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Slave Girl of Rome

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Synopsis: A girl from the British Isles is captured and taken back to Rome to live the life of a slave.
by Leonardo

Chapter 1

The Captive

The Roman army under the command of Julius Caesar had attacked 
Britannia. It was a full scale invasion as a last ditch effort to
conquer the Island and claim the last remaining lands west of
Rome. The campaign was unsuccessful, but not without some

Those that had survived the desperate attack were taken as prisoners, 
were chained and shipped back to the coast or even taken to the City 
of Rome itself. One such unfortunate captive was a young girl named

Helena had watched as the Roman soldiers attacked her small village,
butchered the men, brutally raped the women, and burned her village
to ashes.

She had been hiding in the forest with some of the others too
young or old to fight. But the battle hardened men found them
just the same, and she now found herself chained to others by
an iron neck collar and in the back of a metal barred wagon 
heading for the ships that would take them to the coast and then 
the long journey to Rome.

"If you give us no trouble, you will be treated well", said the
Centurion who had been put in charge of the shipment of slaves.
And sure to his word, during the long weeks to Rome, Helena and
the others were fed regularly, given blankets at night for when
they slept under the summer stars, and not forced to walk but
rode in the back of several wagons. But the thick, iron collars
remained on their necks, and the chains gave them no more than 
four feet of space between them.

Helena had always heard that the Romans treated their prisoners
badly, made them walk till they dropped at the roadside, whipped
them unmercifully, and gave them starvation rations. And except 
for the heavy collar and chains, she wondered why she was getting 
better treatment. She was also curious as to why she was separated
from some of the others and chained to five other young girls
ranging in age from fourteen to twenty. Then one day when they
had almost reached the city of Rome, she found out the
horrible truth...

Caged like an animal

When they had arrived at the outskirts of the great walled city,
the caravan stopped by a group of small buildings. Across from the
buildings was a large iron barred cage. It was like a jail cell
but stood out in the open and with no roof. The metal bars that 
formed it's square twenty by twenty foot shape was all there was
to it, that and some straw that covered its floor.

The six girls were unchained from each other and placed in the cage.
Helena was taken to a spot by one of the guards where she noticed a
large metal ring in the wooden floor. The guard took a six foot
length of chain and with a large plier type tool attached one end
to Helena's collar and the other to the iron ring in the floor.

When all the girls were securely chained, the Centurion came over
and addressed the new slaves of the empire. "You will be given 
a good meal and allowed to rest, but first you must be washed so
that you will be more presentable and less offensive to the 
nostrils. We want to get the best price for you at the auction

No sooner had the Centurion finished when two middle aged women
dressed in plain brown tunics approached carrying buckets of water,
sponges and other items.

"You will now, all of you, strip", commanded the Centurion.
All the girls did as they were told except for Helena. Several guards
were standing nearby with lecherous grins on their faces, as the
five girls let their dirty brown coloured tunics drop to their
ankles. Except for the iron collars around their necks, all five
were now totally naked. Some covered their breasts with one hand while
covering their privates with the other, but Little sixteen year old
Helena just stood red faced and shaking with fear and disgust.

"When I say strip, I mean you too", said the Centurion angrily,
pointing at Helena. 

Helena just stood there shaking.

"Guards, remove her clothes", ordered the Centurion.

Two guards entered the cage, one guard grabbed Helena from behind
and pinned her arms behind her back, while the other took hold
of her small dirty tunic and ripped it right down the front, 
and then off.

Helena now stood naked, with her arms pinned behind her back and
her small breasts thrust out by her awkward position. The guard 
standing in front, raped Helena with his eyes. He stared at her
large pink nipples, her slender frame and the red triangle patch 
of sparce hair between her firm young thighs and her thick folds
of flesh slightly hidden underneath. He then grabbed Helena's 
short red hair from behind her head and pulled down, forcing
her to look up to the sky. "Next time you are told to do
something, you will do it." he breathed on her with foul
smelling garlic breath. A rough hand reached between her
thighs and fondled her painfully as he said it, and then
he let her go and abruptly left.

The guards left her standing there trembling while the two
women entered the cage and proceeded to wash the six naked,
red faced girls.

Chapter 2

The Auction

Naked and in chains, Helena tried to get some sleep on the 
floor of the cage. It was a warm summer night and the straw 
was an improvement over the hard ground she had been sleeping 
on for the past few weeks.

A couple of the other girls were crying and some were 
talking about what was to become of them tommorow.

Yes...What was to become of them tommorow? Helena thought
as she closed her eyes, letting exhaustion take her into
a deep but nightmarish sleep.

In the morning Helena awoke to see some men putting up a large 
blue and white tent not far from where they were caged.
Other locals and guards were going here and there, some
carrying things, some empty handed, but all had some purpose
to their actions.

The same two women who had washed the girls now came with
bread, cheese and water for their morning meal. The girls
ate quietly as they sat cross legged.

After the meal, the Centurion came over and stood in front
of their cage and eyed them like a farmer inspecting his
cattle. He just stood there for a few moments and then,
without saying a word, left.

In the course of the morning dozens of people came to 
look at the caged girls. All were wealthy and all were
looking the "merchandise" over before bidding.
Some came in small groups, some alone, there was even
a few married couples. All Helena could do was to try
and cover up her nakedness with her hands or a bit of
straw. The auction goers just laughed and made comments
about her nakedness or about her body.

At last the Centurion and a guard with the pliers
came over to the caged girls. As the Centurion spoke
the guard busied himself detaching the chains from
their necks. "You will now be taken to be auctioned
to the highest bidder"

In ankle and wrist chains the girls were lead through a
crowd that had gathered outside the large tent that was
set up to protect the auction goers from the hot summer

There was no one inside the tent except for them and the
two guards. Rows of benches formed a semi-circle around
a raised wooden platform. On the stage-like platform
were six thick wooden posts that sprang seven feet out 
of the platforms base.

The guards started with the twenty year old first. They
removed all of her heavy chains and collars. They then
pulled the tunic off over her head and took her stark
naked to the nearest pole where they tied her hands
behind her back around the post. This routine continued 
till all six girls were standing naked and tied to each 
dark wooden post.

A few minutes later the crowed entered and the auction
soon after began. 

The Centurion came up to the center stage and addressed
the large crowd. "Citizens of Rome, I bring you these
fine young ladies from our conquests of Brittania, to be
auctioned off to the highest bidder. You have all had
a chance to look at them before hand, so let the bidding
start." With that he walked off the stage and was replaced
by an ugly little balding fat man.

The ugly man walked up to Helena and shouted, "How much do I
hear bid for this one!"

"One hundred dennarii", came a voice from the crowd.

"Look at this unique red hair. She is no more than sixteen
years old, and very pretty", said the ugly man in hopes of
increasing the bid.

"Two hundred dennarii."

"Three hundered dennarrii."

"Do I hear four hundred?" asked the fat man hopefully.

When there was no response from the crowd and to Helena's
shock and surprise, he bent down, pulled open her thighs
and spread her vagina wide open till it was a small
gaping hole. "Look, have you ever seen such virgin flesh?
She is untouched and only now blossoming into womanhood."

"Four hundred dennarrii", came the response.

"Five hundred dennarrii."

"Do I hear six hundred?" asked the ugly man.
"No?... Sold then to Gaius and his wife Claudia for five
hundred pieces of silver, a real bargain."

The fat, ugly man did this routine with every girl until
all were sold to various owners.

After the auction, Helena was untied, and Gaius and
Claudia came to inspect their new aquisition.

"Very nice... She's just what we've been looking for, 
don't you agree Gaius?" said Claudia as she approached 
the stage with her husband in tow.

"Yes, I believe your right." agreed Gaius.

Gaius is a balding, slightly over weight, middle aged
man. He is a merchant by trade, but more specifically -
a slave merchant.

Claudia, his wife is a tall, expensively dressed woman,
albiet in bad taste. More reminicent of a whore or a
madam than a lady of refinement as she pretended to be.
She was the one that really ran the business.

"We can't take her into the city like this. Guard, get
her a tunic to put on." commanded Claudia.

When Helena had covered herself, Claudia looked Helena 
in the eye and said, "If you promiss not to give us any
trouble we will not have you chained, do you understand?"

