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Sex Slave Sisters

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Synopsis: Three not so ugly but bullying sisters are finally brought to book by a vengeful relative and trained to lead a life of submission and slavery
Sex Slave Sisters

                                   Sex Slave Sisters


                    A work of total fiction by Taskmaster

                                            Part One



For me she had always had that special indefinable something about her, even now after four years she looked so damm good.

Sure the only reason she was speaking to me was because I am the father of her sister’s two boys and when to her credit, no one else in that family was doing so after a messy ending, certainly not the other two sisters who hated me with a vengeance.

 But I didn’t give a flying fuck about that except for my recurring fantasy of giving the younger blonde one a good fucking whilst the older bitch was naked and strung up to the bondage cross I still kept in my attic room, waiting for me to finish with her sister before once again giving her good fucking good whipping.

As it happens the ‘younger blonde one’ is now about forty but still a real good looking whilst her older sister is in her later fifties, but by Christ they wear well that family, even their fifty something brother looks to be no more that thirty something.


But this one, Marianne, the middle of the surviving three, really was something else, she would have to be at least fifty years old herself but jeez she must have the body of a thirty year old and was here now only because she had drawn the short straw, the other two having refused to have anything to do with me even now, when as joint executors the two boys future had to be discussed between the four of us as the were both now reaching the age when they would inherit the legacy left by their Mother, my ex wife, the wife who had left me two years before she died in a Car accident with her new boyfriend, leaving the boys to live with and be bossed around by the sisters before along with myself and the sisters a collecting a legacy to be shared out at a later date.


Now Marianne sat in the large sitting room in my old house, the house I had shared with her sister for so many years. Sure she hadn’t wanted to come here but I specialised in making like difficult for those three bitches so in the end Marianne had capitulated and acquiesced to my demand, reasoning I guess that she would be well away from here long before lunch time.

Demurely Marianne sat there, Black Mid length skirt pulled well over her knees and Red blouse buttoned up the throat it looked as butter would melt in the bitches mouth but bollocks, I knew better than that, oh yes, and if Marianne had even the slightest idea of just how much I knew then the last place she would have been today would have been right there, in that big leather sofa.

You see the bitch has a husband who had long ago, during a late night drinking session with me had, after one to many, spilt the beans to me about their love life. Well we were brothers in law, still are legally I guess, and after I had told him about the difficulties with my own wife he had been only to happy to tell about Marianne’s insatiable appetite for Bondage and rough sex games before, to my surprise and pleasure he had taken from his wallet a Polaroid snap of Marianne bound and gagged whilst lying on her huge bed, her eyes almost pleading with the man I had been told she called her ‘Master’ in eager anticipation of pleasures to come.


Well so proud had Tony, her husband, been of his good fortune he had even told me to keep the photo, ‘just a bit of fun, a secret between us’ had been his words and certainty, unknown to Marianne, every time I have seen her since that day my dick has sprung to attention not just at the very though of that photo, but of the wonderful fantasy I had that one day the bitch would crawl across this very carpet to my, bound and naked, those same pleading eyes looking up to mine as her new Master. And that day had now come!

Of course Marianne was completely oblivious to my thoughts and our discussion was frank and businesslike.

 Our meeting, after we had co signed some documents finally wrapped up, or so Marianne assumed as she rose, with words spoken I think with more confidence than she actually felt.

‘After today Geoffrey the family want nothing more to do with you, my sisters son’s are now of age and you a no longer a member of the family and so we have no reason to see or hear from you ever again’


This I had fully expected, after all I had always been the outsider, the piece of rough my ex wife had lumbered the family with. What though, Marianne did not expect, was for me as I rose to ostensibly show her the door, to reach out with both hands and grab hold her Red blouse by the collar and rip it apart, sending little black buttons flying across the room in all directions, hauling the thin blouse out from her Skirt before pushing the garment back over Marianne’s shoulders and on down her arms to effectively trap her limbs inside the long sleeves.


From there I took a step back, Marianne, too stunned yet to react, suddenly looked down upon her ruined blouse and then up again to see me looking straight at her wonderful pair of still firm tits barely concealed by the silky black half cup bra encasing them.

As the enormity of what I had just done to her suddenly occurred to Marianne the initial surprise her eyes had registered turned first to shock and then anger, but to me the anger was tinged also with fear.


‘Oh my God’! Blurted my sister in law before, with negligible effect, attempting to struggle her trapped arms free from the confining sleeves of her blouse.


But I was far from finished with Marianne and before she even realised what I had in mind I had turned the bitch away from me, ripped away the zipper of her black skirt, pulled the whole garment down away from her hips and Ass and pushed the whole thing down around her ankles. If Marianne were surprised then I was even more so, for I now looked upon a gorgeous white ass, dissected only by the thin elastic strap of a tiny red thong and garter straps holding seamed black stockings up around the middle of her shapely thighs.


‘Jeez’ I exclaimed in pleasure, turning the bitch back toward me ‘Why did I wait so long for you Marianne?’

Now though she looked at me in genuine horror, her fear was obvious but she still let me have it with both barrels as she struggled to free her arms whilst stepping backward away from me.


‘Oh my God you bastard, what are you doing! What the hell have you done to me?’

screamed Marianne before I cut her off with a vicious backhanded slap hand upon her left cheek sending me semi naked sister in sprawling back upon the large couch from which she had earlier risen allowing me now to feast my eyes upon the front of her body, especially at the small triangle of red material barely concealing her pubic mound as Marianne tried frantically  to rise from the sofa but, with arms still trapped behind her, managing only to sit upright upon the sofa before I had walked behind the sofa and pulled the red ball gag into her mouth before quickly fastening the black leather straps behind her still beautiful  head.


