied; he knew she could take quite a bit more. After seven more, her legs began to buckle but she kept counting with a strong voice. After the twentieth stroke, Cee was trembling all over and her ass was a bright red. A slight swelling was beginning to rise.

Now, Cee, if I ever get the feeling that you are intentionally neglecting your duties to get me to punish you, you can be sure you will regret it. Go to your room. Leave the plug in your ass. Sleep in the nude on your back, legs apart all night. At 8 in the morning I want you to knock softly at the door to the Master Suite. We will have a surprise waiting for you, won’t we Master?”

“Ya, sure.” He said. But, he had no idea what was on Amy’s mind. She had better have a good one up her sleeve or it will be her ass meeting the paddle in the morning thought Clay.

Cee did not get much sleep. Anticipation about what she would experience in the Master Suite plus a hot and stinging ass in addition to an ass hole stretch by a plug not conducive to the sleep of angels.

She was nude and at the door at the appointed time. Amy told her to come in the room.

“Cee, remove the plug in your ass and place it on the table there. Come over gently suck on my nipples. Do your best to get around the nipple stretchers. Then kneel between my legs and pleasure my cunt and clit with your mouth. Master Clay will ride your slutty ass until we are both satisfied.”

Clay’s cock came to attention. He was ready to go. Cee’s hole was ready to go. And, it wasn’t long before Amy was bucking and thrashing and Clay was bucking and thrashing into Cee. Clay reached under Cee and began to torment her swollen clit. Amy grabbed her nipples and pulled them relentlessly. Cee bucked and groaned but she really wasn’t in touch with much: she was in her own space somewhere.

When Clay finished he could see that Amy was sated herself. He pushed Cee aside; he could watch her rejoin the living but he really wanted to cradle Amy in his arms. It would be a good weekend. Cee knew this was the place for her. What a ride; she had given to two people and gotten pleasure in return; and it wasn’t even 9 in the morning. As they dozed peacefully, she tiptoed out of the room to freshen up and make breakfast. She knew she would likely see a lot more of the inside of the Master Suite during her tenure as maid of the mansion.

It wasn’t long before Amy mentioned to Clay that she thought it might be a worthy idea to pierce Cee’s tongue. While her service on Amy’s clit was quite satisfactory, she felt the stimulation of a tongue stud would be an added bonus. Clay felt that was a grand idea and set up another appointment with his doctor friend and Flo the office nurse. When they arrived, Clay took Flo aside and confided in her that he was still working on the details of a new business venture that would include her, but he was not ready yet with the details.

The actual visit gave Flo the opportunity to check the progress Amy herself was having with her nipple stretching devices. Clay had chosen a rather modest stretcher and the healing and stretching progress was judged as quite satisfactory at that point. He did purchase another, larger, and more intricate stretcher but there was not any particular urgency to use the new one at that point. Amy was still feeling the pressure of the first set she received and Clay didn’t want to press the issue. And, he had a plan to start the nipple stretching process with Cee as soon as Amy was sure she was making progress with her waist training. Big, full tits, long nipples, small waist and shapely legs and a tight ass. Plus a tongue stud. What a picture.

Cee was aware that the tongue stud would take some getting used to and that it would interfere with her eating until it healed. She nevertheless was excited about the addition and was a trooper during the piercing. She was fastidious about keeping her mouth clean and as germ fee as she could -- always with the idea that she would be even more capable of providing extra sensitive oral service to her employers when the new hole healed over.

Dory and Gail were living together and trying to make adjustments to each others needs -- they each recognized that some hurdles existed and might not ever be overcome. But, they were trying.

Dory was doing very well at handling the merchandising aspects of the business. She had shown great administrative promise now that she was directing the entire sales, and distribution functions of the firm. But, she was not finding an outlet for her interest in erotic exhibitionism. Her best moments were when she and Gail were together in public and both looked too hot to handle wearing some of Amy’s most sexy creations.

Gail confided in Amy that she thought she might be in love with Dory. They were sharing the same bed. Their sexual behavior however, was rather inhibited and predictable. Gail seemed to think of herself as a piece of beautiful art work that Dory could frame and display as she saw fit.

Amy discussed the talents and desires of both women to Clay. He took her into the den so he could think by the fireplace. She sat silently at his feet, nude.

“Master, I’ve noticed that you seem somewhat inhibited in playing with my nipples lately because of the nipple stretcher. And, you’ve stopped whipping them altogether. May I be so bold as to suggest that I take the studs out for about a week or so each month so you could have unfettered access to them,” Amy offered.

Clay was good with that suggestion and he himself removed both studs and then played with her left nipple -- his favorite.

After a rather long period of silence, Clay began to tell her of a bold business plan. He wanted to expand “Etc.”into new areas in America and expand it eventually worldwide. Amy would be the Chief Designer and CEO (Chief Erotic Officer) and he would be the Chairman of the Board. Amy essentially would be the board. They would hire a CPA as their Chief Financial Officer to keep the books straight and set sound financial principles. He would bankroll the expansion himself. The three of them would have their offices in the mansion.

The divisions of the business would include “Fashion and Equipment,” “Media,” “Personal Services,” and “Recreation and Leisure.” Given Dory’s administrative skill and her interest in erotic exhibitionism, she would be moved out of Fashion and offered the position of Director of the Media Division. Flo would be offered the position of Director of Personal Services. They would hire a new person to head up the Fashion and Equipment division. Amy would tend to the Recreation and Leisure Division until all the other divisions were running smoothly and then they would hire someone new.

All divisions would be located on the acreage now owned by Big Al -- well over 200 acres that were secluded but not so far from civilization that they would have difficulty recruiting and retaining skilled employees. Clay would make Al an offer for the entire property that he could not refuse.

They would close down the horse farm and Barn as it was now being used. They would center the Personal Services Division on the property in that area. Flo would be tasked to start up an Advisory Service, a Medical Consulting Service, and a “Masters Club”. She would be told to think about the long rang prospects for a “Rent-A-Sub” department, and a Training and Development Center for submissive as well.

On an outlying parcel of the property they would build a full scale, hi tech, production department specifically to make and promote female bondage and other erotic videos, and magazines. Full length X rated films would be added later on the long term horizon. Dory would be expected to be the primary female lead in the videos and magazines and would have production responsibilities as well. She could hire other staff and crews as required.

Amy would keep Gail as the manager of the store, and would hire someone to replace Dory as head of the domestic fashion function. A worldwide reach would come later.

Clay wanted to meet Gail. He had only heard about her and how exceptionally good looking she was but had never met her in person. Amy was to arrange dinner for them at the cozy restaurant to which Clay had taken Amy almost two and a half years ago when she was in the early stages of her submissive awakening. Gail was to wear one of most erotic dresses they made and strappy 5” high heel shoes to match.

Amy had briefed him on Gail's background as far as she knew it and it was their plan to explore her sexuality in depth. They weren’t sure just what would come of their probing questions but there were sure they would have a fun evening.

When Gail entered the restaurant alone the whole place seemed to freeze in slow motion and a hush came over the patrons. Some recognized her pictorial layouts from the Christmas catalogue but had never dreamed they would see her close up. Clay for his part was taken by her extraordinary figure, sultry expression, and broad chest. Her deep cleavage was hard to miss.

“Master, this is Gail. Gail this is my Master, Clay,” said Amy matter of factly. Gail was somewhat taken aback by Amy’s introduction of Clay but did not ask any questions. They were seated again at a table in the rear of the facility from which they could observe all of the other patrons.

“I’m so glad to meet you Gail,” said Clay. “You are a very striking woman. I’m sure you must get complemented all the time. I did see your picture in the Christmas catalogue, but you are even more beautiful in the flesh. And, I glad to be able to see so much flesh,” he added with a twinkle. “I look forward to getting to know you and getting a better feel for you as the night progresses.”

Clay ordered wine and started his questioning of Gail. When did she lose her virginity to a man? When did she first have a sexual liaison with a women? Were her tits enhanced? Did she enjoy lesbian sex with Dory? Was she the bottom in her relationship with Dory? Did she ever have anal sex with a man? Did Dory ever use a dildo on her? Had she ever been spanked? Had she ever been in bondage for any length of time? What was her reaction to bondage and whippings?

Gail answered all these questions thoughtfully and fully. Her responses were without guile or apparent embarrassment.

Do you get wet when Dory takes you to a sex club? Have you been naked in public? Gail continue to answer with expression and apparent honesty.

“What is the one thing you dread most about being erotically submissive to a woman?”

Now that question stopped her in her tracks and she dropped her eyes to the table in obvious discomfort. Amy was listening closely.

“I do trust Dory and she has never pushed me beyond my comfort level. I am still having some difficulty being submissive to another woman. In some ways it’s comforting and in other ways it’s hard on me. And, I’m still wrestling with myself on my overall level of submissiveness. You have been great with me Amy and I appreciate what you have done for me and for taking the time to share your personal experiences and insights. You have been a mentor as well as a mistress to me. I feel like I could do anything for either of you,” she said.