Helena nodded just thankful to have something to cover
her nakedness.

"Good, then lets go"

Chapter 3

Helena tries to escape

Gaius and Claudia rode in the front of the wagon busily 
controlling the two horses that easily pulled the wagon
along the cobble road. Helena road in the back as the 
wagon slowly bumped along.

"How old do you think the red haired one really is
Gaius?", asked Claudia.

"I'm sure she's no more than sixteen." he replied as if
he were talking about the weather, "The red hair is rare 
around these parts so we should be able to negotiate a 
good price for that alone even if she were not a virgin."

"Sometimes you are so stupid Gaius! How do you know she's
a virgin? They told you that at the auction to up the bid.
For all we know she could have been raped many times before
she arrived here." Claudia scolded sternly.

Gaius turned around to look Helena directly in the eye.
"What is your name girl?"

"Helena." she replied, not sure if she had understood 
him correctly. This was not her native language, but she
was a fast learner and had picked up many of the basics on
the long journey from the coast.

"How old are you?"


"Now then - are you a virgin?"

"Not understand what virgin." she replied

"Forget it Gaius, she doesn't understand the word. 
We'll get the physician to examine her on the way to the
villa." said Claudia with a finality of tone.

The wagon was now passing through a small forest. The fear
of the possibility of thieves hiding in the woods made
Gaius give the reins a snap to hurry on the horses.
At that moment, Helena jumped off the wagon and made a
break for the woods.

"Gaius, she's getting away!" shouted Claudia. "I told
you we should have chained her. Go after her you fool"

Gaius jumped out of the wagon and started running towards
the girl just as she disappeared into the trees. Just then 
Gaius noticed two soldiers on horseback coming up the road.

"Sirs!" shouted Gaius "Our slave has just run away
into the woods." he pointed at her last position.

That was all Gaius had to say for among other things it
was the soldier's job to police the state as well as
fight it's wars. They were off towards the woods and in 
no time, came back with the girl slung over a horse
in front of the saddle. Helena's ankles and wrists were 
tightly tied with leather strips.

"Next time, chain new slaves." scolded the one soldier,
as he slid Helena off his horse.

"Yes sir, I will, thank you sirs" Gaius said with relief.

The soldiers helped Gaius put the bound girl into the
back of his wagon and they were off again towards the 
white city of Rome.

"You should know that escape is impossible. If you weren't 
a new slave I would have you branded as an escaped slave, 
but we'll deal with your punishment later, I assure you." 
she said with a sinister, sadistic smile. "Now, let's pay 
a visit to the physician."

Chapter 4

Helena's painful Examination

The physician's house was large brick structure with a red
tile roof. His fat female slave greeted them at the door
and welcomed them in. 

Helena's bare feet were untied so that she would not have to 
be carried in, but her hands were left tightly tied behind 
her back. Grass stains and dirt covered parts of her beige 
tunic, and the oversized undershirt-like garment had done 
nothing to protect her shapely legs from thorns and branches
during her run through the forest.

"Greeting Gaius, Claudia, how may I help you?" smiled the
physician as he got up from his chair.

"We have this young one with us and we need to know that
she is a virgin, also I want a complete examination of
her to be on the safe side." Claudia instructed as she 
held Helena at arms length in front of her.

"Very well," he said in a professional tone, "Untie her,
strip her, and help me get her on the table."

The table was a heavy wooden "Y" shaped structure, about 
three feet off the ground. Helena was forced down onto the
flat hard surface with her head towards the "Y's" base. 
Leather cuffs with chains were attached to her wrists and 
pulled up over her head. Each leg was then taken and strapped
above the knees and at the ankles to each extension. 
In this position her thighs were spread wide and her ass
was completely off the table and accessible.

"There now, let's begin shall we", he said as he reached
for his tray of tools like a hungry diner reaching for
a knife and fork.

The physician began his examination by forcing
open her mouth and checking her teeth.

"She has all of her teeth and they are in good
condition." he commented

Next his cold hands cupped her small breasts and
roughly felt and squeezed them. Then his fingers 
pinched, twisted and pulled on her pink, erect 

"Nice large nipples..." he whispered to himself

His hand roamed all over Helena's displayed nude
form, belly, thighs, feet, etc., making a comment
here and there as the examination continued.

Finally he concentrated on the region between
her thighs. He spread her ass cheeks with one
hand while he slowly penetrated her anus with
his middle finger. He felt resistance from
her tight little muscle ring but eventually
managed to push his finger to the knuckle inside
her. He moved the finger inside a bit and then
pulled it out. "She is very tight and will have
to be stretched if you plan on making use of
her in this region." he stated professionaly.

He then went over to a bowel to wash his hands
and was quickly back to finish examining the
final area.

"Claudia, could you help me please" he said.

Claudia smiled a sadistic grin and stepped up
beside the tightly strapped down slave.

"I want you to take her inner labia and full
them open while I check to see if the hymen
is intact." he instructed

Claudia still angry about the girls escape
attempt decided to start her punishment earlier
than planned. She pinched the poor girls labia
with her finger tips, squeezed as hard as she
could and stretched her vagina into a gaping
hole far to large for one so young. Helena
whimpered in pain as Claudia stretched her
skin several inches on either side

"It is not necessary that it be so wide."
added the doctor as he inserted a long metal
tool into her to check her virginal status. 

"She is a virgin", said the physician
momentarily. "While she is here, do you want
me to circumcise* her" he added.

* Circumcision was a common practice for female slaves, 
  and most probably originated from the Egyptians.
  Circumcision could take several forms from
  Sunna - removal of the clitoral prepuce; excision -
  removal of the clitoris and all or part of the 
  labia minora; to infibulation, or Pharaonic 
  circumcision which is the removal of the clitoris, 
  labia minora, and part of the medial aspect of the 
  labia majora.

"No," responded Claudia, "We are not planning on
using her as a house slave. We have other uses in
store for this one and she will need all or at 
least, most of her parts intact."

"Well, I'm finished here." said the physician.

"Good, then lets get her off the table and we'll
be on our way."

Helena was unstrapped, removed from the table and given
back her soiled tunic which she quickly put on. Walking
was a little painful due to the abuse she had undergone
between her legs. But it could have been much, much,
worse. If she had known what circumcision was, she
probably would have kissed Claudia's feet for refusing
to have it done to her.

The Estate

Helena again found herself in the back of the wagon, with
ankles and wrists bound by the leather cords that had
been originally donated by the soldiers on the road.

The trip to the couples estate was uneventful, but
bumpy as the little wooden, horse drawn wagon continued
on it's way up the cobble stone road to stop at the
front entrance of their large home and place of

It was made of brick with a red tile roof. The rooms were 
arranged around a central courtyard, and the windows and 
balconies all faced the courtyard, not the street. A standard
home design to keep homes safe from burglars. 

Gaius untied Helena's ankles and escorted her through the
large front door. 

There were paintings on the walls and beautiful mosaics on 
the floor. There was sparse but expensive furniture, and 
no carpeting. This was one of the larger homes of it's type.
Not only did it have multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining
room, and a private bath, but it also had an atrium, a 
garden, a small temple, an office and even two toilets.

The three were greeted by a tall dark skinned Nubian male, 
an olive skinned Egyptian female and a light skinned Roman 
born female. All were slaves and all wore the same plain, 
cream coloured tunics with a small cord tied at the waist.

Chapter 5

Helena is permanently collard

Helena examined the three slaves that stood before her. -

The male was six feet tall. Tall by any Roman standards as
he stood more than six inches above the average Roman male.
His skin was almost black it was so dark brown.

The Egyptian female had a beautiful, delicately featured face, 
and a slender, but feminine form, she was no more than 18 
years old. 

The Roman born slave was of average height, 20 years old,
a bit overweight but with a voluptuous form that would make 
any red blooded Roman mad with passion.

"This is Helena," Gaius told the three slaves, "she will be 
staying with us from now on."

"Helena, this is Publius, Cleopea, and Livia, you will
obey them when we are not around." Gaius stated as he
pointed to the Nubian, Egyptian, and the native born slave.

