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Synopsis: A story of family life under astrict father
My Family

My Family





I have lived next door to Jim and Cindy most of my life and they had two beautiful daughtersí that were much undisciplined girls.  The oldest one Mary 18 years old and the younger one Vicki 17 years old. Jim drove truck and one day was killed in an accident. Cindy and I started to date about 3 months later and she and I were to go out for dinner one night. I was to pick her up at 6pm for a business dinner. I arrived and she was not ready and was just getting out of the shower. I waited for her sitting in the chair by the front door. 15 minutes she came down and was ready to go to dinner.  I asked her where her daughters and she are out and about. I said I see. I then grabbed her threw her over my lap and pulled her underwear down and started to give her an old fashion hard hand spanking.  She is screaming, kicking her legs into the air and crying. After 15 minutes of spanking her I tell her to go fix her face and that if she ever holds me up again I will use my belt on her bare ass. She goes get her face fixed and we go to the dinner.  While enroute she says that she hasn't been spanked since she was a little girl. I told her that I will punish her in the future if she is bad.  She said yes I understand you. After 3 months we got married. After the honeymoon I told her to get her and her two daughters to come to the den for a talking to. They all get there and I tell them all that from this point on that the girls are going to act, dress and learn to be responsible young ladies under my roof or they can leave now. You do well you are rewarded you do wrong you will be punished. I tell my wife that the girls are to wear proper under wear, bras mid thigh dresses or skirts and there top is to be closed or buttoned up. I tell them that we are going shopping tomorrow and to buy proper clothing.  Vicki stands up and says "go to hell". I grabbed her pulled her down over my lap pull her pants down and see that she isn't wearing any underwear. This kind of behavior is no longer going to be tolerated. I told my wife to go get the hair brush and she does. I tell Vicki that you are going to get a hard hair brushing for her dress and mouth. I bring it down hard on her ass and she yelps and her sister jumps. I tell her to watch what is happening because this could happen to you some day. I cover every inch of her ass and she was kicking and jumping around. She also was crying very hard. When I was done I shove her off my lap and start to rub it and tell her to go stand in the corner until I tell you to leave it. She is crying and goes stand in the corner. I tell her sister Mary to go rub her ass and feel the heat coming from it. She does and notice that her sister jumps when she rubs it hard. I tell Mary that is enough and to go to her room and clean it up. She leaves. I tell Cindy to go clean the kitchen and she leaves. I tell Vicki that you will stand there until you here the chimes from the clock then you go clean up the bathroom and it better be spotless or you will get more of what you just received. You tell me that you are sorry and that you will do as told.




