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A Day at Snuff High

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Synopsis: At the big Snuff High Homecoming pep rally, 5 lovely young students give it all up in the name of school spirit. Inspired by Dolcett, reminiscent of Splyf.
I actually wrote this story when I was in High School myself, and had it put up on the old Black Spectre story site

I actually wrote this story when I was in High School myself, and had it put up on the old Black Spectre story site. I recently found it on Ziggyred's story archive. I'm posting it here with some revisions and corrections. Hope everyone enjoys! If anyone has any of my other stories from Black Spectre I would love to be able to look at and work on them again. Thanks!


A Day At Snuff High

By Ravenous


   The students had gathered in the gym, and a general sense of excitement prevailed. This was the homecoming pep rally at Snuff High, and according to tradition, several of the sweetest young things on campus would be snuffed to help get everyone revved up for the game. This kind of tradition also served another purpose for Snuff High: by selling videos of the everyday activities that went on at the school, they had become one of the best funded, most elite high schools in the world. In addition to this, they never had to pay for food from the outside, as they had an endless supply of their own "cattle". This supply was maintained by offering free schooling from many of the greatest professors in the world to appealing female students, who were often convinced to take their chances by the large number of eligible candidates and the rule that if a girl made it two years she was exempt from lottery selection for non-consensual snuffing. The lottery was not the only way girls ended up snuffed, however: many girls who had every intention of surviving when they arrived became so filled with school spirit and came to regard the prospect of public execution as so erotic that they willingly offered themselves up, and non-consensual snuffing was always a potential penalty for those girls who violated academic or behavioral regulations. In addition to income from the videos sold on the international market, there was the exorbitant tuition paid by powerful families who wanted the best education for their sons and personal access to school events for themselves. These huge amounts of money always allowed for some excellent, high budget spectacles every year and this homecoming celebration was one of the most anticipated of them all.


  The event kicked of as the lights suddenly went down and the crowd began to cheer wildly. When the lights came back up, a stage with a gallows on it had appeared as though by magic, causing the cheers to become even wilder as the students got ready to witness the end of a few of their female peers. The roar from the gym stirred the butterflies in the stomach of a 16 year-old girl named Nikki, who was standing nude in the locker room, proudly taking a last look at the gorgeous, nubile body which she had so carefully waxed clean the night before. Nikki was naturally a little afraid of what was about to happen, but she was still a very willing victim. She felt full of energy, purified by the internal cleansing given to the girls that prevented any unfortunate bodily functions from marring her performance or her meat. Nikki's heart was pounding in her ears as she stepped through the door to the gym and flashed a smile at the crowd, which erupted into applause.


  Steve, the quarterback of the football team, who was wearing only a black executioner's mask and a pair of jeans met her at the door, silently putting a hand around her waist and leading her across the gym floor. He brought her up to the gallows' steps and stood her on the trapdoor, facing the crowd. He was wearing a microphone under his hood, and when he finally spoke his voice boomed from the speakers above the gym. "Are you ready Nikki?" He asked. She nodded yes, and he addressed the assembled students. "Are you ready to watch Nikki here swing?" he demanded. The crowd roared their answer, and Nikki dutifully put her hands behind her back to be handcuffed. The cold metallic click of the cuffs as they closed around her hands sent shivers down her spine. At this time the thick hemp noose was lowered from above, and Nikki tried to steady herself, breathing fast as it was slipped around her neck. Steve's voice came again from the speakers: "Now Nikki, this is a very slow noose, and it's short enough that your neck will remain intact when you fall. That should make a good show for the rest of us. Now you don't have to do a thing, just hang on as long as you can and show us all how strong a Snuff High girl is, alright?"