Now Claudia came forward with a few words to add -
"Now, let's get you cleaned up first, fed, and get you
to bed. Publius, I want a metal collar permanently around 
her neck and I want you to make sure she is chained in her 
room every night. And Livia, I want you to keep an eye on 
her. If she gets away, I will hold you responsible, and may 
the gods have mercy on you if she does, for I will not."

The two slave women took Helena aside. They bathed her in
the estate's large private bath, then took her into the
kitchen where they fed her various vegetables, some fish,
olives and bread. All of which Helena ate with her fingers
as was the custom. It was the best meal she had eaten in
over a month.

After the meal was finished the two female slaves went back
to their usual household chores, in their place came
the Nubian. He had a friendly, pleasant face, and must have 
been no more than 20 years old, but he was determined to
carry out his orders for fear of reprisal.

He took her inside a small room, with a table in its center
and various tools and other items hanging on the walls.
He took a one inch wide, 1/8th inch thick metal ring from
the wall. Helena noticed it had a hinge when he opened it. He
came over to her with it and then snapped it around her neck.
He tested it to make sure it wasn't too tight by sliding
a couple of his fingers between the collar and her neck.
Where the collar overlapped itself in the front were two
pairs of holes. Publius then took a plier-like devise and
proceeded to join the collar together with metal rivets.
He used all his strength as he squeezed the pliers and
permanently attached Helena's collar. Besides the hinge
in the back and the two rivets in the front, the only
other feature was the two small metal rings, one
protruding from each side.

He then took her by her upper arm and directed her to her
room. Her room was small, with little furniture; a bed,
a chair and a large chest at the foot of the bed. There
was also a large iron barred window which overlooked
the courtyard.

The Nubian then produced a long chain, and with a small
padlock, attached the chain to one of the loops on her
collar. The other end of the chain ended at a large metal 
ring in the center of the floor, much like the one from
the cage.

"Go to sleep now," he said, "it will be a long day for
you tomorrow." 

After he shut the heavy wooden door behind him, Helena heard
him locking the door. She ran up to the door and tried
to open it but sure enough she had also been locked in.

The chain was more than ten feet long and enabled her to
reach every corner of the small room. But thoughts of
escape quickly faded and was replaced by exhaustion and
a desperate need for sleep. 

She closed her eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Helena learns the rules

In the morning, Publius unchained her and led her into
the kitchen where she ate with the other slaves.

After the meal Livia took her to see Claudia.
She was taken down a flight of stairs to what she
thought was a basement or fruit cellar. When they
reached the bottom she realized it was a small
dungeon. There were chains on the walls, several
wooden structures, including a table like the one
at the physician's house, and many different
sinister items hanging from the walls.

"Welcome, Helena." Claudia said pretending to be
a good host. "Help her remove her tunic Livia and chain 
her spread eagle between the two posts, then leave

When Helena was naked and in chains, Claudia circled
her outstretched form like a vulture waiting for 
it's meal.

"From now on you will do as you are told, you will
speak only when spoken to. If you try to escape
again I will have you punished more severely than
you are going to be now."

"My husband and I train special slaves. You, like
the others will be trained in all ways of the flesh.
When properly trained, we will send you to our clients.
This could be an individual, or it could be for an
orgy. Romans are a decadent lot I assure you, so there
is very little which you will not experience.
The fact that you are a virgin will bring a handsome
price for your first use, perhaps almost as much as
we paid for you at the auction."

"Your training will start soon, but now I'm going to 
teach you what it means to make me angry..."

Chapter 6

Helena is tortured by Claudia

Helena's body formed an "X" shape between the two wooden
pillars, and in this position every part of her nude
form was displayed to its fullest.

Claudia adjusted Helena's chains so that she was
stretched so tight that only her toes touched 
the cold stone floor. Helena's small boyish body
glistened with sweat as her small breasts heaved
from the exertion. Her legs were painfully spread
wide, and she could feel the cool air enter her when
her vaginal lips parted.

"There now, that's better. I can't very well enjoy
myself if I don't have complete access to all your 
hidden charms, can I?" hissed Claudia coldly.

Claudia then reached out and stroked Helena's hair
like a pet animal. "Don't worry my dear, there will
be no permanent markings. I want you to look pure 
and untouched when our first client uses your virgin
hole for the first time."

For a few minutes Claudia ran her hands over Helena's
nakedness, drinking in her youthful form, and
savouring her virgin flesh. She sucked and licked
her pink nipples till they were hard and erect.
She then got down on her knees, parted Helena's 
cunt lips and feasted on her fleshy folds.

"You taste... very good... my little one... It's been 
a while... since I tasted virgin sex." Claudia
managed to whisper. "And my how your clit grows!
I have never seen one so large on one so young."

When Claudia was finished, she got up leaving Helena's
slit wide and wet with her spittle, and her erect
clit like a tiny penis overhanging her gaping hole.

"Now you are ready" Claudia said with a voice that
sent chills up Helena's spine.
She went over to a table and came back to stand in
front of Helena. She brought her hand up inches from
Helena's face to show her 2 dozen metal needles laying 
in the palm of her hand.

"These are not ordinary needles," Claudia instructed.
"they have been dipped in a diluted cobra venom.
Do not worry, it is not enough to kill, but it will
add to the pain and will cause those parts that have
been pricked to swell."

With that said, Claudia took the first needle and
stuck it slowly into the young girls pert left breast,
above the nipple. Helena screamed as Claudia pushed
the needle in almost half an inch. It felt like the
sting of a bee, but many times worse.

One at a time the evil pain givers were stuck in
until both small breasts were evenly covered by 
22 of the sinister things, and Helena was getting hoarse 
from her cries. Claudia then took the last two needles, 
one in each hand, and stuck them simultaneously into 
the centers of Helena's erect pink nipples. Helena cried 
out horribly as the two "fangs" bit deep into her 
sensitive buds. Claudia's orgasmic-like facial
expression revealed her level of enjoyment as she
pushed the needles into her victim. 

Helena's small breasts looked like pin-cushions as 
2 dozen needles stuck out in all directions. She
could feel the pain more with each heart beat as
the diluted poison did it's work.

Before Helena had realized it, Claudia had gone back
to the same table and came back brandishing 7 more
needles. She kneeled down between the poor girls
out-stretched thighs, took her left inner labia and
stuck 3 needles deep into it. She did the same with
the right one, all the while Helena begging and 
screaming for her to stop as tears rolled down her
face in torrents.

"I will do anything you want... but please stop.
I can't take any more... ppplease... have mercy..."
Helena begged.

"Stop? I haven't even begun!" exclaimed Claudia
with a nasty smile as she pulled back the fleshy
hood, exposed Helena's large clit and pushed the final 
needle down through it's very center.

Helena's inhuman scream was heard even as far as
the kitchen where the two female slaves were
preparing lunch. They just looked at each other
with knowing and sad eyes and continued chopping
the vegetables.

After the final needle was inserted, Claudia just
left Helena hanging for a few more minutes. Helena noticed
that her breasts and nipples were swelling up, and
she could feel a painful swelling between her legs.

Finally, Claudia came forward and removed all of the
needles and examined the results. 

"Your breasts and nipples are at least twice as large
as normal, but your clit and labia are many times
larger. They are also much more sensitive." Helena
gasped as Claudia grabbed a puffed-up lip.
"And I believe a female elephant has a smaller clit
than you do right now." Claudia laughed.

Still laughing, Claudia went over to the far wall
and came back brandishing a 9 stranded whip.
"And now for the real punishment." Claudia said
as she hefted the leather strands in front of Helena's
tear stained face.

Claudia walked behind the spread slave and began by
lashing her back, ass and back of her thighs. She
whipped her till she was covered with red lines but
stopped short of causing bleeding.

She then walked around and worked on the young girls
front, starting with her flat belly, then her swollen
breasts, and her outstretched inner thighs, till they
too were covered with a crisscross of bright red lines.

Claudia then whipped the slave up hard between her thighs
to land several times on her puffed-up sensitive cunt.

Once again the rest of the household was made aware of
the goings on in the dungeon under the estate.

"There, your punishment is finished. Perhaps you will
think twice before running away again. Next time I won't
be so merciful." Claudia informed as she dropped the whip.

