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She's Mine

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Synopsis: I meet my new slave and introduce her to the strict discipline and pain of serving me.

She's Mine



Copyright 2007 Wolter Hunter






I enter the arrivals section and stand in the doorway, scanning the crowd.  I usually dislike the hustle and bustle of an airport, but today I have a special reason to be here.  I'm still not 100% sure what to expect, since the photo was of poor quality.  I didn't bring it with me.  It wouldn't help now, anyway.


There she is, standing against the wall.  She's wearing a simple one-piece dress, as I had instructed.  It's a plain affair, green with a vague floral design.  Nondescript.  From her hand dangles a strap connected to a black nylon overnight bag.  I'd insisted on this, because travelling without luggage is always considered suspicious.


She turns my way, sees me, and walks up to me, looking intently at the floor.  I lift her by the chin and stare into her eyes.  I see within them the depths of the ancients.  She tries to turn away but I hold her firmly, taking her entire body in.  Satisfied, I nod and turn around.  There is no need for words.


She follows me outside, into the parking lot.  A few people move about, preoccupied with loading or unloading their luggage.  I stop next to a trashcan and hold out my hand.  She gives me her bag.  Inside, I find a jumble of old clothes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, some antisceptic cleaner, and a magazine, all of which I dispose of.  In the side pockets I find her passport, some small bills, and a paperback novel, which I decide to keep along with the bag.  As if on cue, she hikes up her dress and slips of her panties.  Black and frilly, they are a slut's panties; the kind that shout USE ME AND ABUSE ME!  Carefully, she rolls them into a ball and tosses them in the trash.


She's not wearing a bra, and I admire her nipples as they poke through the fabric of her dress.  She stares at the ground again, looking up at me occasionally, waiting.  I point at her shoes.  A quick look of embarrassment washes across her face, and she quickly bends down, removing her shoes and socks, disposing of them in the same manner as her other clothing.  She now stands before me, barefoot, with nothing but a simple drape of cloth covering her nakedness.


I turn around and walk.  She follows meekly, barefoot.  My van is parked at the far end of the parking lot, still exposed but not terribly so.  We pass by numerous people, but none seem to notice, or care about my barefoot follower.  I open the van and she climbs in.  I follow and close the door.


As she kneels on the floor, I grab the bottom of her dress and lift it over her head.  Her body is now completely exposed before me.  I look at this naked vixen, then reach out and grab her nipple, squeezing until she winces in pain.  Good.  I go outside and stroll over to the trashcan, rolling the dress into a ball and toss it in before returning to my vehicle.


She's inside, waiting patiently.  I stare at her naked body, noting every inch of it with my hungry eyes.  Yes, definitely a good choice.  She's eyeing the tunk.  Made of metal reinforced wood with a black finish, there's nothing really special about it, except that she will soon be inside.  I open the lid to exposing its contents: a collar, wrist cuffs, leg cuffs, and a silicone gag.


I take them out and lay them on the floor.  She watches intently while I open the devices which will soon bind her flesh.  I grab her wrist and wrap a cuff around it.  She is trembling, and it excites me to the point that I stop for a moment to rub my cock.  Her hand goes instinctively to her crotch, but I pull it violently away, shaking my head.  My pleasure comes first.


I secure her wrist cuffs, locking them in place, then connect them together with a padlock.  Her ankles receive the same treatment.

As I place the collar around her neck, I can hear her shallow breath.  My body vibrates with power as I lock the symbol of my dominion in place.  She opens her mouth obediently.  I push the gag home and secure it, further rendering her helplessly sexy.  I point to the box and she climbs inside, curling into a fetal position.  She doesn't look at me, but her body is trembling violently.  Anticipation?  Fear?  Not that I really care.  I slam the lid shut, and lock it with a padlock.  I run my hands along its wooden surface.  She is mine, now.