Then I grabbed Marianne’s long luxurious dark blonde hair, twisting and pulling as she moaned painfully into the ball gag, forcing her to twist and turn her head and then body until she was actually kneeling up on the sofa and facing me.

 Still I pulled her hair though, forcing my sister in law’s body up and over the back edge of the sofa until her head was pointing downward over the back of the sofa and her still struggling arms lay upon her horizontal back making it easy for me to slip each leather wrist cuff into place before clipping them together, making it impossible now for Marianne to free her arms whilst I ripped away the remnants of her Red blouse.

Finally from the back of the sofa I took a thick leather dog collar and attached steel chain lead I had left there earlier then fastened the collar around Marianne’s neck.


‘Okay Marianne, listen and listen well, ‘I’ve always had a soft spot for you and always knew I’d fuck you eventually ‘

I began after hauling the astonished and fearful bound and gagged long haired beauty back onto her feet by her new steel chain lead and wondering for a moment if the bitch might even be a little wet between her legs, but there was plenty of time for that and, shaking her head Marianne’s eyes were widening in incredulity as I continued.


Well, that’s gonna happen bitch, but you have to beg me for it Marianne, and I’m going to teach you how to beg me for it, to beg your new Master to fuck you because like I said, I have a soft spot for you and we are gonna get on just fine as long as you know your place, but as for your two sisters, well they got it coming big time Marianne and we are going to get those bitches over here, then you can watch as I string them up together and whip the shit out of them!’


Marianne was by then shaking her head and mumbling protests into the ball gag but she could do that as much as she wanted for all I cared for even now I’m still a pretty strong guy and it proved easy to pull the semi naked bitch toward me before flipping her bound body over my shoulder in a classic fireman’s lift before walking upstairs with my shocked and fearful new Sex Slave.


A short while later, Up in the attic room I had last used some time ago I had strung up the almost naked Marianne by her cuffed wrists to a pulley and winch affair set into a ceiling beam before using the winch to lift this mature beauty up until, with her toes barely touching the floor and taught arms squashed against each side of her face as she stood facing the huge mirror a few feet away.


Then I stood, my face inches from the fearful trembling Marianne’s, the fingers of my left hand casually delving into one bra cup, finding and gently squeezing her large nipple causing he to close her eyes, perhaps in embarrassment, maybe in pleasure.

Whatever the reason, I then asked Marianne.


‘Okay bitch, are you ready to call your sisters over here? I’ll get the phone and tell you what to say, do it now and you can save yourself a lot of pain’

As I had hoped and expected, Marianne managed to shake her head in angry denial. Just as I wanted her to for now the fun could begin.


‘You ever been whipped baby, whipped with one of these’


Marianne’s eyes flew open and saw the leather ‘cat o nine tail’s I was holding before her.

One thing I had learnt from Marianne’s husband was that although she was a very submissive woman who loved to be spanked she was no masochist and had always shied away from the whip during their ‘games’.

So I knew the fright in Marianne’s wide fearful eyes was authentic whilst she shook her head as best she could as I told her a whipping was what she would get, that she was my bitch now and had to be taught total obedience, that only the whip would do that…………to begin with.


I decided to give the bitch a round twelve to begin with, six on each side, front and back and it was with her back I started, the first just below those curvy ass cheeks sent Marianne into a spasm on pained anguish clearly visible to me through the mirror she faced. The next I gave to the Ass cheeks themselves, the nine combined 18 inch long strands on leather spreading across every inch of my bitches buttocks causing them to wobble around whilst Marianne cried and moaned into the Ball gag.

Then it was her back, just around the area of her Bra strap this time making Marianne pull hard at her wrists in a useless attempt to free her self.

The next three Marianne was to take on the front of her body, telling her this sent her into spasms of anguish, her shaking head and pleading eyes telling me all I wanted to know as I peeled away her half Cup bra, revealing still firm and shapely Breasts and a glance at the Bra label told me they were a nice 34b with nipples of a size only usually seen on a mature woman.


Marianne’s terror was completed by my turning the winch handle until her feet no longer touched the floor, now as she hung solely from her wrist cuffs I told Marianne to place her hands around the bar holding the pulley, obediently she did so, slightly alleviating the pressure on her arms just as I landed the ‘Cat’ upon those glorious Breasts.!

For a moment Marianne thrashed around in her suffering then fell still and silent her eyes closed, then they opened again, her expression manic, her eyes pleading with me, her spit drooling from the ball gag as I landed the next blow just below her Breasts taking the wind out of her.

Now it was time to discover if Marianne had learnt anything yet.


‘Spread your legs bitch, spread them wide and then push your feet toward me’ I ordered Marianne.

For a moment though she just hung there in despair.

‘Do it bitch, do it now or I start all over again!’

This was enough to tip Marianne over the edge of compliance and slowly she began parting her legs.

‘Wider’ I kept telling her until finally I was satisfied she was in the desired position.

‘Keep them there bitch, keep them there or you get a whole lot more of this’ I told Marianne whilst holding the Cat between  legs now forming an upside down ‘V’. The meaning of this was obvious to her whilst I held the cats ‘tails between her legs.

First though I decided to place a single finger inside the tiny thong, then, looking into Marianne’s horrified eyes that closed as I pushed the digit inside her.

‘Jeez’ the bitch was wet, more than wet. A Hot, wet and throbbing Cunt was welcoming my finger, coating it with its copious hot juices.

‘Look at me bitch’ I told her. After pushing back her head Marianne eventually complied, her horrified eyes unable to hide her obvious feverish desire and at that moment I knew she was now mine.


Almost immediately after I withdrew my finger from her throbbing Cunt I landed the ‘Cat’ fair square between her legs sending Marianne into a frenzy of pained ecstasy.