Chapter Two

Shopping trip


The next morning I get up and everyone is still sleeping. I go down and make some coffee and go up and get everyone up. They come down stairs and I tell them that we are going shopping today and that every one needs to be ready by 9am so we can go to the mall. Every one has breakfast, get there showers and we leave for the mall. While we are on our way to the mall I tell them all that when we get back that we are to meet in my den and I will give everyone the rules of the house. We go to the mall and I buy the girls there new attire and we go out to eat. After we eat we go home and I tell the girls and my wife to go put on there new clothes and meets me in the den in 30 minutes. They go get dressed and return to the den. I have called you all here to give you the rules of the house. The rules are that you girls show respect to all adults, males are to be addressed as ďSirĒ and females as ďMaamĒ and you are to wear skirts at all times in the house, do your chores, your curfew is 10pm week days and 12am weekends and holidays. The only exception to this rule is if you are working. You are telling your mother or me where you are going, how we can contact you and with whom you are going with. You are not allowed to drink, smoke or have sex. You are also waiting to sit at the table until your mother and I are there. You will be punished for any infractions of the rules with corporal punishment. The girls moan and say that all there friends stay out later than that. I tell them that I am not there father but if I was they wouldnít be allowed to.  Cindy says to me isnít that a bit to much for these girls? I tell the girls to leave the room and they do quickly. You are going to start punishing the girls from this day on when they do something wrong, if not I will punish them and you. I will also punish you in front of the girls. Cindy says I will never punish the girls and you canít get me to. I told her you will and to wait here for a minute. I call the girls back into the den. Your mother just showed my disrespect and she is going to get a paddling. You both are going to watcher get her punishment. Also from now on your mother is going to punish you girls if you are in need of a punishment. I pull out a chair and tell Cindy to bend over grab the seat. She begs me not in front of the girls. I tell her to hurry up or I will double it. She grabs the seat and her skirt comes up further on her legs showing her great legs off. I start to lift up her skirt and she grabs my hand and begs me not in front of the girls. I tell her that she made that decision when she showed disrespect to me. If you donít resume the position I will tie you down and double it now get your hands back on the chair NOW. She does and I tell her and the girls that she is going to receive 20 strokes with the belt. Cindy you are to count each stroke and if you miss account I will add two additional strokes. Vicki lifts up your mothers skirt and she does. Now Mary pulls your mothers underwear down to her ankles and she does with tears in her eyes. Now both of you girls watch closely and stand over there to watch her get her belting. They hurry in position and I take the belt show it to the girls, and swing it hard connecting it across her ass. Cindy jerks upward and hurryís to regrab the seat and cries out 1. I swing again and then connect her upper legs. She screams and says 2. I swing the belt and cover her ass and legs and then stop when there are 5 more strokes to go. I turn to the girls and tell them that your mother is going to get the last ones from each of you girls and I will give her the last stroke. Cindy begs no donít make the girls do that please donít have them punish me. I tell the girls that if you donít swing the belt hard enough that hey would get 20 strokes with no breaks. Mary ask to go first and she pulls back, swings wildly and strikes her across her legs and she jerks and beg for no more but still says16. She swings again hard and strikes her across her ass. Cindy calls out 17. I tell her to give the belt to Vicki and Vicki is standing there crying begging me not to hit her mother. I tell her that she can bend over and take the 20 strokes. Her mother tells her please Vicki hit me I donít want you to have to go through this please hit me hard. Vicki gets into position pulls back, swings and hit her mother low on her ass but not with a very hard. I grab the belt out of her hands and swing it at Vicki and hit her hard over her skirt several quick times and tell her to hit your mother harder or I will remove all your clothes and blister your ass. She is crying and pulls back and swings both times real fast, so fast that her mother canít count each stroke. I now tell her to give me the belt.  She does and I swing it hard and hit her and she is now babbling like a little baby. I tell the girls to leave the room and to take a seat outside the door. They leave. I turn to her and tell her that this was just a warning and that if your daughters are willing to hit you then you better be able to punish them. She is crying telling me yes sir I will listen to you. I now take a dildo lube it up and insert into her ass and tell her not to touch her ass, the dildo and to go kneel in the middle of the room until I tell her to move. I call Mary back in and tell her to look at you and that this will happen to her when she is bad, She tells me I understand daddy very much. I tell her to leave and go send in Vicki now. Vicki comes into the room and I tell her to take a good long look at her motherís ass and that this will happen to you also when you are bad. I tell her that she can go out and play with her sister and that she is to tell her sister that dinner will be at 5pm sharp. She nods her head up and down. About an hour later I have Cindy come back over to the chair bend over pull out her dildo, tell her to get dressed and clean the dildo and go make supper. She does get dressed, cleans the dildo and makes supper. Before supper I over heard the girls talking and they were saying that there mothers ass looked real sore. Supper is ready and both girls are standing at the table and Vicki and I come into the room and I tell them all to sit and Vicki sits down very gently.