Helena did not answer but just hung limply in her chains,
feeling like a lump of flesh hanging from a butcher's

Chapter 7

Helena's virginity is sold

It took two days for the swelling to completely go down,
but took longer for the whip marks to disappear. Within
this period, Cleopea and Livia attended to Helena's wounds.
by applied healing lotions and salves. Livia would also
give Helena a massage every day to help speed the healing

"I am sorry that you had to experience the mistresses
anger so soon." said Livia one day when giving Helena a
hot oil massage. "We have all had a taste of her dungeon
and her cruelty. She enjoys it and will look for the
first opportunity to get you down there. This is nothing
compared to what she did to poor Cleopea..." Livia
became silent as a tear dripped from her chin onto Helena's
back where it was mixed into the oil as the massage

One morning when Helena's marks had completely disappeared, 
she was taken by Livia and Cleopea to be bathed, perfumed,
and some make-up lightly applied. They even added some 
rouge to her nipples and labia to make them appear more
reddish than their natural orangy-pink hue.

They dressed her in a fine white silk tunic and tied
a white silk cord snugly around her slender waist.
She was even given a pair of stylish leather sandals
to wear on her pale but dainty feet. She had always
been barefoot till now and reveled in this new change
in status, which lasted all but 50 grains of sand in
the hour glass.

Claudia entered the room with Publius and Gaius in tow. 
Publius had two pairs of metal cuffs and chains in his 
hands. The Nubian walked past Claudia and started to 
chain Helena's wrists and ankles as Claudia spoke.

"A Senator who will remain nameless, has agreed to our
price for your virginity. My husband and Publius will
take you to his estate and bring you back when he has
finished with you. You will do as you are told and 
submit totally to the Senator's instructions and desires.
It is about time you earned your keep around here. We paid
handsomely for you, and we will make most of the dennarries
back with this one day. Do NOT disappoint me, or you
will find yourself back in my "game room" and I will not
be as... restrained as I was last time."

Chained hand and foot, Helena was taken out the front
door and placed in the back of the waiting horse drawn
cart. Publius drove the cart while Gaius kept a watchful
eye on Helena. He would not be made a fool of again he
thought as the two horses pulled the cart forward and
started on the way to the Senator's estate.

"It is the Senator's birthday," said Gaius breaking the
silence. "and you are to be his present. He has a taste
for young flesh, and has paid my wife and I very well
to break-you-in shall we say. If we had no buyers, I
would have done you the honours myself."

Finally the cart pulled up in the front of their
destination, it was early afternoon and the new arrivals 
could hear the noise of a party already underway.

A male slave waiting by the front door came out to greet 
them and escort them into the Senator's huge home.

Helena was not prepared for what she saw when she entered
the estate. The Senator and about two dozen of his guests
were laying and sitting on piles of pillows on the marble 
floor. Several white pillars were "decorated" with young 
nude women chained to them in various ways, a couple of 
them displaying fresh whip marks on their pale white 
breasts and belly.

The crowd was focused on a slender young black woman who's 
nude body glistened with oil as she danced erotically a 
few feet from the fat, smiling Senator.

All this Helena saw as she was ushered through the party
in chains and into a nearby room. A few of the guessed
looked in Helena's direction when they heard the clinking
of her chains but most were more intent on the dancing

It was a small bedroom and once in, Helena's chains were 
removed as were her sandals. Not a word was spoken by Gaius 
as he watched the proceedings. They soon left her alone,
standing in the center of the room, her pretty, white tunic
intact and the permanent, metal collar around her slender
neck. The door was locked and there were no windows and
no escape.

A large, low bed with white silk sheets was the focus of
the room. A bed that looked far too large and out of place
for a room of this size. There were also a few thick pillows
laying in a pile in one corner, and a small couch.

She didn't have to wait long for she had just sat down on
the couch when she heard the unlocking of the door and in
walked the ugly, middle aged Senator escorted by the male
slave that had greeted them when they had arrived.

"Leave us." ordered the Senator. 

The slave quickly did as he was told and shut the door
behind him. The Senator then produced a key and locked 
the door. "So we will not be disturbed." he said with
a smile.

He walked over to Helena who was standing trembling near
the couch. He gave her a good look up and down, like
someone inspecting a horse. "Very nice... Mmmm... Yes, 
very nice indeed..."

"What is your name, girl?"

"Helena, sir." she managed to stutter back.

"Don't be afraid my little one. It will not hurt, much,
and after, you will be a woman and no longer a girl.
And besides - One more year and you will be marrying age 
if you were a Roman citizen."

He then walked toward the frightened teen with lust in 
his eyes and evil in his heart.

Chapter 8

Helena is raped by the Senator

"Come here girl." said the Senator as he walked towards Helena.

Helena instinctively ran behind the couch, keeping it between
her and the foul pig of a man. He tried to run around but
was so fat Helena easily eluded him. The Senator made several
more attempts to grab Helena, but found himself quickly out of

Helena was preparing to make another quick escape when instead
of making another lunge for her the Senator instead walked
over to the wall and pulled down on a silk cord. He then 
unlocked the door and a few seconds later four naked male 
slaves entered.

"Take her and hold her down on the bed." ordered the 
Senator as he pointed a fat finger in Helena's direction.

The four young men quickly surrounded Helena and carried her
over to the bed. They spread eagled her on the bed and
each slave held down an ankle or a wrist. She was, in
essence, being bound by human flesh and bone, just as effective
as if it were iron chains. But chains do not have four pairs
of eyes, and chains do not have warm breath which Helena now felt.

The Senator then slowly walked over to the bed and removed his
white toga and stood naked next to the bed. He was much uglier
nude, with a chest that looked like it belonged to a fat woman
rather than a man, and a round fat belly that almost hid his
erect penis in it's shadow.

He got up on the bed and kneeled between Helena's outstretched
thighs. Then with fat, multi-ringed fingers he grabbed the
fabric of Helena's silk tunic just above her breasts and with
a grunt - ripped it open to the waist, revealing her small
breasts. A second rip and her tender womanhood was also
on display. A couple more rips at her sleeves and the tunic
was pulled out from under her and she lay naked.

It began with his fat hands groping her breasts, nipples, belly, 
and finally the fleshy folds between her thighs. He then bent 
down and licked her slit like a dog drinking water. After a 
short time he inserted a finger, and then two.

Helena could feel the occasional drop of seminal fluid on her
right thigh from the Senator's erection as he continued to
prepare her for penetration.

Finally he guided the purple head of his cock into Helena's
saliva drenched slit. He slowly pushed it in until it met
with resistance. Helena gasped with pain as he rammed it
deeper, breaking through her virginity, and impaling
her with his manhood. A few deep stokes later and the Senator
climaxed hard deep inside her. His sweat dripped on her belly
and breasts as he hovered over her in ecstacy.

Moments later - He got off her, the slaves released their grip 
and they all left the room leaving her naked, spread and oozing 
a mixture of sperm and blood from her sore vagina. Helena sobbed
as she lay there like a soiled rag doll that had just been

A few minutes later Gaius and Publius came, and took her back 
home naked and in chains.

The walk through the Senators home was even more bizarre than
when they had first arrived. Several of the naked "pillar"
girls were being tortured by the Senator's guests. One girl's
nipples were being crushed by large metal pincers, another
was covered with live leaches, but most eyes were on the girl
being circumcised by a surgeon for the amusement of the crowd.
Very few eyes were on the paid act - a woman performing oral
on a pony. 

The screams echoed through the halls as the party of three
hurried away.

"You were not very co-operative with the Senator were you?"
retorted Gaius on the way back. "It is a good thing that
he was in a good frame of mind. Claudia will torture
you most severely if she finds out... But she doesn't have
to find out if you do a favour or two for me sometime... 
So, we'll just keep it our little secret shall we?"

Chapter 9

The Mark of a slave

Helena felt better after she bathed but no amount
of washing could clean her enough, in her opinion,
from the sperm and blood that had leaked from 
her raw slit.

She could still feel a ghost penetration from the 
fat man's penis as she went to sleep. Her collar
was chained to the center of the room as it had
been every night, but this night it almost felt
comforting. Exhausted, she fell into a deep sleep...

"Wake up." said a voice far in the distance. "Wake
up, you are disappointing my guests."

Helena opened her eyes to see the ugly Senator standing
before her in all his fat nakedness, massaging his
cock left handed.