  Nikki nodded and braced herself, steeling herself against the pain that was to follow. She took a deep breath and looked to Steve, who yanked a lever, dropping the floor out from under her. She fell about two feet, and was jerked to a stop as the rope pulled tight. Nikki felt her air cut off, and the incredible pain of all of her weight against the rope, tearing into the soft skin of her neck. She couldn't breathe, and the noose was digging into her so hard! Nikki felt herself begin to panic now - this is what they told her it would be like, but she hadn't really been ready for it. She was still willing, but there was something else rising within her now, too. She still wanted to hang on as long as possible for the spectators, but instinct was also pointlessly driving her to live as long as she could. Although intellectually she knew that it was no use she began to struggle. The students were cheering as Nikki jerked on the end of the rope, and especially as she twisted her narrow shoulders and kicked her legs, bouncing her pert breasts and exposing her exquisitely smooth pussy. After about two minutes, she began to move less, so Steve picked up a cattle prod and gave her a good solid jolt, sending new waves of pain through her tortured body, and tearing her away from the black comfort of unconsciousness. The way her entire body went taut when the electricity hit her was amazing, revealing the youthful muscles under her soft, girlish skin. She lasted another ten minutes, with periodic shocks before she began to convulse and at last her eyes rolled back. When Nikki was finally still, she was cut down and there was a palpable sense of anticipation in the crowd as her delectable body was taken to the school kitchens, where expert chefs would prepare it to roast on the sidelines of that night's Homecoming game.


  The next offering for the day was Samantha, a slim blonde girl of 14. She waited in the locker room, strapped spread eagle to a gurney, breathing quickly and shallowly. Samantha was definitely NOT a willing participant in the day's festivities. Her family had gone against her wishes by enrolling her at this school, where the academic rigor had proved too much and she had been caught cheating as she desperately attempted to avoid automatic selection for her low grades. How time had seemed to freeze when she felt a presence over her as she frantically worked on that math exam, her pretty blue eyes wandering up and meeting with the knowing, leering glare of her professor. Those blue eyes were filled with even greater fear as she looked down on her freshly smoothed body. She had gone through the standard waxing and shaving that the other girls had, but it had seemed a torture to her as the painfully hot wax was poured her lily white skin and cruelly ripped away. In the last few hours she had also endured the humiliation of the having catheters and enemas which the other girls had given themselves forced upon her. All this meant one thing: Samantha had been turned into a snuff toy, not even really a person any more. Her small, orange sized breasts were shaking with every uneven breath, and she knew that she had a matter of minutes left to live. Soon enough the door to the lockers opened and a student wheeled her out in front of the assembled crowd. She could feel their eyes on her body, and she could do nothing to cover herself as she lay there, naked, smooth and spread eagle.




  Samantha was wheeled up on stage, and Steve carefully removed her wrist restraints and immediately slapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists behind her back. He then released the ankle restraints and pulled her to her feet. She was pulling against him and crying now, but he was strong enough to place her forcefully on the once-again-closed trap door next to him. "Samantha, is there anything you would like to say to your classmates here before we do this?" He asked her. He produced a microphone and put it in front of her. In a voice that was choked with sobs she spoke; "Please, you can stop this... I don't have to die... please, oh god don't let this happen..." she trailed off into unconstrained weeping as the crowd erupted into jeers and laughter. "Well Sam, looks like this is the end of the line for you." said Steve casually. She wailed in despair as the heavy noose was placed around her neck and tightened. Steve pulled the lever again. This time, however, the trap door did not open - instead the noose was ratcheted up just slightly. This left Samantha standing on her tiptoes trying to breathe, which she was still able to do a little. Steve worked the lever back and forth until she was just barely off the gallows. She began to writhe in terror and pain, her slender young legs flailing left and right. Her feet were so close to the gallows stage but she was still hanging! The students were loving the sight of this slim blonde angel in her death throes, hanging with her back exquisitely arched, her bald pussy in plain view, her tiny tits bouncing. As she flailed, her long, exquisite toes would even brush against the wooden planks, but no matter what she did, she couldn't support herself enough to breathe.