Chapter three


After supper the girls clear the table and do the dishes. Vicki and I go to our room and I start to unbutton her blouse and kiss her neck and ears and nibble on her ears. I slowly run my hand down over her chest and slide a finger under bra and over each of her nipples. She lets out a moan and I remove my hand help her get her bra off. I start to kiss her nipples, licking them, sucking on them and biting them gently. Her nipples are getting harder and harder and I start licking, sucking and pulling on them harder and faster and her breathing is getting faster. I run my hands down over her flat stomach and slide my hands over her underwear. I then remove her skirt and slide my hands under her underwear and push them down over her ass. I pick her up and take her to the bed and place her on the bed and remove her underwear and start to kiss, lick and rub her inner thighs. I move up to her outer pussy lips and gently lick all around the outline of her vaginal lips. I start teasing her clit and slowly start to push my tongue inside of her wet pussy. I just lick the inside folds and then remove my tongue and go back to her nipples and lick, and suck on them. They are very hard now and are very sensitive to my touch. I keep licking them and run my finger over her opening and slide a finger inside of her. She yelps and starts to push her self down onto my finger but I keep pulling it back. I keep sucking and licking her nipples then start to kiss down her stomach and then run my tongue all over her opening and over her enlarged clit. I nipple on her clit then thrust my tongue and fingers into her pussy and start stroking her with my fingers while I am licking her pussy and clit. I keep this up until she is ready to orgasm. She is screaming that she is ready to come and then she has an orgasm. She is shaking and quivering from how strong it is. I then remove my clothes and slide my cock into her soaking wet hot pussy giving her a little at time until I am all the way inside of her. She is moaning again and I start to stroke her while sucking and pulling on her nipples. I am stroking her slow at first then start to go faster and faster. She screams ďharder faster oh god I am going to come oh god I am going to comeĒ. I am going as fast as I can and I start to come at the same time she does. I fill her pussy full of cream and I roll off of her grab her up into my arms, hold her and kiss her all over. She moves down between my legs and starts to kiss the head of my cock, licking it and kissing it. She then opens her mouth and slides her mouth down over my cock and sucks it hard. Vicki then crawls up onto my cock and slides into her self and starts going up and down. I tell her that I am about ready to cum and she hurries off of my cock and sucks it until I explode into her mouth. She takes every bit of it and then she licks my cock clean. She crawls up beside me and I tell her that I love her very much. She tells me that she loves me and that she is sorry for her actions today. She tells me that she was wrong and deserved to be punished. I tell her that I accept her apology but that if it happens again I will give her more of the same. She tells me she understands. I tell her that I am going to go check up on the girls and I will be right back. I come out of the bed room and go down stairs and Vicki is doing her homework and Mary is finishing up the dusting. I tell both girls that it is time for bed and Vicki and Mary both tell me okay. I tell Mary that she is to cook breakfast in the morning and that every one will be at the table at 9AM. She says okay and they both come over and give me a good night kiss and go to bed. I return back to the bedroom and rub Vickiís ass with some cream and make love to her again and we both go to sleep.