The next thing she became aware of was a pain coming
from her shoulders. She then realized her situation -
Her wrists were tied above her head with coarse rope,
and she was hanging in the center of the Senator's
large birthday orgy. Her ankles were also tied and
her legs were pulled out to her sides at almost 90
degrees to her slender form, and she was quite naked.

At least 50 of the Senator's guests had formed a close 
circle around her splayed figure, and 50 pairs of eyes 
from both sexes raped her with their stares. They sat
or laid on pillows and fondling one another as they
looked on.

Helena looked past the crowd to see that every pillar in
the room had a young girl chained to it in various
positions. Then she noticed the three girls who had
been tortured. All three hung limply, with their heads
on their chests, and the horrible marks and blood on
their young bodies as witness to the cruel treatment
they had received.

Helena then was snapped back into her own desperate
position by a voice that was all too familiar...

"Thank you for informing me about Helena's terrible
behaviour, Senator." confirmed Claudia as she appeared
out of nowhere and stood beside the naked, masturbating
Senator. "You can do to her whatever pleases you. If
there is anything left, I'll have her sex cut from 
her and sell her as a common farm slave."

The Senator and Claudia came closer to Helena's bound
form. Claudia went down on her knees in front of her
companion and took his large erection into her warm
mouth. A male slave handed the Senator a red hot
branding iron, and while Claudia sucked his cock,
the Senator held up the iron in front of Helena's face.
He then slowly lowered it and with a sadistic grin,
touched it to Helena's right nipple, and then pushed it
into her as he laughed.

Helena awoke suddenly, dripping in cold sweat...

It was only a dream!...

Thank the Gods, it was all a terrible dream...

* * * * * * *

After breakfast in the kitchen with the other slaves,
Helena was escorted by Publius down to Claudia's small

"You are not down here to be punished by the Mistress."
Publius volunteered, after seeing the fear in Helena's
eyes. "But it will not be pleasant either."

Publius made Helena strip and she was strapped naked on 
the "Y" shaped table, similar to the one in the 
physician's office.

Shortly, Claudia came down to join the two slaves.

"Today, you will be officially made our property."
said Claudia firmly. "You will be pierced and branded
with our house's symbol. If you ever dare to run away
again, you will be identified as a slave and we will 
be able to claim ownership of you immediately. It's
nothing personal you understand - only business."

While Claudia talked on, Publius made the necessary
preparations. When all was ready, Claudia gave Publius
a nod of her head and the dark skinned slave went to
work on the helpless Helena.

With a large needle in his right hand and a small
ball-shaped bundle of leather in his left he walked
over to the prone Helena to stand between her parted
legs. He pulled up on her left inner labia, put the
leather ball firmly on the outer side and then pushed
the needle quickly through Helena's lip and into the
leather. This action was immediately followed by a
scream from her young lungs, which were then followed
by her tearful plea for pity.

A one inch silver ring was then inserted into the 
hole and closed with pliers so that it could not be
easily removed, at least not without the use of a
similar tool.

Helena was pierced a total of four times - twice on
each lip, and after each hole was made, a silver
ring was fitted onto her, until four silver rings
were permanently attached to her labia. Each pair
of rings were attached opposite one another and
both pairs were equally spaced, dividing her slit
into thirds.

"Well done Publius. You have pierced and ringed
her just like an Egyptian slave girl." Claudia
complimented. "Now brand her with my mark."

Publius walked over to the corner of the room
where a small brazier held the iron. Helena had
not noticed it before and when she realized what
they were going to do she panicked, and began to
struggle and beg for mercy.

The dark brown slave came back with a long metal
rod in his right hand. The end was red hot and
in it's center were two backward initials inside
a circle a little more than an inch wide.

He placed the end over the center of Helena's right 
inner thigh and with both hands pushed it firmly
onto her white soft flesh.

The sizzle of the iron on skin was obliterated
by the inhuman scream from her youthful lungs, 
followed by the stench of burt flesh.
Blackness enveloped her and the pain was no 

Chapter 10

Helena's Training begins

When Helena gained consciousness, she found herself laying
naked on her small bed and the smiling face of Livia 
looking down at her.

"You'll be alright," comforted Livia, "we've all gone
through the same thing, see..."

Livia lifted up the bottom of her beige tunic to reveal
her mark. The initials "SC" inside a circle were burned
an eighth of an inch deep into her soft plump thigh.

"Literally it stands for Slaeven Copulat, or more
accurately - Sexual Slave. The design tells people that 
we are the property of Mistress Claudia and her husband."

Helena lifted her head to look at her own brand and the
source of the intense and constant burning, but saw
only a thick layer of the healing salve.

"It will help the healing process and take away some of
the pain." confirmed Livia.

Helena then looked to the lesser source of pain and saw
the four shiny silver rings that had been permanently
attached to her labia. "Do you have these too?" she
asked Livia pointing at the rings.

"No." replied the twenty-year-old, "But they did do
something else to me down there."

Livia lifted up her tunic and spread her vagina to give
Helena a better view. Helena noticed that it looked a bit
different than hers especially around the little bud.

"They had the hood of my clitoris cut away by a
surgeon." Livia stated. "It is now permanently exposed
and more sensitive than before. Claudia did not think
I was passionate enough when pleasuring her clients,
and that THIS would help, but it only hurts more when
it is roughly touched. But enough of this - Claudia is
expecting you for your first lesson."

With that said, Livia helped Helena get out of bed and
dressed, and supported her as they walked towards the
living room. Helena was surprised how well she was still
able to walk albeit a bit shaky, and occasionally the
sound of metal hitting metal came from between her
thighs, much to her embarrassment.

Claudia and her husband were there waiting for them.
Livia who's job was finished, quickly left the room
leaving Helena to face the two of them alone.

"Good." said Claudia. "Your probably wondering why you
are wearing those lovely rings, aren't you? Well,
you'll find out their many uses when you are fully
healed, but today we are going to begin exploring YOUR
many uses."

"Your first lesson will be how to pleasure a man with
only your mouth. You will use my husband to practice on.
I would have preferred Publius, but I fear he is too
much man for you." She looked at Gaius with a private
smile. Gaius looked back insulted.

"Strip." ordered Claudia. 

Helena hesitated for a moment.

"When I tell you to strip, I mean NOW!" Claudia scolded.

Helena quickly pulled her beige tunic over her head.

"Your shyness is the first thing that must go."
instructed Claudia, "From now on you will remain naked
at all times until I think you have earned the 
privilege to cover yourself."

While Claudia talked down to Helena, Gaius removed his
clothing. Helena could not help but look at the middle-
aged naked man. He was not grossly overweight like the
Senator, but could have stood to lose at least twenty

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" shouted Claudia.
"It's as if you've never seen a naked man before. Well,
you'll be seeing a lot of naked men AND naked women I
can assure you."

Claudia then took some leather cords from the table,
walked behind Helena and tied her wrists and elbows
behind her back, forcing her breasts to jut outward.

"This is to make sure you do not use your hands during
the lesson." Claudia informed. "Now, get down on your
knees on these two pillows... That's right, but spread
your thighs wider. Good. Your womanhood must never be
hidden from a clients view, and your openings must be 
accessible at all times."

Gaius walked in front of Helena so that the purple tip
of his erect cock almost touched her nose. Helena smelt
something both familiar and different. It smelt a
little like her hand after she had touched herself
between her legs. She had felt guilty about doing this,
but it had felt so good.

Helena then reluctantly followed Claudia's instructions:

"Start by kissing it... Come on - it's not going to
bite... "

"Good. Now, Lick it... Pretend it's a sweet..."

"I want to see more tongue..."

"Now, open your mouth and take just the head inside..."

Helena again hesitated, but before she had a chance to
think, Claudia slapped Helena's inner thigh hard with 
the flat of her hand and right on top of her fresh


"Take it into your mouth, slave. Do you want to pay
another visit to my little dungeon? No? -  I didn't
think so."

"That's it. Take the whole head into your mouth..."

"Now suck it like a little girl would suck a sugar
stick... That's right..."

"Take more of it into your mouth and suck harder...
watch your teeth..."