I whistle tunelessly as I head back into the airport to get some lunch.  They've got a pizza joint there that makes damn good slices.  My mind is elsewhere, however.  I wonder if she might be having second thoughts.  I imagine her, banging uselessly against the walls of her cramped quarters as she screams and pleads to be released.  She is naked and alone, and she couldn't possibly make enough noise that anyone could hear.  The dealer had stressed the vehicle's soundproofing when selling me the van; an important feature for anyone wanting to keep road noise out, or girl noise in.  I rub my cock.


"Fuck it." I mutter, and throw the rest of my lumch into the trash.  I'm fucking horny, and I can't think of food at a time like this.

I stop for a quick piss, then head back to the van.  I sit in the driver's seat and look behind me at the box.  Not a sound emenates from within, but I know the cargo of female flesh it contains.  I rub my cock again and start the engine.


It's a beautiful day outside, and I roll down the window, enjoying the warm breeze against my face.  But my thoughts drift constantly back to her, trapped in her little cocoon.  I'd like to fuck her right now, but even more, I'd like to torture her first.  That requires seclusion.


I head out for the mountains.  There's an abandoned logging road that I've taken from time to time when I wanted to get away from it all.  It's a good 2 hours to get out there, but the beauty and solitude is well worth it.  I take a little longer than usual, as I'm not in the mood for dealing with cops today.






The day wears on.  After hours of highway, small roads, and then finally logging trails, I bring the van to a stop, hearing the gravel road crunching under the tires.  There's a trail of dust behind me, but it will soon settle.  I take her bag and put a few things into it, then unlock the box.  She looks up at me, blinking.  I reach between her legs.  Wet, of course.  There's a dark spot where it ran along her thigh onto the plywood.  I help her up, then unlock her ankles so that she can walk.  After attaching the leash, I open the door and lead her outside.


My god, she's sexy!  I watch her hungrily as she stands barefoot on the sharp gravel.  I could set her loose now, and she'd be dead from exposure long before she reached civilization.  It's at least a day's travel by foot to the nearest real road, and that's if you have shoes.


I turn and walk up the embankment, my slave in tow.  She has a bit of trouble on the terrain, but manages alright.  Soon we are among the trees, and the ground is covered in pine needles.  I pick a low hanging branch and throw some rope over it, tying it between her cuffs and then cinching it up.  Naked and helpless, she stands on her tiptoes as she tries to keep her balance.  I rub my cock.  My slave.  My little slut.  I run my hands along her ass, squeezing, pulling. watching her feet move as she tries to keep her toes on the ground.  I reach between her legs, which she opens as much as she can.  She moans as I rub her.  I'm ready.


I grab the bag and pull out a bamboo cane.  She sees it, and lowers her head in resignation.  There is no stopping it now.  She will be beaten and nothing she says or does will stop it.  I control, and I choose pain.  The cane slides easily along her ass.  She's put on a bit of weight, but I don't mind, really.  I look at her, and she at me.  I bring the cane back and begin tapping, lightly at first, then harder as I feel for her pain threshold.  She's been beaten before, and doesn't even flinch.


Fucking bitch.


Swish!  She yelps as I lay a heavy one on her, right across the ass cheeks.  She struggles to get back onto her toes, but I don't let her.  Swish!  Another blow lands with meaty satisfaction.  I lay a few more on her, watching her body move, hearing her voice begin to take on a desperate edge.  Her ass is turning red, so I switch to her thighs.  These are much more sensitive, and after a few blows, she actually screams.  It's the most beautiful sound in the world.


I spin her around and grab her by the chin.  "You like that, bitch?"


"Yes, sir." she says meekly.  I slap her.  Hard.


As she's recovering, I lay one across her tits.  She lets out a shriek this time, and I quickly draw back for another blow.  She twists away, but not in time.  Another scream, this time choking into a sob.  "Is this what you wanted, you fucking slut?"


Her body shakes violently as she stifles another sob.  "Yes, sir." she says.