Clay rose from his seat and came toward her. He slid his hand down the front of her dress and wrapped his entire hand around her left tit as he kissed her on the lips. He let his hand move across the firmness of her nipple and squeezed it hard. She gasped but didn’t resist. She knew others in the restaurant had seen him fondle her. As he went back to his seat, he winked wickedly and slyly at Amy so that no one else could see him.

Clay would introduce Gail to Ben his trusted assistant. They would be perfect together. He would put Ben in charge of developing the new property and of hiring the new staff necessary for the day-to-day operations of the new divisions they had in mind for the near term and then developing the Recreation and Leisure Division which Clay felt Ben might be able to direct when the time came. The new enterprise he envisioned was to be called “Etc. Inc.”

Ben and Gail hit it off from the start. Gail moved in with him immediately. Dory felt relieved. She would meet someone to satisfy her in due time. She accepted the challenge of the new media division and envisioned herself naked and impaled on some huge cock for all to see on a 50 foot screen.

Flo, couldn’t believe here ears when Clay explained his vision of the business to her. She got a ten thousand dollar bonus for leaving the good doctor with two weeks notice. She started the advisory service on the Internet right away. It wouldn’t make money but it would give the firm a voice to the outside world and draw customers to other divisions in the firm. The medical advisory service would be operated on the same basis.

She ordered the clean up of the old barn and saw the potential of the old horse stables and trotting track as a place for training and keeping pony-girls. While it would be a project for the future, she had a vision for a training center for submissives’ -- something along the lines of the Chateau described in the “Story of O”. That would be a longer term project, but one that held a great deal of interest for her.

She began work on a realistic short term business plan for the “Master Suite”. It would be a big stone house befitting its name. It would be exquisitely furnished and have private erotic play rooms, dungeons with all necessary bondage and discipline equipment, and a full stage and lounge area. The employees would be very special indeed. Her clients would be very happy to pay big bucks to come there.

Flo was a mover and shaker. The actual build plan was to have the Suite ready for action by the end of September.

Ben had hired Heather to replace Dory to run the Fashion Division. Heather had experience in the erotic garment business as a sales representative. She was just glad to get involved in a new business and away from the grind of constant travel. She had been lured by promise of operational freedom and large annual bonuses for achieving sales targets.

Amy got along with Heather as they saw eye-to-eye on matters of design a marketing strategy. Clay though she was hot. The resume she brought with her was somewhat more explicit that regular business resumes. It noted that she was 25 years of age, single, and that she measured, 35C, 24, 34. At 5’ 8” inches tall and 124 pounds she was stunning. Her picture portfolio left no doubt about that. Her light brown hair was just beyond shoulder length, very full, and highlighted nicely. Although Heather’s sexual preferences were not clear, she would be a great addition to the team.

By the end of her Junior year, Amy was, for all practical purposes, the main executive of a multi-division business. Her grades were great and her business skill were being honed each day.

The business was growing by leaps and bounds. She was totally contented with her submissiveness to Clay; her sexual and emotional appetites were satisfied every day.

She was deeply engrossed in every aspect of the expanding business during the summer months, yet her devotion to Clay was evident each night. He hadn’t felt the need to discipline her in over a month. He decided to have her spend some time at the hunting lodge alone to contemplate her commitment to him and the future which lay ahead of her.

He blindfolded her and placed her in chains for the drive to the mountains. When he removed the blindfold, he made her walk naked into the damp lodge. Her arms were secured above her head to the rafters in the ceiling and the chains were pulled tightly forcing her to stand tiptoe on the floor.

“Now spread your legs, slave. I'm going to whip your tender thighs and your cunt just like you did when you held the whip on Celia. Then I’m going to whip your tight ass. Then I’m going to attack your ass. I’ll give you something to remember during the semester. I want you to internalize your suffering. I think you need that. Do you think so too, slave?”

“Yes, Master, you know it isn’t easy for me to make myself so vulnerable to the harsh whip. Already I’m trembling with the anticipation of the awful pain. I know you want to send me back to school in the right frame of mind. And, I know that seeing me helpless and thrashing under your lash will make you happy and that makes me excited. I’m ready and resigned to your discipline, however harsh, Sir.”

She pulled herself completely off the floor using her strong shoulders and with all the muscles she had in her well toned stomach and legs she spread her legs sideways -- wide apart so he had a perfect angle to whip her. And, whip her he did. Whenever she faltered, he tapped her and told her to spread wide; and she obeyed him again and again until her legs ached and were red and burning with pain. Then he attacked her ass. He laid into her with over two hundred jarring wallops of the flogger.

She had learned that in his fantasies he envisioned her begging him to stop beating her; and that he wanted her to scream in her torment. She did not hesitate to let her true emotions be known. She was in real pain yet found it easy to let the pleasure overtake her.

Then, he lubed her asshole with her own cunt juice and rammed his cock into her. She loved the way he grabbed her hips from behind to hold her in place, then to move her back and forth for his gratification. He squeezed her tit but was careful with her stretched nipples while he exploded into her.

When he was through with her he let her down to the floor, still chained, and left the lodge. He came back several hours later to bring her home. She was obliged to tell him openly and candidly of her thoughts and reactions while bound, whipped, and ravished. He sensed a certain glow of satisfaction on her face as she detailed each moment of her ordeal.

Her senior year in college would be a great one and she was looking forward to the new lessons that would come her way. She would have to be very careful however, as she sat down at her design desk on day one of class.

End of Part # 6

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Amy was a college senior with only a few remaining classes to go before she would graduate with honors. She had made a deep and sincere commitment to Clay Wright to be his erotic sex slave. But, more than that, she truly wanted to obey him and please in all aspects of life -- non-erotic and erotic -- the practical areas, and the just for fun aspects of their relationship.

For sure, she devoted most of her waking hours to finishing college, tending to the many aspects of managing “Etc. Inc.”, and keeping herself in trim; but she was, first and foremost, Clay’s to use, abuse, and enjoy. Her time was his time. She was a consenting and contented submissive. She had studied at his feet and was fully accepting of her submissive nature. She had fully integrated what she had learned into her daily life. Amy was 22 years old and she was in love for real.

Celia, who they had begun to call only Cee as a means of keeping her humble, by contract was the maid of the mansion. She had no long term commitment to Clay or to Amy. In a real sense, she was superficial. She got her kicks from being a hanger-on of the rich and handsome. She got her erotic thrills from being dominated, and dominated harshly, but it didn’t matter by whom. For the time being Cee was perfectly willing to serve and be used sexually by both Clay and Amy.

Cee was fun to have around. She was a good maid, but she was also eager to be a sex toy. She was provocative and had always enjoyed a hard smack on her ass. As a youngster, she flaunted her cute ass by wearing tight jeans and she hardly minded it when Big Al, her former lover, had her bend over and grab her ankles while he gave her a lick or two right out in public. She found her way into Clay’s bed with Amy often to satisfy Amy with her tongue while Clay fucked her ass -- great fun she thought. And, Clay thought it was a nice way to start his business day.

The business of “Etc. Inc.” was coming along just fine. The summer months had seen significant progress in the development of the new Personal Services Division. Flo was the women in charge of the division and she had been carefully watching the construction of “The Master’s Suite” which would be the center piece of the divisions operation. This building would be a very exclusive getaway for people of the kinky kind from around the country and in time from around the world.

Flo wanted to hire assistants to help her in the set up and ultimately the day-to-day running of “The Suite” as it would be affectionately called. Amy recalled Elaine from her early days at the Green Door. She came in to buy better whips than her boy friend had on hand and had Amy try each on out on her own ass before she made a final decision. Amy had a file of her former clients. In Elaine's case, she had noted “pain freak.”

“I’ll call her, if you want me to set up an interview for you with her I’d be glad to make the call.”

“Amy, that would, be great. I’d appreciate the help” said Flo.

Elaine had seen Amy around the old Barn several times since she made her original purchase two years earlier but they hadn’t had any sort of meaningful discussion. She was intrigued by Amy’s offer to set up an interview with Flo especially since Amy had hinted at the erotic nature of the operation Flo had in mind. Flo said that her boyfriend, Dan, had grown to be a thoughtful dominant man and was fulfilling all her needs for the sting of the whip -- a welcome change from two years earlier.

Dan had great bondage equipment, but until recently had not been able to bring Elaine to the level of pain she enjoyed; real pain that allowed her to go into the endorphin producing sub space she loved so much. Amy had been right about her she was a “pain freak.”

“Would it be OK if Dan came too?” She asked.

Flo was delighted to meet them both. If they took the job they would be in on the ground floor and could help her set policy and furnish the various rooms. In time, they might want to take the stage themselves to demonstrate the bondage equipment designed and sold at the store. And, they might even want to develop an entertaining show for the paying customers. Elaine felt the juices in her cunt running along the outer folds of her labia. Dan got a hardon. For practical purposes, they were already on the job.

“The Suite” was scheduled to open for business in about 45 days. Rules had to be set and publicity started. Flo would let Dan and Elaine propose a plan; Amy would have final approval. She would continue to work with the builders on the interior features.