Chapter Four

The Weekend



It is Friday night and we are going out to supper. The girls are getting dress and we get into the car and drive to the restraint. We are sitting around the table talking when both of the girls say that they have something to ask me. I tell them to go ahead. They tell me that there is a prom dance next Saturday night and want to know if it is okay to go to the dance then go out to eat after wards. They also ask if they can stay out until 1AM. I tell them that as long as they both take there cell phones, tell us both where they are going with who. They both agree to it. I ask them if they each would like to go buy a new dress for the dance. They both smile and say yes. After we eat we go to the local dress shop and each girl picks out a gown to wear. Both Cindy and I agree on there choices. The next morning the girls ask if they can get there hair and nails done. I tell them good idea and next Friday after school they go and get there hair and nails done. They both get dress for the prom and there boy friends come over and pick them up. I donít know either boy but let them go anyways. They leave for the dance and Cindy and I settle in to watch TV. About 11pm the phone rings and I hear moaning on the phone and see that it is Maryís phone number. I listen and the phone went dead. I tried calling her back but get a busy signal. I go to the restaurant that the girls are to be at and I see Vicki and her date. I donít see her sister and I call her over to me and ask her where her sister is at. She tries not to answer but I tell her that if she knows to let me know now. She tells me that her and date went up to loverís circle. I tell her that she better come with me and to give me her cell phone number. She listens to me and comes along. Before we leaves I ask her what type of vehicle they are in and she tells me. I pull up to lovers circle and see the vehicle there and I sneak up to the vehicle and see it moving and having sex. I go back to the car and call her on the cell phone. Mary answers and I ask her where she is and she tells me that she is on her way home. I tell her I see but that she better get out of the vehicle and walk behind it and get into my vehicle. She screams oh no daddy please I can explain. I tell her that I donít want to hear it. She scrambles to get dress and gets into my vehicle. She tries to speak to me and I tell her to be quiet I donít want to here it. The drive home is very quiet and we arrive home. I tell her to go to my den strip and wait for her mother and me to get there. She begs me not have her do that. I tell her to get there now and that she will get the beating of a lifetime if she doesnít hurry it up. I tell Vicki to go in and to go to bed. Vicki is crying and says yes daddy. I tell Cindy what happened and that she is going to get a hard whipping for this. I go in and place restraints on each of her wrist and suspend her from the ceiling. I put a spreader bar between her legs and spread her open wide. I tell Mary the rules are there for a reason and that you broke three of them. The first lying to me on the phone, second is not where you were suppose to be and the third and most offensive one is that you were having sex. I tell Mary that she is going to be strapped then I am going to whip her with the whip. Then after the punishment that she likes to have sex so much that she will have it for about 2 hours straight. She screams no please not the whip. I tell her that a slut like her should get a severe punishment. Cindy agrees with me. I tell her mother to warm her ass and legs up with the thick leather strap. Cindy picks up the strap and tells her daughter that is for her own good. She lays the strap across her ass and legs. I tell Cindy to strike her 20 times. Cindy says to me that seem like quite a bit. I tell her 20 or she will get the same. I tell Cindy if it is not hard enough with the strap she will get them right after I give them to Mary. She starts to hit her across her ass and legs and she does strike her hard with it. Mary is screaming, crying and trying to move away from the strap but canít. Cindy gives her the last stroke and I tell Cindy that she did a good job. Cindy is crying also and tells me that she donít like punishing the girls. I tell her that she better get used to it because you will be doing it more in the future. I go over and rub my hand up and down on Maryís ass and legs and she twist and turns from me. She tells me that her legs and rear end are very sore and it hurts when I touch them. I tell her I hope this will help you in the future when you want to have sex, lie and not be where you are supposed to be. I go get the single tail whip and lay it in front of her on my desk for her to see it. I tell her that she is going to get 10 strokes from it. I pick it up and crack it in the air next to her. She pulls on her restraints. I tell her to count each stroke. She begs me not make her count. I tell her that her mother will count it out loud for her instead and if her mother makes a mistake in the count that she will get the same thing as you. I run the end of the whip up and down her back. I pull back and strike her across her back hard. She yells and her mother starts crying says one. I pull back and swing this time going around her upper body and striking her tits and nipples. She screams again I here 2 through the crying. I pull back and let the tip of the whip strike one of her ass cheeks then the other and her mother counts 3 4 and her daughter is crying. I pull back and bring the whip up between her legs and she is crying so hard that I need to take a break so she can catch her breath. Her mother cries out 5. You have 5 more to go. Mary is egging me no more she has earned her lesson. I tell her she is going to get 5 more to make sure she has. I go stand in front of her and pull back and strike her tits and nipples again. I hear 6 and I also hear Cindy tell her hold on just 4 more to go. I pull back and bring the whip around her waist and striking her ass down to her legs. Mary is begging for no more and her mother yells out 7 and hold on 3 more to go. I go to her side and bring the whip down over her ass. Cindy yells 8. I pull back and hit her pussy and she is screaming, yelling and crying so hard. Her mother tells her 9 and only one more to go. I get behind her and pull the whip back and strike her in the crack of her ass. She screams out loud and starts to tell me that she will never lie to me again or have sex. I tell her that she better not or I will double the punishment the next time. I let her down and tell her to go stand in the middle of the room. After 30 minutes of standing I tell her to go sit on the automatic vibrator and she does but she tells me it hurts to insert it inside of her. I tell her that since you like sex you can sit on this for 1 hour. She slides down onto it and I start it up at half speed. She tells me that it is stretching her and it hurts a lot. I tell her that this will help her think twice the next time she wants to have sex. After one hour I tell her to go get a shower and to sleep in the guest room tonight. I tell her I will see her in the morning. She tells me yes sir and goes to take her shower.