I grunt, and rifle through the bag.  I've got a nice flogger that I bought the other day.  I lift it, feeling its heft and balance.  She's staring at it intently.  I bring it to her lips, allowing her to kiss it before I start again.


In a quick motion, I swipe it across her stomach, watching it convulse from the pain.  Another blow and she's screaming again, and I'm fucking horny as hell.  I flog her some more, then go to work on her tits.  They're already red from the cane, and must be pretty sensitive because she's screaming and thrashing violently now as tears stream down her face.  I lay a couple on her cunt for good measure, then work my way under her arms and across her back.  She's crying uncontrollably now.  She's ready.


I untie the rope and push her onto all fours.  "Stick your ass out, slut!"


She arches her back and pushes her ass out like a good little whore.  I pull off my belt and lay a stripe across her.  She screams again, but maintains her pose.  I strike a few more times, watching her ass turn a bright red, until I've decided I can't hold it anymore.  Quickly, I drop my pants and come in behind her.  She's so wet, she's dripping.  I'm so hard I'm about to explode.


I push into her cunt, slowly at first until I'm lubed up, then I pound into her.  "You like that, you fucking whore?" I shout as I ram her.  She doesn't respond at first so I smack her across the ass.  "I asked you a question, bitch!"


"Yes, sir!" she cries.


I think she's enjoying herself too much, so I start smacking her some more before resuming my invasion of her cunt.  I've tried to hold it as long as I can, but it's no use.  I spew my seed into her, ramming as deep as I can.  She's still crying as I finish up and come around to her front.  "Clean it up.  And no fucking teeth or I'll REALLY make you hurt."


She takes my cock into her mouth, cleaning it off as her body trembles.  There are red welts all over her body, except for her tits and ass, which are now crimson from the special treatment they received.  "Good enough." I say, and put my jeans on.  I grab her by the hair and lead her to a tree, sitting her with her back against the trunk.  Quickly, I unlock her cuffs, then reattach them with her arms around the tree.  "We'll be spending the night here, slut.  I need to hit town for some supplies, so you just wait here till I get back."


She looks up at me with tears streaming down her face.  "Yes, sir."


I turn around and head for the van.



The town itself is nothing more than a patch of roads in the wilderness.  They have one supermarket, a couple of clothing stores, a hardware store, a post office, and a police station.  There's also a cafe, so I stop in to enjoy a cup while I read the paper.  Rustic is definitely the word you'd use to describe this place.  It's been in desperate need of repainting for years, and the old waitress has been in need of replacement for even longer.  Not that she's mean or anything.  Quite the opposite.  That's the charm of these one-horse towns, I suppose.  Everyone's friendly to tourists with money.


My short rest complete, I hit the hardware store.  Thankfully, it's one of those mon and pop places that sell everything, and I manage to score some white gasoline for my stove.  I usually prefer to cook over an open fire, but it's too dry this time of year.  One stray spark can cause an inferno in less than a minute.


At the supermarket, I pick up some weiners and hot dog buns, some packets of condiments, and a couple gallons of water.  I look wistfully at teh marshmallows, but no, it's not the same cooking them over a stove...


My shopping done, I toss the stuff in the van and head back up the mountain.  The sun is far to the west now, and it'll be getting dark soon.  Hopefully the slut knew to keep the tree between her and the sun, or she'll be pretty red by now.


Up the mountain, I park the van, grab half the gear, and hike up to our spot.  She's on the ground, her head hanging as she sleeps.  I leave her be while I fetch up the rest of the supplies.  She comes to as I'm finishing with my tent.  I feed her some water, then ignore her while I continue setting up camp.  I've got the stove set up on a big, flat rock.  As I light it up, that old familiar camping smell fills my nostrils.  I used to go camping all the time as a kid.  I really should make more time for these kinds of outings.  Maybe I'll invite some friends next time.  I look over at my slut and imagine her with all her holes filled as she takes all of us.


I boil some water and toss a couple of weiners in.  Soon I can smell them, and the slut eyes the stove hungrily.  I watch her and wonder how long it would take her to die if I left her like that, and rub my cock.  She looks so fucking sexy, chained to the tree like that.  Her very life depends on me.