After much research and thought, Elaine and Dan’s had a plan for the private, exclusive domination and submission theme facility. The operation would be open Thursday through Sunday evenings from 9 PM till 4 AM. . A main stage and bar plus individual play rooms would be available. The club would provide food service. Alcohol would be served but could not be abused. No drugs were to be permitted on the premises. Bouncers and security staff would be on duty. The service staff would most certainly all be women, hand selected for their tolerant attitudes and striking good looks.

The regular membership would be subject to investigation and an initiation fee of $5,000. The annual dues would be set by dividing the actual expenses of the club by the number of regular members. A dues statement would be sent to the membership at the end of the year. Admission to the general public would be strictly limited with a steep entrance fee per night. A regular member had the right to have a general membership patron evicted for cause.

Regular membership was to be limited to dominant men with one or more submissive, gender identifiable, woman; or a dominant gender identifiable women with one or more submissive gender identifiable submissives. Submissive woman looking for a dominant and dominants looking for a submissive would be subject to intense prescreening before being allowed in the building. Single men and transgenders were not admitted.

Safe sex was the rule; condoms required if there was the prospect of transmission of fluid. There as to be no unsolicited touching -- a condition that would be enforced by the staff. There was no dress code per se but erotic dress was requested. All committed submissives would need to be collared. It was understood that what happened inside “The Suite” stayed there. Privacy and confidentiality were the keystone to individual pleasure and ultimately, to membership growth.

Amy was satisfied with the plan but added that for the first two months, any sub dressed in a full fashion garment designed by her would get a 50% discount.

Elaine wanted the store's client list as a place to start generating business. She planned a subtle publicity campaign along the lines that there was now an exclusive place to serve those with strict standards for erotic entertainment -- “The Master Suite.” And, Elaine herself planned to be part of the entertainment if events at the club tended to drag. Word would soon spread. They expected an energized turnout on the first night.

Amy had seen Cee fingering her clit just before dinner one evening and decided to teach her a lesson.

“Cee, I know you have been a naughty girl. I caught you playing with yourself right here in the mansion. You will have to pay the price of your misdeeds. Take off your panties, spread your legs, and bend over. Place your hands on the floor with your legs straight.” She commanded.

“Another whipping.” Thought Cee. And, yes Amy did warm her ass with a few well-chosen swats. But then she placed three small stainless steel cloths pins on each of her labia lips. They burned like the dickens. Then she had Cee stand tall so she could tighten Cee’s corset a bit tighter and gave her ass another twenty strokes.

“Come back after dinner and I’ll remove the pins, you sex starved slut. I hope you learn to leave your cunt alone while you are on duty. Next time I catch you playing with yourself you will really be abused,” she warned.

Cee could feel the pins touching against each other as she walked and she got wetter and wetter as the evening progressed.

“Master, after dinner, Cee has something to show us. I hope you won’t be disappointed, Sir.” Cee was standing in the door way and heard Amy talking about her. She was not sure what Amy had in mind but, true to her erotic nature, she was eager to find out.

“Cee, go into the den after the dishes are cleared and lay down on the floor with a pillow under your hips. Spread your legs wide so Master can see the condition of your cunt.”

“Now, Cee, you no doubt get the message that we are comfortable watching you in pain with your soaking cunt looking for some kind of mercy from us. But you will not get any.”

Amy went to the drawer and removed the cunt whip and had Cee kiss it sweetly. Then she told Cee that she would have to beg Master Clay to have her cunt whipped because she was such as selfish slut.

“Sir, I’ve been a bad maid today. I fingered my clit while I was on duty and I deserve to be punished and trained so I won't be tempted to do that again. Please, Sir, would you tell Amy that she should really whip my tender cunt, Sir. I’ll keep my legs wide apart for her and I promise not to move.”

Clay nodded his approval. He would use that chastised cunt as soon as Amy was done with it.

Amy, plucked each of the six steel clothes pins off Cee’s swollen cunt lips. She moaned when each one was removed and the blood supply returned to that very sensitive area. Then Amy, began to softly beat the tender folds of Cee’s cunt. Her clit was peeking through the folds like a hard pebble and Amy wasn't reluctant to hit it too. Cee was in obvious distress and she was crying softly with her legs still wide spread.

“Now, slut, I want you to masturbate for Master Clay. And, to make it even more difficult for you I’m going to watch every move you make as well. Here is a vibrator to help you along. Take your time. I have a timer with me here and if you come before my timer goes off, I’ll punish you there again.”

“How diabolical.” Thought Clay. “Great show, but very diabolical.”

Cee was in serious distress. Her cunt was aching to be relieved and yet her tender lips and clit were stinging from the whipping. She was wet and ready but sore and tense. She seemed go deep within her emotional self and bore down with an unusual sexual energy and intensity and it wasn’t long before she came to a shattering organism. And, then another, and another just after the timer rang.

Clay, undressed. He straddled Cee face and fed her his cock. When it was fully erect he thrust it into her sore, wet cunt, deep and fast. Cee again began to experience the dichotomous sensations of pain and pleasure almost at the same time. She got lost I herself once again.

“Snap out of it Cee. Let’s put that new tongue stud to work on my clit while you are at it.” Said Amy who straddled Dee’s face.

Cee was in her own space but was keeping Amy and Clay well pleased. Eventually they both had wonderful orgasms.

“Now do not remove Amy’s juices from your face until tomorrow morning. And clean off my cock with your tongue, slut, right now. Taste your own juices. Suck your sticky fingers and clean them up too. You gave a good performance; perhaps we will make that a weekly event. And don’t let us catch you fingering yourself again around here.” He said. Then he raised her shapely legs toward her face and gave her fifty hard smacks on the ass with his bare hand.

Amy saw the glow of submission and the ache of torment and mortification in Cee’s face. She herself, had experienced those same feelings.

After class the next day, Amy called Dory to the mansion for an update on the Media Division which in her opinion was not getting off the blocks very quickly.

To break the ice, Amy told Dory of the adventure Clay and she had with Cee the previous evening.

“Dory, when was the last time you had a man between your legs?” She asked rather directly.

“Amy, that’s a personal question.”

“Perhaps it is, but I have my reasons for asking. Now tell me honestly, when did you fuck a guy last?”

“Amy, I'm ashamed to say, but it’s been almost six months.” She answered finally.

“That’s what I figured. It’s my opinion that the Media Division is not as far along as it should be at this time in our development. You are a smart girl and a sexy one. I expect you to be not only giving operational direction but also creative direction, and that is not happening.”

“This is what I want you to do between now and the end of the year. First, get a man and screw yourself silly as often as he can make it happen. I want you to get Ben to hire a talent agency to research and suggest several men for you to audition. Each of the guys they recommend should have experience in the erotic video industry, be extraordinarily good looking and well hung. You and he should have an immediate animal attraction for each other.”

“Next, hire three sexy women and have them star in two videos -- one should be a real live pony girl and the theme of the vid should be about her life and training. Flo can help with the details. The other two girls should be stars in a video of their erotic lesbian relationship.

‘Next, I want you to star in your own video. The guy you pick for yourself should also star in the action. On film, he should walk you through three different exhibitionistic scenes, all in public.

“Now, one more thing. You are not using your physical attributes on the job. The people you work with need to be energized to their tasks. I want you to start wearing very revealing clothes to work each day. As a suggestion you should take seriously, you should wear high heels and very tight jeans -- so tight that you would have to struggle to get them on. So tight that the crotch material fits up inside your cunt so that everyone can see the outline of your perfectly full and generous cunt lips. Or, you can wear high, short, cut offs or some of our leather wear. But, whatever you wear, I want it to be revealing and have a motivating effect on the crew.

“If I don’t see a turnaround in your personal drive, sexual energy, and some results from the division I will let you go the first of the year. Do you understand I am very serious about this?”

“I never expected it to come to this, but you are right, Amy. I am frustrated and needed the kick in the jeans you just gave me. I appreciate the advice, and suggestions. Especially the one about getting a man that I enjoy being with and one who is interested in fucking me. I’m on it boss.”

The grand opening of “The Master Suite” was being met with great expectation. Membership had grown to 50 major players from around the country. Not all of them were going to be there on opening night that was just fine with Flo because she felt she needed a trial run to get all the kinks and wrinkles worked out.

Clay had decided to have Cee in naked and in bondage on the stage before the doors opened. She would stay bound and exposed for the entire 8 hours to add to the erotic atmosphere. At midnight, Flo was to go on stage and change her position from being bound, standing spread eagle, against an X frame to a kneeling position.

At that time, Flo would bind Cee’s ankles toward the back of her thighs. A blindfold would add to her sense of disconnection, humiliation, confusion, and suspense. All her weight would be directly on her knee caps which were protected somewhat by a modest pad on the stage floor. Her arms would be bound together above her elbows having the effect of thrusting her chest and tits out. She would be placed in front of a pillar on stage with tight leather straps holding her tightly cinched waist against the pillar. A stainless steel mouth spreader would be placed under her teeth and spread wide. The contraption would be held secure with buckling straps behind her head. Her lips and mouth would then be open for cock business to any man who wished to use her; at a cost of course.