‘Now we start over again with the next six, after that Marianne I loosen the gag and give you a choice, you either call me master and ask me to fuck you after you have spoken to your sisters on the phone……………or we start this all over again……..and again and again until you learn to obey me’

Before she could react in any way I had landed the cat between Marianne’s legs again. Quickly she closed her legs in horror.

‘Spread them bitch! I shouted,

Too slow, unwilling to do so. So I landed a hard one right on Marianne’s nipples causing the bitch to thrash her suspended body around in excruciating agony.

 But the blow had taught her a lesson and Marianne was quickly spreading and lifting her legs once more.

‘I tell you to spread them, you spread them, you understand me bitch?

Marianne’s head was quickly nodding furiously, indeed she did understand so I gave her another between the legs causing her to thrash around again before I gave her the next three upon her back, buttocks and lower thighs again.

 Then I stood before her again and telling her not to take her eyes from mine I this time inserted three fingers into her hot wet and throbbing cavernous Cunt.

Obediently Marianne maintained eye contact with me so I then told her to grip my fingers with her Cunt muscles whilst still looking at me and I soon felt my fingers gripped by her Cunt muscles and Marianne’s feverish eyes locked into mine with unmistakable desire so much so I was sure the bitch was about to orgasm there and then, but it was too early to allow that so to her obvious despair I withdrew my three fingers from Marianne’s Cunt.


‘You have that choice now Marianne, I’m not going to tell you twice, shake your head and we start all over again, are you ready to call me Master now?’


I’ll admit I was a little unsure of just what my sister in law was about to do or say, would she shake or nod her head? Either way I would enjoy the results but when, with eyes still locked into mine, Marianne nodded at me I knew the first part of a plan hatched not just by myself but with other very interested parties had worked perfectly, sister number one and my personal favourite was about to change the lives of three sisters forever.!


                                       End of Part One



                          Hopefully I shall actually finish this one

                              As I actually know the ending!








































Into the hands free phone kit I had placed around her head Marianne, speaking in the halting nervous voice a woman in obvious

                               Sex Slave Sisters


                              Part Two

       A work of Complete Fiction for Adults who understand it as such  


                           By Taskmaster11                                  







I had placed the hands free phone around her head and Marianne, speaking in the halting nervous voice of a woman in obvious trouble, recited the words from the sheet of paper I had placed before her.


‘I……….I need you to come her quickly Janice, something terrible has happened’ recited Marianne nervously whilst I, with the fingers of one hand pulling a nipple away from one Breast, held a pair of opened dressmaking shears over it to ensure the bitch told Janice only what was written on the paper in fear of me cutting off her nipple.


‘What is it for Christ sake?’ demanded Marianne’s younger sister Janice.

‘I………I, oh God, Geoff tried it on with me Janice, I…..I picked up an ornament and hit him with it………I …….think…oh god Janice he’s not moving!”’


‘SHIT, shit! replied the younger blonde sister whilst I listened via the second earpiece before Janice fell silent for a moment as if to collect her thoughts.

‘Is he breathing’ asked Janice shortly

I…….Yes, I think so’ replied Marianne.


‘Well, your had better stay there Sis, I’ll get hold of Debbie and we will come over there straight away, but for gods sake don’t do anything, just wait for us, you got that Marianne?


Marianne breathed a heavy sigh and mumbled that she did indeed understand before Janice, totally unaware of course of the real reason for her sisters heavy sigh, told her she must be strong and that they would be here in around half an hour before hanging up.


In truth I had wanted both Sisters to arrive separately as together they would be more of a handful, but I knew I would overcome that easily enough and thoughts of totally humiliating these women by subduing them together would more than make up for the effort involved and besides,

I had already laid a well prepared trap for them; my house was well out of town and stood on its own which made things even easier for me.


By now it was gone lunchtime and whilst I re gagged and  placed a tearful Marianne into a new Bondage situation I reflected on the wonderful fucking I had given her a short while ago……………………………………………………………………………………………..



 ‘You ready to tell me something Marianne?’ I had asked the Marianne after Slipping the Ball Gag from between her lips...


The despair on her beautiful face was obvious enough of course, after all, the pain and humiliation was bad enough, but, despite the undoubted desire Marianne was feeling, she was just about to ask the Brother in Law her whole family wanted nothing more to do with to fuck her, also in fear of more painful and humiliating punishment Marianne was also about to betray her two sisters. But I really believe that was the hardest part of the deal.


‘Well’. I had demanded of my Sister in Law, the ‘Cat’ held before tearful eyes.


‘P……Please……….M…..Master……’ Marianne had sobbed, before, in a barely audible whisper asking me to fuck her.


And so, taking my beautiful sister in law from the back, fuck her I did. Slowly and deliberately I pushed my body against hers, my chin on her shoulder and my lips to her cheek.

 Whilst ensuring Marianne felt my rock hard cock against her buttocks, I ripped her tiny thong to shreds And, as she had gasped in what could only be anguish at her helplessness and inability to prevent me from doing whatever I wished with her, I easily penetrated the captive beauty as my fingers found and parted her Cunt lips before my cock, hard and throbbing, slid effortlessly into her hot wet cavern.


I unhurriedly slid my Cock in and out of her warm moist love hole, and to my delight, very soon Marianne’s distress and anguish turned to desire and I felt her Virginal muscles tightening around me.

And those gasps were now of sheer pleasure for despite all I had done to her that morning my Sister in Law had ultimately capitulated to her base desires.


Marianne was a submissive all right; more that that though, as she trembled and moaned within the painful confines of her Bondage it was obvious her need to be sexually and mentally dominated far outweighed any feelings of guilt and betrayal my Sister in Law may have held.