Ignoring her, I pull out two hot dog buns and fill them with all the good stuff, then fish the weiners out of the water and plop them in their place.  I take a bite.  Heavenly!  I gobble it down, then start on the second one.  She watches me as I finish up and then start packing away the stove.  Maybe I should give her something...


"Are you hungry, slut?"


"Yes, sir."


"Would you like your master to feed you?"


"Yes, please, Master!"


I walk up to her and drop my pants.  My dick is already sticking out like a flagpole.  "If you so much as TOUCH it with your teeth, I'll make you regret it!"


I walk forward and she opens her mouth to receive from her master.  She's a bit clumsy, but I guess that can be forgiven since she can't use her hands at the moment.  Eventually she gets into a good rythm, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.  I watch her head bob as she sucks and pulls and teases.  Her tortured tits stand out beautifully.  My mind races with all the evil things I can do with them.  I soon reach my limit, and dump a load in her mouth, which she swallows eagerly after each spurt.


She continues holding it in her mouth in the hope of receiving more nourishment, but it's onvious that it's over.  I pull out and go back to cleaning up for the night.  The sun is past the mountain ridge now, and it'll be dark within the hour.  I detach her from the tree and lead her back to the van.  I point to the box and she climbs in, but I stop her half way.  I'm horny again.  I drop my drawers and feed into her cunt with no ceremony.  I ram her as she hangs on to the edge of the box, splurt, then push her inside, locking the lid shut.

I grab the paperback she brought and read it in my tent until I finally drift off.



I awaken to birdsong.  It's still the early morning of false dawn, but I feel great!  I quickly get dressed and go to the van.  She's still asleep in her box.  I admire her for awhile before smacking her across the ass.  She jumps, and sits up suddenly.  "Go do your business.  We leave in 10 minutes."  She carefully gets out of the box and heads up the embankment.  "Do it over there." I say, pointing to a patch of ground near the camp.  She crouches as I collapse the tent.


As I'm finishing, she stands up.  "May I wash please, sir?"


"Wait here." I say, and head for the van.  I grab the dish soap and a jug of water.  "Hold out your hands."  I splash some water onto them, then squirt some soap.  "Wash up."  I watch as she rubs her cunt, then reaches around to wash her ass as well.  Her hands come away messy.  I pour out some water to rinse them.


"On the ground." I say.  She kneels and I push her on all fours.  I pour water along her ass, listening to it splash against her skin.  "Come on, use your hands!"  She rubs as I continue pouring, until there's a quarter of the volume left. "Drink." I say, putting the jug on the ground.  She sits up and drinks deeply, finishing off the remainder.


I bring her, still wet, back to the van and lock her in the box again.  The sun peeks over the ridge as I turn the van around and head home.






I drive into the underground parking, and stop the van next to the elevator.  The box is fucking heavy, and after a few aborted attempts, I realize I'm going to need to rig something up.  Just then, the elevator opens and someone steps out.  "Need a hand with that?" he asks.


"Yeah.  Thanks."


Together, we heft it down onto the ground.  "Geez that's heavy!" he says.


"Yeah.  I got my girlfriend in there." I say.  He laughs, and I go park the car.


The trolley's in the apartment, so I go up to fetch it.  When I come down, I notice that someone's moved the box to the side, completely unaware of what's inside.  I rub my cock.


With a bit of work, I get her onto the trolley, and wheel it into the elevator.  A woman with two children gets on behind me.  I smile at them.


"What's in the box, mister?" asks the precocious one.


"Dewey!" scolds his mother.


"Something very important." I say, patting the lid.


The elevator stops, and I wheel my prize down the hall, into my apartment.  I leave her in the entrance and go take a shower.  Once I'm clean and dressed, I unlock the box.  My slave sits up, and looks around her.  I lift her out, and unlock her ankles.  I replace her leather wrist cuffs with stainless steel handcuffs.  I don't want the leather ones to get soiled while she's doing her house duties.