Gail and Ben were there as Dom and sub. Ben had her in high heeled cowgirl boots. He gave her a pair of chaps and belted them tightly around her waist. The chaps naturally were cut to fit around her legs but were fully open several inches below her crotch. Since she was naked under the chaps, her lovely trimmed cunt was quite striking and on display for all to admire. She wore a light colored suede vest over her shoulders. It had suede fringe that hung down over her ample tits but did not conceal her nipples. A cute cowboy hat toped her blond head and finished the look he wanted for her.

Heather had been invited to the opening. She was in charge of the Fashion Division and Amy wanted her to meet and greet the customers and to become acquainted with them on a first name basis. She selected a new dress styled by Amy for the opening event. The bodice was tight fitting around her waist. The plunging neck line showed off her wonderful bust line to advantage. The skirt came in two pieces. Generally, it was to be worn with both a front and back panel. But, tonight, to show off her great ass and great legs Amy told her to leave the back panel at home.

Elaine and Dan were there and had a special on-stage presentation prepared and on the agenda for the audience for later in the evening if the need arose.

Clay had Amy wear white platform high heels. Her heavy white denim pants laced up the sides from ankle to waist. He pulled them tightly to show off her great legs and ass. Her cunt was also obvious as the pants were pulled high into her crotch. She wore a loose fitting white denim blouse opened to the third button. Clay made it a habit throughout the night of standing behind her, unbuttoning her blouse completely, and holding, pinching and fondling her naked tits. Her nipple jewelry was on display and she was proud of them.

The crowd was complementary about the facilities. They sought out Clay for their commendations but he deftly recognized Flo for her hard work. For the most part, the men were clearly in charge and wore their choice of whip on their belt. A few women dommes were dressed in high dominatrix fashion.

Not all of the subs were drop dead gorgeous but for the most part they were physically fit. Some a bit thin and some not thin enough. Most were scantily clad and seemed to be comfortable with their status. Most sat or kneeled beside their Masters.

When she was put in her second position of the night, Cee was the recipient of many loads of unsolicited cum. On each such occasion, the crowd whistled and shouted their approval.

Most Masters, took the stage to engage in some sort of public display of their slaves submission. It was not unusual to see a slave, fondle her tits for the enjoyment of the crowd or to hold them up for a whipping. Many were forced to masturbate or bring their Masters to climax. Asses where getting their due with a flogger or crop. The audience was appreciative of their willing displays of good feminine submission.

About 2 AM a neatly dress man and two women came into the club. All three were wearing business attire -- well fitting and obviously expensive blue pin strip suits with a modern cut. The man wore a pair of dyed and sculpted alligator boots. The ladies wore their skirts very short and had on 5 inch heels. All heads turned to them not only because the business suits were someone unusual but because the girls we statuesque twin blondes.

The man asked to see Flo and spoke to her briefly. She turned down the music and spoke in the microphone.

“Ladies and gentleman. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mr. Eric. He is an attorney who has just landed his Lear jet in our fair city after wrapping up a legal case he completed only hours ago. We are proud to have Mr. Eric as one of our charter members. His will introduce his assistance and entertain us now. The stage is yours.”

Cee was blindfolded but she knew something big was about to happen.

“Good people. These two young ladies are my legal assistants. I love them both. As you can see they are twin sisters. I rely on them to do research on the cases I handle. For tonight I’ll refer to them as “Number 1” and “Number 2. Girls, I want you to remove your jackets and skirts.”

They wore only thigh high hose and wire push up half bras in addition to their ultra high heels. Both were high waisted and lean.

“Number 1, what happened today? Tell the folks.”

“Sir, we lost a big legal case that was worth a lot of money.”

“And, Number 2, why did I bring you both all the way here this evening?”

“Sir, whenever you lose a case, you take out your frustrations on us and treat us harshly.”

“You mean, I discipline you for your sloppy work. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Sir. You beat and torment us so we will be better employees during our next case, Sir.”

“Have I ever beaten you in public before? Do you like being naked and disciplined here?”

“Sir, this will be the first time in public, Sir. It’s already embarrassing but exciting.”

He told the women to turn around and place their hands on their heads. The crowd could see the welts of a fairly recent caning on each ass. They each carried 10 welts -- which were all healing but still red and sore. He asked Flo for two stretcher bars, a large double donged dildo, two sets of nipple clips, four wrist cuffs, a long leather belt, and two ball gags in head harnesses.

With Flo’s assistance, the girls were made to face each other tit to tit. The dildo was inserted one end in each cunt. If one of them moved the other would feel it. Their nipples were clipped alternately -- left nipple of one to the left nipple of the other and right to right. Their legs were splayed by the individual spreader bars. Their waists were cinched together by the leather belt and their wrists were tethered at their side to the belt. Their faces were brought together by the head harnesses. They would not be blindfolded. Each was shaking in anticipation of the public whipping they would receive in this humiliating position.

He took his time, circling them, using the crop on each ass in turn. The girls could see him and could anticipate each blow. The crowd showed their approval of his technique. The girls held still. Then he used the flogger on their ass and back. More applause. It was easy for him to feel the wetness in each cunt seeping from around the dildo and he did it often. He penetrated each ass hole with his fingers. More embarrassment.

He stepped up the tempo and intensity of the whippings. While the girl under the crop was moving, the other felt the pressure pulling on the dildo and against her nipples. The whipping continued for almost half an hour and the crowd was cheering for encore after encore. He was satisfied that their ass and back was going to remind them of their sloppy work, but as an added bonus for the crowd he lashed at the back of the girl's legs with the crop leaving stripes. The crowd loved it.

“I’ll have Flo let you down now and take you to a private room to have you rubbed with oil. You can enjoy each others cunts until just about closing time. Then you must come back on stage and apologize to me for your performance and promise to do better in the future. I’m I clear girls?”

The girls came back onto the stage just a few minutes before Flo dimmed the club lights a few times to remind the crowd that it was nearly closing time. The girls bowed to the lawyer and then to the crowed. They got whistles and hoots in appreciation of the good show they had provided.

It was 4 AM but the crowd didn’t want to leave. There was a lot of kissing, sucking and fucking still going on. When she flashed the lights for the fifth time she told them it was finally time to go home. She thanked everyone for coming and they applauded the pun. Her opening had been a success -- many others eventful nights would follow.

Amy’s cunt ached for relief and Clay tore at her pants when they got home. He didn’t waste time -- she was on her back on the bed with legs again over his shoulders. He fucked her hard until they both exploded in climax after climax.

She had seen Heather briefly at the club on opening night but had lost track of her in the crowd. She called her to the mansion for a business discussion regarding any contacts she may have made at the club the night before to sell her designs.

“Tell me about your experience last night Heather.” Did you meet anyone important?”

“Amy let me tell you. I may not have done any business for you, and I apologize for that, but I sure did some business for myself. When the guy in the business suit was terrifying his girls I was standing near a gentleman and his slave. She was on her knees busy at work sucking on his cock as he enjoyed the action on stage. He caught my eye and nodded his head as if to get me to come closer to him. As you remember, I was wearing the design dress with no rear panel. He reached out his hand toward my ass and without a word seemed to ask if he could feel me up.

“I moved my legs apart to give him the clue that it would be all right. He found my clit and in a second started to drive me wild. He motioned for me to get my face near his and when I did he kissed me on the lips while he still played with my cunt. Then he whispered that he wanted me to kiss his slave after he ejaculated in her mouth. He wanted me to taste his cum. What an erotic thought.

“He again stroked my clit and brought me to climax while I was standing there. He stiffened all over and he pulled out of her mouth and splashed his cum all over his slaves face. Her mouth was oozing with his cum. He made her get up and kiss me. I kissed her and used my tongue to clean her mouth. He rubbed my ass to tell me I was doing just fine. Then he had me sit down and put his slave to work on my engorged clit again. And, in no time I had another series of organisms.

“He was a beautiful man. Very handsome and had a very inspiring cock. He wants me to stop by his house at my first opportunity. His name is Frank. I'm sure I could not go back to the club again without him. What a turn on. I may not be in for 24/7 type of submission, but I must admit I’ve had thoughts of bondage and being taken by a man almost since puberty.

“I developed tits and hips very early and enjoyed looking at my body in the mirror. I was very flexible too as a teenager. I could bend over and put the palms of my hands flat on the floor. I had a triple sided floor length mirror in my room and could look in the mirror and see my own cunt in that pose because my ass cheeks were firm and tight.

“And, I could put my elbows together without trying. These are the poses I struck for myself over and over. Arms back, shoulders back, one wrist crossed over the other behind my back -- that pose thrust my tits out and inspired many visions of being handled roughly by my brother's boy friends. I never saw myself being raped mind you, just handled roughly.”

“When I think back to those fantasies, I can see Frank putting me in bondage, like you did with Cee, and having his way with my body. Does that make sense to you?”

“It makes perfect sense to me,” she said. “You should start a period of sexual self discovery. You won’t be satisfied until you find the right person who you can trust to meet your needs once you have concluded just what those needs really are. I’ll expect a full report of your meeting with Frank and of your self assessments over the next three or four months. Remember I’m here for you if you want to chat.”

Heather met Frank at the local park. She didn’t want to take any unnecessary chances. He was dashing in his tight ribbed over shirt and wrinkle free pants. She wore a sun dress and showed plenty of leg.