So, alternately caressing and pinching her two rock hard nipples whilst slowly increasing my tempo inside her, I again told Marianne of my plans, of my plans for her and my plans for her two sisters and, although shaking her head in apparent horrified rejection, Marianne was quickly licking and sucking the two fingers I pushed between her lips.

‘Mine, you are mine now bitch, mine to use as I wish, mine to give to who ever I wish, you understand me  Marianne?’

To my delight, whilst both of us neared or orgasms, my new Sex Slave nodded her head whilst continuing her feverish sucking upon my fingers in joyous ecstasy, unaware of course just whom I intended giving her to…………………………………………………………………………………………….


It turned out to be forty minutes later when I heard the crunching of tyres in the gravel drive outside my home announcing the arrival, I assumed, of Marianne’s Sisters Janice and Debbie. A quick glance out of the window confirmed this and I waited for the sisters to accept the invitation I had left a few minutes ago, that of an open front door.


‘Here they are then Marianne’ I said whilst taking up a position opposite her now totally naked body,  spread-eagled in the classic ‘X’ position upon a wooden bondage cross secured to the wall.

For her part the gagged Marianne was tearful and trembling but by now resigned to what was about to happen.


Through the open door I heard the female voices calling out for their sister.

Marianne...Sis...where are you?’………both sisters were calling whilst searching the ground floor before Shortly I heard them climbing the stairs whilst continuing their anxious calling out for their Sister until, obviously very worried now, I could hear the sisters whispering to  each other whilst climbing the last flight of stairs, leading them the trap I had set them.


It was Janice, always the more forceful of the sisters who first very slowly entered the room, with Debbie close behind as if seeking the protection of her younger sister.


‘Oh my god...Marianne!, exclaimed the horrified  Janice, catching sight of her gagged and naked sister, leather cuffed wrists and ankles securing her to the Bondage Cross.

 But Janice then made the mistake of continuing to walk into the room and with Debbie close behind it was not long before I was able to step out and close the door that had a Yale lock on the inside, thereby effectively trapping the two horror-struck women inside the room with me having the only key!


Both women then swivelled around to see me standing by the door and

After overcoming her initial shock at seeing her sister naked and trussed up and then seeing me, Janice soon got into her normal mode of address with me.

‘Geoff, you bastard! What the hell have you done to Marianne, by God; I’ll cut your balls of if you’ve done anything to my sister!’ Shouted Janice As I was walking across the room toward Marianne with the dressmaking sheers in my hand.


Even I had to admire the domineering bitches’ bravado but I was the one who was going to do the dominating right then, so pulling upon a thick wad of Marianne’s pubic hair I snipped it off right up to the skin of my horrified captive.

‘Shut the fuck up and listen’ I shouted to Janice and the terrified Debbie who looked about to faint.

‘The next thing I cut off will be each this bitch’s nipples unless you two do exactly as I tell you’

 With that and to the shock of her sisters I once again pulled out Marianne’s nipple, enclosing it in the jaws of the sheers.


‘For fucks sake! You stupid bastard! You’ll maim her for life, now let her go!’ shouted Janice at me threateningly but seemingly rooted to the spot she made no move toward me and my eyes went toward Debbie cowering in fear behind her sister.

‘Right Debbie, you’ve got ten seconds before your Sister losses this nipple, pick up those handcuffs down there and put them on Janice’s wrists,’ I told her, pointing at the two sets of steel handcuffs, connected together, on a table beside her.

Debbie though, paralysed in fear and indecision, only looked toward Janice for instruction

‘Do it or by God or the next thing you eat will be this fucking nipple’ I shouted closing the sheers down upon Marianne’s nipple.


  Marianne’s terrified tearful eyes pleaded with her sister to do my bidding and shortly Debbie did indeed pick up the handcuffs.

But the furious Janice wanted none of it and it was only after I had slipped the gag from between her lips and Marianne, as I had instructed, pleased with her sister.

‘Please Janice, for God sake does as he says or he really will cut off my nipple!’ did she relent and allow Denise to place the handcuffs over her wrists whilst all the while glowering at me.


‘Now put the other set on Debbie’ I told her and despite her obvious revulsion Janice complied with my demand and clicked the cold steel handcuffs her sister’s wrists.


‘I don’t know what the fuck all this is about you madman, but let my sisters go, if you have a problem take it out on me…………if you are man enough’!

The way she had treated me over the last couple of years had left me in no doubt as to her loathing of me but still I had to admire Janice’s domineering bravado.


 But that then again that’s why I had wanted her here in the first place, I wanted to break the bitch, make her squirm, make her beg and force her do all those things my evil mind had dreamed up over the last couple of years, in short make her my own personal plaything.

Debbie would fearfully do as I told her, and Marianne? Well Marianne had seemed to have accepted I now ‘owned’ her and would soon be forced to accept others as her Masters’ also.

But What was really beautiful was that both Janice and Debbie were single women, both having ditched husbands and no one was expecting them home and as for Marianne’s husband John, well with what I knew, I could take care of him and besides he may even prove useful to me.


So dropping the scissors I made my way across to the two sisters. Debbie’s face was fearful and Janice’s enraged as I quickly tightened the handcuffs around their wrists.

The cuffs were joined by a short steel chain and both women looked on, first in surprise and then dismay as I pulled down on the very same shackle that had earlier secured Marianne.

 Then I hoisted the women’s arms together high above their heads, causing the sisters, who were of the same height  to press still fully clothed bodies tight against each other, just as I had planned.


Using another Ball Gag, I cut short Janice’s constant cursing of me and then turning to her openly sobbing elder Sister I pointed across to her sister Marianne, naked and shackled to the Bondage Cross


‘You want me to put you on that thing, just like your sister is now or are you going to keep your fucking mouth shut?’ I asked Debbie who, looking her drooling sister, then replied in the affirmative, furiously nodding her head to escape the awful prospect of having to endure the ball gag tightly clamped between her lips, thereby unwittingly isolating her Sister and so I furthered the point by lightly caressing Debbie’s cheeks whilst telling the glowering Janice.