"You live here now.  Go make breakfast." I say, pointing to the kitchen.  "There's bacon and eggs in the fridge.  Make some for yourself, too."

She gets out of the box and walks to the kitchen.  I sit at the table, admiring her as she works.  She has a bit of trouble on account of her hands being cuffed, but she manages.  I smile whenever she jumps from the hot bacon fat splattering her naked body.


I look at the plate she lays before me.  Bacon, scrambled eggs, and buttered toast.  "Well done." I say.  She puts her plate on the table and sits down.  "No." I say.  I take her plate and put it on the floor, then I lock her hands behind her back.  She kneels on the floor and begins to eat.  Her ass is waving in my face, and suddenly I'm horny.


I unzip my pants and grab her by the arms before slipping it in.  She moans as I begin pumping, and I start smacking her ass, watching it turn red.  She starts to cry out.  "Keep quiet, bitch!" I warn.


She grunts and cries in silence as I ride her, until I finally reach my limit and ram hard, depositing my seed in her.  "Fuck, yeah."  I turn her around so that she can clean up my cock, then dig into my breakfast.  She resumes her meal, cum dripping out of her cunt.


"Clean up when you're done." I say.  "That includes all rooms except the den, which you're not to enter."


"Yes, sir."


I reach behind her and start rubbing her clit.  I could fuck her again right now, but at this rate she'll never finish her chores.  Instead, I go to my den and start reading.


It's useless.  I can't concentrate, knowing that there's a naked, handcuffed girl in the next room cleaning up obediently.  I turn on the computer and flip through some news sites for some lighter reading.  "Dammit!"  She's got me, the little bitch!  I can't stop thinking about her.  I grab my whip from its hook and storm into the kitchen.  She's standing at the sink, washing dishes.


"Get on the floor, you fucking slut!" I seethe.


She dries her hands and kneels down.  I catch the little nymph smiling as she does so, and this only serves to enrage me.  I swing hard, laying a bright red welt across her back.  She howls in pain, but I don't let up at all.  I put stripe after stripe across her back, then move to her ass, adding more red to the bruises already forming there.  I flip her onto her back, and she spreads her legs for me.  Without missing a beat, I lay into her cunt.  She wails, she sobs, and I just get harder and harder, until I can't take it anymore.


I drop my pants and grab her, invading her deeply, riding her until the floodgates refuse to be held back any longer.  I cum long and hard, feeling my seed as it jets into her.  Exhausted, I fall onto my back.  She curls into a ball, crying softly as her hands probe her cunt.


Finally, I get up.  She's going to get those fucking dishes done at least.  "Finish cleaning up." I say, kicking her.  She gets up, and goes back to the sink, stooping slightly.  Her body is completely covered in welts from her two whippings.  I can't bear to look at her because I'll just end up fucking her again, and I have things to do today.


I go online and deal with a few financial issues, then send an instant message to my buddy Nick.


"You ready?" I type.


"When are you leaving?"


"In 10 minutes"


"Yeah, I'll be ready by the time you get here."


I head out to the kitchen again.  Good timing.  She's just finishing up.  I grab the o-ring on her collar and drag her to the bedroom.  I kick her feet apart and make her bend over the end of the bed with her ass sticking out.  Her ankle cuffs I padlock to the legs of the bed, then I run a short length of chain from the headboard to her handcuffs.  She's face down on the bed, her pussy spread wide open and waiting.

And I'm horny again.


Well, Nick's almost never ready on time anyway.  I smack her ass a few times, then slide in, pumping her until I splooge inside her.  That hit the spot.  I give her ass one last smack before grabbing my keys and heading out to the car.



Nick's not ready by the time I arrive, of course, so I fuck around on his computer while he handles his wife's last minute demands.  Isn't married life wonderful?