  Just as her vision started to go dark, Samantha fell to the gallows stage and hazily realized the rope had been cut. She lay on the ground heaving with choking gasps, too far gone even to worry about why she wasn't dead. She found out, however, when Steve grabbed her hair and pulled her face up from the planks of the gallows. Before her, she saw a guillotine rising mechanically out of the gallows stage and felt herself being pushed toward it. She struggled weakly as Steve placed her head in the device and locked it down around her neck, her shoulders twisting away, her hands still cuffed behind her back. She could just barely see the sinister blade hanging above her neck, and she could see the thick rope holding it up tied beside her. "Well Sam, ready to roll?" asked Steve, laughing along with the audience at his little joke. Samantha was crying hard, her tears falling on the planks of the stage below her sweet, agonized face. Steve spoke to someone behind the stage, and he was handed a sword. Samantha watched him wind up and take a swing at the rope, closing her eyes hard, waiting for the blade. She opened her eyes to see that the rope had been mostly split but was still hanging on by a thread. Being barely more than a child, Samantha was able to appreciate this horrific parody of a classic cartoon gag that would be the end her life as the rope slowly frayed down to the last strand. At last, with rattling rush the blade fell and neatly severed her head. The crowd went nuts as Steve picked up the head and threw it to them. He kicked Sam's body back behind the stage for collection by the kitchen staff as the guillotine sunk back to where it had come from.


 Back in the locker room, three girls now sat naked on the benches waiting to be called in for the big finish of the pep rally. Each shivered slightly from the cool air on their bare skin and the nervous jitters heightened by the large doses of speed each had been given to keep them from losing consciousness during their torturous ordeals, ensuring extra long, extra painful deaths for each. Though two had been chosen by lottery, all three were cooperative, willing participants, and for their cooperation they had been allowed the choice of going out memorably in the finale of this grand event. They were as follows:


 Melissa - A tiny 15 year-old freshman with medium-length brown hair. She was short and slim, with A-Cup breasts that were actually of a decent size in relation with her body. She had long, thin legs that were more like those of a young girl, without the sensual fullness of a woman's. She had the delicate hands of a girl in her early teens, which were folded modestly over her smooth virgin cunt.


 Carrie - another 15 year-old freshman with longer brown hair. Carrie was much taller and had larger C-cup breasts, but otherwise possessed much the same skinny figure and legs that Melissa had. Her wavy brown hair fell down to her shoulders around her cute little heart-shaped face. She drummed her fingers nervously on the bench, occasionally stopping to hug herself as she listened to the cheers of the audience when the girls who went before them met their fate.


 Silver - A 17 year-old junior and the only girl in the finale who had volunteered herself. She was cute goth girl, her hair died jet black, and she had several pentagrams and other Satanic symbols tattooed on her arms. She had done all of her body art herself, as it was cheaper and she didn't need permission. Volunteering herself for this spectacle after having made it long enough to be ineligible for snuffing against her will was the perfect act of rebellion against the family who had sent her here with hopes that she would be a great achiever some day. She had beautiful curves, round, ample breasts and lily-white skin, which was accented by the incredible smoothness achieved by the waxing. She sat apart from Melissa and Carrie, reclined against a wall, casually masturbating, moaning softly as she slipped her fingers with their black-painted nails slowly in and out of her pussy.


 Then, the moment was upon them. The door burst open, filling the room with the cheers of the students outside. One of the coordinators was standing at the door, waving them out. "Come on ladies, show time!" he yelled over the crowd. They followed his motion out into the gym to the wild applause of the students. They walked single-file up the stairs and onto the stage area, each giving little nervous waves to the crowd.


 At this point Steve spoke into the microphone, "We're gonna start this off with Melissa. Come on over here." She obediently walked over to him. He looked her over and slapped her ass, causing her to giggle and smile at him. "We have a really special one ready for you." He said. "Let's get started." Steve walked Melissa over to an upright wooden table of sorts. It was rectangular, at about a 45-degree angle, and it was covered with a tight skin of leather. Melissa leaned against it while her wrists and ankles were bound together with strong metal wire. Next, a spreader bar was placed between her little knees and clamped down around her legs. The crowd made it clear that they loved the wide-open view of her incredibly smooth, virgin pussy. Next, Steve grabbed a long steel stake with a sharp point at one end. He slid the vicious looking spike up through the wire that already held Melissa's ankles, making the fit tight enough for a trickle of blood to make its way down her perfect feet. The lance went under the spreader bar, and came to rest at the entrance to Melissa's unprotected cunt. Steve  then carefully pushed it in, ignoring her increasing moans of pain as he went through her hymen, and soon the sharp end was resting against her cervix.