Chapter 5

The following week


The next morning Cindy and Vicki come down to the breakfast table. I go in and get Mary have her come out to the breakfast table naked. She is begging to wear something so her sister wonít see her. I tell her to get out there now or I will paddle her ass in front of her sister. She refused to go out naked. I grab her drag her to the breakfast table bend her over the table and tie her down. I go to the den and bring out the wooden paddle and tell her mother and sister to watch this little bitch that doesnít obey me get what she deserves. I bring the paddle down hard on her bare ass and hit her 20 times without a break covering her ass and legs. I tell her sister that if she ever doesnít listen that she will get the same. I tell Vicki go feel her ass and Vicki goes over and feels here ass and runs her fingers over the welts from last night. I tell her to stop untie her and then I tell Mary once you are released you may sit down and eat naked with us. She agrees and sit-down gently and hasher breakfast with us. After breakfast both girls are excused from the table and Mary goes to her room and Vicki cleans up and then goes to her room. She walks in and finds Mary lying on the bed. Vicki says to her that it looks like she is in great pain. Mary says she is hurting real bad. Vicki asks her if she can rub her ass and Mary say yes if she will rub cream on her ass. Vicki agrees and starts to rub her ass and runs a finger between her legs touching her pussy and clit. Mary is starting to get wet and excited and Mary keeps teasing and rubbing her ass and pussy until Vicki comes. Mary gets up after a few minutes and goes over kiss and hugs her sister for making her feel better. All week long the two sisters are discovering each other more and more. Vicki is taught by Mary how to eat her out and fuck her pussy with a dildo and vibrators.                            

                            The girls are starting to argue and fight with each other more and more during the week. There mother walked in on them one day and saw what they were fighting by pulling hair, and hitting each other. The girls didnít notice she and she left and Cindy waited until I got home and told me what she saw. I asked her what she did and she told me nothing she was waiting to see what I wanted to do. I told Cindy you caught them you punish them. She asks what she should do. I tell her to get the cane and cane there ass and legs bent over grabbing there ankles and to hit each one at least 15 times each. I told Cindy that I am going to the club meeting tonight and when I get back there better be two asses covered with the cane and she should put them each in a corner in the den. She told me that she will do that.  I come home from my meeting and I walk into the den and see no girls in there. I go to there room and they are both in there studying. I go downstairs and there in the living room is Cindy and her sister Jen talking. I tell Jen hello and asked Cindy why are the girls in there room. She tells me that her sister Jen arrived about 5 minutes after you left and we started talking. I told her to go get the cane but she tells me my sister is here. I tell her I donít care go get it. She asks me if we can go in the den and I tell her no. She starts to cry a little and I turn to Jen and tell her I want you to see what happens when any of three girls donít do as they are told. Cindy returns and begs we go to the den and I told her that I already told Jen what you are going to get. I tell Cindy to face away from her sister remove her clothes and bend over grabbing her ankles. She starts to cry hard and does remove all her clothes and gets into position. I told Jen that I am now going to give her 20 strokes with the cane. Cindy tells Jen what you are to do. Cindy through her tears tells her sister that I am not allowed to move out of position or I will get more strokes and I have to count each stroke out loud and if I miss one Tom will start all over. I swing the cane hard across her ass and she jumps a little and cries out1. I do this with all the strokes but the last 5. I turn to Jen and saw that she was playing with her pussy under her very short dress. I walked over and asked what was she doing and she told me that she was getting horny from this. I told her to stop. She did. I swung back the cane and gave her the last five very hard and fast.  I tell her to stand up and now turn around and blow me in front of her sister to show me that you are sorry for not listening. She gets on her knees and blows me until I come. I now tell her that she can get dress and that she will have to punish the girls anyways. She tells me that she will do this right now. I tell her good go and do it and use this cane because you know how it feels. I turn to Jen and tell her that if she was my wife that I would blister her ass for her slutty dress and her actions. She just lowers her eyes and I tell her to tell Cindy I went to bed when she gets back.  As I go to bed I stop out in the hall and can hear one girl crying and the other screaming after the swish of the cane.