It takes almost an hour to get out of the house. and head to the hardware store.  I stop in the metal fixtures section to look for some pervertibles, but nothing catches my eye, so we head to the lumber section to get what I came for:  5 sheets of plywood and some 2x4s.


It's almost noon, so we stop for some burgers before continuing on our way.  Together, we unload the wood and drag it into the garage.  I'll work on it tomorrow.  Right now I could do with a beer.  We grab a couple of cold ones and shoot the shit for awhile.


"What are you building anyway?" he asks finally.


"I have a design idea for a bondage/whipping bench I want to try out." I say.


"Got someone to use it on?"


"Oh right, I haven't told you yet!"


"Told me what?"


I motion for him to follow me and open the playroom door.  She's still there, still bound, her cunt still on display.


"Holy shit!"


"I picked her up the other day." I say, rubbing her ass, "She's still getting used to the place, but I think it'll be alright."  My friend is still speechless, so I give my slut a healthy smack, watching her ass wobble.  She yelps, but is otherwise silent.


"She actually likes that shit?" he asks finally.


"Likes it?  She lives for it.  Watch."  I take off my belt and get into position behind her.  The first swing takes her completely by surprise, and she screams as the hard leather impacts with her soft flesh, leaving a red outline in its wake.  I take a few more swings, making my bitch sing.  "God damn this makes me hard!" I say.


"You're fucking twisted, you know that?"


"She likes it.  I like it.  What's the problem?"


"Are you sure she likes it?"


"Do you like it, slave?" I ask her.


"Yes, sir." she says through her gag.




He's shaking his head.  "I dunno, man.  That's fucked up."


"Wanna try?"




"Go ahead.  I don't mind.  Here..."  I grab a crop that is hanging on the wall.  "Use this.  It's easier to handle than the belt."


He takes it and looks at it uncertainly.


"Just try a few swings."


"Uhh maybe not..."


"Look!  Her cunt's all wet!" I say, pushing my fingers inside her.  I show my wet fingers to my flabbergasted friend before wiping them off on the slut's back, admiring the glistening streak of cunt juice.


"Smack her."


"Actually I..."


"Do it!"


"No, I really..."


"Fucking smack her!"


"Fine!"  He brings the crop down on her ass with a satisfying smack.  The slut yelps.


"See?  That's not so hard, is it?"  I turn to the slut.  "What do you say, slace?"


"Hhank you, thur!"


He's got a strange look on his face, but it soon turns to a half-smile.  "You know, that's actually kinda fun."


"Then do it some more."


He looks from the crop to her ass for awhile, then builds up the courage.  We both enjoy watching her jump and quiver as each blow lands.  He keeps going until her shrieks border on sobs.


"Don't stop now!" I say.  "You're almost there!"


"You serious!?"


"Here.  Watch." I say, grabbing a cane.  I lay into her flesh again without mercy.  Her shrieks are musical.  Her sobs erotic.  Her quivering body, goddess.


Nick watches, stunned, as I turn her ass a bright crimson in my fury.  I'm ready to explode; I don't care what he thinks.  I drop my pants and ram the bitch.  She's already wet so I have no problem getting in.  I ride her hard with deep, savage strokes until I blow everything inside her, then stagger back.


"You can have a go too, if you want." I say, out of breath.




"Don't worry.  She's just a sex toy.  It's not like I'll get jealous or anything."


"No, it's alright, man.  I think I'll pass."


"Suit yourself." I say, and head back for the living room.


"Aren't you going to untie her?"


"No.  Why would I?"


He can find no answer to that, so we both go into the living room.


We finish our beers and then go back to the garage where we get the bigger parts of the project done.  I can do the rest on my own.  By the time he leaves, it's almost 7:00.  I fuck my slave again, then untie her so that she can make dinner and finish cleaning up.  She's still gagged, and I've handcuffed her and put her in fetters again.  Cum drips down her leg as she works, and I take some pictures for later.  She's such a little whore.