 "Now here's the surprise part." Said Steve as a panel on the stage moved away and a huge cauldron full of boiling water was raised to stage level. "We're going to impale Melissa here, and then finish snuffing her with the cauldron. Everyone up for that?" The crowd roared their approval. "How about you Melissa?" She had her eyes tightly shut, and was biting her lip so hard that blood was trickling off her chin and on to her little tits, but she managed to nod slightly to give her approval. With that, Steve jammed the pole inside her, causing her to give up the moans immediately, progressing to full-on screams of pain. The strong athlete lifted her up above the stage, her tiny, perfect body writhing on this lance that was now being forced into her torso by her weight. She continued to do so as blood poured down her thin legs, over her feet and on to Steve's arms. He let her go on this way for nearly a minute, until he sensed her fading and moved on to the next phase. He swung the impaled girl's twisting form over the bubbling cauldron and then swiftly dropped her in. The scream when her body hit the water was priceless, and it was a glorious sight to watch her twisting, writhing and splashing as she died painfully in the boiling water. In the end she succumbed and slipped under the rolling surface of the water.


 "Alright you guys! How about that Melissa?" yelled Steve. The audience yelled their approval of the beautiful creature's death. "Well, Silver's up next. You guys ready?" The reply was a resounding yes. "How about you, Silver?" The goth girl nodded excitedly. She couldn't wait to see what they had dreamed up for her demise. "Well, we know that you're into some of the darker stuff, and that you have an interest in magic and that sort of thing, so we thought we'd go with the traditional method for disposing of a witch." Her eyes lit up. "Oh shit, are you serious? Damn, that's gonna hurt more than I expected. It should be wild!" She said. At that point, the entire stage split apart to reveal a heavy wooden stake set in the center of a pile of wood and straw. Steve escorted silver down to the gym floor and over to the stake. He walked her up the pile of tinder and he produced some more of the wire he had used to tie Melissa, now using it to tie Silver's hands up above her head and hang her by her wrists  from a ring placed high on the stake. He then pulled her legs back around the stake and tied her ankles behind it, the cold metal digging in viciously to the pale girl's skin. This left her suspended in an extremely uncomfortable, very exposed position. She was breathing heavily at this point, trying not to let the pain get to her, and bracing herself for the far more intense pain to come. Her breasts were bouncing with each heavy breath, and she was tightly shutting her eyes every few seconds, but her pussy was also soaking wet, clearly indicating that she was in some way looking forward to what would come next.


 "Now we're not as patient as the folks were in the old days," said Steve. "so we are gonna use this gas to get things going faster. He walked over to the stage and began uncoiling a hose from a hidden spool, pulling it over to the stake. Once he was there, gas started pouring out of it, and he liberally soaked the wood and straw. "Now, to kick this off, your Snuff High Executioners!" Yelled Steve. At that, the football team surged in from outside the gym with full uniforms on, to the applause of the students. They marched in a line, each carrying a burning torch, and they formed a ring around the place of Silver's imminent death. "Ready, set.." yelled Steve as Silver's spectacular body became tense. He waited what seemed like forever to the bound girl before yelling "GO!," at which point each team member threw their torch onto the pile. The wood flared up quickly, and the fire raced toward Silver. She was immediately surrounded in flames, coughing on the gas fumes and smoke. The heat was intense, and as the flames rose higher, her pain began in earnest. She watched her pale skin begin to burn and crack, and she screamed louder and louder as the pain grew. She could smell the sick-sweet stench of her own burning flesh, and somehow the pain still continued to increase. She was thrashing futilely on the stake, hoping that death would take her soon, and  as the flames swelled around her she got her wish. Several team members had grabbed fire extinguishers, as rehearsed, and they advanced on the burning pile spraying white foam in a display that seemed to parody what every male in the audience had been on the verge of doing since the pep rally began. Soon the blaze had been put out, revealing Silver's charred and tortured figure still lashed to the stake. The audience cheered wildly as the stage slid back together in front of the grim tableau.