He explained that his slave was a slave for life. She had given herself to him for protection and safety. In exchange, she gave him property rights over her. He used her and abused her and was not ashamed to tell others about her. He had a certain affection for her but never saw her as a permanent mate. In fact, he wanted to know if Heather would consider going on a date with him given the relationship he had with his slave.

Heather pondered this point and was reassured that Frank did not really love his slave and was not in a committed relationship with her. In fact he did not take any real sexual joy with her. He told Heather she could ask the slave herself if he was indeed telling the truth. Heather said she would take him up on his offer before going out with him. She wanted to meet the slave alone to see how she felt about Frank dating another women.

In the end, Heather was convinced that she would date Frank and even have an intimate relationship with him even though the slave was still very much in the picture. She said that at least for the next few weeks, she would only meet him at the club or the park.

She made it clear that they could explore each others sexuality and sexual interests there in the private recreation rooms. She said she could arrange whatever equipment he though he might want because she worked for the company who owned the club. All she would need was a list. She thought the list would give her a chance to see if his interests match hers.

He said he liked some bondage and did use a whip in some of his sex play. But he was not as heavy handed as many of the men they had seen at the club.

His list of sex gear included a whipping bench, restraints at the corners of the bed, a post to tie her up against, and any of the standard bondage belts and other toys she might want to add to the room. In summary, a good bit of what he would find in the room on their first date would be of her own choosing.

“Let me tell you Heather,” he said before they left the park, “I think you are one sexy lady. I love they way you walk. I love your body; it’s hot. And, I like the way you think. You have what I’m looking for in a women. I will treat you like you want to be treated. I would like to fuck you in as many different ways and in as many different places as you have places.

“The basic idea behind bondage for me is to put you in positions that immobilize you so that I can fuck you they way I want to. I’ll get my kicks just in screwing you in positions where you can’t resist me even if you wanted to. But you will never be frustrated or disappointed with any sexual encounter you have with me. I don’t ever want to hurt you or cause you severe discomfort. I will always make sure you are sexually satisfied before any date ends -- I give you my word on that.”

They started a mutually agreeable ritualistic sort of dating and mating dance. They would meet in the park on Sunday and Tuesday night and then meet at the club for sex on Thursday night. Heather had made a point of checking in with Amy after each encounter with Frank.

Amy found that she could make Clay hard just by mentioning that she had heard from Heather again. He would stand and fuck her slowly while she laid back and told him the story of the day. These “talk and fuck” sessions lasted for about 20 minutes each time before they allowed themselves to climax.

Heather was very satisfied with their first date in the club. She knew what to expect. She would be bound and fucked. No uncertainty about that. She had made arrangements to have all the material on his list available and had added several items that suited her there as well. She got to the room she had reserved first and stripped naked except for high heels. She wrote a note indicating, in general terms, that for the next several hours she was willing to engage in any sexual activity he wanted to. She taped the note on the door with his name on it.

He was gentle and sensual with her. He inspected her body with his hands. She was aroused by his touch. Her nipples and clit filled with sexual energy and were as sensitive as they had ever been. He did not need lubrication when he penetrated her cunt while she was bound to a whipping bench.

He hadn’t been in the room ten minutes before he came in her. When he put her on the bed he rode her hard until she screamed in her own orgasms. Altogether they were in the room less than twenty minutes before that had to rest in each other's arms. When they left the room they watched the action on stage until he took her home with a promise to meet her in the park again early Sunday morning.

From that first sexual encounter, Frank, knew he had a good woman in Heather. It wasn’t difficult for him to appreciate her unusual qualities as a human being and as a sex partner. He felt he could commit to Heather on a long term basis and was not reluctant to tell her that when they met again.

For her part, Heather, felt good vibes about Frank too. He seemed like a good man and certainly he was a great lover. But, she still had a nagging, unclear, issue with regard to his slave.

After about a month of talking and sex, she said “What’s your slave’s name?”

“When we first linked up she went by Ina, but after I found out she was really and truly a masochist, I called her PainSlutIna, or PS.” Why do you ask?”

“Well here’s the deal. There are wonderful feelings about you welling up inside me. I get wet just thinking of our Thursday night rendezvous. But, I need to clear the air about her. How would you feel if I asked you to give her to me? Give her to me formally as in a complete transfer of power from you to me. How would you feel about that?”

“I’m good with that. Of course I’d want you to come live with me. That way I’d have access to you and you’d have access to her?’ Can we agree on that?”

“That would be OK with me but I’d need to know that PS would be accepting of me as her mistress. Let’s go ask her. You start the conversation.”

They went to his house in the country. She had never been there before. “PainSlutIna, this is Heather. I want you to give her a tour of the house and gardens. Take as much time as you need then come back to the den, I have a question to ask you.”

When the women returned Frank asked Heather to sit in one of the large leather chairs in the room while he sat in the other. PS was left standing.

“PainSlutIna,, we have had a fine relationship as Master and slave. I enjoy having you here. You provide many wonderful domestic and non-domestic services. I now want to give you to Heather. If you accept her as your Mistress, as you have accepted me as your Master, you may continue to live here. If not, and I’m not trying to coerce you, I will have to ask you to leave. Do you understand?”

“Why of course I will give my loyalty to Heather as my Mistress if that will make you happy, Sir. Are there any strings attached Ma,am?”

“Well, before you agree, I guess it would be best if I explained some things. First, my relationship with you will be to always remind you who is in charge here. You will always be subject to my authority. I’m not a sadist. I just want to protect my sexual territory. I will never set about to train or discipline you because that’s not my thing.

“But, I will make it my business to beat you, and humiliate you, one woman to another, daily in some way. I will use you sexually when I’m in the mood and I’ll give you to Frank when I want to. He will never, and I mean never, penetrate your cunt. I may give him your mouth and your ass but never you cunt.

“I will shave your head and will insist that you keep a shaved body head to toe all the time. You will refer to me as “Mistress’ at all times in public or in private. And, you will show respect for me emotionally, and in your physical appearance, without exception. Think about those conditions carefully. If you agree, tell me. If not, pack your things and hit the road,” she said.

“If you agree, we will have the transfer of power ceremony this Thursday evening on Thanksgiving Day, at the club. Let me know by then,” Frank concluded.

Clay couldn’t believe his ears when he heard that story. The anticipation of getting the next installment drove him to an increased level of sexual energy that Amy had not previously seen. He was almost insatiable.

PainSlutIna and Frank met Heather at the club for Thanksgiving dinner. The usual erotic adventures were toned down for the occasion. In a quiet voice, PSI sought Franks permission to speak.

“Mistress, I am excited about being your personal slave; willing and consensual as they say. Your demands are fair especially under the circumstances. All I ask is that you keep me safe and free of major decision making. I am a complete and utter masochist. Use me as you wish. You can shave my head anytime. I will wear it as a badge of shame and submission. It will remind me that I am yours completely.”

The deal had been struck.

When Heather told Amy, She thought there was a pony in the pile for them at the club.

“I’ve got a couple of ideas that might be of real interest to our club patrons that would involve contest between your girl and mine.

“The first contest would require both girls get their nipples pierced and get four small gold labia rings. Cee already has a tongue stud. Flo can do the honors on your girl. When they both heal sufficiently, we can attach the girls at the tongue, nipples, and cunt on stage in very high heels. The girls could kiss and feel each other up. The crowd would decide the winner by applause.

“Next, we could make them masturbate on stage at the same time. The winner might be the one who cums first or last depending on the mood of the audience.

“The other contest could be a slave pissing contest. Both girls would be naked on stage -- they would holding their labia lips open pee. The contest would be to see who could shoot their pee the farthest. Wouldn’t the customers at the club love to see contests like that? What are slaves for if you can’t have fun with them.”

When Amy told Clay of the ideas they had dreamed up, he got hard immediately. They were quick to capture the moment with another robust and energetic fuck -- it would be the last until finals were over for the first semester of her Senior year at college. One more academic learning opportunity to go, and a life time of being a pupil to her wonderful Master and lover.

End of Part # 7

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Amy completed the first half of her Senior year and dove right in to getting ready for the Christmas holidays. The planning for all the business aspects of the holidays had been done months earlier. But, decorating and getting office parties and bonuses in place were some of the details she had put off. Of course all the social events of the season had been taken care of by Clay’s personal office staff.

She had designed a set of gold cuff links in the shape of a crown for Clay as a symbol that she would always have him the king and Master of her life. She couldn’t wait to present them to him on Christmas morning, naked at his feet.

The den had been decorated with seasonal sights and smells quite beautifully and her presentation was perfect. He was touched and in love with her with all his heart and mind. And, he had a gift for her.

“Amy, dearest, present yourself to me in the ‘kneel position‘; palms upward on your thighs,” He hadn’t used that command for quite a while but Amy knew without hesitation to move before him naked, spread, and exposed.

He removed her nipple stretcher and kissed her vital and robust tips. His sucking and fingering of her nipples always gave her a thrill and increased her wetness. He played with her cunt and clit with his big toe. His attention to her erogenous zones was making her extremely excited.