‘See, you learn to behave as well as Debbie and I might even be good to you as well’


Then I stood back and surveyed the scenario before me, three sisters, one naked, the other two, although for now still dresses but nonetheless under my complete control, I had done it! I felt great and Now that I had all three sisters just where I wanted them I could move on to the next stage of my plans for them.

 But first though Marianne had at least earned a short rest from the Bondage Cross, besides, it was time she fully understood exactly what her new role in life was to be………………………………………………………...



                                       End of Part Two






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Sex Slave Sisters


                   Sex Slave Sisters: Part Three


                 A story of pure fantasy for Adults Only

                        Bearing no relationship to the living

                                         Or the dead


                                     By Taskmaster11






Having released the naked Marianne from the Bondage Cross under the fearful and watchful gaze of her sisters, I clipped the leather wrist cuffs together behind her back, replaced the Gag and then to her surprise, making her step into the heels she had worn when arriving at my place.

Not stopping there I secured a thick black padded leather collar around Marianne’s neck before finally clipping a steel chain lead to the collar.


 With obvious curses from the gagged Janice and sobs from Debbie I told them I would be back for them soon before tugging on the lead and pulling a bemused Marianne out of the door and then down the stairs.


If she had already had enough surprises for one day the sight greeting Marianne after I had I led her down the stairs and into my own Bedroom probably topped the lot as she stood just inside the doorway.


 Stunned and shocked at the sight facing her, the bound and naked Marianne tried to move away, to hide herself, hide her nakedness, hide her humiliation, but with me now standing behind her with my hands firmly upon her shoulders Marianne could only face my two sons, her nephews, in mounting mortified shame.


Whenever I had the chance to see Lee and Rod together they had always

Bemoaned the life their Aunts had forced upon them.

So much so that it had been easy for me to hatch a plan where we would all gain revenge upon the Aunts, after all, I had reasoned with the boys, If these bitches could decide when they were ready to receive their legacy then surely the boys were entitled to decide their Aunts future also!.

At eighteen and nineteen respectively both boys were sexually active and more than happy to go along with my idea of introducing them to the delights of domination, but I wasn’t surprised to hear them tell me how good Marianne at least had been to them and didn’t really want to hurt her, well not too much anyway.

So, without telling them too much of what I already knew about their favourite Aunt I managed to persuade the boys that Marianne could also be their favourite ‘Toy’ that they could play with her without the need to hurt her too much after I trained her in obedience toward them, so both boys went for this idea big time.


So far that morning both of my boys had been watching the events in the attic room through the TV monitor I had set up in my room, viewing it all via the Video Camera up in the attic.

So they had already watched me taking their Aunt after observing her earlier punishment and looking down at the seated boys right then, It was easy to see they both had pretty bulging crotches bought about by their first close up look at their Bound and gagged naked Aunt, statuesque in her high heels, Marianne, I noted, seemed to looking just where I had, such was the now scarlet colour of her face as she stood their in my grip, shaking her head and mumbling into the gag.


Reasoning my boys would be at least a little nervous I stood beside Marianne, telling her.

‘You are going to be a good girl for my boys, just like we agreed, you got that Marianne?’

Shaking her head and mumbling into her Gag the boy’s naked aunt turned her pleading eyes toward mine.


‘I guess you’d rather go back upstairs then for another whipping and maybe have these on your tits for a while’

Before she realised what I was doing I had snapped the clover clamp onto her nipple and Marianne screamed into her gag, so then I asked her again.

‘Now, you gonna be a good girl for Lee and Rod’ and this time Marianne was soon nodding furiously.

 So telling Marianne to spread her legs and I would then remove the nipple clamp, I told the boys to take their time and play with their Aunt all they wished, after all things were different now, she was their Toy.


After an initial hesitation Marianne had parted her legs far enough to give us all a view of her recently shortened thatch of dark blonde Cunt hair, so, with one arm around her shoulders to keep her still, I placed two fingers of my free hand between her Cunt lips and finding the button there I began slowly hand frigging her whilst slowly and to her huge relief removing the Clover Nipple clamp


‘This is what your Aunt really likes’ I told the boys as they watched their Aunt shuddering to my probing fingers.

‘Look at those nipples boys, look at how big they’ve grown’ I continued whilst still draping my arm over Marianne’s shoulder so my fingers could reach down and toy with her nipples.

 And it was true, Marianne  certainly was getting off on the humiliation, for despite this latest and most horrifying of embarrassing situations my sister in law was again responding to degradation and domination, a fact not lost upon Lee who then told his Aunt she must not look at the floor as she but at him and Rod.


Perhaps that fresh humiliation drove her over the edge and as she did so I could feel Marianne’s rush of juices and quickening of breath, but she would not be allowed to come yet and her sense of disappointment was very obvious when I withdrew my fingers.

 At that moment Rod, always the quieter of my two boys, rose from his seat and stepped across the room and standing in front of his Aunt, weighed her firm Breasts in the palm of his hands whilst, shocked to the core that her nephew had not only seen had naked body but was now actually caressing her Breasts, Marianne, trembled and protested into her Gag.

 But, when Rod’s thumbs began toying with her nipples, Marianne’s protests vanished as her craving for sexual fulfilment once again won out.

Look at me Auntie!’ demanded Rod and as after a moment or two she did just that, continued ‘Jeez, you really are beautiful Aunt Marianne’ whilst constantly caressing her Breasts and Nipples.


  Rod was slipping one hand down toward Marianne’s shorn thatch when suddenly, like two huge saucers, her eyes flew wide open as if a bolt of lightening had hit her.