Gaius was starting to enjoy it enough that his hips
moved instinctively and pushed his cock deeper into
Helena's mouth. Deeper than she was able to accept, and
thus gaging her on his member. Claudia noticed this
and made Gaius stand still while Helena recovered and
took his stiff penis into her warm mouth once again.

Claudia then walked behind Helena and with her finger-
tips pinched Helena's large pink nipples.

"Don't stop - A sex slave must be able to perform
no matter the distractions. Keep sucking."

Helena sucked as Claudia pinched and twisted her nipples.
The pain gradually increasing, but the fear of Claudia
was greater than the pain so she continued using her 
mouth while her nipples were being tortured.

This excited Gaius enough that he couldn't hold back
any longer and erupted into Helena's unprepared mouth.
Helena was shocked and disgusted but before she was able
to spit the mouthful of cum out Claudia was there."

"Swallow it... I, said, SWALLOW!"

In fear of Claudia, Helena did as instructed and ate the
slimy liquid.

"When you spit out a man's offering, you insult him.
Always swallow it, and make sure to lick any from a 
clients cock or anywhere else and eat that as well.
Never let a client's gift go to waste."

"This ends your first lesson." Claudia said firmly.
"Get Livia to untie you and get cleaned up, and
remember - no clothes. If I see so much as a pair of
sandals on your feet, pray to your Gods for my mercy
upon you for I will not be swayed by your childish
pleas alone."

Chapter 11

Helena's is put on display

Over the next few days Helena's training continued.
She was made to practice on Gaius several more times
until her skill at orally pleasuring a man improved.
Claudia also made her learn a number of positions,
each new one more humiliating than the last.
Under the constant threat of more severe torture,
Helena had reluctantly obeyed. Her wounds had been
healing nicely and she didn't want any more pain.
During all this time Helena was forced to remain 
totally naked, except for a new silver neck collar
that replaced the old iron one. Claudia told her
that it was a better match for her silver labia
rings and that she wanted her to look her best for
prospective clients.

On this day, Claudia had invited a number of old and
possibly new customers over to her home.
By the late afternoon the last of Claudia's guests
had arrived and the living area was filled with several
couples, single men and even a couple of single 
women. All were drinking from silver goblets and some
were helping themselves to food laid out on trays.
All of them were wealthy and most acted the part 
as well.

"Thank you all for coming." said Claudia addressing
the crowed. "I have invited you here not only to
sample this fine wine but to sample our newest
acquisition that some of you may wish to savour in
the near future.

"Bring her." instructed Claudia to Publius who had
been standing in the doorway.

Publius ducked away for an instant and came back
pulling a chain attached to the silver collar of a
teen slave girl in tow.

Helena's youth, pale naked skin and short red hair made 
a few eyebrows lift, as she was led into the center 
of the crowded circle of guests.

Publius removed her leash as Helena stood with her legs
shoulder width apart, head down and hands behind her
back. One of the slave positions Claudia had trained
her to assume when first being shown to a client.

She was red faced from embarrassment, for even though
she had been without clothes for almost a week, being
seen nude in front of a crowed was much worse.
Claudia had threatened to lend her to one of her more
sadistic clients if she did not perform well and so
she resigned herself to her fate.

"Her name is Helena." Claudia began, "She is 16 years
old and until recently was a virgin. Note the flaming
red hair - quite rare for these parts. You will also 
notice that she has been recently pierced for those 
of you who would wish to make use of this feature.

"hands behind your head, thrust out your chest."
ordered Claudia.

Helena did as instructed as Claudia reach for Helena's
nipples and began pinching and pulling on them till
they were at full erection.

"See how large this ones nipples are, and what a
lovely shade of pink they are." Claudia said as
she stood aside to give the audience a better view.

Helena was then instructed to do a slow spin to let
everyone see. Helena briefly looked up in mid-spin
to see one of the middle aged lesbians licking
her lips as she gave Helena a wink. She also caught
site of a man who looked at her like Claudia had
looked at her the day she had pushed those needles
into the centers of her nipples. Only his look was
even more frightening.

"Good. Now, down on your back and spread your legs

When she was on her back and hands at her sides, 
Helena spread her legs as wide as she could as Claudia
reached down, took hold of her four labia rings and
pulled her little slit wide open.

"One of the many uses for these rings." commented
Claudia as she stretched her vagina wider. "Notice
how pink she is, even inside."

After the crowd had finished inspecting Helena's
gaping hole, stretched labia and large clit, Helena
was rolled onto her stomach.

"Legs together, point your toes." Claudia listed
her instructions. "Now, reach back and spread

Helena did as she had been previously trained to do.
She reached back and with her fingertips digging
into her white round ass, she pulled her cheeks
apart to display her pink puckered hole to the
leaning forward spectators.

"Wider, slave." Claudia warned.

Helena pulled harder till her anus opened up and
she could feel the cool air enter her like the
tip of a wet tongue.

"See how tight she is gentlemen, it takes all her
effort just to open herself a little. Imagine
what this will feel like around something firmer
than air." Claudia added to an amused audience.

"That concludes my presentation ladies and gentlemen.
I hope some of you will wish to sample her charms
in the near future. She is still in training, but
will be made more available as her sexual skills grow.
I will have her chained to one of the pillars if you
wish to examine her for yourself. Please, eat, drink,
and enjoy yourselves."

Publius came in as if on cue, helped Helena off the
floor and led her to one of the pillars off to the
side. He chained her hands above her head and
attached a spreader bar to her ankles to prevent her
from closing her legs.

Once Publius had left, some of the guests wandered 
over to where she was bound.

During the hour that Helena was put on display, she
had been groped, pinched, and even penetrated with
fingers. Not a square inch of her skin was left
untouched as she kept her eyes cast down during 
most of her "examinations".

"Very nice..." said a cold voice.

Helena looked up to come face-to-face with the creepy
looking man she had seen in the crowd earlier.

"Are you a bad little girl? I hope you are.
I wouldn't mind having you if and when Claudia no
longer has any use for you." he whispered as he
reached down and pulled on her labia rings until
her skin was stretch as tight as an animal skin
ready for tanning.

"Please sir," pleaded Helena. "you're hurting me."

Claudia noticed this from across the room and
quickly walked over, she whispered something in 
his ear and when he laughed, she ushered him
back to the group of slightly drunk guests.

Claudia came back and stood looking down at the
girlish slave who was getting sore in her position.

"He is the one I told you about." threatened
Claudia. "If I ever decide that your usefulness
is at an end, I will sell you to him. I do not
rent my girls to him anymore because... Well,
let's just say I don't like getting back
damaged goods."

Chapter 12

Helena is shaved

At the time of Helena's capture, the Roman Empire had
existed for about a thousand years. A thousand years 
that saw the city of Rome grow from a village on a few 
hills to an enormous and decadent metropolis. It was
also a thousand years of slavery and the Romans had
perfected the institution to a fine art form. It had
just taken the once free-spirited girl of Britannia a
little longer than some to come to this realization.

It was two days after her humiliating experience at the
open house party. She and Cleopea were sitting on her
small bed playing a game of Senet, an Egyptian Backgammon 
game that Cleopea had taught her. Helena was still not
allowed the dignity of clothing as per Claudia's 
instructions, but she had become accustomed to her
nudity around the estate and even around the men to
some degree.

"I was born a slave," continued Cleopea with her story
as she moved one of her pieces to the other side of the
board. "so I do not know what being free is like, and
cannot miss what I have never experienced. Perhaps it
is just as well."

"How long have you been here?" asked Helena.

"Two years." replied the olive skinned eighteen year
old. "I have learned that it is better to follow the
mistresses orders and avoid the... unpleasant... 
consequences." she said choosing her words carefully.

"It is not all unpleasant." Cleopea added. "We could have
been sold as farm labourors and be working the fields
like beasts of burden right now. Not only that, but many 
house slaves are circumcised so that sexual interests
do not get in the way of them performing their duties."

"Yes, we are luckier than most. We do not plow their
fields, instead, they plow ours." she added with a smile

It was the first time Helena had seen the usually sad
looking Cleopea smile. Her delicate face and full lips
looked far more beautiful than usual. It was like the sun 
coming out after many overcast days and shining warmly 
on her face, and it triggered something inside Helena. 
She could feel it in the pit of her stomach. She did not
understand this surge of emotion but she knew something 
at that moment had changed between them.