“I love you, Amy. You are more, much more, than my slave. You are my lover and friend. I am not a master, I am your Master. You are not a slave, you are my Slave. But, in addition to that, I want to have you for my wife. This is your time to accept me and the ring of engagement I have for you. If you accept, we will be married just after you graduate college in the summer. Will you marry me?”

He lifted her left hand off her thigh and slipped the 3 carat diamond on her ring finger. It fit perfectly like he knew it would. And, it was a beautiful ring obviously of the highest color, cut, and clarity. Just right for her beautiful hand.

“Master, I am so thrilled. I do want to be your wife. I want you to have me and hold me and fuck me and whip me and just have fun with me. I love the honor and obey part of those vows the best. I want to be with you forever. Grow old together and have great memories of our life together. And, the ring is so, well dammed perfect. Coming from you it couldn’t be more perfect.”




Without asking, she moved toward him and took his hands and pressed them to her tits. She took his head in both hands and drew him to her mouth and kissed him passionately; tongue and all. She kissed him again and again and again. He squeezed her tits hard and pulled her nipples savagely.

He put her on her knees with her tits on the carpet. She arched her back and offered her cunt to him lewdly. He pounded her cunt with his engorged cock. She screamed at the top of her lungs in sexual passion and climaxed over and over.

And, on top of that she was going to be married.

“I’ll take care of the arrangements for the wedding. You just take care of your grades and the business. By the way, just how naked do you want to be at your wedding, Slave? He teased.

Now that you are engaged to be married, I want you to emphasize your sexuality. Not only around the mansion but on campus. I want you to be known for your creative work and as a leader in the area of erotic fashion design.

While she had many other things on her mind she was also having great success in Cee’s waist training program that was a part-time hobby of hers. Cee had started at 25 inches without a corset and was now at 22 inches. The results were better than Amy had hope for by this time in the program. With a cincher, Cee was able to sustain 20 inches for almost 12 hours a day and 19 inches if Amy pressed the issue.

Amy was considering putting Cee in a cincher corset for 24 hours a day except for bathing. That would help her attain her goal in the time period she had set for herself and would keep Cee more docile. She also bought a pair of 6 inch stiletto heels and was training Cee to wear them for a few minutes a day. Cee actually like the way she looked in the heels and the tight waist and was very compliant to Amy’s directions on wearing them.

Dory had been put on notice that she had to pick up the pace in the Media Division or she would lose her job. By the end of the year she had produced three erotic videos and had shown some first-rate initiative by having a professional photographer take digital still pictures during each shoot. They would be the basis for a new erotic magazine Dory was contemplating. And, was she ever creating an enthusiasm among the employees of the Media Division and the crews she hired for the shoots. Everyone already knew she had a great body but now, more than ever before, she seemed to want to flaunt it. Furthermore, she was encouraging the other girls in the division to follow her lead. Clearly her Division was the most erotic of all the others, day-in-day out, these days.

Dory had solved her sexual abstinence problem with “Gregor the Giant.” She had hired Greg from among several very talented and handsome young men who had been vetted for her by an erotic modeling agency. Greg did not get his name so much for his height, as he was only six feet tall, but because of the girth and length of his erect cock.

From the first time she met him in person they seemed to have a physical and personal chemistry that could be seen not only by the staff of the Media Division but also by the audience for whom they would be making their erotic videos.

The pony girl fetish video was made with an audience with a particular kinky look at life in mind. Flo helped Dory make the old horse stables into believable looking pony girl stalls. The three female stars were all decent looking, cannon ball chested women with well-muscled legs, strong shoulders, and broad backs. They looked great in their pony girl outfit; especially the one with a real platted horse tail inserted in her butt.

They were all adorned with tit clips with bells and chains to bring attention to their extended nipples. They wore corsets, head stalls with bit and reins, a custom harness with bells, boots, and anal insertable tail and a head plume. Their blinders kept them looking straight ahead so they didn’t know what the other pony girls were doing or where having done to them. The metal mouth bit pulled their lips back and the high hoof-style shoes enhanced the curve of their calf's and ankles. The fluffy plume completed the look.

One of the three actually had experience as a pony girl. She took well to the riding whip and she gave production tips to the crew which added some reality to what was a video totally devoid of script.

The main shots of interest were of the pony girls in training under the watchful eye of a female trainer. They would be trained to left their knees high in simulated and exaggerated prance and jump gracefully through large circular hoops on command. The objective of the hoop jump seemed to be more about getting the girls to work together naked and to have their tits bounce in rhythm.

Much time was spent filming the riders of the carts the pony girls who were whipping them to race the sleek carts around an oval gravel race track. The losers were tied to a post in the noonday sun. There were other shots of the pony girls pulling their riders on long stretches of open natural paths in the woods straining from exertion and exhaustion.

By far the most sensuous shots were of the pony girls standing for inspection in various positions for long periods of time being judged by a panel of horny riders. The camera man shot footage from every angle as the pony girls held their strenuous poses. If they faltered they paid the price with the whip.

Not bad for a fetish video; especially the first one made by this particular production company.

The lesbian submission video was also not much on dialogue. The all-women cast was good looking enough, but the main dominatrex, who was for real, was a bit too hard looking and long in the tooth. The general plot line was that the dominatrex was training young girls for a life of lesbian slavery. They needed to know the rules of such a life style and were being taught by a stern and unyielding mistress at her old castle in Transilvania. Kind’a corny but that was it.

The costumes and set design were quite good and the actresses where up to the task of lesbian love play and strict bondage. Most of the actresses, had actually worked in bondage videos and had felt the strain of long periods of bondage. The whip used seemed to be made of thin plastic strips and did not even raise red marks when applied with what would appear to have been significant force. A beginners video to be sure.

The third video was designed to exploit the talent and interest of Dory the exhibitionist and her lover, Frank. The video, almost devoid of dialogue but high on content, was shot in Scandinavia because of the liberal views on erotic play of its citizenry. The premise of the video was that Frank had taken his girlfriend on vacation. He would marry her if she showed her love for him by being involved in public displays of nudity and bondage.

The first scene, a long one, had Dory walking the narrow streets of Copenhagen in various stages of nudity. With crowds passing her on all sides, she continued to remove her clothes and discard them, one-by-one in trash cans she found along the way. She wound up naked except for high heels. The men onlookers were nonplused yet appreciative. The older women in the market were baffled.

The second scene, in a crowded plaza, had Dory seated at a single round table in the edge of the square with her dress pulled up around her waist. She was clean shaven and her legs were splayed apart. The two camera shoot was spliced side by side so the audience could see Dory and the unbelieving glances of everyone who passed by.

The third scene, had Dory in a hog tie position, knees spread on a park table. The time was obviously very early in the morning. Early rising park joggers were the first to spot her. A sign around her leather hooded head read “Please do not talk to me or move me. I am being punished for not obeying my master.” A few older teen age boys were shown touching her ass and fingering her exposed and moist cunt.

The next scene, had Dory, in the same park, tied to a tree. Frank, as her master, was himself hooded. He was shown flogging her, tit to toe ,as the morning crowed gathered to watch. There were men and women alike, all non-actors, standing to watch him whip the nude women. She again was hooded with a sign that read “Please do not talk to me or stop my Master from whipping me. I am being punished for not obeying my master.”

The last scene, obviously intended to be the next day, had Dory, nude, backed up against the same tree. Her left leg was held high and away to her side by a masked man who was fucking her standing up. He was in no hurry and the camera man caught the moistness of her cunt and the nice rhythm of his hairless plunging cock. She was hooded again but the sound from her suggested that she was enjoying every minute of the erotic yet humiliating experience.

Amy felt it was a good video and that it showed Dory off to her best advantage. She would have liked some more sucking, fucking, licking and kissing, but it was not at all bad for that particular genre. Dory would keep her job but she would have to sustain her enthusiasm and pace.

Amy was getting to be the talk of the campus. Other girls either talked admiringly of her or were seriously jealous. They were all envious of her engagement ring. Amy herself was used to be whistle at and hit on by men her age. But she carried herself with such an authoritarian air, that despite what might have been thought to be a cock teasing sensuality, no one dared to approach her physically. But, those well-shaped legs, full, high tits, and nipples were the talk of the town.

Heather and Frank continued their romps at the club on Thursday night. He would tie her up until she was totally exposed and immobile and then he fucked her. She loved the feeling of helplessness. Then she got her turn to ride his cock on the bed which she did with great abandonment.

They decided to bring Pain Slut to the club with them on occasion with the intent of tormenting her publicly. On one such occasion, she was bound in their private room; exposed and vulnerable. She was gagged with Heather's panties and duct tape. She said, “Slave, I will never punish your ass. As a women, I know you will hurt more and be more humiliated if I abuse your tits and cunt rather than if I whip your ass. So, when it’s me doing the whipping, you will only get it on the tits, nipples and cunt.” Then she took a cane and cracked it once harshly across both tits leaving a, single, cruel looking welt.

Then she asked Frank to put her in the bondage position of his choice. Pain Slut was forced to watch Heather suck Frank’s cock and get fucked while she was still gagged and hurting from the cane.