 "Now last, but certainly not least comes Carrie." Said Steve. "Carrie, you've been given the honor of being chosen as the trophy for this tournament. Whichever team wins tonight will take home your head, hands and feet in a case. This should be flattering, as we always choose our favorite girl for this - it motivates the team. That doesn't mean, though, that you get to go easy. We want a great expression on your face under that glass, so if you'll follow me over here, we'll get started." Carrie walked past the cauldron to the wooden table where Melissa had been skewered and leaned against it. Steve used leather straps that were attached to the table to bind her in a spread eagle position, leaving her totally helpless and exposed to the eyes of the vast student body. Finally, Steve produced a wide leather strap that went across her midriff and was pulled tight with buckles on either side of the table. In the center of the strap was a large metal ring, which left a round patch of skin exposed right above Carrie's navel. He then produced what looked like a giant nail, but instead of one spike under the head, there were two. "There is just enough space between these spikes to accommodate your spine" explained Steve. "I'm going to pound this through you, which will pin you to the board. You would die not long after that, but I'm going to collect the trophies from you before that can happen. The rest of you will still be nailed to the table, and will be ready for display at the fund-raising auction before the game." He then produced a mallet and placed the nail in the center of the metal ring over her belly. He raised the mallet as if to strike, but paused before bringing it down long enough to enjoy the look on Carrie's adorable face and the little fearful whimper that she made as she bravely braced for the pain. He waited about two seconds, and then brought the mallet down hard. One hit was enough to drive it halfway through her, and she let out an immensely satisfying scream. He hit it once more to drive it all the way through her, and three more times to pound it well into the board, as Carrie screamed and squirmed (to the minimal extent that she could while strapped down so securely) all the while. When he had finished pounding the spike through her, her screaming subsided a bit, and was interspersed with her fast, ragged and pained breathing.


 "Time to take those trophies now, C" said Steve, collecting a circular saw from the side of the stage. "Hold tight, it might help with the pain." He suggested as he took her right hand in his. She met his eyes and squeezed tightly as he used his other hand to activate the saw and he brought it to her wrist. He made a motion, and for a moment Carrie's shrieks mixed with the shriek of her bone being cleanly sawed through. After a moment Steve was left, splattered with blood, holding Carrie's limp, severed hand in his. After being passed another torch by a fellow member of the football team, Steve and the crowd enjoyed Carrie's screams again as he cauterized the wound with a quick touch of the flame. He placed the hand on a small mat beside the table, then ran his hand playfully from her shoulder down over her breast, across her belly, over her thigh and down her smooth leg so that he was holding her foot in his hand. He leaned over and kissed it lightly before reactivating the saw and placing the blade across the girl's delicate ankle, producing the same whine of bone and the same satisfying scream from Carrie. He was left with her foot sitting there on his palm, and he smiled to himself as he set it on the mat as well and cauterized her bleeding leg. He approached the left foot the same way, and soon it was in place beside the other. He repeated the process with her left hand, and soon she was left on display with stumps at the end of each of her limbs. She sat there, with her hands and feet on a mat beside her, her body nailed to a table, completely helpless. Instead of activating the circular saw again, Steve set it down. Carrie somehow gathered the strength to speak to him: "Come on, hurry up. It hurts so bad, please just finish!" "I'm coming" he told her. "Don't worry." He grinned sadistically as he picked up a hacksaw from the ground and walked over to her. "This will be fun." He said. "Oh, fuck no! Come on, just use the other one and let this be over!" begged Carrie. Steve ignored her and began to very slowly drag the serrated edge back and forth over her throat. Her tears flowed freely as the skin just barely split on her delicate teenaged throat, Steve moving the saw torturously slowly. He got a little deeper and the blood began to flow more freely. In a raspy voice she begged him to finish her. He answered by severing her jugular vein, and at last allowing her to bleed out in front of the audience. They cheered her as she faded away, and Steve used the saw to remove her head, placing it on the mat with the other trophies. He then retrieved a small trophy case and put them together in it. "I think she looks great. How about you guys?" he asked as he held it aloft. The crowd clearly agreed that Carrie made a great trophy.


  As the pep rally drew to a close, Melissa's tender, lightly boiled body was extracted from cauldron and placed on a steel table. Each member of the football team stepped up in turn to take a bite off of her with their bare hands and teeth as the students cheered, filling them with incredible energy. Afterward, the students lined up as a school chef expertly carved the very rare flesh off the gently cooked teen, each eagerly accepting a small piece to chew on as they awaited the pregame festivities. They were confident that their team would win again this year, and that Carrie's beautiful trophies would stay right where they belonged - in the hallowed halls of Snuff High.

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