I sit down to watch some TV while she vacuums and dusts, and cleans the windows.  There's a chance she may be seen, but I don't really care.  When she finally finishes, she kneels before me.  "Are you finished, slave?"


"Yehh, thur!"


I go through the place, inspecting everything.  Spotless.  I sit back down in front of her and remove her gag.  "You've done well, slave."


"Thank you, sir."


"You may suck my cock."


She smiles, and unbuttons my pants.  I watch my lovely slave as she dedicates herself to the task, taking me lovingly into her mouth as she worships the cock that owns her.  I don't interfere, but rather let her go at her own pace until I'm ready.  I grab her head and pull her onto me.  She begins to choke, her throat stimulating me violently as the intruder is forced into it.  I'm in heaven.  I feel my seed pour into her mouth, and let her pull back a little so that she can breathe.  Her mouth is quickly filling up with white, sticky cum.  I pull out and dump some on her face for good measure.  "Swallow." I say.  She does so.


Smiling, I lead her into the bedroom, where I have her box set up.  It's just barely big enough to house her, and leaves little room to move.  Her own little coffin.  She lays down inside, and I close the lid on top of her, securing it with a couple of padlocks.


I take a shower, and then review some notes for tomorrow's meeting at work before going to bed.  It takes me awhile to go to sleep, knowing she's trapped in the box.  I resist the temptation to take her out and fuck her again.  If I gave in every time, I'd never get to sleep at all.  Yes, I think I will enjoy this slave.






Morning comes.  I get up and follow my usual routine, but take the extra step to fill her feeder with water.  Inside is a calf feeder nipple that she can drink from so she doesn't dehydrate.


I get very little done at work.  I'm too distracted to concentrate, and my mind keeps going back to my slave-in-a-box.  The fucking whore is interfering with my work, now!  The hours pass interminably.  I watch the clock, waiting...


As I get home, there's only one thing on my mind.  I open the box and haul my slave out.  "Get on the bed!" I demand.  She sits on the bed, and I push her on her back.  "Spread your legs and keep them spread."


I grab a flogger and start on her cunt, watching it change color.  She closes her legs from time to time and is punished with a hard switch on the tits.  She's crying, and that turns me on even more.  I whip her inner thighs, her stomach, her tits, every part of her flesh that is exposed.  I can't help myself.  I've gotta have her.


I haul her down towards the foot of the bed and drop my drawers.  She screams as I enter her tortured pussy.  I don't care.  I pump relentlessly, listening to her screams turn to moans.  Her cunt contracts, then convulses.  I can see it in her eyes: she's cummed without permission.  Not wanting to waste a good thing, I finish off before scolding her.


"What the fuck did I tell you about cumming without permission?"


"I'm sorry, sir!"


"Sorry isn't good enough.  Now turn around and stick your ass out!"


She gets on all fours and presents her ass.  I take off my belt.  She takes her punishment well, wailing loudly but remaining in position the whole time.  20 lashes leave her ass cherry red and very sexy.  "Now go make dinner!" I say, heading for the den.  She takes some time to finger herself, as she always does, then attends to her duties.


We have dinner as usual, with her eating at my feet.  She has cum for dessert.



It's bedtime, but I think I'll do something different tonight.  I lay my slut on the bed and cuff her wrists to the headboard.  I then strap one thigh and ankle so that she'll remain spread.  The other leg requires a bit of trickery so that I won't end up sleeping on the straps.  Luckily, I've installed anchor points in the wall, and her other leg is soon bound, held up slightly.  God, she's sexy.


I take off my belt and work her tits over, making sure she gets nice and hysterical before I fuck her goodnight.  She yields to me in her pain, clenching her cunt to maximize my pleasure.  I thrust hard and steady until I fill her cunt with satisfaction before rolling over and going to sleep.


As can be expected, I wake up numerous times for a glass of water and a fuck, a trip to the bathroom and a fuck, or just a plain fuck.  She's like a service station.  I just pull in and fill 'er up.