Then, when they were ready, they took her to the public stage. They put her head and hands in a stock like devise that was so low that she had to bend over at the waist. They slid a padded work bench under her legs with her cunt pressed down on the padding. Her legs were spread wide and bound to the sides of the bench legs.

They added weights to her newly acquired nipple rings. The stock devise could be raised or lowered according to the height of the person wishing to fuck her mouth either with a dildo or a cock. She was available for service. Every time she received a load of cum the audience clapped and whistled in approval.

And, while she was at the task of satisfying a patron with her mouth, someone else could urge her on by whipping her exposed ass, stimulate her exposed clit, or experiment with her ass hole. For this last humiliation, they had purchased a 4 inch long tapered butt plug that had the capacity to inflate up to well over 2 inches wide by the use of an adjustable valve pump. The pump had a locking devise that was used to hold her open at various widths.

Her ass hurt, her cunt was a runny mess with her own juices and her face was a sloppy sight by the end of the night. Heather would not let her wash off until before breakfast the next day.

Heather herself was experimenting with a set of anal dilators so that she could take Frank in the ass with less difficulty. She had designed the dilators herself and ordered a gross of them for sale by the firm. They were small hard plastic devises shaped like the head of a penis. Each set was graduated in width from 1 inch to 2 inches in increments of a quarter inch. The wearer was encouraged to lubricate and insert the smallest plug for 20 minutes at a time for a few days then increase to the next larger size. Heather knew Frank would be pleased to be able to slip his cock in her with less difficulty than he had been having. She, liked the idea of having his warm cum floating inside her ass.

Gail and Ben had not had the opportunity to perform on stage at the club. More to the point, the crowds were so active that they were not needed to keep interest high. Gail was an extraordinary beauty; tall and limber, perfectly proportioned for her height. They had practiced their performance many times in the privacy of their apartment and it turned Ben on each time.

Their first chance to be on stage came in early April. Ben had her nude on stage except for 6 inch stiletto heels and long, over the elbow, leather gloves. With her hands, she balanced herself by holding onto a pole that came down to a position just a few inches above her tits. It was securely anchored to the ceiling. He tied a leather strip into the end of her long hair. At the other end of the leather piece there was a small cuff made to fit around her ankle. He pulled her left leg upward and pulled her head backward until he could attach the small cuff.

With her head pulled backward and her leg pulled almost straight up behind her, she was a sight to behold as she balanced on the high heel on her right foot. Not many women could get into this pose and far less would present the erotic sight that Gail did; flat stomach, narrow waist, well-muscled legs, tapered calves and ankles.

“Gail, how shall I whip you tonight my dear?” He asked.

“Sir, I know you will whip me however long and wherever you want but perhaps you could start with my right leg.” She whispered from her strained position.

With a crop he started to whip her leg just below her cunt. He hit every inch all the way down to her well-turned ankle. She was concentrating on her position and did not budge a muscle although a distinctive redness to the whipped skin became evident. Then he attacked the leg that was strained upward and back toward her head. He spend a great deal of time whipping the soft skin high on the inside of her leg near her cunt and she growled in discomfort.

“Do you want me to finger your clit, now Gail. Do you want to show the folks how you can actually enjoy an organism in this enormously difficult and awkward position?”

“I’m ready if you are, Sir.” She said through her strained jaw.

Although her exaggerated position was beginning to take its toll, Gail was wet and her clit was as engorged to the size of a medium sized pearl. A few direct caresses directly on her clit with his finger caused her to began to shake. Her grip on the pole intensified, her facial muscles almost froze in a wave of erotic pleasure, and the muscles in her shoulders and back became taught. She screamed in the throes of her climax. The crowd went wild in appreciation for the scene they had witnessed and for her amazing physical endurance. Not many of them would be trying that one at home.

Clay was very pleased with Amy’s practical, emotional and physical education under his tutelage in the erotic transfer of control. It had almost been four years since he had met her. She had come a long way. One evening as she sat as his feet naked they talked about the changes she had learned outside of the formal classroom.

Amy was in a reflective mood. She felt she was a dedicated student of the philosophy and practice of erotic transfer of control and that her submissive nature found the principles behind ETC very beneficial to her in every aspect of her practical and sexual life. She felt she had successfully integrated the various elements of her life with that of her basic submissive nature and was a better person for that integration. She told Clay that she was grateful to him for his forbearance and long-suffering with her during the transformation period. She now knew who she was and why.

Clay was appreciative of her acknowledgment of his role in her life -- not only that she loved him and trusted him but that she gave him credit for allowing her to make a smooth transition from the immature teenager he first met to the mature and realistic submissive women she now had become. She had learned the specific duties and boundaries as a consensual slave.

Clay felt she was a good slave; she was dedicated to seeing to it that he was satisfied with her service and her demonstrated respect for him. She made every effort to be obedient to his rules, rituals, and values and that to accept punishment as he saw fit especially when it is given for his own pleasure. She knew how to ensure that his sexual needs were met on demand even when her own sexual release was not a given. She was willing to please him without any promise or hope of getting any personal pleasure. She had learned how to help others who seemed to be of a temperament similar to hers and could feel good that she was recognized as a person who could be trusted with another persons personal secrets.

Amy expressed the view that her journey perhaps was not complete and that in contrast to her pending degree from college, her learning as his slave and practitioner of ETC would never entirely be concluded. He told her that to admit she would always be a life long student, was the beginning of her continuing education. Furthermore, he agreed with her and was willing to tutor her further if she wanted to go there.

“Oh yes, Master. I do feel I have more to learn and more to give you. I’m willing to do what it takes to grow in my submission as you determine best for me.” She said.

“Slave, I’d do think there is at least one major area that you need to experience and integrate into your consciousness. You have led a very protected and privileged life here during the past several years. Yes, you have felt the pain of the whip and felt the ache of bondage. But, you have not really experienced the long term torments that are experience by those woman who are submissives to Masters who are more forceful and demanding than I am. I want you to have a taste of that experience before we get married.”

He let the anticipation of the plan he had for her build during the last days of her work as a senior in college. He reveled with her in the activities surrounding her graduation -- he went to the parties and awards programs for her and was proud of her significant accomplishments as a student scholar.

He even acknowledged the success of her senior project, as she called it, in getting Cee down to a 21 inch waist without a corset before her graduation day. Cee was pleased with herself as well and had gained a profound admiration for Amy.

After the glow of graduation had diminished somewhat, Clay began to let her in his near term plan for he. For the most part, she would be living under the domination and control of Flo, the nurse who was a recognized authority in the field of piercings and nipple stretching among other more advanced types of body and mind modification.

Clay had designed a heavy gauged steel cage that would be her living space in the garden of the mansion for most of her time with Flo. It was to be located in the exact place that Bee had always taken her when she had to piss. This humiliation of her had come at Clays command several years earlier but was never a thought far from her mind. Essentially her living space was to be in the same place as her former toilet.

The cage was only 6 feet by 9 feet and five feet high. It had a cement bench at one end on which she could eat and sleep. There was a hinged door at one end for her to crawl into and a smaller hinged flap in the other end near the cement bench that could serve as a place to give her for whatever food would be provided.

In one corner was a rubber penis shaped object attached to a long garden type hose that seemed to be attached to a water faucet at the side of the garden shed. Clay explained that if she wanted a drink she would have to suck the thick phallus from a kneeling position.

Just two days after her jubilant graduation Clay had taken away her beautiful diamond and stripped her naked. At the break of day he put her in the cage without further explanation. She had no contact with anyone until just before dark.

Flo appeared in full dominatrix style uniform. She said nothing but picked up a water hose and turned it on full blast at Amy’s tits. When Amy covered them, Flow shot the water at her cunt. When Amy fell down, Flow drenched her hair. Then Flo walked away. Amy was a muddy mess.

She decided to suck on the phallus for a drink. She had to suck hard to get any water but she drank and sucked; it was her only source of sustenance.

As she sat on the bench, cold and ill at easy, she remembered the fine designs she had created, and the envious stares of the other girls at college. And, the boys; she could usually see the bulge in their pants when they saw her walk by. She realized she was a hot number. “If they could see me know,” she thought. She had a fitful sleep on the hard bench but fatigue finally overcame her.

The next morning, Flo met her with another dose of cold water. At first, the spray seemed to wash off the mud from the previous day but Floe kept squirting her until she hit the ground again and rolled in the mud.

At noon, Flo came back. This time she was wearing a strap-on; a fairly big one but not oversized. She opened the smaller of the two flaps and inserted the strap-on into the cage through the flap. She did not say a word. And, Amy didn't move. After a few minutes, Flo, shut the flap, drenched Amy head to toe, then left.

Amy had gone without food for almost 36 hours and was hungry. Flo returned with a tray of food. She opened the flap and inserted the strap-on through the opening again without a word. Amy could see the food on the tray Flo was holding. Again, Amy didn’t move. Flo shut the flap and dropped the food in the dirt as she walked away.

No dinner for Amy again for the second day. She did suck down a lot of water and her jaws began to ache from the intense sucking action required to get the water she so desperately needed The sucking was the only thing she could do to occupy her time in her small cell.

It began to dawn on Amy that Flo was teaching her something. Suck the strap-on and get food. On the morning of the third day when Flow came and opened the flap, Amy was there on her knees to accept the dildo in her mouth. She got the food and ate it ravenously.

