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Synopsis: While in self-bondage I was tortured by using ant's. This is a true story



(True story)




†† As I write this short story I set here at my computer with my cock and balls all tied up tight after a half hour of pumping.In case you donít know what pumping is it is where you put your cock in a tube and draw a suction in the tube causing your cock to be pulled in and swell to the size of the tube. Mine is a 2 inches in diameter by 9 inches long. I can pull my cock a little over 8 inches in to the tube by using 25 psi and it swells to the full 2 inches diameter of the tube, anyway, I have a tens unit which is for mussel control. I have one pad taped on the head of my cock and another lead stuck between my ball sack and ass hole. What a feeling! I use it to get off. I only wish it would go higher to increase my pleasure.

††† One night I got a crazy idea and wondered what I could do to torture my cock more than I do. I wondered what it would feel like to kneel down and put my cock in an anthill. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it. Yes I am into self-bondage and love to torture myself. Well, the next day I went out back and spotted some small and large anthills. I marked them with a little flag on a short wire. I then set out to build a trap for my cock so I couldnít get away too soon. I took a 2x4 and cut two 12 inch long pieces and two 10-inch pieces. I nailed them together to make a square. I then took a piece of Ĺ inch plywood and lay it on the 2x4 square and mark it. I then cut the piece of plywood and screw it to the 2x4. I then draw a line from the corner to the opposite corner and do the same to the other corner making an X. I use a hole drill and drill a 2-inch hole in the center of the plywood where the X line crosses in the middle. After I do that I use sand paper to smooth the edges around the hole and outside of the square. Prevent slivers they can get infected ha-ha. I then take a drill and drill 3 holes, one on each side and one at the bottom 2x4. I then screw eyebolts into these holes. I have a ratcheting strap that I can use to hook from one side then around my ass and hook it to the other side.The bottom eyehook is for tying a small rope from my cock and balls holding them in place. Now I wait for the evening to come I live in a small neighborhood where you can see others during the day. As I set waiting for the cover of dark I pump up my cock as large as I can. I then tie my ball sack by itself. I take another rope and tie a lose knot around my cock and balls at the base. I go out (naked) to my shed where I have my little trap. I take the trap and with a little pushing I get my ball sack and balls through the hole in the plywood. I then bend and push my cock after a lot of force through the same hole with my balls. I reach around to the other side and finish pulling my cock and balls through the hole. The rope I put around my cock and balls I now tighten and secure to the bottom eyebolt. I take the strap and hook it to the eyebolts on the sides and ratchet it tight to my body forcing my cock and balls through the hole in the trap. My cock and balls are now as hard as they can be I think bigger than ever before due to my excitement. I have a pair of handcuffs and put my hands behind my back and lock them. I then go out to the anthills and decide on using the big hill. (More ants) I squat down getting on my knees and guess by looking how far the hill is from the center of my trap so when I fall on it my cock will go straight down through the center of the anthill. I take a deep breath and fall forward and it is a bullís eye. My cock hits the center of the anthill and sinks in deeper than I thought it would due to the antís hollowing the center and making it soft. It didnít take long for the ants to go crazy on my cock and balls. It felt like a thousand little needles sticking me almost at the same time. Now I had to get my hands free for more reasons than one. I used the key I had in my hand and had a hard time finding the hole top put the key in to let me go. I finally got it and freed one cuff. I quickly put my hands in front of me and pushed myself up and away from the anthill. Not!!!! The ants that were all over my cock and balls were still there biting as many times as they could. I started brushing them off as fast as I could but even then my foreskin had trapped several under it and they kept biting around the head of my cock. I finally got all the ants off and took the trap off me. I washed my cock and balls with peroxide and soap and water. I watched as my cock and balls started to raise little bumps all over them. This caused a strong tingling sensation. Which lasted for 3 days. I kept washing it with peroxide and soap to keep it clean. I now had more little dots on my cock and balls than I could count. After about 2 weeks most of the bights are gone. I know you must think Iím a sicko but I have this need to be a masochist. I get off doing things to myself. I feel there are others out there and would like to share stories. This is a true story. And for all you English majors fuck you!

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††Wannabme_2000

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