 Marianne emitted a long low moaning sound as two or three of my boy’s fingers entered her to begin a long slow sawing motion in and out of his Aunts already soaking love box.


 Very soon Marianne was unable to prevent herself form accepting the inevitable and was back where I had left her, on the very edge of orgasm.

 I had to admire the maturity Rod was displaying, for at the very moment his Aunt was about to cum he withdrew his fingers, once again denying a frustrated Marianne who incredibly, was proving to have an insatiable appetitive for submissive humiliation, the boys Aunt was turning out to be all and more than her husband had claimed after I had plied him with enough booze during our infrequent drinking sessions.


Looking down at the TV monitor I watched  Marianne’s sisters continuing the futile struggle to free themselves and thought it about time I made my back upstairs but then I was of aware Rod’s elder brother Lee rising from his seat to make his way across the room to stand behind his Aunt Marianne.


Lee had become a pretty hard young man over the last couple of years, but This I had put down to the treatment his Aunts had dished out to him and although Rod had confided to me a soft spot, indeed, a bit of a crush on his Aunt Marianne, Lee held no such views and I looked on in interest as, firstly obviously fiddling with his Zipper, Lee’s hands then encircled Marianne’s Breasts, his young fingers gripping and pulling his Aunts nipples until she threw back her head in surprised anguish, pain and I think, no little desire and with both of the boys now involved with the taming of their Aunt Marianne, I realised what I had first taken to be anxiety on the part of my boys must have been nervous anticipation.


‘This is what the bitch likes Rod, aint that true Auntie?’ demanded Lee of his Aunt, leaving Marianne in an impossible situation, agree and she was lost, deny Lee and face the probability of more pain.


So when Lee told Marianne, ‘I aint gonna ask you again Auntie’ Marianne took the easy option and nodded her head in agreement, whereupon Lee removed his hands from his Aunts Breasts, unclipped Marianne’s wrist cuffs and then moving her wrists in front of her,  clipped them together once more, this achieved without protests or rebellion from Marianne.

Indeed she made no protest either when Lee ordered his aunt to place her hands upon her head, just like they did in the Bondage Magazines I had shown the boys.


  I had to admit Marianne looked great with her Rounded Breasts pulled high and tight by her raised arms and Rod, temporarily left out of the action whistled in obvious appreciation.


‘She still wet Bro?’ asked Lee of his brother Rod who quickly got the message and his fingers delved again into his unresisting Aunts love box.

‘She sure is Lee, Auntie Marianne’s Cunt is sopping wet!’ replied Rod shortly, and, such was her demeanour, her harsh short gasps of breath and the glazed look in her eyes, it seemed to me Marianne was more than enjoying the humiliations  her two young relations were heaping upon her.

‘Great, now play with her tits again Bro’ replied Lee and, If Rod, needing no further prompting to again weigh and play with his Aunts Breasts, wondered as I did, what Lee had in mind, the answer came immediately when, after grabbing her by the hips. his Aunts eyes almost flew out of their sockets as Lee, just as I had, took Marianne from behind, only he was pushing her forward a little, gradually bending her over to make his entrance easier.

 In this position Marianne’s tits became delightful pendulums in Rod’s roving squeezing hands whilst amazingly his naked Aunt obediently kept her hands upon her head.


This was astonishing, what I thought would be the boys toying a little with their Aunt had quickly turned into something else and Lee was even smiling at me as he began slowly pumping  the stunned  but compliant Marianne back and forth.


Maybe the lads had planned this while I was fucking my sister in law upstairs who knows?, but bent over by Lee as she now was and with him pummelling Marianne’s Cunt her only means of support was Rod holding and kneading her pendulous tits while simultaneously very gradually easing all three of them backward until Rod had lowered himself to a seating position upon a chest of drawers.


 There, to my admiration Rod pulled the ball gag away from Marianne’s lips then pulled her head down onto a very erect very large cock he produced from within his pants.


I wished I could see her eyes, but bent over as she was Marianne’s expression was hidden from me.


 But the fact she kept her leather cuffed hands clamped upon the back of her head in obedient compliance to Lee spoke volumes about the boys Aunt, and that Marianne was in sexual ecstasy became beyond doubt as her head began bobbing up and down over my boys cock as Lee continued to pump his own cock in long rhythmical strokes in and out of his Aunts Cunt.

 Indeed by now it was not only Lee doing all the work, for there was no doubt that his Auntie was pushing herself back upon Lee’s cock with each forward stroke he made.

 Such was the frenzy of this sexual activity it occurred to me that perhaps Marianne, her body heaving, her head bobbing up and down, was at that moment playing out for real her ultimate sexual fantasy and seemingly as indifferent to the morality of the situation as me, an attitude that would prove to be very useful to me in future




All of which became too much for me for my own cock was now rock hard in my pants and there was no way I would join this scenario so my eyes turned again toward the TV Monitor and the two sisters, still struggling to free themselves completely unaware of the action in the room below them.

So I decided now was the time to leave my boys to their new Toy and made my way back upstairs.


 That Marianne’s sisters would share her fate was beyond doubt, but I knew there was no way either Debbie or Janice would prove to be as   accommodating as Marianne, but instant compliance was the last thing I wanted.

Before they accepted the inevitable I wanted to have a lot of fun with the sisters, to ensure that understood my motives behind their kidnap, to ensure they realised they were going to pay big time for the last two years of hell they had subjected upon the Boys and me.

 Then I would play one off against the other, to fool one of them into thinking that betrayal of the other would save them from the fate I had in mind for both of them.




                                    End of Part Three





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Neither sister was aware of me quietly entering the Attic room once again

                        Sex Slave Sisters: Part four


                             By Taskmaster11






                A Story of Complete fiction for Adults Only






Neither sister was aware of me quietly entering the Attic room once again,  both of them still strung up just as I had left them.