At lunch Flo came again with food but did not let Amy suck the dildo. She taunted her and through some instinctive or intuitive reasoning offered Flo her ass for the dildo. She got the full force of it and grunted angrily with the humiliating intrusion. Flo let her have the food but while she was eating it sprayed cold water over her again directing it right at her ass.

The next day, Flo again, without speaking, made it clear that she wanted Amy to lay on the bench and take the dildo down her throat. Flo was now giving her sharp verbal instructions on how to deep throat without hurting herself.

“Lay on your back on the bench. Drop your head backward over the edge of the bench and take the cock in your mouth slowly. Practice breathing through your nose as the cock reaches the back of your throat. Keep your throat straight and opened; practice not choking. Be ready for your Master to shoot his cum far back in your tight throat. Feel it and revel in your ability to take it all. A domesticated, committed, slave must learn to deep throat to be any use to her Master. Hear me good,” she said.

During the next few days, Flo returned to the cage about 10 times a day. Amy would suck the dildo or take it in her cunt or ass; sometime there would be food, sometimes not. Then Flo made it clear that she expected Amy to masturbate for her; to open up her cunt and show herself provocatively.

Except for the brief instructions Flo had for her regarding the best deep throat techniques no word was spoken between them. And, except for the cold and nerve shattering hose washings she got from Flo once or twice a day, Amy was not able to get even remotely clean. Her toilet was all done in the cage.

Her sucking and deep throat techniques were obviously pleasing to Flo as she was becoming less violent with her. The process had lasted for close to a week. Amy was learning that she was only a sex machine -- suck, fuck, show off her cunt, rub her clit and have a public orgasm. That’s all she was here in the cage; a female sex machine.

At the end of her sixth, mud caked, sexually humiliating and exhausting day in the cage, Clay carried her back into the mansion. He had several female beauticians and hair stylists on hand to make her feel beautiful again. They oiled her, massaged, her, gave her facials, and deep cleaning skin treatments. And, the hair style the chose for her was worthy of a queen. She felt like a woman again.

However, that night she found herself naked, except for vampy high heels, again in the dungeon.

“Show me a few of your most expressive and erotic poses. Show yourself to me and look at yourself in the mirror, Slave. You’ve got to be proud of what you see. Your cheek bones seem higher than they were a week ago and your body seems even leaner, if that is possible. You are a very enticing woman. I’m sure you know that is about to change. Before you leave here, you will have suffered more at my hand than at any previous time since we met. You will learn what real suffering is.”

“Oh Master, please let me kiss you before you torment me. Let me feel your hand on my body.” She pleaded.

He backed her ass against the cold stone wall and placed his hand against the back of her head. His lips touched hers tenderly. Then he pressed his weight into her body so she could feel his distended cock against her soft skin. He kissed her again more aggressively pressing her head back into his hand. Then her felt her wetness and felt the hardness of her clit.

“Master, I’m ready for your punishment. I accept your control over me and hope to please you and learn the lessons you feel I need to learn.” She said with a dreamy softness in her voice.

Clay could see that she had passed the apprehensive and fearful stages of the session and was now entering the anticipation and excitement stages.

He had her press her tits into the stone walls, stand back, and her spread her legs to their fullest and most flexible extent. Her back was bowed; she extended her ass to him and she showed off her tight cunt to him provocatively; she was tempting him to strike it and use it -- and that he did. He laid soft whispering touches from the cunt whip on the sensitive skin and tapped lightly on her soft inner thighs. He teased her there with a thin horse whip and the ostrich plum and felt her wetness increase.

When he twisted her nipples he sensed she was entering the first level of her sub space even before the first easy falls of the flogger began to caress her heaving tits. He realized it might be a full twenty minutes before her endorphins would course through her body so he started the session with a moderately intense warm up.

After he kissed her and told her how much he loved her. He cuffed her face repeatedly with a fur mittened hand. Her head snapped from side to side and she was startled. He had never struck her in the face before. It didn’t even sting her but the attendant symbolism excited her.

He told her that she was to hold herself still and exposed in the center of the room with her hands over her head as if she were tied tightly. Her will and resolve would be the only bondage. She extended herself as he demanded and he moved around her with a 25 tailed flogger of elk. She could smell the aroma of her own excitement as he landed the flogger lightly all over her body.

Over the next hour he increased the intensity of his attack on her. He stretched her spread eagle in a metal frame and blindfolded her. She was beaten -- not just whipped or spanked, but beaten. Her vocalizations were beginning to be more animalistic that human. He was sure she didn’t know what she was doing and wasn‘t processing what he was doing to her. .

He stopped beating her for a few minutes every so often and moved her so he could whip her tits and stomach then back again so he could flog her back, ass and legs. He changed the tempo and method of his torment from flogger to crop and back again. And, he changed floggers from one type to another -- going from the soft dear skin leather flogger to the modest thud of suede to the stingy leather of oil tanned cowhide.

Near the end of the torment he picked out a white cane and hit her four times quickly high on the backs of her thighs. Then her turned her around and hit her twice more high on the front of her thighs just missing her cunt. She buckled at each stroke and welts appeared as he had predicted.

Her body was bruised, marked and inflamed. She was clearly not part of the moment. She was in a world of her own.

He stayed with her during the night and kept her in loose bonds. In the morning he whipped her again lightly as she laid on the floor in her sub space. The endorphins seemed to be still at work and the pain appeared now more of a glow and remembered experience.

As she came around and began to have lucid moments she began to understand that her erotic education meant that Clay was molding her behavior, emotions, and self-image. She knew without a doubt that no mater what he did with her, she would be loved and adored. He was allowing her to explore her sexuality on many levels.

She came to more fully understand that the humiliation she felt at some of the situations she endured had more to do with her preconceived notions regarding what she felt she should or shouldn’t do than with the situations themselves. Her internal standard of what might be acceptable for her was the causal factor in terms of the reaction she felt, not the event itself. She needed to discard preconceived positions and let Clay set the standard.

And, she learned that while she was a princess worthy of his deep love, she really had given him all the power he needed to exert erotic control over her -- including beating her severely. He was the only one she trusted to inflict pain on her body and he was the only one that could turn that pain into true submissive pleasure for her. Her natural body did the transfer the pain to pleasure through her natural endorphins but he brought about the emotional stimulus to make any erotic experience exciting and pleasurable.

The beauticians tended to her body and hair once again when he carried her from the dungeon. She was to remain nude for at least three days so he could observe the markings on her body heal. She was to wear her bruises proudly.

He slipped her engagement ring back on her finger, kissed her softly on the lips, and told her the wedding would be held at the club in one week on Saturday at noon. He had designed the wedding dress and it would be ready the morning of the wedding. Her attendants would be Heather and Gail. Their dresses showed deep cleavage and a lot of leg -- ordered on a customized basis to show off their exceptional beauty and body. His best man would be Ben. Flo was to be an attendant for him as well.

The wedding dress was virginal white. It had a vale attached to a diamond tiara for her head. It covered her face and grazed her exposed tits. She was to wear her nipple extenders. The skirt was tight at the waist, very tight, and she would wear a white laceable corset that lifted her tits and held them high. The skirt was cut 8 inches above her knee; just covering the healing welts he had inflicted on her upper thighs. She wore a white garter belt and expensive white hose along with 5 inch spiked heels. No one had seen a wedding dress like it before; it was exceptionally stunning on Amy.

The bridal party arrived at the club in two stretch limousines. His side in one, and her’s in the other. Clay wore an elegant white cutaway tuxedo. Ben and Flo wore white summer weight tuxes.

The stage had been decorated to resemble an Italian cathedral. Flowers were everywhere. The crowd had arrived and the organ played some appropriate wedding sounding music but not, “Here Comes the Bride”. She had said “cumming” to her did not mean walking down an isle.

She had memorized her vows. No one had to tell her what to say.

“Master, I, Amy, want to marry you and I want to be your wife and erotic slave if you will have me. I will honor you, obey you, and be submissive to you in all things. I cherish you. You have been my teacher, friend and lover. I love you and commit to love you for the rest of my life.”

“I, Clay, want to marry you, Amy, and be your husband. I will cherish you and be faithful to you alone. I will keep you safe, and will dominate you according to your needs as I sense them. I love you and will commit to love you for the rest of my life.”

He slipped on a gold band that was designed to match the huge diamond engagement ring that gleamed in the spotlights.

The presiding justice of the peace, who was a regular participant at the club, said a few words and pronounced them husband and wife, and Master and slave, by the power invested in him.

The groom raised the vale and kissed his new bride passionately. He slid his fingers between her naked thighs and felt her wetness. She was a good student and slave. And, she would be a great wife.

Those in the audience whistled and cheered lustily. The reception line was long and amorous. Everyone wanted to hug and kiss the attendants and Amy.

A beautiful reception followed with exotic dancers and dancing. The club opened for business at its regular time. By then Clay, the bridal party and a few chosen friends were well on their way to a private cruise in the Caribbean Islands for an extended and sex filled honeymoon.

The End of “Amy’s Education” …all 8 Parts….

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