It's a new day and I'm at the office.  I'm tired and groggy, and I can't concentrate at all.  I can't stop thinking about her, still chained to the bed, helpless to do anything but wait for me to come home and torture her again.  I start another fruitless effort to get something done, vowing to never again let her sleep in the bed on a weeknight.


I eat a light lunch, but even that I have a hard time getting down.  I've been hard all day, and I doubt it'll go away until I fuck that bitch again.  I picture her, cunt wide open to anyone who might walk through the door.  I could call the manager and ask him to fix a light fixture in the bedroom.  I smile as I imagine the surprised look on his face as he beholds her naked form.  Would he fuck her?  Would he torture her?  I'd love to watch it happen.  The day passes slowly.



At last I am on my way home.  Traffic's a bitch, but today it is especially aggravating because I'm in a hurry.  I never thought someone could get such a hold on me.  It makes me wonder who really is the prisoner here.  This thought makes me want to hurt her all the more.


I weave my way through traffic, missing a speed trap through sheer luck along the way.  I smile as the cop gives me a dirty look.


I arrive home and go straight to the bedroom.  She's still there, tied spreadeagle on the bed.  I run my hand along her leg and rub her pussy, then grab her tits and pinch the nipples, watching her face contort in pain.  My little slut.


I brush her hair tenderly before fetching my whip.  I've done a lot of practice, so I'm pretty good at placing the shots now.  I start on her stomach, leaving little welts as I snap it against her skin.  She squirms and cries, but I don't hear her.  I'm fixated upon her body now, and my methodical pillaging.  I move along to her thighs, striking inside, outside, inside, outside.  She's screaming now.  It's as if I'm ripping them from her lungs with my whip.


Snap! Snap! Snap!  With relentless vigor, I traverse her body again, reaching her tits.  My aim's not quite good enough, but I do manage to land at least 3 or 4 directly on a nipple.  She's crying and struggling violently against her bonds, but still I continue.  I'm hard as a rock and I have no intention of stopping now.  We both know where I'll go next.


She tries in vain to pull her legs together, but it's useless.  Her vulva is fully exposed, inviting me in.  I accept.  The first kiss stings the left side.  The shriek is intoxicating.  I strike again on the same spot, watching her entire body convulse with the blow.  I know the signs; she will pass out soon.  I strike again and her body writhes, straining against its humiliating position.  She's almost gone now.  Time to violate her personally.


Before she can completely lose consciousness, I drop my pants and jump on the bed, slapping her face as I enter the inviting cunt.  Her eyelids flutter.  I smack her again as I pump, and her eyes focus again.  We watch each other intently as I continue ravishing her.  The only sounds are my grunts, and they are soon joined with her moans.  I feel her.  She is ready.  I ram HARD, hearing her scream, feeling the convulsion around my dick.  I take her.  I violate her.  And she watches me as I do it, thanking me with her tear-streaked eyes.


After filling her, I feel spent, and collapse on the bed next to her.  She stares at the ceiling.  I watch her chest shudder and heave.  I smile and reach my hand into her pussy.  She moans and squirms as I stimulate her. I grab her tits and pull on them as my other hand continues its magic.  She's an instrument, to be played by me for my own pleasure.  I make her moan.  I make her sing.  I make her cry.  She is mine to do with as I please.


"Please, may I cum, sir?"


"Yes, you may."  I'm feeling generous today.


She sighs, her hips gyrating against my fingers.  I rub harder, faster, pinching it, pulling it.  Her voice rasps in a shuddered cry, and her entire body goes rigid as she is overwhelmed.  I watch her muscles strain as her body pulls inward against the bonds.  I shove my fingers inside, feeling her contract against them, and smile.  She may have a hold on me, but I have just as much of a hold on her.  She is bound to me, and cannot escape.


When she's calm again, I release her so that she can cook dinner.  She'll sleep in the box tonight, and spend all of tomorrow that way as well.  She's adjusting well to her new life.  I decide I'm going to keep her.


This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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