Only Debbie was still continuing her futile attempts to escape the handcuffs, Janice now stood gagged and silent after obviously deciding any further attempts to free herself would be futile.


But Debbie appeared to be on the edge of panic.

‘Oh God Jan, we got to get out of this, where has he taken Mari?, what’s he doing to her, oh God Jan, what if he comes back here and………oh my lord, does something to us?!’

But the fierce eyed Janice could only grunt and mutter unintelligible sounds into her gag, either berating her sister or trying to calm her down.


So the women were both surprised and dismayed when I announced my presence after taking a look at the monitor I had set up in the Attic out of sight of the two suspended sisters, showing my boys in the Bedroom continuing their enjoyable activities with their aunt Marianne.


‘Hey Debbie, I thought you told me you were going to be a good girl if I didn’t Gag you’ I said to the elder of the two sisters whilst cupping her chin in my palm.

Debbie’s fearful eyes tried to meet my own.

‘Oh God………I’m sorry Geoff’’ she sobbed.

Sorry isn’t  good enough Debbie, I said you’d get the same as your sis if you misbehaved, so now I have to strip and whip you before I fuck you, just like I just fucked your sister!’


Unable to believe her ears my words which drove Debbie over the edge and made her plead for mercy.

‘Please, god no…surely to God you didn’t…….didn’t do that!…please……..don’t do that to me, for the love of god Geoff don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me Geoff, I can’t take pain, I’ll die!’

With my free hand I began stroking Janice’s breasts through her T shirt and If looks could kill I would have been dead there and then from Janice’s glare as she shook her body in a futile attempt to free herself of my hand.


‘Okay then Debbie, seeing as how you cant take the pain I guess I’ll have to take it out on  your sister here then’ I said whilst sliding my hand up under Janice’s T shirt and Bra to begin pinching a nipple.


‘It’s your fault Jan here is in trouble Debbie; I just hope she forgives you after I give her a real good whipping’ I continued, pinching Janice’s nipples in turn until she grimaced with pain whilst I unbuttoned and unzipped her Jeans.

 Angrily shaking of her head, sidestepping and shuffling as far as her position would allow, a clearly apprehensive but steely eyed Janice was Unable to move away when, from behind her I pulled down on her Jeans until they lay in a pool around her ankles with only a small red thong remaining to give her a small amount of modesty.

Again from behind I cut away her T shirt with the shears, leaving it in rags on the floor leaving Janice dressed only in a Red bra and matching thong.


‘Like I said, Janice, this is your sister’s fault; she got you into this, now I have to whip the skin off your back!’

Realising her fear had got her younger sister in trouble and watching me snipping away at Janice’s Bra and thong, Debbie  was distraught and began pleading with me to spare her by then completely naked and, I realised, very well built sister with tits to die for.


‘Oh god, Please, Geoff, please don’t hurt Jan, she’s always been my baby sister’ pleaded Debbie. ‘I’ll do anything just don’t hurt her.’


‘Okay then Deb’s let make it your call, if you want me to spare Janice from the whip’ I replied whilst unable to prevent myself from stroking and weighing her younger sister’s glorious tits

‘To begin with let’s say I take you down and you  strip off  every last piece of clothing then give me a head job in front of little sis here’


Just as I had thought they would, Debbie’s eye’s widened in horror, this was not at all what she had meant by ‘doing anything’ for me.

 I had heard enough about the fifty- something Debbie to know she was pretty reticent in the areas of oral and anal sex, my ex having long ago confided in me that her sister had always been repulsed by the very idea of such activities, so I would soon discover just how far she was willing to go to save her younger sister.

And Just as I expected, Debbie soon became apoplectic.


‘Oh my Lord, you were my sister’s husband for God sake, the father of my nephews, you surely don’t expect me to do THAT, it’s the most disgusting thing I ever heard, for Christ’s sake Geoff , this is crazy, lets us go now, we can talk about this. Mmmmmmmmm’


That’s as far as Debbie got with that outburst when I rammed the ball gag between her lips and quickly fastened the leather straps behind her head.

‘Ggggnnngggn’ moaned Debbie into the tight ball gag, and as Spools of spittle formed around the perimeters of the Red Rubber Ball so I began stripping her also.

 Unlike Janice, Debbie wore a loose fitting summer dress and with the shears quickly making a mess of the spaghetti straps she was soon doing a manic dance of desperation in a hopeless attempt to prevent me from removing the dress after ripping open the long rear zipper.

 Again with the aid if the sheers Debbie’s plain white bra and pants soon went the way of her dress leaving the eldest sister as naked as Janice, revealing a huge forest of thick black pubic hair and it had to be said, once again, a pretty good pair of tits for a women her age.


Both my sisters in law looked terrific gagged, naked and strung up as they were, the openly sobbing terrified Debbie contrasting the sullen and almost indifferent attitude Janice now adopted, seemingly  viewing her elder sister’s panic stricken demeanour with distain.

 Then holding her head high, Janice, with an almost superior look upon her face, was looking into my eyes with pure loathing, almost if she were telling me to do my worst I thought, perhaps even challenging me to break her if I could.


 That was an offer I was not going to refuse but first I made my way back to the monitor showing the events in my room.