Cleopea noticed the confused look on Helena's face and
misread it by adding - "Don't worry, it is never as
painful as the first time."

At that moment, Livia entered Helena's small room and 
told them they were both to go with her to the private 
bath where Claudia was waiting for them.

Cleopea quickly put the game board away and they both
followed behind the plump Livia to were Claudia was
standing with folded arms beside the large rectangular

The private bath area looked much like a tiny swimming
pool. The multicolored mosaics on the floor that
framed the small pool depicted various sea creatures
and other aquatic images. The only other features in the
large room were several white pillars on either side and
a small pink-white marble bench.

The clanking of Helena's silver nether rings was 
amplified and echoed in the empty tiled room as the
three girls stopped to stand in front of Claudia. All
three folded their arms behind their backs and parted 
their legs so that their feet were a shoulder width 
apart, and except for the fact that all three held their
heads down, the scene looked like three soldiers being 
inspected by their drill instructor.

Claudia examined Helena's nude young form. She made a
particular note of her triangular patch of red hair
between her parted thighs. She then came forward, reached
down and briefly ran her long fingernails through the 
young girl's matted pubis.

"Raise your arms over your head, girl." ordered Claudia.
Her voice echoed off the walls in the large empty room, 
and made her sound even more foreboding.

Helena remained staring down at a mosaic depiction of a 
dolphin, as she did as instructed. The raising of her
arms revealed small tufts of red hair, framed by her
delicately curved armpits.

"The Senator is one of those that likes his girls hairy,"
commented Claudia. "but since you are no longer a virgin,
and no longer of interest to him, and since most of our 
clients prefer our slaves hairless - We will have to do
something about that."

"Livia, Cleopea, I want her hair removed. Shave her body,
but remove her pubic hair with bees' wax."

Claudia then walked over to the small marble bench and
sat down to overlook the proceedings.

Livia quickly hurried away to get the tools needed for
the job while Cleopea pulled her cream-coloured tunic
over her head and then again assumed the slave position
next to Helena to await the return of the 20 year old.

Cleopea was a little taller than Helena. Her delicate
face was framed with long, straight, coal black hair,
cut in the traditional Egyptian style. She had a slender, 
athletic figure, smooth olive coloured skin, firm, cone-
shaped breasts, topped with brown pointy nipples. Her
belly was flat with just a hint of her abdominal muscles
underneath. Cleopea's round, firm ass was large for one
so slender, and her smooth hairless pubis revealed the
brown rubbery lips that hung down almost an inch between
her slightly parted thighs.

Livia soon returned with a basket full of items. She
put the basket down, and then she too removed her tunic
so as not to get it dirty.

Livias' voluptuously plump body was almost the opposite
to the athletic Cleopea. Her skin was not as white as
the pale skin of Helena, but she was much whiter than
the light brown Egyptian. Her breasts were large, and
sagged a bit under their own weight. Her ass was large
as one would have expected, and the region between her
plump, white thighs was also hairless and smooth but only 
revealed an unfeatured slit. Even though she was over-
weight, she had a remarkable hourglass figure. A feature
that had not gone unnoticed when Claudia had purchased
her a year ago from the slave block at the local merchant

Claudia had purchased these girls for their physical
variety. She knew her clientele, and Helena was the newest
and different offering to them.

Helena's boyish figure, pale white skin, and short red 
hair added further variety to the mix. Her small breasts, 
and large pink nipples were another welcome change, and 
her abnormally large clitoris and labia were a bonus that 
Claudia intended to take advantage of.

The two older girls started by taking Helena into the
pool-like bath and washed her. She was then taken out,
but instead of drying her off as usual. Livia and Cleopea
each took a small bottle out of the basket, poured some
creamy substance into the palms of their hands and
proceeded to lather Helena's entire body as she stood
shivering beside the pool.

The dutiful slaves then each produced a sharp edged
razor from the same basket and began to shave every 
square inch of her except for her underarms and pubis 
as Claudia had instructed.

Helena trusted the older girls but still bit into her 
lower lip as the razors caressed around her nipples,
lightly scraped her inner thighs, and over the curves 
of her firm, round ass.

She was then taken into the bath again to wash away the
excess lather and then dried off.

The older slaves put on their tunics and then guided
Helena to lie down on her back with her legs spread
and her arms over her head.

"I think we'll need the spreader bar to keep her legs
wide." said Claudia. "Cleopea, get the bar as well as 
some extra rope."

Cleopea quickly left and came back with the items as

The spreader bar was the same five foot long wooden
pole that they had used on Helena during Claudia's open
house gathering. A number of grooves encircled either
ends of the pole and two leather cords, one tied onto
each end were making use of two of the many slots.

The two slaves quickly reattached the leather cords to a
narrower distance from one another and then slid the pole
under Helena's knees and tied the cords around her legs
just above her knees. This attachment forced her legs
wide but was far more efficient than had it been attached 
to her ankles.

Helena's wrists were then tied with the rope, pulled
tight over her head, and tied with additional rope, to 
the base of the marble bench that Claudia sat on.

Helena crooked her head to see the sadistic grin of
Claudia as she observed the binding of the helpless

When Helena was tightly tied, Livia took out a small
oil burner from the basket, lit it, and placed a small
metal pot over the flame. She then produced a yellowish
translucent substance, broke pieces off it and melted
them in the pot. When the substance was all liquified,
she brought the pot over and sat beside Helena's prone

"This won't hurt too much." Livia soothed.

"Shut up and pour before it hardens!" Claudia warned

Livia poured the bees wax onto Helena's left armpit.
Helena gasped when the hot substance hit her skin,
but found it more bearable as the seconds past. Livia
then poured some more onto the hair in her other armpit,
and finally emptied the remainder on the triangle patch
between her thighs. Helena cried out as the hot wax
painfully kissed her mound.

"I'm sorry Helena." said Livia sadly.

They waited longer than necessary for the wax to harden 
back into its, slightly malleable state.

"That's long enough." said Claudia as she bent down
to poke a long fingernail into the waxed armpit of
the helpless teen. "Cleopea, you do the honours, and
do it slowly. I want to enjoy this."

"I'm sorry, but this will hurt." Cleopea cautioned with
a sad look from her large brown eyes.

She straddled the teen, reached down with both hands 
and slowly pulled up the edge of the thick waxen blob 
on her right armpit. 

Helena groaned in pain as the curly red hairs were 
pulled out a number at a time. She begged Cleopea to 
stop as tears began to flow down the sides of her pain
expressioned face. But even though Cleopea wanted very
much to stop her forced torture of this poor girl, both
of them were well aware of the alternative if she had
followed her heart and not her orders.

Helena's left armpit then received the same painful
treatment, and was welcomed by the struggling young
slave in much the same way.

When Cleopea moved down to kneel between Helena's bound,
outstretched legs, Helena panicked and began struggling
and squirming in her bondage like a worm impaled on a
fisherman's hook.

"PPPlease... No more... Couldn't you just shave it...
NNNooo... Aaaiiieee!!!"

As Helena's small tuft of curly red hair was ripped from
her most private of regions she struggled so much that
Livia had to help hold her legs down. 

Her pitiful screams were amplified as they echoed off the 
tiled walls.

When the last of the wax had been removed, the young
slave's chest heaved with choking sobs, she was crying 
a flood of tears and her sweat glistened body lay limp.

Her underarms and pubis were red and rash-like, with a
number of tiny red spots where the hairs had been.

"There now, that's better." beamed Claudia as she stood 
over her exhausted property with hands on her hips. 
"You look like a real slave now. Your ample womanhood no 
longer can hide behind those curly red hairs, and it is 
much more practical for when receiving either pain or 
pleasure as you will learn."

"I will not have you waxed again unless it is required
by a client, but you will be shaved on a regular basis,
and you must be shaved extra close shortly before being
in the company of one of my paying customers."

"Take her back to her room and have Publius chain her.
Oh, and save the hair - It might make an interesting
gift for the Senator."

The two older girls untied her, rubbed some healing
lotion onto her wounds and helped the wobbly legged
Helena back to her bed.