Chapter 6

The next day


Cindy gets up before am and is down stairs in the kitchen getting breakfast ready. She tells me good morning and that she is sorry for not following my orders yesterday.I tell her that all is forgiven and that there better not be a next time. She lowers her head and says yes sir you are right and I was wrong. She tells me that she would like to speak to me about her sister Jen. I tell her to go ahead. She tells me that her last boy friend and she broke up and that she is broke and would like to know if she could stay with us until she gets back on here feet. I tell Cindy that I will talk to her right after breakfast. The two girls come down and set the table and finish helping there mother with breakfast. The girls are standing by there chairs and I tell them both to lift there skirts and lower there underwear. They comply. I see that there mother did a good job on the backside. All those little red lines covering there ass and legs. I tell the girls to get dress and that they can all sit down. Each girl has trouble sitting down but they managed to do it. I ask Cindy where her sister is and she tells me that she went out after they were done talking last night and she isnít sure if she is even in the house. I told her that I want to see her in my den at 5pm tonight after I get home from work. She tells me she will have her there. I arrive at home and find Jen in the den waiting. I walk in and tell her that she told me that you wanted to talk to me. Jen tells me yes and tells me her whole life story. I tell her thatís she is welcomed to stay here but that she will have to follow the house rules. She asks what they are and I tell her. She tells me but ďI am an adultĒ. I tell her not the way you have been acting since you got here. I asked her what time did you leave the house last night and when did you get in. She told me she left at 3AMand got back here at noon. I told her no more. Every one in this household is in the house by 11pm weekdays and weekends midnight unless they are working to other school or work related reasons. She tells me that it will put a crimp in her social life. I tell her that they are my rules and if you live here you follow them. She agrees. I tell her that she has to get a job. That evening I called the family together and told them that Jen will be staying with us for awhile, and that she has to follow the rules like the rest of you. Her sister hugs her and the girls do the same.

††††††††††††††††††† The next morning every one is at the table but Jen. I ask where she is and no one seems to know. I go to her room and smell smoke. I open the door and she is smoking a joint and playing with her self. I go in and grab her by the hair and drag her to the den. I tell her that she is going to get the punishment of her life time. She begs me and tells me that she will never do it again. I tell her that I will make sure you do. I drag her over to the spanking table pace her on it and secure her to it. I tell her to think about whatís he had done and after I am done with breakfast we will all be here to punish you. I go eat and after we are done eating I tell the family to meet me in the den in 5 minutes. Five minutes later they come to the den, enter and see that I have seats so they can watch there sister and aunt be punished. I tell them what she did and tell Mary to get the strap and to use it 20 times on her aunt. She picks up the strap and goes over to her and hits her legs and ass 20 times. Then I tell Jen to thank Mary for helping her to learn. She does through her tears. I now tell Vicki to pick up the belt and use it. She does and she hits Jen without mercy and covers her ass and legs again. She is crying very hard. Jen thank Vicki for helping you to learn to be better. She does. I tell the girls to leave the room and go to the kitchen and finish up there chores. I release Jen and she starts to rub her ass and legs and says that she will never do that again. I told her that I am glad to hear that but your punishment is done yet. She starts to scram and tells me she canít take any more. I told her you should have though of that before you broke the rules, I now put a spreader bar between her wrist and hands. I suspend her from the ceiling and tie her feet to the floor so she canít move at all. I tell Cindy to pick up the flogger and start on her front side and I picked up the whip and started on her back side. Cindy would pull back and strike her sisterís tits and I would hit her back. Jen was whipped and flogged from head to toe. I stopped and Cindy started to flog her pussy and tits. Jen was screaming, crying hysterically to have Cindy stop. After a few more minutes of this I told Cindy to stop and she did. I let her down and start to rub cream on her body. I told her that she now had to eat Cindy out and blow me to show that you are grateful for your punishment. She blows me and I leave as she was starting to eat her sister Cindy out.



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