 Maybe it had been ten or fifteen minutes since I last looked but Marianne was still sandwiched between her nephews, only now I could see there had been a role reversal for Marianne was now knelt upright on the carpet, her knees either side of Rods horizontal body whilst impaled upon his cock as Lee stood dominantly over his Aunt, one hand holding Marianne’s chin with the other feeding her mouth with his cock,

 For a moment I wondered if the boys had spent their loads inside their Aunt and then changed positions to start again. Whatever, Marianne, with Rod’s hands squeezing her tits whilst sucking upon the her nipples was pumping up and down upon his cock in obvious sexual frenzy whilst feeding upon Lee’s cock , her mouth willingly taking my boys whole cock as far a the back of her throat


So there was no doubt my sister in law was comprehensively enjoying this sexual passion, the restraints had been removed. Her glazed eyes and wondrous, wanton expression said it all; Marianne was in her very own sexual wonderland, riding up and down upon her nephews cock in euphoric delight whilst her feverish tongue milked Lee’s cock like the cat that got the cream, a sight that made my own cock harder than ever with thoughts of the delights awaiting me as I once again turned toward Janice………………….


Fifteen minutes later, after making use of many of the various winches and ropes dotted around my attic room, the youngest of the three sisters hung naked and upside down in a classic X position, her cuffed ankles secured to a spreader bar, similarly clad wrists clipped to metal rings set into the floor and   If Janice really had been challenging me, well, after I had finished applying a good twenty four strokes of a leather leash all over her naked defenceless body, her tits, Ass, back and even between her outstretched legs, Janine was now screeching aloud and realising she had made a big big mistake.


Squatting down beside Janice’s head and grabbing her hair, I pulled her head up until her face was inches from to my eyes and hung upside down as she was, Janice’s large breasts were flopping over invitingly, so taking and squeezing one large nipple I told the frightened and hurting  Blonde.


‘Well, big sis there had her chance but she blew it Jan’ for a moment I chuckled at my own joke then continued,

‘She could have saved you from this punishment and so far I’ve only just started on you, but I’m gonna give you a choice now, after another ten, you give me a good blow job strung up as you are and then I’ll let you help me with big sis there, after all, you know its her fault your in this situation’.


Not really caring whether or not she did and taking plenty of time, I gave Janice the next ten strokes of the leather strap, all of them either between the legs or across her Breasts, pausing between each stroke, giving it all plenty of time to sink in and all the while reminding the sobbing pleading Janice of just who was responsible for her plight whilst the naked Debbie herself, obviously mystified as to why as was saying this, looked more and more alarmed by my words.


But even another ten strokes wasn’t enough for when I asked her again Janice once again shook her head in angry defiance and her glazed eyes told me I hadn’t yet tamed her and challenged me to do my worst.


By I didn’t need the full ten strokes to finally break Janice because her own body did that for me.

 Concentrating each now softer blow solely upon her outstretched Cunt and then rubbing her Cunt lips with my fingers between each stroke I was, after just four strokes and my subsequent rubbing of her Cunt lips, amazed to find her body suddenly become absolutely rigid.

 From behind her gag Janice was soon groaning and moaning in the midst of her huge orgasm as suddenly whilst I was rubbing her Cunt lips Janice’s juices began erupting from between her Cunt lips like a water fountain!



Minutes later with my cock in her mouth I was keeling beside Janice who after clearly having taken all she could and seemingly enjoyed it, was giving me a terrific blow Job.

For security’s sake I was holding the shears over her exposed thatch of pubic hair and telling Janice they would go straight into her Cunt should she even think about biting my cock but in fact, given her situation, Janice made a pretty good job of it, after all, the sooner it was over the sooner she would be taken down from there, let down to assist me in my next task, that of taking on an increasingly apprehensive looking Debbie who all the while had been at  staring in horrified fascination at the tableau played out before her, her wide terrified eyes seemingly unable to tear themselves away from the sight of her ‘baby’ sister, after taking such a beating seemingly intent on fulfilling and even satisfying my evil demands.


 Such were her already undoubted and obviously well practised skills combined with my own excitement it was only a few minutes before I was shooting a considerable was of hot sperm into Janice’s mouth and on down her throat before eventually pulling out to shoot the last few drops over her chin and looking into her strangely glazed over eyes, demanding she then clean every inch of my cock with her tongue, a task my youngest sister in law carried out with, I thought, almost meticulous care, more perhaps than many another would, given her situation, so much so that Debbie now looked crestfallen and bewildered, maybe perhaps thinking the unthinkable, that her younger sister may even be ‘enjoying’ her ordeal.


So I made the decision that it would not be me but Janice who was to punish her older sister, willingly or otherwise, telling her so after I had released her from her upside down bondage whilst, taking her to one side and away from her Naked sister and with her wrists cuffed behind, I stood the unsteady and naked Blonde upright, holding her steady as she wobbled around to the blood rushing back to her extremities. 

Then I whispered in her ear.


‘Your gonna do to your sister just what I did to you, your gonna string the bitch upside down just like I tell you Janice, then you whip her like I whipped you or you go straight back up there yourself, you got that?’


I had thought maybe Janice would tell me to go to hell, maybe spit at me, call me every name under the sun but what I didn’t expect was for her to look me steadily in the eyes, nod her head and then say.


‘Only after I’ve seen Marianne is okay and unhurt’

An answer I couldn’t argue with but of course neither Janice nor Debbie new the boys, their nephews, were in the house, let alone currently in the act of giving their Aunt a double fucking at that very moment!


 The TV monitor, unseen by Janice facing the other way, was just a few feet away and a quick glance showed Marianne and my boys in yet another sexual position but this time, to my astonishment Lee was now in the act of actually sodomising his Aunt, his body draped over her back, his hard cock quite obviously buried in Marianne’s Anus with Marianne herself  still speared upon the prostrate Rod, her arms either side of his head whilst she kissed him forcefully upon his mouth whilst, arching his body up and down, Rod forcefully pumped into his aunt as his climax grew.


So what I do now?  I asked myself, show Janice she screen or wait until the boys had finished with their Aunt .     



                                           End of Part Four




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                                            To Be Continued


















































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