No pain this time folks. But for those that are following
the story here's chapter 13:

by Leonardo

Chapter 13

Sexual Training

The day after Helena's painful waxing, she and the other
slaves were ordered to the lavish bedroom of Claudia and
Gaius. Both owners were there waiting for them when the
four of them entered the large room. Claudia and her 
husband were dressed more casual than usual as they stood
impatiently beside their large, low bed.

Helena had never been in this room before and although
the decor was in keeping with the interior design of
the rest of the villa, there were many unfamiliar items
carelessly strewn around the room. The white linen
covered bed dominated the center of the room. She could 
not understand why any two people would need a bed of this 
size. It could have easily slept three and possibly even 
four adults comfortably.

"I have decided to speed your training along," said
Claudia as her eyes met Helena's. Fearfully, the youth 
averted her eyes and instinctive assumed the standard 
pose that had been drilled into her - Head down, feet
apart, and arms behind her back.

"Very good, girl. You have learned your lessons well.
In a moment, I will test your memory on the other
positions, and then we will continue with the reason I 
summoned all of you here."

"Today," said Claudia addressing the group. "We are 
going to hurry along Helena's sexual training by
providing her with much needed experience. As you all
know, she has only had intercourse once, and although
her fellatio is improving, she has many, many things to
learn before I dare send her to one of my regular

"But before we begin... Helena, get on the bed, move
to the center, and stand."

The firm square bed had now become a stage as Helena 
dutifully did as instructed and upon reaching her
destination, assumed the same position as before.

"Next position - Standing inspection." 

Helena quickly responded by placing her small hands behind 
her head, interlacing her fingers, and repositioning
her feet wider apart.

"Arch your back... Thrust out your breasts..." Claudia
added, making the subtle adjustments the youth had

"That's it. Next - Kneeling position."

Helena went down on her knees without changing the
position of her arms. Her fingers remaining interlocked
behind her head in their self imposed bondage. Once
down on her knees she spread her pale white thighs wide.
She again arched her back thrusting out her large nippled,
pert young breasts.

"Raise your elbows up more...  Good. Next position -
The Butterfly."

Now the positions started getting more intimate as the
reddening face of the young girl bore witness. Still,
she did not hesitate and went straight on her back,
legs bent, feet flat on the bed and thighs wide.
She then hooked the four silver labia rings with the
thumbs and index fingers of both hands, and spread
herself wide. 

The group had formed a circle around the bed and stood
silently observing as Helena exposed her most private
place in the most vulgar manner. Her now hairless flesh
only added to her feeling of humiliation as five pairs
of eyes viewed her exhibition.

"Open yourself wider," ordered Claudia.

Helena responded by pulled on the rings, stretching her 
skin as one might stretch an animal skin for tanning.

"Good. Next - The oyster shows its' pearl."

Helena rolled onto her stomach with legs straight, tightly 
together and toes pointed. She then reached back with 
both hands, dug her fingernails into her ass cheeks near
the crack and pulled them lewdly open to display her pink 
puckered hole. She did not wait for Claudia to correct
her again as she doubled her efforts until she felt
herself open up and the air entered her like cold steel.

"That's enough. Get up."

"Strip." Claudia commanded as she flashed a glance at the
three other slaves standing idly around the bed.

Cleopea, Livia and Publius quickly removed their tunics
as instructed to reveal three contrasting bodies in both 
form and colour - The slender, athletic, olive-skinned 
Egyptian; The plump, voluptuous Roman; The dark-skinned, 
tall and muscular Nubian male.

"Get off the bed, girl," said Claudia as she pointed 
Helena the direction. 

"Publius, Cleopea, you're next."

"Observe and learn, girl," added Claudia as she made eye
contact with Helena.

"Cleopea, suckle his manhood with that beautiful mouth of 
yours. Show this young one how a talented, well trained
slave takes a man into her mouth."

Cleopea gracefully went down on her knees, took the flaccid
member passed her full lips and into her warm mouth. In 
no time, she had the Nubian to full size. It was a massive 
erection and it no longer fit easily into her mouth. Her 
cheeks bulged as the black male began thrusting the thick
veined, throbbing pole into her.

"That's it Publius - fuck her mouth well." said Claudia,
no longer hiding the excitement in her voice.

Claudia would give one explicit instruction after another
and the three experienced slaves would follow orders 
without hesitation. As the day wore on Helena had 
witnessed many shocking things, things she had not 
dreamed possible, and things that had also aroused her.
She had seen Publius licking between Cleopea's thighs, 
and then penetrating her front and back openings. She
witnessed the two young women orally exploring each
other, and finally she was ordered to watch as Publius
and Claudia's husband Gaius penetrated both Livia's
vagina and anus at the same time. And then it was Helena's

"Helena, get on the bed."

"On your back... Masturbate for us."

"I don't understand," replied Helen when she was properly

"Play with yourself... Massage your sex with your hand,
girl." Claudia added impatiently.

Helena followed her orders, reached down with her right
hand and began rubbing her large lipped sex. This was
allowed to go on for a few minutes until Claudia
suspected the girl was too nervous for the desired effect.
Claudia ordered her to stop, examined her vagina with
long nailed fingers.

"Just as I though. You are still as dry as an old 
priestess. Livia, you know what to do."

Livia got on the bed, layed down on her stomach with her
head between Helena's open thighs and began to lick the
girl with a sensual, wet tongue while her free hands 
found the girl's large, pink nipples. As she continued
to lick she occasionally probe into the teen's slit.

"That's it, Livia. Make her nice and wet."

Livia lightly pinched the girl's nipples as she continued
making use of her oral talents. Helena started to enjoy 
herself so much that she no longer thought about the 
circle of watchful eyes around the perimeter of the bed.
Her hips started to move instinctively as she lifted
her ass off the bed in hopes that this offering would
increase the contact of mouth and vagina.

"That's enough Livia, save that tongue. I might require
some personal use of it later tonight." said Claudia 
with a smile.

Livia was replaced with the dark skinned male, who
positioned himself over the prone girl supported by his 
muscular arms. Livia who was still sitting on the bed
and beside the two featured performers, took the large
erection in hand and helped guide it into the girl.

Helena gasped as the thick intruder, forced its way into
her, slowly impaled her sex with its length. After a few
strokes, Publius began pulling out of her completely and
penetrating her afresh with each forward thrust. After
a few minutes of this, Claudia stopped the performance.

"Helena, get up on all fours," she instructed. "Gaius -
here's the moment you've been waiting for. Lubricate
yourself and take her from behind. Publius, introduce
your cock to her mouth."

Helena opened her mouth to receive his member as she had
done a number of times before with Claudia's husband, 
but this was different. The black pole that pushed into
her mouth was so thick it stretched her lips till they
almost split. Her cheeks bulged with every short thrust
as she was gaged with the throbbing man-meat.

While Publius continued to fuck her mouth, Gaius had
applied olive oil to his smaller erection, positioned
himself on his knees behind the virgin ass presented
to him, and quickly forced himself past her resisting
muscle hole and deep into her ass. Helena's groan of
pain was muffled by the black cock wedged in her small
mouth, as she was impaled from behind like a boar on a 

This scene continued until Gaius climaxed deep into
the young slaves bowels. Upon seeing this, Claudia
instructed Publius to pull out of her mouth and
masturbate himself to completion, while helena was
made to wait with open mouth and extended tongue to
catch the precious gift.

With closed eyes and a determined look, Publius stoked
himself till he erupted moments later into her wide
mouth and onto her flattened tongue.

"Eat it," ordered Claudia. "Swallow every drop and then
lick him clean."

Helena did as instructed. She swallowed the thick liquid 
and then ran the tip of her pink tongue over every inch 
of the softening dark pole, paying special attention to 
suckle every drop from the hole at its tip.

"That is enough for today," said Claudia. "All of you,
go and get cleaned up."

And thus ended Helena's day long course in the ways of 
the flesh. Over the next few weeks her sexual training 
continued. Livia taught her how to pleasure a woman 
orally. Cleopea showed Helena how to move more gracefully 
as well as a few erotic dance moves. Claudia used a number 
of 'toys' on Helena, including several ivory dildos of 
various sizes. And of course, Publius and Gaius were more 
than happy to let her practice on them.

Helena was a quick study and it had become evident to all 
parties concerned that she was a natural when it came to
giving pleasure. But giving pleasure would not always be
required of her.


To be continued.

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